Franklin High School - Key Yearbook (Rochester, NY)

 - Class of 1946

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Franklin High School - Key Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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vwfwff 3? FV 4w M T QS Jw MQWMSE KWSN fy Mx Ky VG 5 ,Q Ewfjfaf' Siiffji E393 S-Wlwif gb . ' 5? bf WM X Q WW 35 QXKKK Sf? f E 5 M S MX ff QQQSEX wig f Vyygffx I l"'z':"""""Q"g'2'Q'Z"V WW WMJyfiE'MM MM ffifif M 2 M4-E"'vMffK,K WW WWJKLQM Nqf E WW 33333 Www W QQ X' WQ?Sgg - ,-.- V V---....,-...Y,. . Y Y , M fm RW X5 W E M' W ' X A M iffy Wi ESX K jwxwbb MU M WQRS Qi 354, ,QM Qc Qiow W X My ijt? Jim R QR if Ohkwv - 4 A xx-X x isis? .W , MM: Q 'M H , g,.gXf'l1xU:' Wah at Q Qt: , K'x41Qf5?'35gt12'?F LW? 15' 55, 2? iagvfz If-Q ff' 4 SW W H I 1 i 1 p J o I J Le OVERTURE School opened this year on a new note. For the first time during our high school career, we eame hack to a world at peace. liverywhere there was a feeling of gratitude and release. Our hearts sang the songs of victory aim jladness--songs in praise of Americals wide spaces--nonsense songs ex wssi I- our frst happy reaction to the sorrow and tension of the w-xr ' X ' , c:m o itfgdif' the song had said. YVe had, and we were proud. 'Ml vlut . meal fful m rniugf' everyone sang and thought not only of Oklahoma but oftbc 'e I' state :Kd ci ' and village street. The winter of our discontent, when boy. ' X m X zio had listened with tear-filled eyes to "I'm dreaming of a hi ,V uri. K asf' overg and autumn had come, bringing a harvest of vie i l I J, - i YVe rejoiced, and then, s w fe embe - 5 our houghts moved to a minor key. lVhen the world glowed wit olor is :ix , theij would he eyes that would never see it. There would bfi s w o V0ll.l,K?i'IgVOI' now the gladness of home coming, L vlum md go d ol Otti li r 1 iss will SQIXIIIQ, ll cup pox oi C llI'lStIl thrl 2: gr' l ' ' .tl -i'ic-liuxix-of : " K' tl - 1-' ,' y ' 7 mas at llOII1C. VVe remembered tl 'ikpoken by another great leader, "It is rather 1 . for us to be here dedieatec o sly, task which those who struggled here have thus far so nobly advanced." The world they died to save must be rc-lmuilt-fre-lmilt to the measure of their dreams. ',l'hey have given us the peace in which to plan, the time in which to build, but the task is ours. As we raised the flag before our school. we thought of the flags of freedom going' up all over the world. It would he our task to keep those flags flyingq to make the 1 ear ing of democracy clearg to keep the promises that America had made, had alwa. made, to all the world. x I l fr , , 1161, , 5 H' A 'Sz' ' . 'Ot if px' ,Xxx ii? T: , 5' N 'L 'X' n ' Q Y, 4 1 fb' ,fifth C' " e ji 1 'Q in . '.e 1' I 5- ,p ll ' -A-,js 41, e ff Q - i-yt' X R f-ff X 4 f V Z ROY L. BUTTERFIELD, Principal NVC, the class of 19-LG, wish to express our appreciation to our vice-principal, Mr. VVillard Sabin, for his unfailing patience and his understanding of our problems. He has been more than a school executive and adviserg in him we have found a friend. VVith every year it becomes clearer that our principal has given to our school its peculiar excellence. His democracy is our idealg his courage is our strengthg his vision is our inspiration. WILLARD A. SABIN, Vice-Principal THEY ARE OUR COUNSELORS, OUR GUIDES, OUR FRIENDS Mn. FRIKNCIS-B0.1jS, Adviser Miss CROWLIQY-Psychologist MRS- Pl'l'1'S-G7:7'l'5', fflliii-901' Miss S'rx:wAn'1', Mn. RUBY, Mu. IIATIIJEN, Mn. TEERBIAN Miss ACo1'1.'r0xA-lJir1'1'lur nf lCn:pIoy1n1'11l and Mu. Sums--.-IIlmpflqngfg 01155-W 001111510 Elllrrrllrr' le1'flllil'!'1HI'll'N Miss IEAUBER, M155 JA1m1N1q, Mus, Cll1'QIl1.0SVSliI, Mus. LAUGH:-:N in 1Socicil Science Sl'IA'l'I'IllS Slullfrfr, .llnrlrfn IlvllI'l'fll'NV, IllIlllJ.V,L!ll'llII'l' K' I1 n p p rl I I. 1s'1' Row Quinn, lfllfllllf, Yo ll ny 'I'illmr1n, Brill, Rilrfy, Ful- Irr, JIllI'l'l1lfl. Commercial Sl'IA'l'I'IllI l,1wl:r'r, Iiluuk. lwrrn IIZU, If I'11.w.vrf r. lm' Row: lIlIlljflIIll'II, Lipxnn. Ynuug, Ifllllflll, liulz. Qxn Row: llvIlI'Il1'l'. l'r1lmr'r, L 171.11 rl . FAC English V Sr:A'l'14:li: l'Iury, Sullirrm, 'I'l1nn1pNun, Ilmmylrulf. lfilll, lfvflflillvrj. ZZNU Now: fl1'r'r'117c'nml, I,r'z'in, Imm- nrrfw, NIIIWIIIIII, llrrris, .'lNll1l'.lj, Zinn Huw: ,likin- son, lx'nillr'r, l'rn'lfr'i', f'1l!'lII'lIlH', ll'urnrr, lflllllll. an ,uf Fine Arts SI'ZiX'l'lIll2 Tuilrill. Sfillzurll, l,.ffrlrfr.v. ls'1' liuw: .lluurf wr. 'lll'l1IIllfflllill. Tzlfllv, .llillwlg .ll rH'1'nIL'. if .TY Practical Arts Sr:fx'l'l-111: 1,111 r lf, II Il rl, I' 1' n 0, If ll ln jf, Hafllffjf, Jlulrr. Isl' liuw: Iil'!'kl'l', l,lH'liIl!j, Svrilnirfr, lflllffllf, lflukw, lfrfml, Kipp. LZND Huw: lx'ui.w'r, V 1' I I 1' r, i'rrvy1'r, lfiuyrfr, I"I'llIII'- W gun, -l1'lIlIiII.!fS, Te'111u'nl. Mathematics Sl4:A'1'lm: I'ollrf1', llmwsrfy, JI 0 rxll vim 0 r, T11 .lf lo V, IJOIIPHUII, Ulrflrlllrl. 151' Raw: lll'llflt'l'NOIl, lfmlllf, lmizgworlliy, Jlirlrlauylr, fvlfllfjlllill, lioluml. vi Language Sr:.v1'11:n: Iflflflllf, Jlrlrlzfnx Lrilwy. S'r,xN1mlNu: l'rfl1fr son., Rizzo, Dunlmm Ihlllljffli, Ilvxx, Drfl"run r'i.w'0. , rg V ,I f I '.-4,421 " ' XJ Science Sl'IA'I'l'IllZ ,l'lIUlIllI.V, fvllllll- lmn, Smith, Jlay, lffl- 7vur1l.w. S'l'ANnINu: livr- rirlf, lirfllrfn, Siwlrrfls, Smilh, Sllnrjw, f'Ill'l'llH, 5 1 B 1 i I 4 4 I-Mr. Mohr, Kimmely Milli, Franco, Street, Metzger, Bliss Tuttle. SENIOR . L0 ov-Ol vgwx Y' X' OM Miss TUTTLE, fidvzleer Class Ad- Tuttle and VVe have no to them for their under- J L4 x 4.70 . STRQ azaf CZ'q,g.,,l 2' V Q12 JUNE ABEL 1362 Clinton Ave. N. BEVERLY ANN AISELMAN 153 Sellinger St. KENNETH ADAMS 315 Remington St. ETHEL L. ADLER I 202 Ridge Road E. I ISAAC AIIITOW Ii Ilunover St. AISE J. ALAZRAKI 5 Rhine SI. JULIA ALAZRAKI 5 Rhine SI. SANTO ALISERTI 255 ZIIIIIIIUI' SI. UELESTE ANN ALICATA 60 VVinte1'x'otI1 SI. DAVID H. ALVA 3 Morris SL J ENNI E MAR I E A M ICO ISPI Morton St. GILBERT H. ANDERSON 96 Remington St. ARNOLD L. ANIJZER. 182 Ilnllenhevk Si. JUNE H. ANSELM 635 Dull' St. UATIIERINE ANTONOW M15 Joseph Ave. A RLENE A I'I'I.EI5A UM I50 l'IiH'0rd Ave. BELLE AROESTY f -13 VITIIOIIIIIS St. ' NORMAN D. ATLAS 1 19 'I'h0n1us St. JEAN DOLORES ATTARDO z 66 Culver Pkwy. 7 x I GERTRUDE G. AUBERGER 70 Avenue I3 1 ! I GRACE AZZARETTO 9 57 Nichols St. ' LILLIAN M. BACIIMAN 711 Chapin St. 1 LILA R. BACIULIS f 79 Wutkin Terr. , IVIARILYN J. ISAETZEI. 592 Conkey Ave. WILFRED BAGNEVVSKI 60 Linden Pk., Sea Breeze IRENE D. BAK 312 Weaver St. ' GRAHAM H. BALDWIN 218 Avenue E DOROTHY A. BARON 6416 Joseph Ave. 2579 Fc-1-nwuml A vv. XI 2l I5uyc'IiH' Dr. ' x K 5 ' KI,ICI'I EIIFIANOR ISYERS DUI,0RI'IS A. BARRAGATO III WmIsworII1 St. 'JOIIN IIARRI'I'l"I' 182 YA'uIc0fivIcI SL ANTHONY I3A'1"1'IS'I'l 85 Sl'l'1lIlf0I'll St. VVOI,FI'IR'I' BECKER 66 .Im-wc-I SI. I"RANl'I'IS Rl'I'A l5I'II,I,AVI'1 URACIC ISICIIIILICCI 5351- AN'L'IllIl' D C'IIARI.I'IS J. III'INI"AN'I'l'I 5 Ellison Sf. FRED I3I+IRGIVII'IYI+IR, JR. -I1 .Izum-s St., Scam l3I'Cl'ZC IVAN I. I5I'IRliUl+'I4' 7 Fix-n SI. LUIS JOYCE IIIfIRI,OYIt'II 25 Kulllmun St. IIORRAINII ISIELASKI 279 Portlaml Avo. ICDVVARIJ F. ISISIIOP 105 Ava-. Ii, PI. I'Is':ls:u1t GLORIA II. ISLVM 976 Clininn Ava-. N. AUIJRICY .Il'NI'l IIUOTII H25 SI. Paul Sf. RUI5I'IR'l' IIURK I53 Ave-mm IJ JUAN IC. IIURUN 76 ISIuuIsun St. A NGI'II,INI'1 I". I30RZI'II.I,I ICR IC .DORRIS RITA BOYD III Murnm- St. ' I'I4I'I'I4IR ISRUIKOU 182 Rnyvlif Dr. l MARIAN BRUVVNPIIIII IS Illm-zlvlwl' Rd. R0ISI4IR'I' l'. I3Rl'GlII4IR I W4-yl St. FRANK MICIIICAI, ISURGO Iii' l'IiH'm'4I Aw. S21 Joseph Ave. GRACE CACCIOLA Illi Sl'I'ilIII0lll St. AUGUSI' l'AI,I,I'IRAMI+I Iii 'I'Immus St. PASQUAI, V. CAIMONIC ' I80 Portage St. Q 5 Albow Pl. CORA F. CARDARIC .I LEONARD M. CANCILI, Q II Concord Sl. is 'YR' xxwlglflintnn Ave. N. I ' 04 E VE I .Y N Il. CASSARI N0 50 Winterroth St. EUGENE N. CHARLES N' 3307 Hurstbourne Rd. MILDRED I.. CIIARNEY X 101 Ruuln-r St. FAY CHERRY 8 Muuder Pk. IDOLA IDA CIPOIIUNE 221 Pershing Dr. BERNICE M. COH EN 228 Baden St. SHIRLEY S. UOIIEN 30 Strong St. SYLVIA CUIIEN 7 Ill'l'lllElll Sl. LOREN ROSS COHN 108 Avenue E BARBARA JANE COLE 126 YVinIi1-ld Rd. EVELYN COLUCCI 1820 Clifford Ave. FRANCES A. COPPLE 890 North St. l I I OSTANZO, JR. J. ndolph St. SERIN ARD CRA MER ' J M6I'l'lIllllLf St. x ' I MICHAIQI, J. cfluxo 799 North St. b v fl JNALD RUSLYN IlAl'l'Z 395 Joseph Ave. RICHARD D'A MICU 1364- Clifford Ave. I SYLVIA SARAH DEERS 51 Oakman St. BEATRICE DEITZ 250 Norton St. X CHARI,0'1"l'IC ANN DELI, XX UI.IVE'1"1'A DEl,I,'OREl4'lCl'I 3 Angelo St. RICHARD Il. DEMMER 80 Cecelia Terr. BERNARD M. DERMAN 41185 Luureltmi Rd. ANNAI 'IILE R. Di-1 TAR 65 Carte Qt. ROBE ' I. DEUTSCII 161 St 'aul St. ' I FY I'I. DIAMOND P9 Cul Il. C RD DIRKX J 79 Pezirt Ave., Pt. Ilezxsunt EMILY ANN D1YUI.I0 71 Wilson St SHIRLEY DOR N 4182 POl'tI1llIKI Avo. JACK S. DORREN 597 Avenue- D .IACK VV. DUBIEL ISIS Wisner RiI. ARNOLD DVNN 119 Avenue D GRADY LEE DUNN 241 Bri-ck St. BERNARD EISSENSTAT 22 Cmtimgre Dr. CHARLES FRED ELAM. 5-Ili Bermnrd St. AMBER M. ENGELH 9237 Clinton Avo. N. HERBERT E. ENTZ - 183 Brandon Rr. ROBERT ENTZ 188 Brzmdon Rd. MARY LOU EPOLITO 76 C2ll'tl'1' St. LUC-ILLE EVANSTEIN 22 Ilurris Si. .IEAN MARY EVVEN 1997 CIif'fn1'cI Avo. SIDNEY F FEINBERG H2 Bv1'nzn'1I St. .IOHN FERRANTI 71 Sellinger St. EDITH FILER G5 Cnim PI. BETTY LOU FORD 130 Rosmnnry Dr. MARY FRANCIOSA 1358 Ciinton Ave-. N. ' CHRISTOPHER I. FRANCO 21 Rustic St. MARGARET FRA N K 883 Brown Rd. r CHARLES FREDERICO 195 POI't2l1I0 St. K ENN ETH VV. FR El ,I ER 212 I'Il"1'1I1I1lI0 Crvs. PETRINA MARIE FRICANO 81 Fernwnod Avd. STANLEY M. FRIEDM AN 21-ii Jose-pix A vc. IIELEN FIIOYD 268 linndulpli SL . ELA IN E J. FU EI IHCLR 82 l+Ivc1'gl'a-011 St. ' LOUIS -I. I"l'liNAIII 1816 Clifforci Avo. ANNE'l"l'E D. GALIIANT 30 I'Im-Itzvl' St. bg! rl ,l mls w.-. l 2 fi ,- f 1 .4f -7... , ...4 1 .r f' HARRY GAN 21 Langham St. JOSEPHINE P. GANNAM 12 Dover St. HELEN L. GARGES 4471 Carter St. JOSEPH L. GA'l"l'USO 3 Lansing St. LILLIAN ROSE GA'l"l'USO 25 Lansing St. OLGA A. GENTILE 229 Avenue C NORMAN R. GEORGI 2562 Rawlinson Rml. SHIRLEY D. GERBER 569 Joseph Ave. PIIYLLIS JUNE GERRING S Vienna St. FRANCES EVELYN GIKIS 56 Gilmore St. DONNA J. GILMORE 1164 Portland Ave. ALPHONSE GIORDANO 69 Nichols St. DOLORES M. GIRAULO 1 Trust St. ELEANOR GLEINER 89 Lowell St. FANNIE GOLDBERG ' 20 Oakman St. MADELINE GOLDSTEIN 110 '1'ho1na1S St. ANNETTE GORDON 4-4 Buchan Pk. ARNOLD M. GORDON 127 Hamcl Sl. NICHOLAS LOUlS GRACE 10 Oukman St. ISETTY RUTH GRAEF 165 Chapin St. ROBERT JOHN GR AFF 16 Malone St. CAROLYN V. GREENFIELD 996 Joseph Ave. EILEEN FRIEDA GRESENS 263.Keeler St. HAROLD GllEU'l'lVlAN -Xlll Vveyl Sf. N 'Rf NNIE GROSSMAN Xi! Wooflhury St. K . AXINE S. GROSSMAN S Dorlmeth Rd. Marie appears twice-11 mistake hut a happy one. MARIE G. GUARRERA 1142 Nichols Sl. YOLANDA GULLACR 12 VVz1it St. VVALTER G. GURJANSKY 57-14 Conkey Avo. EDITH ANN Gl"l"1'ENRI4lRC ll Jnsc-ph Pl. MARCIA R. GVVIR'l'ZMAN :Sl Huntington Pk. NICHOLAS UAB FIS 137 Avenue B, Pt. Plvzlsnnl ELAINE HARDIES 112 Rc-solute St. EUGICNIC P. IIEALY 22 Curl St. JOHN L. HIfZAI.Y 22 Furl St. JUI.IR'l' N. l'Il'lIl'KI.EN 28 Aw-11110 C AIUJCNIC RlC'l"I'Y HI'l'ZKlC ri ' S526 Avenuv IJ . I.II.I.IAN II. IIOFFMAN,"f1l .lo I3l'ill'Il St. ' Nh' 1 ,f MDWARIJ I1or.'rzM 4N 128 S.-llingf-r sr. ' I MILDRED JEVVFZLI. IIORTON 88 Pomeroy Sf. ' RVIA HURVVITZ 287 Berlin St. f CAROLYN R. IIU'1'c'Ilm?0b! 222 Buyclif Dr. 'fx SARAH M. INCARDONA jf 192 Rohr Sf, BARBARA ANN ISAACSUN I I30l'Ch2l1'd St. JACK I. I'l'KlN 13114: Scrnnlmn Slx SAM ITKIN 127 Gorlmln Sl. 'l'Hlil.INIA JACOBS 90 Svrzxnimn Sl. S'l'l+ll,l.A ANN .IEZOWSKI 256 VVQ-yl sr. HAROLD JONASSIC rl-li Avcnuv C ISEVl4lllI.l'IY LUIS JONES 2-I5 Randolph St. DOLOR ES RITA J UDXVICR f .A- UTO VVhitby Rd. SIIIRLEY A. KARAKUFF 135 ClilT0rd Ave. SARA ANN KAHN 548 Conkoy Avv. DOROTHY ANN KAI.E'l'A I7 Wunder St. II1+:l.YNM .L KANAPKI-lk bk 1844 Sf. Sfzlllislalllsz St. J ,Wi 1 ,A . fd SAMUEL A. KAPLAN 57 Long Acre Rd. ' BELLA KATZ 41 Cole St. V LEE D. KAUFFMAN 61 Norton St. LORAINE E. KAIISCII fill Moulson St. ANNELIES KETTERER 1199 North St. HERBERT KEVIN 363 Remington St. CAROL E. KIEL 21 Celrtlizlgc St. BETTY J. KIMM EL 51 Van Stzlllcn St. ESTELLE RUTI1 KLASS 21 Nyc Pk. HELEN J. KLINGLER 624- Norton St. - RALPH E. KLURERTANZ 35 Bismzwk Tcrr. MARGARET A. KNAPP 217 Roycroft Dr. GLORIA M. KNAUSDORF j 62,Dale St. 'I . Nw-Q1 ELEANORP1 F. KOLACKI 2 Oscar St. GORDON LOUIS KOTZIN 80 Herman St. SHIRLEY M. KOVAL 722 Clinton Ave-. N. lb GERTRUDE KOZLOVVSKI 62 Kosciusko St. LORETTA IS. KOZLOXVSKI 87 Ernst St. KENNETH VV. KRAI-"T 40 Joseph I'l. AGNES S. KREUZER 77 Radio St. KATHERINl'l J. KROVITZ 21 Lincoln St. SOPHIE M. KRUSZYNSKI 110 Sobiesko St. ROBERT A. KUCAK 57 Brooklmven Terr. ANNABELLE KUCKER 1,119 Norton St. ROSE RUTII KUCY 57 Fairbanks St. CORA FA YE KULP 61 Harris St. LOIS ANN KUTSCIIKE 1261 Clinton Ave. N. ANTHONY LAMRIASE -L-L Furlong St. JOllN li. LAMENDOLA 228 lluyvlif Dr. LILLIAN J. LANZATELLA 25-I1 Mrllmwk Sl. LOUIS A. LAPIDES GAL Huntington Pk. AIITIIUR LASALLE 100 Abington Hd. lTLAY'I'ON LASSER Sl flill'lll2lg'X' St. J EROLD S. LAWRENCE l 17 Lill St. RUTH MARGARET LAYS 514 Diringrvr Pl. Pimnl. 1.AzA1m as High st. JOSEPH LAZZARA 1451 fill1'SOll Avc. JOCELYN 1. LEHMAN 1365 N. Clinton AVC. SIDNEY LEHRER 105 lluulmci' St. MARIE J. LEONE 100 1xI'lllltllS St. LORRAINE li. LESCINSKI 2501- Wvnvm' St. 'l'l'1El.MA LESTER 6 llivcrlmnk Pl. RICIIARD M. LEVIN lissyg, Kelly st. ANNAllELLl'l LEVINSON 1335 llncliun Pk. JOSEPH LEVY till' Vivnnu St. NELSON LIBERMAN 20 Vienna St. SANTINA A. LUMANTO 608 Porilznnl Avv. AN'l'OlNE'l"l'E M. LOMBARDO 1207 Springiivlcl Avv. SALLY ANN LOMBARDO 07 Clnirinonnt St. DALE R. LOOPE 69 Lodge Dr., Pi. Pleasant CHRISTINE P. MACERA .187-if Clifforcl Avo. EDWARD H. MAESKE 89 Iroquois St., Sea. Breeze MARY MAONERA 92, Urn-y St HARRY VV. MAISEL 306 Williills St. BETTYE JANE L. MALCOLM 133 lloscniury Dr. ANG-ELO A. J. MANCUSO 978 Clifford Avc. M Z' wwf, ,fc-V-cywf ..,,,,,li' m.kf!1", f DOMINIC MANCUSO 306 Lyceum St. WILLIAM MANFREDI 866 First St. ANNE ROSE MANGIERE 40 Fernwood Ave. GARSON R. MARCUS 39 Catherine St. RODOLFE MARINETTE 138 Midland Ave. LENA MARINO A 2097 Clifford Ave. MARY N. MARKIDIS 717 Avenue D RAMUNA R. MARZANO 112 Carter St. JOSEPH PAUL MASE'l"l'A 28 Catherine St. EVERETT E. MASS 118 Lodge Dr., Pt. Pleasant JUNE ROSE MAYNARD 31113 Remington St. D1-:VILLO H. MQCANN 46 Almira St. NORMAN MEISELMAN 45 Wilkins St. DONALD VV. MELLIS 191 Dickinson St. GLADYS RUTH NIERZKE 826 Joseph Ave. ALBERT M. INIETELSKY A112 Avenue C ROBERT GEORGE METZGER 514 Conkey Ave. JOHN ALLYN MEYER 81 Malling Dr. LOUIS H. MEYER 1867 Clinton Ave. N. .IOSEPHINE F. MICELI 123 Portland Ave. JAMES PAUL MICROS 89 Dorbetli Rd. IRWIN MILLER 35 Vose St. HELEN MILLI 4-4 Fairbanks St. ESTELLE MISI-IKIN 27 Gorhmn St. BARBARA Mom: 56 Tindule Dr. DONALD F. MOLL 167 Avenue A, Pt. Pleasant CHARLES R. MONACHINO 12 Princeton St. DOMENIC MONTALTO 16 Sigel St. III'II,IiN 0, INIURESII 20 Townsend St. EIJCANUII M. MURIIOW -III Guluslul St. II'IARGAIiI'1'I' C. BIUTZER H Mills-r St. MIC'I'IAI+1I. CARI, MOTZE11 141 Nlillvr St. IEVEIIYN II. MI.'I'II,I,I'1R 3171 Culver Rd. IIIARILYN IIICLICN MUI'1I,I.I'IIi 310 Barry Rd. I,0IiIiAINI'I II. NIUIIAVVSKI 1122 Portland Avv. IJJIIIIAINE IIIVIIREIIII DUIIUTI I Y Ii I'I'I"I'Y M YI ,I US HU SCFEIIIIUIII SI. ZI'1I,DA NAIIINIIAS 16 'I'I1olnus St. NIAIIY MAIlGAIII4I'I' NANIA 181 Cununings SI. IIOSALIE MARIE NASFA 51 Iiuyclif Dr. AIITIIUII NASSEII 1250 Norton St. ROY DONALD NI'I'SCI'IKIi 15 Bvrlin St. I5Ii'I"I'Y J. NUWICKI 397 Durnun SI. IIOSAIJ IC ODOIICZY K 92 Furlong St. UURUTIIY UJALVU I51G St. Paul SI. .IOSEPII A. PAI.AZZOI,U, JII. IH IIOCIIIICI' PI. ANNE PANKIW 62 Ouklnun St. EUGENE J. PASCUCCI 24 Nash St. DONALD AIIISEHT PASSAIIU 1-107 Clifford Ave. IIETTY JOYCE PICASE 262 Hollvnhc-Pk SI. SYLVIA PEIZRINKIS 18 Dudh-y St. SEIJVIA B. PEKARSKY 1129 VViIkins SI. MAIIGUEIIITE PEIIUSO 76 Akron St. BEIINAIIIJ PERLMAN 120 Huntington Pk. ERVING PERIIMAN 32 Remington St. IRVING PHETERSON 417 Joseph Ave. LICUNAIID ICDVVIN PIASICCTKI 59 Laser Sf. GI'11iAL1N1'1 PILLING 512 Joseph Avi-. 1lI'IIi1SI'1R'l' PLICIIN 1909 St. Paul St. CORINNIC PULLOCK 556 Hollvnlu-vk St. GICOIIGIC S. PRIYI'l'ICRA 1957 Clinton Aw. N. MARY LUCILIC PIIIZZI I-122 First SL .IOSICPIIINE A. 1'Ulil'1'1iA 733 SZIIIKIUI' St. HUGH I RACE 51 Sylvos r .' ids vorih .' JF , VEC L OMf R -O 28 . 1,111 1' H ' I . NDTKI ho mg, St. ' . IIIRLICY .I. I 1'lI'l'1 EL ltiri Cunnnings St. AR'l'1IUR D. RICYNOLDS 2595 Norton St. .IUY D. RINES 95 C1'ossfiL-ld Dr. EMMA LOU RIZZU 59 'l'iIlingImm Dr. MILIJRICIJ IIUICNICK 9 Iroquois St., Sc-:L llrcvzv DANIEL I". RUSH Il-oo Si. Paul Si. ALBERT li. RUSS 30 Princeton St. FRANCES M. R0'l'I+1NIlEINi 641 Huntingzton Pk. CHARLES R0'1'IIS'1'I'1IN 170 VVilkins St. ARLENE II. RUBEN 1880 St. Paul Blvd. l'1UG1ilN lfl CLINTON li USSICLL 359-I4 Roycroft Dr. IJOIUIQICS RYICRS 111 Aurora St. PIIYLLIS RUT1 I SAFFICI Qoyz Ahnirzl St. SELMA IRICNIC SAK 72 I'IE'1'lllZlII SI. lilJlSEli'1'SALVAUGIU 351 Cromhiv Sf. Ili ENE SANDEI, 20 Nye Pk. NICHOLAS R. SANTURO 183 Nichols St. 'f ICUGENIA A. SAI OWSK 78"D'Iillll'1lt'StC1' St. I , I 5 , i k I 6 Ru V. fe., IIIKA SAIiI"A'I'Y 59 Vienna St. PATRICIA SCAIMO -I-Ii Fvl'nw00tI Avv. I I E II I3 I'1R'I' SC I'I IC II II42 IIOIIc'nIu-ck SI. GICOIICIII II. SK'IIINIII.I'III 2I2 Iivclvx' SI. WII.I.IAM G. SC'III.AGI'1'I'I'IIi 57 Wilkins SI. IJUIAIIIICS II. Sl'III.0'I"I'MAN I57 Chapin St. I'II.IZAIII'I'I'II .IANIC SCIINIIIYI' 550 FOI'K'SIL'I' SI. I'IIiNI'IS'I'INI'I J. Sl'IINI'III7I41II I8 Glzulyx SI. GLADYS IC. SC'IINI'I'MAN ll-I5 Avenm- Ii l'I.AIiA SCIIOI'INI"I'II.IJ'I' :sowi11...m.fsi. 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STAUIS 2725 Alplmnsc St. RAYMOND MILTON STAUB I2 Ilurgin St. MARTHA C. STEISLER . 191 Pl'ill't Ava-. EMILY I. STECKLEY ' 292 St Cusilner Sk. . IVIARGUERITE STEIIILER IJH' Lincoln St. DORIS MAE S'l'EIN 9 Oscar St. LUCILLE II. STEINER 87 Chapin St. M ARYIN R. STEKLOF 90 St'rzmtnln Sf. MARIAN E. STIO 32 I'Im-lens: St. SYBIL GLORIA STOLER 5+ Joseph Pl. FERN LOIS STONEFIELI TAULINH. SIRAALERI -1-1 Durgin St. JEAN GLADYS STREET' 151' Clnirnmnnt St. HELEN K. STRILEC 2321- Avenue B GENEVIEVE F. STROJNA 55 Agn:-s St. ELEANOR V. STRONG 2+ Fic-n Si. EDWARD STVBINSKY Hi Tlmmus St. PETER C. SULLI 2258 Avenue- A WALTER NV. SURWILLO H914 Clintun Avv. N. EDWARD F. SZCZEPANSKI 83 Pulaski Si. ARLINE M. 'l'ABAl'i'O 210 Angelo Sl. GUIDO TARQUINIO IG Sielu-rt Pl. B E'l"l'Y JANE 'FORNOW 292 Ava-nuc C NEIL M. 'l'RAMA 7 Puynm- Si. FREDERICK EARL TROICKE 249 Avenue D LOIS M. VAISEY ' 79 Tyler St. CHARLES R. VALENZA 38 Lill St. JUNE NHNAPELDUORN 139 Boston St. FRANCES W. VANCLEAF 151 Baden St. EERNADINE VV, VANEPPS 31 Catherine St. LAWRENCE R. YECK 15 Reliance St. JULIUS H. VVALTIICK 562 Joseph Ave. Al ,F R ED WEINSTEIN 9 Morris St. LENURE WEINSTEIN 165 Conkey Ave. THELMA VVEINSTEIN +69 Hollenbeck St. JACK H. VVICHMAN 26 CZll'Illilg'F'Dl'. WILLIAM CHARLES VVILLER it-Q l'lolln'ooke St. JOHN A. WIIASON 69 Herbert St., Sea Breeze DAVID W. VVOLGAST 160 Deerfield Dr. DIANE C.. WOLGAST 160 Deerfield Dr. IUSEPH WOLITZKY 144 Kuppel Pl. MELANIE VVOWVKOWYCH 8 Dover St. JOYCE E. VVRIGHT 18 Gladys St. VERONICA VVROBLEVVSKI 186 Klein Sf. FLORENCE RITA VVRONKER 1845 Clinton Ave. N. JANE ROSE VVYSOCARSKI 11 Peekliann St. GULDE YAKOVVITZ ,H 21 Helena St. A DANIEL I. YALE 6 Avenue A, VVeSt IRENE FLORENCE ZELAZNY 1339 North St. SHIRLEY S. ZIMMERMAN 9 Nielson St. LEONOR S. ZINGARELLA 229 Midland Ave. AUDREY ZIRKELBACH 659 Avenue D 'EYMUUR C. ZLOTH 196 Avenue E FREDERICK L. ZUMATH 22 lllillglllllll St. fl l A - ' .0 . g QI yi 477 I x ,,.-. ll n 'r I I 1 4 9 A 'N If I X fp ll OIDesf Oot Oflfu a t Qatar Presented by CLASS 0F '46 Mai'iiu'ttv vzltclws Rots-nbm-rg and IST Row: ZND Row: lV1'insl1'i11, illillI'll10tfli, -tru Row: Bc-ckcr in the act! liotrflzlwrq, Ibllmivo, Ramllkv l,1'I'I'IIIfIIl,. I,I'iT'Nl'l'l6, Gwirtzmuli Lyllvlflllll, 1iw'k1'r. 31m Row Kauffman, Ufolifzky, Strojna Shvrman, Grossman, Lrfibrfrmarz, Jlrfymz Packcd to capacity, the auditorium burst forth with hilarious roars from a delighted audience. The date was December 7th and thc Senior Class of 1916 was presenting "Best Foot For- wardn. The play was in the best Franklin tradition-thc highest praise that any play could merit. 27 CALENDAR Because of the earlier publication date this year, the Key saw only half the yearis activities. To record what has occurred is an easy task, but any attempt to foretell the future is difhcult, to say the least. The staff, therefore, apologizes in advance for any omissions. After a restful summer vacation, Franklin welcomed back her knowledge-seeking citizens. A better football team was a happy augury of a brilliant season in athletics. Determined to get the Keys out earlier than two weeks before graduation, the yearbook staffs were organized, and work on the yearbook was begun. The Variety Show was held to raise money for the Memorial Building Fund instead of for the Red Cross, in October. The class of '46 started its activities off with a get-acquainted dance in November. Our then unknown champs, the basketball team, opened the Season in a blaze of glory downing Aquinas in the traditional Thanksgiving Day opener. An ingenious plan put the teachers at the "mercy" of the pupils for the bond assembly. Listen in next year for the sequel to the Sullivan-Sabin soap serial and keep your eyes open for the Riley child-lovable 'KHowie" Edwards. Trying their hardest to make a good impression, thc seniors brought their "Best Foot For- wardi' in December. The drives continued as we gave our all to the Friendship Nursery and Carver House. Vacations were happier this year, for older brothers were coming home for Christ- masg dances were gayerg there was peace once more, Returning full of good resolutions, Franklinites faced a busy schedule: The cameras started clicking for Key pictures, the second term election of officers was heldg and the gloom of mid-term exams was dispelled. February--the month of great men and an extra holiday. Even St. Valentine had compe- tition when our victorious basketball team led by Coach Gersbach, captured the city champion- ship and our hearts. I From this point on, we can only chronicle those events that are somewhat assured. If when .Tune comes, certain events here listed have not taken place, or others of importance are omitted the fault lies not in our intentions but in that we lack the gift of second sight. March blew in with happenings of note. The Red Cross drive got under way. The annually impressive National Honor Society induction was held, and the spring play, "Seven Keys to Baldpaten, added a touch of mystery to our lives. Following up the very successful conference they sponsored last year, the Social Science Forum held another Inter-High Conference on Race Relations. Easter brought a brief respite. Somewhere in late April or early hfay spring sports began. State and Scholastic exams had a sobering influence as they brought tl1e realization that June was very near at hand. June-the high point of our years. Franklin Day, Senior Banquet, Senior Day, and gradu- ation. All our school years have been a happy prelude to these days. How impatiently we have awaited them-only to realize now that they are at hand how hard it is to say good-bye. HANDBOOK COMMITTEE Srzfvranz Miss Sheehan, Miss Langworthy, Mr. Bezamf, Trama, San- dal, Cacciola. S'rANn- ING! DiYuIio,ZoIIwey, Sulli. The committee for the Handbook has worked diligently and pains- takingly on a new edition of our Franklin almanac. This will be a valuable factor in introducing incoming students more rapidly and more thoroughly to Franklin procedure and tradition. 28 X XAXYVVO My C 095 --..- -A --l - - .--. A-. .- Prim' Sfzclli, prasifl01:l,' Iivlly Arlunzx, sf'm'0ta1'y,' .flrnolfl Ciacciu, z'icve-prrwizlrllzl. .IOSPIIII Gfrluso, pwfsirl1'11l,' Jlr. Butfrfrfielrlf: Louis Lapiflffs, 1'if'1f-prvsiclrfzzfg Helen Milli, secretary. I Ihclc How: Jfr. Ruby, Jlr. Sabin, 1f'fltr11':y1mlfi, Jfrs. fills, .'1fI!l'lIl,S', Cillfrirl, lVf'lilf1's, Jfr Hullcrjifflal, B. Kimmel, DM. l'7l'fl71!?l.S', r. Clzaprfl. FuoN'r Row: Truma, Illilli, Caulkins, lVilan, Dclivll, D. Kimmwl, Smyzla, Sulli, '1 fy! W 'M V WW BOOKSTORE JM, f- FI,0UR'ff0lllS,!'il1, lvllllltrlllllk, Slcinv, Sh'rl::.1'ri, lV'i.s'of:li'c, Ilcicr. C'll.xlus-fflurlfc, ,llurrcll Ojulro, Ilrficlrlcn, Nullmias, Mr. lVar11cr. l-1CUIIil4f'Zll-ll, lhfscrls, linri, ffolrf, Nlcililrfr, I'afkr1rsky Donovan, Slmlp. 'l'hrou0'h thc Volunturv service of Frzinklin stuclcnts :incl thc cHi- D . x cicncy of their advisor, Mr. XXVIIFIICF, Prauklinitcs can rm-:ulily obtain school supplics at rcusonable ratcs. GREENHOUSE CLUB 5 s'1' Row: Sulurno, ilI1'11ycr', Kmap, D'iYcar, Duall, lVr1mIcrscc, Ilynl, Ifugul, fiiwfii, .lmmf lfufz, .-hllrfr. ZNII Row: Inwillslfy, frillllifll, lx'wa.xn1un, fwlliiflll, IKVYUHNHIIIII, .lliss S'icl.'rfl.w. Nl'I'i7'1'I' lfllIlIH'Tl'l'll, flrfrnzuiimv, Hpslciu, Jlillcr, lKTl'1'IJ1'l', Spurugmzus, ffolrlslrfiri, lx'rmf1m1u, flrllulnuz .Votviclri, Jlaurcr, Slmrzlman, l'lm:r'n, Nilzwrlwry. 'l'hc grccnhousc work offers studcuts unusual opportunitics to apply what they lmvc lcurnccl in scicncc classes. l"r:1nkliu is :1 uiorc lmcuutiful place lmccuusc of the Howcrs they luivo grown :incl so generously shurcml. On them and their advisor, Miss Sickcls, wc should like to confcr our own award of cxccllcncc. 31 0 KX EcYxKouoX hu x Y, XQL Ywmk-ix lu iw-Xxx-, NYM-nm,Xhkiumu.3Xu'v1.g,cv. , x--. Skcv nu. UcuN-wk V-HW f f ' ' Yauimess SXOVQ uxuwv vxxu'mmv.M'xN YVVAACVYY KOMO Ko . X X X xx I ,. h. . .Y : 1 , 7, ., A.. XYNVXLF' ,QXKV Q SGYUQ k1xXux'nXY,CXygXv yy 'axkkcfxxxc '5XxccXx:xxx, Amhwvu' Xkmfsfvk XScxxXTuXx. lnlhlm -un-l hui X., XHx.'5X5xw.X'?x.L5ix, Agxml VERZXRHWGNXXNXYNWN xwucgmmcx ' UW n x NXuk'1,gcv NAWHN Nj-Www L XXKX X,-AXXOF AXYNAA ghmxxm Aug Wyxxuyg vm nb Xknxudwvg Lax- X K ruxxnxxx XEYN A gcmwxq Emmmxgn V.xXwuvA XMM1.m:m C xufickxmki KW ff 9' W ' ' ' ' ,' mmf Q uxxixm. 'mmxxm-vcv gyg xrlwgxgxgg . , . S bhwgxxcvkkc V chan. As-.C Bhxxxaxguv V hx J xx X C K Fl:kEcku:'1xf:f'xQ?'x'm' O xo V ' Y Q 1 x ' uxbx x nx mx wcvmri, ummmgpv - 1' X K' ,' ' 'Nf' NWN OKOQY XFUXX XXWX 5X , YKXO X 0k1XK 5vXXN Xmkn XQ Ymagcvq C nuuumgcv Xjlwuuxg 0 MXN Q 'fu ' y V Sxwum E3vXmxfxm, Cknfwxxmxx KN? ximgfwsc A XXAU' 5'Axwm"' TfX1wRXgu XRMKNX Sxxmx AXw1.mcXu Yusuf 'Yummv B2axvc'xxx.SXxcYExxaxxx 'yxwxmn xy Amxdxu Y an ':vXnxxchcXA C N5KUY.Vs5 'SMR X .xmXm.vAu Rmumxzx Bxmmzmu C nfnxxxu XHMMX2 'YY X' YFYS VN Ayn C Amd X .umm NY uKuf.kc'm x mu 'U xxx-XM Bosmess 6 Fu 'zum "" fr., 'ilu ' Sm A 4h-1 . pbl HN, , Au-I7 . .:xpM,i ' . y , X nligsl X 51 SIM .rln,n' . SUI 7 lr-,L ' Sh.. ' hi,-H Nv,. llf f"IL..,. ' I . SWIM' Hutt ll 1'uu,, If LFP-Y V ly ' RH. lm.lk1,ffv ll glvingilll ' Sh., . 1 'Im-U 1, . Shu . I, ' 1, :' 'lug-. ' Ky... .llulbil I. I Wu ' 'im . ' f nu, Wi, r -, H' rv N' . Rl liek! xg' I ag- MIL li ,L nl N. ln . I-lc I 1 , .1 I 5 CLA C I 'S Swv' M' on yLe'l YN xogqdp A We , 'Y xxkxw' XX X xx.-NWN' A -SAN . MQW" ' Vw-N Wu ww ' os von X401 vewme ok We Q40 em 0 mbefs ,JAXV 5 xo was A1 we 'vw Abxqovx 'W . S O . O pei X C0 A655 'v Sf' se cY We we Swafggox Wimxoef ,hex 190 xsxo W 5 vem We 9:66 6132 6Kx9enLYQlq,X1 xo awp- ' . - M6 xox' Y-10 waxes wo' we QK clog kxigxig xoHQ,x s0'06 vwogmpw 9 evo' Sczllcd un Ilour: Pvlusu. Kinuncl, Ifzlpixlefi. Scahzll: Byers, Duran Iluffnlzm. IA-vin. XVulg:lxi, Salniuro. lst row: H1:l'kuff, 44llt!ClIbi'V'g' Silivn. Ifvinlrcrg, Rotcnlu-rg, Yale, 'l'l'illlHl, Fricrlxmnm. uh row lloltznmn, Deutsm-ln, Dermnn. Becker. Spimlelmun. THE COURANT Sl4:,vl'l-in: IIIIIIILTIIN, IIVl'Ill!fI'Il4l lfaxxun. .VI :wx l10IlIINll'll0 STANIJINII fr'lI'IIlI'I'. Thu IIIFIIIIIQIIII Courant not only offers the opportunity to the Studunt body of voicing their opinions on sc-I1ooI problcnis, but gives pupils uxcm-Ilczlt uxpcricm-0 in tht- fin-Id of IIOIITIIIIIISIII. 'I'wic-c :1 month till' Courant is issllmig it col :ic-tivitivs. COURANT EDITORIAL BOARD III-:max Scuwuaz-V Ifzlilnr-i11-f'lzirff NA'l'AI,Il-I SIIAPIRO AND NIIIKDIA SIIAPIRU W .-l.vsm'iul4' lirlilorx 1'AUl,IN11: XVI-IINGRAID -Xwiwf lfflilor I'iS'l'lIl-IR IIASSON-,ISN0l'IllfI' .Yvrvs lillilor I'Il.,uxr: IXSPIIK-"I'vI'IlIlll'l' Hrlilor JACK CiumxlNs---lioys' Sporls IJIIIIIII' S,xl,l.Y IYi0MllAllD0+ffII'Ih'. Sporls lfflilm' IDIiWl'l'D ISORNH-1C.l'f',lllllffl' Eflifor I'i1,i:.xNou Cilmxlxrin-0.1. Editor AxN S1l.i:14:ns'1'l-:IN-Y,-Irt lfrlilor I'iDI'I'Il Gi"1'l'HNm:m: -Jlusir' lfflilor Gi-:M MA M Ifl,l,Y-Ilrfurl ffailrygrfrlflrfi' lt1lIIlS 'Q :wc-oinplislnnunts :ind COURANT BUSINESS STAFF IAJITIS NIHYICR-fIIl'1'Il,lllIlIlI .Ifllllllfjff Invlxo .PIII'I'l'l'IRSONffvll-.IIfIII!Ifjl'l' of lfirrulnlionv I,o1m.xlNl4: I.I1:scINs1c1-.I.vsislu1:r'L Cirvululinn .lla llllfffi' l4lll.m:N K.X'l'Z1,',8.VISflIIlf Ifi1'rr1llulio11, .Ilfunryrfr II'lr.1flzl4:lm IgAGNIJIVSKI'A.'IN.'fIN,fllIl C'irr'uIr1lin1: Nommx KIMIIAMI'Ill4,'I.N'SIRlflIlf Cir:-ulnliun ,lla n My 1' r SICYMOIYK Ihzuoizlc---,-Issislnnt Cirfrulalion .lla nay P r SITZANNI-1 IQICIINIIAUM'f,'I!l'UI'l',i.'fIll.Q Jffllllllijfl' finonm fiI'IIlAlANOIV--.I!I'l'l'l'fI.'4IlIff Solivifor I'iS'l'llI'Ill,'l!!'l'fI.VIlIfj Solivilor MAY Uimilzs 7,'Ill'l7l'l'fI.VIlI.!j Holfcilor COURANT BUSINESS STAFF S'l'.xN1nNG: I'h1'lr rson, lirlynnwxki, li4'1'yM', KI 1' I1 ll rn r r. S11:,vl'l4:n: flvrnluno, Ollix, If rrnlmu ni, lfulh rhilal, Kali., lnfxrillxki, .Il1'yrrx, Burn. COURANT CIRCULATION Sl'IA'I'l1IIl M 1im'gwI', Smlzo, ,-lrllvr, Sl'lI'il'flI'f1, Sr'l1'::'u1'l:. .lIr. lhzrmf, Kula, .Ywra'n:r11:, 4IlI'.lll'I'. I--Nrvnzplw, Rap- pnporl, IIVl'0lIln'lfI', .Y11'zL'i1'lri, flnrrlon, ffl'l'l', lfpxlrfiu, Uu- ll ifl fr, U zu' 1' 1' lf II 1' ll, Snj'1fr, lfulz. 2 fHIl.1jIl4'Il'-Vki, lflw- lmnnfr, Ix'o,w'y', lwnlisur, livr- lwr, llurzvilz, NllI'flI.I.If, l'lw!- r rxuu, lwxr'i1:.vlfi. Igflf.lf1'l'.V, Jnnux, NIIVVIIIYIII. Alluzruki, IflII'lll'lI, .IlI'IlIlI'lNUII, Svlllw- xinywr. .IIiIlx, lfurh ', Inm- lilr, Nvllllr lf . 15' COURANT .V, IIIIIIJ-IN Sm'llw,xnz COURANT REPORTERS IIILUOR S1-:.v1'11:n-Rizzo, Il'rfi11.-flrfizzx, Golflxlrfizz, Iloffmanv, Gzlftmzlwry, Solliu, Siulzo, f:I'ZL'Il'f.f.IlIflII, lfuulfw, ,Vl'TE'H1!lII. CHAIRS Sl'1A'l'l'Ill-SUI!I'l', .VIIII-If, Glrfimfr, .-lxvr, l'vIu.-m, Slurpirrb,.QdU"'n1':. Slnzpiro, IVwinyrurl, llmvxon, Lombardo, Snnloro. I-IVIIIPIIZII, Cupiflu, lfurflmz, Srvllyufialrfrl lIil'i11lro, Ibunny, Cfuzllkiux, Jlixs Tlmfnpsmz, Horn, Drflivll, SflTE'l'lIFIl, Il'r'inxlwiu, .f1lr' 11- slfy, Dvlllsvll. 2!-'l'Il'IllIlfl'l, S!llllIi'I'H, Culwlz, lkrllllllkllff, Sil1'1':'sl1'i11, Kult., ,IrIlwr, I'ol1a'1:, IIYIIIWI' Ifllfwx, l"r1ln:, fllilzvr. 25-S1'l1uslwr, Iflvvlr, Haw, IJfrz'i.v, IJuz'i.v, l?n!w1:lwr'y, Zrlrlrfu, 'l'rn COURANT EDITORIAL BOARD - Sr:,vrl-rn: S1-lmwrz, .llisx 'l' Pvluso, .YUVIIIII Slmpiru. S'l'.XNllINGZ .Yululinf Slmpirn. l'o.mrfr, Ross, Iiarur-11, Jluzarulri, Lipr-l1il:. ll. LIBRARY AIDES Smilh, Svhifrmo. 31117 Row: G1'e'rmfiwI1I, ll'n.w0rman, Robinw, Kfmmz. 'l'hrough the entire year the library aides have worked faithfully under the guidance of Miss Bayer. Franklin is indebted to them for their etlieieut service. STUDENT PU BLICITY COMMITTEE Si-:,vrr:n Firma Iimrr 'ro IEIGIITZ Qllrs. Knilter, Kabukof, Quist, .lI0L:g1'r, .flr1lf'r, Mr. Hrzanl. 'l'o the members of our Student Publicity Committee, Franklin owcs much. They are the energetic reporters of l"ranklin's many activi- tiesg they are our public relations people. To them and their :xd- visers, Nlrs. Kuilter :uid Mr. Bezrmt, l'll'!lI1lilill is deeply grateful. 36 5l'lA'l'l'Ill os Froouz Rarliy, Lombrzrzlo, SiIz'm'xlr"i1z, SiIZ'f'l'h'fl'iIl, Jliulu. ls'r Row: Jlrs. 7'orwrs 3 1 V lxunzo, Jlilrfx, Golrllwrg, Slmfrfr, Miss lircyw. Qxn How: C,mnplwlI, Sil'L'r'1'lwry, Duafll, ,lluhs NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Sizxiwzlmz i-Idler, Santoro, Bliss Jlartens, Levin, Golflsteiiz, 1'riziitem, Kozlowslri. 1s'r Row S'r,xNmNG: Selzwarz, Golzllwry, Pollorrlf, Peluso, Gullaee, llli.vl1lri11,, Milli, Gi7C'i1'fZ7H,lllI. 2Nn Row: Jnrlzer, Kabalcof, Yale, Hurwitz, Leone, Lombardo, llfolyasl, Kimmel. Sun Row: Silzvfrxlrfin, Slzermalz, Slzapiro, Ge7'ln'1', Sarfaty, Slmpiro, i'llnz1'nlfi, Slnlwr. 4+'l'll Row: Spimlelmall, Hulli, Scheer, Dfetzger, Zloflz, Gatlusi, Liliermrzlz, Dunn. The National Honor Society is one of F1'anklin's hardest working organizations. Their membership requirements are scholarship, char- acter, leadership and service. Dur- ing the past years, war years, the National Honor Society has been in charge of all the bond drives. High quotas have always been i 15 set and they have been met and topped. At the beginning of this year, the last drive, the Victory Loan, was held. Although the So- ciety's membership was low, the results were excellent. Under the guidance of Miss Dorothy Martens, the National Honor Soeiely will continue to gn fm'ward. Si:.vl'l111m H-Spinrlelman, Bliss ,llrn'lenx, Gnlrlslefn, LI"UiIl, Adler. STANlllNll'7Pl"ll'lfI'I'll, Sanlura. 37 f WW' .- 'il V. F4 '45 if ii 1 5 n LQ LM VII N 4 iip Y "ee fgqxx if P SQ Al,,,+ XX rx wk MX " we .QW Y H NN Y W V ' t fig? we ffm, Q E sv Agfa. 9' Aft, 555 ' K4 . ' IV ' X eff' V99 OPTIMATES Y SI-:A'1'En UN FLOOR:-flfllffr, Hoffman, Infantino, Sfll!?f'0, Rotlrscllilzl, Jlisllkin, Danislmfsky Kkuszynski, Nizfwoorl, Bloom. S1':AT1an: Mully, Prlclullu, lV1f'insfzfi11, ,lliss Ilrfss, Tyszkiewirz, Sherman., Shapiro, Rolmzlmrg, Lalioclm, Gentile, ,1f0l'l'SlI, Jlillvr. I-Frrzzzz, lf'rru1kel, ,lx'osojj', K Kimmel, JIcDl'iIle1', Jlclfzzy, flgzlffllo, Slmrman, Lrfozuf, Lmnlzrwrlo, LI'Nlf!'I', 1C1'1"LlZl'l', Bafftzvl. M 2ACassorla, Kala, Kabakof, l'all11.wrhi, flroosle, Ruben, Norlnnias, lVoingrafl, Posner, Kofval, ' Seiko, Swerfmer. 3YPl1iIlips, Labovitz, Rotunbarg, Turim1Sk1l, Shapiro, Sulli, Pm'Iman, Ester- , '. man, Block, Aroosty, Sarfaity, Alazraki, Yale. AL-Kia.-fs, Slol1z'i1':, lV1fins't1'i11v, Duclmun, La U mmf, Dunn Pollofk Rosrn, Ifzin, Lapidu Lawn Silinz, Ko! in , W ,-1 57 J I g-, I-1 141 ,w-, ...xl-, ' V, Z ' The Latin Honor Society under the able direction of Miss Hess Spf strives to create opportunities for leadership among its mcmb- sf U GV ' pl-J ,1 My if - W6 LES BABILLARDS 5t,Q,,jf1L'j, gi Iii - .. J',,I-1' Q' 5' QU Toluml, Napkin, ltolomlo, Svlrlitch, Di.lI1ftri, Lombarrlo. CLD llfuliirfl, Swurlz, Wiuzfr. Schafer, Jlillwr, Pulrfrmo, Silzwr, Ifoltzmrm. Q31 Saks, Ifnlrflrc, Ilzlrrvilz, lh'llorrffir:1', Epolilo, Villarrl, Deitz, SIIIIIILUTUHJ, li-lfws, Pilliny, Qlfillwr. IYHIWIIZII, lms1'insl.'i, lnmg, 4Vll'lll7IlIlllll,, lVainstcin,, Davix, lfulz, Iiwrulmzlm. The purposc of the French Honor Society is to 21CqllE1iIlt its mcuibcrs with the lblllgllllgli :md customs of tho l"1'n-114:11 pcoplc. 38 Q . K OPTIMATES , f . 5 ' A ' 1 -L 5 A 5 f 5 Q? Nil! .ggi l, -:QL 334 W " - .4- iN,' llurrmm, fvllllillil, .l1':orc'slri. !7nljiLrfUIwi:'1r'1', S1'h1c'urz, Golrllwr lvr. 2 vlikvx, I Qlzwrnuux, Slolafr, Silz'r1'sfrfi11, 6:ll'fl'lIl7l'l'fl,- Tllllflllf, Lupirlrfx, tZ'ilII', Ping , ' 5-Sluluu-41, Op-loluni, Jim-f-zls, Sllxurhtgyf, llipzrllilz, N11 ."If glixi, Sjull .vin Milli. I-4Spillrl1'lvnr11:. l1ilH'I'Hlllll, Zlnlll. .'l',I 12, Uulluso, fyllllfj ONIIV, ,711 ffl". U ' Klr'1mn1r'1', Ollzlxswil, ,ll iw 5-Ixvl'if'1l'lll!llI, XYll,lll1illS,vfI0l'l m, If lxaxlwlil lVi1rk- ff 7 f 'Nil I lrfulsr' , Il'I'II'Hl'1, .- zrlzvr. It:1li:1lX.c'llltk-1.115 llil. 5 - - ' A l7l'i.',I1lifi.! To . . , . . - 1 :lpprc-'1:xLwn :md Il "casa: ml knowlvdgju of : I, .xt JI f ,jf liolkylakxc IIIUIIIIUJ n cout c to nunxs :1 lf- 11: f J 'X ' Y N . ': nm Ky A' . thu' s6'i1'ty is4lccpl llldCb . Itlllll Ho mclgt lo I s li Jo, thy!! U IL QCIR My .1 ,::.,xx r. ., l . SAYUEFZ.: li-'lj 1 LE! 1 I X ' ..i1Zni'M 1" E' M ill! SI'IA'l'lCll-Irlllflllfl, I"ri1'mm, JI!ll'il1!'ffl', Sulli, l'riz'il1'ra, Zill.!jl11'l'IIfl, Bliss Rizzu. Suxxlnxn: 1-f--Trmzqzcillo, Swim, Palermo, Siesta, Dlorctli, Jlarasco, Bovi. 2-Sigismomli, Inrardona, QVUVIIIIV, Dru-Wzlzclis, Lojlolzaco, Felice. 3-Ganfgarosa, Cirwcio, Gfullo, Giordano. 39 .f x ff! N- V! xjbj ' Sri. Ll Q ia . A Ns . ' ' . Y Ml m 1 W9 'i f' . K U S5 gm F x A .s GERMAN HONOR soc:lETY , U' i f U 7 k 5 S1-:.x'l'11:n'-fGoId.s'I5rf'in-, Kantor, Ifl'tt!'I'!'I', Meyrfr, Z'll'lIlfll'll, Lllvislikin, Gafluso, Dlrflzgvr, Bliss Pvlwr- . U, son. 1-Dunn, Guttonhvrg, Porlman, Sanflfl. Lovin, Drllorrfirrf, Dohrogozvski, IVaIIflrr1f, Brill. ' ,ff V 'ZZ-Woi11stein, Valenza, Denglor, Schrlr, Sfflfdflfllj, Desvns, Forman., Klass, Yale. I3-Nrzzcvack, 'Rf J f Stolnitz, lllairfr, Dfillor, Saks, ESfl'THlG7l', Kujak, Libmvnzan, Smith. tf - ' . V! I I fain The German Honor Society offers opportunities for its members to Yo 1 'X " ' gf 'll heeome familiar with thu cultural h:1c'kground of the Gorman poo . . :J -f s ,f SPANISH HONOR SQCIETY - J - V- - t ., ky.-'QQ ,i Q YP! if ,Milli L is ,,g lllll 1-4: K" WJ 1"fN . - is 5 X. .RQ C 'M A5 rj! U' my 3 ' 'Q' .J ,S V X , . Q 57 tl 1 .' '.ATl'lIJ ox Tin: FI.O0ll-1fl'll1l1f0T, Polloclf, Sailors, Hoffman., T. lVei11.sl1'in, L. Woinslcfin, Shwlp, X H Q f l7lCLlll:Ill'2Jlfl7'Sl'.l1, .A1dr1m.9. Si:A'rE11AG0IdI11'ry, .'l1ll1'r, Grrbor, Caldrfron, Miss Lalvy, Sarfaty, fx H 'X iullaco, x'1'I'0PS1l4, llfisotzko, Gwirtzman., Iilumkin, Nosllay. 1-fllhallari, Shwrman, Iioloziliwy, fl J X I hr 1 ll Srhn' lVoIqa.-rt Randllm Crzulltin-r Insiqn Cohrn Lrzzf Ro-un I Ir 'Q-Srl rz VfI95mIIIIT Rubmz llfazm' Sollm Cohen Rubrm Stan: old Solomon Bolmas x 111 , iz, S 1, I , 1 ' , ' ., C '. , f f., 1 'Q , .f . 1Z- nfzgzf, "'otl, El , b Samplu , winas, Jlzlos, Aroosty, Nahmia.-r, C0ll!"ll, Gnnllln, DfiYulzo, Silvorxlrfnz, Slolwr, 1K,'1l!'-lf. X N -Q Q llrwi , irval, Svcdas, Schmidt. 5-Miller, Kalz, Samlof, Johns, Pallvst-hi, Jloriarty, .lizrlzow 1' " lf , .' '- f .' ,V fa ,, N I ri o Ifray Pokar-rky Lwvww Pmsu-kz 0 Oramrr Rogan Sherman Ixoavzt Sim-11 f 4 I TflN'l?CllsmU!l7I8f6i'll', Eaks. -I-Asrr, Savill, Davis, Poxnrfr, Frankel, If1f!'l'.K', COIIPII, Slzermarzi ,, x 1 3 X fr Q Y i J 7 J I J J I .N ,1 kb 'N' lip X ' ivxxf I V' J J T l . x l 7 L v . e 5 U X , X- Lapidos, Lawrrfrzozf, Dzlrlman. ' 5. M .i The Spanish Honor Society plays a vital role in helping its members X2 N to understand our neighbors of Spanish background and traditions. y N'-A .KJ Q Nl NB, ,xii j 40 Q, i vm CRAFT GllILDd w Sr urn Mrs. Emery, JIT. Kaiser, G1wrrm'a, Price, Schulz, Dlellis, Jlr. Hart Tornow. 1 Bach man llazjnarcl, Jfurroll, Dorn., Potrozm, Zolazny, Kozlowski, Kozlowski, illolzr. 2-Dczszmofll bl art fizzo, fluburyer, Konioczny, Morales, Crmcilla, Latimer. 3-Collins, Grubb Row Zabelnvy, Szczepafnxlci, VaVnEpps, Weinslcin. The Craft Guild is Franl-xlin's honor society for students who have excelled in technical skills. This organization is unique in having il pt'l'lll!iIll'Ilt llliflitlllg place, decorated in the style of :1 medieval castle. QUINTS FROM THE UPPER QUARTILE Sr XILDI Peflcr Sulli, Dlavrgurffila Poluso, Dlaclrflinrf Golrlstoivz. STANDING! Nelson Libcrfman Norma Shapiro. 41 'WN 2' Z Z I 3 -II .-4- .2 I ,. X .4 1 9 .. . 53, x 'lk .C is 'Q Gr Q no th jylf. I1 COMMERCIAL HONOR SOCIETYIN Sn.vrnn-IVroblvwski, lllr. Bailey, Bliss Pangburn, Lisrilzski, Sfrwt, Jlr. Zornow, Jlurrwll, 1-,II111'an'slri, VanKuIak, Dlorzke, Dellorejiee, Clarke, Spallinn, Blmnkin, Stein. 2--Jlrzrzrmo, Gerber, Kozlowski, Lombarrlo, Jlilli, Tlwirz, DIOraz'io, S'UI?ll!lS. Students inducted in the Commercial Honor Society are recognized for their ability and excellence in their scholastic pursuits. Every other week :1 meeting is held to discuss current problems in the eommereial world. Its members are under the able leadership of Mrs. Young and Mr. Bulley. CO-OPERATIVE RETAIL AND OFFICE PRACTICE ..:,, 1 1 jf IJ lsr Row: Jlzzarets, Steblor, Jleeili, Lombardo, Speedy, Prizzi, Believe, Seiolinrf, LOJfanIo. ZND Row: Jlrs. Young, Ford, Kuoy, Lazarm, Oipolloni, Pollock, Clmrney, lVr0bI117c'ski, lVyxo- rvrrski, ,lliss Iloojffcr. Sim Row: Oflorczyk, Abel, Baron, Oaxsarino, Gresrfns, Alienfa, Gatluso ll'righL, Schneider, Dir. Bforzke, Mr. Zmvzow, Booth. Lkru Row: G'rmzf-iosrc, Glniiizfr, Levinson Narazano, Rines, Kluss, Kucknr, Swartzg Kauch, Nowicki. 5TII Row: Schlottfnmn, Gorriny Beckman, Steoklfffl, Pfupura, Strong, Froyd, Boron, Anlonou. J J J Through the Co-operative Retail and Oflice Practice system, our 1'0lHlHCI'C'l21l students learn by doing. Vllorking in offices in Franklin and in outside positions, these students acquire knowledge and . experience invaluable to them in their future work. TRI-Y DELTA , . , , A f ' Y, I I,r11lz10flP'lfllK'JIilli Iifwlzrfl, Svulzo, llorn, li,llf'lIllIlUI. 2 Clzffrrq, TUVIIUTU, flwnlilw, Hlrouju, .1 1- 1 f .- . -. ,QM 51 rllr.-1. Tf11c'f"s', Ix'1'flI1'r1-r, I1'r':m:l111:sl.'i. CSU SfI"ilIl'I', Ri::o, Uolzlrrfl, I1'1'rm:y1l.vl.':, l1'a1'yw.w, Sinn. M .Iia11':4'll1w'1qi lluflguvf. QU l1"ulxr'l1l.'r1, lffrvvinlrz, lDiYulio, Jlollr, ,lIn1'1'sl1. lmilz, Suy'rr, 'a 1 . . . . , , . XT .xx -, X Y ' SM'1'r'I, No7c'n'ln, llzlrrvllz, .llll?l'I'lfl'I', I1 ulwlu, SalIl11f1'.r1rf1', l'r1r'u1m. ,nf X , I Xu ' XJ' rf 12111, . . . , ,. 1 .1 V? 43,1 1, l'oll0w111g thclr Sllllllldld YVIH'tllllC SUTVICCS, the 11-1-1 glrls 1111t1:1tc'd . ' Y I n a I I 1 4 o 1' A ' XilIl,,K'Xl'UH0llt lD0!lCt5tlIDO 11K'tlVltlCS, prog1':11n of lliltlilllill and llltt'l'- QV XY 9 ' Ilgtiomxl interest. f,lltSt21lldiIlg1: in this varied SChCdlllC is l'0l'l'U- '-'S ? W sg .. w Pl -1' ' . 1 is , .1 Ts Y . . V . 1- NU V - . 11 bf mldn-1111 Wltll ll 111111110 .llll rum 1 , 11- :Q,I'0lll75, ruusslty no - 1 - . 1 Q 1 . . . . 1' fxx Z.: ' , 14111-4-t1n11 for I.',lll0lH5:S 1111-dy, and p.1rt1c1p:1t1o11 111 11111115 rcmllz-m?l11Jl1l!,w is if f4 ! 14 1 1 J fl 1 :md 4-o11111111n1tv projects. 1, ,V-11 N17--fl' ' , , U 1 N11 - ' I fl 1. 114 f-' 7 'Q 1 , 1 . , 11 , - df ,I 1 1 X TRI-Y ALPHA 1, , ,' N Nt -'L 7 , , ,- 1 , I ,P , .a S1-:A'1'1-:11-.11luimn, fl1'r1'1mlri, LILUQ, Lavick, Romuniak, lVisal:l1'11, l1VI'fl'lHlllI. flnxsnn. C11Al11s' vlufanlino, Vanlf zvslfi, Jrfznwski, .lliss U0!'lll'llII1', Uupirlu. V Svulzo, lvws, Vr':1'li.-f, Ilviw. I-G1'rff'lr'.11, C'ac'f'r0Ia, Prlluwnllo, l'1'fYullu, Lfl.Jl1'11rlolr1, Urflrnul, Slnflp, Taylor, llavlm, Sluxzak, Jlm'r'l:vsm1i, Jl'iII'8. 2-Zarzyvlri, Jlmzusrf, Iiovi, .llr11'u.w'u, Jlmllf, Si!jiN'IIlUIIfli, 'I'1'rmqNilln, l"'IlI'Ilil'l'I', l1!I'ZC'l'I'llL, Taylor, Krunwr, Kimnwl, I'ir'klr'.v. iiflmrzllfg l1'ur.11, Sf0IPIII'Hl1'ill, l"1'lir'1', 1i1'iyyx, lfislflv, Jlully, llonuzvnl, Df'f'arlix, Ruuzo, .llrulrlm'l.', l,ul1n:wlu. -I4 Jlillvr, l7ur'1'un1i.w', Hula, I"f'llvr, Szurlluflfi, lJoln'r1yorvslfi, NnZ'ilsI.'i, Iiuuwr l,lISNlll'l'HIl, Ifosxi, Snlriurr. G'l'l'iIJllS, Uwrfxlm, Jynillo, 1 it 7 TZ! fwfr " ff-f"L'b ' 553'-fl i6 -f""ULf Gomm o QW Npho kkmm XY vmxkzw skix, Mmxxnmixa, Oaxsseto, Bak, Cmudm, Movkartg , GuXXo, 'Y mmm: ' Gkovdmxo, Sgmcose. Yovxvm. Senna on Chakra: 5nbxxs,De ist. row z 'Y avqxixdxo, Spemm, YW Scare 1. 4. Iloclnhutl x- Horn ' 5kn,. inski , Ilom. Kappa S lrnxlgwed hx -' the Y ' xp C thc H. tfl 5 l'Y's . 1 1 "6 f "Her tl , 6 ulershipellowshilsi -:n,i.s H -m The Kxemvmm. tn , '-Med 095001: ' ,Cussavknn,CK HM uxtedzgfxv' 1 tusn,BusseXX fwgswosu, umm Q et 4 t x m 1 359156,xBgl0,YA0K1!,03C5Yxk5,si09fYQ,XqeXx' ' . mixco, Lnmexxdom. OD 3 : 0 N W Sentidg 1,6 k '- Atl 1 'I' 'ins ll , .fohnsi ,Q Mssg, g X ge xx X13x '-,V M, fi! ,W f' fbi!! S ff , Phi gig 945156 ,ww if gf sf f , ,F 37 ,gif lst row: Aueto, Lmgnrelln, tug.,ethe'r, g u 0 d living meri0n's young Ahab Q row: Mmle, Lcnzu, TX lS0tZkU, Culicchio, Stein. 851111, ' I1 . No ,. L'1"1'I1 11 I track L 1 AI , I ' zu-, 'elim Ja Junu. 1,.1f"t'co. ' Urol :"7l'o - emo ' CQ H, 1 Inuyhig, R - llllxnlx agfiw. . ,. H, b .dl W W" CHEERLEAD is J XQAFJIX Ill-Zl"'I' 'ru Rmxrr: lfnlz, II., .-Idanzx, Seder, D0I31fll, ,1l!l7'I'illxifllx7, Ifixwlrf, lfnlz, H. DRUM MA-ORETTES ow: Dlullfwr, ,-lrl.'rr1e'il:, Wahl. QNIJ Row: Villarrl, lJiY1:lin, Shel 9, Swflw, lfarfvx, Sm I n 7 f .llnn11o, .'I'lllI'lII'Il, lmlrzrrlwllrr, S1'lrrfi11rfr, ffamznon. Sinn Row: Iforlml, Cole, Rumlflfrf. A CAPELLA CHOIR 'l'Illr A Czlpvllal Choir provides K'XIN'I'IOIlC'E' und OPITOYIIIIIIIIUS in c'I1m'zlI sing- ing In thc siudc-nts wiII1 nnusnul musical tall-nI. l'nrIc-1' Hn- 4lIlIIKIiIlIi't' of Mr. NI:lIIIlc'w I.y4I0rH II11' fron! Inns vl1I0l'I:liln'lI II11' svlmol all fu-stivv Imliduy , v 5- I 2l5S0llIIIIIl'N. JUNIOR CHOIR I I sl I l---Losardo, Feld, Ollr, Spelrnclr, Reifkopp, Silverman. Cucchiana, Wolfe, Dell, Pullnra, Vinci. 2-Miss Woodruff, Latrngnn, Jud, Jlrxggio. D1'Morrz, Newman, Knop, Grnden, Robinson, Hollander, Srllwarfz, .Visa Morrow. 3-Clmznn, Lester, Sciorfino, Susman, Sampler, Wildofsky, Doc'lem', Sf-hzllmmr, Kubertanz. Goodman, Lnndsnzan. Boslov, DeWi11dv. 4-Laskowski, Adler. Krocger, Froelicllcr. Neumzan, Hrzppaporl, Aquilina, Levin, Wilnn, Sokulsky, Frey, Frisch, Silrcrberg, Katz. 5-Ellesfad, Kmzwisrher. Grossfielrl, Rloom, G'1'1Il'1'l'. Slloolnmn, Gmvlon, Gibbs, Lunflefelrl, Sullin, Appvllumm. Pcfz, Nolrrrcki. 6 Illillvr, Kuvrs- num, IJo1'r:'n, Klvinslrin, Lvz'iuslf11, Chnzmz, Gvlflmrrn, Jlikulslfi, Giunnonw, Slz'f7'0r, 7'rz'n, Till. In Ilu- Junior Clmir ure- laid Ilu- frnnnlutiuns fm' thx- vxcvl- Iont singing of whim-Ix I"rnnkIin is so justly prrnul. l'ncIm-r tha- Iczuh-l'sIIip of Miss Anm' Mm'- rnw Ilwsm' .IIIIIIUVS I'l'l'l'IV4' Il':lIn- ing: that nmkvs II11-nn mn- of our lnust v:1I11:uInI4- IIIIISIUIII m'g.'::ul- izations. JUNIOR CHOIR II I lloffmun, lfrorv, Ili.-Imiru, Ar- yvnlo, Wnriuy. .llnrynnsfain, llonol lvlli, l,vI1munu, Puleo, ldrnissv, .Ilur1rsr'o. 2 Nriulinn, lfllfflllllll- lllnrlrs, Liruiu, l'inColrl, Kolko, fiurrlmr, Sfllzmm, Rupp, l'ul1'rnm, .Ilixs .I1Ul'I'0Il'. 3 -Woorlrllff. livr- nunmlr, Snllwr, Smith, Crurolln, f'nln'n, Zvluzuyl, f'r1mn, l,ul'r1'slo, IIw'l:1null:, plllfllfllllll. lr -I, ra If 1' S. llnllz, lirrrbiurz. II'iulz'r, lfpuliio, lI'4'z11ir-off. Snywrs, Onion, Cnnnizzv. lluflsrm, H1'ru1'z'. 5-Zelinski. Bu- rnnv, Troll, I'0NNIIlI'!l4'l', lx'ozlo1l'ski, Sivws, Klnxs, Ukolou'i1'z, Ilr'r,'cl1'n, Zclrivn, Slolvr, K11'uxnunl. 47 M .- J .lu X5 -WLM 310 j ' d ,X Z My ,MA G CORPS 5. 1s'1' Row: Bartel, DOSaI'Ui0, Laillanna. 2Nn Row: Briggs, Bielski. XVQ are gl'?itCi:lli to these lligh-stopping young ladies for thc color Q, they have added to so lllillly lsfklllklill activities. The junior Bond cmd Orchestra YVhcrever they go, they make music. 48 BAND AN D ORCHESTRA 1 -1 ' "X, . V K ifyg-Q4 .ifrfffl I , c , . .1.' i ,Q 1- X, ' ' n A s l li .J Q, ,,,4 4 In lfrzinklin the band :ind orclicstra are integral parts of our sr-Imel life. Their pzirticipzxtioll ill zisscnlbiivs, sport :ifi'airs, :ind other si-1.051 zu-tivitivs has brouglit to us exe-1-llr-lit music-, be it stirring nmrtinl airs or symphonic classics. Distingguisliing tlleniselves on ninnerous civic occasions, they have carried music to the coin- nuinity :ind brought back honor for Frzmiikliii. XVe are indebted to Mr. Vanl-Iocscn through whose interest and superb direct' n the Mijn ff' ' fYVX'K ozfiyiiiirw fine music is made possible. 49 EDITORIAL IIYSIVAI, Iitncss contributcs in a Iargc mcasurc to happincss and succcss. High school athlctics arc important, to thc physical, social, and cmotional dcvclopmcnt of thc pupils. 'I'hc valuc of thc hcalth program in dcvcloping musclcs, improvs ing postnrc, and providing thc cxcrcisc which is bccoming incrcasingly important now that so much of thc world's work is donc by machincs is obvious. 'I'hc social valuc of tcam work is as grcat as thc physical bcnclits dcriycd. Un tcams boys and girls lcarn to work togcthcr, to subordinatc thcir pcrsonal goals to thc good of thc group, to dcvclop lcadcrship and to rccognizc and acccpt lcadcr- ship, lo compctc fairly. and to win and losc with good gracc. In thc gymnasium and on thc athlctic Iiclds onc lcarns to valuc a man for what hc is and to forgct prcjudicc. Onc Icarns not only how to lt-ad but how to followg not only how to cxccl pcrsonally but how to work for thc good of thc group. 'I'hc im mortancc ol' hcalthfnl ihvsical activity to cmotional and mcntal wcll- I . . being is gcncrally conccdcd. To swim, to hikc, to play any gamc wcll makc onc a ha 1 micr hcalthicr ucrson and mroyidc o 1 xortunilv for wholcsomc frroui activitv. I v . 2-Q . ,, . . . . . .. . Ihc cnthnslast in any hcld is surc to hnd tricnds and rccrcatlon. In addition to tht-sc advantagcs high school athlutics play an important part in developing school spirit. Tho teams are a sourcc of pridc and an occasion for unity. Onc has o11ly to observe thc pridc of cvcry Franklinito in the baskctball tcam to rcalizc how truc this is. Throughout thc school thcrc is a quickening of interest- a dcsirc to havc othcr tcams that may match thc champions. Soccer, football, track, cross country, and swimming tcams havc bccn unusually good this ycar. 'l'hc tunnis lcam, which has captnrcd thc intcrscholaslic championship for so many ycars, is dctcrminod to win again. 'l'o all of thc tcams and thcir coachcs Franklin is gratcful. In good sports- manship, in sclf-disciplinc. in devotion to their school, thcy arc champions alll 50 K -my F Seated on Rizzo Thorn, YVroblcwsk1, Ist ron Mr Zornow,NI'1 Gems Secler, Bagnara, Saks, Martxn Seated Nasser, Romano, Incavo, bach, Knapp, Almahnault Sozzx, Ghtacr, Smlth, Waxls Bator zs nskl Ortolane, KOWlaSk1 Tokarz Iasfflle, Gfclbus, 531 2nd row Kaufman Atwater, Infau vxggxo, Schlaggtcr, IIZILIIIONSIQI, Sclnndhr tum, vvvshmsky Pcrculo, vvldeman, DCI or S O C C E R rest Calleraml, Stublnsky Randazzo, Mlller 1 Turlansky, KHHSCII, Call Franco Grabb, Masters 2 Battlstl, Staub, Clulla R6ggl0, Constantine, Polbzzx yy 3 Mmk, Maxer, Salber Ralmondl, Graff Wldeman, Dunn, Mr Clark .'- ,x 'a, a qt , .-.-. ,I h I ly . I - 5 '- ' m.' 1 K .ul ,. . ,1 eg -I 1 . .,., . lst ' ' if ,U '. , . an gl A , , 'C . D ' g '. '-r V. r '. "- I Y , , . - -, V, , l . 1 . . , . U . . . I J ' .K , . A . V. . . . . 1. - . : . ' . . . . ., , . s. K I n , 5 v M' . - Q. . , - - -f.. Q 1,1 ' -. ' . e .- -1 ' . ' ..- ' ' ' " . . . K in ' X Z A ,1 1' V , , w 1 , 'X I W I . 5 K 1 r . ' I -' - . . . ' " L 1 ,ln . .., ' Q ' ' if :'. 1 4., - - - ... ' ' ' A". ,'--. .. 1 Q., , . . ' . , -'- - ' I "..-" TBALL Q i .- W' YI U he city charripionsliip. In iz: 1 2nd row-Mink Gordon J 3 'I 1 ranklin -- Franklin - Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin 52- L5' -paw . 29-Aquinas 244 Marshall 26 Jefferson 15 Madison 25 Charlotte 27 Monroe 30 T-ii. 5592.1 CHAMPIONS fox .-. ,..4-NK Q 1 ..,-1.9 'b 1-if 6-hl,3'E'lQ-'rag Riagg,-. .ag -," ' ".Z,a.'::'+.- "4-z-" "- ."'0i' scgglsn run- . , 3,-.M -Y-pf., , -lk-I".:. . ' 4 fr- . -. -. 3 vt..-.., - ,1- , ad. Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin 1 an . Q ,.' ,du Na 5l.o.?':gil .-'Q-, .- ...,X ' - ,,. '. 'vm n' 4 - . 'I 5:S:.f :!'F J t I - egg-:J Jug' 4. -Edison 344 -West 27 -East 23 -Aquinas 27 Marshall 22 Jefferson 25 .. ,Q . . .'-. .3321 :it . igwqiw .. -F ,'.. Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin 4,0-. 14-Madison 34- 52-Charlotte 21 41.2-Monroe 36 30-Edison 22 lVcst 23 East 28 series of brilliantly-played and hard-fought games they made new basketball history. To the team and Coach Gersbach, our Congratulations and gratitude. 54,5 NN i - 'H' Y "W: -..,,-...,, ,,,, ,,Y,-,i Stekloff, Cohen, Stubinsky. 3rd row-Mr. Gersbach, Mali- ' nowski, Glitzer, Castellano, Q' i Nahmias, Troicke, Nasser. 12414 1 jf 6, ' ,JJ . Nxlglig NJWIIIQ QW 1 limi' 'i Bqliqlfxrgi My 1-Sulli, Smilh, II man. 2-IKIHLCII, Niwri, Pryzwm'ski, M .Lfl,fi'l7M47'. 35--YUasff4lano, lierloof, Rrmmvndi, S Jliwk. STANDING: DI LnSnllr', K Track Team 14!71alr11'fn11,i,Giulia, lVafil.-r,1Vari- nvlli, Gun, A-lmlefrso11,, lJ'Am'icn. Zig- lVwi11slv'i11,, ll7'0al1'n1m1,, Swimm- 'Pr Iirm 1V:1sl:1111Qki Gcllfmrn , , 1 ' ,' I ,' . Q 1 j Y , 1 , Gx'nlru'l-vi, Gray. Iiflqfrlllfll ra, R14- rcwunlor.-rl.1i, Sluub, lx'rzsh1r1r, ,IN- Vilo, flrivlmx, 4+flgIl'l'TI',f, Prf rl- 'lll!lil', l'1!1'Hll', Sfwks, lfipair. 5-A Jlr. M011 r, 11!lIlf'll.N'fl'l', .lumln'unr' Smillr. Cross-Country Team lfpnalh, D'Amirfo, Snlowski Ilulwr. 2-Mr. DIOIIT, Blarii 'lIl'ffi, Sfllllilfft, Kolanki, Priva- lvrra, Jfillffr. I I , ff N ILA41 SHATIAZII ux muzlfoof Hum nufrlv, DIIIIIIUIIII lx nu 1 1 Imell, Snffu Suffn S rnlurlu x Row: Jllirlnliu li IIAIIINUI Dm ll1'i1'lclrM Sulllwrgl Nlllflllfllf In XIII! Il'uufls, Il 1 lrlllfls Flllll :hm Run 1 or uns lm Gliizvr , Lglmz, 1 If 411 lnsmu I lfllllllll, I1 u 1811111 flu N n rr 1 l'us1wr, .uw H1111 1 nh: n S,lf'I'IllIIN I is :Aon xlm ll TOI'H0ll', N1 Illlll N1 :ull I Krfhm, lx: IIII s lmmll 51 1 I ns Srwnxn: mm 0 Am mm li,0l'lISfl'lll 1 zswnxlu Smwn 1Nc I film I 1 Girls' Senior Leaders Sr:.x'i'i':n us Frmuiz Iirnzcwirll, lnllqs, IeI'il'llNll'l,l'lI, lKYl'llSI.AljllS,fl, fIiIlHl'Il'0lll', IIt'0fI'l!I. Sl'ZA'l'l-ID! ll"r1Ilx1'lrl1'g1vr, Zvlnzliy, Slrujnu, .llixx TlIl'lP0.l', Kiwi, Nirlfrfl, Sla- Yllllf. Is'r Row: Sluwlcl, l'nyu1w, Roluln, I'ul11mIm, Jllallry, .Unr- vlwsmii. 2Nll Huw: lx'vlm'lci, ..l'i::o, I'inf'l1, lfulmn, 1KV'llf7-ll. Wy, ,Q-4 KL Girls' Athletic Associotion ls'r Row: Kiwi, I'im'l1. lfrzlm. Zxn Row: .l4lums, Jlilli, Kim- Ill! 1, Kr 1a.v:.if1l.vlfi. xt' . X' l X- ls 'V "fi , .1'l, will ' x , Girls' Junior Leoders S 1-2 A 'l' IC ll - ,Yur'inln, I'ru'rrn'n Il'Ilf!'llil1SflIl, Ie!'illllIlll'f, lx' r Il - rvrwlri, fri2'1'l'Ill', IN' l"1'mu'f'sf'n Ollr. l7f,ln'fll'Zl'i!'l, 0 I I 'nz ll r lx'nr'lInf'r, .ilixx lfnflnmn, I'rnr'lv .l'!l1'I,UIllllll. Svnilll. 2-.tlilvs lViuIr1r, Slrfrvx, .'lllllWIll.N', Pam- punvlli, Fvill, Lviilinrf, Smnplwr lfwlly, Ii - .Yn1'c'i1'lfi, lmlifzmfr .lllr'u, Ilurris, S'Zi'l'4'II1I'l', lVrfi1'l1- llrnlll, .-Illmnslri, f'nnk, I"ril: The War Years The war years are over, and soon the fervor and color of' those days will grow dim. t n I ,I There is much that we should like to forget, l Z but there are precious memories tooefeel- I 4 : ings and aspirations that we do not wish to " lose or trust the historical novelist ot' the u I X future to recapture, for in times ot' stress X men are at their best. Q f On Sunday, December 7th, 1941 most I Z Z X , 5 ol' ns heard over tl1e radio the news of the A Zia- o NW A """ sneak attack on Pearl Ialarbor. Before that, there had been reverberations of the Euro- pean conflict, faint echoes of the horrors of the concentration camps, rumblings ot' the bombs that wiped out Rotterdam and NVarsaw and battered and seared a Lon- don, still unbeaten, undismayed. XVe returned to school that lVIonday morning, knowing that we too were in that conflict. lvie gathered in the assembly that after- noon to hear Congress declare warfthe first young people in history actually to hear their country declare war. F1'om then on, we saw, and knew we saw, history in the making. XVe were conscious that we were helping to make itg that boys who had been in our classes only yesterday were flying planes, plodding through the 'jungles of the Orient, 1 Y' ig on the beaches of Normandy, doing the impossible with skill, courage, and da I: pro' ects were under way here at Franklin. New sights g1'eeted our eyes almost every day. VVe returned ,fx to school one morning to find cheese- ,fi Q cloth covering the glass on our class- X-, Q room doors. Franklin had become ai1'- ,IW ulF,u111llM raid conscious. Fire resistant tags were I I ' I of A ml MQW-H1111 nlumlm mu furnished tor every Student to WCM. as 4 identification tags, and an'-raid mes- ' ' W ' ll - . 'whip' f ,U sengers were organized and trained by - "UI ff 1 . ' X 'yaljff .W ml the Franklin faculty. lVe were all told Qf l , v WW ,aw Y . . . Hman!! r -Q , ' my to make some provision either for reach- ' f ullllu ' ' , - - ' 1 1111 U mg home in ease of an alarm or for sta f- I f 5 ing here at school. Entertainment com- tffw- mittees to keep up morale in case of a 57 raid were 0l'g'2lll1ZC11, 111111 corriclors we1'e lll2ll'liCll off 111111 zoned. Every l1o1116 in Q tl1e city of ltochester was so11gl1t Ollt by 11 C . E. C teacher in the Public School System and f 'v ' V I by priv11te school staffs to CZlt2LlOgllC the N l . . , . ' 1 Q10 1 llllllllllil' illlll Cllllilllllilll of evacuees Ill the . . rr - 1 event of 1111 air attack. rXl'l'2lllgClllCIltS 1' 0' O "' Slll'l'Ullll11lllg tl1e congested populatioli '1 p areas. Most t62lCllCl'S visited half' il dozen homes 11piece. C3116 l11u1dred 211161 nine ' 14111111-lillll teacliers visited six lllllNll,'Cl1 and 1 l l Cf x 1 . 1 1 Q Q: 1 I 0 , , . . I ' were made for refuge 111 remote sections K M a.,,,' 1 1 f fifty-one l1OlI'l6S. , rj Red Cross First Aid cl11sses were sta1'te11, 211111 we were 111'ge11 to 1'eceive in struc't1on in s11cl1 co11rses. In 1912 alone, one 1110118211111 six l1llI1K11'6C1 and eighty-four p11pils completed tl1e standard first 11111 co11rs6. Sixteen teachers qualified as first 11111 instructors and donated eight l1un- 1lred and eighty-tl1ree ho11rs of time in tl1e eo111n111nity, reaching one tl1o11s11n11 one llllll11l'CC1 211111 forty-six citizens who were p11pils in tl1e cl11sses. Our cabinet shop lll2l1l.lC over thirty sets of' first aid splints to be IISCI1 by teachers in tl1es6 first ai11 classes. Artificial l'6SPll'itlIlU11 was practiced upon illly willing victi111 l1lllCll to tl1e l211tlQCl',S dismay and to the disturbzmce of l1is 11igestive organs. Over and over 2112221111 we 1'eviewe11 tl1e var1o11s chapters lll first aid st1111y, lll6lllOl'lZlI1Q w1tl1 c11re tl1e IIOWV so familiar treatment for prevention of fainting, tl111t 11218 served 11s 11 basis for lllillly a joke during trying times. Pupils and teachers gave their leisure ll0l1l'S 211111 vacation periods to l1elp with tl1e 1'11tion1ng Pl'0g'1'iH'llS. In 11d11ition to tl1e work 110116 ll'1 tl1e COITlP2Ll'2ltlVC quiet ot' the O.l'.A. office, many hectic hours WCl'C spent rationing sugar and gasoline, and checlcing rent reports. Those of' 11s who worked will never forget those ea1'ef'11lly organized co1n111ittees, tl1e 101112 lines of people, 211161 the care with wl1iel1 l'iL'l2l0I1 co11- pons must be l1an11led. Franklin 11sse1nblies were devote11 to tl1e students' f, n-0' X relation to tl1e American wav of life an11 especially to tl1e S Gqyc Q7 . . . I . 1 A war effort. Dramatizations 11e11lt with themes Sllllll as Free X I X Emprcfssifnz, The Schools as Pre-Ivzduction C1f1nt12r.s1, and X jw S Q707'tS7IIfl'flI and S prwtsvrzianslzriyn for ZVI orale. Franklin played Wm P Q a vital part in presenting to the city of' Rochester tl1e musical I px, extravaganza Ring Frcezlom Ring, whiel1 gloried tl1e Amer- Wuul M 'WWII . I . I . . . ICILH Way. H616 in 0111 own 2tllC11l201'1l1Hl tl1e National H11n111' 58 Society organized and handled our many lVar Bond Drives. They urged us on to meet each X I quota with success. lVill we ever forget the dis- WR ' plays in the main corridor of ships racing to their O s' goals, and the lVar Bond assemblies? XVe can 9? 1 v still recall the fun-rousing auctions and the I S 5 'Z whole-hearted participation ot' the faculty in pre- nv o senting entertainment before the student body. g hfr. DeFrancesco's rendition of "Amapolal', along with a comical interpretation of' Romeo and Juliet by llliss Riley and lllr. lllohr will live on in the memories of all of' those who were fortunate enough to witness these pro- grams. lVe are justifiably proud of' the a111ount of money we WC1'C able to raise along with the fun and good spirit. The figures speak for themselves. Although we set no goal for the Third VVar Bond Drive, we turned in 351,815.95 as a final figure. During the Fourth lVar Bond Drive our quota was f1s50,000.oo, and we ac- tually sold fiil15,011.25. YVe set no definite quota for our fifth drive, but we suc- ceeded in raising 5B16',058.90. Our goals for the sixth and seventh drives consecu- tively were Hi-145,000.00 and si5,0oo.o0, and we topped them by taking in 5F58,600.00 and tli59,283.50. XVhen the last drive closed, we had sold 5ii251,3fi9.60 worth of' war bonds and sta111ps. Our Franklin band did much to boost morale, taking part in the Gannett Newspapers Bond Drive Parade, the Memorial Day Parade, the lVar Parade, Bausch and Lomb night, and the Scrap Sorting Be Concert. lllore than three hundred pupils participated in the lVar lveek Parade. Franklin was in charge of' the first division, and our band took first prize. A valuable contribution to Franklin social life, pledged to furnish wholesome recre- K ation and promote good standards of' Ameri- can citizenship, is our own Teen Canteen, still in operation. This organization has p1'oved vital in encouraging our youth to spend their leisure ti111e to the best advantage, under able supervision, and with the code of' good sports- manship in mind. Franklin students in the classroom, as well as in extra-curricular activities, began to consider the war. The Social Science De- partment gave to us a better understand- 59 Q X, ing of the nature and ilnplications of the war. QQ? X The lVIathematics Department St1'C2llHllIlCIl its B, .rf C: Q offerings to include 1ll2ltllCII12ltlCS for YV2Il'tiIllG for KE HIT sd K branches of the 2ll'lllCll forces. English activities 5 mi E .ssl Z? il wel'e also related to the conflict. SCIli0l' boys til' flu!! K studied divisiolls of the 2l!'lllCfl forces to get a Tri.. .e,,,me.,g,,,,..,3 clear picture of' the qualifications demanded for and the duties required of eacll branch of the service. , , , lhe girls studied wolllan s part in the war effort, touclling upon every pllase of work done by women from specialized defense work, Red Cross nursing, Dietetics, Zlllll 1+'.B.I., to the services of the XV.A.V.E.S. and the XV.A.C.S. Other contl'ibu- tions were essays, patriotic poelns, slogans, and letters to servicemen. In a con- test of letters written for nationwide publishers on '4Contribution of fkIllC1'lCilll Youth to the lVar Effortn, an eighth grade pupil won the national prize of ten books for the SCllOOl library. All our Ilome llflaking classes began courses in hollle nursing and child care. lVe were learning to take care of ourselves and others in case of an elnergency, and we applied ourselves to the task with zeal. VVe took steps to stretch the falnily budget and prevent waste by using what We had to the best advantage. Nutritious food in war tlII16S was studied, and actual breakfasts recorded. The lunch box for scllool children and for war workers was prepared with our newly acquired knowledge in mind. Tomatoes, peaelles, and pears were canned at llolne in project work. Families were delighted by the savings in food through holne canning. YVe began making new garments for 0ll1'SClVCS and vari- ous members of the family, tl1llS helping the civilian clothing situation and releas- ing clothing workers for war work. Our Physical Education Department stepped up its program, revising it to elllpllasize strength, skill, and endurance. A com- 1112111610 obstacle coul'se was installed for all boys, and the swinlming program was revised to include collllnando training as outlined by the lVar Council. All senior boys preparing for induction in ,413 were organized in special toughening classes ill physical education and SVVllI1l11lI1g. llflembers of the plant laborato1'y classes trained for practical ga1'dening and plant propagation. Seedling plants were raised and distributed for war gardens. Flower beds gave way to vegetable gardens, and the cal-toonists had a field day at the expense of the amateur farmers. The ground SCll0Ol furnished our nationls arlned forces excellent soldier personnel t1'ained in aviation fundalllentals. Glider construction and Hight training work were spon- sored by tlle United States Gove1'nlnent. The aim of this work is to lnake familiar to all boys, pllysically qualified, the use of ail'plane COl'1t1'OllS under flight conditions. The Patterns, General, Art Craft, Aviation, and Cabinet Ships contributed to the building of three hundred and fifty model airplanes for the Tlnited States Navy llureau of Aeronautics for the use of airplane spotters alld students of aviation. VVe were obliged to give lllucll of our study tilne to XVIII' activities. Students were excused C2Ll'lY f1'Ulll scllool to help relieve the critical ClllPl0ylll6l'1t Sll0l'tiIgC in retail stores. llfany worked CVClliYlgS, and this resulted ill long faces, heavy eyelids, 60 and a marked deficiency in homework. Those troublesome, tiresome Tuesdays in the classroom! Others worked on Saturdays and received for the first time more money than they had ever dreamed of earning while in school. Franklin entered enthusiastically into all projects for making the Armed Forces happier. Books and magazines were collected for the U.S.O., and scrap- books were made for the U.S.U. centers. Groups prepared boxes of fudge and cookies to be given to thc soldiers in the cantcens in the New York Central depot. In our main office a guest book w as installed early in the war years for all visiting Franklin servicemen and women to sign, indicating their name, branch of service, rank, present address, and the date of their visit here. Even a casual examination of the book reveals the many G.I.,s who have returned to the familiar red school-house, perhaps to sing the Alma Mater ust once again. Many have had stories to tell and some offered advice, many times based on bitter experience. NVe have been told to remain in school, to read, to learn, to grow in the understanding of the world in which we live before we attempt to live i11 it, work in it, play in it, or iight for it, as the case may bc. Franklin listened to their tales and their pleas lnany lVednesday mornings during assembly programs. -hluch of what we heard and witnessed during such programs will not be forgotten as we. the younger gen- eration, the new citizens of America, begin to rebuild this ravaged world. As a symbol of our gratitude and our remembrance, the Courant staff undertook the task of sending the school newspaper to our G.I.'s all over the world. Our students cooperated in turning in the names and addresses of Franklin servicemen and women of their acquaintance so that this service might be extended. From count- less letter-' received by our editor, we realize how much this small gesture has meant to them. - XVith the closing of the war many of these activities ceased, although there are still boys who want news from home. Peace inevitably brings a relaxation of effort along all lines. At first it seemed as if all our problems were over. Later we realized that this was not so. XVe are becoming lI1Cl'C21SlllKQlY aware that the war is still fb if not completely won-that the conflict has merely XA? shifted from the battlefront to the conference X b table. New problems face us as a people, as a W nation, as a world. The people of Europe must Z W be fed, clothed, sheltered., educated, and under- X stood. lVe have great need for tole1'ance and 4 E wisdom in this world that awaits reconstruction. ' , Ours is the task to show the way-to build a hfe X f x here in America so fine that all the world will bc X if WHAT convinced of its value. From the beginning of CAN its history America has been made great by the K 2 men who came from the Old NVorld, filled with C 9 O - vision and with courage. The best from all lands . t have niet and mingled here and proved that men ll ll of all races and all crceds can unite to build one F country. Their sons must go forth to build one Y world, free, just, and unafraid. Q -- ---- -------- ---------------------- RC ix flu' quick In .my ----- fuzzy ffiiliig "Best By Taste Test" ------------------------.-------- ------------------------------- M. SUSKIND AND SONS, Inc. Fine lV:1ll l,illM'l'S Sunclnrc Paints lvindow Slmdvs Venetian lilincls 52 State Street 259 .lOHl'pll Ave. Malin 70259 MAIN 258 C0mpfz'me11f.v of . ------------------------- ---- - -------------------------- -----------A 5.---- -------- 1l L------- THURSTON ----------- ------- -------- --- BASTIAN BROS. CO. Class Rings - Name Clards Cominem-emcnt AIniouncoments 1600 CLINTON AVE. N. GLEN. 3380 ------- ------4,------------------ ----------- --- ----------------- fl0IIl1JlllIII'llf-V of FRANKLIN FOOD STORE l202i Hnclson IXVi'lllll' ---------------- -- ---. - -------- O 9 0 O O 0 O O O 0 0 0 0 O 0 O I O 0 0 G 0 O 0 0 O 0 O 0 0 O 0 A O ----- 4, --- --A 5 --- f------------------ 1 -------------------------- -- -- Rochester Stationery Co., Inc. IV4' 1-urry a f'on1pl1'f1' Lim' of Otlice Equipment and School Supplies 108 Mill St. 1 0 V 0 0 0 0 I l 0 0 0 0 0 9 O O O 0 O O O 0 0 0 O O O O 0 O 0 O O -- - ------ -- '-- O 9 O 0 9 0 0 O 0 0 O O 0 O 0 2 O O O I O 0 0 I O O 0 0 0 0 O O 0 O O O - ----------------- ----------- i' WILSON FLORIST 1"loru'1'r.v for flll Occasions Stone 1599 800 Hudson Ave. 'A' ---------------------------- ---- CLEANERS O 0 0 0 0 l 0 O 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 O O O 0 O 0 0 O I 0 0 0 l l 0 G 0 O 1 -- - ---- 1 Y' -- '--- --- IUQJS NORTON S'l'Rl'll'l'l' STONE -M156 ----------------------- -------- A. Snmllino, Pl1.G. Glenwood -Mill-9 SMALLINE'S Cl,IN'l'ON-RIDGE PHARMACY N. Clinton und Ridge Ruud, liOl'llCStl'l', N.Y. ---- -------------------------- VOGT'S DRY GOODS STORE Nll'lN'S AND XVONll'lN'S YVEAR 969 Clinton Ave. N. -- -------------------- ----- --- -------4 - 0 O L ---- -- 4 ---- --- ----- -4 L --------- - L- --4 L------ O 9 O 0 O O 0 0 0 9 0 0 O O O 0 O 0 O O 0 0 O 0 0 0 l O I 0 0 O ---4 - -- L-- -2221 In li O 1I tl 0 0 0 0 0 0 tl 0 H 4I 0 lr n u tl 0 0 0 0 li I O tl 1l O E z z I v O na 0 nr P W N P U tl ll lb O 0 0 0 lu 0 4 0 0 0 0 na 0 C ll ll 0 0 0 O ll ll ll 0 ll lr 0 O ll tl 0 4l li 0 ll r ll L QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ ---QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ "WISE MOTHERS CHOOSE BONNYBROOK MILK" 'A' i' Bonnybrook Dairy Company 465 Lyell Ave. GLENWOOD 297 LIGHT LUNCHES 50-000-00-004-0000002 049.0900004500009QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQoo-oo -Q-0-0-0000---ceq-QQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 000-00090000000000-00.--ooo00-00-00 Rochester Turners . . GYMNASIUM AND SXVIMMING CLASSICS For MEX :md YVONIICN--BOYS :md GIRLS Aga G to 60 Enroll now for Ilvnlfflvlfllbilzlirzg in flzis Dlozlvrrz, IV1'll-1a'q11ipp1'1l Uynz and Top-113111011 P001 Visitors are XVcic-omc IIIIOIIP, tcri1'r', or call for folrlvr Icillz .S'Cllt'!lllll! ROCHESTER TURNERS, INC. 1550 Clinton Ave. North Glvnwood 4145-L6 63 QQQQQQQQQQQ0009-00-04-000-000-0090oooooooqQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ -oo-----oo--oo--oo-------o -oo--oo oo--oo-------o-oo------o--1 Pafr01Li.:'c the BENJAMIN FRANKLIN COOPERATIVE BOOK STORE for Quality and I'lC0ll0I1ly galley A FULL LINE OI" SCHOOL SUPPLIES o-: : ::-o: :oo : : --: :-----oo--ooo G. BAREIS Sz SON Iiolmlcn- for M011 Air Sli-p for NVOIIIUII Bnslvr Brown for Boys mul Girls lo .lose-pl: Avo, Slonc :SUI-S o-o--- o-oo---------oo----o oo- -ooooooo-o---o--oo--ooo---o LOUIS GITLIN 11+1xv1fxmz 11 AND OP'I'OMI'l'I'IiIST 1-149 Clinton Avo. N. -o----o-oo--o---oo---------- For IIigln'st Quality Drugs at Inwest Pricus BLESS DRUG STORE 856 .Ioscplx Avi-. ---ox, --------o-- -----o----- oo- ------ o---o--oo-----o----o- 5,.------ ----------o---ooo -o-------o i' EMPIRE CLEANING AND DYEING WORKS A W v1 xv w- -v' . M N G22 Hollcnbcck Street Glenwood 1102 ir -o-o-o------------4 o-o-o-oo---- Y-------o--o------o----o----o--oo P UO'lllli1I'I7Ll4lll3 of llw QUALITY RESTAURANTS 41417 cillilillllilll Stn-ut N. S111 lirown Slrcct ---o-o-o---oo -o----o-oooo--oo- r-----o--o ---o--ooo-o-o-o-o- BERMAN FUR COMPANY 688 Clinton Avenue N, E-.. ....... CLINTON BOOK SHOP New and Uscd BOOKS - MAGAZINES Slonc 2961- 138 CLINTON AVE. S 0111411 E1lI'lIIl1!f.9 --o------o----o----o-o - -oo-----oo--o--o-- ooo-o-oooooo-.----oo-o--- 0 0---00---00000000000---0 00000: : :--: : : : 0: :0000-: :0: :0-- JOSEPH E. SILVERSTEIN Churtcrccl Lifc Underwriter Mutual I.ifc Insurnncc Co. of New York 1350 Lincoln Alliance Bank Bldg. Main 3320 0000-0000000--0 0000000000000- -0--00000000000000-00000000000 YALOWICH BROS. DRUG CO. liclinblc Drugs . . . Over 30 Yours Trusscs and Elastic Stockings Stone 1414- 390-39-11 JOSEPH AVE. ROCHESTER, N. Y. 0000000000000000 000000000 00000 000000000000000000000000000000 TORRI SHOE COMFORT CLINIC X Ray Shoe Fitting for Growing Childrcn Arch Support Shoes-Guzirantccd Fitting By an Expert 1621 CLIFFORD AVENUE MAIN 1978 000000-000000---000000000-00 0000000000000000000-0000000--00 Schulman's Electrical Appliances I+'URNI'l'URli - GIFTS - STOVHS 975 Clinton Avc. N. lllillll 122923 Opwn, lfzwzirzys ---------------------------- ffovnplimcozts of COHEN'S RESTAURANT 315 .loscph Avcnuc ---0-00-0000--000-00-0-0--00 0000000-00000-00000-00-000 000 Complimrints of HARRY A. HURVITZ CO. JEWELERS 316 .loscph Avcnnc Stonc 5396 Estnlvlisliccl 19012 00000000000-00-00---00--0---1, 00 0-0 00 00.0 ',-..----- --4 L-- 0 - - 0- -0--000000000000000-000000 Compliwnents of The LEDGER PRINTING CO. sy Prinfcr of "The Courant A182 St. Paul St. A----------00---------00------0 P0----0--00----0-0----0------0 For .'1Hracti'vz: IVr'll lialrnzccd Jlcals Patronize Your Lunch Room 000000000000000000000000000000 '0000000000000000 0000000000000000 NEVV HOME OI" MANHATTAN SILK STORE 387 E. Main St. Big Sclcction of Silks, Woolcns nncl Cottons nt Our Popular Low Prices L00000000000000000000004 000 000000- KELLY-REED Sz CO., Inc. Rochcstcr 5, Now York 00000000000000-00 000000 0000000 V000000000-0-00000000-00000000--- For Safety Call I1 TOWN TAXI - MAIN 8000 f'arcf11l, l'o11rtco11.s' Scrvicc -0 00--- -0000---00-000000-00-0 4 - -0 000- - -0- 0000- A L., 4 ll 0 II ll ll O ll II li U ll 0 U li ll li 0 ll ll 0 ll 4 1 O 0 ll ll O O 0 lr ll A 1 ll ll II ll 0 O 0 O O -A E z 0-00000000-00000000 04 --00000-0-4 NEW YORK FUR SHOP C'L'S'l'0M Fl'liRIl'lliS l'lXCl.l'SlVEI,Y Tcl. Malin 6670 70-L Clinton Avcnuc N. llochcstcr, N. Y. -------- ...... ------------..-- 0- 0000000000000000000000 1 O E O 0 0 0 0 4 - X 'K us ' "' x,gY.x:-E.. l X i kk X - -H GSX. - 2 'NJ' N . 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Q H- A 'U Q Q 2 2 g . 5 3 5- 2.4 0 2 rc -H A O ,g C Q 2 f ' 4 1' E- rn ' o Q P m 5 2-a if m U o f O ' -'A r m 2 A 5 I :U I 0 5 z 2 2 2 : sr af E2 0 P1 5 ,fx 2 f 1 2' :ZOE Q -------::-:,:::--- A z 2 .1 5 Q -'D E m 2 --,4:,::-'--::::::::-l E H Z FU E 3 "' '------::,:::,b A o 1 "kc:-::::::-::,-Af 2 2 ,,-:A , fifi f00-0-0-------- ----0000 1 70000000001 P--00-00-0 1 v 000000 000 1 1 00 000 45,0000 255' Z 'EI 22 0:0 2' ,gg Is? 5?-e Iii : o. ' 501 f 'aft' 5 9'1" E' --04 was rs :fl S3 SH no 120 z FW 331' SHUI ' tts: 5-S eip 3120 ISS leo at 22:0 if 000000 00 1 Y' 00 000 0- ,- 000-0000 000 -0 000 00000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000 Cnmplinzwnlx Rochester Long Distance Oflice New York Telephone Co. 'I'hird Floor. 95 No. Fitzhugrh St. 0000-0000000--00000000000000000 000000000000 000-0-0000-0000000 For Ihr' l'llIII'Sf in Fur lVorlf CALI. MAIN 6784--IRVING SIMON Guaranteed Cold Storage Itestyling and Fur Coats Made to Order 27 S. CLINTON --00000--0--0-00--0-00--00-00000 -0000000000000-00000000000000000 PARTICIPATE INTELLIGENTLY IN SCHOOL ACTIVITIES 0000-0-000--0----0000--00000-- 0000000000-00-00000000--0--0-00- fl0IJIlI1INIt'IIIS of the MANHATTAN RESTAURANT 25 lflast Avenue 0000000000 00000000000000000000 DRAGON FOODS PuintswGlass-Brushes Artists' Materials and Drafting Supplies Main 8110 9-ll-13 North WVater St. llomplinmnfs Of SAND'S BAKERY 00 0000000000000000000000 0- 000000000000000000000000000 000 ---------0--0000 0-000-000-00- 4.----------------------4 L0000000004 L00-------A L 0--------4 I-0--------A L-------A 5, ---- -----A 6 y 0000000000000000000---00-0000000000000-00--00-00 1 V00--00-0----0 --00000001 r00000000000-- 0000000001 00 000-0 0000000000000- 00000 000000000 000000000000000000 "We 1 V- Try ff to ' Be Good Friends and Neighbors" Says Reddy Kilowatt Q96 ...IN Q5-ooh -f bi m 'Q , Q 1 4 tobl' KILOIN PIX t'My company und I contribute Io eoninuuiity projects and together with our men and women workers support every :xetivity that benefits this region. NVQ try to bc good friends und neighbors of the people we servef ROCHESTER GAS8zELECTRIC 0000000000000000000 000000 -0 0 IS THE PLACE 0 TO GO! 0 S:SYL'1ll'Sl leadership in training youth for Business as ai Profession. .-000-0-0--00000-00000000000000 9 No previous eonnnerciul training re- quired. 0 Associate Meniber of Ainerieun Association of Junior Colleges. Rochester BUSINESS Institute 1712 Clinton Ave. So. Rochester I, N. Y. ,0000000000000000000000000000000. -0000000001 0000000000000000000000 Groceries - Meats - Vegetables B11-as lcytf ifmmi Immfis Ridge Road Market and Grocery 201 Ridge Road lizist - Gle liil ' ood :SITIS Dick Moore We Drflizvfr llolm Stanton I 00 00 00000--00000 4,----------- ----- -------------------------------- 4 A----------------------- 4 A A.---------------------- 4 Q' -4 Q Q 68 Q 0 4-A -- X 2 Y F . 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