Franklin High School - Key Yearbook (Rochester, NY)

 - Class of 1970

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Franklin High School - Key Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Cover

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1 A fah 'IJQQ fr Kg, YK 61 'N-JJ fa' TMQQ bo, Q KZ Gf I , P mg Q, 6? Z K MN XJOXV 'fig If IQ! QSC Q? Q ED SJ? iv Lf ' ' 6 Qgzqjaf Ji 70 Au J 0137151 X we 0 xx iq' Ib , Mfiyfwwf H0555 AQ Qmjmiagz IWJQXW NW 625 yi M Rf Qx QV 'digg QM QQ N 6 ' ' 2,'4wG 6!'NQNQ9J PM CQ QW J 134 xo uh M J W ffcf W M VCX A L QQ z iffy fx Sf Q gypsy K Q .5- Af N? ME Lg Jlijg 4 J 1 ,fs VIA EQ 3? ZQ17 ,Q 31 5' 'MQ 7 fqfmigib W CE' , 5' Q f uf' 9 0 X 2' -1? 91 .QP A 'X . 9' ,J 4' 'f n .ai 5' va 5.4: cf 65' ff M- Q yi-7'! of fy . N9 ff., af" SQL-1, MV X7wP? ff jfgff Qfffiy ff if ggi, U, by jg ix 52332 ff 3 3351321 WWJQV TEH W fy wk VVf,ig fo My MWMM gw,Qff3fPQ ww ifwwgflgbf 5. F 55535 files Qi 1 A 55 filigxik Q1 gkifSgQ53TQfg E22 i EQ BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL 950 NORTON ST., ROCHESTER, NEW YORK .. I, , ,,,, M, .1 I I 2 I ii . ADMINISTRATION 2 SENIQRS 26 ACTIVITIES ea HONORS 110 I' SPORTS 122 ff AS THE EARTH LOOKS T0 THE SUN FOR LIFE, SO DO WE LOOK FOR INTELLECTUAL FULFILLMENT THROUGH GUIDANCE ADMINISTRATION 2 1' 41:65 I .423 'll I1 gag? if 4LwALe?,g.j..:3f,2 5+ x MQW r+g4.,5,x7,ZgF-glafw, qw .5-l .Jul-'I Ltr nh!! kPf,., mx Q go vnlllv ,U g Qgx Q , f SQ, QV 1' XY M ,-- ,wie I f Q l,l If fgh 8 Q Ja 12 WI 1 4 2 Q aio? 5 if T' sb 4N':, I7 , ,hh 1 715 f If , 'hs ' '15 1 f f 9 '- ' A A 1 U A f 1 1 , - , .1,'f. gg' . f -I 1 A xl'-,Y 'fi 6-Q3 ' X, 'fi V? U4 'f 15, fq':' f 'C Nxgxfv 13- A 1 " ,' , ' ff.: V' 'lwmiig 'ilifv' Inj ' 4, .QQ r ' ' I , in Y' ,fffzf ix 'n 5 Egg, Z. 'QQ ' 7 W -, -QIA ' , ,N 'Oo' X-I, -, , , .:-5 -v --'Lv V' ' anna- Q N0 f . Le lllll' ' Le f f ' 4" f' ,W is-V?v'iu',flQgf3 vnu"-5 u9?i"A' 5 , , f-',ff" WY W "Qi -Y ff,-if . .. V NYSQ 55.11 . 'ws ,D , 4" ' 'f ,-'J 'S-3 -Vu,,,,',, ' A 45.5- ..4. J f 4 , im Q, TS' my Q X I gg M i'f, ' M ' .2 ff' Q 'xvpywf f ' -, 5- 'ji :ya fn. I -I 1' I f 'Q Q" . X 7- "', I 327' ' ,MM ,W '4z,','l-592 'K 1' L .iz 1 VI V I 3 1 1 1 SAGITT . 5. si as I Skff MM! ." ZS X Ls f THE SIGN OF A 47 Wllbsf' 'F ' ' A THE SAGE on ,f yMQ.:,l Egg f A ' 5 . '-w COUNSELOR. - f, Lg ' Xe cANDm, Rssrusss, lMPuLslvE, cunlous, NATURE AND SPORT LOVING To the members of the Class of 1970: You are going forth to meet greater challenges than mankind has ever known. Use your knowledge and energies wisely- to solve your mutual prob- lems, to overcome the obstacles of ignorance, poverty and human misunderstanding. May your efforts be crowned by success and may your dreams become realities. PINCUS COHEN Principal 4 ii X THE SIGN OF I THE TRUTH SEEKER on SCIENTIST HONEST, PROBING, BROAD-MINDED, AMIABLE, UA R I HUMANE, PoPuLAR. Although he has worked at Franklin less than a year he has already earned the admiration of the entire student body. He has also formed an uncommon bond with the Senior Class. He trusted in them when few others did and befriended them when friendship was needed. We can only hope to live the dreams he wishes for us, and to show our appreciation and admiration, the Class of 1970 dedicates its yearbook to: MR. JOHN WILSON CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1970 It is with great pleasure that I extend to the Class of 1970, the Yearbook staff, faculty, students and all those who assisted in reaching another milestone, Warm Congratulations for a iob well done. This publication will do more to demonstrate our potential as well as exhibit our fine qualities than any other gesture I know. As your years of progress unfold you will be able, through these pages, to re-live your days here at FRANKLIN. To the members of this class, during your dawn of "hope" I do wish of you, to continue your efforts for excellence in life, expand your education and do your duties as citizens. You have my best wishes for happiness and success always. J. M. WILSON, SR. Vice-Principal MR. DENNIS MCGUIRE Boy's Dean MR. EUGENE MucCONNELL Boys' Dean MRS. CECILE SAFLUND Girls' Dean 1-f Xl'- MISS DOROTHY MARTINS Girls' Dean COUNSELORS Sealed: Miss N. Jackson, Mr. R Smith, Mrs. M. Tonkinson, Slanding Dr. H. J. Kaplan, Mr. Berl Alexan der, Mr. R. Cross, Mr. N. Garcia. IN DEDICATION to Miss Rauber for being a part of Beniamin Franklin's faculty and for making our school something of which we can always be proud. I GUIDANCE SECRETARIES Standing: Mrs. V, Falzone. Seaiedz Mrs. J. Spaih. OFFICE STAFF Mrs. M. Garbowski, Mrs. N. Kraveiz, Miss N. Wildziunas, Mrs. V Bufera. Absent: Mrs. H. Fine. LIBRARY STAFF Seated: Mrs. L. Kirchhoff, Miss J. Coberly, Mrs. R. Sparagana. Siand ing: Mrs. A. Kirk, Mrs. B. Hamilton, Mrs. E. Dukelow. 11 .. l I ATTENDANCE oFFlcE First Row: Dr. Harold Schwartz, Psychologist. Second Row: Mrs. Winifred Suydam, Nurse, Florence Dynski, Joyce McGlen, Jeanette Lebowitz. Third Row: F. Gendrean, Hearing Therapist. Fourth Row: D. Bower, Social Worker. TEACHERS' AIDES S. Tkach, Florence Lorenzo, Marlene Lylak, Diane Mindlin. Seated: Roselle Wiengarten, Lee Vespa, Willamae Brown. Absent: Clementin DeRosa, Betty Hills, Ann Ridley. 12 Officer Gary A. Cicoriu. Mr. C. Brown, Seventh Grade Dean r 15 ENGLISH FACULTY Front: Mr. C. Murray, DEPARTMENT HEAD. First Row: Miss D. Kaye, Mrs. B. Smith, Miss M. Robinson, Mrs. G. Nicholson, Mrs. M. Hoover, Mrs. J. Olhoeft. Second Row: Mr. D. O'Keefe, Mrs. C. Cooper, Mr. E. Henretta. Third Row: Mr. R. Guido, Miss P. Miller, Mr. W. Jefferis, Mr. W. Brindley, Mr. R. Lourette, Mr. J. Gugel, Mr. D. Saperstone, Miss C. Rossi, Mrs. D. Davids, Mr. R. Brown. Absent: Mr. J. Kraus, Mr. W. Safran, Mr. A. Schiano, Miss B. Bowles, Mrs. S. Kulikowski, Mrs. R. Meltz, Miss C. Rago, Mrs. E. Warren. 14 4 W fy J if KJ wfff.ffMW 9 MRS. DOROTHY MORSH EIMER in dedication to Mrs. Dorothy Morsheimer who has given knowledge and inspiration to her students and fellow teachers. We would like to thank her for being a part of Beniamin Franklin's faculty and for making our school ,something of which we can always be proud. A MATH FACULTY Seated: Mrs. Margaret Howe, Mr. John Sage, Mrs. Anne Petrantoni, Mr. Richard Codding, Mrs. Dorothy Morsheimer. Standing: Mr. Robert Smith, Miss Dorothy Cimo, Mr. Thomas Montulli, Mr. Karl Schulz, Mr. Joseph Maratino, Mr. John Gauzer, Mr. William Weber, Mr. Herbert Trimmer, Mr. Ronald Migliore, Mr. Robert Florack. Absent: Mrs. Clara Swank. 16 17 SCIENCE FACULTY Front: Mrs. Beth Sheld, Mrs. Ruth Smith, Mrs. Gail Harmstrom. Standing: Mr. Robert Reeve, DEPART- MENT HEAD, Mr. Frank Mockevicius, Mr. Ralph Lomio, Mr. James Vaiana, Mr. George Mazzeo, Mr. James Nawrocki, Mr. Keyes, Mr. Duane Centola, Mr. Doug Killian, Mr. Martin Zemmel, Mr. Marlin Smith, Mr. Charles Perham. Absent: Mr. Allen Lacey, Mr. Louis Frasca. LANGUAGE FACULTY Secured: Miss Dorothy Pecoraro. Sfanding: Mrs. Barbara Schnauber, Miss Bruna Evangelista, Mr. Henry Prazar, Mrs. Alessio Evangelism, Miss Janice Palser. 18 ART FACULTY Front Row: Mr. Donald Kramer, Mr. Emil Maurer Mr. David Scudder, Mr. Rollin Hanson. Back Row Mr. GeoHrey Miller, Mr. Allan Rosenberg. MUSIC FACULTY Mr. Robert Wirschem, Mr. Beniamin Scammell, Mr Richard Muirhead. BUSINESS FACULTY S ' Seated: Miss S. Scardino, Mrs. D. Scrivens, Mr. G. Barreft, Mrs. M. Murphy. Standing: Mr. A. Tortor- ellc, Mr. M. Priester, Mr. R. Snell, Mr. R. Newcomb, Mrs. I. Searles, Mr. G. Clark, Mrs. H. Meinhardt. 20 INDUSTRIAL ARTS FACULTY Front: Joseph RuFFino, Donald Longchamp. Back Harold Wallace, Howard Eckert, James Potochak William Hardy, Walter Lapp, Jack Fishbaugh Norman Gurlet, James Lombardo. Qkxjwlxll M MM! 'T Q . , A120 f A 0X J ,I Ur' U W llcl HOME ECONOMICS Seated: Mrs. J. Corrigan, Standing: Mrs. V. Connor, Mrs. E. Albright Miss A. Davis. Absent: Mrs. M. King. 22 SPECIAL EDUCATION Seated: Mrs. Ida Borisolif, Mrs. Lois Diamond, Mrs. Madeline Strong Mr. William Summers, Mr. David Hunt. Slanding: Mr. Logan Bowen Miss Ann Syracuse, Mr. Angelo Prospero, Mr. Lyle Corlelt, Mr Ronald Czadieck, Mr. William Williams, Mr. Henri Grossman, Mr James Marcus. PHYSICAL EDUCATION STAFF Seated: Miss Smolski, Mr. Griebus, Miss Streb, Miss Thayer. Standing: Mr. Davis, Miss Williams, Mrs. Zwierlein, Mr. Christensen. 24 CAFETERIA STAFF Seated: Mrs. Bella Rothschild, Mrs. Virginia Tonchak. First Row: Michael O'NeilI, Leroy McCoy, Angelo Giodano, Mrs. Marge Czerwiez, HEAD DIETICIAN. Second Row: Mrs. Janina Bialuski, Mrs. Martha Zulauf, Mrs. Mildred Rippe, Mrs. Mary Peath, Mrs. Bernice Srrith, Mrs. Dorothy Wagner. Absent: Mrs. Bernice Matczak. MAINTENANCE STAFF Mr. Clarence Fuehrer, Mr. Anthony Donato, Mr. Archie Wade, Mrs. John Eckler, Mr. A. Siegl. 1 THE SENIORS OF THE AGE OF AQUARIUS ' LEAVE FRANKLIN WITH THE HOPES OF UNITING THE UNIVERSE AND THE DREAM OF A UNIFIED HOUSE. gf ' :Q . 'A ei . 1 , .. , , Ii' I I Em' " ' sg . 2 24 es s 2 r H ..g,3p 1 Q I-"' f y ft 1 Q il, , Q5Igf,f:gi: 4 fI'ff1Q'-4:53 ,,fE!I!'2 ::1f-'-Lfsggw,- In "'k ilfigf lgfj ,F'?5.1,1 Kwai 1- 'N fe2.fff!fJ' -" ! 1 .,J,.f, I .3.,,.,.,,, , Q , ,Fsiw 'f4'f4Qilf I I f e I fs M 'ii 1 I I Q- M . I K E 'ji It I I II: 5 f I . if I I ' I ff I 'I l Q - I ',e,.., , i A 2 I it 1 it 'i fi- . . I H , 5 , , K z , ' I 2 sq ,Lp N AII I , m , E ff 2 2 .I J,, ,L:. ik' gzigmfflm-2. Q "LI :VK l!?:i,,5gL up K -A--:L-K: - K if ,www ,I,.. 177 I, I ' -M if -. : WN-' lzsfpx ' V Q Q43 -"V 4 A I'-' . - W as if AW 2: - -i'- SENIORS I .., 4 I Q-mg gbifj 6594 IA '-gxtgfygyfg if 2 10 ""o':l,a1t 5 M? 25 aw. Y 'iz-mg: M in 'fr' gal' ur ing? 1: LX? Sz 6 :ll ?,gJ yr AZ' 'Z '-mf f-Xi M f 1 4' If 33 as 1 5 26 N QQ ' 1 , 'IWW' L' Av A' iv j?AZ1'I1'1T X 5 3 'I ' , I g.q:Q,j 11 l . X --0, if " 41 f f ' 'k T213 -55,51 li' N'-, ig , ' ,, r f 3 ,. f4?.,3','4-",,f.f,,Y: I f , 1 QA -Q f' 'Ji 7 ffllgfffxfi 'fi ' J 4-W 3. , I C ' fm ' Tl' Q I t I, X ' 70,1 f' :!n,l"" 'H '-Kid 'iam' ln., 4 -' X -V , XWA 5, Rx., ,QA Av, I fi? "uUl'Jg,,-Z: fs S ff ' '4"' 456915135 vu., I 4 s. ef ,J 5' 0? F, 'f vv' ff! Q "9 an -Q H, , , J Q Q, S -J, , 1' if ,J 7:71 rn," 'AQ ,gg 2, 1 ' ,gl - ' X Q' lf, A91 ,, ff I , 4.11 u Z," fi M 'V W u fa , 'l ff .' Q, ,Q Q . A . la 7 I 1 "'L' I ci , ,f 'w , , fx V 1" 1127 W f 2 z 11, fa X' .Q 1, chin?-. -2- 5 f ., .Ja f xl., 4' V- , 4 27 willful 'vfalllllllm Nmaww c d 'Mm Mil 5 L B kg "J C Q x Rglcjdg 95322520 2 chnls rid dSB YI Ii d ARC - Il CAPRICORN ayigim Top Row- Steve Russell Farabell 181 Fieldwood Drive Nancy Fischer 1482 Clinton Avenue Second Row- Cheryl Lynn Gllcken 59 Nye Park Sharlynn Holland 1983 Clinton Avenue Robert B. Hooker 8 Siebert Place Warren C. Kosel 224 Oneida Street 29 North North Third Row- Gail Ellen Kreitzberg 205 Traver Circle Joyce Kusak 1114 Joseph Avenue Elizabeth Marrers 1428 Clifford Avenue Gwendolyn Mikel 112 Lozier Street Bottom Row- Robert L. Myricks 9 Vose Street Susan Jean Power 17 Joseph Place i First Row- Stephen Markus Wallach 'I Harris Street Second Row- Robert C. Steehler 31 Master Street Geraldine Williams 20 Edward Street Jessie Philips 408 Chatham Gardens Thomas Polvino 117 Petrossi Drive i 4 Not Shown T, C. Smith Ny " X I V .1 arzauflmarrggdf Nm, 6?'4.fEC.Cg,i' ,Ili X I uuuq -XXX ,I 'V W XX XX '7 f f I Mya 6 F it L, 'ff CAPRICORN First Row- Alexondra Bodnuruk 74 Mohawk Street Linda Stewart 38 Galusha Street Herbert B. Dell 9 Athens Street Robert A. Filcrdo 46 Jackson Street Second Row- Joan Ellen Burauskis 59 Maria Street First Row- Fetton Gray 15 Gorham Street Jeremiah Greene Jr. 38 Clifford Avenue Second Row- Deborah Keane 168 Avenue E John David Kosinsky 1103 North Street Steven Charles Labuzeta 97 Traver Circle Angela Laure 71 Oneida Street 33 .Third Row- Robert Joseph Loria 120 Densmore Street Flora M. McCrea 448 Joseph Avenue Leonard Pavia 65 Oneida Street Jimmy Session 155 Rauber Street Fourth Row- Kathy Ann Smith 72 Huntington Park Leonard Lee Swartz 2 Avenue A West Not Shown- Michael Ackroyd Leroy Boone Joseph Paige i First Row- Adam Szteinklaper 273 Brunswick Street Second Row- Carol Jean Walker 156 Woodbury Street Annette Pellingra 3 Lochner Place Mary Ann Sherkus 51 Gothic Street Leroy McCoy 29 Philander Street Third Row- Marie Perry 48 Catherine Street Fourth Row- Gail Kreuzer 68 Avenue D AQUARIUS X V XM. Q X r - Qmwpmga 4 - - 0 T' 4' Cf W S anbrgegssstgg gt W 1, eats-fsriiszpf. 7' ' vfllign 3' 55' O X-7,2-,iapskllllllj .. First Row- - - A. 217, -.Q S .23 ,fi 4 Dave C. Arena X 4 196 St. Stanislaus Street pZj,jD35N.8OQ.J"' : Daria Bucierka X 1 l, flfvi' sajslir g 380 Carter Street "' E JJ JMX 5. Steven F. Denton h l?:'G1l4.' 154 Sylvester Street t!"" ll M. Duerr 25 Carl Street 0 w econd Row- Z 1 ormon A. Adams 112 Jewel Street PISCE ou t f J if 5 at is wagg, 1 s 5 A Q 3 - , :f m 'l e 'QW' azflmz-Q:5f51Hv:?'1??'-7 ' use First Row- Bernadette Louise Englert 171 Turpin Street Aivars Isaks 90 Navarre Road Second Row- Arthur E. English 200-B Chatham Gardens Gloria Joan Kohlman 152 Gray Street Neil Patrick Roth 195 Conkey Avenue Bonnie Lou Smith 1368 Clinton Avenue North 57 Third Row- Cindy France 3 Reed Park Randolph Mitchell 55 Sawyer Street Nadeida Samsonenko 191 Hollenbeck Street Olene Smith 60 Gorham Street Fourth Row- Wanda Z. Goly 15 Pulaski Street Carol Lee North 127 Woodbury Street First Row- Tom Yale 97 Bleaker Road Second Row- Geneva Washington 72 Baden Street Judy Sprinkle 25 Ludwig Park Timothy Speciale 337 Marne Street Cheryl Holloway 754 Clifford Avenue Third Row- Judy Verclerber 1306 Sl. Paul Street Fourth Row- Carlos Perez Torres 13 Concord Street d R ssie Gi c rist am SS -if gf K ',X'f'f:sffVEa Q Q .tts tr W YQRNL53: Zfs 0 ' 9571, DJ Q K ll . D 5 zvlgaisw J K, la ug, R- alluga'-fvixvi 1, Q X X L X S 5 ' K: 0 if ,-3 0 C 3 vi Z 4 ' ' Q4 ,gg m ,' w , g 3, ,Q O , I, if In . :5?5iZ13"'17gxaJg,i ' S, 4 4 X -' K 'J-9 ' ,ffff ' S 6 s 5 I 5 VT .5 Z 1 PISCE 28 El unk uve P o us c ue I Shown Fava ocino ,g WV 1 , ,S ,- - W, fWVfW'izfZ U f :WSJ 0 QW if' 'f A L 'I lm" 5 ,J , 4121, 1-K-fd, tgw .tv1tt.rte JQH First Row- ,XL ll , I ,M i " 'ay -,QI Roger B. Baskin NV- f , 'QQ yvl 0' 37 Trenamon Street gf - , x L05 't ,At Barry Brunette Wg ..'f7! W 4'4'2x 449 Norton Street gd, ,fr 1 ,jg-f R aff? Rose Burns " ftizh, f, 5 1 ltQ,il4y" 'f 22 Kelly street .i 1 qf,f,,jf'h 0, X j ,sph Chg? izvtgr Stre t it S ' e 7 f ',gf't " I Second Row- and IL Joanne B, Adamskl 50 Laser Street RIES V aaa ' gf fa in 1 Q,,,f1.F3:' 1fi, 'j-- - Q ' ,nt 1, .,.,. N - ' ze . w ie., " fail "'Q:.5H'111ii1,:x.. 119giISWSIYfiffffflii:EG?!??55'xEifi55555w First Row- Paul Hartman 311 Pardee Street Anthony Paul Ferrara 467 Waring Road Second Row- Jan Ellen Frankenberger 415 Alphonse Street Patricia Ann Gill 117 Agnes Street William Gould 20 Zimmer Street Diane Marie Haltz 775 Avenue D 41 Third Row- Ronald Andrew Kowalski 241 Weyl Street Judith Legan 72 Hill Court Circle Apt. A Eddie Lesure 112 Rauber Street Phyllis F. Piazza 190 Roycroff Street Fourth Row- Shirley Saxton 65 Hanover Street Apt. 4F Mary Scott 27 Concord Street First Row- Murilyn Waidu 1223 Hudson Avenue Second Row- Isuac Wilson 14 Concord Street Marilyn White 25 Herman Street Apt. 2F Norma Johnson 120 Davis Street Sondra Johnson 249 Ferncliffe Drive ,,, mv., . T. 5 5 11 f if: ::sfs:2E,3t:f.?w?G4eg5 -1-M-gm .,,- ., . - -, e-2usn.'2.w mim i, ,1.::. -A . f :.1.f,:, 21. M lgn- za.: mgggz a mf ae' f T. I ' ' - ge .wp 1 .ff. S-, Q G ,mu K V. .e e ,is .-.. 553511. fa . . :FE 5' 'zu :r::..:EI-f?5r:St4:!r? ' , f-I "'x55fz.,: ' W Fi 'i'iii - - , gm 1. ,,-mf.flrzwmfgq,s1:mmv1f1?5f!f:4f - - :"?'15.:fH.ifif J H ,, Vs: tm.: .i ,M no,Wf,-:v:s:w:,f:,,f -:J e , ,vu ,,., .. . ,,,, V ,T ,,,, in ,-,-- re, .,..,. ny. .,.--- . .t -- , fvXYW ' , 4'F7g?gqq',: Wm, ' -iff 'i ' V . ' " QV! Lx 9 4 P79 All fx 'QM ,Q NF- , 'FEW A"F'5Q4g v W tw xg . mv ' "-4 vkvQ,- . ,' " 941 5 I' LA 'gf 'ffrfj , Maw W 'iv "if'?ffQ'm if 7" ' -' f I ' ywtnh Nl. QNX W M ' kk x la , -1 hr R XJ'L':gg!f,0 ,,f 7 6 HIE First Row- Henry Bice 9 Ward Slreel Ronald Brewer 130 Fieldwood Drive Linda J. Byrd 41 Sullivan Slreel Donna M. Coilerman 1107 Sf. Paul Slreel Second Row- Michael S. Allen 3 Norrun Drive N QQ' Ka ,Q 1 ' Q3 Q 1 lil x v US First Row- Jeanne Karen Anne Cravotta 110 Midland Avenue Mollie D. Fintushel 341 Wilkins Street Second Row- Mary A. Galas 218 St. Stanislaus Street Margaret Rose Hedman 65 Hanover Street Apt. 5A Mary Patricia Hedman 65 Hanover Street Apt. 5A Socrates Hryhorenko 1108 CliFford Avenue 45 Third Row- Jerome A, Johnson 35 Floverton Street Kathleen Kleiment 116 Mitchell Street Dennis Krolak 44 Van Olinda Street Linda L. Kolb 645 Joseph Avenue Fourth Row- Rozie Love 160 Hollenbeck Street Charles Lundy 20 Vienna Street Apl. 5G Firsl Row- James W. Lucus 16 Vose Streel Second Row- Kevin Parks 'I43 Ferncliff Drive Murshu Lynn Snell IO Vienna Sireet Dorothy Thompson 217 Weyl Slreel Maurice A. Victor 79 Lincoln Slreel ,EQ cox Xw lgj 59 X v I WZ 9' W 47 D I , AU US Robert Thomas 149 Clairmonie Street No! Sh ow n- Paul Menfer 47 fm qw K if lr!! fffff - Wu c ,N w wi I I I GEMINI NRM U7 K M fff W X fl Milli!!! uf fff .W lr! s is f N6 I4 md First Row- David Hasman 206 Collingwood Drive Alan Marlin Oslroff 277 Longacre Road Arnis Valbergs 229 Avenue D Hildegard Wilson 15 Herman Street Apl. Second Row- Roy L. Hooks 588 Norlh Slreel Rosaria Parisi 'IO9 Lowell Slreel Vic Saffrin 24 Ludwig Park Lloyd J. Sl. John 70 Mead Sireel 49 6 Third Row- Gary Hoppe 308 Northland Avenue Nalhaleen Ida Peal 'IO Helena Slreel Mary Jane Schmidt 40 Durgen Slreel Joanne Marie Thran 84 Lincoln Slreel Fourlh Row- Basil Kukuruza 39 Vulors Slreel Virginia B, Penkevicius 298 Bernard Slreel Noi Shown- John Gionciola Naoum Karalin Richard La Tempio F f N my W! mf 6 mmf :MWHnmmllilu f1-.. 15?-I A " A A 1 5. , WFWK . O ,I f' xif Q CANCER First Row- Susanne Maria Tritto 63 Buononia Street Arnold Alvin Thomas 318 Bernard Street Second Row- Roman William Sydor 82 Joseph Place Michael A. Radler 190 Weaver Street Eileen Lehrer 1752 St. Paul Street Moses Best Jr. 632 Scio Street 51 Third Row- Catherinu Ann Ingrassio 1132 Norton Street Joanne Marie Hodes 79 Hollister Street James Paul Geiwitz 78 Northaven Terrace Morey Foley 2210 St. Paul Street Fourth Row- Sharon E. Fleisher 164 Kilmar Street Durward Childers Jr. 300 Chatham Gardens H' Ywfvni' I-"1 First Row- Leon Curgile 1465 North Street Second Row- Judy Bechtuld 'l4 Gladys Street Corleen June Hessler 76 Harris Street Beverly Sue Birr 126 Midland Avenue Paulette Aube 95 Northview Terrace 3 ' e l - ::,. .,..,:, , r tJrf:r,:,.1Y rfgg J A r eel 4, exif Mm K W ,ff 511+ reign' .ff S T it Wye, ir MM E E E W :ggi 3 E it tg ' 4s,gWI:'j, 5,1 QV,"-, L Sig h- ul EPA, .Rf . ti irgw wr.. ' 2 - Nm Y' Elf ,rr,e " 2 - ax Q Third Row- Rose Spugnolu 'l7 Ookman Street Fourth Row- Charles Miller I7 Gilmore Street K5 +,N-"'f11filIUIlllWmllfli 5 . f I' W " fx vw gf ,Imax X ml' X X6 'i'1 H Ay CANCER First Row- Ralph L. Banoli 100 Navarre Road Naomi Kay Drake 66 Jewel Sfreef Raul Caruio 234 Central Park Marieiia T. Dunbar 36 Cole Street Second Row- Marcia Beale 415 Avenue D I , ,xnxx x , if r i, G Q LEU 54 WAN First Row- Deborah M. Eagan 74 Ashwood Drive Richard Faro 220 Kilmer Street Second Row- Norman Hochman 22 Wolfert Terrace Linda S. Glicken 59 Nye Park Anna T. Kysil 31 Lux Street Jesse James Payne 114 Lincoln Street 55 Third Row- Judi Smith 77 Rexford Street Susan M. Readinger 157 Dorbeth Road James Strong 181 North Union Street Michael T. Swinton 65 Hanover Street Apt 7F Nelida Ortiz 6 Wesley Street Donna Peck 28 Fieldwood Drive -4.25 First Row- Andreu Marie Vuccaro 170 Marne Street Carolyn T, Zcrcone 139 Portage Street Pauline Murzouk 16 Athens Street Angelo Giordun 1886 St. Paul Street Second Row Linda Mincey 17 Dover Street First Row- Diane Van Volkenburgh 226 Remington Street Second Row- Hildu Vasquez 19 Kapple Place Not Shown- Harry Scrivens fl I , nw x ' if t WA 57 First Row- Joyce L. Ashbaugh 154 Randolph Street Samuel Astuto 99 Hillcrest Street Gary M. Atlas 31 Beach Street Susan Karen Boyetsko 279 Avenue B Second Row- Janet Ashbaugh 154 Randolph Street P lulf ,tx 11 We 1115 X' M :N N xlmlll' My IRGO First Row- Roman Bucior 223 Hillcrest Street Diane Fudge 43 Peck Street Second Row- Douglas James Burger 288 Avenue A Robert Burgos 20 Vienna Street Apt. 2A Rebecca Ann Cummings 94 Pomeroy Street Miriam Essig 363 Remington Street 59 6 Third Row- Moria Herrara ll Treyer Street Alphonso lppolito 3 Caus Place Frank Carl Kasinski 52 Yates Street John Kelly 103 Coleman Terrace Fourth Row- Bob Klimm 353 Marne Street Bonnie LeClair 310 Kenwood Avenue m9'J.1itIi..SCN Y. First Row- Maria Lukasievich 160 Townsend Street Second Row- Joan Helen Maraftoti 353 Randolph Street Carolyne Pittman 65 Mead Street Sharon J. Robinson 942 Joseph Avenue Barbara Ann Rockell 31 Gray Street Third Row- Bev Nagel 1334 Norton Street Fo u rt h Row- Wendell Mark Niles 232 Marne Street First Row- Gordan Rynders 17 Herbert Street Second Row- Virginia Mary Servidio 589 Portland Avenue Nathaniel Turman 605 North Street Margaret Ann Tuschong 69 Fieldwood Drive ll ll l 7' .Hs M lllllgl lun , Nl lll l ll l WW IRGO 'ai Third Row- Mike Teerlinck 76 Rau Street Rudeau Wade 10 Gorham Street Timmy Wyatt 300 Alphone Street Kathleen Kenney 64 Heralt Street First Row- Terry Steward 656 Clifford Avenue Second Row- Bruce Jansen 88 Jackson Street Elizebeth Thompson 26 Henry Street Barbara Bykowski l70 Lux Street Barbara Gale Winston 56 Dunn Street Third Row- Micheal Powell 40 Buchan Park Fourth Row- Ellen Shaw I3 Buchanan Pork I N 1 V .Hx V Mui my Ill Xl Q N y F WW IRGO I , , E Monroe McTaw 279112 Adams Street Not Shown: Carrie Pelerson 65 First Row- Joseph C. Arena 15 Nichols Street Rochelle Baker 1729 St. Paul Street St. Paul Street Lori M. Cala 41 Grafton Street Karen Anne Caramante 94 Holbrooke Street Second Row- Lynne M. Graupman 126 Scranton Street f gg 'E' qlltmulttv 1,1 1111lIIllluw' 4 ' t LIBR ,qw if 5 wifi' if W " 1 2 f get tu., ii 1 . i ,, ,ig f ,. Emi, 1 z , ,at E 4. - ef , - ":fff:::Tmvf gilt l p f 1 5 ,iff 4 v 1 R 1 1+ 1 M f 1' 1, eff ,f9W3g'1 t,f,'?, M1-, ., .,,,. dis.-1, . 1' F Y WAT"-ST 1 51,5 await ill ,G 1 gi we wifi" 1 A , 1 1 ejg,h..,,wQ,mg' 1 1 3,111.11':g,,fmffmt.'--1 .mimvef ,,,,155gn,g,,,.,,1f,W, , Y ,,pYf,,,,,,.f,,,.,J.,f,,,,1,.gff, .writ .152 ., .wet at 1 g , " 'z ' V54 ' 5-50535, , ' 1 W- f First Row-- Dawn Marie Farabell 181 Fieldwood Drive Zbegniew Joe Goly 15 Pulaski Street Second Row- Mary Dellaria 156 Durnan Street Sue Anne Dennis 59 Roycroft Drive Yvonne M. Du Puis 1564 St. Paul Street William A. Eichele 96 Rau Street 65 Third Row- Charles J, Ieremino 20 Carl Street Eileen H. Jordan 89 Evergreen Street Kathleen Helen Jordan B9 Evergreen Street Darlene Kaester 36 Bleile Terr. Fo u rt h Row- Marilyn Keller 102 Conkey Ave. Mary Teresa Lewandowskl 1372 North St. 1 First Row- Pete Limali 32 Langham St. Second Row- Barbara Maria Lubicz 90 Collingwood Drive George Ann Maid 153 Portage Street Laureen Mann 13 Gordon Pk. Barbara S. Moldock 24 Sylvester St. Third Row- Marleen Patricia Pasch 54 Herald St. Fourth Raw- Jaquelyn Marie Short 79 Northaven Terr. mum X qv 7 llln ll'fYQ E' qc ' iltlll ' glam: ' E A First Row- Paula Jean Todisco 1531 Norton Street Second Row- Shelia Ann Ugino 62 Nichols Street Venia R. Wright 90 Cleveland Street Gary Richard Taylor 395 Norton Street Crystal Allen 22 Martin Street Third Row- Cathy .l. Westfall 827 Norton Street Ferdinand Treusacher 348 Bernard Street Don Blahi 375 Remington Street Helen Mucha H20 Avenue D Not Shown- Michael Brooken Rebbecca Flemming LIBR 67 Firsi Row- G, Christopher Chwieko 229 Bremen Si. Lee Ann Couririghl 75 Pulaski Si. Kennelh Edward Cousineau 55 Buonoms Sl. Christine Cowley 87 Wutkin Terr. Second Row- Mary Anderson 22 Henry Si. if i, 1' I f p-X J A' ,fi i' K 'l ll .' do ,f X. f - J X, C X , ia 4' i SCORPIO 68 First Row- John Dominquez I I 16 Hudson Ave. Andrzei Gierczak 82 Fairbanks St. Second Row- Pat A. Gleichauf I5 Watkins Terr. An na Lesiu Gudzowaty 95 Seabrook St. Janie M. Haygood 625 Clifford Ave. Karen Marie Teresa Heid 183 Roycroft Dr. 69 Third Row- Susan Kinel 147 Avenue B John Kukurudya 39 Valois St, Denise Nicols 133 Traver Cir. Angela Prato 56 Hollister St. Fourth Row- Larry Rossignolo 76 Joiner Street - - A im- ' 'f ',f'i.r,Q 'Z , .is Fa- :Je ' ,a V A45 '-,, I 2 F' e "" ' ,. " . ..., .' Z,-'lf sf' ra ff- K. -- ff.e-vwmrlfz, me J his M f-'- 1- ff' i gg, , K ,. W-V 1, s, Rb X L ia 4 uv. Tk, an .1 ,Zvi , If .g,'2f,st:, . A Jtvqizpi 3,55-ag . z, 1. f r g .,LLL is ' - ,, LW,L,., .....W,, E , Y- -fi' e1:,wgqgt1,,.,,n. .vm x X , ' . First Row- Rose Ann Russo 785 Carter St. Second Row- Helen Edith Sweetland 'i05 Harris St. Dorothy A. Williams 18 Catherine St. Larnice Williams 20 New York Street Charles Whitehead 66 Wilson Street dr- iv N"'A3 5 1 fffflvg. J, f l . i, ' X. I, I x fl I I ,I fr M' 'x .1,, N , N X , 2 X559 SCORPIO F st Row- J mes Nesmiih 10 Henry Siree! t Shown- nie Kitlleberger A nie Manigoufi J m Nesmilh Jr. G y Rebis 71 First Row- Michelina Delores Anello 651 Norton Street Janis A. Attaldo 182 Ferncliff Drive Warren Philip Becker I2 Sheridan Street Geraldine Blake 15 Helena Street Second Row- Jettrey Alan Kaplan 290 Versailles Road SAGITT RI lfff First Row- Debbra Darlene Plotzker 26 O.K. Terrace Barbara Poleszak 74 Cleon Street Second Row- Anna Marie Culotta 20 Manitou Street John A. DiNarclo 59 Traver Circle Thomas F. DiNardo 59 Traver Circle William Eugene Fladd 23 Avenue C 75 Third Row- Darlene N. Laplczak 40 Petrossi Drive Darle J, McCoy 85 Barons Street Joseph Robert Palermo 70 Evergreen Street Michael A. Pascale 25 Trust Street Fourth Row- Christine Mary Paulikonis 66 Warsaw Street Linda Jane Napieralski 1742 Saint Paul Street First Row- Richard P. Scanio 351 Heberle Road Second Row- Beverly Sortino 67 Chopin Street Isabelle Tyler 8 Norwood Street Leonard Angelo Zarcone 70 Mohawk Street Irene Zielinski 97 Bernard Street Third Row- Vickie St. John 70 Mead Street Fourth Row- Roul Rodriquez 77 Mortin Street First Row- Horace Heard 659 Seward Street Second Row- Lucinda Smith 11 Carthage Drive Not Shown - Lucy Tschumukov Roland Winston I GITT RIUS SENIOR CLASS ADVISOR: Mr. Ronold O. Brown SENIOR OFFICERS Cheryl Holloway, VICE-PRESIDENT, Garry Hoppe, PRESIDENT. SENIOR COUNCIL D. Crisfonfello, P. Todisco, M. Finfushel, M. Essig, A. Profo, B. Winston. SENIOR CLASS ADVISOR Mrs. Ellen Warren SENIOR OFFICERS Marlene Pasch, SECRETARY Marilyn Waida, TREASURER CLASS SLEEPY HEADS Gary Hoppe - Becky Cummings BEST DRESSED Arthur English - Angela Laure CLASS PULL '70 78 l MOST ARTISTIC X Barb Lubicz - Sal LaDelia MOST TALENTED MOST VERSATILE Cindy France - Mike Walker Cheryl Holloway - Isaac Wilson 79 MOST ATHLETIC Ernie Kittleberger - Debbie Eogcm T DONE MOST FOR THE SCHOOL N Marlene Pasch - Dave Crisfuntello CLASS PULL '70 CLASS COMEDIANS Mike Pascale - Lynn Holland CLASS COUPLE GeorgeAnn Maid - John Kosinsky CLASS FLIRTS Marilyn Waida - Sieve Denton MOST LIKELY T0 SUCCEED Mollie Fintushel - Vic Saffrin MOST STUDIOUS Gordon Rynders - Lindo Kolb MOST SHY Morey Foley - Lynn Grcupmon 82 CLASS POLL 970 LEAST STUDIOUS , Lloyd Sr. John - Jeanne Cravotta MOST FRIENDLY Warren Kosel - Marcia Beale MOST TALKATIVE Miriam Essig - Roman Bucior LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT Being of sound mind and of sound body, we, the Senior Class of 1970, leave behind the experiences of our years at Franklin. The following is to those teachers' who made our years more memorable. To Mr. Cohen we leave ten pounds of ham and a real tlre. To Mr. Wilson we leave a barrel of Kentucky Fried Chicken and teachers who know how to park. TO OUR ADVISORS . . . To Mr. Ronald Brown we leave an Arthur Murray Dance Course. To Mrs. Ellen Warren we leave a pair of stilts and a billy club. I TO CONTINUE . . . To Mr. Schulz we leave a book entitled "Sex and the Single Boy," a list of the Ten Commandments and a new pair of bell bottoms. To Mrs. Swank we leave an easily handled math class. To Mr. Mazzeo we leave a Seventh Grade Homeroom and a book of cynical remarks. To Mrs. Cooper we leave an engraved broom handle and an electric heater. To Mr. Kramer we leave an organized art class and a conservative suit. To Mr. Jetfris we leave a stalk of celery and a nose warmer. To Mr. Newcomb we leave a tall glass of . . . coca- cola. - To Mr. Montulli we leave a greasy ping-pong ball. To Mr. MacConnell we leave the announcer's guide to "Twas the Night Before Christmas." To Mr. Bukowski we leave an afro wig and a call to order record. To Mr. Henretta we leave free passes to AIice's Restaurant. To the Spirit Committee we leave some get up and go. To Mr. C. Brown we leave a bunch of Seventh Graders -who don't steal Senior beanies. ' To Mr. Reeve we leave at magnesium strip, an answer paper, and a recording of "Elephants Never Forget." To Mr. Viana we leave a downward proiected ripple tank and a better solution to compulsory education. To Mrs. B. Smith we leave a composition consisting of only YOU, SO, VERY and THING. To Mrs. Saflund we leave high heels that don't click. To Mrs. Hoover we leave wasted time and a book of "new" slang words. y To Mr. McGuire we leave a pair of "purple ball Jets" tennis shoes. For Mr. Lomio, Let's pretend . . . i To Mr. Lynd we leave a morning of iogging with Gomer Pyle. To Mr. Sampson we leave suspenders. To the gym teachers we leave deodorizer for the gym and showers for the girls. To Mrs. Howe we leave a class of "A" students who stay awake. To Mr. Patti we leave ten preferred shares of MEB Products Unlimited. To all the counselors we leave a crash course on how to get students into college. ' To Mr. Zemel we leave a paste on beard and moustache. To Mr. Allen we leave a custom made dog house. To Mr. Migliore we leave an Italian plated pool cue. To Mr. Snell we leave a sense of humor. To Miss Pecoraro we leave the key to a Continental, no car, iust the keys. AND FINALLY . . . To the Class of 1974 we leave ten easy lessons on how to skip classes and not get caught. To the Class of 1973 we leave a Freshman-Sophomore Christmas Semi-Formal. To the Class of 1972 we leave unsewn patches.- And to the Class of 1971 we leave an unfurnished Senior Lounge and a bunch of dirty sweatshirts. Top Seated: Eileen Lehrer, Angela Proto 4 Standing: Becky Cummings, Barb Winston Bottom Right Miriam Essig, Dave Cristantello, Lynn Holland Bottom Left Front: Cheryl Holloway, Roman Bucior Standing: Marlene Pasch, Angela Laure, Marilyn Waida I SE IDR CANDY SALE N l 3 i Edith Lambert, his wife Charlie, their son-in-law Mr, Foley, the plumber Mayor Crane, Lambert's Director ............... Student Directors ..A,,. Stage Managers ,,.. Set Design ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ER TOO L TE Harry Lambert, operator of Lambert's Lumber Yard Kate, their daughter .,,,,,,,, Police Officer .,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,.,,,...,,,,,,..,,.,,, CAST In order of appearance: Grace Kimbrought, Lambert family friend ..,..,,,,,.,,, LAUREEN MANN FREDDIE STOKELIN CINDY FRANCE WARREN KOSEL ,.,,,,..MARILYN WAIDA ROMAN BUCIOR STEVE CZUBARA DAVE CRISTANTELLO next door neighbor ,,..,,,,,. MRS. CECILE COOPER MIRIAM ESSIG and DEBBIE EAGAN .,,..,,SUE KINEL and MARY JANE McGUlRE MR. DONALD KRAMER ,,,,,,MISS DOROTHY CIMO The stars influence us and our activities. We go from organization to organization as the Zodiac goes from one house to another. ACTIVITIES 88 9-11 1 K My 5632 4 I "fortify Q ?,, 9:1 ,fgt4,,a,, 5 iw.. ,"'2-.'-Q54 ff W' -k X, wg '-'zhaff t' i fl A 'QV' 45 W I ' nf Inu 8 ml? f"'Ne" is T' W QU N lull ?6z7 X r 0 xx fllDn5i 9 X! Q X Q XJ f 'Q ff AQ -X , f' Q 1 If f :V gi 1 f ga M I I 195 8 2,1 yi 1 s' " 1- 9,,',f an + ' V v ' ,M 9 , 5' X1 12521 , ' 7 ' A' If " 5 .X Tigsxxsfl ' If 1 A ,e 'lj' V3.-1,f':3:7- 1 - 'f"", ' , - 1 ' ' 1' J ' 1351+ 'HQ ' ' ,- IA, A. f-f,"'1.'.f?I'!ff7'1 11 iss, . 'fra ' 7 .. -' A 2,31 ' Y mu'--' xv ' 'f-'Wi' XQ1+1Zvo',,,' ll R., " ju. B 3-Zi x5.mQQgZ45"-E25 uv- 'rm z f M w.e,.,x f ,FK E f ,J ff' Q, 3V fe'Q5'v3,E-- Lqvai' 1 . " f ir , 4 1 .v,,,,?-, -' - V I E 1 :Aix .4 7. .411 ,f 'f f i - 4-' swf WE W 1 1 ' f ' Q "7 -- f , Z - ,. y- 'iisi Il uh . 'fx I if 4' ' -'I 1 Y 1'1" 15 .f Y, N 4, 4' ., 527 Q f Tl' B 64 - wx' 1 'F 1' LS-3, ", fi? Xu X ,, Ii 2 ff X. f II rf- , at E 9. Qs:-if! Ir KEY EDITORIAL STAFF Seated: J. Hodes, M. Essig, D. Cristantello, P. Todisco, L. Grczupman, .I Barauskis, C. Greenberg. Second Row: S. LaDeIia, M Czerkawskyi, Mr Donald Kramer, S. Czabara, L. Kolb, R. Bucior. Back Row: C. Hartmann, J Kaplan, K. Olek, B. Lubicz. 90 "N ,055 s' .II ,,,, . W 55 3 Wa, ff, ff ,fm 6. ,mm t Z2 .' ' - i f 5555? 1, . , H "7""'f'1. ' Ii ' 3731. I .fffS?1.5q,ifsfffA' , I , f . . f 4 w w, - fiwsgfliyfg, ' 'VL I sf 'P ix Q63 X m2igfsQg i2P .' ,. ,diva my ,I "3 D Q:- ,,. f 5 In fl s I A 5. f. :q ' '-w,i:gg.zs ' , EH , x5ii l"'J: 5!g'5 - rum Agziviiief Senio iw : I ff!IfSf',zfQ Aim Edifbf Jeoghfwof qmlffgi i, W 1 Nw' -VZ, ' 3 A Foo rn 'L clara- 5 ff - , V L . 'Vs X ,Q 32 'iii K k JL' - A WK 1, Nw if? ' 1 O gg N fy' gms, , F . W . P 0 3 me , gy, . YT Q f ,-fa fl 4 Q az. ' '0"5'Y0l. ' QW 3 h 1. ' W 7 C 2 5 'QA E ' W 4' Em i Qsix ,gy I ,X SP 1, Q I V.,L K, 1 ' . I 5' H "' V A 1f,,.I' E- xx X liwzf Q v 71, fx ' V f,J,, f. - ,ii -EL X8 X 0.21 . , , 5 . 3 xx Qi ' 4 E .LAV ey' , ,Y 5:5- In - ao.-1,9 i f- 1661. uw N 'Tfiw '!-QW?" A553-Qi' - u.,"'w fm., ,, .MN H .?!6f',,:f 'Das 'wuagng JUMP! Mlm 5 x wiv., my 63,5 y 3 .,55"5:r. if-w.:,55,V -52 i , -W . .V yIq5g:gfQi,...,f -5.15 ,xr NS, . 'f-1 292115, ' .l3lff5fr5 ,fHf2 "'j,..,gg' ffgqzzfpgf ' - ,1 ,!5E'fa,g, 'tfffjfzf N FEW' -,-.f flE?fYEf3'b 'fi ., W 375' "fy :iii K" - - 5 5,9 ' A f N Hgh ff 5355! X ,wx f Frfffzmk. ' "GGG 2-'iff'-,Q-2. Xfifegf isis' 'fu , WI" f-IMS?" 1 91 SENIOR JUNTO First Row: P. Todisco, C. France, D. Glover, S. Wilson, R. Roberts. Sec- ond Row: A. Szczepaniak, D. Eagan, F. Stokelin, C, Sanders, K. Foley, J. Cenlolo, S. Schreiber, H. Jeffries, C. Griffin, D. Perry. Third Row M. Ross, M. Fintushel, R. Cummings J. Conti, C. Greenberg, B, Dunhill M. McGuire, S. Lee, S. King, V Wilson, B. Perkal, D. Chevron Fourth Row: E. Valinsky, A. Wright S. Lehrer, S. Wallach, C. Kennedy C. Hartman, R, Baskin, B. Finchley D. Terrell, S. Czubara, D. Chris: tantello, J. Thompson. OFFICERS Front Row: M. Beale, Secretary, I Wilson, President: Mr, F. Bukowski 'Advisor. Back Row: R. Myricks Treasurer, A. English, Vice-President E. Kittleberger, Parliamentarian. 1 1 1 1 JUNIOR JUNTO First Row: B. Cicxrico, M. Gcngi, C. Fries, A. Gerber, S. Melnyk, L. Westphol, L. Perez. Second Row: R. Valinsky, T. Robinson, E. Soublet, R. Lewin, E. Vick, B. Rudy, G. ln- grossio, D. Alloco. Third Row: S. Gwiozdowski, C. Coleman, S. Monge, M. Dunlop, C. Neverez, M, Allison, B. Thompson, G. Lewis, L. Dicker, J. Kryzalko,' l. Dembinski. Fourth Row: M. Hessler, D. Boldwin, L. Mink, M. Mills, J. Hicks, D. Wil- lioms, J. Harris, M, Coney, W. Hunter, S. Patsy, J. Kchmke. OFFICERS S e cz t e d : P. Dubitsky, Assistant Speaker, K. Benny, Recorder. Stand- ing: Miss L. Streb, Advisor, D. Higley, Speaker. JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL Seated: M. Campbell, G. Dejohn, A. Kosenko, S. King, T. Hagen- baugh. Standing: G. Granato, D. Chevron, D. Kress, D, Oehmke, J. Lacow, W. Quinn, D. Foster, K. Stacy, P. Coleman. FRESHMAN CLASS COUNCIL Kneeling: R. Oskamp, J. Hicks. Sitting: B. Lombardo, R. McCall. First Row Standing: J. Kryzalka, M. McKinley, J. Schneider, R. Paganelli, J. Marasco, V. Prokopenko, D. Betancourt. Second Row Standing: M. Scott, M. Delario, V, Bridges, B. Stewart, J. Reed. 94 J UNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Fronl' Row: Les Hedman, Presidenl, Helen Hyrlscly, Secrefary. Back Row: Mr. Hardy, Advisor, Joanne Cenlola, Treasurer, Miss Miller, Advisor, Joe Mali, Vice-President. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Mrs. Alexander, Advisor, Leon France, President, Earl Valinsky, Vice-Presidenly Barbara Dunhill, Sec- retary, Vicky Fideor, Treasurer, Mr. Lcurelle, Advisor. SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL Fronl' Row: P. Mossare, K. Pelc, J. Lewin, D. D'Imperio. Second Row: S. Czubaru, S. Wilson, C. Wiezbecki. Third Row: C. Radke, M. Bonnevilla, D. Baleno, D. Evans. Bock Row: S. Lehrer. E I i FTA OFFICERS Nancy Fischer, Treasurer, Judy Lacow, President, Mr. Toriarelic, Karen Labenski, Secretary, Judy Vederber, Vice-President. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA First Row: D. Zak, C. Glicken, S. Bauman, D. Hicks, M. Dunbar, B. Humphrey, Second Row: S. Lehrer, C. Mosher, M. Delaria, B. Dunhill, V. Fideor. Third Row: S. Olk, J. Schneider, N. Drake, R. Shaffer, J. Ceniola, G. Ceniola. I i i STOP I ATTENDANCE OFFICE AIDES First Row: B, Ciarico, D. La Rocco, P. Brown, L. Witkiewicz, L. Fischer, S. Baumon, S. Dennis, C. Granota, D. Atkins, A. Prato. Second Row: R. Schafer, S. Brown, A. Lciure, J. Schneider, V. Weiss, L. Witenzen, C. Mensch, C. Sobski, J Ware, A. Lana, C. Roberts. Third Row: M. Teerlinck, D. Stamp, D. Couchmcm, A. Deleyser, l.. Harris, G. Blake, J. Dunlop, M. Waida, L. Rossignold, M. Dellaria, R. McCall, J. Lewin, C. Testa, R. Schneider, J. Bones. PUPIL PERSONAL AIDES First Row: V. Seriudio, D. Atkins, L. Napieralski, J. Verderber, C. lngro E. Lesure, S. Beers. Second Row: P. Owens, C. Howard, S, Walsh, K. wrigh M. Scott,'Mrs. Joyce Spath, P. Thomas, C. Thompson, J. Hodes, S. Seven Third Row: S. Boker, D. Speranzo, G. DeJohn, A, Szczepaniak, L. Fleishe R. Carter, J. Wilson, L. Flood, C. Wierzbicki, L. llchysyn, S. Wardynsk A. Beers. Fourth Row: S. King, E. Lehrer, A. Shortino, B. Shaeffer, D, Aren L. Molder, S. Lee, D. Robinson, J. Barauskis, S. Deer, Y. Jcstrzbenski, Hessler, K. Stacy, D. Chevron, C, Greenberg, K. Ball. Fifth Row: Wierzbicki, D. Birincioglu, S. Kinel, J. Giardino, A. Lopez, P. Merkel, Curtis, M. Fintushel, C. Westfall, M. Pasch, S. Johnson, M. Lukasievic L. Scott, D. Baleno, T, Sortino, E. Kretser, E. Napieralski. 100 101 OFFICE TRAINING First Row: M. Keller, B. LeCIair, J Thran. Second Row: P. Piazza, B Molaoch, W. Goly, M. Lewandow- E ski. Third Row: J. Ashbaugh, Jordon, D. Keane, M. Galas, E Vitale. Fourth Raw: J. Marafioti, J Duerr, G. Kreitzberg, J. Sprinkle, D Nicols, J. Short. Fifth Row: B Englert, K. Kleiment, K. Smith, B Nagel, K. Caramante, L, Cala, A Gudzowaty, S. Powers, N. Fischer DEAN'S AIDES Seated: R. Marzouk, S. Johnson, A Sortino, Miss Martens, Mrs. Saflund Standing Second Row: l. Beck, E Chandler, C. Sanders, D. Jackson L. Cooper, J. Hampton, B, Coons L. Hanna, Third Row: J. Nick, M Nick. Fourth Row: C. Walker, L Green, K. Wright, A. Shortino,'C Thomson, P. Thomson, R. Couella Fifth Row: A, Barigia, N. Forbes, D Hanna. 1 COURANT TYPISTS Seated: K. Stacy. Back Row: R. Boker, J. Bcrcuskis, L. Courtright, First Row: P, Mqyfin, C, Gordon, H, Hrytsqy, B, Lombardo, r V. Weiss, L. Witenzen. COURANT DISTRIBUTION STAFF Kryzulku, L. Olesinski, D, Olesinski. Second Row: C. Strode, Hoffman, M. Strader, R. Schultz, S. Checchi, S. Frigerio. Third B. Foley, C. Hartmann, W. Fladd, C. Adamski, R. Bucior, M. R. Heighd, L. Mitchell, S. Lehrer, E. Gottesmun. 102 E s r ? 5 3 H Tv Q I i 1 EDITORS Row: Gwen Mikel, Soul Editor, Cindy Strader, News Editor, Eileen Lehrer, Exchange Editor. Second Linda Napieralski, Artist, Cathy Westfall, Artist, Vivian Weiss, Assistant Secretary, Mr. E. Advisor. Third Row: Jet? Kaplan, Editorial Editor, Mollie Fintushel, Secretary, Marilyn Waida, Fourth Row: Laureen Mann, Soul Editor, Roger Baskin, Sports Editor, Dave Cristantello, Editor-in- Lynn Graupmon, News Editor. 105 COURANT REPORTERS First Row: D. Eagan, E. Robinson, B. Dunhill. Second Row: D. Glover, J. Centola, K, Stacy, J. Hodes, L. Winters. Third Row: H. Sweetland, L. Hedman, L. McGuckin, M. Essig, C. Greenberg. Absent: B. Rockell. KEY BUSINESS STAFF First Row: E. Napieralski, P. Moyer, D. Olesinski, J. Smith, D. Wise, C, Brown, D. Cristantello, F. Gottesman, C. Strader. Second Row: D. Speranza, A. Lana, S. Wardynski, S. Bauman, R. Bauman, D. Strachan, K. Patterson, K, Dunbar. Third Row: L. Witenzen, P. Wyatt, K. Kenny, S. Lehrer, M. Claffey, O. Krauchenko, J. Kemmet, J. Centola, J. Lacow, D. Cotterman, K. Wright, C. Newborne. Fourth Row: l. Hryhorenko, C. Johnson, S. Olk, B. Thompson, R. McCall, A, Pray, D. Baleno, P. Massare, C. Coleman, J. Hodes, S. Graupman, L. Schulz. Fifth Row: N. Pellegrino, D. Mink, M. McGuire, K. Olek, P. Coleman, K. Smith, W. Hessler, M. Stone, M. Hessler, D, Hasman, J. Barauskis, C. Murawski, B. Birr, J, Juzwiak, B. Bykowski, S. Czubara, M. Waida. First Row: R. Baker, C. Granata, A. Prato, L, Napieralski, B. Lo bardo, G. Doran, D. Crombach, B. Cowley, D. Duncan. Second Row E. Reed, J. Stagles, E. Valinsky, E. Duncan, R. Principe, T. Robinson H. Sullivan, T. Bakewicz, N. Green, B. Rudy, R, Moszkowicz, L Williams. Third Row: A. Szczepaniak, G. DeJohn, R. Chiappone L. Flood, L. Bara, B. Lucas, B. Dunhill, M. Dunbar, C. Lore, C Pickett, K. Benny, J. Curry. 104 10 LIBRARY AIDES First Row: L. Hansberg, D. Francisca D. Kres, M, Schultz, D. Biglor, Sec: ond Row: D. Hicks, D. LaRocco, D James, B. McCall, D. Riff, H Hrytsay, C. Kolmer. Third Row: l. Basalai, L. Kukurudza, M. Pri S, Purlee, T. Sortino, K. Tusch, ng K. Hoffman, C. Gordon, P. Martin S. Bohren. Fourth Row: K. Hartghrove S. Haymoff, L, Maloney, L. Schultz L. Tuttobene, M. Rocco, S. Dear, M Goldman. Last Row: C, Mosher,'l. Fleischer, B. Kopacki, K. Ruban, S Gangie. SWITCH BOARD Seated: Alice Bariga. Standing: Elvira Sierra. 106 107 DRAMA CLUB First Row: J. Payne, A. Sczpaniak, B. Lubicz, S. Ugino, D. Eagan. Sec- ond Row: Mrs. C. Cooper, Advisor, D. Foster, C. Westfall, I. Wilson, M. Waida, M. McGuire, D. Childers, E. Anderson. Third Row: L. Pavia, I. Kosciuk, H. Hyrtsay, M. Essig, B. Kukuruzda, L. Kukuruzda, Fourth Row: R. Bucior, D. Baleno, P. Rap- per, N. Novisky, J. Source, J. Wiezbecki, C. Wiezbecki, B. Ciarico, G. DeJohn, J. Hatch. Fifth Row: K. Foley, J. Kosinsky, T. Speciale, M, Pascale, J. Davis, A. lppolito, C. France, D. Burger, D. Cristantello. CAMERA CLUB Front Row: R. Bachman, J. Kaplan, C. Gordon. Second Row: Mr. Frank Mockevicius, Sponsor, F. Morgana, D. Westphal. Third Row: L. Kolb, Secretary, C. Hartmann, Treasurer, D. Gibson, Back Row: N. Hochman, Vice-President, D. Ketchum, R. Sydor, President, S. Dear, J. Hatch, Novice Instructor. INTER-HIGH BAND and INTER-HIGH CHOIR First Row: S. Frigerio, R. Principe, R. Baker. Second Row: K. Scott, B. Foley, R. Sydor. Third Row: S. Mauro, B, Finchley, H. Sweetland, N. Drake, C. Lore. Fourth Row: J. Green, D. Cristontello, M. Walker. BAND First Row: D. Zulke, E. Schiller, L. Kalwas, K. Checchi. Second Row: Mr. C. Beniamin Scammell, B. Finchle J. Lacow, K Scott R. Principe, S Frigerio. Third Row- S. Checchi P Massare, P, Demtschenko Y, - I Q - I - 1 G. Dcmbski, M. Buggie, S. Mason, L. France, B. Foley, S. Baker. Fourth Row: J. Micket, J, Scalzo, W. Weise, H. Merimsky, A. Blanchard, P. Faro, R. Checchi, S. Lehrer, S. Mauro, D, Cristantello. Fifth Row: N. Drake, C. Lore, M. Scott, M. Massare, W. Jones, L. Bara, E. Betancourt, W. Gwiazdowski, G, Rynders, R. Sydor. 108 VOICE CLASSES Seated: R. J. Muirhead. First Row: S. Lawson, G. Williams, E, Pugh Wirtz . Smith, J. Gre ne, V. Servidio, A. Medley, J. Nix C. , L e Wade. Second Row: B. lightbourn, F, Stokelin, M. Dunbar, S. King J Ochenrider, L. Kukurudza, H. Heard. 9 SENIOR CHOIR First Row: D. Kress, V. Morales, D. Moldoch, R. Baker, K Hampton, S. Purlee, G. Titsworth, L. Fleisher, C. Strader, D Betancourt, L. Thompson, A. Brumfield, R. Payne, Mr Wirschem. Second Row: Mrs. Trebert, C. Eckles, H. Wilson V. Cooper, S. Zelasny, P. Whitehead, N. Stirpe, J. Greene W. Wilson, R. Smith, H. Blackwell, H. Blackwell, N. Wowk C. North, C, Smith, L. Wyatt, D. Bernola. Third Row: S Paige, E. Childers, R. Spagnola, J. Smith, B. Bykowski, S Lawson, A. Blake, D. Alloco, B. Simpson, H. Bice, T. Yale G. Powell, H. Wright, H. Heard, D, Krause, M. Beale, N Ford, J. Eckles, C. Carter. Fourth Row: M. Wright, D. Ferguson D. Stamp, D. Williams, M. Wilson, C. Kolmer, L. Smith, C Smith, J. Wyatt, T. Smith, L. Thomas, M. Walker, M. Hessler, J. Lutz, J. Lawrence, D. Lewin, C. Allen, R. Lewin. 109 HONORS BESTOWED UPON THINKING MEN, ARE THE JEWELS IN THE CROWN OF MANKIND, THAT SPARKLE, NO LESS, THAN THE PLANETS THAT STUD THE CROWN OF EARTH , f wi, I .sf ,. ai I. . X55 W 'Q ,I 21 'I A 4527? I ' HONORS 1' 9 ,411 5 1 64131 , '-23551,-f, , 255 ' 0 ' 'va M54 i4r'4L "PW 1 f "5N 4Q 5 I4 , , ' xxnn ,Q I' fn: 'flux umm "X " A ing ', ll! . bmi! X XX l Q g A165241 'si A If 5 5 4: R 1, 1 b N WI all +1 111 R - S954 1-fi" 'D A-1.11, , 5 x ' 'lf ' ' ' Q. - ,lv 'f' 3: A . , , ,SN --.o', 1 4, , , ' ', 43'-, in , , . ,'.,,.., 4, . , , . A 12:9 , 3 I G' -ff ff-132 ,Lf ,512 'Q' 'ff .11hf,I af.f F ,-,,- ,"" ,, f.. gig:-. sy 4. 1 f A f .C A A 1 .-' "i.,1?."fi7 'I 'lg -S,i',7llu y . X ' 1 , , ' l ,-""f'4F Umfz, ' 1. ' ' , W' ff 4, 11 -iv - f f . ' - 1 . 'f 'A Q' T551 f ' 1 f Lewis 1119 5 'Ala 43 ' Q f M '23 '.' f HW ,' I' 1 "ll, .- 1 f Nr R36 .-51' Kvyiff .i ' 'A v qi S51 "ff f ,Qi 11 " Wx? A ,, ff, N - 4 f :I I 5 ,, 1 X' A if, 14" 'Q .1 "7 .f X I A V f . '.!' 4 - , ESQ? E ff 1 1 7 ' ,1 1 ,gel -'.' 1 , as , xml x ,, i ff , fa-'62 -. ,H - .I J, 1 .-1' A Q , 'Qxa ' fl, IZ 1 2' 2 n 1 C 9 1 1 Q- FUTURE FRANKLIN SENIOR NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First Row: B. Rockell, M. Pasch, L. Kolb, M. Fintushel, T. Yale, G. Maid, E. Lehrer. Second Row: Miss Mariins, D. Farley, J. Kaplan, H, Sweetland, V. Saffrin, L. Courtrighi, M. Yarawitz, D. Kress, C. Hessler, Third Row: C. Greenberg, J. Hodes, C. Dreyer, N. Drake, L. Graupman, J. Barauskis, C. Luskiewicz, C. Holloway, R. Maiic, A. Izaks, I. Zenici. Fourth Row: R. Rodriques, G. Waisgras, C. Oscamp, J. Vogt, M. Sione, D. Foster, R, Myricks, R. Baskin, A. Kosenko, G. Roth, A. Ferrara, G. Hoppe. Absent: J, Chechi. 112 NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS Top Left: First Row: S, Wallach, D. Farley G. Hoppe. Second Row: L, Graup- man. Third Row: M. Walker, R Myricks, V. Saffrin, H. Sweetland A. lzuks. Left Center: REGENTS SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS First Row: M. Pasch. Second Row: C. Chiewko, L. Graupman, D. Farley, J. Kaplan. Third Row: G. Alias, M, Yarawitz, G. Hoppe, V Saffrin, H. Sweetland, M. Walker. Bottom Left: Victor Saffrin, National Merit Scholarship Semi-finalist Absent: R. Myricks, National Merit Scholarship Semi-finalist. 113 SENIOR GUARDIANS OF THE FLAG AND STANDARD BEARERS Alvars lsaks, Assistant Standard Bearerp Mollie Assistant Guardiang Marlene Pasch, Guardianp ' Standard Bearer. 114 ! a v v s 2 a JUNIOR STANDARD BEARERS AND GUARDIANS CF THE FLAG Front: Richard Prmcnpe, Siandard Bearefp Susan Graupman, Guardian. Back: Sofia Gwiazdowski, Guardianp Neil Wainblai, Standard Bearer. I 115 MATH-SCIENCE HONOR SOCIETY Officers-Reggie Smart, Vice-President, Pam Aroesty, Secre tary-Treasurer, Dave Cristantello, President. Sealed: B. Ciarica, M. Pasch, V. SaFfrin, R. Steehler, N. Roth Second Row: C. Hartmann, K. Radke, B. Foley, T. Yale, D Farley, R. Baker. Third Row: K. Pelc, M. McGuire, C. Holloway R. Myrlcks, J, Barauskis, A. lsaks, L. Kolb. Fourth Row: M Fintushel, A. Husak, E. Hansen, V. Fideor, C. Wiezbecki, A Fool, N. Hochman, M. Yarawitz, H. Sweetland. Fifth Row: P Zlmniak, B. Dunhill, C. Gordon, M. Schulz, L. Graupman, .I Kaplan, B. Finchley, E. Padula. 11 IL CIRCOLO ITALIANO Front Row: A. Vero, P. Gionnoccaro, M. Alberti, R. Nicolosi. Second Row: D. Rift, C. Hugick, R. Raeppel, S. Rose. Third Row: V. Dunhill, S. Cuscicni, E. Podulo, M. Gungi, N. Pellegrino, D. Allocco, V. Lupo, K. Smith, M. Dellurio. IL CIRCOLO ITALIANO OFFICERS Front Row: G. Salerno, Treasurer, S. Kinel, President. Buck Row: Miss. B, Evongelista, Advisory A. Meli, Vice-President. Not Shown: D. Russell, Secretary. 117 EL CIRCULO HISPANICO Front Row: B. Bauman, C. Strader, E. Diaz, H. Merimsky, N Wedge, M. Sierra. Second Row: J. Hodes, Y. Diaz, B. Davis E. Valinsky, H. Dell. Third Row: R. Frank, D, Zak, P. Cala A. Ritz, A. Cecere. Fourth Row: P. Massare, L. Cohen, L Kolb, N. Samsonenko, A. Kosenko, C. Testa. Fifth Row: A Husak, L, Malavez, E. Confiino, R. Lehrer, R. Robinson, F Stclte, J. Suarez. Back Row: J. Volk, G. Henry, S. Streets L. Johnson, C. Murawski, H. Wright. EL CIRCULO HISPANICO OFFICERS Front Row: M. Bonavilla, Treasurer, Mr. A. Evangelista Advisor. Back Row: M. Ross, President, P. Aroesty,Vice-Presi dent, L. Karchefsky, Secretary. 118 OPTIMATES Front Row: G. Doran, J. Ross, B. Finchley, P. Faro, D. Betancourt, S, Kazak. Second Row: R. Reed, R. Matic, S. Mauro, P. Ziemniak, P. Martin, V. Prokopenko, O. Krouchenko, O. Vulbergs. Third Row: S. Gwiazdowski, S. Olk, J. Marasco. Fourth Row Standing: J. Micket, J. Blake, D. Lackey, J. LoTurco, S. Lehrer, C. Gordon, C, Adamski, R. Checchi, J. Morasco, J. Kryzalka, C. Osipovitch, S. Checchi, P. Dubitsky, B. Lombardo, N, Wainblat. OPTIMATES OFFICERS Seated: 5. Frigerio, Quaestor, C. Holloway, Triumvirp Mrs. Schnauber, Advisor. Standing: Miss Pecoraro, E. Oskamp, Triumvirg L. France, Aedilep B. Dunhill, Scribag C. Greenberg, Triumvir, S. Melnyk, Nuntius. 11 20 DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN OFFICERS Front Row: M. Scott, Social Chairman Margaret lmo, Secretary, Back Row: J Barauskis, President, H. Hrytsay, Vice- President, Mr. H. Prazar, Advisor. DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN Front Row: M. Czerkawskyi, D. Bergstrom, D. Krause, C. Maloney. Second Row: B. Wilson, C. Heyman, J. Koehnlein. Third Row: R. Waisgras, V. Kusehtsch, T. Hryhorenko, M. Eisenberg, L. Pfeiffer, D. Schoeneman, R. Meyer. Back Row: A. Szczepaniak, S. Engterth, W. Leumpert, J. Steehler. r LE CERCLE FRANCAIS OFFICERS First Row: Miss Janice Palser, Advisor, J, Cenlola, Secretary D. Chevron, Rep. Second Row: T. Hagenbaugh, Rep., R. Smarl Rep., G. Waisgras, Rep., D. Kress, Social Chairman, H Hrylsay, Rep.: S. Maikszak, Rep. Third Row: B. Foley Treasurerp W. Quinn, Treasurer, ID, Foster, Vice-President. LE CERCLE FRAINCAIS First Row: S. Bauman, J. Verderber, M. Campbell, C. Hart mann, A. lzaks, J. Cenlola, D. Boyd. Second Row: M. Oathouf, D. Kress, V. Fideor, K. Radlke, B. O'Dell, E. Langlois, J Checchi, L. Mink. Third Row: L. Hedman, H. Sweelland, D. Farley, C. Mosher, D. Hicks, K. Primous, M. Slone, H. Soublel, W, Weise. Fourlh Row: D. Olesinski, S. Maikszak, D. Adams C. Luskiewicz, C. Paulikonis, S. Dennis, M. Marolla, E Reynolds. Fiflh Row: L. Olesinski, A. Lopez, F. Gollesman, J. Bora, N. Drake, D. Schwarlzback, B. Camp, L. Bara, R Wood. 121 AS THE STARS IN THE HEAVENS ILLUMINATE THE EARTH, THE ATHLETIC STARS OF FRANKLIN BRIGHTEN OUR FIELDS OF SPORT. R TT Q ,,w .w fST ff hx At ' M LM 3' fl n ,, ,,-M1-V M., , ' , .pf SS M .1 ' Q , A T , ., ae 1 sPoR1's ZZ 19a'n'4 ,v,w aff ' 1 ,fa wi, 1 r 2553 3104 :Wi Wi' my X ' 21 K - 1 Q mwah in ' wi :err YW H- Q: 4 ggfg'-,-2 Jw 'QA Si f I ' Xtxb v 'fgbgfjf if XX Q fi ' f' 521-3 if 91: Q 935' Huw ,, ff-'of' Q4 lv 1' .., 1- . -fllzl :DAX .PL Iv, '7 Ui in 1 A 1 'V' 1, X ' Q . , . - '-7.55 f, 4 lil - Q4 fl I , X ,j Ayr- ' fwfr- -f . 51-. it 5-31 , if 1 IA A vi :ff f ' gg. - s af' N f' J , "' 'Av' N'5lY'x,l 'Q -' - x 'Y 2" ' ' ' 'N' x , , 11 x , ,I PL A X ' "ir . 1 f Mr N 4 . ' 1" - ' n 1-'X x A J fuullhigf, ' A . N, f Ziff' Ysdwviefl ff 2 . Y ip. ' I uf' xg xx :LX - -,, 47 ,, 2'7" Q :A ,. , Q! I, "WL "A L 'M ' 3' 949 QS' V J .,,, W, Q W 1 f V! -n Af f-rf- ,. 4 ,J ?fia'fC1 'xxy Q- I . f , 'ai' 'M f ': ,,, Q ,I H, F ' f. .L' Q" 2 ' In ff ' 6 gi as 4 'I 2 ld ' fn . ' ' f' ' f 4? , J ! ,X , , . f, ,Q 2 Nia? " X, ,, ' 2 7 ,IQ K 1 I ' - I 'Q -hi?" A? mx' 1, A , . A, VCV' ? 1' 4 ' . 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J 1 .5 ...Q A.i Qggf5iggi ,- X E X Y - Vf5? i fe35 ,.g..:a Gi f ' : 135-A A 1 ff A Q - i:55ii :9f ' rfw iis Q ' A E 2. , f f : ,gf Raya a ,r , - ff , . 1 , z .2 a n 13 . Q ' D Pa 1 f ,-,Q -1 . m ay gf Ar 5 Aww A 3 . -, , , FQ , 1 . ,Q ga ..., 5+ E L .U ,. W . Q . , Aj wgrgza ,ww ,ski ' f , . -- 'kh, 5 ,ii 4 113519. 4 nazi. A5 ,fi 12 , P FQELB ing 5, H 3 x -"-' 125 RSITY CHEERLEADER Debbie Shirley Keren Elaine Kurhy Gloria Toni Lily Chevron King SPCICY Hansen Burno Delohn Szczepaniak Witenzen 126 J UNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Front Row: C. Wierzbicki, D. Atkins, J. Wierzbicki. Back Row: S. Wilson, V. Weiss, L. Loskowycz, I. Kosciuk. 127 VARSITY SOCCER, CITY CHAMPS Seoied Clockwisez V. Vofiadis, F. Pedone, K. Purloycn, A. Cecere, T. Ozkcynuk, J. Singles. Front Row Standing: A. Gierczak, J. Pedone, F. Treuscher, A. Kosenko, D. Anlonas, A. Kurohcn, Coach Mr. Stan Urbanski. Buck Row: J. Sontolierc, L. Puviu, D. Birincioglu, P. Cola. 128 CROSS COUNTRY Front Row: R. Reed, B. Pulluaim, L. Moszkowicz, R. Moszkowicz. Buck Row: K. Scott, D. Petfengill, Mr. M. Zemel, M. Massore, J. Johnson. Not Shown: D. Boyd, D. Lackey, G. Wuisgras, J. Checci, M. Mills. J. V. SOCCER Front Row: A. Dintino, H. Scuerhufer, R. Wise, J. Stusey, K. DeMent, R. Principe, J. Kwik. Second Row: R- Dfflke. C- I-OYIOCNZ, M. Curtis, J. Viovaltons. Bock Row: R. lienens, R. Gosdine, W. Kosenko, Dr. C. F. Perhum, M. Dnoegmoeiler, D. Molczynski, A. Plewo, D. Dinsmore, B. Rudy. 129 First Row: Mr. H. Cooper, J. Ross, F. Gray. Second Row: T. Wyott, l, Corgile, C. Lundy, T. Wyche. Third Row: W. Willioms, L. Giles J. Strong, J. Payne, E. Taylor, .l. Nesmith, Mr. Jock Christensen Couch, D. Childers. Fourth Row: E. Waller, B. Willioms, E. Kittle- berger, M. Swinton, M. Powell, A. Grimes. 151 J. V. FOOTBALL First Row: Larry Cheeks, Mgr., B. Ziegler, W. Anderson, C. Massare, J. Jenkins, J. Thompson, G, Walker, B. Harold. Second Row: J. Summon Mgr., J. Perry, D. Terrell, P, Berg strom, E. Greene. Third Row: Mr Jeff Slack, Coach, J. Charles, L Servidio, J. Holms, R. Wilson, R Martinez, C. Owens, D. Gurry, L. Vincent, W. Crittenden, V. Robert son, J. Lawrence, G. Henry, C Wayne, D. Thomas, K. Arndt, W Brunner, L. Allen, J. Wilson, D Bruner, M. Venterruioli, P, Ncnsca J. Cummings. WRESTLING Tyronne Wyche 152 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Fronl: C. Miller, R. Oskomp, H. Blackwell. Bock Row: G. Warren, J. Greene, C. Simmons, L. Lockhart, S. Morguni, Coach, S. Harris, S. Johnson, J, Phillips, B. Mock. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Row: W. Anderson, L. Brod- ford, J. Holmes, C. Sowkins, J. Fudge. Bock Row: Henry Cooper, Coach, J. Thompson, B. Willioms, L. Allen, L. Giles, J, Jenkins, G. Walker, Manager. UNDEFEATED 1 First Row: L. Stevenson, M. Best, A Anderson, C. Gamble, T. Wyatt, C Massare, Manager. Second Row: F Gray, B. Barley, C. McMilIon, J Strong, A. Grimes, J. Dickey, E Kittleberger, M. McTaw, J. Paige M. Swinton, Mr. J. Christensen Head Coach. SECTION V CHAMPS VARSITY BASKETBALL 134 1 GIRL'S SWIMMING Front: Miss Smolski. First Row: D Strachan, L. Witkiewicz, J. Witkie wicz, J. Dunlap, L. Lesher, B. Hess Ier, L. Kukurudza. Second Row: Y Prince, M. Henderson, E, Tucker, G Tucker. Third Row: K. Suskie, A Hall, D. Hitchcock, T. Libonati, L Flood, M. Dunlap, I. Simmons, D KryzaIka,'T. Sortine. SWIM TEAM Front Row: D. Lackey, S. Story, B. Silverstein, M. Stone. Back Row: E, Valinsky, T, Yale, C. Ostigy, D. Hasman, Captain, F. Foley, Mr. Davis, D. Hooker, C. Ieronimo, R. Harold, J. Davis. J. V. SWIM TEAM GAYMNASTICS Fronl: B. Ciarico, L. Kukurudzo, M. Spirilo. Back: G. Powell, N, Forbes, A. Orliz, S. Prulee, G. Delohn, L. Kalwns, C Kolmer, P. Anderson, D. Dudley, J. Slrong, D. Williams, l. McFadden, E. Green. GIRL'S BADMINTON Sealed: E. Napieralski. Slanding. S. Thayer, C. Kolmer, R. McColl, L. Rossignolo, l.. Ncxpeiralski. 137 INDOOR TRACK Front Row: R. Mosczhowicz, J. Anderson, R. Reed, C. Green, E. Fane, H. Sauer- hcfer, K. Bonnlonder, Dr. Perhom, Head Coach. Back Row: Mr. Duane Centola, Assistant Coach, L. Mosczhowicz, D. Pet- tengill, K. Scott, M. Droegmueller, H. Clark, J. Reed, S. Cooper. TRACK First Row Lying Down: L. Cargile, A. Anderson, B. Beaman, J, Session. Second Row Sitting: E. Greene, L. Allen. Third Raw Kneeling: K. Clark, S. Streets, P. Bezduch, A. Kosenko, S. Cooper, J. Col- quitt, D. Brunner, R. Martinez, T. C. Smith, K. Clark. Fourth Row Standing: Coach V. Greibus, J. Rockell, R. Ortiz, D. Zuhlke, R. Oskamp, D, Pettengill, D. Terrell, S. Adams, J. Burno, W. Coson, R. Mitchell, J. Reed, D. Boyd. SKIING Front Row: R. Mosczhowicz, K. Scott, H. Clark, K. Bonnlonder, H. Sauerhofer. Back Row: L. Mosczhowicz, S. Stahas, M. Scott, Dr. Perham, M, Kukurudzu, C. Sorochty. 138 1 GIRL'S VOLLEYBALL Front Row: J. Strong, S. Johnson, C Sanders, W. Johnson, L. McFadden. Sec- ond Rcw: Miss Thayer, P. Johnson, S Gwiazdowski, B. Gilchrist, D. Perry, L Stewart, M. Jackson, Absent: V. Cooper GlRL'S BASKETBALL Front Row: K. Slater, L. Thompson, E. Childers, D. Ferguson. Second Row: M. Wright, G. Craver, S. Lawson, D. Zalc. Third Row: B. Gilchrist, P. Massare, Miss Streb, D. Perry, L, Stewart. FIELD HOCKEY Front Row: L. Cooper, E. Tyson, N. Forbes, L. Dicker. Second Row: E. Chandler, C. Sanders, E. Sierra, L. McFadden. Third Row: L. Malenez, M. Jackson, L. Stewart, B, Gilchrist, C, Brown, I. VanHose, Miss Williams. GOLF Kneeling: J. Reaberg, Mr. Gerald Mousso, Coach. Standing: T. Hagen- baugh, T. Andrews. BOWLING L Front: D. Little, N. Ganon. Standing: T. DiNardo, H. Janzyck, Mr. Lupp, J. DiNardo. TENNIS Kneeling: L. Hedman. Standing: D. Hedman, W. Quinn, J. Kaplan, Mr. Ronald Migliore, R. Smart. 140 141 Kneeling: F. Herraru, T. Wyatt, T. Serufin Standing: J. DiNardo, Coach Davis, J Venosh, M. Stone, D. Blohyi, R. Boncti, P. Limoli, T. DiNardo, L. Johnson, L. Torres, BASEBALL - CITY CO-CHAMPIONS 2 1 J. V. BASEBALL First Row: D. Spaulding, J. Slagles. Second Row: G. Madison, C. Wayne, J. Palermo, Coach Slack, E. Valinsky, S. Clark, D. Pfaff. Third Row: R. Merchant, J, Johnson, W. Anderson, R. Robinson, D. Hasman, G. Zelanzney, J, Volk, Z. Lankowsky, B. Harold, J. Di Franco. Firsl Row: B. Dorfy, L. Wheeler. Second Row: G. RuFfeil, B. Green- berg, R. Bucior, J. Guglicno, W. Hoyt. Third Row: B. Williams, D. Fosler, J. Olheski, J. Jazwiuk. Fourth Row: H. Schnidman, T. Del- vecchio, W. Kosel, I. Reilzfeld. Fourlh Row: C. Wilson, G. Farley, D. Jcblonski, C. Greene, M. Kreuzer, B. Barricelli. TEAM CAPTAINS T. Delvecchio, H. Schnidman, B. Greenberg. 144 1 147 f 4, f 1 iff QM' i 'EW S ii sifwi :nfl-!a'sifQ5's153x5.ff - "1iifgf:'ggxfEag,5g: gfagwzf ' eipzissd :lil Evzszgqesggesaa s1g::E.,gqg:41, P: ffl f'!'?:1f 1' 4. 3" ' E flea-f!"525's-.E 23255-2. Q- .?Ef2:s2:z5!: ima- , 152522 img :flag 55,5 zgggig-ggf:,gqg:l,,:',? gf-1a.E,5g5g.5 fiigs-,gigzggqrl A I in , ' ei - , .E 1 5 1 gf . - , , ,n2.1.,,., E gag! :Haig I K. Igwiklzfsij , Z ,, . 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