Franklin High School - Key Yearbook (Rochester, NY)

 - Class of 1957

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Franklin High School - Key Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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C 1 10 19 X L3,u..'.-.L -.ix,o2,dL0, lfsi:"QF 1 IA, :M . ' I . f f ., N .fy I f,U:,lff'LQ,f1 ,211 if Zami' "rLLj'LffUl'7- nj MAIN? M J Ar'-MIA" M J V' 1 if ! ,1-'Q g.VfpL.fQ 9 if fifgfq-:wf'.hi.,iL' jQi:lJVqiLl,?ii-F 1,,QIL ,' .f -f L, f' fy ,- ' - JLL ,Cf ,W M E, M' W 1 71 In Z W 'Uv Ml 0041252 Q-,zalfizf -,fd J ,ffyffl .f'T'LL' 1 ' fi'-2J?,..c1f 605440165117 -'way' 41,431 L'-41621. :LJ jjfacu' 'L'C"' .r " L ,L ,Lu 1 , .L .X fc. ff! ,jf ...Z ' ,-' ' ' ' f ,jeff 11:1 1 v. ,ff I ,l , 4 'YP X dv- I N 1 N, XL , X J. 9 m NM , . 1 V' Iv. ,vez f ,, 43,1 Zf1:f..ff20 X + ' 1 X 1 f rw 1 N J, I , ' - X- . ' lux- ' ,Q - . W M AN f fqvgcfv' X Kg 1,1 X 1 -. ' H .J L l, A V Y xc '1 .In.f!' K -- , 4,',,."' L' .IM f if, LX- IJ." 1 I, fx L j ZA. ' 1 , ,, ,.. W 1 1 - JD ffv ' .1 A x V x 1 xxirj yi .1 rf. . f.,,L+,.-f I ,Il . V , 1 P . " A " ' 1 X L 111 1 1 WN J Vu v -jf, 'nag V X I J I V+' f FT L. I - - f lv X 'L X xg, ,X QV U I ,""-' 7 . ' , , by L-f lifb, LM t!Cjl?, ihfblf' Q iw" 1 1 .4 :Lu .Jn ' I J MW 0' if 1' .aff Q, Mwffgf LIL UVYLU 20 M' Mgfiwwwlk ' Mufti 1 L J 7 Milli KJ Kim! ML, - V ec- x ,S gf i589 - L1 ff! I ,llliblt A f f yfAW.,if -Q, 'C fig., f . x H' fi nf,vL'.U!'--L,?k , X ' f' f x 'ff x 1f.'4gwL r A , , ' LL. , 5 f I J 2. defer x r N R . JN y x I I A . v aww Q lO..ww, POM, SSW GCWMENX xQJA0""-'fff'f?'Jfz,,..,,,..,U-.q, "2Pf""' iffy we-M.!f..p..,szfU, to MD? bg! W jam!! W I JJ, 01 Wa Jaw. faofffff? + JiZ'w15w,M"MW f CZ'v0U'9'6u?' J . '21, ,MM S, f ,ff W , Jwwwmyw www D gf Sff45,4f ,f4gQy!, . ZW7w"MaZ ' fi 1 Jawa Jywfa, 'WMU gfjjv SJ j 3, Wjw fd AW ,jf fw vfiwfwz :zz ' A ZW fin 6 rn, W ff PWymLMgfM,g ,fj Q I V M W 2: rn' . 4, 'J ' 'IU ,-.4 fx.J Nnf , R J oy ' lj! i ft ff b ,,, 4,4 ,CU P A Af L! I . V of' '11 ,, , me U , ,,, I ,ja .-1 U' ,UV l A, , L! .fn-Lfgvfi 1' V , ,. ' My lj I Y 'fs ' M I f' ,g-fi, f.. f 1, I - . ., p f irvif' ADI , gl, 1' L iygy ' 61,1 idk. , jx L ,Hz g," W ' T' " V , '1 ' Lf" ' l " ' . 'V W ,ff uv" . .,1 r - r r , ffvwf 4 f ,-X , 111 -' If 5 Lf , ,.,.' x .5 an . -lf! r' 'X .t "V L! 1 , . I My . ky .1 I X I, X4 A,,.f.,4,-':,, U , Im- . f ,V , .H Lv' '1 .,' . ." f " , 'fl f ,15,ff!.,g vkf . , , . , J . 1-' L - vf: ' " wx" , . ffov A dl nf -w h 1 ,il Aw 'Y I 1 1 1 Q Y I X., . Q when 3 E Benjamin Franklin High School SQ SQ E Q ,9I'eJeflfeJ THE SENIUR GLASS 0F l951 Rochester, N ew York " a l Wt yi? y ggi W ,ff a Q, WMM if Foreword W, if M J fm "The chess-board is the world, the pieces are the phenomena of the universe, the rules of the game are what we call the laws of Nature. The player on the other side is hidden from us. We know that his play P. is always fair, fast, and patient. But also we know, to 'our cost, that he never overlooks a mistake, or makes the smallest allowance for ignorance." Thomas Huxley 4 J nel' lloaflnwga naw' vi 60" f 1-ff k We we We ease r , , Xie W' ,. 542 9,-W7 ' A L IXAOJJI M915 ,Ve yefvl K' M' W1 .A e T W2 4096 'LP Z cy, K IVith6i.lii.g?vise quotation in mind, we, the Seniors of Benjamin Q A, Frank UJH' h chool, pe that our yearbook will remind us in the 90 X, C, ddtur ,of vtfjge U fi ruth that the life and fortune of every one of us , 40 Q wil Efen oi our k owin somethin o the rules o a ame vastl O ' ' 3 3 S J' I 0 . o diff: and complicated than chess. In this KEY we proudly pre- 0 9 9 sent a e d of the year's events of our school where we learned some of jj 56,4 es and the moves of the pieces of the all-important game of life. J I L0 35 A 1 In XO , Af W W! pulp' LUW W t if ' ' K I My 5563 f' Mp!! f I 'jvyjpl gif 'JM Q W ,ffl :ai 7 W fgfnan 2 i, , If ' 'K f Lk gk 52101-66 f CL! 5-L-'C. fan! 1 s Q ,n K6 KZ:-fzf' 2 4-2 , V14-gcc. egg? Sr To you, Mr. Sabin, we the ,Senior Class dedicate the 1957 KEY We are proud to salute you, a king who has played the game with skill YS and with that overflowing kindness which has shown us it is often better XFX ' u to lose wigh dignity than to win at any price. S ll N QW N Plqltgfygtffte EEQEFE ypnw ,MW .. . ...... ..,, uk WM N Y s l W , tri 4 It X Ai-ff" if 5 V Contents King Administration Page 5 Queen Faculty Page 9 Knight Seniors Page I5 Pawn A Activities Page 49 Bishop Advertisers Page 93 4 :ya 'MLS .-.--1-9 2 -."2:. 511 525. g - ii- - . ion --the King Administrat C1172 7710118 0726 Sqlldfe The key figure of any chess game in any direction. The co-ordinators of all phases and operations of our school, the administration, like the king, will not he checkmated in its endeavor to give us the finest school that is possible. 5 1 If men could he sure That their lives would endure For a thousand long years, They would give Franklin Hi gh all Kinds of cheers For its vigilant preparation of Their illustrious careers. MISS CATHERINE SULLIVAN MR. ABE HOLLANDER Vice-Principal in Charge of lnstrurtian dvisers Seated: Mr. Abe Hollander, Vice- Prineipal in Charge of Pupil Servicesf Mrs. Dorothy Redding, Girls' Adviser for Grades 7, 8, 93 Mr. Charles Stal- ker, Boys' Adviser for Grades IO, ll, 12. Standing: Miss Dorothy Martens, Girls' Adviser for Grades 10, ll, 12g Mr. Merl Ringwood, Boys' Adviser for Grades 7, 8, 9. Vice-Prinei pal in Charge of Pupil Servires Department Heads Mr. I-I. Carlisle Taylor, for Mathe- maticsy Mr. O. Matthew Lyders, for Fine Arts,' Mr. Harold Miller, for Srienceg Mrs. Katherine Connell, for Englishg Mr. Samuel Zornow, for Business Educationp Mr, Domenic De Francesco, for Ancient and Modern Foreign Languagesf Mr. Willard A. Sabin, Principal: Miss Catherine Sul- livan, Vice-Principal in Charge of In- struclionf Mr. Carl Chamberlain, for Health and Physiral Edueationf Mr. Elston Yaeger, for Practical Arts: Mr. Raymond Iman, for Citizenship Educa- lion. Miss Madeline O'Keefe,,' Miss Agnes Crowley, Pxychologistg Mr. George Seils, At- iendame Offiver. Special Services COUNSELORS-Front Row: Mr. Robert Smith: Miss Anna Marie Rauberg Mr. Abe Hollander, Vice-Principal in Charge of Pupil Servicesg Miss Patricia Carnahan. Serond Row: Mr. Hyman Kap- lang Mr. Donald Rahtjeng Mr. Matthew Hoffman, LIBRARIANS--Miss Edna Bayer, Mrs. Doris Fuller. SPECIAL INSTRUCTION-Mrs. Genevieve Cu- polo, Eighth Grade Teacherg Miss Ruth Klee Seventh Grade Teacherg Mrs. Eleanor Burgess Speech Therapy: Mrs, Catherine Eddy. 8 Faculty --the Queen The Queen is the most versatile piece on a chessboard. It is capable of moving in any direction to attack or to defend. Our faculty attacks valiantly the problems of our students and defends courageously the high quality of their education with the type of instruction that has made it the Queen of our know- ledge. 9 ' I f Iii, If-. i ij ifll .ifih 'V 'Q' JT" ?i"1i.VV. mf" ' . .QW .Ji ' J A E It h ng IS ..3"'N' . I 1' ' l maxi Front R010-' MF- Warren ,lCff61'iS, MTS. Mfify HHYCS, Mr. joseph Gullo, Mr, Warren Humphrey, Mr. Charles Mrs. Fay Law, Miss Elizabeth Seymour, Miss Lois Row- Griffith, Mr' Roger Applebee, Mr. Geofge Sherwood, ley, Mrs. Katherine Connell, Headg Mrs. Ida Warner, Mr. Richard Md-iugh, Mis, virginia Primer, Mr. Nor- Miss Miriam Levin, Mrs. Dorothy Fraser. Second Row: mari Gebauer, Mrs. Marrl-ia De John, Mrs. Mildred Miss Mikel Clark, Mr. Victor Bartolorta, Mrs. Grace Sidler, Mrsrwayne Barlow. Knitter, Miss Catherine Donoghue, Mr. Ronald Proud, Foreign Languages . -My Front Row: Miss Irene Hess, Miss Flora Rizzo, Mr. Rahtien, Miss Agnes Peterson, Mr, Pincus Cohen, Mrs Domenic DeFrancesco, Head. Second Row: Mr, Donald Lena Pitoni, Mrs. Belle Sherman. 10 Mathematics 5 z Q .ll Fran! Row: Miss Margaret Lord, Mrs. Lawana Noftz, bert Crane, Mrs. Dorothy Morsheimer, Mr. Ronald Mig- Mr. H. Carlisle Taylor, Headg Miss Stella Scardino, liore, Mr. james Sims, Mr. Raymond Boland, Mr. Alfred Mrs. Clara Bode, Miss Margaret Capezzuto, Standing: ' Stiller. Mr. Albert Whitaker, Mr, Frederick Hawke, Mr. Gil- -. ' . W W Q X, Science M,,y.L,,, r H ws Sealed: Mrs. Marguerite May, Mrs. Edna Daly, Miss Mr. Charles Perham, Mr, james Vaiana, Mr. Harvey jane Canegaly, Mr. Harold Miller, Headg Mrs, Ruth Thomas, Mr. Willis Newman, Mr. Raymond Wright, Mr. Smith, Miss Esther Callahan. Standing: Mr. Arlo Carroll, Hyman Kaplan, Mr. Robert Smith, Mr. Anthony Betten. 11 JM' hr" al' 3 yr 1 Wi' . . . . Df"",,,t7f,WQJM Citizenship Education QMg,',,,a Seated: Mr. J. Ernest Du Bois, Mrs. Irene Hecht, Miss Gail Crayton, Mr. john Clark, Mrs. Helen Martin, Mr. Sarah Larmer, Miss Barbara Moore, Miss Dorothy Rozzi, Frank Bukowski, Mr. Frank Hosic, Mr. Harold Swarth- Mr. Raymond Iman, Head, Miss Dama Zeffers, Mr, out, Mr. Edward Quinn, Mrs. Helen Villone, Mr, Isaac Russell Brigandi. Standing: Mr. Edward Mills, Mrs. Chapell, Miss Teresa Leene, Mr. Matthew Hoffman. f- 5 s. 43 Q'- ... . rw ,sq 'T Sealed: Miss Eleanor Ratcliffe, Miss Abrona Batz, Mr. rie Rauber, Mr. Leon Leggett, Mr. Harold Warner, Mr. Samuel Zornow, Headg Miss Shirley Sero, Mrs. Helen George Weber, Mrs. Marjorie Judd, Mrs. Laura Smith, Young- Sffmdlng-' Ml'S- Helen Memhifdf, M155 Anna Ma- Mrs. Elizabeth Palmer. Absent: Mr. Benjamin Lipson. Business Education 12 Fine Arts Miss Anne Morrow, Mr. C. Benjamin Scammell, Mrs. Helen Mr O Abxeni: Miss Marion Tuthill, Mr. Emil 5 2 5 E E Q is uv YP. Seated: Mr. Joseph Rui-Eno, Mr' James Finnegan, Mrs. nent, Mr. William Schlageter, Mr. Arthur Mohr, Mr Mary King, Mr, Elgfon Yaeger, Head? Mrs' Fannie Howard Eckert, Mr. joseph Kaiser, Mr. Frank Duffy Emery. Standing: Mr, William Read, Mr. Walter Ten- MF- Alffed Mafini. Practical Arts 5 Health and Physical Education 3 'EE7 Sealed: Miss Patricia Carnahan, Mrs. Patricia D'Ambro- Harold Roche, Mr. Carl Chamberlain, Head, Mr. Burns sia, Miss Lillian Sravrevsky, Miss Deborah Powers, Miss Beach, Mr. William Graf, Mr. Byron Sullivan, Mr. Edna M. Snow, Miss Barbara Carter. Standing: Mr. MaUf0 Panaggioi Mr- Hobart Hoff, Mr. George Hart. 1 if ... -- LUNCHROOM STAFF-First Row: Mr. Hill, Mrs. Burdick, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Slrieb, Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Schlegel, Mrs. Sczelpanski, Miss Kuelp, Mrs, Maier, Mrs. Biskup, and Mrs. Mer-key. OFFICE STAFF-Miss 0 ce Poshva Mrs Eve Litwin J Y , . , Miss Nancy Wildzunas, Miss Mona Morrill, Joyce Fal- ZOIIC. 1Vll1 ed: Mr. Herman Engineer. Mr. Lawrence Irwin. Seal- Mr. Eugene Healy, Head 3 'W' -i S ' Seniors --the Knight The Knight has the most unique move of any chess piece. It leaps from a black square to a white square or from a white square to a black square. Our seniors have "leaped" over all obstacles in the last five years of their memorable journey through our hallowed halls. 15 Senior Officers and Advisers fieisi-5 .5 Miss Patricia Carnahan Mr' Matthew Hoffman Adwser Robert E. Gabbey President Adviser Glenn Nitschke Kathleen Wagner Sylvia Agnello Leonard Goldman Rosalie Scicglone Vire President Corresponding Secretary Recording Serretary Boys' Sofia! Chairman Girls' Sofia! Chairman SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL-Front Row: Scicglone, Hallinen, Gabbey, Nitschke, Wagner, Goldman, Agnello. Second Row: Gay, Maxlield, Bergen, Stoehr, Omecinskyj, Third Row: Camhi, Fox, Ovenburg, O'Connell, Broikou, Cherkasky, Fourth Row: Dengler, Epstein, Lieb, Sahmel, Bashta, Gustinis. Fifth Row: janicki, Yates, Michiel- son, Valenza, 16 ..,. A !-1' jf.. JOHN RICHARD ABATE 52 Sidney Srrect S NIOR 2. ,zz ggz rk PAUL XV. ABBEY. JR. RAYMOND S. ABRAMSON 1876 Norton Street 15 Hudson Avenue SYLVIA YOLANDA AGNIELLO 2244 Clifford Avenue CAROL J. ALFIISRI 21-5 Ashwood Drive -ff -fer ,X -N ,'fgg.: :TE flip JUDITH ADLER 74 Hinsdale Street 957 1' X.. LEO RAYMOND ALLWOOD LUCILLE ALOI 22 Princeton Street 300 Marne Street JOSEPHINE M. ALONGI NORMA ALTRIE LOIS JOAN ANDREXVS JOYCE AROESTIS 364 Central Park 502 Sixth Street 1299 North Street 124 Strong Street 17 GEORGE JULES ASTRACHAN 59 Bismark Terrace JEANETTE BARTOSCH 1560 Portland Avenue xx AUDREY SONJA BAS!-ITA 69 Cheralin Street PATRICIA BATTAGLIA 800 Portland Avenue PETER JON BALCAEN GERALD H. BARNETT 512 Roycroft Drive 121 Strong Street ULLRIKE BAUDISCH PATRICIA KAY BECKWITH 46 Cutler Street 432 Remington Street -3 ' 'Pl . :I -, .,t:g,,a'nii - .. .l .. xx Q if K 'Aft -If-iff' 18 JOSEPH BARONIS 328 Durnam Street PATRICIA ANN BASAMANIA 138 Oneida Street 1:1 wf ALAN BATJER 225 Walzford Road ARCADIA BEDRIJ 22 Maria Street JOHN BENESCH. JR. MARLENE BENTIVEGNA 227 Ashwood Drive 114 Claybrook Street IVIARCIA IIIfRNS"I'IfIN 50 Avenue C E31 , M fx I IRMGARD MARTHA BERG 285 Hollenbeck Street BARBARA BERGEN 119 Walnut Park DAVID J. BERRY 47 Ridgewood Drive ELAINE V. BEVACQUA 120 XVzllnut Park SANDRA BEVERLY BLOOM STEPHEN BODNER 20 Avenue D 61 Redwood Drive L. 19 X RITA F. BIANCHI 6 Herbert Street SYLVIA A. BONAVILLA LINDA JANE BORLAND 113 Saranac Street 34 Terlawne Drive 105 QI" RICHARD MICHAEL BOROXVSKI PATRICIA BRAHI. BARBARA HEDY BRAUSF LINDA MARY BRENGARTH 1088 joseph Avenue 35 Durnan Street 216 Avendale Road 61 Presque Street 'VS ESTELLE BROIKOU MARY ROSE BRUSCATO 132 Baycliff Drive 107 Avenue E WILLIE BRYANT ROBERT NORMAN BURGER 21 Woodbury Street 27 Strathmorc Circle, Apt. 3 fd ,,.. WALTER BUTENK0 NORMAN CACcAM1sE BETTY Lou CAMHI JAMES A. CAPPELLINO 35 Wilson Street 225 Oneida Street 140 Alphonse Street 150 Marne Street l PHILIP PIETISR CARLIVATI 220 Cummings Street FRANCES CARPINO I9 Concord Street BEVERLY A. CASSETTI 55 Morris Street EDXVARD j. CIROTSKI 525 XVcnvcr Street -L DIANNE CIENTOLA 107 Arbutus Street DONALD -I. COIIEN 82 Collingwood Drive PAUL CHERKASKY CONNIE CHIAPPONE r"L?"xQ!v Y 1 55 Gorham Street II Miller Street -n.-. TERRY COLEMAN LINDA M. COMMUNALE LINDA CONTE XVAYNIZ J. COOK 118 Vista Drive 42 Miller Street 459 Portland Avenue 875 Chili Avenue l 1 , ,J ,t ANITA L. COOPER 91 Kelly Street HOLLIS CUTLER 1605 Sr. Paul Street is . ,W DIANNE MARY CRAVOTTA PATRICIA GAIL CROWTHER PETER HDXVARD CUMBO 122 Petrossi Drive 262 Pear! Avenue 222 Avenue li AMELIA D'AMICO 72 Harvest Street SARAH JANE D'AMICO 140 Bay Street EDXVIN HAROLD DAVIS 9 Pleasant Street Wh, 4. "The game of chess is nof merely an idle amusement several very valuable qualifies of 'l'he mind. useful in l'he course of human life. are 'l'o be acquired and sfrengfhened by ir, so as fo become habi'l's ready on all occasions: for life is Ku! ma 1 AUBEY N. DANKNER 681 joseph Avenue JOYCE NATALIE DeLARIO MELVIN RICHARD DELL XVESTLEY ALLEN DCLUCCA 169 Portage Street 1956 Clinton Avenue N. 140 Sea View Avenue Q an 22 DIZANNA JOYCE DENGLITR ANTHONY F. DENTICO VIRGINIA MARIE DeROLLIiR 246 Hartsdale Road 19 Salisbury Street 495 Avenue D RICHARD LOUIS DeSARRA 20 Oakmnn Street IZLISANOR DCXVITT JOSEPIIINE MARIE DiBIENIEDIiTTO 238 I-Iartsdale Road a kind of chess. in which we have poinis +o gain. and compefiiors or adversaries Io confend wifh. and in which Ihere is a vas'I' variefy of good and ill even'l's, I'ha'I' are. in some degree, 'l'he effeci' of pru- dence, or fhe wani' of i'I'." BENJAMIN FRANKLIN 'E ROSALIE DiDIO 331 Columbia Avenue RAYMOND DIJAMES VALERIE ROSE DiMEO DOLORES ANN DIODATO 1397 Clifford Avenue 638 Hollenbeck Street 188 Ashwood Drive 640 Sixth Street RICHARD DIERNA 68 Lang Street IRIS RITA DiPII2TRO 1701 North Goodman Struct ,IOANNE MARIE DI SALVO 122 Rohr Street JOYCE GRACE FALZONE 248 Liberty Avenue v THOMAS DOBBELAERE NANCY: DOCKEY XVARREN GEORGE DYER 39 Coolidge Road 24 Fulton Avenue -179 lfcrmvtmd Avenue NATALIE EISENBERG PATRICIA A. IZMISRSON 8 Ridgeport Drive 52 Cleon Street 41 GERALD EPSTEIN LEIF ERIKSSON 20 Vienna Street 107 Wyndham Road SAMUEL FALZONE DOMINICK ROBERT FANTAUZZO MARZIO FARACI 196 Fourth Street 422 Bouckhart Avenue 17 Fernwood Avenue ii! . .- RONALD S. FARR JOSEPHINIE FASINO MARY ANN FASINO WALTRAUD FEDDER 918 Corwin Roald 67 Avenue A 67 Avenue A 81 Clifford Avenue SALVATORE FERRERI MARILYN D. FISHBERG 58 Trust Street 53 Eiffel Place RONALD THOMAS FORNATARO CAROLYN E. FOX 204 Rugby Avenue 71 Orland Road GILBERT MARTIN FOX XVARREN G. FRANKEL LEAH JANE FREEMYER ADRIENNE C. FREITAG 414 joseph Avenue 554 Hollenbeck Street 455 Joseph Avenue 159 Walzer Road 25 JOYCE ELAINE FROHN ROBERT E. GABBEY RONALD JEROME GALLO GERALDINE M. GANGE 75 Flower Street 114 Collingwood Drive 388 Pemberton Road 97 Longcroft Road DAVID A. GARDNER BEVERLY C. GASTEL 138 Northview Terrace 60 Kohlman Street DORA C. GAVENS AUDREY ANN GAY 21 Turpin Street 484 Avenue D FRANCES JOANNE GELFO MARY JANE GENIOLO JEANETTE GIAMBRA GERALD GIANFORTE 34 Blnkcslce Street 12 S. Hempel Street 259 Avenue A 8 Skylane Drive 26 CARL GIAQUINTA 69 Nunhvicw Tcrmcc JAMES GIGLIOTTI 273 Rudolph Struct LEONARD ALLEN GOLDMAN saggy: QF? ' 53 Rcqun Struct Al... MARILYN S. GIMPLE 69 Strong Strcur NORMA M. GOHO ZH Thomas Struct GOMBl2'l'TO 8 Gmcc Sxrcur GAIL ANN GOODXVIN LEO A. GOTTORIYF 640 Pnrsclls Avenue 921 Clifford Avenue RAYMOND D. GRABB CONSTANCE C. GRANDE LARRY XVAYNE GRANT MARJORIE GRAVIER 29 St. Casimir Street 21 Claybrook Street 597 Portland Avenue 60 Rialm Sm-1-v ii! -'n.. 54.252 ' WWW YY RICHARD P. GUGGINO GLADYS JANICE GUINTA MYRON A. GURAN ZENON GURAN 96 Hemplc Street 60 Pardee Street 1770 Ridge Road East 59 Lill Street ,IOHN P GUSTINIS 51 MLKf1m1C Strut SANDRA I GUTKIN 1564 St Paul Street i-Si JERRY ANTHONY HALXVICK 50 Aurora Street ROBERT M. HAMMERSLA 143 Barberry Terrace YK THOMAS CHARLES HALL 255 Avenue A RONALD LEO HALLINEN 176 Rustic Street JAMES H. HANCOCK RITA MARGARETE HAPKE 255 Bremen Street 8 Bennett Avenue 5-J 129 Orendn Drive .A 'G' . ANI51j'JiWRII.YN IRENE HOLLANDER J any relgtj lv! f 45 Hooker Street 3 ' ,Y ll ' li ,X lflu ' JUDITH HARRINGTON DAVID R. HEALY JUDITH ANN HEATH ALBERT HECK 22 Carl Street 80 Bouckharl Avenue 255 Brockley Road JANE E. HOOVER 1420 Clifford Avenue JUDITH LYNNE HOWE 150 Seaview Avenue 7 MARY LUCILLE HUGHES EUGENE HUMENIUK JANET MARY IMO ROBERT INGUAGGIATO 2007 North Goodman Street 111 Kelly Street 285 Avenue A 218 Bennett Avenue f? .WW N wwf.: 29 JOSEPHINE F. INSALACO 54 Clztybrook Street CAROL ESTELLA JENKS 5305 Culver Road 1 1 BEVERLY A. JAMES 122 Winterroth Street PATRICIA ANN JONAS 48 W'ilkins Street BARBARA KAPCZYNSKI 408 Avenue D ELEANOR LEE KERN 24 Herald Street JEAN A. JARVIS 221 Remington Srreet NICHOLAS JANICKI 851 Norton Street "We learn by chess 'Phe habif of nor being discouraged by preseni' bad ap- pearances in +he sfa'l'e of our affairs: 0-1 L . W ,yi Lf I X a KENT jackson Street JAMES KNOPP VITA KOIBA BURTON SAMUEL KOLKO 240 Carter Street 140 Barons Street 34 Requa Street if 50 A A D GREGORY W. KOSTYNIUK STEPHEN J. KRAMARCZYK SAUNDRA ILENE KRAVITZ RICHARD KRYK 1196 Clinton Avenue North 119 Brookhaven Terrace 61 Angora Drive 81 Roycroft Drive TETIANA A. KUROYEDOV ULANA M. LALKA 232 Avenue A 90 St. Stanislaus Street fhe habil' of hoping for o favourable chance, and fhai' of persevering in fhe search of resources." BENJAMIN FRANKLIN JAMES LAMURAGLIA, JR. JOHN LANDRO 657 Portland Avenue 88 Florack Street THOMAS R. LANNIN LINDA ANN LATSON RICHARD JAMES LAY KURT E. LENZ 91 Walnut Park 56 Birch Hills Drive 44 Broderick Drive 14 Avenue A West 6 -A TS' J ' .ska MARY JANE LEVATINO DAVID JOSHUA LEVINE BRENDA ELAINE LEVISON 342 Laurelton Road 106 Huntington Park 154 I-Iollenbeck Street NORMAN LIPPIN FRANK LOCKWOOD 489 Ormond Street 45 Clark Avenue I 4? 1 .nv re., kg Q iff? P55-2 Fif i! ELAINE LOIACONO GEORGE LONKIEWICZ 51 Rustic Street 76 Vienna Street MARTIN LUSTIK JEAN ANN MAGLIOCCO DONALD MACRI 206 Rauber Street 40 Brookhaven Terrace 461 Lyceum Street -l 'nd' A . .viwg-af . -4 ,tJ, I I ,,.. A 5 OL af ELIZABETH K. LIEB 66 Orland Road IRVING MAGIN 89 Lux Street 32 A ELIZABETH ANN MAI-ILE 910 Portland Avenue JOSEPH M. MASTOWSKI 78 Herman Street SUSAN L. MANNING 1564 St. Paul Street GERALDINE ANN MARASCO 161 Willmont Street CAROLYN MARCELLO 1202 North Goodman Street RHODA MARKOWITZ 43 Morris Street LQ SYLVIA MARRANCA VALENTINA MARTSCHENKO 20 Hollister Street 214 Sellinger Street ROBERT ALFONSE MATTIOLI JUDITH ANN MAXFIELD 13 Nielson Street 449 Crossneld Road ROY MARATTA 259 Fernwood Avenue NORMAN MAYER 1333 St. Paul Street 33 EDWARD FRANCIS MEAD JAMES E. MEYER BARBARA MICHAELS 261 Lake Breeze Park 846 joseph Avenue 19 O'Brien Street EUGENE MILAS 86 Baden Street 1 NELLI MISHCHENKO 47 Loomis Street KENNETH MOORHOUSE THOMAS MORAN RICHARD WILSON MORILL 203 Hollenbeck Street 5166 Culver Street 143 Breeseway Drive iff 34 DENNIS HENRY MICHIELSON 50 Harris Street CONSTANCE RUTH MINARDO 52 Florack Street 1.11 ROBERT A. MOORE 51 Randolph Street DAVID EARL MOVSKY 44 Ketchum Street 1-15 W JEAN MARIE MRZYXVKA 317 Dunn Street 476 Carter Street PHYLLIS ANN MRZYXVKA ELEANOR NEUMANN 175 Moulson Struct PAUL MUELLER 3174 Culver Road I ROGER NEU 144 Berlin Street MAYNARD NEVID 590 Falstaff Road 9-- 6, big '11 1--1 xl aw. DEANNA J. NEWMAN GARETH NICHOLS 138 Yates Street 141 Pleasant Avenue LOUIS P. NICOLOSI GLENN ERWIN NITSCI-IKE GAII. ANN OATMAN BRIAN PAUL O'CONNELL 344 Crossfxeld Road 58 Pershing Drive 278 Bouckhart Avenue 679 Clinton Avenue North mkx ' 'qg w I 4 X ll vu ' if . - fly WE? " -4i1gffn..f13 1 ' I MARY ANN OLEKSYN 24 Carl Street r JANICE M. OLYSLAGER IRENE SOPHIA OMECINSKYJ FRANK J. ORLANDO 89 Pomeroy Street 23 DelMonte Street 81 Conkey Avenue JOYCE LOUISE OVENBURG JOHN L. PABRINKIS 55 Hartsdale Road 22 Lang Street -th MARY L. PAGE GLORIA ANNE PARUTA 247 XValzer Road 70 Townsend Street PATRICIA ANN PASCARELLA JACK PATA PETER DONALD PAVIA PETER L. PECORA 25 Panaview Drive 406 First Street 2294 Culver Road 85 Jerold Street jug I FRANK PERSONTE 1553 North Goodman Strcct N3 I ?s521f4 MARIE ANN PETERS 37 XVahl Road Nt DONALD EDWARD PIKE MARGARET PILATO 190 Avondale Road FRANK POSATO 9 Fien Street 619 North Street xi x AX BARBARA PHILLIPS 195 Avondale Road BETTY ANN PLATT 241 Vinal Avenue .an i PHILLIP S. POSNER HELENE L. PRICE 16 Morris Street 140 Dorbeth Road MARION PIENIASZEK 107 Fairbanks Street ROSEMARY POLVINO 1161 St. Paul St. ' .,,,: MARTIN J. PRICE 140 Dorbeth Road Q has 57 XVILLA MAE PRINCE ELAINE MARILYN PROSS PETER HAROLD PUNDT 19 Rhine Struct 78 Rauber Street I9 Osage Street OXVEN L. QUANTZ 201 Lincoln Street DOROTHY A. RACE 51 Sylvester Street EDWARD RAINEY. JR. 65 Hanover Street. Apt. IB BARBARA LOIS RAPPAPORT 23 Oakman Street MARVIN RAPHAEI. 709 Clinton Avenue North SHIRLEY ANN PVRCIO 154 Lyceum Street "By playing af chess we may learn foresighf. which looks a IiH'Ie into fufur BERNICE H. REITKOPP HOWARD H. REITKOPP ERIC XV. RICE 56 Sullivan Street 101 Northview Terrace 163 Mohawk Street 'MQQNJ 38 3-1' hu- Us KAMAL JAMES RICHANE 51 Cole Street SHIELA G. RICHARDSON 88 Seaview Avenue ily, and considers 'l'he consequences fhai' may affend an action." BENJAMIN FRANKLIN JOSEPH G. ROSENSTEIN JULIE ANN ROSS 498 Clifford Avenue 246 Wilkins Street fi 59 ""? WARREN C. RIPPE 212 Berlin Streef DAVID E. ROCKOWITZ 54 Wolfert Terrace NANCY MARLENE ROGERS 45 Concord Street CAROL M. ROMANO 1849 N. Goodman Street QD?- New ...1.a.nEQL GARY ROMANO SUSAN ROSBASCH 414 Joseph Avenue 1072 Clinton Avenue N. JAMES ROTH PAUL ROYKA 208 Clifford Avenue 105 Walnut Park ..s xl CLEOPATRA A. RUZGYS 29 Gilmore Street THOMAS C. SCALZO 30 Cooper Street 'fl w. E KENNETH JOHN SACZALSKI WOLF-DIETER SAHMEL NANCY LYNNE SAHS 34 Peckham Street 225 Elmcroft Road 276 Aragon Drive. JANE FRANCES ST. GEORGE RALPH SALERNO 50 Ashwood Avenue 1516 Clifford Avenue EUGENE SARBOU 408 Crossfield Road PATRICK anxunmu 9 Norran Drive JEANETTE ROSE SCHIFRIN RICHARD SCHINDLER THOMAS J. SCHLOTTMAN 166 Saranac Street 58 Hoff Street 37 Briar Lane ROSALIE SCICGLONE ALPHONSE E. SCIORTINO 152 Woodbury Street LEWIS EUGENE SHUMAN 58 Norrhview Terrace ah 106 Hurstbourne Road BRUCE M. SHAPIRO 109 Harris Street RICHARD R. SEDOR 136 Hollenbeck Street DAVID R. SHAXV 778 joseph Avenue FRIEDA ANETTA SHIBLEY 180 Rohl Street NANCY RUTH SILION 84 Strong Street IRENE S. SHUBOWITZ 352 Avenue A JANET MARIE SIMMONS IRWIN SIMON 2128 Norton Street 102 Eniel Place I DANIEL j. SIMONS AIN SIRVET MELVYN SMILACK BEVERLY SMITH 29" XY'ilkins Street 8 Helenn Street 229 Culver Road 75 Vienna Street jlil10Mli IRA SOLKOFF ANTHONY J. STAGLIANO 95 Northx ieu Terrace 48 Priscilla Street ANN LOUISE STETZENMEYER 175 Bayside Drive MARSHA ANN STOIEHR MARILYN JANE STRINE RAISA STRYZACZENKO 55 Cutler Street 160 Walzer Road 19 Renwood Street 42 AMEDEO STIRPE, JR. 68 Winterroth Street EDYTHE SUSSMAN 18'7 Conkey Avenue ff. CHARLES M. SWARTZ VALENTINA SYDELNIK PATSY TABONE JOSEPH TALIA 33 Cuba Place 910 Whitlock Road 113 Manchester Street 272 Hurstbourne Road RICHARD TASCIONE ANNA THEODOR 107 Aurora Street 1142 Clifford Avenue asf? HELEN THEODOR JOAN G. THOMAS 1142 Clifford Avenue 158 Bernard Street THEODORE D. TIBERIO MARTIN TOPER MARTIN TURBERG VICTOR UKSHE 23 Bayclilf Drive 253 Weaver Street 990 joseph Avenue 51 Richard Street DAVID F. VALENZA 38 Lili Street GLORIA I. VITKOVITSKY 46 Gilmore Street JOANNE GAIL VAN NEIL 15 Oneida Street KATHLEEN M. WAGNER 1245 Clinton Avenue N. DONNA MARIE WAINWRIGHT 2587 Titus Avenue SHELDRAKE ARTHUR WALKER 86 Lodge Drive 'X' HAROLD J. WALKER 114 Kosciusko Street DONALD H. WALTER 50 Tindale Drive DONALD F. VERCRUYSSE 328 Bouckhart Avenue JAMES R. VINCI 228 Harwirk Road "By playing af chess we may learn- circumspeciion, which surveys fhe whole GEORGE DAVID WALTHER PATRICIA ANN WARD 37 Berkshire Street 24 Bayton Drive ex! 44 BARBARA XVEBER KEMP XVEEKES ARLENE XVEI-ILE JOYCE ANN WEIDMAN 972 Avenue D 107 Orland Road 1048 Avenue D 69 Vlfinfleld Road chessbourd, or scene of ac'l'ion." JEAN CAROL XVORSECH 108 Avenue D BENJAMIN FRANKLIN DIANE ADELE WOZNIAK 22 Viewcresx Drive 45 PHYLLIS M. XVHITE 205 Hartsdale Road LEILANI ESTALLE WILK 1542 Clifford Avenue Ill GARY CRAIG WILLIAMSON 1266 Portland Avenue KATHLEEN YACKIW 124 Campbell Park ROSEMARY WOOD 17 Sheridan Srrcer ALAN A. YAHN 1026 joseph Avenue ,f"7,,, ,ua AUDREY VICKY YATES LUBA ZADOROZNY ADAM EDWARD ZAMBUTO IRVING JACK ZELLEN 94 Rcqua Street 77 Vienna Street 31 Recd Park 61 joseph Place BETTY ZIMMERMAN JOSEPH DAVID ZIMMERMAN 255 Baden Srreer 255 Baden Szreer Q 3, . 'jf' 1 N 46 1 5 A Autographs MM wwf WWWN Nfbfff MQi WM'fW WW WWfff5?" M 'MQW' A f f' 'ffff fig! V 5 ffvfbffzw A , Y "?f'f'Qf. foe- M n jlfffMf , f 5454256 2119 fy W W W Wwpab ww- ffw gfgfywfjg ,ggfbfwfiawgp Mfgwwgfwa QW "VAfv'WfiinwW' 0.941 D i W jim WWW Q ww WWQ Mjfwfwffflfw 4 ffwwwamwvgg xfwu tydawff ,zzfw ,Mad AUVWLU jf -AW' Sus Activities -- The Pawn The Pawn is the one chessman with a real future ahead of him. He, the soldier of chess, starts life at the lowest run g in the ladder of chess, but he can look forward to promotion whe h n e reaches his goal. Lileewise, the students, the soldiers of B EN FRANKLIN, always move forward leaving only interest- in g activities in their path. 49 Executive Council f Front Row: Mr. Hollander, J. Halwick, B. james, J, Manioci, Mr. Sabin. Serond Row: Mrs. Redding, Mr. Stalker, Miss Sullivan, Mr. Ringwood, Miss Martens. Third Row: S. Sawyer, S. Spector, J. Barker, A. Sciortino, G. Romano, V. Schankin. FALL TERM SPRING TERM eg' , ff ji, fl.. . 4- if ' 5 A f S ' A 4 4. erry Halwick Jerry Manioci Beverly james Gary Romano Paul Mueller Vivian Schankin .s,'2""x GA Front Row: Schankin, Nash, Merkel, Heath, Mr. Sabin, Mr. Hollander, Miss Sullivan, Second Row: Romano, Speedy, Nitschke, Manioci, Zambuto, Hancock, Mr. Ringwood, Mr. Stalker, Miss Martens, Mrs. Redding. 50 National Honor Society ,W Q. K. W y , lin...-Q4 Fi Front Row: Mischenko, Alfieri, Maxlield, Latson, Kent, Hoover, Brause, Benesch. Fourth Row: Gus- Scicglone, Stoehr, Andrews. Second Row: Turberg, ginis, Lenz, Dell, Gabbey, Burger, Rosenstein, Mi- Howe, Theodor, Hughes, Romano, Ross, Hollander, chielson, Grabb, Bodner, Gardner Kolko, Guran, Omecinski. Third Row: Stetzenmeyer, Quantz, Nit- O'C0nnell, Ab,renf,- Simons, Cherkaslqy, Posner, schke, DeWitt, Kostyniuk, Yates, Wagner, James, GUARDIAN STANDARD JUNIOR GUARDIAN OF THE FLAG BEARER AND STANDARD BEARER :A S ..r. v , ,F K 55551.-ia . 'Q' 'i R - A- 2 -, , - xwr' K' 1L X- Eleanor Joseph Diane Perticone Edward Bonavilla DCW1!! Rosenstein Junior Council First Row: J. Gans, B. Hutchins, J. Sciarratta, N. Cohen. Serond Row: Mrs. Law, B. Doig, M. Daniels, j. Rice, R. Molinari, M. Longo, M. McAdam. Third Row: C, Mangione, G. Brown, K. Speedy, E. Nast, R. Fisher, Mr. MacConnell. 51 'T nurant nm amm..lJg:"Hl'1 MISS VIRGINIA PRIMER, EDITORIAL ADVISERg MISS LOIS ROWLEY, BUSINESS ADVISER COURANT EDITORS-Front Row: I-Iallinen, Golclstien, Batjer, Hollander. Second Row: Comunale, Gardner, Marcus. W I T COURANT REPORTERS-Front Row: Comunale, Gard- Schwind. Third Row: M. Markus, Weinstein, Cherkasky, ner, M. Hollander, R. Markus, Goldsricn. Serond Row: Kanthor, Miller, Batjer, Michielson, Rosenstein, Kirsch, Davidson, j. Hollander, Buff, Markowitz, S. Gronsky, Birr, Shuman, D. Gronsky, Daniels. Ackerman. Shapiro, Manning, Alongi, Pubsley, Schulman, Alfieri, 52 COURANT ADVERTISING 8: PUBLICITY-Napierala, Twitchell, Levison, Senzel, Spector, Gutkin. COURANT CASHIERS 81 TYPISTS-Yates, Vosy lius, Bernstein, Napierala, Jarvis, Brahl. COURANT PHOTOGRAPHERS AND ARTISTS-First Row: Alan Batjer. Second Row: john Kirsch, Fred Birr, Herbert Miller. 5 l :',ll Q COURANT CIRCULATION-Front Row: Rice, Grader, Allen, Emanuele, White, Alongi, Militello, Brahl, Cotton Gerber, Costa. Serond Row: Kravitz, Jarvis, Zazzaro, Doktor, Freitag, Wilk, Bernstein, Gutkin, Valenza, Spec- 53 tor, Knapp,IFfland, Pascarella, Goldman. Third Row: Nitschke, Weinstein, Gotesman, Shuman, Senzel, Ben- esch, Roegner, Michielson, Pabrinkis, Bayles, Rockowitz, Hoesterey, Yates, Levison, Napierala. Artists 4 L E. 9 ,4 ,ips .., .. - 4. , ' ' X -- -...' -1 First Row: Barbara Weber. Serond Row: Lewis Shuman, Muriel Kent, Marsha Stoehr, Caroline Marcello. Editors Howard Reitkopp Lewis Shuman Brenda Levison Kurt Lenz Glen Nitschke joseph Rosenstein Daniel Simons Sandra Gutkin Sandra Kravitz Betty Camhi Susan Manning John Pabrinkis Audrey Yates Jerry Solkoff F KE Photographers 1Alan Batjer, Jerome Solkoff Individual Photograph Advertising N- y - "t 1 Q , ' ,,. Fronf Row: M. Hughes, P. White, M. Bernstein. Serond Raw: J. Benesch, D. Michielson, Mgr., S. Walker. Absent: J. Hoover, J. Pabrinkis, L. Shuman. and j Front Row: A. Yates, B. Brause, D. Michielson, Mgr., P. Brahl, B. Levison, G. Nitschke. Second Row: J Benesch, S. Kravitz. Absent: S. Gutkin, Pabrinkis. o 0 Q 0 Publicity Circulation Dennis Michielson, Mgr., Carol Alfieri, John Benesch, Barbara Bergen, Marcia Bern- stein, Robert Burger, Patricia Brahl, Bar- bara Brause, Betty Camhi, Diane Cravotta, Josephine DiBenedetto, John Gustinis, Thomas Hall, Jane Hoover, Mary Hughes, Beverly James, Jean Jarvis, Eleanor Kern, Burton Kolko, Kurt Lenz, Mary Levatino, Brenda Levison, Betty Lieb, Glenn Nitschke, John Pabrinkis, Patricia Pascarella, Phillip Posner, Helene Price, Elaine Pross, Howard Reitkopp, Jane St. George, Jeanette Schif- frin, Lewis Shuman, Jerome Solkolf, Anna Theodor, Helen Theodor, Sheldrake Walk- er, Phyllis White, Audrey Yates, David Valenza, QCashlers and T plsts A. Yates, B. Brause, D. Michielson, Mgr., P. Brahl, J. Jarvis, M Bernstein, M. Hughes. Absent P. Pascarella. 55 I - i' I' ff! f ' ' . is f I ff 1 I FL' X . ' ' f ' ' ' if-z ENGLISH BOOKROOM AIDES-Robert Layton ' - I' ' A, - john Blonowicz, Herbert Reiss. I' X X j If f 'fix JN - " A ' C X! 'fx' X G I X X f Q5 f I 3 .K R Wa ! If' IX . I 11' X W V il I I! If , C nil X f X 1, i ,J If X .. X! I. ff! fi I N X X W N XX N .K , ' f I 1 I I f s f X 0 j ' I X , . ff i X 'E I I If ' I I . V X, J IN X I I I , I y N955 MAIN LIBRARY AIDES-Front Row: Carnell, Ozzie, Evarxe, Harris, Fallsner. Third Raw: Mrs. Dejohn, Mas- Briddon, Bourdeau. Second Row: Bozyk,-Ianowski,Kranz, tro, Orlando, Psaila, Kinnear, Karnisky, Miller, Bayles Krusemark, Miss Bayer, 56 Latin Honor Societies Initiation . fr I-Front Row: Goldstien, Senzel, Markus, Ofslayger, Kanthor, Mohr. Sec- ond Row: Mrs. Sherman, Nolan, C. Gattuso, Gronsky, Pecoraro, Altman, White, Lotto, Alongi, Renda, Chasky, Metzger, Bush, Mr, Rahtjen. Third Row: Omecinski, Boers, Weiss, Nitschke, Weinstein, Schantz, Shopes, Tindale, Kent, Quantz, Bonavilla, Lind, Barned, Stoehr. Fourth Row: De- Witt, Stark, Koldan, Lupo, Humeniuk, Gabbey, Lonkiewicz, Michielson, Posner, Dell, Kolko, Stasiw, Casey, Brown,. Barker. 3 Q . gs Q E II-Front Row: Goldstien, Senzel, Markus, R. Ofslayger, Kanthor, Mohr. Second Row: Maxfield, Bridge, Sleight, Mehlenbacher, Marsh, Hollander, Laky, Rinere, Feary, Sparklin, Kelly, Manning, Payment, Roth, Galloway Olsoff, Miss Hess, Third Row: Bloom, Shaub, Cross M. Markus, Levy, Yates, Vidmantas, Prince, Simons, Bernstein, Gutkin, Levison, Manrocx, Hoover, Zeit. Fourth Row: J. Gattuso, Wagner, Lenz, Guran, De Sarra Gardner Grabb, Pfrommer, Rosenstein, Cohen, Gustinis Solkolf,,O'Connell, Miller, Hallinen, DeWitt, Reitkopp' 9 French Honor S iety Front Row: Mischenko, Butler, Agnello, Levison, Treas- urer, Broikou, President, Dylowsky, Secretary, Hirsch, oyedov, Wozniak, Olyslager, Pleten, Sereno, Abramson Gutkin, Gartz, Phillips, Manning, Shaub, Camhi, Stoehr White, Lisson. Second Row: Mayer, Hoffmann, Bau- Martschenko. Fourth Row: DeClerek, Wollschleger, Den- disch, DiSalvio, Pugsley, Frieds, Cachary, Watson, Cros- gler, Altre, DeWitte, Pica, Pabrinkis, Michielson, Bod- by, Wilk, Szwajkos, DiPietro, Alfieri, Tilrird Row: Kur- ner, james, Fedder,.Lieb, Guarre. F, ko" Allent.1f-'ltUi,Q.'-fy Cb ,,1,L,fi,,5Ajf2.f- de gm., ,ij ' D 'Clin' CMW1,'lf,,le" 1,"LJCM' C- Q, ,ZQ76f-U-57' 5' , 47014 ' cflemuwf I 5 Z Gernian lrlonor Societyljvfffyeejjfv JJ 'ff f 6 n J! i Front Row: Brengarth, Werner, Mass, Miss Peters-Ad- viser, Mischki, Schulz, Sydelnick. Second Row: Loiacono, Kuroyedov, Baudisch, Haller, Spector, Brause, Benesch M., Vidmantas, Guenther, Rippe, Lupulak, Hoffmann, BCIICSCPI J-, Tschokrsch, Gerring. Third row: Lonkiewicz A., Weber, 5iII10rl- Kostyniuk, Ackerman, Cherkasky, Auer, jahnel, Harris, 58 , Grybauskaite, Cohen, Linger, Nitschke Fourth Row.' Altre, DeWitt, Zuch, Sahmel Lenz, Nowack, Walker, Lonkiewicz G. Baschnagel, Humeniuk, Fitch, Chair, james, Spanish Honor Society Front Row: S. Rosen, Cherkasky, Buff, Viner, Gerring, Wolfroni, Wozniak, H. Theodor, Okun. Third Roux Daniels, Andrews, C. Schulman, Shapiro, Broikou. Ser- Feretti, Hughes, Karchefsky, Lipsky, Graver, Little, Mey- ond Row: Magin, A. Theodor, Buckler, Cavallaro, Lu- reth, Levine, Rockowitz, Kirsch, Strickland, Henderson dena, DeWitt, Secretaryg Bodner, President: Mr. Cohen, Pipe, james, Altre, P. Cherkasky, Camhi, Weber. Adviser, M. Price, Vice Presidentg Samuel, Treasurerg O O Italian Honor Society f 1-Q fr ye. 81 fi Front Row: Agnello, Ingoglia, Cravatta, Casserino, De- dato. Third Row: Raggio, Bianchi, Privitera, VanGraaf- Palma. Second Row: Scarpulla, DiPrima, LaMendola, eiland, james, Fantuzzo, Pavia, Gatz, Broikou, Martino, Scardino, Centola, Miss Rizzo, Adviser: Magliocco, Dio- Saurini. 59 . " if 1 Math-Science Hondr Society Fran! Row: Reitkopp, Bloom, Mohr, Stoehr, Hughes, Ros- enstein, Gustinis, Cherkasky, Quantz, Hollander, Szwa jkas, Scicglone, Maxfield, McAdam, Samuel. Second Row: Mangione, Rippe, Burgess, Goldman, Lotto. Viner, Tin- dale, Shaub, Rinere, Kelley, Gattuso, Gerring, Ackerman, Laky, Guenther, Omecinskyj, Daniels. Third Row: Dell, Markus, Gardner, Monroe, Spall, Gans, Walker, Mar- shall, Michielson, Pfrommer, Posner, Grabb, Pabrinkis, G, Lonkiewicz, Cohen, Senzel, Kolko, Bodner. Fourth Row: Richane, Ludena, Hutchins, Kanthor, Kostyniuk, Cohen, Schulz, Simon, Osinski, DeFranco, Yates, Frankel, Fitch, Lynch, DeWitt, Barg, A, Lonkiewicz, Gross, Ozzi- mo. Fifth Row: Powell, Cumbo, Cohen, Baschnagel, Kra- marsczyk, Tiberio, Baur, Chait, Kirsch, Finkbeiner, Taylor, O'Connell, Moore, Miller, Twitchell, Lenz, Flint, Oly- slager, Meyris, Halwick, Greenhouse and Aquarium Club Fronl Row: Pecoraro, Hall, Vonhof, Messina, Loiacone, Bonn. Third Row: Canzoneri, Boers, Bebble, Aver, Geiss, Rogo, Pilato, Rock, Lebda. Second Row: Mr. Perham, Benasch, Wolfrom, Goldstien, Bless, Lipsky, Iwankrii, Howie, Gatz, Fox, Thompson, Aman, DeGrave, Clarke, Mangione, Sansone, Kirshner, Orkun. Social Science Forum First Roux'Gustinis-Trc'n.rurer, Posner-President, Kanthor- Bloom, Mr. DuBois, Third Row: Valenza, Cherkasky Vice-Presirlenl, Goldstien-Secretary, Serond Raw: Miss Shuman, Lenz, Kolko, Senzel, Grubb, Michielson, Ros Leene, Buff, Butler, Viner, Korenstein, Bernstein, Gutkin, enstein, Landro, Gardner, R. Markus, Simons, Levy Spector, Ackerman, Levison, Daniels, Shulman, Altman, Weinstein, M. Markus. S.S.F. Model Democratic Convention S- SOCIAL SCIENCE FORUM OFFICERS- Front Row: J. Gustinis, S. Goldstien, P. Posner, H. Kanthor. Red Cross White Elephant Sale 61 , I Junior Town Meeting of the Air Seated: joseph Rosenstein, Kurt Lenz. Standing: Mr. Herman Goldberg, Daniel Simons, Owen Quantz, Mr, Bob Lloyd. Social Studies Library Aides 1' Front Row: Shurman, Neuman, Lang, Goldstein, Aroesty, Cohen, Pross, Lisson. Second Row: Hoesterey, Dinger, Zimmer, Harris, jones, Lamagra, Sadler, Jermyn, Dick. 62 M, School Scene .l Front Row: Mr. Lyders, Morgana, Barnash, Cranmer, Richardson, Bridge, Heath, Crowther, DeFrancesco, Rap- paport, Pilon, Davidson, Sykes, Mrs. Bloom. Sefond Row: Austin, Germuya, Vassallo, Watson, Merkel, Gugino Lind, johnson, Flowers, S. Mastowski, C. Mastowski, Mayer, Walls, Ingoglia, LaForce. Third Row: Page, a . 1 tg, All 22 E Sussman, Schenkel, Dunbar, Evry, Brown, Demitri, Clem- ents, Schlottman, Muckstadt, Patton, Bonn, Nadiak Wittmann, Nowack, Rose. Fourth Row: Kale, France Martin, Cavallaro, P. Walls, Wolfrom, Zarpentine Hughs, Estes, Parsons, Herington, Freitag, Obi, Scardino Shubowitz, Schlenker, Mastrogiovanni. l P l Junior Choir -- Grade 9 GROUP I-Front Row: Mrs. Dennison, Sotile, Mil- bredt, Van Graafeiland, Quinlan, Rumfola, Reynolds, DaVola, Paulin, Ziemniak, Villard, Richane, Povenzano. Second Row: Krywonos, Welz, Thompson, Carnell , Simon, Williamson, Bourdeau, Layton, Prewasnicak, Sim- mons, Watson, Frederico, Abberger, Saffer, Aroesty Crisciullo, Freedland, Third Row: I.eBriton, Zachary Frisch, Goldman, Schwartz, Zaretsky, DeCarlo, Porter, Wiedenmann, Krisman, Finkbeiner, Sciortino, Passer Smith, Weingarten, Bebmeyer, Bartikofsky, Nuci. GROUP II-Front Row: Mrs. Dennison, Wilhelm, Zizzo, Fiano, Huss, Mills, Carnelo, DeLorme, Cangialosi, Still- man, Lipomi, Davidson, Loosman, Trovato. Second Row: Pross, Sorce, Conti, Kravitz, Migdol, Loiacano, Bletzer, Azzolino, Warren, Gioguinta, Czyzewski, Pearson, Cona, P9- Flatow, Romano, Dankner, Cohen. Third Row: Anri- unas, Cooper, Kaabel, Smith, Lamendoia, Camarata, Yates, Koch, Abballe, Licata, Weir, F. Arena, Steimer, Scarpulla, Dubyniak, Megi, Cona, Hill. 1 1 1 w Junior Choir -- Grades 7- GROUP I-Front Row: Mrs. Dennison, Cariola, Hart- man, Halber, Murray, Baron, Heary, Harris, Sleght, Ramsey, Zeigler, Allen, Matrachisia, DiGiacomo, Wil- helm, Schmumacher, Todair, Bolkosky. Serond Row. Insalaco, Corella, Rosen, Markowitz, Merkley, Peake, Gallucci, Smith, Session, Stein, Guarino, Gommengingli Mardtia, Ross, Garbowski, Cherkasky, Asenato, Lebowitz, Aroesty, Siegel, Third Row: Dinsmore, Levy, Sorce, Os- borne, Anorienus, Marcus, Metzger, Culella, Peck, Wfil- liams, Cohen, Yandow, Mula, Kusovich, Kosbab, Aldert, Lavine, Richane, Wakefield, Taft. Fourth Row: Bullock, England, Ohl, Predale, Magin, Kuchmey, Mazzoni, Town- send, Nesser, Higgins, Kohler, Astrachan, jones, Hall, Sage, Zazzaro, Howlett, Gayk, S. Nesser, Thomas, jack- son. GROUP Il-Front Row.' Mrs. Dennison, Zambit, Leboa, Bachmann, Salerno, Vandenberghe, Cotton, Tambe, jef- fers, Rumfola, Saporito, Sampler, Fahrer, Alfieri, Tri- maldi. Second Row: Keni Le ett Ferretti Simmons gs 3 7 Y Miller, Zimmer, Cehelski, Blake, Veomett, Costa, Brum- held, Robinson, Emanuele, Klein, Kantrowitz, DiMeo Sawyer. Third Row: Randazzo, D'Amico, Manning, Wis- otzke, Baxter, Wehle, Tillim, Gales, Katerle, Felder, Bloom, Hubbard, Marciano, Gerber, Bezwerchyj, Bub- mis, Schiff, Polito, Gervasi, Haimerl. Fourlh Raw. Mott, Skellen, Laging, Thompson, Griffin, Porter, Blon- owicz, Zulauf, Syracuse, Gasbarre, Rosen, Franco, Mi- chelson, DeBellis, Centola, William, Breitschwerdt Rouse, Pochunow, Violins: M. Bernstein, A. Cohen, P. Costa, A. Galloway, L. Goldstein, D. Greenberg, G, Harris, J. Hollander, J. Hoover, M. Hubbard, P. Insalaco, L. Kaiser, D. Lam- bert, S. Lisson, L. Mott, J. M A. Stonefield, E. Swartz, M. Doliton, G. P Cla Flutes: G. Clar- 47441-1' Petrone, S, Spector, Viola: E. Darrer, . Demy , inet: R. Barone, J. Lang, G. Miller, M. Peters, Salzano, A. Serahne. Bassoon: D. Valenza. French Hom: P. Am- mon, P. Burger, C. Milazzo. Trumpet: F. Allen, j. Di- Paul, C. Mangione, G. McNeil, S. Parlato, J. Personte, A. Taylor, H. Walker. Trombone: W. Bryant, H. Miller, C. Swartz. Perrussion: H. Beckwith, R. Cappelino, D. Huffman, R. Orlando, Piano: L. Cehelsky. Senior and Junior Orchestra OTLL P . 67 Commercial Honor Society YT Y? vw V7 -N477 ..',,' be PM A aa " B Fronl Roux' Alfieri, B. Bergen, H, Bergen, Scicglone, Ross, Stetzenmeyer, Theodor, Baxter, B. Merkel, Walls Andrews, Latson. Second Row: Ingoglia, Marzer, Schan- Fourth Row: Romano, Berg, Pascarella, Phillips, Oven- kin, Falzone, Bnshta, Mrs. Meinhardt, Mr. Leggett. Third berg, Scardino, Kuniskis, Prytula, Dengler, Pagluuta, Cen- Row: Merkle, Szwajkos, Hughes, Miskiel, Hawkins, tola, Borland. Cooperative, Office and Secretarial Practice . . Nw.-ur 'ist' Front Row: Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Young, Fuhrman, Basamania, Rogers, Purcio, DeRoller, Gasrel, Second Row: Falzone, Pilato, Thomas, Larson, Gange, Insalaco. Third Row: D'Am1co, DeLario, Ross, Geniola, Hapke, Marasco. 69 1 , Guidance Aides Front Row: Miller, Buff, Gerring, Manning, Kinzel, Daniels. Second Row: Bloom, Scicglone, Szwajkos, Shulman, Doig, Okun. Third Row: Hutchins, Brown, Little, Burgess, Moore, Parsons. Fourth Row: Chait, Kirsch, I Traffic Squad Front Row: G. Yaniga, A. Simmons. Table: Robert Fahrer, Capl.,' james Sherman, Mafor,' Clifford Burger, Capt. Rear Row: H. J. Roche, Advi.rer,' Wayne Ferge, Mike Russotti, Marvin Murray, William Bonnewell, Bryan Starsky, james Sage, C. Nathaniel. Supply Store Aides Barned. Third Row: Feary, Merkel. Front Row: Donato, Maxlield, Butler, Platt, Mishchenko. Sec- ond Row: Dockey, Szwajkos, Tripi, Wehrem, Lotto, Staub, Hughes, Jaehn, Burges, DeWitt, Mr. Warner, Paruta, Little, Future Teachers of America Front Row: Doig, Cherkasky, Buff, Wfiesner, Scicglone, Miss Rauber, Viner, Shulman, Sydelnik, Kaiser, Peters Bloom. Second Row: Okum, Mindnich, Miller, Wozniak: Agnello, Stryzaczensko, Howe, Goldstein, Dylowsky Hawkins, Planken, Szwajkos, Wilk, Gerring, Crowtheri Omecinskyl, Cavallam, Smith, Roth, Gattuso, Jenks Tbird Row: Zief, Molinari, Laky, Burgess, Graver, Privi- tera, Rubens, Shaub, Shulz, Little, Parsons, Barg, Boers Goldstein, Karchefsky, Manning, Freitag, Lockwood Moore. Fourth Row: Daniels, Levison, Bevacqua, Kun- iskis, Thompson, Shaver, Nowack, Gatz, Greene, Astra- chan, Rosenstein, Kirsch, Chair, Centola, Bond, Wein stein, Zarpentme, Van Graafeiland, Bernstein. Future Nurses of America Front Row: Stoll, Sykes, Flint, Hutchins, Comunale, Hughs, Neiner, Fleck, Lang, Miss O'Keefe. Third Row: Roth, Hollander, Wichman, Mirabella, Second Row.- Kraszkiewicz, Feary, jinks, DeWitt, Sage, Hoesterey, Goldstein, Laky, Lotto, M. Hollander, Markus, Gutkin, Schifrin, Shopes, Davies, Beckwith, Allen. sg 13 i 5 4 -l First Row: Mcadam Witt Borland, Lane Slowik Aman Gutkin, Cross, Goldstein, Shulman, Ru,benstein, Wan: namaker, Richards, and Goldman. Second Row: Weiss, Freeling, Ackerman, Tinsmon, Chair, Zulaun, Sinaguglia Lasek, Atwater, McConnell, Kiner, Doell, Karpowicz Miller, Goldman, Braveman, Mr. Stalker. Third Row.: Sheldon, Bayles, Baschnagel, Platt, Howie, Mattle, Stoler Moorhouse, Fox, Zellent, Resnick, Yackiw, Moore, Allart Faraci, Bentley, and Panepinto. Fourth Row: Morrill Brown, Dioguardi, Flint, Taylor, Batjer, Lonkiewicz Sanders, Michielson, Greene, Mink, Cohen, Butenko Muckstadt, Cohen, Strickland, Cominsky, and Wildman CORRIDOR AIDES NURSES AIDES SWITCHBOARD First Raw: Shankin, Smith, Collins, Schlindler, Thompson, Baxter. Second Row: Wildzunas, A. Cohen, N. Cohen, Iffland. ATTENDANCE AIDES Carol Fleck, Miss O'Keefe, Leona Borys, jean Davies. " Mr, Seils and Company" fx LAM., Tv'-Lclv-5' ,Y ' A ff'-" " 7" X 4 .AZ-.R L. ,... ,ff - X F..- Front Row' Altavena Kranz, Prinzi Winter, Starsky, Stein. Second Row: Staub VISUAL Prietz, Hadkett, Kiner, Denger, jonles, Frisch, Kreitzberg, Lamagia. Third Row AIDES Astrachan, Hranowsky, Frank, Sussman, Bayles, Panepinto, Hubbard, Hauss, Gurell Platt, Karpowicz, Atwater, Davis, Dernisse, Miss Stoddard. STAMP CLUB Mrs. May, Skurski, DiGiulio, Harris, Hoes- terey, Turberg, Dubitsky. 1- PROJECTIONISTS STAGE CREW S zz-:IE " john Altavena, Harry Hackett Zimmer, Melendy, Pitts, Northrup. 73 :Sf QP W WMM, , 4.2152 Y' ,4' D . x ja! u f K hm.. i! ' Y if ff-4 u 9: 1' 1, rfaqj M gkifgaaa 'S "Q nu 'N r 41 , X , I , V . fb ix wf If X, Q4 X xv A ,n Nm rx X A ,.,.J,1' M , X .M W fm. ' ' I 'Wt 1 WF A F v 9 ' 5 l Hi Girls' Bowling First Raw: Dubitsky, Mazzola, Hollander, Cherkasky, ler, Wehren, Scott, Kierecki, Ziemba, and Miss Sza- Smith, Roth, Ammon, Nasca, Searles, and Rogers. Sec- viesky. Third Row: Nowak, Walker, Pavll, Markus, and Row: Whalen, Pearson, Mrzywka, Sullivan, Schind- Soes, Fahrer, Batjer, Weinstein, Billiski, Wcvllsa'hleger, Merkel, Baxter, Mura, and Rogers. Badminton First Row: Litlman and Richardson. Serond Row: Miller, DeCosra, Milton, Goldstein, and Aronow. Third Row: Rubin, Weber, Wurster, Reynolds, Shopes, Fedder, and Burley. Girls' Tennis Girls' Basketball ,Q Griffin, Goldstien, Zwaga, Burgess, Sahs, Richardson, Laky, Buff, Rosen. Girls' Golf Olyslager, Azzolino, Maxfleld, and Liuman. 3 5 Q K ,L-44:17-l ,W Q Varsity Club '!1a5 lg. I 4 Varsity Bowling fr sa QM has xx.. 35 iv N e Q . , 1 k I ' x Front Row: D. Roberts, M. Toper, Capt. Second Row.' K, Cole man, H. Kravetz, B. Lucas. .. .5 fy, S First Row: Tabaczynski.Second Row: Starck, Mr. D'Am- brosia, Baur, and Stoler. Golf Swimming Team s Front Row: Murray, Hampton. Second Row.' Lavinger, Hood, Lipin, Pabrinkis, Carey, Wm, Brueckner, Wesley Brueckner, Fallis. Third Row: Coleman, Sahmel, Bentley, Williamson, Salt, Jansen, Coach Roche, Pundt, Attridge Cavalcanti, Howie, Schwartz, Flowerday. SWIMMING SCORES Franklin ..,..... ..,.. 3 2 West ....... ........ 4 S Franklin ....... ...... 3 5 Monroe ,,,,. ..,.... 4 2 Franklin .... ...., 6 4 East ,,......,.,.. ..,,. 1 2 Franklin ...... 33 Marshall ....... .... . . 44 Franklin ,.,, ,,,i, 6 S Jefferson ,,,,,,,, ,,,,, 1 1 Franklin ...,,,. ...... S 8 Madison ..,.,.. ...,,, 1 9 Franklin .....,.. ...., 4 0 Edison ..........,. ....,, 3 7 Franklin ....... ,...., 5 5 Aquinas ........ ....... I 8 Franklin .,,..... ,..,, 3 2 Charlotte .,,.... ,.,... 4 5 Franklin .,,,,, 52 McQuaid ...... .,... , . 21 Girls' Aquatic Club Front Row, Caimano, N. Adams, Nitschke, Treasurer- Harrington, President-Sahs, Secretary-Christoph, Vice- President-Sciacca, Bergen, Baur, Crombie, DiMeo. Ser- ond Row: Sampler, Comella, Werner, Lang, Hamilton Nast, Miller, Predale, Richardson, Laky, Abbey, Horn: ing, Pugsley, Schantz, Rudd, Briddon, Miss Powers Absent: Mrs. D'Ambrosia. Third Row: McNaney, Flint Stein, Vosylius, johnson, Kraszkewicz, Marcello, Gry- bauskyaite, Latus, Buerman, Yates, Kaplzynski, B. Yates Davies, Schluter, Sciarratta, Zwaga, Bergen, Votry. gi . 1-is Wrestling v First Row: Kramarczyk, Lamagra, Knope, Kramarczyk, Coach Hart, Feraci, Dimuro, Taylor Hancock Burger Rosselli, Abramson, Serenza, Zambito. Second Row: Strebb,Guran,Manioci,Quantz. Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin WRESTLING SCORES Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Charlotte Madison Monroe . West ...,. After School Swim Club 5..,,,S+ Soccer Front Row: Coach Hart, Gartz, Kostyniuk, Sienkiewycz, ysky. Third Row: Taylor, Valenza, Ukshe Henkes Mue Stockslader, Williams, Guarre. Second Row: Weinreb, ler, O'Connell, Sahmel, janick. Lupo, Barker, Gasbarre, Stanisci, Krywonos, Chornop- FOOTBALL SCORES SOCCER SCORES Franklin ..... ........ 2 Marshall Franklin deafeats Edison by forfeit. Franklin N V -,,,-A,- 1 East ---- Franklin Charlotte Franklin -,--. ....,.V, 4 Mom-oe - Franklin West -4--- Franklin ..,.. ..,.. l Edison .. Fmnklfn Marshall Franklin ................ 1 Madison Frankun Jefferson Franklin ...,. .,...... 8 jefferson Franklin Monroe - Franklin ..... .....,.. 2 Charlotte Franklin .,...... ..,,. 3 West ,r... FootbaH Front Row: Andaloro, Renda, Sherman, Gertz, Shapiro, Maratta, Halwick, Barone, Irvin, Chiarenza, Leetz. Ser- ond Row: Coach Panaggio, Andreassi, Monte, Manioci, Gocek, Starack, Pollifrone, Coach Sullivan, Waters, Ld ' E W r ' ' C1 , V Singletoe, Broikou, Fantauzzo D'Ambrosia, Lysenko Coleman. Third Row: Neu, Cappellino, Nash, Darrer, Sciortino, Saczalski, Tychoniewicz, Romano, Gustinis Monroe, Hancock, Serth, Zambuto, DiMuro, Dioguatdi L f' 131 Tennis First Row: Mr. D'Ambrosia, Lederman, Ukshe, and Lipin. Second Roux' Kolko, Posner, Sadick, Gans, Levinson, and Sahmel, Track 3 F3 l x . r. ri Firsl Row: Matula, Dunbar, Tallaricla, and Strickland. Second Row: Mr. Stowell, Aceto, Turberg, Marana, Iwankiw, I. Magin, C. Mangione, Loiacano, R. Magin, Knopp, Walker, Concordia, Clements, Walentas, G. Mangione, Clark, Koldan, and Nash. Tbird Row: Tendale, Altavena, Neu, O'Connell, Pioch, Sherman, Van Graafeilancl, Williamscmn, Kilgras, Lingg Glaess, Saczalski, Cummings, Stell, Mclincany, Harley, Hallcr, Romano, and Webb. 82 9 l r Ip -' 1 1 . xg, A Cross Countr -3- is 2 Baseball Firrt Row: Mr. Hart, Gartz, Barone, janicki, Romano, and Demetrius. Serond Row: Nicolosi, Burba, Carlivati, Sebas- tian, and Tinsmon. I I X I J Q N. ' ' Y:-3. . Front Row: Monje, Mangioni, Loiecano, Turburg, Magin, Altavena, Peters, Fisher, Flint, Arnold, Hall, Stell, Mott, Stubinski. Second Row: Mercht, Louth, Szebeda, Kirch- Coach Graf. ner, Merkel, Tuchrelo, Tindale, Hackett, Third Row: x . 1 LX 4 rs, V Basketball Gans, Cohen, Dunbar, Shapiro Coach Panaggto VARSITY Hurwitz, Walther, Mueller, Hyde, Moran, BASKETBALL SCORES Franklin 71 Franklin West ....... .... . 45 Franklin 71 Franklin Edison 61 Franklin 58 Franklin Madison 54 Franklin 54 Franklin Monroe 50 Franklin 62 Franklin East ....... 76 Franklin 61 Franklin jefferson 64 Franklin 77 Franklin Charlotte 54 Franklin 65 Franklin Aquinas S5 Franklin 66 Franklin Brighton 68 Franklin 71 Franklin East ...,... 70 5 etft RE ERVE Fran! Row: Stubinski, Irvin, Weiss, F. Shipp, L. Shipp. Second Row: Hopkins, Taylor, Stell Mink, Coach Graf, Demetrius, Serth, Gartz, Waters, l ALPHA BETA CHI Y-Teens Front Row: Mindnich, Buckler, Bush, Barnash, Remmeli, Friederich, Shaffer Coleman, Butler, Stein. Second Row: Kovach, Molan, Burns, Bramer, Metzger Gartz, Galloway, Eckrich, Planken, Henry, Yobbagy, Sawyer, Muhs. Third Row. Mikel, Armbruster, Boes, Auer, McGillicuddy, Hirsch, Stark, DeWitIe, Young Meyer, Bonsignore, Dibble, Geiss, Benesch. OMEGA BETA PHI Front Row: Richane, DiPrima, Wilkinson, Aitavena, Richane, Adams, Kastner, Fiano, Lipomi, Crisciullo, Ammon, Callahan. Serond Row: DePalma, Strassner, Tucker, Marciano, Frederico, Plati, Ligozio, Perticone, Abbey, Royka, Smith. Third Row: Grabowski, Onderdonk, Bevarqua, Schulter, Sullivan, B. Hill, Gibbs, Bourdeau, Simon, Sonneman, C. Hill, Wrxllschleger, Niblack, Steimer, Barrier, Buekman. 85 n GAMMA DELTA PSI Front Row: Polvino, Strine, Heath, Com unale, Beckwith, Alfieri, Davidson. Sec- ond Row: Paruta, Jarvis, Pascarella Phillips, Marcello, Harrington, Freitag, Dockey, White, Bergen. Third Rau' Stoehr Hoover Kent Weidman Den 1 v gf' ler, Wagner, Borland, james, Bevacqua, Lieb, Broikou, Ovenburg, Pieniaszek, DELTA SIGMA PHI Front Roux' Iwankiw, Hoppe, Milne. Second Roux' Marshall, Schmalzbauer, Clements, Hood, Schenkel, Kinnear. Tbird Row: Spitzmagel, Siekierski Siegl, Lupo, Koldan, Frisch, Manioci Sproule, Guarre. 1 1 I ...I SIGMA THETA CHI Front Row: Donato, Unterborn, Kel- ley, Mohr, Sciarratta, Sciacca. Second Row: Schindler, Schankin, Speedy, Guenther, Collins, Flint. Third Row: Kinzel, Wehren, Lockwood, Feary, Davies, Walker, Baxter, Zwaga, Hut- chins, P. Brown, J. Smith, Latus. oft 9 I Sd . YV C W Qbfv V -A Lt, ...W L rl V 'Ulla 93' X, 'A , . , f- V 1' 4 x 5 ,W it lflll ALPHA BETA GAMMA Front Row: Sloane, Henderson, Roil- ancler, Fitch, Footi, Lathrop, Cox- ford, Moore. Serond Row: Mattle, Beinke, Baur, Arnold, Phffromer, Monroe, Sebastian, Twitchell, Basch- nagel. Ning' -F- Pk SPARTANS Front Row: Quantz, Guran, Shaw, Milas, Lipin, Lonkiewicz, Richane. Second Row: DeSarra, Humeniuk, Sciortino, Benesch, O'Connell, Matti- oli, Sirvet, Sahmel. SIGMA BETA Fronl Roux' Williamson, Valenza, Pinch Hallinen, Lenz. Serond Row: Ludena Walter, Batjer, Barringer, Gabbey, Lan- dro, Burger, Schlottman, Faraci, H Walker. Q Aalevmx.. , SPIRIT COMMITTEE Rinere, Ackerman, Sawyer, Mohr, Mueller, Schankin, Manioci, Schuster, P. Walls, D. Walls, Muhs, Sciarratta, Speedy, Guenther, Walther, Lupo, Bentley, Hartz, Butler, Kin- zel, Bonfleld, Pelychaty, Harris, Payment, Friederich, DeWitte. Franklin Day i ,E X RADIO ELECTRONIC 88 C Christmas Scenes Christmas Play Soldiers never die they just fade Mrs. Law 7-I Miss Levin 7-3 Mr. Gebauer 7-2 Something new has been added." Miss Rowley 7-4 9 1 Miss Primer 7-S N1 Q! ' f! Something new has been added. -uv 4- 1' hi-' ' f' Mr. Humphrey Mrs. Cupolo 7-6 7-10 Mr, Christians 7- I l ' ' ' W .4 f, nl ' . x ' .V , igswsfw - 'iw A - V' Le.. W i + Mrs. Eddy Learning about our state 7-12 li C W ..1....L.- Adrertisers --the Bishop resenting our adver- e z 'n an diagonally straight direction. tisers. The Bishop moves 1 y Our advertisers also move in a straight line to serve you, running across their stores from corner to corner to save you time and W l'ke to think of the Bishop as rep money. 93 ii When you sfop io ihink . . . You'lls1'ar+io save ai ROCHESTER SAVINGS BANK "Your School Savings Headqzfartersu 40 Franklin Sfreei' 47 Main S+ree+ Wesi' I775 Clinfon Ave. Nor+h Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Will you 'goof' on your dancing exam? Don'+ 'cram' ai Jrhe las? minuie Add Hwe final iouch by coming To ROCHESTER'S ARTHUR MURRAY STUDIU Pk 4l4 Main S+ree+ Eas+, Opp. Easfman Theafer HAmil+on 6-4340 94 i for the BEST in STEAKS 'N SHAKES VIC and IRV'S 4880 Culver Road Sea Breeze, New Yorlr T here's a "One and Only" in refreshment, too! DRINK COCA-COLA Rochester Coca-Cola Bottling Corp. A. L. Anderson Sons BASTIAN BROS. CO. FOR CLASS PINS AND RINGS Best Ufishes to lhe GRADUATES l600 Clinfon Ave. N. COngress 6-5650 Patronize the BENJAMIN FRANKLIN SUPPLY STORE for OUALITY and ECONOMY A Full Line of School Supplies I Be ca Telephone Girl! g5""'-if You'll be :mari il you lool now info lhe pouibililiu ol u iob ax a Telephone Opera- m o men! Oman lor more informalion .. MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. NEW YORK TELEPHONE COMPANY 95 N. Fi'l'zl1ugl1 S+. Rochesler, N. Y. ,f f ,-' THURSTON HANDICRAFT CLEANERS Corner Norton 8: Norfh HOpkins 7-l24I Our Bi g gest Bargain! ELECTRIC AND GAS SERVICE Because nothing does so much at such little cost, day in, day out, electricity and gas continue to be the biggest bargain in your family budget. -6 ROCHESTER GAS AND ELECTRIC o Our Best Wishes to the GRADUATES KOLKO PAPER CO.. lnc. Paper Supplies of Every Descripfion Cups - Towels - Napkins - Etc. o 440-46 Ormond Sfreef BAlrer 5-5808 . -' W .A N " I. ' . . qi . lf,lf.C!"I' ' GARRI-ALL TRAILER G0. 608 Nor+on Sfreef COngress 6-9855 The 559 3 of oxronn mess Good Bfead Eafmg EFFECTIVE PRINTING BOND BREAD Regular or Sandwich 0 GROSSINGER Church and School Publicarions Rye or Pumpernickel Wedding lnvifafions HOLLYWOOD Dark or Lighf ' ai' Your Favorife Food Srore 408 Lakeview Park GLenwood 3-2336 Sea Breeze Barber Shop C0I,IpIi,,IfnI,- 0 3 Barbers Daily Sam . Warren - Gene HUDSON DAIRY, Inc. Mirzirrzuzrx Waiting 33 Hudson Avenue Nexf +0 Dreamland Park Sea Breeze BAker 5-2l8o 97 l Compliments of DE- RYKE DAIRY I985 Ridge Road East Hopkins 7-98I7 COOL CHEVROLET NEW CAR SALES Used Car Sales and Service 360 Culver Rd. BRowning I-7070 Edw. Brockmann's Sons FLORISTS Wedding Bouquets and Flowers tor All Occasions I955 Ridge Rd. East HOplxins 7-9625 Compliments of NATIONAL BISCUIT CO. Balcers ot MILLBROOK BREAD and HOME TOWN BREAD Ask Your Grocer GULF MOTOR CLINIC DYNAMOMETER TUNE-UP I365 St. Paul at Ave. E. COngress 6-5472 Rochester 2I, N. Y. The Comptometer School CLASSES-Morning, Afternoon. and Evenings TUITION-Complete cost, including books and sup- plies, 5150, Payable in easy installments. PLACEMENT-Free placement service to all COMP- TOMETER graduates. OFFICIAL-The ONLY official COMPTOMETER SCHOOL in Rochester, owned and operated by the Comptometer Division, Felt 8: Tarrant Mtg. Co. LOCATION 325 Burlre Bldg., 5 St. Paul Street, Rochester 4, N. Y. Phone: BAker 5-6003 Thos, B. Lloyd, Mgr. Compliments M A N n E L L ' s 0, PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY Portland Avenue at Norton Street l'l. S. lvlanclell, Pl'1.G. HOpl:ins 7-0785 I'lOpl:ins 7-0879 GENERAL ICE CREAM a division ot National Dairy Products Corporation I0 White Street DUTCHESS CARD 8: GIFT SHOP Gert VanDel:e 1253 NORTH ST. CARDS GIFTS HOBBIES BODNER BAKERY For the Finest Come to Bodner's 84 Hanover St. BAlor 5-3370 SHERELIS COMPANY 558 Hudson Ave. BAlrer 5-4210 Heating - Coal Oil Furniture - Appliances - T.V. Repairs SMALLINE'S PHARMACY lThe Corner Drug Store, Clinton Ave. No. and Ridge Rd. East Phone COngress 6-8250 - 6-9791 GEORGE'S BARBER SHOP 949 Joseph Avenue Peter's Rotary Service Station 1541 Ridge Rd, E., near Goodman COngress 6-9803 ANDREW GORA POWER MEAT CENTER 404 Hudson Ave. HAmilton 6-2760 QUALITY MEATS and POULTRY Custom Tailoring, Alterations and Repairs Ai Power LOW Prices DW Cle"'l"9 and La""d'Y sas Portland Av.. aim- 5-7806 K R I 5 1' I N E ' S SMITH FLOWER SHOP Dress Shop - Sportswear - Lingerie CORS'f:EiiI EDLiiel:ii??VERS 1450 mag. Ra. E. Hopkins 7-0677 m Joseph Au. HAMM 6-489 MARV-L Wholesale Meats Custom-Cut Meats for Your Freezer Frozen Foods Freezing Supplies 635 Joseph Ave. HAmilton 6-2553 FRED G. WAHL, Jeweler 2436 Culver Road Hopkins 7-0176 ALBERT'S BEAUTY SALON Specializing in Permanents and Hair Styling Ridge-Clinton Shopping Plaza 1743 North Clinton COngress 6-3492 Compliments of BLESS DRUG STORE 856 Joseph Ave. HAmilton 6-788 1 CHUCK LEHR'S CALSO Service Station 1699 Ridge Rd. E. PLEASANT CLEANERS PICK UP .na DELIVER Congress 6-5040 172 Pt. Pleasant Rd. HOplrins 7-9820 l YATES MOTORS USED CAR DEALERS Compliments of ORl.EN'S CLEANERS 81 TAILORS 411 Mi. Hope Avenue EMerson 7-8549 1740 Goodman Streei HELEN'S DRESS SHOPPE PowIey's Mobile Service Siaiion We specialize in half sizes in ' BLOUSES ' SKlRTS 556 Norton Streei COngress 6-9544 A 8Alxer 5-0843 573 Hudson Ave. s'r. PAUL PHARMACY HALI-ER 8- JONES DELIVERY SERVICE 1114 Hudson Avenue COngress 6-3867 me sf. Paul Se. congress 6-9704 RECORDS H'-F' T.V. SALES - SERVICE NEW YORK BAKERY Babe 81 PhiI's Poulfry Markei "Butter Makes the Difference" I CHEESE CAKE SUPREME 497 Joseph Avenue HAmilton 6-6533 385 Joseph Avenue LOcusi 2-9367 CANDLED EGGS ' Cl'llCKEN PARTS GEORGE F. STROBRIDGE VICTORlA'S SHOP GENERAL CONTRACTOR Men's - Women's - Children's Wear Home Bulldlng Remodeling 934 Hudson Ave. HOpl:ins 7-7360 Ghnwood 3,1635,W Chester and Leona Kowalski A L B A N 0 ' S Quality Printing - Reasonable Prices ESSO SERVICE STATION MARKUS PRINTING CO. N. G0OdmBl1 SfF66f ROCi19Sfer 9, N. Ngrfon Sh-ggi COngl-955 COmpclLmel'1f5 BELL DRY CLEANERS TUXEDOS - RENTAL and SALES 82' Joseph Avenue 700 Clinion Ave. N. 8Aler 5-1558 Seneca School of Driving Complimenfg of DUAL-CONTROLLED CARS PIONEER BAker 5-5011 749 Clinton Ave. N. 4353 CUM, R,-,ad 100 Graver's Bridal Shoppe Hudson Hardware 81 Paint Co. Cpen Evenings Till 9, Saturday Till 6 gems IPGIZZQOEIS' I-Izgware e give reen amps 628 minion Ave' N' Locus' 2-moo 600 Hudson Avenue HAmiIton 6-0966 PATSY LADIES' TAn.on JIM MASTERS Patsy Delvecchio SUNOCO SERVICE 803 Clinton Ave. N. BAker 5-3891 1662 St. Peul St. Rochester, N. Y. K'Tc"'E" TOPS MFG- co' ZIEMNIAK JEWELERS. me ' Specialists in Formica V A Sink and Counter Tops. Vanities' Tables Your Time ls Our Business 1255 Ridge Rd. E. COngress 6-3383 1688 St. Paul St. COngress 6-4890 Best Wishes for the MEN and WOMEN Ol TOMORROW PHYSICIANS' PHARMACY 2334 Culver Rd., Just below Norton COngress 6-3410 Compliments of ROSEN'S VARIETY STORE 1002 Joseph Ave. HOptins 7-0786 Specializing in Any Style HAIRCUTS SOL'S BARBER SHOP 691 Clinton Avenue North EVERYBODY EATS AT EDDIE'S CORNER 1193 Hudson Ave. COngress 6-9854 Courteous Service - Metered Cabs Promptness by RADIO Town Taxi LOcust 2-4400 YOUR FLOWER SHOP Creators ol Distinctive Floral Arrangements 8AI:er 5-0175 165 Clinton Ave. N. Veteran Taxi BAker 5-8I80 Night Phone: COngress 6-5572 Compliments 'ol F E I L , S S T E R N S - ' - - F I FURNITURE and APPLIANCES Coats Suits Dresses orma s 707 Clinton Avenue North 654 Cinton Ave' N' Locust 26740 STUMP'S SUNOCO 908 Hudson Ave. COngress LUBRICATION Minor Repairs - Car Washes 6-9639 SWEETHEART BAKE SHOP Specializing in Wedding Calces 487 Portland Ave. HAmiIton 6-0140 101 l i Make 'the Occasion - Buy Flowers llf NAVIS FLORAL SHOP Specializing in Corsages and Wedding Bouquels Compliments of DIME BANKING and LOAN ASSOCIATION We Have +he KEY +o Greafer SAVINGS 1378 Norfon Sf. HOpkins 7-8927 lN0f+h Park SHOPPFHQ Cefiiefl 941 Clinfon Ave.. N. LOcus'I' 2-4315 Compliments The of euvs s. nous sHoPPE ROCHESTER STATIONERY Nodh Park Shopping Cerner C0-. Inc. Hopkins 7-5640 Every Thing for Every Oillce and School OPEN Thurs. ai Fri. Eve-'S nu 9 P. M. 8 Jay SI'ree+ Rochesfer 6, N. 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Tested Business Training RAY HYLAN SCHOOL OF AERONAUTICS since IS63 One and Two-Yea Accountancy - Sales - Advertising Merchandising - Medical Secretarial Aircraft Sales and Service - Used Aircraft Primary and Advanced Government-Approved School r Courses in: Standard Secretarial STUDENT INSTRUCTION ROCHESTER BRowning I-8069 GEnesee 8-7657 BUSINESS INSTITUTE CHARTER SERVICE l72 Clinton Ave. S. Rochester, N. Y. West Henrietta Rd. Rochester, N. Y. Index to Our Advertisers Albano's ESSO Service Station Albert's Beauty Salon A. L. Anderson Sons, Coca-Cola Bottling Corp. Arthur Murray Dance Studio Bebe 81 Phil's Poultry Market Bastian Bros. Co. Bell Dry Cleaners Benjamin Franklin Supply Store Bless Drug Store Bodner Bakery Bon Jon's Tux Shop Broclrmann's Sons, Florists Case and Quinn Motors Century Signs 8: Displays The Comptdmeter School Cool Chevrolet Costanza Sausage DeRyke Dairy Dime Banking 81 Loan Assoc. Dutchess Card 81 Gitt Shop Eddie's Corner ESSO Servicenter, H. Meisenzahl FeiI's Dress Shop General Baking Company General lce Cream George's Barber Shop German Sausage Shop Gora, Andrew-Custom Tailor Graver's Bridal Shoppe GULF Motor Clinic The Guys 8: Dolls Shoppe Haller 8: Jones, Records, TV Service Helen's Dress Shoppe Hudson Dairy, Inc. Hudson Hardware Xi Paint Co. Hylan School of Aeronautics Jay-Cee Tux Shop Kitchen Tops Mfg. Co. Kolko Paper Co., lnc. Kristine's Dress Shop Lel1r's CALSO Mandell's Pharmacy Markus Printing Co. Marv-L Wholesale Meats Masters SUNOCO Service Max's Tackle 81 Bait Cove National Biscuit Co. Navis Floral Shop New York Bakery New York Telephone Company Orlen's Cleaners Oxford Press Patsy, Ladies' Tailor Peter's Rotary Service Station Physicians' Pharmacy Pioneer Pharmacy Pleasant Cleaners Power Meat Center Powley's Mobile Service Rochester Business Institute Rochester Gas 8: Electric Rochester Savings Bank Rochester Stationery Co., lnc. Rosen's Variety Store Sea Breeze Barber Shop Seneca School of Driving Seneca Trailer Co. Sherelis Company Smalline's Pharmacy Smith Flower Shop Sol's Barber Shop St. Paul Pharmacy Stern's Furniture Store Strobridge. Bldg. Contractor Stump's SUNOCO Sweetheart Bake Shop Thurston Cleaners Town Taxi Varden Studio Vic 81 lrv's Victoria's Shop Wahl, Jeweler wOifC1dk'S BBROVY Yates Motors Your Flower Shop Ziemniak Jewelers, lnc. ., .,,... .,.. . ....4 ., , ,,., , ,, ' .1 , , , ,---1,2 -- ' H, vvgpn D - 4 , . , -, I' ,. ,1',JI,.,- ,. , .Q4 ,Hb ,Fl 1 ...'j,I.,j , 4 1 , ' I, ,!1 p 21,-417311155 ,X ..f ' ' - .. - at Vwxcq l A Lu ,H . Wifi WMM UW - -4Mfwwf , dyw 444, WMMW4 f -I .AMAIAJ x6g3,414f..4w,,yw,f,h2?j Am MMM WJ W . IAQ. -fvvu.. PGV,-401 J MM X af acgwpf, Ufvcw J NO OUT wfkeuffb 'tv' ,bwwX '43g?i 7iPUiZfV , , ,W M fn , A l , M . 1 WW' ' JW, M W7 -1,2 ww fWWJW'DQwwfMffW JA JM Wmwm WW, P MQJWM Mm? 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