Franklin High School - Key Yearbook (Rochester, NY)

 - Class of 1931

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Wug Xggg iirli MXAg W UM MW WW WW M M W Z M VM W W W M Wm W MMM MA W WA M W W M M W X X X X X X X X X X X , Zy?Zyi2i?Qf'?2?f6ZQfQf??62'?4'? f bkizfyifbyfii f 7 QKQKQZQQK A X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X bfi li ff 51" X .,, V' X rw L...-.-j -9- ,- X ysy .JC -,IL 0 0 o 1 T ,. MAJMLQ, nlllldf WW uf, K H1962 l Il ,I ,I I ,I ,I I ,I ,I I Dedication The Class ofjune 1931 gratefully dedicates this, the First issue of the Benjamin Franklin High School KEY, to Miublames P. B. Duffy, who was instrumental in procuring this beautiful school. 1 QK 4 1 EXW? ,l I ,l I ,I I E 3 3 K' . N Ss SX ii il v Q lN4E,'lEENEI'S 9 IKIEWQ Faculty P Sefiors, V Ofrgggzzauons l F X X 5 Xi x EZ Z Xf 15555 ' ' I li 4' ' 4' ' 4 i 1 i 'I ' 4 I " 1' 1 5' I ' I l ' ' i 'N I ROY L. BUTTERFIELD, Principal whose wise, strong leadership and understanding sympathy Q' I have won our confidence l 'J N SSZQKMQKZ 35xZZ95 ' 6 Ax IUIUIN ' sms s 44 5 ' O . 'v 0.05. . . U lo' I' 090 g v I ' 9 1' on, C00 0 9 o Q ,Q I lgs ol. O H 5 I 5 I I "oo9. I oi' XX I I X ki , f ff 1 Q 1A f l 0. ', 7 0 I 'Q . ' ' ' u i..'.l'mQ, . Q . ll.. ,",. 5 en' o- O 'Q 9 5 9 A N. 9 a o 5 I' D, I H' ' U a , 0 e'."u 5' 'g 'Q ",'H,v. 1209 '..,0 .I xt!! g l.D .C '.'o ,.'g,' . 'Q' 1".,.g : .H .sub .0 ., ap.. K' ,Q 0 lu'ga' U Q! u 'ya o "g 0 5 Q 5 ' ' U ' I. ', ..q..o .5-Q 5 .u. 'I' ,'..o,', a0u9'o..0"' 'Q "-1e".f Q I Ol 4 lo . eq.. .s , ...,'o ...U "I 4 0 UQ' o'o' 0 0' ' ' ' 0' 0 ol: 5' ' o'o' , xxx ' l 5 p. 0' .s-'Q .9 ., ' ',a Jn: 5' ' 0' .god 0" l 0' 0 Q X fl! if xl exam .O X. Xxxwl I . SNNN 1, If ...,x : 4- fr -N 1 , - Z I fx 5 X fl XX . af W . ffm fl Y 'fl x. ,g . fl! ,, X Z, 'ff - '- f " t f M X f X x 'x r- A 4 Z E A . rx . l' Cf-ji 'ff C, 4 I Q I Q ' 8 Z3K 2' Zffzihifm. V if 3 Z Q ' 'R ,I -,f"'lgf'lLf'igf ,,f"lg.f If I in A ROY L. BUTTEREIELD I WILLIAM C. WOLGAST CELIA WILLIS . . . I LOLA BURRELL . . LOUISE COULTON . I EDNA BAYER. . . . SARAH BURT . . . EDNA MCLAUGHLIN I LOUISE WOODRUI-'E . DOROTHY DOELL . I MARGARET LEARY . ADELINE KAMAN . BETTY VERESCHAK . I Mary Brockway Dorothy Edwards Marian Greenwood Merle Ive: Miriam Ll-lvin Mary Meagher ll 4- ' Mary Costigan Irene Hess 1 . ll 0 P Donald Clark ' Teresa DiMice1i in 1 p I l Dorothy Abert Grant Cleland Faculty e a n 4 ENGLISH H. JEAN CARTER Grace Rowley Helen Scott Preston Tate Harriet Cochrane Olyve Gordon Truby Henry LATIN E. D. BEZANT Helen Ritz Frances Gray MODERN LANGUAGES DOMENIC DEFRANCESCO Paul Erickson Agnes Peterson Marian Laley MATHEMATICS CARLISLE TAYLOR Martha Middaugh Paul Welton gl Clara Gienke Lillian Grafts Francis Henderson Olga Ferrara I SOCIAL SCIENCE I WILLIAM C. WOLGAST John Clark Helen Proctor I Alta Fisher U , , , , .Iacob Ross Stillman Hobbs fl il! ' ' 'Franc Ebray I Clara Pauly Ann Hanna 5536 Z 9 . . . Principal . Vive-Principal . . Secretary . Psychologist . Attendance . . Libra-'rian . . Librarian . Accompanist . Accompanist . . . Clerk . Clerk . Clerk . Clerk Ina LaWall Grace McCarthy Jesse Ogden James Ryan Janet Sprague Donald Rahtjen Helene Wondergem Ruth Denio Jane Dunham Elizabeth Hall Rachel Langworthy Carroll Potter Florence Metz Samuel Porter Effey Riley Refi 33 55 Anthony Betten Mary Burns Edna Faulkner Marguerite May Bessie Ames Rose Blank Oneita Delvin Orva Ellis Hildegarde Granger Leon Leggett Harvey Thomas Arthur Bates Eva Milliman Harold Singleton Ralph Cogswell Dennis Ruby W. H. Clark James Finnegan James Kipp William Maxion William Read Ella Davis Herbert Koehler Lester Parker Burns Beach Harold Roche Charles C. Colburnc FHCUlty-COnCinMCd SCIENCE HAROLD H. MILLER Ivan Quinlavin Robert Smith Helen Boynton Alice Dysinger COMMERCIAL SAMUEL ZORNOW Raymond Murphy Emily Thompson Harold Warner Abrona Batz Ethel Clark Anne Dorrell STUDY HALLS PENMANSHIP WALTER KOLOSEIKE GUIDANCE ART MUSIC MARLOWE SMITH Mary W. Stark PRACTICAL ARTS J UDSON DECKER James Kingston Fanny Emery Helen Scribner Howard Jennings Elston Yaeger Willis Darling J. W. Kaiser RELATED WORK Harold Swarthout Jacob Hilgerman Sarah Larmer HEALTH EDUCATION CARL CHAMBERLAIN Robert Torrens Edna Snow Lois Lawrence SQZZZZZXZZEGSPQSTZ 10 Raymond Francis Edna S. Parker E. P. Schermerhorn Stanton West Helen Ewbank Laura Hoefer Benjamin Lipson Marjorie Pangburn Elizabeth Town Ethel West Isaac A. Chapell Frances Stewart Marion Tuthill Thankful Spaulding Joseph Magro Lewis Miller Walter Tennent Marian Blake Mabel Pashley Marjorie Stevens Walter Schmitt Helen Young Marion Ratcliffe Mabel Sampson smozms I A ' f' ' ' f ' ,ffvf4srfh,if4s.f2n.fa.fxif2a...f' 5. fiiv Q' 'S-ff"lrf A 7 741' 'lv ffilv ,f . filv ,n l , ff ff "Bef, Alma Mater In Franklin High we place our trust- The source of our life's aimg We crown with honors fair and just Our Alma Mater's name. Let steady foresight point the way And care our actions lead: Our deeds and not our words will lay Foundations of our creed. With loyalty to Franklin High, With harmony in thought, We shall with single purpose strive For strength in honors sought. Let hope acknowledge no defeat, And friendship be our ruleg Let time in measured march repeat The spirit of our school. MICHAEL GOLBEN June '31 W gf f ,f4t,,f .f ,f ,f Q, 12 2525295 X9K BKBKi25 JUNE '31 OFFICERS President .... SAMUEL J. CATALFANO X Vice-President . . . SUSIE ROLICK Secretary . . . . SARA RASKIND I T'reasu9'er . . . KENNETH GEIWITZ Social Cllll'i'l"77IfHl, . . MAURICE DANKOFF X N XR 3 5. N N N O N WILI.IAM C. VVOLGAST HELENE VAN NESS WONDERGEM 'ISZRZXZZZZZXZ 2626253 13 325535969621 Ziyi? i ANUSZKIEWICZ, Vicroiz 36 Dayton St. ,O Archery Club 123: Track Team 133: Home Room Dele- ' i gate 143. n O Vic-'s dark ix Vi:-'s full X Hill iI'slVir"s curly hrlir 4 Thu? mrzlrks girls full. St. Stanislaus School Undecided aa L ARNAO, MARY D. 40 Miller St. 0 Girls' Class President 123: H. R. Alternate 123: H. R. Delegate 13, 43 : Renaissance Club 12, 3, 43: Key Staff 143: Usher Senior Play 143: Les Babillards 143. 1 Jest and youthf jollity Quips and cran cs and lo 'o wiles Nods and bec . a zcd smiles. O' t a 1, Undecided KX ASHLEY, HOWARD B. 1209 N. Goodman St. He lets the world go rushing by, 'ix Serene, nnmoved, 'without n sigh. i Washington Jr. High Undecided .XX AX BERNSTEIN, EVELYN 50 Avenue C ' 5 Remington Award 123: H. R. Basketball 143. "Silence is golden," they say?- XX "Hut," says our Evelyn, "talking Q' is so much more fun." Washington Jr. High Undecided 3 BLAKE, GEORGE 24 Jewel St. ' Football 123: Drnmatics 11. 2, 33 : Cast. Senior Play 143 : X Key Staff m. O' Though he's been with ns just a while, We've learned to know and like his smile, - , His pleasant easy charm, his wif, O And his way of always doing his bil. X Youngstown, Ohio Notre Dzunc oi BONDI, VIVIAN 44 Bricker St. Renaissance 12, 3, 43 : H. R. Alternate 133 3 Usher. Dedi- X cation 143 3 I-I. R. Basketball 1-13. 'al Efficient, proficient, 1 And far from deficient In the arts of the business world ai Undecided X .XX .' .f 'lv' 'ie 'Ir f,"Ir'-ff!-f ffie. ffigy 'iff 'lr f'lgf"1g,fg'ip,f 'lp 14 XZ X35 X255 BONSIGNORE, ADRIANA YVONNE I 1240 Clinton Ave. North Renaissance 12, 3, 43: Usher. Senior Play 143: Usher. Teachers' Convention 1433 Guide, Dedication 14l: H. R. Basketball 143. Non:-halamfe personified. W. J. H. S. Undecided Bm-3sLoFF, MORRIS 121 Wilkins St. H. R. Baseball 12. 33: H. R. Basketball 13, 23: Cross Country 12, 31: Track 12, 33. Wise, very wise- Exceedmgly wary of womrm. No. 8 School Undecided BRETSTEXN, MARIAN 66 Wilson St. H. R. Basketball 143: Service Committee 143. Come, show your dimples, Marirm. Washington Jr. High Undecided BURBA, JEANNE H. 786 North St. Wearer of E 133: Basketball 13, 43: Usher, Dedication 143: Usher, Senior Play 143: Les Babillardx-. 143. "Fair tresscs ma-n's imperial race cnsnures, And beauty draws us with tl single hair." Washington Jr. High New York Univ. CAPLAN, H1LnA F. H. R. Basketball 143. 54 Joseph Pl. Quietly and sercncly, she goes her way. Washington Jr. High Undecided CARSON, DAVID Orchestra 12, 43 1 Key Stull' 143 : Property Manam-i'. Senior Play 143. "They build foo low who build Immwrflz the stars." 44 Bismzirk Ter. Washington Jr. Hipgh University of Rochester A I, 1 " 53 15 is X ,O 1 X XX . X X if X fx, W X Q xx feb I X , . O' 1 CASCINO, ANGELINE H. 75 Crombie St. -1 1 Track Meet 121 : Renaissance 13. 41 Q H. R. Basketball 141 X ' She has the charm of a hostess " 'lv And the wits of a shrewd business -woman. 3 Washington Jr. High School of Commerce O1 11 csssmm, JOSEPH M. 8 Elizabeth Place 6 H. R, Baseball 12, 31 1 H. R. Soccer 121 : Circulation Stall' X of Courant 141: Renaissance Club 141: Cast, Senior Play - 1 141: Advertising Managq. Key 141. "fad-nd in conc Wh I wish to say-" X W ington Jr. ' h Undecided V X 'xx N , Q - 11 11 J Q . l 1 1 N 1 cc if J in ' CATALFA o, AMUE f Seventh St. H. R. Delegate 121: arion Staff 12, 1: H. R. Baseball X 11, 21: H. R. soccer 13, 41: H. R. Basketball 131: some l Manager, Chimes of Normandie 121: Social Chairman O 11, 21: Class President 13, 41: Renaissance Club 1413 KX Standard Bearer 141: Les Babillards 141. ' 1, Sincere heart 0 Ambitious mind "1 Magnetic personality. O' St. Francis University of Rochester ,X O1 CHAIT, RACHEL 114 Thomas St. K, Remington Award 121: Chairman, Book Store 141. Tho she daily ta s from us our -money, We'd ouch for dr. Now, ism'f that f ' nytgl 6 Washin on Jr. High Business 3 COCQUYT, ALICE M. 66 Agnes Street Q Basketball 12, 3, 41: Baseball 12, 31 : Usher, Dedication. XX Short and sweet. Oul' Lady of Victory Undecided 111 li fl! CJHEN, ANNE - ' 4 Harris Street 1 RQ iiilksfhall 1Af'f' ' V' Y " We hear she can tickle the ivories '1 as well as she can the keys on Ol the typewriter. X Washington Jr. High Undecided X. fir X ix ' :iv'.fg'i-v fg'iv2"lpf' K ,,f'lr,f , Q, ?y""lp.f"IvQf, f 'iv f fir ff . -flu 16 f jf' ,fa-.,jf' f ,f' V, ' V,fi.,,f" ,f" iff' COMELLA, ANTHONY J. '73 Hollister Street "Clothes make the man." Washington Jr. High Buffalo University COMMINS, ROSE R. 834 Clifford Avenue "Look hyeah, ain't you jolcin, honey?" Washington Jr. High Business CONNOROZZO, CHARLES 17 Wright Terrace Basketball 425: Glee Club 41, 2, 3. 43 , Golf 11, 2. 33. So now we know why Bobby Jones retired. No. 25 School Northeastern University CROPSEY, ARTHUR J. 270 Clifford enue Home Room Basketball 12, 3. 43 : Soccer Te . He comes to us from amo - he "fight-mg I1'zshme'n," but we a1ven't found him dangerous. Corpus Christi O' Undecided CZARNIAK, FLORYANNA 1481 North Street Guide 141: Usher Senior Play 141: Basketball 143. Floryamm believes that woman's sphere should be the entire globe. St. Stanislaus Undecided DANKOFF, MAURICE 158 Lincoln Street Social Chairman 141: Home Room Soccer 141: Wrestling 25, 2, Zigi: Home Room Basketball 12, 31 : President German U . I think that we shall never see A man more UhCl7ldS0Il1?l'n than he. W. J. H. S. University of Rochester b'?6i:'aifZzsz,Q fwf' ef' .fivfwfwf 17 1 V 5522196262385 DISRAELI MAX 50 Wilkins Street Home Room Basketball 12 SJ Home Room Somcer 123 A shy Iookmg lad with eyes of blue And a gentle manner of speaking too East High School of Comme: cc DRZAZGOWSKA, Louis!-3 M. 115 Weeger Street Remington Award 121: Chorus 121. "The mildest manners and the gentlest heart." Holy Redeemer Undecided 29 Nichols Street Es'rEn,JEssE And his voice came forth, rolling like thunder. Washington Jr. High Undecided FRANZ, STELLA 195 Roycroft Drive Usher-Dedication 143 Q Senior Play 143. A tall and stately body And an open and intelligent mind. Washington Jr. High Undecided FREADLIN, Inmw 24 Ariel Park Home Room Basketball 141 : Glee Club 11, 2, Il, 43 : Chimes of Normandy 121: H. R. Delegate 121. Rene's going to be a nurse- "Bo s, can't you eel our tempcraturex y ' ll gozng up? Carthage Grammar No. 8 Strong Memorial Hospital FRISONE, JOHN 141 Hempel Street Asst. Cheer Leader 141 : Senior Play 143 : Circulation Mgr. Key 143: Les Babillards. Usher-Dedication. Wrestling: 12, 31: H. R. Basketball 11, 2. Bl: H. R. Baseball 11. 2. 35: Soccer 13, 41 : Chimes of Normandy 121 3 Cross Country12l. The answer to a maiden's prayer. No. 25 School University of Rochester Z 18 "lv'iv"lg'I-ff -a ii 3 lt ll N. 4' , , 5? R e QE -Q S 1? 1 fi K r f '1.,ffs,.fg+a,f ,ffa,fa,f-Qifaffaff SQ GEIWITZ, KENNETH 170 Bernard Street Banking Committee 141: Circulation Manager, Courant 1415 Key 14j: Class Treasurer '31, Publicity Manager of Senior Play 14I: Pirates of Penzance 14l: Glce Club 1452 H. R. Soccer 13, 4I: H. R. 13, 4I. Whatta guy! Whatta guy! lit-ind and Orchestra 12, 3, 4l. I "The horn, the horn, the lusty horn 0 Is not a thing to laugh to scorn." Washington Jr. High Eastman School of Music I I GOLDMAN, EDITH 195 Sellinger Street Remington Award 12, 31. I Virtue without pretentious. II Washington Jr. High Undecided If 'I I I GOLDSTONE, MIRIAM H. 53 Henry Street I I A Book Store Clerk 141. 7 What's the matter with Helen? I! I Wash. Jr. High University of Rochester P I I I GOODMAN, IDA 13 Grant Street 1 Key Staff. 'X Emerson could not be right I If Ida says he's not. .X Wash. Jr. High Brockport Normal i, I I ' I X 't?f"Qf"'Qf"'Q7 if . f"Qf f"'ttf ' 'QQ' lf' 19 East High Notre Dame 'll GOLBEN, MICHAEIA 397 Je er venue Q' An Editor Key. 1 f 1, "The pen -is mig ier . he sword"- Especially 'f ' p s to belong to Micha 9 Wa ' on Jr. High Undecided i' 1 f 1' I GOLDFARB, BEN 76 Hollenbeck Street 9 x 'Su . 7 55 " W ix. 1 ' .Lf Q x N. l l. X O GORDON, SYLVIA J. 1733 St. Paul Street Associate Editor Key 141 5 Business Club: Senior Play 141 : X, H. R. Basketball 441. ' "If to her share some female errors fall 'X Look on her face, and you'll forget 'em - Z all." Washington Jr. High Mt. Sinai Hospital X .Xl GORKIN. JESSE C. 28 Avenue C ' H. R. Basketball 131. xx The orafory of Webster Q And the poise of J. Gorkin. X Wash. Jr. High University of Alabama N. hi GOULD, MITCHELL 932 St. Paul Street 1 Key Staff. X A sfudious chap who uses his brains, O- He does all his work and never complains. 'X Washington Jr. High Columbia University .Ot 'Q GOULD, RUTH MARY 587 Wilkins Street ' Book Store Clerk 141: Guardian of Flag, H. R. Delegate he 141: Chairman of Publicity C'ommittee 141: Usher Dedi- ' X cation. he Do you wonder thai she smiles O When report card day rolls Wound? 'A Holy Redeemer .O X! GRECO, MARY 118 Aurora Street O Usher Dedication of School 141 : Cast Pirates of Penzance 1 141: Renaissance 12, 3, 41: Alternate 131: Glee Club 12, X 3, 41: Remington Certificate 121. l Mary has black curly hair, ' Mary has a little wiggle X Mary has two big brown eyes ' Besides a cute little giggle. - No. 10 School Undecided :Al . ,,,....,W, -Q GUGLIELMINO, ANGELO J. 310 First Street ' Home Room Delegate: Member of Executive Committee: ' Cross Country 11. 21 : Track Squad 11, 2, 41 : Home Room ge Basketball 131 : Renaissance Club 12, 31. X "He French can speak with greater ease 5 Than hogs eat acorns or tame pigeons , Q peas." . X Washington Jr. High Cornell University ff A f"'lpf"ig!'lgff , f' A,!"lef"5:,f1f'igfQf" ,.,f"Ig..f' A f' 4,419 'tv 20 Z XBKBKQKBKX XXX HAYMOFF, J0saPH M. 149 Rauber Street Editor-in-Chief Courant 141: Chairman School Publica- tions Committee. A 'modern journalist is Joe- He likes his stuj put down just so. Washington Jr. High Columbia HEYNE, KATE 12 Boston Street He who thinks blushing is a lost art Has but to look on this fair face, No. 9 School HocHs'rE1N, MARY 786 Clifford Avenue Basketball 12, 3, 41: Baseball 12, 3, 41. In the held of athletics she brilliantly shines. Washington Jr. High HOLLANDER, FLORENCE 102 Maria Street Home Room Basketball Team 143. I like school when I'm not in it. Washington Jr. High J ANCZEWSKA, WITOLIA 852 Norton Street uide Teachers' Convention: Usher Dedication: Usher 'enior Play: H. R. Basketball HJ: Typewritimz Award. If Witolia should rise to the heights of fame She surely would have to change her name. St. Stanislaus Highland Hospital JoHNsoN, PETER 136 Rosemary Drive Home Room Basketball HJ: Wrestling Team 12, 3. Hg Home Room Baseball ill. "Why, man, he doth bestride the narrow world like u Colossus. Washington Jr. High Carnegie Tech. xii 21 X i KERSTEIN, B1-:RTHA R. 82 Watkins Terrace Don't study so hard Life is too short. Wash. Jr. High University of Rochester KIENER, LILLIAN 111 Huntington Park Some folks are lccen, But Lillian is Kiener. Washington Jr. High Undecided Kmscl-I, HYMAN 655 Clinton Avenue N. Key Staff. "Thy modesty's a candle to thy merit." Washington Jr. High Columbia l h"G'lAJU-'N KoszA1.KA, L1-:ONA 138 Weyl Street Leona looks quiet They do say though that "Appearances are deceitful." X W h. Jr. High School of Commerce R . KRIEGER, MORRIS 49 Pardee Street Home Room Basketball 141, f Possessov' of a pleasant disposition and N A mop of curly hair. East High University of Alabama LANDAU, LILLIAN 43 Avenue A l- Home Room Basketball Ui: President Business Club Hb. Life will never be dull for Lillian, Nor for those about her. Washington Jr. High Undecided it X 22 ss X X l X 3 X X .XX if X as fi-fir fi 'bfi' Ziff f fi' fir fir fir fi- fi- f'if fi' fi- f"l-v 'lv f X fa. 'lv 96229613 P LEVIN, HELEN 325 Conkey Avenue , Pirates of Penzance 143: Glee Club 11. 2. 8. U: Chimes , of Normandy 123. X Helen ought to study music-she , Practices writing 'notes m study-hall. No. 8 School Geneseo Normal School Lavv, CELIA W. 160 Ernst Street She'll 'make her mark in the business world, 'Cause it's the quiet workers who succeed. Washington Jr. High Undecided f' LEWALTER, GERALDINE 28 Zimmer Street Remington Award 12l. Come what 'may ' I'11 have my way. E Wash. Jr. High Cornell University LoTURco, Ross 29 Wilson Street 1-I. R. Representative: H. R.. Basketball IM: Indoor Track: Courant Circulation Staff: Wrestling Squad 14l: Cross Country, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track: H. R. Basketball: , Renaissance Club. Wise to resolve, patient to perform. Z Wash. Jr. High Cornell University MANGONE, LOUISE 62 Fei-nwood Avenue Renaissance 143. A smile from Lou- What can a poor lad do? Washington Jr. High Undecided MARINARO, Ross S. 97 Avenue D Senior Play Ticket Manager: Orchestra 11, 2l: Baseball 12. 3, 41: H. R. Basketball 11, 2, 3, 4b : Soccer 13, 41. He knows his soccer Of this there's no doubt And we also know He's a very good scout. . East High University of Rochester ..-1, fa. v fx- .-szf,-1-f--faeffse , 23 B53 3353 MARINE, ISADORE 10 Grant Street H. R. Basketball 12. 3, 41: H. R. Soccer 12. 31. I'm what I am. Wash. Jr. High West Point MASLANKA, WANDA 280 Collingwood Drive I wanda where you are tonight? Wash. Jr. High Cooper Institute 1 lv 1 MELTZER, ABE 42 Herman'Street H. R. Basketball 12, B, 41: H. R. Soccer 12. 31: H. R. Baseball LZ, 31. Ahh-bee, that's it. Wash. Jr. High N. Y. University MENTER, L1-:AH 18 Grant Street Orchestra 141 : H. R. Basketball 141 : Courant Staff. N Those roguish eyes and that dark blue hair EX You seem to meet them everywhere. ' East High Brockport Normal MERCURIO, PETER 1667 Clifford Avenue Trio 441: Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 41: Quartet 13, 41: Track 11, 2, 31: Soccer 111: Wrestlimr 131: Inter-High Orches- : tra 11, 2, 3, 41. N "And he charmed the very 1 stones with his music." No. 25 School 5, MICHLIN, ARTHUR 29 Harris Street Soccer 12. 3, 41: Basketball Q3, 41: Baseball 12. 3, 41: 'Xi H. R, Basketball 11, 2, 31: H. R.. Soccer tl, 2, 31: H. R.. Baseball 11, 2, 31. Arthur knows what X King Arthur knew not-Basketball. Q' East High Ithaca School of 1X Physical Education O, 1 1 .0 'x A1 My ,fi A,f41.,,f -.,fQ.,,-H A ,. 24 fir f f f iff fixsfiaff riffiaffiniffbfffffuf' S5 MINK, SAM 30 Helena Street Soccer 143 : Basketball 13, 43. We USED to think him 'very shy, 'Twas just a short while ago. Now what do you think it could have been To have changed our opinion so? Wash. Jr. High Ithaca School of Physical Education NAGI-JL, EDWARD 5 Council Street His hair may be red, but it doesn't match his temper. No. 28 School NAJA, HELEN 201 Ridge Road East Usher Senior Play. 1 "What could this lovely creature 'N do against a desperate man?" Wash. Jr. High Undecided l I NowAcK, EVELYN H. 92 N orthview Terrace 1 H. R. Delegate 143: Chairman. Committee on School Colors: Chairman, House of H. R. Delegates: Dedication 1 Exercises. The 'mind of the -mighty Doth herein repose. 1 Wash. Jr. High Undecided NOWACK, MILTON H. '70 Grafton Street 1 xp A Cappella Choir 143: Pirates of Penzance 143: Boys' Quartet 143. 1 A sociable songster. Wash. Jr. High Oswego Normal School 1 , , 1 . - , 1 X K f 1 15 4 1 OLIVERI, SARAH- 1 l A . Council etree 1 l Usher at Dedication of School: Se 'or Play: Renal an Ag- Club 11.2, 3, 43: Soccer 133. fx M A jv , N "The only way to haveggyfiend is A V . to be one." ll East High Eastman School of Music 1 N 1 l 'I 1 1 fi' ,f'bfi' ,fQefQ,if 25 X . ,.f"'lg,f 'Qff "la jig 'ip N 1, 1lJAscUzz1, MARY 746 North Street xillember of Finance Committee: Alternate 121: Delegate to House of Delegates 12, 41. When Mary enters the pearly gate, We know she's going to hesitate, And to St. Peter, she'll make this plea-- Are you sure there's plenty of work for me? Wash. Jr. High PEARLMAN, RUBEN 214 Sellinger Street "The man is wise who knows when to speak his mind and when to mind his speech." Wash. Jr. High Penn State Psnorro, ANTHONY 31 Mark Street Pirates of Penzance: Senior Play: Business Manager, the Key: Glee Club 141: H. R. Delegate 131: Clarion Staff 131: Renaissance Club 12, 31. Here's competition for John Barrymore. Madison Jr. High RAPPAPORT, PEARL M. 20 Gorham Street Editor Senior Book 141 : Les Babillards 141 : Delegate 181. Clever and truly capable of the Ntgsks set before her. a Cornell University RASKIND, SARA 54 Northview Terrace Class Secretary 141: Senior Play 141: Class Basketball 12. 3, 41g Track Meet 121. "What is your fortune, my pretty -maid?" "My face is my fortune, sir," she said. Wash. Jr. High Elmira College Romcx, SUSIE 21 Berlin Street Delegate 141: Senior Play 141: Vice-President 141: Dele- gate 121. Why look to Paris for styles when wc have Sue with us? Wash. Jr. High Southern California 4. 26 -my -1,,,fa.,y 4,241-sf-Q.y ,jf'ty'ts,f:'t-2' .If '1-:fi-ef -f'-'lqtif 55 , J 1 RDXIN, ALICE I . 646 Joseph Avenue Les Babillards 143 : Alternate 1331 1 They say true wisdom and 'modesty 'rarely go together. Pardon us, we beg to disagree. Wash. Jr. High University ofRochester RUBIN, ISADORE 33 Thomas Street H. R. Basketball 13. 43: Wrestling 13, 43: Clarion Staff: Track Team 123. "A little nonsense now and then Is relished by the best of men." l East High Yale 1l 7 mas Street 1 1 r Q 1: H. R. aaskctlmll 12, :ng 1 l H. R. aseball 12, 3l: H. R. Soccer 12, 43. A man of ambition , And a cheerful disposition. . 1 East High Columbia University 1 11 ' SALEN, AARoN 38 Avery Street " Wrestling 123 : H. R. Basketball 143 5 Track 123 5 Band 123. I Aaron is S0 energetic! l Monroe High School Undecided I 1- 71 . l 1 1. F f 1 Hx " ' " l 1 P SCHIFFRIN, LEONARD 17 Athens Street 1 Staff, Key: Home Room Basketball 12, 3. 43: Home Room Delegate 13, 43 3 Wearer of Numerals 133. 1 il "The skin you Ioive to touch." lt East High Col n ia University 1 il S ' LM ' to 1. SMITH, CLIFFORD 99 Alphonse Street ll Glee Club 12, 3, 41 : A Capella Choir 13. 43 : lioys' Quartet .X 141 C President of Student Government Association : Cast 1 Senior Play 143: Home Room Basketball 123. Al Smith lost AX But Clif Smith won! 1 East High ' University of Pennsylvania F1 A R A K f . ' X! 1, I 1 ' , 1 wk., I XQ1 ' el 1 . . .J ' ' ,f if 'iff 'ief'.ef" -X --fat? ' 5' 27 SOROCHTEY, STEPHEN 61 Nassau Street Business Manager Senior Play 143: Staii. Courant: Les liabillards 141: Home Room Basketball. Soccer 12. 3. 4b. He's managed to do some excellent managing. East High Undecided STANLEY, EVELYN 100 Watkins Terrace Usher, Dedication: Remington Award 121: Reniimzton Silver Pin f2l. ' "Blessed are the meek for they shall 'inherit the earth." East High Undecided STARKWEATHER, Joi-IN F. 79 Bellwood Place Wearer of F: Track Cl, 2. 3. 45: Band fl, 2. 3, 41: Cross COUUUY 13. 41 1 Wearer of E. Paavo N urmi-and Jaclf. East High Stetson University STRZECIWILK, STELLA 104 Weyl Street Home Room Banking Clerk Hi: Circulation Manager Ass't MJ 3 "Les Babillards" 443 : Hockey 12l : Hiking l2l 1 Basketball 12, 3l: House of Delegates Alternate 425. Originality is the sauce of -wit. East High University of Michigan A . ,J STU EWICZ, WANDA S. 46 Durnan Street Home Room Basketball Team 143. With her blue eyes and flaxen hair She reminds us of a fair Saxon maid. ' East High Undecided TEx.1As, CLARA JEWEL 1184 Clinton Ave. N. Home Room Delegate- -Articles of Government Committee: Clarion Staff: Staff. Key. Personality, ambition, intelligence-Clara East High Undecided ZZ Z 251 28 2252221235252 Q! TEPPER, CHARLES W. 3141 Culver Road Home Room Delegate 12, 3b. "Oh, to be a learned scientist-" East High Rensselaer Polytech TERRANA, MICHAEL 82 Taft Avenue Business Manager, Key 141: Guide. Dedication Exercises 141: Home Room Basketball 131. "The lady loved his dancing She danced all night with him." East High University of Rochester VAN DER VEIRE, HARRY 992 Carter Street Harry, ven der we go out? ' East High Undecided Soccer 141: Basketball 143: Baseball 12, 3, H: Home Room Basketball 12, 31. "Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more, Men were deceiivers ever." East High ' University of Rochester VIELEHR, CAROL 1400 St. Paul Street A lovable disposition VANGRAAFEILAND, MILTON 31 Laser Street With a heart of happiness Iohn Marshall Undecided Cast Senior Play H R Basketball 143 East High Undecided 29 1 r WASSERMAN MARTHA 121 Hand Street 1 , K 1 . 4-, She can dance her way into rmym1e's hea-rt. K X l l ' r 53535955196 X WILDMAN, CLARA 186 Baden Street l Home Room Delegate 141 Q Staff, Key 141. As quick as a streak of lightening As keefn as a shiny blade. East High Business J ,A Wi! GRASSO, 0 IIND4 l 27 Zimmer Street Ora-le , 3, 43. Men are not judged by their stature. Washington Jr. High Undecided KOWALCHUK, WALTER 208 Wilkins Street lm l-lame Room llaaaball ml. X A quiet man withal. Washington Jr. High Undecided Ol A H 3 X Glee-G'l!tU'f'4J. V nth. NQFS-School DAVIDONIS, BENNIE 52 Cole Street LEVI, ELLIS 66 Oakman Street Q' Lord what fools these mortals be. Cgullyllljg A Capella Choir up: H. R. Basketball Washington .Ia High Undecided A ,mm to be looked up to. ' Washington Jr. i University of Rochester N el KWIATKOWSKI, FRANK 1310 Norton Street MAAS, ARTHUR 44 Ketchum Street XO' Busebal' HJ' R Art lives to please and pleases to live. A I Me and Babe uth -- , E t H' h U d 'd d 5 St. Stanislaus School Undecided as lg n eel e 'X 30 5596? K.- 'A s , .3 . I Yi Class 'History OUR LIFE AT BENJAMIN FRANKLIN can best be compared to that of a champagne bottle. For three years we lay almost dormant in our former school and then we came to life with a POP of the cork ! I We simply bubbled over . . . and the year had flown! The cork that capped us popped when the temporary social chairman fClifford Smithl and his committee CSylvia Gordon, John Frisone, Susie Rolick, and Mary Arnaol made the arrange- ments, with only a few days' notice, for a Hallowe'en dance that turned out to be just what it was called, "THE CAT'S MEOW."' Then the froth began bubbling over! We elected class offi- cers, year book editor, business manager, and school presidentg and for a climax we gave a Senior Play, "THE WHOLE TOWN 'S TALKING!" As the play was a success--at least from a financial standpoint-wedecided to give another dance in April which concluded our Senior year with a BANG ! ! ! 'lv 'le fir Yip 'lp fi- f,'igQ-"'lgQf"lg,f-'Igf5'1g,,f' 31 X22 SEPTEMBER, 1930 OCTOBER, 1930 . NOVEMBER, 1930 DECEMBER, 1930 JANUARY, 1931 . FEBRUARY, 1931 MARCH,1931 . . APRIL, 1931 . MAY, 1931 . . Chronicle of Events School opened. School formally dedicated. Convention of the New York State Teachers' Association. First Soccer game of the season. American Legion presented the school with a flag. Michigan Club of Rochester presented a trophy to the school. The Class of June '31 elected class officers. The Class of June '31 gave a dance called "The Cat's M emu!" The Faculty of Benjamin Franklin was enter- tained by the Faculty of Washington Jr. High School. The Faculty and Students presented "The Pirates of Penzance." Opening game of the Interscholastic Basketball tournament. "The Key" staff chosen. Mid-year examinations. Beginning of new term. Red Cross Drive and Dance. Franklin won the Interscholastic Basketball Tro- phy- The Ben Greet Players presented "Macbeth" and "Twelfth Night." "The Courant" staff announced. The adoption of the Constitution. The election of school oflicers. The Class of June '31 presented "The Whole Town's Talking." The Faculty presented "The Faculty Frolicf' The Faculty of Benjamin Franklin entertained the Faculty of Washington Junior. The Baseball team chosen. The Class of June '31 gave a dance called "The Senior Turmoil." "The Key" put on sale. 32 RBMIIIM IIIINS QL. far? Xa. I ll 1 I I ' H K ' I5 , f' 'N EXECUTIVE COUNCIL I"a,c-ully-Miss Langworthy, Mr. Quinlavin, Miss Carter, Mr. Wolprast, Miss Riley, Mr. Butterfield, Mr. Zornow. Sflldf'Ilt8-Clll'f0l'll Smith, Prz'sid0nf,' George HlllVilI'Si7l1, I"1'1'f'-I'1'vsidmzf5 Ruth Kolko S0r'refary,' Angelo Gug'lielmino, John Grilli, Alma Schwarz, William Braun, Mary Pascuzzi, Roy Maxim. v Y 3 5 .w 1 I 7 ,a 7 'v JANUARY '32 OFFICERS Ihwzsidmvr WAYNE BQNH-'Avia Secret:-y MARIAN PASMANICK V.-President ANTHONY DICHESERE Treasfn-wr RALPH Sco1.1, KIYQZXKZWXZKZZMZ Z 34 EREQGQGZQKQGZZZBKSKYGXBKZYKXYSEQ 1 JUNE '32 OFFICERS I'res1fde111' PETER RAINERI Sec. and Treas. ANN EISENBERC V.-Prvs1'denf ABE HOLLANDER Social C7hni1'man MARY MIIRAZKO X, ' E W - 9-A GRADUATES, JUNE 1931 hg- I 'lilllixilifiii 53 35 Qs xi xi xi xi fs 2 as X 2 M52 Z - M 1 1 Z y9 jf... af f : :11 E 3 i4 3 0 2 MEZZ Z ZSPKQQKZXMZZZZZZZ THE BUSINESS CLUB - I ,X J ,f' .X 1 -f" .f'8Q fE:'i-g f'1-f f"!gf' ,ff 4 f't9 f ,jf 36 1 7 , RENAISSANCE CLUB OFFICERS PI'l'Nf1If'lIf ...... SAMUEL CATALFANO 3 View I'r1'sf1l1'nf . . MICHAEL TERRANA Svcrwffzry . . . . MARY PASCUZZI 'I'1'1'f1s11rffr . . . .... MARY ARNAO l"lll'IIH1l .4Ill'I.Sl'I'S . . . DOMINICP DE FRANUESCO TERESA DI NIICELI 7 G "LES BABILLARDSH I'w',w'1Im1f ...... R0M0L0 L. DE SPIRITO VI'l'l'-Pl'!'SflI07lf . . . . . PETER RAMIERI S1'f'r1'fnry 111111 Trm,su1'1'r . . . ROSE BROOKE 295 22553 av SNS The Outdoor Club The Outdoor Club was organized October 1930 with the following officers: President ...... MARIAN PASMANICK Vice-Presideint ...... HELEN BRETSTEIN Secretary and Treasurer . . . MINNIE BRISKIN The aim is to get girls out of doors. The club has had several out-door parties-skating, skiing, and tobogganing, and on their first party the members cooked their supper over an open tire. M The Owlets The Owlets, under the supervision of Miss Miriam Levin, have under- nl. taken a mission of cheer and they see their rewards in the smiles and laugh- ter of the poor and sick children. The Owlets are kept busy making attractive little toys and gifts which A ' they present at hospitals on all holidays during the year. In their spare 'X time they have playlets among themselves and every month they are enter- tained at the home of one of the members. rx The officers are: President . . . SARAH RASKIND RX Sec'reta,1'y . . ANNETTE FEINBERG ix The Debby Club The Deborah-Reid-Franklin Club, or "Debby" Club, is under the lead- ership of Miss Effie L. Riley. lx The purpose of this club is to act as a general welfare society for Franklin High School. In doing so the club takes care of the Christmas lx baskets and tries to help needy school children. The officers are: Chairman MARIAN BRETSTEIN Sec1'eta1'y . . RACHEL CHAIT The B. F. Club The B. F. Club, a mutual benefit society, is under the leadership of Miss Helen E. Scott. The purpose of this club is to entertain outsiders, act as hostesses to strangers in the school, help other organizations, and to be a general help to the school. The B. F. Club has already entertained Seniors from other schools and distributed pamphlets concerning the assemblies. The officers are: President PAULINE FINGLER Secretary ELEANOR HALWEDE Treasurer HELEN MITCHELL 'I-'Q' "lr'l-'lffl-"I-v'l+'l-'i"iv'iv 38 9519656362452 "Hier Und Du" German Club The Hier Und Du German Club is open to students of second or third year German classes. The club advisors are Miss Peterson, Mrs. Wonder- gem and Mr. Erickson. The purpose of the club is to give the German students a better under- standing of the language and to aid them in speaking it more fluently. The members pay 25c dues a term in order to support any financial undertakings of the club. The business meeting and the program which follows is carried out entirely in German. President ........ KATE HEYNE Vice-President ...... MAURICE DANKOFF Secretary and Treasurer . . GERTRUDE LITVAIK The Latin Club The Latin Club was organized the latter part of last term by a group of enthusiastic students and Mr. Donald Rahtjen. The purpose of the club is to make Latin more alive, interesting, and enjoyable and we are striving to live up to our purpose. The ofiicers are as follows: Consul Prim us ..... T . ANNETTE DINER Consul Secundus ...... JULIA GLASSER Aedile ........ ANNE EISENBERG Q'll.6St67' ........ HELEN BESSINGER Up to this time we have presented two kodascope movies-the first, "A Trip To Naples," the second, Douglas Fairbanks in "The Americana." As a result of our profits, we have purchased four second year and four third year Latin books which will be loaned to pupils who are unable to buy a book. To further Latin "of today," we have a newspaper edited and written by members of the club. Consul Primus The French Circle The French Circle meets bi-weekly under the direction of Mrs. Jane Dunham. All students taking second or third year French may become members. The meetings are conducted strictly in French, and when plays are given or games played, they are also in French. This term the club gave in conjunction with an assembly a program of French folk songs and the first act of "Le Voyage de Monsieur Perrichonf' The officers of the French Circle are Romolo DeSpirito, President, Peter Raineri, Vice-President: Rose Brooke, Secretary. 11' w " The Italian Club The Italian Club is comprised of second and third year pupils in the Italian classes and also the honor pupils in the first year classes. The re- strictions for membership are such that all who attend the meetings can thoroughly enjoy them. From time to time programs are given to which all classes are invited and from which anybody can benefit. The officers of the club are Adriane Bonsignore, President: Emily Nardo, Vice-Presi- dentg Angeline Cascino, Secretaryg Vivian Bondi, Treasurerg Mary Pas- cuzzi, Social Chairmang Domenic DeFrancesco, Faculty Adviser. Qi'-Zliiiiiiigl 35? BWWWFT The Bibliophiles The Bibliophiles is a senior high club directed by Miss Janet Sprague. The members are those who enjoy reading good books and talking about them. Its purpose is to acquaint the members with writers and books other than those they have known and to stimulate wider and more intelligent reading. At each meeting four or five members give reports on the lives and some of the books of the author predetermined for that week. The club is preparing an annotated list of books of their reading to be presented to the English Department and the library as reading sugges- tions. Bios One of the first, if not the first, clubs to be organized at Benjamin Franklin was the boys' nature club. They call themselves the Bios. Bios isn't a manufactured word like castoria or carbona. It is an old Greek word which means life. The purpose of the Bios is to become acquainted with live things, to enjoy their beauty, and to understand them. The Bios are especially in- terested in plants. The plant laboratory is their meeting place, and there you will find the members working every night after school and as often in between times as can be managed. Their interest is in life and living: they have few formalities, fewer formal meetings, no formal organizations, and a membership of workers. The Home Economics Clubs The Home Economics department sponsors three clubs: the Clothing Club, under the direction of Miss Stevensg the Cookery Club, under the direction of Miss Scribner, and the Home Economics Garden Club, under the direction of Mrs. May. The Clothing Club girls master the skill of making simple, inexpensive garments. They also turn old dresses into the new and fashionable. The girls in the Cookery Club prepare and serve meals. These meals have consisted of a hot dish, a salad or vegetable, a hot bread, and a desert. The girls in the Home Economics Garden Club grow their gardens in school. The members spend their spare moments in making picture and miniature rock gardens, window boxes, and propagated plants. The Chess Club This club was organized by students who are interested in scientific chess playing. After reaching a certain degree of proficiency, advanced students, judged by their tournament standing, will ofiiciate in the playing of those less adept at the game. Meetings are held once a week under the sponsorship of Mr. Paul Erickson. In the near future the club hopes to challenge other schools in tournaments. A limited number of candidates for the club will be welcome. SQMSKZZXQKEKZZ 1 1 if 40 ff M ,f Z ff:lrf1"lef'7lff"leX 4' I f"lv 'lv "iff f"lv M! X 'Q' fi 'iw f'K' KBKYGYGYHXYKYKYKZQGYGYKLZGQGZQGBKSS 1 ! 7 I f ff. 1 I 3 ,L X "THE KEY" STAFF PEARL RAPPAPoR'I', SYLVIA GORDON, MARY ARNAO, CLARA WII.IJMAN, MITCHILLI. GOULD, HYMAN KIRSCH, DAVID CARSON, LEONARD SCHIFFRIN, MICHAEII GOLBRN, MICHAEI. TER- RANA, JOSEPH CASSETTI, CLARA TI-:LIAs, JOHN FRISONE, S'rI:LLA S1'RzEcIwII.R, IDA Goon- IvIANg Faculty Adfvisers, MERIIE G. IVRS, E. DEMARS BEZANT. 3 7 t 'Ac K 1 I L A K "THE COURANT" STAFF 4 JOSEPH HAYMDFI-I, JULIA GLASSER, FRIEDA KAHN, JosI:PH LoTURco, HELEN Bm-:1's'I'I:IN, EDITH GLICKMAN, STEPHEN SOROCHTEY, JOHN POLOWY, DDNALD PIIARLMAN, KI-:NNI-:'I'H X GEIWITZ, Faculty Advisors, MERLI-: G. Ivss, E. DEMARS BEZANT. 9 XR t 'Q .f .f uf ff' IAfD .1 1 JF Qgyfizyiiim 41 1 7 X1 Y5 V, I1 5 1 u ya KA QI ZZZ4i7'53ZfzZ!? l 22152252 2255! U2 k E E f EWS E , CD Q '55 Q O 'FU N f'1:'i? Q ,, , 7 A ,, P: R f U' i i ZX? 3 E 8 8 R2 E Ei JUNIOR HIGH ORCHESTRA Z if of ,ff .f of if of-nf J' JUNIOR-SENIOR BAND THE A CAPPELLA CHOIR The A Cappella Choir is a group of 40 voices selected from the Choral Club for their excellence in singing. This choir meets twice each week at the 7th period. Marlowe G. Smith is the conductor and Miss Margaret Culp is the accompanist. The objective of this choir is "a Cappella" or unaccompanied singing. The repertoire includes for the most part, music of the church. The Choir has been a feature attraction at the Central Presbyterian Church, the Lake Avenue Baptist, and on school assembly programs. This group was asked to give radio programs which included tl1e Assembly of the Air over WHAM and the Centennial Celebration of the Rochester Sav- ings Bank over WHEC. They also made a trip to Medina where they gave a program before the High School. -sf ' "lvff'4i-r?"'l-rf "'i 'mf 23 43 fn KQKZH v ,L ll It X I THE CHORAL CLUB " 1- M411 The Choral Club has already made a real place for itself in the life of our new school. Last September saw a registration of 125 voices. This list increased to 143 in January. , President . . . ROMOLO DESPIRITO Secretary . . . . ANNA KRYK Social Chairman . . . FRANCES LAUFER Business Manager . . WILLIAM KRUMWEIDE X JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The Girls' Glee Club is a group made up of girls from the 7th, Sth, and 9th grades. Rehearsals are held every Tuesday and Thursday after school, and membership is voluntary. X M125 44 as we 'k bV' I i ,f lf' uf ,, f f ,, f f ,f f The Whole ToWn's Talking Our class made up for the lack of quantity of plays by the excellence of its one production. People of authority on the subject said that ours was the finest high school play which they had ever seen The plot begins with the return home from art school of Ethel Sim mons, accompanied by Roger Shields, a wealthy American of Chicago and Paris. Mrs. Simmons wishes Ethel to marry him, but Mr. Simmons has different plans. He tells Chet Binney, his elderly bachelor partner, to pro pose to his daughter Ethel. Chet awkwardly does so, and then things hap Donald Swift, a professional boxer. Then he is free to marry Ethel Clifford Smith was a success as Mr. Simmons the wealthv business man. Stella Franz adeptly portrayed Mrs. Simmons. Anthony Perotto put a professional touch into the part of Chet Binney Mr. Erle Remington did a remarkable piece of work in presenting such a mature production with amateur players. The class made over two hun- dred dollars on this play. This success is due mainly to Stephen Sorochety and his assistants. pen. The climax is a thrilling fight in the dark, in which Chet beats up Chet Binney Mr. Simmons . Mrs. Simmons . Ethel . . Roger Shields . Donald Swift . Letty Leight . THE CAST ANTHONY PEROTTO CLIFFORD SMITH STELLA FRANZ SYLVIA GORDON GEORGE BLAKE JOHN FRISONE SARA RASKIND Annie . . . SARA OLIVERI Sally . . . SUSIE ROLICK Lila ....... MARY GRECO Taxi Driver . . JOSEPH CASSETTI THE BUSINESS STAFF' Business Manager . Property Manager . Ticket Manager . Advertising Manager Head Usher . . STEPHEN SOROCHETY DAVID CARSON Ross MARINARO KENNETH GEIWITZ EVELYN ANDERSON The Weekly Assembly Programs Mr. Remington and his assistants have done a good piece of work in the interesting variety of programs which they have presented, taking into consideration the complete lack of stage equipment which confronted them in September. Slowly they gained some equipment, which they used in staging "The Boar," a one act comedy by Anton Chekhov. In this play the ability of Anthony Perotto was clearly shown. A great source of enjoyment at the assemblies is the contribution made by the musical organizations. Of particular enjoyment was the Irish pro- gram given by the soloists of the A Cappella choir. We have also heard many interesting speeches, particularly that of Mr. Stroup about Alaska. The assembly is an institution of the school to which we all look for- ward. 45 ,X .f ,f The Pirates of Penzance "The Pirates of Penzance" was presented to delighted audiences on the evenings of December 5 and 6 in our auditorium. The cast was made up of both faculty and students. Marlowe Smith trained the chorus, and Karl Van Hoesen the orchestra. Jesse Ogden, who called forth prolonged applause for his acting, was in charge of painting the scenery, while Erle Remington was responsible for the general directing and for the costumes. The plot deals with the pirate apprentice Frederic, who on reaching the age of twenty-one, refuses to remain in the profession, contrary. to the persuasion of Ruth, his elderly sweetheart. After leaving the pirates, he falls in love with Mabel, the daughter of the all-wise Major-General Stan- ley, whose castle the pirates are attacking. With the aid of the police, he defeats the pirates, and as a reward he is given Mabel in marriage. The most admirable criticism was that such a splendid performance could be given by an almost complete high-school cast. Mrs. Edna Richard- son Barnes was the only person not a member of this school, who was in the cast. THE CAST The Pirate King .... STEWART FALK His Lieutenant .... ANTHONY BETTEN Frederic .... . HAROLD SINGLETON Maj or-General Stanley . . JESSE OGDEN Mabel .... . EDNA RICHARDSON B NE Ruth ..... . RosE BROOKE Kate . . MARIAN SONOSKI I Edith . . THANKFUL SPAU DING Isabel . . VIVIAN GROH The Faculty Frolic oi 1931 On the evenings of April 24 and 25, the faculty of our school blossomed forth in roles unfamiliar to us when they presented the Faculty Frolic of 1931. The orchestra played an overture and several intermezzos. Then we saw "The Rofmance'r's," a one act play by Edmund Rostand. Janet Sprague played the part of the leading lady admirably. Joseph Magro, our scenic artist, played opposite her. Other parts were humorously portrayed by Paul Erickson, Samuel Porter, and that well-known comedian, Jesse Ogden. A very unique one act play was "Long Distance," a comedy by W. H. Upson. Donald Rahtjen set aside the role of Latin teacher to become the service manager in a tractor company. Grace McCarthy was greatly ap- preciated as the "girly at Mike's Restaurant, as was Anne Hanna as the coy Mary Lee, who furnished the interest. Samuel Zornow, Harold Roche, and Walter Tennant all drew forth roars of laughter. Then followed "The ldlings of the King," a burlesque. written and di- rected by the inimitable Erle Remington, who played the role of King Arthur himself. Dora Clary made an admirable Guinivere, the lover of Sir Lancelot, namely Francis Henderson. Roy L. Butterfield was Modred, the horrible villain, while the magician Merlin, the king's wise guy, was played by Jesse Ogden. Helen Scott was the obedient page. In staging, acting, and costuming, the first faculty frolic has estab- lished a high standard for the others to follow. KMMQMQ EW 46 1 E 4 "x X il X l X . X all iff - fr ff A Af ff gf 'iy'ir,!'ig! - 71" -f "'lef 2 5Q ZZX2625iZZ as Q 2 E 2 X X Y WS 3-E SQ 52 QC 2.. 55 sag Sim F55 Om E55 :EQ SEE mom 54? E5 -AF! ll! :P F' ZZZ ZZZW X XS SX XG X X X X QS 2 E XS S S 55 HMM? mmmmwmw M J' LM' r C CCC il SENIOR HIGH SOCCER Top Row-BELLANCA, CROPSEY, BAUER, VANGRAAFEILAND, MINK, KARPINSKI. H 2nd Row-YATES, W1-INDEL, HEBERBUSH, HOLLANDER, LISTA, VIELE. 31-d Row-FERRARA, BUTTERFIELD, CHERRY, COACH BEACH, , LEVITT, MARINARO. N Seated-BULIUCK, PORLOWITZ, MICHLIN, ANUWITH, GEIWITZ. 1 N 49 2 ii 2 Q Z Z ZiK if M Z M3 if SENIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM Top Row-SENDOW, SNYDER, LRv1'r'1'. C01Lt0'l'-COACH CHAMBERLAIN, BAKER, CHERRY BAUER MGR SIMON 9 td-STENLIL MINK Mic HLIN BRAY EW Z XXL? WZ Basketball Team Despite all previous traditions that a school team entering its first year in sports competition never wins the championship, Franklin High s basketball team not only upset all dope by landing on top of the Inter-Scho lastic High School league, but they also captured the Monroe County title by trimming a fast Fairport five to the tune of 27-25, and then to top it all Coach Chamberlain's boys set back the Geneseo quintet, thereby adding the consolation crown of Western New York to their already sweeping glories Although Carl Chamberlain managed always to remain in the back ground, he deserves much credit for the splendid combination he turned out through his versatile coaching. "The Wizard's" strategy was highly instru mental in bringing about a 33-20 victory over a highly favored East High team. l Those who helped to carry the Red and White to glory are: Co-captains y Sam Mink and Art Michlin, "Bello" Snyder, Ken Stenzel, Jack Baker Matty Sendow, "Little" Abe Levitt, Bob Bray and Sol Cherry. Michlin and Mink were chosen for all-scholastic berths on several local newspapers, and "Bello" Snyder, the dead eye of the team, led the scoring column with 114 points garnered in 14 games. With many players coming back next year things look anything but dark on the basketball horizon. i, Franklin l is ir l l QA , lx W 28- SEASON RECORD OF BASKETBALL TEAM Irondequoit 28 Franklin 22-Commerce 24 -Fairport 20 -West High 17 -Tech. High 11 21-Marshall 22 -East High 20 27-Monroe 22 33-Charlotte 26 26- West High 25 Canandaigua 26 32-Tech. High 21 -U. of R. Frosh 13 -Marshall 30 -Monroe 18 18-Charlotte 15 -Canandaigua 34 -East High 26 -East High 22 -Fairport 21 15-Hornell 22 -Geneseo 18 Ithaca 15 Won 17--Lost 6 'i"i-"lv'I-v'i-"lf'S-"lf"lf"lf'if"lv'iv'S- Q W I", gl l l'-. I ix g y s g sssas L Q, Q 51 RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM t to x-ight-HOLLANDER, MIIALER, NADxTzg Middle row-fAdviser, W. f'1.AnK, rrcmx, VANGRAAr'E11.ANn, LIPMAN, LoTURco. Mgr. DINABURG. Ifoffom I'0l,UiSCHVVARZ, ScHo'rz, BELLANCA. -Lvf W4 Top run'- J JUNIOR HIGH SOCCER Top Row-MORRH-1, CUSHING, TURK, DAYQ Center-COACH RoAcH, CIRILLA, SAMZMAN. FRI-ZKAQ llnttom-SALTZMAN, RIF1-'K1N, MOLINARI, SAPoz1NK. RAHTJ1-iN. WBKSKBKBKQGQKBKZZKSKZZBKZQKZIZ 52 X352 RQEKQGQKXZZYKXZYGBKQKZIZEXQKZSS 5 , Q' SENIOR HIGH BASEBALL Snmrling-left Io right-Manager LEVITT, KARPINSRI, BAUER, MINE, BAKER, VAN- GRAAI-'En.ANu, KWIATKOWSKI, TYMKIN, STENZEL, Coach TORRENS. Smtvd-Buxowsm, ADAMSKI, CHERRY, MICHIAN, BRAY, H1-:R1'wx-QCK, BELINK, MARINARU. JUNIOR HIGH BASEBALL TEAM ESQKXQKGQGZQGKKZZBKBZKEGBKBKXBKMSQ 53 6 fl, i l,..Q ,n 'f ,i il 7 K 'l JUNIOR-SENIOR TRACK TEAM Top row f Molinari, Koval, Bowe-n, Boer. Williams, Johnson, liaufor. Voiclisvlo. y 21111 ron'-Johnson, Krzivtz Schultz, Presnvl, Dunkoif, Rupponthall, Reflkin, Mnttioli. " Slrd Vlllll-l,l1l'VlS, Vlfisotsko, Kowalski, Kovis, Guglielmino, Guycr, Grzivo. S1'11f1'rlslJiPiolro, Keller, Coach Roche, Pisano, LoTurco, Stz1i'kxvc-ati-r'. v j f V 7 f U X, K Y lf , 1' 1 l , i i X , , f li - 1 4X ,H W X7 L' M L A v .x A ' Iii X 1 iv CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM lil Top row-Schiliro, Presnul, Laufcr. LX 2nd rom--Presnal, Spinelli, Bowen, Kopacki, Starkwcuther. 3rd row-Suckert, Wisoztke, Pisano Qfiaptj, Burke, Mattioli. - 54 I X X 71 L XS I 4 ,L F If I IX JT, XS SENIOR HIGH SWIMMING I f lxl rnu' -'TKlth2il1l. Bonifacv. Sundg'I'uIId, Rctallick, Shl'l'l'l1L'f,ilI Zml rnw-- Surukti, 7 Kulwus, Pc-uI'lIIIzm, Coach TCJl'l'0llS, Rudy, fCapt.J, Upham, Cl'U3IllilIL'1 X lird row-McMahon, Bostick, Schultz, Mgr. Pilznivnski, Anuswith, Wilson, Bzzunum. A..-...-.I... . .. f T SIN 1 , wi og .X f N X Ji 93 M X V f N I K+' I X I I Q 'J N VND N WRESTLING 'X 7'vp-lvff lo VIAfllLfb'Cil'i1l2l, FCl'I'Zll'ii, S.Leone, Jzwdiuag Cviztm'-Conch Mzxxion, J.IA'0llL', ' Russo, Lovin, Dc-PietI'0, Mgrl Trovatog Lozvvr-GeycI'. Roemer, Dzmkoff, RIIpp0ntlIzIl. .gg 55 KfKZX l fc l CHAMPION GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM Standing : LEDERTHEIL, COACH LAWRENCE, PHILLIPS. Seated: HERMAN, HOCHSTEIN, CAPLAN, ALENT. Girls' Sports The first year at Benjamin Franklin offered the girls opportunities heretofore undreamed of in school sports. The several activities offered and entered by the girls were soccer, hockey, swimming, volley ball, basketball, hit-pin baseball, dancing, baseball, and tennis. The Junior High partici- pated in a hit-pin tournament which was the outstanding event in the Junior High section. Dancing classes which were held during the year had a big showing each week, and some of the girls became skillful in the art of dancing. The peak of all tournaments, meets, and activities was the swimming meet in which both Junior and Senior High girls participated. The Win- ners were Bessie Michelson fSenior Highl and Anna Kohut.' The audience which witnessed this event was thrilled, as well as greatly amused. With a start like this in athletics, the girls who will enter in future years will have a precedent to live up to. Hifi! 2133 56 ""'l-U .D Q Q r-1-l-ln Q-l'V'l'sI'f"? .wa ' - as 1 ,a fg on vu - C1-. . , 4 ,I 4. Ur 1 L --, , ", . F11 N... , , , ,-Q ,....e as . - .. .,. . --. -- . ,..,Q -Q -, 4-.. ' 'I--.. n., Q 1 - 1- ' r.,., ..,,.,.,....-..:., :,, .......-......-.. 4, l - - -::.' - .- -f ...'." ' 1 '-'15 '.' -J: 1. ,H - -I -,x -, .' ..-. 5. '- . ', -. .-, 1-w. . ' . r' -- I :- lg. af - - 1 - .f '. 7'-' - '.'f --' I, 15' ff . I-, X'-11 -. .-.V .. - " 1- .' '. .-' ' ' .K 'A " , 1 - ' - ' -H ' 'ij -' 1 D . - 4 'T ' , 2, . . of 1 'lf u X. , -I f.- .f:' I 'I 4 .. I. ..,' L' 0 - K' .'- -11 4.0 5 -'. Z' 1 " ,s .1 . 0. . 1-fa 7 XJ ,A' ' 1'e l'r- . " " o l l' . . . 57 0 1.,, 36 M September 2, I 930 The first sight of Franklin High made me want to transfer to East. They'd expect too much from me here! While entering the building I won- dered whether the owls over the side entrances spouted water during a rain. The first one I talked to was Dave Carson. He spoke on two subjects: the first, that, upon inquiring at the office, he had been told that the "12Bl" after our home room number didn't mean a thing, and the second, that he would buy my Cicero. Neither announcement surprised me. I already knew the first subject to be true because I was assigned to this same "12B1" home room. Since Dave is tall, thin, wears glasses and has a large Adam's apple, I easily knew he was taking Latin. About this time Jess Gorkin came along and told us he was also in this home room. I recalled Dave's first subject and laughed. Why, with Jess and me in a teacher's conference, the whole bunch couldn't average a "C" grade. John Frisone came next. I haven't any objection to Johnny himself, but I can't stand sideburns, not even on a nannygoat. There is not one hair on any face that I like. I even use my Gillette on the cat-not even she can wear whiskers and stay in my house. Miss Hess came along then, and opened the door. She let the others enter, even Jess, but she demanded my identification slip before I got in. For a whole minute after I finally entered the room I felt as though I had just crawled over the ball park fence and sat down in the mayor's box seat at the opening game. When Mitchell Gould entered, I became normal again. I didn't think they'd let him even see the building. When some girls came in. we thought they were paying us a visit: but when they started demand- ing seats, we heard for the first time that the homerooms were to be mixed affairs. WOW! Were we mad! Why, Mike Golben had his family move out to the west side of the city so that he might have a chance to change schools. His plan was discovered, and now Mike is paying ten cents a day to the 58 5962! Z X255 car company as a punishment. We were surprised when new classmates kept coming in. It seems that the other rooms had more girls than ours. Howard Ashley and Pete Bidack f?D fooled the troubled Miss Hess by telling her they were the repair men sent up to clean out the homeroom pencil sharpener. Of course, there were a few who tried to get out into other home rooms when the cause for the disturbance was made known. Milt Shiffrin got up, gave his cuffs a few Hicks, brushed his red hair into place, fixed his tie, stood on his toes, gave a couple of "do do-o doo-oo's" and started to leave the room. However, he never succeeded because it seems Joe Haymoff, Dave Rosenbloom and John Frisone all had the same idea. A telephone call brought Bill Wolgast on the run. He ordered ladders placed under the windows for the others to continue with their classes, and left the battlers to fight it out. However, before the first period began, the Seniors were to participate in the flag raising and in the first assembly. I guess we were supposed to figure as a background. As it would happen, I didn't get into the pictures and I landed in the last row when we formed the background in the assembly. As a result no one believes me when I say I'm a senior, and I've almost no chance of graduating. I'm afraid to ask them to look up my school record. They might find I'm a junior high senior. It seems a certain teacher named Miss Greenwood was noted for her ignor- ance. They said that she, an English teacher, had never heard of the first letter in the alphabet and only seldom recalled the second letter and that she was strongly infiuenced by the double "e" in her name. I wasn't afraid. I knew she'd give me the same mark as all my other teachers. It's funny how I always get the same rating in all my subjects. At East High I aver- aged an "E" all the way through. You know, "E" for East, only given to Exceptional work. Of course, I thought in Franklin I'd get an "F," Imagine my embarrassment when I had to correct the spelling of my own English teacher. She actually spelled "Franklin" with an HO." The funny part of it is that though she's peculiar in her marking, I think I get along better 59 21225125 with her than any of the other students. While the others are discussing Macbeth, I often go to sleep. She understands-I need the rest to store up energy for the walk to my next class. With Miss Greenwood writing my recommendation, I am sure of success even before I look for a job. I think I'll become a newsboy and deliver her newspaper every night-just to show her beliefs in me were well founded. Miss Riley is teaching me civics. Al- though she gives me the same marks as Miss Greenwood, I don't enjoy her classes as much. Very often, during the period, she breaks into my rest by her shouts. You know you can't sleep in a room with some one, especially a lady like Effie, hollering all the time about the indifference of the average citizen toward government business. If every person in the U. S. could hear her, they'd become alive to their interests, like I am, and then I'd be able to sleep. Next, I have two study periods and then lunch. The first half hour I spend sleeping in the nurse's ofiice. I'm not particular. When someone's occupying the couch in the inner office, I sleep on the bench outside. After the rest, Mr. Butterfield sees to it that one of the faculty takes me riding for about another half-hour in order to work up an appetite for lunch. Did you know the school buys my lunch? and that I'm paid for eating it? You see it's an advertising stunt. I eat about a dollar's worth of stuff and then they pay me for brushing up trade. After lunch they carry me up to the third floor where my next class is. On the way up we often pass Sam Porter discussing history with the opposite sex. And Sam is a gentleman, too. He'd rather talk with a blonde than with a brunette or a red head. Ask him. Anthony Betten teaches me for the next fifty minutes. Ask Anthony about the time he went tobogganing with one of his girl friends and got a tooth knocked out. Now don't jump to conclusions: He says it wasn't the girl that did it, but a smash-up they had. At the time the class said they didn't be- lieve him. He offered to show the place where the tooth is missingg but the class wasn't interested. We wanted to see the girl. "CHUCK" TEPPER 60 la?K26 ZXZZZZZZiZZ September 2, 1,960 Kenneth Geiwitz recently returned to Rochester after enjoying a very successful season as a bond salesman. "Evelyn, darling," cried Kenneth upon entering his home. He dropped his brief case and rushed over to his wife, who stood looking with a pained expression at the mud he had tracked in. "Evelyn," he repeated throwing his arms around her neck. "They laughed at me when I sent away to the P. D. Q. correspondence school for a course in rock crushing, but now it's a different story. Only this morning Jim stopped me and wanted to know how I obtained such success in sales- manship. Ii "Oh, yeah?" asked his loving wife with her quaint humor. "Well, I need a coupl'a dresses 'n hats so come across." "But Honey, this last trip was a complete failure. This business de- pression-" lil ISI Madame Marie Theresa Colomba Pascuzzi stepped off the boat the other day, and, in answer to our request for a few words from her to our public, she graciously referred us to the encyclopedia. We bowed gratefully and hurried away, proud and awed to have met that great novelist. As always, she was rightg the encyclopedia contained a wealth of informa- tion about her books. We quote directly from one of the passages of her latest treatises on the inner self because we feel it is too beautiful and in- spiring to be rewritten in shortened form. "Life-the beautiful, majestic flower, reaching for the moon." This passage, it is said, is to go down in history as one of the greatest, if not the greatest ever written. Note the beauty of the line. You can just see the flower reaching and reaching. We earnestly hope it will finally get there. At any rate, the latest press dispatches say that that passage has had a corner reserved for it in the Smithsonian Institute for the Blind where its flower can lay its head to rest after several laps of reaching. IEEE Samuel J. Catalfano sat behind his desk in his spacious suite of offices puffing moodily at a fat cigar. Suddenly, he seemed struck by a thought. "Miss Carter!" he bellowed, shifting his cigar to the other side of his mouth. "Yes, Mr. Catalfanof' meekly responded his secretary as she entered. 952 Z 2611223 61 1' S5 95 "Send for a gallon of that new stuff guaranteed to take oil' an inch a daylfrom your waistline," he said, rubbing his portly middle section pen- sive y. "Yes, Mr. Catalfanof' "Don't keep saying, 'Yes, Mr. Catalfano,' I don't like it." "Yes, Mr. Catalfano-I mean, no, Mr. Catalfano-." "Arr-r-r-r," roared Samuel J. lil lil IE Michael Terrana has lately taken over the "Modiste" shop on the corner of Fifth Avenue and Broadway, Rochester, and he says that he intends to revolutionize styles in this country. To quote from what he said: "Ze new-what you you say in English ?-waistline, zat is ze word, is to rise on ze right side and lower on ze left side zis year. Madame, she will be charmante! QPersonally, I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Madame, but if he says she'll look 'charmante,' I suppose she will.J And zen, 1 he con- tinued! ze feets of Madame will be covered in ze finest of bare skin. Won- derful, like ze birds, yes? no?" fPersonally, I never thought much of walk- ing barefoot in snow, but if he says it's all right, I suppose it is.l "What you think I have next thought of? Ze hat? She will have a very high crown zis year-and yes, ze material--she is to be, what you call, heavy." tI've often heard of crowns weighing twenty pounds, and these crowns are to be made of heavy material. Poor Madamell At this point, Monsieur Terrana was called away to wait on Mrs. Geiwitz who had just entered the shop. We wonder if she is Madame? D! l!! I! All was quiet in the operating room. The nurses were holding their breaths, probably as a precaution against breathing too much free ether. Maurice Dankoff, M.D., Foo.E., and Ka.Choo, leaned over his patient, his eyes glittering, his hand as steady as a machine oscillating at 250 times per second. Slowly the knife descended, down, down. Then began the dis- section. First he sliced back the skin, then the flesh underneath. He was hacking his way onward into the very depths of his patient. Suddenly, he gave a little cry of joy. His hand slipped into the man and then out again. But was he disappointed? No, for Maurice Dankoff, M.D., Foo.E., and Ka. Choo, had performed another successful operation. He drew forth first the appendix. Then came the lungs, heart, and stomach of his patient. When we saw him do this last, we knew that we were witnessing the most wonder- ful operation ever performed, for what other doctor had ever removed so much and had left a living patient? Maurice came over to me and said, "Well, howja like it?" "Wonderful," we answered. "Will he live?" "Haw, haw," laughed Maurice, "it's a dead body I'm practising on!" Editor's note: This point marks the death of editor from hemmorage. Sszsaerzaaaeszzszxz p 62 517' Ziff' gf' fra!-f 2195195351225 Sadie Says- The other day, dear reader, I was struck for is the word I want "strick- en"J by the most beautiful thought. You'd never guess itg "nil desperan- dum," never despair. Why just imagine all the people over forty who have bad cases of just that malady! It has been estimated that four out of five- oh dear me! We must get on with our story: let's see-oh yes: never de- spair. Take for instance this case of a good friend of a young man I knew, a Mr. Remington, probably unknown to most of you, who used to work on the docks. Not Mr. Remingtong the other one. I mean, not you either--oh dear! I do wish I didn't get so tangled up. Anyway, you know what I mean. Well, when Mr. Remington was just a little baby boy clinging to his mother's skirts, he used to have an unusu- ally loud voice. Time and again, his mother did her worst to stop him from speaking so loudly, but did he give it up as a bad job? Ha! No! Twice no! Instead, he persevered until now he has cultivated a bellow which can easily put a steam whistle to shame. When he presented himself, in all the glory of his voice, before a high school principal, he so dazed that principal with his extraordinary quality, that he was immediately taken on as a member of the faculty. Of course, a day later, when the principal found out what he had done when in this trance, he was going to assign him to the janitor position, but being afraid that this would cause a general strike by the other janitors for ear plugs, he gave him the one and only position of dramatic manager. Now, he ranks among the truly great men our nation has pro- duced: Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Ring Lardner, Clifford Smith, Samuel J. Catalfano, and Maurice Dankoff. And now, dear readers, "lay this to thy heart and farewell !" Yours, SIMPERING SADIE. 551951 25535613 63 , , ,if "lgf"ig7"Ig,f' Af' ,y"1g,f"1f Af 1 The Benjamin Franklin Junior - Senior High School X X SX 64 k3EZ2KZ26i26i25Xb?5ZZ Xy625Z2f6Z. f In Memoriam X MARIAN B. LEVINSON M h 19 1914-October 29, 1930 XE Kiki iZ36Z ZZZZ3? 65 Qdverdsing 66 00'I7217If'I7?0'Vl ts FURLONGNVHITE STUDIO PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS 27 C'l1'nton Avenue South Cgheodore KRJOSEUEZK said:- EXTRAVAGANCE rots characterg train youth away from it. On the other hand, the habit of saving money, while it stiffens the will, also brightens the energies. If you would be sure that you are right, Save." Every Monday you have the opportunity to prove that you are right-you cannot afford to miss if. ROCHESTER SAVINGS BANK The School Bank 47 Main St. West 40 Franklin St. 1831 if Our Centennial Year if 193 67 Education I5 A S'l'I'l UTE takes every pre- '5 '4'- caution to relate class room theories to actual con- ditions in the business world. Students see real life unfold- ing before them. They get a new vision, a new enthusiasm. If you are one of those pass- ing from "graduation into life" at the time--we suggest that you pause long enough to adapt your education to prac- tical demands of the business world. Short intensive courses await you at R. B. I. Indi- vidual instruction is featured. You are assured assistance in securing paying, responsible positions on the completion of courses offered. oem-:s1'si: BUSINESS IN- NN Featuring Home Study Courses Accountancy, Bookkeeping Stenography, English Those who are unable to at- tend the Institute immediate- ly are urged to avail them- selves of business preparation courses by mail. Transfer may be made at any time to regular courses. Contact with instructors may be made when ' desired bv actual visits to the R. B. I. otiiees. Further Information from Registrar ROCHESTER BUSINES Summer School Begins July 6th F all Term Starts Sept. Sth S INSTITUTE 172 CLINTON AVENUE SOUTH ROCHESTER, N. Y. When You Want Better Dairy Products get it nt Simon Bros. Creamery Cor. Joseph and Catharine -'I AGATE'S Superior Ice Cream Special Bricks, Molds for all occasions Stone 1106 BERNBAUM'S Roch cste1"s Leading Kosher Delicatessen Hot Corned Beef Spiced Beefs and Smoked Sausage 345 JOSEPH AVENUE Parties and Banquets given specfial attention. Main 8057 Wm. Yalowich Drug Co. I I 658 HUDSON AVENUE A complete line of Fountain pens Prices from S1 to 5515. MODERN SODA FOUNTAIN Sanitary Services F QYOUR FUTURE . . . Depends on your training. Mechanics Instituto offers unusual opportunities for I preparation. Its cooperative courses, particularly, enable you to secure practical experi- ence and at the same time earn while you learn! Cooperative Courses Industrial Electricity Food Administration Industrial Mechanics Retail Distribution I Construction Supervision Costume Art with Retaling' and Architectural Drafting Photographic Technology Industrial Chemistry Applied Art Courses Illustration, Advertising Art, Design, Crafts, Interior Decoration, Art Education ROCHESTER, N. Y. "The Institute Silperiors will be glad to send further information or arrange a personal interview." ANDREVVS, COR. WATER STREET "One Man Tell Another" We appreciate the patronage of the members of Benjamin Franklin High School. IT DOES NOT PAY T0 BAKE NOWADAYS Visit 990 HUDSON AVENUE Phone Stone 6497 Cakes, cookies, bread, pies, and pastries fresh twice daily Orders for Weddings, parties, and special occasions taken We Deliver Rochestefs Most Modern DAIRY KUNZER - ELLIN W OOD, INC. 123 BARBERRY TERRACE Phone, Stone 2938 I Q - - l - 1 A 69 WARREN-KAHSE INC. Jewelers and Stationers for FRATERNITIES CLUBS AND SORORITIES Dance Programs and Favors Athletic Awards Trophies 1048 UNIVERSITY AVE. Main 4840-M Open Day and Evening Style Economy SAM DIERNA SHOE PARLOR LADIES, NOVELTIES AND ARCH SHOES IN ALL SIZES AND WIDTHS AT REASONABLE PRICES 1076 CLINTON AVENUE N. Bet. Ketchum and Morrill Sts. Complinzenfs of NORTH CLINTON PHARMACY HARRY M. RUBENS, PH. G. 1152 North Clinton, at Avenue D MEMBER f' KX PAUL C. IAcoNA AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE 4539047 823 Powers Building ms unc: 'Ts Main 3786 Rochester, N. Y. ,- vu: 5' Nrrl ruif 'U of ui' Come in and see our beautiful line of footwear. All sizes and colors. Get them here and save money. S. P. MARGOLIS 66 Cuba Place, at Maria St. Slum' 3887 Open Evenivigs Main 5686 KATZ BROS. Wholesale-M eats and Poultry-Retail G7 FRONT STREET The Thousands Who Buy Al: The National can' t be wrong E5 Everything in Wearables than u Young Man N cedx and Not Expensive .T The WHATEVER a person buys. the ihimz he wants most. is good value . . . a better mnney's-worth . . . and the thing that hrimrs people to any store in partivular, is the fact that better values are lo he found there. The National haw a name for good clothing values that even those who rIon't talk about it. wnn't deny. For thirty years and more, that reputa- tion has been srrowimz. National values today, are not on trial . , . the verdict has been rendered . . . it's a fact. NATIONAL C L O T H I N G C O . Eos! Main-Corner of Stone Try a boa: of BETTY MORE CHOCOLATES made by MORE CANDY COMPANY Meet your friends at the CHOCOLATE SHOP 13 N. Clinton Avenue Where Quality Excels PROJANSKY CO. Tailors-Fur1'iers fm' Gentlewomen 39 EAST AVENUE CAMEO THEATRE 1201 Clinton Avenue THE' BEST IN PHOTOPLAYS WITH PERFECT SOUND ew Two beautiful stores located at the corner of HUDSON AND CLIFFORD 7 READY MADE COATS AND DRESSES OUR SPECIALTY KALETA'S PHARMACY 1099 HUDSON AVENUE Corner Peckham St. ATTRACTIVE LUNCHEON AND SODA FOUNTAIN SERVICE SPECIAL NOON MENUS FOR FRANKLIN STUDENTS WHoLESoME Ho1vIE COOKED FooD QUICK SERVICE DRUGS, TOILET ARTICLES, SCHOOL SUPPLIES 1 Coats and Dresses made to order in Phone 7471 any fashion or design KODAK SUPPLY AND SERVICE STATION The .... ART PRINT SI-IOP INCORPORATE D printed this Edition ot The KEY WHERE PRINTING OF THE BETTER KIND IS PLANNED AND PRODUCED Equipped to do Commercial Printing such as ..... Catalogues, Booklets, Eoiders, Broadsides, Circulars, Stationery Etc. 77 St. paul St., Rochester, N. Y. 71 K1 sw I , 1 i X, F ' f I 1',, '- ' A Q - 1 0f.1,i-1yL- fb SACL.,,bL1b i037 . , . ' , gif' '- Jtflffa N 1 v . ,X X N f ..,f,,f f ,f refs- fs Q- fs f f J ""' f f 'Ci , A 'xl Q5 -1-u l ' Hwwxy bf 5 Qfyf,,C7W,Q.,,,, gg X wp X- 'M XX 1 ' A, . H- N AX X, ' I f yM1 If X my N, 3 yt 'lf X3 X5 Xi f Aw 15 O ' J , f ' . ' A Jw 2 A JQ Qw I if - ' 7 'rf !"'gf'f2QMf53 A L LMS u UL' lh, 1, . N x f ffzfmwf M 'ff 0 xg a if A f ff K ea 35L.,.,,fQLmMf g .ab N , M 1' X X 'X 4 u Q lb T Wifi . , g a Q5 iii 'f Q px xii 5 I A 1 ,, i A 4.., ,.f" 1 'l, fg'tr .f'iff'te '-f', 'if' ' 72 Y W ZWKWZWZZ' HMM! 1 X

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