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' 69 LAUREL LEAF FRANKLIN HIGH Editor. . . Co-editor Sponsor. Brad Warstler . . Jim Rogers . . Linda Cabe A PROGRESSIVE YEAR 4 SENIORS ... . 9 JUNIORS . 31 FACULTY . 41 SOPHOMORES. ... 53 FRESHMEN . 61 ORGANIZATIONS . 71 SPORTS . 97 FEATURES . 115 HONORS . 125 DEDICATION Every once in a while you meet a teacher who conde¬ scends from the “illustrious” ranks of “teacherdom” to be your friend. This person usually has the type of stimulat¬ ing wit and invigorating interest which causes you to sit up, listen, ask questions, and find answers. The LAUREL LEAF staff of Franklin High School sin¬ cerely says " thank you”, Mr. Stott, for seventeen years of this type of classroom and extra-curricular service in helping the students of F.H.S. to help themselves. r - t k mm y s@®3feg Wmm mm IllStl ■ • X m, pwwrc?® aSaSE ; C X ' " ' ‘ ' v» • ' •:r r. gps ■ £ . ' •j U Xt) T ”) GUV W?3 -. ' (i - ' in ' }- , s4vj - . . • : gj . ' ; v d$£. % f V «T» VHQw$ K ' • . ; -. ■» !Hlii« ®r 2 iS V ;’; ' ' $ e ;v. .-• ■ .V . • • -, ' -. H Ji ' - ' .-£ ' ; . ' -?_• ,; 4m .5%! SENIOR OFFICERS President: Becky Stamey; Vice-President: Chuck Frazier; Secretary: Janet Jacobs; Treasurer: Tony Holland. 10 LO TO U L_ VVMIINC MUM IVI O JOHN PARKER ADAMS, JR SANDRA KAY ADAMS KATHLEEN LAURA ADAMS DAVID CHARLES ALLEN JANE ELIZABETH ANDERSON MYRA DIANN ANDERSON EDNA PEARL ANGEL JEANETTE ANTHONY JERRY LEWIS ARNOLD DENNIS KEITH ASHE ROBERT EVERETT BECK 11 PHILLIP WESLEY BENNETT BARBARA SUE BOLICK HELEN RUTH BOLICK THEODORE ALLEN BORING DEBRA ANN BOWMAN PEGGY EARLENE BROOKS HENRY CULLEN BRYANT, JR JOSEPH CHARLES BRYSON PATRICIA KAREN BRYSON PHYLLIS ANN JUSTICE BRYSON JAMES EARNEST BROWNING BRUCE EVANS BUCHANAN 12 1 SANDRA ANN CABE STEPHEN PAUL CABE ROY CANTWELL DAVID LINDON CABE RICHARD COLUMBUS CABE KATHRYN YVONNE CABE ELSIE CAROL CARPENTER EMMA LOU CARPENTER GARY LAWSON CARPENTER MARY LOU LEDFORD BUCHANAN JAMES WADE BURCH MARY RUTH BYRD 13 HAROLD VICTOR CARPENTER JAMES BRYANT CARPENTER JERRY LESTER CARPENTER PATRICIA ANN CARPENTER REBECCA McGEE CARSON TAVA ANN CARTER PAMELA CASSADA BOBBY DONALD CLOER NORRIS HIGDON CLOUSE ROSEANNA JANE COATES LAWRENCE COMBS DANNY MICHAEL COOK 14 FRED RONNIE COOK JUDY LOUISE CORBIN BETTY LOU CORPENING VIRGINIA FAYE CRANE WILLIAM GRADY CRAWFORD. Ill MARK SNYDER CRAWFORD VICKEY JEAN CRISP NANCY RUTH CROCKETT FRANCES ELLEN CUNNINGHAM GOERGE GRAY CUNNINGHAM JAMES PORTER CUNNINGHAM DORA ANN DALTON 15 RITA DARLENE DAVIS RONNIE LYLE DILLS BESSIE ANN DOWDLE PHILLIP CALVIN DRAKE GEORGE MADISON ESTES GERALD WAYNE FAULKNER REBECCA LEIGH FAW LINDA GAIL FOUTS RONALD JERRY FRANKLIN CHARLES ROBINSON FRAZIER RICHARD JAMES GANT JEWELL SHARON GARRISON 16 BEVERLY DALE GIBSON JUDY ANN GREEN CHARLES HAMPTON GUNNIN THOMAS MICHAEL HEALY SHIRLEY ANN HEDDEN BETTY ANN HIGDON JIMMY LEWIS HIGDON MARY ANNETTE HODGIN BARBARA JOYCE HOLBROOK MARGARET ANN HOLBROOK LINDA ANN HOLDEN ANTHONY LEE HOLLAND 17 BRENDALEE JEAN HOLLAND LORETTA YOUNG HOLLAND WANDA JEAN HOLLAND DENNIS MICHAEL HOLT DEWEY HOUSTON JACKIE SUE HUNTER DONALD BARNETTE HURST PEGGY RUANNE HUSCUSSON RICHARD ALLISON HUSCUSSON 18 69 CAROLINE ROSE JOHNSON KAYRN ELIZABETH JOHNSON RACHEL ANN JONES LYMAN MICHAEL JUSTICE DONALD WILLIAM KARI PAULETTE ICENHOWER KEENER DANNY HOWARD LEDFORD FRANKIE LEE LEDFORD THOMAS HAROLD LEDFORD DONNIE RAY LEQUIRE CAROLYN DIANE MANEY GLADYS RUTH MASHBURN 19 JAMES GARY MASON JULIA ANN MASON ROBERT CARROLL MASON ALGIE DALE McCALL KAREN ELIZABETH McCALL CHARLES ERWIN McCLURE BILLY HARVEY McCONNELL CHARLES ROBERT McCONNELL RITA SUE McCONNELL WANDA LOUISE McDOWELL ZEB STEVE McDOWELL TWYMAN CEDRIC McKINNEY 20 nn 69 MICHAEL NEIL McSWEEN CARL JAMES MINCEY JANET ANNE MIREK CONNIE FAYE MOFFIT LINDA SUE MORGAN LINDA TERESA MORGAN GARY MORGAN CONNIE ELIZABETH MOSES RONNIE MARTIN MUNGER ANITA MYRA NORTON JAMES IRWIN ORDWAY KENNETH DAVID PANNELL 21 DAVID ARVEL PARKER ROGER CHARLES PATTON DEBORAH ANN PERRY KATHERINE JANE PERRY HOWARD STEVE PLEMENS CAROLYN MARIE POINDEXTER FRED LEROY RABY CAROLYN ANN RICE LINDA CAROL ROTEN STEVE GARLAND ROWLAND RITA DIANE SANDERS LINDA SUE SANDERS 22 BETTY JEAN SCRUGGS ROBERT LAWSON SHOOK EDWIN WADE SHOPE STEPHEN BROWNLOW SHOPE WILLIAM THERON SLAGLE ELIZABETH CLAIRE SMITH REBECCA ANN SMITH CAROLYN ELIZABETH SNYDER HELEN CAROL SORRELLS REBECCA ANN STAMEY BRENDA DIANE STANFIELD DIANE CAROLYN STANFIELD 23 STEVE RUSSELL STEWART SUSAN MARIE STINSON BARBARA ANN SUTTON MARGARET ANN TALLENT WANDA FAYE TALLENT WANDA SUE TALLENT CHARLOTTE ANN TURPIN DONALD LLOYD WALDROOP ELIZABETH ANN WALDROOP REBECCA ANN WALDROOP TERRY NEIL WALDROOP JESSE WALKER 24 WILLIAM JERRY WALLACE BRAD EDWARD WARSTLER STEVEN FRANK WHITMIRE TERRY RAY WILKES JEWEL OPAL WILLIS JERRY THOMAS WILSON 25 When one sees the same thing day after day, with no stimulating difference to make the routine more interesting, somthing is taken from life. Franklin High School this year has its own “stimulating difference " , in the person of Pieter Janse, from Dordrech, Netherlands. Pieter came to our country through the program of International Christian Youth Exchange and has been staying at the home of Harold Warstler. Pieter ' s friendly disposition, helpful understand¬ ing, and sharp mental faculties have made him well liked by his fortunate acquaintances, and we wish to thank you, Pieter, for being different, and for being a part of our school. 26 SENIOR DIRECTORY BYRD, MARY RUTH, Activities: Band; All-State Band 3; Chorus 1 2,3.4; Student Forum 3.4; Track 1 ADAMS, BRUCE WAYNE, Activities: Track 2.3,4; Football 2.3,4; President of Junior Class; Student Council 2, Vice-President 2; NEDT Certificate; Monogram Club 4 CABE, RICHARD COLUMBUS CABE, SANDRA ANN, Activities: Chorus 1,2; FBLA 4 ADAMS, JOHN PARKER, JR , Activities: Track 1,2 ADAMS, KATHLEEN LAURA, Activities: Band 4 CABE, STEPHEN PAUL, Activities: Spanish Club 2,3 CABE, DAVID LINDON ADAMS. SANDRA KAY CABE. KATHRYN YVONNE, Activities: Band 1,2,3; FTA 2; FBLA 2,4; ALLEN. DAVID CHARLES, Activities: FFA 4 French Club 2,3,4 ANDERSON, JANE ELIZABETH, Activities: FHA 4 CANTWELL, ROY. Activities: FFA 1,2,3,4 ANDERSON, MYRA DIANN, Activities: Chorus 1 CARPENTER, ELSIE CAROL, Activities: French Club 2,4; Pep Club 2; FTA 4 ANGEL, EDNA PEARL. CARPENTER, EMMA LOU, Activities: Chorus 1,2; FHA 4 ANTHONY. JEANETTE. CARPENTER, GARY LAWSON, Activities: Spanish Club 2,3 ARNOLD, JERRY LEWIS, Activities: President of Freshman Class; J.V. Football 1; Football 2,3; Basketball Manager 1,2; Track Manager 1,2; Span¬ ish Club 2,3; Monogram Club 2; Vice-Pres of Sophomore Class; Boys ' State; Student Council 1; FFA 4; Radio Club 4; Student Forum 4 CARPENTER, HAROLD VICTOR, Activities: FFA 1,2,3 4 CARPENTER, JAMES BRYANT ASHE. DENNIS KEITH. CARPENTER. JERRY LESTER BECK. ROBERT EVERETT CARPENTER, PATRICIA ANN. BENNETT. PHILIP WESLEY, Activities: Band 1,2,3,4; Student Forum 3,4; Spanish Club 4, FBLA 4; NEDT Certificate; National Honor Society 3.4 CARSON REBECCA McKEE, Activities: Chorus 2; French Club 2.3,4 NEDT Certificate; FHA 3,4; Student Forum 3,4 BOLICK, BARBARA SUE. Activities: Chorus 1; FHA 3,4 CARTER, TAVA ANN, Activities: FHA 1 .2; FBLA 4; Spanish Club 3; Track 1 BOLICK. HELEN RUTH, Activities: FHA 3,4, Sec, 4, CASSADA, PAMELA, Activities: Chorus 1 BORING, THEODORE ALLEN, Activities: J.V. Football 1; J.V. Basketball 1; Baseball 3,4; NEDT Certificate; Spanish Club 2,3; FTA 1. CLOEP, BOBBY DONALD CLOUSE, NORRIS HIGDON, Activities: FFA 1,2.3,4 BOWERS. JERRY WAYNE BOWMAN. DEBORAH ANN. Activities: J.V Cheerleader 1; Cheerleader 4; Student Council 3.4. French Club 3; Health Careers Club 3.4, MOUNTAIN ECHO 3,4, Editor 4 Miss FHS Court 3; FHA 4; NEDT Certificate COATES. ROSEANNA JANE. Activities: Chorus 1 ; FTA 1,2.4, Spanish Club 2,4; J.V Cheerleader 1; Basketball 2.3,4; Band 1,2,3.4, Secretary-Trea¬ surer 3, Vice-Pres 4; Student Forum 4; Health Careers Club 2,3; Student Council 1.2; Track 1; Monogram Club 2.3,4 BROOKS. PEGGY EARLENE, Activities: FBLA4; FHA 4; Dewey Decimals 4 COMBS, LAWRENCE, Activities: Band 1.2,3 4, All-State Workshop Band 1, 2; All-Sate Clinic Band 3, Spanish Club 3; Student Forum 3,4; Honor Ban¬ quet 1,2,3; National Honor Society 3,4, NEDT Certificate BROWNING, JAMES EARNEST BRYANT, HENRY CULLEN, JR . Activities: J.V. Football 1; Football 2; Track 2.3; Band 1; Student Council 2; Monogram Club 3; NEDT Certificate; French Club 2.3.4; Student Forum 4; Radio Club 4 COOK, DANNY MICHAEL, Activities: FBLA 3.4. Parlimentarian 4 COOK. FRED RONNIE, Activities: Football 1,2.4 BRYSON. JOSEPH CHARLES, Activities: Band 1,2,3 CORBIN, JUDY LOUISE, Activities: LAUREL LEAF 3,4; Student Council 1; Student Forum 4; Spanish Club 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Junior Mar¬ BRYSON. PATRICIA KAREN, Activities: National Honor Society 3,4; Jr Marshal shal; Honor Banquet 3; Track 1 CORPENING. BETTY LOU BRYSON, PHYLLIS JUSTICE CRANE, VIRGINIA FAYE BUCHANAN, MARY LOU LEDFORD Activities: FHA 1,2,3,4 BUCHANAN. BRUCE EVANS. Activities: J.V Football 1 CRAWFORD. WILLIAM GRADY III. Activities FTA 1,2.3 Band 1 . 2 , 3 , French Club 2.3; FBLA 3 Boys State 3; Chorus 1 BURCH, JAMES WADE CRAWFORD, MARK SNYDER, Activities: Basketball 1.2; Spanish Club 2.3 27 HIGDON, BETTY ANN- SENIOR DIRECTORY CRISP. VICKEY JEAN, Activities: FHA 3.4 CROCKETT, NANCY RUTH. Activities: Monogram Club 3,4; Basketball Manager 2,3 4; Student Forum 3,4; Health Careers Club 3.4; Chorus 1; Honor Banquet 1,2,3; Junior Marshal; National Honor Society 3,4; NEDT Certificate CUNNINGHAM, FRANCES ELLEN, Activities: FHA 3,4, Vice-Pres. 4. CUNNINGHAM. GEORGE GARY, Activities: Student Council, Vice- Pres 4; MOUNTAIN ECHO 3; FBLA 3, Parliamentarian 3; Health Careers Club 1,2.3; Student Forum 3,4; French Club 2,3,4, Vice-Pres. 2.3, President 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Junior Marshal; Honor Banquet 3,4; NEDT Certificate CUNNINGHAM, JAMES PORTER, Activities: Student Forum 3,4, French Club 2,3.4. National Honor Society 3,4; NEDT Certificate DALTON, DORA ANN, Activities: Basketball 1,4; FHA 3.4; French Club 2.3 DAVIS, RITA DARLENE, Activities: FBLA 3; FTA 3; Chorus 1; Color-Guard 1.2.3- DRAKE, PHILIP CLAVIN, Activities: Band 1,2,3,4; French Club 2,3,4. Pres¬ ident 3; Interact Club 3.4, President 3; Band Council 3,4, President 3; Stu¬ dent Council 2.3,4: Health Careers Club 3.4, Parlimentarian 4; Student Forum 3.4, Governor s School 3; LAUREL LEAF 3,4; Radio Club 4 ESTES. GEORGE MADISON FAULKNER, GERALD WAYNE, Activities: FBLA 4; Spanish Club 3; Band Manager 1.2.3; Music Club 3 FAW, REBECCA LEIGH. Activities: Spanish Club 3; FBLA 4; Student Forum 4. FOUTS. LINDA GAIL, Activities: Band 1.2.3; Spanish Club 3; FHA 4; FBLA 4; Health Careers Club 4 FRANKLIN RONALD JERRY, Activities: Band 1,2,3,4 FRAZIER, CHARLES ROBINSON. Activities: National Honor Society 4; Student Forum 3,4; Vice-President of Senior Class; Student Council 4; French Club 4 GANT. JAMES RICHARD. Activities: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 2; Na¬ tional Honor Society 1; NEDT Certificate 2; Interact Club 4 GARRISON, JEWELL SHARON GIBSON, BEVERLY DALE, Activities: Band 1,2,3,4; FTA 1; Health Careers 3; French Club 2.3; Chorus 1,2,3,4 GIBSON, WADE VIRGIL GREEN. JUDY ANN GUNNIN, CHARLES HAMPTON. Activities: Football 1,2. HEALY. THOMAS MICHAEL, Activities: Football 1; Radio Club 4 HEDDEN. SHIRLEY ANN Activities: FHA 4 HIGDON, JIMMY LEWIS, Activities: FFA; Track 2 HODGIN. MARY ANNETTE. Activities: Chorus 1 HOLBROOK. BARBARA JOYCE. Activities: Band 1,2,3; Spanish Club 2,3; Chorus 1.2,3. HOLBROOK, MARGARET ANN, Activities: Band 1,2,3; FTA 4; FBLA 3,4; Student Forum 4; Spanish Club 2.3 HOLDEN. LINDA ANN, Activities: Chorus 1,2,3,4. President 4; Dewey Decimals 3,4 HOLLAND. ANTHONY LEE, Activities: Student Council 1.2.3; Football 1,2, 3,4, Co-Captain 4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; President of Sophomore Class; Track 2,3 HOLLAND, BRENDALEE JEAN, Activities: Health Careers Club 4; Spanish Club 4 HOLLAND, LORETTA YOUNG, Activities: NEDT Certificate; French Club 2; J.V. Cheerleader 3 HOLLAND, STEVE BENNIE, Activities: FFA 1,2,3.4 HOLLAND, JEAN WANDA, Activities: FHA 3,4, President 4 HOLT, DENNIS MICHAEL. HOUSTON, DEWEY LEE HUNTER, JACKIE SUE. Activities: FTA 1 ; Chorus 1 ; Spanish Club 3,4; LAUREL LEAF 4; FHA 4; Homecoming Court 4 HOUSTON, MITCHELL WAYNE HUSCUSSON, PEGGY RUANNE, Activities: Basketball 1,2,3,4; French Club 2,3,4; Sophomore Server 2; Honor Banquet 2,3,4; National Honor So¬ ciety 3,4; Student Forum 3.4; Health Careers Club 3,4; Athletic Banquet 3,4; Track 1; Monogram Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 4; Vice-President of Junior Class; NEDT Certificate HUSCUSSON, RICHARD ALLISON, Activities: Football 1.2; Track 1,2 JACOBS, JANET GAIL, Activities: Student Council 2,4; Band 1.2,3,4, Asst Drum Major 1,2.3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Health Careers Club 2.3,4; Stu¬ dent Council Rep 4; NEDT Certificate; French Club 3, Parliamentarian 3; Treasurer of Senior Class 4 JAMISON, NANCY RUTH, Activities: J.V, Cheerleader 1; Chorus 1; FTA 1, 2; Track 1; Franklin Junior Citizens Club 1; French Club 3,4; Student Forum 4; MOUNTAIN ECHO 4 JANSE, PIETER, Exchange student from the Netherlands. Student Forum 4: Spanish Club 4 JENKINS, TERRY RONAL D, Activities: Safety Patrol 3,4; Future Farmers 1 , 2 , 3.4 JOHNSON, CAROLINE ROSE JOHNSON, KAYRN ELIZABETH. Activities: French Club 2.3; FBLA 3; Stu¬ dent Forum 4; Chorus 4; NEDT Certificate 28 JONES. RACHEL ANN, Activities: FHA 3,4, Treasurer 3; FBLA 3,4, Sec¬ retary 4; Basketball 2,3,4; Monogram Club 4 MIREK, JANET ANNE. Activities: Academian School Journal Staff 1 Glee Club 1; Intermurals 1; Student Council 1; J.V. Cheerleader 3; French Club 3,4, Vice-Pres 4; Spanish Club 2.3,4 JUSTICE, LYMAN MICHAEL, Activities: French Club 2, MOFFIT, CONNIE FAYE KARI, DONALD WILLIAM MORGAN, GARY KEENER, PAULETTE ICENHOWER, Activities: FHA 3,4 MORGAN, LINDA SUE, Activities: Chorus 1; Health Careers Club 2,3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Spanish Club 2,3; Dewey Decimals 3.4; Student LEATHERMAN, CHARLES DANIEL, Activities: Student Council 1,2; Home¬ room Officer 1; J V Basketball 1,2, Co-Captain 2, Baseball 2; Football 1,2, 3,4, FTA 1; Health Careers Club 1,2,3; Student Forum 4; Spanish 2; Mono¬ gram Club 1,2,3.4; Track 1,2,3; Athletic Banquet 2,3,4 Forum 4 MORGAN. LINDA TERESA, Activities: FBLA 2; FHA 3,4 LEDFORD, DANNY HOWARD, Activities: French Club 3; Student Forum 3; Student Council 3; NEDT Certificate MOSES, CONNIE ELIZABETH, Activities: Basketball 1,2,3; Chorus 1; Track 1; Honor Banquet 1,2,3,4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Stu¬ dent Council 2,4; NEDT Certificate; Jr. Marshal; National Honor Society 3. 4; Student Forum 4 LEDFORD, FRANKIE LEE, Activities: FHA 3,4; FBLA 3,4, Reporter 4 LEDFORD, THOMAS HAROLD MUNGER, RONNIE MARTIN LEQUIRE, DONNIE RAY, Activities: Monogram Club 4; Basketball 1; J V Football 1; Football 2.3; Track 3 NORTON, ANITA MYRA, Activities: FHA 3; Dewey Decimals 3,4, Health Careers Club 2,3,4 MANEY, CAROLYN DIANE, Activities: MOUNTAIN ECHO 4; FTA 3; Stu¬ dent Forum 3; Chorus 1; Honor Banquet 1; NEDT Certificate ORDWAY, JAMES IRWIN, Activities: French Club 2,3,4; J.V Football 1; Football 2 MASHBURN, GLADYS RUTH OWENS, MARY PATRICIA, Activities: J.V, Cheerleader 1; Cheerleader 4; Health Careers Club 1; FHA 3; Spanish Club 2,3 MASON, JAMES GARY PAN NELL, KEN NETH DAVID, Activities: J.V. Football 1; Baseball 2,3; Mon¬ ogram Club 3,4 MASON, JULIA ANN, Activities: Chorus 1,3; Dewey Decimals 3.4 PARKER, DAVID ARVEL. Activities: J.V Football 1.2; Band 1; Health Ca¬ reers Club 1; NEDT Certificate 2; French Club 2,3,4 MASON, ROBERT CARROLL. Activities: Football 2,4; Track 2; Monogram Club 4 PATTON. CHARLES ROGER, Activities: Dean ' s Honor Roll 3 McCALL. ALGIE DALE, Activities: Band 1,2,3,4 PERRY, DEBORAH ANN, Activities: J.V. Cheerleader 1; Cheerleader 2,3,4 Co-Captain 4; Track 1, Manager 1; Spanish Club 2,3,4, Secretary 3, Vice- McCALL, KAREN ELIZABETH, Activities: Chorus 1; FHA 4 Pres, 4; Secretary-Treasurer of Sophomore Class; Athletic Banquet 2,3; Treasurer of Junior Class, Monogram Club 3,4, Vice Pres. 4; Student Forum 3,4; Homecoming Court 3,4; National Honor Society 3.4 McCLURE, CHARLES ERWIN. Activities: J V Basketball 1.2,3,4, Co-Cap- tain 3; Football 1,2,3,4, Co-captain 4; Baseball 2,3,4, Co-captain 3; Track 1; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Athletic Banquet 1,2,3.4 PERRY, KATHERINE JANE, Activities: Basketball 1,2,3 4, Monogram Club 1,2,3.4, President 4; Honor Banquet 1,2.3: Athletic Banquet 1.2,3; Track 1 Dewey Decimals 2; Student Council 2; NEDT Certificate; French Club 2.3 McCONNELL. BILLY HARVEY, Activities: Monogram Club 3,4; Foot¬ ball 2,3,4 Secretary 3; Student Forum 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4 Secretary 4; MOUNTAIN ECHO 3,4, Assistant Editor 4 McCONNELL, CHARLES ROBERT, Activities: J V, Football 1; Track 1 PLEMENS, HOWARD STEVEN, Activities: Band 1; French Club 3,4, Radio Club 4 McCONNELL, RITA SUE POINDEXTER, CAROLYN MARIE, Activities: MOUNTAIN ECHO 4 RABY, FRED LEROY. Activities: FFA 1,2,3.4 McDowell, wanda louise McDowell, zeb steve RICE, CAROLYN ANN, Activities: Band 1,2.3; Chorus 1; Health Careers Club 2,3,4. Historian 4, Spanish Club 2; LAUREL LEAF 3,4, Student Council 4 McKinney. TWYMAN CEDRIC. Activities: Football 3; Basketball 4 ROTEN, LINDA CAROL. Activities: French Club 2,3,4, LAUREL LEAF 3.4, Student Council 3; Homecoming Court 3; FHA 4; Band 2,3 McSWEEN, MICHAEL NEIL, Activities: J.V. Basketball 1,2; J.V. Football 1; Track 1.2,3,4; Health Careers Club 1,2,3; Monogram Club 2,3,4; French Club 2,3.4; Basketball 3.4; Student Forum 3,4; Interact Club 3,4; Boys State 3 ROWLAND, STEVE GARLAND SANDERS, JAMES EDWARD Activities: FFA 1,2,3 4 MINCEY. CARL JAMES. Activities: FFA 1.2.3,4 SANDERS. RITA DIANE, Activities: FBLA 3,4; Student Council 4 29 WALDROOP. DONALD LLOYD, Activities: FFA 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2. SENIOR DIRECTORY SANDERS, LINDA SUE, Activities: FBLA 2,4; FHA 3,4, Flistorian 4 SCRUGGS, BETTY JEAN, Activities: Basketball 1.2,3,4; Monogram Club 3. SHOOK. ROBERT LAWSON. Activities: FFA 1,2,3.4 SHOPE, EDWIN WADE, Activities: FFA 1,2,3,4 SHOPE, STEPHEN BROWNLOW, Activities: Spanish Club 2,3; NEDT Cer¬ tificate; Student Forum 3.4; Interact Club 3,4, Secretary 3; Boys ' State 3; Radio Club 4 SIMPSON, MARY ELIZABETH. Activities: Basketball 1,2; FTA 1,2; Student Forum 3,4; Spanish Club 2.3; Chairman of Decoration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom; Monogram Club 2,3; Health Careers Club 4 SLAGLE. WILLIAM THERON SMITH, ELIZABETH CLAIRE, Activities: FHA 3; Chorus 1,2,3; Health Ca¬ reers Club 1,2; FTA 1; Dewey Decimals 3,4 SMITH, REBECCA ANN, Activities: Chorus 1,2,3,4, Pres..3, Sec.-Treas. 4; FTA 1; Health Careers Club 2,3; FHA 3. SNYDER, CAROLYN ELIZABETH, Activities: Dewey Decimals 4, SORRELLS, HELEN CAROL, Activities: Chorus 1,2; Art Club 1 STAMEY, REBECCA ANN, Activities: FTA 1; Spanish Club 2; J.V. Cheer¬ leader 1, Captain 1; Monogram Club 3.4; Cheerleader 2,3,4, Captain 4; Stu¬ dent Council 1,2,3,4. Secretary-Treasurer 3; President of Senior Class; FHS Court 2; Miss FHS 3; Homecoming Court 3. STANFIELD, BRENDA DIANE, Activities: Band 1; French Club 2; FBLA 3, 4; NEDT Certificate. STANFIELD, DIANE CAROLYN, Activities: Health Careers Club 3; French Club 2,3,4, Spanish Club 4; Dewey Decimals 4. STEWART. STEVE RUSSELL. Activities: FFA 1,2,3,4 STINSON, SUSAN MARIE. Activities: Chorus 1; FHA 4 STIWINTER, DEAN ANSON SUTTON, BARBARA ANN, Activities: FBLA 3; NEDT Certificate SWAFFORD, RONALD DEAN. Activities: FFA 1,2,3,4 TALLEN i, MARGARET ANN, Activities: Dewey Decimals 4 TALLENT. WANDA FAYE TALLENT WANDA SUE Activities: FBLA 4; FHA 4 TAYLOR, JOHN GARY. Activities: Football 1,2,4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Track 3. TURPIN. CHARLOTTE ANN Activities: Track 1 Chorus 1; FHA 4; Dewey Decimals 2. WALDROOP, ELIZABETH ANN WALDROOP. REBECCA ANN, Activities: Health Careers Club 1,2,3,4, Pub¬ licity Ch. 3. President 4, Student Council 1, Band 1.2,3, Band Council 1; FHA 4; Dewey Decimals 3,4; Girls ' State 3 WALDROOP, TERRY NEIL, Activities: Track 1; Student Council 2; NEDT Certificate; French Club 2.3.4; Student Forum 3,4; LAUREL LEAF 3.4 WALKER, JESSE. WALLACE. WILLIAM JERRY. Activities: Spanish Club 2 WARSTLER, BRAD EDWARD, Activities: Track 1; Health Careers Club 1, 3.4; Student Forum 3,4; LAUREL LEAF 3,4. Editor 4; Student Council 3; NEDT Certificate; National Honor Society 3,4; Honor Banquet 1,2,3 WEAVER, JOAN REDONNA. Activities: Track 1; Chorus 1,2; Dewey De¬ cimals 3,4. Vice-Pres 4; FHA 4 WESTBERRY, BARBARA KAREN, Activities: Basketball 2,3; Track 2.3; Hurdle Team 3 WHITMIRE. STEVEN FRANK. Activities: Track 1, Basketball 1; Football 1; Monogram Club 2,3.4; Baseball 2,3,4; NEDT Certificate; Interact Club 3.4; Student Council 4 WILKES. TERRY RAY, Activities: NEDT Certificate, Baseball 2,3,4; Mono¬ gram Club 3.4; MOUNTAIN ECHO 4 WILLIS, JEWEL OPAL WILSON. JERRY THOMAS. Activities: Football 1,2; Spanish Club 2; Track 1.2 WOODS, REX, Activities: FFA 1.2,3,4 WOODY, JANICE SUE. Activities: NEDT Certificate; FBLA 3,4 30 SB®® ppm, ' Sifl is ; mm J • } iwiili p v’ 1 sp Pill Si- » -, asw® VMMkSt f-raS . ■ V? 4 if wgm JUNIOR OFFICERS President: Richard Phillips; Vice-President: Keith Corbin; Secretary: Dana Bryson; Treasurer: Terry Bell 32 Jerry Anderson Carlene Angel Joyce Angel Marjorie Anthony Talitha Baldwin Danny Barnes Norman Basden Barry Bateman Debbie Bateman Terri Bateman Jessie Beasley Terry Bell Tommy Bennett Rick Black Mary Boulton Stevie Bowman Conda Bradley Mack Brogden Nancy Bryant Dana Bryson Yvonne Bryson Wendell Burston Al Cabe Keith Cabe 1%.. tddL % 33 Linda Cabe Patsy Cabe Percy Cagg Bob Cansler David Carpenter Wanda Carpenter Wanda Chastain Wanda Cheek Marie Clouse Peggy Cochran Danny Collins Harry Conley Keith Corbin Bobby Crawford Edwin Crisp Claudette Crunkleton Mack Dalrymple Chris Daniel Ricky Daves Butch Deal Dale Dendy Gail Dendy Jimmy Dills Paul Dills 34 rifk T Ifeto Randy Dills Brenda Dowdle Elizabeth Edington Anita Elliot Dawn Ellis Glenn Estes Sue Farmer Neal Fisher Jimmy Fouts Randy Frady Allen Frazier Jimmy Garner Nancy Garrison Peggy Gibson R.L. Gibson Woody Gibson Barbara Gillespie Florence Green Bobby Guest Sandra Hall Mac Harrison Ann Hedden David Hedden Marshall Hedden 35 Brenda Hensley Linda Henson Lynn Henson Lawana Higdon Jerry Hodgin Dale Holland Floyce Holland Gary Holland Gerald Holland Wanda Holland Walter Hunter Joe Johnson Wanda Keener Larry Kennedy Michael Kinsland Sandra Kinsland Glenda Langston Judy Langston Clinton Ledford Sandra Ledford Bruce Long Yvonne Lyons Peggy Martin Bill Mashburn 36 Ellen Mashburn James Mashburn Sue Mashburn Mickey Mason Elaine McCall John McClure Maxie McClure Shirley McConnell Gary McDonald Gene McDonald Cathy McDowell Bruce McGaha Carol McGuire Mark McGuire Jimmy Medlin Debbie Mincey Barbara Monaghan Peggy Murphy Myra Norton Charlotte Ordway Richard Otto Frank Pangle Mike Pangle Randy Pannell 37 Jimmy Parker Neal Parker Bill Patton Bobby Peek Doris Peek Thelma Peek Ray Pendergrass Pat Penland Carolyn Perry Denice Phillips Richard Phillips Judy Pickins Patricia Pitts Linda Plowman Ronnie Poindexter Gail Proffitt David Pruett Sherry Queen Joyce Ramey Michael Ramey Debbie Ray Glenda Rogers Jimmy Rogers Randall Rogers 38 Reatha Rogers Marvadean Rowland Donna Sanders Joe Sanders Ned Sanders Mike Schlott Eddie Seagle Mary Seay Larry Sheffield Steve Shepherd Oberah Shope Jimmy Shuler Joyce Shuler Vickey Shuler Debbie Simons Timoxena Sloan Billy Smith Lucy Smith Debbie Soper Wanda Stamey Linda Stanley Carol Stewart Sally Stiles Joyce Tallent 39 , ‘ 8 Sammy Talley Pam Teague Vivian Vinson Wayne Vinson Clifford Waldroop Doyle Waldroop Cynthia Weaver Linda C. Welch Linda Welch Nadine West Edna Williams Gail Williamson John Willis Mike Willis Jerry Wilson Kenneth Wilson Mildred Wood Aileen Wooten Bruce Young Richard Young 3gS»; mmm s wmm i« mmmm ■ ' ■! ■■Ml . i§ n MimSm wmSm m $m wBatowBSw Lo®sfc, 5 -s g wl§® iillllll iSsli MSP flgBMHHnM ' : ' V PJiifJpi fMmtm Ill ilP IS® musm mSmm a® s@ lIMliPI f K • ' " ' " • " " ’ • asM sKr ' -y y.V;4 j--• ' V • ; ' • .? .- c - ' - -.vsE .’; w ' • ' ;-»•: • ■ ' ■ ' • " ••- : ' .’: ' . — • ' •; • 7- ' ■ 5 ■ v -A l ' SraP OTyjv 1 ' H Bueck 1 a » " 15 i! , ■ » ' 3 24 3 2 $ - 5 31 Superintendent Principal Secretary Connie Campbell 42 Vocations Elizabeth R. Howard Lucie W McCutcheon Assistant Librarian Library Driver Education Rebecca J. Clark Librarian Charles D Baird English Languages Melba F. Simpson English, French Marie P. Stewart English, MOUNTAIN ECHO 44 Ann P, Martin Spanish 45 ttmOB Social Studies Richard D Scott Government, American History Robert G Wollard American History, World History Katherine L. Perry Civics, World Geography 46 Physical Education Elizabeth A. McClure Health and Physical Education James T. Raby American History, Health and Physical Education Samuel J. Hall World Geography, Health and Physical Education 47 Genevieve W. Whitmire Biology, Physical Science Mildred R. Martin Biology, English Art George R Pattillo Physical Science. Gym Jean S Hemphill Art, Jewelry Agriculture ■ § Edward D Shores Vocational Shop Luther Wayne ProHitt Vocational Agriculture 49 Mathematics Louise M Ledford General Mathematics, Algebra Lawrence C. Howard Algebra, Trigonometry Shirley S. Arrant General Mathematics, Algebra Lois F Fulton Geometry PS£| 50 Brenda T McSwain Algebra, Geometry Maude Bivins Home Economics Guidance Frances Winstead 51 Music I Thomas Stovall Chorus, Band Sue C. Moore Typing, Basic Business Marjorie H Crawford Shorthand, Typin g, Office Practice, Basic Business Business Merritt C. Fouts Bookkeeping, Typing, Business Law 52 Betty P, Coin Office, Guidance, Driver Education Vera O Southard Annex Aides Elizabeth F Mason Social Studies, Business, Languages 53 54 SmWm Mms ■H By mm mmm mm mmm m gsite • •■. ■ ■Hi issss % ' S ?: ' {mwm.% §|p£f|; »1 mMmmmm %%% }%£ E 3 «®s a« Sres ®, ! S5$gw| V -)a -; v ' S«-fc?Vr. arEl SSsalsSiS pj g® $n 1 ' - t.- ' pre||p ?i Su. ' . - £ • s A u Sophomore Officers President: Billy Norton; Vice-President: Tommy Corbin; Secretary-Treas¬ urer: Delena Holland. 56 Deanne Adkinson Linda Anderson Doug Angel Jackie Baird Scott Blanchard Mary Bolick Becky Boring Steve Brady Cathy Browning Gary Browning Barney Bryant David Bryson Tommy Burch Cliff Cabe David Cabe Peggy Cabe Reba Cabe Sherry Cabe Doug Carpenter Linda Carpenter Shirley Castle Victor Chastain Josephine Cloer Bruce Cochran Cindy Cochran Kerry Cole Phoebe Collier Lucien Combs Lynne Conley David Cook Karen Cook Pamela Cook Tommy Corbin Brent Crawford Sandra Crawford Betsy Crisp 57 Wanda Crisp Patsy Crowe David Curtis Louetta Davis Virgil DeHart Carolyn Dowdle Ronnie Dowdle Tommy Drake Sharon Dryman Joyce Elliot Margaret Elliot Jackie Ellis Lester Evans Martha Farmer Sherrill Fouts Wanda Fox Reba Frazier David Gant Donny Gibson Kathy Gibson Mark Gibson Doug Green Roy Green Troy Green Dan Gregg Phyllis Gregory Ina Hedden Ruth Henry Denton Higdon Judy Hodgin Sue Hodgin Diane Holbrook Jerry Holbrook Jim Holbrook Linda Holbrook Carolyn Holland 58 Danny Holland Delena Holland Gary Holland Ina Mae Holland Kathy. Holland Marilyn Holland Marsha Holland Mike Holland Jay Hooper Melaine Hooper Charles Houston Glenda Huscusson Marie Huscusson Nancy Jacobs David Jamison Loring Jamison Betsy Jenkins Mary Jenkins Elizabeth Jones Sue Jones Mike Kahn Susan Keener Judy Kennedy Deborah Korte Bobby Kuppers Eddie Leatherwood Wilma Ledbetter Devonda Long Kathy Long Karen McCall Evelyn McClure Linda McClure Melissa McClure Brenda McConnell Larry McConnell Linda McConnell 59 Margaret McConnell Rhonda McCoy Deborah McDowell Pat McSween Vicki Mashburn Gwenda Mason Cathy Moffitt Loring Montgomery Billy Moore Bobby Morgan Charlene Moses John Murray Tommy Nicholson Billy Norton David Norton Sterling Pangle Donna Pannell Eugenia Parker Patsy Parker Charles Parrish Charles Pearson Beth Perry Cathy Powell Bill Queen Debbie Ramey Becky Ramsey Brenda Ramsey Hank Ramsey Bruce Ray Newton Ray Peggy Ray Betsy Saunders Joe Schlott Susie Scruggs Gary Setser Lois Setser 60 Nancy Sheffield Dale Shepherd Georgia Shepherd Janice Shepherd Virginia Shepherd Marjorie Shope Mary Ann Sloan Brenda Sprinkle Sonja Stamey Randy Stanfield Ivey Star Billy Sutton Gary Sutton Greig Tallent Jerry Tallent Barbara Talley Skip Taylor Betty Jo Tyler Denny Vanhook Verna Vinson Betty Waldroop Johnny Waldroop Mark West James Wiggins i j 61 62 ■ 7. ' : •; l»» ■ . ■ m HI llgiip XBBEII f v -iLr g l -Mww W d RjI P»MI J MiSi , 1 Freshman Officers President: Randy Chastain; Vice-President: Greg Ray; Secretary-Treasurer: Debbie Penland. 64 Joe Allen Bruce Ammons David Anderson Larry Anderson Steve Anderson Larry Angel Bobby Armes Tony Armes Cathy Arnold Genevieve Baldwin Gary Barnes Dale Barrett Sharon Blanchard James Bowers Donald Bradley Teresa Brendle Charles Brown Brenda Browning Deborah Byrd Barry Cabe Brenda Cabe David Cabe Eileen Cabe L ynne Cansler Sheila Carnes Francis Carpenter Richard Carpenter Ronald Carpenter Michael Cheek Brenda Cloer Vicki Cloer Cindy Cook Marjorie Cook Tommy Crane Beth Crawford Susan Crawford Milton Cunningham Ronnie Cunningham Mrytice Dendy Gene Donaldson Dale Dowdle Michael Edwards 65 Linda Elkins Barbara Elliott Cora Elliott Garth Ensley Milton Estes Eddie Evans Frances Fisher James Fisher Gerald Fouts Linda Fox Connie Gibson Mary Givuines James Greenwood Terry Guest Dianne G uffey Ophelia Hall Wilma Haskett Carolyn Hawks Marilyn Hawks R.C. Hedden Deborah Henson Gary Henson Glenda Hodgins Lois Hodgins Shirley Hodgins Beverly Holland Linda Holland Scotty Holland Walter Holland Gail Hooper Judy Hooper Karen Hooper Jane Hooper R oy Hopper Jimmy Houston Barbara Houston Geraldine Hovis Robert Hubbs June Huggins Linda Hughes Barbara Hunnicut David Hunter 66 Martha Jamison Robert Johnson Sharon Johnson Gale Jones Rick Kari Tommy Keener Bobby Kendall Beaver Koch Linda Lanning Shirley Laws Glenda Ledford Jackey Ledford Timmy Ledford Donald Long Mary Lovell Wayne Lynch Jackie Mashburn Sandra Mashburn Vickie McCall David McClure Helen McClure Kahn McClure Dennis McConnell Jim McConnell Linda McCoy Terry McCoy Bobby McDowell Rhonda McDowell Maureen McGuire Tommy McGuire Sharon McKinney Sammy Mason Tommy Mason Richard Mehaffey Connie Miller Tommy Moore Burgin Moses Wally Moses Keith Munger Judy Murphy Tim Neely Larry Norris 67 Ethan Ordway Robin Osborn Gary Owens Kathy Pannell Ella Mae Passmore Doug Patton Shaun Peek Wesley Peek David Pendergrass Debbie Penland Mitchell Perry Arron Phillips Roger Phillips Debbie Provence Sybil Raby Greg Ray Janet Rice Barbara Rogers Gary Rogers Jerry Rogers Billy Sanders Linda Sanders Pam Sanders Kathy Saunders Larry Saunders Synethia Scruggs Mary Carol Scruggs Dianne Seay Janice Shepherd Dale Shook Mike Shook Ruth Shope Gail Shope Rickie Shuler Lavonia Slagle Roy Smith Debbie Southard Billy Sprinkle Evelyn Stanley Brenda Stiwinter Eddie Sutton Gladys Swafford 68 Kathy Wilson Graham Winstead Earl Wood Debbie Wykle Edgar Younce Debora Tallent Jeanette Tallent Grayson Tallent Frank Taylor Patsy Taylor Hazel Teague Allen Thomas Vicky Thomas Josephine Thompson Dianne Tilson Beverly Vanhook Gary Vanhook Pamela Warstler Sharon Watts Kathy Webb Larry Webb Eddie Welch Max Welch Lyle West Johnny Wilkes Robert Williams Patsy Williamson Randy Willis Charles Wilson 70 mi i SffiKKSi K |||||| ' i gti 111111 Ww M wam igai® Efiggg I raramti ■ 1111111 Student Council Junior and Senior Representatives: President: Joe Sanders; Vice-Pre¬ sident: George Cunningham; Secretary-Treasurer: Aileen Wooten; Richard Phillips; Danny Ledford; Joe Johnson; Becky Stamey; Chuck Frazier; Peggy Huscusson; Jimmy Rogers; Wanda Chastain; Philip Drake; Janet Jacobs; Stevie Bowman; Mildred Wood; Pamela Teague; Judy Green; Rita Sanders; Connie Moses; Barbara Gillespie; Brenda Dowdle; Carol McGuire; Carolyn Rice; Tony Bryant; Steve Whitmire 72 Freshman and Sophomore Representatives: Randy Chastain, Cathy Pannell, Cathy Sanders, Bruce Ray, Debbie Penland, Peggy Cabe, Sharon Blanchard, Pam Warstler, Diane Holbrook, Billy Norton, Jo Anne Maney, Sonja Stamey, Deborah Henson, Sharon Jonnson, Tommy Drake. 73 LAUREL LEAF Staff Brad Warstter, Editor; Jimmy Rogers, Co-editor; Phil Drake; Sandra Kinsland; Linda Roten; Sue Mashburn; Dana Bryson; Debbie Mincey; Pam Teague; Wanda Keener; Randy Stanfield; Judy Corbin; Terry Wilkes; Steve Brady; Jackie Hunter; Carolyn Rice; Terry Waldroop, 74 75 MOUNTAIN ECHO Staff Mrs. Stewart, Sponsor; Eddie Seagle; Carolyn Maney; Jane Proffitt; Nancy Jamison; Barbara Gillispie; Carolyn Poind- Perry; Terry Wilkes; Debbie Bowman; Danny Collins; Gail exter; Bill Patton. 76 Radio Club Mr. McSwain, Sponsor; Janet Jacobs, Secretary; Treasurer; Kenneth Pannell; Connie Moses, Program Chariman; Mary Ann Sloan; Betsy Saunders; Charlene Moses; Maureen McGuire; Lawana Higdon; Devonda Slagle; Oberah Shope; Scotty Holland; Steve Shope, Program Director; Connie Moses; Joe Johnson; John Murrary; Phil Drake; Ronnie Frank¬ lin; Debbie Mincey; Elaine McCall; Delana Holland; Loring Montgomery; Mike Healy, President; Steve Plemons; Randy Raby; Lyle West; Phil Bennett; Beaver Kock; Lawrence Combs; Billy Mashburn; Tommy Drake; Bobby Johnson; Timmy Ledford; Ricky Shuler. 77 Connie Gibson, Donald Brad¬ ley, Graham Winstead, James Hunnicut, Marck Vick, Joe Allen, Wessley Peek, David Anderson, David Cabe, Wayne Lynch, Terry McCoy, Ronald Carpenter, Tommy Mason, Barry Cabe, David Pender¬ grass, Jimmy Houston, Allen Thomas, Jim McConnell, Ricky Thomas, Ray Hensley, Frank Taylor, Gerald Fouts. Future of Am Don Roper, Newton Ray, Charles Houston, R.C. Hed- den, Troy Green, Roy Green, Doug Carpenter, Brent Craw¬ ford, Ricky Cassada, Gary Holland, David Norton, Bruce Cochran, Johnny Waldroop, David McClure, Jimmy Wiggins. 78 Marshall Hedden, Neal Parker, Mack Dalrymple, Sammy Tal¬ ley, Tommy Bennett, Joe Mashburn, James Ray, James Dills, Clifford Waldroop, Jerry Hodgins, Jim Fouts, Jerry Anderson, Bob Cansler, Steve Ledford, Wayne Jones, Woody Gibson, Ricky Daves, Dale McCoy, Alton Ray, Butch Dills, Bobby Parrish, Sherill Fouts, Sammy Coggins, Johnny Rice. ii formers erica Billy Bowman, Steve Shep¬ herd, Jerry Arnold, Dean Sti- winter, Richard Cabe, Larry Sheffield, Fred Raby, James Sanders, Jerry Vanhook, Har¬ old Carpenter, Mac Brogden, Steve Stewart, Robert Shook, David Allen, Roy Cantwell, Donald Waldroop, Wade Shope, Norris Clouse, Terry Jenkins, Gary Taylor, Carl Mincey, Rex Woods. 79 Future Homemakers of America Wanda Holland, President; Gail Prof¬ fitt, Vice-President, Helen Bolick, Secretary-Treasurer; Judy Green, Student Council Representative; Terry Morgan; Pamela Cassada; Frankie Ledford; Judy Pickins; Myra Norton; Linda Plowman; Judy Langs¬ ton; Mary Lou Buchanan; Sue Sand¬ ers; Frances Cunningham; Rachel Jones; Vickey Crisp; Alien Wooten; Paulette Keener. Debbie Bateman, Emma Lou Car¬ penter, Jane Anderson, Ina Mae Holland, Conda Bradley, Glenda Langston, Sue Farmer, Diane Tilson, Gwenda Mason, Shirley Hedden, Lynn Conley, Karen Cook, Susan Keener, Brenda Sprinkle. Rebecca Waldroop, Peggy Martin, Linda Fouts, Sandra Kinsland, Linda Henson, Martha Mashburn, Susie Stinson, Miss Bivins, Sponsor; Joan Weaver, Jessie Beasley, Jackie Hunter, Wanda Tallent, Vickie Shuler, Karen McCall, Joyce Shuler, Janice Shepherd. 80 Future Business Leaders of America Mrs. Moore, Sponsor; Pam Cassada, President; Frances Cunningham, Vice-President; Rachel Jones, Secretary; Yvonne Cabe, Treasurer; Frankie Ledford, Reporter; Tava Carter; Janice Woody; Brenda Stanfield; Rita Sanders; Claudette Crunkleton; Betsy Conley; Margaret Tallent; Wanda Faye Tallent; Rita Davis; Danny Cook; Nancy Garrison; Sue Sanders; Wanda Sue Tallent; Margaret Flolbrook 81 Future Teachers of America | f M- 1 Sc.! .■■mbwHR " . . £ak - i§o : r i 1 1 MSL Vtfifl ■X nt 1 Mrs. Fulton, and Mrs Martin, Sponsors; Barbara Gillispie, Pres¬ ident; Donna Sanders, Secretary; Reatha Rogers, Treasurer; Stevie Bowman, Student Council Representative; Barbara Monag¬ han; Melaine Hooper; Claudette Drunkleton; Dawn Ellis; Linda Fouts; Nancy Sheffield, Edna Williams; Carol Carpenter; Rhonda Tallent; Donna Pannell; Teresa Brendle; Tim Sloan; Delena Hol¬ land; Wanda Chastain; Terry Bateman. 82 Health Careers S ' m Wm 1 ' a tLji jVj JW mww m Rebecca Waldroop, President; Terry Bell, Vice-President; Gail Proffitt, Second Vice-President; Linda Morgan, Secretary-Trea¬ surer; Diane Stanfield, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer; Janet Jacobs, Student Council Representative; Phil Drake, Parliamen¬ tarian; Carolyn Rice, Historian; Mike Ramey, Publicity Chairman; Yvonne Lyons, Assistant Publicity Chairman; Miss Howard, Sponsor; Mike McSwain; Jane Hooper; Sharon Johnson; Debbie Bowman; Rita Salain; Cindy Weaver; Linda Plowman; Mary Ann Sloan; Debbie Cordie, Gwenda Sue Mason; Sue Ellen Wright; Linda McConnell; Lois Setser; David Jamison; Mike Kahn; Eliza¬ beth Edington; Patsy Crowe; Jessie Beasley; Wanda Crisp; Myra Norton; DevondaLong; Peggy Gibson; Joan Weaver; Billy Crawford. 83 Los Enfusiastas Espanoles •rifJB $ I ST Mrs. Martin, Sponsor; Steve Whitmire, President; Ann Perry, Vice- President; Dana Bryson, Secretary; Barbara Gillispie, Treasurer; Eddie Seagle; James Mashburn; Gary McDonald; Betsy Jenkins; Glenn Estes; Mike Willis; A! Cabe; Terry Bateman; Rhonda Tal¬ lent; Beth Perry; Donna Pannell; Reatha Rogers; Oberah Shope; Linda Plowman; Brenda Dowdle; Diane Stanfield; Beck Ramsey; Connie Moses; Patsy Parker; Barbara Monagham; Becky Boring; Stevie Bowman; Dawn Ellis; Rita Salain; Tim Sloan; Sally Stiles; Wanda Keener; Carolyn Perry; Mary Bolick; Pamela Teague; Nancy Jacobs; Charlene Moses; Delena Holland; Sonja Stamey; Pat Penland; Sue Mashburn; Jackie Hunter; Pat Pitts; Randy Dills; David Carpenter; Kathy Ward; Betty Waldroop; Wanda Stamey; Roseana Coates; Joe Johnson. 84 Les Eleves Francois Mrs. Simpson, Sponsor; George Cunningham, President; Janet Mirek, Vice-President; Donna Sanders, Secretary; Edna Williams, Treasurer; James Ordway; Danny Ledford; Peggy Huscusson; David Parker; Mike McSwain; Terry Wilkes; Betty Jo Tyler, Susie Scruggs; Betty Scruggs; Virgil Dehart; Doris Peek; Wanda Chas¬ tain; Carol Carpenter; Gwenda Sue Mason; Randy Frady; Cathy Powell; Cindy Cochran; Yvonne Bryson, Lawana Higdon; Patsy Crowe; Steve Plemons; Chuck Frazier; Terry Waldroop; Tony Bryant, Jim Cunningham 85 Naftonal Honor Society mam ' sh Lr W m |gRyp|| STi , fi m ,.r?p£ Ml fti it ill bJI Pat Penland; Sandra Hall; Sue Mashburn; Ann Perry; Nancy Crockett; Karen Bryson; Connie Moses; Judy Corbin; Gail Proffitt; Pam Teague; Wanda Keener; Peggy Huscusson; Phil Bennett; Jimmy Rogers; Lawrence Combs; Richard Gant; Joe Johnson; George Cunningham; Jim Cunningham; James Mashburn; Eddie Seagle; Phil Drake, President; Brad Warstler; Richard Phillips; Chuck Frazier; Mrs. Crawford, Sponsor. 86 Student Forum Ar. and Mrs. McSwain, Sponsor; Steve Whitmire, President; Janet Jacobs, Secretary-Treasurer; Steve Shope, Parliamentarian; Philip Drake, 3 rogram Chairman; Connie Moses, Student Council Representative; George Cunningham; Jim Cunningham; Joe Johnson; Mike McSwain, .awrence Combs; Phil Bennett; Jimmy Medlin; James Mashburn; Glenn Estes; Randy Dills; Piet Janse, Rebecca Carson; Judy Corbin; Mary 3uth Byrd; Stevie Bowman; Terry Bateman; Reatha Rogers; David Carpenter; Danny Ledford; Chuck Frazier; Tony Bryant, Loretta Holland; Donna Sanders; Brad Warstler; Terry Wilkes, Butch Deals; Peggy Huscusson; Nancy Crockett; Linda Morgan, Jane Perry 87 Boys 1 Monogram Johnny McClure; Steve Whitmire; Joe Schlott; Terry Wilkes; Richard Gant; Clifton Ledford, President; Cliff Cabe; Danny Collins; Bruce Young; Mike McSwain; Kenneth Pannell; Bobby Mason; Charles Leatherman; Ronnie Cook; Richard Phillips; Keith Corbin, Sargeant-at-Arms; Billy Moore; Frank Pangle; Steve Brady; Jimmy Garner, Secretary-Treasurer; Joe Sanders; Jim Fouts; Chris Daniel; Wendell Burston; Billy McConnell; Mikey Mason. 88 Girls ' Monogram Nancy Crockett, Carolyn Perry, Ann Perry, Jane Perry Doris Peek, Brenda Dowdle, Wanda Stamey, Aileen Wooten, Debbie Mincey. Becky Stamey, Roseanna Coates, Rachael Jones, Carol McGuire, Rita Salain, Pat Pitts, Betty Scruggs, Peggy Huscusson, and Dora Dalton. 89 o Mr. Thomas Stovall Director Low Brass Section: Gary Vanhook, Frances Carpenter, Sharon Blanchard, Lawrence Combs, Tommy Drake, Mark McGuire, James Mashburn, Ricky Kari. Flutes and Obbes: Sonja Stamey, Donnie Gibson, Cathy Donna Sanders, Beth Crawford, Devonda Long, Marjorie Powell, Jane Hopper, Sharon Johnson, Pam Warstler, Shope, Pam Henson. 90 Band Clarinets: Kathy Adams; Edna Williams, Assistant Drum Major; Dawn Ellis; Pat Penland; Beverly Gibson; Sue Mashburn; Maurene McGuire; Debbie Penland; Betsy Saunders; Debbie Southards; Mary Lou Bolick; Randy Frady; Geneviene Baldwin French Horns and Cornets: Nadine West; Robert Hubbs, Betsy Jenkins; Cathy Browning; Terry Guest; Lucian Combs; Phil Drake, President; David Carpenter, Ivey Starr, Roseanna Coates, Vice-President. 91 Low Woodwinds: Evelyn Womack; Sherry Cabe; Mike Kahn; Sue Ellen Wright; Janet Jacobs, Secretary- Treasurer, Drum Major; Linda Lanning; Mary Ruth Byrd; Phil Bennett. Percussion: Melaine Hooper, Alieen Cabe, Don Hurst, Billy Mashburn, Ronnie Franklin, Dale McCall 92 Chorus |Mr. Stovall, Director; Linda Holden, President; Lynn jHenson, Vice-President; Sandra Kinsland, Secretary- jTreasurer; Patsy Crowe and Eugenia Parker, Librarians; (Dawn Ellis; Peggy Gibson; Sandy Gibson; Rhonda McCoy; iMelaine Hooper; Peggy Martin; Karen Hooper; Betty Jo Tyler; Patsy Cochran; Devonda Slagle; Becky Ramsey; Debbie McDowdle; Mary Ruth Byrd; Beth Johnson; Debbie Soper; Jane Hooper; Beverly Gibson; Larry Cook; Glenn Pitts; Donnie Gibson; Phil Bennett; Lucian Combs 93 Interact Club Steve Shope, Phil Bennett, David Carpenter, Lawrence Combs, Phil Drake, Steve Whitmire, Terry Wilkes, Mike Mc- Swain, Richard Gant, Tommy Drake, Jim Cunningham, George Cunningham, Hank Ramsey. 94 Dewey Decimals Pamela Teague, President; Joan Weaver, Vice-President; Margaret iHolbrook, Student Council Representative; Linda Holden; Wanda ;Kee Keener; Rebecca Waldroop; Margaret Tallent; Piet Janse; [Linda Morgan; Elizabeth Edington; Sally Stiles; Patsy Cabe; Delena Holland; Judy Pickins; Vivian Vinson; Sandra Crawford; Mike McSwain; Jimmy Cunningham, Betty Waldroop; Debbie Cordie; Judy Mason; Cindy Weaver; Jo Anne Maney; Yvonne Lyons; Tim Sloan; Diane Stanfield. 95 Student Bus Drivers Richard Gant, Jim Fouts, Ray Pendergrass, Don Cloer, Bill Slagle, Rickie Daves, Terry Bell, Don Kari, Mike Kinsland, Tommy Bennett, Gary Holland, Sammy Talley, Marshall Hedden, Don Waldroop, David Cabe, Bruce Mason, Steve Rex Woods. Lunchroom Staff M ■ § 1 1 r.:::..- . I Mrs Pannell, Mrs. Crunkleton, Mrs. Brooks, Mrs. Bradley, Mrs. Setser, Mrs. Clampitt. 96 mm a$SbB$Pffi agS® life Football Front Row: Howe Crockett, Tim Neely, Billy Moore, Donnie Lequire, Ronnie : Cook, Bruce Young, Bruce Adams, Bobby McDowell, Robert Williams, Bobby Mason, Bobby Moore, Sammy Mason, Second Row: Keith Corbin, Virgil DeHart, Bobby Kuppers, Roger Guest, Joe Sanders, Gary Taylor, David Cabe, Jim Garner, Neil Fischer, Cliff Cabe, Billy McConnell, Third Tow: Coach Pat Patillo, Keith Snipes, Charlie Leatherman, Johnny Murray, ™ pharlie McClure, Mickey Mason, Wally Moses, Ray Pendergrass, Jackie : Washburn, Gerald Fouts, Joe Schlott, Wendell Burston, Chris Daniels, Billy lot Jorton, Coach Joe Hall. Centers: Gary Taylor, Wally Moses. The Franklin Panthers had one of their best seasons this year Victories came as a result of much hard work and dedication on the part of both the team members and the coaches, Mr. Pat Pattillo and Mr. Joe Hall. Contributions were also made by the managers, Danny Collins, Danny Barnes, and Gary McDonald Leadership was provided by co-captains, Bruce Adams and Charles McClure. Ends: Joe Schlott, Chris Daniels, Billy Norton, Ray Pendergrass, Jackie Mashburn, Gerald Fouts. Linemen: Jim Garner, David Cabe, Neil Fischer, Cliff Cabe, Mickey Mason, Charlie McClure, Johnny Murray, Keith Snipes, Charlie Leatherman, Billy McConnell. 100 acks: Howe Crockett, Tim Neely, Billy Moore, Donnie Lequire, Keith Corbin, Virgil Dehart Bobby Kuppers, Roger Guest Joe onnie Cook, Bruce Young, Bruce Adams, Bobby McDowell, Sanders, Wendell Burston abert Williams, Bobby Mason, Bobby Moore, Sammy Mason, 101 Varsity Cheerleaders From left to right: Beth Perry, Ann Perry, Carol McGuire, Rita Salain, Becky Stamey, Debbie Bowman, Nancy Jacobs, Pat Owens, Carolir Perry 102 J V Cheerleaders Mary Lovell, Martha Jamison, Debbie Provence, Rhonda McDowell, Susan Crawford, Beverly Vanhook, June Huggins, Debbie Byrd, Sherry Dills. J V Football First Row Ethan Ordway, Gary Barnes, Eddie Sutton, Randy Ray, Mark Dodge, Gary Henson, Grank Taylor, Mr. Woolard, James Chastain, Donald Bradley, Tommy McGuire, Second Row: Greg Greenwood, Jim Fischer. 104 Vi- l gBSggsr: • wBm 21 m f c Front Row: Jimmy Fouts, Johnny McClure, Clinton Ledford, Randy Pannell; Second Row: Billy Norton, Wiley Jones, Richard Phillips, David Cabe, Richard Gant, Wendell Burston, Keith Corbin Franklin 79 Franklin 46 Franklin 52 Franklin 70 Franklin 85 Franklin 84 Franklin 57 Franklin 68 Franklin 78 Franklin 74 Franklin 91 Nantahala 31 . , Pisgah 58 .Sylva 63 . . . Clayton 49 . . . Murphy 45 Cherokee 69 . . . . Pisgah 58 . . . Clayton 52 .Swain 52 . . Andrews 56 . Hayesville 70 Tired, but happy ■ J.V. ' s penter, Wayne Lynch, Gerald Fouts, Gary Owens, David Frazier, David Cook, Steve Anderson, Roger Guest Front Row: David Gant, Virgil DeHart, Denny Vanhook, Tommy Cor¬ bin, Randy Chastain; Second Row: Mike Edwards, Richard Car¬ 110 -ront Row: Jane Perry, Betsy Jenkins, Gail Shope, Debbie Mincey, |3rendle Dowdle, Wanda Stamey; Second Row: Barbara Hunnicutt, Roseanna Coates, Pam Warstler, Dora Dalton, Barbara Elliott, Rachal Jones, Susie Scruggs, Debbie Wykle, Peggy Huscusson Verna Vinson ■ Franklin 55 Franklin 27 Franklin 37 Franklin 48 Franklin 49 Franklin 33 Franklin 25 Franklin 48 Franklin 45 Nantahala 18 Pisgah 35 Clayton 41 Murphy 41 Cherokee 30 Pisgah 52 . . Clayton 31 . . . . Swain 31 Hayesville 41 113 ■Jt4 f ' V V , i . FEATURES Zs m S jL £y v v B P lliiS B». . . »Jjfc ' yfKtSQ WimT 1 ilffp HI rjgBT ’ . r-X’- 1. £ £:?- nm , dXC u, -W ,i . Homecoming Queen Miss Dana Bryson, Junior 116 ' . W " ! ' 5! in « • » jsi 4»- ' } £ ' , .v. , i Miss Brenda Dowdle, Junior Homecoming for 1968-1969 was held October 18, 1968. Honored as queen was Miss Dana Bryson and as maid of honor, Miss Brenda Dowdle. 117 Miss Ann Perry, Senior Miss Janet Mirek, Senior Homecoming Court Miss Jackie Hunter, Senior 118 Miss Jane Perry, Senior 120 Miss Laurel Leaf Miss Linda Roten, Senior 121 Miss F.H.S. Miss Sonja Stamey, Sophomore 122 The annual Miss Franklin High School dance and crowning was held March 8, 1969. The queen in reign was Miss Sonja Stamey, the maid of honor, Miss Rita Salain. 123 Miss Janet Mirek, Senior 124 SKI Miss Carolyn Johnson, Senior 125 Miss Mary Lovell, Freshman 126 P B illi : MM $K Si§%|| «ip: pits wmm mm M IPpS y ' v M; f-Cm ' : ir.-n BRUCE ADAMS Class President, Junior Year; Football, Co-Captain Oufstanding NANCY CROCKETT Monogram Club, Secretary-Treasurer; Na¬ tional Honor Society GEORGE CUNNINGHAM Student Council, Vice-President; 4-H Congress Club PHIL DRAKE National Honor Society, President; Gover¬ nor ' s School 128 JANET JACOBS Class Treasurer, Senior Year; Girls ' State Seniors BECKY STAMEY Cheerleaders, Captain; Class President, Senior Year BRAD WARSTLER LAUREL LEAF, Editor; National Honor Society 129 Senior Honor Students t 1 8 Pfili pipli ;| h ;}il 1 Ml ¥ fWCAMEffE i 1 l 1 I I • ' i -i4 SR 1 i 1 , ' v " 5 ' m ‘1 1 w J-VJP " M 4: ' . £ ' “ v ' Cf- George Cunningham, Brad Warstler, Phil Drake, Judy Corbin, Peggy Huscusson, Jane Perry, Connie Moses, Karen Bryson, Nancy Crockett; Lawrence Combs absent. 130 Junior Honor Students » llBpjniF • ' v - ■ : 1 ■ Jtv i { 5 . ■ • ; f4 ™ • ft- •; 1 James Mashburn, Jimmy Rogers, Eddie Seagle, Richard Phillips, Joe Johnson, Sue Mashburn, Wanda Keener, Gail Proffitt, Pam Teague, Pat Penland. 131 Sophomore Honor Students Melaine Hooper, Sue Ellen Wright, Cynthia Cochran, Sandra Crawford, Mike Kahn, Bobby Kuppers, Debbie Korte, David Jamison, Peggy Cabe, Bruce Ray. 132 More Honors Boys ' State Girts State Franklin ' s delegates to the 1968 Girls’ State at the UNC-G campus were Janet Jacobs and Rebecca Waldroop Voice of Democracy Contest David Bryson was the county win¬ ner in the Voice of Democracy contest. Franklin ' s delegates to the 1968 Boys’ State at Wake Forest University were Jerry Arnold, Steve Shope, Mike McSwain, and Billy Crawford. Joe Sanders received the annual Jaycee Teenager of the Year award. 4-H Club Congress WNC Scholastic Football Team Bruce Adams was selected to be a mem¬ ber of the second team of the WNC All- Scholastic Football Team because of his outstanding performance this year Outstanding Teenager {103 George Cunningham was se¬ lected to attend the 4-H Club Congress in Chicago. 133 134 135 Farewell Address Our parting wish to you is that you will meet with some degree of success in your future undertakings—realizing that we sometimes fail fully to achieve all of our goals in life. However, it is imperative that we have goals and that we exercise per¬ severance and determination in trying to attain them Sometimes success comes to us in unexpected ways. And if you have not done so learn the art of self-discipline. There is no other kind of discipline that is really effective If you will do this you will be a successful person and a useful citizen. 136 I Winston-Solem HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY • North Carolina CHARLES L. HUNTER, WINSTON-SALEM, N, C.

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