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 - Class of 1932

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n , ,f : ' " V BRIS x K 275 L -1 if 'ISZQC5' 1 f I . 1 . x ,,f I qs' gf 4 Z 'I' l I 16 I - A51 ' " "fa I1gf'r?fs'Q " 455 x I I 1 ,- I K V ,714 ff . ., h X A 3 x gl . 'MJ' -,Z .-14 ' 5 ,J ' ' i 7 il .1 1-L v f .,QAgQ .6 ' - ,-0 'J Kp!,LZZw0v fpwab THE ART PRINT SHOP 77 ST. PAUL ST. ROCHESTER.. N. Y. , ." 7 w Xzfwfrvfy ,, ex, ' , yzlz f. fb If lx ,. . X is . zum!! ' x y -' A L : -5 a,Tl,:,f-l lk glirr A T3 Y V- ,B wg L A , L ,A,..-N.Y...,,..f,.,A...N....,A.... MM..-lllvl' ' lj' . 3- f Q g ,fd f-vkq f - dl, " JZ- 'J l wil-f'lx1 k I Q K3 'K' I , , Z ia: X , 'ff . A'-, W '3 f " .w - , 7 .md .. ...- Bc- g 2 K, 1 b ,, A M , 2 hi Mmi ohi IJ 2 2 29 Eiune 1932 1' . V m y X . ,,,,, 7 ' B 'B :"' Nm 5 V W i F 9 !f" K -1- Q ,gZ' K 7 V gf .,. NMA hwmfbv iBuhIisheo hp The Qllass of June 1932 Igenjamin jfranklin laigh School Rochester, gaetn york 4 llllggd Hs oo H ! n , .. me f- A 4- if - A - .R I "-.. ' . W -,,,,,,,,v,2u . , Q' I -1-If lj.. 5 X ,A A V gh .,u, ,.vr,'f if ,4L. 31.5 wi? A -,'1o'lh'-J M IF" i"'fL3'. aLZJ'1' 1- ' "-wb--Z,1.i ll NJN ,, , h Qi . -, 3 M MEM, shi Jfnretnurh 3,NASMUCH as our .school has been named in memory of Benjamin Franklin, the editors of this year's issue of THE KEY think it ap- propriate to dedicate the theme of our book to Benjamin Franklin. There is perhaps no oth er man in the history of the United States whose interests were so many and whose ta'- ents were so diversified. His moral integrity and tact were potent factors in the founding of our country. As a philosopher, statesman, diplomat, scientist, and writer, Benjamin Franklin exerted a marked influence upon the people of his time. His experiments with the harnessing of electricity marked the begin- ning of a new scientific era. His maxims on thrift and life are everywhere quoted today. So great was his influence that many histor- ians have referred to him as "the first real American." We hare endeavored, therefore, to embody throughout, the spirit of Benjamin Franklin and to offer a yearbook that shall be repre- sentative of our best efforts and that shall do credit to the school named in Benjamin Franklin's honor. 1 - i . Q . ., figix lui " l Q , - 4 H' y-1. 'EU E 1 4 i- uv -- X 4 N R ,- A ' Q , X Q ii ' 'T'f i9 lff ,'i5'H '7 h ehicatiun J WILLIAM C. WOLGAST We, the class of June, 1932, dedicate this book to Mr. William C. Wolgast. In all our endeavors he has taken a kindly interest, and his tireless efforts have made our stay at Benjamin Franklin a most enjoyable one. We, therefore, take this manner of expressing our complete appreciation and gratification. ,M afaim W ll' di N4 V5 f' 1' ' 1 . - M , s. - 54' -f E' 4531 3 H 'str -li i 'gf.iavI."-1. 2 X J 'ZH' f L of I ff ,H f" -. ""i'f::ff'--, "ae, r x, "" -Y.- I , .' 1 . FF- - S -A.LUl.1'l in 1l,.. 'f,g :wg-fxl-J if ' jill I, e4 lwyga. ll uf'-f 'J' X 5 me ,1 f f K9 w iwsmii Qluntents jfacultp Sveninrs Qlctihities Zllmanank Qlhhertisements .. - fP L A' 'i ' ' P . L N U - 'N .f- . 'f' " " ' !"'4i"'. fi l 'TH '.'.!' TX Q A, ' I' w- fli fflf' ff," ' I. .lfJl.B-'---Nf- ' B J' 'A'-'gf g' 3-- x -- ""' 6 ALJ 1' M N J J 1 659 A EM Jfanultp ROY L. BUTTERFIELD A' Principal . A., x L,-U' di . 4 . '- ' gl' - . I E sa'iAil'lf'Luf, T' i A. 1 '1 U "' H 2, -4. l.llll , 1 ,ri q -.s .g.I,:,1 'JJ-A+ f-JN V i-'1 -- if '1 K 864 I 1 X5 IR NM R 10 If IE . III 'IMI RRI jzanultp IRI: ter PERSONNEL ROY L. BIITTIQREIELD, IH-imfipal MVILLIAM C. XVOLGAST, Vice-IH-ineipal MRS. CELIA WIIILIS, Secretary IVIARJORIE ADAMS, Ass't Secretary DOROTHY DOELL, Clerk RUTH GOLDMAN, Clerk SYLVIA LIRERMAN, Clerk MRS. MARY BROCKWAY DORA CLARY HARRIET COCHRANE ELLA DAVIS DOROTHY EDWARDS MRS. OLYVE GORDON MARIAN GREENWOOD ELIZABETH VERESCHAK, Clerk LOUISE COULTON, Aitendfnzee EDNA BAYER, L1'bl'Cl'I'Ifl71 MRS. SARA BURT, Ass't Librarian DORIS WILBUR, Ass't Librarian IVAN QUINLAVIN, Boys' Adviser LOLA BURRELL, Psychologist ENGLISH JEAN CARTER, Department Head TRUBY HENRY GRACE LAMOREE MRS. INA LAWAIII. MIRIAM LEVIN PHILIP LINEOOT GRACE MCCARTHY MARY MEACHER PRESTON TATE JESSE OGDEN LESTER PARKER MITCHELL RAPPAPORT GRACE ROWLEY WALTER A. SCHMITT HELEN SCOTT HERBERT SNELGROVE LATIN E. DI-:MARS BEZANT, lIepartnI.ent Head MRS. MARY COSTIGAN IRENE HESS HELEN RITZ MRS. FRA CES GRAY DONALD RAHTJEN MRS. HELENE WONDEROEM QM MODERN LANGUAGES 1 Xa' DOMENIC DEFRANCESCO, Department Head ', A- DONALD CLARK MRS. JANE DUNHAM MARIAN LALEY TERESA DIMIC.-:LI RUTH DENIO PAUL ERICKSON AGNES PETERSON MATHEMATICS CARLISLE TAYLOR, Department Head DOROTHY ABERT LEWIS EDGARTON MRS. J. J. HALL FRANCIS PARKER ,, pl GRANT CLELAND LILLIAN CRAFTS OLGA FERRARA ALICE FOSTER FRANCIS HENDERSON CARROLL POTTER RACHEL LANGWORTHY HARVEY THOMAS HELEN DONELLEN CLARA GIENKE MARTHA MIDDAUGH HELEN YOUNG SCIENCE HAROLD MILLER, Department Head ANTHONY BETTEN CAROLYN DIEMER MRS. MARGUERI1'E MAY MRS. HELEN H. BOYNTON EDNA FAULKNER EDNA S. PARKER MARY BURNS RAYMOND FRANCIS E. P. SCHERMERHORN MRS. DOROTHY CORBETT INGRAHAM HUMPHREY ROBERT SMITH ATWOOD DECOSTER ELMER KOSTER STANTON WEST SOCIAL TUDIES ff- ' WILLIAM C. WOLCA , P Ienjfeafqwdwf A 84-A JOHN CLARK ANN HANNA ATHRY 'ET' ILLER ACOE ROSS MRS. FRANC EBRAY STILLMAN HOBBS SAMUEL ORTER HAROLD SWART OUT ELLIS ERICKSON SARAH LARMER HELEN ROCTOR MRS. CLARA TILLMAN ALTA FISHER FLORENCE ME'PZ EFFEY RILEY . J 1 - , 4' Q ,I -,.,.,1..,. VUL - IT' lfu.. . ,. 9- rf, -.- .- CR AT 'A' :""'L1" -- T' I K' A' ' - - . . u A . IL 1 .rr n 1 n'n5g.I,l.V,'H h X vi A 11 fl 'f , X4 f"' rv 3 AQ! ,' I vi "'f"jQ,4, H . n 153. I X , Y' f ' 'I "' ?'?22' W W I 'f Ill I. EL . ' I-11115-43" ' " JM "mx S MEM RI Jfanultp nster COMMERCIAL SAMUEL ZORNOW, Department Head BESSIE AMES ANNE DORRELL MARJORIE PANGBURN ARRONA BATZ HELEN EWBANK EMILY THOMPSON g MRS. ROSE BLANK LAURA HOEFER ELIZABETH TOWN ' wgjof MRS. CLARA BRASSER LEON LEGGETT HAROLD WARNER HARMON BULLEY BENJAMIN LIPSON MRS. ETI-IEL CLARK RAYMOND MURPHY PRACTICAL ARTS-HOME ECONOMICS JUDSON DECKICR, Deparfnzfizf Head WII.LARD CLARK, Machine JAMES KIPP, Cabinet . RALPH COGSWELL, Drafting JOSEPH MACRO, Conzmerclal Art WILLIS DARLING, Elememfary Machine XVILLIAM MAXION. Sheet Metal JAMES FINNEGAN, EIectric'z'ty LEWIS MILLER, Printing JACOB HILGERMAN, Drafting WILLIAM READ, Auto HOWARD JENNINGS, Mer-h. Drawing DENNIS RUBY, Mor-h. Drawing J. W. KAISER, Pattern WALTER TENNENT, Try-out h JAMES KINGSTON, Art Craft ELSTON YEAGER, 1VIe1'h. Drawing HOME ECONOMICS MARION BLAKE RUTH LUSH MAISEII PASHLEY MRS. FANNY EMERY HELEN SCRIBNER PENMAN SHIP WALTER KOLOSEIKE HEALTH g CARL CHAMBERLAIN, Department Head BURNS BEACH BERNADINE KEEEEE EDNA SNOW CHARLES COLBURN LOIS LAWRENCE ROBERT TORRENS MRS. MABEL FREIE MARION RATCLIFFE EUGENE WOJNOWSKI HAROLD ROCHE CHESTER A. KEEHLEY, Aeconzpmzisf CORRECTIVE SPEECH GRACE BROWN MUSIC Vocfal Accompanists Iizsfrunzeiltal MARLOWE SMITH LOUISE WOODRUFF KARL VANHOESEN THANKFUL SPAULDING EDNA MCLAUGHLIN HAROLD SINGLETON MRS. MARGARET MORROW ART STUDY HALL MRS. EVE MILLIMAN CHARLOTTE WERNER MARION TUTHILL ISAAC A. CHAPELL NURSE DRAMATICS GUIDANCE BESSIE NELSON MRS. GERTRUDE TAYLERT ARTHUR BATES ERLE S. REMINGTON FRANCES STEWART LUNCH ROOM MANAGER KATHERINE BEECHER EUGENE P. HEALY, Engiifeer-.laizitor WILLIAM COLE, Ass? Engineer-Ja,nitor JAMES WILSON, Boys' Locker Room KATHERINE BICE, Girls' Locker Room iv A- 1 - 1 - K MLXJ' E '-'aura A ' 5 . L ,f ,, ,,,, , ,fa A' LI? ill!! ' "tx Q N H N 1L1Jl :BI F I,la1 ff".7,fQ Lgifggul CMH-,PILJ 91 "i, lg 3 5 ff' iEr" !"f,1.? ii '- ,U ,IAPS -'QPR ,,, E, , L Y --Y . . .. , ,. 9 1 it Mmli ttall Zllma jllllater In Franklin High we place our trust- The source of our life's aimg We crown with honors fair and just Our Alma Mater's name. Let steady foresight point the way And care our actions lead: Our deeds and not our words will lay Foundations of our creed. With loyalty to Franklin High, With harmony in thought, We shall with single purpose strive For strength in honors sought. Let hope acknowledge no defeat, And friendship be our ruleg Let time with measured march repeat The spirit of our school. MICHAEL GOLBEN, June '31 KH it 3' fgftld 3r2 4.3.4 I I I , , I Y 1' KW . A n ' if 'V f 5 f ff ' ' "UT"-f, -1 ":! - X, Y fri " A -.gk ' ff 'if-L i 'rfi 1.45 'e ' V' l-:I H' aff?'11-'V -ff ' V "" 11,1214 A ' ' Zl": ' 'I - K " .fi Fai.. -, -.l..l 4-v " ',,,., ,m" wig' - ,. f -' '-...,q. -. Q! Ku M T ' - --V e-- 1 Af Y -- . 4 - -. ...- 10 Eveniurs Nw- l E1 "' Y ' , 4,1 lbfrt 27111 Q ,V . f' M mM3i RAYMOND 6515155 Qhhisers QM ' Slums '32 QBffiner5 rrqN P , Q LAURA, Iinalgvl-in 1 1 N S0r'r1'frn'y-ANNE PRYHODA I'r'f's1'df'11f4PE'I'ER RAINI-IRI Sm-ful Clmirmnnwlnp. 1VIOR'l'ICEI.I,l TP'f'llSIlI'l'l'-MAIIH' IVIURAHIKO Vive-P1-esiflewzf-ABE HOLLANDER I V, I . '. I avr it M nv- IL gf U i-'lilvn-lu X ' 'I ' 'A 4,,,m1f1:"5 I r,',' ,,,,, ,lfl i 'gil ' 77711 an Q: 1 'L -4- ff? v4 ,4 . K ! J JH f 1a1. 1 1,iL1 LagkQa l l gg lfr . , w A lu f -ggi, g P E 'L g -N '-5 12 Q5 K Dur . I E U Ihr I TIL BACHELER ' - wa t 411 , 15 ' .. A 1 .fp 1 Oboe! Oboe! Do-1'e-n1f'-fa-sol- 'Tis our little Edo, Watch that fellow blouf. Band 3, 45 Orchestra il, 4: Deprtif 4' W. J. H. S. Eastman School of Music LUCY ADDANTE 781 North St. ' In class she is so vcr: shz . . 1 J. J, It always makes us wonder why, Because lUil0'lI :she is ufzth a 37 Kelly St. A clever mind, a pretty face, She does all things with dainty grace. Typing Award 3: Gregg Award 3. No. 9 Boston University I f' HADDEUS BADURA 931 Hudson Ave. With a pencil, 'ta wise crack," Some hiloso ll' 'IUIUL a smile IJ If 1 , He produces an etching, friend, All of which makes him worth Her voice shc"s not afraid to Illhlilff, IC7Ld. Courant Staff 3: Key Stuff 4. Typing Award 3: Gregg Awurd -1. W' J. H. S. U. of R. East High Business LLOYD P. BAGLEY S MORE LI 222 view Ter. 745.11 ' ' With his p 1 nt drawling voice, In you f humo' i s X A ' e docsn't e you any ,hoiceg And rarek '1 , toof 1 ou never pf ' h'fhifacts, abidesgf Yo A f e way he acts. Eas g Undecided isco 1 .- Undecided JOHN ANDRASZEK 39 Weeger St. How can we put in one short phrase, A description of such pleasant ways? Wrestling 4. W. J. H. S. Business 'Nt CAR O ARCARESE K P Almiaa St. fi' T 4. million f Il'lL4l'La tim e 1 e ' P es tf - ' , As all . e ans15f1?lic'lI ls lt, you'Q Are. Nationa Honor Soaety 4: Deputy 4. W. J. H. S. Undecided MARION ATKIN 23 Herman St. Marion. has dark hair and eyes, THERES AGNARA ' 18 bow Pl. Wit hev ' IS easy to converse Her 'f pathy to all she does d perse. G e lub 3, 43 Pirates of l'cnza'm'e 3. W. . H. S. Brockport Normal JAC? E. BARTASH Dudley St. With hi ac g e nmove you, To a sm 'le giit ,La Zlgh. D Glee Club 4U Capella 4: Courant I Staff 45 1 Staff 45 Chairman of Cheerleaders : Cast, Adam and Eva 4: Cast. lreboun . East High U. of R. JOSEPH BATTAGLIA 70 Furlong St. I stz dy my s ool 'work . . ' 1 ' d fk, To hear that she 18 popular 18 no 35021, U? a surprise. 5 . I re lack. East High - Undecided. East High U. of R. .. - i' ff- i - 2 - 1 , Q' L ,mr l V71 -AH., 1 ., In , 1 U P . A 4 ,,,,,,f'y2: I ,Si dnl ' 1111 5 'X ,A Q 1 ' 1-f " . ' ,J I-, H450 'i"f31. ,V . 1 'gg.. . 'W' .XW ' . 5.3: ..M7wZw,,,,,,, 1 gh. .:5gEQ'jjwE.l. L!W4."e,5?'42 , K J J if? l'1 1f'3iL1j g31kgm 5, I 5, lil 11 4,3 1 qw' . 1 A,,,Qes.fq . ' EVGYI-I'9U1 US- X QYIVC seldom seen a girl More capable fhan she. 7 ,l- 1 , ' ' X 41 ,I Q ' iff 5: l 'I A Q g n' fryfmvfyl, all A it A2 N 5' k 6 0 1, N H A Le A ' iv 'A .elif ee F.. ANN BIHUN 4, nf BAUMAN K 35 Mdulsdn Sr. 1' r A ' , Ge url sure shalfes a wicked fing ' , . ' . ' . , ' Cust, Adam and Era 45 liihrnry Assist- ll hen lu swims, he s auf to 141111. ant 4 : Typing Award 3: GremzAwurd 3. Manager, Swimming 3, 4. . mst High Undecided W' J' H' S' HELEN BECKMAN MARION 1. BITTKER 89 Pomemy St- 62 Clifford Ave. 'lil Hump ,'.h"',HH whmh 5"?21f4'fS' Her smile and air of friendliness 'smvs' '4"i"'9h' logs' an such' Have won our hearts, we do eon- Are to jusf one grand lark, I-ess Q 4 For she's a mafhemafies' shark. Iibrary Assistant .Z 4 Buffzllfi Undecided W J HAS Business ANN BLOOM ' RNER BEER WE 529 Conkey Ave. -U19 Ferndale Cres. For our Ann Bloom Zfldzise he was first to reach the The1'e's always room ,' goal, I He's now renown upon our roll. HW Smlle 7'9"l0Z'f'S UH' !7l00"1 ,f Hand 3' 4: Swimming 3: 'I-ravk 3' 4: That one finds in any room. Cross Country 4. Typing Award Il: Gregg: Award 3. East High Undecided No. 8 New York University JOHN BODNAR ELIZABETH J. BEISMAN 1884 N. Clinton Ave. 59 Yan stalled St- iii Afluinsl flzaf sweet smile and '55-hZauZkfZe:,t:,vggFu3' I, ' fl'lf'Ndl!l Ullwlficf But our lohnnu ' f How ean. anyone el-so have a what hefs mush' Ht ehanee? u " - , Q ' Q Grow! Award 3' . ggfylilciztri 3, 4, Laura btuff -1 , St. Michael Undecided W' J. H. S. Uwccided CELESTE BONSIGNORE FLORENCE BEN 1240 N. Clinton Ave. 10 Wllklns bt. So. Dum are blggt Blond, slim, llllllf-0lll'd.fl'Ild fall, flfh 1019 0"l, 1 'Wd H11 fllf' Pleasant, smiling, lilfed by all. 'WS Max Supply Sw,-9 3, 4, Glee V 4:.C'ourant . nfl' 43 Depuiy 4: W. J. H. Undecidvd Assistant 4 i31rclr's of len:- W.J. H.S. U. of R. HELEN BESUYEN EDITH BRAUNER 63 Carthage St. 474 Ave. D She is sueh a loyal friend, Small, spriglztly, and petite. A gift whieh heaven, did send. A pleasanter girl jllllllll seldom Nmimml Honor Society 4 3 Les Babillard Tlleet- 33 f""'m"' Smal '1' , Suppl Store 3, 4: Chairman -i. No. 8 Highland Hospital Q s High Business . E V Kr '- f V Af ' ' 4 4,,.NZfff' QQ , " ' I ,Qgi if' '- , Ts A '- I .IBS yhumyhgv-Uf,l,Wffs?I4lL Y,1- 4, ' ig'--716779 dw L -Q ,! ,, 1 l 'h ull l lfdi' L, U lil-if 5 I, ij rlf - H 4 uaqpfi. -'i ,- -Q 14 ,L fe .W 1 19,24 4, I will I iili ia u i - HELEN S. BRETSTEIN 156 Avenue D Whorf' does she get such genius? Inherited, we guess. National Honor Society 4: Junto 3: Courant Staff, 3, 4: Cast, Adam and Hou 4: Cast. If-vbound 4: Key Staff 4. No. 8 Cornell MINNIE BRISKIN 16 Buchan Pk. A little good she does each day, A lit gloorn she drives away. Glee Cl '. 4: Conrail Staff 3, 4: Nation: r Q So iety : Chairman, Public' ' e of l'61lZll'llL'f! 3: Cor idor Aide 4. W. J. H. S. Undecided ALFRED C. BUTTERFIELD 2 i 38 H0if1"ifhRPafi 1. . , CllZ'Q1Jl1a1"l'9'1iiide grill? ' 'a A'cornbination sure to win. Glec Club 3, 4: A Capella 3, 4: Man- ager, Soccer 4: National Honor Society 4: Cast. Adam and Eva 4: Piratrs of I'1'nz11'm'rf 3: Corridor Aide 4. Charlotte High Harvard X" lr - L FAY A. CHAZAN 4 ' 21 Sheridan St. Une thing many don't possess, ls her good common sense. Glee Club 3, 4: A Capella 4: Gregg Award 3. W. J. H. S. Highland Hospital ERNEST CIACCIO 1775 CliH'0rd Ave. His fingers rippling o'er the keys, Make musir' that is bound to please. W. J. H. S. ' i Undecided f .K--. L. BENJAMIN CILMAN 19 Hoeltzer St. Hr"s ul-ways done his little bit, He didn't just lean back and sit, And let so me others hard work do, Without his helping in it, too. National Honor Society 4: Courant JOSEPH CONNOROZZO 17 Wright Ter. When Joe is ing anything, He wo' 's 1 i his might: And who e thing is finally done, It's don 'xactly right. Glee Club 4: A Capella 4. No. 25 Mechanics Institute VINCENT CORDOVA ay St. - e' u goo n ' fellow, . ii all t ie: H 'pr a s of sunshine W t xt e -ready smile. J. . S1 Undecided LOTTIE CREEK 105 Alphons St. W! 1- , . 9 J She s unassuming and serene, - we She does her work with quiet ' mien, x"lf,. The kind ofgirlyou.'d like around, i ' When you are in some trouble found. Gregg Award tl. W. J. H. S. Business DUANE R. CRUMB 59 Hall St. Keen, upright, a clever mind, A better man you'll never find. Chairman, Banking Com. 3, 4: .lunto 3, 4: Deputy 4: Co-designer of School Emblem 3. No. 28 Undecided MORRIS DAVIS 111 Martin St. looking? Yes! ' ples, too- o ' et him angry, Oi ji J on lou. l 1 Staff, I1-vboun , Courant Staff 4: Key Staff 4. East High Undecided THOMAS DELUCIA 68 Springfield Ave. A darn good scouth And we know what, We're talking about. Band 3, 4: Orchestra 3, 4. Sum, 4. K East High Undecided W. J. H. S. Undecideg X - v ' ' 1 , LA- I ,A .L ,. . i' Lf f 'J 11 -i - Q - s- - V I 4,,,Hf,ff'f ' ' ,mu ' ll 'I' ' li'l1 , gr s 'fa 1 I W P 1"' . 2.'.ii' -Klllll. 1 .-fix "semi- f1 f- tismin Q' I.. S -- v 15 Y.: 'fs 5 U U7 ll L ll . ali VIRGINIA DE MARCO 49 Mapledale St. She's ever prim, ever neat, ever up to dateg One adjective describes her, that adjective is 'tgreatf' East High Business ALPHONSE DEMENO 588 Portland Ave. And yoz :ee a e ' Tell a gooxjolce o him, W. J. H. S. I ndecided E ARD D I IH osci St. A moj f hair is his lf nl - 'es uswishjust this: TI- ., h.fldgY'fl'Ylf6d'll'7OH'Y"lUll'I'l.f hair like his. lee Club 35 Service Com. 3: .Iunto Ili Cant, leelmund 4 Z Pzrates of l'1fnzam'12 3. W. J. H. S. Mechanics Institute MYRTLE DE ROLLER 122 North View Ter. Myrtle has a face Ami a lovel ileg Maybe ' hy -we like to have Her wit . the while. A Capella 3: Gremz Award 4. Nazareth School of Commerce . 'EARL Di: RYKE 24 Spiegel Pk. . - ' ' . rm ol ,.,, l u,- f.. -141311, '1 0 ROMOLO L. DE SPIR 1364 Norton St. We thiul: that we shall never see A man more talented than he. lee Club 3: A Capella 3: Limitations om. 3: Junto 4: Pirates of l'enzanee IK: Deputy 4: Ken Staff 4: Cast, Adam and Eva. 4: Executive Council 45 School Pres. 4: Irs Babillards 3, 4. W. J. H. S. Music Study "" r TI ll' "" JOSEPH DI PRIMA 58 Joiner St. When care and trouble beset you, This guy will pull you through. Aquinas Purdue College .J W KER DONOVAN 166 Avenue D . ng as he commands such ill, ll he succeed? We know he will! . L. P. H. Oswego Normal ANNA DOROFFY 178 Baden St. Always amiable and assured, Delightful, dainty, and demure. Glee Club 3, 45 A Capella 3, 43 Library Ass't 4: Gregg Award 4. No. 9 School of Commerce HELEN RZ IECKI ' f 2 6 er St. We fin' Helen d htful charm in store. ' ward 3: Library Ass't 43 Stanislaus School of Commerce A EISENBERG 1 Ernest St. Herblushe aygiveyousurprise, Till yo se her impish blueeyes. Class ec. . 5 unto 3: National Honor Society 3, , Publicity Com. 3, 4, Chairman : s Babillurds Il, 4: Cour- ant Staff 3, . No. 22 U. of R. CATHERINE FEDKEW 192 St. Casimer St. Whenever she has work to do, She never fails to see it through. Publicity Com. 3, 45 Student Organiza- tions Com. 4: Courant Stak' 3, 4: Na- tional Honor Society 4: Library Amit 4: Key Staff 4: Guardian of the Flair 4. W.J. H. S. U. of R. l- 4' , ,a 1 an .- f , my - .ee N I -I A .f 1. , ' 5 4 ff- 'A , - H. " ,nl 2 i wi 54. 5 . -- 1 .5-3 1" 'f" ll1'- w iki' 5Z3L'ilJ- f ,. 3141 . ,, 5. 1 51 MJ'- ' ' A - i- E. v Y i " -" ' lil nee CASSIO FERRANTE 265 Avenue A In math, physics, and in English, Ho makes his teachers glad. Swimming.: 3. No. 8 Military Aviation ROSE FERRARA 416 Portland Ave. Though shi' is shy and l'l1l'PIl lzcard, To no one is she second or third. St. Francis Mechanics Institute ANGELINA FICHERA 66 Kohlman St. Rains may pour, snows may fall, This do0sn't bother her at all. W. J. H. S. Undecided ANGELO FRAESE 119 Traver Circles Like the mighty G'rcvlfs of old, H0 lays all hardships low. Wrestling K. East High Cooper Union ANN F EDMAN 27 aw ns St. S ' is pcli ff wi h pretty hair, 'th char n th t is so very rare. st.. Adam and Era 45 Kry Staff 4: ilmrury Ass 3 .J. H. S. Undecided WILLIAM H. FRIND 2296 Culver Road Quiet and zcnassuming Bill, b,,Q4. life? . .l l., 1 5, M ill 'l ol FRANK J. GERACI 355 N. Clinton Ave. If you want a real friend, Franl.f's a person wc rccorrimcnd. Track 33 Wrestling Sig Cross Country 4 2 Supply Store 4. No. 10 Business J SEPH GIARRIZZ 14 Costar St. 7lh.l'l'l' are always prfoplr' lilff' Joseph, To help LL pal along. East High Undecided JULIA M. G SSER 163 n Ave. lllaylze it ' " use she ha-: :u1'.'z ara' ' 'I' - ttraz-ts Hllfll. admira- tion. National mr Society 3, 43 Courant Staff 3, Editor in Chief 4: Les liabil- lards 3. 4: Chairman, Crirridor Aides 4. No. 8 U. of R. EDITH GLICKMAN t 1434 sn. Paul si. Y Her interest lies in all kinds of art, To this she surely has given, her heart. cf' Glee Club 3, 4: A Capella 3, 4: Staff, I:-vlroimd 4: l'iral1's of I'1fIl2lL1l"I' Il: Library Ass't 4. W. J. H. S. Buffalo College ABE GOLDMAN 85 Thomas St. If you're blne, h0'll cure you, For he tells the kinds of jokes That always laughter provokes. Junto 33 Typing Award 3: Gremz Award 3. W. J. H. S. R. B. I. DAVE GOLDSTEIN 220 Norton St. A friendly lad we find our Dave, Who does a smile for each one He docs his work with a will. sane. Lyons Union School Undecided Cfwrflwf Staff 4: Deputy 4. I . K , No. 8 Undecided A, . a, ' -i . Q D . P '- ' , lf- ' 1. 4f:7g'2a1u'L,E M U -I I I ., L ll ililll lil.. 5 X ,i . . 1 f fl .1 I F l" ff'LQ.E1'. .z.g1.' 1' "" 2, - lillll, 11 5. .,.-e 'c -E1g,.,..:,i,.7'.' 1 . ,Q will 435' L . A L as-D -- T, - 17 if f' lifllg 1 lf'- lv l : ir on all HYMAN GOLDSTEIN 39 Harris St. A pleasant disposition, And a curly head, A love of fun and frolic, Isn't that enough said? East High Undecided LILLIAN GOODE I3 Sheridan St. Lillian Goode To all is good, She does one good- She's always "Goode," Gremz Award 3. East High Dental Dispensary JEANETTE GORECKI 1263 on Ave. Truly one fl ored by the lWuse::- Whose po r it is to charm With th X sic she plays on her vi Orchestra 3, 4: Club 3, 4: A Ca- pella 4: String Qu et 3, 4. W. J. H. S. Eastman School of Music MARY GRANA 34 Marietta St. Vivaciously she makes her fricndsg Loyally she keeps them. Gregg Award 4. No. 10 Business GRACE GRAUMENZ 441 Carter St. .' She's an athlete: She's nimble of feetg A girl of broader mind, We're sure you'll never find. Courant Staff 3, 4: Typing Award 4. East High Mechanics Institute A K GRAZIANO f 49 Oa . , h ass violin, A Ami z behind You'Il nd him. Band 3. 4: Orchestra 3. 4: Glee Club 4: Deputy 4. W. J. H. S. Eastman School of Music rt-uh, NM H Wi nj tl-J ' I 3 via -- . . ' - ' ff fl - ' y .1 f . - 4 -, . , ff. ri ll' will l i wg' ii: I U 'if . ' K. ' ' "I A in I lair ii: 51731 -- Lfylp '- " iyfflalfhl f i 4 Z , 5 X -. f -.. 1 ef f- fl.. , 1 A-1 if . . GARSON GREENBAUM 523 Joseph Ave. When. he bloweth his clarinet, Gabriel watcheth your step. Band 3, 43 Interhigzh School Band 3. 4. W. J. H. S. Undecided BELLE GRE NBERG Cathe t. This las e ' s si .et as they come, Bel'i1e e-that is sure going e . H. S. Dental Dispensary NEALLIE GREENBERG 23 Catherine St. Nellzihis girl Whom. w very seldom. see, But e ear on good authority T e's pleasant as can be. Award 3. W. .'H. S. R. B. I. SELMA GROSSWIRTHV 29 Trenaman St. A regular sport--a pretty girl, She's precious as a pearl. Glee Club 3: A Capella 4: Cust, lev- lzound 4: Courant Staff 3, 45 Key Staff 4: Pirates of l'enzanre 3. W. J. H. S. Antioch College BERNADINE GROSZEWSKA 35 Wakefield St. Beauty, brains, beautitude- Grace, gurnption, gratitude. St. Stanislaus Business SIGMUND GRYMIN 350 Weaver St. We used to think him clever, Only with paint and penp Latelywehaiieehangedourminds, He's clever in everything. Courant Staff 33 Key Staff 4. W. J. H. S. Brockport Normal rlxlk qi., 4,909 ,Q ii ' e ll ' ' - l . P L 'l 5 ' .Lli"i1""'U.i' ...f Fx , ,. 1 - N 1 L Cztasfa y 18 . ' Sixth St. Ver1 ' ersonality An - : ' pretty face Make it obvions why She leads the boys a merry chase. East High Highland Hospital he 7 XY Ll? l VERN ' 'UTHIEL ul NELSON GUTZMER 7 Laser St. His popularity will never wane: He'll Iways be in st' le.,,,,.........- o heer r r uty Irondr-quoit . of R. GERTRUDE HACKETHAL 9 Ariel Pk. ort and iolly, as no folly, A friend indeed, To those in need. .4 l. mor Society 3, 4: Typing Award Ea High Business J LILLIAN M. HAFNER ' 59 Kelly St. Anything yon do for her with interest -is repaid: A girl to be relied upon, this level headed maid. No. 9 Business GEORGE HAL ERSON 35 Pomer St. Tall nd blond ve realize Th ' dand f mbinationg Ba s his , nality T s won Q admiration. Co ution om. 3: School Vice- 4 ent . sident 4: Corridor Aide J 1-. S. Stanford Univ. FLO ' NCE HEARD 21 Flower St. What is there about golden hair Tlzat makes as mortals stand and stare! National Honor Society 4: Secretary Cml. Honor Soeiety 4: Key Staff -4: Supply Store 4: Deputy 4: Les Babil- lurds 4. W. J. H. S. Genesee Hospital 'H A 1 5 Va? Q . 3-t oil fi p sieni la fbw ' LUCILE HELFER 18 Nielson St. Of beauty she snrely has her share And with it, too, 1 intellect so rare. Gremz Award 3. East High Busi s LLEWELLY NE 370 Hudso e. I One glance at hi I , ere's no doubt That he's nd guy nd a good scout. .lunto 3. W. J. H. S. Undecided ELAINE HETZLER 182 Roycroft Dr. Elaine is tall a l'1 u 1 air: Of wisdom, to . as her share. East High Highland Hospital I RITA HICKEY 8 Chaple St. We can't say more aboutlher than, Pretty, denture, and lovable. Corpus Christi Art School ABE A. HOLLANDER 15 Gorham St. Gosh darn. it all! He's 'made A big success of everythzng. Reserve Basketball 3: Reserve Soccer 3, Capt. 4: National Honor Society 3: Pres. 4: Class Vice-President 3, 4: Les Babillards 4: Editor in Chief, Key 4: Corridor Aide 4. W.J. H. S. U.of R. JOSEPH HRYZAK 27 Rhine St. A jolly good fellow to have around When one wishes himself' with good friends to snr- round. East High New York School of Merchant Marines 'JN U1 W! tu. Htl .B H if 1 . It .V ni' 4 Yirxr -i E 'Q-nn'."'l1 l X X A 1 ' Q "f"V"' ,w 'f fs- "" ' 'Q 'A ' ' H A: '1 W W , - .'lV'LV' !A Li-Y g 5 i A.: . a li h ,A 'I . R nf tgghm - , i -9 M V l Mmw emuhsli, EMIL HUDYMA 98 Cleon St. We hear this guy is very shy, We sure do wonder why. W. J. H. S. Cornell HARRY ISAACSON 14 Gilmore St. , doesn't take three guesses to see That soon a great scientist he'lI be. 'x . Key Staff 4. Business w..1. H. s. .J SOPHIA IVES 1812 St. Paul St. Perhaps it's best to say without fuss, Simply, that she pleases us. Philadelphia Albany College EMIL JACOBS 36 Concord St. A scientific student-- W e know you'd agree, If you saw how he concentrates, When doing his chemistry. W. J. H. S. Business EDNA JENDRUSIAK 149 Townsend St. A dainty miss-a pretty miss- A girl the boys would hate to miss. ' W. J. H. S. Highland Hospital LINCOLN L. KALWAS 153 Mohawk St. A quiet chap this Lincoln isp Quiet, but full of fight and go. W. J. H. S. ' Undecided EPHRAIM KARCH 758 N. Clinton Ave. When he goes by, All the girls grow shu. Staff, lrclzound Al: Courant Staff -1. W. J. H. S. Corn'-ll EVELYN KARCHEFSKY 499 Clifford Ave. Evelyn if- one girl Of whom we'll never tireg We're alwa finding something A lt he ' ire. Su y 3, 4: Key Stuff 4: Cour- an R 4. W. J. H. S. R. B. I. OSCAR KARCHEFSKY 14 Eiffel Place Oscar isn't one of those Who have to count the sheep, Especially in class at school, 0 boy! can that gl y slee I nd 3. 4 : Orchest 4 ' tl' 3: 1vt . . J. . S. Mech' ics Institute ALFRED KARPINSKI 56 Dayton St. If we could inlay as Alfred van, We'd go golfing, too. Reserve Soccer 3: Golf 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4. W. J. S. H. U. of Michigan MARION JOLLEY 33 Arbutus St. MILTON KARSOF . . 54 0. K. Ter. Mrr'1, 1 estzc, modern- Jull ant joyoz and just. Milt is dark, hanclfromc. and tall,' Glee -uh 3 4: A pella 3, 45 Junta Hes handy with a lraslcetlmall. flidll vate: Pcnzbniirc East, Adam Soccer 3. 4: Juntn 3. 'YT' 11'll 499 l ar S . - E t Hi h Ithaca School of No' 8 Undecided Phys. Ed. " - .ff-f ' . 4 . if f IL, ' ' liil . . X ,z . rmiif . 1.-Q.. 7" -4 'if Whit-- , v 7.117 '1,'f1 ff':L. :.z..gm1 - liflll, 1 , - rar' gs- 1135 so r' Ad'-'- -- 1' "' ' ' , 20 , Q 1 51 ' ' J fi 4' + ix 1 ' M lgb fitf fi I HADASSAH KASDIN ' 71 Labuinum ies No -wonder she's u Typing Aw d ' I egg Award 3. No. 8 R. B. I. Personality, be fg f 1 .- if. ANN KAUFMAN 145 Remington St. That flash of darl: eyes, ' that l'lUIIl7l0IlS smile, Will help you along many a weary mile. No. 8 Dental Dispensary SOPHIA KISSEL 763 Joseph A e. She's full fxpep ar very eoy: S , '- VI. lr' ming o'er with ivy. 1, e's been here but one 9 S woo our hearts, for she is ear. Courant Staff 3, 4: Junto 3. Perry High Business LYIJIA IQIAHJIZINSKI 43 ChllfT'l10l' St. Iflldwlliwieflds a paint brush With ' igh ' .- 'ill a ease? 'Her ar . ro t her renown, From oerfsodr se. , ecideell fi MICHAEL KOL .HUK 1146 , u D J pf They ray X . nz and 'argzdesty y you never see: Hut now that we know Michael, We're foreed to disagree. Truck 3: Swimming 3, 4: National Honor Soviety 3, 4. W. J. H. S. Undecided LILLIAN KOLKO 9 Grant St. Li tle maid with aylburn hair, lVllIat is there alboert eyes 'Th t al ' . 1 a 'e you seem ,L M ' f, ' '- Q' 1 l7I0l'L'I1f yell worldly wise? Glee Club 3, 4: Pirates of I'enzanee 3: RUTH KOLKO 28 Martin St. A read mile and a keen wit, No wo d 4 in every crowd she'll fit. Glee 3 Capella 3: National Honor . , 4: Secretary 3: School Secret 3: Junto 3, 4: Executive Counci 3: Key Staff 4: Les liabillarda 3, 4: Corridor Aid 4: Pirates of Penz- ance 3. W. J. H. S. U. of R. ALFRED KOVEL 12 Grant St. AI's a lad Who must have fun, Some time ere The day is done. Cross Coun y 4: Track 3, 4. . . . Buffalo College ROSE A. KOZICKI 51 Agnes St. Intellect and beauty rare Combine to make this maiden fair. Glee Club 4: Cast, In-bound 4: Library Assistant 3: Typing Award 3: Gregg' Award 3, 4. East High Mechanics Institute HARRY KRAWETZ 63 Morrill St. This guy will always meet yon halfway In any good scheme that you before him lay. Track 3. No. 8 x Brooklyn Tech. WILLIAM KRUMWIEDE . , 1420 ilgfpfu Ave. R OE2iloQLcj1tl im and youkjgjhff ll tl I now he's major guy." A 81191121 CY 4 W7 3, 4: Baseball 3, 42 TNI, k 3, 4 011 Staff 4: Pirates of lhfnzanee 3: ,Tunto 3: Cheerleader 3, 4. W. J. H. S. Gettysburg College ANNA K YK 51 Wilson t. . She's quiet, wt a load of fun. She brings joy as does the sun. Junto 2, 3: A Capella 3, 4: Pirates of Penzance 3: Lost and Found 4: Glee National Honor Society 4. cwlbiS'H S E S East High Mechanics Institute ' ' ' ' astman chool ,- ' ' J L ' K A . . IP i, ' ' il - 1 - " ' - L r U II ' ' I' . l 'Y -an I ' ' ' 4. f- , 1 - A 4 ,mf-re: ' lg Il-4 Lu. 2 X ,A ll - : ,- i fe -I ,. ,H HW 1"-,L Y. I -5, .. N 1 ' , ,QW v kggnmhl .7lT'q Q,,, ,. , lf-Q. .1 A 1 , lj T7 ,l" 'f'gLjgl ffm." A mfg'-ftp, 9714 'Ill' lgezf- "'w11e1..1,T Sz . . .1si"f"JYX' ' --T - if 1- Y '-- i- , . - '- - -- 21 ii fl! fv X My-fv.' f ' 1 .fn 1 , ,' CN t rim eh ' u a Q40 WILLIAM KUBANKA 200 Avenue B A quiet lad is he, Some day perhaps yo'u'll see Some new discovery he has -made, For thinking always was he. East Hig'h Undecided MARA KUCZMY 1325 N. Clinton Ave. When you hear a giggle, Long drawn out and sweet, Marrfs funny bone Is offering you treat. Typing Award 4. W. J. H. S. Mechanics Institute LAURA LANG 77 Mead Street "Hair is woinan's crowning glory," f' So some ancient poet said: "May be so," replies-'our Laura, ' i . "But not when the .da9'n' stufs red." Xl-.' . W. J. H. S. R.B. I. FRANCIS LAUFER 1397 Clifford Ave. f He who is able to win one contest Will know how to win every other. - Glue Club 3 4: A Capella 3. 4: Cross Wilenuntry 3, 4: Track 3, 4 : C0-Captain 4: X Pirates of Penzance 3: Cheer Leader 4. W. J. H. S. Cornell LENA LEDERMAN 17 Bernard St. Lena boasts of hair As black as blaclc can be: Her face is very, very fair "Ah me," say men, "Ah me!" Simply Swre 3, 4: Gregg Award 3. W. J. H. S. Business FANNIE LEGUMSKY 125 Kelly St. If ever you see a charming grin, 'his yozang lady is right within. ourant Staff f Undecided X, 6117 -2 H. lin' l l 'J-'JE ll I 0.441-J Ill ima. all-V HOWARD B. LEVE 1621 St. Paul St. Howard's here in school to work: He knows what school is for. National Honor Soeiety 3, 4: Courant Staff 4: Key Stuff 4: Standard Bearer of the Flag 4. NO- 8 U. of R. CHARLE LEVIN 510 Cli yffve. rlie sur ly ' a wrestlerl- 'If ou ge 'mat Wfhirn, 'll tum inside Y, .. B 8: chestra 3 Vltrestling 3, 4: a Y 3:13 Interhi ol Orchestra an 1 . W. J. H. S. X' Undecided FLORENCE H. LEVIN 34 Evergreen St. rf 7 . . H5 Florence is pretty, trim, and neat, Pleasant, friendly, and very sweet. Junto 3: Courant Staff 4: Lost and Found 3. W. J. H. S. Dental Dispensary GERTRUDE G. LEVINE 53 Cleveland St. With personality like hers, She'll surely travel far. Cml. Honor Society 4: If-abound, Cast 4. W. J. H. S. R. B. I. MILDRED LEVIN 111 Tyler St. A dash of color, a dash of flame, A dash of something bright- It's Mildred tripping down the hall. ' What is a more pleasing sight? W. J. H. S. Mechanics Institute ABE LEVITT 18 Athens St. Full of pep and lots of fight, A dangerous man,this little mite. Basketball 3: Soccer 33 Junto 3: Dep- uty 4. East High Syracuse University z'l.NQ 5. Si -.L I H ' A A . ' .- ' ' - T' . ' . ' 1 if . ps. l'l ' X 1 eff Q I ' -. . -. -nv Q ' .. fm . ' ---q ?,, fe. "i2'.:fT I iii' X '- f - ' f lung '- I rj iii? i5i':E17'7'-,V U7 - "" iwiuilt . n I ' 'N hw- 5 ' I I2-' L I 'f'-"ii 43, -.. ---- ff' S A .3 Y 2- 1 , , .. c Q -A . ,, .1 'A .X- 22 some f di bvf il PETER LEWIS 192 Ernst St. Schools plea ' It a place tobeg Why p e a1t o graduate I just ly c n to see. s Orchcst 2, 1 Stuff, Adam and Eva 43 f'ourant tuff 4: Interhiyzh School Or- chestra 3, 4. East High Georgetown LOUIS LIPPA 229 Spencer St. His air of quiet and reserve Does give him 'virile dignity. J.J.H.S. R.B.I. HAROLD J. -as TZ 176 ollen St. 4 Our 1 ' if man never Hear I ' '. depression. Deputy I 4. Stuff 4: Courant Staff 3, 4: Staff, A lam and Eva 4. No. 8 West Point THERESA LISOWSKI 132 Alphonse St. There are many ways of curing Hb, ,by water bags, sympathy, and pillsg Says Teresa, "On this I never look, For there's nothing like a book." National Honor Society 4 : Library Ass't ::, 4. W.J.H.S. U ofR. GERTR DE TV 178 ad . 'll ju ' , i 's. a pw ecious ite. Nutin onor Society 1 Chairman. Service Com. 4: Junto . 4: Executive Council 4: Courant aff 4: Lost and Found 3: Chairm , Deputies 3, 4: Li- brary Ass't Il, 4. No. 9 U. of Memphis ROSE LOBENE 154 Angelo St. Rose's a wonder, and we' ' lay ,be In some field of endeavor .s 'll be famousxflletvfl' No. 39 Business X. x JOSEPH T CO 9 on S . A keen, in llige t mi s hisg Contact it itw ha to miss. asketball e 3: National Honor S ie 4' unto 3: Staff, Adam and E I ta Icehound 4: Courant Staff 3, 3 o-Pldi r in Chief 4. W . H. S. Cornell AN LU OW 1 app Pl. Jol y, plea f of fun, Sh 's ali y fini ed every t If at she's begun. Gle 43 D u y 35 Library Ass't 3. W. H. S. College FLORENCE M. IEAGIN 69 Laiurplton d. need a bosom pal, wg orence Magin is the gal. . J. H. S. Undecided ROBERT M. MAIMES 30 O. K. Ter. :ape is one of fthetireasons h 'feach r ir turns gray. W f ,you always find H ever ar way. Ban , 4: Orchestra 3, 4: Staff, Ice- bound 4. East High U. of S. Calif. SYLVIA MARSHAK 16 Athens St. Here is a maiden with lovely dark eyes, Who is ambitions, pretty, and wise. W. J. H. S. Undecided A RINE MARTHAGE 176 Oneida St. he forms friendships true, And is very charming, too. rezg Award 3. East High Business QP A-J-AJVE FI I N I :lim gf Q44 EI l ' 512' K, 5 'v Q E- ' ' , " . 4 . E i it 'h' ' . ' If di ll '1' il lu' ' N ' lg ' ' 5, ,ny ,uv Qff, -figs' ,nv 1.54 '-' ' '53 1'99:j5..,, 259' NTT 1' 'z' ' " '. N 1 - fy ' 7 if ffgfi A -. . .I J. F zeg'-nw. 2, yjjlll, 1 1 -eL.,.is...... - 1 . . M'-L A'-IN 23 iii l ANGELINE MASCARI 23 Kohlman St. She has her share of wisdom rare, And also she has beauty fair. Deputy -1. No. 9 U.of R. CYRILLA MATHEWS 22 Resolute St. A loving heart- A loyal fr'ie11d. Nmionzul Honor Society 4. Our Lady of Perpetual Help R. B. I. ROSEMARY MCNULTY 997 St. Paul St. A r-lever woman, nobly plannedg She sees that hard faslcs are performed. Les liuhillurds 3, 4. Nazareth Academy Undecided JOHN MEAGHER 44 Strong St. A quiet boy John may be, Bal he has capability. Junto 3. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Springfield FRIEDA MELTZER 38 Carthage Dr. Prelfy faee, preffy clothes, She spreads good cheer whe1'e'er she goes. Gregg Award 3. E. H. S. Mt. Sinai Hospital ROSE S. MESSINGER 22 Rhine St. lVl"l'!' heard fhaf Rose is very wise, We hope she will to great heiyhls rise. l DOROTHY L. M Ltgzllc, 638 Cliffor' -Ver Shy an eo lbefsleals hr 2 way Amongkiok' ??oijf1llIy day bill day. Junto 3, Greg!! Award ii. W, J, H, S, Business EDWARD MILLER 8 Ludwig Park "The world began as jellyfish," Says Edward in his theory, "And woe " ' he "be unto him ' QMXXQQQ Who on it wz l try query. Orchestra 3, 4. W. J. H. S. Mechanics Institute DOROTHY MILROY 1830 Clifford Ave. Silence is golden, Dot might say She might get us, too, To think that way. National Honor Society 4. No. 25 R. HELEN M TCHELL x 60 Mph k St. "T .c S Sis is too easy for me. t 'nstein's theory." Gl . 3 Juntn 3: Cast, leeboaml 4 1 a 4: ist and Found 24, 4 : Ke 55 ff Li Depu 3, 4. No. 39 Mt. Sinai Hospital EVELYN ADELE MOFSKY 4 Putnam St. Reserved and sweet, Short and weat- Thafs our Evelyn Franz head to feef. Les Babillards 3, 4. W. J. H. S. U. of R. RT S. MOLTZ Nye Park H ly esteemed by teachers, 1 h respected by fhfflzoys. 3: Swimming 4: Junto 3, Cust, , I nd 4 ' Key Staff 4. .lunto IS, 4 3 Typing Award, Gregg ' , , , Award. J. H. S. Michigan Univ. No. 9 School of Commerce A l , T Z 1 Q' i I I . ., - ,r - . . - of fl ai" 4 L lniliu- 'ln 5 X ' . " K.. it v"f""i- J "W a ""f"'::g1.Z'-4 SEE. k Ne "" V+ ' .. ' ? . fi' - 54.'f.?' 'V 'fifzsi 1. - K "1 'W 21" ' -. ZQSWH- f L."l' ' -' ,rip 7 . EJ 1' L --ff '-T. U I! Msgs-'ali .SA U -.: -- gi T- i 1- . 4 i . -. ... ' l 3 f 1 V+ all .2 lil i 2'l5 M i1r ,'il..5 H Ll. IDA I. MORTICELLI l 9 Albow Place l , iNE1-TIE OFSOWITZ It's lucky Venus and Cleopatra 4 .. 22 Buchan Park Aren't alive today, . , - For they would surely step aside X '-V full' To give you r1ght of way. ' y' A wcawrg ww ' Class Socinl Chairman 4: Corridor iff, 1 I ' Aide 4' Q .remz Award 4. St. Michael's School -LK., , W- J- H- S- R- B- I- U. of S. Citi-if. l I f if 'lf RONA U J JOSEPH D. ORLANDO , 2 Kelly St. X So handsome and tall, When Red's around No wonder all the girls fall. You need no light. National Honor Society 4: Deputy 4. CPOSS Country 4: Wrestling 4. No. 9 U. of R. W. J. H. S. Ohio State MARY MURASZKO 852 Clifford Ave. STELLA S. OSTROWSKI Some girls are wise, some t ,' 1243 North St. Mary's both and also pre . , , - - I I National Honor Society 4: Cl Social He, Clad, ming Smde alwayb Chairman 4: Junto 3, 4: Key tatf 4: greg S grblicgy CUT, 3, 4: Ex C uncil 4: Every person that she meets. RHS Teas. . St- ' 1 ' W. J' H. S. U' of R. anis aus Undecided WANDA H. OZM NKOWSKI EDWARD W. MURAWSKI 252 r St. 1325 North Street Inti ith so very few- Tall and dark and rather shy, r dly feel that we know We know he's a splendid "guy." 1 u. W. J. H. S. Alliance College Library ASSW 3- W. J. H. S. Undecided THELMA NASELSKER DOROTHY M. PARSONS 67 Weaver St. 193 LUX St- Thmlg Thelma hasnq much to Just her smile so sweet and kind S X Puts other rhymes out of our W l her pl asant, 'pletLllid. mmd- . 7 onal Honor Society 4: Cml. Honor mia y A SH in Aw rd ' So ety 3: Supply Store 3, 4. ' ' ' - .H. S. 4 Mechanics W. J I . Business Institute HIRAM A. NEWMAN JOSEPHINE PASPBURGA 84 Van Olinda St. 205 Fernwood Ave. K We 'wish we had some more like Peppy and sweet X him- A perfect picture of vitality. Full of vigor, pep, and vim. mee Club :sg Library Asn 3, 4. E. H. S. College W. J. H. S. Geneseo Nor 44 , if' L, '- 'R i . Q I . i .. K ll ' . 1 ' ,- 2 -,144 ll , A s. - . 3,5 , Z: I , ll 'K' .gy A , Wg X X ,, fnhk - 'K llf .15 fi Jllui 'S ,, ff I , - 5541. 1 e 4 S ,lm .wkf . fi- .vi 4-1 Q. 'I ji fl ,lm '51 1' ill if',.Elu'1' ' LMS'-'tw 5- ' ,. li eil f fl - - ll ll Hilfe-'dl -. -.L yr i i-1 L-. gy Y L -' 1- . 4 - -. . .r Y 25 " 1 U' 'i Q 'Q X -5 T U., lf-ii. fy, . c ll A GOR N L. PAYNE 3 ocust St. We w 'e s ised w n we did hea anne i of peer. did ' art portray vish he a tallc that all A Caoella Choir . 43 Cast, Adam and Era 4. J. J. H. S. Undecided DONALD PEARLMAN 266 Norton St. Don'll be a salesman Tha' we all know, . For he could sell an ice box To a frozen Eskimo. Swimming 3: National Honor Society fl: Junto 3, 4: Ticket Mgr., Adam and Era: Business Mgr., If-clzound 4: Cour- anl Staff 3. 4. MICHELENE PELECHATI 31 Thomas St. lllichelene has changed her style: She'sgiving sophzstwatzonatrzal. Cml. Honor Society 4: Gregg Award 4. W. J. H. S. School of Commerce FLORENCE PERTICONE 39 Rohr St. Found! A rare ez io 'ty--. A girl who blTlSSiT0?1lf'If'llll2j. Gregg Award 3. .Jil Q Q W. J. H. S. ' R. B. 1. EUNICE PFEIL 591 Conkey Ave. Feminine, dainty, and demure Even to her sneeze. Glee Club 3: Junto 4: Deputy 4. No. 8 Mechanics Institute 9 Fairbanks St. Qfwldgo PIERCE An. all around fellow, a good sport, A peach of a fellow to have aboaf. East High Undecided A h ill -- ANNA PILUK 108 Lowell St. .V J Personality I 1 Vitality! ,f 4' Wisdom .l Tl'at's sure goi g some. National Honor Society 3, 4: Corridor Aidc 43 Gregg Award 3. W. J. H. S. Businc-sz THOMAS PISANO 1828 Culver Road A flash of 'running fGl'f7 Z' At the pop of the gun, A shout, a broken tape f As Tommy wins the ru . Cross Country 3, 4: Wrestling 3, 4: Captain, Track 3, 4: Deputy 3. St. Joseph Cornell HELEN PLACIOUS 987 Clifford Ave. Always so happy, always so lfinrl We can't do credit in a "grind" Junto 4: Courant Staff 4: Library Ass't 3: Les Babillards 3, 4. Holy Redeemer A N Nazareth College CAROLYN PLEKAN 36 Resolute St. A girl of real intelligence- Of that we'ne ample evidence. Key Staff 4: Deputy 4: Library As:4't 4. E. H. S. Roch. Flying School 4 EONARD PRESNAL 450 Carter St. ' Lenn'ie's tall, Lennic"s fair, EEO 3 Lennic"sahif . X 1 Anywhere. Cross Country 3, 4: Track 3, 4. St. Stanislaus Undecided ANNE PRYHODA 18 Kappel Place When A nne s nz iles lt's jnst too lmad, l Ac For If s meant fhe dour Of many a lad. ' -X Class Secretary 4: Junto 33 Typing Award 2: Gremz Award 3. St. Michael's U. of R. 2 Inu calvin , D L- if K ls? 1 1 ' P E., ,7fr 1-fr fi ' -TH". i -- b e f - i .,,,,,.,.f-.21 -' ,, ' i -- .4 f J. 1 ,Hug N, d ni .,i,,?z:A-I-, ,Egg-I x I ,nv .45 Af '. -7-. ,':f1?i4. 5:5-5 .N-. ' ,. ...,, W ' -- diff? N5 X , ,' 2 . 4 -f -H, '1 m"'-T535 a1i'15fI'L' il? .nm "" 4161291 'iv ' T lg"5"f5 Spa a mmf. ' ll 'Milne 'salon .- il . .,, . .. waf tl-at f - I, ., se-me - ., .v .. -A E . i - ,-5 , ,ch il. .. 26 WAH M PETER J. RAINERI . A 7 MARI RCSEN 134 Barons St. ' i For pep and personality This lassie eanft be beat. onrant Staff 4. 189 Randolph St. Fiery, dynamic, explosive, small, Honored, rerpected, loved by all. Band 3: Orchestra 3. 4: Glee Club 3: A Capella 4: National Honor Society 4: Class Pres. 3, 4: Junto 4: Exec. Council 4: Cast. Arla-f' and Era 4: Cast, lrrbound 4: Key Stuff 4. W. J. H. S. Cornell Univ. . J. H. S. Business BERNICE RELIN 1228 Clinton Ave. N. .Sl1'm, trim, and full of fun- With a smile dazzling as the sun. IRVING ROSENBLATT 735 Norton St. Gay, likaliu, pleasant d tall, Irving is alw s wel .omed by National Honor Society 4: Cml. Honor Ull- Society 4: Typing Award 2: Gregg Wrestling 3. Aw""1ff' W J H s N Y U No.8 Bryant and Stratton ' ' ' ' ' ' ' THELMA RING 536 Clifford Ave. SARAH ROTKOWITZ St. We wish we her talent did When yone'. .1 'th Sara possess, How e t .te . seem to be: But the gods have favored But ldnt t elfbe hflpllll Only certain lucky folk, we In Sl pleasant U mpany' guess. Gregg Award 3. W. J. H. S. Eastman School W' J' H' S' Undeclded , 4 W I 4 MOSES ROXIN HELEN RIZZO 646 Joseph Ave. 11 Coleman Ter c Moses is to us a riddle,- A lowly face' a 79 Sl it' All we know is, he plays the With these she always kes a fiddle. hllt' Orchestra 3, 4. Typing Award 3: Gregg Aw d 3. W J H S Eaqtman School St. Francis usiness ' ' ' ' ' FLO 127 LLA RIZZO 244 Lyell Ave. -itty and clever and Bright as they come. that poise, Tho ? J J. H. S. Undecided C'm"1"f . No. 8 Memorial 4, F' O DORIS ROHM BERNARD MBUT1s5,f!' 34 Tyler St. 37 D on St. 'She 'isn.'t snobbish, not a bit: Bernal' 'th is solemn wil Her actions always seem to fit. Resen les i .oln quite a bit. Glee Club 3. 4: A Capella 3, 4: Pirates Natio al Ho or ociety -1: Junto 3, 4. of l'nnzanr'1' 3: Lost and Found 3, 4. E' H. - echanics Institute Florida Eastman School . rl f l Mew l e F3 . A- - ff . 4 . 6' r- ,i 4-,ggi .l la 'fain-ililil Iggy" nv' ,A I -,1iQ'!J ll? .fl "'f1:gf F . 21231444 'R ill, 3,1341 o 'lm ' -Z1..TS1 1. ng M- M g K , 1 - -5 4 , ,- -. - 27 J ' . 5 ATTN. hhifi il ligll ldlff ill!! fr fi ' K- ED l A R XxMil er n t t's Ed W. . Undecided SARAH 141 Avenue ta Cute and trim, brig snappy- A ' No wonder Skippy makes . hazwzl- 6 , Band 3, 4: Cast, lrebound 45 yping Award 4. ,' W. J. H. S. Denishawn Sc If FRANK SARACEN 296 Scio St. A hole and hear alfldw Against wh fm E criticism Can be her d. E. . 7 ' Undecided ROBERT H. SCHEUTZOW 169 Longview Terrace He doesn't make much fuss or noise, But he's one of the best of our boys. National Honor Society 4. No. 11 M. I. T. ARVILLA J. SCHICKE: Pj 73 Leo St. - I A clever little ma' Demare and, stai . Corridor Aide 4: Gregg d 3. W. J. H. S. ndecided JULIUS SCHULTZ 7 Sheridan St. Einstein is a scientist of renown, But he'll pack up and leave When. Julius comes to town. Band 3, 4: Swimming 3, 4: Junbo 3: ALMA SCHWARZ 206 Rohr St. They say t t swe nd shy girls No long d st, But w c t belive a word of it With m in our midst. National Honor Society 4: Junto 3, 4: Exec. Council 3: Les Bahillards 3. W. J. H. S. Undecided O , E WIN SEITZ 78 Clifford Avenue d has pep and personality, .And lots of originality. -H. S. Undecided BEN SHATOFF 154 lenbeck St. f ' wis o ere's no doubtg l od scout. ta . H. . Ohio State SIDNEY SHOOLMAN 13 Renwood St. W'e all wonder, I among the rest, Why Sidney Schoolman from work will never rest. W. J. H. S. Undecided MARION SHORT 238 Conkey Ave. ry' Grand persomzlifyq Endless vitality. No. 8 Nursing School MARTIN SLAWSKY 34 Kelley St. Martin Slawsky's sure a dandy, With his clothesspickandspandy. Courant Sian' 4. W. J. H. S. 1Syracuse W. J. H. S. Berlin Germany f I J Q .. . I' L A' f -1 - 1 - V . L M - - A -- 1 , 1 ,LE-L c 4,, ,,,f, rife: ' I ' n IN" 'Hin Q X ,A 4. FU-J' -il ll 'fl':' ffi',.l H '1 ilillll 3 G e.l,g..i1.T'- 1 21 'M'-is F-IFN f ' is-. fag 4- v ' P1 " "' ' ' 28 - lliddl U A- 1 ' fx 5: I jirffffl I Y -Wl'1" rx . EUG JA 826 dson Ave- 'nc gc on with i' ll. a c ' fy w 'd,' I e i ' he's w . Gl C ub 3: S , f ound 4: irutes of 'f zamv' 3. W. J. H. S. J College IDA SOLAWAY 406 Joseph Ave. ' She'II 'manage her job like' man, And away big wages stow Typing Award 3. W. J. H. S. Und ci -L JOH SOROKTI 314 Wilkin St. ll! If you wait, some day you'll find, To bc a champ was in his mind. Swimming Captain 3, 4. W. J. H. S. U. of R. CHARLES SPARACINO 361 Fernwood Ave. He works quietly day by dayp A splendid Iad in every way. Wrestling. E. H. S. Undecided MARIE SPEZZANO 19 Lancraft St. Aloofncss is so very rare In people on this world we share, That when we fmd 1t m Marze We scarce can see how that can be. Cml. Honor Society 3, 4: Social Chair- man Jig Junto 3: Library Ass't 3: Rem- ington Award 4, St. Ambrose Columbia MOLLY SPRING 83 Lowell St. Women of her t' Are n o at hard Courant S 4 ty : Typing Award 3. the ANNE MARY STATT 65 Cutler St. With those pretty dimples And that soft blond hair, She makes the most confirmed Woman hater stare. es billards 4. L. P. H. Undecided ANNA STECHNA 819 Norton St. Demure her mien Just hardly seen. But oh, her charm Does far from harm. W. J. H. S. Undecided WILLIS STIEFEL 417 Norton St. The curtain falls, the lights g-- out, And then rings out a mujfiell shout- "Cu'rta1'n, W'iIlis! C1l7'tdl?I.lH Track 4: Stage Manager, Adam ana Eva, lcebound 4. EW. J. H. S. Alleghaney College 63 in ton St. e on her face, n her Izps a song. onal Honor Society 4: Cml. Honor ociet 'il 4 Corrid A'd 4 R ' - Y AT TILLER Y -, : or 1 e : emmg bon Award 2: Gregg Award 3. W. J. H. S. ' Undecided D OBERT STREIB 14Q Randolp,h'St. heujB Uportr ed the Sheriff, S we hemlayetdyhls part Th t some 300 people Had palpitations of the heart. Cast,lIr-cbddrld 4. E. Hf. Sf Undecided EDWARD SWABA 56 Wilson St. Edward wears such classy clothes He sets the style for the 1 beaux. Cross Country 3. W. J. H. . U. of R. No.9 Undecided le- sf- ll . mt - -fxuuv J- F 'lli lii:fl11'. V 223'-nw 2 'flilllll 11 1-E1.g..7i,Efl' il me '05 . -I C, . L W- A . 29 Q " '- il I-" ' X Wir ' W , . .. Q ,, .1 .. , ff f it .ff 1 I if e -be - i Viv w ill 'ill 'Mt EDWARD SZWAJKOS 1315 Hudson Ave. Ed hrzsnft attracted 'much attention, But his wisdom deserves much mention. E. H. S. Mechanics Institute MICHAEL SZWEC 22 Gene St. He's one of the i st of our boys. But t en e .pt .wagon Make . t Se. rch f . 4. . H. S. Undecided PETER TERBUSZKA 70 Nassau St. Peter may be quiet and still. But of wisdom he has his fill. Courant Staff 3. No. 9 Undecided JESSIE TURBERG 270 Hudson Ave. Wisdom a 1 -that's Jess: ' ' And in ev ', 'iffy she un- dertakes I' hugewuccess Glee Club 3: I'i'rmte.s of Po ,zance 3. W.J. H. S. U. of R. OS AR URK 34 Ave If you . uld s without a doubt, About a rg ho naught did shir We ould answer with out, ' boy we 'want is Oscar 1 ark." 'o ant Staff 43 Deputy 4. . 8 U. of R. ENOCH URBAN 983 North St. A big open-hearted boy Who wouldn't hurt a soul. an I 1 Ipli x ' E. H. S. Undecided 'Hn gg? SQ mwh I . n ' ' f - . . ., ,l if 'mg I "4 L ' iwllg , , l. '77 A 4,,,,,uif1 4,5 , ,rw n Il flu ' ' f 1. sie ... t' "Y I f f " ' ' ' 4 mi 4 4 i l. :Eli , 'A H - 'ff -- t . 1 1 . I M, X , , ,'- xxx," 'X f 1.12 ' 'X -1-:Z f'.?'L A . -i i 1. 1----as SARAH VALLONE 228 Rohr St. We wonder how she manages To look so neat and be so sweet. Gregg Award 3. W. J. H. S. R. B. I. E. V AAFEI D Las S ol's ee ionic. e , ella Choir 3, 4: 3 d Eva 4: Cour- an tatf 45 Pirates of Pe ance 3: Ch ader 4: Deputy 4. W. J. H. S. U. of R. ELOISE VANGRAAFEILAND 932 Joseph Ave. Enthusiastic is Eloiseg She gets excited over allshe sees. John Marshall Undecided MORRIS A. WAINER 22 Athens St. Handsome and tall, He surpasses them all. Ke Staff 4. W. J. H. S. Undecided ROBERT F. WALTERS Couchman Avq. Where are you going, handsome man? I'm running from Latin class fast as I can. National Honor Society 3: Vice-Pres. 43 Junto 4: Staff, Adam and Eva 4: Courant Stalf 4. Charlotte U. of R. GRACE WALZER 3113 Culver Rd. Pretty and pert is her middle name, Loyal, jolly, and thoroughly game. Swimming 3, 4: Junto 4: Deputy 4. Irond. No. 2 Cornell 'ill H-2"5,7 'N-Lu,-1 U fl K X K, N, fi ii. is I 4 .R H ' Vx ' CHARLOTTE WEGNER ,fi 24 Siebert Pl. A lass with pretty blond hair, Do you wander that we stare? Glen- Club 3, 4: A Capella Choir 41 Cml. Honor Society 3, 4: Junto 3: I'iraIr'x of l'1-nzanrc 3: Gregg Award Il. W. J. H. S. Business EDYTHE WEIS 71 Willite Dr' e Nothing ever 'rks . ll e Nor are f o ffm. her face ' ' For shc's . an carefree We like he ref ndously. Supply Store 3, 4: Gregg' Awzwd 3: Staff, Courant 4 3 Key Staff 4: Deputy 4. W. J. H. S. General Hospital SAMUEL WEISS 55 Maria St. Small 'in stature, huge in mind- Mighty ' all his eds you'll find. Deputy 4 aflvbvbef' W. J. H. s. bwgob U. of B. ELMER J. WENDEL 76 Ridge Rd. East Add good-nature and wit, E'l'mer's the answer you get for it. Glee Club 3, 4: A Capella Choir 4: Junto 3: Soccer 3. No. 8 U. of S. Calif. LWJQEN WHITMORE 1 Walzfor . 1 . 'ngxh ' h f ping ha . 1 can . and. Glee Ch 3, 4 apella hoir 4: l'ir f 'enzan 'C Iron Mechanics Institute V IDERKER 235 Baden St. Thi. lassicfs always on her toes And always smzlzng where'er she goes. Courant Staff 4: Deupty 4. No. 9 Undecided SEEDOR WING 222 State St. Here's a gentleman born and bred, Newer an unkind word he's said. J. J. H. S. Engineering School JOHN L. WISNER 22 Zimbrich St. His opini are ,diirely firmly put: 'Tis hard em off their roo Glee Clu - C iountry 3. E. H. S. U. of Michigan ELMER F. WISOTZKE 121 Lincoln St. If you want Elmer to do a task, All you have to do is ask. Orchestra 3, 4: Cross Country 3, 4: Wrestling 4: Track 3, 4. W. J. H. S. Mechanics Institute VICTOR WITKOWSKI 49 Dayton St. A stndious boy Is indeed a joy. St. Stanislaus Mechanics Institute FRANCES WOLFF 419 Clifford St. Frances isn't quiet, Neither is she loud, But she's the kind of girl That fits in any crowd. Typing Award 3, Gregg Award 3. E. H. S. Undecided CATHERINE YUHAN 4 Geneva St. "Some think the world is made For fun and frolic And so do I, and so do I." Student Org. Com. 4: Courant Staff 4: Key Staff 4: Librar s't 4. WJ.H. . U.ofR. ., - . Fr H' 4 dl i 'ga,iAil"i, ' I u. E -X ,A f"31,1l' , ,.. "5-,."". -4 -' Fw. hi! f- 'sis as?':5ft- f .f :fi ' m Hi- 11,v..f:' " QT' H.. H - I jlfrifcwfi - 2 T256-L ' .gi A 1 ,A .UJI 31 . ' - ,L ,l.. ,,. 5 f 9 4.-,til-J ' I, ,aa , I lsllgn. . 1 . JJ - A 'Dlx lla mg it it if A 7 . s- ' l .V 4 , X . 714 ,. it , - IVE! 1.3 . .,ffeTfi ' 1 .f N 1 1 1- 1 - I ' 'fu Ln 1. lil' ' ' ' ' , 15 I n , , u n dy . , I1 1' I, A 4- J, l SOPHIA YUHAN 4 Geneva St. In manners she's quiet and resvrrvedq er charm she has thus preserved. Glee Club 4: National Honor Society 43 Student Org. Com. 4: Courant Staff 4: Key Staff 4: Deputy 4: Library Ass't 3, 4. W. J. H. S. Geneseo Normal - MILDRED ZARCONE 9 Harvest St. Millie doesr 't brag of heightg Her charm makes up for that. Gregg Award 3. St. Francis Xavier Mechanics Institute fl. 1 . fl FL NCE ZIELINSKI 094 Hudson Ave. f if A quiet lass with lovely eyesg Her charm is e'er a sweet snr- prise. St. Stanislaus Undecided l ,. .. . it nf ,' f I, f ' ii? zz? i?1f"we f, , -'U "H , " 1- -1, A -i tz Li- hi CARMELLO MARANO 884 North St. A friendly lad Whom everyone knows, With flashing smile And snappy clothes. E. H. S. College Ein illflemuriam 1 william Zbilsinger September 25 1914 Marsh 10 1931 WILLARD ZINKE 114 Bedford St. When Willard opens his gifted lips Mighty words therefrom do fall. And people listen with bated breath That they might hear it all. National Honor Society 4 3 Serviro Com. 3: Publication Com. 3: Junta R, -1. Mechanics Institute UL ZW EIC Hollenbeck St. tion good to see+ and personality. . H. S. Colo. School of Engineering JOHN ZWERKO 945 Joseph Ave. He'll contest whatever you have to sayg He's just naturally that way. Deputy 4. Aquinas Undecided I, 7725 .ef ' . www qMi rl? MN Qi :jg K 'if 1' Q V, 'f i . 5 . Q r . - ,V 1 ', , f X 4,,,,,,,,: if M -" , Q,,, ' ll ' 'ul ill' ,fr 4, Q ,. , q g -. as Lx ,.- A, ,y ,M I ' ,, fp 'x - It 54,2 ,f -7-"-1 1 ,AY- cmjifxw e.' ,,lflll,1,eA - 'ww-1-'. ' - L! 1-9 air 32 Zlrtihitiez Q U , G A EM Svnbnul Qwficers JACK BAIQTASH B1-:RNARD TIEDE RoMoLo DE SPIRITO JEANNETTE CHARLES flbcecutihe Qinunril a L , i f f 'A ' I V Mn. Wo1.nAs1', IAIPMAN, MURASZKU, MR. QUINIAVIN BLACK, RAIN!-IRI, Miss RILEY, CHAzcI,r:s, K1Nf:s1,l-:Y IPICSVERITO, Miss I.ANuwom'nY, 1N1n.f9T'l'I?1:1-'m1,1m, IIA1,v1-zlcsmv, Timm: wfga-1 2 i , 4 . If ' an 'V ' -ufif: X " , i f , . ,,,0,'zf-Q --' iiL,,,' ll LI -, -, x f . ,In ,. X 'Z ',' ,ga ' V, c hifi IW ' , -,L 'A k Mr' V , , ' 1 1,5 5 .,-, K, ,Ng 'AH ,,,.f:1'f-ry'-4 , V :' v'1, ip, 4 -L f f H0 f'-1 'f1 "'V w- f ,fl5ll ',3 if . ' 16-- ' -- H I M W .... ' --4:-... ...ET - g- f -- G-'- 'N 34 331 , M ah January '33 QBffirer5 l'yl.C'f'-I,I'f'Sidl'7IffELI LIPMAN 71i'l'fIHllI'l'I'+JAMES WALTI'IliS Social Chlll'I"IIIG7L-OLIVE LACEY IU-w1'dw1f VSAM SPINRLL1 Secretary-PAULINE I4'1Nc:1,L:u 311112 '33 QBffiner5 HLA .A IU-4-s1'dw1f---HARRY BRAY I"fI'l'-Pl'!'8fdl'lIfSxVl'ISLEY VAN GIQAAFEILAND Sovirrl ChUI.l'lII!lII-NIOR'l'HVIER RUDIN Svf'rvfr1ry-TrvrrszlVw'-RAYMOND KELLER E . ' . F. fin 4 u gm aiu ,fn X ,X ' V- I V V. A Zf:ff1l'4"k .V .,,,?TLM,n .D - ,rn JQLW V ,, 7 -fm 54, f ' '14 52522 3 Z-ff'43'14' - K :gn M ' 31- U.: 3l,lA 24,.Q, A "wud , alll , ig! 1- fa r- 35 atinnql Jiagnnr Smcietp 'X' A fy: N 4 I ,"1k, '-lv 7 W ff 41 f' k I'n-s1'flvnffAlsr: Ho1,1,ANm:rc Vfff?-I,I'l'S1'df'7If-ROBERT YVAIHERS Swwfm-yw WANN1-1 Elsrzwm-nm: Social Chnirmlm-MARY Mumszxo Qllummmial Iiannur Svurietp lmwiflvnlY-IJumn'1'I1Y PARSUNS IYffl'-I,l'l'Nfl1l'llf-LOVIS Mmsl-11. St'!'?'l'ffIVjl--I?I.0RENCl'f Hmmm Trmszn-er--BERN101-3 RHLIN Ll' A I ri 1 Q my ayrvl gg ff 1 l ulhnllg, gk X Q 171 ,, f 7""'uf la L - 1' I "" -HR , ' ' 'Q Y 75' 4, Qu' U h- 'Tm T nflt ff 'L 59:2 X 5 Y7's.3'.1 i1 Zn? A. 1 'VT 1' '- " if sw-nu -1 .lvlllj .al , - . 1 . 'MI " M -' f-Gui-W 1- ' - ' ' ' 1 Y' T 36 fl IA f 1.11 ,N I Q ' 77,51 55 I v x' 1 U Q1 - 1 i fG2 3Egz5E3i las Zgahillarhs 1'rvsidvntsJ0NAs LI-IVY Ijitft'-I,I'f'Nfdt'Nf-BARTO CONTA Sl'l'I't'fllI'!l--VIIIIIINIA SZATKQWSKI 1"m'uIfy Spfmsm--Mics. J. DUNHAM QQ Grahuates l,I't'NilIl'IIfiCATHI'IR1NE BUSMAN Sw-rvtm-y-EI,1,EN K1Nc:s1.EY 1'iw'-1':-vsifivnt-Rom-:R'1' TOAL Class Adzdsf-r-Tnuln' HENRY Class Advism'-W'ALTER A. SCHMITT 4 . gt M N Hi gg., I-I - s . --Y ,, V K 'U 4, ,,,,, 5 ,xv-L I ' ,JN il:-A.l lin 55 - 'U , , -Mff-ff "N' I-'N Maxx. , 37 " fl I U lil Q I5 ix' ,AfA Q 1 A-Tjf,-, A .'.t5 l9 1t j HM Name ARCHERY CLUB BIOS B. F. B. F. KEYS BOOSTERS BOXING BOYS OUT or DOORS BOY SCOUT TROOPS-139 BRIDGE BUSINESS CERCLE FRANCAIS COMMERCIAL FoRUI.I COSTUME ENGINEERS FENCING FORUM ROMANUM FRANKLIN FOLLOWERS FRANKLIN LETTERMEN FUN WITH FIGURES GARDEN CLUB GIRLS' GLEE CLUB HARMONICA HIER UND DA H1-Y KINGS AND QUEENS KINGS OF STRINGS LIBRARY HELPERS NW' xg! Iuhs Sponsor Mr. Kipp Mr. Francis Miss Scott Miss Cochrane Mr. Porter Mr. E. Erickson Mr. De Coster Mr. Wojnowski Miss McCarthy Mr. Kingston Mr. Murphy Mrs. Dunham Mr. Lipson Mrs. Emery Mr. Edgarton Mr. Magro Miss Hess Miss Metz Mr. Hobbs Mr. Taylor Mrs. May Mr. Singleton Miss Pashley Miss Peterson Mr. E. Erickson Mr. P. Erickson Mr. Thomas MF. DE FRANCESCO Miss Bayer Mrs. Burt Miss Wilbur WAI X I Presiding Officer Paul Cooper Pauline Fingler Jane Eikarit Gene Grilli Jack Baker Jack Schied Frank Dixey Thomas Conezio Jmw Florence Benz Jonas Levy Joe Froadlin George Halverson Ronald Mueller Helen Bretstein Robert Walters Eugene Di Pietro Katherine Nowack Helen Maslanka Eleanor Levin Anthony Montenaro Ronald Mueller Jack Bartash John Volshen Bert Green Teresa Lisowski E HH: 'ml IV4 "I-ue-+1 . I , - 3 .. , 1'7" ll 'L -1 it '1' :lla ' ' , .,w'f"v, ' ,W ' li I' lu . 5 S9 ,ff IWW 'J lgzgglzf-I 'E!:t'k I xx 'x --'L... i ,V I ,- . , ,A - -f ' 1 X k 1' 1 V amrzI!' " S' . ' ' "Hifi:-.55 '1 N I I1-Bwi ff' . " 'ji f so wg, ., , .4 - -I 1- ,ij N I ir -- ' " "' " fm no flow 1 Na me MARIONETTE MAPMAKING-SKETCHING MODEL AIRPLANE MUMMERS NATURE NEEDLE WORKERS NEEDLE CRAFT OUT OF DOORS fGIRLSJ P. E. N. PHI EPSILON GAMMA POLITICAL FORUM PHI PI KAPPA RADIO RENAISSANCE SCIENCE FORUM SPECULUM ROMMANUM Clubs Sponsor Miss Werner Miss Tuthill Mr. Tennent Mr. Read Mrs. Taylert Miss Henry Miss Foster Miss Donnellan Miss Hanna Mr. Snelgrove Mr. Zornow Mr. C. Chamberlain Mr.ROss Mr. Rappaport Mr. J. Finnegan Mr. De Francesco Miss Di Miceli Mr. Magro Mr. H. Miller Mrs. Costigan P I fl? NU Q CS CID N. Q. N. -3 Q Q S? Q Q Y Lydia Klodzinski Max Kaminski Bernard Rumbutis Fanny Legumsky Helen Kabelac Ann Bihun Grace Stephany Esther Kern Sam Mink Julius Schultz Ira Sapozink John Petrshyn Charles Zicari Robert Moltz Olga Anderson SYNCOPATION Mr. Keehley Ernest Ciaccio STAMP Mr. Swarthout Milton Lake THESPIS DRAMATIC Miss Meagher Norman Weinstein TRAVEL CLUB Mrs. Clark Ann Valuk Mrs. Gray U KELELE CLUB Mr. Darling Joseph Waszocho -A - , fi' fffH"' 'Lf-. ,, .J 39 'I I Uh Xi . lvl .. 1.1 i I MM -I da r i 'itll in uhlicatinns Mr. Walter A. Schmitt, adviser of The Key, was a large factor in the completion of this book. He assumed the duties of his new post with perfect ease at the beginning of this term. His helpful advice has been sought by all members of the staff throughout the preparation of this issue of The Key. The staff is fortunate to have received the services of Mr. Schmitt and is grateful to him for the sincere efforts he has made to help produce a Key that will endeavor to express to the fullest extent the true personality of our school. WALTER A. ScHMrr'r Both The Courant and The Key are greatly indebted to Mr. Bezant for his successful management of the financial side of our literary pursuits. He has proved a valuable asset to both these publications. It has been due largely to Mr. Bezant's sound advice that the business staffs have functioned so expeditiously. In addition to his work as financial adviser, Mr. Bezant has many other responsibilities. Yet, in spite of his various duties, Mr. Bezant always finds time to advise, to en- courage, and to stimulate the work in publications at Benjamin Franklin. E. DEMARS BEZAN1' ii W Although comparatively new to our school, r. Rappa- M ITCHELL E. RAPPAPOR1' port was given the opportunity this term to act as literary adviser of our bi-weekly publication, The Courant. Bring- ing with him previous experience in newspaper work, he endeavored to make the work both interesting and educa- tional to the staff of The Courant. He also sought to offer the school a newspaper that would contain items of in- terest to everyone. He has especially encouraged contri- butions to the "B Frank" section of The Courant. In addi- tion he has sought to foster unbiased discussions of issues which are of interest to the school. Mr. Rappaport deserves much credit for the conscientious effort he has made to make The Courant an interesting and major activity of' our school life. , I .nl . Lim 0,4 zu ' K 1,14 'muy -if C ' -, ' "" MQ'-'L gi' ' ' ' -vil- 4 A . rf -. 37 -x 5 . . C L mv V ,.,. x l r' 11' E ' K llhll ll, I 1 F 'Z Z 4: ' P' 'uv' T ' "Il vm x R fini , M' -I , ff - :fp - ' fn- - ' , n 1 I I J' Lu 1 21' w fafliwi A bl ,ffyi 1 ll ! ,Y Y I IL- . ll J 40 ' ' it I lil M fm ca GROSSWIRTH, BARTASH, VAN GRAAFEILAND, HOLLANDER, SHATOFF, MITCHELL FRIEDMAN, FEDKEW, MOLTZ, RAINERI, BRETSTEIN GRYMIN, KRUMWIEDE, BADURA, WAINER, LIPSCHUTZ FP With the same spirit and determination that Benjamin Franklin dis- played in issuing his Almanack, The Key staff set about to oder the school an annual of which they would be proud. Encountered at first, by an ex- tremely large class, the staff worked on undismayed with the resolve to succeed in offering an attractive annual of high literary merit. In accordance with the precedent established by the previous Key staffs, the staff endeavored to complete an annual which would be inex- pensive and self-supporting. Also, believing that elaborate organization is not essential for the success of an annual. the staff determined to offer an annual Which, despite its lack of pretentiousness, would be interesting. lt is hoped, therefore, that this issue will be accepted in the same spirit as that in which it was offered. Special credit should be given to the business staff. Faced with the problem of financing a larger annual than that of the previous term, they accomplished wonders and deserve our highest commendation. A A ' F 54 -- ' Q . Q . '- K 1.1-2J.' 'l '1 I 'E '- 'lil I. ' X ' v 'L . lf,,,,,fr1! yn 'uv' ,al 'Ill iilsl E nv, i s . Fllilllt H 'Kiss -gm if 5 iq H 'WVEIH' 1 I 'W 1 4" ' e Whiftl-3 'f ' I-II lg, 3. :Zvi 'ul at .U rules I- "K Z " if ' -' T' ' 41 7 X u Q ' lik 'S ' ' . A A in I 1 V, '11- RUDIN, KARCHEFSKY, LEVE EISENBERG, Gnosswnvm, GLASSER, KAHN SAPOZINK, WALT1-ms, PEARLMAN, Lo TURCo Ullfdllt Although The Courant is only a little more than a year old, it has attained a high degree of excellency. One of the biggest features of this last school year was the short story contest sponsored by this publication. Cash prizes were awarded for the three best manuscripts submitted. The Courant has attempted to serve as a medium through which stu- dent feeling may be expressed. Through its "B-Frank" section it has offered opportunity to everybody to extend his views regarding diiferent phases of our school life. It is interesting to note the derivation of the name of our paper. When Benjamin Franklin was thirteen years old, he was apprenticed to his brother James, then editor of the New England Courant. At the age of sixteen he became editor-in-chief of this publicationg therefore, to this great man, who at such an early age had accomplished so much, The Courant is dedicated. All the members of the Courant staff have co-operated to the fullest extent, in order to produce a paper Worthy of our school. They have sacri- Iiced much of their spare time in issuing the school paper and deserve a great deal of credit for their efforts. Although several changes and additions were made at the beginning of this semester, a Courant was published after the first few weeks of school, illustrating the enthusiasm which all persons connected with this publication have displayed in regard to their work. T fr' final K f ' ' " . l . V' l D' 1 . 4 'I ',l.iMr to liLii'l"!'v7l:uu ,yn Y x , ,. A Z,fw1,, M, P ,- . v,,,,,m f h 2-in , . x. 1 Q' ,f. ff? ',',",,w 4' Qi ' .3545 K ' V Q 'NJ Ffif' '.q,, 'A 2, rs. as fl: - T., -'W V f gzgnwg 1 S tr F- P 1 e VU, 1 n 1'1 1f4f'f'2. zfm-11' I - a ll I, 1 . -n.g.a..:.? 1: In his r JL .ff -L I-. A A1 Y 1- ., v s f., 1 Y., - 42 l , , 1. 'w, M JI I' liv fi flff it iw fi tamatits ERL1-: S. REMINGTON Mas GERTRUDE TAYLERT A noteworthy feature of our school life has been the fine type of dra- matics maintained at our school. Under the talented leadership of Mr. Erle Remington and Mrs. Gertrude Taylert, we have enjoyed a superior quality of dramatic presentation. The class of June, 1932 is especially thankful to Mr. Remington for his leadership in our two dramatic ventures, Adam and Eva and Icebound. By actual demonstration of how each part should be played Mr. Remington succeeded in obtaining a superior performance from the members of our class. Those who saw Adam and Eva marvelled at the performance of the cast, despite the fact that they had had but three weeks in which to rehearse the play. Likewise, Iceboumi created a furor in the dramatic circles of the school. Few believed that a serious type of play could be successful before a high school audience. But the cast of Icebound proved that a serious play, if well enacted, could be successful. Besides coaching the casts of the plays, Mr. Remington has provided interesting and distinctive assembly programs every Wednesday. Mrs. Taylert is in charge of the assembly programs of the Junior High School. By careful direction and ceaseless effort, she has succeeded in offering weekly programs to the Junior High School that have been both novel and entertaining. Most of these programs she has written herself. Her plays have been especially delightful because of their appropriate costuming and setting. Indeed, Mrs. Taylert deserves considerable credit for the fine quality of dramatics maintained at Benjamin Franklin. .. . if a- - " i T- 'i - 4 - lx 1 r 4 V I - ' ! I I - , 4 l I 4,,,.,..,,,,'ZQg , I .Q ' W, " 1. -I-W 'Ill ,, X ,A UJI 31 ll .l" i'.l..'. 21.5j!' wg'-fnwlf - .Ill I, ll ya' R ia,,',g,,3,3,7 :1 . ig M-.L g do . gg -1 A . ., . 43 Z ro fr gtgiati BARTASH, STIEFEL, VAN GRAAFEILAND, DE SPIRITO BRETSTEIN, J OLLEY, RAINERI, SALKOW, FREIDMAN HALVERSON, WALT!-ms, B11-IUN, PEARLMAN, BUTTERFIELD Glass uf Shine 1932 presen s "mam ann GEM" by Gay Bolton and George Middleton Friday Evening, December 4, 1931 CAST OF CHARACTERS James King ..... George Halverson Corinthia ..... Anne Friedman Clinton DeWitt . Romolo DeSpirito Julie . . Helen Bretstein Aunt Abby . . Anne Bihun Eva King . Marion Jolley Doctor . . . . Alfred Butterfield Uncle Horace . . . Peter Raineri Lord Andrew Gordon .... Gordon Payne Adam Smith ...... Jack Bartash BUSINESS STAFF Joseph LoTurco, Business Manager Ellsworth VanGraafeiland, Property Donald Pearlman, Ticket Manager Florence Benz, WardrobeMist'ress Robert Walters, Publicity Manager Sarah Salkow, Head Usher Willis Stiefel, Stage Manager r- il .Q I 'D'F"' 4 Trung 'I li 111 I a'-iln'l."'l1 X i ,I 1 1, f ,, V7-fy' ,,n, we-W -, , ,,,,.. fig: ul .vw Y gg 1 . -f-.Lv L.-- -Q nv, In ,..,,., " ':"-4, P' ,' 2, -'. L -- 1 it fl atter -J - liili 5'-Z Ta: -- .u -not . ,-f ig g- ' -- 1 , f -1 - 44 Wi JI' Y in E KARCH, BARTASH, STIEFEL, Mourz, MAIMES, RAINERI KARCHEFSKY, Kozicxi, SALKOW, Li-:viNi-1, KASDEN, BRETSTEIN Gnosswmrii, STREIB, PEARLMAN, KUSKA, DE Mocii, SMEJA, MITCHELI. Qlilass uf Elune 1932 presents " Zlnehnunh " by Owen Davis Friday Evening, March 18, 1932 CAST OF CHARACTERS Henry Jordan ...... Peter Raineri Ben Jordan ........ Jack Bartash Emma ......... Selma Grosswirth Doctor Curtis ....... Robert Moltz Nettie ............. Sarah Salkow Judge Bradford, .Edward DeMoch Sadie Fellows ....... Rose Kozicki Jane Crosby ...... Helen Bretstein Orin ............. Stephen Kusak Hannah ...... .... H elen Mitchell Ella Jordan ..... Gertrude Levine Jim Jay .... ..... R obert Streib BUSINESS STAFF Donald Pearlman. . .Business Mgr. Joseph LoTurco .......... Tickets Robert Maimes ......... Property Hadassah Kasdin .... Head Usher Ephraim Karch ........ Publicity Morris Davis ........ Advertising Evelyn Karchefsky .... Wardrobe Eugene Smeja ....... Advertising STAGE STAFF Willis Stiefel Sidney Yates in I"' I n " , i,,ia,,i4g4.i-.iran ' Y-X ,i A .ifilm 'l" ':"IL1 Qff.u- A Qmffxu J lilly li Q D -e.g,..12, -1 ,. 5 MA- 45 I U Ill , 0- 1 V -,Q L ? 5- , 4? , .3 , Q, - , l. -1 , a . ffaalvi jfiflusin KARL VAN HOICSEN MAR-LOWE SMITH "Music hath charms," but with such directors as Mr. Smith and Mr. Van Hoesen these charms have been increased considerably at Benjamin Franklin High School. Mr. Smith has formed one of the finest high school musical organiza- tions in the city, the A Capella Choir. Under his direction this group has made an enviable name for itself. Because of the splendid work it had been doing, an invitation was extended to its members to be the guest artists at one of the Civic Orchestra concerts given at our school this term. The invitation was accepted, and the school was congratulated by Mr. Paul White, who was directing the orchestra that day, for having such a fine organization in its midst. Another musical triumph of Mr. Smith's was the skit In a G67'l'lIll'7l, Garden, which was given by the choir in one of the Weekly assemblies this semester. Although this offering was short and simple, it was received very enthusiastically by all who saw it, because of the delightful manner in which it was presented. Mr. Van Hoesen is the leader of an orchestra and a band of which our school may well be proud. Both these organizations have established a high standard of musical achievement in our school. Besides being at the head of two such fine groups of musicians, Mr. Van Hoesen has himself mastered several different kinds of instruments. He also has Written and published books on the instruction of the violin. Pupils not able to receive outside instruction have benefited greatly by the various musical organizations that have been formed in our school. .. - i --- 1 i - 1 I - -I ra.. A 7,5 n 1, -' X .Aim muy' " 4 X g I if '.llT. f1.g' vmeftw ' -llll, 3 . 4 - 'email . E .Muft- z ' N- le -- Q' 46 it Mmw tlgall Bartash, Jack Bartikofsky, David Butterfield, Alfred Camenelli, Marie Carrol, Joseph Charles, Jeanette Chazan, Fanny Clymus, Ann Connorozza, Joseph DeSpirito, Romolo Doroffy, Anna Doroffy, Sophie Falk, Lillian Freadlin, Joseph Freidman, Dorothy Germuga, Tom Glickman, Edith Goldstein, Irving Gorecki, Jeanette Gordon, Ruth Grosswirth, Selma Hartung, Jean Hawes, Karl Hiller, Austin QI Glapella Cibuir Hoiman, Katherine Hurwitz, Janice Jaffesson, Jennie Jolley, Marion Keller, Raymond Kolko, Ruth Krumweide, William Kryk, Anna Ladwig, Willard Laufer, Francis Levine, Alice Longmore, Nelson Lorenz, Madeline Marks, Elizabeth Matties, Vera Meding, Oscar Michlin, June Muckstad, Paul Nowack, John Payne, Gordon Pingel, Clara Rabinowitz, Norman Raineri, Peter Reina, Frank Richer, Verna Ring, Irving Robfogel, Betty Rohm, Doris Ruderman, Irving Sanger, Helen Schairer, Barbara Schreiber, Leslie Sloane, Marvin Slobodnick, Alice Starkweather, Jack Swartz, Samuel Tartaglia, Nicholas Tiede, Bernard Tunnison, Margarita Vaivoda, Edna VanGraafeiland, E. Waldron, Crabill Walker, Charles Walker, Frederick Wegner, Charlotte Welch, Eileen Wendel, Elmer Whitmore, Keith l l P ,a liliix Ili., I Q nv' f film ,1 E .X.,g 'ggff,-vj efjgu .fx 'J-e g ' iff' f-J r U ' -' 1 -. aus- .-- j "' ' "' 47 7 hx L ' ::.- 'Y Q J 1 U Uf - ' grmyxihf . K fl , .F m 2,1 1 .- ,Fix - We ::,,,'-lx Y- 1-,,Qi-,4., L ,' X1 Q9rr:iJes4tra Eanh 'DAL' I." I V A 1- ' . ' ' 'J' ' L i . A . ,yr vbf I , -, -uilllfllz .. 4 ,,,,, , 1 . h ,,,, fff, , n K ,N-,V , .4 Z , H M-l'ff5'7I15- M V ,fl 'f jfll 5,1 , lf- ' 1 2 Nr 1 J.. - .-- 7' 'A ' 'Al "' D x 2 .rf WF A f f . 4-7 :ni -y fs Y Af 'X 4, 271' Mk ' "" 48 ill naatae alaii Smarts CARL CHAMBERLAIN In the capacity of head of the health education department, Mr. Chamberlain has been instrumental in securing a situation which is in keeping with progressive trends in physical education. Believing that the health education department exists for the physical development of the entire school community, rather than for the training only of the physically normal and superior pupil, Mr. Chamberlain has instituted special tests, corrective work for the physically handicapped, and special hygiene in- struction. He has also striven to provide physical activities for the physi- cally normal and superior pupil through after school activities. The fact, that this term there were actually in existence and playing one hundred and two basketball teams, illustrates this point of view. As coach of the basketball team, Mr. Chamberlain has a remarkable record. In the two years that our school has been in existence the basket- ball team twice won the championship of the Rochester and Vicinity League, and this year's team has won the sectional championship. Mr. Chamberlain is noted for his psychological management of the team. With such a wealth of material, it was always paramount to secure the best work- ing combination and to have team in a winning mood. He secured a com- bination that was marvelous to watch. Thus, Mr. Chamberlain has been successful in providing worthwhile physical activities for the entire school and in establishing a name for our school in the health education field. F'-1-1 ,... A I . P IL ,', . V H 'I f MAH x . 'X L I . , fl ,.g , 6 i , A , . :J KT l" f tx Mg ihjl " ,n4.ytlLJ ' A,. 2125, ,K - l - . 1! 'vim 'ax g A, 1- - 7 -- , . W . ... 49 Basketball Although Franklin has been in basketball competition only two years, the teams of those two years have made basketball history. This year's team, coached by Carl Chamberlain, captured not only the city and county interscholastic titles but also the central and western New York cham- pionship. The never-to-be-forgotten team was lead by co-captains Sam Mink and Art Michlin. Sam Mink received the unanimous vote of the judges for all- scholastic guard. This is a rare occurrence in the choosing of all-scholastic teams. Kenneth Stenzel, high scoring forward of the team, was chosen all- scholastic forward. Art Michlin and Jake Baker, center of the famous block play, were both given honorable mention. Garson Mink, who filled the va- cancy left by 'tBuck" Pierson, would have been chosen for an all-scholastic team if he had joined the team at the beginning of the season. His work was outstanding. Throughout the season, the team exhibited a brand of basketball that is seldom seen on Rochesteris basketball courts. 4 . - t , f - - P ., lil ,af t, - H 1 f'7"7ii 11' 4' V "T'ff'p-a., .- . . rf! '1j'YL : L3z,a' g g wgafqiac 2 ,Ill I, 5. -qs" f 3 gy at le- ' ' f' 11 -- T' i 50 ,I M K EMKM TID 9613 .Sana 5419 MINI6 QTENZBL aka x QW x'3?3?"fL ' 'f n my rr" 'il h 6 62 .,: . 51 ii Maii ixii rank Our track team, like its mate cross country, has all the makings of a championship team. Through the tutelage of coach Harold Roche and under the guidance of the co-captains Francis Laufer and Werner Beer our team cannot fail to have the finest of training and conditioning. Franklin High School is fortunate in possessing such a fine group of champions. Francis Laufer, co-captain, is holder of the city high jump record, breaking the record twice in one year. Werner "Foamy" Beer, cross country champion, is holder of the city half mile record. Thomas Pisano, William Bowen, and Jack Starkweather are ranked among the best milers in the city. John Grana, cross country star, and William "Chubby" Purvis are both consistent point gainers in the quarter mile. Harold "Streak" Kowalski, and Eli "Smoke" Johnson are considered the two fastest dash men in the city. Eugene "Dip" De Pietro, and Elmer Wisotske have shown their ability with the shot during previous seasons. With such a wealth of material plus an unconquerable spirit and notable good sportsmanship, Franklin may well expect to place another championship in her annals of sport history. I A T t. . ri l. f ' F i . 1 - -- ,N LLU' I 1 .'--gun' - - Q ' 41, ,f',, 1 fffg , I I WM! -IQ' Jil: t 4 :ls I-1 Yin: u gwgff:,twA I ik 'A 3 i 3 f d IS, 7.1, at ji., rg ' M' - ' A a ai, ..- i f f ' 'A ' "' 52 ia aam tiaii . . IL 'm f n 3 ? Q Z -.' :.'f,,'. ,ffl ", -i, I T' In , m Baseball May 6 Franklin vs. East High at U. of R. Field " 13 " vs. Marshall at Franklin " 25 vs. Edison Tech. at Franklin " 27 vs. Canandaigua at Canandaigua June 1 Bye " 3 Franklin vs. Monroe at Franklin " 8 " vs. Charlotte at Charlotte " 10 vs. West at Franklin I ""' .'u'-. is ,i , fir' i -ie. Q 'ws 2, " V. gg fagli 53 .1 4 wA"'A H CI , 221 QW .X 'xguniur fbigb Basketball Zlleam . NW A aw DHGARDI, COLBURN, DANr:1.Ew NAWROCKI, LEVITT, CHERRY Ilulslmnlm, Imnuussm, SvA1,zo, nvting rnpluin, Brzvmzn, mnnugw IIITTMAN, MAKSAMH-1, Mom:1s,TATHAM, BAUMAN Immz, S'1'U1:1s, ToRm:Ns, SCHULTZ, Mumz fTnoPTloNY, MURPHY, YANKUWI, BATES, CRUGNALI-1 SANINQRIJND, SORUKTI, ra-vupf., Rm'Al,l,IvK, ro-f-npr., NIlI,I.l-IR K - VJ' - 7 -I 4 if P 'I 7 hi WJHZ LL I N I imnhlln 'vs HQ f ' AVVA ' X wk 4' - 'P N'-h "" 810 . 4- L 4, ,! V .J ." ' 4 12.5 a wp f U 3 , Qi ' -4 'A li- 54 fx ' 10 m ga! wrestling egm 1 4 I fl ll ' I A GAHRVPANO, ORLANDO, LISTA, STEIMER, WIMLR, MIALE I.Ar-nmzs, LOVENHEIM, LEQNE, FRAESE, Coach MAx1oN, CIRRE, HP:RsHENHoRN, TOMENO AUGINU, GHANA, SODARO, DIPIETRO, PLATANIA, PISANO, KOWAIASKI, Clow-'I Punvls, GEY1-IR, RUPPENTHAL, ROEMFIR, BAKER, THOMPSON, LEVIN, LISTA Cibeerleatlers .IAHQ BARTASH, MR. Hocus, E1.1.swom'H VAN GRAAFEILAND A . - 7 A lil . A. , fi. ' " - ff rv Aff , - sh-gk X .- ' iv , A A vii. WL .E -AL--'in KY l- A4, 'ff ..- 55 I Q 2' -?' ' P if 0 fwZ4QxvG:, . Ag A' if - ,Q RH 3 Girls' ilaunur Basketball Team SOROCKTI, PHILLIPS, GRAUMENZ, Hzuvi GANGI, HAMBURG, LEONE, Wms, KWIATOWSKI SANGER, Miss LAWRENCE, Elsmzsnao, Capt., Miss Km-zrmc, DOMINUS Girls' Smarts Although the work of our girl athletes is done quietly and without apparent notice, many events of interest have taken place. The inter-home room and inter-class basketball tournaments were the most important events of this year. Much interest was centered on these two leagues. The 11th grade seems to have had a monopoly on all basket- ball honors-11A-6 capturing the home-room title, and the first and second 11th grade teams winning the inter-class trophies. A banquet terminated the basketball season. Miss Hazel Wilbraham, of the Womens College, University of Rochester, was the guest speaker. A basketball game between an honor team selected by the girls' gymnasium instructors and the post-graduate team ended the evening's program. The P. G.'s were the victorsg the score being 22-20. Six girls were awarded Red Cross Life Savers' Certificates last term. Sara Roth, Pearl Heim, and Eleanor Moulden received junior certificates and Reva Alent, Bessie Michelson, and Cecille Phillips senior certificates. A junior high and a senior high swimming meet were held on April 20 and April 27, respectively. The following events took place: 25 yard dashg back and crawl form strokes, 50 yard dashg and standing front, run- ning front, and optional dives. The combined team of 8A-2 and 8A-5 was the victor of the 7th and 8th grade inter-home room hit-pin tournament. A-'fl i - 1 - , 0 P- - A l A K' l Wi l gi-ilihl 'uv l Q g ILL Q ,, ., ,,,,:',','i'. -L 535,412 Q l N ' liz: V- "" .. 2, 1 .K 3 Mfr ' l jv 3, l! 'fjjlax 7 ' f.. -- .-.. i 'i 56 Qllmanark Elie ?Kep's -manark for Germ 3Iune '32 5 -'-'- Q gets dirty today." Q- Behicateh to stuhents tnbu A , , sleep in stubp ball 1932 Qnme ZBummu Q wi I 5 A , 5 Jfehruarp X ' Qpril i i l'elmruai'.v is here again, April Showers help gi lol Q The month ol. lots ol' iee. To make the llowers growg . . For skating, the ice is perlieetp But whydoes it have to rain on me? 1 1 But for walking, not so nice. l can grow without that, l know. You slip and down you tiallg 'W Ya' F' Then, up again you elimh. f I And all the while -vou're pining, mhz lung ann Short i For the good old summertime. gf mfafning at franklin "Don't wait until tomorrow to put off what 5 Q 5 we Q XVhen people wore a lot ol' clothes. I Q No one could hlarch winds phaze. i Now the darn wind blows right through. Oh! For the good old daysl "A sap a day keeps a psychiatrist that way. Q - Q ln our ramlmles for something tine lVe chanted upon this little sign: ialeage tlenln Sink TIlICSl'2VEN'I'll Pr:R1ool3l.Ul12s C . i , l've got the seventh period lilues - - aftpt washing And l'm just as lmlue as l can he. Xvhen my teachers feel kinda cralmlvy, 2 1 mhz lanhlurh They always seem to pielc on me. 1 l've sat in that room so long, ' ' lust 'z 't' 1' tor tl e lern oll f 1' ' ' "livery m in is lcnown hy his tie." I-rr' i:lI.::itl1lthe melt time I gobiigeie, O I l'll have to use a softer chair. " 'Tis a foolish lnoy that rnalces his sister his Y. 4 ' i eonlessorf' "He who loves noise should liunv a saxophone." 1 58 5 5 Q Q 5 Q Q Q Q Q Gio he reah hp stuhents . . afflicteh tnitbmitth 5 ima? 'X X U , "ll-von Can't sing, lxellowf' weather Qlirp ant hreegp Elune T'was in thc merr-v month ol' lune - - illibe ?Kep'5 Qlmanark fur Ulerm June '32 t "The prool' ol' the pupil is in the report card." . Ziggag grime iiaas ipressing engagement . l r - - 0 1 The suitors, they were wont to say "The llowers then will alwa-vs Bloom in the merrv month ol' lime." "The sun shines all over the house Anil the rntTflllShlnC'S lll the CCll1ll',H , - .Nly girl has such pearl-v teeth. "Thetv're false," lollts woultl shout: So l bought a lung ol' gum mlrops To see il' theyll Come out. l wish l were an an fel, 5 Xxlltll Xvin 'S as Yvllltc HS SHKTXY. E l'cl llv I'l fht clown to vou a vain . 5 . 5 txlltl Vflll XVIICVC tl, Yll. . E .4,,. "Fair faces neecl no paint." , , Once upon a time XVe came upon this item: . . Vicizsi: Woizsic The sun's so hot in Slay fmt. Zahn 31:22. " That it makes us all nleelare, , , , "You ilriv up all the prunes, met bls mlfe ann klggch Anil leave us without a pearfl ber Un the gangplank. g Q W hy tlo you treat us so, olcl Sol, Knowing that insiile we must toil i ll' our complexion we would not spoil? ' . . ' ' I Yeg 'MQ vom, burning glare Sol hlarrlage is an institution -so is the pzmorhouse That malxes us lwemoan sta-ving home. .V . Y 'Wlills ol' magnesia is thiclcer than milltf' ' It is saicl that the wanv to an man's heart is Q through his stomach, lsut we nevei s nw a man liall in, l,x, uwiiio..-0511 .i.. -1.,1 1 . ' -'A gmfraemiiS4.nQt,w.1Sswlim.,-it-." 5 5 5 W 5 5 0911 e janhele Eazme nf Easehauz On this beautiful clay in Iune, as I sit cogitating over the fickleness of humanity i I and watching the snow trickle past the window of my igloo in the upper regions of T 1 the Eiffel Tower, I do take my typewriter in hand and write the following inci- dent: It was on the afternoon of the previous day that we, Thomas Iefferson and l, had attended the first night game of the baseball season. Fain would l have 2 Q stayed at home with a worthwhile book, but Iefferson insisted that l accompany f . him to whittle away an idle hour. A fine man. Thomas Iefferson, but a bit too frivolous for a staid man such as l. Arriving at the open field, we climbed the fence and stationed ourselves at an advantageous point. It seemed that the entire thirteen colonies had gathered in that arena to witness a mere child's play. I observed Alexander Hamilton, a trifle 1 1 defected after his clash in Congress, yelling and gesticulating at Iohn Adams. ' 1 Alas, poor fellow, the financial strain of the nation weighed heavily on his slender shoulders. ln his company was a voluble young lad eating bananas. He had 1 Z some glimmering of knowledge about the principles of the game, and he proceeded f 1 to instruct us in them with the arrogance and assurance of Youth, meanwhile stroking his mustachio. There was much impatience at the long delay, but Hnally, after a short wait, i I the game started. Alen swung wildly into thin air with small yellow sticks, hop- f 1 ing by nothing short of a miracle to hit the tiny white pea as it responded to the torce of gravity. The spectators cheered lustily as the boys ran from pillow to 1 1 pillow in their vain endeavor to reach-Lord only knows where. Some vagrants, f 1 who had just returned from the Boston Tea Party, were throwing Chocolate eclairs and empty tea cups at the umpire. Thus it came to pass that a nation which had recently engaged in a fearful struggle for existence, now looked on and wrangled over an umpire's decision. 1 Q Thomas lefferson, who was watching the game with keen interest, made this f Q inane remark, "There," he said, pointing Ca shocking habitj at the field, "lies the future of America." And saying so, he removed his hands from his pockets and j Q patted me on the back. This so touched me that I went home, killed my dog f Q Fifi, hung the pelt on the wall, and thereon hangs a tale. Q K Q M Q 5 60 . . 5 W l was born at a very tender age at Fairport, New York. It was at the impas- 1 Q sionistie age ot' two and two months that my strange lure for women became Z 1 apparent. Fly mother tHelen BJ was hopefully in love with me, much to the jealousy ot' my neglected father tGeorge HQ. l was Constantly being besieged by 1 1 adoring women Qlidith G., Dorothy M., Verna G., etc.D who wanted to smatter Z 1 oseulations on my physiognomyg but my beloved mater guarded me carefully from those sirens. Fly sisters QKatie S., and Florence BJ and my brother CAbe 2 f HJ escorted me wherever l went so that l might be protected from mobs of con- f 1 spiring men fsigmund G., Abe M., etc.D who were jealous of my overpowering influenza over their wives CDoris R., Sara S., etc.j their golden-haired mothers tselma G., Lillian G., etc.Q and their silver-wigged grandmothers. l was graduated at school with high honors because most of my teachers Cloe Q Q L., Dorothy P., etc.l were in love with me. l was not allowed to be collegiate as f Q my mother was afraid l would be kidnapped by man-hunting co-eds tLena L., lda IW., Anna P., etc.D : and anyhow, l didn't Consider it becoming for me to wear Q Q wide pantaloons. Ply life was made miserable by irate fathers tRobert W., I Q Thaddeus B., etc.D with popguns who stormed my home daily to retrieve their daughters' fhlolly S.,Gertrude L., Iulia G., etc.j stolen aftectations. It was no j Q longer safe for me tYonkel BJ to walk through the streets even with my family f Q guard. I appealed to the chief of police QRomolo DJ for protection, and was given a squad ot' armed, flat-footed thugs tAbe G., Ellsworth V., Gordon P., etc.Q to stand around me as l perused the parks daily for a whiff' of fresh ozone. Une day the chieths better-half fAnne FJ brought mother a case of stewed - - prunes Cpeter R., Francis L., Vt7illiam K., etc.j. As soon as she saw me, she j 1 swooned. Bly mother instantly recognized the symptom of love and hastily sent me out with my guards for a walk. An hour later, as l was ambling through the - 1 park, Mrs. D. tchietus wifej overtook me, ordered the guards to "Scram " and T 1 proceeded to make violent love to me. What could a poor defenseless boy like me do? I was overpowered, and weakly l submitted to her persuasions to meet her Z I every day in front of the third waste basket during second lunch period. Z 1 The chief must have heard about our secret rendezvous, for a week after our strange meeting my guards were removed, and shooting permits were issued with special permission of the copywright owners. A month later l was arrested for leaving my chewing gum in the water foun- tain. l was then tried, convicted, and sentenced to thirty years of hard labor at shaving warts oil' pickles. 5 5 5 Q 61 i,9nnkeI Igartasifs life Svturp 5 Q THE PORTRAITS in this BUCK were made by MQSER STUDIO, INCORPORATED STUDIO and HOME PCDRTRAITURE I Nj! K V Z7 Clinton Avenue North RQCHESTER, NEW YORK r-- -- -------------I Seniors, Attention! Jimmy Kaleta thanks you for your kind patronage and wishes you the best of luck in your future profession. I "Classmate Meets Classmate At Jimmy's Soda Fountain" Wholesome, Sanitary, Tasty Lunches, Special for Franklin Students. KALETA PHARMACY 1099 HUDSON AVE. BASTIAN BROS. CO. Manufacturers of Class Rings and Pins School Activity Emblems Engraved Commencement Announcements And Visiting Cards I Main 7471 CATALOG ON REQUEST Desk-A-64 Rochester, N. Y I R 0 C H E S T E R ' S MOST MODERN D A I R Y 9 I Kunzer-Ellmwood, Inc. 123 BARBERRY TERRACE We Serve Fhwmklin High with Chocolate Chill Phone, Stone 2938 l 1 1 THE SCHOOL OF COMMERCE EAST AVENUE AT ALEXANDER ST. Courses in BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SECRETARIAL TRAINING ACCOUNTANCY, BOOKKEEPING SELLING AND ADVERTISING STENOGRAPHY The cost is Less Write for Catalog MASTERCRAFT BEN LEVE JEWELRY CORP. Insurance llesigners and Mafillfacfurers of AUTO-.DWELLING--ETC, .IEWEIARY EGR CQDLLKGES 229 Granite Bldg. Stone 2105 FRATERNITIIES AND SORORITIES Designs and Prices Gladly Submitfed on S1:f'1'i11l E'ml1lems for Clubs and Sehools Main 3874 246 St. Paul St. Rochester, N. Y. Champion Knitwear Mills St. Paul, opposite Strand -Om' M1111 Tell A7lfJfllCI'--- We appreciate the patronage of the members of the Benjamin Franklin High School. Compliments of A FRIEND G. Bareis and Son Dealers in I?rownbilI Shoes 826 JOSEPH AVENUE Stone 3048 Please Patronize Our Advertisers From High School Through The Cooperative Business Institute Into a head Secretarial Position That is the moving picture of successful students. Will you be in It? 36 CLINTON AVENUE N. RINGS-PINS-KEYS Designs for all School Clubs JEWELED PINS ATHLETIC TROPHIES, MEDALS, DANCE PROGRAMS, FAVORS The Metal Arts Company 742 Portland Ave. CHARLES JACK, Representative Rent Your Tuxedo Full Dress Or Cutaway Suit A. J.'s TUX SHOP 73 Clinton Ave. South We Rent Part Or Complete Outfit Specials in Ben. Franklin Colors LESTER E. RUBENS SMART MEN'S WEAR 657-659 Hudson Avenue For Good Printing at a Fair Price Let Us Figure with You On Program s A nn o Il nec nz cn ts Cards Billheads Letterheads Stationery Catalogs Ojice Forms Price Lists Booklets ADVERTISING DODGERS, FOLDERS, STUFFERS, BROADSIDES, AND Eiferytlzing in the Printing Line Call MAIN 3524 We'll Give You Service And Save You Money Willard Printing Co., Inc 119-121 North Water st. The Most Popular Suits At BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Are the Blue Cheviot, Oxford Grey And Brown Fancy Mixtures Featured At The Warden's Boys' and Students' Shop 38-40 North st. TEMPLE BLDG. Prices at 310.75, 31275, and 314.75 With Two Pairs of Long Trousers Rochester Stationery Co. WE CARRY A COMPLETE LINE OF OFFICE EQUIPMENT 108 MILL STREET Reliable Coal Co. COAL AND COKE SERVICE For Fuel NeedsQUALITY 725 DRIVING PARK AVE. Phone, Glen. 581 "E4rtra1vagance rots character, train youth away from it. On the other hand, the habit of saving money, while it stlffens the will, also brightens the energies. If you would be sure that you are right, sa-ve." THEODORE ROOSEVELT. Be Sure You Are Right Save Every MONDAY ROCHESTER SAVINGS BANK Two OFFICES 47 MAIN STREET WEST - 40 FRANKLIN STREET Can you offer EXPERIENCE? TRAINING? THESE are the first qualifications demanded when you apply for a job. A cooperative course at Mechanics Institute will give you both, for students work every other four weeks. Such a position gives them money in their pockets and usually a permanent job. PROGRAM OF STUDY COOPERATIVE COURSES: Industrial Electricity, Industrial Mechanics, Construction Supervision, Food Administra- tion, Retail Distribution, Costume Art with Retailing, Photographic Technology and Industrial Chemistry. APPLIED ART COURSES: Illustration, Advertising Art, Design Crafts, Interior Decoration, Art Education. MECHANICS INSTITUTE An Endowed Technical School Rochester, New York Write to the Institute for further information or, better yet, arrange an interview with the supervisor or director of the course that interests you. 66 A QUARTER CENTURY of R R I N T I N G 9 UR SILVER ANNIVERSARY! Twenty-tive years of progress in the printing art, marked by d deeper teach of love For our work and the pride that deee mpanies the deee mpIisIrmerrt of work done well. The attainment oF per- Albe'tp'Ge'll"9 liection in our clwosen Field always lwas been . 1 our goal, and always will be. Upon our long Lewis J. Zwierlein experience our crattmanslwip, and our ability to lceep apace witlw the trencl ot the day, we base l our solicitation of your patronage. We l-snow we can satisfy. The Art Print Sliop printed this edition oF THE KEY Cifihe ART RRINT SI-ICR 77 ST. RAUI. ST. ROCHESTER, N. Y. jf Y big? 'QR WM, X KQQIMMH MMHM Q 1 ' ' I 'I Zlutugrapbs xi! I-!"!ql Q ' 4,of47Zfn if QE! ylfyffl Jf.,SfQy,4'f' .J V- ' ' sf 1 f W f X if . f wk N0 ' 'X W 1 4 ,, IW Q X JV' MQ L fP 'X S K K 6 W Xlflfvfdj' f W , . fv 'L A' ' 1- i . f . 5 A, k 4,,:,L,lf'L,g 41' Wbgiinilvl lg , , T 'i l PCM - A-an 7' fel- f 251955 . - ' JJ ' Wax"-M -Al-Dl,1 f4a '-.:.QA4 1,r. 1 ,Q a.!A-Affirx f- v- 1- v ' i es .. ! 4 3 x A i F E s 3 E 5 3 1 I I 5 Q 5 1 5 E I I I I 2 5 x E z S i ,

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