Franklin High School - Key Yearbook (Rochester, NY)

 - Class of 1938

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Franklin High School - Key Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 48 of the 1938 volume:

1 HE KEY 1938 ILED BY THE CLASS SCHDUI BENJAMIN IZDAHIKLI Docutsitn. Htw Your CDM? SENIDD H HIGH eww 'ii 1 X '15 , R Pxwxik I 5:1 fu xii 'E X 1 mvoxlxmvs HON N' S, S 'O PSVAQER O P410 BXXA. E I xiii: ,,.f"'1 410 TI-IE CIIDCUS Tight rope walkers, clowns, and acrobatsoyes, but these alone do not comprise a circus. Without the manage- ment of the circus owners and Without the painstalcing work of the trainers, the performers would be unable to accomplish their purpose-athat of entertainment. We, the creators of The Key for January, 1938, consider the circus comparable to our school life. With the aid of Mr. Butterfield, Mr. Wolgast, and the faculty, most of us can truthfully say that we have accomplished an objective- that of spending an enjoyable and profitable time here at Franlclin High School. :, , THADDFUS KUCHAPSKI i CATHEFJINE GRENCI Standard Bearer Custodian of the Flag STAIQ DEIQFIDIQMEIQI ln Franlclin l-ligh we place our trust, The source ol our lilels aim: We crown with honors lair and just Qur Alma lVlater's name. steady loresight point the way And care our actions lead: Qur deeds and not our words will lay Foundations ol our creed. With loyalty to Franlclin l-ligh, With harmony in thought, We shall with single purpose strive For strength in honors sought. Let hope aclcnowledge no deleat, And Friendship he our rule, time with measured march repeat lhe spirit ol our sclnool. Michael Colpen, Jure '31 A I. M A M A T E D EDS ROY L. BUTTERFIELD Principal WILLIAM C. WOLGAST Vice-Principal '34 TANF 5 D -4 "V,QT,d,' Lv' f TPAINFTS 41 ix MISS LOTTIE FINN Again we Hstop the show" to pay tribute to Miss Pauline Geballe, who is an exchange teacher from Portland, Qregon. Miss Geballe has exchanged positions with Mr. Stanton West of the Science Department. We hope that Miss Geballe will also have pleasant memories of Benjamin Franklin High School to talce with her to Portland next September. Although Hthe show must go on,H we holcl the curtain a moment to honor Miss Lottie Finn, an exchange teacher from Honolulu, who is talting the place ol Miss Lillian Crafts of the Mathematics Department. We trust that Miss Finn will have many happy recollections of us when she returns to her school in l-lonolulu next fall. MISS PAULINE GEBALLE 'C 'N q52"'f 'Wvh WIDIZDFDIQ EDS ,'v-1j-1",:,"- '15 If 'L pf f ' 1 " J'N"'2'.. " ' fi-x., ' ,, :':. in lp ' . ,,.,-.115 ' ' A if ' .-, 3 V. N' .4 A -1- 1 Q - "if ,V Q L' , ,Q - Q' A. ' Q 11.27 fl' Q ' . 7-Q-Wy , ' kin' v . , ., A nip r H 1 V V r. 1 if ' . Jw. R V s iw- X Q Q. 5942. f ' , w 1- ' ' Y,-sky.. -.,,,. Q , IMA-fit. I t, , by " 1 4' A N '-"--'iw , V . 54 ' , ' W 4 ' n MAST YIQS 'WL f know ' o New L O 'Xfxxss Q1 FJ 9 QWWO MG 'VAN QT f O CA FY Ng 'XL Y XUVQQ A Q C X S vwwfxf 'A' 'al osxx MR , 'ff ROQUE X NMS op ORRENS por TXNSS YLCVENCE Yi MHZ ow rc vm rms OX awww W9 E5 wk 5' X qmdamz O O, fwpzmzm :mg amd NV oxozm ov Gs XXOXOXZ somcz O aow and vvxsdoff O ofkmq wxxh New Red Mat rzsuk oi We X Haw H Q u 6 uex QW our OU W N VNXQ V-f vfu YU V15 L QW M5 WL QI 'CVC :zgz nz Q53 YW FX pprforr- P rs of January 7933 were O dt Mme U Courv ff -fVdS f room rv true 7 M4 46 fgdmzpd fn tfve 7 be M orrrwed vv tfv two mombers frof' Pacfv !'7Of77P QA Frm F56 mana Drs ef? tw' fran? D Carfo Dresden! assrstdrvts are H fry 3 aww ,oresfdwvr Betty L rv tary Wdfter Bfdnlf frvdsurer Cdr QW LPC C dfrmerv 5174 QICXV pr! r and 5fO S VIXV D I' cr? Cf HOW ndrews Cfvropiief Dufnfrffty cfm H to Q fs mevfn r of me Crcus of January x93 OW t 6 excpffem' "':ifWdfjP"79f7f of vese spebfe off? 8 Qf EDS ':' 'V lv MEYER ABRAMOWITZ . . . 267 Baden Street. CAROLYN E. ALT . . . 68 Willite Drive . . . Girls' Leadership 1, Q, 3, 4j Latin Honor Society Q, Consul 3, Varsity Club 4, Glee Club 1, Junto AIj German Society 4j The Key VIVIAN ANDERSON 62 Agnes Street CLIFFORD ANDREWS 1599 Clinton Avenue North Craft Guild 3 4 WILBERT BARLEBEN 59 Roth Street Track 3 MILDRED H BAUMAN 187 Lincoln Street Junto 3 4 Corridor Aide 3 4 JOAN H BAUWENS 45 Wsllite Drive Choral Club1 Junto1 Q 4 CorrsdorAsde3 4 Usher June 37 Graduation Girls LeadershspQ 3 4 Glee Club1 Sensor Play Cast ALDEN E BECK Q1 Wsllste Drive e ey HYMAN J BEHELFER 972 Conkey Avenue Reserve Soccer Q Reserve Baseball 9 Varsity Soccer 3 4 Varsity Baseball 3 4 Sensor Play Property Manager ELEANOR A BEIDECK 130 Pomeroy Street Corridor Aide 3 Book Store 3 Commercial Honor Socsety Vsce President 4 Gregg Shorthand Awards Q 3 The Key Usher June 37 Graduation DONALD R BELDUE 19 Bssmark Te race Craft Guild 3 4 WALTER BLANK B70 Jose h Avenue Book D room1 Q 3 4 Class Treasurer The Key Orchestra1 Usher June 37 Graduation LEO BORISOFF 138 lllsnoss Street Jsnto 1 Student Actsvstses Committee 3 4 Latin Honor Socsety President Q Book Store 4 The Courant 3 The Key Csrcu latson Manager National Honor Socsety 4 RUTH BRAUN 1397 Norton Street Corridor Aide 3 Junto1 Commercial Honor Socsety 3 4 Honor Craft Guild Secretary 4 The Key Gregg Shorthand AwardsQ 3 Usher June 37 Graduation NatsonalHonor Socsety 4 HENRY BRAUNER Q50 Norton Street Junto 1 9 3 4 Vice President Sensor Class Tennis 4 Reserve Basketball 4 French Honor Socsety 9 3 Boys Leadership 3 Choral Club Q Varsity Basketball 4 The Key National Honor Socsety 4 PHILIP CASALE 1Q5 Hebard Street Track 9 Italian Honor Socsety 3 4 SAM CASSARA 1606 Norton Street Latin Honor Socsety 3 Cs colo Dante Q SIDNEY COHEN B6 Avenue A Students Activities Committee 1 Tennis Captain 4 German Club 4 Sensor Play Cast ERGIE COLICCHIO B Ward Street Renaissance Socsety 4 The Key FRANK R DE CARLO Q34 Rustsc Street French Honor Socsety Q 3 Nat onal Honor Socsety 4 Class President Renaissance 4 Junto1 9 3 VERNA DE NIENO SBB Portland Avenue Junto Q 4 Girls Leadership 9 Corridor Asd 4 Usher June 37 Graduation 1 f I . . . I I , 1 1 1 A I , . 1 il .1 .1 1' In I 1 i 1 ll 1 1 1 i i Q- , . ... - - - it . s T I . ... V ... A i A 1 1 7 ' - ' 1 1 - g I . A A 1 2 I I 1 ' Y 1 , 1 1 1 1 A 1. I . .L as ' Q . 1 1 . . a ' ,gs 1 1 V1 1 g 1 1 1 , . . . . I - - - I 1 1 Q, 3, 4, Usher, June 37 Graduation, Les Babsllards, Vice- . 1 b 1 I 1 1 - i . 6 A 6 I , , . H I . . . 1 I 1 1 1 ' ' .l 5 . D 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 A ' T 4. 1 'V 1 H 1 1 1 I 1 g 1 1 1 , . , ir . A 1 41 ' 1 1 A . 2 . 5 ' S . .I .:. ' Q ... u . P A A 1 1 l I , 1 1 1 1 r .1 1 ' V ' 1 3 I 2 1 1 MAYNARD DENUE 1095 N Goodman Street GEORGE D HONDT 318 Conlcey Avense Stage Manager ANNE DI PIETRO 16 5 Norton S Pena 5 sance Socre y Char nan Q Secretary 3 A I 5 gn H ctety 4 Cnrrls de shlp1 J MATHEW DZIENGIELEWSKI 414 Carter Street DOROTHY FRANCIS 134 Avenue A Latrn Honor Scclety1 Q Qnrls Leadershup1 4 ELEANOR GITIN 36 Avenue A G ard an of Flag 1 Student A trvnttes Commnttee Q Lrbrary Arcle Q The Courant 3 4 The Key French Honor Society Q Presldent 3 Latxn Honor Socrety Q 3 4 Natlonal Honor Socuety 3 4 Corrrd r Arde 4 G lde S rvrce 4 IRVING GLICKEN 597 Avenue D Soccer 4 Varsnty Basketball 3 4 Golf? 4 Boys LeadershrpQ 3 4 Tralllc Squad 3 SIDNEY GOLDBERG 18? Fernvvood Avenue Junto 1 Corridor Arde 4 GERTRUDE R GOLDSTEIN 30 Rhrneclltl Drive Glee Club1 Corrrdor Alde 3 French Honor Soctety Q 3 German Soclety 3 Usher JJne 37 Gradua lon The Key Natronal Honor Soclety 4 STANLEY J GORDON 35 Gothuc Street ase ball 3 4 The Courant 3 4 The Key Craft Gurld 3 4 JULIA GOSSIN Q98 Avenue D Lost and Found 1 Grrls Leaclershrp1 CATHERINE GRENCI QQ Blalceslee Street Latrn Honor Socrety Q 3 4 Ouaestor Q Junto Q 3 The Courant Q 3 4 'talran Honor Socuety Q 3 Secretary 4 Natlonal Honor Socrety 3 4 Cnutde Servlc 4 The KeY octal Scrence Forum Secretary 4 Usher June 37 Graduatron Guardtan of Flag 4 J WILLIAM GRILLO 1OQ Muller Street Cappella Chorr Q 4 Crrcolo Dante Q 3 Presrdent 4 Junto 4 The Key EDWARD GROSSWIRTH Q9 Trenarnan Street Bowling 4 CHARLES GUBIOTTI 130 Knapp Avenue GEORGE T HABALOU 13 Plalto Sreet Corrudor Alde 3 HELEN HEBERLE 153 Furlong Street Corrrdor Arde 4 Commercral Honor Socae y Secretary 4 Usher June 37 Graduation The Key DOROTHY E HERGENHAN 44 Laser Street Choral Club 1 The Courant 3 4 Ccrrrdor Alde 3 4 The Key Usher June 37 Graduatlon Class Executlve Councrl 4 Gregg Shorthand Afvard 3 Sentor Play Cast FREDERICK A HERMAN 856 Portland Avenue The Courant 3 4 The Key Band1 Q 3 4 Orchestra 1 9 3 4 ACappella Chorr1 JOSEPH HERMAN Q06 Ernst Street ZELLA JANOWSKI 1923 Hudson Avenue Junto 1 'HG F i EDWIN F JAWORSKI Q46 Furlong Street Reserve Basketball Q Varssty Basketball 3 4 Baseball Q 3 Soccer 3 4 A Cappella Chosr Q 3 Pressdent 4 Opera Gusld Q Trahsc Squad Q Boys Leadershsp Q Choral Club 1 HAROLD KARCHEFSKY Q8 Trust Street Gusde e vs e 4 Junto Q Band Q 3 Orchestra Q 3 C rrsdo A e Q 3 4 ESTELLE P KARDEN 130 Van Stallen Street Latsn Honor Society Q German Socsety 3 4 Usher June 37 Graduatson HASKELL KASANOV 1703 Clsnton Avenue Nor h LILLIAN KRIEGER 49 Pardee Street Gregg Shorthand Award 3 Gsrls Leadershsp 4 THADDEUS W KUCHARSKI 47 Manchester Street Students Assocsatson Vsce Pressdent 3 Pressdent 4 Executsve Councsl 3 4 Junto 3 4 Latsn Honor Socsety 9 3 4 ConsJl 3 Natsonal Honor Socsety 3 Pressdent 4 Usher June 37 Graduatson Students Actsvstses Commst tee 4 The Courant Aclvertsssng Manager 3 4 Standard Bearer 1 4 Lsbrary Asde1 Varssty Club 4 Cralt Gusld 3 4 Gusde Servsce 4 The Key Orchestra 1 ELLA KUJAT Q08 Weyl Street Book Store 3 4 Commercsal Honor Socsety 4 Natsonal Honor Socsety 4 ALEXANDER F LAMUTIS Q3Q Townsend Street n 1 Q 3 4 Orchestra1 SZ 3 4 Stage Cr 1 Q 3 4 Dramatscs1 Q 3 4 Latsn Honor SocsetyQ 3 4 Aedsle 3 Junto 4 Natsonal Honor So sety 3 4 Socsal Chasrman 4 Class Councsl 1 4 Gusde Servsce 4 The Key Sensor Play Cast MILTON LANG SS Strong Street CARMELO LAVALLE 60 Arthur Street Track 3 Band 4 Sensor Play Cast Junto1 CATHERINE LESYK Q3 Weaver Street Com Award 3 Honor Basketball 4 Socsal Chasrman ol Class 4 Usher June 37 Graduatson Gsrls Leadershsp1 RUTH E LIETZAU Q9 Carthage Street Gusld 4 Usher June 37 Graduatson Cra t BETTY LINDER Q78 Versaslles Road Corrsdor Asde 3 4 Junto 1 4 Natsonal Honor Socsety 4 Class uncsl 4 Gsrls dershsp 1 Q 3 4 Latsn Honor Socsety Q 3 Student Actsvstses Commsttee 1 Q Chasrman 3 4 Class Secretary Usher June 37 Graduatson The Key Glee Club1 POLAND F LIQUORY 83 Jewel Street SALVATORE LUCCHESI S sgel Street Renass sance Socsety 4 MARTHA B LUKE 61 Saranac Street German Socsety 3 A Cappella Chosr 3 4 Gsrls Leadershsp 4 Ushe June 37 Graduatson The Key DANIEL MARCIANO 1119 N Goodman Stree Craft Gusld 3 4 Csrcolo Dante 3 Class Cosncsl 4 Rersasssance Socsety 4 LESSER MARSHAK 16 A hens Street School Chess Champson 4 ANNA MASCIARELLI 79 Pelsance Street Corrsdor Asde 3 Shorthand Awards 3 The Kgy Cgm mercsal Honor Socsety3 4 Gsrls Athlets CommstteeQ 4 CHESTER MCGAHN 57 H er tr et appella Cl1Osr1 Junto 1 Corrsdor Asde 4 Cnr ulg sgrs Manager The Key Sensor Play Property Manages RUTH E McGILLICUDDY 46 Farbrsclge Street Choral Club1 Gsrls Athletsc Commsttee 1 Q Corrsdor Ade 3 Usher June 37 Ordduatson The Key Sensor Play Cast ff A "'.. J I sv f I r ,rl V f s I I f W z s 4 ' S r 'C s , , I s s O f 'R sd , , . r I f ' ' 4 . . , . 1 , - , 2 r is 1 I J ' r r 5 ll ' I I 1 t 7 A , z ' s Q , b r e rl s D s ' s , 2 s 1 s ' s., . . . , 7 . . . Ba d , , I , I: , , , 5 A QW r r r s r , s r r , ' s s A C , , s' 1 s 1 1 W f - . . . i - - - ' N mercsal Honor Socsety 3, 4, Craft Gusld 4, Shorthand A s s Y . 2 'f ' 2 ' ' of , i V I , I A s f I W , 1 ' , Co. s Lea V b V , , , f r f V r 1 A I l s' I ,' , . I 1 . . t , V K . . . S' . . . - fe.. ' , I s A r y s n s is I ' ,v !', Q , . . . . 1 , , l .' ' Q , , l c , , . . . ook S e . . . A J C s f s s f 1 bf- l 1 . I 7 I W r s , , X . 'Q 1' HELEN F METTER 7 Rsverbank Place Gsrs l.eadershsp1 Q 4 Lspreadsng Award 9 3 Glee Club1 Sensor Play Cast The Key EDITH L MEYER 92 Avenue D Latsn Honor Socsety Q French Hono Socsety 9 3 Corrsdor Asde 4 HELEN RUTH MEYER QQ Avenue D Junto Q 3 Corrsdor Asde 4 Latsn Hon SocretY 9 CHARLOTTE MICHAEL Q32 Alphonse Street Students Actsvstses Comrnsttee Q Commercsal Honor Socsety Pressdent4 The Key Book Store 3 4 Shorthand Awards 3 Corrsdor Asde Q German Soclety 3 Junto Q JOSEPH NAVIK 169 Herald Street HARRY NELSON 16 Roycrolt Drsve ESTHER L NORRY 39 Blesle Terrace Honor Basketball learn 4 Varssty Club 3 4 Junto I Corrsdor Aide 4 CAROLYN NOWACK BO Strong Street Junto 1 Q 3 CorrsdorAsdeS2 3 4 Gsrls l.eadershsDl 9 3 4 lhe Courant 3 4 Latln Honor Socsety 2 3 German Socsety 3 Natsonal Honor Socsety 4 The Key Edstor rn Chsel Gusde Servsce 4 Usher June 37 Graduation Class Councsl 1 4 MORTON NUSBAUM 689 Hollenbeck Street EMILY ORZECHOWSKA 934 Hudson Avenue Corrsdor Aide 3 GEORGE PASCH 449 Remsngton S reet Reserve Basketball 9 V rssty Basketball 3 4 Varssty Soccer 4 MARIE PASCUZZI 123 Rosemary Drnve Renass sance Socsety Q 3 Corrsdor Aide 3 Usher June 37 Graduatson Gsrls Leadershsp 1 Sensor Play Bussness Manager BEVERLY REDDY 9376 Culver Road Gsr s Leadershsp 3 4 Corrsdor Asde 3 Junto 4 The Courant 3 4 The Key Usher June 37 Graduatson Shorthand Awards 3 Englssh Bookroom 4 JUNE L ROBINSON 150 Keller Street Usher June 37 Graduatson RUTH ROSENZWEIG 69 Van Stallen Street Usher June 37 Graduatson Corrsdor Asde Q ABE ROTHSTEIN 174 Norton Street FRANCES SCALZO 643 Portland Avenue Corrsdor Asde 1 JACK SCHLACTER 106 Fsllel Place Manager Soccer 3 4 Manager Basketball 3 4 Baseball Manager 4 German Society 3 Sensor Play Publlcsty Manager FREDERICK SCHRADER Q9 Long Acre Road RICHARD K SCHROEDER 1938 N C oodman Street Trallsc Souad Q 3 Corrsdor Ar'de1 4 Sensor Class pUbl'C'lY Manager Usher June 37 Graduatson Sensor Play Cast ISADORE SCHWARTZ 906 Joseph Avenue Captasn Basketball? 3 4 Soccer Captasn9 3 4 Corrsdor Asde 3 if K Y' Qm L STELLA J STAHURA 5 Derrar Stree Cgrrrdgr A C 4 H t a rn 4 Var ty C ,J RICHARD STARK S C a Tne Vey Adrertrsmg NIan ROBERT STARK 1Q8 Ornord Aven e C aft Tne ey MARGARET STAUDENMAIER 7 S au S e rts A r mrnrttee Q nf Q a n or r 4 T 3 r d 3 Q 4 s 37Gadu Cuee CMD GRACE STRAUSS Q8 Laser Street Corrrdor Arde 3 Craft Qauuld 3 Usher June 37 Graduatron ROSE TONELLI 1701 N Goodrnar S reet Junto 3 Shor hand Award 3 o rxdo f' de Q 3 S er June 37 Q1 aduatron FLORENCE TROSZYNSKI 86 Manchester Street Latun Honor Socuety Q 3 Lrbrary A de Q The Courant 3 4 Natrona! Honor Society 3 4 The Key Students Actuvrtues Cornrnttee Q Qnurde Servrce 3 4 German Socuety 3 4 ANGELINA TROTT Q41 Newcomb Street Junto Q Corrudor Atde 4 Luorary Aude 3 The Courant 3 EDNA LOUISE TWIETMEYER 141 Ntchols Street Usher 'une 37 Caraduatnon BERTHA VAIVODA 76 Weyl Street Corridor Arde 3 4 MARGARET VULLO 490 Fernvvood Avenue Junto 3 Corrudor Aude 3 Varsrty Ciub 3 4 Shorthand Award 3 4 Ush r June 37 Graduatton LOIS WEBER 79 Weaver Street AVIS WEIDEL 76 Pleasant Way Gurls Leadershup 3 4 Enghsh Bookroorn 4 JOSEPH ZENKAR 869' Clrttord Avenue VIOLET ZIENTARA 37 Kosctusko Street Book Store 3 4 Cornmercrat Honor Socuety Treasurer 4 Natuonal Honor Socuety 3 4 Gulde Servsce 4 The Key Shorthand Awards 3 Class Counctl 1 13 L.. lg.. .QR-L , N xx ff if :Q , 1 ' 1 .R 'Q CL x 3 4 7 Tv I NC, H ' ,fi V 1' A .X fa f X 5' f If A, " fl, If f ., 'Qi ' "M , ' , Q Q 1 f ' I, rg V- , if ,Q ...W if Ai' My , 1 E1 is tax P Q 0 SIDE-SHDWS xx Qwfj an c,a,Qw, Q Xa xrlai CDQ 45 SAOCACD cg 60 QV wa fb gk xrlin xxb WNW Q1 Lgrpgm WMA ix QQ, N W we 0 Q CD80 ak aw SXYXN C3 Q QA, 6 ax QQ QQ, S VTX Qbiia, 5 OXQ, 1, ao xv, N Tow NPI NWS a x A rw V .'J. 9'1l 1939 1233 1931 1939 1933 1934 1235 1936 1937 1938 1939 Voc.1 Voc.9 11A1 11A9 11A3 11A4 11A5 11A6 1131 1139 K' fx G wno, A. Fscnette, M. 3a,.'.ens, J. ci'der. 3 3'55rer, H. Dehfefo, V. GH 1: ff. Reddy, 3. 3retsrein, H. Link, J. Komo,S Weegar, J. KhCk,N1 Lomlsarr, G. Williams, J. lWHnrmk,R Homeqli 3udnik, R. Presnal, l. Kosmick, M. Sanow, H. Marzec, L. VanDuser, N Rickless, I. Heininger, LJ Thibcwlt, V. Macknick, W. Maslanka, W Hornbeck, C Thiem, F. Seeger, F. Siegel, L. Cosranza, C. NMems,C. lndovina, T. Plinz, E. Mitchell, 3. Ketchum, G Katz, J. Zwerka, H. Mancuso, S. Gales, L. Kolibala, E. Aroesty, J. Eisenberg, F. Stagliano, J. 1133 1134 1135 1136 1137 1133 1139 11316 11317 11313 11319 11390 11391 10A1 10A9 1031 1039 1033 1034 1035 1036 1037 1038 REPRESENTATIVES FALL SEMESTER -1937 - G,a'i-o, E. 1039 Taaz, M. A te':os. H. 10311 551.419, M. J. Simpson, M. 10319 3ellarca, M. Opipari, H. 10313 Franz, F. Ancaldo, J 10316 Pecora, G Rzbiinson, L. 10317 Pecora, S. 0iPasoua'e, C. 10313 Kellett, M. Nhller, W. 10319 S:n'1a'1ke,E. 1ili,W. 10390 Riyoli, G Widman, W. 9A1 Ryan, R. Wdersdorler, H. 931 Cieslak, A. Henderson, T. 939 Coyne, H. Pino, T. 933 Carlucci, l. Gangarossa, P. 934 DeLucia, A. Buckley, A. 935 Arndt, M. Shapiro, A. 936 Kinsella, J. Capobianca, 937 Snyder, H. Walker, D. 938 Kruse, R. La3arr, M. 939 Latal, E. Hopkins, P. 9310 Cala, A. Richards, E. 9311 Guido, G. Yates, A. 9319 Cuilla, S. 3elmont, R. 9316 Hauser, D. " q-Q...,.-..- --- ,, 1938 Kahn, F. Garaloi H Ui., N.,esg rn Ze el .V H,- -a,.i,H Gates, RE. Nlazor, E. A rzalone, J. F Marciano, Christopher, C. Thompson, VanZandt, Troiano, L Uroon, XXX. Lockman, F. Maiuri, P. Spadoni, F. McVea, J. Przbyla, V. KmzowML Plarania, S. 3Ioom, H. Sand, D. Celli, A. 3. D. D. Nawrocki, 3. Powers, D. Gedrairis, M. Toro, M. Koetter, P. Guriansky, M. Ancaldo, F. Lebowitz, R. Massare, P. Grey, J. Paull, M. Pisani, J. Culhane, M. 3ronte, A. J. Rosenzweig, R. Meo, A. Wentykie lr Rinaudo, R. M Camarella, A. 3oiara, S. Lazzara, J. Mamo, G Koester, H. 9317 9518 9519 9393 9591 9399 9393 9394 9595 551 832 553 554 555 836 557 555 559 8310 5511 5519 8316 7310 MacKellar, J 'Wane5ield, S 3ernac-41, E. Woigast. R. Flynn, R. 3a-ner, T. Klemenr, T. Campione, T Klinke, R. Kluttz, N. Prince, N1. 3laesi, M. Swarzz, G. loaoer, Rosen Dispenza, G Adamski, G. Belmonr, M. Smyda, J. Coombs, W. 3aldwin, G. Johnso Dunn, E. Greves, D. Koren, A. Krolak, L. Costanza, J. Schwartz, P. Ottman, K. Stein, M. Asinovsky, J Tron, M. Machnik, E. Pasmanick, K. n, J. 3raZ, G. Simpson, W. Smith, G Catalano, S. lngrassia, J. Seibert, G. Nicosia, G Dickinson, 3. 3ardo, J. Silvester, A. Coolidge, R. Nayen, V. Nowak, R. 'S .-.............---9 x v' .vi QQ CJ I . 4 f 3 . . , 0 ' 5' 'Q 5 3' 5 .157 3 H' ' " 5 9 H' Ev z. 5' 5' Q 5 , no W 1' 30 575 Q X 7 R 0 W 14' Yr 1 -X 9 'n ' if ' -1' 'T ., u 1 ,QE -M, W Af km X3 4+ S 5 5 I ta Q 1, 1 'Ev " 22 ,fr srs gQj2,"3 v' 51?f?i- '3 , Y Nl 6 ,g.. E 3 ll 3 :5 f' ' pu if JZ 5- vz f 3 'Z' 52' 3 ,if A 5 q 'RQGEQQSE -as A zu- 4, 'qs Q 1 V H 'is 5 'Q 9' K , I ? r 4 ' Q., AJ , f sa +35 A 1 .4 551 ff sf! fri VA 'vw' 4 . S' lt, L-nf' ,-1 1 e 4 ,h i wk - H ! --., I L' 5' Q AYJI' 7.1 ff: ' ,hymn - 0'.lIi!LL ' V 7'-to f, lf 5, A . m- , QR 6 5501. K . 'Gp q I H W .-'Sf A 3' 5? E 1 Y 5 Q if fide! L . '4' x CSV X S w N X- Xa, xx O 06 L5 skew 5 X QXO C3 Q QQ 0652, 5 Q0 moo ,X S1 S mam Qcxx 5 GV N' W 'N S LXLQOQ C5 X Wwx zamw, Wd X50 LX O 5 x OSSKA XPS osx M, 'N5O6CfJ wax 5 bo 0 N Q9 Qfiaaw xo Q gq 5 X XX x QQ M QQ Q UK Km xo Q O X69 6 NX L gi KAY V W6 0 5950 R XA XMX RQ avg C009 O CL xo W. VL 60 6 Wwx Na, 5 L mmm N'N5vXN2sXfY V55 U X50 Q by C1 OK xr., SKQ, 5 5 va Q Q XX C, xc,Q5w x C x 'X Yfbx W no X X or ax XXL QQLQ, 51, Qbxusxam x Y, QV, Nx 5501 zo Q Q, xo me UL oxbsxmxo in Ko ox oc,rz,oz ow x xX X oo Yxqx xA 'DQ wc, QQ 4 N05 Y, x 3104 aa, X O 59 Nxo Ka New oK o YQ . 0 JL 1 C, OSF-KS Kr sw M We 5, asv af OW-o ai xxcbmoo ax Yxcuxrlx S660 UK has 0 XOX 'nw ,Na a, 0, . atoaib QAQXXA si VFX X avagaf . Cx ac, Qi SNK Qwexo 0515 . abbmo Q05 S FWS, PX wma, bob Qi Rfmoo wo V-QGNCDON ex xo ow, c, INK em sy Lb 4 0 cz, A Xxw 0 Q, , ALPHA CHAPTER SD0NSOR1Mr.Snllman Hobbs. MEMBERS: J. Brown, C Donovan. E. Harnnlton, E. Herrnan, R. Klum, E Klrmaszewslo, H. Klrrnaszewslcu T. Kuelwarslcu, A. Larnutus, R. Ludeke, J. Marlcs, C. Ruryes, R. Selnroeder, E. Vandervoort. ALPHA RSI CHAPTER SPQNSQR: Mr. Donald R. Clark MEMBERS: R. Budniele D. Etter D. Logan, G. Lombard, J. Meyers, J. Meyers, E. Reynolds, A. Spa dons, A. Sparaeuno, B. Stringer, H. Sullryan, R. Toepler. BETA CHAPTER SPQNSCR1 Mr Dennis E Ruby QAEMBERS: L. Bennett, R. Dredrrelr, D. Dobbertrn, J Eoster, R. Kassel, R. Schroeder, R. Starlc, R. Stark . Vfrllrarns PHI KAPPA CHADTER SPQNSOR. Mr. Merlyn Ringwood MEMBERS: C Clrarles J Claus G Eastman, E. Ersenlverg, R Gray, E Guarrno. R. Horne. H Hopf, R lgbnsegla E. Kolrbab, YW. Kruse, R Lauer R. Leaclw J. Nasca, C Naleneger. W Randtlne, R. Rers R l est a l. SIGMA BETA CHAPTER SRQNSQR- Mr Brayer MEMBERS B Mrller, C1 Morrow R Meyer XX! lnrrg E lfolstad N. Battwste, G Relwberg Jr, M lvanusilfa A Cleslal4,A Klern J Dox,T Altner TIQI- lf, r 2 Kwik l3re5ioe'5 PL' CUC '33, ie-Lesrdent 1.825 'w':Fef' 32C'2fi'J fzrorr' Ft lreasfer Arlfe Qeiow foci Cwrrma' Eff rraelfrfiz loirirtffnanroan Jofie Brown , . Drogran Cnerrnan flee Florence 5 '-'eil A Frdfrse. Nnldred Banrrnger Dons Beuelfnan Ceeelra Bugoloslcu Dhyllls Brook L-etrtna Dellfgttrs Jane Del?yl4e Marion Drexel June Belle Drel Madeline Doyle Rm Gerer Dorotlwy l-lergennan MEMBERS Helen Hr faeilfo V"5'l Z l6'1Vf19W Cleorglana Ketilwrn Frenzrs lemoerger Pun Lrerzm Dorotlry Mettnes Dose Worgantu Bearer Nrll Carolvn Nowaclc '.r"ar'e Daecuzzl Norrfa porter Pose Qarnone Agnes Ridley l2'JCl1l2OS2OZVV2i8 Eleanor Purdy Ellen Sans Marlon Slederwancl l.orreune Sprague Doris Strexo Eleenora Zrentara Florence Versescnlm CQ 0 6+ 0 smog ww 4 fx QQ-S imp gow 'Yxsqcbi NN-Cas 1, woo. YN 64' x LPA oem O W O SX Qc, oi CFNYOYI5 K sxoo X XNQX WJQQQQ QAQQQQQVQ? ai oo 0,-Lev YVNNX Qxqyw mag 5460024 C10 710 oy CO Qs NOX Q N4 06050 wxbxx Ocbw' Q s x ALQQ, O1 oo 0 Q xo Q, Sxz-QQ. XX, QQ x 'Sk PX y Q 08+ GLN gk 8 S OW 5X XXV Mxo Q3 Q X 44 ga, S001 ary' CX5 Q' ' N X0 XA Qoogcfxflx U Xxqhm v 6 69 C9 QQ ' O0 A A CADDELLA C DID Anuszkiew icz, Anzalone, J. Bartolotta, B. Battisti, N. Bigdoslci, C Bloom, S. Brownell, B. Camiola, J. Celentano, Chalmers, J Cieslinslca, Cimino, J. Cohen, S. Comparato, Cone, N. Curtis, H. M. ii J. De Carne, A. Decker, M. Derman, M. Dworlcin, F. Dziubaty, S. Falk, F. Fassaro, L. Ferrara, C. Finzer, J. Gabler, R. Gangarosa, Grillo, W. R. T. QFFlCFRS President, Edwin Jaworski Secretary, Marv Celenrano MEMBERS Groth, A. Lynch, T. Haefele, J. McMuIlin, A. Heininger, Ll. Micoli, H. Hill, M. Miller, W. Holizimmer, M. Moore, l. Holland, R. Moore, M. Isaacson, S. Monk, L. Jaworslci, F. Manlra, J. Jurlcieiviez, V. Newer, W. Kamin, C. Niewood, J. Kannwischer, A. Orgar, A. Kastner, V. Qrlando, A. Kenner, M. Paproclci, M Karchelslcy, B. Park, M. Klein, A. Plehn, R. Klimaszewslci, H. Prietz, H. Knack, J. Purves, C. Koester, L. Reiser, M. Kollco, S. Rotolo, M. Kreag, S. Rose, N. Kruse, R. Russo, A. Lanzatella, P. Russo, P. Lietzau, D. Sallcowitz, A. Lombart, G. Sander, V. Louth, L. Sandler, R. Ludelce, R. Schmanlce, E. Luke, M. Sieminslci, H. Slutslcy, J. Smith, M. Spadoni, A. Sprague, L. Stasaitis, J. Strassman, H. Szpilir, F. Tancredi, D. Toepler, R. Tubiolo, P. Vanderzell, B. Varholzer, C. Vecchio, R. Weber, J. Weiner, M. Weiner, S. Werner, S. White, R. Wiersdorler, H. Williams, F. Withey, J. Wolgast, R. Yates, A. Youngman, R. Yurlciw, C. Zientara, E. Zientara, L. 9, 2' Qf ?, 3 'Sui ,Q 9 Q 52 Q ' xg Q Q ' i Q WW Hf?'f.f 3"W Q xg VE' 7 f as gf i F-I Q gif' GQ: Q' XP' ' 'Q'2f? r3'Q' W will !fi"- "7 JV . - A A , N, ww - r - 6 47 I . 'VX v okay 5 Y 38 4,151 H l 2 : f f - I 4 -.' 1 -S' 4' sf Qs Ra, 6' ? Q QQ' :fe We 'X si ye gs 'a 'V " f ' R Q' ? RL? ?.'.. sf I 5 2? 'E -2 3- . ' ' if 4, .Wg -Q X E . 'H , A ? RY Q. if K' F nl-D' 0-11 CLUB Crrcolo Dante French Honor Socxety German Socrety Uptumates Model Aurpla Huntrng and Fusrrng The B os Tralluc Squad Library Helpers B.l:Cub Socal Scnence Library Andes Needle Craft Club KK. C. Q, TD DISCUSSION GVOUD mploy thy time well ll Social Scnence Forum and Management Junior Chorus Sub-Deb Club I IDWA thou meanest to gann leisure SPQNSOR M De Francesco Mrs Dunham Mrs Wonoerge Mlss La ey M s Hess r Read M Bulley Koster Mr Beach Mass Bayer Mrs Mac lntyre M ss Sulluyan MISS W'lBur Mlss Lush Mnss Donnellan Mnss Dayrs Mrss Sanuelsohn ,lVlr, Lyoers Mrss Ames Mrss Cochrane Miss Blake OFFICERS AND SECRETARIES William Grlllo Cathernne Grencl Carmella Costanza Marvel Taub Margaret Staudenmauer Katue Schmidt Harvey Sanow Doris Beuchman Eleanor Zmentara Wnllnam Wussnan Pose Benedetto drl Zollweg Allred Smith Steve lechmanslu lrene Maloleooza None None Mary Jane Allen Ruth Ryan Joan Levnclcas Leond Wdffem Ruth Holland Ruta Aclcerman New one each weelc Florence Troszynslcl Vrctor Beclcer Cathernne Grenci Hubert Bloom Julrus Kreager Anlta Brown Hazel Daub CLUB Sensor Renaissance Jumor Renaissance Varsity Club Rndrng Club Boxnng and Wrestlmg IK. MIDWA SPONSOI2 Mr De Francesco Mr De Francesco Mr I-Ialblreb Mnss Esther Stewart Mr Maxnon OFFICERS AND SECRETARIES Stanley Saltta Patricia Fllllppone Domnnlc Bronte Charles Cardnllo Charles Kamln Fred Wllllams Wa nda McI'I en ry Lester Summons Wnlllam Wnssman STUDENT ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE Mrs Tnllman Mrs Pitts Roll Toepper Rosalae Mazola MEMBERS Goluna Baronas James Dann Evelyn Dreaer Elalne Frisch Ruth Cuoldsteun Emrle Kovvalslcl Sponsors Chairman Secretary Thaddeus Kucharslcl Shnrley I.eve Don Sullnvan Murnel Taub .lane Tennent Robert Stark Pearl Van Graleuland .","l ' "' 4-fA3Jw'r1n's ' 1? x JN' A I ' 2 E253 , .9 - , wx. -4 W W V fr... -Hi! -4? rf.. "' Qr.. f 41 F,-., .-a,, ' N". --'Q F f' 'K i " ' 1 Ja ' ga K , ' 15, . , .f 4 1 X in ' i 3,,a' , 2 1 'q ' W 1 , .'. 2 1 ' f -'W Q . 1' T Rx Y , K ' n Ag x . W 4 K 1! ,ygg , I -v , wx? ,f 34,1 ff? 4 --00 ll BDU NKCDL Length DC Vvudth D4 Fleught A SUPER M511 EXCLUSIVE KNEWS By HALIER BINSHELL Hello Mr and Mrs Franklun and all the dopesf xcuse me I meant boatsj at sea let s go to ress Flas September 8 the publuc schools opened wude theur doors and 9800 ended the pleasant vacatuon to return to the dreary grund It us rumored that some students re marked that at was good to have a furm desk under theur feet once agaun F ash October 11 the students had a bruef respute We should have more Co lumbuses F ash F ash October Q6 many senuors took superfucual baths when bobbung for ap les at theur Hallowe en Party Flas es and Dashes Teachers should have more conventuons We certainly en joyed October 98 and 29 F ash lt us constantly whuspered that Multon and Margue are that way about each other F ash November 95 and 96 were re served for Thanksguvung Don t you thunk the Pllgrums deserve some thanks7 Franklun should be thankful anyway because Franklun Flash Although Carolyn and Leo deny any Interest un each other they are con stantly seer about the campus together Ouestuon Mark Why were Eleanor Catherune and Florence sayung Frutters and peanuts un theur dreams after the week of November Q9 Dots and dashes and lots of flashes cember 3 the semor class presented The First Year by Craven Don t get too seruous Joan The stage us more beholden to love than to lufe Jungle Bells December 93 meant the begunnung of the Chrustmas Holudays Dots and dashes January Q1 Senuor Day and for once we can stay out of school wuthout explaunung to Muss Coulton Groans moans and sughs and wauls January 94 begunnung of examunatuons' Fash February1 Caps and Gowns I remaun your Franklun correspondent Halter Bunshell MINUS OUANTITIES WANTED Someone to wupe away the senuors tears after examunatuons Good celery Wrute Box 950 for untervuew WANTED A good posutuon for restung Wure Mr U R Lazy Q67 North Restvuew Terrace at Seemore Street PERSONAL Thus us to state that I am not responsuble for any wrong answers un ex amunatuons Sugned M T Encyclopedua FOR SALE A 1901 Ford model car guaranteed not to fall apart the furst mule SENIORS SET TO MUSIC Sudney Goldberg Me Myself and l Harold Karchefsky ld Rather Lead a Band Lesser Marshak Wake Up and Luve Jack Schlacter All You Want to Do us Dance Alex Lamutus You Ought To Be ln Puctures Thaddeus Kucharsku You Can t Have Everythung Leo Borusoff These Foolush Thungs Remund Me of You Betty Lunder Stop You re Breakung My Heart June Robmson lt s June ln January Walter Blank Stanley Gordon The Image of You Catherune Lesyk I Wush I Were Twuns Florence Troszynsku Eleanor Gutun Whuspers un the Dark Helen Heberle You ve Got Somethung There Ergue Colrcchuo Senuors After Graduatuon Sung and Be Happy Before Examunatuons Let s Call the Whole Thung Off After Examunatuons l Know Now Margaret Vullo Multon Lang Double or Nothung Catherune Grencu I m Workung My Way Thru College Helen Metter Mama l Wanna Make Rhythm Donald Beldue I ll Get Along Somehow HINTS TO THE FORLORN MOTHERS' Are you worrued about Your darlung offsprurg because he does not devour hus breakfast7 Bree e over to your neughbor hood store and purchase a package of VEATIES the BREAKFAST of C-HUM PIONS If your throat us sore and foggy smoke ZEBRAS They refrued Do your clothes tell tales out of school7 Soak them un Q09 Our own specual concoc tuon us guaranteed to remove spots stauns and skun Do you have fallung haur fallung arches or fallung brudges7 Use ZILCHES restoretuve good for man or beast Ladues do your hands remund HIM of a cheese grater'? Use JERKING S LOTION and your romance wull have smooth saulung A DAY AT THE CIRCUS AND A Nothmg was so rare as a day un June or a 1913 Luberty Head nuckel But what was rarer Matt Hem atucs was takin hus gurl fruend Phyllus Ophy to the curcus he morn ung Itself was quute cool but what dud Matt care he had hus love to keep hum warm Wuthout wastung any tume our hero rushed to the garage to hutch old Dobbun to the shay Havung completed thus n less tume than ut takes a lamb to shake uts foot he went aboard havung been wushed a Bon Voyage by has great grandfather He turned the key stepped on the starter shufted gears and away he flew through the fuelds of clover On hus way to Dover Matt hummed a luttle song lf you ever want to try ut and you probably wont attempt ut to the tune of On the Street to Mandalay CDon t say we dudnt warn youb Here are the words as Matt sang them Oh the merry go round broke down But you don t see me clown Instead a good boy l be In the shade of the old apple tree We told you ut was terrublel Why dudnt you lusten to us? CAII thus modern stuff has a pungent odor, Well let s get on wuth the story We now fund our hero rungung the door bell at Phyllns Ophy s house The tume was exactly 1O 49 5 7 A M Eastern Standard Tume At 10 49 6 7 Phyllus was at the door Hurrah' One pount for thus category of hu mans they are usually known to be slow Maybe there was romance un the aur and they were young Anyway they jumped unto the bus and were whusked away ln order to Gut un the curcus grounds our sude Matt and Phyllus went furst of all to see the freaks many resembled our classmates CNo offense senuors we had to get a laugh somewhere D On the tour of unspectuon they saw Leo the luon Alex the seal Teddy the bear Donald the duck Henry the flutCOops that Sluppedb KOO KING KOLUMN Byl M HONGRY Hash Sweet Mystery of Lufe 1 lb leftover meat 5 lbs bread crumbs Q lbs salt 3 lbs black pepper 'IO onuons 13 eggs 1 cake soap 7 c shortenung 1 box scourung powder 1 doctor Heat the meat over a 4M unch flame Beat eggs untul they peek Then add eggs shorten ung bread crumbs salt onuons and pepper to meat Increase flame to 7 'I 39 unches If pqx tiff fs' L TT . RI IIT IQ ' MTN 54, Ay! , I , ' ix fp! J f af. u I '. ' L E 'l 'I II I II I , I Q .lf gut S A 7 Qt I Q I . . . I . 1 I I. I . . . ,I . . . . T .. , H I - - ' l . . . , I II I I II I I l . . , I I I I I . I 1 I-I, , I II . l I . . , - " ' ' I 'I I ' ' I beat lrondequolt with the score of 35 to 23. I'Llttle Man You've'Had a Busy DayI' friends had to cross' a Marsh-ak. Once in- I . . - I II I I II .I I I I I . I T T De- II t I. I II I u . . .' ' I s 1 - -, 1 I ' I . I In 1 ,IL ' . . ' ' ' . . . . L 1' X . . , ' , .xc V I 1 ' R ,I u I - I 7 . I tug, u J L ' I I I ' I I 1 I I II I I ' I 'I Q , - ' - 1 ' ' . P Y," I fm ,. - A , . I . I It , 5 ,- - . .. Q h V g - , , - I 0 - II 1, j I ' 0 ' F F Why walk a mule'7 nu EDS COLOSSAL PAPER price .OOOOOOTC Per CODY !,,ff!' ctM5w f Y Qt X A T m'T A Bit or ROMANCE, 5,4 nk , -695, 5 i . 't 'tx l 4 ! - T- 'hh T I I . ' time FUN g , My A fly, ,, . i f.. , N ' 'Q' A X - " '. - Towards noon, all spectators began to A j l k? 'fvf Tr' i I ' - J ' -fi feel the pangs of hunger, so Phyllis took Her- ' . ' X' ff , it 73 man and went to the refreshment tent. They ' I I A 1 , 2 ' fi :ri ,. ' looked at De Mezo End decilded tolnavigate 5 " 'q ' i A E ' i ' 1 ff I4 X ' some roast por own t e'r imentary ,4 f. , I W ' b -' f ' . .t canal. I-lold on, something wa! wfongl The is - X ' ' f food wasn't Reddy yet. The pig was getting 4 'gli-gl ay WL' 'Q 1" U Brauner and Brauner, but it still wasnt i f XX' 5 gi' 'N X T 1' I I Braun enough. The coffee was only Luke warm. Since everybody had waited quite a Lang time for dinner, many people became Stark mad and began to chew their finger- nails in the same manner that we will during our examinations. CGruesome thought, uhf?D. Some resorted to biting the ears of others, and cries of "OuchI Meyer!" filled the air. Finally, after what seemed ages, the cook shouted, "The Bor-is-off the Grill-o. Every- thing is Reddy. Trott over for it." There was a great rush, but our hero managed to find seats for Phyllis and himself. A Cas-ale was opened and served to the people but no Liquory. As compensation for the delay, ice cream Cohens were dis- tributed to Alt the people and everybody left Glicken-ing them. As it began to get Cool-igan Matt and Phyllis climbed into De Carlo and sped away for home. After such a day of enyoy- ment, the two were naturally drawn to- gether and each thought the other the eighth wonder of the world. At Phyllis' door Matt spoke, i'Phyllis, dear, there Is-a-dore between us now. Will you marry me and let me live with you?" To this Phyllis answered, "Matt, I will but not tonight. Here is a Rose to show my affec- tion for you." And thus separated our lovers. As each climbed into his Bertha that night, their one thought was "Love one another." Will the hero marry the heroine or will a villian enter to spoil this beautiful affair? Don't fail to miss the next installment of this breezy story in the next edition of the BINGLING BROTHERS' BUGLE. your gas range does not provide this flame, buy a blow-torch. Cook this concoction until a black smoke issues from the kettle, remove it immediately from the range. Neither the doctor nor the soap nor scouring powder are ingredients of this de- lectable hash. You will, however, find a doctor indispensable for prescribing some- thing for an upset stomach after you have partaken of this delicate morsel. You will find the soap and scouring powder convenient for cleaning away the mess. lf, perchance, the new bottom of the kettle refuses to come off, throw out the kettle and the recipe too. 1'-A A MAGNIFICENT STUPENDOUS, COLOSSAL RARITY Ladi-ee-s and Gents! Step right this way, folks, to witness the most colossal, the most stupendous freak that ever lived in these United States of America and all points east, west, north, and south. I-lis appellation is Eddy Kett. Yes, he is a very remarkable fellow--- Eddy is a student of the senior high school. I-le performs the most unusual and most ex- traordinary feats. Folks, right here at your left you can purchase for the small sum of ten cents, one-tenth of a dollar, your ticket which will entitle you to behold and admire this eighth wonder of the world. This super- human removes his hat upon entering school, hands in his homework every day completely and neatly done, obeys all the laws, by- laws, and in-laws of the constitution of his Alma Mater. I-le listens attentively to all that takes place in the assembly and forgets to clap whenever the hall is darkened. Never does he hoot with glee when a fellow class- mate makes an error. Just inside this door this amazing curiosity awaits your inspection. Remember, oppor- tu'nity knocks but once, therefore, pay the nominal sum of ten little pennies and learn more of this miracle boy. HAVE YOU SEEN? Alt Attempting Acrobats Barleben Bursting Balloons Cohen Clowning Continuously Defarlo Dunking Doughnuts Francis fearing Freaks Gitin Getting Giddy Herman Harnessing I-lorses Jaworski Jesting Jocularly Lavalle Laughing Loudly McGahan Making Magic Norry Nibbling Nuts Orzechowska Observing Ostriches Pasch Popping Popcorn Rosenzweig Regretting Riding Schroeder Seeking Side-shows Trott Taming Tigers Vullo Vocalizing VI9OtOuSly Weber Vifalking Wearily Zientara Zestfully Zigzagging ACCURACY A galoot was trying to find his way with a compass. After walking awhile, he bumped into a tree. Rubbing his head, he looked up from his compass. puzzled, he sat down and said, "lf I walk around the tree, I'll lose my way again. My kingdom for an axll' DAFFYNITIONS I 1. bare to carry, endure, i.e. lt was difficult to bare the news. Q. bauble a soapy film inflated with air, i.e. I-le blew air baubles. 3. clecamp of or pertaining to a place where tents and huts are erected. 4. ethyl a proper name. 5. gargoyle to cleanse the throat, i.e. To gargoyle the throat properly, use a salt solution. 6. Greece usually animal or vegetable fat used for food shortening, some Greece is used to lubricate automobile parts to make them run more smoothly. 7. hackneyed defective knees. 8. hoarse a domesticated animal, usually a quadruped, used for a beast of burden. 9. lateen the language of the Romans. 1O. libel answerable, exposed to some un- desirable probability, i.e. I-'le was libel to slip. 11. masseur a French noun equivalent to mister. 12. mist to have lost, i.e. I-le mist the bus. 13. occident a calamity, mishap, ordisaster 14. paragon a geometrical solid. 15. salary a vegetable which grows best in loam, the leaves are used for garnish- ing and the stalks are eaten. 16. verse comparative of bad, opposite of better, i.e. This picture is verse than the last one. 17. yoke words inviting laughter, a pun, i.e. It was a funny yoke WHAT WILL I TELL MY POP or WHY I WASN'T GRADUATED I'll try to explain to my friends, The reason I failed to pass, l know what to tell my friends, But what will I tell my pop? It's easy to say to strangers That l monkeyed from the start- lt's easy to lie to strangers, But what will I tell my pop? , 5 J , sh ---linggha -1'-'egg X wi " f,, J -'ZH 4 ,, , 4.,fT'f1f:'x' M gv. W -TlIT"""a-rv:-aw-s..v....,.,4 ' df1b,'iZ'fS' :J ' ... " ' " -ff " v-6',v2w 83" -1.-fig, 'fx Q. Q-fvfreh fx" ' . 1 U N sl ,lf ' QW 0 'K xxtgfgg ' if a. I. wjfflxw ., :M...a, lv, 1 W ,ir if sg! vqfljgjf Y? 9. - .. f 1' 3' , . 1, vnu., h 1 f ,F Z ' 1 'F 3. -us 1 4 A -f 1,4 JL ,nl X ' ,I 'C . if 3 4' I ag? ,, e 'W Q-x ef NX ' . X -tk ,n A 52 in L.. Ima V - ng 3 Q 2 SEEDTIME PRECEDES HARVEST Saving comes belore spendung Stimulate the growth of your savtngs account by regular weelcly deposlts Monday ts school banlcung day ROCHESTER SAVINGS BANK 47 Wes! Mann Street 40 Franlclln Streei 1831 More than a century ol service 1938 Good Lighting ls Always ln Season et an IE Lamp Every home needs one or more ol them Good eyesnght should be leept good through proper LI l'll' lor readxng and seeung taslcs It you have trouble with your eyes have them examnned he ES amps have lcnown lnghtnng values contrubutung to greater health and happuness They are sponsored by the lllumnnatung nglneerang Society o America whtch recommends them lor Psaom sttnmo ROCHESTER GAS To the Student s Taste A Store as bug as thus one has hundreds of de partments and servlces to meet a students hundred and one Interests and needs Clothlng ofthe rnght style at the prlces a school budget allows a complete statlonery department wlth everythnng from notebooks to pen sets spor :ng goods shop for after class recreatton an optucal department to help lceep eyes In trtm these are but a few of the reasons why hundreds of Rochester students come so often to Sibley Lindsay 8: Curr Co Compliments ol MANHATTAN RESTAURANT a Q5 East Ave Arr Condltuon 5 -4 X4 ,. 1 f ' if I A N-A .' X MY f 1 r, fs KLR 'X ' s we ii- , , f A ,XX X K, , , fri- XXXL --sr ., ,, V, Xffff , gp: f' f g X s 'X ,X ' zz, .r 15,3 , .. as a G , S. . ' 'd 4 2' - 5' G .l . . G ' , . I , T l, , . L ' ' E l I "Where Most of the Cars Drive In asolme and OI All Tracl4s1deStetlons at These Convenlentl.ocet1ons 444 Conlcey Avenue T55 l-ligne St Q80 Exchang S 4 I r 191 Mt I-lope Ave B5 Stonewood Ave A ROCHESTER COMPANY PATRONIZE THE BENJAMIN FRANKLIN COOPERATIVE BOOKSTORE OI' QUALITY AND ECONOMY A Full Lune ol School Supplues Hulda s Beauty Shoppe 'l73TCll'lodAe Cle478 a e a 9 SQ 50 S3 50 S aooohl geWe Weesg bylvl G BAREIS 8- SON E erythlng FOOTWEAR 826 Joseph A e A I STUX SHOP 7 Cl tonAeSo h The Place Whe e to Re t Yo S a t Fo el Dress Clo es New B cycles Io Rent eer ece OpenEe gsanSnays SAM S BICYCLE SHOP Sto M 5 Q Res de ce Glen 4019 R 825 Cl ton Ave N Compllments JOHN CZEBATOL J H ERNISSE Klene Rel Webster Webster 156 F 5 o Por Pla ts Flo e s lor All Occasions H E WILSON INC FLORIST Flo e S For All Qccdg o 5 B35 I-l ds A e SLO e 1599 IVANSKY BEAUTY SHOPPE For Styl 9 the I-lair Q00 B rlce Bldg Mann 355 354 u Ili- 6 ' i 5 . - Q L. F 00 Sta e S . - . . ' ln I 1 r V . u v r 6 I V . in Perm n nt W vin - . , . , 5.00 Sh rn , aircut, or Fln r av Q5c Permanent v iven r. Jo v , , New and Rebullt Bicycles - - I r 3 in V- Ut Dliv y5rvi vnin d ucl I II UI re din 87 I n . - ,rn r fm rh in -I ' ol ' ' Cut Fl wers n W V ' . . , . in ' W r i n L. on v . n Y U . 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'ii K'- 'T ': - V I liiiifi- Q' - this , .I 1 , , ' ,I A I ' . ' . . ' 311 ROCHESTER STUDENTS' STORE SINCE 1868 Notebooks, portlolios, Iountain pens, drawing instruments, refer- nce books everytliing tor tlwe sclwool work Equipment lor baseball tennis , arclnery al tlie games an sports nvitations programs decora tions Iavors monogramed station ery lor tlne social events Quantum 5 WOULD MONEY INTEREST YOU? More and more nigh sclwool gracuates are turning to business Fields for liletine occupations and steady income, To get tlwat income, lriovvever, you have to be trained in business essentials Roclrester u ness Institute nas tlwree excelent courses ei tier one ol vvlwiclw makes an excellent route to your First important position in business Write For a catalog vvitlw O2fdtIS of tne Iollowi g ourses Business Aorriinistra tion majoring in Accounting Business Administration majoring in Selling A vertising and Marketing and Secretarial practice Rochester Business Institute I7 linton Ave Rocres e N BENJAMIN FRANKLIN LUNCH ROOM H A R T S Rochester s Greatest Grocers DREMIUN5 A EXTRA XXVINGJ eci rr es n n ylac ets .fy er D Jos frtsnsoe n prie neoues CHAMPION KNITWEAR CO 7 bt paul tr t Main T993 A Fflend J B Keller 8: Sons Florists Q8 Clinton Ave Nor I1 Flo ers for All Qccas ons C . I - B si I f l I goll I d - i i i I ' n c ' I. ' - I I I 1 T f ' r I i ' I - 1 I 1 d' I I I ' I . , . . A Q C i . 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Degrees Total Cost S640 Apply J. l'lillis Miller, President THE SCHOOL OF COMMERCE astA Aea C PB Seg The cost is less Write for Catalog Compliments ol TOWN TAXI Seeds For Your Garden HART 8 VICK S SEED STORE Corner Stone and Ely Streets BERNARD HELD INC Furners 66 East Avenue Compliments ol THE KOLKO PAPER CO 440 449 Ormond St MOTH HOLES PF WOVEN RE WOVEN Like New 9 '19 et FRENCH 1':x1'lLE co DAMAGED 4:aAv:AM'ioaoou.rnoruv I E venue at I x nder St. SWG l T Cours s in Business Administration, Accountancy, Boolr- Icee in, Secretarial Training, Selling and Advertising, t no raphy. ' f I , . -0: . , - -1 , 10, :EW Cuts ear ,,E5EE:EEEE5 IE? " ' 755555255 Brin i -armcnt :::::::::::5. fbr s :mate 'TQI i .LN ROCHESTER STATIONERY CO INC We Carry a Complete Lme ol OFIICC Equipment 'IO8 Ml ll Street Oldfield 8x Melsenzahl ESSO SERVICE CENTER Verified Esso Lubrlcatlon Essolube Esso Oils Accessories Mann 7454 Portland Cor Norton Cornwall Clothes Shop Rochester Made Clothing at popular prices Burke Bldg Mann and St Paul Sts Better Quality Furniture On Sale at LAUER S 50 State Sr CAr the Sugn of the Grandfathers Clockj Complnments TEA POT Compliments of A Friend TRAIN FOR BEAUTY CULTURE YB M For those who seek a practical education we oFfer courses IH the paymg pro 'W fesslon of Beauty Culture Fxttmg for posltuons as 3 S531 I-lalrdressers Shop Owners Managers Instructors Free placement service Come m or wnte for booklet ?I4F No obligation Qgl EJ Im 5St Paul St ROBERT S School of Beauty Culture, Inc Mann 9788 Burke Bldg Sth Floor PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS They have helped to make this book possible The Clan' of january 1938 Best Wlshes for a pleasant and prohtable voyage on the Sea of Lule FAIR SAILING' FROM THE INFORMER .Y 5' june 1937 OSP O E .I , . . D 1 w x' TO 0 .

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