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FROM THE LIBRARY. OF AnjJZi- T W T THE LAUREL 1 Q J 2 FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL Franklin, North Carolina MR. R. G. SUTTON 0 ) zincij2a[ TRAINING: W. C. T. C. : -dT . ,_n CL S onq i ' i . f— $—f -t i -a " 1 Al.H, ff By: LIBBY MURRAY and MARY ANN KILLIAN As our school years end— We now bid fare-well—■ To those dear days that are gone— We loved so well. Teachers who taught us— Pa-tience and then speed— To-ward a life that is dear That we all should lead. So let us ne’er for-get— Our school days that are past— Our friends, our folks, Songs and jokes We now re-call— The long thought still re-mains— And nev-er shall depart— Of the long love That is charmed To our hearts. (Tune: Moon Love, adopted from Tschaikowsky’s 5th Symphony.) 2 U ' eciication GUY T . HOIJK It is with respect and admiration that we of the Senior Class, as an expression of our appreciation for one whose gen¬ uine interest in the promotion of public education in the schools of Macon County has been demonstrated during the twenty- nine years of his unstinted service, to MR. GUY L. HOUR with respectful and affectionate recognition of his long service and devotion dedicate this issue of the Laurel Leaf. 7 y-h h zzcia Hon Reading left to right: First row: Norman Seay, W. B.; George Brown, G.; Richie Jones, T.; Pat Pattillo, F. B.; Charles Cabe, T.; Ed Poindexter, F. B. Second row: Sammy Henderson, B. B.; Gene Mashburn, E.; Bill Hunnicutt, E.; Wayne Stewart G.; Grady Corbin, C.; Junior Dills, B. B. Third row: Bobby Womack, W. B.; John Henry, E.; Ben Edwards, T.; Bobby Tysinger, G.; Charles Sanders, G. Fourth row: Jimmy Estes, C.; Carroll Keener, T. B.; Richard Renshaw, T. B.; Richard Russel, W. B. and F. B.; Coach McConnell. Not shown: Carroll Childers, E.; and Dick Mashburn, T. B. SCORES Franklin—49 Franklin— 7 . Franklin—27 Franklin—20 Franklin—2 8 Franklin—40 Franklin— 6 Franklin—42 Franklin— 7 Franklin—3 5 Andrews— 0 Hayesville— 6 Clayton—27 Bethel— 0 Sylvia— 0 Robbinsville— 0 Bryson City—13 Murphy— 0 Waynesville—41 Clyde— 7 MARY ANN KILLIAN Editor ELBERT ANDERSON Circulation Manager AUDREY HAYS Assistant Editor MR. WILLIAMS Sponsor MARTHA ANN STOCKTON Advertising Manager LEE GRANT Sophomore Editor CAROLINE CRAWFORD Business Manager uni or yvnnua a Reading left to right: Cissy Lyle, Advertising Manager; Myra Crawford, Assistant Editor; Patty Phillips, Circulation Manager; Mertis Angel, Business Manager; Paul Kil¬ lian, Editor. THE LABORING LAUREL LEAF STAFF Back Table: (left to right) Mary Ann Killian, Audrey Hays, Cissy Lyle. Front Table: Mertis Angel, Patty Phillips, Myra Crawford, Caroline Crawford, Paul Killian. Standing: (Back to Front) Mr. Williams, Lee Grant, Martha Stockton, Elbert Anderson. dficjfi dafiool }acu[tij MR. JACK ANGEL Training: W. C. T. C. Subject: Science and Plays. Ed. Sponsor: Science Club MISS ANNIE BAILEY Training: Tusculum and W. C. T. C. Subject: Business Education Sponsor: Business Club and " Mountain Echo” MR. SAMMY BECK Training: W. C. T. C.; U. N. C. and Eastman Conserva¬ tory of Music Subject: Band and Chorus MISS ADELINE BREWER Training: Colorado State Teachers College Subject: Latin, French, and English Sponsor: Junior Class and Language Club MRS. JESSIE D. CABE Training: W. C. T. C. and Berea Subject: Elome Economics Sponsor: Future Homemakers of America MR. RAY CLARK Training: W. C. T. C. Subject: Mathematics and Physical Education Sponsor: Backache Club Mr. HARRY CORBIN Training: W. C. T. C. Subject: Mathematics MRS. MARGIE H. CRAWFORD Training: W. C. T. C. Subject: Business and English Sponsor: Eighth Grade MISS ROBERTA ENLOE Training: Maryville College and U. N. C. Subject: History and Library Sponsor: Forensic Club and Junior Class MRS. LOIS FULTON Training: Woman’s College of U. N. C. Subject: Mathematics and English MR. RAY LOWE Training: W. C. T. C. Subject: Biology, Phys. Education and Basketball Coach MRS. KATHRYN P. MATTHEWS Training: Woman’s College of U. N. C. Subject: English Sponsor: Senior Class mr. Ralph McConnell Training: W. C. T. C. Subject: Physical Education and Football Coach Sponsor: Letter Club MRS. KATHERINE M. O’NEIL Training: Michigan State Teachers’ College Subject: Home Economics Sponsor: F. H. A. MR. WAYNE PROFFITT Training: B erea College Subject: Agriculture Sponsor: Future Farmers of America MR. CLAYTON RAMSEY Training: W. C. T. C. Subject: Science, Geography, Dramatics Sponsor: Dramatics Club tt MRS. MARIE P. STEWART Training: Woman’s College of U. N. C. Subject: English Sponsor: Senior Class MR. RICHARD STOTT Training: W. C. T. C. Subject: Social Science, History, Physical Education Sponsor: Sports Club MRS. MYRA S. WALDROOP Training: Woman’s College of U. N. C. Subject: Science and Library Sponsor: Junior Class MR. ED WILLIAMS Training: Peabody and W. C. T. C. Subject: Business Education Sponsor: Laurel Leaf and Business Club Front Row: Left to Right: Mrs. Margaret Bradley, Miss Elizabeth Meadows, Mrs. Elsie Franks, Miss Esther Wallace, Miss Edna Jamison, Mrs. Margaret Ramsey. Second Row: Left to Ri ght: Mrs. Elizabeth Ffigdon, Miss Mayberyl Moody, Mrs. Pearl Hun¬ ter, Mrs. Lola Kiser, Mrs. Kate Williams, Mrs. Margaret Flanagan, Mrs. Edith Hemphill, Miss Alice Weaver. PRACTICE TEACHERS Reading Left to Right: Mr. Norris Jones, Mr. Edward B. Singleton, Miss Rebecca Bowers, Mr. Vernon Booth, Mrs. Juanita Lowe, Mr. Richard J. Burns. 4 emorj £ eniors Left To Right: RICHARD JONES, President LUCILLE EDWARDS, Secretary and Treasurer RUSSELL McKEI.VEY, Vice-President LINDA, GLINDA LONG mmgm em on ELBERT ANDERSON " Jug” ”Never say die.” Activities: Sports Club ’SO, ’5 1, ’52; Annual Staff ’SO-,52. Future Plans: Undecided BETTY JANE ANGEL " Bet” " The jirst step is all the difficulty.” Homemaker ’49-’ 5 2; Business Club ’51. Future Plans: Indefinite. MEDA ANGEL " Meder” " It can happen to anybody.” Mountain Echo Staff ’51; Business Club ’51-’52; Junior Marshal ’51; Banquet Committee ’51; Home Ec. ’48-’50. Future Plans: Business Work. PATSY JEAN ARNOLD " Pat” " Never do today what you can put off ’til tomorrow.” Home Ec. ’49-’50; Mountain Echo Staff ’51; Glee Club ’5 0; Dramatic Club ’5 1 ; Business Club ’5 2; Basketball ’49. Future Plans: College. CHARLES JACKSON BALDWIN " Baldy” " Conduct and courage lead to honor.” Sports Club ’50—’51; Business Club ’51 -’52. Future Plans: Undecided. MARGARET MOORE BERRY " Margie” " Let us be judged by our deeds” Home Ec. ’47-’48; Basketball ’47; Business Club ’5 0; Glee Club ’49; Band ’48-’49. Future Plans: Blanton’s Business College. CLYDE F. BINGHAM, JR. ' Nonny” " Live and let live.” Backache Club ’5 0, ’5 1, ’5 2. Future Plans: Work for Uncle Sam. MARY FRANCES BINGHAM Murry” " Let us be judged by our deeds, you’ll never lose by being kind.” Home Ec. ’48, ’49, ’50, ’51, ’52; Business Club ’51 -’52. Future Plans: Work. s. emors ELLA JO BISHOP " Joey” " To have wore fun.” Softball ’51; 4-H Club ’49-’51; L. H. A. ’51 -’52. Future Plans: Nursing or F. B. I. work. CATHERINE ANN BLAINE " Red” " Be Happy; Stay Happy.” Cheerleader ’ 5 0-’5 2; Letter Club ’5 05 2; Dramatics Club ’50-’52; Glee Club ’49. Future Plans: College. EUGENE BRITTON " Bud” " Lire ami let live.” Backache Club ’50-’S 1; Business Club ’51-’5 2. Future Plans: Indefinite. JIMMY LONG BROGDEN " Jim” " Do all you can to get by with and some you can ' t.” Baseball ’50-’52; Basketball ’51; Football ’51; Letter Club ’50-’5 2; Sports Club ’50-’5 2; Chorus ’50-’52; Safety Patrol ’5 2; Agriculture ’47-’49. Future Plans: Undecided. MILDRED SARAH BROWN " Millie” " They conquer who believe they can.” Dramatic Club ’50-’52 ; Business Club ’5 1 -’52. Future Plans: Undecided. BETTY SUE BURCH " Bett” " Have fun while you are single.” Basketball ’49; Glee Club ’49; Dramatic Club ’51- ’5 2; Mountain Echo Staff ’51. Future Plans: Business College. MARIE ETHEL CABF. " Sallie” " Forget the past and look to the future.” Home Ec. ’48-’50; Business Club ’50-’52. Future Plans: Business College. HOWARD CANTREI.I " Jash” " Come what come may.” Agriculture ’49-’5 2. Future Plans: Undecided. emors KATRINA NELL COCHRAN " Kat” " Say what you mean ami mean what you say” Activities: Dramatics Club; Basketball ’49, 52; Mountain Echo Staff ’51; Glee Club ’49. Euture Plans: Business College CAROLINE CRAWFORD " Little Girl” " Look to the sunny side of the street.” Activities: Cheerleader ’49-’52; Letter Club ’50-’52; Homecoming Queen ’51; Annual Staff ’5 0-’5 2; Science Club ’50-’51; Sports Club ’51 -’52. Future Plans: College. GENEVA CRAWFORD " Neva” " Silence is wisdom.” Activities: Home Ec. ’48-’49; Served at Jr.-Sr. Banquet ’49-’50; Junior Marshal ’50-’51; Music Club ’50-’51; Sports Club ’51 -’52. Future Plans: Business College. WANDA CRISP " Pinky” " Let every person look out for himself.” Activities: Majorette ’51 -’52; Dramatics Club ’51; Business Club ’52; Chorus ’5 0; Home Ec. ’48-’5 0. Future Plans: Business Work. BRYANT CUNNINGHAM " Live for tonight.” Activities: F. F. A. Reporter ’49-’50; F. F. A. Vice- President ’ 5 0— 51. Future Plans: Work for Uncle Sam. CATHERINE ELIZABETH CURTIS " Cat” " Live and Learn.” Acti ities: Dramatics Club ’49-’50; F. H. A. Club 51 -’ 5 2; Home Ec. ’48-’5 2. Future Plans: Undecided. GEORGE CURTIS " The one who succeeds is the one who tries.” Activities: Sports Club ’51 - 52. Future Plans: Air Force. LORENA DALTON " Toot” Motto— " Be resolved and the thing is done.” Activities: Home Ec. ’48-’52; F. H. A. Club ’50- ’51; Business Club ’51-’52. Future Plans: Work. emori RUBY DeHART " Blondie” " Live and Learn.” Activities: Home Ec. ’48-’50; FHA Club ’50-’51; Business Club ’51 52. Future Plans: Work. HOWARD DEITZ " Let your conscience be your guide.” Activities: Bus Driving; Science Club ’51-’52. Future Plans: Drive a Trailway Bus or Truck. JOHNNIE DIETS " May goodness prevail when beauty fails.” Activities: Served Jr.-Sr. Banquet ’50; Jr. Marshal ’51; Dramatic Club ’50-’51. Future Plans: Work. PAULINE DILLS " Pod” " He who tries to please all, pleases no one.” Activities: Home Ec. ’49-’50; Sports Club ’S1 52; Cheerleader ’50-’52; Letter Club ’50-’52. Future Plans: Business College. EULENE ELIZABETH DAVIS " Evil Eye” " Prove all things, hold fast to that which is good.” Activities: Homemaker 49-’51; Homemaker Club, Secretary ’51; Sports Club ’5 2. FRANCES IDEAL " Dee” rr S 7 and dream: and let the sun shine through.” Activities: Home Ec. ’48-’50; Sports Club ’51 -’52. Future Plans: Business College. FRANK DEAL " Live for tonight.” Activities: FFA 4851; Dairy judging team ’49- ’51; Food Identification Team ’50-’51; President FFA ’5 0-’51; Football ’50. Future Plans: Work for Uncle Sam. KERMIT DeHART " Termite” " Why worry about anything, if it ' s going to hap¬ pen it will happen anyhow.” Activities: School Patrol ’45-’48; Football ’49-’50; Sports Club ’50-’51; Letter Club ’50- 51. Future Plans: Uncle Sam’s Great Army. s; cnior.s BONNIE DOWDLE " Polly” " Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Home Ec. Club ’S0-’51; Home Ec. ’4S-’52; Business Club ’51-’52. Future Plans: Work. LUCIELE McCALL DUVALL ' ' Lucy” " Today is the tomorrow you worried about yester¬ day.” Business Club ’51-’52. AGNES ECHOLS " Speckles” " Live and learn; Die and forget it all.” Forensic Club ’50-’51; Business Club ’5 1-’52; Heme Ec. ’48 -’5 2. Future Plans: Undecided. HELEN LUCILLE EDWARDS " Smile and the world snides with you.” Jr. Class Treas.; Sr. Class Sec. and Treas; Served at Jr.-Sr. Banquet ’50; Chorus ’50-’51; Home Ec. ’49- ’52; Jr. Marshal. Future Plans: Work, EMMA JEAN ELLIOTT " Shortie” " They conquer who believe they can.” Home, Ec. ’4S-’50; Latin Club ’51 -’52; Dramatic Club ’5 1; Mountain Echo Staff ’5 1; Business Club ’52; Chorus ’5 0. Future Plans: Nursing. PAIMA FOUTS " Pam” " Live and learn.” Home Ec. ’48-’50; Glee Club and Chorus ’49-’50; Sports Club ’51; Business Club ’51 -’52. Future Plans: Civil Service. CHARLES GIBSON " Live and let live.” F. F. A., Treasurer ’5 0. Future Plans: Work for Uncle Sam. EULA MAE GEBSON " Mae” ' Look wise and get the benefit of the doubt.” Home Ec. ’48-’50; F. FI. A. Club ’49-’50; Business Club ’51 -’52. Future Plans: Undecided. JOHN CALHOUN HENDERSON " Sleepy” " Do not say go, but go thyself .” Dramatics Club ’51; Science Club ’5 2. Future Plans: Mechanics. BETTY JEAN HENRY " Henry” " I may not always be right.” Basketball ’48-’52; Latin Club ’51-’52; Mountain Echo Staff ’51; Letter Club ’49-’52; Secretary of Dra¬ matics Club ’52. Future Plans: College. DON CALVIN HENRY " The Frog” " No mottos arc good mottos.” Science Club 51 -’52. Future Plans: Indefinite. LOUISE HOLLAND " Lucy” " Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Business Club ’5 0-’51; Home Ec. ’48-’51. Future Plans: Work. ARTHUR LESHER GREEN, JR. " Chlorophyll” " Live and learn.” Science Club ’5 1 -’52; Served at Jr.-Sr. Banquet ’50; Jr. Marshal. Future Plans: Undecided. BETTY ANNE GUFFEY " Bett’ " Live for today, tomorrow you may die.” Homemaker ’49-’5 2; Home Ec. Club ’51; Business Club ’5 2. Future Plans: Nursing School. WALTER LEE HALL, JR. " Bear” " Get all you can and be glad you got it.” Football ’52; Backache Club ’51 -’52; Dramatic Club ’51 -’52. Future Plans: College. AUDREY HAYS " Gabby” " Keep a smile on your face and a song in your heart.” Chorus ’48-’50; Band ’49-’52; Science Club ’51; Pho¬ to Club ’49; Dramatics Club ’48-’5 2; Annual Staff ’5 1 -’52; Latin Club ’5 1 -’52. Future Plans: Oklahoma Baptist University. £ enior.s MARTHA HOWARD " The reward of a thing well done is to have done it.” Activities: Latin Club ’50; F. H. A. ’5 1-’52; Home Ec. ’5 0-’5 2. Future Plans: College. CAROL LEE HUGGINS " Lee” " Smile and the world smiles with yon.” Activities: Homemaker ’4851; Glee Club ’48; Sec. of Class ’49; Sports Club ’49-’51. Future Plans: Nurse’s Training. VISTA BERNICE HURST " Bern” " To have friends, be a friend.” Activities: Homemaker ’49-’52; Sports Club ’51; Business Club ’52. Future Plans: Undecided. ROSEMARY HUSCUSSON " Rose” " Non est vivere est valere vita.” " Not merely to exist, but to amount to something in life.” Activities: Home Ec. ’49-’50; Basketball ’49-’50; Dramatics Club ’50-’5 1; Latin Club, Secretary ’5 0- ’52; Business Club 51 -’52; Music Club ’51 -’52. Future Plans: College. ELMER JOHNSON " Elmo” " If it can ' t be done watch somebody do it.” Activities: F. F. A. ’47-’52. Future Plans: Work. RICHARD JONES " Richie” " If at first you succeed then quickly pick another field to conquer.” Activities: Monogram Club ’48-’52; Forensic Club ’5 0-’ 5 1; Latin Club ’5 0-’ 5 2; Football ’48-’5 2; Bas¬ ketball ’48-’52; Class President ’49-’52; President Monogram Club ’51; President Forensic Club ’51. Future Plans: College. MARY ANN KILLIAN " Mery” " Fly high but stay on the level.” Activities: Home Ec. ’48-’50; Band ’48-’52; Treas. Chorus ’49-’ 50; Latin Club ’5 0-’ 5 2; Vice-Pres. Fo¬ rensic Club (Sec.) ’51; Served Jr.-Sr. Banquet ’50; Annual Staff (Ed.) ’50-’51. Fute Plans: College. OLGA NICHOLSON KIMSEY " Nicky” " Love, Live and Learn.” Activities: Home Ec. ’48-’52; Sports Club ’50-’52. Future Plans: Civil Service. enior.s MARY JACQUELIN LEDFORD " Big Mary” " Have your fun when and where you can. " Activities: Glee Club ’49; Dramatics Club ’51; Mt. Echo Staff ’5 1; Latin Club ’5 1; Business Club ’5 2. Future Plans: College. IRIS FAYE LONG " Look forward to the future " Activities: Homemakers ’49-’52; Mt. Echo Staff ’51; Dramatics Club ’51; Business Club ’5 2. Future Plans: Business College. CHARLOTTE ELISABETH LOVE ’ Charlie” " lota Nu Beta. " (I shouldn’t have done it.) Activities: Home Ec. ’48-’50; Basketball ’48-’49; Served at Jr.-Sr. Banquet ’5 0; Jr. Marshal ’51; Treas. Lat ' n Club ’50-’52 Dramatics Club ”50-’51; Sports Club ’51 52; Glee Club ’49. Future Plans: Indefinite. Georgia McDonald " Georgeannie” " The reward of a thing well done is to have done it. " Activities: Homemakers ’49-’ 5 2; Journalism ’51; Served at Banquet ’5 0; Band ’5 0; Jr. Class Secretary; Business Club ’5 1 -’52; Junior Marshal ’51. Future Plans: Stenography. WILLIAM fOSEPH KINSLAND ' Bill” " Cress every bridge as you get to it. " Activities: Served at Banquet ’5 0; Band ’5 0; Mt. Echo ’51; Latin C ub (Vicc-Pres.) ’5 1; Science Club ’51; (Pres.) ’52; Safety Patrol ’52; First Flight Golf Winner ’52. Future Plans: College. WILLIAM BERT LEDFORD " Knothead” " Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” Activities: Sports Club ’50-’52. Future Plans: Work. BETTY LOU LEDFORD " Susie” " Live and Learn. " Activities: Home Ec. ’48-’51; E. H. A. Club ’50-’51; Business Club ’51 -’52. Future Plans: Work. WILLIAM ROGEPvS LEDFORD " Bobby” " The hill to success is steep.” Activities: Physical Ed. and Agriculture ’5()-’51. Future Plans: Agriculture s: eniors CLAUDE ALLEN McFALLS " McGill” " Smile and the world will smile with yon.” Activities: Agriculture ’51-’52; Football ’48-’5 2. Future Plans: Air Force. CHARLES WILLIAM McKAY " Bugs” " Eat, drink and he merry for tomorrow you may die ” Future Plans: Janitor at F. H. S. ZEBULON B. MEHAFFEY " Zeb” " Every day a holiday and every night a celebra¬ tion so let the good time ' s roll.” Activities: Football ’49-’50; Baseball ’47-’50; Sports Club ’S0-’51; Dramatics Club ’51; Backache Club ’50-’51; Letter Club ’51. Future Plans: College. DANIEL FREDERICK MOORE " Boone” " Look for the bright side of life.” Activities: F. F. A. ’49-’52; Basketball ’49-’52; Baseball ’5 0-’51. Fu ture Plans: College. DOROTHY MARIE MEDLIN " Dot” " Look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under if.” Activities: Basketball ’49-’50; Dramatics Club ’50- ’51; Homemaker ’49-’5 0; Monogram Club ’50-’51. Future Plans: Business College. Activities: ’51 -’5 2. RUTH CRUSE MEDLIN " Sis” Backache Club ’50-’51; Business Club Future Plans: Housewife. RUSSELL F.. McKELVEY, JR. " Be prepared, do your duty and be happy.” Activities: Band ’49-’51; Latin Club ’51; Forensic Club ’51; Dramatics Club ’51-’52. Future Plans: College. ROSA LEE MASHBURN " Speedy” " Talk fast when yon are angry. Later you can al¬ ways tell yourself it was someone else’s fault.” Activities: Home Ec. ’49-’50; Business Club ’51 -’52. Future Plans: F. B. I. Work. enion EUGENE EDWARD PATTON Gene " Let your conscience be your guide. " Activities: Science Club ’50-’51; Mountain Echo Staff J0— 51; Served at Banquet ’50. Future Plans: Undecided. HOWARD PATTON " Pappa” " Always look ahead, never back. " Activities: School Patrol ’47-’48; Backache Club ’50- ’51; Dramatic Club ’51-’52. Future Plans: Undecided. MARTHA NELL PENLAND " Penny” " Keep Happy. " Activities: Sports Club ’51-’52; Home Ec. ’49-’50; Dramatics ’51-’52; Mountain Echo ’50-’51; Glee Club ’49-’5 0. Future Plans: College. ROBERT EUGENE PICKENS " Pick” " Don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today. " Activities: F. F. A. ’48-’52. Future Plans: Work. GENEVA LOU MOSS " Genieve” " You don’t have to be crazy to take chances, but it helps.” Activities: Homemaker ’49-’5 0; Homemakers Club Vice-Pres. ’50; Business Club ’51 -’52. Future Plans: Business College. ELIZABETH MURRAY " Libby” " Be happy, stay happy.” Activities: Chorus ’49-’52; Band ’48-’52; Dramat¬ ics Club ’50-’52; Latin Club ’49-’52. Future Plans: College. BOBBY HYATT NORRIS " Shortie” " Success is failure turned wrong side out.” Activities: Vocational Ag. ’49-’5 2. Future Plans: Line Construction and Cattle Raising. GEORGE R. PATTILLO, JR. " Pat” " Never hit a cripple or argue with a fool.” Activities: Football ’47-’51; Letter Club ’48-’52; Forensic Club ’5 0-’51; Basketball ’51. Future Plans: College. em orj PAUL ERNEST PLYLER " Knucklehead” " Do today all that cannot be dove tomorrow Activities: Dramatics ’51 52; Football ’SO; Latin Club ’SO. Future Plans: Minister EDWIN POINDEXTER " Ponney” " Great men die, 1 am feeling bad. " Activities: Football ’49-’S2; Letter Club ’S2; Sports Clubs ’S2. Future Plans: Service or Trade School. MILDRED PRUETT " Micky” " Do unto others as yon would have them do unto you.” Future Plans: Work. LOUISE RABY " Conic what come may time and hour run through the roughest day.” Activities: Homemaker ’49-’S2; Sports Club ’SI; Business Club ’S2. Future Plans: Work. EMMA LOUISE RAMSEY " Emma” " Non est vivere est lalcre vita” (Not merely to exist, but to amount to something in life.) Activities: F. H. A. ’S0-’S1; Latin Club ’S1 -’52; Business Club ’S2; Home Ec. ’48-’SO. BOBBY JACK REECE ”Jack-a-Lee” " 1 ain’t laboring for nobody .” Future Plans: Live with a rich uncle. LEONA ANN RICE " Cooter” " Eat and be merry, for tomorrow you may die.” Activities: Basketball ’49; F. H. A. ’48-’49; Soft- ball ’49; Sports Club ’S0-’S1; Business Club ’S1-’S2. Future Plans: Physical Ed. Teacher. CHARLES JAMES ROGERS " Rochester” " Eat to live and live to eat.” Activities: School Patrol ’4S-’48; Backache Club ’50- ’S1; Science Club ’51-’S2; Basketball ’49-’S2. Future Plans: Air Force. BARBARA JEAN SHEPHERD " Bobbie” " Forget the dark past and look to the bright future.” Activities: Home Ec. ’49-’52; Sports Club ’51; E. H. A. ’52. Future Plans: College. BILLY SOLESBEE " Zeke” Activities: Backache Club ’50-’51; Business Club ’51 -’52; Served at Jr.-Sr. Banquet ’50; Junior Mar¬ shal. Future Plans: Indefinite. NELSON EUGENE STAMEY " Gene” " Never trust women.” Activities: Basketball ’48-’5 1; Letter Club, Sports Club. Future Plans: Uncertain. MARTHA ANN STOCKTON " Marthie” " Live and learn.” Activities: Glee Club ’49; Chorus ’5 0; Served at Jr.-Sr. Banquet 50; Science Club ’51; Latin Club ’50-’52; Jr. Marshal ’51; Mountain Echo Staff ’51; Dramatics Club ’51; Annual Staff ’5 2. Future Plans: College. KATHRYN ELIZABETH ROTEN " Kat” " Who knows most, forgives most.” Activities: Elome Ec. ’48-’52. Future Plans: Marriage. CHARLES SANDERS " Charlie” " Never do today what you can put off until to¬ morrow.” Activities: Football ’50-’51; Sports Club ’50-’51. Future Plans: Navy. NORMAN SEAY " Little Normandie” " Do unto others before they do unto yon.” Activities: Football ’5 1; Backache Club ’50-’51; Sports Club ’51 -’52; Baseball ’52. Future Plans: Air Force. VIRGINIA LOUISE SETSER ' ' Jean” " There are two roads to travel, hell and heaven, you can ' t travel both.” Activities: Elome Ec. ’49-’52; Monogram Club ’49- ’52; Dramatics Club ’51 -’52; Basketball ’49-’52 (Captain ’52); Mt. Echo ’51. Future Plans: Social work or nurse. £ emors PAUL CLAUDE TALLENT " Nig” ' ' Don’t believe everything you hear.” Activities: Backache Club; Business Club ’52. Future Plans: Undecided. BESSIE TAYLOR • ' Bet” " Not finished—just begun.” Activities: Home Ec. ’47-’52; Sports Club ’50-’52. Future Plans: Civil Service. VIRGINIA MAXINE TAYLOR " Mack” " Non est vivere est valere vita.” (Not merely to exist but to amount to something in life.) Activities: F. H. A. ’50-’52; Latin Club ’50-’51; Home Ec. ’4852; 4-H Club ’48-’50. Future Plans: Berea College, Ky. THOMAS ROY TIPPETT " Tip” " Eat, drink, and be merry.” Future Plans: Go see Uncle Sam. GRADY THOMPSON " Drink, drink and be merry for tomorrow Geor¬ gia may go dry.” Activities: School Patrol ’4S-’48; Basketball ’49-’50; Band ’49; Mountain Echo ’51; Backache Club ’51; Baseball ’51-’52; Science Club ’5 2. Future Plans: Uncle Sam’s Royal American Air Corps. BOBBY TYSINGER " Bob” " Every day a holiday, every night a celebration, so let the good times roll.” Activities: Sports Club; Football ’50-’52. Future Plans: College, then work for my rich uncle. CLARA JO WATERS " Jo” " Say not but go thyself.” Activities: Homemaker ’49-’50; F. H. A. ’50-’51; Business Club ’5 1 -’5 2. Future Plans: Office work. JOYCE MAXINE WELCH " Red” " Let a smile be your umbrella.” Activities: Homemaker ’49-’52; Sports Club ’51-’52. Future Plans: Work. SENIOR SNAPSHOTS y In the year 1952 there graduated from Franklin High School an abnormally large collection of seniors. The graduation exercises unfolded with deceiving rapidity before the capacity crowd. Included were proud parents, smiling benignly on the proceedings, intimate friends of the glorified objects of attention, their thoughts alternately diverted between the gala speech-making and the puzzling reflection on whether they could se¬ cure an appropriate gift; and critical, envious underclassmen, grudgingly admitting that the occasion was a pretty important one. The perspiring orators elaborated freely on any subject that entered their minds, and some that evidently hadn’t, and sat down amid spontaneous applause. These digni¬ taries then proceeded to look as pompous and important as was humanly possible. Finally the preliminaries were over and the precious diplomas were given to the seniors. The events leading up to this scene were long and complicated. It all started as a dreary day in September of 1940 when a timid, shrinking crowd of boys and girls dark¬ ened the halls of the various schools of the county. The smiling teachers of the first grade profusely welcomed them to school. Nine months later these same teachers, hag gard and worn beyond belief, leered evilly at the second-grade teachers, and passed them all. Successive advancements followed and as the years passed there came a faint hope that there would be a 1952 graduating class. There were many exciting moments in the school life of these students. Bountiful fights provided welcome recreation and thoughtful grade mothers provided us with Easter and Christmas programs. Near the end of each year came the ominous day when white-clad tormentors arrived bearing horrible needles at least 2 feet long and designed specifically for torture. These identical youngsters changed much during the years and eventually reached the ninth grade, the first year of high school. The Freshman and Sophomore years passed quickly for these boisterous, pleasure-seeking students. Facing them now were three cases of furniture polish which had to be sold to feed those gluttons, the Seniors. Added to all these hardships the teachers mercilessly piled on the work. The themes in that strange foreign language—English, were especially hard. But even that year finally passed, and the event we all had looked forward to— the Junior-Senior Banquet, arrived, with all its excitement and an added attraction— a dance orchestra. At last we had reached our goal. Now we felt important, in fact, indispensable, to the school. Occasionally we looked pityingly at the unfortunate underclassmen. Un¬ doubtedly the crowning glory in our Senior year was that memorable day when we were transferred to a brand new building, resplendent with fixtures and improvements for¬ merly unknown to us. This made the many years in the old barn seem worth-while. Now we are ready to launch our ship of knowledge on the turbulent waters of the sea of life. It’s a stormy sea covered with waves of sickness, misfortune, defeat, and unhappiness. But the excellent training given us by our teachers will guide us to the Island of Security. RICHIE JONES PAT PATTILLO DON HENRY, JR. £ E.HLOT Most Dignified: MEDA ANGEL DAN MOORE Must Talented: AUDREY HAYS GENE STAMEY Best Spurts: MARTHA PENLAND EESHER GREEN Cutest: ELMER JOHNSON ELEA JO BISHOP Biggest Talker: CLYDE BINGHAM PATSY ARNOLD Laziest: JACK REECE RUTH MEDEIN Sweetest Girl: EULF.NE DAVIS Most Studious: JOHNNIE DILLS Georgia McDonald Most Likable: KATRINA COCHRANE BOBBY LEDFORD Most Reserved: JOYCE WELCH PAUL TALLENT Happiest: BESSIE TAYLOR WALTER HALL Friendliest: BOBBY TYSINGER PALMA FOUTS Prettiest: CAROL LEE HUGGINS Handsomest: NORMAN SEAY Most Conceited: WANDA CRISP PAUL. PI.YLER Night Hawk: CATHERINE CURTIS BRYANT CUNNING¬ HAM Most Likely to Succeed: RICHIE JONES MARY ANN KILLIAN Must Original: KATHERINE ROTF.N FRANK DEAL Most Conscientious: DON HENRY GENEVA CRAWFORD Neatest: PAULINE DILLS JACK BALDWIN, Assisted by MR. WILLIAMS Best Citizen: RICHIE JONES MARY ANN KILLIAN Class Baby: JIMMY ROGERS MARTHA ANN STOCK- TON Class Flirts: CHARLOTTE LOVE JIM BROGDEN Most Courteous: MARY FRANCES BING¬ HAM ELBERT ANDERSON Most Bashful: BILLY SOLESBEE LOUISE HOLLAND Best Dressed: ANN BLAINE GRADY THOMPSON £nio% ulid i la tii r d± Romeo ami Juliet: RUSSELL McKELVEY BETTY HENRY Most Influential: CAROLINE CRAW¬ FORD CHARLES GIBSON Best All Around: KERMIT DeHART ROSEMARY HUSCUS- SON Most Generous: HOWARD DEITZ GENEVA MOSS Most Musical: LIBBY MURRAY BOBBY NORRIS Teacher’s Pets: HOWARD PATTON DOT MEDLIN With MISS BAILEY Class Comedians: PALMA POUTS KERMIT DeHART Most Outspoken: BETTY BURCH BERT LEDFORD Most Athletic: JEAN SETSER PAT PATTILLO Most Thrifty: BOBBY NORRIS EMMA JEAN ELLIOTT Most Popular: ZEB MeHAFFEY MARY LEDFORD Most Intelligent: LUCILLE EDWARDS EUGENE PATTON Our long dormant and much desired ambition of cleaning the basement in the palatial home ot George Curtis, a prosperous old bachelor, was realized today. While scrambling among the musty rub¬ bish we accidentally behold the date 1952 on the local paper, the " Boodleville Gazette.” The anti¬ quated date on the heading of the paper brought to us a nostalgic recollection of our turbulent, eventful school days at Franklin High. The finding of this paper incited us to start an extensive search for ad¬ ditional obsolete newspapers. Fame, in its seemingly careless, rambling journey, quite often visits those least expectant of it as well as those distinguished by a high position in society. This old adage was repeatedly borne out by enlightening glances at the old papers. Upon returning to the initial find we were attracted to the following want ad written in extra large type. ' ' Wanted—Any lonely male, irregardless of size and shape, to call number 64 or see Betty Guffey, Betty Angel, or Barbara Shepherd at the Pickens’ Broom Mfg. Company, owned by Eugene Pick¬ ens and operated by Paul Tallent. After a hearty laugh at our three old school chum’s matrimonial difficulties, we espied an eye¬ catching advertisement of the Green-Hall Cafe, co-owned by Lesher Green and Walter Hall. " For food new and different, take advantage of our superior service rendered by waitresses Iris Long, Virginia Setser, Rosemary Huscusson, and Martha Nell Penland.” Even though Boodleville is of little renown in the world, its miniature newspaper has a very ef¬ ficient editor and a star reporter, Howard Deitz and Bert Ledford, respectively, who cover everything from hints to the homely to habits of the horsefly in their frantic search for news. The public can al¬ ways rely on Roy Tippet’s weather forecast which has unvaringly been " daylight freezing with warmer temperature and sunshine as the sun rises,” for as long as anyone can remember. Seeing two familiar faces, we were led to read a news item relating to Emma Jean Elliot and Meda Angel, who had won a costume designing contest, sponsored by Eugene Britton, owner of Britton’s In¬ ternational Dress Stores. The familiar faces were those of Anne Blaine and Pauline Dills, beautiful mod¬ els for the designers. Boodleville’s unfortunate children and teen-agers were forewarned of approaching difficulties by an article stating that school would open in one week. Principal Dan Moore announced that the teach¬ ers elected were as follows: Boodleville High School—English—Agnes Echols and Joyce Welch; Math¬ ematics—Johnnie Dills and Bonnie Dowdle; Physical Education—Bessie Taylor; Home Economics— Olga Kimsey and Kathryn Roten; Latin—Emma Ramsey; Science—Bernice Hurst and " Blushing Bill” Solesbee; Agriculture—Frank Deal and Bryant Cunningham; Music Instructor—Mildred Pruitt; Coach — " All-American” Pat Pattillo, assisted by Ed Poindexter. The principal is now enjoying considerable prestige after last year’s fiasco in which he inadvertently got his head hung in the basketball goal, caus¬ ing the school students and teachers considerable consternation. Boodleville Elementary School: Martha Howard, Claude McFalls, Geneve Moss, Leona Rice, Betty Lou Ledford, and Bobby Ledford. The unusually large number of teachers was amply explained as a case of the " blind leading the blind.” " What’s this pictured contraption?” I asked. Upon examining the complicated gadget further, I found that it was the latest atomic airplane model invented by Howard Cantrell and Billy Kinsland. As we were glancing down a column, the main headline " Thieves Steal Ten Pound of Fish,” caught our eye. This was the most odious robbery that we had ever read. The back-alley fish market, from which the fish were stolen, was owned by Charles Gibson and to our amazement the suspects were Charles McKay, Jack Reece, and Jimmy Rogers. Chief of police, Zeb MeHaffey and his deputy, Charles Sand¬ ers, revealed that it would be a routine job tracking down the culprits because the fish were two weeks old. Senior Calais Meanwhile the world’s greatest coke smuggling ring was broken up. The nefarious leaders of the gang were Mary Ledford, Patsy Arnold, and Katrina Cochran. As high school seniors they had encoun¬ tered almost unsurmountable difficulties in obtaining this needed, refreshing beverage. Over a period of five years their fanatical collection of this popular beverage had reached unbelievable proportions. Policewomen Wanda Crisp, Rosa Lee Mashburn, and Margaret Berry trapped the crooks. An all-women jury consisting of the following: Mary F. Bingham, Louise Raby, Eula Mae Gibson, Mildred Brown, Doris Gribble, Marie Cabe, Louise Holland, Geneva Crawford, Frances Deal, Lucille Mc¬ Call, and Ruth Medlin, pronounced them guilty after long and delayed deliberation. In fact, during the deliberating, a new courtroom was built, five United States presidents came into office and then de¬ parted, and the county almost became bankrupt paying the jurors’ wages. Judge Richard Jones sternly sentenced each one to drink five gallons of furniture polish furnished by Grady Thompson, genial man¬ ager of the Thompson Furniture Polish Company. Having decided on seeing a movie that night after work, we started searching for the movie col¬ umn and found Norman Seay, the greatest screen lover since Valentino, and Carol Lee Huggins, co-star- ring in a love story entitled " Mush,” produced by Howard Patton. Kermit DeHart and Palma Fouts were featured in the western, " DeHart Rides Again.” We learned from a quick glance at two front page announcements on a 1963 paper that Martha Stockton, Mary Ann Killian, and Caroline Crawford were touring the United States, lecturing on " How To Be A Success.” They were accompanied by Clara Joe Waters, their efficient stenographer. We also learned that the American Heritage Music Company went to Africa to present its ver¬ si on of American music to the cannibals. Their director, Gene Stamey, has combined hillbilly music, presented by Jim Brogden, Elbert Anderson, and Clyde Bingham, with orchestra music played by Au¬ drey Hays, Libby Murray, and Jack Baldwin. Charlotte Love and Johnny Henderson, chiefs of neigh¬ boring tribes, were invited to the program. Their only comment was a noncommital " ugh.” Chief nurse Lucille Edwards reported this week that Russell McKelvey is in critical condition after receiving a fractured skull, the result of a rolling-pin assault by his wife, the former Betty Henry. She added that Bobby Norris was recuperating from a strained back resulting from a vain attempt to re¬ trieve a nickel someone had lost in the city gutter. We noticed from a campaign slate that Eugene Patton is running for the 1964 election for mayor of Boodleville. His campaign manager is Betty Burch. Catherine Curtis, Dorothy Medlin, Lorena Dalton, Eulene Davis, and Ruby DeHart are running for the city council. A quick tally revealed the fact that four of the " old hundred and five” were missing. This omit¬ tance was partially remedied when we picked up an old dilapidated funny page and found that Elmer Johnson had replaced Alley Oop with Ella Joe Bishop as his girl friend, Oola. It is now portrayed by the artistry of Bobby Tysinger. Just as this was growing monotonous we heard a voice shout " You are fired!” and turned to see Mr. Curtis glowering at us. Even though we didn’t receive our anticipated wages, we had spent the day in pleasant recollection of our old school days. If we hurried we could hear the Reverend Paul Plyler, famous evangelist, speak on " The Sin of Our Modern World.” Propli ropnecij MAXINE TAYLOR, Georgia McDonald, DON HENRY, JR. JLst Will and dJvstament We, the Senior Class of 1952, after great contemplation and consideration have drawn this our Last Will and Testament in which we leave to those following in our footsteps, much to the dread and anxiety of the Faculty, a portion of our personal traits and character,sues which we hope will be of great benefit to the heirs. With no further explanation of our actions we have drawn this 1 he Last will and iestament of the Senior Class of 1952. To the school we leave a great quantity of furniture polish, which if we had sold would have undoubtedly amassed us a great fortune, but not being business tycoons we give it unselfishly to the institution in which we have spent so many happy moments. ... T ° th , e faCU ty we leave many heart breaking moments along with which we hope were a few pleasant memories which they will cherish until retirement. We have noticed during our hectic tenure here that the male teachers have been increasingly worried about their rapidly re¬ ceding hairlines and express the confident thought that another class like ou s would undoubtedly spell the complete extermination ot those few, scraggly survivors, leaving our dear teachers with a completely bald dome, which we think is very respectable and highly becoming. Our self-discipline and intelligence, which we obtained with growing older, we now give to the Juniors. We also give many hardships and privileges which we inherited upon becoming older and more mature. I, Margaret Berry, do hereby will and bequeath my afternoon job to Becky Murray. I, Mary F. Bingham, do hereby will and bequeath my quiet wavs of Julia Waldroop. I, Ella Jo Bishop, do hereby will and bequeath two-thirds of my boy friends to Shirley Cloer for Saturdays and Sund I, Ann Blaine, do hereby will and bequeath my love for boy, to Julia Moody. I, Mildred Brown, do hereby will and bequeath my interest in Clayton Morris to Sue Blaine. 1, Betty Sue Burch, do hereby will and bequeath my pleasure derived from " Macbeth” to Bobbie Burch. I, Marie Cabe, do hereby will and bequeath my love for bookkeeping to Max Phillips. 1, Katrina Cochran, do hereby will and bequeath my athletic form to Jce Moses. 1, Caroline Crawford, do heerby will and bequeath my vocjl volume to Sally Mae Clark, with the expressed understanding that she will use it at football games. ay; aly. eho dislikes it more than I, although it is I, Charles McKay, do hereby will and bequeath my dislike f or school to someone wl very dubious that such a person can be found in this country. I, Russell McKelvey, do hereby will and bequeath my interest ; n blue-eyed blondes to Paul Killian. I, Zeb Mehaffey, do hereby will and bequeath my poularity t u Emory Crawford. 1, Dan Moore, do hereby will and bequeath a foot and six inches of my height to Lee Poindexter for the purpose of basketball playing in days to come. I, John Henderson, do hereby will and bequeath my superior handwriting to Ray Moses. I, Don Henry, do hereby will and bequeath my entire stack 0 f paper " pokes” and " toe-sacks” to Mr. Stott. I, Elmer Johnson, do will and bequeath two pounds of my m|gbty muscles to " Cow” Stewart. I, Richard S. Jones, do hereby will and bequeath my interest ; n a ll school activities to Mack Jones. I, William Kinsland, do hereby will and bequeath my last u n broken propeller to Max Flenderson for the purpose of blowing his curly locks in the breeze. I, Bert Ledford, do hereby will and bequeath my friendly deposition to the faculty to be used especially during school hours. 1, Robert Ledford, do hereby will and bequeath my red hair t Q s ue Blaine. I, Claude McFalls, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to drive to Lee Grant. 1, Palma Fouts, do hereby will and bequeath my good looks to Bobby Biddle. I, Eula Mae Gibson, do hereby will and bequeath my quiet w a y S t 0 Jack Kusterer. I, Betty Ann Guffey, do hereby will and bequeath my winsome smile to Luetta Browning. 1, Audrey Hays, do hereby will and bequeath my sister Ann Hays to Bill Zickgraf to hold until the faculty doth them part. I, Betty Flenry, do hereby will and bequeath my shy disposition to Marianne Johnson. I, Ed Poindexter, do hereby will and bequeath my ability t 0 do memory work to Bobby Bingham and Bryan Hurst to help expand their brain cells. I, Jack Reece, do hereby will and bequeath my boisterous w a ys to David Moses for 1 realize how dull school will be after my departure. I, Jimmy Rogers, do hereby will and bequeath my happy school days to Lee Grant and Bo Kinsland for I feel secured that it will take the dullness out of their school life. I, Charles Sanders, do hereby will and bequeath with extreme pride and pleasure my love for bookkeeping to Grant Knight which will give him a more tasteful outlook toward it. I, Norman Seay, do hereby will and bequeath a few of my girl friends to Junior Dills, who would probably remain lonely without my help. I, Billy Solesbee, do hereby will and bequeath my bashfulness to John Henry and Martha Jones and this should easily enable them to bear the title— " Most bashful couple in the country.” I, Gene Stanley, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to play basketball to L. A. Moore and the rest of the basketball team for they evidently need it. I, Paul Tallent, do hereby will and bequeath my quiet and Peaceful ways to Ray Moses. I, Roy Tippett, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to build book shelves to Ray Henry so that he may justifiably receive many medals from America’s bookworms, human and otherwise. I, Grady Thompson, do hereby will and bequeath my Ipana smile to Jack for everyone loves to visualize sparkling incisors. I, Bobby Tysinger, do hereby will and bequeath my well-modulated voice to Mrs. Waldroop with the hope that she uses it during school hours and meekly suggest that she could be an unbeatable professional “cow-caller” with her present high-pitched voice. I, Martha Nell Penland, do hereby will and bequeath my kind-heartedness to " Chief” with the hope that he will use it to much advantage in grading his future typing students. I, Mildred Pruett, do hereby will and bequeath my quiet unobtrusive ways to Bill Hunnicutt although 1 know that he is a quiet lad anyway. I, Louise Raby, do hereby will and bequeath my reliability to do my homework to Max Holland. 1, Emma Ramsey, do hereby will and bequeath my red hair to the unfortunate blondes and brunettes of the Junior Class. They have to use coloring. I, Leona Rice, do hereby will and bequeath my position in the Home Economics Department to Peggy Solesbee. I, Kathryn Roten, do hereby will and bequeath my success i n typing to Clyde Kinsland and Max Phillips with the realization that they can use it profitably. I, Virginia Setser, do hereby will and bequeath my position a; guard on the basketball team to Evelyn Dean who I trust will someday become as versatile as I. I, Barbara Shepherd, do hereby will and bequeath a portion of my hair to Grace Dills who is in dire need of it. I, Martha Ann Stockton, do hereby will and bequeath my love for football games to Mertis Angel, hoping she may attend all Jut ' Witt and dJesta merit of next year’s games. I, Bessie Taylor, do hereby will and bequeath three pounds of my weight to some skinny, undernourished Junior. 1, Maxine Taylor, do hereby will and bequeath my hair coloring to Bill Zickgraf whose hair color is about as stationary as an unfortunate lad alter sitting on a bunch ot hot coals. I, Joyce Welch, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to teach the third grade to some genius who has the patience and de¬ termination to deal with those diminutive devils. 1, Clara Jo Waters, do hereby will and bequeath my dependability to those who cannot be trusted as far as I could drop- kick an anvil. 1, Geneva Crawford, do hereby will and bequeath my studious ways to Sammy Henderson. I, Wanda Crisp, do hereby will and bequeath my superior way of walking to Shirley Dean in order that the rumba will not be forgotten. 1, Ruth Cruse, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get a man to Jeana Sue Cunningham for Sadie Hawkin’s Day only. 1, Catherine Curtis, do hereby will and bequeath my courting ability to Jenna Sue McCall. 1, Lorena Dalton, do hereby will and bequeath my dignity to Dan Angel. 1, Eulene Davis, do hereby will and bequeath my quiet disposition to Lela Jo Gailey. 1, Frances Deal, do hereby will and bequeath my poise to Myra Crawford. 1, Ruby DeHart, do hereby will and bequeath my love tor school to Betty Mofifitt. I, Pauline Dills, do hereby will and bequeath my great energy and enthusiasm to Harley Henderson for the promition of school spirit. 1, Bonnie Dowdle, do hereby will and bequeath my love for Miss Bailey to Jean Duvall. I, Lucille Edwards, do hereby will and bequeath rny brown hair to Mildred Corbin. 1, Emma Jean Elliott, do hereby will and bequeath my gilt of gab to Jade Aycock. 1, Louise Holland, do hereby will and bequeath my quietness to Barbara Jean Pannell because it pays to be silent around teachers. I, Martha Howard, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to keep a class for a teacher to Julia Moody with hope that she can keep the students quiet. I, Carol Lee Huggins, do hereby will and bequeath my beauty to Evelyn Ray. I, Bernice Hrust, do hereby will and bequeath my ability in English to Nancy Ramsey. I, Rosemary Huscusson, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to learn Latin to Roberta Snyder. 1, Mary Ann Killian, do hereby will and bequeath my politeness and good manners to Shirley Cloer. 1, Olgo Kimsey, do hereby will and bequeath my love for ty ping to someone who also likes Miss Bailey. I, Betty Lou Ledford, do hereby will and bequeath my friendliness to Annie Ruth Dean, feeling sure she will have more friends than Carter has pills. 1, Mary Ledford, do hereby will and bequeath some of my popularity to Shirley Dean with the understanding that she needs it. I, Iris Long, do hereby will and bequeath my high grades in typing to Patty Lou Phillips for she is in great need of them. I, Charlotte Love, do hereby will and bequeath my position as chief of the cannibals to the native Africans. I, Rosa Lee Mashburn, do hereby will and bequeath my nickname, “Speedy” to Bucky Swarnon. I, Lucille McCall, do hereby will and bequeath my proven ability to get a husb-nd t o Miss Enloe and I hope she has much luck in the future. I, Georgia Nell McDonald, do hereby will and bequeath my high grades to Barbara Stiles for I feel sure that she can use them. I, Dorothy Mcdlin, do hereby will and bequeath my basketball talent to next year’s team and I hope that they use it to great advantage. I, Geneva Lou Moss, do hereby will and bequeath my generosity to Fred Deal. I, Libby Murray, do hereby will and bequeath my mudeal ability to Ann Hays which will help her to become a star in this musical world. I, Elbert Anderson, do hereby will and bequeath my courteous ways to Bob Moore. 1, Jack Baldwin, do hereby will and bequeath my romantic disposition to Sue Williams. I, Clyde Bingham, do hereby will and bequeath my seriouj thoughts to Bob Bingham. I, Eugene Britton, do hereby will and bequeath six plugs of chewing tobacco to Bryan Hurst. May he uphold this horonable habit. 1, Jim Brogden, do hereby will and bequeath my flirtatiou; disposition to Becky Murray for after school hours only. I, Howard Cantrell, do hereby will and bequeath my quiet ways to Norma Jean Welch. 1, Bryant Cunningham, do hereby will and bequeath my alarm clock to Sam Holland. I, George Curtis, do hereby will and bequeath my title ' Gorgeous George” to George Brown. I, Frank Deal, do hereby will and bequeath my good looks to Patty Phillips. 1, Kermit DeHart, do hereby will and bequeath my method of deep and concentrated study to Barbara Jean Pannell. I, Howard, Deitz, do he 4 eby will and bequeath my pleasant disposition to Lonnie Crawford. I, Johnnie Dills, do hereby will and bequeath my love tor chemistry to Shirley Cable. I, Charles Gibson, do hereby will and bequeath my agricultur al ability to Bobby Biddle. I, Lesher Green, do hereby will and bequeath my forward disposition to Jack Love to be used only while with boys. I, Waller L. Hall, do hereby will and bequeath my carefree ways to Jimmy Kinsland. I, Betty Angel, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to translate shorthand to Louise Ray. I, Meda Angel, do hereby will and bequeath my artistic ability to Dan Angel. I, Patsy Arnold, do hereby will and bequeath my talkative ways to Patsy Rowland for class discussion only. I, Bobby Norris, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to be thrifty to W. A. Leach with the hope that he can save more than I, without being stingy. I, Pat Pattilli, do hereby will and bequeath my position at fullback to Sam Henderson and Junior Dills. I, Eugene Patton, do hereby will and bequeath my seat in the back ot the ro om to Grady Corbin who is also at raid of teachers. I, Howard Patton, do hereby will and bequeath my handsome face to anyone who needs it badly enough because I hate ugly faces worse than being broke. I, Eugene Pickens, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to be late tor class to Lawrence Rogers with the hope that he can improve in future days. I, Paul Plyler, do hereby will and bequeath a portion of my insanity to those who would relish a free trip to Morganton. I lus is 1 he Last Will and 1 estament as signed, sealed, and sworn to by all the Passing Seniors of the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-two of the Franklin High School, Franklin, North Carolina. By: DON HENRY, RUSSELL McKELVEY, AND EUGENE PATTON vimors uniord unior Left to Right: PAUL KILLIAN, President JULIA MOODY, Secretary EMORY CRAWFORD, Vice-Pres. WILMA RENSHAW, Treasurer GENEVA ALLEN MERTIS ANGEL JOYCE BALDWIN WINNIE BATES RUTH BECK BOB BINGHAM BETTY BRADLEY BILLY BRADLEY HELEN BRADLEY BETTY BRENDELL JOAN BRENDLE amors SHELBY JEAN BRITTON GEORGE BROWN GRACE BROWN JIMMY BRYSON BARBARA CABE CHARLIE CABE JUNIOR CABE NANCY CABE WILLA MAE CABE SHIRLEY CABLE CARLIEN CHILDERS CARROLL CHILDERS BETTY CLARK SHIRLEY CLOER GRADY CORBIN MILDRED CORBIN EMORY CRAWFORD MYRA CRAWFORD WINONA CRAWFORD BERNICE CURTIS ANNIE RUTH DEAN EVELYN DEAN SHIRLEY DEAN uniors VIRGINIA DILLS JEAN DUVALL JUANITA EVANS VIRGINIA ERANKLIN MARY GARNER ERANKABELLE GIBSON BETTY GILLESPIE MILDRED GREGORY CAROL SUE CRIBBLE MATTIE JO GUEST SALLY MAE GUFFIE BETTY SUE GUYER J. D. HASTINGS ANN HAYS HARLEY HENDERSON SAM HENDERSON BOBBY HENRY JOHN HENRY JOYCE HENRY RAY HENRY SAM HOLLAND LAURA JEAN HUGGINS BRYAN HURST MARTHA JONES flUtOfW MACK JONES THOMAS JONES JEAN JUSTICE CARROLL KEENER PAUL KILLIAN CLYDE KINSLAND JIMMY KINSLAND JOHN KINSLAND JACKIE KUSTERER SELMA LEDFORD JACK LOVE LAURA LYLE BARBARA SUE MANN BILLY MASON DRUCILLA MASON PAULINE MASON BETTY JEAN McCALL CHARLES McCALL DOROTIIY McCOY KENNETH McMEANS BETTY MOPE ITT JULIA MOODY BOBBY MOORE L. A. MOORE itmors LOUISE MORGAN BILLY MORROW DAVID MOSES GILBERT MOSES RAY MOSES WILLENE MOSES DIXIE NELL MYERS F.OLINE NICHOLSON EDWIN NOLEN BARBARA JEAN PANNELL LEE ROY PEEK JOE PHILLIPS MAX PHILLIPS PATTY LOU PHILLIPS LUCILLE PICKENS LEE POINDEXTER CORA ANN QUEEN DICKIE RABY TOMMY RABY EVELYN RAY LOUISE RAY JUANITA REECE WILMA RENSHAW niniors CLINTON ROLAND PATSY ROWLAND JOHN ROPER UNAV SANDERS ANNA I.AURA SLIEPHARD MINNIE LEE SHEPHARD MARY ETTA SHOOK GROVER SHULER HOWARD SMITH ROBERTA SNYDER PEGGY SOL.ESBEE JIMMY STANEIELD BARBARA STILES CHARLES SWAFFORD CARL SWANSON LEONARD SWANSON THEODORE TALLENT KENNETH TAYLOR BETTY TIPPETT EI.MON VANHOOK JOYCE WELCH WAYNE WIGGINS JO ANN WILHIDE SUE WILLIAMS SNAPSHOTS o mo res S)opL ho mo res CLARA BELLE ANDERSON DAN ANGEL KATE ANGEL MADGE ANGEL BARBARA ARNOLD JIM AYERS CHARLES BALDWIN BOBBY BIDDLE JOE BINGHAM JEAN BLAINE SUE BLAINE GENEVA BRADLEY BARBARA BRENDLE ROY BROOKS HAROLD BROOKSHIRE LUETTA BROWNING CHARLES BRYSON EDWINA BRYSON BRANCH BUCHANAN G. D. BUCHANAN HAROLD BUCHANAN JAMES BUCHANAN BOBBIE BURCH BETTY CABE JACK CABE PERRY CABE CLYDA MAE CAMPBELL ELLA VEE CAMPBELL DOYLE CLARK GLENDA CLOUSE TOMMY COLE RICHARD COMPTON ADOLPH CONLEY DOUGLAS CONLEY FRANCES CORBIN SARAH CORBIN BARBARA CREWS CHRISTINE CUNNINGHAM JEANA CUNNINGHAM VERLON CURTIS ANNETTE DALRYMPLE CAROL LEE DAVIS FRED DEAL BETTY DEHART MARK DEITZ OLAN DF.NDY THELMA DEWEESE ANNIE DILLS JERRY DILLS JUNIOR DILLS WILLIAM DINNF.S HUGH DOWDLE THAD DOWDLE RICHARD DRYMAN BEN EDWARDS RUTH EDWARDS NAOMI ELLIOTT MARTHA JO FLOWERS DOLPHA TOUTS MARLENE FOX LELA JO GAILY RICHARD GIBSON LEE GRANT JOHN GUFFEY KENNETH GUFFEY AGNES GUYER BILLY HARPER ADA HENRY BETTY JEAN HENSON COLBERT HENSON DOYLE HENSON MARILYN HENSON MARILYN HIGDON MARILYN HOGSED JACKIE HOILMAN KATHERINE HOLDEN AUDREY HOLLAND MAX L. HOLLAND CLYDE HOUSTON GARETH HUGHES BILL HUNNICUTT BETTY IENNINGS BEA JOHNSON MARY JOHNSON MARIANNE [OHNSTON BETTY TONES EVELYN JONES BETTY KEENER OPAL KEENER MARGIE KIMSEY GRANT KNIGHT W. A. LEACH DON LEDFORD HATTIE SUE LEDFORD RAYMOND LEDFORD WAYNE LEDFORD HARRISON LEOPARD FRANCES LEWIS MACK LEWIS BEATRICE McCALL JEANNA SUE McCALL EDWARD McCLURE NANCY McCOLLUM nellie McConnell Soph om ores EUNICE McCOY eugene McDonald HOLLAND MeSWAIN BOBBY MARSHALL FREDA MOORE MAX MORGAN ANDREW MOSES JOE MOSES BECKY MURRAY DWIGHT NORRIS MARY NELL PARKER JOE PATTON MAXINE PEEK CONNIE POTTS CHARLES PICKENS LAWRENCE ROGERS TROY ROGERS EDWINA ROLAND RICHARD RUSSELL L. C. SANDERS ROGERS SEAY JIMMIE SHERRILL GEORGE SHIELDS JOYCE SHOOK CARLENE SORRELLS MARGARET SORRELLS PAUL SORRELLS WAYNE STEWART JERRY SUTTON CHARLES TALLENT DAISY TALLENT JAMES TALLENT JOYCE TALLENT KONDA TEAGUE VICTOR TEAGUE ELIZABETH TIPPETT GUY VAN HOOK BILL WALDROOP JIMMIE WEBB JESSIE LEE WELCH MARY SUE WELCH NORMA JEAN WELCH JACKIE WILKIE EARL WILLIAMS RAY WILLIAMS LUCILLE WOODY NEVILLE WOOTEN CLIFTON YOUNG JERRY YOUNG BIEL ZICKGRAF men imen KATHERINE ALEXANDER MAUDE ANGEL NANCY ANGEL ROY ANGEL J. D. AYCOCK NORA JEAN BALDWIN MARIE BATES MILDRED BATES BIRDIE LEE BINGHAM ESTA MAE BINGHAM VELTA MAE BOLICK DICK BRADLEY OTIS BRADLEY DELORES BRENDLE EVELYN BROWN RUTH BROWN SUE BRYSON HELEN BYERS BOBBY CABE DORA LEE CABE JEANETTE CABE MACK CABE MARY EVELYN CABE ROY CABE, JR. CHARLES CAMPBELL DELANO CAMPBELL SHELBY JEAN CAMPBELL BERTHA LEE CANTRELL CLAY CARNES KENNETH CARPENTER BRANDON CHRISTY MILDRED CHILDERS DOYLE CHAMBERS CHRISTINE CRISP MARGARET CRISP CAROLYN COCHRAN EVERITT COGGINS SALLY MAE CLARK BETTY COMPTON GERTRUDE CRAWFORD MARGARET CRAWFORD RUBY NELL COMPTON BETTY CUNNINGHAM MARGIE CURTISS CLEATA BELLE DAVES HELEN DEAL SUZIE DEAL GRACE DILLS WADE DILLS EMMA JEAN DOWNS GAYNELL DOWNS RUTH DOWNS BETTY DUVALL DOROTHY DUVALL BETTY SUE DUVALL THAD DUVALL reshmen BARBARA EMORY LOIS ELLIOTT JIMMY ESTES FRED FARMER ANNETTE GARNER AUDREY GIBSON DAN GIBSON KATHRYN GIBSON ALTON GREENE DORIS GREENE BOBBY GREGORY CLEO GREGORY MILLAS GREGORY BOBBY HALL JO ANN HENDERSON ANNIE RUTH HENRY CONRAD HENRY EDITH HENRY JAKE HENRY LEDIA HENRY FRED HENSON BEVERLY HIGDON LOLETA HOLLAND OMA LEE HOUSED OBEDIAH HOLLAND CAROLYN HOUSTON IRENE HOUSTON LAMAR HOUSTON BETTY HOWARD GWEN HOWARD BETTY SUE HUGGINS BETTY HURST FRANCES HUSCUSSON PAUL JENNINGS BILLY JOHNSON ROLAND KEENER HAROLD KIMSEY PAUL KINSLAND, JR. DONALD KIRKLAND GILMER LEDFORD JARRETT LEDFORD J. L. LEDFORD R. L. LEDFORD DAVID LEE JODY LENOIR LEONARD LONG EARL MINCEY HELEN MOORE DIXIE MORRISON JEAN MORRISON BOBBY JACK LOVE NORA JEAN MEDLING FRANCES McCALL MAVIS McCOY CECIL McCOY VIRGINIA McCOY imen NED McCOY cleo McDonald PATSY McFALLS HERBERT McKELVEY LEE AGNES McKINEY FLOY I . McNEAL JANICE MILLER CHARLES MOSES CLAUDIA MOSES ROSA LEE NICHOLS ELIZABETH NORRIS STANLEY NORRIS NORMA PHILLIPS MACK PICKINS CLIRISTINE PRESLEY VENIS PRUETT SUE PRUETT LOUREE QUEEN CAROL ANN RABY FRANK RAMSEY ISABELLE RAY CAROLINE REECE EDDIE REECE RICHARD RENSHAW TRUMAN ROGERS WADE ROGERS BETTY JO ROPER JOSEPHINE ROPER PAUL ROPER THAI) ROPER JEROME RUSSELL ANNA SETSER PATRICIA SETSER PETE SETSER SHIRLEY SHEPARD BOBBY SHOPE ROGER SHEPARD FURMAN SHOOK ROBERT SILER JUANITA SIZEMORE PAUL SMITH ANN SNYDER ALVIN SOLESBEE DORIS SORRELLS JIMMY SOUTHARDS MAX STANFIELD NELSON STILES JESSIE STIWINTER BILLY JOE STOCKTON CAROL STOCKTON EDNA STOUDEMIRE NEWELL SWAFFORD LONNIE SUTTLE SHARON SWANSON VIRGINIA SWANSON ALMA STILES ' edh mien KENNETH TALLENT ROBBIE GAY TALLENT ROGER C. TALLENT CLYDE THOMAS GENEVA THOMAS MARGARET THOMAS HARRY THOMPSON LAMAR VANHOOK HAZEL VINSON MARTHA VINSON CAROLYN WALDROOP JULIA WALDROOP KATHERINE WALDROOP EARNEST WALLACE BOBBY WEBB ARBUTUS WELCH HATTIE MAE WIGGINS JAMES WIGGINS KIRBY WILKES DARRELL WILSON CATHERINE WOOTEN BOBBY WOMACK KATHLEEN YOUNCE SUZIE ZACKERY ROGER J. TALLENT MAX C. HOLLAND Seated: M Iss Bailey, sponsor, B. Hurst, L. Poindexter, R. Snyder, P. Phillips. Standing: S. Dean, M. Angel, W. Renshaw, J. Moody, B. Mann, E. Ray, J. Kusterer, L. Huggins. Not shown P. Killian. THE MOUNTAIN ECHO STAFF EARL AMMONS HUGH BLAINE THEODORE BLAINE MARVEL BREN DI E WANDA BRENDLE RUTH BROOKS KENNETH BROWN DANNY BYRD HAROLD CABI- MON ROE DeHAR ' l WILLIS DILLS EARL DOWDLE MARK DOWDLE JOAN DRYMAN DALE EDWARDS TOMMY GNUSE JAMES GRAHAM ZEB GUFFIE FARRELL HENSON THOMAS HIGDON JOYCE HUGHS MORRIS JONES ROY KEENER FRANK KILLIAN ROBERT LEWIS JOHN LONG LAURA BELLE LONG MARY ANN LONG MONROE McCLURE JEAN McCOLLUM JOY McCOLLUM TOMMY McCOY MARSHALL MANN JOHNNY MASHBURN BILL MENDENHALL BETTY SUE MOFFITT MAJOR IE MOODY CRAWFORD MOORE SUE MYERS KENNETH PATTON PATSY ROTEN DAN ROWLAND HARRY ROWLAND RUTH SNYDER HAZEL SORRELLS BOBBY STANFIELD BEVERLY STOCKTON BILLY TALLENT JOHN TIPPETT JOE TIPPETT BILLY VANHOOIC PAULETTE WARD JOYCE WILKIE MARTHA WOMACK GLADYS YON CL JANE ZICKGRAF CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Ann Blaine, Lela Jo Gailey, Sue Blaine, Salley Mae Clark, Caroline Crawford,.Chief; Pauline Dills, Shirley Dean. MONOGRAM CLUB First row, left to right: C. Childers, Z. Mehaffey, H. Huggins, R. Brooks, K. De- 1 lart, G. Stamey, J. Dills, C. Roland. Second row, left to right: J. Duvall, S. Dean, W. Renshaw, D. Medlin, B. Henry, V. Setser, L. J. Gailey, P. Dills, C. Crawford, A. Blaine. Third row, left to right: Coach McConnell, Sponsor, C. Cabe, P. Pattillo, G. Cor¬ bin, G. Brpwn, J. Brogden, R. Jones. SECOND SQUAD FOOTBALL TEAM FIRST SQUAD Foreground, left to right: Charles Sanders, Richie Jones, Wayne Stewart, Charles Cabe, Grady Corbin, George Brown, Eugene Mashburn, Norman Seay, Sammy Hender¬ son, Pat Pattillo, Carroll Keener, not present Dick Mashburn and Carroll Childers. Background, left to right: Bobby Womack, John Henry, Charles Sanders, Bobby Tysinger, Jimmy Estes, Ben Edwards, Bill Hunnicutt, Richard Russell, Junior Dills, Ed Poindexter, Richard Renshaw. All the way, Dick Pat makes the tackle ( 2 ) (4) Watch out behind you, Norman Oh! my aching back BOYS ' BASKETBALL Seated: J. Estes, Manager, L. A. Moore, H. Brookshire, C. Keener, R. Jones, J. Rog¬ ers, D. Gibson. Standing: J. Cabe, J. Ayers, T. Cole, J. Henry, T. Raby, R. Henry, B. Harper, D. Angel, Coach Ray Lowe. Not present M. Lewis. GIRLS ' BASKETBALL Seated: Manager L. Lyle, A. Gibson, U. Medlin, S. Dean, J. Setser, J. Duvall, C. Cochrane, A. Setser, Manager W. Renshaw. Standing: S. Swanson, M. Crawford, J. Lenoir, K. Cochran, A. Dalrymple, L. Browning, E. Dean, B. Henry, Coach Ray Lowe. Not present C. Crawford. I 4ctivitieS FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Mrs. Cabe and Mrs. O’Neii, Sponsors HOME ECONOMICS FRESHMAN INITIATION AIN’T WE SWEET!” BAND — y4ctiui ties Officers: Audrey Hays, President; Libby Murray, Vice-President; Ann Hays, Sec¬ retary; Mary Ann Killian, Treasurer; Director, Sammy F. Beck. CHORUS Officers: Ann Hays, President; Richard Dryman, Vice-President; Libby Murray, Secretary; Bryan Hurst, Treasurer. r, rv J - SPORTS CLUB SPONSOR: MR. STOTT. 4-H CLUB FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Officers: Paul Killian, President; Fred Deal, Vice-President; Emory Crawford, Sec¬ retary; Charlie Cabe, Treasurer; L. A. Moore, Reporter. Sponsor: Mr. Proffitt. Officers: Emma Lou Ramsey, President; Mary Ann Killian, Vice-President; Nancy Ramsey, Secretary and Treasurer. Sponsor: Miss Brewer. LANGUAGE CLUB 4ctiuit ieS DRAMATICS CLUB Officers: Russell McKelvey, President; Betty Henry, Vice-President; Ann Hays, Secretary and Treasurer. Sponsor: Mr. Ramsey. BACKACHE CLUB T . .—.f... Sponsor: Mr. Clark JctiuLtieS BUSINESS CLUB Officers: Georgia Nell McDonald, President; Charles Swafford, Vice-President; Rosa Lee Mashburn, Secretary and Treasurer. Sponsors: Miss Bailey and Mr. Ed Williams. Officers: Grant Knight, Captain; Doyle Henson, Lieutenant. Sponsor: Mr. Clayton Ramsey. SAFETY PATROL y4ctiuiti e$ Officers: Billy Kinsland, President; Russell McKelvey, Vice-President; Lesher Green, Secretary-Treasurer; Max Henderson, Reporter. Sponsor: Mr. Angel. SCIENCE CLUB FORENSIC CLUB f—J , r , i Sr j Is Tj k «! ANlSL L Bm L ' K f ■ i j § f i Sponsor: Miss Enlcc. ' Qa’iswdt iJn f 2 AS WE SADLY ROAM THE CORRIDORS OUR LAST WEEK AT SCHOOL, WE FIND WE ARE REMINDED EVEN NOW OF THE MEMORIES LEFT BEHIND. OF OUR FRIENDS AND TEACHERS WHO, THOUGH, WITHOUT CO-OPERATION WORKED FOR FOUR YEARS TO HELP PREPARE US FOR FUTURE OCCUPATION. WITH TEAR FILLED EYES WE ALL RECALL OUR CHILDISH PRANKS AND THEN WE START TO LAUGH, BUT REMEMBER THE ARE GONE AND OUR EYES FILL ONCE AGAIN. IT’S SO VERY HARD IN WORDS TO SAY " FAREWELL” TO THINGS YOU LOVED SO AND YOUR CLASSMATES PART AT THE DOOR BUT PLAN TO MEET ON THE ROAD TO SUCCESS WITH FOND MEMORIES EVERMORE. The Laurel Leaf Staff SNAPSHOTS NANTAHALA POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY GRADUATION DAY— AND EVERY DAY IS ALWAYS PET ICE CREAM DAY! Pet Ice Cream is rich, creamy, and velvetry smooth .... with flavor that ' s always delightful! And, Pet Ice Cream is made only of daily fresh whole milk, daily fresh sweet cream and the choicest natural flavorings. Have some PET ICE CREAM TODAY — and EVERY DAY! In any one of the popular standard favors .... or, the feature flavor of the month. . . . You ' ll always agree, PET ICE CREAM is the FINEST, MOST DELICIOUS Ice Cream you ' ve ever tasted! ' ■ ' •a «■ ICECREAM a A a tA TASTE THE FRESH CREAM IN PET ICE CREAM COMPLIMENTS | COMPLIMENTS 0 F 0 F Bank Of Franklin Member of F. D. 1. C. J Franklin Machine Shop ; COMPLIMENTS 1 COMPLIMENTS 0 F ' O F Nantahala Lumber Zickgraf Hardwood Company Company | COMPLIMENTS OF AUTO Parts and Equipment Company BURRELL MOTOR COMPANY, INC. yhr £« •»■ ■(• TramtfrtmH— SALES AND SERVICE PHONE 123 FRANKLIN, NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS O F Western Auto Associate Store PHONE 169 COMPLIMENTS O F Carolina Pharmacy COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS 0 F 0 F Theatre Grill Perry s Drug Store " Pay Attention to What You Eat— But More Where You Eat It " 1 Franklin, N. C. Wiley Bryson, Owner ■ l I COMPLIMENTS 0 F COMPLIMENTS 0 F Angel s Drug Store Your Bower s Store " IT ' S SMART TO BE THRIFTY " COMPLIMENTS 0 F COMPLIMENTS Duncan Motor Co. 0 F OPEN ALL NIGHT S. L. 5c 10c Store 24-HOUR WRECKER SERVICE . COMPLIMENTS : Downs Grocery 0 F AND l Macon Motor Feed Store Company FERTILIZER AND FEEDS Sales - B U 1 C K - Service . . 1 PHONE 226 .. . " For Gifts You Can Give With Pride, LET YOUR JEWELER BE YOUR GUIDE " Grover Jamison, Jeweler ALL REPAIRING FULLY GUARANTEED The Franklin Press AND The Highlands Maconion YOUR HOME NEWSPAPER QUALITY PRINTING WISHING YOU A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE Sunset Drive-In COMPLIMENTS 0 F Porters Esso Service PHONE 51 COMPLIMENTS 0 F Reeves Hardware Co. PHONE 113 FRANKLIN, NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS 0 F Franklin Frozen Foods PHONE 240 City Market QUALITY MEATS AND GROCERIES PHONE 124 COMPLIMENTS 0 F Phillip s Super Service SHELL GAS AND OIL WASHING GREASING " IF WE PLEASE YOU TELL OTHERS —IF NOT, TELL US! " COMPLIMENTS 0 F COMPLIMENTS 0 F Bryant Furniture The Normandie Company Farmers Federation Quality Feeds, Seeds and Fertilizers COMPLIMENTS Oliver Farm Machinery Country Produce Bought and Sold PHONE 92 FRANKLIN, N. C. 0 F Macon Dry Cleaners ONE-DAY SERVICE PHONE 270 COMPLIMENTS 0 F Franklin 5c 10c Store PHONE 686 COMPLIMENTS 0 F Roper and Bryson ESSO SERVICENTER PHONE 6 COMPLIMENTS 0 F COMPLIMENTS Lee s Amoco Service 0 F EAST FRANKLIN 23—28—64 Martin Electric FRANKLIN, N. C. 1 COMPLIMENTS i O F Standard Realty Co. Mrs. J. H. Stockton, Manager Sossamon Furniture ! Company " EVERYTHING FOR YOUR HOME " COMPLIMENTS 0 F Belk ' s Department Shook ' s Shell Store Service Station " HOME OF BETTER VALUES " PHONE 9104 COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS 0 F 0 F 1 A 1 Van Raalte Co. Friend ! THE BEST TO THE SENIORS COMPLIMENTS OF 1952 0 F Franklin Service Jess Conley Station Rafe B. Teague COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS 0 F 0 F Wayah Insurance Dowdle Wholesale Agency Morgan Shatley, Manager THE BEST TO THE SENIORS OF 1952 Nantahala Oil Co. DISTRIBUTOR OF AMOCO GAS AND OIL THIS YEARBOOK Publish ed by Hunter’s Yearbook Service 1118 CRESTWOOD DRIVE WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHERS SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHERS YEARBOOK PUBLISHERS YEARBOOK PUBLISHERS AUTOGRAPHS psi

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