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 - Class of 1957

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.S 5 ,S Q 'V WWC, Ai fx NYM, 'fww ' 'T -3 . .x 'I . '24 -1 2-fish ga, W ,Q .11 ' ws? - ,333 14 VWQQQSQ f 1- I V K ,. t 1S.'QfgJ'a 5,-ww - , ,w.,X .W 'Qxmif if u?.!"v 'A' ' Qs Nt ,WI x . 1 ,Qin V K ff? ' g4 A. " QQ? ,. H L A 1 1 I wx , ' Q wg "' 1 ' x if U .A 2 Q uv 4' 'ii . . Nh! by S K ,Y , Wt 1-if LJ I " PM iviff-,xg 1,31 aa , 5917? Q -. , . -X A " - 4' . ' iff' ,gnjegg if 5" 1 ',5g,. Q if ff' ' M 'yhy ' Af ' :wk R, , vw 'X QA K x ii vt i Km ' .' 1 E J? 4 if ' r i1'I' "'K: , .Q -5 1 -' A .,d.,,::j,f-u . 5 s 1 P 2:5-GI." ,ww Q 4 ' i,,,..,,f,..', ,.. .1 ,npr as l,s.'fgh5,::? 1-,., ,K ,l ,. ig.. hw f, .1 . .. v. .M 1, X. ,d,t?,ff':i,-vip., x I ... ,JS , . Q , I. , lj r Qi... .!i'Fj,d?'lj?,"ri' 'tiff' I , 1 ' .5, A- agua +ff-1: m- HAM , , an L , W, 5 ni , , M4 ,R 3y5!yFQ?f fx. - .,, a , r, . 11'-,Q ,Y A .. -. uk! .ld 3 I '11 . 1 ,:-mf 43 9 -,-. 5, --f -- A 1 1. , ff ,Eai , g.t".,'. 'V xfQxl,'S'zg.m--I4 5 i. s f 4 'i v fl ha, hh I' b j Ja ' ide.-3 fy . .4 1- 1 fx, .f.,4,f,-1 , , .. -.f:, fu, -. YS 1, ' 1 xg. fi 4 ' .E'3e' v,:,, V 4i'L1'? 'y 1 , ' n - ' - 1 5' , 5. -A-. .x ""- , in f. ff. .7 W v-41' ""' ' 'f- ufa' w4sS5QFjw55,fQ.g-ef Qiiwfdgi 'i ' :"' f'y'i5""?,,- ""-' 7 ,.gQi""vc' , 'it 1 U 'NF' 'yg,,. 335.3 .. I , 2' ',,if't'..-4'-?.'. 'JQ4-.153-"QQ'l . I ., I 1 -' .A ,' L 1 5. -:tj 9. sw 13 . 112- '- .. +124-D' 'm.fdf"'r if f. " , - lf .gh , ,Ivy 'P , M 'bv , ..-'K 'xfw -"-i1'pQPf,.F'ff'-. f f N, -. W F.,fxl .Jw' 1Qaw4 my wfMf" .Q H lv' 53, ? -1 ' -A , , , -qt, -.Yr ,w , .ff..f fi f a p. n. Y, ,1N il: - 5. F' s, . Q. Q ' .' ' .- --. 'J . r . 4.4'5.?cvv-ff? A' I' ' 's 'f .ll 'Q . 'Qi' 'G' ' o . 5 ' . ni. ,R swf, ' 21.5 Q .As ', U . .. Q Vw5,g,, , V gr 0 . j- g"1'?3v v . 1 ,gf . -,. .Q 'QQ ... -.' . -.,,- ' l .T Q A - 'Lg ,.iff1. if rnl. 1" :wJ n 1- --u .,-1 Ou -1 an ""' 3,4-d,a1 7 ' .MM 's.... ...,. - A A l Xfiwahi. Awft 6+ A f fv- Q kk A .R .M V ,,.-- xr 'L' gQWx'R rn K : A , f +43 mwwwwwxwwyyiwv Q .' ive ,u. , . 5- f- v ' X M NQX. 1- 3 . 4k 33-:Q K Q A! gg. tb' .J tx , V . Q Q X ' ' 'xxx u. i v I LOU OF 57 FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL F ki V ff xx XX ' rf i 1 ' FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL Franklin, Virginia ,, ,, , , V Z " 'T ,M Q y FI-ICh CUNTENTS I ADMINISTRATION II CLASSES III ACTIVITIES IV ATHLETICS V ADVERTISEM NTS I 'Wir' H U - s ' GDX Q fm My AX ' 4... ' 5' "I'nfx going to take a sentimentaljourney --" yes, in the words of the song, "I'm going to take a sentimental journey home." Likewise the staff of E llclg is going to take you on a sen- timental journey whe re you will relive the ballgames, re- member the assemblies and dances, and pay homage to our conductors, the long-suffering teachers. So come aboardg the train is ready to startg and we' re off! ' Q 4- A' r Ulfllll . N x GQ S., FIRST PERICDD X ,I 5 6 , 1 SECOND PERIOD h W, W THIRD PERIOD LUNCH "wum.,w.MWwWM Mummmk WMWNN-N Gill ""'u FOURTH PERIOD FIFTH PERICD J. SIXTH PERIOD -.5 -.4 DEDICATION .35 y NSR, M J.. S' e ' 55 a wr '92 'git , For her leadership and guidance to the Home Economics girls, and her willingness to help the stu- dents in any way that she can, we affectionately dedi- cate this, our 1957 Log, to Miss Mary Owen Cobb. FACULTY No Cars Can De-rail With These Conductors -R, . s A 3 i K -. v V 319' Jack S. Bryant Mary Owen Cobb Bessie F, Dillon Winnie Frances Eubank Elizabeth Evans "kv" Mrs. Mary Evans R. T. Gillette av"-fm,Y 'fbiiw . -. ' ,qs -fs- 55- Shirley E. Harcum Joan Harvey G.. 'W' Mrs. Edna Krebs 4-ix YU Mrs. Prudence Thorpe Mike Themide s W. C. Snead John D. Pond Mrs. Louise Magette S-nw. YQ-?,, T5 if '95 me L 1- I .W .,.Y. Q i 6' 5 s E A A isxvm l 3 Y' 53 ,s 4 s f . V 4 1 I E W 'Ml 'iq ri' ' in ' D 1 1 Q 5 ,Q ' r , . . V 'v Cn I -. Q QLD ' I w 4 E4 "" ' qvwi' ' :Lf ' N . , -, 'V ,q:f,,. M, wr w 153, 1 . y V H gn 4, gr.. il y. 6 ,. W 11? .k:' ,.g..Sinjgg1,W5 Mg . 35 ,5p5gf.4.. Mx M 'EV M' :P - 2 - .4 u--f.,fW'A " ,. ,,,.,,, ..,4. LET'S TAKE JOUR EY ARCJUND THE BUILDI G Let's Continue our journey and visit the classrooms - those battle-scarred sur vivors of many an eraser- battle, many a te st, and many an exam. "ll xx fa , N R QXX- S1 'lf l QQESHA144, Nick SOP!-IOMORE 5uNloR 55 l -h N 5 X 'Q Q1 ln' sv-,, MOTTO "The secret of success is constancy to purpose." COLORS Green and White FLOWER White Gladiola LUNA KAYE BAKER Freshman Library Club9 Charter Libra ry Club Z9 Basketball 1,2,39 Tri-Hi-Y 49 F.H.A. 29 Prom Com- mittee 39 Student Librarian 19 Glee Club l,3,49 Band 1,Z,3, Majorette 3. MARTHA COIT BARHAM Junior Varsity Basketball 19 Freshman Library Club, Presidentg Tri-I-Ii-Y 3,4, Treasurer 49 Beta Club 49 Junior Achievement 3,49 F.H.A. Z,3,4, Vice President 4, Delegate to Convention 39 Prom Committee 39 Junior Homemaker's Degree9Homecoming Committee 3,49 Student Librarian 19 Glee Club 2,3949 Editorial Staff of Log l,3,4. P'bbL': zz: -Q 0 is Soak Engine SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Lovie Ann Umphlette. . ..... T reasurer Brenda Bradshaw . . . ...... Secretary Curt Sweitzer ..... . . Nice President Tommy Lewis . . ..... President 'Hg'-" 'lfj-Qt',' . . All .k,., A ifwiiwjz, 9 X 'TI' SENIORS ,am ""' JACQUELINE BLYTHE 'Q "N 'N Basketball 1,23 Freshman Library Club3 Tri-Hi-Y 43 Q F.H.A, Z,3,4Q Proin Confimittee 33 Glee Club lg Junior , g, - Achievement 4. PHILLIP WAYNE BLYTHE, JR. Basketball l,2,3Q Football l3 Baseball 2,33 Freshman Library Club3 Charter Library Club Z3 Junior Achieve- ment 3,4, Sales Manager 43 Prom Cominittee 33 Mono- gram Clun 3,43 Glee Club l,33 Safety l'atrol l,Z,3,43 Hi-Y 4. BRENDA CATHERINE BRADSHAW Basketball l,Z,3Q lfreshtrian Library Clubg Tri-I-Ii-Y 3, 4, President 43 Delegate to Blue Ridge 3,43 Class Officer Z,3,4, Treasurer Z,3, Secretary 43 Monogram Club 3,43 Homecoming Court Z,3, Queen 43 Glee Club Z,3,43 Football sponsor 3,43 Business Staff of Log 1,Z, 33 Cheerleader Z3 Drum Majorette 2,3,43Superlative 43 Beta Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 4, Delegate to Convention 2,33 F.H.A. Z3 Prom Committee 33 Homecoming Com- mittee l,Z,3,4. CAROLYN LOUISE BRADSHAW Freshinan Library Club3 Tri-Hi-Y 43 F,H,A, 23 Committee 33 Junior Achievement 4. tin! TF Y--' . 7 lvx Ti 3 of i. ' X tt 1 M P r orn -1 "" W 3 A af' 'NN are tv- SYBIL L.aMARR BRADSHAW Freshman Liora ry Club3 Tri-Hi-Y 3,3-1, Chaplain 1, Delegate to Blue Ridge 1, De le gate to Convention 33 Beta Club Z,3,4, Secretary 4, Delegate to Convention Z,33, F.H.A. 2,33 Prom Comm itte e 33 Honfiecoining, Committee 43 Student Librarian lg Student Se na te 4g Editorial Staff 3,43 Assistant Editor of Annual 43 Band 1,Z,33 Glee Club 43 Hoinecoming Maid of Honor 4. PATRICIA RUSSELL BRANCH Junior Varsity Basketball lg Fresliman Library Club3 Tri-Hi-Y 43 F,H.A. 2,33 Prom Committee 33 Home- coming Committee 43 Student Librarian 1,23 Glee Club 2,3,43 Girl's State Alternate 33 Band Z,3,4. JOHN HAMILTON BRENNER Football 2,3,43 F re shman Library Club3 Junior A- chievement 3,4, President 43 Prom Committee 3i Monogram Club Z,3,43 Glee Club l,Z,3,43 Editorial Staff of Log 43Safety Patrol l3Ma1-shal for Graduation 3. ' RODNEY PERKINS BRETT Freshman Library Club3 Cha rte r Library Club 2,33 Junior Achievement 3. Nos '55-3-r W ' tw 4 -....... . ,, 5 1 A . f 1-if . . , ry 2... ,P BETTY ANN COBB Freshman Library Club, Treasurer5 Charter Library Club 25 Library Science 4, Vice President 45 Tri-Hi- Y 3,4, Reporter and Historian 4, Delegate to Blue Ridge 35 F.H.A. 25 Prom Committee 35 Homecoming Committee 45 Student Librarian 4. EDWIN PARKER DAUGHTREY, JR. Freshman Library Club5 Football 1,2,45 Basketball l,2,3,4, Co-Captain 45 Charte r Library Club 2,33 Monogram Club I, 2 , 3 , 4 , 5, Vice-President 45 Safety Patrol 1,Z,35 Homecoming Committee 4,55 Prom Committee 35 Supe rlative 5, HELEN MEREDITH DAY Freshman Library Club5 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Delegate to Blue Ridge 25 Beta 2, Delegate to Convention 25 F.H.A, 25 Home c oming Court 25 Glee Club 2,3,45 Business Staff of Log 25 Editorial Sta fi of Log 45 Cheerleader 45 Band 2,35 Basketball 1,2,35 Superlative 4. WAYNE GOODMAN DUNN Basketball 35 Junior Achievement 35 Prom Committee 3. SENIORS HUBERT BRIDGES, JR. Football 3,45 Junior Achievement 3,45 F.I'.A. 2,31 Prom Committee 35Band 1,25 Safety Patrol 15 Hi-Y 4. HEREFORD BRYANT, JR. Basketball 1,2,35 Baseball 1, 2 , 35 Freshman Library Club5 Monogram Club 3,41 Safety Patrol 1,25 Hi-Y 4. JOHN CLIFTON BUTLER, JR. Winsor High School 15 Prom Committee 35 Glee Club 3,45 Hi-Y 4. WILLIAM AMES CHRISTOPHER Freshman Library Club5 Charter Lib ra ry Club 25 Delegate to Blue Ridge 35 Hi-Y 45 Beta 2,3, Treasurer 3, Delegate to Convention 2,35 Prom Committee 35 Homecoming Committee 2,3,45 Class Officer, Presi- dent 35 Glee Club I,Z,3,45 Student Senate 35 Business Staff of Log 2,35 Marshal for Graduation 35 Band Z,3, Captain 35 Glee Club Accompanist 45 Editor of Annual 4. Qin W it 9" ' Es Vx... V' ow 1 SENIORS SILAS EARL EDWARDS Freshman Library Club, Baseball 35 Football 3, F.F,A, Z , 3,4 , Secretary 4, Delegate to Convention 3 Safety Patrol l,Z,4, Lieutenant 45 Monogram Club 3 Glee Club 35 Hi-Y 4, 4 ,4 HORN MCGUIRE EDWARDS, JR. F.F.A. 3.4, Reporter 3, President 4, T.V. Program 3 Delegate to F.F.A. Convention 35 Prom Committee 3 Homecoming Committee 45 Boy's State Alternate 3 Marshal for Graduation 35 Safety Patrol 35 Band Z,3,4 Hi-Y 4. LENA EDWARDS Freshman Library Clubg Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 F.H,A. Z,3,4, Treasurer 3, President 4, Delegate to Convention 3, Junior Homemaker's Degree5 Prom Committee 35 Homecoming Committee 3 , 45 Monogram Club 3,45 Student Librarian l5Cheerleader 45Basketball l,Z,3,45 Superlative 4. LINDA MAE EDWARDS Freshman Library Clubg Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Beta Club Z,3,4, Chaplain 4, Delegate to Convention 35 Junior Achieve- ment 3, Vice Pre sidentg F.H.A. Z,3,4, Reporter 4, Junior Homemaker's Degreeg Prom Committee 35 Homecoming Committee 3,4gStudent Librarian I5 Glee Club 4. 1: fl , l-up-M' I .I .ff-sn" s 9'+5?""'X-. 'x-W 5 '7f,.6 Fil .f'sf'f'l4,f5f Ur .:., ..5:q ,Q ga 2 Isis f"h5 'Q"'i""' we , J H Q A x Xl' dv Us 4 35' iv K Cl. Y X 1, N Q... RICHARD CARROLL EDWARDS Football 3,4, Manage r 1,25 Basketball 35 Freshman Library Club, Charter Lib ra ry Club 25 F,F,A. 3,45 Monogram Club l,Z,3,45Glee Clus 1,Z,3,45 Prom Com- mittee 35 Safety Patrol l,Z. ALBERT LAWRENCE FAISON Football 1,Z,3,4, Co-Captain 45 Baseball l,Z,3,4, Captain 3,45 Monogram Club l,2,3,4, Pre sident 45 Prom Committee 351-iomecoming Committee 3,45 Glee Club 3,45 Ma r s hall for Graduation 35 Hi-Y 45 Vice- President of Glee Club 4. GRETA FAYE FOWLER Freshman Library Club, Vice Presidentg Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 F.H.A, 2,35 Homecoming Committee 45 Student Senate 35 Hono r Council 45 Junior Varsity Cheerleader 1,25 Varsity Chee rleade r 4, Co-Captain 45 Prom Committee 3. RICHARD ALLEN GALTRESS Freshman Library Clubg Charter Libra ry Club Z5 Baseball Manager Z5 Junior Achievement 3,45 Mono- gram Club Z,3,45 Prom Committee 35Safety Patrol 2,3. eff - Jlfi, Q Q .. X it F x 'ff-in av v'b- 2'Nn...., SUSANNE LEE HUMPHRIES Transfer from Reidsville, North Carolina, Glee Club 4. President. NANCY LOUISE JOHNSON Freshman Library Club, Junior Varsity Cheerleader l,2, C0-Captain 2, F.H.A. 2,3, Secretary of Clas s 1, Glee Club 2,3,4,Honor Council Representative 3, Tri- Hi-Y 4, Secretary, Beta Club 3, Prom Committee 3. PAUL ARMSTRONG LARSH Football l,2,3, Basketball 1, 2 , 3 , Baseball 1, Fresh- man Li irary Club, Charter Libra ry Club 2, Prom Committee 3, Homecoming Committee 4, Al te rnate to Boys' State 3: Monogram Club 3,4,Student Senate 4, Vice-President, Honor Council 4, Chairman, Editorial Staff of Log 4, Marshal for Graduation 3,Safety Patrol l,2,4, Superlative 4, Hi-Y 4, Delegate to Blue Ridge 3, Rotary Representative 4, S.C.A, 4. THOMAS HURD LEWIS Football 1,2,3,4, Co-Captain 4, Ba ske tball 1,2 , 3, Freshman Library Club 1, Beta Club 2,3,4, Reporter 4, Delegate to Convention 2, Prom Committee 3, Home- coming Committee 1,2,3, Class Pre sident 4, Vice- President l,2, Delegate to Boys' State 3, Monogram Club 3,4, Student Senate 3,4, Honor Council 3, Presi- dent, Student Body Vice-President 3, Business Staff of Log 3, S.C.A, 2,3, Marshal for Graduation 3, Safety Patrol 1,2, Superlative 4, Hi-Y 4. SENIORS NORMAN LORAINE GARDNER Freshman Lib rary Club, Charter Library Club 2, Junior Achievement 3, Prom Committee 3, Home- coming Committee 4, Safety Patrol 1,2,3,4, Band 3. OLIVIA ANNE GRUSCHOW Freshman Library Club, Charter Libra ry Club 2, Library Science Club 4, President, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Vice - President 4, Beta Club 2,3,4, Reporter 3, Delegate to Convention 2,33 Prom Committee 3, Homecoming Com- mittee 4, Class President 2, Girls' State Alternate 3, Student Librarian 1,4, Editorial Staffof Log 3,4,S.C.A. Delegate 2,3,4, President of Student Body 4, Superl- ative 4, Assistant Editor of Annual 3. CHARLES DUNN HALL Football 2,3, Baseball Z, F.F.A. l,2, Safety Patrol l, 2,3, Prom Committee 3. MARY ALICE HARGROVE Freshman Library Club 1, Cha rte r Library Club 2, Glee Club l, 3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Delegate to Blue Ridge 3, Assistant Basketball Manager 3, Student Librarian 4, Prom Committee 3, Homecoming Committee 4, Library Science Club 4, Reporter, Junior Achievement 4, Secretary. 9 A ip-N .uf gd ix. 1 il ti. f 'Ci' SENIORS SUE WALKER PACE Freshman Library Club 13 Charter Library Club 2 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Secretary at Convention 4, Delegate tc Convention 3,4, Delegate to Blue Ridge 33 Beta Club 2,3,4,Secretary 3, President 4, Delegate to Convention 2,33 F.H.A. Z, Proln Committee 3, Homecoming Com- mittee Z3 Secretary of Cla s s Z, Girls' State Delegate 33 Student Libra rian 13 Glee Club l,Z,3,43 Student Senate lg Editorial Staff of Log 2,45 Assistant Busi- ness Manager of Log 33 Chee rleade r 1,Z,4, Junior Varsity l,2, Head l, Varsity 4. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PARKER Football l,Z,3,-lg F.F,A. Z , 3 , 4, Sentinal 3: Monogram Club Z,3,4, PATSY KAYE PICOT Freshman Library Club lg C ha rte r Library Club 23 Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 Prom Committee 33 Editorial Staff of Log -13 Band 1,Z,3, Majorette 3,-4. SANDRA LEIGH SANDLIN Freshman Library Club lg Cha rte r Library Club 23 Library Science Club 4, Secretary-Treasurerg Tri-Hi- Y 3,43 Prom Committee 33 Homecoming Committee 4g Student Librarian 1,43 Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Business Staff of Log 4. is-0' Your 'Xl' wife-ff ff JOHNNY LEE SCOTT Safety Patrol 1,2,3, Lieutenant 33 Prom Committee 33 Freshman Library Club 13 Homecoming Committee 33 F.F,A. 1,Z,3,4, Treasurer 2, Secretary 3. ALICE LEE SMITH Basketball 1,Z,33 Freshman Library Club lg Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Delegate to Blue Ridge 33 F.H.A. Z3 Prom Com- mittee 3: Homecoming Committee 1,2,33 Monog ram Club 3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 43 Homecoming Court 3,43 Glee Club l,3,4, Editorial Staff Log 33 Business Staff Log 1,2,33 Cheerleader 2,3,4, Co-Captain 4. WALTER EVERETT STORY Freshman Library Club 1gJunior Achievement 3, Vice- Presidentg F.F.A. 2,33 Prom Committee 33 Safety Patrol l,2,3,43 Hi-Y 4. CURT JAMES SWEITZER Class President 1, Vice-President 3,43 Band l,2,3,43 Glee Club l,Z,3,43 Safety Patrol 1, Freshman Library Club lg Charter Library Club Z3 Prom Committee 33 Boys' State Delegate 33 Junior Achievement 3,43 Mar- shal for Graduation 3g Superlative 43 Hi-Y 4. 4044 ' V " . f. wi'f4j:+,+P,Q' f ' - . -,k,,G 5. , K f f f C? 'QQ' 'hun-f .3 7'ge?f- 3 .t if - ,, t 3 j , 3. , ' +3 1 A fn! GAROLD ARVID WAGENBACH Football 2,33 Baseball 1,33 Freshman Libra ry Clubg Junior Achievement 3,4, Sal e s Manag e r 3, Vice- President 43 P rom Committee 33 Homecoming Com- mittee 43 Monogram Club 3,43 Marshal for Graduation 33 Safety Patrol 1,2,3,4, Lieutenant 3, Senior Captain 43 Hi-Y 4. VIRGINIA LEE WHITLEY Homecoming Court 2,3,4Q Football Sponsor 43 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Delegate to Blue Ridge 33 Basketball 1,Z,33 Fresh- man Library Club3 F.H.A. 23 Prom Committee 33 Monogram Club 3,43 Glee Club 1,3,43 Cheerleader 33 Supe rlative 4, WALTER LUTHER YOUNG, JR. Football 3,43 Freshman Library Clubp F.F,A, 1,Z,3,4, Vice-President 132, President 3,Television Program, Vice-President 43 Prom Committee 33 Safe ty Patrol 1,Z,3,4, Lieutenant 1,2, Captain 43 Delegate to F.F:A, Convention 1,2, F,F.A. Judging Team 1,231-Ii-Y 4. wt.: .- SENIGRS RAY TURNER, JR. Safety Patrol 1,ZQ F.F.A. 2,3,4,Sentinal 43 Prom Com- mittee 3. LOVIE ANN UMPHLETTE Freshman Library Club, Reporterg F.H.A. 23 Tri-Hi- Y 43 Charter Library Club Z, Secretary3 Beta Club 2, 3,43 Clas s Sec reta ry 3, Treasurer 43 Delegate to Girl's State 33 Student Body Se c re ta ry 43 Editorial Staff of Log,Assistant Picture Editor 3, Picture Editor 43Superlative 43 S.C.A, Representative 43 Glee Club 4, COUNCILL DELANO VAUG1-IAN Baseball 33 Freshman Library Clubg Junior Achieve- ment 33 F.F.A. l,Z,3,4, Treasurer 4, Television Pro- gram 3, Delegate to Convention 33 P rom Committee 33 Homecoming Committee 3,43 Monogram Club 3,43 Safety Patrol 1,Z,43 Band 13Hi-Y 4. DEAN FRANKLIN WAGENBACH Baseball 1,43 Basketball 1,33 Hi-Y 1, 2 , 63 Monogram Club 1,2,3,4,5,6, Vice-President 63 Business Staff of Log 4,5,63 Homecoming Comnfiittee 5,62 Prom Com- mittee 53Safety Patrol 1,Z, Lieutenant Z3 Superlative 6, Q 1-4" ..,f an , SUPERLATIVES B EST LOOKING Dean Wagenbach Meredith Day S.. JH h XXX XY: f 'N ! MOST POPULAR Edwin Daughtrey Virginia Whitley .df -nr fgslwn- F SUPERLATIVES BEST -ALL-ROUND Tommy Lewis Brenda Bradshaw wiflx X I . 3 X HHSFSX 4 5. Q . 1-I MOST ATHLETIC Albert Faison Lena Edwards I . . .-s-v"""7' fix Y I. an--. 'A . .. A , . Y Q' 3- "N . W H . 'Qii zfffgg it p I ,Af9rL??3J?, f gi ' Qfgy qw. '. 1 vw . T W 'V A SUPERLATIVES MOST STUDIOUS Lovie Ann Umphlette Curt Sweitzer if MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Paul Lar sh Olivia Gruschow JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS -Q li if IX df' x. '57 -all lv fi, --. rn .' - ,. Q :ffm S JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Hugh Taylor ............. ..... P reside-nt Oscar Gray .... ........ V ice-President Judy Pittman . . . .Secretary 81 Treasurer E939 -gt! DIJDDUUU 0 0 Passenger Car Clas s Scene if i 1 O K I JuNloRs Elaine Barrett James Beale Joe Chase 'Eli .Bill Goodwin Oscar Gray Walter Gray 9-1 no, ' - i 1 . A 3 F .lf ng.-rl ' T' +- M x f- idgyer sexy, pQN 154, kc ic gl - .. l 'f v-ug... CN lf? CL - Willard Hatfield ix 3 "' Jesse King h 4- Gordan Morris gl . 'N' Q' f. f- g 151 N wi L, M I if fit i N1 Judy Pittman Vivian Scott Q UN Qs Clara Bess Stradley Hugh Taylor Tommy Wade Vashti Wrenn 4 Bill Wunschell -.QM C. 'Q'-5 Ti is. Y .1 .pp V THE JUNIOR CLASS The present Junior Class is very unique in that it was created especially for the present sixteen numbers. Because of initiating the twelve-grade system, this was the year for our school not to have a junior class. However, along the way, some tran sfe r students from twelve-grade systems entered our school, also, there were several among us who had failed to pass all required subjectsg thus--a junior class became a necessity. As there wasn't a vacant class room in school, one of the dressing rooms by the stage became our homeroom--a snug fit but very convenient to the auditorium and out-of-doors! After organizing ou r clas s , we realized that our first undertaking was to add approxi- mately S400.00 to our otherwise depleted treas- ury in order to give a creditable dance to our seniors. With this project in mind and excel- lent cooperation from the clas s , we had our first money-making project on October 6th--a So ck Hop, from which we cleared S65.00. ln February, we were hosts to a Valentine Dance, which proved to be quite a profitable affair. Still--we needed more money! The seniors became a bit uneasy for fear we wouldn't enter- tain them, so the se nior boys challenged the junio r boys to a benefit basketball game--the proceeds to go to the junior class. With more of a feeling of financial security, plans for the Junior-Senior became a r e a l i ty . The theme, "Romance of Spring," was chosen, Bill John- son's dance band from Suffolk was engaged and the Cypress Cove Country Club was s e c u r e d for the occasion. Through the courtesy of the Club's Board of Directors, we were given per- mission to rent the club. Our class is too small to undertake to beautify our gym with decora- tions, so we particularly wanted to have our dance in a building that was already pretty without decorations. All class m e mb e r s worked during their vacant periods on miniature bird houses to use on individual tables. Much fun was had making these spring-like de co r at i o ns . Doubtlessly, every junior will want one as a memento of the occasion. Because our class is different and the only one of it s ki nd in the history of our school, everyone has been most helpful and interested in making the usual activities possible for us. As this goes to press, our enthusiasm is at great heights and we're determined to make our Junior-Senior a fine one to remember in spite of the small number to sponso r it. Also, we have the determination to make our senior year equally as e x c i t i n g and successful--the first twelfth grade to graduate from Franklin High School. UNDERCLASS OFFICERS SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Clyde Gouldman . . . ......... President Emagene Butler . . ..... T reasurer Cotton Cobb. . . . . Vice President Kay Duffy . . . ..... Secretary . V' Ai , --N .1 'f ".a,1..P"4,, I..-L" ,C -- 4 ,WK EIGHTI-I GRADE OFFICERS FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Edward Blythe ............ Vice President Sara Turner . . ........... President Jane Harrison . . . . Secretary 81 Treasurer Mary Elizabeth Brett. . .Secretary Zu Treasurer Millie Bradshaw ............... President Hal Atkinson . . . . Vice President 1' A Iso J 'Q' E Nr-- Xu. 951 wa. I .A as K 'Q 4 f ae' C 'Du SOPHOMORES Daniel T, Balfour Barbara J. Beale Betty Jean Benson Carolyn Benson James M. Best Linda Bradshaw Loyd Bradshaw Samuel W, Bulls A. Emagene Butler H. Cotton Cobb Henry L. Copeland Lillian M. Drake 'C sv, Jo Anne Drewry V, Jean Duck Katherine P, Duffy Robert J. Edwards nr Q'--Q - Tr ,hh ' . ' ,Q-5. I .E."q,N- l ? T! sq, -ll' John D. Fowler William Clyde Gouldman S. Eileen Hasset Jack S. Hirsh Linda P, Holland Charlotte A. Holt Lynda A. Howell John Lawrence Johnson gil . Q Q - Y.. L A K ss.. , if r Q S Q XX X '11 is i M 1 W A.. xx 1 X, +-.. x 'El' I K SOPHOMORES ?.,,,. Derwood Jones Elizabeh Jones Brenda R. Keech Carole F. King David T. Lawrence Florence Marie Livesay Frederick B. Lowe William Pearson WT? in Brent R. Vann Ella Jean Vinson Diane M. Whitley Douglas Williams Jane D. Williams Rebecca F. Winstead Deanna Wunschel Elizabeth W. Parker Not Pictured Sidney V. Baker ff , f' it 'f 2 X SOPHOMOR ES it y V li I i . 5" -A vm " 4- 4, my Za x ee ii is W i- iq.-V.-5,f15Q,s3,7i - - .4 , , , G4 ll "' M. Rebecca Pico! Shirley Ann Powers Jesse W. Reel James E. Rhodes Wilma M. Scott Woodie Edward Smith J. Robert Tomlin Gail W. Tyree fs -1' M. -e O 3' KH RQ -1-raw-7 NOO NT IME CHATT ER . R I HOPE HE ISN'T IN. ani? 'fi SOPHOMOR ES HAVE OUTSIDE INTERESTS, TOO. 100?? B Etsy: Vfiiii 5 .. l 4 1 , ' -' we., W xt! ly b I K, XJ , guns.. K' X1 C ,li -1--. V' B 1 3 kr f V' sv . alex, E, ' 1-- Q. 335+ 'P 'K' 4 55,5 If Qs-- Q.- K Y' Q i is Q af ' . tc. tsl 5. -at fl B 5 'er- rp gh in vp... . V ,gr ,, 2 I 2 ' -"2 f 'M e t. l J FRESHMEN Ralph Arnold Orsalia Asteris Hilda Beale Gail Beauvais Kenneth Bedford Carolyn Blythe David Blythe Edward Blythe Fred Blythe Harold Blythe Dennis Bradshaw Donald Bridgers Nancy Bridges Alma Browne John Bryant Brenda Bulls Sandra Bulls Ira Jean Burgess Patsy Burrow Cindy Butler Everette Butler Joanne Christie Mary Coker Nancy Dameron FRESHMEN Judy Dampier Faye Durrette Betty Eason Harriet Edwards Susan Forrer Courtney Frankfort Lannie Gene Gardne r O wen Gillette R. B. Green Carolyn Griffin Adeline Harcum Jane Harrison Winston Holt Phyllis Howell Mary Jane Jakeman Watt Jone s Jeannie Kitchen Richard Lawrence Holt Livesay Gwen March Mickey McKann Shirley Munford Romine Newsome Glenda Nicholas 0, 9 i' 1 t 35 W , R G ,, A Q - O' ,Pwr e "Q-f , X ! ll I J .Rx , . ge W -tr sif Q Q - ' iw tfilzff X t Sf-A : tx 4 X J ,. , 4, are 5. . 1 N 'ce X e Qs.. Qt - C. YI qs! x do Y? K i 4. iv .X f- v efkfff - ' N H5 4 . s X R r if - S9 4. vw pg 1 iw.:- Q K' f G 4' ' ,. K 5. ,Q 1: It ., Q ng '2 ,1- 5' 4, '-. .f , 'tiff ldviawm '35 fi. -s KI. . ,ing ' Q ,rank 9-wi IL q 9 sr Av wiv fx v wi gy 'x 'K -.A 17 , all "N .sw 3 t Q 1 Fi it "' 1 'H 5' fu' ' nw :X xxx, XA ' . , . I C W.. A .W ' xy in P ir . u A . NA .. ., , I 5 .K 9 ' rr il" W fit Q? si' 2 "' 'X , " X I 1 3 1 ah , FRESHMEN George Parker Anne Phillips Charles Phillips Winnie Pierce Bob Powell Robert Powers David Rideout Ann Robertson Bobby Sandlin Andy Scott Elnora Smith Barry Steadham Maxine Steinbach Richard Stewart Bucky Tart Larry Tillett Alan Trousdell Sarah Turner Evelyn Umphlett Carolyn Vaughan Bobby Vinson Gerald Whitley Davis Williams Warren Williams Not pictured - Brenda Raiford rg-1-nr FRESHMAN SNAPSHOTS Come on, boys. Dues must be paid' ke Al last: chefs ta Q - ' Here i room tea ur first , -S 3 Cha Our hgxior hlnch' aid training to 2112?-Put time lCe. Freshmen start the day right with a short devotional period. fl :awww in 5" 'N' X O -'4a?g.ij. K ' Us . A 6 L , K N x Q: mf! , xx ' ax ,gp 7:5 6. X3 E ,fy 1 I J :: f. 1 Q - , . 'K I 6. i i ,f - , x N 4 G ei " t-, I-QP - 1, " ge ' i , f' Q, . xi , Ov 6 'er dl .1 it 1 ,, -. 4 . , 1 ' in ,f 5 " Q 5. .2-- nv-Aw 'U 4' if 'fs s. fi g . Q N 1- , if B 6 W ' N F' 5 g 3 , wr- , 'mf ,mei Z ' so 1' F Qe. P- 1 x 1 N vi,- 1 lf. 6'- JL , , '00- gk n-.. f ki Q Q L D D 1 H . I . A 5 L? B ' J . EIGHTH GRADE Hal Atkinson Joyce Barrett Judy Baynard Jane Beale Gloria Beaton Pearl Benson Patricia Bishop Cora Sue Blount William Blount Barbara Jean Blythe Burton Blythe Earl Blythe Joyce Blythe Sandra Blythe Bobby Bradshaw Millie Bradshaw Mary Elizabeth Brett Roy Carr Frances Chesson Sophie Christie Alex Cook Charles Corbitt Scotty Crawford Peggy Cross Jackie Dampier Ginger Davis Peggy Day Diane Dodson Roy Drake Wilson Drake Linda Duck Billy Duffy Linda Dupree Frankie Edwards Jerry Eubanks Alice Faye Fowler Peggy Frankfort Larry Frantz Irma Gagneaux Billy Gray EIGHTH GRADE Becky Hasty Billy Howell Deirdre Jacovides Judy Jones Lynne Joyner Betty Keech George Kitchen Raymond Lankford Mary Livesay Carole Morgan Wendell Newsome Rebecca Ober Brenda Parker Earl Parker Charlotte Rainey La Rue Rainey Rendy Rawls Margaret Ray Lowry Sinclair Davis Spiers Nancy Stephenson Jackie Stewart Barbara Thomas David Thompson Dolores Tillett Jimmy Tomlin Ann Vann Peggy Jean Vann Morgan Vasser Barbara Vaughan James Vaughan Barbara Jean Vinson Wilson Vinson Eddie Wade Phyllis Walker Judy Whitley Carroll Winstead Not Pictured: Joan Carter Pearl Wilson Roland Cutchins Mary Wise Sarah Smith 'N ff' M i N S ix., ff' s 1 it If I for YY! X x Www 1.- SEVE TH GRADE ROLL The seventh grade teachers are: Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Pope , and Mrs . Cotton. Dickie Bailey Coral Baker Dick Barham Tyrone Barrett David Beale Diane Beale Richard Best Anita Faye Biyrhe Billy Blythe Chester Blythe Douglas Blythe James Bradshaw Tres Bradshaw Lewis Brown Joyce Butler Sharon Camp Ann Carr Barbara Chase Leon Chitty Rosie Collins Leigh Conwell Winston Copeland Wayne Cotton Faye Cutchins Nancy DeBerry Edward Dedge Marion Dedge Linda Doughty Donnie Drewry M. B. Edwards Ronnie Edwards Rudy Edwards Albert Eldridge Walter Ellis Sammy Eubanks Carolyn Ferguso Brenda Galloway Terrye Gordon Bobby Gray Barbara Green Rebecca Harcum Jimmy Harrison Jimmy Harvey Edward Hatfield Joyce Ann Heath Douggie Holt Shelby Jean Holt Audrey Howell Peggy liowell George Jskeman Cora Ann Johnson Edward Johnson Bill Jones Milton Jones Patsy Jones Virginia Lee Keeter Carol Lambdin Lenra Lawrence Patsy Lowe Raymond Lynn Jackie March Joan McKann Jack Minton Charles Moore Tommy Morgan Irene Newsom Sandra O'Clair Bobby Phillips Kent Phillips Roger Phillips Beverly Pittman Jane Pittman Guy Lloyd Pope Bill Pretlow Tim Raiiord Robert Rainey Kay Rash Bob Rawls Billy Scott Buck Scott Margaret Shorter Ronnie Smithwick Faye Stephenson Roberta Stevenson Roy Sweitzer Civil Ann Tart Jimmie Tharrington Rebecca Turner Tommy Turner Wedford Turner Billy Unphlette Joe Unphlette Elna Vann Joe Vaughan Alton Vick Shirley Vick Earl Warren Belin Watson Dexter Watson Sandra Whitley Peggy Wilkinson Shirley Williams Patricia Worrell Winston Wrenn Not Pictured: Billy Almond wgen- WLT H11 l lf f melbi iff + 1, fl if K f'Q.l ff ' , if 4 5152? - 3,43 P73-Nyff QALQEEMMGOL J 3 FNABS5- 4' LMQQELML w f A B fl' ,-N f -4 , , WV -H' J f , 4 P N N .4-gF- V P mi Af 7,7 Our editor, Ames Christopher, and business manager, Beth Jones. ANNUAL BUSINESS STAFF Standing: Jimmy Rhodes, Betsy Parker, Watt Jones. Seated: Jane Williams, Oscar Gray, Beth Jones, Sandra Sandlin, Hal Atkinson. 15 Standing: Paul Larsh, Glenda Nicholas, Bu c ky Tart, Bill Goodwin. Seated: Judy Baynard, Brenda Keech,Ames Christopher, Sybil Brad- shaw, Martha Barham, Sue Pace. ANNUAL EDITOR STAFF Standing: Linda Holland, .Tim B e s t , Clyde Gould- man, Patsy Pi cot , John Brenner. S e at e d: Meredith Day, Lovie Ann Umphlette, Olivia Gruschow. GIRLS' AND BOYS' STATE I Curt Sweitzer and "Bo" Lewis discussing their week at Boys' State. Sue Walker Pace and Chirpie Branch were our representa- tives to Girls' State. ivvhi' Sm. fee Q - ,Lf F it 71, iff' .ifii f ll Standing: Tommy Lewis, Paul Larsh, Curt Sweitzer, Mac Edwards. Seated: Chirpie Branch, Sue Walker Pace, Olivia Gruschow, Lovie Ann Umphette. Top Row: Betsy Parker, Kaye Baker, Jacqueline Blythe, Buster Butler, Ames Christopher, Dan Balfour, Dan Fowler, Richard Edwards, Sandra Sandlin, Orsalia Asteris, Shirley Powers, Ann Robertson, Betty Eason, Mary Coker, Diane Whitley. Second Row: Jane Williams, Martha Barham, Ira Jean Burgess, Elnora Smith, Carolyn Vaughan, Larry Johnson, Freddie Lowe, Warren Williams, Jimmy Rhodes, Wilma Scott, Lillian Drake, Gail Tyree, Beth Jones, Sue Pace, Nancy Bridges, Adeline Harcum, Glenda Nicholas. Third Row: Harriett Edwards, Susan Forrer, Linda Holland, Faye Durrette, Alice Smith, Jackie Hirsch, Joe Chase, Jim Best, John Brenner, Curt Sweitzer, Virginia Whitley, Anne Phillips, Jane Harrison, Brenda Bradshaw, Joanne Christie, Nancy Johnson, Becky Picot. Fourth Row: Lovie Ann Umphlette, Mary Alice Hargrove, Ella Jean Vinson, Sybil Bradshaw, Jean Duck, Owen Gillette, Linda Edwards, Meredith Day, Sue Humphrie s , Vashti Wrenn, Linda Bradshaw, Chirpie Branch, Jo Anne Drewry, Brenda Keech, Eileen Hassett. GLEE CLUB 1? Mr. Smith directed the Glee Club Sue Humphr i e s , President, Mrs. during the second semester. Briggs, our first semester director, Ames Ch r i sto phe r , accompanist, trying out a new song. Not Pictured: Albert Faison, Vice President. 1.-K-nf' -- ' The Monogram Club is our honorary athletic club. MONOGRAM CLU B The officers of the Monogram Club are Jimmy Rhodes, Reporter, Albert Faison, President, Dean Wagenbach, Vice President, and Alice Smith, Secretary-Treasurer. Top Row: Edwin Daughtrey, Richard Galtress, Frankie Parker, Earl Edwards, Councill Vaughan, Richard Edwards, Paul Lax-sh, Clyde Gouldman. Second Row: Robert Tomlin, Buck Bryant. Third Row: John Brenner, Cotton Cobb. Fourth Row: Henry Copeland, Dean Wagenbach. Fifth Row: Beverly Scott, Betsy Parker, Derwood Jones, David Lawrence, Jimmy Rhodes, Hubert Bridges. Sixth Row: Bill Goodwin, Brenda Bradshaw. Seventh Row: Phil Blythe, Alice Smith. Eighth Row: Gary Wagenbach, Lena Edwards. Ninth Row: Tommy Lewis, Virginia Whitley. X ig Q x Q--. V, '--mv 'a 'W i I Qi ft 4. 1 --,----.wswmslir LIBRARY CLUB g 5 fX lr" ff' The Library Club officers are Mary Alice Hargrove, reporter, Sandra Sandlin, secretary- treasurerp Betty Cobb, vice-president, Olivia Gruschow, president. .W Ira Jean Burgess, Betty Cobb, Sandra Sancllin, Brenda Raiford, Mary Alice Hargrove, Olivia Gruschow, Mrs. Evans, Librarian, Joanne Christie, Ann Robertson, Judy Whitley, Peggy Day, Deirdre Jacovides . fpnmtii ,F EW? ff ' E mcg fx"'q oanohc my .SA F FA 1 VE J ' 1 'U 7 Under the guidance f o Mr. Bryant, the Future Farm- :rs are 1 ' earning the basic principles o f fa r m man- agement. F. F. A. OFFICERS Wal , entg Mac Edwards, Vice Presi- dent, E a rl Edwards, Sec- retary, Ray Turner, Senti nelgCounci11Vaughan Treasurer, Hugh Taylor Reporterg M r. Bryant, Ad- visor. ter Y oung Presid Back Row: Mac Edwards, Henry Copeland, Edward B1ythe,Ear1 Edwards, Councill Vaughan, Sammy Bulls, Johnny Scott, Richard Edwards. Front Row: Mr. Bryant, advisor, Hugh Taylor, Frankie Parker,Ray Turner, Douglas Williams. First Row, standing: Miss Cobb, advisor, Vivian Scott, Gail Tyree, Charlotte Holt, Linda Bradshaw, Jacqueline Blythe, B e c ky Picot, Elaine Barrett, Rebecca Winstead, Jo Anne Drewry . Second Row: Joanne Christie, Jane Williams, Shirley Powers, Jean Duck, Florence Live- say, Brenda Keech, Lynda Howell. Third Row: Eileen Hassett, Deanna Wunschel, Lillian Drake, Linda Holland, Sue Humphries. Fourth Row: Cla ra Bess Stradley, L i nd a Edwards, Lena Edwards, Martha Barham, Barbara B e al e , Wilma Scott. rc, 0 ' ' ,'q'O2x ntbglf ll ,u u, " 0. .. , l ' Q li n J B O 1,0 N 'vs I Under the direction of Miss Cobb, the Future Homemakers are learning the fundamentals of good housekeeping. F. H. A. OFFICERS Barbara Beale, treasurer, Linda Edwards, reporterg Wilma Scott, secretary, Martha Barham, Vice President: Lena Edwards, Presidentg Clara Bess Stradley, historian, Mi s s Cobb, advisor. HI-Y l' 'S S -r l .T K .ll l . l Fill: 4 , i 4, K' i. G 'llilf i eh' L 1 1. I x Iliad 1 if ml we I I c .I ,fA,zL. V g,, M KJ an , jk H. n A tv - P - R 1-4 1 , am . 1 Isl lm lf! .n , .2.LZg , ,AVL W J ,Lig,,L .. . . . 1- s' 5 4 I f 4 . .Kam .., v 'Q 3 ,. 1, ' i 'M Lk, , law? t I I G D If 2 I I FH V A 5 . i K 4- Yir "" ll in F fl Q Curt Sweitzer - K K Earl Edwards Tommy Lewis Cotton Cobb Mac Edwards ' -v A K yn .v Douglas Williams Clyde Gouldman ' if A " ' 5 Jimmy Rhodes Ames Christopher 5 Nl - David Lawrence Jim Best 5 -I ef - I Robert Tomlin Dan Balfour Bill Pearson Hubert Bridges Dan Fowler Albert Faison ' J. W. Reel Freddie Lowe Tommy Wade Phil Blythe Buster Butler Councill Vaughan Paul Larsh Gary Wagenbach Walter Story Dean Wagenbach Walter Young Buck Bryant 1- ' in tail is fb Brent Vann Larry Johnson Hugh Taylor Oscar Gray Henry Copeland Derwood Jones Loyd Bradshaw Beverly Scott Not Pi ctured: Sidney Baker The newly formed Hi-Y is rapidly extending its principles throughout the school. Mr. W. Martin Pearson Advisor The leaders of the new Hi -Y are left to right standing: Ames Christopher, Chaplaing Jim Best, Reporterg D an B alfou r , Historian Clyde Gouldman, Treasurer. Kneeling: Curt Sweitzer, Presidentg Mac Edwards, Secre- taryg Tommy Lewis, Vice President. TRI-HI-Y x . 1 Q X li, . I 5 ,Ci A U . 5 .Ei Z. 1 - K f .. s Q . .4 ' fu x Us " '- g Q -in ml it . .- K: 'L 'Q : w vt B - 3 -. 6 ' ,, L . Q V " rang . K A ' Jr- x P me J ci Kaye Baker Martha Barham Jaqueline Blythe Brenda Bradshaw Carolyn Bradshaw Sybil Bradshaw Chirpie Branch Betty Cobb Meredith Day Lena Edwards Linda Edwards Greta Fowler Olivia Gruschow Mary Alice Hargrove Nancy Johnson Sue Walker Pace Patsy Picot Judy Pittman Sandra Sandlin Alice Smith Lovie Ann Umphlette Virginia Whitley Miss Winnie F. Eubank Advisor 'kv .. 'P 6. C 4 r. 5 Q , Stl Pm- .- 4 Li.: U we Tri-Hi-Y is wo r ki n g toward h i g h e r standards of Christian character throughout the home, school, and community. The officers of Tri-Hi-Y are clockwise: Betty Cobb, Report- er, Martha Barham, Treasurer, Olivia Gruschow, V i c e Presi- dent, Brenda Bradshaw, Presi- dentg Sybil Bradshaw, Chaplaing Nancy Johnson, Secretary. Vashti Wrenn Elaine Barrett Linda Bradshaw Emagene Butler Jo Anne Drewry Jean Duck Kay Duffy Linda Holland Charlotte Holt Lynda Howell Beth Jones Brenda Keech Betsy Parker Becky Picot Vivian Scott Gail Tyree Ella Jean Vinson Diane Whitley Jane Williams Rebecca Winstead Sue Humphries BAND Our majorettes are: Patsy Picot, Vashti Wrenn,h d ' ' ea majorette, and Elame Barrett. x x i 'I it ' 5 Y XM , 4, , Drum Majorette Brenda Bradshaw 2 8 ? 1 4 DRU Q CLARINET SECTION TRUMPET SECTION fr' M SE CT XON BASS SECUON Uv HOMECOMING . rx one wofvxnivofioars for 3- txife :haf Bde ' m , ,-,Af Our lovely Homecoming Queen, Brenda Bradshaw, and her Maid of Honor, Sybil Bradshaw. cf My ,, 1751 , M Nm Qi '47? 5-, The refreshment table at the Homecoming dance. Th e A Serziol-pgazewvinn. ass F1038 Sue Walker Pace, President Lovie Ann Umphlette, Vice President Tommy Lewis Linda Edwards Freddie Lowe Kay Duffy Loyd Bradshaw ':.,,L - BETA CLUB A. 1 93:3 W " 'X is K Q r isbokk A Sy N .:Q., 1 y g , if 2145 2 F iff? S S lg ," 1 1 S, . X Q if gi fl if fs B 'R . Linda Holland Diane Whitley D P Mrs. Magette, , Sponsor wg- 35321 . t 5, ' nf-. 'sr' . Q K f' rs, w ' as V A D Brenda Keech Betsy Parker Jackie Hirsch Not Pictured: Sidney Baker The Beta Club works to further Leadership, Character, and Achievement. Sybil B rad shaw, Secretary B re nda B rad shaw T reasurer Olivia Gruschow Martha Barham Jimmy Rhodes Dan Balfour Clyde Gouldman HONOR COUNCIL Jimmy Rhode s , Greta Fowler, Paul Larsh, President, Walter Gray, Robert Powers. Our Stude nt Government is known as the Student Senate. It is composed of two repre- sentatives from each clas s 5 the presidents of the junior and senior clas se sg and the presi- dent, the vice-president, and the secretary of the Senate, who are elected by the student body. The president of the eighth grade is also in- cluded in the Senate, but he may not vote. The Honor Council, composed of one elected member from each class who also serves in the Senate, is the school court which tries any cases of breaches of honor that arise in the student body. The vice-president of the Senate has a dual role in that he acts as presi- dent of the Honor Council. The decisions of the Honor Council are, of course, subject to the approval of the principal. The Senate makes minor decisions con- cerning school life, which are also subject to the principal's approval. Acting as a go- between for the stude nt s and the principal is another job of the Senate, and it plays a part in directing school activities. Student Senate: Susan Forrer, Robert Powers, Jimmy Rhodes, Hugh Taylor, Joe Chase, Paul Larsh, Olivia Gruschow, Lovie Ann Umphlette, Tommy Lewis, Sybil Bradshaw, Walter Gray, Greta Fowler, Jack Hirsch. STUDENT GUVERNMENT Our Student Government officers are Lovie Ann Umphlette, Secretaryg Olivia Gruschow, Presidentg Paul Larsh, Vice President. 475 . Qi? ?? W wJ55: cm 45 Z J GE? Y IQ, PATRUL I Q fm- qw-an--'V' Z-" - 3 'Q , , , E 6 .MM 5 elykaqqh 5, 4 "bk:::'. ff 45 , -1.44 , Z A if Q A ' ' N r I J 4 1 ' as 5 0 FOOTBALL v as ,439 ,,.. First Row: Frankie Parker, John Brenner, Bill Goodwin, Albert Fai son, "Bo" Lewis, Earl Edwards, and Richard Edwards. Second Row: Barry Steadham, Derwood Jones, Douglas Williams, Harold Blythe, Bobby Edwards, Walter Young, Jack Hirsch, and Buddy Butler. Third Sept Sept Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov Nov Sept. 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 James Blair H Gloucester H Poquoson T Deep Creek H Prince George T Open Great Bridge T Southampton T York H -is FOOTBALL Row: Dennis Bradshaw, Cotton Cobb, Tommy Wade, David Lawrence, Brent Vann, Freddie Lowe, Clyde Gouldman, and Bill Pearson. Last Row: Coach Gillette, Bobby Sandlin, Dan Fowler, and Larry Frantz. Co-Captains Tommy Lewis and Albert Faison discuss future plans with Coach Gillette. Richard Edwards Albert Faison Paul Larsh "Bo" Lewis 1.m,,,f f' 4 W tr b- - "" ' 2 ':.' Q35 , A, ' ' ,igfflga 5 5 35.25 5: a. :gg K W-Q1-wfgx " f K K i ' ' Nm.. K : f 4 Earl Edwards Edwin Daughtrey John Brenner Frankie Parker Gary Wagenbach Walter Young SENIUR LETTERMEN Hit him again! Hit him again! 19 ,- 0 Harder! Harder! Remember We want a to'-whdown' , , Q 7 e Q e 5 Hit him high, hit him low n C 1 ban right dow I ome on team 1et's go! ha ake t 'fo the end' J7"""'Qg.ip? ' E M ,.+. ,- 'W f :"'YY' Tl Q81 FCJCTBALL CHEERLEADERS Co-Captains: First Row - Gr eta Fowler, Alice Smith. Second Row: Emagene Butler, Beth Jones, Diane Whitley, Sue Pace, Jane Williams, Betsy Parker, Meredith Day, Lena Edwards. tn :ig I r A .Q BOYS' VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Chuckatuck Franklin Holland Franklin Chuckatuck Franklin Whaleyville Franklin Deep Creek Franklin Holland Franklin Great Bridge Franklin Smithfield Franklin Southampton Franklin Deep Creek Franklin Prince George Franklin Smithfield Franklin Southampton Franklin Whaleyville Franklin Prince George Franklin Great Bridge Franklin Coach The . 1 l'T1ld Cobb talk 0vere:h:nd Captain Cotton Year-.s schedule. First Row: B'll G ' . ond Row Coagh Tr?3:1YCl:g.wC:ig':11?Di-Eiyii' .i?l?E::nFE?tton C9bb' Clvde Gouldman, Bo Lewis Sec Phil Blythe, David Lawrgnce' Manager 'Dennis Brastliggill Pearson,Woodie Smith, Paul Larsh BOYSHIUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Standing: Robert Powers, Harold Blythe,Buddy Butler, Andy Scott, Larry Frantz, Bob Powell, Holt Livesy, Micky McKann. Kneeling: Warren Williams, Richard Lawrence SCHEDULE ZZ Southampton 29 Deep Creek 21 Southampton 35 Great Bridge 42 Deep Creek 36 Great Bridge 31 Southampton Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Coach Themides 51s ':,,t'9a ,1 . f y ' Q' ll SCHEDULE They We 24 - Chuckatuck Franklin - 37 28 - Holland " - Z4 32 - Chuckatuck " - 43 Zl - Whaleyville " - 43 L 41 - Holland " - so Q- 'Q' 54 - Smithfield " - 28 38 - Southampton " - 21 34 - Prince George " - 27 Z2 - Smithfield " - Z4 Z3 - Southampton " - 40 18 - Whaleyville " - 35 33 - Prince George " - 37 Coach Captain Miss Harcum Lena Edwards GIRLS' BASKETBALL Betsy Parker, Susan Forrer, Gwen March, Jessie King, Kaye Baker, Brenda Bradshaw, Lena Edwards, Jacqueline Blythe, Winnie Pierce, Glenda Nicholas, Orsalia Asteris, Emagene Butler, Jane Williams. Back Row: Managers Kay Duffy and Mary Alice Hargrove. BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS 1 rom left to QQ 'KL 373 '1- L Ti .I right: Dia ker Pace, Alice Smith, and TENNIS TEAM '54 wllvm N ..-f 'df vt ,gi 'Y nw 1 ,, ., , ll' R A Kneeling: C lyd e Gouldman, Courtney Frankfort, Martha Barham, Kay Duffy, and Watt Jones Standing: Dan Balfour, Fred Lowe, Cotton Cobb, George Parker, Jack Hirsch, Jim Rhodes Jim Best, Holt Livesay, and Bob Powell. Not pictured: Betsy Parker. 'rf X 0 1. 5 WM, A ' ggi P .ad 177 . 5.4 I In I- 1 rl Ti i .M A on , im if ci 0 U R A C H J at DX Y B ?i Our Coach, Miss Harcum. f .i .auf X s f C AJ ' AQ Q I K In 'V it Q ' 1 'ii - 4 A to ,i3k,,.PE,a1 B , ig! , ' to of Qfffrf 1 XX XX Nhxg . .Y D 1 .w s- .,1. i ' a - , Q m r :Q f 0 1 E10 A , 1 1 a 'M N tl ., cn ...,. f ' V ' .9 " I ibn' " Wh . . s X F I' , l , 1 5 . Q x'4"E""A . Q- E E.. ' fy X , M. n.:XxE+-.W-' hw ,A-t.gN,!,,Rk,g,., ,www fqnOy.yg"'-vw?" 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SAUNDERS 81 CO. 717 East Grace Street Richmond Virginia Compliments of the FRANKLIN PARENT - TEACHER ASSOCIATION Compliments of STARR BEATON ,,,l'Ti I fl'HEVROLFT! I 'NA li Franklin Virginia Best Wishes THE FASHION SHOP INC. 111 N. Main Street "We clothe Frank1in's Finest Women" Franklin Virginia Best Wishes to the Class of 1956-57 Herbert M. Lewis WESTERN AUTO JONES DRUG COMPANY "The Prescription Drug Store" Compliments ol MEADOWBROOK DRY CLEANERS Dial 2-3510 Compliments of BREWEWS G. H. STEINHART at COMPANY mc Leading Jewelers Since 1878 Suffolk Virginia KILBY'S Compliments of FLOWER Su,-ENS SHOP George Watkins REAL ESTATE - BROKER INSURANCE FRANKLIN FROZEN FOODS INC. BRISTOW INSURANCE CORP. "Our Patrons Sleep Well" Phone 2821 Since 1931 Franklin Virginia THEO. K. HANN Sz SON U Manufacturers and Dealers in Establlshed 1891 Peach, Truck, Hamper Baskets and covers. Also Lumber Mrs. Austin Hann I. O. HILL 8: COMPANY p. 0. 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Paris, Owner Feed and Flower Seeds FRANCIS SODA SHOP LO2 -4944 R. P. RAWLS AND SONS F. L. WHITLEY Grocer ies and Meats Complete Insurance Service Second Avenue - Franklin LO 2-3532 L. L. MANRY AND SONS Since 1872 Courtland Virginia WI-IITLEY HARDWARE Building Material - Farm Supplies Westinghouse Appliances - Sporting Goods Glidden Paints THE COMMUNITY STORE Franklin Virginia Congratulations and Best Wishes Senior Class of 1957 STEINHARDT-GOODWIN Frankun EQUIPMENT CO.. INC. Virginia - SAM LEVY JEWELERS YOUNG MEN'S SHOP LITTLE SHOP HUNTERDALE SUPPLY CO., INC. W.J.M. H0llAND A FRIEND MARY v. PARKER A N D META'S BEAUTY SHOP S 0 N S TOWN AND COUNTRY BEAUTY SHOPPE IDEAL BARBER SHOP N. W. NUCKOLS A FRIEND Franklin Virginia and Murfreesboro North Carolina Compliments of HASSETT'S "The Best for Less" Burton Furniture Company, Inc. "Suffo1k's Exchange Furniture Store" Phone 5841 Sl-lff01k Virginia PANTON Sz LACKLAND CO. INC. Sporting Goods 81 Toys -Record Shop Loz -4578 Franklin Virginia BRANCH'S Y. smnvicz via-- sHoE JONES AND HAYES THORNTON - LIVESAY, INCORPORATED AND THORNTON - LIVESAY EXCHANGE Hope you Seniors aspire for and get the best in life. Compliments of DARDEN OIL COMPANY Distributors of Amoco Gasoline Tires and Batteries an-7 . , GRADUATES COUNCILL'S FLORIST AND GIFT SHOP Second Avenue I M Franklin Virginia -.ww-...I ' ' VIRGINIA-CAROLINA MOTORS HASTINGS INC. 1 FTE U L Quality Shop Men's and Students' Wear 9 Phone LO-4931 Second Avenue Main Street Franklin Virginia Franklin Virginia BEST WISHES T0 THE S.W. RAWLS, INC. CLASS WHICH HAS PLEDGED "The Secret of Success is Constancy to Purpose." DISTRIBUTORS GULF OIL PRODUCTS Tires, Batteries, H A 1 LY 0 N AutoAccessories Franklin Virginia RUSSELL 81 HOLMES Quality Store BLYTHE DRY CLEANERS for the family Franklin Virginia Compliments of LEGGETT'S DEPARTMENT STORE. INCORPORATED Franklin Virginia Shop Phone Residence L02 -4624 L02 -31 1 J. F. SANDLIN 81 SON Electrical Contractor Supplies Ki Appliances R. E. SANDLIN, OWNER Franklin Virginia Compliments of JOHNSON 8: CONWELL ROGERS RADIO 8: T. V. SERVICE NORMAN PACKING CORPORATION 932-4 High Street Portsmouth Virginia GORDON'S RE FRIGERATION ROBERT T. EDWARDS Compliments of DOUGHTY BUICK Franklin Virginia GEE'S GROCERY Compliments of PHILLIP'S SOAP PRODUCTS Phone NO. LO2-3971 Compliments of ELDRIDGE SMITH Insurance - Real Estate FRANKLIN MOTORS. INC. Dodge, Plymouth, and Dodge Trucks -1:1 155' . f- ' GULF CENTRAL SERVICE HW H, 5 .ff '16 CAVALIER AUTO AND SERVICE PARTS M TURNER'S TEXACO MID - TOWN SHELL NANSEMOND GROCERY COMPANY INCORPORATED Post Office Drawer 528 Suffolk Virginia J. Sz E. AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY FRANKLIN LAUNDRY Sz DRY CLEANERS AUTOGRAPHS ' o 'J Thus, as our school year comes to a close, we end our sentimental journey. . Ah . - ' 1 'T a! Dub l . - next' X138 The her mY 0 ent wh3l'5 er-S! 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