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- rA «t. i ' -. mmm- S ' Tf.Wi ' . " .vl V !:■» i MAPOI THK X)R LO JhtK u t t Au try " ■■■. ! FROM THE LIBRARY OF LflORtL m 1%3 franklin High School franklin, north Carolina [dilor SUE PHILLIPS Business IBanayei JERRY CLARK Sponsor DILLARD MORROW Foreiiiord Many hours in the life of a senior are spent in reflecting on the memories of the past. The seniors will be gone after this year and will carry with them their reflections of Franklin High School. We, the Laurel Leaf staff, wish to present the ' 63 Laurel Leaf to the seniors to help them remember their many happy hours at Franklin High School. Table of Contents Curriculun] 9 Juniors 49 0 3 “Reflections of a Senior” The Seniors together for the last time. 4 (Top) College Day is a day of decision. (Bollom) The " boss-lady " of the Laurel Leaf staff. My! What long arms Robert Enloe has! Reflections, Dreams, Memories ... entering F.H.S_making acquaintances ... joining clubs ... reading Julius Caesar ... being a Sophomore server ... attending the Rotary banquet ... selling magazines ... planning Junior-Senior prom ... getting class rings ... reading .Macbeth ... attending College Day ... graduating ... then only pleasant memories of high school days and dreams of a wonderful future. To Mrs. Kathryn P. Matthews, who has given so many years of understanding and love to the youth of Franklin High School, who has generously given of her time and patience to work with the seniors, and who has strived to instill, in the minds of her students, ideals and character which will ever linger with them, we, the yearbook staff, proudly dedicate the 1963 LaurelLeaf. (Top) Mrs. Matthews as a teacher. (Bottom) ... as an advisor. ... as a grandmother. MRS. KATHRYN P. MATTHEWS 6 Forever gay ... Sometimes serious ... Mrs. Margaret R. Flanagan is a dedicated teacher whose name lingers fondly in our memories as a leader of young people and a devoted friend and instructor. Her high ideals and Christian influence will forever be a guiding light throughout the lives of her students at Franklin High School. With sincere gratitude, we proudly dedicate the 1963 edition of the Laurel Leaf to Mrs. Flanagan. Always a teacher Always a friend. Hail to the Chief’ (Top) And now ... a word from our sponsor. (Bottom) Keeping a golf date with Sam and Arnold. ■ (Left to right) General Rose, Colonel Debbie, and Private Harry Corbin, iSc - 1 8 TO THE GRADUATES The public school ' s only excuse for existance is to afford an oppor¬ tunity for every child to develop his God-given talents to the fullest extent possible. The diploma granted those of you who are graduating is worth what you have put into it and no more. If your spiritual and moral growth has excelled your mental development, the efforts of parents and teachers put forth in your behalf have not been in vain. MR. H. BUECK Superintendent of Macon County Schools PRINCIPAL ' S MESSAGE TO THE SENIORS Seniors, it is the wish of the faculty that your experiences at Franklin High School will enable you to adjust to life ' s curriculum with broader vision, deeper understanding, a more trenchant in¬ sight, unlimited courage, and boundless love for your fellow men. MR. HARRY C. CORBIN Principal MRS. CONNIE H. CAMPBELL Secretary to the Principal 10 Mrs. Crawford at work with second-year typing students. MR. .MERRITT l-OUTS Western Carolina College Bookkeeping, General Business, Salcsnian skip and F.B.L.A. .Mr. Fouts discussing the business world with future business leaders. .MIS.S D. RI.KNK j. COI.I.I.NS Western Carolina College Typing I, Journalism, ami The Mountain Echo Miss Collins explains the operation of a typewriter to a first-vear student. 11 Actually, the comma doesn ' t belong there, boys. xMISS RUBY FOX mm MRS. JACQUELINE H. ADAMS Western Carolina College English I, II No, grammar is spelled with an a, not with an e. Miss Fox discussing Great Expectations with some of her freshman students. Western Carolina College English , II Mrs. Matthews reviews grammar with the Juniors. MRS. KATHRYN P. MATTHEWS Woman ' s College, U.N.C. English III Yes, that ' s an excellent answer, but it ' s wrong. •MR. DILLARD L. MORROW Western Carolina College English III, IV, and The Laurel Leaf Yes, marriage is ... a possibility. Or here ...? MR. TOMMY RABV Western Carolina College Civics, Economics andGovemment. Genercd Math, J.V. Football Coach and Hoys ' Bas¬ ketball Coach Social Science 14 MISS MARIE BENGE Western Carolina College Algebra I MR. PAUL PRICE Western Carolina College Algebra , General Math, and General Science MRS. LOIS E. FULTON Woman ' s College , LI.N.C. Plane Geometry, Advanced Math. Algebra I, and Future Teachers of America MR. LONNIE H. CRAWFORD Western Carolina (College Algebra I, II, and. ssistantj. C. Football Goach Mr. Price discusses basic elements of mathematics. Miss Benge introduces A ' and I " . Angle ABC - angle F.F(. in Mrs. Lulton ' s class. Mr. Crawford reveals more unknowns to the Algebra II students. 15 MRS. MYRA S. WALDROOR Woman ' s College, U.N.C, Chemistry, Senior Science MR. CLAYTON RAMSEY Western Carolina College General Science, Mechanical Drawing, Geography, Physics, and Students ' Intemeitional Discussion Club MRS. MILDRED R. MARTIN Woman ' s College, U.N.C. Biology and Beta Club MR. GLEN C. CLARK Western Carolina College Biology, General Science, and Student Council Cream and sugar anyone? Only her hairdresser knows. Aren ' t those spirogyra beautiful ??? Actually, it ' s the formula for that " greasy kid stuff. " A ' MRS. C.AKOI.YN C. C )(;. . Queens (. ' ollege Home Kconomics and the Future Homemakers oj America .MISS ]0V McCOl.LU.M MRS. RERTll.A K. ST.WDI.KV Western Carolina College Kredonia State Normal School, French, Spanish Carver School of Missions and Social Work Spanish and The Spanish (dub Home Economics O.K., who caused the cake to tall? Miss Hemphill and her bo 5 ' s working in arts and crafts. Fanning will be sate in the hands ol these future farmers. . 1K. W.WXP: PROFFITT Berea College Airricul iirc and The Future Farmers of . 1 m erica IS MR. FRANK RAMSKY Western Carolina College and Mars Hill College Driver Training and Safety Patrol MRS. REBECCA CLARK Western Carolina College I.ihrarian and Library C.luh Driver Iraining All right! Who tried to park the car in the cafeteria? Library And I have the crayons to match. MR. JAMES F. HARWELL .Memphis State College Music, Hand, and (.’horns And a one, a two ... 19 MISS FRANCKS WINSTEAD Limestone College, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary duidance Scores, scores, and more scores! C MRS. ROSALIE C. CORBIN Woman ' s College, U.N.C., W ' estern Carolina College Physical Education, Girls ' Basketball Coach, and Girls ' Monogram Gluh Physical Education Much work is to be done before the game. MR. RICHARD STOTT Western Carolina College Physical Education, U„1, History, and Football Coach Have you seen my press clippings? 20 I WANT YOU n leads leld Huh” Senior Olicers (Le f to righlj SHAROK DUVALL, 56?cr6 flrj; ROBERT ENLOE, P;e5?V e« ; BROW’N- LOW GREENE, Treasurer; LINDA LEATHERMAN, Vice-President. oo P:LBERT ELIAS ANGEL, JK. Activities: Eootball 3, 4; Safety Patrol 2; Monogram Club 4; Engineering Day, W ' .C.C. 3,4; College Day Committee 4; Li¬ brary (Rub 3; Decoration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom 3. Future Plans: College or Air Eorce. WILLIAM ROY ASHE Future Plans: Work. •MARY LOUISE RALLEAA’ Future Plans: Work. Class of 1963 JAMES WILLARD B.ARRETT Activities: Eootball 1,2. Future Plans: . rmed Service. SARAH JANE BERRY Activities: Chorus 1,2; Spanish Club 2,3; Dramatics Club 3; E.B.L.A. 3,4, Treasurer 4; Decoration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom 3; College Day Committee 4. Future Plans: Beautician. •k HOWARD DANIEL BISHOP Activities: E.E.. . 1,2,3,4. Future Plans: ILidecided. EREDA ELI.A BR.VDLEY Activities: E.B.L.. . 3. Future Plates: College. CORNELL LYMAN BRYANT Activities: Football 2,3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; Spanish Club 2,3; Engineers ' Day 4; Decoration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom 3; Stu¬ dents ' International Discussion Club 4; Vice- President 4. Future Plans: College. 1 Mb f MICHAEL VERNON BRYSON Activities: Senior Superlative 4. Future Plans: Wildlife Protector. BETTY ANN BULGIN Activities: Student Council 2; Basketball 2; Dramatics Club 3; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Deco¬ ration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom. Future Plans: College. LARRY MAURICE BURCH Activities: Students ' International Discussion Club 2,3,4, Pres¬ ident 4; Safety Patrol 2,3,4; Chorus 2,3,4; Glee Club 3,4; Math Club 3; Football 3; United Nations Speaking Contest 3,4; Sophomore Server; Junior Marshal; Food Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom; Information Committee, College Day; Boys ' State 1962; Senior Superlative; Annual Staff 3,4; Engineers ' Day 4; Editors ' Roundtable 3,4; Morehead Scholarship Nominee; Beta Club 4. Future Plans: Undecided. KATHLEEN BURNETTE Activities: Chorus 1,2,3; Intramural Basketball 2. Future Plans: LIndecided. WALTER CLINTON BURRELL, JR. Activities: Football 1,2,3,4, Co-Captain 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4, Co-Captain 3,4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Junior Marshal; Student Council 1,2,3,4, Vice-President 3, President 4; Class Officer 1,2,3; Decoration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom; College Day Committee; Senior Superlative; Homeroom Officer 1,2; Annual Staff 3,4; Engineers ' Day 4; Student Council Con¬ vention 3; Governor ' s Youth Fitness Banquet 3; Morehead Scholarship Nominee. Future Plans: College. ARIF. ELOISE CABE Future Plans: Work. JAMES YOUEL CABE Activities: Football 1,2; Basketball 1,2,3,4, Co-Captain 4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; More- head Scholarship Nominee; Engineers ' Day 4; Senior Superlative. Future Plans: College. JUDY CAROLYN CABE Activities: F.H.A. 2,3,4; F.B.L.A. 4; Deco¬ ration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom. Future Plans: LIndecided. L4RRY NEVILLE CABE Activities: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Monogram Club 2,3,4, Vice-President 4; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, President 4. Future Plans: Undecided. MARTHA JANICE CABE Activities: Decoration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom 3. Future Plans: Work. MARY JOYCE CABE Activities: Sophomore Server; Spanish Club 2. Future Plans: Work. MARY LINDA CAGLE Activities: Glee Glub 2; Math Club 3; Decoration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom; Decoration Committee, College Day. SHIRLEY ANN CA.MPBELL Activities: Decoration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom. Future Plans: Work. DUEL EDWIN CARPENTER Activities: F.F.A. 1,2; Safety Patrol 1,2,3,4; Band 3,4, Historian 4. Future Finns: Mortician, JOSEPH WALTON CHASTAIN Activities: F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. Future Plcins: Undecided. BONNIE LEE CHEEK Activities: F.B.L.A. Future Plans: Secretary. Class of JERRY FRANKLIN CLARK Activities: Safety Patrol 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Monogram Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 4; Engineering Day 3,4; Annual Staff 3,4; Editors ' Roundtable 3, Reporter 3; College Day Com¬ mittee; Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee; Chorus 2. Future Plans: College. MARY MARGARET CLARK Activities: Spanish Club 2,3; Chorus 3,4. Future Plans: Nursing. ROY MAX CLARK Activities: Library Club 4. Future Plans: Llndecided. MICHAEL EDWARD COATES Activities: Football 1; College Day Committee; Safety Patrol 1,2,3; Senior Superlative; Engineers ' Day 4. Future Plans: College. JAMES RALPH COOK Activities: E.F.A. Future Plans: Undecided. JOSEPH SAM CRAWFORD Activities: F.F ' .A. Future Plans: Lhidecided. DORIS JFIANETTE CRUSE Activities: Chorus 2,3; Dramatics Club 3; FIditors ' Roundtable 4; Annual Stall 4; Mountain Echo Stall 4; Senior Superlative 4; (Chairman, Identification Card (iom- inittee, College Day 4; Students ' Interna¬ tional Discussion (dub 4. Future Plans: Jr. College, then .Art School. ALICE SUZANNE CUNNINGHAM Activities: Class President 1; Class Treasurer 3; Student Council Representative 1,2,3; Homecoming Court 2; Rotary Club Annual Scholastic Banquet 1,2; Sophomore Server 2; Junior .Marshal 3; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1,4; Spanish Club 2,3,4, Reporter 3; Decoration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom 3; Senior Superlative 4; F.H..A. 4, Song Leader 4; College Day Committee 4. Future Plans: College. GLENDA PAULINE CURTIS Activities: Spanish Club 2,3,4; F’.H.A. 4; Band 3; Junior Marshal 3; Library Club 3; Food Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom; Mountain Echo Staff 4; Bulletin Board Committee, College Day 4; Senior Superlative. Future Plans: Nursing. JOSEPH LANE DALTON Activities: Football 1,2; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. Future Plans: Navy or Fechnician and Constructional School. LOIS A.NN DEAL Activities: Field Day .Vaivities at W.G.C.; Sophomore Server; Junior Marshal; Rotary Club Banquet 1,2,3; Senior Super¬ lative; Beta Club. Future Plans: College. BARBARA JEAN DILLS Fxiture Plans: Join the Waves. Prom 3. Future Platis: Air Conditioning and Refrig¬ eration. LONNIE CURT DeHART Activities: Arrangement Committee, Jr.-Sr. SHIRLEY ANN DeHART Future Plans: F.B.I. NADINE NATALIE DILLS SANDRA NORTON DUVALL Activities: Student Council 1; Student Council Handbook Committee 1; J.V. Cheerleader 1; Cheerleader 2; Chorus 1,2, Pianist 2; Future Teachers Club 2, Secretary 2; Homeroom Officer 2; Sophomore Server; Junior Marshal; Invitation Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom 3; College Day Committee 4; Senior Superlative; Mountain Echo Staff 3; Beta Club 4. Future Plans: College. SHARON MAE DUVALL Activities: Student Council 1,2,3; Class Officer 2,4; Home¬ room Officer 1,2; Basketball 1,2, Manager 3,4; Chorus 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Third Vice- President of Spanish Club 3; Decoration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom 3; College Day Committee 4; Junior Representative of High School Chorus 3; Miss F.H.S. (Maid of Honor) 1,2; Senior Superlative 4. Future Plans: College. BRUCE FREDERICK ELLIOT Activities: Intramural Basketball 1; Decoration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom 3; Spanish Club 2,3,4; College Day Committee 4. Future Plans: College. BETTY SUE EMORY Activities: Spanish Club 2,3; Chorus 3,4; F.B.L.A. 4; Food Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom3. Future Plans: Undecided. JAMFIS DAVID ENLOE Activities: F.F’.A. 1,2,3,4. Future Plans: Electronics. ROBERT FREDERICK ENLOE Activities: l.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Student Council 3,4; Class President 3,4; College Day Com¬ mittee 4; Homeroom Officer, President 2; Decoration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom 3. Future Plans: College and Dairy Farmer. PATSY EARLINE FINNEY Activities: Spanish Club 2,3. Future Plans: Business College. EDWARD NORMAN FITZGERALD Future Plans: Art College. THOMAS SPENSER FOUTS Activities: F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. Future Plans: College. SHIRLEY LOUISE FRADY Activities: F ' .B.L.A. 4; Decoration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom 3. Future Plans: Work. DOUGLAS RADCLIFFE FRANKLIN Activities: Monogram Club 3,4; Spanish Club 2,3,4, President 3,4; Math Club 3; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Football 2; Homeroom Officer, President 1; Engineers ' Day 3,4; College Day Reception Committee 4; Mountain Echo Staff 4; Decoration Com¬ mittee, Jr.-Sr. Prom 3. Future Plans: College. . waiiii DOROTHY JEAN FRIZZELL Activities: Spanish Club 2,3; Chorus 3,4; F.H.A. 4; F.B.L.A. 4; DecorationCommittee, Jr.-Sr. Prom 3. Future Plans: College. WINIFRED RUTH GILLESPIE Activities: Cheerleader 1; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Rotary Banquet 1,2,3; Beta Club 3,4; Math Club 3; Students ' International Discussion Club 3; Decoration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom 3; Junior Marshal 3; Sophomore Server 2; College Day Reception Committee 4. Future Plans: College. Class of REBECCA ANN GRANT Activities: Student Council 1; Students ' International Dis¬ cussion Club 2,3; Future Teachers Club 2,3,4, Historian 3, Secretary 4; Library Club 3, State Convention 3; Beta Club 3,4, President 4; Math Club 3; Sophomore Server 2; Junior Marshal 3; Girls ' State 3; Rotary Banquet 1,2,3; College Day Flower Committee 4; U.N. Speaking Contest 3; Senior Superlative 4. Future Plans: College. EVELYN LAVERN GREEN Future Plans: Work. LINDA JOAN GREEN Activities: Sophomore Server 2; Dramatics Club 3; Spanish Club 3; F ' uture Teachers Club 4, Treasurer 4. THADDASS BROWNLOW GREENE Activities: F.F.. . 1,2,3,4; Senior Class Ireasurer 4. Future Plans: Mortician. LONA WAYNE GREGORY VIRGINIA JOYGE GREGORY SHIRLENE BETH GRIBBLE Future Plans: Work. Activities: F.B.L.A. 4. Future Plans: Business Gollege. PAUL EDWARD GUY Activities: Spanish Club 3; Chorus 3; Library Club 4; College Day Committee. Future Plans: College. MICHAEL WILLIAM HASTINGS Activities: College Day Committee. Future Plans: College. GEORGE ALVIN HEALY Activities: Football 1,2,3,4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Math Club 3; Spanish Club 2,3; Annual Staff 4; Decoration Com¬ mittee, jr.-Sr. Prom; College Day Committee; Engineers ' Day 4; F.ditors ' Roundtable. Future Plans: College. AARON BRUCE HEDDEN Activities: Football 1,2,3,4; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; College Day Com¬ mittee 4; Engineers ' Day 3. Future Plans: Trade School. JIMMY ODELL REDDEN Future Plans: Work. LINDA SUE HENDERSON Activities: Library Club 1,2,3, Treasurer 2,3; Chorus 2; Annual Staff 3,4; F.H.A. 4; Information Committee, College Day 4; Decoration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom 3; Student Council 2; Senior Superlative 4. Future Plans: College. ROY CLIFTON HENSON Activities: F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Arrangements Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom. Future Plans: Work. SANDRA ELAINE HENSON Activities: Chorus 1,2,3; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Dramatics Club 3; F.B.L.A. 3,4; Decoration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom; U.N. Speaking Contest 3; Students ' International Discussion Club 4; Band 3. Future Plans: College. SHARON SUZANNE HENSON Activities: Chorus 1,2,3; Spanish Club 2,3; Invitation Com¬ mittee, Jr.-Sr. Prom; College Day Committee; President of Homeroom 1; Secretary 2; Jr. Varsity Cheerleader 1; Var¬ sity Cheerleader 2,3,4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Library Club 4; Students ' International Discussion 3,4. Future Plans: College. GEORGE LEE HIGDON Activities: F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. Future Plans: Music and Work. JAGK WILBURN HODGINS Future Plans: U.S. Air Force. ADA MAE HOLLAND Future Plans: Work. Club 2,3,4, Second Vice-President 3, Third Future Plans: ' ’orV. Vice-President 4. Future Plans: College. MARTHA JANE HOILMAN Activities: Jr. Varsity Cheerleader 1; Chorus 2,3; Decoration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom; Pennant Committee, College Day; Spanish HELEN PAULINE HOLBROOKS Activities: Basketball 1; P’.B.L.A. Club 3; Intramural Basketball I; Intramural V ' olley- ball 2; Decoration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom. DENNIS SHERRILL HOLLAND Future Plans: Armed Services. FREDA JANE HOLLAND Activities: F.B.L.A. Club 4. Future Plans: Business College. LEE EVERETT HOLLAND Future Plans: Undecided. LEON CORDON HOLLAND Activities: Spanish Club 2,3,4; Math Club 3,4; Monogram Club 2; Football 1,2. Future Plans: College. LINDA GAIL HOLLAND VERENA CAROL HOLLAND CORA LEE HOPPER Future Plans: Work. Future Plans: Religious Work. Future Plans: Business College. Class of FRANCES CAROLYN HORN Activities: Chorus 3,4; F.H.A. 3,4; F.B.L.A. 4. Future Plans: Business College. FRANCES KAY HOUSTON Future Plans: Undecided. NANCY CAROL HUNTER Activities: Chorus 1,2,3; Spanish Club 3. Future Pkms: College. BEA ANN HURST Activities: F.H.A. 3,4; Food Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom. Future Plans: Beautician. JAMES HERBERT HURST Future Plans: Work or Armed Service. FRANCES MARIE HVLTON Activities: Student Council 1; F.B.L.A. 3; Intramural Basketball 1; Intramural Volley¬ ball 2; Decoration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom. Future Plans: X-Ray Technician. AMY THOMASIXE JENKINS Activities: F.H.A. 3; Food Committee, Jr.- Sr. Prom. Future Plans: Nurses ' Training or Work MAMIE BOBBALINE JENKINS Activities: F.H.A. 3; Food Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom. Future Plans: Nurses ' Training or Work. EVA NELL JOHNSON Future Plans: Beautician and Marriage. HOWARD THOMAS JOHNSON Activities: Beta Club 3,4; Vice-President 4; Hi Pi Club 3; Spanish Club 2,3; Boys ' State 3; Nominee Morehead Sch¬ olarship; Reception Committee, College Day 4; Sophomore Server 2; Junior Marshal 3; Rotary Honor Banquet 3. Future Plans: College SHIRLEY ANN JOHNSON Activities: F.B.L.A. 2,3,4, Reporter 3, ’ice-President; F.H.A. 4, Reporter 4; Library Club 4, Secretary 4. Future Plans: Secretary. MILDRED SUE JONES Activities: F.H.A. 3; F.B.L.A. 4. Future Plans: Beautician. CLARA RUTH KEENER Future Plans: Secretary. GERALD LEE KEENER Future Plans: Air Force. Class of WANDA SUE KEENER Future Plans: Industrial Wo rk. CAROLYN DWAIN KINSLAND Activities: Chorus 2,3,4; Sophomore Server; Rotary Club Honor Banquet 2,3; Library Club 3; Beta Club 3,4; Home¬ room Secretary 3; Junior Marshal; Advance Information Committee, College Day 4; Band 3. Future Plans: College. BRENDA JOYCE KIRKLAND Activities: Spanish Club 3; Dramatics Club 3; Decoration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom 3; Senior Superlative. Future Plans: Occupational Therapy. LINDA CAROL LEATHERMAN Activities: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Monogram Club 1,2,3,4, Pres¬ ident 4; Chorus 2; Student Council 3,4; Secretary of Junior Class; Vice-President of Senior Class; Homecoming Court 2; Miss FHS Court 3,4; F.B.L.A. 2,3,4; President 3, Reporter 4; F.H.A. 4; Senior Superlative; Decoration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom 3. Fidure Plans: College. DEARL ELLIS LEDFORD Activities: Decoration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom 3; Library Club 4; F.B.L.A. Club 4. Future Plans: College or Air Force. JOSEPH FRANK MARTIN, JR. Activities: U.N. Speaking Contest 3; Clean up Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom 3; Parking Com¬ mittee, College Day 4. DAYTON IMBRAY MASIIBURN Activities: F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Sophomore Server 2; Junior Marshal 3. Future Plans: LTidecided. DENNIS CARROLL MASON Future Plans: Trade School. MILDRED LOUISE McMOY Activities: Invitation Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom 3. Future Plans: Marriage. CORA LOURENE McGAHA Activities: F.H.A. 2,4. Future Plans: F.B.l. work or Airline Hostess. MILDRED ANN MONTEITH Activities: Spanish Club 2; Student Council 3; Class Officer 3; Refreshment Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom 3. Future Plans: Business School. DONALD EUGENE MOORE Future Plans: College. HAROLD WILLIAM MOORE Future Plans: LTndecided. CHARLES HAROLD MORGAN, JR. Activit ies: Furniture and Clean-up Commit¬ tees, College Day. Future Plans: Undecided. Class of MARY FRANCES MYERS Activities: Future Teachers 2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3; Dec¬ oration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom; Bulletin Board Committee, College Day; Library Club 2. Future Plans: College. MARCIA KAY OLSON Activities: Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Mountain Echo Staff 3,4, Editor 4; Girls ' Monogram Club 3,4; Chairman Decoration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom 3; Sophomore Server 2; Reception Committee, College Day 4; Homeroom Officer 2; Intramural Basketball 1; Cborus 1,2,3; Editors ' Roundtable 3,4; Junior Marshal; Students ' International Discussion Club 4, Sec.- Treas. 4. Future Plans: College. PATRICIA ANN OWENBY Activities: Homeroom Officer 3; Decoration Committee, Jr.- Sr. Prom 3. Future Plans: Business College. SALLY JANE PASSMORE Activities: Sophomore Server 2; Chorus 3; Secretary and Treasurer of Class 2. Future Plans: Recording Artist and Teaching. 1963 Activities: Activities: LINDA SLIR PHILLIPS Activities: Annual Staff 3,4, Editor-in-Chief 4; P’.T.A. 2,3,4; Hi Pi Club 3, Secretary- Treasurer 3; BetaClub3,4,Secretary-Treas- urer 4; Student Council 3,4; Homeroom Officer 4; Magazine Sales Team Captain 3; Co-Chairman, Decoration Committee, Jr.- Sr. Prom 3; Flower Committee, College Day 4; Library Club 3,4, President 4; Edi¬ tors’ Roundtable 3,4; Academic Field Day, VV.C.C., 2; Rotary Club Honor Banquet 1,2,3; Junior Marshal; Sophomore Server; Girls ' State 1962; United Nations Speaking Contest 3, Winner 3; Students ' International Discussion Club 2,3. Future Plans: College. GENE THOMAS RABY Decoration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom3; Basketball4. Future Plans: Undecided. JOHNNY LEWIS RABY Activities: Safety Patrol 3,4. Future Plans: Undecided. RUTH ANNETTE RABY F.H.A. 4; Invitation Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom 3. Future Plans: Business School or ork. WILEY EUGENE RANKIN Future Plans: Navy. RANDALL MARSHALL PEAK Activities: Senior Superlative. Future Plans: Work. SARAH LETITIA PRICE Activities: Cheerleader 1,2,3,4, Captain 4; Monogram Club 3,4,Secretary 4;3 ot « am Echo Staff 3,4; Editors ' Roundtable 3,4; Chorus 1; Decoration Committee, Jr.-.Sr. Prom 3; Information Committee, College Day 4; Students ' International Discussion Club 4. Future Plans: College. LINDA INEZ REVIS Activities: Math Club 3; LI.N. Speaking Contest 3; Decoration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom 3; School Reporterto Franklin Press 3. Future Platis: Llndecided. KENNETH LEON REYNOLDS Activities: Spanish Club 2,3; Decoration Committee, |r.-Sr. Prom 3. Future Plans: College. EVA NELL ROBINSON Future Plans: Work. Class of CALVIN HARLEY ROGERS Activities: F.F.A. 1,2; F ' .B.L.A. 4. Future Plans: Undecided. LINDA TAYLOR ROTEN Activities: F.B.L.A. 4; Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3. Future Plans: Undecided. HENRY CECIL ROWLAND Future Plans: Undecided. EVA LYN SAMS Activities: Basketball 2,3; Monogram Club 3,4, Vice-Pres¬ ident 4; Intramural Basketball and Volleyball 1,2; Senior Superlative; Band 4, Senior Class Representative 4. Future Plans: Professional Nurse. BILLY FURMAN SANDERS Future Plans: Work. GLINDA LEE SANDERS Activities: Basketball 1; Student Council 2; F.B.L.A. 2,3 4, Secretary 4; Library Club 3,4, Vice-President 4; F.H.A. 4, Parliamen¬ tarian; Intramural Volleyball 3. Future Plans: Housewife. JOYCE ANN SANDERS Activities: Spanish Club 2,3; F.H.. . 4. Future Plans: Beautician. JENNIFER JEANETTE SEAY Activities: French Club 1, Beta Club 2; Cheerleader 2; Clee Club 2; Student Council 4; Senior Superlative 4. Future Plans: Nursing. CAROLYN JUANITA SETSER Activities: F.B.L.A. 3,4, Historian 3,4; Decoration Commit¬ tee, Jr.-Sr. Prom. Future Plans: Business College. CLENDA LOU SHEFFIELD Activities: F.H.A. 3. Future Plans: Beautician. SHIRLEY ANN SHEPHERD Activities: F.B.L.A. 4. Future Plans: Beautician. JULIA ANN SHIELDS Activities: ]r. Varsity Cheerleader 1; Stu¬ dent Council 1; Library Club 1,3; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Future ' I’eacher ' s Club 3,4; Dec¬ oration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom 3; College Day Committee 4; Chorus 2,3; Students ' International Discussion Club 4. Future Plans: College. NEWTON DONALD SHIELDS Activities: Football Mgr. 3,4; Basketball Mgr. 4; Monogram Club 3,4; Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3; Students ' International Dis¬ cussion Club 4; F’.F’.A. 2,3,4. Future Plans: Armed Service. LARRY NELSON SHORE Activities: F.F’.A. 1,2,3,4; FMotball 4. Future Plans: Undecided. Class of JOSEPHINE GUEST SHULER Activities: Spanish Club 2,3,4; Dramatics Club 3. Future Plans: Housewife. BENNIE EUGENE SMITH Future Plans: LIndecided. JERRY ROBERT SORRELLS Activities: F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. Future Plans: Armed Forces. WILLIAM BRENT SOUTHARD Activities: Decoration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom 3. Future Plans: Meat Cutter. CHARLES DWIGHT SOUTHARD Activities: F.F.A. 2,3,4. Future Plans: Work. GLENDA FAV STAMEY Future Plans: Work DONNA JEAN STEWART Activities: Chorus 2; Rotary Honor Banquet 1,2,3; Sopho¬ more Server 2; Junior Marshal 3; Beta Club 3,4; Library Club 3; F.T.A. 3; President 4; Decoration Committee for Junior-Senior Prom 3; College Day Committee 4; Students ' International Discussion Club 4; Laurel ,c« Staff 3,4. Future Plans: College. JANICE CAROL STEWART Activities: Laurel Lcaj Staff 3,4; Sophomore Server 2; Glee Club 1,2,3; Math Club 3; Students ' International Discu ssion Club 3,4; College Day Committee 4; Library Club 3,4; Decoration Committee for Junior-Senior Prom 3. Future Plans: College. EMMA LOU STANFIELD Activities: Sophomore Server 2; Rotary Ban¬ quet 2,3; Beta Club 3,4; Spanish Club 3; Decoration Committee for Junior-Senior Prom 3; Library Club 3; Librarian of Future Teachers 3; Bulletin Board Committee for College Day 4; Junior .Marshal 3; Home¬ room Officer 2. Future Plans: llndecided. MARGARET INEZ STILES Activities: F.H.A. 4. Future Plans: Work. JOHN DAVID SWAN Activities: Football 1,2,3,4; Co-Captain of Football 4; Bas¬ ketball 1,2,3,4; .Monogram Club 2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; College Day Committee 4; Engineering Day, W.C.C.; .Morehead Scholarship Nominee; Senior Superlative 4; Decoration Com¬ mittee for Junior-Senior Prom 3; Homeroom Officer 2; Class Ofiicer 1. Future Flam: College. BRUCE RANDO LPH TALLENT HELEN TALLENT WAYNE REECE TALLENT Future Flans: Automobile Mechanic. Future Flans: Jr AtciAeA. Activities: Spanish Club 2,3; Library Club 2; Football 3. Future Flans: Air Force. WALTER CORUiMN TAYLOR, JR. Activities: F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Football; Math Club 3; Safety Parol 3; College Day Committee 4; Parliamentary Procedure Team 3,4. Future Flans: Highway Patrol. JAMES MARION TEAGUE Activities: Math Club 3; Spanish Club 2,3; Chorus 2,4; Stu¬ dents ' International Discussion Club 4; Decoration Committee for Junior-Senior Prom .3; College Day Committee 4. Future Flatus: College. JOSEPHINE MARIE THOMAS Future Flans: Work. JOHN DOUGLAS THOMPSON Future Flans: Armed Services. NANCY CAROL THOMPSON Activities: Student Council 1, 2, 3; Future Teachers 2,3; Secretary 3; Beta (dub 3,4; Reporter 4; Mountain Echo Staff 3,4; As¬ sistant Editor 3; Managing PMitor 4; Rotary Club Honor Banquet 1,2,3; Sophomore Server 2; Junior Marshal3; F’ditors ' Round¬ table 3,4; Chorus 2; Publicity Committee for Junior-Senior Prom 3; Senior Superlative 4; Decoration Committee for Junior-Senior Prom 3; Miss Franklin High Court 3, Future Plans: Undecided. CONDA JUANITA VAUGHN Activities: Future Teachers 2,4; Library Club 4. Future Plans: College. DENNIS L RRY VINSON Activities: taieiy Patrol 1,2,3. Future Plans: U.S. Marine Corps. PAUL EDWARD VINSON Activities: Football 3; Spanish Club 2; Safety Patrol 3. I ' uture Plans: U.S. Marine Corps. SANDRA NICHOLA WARD Activities: Library Club 1; Chorus 1; Decoration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom. Future Plans: College. GUN DA DORIS TIPPETT ANN CHERYL VAUGHN Activities: Future Homemakers 3,4; Library Club 4. Future Plans: Beautician. Activities: Students ' International Discus¬ sion Club 4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Rotary Club Honors Banquet 1,2,3; Stmhomore Server 2; Decoration Committee for Junior-Senior Prom 3; Beta Club 3,4; Dramatics Club 3; Girls ' State 3; Junior Marshal 3; Basket¬ ball 3; Band 3; Chairman, Reception Com¬ mittee for College Day 4. Future Plans: College, then Pediatric Nursing EDITH CAROL WATTS WILLIE KAY WILKES DOYLE RONALD WOODS Future Plans: Reautician, Marriage. Future Plans: Work. Activities: Spanish Club 3; F.B.L.A. 3. Future Plans: Barber College. Class of 1963 V ♦ f HAROLD MARVIN WOODY Activities: Decoration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom; College Day Committee. Future Plans: LIndecided. HARRY WAYNE YONCE Activities: Football 1,3,4; Monogram Club 1,2,3,4; Chorus 2; Boys ' State 1962; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Library Club 2; Decoration Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom. Future Plans: College. WILLIAM GARY YOUNG Activities: EB.L.A., President 4; Safety Patrol 1,2,3,4, Captain 4. Future Plans: Radio Announcer and Engineer. 46 r the Good and the Bad " Listen, boys, if I ' ve told you once, I have told you a hundred times, these tardies must cease. W’e weren ' t doing nut ' in. W’e were just standing around the house—doing nut ' in at all. 47 “Campus Scenes " 1. High School 2. (Jymnasiuin 3. Music Building 4. Agriculture Building 48 " Pushing foruiard " i,. Junior Officers (Left to right) KENNETH CABE, Vice-President; ROBERT GIBSON, Treasurer; JANE B YRD,-Sfcretorj ' ; JHM SIMPSON, PreizV ew . 50 Jean Ammons Margaret Ammons J.C. Anderson Gene Angel Joyce Angel Paul Armes Lewis Ashe Jo Evelyn Barnard Sam Barnard Helen Barnes Ronnie Barnes Toby Bateman Ila Sue Blaine Janice Blaine Ronnie Bolton 51 Jerry Bowers Elizabeth Bradlev mm Richard Bradley Sonja Bren die Shelba Jean Browning Merrilee Bryson Carolyn Buchanan Leon Buchanan Michael Burnette Jane Byrd Benny Cabe Jo Cabe Class of 1964 Johnny Cabe Kenneth Cabe Wenona Cabe 52 Zeb Cabe Jackie Carpenter Carolyn Clouse Lawrence Cook Pearl Cook Alex Corbin Linda Corbin Pinkney Corbin Syble Cowart Jean Crawford Sue Crawford Nick Cruse Class of 1964 Cladys ( ' unningham Ixjuise Cunningham Max Cunningham 53 Pam Cunningham Peggy Cunningham Bobby Dalton Eugene Dean Mary Frances Dills Marie Dowdle Dorothy Dowdle Frances Duncan Shelia Duvall Jean Elliot Arland Fvitt Tommy Fagg Class of 1964 Larry Ferguson Donald Fisher L. r. Gibson 54 Robbie Gibson Bill Glvvlnnes Claire Belle Graham Ronnie Gregory Joe Hall Nancy Hannah Sue Hawks Deuane Hedden Glenda Henderson Joyce Henry Kay Holbrooks Thad Holden Class of 1964 Delorls Holland Sheila Holland V ' eril Holland OO Johnny Holt Janie Hooper Margaret Horn Bill Houston Dennis Houston Ernestine Jones Hazel Jones Nancy Jones Shirley Kell Carolyn Kinsland Jane Knight Charles La Boone Class of 1984 Vivian Lambert Charles I dbetter Vivian Lindstrom 56 Pat Mace Stanley Marvin Carolyn Mashburn Linda Mashburn Terry Mashburn Jean Mason Sharon Mason Alice McCabe Jessie McCall Louise McCall Cecilia McCleskey Jennie Sue McConnell Class of 1964 Wade McConnell Hetty McDonald Doug McDowell Oi June McDowell Lee McGlamery Frances McIntyre Lavaunda Miller Linda Moffitt Shelba Jean Moore Roger Morgan Ann Morrow Johnny Myers Alvin Nicholson Tommy Nolen Gail Norris Ricky Norton Harry Pattillo Pat Patton 5S Randy Pendergrass Marion Pitts John Pohlenz Pat Poole Susan Richardson Louise Rogers Helton Sanders Kathryn Sanders Sue Sanders J udy Scott Jimmy Scroggs Sammy Seagle Class of 19G4 Josephine Shepherd Jerry Shope Revena Shuler 59 Jimmy Simpson Larry Smith Stanley St. Clair Becky Stiles Ronald Tallent Frances Taylor Jimmy Taylor Randall ’aughn Janice Watson Andy Wilson Willis Wilson Carole ’urst Class of 1964 Billy Wykle Dale Young Gene Young 60 i Ilieir UJay " • it H m. C;f_ 1 f Sophomore Officers (Left to right) BEN GRANT, President; TOMMY CARPENTER, Vice-Presideyit; MAVIS DOWDLE, Secretary-Treasurer. 62 Class ol 1X5 James Ammons Reagon Ammons Virginia Ammons Mary Rachel Angel Howard Barnes Arizona Beasley Alfred Bennett Mary Bingham Daniel Bolide Carolyn Bowers Douglas Brendle Gary Brabson James Brabson Jackie Brown Pat Bryson Brenda Buchanan Denzel Buchanan Joe Buchanan data Burch Jo Ann Burch James Burrell Janice Burrell Doyle Byrd Gary Bvrd Frances Cabe Jane Cabe Phyllis Cabe Arnold Carpenter F.dward Carpenter Joyce Carpenter Tommy Carpenter Danny Chase Carolyn Chastain F nest Chastain Nancy Chastain Joyce Cheek 63 Bill Enloe Charlie Enloe Konnie Ealls Clenn Eitzgerald Class of 1965 David Cloer Larry Cloer Johnny Cloer Danny Coates Kathy Cochran Billy Collins Jackie Cook Leonard Cook Max Cook ' iolet Cook Johnny Cooper Martha Crawford Lommy Crawford Ella Mae Crisp John Crisp Peggy Crisp Sandra Crownover Carolyn Crunkleton Evelyn Dalrymple Beverly Dalton Jimmy Daniel Beverly Darnell Jean Dills Juanita Sue Dills Lloyd Donaldson Gail Dowdle Lora Dowdle Mavis Dowdle Donald Duncan Cheryl Duvall Larry Duvall Barbara Elders Jackie Elliott Rita Elmore Kurt Emmrich Wayne English 64 Irances Franklin Hugh Franklin Bruce Franks Ben Grant Linda Gibson Linda Sue Gibson Joyce Guffey Alberta Green Maxine Green Pete 11 aithcock Guy Hawks Gary Hedden Nat Henry Nellie Henry Billy Higdon Dorothy Higdon Janice Hodgins Bruce Holbrooks Gora Lee Holden Arbutus Holland Barbara Holland Flunice Holland Landy Holland Lois Holland Judy Holland Richard Holland Wilma Holland Dennis Hooper Shirley Hughes Bobby Hunt Barbara Hurst Brenda Hurst Dennis Hurst Harry Jacobs Bill Jamison Nicky Jamison 65 Class of 1965 Margie Justice Tommy Justice Melba Keener Ruby Nell Kell Johnny Kiser Donald Lakey Margaret Leatherwood Harriett I edbetter Elizabeth I edford Wanda Ixdford N ancy Lee Ixopard Ray Lindsey Cynthia Lynch Jimmy Martin Judy Martin Patsy Mashburn Johnny McCall Jerry McClure Sammy McClure Chester McConnell Harley McConnell Lee Roy McConnell Margaret McCoy Rosalyn McCoy Dennis McCowell Billy McCaha Henry McMahan Jessie Meadows Frank Moffitt Erskine Monteith Betty Jean Moore Pat Moore Bruce Morgan Linda Morgan Mary Lee Morgan Louise Moses 66 junior I’atton Dollie Peek (ilenda Peek Ann Pendergrass Rita Pendergrass Ronald Pendergrass Bill Penland Dorothy Pennington Kaye Philips (laye Philips Donna Poole (lathy Price judy Pruett Betty Raby Lena Raby Tim Raby Benny Ramsey Kverett Randall Benny Reeves Randall Rogers ( ' .ary Roland Audrey Roper (lurley Rowland (larolyn Sanders (Hinton Sanders Brenda Seagle Dorothy Seagle Linda Seay Peggy Sheffield Pommy Sherrill Ann Shephard June Shephard Patsy Shephard R. ’. Shields Linda Shook Benny Shope 67 Class of 1965 Kent Southards Tim Southards Sidney Southards Betty Mae Stamey Jerry Stamey Lois Stamey Brenda Stewart Elem Stuart David Stiles Patsy Stiles Annette Swafford James Swafford Martha Swafford Beth Swan Doug Tallent Fleta Tallent James Tallent Joyce Tallent Shirley Tallent Carole Ann Taylor Linda Teem Truman Tippett Gary Tyler Wanda Tyler Nancy Vanhook Susie Vanhook Bill Vanhook Alan Vinson Jo Ann Vinson Betty Sue Waldroop Linda Wallace Mary Ann Wallace Sandra Watkins Gary Welch Norma Jean Welch Dixie West 68 “first Time Around " freshman Officers (Left to right) CAROLYN MOSES, Secretary-Treasurer: ANDY NORTON, Vice- President; DENNIS SANDERS, TO Richard Alexander Diane Anders Barbara Anderson Brenda Anderson Class of 1966 Ellis Anderson Douglas Angel I la Angel Ronnie Arms Elaine Baldwin Harold Barrett roniniy Bateman Barbara Bates Donald Bates Joyce Bates .Sue Bell Ricky Blaine (ilenn Blanton Larry Bolick Mary Bolton Dennis Bowers Morlan Bowman Jackie Brabson Dene Bradley Rebecca Bradley Terry Bradley Blanche Brown Jerry Brown Stephen Brown Edward Bryant I.eslie Bryson Delores Dabe Dennis Dabe .Martha Dabe Steve Cabe William Dabe James Carpenter Betty Chastain Jerry Chastain Ned Chastain Clarence Clark .Neville Clark Ronnie Clark Sandra Clark Thad Clark Brent Cochran Judy Cochran 71 Lloyd Collier Susie Collins Harvey Conner Bobby Cook Class of 1966 David Corbin Jo Ann Corbin Don Cowart Diane Cowart Betty Cox Marie Cox Ernest Craine Janice Crisp Mary Crisp Teresa Crisp Leonard Cross Bobby Crownover Lynn Cruse Mike Cunningham Ray Cunningham Ruth Cunningham Troy Dalrymple Phyllis Deal Larry Deitz Linda Dendy Gary Dills Alvin Doster Charles Dowdle Pauline Dowdle Clyde Downs Dennis Downs Max Downs Billy Drinnon Gail Elliott Imogene Elliott Edith English Emma Lee Evans Luanne Evans Randy Farmer Peggy Foxworthy Deborah Franks Katie Franks Billy Garrison Judson Gibson Betty Gladwell Lila Graham Pat Grant 72 Eddie Green Frankie Green Lee Green Evelyn Gregory Class of 1966 Jerry L. Guffey Jerry R. Guffey Wanda Guffey David Gunnin Bessie Haskett Janie Haskett Carol Hastings Joyce Healy Charles Hedden Curtis Hedden Joan Hedden Louise Hedden Steve Hedden Tommy Henry Kathleen Hickson Ronnie Hodgin Patricia Hodsed Eddie Hoilman Homer Holbrooks Lula Belle Holbrooks Kenneth Holbrooks Barbara Holland Jimmy Holden Doyle Holland Glenn Holland Perry Holland Ronald Holland Baye Hopkins Linda Hopkins Ann Houston David Houston Elaine Houston Wayne Houston Jerry Hunnicutt Beverly Hunter Frank Hunter Arthur Hurst, Jr. Bob Huscussion Suzy Hyde Mary Jamison Barbara Jenkins Howard Johnson 73 Barbara Jones Peggy Justice Janice Keener Phillip Keener Class of 1906 Rebecca Kirkman Elsa Kuppers Jimmy banning, Jr. Deraid Ledford Harold Ledford Linda Ledford Mary Ledford David Long Glenda Long Linda Long Diane Lovell George Lynch Joyce Maney Cheryl Mashburn Eddie Mason Tommy McCall Roy McClure Claude McCoy Geraldine McCoy J.C. McCoy Michael McCoy Bobby McConnell Donald McConnell Gerald McConnell Lloyd McConnell Michael McDowell Annilee McGaha Beatrice McGaha Bobby McMahan David Monteith Lillie Mae Morgan Ann Moses Carolyn Moses Carolyn Nolen Ruth Nolen Harry Norris Maxine Norris Andy Norton Martha Norton Woodrow Norton Elaine Owens Jerry Parrish 74 l roy I’arrish Xoniia Peterman David Pitts Celia Poindexter Class of 1966 Jerry Poindexter Nancy Powell Kent Pressley Dear! Prince Joyce Queen Ted Queen Russell Kaby Wanda Ray Tommy Ramsey Robert Randall Diana Reed Steve Reeves Suzanne Reeves Glenda Reynolds Linda Robinson Betty Jean Rogers Ray Rogers Mitchell Rowland Billy Sams Bennie Sanders Dennis Sanders Mary Sanders Roger Sanders Brenda Scott Gladys Scroggs Betty Shepherd George Shepherd Jean Shields Betty Sue Shope Steve Sliope Gharles Shuler Sandra Shuler Jane Smith Randy Sorrells Kdwin Southard Patsy Southards Brenda Stamev Dolly Stewart I ' ommy Stinson Gloria Stiwinter Morris Stiwinter I.inda Stoudemire lO Alton Sutton, Jr. Sharlene Sutton Danny Swafford Alvin Tallent Brenda Tallent Nancy Tallent Class of 1966 Shirley Tallent Scotty Thomas Brenda Thompson Judy Turpin Glandon V ' aughn Jerry Vinson Peggy Vinson Sarah Vinson Lewis Walker Joan Welch Charles Ward Wallace Watts Jerry Welch Patricia West Kay Wilkes Vonnie Wilson Wilma Wilson Betty Wood Elaine Wood June Wood Wanda Wood Donald Worley Gloria Wright Bonnie Young Christmas presents for those who have been good, And for those who have been bad. 76 JOHN SWAN Fullback ALVIN HEALY Halfback LYMAN BRYANT Center JERRY CLARK Guard WAYNE YONCE End BUDDY ANGEL Tackle BRUCE HEDDEN Guard football 1962 SCHEDULE .Clayton 19 .Andrews 7 .Clarkesville 39 .Murphy 27 .Hayesville 12 .Sylva 32 .Robbinsville 7 .Swain 13 Franklin 7. .Westminster 34 78 JIM SIMPSON Tackle JERRY BOWERS Tackle TOM FAGG Tackle ALEX CORBIN Guard PAUL ARMES Guard J.C. ANDERSON Tackle MAX CUNNINGHAM Tackle JOE HALL Qiiarterback JIM TAYLOR Center GENE YOUNG Halfback LAWRENCE COOK Halfback LEONARD COOK Halfback BOBBY HUNT Halfliack BEN GRANT End LARRY CLOER Fullback DENNIS HOUSTON End LEWIS ASHE End DEUANE HEDDEN End 79 Dick Stott, Head Coach, (Left) Grady Corbin, Line Coach, (Right) Hdp! Co-Captains, Sonny Burrell and John Swan. 80 OOOFFHH ..! lUXIOF VAKSrrV, First tow, (left to right): Danny Reynolds, Homer Hol¬ brooks, Dovlc Holland, F.ddy Hoilman, Andy Norton, Dennis Sanders, Hobby (look. Second row: Lonnie (Irawlord, f Assistant coacttj. Tommy Berry, Charlie Ward, Jerry Chastain, (denn Holland, Frank Moffitt. Harold Harrell, F.dward Hrvanl. Third row l onard Cro.s.-., . llon Sulton, Konnie Arnu-■ David Long. Steve Hrown. and l ominv Kabv, ( ' ‘aicln 81 JOYCE ANGEL Forward SHELIA DUVALL Forward FRANCES TAYLOR Forward MAVIS DOVVDLE Guard LINDA LEATHERMAN Forward LINDA CORBIN Guard 1 DIANA CLAY Forward CAROLYN MOSi:S Forward PATSY STILES Forward SARAH VINSON Forward SHARON DUVALL Manager ROSALIE CORBIN Coach DEBORAH FRANKS Forward BONNIE YOUNG Forward DIANE ANDERS Guard GLENDA REYNOLDS Guard JEAN SHIELDS Guard CAROL TAYLOR Guard MARY ANN WALLACE Guard FRANCES ANN BERRY Guard 83 Boys’ Basl etbai JOHN SWAX (kuird LARRY CARE Fonvurd Tickle, tickle, tickle. Twelve hands for an elusive ball. First and ten ... RADDY FRANKLIN Forward SONNY BURRELL C.cnlvr JIM CABF Guard Hi; Two points. TO.MMV KABV Coach NKWTON SHIELDS ANM) JIM .MARTIN Managers 1 RILL HOUSTON Forward DENNIS HOUSTON Guard JOE HALL Guard L.T. CIBSON Forward BOBBY Hl ' NI (!ua rd OENE K. BV Center HUOH FK. NKLI. Forward OENE VOUNO Center TOM.M V C.VRl’KN l EK (, ' uard . NDV WILSON I , 1 S3 (Counterclockwise): Susie Ilenson, Marcia Olson, Sue Crawford, Donna Poole, Sally Price (Captain), Judy Pruitt, Jane Byrd, Carole Wurst, Frances Duncan, Jane Cabe. First row (left to right): Elsa Kuppers, Pat West, Mary Bolton, Dolly Stewart. Second row: Edith English, Suzy Hyde, Rebecca Kirknian, Jo Ann Corbin, Barbara Ann Jenkins. L r ' v x 1 $3 Mri rote to ntfA -Harold l.edford, . ndy Norton, Homer Holbrooks, Steve Cabe, Dennis Sanders, Jerry Chastain. Second row: David Pitts, Doug Angel, Cradv C.orh ' m fC.oach). .Alton Sutton, Deraid l.edford. 87 It ' s mine! (CAockwise) Sonny Burrell, Larry Cabe, Raddy Franklin, Jim Cabe, John Swan, 88 Laurel Leaf Slaff MR. MORROW Sponsor LINDA SUE PHILLIPS Editor-in-Chief JANICE STEWART Copy Editor JEAN CRAWFORD Assistant Editor JERRY CLARK Business Manager LINDA HENDERSON Senior Editor 90 DONNA STEWART Activities Editor SUE SANDERS Features Editor SONNY BURRELL Sports Editor PAT POOLE Junior Editor LARRY BURCH Class Editor PAT PATTON Business Staff HARRY PATTILLO Business Staff SUSAN RICHARDSON Sophomore Editor JANICE BLAINE DORIS CRUSE Ereshnian Editor Art Editor AIATN HEALY Photographer JIM MARIIX , I vVi Onit PhttUi- riiphi i 91 “Tillers of the tarth " OFFICERS, First row: Sam Crawford, Treasurer; LT. Gibson, Sentinel; Larry Shope, Re¬ porter. Second row: Tommy Fonts, Vice-President; Brownlow Greene, Secretary; Larry Cabe, President. The primary aim of the Future Farmers of America is the development of agricultural leader¬ ship, cooperation, and citizenship. It encourages and trains present and prospective farmers for proficiency in farming. This exhibit made by the f’.F’.A. won the Grand Champion prize at the Macon County Fair. 92 future farmers of America Puture Farmers must learn to use all types of machinery. Three Future Farmers try their skill at sawing boards. First row (left to right): Tarry Rollick, Steve Holland, Harold I,edford, Nat Henry, Benny Reeves, Curley Holland, Steve Bradley, Bruce Holbrooks, Dayton Mashburn, Ernest Chastain, I.ewis Ashe, F ' -dward Carpenter. Second row: Robert Enloe, Zeb Cabe, L.T. Gibson, Newton Shields, Larry Cabe, Larry Shope, Roy Lindsey, Charlie Enloe, Dale Young, Gary Hedden, Timmy Raby, Billy Drinnon, Wayne Proffitt (Adviser). Third row: Clyde Downs, Jr., Sam Crawford, Tommy Barry, Randal Vaughn, Jimmy Taylor, Joe Buchanan, Steve Cabe, Richard .Alexander, FTlis Anderson, Glandon ' aughn, Dennis Cabe, Bruce Morgan. Fourth row: l,eslie Bryson, George Higdon, Jerry Sorrells, Brownlow Greene, Roy McClure, James Cook, Tim Southard, Bill Collins, Delbert Clouse, ErnestCrane,Gary Welch, Morris Stlwinter, Brent Cochran. Fifth row: Ronald Tallent, Helton Sanders, Randal Sorrells, .Alvin Tallent, Ronald Bolton, Gerald McConnell, Daniel Bollick, Roger Morgan, Wayne Flnglish, .Arnold Carpenter, Fidward Gregory, .Mitchell Huggins, Randy Farmer. Sixth row: Bill Enloe, Doyle Byrd, Dennis Bowers, Gary Brabson, Donald .McConnell, Lane Dalton, Joe Chastain, Howard Bishop, Bobby Dalton, DouglasGrendle, Buddy Tavlor, Tommy Fouts. 93 Print’’ Itie (llountain tctio Miss Collins, sponsor, and Marcia Olson, editor. Clair Belle Graham, assistant editor, and Polly Curtis, neios editor. Doris Cruse, art editor, and [inimy WdLixin, photographer. Sally Price and Carol Thompson, managing editors. Jane Byrd, Frances Duncan, and Carole nxii, feature writers. Joe Martin, special feature writer, and Raddy Franklin and Lee Me- Glamery, sports writers. 91 “Symbol of Life and fiiybf” MRS. MARTIN REBECCA GRANT President HOWARD JOHNSON I ' ice-President LINDA SUE PHILLIPS Secreta ry- Treasurer CAROL THOMPSON Reporter CHERRY VAUGHN LARRY BURCH MARCIA OLSON DONNA STEWART EMMA LOU STANFIELD RUTH GILLESPIE Sponsor The Befa Club DWAIN KINSL-VND SANDRA DUVALL S U Z A N N E CI ' N M N G H A . 1 LOIS ANN DEAL ‘That louch Around the House " First row (left to nW; -Carolyn Kinsland, Carolyn Cabe, Jean Mason, Delores Ila Sue Blaine. Third row: Annette Raby, Louise Rogers, Jenny Sue Me all, Holland, Glenda Tippett, Linda Seay. Second row: Becky Stiles, Margaret Glinda Sanders, Shirley Johnson, Louise McCall, Betty Emory, Mary Jamison, Horn, Carolyn Horn, Suzanne Cunningham, Sharon Mason, Joyce Sanders, Mrs. Cogan. future Homemahers of America Tlie purpose of tlie Future Homemalcers of America is to stimulate an interest in the art of homemaking. In this club the girls practice all aspects of caring for a home and a family. " What do you mean you forgot the yeast! " OFFICERS, First row: Mrs. Cogan, Sponsor; Glinda Sanders, Parlia¬ mentarian; Carolyn Kinsland, President; Linda Greene, Treasurer. Second row: Suzanne Cunningham, Songleader; Sharon Mason, Sec- retarv; Shirley Johnson, Vice-President; Ila Sue Blaine, Historian. Learning to cook is an important part of homemaking. 96 u - n OPKICERS: Tommy (Carpenter, Vice-President; Sonny Burrell, Pres¬ ident; Shelia Duvall, Secretary-Treasurer; Mr. Clark, Sponsor. This is an organized meeting:’? “Striving to Build School Unity Itie Student Council The students of Franklin High School, in order to promote the general welfare of the school, to encourage school spirit, and student participation, and to provide a sound foundation for good citizenship, do establish the Student Council of Franklin High School. During a meeting the Student Council plans one of the events which it sponsors. First row (left to right); ]oaLn Hedden, Pat West, Shelia Duvall, Jo Ann Corbin, Jean Crawford, Ben Grant. Second row: Elaine Reece, Diane Anders, Rebecca Kirkman, Linda Mashburn, Sharon Duvall, Jean Dills, Kurt Emmrich, Ronnie Pendergrass. Third row: Jennifer Seay, Pat Poole, Jane Cabe, Linda I.eatherman, Clydia Johnson, Annette Swafford, Jimmy Simpson. Fourth row: Doyle flolland, Kenneth Cabe, Tommy Sherrill, Sonny Burrell, Dennis Sanders, Mr. Clark, Gene Young, Tommy Garpenter. OFFICERS: Sally Price, Treasurer; Sharon Duvall, Secretary; Eva Lyn Sams, Vice-President; Linda Leatherman, President. " Letters to Stioio for Hard Hlorlr” Girls’ (tlonopram Club Ttie Girls ' Monogram Club is composed of girls who have earned a letter in basket¬ ball or cheerleading. The purpose of the club is to promote good sportsmanship and school spirit. if B B i 3 First row (left to right): Susie Henson, Patsy Stiles, F’rances Duncan, Sue Crawford, Sally Price, Sharon Duvall, Dianna Clay, Shelia Duvall, Carole Wurst, Mrs. Corbin. Second row: Marcia Olson, Frances Berry, Joyce Angel, Ma vis Dowdle, Eva Lyn Sams, Linda Corbin, Frances Taylor, Linda Leather- man, Mary Ann Wallace. Marcia Olson and Sally Price admire a trophy which has been pre¬ sented to F.Ii.S. .Mrs. Corbin explains a rule to some of her basketball girls. 98 “Varsity Lettermen” The Boys ' Monogram Club is made up of boys who have earned a letter in athletics at Franklin High School. Monogram letters are awarded by the coaches at a banquet sponsored by the Franklin Rotary Club. The main function of the club is to stimulate participation in athletics and promote sports¬ manship. The club co-sponsors the Senior- Faculty Basketball game in the spring. OFFICERS: Wayne Yonce, President; Larry Cabe, Vice-President; Jim Cabe, Secretary; Jerry Clark, Treasurer. " . ’ot those same old jackets again! " Members of the Monogram Club have contributed to our trophy collection through the years. Front row (left to right): Wayne Yonce, Deuane Hedden, jerry Clark, Joe Hall, Gene Young, Benny Shope, Kurt Emmrlch, I.arry Cloer. Second row: Buddy .Angel, L.T. Gibson, Ronnie Falls, Doug Tallent, Bill Houston, .Alex Corbin, Tommy Carpenter, Jimmy laylor, Gary Roland. Third row: Lyman Bryant, Hugh Franklin, .Andy Wilson. Jimmy Simpson, Tommy Fagg, Raddy Franklin, Jim Cabe, Larry Cabe, Sonny Burrell. 99 “Students Today, Teachers Tomorroui " 1 kw .-Li ill •¥« r ' } ■Hr tirV First row (left to right): Mary Frances Myers, Merrilee Bryson, Sue Crawford, Donna Stewart, Frances Duncan, Sandra Flenson, Juanita Vaughn, Rebecca Pat Poole, Susan Richardson, Carole VVurst, Nancy Vanhook. Second row. Grant, Betty Mae Stamey, Linda Sue Phillips, Mrs. Fulton ( SponsorJ. future Teachers of ftmerica Tlie purpose of tliis club is to provide young people with information about opportunities in the various fields of education, to encourage young people to enter the teaching profession and to cultivate within themselves the qualities of personality and character which are the foundations of successful teaching. " Students, I don ' t want to have to tell you again ... " Flxplanations are necessary in all classrooms. OFFICERS, First row: Merrilee Bryson, Treasurer; Sue Crawford, Historian; Donna Stewart, President. Second row: Rebecca Grant, Secretary; Susan Richardson, Parliamentarian; Betty Mae Stamey, Vice-President; Mrs. Pulton, Sponsor. 100 Ilie Business lUorld " All members of the F.B.L.A. must learn to use the mimeograph machine. " Working an adding machine sure beats adding up these numbers yourself. " First row (left to right): .Margaret Horn, Helen Holbrooks, Shirley Shepherd, Linda Mashburn, Jessie McCall, Janice Blaine, Joyce Gregory. Second row: Bonnie (iheek, Freda Holland, Shirley Johnson, Carolyn Cabe, Dorothy Frizzel, Betty Emory, GlindaSanders.Mr. FoutsAS o«.vot;. Third row: Carolyn Horn, Shirley Frady, Linda Taylor Koten. Sarah Jane Berry, Carolyn Setzer, Linda Leatherman, Dearl l.edford, Wade .McConnell. future Business Leaders of flmerica Tlie purpose of tlie Future Business Leaders of America is to develop competent, aggressive business leadership. OFFICF.RS, First row: Dearl l.edford. President; Helen Holbrooks, Parlia¬ mentarian; Shirley Johnson, Vice-President; (;iindaSanders,.9ecrft(ir) row: Carolyn Setser, Historian; Linda I,eatherman, Reporter; Sarah Jane Berry, Treasurer; .Mr. Fonts, . ' ) )o?isor. 101 " Reading for Pleasure” The purpose of the Library Club is to increase the interest of students in the library through par¬ ticipation in the various duties of its operation; thus giving the student assistants an opportunity to broaden their experience, and at the same time render a valuable service to the school. The Library Club also gives its members an opportunity to explore librarianship as a possible vocation. The Library Club Students find the library an essential room in the school. Mrs. Clark shows two assistants how to use the card catalogue. OFFICERS: Linda Sue Phillips, President; Shirley Johnson, Sec¬ retary; Mrs. Clark, Sponsor; Glinda Sanders, Vice-President; GlendaTlppett, Treasurer. First row (left to right): Billy Womack, Jimmy Daniel, Billy Jamison, Jimmy Stewart, Julia Ann Shields, Juanita Vaughn, Janie Hooper, Judy Scott, tourth Martin. Aecont rott). ' Linda Sue Phillips, Shirley Johnson, Susie Henson, Glinda row: Max Clark, Benny Ramsey, Tommy Crawford, Dearl Ledlord, Benny Sanders, Glenda Tippett, Merrilee Bryson, Mrs. Clark. Third row: Janice Cabe. 102 “South of the Border” First row (left to right): Stanley St. Clair, Larry Cloer, Bruce Elliott, Billy Womack, Leon Holland, Jimmy Martin, Kurt Rmmrich, Danny Coates. Second row: Raddy Franklin, Rita Elmore, Donna Poole, Gloria Oliver, Judy Pruett, Frances Slagle, Beverly Darnell, Beth Swan, John Cooper. Third rote.-Jimmy Simpson, Alan Vinson, Doug Tallent, Jane Hoilman, Cecilia McCleskey, Lora Dowdle, Jane Cabe, Betty Mae Stanley, Benny Shope. Fourth row: Tommy Grant, ( ary Roland, lommy Crawford, Gary Byrd, Ronnie Pender¬ grass, Donald Duncan, Tommy Carpenter. Tlie purpose of the Spanish Club is to practice Spanish and to familiarize the members with the customs, the literature, and the arts oftheSpaniards and Spanish American people and to increase the friendship between their countries and ours. The Spanish Cluh OFFICERS, (left to right): Donna Poole, Secretary; Jane Hoilman, Social Chairman: Jimmy Simpson, First Vice-President; Raddy Franklin, President: Betty Mae Stanley, Treasurer; Rita Elmore, liefiorter; Mrs. Standley, S[)onsor. Spanish records and bulletin boards make the subject more interesting and more fun. Students taking Spanish study all Spanish-speaking countries. 103 Lift Hipti Hour Voices " Firs row (left to right): Brenda Hurst, Nancy Powell, Beth Swan, Peggy Cunningham, Larry Burch, Jimmy Teague, Pat Patton, Merrilee Bryson, Ruth Gillespie, Cherry Vaughn, Alice McCabe, Betty Mae Stamey, Cecilia McCleskey, Mr. Harwell. Second row: Suzanne Cunningham, Kenneth Cabe, Beverly Dalton, Brenda Shook, Joyce Healy, Elaine Baldwin, Dwain Kinsland, Frances Slagle, Sandra Watkins. Third row: Donald lusher, Carolyn Kinsland, Frances Duncan, Sue Crawford, Rita FHmore, Margaret Clark. Fourth row: Tommy Nolen, Carolyn Horn, Carolyn Rogers, Pat Grant, Johnny Cabe. Fifth row: Tommy Sherrill, Brenda Seagle, Betty Emory, Margaret Horn. Sixth row: Beverly Darnell, Annilee McGaha, Dorothy Frizzell. Seventh row: Betty Ann Bulgin. franlilin Higli School Chorus PI.W ' ISTS, (left to right): Kennetli Cabe, Betty Mae Stamey, Merrilee Brvson. OFFTCFHfS: Mr. Harwell, .V Jott.vwr; Kenneth Cabe, Vice President: Betty iin Bulgin, President: Carolyn Kinsland, Sccretnry-Treasurer. 104 “Safeguarding Our Lives Directing traffic before and after school is a duty which the Safety I ' atrol performs well. Two members of the Safety I’atrol fold the flag at the end of the school day. First roll ' (left to right): Duel (larpenter, (iary ' oung, Dannv (loatcs. Second row: Jerry Clark, Johnny .Myers, harry Burch. OFFICKKS: Johnny .Myers, ( o-C.optoin: Cary Voung, (diptiiin. Tlie purpose of tlie Safety Patrol is to assist in directing traffic and parking cars before and after school and during athletic events. The Safety Patrol is also responsible for the raising and lowering of the Hag each day. Ilie Safety Patro 105 fluiare of lUorld Affairs” To keep well versed on world affairs, the members of the Students ' International Discussion Club must know geography. Susie Henson points out one of the " trouble spots " of the world on the globe. The Students ' International Discussion Club is open to any junior or senior who is interested in keeping well versed on world affairs. This club is organized to acquaint students with the fundamentals of democracy, world brotherhood and peace, and the freedom of speech. OFFICERS: First rutv: Marcia Olson, Secretary-Treasurer: Larry Burch, President. Second row: Lyman Bryant, ’ice-I ' resident: Mr. Ramsey, .S ' to wnr. First row (left to right): Carole Wurst, Sally Price, Sue Crawford, Frances Duncan, Susie Henson. Second row: Marcia Olson, Doris Cruse, Sandra Henson, Janice Stewart, Cherry Vaughn. Third row: Mr. Ramsey, Lyman Bryant, Larry Burch, Johnny Swan, Buddy Angel, Joe Martin, Newton Shields, Raddy Franklin, Jimmy Teague. “flrousinp School Spirit " The purpose of the Pep (Uub is to promote school spirit and to lend support to the athletic teams at Franklin High School. Phis club consists of all members of the student body who are willing and will help support their teams. " Ves, that ' s our tcamr " ( ' ome on, I’anthers, let ' s I ' l- ' ’ 107 COKOXET SECTION (left to Jimmy Hornbuckle, ferry Welch, Susan Fisher, Buzzy Bryson. TROMBONE SEICTION (left to right): (iharles Jamison, George Lynch, Dennis Cabe. SAXOITIONE SFICTION f ' c ? to nji- ; -Suzanne Reeves, Sue Collins, Betty Cox, Beth Swan, Elizabeth Bradley, Gary Catway. ELLiTE SECTION, First row: Billy Garrison, Alice McCabe. Second roiu: Martha Perry, Kirston Horsley, Sonja Brendle. PERCLISSION SEIC ITON (left to right): Merrilee Bryson, Duel Car¬ penter, Eva Lyn Sams, Gary Byrd, George Hubbs. CLARINEIT SECTION, First wa ' .-Gloria Wright, Michael .McDowell, Carolyn Kinsland. Second row: Brenda Hurst, Emma Lee Elvans. Third rott ' .-Jerrv Ilunnicutt, Marie Cox, Brenda Seagle. Kenneth Cabe, the oboe: Nancy Powell, the tuba. FRENCH HORN SEC TION (left to right): Bill Johnson, Clarence Clark. “Bloluing Uour Oiun Horn” First row o Kenneth Cabe, Martha Perry, Sonja Brendle, Kirston Horsley, Billy Garrison, Alice McCabe. Second row: Gloria Wright, Michael McDowell, Carolyn Kinsland, Gary Catway, Eliza¬ beth Bradley, Suzanne Reeves, Betty (iox, Beth Swan. Third row: Brenda Hurst, Emma Lee Evans, Sue Collins, Susan Eisher, Buzzy Bryson, jimmy Hornbuckle, Jerry Welch, Bill Johnson, Clarence Clark, George Lynch, Charles Jamison, Dennis Cabe. Fourth row: Jerry Hunnicutt, Marie Cox, Brenda Seagle, Mr. Harwell, .Merrilee Bryson, Eva Lyn Sams, Gary Byrd,George Hubbs, Duel Carpenter, Nancy Powell. ■1 A Mr. Harwell is director of our band. The following outstanding band members have been selected to go to Cullowhee where they will play with other outstanding band students: Bill Johnson, Kenneth Cabe, , lice McCabe, Nancy Powell, .Michael .McDowell. OEEICEKS, (seated): Beth Swan, ' resident: Gloria Wright. So )humore tel re- sentative. (Standing): Kenneth Cabe, funior Representative: .Mice .Mcfiabe, Secretary-Treasurer: Carolyn Kinsland, Vice- ‘resident: Eva Lyn Sams, Senior iepresentative: Gary Catway, • ' res nnan tepresentative: Duel Carpenter, is- torian. I ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade " 9;44 ... All is quiet. 9;45 ... Charge! •i 9:47 ... The troops are refreshed. 9:49 ... The injured. 9:50 ... All is quiet. no features (lliss franklin High School MISS SHARON DUVALL Sharon and Shelia working at home. Miss Franklin High School with escort, Sonny Burrell. Sharon and Shelia at home with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Duvall. Much of a queen ' s time is spent studying. (’-omhining study with pleasure. 113 fllaid of Honor Court MISS SHELIA DUVALL . 1 ' m. . m MW k M, j i m t? 4I 1 r W’: ' 1 U ■■5J f 1 ' ■•: - ,i m ( ' s ii V. ' ' HIE ' ' " .Jf-.i I. (Left to right): Peggy Slieffield, Jo Ann Corbin, Suzy Hyde, Frances Taylor, Linda I.eatherinan, Ruth Gillespie, Carolyn Clouse, Frances Duncan, Jean Dills. 114 Senior Honor Students Tliese students liave maintained a record to be proud of tliroughout tlteir four gratulations are in order for tlie achievement of this honor. SANDRA DUVALL SUZANNE CUNNINGHAM f. ' . ' V RUTH GILLESPIE PAULINE CURTIS • } sr- ' REBECCA GRANT MARGIA OLSON SUE PHILLIPS CAROL THOMPSON JANICE STEWART DWAIN KINSLAND DONNA STEWART years in high school. Con- t HOWARD JOHNSON EM.MA LOU STANFIELD CHERYL VAITHIN 115 These twelve honor students have strived hard to maintain high scholastic averages during their three years in high school. They will act as ushers and assist in other ways in the commencement exercises at the end of the year. JOYCE ANGEL JANE BYRD FRANCES DUNCAN JEAN CRAWFORD KENNETH CABE SUE CRAWFORD SHELIA DUVALL DONALD FISHER CLAIRE BELLE GRAHAM CHARLES LEDBETTER LAWRENCE PATTON CAROLE WURST II6 Sophomore Sen ers From the sophomore class these fourteen students, who have maintained high scho¬ lastic average, were chosen to assist in serving at the Junior-Senior prom in the spring. TOMMY CARPENTER KATHY O ' BRIEN MAVIS DOWDLE LORA DOWDLE % BARBARA ANN HOLLAND BILL JOHNSON ANN SHEPHERD BETTY STAMEY TOMMY CRAWFORD DONALD DUNCAN EVELYN JOHNSON NANCY VANHOOK IIT LARRY MAURICE BURCH Boys ' State Senior Superlative WALTER CLINTON BURRELL, JR President, Student Council Co-Captain, Football Team “fiecognition for the JAMES YOUEL CABE Co-Captain, Basketball Team Senior Superlative SHARON MAY DUVALL Secretary, Senior Class Manager, Basketball Team WINNIEFRED RUTH GILLESPIE ROBERT FREDERICK ENLOE President, Senior Class Senior Superlative 118 REBECCA ANN GRANT Girb ' State President, Beta Club GEORGE ALVIN HEALV Photographer, Laurel L.eaf Football MARCIA KAY OLSON Editor, Mountain Echo Cheerleader LINDA CAROL LEATHERMAN S en io r S ' u per la tiv e Captain, Girls ' Basketball ' I liV ' fiiiaH lops in their fields” FRIENDLIEST Brenda Kirkland and Mike Bryson Their cheerful faces means lots offun, They are well-liked by everyone. MOST COURTEOUS Mary Cabe and Randal Peak Their courtesy, politeness, kindness, and such Is something you don ' t see very much. ' 0 u m ■ i MOST ATHLETIC Linda Leatherman and John Swan This couple enjoys being athletes. In all kinds of sports they like to compete. Senior Superlatives BEST CITIZENS Rebecca Grant and Doyle Woods For their country, church, or school These " Best Citizens " their best do. PRETTIEST AND MOST HANDSOME Sharon Duvall and Gene Raby Why they were chosen, you can see They are both good-looking as can be. CLASS WITS Eva Lyn Sams and Sam Crawford You may be sure that smiles abound Whenever these " Class Wits " are around. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Linda Phillips and Larry Burch Whatever life may have or hold This couple is sure to find their goal BEST SPORTS Polly Curtis and Larry Cabe To win or to lose—whatever the price These " Best Sports " take it in their stride. BEST PERSONALITY Shirley Johnson and Tommy Fonts They have charm and zeal for living. This draws them friends by the millions. i MOST INFLUENTIAL Sandra Duvall and Robert Enloe Around their classmates, teachers, and friends The " Most InfluentiaC set the trend. Senior Superlatives MOST DIGNIFIED Jennifer Seay and Jim Cabe Throughout life they are signified To be the very most dignified. MOST POPULAR Carol Thompson and Don Moore Whenever a happy group is found This " Most Popular " couple is surely around. 123 BEST ALL AROUND Linda Henderson and Sonny Burrell It is no matter if dark thoughts abide These people look on the sunny side. ■ ■ ■ N ■ i MOST STUDIOUS Lois Deal and Howard Johnson In every subject they do their best, Sometimes they study without rest. Senior Superlatives MOST TALENTED Doris Curse and Edward Fitzgerald What fun this couple must have each day Using their talents in an interesting way. NEATEST Suzanne Cunningham and Mike Coates Every day finds them ' spic and span ' They always look the best they can. 124 " Seniors min more honors’’ JOHN SWAN, an outstanding senior, was Macon County ' s nomi¬ nee for the Morehead Scholarsliip. LARRY BLiRCH represented Franklin High School at the state Jaycee Driving Rodeo. RLITH CILLFLSPIE was Franklin High School ' s only semifinalist in the National Merit Scholarship contest. Attending the Governor ' s (iouncil on Youth Fitness in Raleigh, was SONNY BURRELL. Representatives to Girls ' State were CHERRY VAUGHN, LINDA SUE PHILLIPS, and REBECCA GRANT. LARRY BURGH, HOWARD JOHNSON, and WAYNE Y 0 Li N C E attended Boys ' State from Franklin High School. “Reflectors of School Life Marcia Olson, editor of the MOUNTAIN ECHO, holds the camera which the newspaper won in a national new- paper judging contest. At the Editors ' Roundtable, the LAUREL LEAF received this third-place certificate held by Linda Sue Phillips, the editor. A member of the MOUNTAIN SQ,UEAK staff presents an annual staff member a dead leaf, which shows the harmony between the two publications. How can we fill up space this time? The industrious LAUREL LEAF staff at work. 126 " flll are fUemories” As a tresliman, you had a long way to go. ou were able to stop and rest after becoming adjusted during the sophomore year. Then you were a sophisticated junior. Finally, an exhausted senior. Sadness and, maybe, happiness ... The end ... possibly a beginning ... ol ' hope ... of learning ... Departing ... Never ... possible someday ... to meet again ... No more bells ... homework ... lunch lines ... tests ... to be heard, forgotten, fought, failed ... (lone are the class changes ... the shouts of happiness ... For the freshman ... sophomore ... junior ... time to prepare ... For the senior ... an active part in a wonderlul world ... 127 Please come in! Now Johnny ... Look what ' s behind the green door! Newton, you are tickling me. Hey, Mr. Morrow, save me a little. .Now .Newton, I ' m just as tired as you. Did you boys hear the one about Castro? 12S 1 X ' " t I ' v l. ' l I ■ 4 % f.. t ' » i ■ ,R. 4 4v f t «.i. if I • I ■L •• 0 . " i ■ rry -. - d - ¥ J 0 0 -■ 9 I i: X I 1 V- » ■ ' 1 ,. . r . vl r i « m % . I SCHOOL BU»Q Er-iSiF ; “ riU:i:.(fcf;0 fi ff; (=m:- h! - ' ■ ' • ■ ' ' ' ’H . ' ■-Al W ' V A‘ • Is ■ • I ' j. V ‘ t ' ,i,iZ?- ' ’ " V,V •5v ' v, M ::A '

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