Franklin High School - Hornet Yearbook (Franklin, LA)

 - Class of 1966

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Text from Pages 1 - 144 of the 1966 volume:

i ' '40 I I VV, .,,. .,.,.,- -- M- -N-H-W.Y.Y-wixfi-,z,,U --W ? V- , T wi. , . ' ,V X if wr V V! ,lx ,df 5 Xi ,Wi 3 J . We 4 'Vi' ,H i' i L ' .V-4, 1' , ,. ', . . n l y f Z V Y . f 'W ' ij uf". W X Qy. 9 1 F f-ff. V ff 1 ,. ' we ,-Q ,A . ' .. , j ff. 5. Q ii! W5 j Y ,few I qs, V, J f . 'Q A W' 2 - ,wi ' 2 , Q: , Nw an ,Q Y 4 1 v 'v ww. V Q A A nf, 'xii - K i V, ,b i 1 1 4 f 1 w M. 'I . l . I - F74 M V . A H A Vw- ,ma .. 'gg V' H V ,J L ,Q V,fV.,., mf um. -' Q ff ,, E V Q N A-'h"' N V ' , P' D.. '- ' ' W, Q F YV? -- qi 'r ' 'f - , "' , ' f - W K. 'A 4 f f- MV f , -1 , V '12 af ' an ' V Gem N we Am A VVMMLWHW N rw' U , Vf a fb: .. .wer Wy M V N A V ,W .,,.. ,, wk ,Mg M uw , v 1 M i A uni 1: 'lik A H , , X, ' - .. 1' W bf , ' ' 'HW UW , ,VV 5 V , ' f A, V M W. V, V -4 ' is V, nga' Q ,L X A bla 'F' 5 iw J., ,,, H ig. ' X xx' i M, . f W W - JQH-Dwi, Q K AMW , 4 W -1 -f 'S ' M 1 N Wm.. . 'll' f 1 lf - . "Q ,pw F , ., A f . ...Q -455' W"" V ' lf 2-Q-K1 'wk N" -'A W ,ff W' wx- 7' - -w-., .M --.f "W N -ff-' -y Q- J' U ' -' YU, Q ag, Mb- -'Hr-+ - , , ' ,mx Q -ln. Na f :ww , - x.,g,g,f... Wigan , , M. V, was W- ,M ,U 'f W ' sn., 5 ,pam , ,, , V , " -UNI'-lm, i,.,,,, -win vi' wmswl V Agn, g ' .,,.,,,Q'k'Wm' V tm... 'W ""i"',.. ....1."" ,..,- . JM ' .,,,,,,x ,W ,- - M I W gf' J., - L I ,'l,.x...., .Nw . wa- Q .,. .Nw 1-mmm 1353-W -sw ,ev .. . ,, V' , - " 4.-f Wlurflf' fuk- 1 , "" f' - ff- 1 4 V pw "X, V, WM M, ,M V V, A U W, V -mf, . VH 4, ,. , -. . V , V M 1-up , ...U . , V M -annum: sw,- by , ' ""' 'W , ,agen , 1 .gj ,VW V 4.-J 'vb ww, V V I M WI- V W -qw in . P i vu as .- - I 9' ' ' ....,,i"" ' 'um' ' ,V V ,,m,,. ' 4 ' ' 'mf V C V Q-' -naw. sr ' n L., Q., ,, .f 4 5 , '---M.. gn. ff'f.w .am-4 -..-N, A-kv ,M I - s.afMf-- G 3,4-Q " -- , H- ff 4 - J' j'-f' fm- M . A M- '- ,V ,VV V VV W my' , -JL Q .. Qu-'H . x. fy wi , an V as-f-ff er it V' V , K Q V .V "S, fr, 4 gg Va , 3 new ff 'fu S f ..,,, -wp V 'Q 'W' ,hx Q" -1-8 ,v -.V .. A V i Y - ww' V, , ' In '21, 1' M "',g,g71i1-f-ff---w....f .T , w , " lb '40 .Q r 4 , f' pw, I ... -W' -, V " Wvwf f ' 5 V .x"""' " x V H, vi VBA V K , ,- 5. ww N ,W D Q b N V V 1 A 1-'Q-"--2 r at Y my J. - W , w as W.. A V ,, W 4 Q ,V 3' MQW, IDE' ig, 'S V Q' VNV -VF ' 4 V ,sk , in 1 , - 1 V - . .MV V N 1 W., W V, ,Q . 1 f',-M W - V 1 mv . E W. W .R ,.. 14?-2' ,N , , , V, . V, V '-'nm - ,hx A ff- ,ri ,V VV, , V yy . V. wa. ,, . . .4 - -. W' f "' 'W WF" 'M lag "' 'Vg k' -V -, 'Y " an x 1 W 'Q f 'Y A-' J- - . ui '4 Ewa, Q, V, ' 9..- , ". "4-112 X...-u . m V - F . . . 9 J '- on .www 'W-X" ..-,- I 'E' ,T W M Nur' -1.-A 'A , - , , M, N M 4 - f V.. M. f ' Q Q1 I 9 ," .,w"', h""'jfL6AQ , in 4- A ' X' 5 NWN -W fuk VA N,.,.wp.A' R' Nui Zi ,,, J" Z'm"".. Q " - wb - .V Aw, it ful. 4- - 4 . M .JY -- .. 5 -rd. t an 'kk -L. V' we x A iA4-A-WdAhAMAhb '- W . V W-A--kwi! PA-VMLHWAA-nvfli-jusxquMM K AM-B-AA-V,44jA ,Vgfynny Af ':4yuAh....,-um - --A -SM 5 NfN32Qi5i iw R Q NJ E EQ Kewksg gm vwigw giwai ix J- Sify QQ giiwg M3553 ikyxxqh, wiki 6 Nwff-F5 'SQMQX i sQs ?Qg x my T1 gfwewivgwsdwggiiilx Qi ' QW SS Rigs A 3 QQQEYS ii Qki QQQ iviisiigigi gi ig, fi vfsivgifggwiilwe 4 Q xiii 53 S? Qisigdii 55,5 'Nksxg Rags ww YN NJN 3555 'NSIQEEMYQQEQ ggi? xiii wg QXi2 i 3 EXW xQQS IX dd oR'n'F?' 5 5'afJwsB11 TL ycagu , r nm saw sw x x Q XS Maier N Q Qf3AImq 55 . L3 , Q ' Nroesizisfssfimiaigsifh, + if 3 Q' A hm neby, N Q E N Q ig gm S3353 if SE f? N 'S if args Q N h N S S Q Swv M Emi. N 4 X ' N X Q N ' ' N xg, Q Q33 f x Q M Q we fv XY X ,SQ Q, fb NSFNQ Xkfyi Y his Sb Q 5 SPX EN . S .QW Foreword li X .7 myf' ec' XJ OJ-,wiht We, the Annual Staff, through many long, unceasing hours of work, have endeavored to bring to you, the student body, treasured memories of our school activities and daily life. It has been our chief goal to strive to make this, the H1966 Hornet Annual" a true pic- ture of our school's undying knowledge and the loyalty characteristic of the student body, and faithful guidance of its faculty. We hope that you will cherish this book so that it may remain in your hearts forever as a souvenir of your high school years at Franklin High, years which are the basis of our learn- ing--years which can never be replaced! sa t r 1 at QQ?-3 M sa-es? wt WWW W J' ,- ,K ,X SP4 V I I 555 Q: it Via :DQS-'45 5 Q6 WS' LJ ' , Q5 vu Dedication To Mrs. Audrey Viator for the precious gifts of time, patience, un- derstanding, and encouragement, we humbly dedicate the 1966 Hornet. Q1 Ni! A ' , N g JJ 4, -, - ' ,f -A 3 A Axi 'ii we V p . 4.1 , .. , ' N wx X" id JW ' 3 Q2 KN X K J X. S ,nl ' 'XX , V. if if we N3 ff, Q it 'J ' X' tg A , x, Q N 1 J' 1 K W1 , to Rift it NT -S E if we Cx. , ,1 . ' ' is kj R ' t J ,A N xiqk X . Jw 5 IQ! rub ' wx W . xi 'mf Jw! X, 'N '1- .: .Kit s XTE J R fr I. 4 3 3 NW Am Yi' ' H wi J X LE E2 .V V P- , ,I Q f, F .V sr 4- A Ni if N xi 'r - ' -R xg 5 J ' - rj- YA , XX" fi iff 1 . Exit g Er? ' " 1 Ai Rx 1 TY x wi 'R y " .f A mx .- fri N. -,tx - at mei .Ya ,. , , Xia NLE 1 1 , X 'K XXX H ' , ,Q if rd X YQ M E my A 1:2 THE 'fi 4, N ' 1 ' iii' Az ' 7 . X . . Nix if KKXTQX Q I ,Q . X -. 1 XJ - - gs K ,dir XJ XJ ff , J 'TV , eg- f 1 . i- K ,J X xi gk -. 1 4 X, ix fc X . X J 5 K. xfi 'Y , -1, Nix X wiki 23 v F kb 5 1 1 ,N X my W Q ' .l X RJ ' A, ,i ' , v X ml? L f , . .J . wx N K 9 N' W J .K , 3 .4 'A W V, s-N Y , Qi X- I '-7 , r 'ie-Xi WRX. it ' ' ' . XE if xx uv :ki x 5. 1 . .3 J i ,X , V if Lx X 'K CXO f ii 3 N X X M VN E, xii V s iw i X Z-"' Faculty P MR. J. C. DRY, Principal To the Class of 1966: Your dream of a lifetime will soon be realized when you graduate in June. It is my wish that your experiences at Franklin High School will always be cherished memories and that this annual will often refresh them in your mind. The class will soon break up and you will go in diverse directions, but I hope you will always be united in the bonds of friendship, love and spirit for Franklin High School. Members of the faculty and I are keenly interested in each of you and what you become in adult life. Your success or failure is avital part of us, too. It is our wish that your lives will be long, happy and useful ones. In order to accomplish this goal while traveling the Highway of Life, I would like to suggest the following thought of Shakespeare: "To thine own self be true And it follows, as night the day, Thou canst not be false to any man." Congratulations and best wishes to each of you. Sincerely, MRS. JEAN VENETIS, Secretary Mr, Donald P. McKoin Assistant Principal Mr, C, F, Barnes B,A., English Mrs, Amy Aycock Mrs. Doris Bacala Commerce Commerce Mr. John Brittan Counselor B, A, , M. A. Mrs. Glywn Bates Journalism B. A. . MR. DAN BRUMFIELD B, S. , M. A. Physical Ed f is MR. C. A. MRS. DIANE CAILLOUET CALAMARI MR. ALLEN CADCOTE B. A. , M. M. B. S. B. A. , MED. , M. A. Vocal Music Chemistry, Adv, Math Social Studies ii dwg gf MRS BARBARA Q CHISHOLM 5 B s Qi xi Physical Ed R .1-fi 1 5' MRS. GAYLE MISS LES EDMONDS MISS JUDITH FAULK MRS. CHRISTINE CLEMENTS B. S. B. A. HABERT B, A, English Home Economics English B, S. , M, A, English MR. JOE BEN CA SSEDY B. S, , M. A. Physical Ed Mr, Harold Harris B. S. , Agriculture Mrs, Eugenia Landry Mrs. Helen LeBlanc Mr. C. L. Lobdell, B,A, , B, S, , Librar- B.S. , Physics and Al- B.S. , B.A. , BiO10gY, ian gebra Gen, Sci. Mr, C. B. Neal B.S., M.A., Adv Math, Geo. Mr, H, L, Martin, B, S, , Biology and Gen. Science Mrs. Ida Neal, Mrs. Dot Norwood B. S. , M. A. , Biology, B. S. , Physical Edu- Gen. Sci, cation Miss Elizabeth Mrs. Carolyn Oglesby O'Brien, B. A. , B, A, , English and Social Studies Span, MI. IOhI1 RiCha1'Cl Mr, Roger Robinson lVl.l'. C0y Scott Mrs. Elsie ShlVO1' B. S. , Algebra B. A. , English and B. S. , Civics, B. S., Social Speech Physical Ed. Studies Mr, Carl Turner B, S, , Band Director Mrs. Audrey Viator Mr, Bill Williams Mrs, Alice Wilgus B, S. , Commerce B. S. , Driver Ed. B. S. , Commerce Mrs. Patsy Smith Gen. Math, Algebra Seniors Senior Officers PAUL FOUQUIER--President DEBRA ROBICHEAUX--Secretary PAULA ROBERTS--Vice President LESTER VIATOR--Treasurer PAUL HENSLEE--Reporter Senior Favorites ,Qu - v BOB SENETT E MILLIE PARRO THOMAS ALLEMAN PEGGY ASHLEY 4-H, 1,25 Prep Choir, 15 Girls' Chorus, 2-45 Custodian, 45 Home- coming Court, 45 Pep Squad, lg Flag Twirl- ers, 25 Jr. Cheerleader, 45 Debate, 45 Annual Staff, l-45 Spring Play, 3 DENNIS ARTON EARL ASHLEY Football, l-45 Second String All -District Team, 45 Homecom- ing Court, 45 Home- coming King, 45 Bas- ketball, l -4 We FRED BALTZ DAVID BARRILLEAUX 4-H, l-45 Library Club, Boys' Glee Club, l-45 15 Annual Staff, l-45 FFA Photographer, 45 School Paper, 45 Reporter, 45 NMSP 3 JUDY ARMSTRONG 4-H, 15 FHA, 3,45 School Paper, 45 Sub stitute Majorette 4 TROY ASHLEY Rally, 2 LINDA BARRILLEAUX 4-H, 2-3g Vocal Mu- sic Girls', 2-3-4g Prep Choir, lg Pep Squad, 1 PAUL BODIN ' Library Club ERAN KIE BEN NIGHT REBECCA BORNE Pep Squad, 2-35 FHA, l-2-39 National Merit Scholarship Par- ticipant, 39 Annual Staff, 4 JAMES BLACK Annual Staff, 2-3-4g Business Manager, 4g Spring Play, 2-3-45 4-H, lg Prep Chohr, lg 'V Mixed Chorus, 2-3-4g District Soloist, 44 School Paper - Editor- A in-Chief, 4 PATTI BGRONA Prep Chorus, lg Vocal Music, Mixed Chorus, 2-3-45 Pep Squad, 1- 2 TERRY BARRILLEAUX BARBARA BORNE Library Club, 4 DIANA BOUDREAUX Basketball, l-4, Cap- tain, 4, All District Team, 3g Cheerleader 3,4g Class Vice-Presi- dent, lg Prep Choir, 2, Reporter, Girls' Chorus, 3,4, Librar- ian, FFA Court, 35 Homecoming Court, 4, First Maid, Spring Play, 3, Homecoming Skit, 3, Volleyball, 2-4g Annual Staff, 4 ELDRID GE BOUT ON GILBERT BOUDREAUX SONIA BOURGEOIS Library Club, 33 FHA, 45 Prep Choir, 4 RALPH BREAUX RUSSELL BRUNO Football, 1,25 Spring Play, 3,45 Annual Staff, 3,45 Business Manager, 45 School Paper 4 FAYE BOUDREAUX Prep Choir, lg Mixed Chorus, 2-4: 4'H, 1 .--I CECILE BREAUX FHA, 2-45 Annual Staff, 4 GERALD BURGESS Mixed Chorus, 2-45 Boys' Quartet, 3-45 Tenor Solo, 35 Mixed Quartet, 3-45 All State Chorus, 45 All District Chorus 4 a WESLEY CARTER 4-H, 1-45 FFA, 1- Vocal Music, 1-4 MYRA CARLINE Prep Choir, 15 Mixed Chorus, 2-45 Section Leader, 45 Pep Squad, 1,25 Homecoming Court, 45 Annual Staff, 45 Spring Play, 35 Vol- leyball Team, 2 JIMETTE CARPENTER 4-H, 15 Library Staff, 25 Library Club, 2-4, Vice-Pres. 45 Home EC, Pres, 35 FHA, 3, 45 Chairman of State Committee, 45 Annual Staff, 3,4 JANE CHARPENTIER Volleyball Team, 25 Pep Squad, 25 Annual Staff, 2-45 NMSP, 35 School Paper, 4, Head Typist, 4 JAY C1-IAUVIN Football, 1-45 Home- coming Court, 45 Bas- ketball, 1-25 Track, 2 LARRY BUSHINELLE 4-H, 1-45 Track, 15 FFA, 1-45 Band, l SHERRY CHAMPAGNE Pep Squad, 15 4-H, 1-35 School Paper, 4 DIANNE CHRISTENSEN TRUDY CHRISTENSEN FHA, 4 SUSANNE COMEAUX 4-H, l-4g Treasurer, 43 Prep Choir, lg Mixed Chorus, 2-45 Annual staff, 3,4 RoNALD CLARK Band, 3,4 DANA COSSEY Class President, lg Prep Choir l, Business Manager lg Mixed Chorus, 2-4g Librarian 25 Vocal Music Dept. Pres. , 3g Spring Play, 2,3g Annual Staff, 45 Sports Editor, 45 Peli- can Boys' State, 4 JAMES COLE LEO CRAPPE LL DONNIE COOTS Football, 1,29 Basket- ball, l-39 Prep Choir, lg Mixed Chorus, 2-4 FFA, 1,214-H, l-4 DONNA DANJEAN Prep Choir, lg Girls' Chorus 2-4, Vice- Pres. 4, Board of Di rectors 45 Majorette, 35 Annual Staff 2-4, FFA Court 35 Home- coming Court 3,4g Homecoming Skit 3 YOLA DECULR FHA, 3,4, Treasurer, 4g Transferred from St. Iohn's, 25 FHA, 2g 4-H, 1 KAREN DESORMEAUX GLENN DARCE Basketball, 1-45 Foot- ball, 1,23 Track, 1,2 SALLY DOIRON Transferred from St John, 45 4-H, 4 yrs Beta Club, 2 yrs. 9 Glee Club, 2 yrs. 5 Choir, 2 yrs. g Pep Squad, 2 yrs. ALCIDE DUPRE BARBARA DYKES A FHA 3,4 , ,jp JANE DRY RICHARD FITZGERALD Football, 1, 2, 3, 45 Second Team All-Dis- trict, 4 PAUL FOUQUIER Football, 1,2,3,45 Homecoming Court, 45 Prep Choir, 15 Mixed Chorus, Treas- urer, 4, Business Man- ager, 35 School Play, 2,3,45 All-District Chorus, 4 JOHN FORE RICHARD GAUTIER Class Rep. , lg Prep Choir, 15 Boys' Glee Club, 2-45 Boys' Quartette, 3,45 Music Rally Part., 3,45 Sec, Boys' Glee Club, 35 V-Pres. Mus. Dept. 45 Football, 1-35 Track, 45 All-District Chorus, DENNIS FOREMAN MARY LENA GIORDANO Pep Squad, 25 4-H 1,25 Basketball, 2,35 School Paper, Sports Editor, 45 Pep Club, 1 PEGGY FLETCHER Basketball, Junior Varsity, 1,2, Varsity, 3,4, Co-Capt., 45 All-District Honor- able Mention, 35 Vol- leyball Team, 3,45 Jr, Varsity Cheerleader 35 Homecoming Skit, 35 Music Prep Choir, lg Girls' Choir, 2,3,45 Annual Staff, 4 GAYLE FREDERICK School Paper, 45 Prep Choir, 15 Annual Staff, 2 ED GUILLOTTE 4-H, 1,23 Football, 1- 4, Basketball, 2, Track, 2-4, Homecoming Court, 4 GLORIA HAY FHA, 1,23 Historian, 2, Local Committee Chairman, 25 Pep Squad, 2,33 NMSP, 35 Volleyball Team, 2, Annual Staff, 2-4 LEE GU ILLOTTE CHRISTINE HAMM Football, 1 4, Home Band, 1 3, Stage Band, coming Court, 4 2,35 Treasurer, 13 Class Treasurer, lg Annual Staff, 2-4g Volleyball Team, 2, Rally, 2,3, NMSP, 3, Homecoming Skit, 3 ELIZABETH HEBERT Rally, 3, NMSP, 3 KATHY HEBERT 4-H, 1-4g FFA Court, 3,4g Sweetheart, 3, FHA, 45 Homecoming Court, , 4, Annual Staff, 1,2g Pep Squad, 2g School Paper, 45 Copy Editor, 4, Pep Club, 1 Volleyball Team, 2, Homecoming Skit, 3 FAYE GUILLOTTE Mixed Chorus, 2-4, Spring Play, 3 CH ARLENE HEBERT MAUREEN HEBERT PATRICIA HEBERT Girls' Chorus, 3,4 NEAL HENRY School Paper, 4g An- nual Staff, 1-4gNMSP, 3g Band, 1-4g Clarinet Quartet, 2-45 Clarinet Duet, 3,7g Music Fes- tival, 4g Nat'l Math Assn. Test, 25 4-H, 1-4g Library Club, lg Transferred from East Jefferson High School in Soph. Yearg March- ing and Concert Bandsg Dak: KSD KAY HENRY 4-H Club l-4g FHA, 1-4g Girls' Choir, 2-4g Pep Squad, 2 JIMMY HEWITT Football, lg Band 3,4g Band Officer Stage Band, 3,4g Speech Club, 1,2 ANGIE HOFFPAUIR Girls' choir, 3,45 , 2, , 4, Trio, 3,4g Rally, 45 Soloist, 3,45 Tennis Club, 4g Transferred from Bogalusa High In Junior Year MICHAEL HEBERT PAUL HENSLEE Basketball, 1-4gTrack 4, State Golf Tourn. , 2-45 I.A. and O.A. Golf Tourn. , 3,45 Pelican State, 35 NMSP, 35 4-H, 1,2, Annual Staff, 1-4g Sports Editor, 3,45 Class Officer, 3,4 SARAH HOY Prep Choir, lg Girls' Chorus, 2,3,4g Busi- ness Manager, 4, Pep Squad, 2g Annual Staff, 2, 3, 45 Photographer, 33 Organization Editor, 4g Homecoming Skit, 3 BRENDA LANDRY Class Vice-President, 25 Annual staff, 3,45 NMST, 35 Pelican State Delegate, 3 SUE KIRKLAND Prep Choir, lg Girls' Choir, 2,3,4g FFA Court Maid, 35 Home- coming Court, 35 Pep Club, lg 4-H Club, 3, School Play, 35 Class Secretary, 35 Majorette 2,3 PATRICIA LAMAISON MILTON KIDD NMSP, 3g Annual Staff, 1,2,3g Basket- ball, 2g Football, 2,3 45 Track, 3,45 Home- coming Court, 4 ' DIANE LANDRY FRED LANDRY Mixed Chorus 2-4 NELSON LANDRY FFA l-4- Speech I PATRICIA LANDRY FHA, 1-2-3-4g School paper 4 CARROLL LeBLANC Transferred from N. I. and Pattersong Football, 1-23 Library Club, 2-3 JANE LeBLANC RIVEST LANDRY Vocal Music, Prep Choir, 1g Mixed Choir, 3g Boys' Glee 4g Agriculture 1-2-3 4g 4-H, 1-2-3-45 WAYNE LSBLANC FFA, 2- 3-4 SONNY LORENZO H, 1 2 3 4, 1-4, Band, 1 GILBERT LDUVIERE JAMES LESSARD STEVEN LOUVIERE GLENDA MARTIN Freshman F avoriteg FFA Court, 3, Major- ette, 3, Drum Major- ette, 49 School Paper, 4 if JUDY LUKE RAY MARKERSON Basketball, 1-3, FHA, FFA, 1 4, Officer, 4, 2,39 Sec. , 3: Major- FFA Court, 4 ette, 23 Debate, 4, Rally , 3 SANDRA MCCARY 4-H, lj Flag Corp. , 2, Pep Squad, 3, FHA, 1-4, Annual Staff, 45 School Paper, 4 MICHAEL MCGRAW Mixed Chorus, 1,23 Treas. , 2g Department Accompanist, 1,2g All-State Chorus Ac- cornpanist, 25 Annual Staff, 2-4, Library Club, 1,29 Rally, 2-45 NMSP, 3g Stage Band, 2-4g National Math Test, 2 GEORGE LOWERY 4-H, 2 yrs. LARRY MAXWELL FFA, 1-4 ADA MCLEAN FHA, 15 Library Club, 3 GLENDA NESOM Newspaper Staff, 45 Annual Staff, 45 FHA, 1-25 Pep Squad, 25 Flag Corp, 25 4-H, 2 DANNY MIRE LINDA NAQUIN Prep Choir, 15 Mixed Chorus, 2-35 Reporter, 35 Annual Staff, 2-3- 45 Senior Editor, 45 Pep Squad, 25 Literary Rally, 2-45 State Rally, 35 NMSP5 Spring Play, 2-35 Homecoming Skit, 3 MILLIE PARRO Homecoming Court, 35 Homecoming Queen, 45 FFA Maid, 35 Cheer- leader, 2-3-45 Class Officer, 15 Class Fav- orite, 2-35 Pelican State, 35 Music Treas- urer, 45 Music, 1-2- 3-45 Annual Staff, 4 BILL PATERSON Transferred from Utah5 Football, 25 Track, 25 Wrestling, 25 Mixed Chorus, 25 3 Playsg 2 Plays, 35 IND Club, 35 Debate, 4 MILTON MENDOZA BEN NORRIS Band, 1 -2 -3 -45 Vice- President of Band, 45 Stage Band, 35 Foot- ball, 1 PAULETTE PICOU Prep Chorus, 25 Girls Chorus, 3,45 Annual Staff, 45 Library Club, 45 Library Staff, 4 MARGARET ROBICHEAUX PAULA ROBERTS Pep Squad, 15 Class Pres., 25 Class Vice Pres, , 4: Flag Twirler 25 Homecoming Court 3,45 Cheerleader, 3, 45 FFA Court, 35 Peli- can Girls' State, 35 Annual Staff, 2,45 State Rally, 2 DEBRA ROBICHEAUX Basketball, 1-45 Cap- tain, 3, Co-Captain, 45 NMSP, 35 Class'Sec. 25 Flag Twirler, 2, Sec, 25 Class Vice- Pres. 35 Class Sec, 45 Girls' Choir, 3,45 An- nual Staff, 2,3,4, Editor-in-Chief, 45 Reporter, Girls' Chorus RINNIE ROBICHEAUX Band, 1,2,3,45 Stage Band, l,2,3,45 Foot- ball, 2,3,45 Basket- ball, 1,2 MARY ANNE ROCHEL Grris' Choir, 3,45 NMSP, 45 Annual Staff, 3,45 Senior Editor, 45 Pep Squad, 25 Volley- ball Team 2 BONNIE PITREE Prep Choir, 15 Mixed Chorus, 2,3,4, Sec. 3, Vice-Pres. 45 Solo 45 9 Girl Ensemble, 35 Board of Directors, 3, 45 Annual Staff, 3,45 Organ. Editor, 45 Pep Squad, 25 NMSP, 35 FFA Court, 35 Home- coming Court, 45 Spring Play, 35 School Paper, 45 Copy Editor, 45 Volleyball, 2 MARY ROBICHEAUX Pep Squad, 1,25 Li- brary Club, 45 Library Staff, 45 FHA, 1,2,3 CYNT HIA ROGERS Band, l-45 Band Presi- dent, 4g 4-H, 1-4, Short Course, 2-3g Spring Play, 2-33 An- 11ual Staff, 2-3, Rally, 2g National Merit Scholarship Partici- pant, 3 BECKY SMITH Flag Twirler, 2-35 FHA, 1-2, Annual Staff, 2-3 -45 Features Editor, 45 National Merit Scholarship Par- ticipant, 3g School Newspaper, 4, Copy Editor, 4 LINDA SHIRLEY Basketball, lg Prep Choir, lg Section Leader Girls' Choir, 2-45 Librarian, 4g 4-H, l-2, Annual Staff, l-2g Homecoming Court, 4g Debate Class , 4 MICKEY STARK Football, 1-45 Basket- 'II ball, lg Track, l-4g Boys' Glee Club, 3-45 Reporter, 4 MIL LARD SIMONEAUX DONNA STROUD Pep Squad, l-29 Mixed Chorus, 2-3-4g Library Staff, 4g Annual Staff, 4 BOB SENETTE Football, l -45 Home- coming Court, 4, Fav orite, 2-45 Class Treasurer, 2,3 CAROLYN STANZEL School Artist for FFA Court, 3,45 Prom and Homecoming, 3,45 School Paper Artist, School Playg Annual Staff, 3,4 LINDA TALBOT Band, l,2g Band Council Representative, lg Annual Staff, 3,45 Literary Rally, 33 National Merit Scholar- ship Participant , 3 BILL TH IBODEAUX 4-H, l,2,3,4g FFA, l,4g Vocal Music, l 'LVV FLAVIA RAE THERIOT Girls' A Cappella Choir 1-45 4-H, l,2,4g An- nual Staff, 4, Pep Squad, l,2 LINDA TRAUTMAN Girls' A Cappella, 3, 4, 4-H, 2,3,4g Annual Staff, 2,49 Spring Play 3g Volleyball, 2 GOLDIE THERIOT MIKE TURNER Football, lg Prep ChOiI lg Boys' Glee Club, 2, 3,4, Business Manager, 49 FFA, 2,3,4, Vice- President, 4g Class Favorite, 194-H, 1,2 GLENN TAYLOR Football, l,2,3,4g Basketball, 25 Track, 3,4g Boys' Glee Club, l,2, 3,4, Treasurer 3, Vice-President, 4g Spring Play, 2,3,4g 4-H, l KAY TIBBS Band, lg'Annual Staff, l,2,4g Debate, 4 GEORGE TYLER Transferred from Leon Godchaux High in Jr. Yearg Industrial Arts c Club, 1,25 Agfrcui- A ture, 1-45 Parliamen- tary Procedure Team, 45 Agriculture Rally Test-District and State, 1,2 BILLY VENETIS Football, 1-45 Fresh- man RepresentatiVe5 Band Reporter, 45 Band Librarian, 35 Stage Band, 2,35 Homecoming Court, Annual Staff, 4 4: LESTER VIATOR Track, 3,45 FFA, 1-4' Rally Part. , 2-45 4-H Short Course Part. , 1 23 4-H Vice-PICS. 4g FFA Reporter, 35 FFA Parliamentarian, 45 Senior Class Treasurer LYNDEN VEEDER 4-H, 1,2,35 Boys Glee Club, 3,45 Spring Play, 2,3 Our Eighth Grade EUGENE VINCENT 4-H, 1-4 Grclcluafion SHERRY WEEKS Girls' Choir, 2-4g Li- brarian, 35 Treas. lg Girls' Trio, 3-45 All State Chorus, 4g Peli- can State, 3, Play, 35 Basketball, lg Annual Staff, 2,3g Pep Squad 2g FFA Court, 35 Homecoming Court, 43 All-Dist, Rally, 4g Music Rally, 3,4 SUSAN ZIMMERMAN 4'H, 1-45 Pep Squad, 25 Prep Chorus, lg Annual Staff, 4 CLINT WALLACE Annual Staff, lgRally 1,25 NMSP, 35 Peli- can State, 4g Band, l-4, Nat'l. Science Foundation Part. in Math, 4 uv" L BEST A LL-A ROUND Diana Boudreaux Bob Senette MOST DEPENDABLE Debra Robicheaux Dana Cossey Senior Personalities Many of us are just now realizing that some of the happiest days of our lives are rapidly drawing to a close. Warm friendships and rewarding ex- periences will be treasured and long remembered as we complete twelve years of training in our schools. This past training will help us to meet the responsibilities we are sure to encounter in an adult world. Also, it shall continue to give us happiness as we find our place in thesun! MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Paula Roberts Clint Wallace BEST DANCERS FUTURE CITIZENS Peggy Fletcher, Fred Baltz Brenda Landry, Dana Cossey MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED MOST BEAUTIFUL and HANDSOME Millie Parro, Billy Venetis Kathy Hebert, Mickey Stark ia Gai.. fj .A ' riff, MOST STUDIOUS Clint Wallace Elizabeth Hebert MR. AND MISS WIT MOST ATHLETIC Diana Boudreaux Earl Ashley MOST TALENTED Gerald Burgess Carolyn Stanzel Peggy Fletcher Paul Fouquier BEST DRESSED Fred Baltz Patti Borona :ff if 0 Juniors Junior Officers 1+ A3 3 'il .1197 MARK ROBERTS--President JANIS KIEL--Secretary TOMMY SENETTE--Vice President BILL WIGGINS--Treasurer DAVID BOUDREAUX--Reporter Junior Favorites l A 4 . 4 ,,,,,, 3 4 ww, xfm, t THE BOYHOOD ' OF JEFFERSON ln l8lO Szunucl Davis ct' at , a tract of land fronting or Lg.. , Tum lt, lf! acres and running back to im cxfgil: of -fm acres Removing his family to EtYt,.gl,gfxtsl in aa journcy of ciqht wccks, he bull. u homer. not now standing, a mllcf and a quarter mn-thcaaz of this site. Among his childrcsn lwing here was the future President of the Confederate States of America. Jefferson Dang, tr..4:. za little over two years of age, After a rumdczlcc of approximately a year Samuel Davis moved his family to near Woodviilc. Mlsaxsstppl. ,fi SUSAN TROWBRIDGE BILL W1GG1NS Mike Adams Carol Alcina Sandra Badeaux Cheryl Bailey Kenneth Barbay Paulette Barnes Terry Baudoin Raymond Blanchard Bolden Bodin Carroll Bonin Lloyd Borel Clyde Borne James Borne Charles Boudreaux David Boudreaux Glen Boudreaux Kathy Boudreaux Kenny Boudreaux Renell Boudreaux Clifton Bourque Donald Bourque Hugh Breaux Kenneth Breaux Betty Broussard Terry Broussard Botella Brown Mary Brown Dee Ann Brubaker Billy Bruno Clifford Burgess " - ,ai r A 1 , wk . .1 A' " za QQ?12'i" .V if '5 r fmfira -"'r - I Nl li : qw J 5 fi 115' C .1 it K , 4,1 ,, N. ie '4 r.,...ff gf! PHOTO NOT AVAILABLI 'fmiiaaahpff' NM Sh Linda Burgess Willard Burgess James Calhoun Kathy Carpenter Glenda Carter Jane Case Patricia Chapron Peggy Choate Gloria Clements Virginia Copp Margie Dantin Mike Dartez Diane De Soto Kathy Doiron Paula Du Bois Evelyn Duplantis Glenn Dupuis Leonora Estes Becky Eubanks Tommy Feske Richard Firmin Rebecca Fisher Gracie Flores Tommy Frederick Necia Granger Ronald Granger Tex Granger Roger Greene Susan Guillotte Kay Hay Bobby Hebert Karen Hoover Francis James Gerald Jordan Keith Keenze Roger Kennedy Janis Kiel Albert La Combe Micheal Lamaison Jane Lancon Harvey Landry Jessica Landry Kenneth Landry Myra Landry Peggy Landry Penny Landry Reed Landry Micheal Leblanc Roland Legnon Sara Longman Joycelyn Lovell Bonnie Lowery George Lusk Aubrey Magoun Christine Marcotte Linda Martin Myra Martin Bobby May Rhoda Mayea ' Janelle McAdams K ,V,7. 3. V J it it Jiii A if 'A d'i' , V ,f lgi r ,.,k V ig, , ilicir ' 5 ,iyiiyt J J si,ic J V I V't' -"i, 5 " ,,,. i f J Jii af, K fi? ' lil", . ,,,. EY iii- A. '-zkgffz X I., i f it ' ' ',-,- r',, li J i Q ,. if S Xl r , Zz x - .,.h J? .-, A fi S' fi' if A' 3 ' f A Q! L fa rh 5 K Q tif ilfilr f ifh if .g1.::h 5 t , - W . , "1 WW Wir Y? ' 5 1. f - 5' H- . 's v ,P R I , y - R K K9 X 1 'rif t I ar, 'tw ,, , . .' a-Q5 l QE Karen McGarrahan Doretha McMurtry Wayne Melancon Larry Michel Dewey Migues Berinda Millet Madeline Mite Ann Morris Webber Neal Sheila Parker Ronald Parro Faye Patin Dava Peddy Don Perry Elaine Peterson Linda Picard Wayne Plauche Helen Pontiff Linda Pontiff Mark Roberts Mary Robertson Roberta Robertson Alvin Robicheaux Sonny Robicheaux Randy Robicheaux Lanny Robicheaux Susan Rochel Joseph Sauce Terry Scott Tommy Senette Tom Shirley Alvin Simoneaux Elton Squyres Steve Stark .Tack St. Germain Jimmie Strubb Sue Tariff Linda Terry Jill Theriot Winnie Theriot Glenn Thibodeaux Patricia Thibodeaux Rose Mary Thibodeaux Mariana Titus Kenneth Trahan Susan Trowbridge Theo Verrette Rickey Viator Wilson Viator Millard Weline .pm re? v 'VN sf. Qin. Bill Wiggins Sandra Wilson In Memory of ANDREW FOSTER An empty locker, a vacant desk, the happy smile and pal on the back, these and many, many more are the fond memories we all enjoy of Andrew. These memories, precious as they may be, cannot replace the loss we have all suffered. Andrew loved the "great outdoors". He was always close to nature and appreciated all the lessons and pleasure that it provided for him. H The fellowship and happiness of those around him were Andrew's heartfelt concerns. He was always dedicated to his many interests, seeing them all through to many profitable and wonderful endings. Though memories are the only things left to remind us of Andrew, a tender spot will always be kept in the sorrowful hearts of all his friends and loved ones. In Memory of GARY RASCO A Tuesday in September brought us the most grievious of tragedies. Gary has left wonderful memories and a lesson in life to all. Gary lived each new day to spread his kindness and friendship. His radiant personality and his love for everyone around him made him loved by all who knew him. Gary wasn't big in stature, but had a heart as big as anyone's. Through his faith in God and his love of life, Gary found the true meaning and enjoyment of life. A radiant personality such as Gary's will never be forgotten by anyone who knew him. His friends shall profit from the lesson he learned and lived by. The hearts of all are tinged with sadness, as we try to pay tribute to a wonder- ful friend and companion. i 4 '1- '- a M., W www. M ,8r,5f6f Wj?WE1fgyV 3532258 av Xa E , Qlglw 1, A 5 1 U, in W- 5 x 5 W Q, -1 5 M 2 ,W s Q s we .fp :sw 4,-ve .Mx fifikiaf-s,,,-azussi W,:wL:v ,,.. 'agen-f A :::i:.a2, - - fw- .fnaz W -1- ,fm ' sw, .1.,igai:Qsi' i .,,.., L..,...,,, L ' 71,1 ,t , .greg ' ' K Hex Zi- f - 'iiiaibii Q LW -----A -W-V1.1-1 . . 1 f W ff an ,515 EASYE'SiTi'b.L5EQS?li5.SHT.: ' E:?55ZS'ffQ,qffAT,'.QfiQf'Y5 ff? fa? Y 'W 4 ' W ..,,. xw'f,5,f',E fgj'sg.'f if-FM? ui 1 - .-:Exe 1 v s-,N -fu-:si flame, fvw,?f1,?m,g.1Q3f1igXQ K 1 Y if YTEi'W' .f.':z'zsf:sv:11f3.'L, We slim f .-:.,:111siL3',54f+,:e.i',QS .5 245551, .-1 W...f.f7s':gfgg-gg f1:ff.ffii7iHf7f',f".LL,, f93ief51xf515r'?m ' X' 'fHz,ss?imn,w, 555' si 1341 ij .1 1 '1'i'g5'+ e ' 1"57'L1:6-?E7.i555i Y f , 5 fl' ' :5'zfn,ff.e!fs'W 9 Q wif-, ,..wQ- y f .yggw , 90 LY: f 'fril' wtf.?1 7? if - ff,1 K -mi f -1f,S?,,'5 ,l...L?E: ,Q We 7333i- .wff ,zsqze fi 2122 sl- - filff? -we 1 is 'f':,:.f A " 'A 1 , . . , . 'WE 'cr o of DFI' 1 , 4' xi' 4 I hir .we Sophomores K K Sophomore Officers Www ANN CAFFERY- - President SUSAN SUPPLE- - Secretary ROSEMARY KYLE--Vice President JIMMY BA TEY- -Treasurer BUDDY CHAUVIN- - Reporter Sophomore Favorites ROSEMARY KYLE CLARK HEBERT Herman Adams James Auenson Jimmy Batey Gordon Batson Melinda Biggs Delores Billiot Monica Blanchard Bonnie Bodin Ollie Borne .Tohn Boudreaux Kenneth Boudreaux Larry Boudreaux Wade Boudreaux Eldridge Bourque Trudy Bourque Phyllis Bouton Curtis Breaux Karen Breaux Percy Breaux Bonnie Butaud Ann Caffery Tracy Caldwell Glinda Carline Richard Carter Barry Chauvin Buddy Chauvin Manly Chauvin Lillia Choate Johnny Coleson Howard Comeaux 5 02? Y O more ,,j:f' TOO PHOY0 ol Avnifabie Milton Corneaux Elton Couvillier James Cowart Susan Coyle Katherine Crappell Quinton Delahoussaye Michael Dominque Kathleen Duhon Michael Dumesnil Molly Duplantis Ann Edens Charles Falterm an David Folson Mary Fore Karen Fournier Ronnie Frederick Viola Frederick Wayne Frederick Henry Friedman Joyce George Verna Giroir Lonnie Guillotte Corliss Guyote Peggy Hahn ,Tohn Hall Gary Hardy Larry Hasten Clark Hebert Ann Hebert Kathy Hebert Opherna Higgins Lee Horne Tommy Johnston Rosemary Kyle Cheryl LaFont Patsy LaGrange Penny LaGrange Craig Lalaunie Eric Landry Gloria Landry Robert Landry Ronald Landry Cecil Le Blanc Kathy Le Blanc Lloyd Le Blanc Marion LeBlanc Paula Lewis Judy Liner Victoria Longman Sarah Lorenzo Debbie Louviere Eva Louviere Ray Louviere Madelyn M arcotte Ruth Marcotte Nora Mayea George McElfresh Hallie McGrew Donald McKoin Cary Mendoza Ronald Mire Nancy Mitchell Kathy Morales Johnny Morris Joseph Naquin Pamela Naquin Patsy Naquin Richard Naquin Michael Newton Carolyn Olander Deedee O'Nei1l Danny Parker Brian Poimboeuf Carol Polito Linda Pontiff Patricia Quinn Kirk Resweber Paul Richard Greg Risher Kay Robertson Paul Robicheaux Charity Rodriguez Kathryn Savoy Michael Scelfo Sue Shackelford Priscilla Shauberger Katherine Shugart Isabelle Simoneaux Sandra Sinitiere Beverly Smith Gerry Smith Danny Soprano Phyllis Soprano Donna Soule Marilyn Stanzel Girard St, Germain Glenn Stroud Fred Strubb Allain Supple Jerry Supple Susan Supple Amy Talbot Michael Theriot Gay Theriot Albert Thibodaux Roy Tourney Glenda Trimble Thomas Tyler Earline Verret Madeline Verret Roy Verret Deanna Viator Diane Vincent Vicki Weeks Richard Wilking Ernest Williams Mary Lee Williams Julie Zimmerman Q, L, M, 131532 .fm ,K -my Freshman Officers """" CRAIG THOMPSON--President CINDY SCELFO- -Reporter JEANETTE FOSTER--Vice President JERRY MARTIN--Secretary Treasurer Freshman Favorites CRAIG THOMPSON IEANETTE FOSTER Reid Achee Gwendolyn Adams Kenneth Adams Susan Adams Wilson Adams Carol Allmon Gregory Arbroneaux Linda Ardeneaux Diane Armstrong Enos Ashley Joel Authement John Barbay Deborah Barnes Gail Barrilleaux Pamela Barrileaux Ronald Barrilleaux Kirk Battaglio Vickie Belanger Bobby Bennight Michael Benoit Michael Bonin Brenda Boozer Brenda Boudreaux Denis Boudreaux Joy Boudreaux Joyce Boudreaux Leonard Boudreaux Phyllis Boudreaux Donna Bourgeois Gary Breaux Jessie Breaux, Jr. Cynthia Breland Patrick Brittan Darrell Brouillette Gary Broussard N .gig O I A QV 'fu A ,WE LT , ii, Z ,.VL, ii i ' :Kiki 1 Nxt ' 1. My V X , W 2 more ,, ,, N 1 Avuu af' 1 9 4 - 'i wl- f do e 1 1 v . V 'ns' ff , 1 P r M 1 5 If i" ' 'A' ii ' Qty - ,ga i ,i . 'n X i 'X ill f r, -tai' ., .X , , xv Ev if 'E 1 Q Q aff'-ff : ' sf 1 ' 5223? ,f 1 Q :qw WCS! l siia rrss's 1 1 ir mfs" :ii 'f T 'VA f ,r,liiy,,i fi .1 lsr A Ll V' A f . 0 -mf if wifi 141' ' A' 3 A ' -M f. , K , .IH Us , 1 seem .V , f V f,:m,.1,.,, W- -J an -m,a.f:.Qz1asQ- of ' rms-,..11q,:: me ,, fa 2 ' - Wanda Broussard Patrick Brown Gerald Buck Ardith Burgess Shirley Burleigh Desire Callahan Kathleen Cambre Bert Carpenter Danny Champagne Bill Champagne Raymond Charpentier Carol Chauvin Michael Chauvin Randy Chauvin Shelby Chauvin Sue Chesshire Gary Clement Maurice Clement Carol Cole Billie Comeaux Justin Couvillia Larry Couvillia Claudia Crappell Michael Culter Sue Dantin Robert Dartez Antoine Derouen Gloria Derouen Faith Deslatte Linda Duhon Debbie Dupre Bill Ehman Linda Eubanks John Ewing Mary Falgout Ray Featherston ' Evelyn Fenton Michael Files Martha Fore Jeanette Foster Michael Frederick Robert Gates Phillip Gauthier Helen Granger Kenneth Granger Shirley Granger George Harrison Alvin Hebert Chris Hebert Harrison Hebert Clarence Higgins Amilda Horne Lynn Jacob Homer LaGrange Linda Lamaison Alan Landry Garrie Landry Jenny Landry Judy Landry Michael Landry Wayne Landry Michael LeBlanc Kenneth Legnon Raymond Liner Faye Longmire Simon Lucia Marsha Luke Barbara Marcotte Gerald Robert Martin Tonya Marxsen i f - J l gf ,V X f- 32177 5 arca f jgllif' "' .fzuaff 'f X 1 ,fix 5 V Q ff ,, 'ff' 4A S 1 fe 1 RU' ,Q is xi I 2 ,. ,, ,is W Q is , HA wr-may b af " 1, 4, K 'wif' i il., bw at W' ' rsgzvfzf Ne new AvAuAsAs X 3?'! 'fi Davey May Sara May Mattie McCary James McElroy Edward Miguez Kathy Miguez Warren Millet John Mire Maria Mire Diane Mitchell Myrtle Mondor James Moore Jesse Moore Wanda Glen Moore Keith Morrison Dianne Naquin Donna Naquin Alice Nesom Cyd Peddy Crystal Peterson Frances Phagan Judy Picard Michael Polito Sheila Pontiff Nancy Porche Gretchen Ribble Mickey Riggs Kent Rives lrmanell Rodriguez Jacqueline Rogers Cindy Scelfo Jane Scelfo Vicki Scott Beth Senette Jerry Shea Linda Simon Paula Sinitiere Lawrence Smith Lois Smith Gwendolyn Soprano Robert Soprano Donna Stark Christine Strubb Craig Thomson John Thomson Charlene Trahan Michael Trahan Maxine Trahan Susan Trahan Juliet Trimble Linda Trimble Patrick Turner James Tyler Lawrence Tyler Sammy Vaccarella Joseph Vanhaverbeke Dianne Verrette Monty Verret Dennis Walden more Nor AVAILABLE ally ruorm I Available Wm -GPH' rsa S . sr 3 T Q it -- 51 W Crganizafions Debra Robicheaux Mrs. Viator EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ADVISOR f h m',- I 1, k,k,' N: iq-5 ffl , Kathy B01ldF93UX Paul Henslee Ann Caffery SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS ORGANIZATIONS FEATURES Sarah Hoy 'A ay MQ 'Q WH! rr X My I ,ar A If Bonnie Jessica Pitre Landry SOPHOMORE EDITORS Paula Susan Lewis Supple Becky Smith - I ' fm 1 A' 3 r, fr Linda Tracy Talbot Caldwell JUNIOR A C A as Am fx Sus an Dee A nn Rochel Brubaker Annual ss, X -vu.. v gy! fr xr 'W Wiki , :,,fl'fflf,,ly,i"' 2. - 'fi' ""'ff'1Q,.fj sms! W we si. 'X ,N Janis Kiel ASSISTANT EDITOR 5 s + A 1235? ' 2 'Q fs 5. 1,5 Dana Cdssey SPORTS FRESHMEN EDITORS Phyllis Beth Boudreaux Senette SENIOR EDITORS ' 3, , 'S I r I 'iss V aaa A I llil trr i 2 Linda Mary Naquin Rochel Staff TYPISTS AD SELLERS BUSINESS ART MANAGER C aro Iyn Stanzel ART fifff'ff:-,xi y'f'i fQ'2,1.- I iii RlRi Ci, ,Rb g Riw APU: L 5. ARL Q 75 I James Black BUSINESS MA NA GER PHOTOGRAPHERS Marilyn Stanzel Jane Lancon SUBSCRIPTION SELLERS PICTURE IDENTIFICATION Voccll Music Depclrfmenf Mr, Cliff Caillouet, Dixector Boclrcl of Directors Jeanette Foster, Donna Danjean, Millie Parro, Janis Kiel, Bonnie Pitre, Elton Squyres, Bill Wiggins David Boudreaux, Glenn Taylor, Richard Gauthier Elton Squyres President Cheri Baily, Accompanist Choral Officers Mixed Officers Renelle Boudreaux, Clyde Borne, Bon- nie Pitre, Susan Trowbridge, Janis Kiel Bill Wiggins, Michael Hebert, Gerald Burgess, Paul Fouquier ! ,M-is M or 4, Girls' Officers Millie Parro, Sarah Hoy, Cheri Bailey, Peggy Ashley, Angie Hoffpauir, Debra Robicheaux, Linda Shirley, Donna Dan- jean, Diana Boudreaux, Sherry Weeks Donna Danjean Vice President Bonnie Pitre 1 Vice President Boys' Officers Wayne Plauche, Steve Stark, Mike Turner, Albert LaComb, Glenn Taylor, Mark Roberts, Richard Gauthier, Mickey Stark, Elton Squires, Terry Broussard Glenn Taylor Vice President fi-milf' Y Q Girls' Choir Mixed Choru Boys' Choir Prep Choir Vice-Presidents - Phyllis Boudreaux and Jeanette Foster Secretaries - Kent Rives and Gretchen Ribble Treasurers - Bill Thibocleaux and Warren Millet Ensembles 8: Solos Solos Clyde Borne, Angie Hoffpauier, Bonnie Pitre, Buddy Chauvin ' Girls' Trio Mixed Quartet Sherry Weeks, Janis Kiel, Richard Guathier, Gerald Burgess All-State Chorus . g ,fasmsfiii K- tf. ..., qw , i Sherry Weeks Gerald Burgess W Were chosen from state competition to attend the Webber Neal, Richard Gauthier, Elton Squyres, LTA Convention in New Orleans. Steve Stark Myra Martin Sara Longman Madeline Mire Glenda Martin Head Ma jorette Diane Armstrong Donna Stark Linda Eubanks 9 S 0 I' 9 Franklin High e Q v J K J :S ndD t Ca1T Beginner Band School Band X'4'ufj5 ,Ni VV Riel Cindy Rogers- -President Ben Norris--Vice President Karen Hoover--Secretary Rinnie Robicheaux--Treasurer Billy Venetis- -Reporter Mary Fore--Head 'Librarian Kathy Savoy--Assistant Librarian Dewey Miguez--Sgt, at Arms Jimmie Hewitt--Sgt. at Arms 1 71 Hide 4 Ht lg ' ,Q qi L' ' So Z as is to r"iziZI'i:'tiicg 'T midh335100L w ' ' 1 ' Editor-in-chief - v ----- James Black At FHS there is s teaQ CbPYEdR0m """"" KMhYfkbHL that hag bee, Becky Smith, Bonnie Pitre qujtg 3 f ey Sports Editors - ------ Troy Ashley, education X Mary Lena Giordano f A. C8113 OIINL. Aft Editor ' ' " "" Carolyn Stanzel He was a graduate of ton High School one n he attended USL, ro eiving a B.A. degree ix ccsl music education he wont to LSU 835 'i i eceivsd a minor in poems nd English. He also dic raduste work at LSU, hui as later transferred tc he University of N ctr: ame. There he receiver is master of music ir 951. l Later he went tr Qhoral School in Chambers Head Typist Business Manager - Advisor - - - - - ff, V .,'i1f : K ,- J ' ' " I - - - - - -Jane Charpentier - - - Russell Bruno - - Mrs, Glywn Bates tyt t y y yyty , Pe4 the doctral School of Europe American Caillouet did graduate at Boston University re he was admitted in- program. e went to San Diego College and studied the famous Roger of He then went to East- Music at University of Rode in New York, ond with the Chorus in P g 1 yy ig U t Iotol for two hoarssl. orc the chorus transported to ns whore they housed at the ' BX X yUA y el during thc l .. 2 - it lfsi ' . miie rrr B t iiff' ' 'e'tss ogks has been lin Hish- an sctivc member of thc Charles Smith, her hus- Girls' Chorus for three band, is 8 PrGdUGti0H HC- years and presently holds countdnt r Texaco Thc5 5 fo sf o W T have a daughter, Karla Anne, who is 25 years old. uw-wan--av....,qqa-.- FRLSHMEN END SEASON Coach John Richsrdfs freshman football team L action f i ve Ls 'year on the ze Baby Hornets one game and 'only victory ' they downed 19 - 13. Their' :ere received LH Gity,Berwick, a, and a second Patterson. ttaglic and Ro- iry, ibacks on team. bays been years z thi office of sccrctory. Sho was a mcmbcr'of the Prop Choir one year. In G16 '.. D fl' D. - 7 .IV . .jiX6G 4 sopran: Bur, eral : 5'2'fElf'So fha holds 1 incss been .lied tct, or HORNET IN DIS PHS 1965 d is will stay atf .is, Race? wandry, Ci 'ecile Br: sing QBonnie thspron, I Maron Mc! hroussard, .rt, Fay G :esormeanx ip,Deedee The ad .keriot, nouns Stro Qdcnda Ne .gyy, . Su F Library Club um?-asrrmrmmusxrfJrma.f1s Officers Jessica Landry, President Jimette Carpenter, Vice-President Betty Broussard, Secretary-Reporter Ada McLean, Parliamentarian Susan Guillotte, Song Leader Garden Club Librarian Mrs. Landry ,Aw I SH-H-H! ' L Carolyn Stanzel - Student Director Mr. Roger Robinson - Director Paula Roberts - Student Coordinator "The Jury CAST Paul Fouquier Angry man Janis Kiel Actress Tracy Caldwell Second old lady Angie Hoffpauir Blonde Linda Talbot First old lady Dana Cossey Young man Rusty Bruno Middle-aged man Sherry Weeks Brunette James Black Foreman Becky Smith First old lady Marilyn Stanzel Shy girl Kirk Resweber Man with glasses Cindy Rogers Society woman C ,,,r t -, C . g 1-.V 5 ' . - lf ,sr ' :.t,. , M A siiii we f f" 'Q -H S is? 2 A "' R Room" Dana - "I'd like to believe she 's innocent. " ir' 53 N 1, I fl' Rusty - "I wish we'd hurry up. I'm losing tips. Tracy - "That's the .word for her, A Hussy!" Debate Team 1 Debate Team at work Exte mporaneous Speaking Debate Team practicing A l Theo Verrette, Jessie Breaux, and Allen Landry qnot showny - Forage Judging Team lst ROW Reed Landry- - Lester Viator- - - Janis Kiel ----- Kenny Boudreaux - - Mike Turner - - - 2nd ROW Mr, Harold Harris- - - Rickey Viator - - - Mike Hebert - - Hugh Breaux - - Not Pictured - - Ray Markerson - - Wilson Viator - - - - - - - Treasurer - Parliamentarian Chapter Sweetheart - - -Vice-President - - Vice-President - Advisor - - Reporter - - - - Secretary - - Vice-President - - Mr, Donald McKoin Advisor - - Sentinel - - President RE HUMEMA . KE S, ,J 'ls AMFRHIA Advisor Miss Les V. Edmonds President - Ioycelyn Lovell Vice President - Glenda Trimble Secretary - Jane Case Treasurer - Yola Decuir Parliamentarian - Mary Brown Historian - Ruth Ann Marcotte Reporter - Jessica Landry Song Leader - Priscilla Shauberger HOME Working Toward Self-Improvement FHA Degrees of Achievement Service to School Maintaining Instructive Bulletin Boards Entertaining Learning Social Graces Good Home and Family Life Clothing Economy Community Service Contributing Toys for Younger Members of Needy Families QNSWRE H MAKFRS AMEUl'?llCAg hh h i Q Honorary Membership Conferred On Individuals For Services Rendered To FHA 4-H Lester Viator has been named outstanding senior 4-H'er for 1966. He is concluding his eighth year in 4-H Club work. Lester's projects include swine, poultry, handicraft, tractor, machinery, and gardening. Besides his projects he has held various club offices. Miss Cheryl Geiger, Lester Viator, Mr. F. A. Swann Botella Brown--President Lester Viator--Vice President Jane Lancon--Treasurer Suzanne Comeaux--Reporter Phyllis Boudreaux--Secretary Alcide Dupre--Sgt. at Arms Z 1? .K ASSISTANT COACH Joe Ben Cassedy, HEAD COACH Dan Brumfield ASSISTANT COACH Coy Scott ASSISTANT COACH John Richard Earl Ashley, Coach Brumfield, and Richard Fitgerald 2nd TEAM ALL-DISTRICT 5-AA SELECTIONS Franklin High School Hornels TOP ROW: E. Bourque, C. Hebert, B, Chauvin, T. Broussard, G. Thibodeaux K. Boudreaux, P, Fouquier, J, Supple, W. Burgess, R. Blanchard, 2nd ROW: R, Viator, H, Breaux, W. Viator, E, Guillotte, R, Fitzgerald, J, Chauvin A, La Combe, M. Kidd, 3rd ROW: G. Risher, G, Lusk, E, Ashley, S. Stark, B, Venetis, B, Senette, L, Guillotte, W, Plauche, 4th ROW: J. Morris, K. Barbay, M, Roberts, C. Bourque, M. Stark, G. Taylor, E. Williams, D. McKoin. Not Shown: R. Robicheaux, Q, De La Houssaye, L, Hasten. Freshman Football Team ,4 E J, Mire, J. Couvillia. J. Moore, B. TOP ROW: I. Martin, C. Thompson, S, Vaccerella, B. Carpenter, Champagne, M, Culture, M. Bonin, 2nd ROW: C. Hebert, R. Chauvin, J. Barbay, M. LeBlanc, M. Landry, A, Landry, R, Barrilleaux, 3rd ROW: D, Brouillette, J. Breaux, B. Ehman, K. Battaglia, P, Gauthier, W, Millet, S. Chauvin, M. Verret, TACKLES Donald McKoir1, Carroll Bonin, Ernest Williams, Raymond Blanchard Willard Burgess, Hugh Breaux, Kenneth Boudreaux, Paul Fou- mlief GUARDS Milton Kidd, Greg Risher, Terry Broussard, Jay Chauvin, Richard, Fitz- gerald, Albert LaCombe FULLBACKS Johnny Morris Ed Guillotte, Clifton Bourque iifir snr QU ART ERBAC KS George Lusk, Clark Hebert, Lee Guillotte, Earl Ashley ENDS Eldridge Bourque, Wayne Plauche, Glenn Taylor HALFBAC KS Bob Senette, Kenny Barbay, Quin- ton Dela Houssaye, Jerry Supple, Billy Venetis, Mickey Stark, Steve Stark, Mark Roberts .K was-hw a A-L Z.,- FULLBACK Ed Guillotte GUARD Richard Fitzgerald GUARD END QUARTERBACK Milton Kidd Rinnie Robicheaux Lee Guillotte TACKLE Paul Fouquier QUARTERBACK Earl Ashley CENTERS Glenn Thibodeaux Wilson Viator 'I Where the Action Is 3' Varsity Basketball Rosemary Kyle, Dava Peddy, Trudy Bourque, Vickie Weeks, co-captain Debra Robicheaux, captain Diana Boudreaux, co-captain Peggy Fletcher, Ann Caffery, Cheri Bailey, Kathy Boudreaux, Sue Dantin COACH y D N d Judy Luke Ot Omoo Dee Dee O'Nie11 SCOREKEEPER MANAGER 1 ' f!ifk112ii 7 - K , ,." ' iff' f CAPTAIN Diana Boudreaux Ann Caffery Cheri Bailey FORWARD FORWARD FORWARD Kathy Boudreaux FORWARD 1, 2, 3--"Come on, 1et's go!" Rose mary Kyle FORWARD CO-CAPTAIN Dava Peddy Vicki Weeks Debra Robicheaux GUARD GUARD GUARD Peggy Fletcher GUARD Katherine Shugart GUARD Trudy Bourque Sue Dantln Tracy Caldwell Jeanette Foster FORWARD FORWARD Guard GUARD ' T S 5 kj jx 5 : 1 1 The Goon Squad "IT's VICTORY Tonight 4 J I' V Cl r s i f Y TOP ROW: Sheila Pontiff, Sue Shackleford, Juliet Trimble, Sue Dantin, Debbie Louviere, Susan Supple, Tonya Marxsen BOTTOM ROW: Diane Mitchell, Carol Chauvin, Captain--Rosemary Kyle, Co-Captain--Trudy Bourque, Jeanette Foster Paul Hits for Two Almost, but not quite 1965-66 Varsity Basketball Team Freshman Basketball Team BACK ROW: Coach Joe Ben Cassedy, Pat Turner, Jerry Martin, Ray Featherston, James Moore. FRONT ROW: Craig Thompson, Kenneth Granger, Kent Reeves, Randy Chauvin ' ENOS ASHLEY CRAIG THOMSON CLARK HEBERT JERRY MARTIN E 5 5 2 Q i LARRY HASTEN X RANDY CHA UVIN I Y I PAT TURNER GLENN DARCE PAUL HENSLEE COACH COY SCOTT JIMMY BATEY BILL WIGGINS LANNY ROBICHEAUX ELTON SQUYRES a Mrs. Barbara Chisholm INSTRUCTOR Tennis Tryouts Clint Wallace Weber Neal Cecil LeBlanc Fred Baltz Frances James Richard Wilking Michael Dumensil Kay Hay Mary Lena Giordano Clint Wallace Cecil LeBlanc Linda Talbot Jane Charpentier Carolyn Stanzel Karen McGarrahan Golf Team Buddy Chauvin Craig Thompson Paul Henslee Bill Ehman Cregg Risher A E 1 4 ' H 1 1 -- l l l 1 I ,2zmwrwrxafanxsi-Smzffaiis W 5 1 . E i 3 2 3 E 3 x I i E x 2, :E 5 5 1 1 5 if 3 if 5 S s Q 3 2? I Pelican State Delegates -qfxiilw Q ff etaa at , V'yk fkhr K QW E55 aeteaat ri t ete1et .,---'-'-.. ,-Qf1- N, H -aylnf, Mmh H Sjfgjx The obJect1ve of Pehcan State IS to educate Lou1s1ana youth rn the dutres prrvrleges rrghts and responslbrlrtres of Amerrcan crtrzenshxp It 1S a plan to provrde trarmng rn the practxcal mechanrcs of government Pelrcan State 1S rn effect a mythrcal 51st state Its crtrzens are taught to honor and revere therr God and therr country They learn to apprecrate and cherrsh the Repubhcan form of government and the free doms guaranteed them by the Umted States and the State of Loursrana National Merit Scholarship Participants 1st ROW: Clint Wallace, Neal Henry, Milton Kidd, Fred Baltz, Mike Mc Graw, Paul Hensleeg SECOND ROW: Debra Robicheaux, Rebecca Borne, Brenda Landry, Mary Ann Rochel, Christine Hamm, Gloria Hayg 3rd ROW: Becky Smith, Jane Charpentier, Pat Hebert, Bonnie Pitre, Linda Talbot, Elizabeth Hebert: Not Shown: Linda Naquin 1965 Class AA Literary Rally Participants 1st ROW: Clint Wallace, Billy Bruno, Tommy Sennette, David Barrilleaux, Mark Roberts, Richard Gauthier, Jimmy Batey, Francis James, Brian Poimboeuf, Mike Mc Grawg 2nd ROW: Angie Hoffpauir, Janis Kiel, Christine Hamm, Leonora Estes, Glenda Tremble, Karen Hoover, Deanna Viator, Peggy Choate, Marilyn Stanzel, Linda Talbot, Ann Caffrey, Elizabeth Hebert: Not shown Linda Naquin, Tracy Caldwell Paula R0bCIIS Millie Pano Diana Boudreaux Janis Kiel HEAD CHEERLEADER FHS Cheerleaders Susan Trowbridge Molly Duplantis Kay Robertson Phyllis Boudreaux O. K .... READY! " Beth Senette Tracy Caldwell Becky Eubanks Bonnie Lowry Martha Fore Peggy Ashley 1965 Molly Duplantis, Kay Robertson, Susan Trowbridge, Peggy Ashley, Diana Boudreaux, Myra Carline, Donna Dan- jean 1 L ,,e vm!! MW if 6 3 far X PS ...x W? .21 r 5 Q 9 if a :mm PE? f ' ff Y A 'Nob x-I . , 4- Y-gy? 4 QQ, ,M ff s ?Ll531'1 Qsvl' JE' B CII Sh Y I Mickey Molly Rinnie - t Donna , A 6 Lee 3 'JYHS' P 0 5634 D' na QI r A - ' hard sf gf! -' Q. Homecoming Millie Em , 11fszfmwm-ie:fQW4QmmfmMmwwe:wxm1ar ,,.. . , .-1 -, . Royalty Y Y S N ll N 131 Q- I FFA K Sweetheart and Court Janis Kiel being crowned by the FFA 1965 Sweetheart, Kathy Hebert. FF A Lester Viator, Jane Lancon, Rickey Viator, Christine Marcotte, Mike Turner, Susan Trowbridge, Kenny Boudreaux, Botella Brown, Michael Hebert, Becky Eubanks, Dale Robicheaux FFA SWEETHEART I anis Kiel Coronation Wilson Viator, Veronica Verret, Janis Kiel, Kathy Hebert, Madeline Mire, Hugh Breaux, Gracie Flores Carroll Bonin, Myra Martin, Reed Landry, Bonnie Lowery, Ray Markerson "Parlez-vous francais?" CDCQQCCQSQ "Quit moving those desks!" "Uh, uh, cut uh out uh. . . " "Dana, just because you're handsome doesn't mean you don't have to pay attention!" "Z,Como esta usted?" Back sate? Miracles never cease. t WING The line up - eggs maxim, If E You might become another Johnny Carson yet, Mr. Robinson. We'll never get the paper out just standing around here. "She won't pass us for just sitting here. " "No fair helping him, Mrs. Shivor. He has ' to do his own work. " "Now look class, you have only H7-Q days to get those Q jobs in. T I eff+'faQ e n 5:5 ,gif N ,gg i . L H ' -Q It -12' .k -'qi ' , .. C, mf' .f 1" .5 " , ,.--- V, 5.339 -X , lm L ' ' -'I r V x r . K .... W - . . p QL , VeA x I, gb L e L Z . "Mr. Calcote, what happened to -the punch 1ine?" Since when is a Civics book so "I run an orderly class. " interesting., Commerce "Let's be quiet, people, " "Can't you add?" Ugh! Ugh! "Pu11, pull, you can do it. " "We finally gave up singing. " gif "Gir1s, every pin lowed in here. must be exactly "Watch the film, girls. You might learn sorne- thing. " Size isn 't everything! Hey boys! No horseplay is al- perpendicular. " "Wou1d you like to be an n ,,, A, W " V ":....... -QS ' is 5' 1 yyyf L get actress? i' , ' uw if V . , my rk.. 2 . g .,'..' H. . Q A ff' 2 yffi 4 'iii i 3 ' n r on ,tirr s nrfi it i r ' ,. ,. - A .- yi --. z - - A 1 x What ' "W'hat? Another broken .-Paul, sorry there are no Playboy Candy machinegu magazines in here. s cooking??? Science "We11, maybe this will do it. " "That's a funny-looking boy. Chemistry has his head spinning. " I wish I could have a class without any "Draw a diagram of the animal kingdom silly little girls. " for next week. " Sit up straight, Larry, " "OKay? OKay!" "Learn these problems for tomorrow, " UAH I ht O 1 'H Only one girl? Lucky Kathy!! rig , pe p e. 5 UA Mf2? i gggx g1i3 f, 1 f' i -L,' marl A. Myra C. J3meS - P3311 o H I Jane iz 52 Cecile B Yo3a Diggs CV Millie P Barbara D AUT1 Susanne C. and George Paula 3. Linda T. Lester V P3653 A . QF'h 5 LTJX Hf Sherry W. Ada M. ,lk45'1i "E. ig' Char1ene H. Linda S. my Fred B. ,V M 1 i,1I'i'E5fI'5'n Hs . g ' "Ab is g , ,. I is .N A . ,gn Y i f , , K 1 Q .iii if f f .. V ,Qmf . V5 5 N 'V ' A' LLL 2 ' Dgbra R, 'h' ' E1iZ5E6th H. M - J A A Teenie H. A Lyndcn V. Rinnie Ka and New i Elfifllln. an-+f-. -ff, , . Ed G. ,A MM, 9 3' , y ,. ,f S ,z , '1 QQ Jme C. Y xiii , as . gifs, My L A. 1? t P W sim? ' W ' f 91 WWE? f F W A 1 Absenfees YW? 21 if V" i I . nflfr? 1 ff -- Joel Authement Melinda Biggs Kenny Boudreaux Tracy Caldwell Bert Carpenter Antoine Derouen Marion LeBlanc Jerry Martin Bobby O'Nie11 Brian Poimboeuf Marilyn Stanzel Sammy Vaccarella I 1 x i E 2 -V..-W.. vf,-.,1. .x.--. , b.W' wwf- -. Y-,.wM.n ...V 4 1 5 3 sv b I 1 w 1 .1 w , E 5 E Ai 1 2 in K, mmmmmmwmmmwmmmmqpw-wan-QgmmfiggfmI imnfigwlf , iw, ,,,, . , ,,7 ,,,, ,nn 1-1-1 M :--i:,QQ1,:ai1:-114 PM 'A mag AX , ., K ., .- -- .fw f,ig,,:wz:,,1 -,.a,..f11x--W, ,:::5:ggQj51gfw,:, ' svz:s1.ff'fw fy if--.,.g L7 NEW IBERIA TRACTOR AND IMPLEMENT COMPANY Phone EM-1862 Dealers in Case Farm Tractors and Implements G. E. Appliances Magnavox Television Central Air Conditioning PATIN'S TIRE AND APPLIANCES Hwy. 90 West Franklin, Louisiana Headquarters for Goodyear Tires and I Philco T. V. and Stereo "Where Service Is Our Business" ,,.. GUDDEYEAII .. it , fl 2afagZ T? , X3 l4 7" . Ka, f .,,,. W Compliments of O.S.T. SERVICE STATION l M. C. "BUSTER" ROSE 5 - , "We never Close" 507 W. Main Franklin, Louisiana MYER'S SHOE STORE Main Street Franklin, Louisiana s mzems' Rn Goos: Saou it Compliments of OUBRE FURNITURE AND FLOOR New Iberia, Louisiana OO Anderson Street BUD'S BIG STORE Congratulations Open 7 days a week, 7-0 APRILL'S PHARMACY "Service for the Sick" 313 Willow Street Franklin, La. if if Q F' COMPLIMENTS or fr, 5 S G A xg X lx Q A SQ I WFIRSZLNATIONAL BW S 5 git -x Q Rig ISJQ G, i of W Q in bfmilx I - f- J f iw amz itwxi Ygu P6 m0ney fi 1 of Ahead! 5 5 3 i Nw iv g 3 1 Ydf F T Q 3 X n -- 'S Q 'WS f JO r lg.. X Ni E 5 Z 8 I 3 234 A11 if J 10 ig, 5--x ,D Nj- Jeanerette? -a. ." Q5 5 'J by FT S1 'L ali' . -if EJ lex flux P' , ., E7 E, Rooeks TV s. APPLIANCES Compliments of R CA Victor R CA Whirlpool 506 Willow Street Franklin, Louisiana LARROQUE PHARMACY Prescription Service Dial CR 6-5001 Jeanerette, La. THE A. MORESI CO. Successors to Estate of A. Moresi Established in 1852. Machinery and Mill Supplies Agents--.Tobbers and Contractors Jeanerette, La. Compliments of DON'S MUSIC MART DONALD LA' GRANGE Complete line of musical instruments and records 300 Willow Street Franklin, Louisiana 1 M ' I L. C. CLEMENT, JR. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR AL'S QUICK SHOP Main Street Baldwin, Louisiana Rt. 1 Box 193 Food - Hot Dogs - Vegetables Jeanerette, La. Dial 276-5557 Free Estimates Open 6 - 10 7 days a week Congratulations Clas s of '66 FRANKLIN READY MIXED CONCRETE Mechanic Street Franklin, Louisiana Compliments of FOURNET'S PHARMACY Elizabeth Arden Russell Stover Max Factor Prince Gardner Dana Cosmetics Hallmark Hospital Avenue Franklin, Louisiana HIMEL MOTOR SUPPLY St. Marv, Inc. MONCLA LUMBER 81 BUILDERS SERVICE ry r 11 C li L T to ' -ra , bf-xml" , - - A P K vo C506 , T l it Q 0, T . . X UM N ools - Paint - Supplies YC n "" -QQ 'k a i F ' 4' , 'U 607 Teche Drive s 'G ' N ' 'an-. Phone 828-5630 Baldwin, La. Compliments Best of Luck of LEONARD'S HARDWARE P. O. Box 336 Baldwin, Louisiana to the Seniors of '66 BREAUX'S GROCERY Baldwin, Louisiana Congratulations to the 1966 Senior Class INN TOWN MOTEL Franklin, Louisiana Congratulations, Sr. '66 WHITE AUTO STORE 1104 Main Franklin, Louisiana C g t l tions t the Seniors of '66 KING KONE QUICK SNACK Hwy. 90 West Franklin, La. I Compliments of Best Wishes for the Class of '66 EDDIE KERN .IEANERETTE ELECTRIC SENE'I'TE'S GROCERY CO. 1319 E. Main Hwy. 90 E, .T nerette, La. Centerville, L NORWOOD CHEVROLET Congratulations, Seniors McKERALL OIL ,,COfMPANY 3 .,z affix? FV 1. gi A Q X Rqma 5 X X 2 4 ,421 St . Sb :X 04 Ax fr. 0 Wiz, . sky. Z 1 i'Si KW .X G 1 Distributors of Shell and Royal Products rl ' , ffm' -.owuu eva-at f Y I Q dAfe!q1,4,2,:.o..,bAf,o.,! Our Very Best to the Class of 1966 SILVERMAN'S 618 Main Street Phone 828-3665 Congratulations , Senior s FRANKLIN FLOWER SHOP AND MARTIN'S CLEANERS M cleaning Franklin, Louisiana QQ ? 1 V Congratulations Seniors of '66 ST. MARY PHARMACY R. L. LANDRY, R. PH. Graduate - 1950 713 Main Street Franklin, Louisiana Compliments of SHINE 8. BETT'S BAKERETTE AND 1 AUTO LEC xii L iv RICHARD'S VARIETY STORE 701 Main Street Franklin, La. J 8. L ENGINEERING COMPANY Allis-Chalmers and Cane Masters Equipment - Parts and Service Jeanerette, Louisiana - USA SINCLAIR AND PAUL S. THIBEAUX "Drive with care and buy Sinclair" l Every Dollar Spent at RICI-IARD'S Box 206 - Jeanerette, Louisiana Buys More -:so 4' Q? UOOI FOOD bf b , fl. HAYDEL S CLEANERS YELLOW BOWL 6,52 J f X TONY BOBERTS 4 4 pg'IfPj:m' X Franklin, Louisiana Hwy. 90 Compliments of WEILL'S DEPARTMENT STORE Jeanerette, Louisiana We're "TOPS" in Dry Cleaning Mcleming Compliments of Fiijfiilagin vw Cijfliiitfziiffrif ACHEE'S GENERAL MERCHANDISE 2 E S4056 ELDA'S BEAUTY Baldwin, Louisiana Phone 92.3-4253 1401 Thomasi l5:cLCEZmPliments of f A , ,. XM WEE Agvokklg BROS. INC. ,fwwffffllv 501 WV "ul C? dcyxiergrlglhing to Build Anything lien ffww WWI! Zi WL? " U M., M WM yi Y flfiiilli fimi WJ We JQZQL ' Ckl?L ',,f"" .I 'l,f" 1, lux ij if il C. f L' 'Xi X 1 l XX 1 U Cin? i in oo gfffkii, 1 eiiacgb GEXLZPIZJJSN-fffj fliocociihgl 6 76' 'A QL . aneling A MAL' 7,4 . Paint Q f,I- V16 cbd' M 41 I ' 4 J cone! ' i ' -f M," wi ww ' A X igfzfff gzfw ,nf 257512. gd, lj! Best Wishes for the W6 1 ,Wl,g,,2,jX7aw1Lf Class of '66 JM WL 61711141 MRS. JULIEN LANDR5Q.e14MZfmE44fy5,,wL:- ZZFRERE DRUG co Rt. 2 BOX 317B ff MMU- ff Lchfwjf fliwl-614 , L C 1-6 - Jeanerette, Louisiana! Franklin, ' Manly, WM JIM' 731 Main St. Louisiana Congratulations Congratulations, Seniors Seniors I a RED BARN CHEMICALS, INC. 1tALLEMA,N2s GROCERY I F .Y V gg, A complete line of M1320 ,Webef Street FERTILIZERS AND CHEMICALS X' .Teanerette and Baldwin 'ff'-A .K Louisiana A Franklin, wlnouisiana J B Q K Pi Cong-plirnents gf 3 Fof 'DAVID H. STIEL,-JR., AGENT you, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, lfuumue MGEIIT -,, K 'QIIVII YOU glll' General Insurance and ' 'F Real Estate I J Franklin, Louisiana Q .fir f . '-" - The Bank With Time for You I, ,X Complete Banking Facilities ' o ig? - 35,0 l E X KWSUQ4 5289 QD, it :PSX 'Q' 5- -no 5 115255: 2 1 T 5 IE? S Q! Depoiner Q1 Y 9 9 Q Aff-M859 COMMERCIAL BANK AND TRUST C0. E. H. PETERMAN Cashier President - of Compliments BORNE'S SERVICE STATION Compliments HOY'S PONTIAC-BUICK, INC Franklin, Louisiana John Deere Tractors 30 DEERQ ! I I. N QU PM I FRANKLIN STATIONERS Your Headquarters for School Supplies, Portable Typewriters 2.12 Willow Street Franklin, Louisiana Congratulations FRANKUNE TECHLAND FURNITURE INSURANC CCM? ANY AGENCY MICHEL HEBERT, Owner Franklin, Louisiana One of Franklin's Oldest Furniture Stores 300 Willow Street Franklin, Louisiana To the Class of '66 LANDRY'S VARIETY STORE Jeanerette, Louisiana , xwfyw .Qc V X HA X' complete confidence x at alot!!! ZEN Mfwfy-3,5yjfMs2i2 W, jfgjwwiy-Ojylw ABDALLA'S Wars it as always . . . JJ9? Southwest Louisiana's Finest Store '21 ' YJ! . New Iberia f CY JSQ Lafayette lated! I, ' . Opelousas A I Congratulat 0 S SCEl.F0'S SPORTING CENTER Seniors ?W GO D FOOD 102 Willow Street Phone 828-3776 W' Vins, E Y?Q'+! !7 FOREST MOTEL AND RESTAURANT Highway 90, West Franklin, Louisia a Phone 828-1810 Evinrude Motors Sales and Service A thletic Equipment- - Sporting Goods Bicycles Compliments of WORMSER'S' of J a tt Congratulatlons Class of '66 BLEylNS MCTOR SUPPLY mfllzzmn A ,ff 77 A iq- - T A : wwvw 400 Q5 T T 0L6'16L.J'LZMiMi' XM Eh fs S Q AA f Av S Q w R ,T daring!! X iiwf 0 f 0 QE x 'Ti fl kg nf HX S K 'T J Qi THE ST. MARY BA A K AND TRUST COMPANY Courteous Confidentlal SCIVICS Franklln Lou1s1ana ff-T-T A W. MCKERALL o NIELL Presldent A RANDOLPH LeBLANC V166 Presldent I ' I . 1 EDMUND A. NAQUIN, Cashler V ' SNXXNSUP4 an . Q ,T X 1 X A-f-f"',.,-"'f-,-'If QQ 4, , Q ., .N ff A . - Q Muxxmum ' 5 j 3 510,00 f-'ff' ,,, Insur t . E For E, ' 5 v". ','.j- W, D , nr. Q as B TIBBS FLYING SERVICE, INC. Agricultural Aviation Twin Engine Charter Service HARRY P. WILLIAMS Phone 395-2260 B DE HEBERT Patterson, Louisiana Congratulations ,R A OLD ROBICH-AUX Seniors, MARSHALL ROBICHEAUX ANNUAL STAF ' 0,955 Dial 828 5519 1966 3,99 Franklin, Louisiana JD Elldwx QM lwva 150142 ffm imfwvtlha DMN 0 of ll? fffffffiyhiyl Congratulations Seniors of 1 966 ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,sums Esso SERVICENTER ZHPVIVW7-W!nf7yn?Qwz, HN? ffygfg, WW IWW? Ma fhmg 7014 Wfff muff? Emma, Lpfpfdauaj 6 , Q, I I I A Mff, Wlwadw f f ,lf wal fimw K5 612 Qvtfg,?i'lf1f1v7 . I buy fy Zmcgififdf fp ad' fu g I U.n,f,f1?., We fl' Dfw. ffm wwf Esso I , , f num: lr fl , I, X L KJ' ' 821 Main Street af V if' i LK X I Franklin, Louisiana ii I X 1 N X g X : 1 I U Q s- Fa- P '?2QF.,,! 4 :0 il' al 2 N' C f 0 . 9 fi -M355lllllllllllllmllllwbllllllmlllwlllllll ' Z' 4 gf E the ,.:c"f:fFifcrc fries 1, fl 1 graduating -gr i """'W!!lllllllll C I r llllllllbvllllllllliwwilwllllllllwllllllllllwl ' T BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMEANY K DRINK 5 I . 1 if CZQWZZ 2' x4 -.L .5 W ,,., ,i Xb X xxx 1411 I 111 Xxx' DMlllllllllliiiibivllbllllllblblbivlbllWDW? GRAFFEO'S PASTRY SHOP Special Occasion Cakesg Cookies - French Bread Open Sunday 'til Noon 513 Third Street Franklin Compliments of WESTON AUTO Franklin Louisiana The '66 Hornet Annual Staff Wishes to Express a Very Big "THANK YOU" to Mrs. Viator fo Making This Annual Possible. Compliments of EAST END SHELL STATION 78 Main Street Franklin, Louisiana - 8 Compliments of FAD'S NEWS STAND and . ROBICHEAUX'S G E ' Congratulations , Seniors POPKINS QUA LITY JEWELERS Autographs Fm Y 'H ,mmf QfZ7Q3ZiZz? W .-ff ,JG GLU Gsgjgfxib 5,05 L , g,,UQ3Q QVLj X A M N V' X Llkfg Cxf' . 2 X Q w N94 X N A W Q, gm .QJ,wao,M b,,. Www f NK 350' M FA, M av' xgvkwvylf vw LKRQL CKY X X J K xQ,a,x,w x LKAXQX gif LC 5 VL 7 L Jw L, L,,x,s,xQ . A Lx Q QX gy. . N JJ ANU V 'Q X 4' 11 X5 ,. 5 L X BX 4 xx, .E I I Q1 1 H,l'V! fwffjpf CHQYD' A 171 M43 V ,X Q, Q I 'il' !,X1M 1 I ,,,' Allaxjqx X4 L ! W nw X755 X1 ! KAN In xxlyyxg, V E713 ,X N VM! ' TwUV'k,' A K 22 ws, A sL, N, M V Q LJ if Q56 T G jf, . f' V!h v fx QA lflrm ,Vi :jf JU YN 'N QP I ii X Nj -4fAf' XX HUM' ,1 XX Q, fyx K X5 1 fd Q.' L if4' 'gif' 'W Q' V! -fi? qi!! 'Q' I Ni, A m4'3f'V - ! fff'7f'! f 71 E N5 xi, Q, ,f .4 , :Un ,ii Q ,ff X, Q,- If f ' - Q Q QV .Q lgx R gf! 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Suggestions in the Franklin High School - Hornet Yearbook (Franklin, LA) collection:

Franklin High School - Hornet Yearbook (Franklin, LA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Franklin High School - Hornet Yearbook (Franklin, LA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 23

1966, pg 23

Franklin High School - Hornet Yearbook (Franklin, LA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 115

1966, pg 115

Franklin High School - Hornet Yearbook (Franklin, LA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 57

1966, pg 57

Franklin High School - Hornet Yearbook (Franklin, LA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 62

1966, pg 62

Franklin High School - Hornet Yearbook (Franklin, LA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 80

1966, pg 80

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