Franklin High School - Key Yearbook (Rochester, NY)

 - Class of 1945

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Franklin High School - Key Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 76 of the 1945 volume:

Md 1 f X Ww Q jwgp 5 :JW AL, f' , , N I AJ' n .' ,QI lm N. V, , JM A QM WWWJ qQVMuW M ,f fJ 6 ff Xwff WN X0 ' f 3.2 J! 5 A 5 . X is KW K . if ff sf? X xlnkgr- if x fQ Qi Q gig A 'A 'UW X QT' V 5 vx JH , Q ,Qi Q . WJ X 52' 'ki 5 KX X 'fx Q ' , QR 95 K MM pw Q SU ' IGN ' x WW WW wwf M JVHN QJGQWQD Wf Xfjfwg2E52Q?jX My Mfg NJ QW f M J ' W 150: WWW is WW JQVGU Ku ZW lyk JN ww W wujwffg an 'y R2 Riifgi agg ZZ! fkxgfwkigixy W f X ' P f of Mm . Nl yffff fi f'f 5 2 . 'h Q . . A K .:f,, M B ' Nw? S iiii WSWS A - ' 1-R' . ff ., jan ,,,,fi4g,'jQ,. I ii lx-19m Ar-w " 1" :qi ui: -flaw.'Q1.A f X i il' lsliwl x i fill! if , xref .. ex ' fk 'fzi ax:-- c K, M17 LD GLORY proudly waves over the names of our honored dead, and long shall we reverently remember them. But with our memories we cherish the hope that you who still carry on, you who are fighting to preserve the same precious freedom that they died for, may find a safe and speedy return to all that you love. With this thought in mind, we, the Class of '45, proudly dedicate our Key to you. pf K, fix 'K f'-2 X F' r ,- ft? . pak? N. 'RTM x.. S ,B E!!! fm., .Mila aZ,,,.,,,,,, "'0"-'J-4-..,,,.?""" af? 6044 449414 L! ya, ,way ,-,KYQXQ .fg ,!73f,a, iMfUZ,y'H' Lita' p K Y Eijjlfvflliwf iii if i VL if - f.,5,M,,ff W T FQREWQRD X E irlf . X E X5 IEVEN though the war is being waged at a very high pitch, all of us are lookin forward to brighter prospects following the conclusion of this man made catastrophe. Some of us in school may soon join you on the battlefront. We shall do this in order to help to insure a more lasting and fruitful peace. Our primary purpose must be to do away with chaotic world conditions and to establish order. With no plans and no hope for the future, we should be lost. We must now plan for the future so that we may make it a more successful one for ourselves and the succeeding generations. First of all, we expect a great advance in the technological age ,in which we are now living. The air age is about to make its debut. Soon travelling distances incomprehensible to us a few years ago will become an every day reality. Science will make greater strides in the improvement of transportation and communication. Plastics and synthetics will make us less dependent upon outside raw materials which are vital to us. However, this does not mean that we can be independent of other nations. On the contrary, we shall have to strengthen our relations with foreign nations. The past years have tragically proved this point to us. We must pioneer a new and better world for ourselves. In this sense of the word, we are able to compare ourselves in endeavor to the early settlers of the west who were responsible for the formation of our nation. They helped to build a great nation while we shall attempt to construct a strongly unified, peace oving world. The most important part of our task will be in relation to the social aspect of the situation. Realizing that people the world over are essentially similar in desires, we must work towards establishing a world in which all peoples can be relatively happy by making basically sound their economic and political systems. We all know that fear, ignorance, and poverty breed discontent. In order to create better world understanding we must take the lead in facilitating the establishment of brotherhood. Creating the confidence of one people in another should be the essential basis for all post-war planning. If there is no mutual understanding, little can be done to advance world civilization. At the conclusion of the war, we must realize that we are all living in "one world", not in one isolated nation. Those things which we have, other peoples would like to enjoy. One Part of the globe cannot exist terribly primitive, while another portion enjoys the luxuries of life. Some new method will have to be devised to distribute more nearly equally the maladjusted natural resources of the world. But above all, let us remember that the most vital issue with which we are confronted is that of establishing better human relations among all the nations of the earth. With these principles in mind, the class of 1945 dedicates this year book to you, the fighting men of America, and the noble ideals which you uphold. cl! ROY L. BUTTERFIELD Q Principal To every the memories of Mr. Butter- field and Mr. Sabin are precious. patience and wisdom have smoothed our paths and brightened our days. We shall cherish them always in our hearts, and we know that the years will bring us ever grow- ing appreciation of their service to the boys and girls of Benjamin Franklin High School. WILLARD A. SABIN Vice-Principal I SENIURS J fx JOSEPH Gum, 11,.e,jde,,l EUGENE SILVERI, Vire-Prefidenz The happy strains of Bob Langs band swung out at the Senior Dance on Janu- ary 9th providing fun for all the seniors who attended. Careful planning and close cooperation among the members of the Senior Council are responsible for the suc- cess of this and all other projects carried on by the Class of '-45. DORO'fHY B. REDDING f IVIARION Runs, Social Clmirmafz SEATED: Dudd, Razef, G11 151' ROW: O'Gmdy, Levine, Sfezzfmt, Per, ZND Row: Hwwmn, Norden, Adam SRD ROW: Miale, Torlori l THOMAS ICOSZALKA, Tmziurer Smirmtv BATES, Sm-army 5 , Q U N C l I. Room 52 buzzes with activity on Tuesday afternoons as Mrs. Redding and Mr. Swarth- out, our hard working advisers, help us plan affairs, collect class dues, and carry on the necessary business of a graduating class in wartime. Our class owes a great deal, not only to them, but to our class oflicers also. HAROLD A. Swmuruour iTED: Balm, Silveri, Korzalka NICHOLAS Dizim, Serin! Clmirmim ' Row: Niewood, Bazmglid J ROW: Kuprzynfki, Srlzipperf, Sollizz n ROW: Weirzrteirz, Davin- RITA JANE ABBERGER, 554 Hudson Ave. MILDRED ACCORSO 466 Bay St. ANNA ACETO 31 Durgin St. ELAINE L. ADAMSKI 343 Weaver Sr. WANDA ELEANOR ADAMUS 85 Wlakefield Sr. XVALTER Ii. AGNELLO 2244 Clifford Ave, SAM P. ALESSI 100 Midland Ave. MARY ALICE ANDERSON 96 Remington Sr. ELAINE F. ARONOVV 6 Morris St. IRVING BALDWIN 218 Avenue E MORRIS HAROLD HALL 455 Remington St. IRFNI2 BALZER 355 Remington Sr. MURYAL A. BAREIS 51 Herald Sr. MARION VIVIAN BARONE 650 Bay St. MURIITL BAROXYJSKY 188 Baden St. FREDRICK R. BARHEI . 5 Alphonse Sr. f if 5 dm? X MARGA :T BAS ' ANSON ' 1 135 Q1 ut Pk. W ' ,X xl Ny , F . LE E. B ES " I' to Rd. .X SEP E M. BATTAGLIA ' X lxlie aine Dr. i 1 R ITH M. BAUER l 'y 19 Townsend Sr. I .. my 2' '. IQCKLEY 50 'mover St. RENIEIE ADORIEE BEGLEMAN 459 Hollcnbeck St. PETRINA A. BELLANCA 236 Arbutus Sr. EDNA BERTHOLD 313 Durnan St. DAVID ARTHUR Bl'l"l'Kl5R 18 Avenue A West LEE ALLEN BLOCH 57 Nortlxview Terr. ESTHER BLOSSOM 509 Melville St. ANN C. BOBBY 40 Bufhan Pk. .HARLES BONAFEDIE 4 Hollister St. BRUCE H. BORN 138 Chapin St. LORRAINE BORINICK 30 Merrimac St. JEANIITTE BOUCHARD 24 Delamnine Dr. EAN IE. BOWDEY Z Park Rd., Sem Breeze MARTIN BRIZIIKOPII I5 Widnun Sr. JANET BREIIUNG 98 George Sr., Sea Breeze FRANCES BARBARA BRINDISI I773 Clitlurd Ave. OSIZPH S. BROADMAN -I Mnrrls Sr. ARLIENIE HliI.IiN BRITNS M Ketchum St. ROHIiR'l' I.. BUBISS W5 lludsun Ave, MARY CI. BUNK I7 Pecklmrn St. SLADY MARY BURGIE 85 Portland Ave. PAULINI2 JUDITI-I BUSCH 389 Pearl Ave., Pt. Pleasant ANTOINETTE CAPOBIANCO 77 Avenue D JOAN CAMPBELL 39 Farbridge St. IIARIIE AN'I'OINIiT'l'lZ CARDARIiI.I.I Z6 Nilhols Sl. CLIFTON WILLIAM CARROLL IGM! Oregon St. NORTON I.. CARSON -Ii Beach Sr. NORENI2 M, CASTRONOVA H95 N. Goodman St. ERACE J. CAIALANO 9 Valuis Sr. NORMAN CHODOSH 79 Vienna Sr. KATHERINE G. CHARLES 7115 Evergreen Sr. FLORENCE B. CHIELCHOWSKI 159 Hollcnbeck St. IUSSIE CHERKASKY 27 Woodbury Sr. FRANK CIMINO 6 Cole St. LYA F. CIOFFI 154 Hand St. CLARA CANTIELLA H37 Clifford Ave. I" 'I ,fav WILLIAM JOHN CIRMAN 1081 Clinton Ave. N. JACK COBRIN S6 Sullivan St. JOSEPH ALBERT COCO 219 Rohr St. ANNE S. COMINSKY I5 O'Brien St. TOM KARL CONDRAI' Sl Williie Dr. AGATHA MARIE CQONILPLIO 4115 Oakman Sr. JOSEPH J. COSTANZA 06 Valois Sr. TH ERIESA S. CULROSS 55 I'lCllwn0d PI, ANNA TIERESA CIYCKIIEWIKIZ 715 Norman St. JULIUS PIETIER DANA, JR. 104 Miller Sr. RI'I'A H. DANIELS. 7 Sr. Jacob Sr. JOSEPH JAMES D'ARIEN2 26 Vayu Sr. JAMES LEE DAVIS IS Pullman Ave. GERALDINE S. DEBELL 2115 Clifford Ave. ETHEI. MARION DEMHSKI l S4 Baumann Sr. AVIS D. DESENS 460 Bernard Sr. MARVIN LEWIS DIAMOND 255 Baden St. EDITH LOUISE DIBELLA 3 Albow Pl, HELEN DIVNICI-I 130 Dorbcth Rd. BERNARDINE MARY DIY 71 Wilsoii Sr. JEANNE MARIE IJOIERICI-I 408 First Sr. THIZLMA EDYTHIE DOIESCIHER 140 Heberlc Rd. LOUISE ANN DONOVAN 116 Avenue D ANGELO V. D'ORAZIO 107 Randolph Sr. FREDERICK A. IYORAZIO 107 Randolph St. OLGA DOROFIEA 42 Wamlfcrr Terr. VIRGINIA D. DOUGLAS 4 Bremen St. IRENE J. DOWIHY 68 Herman Sr. MYRON L. DOX, JR. -100 Flower City Pk. NICHOLAS DUDA, JR. 916 joseph Ave, RUTH EHRENBERU 22 Avcnuc D DAVID EISENBERG 928 joseph AVC. DOROTHY A. IETSENBERCL 105 Durbcth Rd. LEONARD IZPSTEIN 80 Wilsnvn Sl. ERNEST ANGELO FARAONE 26-I Spvlnghcld Avo, DOROTHY FILY 'JI W'z1lnuL Pk. 'TERIZSA M. lfliI.L1iR H53 Nurmn St. BETTY M. EINSEI. 50 Hgurls Sl. SANTINA EERRARO 1005 NIIYITI Sr. 'I'lIIiODORE FINE li Cmlmcllnc Sl. RUTH E. IfI.EICQllI1R -I I 9 Avenue D f DOROTHY LEE FOSTER 180 Frcdcrixll Pk. CHARLOTTE FRANK 26 Bcmlx Sl. MARION REVA FREEDMAN I5 Dcjongc Sl. MURILI. I:RlIiDl.ANDliR 825 N. Clinton Avc. ELAINE FRIEDMAN 90 Hollcnbcnk SL. RICHARD FRISCIH 521- Rcmington Sl. LOUIS J. GAGLIANO 5,10 Slxmh Sr. IEUGENE JOHN GANGAROSA S5 Aurora St. JOSEPHINE RITA GANUAROSA ST Miller Sr. BERNARD GASTEL 66 Avcnuc A RUTH GASTEI.. 06 Avcnuc A jOHN A. LQERACE 5-I9 Bcmaml Sr. VINCENT GERMANO 292 Pmlland Ave. BEVERLY G. GERMANOXV 46 Nyc Pk. SHELDON CQESENSWAY 163 Avenue C ORAC: .. G16 ' MA . GLIDDEN 488 C sshcld Rd. !UNADA GRACE Ul.IIEXWE 24 Huston Sl. LEONARD GOLD ,IR Clcvvlzlnd SI. PERRY LEON UULDSILIIIN 1505 XViIkxns Sl. MILDRED CQOLDSIONIZ 351 joseph Ave. IRENE SHIRLEY GOLER 75 Sarong Sl. AIUDIIII GORDON H7 Kcuhum 51. RENIEE LQORIN 208 Wilkins Sl, PATRICIA IILLEN CQOSNELL 14 Sheridan SL. HARVEY RAUVAN CQRANI'I'Ii AIT! Avenue D CAROLYN SHIRLEY CREED -I30 Avcnuc A GEORGE ROBERT LIRIiENXX'OOD -Ill Cmssllcld Dr. we mm j --J EI 59 r wood Avc. , I. SH RI. 1Y ,IAN AI lj Tlom gKSz I ' f bla ARD U SSMAN N I5A Nyc I"',LxQ5IL . I Aj, off ftfpllf FDITH A grmxukoss WWI ll Ave. Q ' If COLLEEN H. ca mmm 1625 Nfliu man Sr. ' 10512 H F. caUl.Lo 86 urcsrcr Sr. ' .J LOUISE IOANNE UUMINA L50 XVmvdlmury Sl. ELSIE UIISTKIE Ava. N. CHARLES DAVID HARRIS 3313 joseph Ave, GERALD HARRIS 25 St. CIISIIUII' St. ANNA M. IIAWKINS 050 VIIIIIQIYIS St. JANE MARIE HEINZLE 30 Falsrafi Rd. ' FRED ARTHUR HERBST 64 Chelsea Rd. MIRIAM Y. HIZRMAN 1044 Sr. Paul Sn. MERILYN CAROL HILLER 57 Ketchum St. mOLORI:S R. HOFFMAN lb Gram Sr. EVELYN HOPKINS 181 Digkinson St. ,IOYCH IEILEIZN HOUSER 3148 Normn Sr. EDWIN G. HUBER 119 XViIl1nnn1 St. RICHARD j. HURYSZ 18 Mamhcslcr Sr. BERNICIZ ISBIIZ 'M Roth St. ISAAC ITKIN .27 Unrlmn Sr. RITA .IAROSZIZXVSKI 181 Furlong Sl. LORRAINIE LOUISE jUHNSON S7 Sl. Caslmir St. MARION ,IOIINSTONIL 1-1 Avcnuc D ALBINA JONAS 20 Cuba Pl. SHIRLEY G. JOSIZPHSON 110 Wul'ing Rd. I XVILMA KA'I'HARlNI2 JUNKER S5 Haysllfi Dr. LL' I, , HELEN L. JUZWIAK , X -181KWuudbury St. f I J! HELIZN B. KAPCZYNSKI , 777 N0flun Sl. A 4 7- f MORRIZLL H. KAVPLAN 253 Avcnuc A MILDRIED II. KASANOV 1705 Chnwn Ave. N. ALBERT KASDIN I7 Rhine St. ARLIINIZ M. KIiABl.Ii 411 Hgu'11s SL. GIZORGIQ C. KLISLR 1111 Clithnd Ave. ANNIi'I"I' I zN U 1 -BJ A171 Hull bark Sr. I I l.0'I" I. . I .Il 275 Hudson Ave. IIliT'I'Y ,IANIS KIS " 51 Alnscph Pl. RITA HILLIT 'I.INKli 11-Il Vcrsgullcs Rd. IZARI. JASON KUMIESAR 1011-1 Clinton Aw. N. VIRGINIA 15. KONIHQZNY H10 Nurmn SL. HAROLD KOSOFI: SI Nyc Pk. THOMAS R. KOSZALKA 789 joseph Avc. w' nw I SEYMOUR HOXVARD KRIEGER 279 Baden St. MARIAN KRIVITZA .8 Manchester Sl. EVELYN KRYK 51 Wilsmmn St. DOLORIES ELAINE KUPSK 670 Clinton Ave. N. ANGIELO LABUIE Sl Clairmount St. HELEN LACUR'1'Ii 979 Norton St. RAYMUND V, LANCASTER lll Oregon SL. HOXVAR D I. LANDON 5161 Culver Rel. ROSALIE M. LANZA 155 Oneida St. ANNIZTTIE MURlli1. LEDERMAN 101 'l'llomaS St. NVILLIAM LITE 27V2 Oregon St. FRANK LIEMBO 1811 Arbulub Sl, EILIEEN IZDNA LIZNDT S12 joseph Ave. IiRW1N 1'-1. LEONARD 229 Duinan St. RISHA LIZAH LIZVINE 32 Bismarck Terr. FANNY LIEVY 259 Baden Sl. KATHERINE LEVY 349 Remington St. SOPHIE ALLIEGRA LEVY I8 Roth St. BETSY LEWIS 84 Herman St. MORTON LEVIN I4 Eiffel Pl. VASA ANN LEWIS 84 Herman St. WILI.IAM C. LICA'l'A 34 Winterrotln St. EVELYN LINDSAY 296 Hudson Ave. ROBERT ll. LINN 679 Clinton Ave. N, JACQUELINE RITA LINIZ 586 Wilkins St. MARIE MILDRED LORENTZ 739 Avenue D MADELYN IRENE LURZ- 46 Malone St. ABRAHAM LUSTIK 206 Rauber Sr. DORIS E. MAIHAUM 282 North St. VIRGINIA MAKOWSKI 159 Dickinson Sr. GLORIA FLORENCE MALAMIVI' H7 Cunkcy AVC. DOROTHY MOLINARI 1225 Nurxh Sr. IERESA H. MALINOWSKI 408 Nnrrh Sr, RITA MILDRIID MANDIQLL 70 Harris Sl. MANICONIE M Marlin Sr. I1VIiI.YN MARANIES -570 Ilnllcnlvmk Sr. HIRLIZY MARKOITII S4 N. LIIIIHUH Aw. DOROTI-IIEA j MARSHALL V' Oullmmk Dr., Pr. PIe.1sgAnr l.IiI LA C. MASS Iii Dnmnd Blvd.. Pr, PIC.lN.lI1I LEONARD Ii. MASS li-I Snrfxnmnm St. RACE RLI'I11'Iw-j1IATIfIfR I S7 CIWTQSIICIKI Ur. I f , I ou , M. MELIJQMA 1 1 1.12172 Lake View,Ave., Sca'Bfec7c ,slsmes IviIiRAGEAS". '697 N. Clinton Ave. LSOROTHY L. MIiIERHOl.Z 3l Turpin Sr. ETTY IE. MIZRZKIE '6 juseph Ave. LOUISE ANNIZITIE MlZ'l'IQR QI Henry Sr. MIELVIN M. METS 74 Smmg St, MARGOT Mlil'ZCiIiR 2-I2 Seymour Rd. ARVIZY MITYIYRS I Tyler Sr. AUGUST MIALF 1415 Ridgewood Dr. LOUISE CAROL MICOLI Si Garner Sr. I2STEl.LIi If. Mll.l,IiR 638 ffllf ' ' . IZNRY STIZPHIEN MILOSZ 7 Hudson Ave. JOHN ROBERT MIS'I'RA'I'IiR R53 Avenue D IEIJWARIJ NICHOLAS MITCHI2I.L 611 Mohawk Sl. GIOVANNA I'. MONIIZSANO 62 Trust Sr. I CHARLES ANTHONY MORREALE I8 Harrison St. MARY VIRGINIA MORREA LE 332 Hudson Ave. LEONARD DAVID MROS 1330 Normn Sr. PETER j. MURAIORE 8 M1II'III1 Sr. DONALD MURRAY 151 Avenue B BETTY NAIIMIAS 45 Rhine Sl. PAUL HAROLD NEIIMANN 112-1 Kllnirmoum Sr. G LORIA F. NIEXVC EOD 53 Clnrulmgc Dr. MARY IANE EMILY NOGA KFS Avenue D MARGARET EIJZAHETII NORDEP 1056 joseph Ave. IZVELYN 'I', NOXVACQKI 752 Avenue IJ ROSE MARIE NOWACKI 11-I Ernsr Sl. FRANK PETER NOXVAK 293 Remington Sl. DOI.ORIiS BIITII OESOXVIIZ S-Il Hollcnbcrk Sl. KATHLEEN FRANCES OIBRI' 12 Evergreen Sl. LUISE MARIE A. OIIR 11 XX'ilIire Dr. RICHARD ,I. PANZA 1120 North SI. JOSEPHINE JEAN PECORA 86 Sander Sr. ROSE MARY PECORA 129 Rohr Sr. SARA TI-IRESA PIQCORA 36 Crombie St. REVA PEKARSKY 76 Hollenbeck Sr. ELIZABETH ANI'I"l'A PERRY 36 Ihnovcr Sl, MARY J. PETIX 1856 Clitiord Ave. ANGELINA PEI RAN'I'O 377 joseph Ave. ROSE MARY PEZZINO 35 Coumil Sr. K I I I ELEANOR JEAN PI-IILO 94 Holbrooke Sl. JANE VIRGINIA PLACIIQK SO Malone St, LLSIIE MAY PODLEERS 135 Seville Dr. LILLIAN POPIWNY 161 HoIIcnhcfk Sl. BETTY j. PORTER 1810 ClifIord Ave. CQENEVIEVI2 E. POSPULA 14-13 North Sr. IiI.AINI2 INIIZ PRIf'l2 301 Dimkinwn Sl, THEODORIE PRZIZXVORSKI WB Numan St. IZDITII MARIIE QlIA'I'I'ROl,lIIII I-IHS Cflitfurd Aw. ISADORIE RAPKIN S7 Ognkmm Sr. MARIAN IZ. RAZITS 711111 f'I1nmn Avo. N, KIRIZTIZI. ANN RIfIfIIISTIi'I"I'IfR 711 Iiurlung St. MARTIN .IACQK RIQIIKOPI' 1111 Norlhvucw Terr. MARVIN JALK RIQIIKOPP in Sullivan Sl. IIIENRY CQIEORUIQ RITIITIIR, ,IR II'1 Muulwn SI. PATRICIA RICHARD 220 Furl-mg Sr. FRANCIS H. RICKLR 1'l Ciruimn Sr. I,lII1LI.A H. RIlQI'iIiR V1 Ch.1Imn Sr. IIIi'I"I'Y ,IUNIi RII.IiY H45 PmlI.1mI AVC. IIILRNICIL ,IIZAN RING S56 Cflithmi Ava. PHILIP ALPHONSIZ RIZZO 02 Rnscrnnry Dr, KENNIi'I'H G. ROBINSON 3588 Culver RII. JUNE MARIE RO1.I1liR 106 Wk-cgcr Sr. CALVIN ROSFNBAUM 22 II1u'ris SI. IZLINOR RO'l'H 10110 joseph Ave. IRENE ROTKOWIIZ 42 RZIUIVCI' Sr. ANTHONY jOSIiI-'II RUSSO 611 Slim St. DONALD ANCIELO SALAMONIE 5-I9 North SI, IZVELYN FRANCES SALBIER 163 Klein St. ANGELO JOHN SAN FILLIPO 25 Berry Sr. RICHARD DONALD SA N1 WC' 38 M,1gcc Ave, W4 744 f ,ff-a'.,.f'f' 1,-'ffl ,f..f,, , ,L lf, . - 'Qs-4 ,,'1 ,,4:,.1 , f 1 I ,jf 'u'6'fj ' ' I, , I I I ff aj, .fQlf,.C4f'-4 s ,f . GIQTK DE LYNE SAPERSTONE 611 Hooker Sr. SHIRLEY RUTH SAPIERSIONE 60 Hooker St. DOROTHY LOUISI2 SAVAGIi 1080 North Sz. GEORGE A. SCIIIAIEITICR JUS Culver Pkwy. MARION FI.URIfNffIl SCQIIAIiIfI-IR 21 Bellwood Pl. RICHARD IOHN SfIHAIzI:IxR 41-10 Carrcr Sr. DOROTHY I2LIZAHII'I'II SKIHIEIHI. 15 Bremen Sr. IOYCIIZ I.. SfQHIIfIfIIAlIIiR 682 Hudson Aw. JUNE ANN SCIIIPPITRS 10 Bmdloul Sl. LOIS LAURA SKfIILO'I"l'MAN 76 Gxllvcrl Dr. DORIS MARION SKIHNICIDLR 79 Mohawk St. ,119 AUDRIZY ANN SCIIRICINIQR "I Sylvester Sl. ANNIET'I'I2 I.. SIIIIWARIZ 1615 Sr. Paul Blvd. JOAN A. SCIHWARI7, Z5 Leo St. VIRGINIA IZLAINIZ SHORT 125 Wlorllminglon Rd. PEARL M. SHUR S97 Norlon Sr. IIIELIZN RUIII SIIURGOT 70 Cuba PI. SALVATORI2 SILIPIGNI 1571 Clillord Avo, IDA SILVIZR 115 Cliflornl AVC. NORMA SI LVIiR Ill Ilnwkms Sr. RHODA SILVER I0 Hawkins Sl. EUGENE SILVIZRI 106 Bglyflill Dr. GLORIA LILLIAN SIMON Z1 Ivinzdn Terr. DOROIIIY I., SKI1VAI.. S2 Iilbn Sr. NADA INIARY SKUI.'I'If'I'Y 1-10-I Clinton Ave. N. BERNICE ELLEN SMITH 193 Wakelxeld SI. Rl'I'A MARY SMITII 05 Avomlalc Rd. EDWARIJ S. SMYDA 1103 North Sr. RAYMOND ,lOSI1PI'I SMYKIL 122 XVllk1ns St. RAYMOND LEE SNIDILR W0 Cumberland Sr. ROSIS H. SNIDERMAN 25 Rhine Sr. SHIRLITY Cf, SOLLIN 18 fi1lI'III.lgIC Dr. NICHOLAS SOROIQHIY 5 Crystal Pl. I IiI.IEANOR SOVAISKY IV Vfcyl St. '-I BIi'I"I4Y SPAMPlNA'I'O -I0-I PunIand'Avc. 1 MARIO SPARAGANA V 'W Nillcn' St. OSCTXR SIAHI, Sp O.Ilm1.u1 St. sl' ROY R, 5'II,INI',R JH Morrill Sl. RUSEMARY S'II1U 'JR Divkimnn Sr, THIZLMA I.. S'I'I2XVAR'I' 262 Lake Breeze Pk, CHARI.IiS A. SIRAUSS W HMI Sl. I.U'I4HIfR ARNA 'IAARIIOX 325 If, 7"lI1 Sr., Ncw Yvrk DANIIZI. PATRICK 'IAIIRIIZLIIO 75 Ncwuunlw Sr. IILVANOR A, 'I'HIflIIiRKORN 27 AcI1L'l'f-old Sl. IRINI1 DURUI HY IIIUMAS IPI V1mSmlIcn Sr. I'IOXX'ARD THOMPSON ii Quinny Sr. ALBI-.R'I' .IOIIN 'I'OR'I'ORIQ'l"I'I ' Rmktl Sl. MARUARITI' Ii. 'I'RIMMIiI H18 I.y1cum Sl. DONALD OSCAR TRUSI' Ii St. RAYMOND ARIHIIR IINZIID 117 Avenue C CI.ARIiNClIl -I. VANDIERZIZLL 685 Ridgcwgly Avo, JULIA VARON -II XVidm.1n Sr. FRIiIDA VIiNIIiRS 180 Turpin SI. YOLANDA VIZNIURA IIS Almim Sr, MARY jANIf VIYIIII 7 Hutfmgm Rd, Yomwlm VI'I'ALIi no Hay sl. gf i Im ,ww S -lx- S SERVICE BUYS EDWARD S. MALOLEPSZY JAMES UBBINK SAM MAGNERA LEO SLAWSKY EDWARD WOSNIAK ARNOLD SUGARMAN SIDNEY B. KRAVETZ 21 The Class ol 1945 ol BENJAMIN FRANKLIN l"llGl-l SCHGQI. presents SENICDR PLAY This year's play, "The Late Christopher Beam", was one of the finest dramatic productions ever staged by our talented Mr. Remington. A brilliant cast gave a memorable performance before a packed auditorium. The work of Renee Gorin, who played the lead, was of professional quality. All that was needed to make this a completely happy occasion was your presence. O O O t , , BACK ROW: Kaplan, Unzeld. 2ND ROW: Miale, Dude, Komemr, Mr. Remington. FRONT ROW: Ofmwilz, Herman, Razer, Gorin. 23 MW 'N WMZTZEM Cggknyvfaiupitfjtb I..- Acnvmfs 3 Tl-IE FRANKLIN CALENDAR September 1944-After a strenuous T summer of helping the war effort, we returned to the comparative quiet of Franklin and the alleged distinctive of being seniors. The Key Staff was organized, the clubs got under way, the Teen Canteen prepared for a busy sea- song and incoming students pro- rrur .W ceeded to get lost all over the place. CARLTON JOSEPH BETTY ZETTLEMOYER GULLO RILEY October 1944-The football season opened with unusually enthusiastic student support. The Honor Societies elected officers. The Student Government began its work, and several dances started the social season off with a bang. November 1944-AThe Bond Drive and the Memorial Scholarship Campaign gave November an appropri- ately patriotic air. Franchot Tone charmed feminine Franl-:linites and helped to boost the bond sales. The cast started rehearsing for the Senior Play. December 1944-The Senior Play delighted the biggest audience ever. Plans were made for a Christmas dance, but the snow came, schools closed, and all social activities stopped. No one had to dream of a white Christmas. january 1945-We had our senior danceg a few unfortunates had to take regentsg student officers were electedg and we had ertered on our last arm. Miss Clary took a half-year leave much to the sorrow of her senior English class. February 1945-Even snow storms brought some good. To us it was the opening of school one-half hour later. This has made it pos- sible for many of us to get to school on time and in one piece. March 1945-National Honor So- ciety inductions, our variety show, W the Red Cross Drive, and the ap- I proach of Spring brightened our days. April 1945-Spring came, and we were overjoyed at the unexpected Easter vacation. 4' JAMES AUGUST GRACE Wssrcorr MIALE Gloaoro ' May 1945-State scholarship exams troubled our brighter minds, Franklin Day was celebrated in the traditional manner, and june regents began to darken our horizon. june 1945-Senior Day, final exams . . . graduation. . . and happy memories. 26 STUDENT GCDVERNMENT SFATFDZ Sfczruzrf. Gnllu, Riley, IIIIVIINZ. IST ROW: Mr. Sfzlziu, Mr. lfrwluis, Mm. Pillj, Mr. Ruby. QND ROW: DIILJYLI. Sifzwi, Silmfr, Aiiufc. . Q wx- SIZATISU: Mr, Clmjwlf. Uvwlwfl. Mr. lifzllerfield. Gw'gfn. Mr. Fmnriv. IST ROW: Tfzftorrlli, Kwzzumr. Miale, Mm. Pillf, Kmtfzer. Silwri, Tfrrhzfzflii. Riley. Mr. Ruby, Delielf. 27 EDITCDRIAI. BGA? SEATFD: Riflm Lerine, Merilyn Hiller, Clmrlolle Frank, Mirr Slveelmn, Dolorer Hojmun, Unada Gliewe. STANDING: Ma1'tifz Reiflfopp, Albert Kardin. Last Fall our staff was chosen and began with great enthusiasm to plan this book. After many hours and much labor we had the dummy ready to be submitted for bids. At this point our woes began in earnest. Wliat to cut? How to meet the budget? That being settled, we moved on to our next task- getting the pictures taken. Then came more writinr and revision and so far on into the ear. We can onl ho we that the book t 5 U I r Y Y pleases you. lf it does, the staff will consider that it has labored to good purpose. Our artists worked sueedil and well. Wfhatever ou en'o in this book will vrobabl be due lar vel to , , l Y Y I Y Y 3- Y their efforts. But for the faithful and intelli vent work of all branches of the business staff, there would be no book. . 5 . . . They broke all records both in the number of books sold and the amount of advertising obtained. And last but not least, we wish to thank Estelle Miller, who typed most of this material, and Roland Ewing, our gifted and faithful photographer. To their skill and hard work the Key owes much. 28 Kern lfdilrzmzf liurlrd Catherine A. Sheehan, Arfziiw' Unudii Gliewe Merilyn Hiller Dolores Hoffman, Co-Clmirinun Albert Kztsdin Rishi: Levine, CU-CllA1ll'llTLll1 Martin Reitkopp l"i'.1l1n'c Pl7fIffIKQ!'.II7l7V1' Roland Ewing my zjipfif listelle Miller f,ll'l'llltIlfflIl Ii. DeMnrs Bezunt, Af1'1'j.iw' David Eisenberg, Co-Manager Perry Goldstein, Co-Manager Bob Bulves, Assistant Manager Mildred Kusitnov. Checker Norman Chodosh, CllCCliC1' Dick Sanow, Checker Bern.1rd Grossman, Checker Izzdiridfml IJZwff1gmplvy AltI7IiIKQL'I'l Gertrude Superstone, Chilirmun Teresa Feller Virginia Konieczny Dolores Zaclcheim lhrfzlifily Afrzfzflgefir Dorothy Savage Betty Jane Greydiinus A:1'1'w'li.ri11g june Schippers, Co-Manager Iithel Demhski, Co-lvluniigei' Shirley Gustke Giovanna Montesgino Gloria Niewood Dorothy Scheihle KEY ART STAFF BACK Row: Mr, A141111-e1'. Ctmrm. 2ND Row: Levine. 13.111, Silwr. FRONT Row: Ginn t Cllufffiflflf Mtnmgur Ruth Gastel BIl.lfl2L',ll Smff SL'l'l'Cftll"1' june Schippers lfcy Ar! SMH Emil P. Maurer, Adrfiw Morris Ball Norton Carson Bernurdine DiYulio Unixdzl Gliewe Rishii Levine Ida Silver Norma Xweingrald KEY BUSINESS STAFF SEATED: Superrlone, SCbff7Af781'.f, Dembilei, Savage. lsr ROW: Srfauible. Grnzie. Nieuvwd, GvTFJ'll1:lfZlllN Kmzieczny. ZND ROW: G'mIel, Goldrlein, Mr. Bezmzl, Ewing. ZNCLIFKIIII. 5RD Row: Cbndmh, Ufzzeld, Kizplrm, Eiiwzbwg. 29 l2isENm2izu, Ciiooosu lX1oN'rr2sANo, Smslow Or Li Cf 0 vm TI-IE NATIQNAL I-IQNQIQ SQCIETV sponsors the Franklin Wfar Bond Drive with outstanding success. Fl'2lDChOI Tune buosts bond sales and heart bears. Mr. Sabin and Mr. FI'AlIlL'iS burnt into sung under thc direction of lfarl Kmnimr and -loc Xxlolitsky. K 1 '. Mr. Betrcn and Mr. Edwards pay il forfeit. Miss Riley and Mr. Mohr give Al new vwsiuxu nf Rumen and julict. SEATED: Gallo, Baller, Man, Razer. Reilkopp. 1ST ROW: Levy, Bittker, Gliezve. Samge, ,Gf1.1lel, Silipigni. ZND ROW: Smillv, 5.1111-'ilippru, Itkin, Fellef, Bareir, Il"00Idridge. Kzrprkf. 3R13 ROW: Gavel, Reiner, Hiller, Granite, Ei.renbff.2, Sororbly, Komlba. 30 lkvlll lli Ml 'WD iQ ll A This is from the little people, Mr. President, The little people who loved you Because you loved them, and were their friend. I Yesterday l was on the bus XVhen l saw a funny little old man -One of the little people-- Witli foreign whiskers and thin gray hair Pass by a store window, There was your picture between two marble urns. Witlt the large inscription: "Greater love hath no man than this, That a man lay down his life for his friends." He stopped and tipped his hat, and tried to come closer, But the thronging crowds would not let him. So he stood there on the curbstone, The Wind passing through his thin gray hair, Staring at your picture. His lips moved Trying to read the inscription. But it was too hard for him: He could not read English, you see. So his lips stopped moving, And he just looked at your picture. And the bus started, and I could see him no more, But he was still looking at your picture' he couldn't read the inscription. Oh Captain, my Captain . . . Mr, Presi- dent . . . Mr. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. ll "Passed through Wasliingttmn today," wrote Private joseph jones To his family. 'iWilHICd to drop in to see Frank, hut didn't have time. "Well, guess he's pretty busy himself. But l'm sure to come across Eleanor in the Aleutians." How the neighbors laughed to read that. They told it to each other over backyard fences, Over cups of coffee beside the kitchen stove, Chuckling at each new telling. And they thought about it sitting on the floor next to the radio, Hearing that fatniliar voice, "My friends." Now they look at your black-bordered por- trait,- Gray and wrinkled, and tired, so tired, But still smiling, as you always smiled, And they remember Private jones, and wish you knew, l-low you would laugh, they think. You were his friend. III So through all America: in Europe also, And in Asia, and even in Africa, The little people mourn, And wish you knew their gratitude For your aid to the poor and the weak and the sick, For your serene confidence That every man deserves a right to live And be happy, and secure, For your Four Freedoms, For your stern stand against tyranny, For your smile, your love and faith, Your friendship. The little people mourng they will not for- get. 'I'fte .IIIIZNIV time Oil flu' edilnrial lmrml of Nw Key of '42, MAT-I , Ayes ANID SCIENCE wr SFATIED: rjlllllltfftlll, Colm, 7'.11Ir1il. Buda. 1ST Row: HH7lHE.l'.l'-11, Lafzgz1'm'fhy, Cflfftliltf. Middt ' . L L K In ' ZND ROW, Hnlmd. Sbiddmk. Hall. Potfef The growing need for scientiiic training has made us increasingly appreciative of the opportunities offered here at Franklin. The hard working members of our science department are busy preparing us to be more successful members of the armed forces, or scientists, or just better gardeners. . . I You will recognize many of your best friends in this picture. Mr. Taylor and his colleagues are working harder than ever giving us the angles on every situ- ation so that the unknown quantities of life may be fewer and fewer. SFATFD: C,1U,1l1.n1, Illtzy, ll,,L'1'716'1', Lamb. 1sT ROW: Edunzrdr. DeC'm1ez'. SicHe,v, Smifh. lieffeu. ZND ROW: Tbomizi. Scbrrfwbuwz. of 30 i mug 1 Mew' "p'0f'ffa1fdW fnofwwoj ' 1' L A af' IL Pike' ls! Row: Gnldife '.S:t:ej1.111wffi, Riidig. !, Heiielbeilz, S1111- zn. 1X,t'fl'l7llN1, K.z11fm.n1. Rnfzwz. QND ROW: Felice. Mi111fr,ie.Fried- man. Snlfmmzz. Rngmz, G'er'f11i1rmzi'. Sfbjky, AUM SfL'Lc'f.l, Cllpfcfrl, l'egi.vf1, Ullllllll, Rude, Cnlufn. LANGUAGE FACULTY SEATED: Bezunl, Ma1'fef2,1', Laley. Rizzo, Dlmfaam. Ralatjen, Hwy, D6"FHlfIL'fJ'L'?. The members of the Language Department have continued to broaden our horizons and deepen our understanding of other times and other 'UL peoples both in their class rooms and through the many .services they, have given to Franklin High School and the community. Wx . 2 1 i 1 ii Y. J J V. SPANLSI-I Horxioia SOCIE V i, . ,' EJ . i P0llr1rk. Cohen, Buffer, Wfolgail, Cbodorla. Adler. u,,00.!lZ1'idg6, Herllzun, Silzfwvfeifl, filin- aley. KNEELING: Scber, Sanozv, Wfeinrlein, Miller, Gullure. Hayman, Guirlzmmz, Slonefeld. IST ROW: Troll, Srlauurz, Korfnl. Zuwko, Kuranozf. Ameffy, Maier. Pelwwlfy, Kmmer. Panlyfliuz Zelden. ZND ROW: Mr. DeFmn, Gerber. Golfenbalmz. Kozlnzwei, Suhr, Zelden, Niezmod. Gtzitel, Sredur, Renick, Vo,r,rmeye1'. SRD ROW: Smilla, Sloler, Slaewzzfm. Surfafy, Lfzpider. Stzmloff, Hllgllltlll. Devzluki. Scfamidt, Rotenlzerg. 4TH ROW: Andzer. Rubin. Gnldmfirz, Luzwwzre. Meyer. Granite, W'ein.rleir1. 33 I I :grill ATES dye ti? SIQATIED: Hen. Sumge. Coifzefl, Slierrmzn, Srber, Sfvermun, Cohen, Aver, Gray. Stufer. Ktzbiziuf Silz'er.fleif1, Bw'lu1'irb, Rolewberg, Herman, Min Marlerts, lST ROW: Sfmzejleld. Ilrulfzzztlrl. Levy Snllfwxmfwzel, S.1r1nzz'. Mizmlell. Pedulltz, Rmb. Cohen, Adler. Kmmr, Gmiel. G'11lIef1bw'g. Sl'Z7ll'cH'.T Ffunzk, Niezwmd, Guiirlzzmnz. 2ND ROW: Kmrelz, Gmfzile, Eiiezzlzerg. Aroeify. Cllldwwz, Sfnlzzifz Krwzwur, Silipfgrli. Biflker, Illfin, IVein.nlein, Friedfzxmr, Mlm, Lezfiu. Suwrbfvy. ,iThe Latin Honor Society has made an outstanding contribution to the 'I' social and scholastic life of Franklin. In every field of endeavor the ,M ' Latin Honor Society members have been outstanding both as indi- , 1 ki Y 1 I x Y 1. ' R ,1' viduals and as a group. v I V ' LES BABILLARDS SHATED: fllifler, Hurzuilz, Hoftzmarz, Walden, Wfeinxlein, M1'.i'. DIIVIIOMIII. IST ROW: Buefzef. Schafer. Cwzzizzrky. Lederman, Lombardo, Zacklfeim, Miller. Silver. ZND ROW: Delloreffe. W'inw', Levine. DiYnli0, Shlmmzrilz, Razei, Gliezve. 5RD Row. SL'l7l0fflI1a1l1, Gmef, K.11el.1. ZKJILJHII. Dlidtl. Hyeri, lIm'rj.i', Miale. In addition to its usual activities, the French Honor Society has collected money and clothing for the stricken people of France. 34 I, , .IA ' Luk NI ,.wj.ft-fwfr QPTIMATES M . M' W0 IP l.X!'f,a 11 A SEATED: Mr. Beztuzl, Drzbrrzgruuulfi, SZ.'1l'!t1L'kfy. Felltfr, Milli, Kimmel, lllrffllvfvlfl, Ciruldifvizz. Pulntu SI1fd61'llI4l?l. Btlelzel, Allawi, DL'?'7lltlIZ. lS'l' ROW: l'm11w'. Sf7erm.1r1. Slmpim. lfuifinpp. I,.1z1'fw1z't' Gullniu, Glzzlgtzrrzuz. Denttfb, Spirldelzmzfz, ll"ei11g1'.m'. Sb.1pim. IJw11!1.il7i. 2Nn Row: Ilniuz, Shadi! Umm. Kmdiu, Glfflf, ljlldlllclfl, Steinberg, lyzffbllnlll. Milam. Azzdger. BRD Row: Iizzwff. Ix'mg.1l!.w Rznacll. Glulel, W'eiz1.tfeiz1, Rvguzz, Block. Ifllwlfltlll. The Italian Honor Society is tletlicatetl to fostering an interest in ltztlinn culture and literature. This ear the' have lmtl an unusunll f successful Y l l program of activities. ' - A ,..l i IL emeoto DANTE ' s , X,-X 3 t,K A SEATED: Inmrdomz, Su1li,l'IVl0Iimn'i, Gnngtzmnz, Min Rizzo. IST ROW: Illm'w'.1, Gtltllzm. Viltzft Ntmiu, Acelo, Lfmzd. A2-ND ROW: Dellareffe. Bntfi. Zizzgzwllu, DiM.n'm, Chfpple. Sim Row' Valenmz, Gmzgtzrom, Pri1'iler'.1. Vt1r1Cbw'i. . ,J, 'f, "X 'V 55 ' J GERMAN HGNGR SGCIETV The members of the Ger- man Honor Society, which is under the supervision of Miss Peterson, are those German students who have proved themselves to be superior in their knowl- edge of the German lan- guage, The society often has the privilege of hear- ing special speakers, and records of German operas. In addition, the society holds colorful parties sev- eral times a year. The German Honor Society is an aid in rounding out the German student's knowl- edge of this language. SEATED: Beglemun, Sniderman, Mueller, Metzger, Levin, Gzbirleizz. Thefferkom. IST ROW: Ixmzcl Gullenberg, Philo, S:1f1'1'.l'l0l7E, Levy, Cohen, Reirhrzellef. Norden. Brill. ZND ROW: Gizlfflmfl Kunz Yule. Scblnlfmtm, Kelferer. Uhr, Meyer, Melzger, Koszalitl. 5RD ROW: Gmf. D111111. lYiI!c'lI,IJ Hu! 1 E,rte1'mt1n, W'eimlein. Wnlgizif. Ktzidiu. BOGKSTORE 'Kirin Ewan lvl!! '.JfWlTjJ 'fl 505-'-0' ffffiql ,if idwf. f SEATED: Dmzoznm. 0'G'1'adA1'. Cale. Me1'agetz,i', Murrell, Mr. Wfmwer. lsr ROW: Konieczny. .Merzka Vilale, Sfmzzeri, IN't1b111m,r. Heirklen. QND Row: Sleibler, Knnierzny, Nogtz, Kirlllrzyfzwli. .,.I7'l1.116ll'.ll:j. Kll'll.l'f6j. 36 !NUJ'r.f'!fJ if There is no group to whom Franklinites are more in debted than our Book .Store Aides. Thcy givc service that is uniformly courteous and elllcicnt SENICDI2 TRI-Y SEATED: Cabal. lNl0l1'cII.'kj, .Mtzlrefz Kuprzymki. Butw. Srbuejer. IST ROW: Vllllrg lirmley. S!!7Il'.ll'fL, Cfm'l1r.nle. Fillltfl, Nuuulrki. Btrllwld. QND Row: Iiulzrlnml. G'l't',l'd.llIlll, Drfwiflw. 1ll.n'+l1.1ll. flljllllflll lfmfer. S.11'.1gt. Nrnzlwl. The Tri-Y Clubs have been active in every school project. They bought :Intl Presented to the school ll one huntlretl tlollnr bontl. For their generous cooperation Franklin is grateful. JUNIOR TRI-Y SIQATFD: Brmlb, Milli, Sfreel. Lrlillumgliu, Lunzrzlellyz. Prizzi. IST ROW: BJA4. Slfujllll, Ilcllrzzvfiu Gilliam. Sfelzler, Dorn, K.n1.1pii. QND Row: lieflww. Zl'l.m15. KflK'Al'. C0llll'A'i. K.'.m'h1l.1. Glmmz. Sf7.lllIf1l7l.If0. Run Row: Imwizzrii. lN'ff11'irki, Kimmel. lirfglnzlwli, liimlur. 37 SIGMA BETA HI-V SEATED: Kilgmf, Mifzle, Ewing, Landon. IST ROW: Reever, Born, W'nf1z1'. De,w1101'e'. ZND ROW: Srhlollmzw, Sfnllef. 1' njw I W 'Z 'Y 1 J KA 1 il M 2- U A 7, ' 'X . - X M -, J , ,, N X'j f A 1 ' - KSRAXBED: Cfzdzvell, IVev1r011, Gmf, Cmzmd. IST ROW: Greenu C . GAMMA PI-II HI-Y SEATED: Gallo, Torlorelli, Wolgafl, Suf2Fillipu. 1ST ROW: Gullo, Chilzppone, Furmxri, Murimvy. ZND ROW: Tarquinio, 0.vlai11,f,6ie, Silueri, Magna, Limza. 38 J-- fs N. s-' iz .SK Q, Q hx I Sty cb al ' ,fc R fbi' bei -f ft' Pl-ll KAPPA - Lu! .J K ., X I ,Zi ll! f' ,VM I., .Af Iliff! J l ,JW 5 of" , if" 'K .1 ny, x Y ylat, IVy5f9ym'ki, Troirke. 2ND ROW: Slnllzrr, Ghrjnrziky. g MQ ALP!-IA PSI l-ll-Y A ' .xx SEATED: Rurrell, Dtwir, Murray, Unzeld. Dudn. lsT Row: Ganga1'0.m, Ciulla, Grzllzzro. Lario, ll"e'ile1'f, Gtzngtzmm. ZND ROW: SLIIZIUTO, Cowerzii, Pr'iz'iIem, Kfmjlp. ll"ozr1iaZ. ERD ROW: Smillz, El.1m, Lrwlendrzld. Lallllllftl 1 U. You will be glad to know that the Hi-Y is living up to Franklin's best traditions of patriotism. A while back they gave it dance for Greek Witt Relief. They have worked faithfully in sulvaging waste paper. They collected milk weed pods for the govern- ment. Before this goes to press, we are sure this list of their good deeds will have grown to greater proportions. PV Qc .X SEATED: Loomis, DIUZII, Cultzltzuo, Frxuzm. IST ROW: Freitag. Iitzlliili, Cdllll?i77,l, Smub 7ND Row Ozmun. Ermlano, Palma Smilh. 311D ROW: Dnwr, Ixlrzzmrb, Kelly. 39 FINE ARTS w we EMIL P. MAURER Lois TUTTLE MARION TUTHILL SCI-IOLASTIC AWARDS r SIZATED: A1l'KzI,Q'. Bayley. Scblattman. Kulz, Melzger, lffeingmd, Airman. Price. STANDING: Guclgfmnz. Deism, lmizrmn. Duniali, Gliewe, Cwlunzu. Gallo. Bermmz, Lnrwzlz, Viziwy. These young people have again brought honor to Franklin High School through their achievements in the Scholastic Key Awards Contest. For their achievements here and their many services to Franklin we are grateful. 40 SGCIAL STUDIES FACULTY SEATED: Clark. Suurfboni. Martin, Firber. Elway. Young. STANDING: Bull, Clmpell, Tilmurz, Li,IfNIL'7. Acbemrz. Hokbi. Mefz. Riley, Quinn. Throughout the entire yezir, the Social Studies Faculty has worked tire- lessly in order to give us 11 knowledge of world eventsi both past and present. Their teaching will help mold the thoughts ob Franklinites in the post-war world. jf ,nf ' A C, ,l fkj. QP ,yipiff it All 'rf' , -af? VJ fl, S- . , SEATED: Snperirlone. Zackheim. Cnmimky. DiYu1i0. Kaidin. Ilkin, Herman, Mr. Hoblu, Memgetai Gmnite. IST ROW: Lei'-y, S7Ifdc'?'f7lt'Il7, Kmztnr. lvlilftllfllll, Miller. Gordon. llnfman. Gi1l'i1'fZNIiH1 Ghldileiaz, 2ND Row: Krzmeiar. Glieuie. Lerimf. Sberrzzinz. Cohen, Shapiro. Siliierileizz, Slmpim Lipmn. 5RD ROW: Goldfteirz. Gtnlel. Clmdmlf. Ktzfg. Betiler, Srllfmmn, Men. The Social Science Forum has presented an unusually interesting program this year. Realizing the need for enlightened public opinion, this club has brought many interesting speakers on current problems. 41 COMMERCIA- SIZATISD: Luvlzer. Blrmk, Zornnw, B7':1.f,f67'. IST ROW: Pangfmrn, Lipmn, Young. Bulley, Ba! ZND Row: W'il7'7l67', Palmer, Leggel. The members of our Commercial classes have had a part in every cam- paign Ill2lI'FI'21Hlilll1l High School has conducted. They have also served as secretaries and rypists for the Key and the Courant and in the various olllces of the Franklin staff. THE COMMERCIAL I-IONOI2 SOCIETY Tl-IE CO-OPERATIVE RETAILIIXIO CLASS 42 ENGLISH SFATED Clary, Sulliww, Tlaampron, Donogbue, Rilz, Redding. ZND ROW: Gl7't'6'7lll'00d, Lezfifz, Liwzofee Sbeebtzfz, Durif, London, Aibley. SRD ROW Aifinron, Knille' Ptzrkwj, Corbrmze, 0 W'arne'r, Ryan. . M1 1 - ...I You will recognize many of your friends in this picture. Despite their struggles with short terms and long courses, the English Department can and does smile. STUDENT PUBLICITY The publicity committee, dedicated to seeing that no Franklin light is hidden under a bushel, continues to command the services of some of our best students. Under the skillful and kindly guidance of Mr. Bezant and Mrs. Knitter, they see to it that Franklin gets its place in the news. Mr. Bezant, llflrv. Knifler, Slwirfey Bntef, G15'1'f1'lll1I0 Sfl1761'.fl0l10, Eleanor Philo 43 eil W HE COURANT Puhlished by the students nl Benjamin Franklin High Srhonl Rochester, N. Y. Office: Room Sl liDl'I'0RlAl, S'l'Alil7 ,'lJ1'i,m13 Iftlifor Shitley Zelden Xwlifzr Iftfilor Helen Schwarz junior Editor Shirley Sollin Ntwr Editor David Gray lfifaflne lidifof-f Norma Shapiro, Natalie Shapiro lioyi' .S'fltl1'I.l' liilzlor lrving Baldwin ,'l.i,e't Bo .t' Spoflr lirlllor jack Igarrett, jr. Crirla' Sg0f'f.f Erfilorxr Sally .ombardn, Helen Agnclln Iiwharzge Erfifor Peter Sulli Surtire Editor' Renee llorin xlrroriizle Sev'1'i4'e Fillfm lrene Goler fir! lftfitor Unada Gliewe iillllljt' Editor lidith Guttunherg l'lmIogropht'r Roland Ewing THE CGURANT ON Ftooaz Kaufman, Hoffman, Gordon, Shelp, Seolzo, Kruazyniki. SEATED: Burrell, Shapiro, Gray. Zelden, Sfbtmfz, Thompton, Sollin, Illein, Shapiro, Baldwin. IST ROW: Guiirtzmon, Gullenberg, Weinrzein, lVein.rlein, Ollet, Sherman, Weingrod, Gliezve, Lezfiniky, Stznozw. ZND ROW: Ruben, Rotenberg, Sloler, Lombardo, Agnello, Hofnmn, Goler, Snider, Byerr, Eating. 3RD ROW: Sherman, Cnpido, Horton, Stznderr, Winer, Cohen, Silverrlein,. Armfefe. -lTll Row: Katdifz, Snlli, Berkler, Effolano, Sfhll.flw', Siltferrleifz, Pollofk. When the war is over and we look back upon these days, the services that the Courant has performed for Franklin and the war effort will add to our understanding of these years. Day in, day out, Miss Thompson has worked to Collect every bit of available in- formation about former Franklinites in the service. In addition to this, the staff and various faculty members have sent the Courant all over the world. It has been one of our strongest links with you boys and girls who are serving our country in every continent and on every one of the seven seas. SEATED: Bernboznn, Nieuiood, Gorzel, Borer, 1ST ROW: Grorrznan, Slnzpim, Shapiro. Sunoux 2ND ROW: Goldrlein, Kometar, Wolitzky, Eirenberg. fnllrzfnlirt lsaat' ltkin T ir! jglolores Kupski BUSINESS S'l'AlfF B11 sifzintr Mmzogcr David liisenherg lfirmlafirzrz Aldllclgw' David liisenberg f.if!'Lll!dfjlll1 AJti,t!a21l.r Bob Buhes fnow in the U. nt' RJ Perry Goldstein Bernard Grossman Bernard Perlman Seymour Xveingarten fnnw in the Navy? AJ1'er!1rir1g lllxlflrlgfl' Ruth Castel ,-lu'1'm-firing f1,f,ti.tfm1!.t Suzanne Biernbaum Shirley Bates Gloria Niewood Pnblirity Cllfllfflflfm' Natalie Shapiro Norma Shapiro Earl Komesar lne Wtrlitsky' SEATED: Grorrmun, Goldrlein, Eirenlzerg, Sanow, Cnodorla. 1ST ROW: Pollork, Krufzynrki, Srbuurlz, Xifnon, Razer, Sonoui, Gollum, Suwenro. ZND Row: Liprbitz, Srhneider, Botti, Shernzun, Offer, Byerr. ?sRD ROW: Kzzprlei, Herbrt, Wfolin, Wfolilzley, Berlozfirlv. 44 PRACTICAL ARYS . . X , L SIZATED: Penn, Luib. Srribrzer. llefleer, Emery, Glzlffllrdf, Blake. IST ROW: Reizd, Ilflllltgilll. Rlhllbj' Ymger, Twnmzil, Kip. ZND ROW: Kairer, Rirzgztmirf, Durlifzg. Balm. H.n'1. into Row: I'eItw' femzifzgr, Mubr. Cfmi, The members of the Craft Guild continuc to maintain their tradition of service and cooperation in every Franklin undertaking. Their scr- viccs to the school and the community command our gratitude and ' admiration. li 'K l 1 4 CRAFT GUILD lj! f W - 1 SEATED: Enzery, Nouucfei, Scbhrgeler, INlmz't1vki, W'f1lgr1,ri, hlurlz IST ROW: Ziwrfi, Sflizzburif C.n1te1l.4., Koniurzrzy. IND Row: Armrizf. Ktzpfgymlvl. 5'rlvzzw'1:. K.n1.1j1l1, Knglalwlfi Riley. Mm Row: Gmffb, Iiwing. Calllflfillf, S:rup.n1iLi. xii 1 GRAPHIC Am 4 ,M H M I fl ' I SEATED: Han, Price, Ridino. IST ROW: Lamendola, Ball, Calzone, Scblagefer. FLAG CORPS KNFIZLINGZ Lezrir, Briggf, F. Bielfki. STANDING: Bmlell, Sminzglifz, Bielxlei. 46 Us-ff' TEEN CANTEEN AW "WRb'wffii'LL2'J, 5fv0j1Ll7'.Yno il 'V 0 3 i 7 i tn". X on Xi v ' 953 3 VARSITY ix K The Varsity Club has enthusiastically supported Franklin teams on every occasion. 47 A CAPPELIJX CHCDII2 qwiifi W I 'l cqliyygppella Choir provides Franklin High School with beautiful Q 1 X 3 n Sl for many of our most colorful occasions. SEATED: Morrow, Miller, Lyderf. STANDING: McLaughlin, Stillwell, Woodruff. 48 mi we JUNICI2 Cl-IQIR The junior Choir under the direction of Miss Anne Morrow is one of Franklin's largest and most active organizations. There, the future solo- ists of Franklin High School get their excellent foundation. 49 FRANKLIN' CDIQCI-IESTRA ,H vat- O Q . 'QL s D, a , . . 4 al' More than ever, our school orchestra has served our school and our CN munity. Playing for assemblies, community gatherings, and special pro- Hflh grams, these young musicians have carried on in the high standard of excellence that is a Franklin tradition. We are proud of the distinguished contributions being made to the field of music by such Franklin alumni as David Diamond and Janine. Gorecki. For all that Franklin has.achieved and hopes to achieve we are indebted our if cd conductor Mr. Karl Van Hoesen. g I wwf I J O DRUIN lf ul 'll flfl' Ally l W l 5 X l 50 Dex I f . .- si if. AJORS Participating in such activities as war bond parades and exhibitions, sports events, and school events, the Benjamin Franklin Band has rnatle stutlents and faculty proud to call it theirs. Perhaps the most colorful display ever put on in the Franklin gym was the exhibition on Thanksgiving evening by the Flag Corps and our band. The band will always be an integral part of our school life. x + 7 . V95 W M X , r its QL li . XF qu X? f C ' , was X 'NJ 51 WX l ,X A L, is My Q31 T N THE DAY MRTAYLOR SAID, 6x8-242 QPJL Kina: 3.,.,.LQL.-,S...-n...v2Sm QNNDQ-i-ASN SPORTS 5 Q-.LJ SW? ., I I f .CIQCDSS-CCDUNTIQV SWIMMING Our swimming team is one of the ablest and hardest working groups in Franklin. 54 SEATED: Spefiale, Mikianif, Morreali, Buigo, Loomif, Herlalef. lST ROW: Miller, Andzer, Buffet, Kolufki, Ddmico, Linn. ZND ROW: A7Zd67'.I'lN7, Giambone, Szmzmer, Petztb, Fume, Mr. Mob: TENNIS Our tennis team upheld its high stan- dards again this year. They have at- tained the goal of first place of the past eight successive years. That's a record to be proud of! GIRLS' AT-II I-TIC CQUNCII. BACK Row: Baller, Hiller, Faster. FRONT ROW: Kaprzynrki, Glieufe, Metzger. Chosen for their outstanding qualities in the fields of leadership, scholar- ship, character, and health, the members of the Girls, Athletic Council have made a full school year of it. Such services as the sponsoring of a printed basketball program for the Thanksgiving Franklin-Aquinas game and a "Little Sister" Hallowe'en party have shown the true value of the Girls' Athletic Council. The "Little Sister" Hallowe'en party helped the seventh and eighth graders new to Franklin get acquainted with their school and with their older school mates. During the whole school year the Girls' Athletic Council has stimulated interest in after-school activities as a vital part of the Health Education Deparrment's war-time training program. These included basket-ball, swimming, leaders, bowling, inter-high roller-skating, archery, and first aid. Wirl1 their faculty adviser, Miss Bernardine Keeffe, these girls have served their school well, despite war and weather conditions. 55 SEATED: Maisel, Raizzmndi. Przerzvnxrki, Mueller, Franco, Genorino. 1ST ROW: Cbizlla, Reggie, Shrub, Nizjmli, Mujer, Ctzlltf, C4ll0lcIIZd. ZND ROW: Mcllllli, Dlzmz, Mr. Clark, Minlr. Gmlf. Kmffler. Booting the ball to victory many times on the Franklin soccer field, the team proved troublesome to all corners. Our basketball team was pretty good this year in spite of the Army's taking a large number of fellows. juile Cohen and Seymour Krieger were out- standing players on the team. Starting with a close score over Aquinas, the Franklin courtsters dribbled the ball to victory on many occasions. The Quakers had narrow and exciting escapes throughout the season. 1ST ROW: Irzmlztz, l'tzilou'.sLl. Kofoll, Sc-bimller, Gflez'ouJ', Sulzfagio, Smith, Begnem, Lt1Dom1. ZND Row: Gordon, Mgr., Slizbirziljy, D'Ne1'i, Arerfy, Magna, Be1'm11'di, Romano, Grey. Lwzdofz. 56 K Pl-TVSICA SOCCER TEAM 'Y SEATED: Kigginr, Law STANDING! Smifb, Ke BASKETBALL TEAM DUCATICDN FGOTBALL -- FIRST TEAM X, Ci rmberlain, Snow, Beach. rzanr, Tfzrbrzx, Cr1Ib1n'r1. X, iff' 1 FOCDTBAI.I.-- SECOND TEAM e sk lx N 1 I 1ST ROW: Tymkin. Srblugrzlef. Stmouz Tm'b0A'. Toluzrz. Lapple. Mlfrmy. ZND ROW: Coach ll".u'1'wz Smilb. Gemfi, Gan. II. Tofnrrz, Lt1rm1.i!w', Cooper, Nt1.i',i'c1', l7!Bw'11t11'di. L.1.'!iww'. Although the coaches faced the loss of many of their best players to the Armed Forces, school spirit and the pluck and loyalty of those who carried the ball f Franklin br u 'ht all Franklin teams a fair share of victories. XZJM4 Jw . 5 Our football team was strong and fast and although we suffered many losses, we were as proud and defiant as our opponents during every l'll' Y -. 1' flfl lflg Giiiilw SEATED: Gordon, Cohen, Sm'f.11y, Cabrin. 1ST ROW: Srbltzgefw. Mini. Krieger. Cfr.1r11t'r. Mr. Smilff ZND ROW: Sleklof. Smlziniky. C'fmpw', Allzrnzy. 57 ,Myv .4 ' ff ,, jff 7 T f Q wax' ELL, boys here is the record. We kn that you and all of - the oth ghti ' isdme-k 4 is dicated would havediked to have been here to help fill these . . There is nothing that would have made us happier, but ' your job is much more important than planning the senior dance , or cheering the s ol teams. . . Z 7 , , , ' vpry month, ever , ' day a few re familiar s ' A 7 g disappear from Franklin's c ssrognifnd corridgg. The e is an L ,f 'K 5 n -one e se can quite til . So e aces ow th t ll nev . s inesc le fac 1 a any more will be " in Those 1 eals or w ic they o m, ' stice, H e cracy 1: V i ust om a 1 ' e p t- ar wo o the , f h-ist s o next generati f mkli ' s the will nom g A s y f us "the' ie ' , ut rather succeeded". ki I I 0-oat, GVVVQ om., X J-4,6 , 7 CXWQ a 4' , f I I 'A ss T C QRQHIDS TQ ' Min Pelerzmrz and the G'E'1'llldI7 Horror Sofiefy, ufbo made 010011512 SMH, ruby L'!l!1f7'ibl1lc'.NII1.ll'gL'ljlII lfw Lzrgml rizzgle fwzlribzzlion to our Red Cram mwpuigfz. our yrboal. Min Beerlaer and ber Jtajf, who irz .rpile of 7'Jfi0lZi71g bare .rerwd excellent nzealr .zlway,r. Mr. DeC.'n-Jer, who buf bmzdled fire pIll'L'bdlE of IVLH' Bondi and Smmtfzv uifb .rmilirzg emriwzry and llllfrlflfllg u't'lflH'.It'j'. The lmderxu of our ,wmderzl government for their irlrpirirzg Ialdersbip. l ... Min Afbinforz and Iver Red Croix Commiilee under zvlwore guidarzcc Iifrlllklfil made the larger! Red Croix ranlribnlifm in in birlnry. LXQKMZZ 42,714 ,L Cz They go together . . ROCHESTER COCA-COLA BOTTLING CORPORATION U We I . lr A IP ll tl P 0 P P O 0 P P 0 It li WI "WISE MOTHERS CHOOSE. BONNYBROOK MILK" 'A' 'k Bonnybrook Dairy Company 32 Myrtle Street GLENWOOD 4683 , 60 U U P U P H U H 0 li l P :x::::::::::::::: :xxl T::::x:::x:x:::x:x::::x::x'l gg Q: CULVER AOAJDJEPIYIIYQEIJF BEAUTY Eg a 'I nr C " YOU CAN T TELL ' . 302 BURKE BUILDING WHAT'S COOKIN' IN 1' ii Agizfafed with Mafinezzo of New York any :I OUR NEW KITCHEN " Lx:::::::::::x::::::::x::::xi' t t t ,' 1' ee C .new lc CH W1 H .1 ROCHESTER STATIONERY .t the ventilated range at the II R. G. 8: E. showroom at E' CO" INC' ll 89E21SfAVC11L1C- N0 g1'Ca5e, 'E U We Carry a Complete Line of nu no grime, no cooking odor. U p OFFICE EQUIPMENT AND 1: Cooler I In summer, heat- , U SCHOOL SUPPLIES I saving In winter and clean- 1: , er the year around. Open 103 Mill St, :E for inspection daily from 9 Il II :I A. M. to 5 P. M. "':::"::::"::::"'::::x:::::"' 0 w::::::::2::ff::2:::f::2::::::::21 :I Telephone, MairafiixVER,S Open Evenings Q H Millinery and Bridal Shoppe ll n MILLINERY - GOWNS - VEILS U 1: 628 Clinton Ave. N. Rochester, N. Y. '::::::1::::9c::::9c:::::904 50000222::::0c::::::100c:::000t 23 , - - 4' If "Say it with Flowers" l All kinds of Floral Decorations and Designs 5 Clinton Ave N Main 2293 ll O at ,he I 97 ' 6 ' E . +I U EMMA REICHSTATTER 'I pen Wnmgf Main 4215 1162 CLINTON AVE. NORTH ::::::::::::::::: 4 5::::o:::::::::::::::::::::::::9QJ :::::::2:ff::::ff ----- 1 v -::: ::--- -::::::::: -:::: :cw Compliment: of xt l COHEN'S RESTAURANT Q II 315 joseph Avenue U Compliment: of H ::x::x:::::: ::::m:::3 The LEDGER PRINTING OO. 5: :::::,,:::,,,:::::,,:::,:::, Prinferf of "Tl-IE COURANTU ' C0nqHhnenU'0f Ei I 482 S11 PAIJL S12 FRANKLIN FOOD STORE Q 1203 HUDSON AVE. 3 I 'A' 'I :o::::::::::::::::: ::1 r:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: U I Complimentf of l, VOGT'S DRY GOODS STORE MEN'S AND WOMEN'S WEAR CRAMER DRUG COMPANY EE :E . , I, 969 Clmton Ave. N. U U ::::::::::::::::::::::::: 4 Lc::::::Joo:::::::1oc::::aooc--- I II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I r - ---- - v--v----------------v- 41 ::::-::-':::::::::- ::::::::::::1 U II 0 II BEN'S CUT-RATE DRUGS II :I ,I BEN COHEN, Ph.G. I :I MAIN 8993 I 15' gg :I 944 Clinton Ave. N. Rochester, N. Y. E EA-::cc::::::::::::::::::::::::'A1l II EMPIRE CLEANING If r--:::::--:::::::::::::-:::::-2 1 I EE , SE AND I II I I I, DYEING WORKS gg I WILSON FLORIST I: ' II If Flower! for All Occasiom II Stone 1599 I ere we 1 800 Hudson Ave. 1, it Il II II I U U I ir II H J, 622 Hollenbeck Street kAA::::::x:::::::u::::::x::ui Glenwood 1102 , v3::::3:::::3333533335333-3:-A1 II U 0 U I SCHMANKE'S If I I HARDWARE AND PAINTS 3 i' gg I 600 Hudson Ave. I n I L :::::::::::::::::2:::Cf::::2'A4 :::::::::':::::::::::::'::::':::3 e-- .:::: 2eeeeeexe::e:::::::::v:ev vfeeeeex2eefeexxexexf::::2::+-'I II II S' BASTIAN BROS. OO. :I ANDY'S ICE CREAM :I I, Class Rings - Name Cards I' FOUNTAIN I-UNCHEON II Commencement Announcements I: Home Made Cafldl' and Lunches I 1600 CLINTON AVE. N. GLEN. asso II A' SYKUT' MOP' 1100 Hudson Ave- :I E 3333339933:3:::3:f::::::::3:::i ::::::::::':::::::::::::::::::::A II II BERMAN FUR COMPANY :E , II f, For Affraffwe U ess Clinton Avenue N. :I 0 0 0 I Well Balanced Meal! II eeeeexeecee::::::::::::::::::J I II I, Patronize Your I F::::::::':x::::::::::::x::x::'fl If If CLINTON BOOK SHOP II :I Lunfh R00777 New and Used II l BOOKS - MAGAZINES gg :I :I Stone 2964 138 CLINTON AVE. s. II It ee::-::::::::::::::::ecxex--Q 3:23:3::::::::::::::::::::::::::4 F ::::::::::::::::::::C::::::1 2:2222:22:22::2:::2::::C:::2C::24Y I II II II . " For Safety Call a " I C I I 'I " II mf' Wfm I of I j TOWN TAXI-MAIN sooo II II I II Fwmd ' II Careful, Courzfeous Service 11 2,999.00 I o :vox :::::::::c:f::::::::::::::::::::l Rochester Turners . . . GYMNASIUM AND SWIMMING CLASSES For MEN and WOMEN-BOYS and GIRLS fAge 6 to 60j Enroll now for H ealtla-Building in flair Modern, Well-Equipped Gym and Top-Rated Pool Morning Class for Men War Workers-11 A. M. Visitors are Welcome Phone, write, or call for folder with Jclaedzzle ROCHESTER TURNERS, INC. 1550 Clinton Ave. North Glenwood 4546 22:333Z3::33i:3333:3::::::3t3m :::::::::1::::33t: 32ll1l :l A. Smalline, Ph.G. Glenwood 4649 MOREUS HOT STAND U SMALLINE'S " CLINTON-RIDGE PHARMACY 4880 Culver Rd' ll N. Clinton and Ridge Road, Rochester, N. Y. Below ilae Hill 0 :::::: ....: :::::::::::: :::::: Fresh Ground Round Steak Complimentf of Bar.B.Q,s and Hats LYRIC CANDY SHOPPE 1: 697 N. Clinton Ave. C. MERAGEAS, Prop. :::-v-::::::::::::::::222221004 :::::,4::::::::t:::,c::::::,c::: ::::::o::::::::::::::::::::: :n : -:::: :v::--v::::::::::::-- JUNIOR FOOTWEAR ' "Headq1mrterJ for junior Min and U "Have LIOTHER insist on mmol footwear" 44 EAST AVE. MAIN 2160 :I N U C 0 A ':::::--::::::::::::-::::::: Ai and ::--xe-::::::::::::: 7 HELLMANN'S KEEP IT CLEAN 'L real MAYONNAISE at 1 BOBB'S CLEANERS lp Quality for 40 years." MAIN szsz vsv No. CLINTON I' l ll dl -" -:D-004:-:root-:pc-gpg: Bm Ci. poo4::::::::rooooc: ::::t: HEPA Trfjif ff' ILT 55 oo to t u ure A Il QQ' 1044411.11 :I ii 7 f -f'-' 11 gg a-'vu' wfvfgfffff Il E, BUY LOW COST SAVINGS BANK LIFE I sU 1' FOR PROTECTION AND SAVINGS Q :E LIFE INSURANCE COSTS LESS-AT YOUR SAVINGS BANK if ROCHESTER SAVINGS BANK ,g 47 MAIN STREET WEST 40 FRANKLIN STREET H U 0 9- v--v ---v- - -v --vv ---" ii For Highest Quality Drugs ii at Lowest Prices :E BLESS DRUG STORE . S56 JOSEPH AVE. U 5 ---A-A--- ---- -A-- ---A A : c :::::: P:33:i2:C:itttliiitttlllitittt ff Stone 4982 198 Fernwood II Office Stone 2669-X I ARTHUR L. DANA WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER 806 GRANITE BLDG. I g--- ...--- -------- -:::::: --,:c------:vc -..... --:r4:- p ..,.. ....... ......- Y U II :I Complimenif of I I: H A R M I N ' S I ' Jewelers II , 0 11 21 EAST MAIN STREET MAIN 1375 U I Qogq 0 U :-- :::v4:::::vc:::::::::::pQQ4:::1::: Lower! Price! in Town A Sorority and Fraternity jackets and Sweaters and Pins 1: We Will be Glad to Submit Samples ii and Prices on Request CHAMPION ATHLETIC AND .. SPORTSWEAR OO. I 71 ST. PAUL ST. Main 4281 .1 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::q TORRI SHOE COMFORT CLINIC X Ray Shoe Fitting for Growing Children in I Arch Support Shoes -- Guaranteed Fitting ' By an Expert " 0 U Il A 1624 CLIFFORD AVENUE MAIN 1978 : :::::::::::::::::::::::b4:::::::: Complimentr of the MANHATTAN RESTAURANT 25 EAST AVENUE -94: ------ :booooc-I ------ :noe-----:5 U H :::::::::::::::::pc:::::voc--:rf 2 ,Id UOIQSH Qllwddo 'EIAV oNVI1IIoa LSI? :I Piles S U E S S FU I, Supoogd pus SugqJ111sLuaH f sassalq 'spmo 1, 'suoldv 'sastzg mouid ll l ,S C E E R S SP009 Uv P9J9P!01'-'ILUEI 1: 'S-.a sf CIOHS ALHIHVA SKXVH are Bull! on Specialized Training. ,....::::: 3:3 :x:,:::x,,,::,. MW former sfadvms QHYOUH Sfhosfl have prepared for Lucrative positions In Business or Government Service by studying Secretaryship, 22 2 2 2 22 2 2 2222222 2 2 2 22 2 2 2 2 2 2 23 Medical Selcretaryship, or Accountancy and Business A ministration at the POPPINK'S, INC. II . 0 C li-C ke Fu 1 Oil 4' I' 0? NOZYTH STREET 362 East Avenue Rochester 4, N. Y. 85 :' Ask for free caialeg Stone 5374 Rofhesfef 5, N' Y- 41 Anoelde Member, American Auecialien ol Junlef College! ::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::4 For your protection, STORE your FURS in -Q I m cold gg gg GREYDANUS 81 LEACH 15 Fu' Coats- "m3"T'um 22-" 52-50 11 " Painters and Decorators " Cloth Coats, minimum .... 1.50 0 8 Fur Specialists in Restyling and Custom Made Furs U 4, 59 FERNWOOD AVE. U Mom 6784 vocue rumuens 27 s. cnmon Ave. :I :Q G"eYd2mUS-SL 505899 Leafhwsf- 44213 jg :3:::::33:::33:3::3:333 3:5551 EE EE EE NEW HOME gg 3 3 of Patronize the fl ll 0 na MANHATTAN SILK STORE Il It 11 U H U 587 E. Main St. U H BENJAMIN FRANKLIN 1: ll na Ia Big Selection of Silks, Woolens and Cottons D at Our Popular Low Prices 1+ 4, ll I II Il --:--:-: ...A.....A - .I :: fof rr 0 ll 0 ll -vvvvvvv'iv'-Y----v-------::m Qllallly and ECOIIOITIY nv Ir lb Opportunity For You ! H H Let R.B.I.'s famous "Success Clinic" show 4' " you the career for which you are best suited 0 t . . . and let R.B.I.'s exclusive "Balanced 4, I, 1 ,I Business Training" properly prepare you for U gg that career. Our newly modernized school ll ll offers you the finest facilities of any business ll ll school In America. New day school terms A S2235 every 3 months. Write or phone for U 0 U ' n . gg 3 SUPPLIES Rochester Business Instltute 1: 1: 172 CLINTON AVE., Sou'rH MAIN 5869 " ----------------------L----sI I---------A-----------uA,L M- :::::::: :zzz :::::::::::::::::g F::::::1::::::::::::::::::::::::: nv 0 nv ll , The HRD Gamma Nun 1453 Clinton Ave. No., Cor. Norton St. U 0 Rochester, N. Y. B-oooooo1::::::::::::roooo4::::::::::3 2::::b4:::::::: : :::rooo4:::v4::r:::1:: -- --------AAA--- - --- .A..-.. --- F .......... - AA... --,ll r- v---vvv--- - -----v--v 0 -v---- - - v v -7 -----.v v ----. - - - - - II II II jf 1: :Q The Fanny Dress Shop 1: YALQWICH BRQS. 1: 3 DRESSES OF DISTINCTION II II 'I 107-108 Present Bldg. 27 Clinton Ave. So. II DRUG CO' II II Phone, Math 7640 Rochester, N. Y. :I Reliable Drugs . , , Over 30 Years il::::::::::::::::1::::::::::::: II Trusses and Elastic Stockings I I Hr:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 11 Stone 144 Complimenlr of EE 390-594 JOSEPH AVE- HARRY A. HURVITZ CO. ., ROCHESTER, N. Y. o II JEWELER5 II nr II 316 joseph Avenue :I Stone 5396 Established 1902 U::::oo::::ot::::::::::::::::o:::j b:::1:::::::::::::::::::::::::: POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOO OOOOOOQOQ po::::::oo::::::::::::::::::::: II Barnard, Porter, and Remington CHAS. A. STARK CO. U W. C. Remington R. J. Fowler II an FLORISTS :I Paints-Glass-Brushes Stores at-899 Clinton Ave. No. +I Artists' Materials and Drafting Supplies II II 468 Ridge Road W. fAt Deweyj gf Main 8140 9-1 1-13 North Water St. If jf Rochester, N. Y. t.:::::: ::::::::: :::::::::::::::::4 t.:::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::: f::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Q F:::::::::::::::::::::::1oc:::: 0 nu nu 0 I 4 :I REDUCE THOSE OBSTINATE BULGES AT If Compliments jj jf H f FRIEDRICHS SILHOUETTE 0 IC II II SALON II , :I KRAMER S 5: 27 CLINTON AVE. SOUTH d l EE B. Q. 3r F oor I I EE 387 Norton Street II Z Af , , 1: mu ia - M' A II II II bC:::o:::::o oooo ::::::o::::::o:::i b:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: K-3:3332CltttittilttttlltttliiZZZZSZZZCZZGCCSSSZZZIZZZSCCCZSCSCSSSZZ I I II ' it Compfzmemfs gf . . I E. E. THURSTON COMPANY if Cleaners ii 1023 NORTON STREET II STONE 4956 II ::::o:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::oo:::::::::o:::::::::::::::::::: v::--::::::::::::::::::::::::::1:1 Y:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I 1: M. SUSKIND AND SONS, INC. Complimentr of Fmixflliflwpiiiiit vehfiifutiiihlfiim G, BAREIS SHOE STORE 0 53 State Street 289 Joseph Ave. :I Moto 7039 Main zss 826 JOSEPH AVE- 4. ..... .... ......v..vv.......vvv. 66 w N4!w.,C,.4,t,' QL KL N - ' .f ,, 1, , A ' I. 4.4.1 ffl' 'L-of 1. ,f.xJ-41501702 7gf""0"-'07-f'.. omvsrdfzf Nrhliifmff' , 0 1g Follow :he crowd to . . . j gg Prescription Pharmacy ' ll 7151 I4 , I 1 2 ,, , ,V -4, . , Ph. Q43 f 5 1: 1: Portland arNorton, Main 8018, Rochester, li ff fff' fffJfffffffee Z 3 2 1: fx , The Ho fthe rj!! , W 0 ag ,. 96404611 S HA GJ, A . if K9,4'7'pf5:'?Ei'i?i3.:'o E v II .. EE Aff-J ,zofefq .EW -E , and Pjfeggmc Wmioflgffig .o of .- Ei AEQQTLA DEAVE' AT NORTEDN PHONE GLEN. seo 1650 DEWEY AVE. 'I ,,' I' ' S ,f ..ff dawg fk,f.4- ,J " 1 Tfxxx' xx? fx 73:22 f73:7::::::::::::::::::::::::'7"' 1+ if ' 4.'fy,p - 7504 7 ' jg :A4MZoE,'f - ,ewyldq 1, of fZS.f 2 ,- IP ff - rf, 5 bln' ,fffffaffj f ,447 TJQ 715- fn? f '. 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PAUL STREET ' EE Main 8026 R 0 S E L E CE1-en Evenings ti 680 SOUTH AVENUE U il COATS, SUITS AND DRESSES :E The Rexall Sfofes - 67 I I U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U 5 A... ff ::::- ---A- :::::po4::::::::::: tfrwg Furrlers- Wvww Where you buy Fun with eonfidenren o ONE CLINTON AVE. SOUTH 9 --AA- oo----------------- F--- U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U O U U U U U U 1 1 1 1 I I I I I I I I I U U U U U U U Ab P U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U 1I 1I U A- --Q- RINGS-PINS-KEYS Designs for All School Clubs i' JEWELLED PINS ATHLETIC TROPHIES MEDALS DANCE PROGRAMS FAVORS SCHOOL STATIONERY i' The Metal Arts Co. Manufacturing jeweler! and Stationers 742 Portland Avenue For Information Call Ma. RUSSELL A. JACK-Stone 2176 ----------vvvvv------vvvvo -----------,------- ..... ---- 7 ----- .... -.vv.. - .-..v. - - .--,-- : : I s ROBERT S BEAUTY SHOPPE 1260 ST. PAUL ST. Presents Mr, Allan, an authority on hair styling and permanent waving. For appointments call Glenwood 5075 Compliment! of Bittker Dairy Products, Inc. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 'k We appreciate the co-operation our advertisers have shown through purchasing space in the HKCY' 1 r i' When buying from our advertis- ers say, "I saw your ad in the 'Key,' " and by so doing you will show them that advertising with us is profitable. More Orchids . ' ' WW! THIS TIME TO THE ADVERTISING STAFF I They have made a record for the Key and for themselves . . a total of 69 ads for 35331, the largest amount in the history of the school. -1 1P F P cf VI V sf .1 4e NJ X1- 13, 3 i -u x Q ,. .V '. ,,A-. . 1 .v , K .T l 4. 4 X v 1 fx 1' w f- . K . V N I ,JA Y 4, -Hx 1 v 'x - K 1 5 V , -- 4 .,n,, . 4,x J' '- xf, I y X ,,j fu 4 a . n v. 4 " J , X 1 we 4 4 5, ,- :- x 5 1 f 1- , .EM .U- Q . Y. Q. f i 1 21 J' ,K , '1 P 1+ al Mx ,, 4 ! 1 - 4 A " W L. , Q U , V if al - ,.... s , A ,. 5, 5 N . - C 'N ' l ,ffl f k . ' I W ' " 'M j' 1' , N -v , A, AN f 1 , 4 X 1 r x 1 . -7, R F x, r ,,,, . ,. u ,...' .R 4, -N: K., y. ., , ,...,,,,4. . - ' , , 1 """' uf- 's 'WJ' :U A i 1 Au n:"'1 'J-f 2112 M, V" F ' .'.:,':,1!.A..,.fz.,. U N d',?-..iaw1'lV','ls:,I"51.f.3Ili! Gb' .V ,, 1 'fi rim .,. , . , x VW ww Q Rx EQ MMM L ,ID Ei,-J 4. , il ki X. ' ,. ' MU S. ff ,,'f"" Y ' H, ' if M I fwf' wfff QM ,fy ' , af ' , if U 1 C-:ET X'X' 5 CA?-5'f13 ij C ki sg 1 Elf: -X X522 x QS P X ,?,Q.T, 2 m N - x SW x, K x A R X ' U I I f ? I K all 1 'Ti .lx . ' r N 1 qf , I ,H 'N ,Y , xxx A 32 I.-WIN Jw jill!! W N , , ' ,Q 2 'J : Z! .AQ J. v A ', N Y Ms , 07 A , 1' ,HCA A ,X X xy 5 KR, GM, lj, ,J 4 fX X J' fr "4 1 L F nor' X. L 'J . My 5,5 5 I 44

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