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 - Class of 1966

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the Senior Class presents 'VX' . ,I - X g 'x ff 1 W4 -:Q '-.Q . is ' fy 2 ".a-- '.i-g ,f . tx ' RQYLIQ f'. Q' 1- f. fi, 9 Q 'L.- iT'3"" M K ' .gli-T., W ,ii . 1, . ,,v I A V ,up f 1. . L. ,, , k .gm 1.g,.v.w dh vs., 11 W A2.755s-,Siwijr,fA.'.,mi.,..'+,3. ,fl 'W L iff, giyx ,.-. 'Aix f. by J. Vila t I-If-Vi"'3?? ' A J, -N 1""24iX.x ' i Fw ' . . ' 'iff' 1 M -I -ZW. ,Q . b Ag. ,,,A . ,wiv ,fi .fin fL,Ir?iL. Wt' K.. w 'z si X H . . .. A li, . X af .iQ VX x kms f w x Q ff"'J' ,.-, ' ' I ' .l, .V 3. K kr 1 . gk 4 I -ow sp . - ' J U25 4 , vi . I3 'lf 4 L. :S .ak ' , , .N k , . , . M ,, 1-- .Q X MXH f X.: . QQ' 'ki wa . 1' . ' A K' K3 ., 5 Av-'. ,f fi mf . 4, , :x9" if f.'m.Jf:',L:2. X .,' Q ,J ' , I k.ixsfi5.fV4k?, ff 4 Jw ' f,,'f.L' 11. SWEJ , 'A,N','. 'ws' ? sz f t,k U, nl- if, 14 2 V3.4 'a 2 Q -J-,.., 31 ,fm . f ,. f UQ, a I ' N . l . A H., Y., eff, ' , rw , . 4 r x In 31 we .dx . .M 1 ,, , 'pd . Liz LI' ,ML 5.5- 1:51521 . g r' ..,, f Wie? 1' ww fu 'Ss .17 ,-naman., f .X J an the I9 6 Key BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOGL ROCHESTER,NEW7Y0RK -5a'P?9"gESQQ 40? QQ 40 Y '3 9 5? EQ 1133 fm N Q N ii ti . 28 63 E Q KU GK N A R 'NT .QITY Q 59866559 Seal of the Senior Class of 1966 CONTENTS Introduction ........ . 1-4 Administration . . . . 5-16 Faculty and Students . . . 17-43 Seniors ..... 35-110 ACtiVlti 111-128 Honors . 129-140 Sports . . 141-164 . . 166-176 l Patrons Q 3 ,. 35? QQ-if ' is , 1 , w,', :V -':, .J A L t ,,,, 'Z Q' f i t 1 Ii' ' N 'L' H YL' 'ii . xi 1 5 il i 1. , .-illnlf - li With the traditional flag raising ceremony in September, Franklinites sym- bolically reallirm their belief in the ideals of their School. Once again, students com- mit themselves to a year of scholarship bal- anced with the activities Franklin offers . . . FLAG LWQQ VVVV L"ffXQ,,EM , I NX or NK-Nan , New an 'Hn ,, "'v :sw ,1 in . K f 4 . ,. ,mu CEREMONY ,Lf k-V4W W t tar is t.ei , .QU ' 922 'gg N ,,,. , ,im Kg at sw.. ,, . . .la AV HQ fs , A 4 Willard A. Sabin Principal Congratulations to each member of the Graduating Class of 1966! The crucible, in which our bodies, minds, and spirits are tried, may have tested you unusually well. True, you survived the great blackout and the snow storm of the century. But, more important, you have succeeded in your high school education. You now merit graduation from Benjamin Franklin High School. It is my wish that your years of learning may profit you well. May you have all success in the responsibilities and happiness of adult life. mega? yi Prnz czpal 6 To the Class of 1966: With the end of this school year and the culmination of your five years at Benjamin Franklin High School, I know that you have many memories and many emotions. Each milestone of our lives is a time for looking back as well as a time to think seriously of the future. As you look back at the events of the past five years, I am sure that you realize that you have gained much from the time that you have spent in this school. Take time to consider also what contribu- tions you have made. In the total history of this school, how will you be remembered? I hope that you are sincerely proud of the results. In like fashion, as you think about the future, be sure that you remember that in every situation you have something to give as well as something to gain. The two are directly related. My very best wishes go to each of you. Vice Principal Ronald C. Heidenreich Vice Prinripal 7 'R iq if JS CORRIDOR AIDES-Row 1: S. Creson, C. Miller, B. P. Lebowitz, Nadiak. R. Trocano. Row 3: J. Spagnola Fisher, D. Bennett, S. Janis, S. Lore, R. Hooks, P. Green- E. Sydor, M. Markus, B. Clausen, P. Nuciolo, U. Miller berg, M. Conner, A. Gilbert, C. Butler. Row 2: A. Sluk, D. Fideor, T. Belli, R. Shortino, D. Cervello, K. Burger T. Iguagato, J. Simon, B. Bilyk, P. Martinez, D. Zarcone, J. Blazys, J. Siragusa, L. Tzybus. A. Russo, J. Finn, D. Kramalczyk, R. Cicotta, R. Ercolano, GUIDES-Row I: K. Reed, V. Dana, E. Frigerio, C. ola, R. DiBiase, B. Klass, N. Interlicchia, D. Maddalena. Kutner, Miss Dorothy Martens, Mrs. Clelia Saflund, S. Row 3: P. Utter, J. Dell, B. Goldfarb, K. Schafer, S. DeLuca, G. Macri, J. Costello, S. Maxwell. Row 2: S. Kreiwaitis, J. Koehler. M. Klass, R. Felcler, M. Carter, R. Janis, J. Costa, S. Salzman, J. Oliveri, J. Weinstein, B. Brown, K. Connolly, J. DiNardo, K. Barned, R. Privitera, Nowaski, T. Milliman, E. Bodnaruk, M. Staub, G. Tubi- P. LoBue. Absenl: J. Quadd. 9 9 J Mr. Robert Smith Counselor Miss Anna Marie Rauber Counselor Dr. Hyman Kaplan Counselor COU SELOR Mr. Charles McNcalus Counselor Miss Thelma Ford Counselor 10 Mr. Richard Cross Counselor GUIDANCE SECRETARY Miss Olga Krupa and AIDE PERSONNEL OFFICE AIDES PM Ecstasy is an interested counselor. Row I: H. Melman, C. Cimino, D. Meyer, A. Demyclenko, M Volski, V. Wight, E. Fomin, K. Korytko. Row 2: B. Becker, D Fries, D. Sheeman, T. Milliman, P. Gales, D. Pasch, J. Batrack, N Gambacorta, L. Sussman, D. Bloom, S. Bruclno. Row 3: V. Jacobs S. Kreiwaitis, J. Koehler, N. Born, L. Schneider, D. Baranes, D Ladwig, P. Karwat, S. Perricone, M. Norry, M. Becker. 11 ii Dr. Harold Schwarts, School Psyrbologisl Mrs. Marcia Olshan, School Nurse Dr. Bertrand Boddie, School Dodor NURSES AIDES-Sefzred: L. Cervello, B. Yale, M. P. Kryznlka, D. Harris, j. Thomas. Shmding.' Row 2: M Kryzalka, M. Mazurcznk, Mrs. Marcia Olshfm. Stnnding Bittner, G. Hurwood. Row I: C, Ochmke, R. Pelligrino, J. Warci, H. Beasaw, 9997 12 - , .wwf .N , , A 1555: ..-Ygnrnnl silli, , whiff rr A The rain in spain falls mainly on the plain! PEECH A full house beats a straight any day!!!!!!!!! Mr. Orlando, Speech 15 CAFETIERIA STAFF-Row I: Mrs. Thersa Espe, Mrs. Icla Schlegel. Row 2: Mrs. Mary Peath, Mrs. Ber- nice Smith, Mrs. Martha Zulauf, Mrs. Virginia Tonchak, Mr. Ernest Hill. MAINTENANCE STAFF-Kneeling: S. Pawly- sh n Starzdinf: B. McSwain, A. Karpf, H. y . M A Weeks. '59 Looks like wc'll be making the "Special" today. CAFETERIA CASHIERS-Row l: D. Peck, H. Szczepaniak, J. Zorcla. Row 2: B. Matczak, D. Laliocco, R. DiBiase, I.. Karmanski, B. Travis. Row 3: K. Dierna, M. Peck, B. Dierna, S. Kryla, S. DeOudc, E. Badagliacca, B. Spall. 14 IBM TAFF aflfxfif 'mx Xl' RECORD ROOM-Mrs. Jeanette Lebowitz IBM OFFICE AIDES-Row I: M. Rotolo, P. DelMastro, B. Timinrrman, G. Agnello, L. Cavanaugh, Mrs. Bertine Hamilton, j. Pelychaty, S. Bubnis. ATTE DA CE OFFICE ATTENDANCE OFFICE AIDES-Row 1: P. Zakofsky, Piasani, S. Buff. Row 3: Mrs. Mary Joy, I.. Guilyard, H. E. Gatto. Row 2: J. Oliveri, M. Gatto, S. Kasanov, S. Cherkisky, N. Ferrara, P. Utter, C. Fien, P. Peo, M. Pray, K. Fis . 15 MAIN OFFICE STAFF-Mrs. Molly Kravetz, Miss Marcia Mirch, Miss Nancy Wildziunas, Mrs. Valerie Butera, Mrs. Genevieve Cyrana. K X AIDE SECRETARIAL OFFICE AIDES - Sealed: Mrs. Helen Meinhardt. Row I. L. Kowalski, R. Barone, N. Interlicch- ia, M. Rotola. Row 2: D. Meyer, K Coleman, D. LaRocco, M. Wojtal, N Fleig, H. Wojtal. Row 3: S. Slavas, S Passer, P. DelMastro, C. Schwartz, J Ward, S. Perricone. Row 4: C. Oehmke C. Sroczek, I.. Kowaluk, M. Peper, K Wolkonowski, M. Utter. rw-ff-:wk D0 at R hun :lmgrmr Lmnxxg N - . NW?"--.. W .Akita , , z, xv.,,,,,3 'flflf x 4 1 lawn, I Jgplin Nwadl Nui.- ri' md-gg ' 1-4 nn. p,,,,'.3'.'k am' REGISTER OF ATTENDANCE I' " 'L NT1..,,.'ff' ...nj ,R CNN .- A 5 17: 0 E-60607 .9 Of 96.6 030 . U 52 ,: ', w ' ' I 5 ' i 4 . 2 32 ., W 'Q A J w --L, f' J ,, -W-rg. ,.',,:f , 5 gg,5 . . fr ,.a.. " A h' A , H " " V . . ,..,. i '." 5' Vk,:,,gHQgplwe+m:,-:JW,1W VVKV :U I V' A Rr N ENGLISH DEPARTMENT FACULTY-Seated: Mr. Miss Lois Rowley, Mr. Warren jefferis, Miss Patricia Philip Strauss, Mrs. Helen Kelly, Mrs. Edna Schauman, McMahon, Mr. joseph Gullo, Miss Joyce Budinski, Mrs. Mr. Richard McHugh KDepnrtment Headj, Mrs. Dorothy Charlotte johnson, Miss Sallie Covington. Missing: Mr. Fraser. Standing: Mrs. Betty Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth Norman Gebauer, Mrs. Marian Hoover, Mrs. john C. Adimaro, Mrs. Anita Tortorella, Mr. Dennis McGuire, Williams. E GLIH 18 Color Russia red. The New York Times is a very exciting newspaper. Don't you believe me? OCIAL TUDIE SOCIAL STUDIES FACULTY-Seated Row 1: Mrs. Scheuermann, Mr. Robert Allen, Mr. Frank Bukowski, Helen Villone, Miss Teresa Leene, Mr. Raymond Iman Mr. Ralph Moorehouse, Mr. Douglas Donnan, Mr. Victor KDepartment Headj, Mr. Lee Lovenheim, Mrs. Dama Sampson, Mr. Michael Umhofer, Mr. Thomas Koch, Mr. Jung, Mr. Felton Brown. Standing Row 2: Mr. Richard David Glossner, Mr. Thomas Halpin, Mr. John Lynd. 19 H-1.-ad., It's always more interesting in the original. Of course it's a Spanish tape recorder! LANGUAGE FACULTY-Sealed Row 1: Miss Dorothy Rossi, Mrs. Anna Nolfi KDepariment Headj, Mrs. Roslyn Pecoraro, Miss Kathryn Young, Mrs. Mary Anne Link. Rubin, Mr. Louis D'Angelo. Standing Row 2: Mr. Salvatore Randazzese, Mrs. Dorothy 20 MATHEMATICS FACULTY--Sealed: Mrs. Margaret Migliore, Mrs. Dorothy Morsheimer fDepartment Headj, Ange, Miss Sandra Fierro, Mrs. Gail Dagon, Mr. Marshall Mr. Karl Schulz, Mr. Brian O'Connell, Mr. Michael Weissend. Standing: Mr. Craig Fisher, Mr. Ronald jastrzebski, Mrs. Margaret Howe, Mr. Robert Florack. MATHEMATIC MEDITATION . . . and this is a yardstick . .. 21 SCIENCE FACULTY-Row I Seated: Mr. Robert D. han, Mr. Louis Frasca, Mr. Charles Perham, Mr. James Reeve fDepartment Headj, Mrs. Ruth Smith, Mr. Daniel Vaiana, Mr. Frank Mockevicius, Mr. Ralph Lomio, Mr. J. Karg, Mrs. Edna Daly. Standing: Miss Esther N. Calla- Thomas Dagon, Mr. Marlin Smith, Mr. George J. Mazzeo. CIE CE Don't sweat it, we're using the tweezers!! FZMA 22 Well, according to the instructions it HGME ECO OMIC HOME ECONOMICS FACULTY-Seated Row 1: Mrs. June Corrigan, Mrs. Patricia Paliouras, Miss Janet Hamilton. Standing Row 2: Mrs. Virginia Connor fDepartment Headj, Mrs. Edith Dennison, Mrs. Mary King. should stand by itself! You made it now eat it! 23 BUSINESS FACULTY-Row I: Mr. George Clark, Mr. Ralph Newcomb, Miss Irene Mayernick, Mr. Richard Snell, Mr. Gerald Mousso, Mrs. Faith Conner, Mr. Robert Murphy. Row 2: Mr. Amadeo Tortorella, Mrs. Gloria Arnell, Mrs. Helen Meinhardt KDepartment Headj, Miss Judy Ann Lazzaro, Mrs. Diana Scrivens, Mr. William Safron, Mr. Ronald French, Miss Stella Scarclino, Mr. George Barrett. USINESS MYXPXT WEMLA1f+t'7'0 NQODING70 BANKING AIDE-Linda Colucci Security . .. is being able to blame the machine for a wrong answer. 53fWsf? i 11 12, 'Ki .xx - ,X l, if 1, RQ ggi:-.1 ,xx 25.5-X 13 fx f . .- ' J Q K - 'L ,b A, Q f 1 mf f' k ,Q J, VN.. ,fa Lk' N' p 5,1 V? S I MM Q' 3,,,Qv . 1 I' X- 'U' UZ5- H"- s A Ax ff W.. sw 1. it KKAV . N KN 1 ' 4.5 K '- - K W "' ,N ,WW .v ,gn 2' 4349, 4 J , L. Qi, - fm! 'lf-1 V Y nd! ,lk iff ., K v n '1 'fix 4 :ix rxiiifg .,5,"g:. :.....w- .+....5gg ...--g1....- i Nr--.. zz' X -" ::g4::g...,gg,,:p hm ,Q 1 ., ..,, . ,,. "uv, O ',n",, . u'.'-g,.- 22-H125-'Zn' .3.g,:,3g.,7,I 4, - ' ...- ,- n N Q INDUSTRIAL ARTS FACULTY-Seated: Mr. Gordon Watt, Mr. Charles Searles, Mr. Howard Eckert, Mr. Richard Broekhuizen. Slanding: Mr. Alfred Marini, Mr. joseph Ruffino, Mr. Walter Lapp, Mr. Richard Wood, Mr. William Schlageter fDepartment Headj, Mr. Richard Emerson. INDU TRIAL ART "Watching the machine do the work." "No Nick, these are not cartoons." 26 Hey, fellows-listen! We've got WBBF's static com- ing in loud and clear!!! Q 5 "Would you believe . . . a roof?" "Do not Disturb ...' Psst - Charlie -. Do you think the horse will mind? MUSIC FACULTY--Sealed: Mrs. Helen Bloom, Mrs. Grace Dennison. Standing: Mr. Benjamin Scammell, Mr. Donald janse, Dr. Calvin Dash, Mr. Robert Fuller, Mrs. Joanna Miller. MU IC Me..Me..Me..Me.. Re D0 Row 1: John Nawrocki, Bruce Lev- itt. Row 2: Raymond Sienna, Robert Davis. FINE ARTS FACULTY-Front: Mr. Emil Maurer fDeparlment Head 2. Back: Mr. Thomas Brunger, Mr. Philip Sanguedolce, Mr. Laur- ence Dunn, Mrs. Ann Koch. 29 FINE ARTS h i hieiiii 3 iiiii 15,5 ALL hei , e,hi hh LIBRARY MAIN LIBRARY AIDES-Sealed Row 1: M. Vendittuoli, D. Zury, T. Tully, A. Davis. Standing Row 2: C. Parlato, D. Fletcher, E. Kosenko, D. Callari, R. Folino, K. Szepetyk, K. Mills, S. Mauro. MAIN LIBRARY STAFF-Seated: Mrs. Dorothea Zona Standing: Mrs. Marge Dejohn. SOCIAL STUDIES LIBRARY AIDES-Row 1: Mrs. wicz, S. Zielinski. Row 2: J. Schulte, B. Bilyk, T. Arena, Doris Fuller, C. Zarcone, T. Jones, M. Hoffman, S. Curtis, T. Urban, J. Salamone, D. DeFallo, D. Bentliey, R. M. Deas, A. Robinson, C. Szymczak, L. Smith, N. Waiko- 30 Colombo, S. Tobias, R. Murrell, J. Majors, J. Dailey, J. Samperi. HEALTH and PHYSICAL EDUCATIO HEALTH and PHYSICAL EDUCATION FACULTY- Mr. Victor Greibus, Mr. Jeane Wesley, Mr. William Sfdivd Row I-' Miss Alive Frankel, MISS 51152111 Thayer, Dunn fDepnrtmenl Headj. Row 3: Miss Deborah Powers, Miss Lillian Streb. Row 2: Mrs. Imogene Hess, Miss Mr, joseph ljonavanh Emelda Williams, Mr. Frank Torre, Mr. jack Christensen,- DRIVEH ED CATIO You mean it can be used for something e1se???? 5 1 Carpets from the looms of Mohawk. COOPERATIVE WORK COOPERATIVE WORK PROGRAM FACULTY-Sealed Front: Mr. David Hunt fDeparlment Headj. Seated Back: Miss Alice Desmond, Miss Doris Freeman, Miss Christine Reynolds. Standing: Mr. Ronald Czadzeck, Mr. William Williams, Mrs. Angelina Zar- cone, Mr. William Summers, Mr. Wayne Montague, Mr. William Hardy. COOPERATIVE WORK PROGRAM GRADUATES- Clark, C. Williams, M. Lytwyn, P. Russi. Row 3: P. Advisors: Mrs. Ida Borosoff, Mr. W. H. Williams. Row 1: Spurles, A. Whitfield, M. Arline, W. Moss, P. Schmidt, T. M. Mattice, V. Katchmar, P. Battaglia, S. Catone, D. Waters, S. Ragan. Davidson. Row 2: K. Aldrich, G. Ingro, J. Chambers, R. Who says only the Italians can make good submarines? X.:-J 33 Success . . . is getting a good shine g '.f' f.I. 1 H :gg ,, 7 3 if I if f 1. 5 'wr -fbi.-pzfrf: m Y icy' S1 QNX' 'law-'lm u f' .44 E mg! Y ay Ez. if -z f W5 7? 1-SQ ,ggi ga, ff Ez 4,33 4' 'f gg, gg 2 mf. xevggbi 355 Q' 1 52-gif Q an f if ,.,...,..- vf in ,uvmfw V ,gin-'Af-:fg:ZA.:.sf' yu is VC .... r J , 22 ,f :gif was .Iii :je f 1 55 E f ggi 4 rig? f' Ei? fx ,gig VA 25 .zg.,.. gm ,if -17-':. cs ,5,+:,f',.:, V. . .1 , . U is- ' gs i 2? Q, xi? in f K 'X Y I J 5555 ,,. . Q I F .. .. Q 'nz as 1--. . My 5 e Se 0 3? I7 If 'NJN SN 51 Jin- ' - I m iyfrzg i?V is F J , QW .,.,,L m L-,11l, K , ,LV ,fl - ww , if .,,,1:,., L. A AVAAV , ff, ,.2, 'M Q Q-...,., A , ' 'M- .Q ?,.J -, 0 L Am , M, , mga tN::L,kN ' ,, Vi, - , ":k I .. M 'W I I , ' ""q"' W" L. V I .,'. K .- - Wk an Q W SENIURS WW ,sg O' SENIOR CLASS ADVISORS Miss Kathryn L. Young Mr. Richard C. Scheuermann SE IOR COU CIL Standing Fronl: H. Silverstein fBoyx' Social Cbairmanj, K. Nuci- ola fSecrelaryj, M. Sutera KGirls' Social Cbairmanj, G. Kravchenko KVice-Presidentj, D. Zarcone fPres- identj, J. Pelychaty, S. Bloomberg, L. Mattel, N. McCollough, P. Kry- zalka. Short Ladder: C. Townsend, L. Trybus, M. Peper, S. Passer. Tall Ladder: 1. Koehler, A. Demydenko, J. Kolko, R. Ercolano,'S. Goldstien, L. Schneider, J. Clark, P. Gales. MARY ANN L. ADAMS 740 North Street LAWRENCE WILLIAM ADAMSKI 50 Laser Street GERALDINE MARIE AGNELLO 1654 Norton Street DOUGLAS MARK ADOLPH 106 Sandoris Circle MARLENE JUDITH ALVA 50 Cutler Street CHRISTINE G. ANTONIAK 188 Weaver Street 37 RAYMOND CHARLES ARIENO 157 Marne Street JOE AZZANO ENZA BADAGLIACCA BETTY BAGDONAS 125 Ashwood Drive 121 Scrantom Street 35 Roth Street MARY JANE BAGNATO NINA BALANIUK 56 Lowell Street 429 Avenue D TARRY BANDEMER CHESTER BANKER WILLIE BARKLEY 16 Ludwig Park 21 Berlin Street 86 Bay Street 38 MARY R. BARONE ALFRED BARRON ROBERT BARTHEL 50 Aurora Street 88 Wilson Street 230 St. Casimir Street LAWRENCE M. BASKIN 37 Trenaman Street NANCY BATES 14 Athens Street THOMAS BATES 29 Evergreen Street JOAN E. BATRACK 322 Avenue A 39 RAYMOND BATTAGLIA 12 Ludwig Park LINDA BAUMAN BETTY ANN BECKER LUDMILA BELETZKY 59 Strong Street 550 Conkey Avenue 283 Conkey Avenue .z DOLORES BELLUCCIO CHRIS S. BIALUSKA 1397 Norton Street 122 Bernard Street BASIL BILYK DONA M. BLAKY ROBERT BLANDINO 2178 Norton Street 71 Sylvester Street 230 Hillcrest Street 40 JOHN BLAZYS 219 Durnan Street JEANIE BODNARUK 92 Mohawk Street f , DIANE HELEN BLOOM 341 Avenue B MARY BODYK 49 Dayton Street SUE ELLEN BLOOMBERG 66 Hooker Street ARTHUR E. BOHNKE DONNA MARIA BONANNO CHARLES W. BOND 68 Ketchum Street 35 Hollister Street 1 Laser Street 41 ALLEN S. BORYS 1890 Norton Street ELENA BORYSENKO ALEXANDER BRAUN 41 Dayton Street 30 Galusha. Street BORIS BRENHOCH PATRICIA BRINKERHOFF 15 Loomis Street 158 Campbell Park SANDRA BRITZ 124 Fieldwoocl Drive . ,t if 35' CHARLES BROWN SAMUEL L. BROWN JR 94 Central Park 65 Hanover Street 42 1 SHELLR BRUDNO ROBERT JAMES BRYANT EDWARD BUREL 662 Avenue D 498 Conkey Avenue 194 Weyl Street KATHY BURGER DENNIS WIMBLETON BURNS 288 Avenue A 51 Wanda Street RICHARD CACCIATO JOSEPH CAMP PAMELA M. CAMP 210 Arbums Street 66 Ridge Road East 116 Scrantom Street 43 1 'IFN RICHARD CAMP WARREN CAMP CAROL CANGIALOSI 26 Joseph Place 66 Ridge Road East 25 Northeast Avenue GOMAL CARTER MARY ANN CARTER 25 Vose Street 42 Weld Street LINDA CARUSO ANTHONY CASSANO ROCKY CASSANO 201 Jerold Street 651 Wilkins Street 631 Wilkins Street 44 ,Q ' is fl' VINCENT J. CATUCCI J. DOUGLAS CERVELLO DIANE MARIE CHEVRON 25 Patt Street 45 Brookhaven Terrace 82 Florack Street RICK CICOTTA JUDITH ANN CLARK 738 Melville Street 28 Ariel Park BARBARA CLAUSEN SUSAN RUTH COHEN KATHRYN TERESA COLEMAN 17 Del Monte Street 138 Saranac Street 19 Langham Street 45 N WILLIE COLEY EDWIN COLLIER SALVATORE J. CONDELLO 41 Catherine Street 49 Morrill Street 109 Scrantom Street JOANNE cosTA 203 Fieldwood Drive RICHARD CONLEY BARBARA CONTI 52 Rexford Street 911 North Street JANIS COSTELLO 270 Townsend Street 46 LINDA COUCH 68 Trust Street STEPHEN CRESON ANDREA CULOTTA 22M Athens Street 20 Manitou Street STEPHEN CYMBALISTY BARBARA M. CYRANA 194 Baird Street 66 Durnan Street MICHAEL CZARNIECKI JAMES DAILEY 953 North Street 2193 Norton Street 47 ANNA CUNNINGHAM 85 Thomas Street RUTH D'AMICO 1629 No. Goodman Street MARTIN I. DATER BARBARA ANN DAVIS 48 Cuba. Place 895 Plymouth Avenue S. ROBERT PETER DAVIS SANDRA DAVIS 183 Grafton Street 90 Scrantom Street KAREN ANN DAVIS 114 Norton Street f s JOSEPH DeFALCO 21 Carthage Drive JANICE DELL 9 Athens Street 48 PATRICIA DelMASTRO 41 Clifford Avenue MARIE A. DeIMONTE 58 Traver Circle ALLYN DEMYDENKO 54 Oaklawn Drive XL ll! ROSE MARIE DiBIASE 125 Evergreen Street SHARON J. DICK 1339 N. Clinton Avenue BARBARA JEAN DIERNA 68 Lang Street 49 w-in GERI DIACZENKO 93 Shelmont Drive .ff . ' X .ff " JOANN DiLEONARDO 1324 Portland Avenue 57739 . 'Ei veg. wg 1, PATRICIA DOYLE ROBERT K. DROWN CAROLE A. DUPUIS 1057 Norton Street 108 Norton Street 720 Portland Avenue PETER H. EBERHART BOB EDDY 56 Fieldwood Drive 30 Merrimac Street X , , 'V' 1 x 1 A v THOMAS EDUARDO HARVEY D. ELMAN HOWARD W. EMENS II 16 Newcomb Street 9 Avenue A West 111 Blakeslee Street 50 RALPH ERCOLANO, JR. RALPH FARABELL FRED C. FEDORENKO 591 Norton Street 181 Fieldwood Drive 513 Longacre Road fN JUDY FELDMAN 17 Athens Street DONNA FERGEN 31 Weaver Street 7 NANCY FERRARA ELLIS J. FERRELL 170 Blakeslee Street 138 Bartlett Street 51 JANICE MARIE FIAMMI 44 Yates Street LYNDA LU EINKBEINER JAMES FINN BERNEDA FISHER 175 Morrill Street 154 Van Stallen Street 102 Northview Terrace KATHLEEN ANN FISK NANCY LEE FLEIG 28 Bernard Street 14 St. Jacob Street REGINA FOLINO ELIZABETH FOMIN JOYCE A. FUSTAINO 1475 Norton Street 502 Durnan Street 228 Rustic Street 52 N.-ff ROBERT GAGNE 204 Dickinson Street ANNIE Q. GAMBLE 752 North Street '2w"'e fagxy , . t,, X WAYNE GATEWOOD 715 Portland Avenue PAMELA J. GALES NANCY GAY GAMBACORTA 65 Flower Street 520 Bricker Street JOYCE ANN GARRITANO 163 Dickinson Street I , , X .fi ELAINE GATTO MARY GATTO 62 Aurora Street 62 Aurora Street 55 JUDITH GEKOSKI KATHLEEN M. GILL GERALDINE GISSIN 45 Baumann Street 117 Agnes Street 527 Conkey Avenue it ,Q V V. 'sisv SUZ GLASOW 105 Evergreen Street .. ..t, A 'R 91' f JOAN GLENN EDWARD GLOSSNER SIDNEY GOLDSTIEN 1 Grant Street 128 Grafton Street 65 jewel Street 54 MAXINE ALICE GOLF ERNESTINE GOODS WENDY SUE GOOSSEN 59 Marne Street 14 Syracuse Street 1172 Clinton Avenue N. TOMMY GRAY JOSEPHINE GRILLO 15 Gorham Street 345 Avenue B MICHAEL GUDSELAK GARY GULISANO RICHARD GUTZMER 18 Gilmore Street 1565 Norton Street 18 Bradford Street 55 VERONIKA GWIAZDOWSKA ROBERT HALLIDAY 30 Eiffel Place 71 Carthage Street DONNA ILENE HARRIS DONNA HARTTER 21 Berlin Street 354 Avenue B MARY STELLA HARBAK 17 Kosciusko Street JOAN J. HEGEDORN ARLENE FRANCIS HOCENIC 17 Wilkins Street 43 Aurora Street 56 ALVERA R. HORAK 96 Evergreen Street LEONARD HRYHORENKO REBECCA HURWITZ 73 Nichols Street 307 Avenue B JAMES GEORGE INSALACO I 159 Ferncliffe Drive NANCY INTERLICCHIA JAMES IRIZARRY 58 Marne Street 148 Rauber Street 57 TONY INGUAGIATO 84 Scrantom Street JOANNE C. INTERLICHIA 123 Bleacker Road .ss W VALERIE JACOBS 215 Avenue C ROBERT CHARLES JANIAK SANDRALEE JANIS 485 Avenue D 66 Brookhaven Terrace GEORGE JEREMENKO 240 Wilkins Street MARION JONES BERNADETTE KALASKA 52 Trust Su-ee: 166 Randolph Street 58 RONALD JASKOT 985 North Street BETTY ANN JOHNSON 414A Chatham Gardens MARILYN ANNE KALWAS 155 Mohawk Street BARRY H. KANTROWITZ VERONICA KARDELA LUBA L. KARMANSKI 28 Carthage Drive 24 Herald Street 21 Sullivan Street JUDI ANN KATERLE MARCELLE KELLY 84 Fernwood Park 458 Avenue D 'Wm' BARBARA KENNEDY JANICE KING GABRIELLA KMETIC 249 Central Park 87 Rauber Street 207 Remington Street 59 ERWIN LeROY KNAPP JOYCE KOEHLER JOEL KOLKO 41 Baumann Street 133 Remington Street 34 Requa Street WILLIAM KORNYLO KATHLEEN ANN KORYTKO 220 Herald Street 45 Lynbrook Drive KAREN KOTZIN LINDA KOWALSKI LANA KOWALUK 284 Versailles Road 241 Weyl Street 13 Carl Street 60 DAVE KRAMARCZYK GEORGE KRAVCHENKO SANDRA KREIWAITIS 119 Brookhaven Terrace 17 Borchard Street 39 Laser Street its SOFIA KRYLA PATRICIA ANN KRYZALKA 214 Rauber Street 75 Mitchell Street THOMAS EUGENE LaMANNA WAYNE M. LARNER 123 Malling Drive 147 Norran Drive 61 DIANE MARIE LaROCCO 96 Hillcrest Street GERALD LAWSON KENNETH WILLIAM LEAVITT NANCY GAIL LeBRITON 29 Henry Street 13 Mohawk Street 76 Eiffel Place KATHLEEN ANN LEONE 209 Delamaine Drive LARUE LESURE 112 Rauber Street JAMES M. LESTER 1303 North Street WILLIAM P. LESZYNSKI III SHELDON DENNIS LEVINSON 92 Cynthia Lane 206 Martin Street 62 ALICE M. LEWANDOWSKI TERRY LEWANDOWSKI LOUIS LIPPA 75 Berlin St. 20 Berlin Street 167 Ernst Street MARCIA LOGEL 752 Avenue D DON LOCKHART 142 Clairmount Street MARGE LOIACANO 173 Nichols Street 63 ERNEST L. LOFTON 112V2 Weld Street BARBARA LOMBARDO 25 Norran Drive SHARON A. LORE THOMAS LUCIANO KAREN R. LUPO 224 Herald Street 64 Ferncliffe Drive 239 Clairmount Street THOMAS MICHAEL MACKOWIAK 53 Manchester Street KATHLEEN ANN LUSTUMBO LINDA LOU LUTHER 8 1 Yates Street xi, PETER MARCONE 158 Herald Street 64 79 Berlin Street JUDITH MARKOWITZ 43 Morris Street MITCHEL D. MARKUS SAMUEL MAROTTA IRVINE L. MARSHALL 9 Hooker Street 454 Carter Street 25 Herman Street Apt. 4F FRANCISCO L. MARTINEZ CRAIG MASTERTON 419 Avenue D 1545 Clinton Avenue N. LYNDA LOUISE MATTEI PETER MAYKOVICH JAMES MCAULIFF 195 Kilmar Street 291 Klein Street 30 Evergreen Street 65 NORA MCCULLOUGH JEFFREY J. MCGRATH HARRIET MELMAN 65 Hanover Street 158 Yates Street 51 Malling Drive VLADIMIR J. MELNICHENKO ROBERT MELNYK 90 Maria Street 242 Klein Street DIANE R. MEYER IRENE M. MILLER TERRY MILLIMAN 626 Norton Street 434 Remington Street 66 Aurora Street 66 RICHARD MINNIE JOHN MORGAN BOB MORRILL 106 Bernard Street 105 Bleacker Road 80 Wilmar Street ROBERT LEONARD MOSS DIANNE MUELLER 5 Stephany Place 174 Norton Street GARY MUTOLO JERRY NADIAK LOMACK NEAL 553 Weaver Street 12 Pulaski Street 695 Clifford Avenue 67 DAVID NESBITT 3 Bleacker Road MARSHA CAREN NORRY 41 Maplehurst Road LORRAINE CAROL NEUBAUER 4 Ariel Park ROBERT C. NORRIS 214 Jerold Street PETER B. NOTO 17V2 Carter Street BERNICE NOWASKI KATHY FRANCINE NUCIOLA 8 Worthington Road 63 Malone Street 68 PHILIP NUCIOLA ROSEMARY A. NUCIOLA CAROL OEHMKE 661f2 Wilson Street 992 North Street 37 Bleile Terrace PATRICIA J. OLEKSYN LYNDA OLSON 24 Carl Street 91 Portland Court ODEAN IVERY GAIL ANN OWENS 477 Clifford Avenue 423 Lyell Avenue PHYLLIS ANN PAETH STEPHEN CHARLES PALERMO jAMES A. PANARO 210 Mohawk Street 23 Lynbrook Drive 91 Aurora Street JOYCE A. PANZARELLA CAROL-ANN VE-VE PARLATO 2022 Norton Street 215 Norran Drive DONNA-RAE PASCH CAROLYN PASCUZZI SUSAN TERRY PASSER 54 Herald Street 161 Jerold Street 236 Baird Street 70 JACQUELINE PATTERSON SANDRA PAUL PETER PAVONE 473 Clifford Avenue 94 Champlain Street 8 Putnam Street CHESTER W. PECK JR. JOYCE PELYCHATY 309 Klein Street 540 Northland Avenue MORIENE PEPER RAMON PEREZ JOHN PERSONTE 38 Durgin Street 73 Woodward Street 85 LeFrois Street 71 ,Xxx SANDRA PERTICONE JOAN PETERS LUCY PETRENKO 248 Roycroft Drive 150 Northlane Drive 120 Weyl Street ANTHONY PICCIRILLO EUGENE POSADNI 1239 Norton Street 1443 North Street li. QW? SANDRA POVILAITIS ROSA PRASKER MARIE ANNE PRAY 905 joseph Avenue 22 Gladys Street 176 Ferncliffe Drive 72 JANIS PRINZI ROSE MARY PRIVITERA GENE PROSIANIK 70 Furlong Street 1641 N. Goodman Street 2 Trenaman Street JACQUELINE QUADD 47 Bismark Terrace JOHN PRYTYSKACH KAREN PURCIO 102 Friedirch Park 154 Lyceum Street i' L , , AMANDA DOLORES RAMOS 16 Orchard Street 73 PAMELA GAIL RANDISI 28 Bleacker Road VIOLA REISINGER ANN REKA HALINA RESZITNYK 229 Fernwood Avenue 363 Avenue A 35 Sullivan Street REGINA REUTER VALERIE SUE REYNOLDS 77 Chapin Street 40 Home Place NADIA RIABOKOBYLA JAMES EDWARD RIDLEY JR. HUGH ALLEN ROBINSON 19 Bleile Terrace 80 Herman Street 60 Florack Street 74 ANDREA ROCKOW SANFORD ROCKOWITZ MARIA ROMANIW 10 Trenaman Street 55 Farbridge Street 40 Aurora Street uni' TOM ROMEO MARIANNE ROTOLO 1456 North Street 155 Grafton Street TED A. ROZESTRATEN YVONNE RUBAN HOWARD ROTH 215 Clifford Avenue 26 Maria Street 439 Hollenbefk Street 75 STEVEN RUSSO SUSANNE SABLOSKY PATRICIA SABOCHECK 194 Third Street 648 Carter Street 54 Manchester Street Law MADELYN SACCO ROBERT SALERNO 1914 Norton Street 130 Rosemary Drive C7 ROBERT CARL SALZANO CARMELITTA ANN SANCHEZ BARBARA SARKIS 1317 North Street 96 Hollenbeck Street 1003 North Street 76 X, MARK JOHN SCALZO KATHLEEN ANN SCHAFER GEORGE SCHNEIDER 354 Northland Avenue 24 Geneva Street 246 Fieldwood Drive Q LINDA SCHNEIDER CATHY S. SCHWARTZ 2002 Clinton Avenue 37 Durgin Street THOMAS SEABRY 269 Keeler Street ELAINE DIANNE SEDOR 235 Hollenbeck Street 77 tif A VITO A. SEMAL 55 Norran Drive 'X PAMELA J. SHAFFER RICHARD LOUIS SHEEHAN RICHARD F. SHEWCHUK 71 Malling Drive 311 Remington Street 65 Hoff Street RANDY SUE SHINDEL RAYIVIOND SHORTINO 667 Hollenbeck Street 167 Fieldwood Drive LINDA SHOULTS 82 DelMonte Street HARVEY P. SILVERSTEIN JOEL K. SIMON 97 Avenue A 29 Village Way 78 JOE SIRAGUSA PAULA A. SIWICKI 46 Pomeroy Street 132 Elorack Street MILDRED SLATER 18 Albow Place ANDRES SLUK JOHN W. SMITH 42 Weaver Street 1368 Clinton Avenue N. EUGENE W. SNIHUR CATHERINE SOBSKA 136 Traver Circle 53 Van Stallen Street 79 GERALD SOKOLSKI 166 Lyceum Street K. ROGER WILLIAM SOROCHTY JOHN SPAGNOLA DOLORES SANFORD 25 Zygment Street 17 Oakman Street 19 Lillian Place CHRISTINE SROCZEK MARY ANNE E. ST.jOHN 599 Carter Street 228 Roycroft Drive LAWRENCE STACY ROBERT C. STANLEY BARBARA LYNN STASIUK 117 Florack Street 34 Dugan Place 153 Sylvester Street 80 QL 'QPU' SHARON STAUB 15 St. jacob Street li' MARVIN SUPER 6 Riverbank Place X , ROBERT STEKLOFF 18 Roth Street R M ff. ln.. . KATHERINE SUSAN STUBINSKY 710 Norton Street LINDA LEE SUSSMAN 65 Weaver Street 81 JOHN STIRPE 81 Petrossi Drive VIC SUKHENKO 49 Kohlman Street MARILYN LORRAINE SUTERA 522 Northland Avenue MARVIN I. SWARTZ 64 Strong Street MARIA SZABO 23 Gordon Park "H-0.11 MICHAEL SWARTZ EUGENE SYDOR 64 Strong Street 82 joseph Place MICHAEL SYPNIAK KAREN SZABLAK 118 Oneida Street 161 Durnan Street DAVE MICHAEL TERRULI BEVERLY ANN TIMMERMAN 42 Thomas Street 8 Wadsworth Street 82 JOHN TISDALE RAELENE TITSXVORTH 166 Lincoln Street 35 Fierl Street REGINA TONCHAK CHERYL TOWNSEND 32 Manchester Street 78 jewel Street Q-:"""" GINO TRISCARI ROSS TROCANO 2076 Culver Road 58 Miller Street 83 SIGMOND TOBIAS 56 Avenue A PATRICIA TROVATO 269 Clairmount Street LOUIS TRYBUS GAIL ANNE TUBIOLO SHIRLEY TUCKER 1258 Norton Street 241 Newcomb Street 82 Norton Street JERRY TULYK JOHNNY TURNER 36 Holbrooke Street 55 Weld Street MARY UTTER 909 North Street PEGGY A. U'ITER 27 Maria Street 84 JULIANE VICTOR 79 Lincoln Street KATHLEEN VINCENT BARBARA JEAN VINER RUTH ELLEN VINER 6 Stevens Street 65 Cutler Street 65 Cutler Street ROBERT FRANCIS VOELLINGER KATHY ANN VOGT 91 Lill Street 41 Beach Street SANDRA ANN VOLO ELLEN S. WANDS JEANNE WARD 160 Ashwood Drive 245 Avenue C 106 Dunn Street 85 . 'ka k FRANCES WARNEY MICHAEL WARREN CHARLES DENNIS WATSON 90 Hamilton Street 90 Klein Street 65 Hanover Street Apt. 3A JUNE WAVER VERA MARIE WIGHT 72 Cleon Street 27 Carthage Drive ALAN WILSON 1352 Clinton Avenue N. CORA WILSON 105 Weld Street 86 HELEN WOJTAL 73 Fairbanks Street MARY WOJTAL KAREN WOLKONOWSKI JANET WOODWARD 73 Fairbanks Street 58 Lux Street 288 Crossfield Road NICK K. WOWK EDWARD WROBLEWSKI 84 Avenue D 58 Cleon Street GERARD R. WUNCH BARBARA YALE ANDREW YUSICK 11 Treyer Street 97 Bleacker Road 26 Saranac Street 87 X THOMAS ZACHMAN KATHLEEN ANN ZA-IAC DOMINICK ANTHONY ZARCONE 28 Morrill Street 126 Bernard Street 70 Mohawk Street ,Q C JOHANNA ZARCONE 84 Crossfield Road ' 1' at ' tt, i JANINA ZENKEL 82 Klein Street ELAINE ZIMMERMAN 34 Cuba Place 88 MARIE ZUBIL 68 Carter Street CA DID CAPER "No more for me. I'm driving!" "Your iinger has to be in there someplace." "Little does Mr. Strauss know that I spiked the They do smile! coke." , 4 . Q ,., M 1 "Look at them down there!" Empty? What happened? 89 Class C omedians Charlie Brown and Elaine Zimmerman larv- Class Couple Louis Lippa and Joyce Garritano 'GA' Most Likely lo Succeed Sanford Rockowitz and Pamela Gales Most Talkulive Wayne Larner and Nancy Interlicchia 90 Mm shy Larry Stacy and Linda Sussman H-fi is! E IOR POLL Most Friendly Charlie Brown and Linnie Shoults v-0'-'M' Done Most for the School Sharon Lore and Ralph Ercolano PNA - Best Dressed Sheldon Levinson and Kathy Korytko Most Athletic Phil Nuciola and Kathy Nuciola Class Flirls joan Peters and George Kravechenko 91 Most Versatile Kathy Nuciola and Peter Pavone CANDY ALE SENIOR BANQUET QQ!! CAN ff SENIOR A 'V 94 PLAY VVIT74 95 HOMEROOM 128-Row 1: B. Bagdonas, L. Couch, L. Kopeleiw, R. Ercolano, R. Farabell, R. Cicotta, A. Yusich, Neubaner, L. Bauman, M. Rotolo, P. Paeth, C. Schwartz. J. McGrath, W. Camp, E. Glossner, E. Knapp, W. Bark- Row 2: J. Fiammi, S. Cymbalisty, R. Eddy, T. Romeo, N. ley, T. Zachman. Ferrara, R. Reuter, L. Shoults. Row 3: J. Azzano, P. HOMEROOM 215-Row 1: C. Cangialosi, J. Costello, Row 3: J. McAuliff, S. Goldstien, A. Piccirillo, M. Swartz G. Agnello, J. Peters, I. Miller. Row 2: P. Noto, N. Bates, W. Larner, T. Pozestraten, R. Jaskot, J. Finn, M. Scalzo S. Staub, D. Blaky, M. Adams, M. Wojtal, H. Wojtal. L. Neal, V. Catucci. 96 HOMEROOM 253-Row I: Barbara Stasiuk, Marlene Ann Carter, Alla Demytlenko. Row 3: Salvatore Condello, Alva, Gomal Carter, Barb Conti, Yvonne Ruban. Row 2: Thomas lVIacKowiak, james Lester, Robert Janiak, Martin Mr- M00rh0US6 KH0mfr00m Tvflfhffl, Linda Fiflkbeiflefy Sater, Robert Stekloff, Brian Atias, Michael Schwartz. Linda Caruso, joan Hegeclorn, Gabriella Kmetic, Mary HOMEROOM 262-Rau' I: B. Spall, M. Barone, M. Mueller, S. janis. Rau' 3: j. Ridley, B. Blandino, H Kalwas, P. Utter, K. Stubinsky. Row 2: P. Siwicki, B. Elman, P. Lawson, P. Eberhart, R. Bryant, -I. Gwiazdow Timmerman, T. Bnndemer, M. DelMonte, M. Boclyk, D. ska, N. Zarconc, S. Creson, S. Glasow. 97 HOMEROOM 359-Row I: M. Slater, C. Townsend, L. Beletzky, M. Jones, R. Shindel, V. Wight, P. Sabocheck. Row 2: J. Interlicchia, E. Badagliacca, G. Gennarino, J. Tisclale, C. Wilson, H. Reszitnyk, L. Hryhornko, G. Kravchenko, J. Irizarry. Row 3: L. Randazzese, P. Nuciola T. Seabry, M. Sypniak, C. Peck, R. Davis, R. Shewchukl S. Rockowitz. HOMEROOM 351-Row I: Marie Zubil, S. Perticone, A Culotta, R. DiBiase, E. Zimmerman, A. Reka. Row 2. R. Cassano, A. Gamble, P. DelMastro, Mr. Victor Samson L. Lesure, K. Leone, A. Cassano. Row 3: G. Gulisano, T. arr"""'N LaManna, B. Leszynski, B. Clausen, Burel, J. Mutolo D. Lockhart, G. Mutolo, C. Masterton, D. Adolph, J Stripe, R. Conley. HOMEROOM 256-Rou' I: R. Viner, R. Sheehan, J. Inguagiato, L. Trybus, G. Prosianik, I. Marshall, M Triscari, B. Viner. Row 2: Mr. Lapp, L. Sussman, S. Markus, C. Brown, j. Smith, bl. DeFaIco, M. Pcper Caramame, P. Doyle, M. Evans, 1. DaVola, A. Ramos. C. Ochmke. Row 3: P. Maykovich, C. Sroczek, P. Brinkerhoff, T. ll HOMEROOM 112-Row I: S. Cohen, R. Privitera, L. Leavitt, P. Mitcheil, J. Insalaco, W. Kostenko, G. Snihur Olson. Row 2: A. Cunningham, K. Fisk, J. Gekoski, J. W. Coley, R. Sorochty, R. Tonchak, D. Sanford, A. Borys Batrack, L. Karmanski, R. Prasker, S. Volo. Row 3: K. B. Lumbardo. 99 v 1 y HOMEROOM 209-Row I: S. Bloomberg, P. Camp, N. J. Siragusa, J. Personte, G. Jeremenko, F. Fedorenko, S. LeBriton, Mr. George Barrett, S. Lore, C. Parlato, M. Davis, M. Norry. Golf. Row 2: E. Lofton, V. Reynolds, L. Luther, B. Bilyk, HOMEROOM 332-Row 1: K. Vogt, M. Gatto, B. Fisher, Zenkel, J. King. Row 3: L. Lippa, H. Silverstein, R Mrs. Daly, K. Kotzin, V. Rusinger, S. Brudno, G. Gissin. Morrill, J. Camp, J. Tulyk, R. Shortino, S. Russo, J Row 2: K. Szalblak, J. Simon, A. Sluk, B. Johnson, K. Solcolslci, A. Barron. Burger, L. Schneider, J. Pritesbach, E. Wrobleaski, J. 100 HOMEROOM 218-Row I: J. Markowitz, J. Katerle, K. R. Perez, R. Arieno, T. Orczyk, D. Cervello, T. Bates, F. Schafer, J. Prinzi, N. Gambacorta, N. Riabokobyla, B. Martinez, M. Guclzelak. Cyrana. Rau' 2: K. Gill, J. Clark, T. Lewandowski, 1:- HOMEROOM 251-Row 1: P. Shaffer, R. Hurwitz, E. Horak, B. Yale. Row 3: T. Eduardo, J. Nadiak, B. Atias, B0fYSC0k0, R- Allen, H. Melmfm, D- BOHHHUO, C' PHS- J. Panaro, R. Battaglia, R. Trocano, M. Bnxcato, G. cuzzi, P. Oleksyn. Row 2: D. Belloccio, P. Gales, S. VVunqh,E,C0llier,R,C11mp, Brown, R. Drown, C. Banker, V. Semal, S. Kryla, A. 101 HOMEROOM 140-Row I: Mr. Rollins, G. Tubiolo, J. Costa, P. Randisi, D. Bloom, R. Fitsworth, Mr. J. Ruflino Row 2: J. Woodward, E. Sedor, M. Logel, L. Adamski K. Vincent, S. Palermo, B. Kantrowitz, J. Glenn, N v Balanik. Row 3: S. Passer, R. Norris, H. Emens, E. Ferrell R. Salzano, C. Bond, S. Marotta, L. Stacy, A. Bohnke, R Stanley. HOMEROOM 226-Row 1: B. Dierna, P. Krysalka, J. T. Luciano, D. Meyer. Row 3: J. Bodnaruk, R. Minnie Dell, D. Harris, K. Nuciola, N. Interlicchia. Row 2: D. Burns, A. Braun, R. Hammond, A. Wilson, R. Gagne H. Robinson, M. Szabo, J. Quadd, J. Waver, B. Davis, S. Levinson, N. Fleig. 102 HOMEROOM 107-Row lf E. Fomin, N. McCullough, Ivery, J. Dailey, C. Dupuis, T. Milliman, C. Bialuska K. Zajac, Mr. O'Connell, J. Garritano, B. Nowaski, D. Row 3: E. Sydor, V. Melniczenko, C. LaDelia, M. Warren, Fergen. Row 2: J. Grillo, R. Folino, M. Harbak, O. B. Wahl, G. Schneider, J. Spagnola, B. Kornylo. HOMEROOM 309-Row I: J. Ward, C. Sanchez, L. Kardela, L. Pctrenko, D. LaRocco, J. Feldman. Row 3: Kowalski, G. Diaczenko, Miss J. Hamilton, B. Becker, J. Morgan, J. Turner, L. Baskin, M. Czarniecki, R. K. Lupo, K. Korytko. Row 2: K. Coleman, C. Antoniak, Gutzmer, V. Sukhenko, J. Blazys, D. Nesbitt, H. Roth. K. Lustumbo, K. Purcio, D. Chevron, J. Koehler, V. 103 HOMEROOM 353-Row I: M. J. Bagnato, K. Nuciola, Kreiwaitis, N. Wmmuk, Goods, G. Paradin, L. Higgins R. D'Amico. Row 2: B. Sarkis, F. Warney, B. Kennedy, B. Salerno, S. Sablosky, V. Jacobs, M. Pray. J. Pelchnty, j. DiLeonardo, Mr. Donnan. Row 3: S. "Medicare? Never heard of it." Result: an exam. "Who needs more locker space? Not me." 104 SENIOR BIOGRAPHIE MARY ANN ADAMS Bowling, Italian Club. LAWRENCE ADAMSKI Stage Crew, Spanish Club, Band, Orchestra, Camera Club, Audio Visual. GERALDINE AGNELLO Italian Club, Bowling, Math-Science Honor Society, IBM Staff Aide. MARLENE ALVA Optimates, National Honor Society, Key Editorial Staff, "Cour- ant" Reporter, "Courant" Distributor, Spirit Committee, Drama Club, F.T.A., Orchestra, Inter-High Orchestra. CHRISTINE ANTONIAK F.T.A., Math- Science Honor Society, National Honor Society, Spanish Council Representative. RAYMOND ARIENO Varsity Club, Track, Football, Basketball. BRIAN ATIAS Audio Visual, Jr. Choir. JOSEPH AZZANO Audio Visual. ENZA BADAGLIACCA Drama Club, Camera Club, Italian Club, Health Careers Club, Bowling, Cashier, Guide. BETTY BAGDONAS Spirit Committee, Archery, Guide. NINA BALANIK Water Ballet, Camera Club, Life-Saving, French Club, Spanish Club, Italian Club, Junto, TARRY BANDEMER French Club, Math- Science Honor Society, National Honor So- ciety, Drama Club, F.T.A., Bowling, Sr. Choir, Spirit Committee, Class Council, Guidance Aide, Key Circulation. CHESTER BANKER Audio Visual. WILLIE BARKLEY Spanish Club, Foot- ball, Basketball, Baseball. MARY ROSE BARONE Bowling, Secre- tarial Oftice Aid. ALFRED BARRON Track, Football. LAWRENCE BASKIN Junto, Spirit Com- mittee, Track, Spanish Club, Drama Club. German Club, Legislative Counsel, Basket- ball, Ski Club. NANCY BATES Bowling, Archery. THOMAS BATES Gymnastics, Spanish Club. JOAN BATRACK "Courant" Reporter, Spirit Committee, Drama Club, Guidance Aide, National Honor Society, Math-Science Honor Society, Spanish Club, "Courant" Circulation. F.T.A., Optimates. RAYMOND BATTAGLIA Track. LINDA BAUMAN Jr. Choir, "Courant" Typist, Spanish Club. BETTY BECKER Spirit Committee, F.T. A., French Club, Spanish Club, "Courant" Reporter, Water Ballet, Basketball, Volley- ball, Field Hockey, Guide, Guidance Aide, Ski Club, Stage Crew. DOLORES BELLUCCIO Bowling, French Club. BASIL BILYK Camera Club, Library Aide, Corridor Aide. DONA BLAKY "Courant" Circulation. ROBERT BLANDINO Italian Club, Base- ball. JOHN BLAZYS Camera Club, Chess Club, Corridor Aide, Orchestra. DIANE BLOOM Spanish Club, Choir, Italian Club, Spirit Committee, Guide. SUE ELLEN BLOOMBERG Jr. Junto, Optimates, Spanish Club, French Club, F.T.A., Math-Science Honor Society, Senior Class Council, Spirit Committee, Legisla- tive Council. EUGENIA BODNARUK Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir, Drama Club. MARY BODYK French Club, Math-Sci- ence Honor Society. DONNA BONANNO Secretarial Aide. ALLEN BORYS Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir. ELENA BORYSENKO F.T.A., French Club, Math-Science Honor Society. PATRICIA BRINKERHOFF Sr. Choir. SANDRA BRITZ Bowling, Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir. SAMUEL BROWN Health Club, Tennis, Stage Crew. SHELLE BRUDNO Spirit Committee, Band, Orchestra, F.T.A., Optimates, Span- ish Club, Ski Club, Junto, Guidance Aide. ROBERT BRYANT Camera Club. EDWARD BUREL Junto, "Courant" Cir- culation, Optimates, Math-Science Honor Society, LaCrosse, Oliice Aide. KATHRYN BURGER Health Careers Club, F.T.A., Guide, Corridor Aide. DENNIS BURNS Junto, Class Council, Drama Club, Track, Cross Country, Basket- ball, Football. RICHARD CACCIATO Football. JOSEPH CAMP Audio Visual. PAMELA CAMP Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir. Bookstore Aide, Cafeteria Aide, Co-op Ofiice Practice. RICHARD CAMP Swimming. WARREN CAMP Camera Club, Audio Visual. GOMAL CARTER Health Careers Club, Italian Club. MARY ANN CARTER Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir, G.A.A., French Club, Basketball. LINDA CARUSO Italian Club, Bowling. ROCCO CASSANO Cross Country, Varsity Club, Math-Science Honor Society. VINCENT CATUCCI French Club, Span- ish Club, Spirit Committee, Junto, Bowling, Baseball, Audio Visual, Boys' Social Chair- man. Class Council. DOUGLAS CERVELLO French Club. Spirit Committee, Track, Italian Club, Class Council. DIANE CHEVRON Class Council, Spirit Committee, Drama Club, Ski Club, Guide, Math-Science Honor Society. RICHARD CICOTTA Golf, Corridor Aide. JUDITH CLARK Spirit Committee, Junto, Senior Class Council, Spanish Club, F.T.A. BARBARA CLAUSEN Swimming, Junto, Corridor Aide, Basketball. SUSAN COHEN Class Representative, Health Careers Club, "Courant" Circula- tion, Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir, Spirit Commit- tee, Key Circulation, Life Saving. KATHRYN COLEMAN Drama Club, Sec- retarial Ofiice Aide, Badminton. EDWIN COLLIER Photography Club, Group Guidance Club, Spanish Club. SALVATORE CONDELLO Football, Wrestling. RICHARD CONLEY Bowling. BARBARA CONTI Homeroom Representa- tive. JOANNE COSTA French Club, Jr. Choir, Italian Club, Spirit Committee, Bowling, Key Editorial Staff, Key Circulation, Guide, F.T.A. JANIS COSTELLO "Courant" Circula- tion, Guide, Gymnastics, Swim Team, Water Ballet. LINDA COUCH Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir, Badminton, Basketball, Guide, Baseball, Bowling, G.A.A. STEPHEN CRESON Gymnastics. Spirit Committee, Corridor Aide, Audio Visual, Baseball. ANDREA CULOTTA Spirit Committee, Math-Science Honor Society. ANNA CUNNINGHAM G.A.A., Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir, Volleyball, Basketball, Italian Club. STEPHEN CYMBALISTY Junto, Baseball, Swim Team, Drama Club, Golf, Judo. BARBARA CYRANA Bowling. JAMES DAILEY Library Aide. RUTH D'AMICO Cheerleading, Opti- mates, French Club, Junto, Spirit Commit- tee, Math-Science Honor Society, National Honor Society, Drama Club, Orchestra, Key Circulation. Senior Spirit I 105 E IOR BIOGRAPHIE MARTIN DATER Senior Band, Opti- mates, Math-Science Honor Society, Na- tional Honor Society, F.T.A., Business Honor Society, Spirit Committee, Sopho- more Class Council. BARBARA DAVIS Field Hockey, Spirit Committee, Sr. Choir, French Club. ROBERT DAVIS Trumpeter. SANDRA DAVIS Drama Club, Jr. Choir, Spanish Club, French Club, Bowling. JOSEPH DE FALCO Spirit Committee. JANICE DELL Spirit Committee, "Cour- ant" Circulation, Key Editorial Staff, Span- ish Club, Guide, French Club. PATRICIA DEL MASTRO Bowling. MARIE DEL MONTE Bowling. ALLA DEMYDENKO Class Council, Spirit Committee, Latin Honor Society, Math-Science Honor Society, National Honor Society, Guidance Aide, Guide, Ski Club, Drama Club, R.A.U.N. Representa- tive, "Courant" Artist, Key Artist. Key Editorial Staff. JAROSLAWA DIACZENKO Soccer, Gym- nastics, Life Saving, Co-op Oflice Practice. ROSE MARIE DI BIASE Guide, Cafeteria Aide, Business Honor Society. SHARON DICK Track, Sr. Choir, Volley- ball, Life Saving, Camera Club, Math-Sci- ence Honor Society, Spanish Club, French Club. BARABARA DIERNA Cafeteria Aide. PATRICIA DOYLE Italian Club, Health Careers Club, Guide. ROBERT DROWN Class Council, "Cour- ant" Circulation, Junto, Cross Country, So- cial Science Forum, Latin Honor Society, Math-Science Honor Society. F.T.A. CAROLE DUPUIS French Club, Opti- mates, Math-Science Honor Society, Drama Club, Guide, Health Careers Club, Spirit Committee. PETER EBERHART Audio Visual. ROBERT EDDY Sr. Choir, Hi-Y, Track, Cross Country, Voice. HARVEY ELMAN Gymnastics, Baseball, Cheerleader, Junto, Judo. HOWARD EMENS Optimates, Judo. RALPH ERCOLANO Class Council, Ital- ian Club, Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir, Inter-Junior Choir, Corridor Aide, Inter-High Choir, Stu- dent Association, Drama Club. FRED FEDORENKO Soccer, Baseball, Ofiice Aide, Audio Visual, Varsity Club. NANCY FERRARA Secretarial Aide. ELLIS FERRELL Spanish Club. JANICE FIAMMI F.T.A., Drama Club "Courant" Reporter, Spirit Committee, Italian Club, Math-Science Honor Society, Library Aide, Jr. Choir, "Courant" Circu- lation. LYNDA LU FINKBEINER Badminton, Sr. Choir, German Club. JAMES FINN Corridor Aide. BERNEDA FISHER Business Honor Soci- ety, Spanish Club, Spirit Committee, Cor- ridor Aide. KATHLEEN FISK Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir, Attendance Office, Drama Club. NANCY FLEIG Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir, Secretarial Aide, Key Circulation, "Cour- ant" Distribution. REGINA FOLINO "Courant" Circulation, Junto, Library Aide, Bowling. ELIZABETH FOMIN F.T.A., Spirit Com- mittee, Guide, French Club, "Courant" Re- porter 8r Artist, Key Editorial Staff, Drama Club. JOYCE FUSTAINO Bowling, Co-op Office Practice. PAMELA GALES Optimates, Spirit Com- mittee, French Club, Math-Science Honor Society, National Honor Society, F.T.A., Class Council, Guide, Library Aide. PAMELA GALES Drama Club, Social Sci- ence Forum, Key Circulation. NANCY GAY GAMBACORTA Junto, Legislative Council, Guide, Bowling. JOYCE GARRITANO Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir, Bowling, Junto, ELAINE GATTO Bowling, Sr. Choir, Drama Club, Spirit Committee, Attendance Office Aide, Key Circulation. MARY GATTO Spirit Committee, Drama Club, Attendance Aide, Business Honor Society, Key Circulation, Bowling. A young man's fancy . . . 106 JUDITH GEKOSKI Badminton, Bowling, Attendance Office. KATHLEEN GILL Bowling, Basketball, Banking Aide, Bookstore Aide, Swimming. GERALDINE GISSIN Junto, Spirit Com- mittee, Math-Science Honor Society, Opti- mates, French Club, F.T.A., Health Careers Club, Key Circulation, "Courant" Reporter. SUSAN GLASOW Bowling, Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir. SIDNEY GOLDSTIEN Spirit Committee, Junto, Math-Science Honor Society, Class Council. MAXINE GOLF Business Honor Society, Co-op Ofiice Practice, "Courant" Circula- tion. WENDY GOOSSEN Bowling, Guide, Cafeteria Aide, Sr. Choir, "Courant" Cir- culation, Co-op Office Practice. TOMMY GRAY Track, Football, Basket- ball, Varsity Club, Corridor Aide. JOSEPHINE GRILLO Archery. MICHAEL GUDSELAK Soccer, Volleyball. GARY GULISANO Corridor Aide. VERONIKA GWIAZDOWSKA Swim- ming, Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey. ROBERT HALLIDAY LaCrosse. MARY HARBAK Badminton, Archery, Track, Softball, Basketball, Business Honor Society. DONNA HARRIS Health Careers Club, Optimates, French Club, Spirit Committee, Drama Club, Junto, Nurses Aide, Key Cir- culation, Red Cross Representative. ARLENE HOCENIC Junto, Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir, Bowling, Homeroom Representative, Spirit Committee. LEONARD HRYHORENKO Track, "Courant" Circulation. REBECCA HURWITZ Spanish Club, Jr. Choir, Spirit Committee, "Courant" Typist, Bookstore Aide. TONY INGUAGIATO Corridor Aide. JAMES INSALACO LaCrosse. NANCY INTERLICCHIA Jr. Choir, Stage Crew, "Courant" Circulation, Drama Club, Guide, Secretarial Aide, Spirit Committee, Key Circulation, Key Editorial Staff, Pub- licity Chairman of Key. JOANNE INTERLICHIA Spirit Commit- tee. VALERIE JACOBS F.T.A., French Club, Spanish Club, Junto, Class Representative, Spirit Committee, Guide, Guidance Aide, Health Careers Club, "Courant" Reporter. Health Careers Club, "Courant" Reporter, Key Circulation, Ski Club. ROBERT JANIAK Sr. Choir, Bowling. Stage Crew, Football. SANDRA JANIS Class Council, Spirit Committee, Cheerleader, Drama Club, French Club, Spanish Club, Italian Club, Corridor Aide, Guide, F.T.A., Ski Club. GEORGE JEREMENKO Soccer, French Club. BETTY JOHNSON Health Careers Club, Drama Club, Basketball, Volleyball, Spirit Committee. MARION JONES Bowling, Business Oiiice Aide. MARILYN KALWAS Drama Club, French Club, F.T.A., Swim Team, Guide, Math- Science Honor Society, Sr. Choir, Spanish Club, Spirit Committee. BARRY KANTROWITZ Audio Visual, Bookstore Aide, Key Circulation. VERONICA KARDELA Volleyball, Busi- ness Honor Society, French Club. LUBA KARMANSKI Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir, Cafeteria Aide, Co-op Oilice Practice. JUDITH KATERLE jr. Choir, Sr. Choir. MARCELLE KELLY Key Editorial Stalf. BARBARA KENNEDY Camera Club, Dra- ma Club, jr. Choir, Sr. Choir. JANICE KING Health Careers Club, Guide. GABRIELLE KMETIC Italian Club, Bask- etball, Volleyball. ERWIN KNAPP Band, Italian Club, Aud- io Visual, Math-Science Honor Society, Dra- ma Club, Bookstore Aide, Track, Spanish Club. JOYCE KOEHLER Jr. Choir, French Club, Aquatic Club, Spirit Committee, Cor- ridor Aide, Water Safety Aide, Life Sav- ing, Guide, Senior Class Council, Guidance Aide, Math-Science Honor Society, Health Careers Club, Spanish Club. JOEL KOLKO Cross Country, Track, Dra- ma Club, French Club, Sr. Choir, Madrigal Choir, Inter-High Choir, Math-Science Hon- or Society, Class Council, junto, Spirit Committee, Corridor Aide, Bookstore Aide. WILLIAM KORNYLO Soccer, Volleyball, Audio Visual, Corridor Aide. KATHLEEN KORYTKO Cheerleading, Class Council, Spirit Committee, Spanish Club, Guide, F.T.A., Ski Club. KAREN KOTZIN Optimates, F.T.A., Class Council, junto, Spirit Committee, Spanish Council, "Courant" Reporter. LINDA KOWALSKI Water Ballet, jr. Choir, Sr. Choir, Drama Club, Secretary Office Aide, Bookstore Aide, "Courant" Circulation, Key Circulation, Library Aide. LANA KOWALUK Spanish Club, Bowl- ing. DAVID KRAMARCZYK Gymnastics, Dra- ma Club, Spanish Club, Corridor Aide, Audio Visual. GEORGE KRAVCHENKO French Club, Track, Cross Country, Math-Science Honor Society, Vice President of Senior Class. SANDRA KREIWAITIS French Club, Health Careers Club, Water Ballet, Spirit Committee, Spanish Club, Guide, Guidance Aide, junto, Life Saving. SOPHIA KRYLA Bowling, Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir, Cafeteria Aide, Spanish Club, Co-op Office Practice. PATRICIA KRYZALKA Spirit Committee, Health Careers Club, Nurse's Aide, Sr. Choir, Drama Club, Class Council, junto, Math-Science Honor Society, Spanish Club, Legislative Council, "Courant" Reporter. THOMAS LaMANNA LaCrosse, Football, Varsity Club. WAYNE LARNER Corridor Aide, Class Council,, Boys' Social Chairman, Swim Team. DIANE LaROCCO Bowling, Cafeteria Aide, Secretarial Aide, IBM Office Aide. GERALD LAWSON Football, Basketball. KENNETH LEAVITT LaCrosse, Football, Varsity Club, "Courant" Representative. NANCY LeBRITON jr. Choir, Sr. Choir, Bookstore Aide, Spirit Committee, Swim Team, "Courant" Circulation, Bowling. KATHLEEN LEONE Co-op Program. JAMES LESTER Bowling, Track. LARUE LESURE Baseball, Volleyball, Basketball, G.A.A. WILLIAM LESZYNSKI Soccer, Volley- ball, Corridor Aide, Intramural Wrestling, Coed Volleyball. SHELDON LEVINSON French Club, Class Council, Drama Club, Audio Visual, Attendance Ollice Aide. LOUIS LIPPA Baseball. ERNEST LOFTON Baseball, Wrestling, Secretarial Olfice Aide, Football. MARCIA LOGEL Bowling. BARBARA LOMBARDO Water Ballet, Optimates, Cheerleading, Math-Science Honor Society, National Honor Society. SHARON LORE Star Choir, Inter-Junior Choir, Jr. Choir, Junto, Legislative Coun- cil, "Courant" Circulation, Spirit Com- mittee, Class Council, Health Careers Club, Sr. Choir, Inter-High Choir, Math-Science Honor Society, Bowling, Ski Club, Drama Club, Corridor Aide, Key Circulation, F.T.A. KAREN LUPO Italian Club, Math-Science Honor Society, Business Honor Society. The end of a perfect day? 107 KATHLEEN LUSTUMBO Girls' Choir. LINDA LUTHER Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir. PETER MARCONE Baseball. JUDITH MARKOWIAK Class Council, jr. Choir, Ski Club, F.T.A., Spanish Club, Math-Science Honor Society, Spirit Com- IIUHCC. MITCHEL MARKUS Swim Team, Foot- ball, Track, Drama Club, Spirit Committee, Camera Club, Band. SAMUEL MAROTTA junto, F.T.A., French Club, "Courant" Representative. IRVINE LORENZO MARSHALL Basket- ball, Football, Track. FRANCISCO MARTINEZ Wrestling, Track, Spanish Club, Homeroom Represen- tative, "Courant" Representative. CRAIG MASTERTON Track, Swimming, LaCrosse, Football, Spanish Club, Varsity Club, "Courant" Circulation, Water Ballet, Soccer, Key Circulation. LYNDA MATTEI Drama Club, Class Council, Water Ballet. PETER MAYKOVICH Baseball, Audio Visual, Inter-High Choir, Sr. Choir, jr. Choir. NORA MC CULLOUGH "Courant" Cir- culation, Cheerleader, Spirit Committee, Class Council, jr. Choir. JEFFREY MC GRATH Gymnastics, Band, Orchestra, Bookstore Aide. HARRIET MELMAN Optimates, Band, Orchestra, National Honor Society, Math- Science Honor Society, French Club, Junto, F.T.A., "Courant" Editorial Editor, Guide, Class Council, Spirit Committee. DIANE MEYER Key Editorial Staff, Key Circulation, Bowling, Guide, Spirit Com- mittee, Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir, Junto, Drama Club, Secretarial Odice Aide, Business Honor Society. IRENE MILLER jr. Choir, Girls' Sr. Choir. TERRY MILLIMAN Key Circulation "Courant" Circulation, Drama Club, Bowl- ing, Sr. Choir, Guide, Guidance Aide. RICHARD MINNIE Judo. ROBERT MORRILL Wrestling, LaCrosse. Varsity Club, Judo. ROBERT MOSS Football, Basketball, Baseball, Varsity Club. DIANNE MUELLER G.A.A., Basketball, Badminton. GARY MUTOLO Spanish Club. JERRY NADIAK Soccer, Baseball, Foot- ball, Corridor Aide. LOMACK NEAL Basketball, Football, La- Crosse, Varsity Club. DAVID NESBITT French Club, Swim- ming, Water Ballet, Jr. Choir. LORRAINE NEUBAUER Bookstore Aide. ROBERT NORRIS Football, Track, Cam- era Club, Spirit Committee. MARSHA NORRY Ski Club, Guide, Spirit Committee, Optimates, Junto, Guidance Aide, Spanish Club, Bookstore Aide, Key Circulation, "Courant" Reporter. PETER NOTO Corridor Aide. BERNICE NOWASKI French Club, Drama Club, Guide, Corridor Aide, G.A. A., "Courant" Circulation, Key Circula- tion, Bowling, Spirit Committee, Gymnas- tics. E IOR BIOGRAPHIE KATHY NUCIOLA Secretary of Senior Class, F.T.A., French Club, Inter-High Choir, Spirit Committee, Cheerleading, "Courant" Circulation, Key Editorial Staff, Legislative Council, Junto, Jr. Choir, Class Council, Attendance Aide, Italian Club, Spanish Club, Sr. Choir. PHILLIP NUCIOLA Wfrestling, Football, Track, Varsity Club. ROSEMARY NUCIOLA Jr. Choir, Spirit Committee, Math-Science Honor Society, Optimates, F.T.A. CAROL OEHMKE German Club, Ofncc Aide, Nurse's Aide. PHYLLIS PAETH Drama Club, Basket- ball. STEPHEN PALERMO Spanish Club. JAMES PANARO Spanish Club, Italian Club, Junto, Bowling. JOYCE PANZARELLA Bowling. CAROL-ANN PARLATO Volleyball, Bad- minton, Inter-Jr. Choir, Star Choir, Orches- tra, Library Aide, Inter-High Orchestra, "Courant" Representative, Optimates, Math- Scicnce Honor Society, F.T.A., German Club, Spirit Committee, National Honor Society, Sr. Choir, Key Editorial Staff. DONNA-RAE PASCH Cheerleader, Math- Science Honor Society, Optimates, Spirit Committee, "Courant" Circulation, Junto, Ski Club. CAROLYN PASCUZZI Bowling, Jr. Choir, Italian Club. SUSAN PASSER Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir, Drama Club, Archery, Math-Science Honor Society, F.T.A., Inter-High Choir, Library Aide, Vice Principal's Aide, Spanish Club, Class Council, Key Editorial Staff. JACQUELINE PATTERSON Health Ca- reers Club, Italian Club. "Never did like these oflice parties!" 'i z' ly. : - .V SANDRA PAUL Basketball, Volleyball, Track, Gymnastics, French Club, Field Hockey, Badminton, Soccer, Softball, F.T. A., G.A.A. PETER PAVONE Math-Science Honor So- ciety, Spirit Committee, Junto, Class Coun- cil, Italian Club, Swim Team, French Club, Spanish Club, Water Ballet, F.T.A., "Cour- ant" Reporter, Treasurer of Senior Class. CHESTER PECK Soccer, Wrestling, Audio Visual. JOYCE PELYCHATY Drama Club, Bowl- ing, Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir, Voice, Junto, Class Council, Cafeteria Aide, French Club, gitetr-Jr. Choir, Inter-High Choir, French u . MORIENE PEPER Water Ballet, Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir, Swim Team, Life Saving, Badminton, Drama Club, Water Safety Aide, Bookstore Aide, Secretary Aide, Health Careers Club, Spirit Committee, "Courant" Circulation, Key Circulation. JOHN PERSONTE Baseball, Varsity Club. SANDRA PERTICONE Bowling, Voice, Junto, Guide, Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir. JOAN PETERS Badminton, F.T.A., Opti- mates, Bowling, Spirit Committee, Spanish Honor Society. LUCIA PETRENKO Badminton, Junto, Banking, Co-op Office Practice, Bookstore Aide. ANTHONY PICCIRILLO Jr. Choir, Ital- ian Club, Spanish Club. EUGENE POSADNI Bowling. SANDRA POVILAITIS G.A.A., Sr. Choir, "Courant" Circulation. ROSA PRASKER Drama Club, Italian Club. MARIE PRAY Gymnastics, Attendance Aide. ROSE MARY PRIVITERA Jr. Choir, sr. Choir, Drama Club, Guide, Stage Crew, Key Publicity, Key Editorial Staff, Key Circulation, Spirit Committee, Business Honor Society. KAREN PURCIO Bowling, Business Honor Society, Co-op Oilice Practice. JACQUELINE QUADD Spirit Committee, Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir, Guide, Secretarial Aide. AMANDA RAMOS Health Careers. PAMELA RANDISI Italian Club, Jr. Choir, Drama Club. ANN REKA Jr. Choir, German Club, Health Careers Club, Junto, Sr. Choir, Italian Club. HALINA RESZITNYK "Courant" Dis- tributor. VALERIE SUE REYNOLDS Sr. Choir. Drama Club. ANDREA ROCKOXV Jr. Choir, German Club, Key Editorial Staff. SANFORD ROCKOWITZ Social Science Forum, Math-Science Honor Society, Chess Club, "Courant" Writer, Attendance Office, Corridor Aide, Key Editorial Staff. MARIA ROMANIW "Courant" Distribu- tor, Sr. Choir, Key Circulation. 108 MARIANNE ROTOLO Health Career Club, Italian Club, Secretarial Oflice Aide, I.B.M. Office Aide, Bowling. YVONNE RUBAN French Club, F.T.A., National Honor Society, Math-Science Honor Society, Spirit Committee, R.A.U.N. SUSANNE SABLOSKY "Courant" Dis- tributor, Class Council, Junto, Bowling, Gymnastics, Bookstore Aide, Drama Club, Spanish Club, Key Circulation, Co-op Office Program. PATRICIA SABOCHECK Nurses Club. Library Aide. ROBERT SALERNO Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir. ROBERT SALZANO French Club, Spanish Club. CARMELITTA SANCHEZ Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir. MARK SCALZO Football, LaCrosse, Var- sity Club. KATHLEEN SCHAFER XVHICI Ballet, F. T.A., Health Careers Club, Spirit Commit- tee, Spanish Club, Math-Science Honor Society, Sr. Choir, Inter-High Choir, "Cour- ant" Circulation, Drama Club, Lifesaving, Wfater Safety Aide, Swim Team, Guide. Guidance Aide, Corridor Aide, Madrigal Choir, National Honor Society. LINDA SCHNEIDER German Club, Health Careers Club, Guidance Aide, Cor- ridor Aide, Math-Science Honor Society. Class Council, Bowling. CATHY SCHWARTZ Secretarial Aide, Key Circulation, Spanish Club. ELAINE SEDOR Camera Club, Health Careers Club, Drama Club, G.A.A., Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir, Key Circulation, Spanish Club. VITO SEMAL Drama Club. PAMELA SHAFFER Health Careers Club, Spirit Committee, Spanish Club. RICHARD SHEEHAN Gymnastics, Swim- ming, Track, Varsity Club, Drama Club, Audio Visual. RANDY SHINDEL Future Nurses, Guide. Ski Club, Spanish Club, Junto, "Courant" Distributor, Spirit Committee, Dramatics Club, Class Council, "Courant" Typist, Guidance Aide, Bookstore Aide. RAY SHORTINO Basketball, Cross Coun- try, French Club, Radio Club, Corridor Aide. LINDA SHOULTS Cheerleader, Spirit Committee, Water Baller, Guide, Class Council, Key Circulation. HARVEY SILVERSTEIN Class Treasurer, Gymnastics, Track, Diving Team, Spanish Council, Dance Band, Band, Orchestra, Audio Visual, Spirit Committee, Varsity Club. JOEL SIMON Latin Honor Society, Math- Science Honor Society, Audio Visual, Cor- ridor Aide, Band, Orchestra, Inter-High Band, Inter-High Orchestra, Judo. JOSEPH SIRAGUSA Corridor Aide, Cross Country, Baseball, Audio Visual, Varsity Club. MILDRED SLATER Basketball, Volley- ball, Archery, Softball, Field Hockey, Track, G.A.A. ANDRES SLUK Soccer, Spanish Club, Golf, Corridor Aide. EUGENE SNIHUR Soccer, Library Aide. CATHERINE SOBSKA Basketball, Italian Club. GERALD SOKOLSKI Spanish Club. ROGER SOROCHTY Swim Team, Varsity Club, Math-Science Honor Society, National Honor Society, Latin Honor Society, Student Association Treasurer, Class President, Spirit Committee. JOHN SPAGNOLA Corridor Aide. BARBARA SPALL "Courant" Distributor. CHRISTINE SROCZEK Bowling, Olhce Aide. LAXVRENCE STACY Band, Junto, Stage Crew, Latin Honor Society, Cross Country, Track, F.T.A., Varsity Club, "Courant" Distributor, Math-Science Honor Society. ROBERT STANLEY Audio Visual, Gym- nastics, Drama Club, Key Circulation. BARBARA STASIUK Latin Honor Society, Junto, Ski Club, Spirit Committee, "Cour- ant" writer, Key Editor, Spanish Club, Drama Club, F.T.A. SHARON STAUB Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir, Basketball. ROBERT STEKLOFF Audio Visual, Choir. MARY ANN ST. JOHN Drama Club. VICTOR SUKHENKO Soccer, Varsity Club. LINDA SUSSMAN National Honor Soci- ety, Math-Science Honor Society, Guide, Guidance Aide, French Club, Spanish Club, F.T.A. MARILYN SUTERA Inter-Junior Choir, Inter-High Choir, Sr. Choir, Drama Club, F.T.A., French Club, Class Secretary, Girls' Social Chairman, Class Council, Junto, Spirit Committee. MARVIN SXVARTZ Dance Band, XVres- tling, Varsity Club, Football, Band. MICHAEL SWARTZ Wrestling, Corridor Aide, Audio Visual, Latin Honor Society. EUGENE SYDOR French Club, Junto, Band, Orchestra, Inter High Band 84 Orches- tra, R.A.U.N., Camera Club, "Courant" Photographer, Key Photographer, Key Edi- tor, Corridor Aide, Math-Science Honor Society. MICHAEL SYPNIAK French Club. KAREN SZABLAK Guide, Latin Honor Society, Spirit Committee, "Courant" Dis- tributor, National Honor Society. Business Honor Society, Key Circulation. F.T.A. MARIA SZABO Spirit Committee, German Club, Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir, Girls' Softball, Bowling. BEVERLY TIMMERMAN Choir, Bowling. JOHN TISDALE Football, Wfrestling. Varsity Club. RAELENE TITSXVORTH Choir. SIGMOND TOBIAS French Club, Chess Club, Library Aide. Math-Science Honor Society. REGINA TONCHAK Choir, Health Ca- reers Club, Nurses Aide, Guide, Sr. Choir, Key Circulation, Spirit Committee, Drama Club. CHERYL TOWNSEND Health careers Club, Spirit Committee, Junto, Senior Class Council, Spanish Club, French Club. JERRY TRISCARI Band, Audio Visual, Ski Club, Gymnastics, Stage Crew, Orches- tra, Camera Club, Drama Club, Math- Science Honor Society, Italian Club, Soccer, LaCrosse, Dance Band. ROSS TROCANO Cross Country, Jr. Choir, Corridor Aide. PATRICIA TROVATO Class Council, Na- tional Honor Society, Italian Club. LOUIS TRYBUS Class Vice President, Football. Social Science Forum, Latin Honor Society, Baseball, Football, Math- Science Honor Society, Varsity Club. GAIL ANNE TUBIOLO Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir, Guide, Italian Club, Health Careers Club, "Courant" Distributor. SHIRLEY TUCKER Water Ballet, Italian Club, Bowling, Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir, Junto, Spirit Committee, Co-op. MYROSLAW J. TULYK Soccer, F.T.A.. German Club. MARY UTTER Business Honor Society, Secretarial Aide. PEGGY UTTER Water Ballet, Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir, Spirit Committee, Attendance Aide, Corridor Aide, "Courant" Distribu- tor. Badminton. KATHLEEN VINCENT Sr. Choir. BARBARA VINER Orchestra, Inter-High Orchestra, Latin Honor Society, Math-Sci- ence Honor Society, Class Council, Junto, Legislative Council, "Courant" News Edi- tor, Spanish Club, Spirit Committee. RUTH VINER Orchestra, Spirit Commit- tee, "Courant" Feature Editor, Latin Honor Society. Inter-High Orchestra, Inter-High Band, Spanish Club. KATHY VOGT Future Nurses Club, Aquatic Club, Spirit Committee, Girls' Swim Team, F.T.A. SANDRA VOLO Junto, Bowling, Attend- ance Office, Secretarial Office Aide. ELLEN XVANDS Health Careers Club, French Club, Sr. Choir. JEANNE WARD Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir, Nurse's Aide. FRANCES XVARNEY Health Careers Club, Nurse's Aide, "Courant" Distributor. MICHAEL XVARREN Judo. ALAN WILSON Hi-Y. VERA XVIGHT Guidance Aide. Supply Store Aide, Guide, Latin Honor Society, Math-Science Honor Society, F.T.A., Spirit Committee, Legislative Council, Junto, Class Social Chairman, Student Council Secre- tary, "Courant" reporter, Key Circulation, "Courant" Distributor, Spanish Club. CORA XVILSON Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Track, Spirit Committee, Drama Club, G.A.A., Health Careers Club, French Club. Nurses Aide. 109 HELEN WOJTAL Drama Club, Sr. Choir, Inter-High Choir, Bowling, Secretarial Oliice Aide, Maiorette, Spirit Committee, Junto, "Courant" Circulation, Key Circulation. Stage Crew, German Club. MARY WOJTAL Basketball, Track, Sr. Choir, Bowling, Secretarial Office Aide, "Courant" Distributor, Junto, Spirit Com- mittee. KAREN WOLKONOWSKI Key Typist. JANET WOODWARD Jr. Choir, Sr. Choir. NICK WOWK Spanish Club, Cross Coun- try, Varsity Club. EDWARD WROBLEWSKI Audio Visual Aide. GERARD XVUNCH Cross Country, Varsity Club, Bowling, Track, Baseball. BARBARA YALE Health Careers Club. German Club, "Courant" Distributor. Nurse's Aide, Spirit Committee. ANDY YUSICK Latin Honor Society, Math-Science Honor. KATHLEEN ZAJAC Attendance Oflice Aide, Library Aide. DOMINICK ZARCONE Library Aide, French Club, Junto, Baseball, President of Senior Class, Corridor Aide, Latin Honor Society. Math-Science Honor Society, Na- tional Honor Society. Drama Club. F.T.A.. French Club. IOHANNA ZARCONE Drama Club. Bowling, Spirit Committee. "Courant" Dis- tributor. JANINA ZENKEL Drama Club. Library Aide. ELAINE ZIMMERMAN Class Council. Spirit Committee, Italian Club. Spanish Club. "Hmm . . .' last will mth Testament We the members of the beloved class of 1966 of Benjamin Franklin High School, being of unsound mind and unstable body, are determined to save succeeding Franklinites from the injustice of a lack of basic necessities. To establish the equal rights of juniors and sophomores--and the privileges of seniorsg to reveal obliga- tions that can successfully be brokeng to maintain interscholastic confusiong and to make sure that future generations will be able to live up to our standards, we - the representatives of the respective class -- do present this document hereby establishing the following bequest: Finally, the wins To Mr. Sabin we extend the first invitation to our class reunion, and a better attendance record next year. To Mr. Heidenreich we bequeath an honorary life-time membership card to the class of 1966. To Mr. MacConnell we bequeath a boat so he can use his "canoe paddle" for rowing as well as for :bowing his boys why to behave. To Mr. Cohen we bequeath a radar system to track down his corridor aides who aren't on their posts. To Miss Martens we leave a score of girls from A-K who need not be excused early. To Mrs. Saflund we leave a plant that does not need watering. To the counselors we leave next yeat's seniors' problems. To all the senior homeroom teachers we leave a class of eighth graders who are rich enough to pay their own book rental without borrowing money from the teachers. To Mr. Scheuermann we leave four years of memories and a giant economy-size THANK YOU for putting up with us. To Miss Young we leave suggestions on the best way to decline becoming a class advisor, and if that doesn't work, suggestions on the proper way to talk the class out of staying after school. To Mrs. Villone we leave deep appreciation for the years she worked with us. To Mr. Schlageter we leave our thanks for his printing skills, and 1000 pre-printed ZW" x SM," cards so he won't have as much to do next year. To Mr. Lynd and Miss Fierrn we leave more dances to go to. Oh yes, Mr. Lynd, you'll get that grass skirt you've been wanting, too. To Mr. Watt we leave a silver suit of armor for his chivalry, and a new hamster as a replacement in the Science Department. To Mr. Strauss we bequeath 500 copies of "The Way to Compile a Yearbook More Efiiciently Than Ever Before" and a mechanical doll to help with next year's production. To Miss Streb we leave the Beatle-faced pillow cases that spell "Seniors" on the back to use in a pep rally next year. To Mrs. Fraser we leave a homeroom that doesn't double lock. To Mrs. Ange we leave a tenth grade geometry class that learns required theorms as we didn't. To Mr. Fellows we leave an apple-polishing machine and an armed guard for the bookstore. To Mr. Sanguedolce we leave a carpenter's kit to enlarge his quarters for bigger and better parties. To Mr. Allen we leave a record of the "jolly Green Giant" and a can of green beans. To Mr. Glossner we leave a record of "Heart of Stone" and a year's supply of English Leather. To Mr. Iman we leave a graveyard in Roaring Gulch with tombstones that read, "You're all dead!" To Mrs. Kelly we leave a year's supply of tranquilizers. To Miss Leene we leave a box of expressions and a bag of jokes. To Mrs. Koch we leave ten free economics lessons after school. To Mr. Lomio we leave a class of short students. To Mr. McHugh we leave a celestial rug for his bug. To Mr. Migliore we leave George E. Jessel's Jokebook. To Mr. Koch we leave a Gresham's Law Kit and a set of standard curves. To Miss Pecoraro we leave a Haw. To Mr. Moorhouse we leave' a billy club for the cafeteria. To Mr. Viana we leave a long playing record of N-o-o-o- o-o's and N-u-t-s. To Mr. Perham we leave an audience with the Pope. To Mr. Reeve we leave a successful experiment. To Mr. Barrett we leave a year's supply of tooth paste to keep his smile bright. To Miss Budinski we leave a contact lens geiger and a year's supply of rubber bands and paper clips. To Mr. Bukowski we leave a year's supply of Brylcream and a recording of the Beatles singing the Polish National Anthem. To Mr. D'Angelo we leave a rubber bullwhip. To next year's Seventh and Eighth Graders we give a big stack of diagrams of Franklin's floor plan, and a flock of homing pigeons to carry back the messages of "Help, I'm lost!" To the Class of 1970 we leave 24' cases of lipstick remover to use when initiation is over. To the Class of '69 we give our lockers equipped with candy to entice the mice. To the Class of '68 we say, "Keep up the good work- one day you may end up almost as great as we are." To the Class of '67 we bestow our crown of glory as the "big wheels", and give a suggestion that they start making their class prophecy early--like now, for instance. To "Big Ben", whose hallowed halls are now so much brighter, we say not goodbye but "Aufweidersehen"- "We'll be back again". We carry with us the hope that others will find the happiness we found here. Respectfully submitted as a "Toast to the Future" on this, the twelfth day of February of the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty-six, the day of our '-'Toast to the Past"g witnessed by C. Brown, R. D'Arnico, P. Gales, N. Interlicchia, D. Meyer, L. Schneider, K. Szablak, R. Tonchak, and P. Utter, with the unanimous consent of the remaining four hundred and fifteen Seniors. HHHJA Mm PB A L AAG! gn 1 J I WEL. mf: 34 10 11 17 J U L woo 1 ... M 5 6 7 8 9 14 15 I6 21 22 23 28 29 30 ,,M.t1 19X Q59 i Al' 4 LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL-Sitting: S. Lore, Secretary, Heidenreich, P. Kryzalka, Parliamentariang L. Bonati J. Flood, Mrs. Clelia Saflund, Mr. Eugene MacConne1l, Treasurerg Mr. Frank Bukowski, R. Ercolano, President Mr. Willard A. Sabin, Miss Dorothy Martens, Mr. Pincus P. Pavone, Vice President, K. Nuciola. Row 3: K. Naw Cohen. Row Z: H. Szczepaniak, D. Wildman, Mr. Ronald rocki, M. Kotzin, J. Bornstein. LEGI LATIVE COUNCIL THE STUDENT ASSOCIATION junto is the liaison between students and the faculty and administration. It is the place where, hopefully, students wishes and those of the administration meet and are dealt with. Any school-wide social function or special fund drive is carried out by Junto. Innovations and ideas for improving Franklin may originate in or be approved by junto and followed through by this organization. The Spirit Committee is a standing committee from junto with, as its name implies, the express purpose of improving school spirit. Forthcom- ing sports are announced to homeroom repre- 112 sentatives who in turn report to their groups, encouraging active participation. The Legislative Council is made up of repre- sentatives from the administration, faculty, and each class. If Junto wishes to undertake a project so important that an administrative sanction must be obtained or one that would affect all the classes, then the plan is referred to the Legislative Council. Despite all of Junto's organization and repre- sentation, Franklinites must remember: Junto is like a parent, it can hold the students' hands, but the student must do the walking. Ralph Ercalano Jr. President of funto ...A SENIOR HOUSE- JUNTO-Row 1: L. Cervello, J. Garritano L. Bonati, P. Pavone, Vice President, R. Ercolano, President, Si Lore, Sefretaryg P. Kryzalka, Parliamentariany Mr. Frank Bu kowski, D. Athins, M. Mannara. Row 2: K. Christ, S. Slavas, I. Kitkiw, G. Rotolo, M. Wojtal, J. Ferrari, N. Balaniuk, P. LoBue, S. Tucker, R. Greco, R. Prasker, L. Kravchenko, D. Kayson, S. Salzman. Row 3: J. Bornstein, J. Pelychaty, S. Cym- balisty, A. Shafer, M. Arnone, P. Peo, C. Crisci, L. Baskin, B Stasiuk M Becker Sedor D Kna ton R Henr N. , - , J. , - P , - y, Gambacorta. Row 4.' A. Passaro, K. Kotzin, H. Elman, K Nawrocki, M. Block, R. Rosenberg, J. Hansen, G. Centola, P. Castronova, A. Szabo, V. Sheulakov, B. DiSano, D. Ladwig, J. Panaro, M. Norry. TUDE T COVER ME T JUNIOR HOUSE-JUNTO-Row I: B. Kessel, N. Fischer, A. Husok, C. France J. Flood, Recorderg M. Kotzin Speaker D. Wildman, L. Ufiger, R. Pellegrino, C. Nawiacki. Row 2,- f. Legon, W. Strong, J. Hatch, H. Szczepaniak, D. Bennett, J. Sovage, L. Stasiuk, J. Smith. J. Chambers, J. Adamski, V. Piaskowski, S. Marzouk, C. DeMayo, J. Blumenfeld, B. Doran, A. Scardinale, H. Dell. Row 3: M. Pasch, P. Lygas, J. Kasanav, F. Corolly, C. Goldman, L. Flynn, R. Kozel, J. Hansen, N. Pecora, T. Freedman, E. Peitzfeld, A. Pellingra, R. Hooks. 11 3... 4 ii' Q f 31455 eil: wg? 1 .ff M 4 Weave Got pirit SPIRIT COMMITTEE-Row I: D. Meyer, A. Demydenko, V. Dana, P. Babusci, B. Fisher, H. Szczepaniak, Fango, D. Chev- ron, M. Kalwas, B. Becker, S. Cohen, S. Brudno, M. Vendittuoli E. Gatto, C. Kutner, R. Privitera, J. Costa. Row 2: C. Frank, Si Salzoran, T. Bandemer, M. Wojtal, S. Lacow, M. Antropoli S. Anastas, J. DiStefano, E. Bagdonas, P. Utter, J. Peters, K Slakter, B. Nowaski, H. Wojtal, J. Markowitz, C. Cimino K. Korytko, Y. Ruban, R. D'Amico, H. Melman, C. Parlato, Nl Interlicchia. Row 3: K. Vogt, P. Blumenfeld, P. Mroczek, K Kuhns, D. Smith, G. Rotolo, D. Fries, C. Sorochty, B. DiSano, C. St. John, K. Nuciola, C. Townsend, P. Kryzalka, J. Batrack M. Gatto, K. Szablak, M. Kryzalka, B. Lombardo, V. Wight? Row 4: L. Szmedra, R. Norris, N. Zarcone, N. LeBriton, M. FRESHMAN CLASS COUNCIL FRFSHMAN CLASS COUNCIL--Row 1: J. Interlicchia, C. Nawrocki, L. Shadders. Row 2: M. Valinsky, Presidenlf A. Scardinale, Treasur- er,' O. Szepetyk, Secretary, B. Thomas, Vice President. Row 3: Mr. C. Searles, Adviserj M. Persikini, S. Nash, Miss I. Mayernik, Adviser. Row 4: P. Wiesner, P. Magnolia, D. Bennett, S. Marzouk. Row S: K. Moore, N. Pecora, L. Gibalski, G. Thurston. 115 3 2 Guy, J. Guy, O. William, D. Dunwoody, P. Kittelberger, N. McCullough, P. Gales, C. Masterton, R. Viner, K. Kotzin, B. Stasiuk, D. Pasch. Row 5: A. Ferretti, C. Speciale, C. Donato, L. Cannarozzo, B. Klass, M. Arnone, K. Sochan, L. Wojtczak, B. Buckler, D. Perlo, A. Hocenic, D. Knapton, L. Stasiuk, B. Goldfart, S. Altman, M. Burk. Row 6: B. Viner, M. Norry, J. DeFalco, R. Ercolano, Z. Zohar, J. Fiammi, B. Stafford, R. Hen- ry, H. Nicolaws, K. Holmguist, C. Crisci, N. Chmels. Row 7: M. Klass, J. Kolko, D. Cervello, J. Clark, S. Kreiwaitis, V. Jacobs, J. Koehler, J. Quadd, K. Schafer, M. Peper, H. Silver- stein, S. Creson. Row 8: F. Weingarter, M. Dater, J. Hansen. Row 9: P. Pavone, Presidenfy S. Lore, Setretary. HEALTH CAREERS CLUB-Row 1: J. Rybacki, Mrs Marcia Olshan, D. Harris, P. Kryzalka, Vice President, B. Yale, President, G. Hurwood, Treasurery C. Wilson Recording Serretaryg C. Townsend, Mr. John Lynd, Pi Babusci. Row 2: M. Hoffman, P. Boyar, D. Bennett, L Cervello, S. Law, H. Beasaw, M. Deas, E. Sedor, J. Sedor, U. Dorfner, M. Kryzalka, J. Weinstein, G. Gissin, A Brown, R. Pellegrins. Row 3: M. Clark, M. Bittner, J Labenski, A. Petracca, D. Davis, B. Johnson, R. Tonchak L. Schneider, M. Graham, D. Lewis, B. Gregory, L. Sala- maca, D. Knapton, A. Reka, J. Thomas. HEALTH CAREER CL R FUTURE TEACHER of AMERICA FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA-Row 1: C. Kaplan, E. Borysenko, Miss J. Lazzaro, J. Batrack, Hisior- ian,' D. DeRensis, P. Gales, H. Melman, Presidenty T. Bandemer, Corresponding Secretaryg E. Fomin, Program Chairmany D. Zarcone, Treasurer, K. Kotzin, Publicity Chairman: Mr. John Lynd, S. Lehrer, P. Blumenfeld. Row 2: S. Slakter, J. Costa, J. Peters, S. Lore, C. Parlato, C. Antoniak, S. Lacow, S. Pisani, M. Volski, E. Levantino, M. Antropoli, S. Bloomberg, C. Cimino, S. Brudno, P. Nersinger, M. Sorce, A. Yaravitz. Row 3: Y. Ruban S. Janis, J. Markowitz, B. Klass, J. Siena, R. Greco, Ji Fiammi, V. Wight, K. Szablak, K. Nuciola, C. Sorochty R. Nuciola. B. Stasiuk, M. Becker, C. Goldman, L. Suss-, man, D. Knapton. Row 4: M. Kalwas, E. Kosenko, S. Passer, C. Speciale, M. Klass, J. Clark, J. Etingoff, L. Trybus, K. Burger, L. Stacy, M. Darer, D. Dominice, J. Hansen, C. Walker, D. Ladwig, C. Fladd, P. Pavone, J. Feldman, S. Paul, Missing. 11 'z fi ? ,iz ' '3 5 .ff Q ay w mgggm F "" EE ' 1.2 f-xi N- U! 111 ww: f ,ik ,N ., 3 T W 1 'Lf ..f- , ff E. , 2 'ffm' -af A 'J if X' X ,.,. f xg - mf . M -ARB 'w 'Q ' .A rl A 1 2 .. A4 35 2 1 1 Q 5 agg- Qs I xx J H i It 'V my A 1 lo Q ? Ag , x 'Y 6 J 45' v , 1 5. DRAMA CLUB-Row I: J. Schwab, L. Anciukaitis, F Gatto J Hansen Trmsurer Fiammi Vice President Q ' I J I' J' Y Mrs. Helen Kelley, L. Baskin, President, S. Pisani, Secrei tary, M. Kalwas, S. Lore, L. Kowalski. Row 2: C. Burno, P. Utter, J. Dell, J. Recchio, B. Nowaski, M. Wojtal, M. Gatto, E. Bodnaruk, J. Batrack, P. Gales, R. Petracca J. Pelychaty, R. Prasker, E. Fomin, H. Wojtal, K. Korytko DRAMA CLUB AUDIO VISUAL AIDES-Rau' 1: R. Tribumella, L. Rubenstein, I. Wilson, C. Sanchez, J. Adamski, Mrs. Audrey Kirk, P. Schindler, R. Sydor, M. Valinsky, G. Atias, R. Ryntlers. Row 2: G. Thurston, R. Sheehan, J. Ruckdeschel, A. Cassano, J. Azzano, E. Reitzfcld, L. Swartz, L. Russell, B. Kantrowitz, L. Adamski, E. Wrob- lewski, W. Fladd, L. Stadnyk, D. Bonnewell. Row 3: R. 1 S. Janis, J. Recchio, S, Zeigler. Row 3: B. Kennedy, R. Sheehan, M. Diaz, S. Passer, J. Zenkel, S. Levinson, C. Buganski, J. Williams, J. Kolko, K. Schafer, V. Reynolds, T. Milliman, L. Stadnyk, E. Badagliacca. Row 4: D. Chevron, P. Randisi, C. Dupuis, B. Anderson, R. Dobosz, R. Salamaca, M. Markus, E. Knapp, F. Kittelberger, M. Peper, B. Victor, J. Curry, G. Brien, V. Okun, D. Smith. A DIO VI UAL AIDE Tubiola, F. Polizzi, P. Castronona, R. Stekloff, Camp, W. Camp, R. Norris, J. Siragusa, B. Atlas, M. Swartz, R. Stanley, R. Loria, A. Patti, J. Britz, P. Maykovich. Row 4: B. Snihur, M. Baker, L. Foley, J. Mayer, S. Cohen, M. Froehlich, C. Peck, A. Prettyman, F. Jordan, T. Perrot- ta, C. Banker, E. Knapp, G. Prosianik, H. Silverstein, G. Hurwand. 120 r Z COOPERATIVE OFFICE PRACTICE CLASS-Row I: Mrs. Helen Meinhardt, B. Cyrana, M. Golf, J. Eustaino, L. Petrenko. Row 2: C. Bialuska, K. Leone, G. Tubi Ola, K. Purcio, S. Tucker, I. Miller, P. Camp. Row 3: G. Diaczenko, L. Karmanski W. Goossen, J. Zarcone, G. Owens, B. Sarkis, S. Kryla, S. Sablosky. CO-OP OFFICE PRACTICE dw vs UPPLY T ORE AIDE SUPPLY STORE AIDES-Row I: R. Prasker, N. LeBrit- Z. Zohar, P. Nersinger, K. Stein. Row 3: B. Kantrowitz on, BooRab, B. Hurwitz, L. Neubauer, L. Kowalski. M. Peper, J. Knlko, E. Knapp, B. DiSano, C. Fladd. Ab Row 2: S. Pine, V. Wight, S. Knapp, K. Gill, M. Norry, sent: j. McGrath. 4? lg! 451: 5 fm 5, WX 2' X E A 'F' X ' X x ,Hf , x gn' 5 X'-,,W. 1 I a' YN rf , " ' 7 A an aj., I girl 'fy ff 45992 1538 KEY CIRCULATION-Row 1: B. Nowaski, D. Meyer, Milliman, V. Wight, S. Cohen, M. Romaniw, R. D'Amico, S. Lore, J. Costa, L. Kowalski, C. Parlato, M. Gatto, N. E. Gatto. Row 3: P. Camp, G. Gissin, P. Gales, K. Schafer, Fleig. Row 2: N. Interlicchia, R. Privitera, C. Schwartz, M. Peper, B. Kantrowitz, C. Masterton, B. Stanley, J. T. Knight, K. Szablak, J. Pelychaty, T. Bandemer, T. Clrk, V. Jacobs, M. Norry, H. Wojtal. Managing Editors ....... ...... A lla Demydenko Activities ...... ......... J oanne Costa Barbara Stasiuk Nancy Interlicchia . . R M P ' 't Introduction ...... ............ J anice Dell Ose ary Iwi era , . . . . S ..... .......... K h N ' l Administration ..... ....... E llzabeth Fomln Ports Eat Zine gels u Carol Ann Parlato g y Honors ,.,,,. ...... M arcelle Kelly Faculty and Students Seniors ....... Elizabeth Fomin Susan Passer Sanford Rockowitz Alla Demydenko Barbara Stasiuk Artists ........ Photographer ........... Special Copy Editor Diane Myers Andrea Rockow Elizabeth Fomin Alla Demydenko Eugene Sydor Marlene Alva 125 Row I: B. Viner, R. Viner. Row 2.- I. Cohen, E. Cohen. ORCHE TBA ORCHESTRA-Row I: B. Viner, M. Sorce, S. Kasanon, S. Lacow, K. Slnkter, M. Alva, C. A. Parlato, R. D'Amico J. Gerber. Row 2: J. Flood, J. Feldman, I. Valbergs, R Grosswirth, C. Sparmann, E. Goldman, G. Sereno, D Dailor, J. Knlwas, S. Lehrer, P. Greenberg, H. Melman s S. Mauro, j. Simon, W. Lipschutz. Row 3: Mr. Scammell R. Baker, L. Aclamski, M. Baker, C. Nawrocki, D. Zuhlke J. Nawrocki, B. Levitt, M. Block, J. Etingoff, R. Viner L. Baker, F. Weingarten, A. james. 124 BAND-Row 1: V. Burgos, W. Lipschutz, R. Bucior, M. Sebastian, Mr. Benjamin Scammell, D. Groth, B. Levitt, C. Nawrocki, J. Nawrocki. Row 2: J. Franchuk, D. Nicols, T. Yale, A. Izaks, A. Marrynetz, P. Castronova, J. Simon, D. Crist- antello, R. Sydor, I. Wilson, B. Rockell, S. Lehrer. Row 3: M. Block, J. Kalwas, L. Kolb, M. Arnone, E. Cohen, J. Fleisher, BAD PERCUSSION-D. Bently, A. Izaks, A. James, S. Goldsrien, A. Martynetz, F. Wein- garten. 12 M. Graham, L. Adamski, R. Siena, I. Cohen, H. Robinson. Row 4: G. Sereno, E. Sydor, S. Goldstien, M. Baker, F. Weingarten, R. Grosswirrh, D. Bentley, A. James, D. Zuhlke, C. Goldman, W. Lipschutz. Not in picture: E. Knapp, R. Davis, D. Dailor, S. Mauro. SENIOR CHOIR-Raw I: L. Speranza, G. Rotolo, C. Cimino, P. Utter, J. Woodward, M. Stevens, C. Pszenyczniak, E. Bodnar- uk, J. Pelechaty, R. Eddy, C. Watson, A. Borys, L. Lewin, D. Zubil, K. LaDo1ce, J. Siena, K. Loturco, J. Reed, W. Blackwell, S. Sabocheck, M. Kryzalka, L. Kowalski. Row 2: N. LeBriton, M. Wojtal, R. Privitera, N. Fleig, G. Frank, C. Bernola, D Fries, M. Diaz, P. Goldman, D. Cervello, O. Lewin, R. Salerno, G. Kolb, L. Brucato, P. LoBue, C. Sloane, G. Daniele, R. Creson T. Bandemer, E. Gatto, L. Couch, N. McCullough. Row 3: Yi Lawson, B. Simmons, E. Centola, S. Longmore, S. Kemp, K. Sochan, I. Yakowyna, S. Perticone, C. Speciale, C. Walker, E. Barse, A. Starkman, P. Maykovich, B. Glover, L. Mack, C. Crisci C. Jackson, R. Stewart, B. King, S. Glasow, E. Murray, T. Millii man, C. Sanchez, R. Prasker. Row 4: J. Seclor, M. Killeen, M. Reese, B. Davis, M. Carter, R. Felder, A. Cunningham, J. Zenkel, B. Anderson, D. Lundy, J. Boyle, J. Kolko, M. Volk, A. Mathis J. Bushart, J. Shevlakov, R. Janiak, D. Ladwig, S. Staub, K, Fisk, M. Szabo, S. Bachmann, S. Church, J. Dick, V. Smith C. Kaiser. H. Wojtal, Missing. Insels: Dr. Calvin Dash, Mrs, Grace Dennison. 126 CAMERA CLUB-Row I: R. Badagliacca, J. Hatch, C. Szatan, E. Sedor, Vire President,' J. Sedor, Treasurerg J. Mayer, Presi- denlg Mr. Frank Mockevicius, U. Dorfner, Secrelaryg S. Dick, K. Merrifield. Row 2: J. McDonald, R. Sydor, M. Victor, V. Saffrin M. Bittner, B. Kennedy, C. Balkum, A. Sudore, C. Primous, Ti Urban, K. Leavitt, M. Demianiw, M. Deas, S. Law, Badagliac ca, J. Wood. Rau' 3: I. Wilson, L. Przybyla, L. Adamski, L Evans, R. Salamaca, J. Blazys, R. Norris, M. Markus, R Grosswirth, F. Pachla, G. Prosianik, N. Posiko, J. Wawro, E Sydor, J. Czerkawskyj. CAMERA CL B Look, Ma, no cavities. .iilrf 127 3 to 1-What more can a kid ask for? I think you'll get a better sound if you plug it in! Hey look, there's a Hy doing the fruit in my soup! Three cheers for these two brilliant Seniors-it only took them live years to learn how to print! Could it be I have bad breath? 128 iN Homolzo - I STAN mmm Guf-nz NAWONA BUSINESS MAT:-1-Soni LATHXI Ho FRENCH Smxwssn-1 H GERMAN WTALSAN H QEQ5 AND HE FLAC-3 oossw CQETY Sooasw OCIETY IETY OCAETY OCIETY 1 l I I v 4 I YL'-' 4 l Top Iefl-S. Rockowitz, Standard Bearer. Top right-S. Tobias, Assisiant Standard Bearer Lower left-M. Alva, Guardian of the Flag. Lower right-P. Gales I Assistant Guardian of the Flag. STANDARD BEARER and G ARDIANS of the FLAG 130 JUNIOR STANDARD REARERS and JUNIOR GUARDIANS of the FLAG Top lefl-J. Fideor Top right-A. Scardinale junior Assixlant Guardian of the Flag junior Guardian of the Flag. Lower left-H. Schnidman Lower right-M. Marzynetz junior Assixtanl Standard Bearer. junior Standard Bearer. 131 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-Row 1: G. Gisson, C. Parlato, H. Melman, E. Rorysenko, E. Fomin, S. Bloom- berg, L. Olson. Row 2: D. Zarcone, Social Cbairmang M. Dater, Treasurerg B. Lombardo, Prexidenlf P. Gales, Vice President' R D'Amico Secretar 'Y Ruban Social Chair- , - , JU - , J. Batrack, C. Antoniak. man. Row 3: P. Pavone, K. Schafer, B. Viner, T. Bande- mer, P. Trovato, P. Kryzalka, J. Peters, D Meyer L Sussman, V. W'ight, K. Kotzin, D. Harris Raw 4 A Yusick, M. Czarniecki, L. Schneider, R. Ercolano J Clark A. Demydenko, M. Alva, K. Szablak, D. Pasch R Vmer NATIO AL HO OR OCIETY It was Ccenterj that made the ceremony of May 27 Qrightj the success that it was. the careful planning of the Induction Committee Cleftl and the Induction 132 S peake rs The inductees, holding their lighted candles, repeat the oath at the In- duction Ceremony of December 8, 1965. BUSINESS I-IO OR OCIETY BUSINESS HONOR SOCIETY-Row I: I.. Colucci, K. Purcio, R. DiBiase, M. Gatto, M. Golf, S. Anastas, H. Weiner, D. Meyer, B. Fisher. Row 2: K. Szablak, D. Bar- anes, M. Dater, Presizlenly Mrs. Gloria Arnell, Facully Sponsor: Mr. A. Tortotella, Facully Sponsorj S. Slavas, Vice Presidwzlg I. Blocksdorf, Serretnryg S. Krezmer, A Shafer, D. Perri. Row 3: V. Okun, W. Goosen, M Harbak, S. Knapp, E. Wright, K. Melville, L. Wawrn K. Christ, B. Scheck, P. Babusci. 1 MATH-SCIENCE HONOR SOCIETY-Row I: D Ladwig, N. Born, D. Baranes, F. Cirrin, P. Babusci Mr. Marshall Weissend, Faculty Spomory J. Schidman Vice Presidentg R. Greco, Sefrelaryf J. Czarniecki, Presi dentg A. Szabo, B. Sheremeta, N. Narcone, R. Reitz, E Borysenko. Row Z: P. Gombatto, C. Parlato, E. Fiegerio L. Carpet, H. Weiner, K. Stein, G. Gissin, J. Markowitz, B. Levitt, J. Siena, D. DeRensis, B. Lombardo, L. Dran chak, S. Salzman, M. Antropole, J. Kronenberg, F. Wilson R. D'Amico. Row 3: M. Volski, J. Batrack, P. Gales, A MATH- CIE CE HO OR SOCIETY Mrs. Morsheimer accepts an award in behalf of Benjamin Franklin mathe- matics students who took part in a s Demydenko, J. Weinstein, P. Blumenfeld, P. Karwat, K Barned, K. Nawrocki, A. Metter, C. Fladd, E. Cohen, I Cohen, L. Bonati, C. Crisci, S. Passer, C. Goldman P. Greenberg, J. Bornstein, J. Kosinski, D. Pasch, T Bandemer, A. Shafer. Row 4: T. Salzano, M. Kalwas, E Prosianik, S. Goldstein, E. Sydor, A. Yusick, D. Koepplin J. Kolko, M. Dater, E. Burel, L. Stacy, D. Willis, M Waida, R. Cummings, S. Freedman, R. Bodhan, J. Gesch- wind, J. Etingoff, M. Block. These students also excel in lab work. recent ICSI. 1u,,,..x.w:nu tml I 1 1 1 OPTIMATES-Row l: C. Butler, K. Barned, Scribay L. Salzman, Nuntiusy R. D'Amico, Consul, Miss Dorothy Pecararo, Faculty Sponsor, G. Gissin, Consul, S. Salzman, Aedileg M. Vol- ski, Quaestorg J. Bornstein, H. Mel- man. Row 2: J. Recchio, G. Ziegra, V. Qf 'aff fp 49' . . R. f U0 ' " , F il .... faalla tg! ... Wight, J. Batrack, M. Alva, G. Suend- sen, D. Ladwig, J. Recchio, R. Viner P. Gales, K. Kotzin, B. Viner, B Levitt. Row 3: D. Zarcone, S. Mauro A. Starkman, R. Bodmar, M. Waida M. Volk, D. Willis, M. Dater, O Lewin, J. Schnidman, W. Lipschutz. 1? DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN-Row I: A. Shafer Social Reka E. Briese C. Sparmann G. Hoppe E. Kosenko K Chairman' J. Mayer Vire President' J. Geschwind Treas- Sochan K. Merrilield B. Yale L. Beletzky. Row 3: C urer' Miss Kathryn Young Advisor- D. Matties Secretary' Szepetyk P. Rak I. Yakowyna O. Szeptyk A. Apollonio A. Szabo President' j. Franchuk A. Hrywnak. Row 2: A. T. Engel H. Nicolaus L. Schneider M. Szabo P. Brown M. Winnick. DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN 136 IL CIRCGLO ITALIANO IL CIRCOLO ITALIANO-Row 1.' G. Kmetic, K Donato, Secretaryg M. Antropoli, Social Clmirmang C Camarata, Presidentg Mrs. Dorothy Rossi, Facully Sponsor, A. Triscari, Vice Presidenlg N. Pecora, Sa-'gent-al-Arms, D. Brockler, Treasurerf S. Janis. Row 2: P. Buonomo, A '- rgi P ' 4' ,NE ' h W al" lu .0215 fww WSH 4 'Roma Cappadonia, H. Beasaw, M. Stevens, J. Oliveri, M. Bar bano, K. Chmiel, B. Stafford, J. Triscari, P. Utter, J Pelligra, D. Warney. Row 3: A. Petracca, R. Henry, D johnson, R. Smith, J. Greco, D. Cervello, F. Storace, J Panaro, A. Cunningham, I. Nicholson, N. Balaniuk, E Anderson. EL CIRCULO HISPANICO EL CIRCULO HISPANICO-Row 1: L. Olson, P. Pavone, Sargenl-at-Arms, V. Wight Trea.mrer,' B. Becker, Vice Presidentg J. Markowitz, Presidentf C. Kutner, Social Chair- man,' J. Kless, Secretaryg B. Stasiuk. Row 2: C. Westfall, J. Batrack, K. Stein, D. Perlo P. Kryzalka, K. Kotzin, J. Peters, L. Sussman, E. Reitzfeld, C. Antoniak, E. Hecht, D Cuifo, V. Burgos. Row 3: C. Goldman, M. Becker, V. Potuzhny, S. Davis, C. Yurkiw C. Wfalker, C. Fladd, P. Karwat, L. Swcetland, J. Sedor, M. Diaz, M. Bodnaruk, V kun O Grad ow M Klass R Perez M Block H Silverstein N Wowk O,J.'y.R4.-.,.,. ,. ,. , D. Geraci, T. Orczyk, B. Salzano, G. Zampatori, J. Cavallaro, D. Koepplin, J. Etingoff, D. Little. GIDRALTIP. 138 Rnms LE CERCLE FRANCAIS ur' MHRSEILLE LE CERCLE FRANCAIS-Row I: N. Balaniuk, R. Rubin, K. Nuciola, Treasurerf G. Rotolo, Secretaryf R. Reitz, Presidenty S. Bloomberg, Social Cbairmang C. Speciale, Vice Prexidenty K. Kuhns, L. Dranchak. Row 2: V. Bapat, P. Gombatto, S. Lehrer, M. Bodyk, T. Kretschmar, T. Balaniuk, J. Victor, J. Weinstein, S. Locow, D. Wildman, Y. Ruban, M. Hoffman. Row 3: J. Gierczak, T. Bandemer, C. Crisci, P. Pavone, C. Camarata, M. Martynetz, P. Goldman, W. Kosel, P. Greenberg, P. Karwat, P. Gales. 139 You don't have to be Italian to cook like one. i s i qi' ff ,f n ,M "No, Mr. Orlando! It's Woof Woof, not Roof Roof!" The Ranger has arrived. , Ui 140 "This is m territo ! Make no bonex ' Y fY about it." L I X .5 ,Ag-r 'Z Y' VARSITY CHEERLEADERS CPYRAMIDJ-Row I.' D. N. McCullough, C. Cimino, R. D'Amico. Row 3: J. Reisig Pnsch, P. Kirtclbcrger, L, Shoulls, K. Nuciola. Row 2: K. Koryrko. CHEERLEADER VARSITY CHEERLEADER Donna Pasch Ruth D'Amico fCaptninj jackie Reisig Kathy Nuciola Carol Cimino Kathy Korytko Lynnie Shoults Nora McCullough Pamela Kittelberger 145 JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS-Row 1: A Scardinale, D. Fries, D. Azuri. Row 2: G. Rotolo, M Antropoli. Row 3: L. Gibalski, G. Slater. Row 4: P Mroczek, B. Simmons. JU IOR VAR ITY CHEERLEADER 144 LEADER CORPS-Row I: J. Turner, P. Nuciola, A. Reitz R. Morrill, Mr. v. Gfiebus, A. Jones, K. Hoimquist, sf Cymbalisty, H. Nicolaus. Row 2: N. Zarcone, D. Vogt, L. Trybus, E. Glossner, F. Colquitt, G. Bergevin, A. Hen derson, J. Nelson, C. Masterton, R. Sheehan, R. Antrita Row 3: A. Carter, H. Emens, A. Szabo, G. Robinson, T Belli, R. Moss, R. Cacciato, F. jordan, R. Davis, H. Elman E. Cohen. PHY ICAL ED CATIO -- Physical Education is slowly adhering to visions of new philosophies, regulations, and adjectives with a Leader Corps or "Majors Unit" being the nucleus and dynamo of a new era in achieving a sound healthy body and proper attitudes toward wholesome activities and mental awareness. We on the Health Education staff are constant- ly striving to integrate the new with the old keeping in mind that mental improvement goes hand in hand with the actual physical conditioning. 145 FRA KLI HIGH Our young folks at Franklin this year have been doing a fantastic job building Esprit de Corps and learning to be sacrificial strong in quality and courage and loyalty. It is with pride that the physical Education staff serves the students of Franklin and hopes sincerely that every boy and girl has profited in the perfection of the individual in relation to him- self, to nature, to society, and a philosophy of life. Mr. Dunn Department Head of Health and Physical Education 4l.A.....I, I .. I' I. ff . VARSITY FOOTBALL- 1965-Front Row: B. Charles- Mgr., C. Miller, T. Romeo, J. Minardo, N. Colquitt, J. Areino-Mgr., L. Neal, D. Burns, K. Leavitt, R. Antrita, D. Isidore-Mgr. Middle Row: J. Christensen fHead Coarbj, S. Mazza, F. Colquitt, R. Arieno, T. Gray, M. Scalzo, L. Szmedra, J. Curry, M. Flynn, V. Greibus - Assist. Coach. Back Row: A. Henderson, C. Masterton, M. Markus, T. LaManna, G. Robinson, B. Moss, W. Barkley, B. Rinauldo, U. Miller, F. Muriello, P. Nuciola, L. Trybus, N. Robinson. CITY FOOTB LL CHAMPIO ll...-. HONORS C o-Captains Bobby Moss Willie Barkley Bobby Moss-All-Scholastic Quarterback flst team, for 2nd year Honorable mention 11 of 10 backs from New York State, on the High School All- American team. Willie Barkley - All-Scholastic Tackle flst team, Steve Mazza - All-Scholastic Guard flst team, Phil Nuciola-All-Scholastic Tackle 12nd team, flst team tackle in 1964, Honorable Mention Tom Gray Tom Romeo Lomack Neal 146 1 l l THE COACHG CORNER For the second consecutive year the Franklin football team brought the city championship back to Franklin. Some of the outstanding seniors that made this season possible were the Co-Captains' Bobby Moss and Willie Barkley, plus Phil Nuciola, Lomack Neal, Nate Colquitt, Craig Masterton, Tom Gray, Tom Romeo, John Tisdale, Ken Leavitt, Lou Try- bus and Dennis Burns. Underclassmen who also contributed to our fine success were Steve Mazza, Frank Colquitt, jim Curry, Charles Miller, Leon Szmedra, Gilbert Robinson, Norris Robinson, Ralph Antrita, Frank Muriello, Archie Mathis and Art Henderson. This championship team possessed such neces- sary and fine qualities as excellent team leadership from its seniors and a great team spirit. There was a good hard-nosed attitude toward the game and above all the all-out determination to win and be- come champions. It has been a delight, honor, and privilege for me to work with such a line group of athletes. We are anxiously awaiting the new '66 season. Coach jack Christensen ,ffs'1ae:.s2-1.v'f31v.'h iff' . - i' " Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin 147 FOO VLL f .kill 21 Q' West 19 iss. Jefferson F06 VARSITY SOCCER-Seated: P. Kopeleiw. Row 1: G. M. Falat. Row 2: B. Leszynski, J. Geschwind, V. Gatto Melnyk, F. Federenko, A. Auzans, A. Sluk, Mr. O'C0nne1l, M. Gudselak, R. Cohen, L. Stadnyk. CITY OCCER CHAMPIONS HONORS All-Scholastic lst Team Andres Sluk, Centerforward I Pete Kopelciw, Centerhalf All-Scholastic 2nd Team Rick Cohen, Goalie Foreground: V. Gatto, and A. Sluk in background. 148 THE COACH'S CORNER The fall of 1965 saw Franklin retain the City Interscholastic Soccer Championship. After the loss of several key players from last year's team, there was quite a bit of shuffling of talent to fill the holes. This year's team had the fine perform- ance of Pete Kopelciw, All-Scholastic centerhalf as well as the unanimous choice of coaches and oiiicials in centerforward Andres Sluk for All- Scholastic. There were many tense moments for the Franklin booters before reaching the title. One such moment was the showdown between Franklin and jefferson, both with 7-0 records before the game. This was the team's finest performance of the season defeating Jefferson by the score of 2-0 and also adding to the toll of 7 shutouts in 8 city games. In sectional play, Franklin lost to Peniield 5-2 to end the season with the first loss in two years and a record of 21 wins, 1 tie and 1 loss. Coach Brian O'Connell Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin 149 ear Marshall Charlotte West Madison Monroe East Kearney VARSITY WRESTLING-Row 1: L. Swartz, G. Lundy, L. Phelps, J. Harris, R. Perez, M. Swartz, T. jones. Row 2: L. Neal - Mgr., F. Slater, A. jones, P. Limoli, L. Wingo, L. Blake, J. Peterson, M. Swartz. Row 3: Mr. Farquhar WRE TLI HONORS Jerald Hill-Semi-finalist in "Tourna- ment of Champions" Forrest Slater- Finalist in "Tournament of Champions" 3rd, place in Section V. Championships at Penn Yan. Franklin Gold Key Winner. john Turner, Captain - Finalist in "Tour- nament of Champions" 2nd place in Section V Championships at Penn Yan. Winner of outstanding trophy for finest city wrestler during Tournament of Champions. Winner of Eastridge Christmas tournament. Franklin Gold Key Winner. Phil Nuciola, Captain-Finalist in "Tournament of Champions" Winner of Section V Championships as heavy. Winner of Eastridge tourn- ament, Franklin Gold Key Winner. 150 ICoachj, F. Martinez, D. Martinez, J. Turner, Captaing J. Tisdale, B. Beaman, R. Morrill, J. Nelson, P. Nuciola Captaing Mr. Greibus, fCaachj. Missing: H. Kepplinger W. Cason, J. Hill. and JUDO Franklin gold key winners-undefeated in league wrestling for 1965-1966. Captain, John Turnerg Captain, Phil Nuciola, Forrest Slater. THE COACH'S CORNER Our team from nowhere produced a really fine year with a record of 6 wins, 2 losses, 3 city champ- ions and one alternate. Some examples of what made this team a great one were the attitudes of our captains, John Turner and Phil Nuciola who cultivated great spirit and unity for our entire team. There were boys like Ramon Perez who many times wrestled out of his weight class to better balance out the team. After the season had begun we then found out that both Ramon and Marv Schwartz had painful injuries which they kept to themselves. They did not want to let their team down by being absent from the lineup. Many of our boys with no questions asked, sacrificed personal gain in order to help our team. Boys like John Tisdale should be brought to light. He came out for wrestling as a senior because we needed him. Although he worked prac- tically a full time job at night, he never skipped one single practice. As the season progressed, john beat many four year veterans. These kids had real class-I'll always remem- ber them. Coach Vic Greibus 18 15 23 16 16 15 21 6 151 MEIDOKAN JUDO CLUB-Kfzeeling: A. jones Standing: K. Holmquist, P. Nuciola, S. Cymbalisty Coach Greibus, H. Nicolaus, B. Morrill. 4 Q R A A A FQ' .nzyl 1 fqxr ' ,,,.,, ' W Ax A- ,, 12 pl-:wl':rY Q wr' -.f'5f,,. - .. ,, x""-1 , 3 -f --,. zz, wg .wi M A. . in,b:,'8 U r , X kikfiagsi 'I .. . -al. E vm frwvif, 4 Mk I 1 f',ggg.jff -, M- " Q' ul,-. 'SQ wiv ,emu NAQ. f, A 4 If f 11 , J V, fi ' Ak Q KI A f gv Ju IM' N1 M V A 'Y rwr1' f XXI xi! 1 srwumiis VARSITY SWIMMI G VARSITY SWIMMING TEAM 1966-Row 1: G. Wfitkiewitz, K. Holmquist, G. Kearns, H Nicolaus, B. Sheremeta, Captain, A. Zabo, D. Nesbitt, M. Czubara. Row 2.' F. Wilson, R Freeman, P. Pavone, M. Leavitt, D. Groth, M. Tritto, Mr. Kenneth Davis, fCo11clJj, M. Markus R. Harris, J. Mayer, E. Armstrong. Jbtfy 'vu ru. TE swim cross uf: savma VARSITY BASKETBALL-Front Row: R. Arieno-Mgr., T. jackson, D. Lundy, I. Marshall, A. Mathis, B. Moss, -I. English-Mgr., A. Henderson, R. Davis, J. Blackwell. W. Barkley, G. Robinson. Rear Row: Coach -I. H. Donovan, M. Marshall, U. Miller, BASKETBALL HONORS 6 Team Honors Won Runner-up City League Title Runner-up Section Five AA Title Champions Greece Christmas Tourney Individual Honors Won 154 Terry Jackson - All-City and All Sectional Team Willie Barkley - All-City Team Bobby Moss - All-City Team Gil Robinson- All-City second team THE COACH'S CORNER Following a 91-58 season opening win, it ap- peared that the Quakers were off to perhaps one of their most exciting seasons in years, but our joy was short lived. With eligibility problems always prominent, the first five was reduced to three as Lamar Johnson and Terry Jackson left the team. However, Gil Robinson and Art Henderson stepped into the breech and along with the big three of Moss, Marshall and Barkley, our boys went winging away to 10 more straight wins. After a blizzard, lay-off and other complications, the Quakers were humbled by East for their first loss in 12 games but returned in a memorable, last sec- ond win to nip the 17 game win streak of the Orientals on their home floor. In a play-off game at Penfield, foul trouble cost Franklin a last minute win for the City League leaders. A step into a Sectional Championship game at the U. of R. against, guess who, East High School and a four point, heartbreaking, defeat left the Quakers sec- ond best in Section Five with an 18-3 season record. Coach Joseph Donovan 91 85 71 104 94 66 71 76 68 89 91 Franklin Aquinas East Edison Madison Monroe Bishop Kearney East East East ece Olympia .IU IOR VAR ITY FOGTRALL ul 'Q JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL-Front Row: I.. Bor- Briggs, B. Hill, F. Slater. Row 3: B. Beaman, A. Mack, owski, W. Harrison, J. Kukurudzu, J. Harris, J. Peterson, C. Charles, R. Hedman, T. jackson, J. Coyle, Coach j. H. G. Hills, M. Warfield, C. Hayes, P. Limoli, G. Lane. Row Donovan, L. johnson, M. Marshall, J. Session, -I. White, 2: B. johnson, A. Arndt, E. Holmes, W. Bellamy, E. W. McNair, S. Cohen. JU IOR VARSITY SOCCER JUNIOR VARSITY SOCCER-Kneeling: R. De Mayo, Standing: E. Baker, M. Block, B. Snihur, W. Stadnyk, C D. Margolycz, M. I-Irycelak, P. Hawryschuk, M. Valinsky. Greene, C. Goldman. 156 JU IOR V R ITY BASKETB LL A DW? 'fm j.V. BASKETBALL- 1965-1966-Front Row: J. Christen- jackson, C. Brazil, B. Kuzmisky. Row 2: D. Bentley, J sen fCoarbj, W. Cleveland, L. Baker, F. Colquitt, L. Session, G. Wfheeler, F. Coley, W. Moss. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL -W5 1 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL-Row I: Mr. O'Cormell, M. Gray, R. johnson, J. Session, E. Anderson, W. Wheeler Warfield, G. Hill, O. Rodriguez. Row 2: XV. Howard, M. D. Adams. 157 GOLF TEAM-Kneeling: Mr. Mousso fC01ICbj, A. Cassano, T. Salzano, A. Sluk. Snmding: J. Mayer, D. Koenig, P. Lebowicz, S. Cymbalisty, R. Cicotta, R. Salzano, B. Shenkman. FRESHMAN SWIM TEAM-Row 1: E. DiNardo, C. Green, R. Hise, T. Speciale, T. Mastcrton, D. Geraci, G. Sheremeta. Row 2: S K K. Houck, I. Wilson, M. Valinsky, Mr. Moorhouse KCoarbj, B. Tarcliff, B. Klimm, T. Yale, D. Dailor. G- 4 .S , f , ., 5 it . K A 'sl . X o f . si vc Q in-in -rt' 'P' J . I Q f M., 'Big l BADMINTON-D. Little, G. Brien, C. Pzenyczhiak VOLLEYBALL-Seated: 1. Reed, L. Childers, S. Paul, B. Becker, P. Kittelbcrger. S1m1zling.' S. Dick, C. Pszenyczhiak, M. Slater, A. Bridges, C. Wilson, G. Brien, L. Lesure, C. Crisci, E. Murray. VOLLEYBALL H. Solvage. GIRLS' FIELD HOCKEY-B. T. Schultz, A. Bridges, E. M. Slater, B. Stasiuk. 159 GIRL 9 FIELD HUCKEY ,X GIRLS' GYMNASTICS-Row I: K. Ratigan, G. Kraus, R. Stewart. Row 2: S. Duncan, j. Thomas, A. Manigoult, D. Peck, L. Childers, E. Thompson. Row 3: G. Couchman S. Hunter, D. Knapton, E. Kosenko, P. Wiesner. Row' 4 C. Wine, C. Glicken. CITY and ECTIO V BOYS' GYMNASTICS-Row 1: C. Shaw, E. Lundy J Session. Row 2: J. McGrath, S. Creson, H. Silverstein H Elman. GYMNASTIC CHAMPIO 160 HONORS Harvey Silverstein won the all around Section V championship and the American Turner's Trophy. Jeff McGrath scored the highest total points, 88 for the season. The team Won the American Turners Trophy for The City Championship. They also won the Section V Championship Trophy. THE COACH,S CORNER Ben Franklin's Gymnastic Team just finished a perfect season, having won all of their scheduled meets including the City and Section V Championships. The four seniors: Captain Harvey Sil- verstein, Co-Captain jeff McGrath, Harvey Elman and Steven Creson con- tributed immeasurably to the success of this team's record. Gene Lundy, James Session and Charles Shaw rounded out the team membership, Coach L. F. Szeles 443 ,H l L Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin SECTIO 1st Fran 2nd Ma QQ: HX ? L. SQSRES V004 VQV04 U'04P4 BOXOPI 548454 llllll B004 il I D001 19101 ,Ji , 9001 lv 0 0 ebster High on Tech D v 1 n Ma hall HAM IONSHIP S .Ji 5 :lr .,..1,r1.- A ??l4I4Pg ' Mi ' ' ' 5rd Gre : of nioft mif1dfi24 p , ,4,4,d mos , Na 'wood mum BBE Q66 ,.,,:w H .Wt-,m,.1..v,m:'-"Xaw f-.,1,mM...,,M., , 1 . 52 1 . 5 P111-,nj ' uv! --. V.. -.-Q 4 vvv ,fn . 352 50 .-- vw' .. EJMAAA 'C' ' vvqfv 5 ... H Is 'vvv ... vvv ,lglyllj K- I ,, , 1.42 1 v'v AA. V. V..,, ,E ,vw A.. .K Q1'1k'Pf- --- I 444 I .QW A... l ., - , A.-.1 ' , -.. If ... if 1' ' QC Qlin - v ..- fy 'IVV ... IVY ia ...i- uv' -..- vvv 1 . .. . .......,,.,... , . .,...-..,.....-..-.w-.,....,.........,,............, .fi 'E A 5 1 ff 1 W '-mf, V L if w' fi? A 'W-'Y ..M...W, ,g " '73 4 A 2 r- 3 'wk f I Q xi 2 A W dur ,P X .N . .. ,,e"'Q:Q ' Mgzxsyffiy-'fx' Q V .1 3 A ,zvfvzyx N-fix, Q. 'rv W, H , ' "ff ' 'ww , 1 ,f-,J V-,iKK'Q?:z,'fl:r.f EQ? 1 3, 'f-.4 - .. .- x ' A Q v , fm ', W I , 71- 5,51 ,V iT A Au Nw ,fy H Q .M 5 ',A, L . , W L' H , qw .fm-F. . v K -W A L, W, my WMM- .ww s 'Fw' 'H-ywlgb W V- .1.,3 Q M . -, fl M H f-af sw "a Q..1 f1fT ' x .- S.. 'Yi -zhifxfirw W 1 .F ' ' I P VARSITY CLUB GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION-Seah ed: J. Reed, S. Paul, L. Childers, M. Slater Kon cbairj. Standing: L. Couch, V. Brien, C. Wilson. VARSITY CLUB-Row I: L. Salzman, J. Arena, Mr. Christensen, Advisory S. Cymbalisty, F Schnidman, R. Moss, XV. Barkley, P. Nuciola, L. Trybus, J. Ruckdeschel. Row 2: C. Miller, I Cohen, K. Holmquist, T. Romeo, J. Turner, R. Cassano, B. Morrill, J. Curry, . Schnidman, F Colquitt, E. Cohen, K. Leavitt, . Schnidman, R. Antrita, F. Slater. Row 3: D. Isadore, K. Naw- rocki, N. Hartwig, R. Cohen, H. Silverstein, J. Syragusa, N. Wfowk, T. Gray, C. Mastcrsoh J. Tisclale, M. Scalzo, L. Smeclra, M. Levitt, F. Feclorenko, M. Swartz, J. Rockell, A. Szabo, B Sheremeta. Row 4: R. Areno, A. Henderson, G. Centola, R. Willis, L. Stacy, F. Murielo, T Lamana, D. Lundy, A. Mathais, G. Robinson, B. Renaldo, M. Marcus, U. Miller, I. Knapp, R Charles, J. Kolko, L. Neal. GIRL ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIO 163 9 GIRL 9 BOWLI G ,',L. -ff GIRLS' BOWLING-Row One: R. Badagliacca, P. Gombatto, C. Nawrocki, H. Szcepaniak, D. Farley. Row Two: L. Shadders, L. Badagliacca, F. Cipolla, K. Torella, J. Krolack, S. Volo, K. Young. Row Three: C. Pszenycz- niak, B. Timmerman, P. Oleksyn, H. Beasaw, J. Feldman, S. Lewis, K. Chimiel, M. Logel, S. Hunter. Row Four: W. GIRLS' JUDO-Row One: J. Schwab, I. Szelka, V. Burgos, M. Blakey, C. Schulz, G. Lofton, E. Bonnlander, H. Pulkosnik, B. Enylest, C. Westfall, S. Cimino, M. Sorce. Row Two: J. Muller, H. Weiner, B. Travis, M. DeLaura, C. Madaline, R. Laux, C. Sparmann, M. Wilk, R. Lupo, M. Umhofer, A. Zeigler. Row Three: A. Shafer, H, . Gambacorta, V. Piakowski, S. Bauer, K. Gekoski, L Salamone, T. Vallone, J. Sortino, J. Oliveri, M. Peck D. Meyer. Row Five: L. Caruso, J. Frankenberger, J Kielszak, D. Little, S. Staub, K. Gill, B. Kerbs, P. Gill L. Kolb, S. Bachmann, N. LeBriton. M. Winnick, B. Howard, D. Hewitt, B. McKenzie, G Williams, E. Murray, P. Brown, E. Centola, M. Clark T. Schulz. Row Four: K. Sochan, D. Kayson, C. Kuhns S. Cymbalisty, P. Blumenfield, A. Grillo, Z. Mynak, A Ketchum, P. Webb, J. Ficleor, S. Wine, H. Doll. GIRLS' JUDO 164 ALMA MATER O Franklin High we praise thee, whose precepts onward lead. Thy noble works and high ideals will form our daily creed. Within thy walls we work and play, And friendships grow each passing day. Our hopes and aims will always be to laud and honor thee. 165 CLASS OF 1967 166 CLASS OF 1969 168 CLASS OF 19 0 HOMEROOM 118 Row 1: R. Chichelli, B. Russell, F. Capostagno, L. Stad- M. Stein, K. Kusak, J. Cavallaro, A. Baskin, S. Krezovic nyk. Row 2: M. Peck, P. Travis, L. Laskowski, S. Kosloski, A. Reitz, M. Arena, N. Levcik, J. Tomasino, B. Goldfarb D. Thomas, P. Peo, Mr. Philip Strauss. Row 3: L. Markese, J. Oliveri. 169 PERIOD 3 RETAILI G Row 1: L. Laskowski, D. Blaky, I. Lopez, Mr. George Barrett, S Hunter, G. Tubiolo. Row 2: L Neubauer, L. Bauman, D. Spano R. Shindel, P. Sabocheck, D. Hise Row 3: J. Gabrych, T. Zachman, C Peck, N. Conti, E. Collier, G Morse. PERIOD I OFFICE PR CTICE Row 1: H. Wojtal, V. Reisinger, R. Shindel, Mrs. Scrivens, M. Wojtal, P. Mitchell. Row 2: E. Lofton, M. Zubil, R. DiBiase, P. Brinkerhoff, L. Schoults, L. Bauman, K. Schwartz. Row 3: K. Stravinski, 1. Grillo, J. Katerle, R. Privitera, P. DelMastro, j. Ward, E. Zimmerman. 170 COOPERATIVE WORK PROGRAM I-low high the goals? We at Xerox are working in a field of almost boundless potential. We call this field "graphic communications." Yet to say we are in the com- munications business suggests, at least to us, an obligation to a world in which people can com- municate. We want to add new dimensions to the ways they communicate, to make increasing knowledge more broadly useful. For if man is to progress, knowledge must spread freely throughout the world. Lofty targets? To set high, high goals, to have almost unattainable aspirations is as important to Xerox as the balance sheetg perhaps more so. Xerox Corporation, Rochester, N. Y, 1 7 1 ERO Row 1: R. Nicoletti, A. Cappadonia, G. Macri, C. Ander- son, J. Mac Nathan, P. Magnolia, S. Nash. Row 2: J. Paha, C. Sortino, V. Magin, D. Cala, M. Persikini, P. Alberti, G. Slater, M. Stevens, B. Stafford. Row 3: K. Donato, R. Petracca, M. Adams, K. Chmiel, C. Sobska, J. Santoro, H. Beasow, M. Antropli, S. Janis, P. Utter. Row 4: J. Oliveri, N. Balanik, R. Moscato, P. Weiss, M. Barbano, J. DiNarde, J. Bonacci, G. Garter, C. Tripi. Row 5: G. Brien, A. Apollonio, C. DeCarolis, D. Johnson, L Minnie, P. Kittelberger, S. Longmore, A. Sluk, J. Minardo T. Triscari, A. Delvecchio, R. Henry, C. Zarcone, R Greco, E. Badagliacca. Row 6: J. Costa, R. Prasker, C Szatan, T. Perrotta, R. Harris, G. Carrozziere, F. Storace J. Panaro, S. Catucci, R. Blake, R. Barone, N. Pecora, J Kolko, R. Smith, A. Cunningham, I.. Purcio, C. Camarata ITALIAN CLUB Best Wishes to the Class of 1966 from CONSOLIDATED VACUUM CORPORATION the world's leading supplier of high-vacuum equipment 1775 MT. READ BLVD. ROCHESTER, NEW YORK 14603 A GOOD PLACE TO WORK 172 9 NEVER BEFORE HAS IT BEEN SO NECESSARY TO KNOW HOW TO GET A JOB! Now comes the time of decision for your career ahead. It will probably be one of the most important decisions you will be called upon to make. Fortunately, you live in a land where freedom of choice and opportunity are almost unlimited. Of course, anyone's "first job" is to get his basic education. Congratulations to you who get this job well done. NOW, HOW ABOUT THE NEXT STEP? Career opportunities in Rochester, with its many and diverse industries, commercial organizations and professions, should inter- est almost any student. Most Rochester com- panies are recognized for their high standards and advanced technology. It follows that standards for employment are high too-and a good education tops the list. An employer knows what kind of people he is looking for. The student ready for a career should have an equally good idea of what he or she is looking for. Consulting with parents, counselors, friends, and with employers themselves will reveal what kind of positions are available in what kind of organizations. Evaluating your abilities and appraising your readiness for the career of your choice is the key to your future. There is no door it cannot unlock-when the key fits! EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY ROCHESTER, NEW YORK 175 JAY'S RECORD RANCH Has Everything V I S S A ' S GULF SERVICE STATION 1141 Nor+on S+reeI' ELMER SEMMLER BUILDER s. CONTRACTOR 231 Pine Hill Road Spencerporh N. Y. 14559 EL 2-3039 OTTO'S FOOD MARKET 513 CONKEY AVENUE CO 6-1635 IERRY'S HAIR FASHIONS CO 6-9560 1042 NORTON STREET MOVIE TOWN FILM CENTER, INC. Cor. Hudson 8: Clifford Avenues 325-5199 GAS 8. ELECTRICITY ARE THE BIGGEST BARGAINS IN YOUR FAMILY BUDGET TODAY Q Rochester Gas 81 Electric Compliments Of FRANKLIN BOOK STORE scHooL SUPPLIES HEADQUARTERS I ACROSS FROM MAIN LIBRARY ON SECOND FLOOR 17 PATRONS Mrs. Gloria Arnell Complimenis of Barbara and Roger Class of '66 Bob S. and Joyce S. Bes+ wishes Ca+hy and Joe Sal Condello and Lynda Finlcbeiner Mr. Louis D'Angelo Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Davis Don and Elaine Easfridge Cleaners 8: Launders Thelma J. Ford A Friend Lavina and Geraldine Gissin Complimenfs of Greg and BrigiHe Carol Fladd Complimenfs of John and Karen Dr. H. J. Kaplan "Karen and Allen" Mrs. Helen Kelley Joel Kolko Miss Judy Ann Lazzaro Complimenis of Linda and Glen Mrs. Mary Anne Link Richard W. McHugh Charles McNealus New Crown Beverages Mr. and Mrs. Clem Sedor Mrs. Sue S+aple+on Tkach "Suesie" and "Augie" Complimenfs of Tommy and Nancy Tarri and John-John Judi and Bob '66 175 Class of '66 ' "'v 1 1 i 1 D r I I x 1 j I As' 1 , W i r , i i 2 F W l l 2 5 i 4 I 1 1 2 Q A Q 5 I 1 i 1 E 2 2 ! I V 1 l i f 1 i l, 'r , I 1 f if 3 E r C I

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