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e like it here ...... in this great country of ours, with its maiestic mountains, its vast farmlands, its teeming cities. We like the freedom, faith, and oppor- tunity it ofters all who live under its Flag. 4 1 X Q X N , x it xt YN y , Mgr- I 4. I, N e J ii NN- 5 7 QPU V -1 1, , tt- Qt W 'P 'I Q ! E S xxx. S X 4 . N. U... 4. ,I Y, .xqx K, wr kwa , "s ,v W' -v .1 .Aw Jr P X 4 C . 5 3 'Na ww VV' .qw THE FRANKLINITE I957 FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL OTTER STREET FRANKLIN PENNSYLVANIA We study We play We like It here F je , if ' .S We live We graduate 5 We came from a carefree summer . ' 'ffffk' e npr fav Q Logs, legs, and more Iegsl Oh, for a five minute break! And away we go! Whistler's Father! Gulp! of fun and frolic, Q px 34. W M5 K QW -ff? ' ' iii. , K P: , if 2.1 "' Si' is , My Q K QM is. W' Q 51 4 . 2 ir" ' X L -1 Q , M-Fsfffzwxgfl , Q s Jus, logging ! H Here's one that didn't get away Genius? S109 Pvf'Y??? Which end is up? W I f A. begin a school yea COOKING SENIOR PLAY X 6' aswfff - f.i: .ff-, 4 .,-gn K M v SHOP Y mf work and play TYPING Ei CHEM LAB HALF-TIME With the realization Wwmqmwem, Am slim N we-fe., Franklin High School has, for many years, desired a foreign exchange student. Last year the Student Council sponsored a candy sale in hopes of obtaining enough money to sponsor a student. Fortunately, our candy sale was very successful. On August 26, 1956, the dream of F.H.S. students came true. Our French student, Miss Francoise Dehermann-Roy, arrived in Franklin to make her home with Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Hough. Francoise, taking a regular senior schedule, showed great ability in her work. Besides making many speeches in the home rooms and at our Franklin service clubs, she was an honorary member of the Student Council and taught French classes after school. 'IO W l qfD,,E f fa A B L1 M... A of a dream come true 'Mc " Candy Sale: B. Marshall, J, Lhristy, J. Stalker, D. Fetridge, M. Bark, D. Baker. N Woitowicz, A. Whitman, P. Beals, T. Mc- S1 Q -as x ,A ,Q FACQLTY 1 v To the Class of 1957: Graduation - let not this event finish your training toward your goals in Life. l hope your training here will be reflected in your life as useful and upright citizens. May you retain as personal treasures pleas- ant memories of your school days here. l wish you God speed and hope you will accomplish worthwhile things in the years that lie ahead. Harry F. Newell Principal The iet pilot must have some experience when he breaks through the sonic barrier. Everyone sometime must pass through a critical period as he moves from one en- vironment to anotherp from a lower position to a higher one, or as he takes on new responsibilities. Graduation from high school means that you have acquired a foundation of knowl- edge and certain skills and abilities. Now you must make the choice as to your ap- proach to life. Will you be a giver or a taker? Will you learn to serve yourself? Your answers are important to your own future happiness and to the strength and progress of the world about you. lt is my personal wish that each graduate of the class of 1957 will receive his or her own personal happiness through helping to build a better community, a better nation, and a better world. John R. Haubert Superintendent Q 5 S . , 4 . Q . Board of Education t a ' L i S. 5 E 5 S i z . e si , t F l l t A fi . 3 '53 U 5 f s 2 5 i Q 5 5 A . Q r . J ROW 1: Mr. R. H. Rogers, Sandy Creek Township, Mr. J. Herbert Cramer, Franklin, Mrs. Dorothy Marshall, Utica, Mr. Ellis Smith, Canal Township, Mr. Clarence E. Allen, Franklin, Dr. John Chatham, Polk, Miss Lula Dunn, Utica, Mr. Glenn Graham, Franklin, Mr. Forest lrwin, School Solicitor, Mr. A. E. Walz, Franklin. ROW 2: Dr. John Bailey, Franklin, Mr. Clair Beatty, Canal Township, Mr. John Ritchey, Jr., Sandy Creek Township, Mr. John Morrison, Sandy Creek Township, Mr. Earl Woods, Canal Township, Mrs. Helen Boughner, French Creek Township, Mr. Ned Shawkey, Polk, Mr. A. R. McCune, Utica, Mr. Ralph Runninger, French Creek Township, Dr. John R. Haubert, Superintendent. ROW 3: Mr. John Stake, Mineral Township, Mr. A. J. Krizon, Mineral Township, Mr. Edgar Guilinger, Mineral Township, Mr. Clark Wolfkiel, Franklin, Mr. H. R. Persons, Franklin, Mr. Oscar Smith, Canal Township, Mr. Robert Boal, Polk, Mr. Herbert Bennett, Canal Township, Mr. David Broms, French Creek Township, Mr. Fred Linn, Utica. GRADE 9 Row l: D. Richardson, M. Soisson, B. Shouey, S. Smith, D. Rummel, G. Say, B. Stroup, P. Thomas, J. Shull, K. Scurry. Row 2: B. Rice, S. Snyder, B. Smeal, B. Shaffer, S. Rhodes, M. Kelley, N. Shaw, S. States, L. Richey. Row 3: K. Sherene, J. Roushey, B. Satterwhite, J. Sipe, D. Robertson, K. Hough, S. Sayers, M. Shorts, T. Saddoris, E. Smith, C. Richey, J. Whitehill. T5 Jane G. Allen A.B., Allegheny College Eleanor Bunnell A.B., Thiel College M.A., Western Reserve University Grace S. Bu rns B.S., Indiana State Teachers College . I 5- , . ' .' N 4' S I S E Ida C. Cardamone 8.5. in Business Education Villa Maria College Lawrence l.. Confer B.S., Clarion State Teachers College Elizabeth W. Davis A.B., Allegheny College M.A., Penn State University wi' Joseph Edwards B.S., California State Teachers College Robert Flath B.S., Clarion State Teachers College M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh Elfreda Graham A.B., Grove City College M.A., Columbia University Allene H. Masterson A.B., Geneva College Litt.M., University of Pittsburgh Grace McClimans A.B., University of Wisconsin M.A., Stanford University Robert G. McElhattan B.S., Clarion State Teachers College AS 'Qan- Robert Mohney B.S., Clarion State Teachers College Penn State University Clinton M. Perrine B.S., Grove City College M.S., University of Pittsburgh Harold E. Pixley A.B., Oberlin Conservatory of Music Lois B. Jenkins B.S., Indiana State Teachers College Gertrude M. Kendall A.B., Beaver College M.A., University of Pennsylvania Martha King A.M., Grove City College Margaret R. McNeil B.S., University of Pittsburgh Indiana State Teachers College Mary P. McQuaid Litt.B., Grove City College Donald Miller Edinboro State Teachers College B.A. in Art Education John Primosic B.S., California State Teachers College Elsa M. Rinkenberger B.S., Beaver College Mariorie Runninger B.S., Ohio University M.S., Penn State University Leah K. Sawyer B.S., Mansfield State Teachers College M.M., University of Michigan Kathryn C. Steffee B.S. in Art Education Edinboro State Teachers College Wyona Swift A.B., M.A., Allegheny College John Uram B.S., Salem College Penn State University Richard Vidunas B.S., Clarion State Teachers College Howard Waite B.B.A., Westminister College i Q52 - -t My 'fr ,S J i Q V ' fm A ' 4 ' ttf, G K X W ""t ' I L 1-I..gff1y, X- ,,:"f' 3.if'f.'j. , ,.-F'-ng! 3,'::::.",f riff,-r ,L 1 ff ,,-, ftf,:,-Q, tl,-'f,!.13 ' ff. ' 'F 'ff 593' , 3,1 ,jg-iff W 1,15 ,ff ," yt- 'X '.',',." 1,1 711. fi-'tiff ..,-J4.'.,, ,,- , ,'.', ,,., tg " . ,X ,A , Virginia Wright A.B., Allegheny College M.A., University of Michigan Wuaneta Girt, R,N. Joan Ungren, R.N. Joan G. Langhart Pennsylvania State University B.S. in Physical Education Ruth Shorts B.A., Allegheny College M.A., University of Wisconsin E. W. Treadwell A.B., Bucknell University Kathryn B. Troxell B.S., University of Maryland Robert Ungren B.S., Grove City College tn-hd Leroy Wise B.S., Shippensburg State Teachers College M.Ed., Penn State University Bernice A. Wolfe l.itt.B., Grove City College Kenneth Wolfe B.S., Grove City College 'Wfx l 'Sr Shirley Sanford-Secretory to Mr Wo z Mr. Wise's Office Girls: C. Beach, M. Morris, J. Zorzeczny, J. Robson, M. McKinley, B. Rossiter. I Joyce Dykins-Secretary to Dr Hauberi Mrs. H. Beatty Mrs. M. Hunsburger Mr. R. Foster Mr. K. M. Johnston Mr. K. Neeley Miss M. Reib Mr. H. Jones SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL AND OFFICERS Row 1: L. Beightol, M. McKinley, 5. Heasley, J. Andre. Row 2: J. Nestos, B. Beach, B. Trotter, S. Wolfe, M. Dow, T. Nicklin, M. Callan As Seniors we leave with regret and with admiration for our school, with warm aftection for the friends we have made, and with gratitude for the life lessons we have learned. We like it here. GR DLIATE 4.5 2 1 F X ' Q s 5 x Dedication It is to you, Mr. McEihattan, that we, the class of '57, dedicate our yearbook. In working with us on dance com- mittees and our numerous class activities, you have devoted much of your time. The patience, cooperation, and enthusiasm you have given us will long be remembered, so it is with affection and gratitude that we say, "Thank you". 22 The Seniors DARYL J. ADAMS NELLIE IDA ADAMS Broadcast Staft I,2,3,45 Courtesy Club 35 Senior F.H.A. 25 Safe Driv- ing Club 35 Library Club 1,25 Junior Stationery Comm. 35 Candy Sales- man 35 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 F.T.A. 45 Sr. Play 45 Publicity, Sr. Play 4. CAROL LEE ANDERSON Junior Mixed Choir I5 Broadcast Staff 4. of I957, DORIS ROSE ADAMS Junior Stationery Comm. 35 Driving Club 35 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Junior Mixed Choir l. JON E. ALLEBACH Jr. Red Cross I5 Sr. Band i5 Maior- ette 2,3,45 Musical Broadcast 25 Latin Club 1,25 Courtesy Club 25 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Student Council Sec. 45 Franklinite Staff 3. JOYCE ANNE ANDRE Class Officer, Pres. 45 Class Officer, Vice Pres. 25 Franklinite Staff 3,45 Cheerleading 'l,2,3,45 A Cappella 2, 3,45 Student Council I,2,35 Honor Society, Sec. 3,45 Homecoming Queen Attendant 2,35 Homecoming Queen 45 Girls' Glee, Accompanist 3,45 Jr. High Student Council, Pres. 'l. J New Yig W 8435654 TREVLYN SUE ARMSTRONG Jr. Mixed Choir I5 Jr. Christmas Dance 35 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Sta- tionery Comm. 35 Cartwheelers 45 Jr. Red Cross I5 Girls' Glee 25 Candy Comm. 3,4. JOHN WILLIAM BAILEY, JR. Sr. Band l,2,3,45 Sr. Band Vice Pres- ident 45 Sr. Orchestra 'l,2,3,45 Swing Band l,2,3,45 Gym Exhibition 35 Honor Society 3,45 Honor Society Vice Pres, 35 Student Council 45 Broadcast Staff 354. ROBERT BAKER TU RZAH BELL ATWELL Girls' Glee 2,3,45 Latin Club 3, Driving Club 35 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Junior Mixed Choir 3. DORIS A. BAKER Jr. Red Cross I,25 Jr. Prorn Comm. 35 Christmas Dance Comm. 35 Soph. Dance Comm. 25 Student Council 45 Latin Club, Secretary 25 Stationery Comm. 35 Girls' Glee 2,35 Junior Mixed Choir I5 Pencil Comm. 2. MELVIN RICHARD BAUGHMAN Intramural Sports 2,3,45 Proiector Club 4. at the year's end TWILA MARIE BAUGHMAN Girls' Glee 3,45 Courtesy Club 3,45 Latin Club 25 Junior Mixed Choir I. DANIEL PHILEMON BEAL5 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Student Council I5 French Club I5 Boys' Glee 25 Orchestra 45 Latin Club I5 Broadcast Stat? 4. LOIS MAE BEERS Junior Mixed Choir I5 Driving Club 2. iQ' i f f LEROY LOUIS BEACH Junior Play 35 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Junior Mixed Choir I5 Junior High Basketball I5 Junior Varsity Basket- ball 3,45 Intramural Sports l,2,3,45 Varsity Club 45 Student Council I5 Senior Class Council 4. MEREDITH ANN BEATTY Junior Mixed Choir I5 Senior Girls' Glee 2,3,45 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Candy Comm. 3,4. KAREN L. BEGGS Latin Club I,25 Jr. Mixed Choir I5 Student Council 25 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Girls' Glee 2,3,45 French Club 45 Senior Play 45 Intramural Sports I5 Jr. Dance Comm. 35 Christmas Card Comm. 4. www 'grow' 'L ff 355' 1? LZ I 'C' it WILLIAM LAUREN BEIGHTOL Class OHicer, Treasurer 2,3,45 Stu- dent Council I5 Junior Play 35 Jr. High BasketbalI5 Junior Varsity Bas- ketball 2,35 Varsity Basketball 45 Junior High Football I5 Track 35 Intramural Sports 2,3,45 Senior Play 4. JUDITH ANN BLAIR Jr. Prom Comrn. 35 Candy Comm. 3. FREDERICK W. BROCKMANN Franklinite Photographer 3,45 Latin Club 25 Intramural Sports 3,45 Hon- or Society 3,4. 24 LEON BILLINGSLEY Junior Mixed Choir I5 A Cappella 2,3,45 Boys' Glee 2,3,45 Varsity Football 2,3,45 Intramural Sports I, 2,3,45 Hunting Safety Club 3. LAWRENCE E. BOTTS SARAH JANE BROWN Junior Red Cross 3,45 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Jr. Dance Comm. 35 Girls' Glee 2,3,45 A Cappella 45 Pencil Comm. 25 Stationery Comm. 35 Candy Comm. 3,45 Sophomore Dance Comm. 25 Junior Mixed Choir I. n v I I 9 1 E 1 4 i J F at ll ll fi' CLYDE ELLSWORTH CASE .Xa L 1. X Jr. High Footlwall lg Jr, High Bas ki-tball lp Jr Varsity Basketball 2, Varsity Baslwtlmll -15 Track -15 Jr, Play 135 Jr. Mix:-cl Cliolr l. .IQHN M. CHRISTY Vni--,ity Ti-iotlnill l,2,3,-15 Track T2 3,-l, VVri-stl-:ici 2.3 -15 Student Couna til fl-15 Siiiiimi Play 45 Jr. Prom Ccinin Qlg Hasltiitlmll 3. JAMES RICHARD COLLINS lttliii-I llirili liwrtilnill If vw-'it' llii-.Litlnill 13, Junior Hunting fliilv 17, ll"timiiii.1l bimrts l2'315 .liiiiiixr M--i-il chair' l, Q Carry EIWBY many RAYMOND JAMES BROWN Franklinite Staff 3,4, Photographer 45 Varsity Football 4. GARNET LOUISE BURCHFIELD Library Club l,2,35 Girls' Glee 2,45 Christmas Dance Comm. 35 Courtesy Club 35 Candy Comm. 3. MARIA ANN CALLAN Class Officer, Vice Pres. 35 Honor Society 3,4, Treasurer 45 Jr. Prom Comm., Gen. Chairman 35 Franklin' ite Stat? 3,45 A Cappella 3,45 Senior Council 45 Christmas Card Comm., Chairman 45 Student Council 2,35 French Club Pres. 45 Courtesy Club NW ROSALIE JEAN CAUVEL Girls' Glee 2,3,45 Jr. Mixed Choir lg Courtesy Club 35 Stationery Comm. 35 Driving Club 25 Broad- cast Staft lg Sophomore Dance Comm. 2. ANNA RITA COLELLA Pencil Comm. 25 Jr. Red Cross 25 Jr. Play, Prompter 35 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Candy Comm, 35 Girls' Glee 2,35 Mixed Choir 25 Safe Driving Club 3,4. RUTH .IOANNE CROYLE Orchestra 2,3,4. 25 25 Girls' Glee 2,35 Cartwheelers 3,4. C. ARON BURCHFIELD Intramural Sports T,2,3,45 Safe Driv- ing 35 Sophomore Dance Comm. 25 Jr. Dance Comm. 35 Junior Prom Comm. 35 Junior High Basketball T5 Junior High Football 'l. Hunting Club 25 Intramural Sports 3,45 Safe Driving Club 3. WILLIAM LEE BURKHARDT Junior High Football T5 Junior High Basketball Manager T5 Intramural Sports T,2,3,45 Track 3,45 Junior Varsity Basketball 3,4. JAMES T. CARR Latin Club 25 Football 3,45 Junior Mixed Choir T5 Sophomore Dance Comm. 25 Jr. Christmas Dance Comm. 35 Candy Comm. 35 Intra- murals T,2,3. it it W .. qi Li 4 i 40:5 i If ., ,I ll pleasant memories MARCELLA ANNE DALMASO Jr. Red Cross l5 Student Council 45 French Club 3,45 Latin Club l,25 Girls' Glee 3,45 Cartwheelers 35 Jr. Mixed Chorus I. FRANCOISE A. DEHERMANN-ROY French Club 45 Girls' Glee, Presi- dent 45 Senior Play 4. JAMES G. DICK Honor Society 3,45 Track l,4. JANET LOUISE DANIELS Latin Club 25 Library Club l,25 Junior Mixed Chorus ly Girls' Glee 2,3,4. JOHN ELMER DELO X3 Band 2,35 Boys' Glee 35 Franklinite .. .aa , Ka 'S' Staff 3,45 Stage Crew 2,3,45 Safe Driving Club 25 A Cappella 2,4. DANA L. DITZENBERGER Jr. Hug h Choir lf Girls' Glee 'I5 F.H.A. l,25 Broadcast Staff l. . . i .J g ., t v Z T! . 9 . 1- . .1 1 i :Ez 4 .fr . """v'i ' ' 'if . ,. t 1 'U 1.3.5, N 'QP' 4 mf' W A DANA WILSON DODD Football 3,45 Wrestling 4. DONALD LEON DOUTT Intramural Sports l5 Safe Driving 3. MARY ELIZABETH DOW Jr. Red Cross l,3,45 Musical Broad- cast 2,35 A Cappella 3,45 Girls' Glee .2,3,45 Class Officer, Secretary 2,35 Courtesy Club I5 Latin Club 1,25 Flag Twirler 45 Franklinite Stat? 3,45 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Christmas Dance Comm. 35 Senior Play 45 Junior Play 45 Gym Exhibition 3. brig! TODD E. DOUGLAS Football I5 Library Club l,25 Wood Shop Club 25 Stage Crew l,2. CELIA KATHERINE DOVERSPIKE F.H.A., President 3,45 Girls' Glee 3,45 Literary Club 45 Driving Club 25 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Candy Comm. 4. NANCY MAE DOYLE Junior Mixed Choir lg Girls' Glee 2,35 Library Club 2,3,45 Safe Driving Club 3. VIRGINIA I. GREGGS Girls' Glee 2,45 Jr. Red Cross lj Jr. Mixed Choir l. MARY JANE HAGGERTY Sr. Band l,2,3,45 Orchestra 45 Girls' Glee 2,3,45 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Student Council 35 Safe Driving Club 35 Debate Club I5 French Club l5 Swing Band 45 Junior Mixed Choir I. PATRICIA LEE HANNA Transferred from Cochranton. of our favorite classes, SHIRLEY ANN FELLNER F.H.A. 45 Library Club 35 Safe Driv- ing Club 45 Jr. Prom Comm. 3. JANE WILLOVENE FRAILEY Courtesy Club 3,45 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Junior Mixed Choir l, BARBARA JEAN GADSBY Broadcast Staff 45 Girls' Glee 45 Emlenton High School I,2,3. N--K. MARTHA JANE GRIFFEN Girls' Glee 25 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Girls' Basketball 35 Driving Club 4. DOROTHY HAMILTON Safe Driving Club 4. MICHAEL G. HARRIS A Cappella 2,3,45 Boys' Glee, Pres 45 Boys' Glee 2,3,45 Madrigal 3,4 District Chorus 3,47 57510 Chorus 4: Intramural Sports l,2: Football l Latin Club 25 Junior Mixed Choir l 27 ROBERT J. FINCH Varsity Football 2,3,45 A Cappella 3,45 Boys' Glee 2,3,45 Safe Driving 2. FRANCIS WILLIAM FRY, JR. Football Manager 2,3,45 Basketball Manager 35 Wrestling Manager 25 Track Manager 1,25 Varsity Club l,25 Broadcast Staff, Sports Editor 3,45 Junior Play 35 Debate Club I5 Driving Club 35 Jr. Prom Comm. 3. PHYLLIS GRAHAM Senior Band Maiorette I,2,3,45 Girls' Glee 2,3,45 Jr. Pronft Comm. 3. wr 'QV if is.: VFW' lb' Qf"""Y school activities, DIANNA DARLENE HARTMAN Courtesy Club, Sec. 35 Student Council lp Girls' Glee 35 A Cappella 2,3,45 Madrigal 2,3,45 Maiorette 45 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Gym Exhibition l,25 Broadcast 2,3. JOHN G. HENRY Proiector Club 2,45 Jr. Play 35 Franklinite Stal? 3,45 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Boys' Glee 25 Honor So- ciety 3,45 Senior Play 4. EUGENE ALOYSIUS HOOK Junior Mixed Choir lg Driving Club 25 Sophomore Dance Comm. 25 Christmas Dance Comm. 35 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Candy Comm. 3,4, ity, 'T-'S SUSAN ELIZABETH HEASLEY Student Council l,2,35 Sr. Play 45 Franklinite Staff 3,45 A Cappella, Accompanist 3,45 Swing Band 3,45 Orchestra 3,45 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Honor Society 3,45 Girls' Glee 35 Class Vice Pres. 45 Musical Broada cast 3,45 Sophomore Dance Comm. 25 Latin Club 2. RICHARD KENNETH HENSON Football l,25 Basketball l,2,35 Sr. Band l,2,35 Orchestra I5 Swing Band l. JAMES ARTHUR JONES Franklinite Staff 3,45 Band l,2,3,45 A Cappella 2,35 Boys' Glee 35 Or- chestra 2,3,45 Sr. French Club 3,45 Jr. Prom Comm, 35 Junior Play 35 ll' Jud' Senior Play 4. W Sith'-e I if 'X J. 5? ii , QA' j ltr as it .e W -Q uw gow l 1 as -nv at - 4 , PATRICIA LOUISE KELLEY Basketball 'l,2,35 Driving Club 35 Library Club l,2,35 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Girls' Glee 35 Senior Play 4. JACK l. KLINE Grove City High School l,2,3. JOAN A. KOZELLA Candy Comm. 25 Mixed Choir I5 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Driving Club 35 Junior Dance Comm. 3. 28 WI qv'-'Y RAYMOND C. KINNEAR Stage Crew 25 Driving Club 35 Pro- jector Club 2,3,45 Franklinite Staft 3,45 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Junior Mixed Choir I. JO ANN KNOOIHUIZEN Junior Mixed Choir I5 Student Council Treasurer 25 Cheerleading l,2,45 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Gym Ex- hibition l,2,3,45 Driving Club 35 Musical Broadcast l,3. JAMES LEROY KRIZON Transferred from Benton Harbor, .Q 5 'V-3' fi s lk I I SAI. . W I Q" N . s.I.A'r.lil Lis ,. Zigi. E 1 Ae RODGER GENE LORE Junior High Band I5 Senior Band EVELYN MARIE LYNN Driving Club Sec. 25 Student Coun- cil 45 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Stationery Comm. 35 Library Club 4. EDWARD MICHAEL MALONEY Latin Club l,25 Sr. Band 35 Sr. Orchestra 35 Musical Broadcast 3,45 Junior Play 35 French Club Sec. 45 Jr. Prom Comm. 3. ww Junior Senior Prom, GEORGE THOMAS KRUGER Franklinite Staff 3,45 A Cappella 2,3,45 Boys' Glee 2,3,45 Honor So- ciety 3,45 Junior Play 35 Latin Club I5 French Club I. PATRICIA ANN LESCO Jr. Red Cross 2,35 Jr. Mixed Choir I5 Student Council 25 Sophomore Dance Comm. 25 Junior Dance Comm. 35 Junior Play 35 Courtesy Club 2,3,45 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Franklinite Staff 3,45 Musical Broad- cast 25 Latin Club 25 Safe Driving Club 3. JUDITH JOSEPHINE LIFFICK 'ii Michigan. E?" EUGENE LUPPINO Junior Mixed Choir 1,25 Football Manager 45 Wrestling 45 Safe Driv' ing 25 Debate Club l. ANDREW B. MAITLAND Sr. Band l,2,3,45 Sr. Band Pres. 45 Sr. Orchestra 3,45 Musical Broadcast 3,45 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Jr. Christ- mas Dance Comm. 3. CHARLES KENNETH MARTIN 29 THEODORE JOSEPH KUBIAK Driving Club 35 Varsity Club 45 Wrestling 3,45 Football 3,45 Track 35 Sr. Play 4. JACQUELINE MARIA LESTER Junior Mixed Choir I5 Girls' Glee 2,3,45 A Cappella 3,45 Student Coun- cil 2,3,45 Junior Red Cross 3,45 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Junior Play 35 Sen- ior Play 45 Honor Society 3,45 Pen- cil Comm. 25 Safe Driving Club 45 Stationery Comm. 4. ANNE LINDBERGH Junior Mixed Choir l5 Courtesy Club 45 Girls' Glee l,2,3. F3 .,c.. Baccalaureate, CAROLE LEE MATTERN Cheerleading l,2,45 Broadcast Stat? I5 A Cappella 2,3,45 Girls' Glee 3,45 Gym Exhibition I,-45 Jr. Prom Comm. 3. CHARLES B. MCCULLOUGH Football 45 Basketball 45 Karns City High School l,2,3. JUDITH A. McGlNTY Franklinite Stal? 3,45 A Cappella 2, 3,45 Sr. Girls' Glee 3,45 Jr. Red Cross I5 Jr. Mixed Choir I5 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Driving Club 35 Latin Club 25 Soph. Dance Comm. 2. LINDA MARY McCLINTOCK Courtesy Club 3,45 Jr. Mixed Chor- us I5 F.H.A. l,3,4. THERON R. McDANIEL E. MAXIENE MCKINLEY Class Officer, Secretary 45 Student Council 25 Courtesy Club 25 A Cappella 45 Guidance Oftice, Secre- tary 3,45 Girls' Glee 2,3,45 Jr. Prom Comm. 3. mtv' ,, 4 ttf' luv, 'G'-'-T 4.55 CAROLE ANN MCMILLIN Girls' Basketball 3,45 Gym Exhibi- tion 2,35 Girls' Glee 3,45 Pencil Comm. 35 Jr. Prom Comm. 3. CLIFFORD MINNICK Football l,2,3,45 Prom Comm. 35 Sophomore Dance Comm. 25 Var- sity Club 45 Intramural I,2,3, PATRICIA JOYCE MORRISON Junior Mixed Choir I5 Girls' Glee 25 Library Club 2,3,45 Driving Club 35 Jr. Dance Comm. 35 Candy Comm. 3. 30 1 'fi i 4 CHARLOTTE LOUISE MEMINGER Senior Band 2,3,45 Latin Club 2. MARIE ESTHER MORRIS Library Club I,25 A Cappella 2,3,45 Junior Mixed Choir I5 F.H.A. 1,25 Girls' Glee 3,45 Guidance Office Secretary 45 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Jr. Play, Ticket Comm. 35 Student Council 25 Broadcast 4. DONALD LEE MYERS Junior Mixed Chorus I5 Boys' Glee 25 A Cappella 3,45 Safe Driving Club 3. JERRY G. NESTO5 Student Council l,2,35 Franklinitu Staff 3,45 Junior Play 35 Class Offi- cer, Pres. 2,35 Varsity Football 45 Senior Council 45 Track 3,45 Intra- mural Sports l,2,35 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Christmas Dance Comm. 3. FLOYD LAWRENCE OHI.ER Junior Mixed Choir I. BONNIE ETHEL PAINTER Junior Mixed Choir i5 Red Cross I5 Safe Driving 35 Girls' Glee 35 French Club 35 Dramatics Club I5 Cart- wheelers 3,45 Gym Exhibition 25 F.H.A. Treasurer I5 Stationery Comm. 25 Jr. Christmas Dance Comm. 3. F. EUGENE PATTERSON Senior Band I,2,3,45 Orchestra 2, 3,45 Safe Driving 2. RONALD FRANCIS PINDEL District Chorus 45 Varsity Football l,2,3,45 Honor Society 3,4, Presi- dent 45 Junior Play 35 Student Coun- cil 2,45 Madrigal 3,45 Boys' Glee 2, 3,45 A Cappella 2,3,45 A Cappella Pres. 45 Senior Play 4. SHIRLEY MARIE PLYLER Student Council 35 Broadcast Staff 45 Franklinite Staff 3,45 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Driving Club 35 Junior Plav Prompter 3. -us'-' at SYS .IUDITH LEE PEARCE Madrigal 3,45 A Cappella 2,3,4 District Chorus 35 Courtesy Club 3 Girls' Glee 3. CHERYI. HOPE PIXLEY Franklinite Staff 3,45 Franklinite Editor 45 A Cappella 2,3,45 Girls' Glee 2,3,45 Madrigal 45 Courtesy Club 2,35 Jr. Play 35 District Chorus 45 Honor Society 3,45 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Jr. Red Cross 2,3,45 Mus- ical Broadcast 2,45 Ring Comm. 2. DONNA I.EE RALSTON Library Club I5 F.H.A. 45 Broadcast 25 Girls' Glee 2,3,4. 31 Graduation, THERESA LEONORE NICKLIN Latin Club 25 Girls' Glee 2,3,45 Franklinite 3,45 Jr. Play 35 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Honor Society 3,45 Driv- ing Club 35 Sophomore Dance Comm. 25 Jr. Mixed Chorus I5 Sen- ior Class Council 4. STEPHEN J. OSGOOD Intramural Basketball 1,25 Basket- ball Manager i5 Junior Mixed Choir I. VINCENT B. PASTOR and finall ,entrance into BARBARA JEAN REAGLE Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Broadcast Stat? I5 Junior Mixed Choir I. JOHN KENT RICHARDS BEVERLY JOY ROBSON Girls' Glee 2,3,45 Mixed Chorus I5 Junior Red Cross 3,45 Safe Driving 45 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Jr. High French Club I5 Stationery Comm. 35 Guidance Office 4. EFFIE LOUISE REED Jr, Prom Comm. 35 Candy Comm. 4, MARTHA LEE RICHARDSON Franklinite Buisness Manager 45 Franklinite Staff 35 Student Council 2,35 Jr. Play 35 Sr. Play 45 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Honor Society 3,45 A Cappella 3,45 Girls' Glee 2,35 Dis- trict Chorus 45 Madrigal 3,45 Mus- ical Broadcast l,2,3,45 Swing Band Soloist 2,3,45 Courtesy Club 25 Jr. Christmas Dance 3. NANCY JANE RODGERS Junior Mixed Choir I5 Girls' Glee 35 Junior Red Cross 3,45 Safe Driv- ing Club 35 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Latin Club 25 Stationery Comm. 35 F.T.A. 4. 'ash MARY ELIZABETH ROSSITER unior Red Cross 'l 2 3 4' ir S Glee 234' Music Council Vice Pres. 3' Jr. Prom Comm. 3' Sopho- more Dance Comm. 2- Driving Club 3- Stationery Comm. 3' Guidance Ofiice 4- Honor Society 34' Cart- wheelers 3 4' Senior Play 4. BRIDGET IRENE SCURRY Cheerleading 4' Junior Mixed Choir I5 Girls Glee 25 Courtesy Club 3,45 Pencil Comm. 25 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Stationery Comm, 35 Broadcast Staff 3,4. CHARLES L. SHOUEY Intramural Basketball 3. KATHLEEN DONNA RUBY Senior Band 45 A Cappella 35 Girls' Glee 2,3 4- Junior Mixed Choir I5 Broadcast Staf? 2' French Club 3,45 Latin Club 2' Junior Prom Comm. 3- Honor Society 3,45 Library Club RALPH H. SCHICK Junior Play 3' Senior Play 45 Pub- licity Comm., Senior Play 45 Christ- mas Assemblv 4. WILLIAM L. SHULL Rocky Grove I. JUDITH ANN STALKER Student Council Pres. 45 Student Council Vice Pres, 35 Honor Society 3,45 Maiorette l,2,3,45 A Cappella 3,45 Jr. Play 35 Sr. Play 45 Courtesy Club 25 Girls' Glee 2,35 Latin Club Treasurer 25 Musical Broadcast I5 Jr, Prom Comm. 3. VIRGINIA RAE STEELE Senior Girls' Glee 2,3,45 Safe Driv- ing Club 25 Library Club l,2,-45 Junior Mixed Chorus I. WALTER BRUCE STRIGHT Student Council 35 Safe Driving Club 35 Football I. the world of jobs HELEN LUCILLE SIRES Girls' Glee 35 Library Club I5 Safe Driving Club I5 F.H.A. l. GEORGE SHERMAN SMITH, JR. Latin Club I5 Student Council 35 French Club I5 Junior Prom Comm. 3. FREDERICK DARWIN SNOW Senior French Club lj Basketball l,25 Intramural Sports I,2,3,45 Wrestling 2,3,45 Football l,2,3,45 Track 2,3,4. .gli . Q . JOAN MARIE STARON Sr. Girls' Glee 2,3,45 Jr. Mixed Chorus I5 Safe Driving Club 3. JOSEPH FRANKLIN STEWART Junior Mixed Choir I5 Senior Boys' Glee Vice Pres. 2,3,45 A Cappella 3,45 French Club 1,25 Senior Band Color Guard 45 Madrigal 4. MELBA LOUISE THOMAS F.T,A., Vice President 3,45 Junior Play 35 F.H.A. 35 Safe Driving 3: French Club 3,4. 33 BARBARA ANN SMITH CHARLES THEODORE SNELL Junior High Football I5 Jr. High Basketball I5 Varsity Football l,3,45 Varsity Basketball l,2,3,45 Track I, 2,35 Varsity Club l,2,35 Student Council I5 Intramural Sports 2,35 Gym Exhibition l,2,3. WILLIAM JOHN STAKE W aqui" W!-v -lg? or college with dreams KENNETH HAROLD TIDBALL Football l,3. BARRY L. TROTTER Stage Crew 2,3,45 Franklinite 3,45 Musical Broadcast 2,35 Swing Band 2,35 Orchestra 2,35 Band 2. CATHERINE LOUISE VAN CISE Girls' Glee l,2,3,4, x"1'K3t!u6f'W"' i -fs MARY LOU TIDD French Club 3,45 Girls' Glee 2,3,45 5 A Cappella 3,45 Jr. Red Cross 25 Junior Mixed Choir l. MARY C. VERGIS Cheerleading l,2,35 Maiorette 45 Student Council l,2,3,45 Student Council Secretary 15 Girls' Glee 2, 3,45 Jr. Prom 35 Broadcast Staff 35 Musical Broadcast 35 Homecoming Queen Attendant 35 Courtesy Club 2,3, FLA.-4. JUDSON DEAN VAN HOUTEN Senior Band l,2,3,45 Senior Or- chestra 3,45 Safe Driving Club 35 Musical Broadcast 3,45 Jr. Prom Comm. 3. 4 , 53:5 N li? Ni sl PATRICIA ANNE VOLOSHIN Cooking Club 35 Girls' Basketball 3. NANCY LILLIAN WAREHAM Tri-Hi-Y I5 Senior French Club 45 F.H.A. P 1. D. sauce wmre 34 LeROY WARD Football 3,45 Varsity 45 J.V. Basket- ball l,25 Intramurals 2,3,45 French Club lj J,V. Football 2. LAWANDA JANE WATT Girls' Glee 45 Library Club 4. THOMAS W. WHITE '14-.- 1 mesa 22? IB. Q for WILLIAM WILSON WIBLE Varsity Football 2,3,45 Jr. High Football lp Junior Varsity Football 35 Junior Varsity Basketball 35 Track 3,45 Varsity Basketball 4. SHIRLEY ANNE WOLFE Latin Club 2,35 Jr. Red Cross 3,45 Band Flag Twirler 45 Jr. Play 35 Girls' Glee 2,3,45 A Cappella 45 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Junior Mixed Chorus 'I5 Senior Council 45 Red Cross 3,45 Stationery Comm, Chair- man 35 Sophomore Dance Comm. 25 Senior Play 4. RICHARD L. HARTILELL Intramural Sports l,2,35 Basketball 2. ROBERT H. DENNIS Football 253,45 Varsity Club 2,3,45 Track 2,3,4. TOITIOITOW. RICHARD GLENN WIEGEL Franklinite 2,3,45 Wrestling 4. BETTY ANN WOODFORD Junior Mixed Choir l5 Driving Club 3. QUIRINO DI PASQUALE Sophomore Dance Comm. 25 Christ- mas Dance Cornm. 35 Junior Prom Comm, 35 Ring Comm. 35 Varsity Football 35 Nominating Comm. 2. JOHN T. JEWELI. Football lp Wrestling l,2. vw? ' up Bv".1ff,:.ft . we Row ln T. Nicklin, J. Stalker, J. Lester, C. Pixley. Row 2: J. Jones, S. Wolfe, G. Kruger, M. Richardson, M. Maloney. Row 3: C. Case, J. Christy, J. Nestos, P. Lesco, M. Dow, M. Thomas, J. Henry, R. Pindel, L. Beightol, F. Fry, R. Brown, R. Shick, B. Beach. R, Pindel and M555 Runninger, S. Wolfe, C. Case, J. Jones, G. Kruger, M. Richardson M. Maloney. Junior Play Under the direction of Clinton Perrine, the class of '57 chose as their Junior Play The Robe, a dramatic story of the cloak of Jesus Christ and how it affected the lives of many. John Henry, Martha Richardson, and Ron Pindel portrayed the roles of Marcellus, Dianne, and Demetrious with much feeling and skill. The Junior Class was proud of their play, for The Robe was one of the most outstanding productions ever presented on Franklin High's stage. J - W , , ,, .-m..ssw till . X Xl , sf- Joe Stewart and the iitterbuggers r W Row 'lz R. Pindel, J. Stalker, K. Beggs, R. Wiegel, J. Christy, T. Kubiak, F. Dehermann-Roy, J. Lester, R. Brown. Row 2: S. Heasley, L. Beightol, R. Shick, S. Osgood, J. Stewart, J. Henry, J. Nestos, J. Allebach, M. Richardson, S. Wolfe M. Dow, P. Kelley, N. Adams, B. Gadsby, B. Rossiter, J. Jones. l 1 Tenant house scene. Rick Wiegel Senior Play The class of '57 could really be proud ot their play, "Dino", Because it centered around teenagers and their problems, the cast was able to perform with insight and understanding. John Christy, in the title role, certainly rated praise along with Karen Beggs, who played his friend, Shirley. The production was directed by Clinton Perrine, and the prompters were Sally Brown and Judy Pearce. Q' Junior - Senior Prom ff-.MW May 25 - The Junior Prom! More than three hundred guests were present to see Franklin High's gymnasium changed to an Oriental Garden with colorful streamers, flowers, lanterns, and fans contributing to the atmosphere. The high point of the evening was the crowning of the queen, Bonita Young, by Jerry Nestos, after which the happy but tired dancers went to the Franklin Club for an after-prom party. Handsomest: Andy Maitland Prettiest: Evelyn Lynn 5 Most Popular: Joyce Andre Larry Beightol Most Studious: Cheryl Pixley Fred Brockmann ff E Wittiest Sue Heasley Biggest Flirt: Mary Dow Mike MUl0neY John Christy Best Figure: Phyllis Graham Best Dressed: Judy atalker Best Build: Ted Kubiqc Jerry Nestos Most Athletic: Pat Kelley Shyest: Lawanda Watt Chuck Snell Larry Bong Shortest: Bonnie Painter Tcllesf: Bob Dennis Q A u 1' X "Lv ., 'yu Q 1 , -.. 4 . .. , n'. , A 3 ,Y 2 1 1 Wh' Vins 19 Class History ln 1949, the various elementary schools in Franklin transferred the task of educating a group of youngsters to the secondary school in this town - Franklin High School. That was the initial meeting of a group of people sharing common acquaintances and interests who were to complete their secondary education together. Thus, our class came into being. As customary our first three years were spent in acquainting ourselves with the students, teachers and system of this new school. Then, looking ahead toward the events and activities in which we would participate as seniors, we began to organize in our sophomore year. The following officers were elected to officially take charge of class affairs: President, Jerry Nestosp Vice Pres- ident, Joyce Andre, Secretary, Mary Dow, and Treasurer, Larry Beightol. When Mr. McElhatten was selected to be our class advisor, we then were ready to undertake various sophomore activities. The first project in which we engaged that year was the selling of pencils on which were printed wrestling and basketball schedules. The tastiness of the homemade candy which we sold at the Junior and Senior Plays and the Broadcast was evidenced by the successful sales which prevailed. When we planned our first social affair, the Sophomore dance, our theme, "Dreamer's Holiday", was pronounced delightful and the occasion was de- clared a success. When the passage of months advanced us into our iunior year, our elected officers were: President, Jerry Nestosp Vice-President, Maria Callan, Secretary, Mary Dow, Treasurer, Larry Beightol. Soon we were busily occupied with selling hot dogs, candy, and pop at the football as well as basketball games. Our Christmas Dance, "Rhythm on Ice," was brought off successfully, and we afterwards commenced the selling of mono- grammed stationery. Soon we engaged in preparing and presenting, our Junior Play, "The Robe," under the direction of Mr. Perrine. This was an unusual story for a high school group to enact, and it was agreed by the viewers that we executed it most admirably. Then it was time to begin preparations for the most vast undertaking of our school year - the Junior-Senior Prom. "Oriental Gardens" was selected as the theme, and after weeks of preparation, the much awaited night arrived. The prom was declared both exquisitely planned and carried out, and on this pleasant note our iunior year came to a close. In the fall of 1956 our class vicariously became noted when Francoise Dehermann-Roy, a French exchange stu- dent, arrived to become a member of our senior class for a school year. With the return of students full of enthus- iasm for the new year, the initial undertaking of the seniors was to present the annual Homecoming Dance, over which Joyce Andre reigned as Queen. The senior administration underwent a change and these students - Joyce Andre, Sue Heasley, Maxiene McKinley, and Larry Beightol - were elected respectively President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The first successful event under the new administration was the presentation of the senior play, "Dino," once again under the direction of Mr. Perrine. Following this event we undertook the selling of Christmas Cards, the last proiect in which our class as a whole participated. In the spring of 1957, the Junior Class gave a prom in our honor, we had our senior picnic, and delighted the senior high school with our novel activities and skits on senior day. Our commencement exercises are over, and although we had been looking forward to the day when we would leave Franklin High, it suddenly seems as though we are being catapaulted into a vast and mysti- fying world. But we are not irreplaceable, and already others are eagerly waiting to take our places. Farewell Franklin High School. Proudly and gratefully we salute you! Theresa Nicklin Last Will and Testament We, the class of '57, having finally completed our six years cf Franklin High School, find that leaving is not as enjoyable as we thought it would be. To the class of '58, we leave our good behavior at all times, and our happy memories. To our advisor, Mr. McElhattan, we leave our most sincere gratitude and to our teachers we leave the hope that their patience is not entirely shattered. As individuals we leave the following: Theresa Nicklin leaves "Lizzie's" empty gas tank to her brother, provided that he can fill it. Ted Kubiak leaves to play tackle on the San Quentin Booze Hounds. Francoise Dehermann -Roy leaves to Franklin High School, "son accent, sa sincere gratitude, et ses bons souvenirs." Mike Maloney leaves his French accent to Frank Hugus. Andy Maitland leaves his gold-plated sax to any fool who thinks he can play the darn thing. Chuck McCullough wills Cheryl Snyder to Dick Woitowicz. Fred Snow and Barry Trotter leave to get married. George Kruger and John Richards leave to be mar- riage counselors. Karen Beggs leaves the Jeep to anyone who can drive it skillfully enough to beat Ronnie Pindel's Ford in the noon races. Betsy Rossiter, Marie Morris, and Maxiene McKinley leave all the work they didn't do in Mr. Wise's office to Jayne and Carole. Jim Dick leaves his red face to the Navahos. Jim Collins is leaving to further his education in "Motel Management". Clyde Case and Dick Hartzell are leaving Rocky Grove to anyone who can find a way up and back during the noon hour. Larry Beightol leaves to carry on the family tradition at Bob's Atlantic, "Beetle's Little Gold Mine". Leon Billingsley wills his "mild temper" to Ed Bergen during football season. Mike Harris leaves to take over behind the bar at Sykes. Judy Pearce, "Miss Pizza" of '57 leaves with cheese, tomato sauce, and dough. Pat Kelley leaves her faith in the Democratic Party to Mr. Flath. Joni Allebach and Phyllis Graham leave searching for malicious men. Jay Bailey and Jud Van Houten leave searching for wicked women. To Carl Wible, Patty Voloshin leaves her Elvis Presley hair-do. Eugene Patterson leaves his tootin' talent to Fred Moses. Qurino Di Pasquale leaves his habit of betting on the football team to anyone who can afford it. To Roy Blair, Butch Schick leaves his swivel hips. Wallie Stright leaves Mr. and Mrs. Davis in great ioy. Jerry Nestos leaves Bill White with an open field. Anna - the last of the Colellas' - leaves the school in peace. EFfie Reed, Joanne Croyle, and Catherine VanCise leave their pretty, black hair to Peggy Shoaff. James Krizon and Celia Doverspike leave their shy- ness to Marilyn Canon and Blaine Kuhn. Cliff Minnich leaves to take over the Eighth Street Bar and Grill. Sue Heasley leaves her giddy laugh to Barb Gorr. Rose Cauvel, Dana Ditzenberger, Virginia Steel, and Donna Ralston leave to ioin the Moose. Twila Marsh, Dolly Sires, Mary Lou Tidd, and Kathy Ruby leave to start a convalescent home. To sister Mary Anne, Pat Lesco leaves her good times and best wishes for success. Lois Beers leaves to merge with Marchibroda Inc. Nancy Rodgers, Joy Robson, Twila Baughman, and Turzah Atwell leave their combined height to Larry Cotterman. Evelyn Lynn leaves her title as "prettiest" to Roberta Miller. Charlotte Memminger, Anne Lindberg, and Pat Mor- rison leave without protest. John Henry leaves in a big, bad Buick. Ray Kinnear leaves his hair grease to lubricate the driver's training car. Chuck Shouey and Ken Martin leave their parking space in front of school to Dick McVay. T. R. McDaniel and Eugene Hook leave to start "The Friendly Finance Company". Nancy Doyle, Mary Jane Haggerty, Virginia Steele, Jean Hamilton, and Joan Staron leave wishing the Juniors luck in their Senior year. Nellie Adams, Barb Gadsby, Janet Daniels, Barb Reagle, and Shirley Plyler leave to start a branch of the Foreign Legion in Franklin. Melba Thomas and Martha Richardson leave to hold religious meetings at the Y.M.C.A. Tom White, Judy Blair, Bill Burkhardt, and Doy Myers leave their red hair to Mr. Treadwell. Garnet Burchfield, Barbara Smith, Pat Hanna, and Linda McClintock leave in the glitter of a diamond. LeRoy Ward leaves his dislike for the female race to Jerry Miller. Martha Griffen and Virginia Greggs leave their friend- ship to Jane Morris and Peggy Shoaff. Ken Henson leaves to join the Globe Trotters. Bob Dennis, Tod Douglas, and Jim Carr leave as high school career men. Shirley Wolfe and Mary Dow leave with their own point system. gli' To Peggy Beightol, Sis Armstrong, Gene Luppino, and Fran Fry leave their sweet disposition. Sally Brown leaves her bouncy walk to J. Dunne. Bill Schull and Carole McMillin leave the high school together. Jon Franklin leaves to become a giraffe scrubber at the Pittsburgh Zoo. Rodger Lore leaves to get a haircut. Doris and Daryl Adams leave to grow Adam's apples. Joe Stewart leaves his friendly personality to Joe Lawson. Judy Stalker leaves to wow the college boys. Shirley Fellner, Meredith Beatty, Willovene Frailey, and Betty Woodford leave to manage a Turkish Bath. Chuck Snell leaves with a superiority complex. Dana Dodd and Billy Wible leave their jitterbugging talent to anyone buggy enough to jitter. Biddie Scurry wills her sex appeal to Wally Mc- Dougall. Carole Mattern leaves her guitar to Angeline Vocisano so she can sing her horse to sleep. John Christy leaves his Wyatt Earp six guns to Donnie Snyder. Dan Beals leaves to ioin the staff of "People's First" with George and Liberace. Jackie Lester, Jo Anne Knooihuizen and Cheryl Pixley leave to put on weight. Ray Brown Sue Heasley Maria Callan . y Class Prophecy It is May, 1977, and we have iust returned from our class reunion at the Polk Playground. lt was amazing to see how many successful people grew out of the class of '57, Perhaps you will remember some of them. Betsy Rossiter and Anna Colella are now outstanding figures in the Catholic Daughters of America. Theresa Nicklin and Maxiene McKinley are co-owners of the Kayton Theatre. Ted Kubiak is running a speakeasy at Cooperstown. Willovene Frailey, Judy Blair, and Judy Pearce have organized a world-wide pizza plan to improve foreign relations. Steve Osgood and Mike Maloney are the masters of ceremony for Wilkin's Amateur Hour. George Smith has recently invented a seedless water melon which can be purchased at any of Ray Brown's goody shops. Mari Dow, Shirley Wolfe, and Marcella Delmaso are singing clerks at Dianna Hartman's downtown beauty salon for hen-pecked husbands. Dana Dodd is now teaching old maids to play canasta. Billy Wible and Jimmy Jones are teaching the fox- trot at Dodd's canasta school. Andy Maitland and Jud Van Houten and Jay Bailey are managing the famous night-spot, "The Stacked Deck and Cracked Chip Casino" atop Gurney Hill. Barry Trotter and Fred Snow are happily married and have merged with Ken Tidball and Chuck Shouey in "Junky Cars Inc." George Kruger and John Richards are giving free dancing lessons at Monarch Park. Martha Richardson and Ron Pindel are singing com- mercials for elephant toe nail clippers on Melba Thomas's T.V. program, "This ls Your Strife." Jackie Lester and Doris Baker are selling cigarettes with the new athletic filters invented by the great bio- chemist L. L. Beach. Sally Brown is demonstrating pogo sticks at Beetle's little gold mine. Jerry Nestos is now managing an Armenian Restau- rant. John Delo is demonstrating elevated shoes in Sis Wible's new company, "Falling Tootsies Inc." Joyce Andre and Judy Stalker are attempting to extract milk from milkweed. John Christy is president of Alcoholics Anonymous Association. Fred Brockman has replaced Charles Atlas as the nation's number one muscle man. His wife, Twila Baugh- man, works out with him. Donna Ralston and Rick Wiegle are trapping animals in the Franklin Parks. Carole Mattern and T. R. McDaniel have replaced Roy Rodgers and Dale Evans. Pat Kelley is a four-star general in the lady marines. Clyde Case was unable to attend our reunion because he's trying to break the record of flag-pole sitting. Cheryl Pixley and Rose Cauvel are now bus-drivers for the Gray-Hound Company. Jo Anne Knnoihuizen, Eugene Patterson, Jim Collins, LeRoy Ward, and Barbara Reagle are frequently seen on television as the "Green Door Choral Group". Jon Allebach and Mary Vergis are modeling argyle socks for the Jenny Shops. Phyllis Graham and Bonnie Painter are diplomats to the Arctic Circle. Bill Schull and Carole McMillin replaced Mary Kay and Johnny on the U.S. Tin Hour. Aron Burchfield, Gene Luppino, and Gene Hook have all passed away. Dan Beals and Joanne Croyle are teaching violin lessons to the inmates at Sing-Sing. Karen Beggs and Sue Heasley have recently launched a rocket ship to the moon. Bill Burkhardt is starring in a Broadway Play produced by Fran Fry and Quinn Di Pasquale. Doris and Daryl Adams are a great success with their Adam's apples. Jim Carr and Pat Hanna are co-managers of the Tidioute Zoo. Jim Dick and Don Myers are fighting over the hand of Celia Doverspike. Jon Franklin and John Henry are the official cheer- leaders for Chuck Snell's fan club. John Jewell and Bob Baker are co-managers of Shirley Fellner's Whity Didy Service. Tom White has finally perfected his freckle remover and as a result Biddie Scurry has disappeared from the face of the earth. Ray Kinnear and Barbara Smith have recently invented a backscratcher for Giraffes. Twinkletoes Schick now plays Madam Butterfly on Broadway. Wally Stright and Kathy Ruby were married last week by Justice of the Peace M. L. Tidd. Nancy Wareham, Jean Hamilton, Meredith Beatty, Carole Anderson, Nancy Doyle, Joan Staron, Linda Mc- Clintock, under the fine leadership of Melvin Baughman, have established a bird-watchers colony atop Gurney Mountain. Virginia Greggs, Martha Griffen, Nancy Carson, Effie Reed, and Garnet Burchfield are watching the bird- watchers. Bruce White and Dolly Sires are collecting gravel for the Franklin Gravel Pitt. Nellie Adams could not attend our reunion because she is having her tongue rehinged. The Very Reverend Tod Douglas and Brother Bob Dennis are living as hermits at Kohler's Hole. Larry Botts and his wife Betty Woodford have won the honors at the county fair for hogcalling. The Honorable Doctors Billingsley and Doutt and nurses Anne Lindbergh, Charlotte Meminger, Shirley Ply- ler, Joan Kozella, and Nancy Rodgers have won the Junior Achievement medal for vaccinating chickens for chicken-pox. Joe Stewart and Ken Henson are vocalists for the Sandy Lake Symphony under the fine direction of Judy McGinty. James Krizon, Cliff Minnich, Rodger Lore, Ken Martin, Dick Hartzell have offered their lives for the advancement of science: for that reason they are not with us today. Chuck McCullough's son, Nerford, recently won the bug-weight boxing championship. Francoise Dehermann-Roy is the French Ambassador to America. Ray Brown Maria Callan Sue Heasley ,L , P V M is 4 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Row I: H. Burrell, R. Miller, M. Mar shoII, T. Jones. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS I Row I: J. Adams, A. Whitman, B. Dole, P. Hall. u DERGRADU TES 1. ' ex , w Q ,if 1 ig? 9 f AR 1 'V Q Snr '5 Xi vs 5 if5 " if - 1 1 3 2 ei' 4 k Q mxxx 'Mg Q 1 ' k lib dlgfhgg ly: X if is il 5 6349! a1'.,f'fQ sl si ex Sql! Wgwsl V MA Hs! gg Nell? "P Mr . e L9 Q, :sf lgikitxxgipfabgai, ,Q-f"" Juniors HOME ROOM 201 Row 1: P. Amberson, M. Cannon, H. Burrell, C. Beach, N. Carson, S. Gibb, B. Gorr. Row 2: J. Baker, S. Barnes, G. Gillette, R. Clark, C. Brown, D. Doutt, C Cooley, E. Farren, E. Fellner, K. Conklin. Row 3: K Eakin, D. Baker, M. Hamilton, P. Boal, J. Barnes, S. Campbell, K. Conklin, N. Shorts, B. Beightol, J Dick, J. Brown. Row 4: C. Cotterman, B. White, B Butters, R. Blair, J. Breene, L. Baker, J. Beightol, B Brown, J. Aylesworth, J. Bean, C. Baughman. HOME ROOM 203 Row 1: S. Miller, N. Manoski, E. Holland, M. McDaniel, S. Lingler. Row 2: T. Lee, S. Keller, S. Keller, S. Mc- Clelland, E. Henderson, A. Kirwin. Row 3: J. Healy, M. Miller, C. Hummel, F. Lockhart, R. Hoover, D. Low- ers, B. McConnell. Row 4: J. Lazo, S. Miller, B. Deeter, R. Deal, J. Campbell, E. DeLong, J. Brown, C. Cherry, L. Cotterman. HOME ROOM 205 Row 1: B. Saeli, K. Scurry, S. Huefner, S. Richardson, M. Metz, M. Orr. Row 2: T. Jones, S. Phillips, B. Montana, J. Morris, L. O'Polka, C. Parry, N. Pierce. Row 3: R. Hawke, H. Gurney, M. Oakes, C. Roemer, P. Seifreit, M. Reagle, P. Nadig, N. Rice. Row 4: P. Fonzo, B. Harrah, J. Eshelmon, D. Gulnac, P. Schultz, R. Robbins, L. Rodahaver, J. Schultz, C. Oakes. Juniors HOME ROOM 207 Row 'li 3- 5l16ClSleY, C. Vogus, N. Thomas, S. Thayer, R. Sutton, M. Stuck, S. Wright, A. Settlemire. Row 2: J. Luppino, S. Stcnup, M. Wood, P. Shoaf, A. Stearns J. Valeski, M. Sopher, l. Timney. Row 3: E. Hores, D. Hughes, J. Snyder, J. Zarzeszny, K. Shillidcly, G. Stefanclkos, B. Snyder, L. Shawgo. Row 4: B. Kuhn, J. Lawson, T. Kelly, J. Karns, M. Marshall, B. Kiser, D. Kistler, C. Hawkins, P. Hogue, S. Sheasley. HOME ROOM 301 Row T: l.. Doll, B. Wood, R. Sloan, P. Reed, B. Novak, R. Eakin, R. Clark, R. Perrine. Row 2: R. Plumer, L. Morris, E. Thomas, J. Edges, J. Monarch, E. Snyder, R. McCarty. Row 3: J. Phenecie, W. Sobota, T. Valeski, R. McFetridge, J. Nicklin, C. Wible, D. Reib. Row 4: D. LeGrand, D. Runninger, J. Patterson, W. McDougall, J. Snyder, D. Phillips, D. Snyder, F. Tarr, D. Rice. Absent-G. Miller, R. Woitowicz, R. Snyder. Sophomores HOME ROOM 103 Row 1: B. Brown, C. Bowser, C. Austin, J. Beggs, A. Beers, R. Baker, A. Brennemon. Row 2: P. Beighfol, J. Brown, M. Blair, E. Baughman, J. Adams, P. Anstead. Row 3: B. Dale, B. Blum, L. Bevingfon, B. Collingwood, B. Ashley, R. Bowen, A. Cummings, M. Beers. Row 4: D. Adelman, R. Barnes, J. Brown, A. Bean, E. Atwell, M. Blair, B. Baiorek, B. Chamberlain. HOME ROOM 105 Row 1: B. GrifTen, D. Fry, D. Coast, C. Foster, F. Craft, H. Donahue. Row 2: J. Donaldson, P. Cross, M. Dickson, R. Fleming, B. Dodd, M. Eakin, G. Clark, R. Clark. Row 3: R. Harrison, M. Campbell, A. Dean, J. Dick, C. Fulmer, T. Findlan, J. DeVault, P. Griffen, J. Eakin. Row 4: P. Soutouras, B. Grove, B. Deligiannis, D. Ghering, N. Ewing, S. Engles, F. Dean, E. Dille. HOME ROOM 107 Row 1: P. McCune, P. Hall, B. Lee, C. Harrah, A. Lynn L. Kugler, K. Kistler. Row 2: C. Lawrence, J. Mc Clelland, P. Lynn, C. Lineman, J. Limber, C. Lindholm A. Lynn, J. Hof1man, J. Miller, C. Jewell. Row 3: M Kase, B. Irwin, J. Kerschner, R. Hersman, B. Lynch, B McCl'1esney, J. Marshall, M. Harry, K. Logue. Row 4 J. Hichs, L. McNuH, T, McGuire, J. Heffern, J. Houbert, B. Jones, D. Troher, J. Kline, F. Hugus. Sophomores Row l: M. McMurcly, B. Morrison, B. Primosic, E. Moulton, M. Parry, T. Nalepa, L. Richardson. Row 2 J. Seely, V. Noggle, P. Pindel, M. Nicklin, J. Quigley S. McMichael, L. Monarch, P. Midage, S. Monarch Row 3: B. Richards, D. McVay, T. Parker, B. Moyer, C. Newton, J. Pastor, F. Moses, F. Murdoch, R. Berg Row 4: F. Marando, D. Sibley, J. Harris, J. Dunn B. Miller, C. Smith, E. Petrini, B. Moffatt, P. Runninger HOME ROOM 113 Row l: B. Wheeling, R. Ruby, R. Snyder, S. Wright, M. Gillette, J. Schiffer, C. Willis, L. Viele, M. Spencer, C. Reynolds. Row 2: N. Smith, D. Rodgers, P. Will- young, E. Rhoads, E. Uber, L. Sharrer, J. Wentworth, A. Wilson, J, Rumberger, R. Vroman. Row 3: W. Thomas, R. Webber, E. Wareham, R. Wright, B. Snell, J. Snyder, J. Ziegler, C. Wood, C. Thomas. Row 4: L. Sopher, W. Wimer, T. Stefanakos, B. Stroup, F. Warrington, G. Stake, D. Woods, A. Whitman. HOME ROOM 'l Row T: M. Greggs, R. Stanley, J. Gibb, E. White. Row 2: N. Morrison, J. Gaiser, M. Phillips, E. Baker, M. Crisman. Row 3: M. Gadsby, V. Golden, B. Young, R. Pastor, A. Vocisano, J. Baker. 1 Freshmen HOME ROOM 'l'l5 Row l: W. Watt, F. Susi, R. Wolfe, P. Gillette, W. Minnick, E. Witherup, J. Vogus. Row 2: S. Tucker, B. White, J. Wheeler, T. O'Brien, J. Tincler, C. Wood, V. White. Row 3: C. Wolfe, M. Willis, P. Schiffer, B. Young, S. Johnson, L. Mealy, M. Vergis. Row 4: D. Stake, J. Tidd, T. Viele, T. Sterner, J. Umbreit, D. Tanner, L. Storm, R. Wahner. HOME ROOM 206 Row l: W. Barns, N. Beach, E. Ball, M. Adams, K. Beals, B. Brown, S. Barnett, C. Bingman. Row 2: R. Cauvel, D. Cheers, K. Baughman, S. Campbell, F. Beatty, C. Burkhardt, J. Andre, B. Barnes, K. Bailey, J. Beggs. Row 3: R. Bergin, C. Cardell, S. Billingsley, G. Baughman, R. Beightol, R. Boal, J. Case, D. Beggs, R. Brakeman, C. Cooper, G. Blum. Row 4. J. Barr, O. Beck, G. Brown, M. Brown, E. Bergin, J. Bailey, B. Beith, C. Bean, C. Botts. HOME ROOM 208 Row l: G. Daily, G. Cramer, R. Comfort, P. Haylett L. Donahue, S. Boyles, B. Dick, J. DeVault, J. Graham Row 2: S. Finch, J. Griffin, J. Grannis, S. Fry, C. Hovis C. Garland, B. Farren, Q. Finerock, D. Eppinger, J Cochran. Row 3: H. Grill, A. Jones, C. Hawkins, C Hartzell, S. Jones, P. Flaugh, H. Harris, E. Frailey, G Taylor. Row 4: J. Gildenston, W. Ghering, J. Clayton J. Conrad, L. Fogle, B. Cozacl, P. Cauvel, R. Swanton F. Fultz, R. Cokain. Freshmen HOME ROOM 210 Row 1: L. Linn, B. Kaste, J. Little, L. Manoshe, F Hohnson, D. Hitzeman, D. Hughes, B. Keller. Row 2: N Lang, S. Mauk, B. Lingler, M. Mayes, L. Linn, S Marshinke, S. Lepley, M. Lesko, A. Kaste. Row 3 B. Hanna, 5. Lesco, B. Lamberton, J. Kozella, D. Long P. Griffin, M. Lavery, J. Kerschner, K. Kinnear, C Johnston, J. Harrah. Row 4: D. Greenlee, D. Grove E. Lesko, J. Judy, L. Jones, M. Ritchey, C. Harvey. HOME ROOM 212 Row 1: L. Marshall, J. Nadig, P. Plumer, K. McCand- less, D. McVay, L. Ohler. Row 2: J. Morrison, B. Mc- Kinley, C. Patterson, D. O'Polka, C. Nalepa, S. Patter- son, J. McCall. Row 3: W. Morris, R. Owens, J Patterson, B. Reagle, C. Miller, D. McFetriclge, J. Miller, M. McCartney. Row 4: G. Pachla, S. McClelland, R Michael, J. Lusher, R. Marterella, J. Montana, S McClelland. HOME ROOM 214 Row 1: D. Rummel, S. Smith, S. Stroup, M. Kelley, P. Thomas, B. Shouey, M. Soissen, G. Say. Row 2: S Snyder, N. Show, B. Shaffer, J. Shull, P. Smeal, S Rhodes, S. Snyder. Row 3: D. Robertson, K. Hough M. Shorts, S. Shorts, S. States, S. Sayers, D. Richard- son, B. Rice, L. Ritchey, T. Sacldoris, A. Scurry. Row 4 R. Rankin, T. Rossman, K. Sherene, J. Roushey, T Smith, J. Shultz, C. Richey, E. Smith, F. Ritchey, B Satterwhite, J. Sipe. Absent-R. Say. Eighth Grade HOME ROOM T00 Row 'l: J. Hazlett, M. O'Brien, R. Brown, B. Croyle, C Hiles, D. McCardy. Row 2: G. Zeigler, S. Saeli, A. Kell- er, A. Baker, G. Hughes, A. Cunningham, D. Wolfe, F. Webber, D. Long. Row 3: B. Doyle, G. Ghering, M Dlegel, D. DeLong, G. Woods, P. Baker, P. Reed, H Owens, B. Crisman, R. Stanley. Row 4: T. Reynolds, F. Baker, T. Bimber, D. Krizon, D. Slagle, C. Crawford J. Snow, T. Doyle. HOME ROOM 102 Row l: J. Rector, L. Murdock, C. Kightlinger, J. Mc- Camey, D. Doutt, G. Stahlman, T. Snyder, P. Ayles- worth, B. Harrison. Row 2: M. Reagle, M. A. Ramfos, S. Porter, M. J. Kugler, V. Fellner, K. Lehman, T. Bowen, W. Ewing, J. Neeley, C. Ekis. Row 3: M. Van Cise, E. Shields, J. Shilliday, J. Gillette, J. Phenicie, C. Fellner, N. Deal, B. Cooley, D. Ditzenberger. Row 4: D. McConnell, M. Deligiannis, C. Simpson, F. Harris, A. Crum, D. Hovis, R. Baughman, P. Ferry, L. Har- baugh, L. Baker. HOME ROOM 104 Row 'l: M. McCarter, J. Beach, B. Robson, L. Baker B. Dick, J. Doyle, K. Doverspike, B. Deal. Row 2: C Shingledecker, J. A. Edge, G. Eakin, S. Shuffstall P. Davis, C. Baughman, K. Davis, P. McClelland, J Dille. Row 3: D. Thomas, P. Carrara, B. Barnes, E Robinson, D. Dobos, C. Kelly, J. Jewell, B. Porter Row 4: B. Denny, L. Lindsey, T. Sloss, E. Kaste, C Slagle, C. Deligiannis, A. Plummer, W. Harroh, B Reagle. 1 1 I Eighth Grade Row l: J. Judson, R. Snyder, T. Edkin, B. Baird, B. Reynolds, E. Ellis, S. Boughner, R. Bacher. Row 2: D. Wensel, M. McCarty, N. Keller, B. Parlaman, J. Blum, G. Johnson, F. Kiser, S. Saeli, P. McDowell, P. Mc- Kinley. Row 3: B. Bingman, P. Lamberton, J. Hartzell, M. Holland, F. Wilkinson, L. Baker, J. Griffin, M. Daniels, M. Robertson, M. Painter, P. Richards. Row 4: J. Long, R. Mott, B. Burgurt, J. Brown, M. Cangemi, T. Crisman, F. Yetka, T. Black, B. Wolford, B. Phenicie, N. Stright. HOME ROOM 202 L. Smith, W. Whitman, D. Gilliland, N. Bark, T. Fulmer, P. Nadig. Row 2: C. Wagner, C. Wright, M. Robison, J. Shaw, R. Carter, B. Giebner, P. Eicholtz, K. Orsega 1 R. Stewart. Row 3: K. Storm, M. Singleton, J. Jordan, S. King, K. Hart, K. Babbington, J. Cramer, J. Vensel, F. Rhoades, L. Rhoades, B. Thompson. Row 4: L Scawab, R. Hanna, J. Shultz, P. Beals, E. Kightlinger G. Snyder, A. White, E. Anstead, D. Boys, J. Schull R. Grove. HOME ROOM 204 Row l: A. Plyler, C. Rice, L. Lee, K. Richardson, D Ziegler, G. Midage. Row 2: S. Segelhorst, C. McDowell S. DeVault, C. Clark, M. Steele, B. Russel, H. Noggle J. Thomas, J. Sterner, D. Hersman. Row 3: L. Silverman V. Elliott, E. Wheeler, L. Winkler, C. Broms, K. Petter- son, N. VanHouten, D. McDonald, T. Judson. Row 4 J. Michael, R. Sires, L. Say, D. Harbaugh, J. Schosser D. Primosic, G. Marshall, J. Anderson, J. Riddle E. Wheeler. 1 Seventh Grade HOME ROOM 5 Row 'l: D. Wright, N. Beach, T. Sanford, N. Gurnee, J. Wolf, R. Wheeler, F. Hoover, F. McMillin, S. Free- man. Row 2: D. Stewart, S. Novak, L. Stroup, V. Denny, B. Beggs, V. Brown, B. Campbell, V. Haun. Row 3: W. Bean, J. Baughman, W. Miller, W. Shields, F. Updyke, G. Hague, R. Cross, R. Lockhart, L. Say, D. Ferry. HOME ROOM ll Row l: G. Gealy, R. Watt, L. O'Clair, S. Lawson. Row 2: S. Krizon, B. Dick, C. Barsic, E. Krison, D. Greenlee, T. Miller, W. Carter, W. Cunningham, C. Mathews. Row 3: L. Jordan, S. Lawson, K. Kistler, S. Blum, F. Atwell, G. Shakespeare, A. Rector, C. Sanford, J. Cozad, J. Lindsey. Row 4: W. Long, C. Eakin, R. Snyder, G. Doyle, S. Vogan, S. States, D. Moon, L. Wheeler, D. Brenneman, L. Jackson. HOME ROOM lO6 Row l: H. Klinger, E. McClelland, S. Campbell, L Lepley, M. Hardenburg, D. Adams, R. Linn. Row 2: W. Pyle, G. Sibley, T. Painter, R. Rankin, M. Kessler, J Wood, S. Peterson, B. Lindsey. Row 3: G. Case, N Deal, P. Collins, N. Baughman, W. Baker, S. Bleakley B. Morrison, J. Griltin, M. Phillips. Row 4: D. Hersman J. Delong, K. Foster, G. Brunton, F. Braddish, R. Boals J. Harrah, L. Bodien, P. Bears. I Seventh Grade HOME ROOM 108 Row l: D. Lawrence, G. Finch, R. Harbaugh, L. Tidd, E. Voorhies, V. Simpson, D. Haupt, A. McClelland Row 2: T. Brown, V. Ditzenberger, R. Brunton, G Marshall, G. Hart, M. Thomas, N. Lepley, F. Uber. Row 3: G. Reagle, S. Hawke, R. Rodgers, J. Hoovler, R. Finefrock, S. Shorts, C. Bell, L. Rice, K. Couselman Row 4: E. Holland, J. Ruby, C. Allebach, E. Boys, B Lynn, A. Blair, C. Wheeler, E. Geib, E. Shiner, C. Ritchey. HOME ROOM 'llO Row l: R. Hurrah, G. Reed, S. McCullough, F. Jolley J. Kugler, C. McCall, J. Kightlinger, A. Miller. Row 2 B. Barnes, A. Burgert, G. Jolley, T. Reagle, R. Elliott T. Miller, S. Irwin, B. Tucker, K. McElhattan, J. Shaffer E. Hugus, K. King, A. Stake, R. Blum, J. Smith, M Shannon, L. Delo, M. Rice. Row 4: D. Pryer, W. Crum A. Montgomery, J. Rhoads, K. Klause, R. Karns, R Plyler, G. Ditzenberger. HOME ROOM 'Il2 Row l: M. Cramer, L. Watts, L. Gilmore, H. Brown, K. Collins, D. Finley, F. Butters. Row 2: B. Thomas B. Smith, M. Collins, N. Foster, N. Richardson, L Snyder, J. McCamey, D. Gcidsby. Row 3: G. Porter, A. McFarland, R. Armour, J. Roberts, G. Smith, J Russel, R. Klingler, J. Orseno, Row 4: D. Bowser, N Klink, L. Wice, L. Peclley, L. Snyder, D. Morrow, P Baker, C. Richey, J. Pankratz, G. Maul. 1 ENERGY ,FROM ELECTRLQ EITY Seventh Grade HOME ROOM 114 Row 'Ia G. DeLong, B. Grove, D. Ghering, C. Griffen, D. Wilson, A. Runninger, E. Dickert. Row 2: L. Hull S. Miller, L. Woods, R. Runninger, J. Rogers, J. Mc Fefridge, J. MohoHey, M. Prem. Row 3: H. Adelmon L. Fulrz, R. Rice, A. King, J, Judy, N. Rennord, K Swonion, C. Christy, D. Brown. Row 4: J. Duncan, T Jones,' T. Deslotfe, M. Viele, D. Brown, M. Pixley, A Dovis, M. Frellsen, L. Kozello, J. Eokin. 1 Q L . E14 W--1 ,sm r Mawr' A' , 4f,.M.---....,, Wiz' A A 1 3 - 1 3 ff m xx' -X 3 , X 2 S221 Q. ' ' Inn-4 ACTIyITIES FR I 1 A ' f IPQ Finale: "On the Street Where You Live", "Now ls the Hour" John Haubergl Jr., Selling fickefsl Lois Rodahaver represents all of the usherettes MUSICAL BROADCAST One of the most anticipated events in the school year is the Musical Broadcast in March. Faculty judges select student performers in try-outs, and those chosen set to work with Mr. Pixley and the Swing Band practicing for opening night. The production always attracts a large crowd which is a fitting reward for those who work hard to make it a success. SSHH!!! Wuiching practice. 5- T ! . ustes good Nnne Teens! - k ' f d 1 ? Loo en or G Q e 63 Monsters of Ceremony .- ' ' I' 4' J A ln -APE i. s.'..ix5, .N .W .. . A CAPPELLA . M... . ...sqm Row l: B. Wheeling, B, Gorr, S. Wolfe, R. Fleming, J. McGinty, M. Boys, C. Mattern, M. McKinley, J. Lazo, R. Miller, M. Parry, T. Lee, J. Morris, S. Phillips, H. Burrell, M, Tidd, N. Thomas, K. Logue, M. Spencer. Row 2: S. Heasley, M. Richardson, S. Brown, J. Stalker, J. Kerschner, J. Zarzeczny, D. Hartman, C. Prixley, D. Perrine, M. Dow, J. Pearce, M. Callan, J, Healey, P. Boals, J. Lester, J. Andre, M. Morris. Row 3: L, Bevington, D. Myers, D. McVay, C. Cherry, B. Finch, J. Stewart, G. Kruger, B. Miller, L. Billingsley, J. Campbell, J. Delo, J. Miller, R. Pindel, M. Harris, R. Sloan, M. Kose, J. DeVault, P. Griften, K, Kistler. MADRIGAL Modrigcil, under the direction of Miss Sawyer, is a group of singers consisting of two first Sopranos, two second Sopranos, two altos, two tenors, and two basses, chosen through try-outs. This year, the group gave two programs for community clubs, sang in the Musical Broadcast, and sent eight of its members to District Chorus. i . Bovs' GLEE 2 .1 Row I: A. Whitman, L. Bevington, D. McVay, J. Stewart, M. Beers, R. Sloan, D. Myers. Row 2 B. Miller, R. Pindel, M. Harris, C. Cherry, G Kruger, R. Weber. Row 3: D. Sterner, M. Kase J. Campbell, B. Finch, L. Billingsley, J. Breene J. Miller. . ' S Sf i I :gf -. ' i .I . K A .jay t ' - ' N Q Q- - :su .lii5'i57'r?1:" :easel gi, W5 61 kfszf? 9 9 ws..s......w. . .. ..... M Nwmq- Row I: C. Harrah, R. Baker, M. Stuck, B. Morrison, C. Willis, K. Beggs, B. Montana, M. Dickson S. Barnes, P. Anstead, B. Primosic, L. Viele, B. Painter. Row 2: G. Clark, J. Brown, E. Holland J. Limber, M. Wood, F. Dehermann-Roy, R. Vroman, R. Pastor, B. Beightol, F. Lockhart, M. Gadsby J. McGinty, H. Sires, J. Valeski, A. Brenneman, A. Lynn. Row 3: S. Keller, M. Griflien M. Eakin V. Steele, J. Gaiser, C. Roemer, K. Eakin, M. McMurdy, M. Baughman, A. Kirwen, S. Monarch G. Buchfield, K. Lindholm, V. Noggle, C. Van Cise, R. Cauvel, R. Clark, J. Daniels. Row 4: V Greggs, C. Mattern, D. Lowers, C. Austin, M. Blair, M. Haggerty, A. Dean, N. Adams, K. Shilliday N. Rodgers, B. Smith, E. Moulton, M. Beatty, J. McClelland, S. McMichael, J. Quigley, J. Dick P. Midage. SENIOR GIRLS' GLEE Row I: B. Saeli, C. Farren, S. Wolfe, C. Fulmer, C. Foster, C. McMillan, S. Keller, M. McKinley, M. Micklin, C. Lineman, S. Wright, C. Reynolds, A. Vocisano, D. Doutt, E. Baker, B. Lee. Row 2: L. Watt, B. Rossiter, A. Stearns, P. Cross, M. Dalmaso, S. Staup, B. Young, J. Rumberger, D. Ralston, C. Bowser, D. Coast, A. Lynn, L. Kugler, T. Marsh, M. Tidd, L. Bowen. Row 3: K. Conklin, M. Richardson, S. Brown, E. Baughman, J. Sharon, J. Allebach, T. Baughman, M. Campbell, T. At- well, C. Doverspike, P. Pindel, L. Monarch, N. Doyle, M. Phillips, R. Clark, J. Schiffer. SENIOR GIRLS GLEE 1 1 1 JUNIOR HIGH CHOIRS i The Junior High Choirs, both mixed and treble, are under the direction of Miss Sawyer and her two senior high assistants, Marie Morris and Jerry Miller. The seventh, eighth, and ninth graders practice once a week for their performance in the spring concert. t JUNIOR HIGH CHOIRS F?6+ 53 Row Row Row Row Row Row SENIOR BAND 1: B. Grove, K. Sherene, B. Wolford, C. Cotterman, J. Jones, L. Shawgo M Beers D LeGrand, R. Swanton, J. Stewart. 2: L. Timney, T. Edkin, J. Judson, C. Hummel, L. Ramfos, B. Baird, Q. Finefrock K Cooley P. McCune, M. Haggerty, N. Van Houten, Mr. Pixley. 3: J. Umbreit, M. Barr, G. Stefanakos, C. Miller, R. Hoover, S. McClelland D Robertson A. Wilson, M. Harry, J. Adams, P. Nadig. 4: K. Ruby, S. Gibb, R. Robbins, A. Maitland, J. Van Houten, J. Bailey, B Moyar J Nadig 5: G. Hughes, J. Hugus, F. Moses, E. Patterson, B. Baiorek, J. Gildenston R Cokalne W. Crum. 6: T. Crisman, D. Adelman, C. Wible, B. Burgert, H. Gurnee. Row Row Row Row Row Row . Wolfe, M. Dow, P. Graham, S. Wright, P. Shoaft. J. Morris, G. Patterson, R. Bacher, P. Beightol. P. Seifert, M. Vergis. . Beach, B. Gorr, P. Amberson. Stalker, D. Hartman. Allebach, J. Barnes, R. Miller, K. Eakin, S. Sheasley SWING BAND 0 0 91 Row 1: M. Richardson, F. Hugus, K. Henson, F. Moses, E. Patterson, C. Cotterman, Q. Finefrock, A. Maitland, B. Moyar, J. Bailey, J. Van Houten. Row 2: R. Blair, B, Burgert, T. Crisman, M. Harry, A. Wilson, I. Timney, C, Wible, M. Maloney, J. Croyle, P. McDowell, M. Robertson, F. Beatty, P. Beals, D. Beals. HONOR SOCIETY Row lc F. Brockman, J. Stalker, J. Henry, M. Richardson, J. Andre, J. Bailey, R. Pinclel, M. Callan K. Ruby, T. Nicklin, J. Lester, S. Heasley. Row 2: G. Kruger, J. Dick, C. Pixley, B. Rossiter. BROADCAST STAFF Row ln M. Vergis, L. Beightol, F. Moses, K. Scurry, N. Adams, l.. Rodahaver, R. Sutton, M, Settlemire, B, Scurry, A. Stearns. Row 21M. Painter, S. Plyler, B. Reagle, R. Hoover, P. Schultz, B. Gadsby, F. Beatty, M. Ramfos, S. Patterson. Row ln C. Pixley-Editor, M. Richardson-Business Manager. Row 2: J. Andre, F. Broclcmann, M. Callan, P. Lesco, S. Brown, T. Nicklin, S. Heasley. Row 3: J. Edgos, R. Wiegel, P. Nadig, M. Dow, C. Beach, S. Plyler, J. McGinty, P. Schultz, M. Metz. Row 4: K. Tidball, R. Brown, J. Nestos, J. Jones, L. Shawgo, G. Stefanakos, I. Timney, C. Hummel. Row 5: C. Boughman, D. Runninger, J. Campbell, G. Kruger, R. Kinnear, J. Delo, J. Henry. R. Wiegel, T. Micklin, M. Richardson, R. Brown. FRANKLINITE The Franklinite Staff is an organization of hard- working iuniors and seniors dedicated to producing our annual, The Franklinite. The stat? is divided into committees dealing with sports, activities, underclass- men, faculty, etc. Student photographers and typists are among the forty members. Its money-making projects are subscription campaigns, and an adver- tising contest offering prizes to the member who secures the greatest number of patrons for the year- book. The annual Franklinite banquet closes the year's activities. SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL Row I: J. Alleboch-secretory, J. Stalker-president, D. Woitowicz-vice-president, A. Whitman-tics wer. Row 2: J. Bailey, R. Pirldel, J. Christy, M. Boughmon, J. Kerschner, C. Foster, L. Vielo, L Monarch, R. Vromon, A. Kirwen, B. Snyder, K. Shillidoy, B, Fulmer, J. Houberl. SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL Row T: T. Voleslci, T. Jones. Row 2: E. Lynn, M. Dolmoso, B. Monfoncx, M. Vcrqis, R. Blair, F. Moses E. Thomas, B. Dole, K. Eokin, R. Miller, V. Golden, J. Gibb. JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL Row I: K. BaiIey, J. McCalI, D. McFetrIcIge, B. Barnes, M. Ramfos, S. Marshinke. Row 2: V. White, J. Andre, K. Kistler, M. Bark, C. Snyder, K. Hough, C. Deligionnis, J. McMichael, D. Greenlee, R. Comfort, K. Webber, M. Vergis, S. Bleakley, M. McCarter. IIHMIIIII 1 N, 1-'J' "mum JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL Row I. S. Freeman, N. Lepley, J. Griften, S. Campbell, G. Grannis, N. Keller. Row 2: B. Giebner, J. Shakespeare, G. Smith, P. Mc- Dowell, P. Beals, J. Rhoades, K. Klause, F. Yetka, G. Marshall. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Row Row Row Row T: C. Doverspike, B. Shouey, E. Baker, J. Blum, M. Ramfos, M. Thomas. 2: QS, 3: P. 4: S. M. McDaniel, J. Edge, J. Dille, D. Thom- B. Cooley, P. Carrara. B. Morrison, J. Wenlworth, B. Bingman, McClelland, K. Davis. J. Miller, S. Fellner, L. Sharrer, P. Davis, Keller. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Row 1: K. Cooley, M. Thomas, J. Robson. Row 2: B. Gadsby, R. Hoover, K. Beggs, M. Callan. Row 3: N. Adams, J. Kendall, J. Pearce, N. Rodgers. COURTESY CLUB Row ln M. Griflen, M. McKinley, L O'Polka, B. Irwin. Row 2: K. Cooley, A. Brenneman, M Nicklin, B. Primosic, P. Pindel, C Bowser, B. Saeli. Row 3: P. Midage, M. Tidd, K. Beggs B. Scurry, J. Kozella, J. Lazo, W Frailey, J. Gibb. Row 4: M. Baughman, M. McMurdy, E. Henderson, T. Baughman, T. At- well, V. Golden, N. Thomas, J. Morris Row 5: R. Vroman, J. Valeski, P. Schultz, P. Nadig, L. Shawgo, G Burchfield, R. Cauvel. 'Y nvyfi ,,gm."'.fw fa- Vg?--x'2"7 l, r l LIBRARY CLUB Row 1: B. Sueli-President, J. Dick-Vice President, L. Rice-Secretary, M. Miller Treasurer. Row 2: B. Sheasley, J. Snyder, L Watt, C. Farren, A. Kirwen, M. Dick son, B. Snyder, R. Orr, M. Boys, B Gadsby, N. Doyle, P. Morrison, S Keller, E. Henderson, E. Lynn, M Phillips, C. Fulmer. Row 'I M Row 2 L. Row SENIOR FRENCH CLUB : M. Dalmaso-Vice-President, M. Callan-President . Maloney-Secretary, F. Dehermann-Roy. : K. Cooley, F. Hugus, J, Jones, J. Nestos, K. Ruby Richardson. 3: I. Timney, K. Beggs, N. Wareham, M. Thomas, A. Stearns, C. Jordan, K. Hough. Row 4: B. Primosic, M. Tidd, C. Hummel, K. Conklin, C Roemer, D. Greenlee, B. McKinley, R. Owens. JUNIOR HIGH FRENCH CLUB Row Row Row Row J Row Row Row Row Row I: E. Ellis, R. Bacher, A. Pyler, D. Primosic, C. Rice, J. Judson, C. Kightlinger, V. Fellner, C. McDowell. 2: K. Peiferson, K. Richardson, B. Reynolds, P. McDowell, S. Boughner, M. Robertson, N. Van Houten, S. Saeli. 3: B. Giebner, P. Eichholtz, K. Orsega, B. Parla- man, S. King, S. Seigelhorst, P. Richards, J. Blum. 4: M. Ramfos, C. Broms, E. Shields, J. Jordan, G. Johnson, J, Hartzell, B. Bingman. UNIOR HIGH FRENCH CLUB I: J. Riddle, D. Perrine, L. Silverman, M, Bark, M. Kugler, J. McCamey, T. Edkin, B. Reagle. 2: K. Hart, D. Gilliland, B. Dick, C. Shingle- decker, P. McClelland, C. Baughman, J. Edge. 3: B. May, D. Dobos, D. Thomas, P. Carrara, B. Cooley, B. Russell, C. Clark. 4: T, Robinson, P. Davis, K. Davis, J. Dilley, S. Shuffstall, M. Daniels, B. Barnes. 5: L. Say, T. Judson, J, McMichail, J Anderson, T. Black. OW OW OW OW LATIN CLUB 1: P, McCune, M. Spencer, L. Richardson, J. Stewart, R. Fleming, M. Dickson, J. Schiffer. 2: M. Harry, A. Wilson, C. Willis, L. Kugler, J. Gaiser, L. Viele, K. Logue. 3: M. Boys, M. Baughman, J. Adams, V. Nog- gle,, R. Hersman, M. McMurdy, K. Shilliday. 4: J. Haubert, T. Findlan, B. Blum, B. Moyar B. Dale. VARSITY CLUB ROW lf C- Snell, 5. Moyar, T. Stefanakos, B Dale, D. Woitowicz. Row 2: B. Wible, K. Henson, J. Christy, B Dennis, T. Kubiak, F. Fry, B. Beach, BQ- muxunuafA SCH00lS maven mnwm, CAR FRANKLIN Avro. mg, SAFE DRIVING Left to right: L. Shcwgo, J. Croyle, L. Morris ""' D. Reib, Mr. McElhotton. QNX vwux ing PROJ ECTORS' CLUB Row 'I: B. Blum, S. Bevington, B. Howke, B. Moyor. Row 2: J. Henry, L. Morris, J. Monarch, B. White, J. Dunn, W. McDougall, F. Moses, R. Kinneor, B. Boker, B. Miller, M. Baughmon, C. Cherry B. Hurrah. STAGE CREW Row I: L. Bevington, J. Donaldson, R. Grove. Row 2: B. Blum, J. Delo, J. Miller, B. White, J. Monorch, B. Trotter. 3... ....,,,.......-- W , ,',W'5i't K . 5, i:"':i-?+.Q ...nt M441 CARTWHEELERS Row T: P. Nadig, T. Armstrong, M. Dow, B. Painter, B. Gorr, J, Robson, C. Vogus, B. Rossiter, J. Lester, S. Brown. Row 2: R. Miller, L. Rodahaver, M. Callan, P. Lesco, N. Rodgers, J. Kendall, P. Schultz, R. Hoover, G. Stefanakos, M. Wood, S. Wolfe, K. Beggs, M. Vergis, C. Pixley. t o si NX' ji: N Q ""-'T NX "f"1' QJRMNK 5'WR li YNNK "SESS Q wife 3 x YQ yy-A il Q QQ X D535 J ,Y 1 ,J x, - V' SHOP CLUBS Row 1. J. Beightol, E. Thomas, J. Jewell, B. Wood, E. Hores, B. Graham, D. Fry, D. Ghering, R. McCarty. Row 2: P. Runninger, F. Worington, D. Woods, D. Adams, J. Eshelman, B. Novak, P. Reecl, J. Seely, C. Newton, C. Hawkins. Row 3: D. Sterner, J. Lawson, B. Barnes, T. Douglas, B. Burkhardt, B. Stake, B. White, G. Sibley. Row 4: J. Brown, E. Petrini, J. Aylesworth, B. Harrah, F. Tarr, L. Coleman, N. Ewing, M. Sobota, J. Hefterngp, J. Miller. Row 5: E. Atwell, B. Moftit, J. Bean, K. Martin, B. Dennis, T. White, L. Ward, B. Kiser, B. McFetridge, D. Runninger. N' ATHLETICS H CHEERLEADERS Row 1: S. Keller, S. Phillips, B. Montana. Row 2: B. Scurry, C. Mattern, J, Andre, J. Knoouhuizen M. Canon Knot picturedl. Each year the faculty chooses eight Senior High girls to lead the student body cheering section at sports events and pep meetings. The girls start in August to get limbered up for the first football game, and they continue cheering until the last basketball game late in February. These energetic cheerleaders really deserve the letter they re- ceive at the close of the school year for the time and energy they devoted cheering our teams on to victory. 82 COACHES Richard Vidunas, David Stewart, Robert Flath, Wayne Eaken. Four never-tiring coaches are the main rivets in the athletic events at F.H.S. A coach has the job of finding and planning new plays, conducting practices, and putting a team in genuine top condition. No one has more headaches or less fans, when a team is losing, than the coach. A coach also has to be a friend and leader to every boy participating in a sports event. All of our fine young coaches have double or triple coaching jobs plus their regular class room subjects. We now want to give seldom-heard praise to our coaches. "We all think you're great. Thanks for everything!" 83 'W .J Wf .shy .. --M .4 wiv' Awdvwpw. ,H ,,Q,., Aw as , ,-ids... 4. J-ads' 1 ww fn VARSITY FOOTBALL Row l: Coach Flath, L. Fogel, C. Snell, J. Christy, R. Pindel, L. Billingsly, T, Kubiak, J. Carr, B. Kuhn, F. Tarr, C. Minnich, D. Dodd, B. Wible, Coach Vidunas. Row 2: J. Bailey, R. Bowen, D. Tanner, B. Moffit, B. Conrad, B. Finch, B. Chamberlin, B. Michaels, G. Atwell, B. Richards, M. Brown, B. Dale, J. Franklin, J. Breene, T. Kelley, E. DeLong, C. McCullough, T. Stefanakos, R. Blair, E. Bergin, F. Fultz, W, Thomas, F, Hugas, J. Lawson, J. Beightol, T. Parker. Sept. 7 Sept. T5 Sept. 21 Sept. 28 Oct. 5 Oct, T2 Oct. 19 Oct, 26 Nov. 2 VARSITY FOOTBALL Union Twp. 20 Warren I3 Meadville 6 Corry 35 Mercer 21 Grove City 32 Oil City 27 Titusville ld Kane 6 vi Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin 1 461: .mst - .AM it -. e . v w7t . .ks . an MN . . V h A N l I 'M ' .Jilm Ji x false Row is B. Wible, L. Billingsley, T. Kubiak, B. Kuhn, C. Minnich, J. Carr, F. Tarr, D. Dodd. Row 2 J Christy, R. Pindel, C. Snell, E. Atwell. The 1956 grid season ended on a high note for the comparatively inexperienced Knights with cu victory over Kane. Although winning only two games this year, the Knights displayed a never-say-die attitude, friendly sportsmanship, and great fighting spirit. We are proudest of all that our athletes and fans adhered to the sportsman's code: For when the one Great Scorer comes To write against our name, He writes not that we won or lost But how we played the game. ,W-4-'zwd ,SW 'l' L VARSITY BASKETBALL Row 'lz L. Beightol, L. Beach, R. Woitowicz, C. Snell. Row 2: L. McNu?t, B. Kuhn, J. Harris, P. Fonzo, M. Ma rshall. Nov. 30 Dec. 4 Dec. 7 Dec, il Dec. l4 Dec. 'l8 Dec. 28 Jan. 4 Jan. 8 Jan. 'l l Jan. l5 Jan. l8 Jan. 22 Jan. 25 Jan. 29 Feb. l Feb. 5 Feb. 8 Feb. l5 Feb. 19 Feb. 22 Feb. 26 86 VARSITY BASKETBALL Erie Tech Cranberry Clarion Lakeview Greenville Clarion Alumni Titusville Rocky Grove Warren Cranberry Oil City Meadville Corry Tilusville Warren Lakeview Oil City Meadville Rocky Grove Corry Greenville Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin JV BASKETBALL Row 1: B. Deligiannius, B. Chamberlain, B. White, B. Lynch W Thomas Row 2 T Sadoris T Stefanakos, B. Fulmer, T. Kelley, L. Fogel, T. Smith. Erie Tech Cranberry Clarion Lakeview Greenville Clarion Titusville Rocky Grove Warren Cranberry Oil City Meadville Corry Tifusville Warren Lakeview Oil City Meadville Rocky Grove Corry Greenville J.V. BASKETBALL 49 49 23 40 34 22 38 47 50 25 37 46 38 66 66 47 70 43 54 40 49 Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin 65 53 47 39 30 41 33 44 44 52 57 55 47 61 44 42 61 47 56 63 43 87 JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Row I: M. McCarter, D. Primosic. Row 2: B. Conrad, M. Deligiannis, B. Cozad J Schosser B Hanna, G. Taylor. Row 3: T. Reynolds, F. Fulfz, F. Harris, B. Michael, Coach Eakin Row 4 F Bradish, K. Sherene, C. Deligiannis, S. McClelland, manager T. Sloss. F.H.S. Junior High Knights clinched a second straight title by defeating South Side, 24-22. The Venango County championship iunior high basketball team is given high praise by all Franklin High students. Good luck next year, too. Titusville Lakeview Cranberry Lincoln South Titusville Lakeview Cranberry Lincoln South South IPlay off for championshipl JR. HIGH BASKETBALL Franklin 39 Franklin 40 Franklin 26 Franklin 3I Franklin 26 Franklin 45 Franklin 33 Franklin 33 Franklin 48 Franklin 24 Franklin 24 88 ant HOMECOMING X S 3 yn., MW, , . . 4 at ss j ,Q 1 s Sf' f 3 J 4 as F 4 f ff? , - .mis .M 2' P. Beightol-Sophomore Class, M. Vergis-Student Council, J. Andre-Senior Class, B. Montana- Junior Class, G. Patterson-Freshmen Class. John Christy, Joyce Andre, Chuck Snell. On the night ot October 26, 1956, at the halt-time ot the Franklin-Titusvlle game, the annual Homecoming Queen was crowned. Atter waiting anxiously for several minutes, the crowd cheered as Mike Maloney announced the pretty winner, Joyce Andre. Her attend- ants Marie Vergis, Barbara Montana, Peggy Beightol, and Gayle Patterson completed the royal court. 'R i 437 WRESTLING 2. ML! Row I: J. Beightol, B. Novak, J. DeVault, C. Lawrance, R. Sloan, D. Bergin, W, Barnett. Row 2: Coach Flath, B. Dale, E. DeLong, B. Butters, J. Brown, J. Carr, L. Botts, D. Dodd, T. Kubiak, F. Snow, T. Scurry. " f- U . A5542 J I .Mt Jan . V Jan Jan Jan Jan Feb Feb Feb Feb F. Snow, T. Kubiak, J. Carr Jan. WRESTLING-1957 Oil City 40 Grove City 26 Tifusville 44 Erie Strong Vincent 37 Commodore Perry 25 Grove City 39 Brockway 32 Pymatuning 14 Oil City 40 Titusville 28 Erie Strong Vincent 32 Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Wrestling is a sport that requires long hours of practice and exercise, the keeping of training rules and often, a diet. lt offers each boy a chance to express individualism and to "let of? steam." Wrestling is one of the most recent additions to the athletic department in Franklin High, and it is hoped that Franklin will eventually acquire the desired place that it deserves. 'L ' Q cp wgffx my g- M.. N1 A kit-f W' an N W EIGHTH GRADE SCIENCE CLASS 7.-M-I Peggy Eicholtz, Shirley Baker, Marilyn Robinson, Gay Babbingtan, Sally King, Janice Jordan, Robert Fulmer, Tim Schuliz. NJEZX' ggi 451, .ii. 1fw:3:iiS A Vi ' - 2 A YA W1 ww ,K -I ,J Don Primosic, Vickie Elliot, Barbara Russell, Shirley DeVault, Carol Broms, Doris Hersman, Lorrie Silverman, Karen Richardson, Helen Nogle, Linda Lee, Dave Ziegler. 1 ' S.. gf! W 3, my ri The Senior Closs of 1957 and the FRANKLINITE Stoff wish to express their sincere appreciation for the Hnanciol oicl which the business firms ond friends listed on the following pages have given tovvord the publication of this annual. 'A' ir ir 'A' 'A' Hvs STAR coNrRlsu1oRs Joy Mfg. Co., Franklin Division Franklin, Pa. The Exchange Bank and Trust Co. 1283 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa Sportsmen's Den West First St., Oil City, Pa. ir ir -Ar ir rouk STAR CONTRIBUTORS J. T. Campbell 8. Son 1282 liberty St., Franklin, Pa. Eagles Club 1205 Buffalo St., Franklin, Pa. B.P.O. Elks No. 110 1309 Buffalo St., Franklin, Pa. First National Bank of Meadville Franklin, Pa. Pa Franklin Bottling Company Franklin Studio McCarthy Buick, Inc. News Herald Printing Co. H. T. Osburn and Company Socony Mobil Oil Co., Inc. The General Manifold and Printing Co. Wolf's Head Oil Refining Company, Inc. 702 Rocky Grove Ave., Franklin, 220 Thirteenth St., Franklin, Pa 1010 Buffalo St., Franklin, Pa. 1169 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. 631 Twelfth St., Franklin, Pa. P.O. Box 351, Franklin, Pa. 501 Sixth St., Franklin, Pa. Oil City, Pa. ir ir ir THREE s1AR commaurons Bohlender and Johns Brown Boiler Works Buchanan-Schmidt Funeral Home Burger Funeral Home Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co. Daniels Transfer Co. Feldman's Jewelry Store Franklin Decorating Shop Franklin Medical-Surgical Group Franklin Plastics, Inc. Hays Baking Company Hoovler Funeral Home Judson's Dairy Kayton and Sky-Hi Theaters International Association of Machinists L 8. C Restaurant Livingston Insurance McSparren Electric Mong's Dairy Pennsylvania Electric Company Print1's Raymond Cleaners R 8. B Motors Rotary Club Sears, Roebuck Co. Sykes 8. Kline, lnc. The Charles N. Hough Mfg. Co. United Natural Gas Co. 94 619 Thirteenth St., Franklin, Pa. 1013 Chestnut St., Franklin, Pa. 1340 Elk St., Franklin, Pa. 1315 Chestnut St., Franklin, Pa. 191 Howard St., Franklin, Pa. 338 Grant St., Franklin, Pa. 1280 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. 418 Thirteenth St., Franklin, Pa. 1228 Elk St., Franklin, Pa. 315 Grant St., Franklin, Pa. Woodland Heights, Oil City, Pa. 1266 Otter St., Franklin, Pa. 501 Third St., Franklin, Pa. 1223 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. P.O. Box 270, Franklin, Pa. 1267 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. National Bank Bldg., Franklin, Pa 525 Thirteenth St., Franklin, Pa. Box 912, S.S. Station, Oil City, Pa 1234 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. 1246 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. 1522 West First St., Oil City, Pa. 1020 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. Franklin, Pa. 335 Seneca St., Oil City, Pa. 1272 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. P.O. Box 151, Franklin, Pa. 1311 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. 'kt TWO STAR CONTRIBUTORS Anderson's Furniture Store Anderson's Greenhouse Bernstein's Bittenbender Garage Blair's Tractor Sales Bab's Atlantic Station Brown's Boot Shop Capital Finance Corporation Central Restaurant Cox Printing Co. Court Recreation Center Cranford's at Campbell's Curry, Dr. James Dale, Robert M. Dick's Handy Dairy Dingman's Service Station Dolson and Beith Insurance and R Eckerd's Cut Rate Drug Store Ed's Camera Shop Ernst Jewelry Co. Erwin's Service Station EtzeI's Auto Body Exchange Hotel Fowler's Farm Service eal Estate Franklin Bronze and Aluminum Co. Franklin Drug CO. Franklin Hardware Franklin Service and Supply Glenn, Donald Grove's Radio Service Harter Bros. HeIIer's Gulf Service Hixon's Hood, Edward Howard and Nicklin Lumber Co. Irwin and Grannis James Lumber Company Kelsey and Company Kendall Service Station Kenza Dina Kendziar's Super Market Klivans Jewelry Lantx and Dodd Mack's Diner Mammolite Bros. Food Market McFarland and Abersold McGinty Drug Store McGuire's Drug Store National Meat Market Original Cleaners Painter's Dry Cleaners Pankratx, Fr. Frank Park Beauty Shop Parks, Inc. Park Pastry Shop Polk Garage Re-Arm Sports Center 225 Thirteenth St., Franklin, Pa. 612 Grant St., Franklin, Pa. 1240 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. 1281 Elk St., Franklin, Pa. R.D. 2, Franklin, Pa. 1190 Elk St., Franklin, Pa. 1253 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. 415 Thirteenth St., Franklin Pa. 1281 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. 1180 Elk St., Franklin, Pa. 1244 Buffalo St., Franklin, Pa. 1282 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. 1152 Elk St., Franklin, Pa. 1030 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. 217 Grant St., Franklin, Pa. Black Hill Summit, Franklin, Pa. 1201 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. 1254 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. 301 Thirteenth St., Franklin, Pa. 1221 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. Atlantic Ave. at 13th, Franklin, Pa 881 Grant St., Franklin, Pa. 1301 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. 112 N. Thirteenth St., Franklin, Pa Howard St., Franklin, Pa. 309 Thirteenth St., Franklin, Pa. 1236 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. 151 N. Thirteenth St., Franklin, Pa 1254 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. 1312 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. 304 Thirteenth St., Franklin, Pa. 706 Fifteenth St., Franklin, Pa. 1262 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. 102 Thirteenth St., Franklin, Pa. 125 Thirteenth St., Franklin, Pa. 503 Green Bldg., Franklin, Pa. 1035 Buffalo St., Franklin, Pa. 514 Buffalo St., Franklin, Pa. 718 Grant St., Franklin, Pa. 826 Grant St., Franklin, Pa. 302 Grant St., Franklin, Pa. 311 Thirteenth St., Franklin, Pa. 1202 Buffalo St., Franklin, Pa. 211 Thirteenth St., Franklin, Pa. 1013 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. 745 Grant St., Franklin, Pa. 27 N. Thirteenth 1225 Liberty St., 1251 Liberty St., 1117 Liberty sr., 605 Thirteenth St. 1237 Liberty St., 1237 Liberty St., 1252 Liberty St., 1217 Liberty St., Polk, Pa. St., Franklin, Pa. Franklin, Pa. Franklin, Pa. Franklin, Pa. , Franklin, Pa. Franklin, Pa. Franklin, Pa. Franklin, Pa. Franklin, Pa. 1273Vz Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. TWO STAR CONTRIBUTORS Rieck Dairy Division Robbins, F. E. Rollie's Piazza Shop R and O Mobilgas Schenck's Drive-ln Schiffer's Market Shakespeare Scrap Iron and Steel Shaw's Atlantic Service Shaw Industries, Inc. Sheasley's Shoe Store Smith, Dr. George S. Sterner's Jewelry Stare Stroup's Red C1 White Stare The Fashion Shoppe The Squire Shop Thrift Drug Company Vath, Burns, and Mawhinney Venango Federal Savings and Loa Walker's Dairy Store Washington Lunch Ward's Baking Company Wayside Furniture Company Wheeler's Diner Elm St., Oil City, Pa. 3l4 West Park St., Franklin, Pa. 208 Thirteenth St., Franklin, Pa. 4l2 Twelfth St., Franklin, Pa. Reno, Pa. 205 Thirteenth St., Franklin, Pa. l0l5 Buffalo St., Franklin, Pa. Liberty at llth, Franklin, Pa. R. D. 2, Franklin, Pa. l242 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. 5l5 Trust Co. Bldg., Franklin, Pa. 322 Thirteenth St., Franklin, Pa. 202 Grant St., Franklin, Pa. IZ49 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. l288 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. 1243 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. l266 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. 4l7 Thirteenth St., Franklin, Pa. l0l9 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. ll0 Thirteenth St., Franklin, Pa. 7lZ Grant St., Franklin, Pa. Oil City-Franklin Rd., Franklin, Pa. 420 Twelfth Street, Franklin, Pa. 1 ONE Andre, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Beach, Chester Beach, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Beals, Dr. N. K. Bailey, Dr. John W. Bark, Dr. Charles A. Beggs, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Beightal, Mrs. E. D. Blanchard, Dr. D. C. Coleman, Rev. B. E. Colley, Rev. Thomas E. Daniels, Robert Y. Dow, Dr. Robert Eshelman, Dr. Thomas A. Gent, Harry W. Kruger, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Lesco, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Manwaring, Dr. L. G. Meminger, Mrs. Mary E. Metz, Dr. W. J. Naftxger, Rev. Roger V. Nestos, Mrs. George Nordstrom, Dr. C. A. Pankratz, Mr. and Mrs. James F. Phillips, Dr. F. P. Ramsey, Mrs. J. C. Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. King C. STAR CONTRIBUTORS Schultz, Mr. Charles F. Spencer, Dr. Milo M. Timney, Dr. T. E. Wasson and Nesbit Wiegel, Dr. K. R. Armour Sales Co. Chatley's Watch Repair Shop Connie's Barber Shop Davis Barber Shop Famoore's Findlay and Fleming Franklin Sport Shop Harry Bros. Garage Hefferman Barber Shop Jones News Stand Lee Miller Studios LIoyd's Barber Shop McAninch Auto Body McBride and Williams McCracken Service Station McCune's Garage McKissick's Garage Park News Stand Person's Wallpaper and Paint Store Shawkey's Appliance Store Susan's Gift Shoppe Virginia Morse Shop llnslaal Slflnlul-I EDWARDS BQOIJTEDS, Inc he Amin, IIIAJUQH

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