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 - Class of 1962

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'NX N N :J C! ,L X yu vt I U I V 1 1+ f X I ' 4 X A 4, Ci 1 J f nj K N A My Xfuilux, LL . I, , k x. , If ' 1 ' ' 1 f - . ,L I ' L" V L , ' ., L ,f lbsvv-X 50 1' V CQ i 51,'.,1 'HJ :fault J I ,ug 1 f ,qw f J, 7 ,if Ki 1111.3 , , I .ff J. I gl'f'L!0,l' rug-J 2 L All 7: Ir,wfg,lf"J ' , , ,, ,LW ' ' ,A .f'i' W W ,,L SP fd, 31,7 TWQQLIJ-A mf. fig In NL 'UI Q 1 Ln LLL 1' j f 4 full ' XV Y- N fly U ,1.z.4vn1fN'C?' x -1 X . .MQ UWTJ , "QL 3 ,JL . V ' -L1 xi? wr . . .A . 'll -- f I TYL V Uyurllg ,' Ali., U : C k,"Ljaf1,lf Ylfgf .E.g,hJ!T?V!XAXxj,LGvTn IAN I I Z -ix 0 X. 1 1 w 4' 1 ' . " Y P-. 1 ., ,, ,' g--- ,. J , fi. AI, ny 1 ,V . . -L . uf: 4 I' QA xx-3' 14 . A' fi C ' N . ,xx .1 fy, sy A 2:-, N, 31 , , 1 N ,1 - 1, x ' , , N X NJ 'N ,-' x XJ W 5 J' ' ' 1 N ' 4 -, 7 'x , "" x A' ,,. . I j ,J I l F' 'N-w -... ' xW X XX . t H ..'v., . .- 1- 1-V J, L FRA KLI MMM, W8 mv: Qwvwx -Rx X 'fx A 1 ., f' 4 X 4 x , X 1 xf- f I, ENN k 5. , . I I n , V -..' I N. A Q' ., Y , ,I hxy' fl 3, - wk, . 1, hr . V, J N X k, NK -. . xx- x I . X. x x . . . L. x . X u X 'M,': , R 1 M 1,-vs . xh .z ,R N . H . Qing I. x "-., K., X 1 :Xa , 1 w .ff U .s 1 v x , 'AMEX' M H J' 5 f .. TQ?-LF, V-" -V -" . - - sjsff ,, f- r . , w2f .4 I .wf,fg'. - 5 .,!. -,wmffa " .ff f ' - 2-L, .y.. V 1: I KJV' ' f wif, 1 in Y-ff' A 'nf , : wwf! ,.,. ' v . NN, -3, V 1 Nfl. f .if .gr .xiff , W I sv wXC! 5'4l-I S fQ. Q Q, 1 ' 'r - r -.- ijn V xx CSN- -xtbl X!, . wg,, , 5,!: . ,J I V , 5, A I, X, , , , i4Mk. .-,4 1, X . -, 0-if 'v-., , 1 . -.nigh f , , A 'V af, -a r 1 nf ff. U QP , M '57 0'7bZZ,,1C7JfL607. f ep . 1, LTL? fmwxf WOM M Ww mwgn, 'Vg WWE M Z WL WMM? 1095 , 60 w ffm b7vM,1 1 ,Qufjjjwfb WL Uv f .3 Q7 W""" s- QQ Q OJ Q I! , .ff 93? fs N X Q wf5T',f?MWW 5 X953 QQ W'f3mWfQ1?f wwyk x fl? nw-fL'lUU l 1 38 WMQJCUL :D 1,59 QV MTM, Mild MM i-'- ,?-T, ,f -QL Y- YYJA, Y YY 2 Q THE 32 ND Graduation C1555 BENJAMIN FRANKLIN 'W SCHWL ,ffl 4'L,-fr" K Rochester, New York N' 'U A' Y It A of-, f N. .N 9 ,Q NI N X LN XY L :J Presents The 1962 V., H, , ,, . ' -'N' , Liv . . V IL:-V' Q W W QNNMKQ WNQQ N321 14, , 41 ' U - 'D .,u v N- . ' ' v . f 1 9 o v' .5' 1 I . .q,.'-5 Av. , ' uf'-. . 1 I., IQ 'A J ' ' ' J Q -1 6 1. M, 'v A lb f a 1-1 4 ' 'Q' ' 'Y .. AQ 1 5 I ro fc 'fi X ' I r S. H . 4. ' I, I hr Q tx l n 1, 4 .N " , .- il., " . , It ' ' 1 1 . x H A Q .I 1' tt - id sn W '35 , 1 ',i1'.ar' Q' J' f r 1 5 'T . 'll lt... ., 1 .1 u v 5' En I K! 'n. I' 1 0 an " - 1 ' W ' L .. 5' 1 T 'I I M sql in . . 'g 46. ly 4 I Q Y' 4 "L 'M ' " xv ' x zz' 1 ll' A 5' K 1 5 QYI , . I s.- A - 14. ..,, .W - if - f- .. 'S ffrwl ,' ,' s ' , I' y -3 k .' A X' ' .- 1 1 l .U l . -'Jay . -N-:ff ...VIL xx 1 .jhhhv ' .X ,-,'l'-"'Q,..ff -,"'5J , '- 2 l -I ,"l , - , , :."l4--- l'Qklh.':'- -Y png- , I-. Q -. . .. ,I ,xg ' 'L - -5 n' -'L' N, -'-,-- '. 4' - .,i'- . . , -. - .QV :gf ,f f .+V . f. L 1 ' I 'V . Wxx-1 ,H .yi ' A r A Y H: 'Q Til 'fy . L, mu .,', Y '-15" A U ' U u. ' . " I 5.9. 1 att. .gf ' 'F' u J,-. f 'qiikfr lf," 5.,fa' 4. I .3 f rg A A il , I. 5,32 , , -. . , ' ' 1" " , g N Q - 'Sli' 0 J 1 ,. .X W' .Il Aw .vgn x 4 n ' "Fit ' ' -,P-Z' A" ' " . N 1 1' - . N-fx -'lim 2' - 1' 1 l. .gl-, 1 1r',x5"".'i-J Y -Si - r.-ii.-ia., f. . . W. 1 -,: -' 3 , . VJ. . - 5.-.-ZS Fr 5-"3 'A-E3 1. 1 .. -. .. , ll .Tr Tv,-J. fri, M LSL t.-kjgxtzi . -M Q- 413, 4. tl yt. IPF .Jn . W. -Q 'J ' . ,n. Q-'4x.vQQ'v'Lf',..:' 5 I p 3 I ' - ., gv . - ,f,.'.'-5: 133-. ,r- " -' Y , ' 1 ' .. .I . Pfv- . E' 'arf -k?Ti".3' 1 ri.-Q, . 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"" . r "' 1- - 95- "1 '- 'Lia A 1 ' ,1 , ig. 3 ' E- MU LA. F 1- , 41-Q .111 Y.-.,, I H U AA V 1' Ut- -, W f--f J""l""!-Iii-" V: 1- . l n. .",H: .A '1 7 11' I 1 'Tiff H " "AA ' W H+- ' " b . , ..----fn -. A-4-V .. -, 4- - -, ., Q -. .g W- - . -l , 'Tix wrt U! U W ' 4 Q 3' I I 5 I d t ' v Q V A ,A . , , .,,. , ,lm . F4 57' 1' 'I'-'ki 'i' ' f ' 1- ' " YL' -WM .EEUU -. - ww...-1 Im- . ' I ,-'. 'ff N. . ' ' ' - i '- + .1 rm . N - ...Q Y V , ,rs 1 . 'tg' fvvfmk- 1. . ' ' .. , 'W .A J , .4 . - J .Qgy-,ul . .-'- N ,1-5. Q. , . , , A X. - ,Vx Aj Y. X . .2 , Y p . .M,..,. W ,e w ,- .. , Q. . O -, xi , ,A V Y Q . . .J-"' ' 5 md, 1. -N L f Y- -Y s , , .- . --N -- 1 . 4-, '. .. . ,v- - , . ,Y ' ,-. --. . -F . -L--4, f 'A- r-+T "L , f'?3fF!'vIj1 ,-.- N Q .il 1 iv-I V., , .-fl k"f'f-.:".E? I .Pg ..--A-li -',l.-'Q' if-.ali-'T , L I I' ,111 I . -3- - . ' f . . -'- -- '. -. A H' - - , 1. -- "iz f - ...N ,M ,-. f - - '- . . . - . v.- .- -.. - . - , A . , . pf ,, K , - - -A . , '- 2 - , . ,' 31,4 1' -' . . ' " .cw f - - ' 1 , I' .ii -4 I 'iT ,, 1 1 if J' all V' "l .. ,L ,iw -L15 , : . -1..x.f - .2-'N " " At! 'L-' . . , ,f lS ,.g.g,.f Q: Ifieif iw " ' ' 5 1- . 1: fi .- 1 ...A 15, 55. -1 ,. ,. .,.,-nf' ?A"'i 1.1. "J ,' V, . ' ' V- ' I.. . M1 K ,, F , 41 f'P',,..-12. . .. - N .L 1- 3' A -4 .W . , ' ox J- l'-1-. '- ,. v 1, 'R " W, J , -t'- ' W .+ YV .A , x ti, A A-T, I.. ,,, ,. 3 'sv 'Tv -ls . 'SN 4 '1 ,, H. 14. nf- , 1 ff. lah fl, . J .2.'fI"1fr., ,, f gl Q1 EET. ,, Y, .1' 'f 4 21 Hi. Aw- W f w f q I j , . 4 4 . v . 1 T1 1 F if l':'v,:.'i .L waftl ffw " ' .xgf QL: HH' gy, 3. any ,alfa 5 V- 'i4S11 2T4 "' M Alflfiyffl ' Aww! Q. :J aw Nr'-ff? , Qu, N f 1'Mq,W If f71 qii.,5 , ,W '-zg'jQ"' ll fg' ,Apex tj ' 0 . - Aj f' ?z 1-'fes'..f-5' f Q . 1 -.., f . -. 1- . 'h 5,1315-'-'i'r'K:"K S-m .1-.a+ -U - 131 3 , 71255 in-Q11 '7 . 1 a. 1 Q. +5 f , , .',-- g V ."-H. 4' -.1 ' . .. 1 """" :fear-'v'l f:-if H if - . n 'A' - , -'L -,. it 4 A ,w, A ,L W: . .Zi V- jail, V., 1jgiefj-fg1.,'Vf'Li-..-.-.-. .nf-v iw .Q 'wa sxrv 222+ up -3: Q3 "' ' 4 1 M' 3 f , ' 1 'mt' fx w -Q, 3-,-,,ff -- Hmm mmm' 1 M - - "1 ' s J- , , 1' 4,--44 U 1 . 0 L V I tk 2, 4 ' V J . ,. 5 1 DEDICATIO MR. COHEN 'Ll of i .yaixsaggigmtt To you, Mr. Cohen, friend and counselor, we, the Class of 1962, proudly dedicate the Key. We express our gratitude for your counseling and understanding which have sustained us through the years. As we take our Final leave of Franklin halls, we earnestly hope that your guidance will always be reflected in our lives. i n fi y, i ii t ' 52 F s iiii fi. grown and progressed. ,, "l 8 'l s , 1 , ' 1 f It has gone from an era L Y of almost Hoor length dresses ol one o ncx ticklers f is '- and mild recession. , 5 . ' ' From the nsuzy-q" to 3, . ?'? w 4 mg ,has s munity life, training l . ,, i youth of Rochester useful and -, jlf ' Q - gi? 4 I f ' fi , 1. . x citizens. It is for ' il: 5 W, al, ,. i .A 1 reason, that wc, 'i fi 'inn i i-iii 0 Class of 1962, derail' P i 9 W cate ourselves to the , task of making the l . W proud 'history ,of our , 1 H, V 'M 5 SL E Y 5,1 5.1. 5 s:im:,,: fpzizilifgg sssssee school known to everw I fer-If Q... - lE5iEa,.I'fS25325Sff'?7? - l ' S W-JS-if A? 1 SZEESEEEQESSESV l z 2-if-M-f-"""l""t's V W W iiiiifiiiffiiiiif U, , M ..,..,.q M m:1tr,mw l ,N y3ll'H 4 i, f , fl su it i s gs lil i Q' H, VV ,gf-rl ----- V VY " .1-5. Q , , Y , , . 1 , or ' - 2- - --Z 1, 5 ia -, B! ' n 5 s " - , ..,. f,- - , N i W e ll ftp- t I I! u.a' A September! 2, 1930, Benjamin Franklin High School's adminis- tration and faculty embarked upon their endeavor to provide Franklin students with the Hnest school possible for intellectual and individual growth. That first year our faculty and adminis- tration numbered one hundred thirty-six. Now we have a force of one hundred seventy includ- ing nine of our original staff. But these are just statistics, the es- sence of the matter lies in the fact that throughout the years, we have maintained, yes, even improved upon our tradition of scholarship, athletic, and indi- vidual achievement and growth through the efforts of our faculty and administration. I M QL 'si .. ,..., Wg, fsfrtfeiffgg .. H ,c .-.W , .,,M.i fu.: It 1- ,. r eyes M N2 Wie' -- M53-2 .... ,B . 'U .. , N, .3-Qbgifx H 1- qs fs ,. ,UL M ' mmf: gi fig.-ws. ., .Qs elftgfi -J: .: kk.. -..4.f',:.zgf L., " H fe :fir : IEW- . - me L .,.- Sha 'S -Ji? Ii., 42.52 'M 'ii 'EQ5feie,R-E,,ggs+-4f'f- 1,- , ..-,t,M..a,..- F 'ltfftifllf Zi it ' 9: 1621452144 K , eississift. '11?iNfs:f x xii. , . ,ia .,. k,,i,,, , A' , in ' '13 tii- tl- :D LE, , .,. ..i..,.s., , 1. x ffs3F'sz'ls?f 1 . .Em . tl f:.:iw1- .2 -:ff is-lm., me wi-5: -R-.isaf,n..-A -f: as 'fray 'esissiif Jtrxn- 1.1 wullgjz-F e-' - 5- 7 'wg -,Tel ,ef-L: -r-:'r,.-- 371519 1 1- fe x xii? ., .. 'lilllk 5351 pfi. QQ, .. .1-Z, ,, it , i H' - L: 1:ei'1si'.-I 'i - ' H H ffm, F1RsT FACULTY . .nit-I L 4 1 "Everyone ought to look ahead and decide what is good and try to follow it, not drift from day to day, but plan - and try to live up to his plansfl These words were spoken in 1938 by a man greatly esteemed as the leader of Benjamin Franklin High School, a man of singular warmth and sincerity - our principal, Willard A. Sabin. The occasion of these words was a Courant interview shortly after Mr. Sabin had arrived at Franklin to undertake the duties of vice principal, an office which he filled with distinction for eight years. In 1947, upon the retirement of our first principal, Roy L. Butter- field, Mr. Sabin assumed the responsibility of directing the individual development of over three thousand students. Surely Mr. Sabin has inet the high standards of his own credo in his twenty-four years of service to Franklin stu- dents. Willard A. Sabin will always serve as an inspiring example to us, the thirty-second graduating class of Benjamin Franklin High School. MR. WILLARD A. SABIN ,H-t...'.. ..,, A T71-J1'L'r"-we " A-1-vm-. PRINCIPAL ....i .- A MESSAGE FROM OUR PRINCIPAL TO THE CLASS OF 1962 I hope that each one of you shares with me the thrill of viewing his school as portrayed in the l962 Key. Your experiences at Benjamin Franklin High School will remain with you in memory always. May they ever be recalled as happy, worthwhile events in your life. I salute the Class of 1962! I wish that each member of this Class will achieve goals set here and his years ahead be better because he attended Benjamin Franklin High School. VVillard A. Sabin Principal 8 GF FICE STAFF Mrs. Maryrose O'Connorg Miss Marcia Mitch Mrs Bertme Hamilton Mis Mona Malanga Miss Joanne Lettrog Miss Nancy Wildzunas Mrs Molly Kravetz Vice Principal MR. JULIAN LCWELL The tradition of distinguished service main- tained throughout the years by Vice Principals William C. Wfolgast, Willard A. Sabin, Ray- mond E. Francis, Catherine Sullivan, and Abe Hollander has been upheld with great merit for the past four years by our sixth vice principal, julian L. Lowell. As Navy Lieutenant Coin- inander, during World War ll, as teacher and coach at Jefferson High School, as advisor at Monroe High School, and as our vice princi- pal, Mr. Lowell has exemplified service at its highest - not merely the discharge of a func- tion, but a way of life. The stalwartness and de- pendability of Julian L. Lowell will always be admired in the memory of the thirty-second graduating class of Benjamin Franklin High School. ADVISORS SEATED: Mr. Julian Lowell, Mrs. Dorothy Redding, Miss Dorothy Martens, STANDING: Mr. Merl Ringwood, Mr. Charles Stalker. NURSE ATTENDANCE SPECIAL DEPARTMEN . HEADS Mrs. Arlene Schlueter SEATED: Mrs. Mary joy STANDING: Mrs. Lawana Baxter. SEATED: Mr. Julian Lowellg Mrs. Dorothy Morsheimerg Mr. Harold Rocheg Mr. Kenneth Hedg STANDING: Mr. Samuel Bloomg Mr. Domenic DeFrancesco5 Mr. Roger Applebccl Mr. Raymond Iman. 10 N LIBRARIAN S MAIN LIBRARY SOCIAL STUDIES LIBRARY PSYCHOLOGY ' H-wwf ,. -, . ' uf Q--fry' " W- P. .II- I Mrs. Dorothy Fuller Mrs. Marge Dcjohnz Mrs. Dorothea Zona SPEECH Dr. Harold Schwartz COUNSELORS SERVICES G Mrs. Eleanor Burgess Mr. Pincus Coheng Mr. Edward Millsg Miss Anna Marie Raubcr: Mr, Julian Lnwcllg Mrs. Lawana Noftzg Dr. Hyman Kaplang Mr. Robert Smith. 11 1, SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENUQQQMWJ i7 M, ff SEATED: Mr. Raymond lman, fheadlg Mrs. Helen Hosicg Mr. Robert Alleng Mr. Charles Kochhciscr: Mr. Villoneg Mr. George Scott, Jr.g Mrs. Doris Fullerg Mrs. Douglas Donnan: Mr. Frank Bukowskig Mr. Eclwarcl Quinn: Reveira Wilcoveg Mrs. Helen Marting Mr. Richard Mr. James Constantineg Mr. David Glossncrg Mr. Ernest Scheuermanng Mr. Dama Zefers STANDING: Mr. Edward DuBois. Millsg Mr. Thomas Kochg Mr. John Clarkg Mr. Frank SCIENCE DEPARTMENT SEATED: Mr. George Mazzeog Miss Ester Callahang Mr. Ronshcimq Mr. Marlin Smithg Mr. Charles Pcrhamg Mr Louis Frascag Miss Bernice Lemley: Mr. Robert Smithg James Vaiana: Mr. Frank Mockeviciusg Dr. Hyman Kap- Mr. Samuel Bloom, CHeadj, STANDING: Mr. Samuel lang hir. Ralph Lomiog Mr, Anthony Belton. . 13 V F P CAFETERIA STAFF Miss Theresa Espeg Miss Bernice J. Smithg Miss Mary A. Ernest Hillg Miss Virginia Tonchakg Mrs. Marjorie M. Peathg Miss Ida Schlegelg Miss Luella W. Blumg Mr. Burdick, COORDINATIN G TEACHER MAINTENANCE STAFF PROJECT PROGRAM STEP Mr. Arthur Wroblewskig Mr. Herman H. Wisotzkeg Mr. E. Mr. Russell Brigandi. Baker. 17 x N Svniorsl Tlial word had many nic-anings tlirougliout the years at our scllnol. For Llic first seniors at Franklin, it ll'M1'm1t twib gI'2lCllII-lllflg classes M om- in January and tlw suconcl in- Junc. I-Iowcvcr, cw-11 if you compare a senior of 1930 to om' l'I'0lll l'962, tlw siniiluri- tics outwcigli tlic c'liIl'c,-mnccs. To all il inf-ans il r,lr'c'aln Como true altar Llircv long years of waiting. ll also means that senior buzinii.-s, fonrtli year Eng-lisli clnssvs, the Scnior Ball, and "Pornp and GlI'Cl.Ill1SlL2lT'lCCH will bo- cornc lasting incniorics for all. i X H xllx I' u ini." sfflsfqliflisiifz Q52 .egg X 2 'EW-fit. :W 51? is wr.. Jw ml f h ' af3',.:.,:.Z1 ..:2i'?lf5. . :7!?iisz'x"'E'i7-2' .iss swf-N-as as-.',:f,,1g:sw:L, - . Wasil lr . glass Ms ss 1-1' 1. 5- .4 fiiifiiifvziliififff '.- 41' ,c. 1 --,A 1 1. 1 . 1 - . ' 1 I 11 41 1 - 1 fi . f 1? 1 1. 11" 1 L1- '1.1H. E. 5-'Pix nn "N N ' ,, 1 1.-', ' . . 1 -.. 1 'W11' -1' 'eu' 111', 11. -f '11 1 1 1 13.1 r '1 I' ,y1 1fi, :U 11,'. " 1 1 L "11'1.r1,r11 link 'FEA '-'1.'1. " '11 WP, . 1 I .+I - 1 . I! "'1'31113:N3' ' xm 11 nn 5" zv' I .1 - 1' "'fl':4fij fFj1 H 1 I 125. Q1 11 - 1 15-.: 1 ' If ?. . A A 171 , , .1111 MISS AGNES KELLNER S MR- EMIL MAURER EC IU9 RC SENIOR OFFICERS GARY WILSON Boys' Social Chairman KATHY KREIWAITIS Girls' Social Chairman ANGELO ABBONDANZIERI Vice-President CAROL GRAVINA Secretary-Treasurer ALAN CHASKY President 2o ' ANGELO ALAN ABRAMOW JOHN HARRY ACETO WILLIAM ACETO ABBONDANZIERI 93 Avenue A 25 Renwood St. 25 Renwood St. 1162 Yates St. SUZANNE ADAMSKI FRANCES AIELLO 181 Townsend St. 449 Lyceum St. SUZANNE ALBERT JUDITH ALICEA 105 Mohawk St- 180 Woodbury St. JANE ALLEN JOAN ELAINE ALOI ALAN ALTMAN GRACE ANDOLINA Lockner Place 1584 N, Gggdman St, 30 OK Terr. 44 HlllCTE5t Sf- X NK NANCY ANN ANDREWS 189 Durnan St. DONALD FREDERICK ARNOLD 38 Treyer St. EVELYN JANE ATWOOD 1183 Monroe Avc. , . f 'x 1 z, . Il ANN MARIE ANTROPOLI CAROL ANN ARATARI LUCILLE ARATARI 4-9 Aurora St. 1290 Norton St. 1290 Norton St. BRUCE P. ASHBY BONNIE LEE ASHTON DALE ATIAS 94 Mildand Ave. 638 Conkey Ave. 83 Avenue C QXLQQ 11,1 CAROL ANN BACHMAN 1339 North St. EDNA MAE BAILEY 271 Champlain St. 22 1. ,A LYNN SANDRA BAKER 1754 St. Paul St. DIANE A. BARNED 8 Payne St. VALERIE JEAN BATES THOMAS JOSEPH 535 Carter St. BEIER 146 Malling Dr. JOSEPH BARONE 225 Northlane Dr. A A Lf:?d,. - - , w::- - WILLIE C. BENJAMIN 235 Ormond St. JOHN F. BERGEN 14 Peckham St. ALLEN BERNSTEIN 315 Conkey Ave. DANIEL JOHN BARRINGER 308 Clifford Ave. PETER BENVENUTI 34 Fien St. f' ' l A u V. I H ix 1 . EILEEN BERGSTRASSER 496 Bricker St. JOHN BICKEL 65 Reliance St. MICHAEL BILYK LINDA CAROLE BLAIR 114 Allen Dr. 1063 North St. A A ' 554616 I . ' That's fine, now let's try it with the ribbon. ALAN BLOOMBERG LINA BONAPARTE 66 Hooker St. 10 Vienna St. 9' . 5 jjf , ' Wvlv. I -A SYHQIQ BQNf'VIqu'A ULYSEES BREEDLOVE BEATRIOE BRINSON DOLORES BROWN '-' 'q"1"'g "U Bt' 85 Edward sf. 240 Marne st. 28 Leopold sf. JAMES LAWRENCE BROWN MARILYN BROWN ROY THOMAS BRUNO CLIFFORD BURGER 240 Furlong St. 78 Lill St. 231 Moulson St. 65 Hanover St. I in-v A ARTHUR WAYNE THOMAS CAMPION E BURKE 156 Barberry Terr. BETTY CARR 4 Riverbank PI. DONNA CASERO 114 Thomas St. JOYCE J CERAMI FRANCINE SERVASI RICHARD CHARLES LLOYD CHASE 174 Lyceum St 2737 Culver Manor 19 Sellmger St 25 Reed Park ,. i:v:v"s 1 ALAN Cl-IASKY JANET GHERKASKY 25 Sylvia Lane NADIA CHOLACH 3l Helena St. ANTHONY CIURCA 53 Hoff Slrcct CONNIE CONGILARO 355 Taft Avenue 33 Gorham St. ' 41 .- DENNIS CIRILLA 11 Priscilla St. BARBARA CLARK JUDITH ANN COHEN SHEILLA COLLEA lll Thomas St. 82 Collingwood Dr. 1937 Norton St. GERALD COOPER FRANK CORDE ANN COSTA 75 Watkin Terr. 436 Bricker St. 222 Newcomb St. ,,.- ' A4352 X ll MARINELLA CRISTILLO 255 Avenue C JAMES DAILOR 177 Durnan St. N SHARON CUTLER 74- Brunswick St. MARVIN DANIELS 20 Vienna St. Apt. 5F G? WILLIAM COUSINEAU ELLIS CRAY 870 Portland Ave. 9 Stepheny Pl. 1:-7 SAMUEL CRINO CAROL CRISCIULLO 31 Clairmonl St. 2185 Clifford Ave. I I BOHDAN CZAS CAROL CZERWIEC 20 Holbrooke St. 208 Springfield St. ALBERT DATRO BARBARA DAVIS 28 Carl St. 183 Grafton St. I ' ., if ' 1 , r: ' l :L fig , il, Lx if .....l CAROL DAVIS 13 St. Jacob St. ARLENE M. DeROMANIS 42 Cleveland St. ADAM DIOGUARDI 208 Norran Dr. JEFFERY DUBITSKY 45 Strong St. LORI DeCAMILLA SAM DeLUCA PATRICIA DeNOTO 36 Jackson St. 29 Nickolas St. 110 Norran St. MARILYN DICESARE 320 Duman St. Franklin's own "Peppermint Lounge" BARBARA DORIA 130 Scrantom St. KATHY DZWAJKOS JOE EKIERT BECKY EMANUELE 54 Roser St. 1035 Hudson Ave. 130 Marne St. 4 .. 5 I EVELYN EPSTEIN ' WILLIAM ERNST 343 Avenue B 70 Van Stallen St. V 1 1 BARBARA FINGLAND FRANK FIORDELISO 33 Zimmer- St. 84-7 Norton St. f' KATHERINE FARABELL 181 Fieldwood Dr. PAT FEDERATION 166 Moulson St. ROBERT FELDMAN ALAN FELDSTEIN 21 Seabrook St. 29 Weyl St. WAYNE FERGE THOMAS R. FINEGAN 72 First St. 124 Sylvester St. LOUISE FIORINO HILLY FLAXMAN 1350 Norton St. 1640 St. Paul St. in RENE FOGARTY ROBERT FRANK LEONARD FREDERICO RONA FREEDMAN 4-3 Townsend St. I4 Ketchum St. 195 Portage St. 15 Carthage St. -,W gf. ' v , THOIWAS FRIES DIANE GALLO KAZIMIERA GABRIELLA GASBARRE 715 Pnrtlancl Ave. 130 Willmont St. GARBOWSKI 23 Oscar Street 36 Thomas St. JOYCE GELARDO MICHAEL GENERAL 165 Norran Drive 327 Clifford Ave. JOHN GIUFFRE JOYCE GOOSSEN 201 Wilkins St. 1172 Clinton Ave. N. Cheezit, the boss is coming! fi LORETTA GORDON GENE GORLEY BARRY GOTTESMAN RONALD GRADER 41 Gothic Street 4 Geneva St. 5 Grant Street 135 Sylvester St. MARILYNNE GRAFF CAROL GRAVINA JOSEPH GRAZIANO ROBERT GRAZIANO 156 Norton Street 72 Willmont St. 'fa 'Hn D 'Q N -1 38 Hooker St. l 3 38 Hooker St. i , l-if DIANNE GRIFFIN 25 Herman St., Apt. QA THOMAS GUARINO 166 Shafton St. BERNARD CRIMES 77 Sylvester St. JAMES GUARRE 42 Springfield Ave. The LT bask JANICE GUILIANO 588 Portland Ave. -03 W! Eureka! We've found the cure for hang nails! TALA GURELL 125 Remington St. NANCY HAFNER AUDREY HALL PAUL HEARY 325 Conkey Ave. 99 Clifford Ave. 326 Northland Ave. KATHLEEN HERRING DIANE HILDRETH RONALD EARL HISE 127 Grafton St. 85 Eiffel Pl. 7 Loomis St. by GARY GULLO 29 High St. GEORGIANNE HACKETT 31 Herald St. GORDON HEHIR 659 Hudson Ave. JOAN HOGESTYN 86 Rau St. MAXINE HOLLANDER MARSHA HOOK 45 Hooker St. 12 Salaska. St. tg--. Are you sure Betty Crocker got started this wa CHRISTINE JEAN HRANOWSKY HOSHOWSKY 29 Van Stallen St. 21 Dejonge St. .V 'lj .H 1' A LUBA HRYKORENKO IRVING HUBBARD EDWARD HUGHES ANTONY IASCON 73 Nickolas St. 21 Joseph Ave. 138 Stcku Ave. 1511 N. Goodman St. MICHAEL INSALACO ROY IRVING THELMA JACKSON REGINA JAKUBONIS 44 WiC1m0Ht St. 327 Rovcroft Dr. 2 Vose Street 63 Roycroft Dr. l-- H I fLJNI,. ,. 4 I I , 1 y LINDA JANIAK CAROL JAROSINSKI ' ' 485 Ave. D 1 Zimmer Street JUDY LEE JENKINSON GERTRUDE. JERGLER 115 Edgeland St 96 Rodessa St LINDA JOCK DONNA JOHNSON LAIMUTE JONUSAS STEPHEN JOY 555 Conkey Ave. 46 Baird St. 18 Wadsworth St. 267 Lux St. MICHAEI, KALIL LEON KAPEZYNSKI SUSAN KAZINSKI RICHARD KEPPLER 167 Webster Ave. 608 Ave. D 52 Yates Street 96 Grafton St. Ex if wqqw Q53 I-QT XX '-'J CQ 3+ f. .5 X -2- X, 4 ROBERT P. KORENSTEIN 87 Ave. D MARTIN KRAMER 145 Remington St. LINDA JEAN KERBS 202 Newcomb St. JUDITH KOEHLER 133 Remington St. JEROME KORESKO 228 Weyl St. SHARON KRASINSKI 125 Townsend St. RICHARD KOWASKI 510 Portland Ave. OLHA KRAWCZUK 82 Rosemary Dr. ROBERT KLOCEK 18 Durnan St. ELLIS M. KOMENSKI 75 Norton St. LINDA KOZLOWSK1 812 Hudson Ave. KATHY KREIWAITIS 39 Laser St. ROBERT KROECKET 61 Trcnaman St. ADRIAN KUZMINSKI 8 Ernest St. DONALD I.,AI,.KA QU St. Stanislaus Sl. DONNA LAPINSKI 29 Berlin SL. 35" SHARON KROLL MARLENE A. KRUEGER GEORGE 546 Conkcy Avo. 15 Burbank St. KRYZANIWOKY 1240 Clinton Ave. N. DONNA LzxDUKE 10 Thomas St. A Where have all the young men gone? NANCY LANE 76 Monlson SL. CONNIE LATRAGNA SAMUEL LATROVATO ODESSA LEARY 2044 Norton St. 21 Allnira St. 22 Albow St. N . - JAMES ARTHUR LEO KINGSLEY LE TOUZEL 20 Bleile Terr. 752 Hudson Ave. JOANNE LIPANI DONNA LOCKHART 4-5 Sandra Lane 142 Clairmont St. MELVIN LEVIN 106 Avenue E ROBERT I. LEWIS 32 Seabrook St. ROCIHELLE LEE LEVIN 265 Avenue A VINCENT NEIL LICATA 166 Midland Ave. su RU35SgJM1Nf'igRTIN JACQUELINE LIPANI 45 s df L 75 Dorbeth Rd. an M ans JUDITH LOCKHART TERRANCZE LOUTH 201 Clairmont St. 40 Ketchum St. N EARL J. LUBITOW 40 Wilkins sr. JAMES LUSTUMBO B1 Yatcs St. x.1,I LENORE CAROL MAGIN NORMAN G. MAGIN 442 Fcrnwmxcl Ave. 89 Lux St. JERILYN MARRANCA 20 I-Iolismcr Sl. RONALD A. MATULA 72 Northavcn Terr. LINDA A. MARVIN 316 Northland Aye. KENNETH W. MIDAVAINE 88 Van Stallen St. VALENTYNA LYSENKO 53 Mazda Terr. GRACE LORRAINE MAGAR 31 Thomas St. PATRICIA MARCONE SANDRA MARKOWITZ 158 Herald St. 43 MOrriS St. Look, xonzeonek going to have to walk! 'fi THOMAS MIKEL GAIL ANN MILLER WARREN V. MILLER PATRICIA ANN MILLS 34 Henry St. 1221 Norton St. 18 Nester St. 334 Dunn St. ROSE MARIE MINNE MARLA SHARON MINSK RONALD C. MIX GAIL FRANCES 42 Hollister St. 30 Saranac St. 60 Harris St. JOAN BARBARA MONDSHCEIN 180 Berlin St. DONNA NEAL 97 Tyler St. MONDSCHEIN 180 Berlin St. PATRICIA MUTOLO 353 Weaver St. BARBARA MARIE NESSER 180 Arbutus St. XX I, . X X ,iw 4.. . A SUSAN ANN NESSER DIANE GAIL NICOLS A ' X 180 Arbutus St, 133 Traver Circle mg -5' 1 N A ,f N ,' Wil Xe W t Q' 1 ffl mil-9 X' X ff! Tluw All X jf I f X I' , , 5, L Q 'i GEORGE JOHN NOWAK LEO JOHN NOWAK 975 Hudson Ave. 692 Hudson Ave. JANET M. NYENHUIS JENO NYERGES SHARON JEAN OLYER VALDIMIR 571 Portland Ave. 924 Joseph Ave. 40 Laser St. OMECINSKYJ GRANT MARSHALL 23 Del Monte St. RICHARD ORLANDO RANDALL PACEK 81 Conkey Ave. OSMAN 233 Townsend St. JOSEPH PALERMO 634 Avenue D 204 Randolph St. MAURIZIO PALLUCONI 14 Grant St. MICHAEL N. PARUTA 70 Townsend St. J, I L1 PATRICIA JEAN PATA 62 Harvest St. ROBERT PETERSON 48 Shadylane Dr. . .fy-Iixf I 'I MARLENE PALMIERE 125 Traver Circle LO xi 'E . V: ,,',. 1 ,1- . ,. , M1 551. f-e ff W ' ' 11111111 NX- N' R., f-LA' ' 1 JX- . . V .,, 4. -1-,-,. L' CNW! . I1 R! X . f IRQCX XX xx 1 Z - II' .At':'QX'x' ,' 1 V f ff . A '51 'XR - - f N 1 IL' I 1 , 'Li ff 'QE N' fl if. 'R ,Ml ml 5 f - ,.,.. . 1,1 .- 2 V W 235. ' H4 -'UI ', nf' 'fj ' f I lx yi 1 - Du, W I f 0 .JW , f' if , f g If X" fl" be 'I 4 ' -,,. .-2 fy wx ,.- VIA' .4153-'wi y 'xrxgsmf ,E . f- 'J f -gg :1...':e.x-a:xR1F.:?gv--aa-:-'W xw.g.gv:'.w X Nj--.533--mmwx A I ,s'.'.'.!.-.qv ., 2.45. , ' - .-,-,.,'.f,,x X-v1Q-Fw f X. ' -X tifgzizfdf ' Af' , ": '- 2 Q xi 'L-'Of 0' fx Nj-1. " X . 13r.,,1sc.:-'ziif X. ,Ru-. ....-.,3-Q.-j,.r -Q? . -:."L 1,3-A FRANK PASTORELLA 59 Oakman St. DONNA LEE PEAKE ANN MARIE PECORA 259 Akron St. 46 Fernwood Ave. DAVID KENNETH PIES TAMARA POCHUNOW 138 Avenue A 218 Berlin St. - A r ,L LORRAINE PELLEGRINO 30 Burberry Terr. SHARON LOU POLITO 234 Mohawk St. X .Y la. Nfegj STANLEY W. POLMATEER 328 Ridge Rd. E. , ,- f'w.4'1 KATHLEEN ANN PRAUTZSCH 64 Acbersold St. Mk . 1 MARY SUSAN POPP 179 Barberry Terr. ANTHONY PULVINO 238 Moulson St. wk J' .11 If you think this cake is so good, you eat it! RICHARD S. QUINN JUDITH RAPPAPORT MARY F. REAVES SUSAN L. REDDING 129 Rosemary Dr, 23 Oakman St. 80 Wilson St. 35 Evergreen St. DALE HOWARD REED SHARON ANN RENO OTHMAR A. RENZ JERI IRENE RICE 924 Joseph Ave. 49 Galusha St. 312 Crossfield Dr. 163 Mohawk St. ' 1 ,X Lsloo S V' . A 'I ugiui . L ..-JI-L MARTIN ROKOSZ 354 Dunn St. SANDRA R. RUBIN 15 Beach St. GLORIA ROSENTHAL 149 Versailles Rd. FRANCES RUMFOLA 150 Hillcrest St. WILLIAM RIFFLE 32 Marne St. VERNELL ROBINSON 51 Gorham St. EUGENE A. RIZZO 118 Van Stallcn St. JOYCE L. ROGERS 145 Woodbury St. SORA ROTHSTEIN MARYANN ROUSE 22 Avenue C 32 Villiagc Way DAVID F. RUNZO CAROL MARY RUSSO 646 Portland Ave. 246 Femcliffe Dr. I 3' NIJOLE SALADZIUS DAN SAPERSTONE JERRY SAPERSTONE BRUCE SCHAFER 1101 North Sl. 26 Hoeltzer St. 26 Hoeltzer St. 15 Garson Ave. JEAN SCHAFER JAMES SCHAUBROECK 24 Geneva St. 693 .Hollcnbcck Sl. ifffglll .Q-3 The Christmas Play, 1961 SOPHIA SCI-lMl'I'T MARY SCHOEI-IER 11011 C1ifTurcl Aw'-. 34-9 Weaver St. CI1'1ARLES SCHL7MAKER CAROLA SCHUMANIN ARTHUR SEIGEL RICHARD SELDOW 26 Village Way 10 Morris St. 57 Avenue C 183 Norton St. MICHAEL SENKALA MARTIN LEE SENZEL I5 Northeast Ave. All A'AW . Q.. ELAINE SEPE 57 Huntington Pk. 109 Crossfield Rd. JOHN SERTH 1 can st. LORAINE SHACKET 87 Ketchum St. LUCILLE SHEA 15 Grant Street RUTH SHULMAN SUSAN SHULMAN ANNA SHURYN 41 Argonne St. I '9?' 10+ Norton St. 514 Conkey Ave. ARTHUR SHARP 597 Avenue D EDWARD SI-IINDEL 667 Hullunhcrk Sl. NICK SIDOTI 86 Nicholas Street DONALD SIEGEI. 795 Joseph Ave, CAROLE SMITH 188 Fairbanks St. JOHN F. STABILE 50 Portage Sl. RICHARD STACCONE 66 Yates St. 55 M . 1,4 I ROBERT SIEGEL -I-I Blafour Dr. , rf. N XX 1:1 - -Nui' Hugh! nr kj ' il . WLLIAM FRANK sMiTH 637 Joseph Ave PATRICIA STACCONE 66 Yates St. RGHERT STEIN 235 Randolph St. I RICHARD SINAJUGLIA JACKIE SLEIGHT 1844 Clifford Ave. 84 Dickinson St. BARBARA SNIDERMAN ROGER SOTILE 78 Klein St. '164 Portland Ave. When these children are ready for college, will college be ready for them? L, if 1 I-I-av JACK STEKLOFF GARY STERN MICHAEL STONER CARY STRUTZ 22 Dorbeth Rd. 27 Hooker St. 42 Valois St. 215 Norran Drive. 'lf KATHLEEN SZWAJKOS JUANITA TALBERT 54- Roscr St. 435 Holley St. iv 'Q , , y-1,1 1.,.,.,. v ' FLORENCE TAMBE 220 Arbutus St. LEROY TIMMONS 173 University Ave. RICHARD TSCHOKASCH 39 Dale St. Q A X M . r ,, JOANN TAYLOR 25 Boston St, SANDRA TOWNSEND 78 Jewel St. NATHANIEL TURNER 65 Martin St. 'R I AVA -' 7x1 fly' ff .--f AA '7 - - 3 3 rr 14 R N MARY ANN BETTY ULSAMER TRENQUILLO 1036 Chnton Ave N. 424 Flrst St ii Q 1 Mr A K X JAMES VANGRAAFEILAND 75 I-Ioff s1. THOMAS VULLO 250 Merriman St. BARBARA VALVASSORI JEAN VANDENBIRGHE 184-2 Clifford Ave. 1615 Norton St. GEORGE VEOMETT DONALD VERPLAND JQLQQIQNEIVERSO 151 Turpin st. 145 Malling Dr. or an Ve' DONNA WAKEFIELD MARLENE WEHREN Wg?f'GTg?gN 23l Marne St. 1932 Clinton Ave. 1738 St. Paul St, :FL ll in DONNA WEINSTEIN SAM WEISSMAN ll5 Avenue B 23 Buchan Park ! 4 l if fi A f Tiff ' 'J' I ei- ' 'r JOANN WESOLOWSKI LORETTA WESSMAN l20 Pomeroy St. 61 Almira St. DAVID WIESNER HOWARD WILDMAN LEONARD WILDMAN GARY WILSON 16+ Saranac St. -l-l Jewel St. 50 Hooker Sl. 72 Malling Dr. Pl-IYLLIS WINER STEWART WINSTON MARGARET WOODRUFF NANCY WOODRUFP 93 Durliolli Rcl. 56 Dunn St. 32 Watkins Terr. 82 Watkins Terr. - few , 55 I 4' I l 4 ERNEST WRIGHT JAMES WYLOT GARY YANICA JAMES ZABELNY 70 Lowell St. l98 Monlson St. 206 Shafton St. 1036 Avenue D yo-fx .,, , MARLENE ZAKOFSKY ERNESTINE ZEIGLER DORIS ZIMMER JEANNETTE ZULAUF 85 Northview Terr. 15 Herman St. Apt. 1F I7 Elbert St. 542 Avenue D IRVING ZWIRN 98 Malling Dr. The following are seniors not pictured: SYLVESTER A. BAGNATO, KIRK MICHAEL CHAPMAN, BAR- BARA A. FALLAT, WALTER G. FRANK, LAWRENCE GULY, COR- NELIUS HASENAUER, ROBERT HILLENGAS, THOMAS HUGHES, CHARLES JOHNSON, JOHN MARTIN, DENNIS MARTORANA, WILLIE MURRAY, NANCY ANN PITTS. 50 wg? LAST WILL AND TESTAME Fourscore minus seventy-five years ago, our fathers brought forth upon this campus a new class, conceived in education and dedicated to the proposition that "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." Now we are engaged in departing from this school to put to the test all that we have learned here. VVe come here today to write the Last Will and Testament for the class of 1962. The school will little note nor long remember what we say here but it can never forget what we did here. To Mr. Sabin we bequeath our sincere gratitude for his tolerance and understanding during our years at Franklin - and a horse named Willie! To lhfff. Lowell we bequeath a bale of hay. To Miss Martens we bequeath a guarantee that all future class dances will be held in the main foyer. To Mr Stalker we bequeath the numbers of Fire lockers in which 200 seniors are locking. To Mr. Bukowski we bequeath a package of spoolies. To Mrs. Frangos and Mr. Strauss we bequeath our sincere appreciation for their much needed guidance in the pub- lishing of this year's Key. To Mr. Bloom we bequeath the 106th element. S. W, BLOOMONIUM CSWBJ. To ltffr. DuBois we leave 100 towels, 25 keys, and I0 bed- spreads to return to the Hotel Picadilly. To Mrs. Hoover we bequeath an automatic crux finder. To Miss Callahan we bequeath an encyclopedia of "illus- trative materialf' L To Miss Zefers we bequeath a comb and tissue paper with which she can accompany herself in her solos. To Mr. Cohen we bequeath a personal visit with Clarence Lovejoy. To Mrs. Bloom we bequeath a piano that stays in tune with the Senior Choir. To Mr. McHugh we bequeath a season pass to the P.l. and a record of the twist to practice at home. To Mr. Hawke we bequeath slide rule cuff links to match his tie clip. To lvfiss Rowley we bequeath camoufiaging for her jeep in case we have a war. To Miss Bates we bequeath a recorded lesson in "self- eontrolf' To Mr. Leggett we bequeath a supply of green stamps to attract business to the bookstore. To Mr. Cerrone 'we bequeath movies not sponsored by the Suicide Club of America. To R.lX'I. we bequeath a Spanish Ill Class containing at least fifty students U0 Etluardos, 10 Carloses, I0 Sucitas, 10 Toothies, and I0 Gloriasl. To Mr. Koch we bequeath a widget factory in Podunk, Nebraska. To Mr. Lyclers we bequeath 21 reasons for doing ya-ha-ha- ha-ha exercises. To Mr. Proud we bequeath a circulating circulation staff. To Mr, Vaiana we bequeath the Math-Science Dishonor Society for corrupt scientists. To Miss Streb we bequeath 10 jumping-jacks, 15 deep knee bends, 7 squat-thrusts. lfl curl-ups, and a new record on how to relax, To Mr. Dipasquale we bequeath a class of students who plan on becoming artists and jewelers. To Mr. Rahtjen we bequeath a newly discovered section of' the bible. The Book of Punt. Q To Mr. lman we bequeath a one-way ticket to Roaring Gulch with not a sou to spend and that's not an Indian, ya kneu. To Mrs. Scrivens we bequeath a see-ut. To Miss Hess we bequeath a musical score to accompany the first conjugation, enabling Latin I students to "sing it right out." To the boy's gym we bequeath IOOO new pairs of swimming trunks. To Herman we bequeath an honorary diploma for being the hardest working Franklinite. To next ycar's freshmen we bequeath some reindeer who got lost on the way to their Jingle Bell Hop. To next year's sophomores we bequeath a book of blank passes in hopes that thcy've finally learned how to use them. To next year's juniors we bequeath a twisting permit to use at their Junior Prom. To next year's seniors we bequeath an old Film of "Written on the Wind," which we hope they can use. To Miss Kellner and Mr. Maurer we bequeath a tear as a reminder of the wonderful memories they've given us. To Benjamin Franklin High School we leave - the party's over. We leave these, our worldly possessions, to Franklin, as a small token of appreciation for all we have gained through our stay here. This testament, to be read at the Senior Ban- quet on January '20, 1962, was drawn up on the eighth day of December in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred arrd sixty-one by the following seniors: A. Abbondanzieri: E. Epsteinq S. Leving R. Shulmang C. Schumaker, and a host of other seniors. 52 I inf -A QL ii!- ? f 1 " 1 ! o 52 AN IUI I QE! D 1 - 557. -rw If Um " "" , 'U I I "Guess what! Nlrs. HOQyQLmdidn!-L,gLvmmegfq1 any iifliglish tbnighd' 'Q 'z f ' vi- ' 1 9 1 . , -1. Q -.. LLM 7:- 10. ', I hmm- MOST ATHLETIC: Sharon Olyer Billy Smith DONE MOST FOR SCHOOL: Carol Gravina Alan Chasky CLASS HEARTBREAKERg Kathy Kreiwaitis Lcon Kapezynski MOST VERSATILE: Sharon Cutler Gary Wilson WARMEST SMILE: Betty Ulsamer Angelo Abbonclanzieri MOST CREATIVE: Donna Wakefield Walter Frank CLASS COMEDIAN: Marilyn DiC-csare John Giuffre MOST "SI-IY": Sharon Polito Chuck Schumalicr BEST TWISTER: Pat lJcNoto Don Lalka SEN! 1,, PULL 5,-,,, .ld - 1001 Mrs CREATIVE Mmlsmo wnlrsn Fannie CHIROPRACTOR5 ' I WISTER MD. f 5 ' AX lm In I9-'IU Auilm' just lun yours 0 CY- lSl2llll'f'. Frnrmlalin had more han sixty cliflk-11-1'1l, U1'Q2llliZilliOI1S .md s1u'l0lll's. Bonn- ol tlwsu ll'lK'lllll cl .1 an mlulm. 21 IJl'lfl"AC club md :rx . 5 . 2 ' flkwcluy .1 mrunlc-l 'nrpl III1 alulm lIllIJUI'l1!lll r'rmc'm-pt of sflmol li c xvmwlx' In-ln' F H - v I c'm1I.1um'cl. W0 his '15 'Ll U lmust of fine hrmm' srwcivlics :incl :urls tl,'2l1llS. ,I'lll'UllQl'10lll xr.-:urs llwy hzmvm- pmx'ic,lvd st Nllll llw opp urlunily lo dvu ucln- 'hc IIS 'vp llll'll' l2llf'l1l9 xml to lm un to lx- 1 4 an-ss lll1'lllSK'lX'i'f9. .-'Xll thu-so urgu AIUUIIS hun' tlmmr mm vxl Working Lngvlln-r. tllvy im' xniu- nl I1 mklm, lllvx' spm-:llc llu' stu C vi- li'. l IK' IW ml' B sz 5 ,1 si Www A my v Z- New 1 it. W- E. 'Jw M , 2 x A 5, ,, A X Q , :wa Xl .1 :W 1 ' 'f . .fqx N 1 .-if' Q .fs ' 4: 325 UE .- 952 f fm 5 2 mix mfg m m w M nm E 5 LLW,, N I X -. 5.2 M., S , Y, ' 2 was am jj ' ami H gr Q? as -MQ M. . , ,. 565, ,H paws ggi, a V. .:. z.- -:jd 1 L 4 ' 1,1 1.5.- :Q .V Q: h r ., Q in . W T. ' MM: w F05 lf. H 'i Pf'!5f0g,1,7 ' ' vovl -Q , ,t ' , ,M I., W . .. W , , :ir -,Q ' - ' fn V ,Q X . , H '1 ,w ' '5 , H . , ' 4' , , Q, 5- 5? V3 t- U , , J 1 N , . W. f W W X .',wIJ..,Lu'Q, W ,u1Io:1k1mv'g T uw .J ,G W lx W f r gl X xy ,. .N ' W fl wr: rx u H1 Hn' 2 YI . .Lg H1 1 fr:-, if vu' I JI , ,. . .L. ai W w 'Hu . 1 'I' I' "dh H an X fn A MLWB , nl! tial., ' v 'r,1'.".. " W J, H I fu UI' 4 x wr I ' .. sWg"'F ' L' X 11 L E "v 1-'U T MUNI!! ji A 4 1 x U . I, f ' ,Q , 1 I X 1 , W 'IN W W, J ' 1 ' 1 N w , L7 Z A W L , , N , , . , , ,. 1' ,lg X W ly ' 1 IL N . , 'H K, k ffl Vw . , Eg . - 111 ' h : 1"p.':-'J tif.. 'I nl .v,1,,E u -1"-'TNT if '.f'l 11 -sg ., i.,,q.L ' H -'M .fvi'y.N ' Xl px," - 11.-xl Tv .fa lf! ' 3':"'lf' HELL F-1'-I . -. ,,y,:...:aN . ""'f4 xl' - :f:?:f. A X 7 It . fl-DJJ: fl.. .. , 'utils ,iq - L' ,QL N , + ' +- - i 3 Lv- - Y ,- X, ' , ,, ' 3.,Vli' 1 Ziff.:is!-vXa575"5E'i2 Jfivill '-'l's,1,l l f H U17-'Y ' ' !"'W"'4 "'w"'W"' I "I:-'1 'JL' Ii ' I - 7,f:i'l!':.- I "YL I -I 'A - Q, 1. if. . ., wr- . .. W . I I l"U',,' "Q.dxij5',' 955 'Ei' 7 I WJ-1. -,ifgmag-,I N ,, ,. Q . '.1"J'..... ,GA - 5 X 5 - 1' 1.-4. if I . Y .. .. ... , , ,Ju .JMU V' . A . H - 11'-1 71' gf,'FJ5"i EEQEE ,EQII 57 ,.: , ' - 1' '-Vu"L'5"i?:7"N?l'1 ir '.L,g.L-rg-.irx.-1.3, Our Student Association, consisting of Legislative Council, junto, and, more recently, Spirit Committee, has always been an important part of the workings of our alma mater. The present history of our student gov- ernment begins in 1957. Before that, Junto consisted of a single house containing a president, vice-president, secretary, and representatives, all of whom were elected semi-annually. Instead of Legislative Council there existed an Executive Coun- cil, which included among its duties the selection of cheerleaders. Then, in 1957, a group ol' teachers and students working together until the wee hours of the morning at Mr. Ringwood's home, formulated a new constitution. This committee consisted of Mr. Sabin, Mr. Hollander, Mr. Iman, Mr. Swarthout, Mr. Ringwood, Student Association President Kenneth Clements, and hve other stu- dents. Because of their efforts we now have two houses of Junto, thus making possible participation at both junior and senior high levels. Our ofhcers and repre- sentatives are chosen semi-annually, en- abling our Student Association to carry on its efforts through the entire year more effectively. This year, continuing the line work char- acteristic of Benjamin Franklin, our officers have been President James Guarre, Vice President Adrian Kuzminski, Secre- tary Linda Blair, Treasurer Arthur Seigel, Junior Speaker Barbara Fine, Assistant Speaker Susan Roth. and Recorder Carol English. LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL ap- ,ess--7 I A I7 f- 9 SICATED: Miss Martens: Mr. Sabin: Mr. Stalkerg Mr. Bn- C. Blair, L., Francionc. R., Knzrninski, A., Scigel, A., Koba kowski: Gnzxrrv. J.: Mr. Donahue: Mr. Ringwood: Mr. H., Rubin, S., Roth, S., Fine, B. Lowvll: Mrs. Rudcling. S'l'ANDING: Borzillcri, P., English, FRESHMAN OFFICERS SOPHOMORE OFFICERS .S'lfA'l'l:'D: Roscnlmlomn, R.. Waida, M.. STANDING: SEATED: Pres. R. Aronow. Advisor. Mr. G. Crane. Berry, S.. I'Il'IlIll'illlk. P.. Grossman. A.. Mrs. C. johnson. Advisor. Cingliclinino, Advisor. Miss A. Miskinis. STANDING: .-Xlmsvnl. Mr. Mnsso, Advisor. Yonlzy, G., Bonzxvilla. N.. Stvrn. R. 60 JUNIOR OFFICERS AO9 3 I 'Left to Right: Kowalski, T.: Miller, G.: Miss Strcla, Advisor: Mr. Bukowski, Advisor: Moreau V.: Berger. S. Absent L. Cooper. JUNIOR COUNCIL C.: Elman, L.: Kurman, C.: Grossman, L.: Michlin, ROW 2: Miller, L.: Miller, B.: Morvan, V.: Kowalski, T. Berger, S.: Cooper, L.: Fritt. B.: ROW 3: Gambacorta, Staub. L.: Rubenstein, R.: Ross, B.: Stern, M.: Proietti, G. T.: Kowzilchuk. P.: Lcszynski, E. Rosenthal, Nl.: Stein. L.: Brown, l.: Casanova, D.: Halbcr. ROW I: Sehimpf, L.: Paduchak, L.: Dell, C.: Rosenbloom, D.: G.: Skalny, G.: ROW 4: LcTonzcl, K.: Pruznizxk, H.: g Miller, G.: Baskin, L.: Bahm, L.: Palzcr, R.: Omcfinskyj. 3 V.: Fintushel, R.: Mangilino. T.: Gorkin, Kornslvin, M.: 61 0 .- SPIRIT COMMITTEE T9 Our ljctire 51" M. iehvy 1 ' JB rcmlflm r ,,,g,,,'. "-u l Adrian Kuzminski, President. The Spirit Committee was formed in i934 when cheer- leading squads were yet unknown. The original group, known as the Varsity Club, consisted of forty students out- fitted with school caps and megaphoncs. Their spirited demonstrations for an enlarged program of interscholastic sports were main projects. Under the direction of Mr. Ed- ward Halbleib, their founder, the group became a precision cheerleading squad, and appeared at games, meets, and assemblies, A rally in 1939 for a return of interscholastic gr -r., Linda Blair, Secretary. football marked the peak of success for the Varsity Club. Today, the Spirit Committee, as the "spirit" behind the Student Association, promotes participation in school activi- ties and brotherhood among students. The main project of the group is the Christmas Crusade, first launched by Mr. Ruby, a former member of the Practical Arts Department. Christmastide finds Franklinites earning money to fight leukemia by washing cars, shovelling snow, and selling baked goods fsee Picture abovej. , llllffti ROW 1: Fritt, B.: Siraguss, L.: Borzillcri, P.: Feldstein, R.: Duell, L.: Aldinger, G.: Laclwig, J. ROW 2: Gallo, D. DiNoto, P.: Mutolo, P.: Chcrkasky, J.: Shea, L.: Syracusa, M.: Harris, P.: Babusci, P. Verrone, K.: Nast, S.: Scar- dinale, J. ROW 3: Peo, S.: Aldinger, S.: Burke, A.: Gallo D.: Bruscato, M.: Hollander, M.: Greco, P.: Tiano, L. Schumacker, N.: Shulman, R.: Stern, G.: ROW 4: Quinn R.: Saperstone, D.: Kreiwaitis, K.: Flaxman, H.: Legon, C. 1 t Komenski, E.: Gallo, P.: Kieffer N.: Gravina, C.: Peck, S.: Levin, S.: Weinstein, D. ROW 5: Olyer, S.: Guarre, J.: Hranowsky, J.: Schumann, C.: Runzo, I'-.1 Kreiwaitis, S.: Marciano, G.: Angeline, M.: Kuchmcy, S.: Smith, J.: Peck, N. ROW 6: Midavaine, K.: Sapa-z"1tone,,J.: Winston, S.: Siegel, A.: Korenstein. B.: Atlas. 3 1 Myshchuk, P.: Gibbs, J.: Bahm, K. SCHOLASTIC LEADERSHIP Standard Bearer Martin Senzel Guardian of the Flag Patricia Mutolo Junior Standard Bearer Barry Passer Junior Guardian of the Flag Lea Kenig NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ROW I: Schafer, J., Magin, L., Bonavilla, S., Hollander, M., Blair, L., Neal, D., Epstein, E., ROW 2.' Senzel, M. - Boys' Social Chairman, Mutolo, P. Secretary, Feldstcin, A.- Vice-Pres, Miss Martens - Adviser, Lidman, R. - Presi- dent, DeNoto, P. - Girls' social chairman, Weinstein, D. Treasurer, ROW 3: Arnold, D., Omecinskyj V., Fries, T., Kryzanisky, G., Kuzminski, A., Wilson, G., Weissman, S., Chasky A., Feldman, R., Bloomberg, A., ROW 4: Levin, S., Nyenhuis, J., Rubin, S., Pockunow, T., Barned, D., I-Iogestyn, J., Mondschein, G., Shulman S., Wesolowski, J., Winer, P., Minsk, M. f -J ROW I - - Lcbowiiz, jg Cooper, Lg Lencnowolski, Eg Tillim, Eg DeNnlo, Pg Ridley, M. ROPV 2 - Laskowsl-li, Cg Marino, Ag Paulin, Rg Pross, I-Ig Miss Hessg Mr. Proud Sponscrsg Fclchnan, Bg Goronkin, ,Ig Rojzrnan, M. ROW 3 - Friedman, Kg Suss, Dg Morris, Lg Guiliano, B5 Ziem- niak, Sq Mutolo, P: Hollander, Mg Weinstein, Dg Blair, Lg Bonavilla, S3 Ciupik, Kg Altman, Mg Ross, Bg Edelman, J: Cohen, B1 Minsk, Mg Cohen, jg Soblc, Hg Levin, Jg Good- man, S3 Levitt, Ag Michlin, D: Pine, B5 Cutaia, Lg Cohen, Ag Bvrgcr, S: Triscari, jg I-Iallcr, Gg Graff, Mg Augustus, P. ROM' 5 -- Michel, J: Kohn, I-I: Miller, Bg Millcr, L: N 64 LATIN HONOR SOCIETY Now look, kids, fun is fun, but these initiations are going too farl' Myshchuk, Pg Okun, Mg Ladwig, ,Ig Kildey, Vg Rode, Rg Barned, Dg Fritt, Bg Skalny, Gg Pinkus, Lg Zortzy, Gg Carson, N. ROW 6 - Bloomberg, Ag Abbondonzicri, Ag Giancursio, Rg Burns, Tg Camiola, Fg Weissman, Sg Rosen- tahl, Dg Basken, Lg Rpsenthal, Mg Kowalski, Tg Zwas, Lg Guarre,'Jg Wynner, Dg DeMattcis, Eg Polmateer, S. ROW 7 - Seigcl, Ag Veomett, Gg Massaro, Lg Baham, Kg Lid- mann, R: Klcss, Hg Kyzaniwsky, G5 Scnzcl, M3 Franken- bcrgcr, Eg Gumicwiak, S3 Fintushel, Rg Runzo, D: Winston, Sg Alias, Dg Omccinskys, V. xg MATH AND SCIENCE HONOR SOCIETY Well, it's better than Hunking! i 1 9 Q ROW I - Hollander, M: Weinstein, D5 Blair, Lg Minsk, D5 Nyenhuis, Jg Monclschein, G, Dilulio, D, Guarre, J M. ROW 2 - Neal, D: Mutolo, P: DeNoto, Pg Schimpf, Rosenthal, D: Kowalski, Tg Cooper, Gg Ashby, Bg Feld L: Halber, G. Sec. Fintushel, R. Pres. Baskins, L. Vice. man, R: Wcsulowski, J, Bates, Vg Fritt, B. ROW 5 - Pres. Cooper, L. Sec. Magin, L3 Rothstein, S: Wehren, M. Guarino, T, Wilson, G3 Patzer, R3 Bahm, Kg Lidman, R ROW 3 - Levitt, A: Glemba, Lg Pine, B: Levin, S: Wiesncr, Dg Senzel, Mg Kryzaniwsky, G5 Kuzminsky, A Miller. B: Scluuitt. G: Slinlumn. S: Press. H: Blnmnlierg, A: Meeinskyj, Vg Fries, T, Seigel, A: Goronkin, J, Omecinskyj Miller, L, Pinkus, L, Michlin, D3 Saladzius, N, Priscari, J, Vg Weissman, S: Korenstein, M. Bonavilla, S. ROW 4 -- Skalny, G: Moreau, G3 Barncd, . GERMAN HONOR SOCIETY ROW I - Kaufman, K5 Bauer, E5 Herring, K5 Kirby, S5 Omicinsky, V5 Krueger, S5 Trybus, K5 Loturco, T5 Feldstein, R5 Lavine, L. ROW 2 - Zapoticzmy, O5 Temschemko, M. ROW 4 - Eve, S5 Morean, G5 Kvey, J5 Pochunow, T5 Social Chairman Schumann, C5 Sec. Miss Gould, A5 Lubicz, A5 Zalinczuk, P5 Strutz, G5 Kuzminski, Peterson Sponser Jcrgler, G5 Pres. Tschokasch, R5 Vice A5 Ades, R5 Heyman, G5 Becker, B5 Posiko, L5 Aldinger, Pres. Neal, D5 Tres. Schimpf, L. ROW 3 - Stekloff, J5 G5 Silernager, G5 Horobej, O. Aldinger, S5 Reisig, P5 Seifart, I5 Wlasowicz, Z5 Schaker, J5 SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY ROW I - Goldfarb, H5 Herring, K5 Shea, L5 Mr. R. SaLadzius, N5 Glemba, L5 Rothstein, S5 Cascegno, J. ROW Masters Advisor LaBue, J5 DiPrima, M5 Epstein, E. ROW 3 -- Szwajkos, A5 Schafer, J5 Rubin, S5 Pochunow, T5 2 - Cutler, S5 Hollander, M5 Sutton, B5 Weinstein, D5 Maurer, M5 Weinstein, B5 Stekloff, J5 Fritt, B5 Winn, D5 Lisson, D5 Weingarten, D5 Sniclerman, B5 Levin, S5 Lee,D5 Minsk, M5 Paduchak, L5 Rosenthal, J. 66 FRENCH HONOR SOCIETY Speranza, Lg Kurman, C. Treasurer. Mutolo, P. Vice Pres. Cutereli, Sg Zablockyj, Ag Dowhy, M. ROW 3 4 Chmilar Miss Petersong jonusas, L. Pres. Brown, D. Social Chair- Lg Leszynski, Eg Bates, Vg Mondschein, Gg Fries, T mang Sawicki, E. ROW 2 - Cohen, Jg johnson, D5 Strutz, G: Kerstein, Mg Jonusas, D3 Rubin, Sg Nyenhuis Veomett, J.H.C.g Shubowitz, Ng Snellings, Gg Brown, Mg Jg Heck, Mg Shay, D. ITALIAN HONOR SOCIETY ROW I - Marisi, Mg Divirgilio, Lg Traino, Ag Traino, M. ROW 2 - Freedman, Rg DiPietro, A. Boy's Social Chair- mang Castelli, M. Sec. SL Tres.g Mr. D. DeFrancesco Advisor, Bcmavilla, S. Pres: Marasco, M. Girls' Social Ghairmang Gasbarre F. ROW 3 - Gian Greco, P: Gas- barre, Gg Barrows, Vg Sortino, Dg GamBacorta, G3 Filippi Ag Saporito, Mg Kirby, S. ROW 4 - Cascegho, Jg Roth- stein, Sg DiLuca, Ag Ferro, -Ig Cravotta, Sg Francione, R Mazzola, Rg Cardamone, Mg Cohen, JZ Epstein, Es Magln Lg Ciulla, F. COMMERCIAL HONOR SOCIETY SEATED: Mr. Fellows, Advisor, Garbowski, K., Arnold, D., Pellegrine, L., Miller, G., Miss Masters, Advisor. STANDING: DeRomanis, A., Gambacorta, G., Czerwiec, C., Posike, L., Vandenburg, N., Hogenstyn, J., Bachman, C., Zakofsky, M., Roman, R. SOCIAL SCIENCE FORUM - SEATED: Blair, L., Bloomberg, A., Vice President, Senzel, M., President, Mr. Koch, Advisor, Casky, J. STANDING: Seigcl, A., Winston, S., Sciolino, A., Kuzminski, A., Lidman, R., Bahm, K., Cooper, J. Weissman, S., Guarre, jg Atlas, D. r 68 1 K I v X O. SENIOR CHOIR ROW I: Mr. Lydcrs. Director. Cvntula, R., Wilhclm, K. Ridley, M.. Shea, L., Caskcy, J., Zukcr. S., Judy, B. Herring, K.. Shulman, R.. Kalil, M.. Cohen, B., Mrs. Blowing ROW 2: Kress, D., Hisc, B., Shca, K., Bruscatu, M., Gigliotli, N., Antrnpuli, A., Kcrlas, L.. Bonaparte, L. Graff, M., Epstein, Dcllclavc, J., DeCapua, T., Pucll L., Guiliann, B., Sussman, S., Vanclvnbcrghc, Johnson K.: ROW 3: Casccgnn, J., Gallo, D., Hinchy, S., Schimpf L., Blandina, A., Grzivina, C., Marrcslcyn, E., Salaclzius, N. Jackson, A., Puliiu, S., Jackson, T., Sanagurski. D., Gallo P., Woodruff, M., Jergler, G., VenNess, J. ROW 4: Wag- ncr, Snelling, G., Schoememan, P., Eddy, L.. D'Ambro sia, R., Dailor, T., Hartman, B., Clark, M., Crino, S. Passmore, K., Hcrzbcrgcr, R., Feldman. R., Sawyer, T. Curtis, S., Rosman, C. Townsend. S., Talbert, J., Pata, P. ROW 5: Hayes, K., Shaub, S., Tvlcsca. M.. Irving, R. Paruta, M.. Evans, E.. Tschudy. V.. Beagle. B.. Kryzaniwsky G., Bluop, B.. Finn. M.. Grwrlcy, G.. Huffman, J., Sowinski L., lfclclstcin, A.. Fries, T., Daniels. M., Schumacker, C. Xu, V fbi STAR CHOIR ROW I: Speranza, L.: Gccr. C. A.: Sutcra, M.: Borzilleri P.: Watson, C.: Ercolano. R.: Furdyn, S.: Anastas, A. D'Amico, R.: Kowalski. L.: Mrs. Scott ROW 2: Pcpcr, B. Brumflcld. B: Kryzalka, A. P.: Glasow, S.: Rockow, D. Maykovich, P.: Hooker, D.: Camp, A.: D'Amico, R. Gissiu, R.: Lore, S.: Mamclis, R.: ROW fi: Osband, J. Fremus, L.: Nuciola, K.: Cel-r, C.: Szmcdra, P.: Ifloshowsky, S.: Ciroth, J.: Sweeney, R.: Czubara. N.: Sturm. D.: Hoc- stcrcy. M.: Mc-ntcr, L.: Isidorc, Y.: Clamp. D.: ROW fl. Bakcr, B.: Canon, A.: Thorpe, K.: Grccngc-rg, R.: Mantrmv P.: Colcgrovc, QI.: Frzmchuk, P.: Miclzxvainr-. ll.: Znlillvmlk P.: Pcinlmrl. D.: Adamski, P.: Mc-rzkc-. N.: Sc'ImI'cr. K. Travis, S. GUIDES ROW I Roman, R.g Marcone, P.5 Maraxco, M.g Marisi, M.g D.g Rubin, S.g Tepper, H.g Minsk, M.g Koba, H.g Krueger, Stein, S.5 Gallo, P.: Marine, A.g Gorkin, A.g Sussman, S.g M.g Kress, K.g Miller, B.g Halber, G, ROW 4: Pross, H.g Seilcr, B.g Christiane, N. ROW 2: Mrs. Redding, Dorothyg Morcan, G.3 Fritt, B.g Kreitzberg, B.g Aronow, R.g Kowaluk, Niesciercnko, C.g Pine, H.g Glemba, L.g Seifart, I.g Cutsia, E.g Kless, H.g Youtzy, G. Paul, J. Kaiser, M.g Janiak, L.: L.g Hinchcy, S.g Kepplingcr, R.g Miss Martin, Dorothy. Shulman. ROW 3: Kcrbs, L.: Szwajkos, A.g Russotti, L.g Weinstein, CORRIDOR AIDES 74 OFFICE AIDES l KNEELING: DeRomanis, A.g Rice, J.g Neal, D.g Johnson, Rumfola, F.g Aloi, J.g Schafer, J.g Krciwaitis, K. Aicllo, FSL D.g Stoever, K.g SEATED: Allen, J.g Cervasi, F.g Tayloe, J.g Olyer, S.5 Hogestyn, J.g Barned, D. g ,Szwajkos, K.: Pochu DeNoto, P.g Latragna, C.g Farabell, K.g STANDING: now, T.g Peake, D.q Albert, S. Y l GUIDANCE AIDES v, H 75 N URSES' AIDES Jyffimk ROW I: Lockhart, J.: Szwajkos, K.g Mrs. A. Schlueter, Cohen, J.3 ROW 2: Andrews, D.g Costa, S., Shulman, S., Diluca, A., Marciano, G., Krisman, C, Advisor: Mr. Tnrrcz Edwards, J.: Grim, J.: Reid, R.g Sampson, J.: Culquitl, N. 76 U FA BANKING MR. B. LIPSON, LINDA KERBS SUPPLY STORE AIDES ROW 1: Winer, P., Stekloff, H., Marine, A., Lissfm, D., ROW 2: Lchuwitz, J., DeMattCiS E., Feldstcin, R., ROW 3: Nycnhuis, J., I-Iwgustyn. J., Puckunuw, T., Burns, T., Kurman, C. 77 SOCIAL STUDIES LIBRARY AIDES SITTING.' Reavcs, M.: Feldcr, B.: Smith, J.: Mrs. Fuller, Librarian: Passer, S.: Hackett, G.: Everett, L.: Rizzo, E.: STANDING: Pisani, R.: Milbredt, E.: Bojko, R.: Costa, S.: Bencus, P.: Dubitski, B. I AUDIO VISUAL AIDES ROW I: Lustumbo, J.: Howard, M.: Camp, J.: Pccoraro, P.: Anastas, A.: Kan- trowitz, B.: ROW 2: Mrs. Greeley: Wenz- lcr, W.: Bates, V.: Laux, D.: Krcitzberg, B.: Cloffey, T.: ROW 3: Blazcs, A.: Fahrcr, R.: Cole, W.: Aulbach, B.: Weber, G.: Scilcr, F.: DiCataldo, O.: Burns, T.: Luuelro, S.: Dubitsky, J: Sweeney, R.: Clmrlcs, R.: DeMattcis, E. STAGE CREW KNEELING: Wildman, H.: LeTouzel, K. SITTING: Mrs. Jordahlg Pawliw, A STANDING: Mr. Sherwood: Runzo, D. LeTouzel, K.: Smith, C.: Beier, T: Kasky G.: Nowak, G. ENGLISH BOOKROOM AIDES Mrs. Reta Okoniewiczg Kryzaniwsky, G. ATTENDANCE AIDES . u 1 ROW l:'Sitting: Dioguardi, R.g Gorkin, A.g Marchaesi, M. DiPrima, M.g Babusci, P.g Garbowski, J.g Zeigler, E.g Kress, D ROW 2: Standing: Tirraccine, S.g Tubiolo, D.g Merzre, N.g Aro now, R.g Kless, H.g Posiko, L.g Anderson, P.g Gambacorta, G. Hackeff, G. MAIN LIBRARY AIDES Robinson, W.: Saporito, M.g DeMaecker, P.: Baramauskas, T.g Foster, S.: Verso, J.: Prautzsch, K.g Baker, L.g Kroll, S.g Blake, P.g Dejohn, M.g Zona, D. CAMERA CLUB ROW 1: Uber, B., Kress, K., Mockevicius, F., Advisor, Korenstein, R., Sr. Advisor, Stout, T., Advisor, Gerber, S. ROI47 2: Winters, K., Sweeney, R., Bedrij, T., Wawro, Fiordeliso, F., Ubcr, S. COOPERATIVE WORK PROGRAM ROW I: cKl1CClillgJ Woodard, C., Fcola, L., Martin, R., laugh, AI., Fraser, R., Haeusser, A., Seiler F., Dronzewski Diaz, P., Otero, E., Cammarata, M., Glcichzuxf, K., Paige, L., Fletcher, E., ROW 4: Markel, P., Washington, E. J., ROW 2 Mr. Czzxdzevk, R., Gatson, A., Brown, D., Miss Brown, E., Jones, J., Colon, L., Jackson, T., Ludwig, W. Klum-, Mr. Ht-tl, Minne, J., jones, R., Mr. Ashford, ROW 3: Warncy, F., Weissingcr, D., Waite, C.. Harris, B. Purlcc, R., Kzitwvzynski, ,I., Brands, Grim-r, S., McCul- 80 FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA W ROW 1: Connolly, R., Jacobs, V., Costa, S., Ciupik, K., Stein, S., Lackey, C. ROW 2: Mrs. A. Schlueter, Brown, S., Shindel, R., Cohen, J., Szwajkos, K., Skory, L., Jock, M., Freedman, R., Fiordeliso, F. Mrs. Wills ROW 3: Ziemniak, S., Dalcin, J., Lane, J., Wesolowski, J, Johnson, B., Mar- ciano, G., Camp, P., Terraccine, S., Holley, K., Seifart, I., Jackson, I., Ferretti, K., ROW 4: Jackson, J., Capone, G., Okun, M., Boyle, P., Passmore, K., Sylvester, A., Krisman, C., Tonchak, R., Rode, Metzger, S., Schmidt, E., Diggs, B FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA ROW I: Mr. Rabidou, Advisor, Aronow, R., Historian Epstein, E., Musician, Morcan, G., Vice-President, Wehren, M., President, Magin, L., Recording Secretary, Feldman, R. Treasurer, Miss Rauber, Advisor. ROW 2: Schimpf, L. Lebowitz, J., Nawrocki, L., Indovino, A., Rojzman, M. Niescierenko, C., Edelman, T., Glemba, L., Kirby, S. DiPrima, M., Tillim, E. ROW 3: Lissoj, D., Guiliano, B. Trybus, K., Pawlow, A., Graff, M., Levin, S., Goodman, S. Miller, L., Miller, B., DiLuca, A., Koba, H., Wlasowicz, Z. Winn, D., Solomon, D., Fritt, B., Phelps, B., Ladwig, J., Kucy, J., Gould, A., Nyenhuis, J., Paduchak, L., Leszynski E., Cohen, A. Absent: Dorothy Weingarten, Publicity Chair man, Gail Mondschein. Piwe, B., Carson, N., Hollander, M., Weinstein, D., Ruba- dou, S., Solomon, S., Barrows, V., Flatow, L. ROW 4, ' 1, ., rf 1 2' 5 li: " lg 'lzv 'f Nl- 4 1 ,I x - ' ll 1 -41 , f,1..,1-'4 COU SEATED: Herring, K., Paulin, R., Minsk, M., Cutler, S., Senzel, M., STANDING: Lisson, D., Miller, L., Lidman, R., Levin, J. EDITORS REPORTERS ROW I: Dell, J., Hollander, M., Winer, P., Levin, S., Cascegno, J., ROW 2: Shulman, R., Rothstein, S. Abbondanzeri, A., Kreiwaitis, K, Blair, L. ROW 3: Bloomberg, A., Dell, C., Fritt, B., Atias, D., Dorcle, F., Winston, S., Olyer, S., Cuarre, J., Rubin, S., Legon, C. Feldman, R. ,lm ,M 1 QZW0 93" . f., ,- 2: 1 7 rs ,rv f, ' I 'fi N' 5 1.10 L4-If ' , I ., T"".'.'f'T TYPISTS, ARTISTS, AND PHOTOGRAPHERS: SEATED: Dell C.g Weiinstein, D.g Shulman, R.g Graff, M.g STANDING.: Leszynski, E.g Korenstein, B.g Bern stein, A.g Cohen, B.g Rosenberg, A. CIRCULATION 5... .ni... , if SEATED: Mrs. Kathleen Frangos: Hollander, M.: Cascegno, J.: Winer, P.: Arias, D.g Lid- man, R., editor-in-cliicfz STANDING: Blair, L.: Schafer, J.: Levin, S.: Senzel, M.: Wein- Slfill. D-1 Blfvfrrxxlx-x'g, A.: C.lllllCI'l, J.: Absent: Rubin, THE KEY 'if-ti Dun'l forget Russ, these pirturcs have lu bc Censored! X 84- 3. Hey. lmwk! Theres Miss Hess in her mga! TYPISTS SEATED: Weingarten, D.: Rice, J.: Marvanca, J. STAND- ING: Cohen, VVeinstein, D.: Rosenbloom, C.: Barncd, D.: Rosenthal, G.: Paul, J.: Chambers, P.: Seiclbcrg, G.: Roth, S.: Absent: Mutolo, P.: Gurell, T. ARTISTS, PHOTOGRAPHER Cutler, S.: Shulman, R.: Korcnstein, R. BUSINESS AND CIRCULATION STAFF ROWi I: DeNoto, P.: Ccmgilaro, C.: Rumfolo, F.: Levin, S: Epstein, E.: Kalil, M.: Mr, Philip Strauss, Baker, L.: Rosenthal, G.: Graff, M.: Monclschein, J.: Farabell, K.: Marrancc, ROW 2: Lipani, Magar, G.: Doria, B.: Lustumbo, Johnsun, D.: Weinstein, D.: Minsk, M.: Cas- Lcgno, J.: Shulman, R.: Rice, J.: Sleight, J.: Lockhart, : Russo, C.: Nicols, D. ROW .'1'.' Gallo, D.: Weingarten, D.: Tambc, F.: Cutler, S.: Kerbs, : Pecora, A.: Bazcs, V.: Chasky, A.: Neal, D.: Wrmdriifl, M.: Wehren, M.: Gravina, C.: Magin, L.: Ruth- stein, Z.: Winer, P. ROW 4: Schafer, J.: Palmierc, M.: Smith, C.: Nyc-nhuis, Barned, D.: Fiordeliso, F.: Wood- rufl, N.: Dubitsky, J.: Feldman, R.: Wcsolowski, J.: Jack- son, T.: Polito, S.: Albert, S.: Krciwaitis, K. ROW 5: Cullca, S.: Corclc, F.: Mrmclsrhcin, G.: Schumacker, C. Olycr, S.: Guarrc, Cooper, G.: Winston, S.: Sapcrstonc D.: Vcrplank, D.: Fclclstvin, A.: Frivs. T.: Wilson, G. Stern, CD.: Ncssvr, B.: Alalmnclanzicri. A. Physical Fitness contributes in large measure to happiness success. High School athletics important to the physical, emotional development of The value of the physical education program in muscles, improving posture, and providing the exercise whic is becoming increasingly impor- tant now that so much' of the rld's work is done by' machines is obvious. The social value of team work is as great as the physical benefits derived. Our teams, boys and gi s, work together to subordinate their personal goals for the good f the group, to develop leader- ship and to recognize and acce leadership, to compete fairly and to win and lose with grace. The importance of healthful phy cal activity to emotional and mental health is generally conced d. To swim, to hike, to play any game well makes one a happie healthier person, and provides opportunity for wholesome group a tivity. We of Franklin have been most fo unate in that our representa- tive Interscholastic teams have al ays kept us in a favorable light before the general public. In he first two years of basket- ball competition the teams won the ity, county, and also the cen- tral and western New York Champi ship. This has been repeated in many sports from 1930 to the pres nt date. The soccer, football, track, cross country, swimming, and t nnis teams have been usually good since the school was opened. n swimming and track we have set several records over the years in City and Sectional Meets that are still in the record books. o all the teams and their coaches, Franklin is grateful. In g od sportsmanship, in self- discipline, in devotion to their school, t ey are champions all! It is our aim to have Franklin st ents participate in-'some wholesome recreational activity. Ma they carry on the fine sports traditions already established. - Harold J. Roche FRANKLIN SPORTSCHALL or FAME 4 . chosen by . Beach, Carl Chambeflain, Nick Zona, and Harold Roche. Bain Mink - Soccer, Basketball, Baseball ' Edward Smylgc - Diving Kenneth Stenzel - Basketball, Baseball Art Qomlsal- - Swimming "Bello" Sllydm' -- Basketball Paul Comisar -4 Swimming Don Brown - Soccer, Basketball, Track T. ll. jacksonlgf Football, Track, Basketball Cary Fallis M- Swimming Carl Bonafecle K e Basketball Mllf9.Qi3Yf5llC3UflA "1 SVVllU1llinS Vic Griebus - Football. Track ' Billy SIIHCI' - Basketball A I Hilary Paprocki - Soccer, Baseball, Basketball lG2l'I?Y Chai-JIIIHH - ' ,lf,g Al Christiano N- Football Henry Paprocki - SodQcnflBaseball, Basketball Hpebbbl-" Kulblnskl - Baseball - Ed Jaworski -- Soccer, Basketball, Baseball .lack Porter - Diving, gwlmmlnx Frank Klum fKlemazewskij - Basketball Robert Dolce - Baseball William Graf -- Basketball Fred Mol-lvls B Swimming Thomas Pisano V- Track, Cross Country Hbrb Webbel- -- Baseball Wcrner'Becrs - -A Cross Country ' ' "Merph" Shapiro - Basketball, Football QlZf5:SChWartZ 'H' Soccelierlgasliballv llaskefball i rf: Dion Weissencl -f Swimming, Track, Gymnastics Rabin "' Bfl5kQl3lq?a1l A Walter Sturgis --- Sirvimming Qanikobinson - . I ' Q A -Lei it xxi-X r Q, 5 ,, J, lg ,far lm' lm ' . MAS. oe' c l 'Rxhs l l "'fln 1 r ff 4.541 'N' 4 r 5 5 'E-,Al W- "bl Q if-Q65 'ff or itll SS -by f t' tg imc arb- li V fx. I 1 "tk V One of Franklin's First soccer teams. Xxx ,fw- fr I 3.2, 'gif 2.2 if 0 5 . 7 -- gil! SITTING: Wchrcn, M.g Cutler, S.g Cooper, L. ROW 2: Brown, D.g Tambe, F. ROW 3: Hran- owsky, J.: Skalny, G.g Gravina, C. VARSITY OFFICIALS CLUB SITTING: Bergen, J.: Miss Barbara Stone: Junusas, L.: Lawcranrc, E. STANDING: Bu- nam, M.: Neal, D.: Talbcrl, J. 88 U f, if LEADERS X. Am i -1. .fly-',,f ' . .X ,X ,!V,J,, W ' ' ,yfffwf ,, fi Nfl 'I lx 'ii' 71 1 l3fi'i,nPA if ' E I sl I. 5 1 l 1 FXX kgs IT ey' A ,. Liii X , A -, X ss iw . r if KJ i, 'xy 'N .NNN .wh 'sz iw, .DJ , .QW K Y NAX-pxx iQdA,JGjgYrk.V,i Qxxiyyxrl-N Qix,-Afx UNIOR VARSITY' ls I I J J I ,lvl -any ,ff,bl-'I . I ' T '5'uvXPJ 'Q .1 l A 'Qiivb 'W' -fm-9 AEP' X61 E l Q11 X CY li-5' M . QE' AJ mjxnx-Qzlx-J V' QQ, ' N x A ' ,. K- xiyf 1- fQ,,X3' it Sgrxgisp liz Aufuvv .fjkj 6:11 Iv Af Left to Right: Ladwig, 1.5 Fritt, B.g Aldinger, G.g Siragusa, L.5 Buell, L.5 Feldstein, R. G.A.C. SITTING: Johnson, D.g LeTouzel, K.g Pochunow, T.g Neal, D.g Leszynski, E.g Bonam, M. STANDING: Addimanda, L.: Rode, R.g Miller, G.g Miss Williams, Aclvisorg Talbert, J.g Jonusas, L.g Angeline, M. 1 1. I 1 i VOLLEYBALL SEATED: Washington, M.g Bucior, M.: Bnnam, M.q KNEELING: ,Ian- kunas, I.: Krupa, M., Tiano, L., Gudzowalyj, I.: Tcrnschcnko, M.: Czcnxarnil-:. I.g Mutt, S.g Zablockyj, f A.: Curry. A.: Miss Stone, Advisor. , GIRLS' AFTER SCHOOL SWIM CLUB SEATED ON BOARD: Manicone, J.: Vogt, K.g Schlcsing, C.: Utter, P.g DcRcnnanis, A.: Sutton, B.g Miller, W.g Gnd- sclak, A4 Pcpcr, M.: SEATED AROUND POOL: Huc- stercr, S.: Schumann, C.: Krciwaitis, S.: Camp, P.g Water Safety Aides: Aldingcr, S.: Marciano, G.: Johnson, D.g fManagcrjg Marranca, J.: ROW I: Connolly, R., Fried man, E.: Vogt, K., Kalwas, M., ROW 2: Bergen, J. Mott, S.: Uber, B., Bialcck, P.: ROW 3: Hocsterey, M. Lrmdardo, A.g Balaniuk, N.: Friedman, B. SOCCER This yearfs soccer tean1, led by all-scholastic selections Don Lalka, Ernest Alo, and Bill Ilczyszyn, was the Finest aggregation of soccer players to represent Franklin in many seasons. Except for three narrow defeats at the start of the campaign, the Red and White squad easily could have brought Franklin its First league title since 1944. For a long time soccer had been the only major sport at Franklin since football and cross-country did not enter the picture until the late 193O's. In 1940, the Quakers pitchinen took their first of three league titles f194O, 1943, 1944j, and they added a Section V crown to these in 1944. After this Quaker fortunes took a turn for the worse, the low point being a 22-O shellacking by Marsliall in 1952. Since then, the influx of foreign born stars has lifted Franklin back into a contending position. ' -1 n-. ROW I: M. Solomon: V. Omecinskyjg D. Lalka C Krymnmsky R Seigal D C7as Mr. Torre, Coach. ROW 2: L. Gregory: V. Iatiuk ROW I V Surhenco B IlC7yS7y V Omecinskyjg D. Hawryschukq R. Kucilg N. Sochackl Kohut II Mo M Ixonpanijet 93 FOOT 4 . , t- v L ROW I -v Hickamn, Jones, Taricone, Refici, Martin, Dailor, Huffman, Peterson, Harley, Simmons, Lee, Capellino, Scott Paterson, Malta, ROW 2 - Guly, Williams, Ciulla, Barrin- ger, Evans, Shipp. Smith, Mills, Slater, Campanaro, Siesto Ataub, Schaefer, Wood fManagerl, ROW 3 - Dinino It wasn't until 19-l0 that interscholastic football entered the sports scene at Franklin with compos- ite teams representingg :ic-veral city schools massed together trying for the championship. The success of this program paved the way for individual rep- resentation by schools in subsequent years, but it wasn't until 1950 that the Red and White became a football power house. That year. playing for the first time on Franklin Field at the cost of 5l540,000, the Quakers captured the East Side Division championship. fThe City leagues at this time were divided into two partsl. They entered the city championship game undefeated, untiecl, and un- scored against only to lose to Madison. Again in 1 Stocko, Irving, Paruta, Saczalski, Viccaretti, O'Kolowiez Tillman, Vosylius, Timmons, Mulla, Viccanna, Marion Midavaine, ROW 4 - Smith, Wintins, Saperstone, Hall Saperstone, Mclntyre, Mr. Cummings, Mr. DlAmbrosia, Mr Cuccinella, Lehr, Jones, Hise, Curry, D'Cataldo, Leone. l952, Franklin led the East Side. and this time grabbed the city title in a closely fought contest. 1958 was another year in which the Quaker foot- ball team predominated on the gridiron. They set the all-time Franklin scoring record with a 54-6 victory over Marshall, gaining 572 yards in the process. But it was not until last year that the long sought after city title came to Franklin. This year the loss of last year's entire starting line hurt the chances for a second crown. However, there was only one game played in which the Red and White did not have a chance for victory right up until the final gun. 94- s BALL l- - .l - il. The Franklin Quakers Cin dark jerseysj lined up against thc Marshall jurists w 95 SWIMMING Since 1930, Franklin swimming teams have built up a long and lasting tradition. lxflf. Roche, who served as swimming mentor from 1933-1961, had many ine squads, but not until 1953 could he build a squad powerful enough to down a Marshall team which had fourteen years of unbroken success. From that time on, such Fmmen as the Comisar brothers, Mike Cavalcanti, and Gary Fallis have brought repeated city and sectional titles to Franklin. In the process innumerable records have been shattered. This year's team, though it had some out- standing swimmers, did not have the depth which is needed to compete with top city teams. KNFFLING Mr Cummings Coach Sitting by pool Nyerges, G., Passaro, E., Daniels, M.g Mitch J Prapport M Sitting on Board Donaldson J., Mgr.: Fries, T.g Fanara, M., Di- nardo J Alo E Rivera A STANDINC' Yamga G g Guarre, 1.3 Korenstein, M.: Nowak, G ,Iankus A Flenshcr R Chalit A Finn M Lewandowski, P. CROSS COUNTRY Back in 1931 Franklin captured its First Fall Sports title as the Cross-Country team took the City League Championship. Lack of funds curtailed activity in this sport from 1933 to 1938, but ever since then Franklin fleet-footed harriers who have brought Hve more city titles and three sectional crowns back to the Norton Street campus. From 1954 through 1959 the Quakers were almost invincible being downed only by West in 1956. Included in these years of Cross- Country dominance was an unsuccessful attempt in the Penn Relays at Philadelphia against the top long distance high school runners in the country. ROW I: N. Magin, Co-Cap'tg E. Cray Co Capt W Tmdale J Edwards R Baumbcrgcr D Hall, D.'Trocano, C. Gagliano, ROW 2 Mr Wesley Coach R Miller M Gcnczal K Mich vaine, R. Stein, G. Osman, R. Stanley D acksnn C Nowak W Manexro J Nycrges T Sawyer. FH ' ri . ,l" "'5 af ni I .4 Q-H . .I is ' vb- ' wflgifv . I I fd 3 ' - Wir N' N Ex 1 Q ' T. S? X Q" c' g? Q FAIL! E 1. A 'Y 1 ".l um ll-ll A, ,y ' as 9 A, P' , ,' , A If-.. , jfs? I fx i 1 Q A,,WF'a4. ij I in X F lx QQ X if Qyv-1 QQ-'Qu f' f If ,. VV Z . I J.V. KNEELING: Mr. Cucinella, Coach, Brown, R., Merkel, D., Slater, W., Lehr, B.g Miller, R.g STAND- ING: Simmons, D., Cray, A.g Isidore, R.g Johnson, F., Shapiro, P., Gerew, K., Dubitsky, R., Mgr. Basketball at Franklin has come a long way since the Hrst victory, a 30-28 triumph over Irondequoit on November 21, 1930. Ten city championships and several sectional titles have dotted the victory trail which has made basketball the number one sport for Quaker Fans. In its very Hrst year the Red and White posted a 17-6 record featuring a 15-13 triumph over the University of Rochester Froshg that year they also captured the city title. Again in 1932 the Quakers were number one in the city, and this time they added the Western-New York Championship to their list of titles. Not until 1937 though did the Quakers come through as undefeated city champs. Again in 1938, 1942, and 1946 the Quakers were the champs of the city. The Red and White so dominated the city league in this period that over one ten year stretch Monroe High School failed to defeat the Quakers at all. By 1949 the brand of the Interscholastic League play had changed from the slower game of the earlier years to the faster type known today. In that year the Quakers walloped Charlotte 84-31 to set a new league scoring record. This was eclipsed twice last season first with 98 points over Edison and then with 103 points over Monroe. From 1947 to 1957 the Red and White captured no league titles, but on several occasions they were a close second or third. For the last four years the Quakers have proved al- most unbeatable in league play, in 1960 the Quakers added the Section V crown to their laurels. This season the Red and White started slowly, but by midyear they reached the form typical of earlier Franklin squads. Playing the exciting basketball for which Franklin teams have been noted, they once again proved to be one of the toughest opponents in the league. WRESTLING -1 . l , Among the major winter sports squads in Franklin history, the least success has been gained by the wrestling team. Only in 1953 did the Red and White grapplers gain the league and sectional titles, in recent years the lack of depth has kept the Quakers from taking more championships, despite several individual standouts. Wrestling joined the sports picture in 1931, but from 1933 to 1943 a lack of funds curtailed Interscholastic League activity. This year's squad, while not placing' high in the league standings, showed exceptional desire. Senior Nate Turner, with two Section V titles already under his belt, turned in as fine an overall performance as any grappler in the his- tory of the school. wir - , - ,Y M . ., ZRHRLR J ..,, . - , , . A, .. ROW I: Scott, W., Kirkingburg, R., ROW 2: Mr. D'Am- ridg, R., Orlowski, F. ROW 4: Catalli, J., Hughes, E., brosia, Coach, Lubitow, E., LaRosa, R., Ladelia, D., Ordiz, Jackson, J., Riekstins, J., Ciulla, R., Strocko, J. ROW 5: B Bcrgcn, J., Jones, R., Watkins, R. ROW 3: Turner, N., Nuciola, P., ass't mgr., Refici, B., Lustumbo, J., Harley, W., Accto, T., Morrell, A., Taricone, P., Paumberger, R., Ker- Refici, J., Seiler, F., mgr. 100 VARSITY BOWLING TEAM i i w STANDING: Staub, L. KNEELING: Peterson, B.g Paruta, M.g Irving, R., Dambra F Irving, L. GIRLS' 'BOWLING TEAM ROW I.' Puoateri, J.3 Anastas, A.g Russo, C.g Merritt, P. Creek, P., Czubachowski, C.g Schmitt, C., Gay, T.g Maca luso, P., Amature, V., ROW 2: Zeigler, E.g Ziemba, M. Barone, P.g Laine, J., Miss Powersg Feldman, A.g Baunib, H., Di Luca, A., Shukis, R. Dattalo, E. ROW 3: Kuzlowski L., Paduchak, L., Krawczuk, R., Jeffries, T., Ruediger, C. 101 Rosman, C., Wlasowicz, Z.g Smith, J., White, R.g Tarala B., Andrews, D.g Horobej, 0.5 ROW-4: Carapezza, T. Smith, C., Gibbs, J.g Wallock, N. Okun, M., Rode, R.g Smipsom, L.g Karenkedzierski, K., Talbert, J., Munkes, J., Hehn, S., Koehler, J., Schneider, D.g Michlin, D.g Hurysz, G., Caleagno, M. A 8a S Superette Philanz Oldsmobile Aceline Products Corporation G. Femiano P Ajay Glass and Mirror Company Fleckensti 's f?f!kett'6d7Kj!f71fL!L Auer Liquor Store Fl 's, ' - sd SIM f sf f B.C. Barber Shop 1 my l 5 Pha mac 0 , Mr. George W. Barrett f t nklirM! tixfe re Beru1an's Sllpcrctte , 1lY1'1 Fricklyiff 5A Bianchi Asphalt Paving Corporation I ff' 8a M alfj 'ddy tore Bill's Service Station Mfg! P If it Joyc e elardo fp Lf Alvin Blair Company, Incorporated V f' A yffgegrg ' C.lothing2 Blair Supply Corporation ' V I Q Ger hop Bless Drug Store , tte,s P ry Shoppe KE Mr. Max Barsuk fp PM , f"' Gr!! B j!hbppe Cl Bresloff Monument Company A fgiqglntical Co. I , Xi Cannioto's Barber Shope in Golden Poinf' iveiln Carroll's Tropical Paradise , i Mr. ' Mrs. C,i3e ossen, Sr. Catlin and Haag Incorporated X Goligst-ijgsters fi A Ann W. Cayia lg, Hackett!9S1 Automotive Service Chase Drug Company 57 fMi s M'aiieWWf !5gZ4f1f?fCL Nina Christiano 1 in roup 12-25 Class of 1964 fl ol se of Costaiizjg p Cohen's Restaurant Mr. 81 Mrs. Willia.ui.Howe' Columbia Market No. 9 Staff of the Hudson Branch Library Donald F. Arnold, Pres. Conunercial Honor Society J. Orlando's Grocery Compliments of Hy-Teens Jerry's Hair Fashions Tony's Friendly Service Jimmie's Restaurant Mrs. Myrtle Cooper Joan Huss Anthony DeLuca John and Nancy Grace. S. Dennison Johnny's Furniture Dick Diejoia Mrs. Johnson's Homeroom 12-8 - Jeffery Dubitsky K 8L K Hudson Meat Market Eddie's Corner David S. Klass Edify Contractors Incorporated Key Drug Store Empire Cleaners-Dyers Incorporated Charles R. Kraft Mrs. Benjamin Epstein Sy Kugel Mrs. Irene Faust Mr. 8: Mrs. Roman Kulawiecki Door Town Lee's Mobile Service 102 1962 PATRON S Lenora Soap Manufacturing Company Inc. 9 Rochester Typographic Service Mr. 8: Mrs. Nathan Lidman j Rocky's Garage Russell Lidman X - p V Harry Rosenthal Len-Val Asphalt Sealer COUIPEWY ' V00-96 Mr. Fred Rossi Class of 1949 Louis' Barber Shop ' Ai Shirley Ruzzi jim Magnera Esso Station MM, 0? EDU., Schmidt's Market Incorporated Marie's Sweet Shoppe V lkflf. 8: Mrs. George Schmitt Leo Mart LA I Irene Schcible Pat Masseralla ' x Mr. G. Scott -- Mr. Ronald Masters Louis Mazza Meyer's Print Shop Mohawk Grocery Navis Floral Shop Miss Idell Nesser Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nesser Miss Mary Nesser Miss Rosaline Nesser Mr. 8L Mrs. Thomas A. Nesser Norton Village Food Center Leo Nowak 8: Donna LaDuke Otto and Bob's Food Market Palermo-Linsay Plumbing 81 Heating Mr. R Mrs, Carl Pellegrino SL Family Perri's Restaurant v I WM-3' UUWEQJJ' Preferred Electric Motors, Incorporated. Profetta's Department Store Quagliatafs Market The Quality Bakery Rabin,s Clothing Center Rochester Bakery Rochester Monument Company Mrs. Margaret M. Reno Reynolds Arcade Barber Shop jeffrey Rice Ridgewood Beauty Salon Alan Robins 103 Fran SL John Scott Bob and Harriet Seigel Seigel Pharmacy Senior H.R. 12-7 Senior H.R. 12-22 Senior H.R. 12-25 Mr. 8t Mrs. Frank Sepe Shacket and Mason Garage Sherelis-Kramarchuk Package Exp: ess Sherelis Furniture and Appliance Company Shabbarrasi Music Store Mr. Albert Sherman - Class of 1940 Simmons Agency Smallinels Pharmacy Sarah P. Strazzeri, Stenographic Service lNfIr. 8L Mrs. Howard N. Strutz Thurston Cleaners Kenneth B. Waide Morris A. Wainer Waring Coffee Shoppe Mr. igl Mrs. Bernard Weber The Arthur A. Wehren Family Winton Pizza Shoppe Zeta Kappa Chi Y-Teens Compliments of a Friend Compliments of a Friend Compliments of a Friend Compliments ofa Friend Compliments of a Friend - 1955 K x 215 J N H 1 ? an I QM -1 II J If Ha W 1: I P . 4. L W- 5 W Q2 95flj vqf,i ' x Qgwiw UN AP ffl? Www Vfi'MwQ'wQ5'w 6 Eff W ki Q X? Qj MKS? ex ff W' Qsffsfiiiifixfw viwiffia Q C355-Sigma mf 0UZ'4j,06 5? Mjffffffo 0 1 2-,W La 1 2 Eifgiapiw wi 19325522 Q ,,,.Nf1N.5f 'QQ ii 6 Q Q32 A my Q QTXEEQ 33? fgifiia x N., KK fix! xx .A I, s. xv l ,Ld xv ' , M XXEB' Xl 22' ' L! IN 4- ' L ,., Tk aft- ' ,X km? xv O52 J' w XJ ffblfc' .MVB ty -J W an --'I' ' X'-N J ' n V 4 f ffl? QQ 1 'wg' " x - V' 'K LLQAH x!""' ff ' 'Q ' YS, 1' x 'Y'-,' -. I-1,1 -UL . ' ' fm 1 , . Q r-,'-' ' f V V 1 6,5 Y531 Q J wx? ,T .. x A liz' AF - f J th . A 'X 1 'X 'x If ., ,-Sf ' , WW A W , ,fl - ,, . t:Q,"M'x ' -' , A-KJ '-A K 1 fig IXQ-!1,"'! riff-C.' xiii-' ,MQW JL V , 1 f ., ,rl 4 v , f- " b, - J' yfgw ,pl f ,fx ww Lf ,fwf X 'xg --' Lfklf Marti. I K ,AU 'Viv " 69 5' ' NJ!-'U?,1f.N 1 I K W P nv .1 I. 'T I . , , !L f,. f ' Ilvl' ,r V ' , .rf i . I J Cf' Xa ll gf. I .X mx . - TN -:X XXX , X E2 5' X N '--J4'Qf'-jg Qqcxa-H5 RN W, X' X - K. 1 jxggtl W J .NFS I N J .k Ngi:E BW . tb 'ku ' W U 'bi P X y' N wt '+G nv Q, ,VXI X J .,J W H a Ng. 57' xy yi UW gpg, 9-Nfwwk if 1 'J -5 v N 'O' We M322 TJ rx MF' Q1 M ,V XWUJ J 7 r-RIM yjwww 1. '.5Lf1fQ 'xiEk'f'11V Ui, 'K' W fx X . 'SJTXJ rffbfx. I., I I QI, WA V K' 7Q i.L,1 x. fbk FR I L,.'T,Q?,.f-7 fkjlkfl-Lf J, f'PLgiCi,vkL,4 ff 11,1511 A f fl,'NPi'1vE:x V Q ,A----z'-"K D .. fffiwvkf-11, . 6 5 X W- - N 1 x .4 4 X- X X 1 ' 1 'T' ,-, .f ' , I 'fin 6 fx KI 'y 5 ' Q- ' W' MW1 I V, 5-X, -- ' 'Wgifw . H 'V Q' I at I A- .. fl 1, 1 X . . S.. '55-NH. ' szxxwusbig WN--. 1 K -.Nik . -f H F , K QU K A t Q' , .f P 1 A' -Cf 'wtf In ,-N111 A X -Jr 'V 'V " v."'J1'7 JJ I ,, Lf . j.1 wfj,.l ly I bt '!JJJ":,: - f 77 ,ig-' J J " ng' -, I l 1 - W NJ'-"J" . - "'N-., uf' ' ' . 1' .- . A ' , Q "7-.fir -1 .jhf My 1 L . , f H' M EA- J' I A""1'a.. vi. 1 . I 's

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