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 - Class of 1941

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Franklin High School - Key Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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1-fl-15'f4 .f+Af' X 7m fo--7, avg? ,QQL 1,0467 . Q5 f'M6g,.f, 'df 'J M , . iff xgvfmfvwlfh , V R?,1'lJ Qu -.-jli'l-f--Lu, L7 by if AVR 'Vu QE: W' Ay 2- 1-Qfy C, Q e 'I JP 1 .lf- Wu, 5 v , 1 1 if il fy! " In M355-L-.. I X W? M M Jw X .vi Lfn K I ' flip 5x g, X .f JQWQS JS' XQipO.L,273j, Y X X wrffiu' x 4 P "fx- J . Q adj: ,'f"i'1W la1w,g,,: xg :QjgPQ,,5 'VX -Ex' 1 JN ' X X Q3.? xQx JJ U ,3 M X 3 M SX 5 QW fx ,W . M X 5 W 5 3 Y f XX B k Q . g, " .. 6'wef?07?e3 . Q ' awp I QMQX g,,4i',,'f,f-fnfnww, -,Lux :KM 5' Q qi' . U xy no Y 6 'gt h 'M 'MMM-'Humans km -- ur- uv, Q "Lvl lime willz IIIf'llSI1l'0d lIIlll'f'l1 l'1'fIl'll! The spiril Qf our srlzoolf' .wg 1 I fl -V 3,44 L J g I V . if ' Q Q,,nf", Lfay ' 1,1 , l . ,V L1 . l., A wr , ,AP L. 4, v ,A , x.,, V' , I. ' of ,I '. 'J' 'w ff .." ,Q I' sf, Q f Q N ! ' K, in 'rn' ,. - ll 1 ff A ' !fff3'4V Y Uf- X ,, H , X ,fall Vp, , . , , ' " J v ff f ,pw 1' Q ' .iff ,J J? wif' r F ' fi , - . . 'Ng .1 an . ' . krr. 'L b X V jx YZ .- 1, J . ,, - WW The -!Lj?fffV 4 f Senior Class jbffgjg 13-'JW ' ZW! JHBENJAMIN FRANKLIN Wx? .. H HIGH SCHOOL Jwwfg lip, ' J' H Kwxx A Ywfiochester, N. Y. ffl '2y"WM D H ygmffi. Lf' M, RL, in ily .M AUJ ,ijjir-f,1ff, ' J" . Q, m f! 'NX H ' A ,f f' H - 2 " S 'X . 9' jf 1 1 ,. Q nb 'J Q5 H, I If ix ! Q V' '- reS6ntS 611, X iff! The 1941 W7 plxff 3 by iff M A ' 4. 'N t Y f 3fUIll IW, ' :..,xjNI X X? j qi 'wif , A ' ' x A 4'-' tk 'him-ag "x X SF , 'jx 1' an Q .VV ' ' ' JN, Shy :R . H C' g.f Q Q 1 . ' ,UU f.l Lf' f ,lfflfi 12,111 . ,vf 'ff EAI., K In 13,1 J, r tif- ,Kit Flo r e r cl . . . N ' x Q Too often a theme ohseures the true purpose ol' a senior annual aeto present a resume ol' the years aetivities and events. For this reason the key' stall' for l9vll has made this very purpose its theme. So far as hudget and spaee liinitations have permitted, we have endeavored to present a story. hy pit-ture and hy' writeup, ol' our last year at Franklin. Many interesting topies have neeessarily heen ineompletely reeorded. particularly that event whieh is the greatest in our history, the merger of Washington and Franklin. We hope. however. you will like what we have heen ahle to do, and that our annual will heeome increasingly valuahle to you through the years. Une l'eature in particular should reeeive speeial mention. From time to time yfou will meet our old patron, Benjamin Franklin, as he eomes to look us ox er in order to disc-over how well we are measuring up to the good old demoeratie ideals for whieh he stood so Iirnily in the past. ,Ns he appears now and then with his guide, lien Franklin, Jr.. offering words ol' wisdom to the inexperieneed youth of present Xmeriea. it is our hope he will lind in this sunnnary of our last year at Franklin that the sehool in general and our elass in partieular are not wanting in the demoeratie spirit. Students of Franklin lligh Sehool, we present lgtdlllttllllll Franklin and lien Franklin, .lr.l L 1 I .. ff' ,ff If ax 1 1' ' , A J Q l , f " ' J ' s , . gf 'Alix 5 Aa 15, WASHI GTO vs FRANKLIS A Greater School The most dramatic single event in Rochester school history was the discontinuance of Washington High School, to make room for the transfer of Edison Technical High School into the Washington building. Edison had for several years been situated in the Bausch and Lomb factory on St. Paul and Lowell Streets. Word came last year, however, that this building had to he vacated, because of the proposed expansion of the company. The question immediately arose as to where the Edison pupils should be housed, and the Board of Education decided that the Washington High building was the most suitable. lt was decided that the pupils of Washington should be distributed between East High and Frank- lin. Approximately fourteen hundred pupils were placed in this school, and the remaining, with a few exceptions, were placed at East High. Forty-eight members of the faculty of Washington also came to Franklin, along with Mr. George Eddy, former principal of Washington, who is now as- sociate principal of Franklin. Miss Mary Sheehan, who was formerly vice-principal of Washington, is now head of the department of social studies, and also second vice-principal of Monroe High School. Mrs. Meta Steinhausen is now girls' adviser for the junior classes at Frankling Mr. Royal Sweet, former boys' adviser at Washington, now holds the same position at Edison Technical High School: and Miss Nellie Bitz is director of extra-curricular activities at Franklin. The pupils and the faculty of Washington had to accustom themselves to the new conditions of a strange school. The members of the school community of Franklin faced many difficulties in making a place in the routine for this large new group. All are to be commended for the splendid work they have done. They entered into the situation with hearty good will, with the result that both these great schools have become one still greater school, with both faculties and both student bodies unitedly striving toward common ends. " . I ' ' f IJSJJL 1.14. . -H vs-tx "l yy fl S,yl l ' A 1' -A "To me, Benny, the merging of two rival' high X schools suggests the union of the thirteen colonies of my day. Each desired to retain its own indi- viduality, clinging to old traditions and rights. Gradually, however, as tl1e new Americans lived and worked together, the benehts of uniiication became increasingly evident. A strong, compact union which proved its ability to meet and over- X come all obstacles, was moulded. So, Benny, will l it be with that Hne school of yours that bears my name. Differences y ill be forgotten and new heights attained, far surpassigkjhose remyhediby either school in the past." l X, ' xxx 'S ll. N 'N X f f A wx l gf F! r , f ' ll ' of , xg e y K , I xx X J fix X 1 X j X "Well,X-sir,',wehthink ourse ves that this com- bination is lE'SilIWElSlllllTL0l1 brought to Frank- l 5- rv lin its famous spirit of "Do in Co-operation." Franklin already had its practical democracy, something you won't iind in so many schools. Why, after we got together we even made the pages of a nationally known picture magazine. What's more, we copped the soccer and basket- ball cham mionshi is. With our reat ideals be- l l Y fore us, Mr. Franklin, you can bet we'll keep on building a greater and better school." v 1 ,MM Q 4 . , U L - ,fa a U L 4 A K' 45 .K . al ' - f 4 A ww by 3 Q' qu f 4" NI Ms.. I W 1 Q T ' Q 'Y v 'B . V up , - , , J , 45' 'ar 'Q ww E W ,Q . ' 'ef' L: W Q ' A ,Am I Q LW . NK iw-W .ww .ti J- . 2 v-F53 Q K z 'wMgn..,,ww H f v W 4,.ffr'fviWS MMM ,A A 5 f if-:EA EW J 1 We ' 5 . 5 M. Q H W wk f. iw 5' f Q2 Jimi, Ng? J V , K ,gin ?K?f,x.1",,w:5,v,44'5" gif, X. Q' ff, .gk 4 5, EA B 1 ' ,N ww W1 03.0 153 . W 3 gwmf W Wm fr m ' ff mf? F' 'wry 'M' Q' 'wi sw ,ml M 3 Y, N Q ' Q gm Q Q .MM kzwgfiw ' 4 , , , ,Q R www V+ W 'N-Uv-nvvvw .ww fn-W., , ' K bf N Y 'A .X WM 1 qi? , V W vi 1 , . xx K ,,A, N v. SA """hn-.M K J Wvmf., 3 MQ' llfi In I' lu Ill' Q ez' rml-l ' ,gh u 1' l lu' sou plum' nur lfllhl rw' nfnur lih-fw anim: - rr-me n lt ilh lmnuns llwir mul jus! Uur Hum .unlvris mum-. .H su-ualj Ihrvsiglll point llw way ml run- uur nrliuns lwul: Uur rl:-mls uml nu! nur mmle u ill Inj lflmnrleclimm nfnur rr:-val. Will: lnjallj tn l'vI'lIlIh.lill High. Willa lwrnmny in llmughl. U1-slmll uilh .winulv purpnm- slriw Hur slrvnglh in lmnurrs .wn:,uhl. lm! lmpf' m'lu1nulwl,Qa- nu 4l4'll':Il. lml fl'if'lllI.NIliII lu' nur rulf-: lr-I lima- ls ilh IlH'il,Nlll'4'fI :neu-vh lu' spiril nfuur. A rvpwll Sf 'llNlI- ROY L. BIVTTER FIELD Principal ROY L. BUTTERFIELD Roy Lyman Butterfield, principal of Franklin High School, is regarded by the student body as a most. sympathetic and understanding friend. The door to his office is always open. In spite of his numerous activities and responsibilities in educational fields both in his own school and outside, he has time to study and solve, if possible, the problems brought to him. For his wisdom, his guidance, and his unending patience, the Class of 1941 is grateful. In that broader life into which we shall soon enter, his high ideals will ever stand before us as a goal toward which to strive. GEORGE E. EDDY Those who knew Mr. liddy as principal of Washington High School respected him for his wisdom in guidance, his warm friendliness, and his sincerity in coping with the countless personal problems which were daily brought to him both by students and the members of the faculty. Mr. liddy has always shown a genuine interest in individual students, and recognized their unique needs and problems. As associate principal of Franklin, he has already found a place in which new found friends have come to know and love him, as he was known and loved at Washington. WILLARD A. SABIN In the three years that we have known him as our vice-principal, we have found Mr. Willard .L Sabin to be more than just a school executive. ln making our problems his problems, he has gained the affection of every student. Words alone cannot convey our sincere appreciation of his geniality, sympathetic understanding, and never failing kindness. His inspiration will go with us, helping us to meet new problems, and giving us an ever deepening realization of things worth-while. 10 RHIC E. ICI K 1-izllv l'rin4-il WILIARD .-K. SA-XBIN yi1'l'-l,l'ilIl'ill1ll f3 J s 1 O . df' FACULTY... The high school age is the period during which the character of youth is moulded. lixpert guidance is needed to prepare a student, to accept courageously the inevitable ordeals which he must face when he has left his sheltered school life. No one, we helieve, could he hetter qualified to attempt the fashioning ol' our lixes in the direction of moral and intellectual excellence than the teachers of our own school. Our faculty have alternately reprimanded and praised us, hut always with an understanding awareness ol' our needs, together with a sympathetic encouragement which has heen of inestimahle value to each individual student. ln sincere appreciation of their help and patience, we, the Senior Class of l9ll, take this opportunity to thank our teachers, and to say that they will always he held hy us in grateful and atl'ectionate regard. M? Flt0N'l' now: Uuvcn, nllfrlvtlfltllfllldll. l,l'l't.71, Cleland, Lfpson, Sabin, Yueger, Kipp, Dunham, I.lIl'llIl'l', llcnr'-v, Lflrnorce. slf1ttoNn now: ftslzlcy. llcsl, Eddy, Tlmnms, l,f'1'Yl'fl7t!'l'SC0. llenio, Sickels, Daly, lfizzo. lhiris. 'rnlnn now: Greenwood. Luelzcr. lfifzgzemul, lfnlburn. .l,l'fi'IIl'UI.V, SIPilllI!lIlSt"l1, Pelersun, Sheehan. FOURTH now: Brockivuy, Crowley. lluefer. .lennings, fllorslwimer, lflzruy, lmiser, tfozzyliliri, Ball. FIFTH now: Midalauglz. Enwry, Snouv, Sullivan, lliemer, Hnliljen, Ifduvzrrls, llonnellun. Dunoyliuc, lfilcy, Arhcsorz. BACK now: Cone, lluIl1l1'1'b, ltliller, l"romme, Jlliller, fl1lII'lIlI.V, llowluml, .'llurlf'ns. lfilson, Ford, Ifyfm. Y! D , 72,25 JZ 12 Aff- I 'wfzfy nrdvul ul hunks. pvilrils, and pzlpvr. Hur svliouls lllllixl' il pussihlv for slmlvnls In suing the m'uurs4's ul' lilf'il' 1-Imivv vvhvlhvl' lhvy de-nl with zlvaidviiiim' slurly, 1'miilm'l'- vial work. or shop uvlix ilx. Just a ew Illustrations of lZv,l'fIl'l'l.IIll'Il fllflilill Tho Svliool all Turk lflaissmmil f'1ill1'iiliUII is nu Imigvr an -n'm' llwmsvlws llmnniffillx while mur- . . P' . 111-1-lmn:':ulr'rm H The Varied ervices Our Faculty .-ll'll-Sl!-t' lLllIIl'PllI'0l' by Karl iS0lllIll!'l' llll'lllI'f'S4Ill9 displays, prize- - winning posle-rs, and c-yv--1'al4-liiiig roiiiiiiviw-ial signs arv some ol' llw am-rmnnplislinif-nls ol' Franklin slnclenls. l'ncl0r llio supervision of our arl ll6p21I'llllf'lll, Franklin students ronlrilmnlo nnirh ol' the onlslancling work ol' lliv liorlivslvr svllools. i' -if m ' A large xarif-ly ol' planls and llowvrs is llfi tl grown lhronghoul llic school year by llie N, ' Bios Club. 'l'lw line grvenlionsv on llie ' - Y Y, I roof' proyidvs lllf? vlnlm nivmlrers willl l splvnrlid opporlnnilivs lo learn and lo clo. ILllU'Hl, 11'r1lf'1', sun, und Ulflllglllflll rare lily Ulf' Bios Club 15 ave Been Renderin in Class "Ile 111110 lmllz fi lradf' hull: an rwlulf'." Xlmmviszlpii'lul'vnl'lllelxf'uulil'l1llyfleeuraletl1'1mlnullll11'llminl'lil'ul'Ilinilfl.lllisrnnlnisunii in llml. 0X1'l'jllIllIg1 williin ils funr walls, lixlnres, clernralimis, and l'urnilure. is the prmllnl ul' :un - 1 - ,. rw - - lnllnns Lrull hlnlil nlelnlmers. llle rnmn IS pn! lo ggnocl use, lmlh as ai lllf'f'llllQI hull zinfl :is ai plane lor l'm-r1'nliml. The lxwnlivlll imlnrlimi ul' llie Nalinnal llunur Sfwivly was lrnly 11 lwlllllllllll zinnl inspiring: me I1-liluiiy. Xl illl llle llUllSf' ligllls lllllllllfxll over 21 lnisliecl alnlif'in'f', the Slll'l'0SSlllll l'illlllllllll0S slmxlx nrvlwll ilnwn llw aisles In lhe accmnpanilnenl, of soft strains l'ron1 lllfl nrvlwslm. Xflvr lln' ll ldl'fllllill nlnjwliws were presenled in a series of sliorl. addresses, the vailifliilales vmning l'm'na llghlvll their rzlnillr-s in symbolic portrayal nl' lhe Carrying: nn nl' llie lnri-li nl' luimvlwlgf-. 'l'orrh Qf kll0IllIPd!jR'-NvflHOIIUI llonor Sorifly I'lIdlIl'll'0ll 16 lin Rooms, Clubs, and Guidance. . .lt Q s--es' .lotus For Seniors Guidance N siiccessful transition from the elementary school to the high school is dillicult to achieve. The guidance counselors ol' lfranklin, Miss Frances Stewart and Mr. Arthur Bates, assist. new students in choosing courses suited to their indi- vidual capacities and interests. They also attempt to orientate incolning pupils to the school routine. Individual educational adjustments which need to be made later on through the high school course are also studied by the counselors. Seniors interested in college or training school work or in search ol' information about available jobs, may tmd printed material, catalogues, and tiles in the guidance ollices. lt. is the custom in Franklin for each class to work under one guidance counselor throughout its course. Mr. Bates has perl'ormed this service for us. For his wise counsel and his untiring el'l'orts in our behalf we are sincerely grateful. lt has been a privilege to know him. Une of the means used to aid in "job getting" this year has been the program of forums that bring together seniors and their parents to discuss occupational placements and plans for further training. Industrial and educational leaders are invited to speak on these subjects and to lead in dis- cussion following. The picture shown above was taken at one ol' the meetings which was well attended by seniors and their parents. These forums have been of great value not only to our prospective graduates. but also to the community in general. . IT g .lIr. flrllzur Hales .lliss l"rr1nce.v Sleuvirl 'if 'Ce Wfjfilf S Auf, C594 ,QQ ccgq. eff, fi? ONWQI 'VA 17590 mmm L XX x zz X? , il ' s . 'X 33 'X' xx LK S Q4 N1 , 6 ,', B. fY' 'WAWMJ!0JZf,,,gVZ.7 7 M Wixf 3 ix SENIQRS ,milf 1' Rl' HJ fu!!! Y 1fxx!-vti-V J? X , enior if Class Officers lillill-Hill llo1,ms'i' . I,l'P.S'l'llC'lll .lUSl'1I'lllNl'I 1 Luuins l'i1-0-l'r''dm1l lil':'r'1'Y LAN!-: , . Serrelary liomcwi' liifzicns . . .lmxzi-1 NlAc:lU4:Ll.An l'11lfl11'1'llv cjlllllflllllll IllLlJA Sim' ian Sorifil I Ihu irman Trf'usnrf'r Nl x'l'lin: .llrurlx'f'llr1r, Silrvr. llblyfisl. s'rANnlw1:: lim-rs Gorges. Class Advisers W0 acknowledge with grateful appreciation lhe invaluable aid given us by Miss Marion 'l'uLhill and Mr. Raymond Murphy. Their unselfish ellurts and thoughtful advice have lmon instrumental in the success of our various class activities. 20 illiss ilvlarion Tulhill .lIr. Raymond M urphy l"IKlllN'l' now: lfirioli, IAPIIIIUII, lfroulmun, Cl.1lI'lINI1. lilrwkbllrrl. li,llll,lllPI. lluyrnl. SICQIHNID now: Iioncli, fyfullowalv, livers, lloryvs, liolgusl, Silw-rs. llrxvfxvllur. 1Al'Jl'lIl'. 'rmnn now: l"11lkQl7'. lxzlflzsxo, Iiulsumo, Warner. lfirri, IQISIIPIIZII, .Uc- .vllzllhlfcy lxorpvvk. lumix now: liulrlzvzrz, Snzyzla, l'wr'l1, Nowak, Trunzanlluno, Alllllflllllll, Laloskl. Senior Council I Standard Bearers and Custodians of the Flag Une ol' the diilicullies resnlling from the unification of Washington and Franklin was Iihal, of ap- pointing lhc standard bearers and custodians of lhe flag. Tliere were now liwo exceplionally line slndenls deserving each of these cherished honors. A lnosl satisfactory solution was reached when all four were appointed, each to hold oflice for one seine-sler. Sl'Il"l'l'IMlilill-.IANUARY .IANUAIRY-.IUNIQ Sirlm'-v lilllfflldlll, Phyllis Surwillo ,llurrin IIQITHIIIII, Gloria I,r'psk4v 21 AR'I'IIllR AIIICLSON. 2114 Norlnn Slrncl.-Corridor Aidn- -lg Xarsily Iliiskutlnaill 4 .... IlI'IYI'lRI.Y JUNE ACII'I'I'IR. lIl9 You Slnllvu Street -flnlor-Iligll I'r1'p Choir 33 A linppvlln Choir Il, 45 IA-s Ilnluillnrds 3: Inlcr-Ilipzll Choir -Ig Nlmlrignl Clulm 3. 4 ..., RICIIKRII AIIANIS, 83 Malling Drivv- fl,ilxrnry Aidv I, 2, Swiuuuiug 'I's'nln l, 2, Il, 4. . . . 1 YI-INIQVWQYI-I AIIKNIS 'I. ZH xvlIU'IIl'I1I:SIFIEUIYCIOIIIlll1'l'4'IllI Ilonor . n 'iffy li, I4 I'l'1'SI1I1'Ilk- Juniu I, 23 Know Your School NN 1-ok Conl- ' lirwzifxljlnralry .Aid 1 ti 1 il lIuidniu'0 fimiiiuil Il. , f i l xr I NICIIOLAS HLNI'1I,I.0. 2211 Clilford Avvnm: -- 'l'rnnIi 'Ilwun I. 2. 3, 4 Cross.-Conulry 'IW-:un I. 12, fi. 1. Iiciiziismxiuvv 2, 3 . . SARA ANGI'lI,lC AGIII'IS'I'A. Ifnli Vinh-rrolh Slrvclnffiirl Imziilursg Circolo llnnhe Il, AI Ilvliuissnm-1-, . . . ,IUI-I AGRI-IS'I'I. 028 Norlh Slrvct- Ih-se-rin Dusk:-I lmllg Hrupllix' Arls fflulrg Il Il. Ullirvrg liourlcsy I'nrly lioluulillvv XY:lsIlim:lon Ifzlir iiioliiiiiilh-4-1 Ynrsily Ilnskollrull . . RIKIIIARI Al,IlRIlLII'I'. IW Nil-hols Slrvvl -'Junior liuidnucu Cuulwil fl, l'A'I'RINA AI.I'i55KNIlR-X. I2 Nlnrrin-lln Slrvvl Ilrnlunlix-s lilulr 2 Courln-sy I':irIy Ii.. IVR KNIx AI.I,I'IN. l1lIl lXorlh lioodninn Sin-cl Rusvrvi- Iizlskvllmll Il: .Iuuln I, 2, Il, Ifrnukliu Ilny ifolnluillvl' fl Corridor Aid:-, Iiispvrlixr Zig Nnlionnl Ilouor Sonivly fl ..,4 JULI l"I,0RI'iNIiI'i XXII-KI.IIO. 211 Nichols Slrvrl .Iuulu Zig Girl IA'n1Ic 2, 33 A Cnppo-lln lllloir 33 Corridor Aide 2. Ig liournnl Stoll 2. . . ANNE ANIIIIICA. lla All-rlv Slrn'1'lf-llullrlvsy l'nrly Il. CA'I'III'iRINI'i 'KNIIRI-IW S, lT2 Nlfnilsou Slrw-If.Illnlo 2 .... Isl-IN NI'i'I'II ANIIRI-ZW S. 2253 Wilkins Slruel-iinrridur Aida-5 JIIIIIAP. . . JOIIN AI'I'I'1I,, 65 Flmmvr Slrtbvl,--Iul1'r Junior Choir lg Inlvr I'rni Choir 2g Il. R. Uilirnr 2, ZS: A Camp:-lln Choir I, 25 llourli-sy I'nrLy 3 . . . 5IOR'I'0N 5. AI'I'I'1I,RAl'AI, 40 Ainldn 'I'n-rrn1'n. CONCI'i'I"I'A ARENA, 273 Avululu Avlmxllll-rs fflulr 4: lirngg .Awnr 60 ...., IOIIN ARENA, 282 Taft Avvnuv .... III'II.I'IN ARESTY 72 Nyo Pork- ffournul. LI, Guido S4-rvicu 41 Junlo lg Kvy Sinll' 4 Library Aidr- I: Sludvnls liuidauuw- llounril 4 . .I.II.I.IAN ARNONE 8l0 North Clinton Av:-iuu--Couric-sy I'nrly 3, Girls' S4-rvivv L1-ngu 13 Class Ullivnr l, 2. 33 Know Your Svhool We-ck Conunil.I4-4' 193 S1-nio Play RKYAIUNII ARUI'iH'I'Y, Sl Uomllmry Slrm'lkS1-Iiool liouuuunil Council 3g II R. Uiliver 2. Zig Wnshinglon Fnir 2, 3: Conrlcsy I'nrly 3 Vlnshinglon Op:-rvlln 3: Sm-nior l'lny 4, Mndriknl Clulr -1: A Cnppcll Choir 2, 3, -'Ig Cainnry Club 2, Il, 4 .... SYLVIA -'lU'I'0VINO, 9 lnlfrois Strm-I, .... ZICLIIA AVNI'I'I', 316 Wilkins SIFIEPI - Cournnl Los Iiulrillnrds -I 5 OIIIIIIIHIIIS 43 Huy Slnfl' IgWusliingluu Fnir Jig Courwg I'nrly 3, Girls' Svrvioe Ixfuguo' l, 2, 3 .... ROIlI'IR'I' A YI'1'I"I'E, 99 Aw-nur' Il'-Y Corridor Aide' 2. V A .Lf i VIOIA IIACONCIYI. Til llollistvr Strvnt-Junlo I: Ihuwlulll . Roluiise-imicc Suviciy 2 ,.,. K LICIC CAROL BAK, 3I2 W 4-nvnr Slum! Junlo 1, 21 A Cuppclln Ifl1oir3,4. . . KATIIRYN Il-Klxl-IR, 6 Iiln rrost Roald---A Cnppi-llu Choir 43 Opbilnntcsg has Ilnlrillalrzln AI: Urn Guild 4: 'liri-Y: Nntional llonor Society 41 Key SlnIT'1g Couruni Siu 25 .Iuulo 2 .... TIIUAIAS li.-kklill. 215IlurnnnStn-4-l.-i.lunIo l.1! I . X ' ,h l K. 1 .4 JL , I v 1 , 'X' . . f bi A. -X 1 A - - ,- . , ' r' , . j05I'iI'IIINI'i IIAI, KW ICNIIICR, 66 I'llIlISIlISIl'1'0L. . .JANIC IMIAZI 38 Mnrk Sirvvl--Corrillnr Aide 31 I"iI'IIllIKIIIl Day fiwuluuillvi' 23 Gir Irczldvr 2, QI, ll-3 Optiiiizilns 3, -I1 SIIIIIQUIIS iiuidnucv floiulliillvvg Kc Slnfli .... SIDNEY II,-KLIIWIN, 215 Ave-nm: C-School Iioinnuinil Council 1. 2, 3: Nlnrshnlls 2, 3: The Post 2. 31 Wxlsliimlinll Vllif I. 3-1 Courlrsy Pnrly fig II. Il. Ulliccr 2. 31 Senior Class liounuil -ig Nnlion Honor Sucivly 41 I.iou's Clulx Awnrd lg IllI.l'l'-IIiL!Il Svimiuc Clul . . . GICOIICIC IIAI,I.ARII. T5 Longncru Ilond -Suinuuiug 'I'l'lIlll 2, 3, 43 Corridor Aide 31 Franklin Dny Coininitlvo IS: Cournnl. 2, Soccer Team 33 Student Relations Council Zi, -lg Junlo Zig Vnrxily Clu 2, 35 Class Council 35 Kvy Stuff. SEIIASTI NN IIAISIKMO. 20 Snnder Street A-Ynrsity Iinsketlmull 'I'enm. Mnnnger lg Class Council -Ig Courant, Ig Junto -lg ltilrrnry Aideg 'l'rulIie Squudg Key Circulution . . , JENNY IIKIIIIICII, T8 Fuirlmnks Slreel .... ACIIIl.l.E IIAIIIIAG.-K'I'0, l I Wed:-xmrrth Street H Courtesy l'nrty 3g ltilvrnrinn 3g Wushinglon I"nir 3: ll. Ii. Ullicer 31 Senior Council -Ig IIl'X'4'lllllIIll'lIlIII Ilunkcthnll 2: 'I'ouch Footlsnll 2: Lenders Corps 2, 3. . . . IIIICNIC IIAIKTASII. 5 Dudley Street l,eud4-ru lg Girls' Scrxiec lfengne Ig Les linhillnrds I- IIIICNIC II. IIAII'I'I'iI.I,, 03 Alphonse Slreel Corridor Aide 2, 3g Gregg: Awurd itll 3g Frnnltlin Huy Committee 3: Nlemorinl Scholzirship Com- mittee fl: Senior I'luy 'lg Grnft Guild -Ig Key Stull, Gircululiou -lt. . . . S'I'I'Il'III'IN IIXII'I'UI.A. '35 lloycroft Drive .... lllI.II.-K IIASTINN. 35 Willite llrive Lenders lg .Iunto 3g Corridor Aide lg Know Your School Nh-ek Committee 3g Key Circululion . , . JAMES R. BNI'- 'I'-XGl,l K. 2l'I- llernld Street 'liruek 'l'eum I. W'II.I.l UNI IIXIWIII, 32h Ilinlield lioud I.ilurury Aide 2, 3, I .,.. VIIHSINIK lIl'lKl.I'I, Ill Park lloud. Point. l'le:is:int,, N. Yrfllauul l, LZ, 3: ICIIKIISII lloolt lloom I: Corridor Aide, Inspector AI-g Senior l.iI'e Sawing 2 ..., IIIC'I"I'Y IIUSI-I III'iCKI.I-IR. ol Sullivnn Street.-Girls' Serxice In-ugue 2: Worthington Senior Choir 23 II nshinglon .Iunior Choir Iglfourlesy l'nrIy 3g A lfnppellu Choir l:'l'l1e Post 3 ,... IIUII- I'IlI'l' III'II'1IIS. 'th lllohnxxk Streetf- Ileserve Iiusliellmll 23 Varsity linskcllmll 3, -lg lleserwe linselxull 3: Les liulrillurds 2, 3, llg Nntionnl llonor Society 3, -lg .lunto 3g Guide Service tl: Nlemorinl Scholurship lfund Coluluittee Ig Students Ilelntion Couneilg Senior Council 3, -lg Clues 'l'rensurer 3, lr. IIUNNLII IlI'2IINKI'I. W2 Uneidu Street Slngc Stull' 1. 3g Key Slnlf, Arl rl ...., IOSEPIIINIC III'1I.IANCI. 230 Arluutus Street-Gregg Awnrdra Itlo, I20 3g Corridor Aide -I-g llonor Croft Guild -lg .Iunto lg The Cournnl. 'I- .... DIARY l,0Il III'iI.A'IUN'l', 110 Lyceuln Slreclf .lunto I, -lg Corridor Aide lg Executive Council -lg Script. Shorthund Awnrd N0 33 Ma-moriul Scholnrshin Fund Committee -lg Student, Guid- nnee Council 33 liey, Cireulution ...ri I l,I'1XANIll-III IIICNIIAVINH. 39 Clnrk Avenue. AIII.I'lNI'l Ill'lNIISCIINI'1IUI'III, 95 Norton Street .... NIAIIIAN lII+lNWI'I'l, 43 Spiegel l'urk-Corridor Aide 3g Crnft Guild 3g Circolo Ilnnlc 3g II. I". Cluh Al .,.. ISAIPUIIE IIEIICICR, 10 Gorham Street! Yisunl Aid 3, -l .... VERNON R.lIl'1Rl,lN, I5 I-1 Clinton Avenue North. IDA III'lIII,0WI'I'Z, fl-5 Gilmore Street-II. II. Ullicer 31 Wnshingtou l"nir 3g Courtesy Purty 3g Wnshington Post, 3g Girls' Service Leugue l, 2, 3g ltes Iinlrillnrds 3g Senior l'luy -lg The Courant, flg II. I". Clulr fl. . . . lCI,I'lANOII IIEIINACKI., 975 Norton Street,-.Iunto 1, 'Ig II. I". Clulu ,lg ltptimnles 'lg Key Stull' .... DOIIOTIIY IIICSS, 78 I"urlrridp,:e Street: 'Gregg Awnrd 80 3g II. I". Cluln 3: Junlo lgCournnl. Circulution Sl.nII'2 ..., IIIICN E MARILYN IIIICISKI, 032 Avenue D-A Cnppelln Choir 3g Corridor Aide 3g Cournnt. 3, 43 Executive Council 3g Frunklin Iluy Commit.l.ce 2g Girls' Chorus 2g Guide Service -I: Junto 3g Know Your School Week Committee 2g Memorial Seholnrship Fund Com- mittee 3, Senior l'lny flg School I'luy 3g Student Guidnnce 3g Student Ilelutionx Council -l. ,IICKN IlIl'l'I'IS. 205 Spencer ttond-IIommerciul llonor Society 3, -lg II. I". Clulr 'l .... IVAIIICLII III.ACKIIl'IIN, l028 Norton Street-- Clnss Council 3. Ig l'Iuglish Ilook Iloom lg Key Circulation .... MAR- ION IIIAESI, 3l0l Culver Iiond-Girls' Leadership 13 English Ilook lloom lg Junto lg Senior l'lny -l- .... SIIIRLEY IILOCII, ST North- vicw 'l'errnce- A Cuppclln Choir :Ig Couruut, Circululion Stull' l, 2, 3, lfrnuklin Dny Committee 2g Guido Service 3, -Ig Corridor Aide 2. 3g Nntionul llonor Society 3, Alg Germnn llonor Soeiety 2, 3g Optimntes 2, 3, 'lg Mndrigul Glnh 3g Senior Pluy flg Student Activities Committee, Seeretury 2, 3, ll: Inter-Iligh Choir 3g linow Your School Week Com- mittee 3, 'lg Junl.o lg Lilrrury Aidc l. AIILINIC IIIANDI. 221- llolleulreck Strcct-Lihrnry Aide I, 2, 3, Ig licy Circulnliong Corridor Aidc 2, -lg II, F. Club 4 .... IlI'1'I"I'Y lII,00NI, 22-I llollenlxeck Slreetvljlrrnry Aidc 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Lemlership I, -I. . . . IIIIIIICIFI' llI.00M, 58 Curthngc St,rccI,-Nutional llonor Society 3, Llg Unlimnles, Ollieer 2, 3. -I-3 Les Ilnhillnrds 3, -Ig Key, l'ul1licity Chnirmnn -lg Senior l'luy 4g School Plny 3: I"rnultlin Iluy l'uhlicil.y Committee 3g Guide Service 3, 4g .Iunto lg Inter-lligh Prep. Choir 2. . . . IIHIINAIIII IILUMIC, 23 Pryor Street.-School Community Council 2, 3, 4-3 VVnx-ihington Fnirg Courtesy Party 3, Lilxrnrinn 3g Fencing. S W- 5 3Ei Af' 'YI KIIION III.lWII-1N'I'IIIl..hT2 North Iiliutou Kxvuua- X tinppvllu I.Iuur I: Ifourlq-sy I':lrIy II: II:lsIiiu3:Iou I"uir 21 .Iuuior Kfhoir I. 2. . . , S'I'XYI.I'1Y IIO,I XII K. IISII Norlh Sire-vi .lunlo I. SI: KlorriaIor Airln' II1 Soma-r Ilvsn-rxv 'I'v:uu II ,... ICS'I'I'iI.I.I'1 IIOI.I.0'I'IN. lull! Iioukvy Nu-ullv II. I". IfIuIr II: .Iuuior Ifhoir I: Ifupglisll IIook Iiooul II:So1'iuI Sc-in-luw' I.iIlr:1ry -Kidv 2: Iforrirlor Xiule- I ...., IUIIN IIONIII. ITI IIrim'Iu-r Slre-4-I S1-uior I'Iu5 I, Sc-Iuool I'Iuy II: liluss lfouuvil SI. Ig I unolo II.lllI1'.I, I:1.ouruuI I.L:f.r:uIlI-u1I1III1 I'.ugIuIl Ilook Ilooul SI. I: I.1-s IIuIuiII:ur1Is. 'I'r1-usllrvr II: .luulo I. II, In-5 Slull' I1 I.iIurury .Xulv I, I: Nnllouul Ilouor Sovi:-ly I. YINIIICIYI' IIIINII. III: Uallulluu Sir:-a-I' Iflloil' I. 2. IIuu1I I , . , Illk IIIINSIIQNOIIIC. IIIIVI Ifliulou Xu-uuv North I'irroIo Iluuh' Ig Corridor Xi1In-II. I: Ilvllanisszllinw' Sovivly --.. IIICIIN ilIllIIOII'I'NI1IIx. 201: 'I'Ilo1u:ls Slrvvl II. II, UIIin'1'r 2. . , .I Nik IIUXN IIICI . I2 I'urk II--ml. N-:l IIN-4-lv, N. I, 1.orruIor KHII- 2. .KNIIION Y IIIIUIIIJIIIII NorIollSIrc-1-1 Ilorse- SIno1'sfI .... ICYICIJ N IIII XIII. 2III2 IIIiII'orrI .Xu-lunv IIooIuIor1- Ig Iirvgg Xnzlr1IsIIII, Illu, I2ll2I1.IlmIoIIgII. l",1YIuh I .... XIILICNIC IIII KI ND. III! II4'miug:lou Slrm-l. f I,iI1r:lry Airlv Z: Ifhorul Ifluln II. . . W II.I"IlI-ill IIII KlINI.I'I, 2241 -Xrruw Iiriu- IIzlmI1f:I'fllgIisIlIIook IloomfI1.IuuiorUr1'Iu-Nlru I. 2. KI.IGI'I IIIIKYIIIY. SIU Buy I"rouI Soulh Iforriilor -XIIIQ' IIQ Iluuor Crnfl. Guild, Svrilm II, II .... IIIYING IIRI'1I'I'K0l'I". SI Iiuchuu Park IIIISIIIIILZIUII Fair 2: Court:-sy l'urly II. . , 'II NIKON IIIIICN- NEIL 08 Iloollzv-r Slrvvl- -XI:isIuiup:lou Ifuirz Courlvxy I'urIyg .Iuuinr Choir: A Capps-IIu Ghoirg Iulor-Iligh I'rvp. Choir: Inli-r-Iligh Choir: Iulvr-Junior Choir ..,. I'I'i.-XIII. IIIIICNNICIK, MI IIo1'Ilzn-r Slrl-vl Court:-sy I'urIy II:JuuiorI1Imir I3 Sn-uior Ifhoir IIQ Wusliiuglou I'osI IIQ SIIIIIUIII IIIIIIIIIIIIW? ffoum'iI I. IIIJIINIX IIIlI'I'I'S'I'I'1lN, 20 II:-qua Slrvvt- Ifouruul I, I: II, I". IfIuIn II, I1 Los Ilulwillnrrls 2. II, I3 K4-y Slull' I .... INN llllllllll-2, H0 iI'II0lllIIS Slrs-vt. Girls' S4-rvirv I.:-ugue' Ig Nhmhiuglou I"uir II ,.,. ANGl'Il.lNI'1 IIIl0N'I'I'i, IUII I'ilIp:o'I:uuI Slrvvl -Iiirvolo Iiuuhv II. I3 Girls' IA'1l1I1'rsIlip 11 Juulo 2, II. . 'I'II.I.II'I IIII0l"I'NI KN. 'J Ilixsou Slrvvlf-II, II. IIIIil'1:r Y. 35 GirIs' Svrsimw I.4-guv 2, SIL Iu-y Slull' Ig Svuior Council ll: Washington Fuir 2, 33 liourh-sy I'urIy II. IIICLICN IIIIUXNN, III Iluiile-y Str:-4-I -IIusIniugIou Sm-vliou Ilouorxg VI':lsIlinpzI1m I"zlir1 Girls' Svrxivu Imilgln' ,... YIUIA IIIIUIKIL SIIZI IIuvIsou .Nvvluw Ifzluury Ifluh 33 Girls' lfhorus II: Ifhoir :IJ lfourll-sy I':lrIyII1GirIr-1'S1-rxivuIA-uguv I .,.. KI,III'III'I' IIIIl'lI.K'I'0, 1!INIrigInl 'l'1'rr:lr-0 IInsIningIou I":lir II ..., IIUN KI.Il III! Y INT, IZI'l Iiruflou Slrvm-I IIuu1I 2, II. I: Swing IIuu1I II. ' I 44, X - Li" fl '- ,, ffllov' V 45-11, ' .JW-'Laci lIIIIOI.INI'i III UN HIIIUIINU. IT llornlou I'urk XKusIliugIou Ifuiri Ilourh-sy I'urly:GirIs'5+'rxi1'1- Iwuguv .,.. S IIN K'I'III1iI'l IIl'UN Ui- IIURSU. IT Gordon I':lrk .Iuulo l:1'ourIn-sy I'urIy IIQ IIu1Igx-l Agvul Zig Girls' Svrxim' I.4-:lglu-. . . . I'KI'l. III IIGO. IT Nm-um-olulu Slrvvl I.lInr:lrmu I. 2, II: I'Ixn-s'llliu- Iiouuvii 21 Hire-olo Ilnllll- II. I3 II. II. UIIIW-r 2: Walslliiiglnrli I":lir 2. II: Iiourln-sy I':lrIy 2, IIQ IIusIiiugl.oll I'os 15: Slings' I. 2. II .,.. I.I.lPY Il IIl'IIIxIIIlI.IPI'lII. SII IfInlrI1':4 Stn-4-I Iroiuhrquoil, N. Y.f liorridor Xizlu-, IIIIIICIC IIIIIINI':'I"I'. IIIT Aragon 'Xvn'uu1', I'oiuI I'In-nsallll. N. I. . , GLUIII I IIIISCII, IIIIII I'I'IlfI AV1'Illll'. . . SIR I 1IKI.III'iIION. In Viviun: Straw!" II. II, UIIim'n'r: Girls' Chorus: lirsuuulim- Group: Ifuuur Clubg lxeuclm-rs' Club: 11111:-is I'r0sicI1-ulg ifonnrla-sy I'urIy .... ZI'II.ll, CAI.IlI'IRON, 'III 'I'IlllHlllS Slrvvl Courll-sy I'urly SIL II. II, 4IIIiv4'r L! 110NlII'I'I"I'-K lIAI,I'lIlAINlli. Iii Tlmmns Slrm-ul A CuppcIlu'Clmirg .lunlnz WIIINIIIIIKIIIII I'nsI.: III4-ssvlun-rf Cuurll-sy I'nrIy: Varsity Club: Sociul lhuwm- IIUIIIHIIIIUIEL Girls' Chorus. . . WIINIA CAI.I,0Nl'AY. II IIFIWBPII Slrl-1-lf--l.il1rnry AIlIl'1Sl'IIlIl!f Plnyg II. ll. INli4'vr:1l0llrI.vrxy I'urIy: IImmr'I4umI4'r: Sl'IlIUl'll,YllllllIII1'!'1IVIIISIIIIIKIOII lauir ..... NN- 'I'll0NY.CAlClAlII'll.I.A. -I-0 'Nlilh-r SINM --Juntn. . EMILY ll.-KMIII, Ili K1-Ily Slra-ct ljlrruriuuz Cnjurtvsy I'nrty. x f IIONNIEI1fkMl'I0NI'I.hl1hS1:iu SIr1'4'I,--Cnllrlvsy I'llrIy II: llusvlmll I. . . ,TOM lI.kMI'IONE, hi! Aururu Sln-1-I ...., ll-I-KNNIC ll-KRI.0NI'I. 'III Slrm-If lfirculu llunlu Z! ,... I"RKNCI'15 CASS-KIHNO. I050 Uliulun Ave-nun Nurlll -Circulo Dnutu rl. ,I05l'II'IIINI'i lIX5'I'I'II.I.KNO. IIS lium-urll Slrve-I .Iuniur Choir I. 21 Ilusllinglon Ifuir 2: Cnurlf-sy II ..,. M XIII KN l1K'l'l.lN. I58 'l'urriug- Inu Ilmul liirl I.vumlvr .... KNIDIII-IW III-II.l,l. IIII l'vlrossi llrivv Currillor Aiwln I, II: Junlo l. 2: Irs Iiulxillurrlsz lluolxslnrv II. I: Nulinnul Ilmmr Souivly I- .... ICIDW IN 1fI'I'Vl'0I. L III Sviu Slrvvl Swilnlning I, 2,1I,-I: lfmnllmll -I-. ,IKMICS lII'1N'I'0I.K, IIII I- Ilurlsun .Nu-rum lfurriclor .Nilluz Lilnrury Aid:-5 Frnnklin llny lfmnlnitlm-v ..,. IRM IND III-IRKSKNI. IUI l.n-wis Slrvvl- Iiuml I, 2. II, I ,... NIIIOLINX CllIAl'l'0Nl-I. ll Ilucluel. Slrm-l llirl I.4-znla-rs II .... SYINIX lIlIIkRkTVl0N'l'l-1. 502 Nnrlh Slrm-I II. II, Illlim-r 2: l,unchrmnn Assl.: Dvpuly 2, CI, M KIIIIC CIIIIIST. III- Unlunam Slrs-1-I ll. Il. Ullivvr 2. II: lfuurlx-sy I'urly II . . . ,IDE1IllRIS'I'I.-KNO.Il XIullitol1SIr4'4'l Corridor Aids- ZS. . , . IDICSIDIGMON-I N. CI KVk'l"l'K. ITTI Clillbrml Avi-l1lu'fS1-niur lfluss lfounril I-5 Irs Ilulnillalrcls I. 2, II: Crufl Guild -I-1 ffmlrunl 2: Ifirunlu Ilunll' II, -I1.Iunl0 21 Nulionul Ilnnur Socicly II, -I .... VIII- GINI K IIIIIERU. 206 C4-nlrnl I':lrk -lu-y Ifirvululiuu. GI! HIE CIMINO, IIIIIZI lflilfurml Au-:uw fYursily II: Ilvmlissnxwv- Snvivly ...., IUIIN CINIK. UI Ilullr Slrvvl -Jullln I, 2, 3 .... VIII- CINI-K WINNIE CIIIILI.-L Ihhl Iililfonl Avvulm l.1'1uI4-rs Clulx I. 2: Girl III-:ull-rs :Ig llirmlo Iluntu II, -I: llorrillur Aimlv Il: Iltlllflllll, SIIIII' 2. . . . IlUSfKI.Il'1 M. CIR Ill. 206 I'orIlun4l .Nwullw Cluss Ullicvr I, 2. Ill Ihulge-I, .Mn-nlg liuurh-sy I'urly SI: S1-niur Counril -I1 In-s Iiulnillurds I. I.0llISI'I CIIIIIINCIONIC. 238 Iluy Stn-1-I .... KIKNOLID l1I'I'RON. IIII Iluuln-r Slrl-vl -WYII:-Illillgzlull Fuir II, -I2 IM-puly 2. II, -Ig Cmlrlvsy I'urI,y Zig l.iI1rury Aialv I, L! ...., IOIIN CIlII,l,k. 58-I Curlvr Slrm-1-I Frunlllin Huy II ,..,. KNNIC M XIIII-I lIIl'IllII. 80 Sand:-r Slrvvl Cirvoln Dnnlr II, -I: Crufl, Guild 3, I: Ii. A. II. -Ig Girl l.1-:ulurs 2. 3, llurrialnr Aida- II: Juntn Ig In-y ffiruululiunz Inst and Found 2g Upli- nmlvs II. NELSON 110120, III! Ilnhr Stn-4-I Junlu I: S4-nior Council -Ig S1-ninr I'lny -I: Ilvlluisruixww' Soni:-ly 2. . . . IIXYIII COIIICN. T II4'l"Illllll Slrvvl II Il Illliuur I' Wuslliuglnn Ifnir 2. II1 Cuurlr-sy I'urIy II: IVIUSSIIIIHIFI' 3 INI4ursImIl 3. . . IIENII Y COIIICN. I5 Iidwurxl Slruvlfll. Il. Olliccr 31 Cross Culmlry 'l'unm 2 .... IS,-L-NI IIUIIEN, 80 Kvlly Strvnt. I sf xr .. 'Q .-Q E I 1 Qu 9 H . Q lf. ', 15 C- ,Il'IkNl'1'l'l'E COIIICN. 8 fl1ll'lllllKl5 llrivc---Gregg Awurd Il, Grnfl, Guild Sl, lg Colmncruiul llonor Society 3, 4: Corridor Aide! -lg Yursily 43 Key Slull' 41-g K1-y Circulation .... MORRIS IIOIIEN, 30 Pryor Slrvvl- lursily Il .... SAM COIIHN, 15 lidwurd Sl,rnu-lflnm Bnlrillurds 33 Wnsllingzlon Fair 2 .... Nl.-Hl'l'lN GOIIICN. 45 llollish-r Str:-vl - flourlcsy l'nrly S53 Washington Fair Ii. r . ICISX GOLOMUO, -IST Avenue ll-f Cirvolo Duuh: Il. . . ,IOSICPII QIOLUCIIII, I-I Nlillvr Slrrvt- lfiroolo lluutc 23 Grufl Guild Il .... l,ORl'I'l"l'A CONST KNTINO, 9 Gnrlrudo Slra-cl,-Wnsliinpzlon l"nir 2: rly 33 lfirnolo Danilo 3, 4, Clams Ullirvr 2. IS, liudpu-l .Mn-ul . DORIS CONTR, 132 SCl'fllll0Ill Slrcvl. , x r ,IOSl'IPll:E. COOK, 055 Norton Strom-l f ffircolo I,lllll0il1f:l"lll'l Guild Il, Sovvor 'l'o:un 2. 3, -l .... ,IOSEPII COSTA. 208 Firsl. Slrm-1-IA Circolu lluulc l .... GR SCE KZOSTICII, 2l7l Culvvr llozul-Vliuml 2, Il: Corridor Aide -lg Courant Slnll' ZZ, 3, 4, Girl lr:-ndors Il, Junior Orc-lu-slrn I, 2, Upliuiulvs Il, 41 Social Sci:-:wr l"urmu l .... LOUISE COX. 306 I.y1-1-um Slrn-vlfllrufl Guild Il, Ig Girl l.4-udurs 3. NI Klll'Il.lYlC J. CRINO, T00 North Stn-ol NS nshiuglou l"uir 23 Cullrlvsy l'nrly Il: Yursily 2, Il, Gircolo Uunlo 2, Ilg Alplul 'liri-Y 'l, . . . ,l0Sl'1I'Il Nl. Clll.O'l"l'.K, lflfl lYoodlxury Slrvvl Girvolo llllllll' 2, Il, -lz Oplilnzilvs l, 2, llzlslu-llulll llaxsc-rvo 'll-:un 2, Il ,... ,IOY l'II.l.l'IN 1IllR'l'IS. SIT Luke Xivw Aw-nun-, Sen Bra-1-zv lixmd 2, Il, 4: Gm-gg .-Mulrd ,... l.l'1Oli.Klll K Gll'Il'll'il,, -H0 llvrnurd Slrvvl V know Your School Wm-k 33 l"r:mklin llny Gmuniilh-me fl. ROSE CZUU KK. ll Dovvr Slrvvl Junior Choir I, 23 Girl lA'url1'rs Il, Gourlvsy l'1lrIy Il, Galmlry Glulr Il: Girls' S1-rvivo lmaigllr' llouuvil 2, Ii, Girls' lluskullmll I, 2, Il. l: G. A. C. . . 'Nl KRYIN ,I. ll.-Kll.l'IY, ZNIT Ifrosslivld lloud .luulo fl ...., IOIIN ,IOSICPII ll'.'Kl,OIA, lhhl Glilllvrd Avvlllw lfoolluill 'll-uln. Ax:-aislulil, Nlnmigvr lg Sludvul, Guid- aluw' lg Gorridnr Nidv l .... l'kl'I. IVKNIICO, -I0 Si-llingvr Slrvvk- Guluiry lllulx Il, D4-poly 2. 31 l,uuf'hroom Ax:-1l,3 lllxus l'upvr3 Svhool l'luy. ROSE YI Klllli IYXMIIIO, lllhl lflilllvrd Kxvllm' llpliuullvs fl, lg G1-rmun llonor Souix-ly IS. lg ffourunl Slull' Il, ,lg Svnior l'luy: 'Xlxldrignl Club: 'l'i1'lu-I lfmnlnillvv lg .lunlo I: Lost und l"ouud LI: lim-y Stull' .... KNYK IlKNll,l'iW'. lll llollzlnd Slrvvl llushimzlon l'usl I, 2, 35 Courlvsy l'url y Il, llhslliuglon lfnir fl ,.,. Nllllll Xlil, ll KNYLYSIIYN. I2 lxvlly Slrool-'flrzifl Guild, Corridor .Kidvg Hovvvr 'l'1'1llllg linac-lmll 'l'1':lul .... l"lIl'fOl'lllllIK IIKRIIOW , I lil Grosslin-Ill llrivv. X Q lx N Q . O IIYWIKN IIKTZ, ., ,losvph Xyvlllu- Uplilunlvs 2, Il, flg liourxllll Sl:nIl'1I, ll, 1. 'lufls lCdilor lg Key Slull. l'ldiIori:ll llourll -lg Nlllllilllll Ilonor Su5fi191,y4: Suuior l'l:gy, vulxlioily liouunillvv 1 .... ICOS!-I Ilk'I'Z. svph Ax'4-lux:-fllpliumln-s lg Ur:-ln-slru l, 2: Guido 43 A l,1:iply'llu 'hoir l'll'R,kllll Duyllolnlnilln-1-flg liuglisln llook Room Il, Uriurxnf . ,WS Hdiw-.2, 3, Emlor-in-Cllie-l' I: lNulionnl llonor Sooivly. V. . B IE IIICAN, .165 Durnzin Sir:-cl Frunlsliu lluy Conmiillvo 23 Tlfillio Squad l, 2 .... NICK lPl'lll'iS XIII-1, 'il llvlrurtl Slrvvl - lluslwl- lralll ,Ill-wrvn Tn-:ini Il. y l'll,l'IANORE lll'ICKl'1R, lll Yun Slnllvn Slrvvl Girl l,v'nd1'rs lg llihrnry Aide 2, IS .... ,IOIIN IlI'IGKl'ilL 50 llivkiuson Slrl-1-I.. . . . ROCCO Dl'll.l,A ROSA, Ilh5 lfonluiy Avvllulr' lfirvolo llunh- l, 2, fl, -1pCorridor Aide 4 . . . 1IONS'l'kNIZl-I IIHNI KSI, I2 l'uluunl Slrvvl Courtesy Party Il, S1-nior Choir 2: Wusliington Fnir 2. 55171140--' f . IIYMICN IIICMAYO, -I-I Kelly Strovt-v unbo 'Ig Choir 1, 2, 3, , . . . MOI.I.Y DICMAYO., 66 Vienna Strcvt,-Courlwy Party 3 .... AR- 'I'IlIiR IIEMIIOWSKI, 2873 Culver R0ad4Varsil.y Football 11- .... WARREN Ill-1NI'IVE,ll4I'lensnnt Avenue, Point Pleasant-Janto 1, -I-3 National llonor Sooioly, President 3, 43 Optinmtes 4. FRANCES IDE PASQU ALE, 2062 North Goodman Street.-Junko 2, 35 Franklin Day Connnittmwo 33 Ciroolo Damn 3, 4, Gregg Award 33 Girl Loaders 2 .,.. RORI'IR'I' DI'II'UY'I', II Leopold St,rooI,ASoccor 1, 2, Ilasclmll l, 25 Ilasluathall l, 2, 3, -I .... RI'I'A IJIESICNS, 70 Farliridgu Street-Choral Club:3 ,... 'TIIICODORE DES GRANGE, 180 Bedford Struct. -Iianelmll TGHIII 3. I LOUIS IFE SI'IRI'I'O. I3T Portland Avnmio!I7cputy 2 33 Courtosy Party 3, Washington Fair 33 Marshall 2, 33 Track Tnani, Manager 2. . . . MARIO1IlI'lVI'I'O, 27 Ililz Sl,I'00I'XvHSIlIIIKI,0Il Fair 3: Sonior I'lny 3 .... SIIIRLICY IIE YEAR. l004 Joseph Avonuo4Lilrrary Aido 3, -it .... ELVIRAIDI Ill-Il.I.0, 22 Alhow l'lnce4-Girls' Sorvico Inaglionncil 2, 33 Courtesy I'arly 35 Girls' Survioe League 2, 3. .C-2-ff 1 , xv" , ' . ' 1 I f' ' ANNA IIE IIIENICIPI-I'I'I'O., 26 Caspar Slrout vll. II. Ollicor 33 Iludgot, Agent. .... I,II,I.I AN UI FRANCO, -l-9 Winlvrroth Struct. ..,. IAUR A DI MARCO, 054 I'orl,land Avonun-fGirl Leaders fl-Q Ciroolo Ilanue 3, -tg Corridor Aide 2, 3 .... MARY IJI MOR.-K, 55 Concord Slrootf- Courtvsy I'art,y 3: W'a:-iliington Fair 33 SXYIIIIIIIIIIK Clulx I. CONS'I'ANCI'lfIlISPICNZA, 2l Portagr' Stroot--Senior I'lay fl-3 Snnior Council 43 Commoroial Ilonor Sooir-ly 3, -I-3 Gregg Award, Junto I, 23 Los llahillards 2, 3, ll-5 National Ilonor Society 3, Al- ,... ROIlI'IR'l' IIODSON, 1t0l Crossticld Road -Craft Guild -tg Orchestra 2, 3, 'tg Inl.or-lligh Grclicstru 3, -I .... ICMILIA IIONIAISKA, II3 Iloycrofl, Drive -'IIDIIIIIIIIICS 2, 3, -if .... ROSE IDOYAIIITNI K, Ill! Carlor Strvol, -SLudont Guidance Counci Vt: Corridor Aids' I, GEM M K DON A'I'I'II.I.I, 021 North Clinton Avenue 4Oplirnatas 2. 3, -I-Q Giroolo Danlo 3, Al, Gonrlony Party 3: NYashingt.on Fair 2, 35 II, ll. Olliour l, 2 .... M IIIGVKIIICI' IIONAVICI., T3 Watkins Torrnco ..,. Rll'I'II IIONOVAN, lllu Avvnuo Ilfllorridor Airlie 3, Craft Guild I-3 Franklin Day Conunith-o 33 Gregg Award: .Innto 1, 3 ...., I OIIN DR AGONI-I. 92 Aurora sll'l'l'l -ll. R. Ollioor 2. 3, NYashingl,on Fair 3. ,Aft 1f I'II,I'1'KNOR IIIVIIICKAS, 'Nth North in-, til l'arIy 3 .... W'Il.I,I XM IIUIIA, 'PI6 .Iosoph A vvnuf' 'ash' n I"air 3: Courtt-sy Party 3: Corridor Aido 4- ..,. VIRGINIK ll .RR. U5 St. Casimir Strvvl l.il1rnry Aidq- 3, l- .... JOIN IPUGXN, 235 Collingwood Ilrivo -AVarsily 2, 33 t1onraul,StalI' 2, 3, Studi-nl Avtivitivs Coannillvo 3, li: Slndvnl. ll:-lations Council 3, I-: Know Your Sa-hool Wm-li Connnillvo 31 .lunlo 21 lu-y Stall' I1Soniorlilaizaslloiiliril I1Sonior lllay I1 I'Il"1lIlIklitl Ilay llolnlnillvn- I. MILIIRICID DUNN, IO2 Maria Slrou-t -lms llahillards 31 Washington Fair 3, Girls' Sa-rvico lmaguv 2, Junior Choir lg Sn-nior Choir 3 ,,., SIIIRLICY IIUNN, lTl Wilkins Slrvot -'Graft Guild 3. -I-1 Courant, Ifoaluro lidilor -tg Franklin Day liorulnitlva- 33 Girl l,i-mlvrs I. 2: Iillllllltlllttl 2, 3, 'tg Key Stall' tl: l.ihrary Aida I-: Varsity 2, 3: I.:-s llahillards 3, -I: National lloaor Soni:-ty -I .... SIIIRLICY LOUISE ITURANIL 2t0 Mohawk Stn-vt Courant Stall' 2. 3: Lihrary Aid:- I, 2, 3, lg President, of Lihrary Aides 3. . . GI'INI'1VII-IVE IDZIICRZ K- NOWSK A. 53 Durnan Str:-ol. 2 f gc ' 'S , 5 'A ' Lx Z V K R'- -r ARNOLD EAGLIC, TTH .losvpli AYPIIIIU ,... INICZ HKRI.. Ill llrnd- lxuru SIru1:liCourUvsy l'urly Il: NY nshimglou l"nir 33 Corridor Aidv I, . . . DONALD l'IAS'l'H.-KN. 1839 Clifford Aw-uuo Juulo Ilg Crufl Guild :IQ Student Guidxunuo Council 'Ig Yisunl Aide Il .... CIIARLICS El"FRlGE, 58 Grnflou Slrvcl --Sxxinuuing 'l'1-mu 21'lll'Ill'll 'I'4rauu 2, IK, -1- Cross Country 'l'o1uu Il. ,IESSIE l'1Ll'INlWAlll. ISTU llllfllllllll Av:-:uw fIourl4-sy I'urly Il: Choir 2. -I3 Opvrvllu I1 Girls' Svrxivv l,4':lglu' 2, fl, Hirls' Chorus Il . . . FRANK ,I. l'1MllRl'IY, 2241 Duluumim' llrivo Upliuiuti-s 2. Il, fl. Corridor Aids' fl, -I ...., IUNH RUSH l'INlll.l'IR. ICIT Nlitvlu-II Slrs-1-IA Corridor Aids- -I1 Uplirunh-s -I1 Lilvrury Aidv 2, il: liugliuh Hook lloolu I' , . LEON FALKUFF. 100 XM-oprvr Slrvvl l'1x1'mllix'o Council 23 II lI.0lIi1-1-rllg Wuslliupzloll lfaiir 23 Sonior Couuvil I1.lllIlI0 lg Hr1'lu-:4- lm 2. NORLINA FAl.ZXLORl'1. 22 Sim-I Sir:-vlfAl.ilnr1lry Aidm' I- . . .. ,IOSI-1I'lllNl'I FALZUNIC, Il I Nlolmwk Slrvvl- liirl l,1':ld4-rs lg.luuIo I: Lilnrury Aide l, 2:XnrsiIy igfirufl Guild -Iglile-1-Club I: llvlmirxsulivlz Soviw-ly ...., l0SI'1l'll FKN'l'Kl'ZZO. I2 lluit Sir:-1-I .... 'Nl IRI-KN FKRASII. -II Nyi' I':lrlL Corridor Aidi- fl, Courzlul Shall' Il, lg S4'IIlllf Orcllvslru l, 2: Upliumtvs 2. ZS, -I3 Lv:-1 llnluillurds Il. Ig S4-uior I'luy I: Know Your School NN vols Coluluillm' 2, Il, Iiirl l.4-:ldvraa I, fl: lxvy Slull' lg Guido Svrvivf- Ig Svuior Guidluluww Couuvil I: Lilurury Aidv IL Nu- liounl llouor Sovioly lg Cliuirllmn l'ulnIi4'iIy lfoujlllilln-me I. . ff ' I f F of 'W',7'!i . I ,I I 1 , 4 . 1 , 1 . I ' - 'f , K , I 1, . -- ,. HSI!!-2I.I,E FKY: Ill Crolulnil- Slrfl-I' lub?-lligll l'r1'q'lfluoir 2. Zlg lulvr-lligzl'rClloir I: fihorul Clulr I, 21A Cuimlii plldlf fl, 11 'Vlxulrigul Illuls 2 .,.. SICLINDA I-'l+IDliRlCI, Q0 hnl1"fW1-4-I Ifourh-sy I'llrIy IK, Vlnsllingloll lfnir il ..,. ULCA K. l"l'lllYlx. ITU SI. Cusiulir Slrf-ol IIIDIIIIIIIIPH 2. 29, I: X airsily Il. I: Corridor Aidv 15, I: S4-uior l'luy.'l'ivIu-1 Coluruilll-I' I: .llllllll 2. Kg Iiirl l,v:lrl1-rs 21 llouor I,1-urlvrs Il: liouruul Stull' 21. 'I: lu-y Stull' I .... NINIZI-1N'l' ,I. l"Il.ll'l'0'Nl'1, 'Jho Iiliulou Avvuuv Norlli llalsvlmll 'I'l'IlIll 2, lloxxlilu: 'l'a':uu. lfnpluiu I1 Lilmury Aidu I. GIAIDYS I"lNlx. 20 Nlulliug Driu' Corridor Kidv 2: .lunlo 2, fl: Ilrvgg Anurd . . . Rl"l'II FINIHR., 2l'lUu1-ids: Strom-I lluolaslorn- lp Columvrcinl llouor Souix-ty Il. I: Courilul Slull' Il. I1 lirufl Guild Il, Ilirl l,1-:ulvrsflg llouor l,4':lll1'rsIlgfiulilI1'S4'rxi1'l' I: In-y Stull' II: Lilnrury Aida l1Sl'I'llVIAXKill'llIl. I .... KNN K IRI-INl'1l"IORlCK. 2520 l'orIlxlnd Au-uuof II. II. Ulliw-r 2. Zig Courlvsy l':nrly 133 .luulo I ,... lll'1'l"I'Y l"l.lIGHL, IIIT Turpig Slrvl-I Colulllvrivall llouor Sovin-ly Il. Ig Upli- mulvs 2, fl, ,La .'Ilirxfo':I:'l,ilmr:lry Aidv JS, I: Nuliouul llouor Sovim-ly. .. . g . by I I 1' . ,, J.. I ' ' .- I I N ROIKHRT 'l5l.YlflN. Sill l'orlIuud Avvxuu' .luulo I1 llusIu'll1:llI 'l'1'ulu 2. I: Sludvul Ullirluuov Council I: Xnrsily lluslu-Ilmll 2, Ji. lg Corridor Aids- Zi: lfoollrnll 'Il-:nu I .,.. CKRUI. RlI'I'II IVUX. SUI SixlhSlr1-1-I. . . . CKRYllCl.l.X FR Kliili. III? 'I'r:lr1'r Ifirvlf- I1olulul'r4'iul llouor Som-i4-ly Il, I .... KN'l'0lNl'I'l"l'lC IVR XNCIUNIC. I I 'Q Sivlwrl I'Im'1'. Il. lI,lH1i1-I-r I. 2: Court:-ey l':1rly fl: Iilliclzuwx- ffouuril I 'NURWIXN FRYNCIS. IIII Au-nllv K Ifoollnzlll 'I'a'1llu I, . . . DER- 'l'R XXI l"RKXlx. 22l Ilurlr-u Sin-4-I Courh-sy I':lrIy 151 IAJINIIIIIKIIIII l":lir 2, Il, I .,.. 1Ll'IIlkI.Il FR KNlxl'i'YS'l'l'IlN, 1503 XI ilkios Slrvvl- 'Nuliouul llouor Sovia-I y II: Svuior l'I:ly I: Corridor Nidv I: 'l'r:lu'k 'l'c-um 2: llvsvru' llusvlxull II: lfxc-4'1lliv4' Couuril 21 lluud I. 2 ..,. ROY FR K'Ylxl'1NS'l'l'ilN. IUI l'orll:lud Aw-uuv Sovvvr 'I'4':uu Il, I. 3lll.'l'0N FIIIICIIVIAN. 222 llolle-uln-vln Straw-I .... Cl.Kl'Dl'1 RUS- 'il'il.l, FRY, I92 lluruzm Sir:-vl S1-uior lluud l. 2. Il, I: Svuior Ur- vln-slru l. 2, fl. -I: lull-r-lligh lluud Il .... Nl KR Y l-'l'Rl0lIS. 30 Vlilsou Hlrl-1-I .... Ul'l0lHll'l A. CAI-Illli. ISI II4-ruld Str'-1-I, SIDNEY G1KI.lNSkY, hh! Avulnm Il -Souvvr 'll-:un Nlnnngur lg Ilnskcllnnll'l'1-nm Mnnngr-r l, 2. Il: Iinsl Side: Foollmll 'Ill'IlIll Mnnngvr II: Ilonrnnl Stull' II: Frnnklin llny Ifolnlnille-o 23 Uplilnntos -Ig Si-niur I'lny I-LllorrirlorIn:-ip1'nl,or Ig Kay Slnll' ..,. ROSI'lI.I.-K llAI.I.II'I-lkll. hl llnrlur Slrm-I. .lnulu l . . . WILLIANI X. GI.I.AllI', 131- Dorlu-ll: Iloxnl Ifrnfl, liuilll 2, II, I: K1-y Stull' Ig Urvln-slrn I, 2: Track Tmun Il, I3 Nnlionnl Ilonor Soviuly I .... SKNTO I.. IJAMII.-IlZOIl'l'k, IIII lilnlu-sl:-v Slrm-I llookslurv. NIUIIIIIS ll,-KNUN, I5 Yivnnn Slrvz-I Sm-liool Colulunnily 2, II: Wnsllinglon Ifnir 1!,Zl, I-3 Ilonrln-sy l'urly Il: ll. Il. Ulliovr l, 2. II, I- . . ,IOSI'iI'IIINI'i ILKIHSIQS, -lil Ifnrlvr Slrvvl I'lxN'ul.iv4' flounvil Il: Frnnlllin llny Ilnnuv IIUIIIIIIIIIIN' L23 liirls' I.4-ml:-rs 25 .lnnlu 2g Nnlionnl llouor Soni1'l.y I-1Ulnlilunl1's 2, II, I3S1'niorIloun1'iI I: Ynrsily Clulb 2: S1-nior lfluss Ullim-r, Nici'-I'r4-simla-nl I: Slnclvnl. Assoninlion, Wim' l'rvsi1l4'nl, Zig Sm-niur l'luy I- ..,. SIIIRLICY GKIlI,INI'lR. IW Nym' I'nrk liirls' l.1-zulu-rs I, 2. Il: linimlm- Survive- I: lu-y Slnlli I: Ilvs Iiulnil- lnrcls LZ, Jig llptiunnlvs l, 215, I: Inrsily lflulr 2, II, I: Nnlionnl llonur Sum-irly I ,.., UIAIH S Il IW ICN. bil .Xvv ne- ll .Iunlo lg lfrnnlxlin Iiny llunnnillm- II: Ilournnl Slull' l x - 'J - J, , rf. ,4 lNlIIO'I'IIY 1LkYl4,'tfIJ! I . ul V lr1'vI,, . . . , IIIICII GICII- Il,kI'I'I5. ZIIII Cnrlvi' Slr l illurrh 3. lx:-vulivo Conn:-il I: Girls' l.4-nmlvrs Ilg Ntlliunnl Ilon Sonivly fl, '1.'nnlo I .... 'YI 'KI"'XI.IlK GICN IZZIU, IT ConnI'il Slrovl'-ll. Il. UI vor, l'rcsi4l4-nt 251 Choir lg Inrnily Illnlr 2, fl ,... KNTIIONY GER KCI. fill Norlllvnsl AYPIIIIIE llrnI'l Iinilll II, Nlkslvr Ilrnflslnun -I: llorriclor Killa Il, I"oolIlnlI lI'1'lllll, Nlnnngs-r Il, Ig lu-y llircnlnlion. .KIlI'lI.I'i IlI'lSIlI'lN, 080 CliII'or4I Avvnlu' -IVnsllinglou I'o:-ll. Ilg In-y Stull' Ig llonrlvsy I'nrly Il, Ynrsily lllnlr -Ig Wlnsllinglun Ifnir 2: Know Your School VI 4-ok II: I iirls' S1-rvic'0I.4'1lgllol .... IDUIKOTIIY GICSI-II.I., llill Ilolllpvl Slrvvl. A Ilnppvlln illloir 2, Ilg Ilurritlor Aillr- 2, -I1 Iiirls' I.:-mln-rs 2, 3, I3 Lilvrnry Aimlo I-1 Gniclv Sm-rvivo -I: Jnnlo l ..,. I.0llIS I.. lil IIIIIIIIA, LII III CliIl'or1l Avvunv- Ile-sl-rvo Soccer Il: Truck 'Il4'llIII Il, ll: Svniur Ilniclnnuu IIUIIIICII -I: Nursily Clllli, Illlvvrlvalclnr -I-3 Ilrnfl, Ilnilll I: .Innlo -I1 Ilonrunl. Slnfl' I .... CKIII. IDIAIVIIWIXIIYX, Il Wriglll, lIl1'I"I'Ill'I5 llirunlo llnnln- Il: Dvpnly ll: Wnshinglon I"nir fl: llonrlu-sy l'nr!,y Zig ll. Il. Ullivvr. NH III1 II. IS ISIXNN KNTUNIO, l020 Clilliorcl A wunn- f Cirunlo Ilnnlu LZ, Il: Ilvsvrvu Socuvr 2: .lllnlo -I: 'I'r1l1'Ic if ...., I KNIICS F. llII.IlI'iIl'I', III! Slillsun Slri-ul, Jnulu 2, Il, I1Ilrnl'l Iinilrl 3, -I- .... I-II.I-IANUII J. GIUFIIIIDK, III! Svrnnlunu Slrvvl v- llnnrlvsy l'nrly: Girls' S1-rvicv I.:-ngnvz lnlvr-lligll llliuirg lin-gg Award 80 .... III'II.I'IN GISSIN. IMC! Norlon Sir:-1-I Slumlvnl llnirlnnrv Council -l: IYnshiuglon Fnir II: liirls' Svrvici' IA'np:nv II: Choir lg Ilorrillor Aiiln -I: .lnntn I-. ,IUIIIN Glllllllllfl, TT lln-uk Str:-1-l lfonrln-sy Pnrlyg Class Ulliom-r, S1-vrn-lnry 2, fl ..,. II KYMONII J. GIASUW. IOS livvrgrnvn Sir:-ul ll. Il. Illlivvl' I 2: llonrlvsy I'nrly Il: .Innlo lg I'lxv4'nliv0 Council Ill Nnlionnl llonor Sovivly .... RICGIN I 1lI.ICII,K, IIT l'4-cklunn Slrvol- .Innlu I: Ynrsily Illnlb -I-g llolnnn-rvinl Ilonor Souivly Il, -I: Crnfl Iiuilll Il, lg Ifrnnklin llny IIUIIIIIIIIIUO Il: lin-gg .Mxnril 841 Ilg liuy Slull' Ig Nnlinnnl llonor Sunil-ly ,... W.kI.'I'I'lII A. llI.I'IlCII, H1258 Norlln Iioolllunn Slrvvl, .N Iluppvlln lllnuir lg livrmnu Ilonor Souivly Il: 'Nlnilrignl Illnln 2, Il: Slnxlonlv Ili-lnlions Counvil I: Nnliunnl Ilouor Sm-i4-ly Zi. I-g llivivs Clnln Ig .lnnlu I. LUIIIS lSI.ICISI.l'I,1lll Mnlling Drivn' Junln 2. . . IKUTII CLICK- MKN, ll'P Sn-llingn-r Slrm-Q-I f Il. ll. llllivvr JS: School Community Ilounvil II: Ixzlsllillglon lfuir 2: Ilonrlvsy I'nrIy 31 Girls' Svrvim' IA'IlLZlll5 Ig ll. I", Illnlr -I .... IIIWING 1JOI.ID, I-8 Cla-x-1-lnmlSlro1-I Ilonrlf-sy I'nrly fl .... IIYNI KN ,I. GOI.IlIll'IIUS. OT Ilnuuvvr Slrvvl Wnsll- inglon I'osl. LI, II: Int:-r-lligh Sviviicv Clnln I: lfunrnnt I3 Km-y Slnll' -I: Iionrlvaay l'nrly Il. ,kllI.I'INI'I ll0I.IlIlIA'I"I'. T Nlorris Str:-vl llnnil lg Urulnwslru l: IYIIHIIIIIIZIUII l"nir l 1I10lll'll'bly l'nrly l. 2 .... ST KYLICY GOI.llIII.A'I"I'. 27 Ilorlnnn Stn-4-I Ilnnnry Clnlx l, 12. Il: Ilnnml l: Conrlosy l'urly Il: Ynrsily lllull I: Junior Illloir l .... IYXNIICI. S. GOI.Ill5I.fKN., llffvh SI., l'nnl Slrm-I llnnll I. 2, Il, 'I-1 IIIIIIIIIIIIJNI Kcy Stull' -I-3 Svnior l'lny -Ig Ima Ilnlxillnrtlu .... I.I'II'I GULIDIAN. Sh Cnrtlnxgn Slrool, Snnior I'lny I: Frnnlilin Ilny Ilolluniltcu l, 2, II: Ima Iinluillnrrls 2. II, -I3 Oph- lnnlvn II. I: Nnlionnl Ilonur Sociuly -Ig I.:-s Iinlwillnrxla Ullicu-r, Souinl Ilhnirinun 2, Sig Guida- S1-rviou 2, Il, -I-3 A Cappc-lln Choir I: Inter-Iligh Iflmir I, 25 Ifonrnnl Il: Know Your School IVQM-Ii Ilonllllillaro ll-3 Sulloul l'lny fl: Vnrsily Show 2, ll, I-5 K1-y Ilirvulnlion: Nntionul Ilunor Sonic-ly -I. l 3 . '5- l Q' We if KNNl'l'l"l'l'1 tl0I,DS'l'l'llN. 500 ll:-mington Str:-4-I liirls' l,i-lull:-ra LI, II3 Lilvrury Aide 43 Optimzites II ..... kNNl'I'l"I'l-I I-'. tLOI,IlS'I'l'IlN, IT1Ih St.. l':iul Street-Varsity Club -I .... Kl'1N'Nl'1'l'II tl0I.llS'I'l-IIN, Il 'l'rennmnn Street-Courant. l. 23 Sludenl Ac-lixilies tiommiltu-e I, 2, Il, I3 Corridor Aide l, 23 Guide Service Il, 43 Studi-nl ll:-lulionx lfonm-il 213 Optimulcs -I: lfrunklin Dany tlonnnitlm- II: Sm-nior I'luy I. .lunlo 23 Lilvrury Aide lg Key Circulation .... tilt ktll-1 tltltlll. ole .low-pli Avi-lun+tIollrIesy llurty Il: llnsliinglon Post Il: llusliington l"uir Il. lll'IYl'Iltl.Y COIHDON, OSI 'l'homns Stn-4-I Corridor Aide Ig tiirls' Service IA' 0 l ..,. Gl'1Nl'iYll'lvl'l CUIHNDN. IIS Holhin- Slrn-1-l Corrii or 1 e 2, il, 43 Key Stull' 4 ,... R0lll'Ilt'l' K. 'I'. CLOIKNHY. 535 . ndvr Stret-If-A Capps-llu Choir 12, II, I3 Corridor -tide Il. Xlmlri- ru C 3, .... l"1lSNlCS'l' NE GNASSO. QT filnlni-r Stn-1-I .lunlo 23 1 i I, lg G,fA. ' - 3 tlirls' Leulll-rs II, Ilg In-x lluluillurrlw 2, Cl: l.ilvr ide 2, ly! f A l"ll. il'1S URAZIANO. TTO North Street v-llurellingloll lfuir LI, Ilg Courtesy l'urIy -13 Know Your School YW-I-k tloiiiniillw- I ,,., I ICKN A. GRAZIANO, lfl Conurrd Stn-et ....' K ltNOI.D tlltlil-Nl!!-IINL, 3575 llcniington Street-Courttsy llnrty 33 Deputy ll .... l'Il.YIl'fIlA tlRl'ltLORY, 900 .loscpli Avenue-Connnvrciul llonor Sovin-ly Il, 43 Safely l'utrol I, 2. SlISIEtlltl'1NtII,02 lllulwslee StrceI,ACorrider Aide Ig tiirvolo lluuta- 2, fl, -I .... JACK GREY, 100 Jewel Street.--Corridor Aide IIL .lunlo I, II3 Key Stull' 4 .... Nl.-KRJORIPI E. Cllll"l"lN, l'oinI l'h-ununt. Nm?-Girl Lenders 13 llonor lay 2' Jlulwlh, ll, 213 Stud:-nt H1-in-. liogr Council 33 Cerrtlor Aidl' 4: S clnfScit-nee Lilmrnry Aide 2: Class Cstnifeil Ilfilfrxiriklixi Day Committee 33 Girls' llnnlwtlmll 2. . lll'lI,l'iN tl IIMSLEY. 410 Fernwood Avenue. Ill-ILEN ll. CRONI, 32 Furlong Stref-tfSenior Class Council tg thun- lnercinl llonor Society, Socinl Chairman 3, 43 ticrnmn lloner Soi-it-ty, Secretary 2, 3, 43 Girls' Lendership 13 Key Stnff, Typist t3 Junto 3, 43 Executive Council 3g Courant., Circ 33 Gregg Awards 80 3, . . IIIEN li GROSIIEK, 251 Durnnn Street-Senior Class Council 43 Corridor Aide 3, 43 English Bookroom 33 Girls' Lenders 13 Gregg Awnrda IIO II, Junto I .... NORMAN N. GROSS, 62 Troyer Streeln llund 2, II, 43 Uptiinutcs 2, Il, 4-3 Cournnt., Sports Editor, Circnlntion Il, Corridor Aide 2: Junto 13 National llonor Society 43 Key Stall' .... I-IDNA GIIYGROWYCII, 51- llerald Street-Crul' ' ' 3 Corridor Aide 3, 1 V, Q! ff fl.. I . f . IIELHN CUADACNINO, 191 llustie Street-Circolo Dnnlu' Il: liirlrl' Lenders 23 Corridor Aide 2, 33 liihrnry Aide I .... Al1Itl-II,lAtLli,-tItI- N0, 3210 Fcrnwood Avenue-Girls' Letulers 33 Corridor Aide II, Ynrsity Cluh 43 Senior Guidance tfouncil 4 .... Cl-ILIA CUUGINO. 00 Amtelu Street.-Corridor Aide 4, Circolo Dnnte 43 Seciul Chnirlnnn lg Senior Guidance Council 4 .... ,IOSICPII GUITH, 41 tiuluslul Street- Courlcsy llurty II. FRANCIS tilIl,l,HIl'i. 48 lllohuwlt SIreet4ll'usliington l"nir 113 Courtesy l'urty 33 ll. ll. llrmidenl. 4 .... HAH Y ANN GIIILIANSKY, ST-L Conkey Avenue-.lunior Choir I3 .lunto I3 linglish lleolsrooni Il . . ALIIHRT fSUTlIIl'll., 15-I lllllltllilpll Street, .... KUl'll.l'1 ,IRAN GWlR'l'ZMAN. 31 lluntington Pork-fNntionnlIlIonor Society II, 43 Les lluluillnrd:-i, Vice-President 2, 3, 43 Germnn llonor Society Il, 43 Student, Activities Committee 1, 2, 3, 43 Courunt Stnll' 2. fl, 43 School l'l11y 513 Senior Play -I-3 Guide Service 3, 43 Lost. und Fomul I3 linpzlish llookrooin 115 Franklin Duy 33 Key Circulation. Kl'INNl'1'l'll IIAFNI-Ill, 650 Joseph Avenue .... lt0lll'Ilt'l' IIAIIN. 27 Woodman Street., Sea BFCCZL!-Btllltl I, 2, 33 Urcliestm 2, fl .... NORA IIAJJAR., 36 Ketchum Street.-Washington Pont 33 Courtesy Party 33 Yvashington Fair 2, 33 Key Stull' 43 Varsity Club 4-3 ll. ll. Secretary 33 Student Guidance Council 4 . . JUNE llAl,I., Oh Lung Street.--'A Cappella Choir 4. IRVING HARRIS. IU Mnudor Roud f SNYilllIlIillfZ 'lll'llIll I. 2. Il: l,unvli Room Assislunl, l, 2, IS, l,I'Ulll'SiFll Il .... 0I,lYI-I llAR'l', 270 livrlin Slrve-l.fA Cuppz-llu Choir Il, Junlo ZS: Rowling Il, -lg Shorlhund Avsnrd 3 .... RUTII lll'lCKI.I'IR., Sill-t Vvrsuillvs Road l.1-udx-rs -L: l,m-s Bnbil- lnrds 3 .... ll0I.0Rl'lS IIEIM, 33 Yun Slullcn Slruvl - .lunlo Il: Upli- ninlvs II, -I-3 Nulionnl llonor Soviuly ,IXNIC lIl'IRIlI'lR'l', 'll lflinl Slre-ol - .luulo lg A Cuppvllu Choir 2,1 I, lull-r-lligh Choir 414 Girls' IA'lllll'fH 3: Mudrignl Club Il .... CICORCI-I IIICRMAN, 55 Wulzfnrd Ruud . . RUTH lll'IS5l'Il.lll+IlN, 62 Clillord Avvnui' 'lnror-lligh Choir lg Aiudrignl Club l. 2. 31 Inter-lligh Prop Choir I: A Cuppa-Ilu Choir I, 2, Il, llirl Chorus lg f:l'l"lll!Ill llonor Souix-ly I, 2, 3 .... RI'I'A llli'l'lI,l-IR. 20 Rau Stn-vt. ,Maw mi ,VM DOR0'I'IIY IIIIIIIJPEP. 255 'Lark l'P1'l.4glllll ' ,c Qiylivil Il ..... A RNUITIT , .fm ll lvnlwvk klrr-1-l -- Cournnl, . 2 lms liubillurds 4, Corridor Aide IL -lg Frunklin Dny C0llllllilll'l' 4-1 Svnior l'luy 4 .... Il0R0'l'llY IIITZKI-I, 320 Avvnuu D .... GI4l'INV'00ll Il0l"I"MAN, 22 lim-rnurd 2, 3: NYushinglun Fuirg Courtx-sy Purlyg Sufi-ty Council l. 2, IK. IRVING IIUFFMAN, I0 Norlhcusl. Av0nucfYnrsil.y Club, Chfwr- luudvr Il, 4, Cournnt, 33 Librnry Aide- l, 2, 3 .... NIARVIN J. HOFF- MAN. 40 Renal: Slrf-ol. -Vursity Club, Chvorlvudor 3, 41 lilliilllliiid 2, 3, -I-3 Slnndurd Rcuror fl, Key Stull, liditoriul Bourd 45 Craft Guild 3, -lg Nulionnl llonor Society ll, -lg Courunl, Columnist .... ,l0llN ll0l,l.l'1NBACIl, 925 Joseph Avenue-A Cappella Choir 3, 49 Corridor Aidog lnlnr-lligh Choir 3, -lg llnnd 1, 2, 3, -lg Orchcslrn 1, 23 Mndrignl Club 2. IL 4 .... CLARENCE ll0L'l'Z, 97 Turpin Street IIUNALD IIOLTZ. 47 Filon Avenue, Point Pleasant, N. Y .... l'l'1Rl.E Il0l.'l'ZMAN, l23 Sellingvr Street-Class Ollicer, Vim'- l'rm-simlcnl lg Courtesy Party 3, Washington Fnir 21 Corridor Aide 43 li. F. Club 4 .... VERNON lIOW'E, Il Poplnr Strvel, Sen Broom-, N. Y.-Corridor Aide -l- .... ERNIA IIURERT, 310 Blender Roadfv A Cnppollu Choir 4, Vursity Club 1, B. F. Club 2, 3. JEAN IIURLICY, 5l Lung Street-Lihrury Aide 45 Key Circulnlion. . . . RAYMOND IIYIDI-1, 27 Lodge Drive, Point l'Icsnnnl,. N. Y.-- llnnd I, 2, Ii, 1. . . LOUIS ,l0Sl'Il'll IACONE, 459 Norlh Slre-ol ---- ll, Il. Ollicor l, 21 l'1Xl'0lllliV0 Council 1, 21 Mvsscngcr l, 2, X3 Varsity Honour Ii: lhm-xurvu Sonvn-r 23 Courlosy Purly Il, Truck 'FOIIIII 2 ,... LUUIS ll.ARll0, 35k Snack Avenue. CII KRLES INDIVINU, Sl Colmunn Tvrrnoc .... NIARY IN'l'lNl, 2 li' Nichols Strvvlv Circolu Dunlu 3, 4 .... MARJORIE ,IAlll.0NSlxI, llo Ilurnnn Slrm-l.-Corridor Aide 43 Optinmtes 1, 2, 3, ll. F. Club, Km-y lfirculnliong Nntionnl llonor Society 4 .... RAY JAULONSKI, T0 lluylon Slrmsl,-'l'rulliu Sqund 3: lluscbull II: Vursily Soccer -l. l.0IS JACOIIS, 46 Rusewll Avonuo-Orchwlrn l, ZZ, 3, fl, Corridor Aida Il, Guido Sorvicn 4, Nulionnl llonor Society 3, 45 Kuy Stull' -lg Oplinunvs -lg Student Relations Council 4-3 Les Ruhillnrds -L .... LOUIS ,I A RIIINE, HH5 North Goodman Street-Rnscrvn Bus:-bull Il, Fuothnll 3, -14 .... MARIAN JASKOT, 21- Barons Street-Courtesy l'urty 35 .lunln -lr: ll. R. Ollicvr 2, 3 .... W'Al,Tl'IR S. JAS'l'CZlClVlSKl, 110 Sobim-ski Sln-cl. s x 6 9 A 1 V -s ,M III'Il.EN J.KSTZl'IllSKl, 31 Recd Pnrk Iflmms Ullin-org lknuirlm-xy I'urly. . . . ROSE M VKRY JI-IRRIS, 54 Conmwrrl Sin-1:1 II. ll, Ullici-r 2. . . . M NRJORIIC JOIINSTUN, T3 Springliz-Ill Avi-inns Lilrrnry Aida- lg ll. I". Clulb 3 .... l'l'1,kRl. JUIINSTON, Zfhhl 'l'iIus Avruuv lfurrirlur .-Sidi' lg Juntu 1, Zig Suniur Play 1-. KRNOLIU JONASSIC, I6 Avvlulu If II4-:wrvv llzlsclmll Il, l"runkIin Dny Iinnnnitlr-0 fl- .... RUTH .lIYll0Vl'I'Z. I0 l"r4xlvrii'k I'nrk linnd I 5 Girls' Scrvinf: Imzlglnv Il: Snniur Ilhuir 12: Sludunl, llllllllllllfll Ifuum-il lg Juninr Iflmir I .... HENRY K Kl'1S'I'l'1R. Cllr III:-illu Sire-1-I. lima-Imll Il. .... IHRUYIH K XIIY, 330 I.:lluurnuru Ifri::u'viiI, Iforridur Mill- 23 J fs Cuurunl Stull Ii: Franklin Ilny fhniirliitlf-12 2. Il, Hn-rinaui Ilunor Sm-ii-ly 23 Ixuy Stull' -I-1 Uplillnllus 2, Il, Nalliuliul llunnr Sovivly Il, -lg Iiuillv Sm-rvico Ig Sluwlvnl Aclivilius Ilniiiiliille-0 IS, 4. RDY lx XMINSKH. Sill! Sixth Stn-ul --Uplinmlvsg Yisunl MII:-3 .lunln I, 2, Ilg lxunw Your Svlmnl ll 1-1-Is Ilullllllillwe I, Il ,... IIKRULII lx-Kl'I.XN, Sill- Ilullvlilu-vk Slrcvl ---INuIiolu1l llunur Suuivly Il, I1 Uptiinulcs 2, Il, Ig Guide S4-rvicv il: A Cnppclln Choir -I-1 Junior Ifhoir I1 Ixvy flll'I'lllZlI,IUll ...., XLICX XNIIRIA KKRPUW l'l'Z, l'l Xluluna' Str:-cl f-Crmnncrciul Ilunnr Society 2, -lg Crnft. linilrl -lg Lilnrnry Aisle- lg tinrrirlor Aide Il: Junior Choir lg Gr:-gg Awnrrl .... IIICIAICN KARSUI9, Ih Ilairris Strzvclr-.lgliinr l:IlUIl'Qful-ilSlllllKI,0ll Ifuir 33 Girls' S4-rxii-me Imagine 2, Courtney I'urly Zig 554,13 fiuirlxun-0 Council Ig Ynr:-lily 4. l s 3, . I . I I GRACE KARW .K, Alphonso Slronl,--Orclu-wlrn I, 12, Il, l-5 Ijllralry Aiflc 2 , -Ig XI: rigul lull II .... NI,-KRY K.K5l'l'1R. I0 'lbwnsclid SL ,L-fACnl nt Stn ' G. A. C. 41 Grvgpz Axvnrvl -Lg Iiirl I.:-mlvru 33 mv u chuu nuglloiiiiiiillnu 31 Lilurury Aiilu I .... INUI, AST I, alll fxlrftut .... VlNCl'1N'l' lx KSTNHR, Ml fl Stn-4' ' KRTIIUR WH KKlIFl"Yl.fKN, III3 llunllulpli Sl,r1-:elf llunil -lg lllnxs lluuulwil Il, ,I-Q Craft fiuilll Il. -I: l'lu'nllIiv4: lluunuil Il, -I: I"runkIin llny Ifnnunilleu 2, II, -I: Slutlvut Iiuifl1un'0 Council fl, I-3 lluirlv S4-rvivvg Upliluulos Il, I: .Iuuln 2. Il, -I, Kvy Stull -I, lftlilurinl llunrclg lxuuw Your School llvvvk fl0lllllllIIl'4' 2. Il: NIL-nnuriul Sclmlursllip Ifmnlllillm' 25, lQSlllfllilll.ll1'lllllUllSIlUlIlll'lI1 NziliunnllImlurSo1'i1-ly l .... SICIJIA K XUl"I"Nl KN, ul INurInuSIr1'1'I: Courant Slull I, 23 liirl l.v:Nlvrs I: .luulo ll, l,iI1rury .-Ximlull, 21,51-niur I'Iuy I-1S1:IumI I'I:ly Il: lxvy Ifirvulu Iiou .... LHONKRII K Kl'l-'NI KN, In Morris Slri-4-I, II II, Ullirvr 22, Sl: Washington Ifuir I, 2I,2lglfuxllrIrz-syI':lrl.y1l: Nln-:asv-nge-r ZS: IM-pnty II. . .l1XROI, Klilllll-IR. I2 .Nrluulus Slrw-I, Ilnrrirlur Nifh- Il: Cuurnlll I 1 Ilnglislx Rook Room Il, Girl Imzirlcm 13 Inst nn4l lfuunll 2. GlCR'I'Rl'IlI'l Kl'i5Sl,l'IR, fyh YYi1llnnn Slrvvt- II. II, Ullivvr 2, Sig I nurllsy I'urly Il, Girls' Svrvicf' lfvugln' llnuncil Cl .... IIQYING I.. Kl'ZSSI.l'1Il, ITCIT Sl. I'zluI Firm-l -Ifuurunl C53 lluizlv Su-rviuu -lg Nu- Ilnnor Sucivly, Social lllllllflllllll Ig lil-y Stull' 1: Irs llnlmillurmls lllllilllilkrs 2, Il. -l .... lll'I'l"l'Y lxII,llR XS. ul Ilvlwrlr- Rnnrl - 27. .lr TED Kl,li,I3lliN'l', ITO linrtn-r Strvvl .Iuulu I: 1. Xa, XX I, Q fu . 1 , . L. Ul'Illl'ilSl Nxvlnn- Sm'4'1'r 2. II: llllelclmll 2, Il, I" Imll . . RU!!-1R'1'.kl.INkl'l. SHI Yvrsnillvs llmul .lunlu Ig ,,1 i3 tlmuicil Il. I3 llurriclur Aida Ig Key Stull' I .... ll,ln'lR'l' KNNRPI, ZIHRI Yu-rsuillvs lluzul II:-svrvc Ruse-lmll LI, Il: l"ool.IruII 4 ,... Illilfll-Ul'll Kl.INKl'IR'l'. 25 Uulunun Struct fSwi1n- :ning 'I'mnn 233 Senior'1- Saving 2: .Inulu tl. JUNE KNORLES. 21 CIUIFIIIOIIIII, Str:-1-lfffl,ilmrnry Aids-. . . IIICR- IIERT KOCH, ITII I,ux Slrvcl. . , l'KUI. YV. K0lC'l'l'l'IR, llfl Morrill Slrm-Lf-A Cuppi-lla Choir 2, 33 Swimming 'I'mun 2, 3 4, 3 Corriflur Aidi' 33 Junlo 1 .... Y'.iL'I'l'IR KOIII., ITS Norlnn Slrncl.. SIIIIILICI Ix0I.II. T8 Iligln Sir:-ol -Corridor Aish' -13 Grlegg Awards I00, 110:55 Howling -I .... W Il.'I'I'IlI k0I.I'1SNIlx. II52 Aw-aaa II Class Ilounu-il Ig Corridor Ainlv 2, 3, I: Courant I: Franklin Day Cmn- lniIl1-1: 33 .lnnlo 3, Ii:-y Stall ,Ig Optimal:-s 3, -Ig Svnior S4-rvivu 3 .... VIRGINIA Ix0I.IIIKII. SI IIInln'In-slvr Slrvol, Svvrm-I,1lry, Slullvnl Arie-1om:iation3: Hand 3, I: Uurridor AIII1'iIQIIlNlfIIIIl Circ. 3, 'Ig Iixvmiliu- Iionnvil 2, 3: I"rnnIxIin Ilny IIUIIIIIIIIIPC 2, 33 liirl IA'ad4'r 3, -I-3 Guidi- Survim- I1 .lunlo 2, 3, II: Kay Slall. I'uI1Ii1'ity I: Know Your School II1'm'Is Ilonnnillw' 3, Mvlnorial Soholarsllip Fund Colnnlillvc 3: Upli- IIIIIIIIN 2, 3, I1 Slndvnt Ilvlalions Ifonnnillvv 3, 'I: .Award Cmnniillm- 12, 3 ..., ISIIIICI, KUMUIIUWSKI. 32I W:-an-r Slrr-vt Studi-nl Gnillnmw- lfonnvilg Girls' I.1'adn-rsllip 2, Kay Cirv. AI. ,IICIIUMIC k0llI'I'I41Ix, SI NI1'I'I'IIllIlt' Str:-4-I School lfonnnunily S1-vrvlnry 33 Wasllinglon Post II, Optinialvs 3: AI:-sae-ngi-r 2,3gCo11rIm-sy I'nrIy IIIlIlIl'IllIlIl 3, Ixoy, liusinm-ss Managa-r ,Ig Ins Ilalmillarlls I: I"1-m-- inp: 31 Nnlional Ilonor Sovivly -I .... ROS!-I KUTIN, MI IIITIIIIHII Slrvvl Canary Club I, 23 Up:-r1-lui 3: Choir 3 ..,. IIOIl0'ILIIs" KUW KS Y, III I'iiyu'Ion Slnwl f Librarian I, 2, 3, 4' Girls' Cllorlni zz. 4 11. ' una. . Nolun 'IIklISl'I. :rv wk-If I C1 - IC :ir I - .1 In! 21 1136 .E , II, Ig. - ny I: llxurxiklhkik-f., ,Iy Ixx' ogninlion. , Q' UIX'.'Y'kI ' I rv'YS9,4e? Ill,-I IxIIAVI'I'I'l. l3T' Ilanln-r Sfrvm-l I.iIurarian I1 Junior Choir Ig XXII:-xllillpzlon Fair 31 lfourlvsy I'arI'y 31 Svnior Choir 35 Il. I". Clull -I: Kay Ifirvulalion. . . IIIIIII XIII! KIIICSS. IIIO .lackson Slrvclf .lunlo Ig Ima Ilnlrillards I. 2 .... I' K'I'IIIIII K IxIII'ilIlI'iII, TT IIadio Slrvul Iloolxslorn- 3, I, Narsily lflnlr 21 Il. II, Ullivvr I, 3 .,.. JACK M. KIIIICILICII. 3IIIfarlInap:1- Driu- X arsily Iiaskn-thall 3, 'Ig 'I'4'nnis 'I'v:nn 3, -1 ICIIV AIIIP KIIOI.ICIx. IIII Iiurnan Stn-4'I Nalional Ilonur Sovim-ly 3, I, IIIIIIIIIIIIUS 2. 3, I, Ifhairlnan: N, Il. 5. Tutoring Colnlnilla-If I: Urcln-slrn I, 2, 3, I3 Iiand I. 2. 3. I3 Inlvr-Iligh Urvllostra I, 2, 3. Ig Inls-r-Iligh Iland I, 2, 3, Ig Ixvy Stall' Ig K4-y lfiruulalion I .... ICARI, IxIIIIMWII'IlII'l. II20 l1IiII'or4I Au-nav IIn'In'sIra I, LI. -I: Inlvr-Iligh Un-In-slra I. 2, 3, I: .Innlo I. 2: S4-nior lflnss Conn:-il 31 Corridor Aish- 2. . . . 5'I'I'Il.I.A 11. KIKZINOW ICI. 228 II:-rlin Slrvz-If-Girls' IA-arlvrs I, 2: llorriilor Aiah- 3 . . . KIIIIIIICY KIIIIITZ. 35 Moulson Slrvvl .lnnlo 3, liorridor Aidv I. VII,I.IAI5I IxIII.IilYl1IiY. 5 Ilvssin- I'Inre- Iloxxling VIIPIIIII 2. 3, I1 I,l'ad1'rs' Corp 12, 31 IT:-x'1-Iopnu'nIaI IIasIu'l.IinII I . . IIAYIC KIIII- IANSKY, II- Iinllwrinv Sin-vt IN'asIlinp:Ion I'o:4l I, 2,31VI'asI1ingIon Fair II: Iiam-luall 'I'1-nm, Marana-r I. 2. 31 Courlvsy Party, Courant -I1 Ihlsvllnll 'I1l'Illll, NInnag4-r I .... NOIIMA FLOYII IA IIARII, T2 I"roal Avvlnu- IIrnI'I Guild I .... ,IOSI'II'II I". I.-I Il0I,CI'I, Illo Ce-nlral I'ark flfirvulo Ilanln- I. 2. I"AIIIII'iI.I. I.A DUNN K, 'II Midland A V4-nun' I"ooIImaII -Ig Succvr 3, I: liolf 2, 3. I .... SANI I,KI"I'IIIIII'1II K. II'I2I- Clilford AVI'llllI"' Rand 2, 3, I: I"ranIlIin Day Iionnnillvr- 23 Corridor Aida I3 Junlo 2, 3: Fool! Ixnll 3 I. . . ,IIINIC I.-K FOIHIIC. Ill Zygnn-nl SIrm'IfOplilllaI1's 3: Cirvolo Ilanlv 3, I: Jnnlo I : I arsily Iflnli ,... LOUIS LA MI'INDOI.A. 2I5 Iloyvroll Ilrivl' Hand I, 2. 3, I: Urclwslrn 3, -Ig Inlvr-Ilip,:Il Hand I. 2. 3. I: Inh-r-Iligh Urcllvralra I, NIAX LXNIISAIAN, 37 Iinvllan I'arIx Svlmol lfolnlnnilily Counvil I: Clam: Ullim-r, 3Il'l'AI,l'l'!iIII1'lII 3: Ihislninpzlon Ifair 2, 39 Cnurlasy I'arIy I. 31 II. II. UIIII-4-r I, 2. 31 Library Aida I. :,iI1Ii0l'l'IlIIIl' Aida -Ig .lunlog Nalionnl Ilonur Soc-in-ly I: Inlvr-IlighSri4'1n'1'I1IuIs3,-I-3l,1'slIaIviIIar1Is I, 2, 3 .... IlI'I'I"I'Y I.-KNIC, 00 Slrong Stn-1-l Class Iiounvil 3. -I: Su-nior Class, S1-vrvlary 3, I: Cournnl. IIII'L'llIilIIUll 3, I: I'Ix1'4'llIiv1' Conn:-il I1 Ifranklin Iluy IIllIlIlIlIIIl'l' I. 31 Guide- S1-rvivv I: .lunlo I: kay SInII', 'I'ypisI I1 Slnllvnl Arlivilivs Iiolnnlillz-me -I: Slndm-nl II:-Ia lions lionnvil I: Slndvnl Iinidam'v Ifounvil I .... III-KIIYIN IANIL. IIIII Ilolln-nlu-vlx Slru-vl Uplilnnln-s 3, I: Svliool I'Iay 3: Kay SIaII'. Urganimliun I .... IlIIN'I'III'iII l.IN12li.2I2 Iflillord AYPIIIII' .Iunlo 3.15:-rlnan Ilonor Som-in-ly, . . 1iAIII.'I'0N l.KN1lS1IIlWAlLI'llI. I022 Norllu Slrvvl lforridor Ahh- 3, -I1 .Iunlo 2. . . KIlI'II,I'i I..-INNI. 36 lflillrnor Slrn-4-I Guido Sm-rvivv: Sc-nior Chorus I: Inlvr-Junior Choir I1 A Iiappvlla lfhoir 2, 35 Iollry IIaII I .... IIAIC I.AI'IIlI'IS, 20 I'1n'rgrl'4'll Flruvlf liirls' Srrvivv IA-npzlll-1 Iiourls-xy I'nrIyg Iivrlnnn Ilonor Sovii-ly: Corridor Aish-1 Aaraily Iflnln Nalional Ilunor So:-i1-ly I . .YlNl1I'IN'I'l.A IIIISSK. -I3I lilo-nuoonl Avvnuv fJI'raak 23 Lost and Found 2. 3: Sm-nior I'Iay ,Ig Cournnl 2. 3, Ifirvolo Dnnll' 2, 3. IIN 'I . Nw I If: 1'-G 5 W kI.'I'l-Ill I.K'IIU5IxI, 'F Ixzislnvr I'1irIx ll, Il, Ullivvr I. lilnsv Svvri' lzlry fl. Kfunalry Illulr lg 51-nior lilioir 2. 251 Xiu' I'r1-siili-nls' lfoiiiivil Il XX:lsliingIon lfuir 2 .,.. l.l'iN K J. I.K Y Kl.I.l'1. IW! Nurlon Slrvvl .lunlo Il: Corriflor ,Xillv fl. I .... IHISIC I.K Y ICIKIPIC. lilo! lluy Sliori Iloulvxnrfl .... .IHICUWIIC IP. I. KY INF. Ili: 4 'ulm I'lm'4- Si-nior Slnili-nl liuiilunw- Ifounvil I1 Xliwliinglon Ifuir Z, Jig I'oiii'li-xy I':irly Il: ll. ll Ullii-wr 2, fl: llnilgvl Kgvnl 2.21. ,Ill5I'iI'IIINl'i IAZZKII K. Illl Ixnslpp Xxvllui' X If:ippi'll:i Iiliulr fl. .lunlo l.1I.Slgiiirls' I.i':i1Ii-rsliip l.! . . . I'Kl l,INl'1I.KllXIlX.IllI Waring Iloaul Iforriilor Ximli- lg.lunlo lgijiri-olo llzinli- Il: Ili-nniaisallwi' Souiiwly 2 .... Ill"I'Il I,l-1llllX!l'I'l. T Nlnnlzi 'l'i'rrui'u .lunlo Ig Ii, If' Club 2: lxnow Your Svliool NN awk lfoininillvu' Ig llouralnl Il. I: Iforriilor Xiili' 2: Iluiili- Si-riici' IL .lunior Ijlioir I. Kira-gg: Mxnrils IIN .'I. . , liIIKRI.0'I"IIl'i l.l'Il'iIll'1RYIKN. 5 Xl:lrlnirg:1'r Slrvvl Iforritlor Killa fl. I. Illllll KRD U. I,l'1lQI.HIl. I In llurlsiluli- Iloznl Ilzinil I. Lf. Il, I: Uritlii-slrzl l. 2. Il, llg lnlvr-lligli llzlnll I, 12.25. Ig lnlvr-lligli Urvlli-slrn I. 2. Il, lgS1'niorCoiiilcil Ilgliorriilor Xiili- 12. Il: Cixii- lllnlu I, 2.1,-Ig Swing llzinil In-ml:-r fig lIIl'ill'Ik 'l'e-:un Il: Svliool l'l:ly Il ..,. MICYICII l,l'iIIRliR, III5 Ilaiulwr Slrvvl ll. II. Ullirvr I 1 Il :isliiuglon l'nir I. 2. Ilg Klnurlusy I':ir!y Il .... DXNIHI. I.l'iWII'I'ill'I', 010 .losvpll Nxviunf Inlvr-Iligll llunil Il, I: lnll-rflligll Urrln-slru IL llzlnil I. 2, Il. -lg Urvllvei- lru I, 2. fl. I ,.., !40l,0Nl0'N l.l'f'NlI'l'fR'l'. 5 Nxvilui- If lfnrriilor Airlv 2. Il, 'lg Irs liulnillairils, l'r1-sill:-nl 2. il: Ili-si-rw' Ilnslu-llvxill Il. Nl KRY l.l'IONl'I. 256 First Sir:-ol-Corriilor Aide -lg liirls' I.:-Juli-rsliip 3: .lunlo 43 Clic:-rli-:ull-r 25 Allili-tic' 'll-inn Il ,... llI'I'.k I,l'IS'I'l'Ill. 205 lloycrofl, Drive--.lunlo lg Ins! nnil lfuuml fl: Nnlionul llonor Soi-ii-ly lg Ifoinmurcinl llonor Sonia-ty II. lg Hn-gp: Axwirds MO, I00 ll. . . . Rl-IGINVK B. IESZCZYNSKI, 1501 NN 1-nv:-r SIl"l'I'I .... NIHIIUN I,l-IV KY. 216 lxlfll"llllSlI'l'1'I fflms Iliillillurils 2,1lglii-rinnnllonor Sorii-ly 253 Ari Clnln 45 llonrlcsy Party 251 Wzisliiiiglon lfziir 2. Ilg Girls' Cliorns 21 llzinury Cluli 21 ll. ll. llllicer Il. SOPIIIIC LHVI, ll- Yi:-nnn Straw-t Il. ll. Ullii-vr lglfoiirlusy I'nrIy 25 Wimliington Fnir Il: l.iI'c Saving Llp lfonnnunily Council Ig llmwluill 2 . . . IIKIIRY LICVIN, IT Dvjongi: Slrvvl--florriilirr .Niilv lg .lunior Choir I 1 Upliiniilus fig Nnlionnl llonor Soi-iiety I .... IIKICNI-I I'llYl,l.lS LEVIN., 1425 Cfynkvy Avvlnli' Iiirls' l,i-uilursliip 2: Hi-rlnnn llonor Sovii-ly Ilg llunor Craft Guild fl, -Ig Iforriilor Aiili- 4 .... NIICYICII LICVIN. GT I'Ivf'rgrr4'i'ri Slrvel -Swilnlniug 'll-nln I. 3, Zig 'l'rni'k 'l'l'lllII l. Il: Fimllmll 'l'umu lg lllii-v-rlcaili-r I, 2, 3. tg Srhool ijoinlnunily lioinicil I, Il. -I3 lfwiriilivc Council I. Il, -lg Snfcly lfounvil I, 2, Il, lg llupnly Council fl, 4g flonrtvsy Party Il: Nhisliinglon l"uir 2. Il. IIXIIRIHI' LHYY, fill? livniinpzlon Slrvvl -Junior Ifluoir I: Svnior Girls' lilvi: Clull 2 .... lSxill0Rl'I LICYY. 250 lliulcn Sir:-4-I fll, Il. Ullirvr 35 lYnsliinp.:Ion lfuir 1, 2, flg fiourlusy I'alrly Il: lursily Ilurilivl- bull Il, -I: Yursily llnsvluill Il, lg Soir:-r 253 lfross-llonnlry 2. Il. . . S'I'I'II,lA LICVY, l59 Urinonil Sln-cl l.ilnr:iry Aiili- lg .lnnlo 1351-nior Choir 2, Il: Junior lfhoir I: Ylaisilliilgloli lfuir 23 lu-y Ifirvnlnlion .,., Yl'1'l"l',K IJCVY, bl Nivnnai Slrvvt Si-rrvlury-'l'r4':isiiri-r 2, fl. Klum Your Snlmol Ylvvk Ifolninillvu Il: llaisllinglun lfziir 21 llourlvsy I'urIy 2, il. liirls' Survivi: l.4-:igiiv 2, Zig Si-nior l'l:iy Ig Girls' I,1'iuli-rriliilx I, ,IULIU5 I.lllI'iIKYl KN. H10 Ili-rlin Slrvi-I X iizippi-lln Choir L21 lloxxl- ing 'II4'iIIlI 2 ..., SIIIIKLHY l.I1III'l'l'IIl'NIKN, III II4-niinglon Slrw-I ll nsliinglon lfaiir 2, Il: Courtusy l'urLy fl: Sxxilluninp.: 2 .... S'l',KNl,l'1Y I,Il'C Xfxikl, IIIR -lvrnziril Slrvvl -Hi'si'r'si-1 llama-Imll 151 llvsvrviw .' vi' I I ruliily Sci Il, I1 Nursily Sajioffrlflg 2, Il, -I3 iionrh-ray I' .. . N KI ' ' I4 l'0Nll, T55 Wrlli Slri-1-I iiourlvsy l'nrI.y. X I 'x LOUIS I.lI'l'NIKN. ISU .losvpli Axvniii- Xhisliiilpzlon l"uir I, 2, Ilg lfourh-sy l':irly 2. 151 llaisvlnull Il, -I: Ili-si-rw llziski-llmll I,L! .... IJLOIHA .I. LIPHKY. 91 Scrunloni Sire-1-I -Girls' Svrvivi- lmaigin- LI: Xlunliiluzloll I'osl 2. Il: Wnsliinglon lfziir Il. Ilourlcsy Ilnrly Il: Upliinnlvs LI, 35 Xlursliul Il: kay Stall' lg liurzulinn ol' ilu' lflng I: Uri-gp: Axxnril Al-Q IN:lIionul Ilonor Snviiwly VI- ..... kNGI'II.0l.IZZlU.Il5UulunxinSlri-1-I r Dvpnly Ilg Wzmliinglon Fziir fl: Xlurslml 2. fl: lforriilor Niili- I .... ll Xl.l'Il l.Ulll'INl'I, 155 llrnflon Strvvl - fflziss Ifounvilg Iforriilor Aiilig -lg .lunlo l, 2, Il, lg l"rnnklin Dany lfonnnilli-v fly In-y Stull' lg know Your School Wi-uk Connnilli-i': l.ilmr:iry :Kirin I. 123 Sluilvnl Iiniilunce Council 33 NIPIIIUFIIII Svliolursliip lfnnrl Coininillvi- lg 'Nulioniil llonor Soi-ii-ly -1: Student Assovintion l'ri-siilvnl. NI XII Y IJNIIIIICIIU. Ill I'orll:1n1l Nvvnm--Glmrall lilulu 23 linrrillur Ailll' I: liirvulu llxlnlvll. I. ..NIKll1 I.0I KCIYO, 51I!lSixllnSlr1-4-I Girvulu llunlm' Il, ll: Gorriulur ,Ximlu Ilg lll'ill'I Guilll Il .,., III'i'I"I'Y IADNIIUN. 530 .lusvpln Avi-nnv Xlnrshull Il: Nluslxinglon lfnir Cl: llmnrle-sy l'urly Llp Girls' S1-rxiw' lmngzlu- 2, Il: ll. ll. Ullircr Cl, S1-nior lfmlllril lp Girl l,4':l4Im'r I: Nzllinuulv Ilunur Snvivly I .... M-SRX' LUIKKY. :Ill llmlvn Slrl-m-l,,Go11rl:-sy llalrly 1 XI IIl'lOll Fair "5 hu-ls N-rx'l1-0lmmxixcufl, '. N I O LU -' K ,IUSI'lI'IIINIC I.0YIlI.I.0. lflbll Glillilril Xxvlulv 'X lfaippm In Clluir Il. Ig Girls' llaleelwllnlll 'l'4-:lm I Il. lg Xzlrsily lflul12,Il:lIiruou Ililllll' Il. I. . XICLIJC IJWCYSIIYY. Syn Nlzlrizl Stn-1-l l.iI1Tllry Aide' l: Girls' Sn-l"r'1' I.1-uumljmyu-il Ill, fli Cnurllsy I" 'ly 2,:3: XI'u?jn"l I'usl,3 Mvflrilrinm glull' lg lxyj Sl:uII7I,:'Qff1deCnl9IRvliwili1-L ff: ullnyx Yulimml Ilonnr Suuivly l ,..., IUICIQ Ylm-IxICI.I,IiIl. ll Ilollxxmul I'l:u'z' :X lluppvllau lllnnr I, 2. Il, llluss llunnvil I: liilllfillll lilalll' l. 2. fl: l'Iu'a'lllix'u' Guuncil lg I"r:lllIilin llziy lfunlmillvn' 2. Il. I: Girl I,1':uI4'rrl I1 Gnixlz' Svlwim' 2. Il, -I-3 lnlvr-Iligll Ghuir Il: lulvrflligll I'r1'p. Lilmir 21 .Iuuln l, lg lxnnw Your Sulluul IM-1-k Culnlnillvn' Il, -I1 Nlzulrigzul Glulu 2, Ilg llplillmlvs Il, Il: Svnior llluy I1 SIIIIIIJHI Arlivilins liolnrnillvu Il, I: Slmln-nl lin-lnliuns Guulwil Il, VI: Svninr lfluss l'ulllis:ily Iillillflllillll Nnliunnl Ilunnr Sncivly Sl, I ...., I0 kNNl'lNIkIIiK,1l2lT I"irs1l. Slrvvl lfnrrimlur Airle- lg Girvnlu l5unI1'Il:lflmruIlllulx l. 2. ULU K 'NIXIUII KNI, 200 Iluyvlill' llrivn' lfirvnlu Ilnnln 2. fl, AI. , , . IIIl'I'III'l Nl KI.K'I'I'iII, Sll Morris Slrl-M-' .llllliur Gllitlullvn' limlllvil Ill Ixu-y Stull' I-5 Ynrsily Glulr Il ...., K'Y'I'IIONY NIILGIICIII, Sil llvl Nlunln- Slrm-ol lfiruulu llunlv. YIl'l'AI'l'1'SIIIl'lII .,.. K'k'I'IlIl!llNl'1 NI KI,I.U, 1270 Sixlh Slrvvl --.Iunlo I1 Gircnlu llunliv 2. Il: N lluppvllal Choir 2, Il: Liorrirlur 'Xizlm' I-. .KNGICIA MKNIIINI, Zlil Klmim Sir:-1-I Girls' S1-rvicc l.4-agua I: Gnurlvsy l'alrly Il, Il. Il. Ullivvr Il. l- ,... ,lU5I'iI'III'YI'1 NI.NNIiI'SU. Illlh l.y1-1-umSln-1-I. liirrnlu llzlnln- l, . . .I Nik NI KNIlVVI'iI.I,, 201- u l.uxinp:lun Nw-Inn: Nluslxillglnn Xursily l. 2. Il: Nlossvlnzvr 1.,Il1ll. Il. Ullivvr lg liuurlvsy I':lrIy Il: Ilzlsllillglnvli l'usl Il: Uplillmlvs Il: In-A llulnillnruls I .... ,IICNNIH fNlk'N1CIKRIf1, Ill l"n'rlmomI Avvnm' Currislnr Aimlu 2. SIIIIII.I'iY NI III KNICS. ICU llnll1'nln'4'ln Slrvvl. fGr1'p:g AIVIIYII llll Il: IIIIIIW Your Svlnml IM-4-ls lfmnlllille-4' Ili Slmlm-ul Guiclnnm' llmnm-il lg Girls' lmallln-rs lg ll. I". lllulu Il ..,. NIICIIKICI. NIKIKIIIIHSIC. 280 Gvnlrul I':lrl1 ..,. I' Klll. MKIMIUNIJ1 Xlamilou 9-lrvvl, -liulllllwrcizll Ilunur Snwin-ly Il, llvru-rvm' llama-lualll 2: Xzlrsily Ilusvlxilll Il, lg Xursily Sm'1'1'r l- .... I.KXXlll4NlZl'1 WI KRINI'1'I"I'I. 22 Sivlwrl l'lau'1' ll1's4-rw' Ilmu-luull Il: II. Il. Ullirvr Il: Iluskvwllmull Imaiggln' 2, ll. NI.KIIII.0IlI5I'f MINING, 1205 Nllwrllliligluu lloufl llnnxl 2. ll, I: G. A, G. lg Girls' I.4-mlvrs Il: Urvln-slral l, 2 .... SKYTO NI KIIIIXU. WT Klurlnn Slrvvl lfnrridur Aillv: lu-y Stull' ..., IIENIIY MKII- KOWSKI. lill llmlsuu :Kxvlulv l"oullmll 'l'n':un1 Ilzlmlg Ilusvlmll .... NI KIl'I'IN NIKRKS, llli Ilullsnn :Ku-lillv -Ilzislliliglull I"nir l, 21 Glmir l, 2, Il. I'iI.IlKIlI'i'I'II 'IIKIIU'I"I'K, ISSI lflilllvrml .-Kvvulu' '-.Illllln Ig Soninr Cluss Guum-il Il, lg lfurrillur Aimlc lg Sn-niur llluy I: Girls' I,1-mln. L. Il, -ll .... NI XIII' M KIIU'I"I'K. ISSI lllilllmrll .'Xv1'luu'fffGirls' l,4-mlm-. 2, Il, l .... ICYK M KSCI. STU Nurlll Slrvvlf Girls' Survicl' lmzlgllzt 4' I, LI, Ilg Girls' S1'l'vin'l- Imxlggllm- llnuuvil 2, Il, Inlvrflligglu S1'ivm'm' Glulr fl, Girvolu Ilunln' Il, Iluslxillglun l"nir 2. Il: Lfmmrlvsy l'1lrly 12, Il. . . . 5 AIJII I M kSl.XNk.k. 'FII IIiIl"lliII'lI Slrvvl: rlfurritlor Aids: lg Gmlrlvsy I'nrly Il: IYuIx:4inglun I":lir l, 11, Il. ,IOIC M KSLING, ITS Ilvrlin Slrcvl. A I.:-s Ilulvillaxrmls 2. Il. -lg Urcllvslrn I, 2, Il, -lg lnlvr-lligli Urrllvslrzl 2. Il, lg livy Slnll' ,lg Nuliunul Ilnnur Snvin-ly I- .... NIIIIIUIAS NIkSI'lZ1Zl.l!1l Gulluiv Stn-A-I -Cr1il'l,Guil1l Il, Iv: Stlulvnl Guiflumw- lfulllwll .... IJCUN IIIII YI I'I'Cl.-KK, lflf I'l!t'IkIllllll Slrvn-l. A Guppm-llu Choir: ll1lur:mL Slull' I: Junln I , . IIUIlI'1II'I' lII.KllIIU, flllll Wzllzllmrtl llnml, lrolulvqlmil, N. Y. X . Ml iw A W' W X X531 l'i'l'lll'il. NIYKXINI. IIIU I":iirI1-u Drivu- A Cappvlla Choir 2, Il: Iinnd I, 2,1I, I: Urolwslra 2, fl. II, Inlvr-Junior Choir I 3 Inlvr-I'rn-p Choir 2.15. . , . l'II,l,lSON MX YICR. 47 I'1iII'i'l Plame- Uri-Imslrn I, 2, II: Inln-r-Iligh Orlmnslra I, 2: Corridor Aida: I, I ,... IAIIRA Nh-All'I'lllllI. T8 Grand AvvnueffGirIs' Lenders: English llookroom Il, Library Aida- 2. . . . l'Il.IlfIlll'1'l'll H KY M1-AlIl.ll"l"l'I, LII Alcazar Slrvvl- Kay Stall' II-3 Couranl Il: Sonior Class Connvil fi, 'Ig Studi-nl Ilvlalions Counril I1 Franklin Day f:1llllIllIII4'4' II, IWZUGY ANN IVl4:C,-Kllli, 1950 North Clinlon Axvlnln' Yare-lily Clulu 2: Courant 1, 2: Student llulalions Counvil II, 'Ig Know Your S1-Inool Wi-uk Ii, .Iunln II: Senior I'lny 4: Junior Choir lg Franklin Ilay Corn- millvo II: Guide- Svrvicc S5 ...., I ACK W. MHDII10, I I'Ilo-rlrii: Avvlnus - A Cappnlla Choir fig Corridor Aid!! fig Junlo II, Ig Library Aish- ll: Know Your School II 1-1-k Comniillm- Sly. . . LOUIS NIl'Il!'il'II.M KN. AIS Wilkins Strvvl Upliinntv 2, 3 ' S ulf Atlvvlzisillpz I: Junior Choir .... l'll.l'iANOR SIE ' , ' L MH vvr load I'iluzIi:4Il Iiookroorn 3, -I: IS ', ' , . ' v j ,I W NIARY ICCIIIA, IOSI Norlh Iioodlnan Slrvvl. . . . l'iYl'iI,YN Mllillk .0W'l'l'Z, 825 Clifford Avvnui' Colnrnunily Counrilg Party: Kim--I'r4-sid:-nl of Class II: Choir 1, II: I.4'adcrs Club. GDOI,. T Ig Gorlnun Str:-4-I Girls' S1-rwim: IA-:unu- I " ZS, Washington Post 1, 2, II: Lilrrary I: Courlesy I'arIy I I I-runklln Couranf -I: Kay Stun' 4: II. Il. Svitrvlary 2, Nalional Ilonor Sooioly I . lNlll0'I'llY NIlCl,l0Rl'I. 205 Iiivkinson Slri-vt --Slndvnl Iilliflalllm' Council: Corridor Aidu- 2, II: Circolo Iianli- 2, Il, II: Courant, 2: II. I". Lfluln -I: Junlo. TIIUMAS J. 5llUl,l0Rl'1, ITI Dickinson Slrc-nfl - 'I'ruIIii: Squad 2. ., ICIPW ARI! N1ll.l,l'1ll. U62 Jose-plz Avvnuv visual Aid I: Ilruln Corps -I .... JACK MILNI-1.0 Iinmnon Slrvvl .,,. ILICOIUSIC X'Il'l'CllI'Il.I., I5 lg Iivvrgri-4-n Str:-ct. lll'i'l"l'Y fVl0l.ll0l'1k, IIN? W illnlonl Slrw-I Corridor Aide Ig Cournnl 6 II: K4-y Slall' I: Uplinlah-s I1 l,osI and Found II .... l'I'l'lll'Il. WIULI- N IRI, 023 North Slrm-vi Cirvolo Ilnnlv 2,111 Marshals 2, II: VI aslling- lon Fair 3: Courli-sy Party Ii: Circolo llanh: 'Ig .lunlo Ig Nalional Ilonor Sovivly I .,.. Y Kl.'I'l'1ll IUULI.. Ihf Avvnuv A, I'oinl I'l1-nsnnl .Iunlo I. 2, fig Iii-si-rvv IIa:-ilu-II1aIIZ!: IioII"I'1'aln " . . . SK Nl NION'I'l-I- SINO. III! l.in1-oln Sire-4-I - Courlvsy I'arIy II, f INIXRY NIOUNEY. I2 'I'owns4-nil Sir:-4-I .... Nl KlK'l'll I YIOIIAN, III8 'I'iIus Avi-Inu' Iiaskw-lluall 3: I,l"IllllllIIl'N 2: Choir 2: Hand 2g Allllvlic Asnovinlion 2 .... D0lUl'l'lll'iA NIUIKF. 258 I':IIlIIIll'IIlSIl'1'l'I. iNNl'I'l"I'l'I J. MOINLk'Y'l'l'1, 353 IX 1-an-r Slri-vl .Iunlo1IgCir4'oIo Ilanlv 2, Il: Iiaskvllnall I : Junior Choir. 1 ll0lll'IlI'l' NORRIS. IIII Norton SIN-1-I Iinnd I, 2.13. lg Urvln-slra II: Nalionnl IIonor Sonia-ly II. I. I'ra-sid:-nl I: Irs Iiulnillnrda Il: Uplinialvs 2, II, I: Nlvlnorial S1-Iiolarsllip Colnlnillvv 2: Iiuidv S1-rvim-v Ig Know Your Svluool IIA-I-Is Conunillw- . , RliIl0I.l'II lf. WIUSS, II I,ar4vr Sire-1-I .... lIl'iI!lIl'1R'l' '5ll'IlS. II5'3 Nlualin Sir:-1-I .Iunlo LI, I .... l'lC'I'l'IR 'Nll'0Ill. IU! Iludson Nu-nuv IInnd I. 2, II, ,Ig Urvlnfslrn I Ia.: - . V' ...I iff I I ANTIIUNY N KRIIUNI-I. Sill! Clinlon Au-Inav Norlli Iiuual Kidz- II, - in 5. . 'I " ' I: Soliool IIUIIIIIIIIIIIIQ' Council I, 2, Il: I'rl'sid4'nl ol' Class 2, II: I'o:4I: f - : I I '- .' Courh-sy I'arly II: I'Ixvm'iiIivl' Council 2. , . . IIHICNICIC 'N KY lllllflxl, I Q :- 'I I 65 Ifairlranks Slrvvl .Iunlo I, Colnln4-rviall Ilonor Soivvly II, II: Na- ' ' ,I - ' - - ' I -7 5,5 I lional Ilonor Souivly II, Ig Guido Svrviw' I1 Srzripl Aunrd Illl fl . . . I ".. ,,,, J lf- :lumix rw uw nomo. mo mfr.-r su.-I-aw emi..-,nm I, :, zz, 1: ur.-,ig an V"- 'K - , ,,,, 5521-gif' I, Amlriu ...., IENNIE Nr:1:xs'n:l:. I5 atom.-ffl sem-1 lcnglisl. Ilook 2 -I 4 :"f-f"' Iioorng ll. Il. Ullivi-r 2, II: Courtesy l'arIy 2. 3. E.-Klll. NIHKSINGICR, Slh Fiun Street---Deputy I, 2, Zig Track Team 2, Il: Cross-Country 'l'eaul I .... NELSON W. Nlilllill. -I8 Lill Street. . . . lll'IN,lAMlN NllIOLl'l'l"l'l, ISI I North Goodman Street Library Aida .... DONALD P. NICOLII-1l,l.O. IIT8 Iflillord Avvnuv lland 4-3 Orolu-strap lnler-lligh llandg lnler-Iligh Urvlu-slrag Library Aid:-. SKIIAII NO'l'O, 25 llhine Str:-4-I .... 1Ll'IOlHil'I NOWXCIK. Sl SI. llneiinu-r Sir:-vl, -I lonor Craft liuild Il. I1 Nnlionnl llonor Sovivly Il, Ig Class llounoil Il, I- .... C.-K'l'IIl'1lllNl'IOlllllllli, 300 .lost-pll Avvnuv V Courlesy l'arIy, l'uhlioil.y Chairman 3 .... IDOIKOTIIY OGLI-IY. l82 Avenue ll, I'oinl, Pleasant -flland I, Il, Corridor Aide -lg Crafl, Guild Il, -lg Girl l.i-mlers Ig Uroliaslrn 25 Si-nior Play 1: Seen-lary ol' School As:-ioeinlion. , " h . 4 . F f' u lll'1I.liN O'Gll NIDY, I2 Evergreen: Street.-Corridor Aide 2, I: Student Guidnnei- Council I- ,.,. MILDRED OJ.-KLVO, 103 Joseph Avi-nne-f Key Stall -lg Girls' Servieo League, Council 2, II, Courtlmy Parly Il . . . SKM OKICN. 27 Gorham Street ANVasliinglon Falr IS, -I-3 Courtesy l'arl.y II: ll. ll. Ollieer I, 2, Il: llaslu'I,baII 'l'eani 2. 3: llasehall 2, Il: Seem-r 'l'n-nun II: Cross-Country 2, 3 .... NORMAN OPITZ, H9 Avenue ll -Franklin Day lloinvnilh-e Il: Junlog Library Aide I, 23 v ' I - , - -"I I rulu Major I, if f, 1 K A, W ,I S A V , A 1 ' ' ' IIICRNAIIID I". OllA'I'l, II I-0 Joseph Avi-rum-Swinuning Team 2, Il, -I: Wrestling 'lll'Illll Il: Library Aide 2 ..,. GEOIULI-I ORTOLANO, T2 'l'rusl. Street. . , . l'Il,5ll'I JANE OSBURN, I-I Malling Drive-llonor Leader Il, Courant. Stall' lg Franklin Day cl0lllIlllll.00 Il: Student llela- tions llouneil lg Life Saving 2, I . . . IIll'lNl'I:OSBlIRN. 103 Polncroy Stn-cl. JOSEPH OSTIIOWSKI, I2-III North Street--lloserve llaskatlmll Il . . . DANII-II. OYVICIULHIII, Il I-3 livilkins St.rcet.Al'l. ll. Olllcer ill Washington Fair Il, Inter-lligh Science Club 4 .... SIIIRLEY PACK- Kllll, Al-Rl llollenlvoek Slreotfl iirl Leaders 13 Library Aide lg Franklin Day llllllllll Il, Spring Play 33 Sludenl Relations Council -lg Couranl, Slllllk -lg key Stall' l- .... HERNICE PACEI., 70 Kohlman Street. ' . A 6 , 1 i ki H . . . .I , , QIL. , l'1llI'l'II l'Al.l'2llMO, 612 North Street-Library Aide -I-3 llonor Lender -I: Susan ll. Anthony C0lllIllllfl.00, Chairman II .... IVIADELINE l"kI,llMllO. HZ! Portland Avenue-Canary Club 2, 35 Inter-lligh Junior Choir I3 Inter-lligh Prep Choir 2: Inter-lligh Choir Il, 4: Oper:-lla II: Il. ll. Ollicer 2, 3 ....f K NIIREW l'ANZAlll'II,l.A, I2-l liray SlreelfAJunI.o l, 2, 3, bl .... CASPICR C. PAPROCKI, 70-I Norton Slrw-I -Junlo 33 Les llabillards 23 llonnmry Craft Guild 4. 1 4 ' 1 ,mn ,.r. 1-PAlIIN'l'EAII, jg M L-Book Siam 3, lp Jnnlo , .vu Ilnbillurds 4, Senior Play -lg Stmlaxyp lrlaliins Council -lg Senior liuidanre Council 43 Kvy Stallll-1 Trick. can li: Cross- Connlry 'l'1-:un II: Franklin Day Committee 3: Pfrffional llonor ciel,y I .... EMU, PARKEII. 3 HQ Lane Street. ..... A LPIIONSE P RRI- NICLLO, 2-I2 lloycruft Drive-Courtesy Party, Washington Faiiyg ll. ll. Ollieer .... VICTORIA PARRONE, 33'-j Gorham Street'-Courtesy Pnrly fl. ' Al.llII'I PARUS, 00 Pulaski SLreetAChoraI Club, A Cnpimlla Choir . . . Cl-1l.lAN PARUS, 1081 Iludsou Avenue ..... K NNA PARUTA, IO? Joiner Street-Girl Service League: Courtesy Party .... LOUIS PASCUZZI, 746 North Street-Cross-Country Team 3, 43 Track Team 3. .-KNTIION Y PASSKRO. I IOT Clilforrl Avvnln- S1'rnnloln.lunior Iligh Suhool ,... NIOR RIS I'lllI,I,. I I I9 SI,IIllllISII'l'0l".IllllIUI1lI1lI'fIlIl!I' Aids: 2: Conrunl Stull' -I: Key Stull' 4 .... DORIS I'I'l-XSIC, 1525 Collings- uorlh Ilrivn - Iinglish Ilookrooln Zig Gnirlc Sorvicn 'lp Inlor-Iligh Ilnnel 3. 'lg lull-rAIIip:h llrclwslru -lg Junto Il: Know Your School YM-1-k Gom- rnilloc 45 Lihrury Aidc lg Drum NIn,ioringl1lul13. I: l.osl, unrl lfonncl Zlg National Ilonor Souix-ly -l- .... CI,I'INII'IN'l'INl-I I'I-ICOR, lul5 North Slrvvlf-I,llrxvIl Iloonl As:-iislilllt: Girls' S1-rvicv I.4'ngln': llusllinglon Ifnir SXRAII I'I'ICOR-K, 183 Ilayvlill Ilrivu--f llirroln Ilnnlu Il: I'Ingli:-ill Ilookroum lg Hlndvnl. Svnior Guirlnncog Girls' Loudl-r Il .,.. GLORI -K I'I'IIlAI.INO, 1-IT Rohr Slrnet-Girls' L4-mls-rs Il .... IIOW ARI! I'I'IO, 110 Scnhrooll Slrovl, Iloxing mul llrcstling I, 2: .Iunlo I . . . SICIJI-K I'I'IRO, bl Ilohr Slrcul, ' f . f' --1 . f ff 1 X I f ll 4 .J , , , 7 f I'II.I'lkNOR PERRY, 29 Ilroukhnven 'I'orruw: fllnskcllmll I .... LOUIS l'I-1R'I'ICONI'I, 39 Rohr Slrccl.-Circolo Dnnlc 2 . Il: Ilusl-hull Iluscrvc Tcum 33 Inlrmnurnl Ilnskclhnll, Cuplnin 2. Il ,,.. l1I.IiMI'IN- 'FINE I'I'I'I'ERS, ll-I Rohr Slrrrulklfircolo Ilnnlu- 3. lg Juulo -IL Grngg Shorlhalnll Awurcl 80 rl .... GRACE l'I'I'I'R.KN'l'O. 222 Il:-minglon Slrvcl.-fI,osL null Found 3. KATIIR YN I'I'I'I'RI-1W'., 24 Henry SI,I'l'f'I.' Social Ilunvimz 2. Il: ll ush- inglon Fuir 2, 3 .... DORIS Pl-I'I'ROl-'I", 012 Av:-nun A .lnnlo I, 2, Il. . . . IRVING I'III'I'I'l'IRSONl., 2-I Gorhxun Slrvvl- -I,unvhroom Assl 2, Il: llourh-sy l'nrly 3: ll :ishington Fuir 2. Sl: Washington Sing:-rs 2, Il, . . , IIARRIHI' I'IIII.I,II'S, llll Ilvrlin Slrm-ol - Soviul Sc-iw-lim' I.ihrnry 2, IE, -lg Cournnl. 2, IS, 4: School I'luy 33 Know Your S4-hool Nlvnk Zig l'shur at S1-nior I'l:iy :lg Key Llircululinn. .IICAN I'lllI.I.lI'S. 312 Ulillaills Slrvvl Oplilllulvrl II. Il, lg IA-s Ilnhll- Izlrds 3, -I: II. Il. I'r1'si1lvnl. ily Wusllingtou I"uir 2. Ii3CourI1-sy I'nrly Il: Gournnl Ig Girls' Sm-rvirc Imuguu I, 2, Il ,... NNN YIINQINI X I'I KZZA. 002 Ilny Slrvvl -Junlu 2, ll: lforriclor Aills' 31 lfirvolo Dunlop IA-nfl:-r I, 21 Kvy Circulation ..,., IXSIICS I'IlSN,-l'I'O. 15 Gullwrim' Slrvl-L Washington Fair 25 Courlvsy l'urly 33 II. Il. I'r4-sirll-nl 21 A lfnppvlln Choir 23 Inl1'r-Iligh Prop Choir 2: Iluslu-llvnll Ilvugul- . .. Ol'1I'INO. BIZ Rohr Slrvvl - Jun! "3 Fonlbull l- . 'Ao'Q ox 'W' 1 f rj N ' I af' 1 , - , f KA'I'U.IjlI'lN IOCII, -l Il1-qu:lSlrcut- Sw-nior lfonncil I: lxnoxx Your Sol, , NM-C .... Hu CES I'IO'I'ROVSKI, mn, mm. sm-1-1 Filj, Aiflq Clul . . I. . RI TII II. I'IO'I"I'I'1Il. lull Ilamlolph Slru-1-I. I3ookslo1Q:2l,4g'x .SW ,xl ao, 10ll3g.Iunlo1l .... u u:nu.i:N x I'IIlW'l'rZryf'. Darrow lsvcl---Imaltlcrs lg lforrillor Aixlo I: Svnior I'l:ly,YIVar Coni-milieu INIURIICI. I'I,I'lKSKN'I'. Iilfilg I'orllnnll Au'nln"fGirl:4' I.4':lrl4'rs 2. . . . I'lMII,Y I'I.I'fCINSKI, T53 Ilullson Axvnuv- .Iunlo 2 .... I"I.OR- ENCE I'I,I'lGINSIxI, 1-Illll Norton Strom-I Il. I". llluh 21 .Iunlu fl: Swimming II: Lihrary Aide 3, 4: Girls' Choir I .... IDOROTIIY ARI,I'lNl'1l'l.lyZ, 2155 Furlong Slrw-I7-I.4-aulusrs l, 2: A llnppq-lla: Choir 3, flfffiflx' Honor Imutlbrs 2g Junk: 3. IIICLIEN I'OIISI.KIlI,Y, 50 Sl. Slunislnus Slrvvl Corrirlor Airlf- Il . . . POLIZZI, 109 Lowell Slra-ul-llrszlwslrnl 2, Il, 41 Ins Ilnhillnrcls -lg Girls' Service Lcxlgue I3 Washington Ifuir Zig lfonrlx-sy l'nrIy Il: Il. Il. Ollicor ..,. LOIS POLIZZI, 12 Sigf-I Street. JENNIE POLIZZI, IU Alhow l'lm'v Girls' S1-rvirv Irvngilo 2, Il: Courlwy Pnrly Zig IVHSIIIIIKIUII Fair Il: K1-y Slull' ..,. ,lOSI'II'IlINI'I r A s I . . 4 r 0I.1Q.K I'0I.Y1 kd. In 1-llStr1-vt f 'Svnior lfluuir "' Il II UlIi1'1r'I' I0 tp , -. . . . . . Class I' 9-.Pnwti hm I: lionrlvsy Party Il .,.. Il0N.Kl,II I'0W ERS. 1 'I lfnirzing Tint ' Jn yDf2.'.', . LIXNH I'RI'1lZ KYICNTO. Ill- llnunm-il friwt fLln:i-1 tluuuril Ifourlvsy Party 3: Girls' St-rvivc IA-agua 2, 3. . ."XI. I'IIZYlIYl.8. 203 Sl. Casimir Stn-ct -fhirsity Ifmitlvaill Ig v lrihrary Aidl- l:Spring l'lay Il. ,II'2KNl'i'I"I'I'I l'RZI'1WURSKI. 303 Nnrtun Strvvl .... I'lYl'il,YN I'llIIYICS, 'I-I llc-qua Str:-vt f Corridor Aidi' -I: lfnurunl StalT 23 Junln 2: Studs-nts Daurc tlununittw- -I: Ifrankliu Day llnnunittnv 3 . . . NI Sli Qll-KMINA. I llolla II.SlI'I'1'l"'l'llIE Canary Clulm lg Court:-sy I'arly 31 Waaliingtu "air " . QIQNA - NIDAZZE, 8 Gorham Struct A lippn-lla tiuir' . - . "1 Gi ' .1 rus LI. 3, -lg Inter-Iligli Choir 3, lg .luh -f: Court-My :tty 3: girls' Scrvico Lvnguc 2, 33 tial Tluli tl l'I'T1'I'f1UIfln'i' uciul Sci:-neu Forum 4. 1 I - i - L ,U 5 rf- I 'Q- I , . 4 I . . . ',.' V, - J hi ' I I :A fl. I-31. I .I 1 T JUHICI' R-M I l ' ' rst Str:-elf Courtesy I'art.y 3: II. II. Ullioor V' 1 air . .' EY ' IIA' Il: IIICAI, hll Clilllird Aw- , . T ' ' 1 nt- -s I . 'asliington ' . . IT Ualun . .0 r 1-sy I'arI 31 Lvs Balnillards 33 I 1 1 X x.-f I " i n Ia l 1 ' 1 Pos zlluur - h r y - i rs 4' ' gtn ' rl! .... SYLVIA RkI'IxI'V 4 an , sl ' Girls' Svrvivn- l.1'agu4- 2. , . . YTIION Y RAYNIOND, 18 Lung Str:-ct. RIl'I'II R IZICS, LII Maria Slrvvt Courant flz Cuurtvsy Party 3, llirls' l,1-adn-rs: has Iialxillards 31 Social Sci:-time Forum 41 II. II. Ollivvr I. L. 3, Varsity ll: Ullivvr 33 Iivy Stall' .... vl0I.l'i'l' REIS. l3ll l'Vlil17ln'll Stn-I-I Corridor Aids- Al, Library Aidt- I .... Rll'l'll RI'lSSI'II,. ,III llll'Vl'llIll1I Slrvvl' Canary Clulm 2, 3: Inter-lligh -Ig A Cappi-lla Iflinir 'Ig Inlvr-lligli I'r1-p Chair 3 .... BASIL RIDING., 83 llullistor Strvct. A Iii wt I I ,., I N. I M KRIUN RII.I'1Y.2tCK5 Portland Avvlulc-Corridor Aidc 33 Courant, 31 tin-gg Awards IIU. lttli 3. . . , I,0RR UNE RINICRE, 33 Oneida Slrmet- Imn Ilaluillards 2, 3, -I: Circular Dante 2. 3: .Iuntn 31 Corridor Aide' 3. . . . . Il0llllI,.-KS RINES. 95 Crosslicld Drive--'l'rnlIic Squad -l- .... t. -, ' 1 llI'INI'IYll'IVl'I RIVALIIO, 00 Yatvs Strvvt-Circnla Danlv I, 2, 33 "' Shorthand tlrugg Award 803 Iivy Circulation. Ix-KM ICIIA RIVUIJ, Il- Iingln-rt Slrvvtf Iinglish Iiookromn I3 Junlu 2, 3, Sn-nior Council -Ig Circulo Dante- 3: Si-ninr Play 43 Varsity Club. . , . Il0R0'I'IIY ROIIINSUN, hh Dorliclh Ruud-A Cuppa-lla Choir 3, -I: Iutvr-Iligli Choir ft-1 Inter-Iligli l'rvp Choir 3 ,... II-KRVICY ROIIINSUN. Ihll Mitclu-ll Slrvvt-Junta 2, 33 lluscrvc llaskctlxall 2: I are-1iI.y Ilasluetlxall 3. -tg Iiast-lxall 31Curridor Aidv 43 I'Ix1'cul,ivc Conn:-il . Svnitg Cuunvil -ll ....i A LYIN RUNIANIAK, 213 Yxcyl Slrvvl. .9 ,- ' . QSM . , ' Q, , ., ' -Z-f ,I f A Zi., , . I y VIRGINIA ROM ICU, SI Almira Stn-vt f NYusIiington Fair 2: Courlvsy '5 l'arty 3 .... IIARRY ROSE, 61 NX atkins 'l'4-rracc .... IIUSICMAIIY :,, ' - IIOSICNII.-Illlill, STII Cunlwy Aw-nln--.lulito I, 2, Varsity Clulig Lost, ' ' and Ifound .... ARNULII ROSI'lNIII.003I. LTI Nyc' Park- lA's Iiulrillarda 3, -Ig Uptilnatvs 3, ,Ig Guida- S1-rxicv ,tg Iland I, 21 .Iuntu -I: RAYMUNII IIOSICNZXVI-IIG, NJ Yau Stallvn SlI'C'1'l'I':IlglIbtlI Bunk- l'00llIQ lntur-lligh Choir 2: .luntu I, 23 llvsurvc Ilnscliall 3. . . JEAN I.IlCII.I,I'l IIOSIIIA. lltfl Springtii-ld AYl'IIII1'kc:0l'I"lII0l' Aide 35 Girls' I.uadn-rs 3: Varsity Clnli 33 Courant, Stall 2 .... CIIARLES RUSS, IIII Pvck Sttrt-A-I.-Courtesy l'arly1 Swinuning TOHIII .... BRUCE R. R0'I'II, 1502 I' Avenue. me' 4 -I ,, Y 0- , A X. is -I ii : Q :,4 I ,I XVII IIO'I'II. lll5IIllupinSIr4-1-I Vuurunl II. I. Girls' I,vnrI1'rs,GllitIc- Svrviw- I: I,iIrr:lry .Ii1I1' I: Ss-niur I'I:ly I, Svripl Nxxnrll. . RUSH NI,-I IIIIC IIO'I'II. ZIIIII IIIiII'ur1I -Kxvlnn' Ifmlrh-sy I'1lrIy 2: Girls' S1 uu- Ir ' I I.1':igln': Sllulvnl Gui4Inn4'v Ifnunvil I ,,., INIIII5 IIO'I'Ix0Il I'I'l. -I2 Iinulwr Slrn-I-I Ifourlz-sy l':lrIy SIL Ihuslliiugglavrl l"uir I: Vllnir 2. knmx I nur S4-lnml IM-1-In ..., 'I'III'II,YI K III IIIN. I0 IInuIn'I'vrrn4-1- IIIl1nr,I, I I.I'I Ill S50 .I IIlunpinSIr1'1-I .luninr Iflnnir I , Girls' l,1-aulvrs Ig .lu .ivniur Iflnss Ifnunvil I ..., III'II.I'IN S KIlI.I'III. Tllh lfIiII'ur1I A ' nm Svlmnl Ifurnrnunily II4aun1'ilII: l'Im'n'nIixv Ifmnu-il II: 'Ilnrxlml 2.II1Girls'S4-rx'i4'a- I.:-ngm-lfnnnvil12, II: IInsliiinglon l'uNI I, II. Wuxllf inglnn I":iir I. 2. II: Ifuurla-sy I'nrly II: Ifnurnnl I1 Ixvy Slnllf Ifrlilurinl IIuur1I I: lNnIiun:lI llunur Scwivly I: Uplirnulvs II. I: IulvrflligllS1'i4-llvv Iflulr II. I ..., DUN II,II SIGHIIS. Sh Ilmwr Slrn-1-I G4-rnmu Ilonnr Suri:-ly II. ..I05I'Il'II 'I'. SiI'I"I'K, III Wasil Slra-4-I IInmIing 'l'u-nln, IIUIVIS SINIIIHLS. ln! Gnrlnun Slrvvl lIun1I I. I .... KII'I'III'II SI'IIllI'II.SUIIN. INN SI. I'nul Slrvvl IIunrln'sy I'urIy II: II:-svrvl' Iiuskvllnull, NIun:lg1'rII, I1 A Ifuppr-Ilu Choir I , . . IIUNALID SAND, TIll'I'iIl1sAx1'llll0 .lunln I : IIpIinmI1's 2, II, I: IIrnI'l Guilll II. Nuliunnl Ilonur Suuivly II, I: Slmlvnl ,M'IiviIi1'a lfmnlnillvv II, Ig Kvy Stull' I: Gnidv Svrvivl' I .... FKINNY SIYII. 502 Jurwpli Nu-nuv Ifnurlu-sy l':lrly II: Girls' Svrwiivv Imzlglll' I. 2: Irs II:lInilInr1Is II. GUICIIGI I SINUXV. NI .In-xu-I Slrvvl 'Nulinnul Ilnnur Novi:-ly II. I: In-24 IIulvilInr1Is 2. II, I: Ilplilnzllvs II, I: Ifuurunl, Ifllilnriul IInnr1I 2: Ifunrnnl, ffirvllluliull SIHII II, I. IIe'urill' I'I4Iilnr II: Frnnklin Iluy Ifoln- lnill4'4'ZI1 lxnuw I nur Svlmul IM-4-k 2,31 I nrsily Iflulv II: Guide- S4-rvim' IQ S1-ninr I'Iuy, I'rup4-rly Ilnllngvr I: Svniur I'Iuy. 'I'i4-In-I II4ulnlnilIn'1- I: N. lI.S, 'l'nInring IIulnlnillv-0 I: Ifnrriflnr 'Killa' I: II. I". IIIuIr 2 ..., IIII SKN'I'0I.I. MI Uulunnn SIrv1'I IIIINIIIIIQZIUII I"nir 2: Ifuurl:-sy I'nrIy 2, II: Choir I ..., l.Il.-I S-KNZICL. IW II'4'rn1'r I'urk Ifnuruul, I,iIn'rury I'IfIiIur I: Guurunl. Ifirrulnlinu Stull' II: Ifuurnul, Ilvpurlvr 2: Girls' l.u':uIurs I. I: Junlu I: Kay SIIIIIQ Ixnnvx Your Sm-hnnl II'a'a'Ix II. I,4-s Iinlnillnrcls 2, II, II: Lihrury Aidv I: Studi-nt Gnixlnnvm- Ifnunvil I: Nur:-lily Illulm lf, II, I. .. i0I'IIII'I 5IIII"K'I'I , SI I5nmIIrury Sirvnl Cnrlidpr Aida 2: Juntn I 1 Q. M SIMON S k'I'I'I'll,. I4I'I'r1-nannun Slrve-I Lilmrury Killa- I: A Ifuppvllu Ifliuir II: Girls' I.vu4Iurr-I II .... I'I'IIII.Y S-KI Il-Ik, III05 Norlll Slrvvl- I.iIrralry Airln- I .... IIICIIYI, ,IKNIC SIIIII'II.'I'I'III, l250 l'urIlun1I Avmnn- Girls' I.:-znlvrs I. 12: .Iunln I, 2. II, I: lfnrridur Aida I, 2, II: Gnirlr- S4-rvivu II, I: IA-:4 IInlriIlurmIx 2, II, I: IIITIIIIIII llonur Sovil-ly II: Ynrsity Iilulr II: Xlrwlnuriul Sclmlursllip I"un1I Ifulnpuign II: Ifrunlslin Ilny Gnllnnilll-v II: Slmlvnl II4-lmiulls Ifnunvil I .... 'I'III'II.lIIK SIIIIIHXI IV, 1ZIISpringIi:-IrI Aw-:nm -A Ifuppn-Iln Choir II, I: Ilrclmralrn lg Girls' Illmrus I, 2: Int:-r-Iligll I'r1-p IIIluir II: Inlur-Iligll Choir I: .Iuniur Glluir I: 'I'IurIrip:uI Gluln 2, II, I. ll0lII'lR'l'S11IlI, Ilflill. I III We-:uf-r Slra-4-I IIun1I I. 2, II, I: Urvlu-stru I, 12. II, -I : Junlu 2: Iinpzlish Ihrnkromn II, I: Snlmul I'Iuy II .... GIQOIIGIC W. SCIIMXNKIC, IIIO Urvmlu Ilrivv IInnaI: Urclu-slrn: Inlvr-Ilipzh IIunmI: Inlf-rAIIigh Urn-In-xlrug Se-niur Play: Stumlvnl. Ilnlnlimm Ifmnu-il. . . . IIlVI'II SCIIOICNICM IN, 9 Ilnrl Slra-vt ..., RUNS SIIIIIDTII, fm Ludwig I'urk-Urvlmslru I: IIITIIIZIII Ilnnnr Sm-if-ly II: llnrriilur Aidan II: Girls' l,4-mlvrs ZZ, II: I.il1rnry Airlw- I: Kvy Cirrululiun. IIIVIII SCIIIIICIIIICII. 52 Iluvltzur Sin-ul. Inlvr-Iligll Sciullvu IIlulr II, I-3 N:lI,immI llnnnr Suvivly I1 IInsIlingLnn I"nir II .... IIUIIICIFI' II. SIIIIIIICINHII, 26 Springfivltl Avvinu' fII4's1'rv0 lIur-xvllnll 2: IIn:wIxuIl II, I-: IIr's4'rvu IIJINIIPIIIIIII II: Fuullvnll II, I: II4's4'rv0 Snc1'crJI:JunI0 2, II, . . . lII'I'l"I'Y SCIIIIOICIIIHI, 82 Turpin Sl.r1-I-liiiirls' Inmllcrs 2, I: Junlo -I: Sludcnl. IVIIIIIIIIIIIWF Council II: Junior Clmir I .... 'IIXRVIN SIIIIIIOEIIER, -I0 Sl. Jucuh Struct-fffrnfl, Guild, 'I'r4'usur1'r II, -I: Gurnmn Ilnnur Suvif-ly 2: Sturlunt Iluirlxnwu Council: Junln I, 2. IIERNICI-Il-1. 5IIIIW'l'IIIIKII.-IRD., I I I IIN! vvr Slrvulfifurritlur Aide I- . . . RlVl'II,Il'1AN 5I'IGI'II,IN. SIS AVPIIIII' Il ' A ffllppc-Iln IIIIIIII' II, -I: Junior Choir I: S1-niur Girls' Glue Club 2: Cunrnnl, II, 4: Guido Svrviue II: Gregg Awards 80, I00, I20 II: Key Staff, Typisl, Circ. 4 .... FRANK SEILS., 38 NIunCIlcsIArr Slreet-Craft Guild -I .... AIUDEAN SICIIKIC, 28 Roth Street-II. II. Officer 3: Reserve Ilnslu-Lbnll 3: Varsily Iiuslmt, hall 4: Varsity Baseball II ,IOIIN 5I'iIlKI"INI'i. Tl Ixuapp fKx1'luu' ,,.. I'KIlI.I'NI'I YI. SICIIIU. 8 Iluvhan Park. .. M klll KN SICSRU. T8ll1-rnuinSlrw'I. . .N k'l'II KN! SII kI'IIIO, ll! .loai-ph l'la1'v I'orridor Killa- 2 ,NIINULII SII XIII". 2l'I Um-Ia Iload K Ifappm-lla Ifhoir Z, Il: .lunlo lg Visual Nimlu I: Iiuida- Svrxivn' lg XII-uiorial Svliolarsliip Ifnnd Iionv mill:-u Ig lu-y SIaIl'g lnlvr-lligh l'rn-p llhoir 2, Ii .... ,l0SI'II'IIINI'I SIIICIIIIUN, llll l"irsI Slrvvl liirls' l.vad1'rs 12. Ilg .Iunlo 31 lfirvolo lhiulo Sig llrogg Award SIU I! .... GUIIININ SIIUOIAI KV. ITI Ilollvlllu-4'ls Slrvvl Iasily 'l'c-nnis iI'l'1lIll 2. II, l, Caplain Ig Iarsily Iiaslwllxall 'll-ani Il, 'Ig II:-svrwv Ilaskvllmll 'll-ani 2. II1 Xarsily lhmling 'llwaui 25 Choral Iilulr Z, Ilg S4-vlioual 'lxvxuuiis 'Xxxarlls II. Zig Corridor Aidan I1 Iarsily lfoollnnll 'l'ualn I ...., IUIC SICK. ZIIII llasis Stn-1-I I"ooIlrall 'l'n'ani Ig IIn1l4:1'I .Mzvnl 21 ll. Il. Illlivvr 2: W rvslling Iflnli 2. Il. NICIIUIAS SI1IONUI.I"I, 522 Sixlh Slrvvl Xarsily Sovvvr LI, fig Yarsily Ifoollrall II, I-3 lfuwlitiu- I fonnvil 2 .... l1k'I'llI'IRINICSlll-KIII5. IIII Ilauil Slrvvlf Ilirrolo Ilauli- 2, fl, lg S1-nior Girls' lil:-1' llluli 2: II. I", llllllb 21 Iiirlrl' I,1'a1ln'rrxllip II. I .... 'l'0NI SIICIIIIIW SKI, 203 Ilvrliu Slrvul, 'Som-1-1-r ll1's4-rn-IIgSon-vw-r I arsily 'l'n'ani I. . . HDV XIII! SIHMINSKI. OZ! Iirnsl Stn-1-I. I'iI,SYI'I SIUICI.. III llnallvy Slre-I-I ..,. YICR I ,I KNIC SIGLICII, 00 'I'urpin Slrvz-I .lnnlo fl: Corridor Niels- 2, II3 Ifouraul Slall' I: Sain-law: Cluli Ig Ilonor I.:-adn-rs Lf. II: l"ranklin llay Ilonunillm- II. Il: know Your School W4-1-k Ilolnnlitlvm' fig I.ihrary Nilli' l: K4-y Slalli ..., AI.I"III'iIl SII.I.. 200 l.ak1-vii-xv l'ark .lunior Urcln-slra I1 lland I. lf. II, I3 SIIIIINIIIPII II4-lalions Iiounvilg Svnior Play I, .. IIII.IlI SIINICII. I0 Ilawlkins Slrl-vl .lnnlo IgSn'uiorI1oinu-il lg lu-y Slall' Ig l'fx1'rl1liue Council I: lhulpn-I Agn-nl 2. Zig Sovial Chairman. S4-nior Class Ip Girls' Svrvivv I.:-agllv 2, IIQ IXashinp:Ion l"air 25 Iarsily liluh -I. LUUIS SIINICII. lfl Dovvr Slru-1-I Iivrnlau llonor Sociuly II. . . IIUIIHN SII.VI'iIIS'I'I'iIN, LII! lihino Slrvvl 'IIIISIIIIIKIUII Fair 33 Court:-sy l'arIy IIQ Social Sci:-:iw l"oruni I: Mlm-rlisilig Slnlli I-. . . . .IE-IN SIMON. ll'P Svllingn-r Slrvvl llourln-sy l'arIy fl: Girls' Svrviva Imagine- l: Washiuglon l"air 2. fi: liirls' I.:-ad:-rsliip lg Choir 2, 33 Know Your School Wm-k .,.. IIUSINK SINOI'0I.I. Illia First Slrvvl Circ-olo Iiunh- II, I1 Iforridor Mill- Zi. NI KRIAN Sll'l,0, lil SI. .Iavoli Slrvvl Iiourlmiy l'arIy II. 31 Choir I, 2, :lg A Ifnppvlla Ilhoir I-3 liirls' Svrvicn lmzlgllv l, 21 Ivasllinglou Singers l, 2, Ilg Madrigal Illuh Ig Girls' Chorus 2. Il, I: Canary llluli 3: liilwvr-l'ra-p Choir 23 lnhwr-lligh Choir 3. I ,.... KNNX SIxUI,'I'I'1TY, H04 Clinton Avunum- North Kira-gg Mxarcl H03 National llonor Soivvty il, I- .... IiI'iNNI'i'I'II SMI'I'II. ISII Arrow Driw- 'l'rallic Squad 2.31,-Ig Iforrillor Aida I-3 Ilasz-lnall Managvr fl ...., IUSI-iI'II 'I'. SNIYIIA, I IIIII NorIllSlrv1-I A Ilappn-lla Choir IIQ Iivsvru- Soma-r 33 Class liounuil 3, Ig Ifrufl Guild I3 lin-4-iilivae Council Zi, I-3 Junlo I. 2,1i, Ip lI'Il'lIlUI'IIlI Scholarship lfoluinillw- I1 l'r4-sill:-nl, Sludvnl Ax-Aocialoiu Ig Swinuuinp: IIIUIIIII 2. II: 'l'ra:-lx 'l'w-alufI1 Kay Ifirvulalionz National llonor Som-ivly li, Ili MEN SNIIIICIINIAN. Slll 4IIill'ord kv:-:uw IXasliin5zIun Fair SI: llonrh-sy I'arIy II . . . I.II.I.IK'Y SNYIDICII, II Rhine- Slrm-lfliirls' Illloir l, 2, IH Ilauary Cluln I, 2, 3 .... IIIIUNIIILIIIC SOTVIMIAI, I252 Illifforll . vm-iuiv -Choral Club 35 Iiirlxi Iionrlvrsliip l. 21 JA Hap- pclla lfliiuir -I gunman 'Ilufior lluuivly 2, 35 Tjhmfy Aidl: Effmfy' 4 IIIIIII I .... l,IIl IIC SUINII-2,0021 l'orIland Avvluu- l.4':ulm'rs I, 2, 33 Swilnniing 21 Ilourln-sy llarly II. ' ' xx -g,4x.f R-ff MARY SPAZIIO, IIT lfirsl Slrn-I-l Xarsily Cluh l ,... KIDICIAIIIIC I.. S'I'I'iIII.I'iII. IIIII Conlu-y Avoiuu' Nakional llonor Socivly 3, -I-: Cununeruial IIonor Society II, I: G1-rruan Ilonur Society 3g Corridor Aida 35 Book Stone -I .... I.0IS S'I'I'lIN, 9 Oscar Struct-I.ilirury Aide lgfinsgg Award 80 II: Girls' Iicadursliip 33 Corridor Aide -I .... WILBUIK STEIN, 9 Dewar Slrvul, Hand l, 2, fig Gs-rumn llonor Society 2, Il, 4. .,,,. if ,.,,, A . 'Wm Q iv X .. w .N i .x, 3 xr R fl X' 'E- NIII.'l'0N 34'l'l'iRY. TSI .lusi-pl: Nxviuu- Corridor .Nidv II. Ig SNIIIIIIIIIIK 'livani Il. I .... Clllll5'l'lNl'1 5'l'll.l"i5. 110 Nlvlllic-ld liriu' ,... lll'ill- MIKN S'l'0l.l.. llll Xvrsaillv-s lload livrlnnn llonor Som-ivly 2. II. -I1 Iarsity Clulr I. 2: Corridor Aidl- I. .. Kl.lCl'1 STN U'l'. IIWI Norlon Slrf-4-I. Ullllll K 5'l'llASSTl KN. 25 llarris Slrvl-I fir:-5:51 ,Nxxard lI0II1Snn'ial Sm'i1-iwv Forum II: .lunlo lg Yarsily Clulr ,Ig Junior Choir I ...., I ,KMF15 STIINUSS. OT lfarlrrirlgv Slrvn-I Franklin Day Colnnlillw' LI, II ..., MINI-KH S'l'Rl'Il'I'I'. 00 llarris Slrvnt- A Cappi-lla Choir IIQ Corridor Aida- II: lnlur-lligli Urvlwslra Il: .luninr lll'Cll1'Sll'll I: S1-nior llrvlu-Hlru I. 2, S51 Nalional llonor Son-in-ly II. 'lg Coinnu-rvinl Ilonor Soriq-Ly :Lv .13 liuidf' Snrvicn ll- .... l'llll.l.ll' S'l'lIl'IXl. l6l Nlvrrilnxu' Slrvn-I Croma- Counlry 'l'cmn II: 'l'rar'k Il: 'l'railiv Squad 21 Junlo 111 ll. ll, Ullioi-r 23 ll:-puly 2. GORDON !'i'l'Rl'l'Zl'1I.. IH! Sullivan Slrvvl. llanrl fl: Warsily Cluli 2: Corridor Aidv I .... EMILY !'i'l'lKl9CZl'1X5SKl. T Nlilvhvll Slrvvtf- Junlo IS: linglisli liookrooln Ji, lg I-icy Stall' -I: Sludm-nl. liuidxuuw- fIUlIlll'lI -I: Inst and Found 2. 43 II. I". Clulx 2, YI: lin-gp: Award 80. . . , S'l'l'il'lll'iN J. 5lll.XNOV'SKI. '30 l'IruSI. Slrvvl Crafl liuildg Yarsily Clulr 2 ..,. NIAR Y SUR -XCR. 2110 lludx-ion Axvlulv liluzlirwli lloolxrooln I5 Corridor Aide -lg Girl l,4'nd4-rs 43 Grvgg Axsnrd fl. ,glogf-" '..4.f-' J, '1'-1,l.- 'A '- ' l'llYI.l.lS SlIRW'Il.I.0. H02 Clinton ANUIIIIU North iNaIional llonor Souix-ly II. 'I-Q his llalrllards 2, II. -I: .lunlo II: Corridor Aida Ilg fluids' Svrviw' lj S1-nior I'Iay 'lg Couranl Slall' II. ll: Sludvul Avlivilivs Coln- llllll1'I' II, 'Ig Class Counvil ll: Svuior liuidanvn Council .... l.l'ilLK SUSKIND. 20 llivvrsido Slrvvt- Couranl Slail' 3. 43 Iiuidv S1-rvivv -I: IA-s lialnillards, 'l'rm-asurvr I: .lunlo 3: Kvy Stall 41 Svnior l'lay 'Ig Sludvnls Guidanvn Counl-il 33 National llonor Soi-ivly I . . . llI'll.l'IlN SVI l'1l'I'l'. ISI Ile-rlnan Slrvvlf-Mnrslmll II: ll. II. Ullivn-r 2. II. . . l"l.Ulll'iNCE SZCll'il'ANSKl, KIIII W4-avi-r SlrN'l-- Corridor Aidv Zig Lost and Found Ii: Senior Guidancv Conn:-il II, ,INNIC SZHLKG, TIU llurlson Avvlllu' .lunlo 23 lxvy Slall' VI: Hook- rooln 2. 25, lg Corridor Aida -l .... HDV .K Ill! ,I. 'I' Klflfl., 1135 Conlwy Aw-xuu-fJnnlo 1, 2, 31 Sludi-nts lla-lation Counvil 41 Corridor Aide 43 lfranlclin Day Connnillm- '23 Know Your S1-hool Nh-1-ls Cnlulnilh-ce .... l'il.l'iAN0llK 'l'.fKUC.KR'l'. 971- Sl.. l'auI Slrvvl- Uplilluilvs 2, II, -I-1 IA-s lialrillards 2, II: Wlnsliington Fair 2, 31 ll. II, Ullim-r CS, Ig .Iunlo Ig IU-y Stall' fl: National llonor South-ly I ...., - XNGELO 'l'ANI Ill-1. lil Niagara Slrau-l-Basvlmll 2. II. 4. S'l'l'2l,IA 'l'KN'l'll.l.0. Qll Bay Slrl'4'l'- .lunlo 2: Cirrolo ljllll' -lg Girl l.uad1-rs II, 4: Craft Guild II, 4 ..., S V51 'l'ISCl0Nl'I. 5 Sh-plu-ny l'Iam' --lllarslmll LI: YYnsliinp:Iun Fair 2 .... ll KNIICI. 'l'KlVlHl'II.l.0. 50 Sanllvrs Sll'l'!'l--fiflllil, Guild 'lg .lunlo 11: Sludn-nl iiuidaiuw- Counvil I ,... ,IUSI-1l'llYNl-Z'l'l-llll-ISCIII. -I8 lliallo Str:-4-I l.ilxrary Nidu- lg lin-gg Award 3. DONALD 'I'l'INNl'1N'l'. 1587 St. l'aul Slrr-r-I Sxxilnining 'l'1-mn 2, II, -lg Q1 K. Sougiw Tr-ani Zig lfranklin Day Conunillvf' 3: lilvrrillur Aidn- il: Roy I Nitin' Ili .... l'1Vl'1l.YN 'l'l'illll-KAR, T5 l.aIu'xivxx Ava-nu '. Sou lirn-vzv, S Y. Crafl liuild -I1 Lost and Found .... IIENICII Y 'l'l'lllllAN.-K. Im'l'aI'l Av1'iliu:-lI4'iiry is now will: ilu: I'nih-d Slnlvs Navy. Hur good wislios arm- will: you, llvnryl . . . MARY 'l'l'Il!Rl'I,l. ill! Tlnonuis h'in'1-I.---Circolo Dnnlr' 35 Courlvsy l'arly Il. CORINNH NYN 'l'lllllKl'l,'l', IIZI l'onu'roy Slrvvl Corridor Aidr' II: Couranl Stall' II ...., I li,-KN 'l'llUfVll'SON. Tl Norlhviow 'I'1-rracc- A .lunlo 2, 4: l.il1rary Aide I: Lost and lfound II, 1: Guida- S4-rvinv 43 National Ilonor Socinly II, -I. Svc-rotary: IA-ea lialiillards 2, II, 41 linglisli liookromn 35 Key Slnll' fl .... MAR Y 'l'ICkY'l', HT Join:-r Sire-vt - ll. R. Ullinur I 1 Senior Choir 23Courl1:sy I'nrly II .... llll'iNl'1'l'll.l.lM, 63 Thonias SIl'l'f'l'xVIlSlllllKl0ll Fair 2, ZS: Court:-sy l'arIy JI: Girls' Snrvicc lmmzue, Council I. 2, 3. VICIINN 'l'l'l'U. H60 iililllurd Ave-:nw .... INN 'l'0NllIZKOWSlxl. III- Nun Slnllvu Sire-4-I 1fumun'r1'iul lluuur Sui-in-ly fi, I: S4-uiur Cliuir Il, Gr:-gg Auurdsg Irs llulnillurds I: Nuliuuul lluuur Sunil-ly -I ..., MAIIIUN 'l'0R'I'0lIl'1'I"l'I. T llmvlu-I Slrm-I liirvulu Duuls- II: S1-uior I'luy I: liurridur Aidn- Il ..,. S0l'IlIli 'l'0ll'l'0lll'I'l"l'l. T lluulu-I, Slrou-I lfirculu Ihuilu-1 Iiuuruul Slulfg Girl l,n-:uh-rs: I.usI und lfnuud. MA'I'Il.Ib'k 'l'0'l'0. 25 liuuuvil Slrvel-41N Ijupprllu Choir: GruI'l.Guild1 Girls' Ifliurusg Juulu: Ulxliluulvs Ili fl: Los Kubillurds II. -I: Nuliouul llunur S-wir-ly -lg K1-y llirvululiuu ...., IXNE 'l'R.-KMONTANA. Tll Scruulmu Slrm-I H4-uiur Iflmir Ii Guurlgy, I'nrly Il: Girls' Survivu lnzuglnw I. 2154-uiurlIuum'iI I .... H01 X to 'lIk'iYVAU,.lNE. Ill-I I.:-wis Slrtvul lluud .,.. l'il.l'iXNOR 'l'RlllUNEl.l,A. I IIIDIIM Str:-1-I-ll, II, Ullivvr 21 Girls' Svrvivv l,1'ugum- 23 Guurhesy Purlyaff. ,IllI.IAN ll. 'l'RIMMl'Il.. -III I.yv1'um Slgguiinr .mir I: A Guppullu Iilluir II ...., IOS .l'lllNl'I 'l'Rll'l. 35 llnrvvsl Slrvvi- Gircolu llllllll' II: Corridor Aide- -I ,,., ll0R0'l'llY 'l'llIl'l'. Ill! Culm Plume Urulwslru I3 Junior Choir I: 'Nlursliul I, 2. II: Girls' S4-rvivv IAEIILZIIH, lfuuuvil 2. fig NI uslliugluu lfuir 2, II: Iluugluh-r ul' lflug lg lmsl, und Fuuuzl II: Nuliuuul lluuur Sm-ix-ly Ig Ifourh-sy l'urly 3, ,Ig Opti- luulux II, .lunlu -I-1 K1-y Slull' I: I.iuu's liluln Axxurd I 1 lulur-Iligli Sui:-lwv Cluln .... DORIS lx. 'l'll0S'l', IIII Iliutvrrulli Stn-nl.-4l.ilxrnry Aidv 2, Zi. -I. FILKNK 'l'll0V.-k'l'0. 000 North Slri-1-I - lfuurli-sy I'urly II: Dopulyg Mursllul .,.. SIRI.'l'lIMNllNl'il,l.l. ul Crululriv Slrn-1-l Cirrulu lluulv Il, liurridur Aide -I-3 Gn-gg Award .... IIICRMAN 'l'WIl'1'l'- MHYICII, II-I Nicliuls Strvcl lirufl. Guild -I . . . lll'I'l"I'l'I ,IANIC IILM ER. 'IL Luluwiu-w Avi-uuu-liuml I, 2, 31 Script Anurds: Iiuglisll liunkruulu II: Girls' I.:-umlors 43 lfflllllillll Duy Cuuuniluxc I, 2, 33 Craft Guild, Script Sliurtliuud Guildg Shorthand Awurd. 'l'lll'illl'i5K lIl'lllKl'i. Ill Xlillvr Slrvvl- Girl Infudurs I, 25 lluuur In-xulor 21 Swiuuuiug 2. II ..,. N.K'l'li Y.-Kl.0Nl-I. 583 Sain Slrvctff IYusIiillgl.ull l"uir ll: Svuiur I'Iuy II .... YICTUIK YXN IPKISHR, -I I-9 Grussliuld llrivw fliliurul Clulr I, 23 Trmzk 'l'c:un Il: A lfuppcllu Choir ll, -I1 Gurridur Aida -I ..,. RUSJKIIIU Nl. Ylililllllll, IIT Iwurrill Slra-Q-L. VIIIGINIX Vl'Il'l'll, lIulI'nluu lluud Iil'l'lllIIll llunor Sucivly II .... IJCNA YICN'l'lIRA. 65 Almirn Stn-ul-Girl I4-aulvrs ,I .... TIIUMAS VI'2llZIl,l.0, -I5 Wur1lSlrv1'l.- Il. ll. Ullivcr II .... lll'I'l"l'Y W'Al,'l'0N. I! Ill Nurlun Slra-ul Svuiur Cluss Guuuril -I: .Iuulu 2. AI-5 liuglisli Hunk- ruuui I, l"ruukliu Duy Gulniuiltm' II: Girl I.1-udvrs II. II: Lost nd Fuuud Il,-I1 lCxv4'lilix'c lfuuuvil I. I V- W' f A Y I . 5 J x . W M.. Q I lIlI'l'll YYAIINEII, IU! 'lIlIOlllllS Avvllllv- Girl L4-udvrs 2 .... HOW'- Allll W.I'l'KlNS, LII Jewel Slri-I-L'Curridor Aidv 4: lixvvlnlivc Council lg lfruulxliu llny Guiuiuillvv lg Junlu lg Know Yuur Sszhoul Vllwk Guuuuillm-1:2 .... NURM.-K NW XTSON, ZISI llluulu-r lloud ,... lll'I'l"l'Y JANE WICIIUNV. IHS lfirsl Slrvvl Cirvnlu llnnlv Ig Craft. Guild 43 l1m1ruul.SIuII'2!, II1Girl lA'IlIllYI'Sl.21I:l"4'IQZ .-Kxxurd: .luulu 2: Key Stull' lg Il. I". Club Ilg Vursily Clulu 2. DAVID Wl'lINS'I'lilN, 27 Gorluun Street-Il. II. Olliccr lg Courtesy l'urI,y I: 'l'rxu:k 'l'muu 1 ..., W'lLl.l.-KM Y'l'1Nlll'ILGASS. 121 Curuvr Sire-cl-lilmir 2, II .... R0l!I'III'I' WES'I'FAl,I.. 260 East, Ridge Road -'I'rulli4' Sqund Il .... lllI'l'lI XYIIITEIIEAD, 47 Ivoodbury Street- Cnuruul. Stull -I-5 II. Ii. Ullivnr 3, 4: Washington Fair 35 Girls' Scrvioc lmngue 2. in Q X Xa- E . L," X K N-.W X '1 ,K Q I nv- ,zf IIlI.INI'i WICIIYIKN. III limilu-y KI I ' .lunlu lg l.ilrrllry Aida l . . KININ WICRS. ITU NW in' I I'1np:li:-ill llonkruuln 4: 'lirzirk 'IH-:un LI: .Iuniur f 4 I1 'I an 2: Ilunrl Iiliuurleeiy I'nrl.y 3: 'l'ulnli- 'l'4'nnis 'Ilwun I .,II'i- .I I'I'1WIl1IxH, ITU Wilkins 5lreeL'A lluurlvrcy I':1 y II: I rur , ' I-l.21IN:lsIiilip:Imi I'usl 2, II: A lfnppella lfhuir l: II: 1 nu I. Ig liirls' lihurus 2. II. lg liirlx' Service Imzlglli- , 23 ey lfirl' iliuu .. . I.0RIlKINI'1VII.I.I-IR, 2-I llllfllllllll .'Ir4'a-I I rrriulur X' 1- II. I: lfnurziul Stull Z. Ill lin-gg Axx:lr1lg.Iunl.ol: 4. I. sl un al . I. IIKIIYICI W .I.I ISIS, IJIIU Sl l':uiI Sir:-4-I .... ll0IlI'IIC'l' WH.- I.I YIISUY, lllli Ilzirris Sin-vt Senior I'luy lg Ilusliiligluli Ifuir II . . . IVRYYK WINR. lfl Axelnn- A, I'uinl I'Ic'us:inl.. . IDUIIIS W'INN, Sl Sullixnn Slrvvl II'nsliinglun I"ziir 2. Slg Il. II. Hllicvr 12, ll, linrllrle-ly l':lrly fI1liirls'Svrxi1'n- I.o-nguv 1,21 l.uml :lull l"ouu4l I. III'lIlNIl1I'I W0lII'iIxI. 255 Ileyl Slra-4-I lfurrirlur Aiflv- -l .,,. STIN- I.I'iY WULKNSKI. Il I'l'CIlIlllIll Slrvel --'l'rn1'k 'l'v:un 1 .... Illlill IIUP li. W'0l.GK5'I', Ilnll IM-vrliz-lil Ilrive'-:Iunlu I, LI: lirnfl Guilfl 2, Il, 4, l'iX4-millvv Kfuuneil 2: I"r:inklin Daly Kiulnlnillvu- llg Svniur I'luy 4, Nuliunul Ilunur Soni:-ty il, I: Senior Class I'r4-sixlellt, -lg IAIIHIIIUTIIII Seliulnrz-iliip lfulninitlva' 11 .... CIIKIlI.I'i5 Il. IWUUIIIYVISS, IOL! .I4-rnlil Sire:-I .lunlu I. ICIJCKNUR NVOZHY, 85 XYeyl Slrr-ot llurriclor Aids- II, lg liuirln Service lg lfnurxuil. Stull' II, Almmgvr I-3 liirls' Alhli-lie llunneil Il, Presirlvnl lg Girl I.4-mic-rs 2, Optilnnlvs 2, Il. I3 Nnlinnnl llunur Sneiely fl, lg Key Shall' I-3 Senior I'luy Slnll I ..., I05ICI'Il I.. YVYANII, TI 'I'inlIule Drive, Iruntlequuit-lfrnfl liuilrl I: lfrlgliz-ill Ilnukruunl fl .... I.0'I"I'll'1 YVYIIRA. IITI II'vnvvr Slrevl 'lmsl null Fllllllll II. . . CIIKRLI-IS Il. ZKIIN, lTl Buy Sin-et, S'I'ANl.l'lY ZAJON1IZKONY'SKl, 90 llernld Street. . . IKEIKNARD ZELI.. 22 Merlin Street. -Deputy 31 Wusliinglun l"uir Il, Junln -lg lfnrrillor Aide -I-5 Courlesy I'nrly II, l.iIrrnry Aidle I ..,. HYINIA Zlllll., 46 Ilaulwr Sire:-L mflirls' Service League 1, 2, 31 VVnsIiingum Post 33 Lei Iluhillnrils 23 NA'xi:-lliimztuii Fair 2: l,ost,nn1l Found -I3 Gregg Award -I-3 Key Stall' ,... BICRNAIID ZIIiGI.I'IR, lT13llrnflunSlreet.-- S1'lliur0ri:I11'.slrn l, lg Inler-Iligh Ureheslrn l, 41 l.ihrnry Aide lg Key Circululiun. Sl.l'III.k Zll'2NKIEW'llIZ., 107 Ileminglnn Street Ajunln 3, Lust. und Ifuund 3, Iluwling 1- .... W'II.I.I-KM A. ZIVIMER MAN. I043 Maple Street. .... IWARY ZINC.-KRlCI.l.fK, 1129 Alidliilul Avenue - IAS Ilnlxillurds 2, 3, -lg Circelo Ilnnle 2, 3, fl: Cnrrirlur Aizle Il, -l-3 Inst and Ifnunrl 3. lg Senior Play Stull' I ..., CARI. ZIOIIIHDWSKI, 60 Van Olinda SII'1'l'l. --Soccer 'l'emn I, Varsity Soccer 2, 3 ..., IIERNICE Z0l.NII'IROWSKl, H50 Nnrlh Streel.-Junln 21 l.ihrury Airle I, 2, 3, Ll., RUIIEIKT ZWICIHQICR, II I.nflwig Parlnflfurritlnr Aide fl, Gregg Award II, Typing Awurd II .... IIIORT IIROIISKY. III .Iuseph Avvniicflhiclget Agent 2, Visual Aide 2, 3, 'I'rnlIie Squnml CI, School Activity Photnpzmpher Ilg Swimming Tenm 2: Foelluill 'I'e:un Al, . . . FI.0Rl'INCE CUIIEN, 56 Buchan Park-Il. Il. Ollicer lg Girls' Chorus ...., IRAN GRACE IllN'I'RUl"F, 168 Nlohnwln Slreel- l.ibrnry Aide I, 2, 3, -lg Girls' Chorus I .,.. FI.0Rl'INlIl'l I'IllI'il.SON, 200 Joseph AvenuefCourlesy I'nrLy 151 Vlnsliiligtml Fnir 2, II: A Capps-lln Choir -lg Girly! Sl- ive League II. .3 If-143 . ff '. .9 , ,Il'iANI'i'I"I'l'i ,I IIS. I-' Hollister Slreel -liirls' fillurun 4 ..,.. V KR- 'I'lIUll K-KSSI, 6IIT .lose-I venue-IVnsIlinRlun I"nir fl: ll. II. omcer lg florriilor Aifle I .... W'-KNIIA KUKURA, 38 Gilmore Struct- Cuurlesy I':irty 3: IVnsI1inglon Fnir 2: l.uneIirnnm Anninlmil, 2, 3 .... lll'IA'l'RICl'I WOI.I"P', 214 Wilkins Street.-Inler-Junior Choir 1: Inl,er-I'rep Choir 2, Inter-Iligh Choir fig Senior Choir 2, fl, 43 Washing- lnn Operetta 3: Girls' Cllnrus 2, 3. . . . ANDREW' IVlASE'I'TA, 28 Catherine Street-CRegulnr pzrndua!e4ouL of place because ill when pictures were laken.D Stage Ilnnrl 2. 3: Assembly Programs 3. ll.-xm.ll-1 uUl,Bl'llN.S vlin-king camvra uonlinually 4-alm-llc-s 1-andid vuls. Nanny, vapablv Charliv L c'al'f-flllly calc-hing: 1-upuvily. vlwvring cruvvdg vmnpelhenlh, u0lf'b1'al f-cl vam- 1'l'ilIll2lII1 vailislhvxlim' class: and vampus t'Cl'0Ill0lli0S . . . nur l'1llllllI'j'S c'ulm'sH c'apl ur0s 4'm1g:ral.l1lalu1'y VOIIIIIIPIIIS frmn vriliczll 1-ullvagrllvs. ,,f f .ff mluy mnrm- than Q-wr. X X KSU This is nul, za slivk-up. QU l liul I'1liSUl.0Il1lIlli llogvr l5l1l,l,vl'Ii1-l1l xisil. l"runkli J KL lfrmlklirl routvrs chi-vr lllr' lvum lu il swlinllz uw uw-plw-s1-rllznliws ul''la Ln sludy our dl'lIlUi'l'2ll'- 1-hzmlpimmshipl T X 15 - QA X QQ 215 They say that the owl won'l tell: Bennie Frank says his sileur-e is swell: For il' that hird revealed What is halter concealed, Young Bennie would nol, he--oh, well. The dances at Franklin are fun, They keep everyone on the run: For not io attend Would he like an end To all of our school days' fun. The sports at Franklin are many, Says our watchful little Benny. Broad-jumping is one That the hoys do for fun, And some think iL's the best sporl of any livery day all the bell crowds he'll hraveg Poor liennie's so crushed that he'll rave: Between gasps he'll groan, "Only flarbo's alone, But l'll only find quiet in my grave." NSN- ll I. JF H cLUB ACTIVITIES . ctivities . . . in Retrospect Within the four walls of Franklin is found a great community of individuals who daily work and play together. Since the following pages can not record , all that has taken place among them during the past, year, this page will serve as a permanent reminder of some things that might otherwise be forgotten. We shall try also to point. out some of the events of' J 9 sg highest interest. Vaudeville at its finest characterized this year's Variety Show. The best of Franklin's talent ap- peared in the twenty-two acts that comprised the f 4 program, but even the splendid entertainment was surpassed by its purpose, for all the proceeds were donated to the Memorial Scholarship Fund. The student body co-operated fully and filled the spac- ious auditorium to overflowing, thereby making the drive an outstanding success. The month of May brings to our school the peren- - nial favorite of all true Franklinites-Franklin Day. Last spring's extravaganza provided refreshments and continuous entertainment for all that attended. "SInlh :nukes all Ihirlgsrllillicull. bul imluslry makes In the 3ft'ern00n there were Spectators al' all of lhe all llimys easy." sports attractions-the baseball game, the track meet , the tennis matches, and the horseshoe pitching con- test. A midway was built on the line athletic field, and Franklin's big band thrilled the crowd with its fine music and marching maneuvres. Following two hours of dancing the faculty provided the anmsement of the evening by presenting several humorous skits in the auditorium. This gala affair showed what can be done in a school through co-operation. lt is our belief that the strength of our autonomy lies in the many clubs, societies, and groups that make up our extra-curricular program. We feel that these organizations, many of which are seldom mentioned, are deserving of great praise, for each in its own quiet way accomplishes a real service. The National llonor Society exemplifies the true democratic spirit that prevails in Franklin. ,Ns sponsor of the only tutoring service of its kind in Rochester, this group offers aid to less fortunate students who for one reason or another find themselves on the verge of failing. The only reward any member expects for his effort is the sat.isfaction of knowing that he has helped a fellow student to win his diploma. Guide service is a second activity under the supervision of this society. The work consists chiefly in delivering messages and in the directing of visitors through our spacious building. To Franklinites the B. F. Club and the Lost and Found Department are synonymous. Always on thejob, its members are continually serving the school by taking charge of lost articles and returning them to their anxious owners. Any attempt to jaywalk or cross the street against a red light is followed by failure, for Franklin has a highly efficient Traffic Squad capable of assuming its important responsibilities. This group is deserving of praise for its members are always at their posts in rain, snow, or sunny weather, guarding the lives of their fellow students. mc, 'gi 1 ' , Mft I l 1 l Q I N ' E35 , J vi X X if ' F gf 5 The duties of the corridor aides are many, the rewards few. Largely responsible for the quiet, orderly halls, the corridor aides perform an indispensable work in the life of Franklin. Few of us realize that much of the assembly music is furnished by the Junior Band and Orchestra. The duties of the members do not end at the close of school, since outside practice is required. These groups meet three times a week with Mr. Benjamin Scammel and diligently rehearse in order that they may some day become members of the senior instrumental organizations. Space does not allow a detailed account of the many more activities which daily function in Franklin, but it is only because of these unselfish contributions from the student body that Frank- lin's democracy has reached its present level of success, a democracy that was lauded recently in a popular magazine and thereby gained national recognition. lt is our fervent hope as we pass our duties on to those who follow, that they will participate loyally in student organizations, since a government of, by, and for the people. whether it be a school or nation. can survive only through the common interest of all its citizens. 48 Executive Council 'I'Iw llll.lIIllf'.Y slum! rzpprozfvd as wud Thv l'Ixe1'lilix'f- fi0lllll'ii is the guiding iiifliierlcv uf the Sludcnl, .fXssom'ialimi ni' Franklin Iligh Sc-houl. Cmnposml of lhe svhuol oliivvrs and six i'0pi'f-seiilaliws chnsmi frmn lhv lvnlh, filvvvnlh. and lwvlflh gradvs, and lwo i.l'Ulll Ihr- vighlh and ninlh gradfls, this lllgilllililiitbll dismisses now prnblc-ins and idvas and will-i's i'vc-uiiilnomlalinns In lhe .lunln for adoption or l'0j0CiiOIl. Xlr. Hnllvr- field, Nlr. Sabin, and funr lIll'llIiN'l'S uf thv fam-ully svrve the- Cuuiwil in an adxisnry 4-apac-ily. Thr- super- vision and vunlrul of sludvnt avlivi- livs and urganizalions, the appro- priation of ninnvy, and the granling uf awards are a ff-w uf ils varic-d funclions. The ilixfwlilive iilbllllfii is an ilnporlanl, wvll-func'liuning 1-og in the Ill2il'iliIl8I'y of lie-njainin Franklin High Si-howl. Hl'ZA'l'l41lDIfil4lSyUlI', lffirlwll, Snzyrlu, JillIl'lX'f'NllI', VllIll1t'l'Il'11. Tuurk, Srn-vrla. S'l'A'YIllNfiI Hr. I"rum'is, .Hixx lfilfjv, Mr. Sabin, .Urs. Pills, dir. Zorrmm, Silver, Klllljflllllll, lflvnmril. 27415 J unto Thr- .lunlu is Fl'2lllkiiIl High Sm'lmoI's lvgislnliw 2lSSf'llliDij'. ll, vunsisls ul' lwu l'vp1'f-si-rlluliws frmn vum'h ilUlllf'l'UUlIl with a nninlwr uf' fam-nlly adxisf-rs and an-ls on lll0l1Slll'PS prmimisly sllggnslc-rl in lhe I'iXP1'lliiYf' Conmil and also on lhosfl sug- gvsliuns und lnulinns prvsvnlvd during ils own inf-vtings. S'l'UDl'IN'l' l!lCIA'l'IUNS CUVNIIII, FnoN'r now: llugun, Sill, Ferrrzru, .1If','ilIIIi0'!', .lumI1x. Iii:-lxlci. ffIIiPl'l'l1. BACK mm: ivflllllfflfll. S1'l1f'llr'r, Illlfflllffllll. Tqfrl, linllarrl, Pivrrr, .gl'lllIlllIIkl'. U'olyusf. .Mnhilions vamliclales, desirous of sfwnring Pxecnlive positions in lhf- svhnul gmvrinm-nl nppvnr lwf'm'c the Jnnlu, which avls as a nmninaling l'UllV0lli,i0ll and prcsenls the Iinal clmif-fs of'c'al1riidalf's for tho pupnlar volv uf the school. The Jnnlu is one of Lhe unlslanding cxalnplvs uf Franklin lligh's fnnvtifming rimmwrzwy. 50 FININT now: Numark, 1'vlI1!lf'l, Slclzler, lleirn, Gallup, Nllll'fll0lCl., Tripp, Kuuffrnmz, Gleirvh. sl4:ooNn now: Sadler, flllrvz, Puprm'kl, Kcsslcr, llIlll'1ff'll1lI', .lucolns, llencrc, Krolick, Wolgusl, Sclzrcilzer. THIRD now: llllll, Dunn, llwirlznzriri, lliurullu, llurliner, Wozcy, Lipsky, Sunow, l"41ruscl1, Slrccl. FUUlK'l'll now: Suxkiml, llaryes, Kessler. lllolinrlri, llispwzzn. Torliczykurcski. Lomlrm, flerlruills, Lcsler, Nmvrocki, Bloch, .ltIlllUl1Skl'. I-'lF'rn now: lfelli, l"rur1kr'nslf'1'n. Korpcrk. Levin. llulz. IIQU-Illllll. Sm-wlu, Lolwm-, Cross. Lumlxmfm, Kulm. :muh mm : liumli, lfukcr, Peusc, Surwlllc, Iilllllllllll, I,llf'lIIIlf"llll. Skullcly. flll'lIll. livers. Krzplurz, illorris. lllusynun ational Honor ooiet The constitution of the National Honor Society recognizes four cardinal objectives as fundamental in all educational practice: Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Service. The aim of lhe society is Lo exalt these objeclives and to hold lllelll ever before lhe school as goals toward which to strive. The organization carries on its work under the guidance of Mrs. llall and Miss Martens. Ul"FlllliliS Scpl.-.lrn1. .lun.-.lunc VVARIKICN Ili-:Nicvn li0BlClI'l' Molnns X I ,l'f'.N'lllf'lll .lllIlH'IN'l' l5l.ooM lnvnvo IQ l4:ss1,lcli l ll'f'-l,I'l'Sldf'Ill Lois .Moons JEAN 'l'lioMl'soN Srcrelury lln:nAun vhl0I.GAS'l' .li-:mmm l'Alxl11N'1'l-:Ml 7vI'l'llNlIf'l'I' lnvnw: Iufzssmcn LEDA Susknwn .I oven M .uzli NLLI-in .I nnomic KURIWICIQ V , V , sl4:A'l'l4:n: Tlmmpson. llrs. llull. .llorris. S'I'NNllIYllI Kcsslcr 15017111 f.llllll'lIll'll- Ilfgrfinlf-1111, 51 ZX N ., A din-A I. ffVW"M J IHI KEY l"I!U'X'l' mm: 1gI.ll't'V'. tl'III'f. lf. IMIZ. Ur. Tluurwr, ll. IMI: Smllvr. sllniuxn mm: Sunrl, ffIlI'll'Hl'l'. Illlllll. tl'U1'Nf'V rush. l.ipxl.'-V. Hiyflul. 'l'IllIili mm 3 Luny. l'1u'lmr:l. l"in:a'r .1llll1llf'f', lfn:1'x.Zil:il. T41g1q11l'l. lful HTH mm ' Hull: Uuvliru . - + - .f I'l'Ill1'1lIl. JIIIVIIIN. l,lll'.V.VlI'VlI. lxurwrrlc. Ur luliffh l Milf f Xi, I I I llllfjllll. lr1IXl'lllIlUlIllI. IlU'lx mm: Iir1lir1.vLQv. IXIIIIII. lXI'4IlI'l'L' lil ' " ' ' ' ' num, lfrmn, fmlfl.klvH1. l'uull. ffulrllwry. Hfliluriul Iiuurfl lvl:-1'l'lr'.w'1lg1 Sluhlf ll4l1nNuIlw-r lflizznlvvlll NIV-XllliH'1', 15 llymzm Dull lflmirnmn 'Xlalrxill lluI'l'mzu1 Huw Ilulz xxfllllll' lxuuITm:m .hum Ilugam AYVIIIVIII' .S'1'1'llAurl Hvlly Unlluwk llvlvll fNl'm-sly Norris l':lllH mm Hrvlxlm-ill .Xrnulul Ihvwlllnluurll Sllil'l1'yvI,llllll lr,,l,l,',-,ylv HUM' I""f"" llulwrl Iilmnn, l,vll1ll4I'llI1Ill NNW' Hj'.l.I4'l' Ylurizm I'iill'Jlsll 'SUI' kllflkf' A xarginm Ixnlilmlp lf'flW"'d IX'f"I"'IN .I1'r'nllu' IlJII'1'Ill1'1III NIIILU Mmzum l'ql'llllII'I' l'lmlnqf'upf1v M'l'I""'I H-Wh" NX illiaun Gallup . Q Shirlm-y I':u'k:ll-nl I4., I U wwf, I lclllily Sll'uu'z4-uslxi I -, I. Ifrxun ' H 'H' .lnnv Sz:-lug: f1llm,'l"il4, bk l':l4'1lll0l'il Tuggurl I' Wh! "Ib-5 ,. ,ur'rmm- Xlrgdul .l4'Illl IIIUIIIKYMIII ,, . llm'ul,lly Tripp . I-V,"Nl'v llI1ll'I'I.l,ll1ll l'l1nlnyfr'1lpl1v I'H"' H""'f""m' ShiI.l',5 Hm.Iim,I. .Il'Hlll'lll: f .ullvn Hljfillil llla-lm H"l"" l"""" Lila SIIIIZUI HMM !'m"i Zvlrlzl ,M nvl HEMI' 5,'f:"I"' .Mlvlv fi1'SlN'll 'hmm Nlfmhn fifllllll I,llUl1lflI'4l'lFlllV 'S""""' l"HIf'f-Q llmmltl 'Iw4'lllI1'lll 'If""' H5'l"" lfllSl'IIl'SN llflrrflywrx ff"""i5" B4'H4"'d A lming k,.N,h.,. Iulm-aunu' Hf'l'll1lf'lxI - Jwmm, lUH.pW.k lvifm- Uu'rn: Il Xnmwv Uryfunizulion Slqff N'h"'5 t""I"'NkF Mmwin 'Mm-T Nur'lllzal1'l-lwmfs N1-lliv I.Il1'jSlIjll 'xr""m NIM" lgllun. yy1:,lul,.,. llymam lmlcllwrg .lov Nlusling lvmllf Ififmfs ljUIlElld Sunil Nh 'f' hm' . ,1,.1,'x1., .ll'IlllI1' Pullzzl IXZIHIVNII llnkvr l.'1'r1'ulul1'n11 XIIIIIIIQIITN Dmmlrl H1-hnkv John l'mn4li G1'lln-x'i1'x'1- Gurdnnl .l1-l'mln- lxnlln 1 ,lll'4'll Pim-In .lunv llnlh, flssl. xlllllllflfl' Vvrzl Siglvr Ixvrlllvlll 1:UldSl1'ill. livlly .lame Wlwlzm flssl. ,Uurmy1'r 52 I-'uuvl' num: llrgffnuuz, IXUIIITIIIIIII. llixs Slwvlum. Sun:f'l. Iire'lxlrir:. sl-:muxlr mm: liruulnuuz, liulvn, IJ'-lnliru, flflllll. Sigla-r, 'I'llIllIl mm: Qjulru, Svyf'l1'r:. llujjur. Hlllfllll. l"0UIl'I'll num: Nzvluyf, Slr11l:, ll4'Nfll'Il. IXVIIIIIICP, liurflun, l'uu'l:, lfolufn. I-'llv'l'll num: 7'4'Illll'Ill. I,ulu'. llurirm, livluzlw, limuli, 'l'r'ipp. ll f'fi0ll'. Sluujf. umru mm 1 llollznvk. lilvlm, liazlcmx lg1'l'lIl11'lfl', liullurrl. Ixl'1YS llzlxl- rum lu-vu llllllllSllL'll. 'l'lu' prl'sl'nl, lSSll1' is um' l'0lllI'lllllllllIl lu lhall lur1gl'1'l'ul'4luI'pl-upll-zuul vu-nls. Nluny numllls ln-l'nrv llu- llull'nl'plll1li4'lll,i1m llu' 1'1lilnl's llj lllElllIl4'll Ilu- Ullllllllllyn will: llluv llllillglll- Llml llu- lx:-5 Slllllllll lu- an llurruugrlu prm's4'lll:l- lion ul' lluily life all. l'll'lllllillll, xxllvll llu- lll1'llllN'l'S nl' llu- llllllly slulls xwrl- vlumsvn, xsurli ll1',LIllIl in v:ll'lu'sl. 'l'lu' M'lllUI' St't'll0Il t'4lllllIlllll'4' l'lu'ing: Rl llI'4'Illl'llllllllN Lusk, l'4'1'm'4lvll llu' au'lixllu's for 4':u'll mu' lml'm1r svxvn llllll1lI'l'4l mul llllflj-llllll' sl-niors. 'l'lu-y xxurlu-xl lull' on nanny lll'l1'I'lll7UllS unllil llu'ir julu was lllnu-, 'l'lu- rl-l'm'4ls ul' l-lulrs mul Ivnms zuul llu- urillvn zlu'ulllll.s ul'1-xlru-1-un'rivuIur :u'lixil,u's lu-rv volllpilvll lwy' lll'QIilIlllilll0ll slnll' 'llllvy will Illll l'm'gm'l.' "skull svssimlsu in XNlll1'll'y xsrull- mul l'l'xxl'4nlm':lll1l l'1'xxl'nl1':lg:i:ll1 in un vllurl, lu lH'l'S1'lll, l,lll'll' sl.uru-s ll!IINlIlllN1'll'l'l'llX4'2l mznnru-raspussilmll-,0111-1-llil-il-Ill.smiling lypisls lalluwm-ll ll'2llUllSlj lu ussl-mlrlv mul vllvvk llu- xsrillvn lllIll1'l'llll. 'lla rl-gislvr mul plain plumlugruplls mls :l l:1rg.u' Iusk. 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'l'lu- lu-uulil'ul l'runlis- pu-l-v IS lrom an plullngrupll llllivll by lUllQL1'Ill' Nlblkllld nl' llu- Class nl' .lllll1'. IUIS9. I NM- luxpl- you will 1-njuy llu' lxl'fX ll' -Y w 1 a nnvl' mm 1 I'rr'xxlu'ry. Suxkirul, llr. Tulv. HIl'il'lIllIllII, If. llulz, ll nsfjv. firms, llr. livmrll. lhmn. Iinlfllwrg. SI-QVUNID mm : l,l'SlII-Ulf ulmr1'1'h. lflfllrlllllllll. lxrr1r'r'l:. l,lll'HilI.V, fjllllllfflr, -g1'llIISlI'l'. lxvulz. lfl'l'lSll'I'lI, Sullzvl. lfllllflfl-II. Tllllilb mm: IJIIVIIIIIIIIU. lfnprrv 1 Ifl'lIIl'lIl'. Iilfwk. lll!ll'l'S1'. I'vfllIl'l', lllllllllllll. lxulilmh, lrvnu. I-'ul'n'l'Il mm: Srllrulm, lnxurvu. llrgffrnun, f.'1Ifl1'Il, lfif'lxlci. Supurifu Yfflllvll. llulff. llusrurf. Ilunn. Nlrrlclqlf. l.'nxlir'l:. H'U'k num: IIIIIIIIIIIIIT, lxlinv, I,l'llI'fllll1lHll. ll. IMIZ. ,Illllllll'lP1lIllll. Slnlm:ll1i1'l.' Slnfrrnull, Ixwllm, llllllll. The Courant lu llnm- who clvslrv l'XPf'l'IOIll'f' Ill WI'lllIlgI, lypmg, nr Ill lHlSlll4'SS llmllzlgrmlwlll, llw Lullluwl' ull?-rs am nppnrluuily. Nlnrv lllan any ollwr quzilily. lllfF SIJUIISUFS ol' the- plllrlivailiull flvsirc- vn- lllIISlilSIll in lllvir I1-pm'Ivr's. lypisls. :mil zulwl'lisf-l's. 'I'Iwrf- must lw il sullivivnl zunmml nl'inlvr1-st il' :Ill lllv aualilulrlv nous ul' llu- sl-luml is In lw clism'm'vl'0fl and wrillvn .... The' willing. inlvlligvnl. U ' zlllclf-In-r'gvlivstuIl'ul'll1s-lim n xxr HW' HN' 'l""'ll""'- was l'vwzu'1ls-fl lln' its lmu'nz1lislu' cll'url lay llw amzml ul' lnmurzllnlv nwnlilm as il Class AX pulnlivuliml .il llw .mmml mwunvlzlxe- ul ilu' l'.Illllll'l' Slilll' Svllmul l'rvss Xsxu- N! if ' . Xmumx finuss Spurlx llllllllflll' Nln. lull, l rl1'1'.vnl' llYSI xx llHI.l?l3I'IlNi l.v.wu'1'r1lf' l:'1l1'lul' liusl-1 l,r:r3 Ilvrx l:'1lilur-1'r1-I Ill ieff ,wow enior Pla . "Stage Door" was ideal for our large 4-lass in lhal, wilh ll lhe lhirly-lwo dillereul persons required for the east l alone, besides those needed for work bark of lhe scenes, 3' il, gave opporlunily for a large nlunher ol' lhe group lo Terry Randall . .lean .lelaillund . David Kilzgsley . Kaye llamillon . lllrs. Urrull Keilh Bzlrgm . .ludillz lfunjivld . lirle li0IlllIl,!L'l0Il in lhe pasl. l,l'1ADIlNl' Iiealrire Wolll' Kaulelia llivoli .loan llugau Wilma Calloway Marion 'llorlorelli Yella Levy Zena llanmlazxe Joyce Xlan-liellar Sl lPP0ll'1'l NIE CAST lrene Bartell Selma Kaullinan Ida lierlowitz lilizalmelh Marolla Leda Suskind Nelson Coco George Sl'lllIli1Illi9 Richard Vlolgasl N ineenl Lallusso 25971 FEE ,,,f5:. ..,-1 -..-. :.-S-: "ii 5-:fu ..-. ,Z 7...-E i:5" :D--.ED ,.. 411: Pei? -952 :Ls 97' 3 I-1. 'Q' :TCL 'Z'- Env: .. .. ""'-1: 21:5 ... -55 ITE'- .... 'DJ-: :':- u-nov'-' 'S-:?f S, 1572 51? ' Q3 5.55- 912'-v-' 21:1 T2-3 123 li: :gg '4 fl' I HOLICS l Josr:P1uNi-1 liuuu-:s . 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'I'lIIHII mm 1 lirnlll. fl11lil:.slclv. flur:um'lli. Siruri, Is'u.w', f.'flIlI'IlH, .'NvIlXNil'l'l'1l, lialru, ll'- ,-1rni1'u, Slmrl. flnlrlluun, Nnl1'11r'L'i, llfgf- fvrlwrl. Ilumr, H.-xv lx nam: l'llill1'p.v l"luy1:'l. .lIllllllIINlCl'. lxupski. lr'ihnr'r. l,upirl:'s. AYI'lll'1llIIIlI. l,1'l:r. lu'x.vlf'1', Srhllls mam. lxuplrlrl. Ixnlilnllr. lxrlvlllllll, lmln. If-vrnv. Up! imulvs Tha- Uplimulvs lrring: lUQIf'Hlf'l' l.ulin honor sludvnls VIIUSPII on lhv basis of sm-hulzusllip and l'Ilill'3N'll'l'. Tlw lllll'll4lSf' is In ir1m'l'1-also lhv inle-rvsl Ilwsv slumlunls ilIl'1'iNlj ff-vl in lhv Latin Imlgrlmgrv :xml in ilu-1-uslmns nI'tlu-Ihmmn pf-nplf-.'I'hv1-lulmznlsfmlll-rslnitsn1vmIwr-saye-ur-ruumlsm-iul fH'4lQl'2llllill1'llHlilI,LIZlIlillIlbl'l'SSiX1' imlm-lim: and sc-alsmmul p:1l'li4-s.'l'lw I1-zlrh-rship ol' Nliss Ire-nf' Ile-ss has In-1-n El sulivnl I'zu-lor in IIN- 4-mulinmwl grmslh mul SIll'1'1'SSUf'lIliS sm-lvl x. Ihrmu-fh Ihr' nwduum uf thv l"rvm'h llmlm' Sncivlx sludvnls ill'lx uI'l'1-rw! u 1 Nll'llIIlilX In H1-I lwlle-I' au-- r- . I I . :- qlmunlwl mth l'r:1m1-. hf-r IiiIlQ.!'lI2ljl'1'. ps-nplf-. and vuslmns. Iwlvv an munlh lhls group, umlm' ilu- IIIIUIIIQII' I"HUN'l' mm: l'mll l,'1'lwlurm. ,lvlllll'lI. I1,lll4llI'I-H, Urs. ljllllllllfll. Tariff:-vIco11'.slci. firmgf. Iflllllllflllrlllll-. xl1tI'l'l4S. lilmun. 'I'lIIIKlr mm: Im: lnymm. lf1'4'lrr1r'fl.mr1. ffIll'll.Ill'l'. I'uri.w'. Tnlu. l'oli::i, J'VUII'1lk. li'nlmln'ry1. SIIIIUII2fff'1fI'1'l'fl'K. I-'UI IK'I'll mm: ll 1'.wl:I,v', UI I"1'slmnl11. Ixrru'g1, lfusv. Hruzvfr, Iinyurl. IX1lIl'fll, Illlllll. Uu,w'ul'i.fil1'1Arl:n1u1l, I'hillips. I-'Il"l'll mm 3 llurrix. lfirri, llfglf l'r1'sxlu'ryf, lx'uxrr1l:lnnlll. lx1's.vl1'r. AgIlNlx'iIlIl. lffllfllffl. IfllI'lflSlI. lhlnn, llfrsv IGXVI mm: lironlr. Ill.N,N'Il:l'. Uulu, I , -f ,J4 Islono 1, 'I'lmmp.wn. Ii:-rl.wl1'1'11, Sunzvl. yHl1llI'fl'll. irrwl. flmlh. l"urn.vl1. Iflvrmu SIHTINII mm: Humli. lin Ilwll. lmryllci. f:lwIl.!7'l'l'1lII. Illlllklilf. 'l'4'nm'rlr1l11yklaA1f llunyfi. R . I L 1 dnl , 1013 ,. 1' In-s Imlnllzmls 56 + wig S' xx x , , l"IttlN'I' non: Gross, Shur. llollunrlvr, .llr. li4':unl. Fnrlunu, Sufllvr, flrljlilh, Uuslrl, llrrllv. liroluk. slfxtroxn now: IIAVII. SIIUINISICIV, ,-lrmfl, Tnlo, I1lll'AVSlll!Il,, num, lx'1'1'm'r. 7vll0IllIPSUIl, Iflnrh, Mul- lmrrh. flpilzxrll. TIIIIIWIV, liurnrll, llrms. I-'ol urrn now: Hill'17il'l'lIll, Lung, Holdlwrg, llulz. Sr'lmlnir'lc, .lur'ohx, f illl'!I1'S, Span- rilu. 7iI'lVlIlIlNklI, fXA0ll'!I1CIl'Skl-. nMrK now: Harris. Ifuswnlnloorn, Sand, fflwslon, ll-l'llt'1I1lf'll. .'lsirmrslcAv, Slllffllllllt, Knlkn, Slohoalrzik, fluulrl, 'l'uusr'h. Optiinuttos ol' Mrs. June- Uunhznn. romlut-ts mvotings in Froiirli. From lint? to time spvalwrs are ohtainvd to discuss xurious phusvs ol' lfrt-nt-It lil'4'. M the' vloss' ol' thc' war, all the- FI'f'llt'll honor groups ol' tho city n1o0L to dine und dznlt-v logs-llwr. 'hllllllllilllt't' to the- t firm-olo lhintv is attained hy Sl'l1lll2iSllt'Zit'lli9Nt'lIlt'Ill in the study of the- Italian language. 'I'ho ohivrl ol' this organization, sponsored hy Nliss liizzo, is not only to increase this scholastic ili'lll0Y0lll0I1l,, hut also to prox ids- opportunity for rulturul and sorial pursuits. The niovtings arv rondurted in Italian, and lllt'llllN'l'S art- giwii opportunity to acquaint lll0lllSt'lYt!S with Italian songs, danrf-s, and legends. X1 I 0 ocletles l"Il0N'l' now: Sinnpoli, ,lI4lSSl'Hl!. lfiurrn. lnlini, Ulljlgl-HU. lllrlfdu, lussrilln. Cl1Sll'0l10I'fI, fi. ffurrrgrolfi, ll. lfurrzgrolli. sicttowlv now : 1iUIlSlfllI'l-IIU. liomli. .lliss Histo, ,llr1ly1'c'ri. lfifI1'f'NlI, l'c'11z:r1. llrllu lfosrl. lfl'Ulll1', Pvlvrx. l'f'l1'rS. l,l'Ul'llllZOIHl. Suporilu, Mrirwuso. 'rulun now: lluinrun 1', flUSSlIl'I.l10. fiyresli. l"runriom'. ffurnpunellu, Clziuponnrf, 1'il'l'41ZZOI1l. l?os1'r11'ino, I'r1m'lln, Sirlurr, Ilil'usq1l11l4'. l'e'roru. lfulalrlu. ifolm'l'll now: l"f'rr11ru, l,l,lll'Ul'1'0, f:llIIIillf'l'l', l"rf1m'inlle'. lfUHf'I'dllIIl. lilillllllf. lh'lfurru', ffinu, Mirisolu. llunulf-Ili. I.ul"nr1'v. flligliorv, If0llSI-!1IlUI'l'. FlI"'l'H now: lironlv, llznllarm. igl'llI'fll'lI0, Nardorun l't'lrunlu, lhlgllivxff, l.ol'11llo, llf'l'Uf'1I. ffurflrrrlli, tfoslu, lil-llf'I'f', lfirulrln. BACK now: ll'yl'1iU1l'. Nirosiu, lionunnu, lftllllllfllilltl, Sl'llllSll'l', lfirullu, Pulli, ll'.fir111'ro,Uiulnhronc, firrrzci, Trrruli, .!l1l1t0l'l1IllIl'. W llircolo Dante f-.f1A!- 1 57 ,,,g 114,:Jv'A-'. Q .-lrnrslxv. Palli, llrf-mv, ffun1ill1'r1', Cox- PIIIISICAV. 'l'llIllIl now: l,11l'l.vl111I:. l'vl'l.l'lI- flOllllllPI'l'lEll lilouor Suvivliy l'IUlN'I' mm: llrx. l'uuny l"r11.w'r. IIi.vp4'n:u, .-lflumslci I'lI-IlIl'l'. .xflll'f'U1'lx'l.. ,lIr. l"rum mr. SICVUNI! now: lirarllv Srlururlt. I.f'sl1'r. Sf'l'l'll1'. I,4l yurvlc. Iiippvx. Uryxzzzlc. Tom- I'N-VL'IllI'SlIl.. flrvgury. nmzk now liruurh. filfllll, ,lIllHlil'S, lfn- hvn, lxurpuu'il:. livllrirzru, lfivl- slci. Slvlilvr, ll'uru'ln'x. ,f 1 ,I In , Q YL 'K q A 1 n n nv q . . lllusm- pupils Ill C0llllIll?I'K'lill Sllll.lf'l'lS lllul vxvvl lu sc'l1olzu'slup and pvrsmiul lulvgrrllq' ure' QIIXPII iw-ngililiuli fur llu-ir mirlvzlxuis by 2lClllllllillll'lY iulu lllis lnmm- soc-ivly. Nlvllllwrsllip iu lliis ljlflilllllzilltlll is lllll zuulniliuu x I- - -.1 - ul unix lUlIllll1'll ml sludvul. Nlrs. XFUIIIIQI is llif' vapzllilu lf-adm' ul' Illis group wliivli holds Iwo uwvliugs u Illlilllll lliruuglinul ll10 svlmnl yvur. 'l'lu- lfrzlfl. liuild is Franldiu lliglfs lllblllbl' su1'ir'l,y for lhosv sludvuls lluil lIZlY0 avllilfxlwl 0x1'1'll4'ln'v iu lvl-luui-ul work. Nlmle-llc-rl alle-r llm lrzlde "lIllIlS of lhfr Nlllllllf' 'Xges us im'1-lungs 'md rlluuls url- vuiifllivle-rl au-1-mwliiig lu auu-ivul lrudiliuus. Uno ul' lho lEuild's IIIUSL valuvd pussvssimis is its lllf'f'llllg.f rumu whivll is cl1'c'u1'11lucl and luull Ill llm slylu ul' llw lllmlieval guild hall. 'l'l1f- suvivly 1-uuduvls nu uuuual salt- ul ulrivli :u'lu'l1-s mudv ln lls iilvlliluws :uv suld lu ilu' gvlifwzll pululiv. flrzllli Guild FHUN1' rum: lxuujflnun, link wr. nw1'lll'0l'fll'f'. lliss Iilulca' lirulvlrjv. fif'l'll1'I.. llullon, .llu Sllf'4'l-. slcmzuxlw mm: Illlffllffk fllllllfllll, ffiurullu. Tunlillo INIIIIIVIIII, Twin, I'llIlfUlll', llulu llllll. llunn. 'l'llIHll mm : liurn ll-l'1IUll', flN.1ll'l'U1'l'0. iNlt'l'f'f'S, l.l'x niulc, lXl'lllIl'll-V, 'lv4'l'll1lI'l'. livi- IIIIIWI. lx llI'l10ll'l'1'Z. lllwlm FUliH'I'll mm ' lmflmm. Ifulwn IIQNQIIIIIII. Uglcjv, ll IIIHIINI Slrull. lililllllliffl. Iflllllllll. l ir- kux, Slf'lcl4gl'. lil-urn umm: Tuu- rivllo, .'lHll'I.fllll, llvruci, Zigl- nmml, 7ll'lll'I'l.U, I'rnr'f'll:unu llullup, lfuslniun, Nuuwlc. GGFIIIEIII Honor Sorfiolgy FIKUIYI' now: Uleivh, Ilussvl- bein, l'ny1'Il111l, Uunkrgff, livck- Pr, GIl'll'IZlI1t1Il, ll'An1 iw. Gram, 1,upi1If's. smtowu now: Sl'lIIl'6'l.l'klllIl'fi, Kimmel, Wies- ner, lllnllics, fllisx Lrlley, Ilcullz, firervs, Ifippvrgvr, I lin- sky, 'rmim mm: lirumwicrle, Tuuscli, flllfunz. Nurzissen- felrl, lirrujf, Nmiralil, 1'll'lll1,k, flaslvl. Folrlwll now: Burg, Silrvr, Slull, Slolmrlnilc, l'lI'1H1,- fix, Murphy, Ifvf. Burn now: Slain, NllS.Tl'lllll!lllll, lXlI'l'7lCI', Slrnuf, Lurzkn, l"r1'1ul4'nl1cry- cr, l'r1'sl:e'rg, nwlhfflllllllllll. Tho Iivrnmn llonor Sovif-ly, mule-r lhv gIlllilZlIll'Q ol' hliss Marion llaley, has heon 11'-c-slzllnlisllecl in ormlvr to promolo pvrsonal inlervsl in ll0l'Illi1ll literature and an approrialiou of flemorralic ideals and insliliutions. lligh ranking slumlvnis, holh ol' prvsvnl. and past rlassos, arv zulmillefl to lll0lllll0l'Slllp. 'l'h0 Slucle-nl. M-tix ilios llommillov supf-rx'ises and promolf-s inlvrvst in vluhs. illl1l'0lljIll thvir advisor, Miss N1-lliv llilz, lhvy sm-l up the prom-crluro for cluh elections during the- lirst month of lhf' sm-hool your, Carry out :1 publicity program, and supervise 4-luh assignments. Throughoul. lhe year they encleawor to create and maintain inlvrcst in llobhivs and al't0r school arlivil,i0s, hoping that all stmlents will linrl and enjoy suitable rom-real ion. Stlulmll i clnivilnivs flomrllitlvo I-'Howl' now: llt'IllllNl. lor lmlzvr, liullcin. SIGCUNID non Suruiillo, Swirls, Iluyun. lim :lf-rzvll, .'llm'lxic'llar. imma now l'r4'sl:ury, lilorlz, Gllllhflllllflllv Karla-lrz, Kahn. 59 fr. ,,, .+' as Q f Nw 1. if 5, ...,..,,,q,,., 2 j 1 USM ,.,., -' Q Xu: 1 my A 1 W E f aww , Aw A 1 e 1 W JVV X-wasp r x fA, , I. , ,,,Q M9119 99 Dew hw ' Hi - Y k 2 , 7 1 f -fl , 4, 4 bl 1' f .E ' O 0 r Q A I Q f X ...4 Q' gg 7 Q vi' fs Y x 3 .mf 4, E . X f Y rv ww ' . I 533 i .1 xx'-Wf' A I Of -., O . ' A A if P :.' I 0 I M '- 1 f s' ff -f S , W 4 4-'if 1 Q 1, bl f ggi I :', , J, A b if Vlalq I! 2 .V . X7 'VL , -f W ,. a .A., 0 "1 - - '1 lf' ' Aq., , Z NK? 4 m, 5. - f . ' ,gg Y ? 2 ' qs -V L QQ , .SR , l 3 Q' 4, ff: -fm 1 g 1 'A 1 K-J .7 ri I -,,:,. v.q.,. ,... Y ,R .WW f Mu wp 3 ii Q My 'FN' , .,.,. lg I ,A K .. Q A , --'- - , Hifi .---Q'-A '.. Q F K . Q Ni 4 1 il A 'A1-' W' , K ' "" A 53 2 :A': A W , 1-z 7. v x 5 ' K ww :" 'QE lzn z '- , N -V ' ' IIQ- Q M V Q , rf?" V., ,,.,. , ,. l A ., ': ., , fx 'M N ",Vg ',", K ff " ,'- fl . - , , :,- I' V Q '-'f T.. ' i f 1 1 ': ' 5 ' ' f "Af- ' I' , ,J Y iv' A 49 3 Jim , J . , fa j g, M-J' XML I N . A Xb if , ga ,' N- , - I y Q :,,. ' A. .--.. f ,- Zlai A fur? f 'fr' M H13 J ' A M. M ,Qiffi MU! ' , 60 I Sfillifll' Tri- l'h1- pupulalrily ol' ilu' Tri-X is vxiflvllt I'rmn ilu' llllllllwl' 1l"Q.l'il'lSf'llIiSll'd us uvliw lllf'llllN'l'S. liz-sidvs lllSUl'illgI sm-wrul sm-iul :nvlixilif-s. suvh as flzun-vs, IIIUXIUS. and lmriclgrv :md l'UHPl'-Slxilllllg! lllll'll0S, ilu' Ili-N Vtbluillllllllj Zlilli 11IlI'urIlnmlvslmlh ul llulnv and ulmmzul Imp l'11luisl'uis4'1I lhruuggh sm-iul me-nls. Junior Tri-Y Girls' ports O Swinnihng Sicli--slmkv, l1:n'k-sliwkv, vrziwl-Iirm llllISClf'S, heullhy skin, clvzu' vyesg girls have iliscmf-l'vcl lhul swimming :mil gmail hmlllh gn hzuul in llilllll. Ili-rlmps Ihis is the FPZISUII lin' lhf- lIll'l'flllS0ll all- lvmlum-0 in swimming: vlziss- mx l3askethaH X hnys' spnrl? Nonsc-use! Thi' girls ol' l"i'anklin Iligh limi- rvalizcrl lhul. baske!- hall is a grainv in which girls, as we-Il as hop s, can liml rval CII-iUyllll'lll. l S.VlIIlIIf'fI'-Y in, SIl'l.lIIllII'Il!j' -U10 pool No Fllllflll XIII-H' lwrf' WJ 62 1 FnoN'l' now: illuring, Cqlfcy, Pealh. siicoiwn now: flliclmclski, Kasper, lxrausv, llozey, tluldniun. luck now: llrasso, fllllffll, lxullbab. Girls' Athletic Council A personilicalion of true democracy-this phrase describes the tlirls' Athletic Council. Meeting with the instructors, discussing and settling student problems together, this group practices democracy. The Council includes the leaders in gymnastic work during school hours who, dressed in white suits, lead classes whenever special leadership is required. After- school activilies are also sponsored by the tiirls' Athletic Council, including basketball, tennis, badminton, and baseball tournaments. The intramural splash party, for example, is a festive occasion and provides fun for every- one able to participate. At the close of each eventful year when tournaments, classes, and parties are things of the past, the main all'air of the year is held-the impressive tlirls' Athletic Banquet. Alumnae leaders, guests, and teachers are present at this function which makes a fitting climax to a busy season. 63 Shoo! ing ll igh, .llarjorie x , an 1 :Q x 4 :if 2 'fs Q! w I, 1. , Q is XV ii, 5 Q , f.V.' 9, "V 2 K fig" - .gg 6 Q. ' fhffilffg, fs? Qmwibff g a f-'Y A 5p 'f'iQ, -1 x Q ,fs wsfg fs fy Sf .ff P 5 "' V. 1 6' qi 9 .Y gs .gh , ffl? XF my - ', .,., ., Q -7' r , ix x4k 2 ll 4 if! ' - N- w 1 , 5 3- .X fx cf . U xx X 5 I x.., - 4 f "WFS 'SWA 5-i9 -5 H- . F -4 ' 1 X ., ' , 5 . R, L, A i V1 "xii-? Q4 K X pf gtg 0 Ki, 55,52 4 ' 11' 5,5 - s 3 A 1 -fs, fi f f 41 4 -, I 4 . J 5 . , V we X ' 'N ' ' 191, "4 ' x ' 5 V' g?4 ,1-"' fQiiK f A , e 'W '- KE. fx. f ' ii 5"TV' t ix! x I Q , Z Q m A., , ,Q ig Q g Q E i P -Q ' 33 W , -, 2 A' v fy B5 '.' Q , .ff f 3 ' H1 , v -Q ' 'fx' . I 'E 0 I Q fn few --is ff 5 my 'ea 9 Q x P' J- '59 1. 5, 3 f x' A -' ' J '- . 'V X ' ' ,V .K 6, ,A Q xr f. A N xg! ar' K lkk. .5551 25 4 ln- - xx X R ,f ' L C Y - D we M frm I x. A, ' ,, X' "9fA'ff?4q A P J Fcvv organizations rc-nder so muvh SOI'Yil'1' lo I+'rz1nklin us dovs ils orchvslra. Cou- slanlly rallvrl upon to per- form in public, lhis group vl10vl'f11lly l'l'SpUlIlIS, 1-anger Lo do ils bil. Il, proxicles musivul lmvkgroumls for lhe senior play, Frmlklin Day, graduation, and weekly as- smnblivs. UI' illf'Sl,illlHblC aid is Mr, lxurl Nun lloc-svn, who is clirvvlly rvsponsible for llllilxillgl lf'runklin's or- chestra om- ol' the iinest high sm-hool organizations in the country. Franklin Orchestra Mzlcll'i,9:al Uluh 45 sl-t KTI-Illi lfumluzzv, llhlf. lf'lllllll1lIIt'HlI. llrxsvllwill. U. ,llulllwui Ifvrlrrx. Sr'lw1'111rr11. ffnlufnlwru, l,1ll'lllIll'l'. fiuurinn. NIIVU num: l'nrl4'r lXlIll'lYlm'V 'lrll' VI I'l ' H" A ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' " - ' i XII . 1. I . . ur. . rp o. u frm. rrrjfrnlu. luymllu. lfrlwnm. l.p.xIrm. llll' mm. Imlwlf. fullllll. llullrn- lmrli, Slurlr. liolilu-rlirz. llrfiizirr. .-Irwwsly. fiairrwy. xmrr ix i'i1"l'l mc: Iiullixlv. V Nlusis-ally im-Iinvrl sludvnls al, Franklin liml ample- uullvl for lhc-ir lzilvnls in the- Iluw- nmjm un-nl groups .... 'l'h0 Nlziflrigral lfluh. rmnposvrl ul' l'2ll'f'l-llllj sf'lw'lvfl pupils wilh prvximis xniw- lruiningr, I'1'Zl4'll0S lhn high point. ul' ils yvur when, al lhe holiclay svasoii, il pc-rfurms in Ilw Christmas 2lSSl'llllDl5 prugrzun, uml also IlliildPS ils 1-uruling tour .... The' .N ffuppvlla lihuir. uliivh this wsu' li: IS lhv large-sl llll'lllll1'l'Slllp ul' ils hislnry, parlic'ipalf's in xarious assvmlxly Ill'UfIl'ilIllS. and is also lwzircl mvr lhv radio on spf-rially prf-parvcl lmrozulrasls. Wei r0gi'f1l lhal cluv lu lhe- larger sim- ul' Ihr- X Cup pvlla fflwir wi' lmw nn salisfzlrlmy plrlurv of lhis OI'g8IllZilllUIl In pwsvlll. . . . The llirls' lfliurus 4'UlllIIl4'S its IlI1'llllN'l'SllIjl lo girls ol Ihr' vlevvnlll and lwvlllh grzulvs whn arc- vsp:-riallx iiile-iw-slvcl in group singing. llvllvzlrszlls arc' hf-lfl rvgularly lo allain lhf' high slamlarrl whivli Ilwy haw- ss-I up us lll1'll' ffual. . , N ' Girls' Llmrus 1.-ww, . , . , . 1 43, W M-'J in lm' I"IKOX'l' mm: Prlrnlnrzf, l"rmluz:u. KIIIIWISICIV. lfvssffl. Tofu. Pussur. Ifflrrffrlifill. lnsur'ro. .ll41::nln, slivuxlx mm: llisx llrllvr. Ifzurlnlc, .llillvrx lfurqiv. fllussun. Jlillvr. lllfllllllllll. Russo, ,llf'lon1'. Pumfllu. lrzfrrlllrrw. ,ll1.vsSl:lI11v'lf. 'I'HIIKD num : fluslvllurm.llrfwvs, Pululnhu. Lvlo. llvssrfllwlli. Chrlslqff. GIIIIFIIIO. Clll'lSllllII. Allflll. lfulffrunm. lmvk Huw: Hurulu::1'. lfvgffrjv. I 'milk Siplo, llinlrujf, lfurru, ffumle. lx'olon1o11'slc1'.ll1'11j7'r1'rlu, l,1I!lllf'HIl. MSW X POR A Backward Look at ports EN Both colorful and important in the life of -Kinerican high schools are the organizations which carry their colors into athletic contests. Franklin is no exception: our school points with pride to the teams which have represented it in past years and made its name feared and respected wherever local scholastic teams congregate. Seldom, however, have athletic teams proved to be such a source of satisfaction as have the Quaker representatives of the season from Easter l9l0 to liaster I9 tl. More than ever before have the athletes in red and white demon- strated what a combination of athletic skill, superior coaching, and good teamwork can accomplish. Unring the past year, no less than five teams-etrack, tennis, soccer, basketball. and horseshoes, have brought honor and fame to Franklin lligh by winning championships in their respective interscholastic leagues. Together with these, an ..ImluSh,y need not wish-v undefeated reserve basketball team, a second place cross- country squad, and third place baseball and suinnning outlits have combined to make the l9l0-lvl season a banner year in sports for our Alma Mater. More significant, however, than the numerous honors accumulated is the clean, sportsman-like play upheld by coaches and players alike in victory and defeat.. The athletic program in Franklin is not confined to training of varsity teams for interscholastic competition. Un the contrary, our vast facilities afford each individual, regardless of his athletic ability, opportunity to indulge in his favorite seasonal recreation by means of the intramural pro- gram. During his two gymnasium periods per week, a student may be seen, in spring, playing base- ball on one of the spacious diamonds, pitching horseshoes, playing tennis on one of the several courts, or racing over the quarter-mile cinder track. The fall program consists chiefly of soccer, football, and track. while in winter the large gymnasium offers ample space for several basketball games to be played at one time. The magnificent indoor swimming pool is open the year around. For athletically inclined students, homeroom and intramural leagues have been organized for after-school competition. Such ventures have proved to be an effective training-ground for future varsity players. tiirls, as well as boys, have found considerable pleasure in the formation of athletic organizations, and under the tlirls' Athletic Council an increasing number of girls have begun to realize the valneof sports participation. A great deal of time is spent on body-building exercises and special attention is given to those that are anxious to cure physical defects. .X vital factor in the success of Franklin's broad athletic program is the work of the instructors under the leadership of Carl Chamberlain. To them is due great credit for so efficiently carrying out Franklin Iligh's well-known policy-"a sound mind in a sound body." 68 FRONT now: Coach Kress, Ciulla, Arnone, Sleo, Sieblowski, Hill. SECOND now: Nawrocki, lllacaluso, Ziobrowski, Slenuf, Lipczynski, Jablowski, Weber. BACK now: Mrzywka, Danylyshyn, Cook, Marconi, Palli, Parisi. OCCGI' Franklin's soccer champions furnish an illustra- tion of the will and determination characteristic of all its athletic outfits. Far from discouraged after a poor start, the hooters proceeded to set the league afire and emerge on top after a victory in a play-oil' game with Edison Tech. Coach John Kress's boys also showed excellent play in the sectionals, overwhelming the opposition in the first is two contests, before losing out in the finals to M t. Morris by one point. SCORES, 19440 Franklin . 2 West . Franklin . 0 Marshall A, Franklin . 2 Madison Franklin . 3 Charlotte Franklin . 0 Edison . Franklin . 2 Monroe Franklin . 1 Jefferson Franklin , 2 East . Play-off Franklin . 3 Edison . Seclionals I . Franklin . 6 Ilolley . Champs block free kick" Franklin . 10 Arcade . Franklin . 1 Mt. Morris 69 -...W neun now: livurli, I,0HlIlll"l'1.Y, Klein Pino fferace Iona 'rmnn now lflL.SlllIPll fcnlolu LuDunnu Gulbin lll1I',m0Il?ld lxlifnmrk. Trimm. sEC0Nnnow:Jard1ne Sclireuzer loolzdqe Shoolman I lynn LaI'errarr1 l'anlzo 0 N bzmnolji Gaylnr. FIIUNTIKUWIlj0lTlbl'01USkl Ixlmke Perrenello .S Szcorwlji Herr lfmmfezle Siva IJ luynrluzo Vrzmklin l"rnnlslin Franklin l"r:inklin l"r:mklin Frnnklin iotball ill HS, I9-Ml lNlaidison-VV4-sl, . M arsball-4 illllfllilill .I1-Il'.-Voculiorml Monro:--liust . lidison . I 'lulv-off Murslmll-Clmrlotti The rlose of' the lirst in er- svbolaslic- football league sched- ule in lhirty years found student followers unanimous in their ac'- rlaiin of the return of this favorite sporl. ,-Xllhough Franklin won only lwo of its six games, two losses were by a single point. The exciting brand of play exhibited by the pupils of Burns Beach and Nivk Zona provided their fans with all the thrills typical of the game. F1 v E . XXX , R J Nl p , 1 fwfr Q gli , ly a F Ili? lil' L 'Nvlhuv HE Wm .Ax , gr' lxuuk num 1 Hollwn. lfnlzilzxnri, l,4'l,1l-VI. lluslvy, lfuarl: Zona. sl-:comm mm : Schonlnzun, .-llwlsmi, livers, lx'rr'ige'r. .-lyrvsli, lllw-r. Hmvl' mm: IIQUIIIIIII, Srlkv. l,f':'lv. Sarrilwlsorz. Zumblln. Iiulzqfrale, liulxunm. Basketball ln Nirk Znna's lirsl, year as nientor of the lrasketlball learn, Franklin won the oily and sea-- liunal f-hainpinnships. After win- ning thirteen onl, oflifleen games during the regular season, the Quakers 0V0l'WllPlIIl0il Perry and Dansville in sem-linnal minpeli- lions. A hard-won victory over Canandaigua, rhainpinns of lhe Finger Lakes l.eagu0,gav0 Frank- lin lligll the l'ourl,h svclinnal lrn- phy ul' ils Glevmi pf-urs' vareor. SI X lli ICS, I9-1-0-All Franklin . 33 liast. llm-lu-sl:-r Franklin . 38 liusl. lligll . Franklin ll-0 Munruv , Franklin -15 lflmlisun , . Franklin 411 fliliiflliilt' Franklin . 229 Nlnrslmll Franklin . 29 .Im'll'4-l'sull . Franklin , 53 Wm-sl lligll . Franklin , 35 lxlilillwlll Franklin . 30 Illiarlnl lv . Franklin 52 lklurslmll . Franklin 48 llnnvoyo Full: Franklin -15 .lvllvrsnn . Franklin . ZH- Wvst . . Franklin . 30 lklumlisun . Ser! ion u ls Franklin . Sl l'4-rry . . ' . Franklin 40 Dnnsx illv , ffllflllllll .lltwlfy 1lI'6l'6'IlfS Sl'OI'l' Franklin , 35 Cumimluiguu Tl , lltt'li umm: I"lynn, ,lluslr-V. llors. .lIllf'lf1lll'.VkI'. I,ll1N'Z.VllXlfll. sl-ztroxp now: Mule. llzglfnzun. Seller. tlhrigfhl, lxlunm Tumlu-. lfumluzzo. I-'lttbN'I' mm: tfuhen, llll'lIf'l', Srlireirwr, .lIurr'nn1, llrrfrvlysllyri. liuzlro. Baseball l"ranklin's hasehall team wound up its season last, spring in third plaee. This outlit. eoat f x Hola 'l'orrens was a xennanl eontender throutfhout, the season hut lost aehanee for llrst ilaee lauu s a Y u I w u U , hy dropping: a llll'llllllpI eontesl to luast, lligh. The rather intorinal pirlure at the top presents the veterans from last yt-ar's xarsity teams .1 Washington and at Franklin. W e regret, that uniforms are not, yet axallahle. Douhtless the IIs team ol' ltlll will he drawn largely from this group. 'l'his is the lirsl. annual to appear earlier than the close of the sehool year. W e expert that u our next issue a new sehedule will he in operation, presenting school life from lfaster to liaste . sliowingr spring athletic- teams as ot' the previous year. ff 'Q",?2"'4-Qllifgifr HM , , N , fvw f'?4'fy'tS5fsffQ3iFf aft lfuses lofulerl . . . lim uul . . . here il !'0lIIl'S.l 72 Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Stlt Ill IQS C54-ason ol' I5 tl 3 ll 1 1 0 t0 lflttly Nlarshall Nladist in Charlotte Nl est, . Wasllingft .lell'f-rs: rn Nlonrt le liast, lfdison t PE, ls l l nmzn non: 'l'usf'uno. Coombs, Hurionelle, Logan, Luellerle, Dugislino. Srlnllls, Szozrlu. Timm now: Tl'illIlIH"l. Snzlwlu, tliarnbru. liffllff. Sironolfi. .l. Trimmel, .lennings, Loelznzun. slcttown now: Jonailis, Wolunski, Elenumlalo. zllusucci. Gallup, Herman, Sauerhufer, Levi, Plulaniu. FRONT now: Agnello, Svhullz, Tolino, lllurrzuvski, Ciulln, Vuisey, Hqfnztzn. Agnello. V T all raelx tlharles Colburn's tram-k team showed the way to the league last spring and captured the t-ity title without. a loss. The boys also distinguished themselves in the sec-tionals by winning several eontests. Many of the stars of l9-ll will doubtless be found in the informal group of last year's Franklin squad which appears above. Cross Countr y ln spite of the loss of four out of five starting members, Coach Brooks liiggins produt-ed a rross- eountry team that ended the season close on the heels of four Learns tied for lirsl place. Two of the barriers went. on to take lirst and second place in the sectional tournament. Fnow' now: Puscuzzi. Coach Kiggins, Brown, Srhlujfer, Passunlino. sntzown now: Pemru. Arnold. AIIIHPF. Murmelll, Van Granfezlaml. 'rmnu now: Sclzullz, Zumbrlo, Brandi, Preslujilzpo, Crullu. li Q .3 4 ef at . , f t . ,I 73 L5 The Quaker spirit . . . Fight! 'il1'illlll lfighll Hur l'ilC6l'lf"l'lliPI'SZ lin lhf' airph Slrilzvl, Nl. llullman, llollamlm' . . . mn lhf- gruumll l. llullmzm, liiznnlmra. Part ul' our lWf'lllj'-SlX avro brain farm. Only two lossc-s for our swimming lffillll . . . l"runl, ruw: fiiliiill licwlw, Slwhcvlai, llaclig, Sl0IllIl', Uralz. Soc-mul row: Shullz, Slern, l'ic'mw, Nlalvowivz, Tripoli, Zell, llluskin. Hack row: Snyflvr, Fulino, Mlains, rl1PIlPlll,, Skalny, Unussffil, l,ipvzynski.l ln Lho slrcflm-li . . . a vivlury for X aisf-y and l"runklin. Our umlnfealerl lvnnis loam . . . Front row : 4 Goldman, Shapiro, Shoolman. Hack row: Nlulilws, Krieger, lliolkn. Success Comes to the Consistent Saver 34 SAVE EVERY MONDAY through SCHOOL SAVINGS 34 ROCHESTER SAVINGS BANK 47 MAIN STREET WEST 40 FRANKLIN STREET RINGS-PINS-KEYS Designs for All School Clubs 10' JEWELED PINS ATHLETIC TROPHIES MEDALS DANCE PROGRAMS FAYORS Q-00 The Metal Arts Co. Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers 742 Portland Avenue For information see Mr. Francis, Room 137 -D WILSON FLORIST St Flowers for All Occasions Stone 1599 835 Hudson Ave. Steel Desks, Steel Files, Storage Equipment, Ofiice Systems and Supplies 104 YAVYMANANDfRBE M rc.0. 41 Chestnut St. Rochester, N.Y. 75 llnslflzlil' iagara Uktnihersitp eRs, Q exe-QFTUQAV JS ole 6619 , QCD M 'w,"'0Q3 0 save -A 038,40 For lnfornlalion College of Business Administration Rochester Registered College Degree Courses Preparing for : C. P. A. Examinations Writ e The Registrar Niagara llniversity 50 Chestnut Street l:0I'h1'Hll'I', N. Y. Telephm xlllr Slain ll2-l- lintrance to Law Schools Executive Positions in Business T6Ftt'lllIlg' Commercial Sulwjeets in lligll Schools Complimenls of Hart's Food Stores Speeial Prices on Sorority and Fraternity .laeltels and Sweaters We Will be Glad to Snlnnit Samples and Prices on Request Champion Knitwear Co., lne TI St. Paul St. Nlain N95 Doctors Beeonnnend Our lillirienl llrescription Service Yalowieh Drugs Monroe, Cor. Alexander Plione, Monroe 56 Free Delivery J. B. Keller Sons, lne. FLURISTS 'VQGW 28 CLINTON AVE. NURTII 76 SEALTEST U se P R O D U C T S THE GOODIE SHOPPES Compliments Home Made Candies of Ice Cream A FRIEND 0 TWO STORES 1700 Clifford Ave., 533 Portland Ave. Resolve to SUCCEED ! 'IOBS are waiting. Prepare ' to play your part In Amer- business expansion programs Qovor 678 ILB. I. graduates secured positions in 19405. 11.13. l. Full Courses start SEPT. 2nd Send for If. B .l. Calalog Patronize the BENJAMIN FRANKLIN COOPERATIVE BOOK STORE for Quality and Economy A FULL LINE OF SCHOOL SUPPLIES Why the Biggest ? There are many reasons why more people pass through and shop in Sibley's daily than in any other Rochester store. Over a hundred depart- ments full ofthe world's iinest. merchandise . . . a service bureau offering helps to hurried shop- pcrs, from postal facilities to tourist services . . . 1-scalators which whisk you from floor to floor in a few seconds . . . three dining centers . . . and wc'll wager you could add a dozen morel Sibley Lindsay XL Curr Co. Compliments of The Ledger Printing Co. Prinlel'-9 Qf "THE COURANT' 10' 482 St. Paul St. ROCHESTER STATIONERY CO., INC. We Carry a Complete Line of OFFICE EQUIPMENT AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES 108 MILL ST. SAVE MONEY Eat Your VVay to Health Palronize Your School Lunch Room For Safety Call a TOWN TAXI -MAIN 8000 Careful, Courleous Service Students' Wants in Artists' and Drawing Supplies Barnard, Porter 81 Renlinglon W. C. Remington R. J. Fowl:-r 9-11-I3 North Water Sl. A Step From Main SMALLINE'S Seeds For Your Carden C'?"t"'1'R'dg" Phmmacy HART at VICK'S SEED STORE A. Smalhne, Ph.G. Glenwood 4649 N. Clinton and Ridge Road, Rochester, N. Y. Corner Stone and Ely Streets Compliments of PETER VAN REMOORTERE The Launderer and Dry Cleaner of Today . . . Phone Glen. 860 CRESCENT-PURITAN 1630 DI-IWEY AVENUE Compliments of . Koetter 8: Sayre, Inc. DALBA'S DELICATESSEN Ice Cold Drinks Candy and lcc Cream Service with a Smile 902 Joseph Ave. Stone 6292-R EYESIGHT IS A PRICELESS POSSESSION . Tired eyes mean headache, eyestrain and possible nervous disorders. If your eyes bother you--HAVE THEM EX- AM INED. If it is a question of inade- quate or improper light-try an I. E. S. Lamp. I. E. S. Lamps provide scientifical- ly correct light and safe-guard your sight and health. See that your children have an I. E. S. Lamp for homework andother reading tasks. Where the Most of the Cars Drive iII C Gasoline and Oil All Trackside Stations at These Convenient Locations 444 CONKEY AVE. 155 HAGUE ST. 400 STATE ST. 280 EXCHANGE ST. 191 MT. HOPE AVE. ROCIIBSICI' as STONEWOOD AVE. Gas and Electric 1000 MAIN ST. EAST Corporation 300 MAIN ST. WEST 89 East Ave. Main 7070 A Rochester Company RIDGE ROAD MARKET ANNA NAJA, Prop. Choice Meats, Poultry, Fish CARL W2 LOTZ HARDWARE AND PAINTS Vegetables, Fruits Refffyerulvfs Glenwood 3-I-73,3474 We Deliver 201 Ridge Rd. East 865 JOSEPH AVE. FAMOUS READING ANTIIRACITE 1 - , - LAUNIWIREID COAL I'or Highest Quality Drugs When Ifs lied-Il's Heading Also R. G. SL E. Dry Queuched Coke IRONDEQUOIT COAL K SUPPLY CO. at Lowest Prices BLESS DRUG STORE 149 Ridge Road East Glenwood 6161 856 JOSEPH AVE, Compliments Compliments of Of , E. H. PETERS DEBS OF 41 385 RIDGE RoAo WEST More nous RE wow. Like New T525 Bring In. arment iff: r esgmatc :iii """'i9i'ii ramen 'rnsnn co '1 NMAC E D 429 Avu M' mocumon mim i ' ,,,' . p WIN A FREE LUNCH AT ME'I'ZGER'S TEA POT GEORGE BALLARD Shoot Metal VVork, Roofing. Hvalying .Air Conditioning I0-12 GUNNISON S'l'Rl'II'I'I' Phone Glenwood 283 Ihu-In-sl,vr, N. Y. f,'lIIIIIJIITI71ClIfS of Ihe MANHATTAN RESTAURANT 25 East, Avenue 10- Completely Air COT'ldit,iUIlf'd I'repf1,rf' For Your ' C MX R E E R ww SCHOOL OF CONINIERCE V mmm 5C 362 lean Aw. l1.wh.qSa.-r, N. xp uLg?1 ,..D.. Mu- 'li 4 1.111 ' 1 COIllllIiI1l0lllS of ULAR A ISARTON N URSES' APPAREL IN C. H fJ0lIIII1I.lIll'IllN of Ihr' '-All SENIOR CL.-XSS A DVI SERS I"UI,l,UW TIIIC CIRUNN Il 'VU THE RITZ l'on'rI,,xNn LVM I-1. A-vr Nowrox ST. Thr' Ilonm of Ihr lfil: llamhurg 5 'J E :ss vnqfi'-1-gm, Roc ED LEYYERPRESS IN U

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