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A 1 y A itrL c4 .toLdJ( ytc x ijct£k k K S , „ ( A y j w y ■O ' J A y rf- ,y A Tj is s ' A ,n I) v Q K. , iA Ct v l-cH ' -A ' -, 0 ,, At JlOl-o A AA ' ' VU ! A 0 (X- A v (2$0 j M X ,• - i_ x-C nf ' L ) ,.JUejL 3- ' -•A, CVve 5 - . A SmaJ 2 S-cc) qJX - t ' ' i 1 CcCitL -c-rO -dfaj OX)ii ruA A » ( vX vru ' yul C J ■Y11X ) (xXtU - Oc -j ' a Ao )«A«l 0 Q THE KEY BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL WHO’S WHO IN CLASSICAL MYTHOLOGY T halia—Muse of Comedy H ercules—A Hero of Strength E ros—God of Love C lio—Muse of History L achesis—One of the Greek Fates A urora—Goddess of the Dawn S aturn—The Greek God, Cronus S elene—Goddess of the Moon 0 dysseus—A Trojan War Hero F uries—Three Avenging Spirits N eptune—Ruler of the Waters ! ris—Goddess of the Rainbow N ymphs—Beautiful Maidens E urus—The East Wind T itans—Deities of Enormous Strength E uterpe—Muse of Lyric Poetry E ris—The God of Discord N otus—The South Wind S atyrs—Shaggy Woodland Creatures I lus—Founder of Troy X anthus—The Great River of Troy T erpsichore—Muse of Dancing Y mir—The First Giant of Creation HOME OF GREEK MYTHOLOGY FOREWORD nm e, jJq QrA O XAxa) y OOxi-C .s QXVm Classical mythology represents the timeless tales of gods and heroes. These inspiring accounts of deities, semi-divine beings, and superhuman individuals, which were handed down to the Greeks and Romans by word of mouth for a long period of time and also put into written form by imaginative poets, have, for nearly 2700 years, influenced and embellished the art, the literature, and even the daily speech of the civilized world. With their curious blend of fantasy and fact, of ideals and realities, these tales re¬ flect the dreams and desires of man throughout history to know the realm of the unseen, the unknown, the mysterious. Hence, these myths, which were thought of as an important part of early civilized life, will live on for centuries to come. As we, the Seniors, look back upon our memorable days at Benjamin Franklin High School, we, like the ancient Greeks before us, have also acquired some time¬ less tales of a most important part of our own lives, tales which will live on as an imperishable memory in the hearts and minds of all the members of the Class of 1960. S 2 HERMES (MERCURY) page 17 yUr-- 7 THE MUSES page 61 ■ Lf d r T tSj- J VULCAN page 101 2 3 MR. WILLARD A. SABIN Principal To you, Mr. Sabin, we, the Senior Class of 1960, proudly dedicate the KEY; for you, like Zeus, are not only a god of the strong but also a protector of the weak. “Fishes and beasts and fowls of the air de¬ vour one another. But to man, Zeus has given justice. Beside Zeus on his throne Justice has her seat.” Hesiod “Father Sky,” as the Greeks appropri¬ ately called him, Zeus with his eagle was the arch-protector of the state and the supporter of the law and order which made possible the existence of the state. Kings and rulers, as well as subjects, therefore, looked to Zeus for guidance, safety, and justice. Just as the Greeks looked upon this god as the protector of the human relations of civilized man, so do we, both the subjects and “titans” of Franklin High School, fondly revere our lordly administration for the civil¬ izing guidance and justice which it has gen¬ erously given us during our stay at “Olym¬ pia.” Miiinmmi ZEUS-JUP1TER 5 MISS CATHERINE SULLIVAN Vice Principal in Charge of Instruction MR. JULIAN LOWELL Vice Principal in Charge of Pupil Services VICE¬ PRINCIPALS ADVISERS Mr. Julian Lowell, Vice-Principal in Charge of Pupil Services; Mr. Merl Ringwood, Mr. Charles Stalker, Mrs. Dorothy Redding. Absent: Miss Dorothy Martens. DEPARTMENT HEADS Sitting: Mr. Domenic De Francesco, Mr. Bernard Greenberger, Miss Catherine Sullivan, Vice- Principal in Charge of Instruction; Miss Emily Thompson, Mr. Matthew Lyders, Miss Miriam Levin. Standing: Mr. Norman Gross, Mr. Sam Bloom, Mr. H. Carlisle Taylor, Mr. Elston Yaeger. Absent: Mr. Carl Chamberlain. 7 COUNSELORS Sitting: Mr. Pincus Cohen, Miss Anna Marie Rauber, Mr. Julian Lowell, Miss Patricia Carnahan. Standing: Mr. Donald F. Rahtjen, Mr. Hyman J. Kaplan, Mr. Robert Smith. LIBRARIANS Mrs. Mary Bastian, Mrs. Marge Dejohn. Absent: Mrs. Fuller. SPECIAL SERVICES MR. HAROLD A. SCHWARTZ Psychologist MRS. ELEANOR BURGESS Speech Therapist MRS. ARLINE SCHLUETER Nurse MRS. THELMA BICUCCI Attendance Officer t 8 M, A6 % CL CJ C‘ flc J OJ dc cZ Co ' S - ' •S Lomc JfaLl C ' tZC C(A- 7 ■soZlZ ena, tfie daughter of Zeus, was the livings eird diment iclu wCrloni and ' £$ .. ■} letters was her particular preserve, but Z als pfrgi||luth£ c oi ' ... j t nifiecT maiden, agriculture, handicrafts, „ and " athletic! ' were made to floufisE To ' ' pay homage to her, the ancient Greeks , bjuikilhe nlagrirfi.hent, Pap(fi n6ti ' y a terU- ZC Z pie of jeverlasting glofy u4 lady of-old, fac- fij — s ' susCzr . 4 w? 4 ulty has patiently inculcated in us “thi ki f rvpQtgrpx. kn£;yf i t d- ' -1 conduct. As of our oWn “Parthenon,” Athene .befpi e ' iem, have bequeathed to us a purity of thought and ajL i e branch of serenity which we shall never forget. . 4. 4 jlJL Z tCZt Z ' yi ' L fix ,z d l L -fiAZ ..- ' L L Z a - UCt ' rf Jf- G ZZetf FACULTY HENA (MINERVA) ty Seated, Front of Table: Mrs. Betty Jordahl, Mrs. Mona McGurk, Miss Lois Rowley. Seated Around Table: Miss Miriam Levin, head; Mrs. Grace Knitter, Miss Marilyn Songer, Mrs. Marian Hoover, Mr. William Callahan, Mrs. Leah Farrell, Mrs. Dorothy Fraser. Standing: Mrs. Marcia Summers, Miss Agnes Kellner, Mr. Ronald Proud, Mr. Joseph Gullo, Mr. Richard McHugh, Mr. Norman Gebauer, Mr. Charles Griffith, Mr. Dennis McGuire, Mr. Warren Humphrey, Mr. Phillip Strauss, Mrs. Mildred Sidler. Foreign Languages Sitting: Mr. Domenic DeFrancesco, head; Mrs. Belle Miss Agnes Peterson, Mr. Donald Rahtjen, Mr. Pincus Sherman, Miss Irene Hess. Standing: Mr. Ronald Masters, Cohen. 10 Mathematics Hawke, Mr. Gilbert Crane, Mr. Ronald Migliore, Mrs. Margaret Ange, Mr. Mahdi Rubaii, Mr. Albert Whitaker. Absent: Mr. Raymond Boland. Sitting: Mrs. Stella Nicoletti, Mrs. Dorothy Morsheimer, Mr. H. Carlisle Taylor, head; Mrs. Clara Bode, Mrs. Mar¬ garet Howe. Standing: Mrs. Lawana Noftz, Mr. Frederick Sitting: Mrs. Ruth Smith, Mrs. Edna Daly, Miss Esther Callahan, Mrs. Nancy Westover, Mr. Samuel Bloom, head; Mr. A. J. Betten, Mr. Louis Frasca. Standing: Mr. Sam¬ uel Ronsheim, Mr. James Vaiana, Mr. Hyman J. Kaplan, Mr. Frank Mockevicius, Mr. Charles Perham, Mr. Robert Smith, Mr. Ralph Lomio. Absent: Miss Phyllis Williams. 11 Business Education Sitting: Miss Emily D. Thompson, head; Mrs. Laura H. Smith, Miss Abrona Batz, Miss Stella Scardino, Miss Joyce Masters, Mr. Robert Murphy. Standing Mr. Leon Leggett, Mr. Gerald Mousso, Miss Joan Turner, Miss Anna Marie Rauber, Mr. Roy Erdman, Mr. Benjamin Lipson, Mrs. Elizabeth Palmer, Miss Eleanor Ratcliffe. Social Studies Sitting: Mr. Russell Brigandi, Miss Dama Zefers, Miss Teresa Leene, Mr. Norman Gross, head; Mrs. Helen Villone, Mr. Ernest DuBois, Miss Barbara Moore, Mrs. Reveira Wilcove. Standing: Mr. I. A. Chapell, Mr. John White Clark, Mr. Robert Cutler, Mr. Eugene MacConnell, Mr. Harold Swarthout, Mr. Frank Hosic, Mr. Frank Buk- owski, Mr. Edward Quinn, Mr. Thomas Koch, Mrs. Helen Martin, Mr. Edward Mills, Dr. Charles Meder. Practical Arts Sitting: Mrs. Elizabeth Ringwood, Mr. Joseph Kaiser, Mr. King, Mr. Arthur Mohr. Mr. Howard Eckert, Mr. Alfred Elston Yaeger, head; Mrs. Edith Dennison, Mrs. June Marini, Mr. Robert Westover, Mr. Samuel Saunders, Miss Corrigan Mrs. Mary King. Standing: Mr. J. M. Finnegan, Aldona Miskinis. Missing: Mr. William Schlagater, Mr. Mr. William H. Read, Mr. Joseph Ruffino, Mrs.. Phyllis Ward Donahue. Fine Arts Mrs. Isabel Wills. Absent: Mr. Emil Maurer, Miss Marian Tuthill. Health and Physical Education w Sitting: Miss Lillian Stavrevsky, Mr. Harold Roche, Miss Emelda Williams, Mr. Jeane Wesley. Standing: Mr. Mauro Panaggio, Miss Anne Colclesser. Mr. George Graham, Mjss Mabel Rodman, Mr. George Hart, Mr. Byron Sullivan, Miss Deborah Powers. Absent: Mr. Carl Chamberlain, head; Miss Edna Snow, Mr. Will Batiste. Occupational Education and School Work Program I siifi® Jllgf jj ll I j 0 ill Sitting: Mr. Bernard Greenberger, head; Mrs. Eleanor Edelstein, Mrs. Etta Pease, Mrs. Genevieve Cupolo, Miss Ruth Klee, Mrs. Thelma Phillips. Standing: Miss M. Doris 14 Freeman, Mr. Frank Stein, Mr. Kenneth Hed, Mr. Loftus Carson, Mr. William Williams, Miss Julia Granato, Miss Barbara Glad. Absent: Miss Madeline Mannella. Maintenance Sitting: Mr. Eugene Healy, Mr. Herman Wisotzke, Mr. Constantine Guran. Office Staff Mrs. Mary Joy, Mrs. Mona Malanga, Miss Marcia Mirch, Miss Nancy Wildzunas. 15 7- A-X—a eo TT L- ms q M f“-yO d- ' " V5 L-- " jA § The son of Zeus and Maia, Hermes was worshipped by the ancient Greeks as the god of heralds and travelers and, more par¬ ticularly, as Zeus’s messenger, one “who flies as fleet as thought to do his bidding.” A hand¬ some young man, wearing winged sandals and a winged cap, and carrying his magic wand—the Caduceus—Hermes was graceful and swift of motion. Likewise, our seniors with Mercurial strength, speed, and splendor have “winged” their adventurous way through five years of profitable study to the end of their memorable flight, a flight marked by hail-storms and dark valleys yet also by the same sunlight and “heaven-kissed hills” of mythological time. seiims HERMES (MERCURY) 17 Marvin Sachs President Michael Diodato Vice-President Dawn Onderdonk Secretary Annette Sciortino Treasurer Sandra Baur Social Chairman CLASS of 1960 Mrs. Ruth Smith Adviser Mr. Ronald Migliore Adviser . Seated in front of table: C. Krajowsky, F. Corde, M. Rofici, I. Matechyn. R. Ryan, P. DaVola, S. Lisson, K. Scarpulla, B. Paulin, N. Adams, K. Marciano, M. Aroesty. Seated at table: E. DeCamilla, N. Buerman, M. Diodato, Vice-presi¬ dent: S. Baur, Social Chairman; M. Sachs, President; D. Onderdonk, Secretary: A. Sciortino, Treasurer; B. Yates. First Row Standing: M. Bartikofsky, N. Kiner, E. Jaehn, W. Milhouse, II. Fine, C. Abbey, D. Megi, E. Plati, J. Bevacqua, R. Crawford, R. Irvin, S. Watson, K. Sonneman, P. Azzolino, K. Abberger. Second Row , Stand¬ ing: T. Morill, D. Miller, P. DeMyda, F. Leitert, C. Perry, L. Smith, P. Standish, L. Allgaier, S. Levinson, C. Lill, R. Guglielmino, C. Goldman, E. Bonavilla, A. Osband, P. Flagg, K. Epstein. 18 CYNTHIA ABBEY 192 Hartsdale Rd. KAREN DIANE ABBERGER 57 Sobieski St. CAROL ACETO 25 Renwood St. NANCY BAIRD ADAMS 173 Valley Circle LAWRENCE ALESSI 98 Avenue A WILLIAM HOWARD ALLART 360 Walzford Rd. CAROL ELIZABETH ADES 46 Rosemary Drive DOROTHY T. ALLEN 64 Wilson St. ALAN ALPHONSE ACCORSO 229 Jerold St. LOUIS M. ABBONDANZIERI 162 Yates St. JOANNE ALTAVENA 431 Harwick Rd. SANDRA VERA AMES 39 Russel Ave. PHYLLIS G. AMMON SHIRLEY A. AMOROSO 294 Walzer Rd. 211 Queensboro Rd. THOMAS JOSEPH ANGE AMEDEO A. ANGILELLA 35 Copeland St. 1729 Norton St. JOHN C. ANTONIO MARLENE AROESTY THOMAS J. ASENATO ALLAN AUSTIN 35 Sherwood Ave. 98 Nye Park 161 Bleacker Rd. 194 Brockley Rd. 20 JOSEPH P. AUTOVINO 95 LeFrois St. JANET KAY BALDERSON 178 Bayside Dr. GARY JOHN BACH 33 Zimmer St. DOROTHY MARY BARCO 420 Joseph Ave. NANCY JEAN BARG 345 Culver Parkway ARTHUR HAROLD BARTLETT 435 Liberty Ave. MAURICE BARTIKOFSKY 49 Baumann St. SANDRA JEAN BAUR NORMA ' , JEAN BEAN 92 Seneca Rd. vA 1293 N. Clinton Ave. BONNIE ELAINE BATJER 225 Walzford Rd. LAWRENCE J. BASKEWICZ 45 Broderick Dr. KARIN A. BEBEMEYER 102 Ellison St. MARY ANN BEHLENDORF 61 Maria St. LEONARD M. BERGER 16 Seabrook St. ALAN DAVID BERKOV 12 Kappel PI. JEAN M. BEVACQUA 120 Walnut Park JOYCE IRENE BILLISKI 222 St. Stanislaus CATHERINE ANN BLETZER 23 Loomis St. MARY ANN BONACCI 220 Candlewood Rd. EDWARD JOSEPH BONAVILLA 229 Remington St. DAVID GARTH BORLAND 34 Trelawne Dr. PEARL ROSE BOSCARINO 86 Clark Avenue GAIL ANN BOURDEAU 1321 North St. GEORGE RICHARD BRACHT 191 Remington St. ESSIE B. BREEDLOVE 21 Harmon St. SUSAN V. BRIDDON 278 Filon Ave. THEODORE J. BRIGHTMAN 124 Scrantom St. GARY T. BROEKHUIZEN 128 Bay View Rd. CAROL ANN BROOKER 1594 N. Goodman St. bM BRUECKNE Casinfiif ' St. MICHAEL L. BRUNET 252 Baden St. JOHN M. BUCCIARELLI 859 North St. 822 Clinton Ave. N. 67 Hoff St. 35! Waring Rd. 12 Fairmount St. GARY ARTHUR CANTOR JANET GRACE CAPELL 246 Navarre Rd. 27 Forester St. JOSEPHINE MARY CARACCI FRANK L. CARBERRY CONSTANCE JEANNE CARNELL WILMA GRACE CARNELL 104 LeFrois St. 137 Orland Rd. 185 Marne St. 185 Marne St. RICHARD JOHN CARPINO 50 Melville St. HELEN GERALDINE CARSON 44 Bismark Terrace LINDA MARY CATLIN 423 Conkey Ave. ELAINE MARIANN CAVALLARO 169 Newcomb St. MICHAEL CAVALCANTI 726 Laurelton Rd. ANN M. CERAMI 19 Richland St. BARBARA JEAN CAV AU-MCCI ,137 High Slf4 ' ' anHmdhrisItoph r SUZANNE I. COHEN 1120 St. Paul St. RAYMOND COHEN 60 Mazda Terrace SAMUEL GEORGE CINO t 3225 Culver Rd. ANN R. COLEMAN ELAINE ANITA CONA LINDA MARIE CONA KATHLEEN MAY COOPER 12 Sea View Ave. 55 Cliffmor St. 55 Cliffmor St. 1108 St. Paul St. JOSEPHINE TERESA COTTON RONALD ALAN COXFORD 44 Weld St. 468 Empire Blvd. ROGER A. CRAWFORD ELIZABETH JANE CRISCIULLO LINDA LEE CROMBIE BARBARA E. CROSBY 2077 Titus Ave. 2186 Clifford Ave. 208 Pt. Pleasant Rd. 144 Yorkshire Rd. 26 DAVID NICHOLAS DECKER 389 Avondale Rd. ROBERT DAVID DeCLERCK 18 Orenda Dr. BALBINA DeCOSTA 9 Zimmer St. KAREN LEE DeLORME 34 Reed Park N PHILIP KORDEN DeMYDA 822 Avenue D JANIS DIANNE DePALMA 457 Harwick Rd. JEAN A. DeVOLA 206 Lyceum St. LOUISE A. DeYOUNG 151 Walzford Rd. J. ANTHONY DiGIULIO 339 LaFayette Rd. MICHAEL DOMINICK DIODATO 188 Ashwood Dr. MARY ELIZABETH DiPRIMA 341 Shelford Rd. PETER RICHARD DiSALVO 122 Rohr St. 28 JOANN ROSE DiVITO I 7 Hollister St. ROGER LEONARD DOELL 124 Oneida St. JOHN GEORGE DOERR 268 Liberty Ave. MICHAEL ROBERT DOLITON 1473 Norton St. JOAN H. DYER 479 Fernwood Ave. KENNETH SOLOMON EPSTEIN 343 Avenue B BARBARA ANN DONOFRIO 55 Ridgeport Circle GEORGE H. DOUGLAS 247 Pardee Rd. ANTONIA M. EAST 118 Baird St. JOHN DAVID EVANKO 9 Galusha St. CARL ROSS FANTAUZZO 422 Bouckhart Ave. BARBARA ANN FARAGHER 40 Tamarack Dr. PHILIP M. FEIL 654 Clinton Ave. N. LINDA ANN FEDERATION 213 Wilkins St. BURTON R. FELDSTEIN 29 Weyl St. GERALDINE ANN FERRO 221 Norran Dr. MARILYN SANDRA FIANO 113 Rosemary Dr. JANICE SUE FILBY 212 Traver Circle HOWARD BRUCE FINE 65 Collingwood Dr. JOYCE ELAINE FINEGAN 124 Sylvester St. STEPHEN SAMUEL FIORINO 1350 Norton St. JUDY ANNE FINKBEINER 231 Willmont St. PAUL MARTIN FLAGG 282 Brandon Rd. MARJORIE A. FLATOW 110 Huntington Park 30 EDDIE W. FLOWERS WILLARD RICHARD FOX, JR. EUNICE FRANCE SHARON LEE FREEDLAND 5 Henry St. 963 St. Paul St. 15 Morton St. 88 Teralta St. SANDRA RUTH FRELIER STEPHEN JOSEPH GALLUCCI 140 Bay View Rd. 1906 Clifford Ave. WALTER W. GAULER DONALD P. GELO 109 Willmont St. 78 Ketchum St. CAROL JEAN GIBBS E. MICHAEL GOELLER 47 Rialto St. 96 Weyl St. JANICE RAE GOLDFARB 1611 St. Paul St. CHARLES IRWIN GOLDMAN 45 Avenue C BRUCE T. GORDON 40 Carter St. SANFORD M. GORDON 19 DeJonge St. ANITA LOIS GOSCH 3 Herbert St. JOHN ANTHONY GRANDE 72 Clark Avenue » THOMAS J. GRAVINA 72 Willmont St. WESLEY KENNETH GRIEVE 73 Barnum St. PIUS G. GREBLIUNAS 13 Watkins Ter. RENA JOYCE GROSSMAN 266 Norton St. 32 GEORGE LOUIS GUARINO 190 Knapp Ave. KATHLEEN A. GUDAS 1085 North St. RONALD R. GUGLIELMINO 101 Petrossi Dr. SHARON LEE GRUBER 90 Chapin St. CHRISTINE MARY GURAN 1770 Ridge Rd. E. NANCY A. HABES 51 Oberlin St. ALGIRDAS A. GUSTINIS 51 Merrimac St. PATRICIA ANN HAGYMASI 304 Ashwood Dr. ROSELIE MARIE GUGLIETTA 124 Blalceslee St. PATRICK G. GUISTO 36 Portage St. ROBERT KENNETH HALLER 55 Briar Lane SALLY JOYCE HAMILTON 141 Avondale Rd. BEATRICE KAY HAMMECKER 85 Vinton Rd. CHARLES WILLIAM HATCHER 15 Herman St. ANNA HRYNCZYSZYN 4! Rhine St. LARISSA VERA HUBKA 220 Bernard St. MARIA STEPHANIA HUBKA 220 Bernard St. NOVELLA HUFFMAN 18 Weld St. ROBERT IRVIN 20 Vienna St. SANDRA B. HYMAN 74 Jewel St. ROBERT HOMER I 50 Durand Dr. DONALD ROBERT JENKS 3303 Culver Rd. JEROME A. INFANTINO 603 Portland Ave. EDWIN C. JAEHN 491 Hurstbourne Rd. DOROTHY ANN IVES 1852 St. Paul St. -r DALE LOUISE JOHNSON 143 Corley Dr. JUTA KAABEL 87 Avenue D PATRICIA A. KAMINSKI 45 Northeast Ave. PATRICIA A. JOHNSON 60 Laser St. ELIZABETH ANN KELLEY 177 Yorkshire Rd. JOHN W. KEPPLER 96 Grafton St. BARBARA ANN KIERECKI 80 Ernst St. BETTY S. KASTNER 383 Laurelton Rd. NORMAN P. KINER 18 Fien St. JOHN PETER KNAPP, JR. 100 Heberle Rd. RICHARD H. KNOWLES 180 Friedrich Park ALAN M. KNUTOWICZ 183 Grey St. CAROL ANN KRAJOWSKY 226 Delamaine Dr. WPS STEVEN EDWARD KRUSEMARK 207 Walzer Rd. CHARLES J. LaMENDOLA 27 Clifford Ave. HARVEY DOUGLAS KRAVETZ 69 Sellinger St. LUBA KUCIL 360 Hudson Ave. CAROL ANN LaDUQUE 154 Leslie PI. RICHARD C. LAMAGRA 45 Buonomo St. JEAN KRISMAN 134 Wilkins St. WILLIAM EDWARD KRUL 1532 St. Paul St. RAISSA KRYWONOS 36 Pulaski St. ANTHONY LOUIS LAMARCA 439 Flower City Park CAROL A. LALKA 182 Townsend St. 37 FREDERICK CARL LEITERT 319 Harwich Rd. STUART LEE LEVISON 154 Hollenbeck St. GEORGE ALAN LICATA 234 Martin St. PHILIP G. LICCIARDI 12 Smyles Dr. THOMAS C. LEONARDO 303 Spencer Rd. JOANNE C. LIGOZIO 131 Valley Circle LAWRENCE EMORY LANE, JR. 195 Norran Dr. WILLIAM E. LANG 90 Chapin St. NANCY JANE LAYTON 1055 Portland Ave. EUGENE S. LAZZARA 283 Traver Circle 0 - MARGARET JEAN LeBRITON 76 Eiffel St. r ROBERT GEORGE LEETZ 66 Ashwood Dr. o r J£C . 6 A ytunyoM obyy. CHARLES R. LOIACANO 434 First St. MARIAN F. LOMOGLIO 12 Frederick St. SAM LOMBARDO 94 Rohr St. DIANE M. LOIACANO 173 Nichols St. JEROLD MATTHEW LONG 96 Smyles Dr. ROSE MARIE LIPOMI 30 Portage St. SEVERINO LIPPA 287 Westchester Ave. FRANK J. LOMBARDO, JR. 580 Hudson Ave. SONDRA LISSON 1250 St. Paul St. BONNIE LOUISE LLOYD 208 Avenue A CARL JOSEPH LILL 134 Oneida St. CAROLYN ANN LIMUTI 223 Vinal Ave. ROSEANN LONOBILE 189 Vinal Ave. WILLIAM KURT LUERTZING 104 Sydenham Rd. AL MAKOWSKI 91 Rauber St. LAWRENCE N. LUCAS I Bradford St. THOMAS SCOTT LUDIAN 3507 Culver Rd. SHARON LEE LYNCH 27 Pt. Pleasant Rd. DANIEL NOLD MacGREGOR 101 Avondale Rd. JANIS HARRIET MACK 333 Conlcey Ave. FRANK A. MALASAUSKAS 251 Berlin St. JOANN MARIE MANICONE 775 Carter St. MICHAEL FRANK MANIOCI 47 Winterroth St. 40 WILLIAM CLARK MARCH 169 Avondale Rd. KATHLEEN P. MARCIANO 32 Springfield Ave. DORIS MARKOWITZ 43 Morris Sf. BARBARA MASLANKA 260 Oaklawn Dr. IRENE MATICHYN 3 I I Knapp Ave. CAROL MARY MAXFIELD 22 Paff Sf. ANGELO VINCENT MAZZA 588 Carter St. BOHDAN MASIUK 606 North St. THOMAS RICHARD MASTRO 230 Weaver St. ■ ) ‘ v) r KAREN ANNETTE MARTIN I " Wilkins St. id ■J- yy GARY J. MASCIOLETTI 159 Heberton Rd. MADELINE MARIE MAZZA 588 Carter St. john l. McConnell 256 Pemberton Rd. LINDA M. MEHLENBACHER I 10 Thomas St. FREDERICK A. MENDICK 16 Remington St. JAMES TERRY McGRATH 158 Yates St. RICHARD RUDOLF MERZ 219 Willmont St. RONALD E. MESOLELLA 51 Petrossi Dr. GARY JOHN METEYER I 13 Kiniry Dr. ARTHUR EDWARD MICKLEI 56 Osage St. GARY WILLIAM MIETUS 4 Pulaski St. MARCIA LEE MIGDOL 22 Gladys St. 42 ROSALINDE E. MILBREDT 50 Baumann St. PAUL E. MILLER 181 Dickinson St. BARBARA ANN MILLS 120 Thomas St. EUGENE DOUGLAS MONJE JOYCE M. MONTEMARO 77 Highwood Rd. 463 Harwick Rd. MARIAN ADELAIDE MORGAN THOMAS WILLIAM MORRILL 1714 St. Paul St. 143 Breezeway Dr. X KISH CAROLYN RUTH MILLER 261 Pemberton Rd. GILDA MAY MISTRETTA 94 Midland Ave. SUZANNE W. MOORE 32 Strathmore Cir. ELAINE J. MORABITO 80 Baird St. DAVID MICHAEL MORSE ROBERT HENRY MUELLER GERALDINE N. NAPIERALA CAROLYN ROCHELLE NAST 228 Coolidge Rd. 174 Norton St. 312 Weaver St. 219 Hurstbourne Rd. JUDITH ANNE NOHE I 15 Willmont St. SHEILA JANE NOYES 67 Nixon Dr. NANCY ANN NIBLACK CAROLE NIEDZIELSKI 68 Dawes Rd. LORRAINE EDNA NYENHUIS 571 Portland Ave. PETER OSADCIW 93 Alphonse St. JAMES C. O ' BRIEN 202 Pemberton Rd. ROBERT PAUL OLEKSYN 24 Carl St. DAWN LEE ONDERDO 34 Cedar Lane ARTHUR NORMAN OSBAND 47 Northview Ter. HAROLD DeWITT OSBORNE 101 Weeger St. PATRICIA ANN PALOZZI 1742 N. Goodman St. CLARA L. PACKARD 62 Scrantom St. STUAfcT H NRY PASSER 236 Baird St . , ,t AVID LAWRENCE PATTON 150 Stonehenge Rd. JOHN MICHAEL PALUSO 103 Norran Dr. RONALD ROY PAPKE 260 Coolidge Rd. v I BEVERLY LYNN PAULIN MARILYN PELLEGRINO CHARLES JOSEPH PERRY DONALD L. PETERS 45 Avenue D 30 Barberry Ter. 51 Furlong St. 101 Falstaff Rd. PETER JOSEPH PIAMPIANO ELLEN EDITH PIEIf 72 Holbrooke St. 138 Avenue A JULIA DORIS PINE 30 Avenue C HEATHER ADAMS POK 149 Winfield Rd. MARY LENE PITTS 45 Columbia Ave. ANGELA PRATO 154 Lincoln St. I J BARBARA E. Pg WASNICAK 29 Trenarmdii St. • ' V s v N . Jt PATRICK A. PROIETTI 5 Blakeslee St. GERALDINE PROSS 56 Carthage St. PRUDENCE J. PROVENZANO 864 North St. DIANE STEPHENSON QUINE 124 Breezeway Dr. MARGARET ANN REID 18 Third St. GAIL-ANNE PUGSLEY 169 Orland Rd. MARY ANN REFICI 16 Patt St. JOHN ANTHONY PSAILA 2439 Culver Rd. RONALD RAPHAEL 1304 St. Paul St. WILLIAM MICHAEL RADTKE 30 Mead St. GAIL A. REINHARDT 84 Rustic St. . mm MARTIN M. REUBENS 109 Berlin St. JACOB REZNIK 1732 St. Paul St. ELAINE RICHANE 51 Cole St. ELEANOR RICHANE 51 Cole St. SAM D. RIVALDO 210 Furlong St. GLENN N. ROBERTS 59 Cutler St. NANCYLEE M. RODEMERK 190 Longview Ter. JANE I. ROYKA 103 Walnut Park JULIANNE R. ROMANO 1467 Clifford Ave. FRANCES ELLEN RUFFINO 457 Bernard St. 48 ROBERTA EILEEN RYAN 437 Spencer Rd. MARVIN CHARLES SACHS I I I Perrin Dr. RONALD SALERNO 1516 Clifford Ave. KAREN ANN SALZER 442 Crossfield Rd. KATHLEEN C. SCARPULLA 18 Dickinson St. JOHN GEORGE SCHICKER 26 Holbrooke St. EUGENE JOHN SCHEIBLE 215 Norcrest Dr. DONALD MARTIN SCHREIBER 552 Hollenbeck St. RICHARD H. SCHROEDEL 21 Tindale Dr. ALLEN MARTIN SCHWARTZ 150 Northview Ter. DAVID MICHAEL SHULMAN ALEXANDER R. SIENKIEWYCZ 88 Nye Park 57 Durnan St. SALLY E. SIMON 236 Brett Rd. PHILIP A. SINAGUGLIA 1844 Clifford Ave. NANCY LEE SIMMONS 2128 Norton St. MARTHA M. SIENKIEWYCZ 57 Durnan St. STEVEN SLOWIK 70 Grafton St. JOYCE N. SMITH I 120 St. Paul St. ROGER BEN SKURSKI 20 Milan St. JUDITH LEE MARY SMITH 154 Seaview Ave. JOANNE LUCILE SORCE 263 Brookdale Park LAWRENCE E. SMITH 77 Watkin Ter. LINDA MARIE SOTILE 2152 Norton St. LEWIS T. SINGLETON 50 Catherine St. SHARON GAIL SMITH 15 Bradford St. PAUL SISCA 435 Fernwood Ave. KARIN JOYCE SONNEMAN 193 Culver Parkway 51 » PETER STANDISH 166 Whittington Rd. JOSEPH W. SPIWAK 104 Ernst St. MARYROSE SPERANZA 238 Seymour Rd. SUSAN JANE SPECTOR I 139 St. Paul St. KARL SPERBER 364 Bleacker Rd. RONALD G. STEIN 235 Randolph St. TESSIE STARYSZAK 688 Hudson Ave. KAREN GAIL STEIMER 97 Wakefield St. ANDREW JAY STONEFIELD 45 Beach St. SHARRON J. STEIN 189 Avondale Rd. n r r LYNDON D. STICKLES 581 Laurelton Rd. JOHN W. STRAZZABOSCO 81 Culver Parkway JOYCE ANN STRAMANINO 215 Brookdale Park BARBARA D. STRASSNER 8 Suellen Dr. BRADLEY M. SWEET 3 Theodore St. JERRY LEE SYWALSKI 852 Joseph Ave. BARBARA IRENE SZARLACKI 437 Alphonse St. JOHN SZEBEDA 1 Langham St. SHARON FAITH TABAK 433 Avenue D SANDRA FLORENCE TAMBE 220 Arbutus St. ELAINE EDITH SWARTZ 33 Cuba PI. DONALD LEO STRINE 160 Walzer Rd. - s »5P BARBARA JEAN SULLIVAN 202 Worthington Rd. er JOHN P. TAVORMINA 177 Fernwood Ave. JOEL CORRY TINSMON 21 St. Jacob St. IRENE MARY TONCHAK 15 Durnan St. JAMES TRAINO 543 Helendale Rd. SHARON LEA TANCK 2165 Titus Ave. DOLORES J. THELEN 186 Berlin St. NANCY HARRIET TISHLER 332 Hurstbourne Rd. PEARL L. TUCKER 345 Tremont St. DENNIS TROVATO 269 Clairmount St. JUDY ELLA TURNER 439 Crossfield Rd. ROBERT JAMES TUCHRELO 633 Avenue D KATHERINE MARY TUCKER 150 Parker Rd. RICHARD P. TURRIE 204 Cummings St. JUDITH ANN UNBEHAUN 16 Peart Ave. LOIS M. VanGRAAFEILAND 75 Hoff St. PATRICIA ANN VERRONE 2001 Culver Rd. EUGENE VIDMANTAS 51 Carter St. IRMA MARILYN VILINSKY 20 i 2 Almira St. LOIS VILLARD 164 Hillcrest St. PAUL WILLIAM VONHOF 322 Brett Rd. JAMES RONALD VISIKO 278 Avenue A PATRICIA L. VOSBURGH 17 Gray St. PETER D. VISIKO 278 Avenue A ROSE M. VITALE 47 Meadowcroft Rd. 55 OTILIJA ANGELE VOSYLIUS 23 Durnan St. JOHN V. VOSYLIUS 23 Durnan St. ERNESTINE L. WAGENHALS 53 Falstaff Rd. JEAN ARLENE WARD 24 Bayton Dr. KATHLEEN ANNE WARREN 5 Bremen St. SYLVIA WATSON 65 Hanover St. RONNY H. WEINSTEIN 89 Tottenham Rd. ANNETTE H. WEINGARTEN I 17 Northview Ter. RICHARD MARTIN WEAVER 23 Seneca Rd. MILTON A. WEIR 21 Dudley St. VIRGINIA JUNE WECKELMAN 32 Pleasant Way GAIL WILDEY 713 Laurelton Rd. 56 BARRY ISAAC WILDMAN 44 Jewel St. THEODORE P. WILDMAN 50 Hooker St. LINDA LEE WILHELM 208 Berlin St. GAIL E. WILKINSON 38 Vinton Rd. RUBY LEE WILLIAMS 15 Herman St. TERRY W. WILSON 700 Laurelton Rd. MICHAEL GEORGE WITT 640 Avenue D MARLENE A. WOLLSCHLEGER 316 Waller Rd. Ill WALTER V. WOCHNA 123 Breezeway Dr. THOMAS CHARLES WREN 17 Brad St. BETTY MIRIAM YATES 94 Requa St. BRUCE S. YATES 1210 N. Clinton Ave. CARdtr AN f N ERIC ZIEMNIAK 72 Carter St. FRANCES M. ZAMBITO 308 Brett Rd. AUDREY ANN ZIZZO 245 Rustic St. By Jupiter, step after step the ladder has been ascended. “Many things which cannot be overcome when they are together, yield themselves up when taken little by little.” —Plutarch 58 EPITAPH OF THE GODS So sa ying MINERVA, goddess azure-eyed, Rose to Olympus, the reputed seat Eternal of the gods . . . There the inhabitants divine rejoice For ever. Homer O’ sovereign MERCURY of the willing soul, Parent of sweet and solemn-breathing airs, Enchanting shell! The sullen cares And frantic passions hear thy soft control. Gray These nine MUSES teach us how to each degree and kind We should ourselves demand, to low, to high, To friends, to foes; which skill men call Civility. Spenser From morn to noon VULCAN fell, from noon to dewy eve, A summer’s day; and with the setting sun Dropped from the zenith, like a falling star, On Lemnos, the Aegean isle. John Milton 59 1 I EPITAPH OF THE SENIORS (Last Will and Testament) Friends, freaks, Franklinites, lend us your eyes; teachers so are they all, all honorable teachers. 0, students, if we were disposed to stir your hearts and minds to mutiny and rage we should do these teachers wrong. We will not do them wrong; we rather choose to leave them our humble possessions. “The evil that people do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones;” so let it be with Seniors. Here is a parchment with the seal of Seniors; let but the com¬ mon hear this testament—we do therefore bequeath it as a rich legacy. To Mr. Griffith we leave a stage so that he can play Uriah Heep for his daughter in style. To Mr. Stalker we leave a pair of glasses so he will stop addressing tall attendance aides as “little girls.” IFTTv c-. bp To Mr. Vaiana we leave a new name— Mr. Veiene—thus creating a surplus of A’s for Physics report card marks. To Mrs. Bastian we leave Miss Bayer’s record of “Quiet, quiet, all passes collected, all absent slips signed,” plus the new recording of “keep your feet off the furniture.” To Miss Rowley we leave ten cords of Ethan Frome to burn in her big stone ace. To Dr. Meder we leave an invitation to the wedding of the beautiful Car- lotta and John C. Calhoun. To Mr. Perham we leave a ticket to the opening day ball game and a pass to be excused. To Mr. DeFran we leave a pair of ber- muda shorts with cupids on them. To Mr. Sabin we leave our appreciation for his guidance and understanding. To Miss Sullivan we leave 1,960 gold stars to be pasted on the Honor Roll. To Mr. Lowell we leave the bullet that killed Mortimer T. Miller, Jr., a de¬ serter from the 108th N. Y. State Volunteers Regiment in the Civil War. To Mrs. Smith we leave our deepest gratitude and ten boxes of different colored chalk for her homeroom honor roll. To Mr. Migliore we leave our heartfelt thanks and a box of low calorie choc¬ olates. To Mr. Smith we leave an eighth grade class which will never want to change from one lunch to another. To Mr. Hyman Kaplan we leave the block letter Y so that 139 H may become 139 HY. To Mr. Proud we leave an ample supply of “buddy burners” to heat the audi¬ torium for next year’s Key pictures. To Mr. McHugh we leave a book enti¬ tled “1,000 Ready-Made Yearbook Themes Guaranteed to Please Every¬ body.” To Mr. Iman, upon his return, we leave Dr. Meder’s unused- hula-hoop. To Mrs. Martin we leave a pamphlet entitled “100 Places to Lose Tests on Fascism.” To Mrs. Morsheimer we leave a giant magic slate to eliminate her troubles with chalk dust. IJwJj,! To Mr. Masters we leave cha-cha lessons so that he can participate in next year’s variety show. To Mr. Rahtjen we leave a large techni¬ color tie portraying the burning of Rome. To Mr. Hawke we leave an “invisible shield” so that he will never fall back¬ wards over the desk next to the black¬ board while he is meditating. To Miss Martens we leave our sincere thanks for her understanding. To next year’s freshmen we leave our manual on how to maintain two lockers at once without being caught. To next year’s sophomores we leave only slightly used dissected frogs. To next year’s juniors we leave ten bottles of “Air Wick” to prepare the gym for the Junior Prom. To next year’s Seniors we leave our spirit. This testament has been signed and witnessed on the tenth day of the second month in year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and sixty. Abbey, Fine, and Grossman humbly sign and fervently hope that the memory of the Class of 1960 will not die, only fade away. 60 Born on Mount Olympus, the nine Muses, who were the daughters of Zeus and the goddess of Memory, represented, in Greek mythology, the activities and arts of the ages. These patrons of joyous activity, as Hesiod said, were all of one mind for their hearts were set upon song and their spirit was free from care. By riding their winged horse of glory and by singing and dancing, these Queens of mirth and music gave “life its bloom.” Thus, men who had sorrow and grief in their souls at once lost their dark thoughts and fled from their infirmities. Our MUSEum at Franklin, offering, like the ancient Greek choral dancers, a glittering yet soothing array of various activities, has gener¬ ously and continuously relieved our scholastic stresses and strains and provided much needed entertainment for us. THE MUSES 61 Legislative Council [c j GST c mi Sitting: J. Ligozio, D. Hinchey, P. Standish, Mr. Sabin, Miss Leene, Miss Redding, Miss Sullivan. Standing: R. Paulin, I. Brown, A. Sciolino, Mr. Lowell, Mr. Stalker, Mr. Ringwood, D. Barringer, K. Marciano, L. Cooper. Junior Class Council Hr, • 4 1, -- - r- lngfiEx . J n MM til tk -A© BL WH 7 lap % jgg sBH 1 jgBgn f- H ■r ■L 4... H X I Sitting: L. Centola, Girls ' Social Chairman; M. Levine, Boys ' Social Chairman; R. Glaess, Vice-President; Mrs. Noftz, J. Merkel, President; Mr. Hawke, A. Kolko, Treasurer; K. Adamski, Corresponding Secretary; K. Kosbab, Recording Secretary. Row One: T. Kenig, B. Corella, M. Bloom, L. Tabaczynski, D. Fogarty, S. Marino, G. Nash, J. Yurkiewicz, N. Parrinello, W. Roegner, A. Tuchrelo, S, Halber, B. Weber, M. Rosen. Row Two: M. Hubbard, E. Morcan, R. Frank, G. Fallis, D. Wawrzyniak, K. Raday, G. Hall, J. Blonowicz, M. Berlowitz, R. Sepe, A. Wehle, G. Komorowski, V. Osinski, L. Breitschwerdt. 62 National Honor Society Row One: C. Abbey, Girls’ Social Chairman; A. Osband, Treasurer; D. Schreiber, President; Miss Martens, Advisor; H. Fine, Vice-President; R. Grossman, Secretary; L. Smith, Boys Social Chairman. Row Two: L. Crombie, S. Cohen, K. Marciano, M. Aroesty, A. Stonefield, N. Barg, J. Pine, G. Pugsley, C. Niedzielski, L. Hodge, K. Abberger, J. DePalma, D. Shulman, L. DeYoung, S. Baur, P. Samuel, S. Lisson. Row Three: S. Spector, H. Carson, E. Kelley, C. Guran, C. Christoph, K. Sperber, D. MacGregor, E. Jaehn, A. Sciortino, D. Hoogendoorn, J. Strazzabosco, M. Sachs, H. Pok, S. Ziem- niak, J. Ligozio, B. Crosby, D. Onderdonk. Row Four: J. By- ard, E. Bonavilla, C. Goldman, W. March, B. Tuchrelo, R. Guglielmino, D. Morse, B. Haller, A. Gustinis, F. Leitert, S. Levison, R. Imes, J. Long, W. Campbell, R. Merz, U. Vid- mantas. OFFICERS OF CLASS OF ’62 OFFICERS OF THE CLASS OF ’63 S. Rothstein, Girls’ Social Chairman; A. Chasky, Vice-President; J. Stekloff, President; F. Tambe, Secretary-Treasurer; A. Feld- slein, Boys’ Social Chairman. Miss Kellner and Mr. Maurer, Advisers, absent. 63 G. Skalny, Vice-President; K. Bahm, President; D. Mich- lin, Secretary; R. Paulin, Treasurer; L. Cooper, Social Chairman; Miss Streb, Adviser; Mr. Bukowski, Adviser. SUSAN SPECTOR Guardian of the Flag LAUREL MILLER Junior Guardian of the Flag DAVID MORSE Standard Bearer RONALD FINTUSHEL Junior Standard Bearer Editors Clio- COURANT EDITORS— Sitting: H. Fine, R. Grossman, Mr. Griffith, Advisor; L. Smith, A. Sciortino. Standing: A. Austin, K. Raday, M. Lavine, S. Levison, D. Schreiber. nu c jtd ' porters and Typists COURANT REPORTERS —Row One: B. Paulin, K. Marciano, S. Cutler, B. Starsky, C. Belkin, R. Shulman, L. Crombie. Row Two: M. Bloom, T. Gurell, M. Wolff, P. Pilato, J. Pine, J. Goldfarb, S. Rothstein, S. Martor- ane, J. Pilato, D. Weinstein. Row Three: L. Hodge, I. Solomon, B. Cros¬ by, E. Plati, J. Schafer, N. Cohen, J. Nyenhuis, C. Abbey, S, Spector, M. Bartikofsky, L. Roehrig. Row Four: M. Hubbard, T. Fries, D. MacGregor, M. Sharf, B. Yates, M. Sachs, V. Kil- dey, S. Olyer, C. LaMfiiukdti, E. Jaehn, S. Sawyer, |K. Thompson. Row Five: L. NyenhulisT-frr WawTzyrfTak N. Freel- ing, C. Astrachaw, P. Standish, L. Quant, D. Hinchey, D. Weaver, R. Gug- lielmino, M. Berlowitz, A. Osband, A. Kolko, E. Pies. 64 Circulation Row One: E. Levy, M. Saporito, S. Wenzler, M. Baum- barger, A. Levitt, P. Saporito, C. Aceto, K. Salzer. Row Two: R. DeBell, L. Morris, D. Freedland, M. Lomoglio, P. Kowalchuk, F. Freedland, L. Wilhelm, J. Altavena, M. Kosakowski, M. Altman, S. Dediw. Row Three : L. Bruni, P. Perry, J. Mondschein, S. Lisson, J. English, I. Janson, B. Sutton, E. Sepe, R. Sheinberg, M. Ramsey, C. Belkin, R. Shulman, M. New. Row Four: R. Di Salvo, H. Stekloff, W. Wehzler, B. Lee, M. Brown, F. Tambe, M. Minsk, R. Paulin, J. Levin, S. Rothstein, B. Emanuele, E. Richane, M. Stern, J. Montemaro, J. Caracci, C. Mat- rachisia. Row Five: C. Krajowsky, C. Hackett, D. Wein- garten, D. Ciurca, D. Greenberg, C. Catlin, J. Colomeo, C. Cherkask, B. Katerl, J. Pine, L. Federation, M. Flatow, Business Staff H. St. Arnaud, M. Hollander, M. Graff, G. Noto. Row Six: D. Weinstein, S. Saperstone, J. Aloi, G. Capone, E. Tur- berg, K. Yandow, M. Zeif, A. Smith, A. Bloomberg, D. Fogarty, G. Ades, J. Schafer, N. Habes, J. Kucy, L. Tillim, E. Peck, J. Wagner. Row Seven: A. Cerami, N. Parrinello, S. Shulamn, J‘. Singleton, L. Brertschwerdt, V. Osinski, H. Kless, S. Laging, D. Kasky, M. Rosenthal, N. Newman, M. Henry, D. Winn, M. Rouse, M. Berg, C. Cohen, S. Levin, I. Miller. Row Eight: D. Atias, M. Kramer, G. Nowak, A. Sciortino, L. Centola, R. Konig, P. Goldman, C. Astrachan, J. Hall, L. Copenhagen, S. Lazarus, B. Masiuk, C. Lill, G. Veomett, M. Lavine, J. Quadd, J. Saperstone, W. Frank, R. Lidman, C. Gibbs. Sitting: D. Hoogendoorn, Secretary; S. Rubin, R. Shulman, C. Belkin, J. Saperstone. Standing: D. Verplank, M. Stern, R. Freedman, G. Tennenbaum. Seated: Penny Samuel, Howard Fine, Kathy Tucker, Gail Pugsley, Beverly KEY EDITORS Paulin. Standing: Sandra Baur, Cindy Abbey, Annette Sciortino, Barbara Crosby, David Shulman. Absent: Sue Cohen, Sandra Lisson, Julia Pine, Gail Schwind, Larry Smith. Sharon Tanck, Joanne Ligozio, Don Strine, Walter Gauler. Ab¬ sent: Rosemary Lipomi, Sharon Lynch, Brian Shapiro, Maury Barlikofsky. KEY ARTISTS Seated: Barbara Crosby. Standing: Nancy Barg, Allan Austin, Sue Briddon. KEY TYPISTS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS 66 Row One: D. Onderdonk, C. Aceto, J. Altavena, K. Tucker, B. Paulin, M. DiPrima, E. Richane. Row Two: C. Max- field, P. Samuel, M. Aroesty, R. Milbredt, Mr. Proud, J. Goldfarb, K. Marciano, C. Packard. Row Three: M. Flatow. P. Ammon, D. Thelen, C. Krajowsky, D. Shulman, N. Habes, R. Williams, R. Krywonos, K. Hammecker, J. Pine, M. LeBriton. Row Four: D. Newkirk, S. Stein, A. Coleman, M. Pitts, C. Gibbs, N. Kiner, A. Berkov, B. Fara- gher, B. Sullivan, J. Singleton, S. Hamilton, S. Spector. Row Five: G. Napierala,. J. Nohe, J. Finkbeiner, A. Scior. tino, C. Lill, J. Hall, S. Passor, P. Sinaguglia, B. Yates, D. Hoogendoorn, J. Capell, E. Cona. KEY CIRCULATION STAFF ■ ' Mk ' Hi f U 1 SJpG Mr: m L KEY BUSINESS STAFF Kneeling: S. Cohen, D. Onderdonk, Advertising Chairman; S. Stein, J. Goldfarb, B. Paulin. Sitting: P. Am¬ mon, N. Tishler, J, DePalma, L. De. Young, K. Tucker, M. Aroesty, M. Flatow, S. Lisson. Standing: M. Di¬ Prima, S. Spector, N. Habes, 0. Vos- ylius, B. Faragher, A. Berkov, L. Smith, J. Hall, B. Yates, N. Kiner, A. Cole¬ man, K. Cooper. 67 Sitting: Mrs. Sherman, Advisor; S. Halber, Quaestor; D. Fogarty, Scriba; D. MacGregor, Consul; R. Guglielmino, Consul; J. Niewood, Aedile: K. Raday, Nuntius; Mr. Rahtjen, Advisor. Row One, Standing: S. Spector, D. Onder- donk, C. Guran, N. Cohen, C. Christoph, M. Hubbard, N. Skilling, S. Sawyer, B. Yates, K. Steimer, J. Koehler, E. Jaehn. Row Two, Standing: D. Townsend, N. Kiner, J. Omecinsay, M. Alpert, A. Sciortino, J. Long, D. Runzo, F. Arena, H. Fine, E. Bonavilla. A. Osband, R. Skurski, D. Schreiber. Row Three. Standing: S. Levison, P. Stand- ish, L. Smith, D. Morse, P. Costa, C. Veomett, E. Jacob¬ son, A. Quinn, P. Goldman, C. Goldman, M. Senzel. R. Weaver, R. Barned, G. Kryzaniwsky. Latin Honor Society (Optimates) F rlj M7 -• jdfl ; ib jkUHbBv. » £S - ! o jH Wk o l ft fl j. y f li ¥ 4 B L j L IWUm ' wOr 1 i jfl fy | ? 1..... % b i -- i % 3 U Ll 1 « fl ■H . J ■ V. f. iff g i HjBf - r Sitting: M. Duryea, J. Roberts, R. Feldman, N. Adams, S. Baur, S. Butler, L. Crombie, Miss Hess, Advisor. Row One, Standing: S. Taft, K. Kosbab. J. Kucy, M. Baird. M. Wolff, C. Culella, A. Dubitsky, G. Ferro, P. Ammon. Row Two, Standing: L. Cehelsky, J. Pine, L. Blair, N. Barg, R. Krywonos, M. Bloom, G. Nash, S. Bonavilla, D. Wein¬ stein. N. Hollander, M. Minsk. M. Graff. Row Three, Stand¬ ing: E. Kelley, D. Barned, S. Watson. L. Mott, S. Weiss- man, J. Guarre, A. Bloomberg, S. Polmateer, Z. Kushner, S. Stein, L. Hodge, W. Roegner, H. Carson. 69 French Honor Society Sitting on Floor: P. Samuel, S. Cohen, S. Lisson, N. Tishler. Sitting on Chairs: B. Ocorella, M. Davies, Social Chairman; L. Hodge, Vice-president; T. Kenig, President; P. Insnlaco, Secretary-Treasurer; Miss Peterson, Adviser. Standing, Row One: H. St. Arnaud, J. Dyer, E. Swartz, S. Watson, B. Crosby, J. Dalcin, K. Abberger. S. Ames, M. Flatow, T. Stepanow. Standing, Row Two: D. Onder- donk, E. Hryhorenko, A. Sciortino. M. Kusovich, L. Bas- kewicz, R. Raphael, K. Epstein, C. LaMendola, K. Steimer, S. Hamilton, E. Kelley. German Honor Society Sitting: L. Gayk, Social Chairman; R. Raphael, Vice-President; T. Step¬ anow, President; E. Fritz, Secretary; Miss Peterson, Advisor. Standing, Row One: S. Sampler, L. Schimpf, D. Neal, G. Briese, J. Schafer, A. Stonefield, L. Haimer. A. Horeth, K. Herring. Standing, Row Two: M. Kraemer, S. Stein, C. Sienkiewycz, M. Krueger, L. Breitschwerdt, J. Dalcin, L. Kucil, J. Kaabel, D. Shulman. Standing, Row Three: T. Pochunow, S. Ziemniak, D. Putzig, R. Schroedel, R. Tuchrelo, B. Lang, A. Wehle, W. March, L. Berger, J. Finkbeiner. Standing, Roie Four: R. Konig, J. Byard, R. Merz. E. Vidman- tes P. Vonhof, D. Decker, R. Haller, T. Koehler, A. Kuzminski, R. Imes, D. Hoogendoorn, M. Doliton. 70 Spanish Honor Society Row One: Mr. Masters, Adviser; R. Raphael, Vice-President; K. Sonneman, President; S. Lisson, Secretary; S. Sampler, Treasurer. Row Two: M. Rosen, C. Niedzielzki, L, Lebowitz, K. Gedas, E. Epstein, M. Kantrowitz, L. Crombie. Row Three: P. Samuel, S. Cutler, G. Rosenthal, M. Aroesty, J. Pine, L. Tabaczynski, S. Cohen, C. Maxfield. Row Four: V. Weckelman, F. Freedland, B. Faragher, E. Morcan, B. Yates, L. Gordon, S. Rubin, R. Glaess. Row Five: M. Sachs, K. Steim- er, K. Epstein, R. Knowles, M. Bar- tikofsky, M. Grossman, J. Clark, B. Batjer, M. Wollschleger, N. Niblack. Italian Honor Society p » P s l.i jr HAP luV, i- m c m S jf I. ' - ' temsmm V - ft ’ §3® ' up- — m 3 W i r a € ■ LajFJ il - w Row One: E. France, P. Saporito, N. DiBernardo, G. Gas- barre, V. Daniele. Row Two: F. Mirabella, Boys Social Chairman; C. DeBellis, Secretary; E. Bonavilla, President; E. Centola, Girls Social Chairman; M. Chiariello, Vice- President; G. Ferro, Treasurer; Mr. D. DeFrancesco, Ad¬ viser. Row Three: B. DiMeo, P. Provenzano, J. Montemaro, F. Corde, L. Magin, J. Bevaqua, J. Cascegno, P. Azzolino, P. DaVola, C. Matrachisia. Row Four: L. Centola, L. Pilato, C. LaMendola, V. Bellian, F. Arena, G. Licata, M. Diodato, A. Palermo, F. Corde, K. Adamiski, M. Ser- doz. 71 Math-Science Honor Society raj i ;y i iTX o O ;0 wm a yy ill V ■ ' Rone One: P. Saporito, L. Crombie, P. Insalace, Mr. Bloom, Adviser; K. Raday, M. Wolff, Mr. Taylor, P. Nic- astro, M. Rosen. Row Two: T. Knig, M. Kantrowitz, S. Baur, P. Ahl, L. Tabaczynski, S. Wilson, R. Crawford, L. Cehelsky, J. Pine, M. Bloom, S. Halber, L. DeYoung, S. Lisson. Row Three: D. Fogarty, W. Roegmen, A. Kelley, R. Glaess, C. Christoph, S. Spector, D. Pancheson, B. Crosby, D. Onderdonk, D. Trovato, D. Shulman, Z. Kush- ner, L. Hodge. Rout Four: L. Mott, E. Gullo, S. Hamilton, E. Morcan, D. Putzig, B. Lang, M, Doliton, F. Mirabella, M. Sachs, K. Sperber, W. Kuchmey, S. Smith, M. Hubbard, N. Cohen. Row Five: D. Townsend, D. Hoogendoorn, J. Byard, R. Skurski, D. Cuddeback, P. Costa, P. Miller, R. Grossman, D. Morse, T. Koehler, E. Bonavilla, R. Schroe- del, J. Long, M. Kusovich, D. Schreiber. Row Six: J. Reznik, A. Osband, R. Imes, P. Standish, R. Haller, R. Raphael, L. Smith, D. Decker, A. Gustinis, R. Weaver, S. Gordon, S. Levison, C. Goldman, E. Vidmantas, A. Koldo, A. Merz, P. Goldman. ijrania — onomu Chemistry Seminar Row One: S. Ames, M. Morgan, J. Ligozio, S. Watson, D. Shulman, Z. Kushner, L. Le- bowitz, P. Harris, J. Pine, R. Krywonos. Rone Two: R. Schroedel, M. Doliton, M. Sachs, W. Campbell, S. Ziemniak, L. Berger, B. Sullivan, J. Dalcin. Row Three: R. Barned, S. Lazarus, R. Merz, R. Skurski, P. Costa, G. Douglas, H. Kravetz, J. Byard, R. Papke. 72 : . ftm — - Main Library Aides Sitting: Mrs. Mary Bastian, Mrs . Marge Dejohn. Standing: L. Nyenhuis, B. Donofrio, B. Kreitzberg, G. Wildey, B. Grimes, M. Pickney, J. Nyenhuis, I. Miller, J. Schafer, M. Bonacci, M. Mauver, D. Neal, B. Lee, H. Stekloff, C. Aceto. Social Studies Library Aides Sitting: C. Aceto, Mrs. D. Fuller, J. Koehler, M. Mauer, H. Stekloff. Stand¬ ing: R. Catalfamo, D. Doktor, G. Strutz, G. Veomett, J. Geery, L. Blair, A. Traino. English Bookroom Aides Sitting: C. Adamski, E. Leszynski, Mrs. Irwin, J. Koehler, L. Blair. Stand¬ ing: M. Speranza, V. Kildey, D. Ar¬ nold, S. Bonavilla. Attendance Aides Kneeling: L. Crombie, P. Samuel, K. DeLorme, L. Hodge, D. Onderdonk. Seated: Mrs. Thelma Bicucci, Adviser; P. Johnson, C. Carnell, E. Richane, S. Baur. Standing: J. Byard, P. Miller, L. Gordon, J. Hogestyn, K. Cooper, A. Cerami, G. Mistretta, M. Pellegrino. Ben Franklin High School East Rochester VS Franklin — Trent Jackson No. 51 Christmas Time Cast of School Play Cross Country—Terry Hall, Jim Byard Ron Guglielmino West VS Franklin Senior Dance—Sixty Swing Senior Choir Row One: Mrs. Bloom, Accompanist; P. Provenzano, K. Herring, C. Matrachisia, J. Shipp, R. DiSalvo, I. Parsons, B. Strassner, E. Richane, M. Mills, L. Shea, J. Davidson, L. Wilhelm, Mr. Lyders, Director. Row Two: P. Verrone, B. Crisciullo, M. Dejesus, L. Heck, M. Flatow, A. Covella, J. Caskey, J. D’Orazio, C. Niedzielski, M. Merldey, C. Rossi, F. Rumfola, L. Villard. Row Three: P. Rumfola, L. Cehelsky, J. Cascegno, P. Azzolino, E. Syracusa, R. Feldman, R. DeBell, M. Kalil, A. Austin, E. Centola, S. Holahan, E. Fritz, D. Vahoviak, J. Vandenberghe. Row Four: D. Zimmer, J. Defrazio, D. Zierroger, J. Patrick, B. Conti, W. Hill, C. Schumacker, D. Atias, M. Murray, B. Hartman, S. Frelier, S. Tambe, D. Bauman, D. Pancheson, J. DePalma. Row Five: E. Peck, L. Mott, P. Pata, J. Kaabel, G. Napierala, C. Griffin, C. Lamendola, S. Crino, S. Passar, D. Saperstone, E. Shindel, S. Franz, E. Thomp¬ son, N. Hafner, G. Mondschein, C. Smith, L. Hodge. Row Six: G. Gorse, P. Schoeneman, K. Adamski, J. Zaretsky, G. Bresloff, J. Psaila, L. Coakley, D. Hinchey, R. Peter¬ son, J. Bonacci, D. Patton, E. Pies, E. Cona, S. Townsend, J. Finkbeiner, J. Nohe. ctiore M rs. Bloom, Accompanist, Mr. Lyders. Director. Row One: L. Wilhelm, B Strassner, A. Austin, R. Feldman, P Rumfola, L. Shea. Row Two: N. Haf ner, L. Cona, E. Cona, D. Hinchey, R Imes, A. Sciortino, K. Adamski, S, Townsend. Row Three: J. Cascegno J. DePalma, J. Vandenberghe, S. Pas¬ ser, R. Centola, G. Gorley, D. Panch eson, L. Hodge, C. Niedzielski. Row One: Mrs. Scott, Director; L. Grossman. J. Kiner, M. DiMora. G. Cohen, M. Russo, R. Winters, G. Schmitt, T. Zambito, S. Bellomio, R. Conley, Mrs. Bloom, Accom¬ panist. Row Two: M. DiPrima, N. DeFazio, P. Inguagiato, M. Montalvo, N. Speranza, H. Cerniauskas, S. Hinchey, S. Bateman, G. Masci, F. Barber, C. Kavanaugh, D. Kress, J. McCormick. Row Three: L. Schimpf, G. Williams, C. Mezzola, L. Patuchak, H. Pross, R. Kepelingev, E. Forster, C. Legon, K. Szafran, R. Ratcliff, R. Paulin, J. Kastner, J. Levin, K. Smith. Row Four: J. DelleFave, J. Wagner, A. DiLuca, L. Newman, C. Dell, D. Mertzke, K. LeTouzel, N. Vandenberg, V. Fears, D. Michlin, L. Eddy, A. Semal, L. Roenrig, B. Shaw, Gj Ades. Row Five: G. Bates, G. Miller, R. D’Ambrosio, B. Wilburn, J. Fiano, R. Gissin, K. Passmore, J. Quadd, L. Henderson, R. Pisani, J. Huf- fam, L. Baskin, G. Popp, M. Telesca, R. Matczak. Ninth Grade Choir Music Teachers and Accompanists Sitting: Mr. Matthew Lyders, Mrs. Helen Bloom, Mrs. Grace Dennison. Standing: Mrs. Barbara Scott, Mr. Ben¬ jamin Scammell. 06 u - az txU -- £ 6 % C £ Ar ' Sitting: K. Friedman, S. Roth, A. Levitt, H. Sochan, H. Soble, S. Sampler, R. Stonefield, Mr. Scammell, Director. Row One, Standing: E. Sepe, J. Libonati, D. Gelo, S. Baur, J. Triscari, I. Seifart, D. Lisson, S. Lisson, G. Wilkinson, J. Strocko. Row Two, Standing: L. Ferro, W. Wenzler, A. Austin, R. Aronow, R. Stekloff, D. Shulman, S. Briddon, A. Cohen, J. Fedor j aka, C. DeMeco. Row Three, Standing: R. Crawford, D. Weingarten, W. Roegner, S. Spector, M. Hubbard, S. Stein, J. Nyenhuis, Z. Kushner, E. Swartz, P. Winer. Row Four, Standing: M. Korenstein, A. DiPietro, D. Utter, J. Szebeda, S. Tabak, A. Osband, M. Mink, S. Obi, A. Hughes, R. DeBell, R. Mix. Row Five, Standing: P. Lamagra, J. Wichman, B. Graziano, J. Whitfield, R. Imes, M. Cavalcanti, G. Kryzaniwsky, P. DeMyda, J. Bonacci, R. Haller, C. Tinsmon, G. Kasky. Junior and Senior Orchestra 77 ■sin [m Is ■ 3 51 •3 B Sitting: J. Strocko, S. Halber, S. Levin, L. Ferro, Mr. Scammell, Director: S. Baur, G. Wilkinson, E. Sepe, A. Levitt. Row One , Standing: K. Friedman, R. Ryan, J. Driscari, A. Austin, R. Stekloff, R. Orlando, C. DeMeco, H. Soble, R. Stonefield. Row Two, Standing: S. Polmateer, N. Melman, R. DeBell, L. Pilato, S. Stein, J. Nyenhuis, D. Shulman, W. Roegner, S. Briddon. Row Three, Stand¬ ing: M. Korenstein, A. Hughes, H. Pok, P. Rivaldo, S. Tabak, L. Nyenhuis, S. Obi, S. Diluilo, J. Szebeda, J. Aceto, S. Cravotta. Row Four, Standing: R. Stein, D. Mac¬ Gregor, J. Wichmao, R. Patzek, J. Parrer, J. Tinsmon, D. Morse, P. Lamagra, D. Schreiber, A. Osband, J. Herr, J. Noto. Row Five, Standing: A. Angilella, J. Whitfield, A. Chait, R. Imes, M. Senzel, R. Stein, J. Graziano, J. Bonac- ci, M. Cavalcanti, R. Haller, A. Bartlett, G. Kasky. Junior and Senior Band 78 Social Science Forum Row One: P. Harris, J. Caskey, K. Marciano, Secretary; B. Lang, President; Dr. Meder, Adviser; P. Costa, Vice-President; S. Cohen, A. Burke, M. Wehren. Row Two: L. Aroesty, M. Wolff. L. Cehelsky, M. Zakofsky, J. Ligozio, M. Morgan, K. Hammecker, C. Davis, P. Marcone, J. Pine, P. Saporito. Row Three: L. Lebowitz, E. Kelley, M. Megi, M. Krueger, C. Christoph, S. Levin, S. Bolkosky, K. Cooper, M. Duryea, Z. Kushner, E. Konenski, A. Dubitsky. Row Four: H. Carson, N. Skilling, 0. Vosylius, D. Barne, D. Hoogendoorn, L. Berger, K. Epstein, H. Fine, D. Schreiber, B. Yates, H. Pok, A. Chasky, J. Kucy. Row Five: G. Cooper, R. Grader, R. Lidman, A. Seigel, C. Burger, E. DeCamilla, S. Gerber, R. Konig, M. Sachs, D. Wiesner, M. Kramer, J. Long, S. Slowik, D. Shulman. Row Six: B. Feldstein, A. Kuzminski, C. Golman, E. Vidmantas, L. Quant, Slowik, D. Shulman. Row Six: B. Feldstein, A. Kuzminski, C. Goldman, E. Vidmantas, L. Quant, M. Alpert, M. Mehlenbacher. Camera Club In Front of Table: A. Austin, W. Gryniowski. Sitting at Table: T. Stout,-L. Quant, President; M. Telesca, Vice-President; Mr. Whitaker. Standing: R. Korenstein, D. Priest, D. McIntyre, J. Blon- owicz, K. Bahm, W. Hill. 79 Commercial Honor Society Row One: S. Martorana, L. DeYoung, S. Noyes, N. Da- viser; K. Cooper, President; N. Prato, Treasurer. Row Bernardo. Row Two: C. Krajowsky, Secretary; S. Gruber, Three: R. Ryan, J. Pillato, E. Fritz, S. Lagina, N. Kuch- Vice-President; Miss Ratcliffe, Adviser; Mr. Murphy, Ad- mey, K. Warren, L. Tillim, A. Horeth. Cooperative Office and Secretarial Practice Sitting: E. Morabito, R. Guglietta, N. Layton, I. Tonchak, Manicone, S. Horning, K. Warren, M. Sharf, S. Gruber, J. Billiski, Mrs. Laura Smith. Standing: G. Reinhardt, J. J. Krisman, B. Prewasnicak, K. Martin. 80 uawr. Traffic Squad Kneeling: M. Howard, R. Kobisch, J. Swails, R. Purlee, E. Colbert, H. Blake. Standing: R. Packard, P. Cimino, D. Kellaway, H. Valder, Mr. Schlageter, G. Staly, R. Bonanza, L. Martin, R. Gernon. Store Aides Row One: S. Cohen, P. Winer, W. Roegner, M. Aroesty, G. Pugsley. Row Two: S. Lisson, C. Maxfield, Mr. Leg¬ gett, L. Hodge, N. Tishler. Row Three: B. Crosby, A. Kelley, N. Buerman, R. Grossman, C. Gibbs, S. Tanck, D. On- derdonk, H. Carson. 1 11 1 1 1 1 s 1 I | m-i •¥ ■! [ . w - ¥ 1 ' ' ' Guidance Aides Row One: B. Faragher, J. Pine, M. Kantrowitz. Row Two: B. Maslanka, M. Bloom, M. Aroesty, S. Cohen, P. DaVola, Miss Rauber. Row Three: R. Raphael, E. Gasper, C. LaMendola, H. Fine, B. Yates, L. Gayk, B. Cohen, J. Dalcin, S. Spector. 81 Future Teachers of America Rozv One: S. Cohen, Parliamentarian; M. Aroesty, Program Chairman; L. Ce- helsky. Musician; N. Cohen, Historian; B. Yates, Publicity Director; P. DaVola, Librarian. Row Two: Mr. Mills, Advisor; M. Bloom, L. Centola, S. Spector, C. LaMendola, B. Faragher, Miss Rauber, Advisor. Row Three: B. DiMeo, S. Lisson, E. Richane, B. Insalaco, M. Kantrowitz, A. Feldman, T. Kenig, B. Tavlin, G. Schwind, P. Saporito. Row Four: B. Weber. L. Tabaczynski, M. Baird, M. Graff. M. Wehren, D. Wein- garten, L. Magin, S. Taft, M. Wolff. P. Ahl. Row Five: M. Hollander, G. Rosenthal, A. Dubitsky, D. Greenberg, L. Haimerl, A. Stonefield, G. Pugsley, J. Pine, C. Colella, D. Weinstein, E. Epstein. Row Six: K. Yandow, D. Fo¬ garty, W. Roegner, J. Schafer. J. Nyen- huis, S. Moore, N. Habes, J. Dalcin, S. Ames. J. Vglialoro, K. Abberger, L. Hodge. Row Seven: C. Gibbs, Z. Kush- ner. L. Mott, S. Levin, N. Andrews, K. Steimer, A. Syplano, E. Morcan, L. Gayk, G. Wildey, S. Shulman, B. Cohen, D. Onderdonk. Row Eight: K. Adamski. M. Davies, N. Niblack. M. Wollschleger. T. LaMarca, R. Raphael. J. Davis, N. Kiner, B. Batjer, D. Town¬ send, S. Hamilton, J. Koehler, K. Gudas. PoU ynumnia m ude acre js: eruice Rozz One: D. Bloom, S. Faggiano, S. Markowitz, S. Fer¬ ret ti, J. Dellefaue. Row Two: S. Saperstone, President; H. Carson, Vice-President; Mrs. Schlueter, Advisor; L. Skory, B. Conti, R. Fredman. Row Three: K. Szwajkos, K. Praufzsch, P. Boyle, M. Okun, S. Wilson, V. Morcan, J. Paul, J. Yurkiewicz, I. Seifart, J. Cherkasky, M. Jock, P. Milazzo, S. Boyle. Future Nurses of America 82 Nurse’s Aides Row One: D. Shulman, J. Buttari, R. Charles, J. Guarre, Mr. Stalker, Adviser; A. Bloomberg, S. Polmateer, S. Bolkosky, M. Insalaco. Row Two: A. Feldstein, R. Lidrnan, N. Kimer, K. Epstein, H. Fine, D. Schreiber, B. Lang, R. Papke, B. March, D. MacGregor, T. Fries. Row Three: T. Cordaro, C. Schumacker, J. Saperstone, B. Leetz, M. Kusovich, P. astro, C. Perry, T. D’Ambrosio, G. Roberts, A. Sciolino, G. Guarino, H. Rosen. Row Four: H. Wildman, D. Cuddeback, F. Vascukynas, S. Passer, M. Brunet, A. Chait, B. Shapiro, W. Wochna, R. Guglielmino, A. Kolko, R. Tuchrelo, A. Osband, G. Marcus, F. Tambe. Row Five: L. Quant, E. Jacobson, P. Standish, P. DeMyda, L. Smith, J. Kruppen- bacher, W. Gauler, A. Gustinis, D. McIntyre, S. Lazarus, L. Baskewicz, A. Quinn, P. Pryzlock, G. Veomett. Corridor Aides Kneeling: R. Martin. Sitting: S. Saper¬ stone. Standing: Mrs. Schlueter, Nurse; B. Conti, S. Paul. Guides Row One: L. Cehelsky, D. Fogarty, G. Mistretta, A. Cerami, R. Williams, J. Donovan. Row Two: N. Shafer, B. Ulsamer, L. Magin, M. Mazzola, Mrs. Redding, Adviser: K. Kreiwaitis. Row Three: S. Shulman, C. Guran. G. Skalny, B. Fritt, C. Kurman, R. Rode, W. Millhouse, J. Romano, M. Behlendorf, S. Olver, L. Catlin. J. Singleton. 83 Radio- Electronics Club Row One: J. McConnell, A. Aroeste, K. Sperber. Row Two: P. Pryzlock, M. Doliton. Row Three: W. March, T. Epstein, R. Rubenstein, J. Dubitsky, R. Sepe, B. Siegl, S. Slowik, B. Wild- man, Mr. Betten, Advisor. Audio Visual Aides Row One: B. Starsky. Row Two: E. Jaehn, F. Oliveri, J. Badura, R. Charles. Row Three: E. Bonavilla, M. Goldman, E. Flowers, D. Tychoniewicz, V. Bellian. Stage Crew Row One: M. Pellegrino, A. Austin, B. Paulin, J. Stabile, A. Zizzo. Row Two: M. Hollander, K. Yandow, B. Starsky, A. Stonefield. Row Three: V. Osinski, K. Sonneman, R. Grader, R. Rubenstein, D. Runzo, G. Faber, R. Interlicchia, D. McIntyre, P. Standish. 84 JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS—P. Saporito, M. Ramsey, J. Kucy, F. Tambe, C. Cher- kasky, P. Hagymasi, C. Abbey, S. Smith, S. Hamilton. Standing: S. Tambe,, Captain. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS—N. Adams, S. Baur, D. Marciano, E. Levy, J. Royka, M. Hubbard, C. Christoph, S. Sawyer, S. Frelier, R. Vitale, Captain. 7N 85 Majorette Corps J. Pinckney, H. Elliott, Co-Captain; J. Fletcher, M. Pinckney, L. Haimerl, J. Shipp. Standing: M. A. Bonacci, Captain. Badminton Miss Rodman, Advisor, T. Pochumow, J. Singleton, J. Cona, K. Valtas, W. Milhouse, R. Williams, D. Newkirk, S. Watson, L. Cehelsky, C. Haymond, N. Hoffman. Volleyball Row One: N. Hoffman, T. Caracciolo, M. Baumbarger, G. Blandino, A. Na¬ varra, M. Rogers, H. Elliott, C. Hay. mond, L. Porcelli, J. Mate. Row Two: E. Breedlove, T. Robinson, E. Epstein, D. Newkirk, R. Williams, A. Platania, M. Bancroft, L. Raguso, S. Drager, L. Haimerl. Row Three: E. Syracusa, A. Gianuecchio, M. Mazzole, I. Matichyn, S. Marino, P. Pilato, D. Vahoviak, J. DeVola, P. Palozzi, J. Fletcher, D. Ziervogel, W. Milhouse, Miss Williams, Advisor; S. Watson, Captain. Row Four: V. Morcan, C. Catlin, L. Kucil, C. Guran, S. Shulman, A. Cerami, D. Wakefield, S. Laging, C. Adamski, J. D’Angelo, J. Singleton, C. Asenato, I. Lockett. 86 Varsity Bowling Girls’ Bowling Sitting: G. Mietus, H. Kravetz. Standing: T. Brightman, R. Knowles, P. DiSalvo. Row One: V. Weckelman, D. Weinstein, J. DeFazio, J. Pawluck, S. Bellomio, P. Milazzo, L. Villard, K. Herring, M. DiMora, M. Mills, M. Fiano, A. Platania, K. Salzer, J. Dalcin. Row Two: T. Caracciolo, J. Baumgart, G. Rousso, A. Zizzo, N. Rodemerk, M. Noto, J. Marranca, J. Mate, R. LiPomi, R. DiSalvo, J. DelleFave, M. Hall, P. DeNoto, K. Ferretti, J. Altavena, B. Corella, M. Wein- batim, J. Caracciolo. Row Three: J. Taylor, B. Kastner, R. Ryan, T. LoTurca, C. Belkin, N. Gosch, G. Moore, J. Cascegno, M. Hollander. L. Magin, L. Kerbs, B. Spallina, J. Gibbs, P. Azzolino, L. Nitschke, C. Maxfield, M. Ca- pizzi. Row Four: J. Turner, N. Barg, B. Ulsamer, J. Adams, L. Kaufman, B. Kierecki, D. Matties, N. Nekro- tiuk, N. Carson, J. Kaabel, L. Federation, D. Solomon, L. Porcelli, M. LeBriton. S. Beo, C. Lalka, P. Anderson, S. Ferretti, D. Casero, P. Rumfola. Row Five: D. Zimmer, A. Couella, P. Barone, S. Krasinski, S. Ames, R. Giaquinta, N. Simmons, J. Dalcin, C. Buttacanoli, A. Gianvecchio, E. Morcan, C. Rossi, G. Bordeau, S. Simon, G. Manning, B. Maslanka, J. Zulauf, K. Stoever, S. Horning, C. Catlin, A. Cerami. Row Six: E. Turberg, J. D’Angelo, A. Smith ' D. Miller, L Haimerl, L. Janiak, C. Gravina, N. Hafner, C. Cohen, N. Parrinello, S. Taft, L. Gayk, L. Breitsch- werdt, D. Dragone, C. Bellomo. M. J. Palermo, J. Nyen- huis, J. Schafer, V. England. M. Bonacci, I. Miller, M. Rosenthal, P. Baer, A. Tuchrelo. Row Seven: L. Hall, J. Juiliani, S. Collea, J. Ladwig, H. Pok, K. Prautzsch, B. Donofrio, A. Sypian, K. Steimer, J. Capell, E. Pies, B. Batjer, N. Buerman, S. Blaszak. L. Nyenhuis, E. Simons, T. Ohl, J. Bruno, C. LaDuque, M. Popp, M. Wollschleger, N. Niblack, A. Gould, M. Chiariello, D. Kasky. 87 Driver Education ' i 1 Yjf 1 Row One: E. Wagenhals, Mr. Wesley, J. Bevaqua. Row Two: F. Richards, M. Reid, B. Sullivan, A. Berkov, N. Simmons, K. Marciano. 88 Swimming Row One: R. Crawford, R. DeBell, R. Rubenstein, M. Kor- stein, J. Guarre, W. Brueckner. Row Two: G. Nyerges, C. Taylor, G. Yaniga, F. Kittlinger, G. Sokolsky. Row Three: B. Starsky, G. Wilson, B. Feldstein, M. Alpert, A. Jankus. On Diving Board: J. Davis, M. Berlositz, P. Standish, T. Koehler, D. Verplank. Row One: L. Morris, P. Federation, B. Paulin, N. Adams, S. Baur, S. Adamski, K. Kosbab, C. Catlin. Row Two: S. Hamilton, Student Director; B. Yates, Student Director, D. Pancheson, Treasurer; L. Sciacca, Secretary; S. Olyer, Vice- President; M. Davies, President; Miss Powers, Adviser. Row Three: C. Levatino, C. Martone, P. Kowalchuk, J. Yurkiewicz, C. Abbey, K. Kreiwaitis, C. Christoph, M. Duryea, N. Skilling, M. Mehlenbacher,. C. Chandler, J. Hogestyn. 89 Row One: E. Rodriguez, R. Pecora, D. Staccone, A. Jone, R. Chase. Row Two: J. Jackson, A. Miller, W. Robinson, W. San¬ chez, F. Stabile, D. Zambito. Row Three: D. Watkins, W. Har¬ ley, G. Mastro, W. Benjamin, C. Lovett, N. Turner, J. Frisenda, L. Mills, Mr. Hart, Coach. Row Four: J. Koselny, G. Faber, J. Kelly, J. McConnell, B. Lang, R. Richane, E. Shindel, M. Palluconi, J. Jones, 0. Vickers. Row One: E. Turberg, P. Milazzo, R. Lobue, A. Parlato, P. Colombo, P. Schmitt, J. Nyenhuis. Row Two: K. Wilhem, M. Weinbaum, D. Johnson, D. Neal, M. Maz. zola, A. Horeth, L. Blar, J. Mate. Row Three: M. Bancroft, A. Platania, E. Syra- cusa, L. Sciacca, J. Ange, G. Cavallaro, J. Dellefave, E. Fritz, P. Pilato, G. Hack- ett. Row Four: L. Haimerl, A. Smith, C. Martone, P. Kowalchuk, D. Pancheson, M. Mehlenbacher, J. Schafer, E. Lawriw, S. Olyer, K. Kreiwaitis, C. Levatino, S. Briddon, L. Raguso. Row Five: A. Tuch- relo, M. Pinckney, J. Paul, D. Miller, J. DeFazio, C. Cohen, C. Bellomo, A. Sypian, S. Franz, V. Morcan, C. Smith, M. Barti- kofsky. Root ' Six: N. Parrinello, J. Bruno, T. Ohl, C. Chandler, K. Prautzsch, N. Schoener, J. Hogestyn, C. Astrachan, E. Simons, E. Morcan, L. Gayk, T. Poch- unow, D. Dragone, R. Romanowski, L. Bianchi. Girls’ After School Swim Club Wrestling Soccer D. Decker, D. Weaver, B. Haller, G. Vidmantis, B. Imes, T. Koehler, B. Siegel, M. Sachs, G. Komorowski, J. Herrick, B. Campbell, V. Paskus, R. Kucil, J. Frillici, P. Procik, rj. Reikstins, Coach Hart. Row One: Coach Sullivan, B. Pulowski, B. Leetz, M. Shipp, G. Monje, T. Gravina, W. Benjamin, E. Kelly, D. McBride, P. Irvin, H. Scott, B. Krocken, Coach Volna. Row Two: Coach Panaggio, J. Miller, W. Harley, B. Fahr, K. Reed, D. Barringer, L. Mills, T. Timmons, E. Curry, J. Zambuto, G. Dinardo, Tychowniewicz, A. Abernow, J. Neil, J. Liberi, Smith, Coach Ortalani. Row Three: H. Jeffries, D. Mulla, D. Wawrzyniak, T. Jackson, T. Camarada, J. Barr, T. Di- Ambrosia, A. Mazza, A. Gustinis, M. Cavalcanti, J. Psaila, F. Fuss, S. Levison, B. Smith, C. Johnson, J. Huffman, G. Utter. 91 Tennis Kneeling: Omecinskyj, Stern, Halber, Vosylius, Omecinskyj. Standing: Mr. Wesley, Advisor, Passer, Grebliunas, Seigal, Raday, Davis. Cross Country Row One: T. Finegan, A. Alfieri, A. Datro, J. Byard, J. Hall, J. Tinsman, R. Glaess, R. Gernon, N. Magin. Row Two: J. Szebeda, S. Ziemniak, R Stein, G. Wilson, W. Cousineau, J. Cahill, D. Strine, R. Gugielmino, J. Baxter, M. Lavine, I. Hoshowsky, E. Cray, G. Nowak, Mr. Graham, Coach. 92 Track Woods and ddiefds Row One: L. Mills, B. Ashby, D. Lalka, J. Szebeda, P. Irvin, W. Benjamin, F. Mala- sauaskas, J. Cahill, G. Krysniuskv. Row Two: R. Krachel, Manager; T. Alfieri, B. Glaess, E. Sehindel, E. Cray, J. Miller, A. Wehle, J. Baxter, A. Kolko, J. Kelly, J. Smith, Mr. Sullivan. Row Three: J. Byard, V. Alexander, T. Jackson, D. Strine, T. D’Ambrosio, C. Kelly, C. Johnson, E. Evans, R. Guglielmino, J. Psaila, A. Gustinis. Baseball Row One: M. Burdick, C. Perry, D. Freedman, J. Gow, G. Chapman, T. Lauricello. Row Two: Mr. Brigandi, Coach; P. Proietti, R. Casel, R. Staccone, J. Plasso, G. Monje, Co-Captain; Mr. Graham, Coach. Row Three: R. Patzer, Manager; J. Stekloff, L. Eisenhauer, R. Sherman, D. Barringer. Missing: Tom Gravina, Co-Captain. 93 Varsity Basketball Row One: R. Guglielmino, Manager; R. Irvin, G. Monje, T. Jackson, W. Slater, H. Jeffries, Mr. Panaggio, Coach. Row Two: F. Malasauskas, D. Strine, J. Watkins, A. Gustinis, B. Smith, C. Johnson, P. Grebliunas. Reserve Basketball Row One: D. Lalka, R. Hise, D. Nilyk, B. Chess, K. Reed. Row Two: G. Nowak, E. Kray, J. Huffman, J. Zambuto, J. Simon, B. Smith, E. Evans, Mr. Sullivan, Coach. 94 Spirit Committee r Ajk kiMI W$ O iTj •« Hi | ' 4 BP — 0m 4 k 9 J Row One: L. DeYoung, B. Paulin, B. Szarlacki, S. Laging, P. Winer, S. Franz, M. Duryea, D. Zimmer, J. Pine, S. Shul- man, D. Quine. Row Two: S. Bellomio, M. DiMora, M. Fiano, C. Belkin, B. Corella, G. Schwind, Miss Leene, Advisor; D. Hinchey, Vice-President; J. Ligozio, Secretary; N. Tishler, L. Crombie, R. Shulman, S. Cutler, J. Dellefave, P. Milazzo. Row Three: P. Saporito, S. Cohen, P. Insalaco, N. Adams, D. Marciano, M. Aroesty, M. Wolff, R. Paulin, H. Pross, D. Weinstein, M. Graff, D. Weinganter, M. Hollander, J. Levin, S. Rothstein, M. Baird, K. Marciano, S. Baur, N. Shafer, N. DiBernardo, G. Pross, A. Zizzo. Row Four: I. Matichyn, B. Katerle, A. Alfieri, J. Uglialoro, K. Yandow, C. Cherkasky, E. Peck, J. Dalcin, M. Merkley, G. Reinhardt, C. Catlin, A. Covella, S. Taft, A. Smith, L. Haimerl, E. Levy, J. Kucy, E. Turberg, A. Tuchrelo, K. Kosbab. Row Five: D. Greenberg, M. Flatow, C. Gravina, N. Habes, D. Putzig, D. MacGregor, D. On- derdonk, G. Bourdeau, M. Minsk, S. Rubin, D. Pancheson, D. Miller, K. Kreiwaitis, D. Kowalchuk, J. Kaabel, J. Dalcin, C. Guran, D. Tovato, T. Sawyer, G. Rosenthal, L. Baker, F. Tambe, D. Woodfields. Row Six: A. Coleman, N. Hafner, G. Skalny, J. Royka, S. Sawyer, C. Christoph, B. Maslanka, G. Manning, D. Dragone, N. Parrinello, E. Centola, C. Adam- ski, N. Cohen, S. Olyer, N. Kosakowski, C. Bellomo, C. Cohen, K. Cooper, S. Frelier, S. Tambe, J. Goldfarb, M. Hubbard, B. Fritt, B. Sullivan. Row Seven: L. Breitschwerdt, L. Gayk, C. Lamendola, A. Cerami, J. Bruno, T. Ohl, J. Lebda, K. Epstein, L. Hall, B. Faragher, D. Barringer, M. Alpert, A. Sciolino, S. Hamilton, P. Flagg, W. Campbell, S. Gerber, R. Crawford, L. Centola, E. Simons, J. Capell, E. Pies, K. Steimer, A. Sypian, B. Conti, D. Kasky. Row Eight: M. Davies, A. Sciortino, J. Zaretsky, S. Blaszak, R. Frank, A. Schwarz, E. Jacobson, L. Allgaier, P. Quant, S. Levison, R. Guglielmino, K. Raday, L. Smith, S. Lazarus, D. Miller, R. Haller, P. Gunn, Lt. Jacoby, J. Staccato, B. Maverick, A. Kolko, R. Sepe, J. Baxter, M. Sachs, M. Mink, B. Yates. £rato — lYJuSe of? .Spiritual rjCc oue 95 Y-TEENS Kappa Theta Chi Row One: L. Hall, Vice-President; L. Breitschwerdt, President; M. Baird, Treas¬ urer. Row Two: J. Kucy, Secretary; K. Kosbab, Program Chairman; L. Nitschke, I. C. C. Row Three: G. Noto, F. Sanger- mano, H. Franz, M. Bagnara, D. Mar¬ ciano. Fourth Row: M. Hubbard, M. Dur- xea, E. Gullo, N. Klein, D. Pancheson, S. Taft. Row Five: D. Kasky, D. Townsend, L. Gayk, S. Sawyer, N. Skilling, S. Laging. Dkalia— M u5e Omega Beta Phi Row One: K. Salzer, L. Villard, P. Az- zolino, J. Turner, P. Rumfola. Row Two: J. Umbehaun, Treasurer; K. Sonneman, Vice-President; B. Prewasnicak, Presi¬ dent; J. Balderson, I. C. C.; B. Kastner, Program Chairman; C. Maxfield, Sec. retary. Row Three: P. Johnson, M. Rosen¬ thal, B. Sullivan, B. Kierecki, S. Ames, N. Bean, R. Giaquinta, R. Milbredt, D. Crisciullo. Lambda Omega Phi Row One: J. Guarre, Secretary-Treasurer; G. Gullo, President; G. Wilson, Vice. President. Row Two: I. Hubbard, C. Schu- macker. Row Three: C. Burger, B. Czas, W. Ferge, A. Simmons. 96 Alpha Beta Gamma Row One: D. Hinchey. Row Two: D Priest, D. McIntyre, R. Glaess, A. Cam marta. Row Three: A. Alfieri, S. Putzig, J Baxter, B. BJicfiane, R. Sepe, G. Kpmor- owski. ) M r a,c 4 Row One: E. DeCamilla, Vice-President; L. Nuci, Treasurer; L. Markese, A. Stone ' field, Chaplin; C. Lamendola, Secretary: M. Diodato, President. Row One: F. Tambe, Vice-President; C Gravina, Treasurer; K. Kreiwaitis, Pro¬ gram Chairman; S. Olyer, I. C. C.; J Hogestyn, Secretary; J. Koehler, President. Row Two: M. Hall. P- Federation, D Johnson, D. Casero, F. Rumfola, S. Town¬ send, M. Mehlenbacher. Row One: T. Phelps, D. Kamadula, G Williams. Row Two: K. Napierala, Vice President; P. Kowalchuk, President; G Miller, Secretary. Row Three: E. Siepka. E. Dierna, Program Chairman; D. Ko- morowski, Treasurer. SENIOR HOMEROOMS 12.7—MR. DONAHUE 12-8—MR. SAUNDERS 98 12-16—MR. MASTERS 12-17—MR. PERHAM 12-19—MISS MOORE 12-21—MR. MOCKEVICIUS 12.20—MR. VAIANA 12-18—MR. MURPHY 99 12-22—MISS WILLIAMS r ftflP n H‘ 12-25—MISS RATCLIFFE 12-26—MR. READ 12-28—MR MOHR 12.27—MR. FINNEGAN teusit 100 B The Deity of Fire, Hephaestus was the patron not only of workmen but also of builders and artisans and traders in general, all of whom looked to him for guidance and inspiration. He built the palaces upon Mount Olympus, made the weapons used by the other gods, and served the divinities in all ways requir¬ ing such practical skill as he possessed. Our advertisers, like this kindly pro¬ tector of the smiths and builders of ancient myth, are all strong, volcanic, and skilled in those practical services which have made possible our 1960 KEY salute to the Greek gods of class¬ ical antiquity. lOTMISIIl! HEPHAESTUS-VULCAN 101 YOUR OFFICIAL YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHERS W. 28 South Union Street • Rochester 7, New York L ’ v f X A 1 r “•J H. R. 11-8 First Row: A. Navarra. J. Urbanik, DiSalvo, W. Kasky, M. H. Scott, I. Mrs. Daly, J. Antinetto, S. Noto, Second Row: M. Session, L. Mott, G. Kenig, J. Yale, I. Miller, R. Polito. Third Row: T. Jackson, D. Duryea, G. Komorowski, H. Hall, Hoshosky. H. R. 11-18 First Row: J. Lazarowecz, L. Heck, A. Dewever, S. Sudore, L. Centola. Second Row. E. Hryhor- enko, J. Baxter, C. Laloggia, B. Weber, K. Raday. Third Row: P. Costa, J. Barr, P. Ahl, S. Mikel, L. Ashton, J. Darrer, P. Mistrella, Mr. Mac- Connell. THURSTON HANDICRAFT CLEANERS Corner Norton North HOpkins 7-1241 for the BEST in STEAKS N SHAKES 4880 Culver Road Sea Breeze, New York 103 Our Biggest Bargain! ELECTRIC AND GAS SERVICE Because nothing does so much at such little cost, day in, day out, electricity and gas continue to be the biggest bargain in your family budget. ROCHESTER GAS AND ELECTRIC Ox C wi) Cnnitiliments Compliments °f A FRIEND You’ll be smart if you look now info the possibilities of o job os a Telephono Opera¬ tor offer graduation. See your Vocational Guidonce Counselor or visit our Women ' s Employment Office for more information about these opportunities. MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY 8:30 A M. to 5GO P.M. NEW YORK TELEPHONE COMPANY 95 N. Fitzhugh St. Rochester, N. Y. Congratulations To All Graduates NOLAN’S PARTY SUPPLIES r o 1919 Main Street East 104 Planning your future? SAVE for it at R.S.B. Marriage . . . college . ... what¬ ever your plans are for after graduation, start saving NOW for the big day. Make regular deposits in a School Savings Account at Rochester Savings Bank. It’s quick and easy. Just ask your homeroom teacher for an R.S.B. deposit card fill it out, return it with your depo sit, and that ' s it! Save something every banking day! Generous interest dividends are added to your account twice a year. Louise De Young, Carol Hill, Mr. Benjamin Lipson 105 Compliments of TISHLER DRUGS 1 166 North Goodman, Corner of Clifford JOSTEN’S HUbbard 2-4978 Manufacturing Jewelers and Engravers 1. G. A. STORE Sam Bobby, Prop. MEAT and VEGETABLES ROBERT E. KILLIP We Deliver 651 NORTON ST. 105 Laney Road ABMAR TELEVISION CORP. Rochester 20, New York Finest in Television Service 942 Hudson Ave. HO 7-7020 FRED G. WAHL, Jeweler Patronize the 4677 Culver Road BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HOpkins 7-5508 SUPPLY STORE for DeRYKE DAIRY 1985 RIDGE ROAD E. QUALITY and ECONOMY Try Our Home Service HO 7-9817 A Full Line of Compliments School Supplies of A FRIEND EMPIRE VACUUM STORE Compliments of Charles ' Ridge Crest SALES SERVICE 671 CLINTON AVE. N. BAker 5-3753 Beauty Salon 1967 RIDGE ROAD E. HO 7-1635 106 MANDELL ' S PHARMACY Portland at Norton HOpkins 7-0785 HOpkins 7-0879 ALBERT ' S BEAUTY SALON Specializing in Permanents and Hair Styling Ridge-Clinton Shopping Plaza 1743 North Clinton COngren 6-3492 ESSO SERYICECENTER Corner of Norton Portland H. Meisenzahl, Prop. COngress 6-9862 TIRES TUBELESS TIRES Standard Auto Tire Works 468-470 Main Street East Vulcanizing, Recapping, Battery Service Geo. H. Strickland HAmilton 6-5931 OPEN EVENINGS F E 1 L ' S BRIDAL - FORMALS - STREETWEAR 654 Clinton Ave., N. LOcust 2-6740 Compliments of SMITH-CORONA 137 East Ave. COSTANZA SAUSAGE Where Quality Is A Must 1547 CLIFFORD AVE. HUbbard 2-7291 Compliments of HARRY ' S HOTS and HAMBURGS 195 RIDGE ROAD EAST RIDGE CULVER HARDWARE 1839 RIDGE RD. E. HOpkins 7-7837 FIORE FLORIST Flowers for All Occasions Corsages Our Specialty 355 BAY ST. HUbbard 2-3390 Smartaire Roblee CULVER SHOES 1102 CULVER ROAD Glamour Debs Pedwin ROYAL CLEANERS and LAUNDERERS Corner Bay and North Goodman HUbbard 2-9533 PETE GRUBER 1780 RIDGE ROAD EAST GROCERIES FRUITS VEGETABLES Compliments of CULVER POOL SUPPLY CO. Swimming Pool Supplies and Equipment Fillmore 2-9787 10-12 Walzer Rd. Rochester 22, N. Y. 107 Compliments of MOLIN PLUMBING 245 RANDOLPH ST. Compliments of PAT ' S RESTAURANT 4355 CULVER RD. Compliments of RIDGE CREST BAKERY 2010 RIDGE RD. Compliments of SALON d ' ARTHUR 185 RIDGE ROAD E. PIERREPONT SIGNS INC. 386 CLINTON AVE. N. LOcust 2-3840 RIDGEWOOD BEAUTY SALON Mr. Frank, Stylist 2332 CULVER ROAD HOpkins 7-7755 LESCHORN BROS. EVERYBODY EATS AT EDDIE ' S CORNER 1193 Hudson Ave. COngress 6-9854 4 SMALLINE ' S PHARMACY (The Corner Drug Store) Clinton Ave. No. and Ridge Rd. East Phone COngress 6-8250 - 6-9791 ROCHESTER INDIAN CORP. 25 FAVOR ST. For Fun on the Road New Used Motorcycles Scooters — Sales Service We Repair All Makes Hair Tinting and Shaping Specializing in Cold Permanefts ANN ' S BEAUTY BAZAAR Ann Di Nardo, Prop. 776 N. CLINTON AVE. BAker 5-6187 EDW. BROCKMAN ' S SONS FLORISTS Wedding Bouquets and Flowers for All Occasions 1955 Ridge Rd. E. HOpkins 7-9625 Compliments of PENLON-MASURY PAINT HARDWARE STORE 371 Peart Ave. MACKAY’S JEWELERS 72 Irondequoit Plaza Rochester 17, N. Y. ROCHESTER BUSINESS INSTITUTE One of the oldest and best-known private business schools in the country, now in its 97th year. One- and two-year Courses in Business Administration, Accountancy, IBM, Sales, Standard, Medical, Legal, Engineering Secretarial Courses. Write for infor¬ mation about RBI’s Courses and Business Aptitude Test. 172 Clinton Avenue, South Rochester 4, N. Y. Compliments of BARRY REALTY 1900 Ridge Rd. E. CO 6-1550 108 Jsrt T rdv4 ytv ■ i ) a?72 { -( ' 7ls?l YVT ?2rt y . J O 2- if " A ' " - g£ . " 25 £? ' - - - 9- -®- Qj dJZ s-r -e- tS£ ' JSL X. . Jifj- yj v ji- i- tr - -«— - " J t » y k aj z d

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