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 - Class of 1956

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! if , 1 ! -.9 Ze 1-in 23? ,. 'L at My A . Q, 8 Q N U l c 1 r I .. ma , ' 5' r ' W.. 5 , 3 ,, if., 5 if V -.1 S ,K 'Q +- ' K Y 1 1 f,1a+:P' ' . f- , 1. kf.- I f 3, . 1 M . "-' I - ' Q ,, A..i , ' If I Q MX I , f 3ffy,,fw wmwmsa J f, Q 1, J ,,.l QP, ,L , Y Q K V 5 H Q ,,, K " f ' L gi ,,,2 W f ak 2 ,A,: 5 Wa 5 M ,aw-N. A ,,.W .1 5 , A,., .. f ,QL - 5 " " in' 'f A ' - 2 A , . . "W: Q V V ' Q W I A .ig A, . I 4 X v,,V l Amy, V A P. 55572554 , rw U , I you i k .2 '- XDR- uf: 3 .ze m,,. 'T Q ' , f f M..,...MV .,xL 1 A K'LL AM" E. " 2 E wi ? 'W' 1 . :Q sa sg 2 QM R' S R 2 SQ 2 xiii!-:Qi 111 ,EQ 2 fi. ? ,W MQ., h.,..x . v Y Y A S i 13 Q 3: Q ' k I, ' fir . 1 4 g f 4 , . , M .-mm ,- 1.,1 EES' ' Q 1' 2 L .i,W M1 l 1 Q Q , K if! 11215 s f 22 Q Y 0 ,W ,,,,,, .MW 4 E K v 1QLHlmXl 3i2M sr , m?323MiJ Qi13'ix2f MW yymmvv, A - Q - - - X 1 O 0 WK, wr. MU?-At "5 A-5 'Q K, -i we was f"' 1 ,,, , ' v .'-'ru X ,,,,.g7. 1 Af , Au. 1 M T., N ,W WN umm, 1. .Q ' 'W' "' 'H "55F5'?3 5 , 'HW mm. , , , . 1 E- F A ,,.1.H, , x -'j 4, ?.r:"QfA7 .r., 2" . X'ff'J7.,5r, :is-,p5,.v:,f xffiifflfii ii' 55' ' 45 Y . ge-1 ., :w ,-..":-., ,,.-,, , , A H ab .4 If 'Inf 'I' My , -Eifiliflv, 3 5 ' :qf"1. 'lf J H5252 Hr! 53 1 if "M A a- if VU L H" L' ' Jw. 1 if 524 , . 5. ,q -gf 'I ,525 f .,.- A ,Au Q . . sn, +9 1 " , x L "' ix Qi g.f'".Ex ,f f 5 .i g W THE 1956 Loc H' -. 'lid' Q A Franklin, Virginia f ln Y JF0REWORl A memory of days past is a cherished thing in the hearts of us who have lived those days to- gether. Such memories are re- tained for us in the pages of this book. To you who read this, we say, "Ii the past is recalled, and forgotten classmates are remem- bered, then the Log has accom- plished its purpose." The Staff f FA., fu! CONTENTS " '01 Tlislk Af' 4 2 A ADMINISTRATION DEDIC ATION CLASSES ACTIVITIES FEATURES ATHLETICS ADVERTISEMENTS Miss Barbara Blankenship Mrs. Minnie Thomas Beaton Mr. Fred Anstey Secretary to the Principal Science FA CU LTY Miss Patricia Bodkin Library Science J 937' we lw, Agriculture and Shop i 1. os! .MC Mr. F. H. Christop r Principal Miss Bessie F. Dillon Mrs. Rebecca Carnes Miss Mary Owen Cobb Latin, History, Choral Home Economics W and Mathematic s .1 3 . 41 W rd' L 13 ,Zia X' Liss Winnie Frances Eubank Miss Elizabeth Evans Mrs. Romine Hundley Social Studies English Commercial FACJLTY Mr. John D. Pond Mrs. Louise Magette Assistant Principal Mathematics Science and History Mrs. Prudence Thorpe Mr. William C. Snead Mr. Charles Saunders English Band Physical Education For her helpful guidance to all students, especially the Fresh- meng her patience and understanding in classg and her untiring efforts with the contest playg we dedicate this, the 1956 LOG, to Miss Elizabeth Evans. W' J ,.-sl-"f" X 1 x l"t4-A 2 9' sa .X .nn X Joe Stewart, Senior Class President, chats with the other officers - Judy Carr, Secretaryg Florence McGowan, Vice- Presidentg and Dianna Stephenson, Treasurer. Mrs. Hundley Senior Sponsor Mrs. Thorpe Senior Sponsor MOTTO - "To look forward and not back to look up and not down." COLORS - Red and White FLOWER - American Beauty Rose A typical scene of one senior homeroom. RACHEL AUGUSTA BRETT lndividuality is the spice of life. Anon Contest Play lp Freshman Library Club lg Charter Library Club 2,35 Student Librarian l,Z,35 Class Secretary Z, Parliamentarian45 Superlative 45 Jun- ior Achievement 4, Treasurer 45 Band 2,3,-1, Li- brarian-lg Editorial Staffof Log 45 Girls' State Del- egate 35 Football Sponsor 45 Glee Club l,Z,3,'i5 Beta Club Z,3,4, Chaplain 3, Vice-President -1, Delegate to Convention 35 Tri-Hi-Y 3,-l, Vice-President 3, Delegate to Blue Ridge 2,35 F.H.A. Z,3,4, Reporter 3, President 4, Camp Z, Junior Homemaker, Dele- gate to Convention 35 Chairman of Nominating Com- mittee 45 Television pr og ram , "Young America Speaks" 4. SHIRLEY ANNE BURGESS The call of marriage speaks loudest. Anon Freshman Library Club lg Glee Club l,Z,3,45 F.l-I. A. Z,3,-E5 Frank Chat Staff 45 Business Staff of Log 35 Tri-Ili-Y 4, ELSIE MARIE BUTLER Imight be better if I could, but it's awful lonesome being good. Anon Freshman Library Club lg Student Librarian 1,25 Superlative 45 Tri -Hi-Y 45 Glee Club Z,3,45 F.H.A. Z,3,4, Historian 3,45 Prom Committee 2,35 Home- coming Committee 45 Frank Chat Staff 45 Editorial Staff of Log 45 Basketball l,Z,3,4. JUDITH HALL CARR In he r tongue is the law of kindness. Proverbs Freshman Library Club l, Secretary 15 Charter Library Club Z, Secretary Z, Library Play 35 Stu- dent Librarian lg Class Treasurer 3, Secretary 45 Homecoming Court 35 Glee Club l,2,3,4, Librarian Z5 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Secretary 3, President 4, Dele- gate to Blue Ridge 3, Delegate to District Confer- ence 45 F,H.A. Z, Camp Z5 Beta Club Z,3,4, Dele- gate to Convention Z5 Prom Committee 35 Home- coming Committee 3,45 Social Committee Z5 Foot- ball sponsor 35 S.C.A. representative 3,45 Girls' State Alternate 35 Editorial Staff of Log 2,45 Cheer- leader 4. SENIORS WILLIAM EDGAR BAKER He only is a well-made man who has a good deter- mination. Emerson Charter Library Club Z,3, Library Play Z5 Student Senate 2,45 Honor Council 2,45 Superlative 4, Beta Club 2,3,4, Reporter Z, Secretaryll, Treasur -r 35 Hi-Y 2,35 Social Committee Z5 Homecoming Com- mittee 35 Boys' State Delegate 35 Prom Committee 3. MILLS BEALE Let them call it mischief. Ben .Ion-.on F,F.A, l,Z,3,4, Forestry Contest at V.P.l. Z, Dvl- egate to Convention 3, Camp Judging Contest at V, P.l. Z5 Assistant Manager Football Z5 Baseball 35 Prom Committee 35 Hom:-coming Committee 5,65 Safety Patrol 3. NANCYE JOAN BLYTHE Speech is gr--at, but silence is greater. Carlyle Freshman Library Club lg Charter Library Club Z,35 F.H.A. Z,3,-45 Beta Club 35 Softball l,Z5 Prom Committee 3, MARY ANN BRETT You'd have known her by the merriment that spark- led in her eye. Caroline E, S, Norton Freshman Library Club lg Charter Library Club Z, 35 F.l-I.A, Z,3, Camp Z5 Student Librarian 15 Glee Club 45 Frank Chat Staff -15 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Assistant Basketball Manager Z5 Manager 45 Prom Commit- tee Z,3. SENIORS NANCY COWAN CIIILDRESS "luis good to be merry and wise. Jonson Freshman LibraryClub lg Charter Library Club dp Tri-I'Ii'Y 3.4, Blue Ridge Delegate Z1 Glee Club 4, Beta Club Z,3,-4, Chaplain 43 Monogram Club 4, F. ILA, 1,35 Prom Committee Z,3, Homecoming Com- mittee 3,-1g Frank Chat Staft 4, Clubs Committee Z, Business Staff' ot' Logfig Football Sponsor 45 Cheer- leaderl,Z,3,-i,Co-IleaclFootball-1, Varsity Basket- ball 59 Softball l. CARDNI-IR I-ILLIOTT COBB, JR. A football man, a basketball mang last but not least, a Iazlies' man. Anon Freshman Library Club Ig Charter Library Club lg Library Play lg Class Vice-President Z, Presi- dent 53 Student S1-nate representative I, Executive fhairman lg Supa-rlative -lg Clee Club Z, Monogram Club .1,5,'1g Ijeta d,3, President lg Ili-Y Z,5, Blue Ridge llvle-gate lg Prorn Committee L, 5, Iiom.-Come ing Conuriittvw' 3,-4, Fx:-cutive -4, S.C.A. 5, Chivt Marshall for graduation 55 Iloys' State Al- ti-rnatv 5. Ilusiness Sl.1llOIiI,og 3,-51 Basketball I, 3.5,-1, 'I'ri-Captain 41 Football l,Z,5,-ip Baseball I, J, S,-lp Hate-ty Patrol l,.L, 3, Captain 3. .IIQRLINIC COISIH Lvl nit' go whe-re'z-rv I will. Iiirierson I-'reshrnanLibrary Club lg Chart:-r Library Club Z, Student Librarian l,.i1Clvt- Club l,Z,3,Atg I",IiI,A. Z, 5.4L Prom Committee Sp Homecoming Committee 3, Ifrank Chat Stat! bl, .Iunior Arliieverrient -1. SANDRA .I FAN COLLINS Clan you te-Il me who wrote Shake:-peare's "Romeo and .Il1Ii4'tt1""7 Anon Frvshman Library Club lg Charter Library Club Z3 G14-4-Club Z, Tri-Ili-Y -I, FILA. Z3 Prom Commit- tvc lp Frank Chat Staff 4. quam 'ITV' 'QM' Aff lx In tw L 'IL Mt tug .rfb '-9, t , KATIILYN DOUGLAS CURRIER Iier voice--the rnusic of the spheres. Pope Freshman Library Club I, Student Librarian I Class Vice-President l,3g Representative to Stu- dent Senate -1gSuperlative -ig Iloniecorning Court 3 'g Glec' Club I,.i,3,4, Secretary J, 'l'rifIIifY KJ, Chaplain 3, Blue Ridge Delegate .5,5, District Con- ference Delegate 5,-1, Chaplain of District Confer- ence- -ig F,lI,A. Z1 Monogram Club 3,-I, Secretary 'l. Prom Committee 35 Ilomecorning Committee 3,l, Asst-mbly Committee ZgFootbal1Sponsor -Ig S C.A, representative 33 Beta Club Z,3, Secretary 3, Dele- gate to Convention .Ig Business Staff of Log l,Z,3,-Ig Football Cheerleader .Z,3,4, Co-Captain -lg Basket- ball l,d,5,f1, Captain 4, Frank Chat Statt' 4. BFUNA FAYE DAUGIITRFY The rising blushes, which her cheeks o'er spread. Gay Frank Chat Staff 43 F.II.A. 1,13 Freshman Library Club lg Prom Conarnittee 3. NANCY EDITH DAVIDSON I shall laugh myself to death, Shakespeare Freshman Library Club Ip Charter Library Club 2: Tri-Hi-Y 3,-tg Prom Committee 3g Frank Chat Staff 4. DIANE ICDITH DOUGIITY Iam entitledto life, liberty, and the pursuit of men. Anon Freshman LibraryClub lg Charter Library Club tl, 3, Library Play 3g Tri-IIi-Y 3,-1, Blue Ridge Dele- Jfgzte 3, District Conference Delegate 4, Secretary 4g Beta Club 3,4, Convention Delegate 35 Prom Committee 3g Frank Chat Staff -4g Editorial Staff ot' Log 39 Junior Achievement 4, Sec retar y 4: Glec Citi A 3,44 9-I X f Na , Titiii I NORMAN L. GARDNER lhada pleasant time with my mind, for it was hap- py, Alcott Freshman Library Club lg Charter Library Club 2, 33 Prom Committee 35 Safety Patrol l,2,35 Contest Play 35 Band 35 Junior Achievement 4. PATRICIA ANNE GOODWIN The fairest garden in her looks, And in her mind the wisest books. Cowley Great Bridge High School 1,2,35 Business Staff of Log 45 Frank Chat Staff 45 Beta Club 4, Tri-Hi-Y 41 F-H.-A. 49 Glee Club 4: Accompanist 45 Maid of Honor of Homecoming Court 45 Superlative 4. WILLIAM FLOYD GRIFFIN What's the use of worrying? It never was worth- while. Asaf F.F.A, 1, State Judging Team lg Safety Patrol 3.4, Prom Committee 3. ALFRED LEE HATFIELD l'm as good as I kin be. Field F.F,A. l,Z.,3,4, Reporter 2, Vice -President 3, Sec- retary 45 Prom Committee 35 Safety Patrol l,2,3, Captain of Bus Patrol 3. SENIORS SIDNEY DONALD EASON A little nonsense now and then ls relished by the wisest men. Anon FreshmanLibrary Club 15 Charter Library Club 25 Homeroom Officer 4, StudentSenate Representative 25G1ee Club 2.3, Treasurer 351-li-Y 2,35 Monogram Club 1,2,3,45 Prom Committee 35 Homecoming Committee 3,4g Football manager 15 Basketball manager lg Baseball l,2,3,-1, Co-Captain 4, Ameri- can Legion Ball l,2,3,45 Captain of Safety Patrol 4. CAROLYN PAIGE EDWARDS A true friend is the greatest of all blessings. La Rochefoucauld Freshman Library Club 15 Charter Library Club 2,35 Student Librarian 25 Tri-Hi-Y 4, Reporter 4, Blue Ridge Delegate 35 F.H,A. 2,3,4, Secretary 4, Junior I-lomemaker5 Prom Committee 45 Frank Chat Staff 45 Basketball 3,45 Softball l,2. GLENN KILBOURN FAISON Quiet and cool in appearance, but so is dynamite. Anon Library Club 15 Monogram Club 15 Prom Commit- tee 35 Homecoming Committee 45 Varsity Football 15 Varsity Baseball 15 J.V. Baseball lg J,V. Foot- ball l. EDWIN WILL FRANTZ Modesty becomes a young man. Plautus Freshman Library Club l5 Monogram Club Z,3,4, Treasurer 45 Marshall for graduation 3, Basketball 2,F00tba11 l,Z,3,4, Co-Captain 45 Baseball l,2,3,45 American Legion Baseball 1,25 Safety Patrol l. SENIORS M,XRGARET RANDOLF HOWERTON I had rather study men than hooks. Anon Freshman Library Club lg Secretary-Treasurer of Freshman Class l5Charter Library ClubZ,35 Home- coming Court 35 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Delegate to Blue Ridge Z,35 Monogram Club 3,45 F.II,A. Z,3,45 Prom Committee 1,35 Homecorning Com 'nittee 3,45 Clubs CommitteeZ5 Frank Chat Staff45 Cheerleader I,3,45 Softball l. PATRICIA ANNE KITCHEN I sought the simple lite that nature yields. Crable F,Il,A, L, 3,45Softball l, Prom Committee .55 Home- coming Comrnittee 45 Band Z. IIERP-ERT MARTIN LEWIS Everything handsome about him. Shakespeare Freshman Library Club I5 Charter Library Club L5 Library Play 3, Superlative 45 Glee Club Z5 Mono- grarnClub1l5 Hi-Y Z,35 Prorn Committee 55 Home- coming Committee 3,-lg Marshal for graduation 35 Alternate to Boys' State 35 Football l,.Z,3,45 Bas- kc-tbill 1,15 Safety Patrol l. MARCELLA LANDIS LUNG Anrlwith those voices mingles mine. Lord Macaulay Fri-rslirlmil LibraryClub I5 Charter Library Club Z, 35 Student Librarian 3, Library Play 35 GleeClub l,.fl,3,4l5 Prom C o rn m i t t e e 1,35 Basketball Z,3,-4, 1 CECIL ELMORE LOWE I envy him his carefree way. Guest Freshman Library Club I5 Hi-Y 3,45 Monogram Club 3,4,55 Prom Committee 3, Football l,Z,3,-15 Basketball l,Z,3,45 Baseball l,Z,3,45 American Leg- ion Baseball 3,45 Safety Patrol Z5 Charter Library Club Z5 Homecoming Committee 3. MILDRED JOAN LOWE The eye hath ever been thought the pearl of the face John Lyly Softball I5 F,I'I,A. Z,3,-lg Tri-I-Ii-Y 45 Glee Club 45 Homecoming Committee 3,45 Prom Committee 35 Band Z,3. FLORENCE ELIZABETH MCGOWAN ---, in her earnest face There's such a world of tenderness, She needs no other grace. Massey FreshmanLibrary Club l,Presirlent 15 Charter Li- brary Club L5 Student Librarian lg Class SeCretZiry 3, Vice-President 45 Honor Council Representative 15 Student Senate Representative lg Glee Club l,Z, 3,4, Pianist Z,3,415 Tri-Hi-Y 3,-4, Delegate to Blue Ridge 35 Monogram Club 3,45 F,II,A. Z, Camp Z5 Prom Committee 35 Homecoming Committee 1,45 S.C.A. Representative 45 Girls' State Alternate 35 Editorial Staff of Log l,Z,3,4, Editor 45 Cheerleader l,2,3,45 Beta Club Z,3,4, Delegate to Convention Z,3. INA LORETTA MINCHER She keeps a swivel tongue in her head. Anon F.H.A. 1,85 Frank Chat Staff 45 Prom Committee Z, 35 Freshman Library Club l. PATRICIA ANN PARKS Thy fair hair many hearts enchained. Sidney G11-e Club 2,3,4, Secretary 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 F.H.A. 2,3, Junior Homemakeri Prom Committee 35 Frank Chat Staff 4. WILL MACON PHILLIPS On with the dance! Let joy be unconfined. Byron Freshman Library Club 1, Reporter 15 Charter Li- braryC1ub2,3, Vice-President 35 Student Librarian 2,35 Library Play 35 Reporter 55 Secretary of Stu- dent Senate 45 S.C.A, Dele gate 45 Superlative 45 Homecoming Court 1,35 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Tri-Hi- Y 3,-1, Blue Ridge Delegate 3, District Conference Delegate 45 Monogram Honorary Member 45 F.H,A, 35 Prom Committee 35 Homecoming Committee 45 Nominating Committee 45 Frank Chat Staff 45 Con- test Play 1,2, Manager 35 Basketball 1,2,45 Cheer- leader 3,4. CURTIS CARL ROCK, JR. Never do today what you can put off 'til tomorrow. Rand Safety Patrol 1,25 Baseball 15 Football 1,45 Mono- gram Club 4. ANN CRABOR SCOTT The joy of youth and health her eyes displayed. Crabbe Freshman Librai-yClub 15 Charter Library Club Z, 3, Student Librarian 1,2,3, Library Play 35 Glee Club 35 Tri-Hi-Y 4, Delegate to Conference 45 F.H. A. Club 2,4, Camp 25 Beta Club 2,3,4, Vice-Presi- dent 3, President 45 Delegate to Convention 2,35 Prom C ommitte e 35 Homecoming Committee 45 Editorial Staff of Log 45 Business Staff of Log 35 Basketball 2,4. SENIORS JAMES ALBERT NICHOLAS, JR. I-le profits most who serves the best. Sheldon Class President 1,25 Beta Club Z,3,4, Delegate to Convention2,35 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Cvlee Club 3, 45 Boys' State 35 Student Body President 45 Base- ball 15 Football l,2,3,4, Co-Captain 45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Social Committee 25 Superlative 45 I-li-Y 2,3,4, Delegate to Blue Ridge 35 Rotary Represen- tative 45 Valentine King Z5 Editorial Staff of Log 4. LEON NORFLEET OLD Everybody likes himandhe is worthy of their liking. Anon Freshman Library Club 15 Charter Library Club 25 Superlative 45 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Prom Com- mittee 45 Marshall for graduation 35 All Tidewater Honorable Mention in basketball 35 Basketball l,2, 3,4, Tri-Captain 45 Football Manager 152,35 Foot- ball-lg Baseball l,2,3,45 American Legion Baseball 2,3,45 Safety Patrol l,Z,3,4, Captain 4. ROY CARTER PACE A fellow full of infinite jest. Shakespeare Freshman Library Club l5 Charter Library Club 2,35 Superlative 451-li-Y 3,45 Basketball 152,35 Foot- ball l,2,35 Safety Patrol 1,2,3,4, Captain 45 Junior Achievement 4. CLYDE EDWARD PARKER Knowledge is power. Gosh! How weak 1 feel. Anon Freshman Library Club 15 Monogram Club 3,4,55 Prom Committee 35 Football 1,2,3,4. k, . SEN oliltji, BEVERLY HESTER SCOTT Opprvssed by two evils, classes and work. Anon Freshman Library Club lg Charter Library Club 2, 35 Monogram Club l,2,3,-ig Homecoming Committee lg Basketball l,-1, Manager 2,35 Baseball 4, Man- ager 1,25 Football 2,3,4p Safety Patrol l. JESSE HOBSON SCOTT, JR. A man of letters, and of manners, too. Courper Monogram Club 45 Beta Club 2,35 Prom Committee 35 Marshall for graduation 35 Football 1.-4, 3.43 Base- ball 1,25 Basketball l,2g Safety Patrol l',2,3, Cap- tain lg .Iunior Achievement 4. HAZEL LOUISE SHELTON The love light in her eyes. Coleridge Transfer from Hopewell Highp Charter Library Club 2, 3, Student Librarian l,2, 35 Freshman Library Club lp llomecoming Queen 45 Glee Club 45 F.l-l.A. 2,35 Prom C o m m i tt e e 35 Homecoming Committee 3g Frank Chat Staff 45 Editorial Staff of Log 4. BARBARA ANNE STEPHENSON How sweet and gracious. Fields Freshman Library Club lg Charter Library Club 2, 3, Student Librarian l,2,3g Clet- Club 45 Tri-Hi-Y 4, F.II.A. 2,3,4, Camp 2, Junior llomemakerg Prom Committee 2,3g Homecoming Committee 3. ' 5.6 , ,,.i,,.- - 4, U- ' ni., .-.,. sg, self., 1 im., I '54 -QU! EUGENIA DIANA STEPI-IENSON We met on roads of laughter. Devine Freshman Library Club lg Charter Library Club 2, Treasurvr 2, Student Librarian l, Library Play5 Superlative 45 Homecoming Court 45 Glee Club l,2, 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, District Conference -l, Chaplain -fl, Delegate to Blue Ridge 2,35 Prom Conimittee 35 Homecoming Committee 3.-15 Assembly Committee Z5 Valentine Queen 25 Business Staff of Log l,2,3,-15 Contest Play 3g Cheerleader 2,3,45 Treasurer -4. ROBERT IIINES STEPHENS There never was a saint with red hair. Russian Proverb Football 35 Baseball l,2,35 Basketball 1,25 Library Club 1,25 Glee Club 2,3945 Prom Committee 35 Home - coming Committee -15Hi-Y 2,3,-lg Junior Achieve- mentag Alternate for Boys' State 35 Usher for Sen- ior Play -15 Ticket Committee for Senior Play 4. FREDERICK BRUCE STEWART God bless the man who first invented sleep! Saxe Band 3,45.Iunior A:'hievement41 Baseball l,3g Foot- ball l5 Basketball l,3,45 Marshall for graduation 35 Nominating Committee 45 Prom Committee 31 Home - coming Committee 45 Tennis 4, JOSEPH TAYLOR STEWART, JR. I came, I saw, I conquered Anon Class Prcsident45 Freshman Library Club lg Char- ter Library Club Z, President 25 Glee Club 2,3,4, Librarian 35 Prom Committee 331-Iomeeoming Com- mittee 2,4, S,C,A, representative 45 Business Staff of Log l,Z,3,45 Contest Play Z5 Basketball 1,21Foot- ball 1,Z,1i. MARTHA LOUISE VAUGHAN Have a place for everything, and have everything in its place. Anon Freshman Library Club l5 Charter Library Club 2, 35 F.H.A. Club 2,3,45 Secretary 3, Reporter 45 Prom Committee 2,35 Edito rial Staff of Log 3,45 Beta Club 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Treasurer 45 Homecoming Committee 45 Frank Chat Staff 4. .IULIAN PILAND WHITLEY, JR. I never think of the future. It comes soon enough. Einstein Freshman Library Club 15 Glee Club Z,3,55 Mono- gram Club 2,3,4,55 Pre sident 45Hi-Y 2,35 Vice- President 35 Prom Committee 4,55 Publicity Com- mittee 45 All Tidewater Honorable Mention 25 Bas- ketball 1,2, 3, 45 Captain 45 Football l,2,3,45 Co- Captain 45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 American Legion Ball 2,3,4,5. ANNIE LEE YOUNG Her smileis punctuated by two deep dimples. Anon Freshman Library Club 15 Charter Library Club 2, 35 Student Librarian l5 President 35 Homecoming Court 15 Glee Club 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Reporter 35 Delegate to District Conference 35 F.H.A, 2,3,4, Junior Homemaker, Vice-President 4, President of Southeastern FederationF.H.A. 4, Delegate to Con- vention 35 Beta Club 3, Delegate to Convention 35 Prom Committee 35 Girls' State 35 Business Staff of Log 25 Cheerleader 4. SENIORS PATRICIA MAE TYREE Iam what I seem--fancy free. Martial Freshman Library Club 15 F.H.A, 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Glee Club 3,45 Frank Chat Staff 45 Basketball l, 23 Band 3,4. SARA ELIZABETH VANAMAN Happy is the house that shelters a friend. Emerson Transfer from Stuttgart, Arkansasg Glee Club 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 F,H,A, 3,45 Prom Committee 35 Band 4. CHARLOTTE AUGUSTA VAUGHAN I never with important air in conversation over- bear, Anon Charter Library Club 25 Glee Club 4,55 Tri-Hi-Y 45 F. H. A. Club 2,55 Prom Committee 3,45 Frank Chat Staff 45 Softball 3. LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT To the Administration we leave the satis- faction of a job well done. To our teachers we leave our sincere grati- tude for a helping hand during our high school years. To the Juniors we leave the thrill of walk- ing down the aisle for the first time. To the Sophomores we leave the excitement of receiving their class rings. To the Freshmen we leave the privilege of voting in student affairs. To the incoming Freshmen we leave a year in which they may be orientated. To our sturdy building we leave our invisi- ble trademarks and memories to linger in the halls forever. William Baker leaves his place in Beta Club to Everett Butler with hopes it will give him encouragement. Joan Blythe and Barbara Stephenson leave their sweet, friendly and likeable manner to Mil- dred Holland and Linda Hagen. Mary Ann Brett leaves her mouton coat to Winnie Pierce so that Barbara Jean won't out- shine her with her blond one. Shirl'e5Burgess and Sandra Collins leave to get marrie . Marie Butler leaves her athletic ability to Linda Holland. Judy Carr leaves her sweet smile to Ella Jane Vinson. Nanc Childress leaves her beloved spot as head c eer eader to Alice Smith. Elliott Cobb leaves his zest for living to Dennis Bradshaw. Jerline Cobb leaves her spot in Choral Class to anyone with a love for singing. Kay Currierleaves her lovely soprano voice to Judy Dampier. Diane Doughty and Dianna Stephenson leave Danny Balfour and Jimmy Best to the Freshmen girls. "Little" Carolyn Edwards leaves her nick- name to Mary Frances Williams. Martha Vaughan leaves her polite and quiet ways to a deserving Jacqueline Blythe. Pat Parks leaves her cunning ways to cap- turing boys and especially Lt.'s in the army to Brenda Bradshaw and hopes she does as well as she has. GOOD LUCK!!! Bruce Stewart leaves his ability to play the violin to Joe Chase. Jimmy Nicholas leaves his place on the su- perlative page to "Bo" Lewis. Herbie Lewis leaves the road to Suffolk to Dean Wagenbach, since he doe sn't use it anymore. Nancy Davidson leaves her flirty ways to Sybil Bradshaw. Eddie Frantz leaves his size and strength to Jimmy Rhodes. Pat Goodwin leaves her love for music to Chirpie Branch. Sara Vanaman and Leon Old leave their spot under the Maple tree to Mary Alice Hargrove and Oscar Gray. Cecil Lowe, Clyde Parker, and Robert Ste- phens leave their seats in Mrs. Hundley's all girl homeroom to any boys with strong constitu- tions. Charlotte Vaughan leaves her brother to Eileen Hassett. Julian Whitley leaves ---- he hopes! Mills Beale leaves his wisecracks to James Robert Beale. Jesse Scott leaves his pea-green car to Bus - ter Butler to add to his collection. Glenn Faison leaves his dark hair to Wayne Dunn. We could stand a change. Billy Griffin leaves his eraser fights in 4th period study hall to anyone with a good aim. OK! Richard Edwards ? Ro Paceleaves his speaking ability in Eng- lish Class to anyone who is at a loss for words. J oe T aylo r Stewart leaves his office as President of the Senior Class to "Ames Chris- topher." Norman Gardner leaves his car to Buck Bryant with hopes he'll slow down on curves. Loretta Mincher leaves her haircut to Liz Arnold. Annie Lee Young leaves her dimples to Jean Duck i Hazel Shelton leaves her homecoming crown to Virginia Whitley. Marcella Long leaves her well known walk to Meredith Day. Patt Tyree leaves her naturally curly red hair to Mart a arham. Will Macon Phillips leaves her crackpot ideas to Ann Phillips - -Let's keep it in the family. Patricia Kitchen and Joan Lowe leave their friendship to Lena and Linda Edwards. Florence McGowan and Ann Scott leave their petite ways to Nancy Dameron and Gwen March. Curtis Rook leaves his speed on the football field to John Brenner. Peg y Howerton leaves her dark lipstick to Vashti renn. Donnie Eason leaves his barber clippers to anyone who can cut flat-tops. Lastly, the Senior girls leave hope to Mr. Pond for next year's team. Thus we the class fo 56 leave our most trea- sured possessions for future use. Testator: Will Macon Phillips Witnesses: Loretta Mincher Sandra Collins SUPERLATIVES MOST VERSATILE Kay Currier Jimmy Nicholas MOST STUDIOUS Rachel Brett William Baker MOST ATHLETIC Marie Butler Leon Old SUPERLATIVES BEST LOOKING Patricia Goodwin Herbie Lewis SUPERLATIVES ... Mwmfb 5. ,ww ,Awww-mm mmm? .., an --W am WITTIEST Will Macon Phillips Roy Pace 'Hlvmn-mumps-Q .W . '-...... 1 MOS T POPULAR Elliott Cobb Dianna Stephens on Under the leadership of very capable officers - Brenda Bradshaw, Lovie Anne Umphlette, Curt Sweitzer, and Ames Christopher - the Junior Class had a successful year. Kaye Baker Martha Barham James Beale Jacqueline Blythe Phil Blythe Brenda Bradshaw Carolyn Bradshaw Sybil Bradshaw JUNIORS Chirpie Branch John Brenner Rodney Brett Hubert Bridges Buck Bryant Buster Butler Ames Christopher Betty Cobb Carlton Cutchins Edwin Daughtrey Meredith Day Rice Day JUNIORS Wayne Dunn Earl Edwards Lena Edwards 7?6iI7l5'f?QQ - gel-1?-,ITQC ff fflid? V104 ca faux.- 5054? Zdllf Linda Edwards ,Q4f. , Mac Edwards ! 7724 lcxt' Richard Edwards ka?fCnfL?17 M544 Lfdfbiflzw ficddf , -w I ,f 04244.41 zoo, X4 Qzzzfgg' Albert Faison Greta Fowler Richard Galtress Randy Gordon Carolyn Gray Hugh Griffin JUNIORS Olivia Gruschow Charles Hall Mary Alice Hargrove Mildred Holland Nancy Johnson Paul Larsh Tommy Lewis Haley Newman Sue Walker Pace Frankie Parker Patsy Picot Sandra Sandlin JUNICJRS Johnny Scott Alice Smith Walter Story Clara Bess Stradley Curt Sweitzer Ray Turner Lovie Ann Umphlette Councill Vaughan Dean Wagenbach Gary Wagenbach Virginia Whitley Walter Young JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM Everyone felt like they were really Intermission time! Boy, are they in Paris when they gazed at the Eiffel glad for achance to rest those tired, Tower. aching feet! Wonderful refreshments from "Cafe The Belltones add just the right note. de Paree." Through the Arc de Triumphe -into the city of Paris. Mr. Christopher receives a gift of appz' ec iation from Elliott Cobb, president of the Junior Class. FRESHM Diane Whitley AN CLASS Dan Balfour . . OFFICERS .. Secretary .. President Jackie Hirsch Betsy Parker Vice-President . Treasurer UNDERCLASS OFFICERS SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Bill Goodwin .... Reporter-Historian Judy Pittman . . . Secretary-Treasurer Oscar Grey . ...... President Hugh Taylor . . Vice-President Y""'-su'-y 8th GRADE OFFICERS Faye Durrette . . Secretary-Treasurer Robert Powers . ....... President Glenda Nicholas . . Vice-President SOPHOMORES Elaine Barrett Joe Chase Ernestine Cutchins Frank Ellis Bill Goodwin Oscar Gray Linda Hagen Willard Hatfield Howard Helleckson James Hunnings Ray Johnson Cynthia Keeter Jesse King Gordon Morris Judy Pittman Vashti Wrenn Vivian Scott Hugh Taylor SOPHOMORE SNAPSHOTS in q. iii . l ,i , gay., l I W' ' uf- r,,, FRESHMEN Sidney Baker Dan Balfour Barbara Jean Beale Hilda Beale Carolyn Benson Jimmy Best Edward Blythe Betty Bradshaw Linda Bradshaw Loyd Bradshaw Emerson Bristow Sammy Bulls Emogene Butler Cotton Cobb Henry Copeland Lillian Drake Jivwff at W Jo Anne Drewry Jean Duck Kay Duffy Dan Fowler Owen Gillette Eileen Hassett Jack Hirsch Clyde Gouldman I ! Not Pic tured Betty Jean Benson fl if ' S + W 04,43 I 42 ii N Y X F I L I 'X i ,X CLA n U ' W I vw F ffl K5 I Linda Holland Charlotte Holt Winston Holt Lynda Howell Larry Johnson Beth Jones Derwood Jones Brenda Keech Carole King David Lawrence Freddie Lowe Betsy Parker Becky Picot Shirley Ann Powers Jimmy Rhodes Wilma Scott VW Woodie Smith Robert Tomlin Gail Tyree Brent Vawm Ella Jean Vinson Diane Whitley Douglas Williams Jane Williams Rebecca Winstead 2 xg., 94' wg J FRESHMAN SNAPSHOTS . Y .A ilu .: . 4- EIGHTH GRADE Orsalia Asteris Gloria Beaton Jerry Beaton Gail Beauvois Kenneth Bedford William Blount Carolyn Blythe David Blythe Fred Blythe Harold Blythe Dennis Bradshaw Ray Bradshaw Donald Bridgers Nancy Bridges Alma Browne John Bryant Brenda Bulls Sandra Bulls Ira Jean Burgess Patsy Burrow Cindie Butler Everette Butler Joanne Christie Mary Coker Nancy Dameron Judy Dampier Faye Durette LA, I Betty Eason Harriet Edwards Jerry Eubanks ,QW gb A Q san Forrer xy ertha Francis I offv Courtney Frankfo It rf Lannie Gene Gardner R. B. Green' Carolyn Griffen CJL4-vu.Qa,4ffFs Wifiaixf X N , G CEM we i - Q1 e , ,'- " he li xr PP' .,D'?fx, F21 69 A 1 "Xl , ' en 'fzjep' ,fri T me W it fi l G f' an - .X 'f l .a Si :,, the EIGHTH GRADE Adeline Harcum Jane Harrison Phyllis Howell Mary Jane Jakeman Watt Jones K' f-lx ' I -c,5f.,'g.f D cj Jeanie Kitchen fc , 59 A JJ' Richard Lawrence L, QM Holt Livesay 5 Giwenv March ,l lj! I 1 Mickey McKa.nn' ,Q Ca ufiu-fu ' -11'-fff' -La ' lx Z V 45M A qfslufii G f - 'ff Lb . f Shirley Munford lu 'J-4, Cu Romine Newsome fg-L GJ, A X ,LL '47 Glenda Nicholas ' 'V V George Parker L-ffm!! Anne Winnie Pierce Bob Powell Robert Powers David Rideout X 1,1 W Ann Robertson jg ff Ol V Y J jf! J f'L!!, fb VIWLQQ ,A J XC, xvifvl if JU "4dfLu2,Qj .. , A Q H 1,1 . Bobby Sandlin ,7,, j' ,' 'lu ,f "H Andy Scott ,J Elnora Smith A Af ,ly A X Barry Steadham ' ",, ,f 1 5 ' Maxine szeinback I riff f f . s 7 , Richard Stewart Bucky Tart Larry Tillett Alan Trousdell Evelyn Umphlette Carolyn Vaughan Bobby Vinson Gerald Whitley Davis Williams Mary Frances Williams Warren Williams EIGHTH GRADE SNAPSHOTS A typical scene in Miss Evans' room. Am 3120 at last! te agam George La Boys will be boys! The 8th wake up! 1:15 tzzlf to find rgzeardezlg-S learn how s - - to change C as 8 In t - 1n the library? erlal 1-v" ACTIVITIES .AEG-:L '--"5-'auf' A Al' I. If 3 ACTIVITIES Contest Play - "Drums of Oude"-Craig gets the chup- pattie cake. McGregor! McGregor! yells Kenneth, interrupting a tender love scene. The students enjoyed decor - ating floats for the Horne- coming parade. Everyone cast his ballot on election day. ACTIVITY SNAPSHOTS . ' 1- afyd Sen' A visiting nurse told Jumo A n. 10 ior girls facts about the Pfofess R efflelnbe FY C Wflig F1- E E3 Simi A 5 - ip, Ewan H0115- .Q mu befofe exec 1 Scene 1 Pher Sa fwhen M Miss Egiaiippy Bfgtlfggifro- In asserny' to bly? . b after eleilfions A a JO Fred ha Elliott talks to a homecoming committee. ACTIVITY SNAPSHOTS The Seniors puzzle over the type of E v e r y o n e enthusiastically bought pennants that the Beta Club sold. invitations they want for graduation. .. W...m 5 .5 .3-.2 ,vY1i..3.,5 f 'Q ,Q- 'ex 1. 1 .WW x X in Dianna and Florence, co-chairmen Mar of the girls' basketball team, look as if they enjoy cleaning up the lock- er room. y Ann and Mary Alice, managers of the Tri-Hi-Y Worship Committee arrange the altar for the Thanks- giving devotional program. W sl in 1e"W" Seated, left to right: Patty Tyree, Sybil Bradshaw, Shirley Burgess, Patsy Picot, Greta Fowler, Annie Lee Young, Rachel Brett, Kay Currier, Mary Alice Hargrove, Olivia Gruschow, Charlotte Vaughan, Nancy Davidson, Sandra Collins. Second Row: Lena Edwards, Nancy Childress, Brenda Bradshaw, Peggy Howerton, Meredith Day, Marie Butler, Sara Vanaman, Linda Edwards, Barbara Stephenson, Ann Scott. Third Row: Mary Ann Brett, Florence McGowan, Pat Goodwin, Martha Barham, Pat Parks, Virginia Whitley, Alice Smith, Sue Walker Pace, Betty Cobb, Sandra Sandlin. I7 . f -..f I F f r flu' ,Al N D , ,J XA, r' lf' fi N J ,N 7 . WL 1 I ,J V in V f I 2,611 L1 1 Lf 'VJ X jp 44,11-V I4-' ff, if JI f B ,lf U if I K ljfvifv 7 a'f"JJ TRI-HI-Y CLUB 4 .d,yk laing Will Macon Phillips, Left to right: Carolyn Edwards, Reporter, Dianna Stephenson, C p Vice-President, Judy Carr, Presidentg Diane Doughty, SecretaryVyfMartha Vaughan, Treasurer, and Winnie Frances Eubank, Advisor. y 1 i lv ff f L Jr is Ann Scott, President, Sue Wal- ker Pace, Secretary, Ames Christopher, Treasurer: Ra- chel Brett, Vice-Presidentg Nancy Childress, Chaplain, William Baker, Judy Carr, Diane Doughty, Olivia Grus- chow, Reporter, Pat Goodwin, Florence McGowan, Jimmy Nicholas, Martha Vaughan, Brenda Bradshaw, Linda Ed- wards, NancyJohnson, Tommy Lewis, Lovie Ann Umphlette. A ,BETA cLuB Mrs. Louise P. Magette, sponsor of the Beta Club, advised the group inasuccessful year. ,,.,n-f" t ri 1 Af!! fb ,X If-, I ff! 1 1 First Row, left to right: Shirley Burgess, Mary Alice Hargrove, Brenda Bradshaw, Linda Hagan, Howard Helleckson, Barbara Stephenson, Pat Parks, Joe Taylor Stewart, Buster Butler, Randy Gordon, Jimmy Rhodes, Meredith Day, Phil Blythe. Second Row: Earl Edwards, Richard Ed- wards, Florence McGowan, Marcella Long, Sue Walker Pace, Judy Carr, Diane Doughty, Pat Goodwin, Rice Day, Dianna Stephenson,SandraSandlin,Rachel Brett, Betsy Parker. ThirdRow: Jimmy Nicholas, Vashti Wrenn, Sara Vanaman, Lillian Drake, Beth Jones, Gail Tyree, Elaine Barrett, Eileen Hassett, Martha Barham, Jerline Cobb, Charlotte Vaughan, Annie Lee Young, Marie Butler, Peggy Howerton, Emagene Butler, Jane Williams, Freddie Lowe. Fourth Row: Chirpie Branch, Kay Currier, Jo Anne Drewry, Patty Tyree, Nancy Johnson, Diane Whitley, Ernestine Cutchins, Linda Holland, Mildred Holland, Virginia Whitley, Julian Whitley, Jack Hirsch, John Brenner, Ames Christopher, Kaye Baker, Alice Smith, Curt Sweitzer, Nancy Childress, Will Macon Phillips, Mary Ann Brett. GLEE CLUB Julian Whitley, president, Pat Parks, secretaryg and Eileen Hassett and Shirley Burgess, librariansggather around the piano where the two pianists, Pat Goodwin and Florence Mc- Gowan are seated. .1231 HOMECOMING 1,69 "T-M X 1 f - A V 3 ' if i 4 i ff!! ' A i' N A if . - wr - K . If M 1 iq, w k f., 'u 6 Y Q 9- 4 KVM .W ' .. X Y' N .y NAME? , .. A Q., I - . ' M, 3 3' -- W A .. W ..u.. , e Left to right: Diane Whitley, Vashti Wrenn, Alice Smith, Kay Currier, Hazel Shelton Queen Pat Goodwin-Maid-of-Honor, Dianna Stephenson, Virginia Whitley, Brenda Bradshaw, and Linda Bradshaw. 7 Q 1 . - wwf , 1 ww I V J, f 5 N I X, 4 g ,gli 1 ' LJ ,lf 1 sn fx X 'X VGIJJJZ I,-ff! jwxf ff ' K YJ ,I QP! 'yjrJ':Jf"!j Kr lf! if :EYFRANK CHAT A stencil is cut by two com- mer cial students . ,,..,..---- .:Then, the copies are run off on the machine. And finally, the students get the' news, hot off the presses! 5 F.H.A. OFFICERS Clara Bess Stradley, Lena Ed- wards, Martha Vaughan, Annie Lee Young, Marie Butler, and Carolyn Edwards watch their president, Rachel Brett, give a demonstration. Seated, left to right: Clara Bess Stradley, Carolyn Edwards, Martha Vaughan, Rachel Brett, Annie Lee Young, Lena Edwards, Miss Cobb, Marie Butler. First Row: Ann Scott, Sara Vana- man, Shirley Burgess, Vivian Scott, Chirpie Branch, Sybil Bradshaw, Carolyn Benson, Betty Jean Benson, Hilda Beale, Elaine Barrett, Charlotte Holt. Second Row: Mildred Holland, Greta Fowler, Peggy Howerton, Linda Edwards, Barbara Beale, Wilma. Scott, Jacqueline Blythe, Nancy Johnson,Carole King, Cynthia Keeter. Third Row: Barbara Stephenson, Pat Kitchen, Charlotte Vaughan, Joan Blythe, Martha Barham, Jessie King, Jerline Cobb, Pat Goodwin, Betty Bradshaw, Carolyn Gray. s ,, 1.-.M F.F.A. OFFICERS Randy 'G o r d o n, Carlton Cut- chins, Frankie Parker, Walter, Mac Edwards, and Johnny Scott are identifiedby the symbols in front of them. Kneeling, left to right: Mac Edwards, Hugh Taylor, Johnny Scott, and Douglas Williams. Stand ing, First Row: Mr. Anstey-sponsor, Ray Turner, Randy Gordon, Walter Young, Walter Story Hubert Bridges. Second Row: Frank Ellis, Carlton Cutchins, Wilbur Hatfield, Lloyd Bradshaw Third Row: James Beale, Earl Edwards, Frankie Parker, James Hllnnings, Councill Vaughan Joe Chase, Richard Edwards. 4...-Q ""ll BRASS 1 Bda First Row, teft to right: Bruce Stewart, SS G 0 Warren WIIIIBITIS, Bucky Tart. Second '-f Blige P.ar11fxeoi:Le11f Mac Row: owen Gillette, Richard ight: Geoe Phyllls Romine Newso r has - Left tO Joe C rison. , las, Hal' Nxcho ds Jane Edwa' ' ....- 117 Lawrence, me, Watt Jones: I i REEDS H 1 girit llitgow, lift ti: Irltghnh Sgbil Eilradshaw, ION . d 0 ' ac e rett, ac 11'SC , ara anarnan, pf-3RCQi1SDay, Mlldli-E, J. W' Second Row: Margaret Picot, Curt S I t. Mex-ed1tLi11ian Dfa zez-,John Bryant. Th' Left to r1Sl2E!B,-anch,her. beth chirp hri5t0P land' An1e5 C Reel. Weit- 1rd Row: Mary Eliza- Brett, Orsalia Asterix, Patsy Bur- row, Richard Stewart. 1 p 951955 MAJORETTES Ernestine Cutchins Elaine Barrett Patsy Picot Vashti Wrenn Kaye Baker The drum majorette, Brenda Bradshaw, did a fine job of leading the band EDYT Florence sorts out pictures that have just arrived from the photographer. ANNUAL STAFF ORLAL Seated, left to ' rlghtz Marie Butler, Florence McGowan-Editor-in-Chief, O1ivia.Gruschow-Assis- tant Editor, Alice Smith, and Ann Scott. Standing: Betsy Parker, Judy Carr, Lovie Am. Umph- lette, Bucky Tart, Jimmy Nicholas, Martha Barham, Rachel Brett, Martha Vau h Bradshaw. g an, and Sybil l ANNUAL STAFF BUSINESS gk, Avyavaifxegai-, Dianna very efficiently managed her job of making the total amounts balance. Seated, left to right: BethJones, Oscar Gray, Jimmy Rhodes, Nancy Childress, Sue Walker Pace- tB ' ess Mana er DiannaStephenson Business Manager Brenda Bradshaw,A1ice Smith, assistan usin g , - , and Pat Goodwin. Standing: Ames Christopher, Watt Jones, Clyde Gouldman, Joe Stewart, Dean Wagenbach, Elliott Cobb, Kay Currier, and Tommy Lewis. Left to right: Kay Duffy, Nancy Johnson, Tommy Lewis-President, William Baker, Ray Johnson. HCNGR COUNCIL vw'-ln-.Q -N Tommy a d . Over plans Igor E-:Ihnstopher talk yea1"S work. Ono' Coll-Y1Ci1'S Seated, left to right: Ray Johnson, Kay Currier, Tommy Lewis-Vice-President J' N' , 1mmy xcholas- Pr e s mdent, Wxll Macon Phillips-Secretary, William Baker, Nancy Johnson. Standing: Jimmy Rhodes, Kay Duffy, Robert Powers, Elliott Cobb, Ames Christopher, Joe Stewart, Linda Hagan, Greta Fowler, Miss Eubank-Sponsor. STUDENT SENATE dent B0dY - las led Our Stu JimmY Nlcho through the year. 1... Delegates and Alternates to Girls' and Boys' State were: Left to right-Rachel Brett, Elliott Cobb William Baker, Judy Carr, Florence McGowan, Annie Lee Young, Herbie Lewis, and .Timmy Nicholas GIRLS' AND BOYS' STATE A--V-----a-qqggg Annie Lee was a c andidate for delegate to William and .Timmy Studied the way the gov Girls' Nation, and Rachel was chairman of ernment iS run- the State Alcoholic Beverage Board. 7'k..k gf-uw , " in Z 'Aga lv , L V - f, 't-,f:a.a 4,1 -aw. L . ' v .,,qg,t-r w: ,, - 'f ' ,-3,9 -. ,., , ' A ""'l12"f.n Y ' ' ' 'X' " '- 'v.":', Mr. Anstey, sponsor of safety patrol, with the leaders of the patrols. SAFETY PATROL A view of safety patrol in action. Patrol 1: Leon Old-Captain, Gary Wagenbach-Lieutenant, Phil Blythe, Dan Fowler, Charles Corbitt, Kent Phillips, Richard Galtress, William Liles, George Jakeman, Bobby Bradshaw, Bobby Sandlin, Charles Crumpler, Bobby Vinson, Eddie Wade, Henry Copeland, Walter Story, Edward Blythe, and BarrySteadham. Patrol Z: Randy Gordon-Lieutenant, Roy Pace-Captain, Gordon Morris, Frank Ellis, Raymond Lankford, Andy Scott, Johnnie Ray Turner, Ronnie Berrier, Wedford Turner, Derwood Jones, Roy Sweitzer, Gerald Whit- ley, Alan Trousdale, Marion Dedge, Bobby Lee Gray, Ed- wardDedge,David Blythe, and Alton Vick. Patrol 3: Walter Young-Captain, Johnny Scott-Lieutenant, Douglas Williams, Willard Hatfield, Roland Cutchins, Bert Blythe, Joe Vaughan, Billy Duffy, Rudy Edwards, Edward Johnson, Jerry Eubanks, Tommy Turner, Frankie Edwards, Mac Edwards, Billy Grif- fin, Louis Brown, and Doug Holt. -1-1 lgl ram C . - fthe MOHOE I The illoebcgncession at games fnailagx lub is MONOGRAM CLUB First Row, left to right: Kay Currier, Peggy Howerton, Nancy Childress, Dianna Stephenson, and Florence McGowan. Sec- ond Row: Herbie Lewis, Rice Day, Elliott Cobb, Richard Edwards, Joe Stewart, Jul- ian Whitley, Dean Wagenbach, Leon Old, Gary Wagenbach, and Tommy Lewis. Third Row: Curtis Rook, Robert Tomlin, Randy Gordon, Clyde Parker, Earl Edwards, Frankie Parker, John Brenner, Edwin Daughtrey, Beverly Scott, Eddie Frantz, Haley Newman, Donnie Eason, Bennie Scott, Jimmy Nicholas, Cecil Lowe, and Mr. Saunders. F 1-1--' My Q A I - SPURTS j - K j v 5 f 'if Y K Qwfyegie' fiywmfef Ea an MW' ron ldkfgqgddffg? SP gffaffaff . udff' Z 866414416 Zfetfmf acks one . . . 15 Gloucester . . . 13 Great Bridge 19 D ep Creek . 7 Prince George 18 South mpton , . 20 Poquoson .... fgffifgg f Mn5rfQ?efzfze4 X 9 eee oe e e e f ' e 1 eeo of 0QZO'tX Jmqykhdfs 69- Ff00774fAf E I x main! 86,401 6 gffff-'fwffgfsf Q fe Q01 31? All 4 f ffm VKKQZEQZKM g Q53 17 Vaio! 14442663 fdfekef 6 I f? A 5 fgififgzg Jwfmfm Z'f'57f'M'f OZQMQMJ4 SENIOR LETTERMEN Herbie Lewis, center Curtis Rook, halfback Bennie Scott, fullback Leon Old, end Jimmy Nicholas, end Eddie Frantz, guard Joe Taylor Stewart, guard Elliott Cobb, guard BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS Front, left to right: Florence Mc- Gowan, Nancy Childress-Captain, and Dianna Stephenson. Back: Annie Lee Young, and Peggy Howerton. I FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS Front, left to right: Judy Carr, Nancy Childress and Kay Currier-Co-Cap- tains, and Alice Smith. Back: Peggy Howerton, Will Macon Phillips, Vir- ginia W hit 1 e y . Dianna Stephenson, Annie Lee Young, and Florence Mc- Gowan. CHEERLEADERS Tri-Captains Edwin Daughtrey, E1- liott Cobb, and Leon Old say, "We'1l do our best, Coach!" VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Row, left to right: Edwin Daughtrey, Elliott Cobb, Leon Old. Back Row: Jimmy Rhodes Manager, Wayne Dunn, Cotton Cobb, Albert Faison, Bruce Stewart, Beverly Scott, Jimmy Nicho las, Richard Edwards, Clyde Gouldman, Tommy Lewis. Left to right: Buck Bryant, Freddie Lowe, Paul Larsh, Bill Goodwin,Jim Best, Dan Fowler Holt Livesay, Phil Blythe. JUNICR VARSITY BASKETBALL Mr. Saunders coaches the .T.V. team as well as the varsity. GIRLS' BASKETBALL Mr. Pond and Miss Bodkin give some of the girls a last minute word of advice. Left to right: Marie Butler, Diane Whitley, Will Macon Phillips, Kaye Baker, Brenda Bradshaw Virginia Whitley, Alice Smith, Kay Currier-Captain, Marcella Long, Meredith Day, Ann Scott Linda Hagan, Lena Edwards, Carolyn Edwards, Emagene Butler. J f rw" SENICJR BASKETBALL GIRLS Mane Butler Guard Marcella Long Guard 5 ? s 1 Kay Curr1er, Captam Will Macon Phillips Guard Carolyn Edwards Forward Forward E mI:1'aTEk1.e' Center hm him ha!-.dguaz-d, get that l vacmorv- V ictory, That' 5 ou xt CTY 7-1-- hifh again! Hit him Riga---V thu-L Hit er! Harder Y 4411 ' Bulava Wac! Bulava U-- uarterback! the ball to q -I . Take it a way I 11-Y Our team is red hot! Yeah, Man! - hd! fgbt Team' pg , , If You don't get mm' h ml lsket, atasket '- T E A-M- Yea- Team' . w e want a basket! ----And to the team of F.H.S. and Jimmy and Eddie I egg! .. ,, I new shui. IMI JA sf, QQ, Wa Q' P I, N11 'F' K 1 cf si, , ,fu 1 fm' ginvi, f' ,fL...,.f. Q' 'Q LV. N V' g V4 .fv 4 ff' ' -xl 'J L 1 APPRECIATIO The Annual Staff of the Log would hke to express xts grat1tude to everyone who has helped w1thth1s pub11cat1on W1thout the kmd co operatmn of the merchants, the , L . pubhshmg of th1s book would never have been poss1ble The assoclatlon we have ad w1th them has been a real pleasure We want to thank Mr George Harrxs and Mr Erxc Dentler for then' help w1th the photography To our beloved teachers we say, f Thanks for your patience with the s aff iff V al-, fv j ,VHS and for your gracious attitude toward mak- 12- f.. '-'-Uv '- , r Iyff. ,-' ing our Log a success." V up V , 3 . V n ,IQ I,VI V:I ' in P . 9 2 "l'l.. 'f'V1-' ' li . 1 + 1 7' A -f,Ig,j-My-.-Ie',-g1',V H , -I . ,. xl 2ff?fhfrf 5'HVi'iV:'1,V ' .Q "YV - , ,fi ."'-",2.' "-.1 - :'ro.': w:,'.'.1 -Q V, . A' VxI.,7f-il ...V "'f-EI,-Vw .V-- . if ,fgga -. 5, .', 3-.Ag Kg,--V9.,,gQI I I , IA 2:1662 I, III I. .V,I.I'IIIIIII.IIIIII ,I I . VI IIQIIQ. ' M -s:3:,j5?,y'sg41vf, 5? I, I 'L,j-QVVIII' :H ' ' '71 11 '-"7'1,5?7' ,. 'k -- MC" '-'X' , ' . 'VV'-E. 'Aff .' ' ' 'Ti'-'55fQ'7'f7lf'1," .nf I 53' + 11 2 " if -AI ', , V, wI,'j1'I7Vg,g,, , ' 15' 7 eq- -- I- . , PQ- ' , H- . , . ' .f . y ' A 1 ,Z ffIf - 1. T' ' Q . Q-""Vl1l'3,-: ll-335.5 l . it ...,1. . K I I, L AQ. l . . ., , II ... .. 'ym 43 IW yum!! V , . I ,,-, .I A ' V -.L ' . 1 z- 7.V VV V- - VA -. V . I J., --Mrs'-117 .V I ' V 1-1 - + -r V ' wa' ---A-tw ff-- ' my Q , V.1ri.V1ef.-fifbfdif -'Wi - -ffl ' a f . F f' ,,,.. . .. z l I A- K A Y I1 ?"'x2",, .I C'-IJ.-1 ,, 'J II I V V Q. , 1 -4 Q 4 1 L ,V -fm fw, f' .At ,In r x 'IJ' dlp, I , 3,1 yy ,I rf -K.-,., . 1,. '. 'fe' ,y..,Y".,' .QI ,, I :If 1. .i-,::VInII:I,IIII ,V,Vf,..c,II Ian .rw t A f XII.: uf? If," ,'?f-'-w'H1J.+I'vi V f1,I 'X 1992- M :LII 'WWTQ u ' ' 1 ' , H 'l vip. I I I 1 I' YI . 'iH": ' V' L2 ".sVV Q tv . .1 -V -'1-15' f .' T FR. .Um .. 11- H V -V I m .Ir V4 r ,QI e': -, 4, 1:1 fg.I V ,. I ' .xv--If-111 ,,gI5,:, . A " -:V :AQ--1' " 'W 'fn . fry . . , . -.1 Vg?F?'f . " , 5:1 .ell-if . - - gf.,-. I f V '. 4. 1' V., . ' V ffl' ,lv , yy 1 " 1'-4 K' - "' . 5: ' "' 1'- : -. ". S' ' f ' 9" VP-17 ' '-.5 ' Q 3'i,.' ' . 1 ' ig . I 7 . -I: as Iv :.2,,II1IIII:I:If LIII,4IIIiIR-gl . I III :I rm I ,I.I, I ,.II3I.I,-1 mfg . 1 V 43 ., " --: 'li -..,. -tr .---'G'-v -. ,Q . . . ,-V. .- x. .MVQL - v f. L ' N. kg ' , Q., '-V.E4If3I , , .f'lf1I'S: Ji. -, --ix V VI .V I , 4 .fQ,V V .x...I1 , 9 r. f.V ',Q,.y:g-..ZL,'-9 -L1 ,, -8 , Vf.5x--V I I 1 V .fa 1. y 1. 1 V ., 1-'.:'.-z1- , F-. .1V-, . i -1 l. V V ,E ' . Q".-1'x"q 1 ' V .v..-.H is --.3121 f.-.-,124 -,1,f..f3-'.'. Lg,- G 1 .gl '-Qflfl-'WI fl . '. 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RAWLS 8: SONS Complete Insurance Service Complimenls of ROBERT T, EDWARDS, D.D,S Second Avenue -Franklin Best Wishes To The Class Of 1956 MERCHA TS 81 FARMERS BA K GF FRA KLI Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Franklin , Vi r ginia QS add zest the hour someo unosn Aumomv or me cocA-con commw sv SUFFOLK COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS in Compliments of DARDEN JONES F. L. WHITLEY ' JONES DRUG COMPANY H. P. BEALE 8: SONS Meat Packers Phone 2319 Courtland , Virginia Dry C Compliments of BLYTHE leaners and Laundry FRANKL Complimenis of The IN PARENT - TEACHER ASSOCIATION FRANKLIN PAPER PRODUCTS COMPANY my . GRADUATES Council's Florist and Gift Shop Second Avenue-Franklin, Va. J. J. PACE SUPPLY COMPANY Wholesale Plumbing 8: Heating Supplies Phone 2711 COOK ELECTRIC COMPANY VIRGINIAN DRUG Pre s cripti on Specialist Dial 460 MEADOWBROOK MART Phone 322 Franklin, Virginia BRANCI-VS SHOE SHOP 107 First Avenue JOYNER'S DRIVE -IN RESTAURANT G. H. STEINHARDT J. 8: E. AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY FRANKLIN LAUNDRY Er DRY CLEANERS HOLLAND AND CORBITT General Contractors Walters, Virginia GEE 'S GRO CE RY NICHOLSON AND WEEDE Feed and Flower Seeds RELIABLE FURNITURE STORE BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS WHICH HAS PLEDGED "To Look up and not down, To look forward and not back . " HAL lYON L. L. MANRY AND SONS General Insurance Courtland, Virginia ROSE BROTHERS JEWELRY Compliments of SIFEN'S mmzrmsis, mc. WESMNAUTO BILL JOHNSON'S MUSIC SHOP Musical Instruments Accessories Suffolk, Virginia WHIT LE Y HARDW ARE Building Material-Farm Supplies Westinghouse Appliances Sporting Goods Glidden Paints Franklin, Virginia HASTINGS INC. Quality Shop Men's and Students' Wear Phone 8931 - Main St. Franklin, Virginia PEEBLES ' DEPARTMENT STORE Franklin, Virginia CAVALIER MOTORS THORNTON-LIVESAY, INC. 8: THORNTON-LIVESAY EXCHANGE . Hope you Seniors dwg aspire for and get the best in life. O BRONCO DONUT SHOP WHITEWAY CAFE Compliments of Boykins, Virginia ELDRIDGE SMITH OPCH 6 A-M--12 P-M- Insurance Real Estate Sandwiches -Seafood Steaks -Chops ROSE'S 5-I O-25c STORES Complimems of Compliments of C.A. CUTCHINS 8: JOHNSON 8: CONWELL SONS FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL Class Rings Commencement Announcements Supplied by W. C. SAUNDERS 6' CO. 717 East Grace Street Richmond Virginia Compliments of DARDEN OIL COMPANY Compliments of Distributors of MEDICAL STAFF Amoco Gasoline Raiford Memorial Hospital Tires and Batteries CONGRATULATIONS 8: BEST WISHES Senior Class of 1956 STEINHARDT-GOODWIN EQUIPMENT CO., INC. Franklin , Virginia Compliments of PANTON at LACKLAND co., INC TOMMY LAND'S SERVICENTER FIRESTONE Auto Supplies, Toys, ' and Record Shop Phone - 8 5 78 , fy 1 JV N Qffvb 'bf N' JMX' my fd my W 0 NO f, 12 fr! M W W U 5 0, y,,Q,Q,,f00, ,ff gig ,f ,ff ,U Qy Y LV' IMANCECM ATQK JMB! 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Coggsdale Edward Moyler A Friend Meta's Beauty Shop Sam Levy Jewelers Young Men's Shop Little Shoppe Franklin Restaurant Ideal Barber Shop McCoy's Beauty Shop Compliments of T. REGIS PAPER CO PA f- GRADUATIGN DAY and EVERY DAY 3 f IS ALWAYS ICE CREAM DAY! X' Pet Ice Cream is rich, creamy ami velvety I smooth...with flavor that's always delight- 'C ful! And, Pet Ice Cream is made only of daily fresh whole milk, daily fresh sweet .y-.4 mfdf ,- cream and the choicest natural flavorings! K I , 1-5, Have some Pet Ice Cream today and every day! In any one of the popular standard f1avors...or, the feature flavor of the month...y0u'll always agree, PetICe Cream is the fine s t , most delicious ic e cream you've ever tasted! TASTE THE FRESH CREAM IN PET ICE CREAM Franklin, Virginia ICF CREAM u..4u,s..f 2. ww : .U J , " . . L x 5 ' B Y Amwafw - X sg mi::n'... ,1,........w.,., " .f""'P :MQW V Wm, " ,,., f 3 Q H? K QL . , Q M. 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