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THE JA Y UIVIA IV Z ll iv 49 4 YV 3 XX! 5 H' 1" lwiil UL-L 2' M M ' mt 5 rg ZH-Ei 5: 7 A A N ::::A , Z 'V sk, f if DEDICHTIUH Wztlz Smcuc apprcczatzon and qmtztudcf IL flu srmrns of 1049 humblzy uzsh fn dzdzcafr tlzzs cmzstanf pafzznce and zffmt cmztrzbuffd to our mouth and progress and 1111101 fo the publz fatmn nj flux annual THI' IAIONIAN . I . 2 'J Q 1 l. . I 1 . X, -8, 3 -1 . Q n y.: p ' .'u book fn mu' fnflwrs and 'nmflwrs mlm, with CUVCT- . ' , , 3 . . .' , . . . . . , . T 2 3' '- d . . .D , , f I ' n J I n THE JHUUHIHH CUHIHIITTEE FUCO m:uOmZ0'um R E. HITE WILLIAM A UJUHDS Flllllll UUR SPUHSUHS SEEK TO KNOW YOUSRELF Yesterday you were under the careful guid ance of your school protec d from the pitfalls of the world by men and women who because of an interest in the edu ation of youth raised a warning finger at danger points and lent a hand to guide you down the path of safety Today your graduation day you stand on the threshold of a new world Tomorrow you are a definite part of it What of the future? Perhaps you have often thought of it asking yourself W at can l do? However the world goes farther and asks What can you do best? To answer that question requires a lot of digging lt requires an analysis of you and a definitlon of your special ability your per sonal likes and dislikes Learn by experience has been hurled at us thousands of times However without proper study experience will teach us a lot of things things that are not true There is only one way in which any rnan has ever gained true happiness and that is by expressing hmself in his ofvn way n the line of work for which he is best fitted and which he loves most Analyze you and we will offer our con gratulatlons not only on your graduation from our high school but also on your selection of your part in the world FOR ASSISTANCE RENDERED One seldom finds a piece of work so easy to praise as is this second bound volume of THE JAYONIAN Upon its completion thirty three seniors were able to sit back and relax They had successfully planned and carried out all the details As always with any Iob special recognition and commendation are in order In society there are always some people who are leaders those who fTght and struggle for their beliefs so rn the publication of this book there were ome s nnors who deserve to be called leaders and are worthy of praise One of the hardest tasks was the soliciting of adver tiements Dawn Joseph and Thelma Knob loch worked diligently and tirelessly calling upon many business estabishments Aiding them at times were Cecelia Tremul Delores Kingera Paul Roberts Nick Sturey and Alfred Coleman For the task of setting up the year book itself the following people de erve praise for successfully completing the special assign ments given to them John Kulba aided in the layout of pctures and by writing special articles included in THE JAYONIAN He also supervised all of the reporters and aided in proofreading some articles To Margaret Mino was given the diff: cult task of supervision over the entire publica tion This included the typ ng of all artlc'es with the able assistance of Florence Morasky De lores Kingera Cecelia Tremul Delores Popp and Eleanor Singel Assisting Margaret in final proofreading were the managing editors Delores Popp and Thelma Knobloch To find the work done by Cecelia Tremul in completing our pages The etchings that symbolize the therne of this book are a product of her artistic talents To Frances Jancar Joanne Thomas Margaret Mino and John Kulba recognition is acknowl edged for the fine editorials that express the thoughts of the yearbook The sports articles were very ably written by one of the athletes Carl Lugar The Class Wll written by Robert Peschock and Ruth Ann Rively and the Class Prophecy written by Betty Buchan Eleanor Singel and Dawn Joseph were two articles that were very difficult to write We have only to read them to render praise to those students for their work The four year class history was summed up in differ ent articles written by Russell Havener Betty Yoder Gertrude Steepe Margaret Mina com pounded these articles into one complete history The above senior students are the ones that stand out in our minds as the ones who more than anyone else willingly did their part for this publication the second edition of THE JAYONIAN The remainder of the class made themselves available and rendered their assist ance at varied tlmes The sponsors express appreciation for assistance rendered , te ' ' ' , , , . . Q . I ll : . I ' D ' , ' z " h , ' ' ' I I H . . . . 1 - A - - 11 11 ' - . , t I ll ' ll . . ' , . , ' that me not SO. All of Us ffknow by experienceff project, one has only to glance at the division . F . . X E , I ' ' ' - 11 11 - ' ' . l . J 1 ' ' . , . i I ' ' ll Il ' I ' , , , 4 . l . l , , - ' - 1 V A V 1 . - D . ' . - ' I , , . I . V 1 . I ' ' ' I s e ' - l 11 11 ' ' ' ' - .Q I I- ' ' l . l 4 l ROOM 210 AWAITS US A NEW ERA-WE ARE SENIORS OUR HOME FOR 1948-49 "lllllU H lllElllllltU" Entering this, our final year of school, the ultimate goal of our dreams is finally within our reach. The boys lost no time in heeding the call for football candidates, and the seniors certainly did represent us well on the varsity team-eight members beating out all oppo- sition. Our class officers were elected and al- most every senior participated in at least one of the various clubs that were organized. As a means for raising funds for the second issue of the school yearbook, THE JAYONIAN, the iunior and senior classes combined efforts in most of their money-raising activities. The re- sults proved to be very satisfactory. Even though we were handicapped by the football practices, games, and other activities, our annual play, "Miss Collegiate", was a huge success. The mid-winter months were taken up with basketball, the holiday season, and the min- strel, Before Christmas, we, with the help of underclassmen, sold Christmas cards as another way of raising yearbook funds. This proved to be a very profitable proiect, for the demand for cards was so great that we did not have enough Christmas cards to sell. The maiority of us took part in the minstrel that was directed by Mr. O'Connor and Mr. Hite. The senior share of the proceeds was determined by the amount of tickets that we sold. It was a suc- cess. Soon spring sunshine took the place of winter snows and the iuniors and seniors were preparing for the big event-THE JUNIOR AND SENIOR PROM. The big day finally rolled around and everyone was more than pleased with the gala occasion. The banquet, the final gathering for the class, was our last social event. We hated to see it pass. The great day which everyone had been dreading but had accepted as the hnal con- clusion to twelve years of school arrived at last. This day would never have become a reality if all our school work, studies and ac- tivities had not been kept up to par. On this memorable night we hnally launched on our own, possessing a knowledge that would help anchor us in life. We are now part of that ever-growing list-The Alumni. JOHN KULBA. EDITURIHLLU SUCCESS Thus school term the senuor class of 49 under took the task of publushung the second edutuon of the school yearbook THE JAYONIAN Last term the senuor class of 48 publushed the first edutuon whuch was done un photographuc form lt was decuded thus year however to have the photographs engraved and wrutten materual prunted unstead of settung each page wuth puc tures and typewrutten materual and then photo graphung ut The first school yearbook the HI LOG publushed un T937 38 was done un regular prunted form For our yearbook we are usung the theme School and Industry The undustry of course us the local steel mll The Bethlehem Steel Mulls have long been as socuated wuth the everyday actuvuty of Franklun Borough and the cuty of Johnstown utself Thus undustry provudes one of the maun sources of employment Also the smoke from its guant stacks can constantly be seen hoverung over yearbook theme Wuthun the yearbook utself are contauned some of the everyday school happenungs that are a part of school actuvutues The photographs and wrutungs are ports of our senuor year un school that we wanted recorded to cherush un future years Thus yearbook holds the years of school memorues to whuch we t any tume can refer Maunly however we know ut was put together wuth some hard work by the senuor class and uts sponsors Mr Salem and Mr Hute The result utself was obtauned only by everyone doung hus part JOHN KULBA MEMORIES Faraway places excutung adventurous sound ung words that us what comes to our minds as we go forward to graduatuon Many of Us have dreams of travelung far seeung new places meetung new people and doung bug thungs Some have no desure to leave theur homes and fruends for new ones For twelve years whuch sometumes seemed nererendung we have been preparung and wautung for the day when we would receuve our duplomas and go out unto the world Now that we are actually on the threshold of com mencement day we are thunkung back over those twelve years That frughtenung first day when everythung seemed so bug and all those strange faces report card day the vusuts to the nurse and the dentust those happy days of early dusmussal the holudays and the summer vacatuons th year we were finally Greenues then on up to becomung Dugnufied Senuors the basketball and the football games the crushes on the foot ball star or the prettuest gurl un school the crown ung of Muss Franklun those never enclung tests and home work assugnments the favorute teach ers the Munstrels and the Class Plays the ex cutement of beung cu part of the orchestra these are but fragments of our hugh school experu ences No matter what we do whether our dearest dreams are realuzed or not whether we stay here or travel far these thungs wull remaun for ever un the memory of our dear old Alma Mater CO OPERATION Webster saud Co operatuon us workung to gether for a common good No matter what phase of work we choose we wull be uudged by our abuluty to co operate wuth others Thus co operatuve traunung must be developed durung our school years By the tume we are graduated from hugh school we should be capable of gettung along smoothly wuth others We as senuors faced thus challenge lt us a wonderful feelung to know that you have contrubuted to somethung worthwhule N wonder hugh school bands marched so proudly down the maun streets Each member con trubuted to the spurut and co operatuve effort of the football season No wonder cheerleaders ran confidently out onto the sudelunes they too led the unuted effort of th students to bolster the morale of the home team As we of THE JAYONIAN staff observed these frequently occurrung demonstrations of operatuon we can confirm the value of co operatuve traunung We have worked together to produce a book whuch wull be ureasuued by each member of the Senuo Class of 49 JOANNE THOMAS , ' - 1 , - ' 1 1 . , . V . . ' 1 .. . . . ' . i . . I . . . . , D D I I I " . . ,, - 1, , - : - i - - - ' - H - - n - - , - , 1 - - ll fl . - ' - ' , , ' 1 I - ' ' - f - 2 . . . . i the towng so it is only natural for this to be our FRANCES JANCAR. Q T ' . ll . . 1 . . I G U u . . I ' . I I I I , I h . I . ' ' ' , ' ' ' . o l' I ' l 5 . . - . S , . . . , r 1 ' ' l ' ' co- 1 ' ' . ' ' Q - - ' ' Ll - ' ' ' r ' . U5 l Sflllllll CLHSS HISlllllU We began climbing the ladder to success an the year of 45 In our first year of hugh school we thought we were grown up As we carried our name Freshnes with us we became very proud Feeling out of place was our mann problem especially when changing classes as we met different teachers and saw upper class men staring so nottceably at us We gradually became accustomed to this and began partlclpat :ng in the various school activities Our class being very large because of the many tuition students occupied two rooms The bad part about this was that the home rooms were lo cated at oppostte ends of the hall Rooms lll and ll8 Changing sponsors several times was our greatest surprise and disappointment as Freshmen for we never had the opportunity for making money But In spite of this we certainly will treasure the memories of our Freshman year for many years to come We as Sophisticated Sophomores began this year with an enrollment of forty students Mr OConnor was our sponsor We elected officers on the second day of school and the results were President Anthony Schreyer Vice President Betty Buchan Secretary Margaret Mina Treasurer Nick Sturey With the coopera tion of the entire class we were soon on our way towards increasing our class funds As the months rolled by the hugh school sponsored an mter class mlnstrel whlch was under the direction of Mr Hnte and Mr OConnor was a huge success and our share of the pro ceeds were added to our treasury Our cass play Dont Take My Penny contributed some money toward our fund We knew now t at we had some promnslng actors actresses an comedlans in our class Our only social event of the year was a skating party held at Skate land Although the proceeds were small we didnt mind too much for everyone had a won derful time The term ended with a picnic at Idlewild Park and with the dreaded examinations which came the next day ln August l947 as we anxnously left the auditorium for the then familiar ll6 we were proud of our new title Jolly Juniors During the hustle of selecting our class flower motto and colors Alfred Coleman our president was constantly rapping for order After much argu xng and choosing we were finally satisfied with the results of Class flower gardenaa class col ors royal blue and whute and class motto Tonight we launch where shall we anchor? While fussmg over these problems we almost forgot our sadly neglected financial status W were practically pennlless' The idea of selling programs at football games really raised our morale and our funds At this particular time we were faced with a famultar problem e changing of sponsors Mr OConnor who a previously presided yielded his position to lvl Salem We easily became accustomed to our new sponsor for he was a great help toward our first real bug event The Junior Senior Prom Now was the time we began taking things a little easy for we had money no class problems and a satisfactory school schedule The prom was a great success at the Fort Stanwlx Hotel where everyone enloyed himself immensely Our last social event had come to an end wltn the closing of the second semester Our 47 48 term was completed and we had made good At last we made lt' l l I We now were SEN IQ I I I On the first day we arrived at school ex cited at being seniors the goal we all worked to reach There was a lot of talk old friends renewing acquaintances and catching up on the gossip The classrooms and halls rang with the many voices of the students old and new but none more excited than we were The first day seemed very short for we had an early dismissal The events and successes of our Senior year are recorded at various places throughout this book so we hesitate to repeat them here lest they become borung to you our readers However to us their memory will be a source of great 'oy in future years G STEEPE R HAVENER D JOSEPH - - - 11 - 11 - . , . . - 1 1 ' 1 i 1 1 1 11 - 11 1 ' - I . . 1 1 I 1 1 1 f ' ' , - - 1 1 1 1 . . 11 - 11 . , . l ' 1 ' ' - . , . e , . ' ' ' 1 f it d . - - 1 . . . I rl , . 1 '- ' ' - - 1 1 11 ' - 11 - , . , . . . . ' . ' ' ' . , , . - 1 I 1 - I 1 - ' ' RS I . ' ' . 'T . ' . lt l I - 11 1 11 - , . 1 1 - - l I I h . ' , , , Ci . , ' I ' I . , . I 1 ' - 1 1 . - 1 1 ' ' , . . ADMIIVISTIIA TIUIV U C nmll ,ff fx-PM R L Mi3lg Q f wo + '-:N E TQWP 515: O 11 Left fo Right EVERETT E CUSTER lSoI1csTor1 RUDOLPH ROLISH JOSEPH TOMASKOVICH MICHAEL F BERZONSKY JOHN M PILOT MICHAEL SINOEL DR H C TILLEY lSupe-rvlsmg Prmcupolu THE BUHHD UF EDUCHTIUH H C TI MR D G SEESE Supervnsmg Prmcrpoul High School Prmcnpol L97 L UUH PIIIIIIIIPHIS SPEHll SUCCESSFUL ACHIEVEMENT Any lab well done brings definite gratifica tion to the doer Even the meanest critics will grudgungly acknowledge a worthy accomplish ment It is well to consider the satlsfactlons which result from the preparation and production of a good high school year book It is ummodest to consider these for after all such a prolect as a malor undertaking for any class group in one years tlme First there is the satisfaction gained from planning outlining gathering selecting and processing materials for the prolect To be doing something on your own not textbook or teacher planned is always an opportunity to work and thunk with other persons democratically Each step finished in a forward moving plan gives that sense of being a part of the greater endeavor Then there is the satisfaction of meeting with those outside of your group The solncr tation of the public for advertisements and con trubutnons the seeking of advice from the span sors the activity engaged in by the parents an opportunity to use them in the forward move ment of a large prolect Again there comes a satisfaction from the activities necessary rn order to properly finance the work An understanding that anything worthwhile must be paid for from the effort of those who will benefit will bring future bless ings Once the financial plan has been achieved a real sense of completeness or finality sur rounds all those at work on the protect And finally with the book In the hands of the printer engraver or binder with the cash In the hands of the proper treasurer with the anticipation of the underclassmen for the book at a high pitch and with the knowledge that in a few weeks the actual distribution will be an accomplished fact the satisfaction of a com pleted protect and the goyous feeling expressed by an enthusiastic group of fellow classmen and even the critics acknowledgment of a com pleted rob will remain with you as long as you live CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS DR H C TILLEY Supervising Principal O YOUTHS PROBLEMS AND OPPORTUNITIES The problems of our modern youth present a great problem to our schools today We are living in a changing world W have changed from an agricultural to an n dustrnal age giving rise to the factory system which shifted us from the man to the machine This vital shift of function has affected the nature of our fundamental social institutions and has challenged our educational system with problems that formerly belonged to the home It has not only tended to Increase and concentrate our population but also has rntermingled the ele ments that make up our society so that rt has become extremely complex This rapid and vital change has caused our educational system to redefine its aims and purposes It is n w placing greater emphasis upon the skull of living instead of upon the remote uninteresting fact finding processes of yesterday Developing skill in self sacrifice skill in being honest in work deed and thought are the desired alms of edu cation The essence of this process rs influence It is a power that creates a flow into anothers u f a esire e to do tat furnishes the key that unlocks lifes problems The industrial change that science art and inventions have gradually accomplished invites us to link our desires with vital experiences and positive actions so that our youth today will develop faith wnllpower and ludgment through the process of learning to do by doing To this end we have collectively set ourselves to the task of providing opportunities for the students of Franklin Borough Hugh School to participate in CI vital active and positive pro gram A part of this program is the production of THE .IAYONIAN a task undertaken only twice in the history of our school It is our hope that THE JAYONIAN will serve in the future years not only as an emblem of remunuscence but also as a means of rnspir ing all who read it to participate in the affairs of society and will challenge the students who follow to take advantage of the opportunities offered MR D G SEESE Hugh School Principal I - . . . , I e . - I - . not - - . I I I I T . . , . ' ' . ' o I . D ' I ' Il fl ' I all give a broadened view of life interests and so ll O d ' "to b " and " " h ' . . - , . , . T A . ' ' D I I , ' . . . . . . . . , . , , . I 1 . . . . . I . - - , ' I ' . . . , . I -1. I - l I . a 1 ' . , . . . , l l I I - f f 1 I l T THE JHUUIIIHII COMMENCEMENT BEGINNING OR END' The long awauted day us here Many hugh school students feel that ut us Dractucally the end for them Thus condutuon us felt even stronger when the solemn commencement program us staged Some begun to realuze that ut us not the end but only the begunnung a begunnung of a new peruod un theur luves They realuze that perhaps now they have a purpose un Iufe and must do theur best to fultlll ut If a person does not have thus aum he us luke a shup wuthout a rudder As the vessel wanders lustlessly out on th hugh seas so also he wull druft about un Iufe achuevung nothung doung no good and pro ably endung up as a faulure f he us attaun success he must follow the paths of ambutuon energy confTdence and perseverance Lackurug one or more of these may mean the dufference between success and faulure u a graduate lukes to feel that commencement us one of the roads that leads to a successful career and that ut us an unsurance to safeguard hum agaunst faulure and dusappountment But one setback should not be the end of your career It should make a person wuser and more untellu gent for he now knows hus mustakes and wull try to avoud them No sayung good bye to our Alma Mater us really openung the door to a fuller Iufe MARGARET MINO EDITOR IN CHIEF ASSOCIATE EDITORS MANAGING EDITORS LITERARY EDITORS BUSINESS MANAGERS ART CHIEF OF REPORTERS TYPISTS REPORTERS WHERE SHALL WE ANCHOR? Where shall we anchor? As we walk slowly down the ausle and out of the rear audutoruum door thus questuon us pressung upon us as surely as the hands that wull be congratulatung Our shups are now saulung along the sea of Iufe If we attaun our goal success must be the result If we muss our goal Iufe may be a desolate faul ure If we could look unto the years before us we would probably see ourselves un varuous posutuons Some of us may be un unuversutues struvung to re enter our hugh school door only thus tume as Instructors Some of us may be un undustry or un busuness stull struvung to reach hugher posutuons one of us may even succeed un beung presudent of a large tlrm or even a rulung hand on Wall Street Some of us may be un musuc workurug our way to the concert stage raduo televusuon and to world wude fame Some of us may be un meducune helpung others on theur way to health and happuness Some of us may be un law helpung to keep our gov ernment strong and free All of us have a place How soon shall we find t'P As we tourney on our way we are constantly thunkung of our famuluar motto Tonught we launch We are constantly struvung to make our horuzor' brught and prosperous When we finally achueve our goal we shall be able to answer Where shall we anchor? JOANNE THOMAS MARGARET MINO VERA GELESH JOANNE THOMAS THELMA KNOBLOCH DOLORES POPP ANNA DANATSKO FRANCES JANCAR NICK STUREY ALFRED COLEMAN CECELIA TREMUL JOHN KULBA FLORENCE MORASKY ELEANOR SINGEI DELORES KINGERA CLASS OF 49 u . . . . , , . us. , . 1 - , - . . I ' ' 1 u . e I . . . I. . . 1 I , . . . I b . I to ' ' ' 1 . I I ' I . 1 1 1 - D I I I 1 1 1 ' ' . B u I 1 , - - . I . ' 1 ' ' '- - - 11 - 11 , . I I - . I . ' ' 11 1 ' 11 I CLASSES f -5-4'-'- -q'YnU7'l"" W9 V JSI 71 W QX N WI 7- W Ili jj 3. ' lili 'S S 1 A W W N53 i ij - S , i sp. f y 1 -S L v u " , f U f LEE ::, ' V- 4 3 f 1' 6L :TT:V:-T 1.1017 S ,I ,CX is-1,3 S ffL'l"i5-' 7 ,F ALFRED COLEMAN, President Class Oflicer 3-4 Football 2-3-4 Basketball 3-4 Key Club 3-4 Class Play Y , 2-4 .layonian Staff ,, , 4 Boy Patrol Sponsor 3-4 MARGARET MINO, Secretary Class Officer ,,,, l-2-4 Cheerleader 2-3-4 Y-Teens l-2-3-4 Glee Club 2 Dramatics 2 Class Play , , 2-4 Minstrel ,, 4 Jayonian Stat? W, .. , 4 JOHN KULBA, Vice President Class Ofticer Football Basketball Key Club Class Play ,. Jayonian Staff , ROBERT PESCHOCK, Class Officer ,,,,, H , , Football , ,, Basketball Key Club Class Play ,, Minstrel ,,,.,, , ll3l I-4 3-4 3-4 2-3-4 ,, 4 Treas. 3-4 2-4 3-4 2-3-4 2-4 4 ay? MICHAEL BOYARSKY Key Club ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, A Class Play ,,,,,. Basketball ,,,,, Minstrel ,,,,,., ,, Class Officer ,,,,,,, County Orchestra Orchestra , JOHN BRKOVICH Football ,,,, ,,,,, . ,, Basketball ,,,,,,,, , Senior Craft ,,,,,, BETTY BUCHAN Y-Teens , , Cheerleader Class Ofticer Orchestra Glee Club Dramatics County Orchestra Class Play , WAYNE FYOCK Stage Crew VERA GELESH Class Play , Press Club ,, Cheerleader ,,,,, , 2-3-4 2-4 3-4 I , 2-3-4 I-2-3-4 l-2-3-4 , 2-3-4 I-2-3-4 , 2-3-4 2 l-2-3-4 , 2 2-3-4 ,, 2-4 2-3 4 ,,2 2 , 2-3-4 DAVID BRANDLE Art Club ,,,,,,,. .,,,,, Key Club ..,,,,, Football ,,,,. NICK BRKOVICH Football ,,,,,,,,,.,,,, A Basketball ,,,,,,,,,, Senior Craft ,,,, ANNA DANATSKO Glee Club , ,,,,,, , , Press Club Class Play , Jayonian Staff , Minstrel EDWARD GALUSKA Joyanian Staff ,, Senior Craft ,. RUSSELL HAVENER Stage Crew FRANCES JANCAR Orchestra . ., Y, , Class Play , , Pep Club ,, Y-Teens ,, , Press Club ,,,, Glee Club Jayonian Staff County Chorus ,, CHARLES KATYNSKI Football , , Manager Minstrel Key Club Basketball THELMA KNOBLOCH Class Play ,, , , Minstrel , ,,,,, , Pep Club .layonian Staff ., FLORENCE MORASKY Cheerleader ,, , Pep Club Y-Teens , ,,,, , W, Class Play ,,.,,, Dramatics ,, Glee Club , Jayonian Staff , , ,. l-2-3-4 2-4 3-4 I-2-3-4 ,, 2-4 2 . 4 , 2-3-4 4 3 4 4 4 , 2-4 2-4 3-4 , 4 l-2 3-4 I -2-3-4 ,, . 2-4 , 2 . , 4 SElllllllS THOMAS REED Class Play Key Club Press Club , , DAWN JOSEPH DELORES KINGERA Cheerleader ,,YY,,Y,,,,,.. Y-Teens ,,,s. Class Play Dra matics Y. Minstrel ss,,sss.,,ss, Glee Club Jayonian Stafl , CARL LUGAR Football ,,,,,, Basketball , Class Play , DELORES POPP 4 Cheerleader 4 Y-Teens ,,,,,,,,, 4 Glee Club ,,,,,,, Dramatics . Class Play ,,,,, Jayonlan Staff ., RUSSELL REIGHARD Y-Teens , I-2-3-4 Manager ,,,,,,,,,,,, . Pep Club 2-3-4 Football ,,,,, ,, Glee Club ., 2 Stage Crew ,,,, , Minstrel , 4 Key Club ,,,. Dramatics 2 Jayanian Staff 4 l-2-3-4 I-2-3-4 2-4 4 , 2 4 2-3-4 3-4 ,H4 I-2-3-4 l-2-3-4 , ,, 2 2 , , 4 4 ,,,4 .,,3 , 2-3-4 2,4 Rlvelt' Singel Steepe Thomas Yoder R0beI'TS Spontak Sturey Tremul RUTH ANN RIVELY ANDREW SPANTAK Pep Club -----'q ---- - -- ------ 2'3'4 Senior Craft ..AA,,,,,,,,,,,,, 4 Press Club ,, , ., 2-4 Glee Club 2 NICK T ELEANOR SINGEI. SEHI S S UREY Football W 2-3-4 Ysreenl " ' " l'2'3'4 Basketball 3-4 Pep nm Y 2-3-4 Key WW 3-4 Class ploy ' ' 4 Class Play ,,,, 2-4 Dmmclms "" 2 Class Olticer Y . . 3 Glffe Club ' ' Q Minstrel ,.,,..,,,., , ,,,,,, 2-4 Mmslfel ""' 4 Jayonian Staff , , ,, ., 4 Jayonnan Staff ,, , 4 GERTRUDE STEEPE BETTY YODER CECELIA TREMUL Press Club ,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 3 -4 Pep Club 2-3-4 Y-Teens sY,s,,.. , , , . l-2-3-4 Pep Club , ,, ,, 2-3-4 Y-Teens ,,,,,,,, H 2-3-4 Cheerleader , , l-2 Glee Club ,,,,,, 2 Press Club W , ,,,, 4 Pep Club ,,s,.. 3-4 Minstrel ,,,, 2 Class Play ,,,, ,,,.. . 2-4 Glee Club ,,,.,, ,,,, 2 Dramatics ,,,,,,,,,.., .. 2 JOANNE THOMAS Y-Teens ,,,,,,,, .,,,.,,., ,,,,,,.,. Orchestra Pep Club ..,,, Class Play ,,,,,,, Glee Club , County Chorus ,, , County Orchestra , Jayonian Staff ,, I -2-3-4 I -2-3-4 2-3-4 2 ,, , , 2-3-4 3 4 PAUL ROBERTS Football ,,,,..,. ,,,,, ,,,,,, Key Club ,,,,,, Class Play ,,,,, Class Officer Minstrel ,,,, 14169 2-3-4 , 3-4 , 2-4 , 2-3 4 Jayonian Stal? ,,,, ,, ,,,,, , 4 THE JUTIIUHS JUNIORS Lett to Rught tTop Row George Taduch Vuctor Ku her Mark Galaga a Muke Kuzmuak Muke Zuner Pete Katynsku Pau Celle tSecond Row BTI Docherty Eugene Straut Joan Sungel Bernard Sewak Betty Herko Natalue Saula Donala Lupek tThurd Row Mary Strank Patrucua Thuel Anthony Muranda Betty Konchan James Howard Phyllus Booz u Alex Toth tBottom Row Mr Walter E Hute Jennue Kopler Colleen Gordon Frances Paruch George Reughard Robert Gleason Rosalue Porcher Helen Derevuanuk JUTTIUHS SPUTTSUH THE TIGERS ITETIHEHTIE The Junuor Class elected for theur annual Thus us the tlnal of a serues ot plays by Robert St Claur and was durected by the sponsors play The Tugers Necklace a mystery comedy un two acts wuth a prologue and an epulogue Erma Lovvrue the he re s Madame Sylvua her aunt Aunt Sophua Sylvuas suster Mrs Murdock a Scotch woman Ann Jackson an Englush gurl Mrs Jackson her mother The Tuger Woman Pruestess of the Cult also partucupated THE CAST OF CHARACTERS Thora Bauer Betty Herko Phyllus Boozer Betty Konchan Joan Sungel Mary Strank Jennue Kopler Macuntosh Ermas sweetheart Mark Galagaza Sherutt Osaood Sophuas Elance Bernard Sewak Mauor Jackson Anns tather Muke Boyarsky Charles Howard Anns tlance Carl Lugar Mahmound the Rauah of Mau Charles Kotynsku Yamu Hugh Pruest ot the Cult Muke Zuner Hassan a Hundu servant James Howard W . H . V . S , Z, . , I . . I .V l 7 s. u- i , ' ' 1 , , ' 9,1 ' 1 I lf - - I 1 4 1 1 1 T 1 H l H , Q , . . . ll ' I ll ' I I ' VV. E. Htte and W. A. Salem. Several seniors . . , , 1 T 5 1 . . . I I TT v I . , I u T7 u JUHIUH CLHSS HCTIVITIES The 48 school term rolled around and we walked unto the audutoruum conscuous of the fact that we were now Junuors When Mr Hute and Mr Salem were fTnally appounted our permanent sponsors we looked forward to the year wuth hugh hopes Bernard Sewak was elected presudent Thora Bauer vuce presudent Jennue Kopler secretary and Natalue Saula Treasurer Sulver and sky blue were chosen as our class colors a red raduance rose for the flower and the class motto In ourselves ur future lues Followung the examples set up by the classes before us the Junuors and Senuors undertook the lob of sellung magazunes to obtaun some money for theur treasurues Any person who sold S5 worth of subscruptuons had an oppor tunuty to wun a Bulova watch Flyung colors then went to the Junuor class Helen Derevlanuk was awarded the watch class contrubuted seven rugged players to the sauad After the Conemaugh Franklun game Franklun played host to the vuctors at a party un the gym Early un the year the gym was opened to noon dancung and refreshments were sold F days actuvuty peruods proved unterestung as plays were produced by the dramatuc classes and movues were furnushed for entertaunment Halloween rolled around and our students celebrated un a flne fashuon A party was held un the aym wuth all four grades partucupatung It turned out to be an enuoyable evenung The Senuor class opened the dramatuc season wuth a comedy of youth entutled Muss Collegu ate whuch was a huge success Many Junuors partucupated as extras The Senuor class then sponsored a druve to sell Chrustmas cards and we dud our part to help the Idea along Basketball fever had a strong hold on every one and the boys usually had theur share of cheerung fans present Our team although small made the season one of whuch we could be proud It was at thus tume we first smelt orange blossoms un the aur One of the gurls left our group to start on her lufe career Another left to prepare for hers wuth a rung on her finger As for the rest they could usually be seen walkung un paurs down the hall or suttung un a booth at the students favorute hangout The Blue Jay Daury Soon we all wore rungs no not duamonds class rungs had arruved January and early February brought a peruod at hard work un preparatuon for The Showboat Munstrels Junuors and Senuors predomunated un the speakung parts whule the underclassmen comprused the curcle Followung uts successful performance the Junuor play came close on uts heels It was a mystery drama The Tugers Necklace Character roles were featured After thus we had one more outstandung event to look forward to the Prom Funally on May 6th the bug evenung had arruved Lookung un from the doorway you could see only a huge splash of color whuch upon closer examun atuon proved to be the brulluonce of the gurls gowns Dancung wuth them could be seen theur handsome partners for the evenung It was a pucture to remember and we are sure everyone present agreed ut was one of those nughts that wull hold a specual page un hus book of memorues Examunatuonsl Success' And now we are senuors' It us up to us to decude what nexti term wull offer but workung together a successful and happy one should be the result The Junuor Mouthpueces Thora B Helen D Betty K Jennue K Joan S Il II u , I , I , I - . 1 . f ' , 2 ' ' ' 1 - ' . ' II I l O ' II ' ' i . . . ,, . . . Il ' I ." in Football season was soon underway. The its production. 1 - . I . I . . K I I ri- ' I ' ' ' I 1 1 ' I ' 4 I . . ,, . .- I l ,, . . - - 11 ' 11 - ' ' , , , l I8 J Sflllllll CLHSS ltEVlElll NAMES NICKNAMES LIKES DISLIKES FAVORITE SAYINGS M W E BOYARSKY BRANDLE BRKOVICH BRKOVlCH BUCHAN COLEMAN DANATSKO FYOCK GALUSKA GELESH HAVENER JANCAR JOSEPH KlNGERA KATYNSKI KNOBLOCH LUGAR MINO MORASKY PESCHOCK POPP REED REIGHARD RIVELY ROBERTS SINGEL SPANTAK STEEPE STUREY THOMAS TREMUL YODER Dave Mop 'P Butch Head Honey Handsome Mole Vee Junnor Blondte Syrian Bonesy Flooky Ookte Mon: Bobby Lefty Gabby Gary Sadue Buba Lover Dempsey Cherry Wha m whom Babe Konch ou Muslc Anythtng Funny Books Comlng Late Swummmg Blondes Money Mechonlcs Books Skattng Cars Holdtng Hands Dancnng Day dreaming Ohno Tall Men Walkung to Conemaugh Ava Gardner Cla hes Kraytz My Gurl Football Players O A Glrl Boys Glrs Dancnng Movues Laughung G ls Must: Huntnng Skattng Girls Nothrng Women Beung early Loud mouths Loafing Sweaters Glrs Norse Smartues Hard work Sodas l dont kn w Short men Work Beans Working Macaront Sleepnng Spare ttme Freed potatoes Not saynng Money School Showofts Rc-adtng books Nerghbols F gurls Nonsy people Cats School One tnme house Look out' Go get nt Harry Hello there Dont give m e busuness Aw you re nuts No comment Yeoh No comment Sharp Hu on Bute me What yo sa there-7 Wow' How about that? Oh Baby Holy man ll slay Go to eck Boy thats sharp ls that so? H a Why Hut You re ktddun Hello Woozy l dont kn w Uh huh Honest to Pete Boy oh boy Oh nuts lf? , , - l l . J. y ,, ,, l y ., .I NA ,,FI.,, . ' - 1 ,, H B4 W " " ' ' 1 " ' ' eth A. " " " , ' " A. l ft ff ff ff l R. " ' " " ll" F. y ,, l . HY DA ., ,. y y O .. , J. KULBA "mlb" l ' Writing Hon out" F. H ff ' ..,. YG., R. " ' ' ' H h ff T. l ff ff t P. .D. l M If R. l " " l l l "ly" R, ff P. o. D. " " P. " " l 'I l " l" E. l " " ' - G. " " ' ' " ' 0" N, 3 " - " ir nr ' " f " B. l Ht if l A If , ff 1 l l t THE SUPHUITIIJHES Starting our second year in Franklin Borough High School, we lost no time in preparing for the school term ahead. With the aid of Mr. Lynch, our class sponsor for the second consecutive year, class officers were elected and plans laid for the year's activities. The results of this election were: President, Wilma Page, Vice Presi- dent, Pete Stureyg Secretary, Mary Sisitka, Treasurer, Charles Peruso. The Sophomores greatly aided the senior class to stage their play by lending their voices in the cheer- ing section off-stage. in order to raise funds for our future needs, we sold magazine subscriptions and minstrel tickets. Selling minstrel ticketsudid not limit' our participa- tion in this activity for many of us were represented in the circle, In the field of athletics the class of Si contributed several players in both football and basketball To cheer them on were sophomore girls who were lust star ng out as cheerleaders and were doing very well The team work this term of all who were affiliated with the class shows much promise for the next two years it was not easy to leave all this behind but we had the enioyment of knowing that next term our title would be The Jolly Juniors SOPHOMQRE COMMITTEE SOPHOMORES Left to Right iTop Rowi Joe Luzar Nick Waytovich Mike Gregovich Carl Wilson Richard Makuhan Pete Havrnlesky Robert Hagernch lMiddle Row Pete Sturey John Birus De lores Dela Rosa Roland McNulty Charles Peru o VVilma Page Jane Hohan Dan Troup iBottom Rowi Mr Robert E Lynch Nellie Glova Delores Delozner Betty Yanko Diana Gartrell Delores Morasky Patricia Bimeal Ada Branriagan Mary Miranda Margaret Dernar Anna Bradley l . , , . 'Ii . . 1 1, - If - - , , , , . Q - . - . . , . I U r I ' I J - - r I I 1 I ' ' is 20 FRESHMEN Left to Rrght rTop Row Bruce Fyock Wtlltarn Lesnak Louts Butts Leon Skybo Joseph Studer Walter Rozum Frank Rzezsut Jack Kushner Charles Drummer fSecancI Rowl Paul Kuzmnak Donald Blttner Carl Korber Wallace Taylor Helen Rykola Joseph Wudmar Dorothy Tadnch Eluzabeth Wnllnams IThrrd Rowl Dorothy Waytovnch Joseph Sabol Max OSaben Irene Kolcun Harry Muller Wnllnam Parks Frank Buchan IFourth Rowt Irene Gelles Betty Bayush Shurley Svoboda Dorothy Rnbnch Nancy Cruse Mary Jane Newcomer Joan Yamrose Howard Burnes IFrlth Rowl Joan Teeter Patrrcta Jancar George Struppy Edward Vavrek Nrck Danatsko Irene Derevlamk Robert Rttchey Dorothy Paznn 'Snxth Row! Mass Anna Vulcnch Steve Slavrch Joann McNulty Ronald Beroldl Bernard Uzelac IHE IHESHIIIEII Coming back to school as Freshmen was really a thrall We soon were In the swung of things as we elected our otttcers We started the term wrth a very success tul skattng party held at Westmont Grove Halloween rolled around wtth nts cats ghosts and watches On October 26 I949 we took part IH a merry Halloween Party held In our gym Sooner than we expected Chrtstmas arruved Our dramatlcs class put on the Immortal play The Christmas Carol A munstrel staged on February 8 9 IO I949 was a success and l am happy to say that many ot our Freshmen parttcupated In tt Next came a successful YTeen Party then an oppartunuty to make money by sellung magazlnes We closed the freshmen log with a loyous ptcnuc at Idlewtld Park l wonder what our Sophomore year wll brung'P Well well see' DOROTHY PAZIN I QI J i . Wg l . . V . I I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - ' 1 1 9 1 1 ' 1 1 - 1 . , 1 1 11 4 11 - , . 1 1 1 1 1 . ' , . . , I . . . . I A 1948 1949 lll 'M' A Plus "M Des rves o bouquet Worthwhsle Not recommended August 25 Opensng day of school eptember 6 Schoolhouse doors closed Labor Day September 10 46 O defeat handed to Wsl Isamsburg sn opensng game of football season September 16 Tough rsval Southmont shut ou 190 September 24 Electson of class offscer ctober 1 Fsrst movse of the year Pstts burgh October 1516 Teachers Inststute No schooll October 16 Conemaugh ancsent rsval hands Blue Jays thesr flrst defeat 12 6 November 11 Armsstsce Day sNo schoolt November 12 Stagsng of Sensor class play Msss Collegsate Huge succe s adds a lsttle more money to our treasury November 15 Blue Jays f'nally gasn a vsctory downsng Shade Twp 127 to end season wsth 5 wsns 3 losses 2 tses November 19 Football m vse s memorses ovember 21 At long last our class rsngs' November 25 26 Thanksgsvsng vacatson December 13 Report cards for the second ssx weeks persod December 16 Football banquet held t Whste Star Hotel Everybody stuffed December 17 Everybody come to chool wsth hasr combed Psctures for the year book besng taken December 23 Chrsstmas program sn auds torsum presented by Club Scores a hst January 3 Back to school after Chrsstmas holsday January 4 Few sen ors detasned after school Forgot to close the coat room doors January 7 Julsan Chrsstsnas sSecond vssst for Santa Clausl January 14 Altoona vsssts Franklsn for a fast basketball game Altoona wsns sn last few msnutes January 21 Another movse Everybody happy because of free afternoon January 28 Sensor class meetsng brsngs out plans for prsntsng yearbook February 4 Sensors stop sweatsng Money for yearbook has flnally been rassed February 910 Junsor Sensor Msnstrel February 11 Some sensor boys come to school wth black faces Cant wash off the msnstrel make up February 18 Key Club boys talksng of Conventson trsp to Allentown February 25 At long last a slsghtly re cent movse March 3 Sensor basketball players have hopes of gosng to see the state cham psonshsp game March 12 Allentown snvaded by our Key Club most ensoyable trsp March 22 Parents of sensor boys flnally have them around the house to do work Basketball season ss over March 26 Some more worrses for sensors Need funds for banquet A rs 1 Bad day for teachers Aprsl Fool s Aprs 7 ass of 1950 presents cass p ay Another Tsger House sequel Aprs 8 Last movse for thss term Aprs 11 Rumor that Prom wsll be held sn school gymnassum Aprsl 19 Many sensors come to school ssck Too much Easter candy Aprsl 20 Junsor Sensor From plans taksng shape Aprsl 29 Sophomores show they re cap able actors and actresses sn a well acted P 9Y May 2 Last month of school starts May 6 Junsor Sensor Prom May 12 Sensor exam days are comsng near 15 Sensors lust toll halls now Practsce for Class Day and Commence ment ss gosng on Ma 17 Rsot nearly started lts Sensor Class Day ay 18 Food galore' Sensors gasn ome wesght at Sensor Banquet May 23 Commencement At last we are now Alumns JOHN KULBA 1. ,s - 'S . ' ,s se w - - - M - sus- ' vf A . . W - ' ns. ,e 1: - - - - - - ,sl fs, ,C S - X i, - . - 1 . s . .r -A. - ' - - - - is swf ' , A I I . w af ik - - Q, fs ak vs: - ' - . , f l - . ' . W W - . . 5 1.- ss- vs vs- - - wk .Q O -Q ' A Au - - - h ' - 11 , as 1 k . - - I A K va- :sf nk ve -. - gs., D . . 9 - ' 1- I I l 1 ' ' . l x sf w ' - - 1 ' ' ,s: . . www -v - - - ' 1 11 - Q n A ' ' 3 I rf af sf ss - - s . p I - . ww as I - . . s -cs f - s - 1 U V -1 ' 1 I I . . k I K A I , I .1 t . . I H k O Sl'll' U , p w s - --ww ' ' l 9 - N 1 ' ' .kk . . . www - - - ' ' ' - - wr - ' ,swf A - - , ' kwkk - 0 ,WW . - 1 - se- 5 . C - ' 7 ., we af sk - ' 1 ,s 4 se - ' - ' wr kk - - - -h - ak - ' ' W - I , ' . . . 1.1: ff May - S V U we - 2 - , . v ,s s s. ' I ' . Y .. D - kk M - - . - ' . ,s 1- A' M - - ' ' 5 ,C ,C - . . . ,. 1 -ss ff - b Q ' fi 1 N THE EIGHTH GHHIJE EIGHTH GRADE -Left to Right 4First RowiAJanet Saloom, Wilbert Sabol, Rose Bacofe, Russell Peruso. fSecond Rowi--Sally Hess, Glenda Reighard, Norma Judge, Anna Raslevich, James Bradley, Charles Knoll, Frank Singel. TThird Rowl-Miss Ruth Sanner, Richara Auvil, Olga Derevjanik, Joan Kunkle, Barbara Brkovich, Patricia Coleman, Robert Popp. lFourth Rowl--Grace Anthony, Sheldon Dorian, Paul Raslevich, Bernard Zivlcovich, James Britt, Francis Lupek, Joseph Polonchak. StVENTH GRADE Left to Right Top Row Betty Robb John Konchan Sondra Joseph Mary Catherine Singel Robert Gordon Daniel Mastovich Arlene Roberts Jack Reighard Ceorge Bongo TSecond Sewok Walter Berzonsky Roberta McCleester John Salem Mrs Margie Harris lThird Rowl Cora Cobough Nellie Diummer Ronald Krzysko Francis Naugle Robert Rumph Dorothy Serolcman Mary Rolush Richard Varna h THE SEVETTTH GHHTTE .- Y . W YY . 4 Rowi-Gwelndolyn Krzysko, ,James Steepe, Waller Wenklor, Rachel Harris, Belty Mastovich, Helen Carol 3 1 ULASSBUHM SCENES an I if F ' y ifujz F: k X - ll K 1 55 .115 -if SCHOOL SECRETARY . . . MISS LILLIAN VUDRAGOVICH MISS RUTH SANNER . . . IN HOME ECONOMICS SCHOOL NURSE . . . MISS SARAH NEARY SCHOOL DENTIST . . DR. GUS OLEASON IQSI 3? P a .,.f A' V ' f' 5 ' ' X1 1 5 f ' ' , ' X X- j H 4 1444 'ga . " "W, 'S' ' " x I 5. F: 4 3 if N 4 MSI M2 ' , .iw fffj -Lg Y '-, AW? 29 1. ff" J- V iff?-' 53:3 5 3 EFS? 'F LW uv' E 'ivffs , .. . :ff ff' Q V S F 3, 1 . 5 K. gb . :fn Tk . ffqzv, ,X b I . . L M fe K Lg , .ascn , xx: h Q , Q Usnu .m.f, ln u :gm r-1 f ' A mmf' ormfs 5 X B E K K TLNNV x , ,,-,,...-.-.... 1 1 Q i a if l 'Q ' X Q ,- .-. f In Q- f 5 . 5 NWN Qff' Q - L.LL 4 -k . L S Qi . I 3 " . 'ww Av 4 1 - ,,,,, Ai i. - - f bw , - 5 WZ if in sr 33 if 'i ? A - 1 N -kwin f ...XM . . Xl 'se . . M 'AWA in K v R., MR. OCONNOR Interviews Music Prospects MR. SNYDER Watches Demonstration in Physics MR. LYNCH and Typist Group A QCIENTIQT OR A MUQICIAN MAY BE IN THE MAKING Juniors in English Class Mr. Seese and Seniors in P. O. D MR. MCGRAIN . . . Casts an appreciative eye on The Machine Shop Voca- Tionol Boys. 28 Juniors In Ainericon History Preparing for on Ernployer's DiCYGi'iOI'1 MR. STRIPPY . . . In Conference CIHSS llllll We the class of T949 beang of sound mand and body hereby request that upon our demase as students of Franklan Hagh School the presadent of the class of T950 shall act as executor of thas our last wall and testament MIKE BOYARSKY walls has gettang slapped an the face by garls to Nack Waytovach DAVID BRANDLE walls has red flannels to George Strappy JOHN and NICK BRKOVICH wall thear twan appearance to Carl Walson and Eugene Straat BETTY BUCHAN walls her cute remarks to Betty Konchan ALFRED COLEMAN walls has usang Roberts telephone to call has garl to Ball Docherty ANNA DANATSKO walls her rnushball abalaty to Betty Herko WAYNE FYOCK walls has modesty to Walter Rozurn VERA GELESH walls her dark tresses to Bar bara Brkovach scaence class to Jack Kushner RUSSELL HAVENER walls has careful dravang abalaty to Carl Walsan DAWN JOSEPH walls her flartataous manner to Joseph Wadmar FRANCES JANCAR walls her quaet aar to Doro thy Tadach CHARLES KATYNSKI walls has boomang voace to Colleen Gordon DELORES KINGERA walls her way of ex plaanrng to Jennae Kopler THELMA KNOBLOCH walls her baby sattang aab to Delores Morasky JOHN KULBA walls has subtle ways to Mark Galagaza CARL LUGAR walls has way of clownang to Nack Danatsko MARGARET MINO walls her Ieadang roles an class plays to Irene Derevaanak FLORENCE MORASKY walls her dravang ex peraences to any careful draver ROBERT PESCHOCK walls has burpang an art class to Make Kuzmaak an Mr Lynchs class DOLORES POPP walls her bouncang walk to Phyllas Boozer THOMAS REED walls has speakang abalaty to John Barus RUSSELL REIGHARD walls has playang basket ball for Maneral Poant to Eugene Straat RUTH ANN RIVELY walls her art of blushang to Nellae Glova PAUL ROBERTS walls has maschaevous pranks to Anthony Maranda ELEANOR SINGEL walls a few pounds to Mary Sasatka garls to Bernard Sewak GERTRUDE STEERE walls her booth an the Blue Jay Daary to Helen Derevaanak NICK STUREY walls has clever way of gettang out of ttght squeezes to George Tadach JOANNE THOMAS walls her I massed the bus excuse to Make Gregovach CECELIA TREMUL walls her squarmang an class to Betty Bayush BETTY YODER walls her daaly traps to Skate land to .loan Yamrose To the above wall I as class presadent hereby aftax my sagraature thas 20th day of January T949 ALFRED COLEMAN Watness MARGARET MINO ROBERT PESCHOCK WAYNE FYOCK RUTH ANN RIVELY EDDIE GALUSKA wills his experimenting in ANDREW SPANTAK Wills his POPUIGVIIY with 1 30 I IIIHSS PIIIIPHEIIII Its a beautuful day and as I Ile here on the hnlltop I begun to thunk of many thlngs I wonder what happened to my schoolmates? What ktnd of work are they engaged n'7 What do they look luke today? As I lazuly roll over on the cool grass and gaze up at the sky the clouds suddenly part and drsclose a motnon plcture panorama entitled The Sensors of I949 In T959 A beat of muslc sounds as I see the opening of a concert at Carnegle Hall featuring the noted vuolnnxst Michael Boyarsky Enloylng the concert thoroughly IH her special box is the Fnrst Lady Presldent of the Unuted States Eleanor Sungel Across the way IH another box IS the great lnventor Edward Galuska who won the Nobel Prize for has lnventlon of the transparent bathnng sunt At the end of the concert Tom Reed the conductor was rendered a tremen dous ovatnon The orchestra then gathered their Charles Katynsku rntervnewtng celebrutues asking theor opunuon of the concert by drrect broadcast through the courtesy of has own statuon WCKZ He is now speaking to the famous oriental dancer lust back from Syrsa Dawn Joseph who tells us she IS now at the Penn Theatre and starrsng wnth her ns a song comedian Carl Lugar and that great blues sunger Andrew Spantak There IS a rush to get to the cabs for that hurrled trxp home to tune In on the radlo and lusten to that famous sports edutor John Kulba and hls guest the coach of the Putt Panthers AI Coleman and Margaret Mno who has gust won the Florida Olymplc Award for her fighting roosters This being Saturday some are hurry Ing home to get the much needed sleep to at tend church tomorrow where Father Peschock IS preaching with his faithful asslstant Anna Danatsko the Mother Superior at has side I see gettmg Into one of the cabs Delores Ktngera In her frills that she has lust deslgned She l3 relates that she us the owner of the Hnlltop Shop Frances Jancar bezng In the same bust ness announced the gala opennng of her fashuon center on Frfth Avenue Frances tells us that Ruth Ann Rrvely has opened a shop next to hers Ruth Ann rs Madame Gen: a fortune teller Betty Buchan ns now Ieavnng the hall From her Inter vrew I learn that she rs the ow er of the Betty B Foundatron Cream Company whmch produces the cream that has always gxven Betty one of the loveluest complexnons A group of clouds pass over thus scene and another one comes to lnfe In this I see David Brandle leaning on a plow lookmg nntently at what IS happening on the hlahway It IS Russell Relahard as usual flxlnq has car wlth the and of those promrnent bachelors Russell Havener a naval officer and Wavne Fyock They gaze up the road at the sound of hoofbeats and a cloud of dust appears Soon I make out the flaures of Cecelua Tremul and Florence Morasky comma In from theur dude ranch They heeded the call of the Golden West As they drsapoear from vzew the scene clears and I see Vera Gelesh and Betty Yoder dlscusslna how to put the stan up for the open Inq of thelr new Skating Review Talkmg to them rs Thelma Knobloch who ns now a regls tered nurse employed by the Franklin Borough Schools Next to the Skatung Rtnk I see Gert rude Steepes food shop and tnsnde I see the Brkovlch twtns munchrnq on hamburgers They are probably hunary after haulrng coal all day In front of Gertrudes shop I see a stgn nn bug lettering WOLFS CORNER and who drd I see there but Nick Sturey and Paul Roberts co owners The scene closes as Dolores Popp world renowned dancer purouettes Into the fading horrzon I arose happy at seenng my former class mates again BETTY BUCHAN DAWN JOSEPH ELEANOR SINGEL I , , . . , I . . . I I I I ' ' ' -- I I I I , . , ' 1 . . . I - I , ,, . . ,, t - I I . I . I . I ' - . . . , I I . , , D . I . I I I . , , I I - . music and instruments to depart. Then, I see I I , . . . I l I . , , . I v v 1 . 1 . l I '- ' ' 1 . . - , , - , . . S I 1 . n q - 11 1 H . I Q . . 4 I . , , I I I . I . 1 ' 1 , . . I . , ' , - f I l I I T l ' I , I I Outstanding Seventh How Can We Ever Sophomores Drs uss Graders on Special Forget Algebra? M 8 M History Problems Assignment The Enghth Graders Are Deep 'n a Study of Geography l32.l When' Algebro Agoml The Study of Biology Our Seventh The Sophomcres Proves Intereshng Graders of Worn Study Engl: h to This Group mm. Q33 AU IVITI S ' i Y9554 w uf' Www X X-5257 X Q 1f N l 'I ! E 1 Q E ! 6 w rl--va 'iff I gn 'glilm' . .IH a,A3!aA: alll I nlismii Q KN 'ix 6 X R -35: x X 5 5 X . D A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL' The Sensors Present MISS COLLEGIATE R351 The Study ot Craftsmonship Appeals to Junior High Pupils A Popular Organization "The Key Club" We Shall Have Music At All Events 37D String Trio Senior High The-spions The Mochine Shop Is the Home of The Senior Croft Group HIIIIVIIU IIIIIES THE HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA Although small un number the hugh school orchestra functuoned on a fulltume schedule The organuzatuon had varuous musucal assugn ments durung the year begunnung wuth the Thanksguvung Assembly and endung wuth Com mencement The orchestra was one of the sux hugh school orchestra un the county So much emphasus has been placed on hugh school bands that the orchestra has been a forgotten group In n effort to keep the hugh school orchestra on the school musucal calendar thus organuzatuon wull be augmented by sux new vuolunrsts un the near future MR RICHARD OCONNOR THE PEP CLUB The Pep Club adopted as uts mauor func tuon the fosterung of better school spurut The spurut was un evudence not only at athletuc events durung the course of the school year but also un the everyday lufe of classroom and extra currucular actuvutues body cheerung sectuon at athletuc games and pep assemblues Most of the members were upper classmen however un the future more under classmen are goung to be granted buds for membershup un the c u MR RICHARD OCONNOR Pep Club Sponsor THE PRESS CLUB The Press Club us composed of thurty two stu dents representung the enture hugh school The staff Includes the followung Edutor un Chuef Betty Herko Assustant Edutor Mary Strank Ar Edutor Mark Galagaza Sports Edutors George Taduch and Mark Galagaza Socual Edutor Phyllus Boozer an edutor representung each of the hugh school grades and the Busuness Man ager Charles Katynsku The purpose of our Press Club us to publush a school newspaper and to furnush school news to the newspapers un Johnstown MR EDWIN D SNYDER Press Club Sponsor 38 JUNIOR DRAMATICS Thus club was comprused of thurty sux students from the seventh eughth and nunth grades One act plays were read and some were enacted un the assembly programs ul Happened to Swee ney was uountly dramatuzed wuth the Senuor Dramatucs group on October 22 and A Chrust mas Carol was guven for the Chrustmas As sembly The ,lunuor Dramatucs Club was taught to choose good and worthwhule one act plays SENIOR DRAMATICS Thus club consusted of fourteen tenth grade gurls They studued the background of dramatucs and learned uts development and early methods of productuon They read some of the better plays many of whuch have shown or are show ung on Broadway Thus group also auded un an assembly program on October 22 and per formed un It Happened to Sweeney Excerpts from famous plays were produced un several assemblues sponsored by members of the Senuor Dramatucs Club of plays both clubs attended motuon puctures of outstandung merut MISS ANNA VUJCICH Dramatucs Sponsor Y TEENS Our Y Teen club us composed of 43 members It us an organuzatuon of gurls from the 9th to the I2th grades We had I2 new members unutr ated thus year The unutuotuon party was held un the hugh school gymnasuum A the gurls o operated There also was a Y Teen co ed party on February I2 whuch turned out to be quute a success We had refreshments games and dancung The YTeens and th HuY held a conventuon un Johnstown on February 26 The offucers of the YTeens are as follows PRESIDENT JOAN SINGEL VICE PRESIDENT DELORES POPP SECRETARY ELEANOR SINGEL TREASURER DAWN JOSEPH MISS RUTH SANNER Y Teen Sponsor I . U D . A T - . I . I - ' - V 1 A I l Il' I ' ' I . ll ' ' v - . ' ll ' r l I - I Il ' . . a I ' l ' I D . , - . . . . - ' H " I I u I The club served as a nucleus for the student- To Supplemem the 'eC'dln9 Gnd rendition , - . I l . 9 l I 1 1 ' ' I b. ' 1 ' - ' . . . ' ' . II ' c - - ' - . L 1 1 , , I ' , 2 ' , A ' ' . ' . . . . - e - 1 , , . J . . t , , . lllHHl lllllUllJ HHPPEII If The gurls could see Nuck Waytovuch un bathung suut? Joan Sungel made an E Nuck Brkovuch came to school on tume? Thora Bauer ceased to blush? Mr Salem forgot to guve out Amerucan Gb servers ? The senuor gurls cut a perfect stencul? Certaun boys could play football unstead of thunkung they could? Andrew Spantak were short? Davud Brandle found a gurl fruend? John Kulba smuled once un a whule? Eddue Galuska talked to the gurls? Students would close cloakroom doors a ter hangung up theur coats? George Taduch lost hus vouce? Muke Boyarsky had a crew cut? Eleanor Sungel could not see a certaun Cone Margaret Muna would flunk? Delores Kungera could not dance? Dawn Joseph stopped wearung sweaters? Delores Popp were not so bossy? Florence Morasky could not see Frank Kray The Brkovuch twuns dud not have detentuon? Russell Havener were tall? Paul Roberts werent a wolf? Nuck Sturey fouled to vusut a Conemaugh gur ? Charles Katynsku had blonde haur? Thelma Knobloch became seruous? Gerrude Steepe crossed the street wuthou Raymond Choka? Paul Roberts wrote a 5 OOO word theme? Alfred Coleman dud hus own homework? Thora Bauer dud not have Captaun Marvel? Irene Derevuanuk would puck on a boy her age? Delores Kungera went wuth the uuuulkman n stead of the uceman? Wayne Fyock would smule? Muke Kuzmuak would shave? George Taduch gauned weught? 39W Betty Buchan were not un love? Vera Gelesh dud somethung unstead of pre tendung? Robert Peschock dud luve on The Thousand Islands ? Thomas Reed gauned weught? Russell Reughard dud not follow Arlene Roberts around? Betty Yoder werent bashful? Walter Rozum knew how to druve? John Kulba were a crooner unstead of a swooner? Joanne Thomas receuved an E P O D ? Franklun Blue Jays would wun the West Cen tral League? Carl Lugar would study? Frances Jancar would grow a few unches? Cecelua Tremul dudnt have a dufferent boy fruend each evenung? Nuck Sturey dud not belueve he was Gods guft to women ? Charles Katynsku were not un a huddle wuth gurls? Muke Boyarsky forgot how to play a vuolun? Muke Zuner were not late for a week? Mark Galagaza had small feet? The gurls had no love storues to read? Anna Danatsko could be Lucy Sweeney at Franklun? Eddue Galuska would take out Ruth Ann Ruvely? Bernard Sewak dud not smule at Rachel Har rus? Joan were marrued unstead of Sungel? Nuck Sturey played o harp unstead of the women? The Brkovuchs had theur haur cut regularly? Alfred could not flnd Delores? There were no deadbeats un the Junuor class? Andrew Spantak wore short pants? Flo M walked naturally? Carl Lugar dud not brag? The Franklun Basketball team obeyed traun ung rules? Marks nose grew as large as hus feet? We sugned our names? I l . , , . U . I . ll ll? ' ll . ,, . ' ' ll ' ' , II ' ' ll . . l l l ' ' " " in . . .. f . ' ' - - 11 1 l A l ' - 11 maugh Hreman? ' . . . tz? ' I . ' l. ' . ' + . . 1, f, - . v - 1 . nffffm - I I 2,84 W I fnilxx ' -V-2 ..a ' ' If Q . N " X - V? ,f f "' 'P " ' fin 'Q ' 3 xi' 3 ' riiwid ' -N X 'C M? Q' fa 3' ' i' . ' f ,Q f , ' ' 1 ,gifix -, if " . 4 ,A 3 A' -iff 'F M I 3 1 " " ffwe- N. ' . W, . X ".,, ' -. .I X x Xu . V Q V ,fs .. X MN' . ,, 5 A I' lf 4 6 A f 'S D' E QW-' " ' Hi ' O 'l , X' Luk fl I- ' , Y Q Y xg Ag Q ,A. L 'V 4 N N, , .1 ,,-:: A . , ii ry ,nl ,x +., f 5 j ,ff,z""r IQZYAH Q it-Qwiilf A J A wa' 'SE , 75' f-2 WMiWQJ 3 3 A 5 ' r ,3,, i V, ihfii Wg, iq -mf yy ' 1 In Bij- ji! 'Z S PEP CLUB FRANKLIN HIGH PEP CLUB AND THE CHEERLEADERS U11 A THLETIUS gui Z 1 Illl Q www 3' fi 'VUL I .f A 5 my 23 V 1 ai X L i ' - i U R it W NX ' U 5 m E i 3 - N ' l 1 O 4 . 1 N s .. l Nl -. Y VK f :. . ' ' uf!! W - km W N V 5 Q A , N 1 , 4 , A-N X , . 223-:S ' ,., ' ' .. " , A " L f 3 -. X sir?" :ai Y ,f E X V XX Y - dz 1 71753 an 15 Li X fl SEHIUH HTHLETES x O i431 le-,-'LA-,-L,...L..,sl. ,..l..,..3 ,.LY..L--..I ,..I..i ,L I I ' I I I . i I I I " I I x I , 1 .- flllllllflll Wuth thtrty flve boys reporttng to Coach Strtppy on August 25 the prospects of Frank ltns football team looked very good Srx let termen John Brkovnch Nlck Brkovtch Paul Ro berts John Kulba Carl Lugar and Alfred Cole man returned from the undefeated champton shup team of I947 The flrst game an the Blue Jays path wa wtth the Wtlltamsburg Blue Devtls The scortng tacttcs of Frankltn were too much for the Blatr County rtvals and a 46 O score was eastly rolled p Next came Southmont flrst Inter County Conference opponent Thus game set Frankltns hopes soarmg as they handed an always tough Southmont eleven a T90 defeat After being held scoreless the first half Franklms second spree was too much for the Beaverdale Beav ers and another vtctory was chalked up l9O October 2 was a blue Saturday for our team as a ltghtly regarded South Fork eleven gatned a 7 7 te However later an undefeated Dale was smothered under a 27 O count as we pre pared ourselves for the tradtttonal game wtth Conemaugh Leadmg for hree quarters our Blue Jay team couldnt hold Conemaugh In the flnal pertod and we flnally bowed T26 This was the flrst defeat for Franklin tn I3 regular t44t season games The followmg week Rt hlands Rams erased any hopes we had of repeattng as Inter County Champtons by downtng our eleven I27 After holdtng undefeated Nanty Glo to a 66 tue we faced undefeated Adams Twp Thetr second half scortng was too much for Frankltn and a 200 defeat was recorded Thus was the flrst ttme In two years that the Blue Jays were held scoreless We closed the season wtth a vtctory over Shade Twp thereby gtvtng us a fatr record of 5 wms 3 losses and 2 tres Franklun Franklin Frankltn Frankltn Frankltn Franklin Frankltn Frankltn Franklun Total Wtlltamsburg Southmont Beaverdale South Fork Conemaugh Rtchland Nanty Glo Adams Twp Shade Twp Tota CARL LUGAR . - . ' .7V,7 Y, 46 " , , U , , - A , I9 - ' ' ' ' 6 u I9 . v - h l i 7 -I I - I Franklin , 7, 27 Dale V K H ' ' ,,,,, 6 , 7, , ,H ' , - - . Yrrrrr Y 7 . n V . I - . I . V 5 Y Y 6 - l ' ' 'V - ' H O . " ' ' I2 . 4 ' ll 'i , l49 ' l BHSHETBHLL Just as soon as the last football unntorm had been stored away for the T949 season basketball came unto full sw ng Twenty tTye boys responded to Mr Strlppys call for candl dates and practsce sesslons began In the hlgh school gymnaslum From thls number nlne were selected tor the varsuty team and ten tor the Junior varsuty The senlor class almost entirely domlnated the varsuty as elght ot the nnne mem bers were from our group Thus Included sux lettermen from last year ohn Brkoyuch Mlke Boyarsky Carl Lugar John Kulba Robert Pes chock and Alfred Coleman who along wnth Nnclc Brkovlch Nuck Sturey and Paul Gelles rounded out the squad A nmeteen game schedule was arranged tor the 48 49 season Along wlth the West Central teams three top dstruct qulntets Johnstown Wundber and Al toona were rncluded The schedule tollows Dec ec Dec an an an an an OPI an e e e e e e e e e Wundber Alumnn Ponage Adams Townshxp Nanty Glo Altoona Conemaugh Adams Townshup South Fork Nanty Glo Richland Township Altoona Conemaugh Johnstown Ponage South Fork Johnstown Vtflndber Rnchland Townsh p Home Home Away Home Away Home Home Away Away Home Away Away Away Away Home Home Home Away Home J KULBA ' J Jo- ' . I D .l4f ' J i y n JQJ- JJ J , J J J 4- - . ' . . . - J ' f J . 14- J J J ' - ' f ' J J ts- ' J J .2l- ' ' ' ' . ' ' J JQ5- J ' ' ' ' - J J 28- J J J ' ' ' F b. 2-' ' J J ' , ' Pb. 44 .J , , , - Pb. Se J J , , , ' F b. ll- , ' , ' , F b. l5e J - J ' Pb. 18- JJ JJ " - f' J P b. 22f ' . , Pb. 233 ' J J e A ' , , ' - Pb. 25-A a t45 JUHIUR VHHSITU JUHIUH HIGH SCHUUL Franklln Franklun Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklrn Franklnn Franklln F ankl n Franklnn Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklln Franklin Franklun Franklun Franklin Franklin Franklin Frankltn Franklln Franklin Franklan Franklin Franklun Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklnn Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklnn Franklln Franklin Franklin Frankltr rranklln Franklin Franklln Franklnn Frankltn BHSHETBHLL SUll1ll1Hl1U VARSITY Wundber Alumnu Portage Adams Nanty Glo Altoona Conemaugh Adams South Fork Nanty Glo Richland Altoona Conemaugh Johnstown Portage South Fork Johnstown Wtndber Richland CLASS B ELIMINATIONS JUNIOR Homer Clty Roarlng Springs VARSITY Portage Nanty Glo Altoona Conemaugh South Fork Nanty Glo Rlchland Altoona Conemaugh Johnstown Portage South Fork Johnstown Wlndber J V TOURNAMENT 25 Westmont JUNIGR HIGH Westmont Ferndale Garfteld Conemaugh Ferndale Westmont Richland Conemaugh Garheld Southmont Southmont Rnchland Ramblers no pushover A gnft from the grads Could have been better Blue Jays loot Lutles team Remam undefeated Last mnnute spree downs Jays Blue Jays needed :ce skates Mnssed enough peeps to sta It was close for a while Nuff sand Dldnt need forfelts this year Should have left at the a No excuses thus time Wowl What a nightmare' r a chucken farm Why cou'dnt we score thus much last game? Falcons got hot In last quarter llpped but no nlghtmare Two days two losses Heading for Class B title Close but we finally came through Dmstruct V1 Champxons State here wo comc What' Trlpped agann an quarter finals Nlce football game Gettmg better by the day Lnttle Jays tame Mountaun Lions Thus could become a habit Fast break too fast for Falcon Easy Rldung hugh Jaffa Mosque snaps wnnnnng streak Took flrst half to get started Fowl shooting tournament Back In strude Whewl That was close Just cant figure thus out Good maternal for the future Jays shot by Hunter an last quarter Not a good start We Lynch ed them They even used their thnrd team Wash this were the varsity score Stlngers get stung There goes the league Roll em over Floor hemmed the lrttle Jays sn Bnggest vlctory of the season On the victory road Lynch closed has eyes In the lost few minutes A very good f1nush 7 ' 39 ' 35 . ' 37 ' 32 ' . ' 33 20 . ' 34 5 19 ' ' ' . ' 5 ,, 31 24 ' , ' 36 40 ' . ' 31 , 38 A . ' 23 . , 27 ' " " ' t ' . ' 5 34 V 26 ' . ' 49 27 " " ' . ' 48 ' 33 ' ' ' ' . r E 48 72 h lf. ' 34 Y 42 ' ' . ' 24 68 - ' ' . ' 74 36 I ' . ' . ' 42 38 ' ' . ' 5 53 5 5 55 C' , ' . ' 34 ' 42 1 . ' 60 ' 38 ' ' . ' 38 ' 34 , ' . ' 38 ' ' 33 ' ' J ' . , Franklin 28 Oakmont 42 . ' ' ' .. ' 35 23 ' . ' 38 30 ' . ' 45 , 36 ' ' ' . ' 34 24 ' ' , A 42 34 s. ' 34 19 . ' 40 ' 18 ' ' ' . ' 32 42 ' ' . ' 31 24 ' . ' ' 24 40 A . 45 24 ' ' . ' 34 31 . . A 24 40 ' A . ' 30 ' 19 ' . ' 36 - ' . ' 10 19 . ' 27 21 - . ' 16 37 ' ' . ' 13 7 ' ' ' . ' 24 , , , 23 ' . ' 12 35 . ' - 32 ' 10 ' . F ' 12 25 ' ' . A 25 24 ' A . " 21 12 ' . ' 26 24 ' ' . ' ' , 24 ' 19 ' . l 0 0ur A dverllsers Thus last portxon of the JAYONIAN has been set aslde to recognize the many business men and patrons who dusplayed Interest an the publication of out yearbook by gnvung us Hnanctal support Recetvung out solucutors po lately tltcy showed an understanding of the serious W lt to express out deepet gnatltc le to tlte e ubsctlb cts for twelptng to make THE JAYONIAN a success 118l C . 5 f , . , problem vvlticlt we faced and willingly lent cm hand, We is , - - , ' ' lc 1- 5 " - D, . ,, ,, 6370 ... fiNL':.Si'73 Z , N N. 92. - dim: ' , .g gye Xxxxutl Hill, S1709 48,3112 1W Y . ,x I , 5, SWL4? 'I S 0 Q ff 0' if ffsno ! HHN CUHEMHUGH FHHHHHH HMEHWHH Thf Cn1z1mazu1hFranklm Post Eztends Conqratulatzom fo flu' FH1d11f1tes of Frmzldzn Bmough H1011 Sfhool and ZLZSILKLS Them qucuss zu All Futurr Undcrtnlungs 49 PUST 633 LEGIUH COMPLIMENTS OF BERNEY BROTHERS 606-608 RAILROAD STREET A- :J b WHOLESALE DRY GOODS HOSIERY UNDERWEAR Home of the D111 mond STERLING .IEWELERS 503 Mann Sfreef Johnstown Pennsylvania WATCHES RINGS Joseph E Ames Mgr JEWELRY Phone 4 7201 Complzments 0 f Andy s DINE and DANCE 356 Greeve Street Conemaugh Pa LINDERMAN S ELITE MAIN a. MARKET STREETS I t A y T LINDERMAN S PARK GRILL 145 FRANKLIN s R C f BEST WISHL9 Wilson Confectionery Mineral Point ISO . , . - 9 1 h Y W 1 Dainty Lunches and Dinners K A A Quaiy Home Made Candies- ' n ime Ice Cream Sodas - Sundaes ' Is Blue Room 'EW ' ivmm-M 'fi ii . -T EET Hot Dogs - Hamburgers . . Lunches ' ' Pies and Pastries Delicious of ee - Soda Pops 3 I May The Traiuivzg Just Completed Be But The Brgi1111,tifrz,g of Your Education M J O CONNOR GROCERIE9 AND MEAT? Phone 2-3922 Mineral Point Pa COMPLETF BANKINF QERVICE' Membzr of Federal Reszrzc System UNITED STATES NIITIONIIl BIINII IN JOHNSTOWN COMP! IMENT9' THE PENN FURNITURE COMPANY JOHNSTOWN ALTOONA INDIANA SOMERSET LEWISTOWN x5IJ " I I I C T k L I 1 1' A 1 1 1 1 J H J - Member of Fecleml Ileposit Insurance Corporation I J L ... OF - I' 1 ROYAL CANDY COMPANY WHOLESALE CONFECTIONERY I2 FRANKLIN STREET FRANKLIN AND NOVELTIES BOROUGH COMPI IMENTS OF JOHNSTOWN AERIE NO 778 FRATERNAL ORDER OF EAGLES Sfrvif 434 WASHINGTON STREET JOHNSTOWN PENNSYLVANIA Conemaugh Servlce Station Mobzlgas and Mobzlozl Rorobaugh Bros Telephone 9 2191 Mom and First Street Conemcugh Po Complzments of Preston A Paul Franklin Boro Street Conemaugh P Department C523 1 J O I I I O 44 ' 5 ' ' H ' Tires, Tubes and Accessories Gfeeye Sqreef - , Q. , I , 1 1 1 i T 'Q Compliments THE CUNEMIIUGH FRANKLIN WATER CDMPIINY HELSEL 8. MURPHY WHOLESALE COMPANY II HOLESALE CONFECTIONIERS AND TOBACCONIQTQ 124 CLINTON STREET JOHNSTOWN PA PHONE 8 2431 FEBBAS PLUMBING 8. HEATING CUAR LINTEED PLUMBING HEATING d SUPPLIES PHONE 6 2202 616 RAILROAD STREET JOHNSTOWN PA Q53 I I 1 . and f I A. an Registered Plumbe' ik FOR BETTER COOKING FOR BETTER BAKING FOR A WHOLESALE BEVERAGE USE PASTEURIZED FRESH B O T T L E D M I I. K NATURE Q MOST NEARLY PERFECT FOOD Theres mcmy hmes more value m Q quorf of Posfeurlzed Fresh Bottled OOMPLIMENTS .S'POHT M IV si? vis' 570 COLEMAN STREET JOHNSTOWN PENNSYLVANIA T543 Milk than ony other food you can buy of The some cost. . I - QF .. 9 LIZZIO MASTER MARKET RETAIL AND WHOLESALE FROCERIES' PRODUCE FLO UR FEED 40 MAIN STREET FRANKLIN BORO Dual 42824 Conemough Pa HUNT 8. WOOMER WATCH REPAIR SHOP Watch and Jeuelvy Repazrmg 349 Greeve Street Conemcxugh P ALL WORK GUARANTEED Clcur P Hunt John P Woomer Kung Edward Cigars CUNRIID WHIILESIILE CUMPIINY FOUNTAIN SUPPLIES NOVELTIES Wm PHONE DIAL 2 2231 III CLINTON STREET JOHNSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA i553 7 A , G. W-e Specialize In Quality Meats All Watches Scientifically Timed Il ' ' ll df FRANKLIN VDLUNTEER FIRE COMPANY gmpzamnu QQ C565 IN JOHNSTOWN FIRST FOR COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE 532 534 MAIN STREET BRANCH OFFICE 311 BROAD STREET Mrmbn Federal Deposzt Insurance Cbrporatzon STANLEY POLTRACK COMPLIM EN TS Repreeentatwe Perfechon Sales Co Complete Lme of CAMBRIA DISTRIBUTING JANITQR SUPPLIES COMPANY Hazel Street Conemaugh Pa T579 IT'S O 0 I D O Compliments of OF ' . 34 , I. PUMA CDMPANY INC JOHNSTOWN PENNSYLVANIA Glosser Bros Extend Best Wishes to the 1949 Senlor Class Franklin Boro Hugh School WE WISH EACH AVD EVERYONE OF' YOU losssn BRO 58 7 ll ll ma I 7 Nw 1 A WELL-ROUNDED, SUCCESSFUL AND USEFUL CAREER Compliments of Pennant Cleaners 328 Greeve Street Conemaugh, Pa. Compliments of AMERICAN CARPATHO RUSSIAN CITIZENS CLUB OF CONEMAUGH Greeve Street Johnstown 2-l 248 W .Q WW, , , M. Q 'W ' f . x We 4 'Q B wi Xi 346 ,f W. 1 f 'W KH. .oh Your Jewelry Store of Friendly Credit T32-T38 Market Street Johnstown, Pa. COMPLIMENTS HACKEYS MEAT MARKET 222 MAIN STREET ikiff FRANKLIN BORO SINCE T892 ITS Caufflel Bros , nc Real Estate Sales and Leases Dual 2 0181 Cauftuel Bldg Johnstown Pa Compliments of James T Malloy ALDERMAN Complzments Paper Company T59 - QF .- I I . of Natural Resources . T, J, Horner Unltecl Jewelers A. Zion Ilinmonds Wfftclgw Jclzuflfry 412 Main Street Johnstown Pa. Cash Credit Complimc nts Compliments of Hencller Hotel George Yqnko Washington Street Franklin Boro Johnstown P - oke stop Complzments George Ma rtlnovlch 155 Mom Street Fronklun Boro Best of Luck Claw of 'SITTQRT SHOES FOR UJOfTlEll 547 Mom St Johnstown P American Supply Store Household Supplzes Wallpaper Paznt Floor Refznzehmf 343 Greeve Street Conemough Pu 601 0 1 , ,. Of 1 v: I , C - 1' ' M - ff ' Plus 'lc Tax IOYVLEU UNDEI AVVNOIIIY OF TNI COCA'COlA COMPANY IV . C . f , , , J N9 of Le I 4 . O I l , .V . J ., , Q. 1 - ii l Pazln s Servlce Statlon Lub1zc'afz01L Gas Ozl Accessol les Franklin Boro Complzmf nts Charley Saloom II4 Mann Street Franklin Boro Complzmenfs G H Morrissey II9 Mann Street Franklm Boro COMPLIMENTS OF 46 glue faq Dang NICK S Slcmzd Home of I H S Sfuduzts DELICIOUS LUNCHES FRANKLIN BORO COMPL1 IIEZN TS OF SLOVENIAN SAVINGS 8. LOAN ASSOCIATION 361 FIRST STREET CONEMAUGH, PENNSYLVANIA can 0 I f 'y , is 0 0 of 0 0 e .', , f 'I . - V v A L I ll I Il nI'f ' 7 .I II. . AI. nj J' f .' f ff 7 f 4 Clifford Allison Tummy Roofmg Greeve Street Conemaug h Pa Compliments Jaber Restaurant 283W Mann Street Franklin Boro Comtplimcnt 9 of Plke s Jewelers 24 Mann Street Conemaugh Pa Best Wishes For Success COMPLIMENTS STRAIT GROCERY A FRIEND Richard Stralt Proprletor STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES FRESH MEATS Phone 6 2840 MINERAL POINT PA Portage Cleaners 8. Dyers 'II9 Mann St Franklin Boro Next to Fare Hall D131 Cleanmg Shzrt Launderefs Delzvery Servzce Stores Everywhere Phone 2 2842 Compliments of George Markovlch s Restaurant I6 Mann Street Franklin Boro K62 Complzmc nts John s Inn Franklin Boro vf on u ., 'T I - s ,. OF L L I 7 7 1 LOMPLIMENTS OF JOSEPH S DAIRY MILA SHARES SUNDAES BANANA SPLITS IO7 MAIN STREET FRANKLIN BOROUGH Congratulations Seniors of Franklin Hugh School Harold O Iflcuzw conqlatulutes the Suzzors and uzsltes 1 om a zezy sucussful and useful func I fuel sure that hun nurdf you surcrssful lzzqh school students iff if WEIIVERS SUPER MIIRIIET MAIN STREET EAST CONEMAUGH PA Tlu Stow Winn No One Goes Away Dzssatzsjied DUKE ANDREWS MUSIC SHOP Wlzcrc Thr Muszcuns unfl Students Both Feel At Home ALL MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS AND ACCESSORIES Finest Repairing and Expert Reflnlshlng Instructions For All Instruments 331 Greeve Street Phone 6 7603 Conemaugh P f63 1 , ' 7 v v 1 L K K I O O I . . 73 . - I . l k , ' .'. Isl. '- vacl - ' ' .- ' W, .- , that you u'z'll carry into your future the .same high ideals I v, .3 '- .-50.3 V' '-. '- 1 '- 55 , 1- , W ., 7 , . , ' ' n L A 1 - I Q - 7 Comrpli ments Of Charles J. Schry Compliments 0 f Bernard Salem 105 Main Street , Franklin Boro Wzshmg You Success Brumersky's Pharmacy John S. Brumersky, Ph.G 313 Greeve Street Phone 9 3411 Conemaugh Pa THE TWIN BOROUGH VETERANS llSSO0IllTIO ikik' CONEMAUGH AND FRANKLIN Complzments N Cavallo 8. Bros Johnsto n Pa Compllments of valley Pnnhng Complzmfnts f Company Raulroacl St eet Johnstown Pa E F Walker 164 , . of . . .!.0 1 . l I ll ' r w, . I I ..- , COMPLIMEN TS -QF- WHITE EIIGLE SDCIETY N0 1024 PINE STREE FRANKLIN BOROUGH THOMAS FLOWER SHOP PHONE 37 4303 JOHNSTOWN PENNSYLVANIA C OMPLIMENTS' TRI STATE DENTAL DEPARTMENT 403 U S NATIONAL BANK BLDG JOHNSTOWN MQ T OF PA. I ... -I 65 , PA TBUNIZE 0111! All VEBTISEHS Chzcken In Ruff C pl t The STYLE Store om mm 6 The Monte Carlo f DINING ROOM CW am COCKTAIL LOUNGE YW d Goods Johnstown Pa Phone 2 3991 Johnstown Pa COMPLIMENTS CITY CIGAR STORE H4 MAIN STREET JOHNSTOWN PENNSYLVANIA Complzments Goldstein Disabled and of American Veterans Canadian Fur 222 Levergood Street Walnut Street Complzments Levine Johnstown, Pa. Johnstown, Pa. --,,,.-.......... .....1.I I67J of J I. E. Main Street Main Sffeef I M . of C OMPLIMENT9' MR AND MRS MILLARD ROBERTS 14 MAIN STREET FRANKLIN BOROUGH COMPLIMENTS OF IVIUIIULAS A 0110 0 PHONE 4 3872 330 FIRST STREET CONEMAUGH PA Sac You AtN1clc 9 HOLTZMAN'S JEWELERS 118 MARKET STREET JoHNsTowN PA T687 W f L 0 0 . W , w A O I C 13?Qw,L' , . AA 2 J ' I 7 Y! , . il ose h E Cove GOENNER 84 COMPANY BREWERS SINCE 18 JOHNSTOWN PENNSYLVANIA Famous For "NEW LIFE" C693 xv' 'XX YK , ' 1--,' ,.,: Q'Q2 1 f"'-'f'-'f :1f'1 70 W GEARHART S QUALITY AT REASONABLE PRICES P FINE FURNITURE P G E APPLIANCES PHONE 81250 CONEMAUGH P If You DeclcIe To Sell Your Home I.0UISI TIMCHI-III IIND IISSDCIIITES PHONE 6 0221 347 MAIN STREET JOHNSTOWN C70 7 Q26 - A. Call I QW PA. m was FRATERNAL DRDER 0F EAGLES CONEMAUGH AERIE NO 1811 FAC TQ ABOUT THE F O E KGIUTIIZ Aenej Orgamzed February 6 1898 Has more than 1 225 subordlnate umts or Aerles Has more than 1 300000 members Is confined to the Caucasian race Covers U S Canada and Insular Possesslons Mlmmum membership age IS 21 Average dues are S1300 per year Suck benefits Funeral expenses Sponsor of Mothers Day Soclal Secunty Old Age Pensnons Youth Guidance 5250 OOO 00 Dormitory of Boys Town Neb fA1J1JIfllllI1IIflIIf 00 nzfnzbns from Franklm belong to C Ollfflllllllljll Aw ze 1 SIU 71 O Wir: wir 1 ' u 1, I A u u 1 1 ' ' , . I I ' . ., 1 . ' . Is nonsectarian and nonpartisan. Workmans Compensation , . u I n . , ' J , 1.1 1 u , I v H I - , f f l - C OMPLIMENTS GREATER JOHNSTOWN INDUSTRIAL UNION COUNCIL 423 MAIN STREET JOHNSTOWN PA FRANKLIN LOCAL 2635 LOWER CAMBRIA 2644 GAUTIER LOCAL 2632 WIRE MILL LOCAL 2634 WHEEL PLANT 2633 LORAIN LOCAL 1288 NATIONAL RADIATOR 2367 ELECTRICAL UNITED 619 WHEN PLANNING GROUP OR PARTY TRIPS PROMPT SERVICE MAY BE OBTAINED BY DIALING 8 3821 HUTCHISUN BUS LINES d 237 MARKET STREET JOHNSTOWN PA C721 F I Member Orgcmiz t' I I I Terminal an Office ll e s l SERVICE 4' md' JAHN 8 CDLLIER AGAIN A slogan sngnnfylng a service creafecl To excel un all 'rhlngs pertaunlng To yearbook cleslgn and engraving We have found real satisfaction In pleas Ing you The yearbook publisher as well as your photographer and your prlnter JAHN S OLLIER ENGRAVING C0 sw W.wAsHlNGToN BLVD. cHlcAGo 7, lLL. l ,TEFL ' I ' . swap.-s... V y fylldl lif I M s l . .f ti W 'N " 71 K 1 , .' l 4- 15 4 Www ff l ls F fl ff ...., .... 2 ,wr l Ex 9 f . ' EB fsfvv f i ' 0 1 C6 Y? I I W LWMPLIMEIVTS 0F FRANKLIN BOROUGH CDUNCIL K . PATRONS JAMES "Jimmy" CANNIN A FRIEND THEODORE JOSEPH A FRIEND JOHNSTOWN DENTAL LABORATORY J. R. GILROY, LIFE INSURANCE, I DR. GUS GLEASON Phone 4-6101, U. S. Bank Bldg. CAPITOL ELECTRIC CO. A FRIEND LECKEYS FARM SUPPLIES COMPLIMENTS B0 H0 0 ED IIA T10 FRANKLIN BOROUGH SCHOOL DISTRICT Complzments Compliments Complzments A FRIEND A FRIEND Lumber Co f75 of of Thomas-Kinzey I IOUR PRINTFRS' FYTEINII HEARTI1+S'T CONC RATULATIONS' 'IO THE FRANKLIN HIFH SCHOOL GRADUATES OF 49 M1111 Your Fufum be Succcssful and M1111 You Attazn Thr Foal fm Wlzzch You Haze qtrzzfed George F Seifert Kenneth D Sell PENN PRINTING COMPANY PHONE 5 2601 646 MAIN STREET JOHNSTOWN PENNSYLVANIA 76 7 V 1 W 1 Y J J L 1 1 1 x I L v ' -1 v f y 1 L 1 J A . I . . 7 , ' . , . . ' ', l , L . . , , I , 3 I U ' ' ' E , .fI11"'-'W'-I . 1v..gugy:g37jw.1.I9y 1-m,m,,v- 1 1 x I I SGT HIICHHEL STHHHH .......v1 ii TL 1 J-am? fa Q5 -H 5 S ff PU H 5107 il? 'ik' FRANKLIN BORO -al C77 I : :U N?-122-JKQLQ' L Sqiw4sw'SmQl'um: 'x K Y ' fm-ns. 1.-...av -N,-X ff .... ,,.....,,..n ,.... .. ' . -'f V, ' f' f 1' va-s4:4Kz..ffrm1 .,51, ::55:,5E":,: ' ' "R 1' SS E. 1 "., , . ...W 'fl ' .A Jf',..:' """ ' + ,.,,:f. .-I ., '-I X, V 3 Y at -. ..,, , . , - tag.. V I F I I S I l O , - 1 i783 ll1OCI'ZL1I7ig5 C Q79 jLm io3 fza J WE BID ADIEI!

Suggestions in the Franklin High School - Jayonian Yearbook (Johnstown, PA) collection:

Franklin High School - Jayonian Yearbook (Johnstown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 68

1949, pg 68

Franklin High School - Jayonian Yearbook (Johnstown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 61

1949, pg 61

Franklin High School - Jayonian Yearbook (Johnstown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 66

1949, pg 66

Franklin High School - Jayonian Yearbook (Johnstown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 81

1949, pg 81

Franklin High School - Jayonian Yearbook (Johnstown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 30

1949, pg 30

Franklin High School - Jayonian Yearbook (Johnstown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 81

1949, pg 81

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