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The Laurel Leaf Nineteen Hundred Fifty-Eight IAppreciation To the civic clubs and organizations who have untiringly and unselfishly given their support and assistance to our school, its projects, and its needs, we wish to express our deep appreciation. We wish to thank you, the V. F. W. FIRE DEPARTMENT JUNIOR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE LIONS CLUB AMERICAN LEGION AND AUXILIARY ROTARY CLUB for the services you have rendered. Dedication It is with deepest gratitude that we, the Senior Class of 1958, wish to express our appreciation to our HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS who have unselfishly given us their time, patience, and understanding during the past four years. With our sincere appreciation, we dedicate this issue of the LAUREL LEAF to you. mroniEgk 0 MACON POST 7339The colorful and picturesque mountains of Western North Carolina provide a pleasant and memorable background for high school memories in all seasons. Bright color and leafless trees silouetted against the cool grey skies are the setting of our return to classes in the fall .... . . . . the cold hand of winter brings the end of football and the excitement of basketball season; the warm weather of spring finds friends together in the sun; and with summer come graduation and vacation. These are your years at Franklin High School.The Laurel Leaf Staff MRS. ANNF. P. BIDDLE . JOANN BURRELL .... FRANCES TALLENT .... PATRICIA HEDDEN... FRANCES ALEXANDER . . DWAIN HORSLEY..... GARY CLARK........ SCOTTY BYRD....... EUGENE DOWDLE ...... RACHEL BROWN ..... SHIRLEY CRUSE .... HARVEY BRYANT .... NANCY SILER....... JOANN CUNNINGHAM JEAN BURRELL...... ..................... Sponsor .................... Editor ............... Senior Editor ................Junior Editor ............Sophomore Editor ............Freshman Editor ................Sports Editor Activities and Features Editor ................ Photographer ................. Copy Editor .................. Art Editor ......... Circulation Manager Assistant Circulation Manager ......... Advertising Manager Assistant Advertising ManagerAdministration MR. H. BUECK Superintendent of Macon County Schools Monthly meeting of Macon County Board of Education, Franklin School Com' mitteemen, and Principals.Our Principals MR. HARRY C. CORBIN District Principal MR. C. K. OLSON High School Principal PRINCIPALS MESSAGE Congratulations, seniors! May you honorably accept your future responsibilities with dignity and pride. It is the sincere wish of the Franklin School Faculty that the recent experiences we have shared with you will provide added encouragement in your approaching those responsibilities with limitless vision, hope, and determination. MRS. CONNIE H. CAMPBELL Secretary to PrincipalsHigh School Faculty MISS SHIRLEY CLOER MRS. CAROLYN COGAN MRS. CAROLYN j MISS DARLENE COLLINS MRS. ROSALIE CORBIN MRS. MARJORIE CRAWFORD MRS. GILDA DUKES MR. H. C. POUTS MRS. LOIS FULTON MR. L. C. HOWARD, JR. MRS. ELLEN LEDBETTER MRS. MILDRED MARTINMRS. KATHRYN MATTHEWS MRS. KATHRYN O'NEIL MR. WAYNE PROFFITT MR. CLAYTON RAMSEYSenior Class Officers LEFT TO RIGHT: Gary Clark, Vice-President; Edward Shatley, President; Joann Burrell, Treasurer; Carolyn Dowdle, Secretary.Graduates. . . 1958 RALPH JUNIOR ALLEN "Speedy" MOTTO: "Have fun while you are young.' ACTIVITIES: F.H.A. I.2.3.4. HOBBY: Hunting and fishing. FUTURE PLANS: Undecided. CLARA JEANETTE AMMONS ”Blond ie" MOTTO: “The loftiest towers rise from the ground.” ACTIVITIES: Chorus 1.2; 4-H Club I; Library Club 2.3. HOBBY: Reading, music, and movies. FUTURE PLANS: Nursing. OLLIE MAE ANDERSON 'Tootsie” MOTTO: "Smile, and the world will smile with you.” HOBBY: Reading and records. FUTURE PLANS: Undecided. MARY SUE BAILEY "Little Un” MOTTO: "Every dark cloud has a silver lining." ACTIVITIES: Chorus 1,2,3; Jr. Marshal 3; Served at Junior-Senior Banquet 2; F.H.A. 1,2,3.4; Dramatics Club 4. HOBBY: Reading. FUTURE PLANS: Work. Shirley mae blaine "Jane” MOTTO: "If you can’t say something good about anything, don’t say anything at all." ACTIVITIES: F.H.A.; Wildlife Club 4: Senior Superlative 4. HOBBY: Richard and singing. FUTURE PLANS: Business School. EVELYN JOYCE BLANTON "Eve” MOTTO: "Smile and the world smiles with you; cry and you cry alone.” ACTIVITIES: 4-H Club 1; Student Council 4; Senior Superlative 4. HOBBY: Reading and sewing. FUTURE PLANS: Business College or work.Senior Class IVA LEE BROOKSHIRE "Ivy League" MOTTO: "If you want to travel fast—travel light, take off all your iealousies. prejudices, selfishness, and fears.” ACTIVITIES: 4-H Club I. Vice-President 1; F.H.A. 1; Chorus 2.3; Student Council 3; Beta Club 3.4. Vice-President 4; Mountain Echo Staff 4. Co-Editor; Decorations Committee. Junior-Senior Banquet 3. HOBBY: Sewing and eating. FUTURE PLANS: Georgia Baptist School of Nursing or College. RACHEL ELIZABETH BROWN MOTTO: "Every dark cloud has a silver lining." ACTIVITIES: Photography Club 2; Mountain Echo 3: Served at Junior-Senior Banquet 2; Junior Marshal 3; Beta Club 3.4. HOBBY: Driving. FUTURE PLANS: College. JOHNNY RAY BROWN MOTTO: I'Ncver backwards." ACTIVITIES: Chorus 1. HOBBY': HuHtmg, fishing, and loafing. FUljciRE PLANS: Living. IDA BRYANT springs eternal.” ramatics Club 2; Chorus 2; Junior-Senior Banquet 3; En-f'ttee, Junior-Senior Banquet 2; Annual Staff 3.4. JBY: Drawing and sewing. (ffVIVRE PLANS: College. HATTIE JOANN BURRELL "Josie" MOTTO: "I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than to be crowded on a velvet cushion." ACTIVITIES: Band I; Mountain Echo Staff 2.4; Laurel Leaf 3. Editor 4; Beta Club 3.4; Monogram Club 3. Secretary-Treasurer 4; Entertained at Junior-Senior Banquet 1; Served at Junior-Senior Banquet 2; Junior Marshal 3: Senior Superlative 4; Cheerleader 2.4; Vice-President Freshman Class 1; Secretary of Junior Class 3; Treasurer of Senior Class 4. HOBBY: Reading, baking, and collecting records and snapshots. FUTURE PLANS: College. CLINTON SCOTT BYRD "Scotty" MOTTO: "Let us be judged by our deeds." ACTIVITIES: Photography Club I; Language Club 2. o; Dramatics Club 4; Laurel Leaf Staff 3.4, Feature Editor. HOBBY: Hunting and reading. FUTURE PLANS: College.Graduates. . . 1958 DELORES ANN CABE •Dee" MOTTO: "Book lead CO door of knowledge, if you’ll just open them." ACTIVITIES: Language Club 2; F.T.A. 3. . Secretary-Treasurer 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3. President. HOBBY: Reading, cooking and sports. FUTURE PLANS: College. MYRTIS MARGUERITE CABE "Cookie" MOTTO: "Better to be forgotten than dead.” ACTIVITIES:: F.H.A. 4; Student Council 2; Cheerleader 4; Chorus 2. HOBBY: Writing letters and eating. FUTURE PLANS: Work. LUCILLE CAMPBELL " Blondie" MOTTO: “Do unto others as you would ha do unto you.” ACTIVITIES: F.H.A. HOBBY: Driving and courting. FUTURE PLANS: Housewife. ANDREW DOYLE CLOER MOTTO: "Be better to your friends, and you will have better friends.” HOBBY: Reading, swimming, hunting and working on cars. FUTURE PLANS: Trade School. PAUL DANIEL CLOER "Fitly" MOTTO: "Why try to be a big shot? Little things mean a lot.” ACTIVITIES: Future Teachers Club 3.4; 4-H Club I.2.3.4; Science and Wildlife Club 1,2; Language Club 2,3; Boys’ State 3: Served at Junior-Senior Banquet 2; Decoration Committee. Junior-Senior Banquet 3; Library Club 4. Reporter 4; Dramatics Club 4; Cheerleader 3; Mountain Echo Staff 4, Art Editor and Cartoonist 4, Headline and Makeup Editor 4; Editors' Round Table 4; Senior Superlative 4. HOBBY: Swimming, "piddling,” and complaining in class. FUTURE PLANS: Biology Teacher. GARY ARNOLD CLARK "Clark" MOTTO: "When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” ACTIVITIES: Vice-President of Senior Class 4; Annual Staff Sports Editor 4; Basketball 1,2,3.4; Football 1.2,3.4; Senior Superlative 4; Student Council 1, 3; Monogram 3.4. HOBBY: Hunting and courting. FUTURE PLANS: College.Senior Class EVELYN COLEEN CLOUSE "Mouse” MOTTO: "My future i planned, third finger left hand." ACTIVITIES: Chorus 2; F.H.A. 4. HOBBY: Listening to the radio, driving and dating FUTURE PLANS: Work. WAYNE ARTHUR COLE "Bless My Soul” MOTTO: "Merely to exist." ACTIVITIES: 4H Club 1; Wildlife Club 2.4; Foot-ball 2,3.4; Dramatics Club 4; Senior Superlative 4. HOBBY: Sports, eating, women, sleeping, hunting, and fishing. FUTURE PLANS: College. SHIRLEY MArH RUSE "Cruuzz" + MOTTO: "Walk on ... with a hope in your heart. and you’ll never walk alone.” ACTIVITIES: Art Editor, Mountain Echo Staff 3: Art Editor, Laurel Leaf 4; Chairman, Decoration Committee, Junior-Senior Banquet 3; Senior Superlative 4; Art Club 3. Vice-President 3: Band 1,2,3; Photography Club 2; Dramatics Club 4; Wildlife Club 4. HOBBY: Art. music, daydreaming, and men (what else is there?). FUTURE PLANS: Art School. Work, and Matrimony! JOAN VALERIE CUNNINGHAM "Joann” MOTTO: "Prove all things, hold fast to that which is right." ACTIVITIES: Photography Club 1; Chorus 1,2,3; F.T.A. 3.4; Annual Staff 3.4; Student Council 4. HOBBY: Playing the piano and driving. FUTURE PLANS: College. KEITH BYROM CURTIS MOTTO: "Be better to your friends and you will have better friends." ACTIVITIES: Wildlife Club HOBBY: Hunting, fishing, baseball. FUTURE PLANS: Air Force. NANCY LOUISE DALTON "Babe” MOTTO: "Smile and the world smiles with you.' ACTIVITIES: F.H.A. 1.4; Wildlife Club 4. HOBBY: Listening to music, loafing, and skating. FUTURE PLANS: Work.Graduates 1958 GLADYS LILLIAN DEHART "Crip" MOTTO: "Advice it something freely given, gladly accepted, but rarely used." ACTIVITIES: Language Club 2; Basketball 2; Monogram Club 2. HOBBY: Basketball, movies and dating. FUTURE PLANS: Work. SHIRLEY ANN DILLS "Sheri" MOTTO: "A smile takes only a moment, but lasts a lifetime." ACTIVITIES: F.H.A. 1.2,3,4. HOBBY: Courting and listening to hit tunes. FUTURE PLANS: Housewife and working. CAROLYN HALL DOWDLE "Cissy" MOTTO: "A smile takes so little effort, and it means so much." ACTIVITIES: Student Council 1, Secretary and Treasurer 3; Class Secretary and Treasurer 2, Secretary 4; Cheerleader 3.4, Captain 4; Basketball 2,3.4; Dramatics Club 1.2; Language Club 1,2; Monogram Club 2, 3.4; Decoration Committee. Junior-Senior Banquet 3; Entertainment Committee, Junior-Senior Banquet 1.2; Senior Superlative; Mountain Echo 2. HOBBY: Being friendly and sports, especially swimming. FUTURE PLANS: College NELSON EUGENE DOWDLE "Gene" MOTTO: "Mens sano en corpre sano." ACTIVITIES: Band 1.2.3; Editors' Roundtable 4; School Photographer 4; Photography Club 2.3: Decoration Committee, Junior-Senior Banquet 3; Annual Staff 4; Senior Superlative 4. HOBBY: Photography and dating Juanita. FUTURE PLANS: Photographer. PEGGY JOSEPHINE DOWDLE "Peggy Joe" MOTTO: "A smile is like an echo, it comes back to you." ACTIVITIES: F.H.A. 2.4; Wildlife Club 4. HOBBY: Playing piano and driving. FUTURE PLANS: Work or college. MARY DELEDA DRINNON "Deleda" MOTTO: "The whole world is a camera, so keep smiling.” ACTIVITIES: F.H.A. 2.4; Wildlife Club 4. HOBBY: Reading, sewing, and drawing. FUTURE PLANS: Work.Senior Class EDDIS JOYCE DUVALL "Jo" MOTTO: "Prove all things. Hold fan 10 cha« which is good." ACTIVITIES: F.H.A. I; Wildlife Club 4; Dramatics Club 4. HOBBY: Reading and driving. FUTURE PLANS: College. KATHRYN ELIZABETH EMORY "Kat" MOTTO: "Noe merely to exist, but to amount to something in life." ACTIVITIES: F.H.A. 2.4; Wildlife Club 4. HOBBY: Reading and driving. FUTURE PLANS: Work. AGNES LORRAINE GRAHAM "Lory" MOTTO: "Treat me nice.” ACTIVITIES: Dramatics Club 4. HOBBY: Dan, Elvis, "Pat and Turner.” and Rock and Roll. FUTURE PLANS: Private. MARGARET JANET GREEN "Stringy" MOTTO: "One minute of keeping your mouth shut will save an hour's explaining." ACTIVITIES: Beta Club 3.4; Junior Marshal 3; Served at Junior-Senior Banquet. HOBBY: Writing letters. FUTURE PLANS: Work. NOLAN EMERY GREGORY "Crow" MOTTO: "God made 'em; Why grade 'em." ACTIVITIES: Reading, hunting, and fishing. FUTURE PLANS: Work. WAYNE EDWIN GREGORY "Jedge" MOTTO: "Look to the future." ACTIVITIES: F.F.A. I.2.3.4. Secretary 3. HOBBY: Working. FUTURE PLANS: N. C. State College.Graduates. . . 1958 BARBARA ANN GUYER "Bob" MOTTO: ''All chat glitters is not gold." ACTIVITIES: Future Homemakers 2.4; Wildlife Club 4. HOBBY: Reading and loafing. FUTURE PLANS: Work. WILLIAM RALPH HALL MOTTO: "Never ask anyone to do something you cao do.” ACTIVITIES: F.F.A. HOBBY: Hounding and hunting. FUTURE PLANS: Work. PATRICIA ANNETTf HEDDEN "Bugsy" MOTTO: "A whole lot of fooli full of big lump of there doesn't A. 2: Served at Junior-and Co-Makeup Editor of 3y4: Art Club 3: Junior ration Committee for lior Superlative 4; Annual Staff 4; Dramatic Club 4; WCC Field Day 3. HOBBY: Racing wJ»b Rebo, driving, swimming, talking, and BOYS. FUTURE PLANS: College. WILLIAM GILMER HENRY "Cilmo” MOTTO: "The best things in fife cost money.” ACTIVITIES: Dramatics Club 2. President 4; Student Council 2.3. President 4; Class President 3; Explorers Club 3: Monogram Club 2,3.4; Football 1,2,3.4, Co-Captain 4; Senior Superlative 4; Basketball 2; Junior-Senior Prom Committee. HOBBY: Sports and eating at the DeSota Trail. FUTURE PLANS: College. LUCY CAROL HENRY "Luco" MOTTO: "Aide-toi, le ciel t'aidcra." (Heaven helps those who help themselves.) ACTIVITIES: Basketball 2,3.4; Monogram Club 2.3. 4; Served at Junior-Senior Banquet 2; F.T.A. 1,2.3. President 4; Beta Club 3.4; Senior Superlative 4. HOBBY: Basketball and reading. FUTURE PLANS: College. DORSEY PATRICK HENRY "Pat" MOTTO: "Don’t look too long before you leap: you may chicken out.” ACTIVITIES: Photography Club 2; Football. ■HOBBY: Radio, football. FUTURE PLANS: Air Force.Senior Class SHIRLEY ANN HENSON MOTTO: "Prove all tilings, hold fust to that which is good." ACTIVITIES: Student Council 1,2.3: Photography Club I; Chorus 1.2; Beta Club 3.3, Corresponding Secretary 3; Mountain Echo 3; Served at Junior-Senior Banquet 2; Junior Marshal 3: Senior Superlative 3. HOBBY: Music. FUTURE PLANS: College. HELEN MIRIAM HOLDEN MOTTO: "In His Hands.” ACTIVITIES: Homeroom Secretary 3. HOBBY: Reading, cooking, and collecting music. FUTURE PLANS: College. PHYLLIS ALBA HOLLAND "Runt” MOTTO: "Why advertise your troubles? There is no market for them.” ACTIVITIES: Library Club 1; Photography Club 1; Served at Junior-Senior Banquet 2: Chorus 2; Beta Club 3.3; Art Club 3: Senior Superlative 3. HOBBY: Reading, drawing, music, and dating. FUTURE PLANS: Work. JUDITH ANN HOOKER "Judy” MOTTO: "Non est vivere cst valere vita.” ACTIVITIES: Beta Club 3.3: Language Club 1,2; Dramatics Club 2,3; Junior-Senior Banquet Decoration Committee 3: Served at Junior-Senior Banquet 2; Entertained at Junior-Senior Banquet 1,2. HOBBY: Music and sports. FUTURE PLANS: College. HORACE ALLEN HURST "Hots" MOTTO: "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow Georgia may go dry.” ACTIVITIES: Dramatics Club 3; Basketball 2.3. HOBBY: Hunting, fishing, loafing, and dragging main. FUTURE PLANS: Air Force and Navy. FREDRICK BRUCE JONES MOTTO: "Put your troubles in a bag with a hole in the bottom.” ACTIVITIES: 3-H Club 1.3; Wildlife Club 1.2; Photography Club 2.3; Chorus 2.3: Dramatics Club 3. HOBBY: Yankees, racing cars, and dating. FUTURE PLANS: Butcher.Graduates. . . 1958 LARRY CLIFTON JONES "Maude" MOTTO: "No matter wherever you go. there you'll be." ACTIVITIES: Football 2.3.4; F.F.A. 1.2. HOBBY: Football, hunting, and girl . FUTURE PLANS: College. WILLIAM JOSEPH KRICKBAUM "Teddy Bear” MOTTO: "If at first you don't succeed. QUIT! ACTIVITIES: Senior Superlative 4. HOBBY: Hunting and fishing. FUTURE PLANS: College. ALEX CLINTON LEDFORD "Rattlesnake” MOTTO: "Live only for today for no one has promised tomorrow.” HOBBY: Cars. FUTURE PLANS: Undecided. LULA KAY LEDFORD "Nig” MOTTO: "Know more than you tell.” ACTIVITIES: Class Secretary-Treasurer 1; Wildlife Club 2; Chorus 3; Student Council 1; Superlative 4. HOBBY: Motorcycle riding. FUTURE PLANS: Undecided. EDITH JOSEPHINE LEOPARD "Pepper" MOTTO: "If you don’t mean what you say. why waste the time and energy saying it?” ACTIVITIES: Wildlife 2; Senior Superlative 4. HOBBY: Skating, driving, eating, and reading. FUTURE PLANS: Vague. BETTY ANNETTE MASH BURN "Little Vn” MOTTO: "If at first you don't succeed, try, try. again!" ACTIVITIES: Library Club 2; Science and Wildlife Club 3; Dramatics Club 4. HOBBY: Reading and music. FUTURE PLANS: Work.Senior Class JtSSO' INDA LEE MASHBURN "Linda" Smile and ihc world will smile with you. HOBBY: Reading. FUTURI PLANS: Work. SUSIE KATE MASHBURN "Susie Q" "Let your conscience be your guide." Science Club 3.4. HOBBY: Playing the piano. PLANS: Work and Business College. DOUGLAS LAMAR MASON "Marty" MOTTO: "Now or Never.” ACTIVITIES: Football; Monogram Club 2.3.4; Dramatics Club 4. HOBBY: Sports. FUTURE PLANS: Undecided. ANNIE MARCELLA McCALL "Cellar" MOTTO: "That's the chance you take.” ACTIVITIES: Wildlife Club 2.4; F.H.A. 4. HOBBY: Reading and talking to boys. FUTURE PLANS: Telephone Operator. DAVID ALLAN McCLURE MOTTO: "Brains aren't your learnings. They arc organs of your body.” ACTIVITIES: Wildlife Club I. HOBBY: Hunting and fishing. FUTURE PLANS: Undecided. FRANCES LOUISE McCLURE "Blabby" MOTTO: "Say what you think when you feel it coming on.” ACTIVITIES: Basketball; Monogram Club I. 2,3.4; Student Council 3; Chorus 2; Dramatics Club 4; Mountain Echo Staff 4; Senior Superlative 4. HOBBY: Eating, hunting, talking, and doing things that come naturally. FUTURE PLANS: Work.Graduates. . . 1958 GARY MALCOM McKELVEY "Mack" MOTTO: "Wa h your face in ihe morning, neck at night.' ACTIVITIES: Football 1.2.3, ; Basketball 3.4; Science Club I; Language Club I; Beta Club 3.4. President 4; Explorers 3.4; Crewleader Explorers 3: Boys’ State 3; Entertained at Junior-Senior Banquet 1; Served at Junior-Senior Banquet 2; Junior Marshal 3; Superlative 4; Cullowhee Field Day. 1st Place General Science I; 2nd Place Chemistry 3; Monogram Club 3.4. HOBBY: Football, cars, and courting. FUTURE PLANS: College. TOMMY CLEVELAND MEADOWS "Frog" MOTTO: "Act well your part. There all the honor lie ." ACTIVITIES: Senior Superlative 4. HOBBY: Hunting and reading. FUTURE PLANS: Undecided. KATHERYN GWENDOLYN MEDLIN "Kat" MOTTO: "Live and Learn.” ACTIVITIES: Chorus 2.3; Library Club 2; Basketball 2.3: Dramatics Club 4. HOBBY: Reading, collecting recipes, and loafing. FUTURE PLANS: College. ALMA JEAN MOFFITT "Jean" MOTTO: "Live and let live.” ACTIVITIES: Basketball 2; Dramatic Club 4; Senior Superlative 4. HOBBY: Eating, talking, and hunting. FUTURE PLANS: Business College. HAZEL MAXINE MOORE "Max" MOTTO: "Never hit a cripple or argue with a fool.' ACTIVITIES: 4-H Club 2.3. HOBBY: Eating and talking. FUTURE PLANS: Work. GENE RAY MORROW "Cm" MOTTO: "Live For Tomorrow.” ACTIVITIES: Band I; Wildlife 2; Explorers 2.3.4. HOBBY: Baseball, hunting and fishing. FUTURE PLANS: Work or »ervicc.Senior Class LYMAN DALE MORGAN •’Dale” MOTTO: "Let the low side drag." ACTIVITIES: Student Council 1. HOBBY: Hunting, fishing, and loafing. FUTURE PLANS: Undecided. RALPH EDWARD MORGAN •Tiny” MOTTO: "Prove all things. Hold fast to that which is good.” ACTIVITIES: F.F.A. 3.4. HOBBY: Hunting and fishing. FUTURE PLANS: Undecided. CARMELLA LOUISE MOSES "Carmie” MOTTO: "Do and hope.” ACTIVITIES: Secretary of F.H.A. Club. HOBBY: Cooking and eating. FUTURE PLANS: Undecided. JAMES R. MURRAY ••Speedy” MOTTO: "Do unto others before they do unto you." ACTIVITIES: Football 2.3.4; Senior Superlative 4; Dramatics Club 4; Monogram Club. HOBBY: Collecting football pictures of U.T. players. FUTURE PLANS: Undecided. NANCY JANE NORRIS ••Nance” MOTTO: "Not merely to exist, but to amount to something in life.” ACTIVITIES: 4-H Club; F.H.A. Club. HOBBY: Working, cooking, and eating. FUTURE PLANS: Marriage. NINA ANN NORRIS ••Sis” MOTTO: "Don't give up what you have today. Tomorrow you might be sorry.” ACTIVITIES: F.H.A. 4; 4 H Club 1.2.3. Secretary 2; Secretary-Treasurer of Junior Class 3-HOBBY: Sewing. FUTURE PLANS: Beautician.Graduates. . . 1958 JAMES EDWARD PALMER "Meathead” MQJTO: "Make your first hoc count. You won't get a second.” ACTIVITIES: Language Club 1.2; Monogram Club 2.5.4; Football I.2.3.4. HOBBY: Hunting and fishing. FUTURE PLANS: College. JAMES HOKE PARRISH "Jim" MOTTO: "Let your conscience be your guide.' ACTIVITIES: 4H Club 1.2; Student Council 2; Band 1; Wildlife Club 4. HOBBY: Sports. FUTURE PLANS: College. STERLING ODELL PEEK "Slim" MOTTO: "Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow.” ACTIVITIES: F.F.A. 3.4. HOBBY: Eating and sleeping. FUTURE PLANS: Uncle Sam. WILEY ALLEN ROGERS "Allen" MOTTO: "It docs not pay to worry unless you worry for pay." ACTIVITIES: Language Club I.2.3. HOBBY: Driving, loafing, and dragging main. FUTURE PLANS: Air Force. NANCY JANE ROWLAND "Red" MOTTO: "Eat. drink, and be merry, for tomorrow Elvis may be gone.” ACTIVITIES: Dramatics Club 4. HOBBY: Elvis. FUTURE PLANS: Undecided. JANICE KAYE SANDERS "Shorlie" MOTTO: "Live and let live.” ACTIVITIES: Chorus 1. FUTURE PLANS: College.Senior Class RALPH BENJAMIN SANDERS "BlonJie" MOTTO: "Lee the rough tide drag.” ACTIVITIES: Chorus 1.2.5. IIOBBY: Hunting, fishing, and dating. FUTURE FLANS: Undecided. HAROLD DEWEY SCOTT "Junior" MOTTO: "Some will, tome won't, some do. some don’t." ACTIVITIES: Mountain Echo 2: Wildlife Club 4. HOBBY: Sports car racing. FUTURE PLANS: College. RICHARD FRANKLIN SETSER "Rick" MOTTO: "Be hap 'y.” ACTIVITIES: Football; Basketball 1; F.F.A., Sentinel 3. HOBBY: Hunting, fishing, and sleeping. FUTURE PLANS: College. EDWARD RAY SHATLEY "Shat ley" MOTTO: "Tell them lies and feed them candy." ACTIVITIES: Football Co-Captain 4; Monogram Club 2.3.4; Dramatics Club 2.4. Vice-President 4; Student Council 1.2.4; Senior Superlative 4; Class Vice-President 2. Class President 4. HOBBY: Football, girls, and eating. FUTURE PLANS: College. BOBBIE SHEFFIELD "Sash" MOTTO: "A smile is like an echo. It always comes back to you.” ACTIVITIES: 4-H Club 1; Photography Club 3: Science and Wildlife Club 3: F.H.A. Club 4; Senior Dramatics Club 4. HOBBY: Receiving letters from Hank and going places. FUTURE PLANS: College. GRACE EVELYN SHEPHERD "Rev" MOTTO: "Not merely to exist, but to amount to something in life." ACTIVITIES: Basketball 3.4; 4-H Club I; F.H.A. Club 4; Science and Wildlife Club 3.4. HOBBY: Playing basketball and sewing. FUTURE PLANS: College.Graduates. . . 1958 ROBERT MITCHEL SHEPHERD "Charlie" MOTTO: "Willing and ready bur not able.' ACTIVITIES: F.F.A. 4; Mountain Echo 2. HOBBY: Loafing. FUTURE PLANS: Work. BILLY EUGENE SHOPE "Bill” MOTTO: "Never ay it can’t be done.” ACTIVITIES: Choru 1. HOBBY: Cars, girls, and hunting. FUTURE PLANS: Air Force or work. BRUCE BOBBY SHULER "Pete” MOTTO: "Do it today, for there may be a law against it tomorrow.” ACTIVITIES: Dramatics Club 4; Wildlife Club. HOBBY: Loafing, hunting, and fishing. FUTURE PLANS: College. GENEVA HEDDEN SHULER "Gen” MOTTO: "Sorrow and care and I were never made to be friends.” ACTIVITIES: Language Club 2; Beta Club 3.4; Served at Junior-Senior Banquet 2: Junior Marshal. HOBBY: Reading and traveling. FUTURE PLANS: Housewife and work. MAGGIE SUE SOLESBEF. "Suzie" MOTTO: "Gotta lotta living to do!” ACTIVITIES: Wildlife Club 4; Dramatics Club 4. HOBBY: Reading. FUTURE PLANS: Work. CHARLES EUGENE STAMEY "Peewee” MOTTO: "Let the low side drag.” HOBBY: Hunting, fishing, and driving. FUTURE PLANS: Undecided.Senior Class WILLIAM LEWIS STANFIELD "Bill" MOTTO: “Do it today, for there may be a law against it tomorrow.' ACTIVITIES: 4-H Club I. HOBBY: Fishing and hunting. FUTURE PLANS: Undecided. BEVERLY FREDRICK STUART "Fred" MOTTO: 'Have fun while you are young." HOBBY: Sports. FUTURE PLANS: Navy. FRANCES V. TALLENT "Penrod" MOTTO: “Avec Dieu.” ACTIVITIES: Band 1,2; Photography Club 2, Secretary 2; Entertained at Junior-Senior Banquet 2; Art Club 3. Secretary-Treasurer 3: Served at Junior-Senior Banquet 2; Annual Staff 3,4; Junior Marshal 3; Decoration Committee, Junior-Senior Banquet 3; Beta Club 3.4; Library Assistant 4; Senior Superlative 4. HOBBY: Writing letters. FUTURE PLANS: Undecided. JACK TAYLOR MOTTO: “All is fair in love and war.” ACTIVITIES: F.F.A. 1,2,3. HOBBY: Eating, cars, hunting, and girls. FUTURE PLANS: Air Force or college. ROBERT WAYNE TAYLOR "Stud" MOTTO: "Don't look before you leap, because you might back out." ACTIVITIES: F.F.A. President 4. HOBBY: Hunting and fishing. FUTURE PLANS: College. FRANCES LEE TEAGUE "Little George" MOTTO: "Live your own life.” ACTIVITIES: 4-H Club 1; Wildlife Club 2; Chorus 3; Monogram Club 4; Basketball Manager 4; Senior Superlative 4; Dramatics Club 4. HOBBY: Driving, listening to radio. FUTURE PLANS: College.Graduates. . . 1958 ANNIE KATHRYN WELCH ' Lou Ellen" MOTTO: "If it better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it." ACTIVITIES: F.H.A. 1.2: Wildlife Club 4. HOBBY: Playing piano and traveling. FUTURE PLANS: Work. PERRY LEROY WIGGINS "Granny" MOTTO: "Work now, play later.” ACTIVITIES: F.F.A. Secretary 4. HOBBY: Hunting and fishing. FUTURE PLANS: Undecided. CLARA LOUISE WYATT "Homer" MOTTO: "Don't measure my corn by your half bushel." ACTIVITIES: Cheerleader; Monpgram Club; Senior Superlative 4; Basketball 1; Chorus 2.3; Dramatics Club 2,4; Mountain Echo 2; F.H.A. 4. HOBBY: Boys and eating. FUTURE PLANS: Undecided. ROBERT LEE WYKLE '.'Bob" MOTTO: "There must be an easier way.” ACTIVITIES: Wildlife Club 1.2; Science Club 1. HOBBY: Astronomy. FUTURE PLANS: Undecided. CHARLES DONALD YOUNG "Don" MOTTO: "Smart men die young; I'm feeling bad.' ACTIVITIES: F.H.A. 1.2,3,4. HOBBY: Daydreaming. FUTURE PLANS: Work. EDNA LA VERNE YOUNG "Vemie" MOTTO: "Say what you think and think about what you say.” ACTIVITIES: 4 H Club 1.2; Dramatics Club 2; F.H.A. 4. HOBBY: Dating Jimmy. FUTURE PLANS: Beautician.Senior Class f MARGARET LOUISE DEAL "Lu Lu» MOTTO: "Loving you.” ACTIVITIES: F.H.A. 1.4; Wildlife Club 2. HOBBY: Music and loafing. FUTURE PLAN'S: Beautician. JAMES MARSHALL CORBIN ",Daffic" MOTTO: "Don't look too long before you leap, or you may chicken out." ACTIVITIES: F.F.A.; 4 H Club 1.2.4; Bat ketball 1.2.3. IIOBBY: Hunting, fishing, and courting. FUTURE PLANS: 1J. S. Navy. First prize in the 1957 Christmas parade was won by the Senior Class for their float with the theme "What Christmas Means.”Mascots GAIL SHOPE and RICKY CLARK Class Song (To the music of "You’ll Never Walk Alone”) We shall walk through life’s storms With our heads held high. And faith, hope, and love in our hearts. At the end ot the storms. Beams a golden sky And a bright future lies there, we know. To Franklin High School W'e bid thee adieu. Memories of joy we hold. With strength and trust. You've shown us the way To a life of happiness. And we shall leave thee now. Class Motto Find the thing you want to do most intensely, and then do it with all your strength. Class Colors Black and White Shirley Henson Shirley CruseJunior Class Officers STANDING: Johnny Killian, President; Claudette Leatherman, Vice-President. SEATED: Frances Alexander, Treasurer; Leota Beck, Secretary.TOMMY ADAMS FRANCES ALEXANDER KATE ALLMAN WILEY ANDERSON JIMMY ANGEL FURMAN ANGEL, JR. LEOTA BECK KATHERINE BERRY BUCK BINGHAM MILDRED BINGHAM MILDRED BISHOP PEARL BONE CHARLES BRITTON LARRY BROOKS GLENN BROWN WAYNE BRYANT KATE BUCHANNAN VERLON BURCH JEAN BURRELL ANITA CABE JACKIE CABE JOYCE CABE SHIRLEY CABE DANNY CAGLEJuniors JAMES CAMPBELL BARBARA CARPENTER WILLIAM CARPENTER JUANITA CASSADA jackie Clark JAMES CLARK BUDDY CLOER ESTON COOK TOMMY CRUMPTON MARY LOU CRUNKLETON MARY CURTIS PAT DOCKERY GENE DOOLEY NELL DOWDLE MARGARET EARLY HAROLD ELLIOT KATRINA ELMORE SHIRLEY EMORY LARRY FERGUSON JEAN FRANKLIN PHILLIP FRANKLIN CHARLES GARNER JERRY GIBSON JOANN GIBSONClass of '59 CAROLYN GREGORY CHRISTINE GREGORY DELLA GUFFEY ANNE HALL RONALD HARPER BETTY HAWKS BILLY HEDDEN INEZ HEDDEN CHARLES HENDERSON HAROLD HENRY RILEY HENRY BARBARETTA HENSON LORETTA HENSON CHARLES HIGDON DAVE HOGAN BRUCE HOLLAND CAROLYN HOLLAND SANDRA HOLLAND BILL HOPPER DWAIN HORSLEY LOUISE HUGHES BOBBY HUNTER DARWIN HUSSEY JACK HYDEJuniors LEWIS KEENER JOHN KILLIAN CLAUDETTE LEATHERMAN DON LEDFORD GENEVA LEDBETTER JUDY ANN LEE JAMES LEQUIRE JEAN MALONEE KENNETH MASH BURN JIMMY McCOLLUM emma McConnell EVELYN McCOY LORNA McCOY ROBERTA McCRACKEN joyce McDowell CARROLL McFALLS TOMMY McNISH richard McWilliams JUANITA MOORE PEGGY MOORE MAXINE MORGAN PATSY NEAL IMOGENE PEAK BERNICE PHILLIPSBOBBY POINDEXTER JOE RABY MARGIE REED REBECCA REEVES CLAYTON RICHARDSON BETTY JEAN ROGERS SHELBA JEAN ROGERS BARBARA ROPER MACK ROPER CLAY SAMS JEAN SCOTT HELEN SETSER NANCY SETSER BUD SHOPE NANCY SILER VERA SMITH HAYES SYNDER RAYMOND SOUTHARD WILLARD SOUTHARD H. C. STOUDEMIRE ANN SUTTON BOBBY SWAN BRENDA TALLENT RUTH TALLENT Class of ’59Juniors SARAH TALLENT HAROLD TEEM CAROLYN TIPPETT THELMA TIPPETT BETTY VANHOOK GARNETTA VANHOOK BARBARA WALDROOP STEVE WALDROOP CHARLES WALLACE PAT WARD DIXIE WELCH LINDA WHELAN BRETTA WILKIE GRACE WILKES BILLY WILLIAMSON HOYT WOODARD ANITA WOODY JUDY WURST BETTY YONCE PEGGY YONCESophomore Class Officers Janice Pruitt, Secretary and Treasurer; Eva Gutierrez, Vice-President; and Jimmy Yeary, President.KYLE ALLEN ELIZABETH ANN AMMONS MARY FRANCES AMMONS MARGIE ANDERSON EARL ANGEL JOE ANGEL RALPH ANGEL PAULINE ASHE TOMMY ASHE EUNICE BARNES WAYNE BEECO ANN BELL CARROLL BLAINE JUDY BLAINE LINDA BONE PERRY BRABSON ALICE BRADLEY RONALD BRADLEY ROSEMARY BRYANT FRED BULGIN HOWARD BURCH DEMPSY BURCHFIELD ERVIN BURRELL CLARA CABE DAVID CABE FRANK CABE ROSA LEE CABE GARY CALLOWAY MARVIN CARPENTER ANNIE MAE CHASTAIN ROBERT CLARK IRENE CLOER LINDA COCHRAN JOYCE COLE RAY CONNERSophomores DOYLE COOK DOUGLAS CRISP HAROLD CRISP JUDY CRISP WILMA JEAN CRISP TOMMY CRUNKLETON BARBARA CUNNINGHAM BRENDA CUNNINGHAM JO ANN CURTIS JERRY DALTON MARGARET RUTH DAVIS NORRIS DAVIS ANN DEAN LEVON DEITZ GEORGE DILLS SHARON DILLS JERRY DOOLEY GEORGE DOWDLE EDWARD DOWNS JAMES DRYMAN BARBARA DUNCAN GUY DUVALL JOYCE ELDERS NARDA ESTES RONNIE EVANS CALVIN EVITT VIRGINIA FARMER JACKIE FINNEY EDDIE FOUTS GUY FOUTS RAY FOX JANE FRANKLIN MAX GLADWELI. SHIRLEY GREEN BETTY GREGORY CAROL GREGORY LANA GRIBBLE WAYNE GUEST PAULINE GUFFIE EVA GUITIERREZClass of 1960 CLAUDE GUYER EUGENE HAIRE ANDREW HALL CARLA HALL AUTHUR HAYES GLORIA JEAN HEDDEN POLLY HEDDEN MARY HENDERSON MELBA HENDERSON BILLY HENRY MARY RUTH HENRY STELLA HENRY CHARLES HENSON RONNIE HENSON LINDA HIGDON CAROLYN HOLBROOKS FREDA HOLLAND LEO HOLLAND GLENDA HOLT SHIRLEY HOUSTON WILLIE HOUSTON WANDA HUGGINS SUE HUGHES BILL HURST ANN HUSCUSSON LINDA HYATT FRANCES JONES KATHRYN JONES ALLIE JUSTICE CARNELL KEENER HARLEY KEENER VIANNE KEENER JESSE LEATHERWOOD SHIRLEY LENOIR CHARLES LONG EDDIE LONG JANE LONG VERLON MASHBURN MATTIE MASON JACK McCALLSophomores MARTHA McCALL MARY McCALL BUNNY McCLURE JIMMY McCLURE JO ANN McCLURE LUCILLE McCLURE TOMMY McCOLLUM FRED McCOY FURMAN McGAHA THELMA McGAHA WANDA McINTYRE TOMMY McMAHAN LUCY MEADOWS JOE MORGAN PAULINE MORGAN LINDA NEAL PAUL NEWMAN GENEVIEVE NICHOLS JIMMY NOLEN LOIS NORTON SANDRA OWENS JERRY PATTON DOUGLAS PEARSON CHARLES PEEK DOUGLAS PEEK ANN PENNINGTON LOUISE PENNINGTON JUDY PRICE JANICE PRUITT BOBBY RABY HELEN RABY BETTY JEAN RAMEY JOYCE RAMEY VICKY RAY JUDY REBER MARY SUE REYNOLDS EARL RUSSELL EDNA SANDERS RUBY SCOTT BARBARA SF.AGLEClass of 1960 MAGDALENE SEAGLE EDITH SHEFFIELD WAYNE SHEFFIELD RALPH SHEPHERD LEROY SHULER DOUGLAS SLAGLE CAROL SMITH MARGARET SMITH NEVILLE SMITH DAVID SOLESBEE DORIS SPRINKLE JEAN SPRINKLE LAMAR SPRINKLE JOHNNY STAMEY DAN STILES STEVE STILES RACHEL STOCKTON NORA STUART JIMMY SUTTON LINDA SWAFFORD SHELIA TALLENT PENNY SUE TAYLOR JOAN THOMAS CLINTON T1LSON DOUGLAS VINSON ROBERT WALLACE OTIS WATTS JUANITA WELCH THOMAS WELCH SHERRY WHELAN MARILYN WILLIAMS HILDRED WILSON IONA WOOD AGNES WOOTEN BILLY WOOTEN JIMMY YEARY DOUGLAS YOUNGFreshman Class Officers SEATED: Genevive Whitmire, Vice-President; Virginia Boyd, President. STANDING: Kenneth Hall, Secretary; Bill Hyde, Treasurer.Class of 1961 BILLY ALLEN WILLARD ANDERS SALLY ANDERSON PATRICIA ASHE DOUGLAS BAIRD JUNE BALDWIN BARBARA BARRETT JAMES BATEMAN SARAH BATEMAN EUGENE BATES HATTIE SUE BATES NELSE BATES OLA BELLE BATES DOROTHY BELL TED BINGHAM JO ANN BLAINE MARTHA BLAINE ALGIE BOLICK JANICE BOWMAN VIRGINIA BOYD HUGH BRADLEY LINDA BRENDLE ESTELL BRITTON EULA MAE BROOKS PAULINE BROOKS DENNIS BROOKSHIRE JF.RRY BROWN MAC BRYANT TURNER BRYSON BF.RTIIA BUMGARNER STEVE BUNDY CLARENCE BURCH DONETTE BURNETTE WAYNE BURRELL EDWIN CABF. JACK CABE JAMES CABE MARY LOU CABE STEVE CABE TOMMY CABFFreshmen WADE CABE JANE CAGLE JOE CALLOWAY JESSIE CARPENTER MARIE CARPENTER CHARLENE CHASTAIN CLIFFORD CHILDERS DAVID CHILDERS HAROLD CLARK JIMMY CLARK TEDDY CLARK WANDA CLARK DONALD CLAY NANCY COCHRAN BOBBY CODY EVELYN COGGINS MACIE COGGINS DEAN CONNER MARTHA COOK NINA COOK BOBBY CORBIN PATSY CORBIN TEX CORBIN JAMES CORNE BILLY CRAWFORD GARY CRAWFORD LOWELL CRAWFORD PATSY CUNNINGHAM JUDY CURTIS RUTH DEHART EVELYN DILLS GERALD DILLS PEGGY DILLS TOMMY DILLS MYRTLE DONALDSON LOUISE DOWDLE DWAIN DOWNS LOWELL DOWNS LARRY DRYMAN VANCE ELKINSClass of 1961 EARL ELLIOTT J. E. EMORY TOMMY EVANS MARGARET EVITT ANN FAGG- EUNA RAY FARMER TED FARMER JUNE FERGUSON ARKEALES FLOWERS KATHERINE FOUTS JIM FRANKLIN ALLEN GARNER BOBBY GERWIG DICK GIBSON WILLARD GIBSON LINDA GILLESPIE JIMMY GNUSE RHUBENA GREGORY JERRY GREEN REBECCA GREEN ERWIN GRIBBLE MARION GUYER WAYNE HAIRE CATHERINE HALL KENNETH HALL RICHARD HEDDEN CON HENDERSON NANCY HENRY PATRICK HENRY JACQUELINE HOLDEN KENNETH HOLDEN EMMA JEAN HOGAN RONALD HOGAN BRYANT HOLLAND CARLENE HOLLAND EDWARD HOLLAND GLORIA JEAN HOLLAND LEROY HOLLAND OTELA HOLLAND SHIRLEY HOLLANDFreshmen HOPKINS ANNIE MAE HOUSTON KAY HOUSTON WANDA HOUSTON TOMMY HUNT SUE HURST BILL HYDE JACKIE SUE JOHNSON JUANITA JOHNSON CHARLES JONES FRANKIE JONES WAYNE JUSTICE BARRY KEENER GLENN KEENER FAYE KIMSEY RAY KIRKLAND TOMMY KISER ALONZO KNIGHT BUDDY LEDFORD DOUGLAS LEDFORD F.I.MYRA LEDFORD LINDA LEDFORD RACHEL LEDFORD HILDA LEOPARD JANE MALLONEE JAMES MANN RITA MARTIN GAYLA MASHBURN BARBARA MASON DALE MASON RONNIE MASON SUE MATTHEWS BOB McCALL CHARLES McCALL CURTIS McCALL RONNIE McCALL SALLY McCLUREmarv ji nk McConnell ANN McCOY BOBBY McCOY GAYLE McCOY MARY McCOY PAULETTE McCOY DOYLE McCRACKEN paul McDonald JERELDINE McDOWELL SHIRLEY McGAIlA MARY RUTH McNUTT WAYNE MEADOWS CAROLYN MILLER LINDA MILLER HILDA GAY MINCEY DON MOFFITT BRUCE MOORE LINDA MOORE LOIS MOORE BOBBY MORGAN DOROTHY MORGAN LINDA MORROW WILLETTE NICHOLS BILL NORRIS BRUCE NORRIS SUSIE PASSMORE ANNA PATTI LLO MARGIE PEEK LANDY PENDERGRASS CLARENCE POINDEXTER HOYT POTTS BEATRICE PRUITT LIBBY PRUITT JOAN PRUITT MAXINE PRUITT LUANNE QUEEN PAULINE QUEEN BERT RABYFreshmen BETTY RABY TROY RABY IDA MAE RAMEY PATRICIA RAY TOMMY REECE LINDA RICKMAN THOMAS ROANE RALPH ROGERS JEANETTE ROGERS SUE ROGERS BERT ROPER DEARRELL SANDERS JEAN SANDERS CLARENCE SEAY RUTH SHEPHERD LUCILLE SHIELDS LINDA SHOPE PATRICIA SHOPE THELMA SHOPE JIMMY SHUFORD EMMA SILER DAVID SIMPSON CHARLES SLAGLE BLANCHE SMITH BOBBIE SUE SMITH JUANITA SMITH MARGARET SNYDER JACK SORRELLS BRENT SOUTHARD LINDA SOUTHARD ARY KNN STAGEY iTOCKTON MARGARET SWAN BARBARA TALLENTClass of 196 BRENDA TALLENT CAROL TALLENT CLARENCE TALLENT EUGENE TALLENT GRACE TALLENT HAROLD TALLENT JIMMY TALLENT JOHNNY TALLENT LINDA TALLENT LOLETA TALLENT DOUGLAS TEAGUE JOAN THOMAS JANICE THOMPSON LOIS VANHOOK LAURA JEAN WALDROOP MARY JO WALDROOP DONALD WALLACE CONDA WARD CARROLL WATKINS BEULAH WATSON DERALD WATTS PATSY WATTS CHARLES WELLS JUNE WELLS LINDA WHITAKER GENEVIEVE WHITMIRE NANCY WHITTINGTON ALLENF. WILLIAMSON MACK WILSON HENRY WOOD ODESSA WOOD J. B. WOODY SUE WOOTEN GEORGE WYATT LINDA YORK BETTY YOUNG DOYLE YOUNGSnapshots of Our Teachers Universal hone connected to the Well, 1 guess you failed. GW-H-CWPM. drive bone! Girls!! No cheating! I wonder what we do next? I guess you know it would he im possible to pass this.Foot Coach Dick "Stott; Co-Captains Edward Shatlcy, senior center; and Gilmer Henry, senior, halfback; Assistant Coach C. K. Olson. Wayne Cole, Senior, Guard; Richard Setser, Senior, Tackle. % % Ronald Harper, Junior, End; James Murray, Senior, Guard. Danny Cagle, Junior, Guard; Lamar Mason, Senior, Tackle. Gary Clark, Senior, Halfback; John Killian, Junior, End.ball Douglas Pearson, Sophomore, End; Darwin Hussey, Junior, Fullback; Hayes Snyder, Junior, End. Jack Hyde, Junior, Quarterback; Tommy McMahan, Sophomore, Fullback. FOOTBALL VARSITY SQUAD FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGIIT: Gilmer Henry, Robert Clark, Tommy McMahan. Hayes Snyder. Larry Jones, Don Ray, Bobby Poindexter, Patrick Henry. SECOND ROW: Robert Wallace, Edward Shatley, Lamar Mason. Wayne Cole, Jack Hyde. Roy Gregory, Butch Angel, Tommy Roten. THIRD ROW: Gary Clark, Don Ledford, Clarence Seav, Bobby Corbin, Bobby Swan, Jimmy Yeary, Harold Elliott, Calvin Evitt. BACK ROW: Richard Sctscr, Tommy Adams, Ronald Harper, Jim Franklin, Edward Palmer, Danny Cagle, Doug Pearson, John Killian, Teddy Clark, James Murray, Gary McKelvey.Foot Roy Gregory, Junior, End; Edward Palmer, Senior, Tackle. Harold Elliott, Junior, Halfback; Jimmy Year, Sophomore, Fullback; Gary McKelvcy, Senior, Halfback. Tommy Adams, Junior, Guard; Butch Angel, Sophomore, Guard. Tommy Roten, Sophomore, Halfback; Patrick Henry, Senior, Fullback. Don Ledford, Junior, Tackle; Robert Wallace, Junior, Bobby Corbin, Freshman, Fullback; Bobby Poindexter, Tackle; Larry Jones, Senior, End. Junior, Halfback. all Don Ray, Junior, Center; Jim Franklin, Freshman, Quarterback. Bobby Swan, Junior, Quarterback; Clarence Seay, Freshman, Fullback; Teddy Clark, Freshman, Halfback. Robert Clark, Sophomore, End; Calvin Evitt. Sophomore, Halfback. Managers: Larry Brooks, David Simpson, and Dick Wallace. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE SEASON The Panther's best offensive game was against Clyde Erwin, which they won with a score of 7-6. Their best defensive effort was against Sylva, who won the game by one point. The game which was considered best was against Swain High. This was a team victory with a score of 26-7. Gilmer Henry was undoubtedly the most outstanding player on the team. During the season he scored 9 touchdowns and 5 extra points for the team. FOOTBALL RESULTS Franklin 21 Georgia Industrial School 12 Franklin 7 Clyde Erwin 6 Franklin 0 Clayton 25 Franklin 21 Cherokee 12 Franklin 7 Hayesville 6 Franklin 6 Sylva 7 Franklin 7 Robbinsville 27 Franklin 0 Murphy 35 Franklin 0 Andrews 37 Franklin 26 Bryson City 7Football HighlightsCheerleaders LEFT TO RIGHT: Gloria Jean Hedden. Louise Wyatt, Ann Hall, Frances Alexander, Nora Stuart, Carolyn Dowdle, Myrtis Cabc, Jean Burrell, Joann Burrell, and Virginia Boyd.Girls’ CAROLYN DOWDLE Forward LUCY HENRY Forward LEOTA BECK Forward MRS. ROSE CORBIN Coach FIRST ROW: Lcota Beck, Frances McClure, Joyce Cole, Lucy Henry, Carolyn Dowdle. Helen Setser, and Claudette Leatherman. SECOND ROW: Genevive Whitmire, Kate Buchanan, Mary Sue Reynolds, Edith Sheffield, Grace Shepherd, ShirleyMARY LOU CABE Vor ward DOROTHY STOCKTON Forward MARY SUE REYNOLDS Forward Basketball CLAUDErrE LEATHERMAN Guard JOYCE COLE Guard GRACE SHEPHERD Guard Lenoir, Dorothy Stockton, Margaret Evitt, and Jessie Cabe. THIRD ROW: Frances Teague, Manager; Janice Bowman, Barbara Carpenter, Sally McClure, Nancy Whittington, Coach Rose Corbin. Jane Mallonee, and Mary Lou Cabe. FRANCES TEAGUE ManagerBoys’ VARSITY SQUAD LEFT TO RIGHT, KNEELING: Harold Elliott, Wayne Cole, Doug Pearson, Gary Clark, Don Ledford. STANDING: Jack Hyde, Clayton Richardson, Guy Duvall, Harold Henry, Gary McKclvey, Larry Brooks, Gilmer Henry. DOUG PEARSON Center GARY McKELVEY Forward WAYNE COLE Forward GARY CLARK ForwardBasketball LARRY BROOKS Guard HAROLD HENRY Center GUY DUVALL Center CLAYTON RICHARDSON Guard JOHNNY KILLIAN Forward EUGENE HAIRF. Forward MR. C. K. OLSON Coach DAVID SIMPSON Manager LEFT TO RIGHT, KNEELING: Ronnie McCall, Kenny Hall, Doug Baird, Johnny Stanley. STANDING: Wade Cabe, Eugene Haire, Bobby Corbin, Jim Franklin, Jimmy Nolen. Activities  JOANN BURRELL—Editor-in-Chief The Laurel JOANN CUNNINGHAM—Advertising Manager SCOTTY BYRD—Activities Editor FRANCES TALLENT—Senior Editor JEAN BURRELL—Assistant Advertising Manager DWAIN HORSLEY—Ereshman Editor FRANCES ALEXANDER—Sophomore EditorLeaf Staff MRS. ANNE P. BIDDLE—Advisor GARY CLARK—Sports Editor PATRICIA HEDDEN—Junior Editor EUGENE DOWDLE—Photographer HARVEY BRYANT—Circulation Manager NANCY SILER—Assistant Circulation Manager SHIRLEY CRUSE—Art Editor RACHEL BROWN—Copy EditorThe Mountain Echo Staff Co cditors Iva Lee Brookshire and Jean Franklin with Miss Darlene Collins, Advisor. Sports Editor Dave Hogan and Art Editor and Cartoonist Circulation Manager Ervin Bingham and his assistant Ar- Paul Clocr. thur Hayes. SEATED: (Reporters)—Viannc Keener, Pauline Morgan, Judy Wurst. STANDING: Charles Britton, Jimmy Campbell, Frances McClure, Danny Cagle. Society Editor Barbara Waldroop, Associate Editor Jane Long, Feature Editor Jackie Clark, Associate Editor Shirley Henson, and Feature Editor Joann Burrell.Frances Alexander Rachel Brown Kate Buchanan Joann Burrell Shirley Cabe MRS. MILDRED MARTIN and MISS SHIRLEY CLOER Sponsors Beta Club GARY McKELVEY—President IVA LEE BROOKSHIRE—Vice-President Jacqueline Clark Katrina Elmore Joann Gibson Janet Green Patricia Hcddcn Lucy Henry Shirley Henson Phyllis Holland Judy Hooker Dwain Horsley Claudette Leatherman Tommy McNish Rebecca Reeves Geneva Shuler Nancy Siler Ann Sutton Frances Tallent Linda Whelan Anita Woody Judy WurstELIZABETH ANN AMMONS ................................. President KATE BUCHANAN ................................... Vice-President SARA JEAN MALLONEE Secretary-Treasurer MRS. CAROLYN COGAN Sponsor Science and Wildlife Club Future Homemakers of America GENEVA LEDBETTER MARCELLA McCALL I.UCILLE CAMPBELL MISS FREDA SILER . ..........President .. . Vice-President Secretary-Trt usurer ........... SponsorStudent Council GILMER HENRY...................................... President JOHN KILLIAN ................................ Vice-President CLAUDETTE LEATHERMAN.....................Secretary-Treasurer MR. C. K. OLSON .................................... Sponsor Monogram Club WAYNE COLE ................................ President FRANCES McCLURE ...................... Vice-President JOANN BURRELL ................... Secretary-TreasurerFuture Farmers of America Franklin High School Chapter Tommy Ashe, Doyle Bates, Ted Bingham. Hugh Bradley, Jerry Brown, Wayne Burrell. James Cabe, Dean Conner, Tex Corbin, Jerry Dbolcy, Dickie Gibson, Richard Hedden. Bryant Holland, Wayne Justice, Bob McCall, Bruce Norris, Gerald Sanders, Carol Tallent, Clarence Tallent. Douglas Teague, Troy Raby, Ralph Allen. Jim Corbin, Wayne Gregory. Ralph Hall, Ralph Morgan, Sterling Peek, Richard Setscr, Robert Shepherd. Billy Taylor. Wayne Taylor, Bitty Wiggins, Don Young, Wayne Bryant, Eston Cook, Tommy Crumpton, Jerry Gibson, Roy Gregory, Ronald Harper, Billy Hedden, Riley Henry, Charles Higdon, John Killian, Bunny McClure, Don Ray, Bud Shope, Fred Stiles, H. C. Stoudemire, Thomas Welch. Perry Brabson, Don Cabe, Harry Cabe. Marvin Carpenter. Ray Conner, Doyle Cook, Norris Davis, George Dills, Guy Fouts. Ray Fox. Andrew Hall. Van Holland. Willard Houston, Carncll Keener, Jack McCall. Jim McClure. Fred McCoy, Joe Morgan, Jim Nolen, Douglas Peek. Bert Raby, Wayne Sheffield. Ray Shepherd, and Steve Stiles. F.F.A. OFFICERS CHAPTER FARM PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE TEAMLibrary Club RAYMOND SOUTHARD BETTY JEAN ROGERS EVELYN McCOY PAT WARD PAUL CLOER MRS. MAMIE Y. SCROGGS . . . President Vice-President . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer Reporter .... Sponsor Four-H Club ROBERT WALLACE . President ALICE BRADLEY Vice-President BUDDY CLOER Secretary-Treasurer SARA JEAN MALLONEE Reporter CARROL WATKINS. CAROL SMITH. PRATT HENRY Song leadersExplorer Scouts MR. C. K. OLSON • . - Leader JACK HYDE Senior Creu Leader JIMMY YEARY Secretary-1reasurer Future Teachers of America LUCY HENRY President FRANCES ALEXANDER Vice-President CLAUDETTE LEATHERMAN .....................Secretary JACQUELINE CLARK TreasurerDramatics Club GILMER HENRY EDWARD SHATLEY CAROLYN DOW Dl l DW AIN HORSLEY Vice-President . . Secretary-Treasurer MRS. MAE TUCKER. MRS. ELLEN LEDBETTER Sponsors Safety Patrol HOWARD BURCH ............................. Captain MR. FRANK RAMSEY. MR. CLAYTON RAMSEY .....Sponsors FeaturesMOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Gary McKelvey and Frances Teague BEST PERSONALITY Patrick Henry and Joann Burrell STUDIOUS Shirley Henson and Tommy Meadows Senior MOST ATHLETIC Frances McClure and Gilmer HenryBEST ALL AROUND Carolyn Dowdle and James Murray Superlatives MOST HANDSOME AND PRETTIEST Bill Krickbaum and Kay Ledford MOST COURTEOUS Frances Tallent and Wayne Cole MOST POPULAR Edward Shatley and Lucy HenryCLASS FLIRTS Paul Cloer and Louise Wyatt MOST INFLUENTIAL Lamar Mason and Jean Moffitt Senior BEST CITIZENS Phyllis Holland and David McClure NEATEST Gary Clark and Edith LeopardMOST TALENTED Shirley Crurse and Gene Dowdle BEST SPORTS Wayne Gregory and Shirley Blaine Superlatives MOST DIGNIFIED Wayne Taylor and Evelyn Blanton CLASS WITS Horace Hurst and Patricia HeddenFor Outstanding Servic HARVEY BRYANT JOANN BURRELL GARY CLARK Laurel Leaf Staff Editor of The Laurel Leaf Vice-President of the Senior Clas: Treasurer of Senior Class Secretary of the Beta Club PATRICIA HEDDEN Girls’ State 1957 Mountain Echo Staff GILMER HENRY President of the Student Body Co-Captain of the Football Team 1957 FRANCES McCLURE Co-Captain of Girls’ Basketball Team 1957SHIRLEY CRUSE Senior Class "Artist” Mountain Echo Staff JOANN CUNNINGHAM Laurel Leaf Staff Future Teacher’s Club rujjfca' CAROLYN DOWDLE Co-Captain of Girls’ Basketball Team 1957 Secretary of the Senior Class GARY McKELVEY Boys’ State 1957 President of the Beta Club EDWARD SHATLEY President of the Senior Class Co-Captain of the Football Team 1957 FRANCES TALLENT Laurel Leaf Staff Senior Class "Artist”Valedictorian and Co-Salutatorians LEFT TO RIGHT: Shirley Henson, co-salutatorian; Joann Burrell, valedictorian; and Geneva Shuler, co-salutatorian. Senior Honor Students SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Janet Green, Iva Lee Brookshire. Rachel Brown, Pal Hedden, Sue Bailey. STANDING: Judy Hooker, Gladys Dehart, Gary McKclvcy, Frances Tallent, and Phyllis Holland.Junior Marshals SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Jean Carpenter, Barbara Waldroop, Roberta McCracken. Nancy Siler, Dwain Horsley, and Imogcnc Peck. STANDING: Jackie Clark, Rebecca Reeves, Jean Scott. Anita Woody, Tommy McNish, Claudette Leatherman, Joann Gibson, Barbara Jean Roper, and Kate Buchanan. Sophomore Servers SEATED. LEFT TO RIGHT: Brenda Cunningham. Melba Henderson. Alice Bradley. Jane Long. JoAnn Curtis, Lucy Meadows, and Jean Sprinkles. STANDING: Janice Pruitt, Linda Higdon. Carol Welch. Ronald Henson, Douglas Slagle, Ar-thur Hays, Ann Dean, Max Gladwcll, and Barbara Duncan.Homecoming Queen and Attendant MAID-OF-HONOR Frances AlexanderWe Thank Our. . . AdvertisersMore Thon Ever THE STANDARD for THE AMERICAN ROAD SALES SERVICE Compliments of embers of F.D.I.C. Authorized Factory Trained Dealer For „ Mechanics GOODRICH GOODYEAR (Jfuu TIRES aa J Genuine Ford and Jj s Parts SHELL PRODUCTS „ General Repairing A-l Used Cars tUAjrusra 24 Hour Wrecker Service -Day and Night- FRANKLIN, NORTH CAROLINASTUDENTS! here's A Smile On Your Dial! UlfSC AM. 1050 KC's 500 WATTS RADIO F.M. 94.5 4000 WATTS Burrell (Rotor Company, Inc CHEVROLET SALES and SERVICE Headquarters For "O.K." Used Cars and Trucks -24 Hour Wrecker Service- Phone 123 Franklin, N. C. It pleases us to please you.'PRODUCING POWER FOR PROGRESS IN WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA tlantahala Power and Light Company ATLANTA ST. LOUIS HOUSTON Manufacturers of Cleaning, Sanitation and Maintenance Chemicals Since 1920 H. "SKE" BONISKE North Carolina Sales RepresentativeOPPORTUNITIES UNLIMITED Opportunities are unlimited in the textile industry in the South. If you are nearing high school graduation, you are thinking about a career. You can choose no more wisely than to decide upon a future in textiles—this section's industrial backbone! We'll be glad to help. A Unit of franklin Hosiery Co. "You can whip our cream but you can't beat our milk." NANTAHALA CREAMERY BELK’S DEPARTMENT STORE SERVING MACON COUNTY Franklin, North Carolinar Compliments of VAN RAALTE COMPANY Compliments of ickgraf hardihood company, ine Phone 134 Franklin, North Carolina Compliments of TEAGUE’S CANNERY Compliments of SHOOKS SERVICE STATION COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE Phone 9104Compliments of CARPENTER AND VINSON PRODUCE COMPANY PHONE 2456 FRESH VEGETABLES — PRODUCE AND SEAFOODS Edword Corpenter John T. Vinson DILLARD, GEORGIA Compliments of REEVES HARDWARE COMPANY —BUILDING MATERIALS— Phone 113 Franklin, North Carolina Compliments of RAY and WELCH SUPER MARKET Palmer Street Franklin, North Carolina "For gifts you can give with pride Let your jeweler be your guide." JAMISON JEWELERS Phone 320 All repairing fully guaranteed Compliments of SOSSMAN'S FURNITURE CO. "Everything For Your Home" MACON COUNTY SUPPLY COMPANY SINCE 1909 Your Hardware and Furniture Center Compliments of The WAYAH AGENCY, Inc. All Forms of Insurance MORGAN SHATLEY, Manager Franklin, North Carolina Compliments of Compliments of CAROLINA PHARMACY DR. J. L. HILL, JR. WALGREEN AGENCY OPTOMETRIST Phone 84 Compliments of Compliments of DIXIE GRILL J. B. PENDERGRASS SERVING GOOD FOODS Since 1937 DOWNS DOWDLE Compliments of Feeds — Seeds — Fertilizers SHEET METAL WORKS Phone 226 West Main Franklin, North Carolina Franklin, North Carolina E. S. PURDOM CO. Compliments of Custom Made Furniture DR. 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Franklin, North Carolina Compliments of MACON WILLY'S -STUDEBAKER Sales and Service Phone 32 Franklin, North Carolina J 1- 1- r r - ■ Best Wishes Pearce - Young - Angel Company WHOLESALE FOODS Fresh - Frozen - Canned - Dried Service Wholesalers Asheville, North Carolina Best of Luck To The Class of '58 H. J. RESTAURANT Main Street Franklin, North Carolina Compliments of NATIONWIDE INSURANCE E. T. WILLIAMS, Agent Franklin, North Carolina Compliments of ENLOE FARM TRACTOR COMPANY Franklin, North Carolina Best Wishes To the Class of '58 ANGEL'S MEMORIAL SERVICE Compliments of FRANKLIN FROZEN FOODS Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Phone 169 Compliments of The Fashion Shop "Ladies Ready Wear" Main Street Phone 436 Fronklin, North Carolina Compliments of PEARL'S BEAUTY SHOP Main Street Franklin, North Carolina Compliments of FRANKLIN 5 10 Franklin, North Carolina PERRY'S DRUG STORE "Meet Your Friends After School' Compliments of S L 5 10c STORE Main Street Franklin, North Carolina k (Xs THE TWIN'S SHOP A Complete Store for Ladies Featuring Quality Clothing Gifts Franklin, North Carolina DR. FURMAN ANGEL Compliments CLASS OF '58 _j % Compliments of Compliments of BALDWIN'S AND WINN DIXIE STORE BIG DOLLAR "True Hospitality Is Our SUPER MARKETS Rule for Courtesy." — Franklin, North Carolina —.Compliments of THE FRANKLIN "Carolina's Finest Mountain Motel" Franklin, North Carolina Compliments of UNCLE REMUS CAFE "Good Food, Courteous Service" Best Coffee in Town Franklin, North Carolina _ TALMAN OFFICE SUPPLIES, Inc. Office Furniture Equipment Typewriters Business Machine Engraving 8 College St. Phone 3-2376 Asheville, North Carolina Compliments of WEST FLORIST "Say it with Flowers" Phone 234-J Franklin, North Carolina - - Compliments of Compliments of POINDEXTER'S PHILLIPS "66" SERVICE STATION Farmer's Federation Co-operative Franklin, North Carolina FRANKLIN WAREHOUSE MACON BARGAIN STORE Compliments THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1958 Compliments of The FRANKLIN PRESS "Your Home County Newspaper" 1 4:i mplimcnts of BROWN CARSON I Feeds — Cydceries h y S0ds — Fertilizers w Compliments of LEE'S AMOCO SERVICE East Franklin Highwoys 23-28-64 Phone 677 Franklin, North Carolina Compliment of h NANTAHALA 01 Distributors of: y UK A ft)C TOaijCTS y HOUSTON'S ESSO SERVICENTER Complete Auto Servicenter Accessories Harrison Ave. Phone 9114 Frankling, North Carolina Compliments of SUNSET DRIVE-IN -----------------------------------— Best Wishes INDIAN MOUND SERVICE STATION KENNETH NEAL, Operator Complete Auto Service Tubeless Tires - Accessories Phone 9119 1------------------------------------pliments of MACON THEATRE MACON DRIVE-IN THEATRE Franklin, North Carolina "rr , . Best of Luck to Class of '58 Compliments of DRYMAN'S Men's and Boy's Shop FRANKLIN LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS Franklin, North Carolina Franklin, North Carolina Autographs jLvUl V v_ CU 4 .1 a 3 ■ rj£=S ,Jv ., JiMA. zp ih v x v Autographs di 'Iv-iaAs-.j -to "YU-cJL (hut tfo6 fttZaJU ■ ' -C-. '-C O V I ■ftLjaSL x _y '0 U- p«w. J. -U. Z ) G UcAausi t aju6usxjl Ot cz) Ol CycstJ? -nu tL £t } Autographs , V CbO a, ua£'0“m - , sy uis 3u4AU y(Coc V JKm l' a uStU- Luyrt out" It’ oU 3+ - ' CJ H' Aumjl£ Cju J TQtSt- ZuUjll j • ytjLy d 2s co C( 3j33uc { y A3L3j C lA nju UK?Z J'CU "' « (M 0 Or ui cJL ju r f ' j AjvUuth m ,3 ?A (L _n T u' A 'i , e j ■yy X f- £c _ L at Jfge j j (Ar % rA yi- TY Jyt ¥■ 3 13 © tV o- '''“'? |5tU ' w!V .

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