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 - Class of 1952

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Text from Pages 1 - 104 of the 1952 volume:

s 4swfM,k,.Q,,, K N., nr, .1 W ,N , aux , 1 W I an , X! , 32435 is 2? Sn V I W W ' A-,,pf' , ....g,.,.......a-.,..,:.,..... . . ,- .Z . 1- 5 ix H 1 f I WWE W5 QHHEU X CONTENTS W 3" ADIYHRALTY 4 E f f5""'- 4 3 ' fN, s ENIORS 5 5 Lf ,f 1" CREW Z3 ff 5 31-m25'Du11Es 3b X ' x SHIPS' F'-ROLICS 54 G Y X, ADVER SERS 77 e .VII EE x' 1" 1 ELA xx If -num 1 1 -1,,, f Q . K K L 1 :L FHHNKLINITE PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS os: FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL FRAN KL! N, PEN NSYLVANIA .A QW! v f-:-:-f:f:f:':f21:1:f:f:- f'f'2-':J:-f-' -. Y' Y-is'-' fn " 'f-r-1-Qzfiazrfz-:asf-4"':' ., :S-. '5 x Eggs-,.e5?,,e 1:5':gf-pf-ghigzfz-:-:-:gzgzgx-. gig!-:-3:5-.,! Yi:-:Spf Q " .5-is " 'gl-2-:':gf:."-15.5-:-ggg7gE1:-'.- "'-1:3-5534. -. -. S.Q4:2:2:5Egs gCt2:Etf:if'i Dedlcafion MR. NEWELL icate this book. 2 O our Adviser, Princi- pal, Friend, for whose kindness, interest and under- standing, we in gratitude ded- In Memoriam MR. REIB C HO was always willing to help with a smile when he was needed. He will be very much missed. 3 A unm vy l --4 -v Z Q 5. E P -M. W, X Whw NN, Nd M X i QM Q , ..., . , N f 6 Kunz Bees TE i -47, - Left to Right --- Mrs. Budke, Mr. Walz, Mr. Allen, Mr. Graham, Mx. Ferringer, Dr. Bailey, Mr. Cramer. SCHOOL BOARD HAT would we do if we didn't have a school board to help us get new things around our school. We sure are lucky to have such a nice and helpful school board. QA, f lkg . e We l l as x Q l if SUPERINT M ri vsnlcultk D1'.M oore ENDENT Mr . Ne A 1 SECRETARIES in Mrs- Urey Miss DeWo0dy r. .O ,dl, , t 5 SENUURS I 7 -- ,,,,,V X Xl ' 1 Q X 4 - Z Y- x XF? 'TT' 1 x ,gl X 122 A---...., 41554 - 3 H fs N in ' 52150 00 -"ff fx ' ' ff i , , - -'N-vs-5... if if,-71115 -Z ,-f ,Y, la lvfsfxf' ,f fif'iuv 135415149 it f lXMF7fy5QAg,l Richard Allen Manson "Dick" Class President 3,45 National Honor Soci- ety President 45 Football 2,3,45 Basketball 45 Hi-Y 3, President 45 Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, President 45 A Cappella 25 Public Re- lations Committee 3,45 I.V. Basketball 1,25 LV. Football 1 H .f ,........-5 r--1 ""f f IN 'TI Katherine Ann Dale "Kay" Class Vice President 3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Debate Club 2,3,4, Vice Presi- dent 35 Student Council President 45 F.T.A 3,45 A Cappella 3,45 Glee Club 2,3, Vice President 35 Library Club 2,35 Franklin- ite 35 French Club 3,45 Class Plays 3,45 Musical Broadcast 25 Public Relations Committee 4 Sixth Honor Graduate FT ,f xx p Q, e , . I 9 Marilyn M. McDowell "Mac Class Secretary 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Class Plays 3,45 Broadcast 2,3,4, Ed- itor 45 Orchestra 1,2,3,4, Secretary 35 Franklinite 3,45 Musical Broadcast 2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Library Club President 25 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Public Relations Com- mittee 45 Student Council 4 Tenth Honor Graduate 7 - Qif' ' Dean O. Crawford 'Dean' Class Treasurer 2 3 4 Football 2 3 4 Fire Squad 4 f?wFZDf-25Tj" 1 Beryl DeWayne Ace llM0nk7l Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 J. V. Basketball 2 Dorothy Ann Ahearn llD0tU Student Council 2, 3 Tri- Hi-Y 3, 4 Secretary 4, Pencil Committee 2, Senior Dance Committee 4 Fourth Honor Graduate Honor Society Fleming H. Atwell "Fleming" Football 2, 3, 4 Boys' Glee Club 4 Courtesy Club 2, 3, 4 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4 Hazel Irene Barnicle Nsunnyil Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Trl-Hi- Y 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4, Prom Committee, Swing Band 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4 Joyce Elaine Beggs llJ'odyDi A Cappella 2, 3, 4 Librarian Art Club 4 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Jr. Red Cross 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 3 8 Jack I. Adams "Jack" Stationery Committee 35 Class Secretary 33 Intramural Volleyball 2, 3 Robert C. Allen KlBob77 Christmas Dance 2 Projector Club 2, 3, 4 James L. Baker lqimif ..,,,,, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4 James E. Beggs Clnmif Camera Club 3 Sr. Boys' Chorus 2, 3 Hi-Y 3 Jr. Play 3 Art Club 1, 2 Jr. Boys' Chorus 1 James A. Bell lqim!! Fire Squad 4 Glee Club 2 Intramural Basket- ball 1, 2, 4 Patricia Lurraine Bell 4 6 Pattyn y Franklinlte 3, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Prom Com- mittee, Football Dance Committee 4, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Kathryn Ann Brookhouser llA4nn!9 Frankllnite 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 A Cappella 3, 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Shirley Marie Brown "Brownie" Tri-H1-Y 3, 4, Art Club 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Junior Red Cross 4, Pencil Committee 2, Concession Stand 3 Patricia Ann Butters KKpat97 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4, Vice President 2, Public Re- lations Committee 2, 3 4, Broadcast 3, 4, Franklinlte 3, Trl-Hi- Y 3, 4 Second Honor Graduate William C. Corbett "Willie" Projector Club 2, 3, 4 Franklinite 3 Broadcast 3 xxx Q--.,,,x 're-7 Wim, . is . Lg, L M xl 'g1.f':' A Q. ' 0' Delores D. Boughner "Doodle" Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, A Cappella - Secretary, Treasurer 4, Trl-H1-Y 3, 4, Prom committee 3, Courtesy Club 2, 3, Senior Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, Vice President 3, Stationery Committee Alice Marie Brown KCReaH Literary Club - Secre- tary 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 Beverly Adams Burkhardt ClBev!7 Broadcast 1, 2, 3, 4 - Business Manager 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Swing Band 2, 3, 4, F. T. A. 4, French Club 4, Madrigal 4 Ninth Honor Graduate Honor Society Antoinette R. Colella CtToni!I Library Club 2, 3, 4 Girls Glee Club 1, 2 Stationery Committee 3 Prom Committee Dance Committees 2, 4 Barbara E. Crisman lCBarb!5 Library Club 2, 3, 4 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Stationery Committee 3 9 Shirley Joan Cubbison "Cubby" A Cappella 2, 3, 43 Class Plays 3, 43 Madrigal 43 Chairman Christmas Dance 33 Musical Broadcast 1, 23 Prom Committee3 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 43 Courtesy Club 3, 4 Samuel Edwin Deets lfsamii A Cappella 2 Boys' Glee Club 2 Jim Louis Dick "Brown Nose" Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4 Ronald Dean Farren HRon!! Hi-Y 3, 4, Secretary3 Plays 3, 43 Science Club 43 Junior Prom Com- mitteeg F. T. A. 4 Carolyn Marie Foreman "Butch1e' ' Madrigal 2, 3, 43 A Cap- pella 2, 3, 43 Prom Committee 33 Library Club 2, 3, 43 Vlce Pres- ident 33 Play 43 French Club 43 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3 Honor Society 10 'lv S' Floyd Baine Deeter ccFloydn Football 2, 3, 4 Gilbert Clark DeLong I IGH! 3 Football 2, 3, 4 Thomas Harry Edgos lllrom! 7 United States Army Janice Mae Findlay ClFin73 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Library Club 2, 3, 43 Courtesy Club 2, 33 Christmas Dance Com- mittee Nancy Lee Fry HNancy37 Library Club 2, as Prom Committee 33 Frank- llnite 33 Stationery Com- mittee 33 Tri-Hi-Y 33 Literary Club 4 Barbara Ann Gealy "Barbie" Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 Class Secretary 2 Christmas Dance Com- mittee 3 Robert Gildenston "Glldy" A Cappella 2, 3, 4 Boys' Glee Club 2, 4 Prom Committee Junior Play Stationery Committee 3 Dorothy V. Green "Dottie" Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 A Cappella 2, 3 Broadcast 1, 2 Stationery 3 Concession 3 Donald Marion Griffen HDOHH Football 2, 3, 4 Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Intramural Basket- ball 2, 3, 4 Q V 8-as-'--.1 Charles E. Gyder HGeneJ! Golf 2, 3, 4g Class Play 35 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Boys' Glee Club 3, 43 A Cap- pella 4g Prom Com- mittee 3 lag ' ' 6 1 G' "' X' :Lx tb hx .f 'X I' X s -1 'r., A t S hh Joyce Marie Ghering UJOYH Band 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Courtesy Club 3, 45 Library Club 2, 3, 4, Franklinite 3, Dance Committee 3 John Glenn CfJ'ohn7! Football 3, 4 Junior Play Floyd A. Greggs HEgghead!! Franklinite Staff 3, 4, Business Manager 4, Prom Committee, A Cappella 2, 3, 45 Dance Committee 2g Hi-Y 3, 4g Pop and Candy Com- mittee 3g Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Helen E. Grove "Helen" F. T. A. 43 Junior Red Cross 35 Franklinite 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 43 Art Club 4g Courtesy Club 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Barry Paul Hardenburg HBarryH Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Vice President 2 Senior Orchestra 2, 3 Class Play 3 A Cappella 2 J. V. Basketball 2 11 Mary Elizabeth Hart HMaryH Frankllnite 3, 4 Library Club 2, 3, 4 Senior Literary Club, Secretary 3, Treasurer 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Carolyn Marie Hawkins ucurlyu Library Club 2, 3, 4 French Club 4 Glee Club 2, 3 Lois Ann Heffern KKLois9D Frankllnlte Staff 3, 4, Co-Editor 4 Pencil Committee 2 Girls' Glee Club 2 Tri-Hi-Y 3 Lena Mae Heller lCLena?2 Florence E. Huson NFIO!! Glee Club 4 Literary Club 4 12 'Q we 'U' 314 -lr" RS. 'ut' hiv M kin' swf - 'lTT"n" 'wr' 'Tif- ,q e Dorothy Mary Hartle lCDotD Glee Club 4 Franklinlte 3 Trl-Hi-Y 4 Conrad Wayne Hawkins ucornyn Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Projector Club 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Franklinlte 3, Dance Committee 2 Moris A. Hefferman "Morrle" Hi-Y 3, 4 'E-cs Qc, GOCC' C S'3 QQ Phyllis Heller K C I Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Literary Club 2, 3 Mary Ada Hilliard Cfsallyii Library Club 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 2 Courtesy Club 2, 3 Franklinite 3 Dance Committee 2 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 Nancy Jane Huston KKNan!9 Student Council 3 A Cappella 3, 4 Prom Committee 3 Senior Play 4 Band 2, 3 Football Dance Com. 4 Courtesy Club 3 Franklinite Staff 3, 4 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3 Robert Louis Johnson r:Bobbyu Franklinite 3, 4 Stationery Comm. 3 Prom Committee 3 H1-Y 4 Janet Mae Kaste CfJ'an!! Franklinite 3, 4 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Lyston Russell Knappenberger ltKnappy97 A Cappella 2, 3, 4, Vice President, Band 2, 3, 43 Football Manager 3, 45 J. V. Basketball 2, Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, 45 F. T. A. 43 Orchestra 3, 45 Madrigal 2, 3, 4 Honor Society Jessie Drake Lawson "Jesslef' Girls' Glee Club Mixed Choir .. W A-ss' Z , .35 f- 2 "1 iw- 1, 1 M, Ni' , Alb". la ' Y, ., ' jfs' Wi' ks .. F... .YY 'Mx I W, 0-R ft' ti Q R., j . I ff --.. Patricia Jean .Taillet upatn Literary Club 3, 4 Charles W. Karns llChuz!7 Stationery Comm. 3 J unlor Prom Thomas R. Keverline llTOm9 I Nancy J. Knoizen uNa-ncyn Student Council, Vice President 35 Courtesy Club, President 2, 33 Debate Club 1, 2, 35 Prom Committee 3 Broadcast 2, 3, A Cap- pella 4g Franklinite 3 Marilyn Kay MacFarlane llKay!7 Senior Band Drum Major, Head Majorette 1,2,3,4g Senior Play 43 Iunior Prom Comm. 3, Musical Broadcast 2,3g Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Franklin ite 35 Broadcast Staff 4 Candy Committee 25 Girls' Glee Club 2 Eighth Honor Graduate Honor Society 13 Richard E. Marczak flnicki ! Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 3 Junior Prom 3 Christmas Dance 3 Richard E. Marsteller I lsnakei I , ' 3310 1 Oo Patricia Lou McFarlane ' 'Pat' ' Red Cross Representa- tive 1 Mary Fenlon McGrew "Marilie" Student Council 3,43 Sec- retary 4g F.T.A. 3,43 Cheerleader 1,23 French Club 3,4, Vice President 43 Glee Club 1,2,33 De- bate Club 1,2,33 Broad- cast 1,2,3g Tri-Hi-Y 3,4 Third Honor Graduate Honor Society Albina Marie Monarch ' ' Bena' ' Honor Society 3,43 F.T.A. 3,4, Secretary 43 Class Plays 3,4, Student Di- rector 3, Library Club 2,3,4, President 3g A Cappella 2,3,43 Cheer- leader 1,23 Glee Club 2,3,4, President 43 Courtesy Club 2,33 Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 Public Relations Committee 2,4 14 ,Q W as K3 ., xx 3 3 , , V., S Q-3 'S 'Q' 'ni di'-"' W X JU' 3 f Mx Qi 40" N, Mary Ann Marshinke ccMa-ry Annu A Cappella Librarian 2, 3, 43 Senior Play Prompter, Junior Play, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Library Club 2, 3, 43 Courtesy Club 3 Peggy Lou Maul upegn Franklinite 3, 4 Courtesy Club 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Glee Club 2, 3 Shirley Ann McFetridge "Shirl" Class Plays 3, 43 Junior Red Cross 43 Stationery Committee Chairman 3' A Cappella 2, 3, 43 Tri- Hi-Y 3, 43 Girls' Glee Club 2, 33 Library Club 2, 3, 43 Frankllnite 33 Dance Committee 2 Q Ruth Anne Metz "Ruthie" Girls' Glee Club 3, 4 Junior Red Cross 4 Dance Committee 4 Barbara V. Moore K6Barb!! A Cappella 3, 43 Frank- linite 3, 43 Senior Playg Madrigal 3, 43 Band 33 Basketball 3, 43 Girls' Glee Club 43 Musical Broadcast 33 Dance Committee 4 Fifth Honor Graduate Honor Society I ohn Allen Moore l6Bunk!! choir 1, 2 ,sf .f is Opal Audine Morrison "Goldie" Glee Club 1 Football Dance Comm. Concession Daniel S. Noggle, J r. nseelyu Orchestra 3, 4 Band 4 Phyllis Irene Norris uphyuu Franklinlte 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2 Candy Committee 2 Volleyball 1 Sarah Lillian Osgood HLi13l Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 Musical Broadcast 2 Football Dance Comm. 4 Stationery Comm. 3 .. I , ii? x E 2 s Q' 4 gas., : n 7 K rl, Nerf' c ' fig., 9 W X Q A , 3 Y., 5 xt. T if-v 4 wg 3 ., 1. A K x ,wLg.k.,,Sm1. I 4 EM was ' a Zi' Sf "f"'s.x Cecil Morris "Cecil" Band 4 Intramural Basketball William T. Newton "Possie" Stage Crew 2, 3, 4 Projector Club 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y Vice Pres. F. T. A. 4 Nellie Ellzbeth Noggle "Nellie" Library Club 3 Girls' Glee Club 1 Betty Lou Ohler 6 1 B etsy! 1 Literary Club 4 Ruby Ella Painter Clpugii Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 2, 3, 4 Vice President 4 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 Franklinite 3, 4 Prom Committee 15 Josephine M. Pastor KlJo!7 Glee Club 1, 2 S' Jane Ann Peterson Hpeteli Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Secre- tary 45 Play 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Tri- H1-Y 3, 45 Swing Band 2, 3, 45 Prom Commit- tee Judith Marie Reed lCJ'udy!9 Tri-Hi-Y 3 Prom Committee Franklinlte 3 Intramural Basket- ball 3, 4 Ruth E. Rial "Ruthie" Glee Club 1 Robert G. Ritz KCB0b!! Football 1, 2, 35 Class President 25 Projector Club 2, 3, 45 A Cappella 2, 3, 45 President 45 Plays 3, 45 Madrigal 45 Student Council 3, 45 Boys' Glee Club 45 Public Relations Com- mittee 2, 3 16 Nfss, is -',, ' S 'WP eh Q ' 5 , K Ji.. -l pl paws as W Rx? Q- l Wa .,. in ipaq X 5 Q X Q..-W If X 34-cg 'Q'-55 -ii? Margaret A. Perry Npeggyi! Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Sec. 45 Franklinite 3, 45 Junior Prom 35 Stu- dent Council 45 Junior Red Cross 35 Junior Senior Play Make-up 3 4 Charles H. Power lIHuke7! Stage Crew 2, 3, 4 Projector Club 2, 3, 4 Fire Squad 4 Prom Comm. 3 Lois Jean Reed "Susie" Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Librarian 1 Courtesy Club 4 Phyllis C. Ritchey "Phyllis" Girls Glee Club Robert L. Sharp HB0bH Intramural Basketball Red Cross 1 Phyllis Mae Sharrer Clphylli Literary Club 4 Glee Club 1, 2 S. T. Slmanteris Hspeedu Band 3, 45 Vice Presi- dent 3, 45 Senior Playg Musical Broadcast 35 Projector Club 2, 3, 45 Prom Committee Katherine Louise Slocum C6KateH Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Courtesy Club 4 Betty Elouise Snyder "Betty Lou" Majorette 2, 35 Prom Committee, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Franklinite 3, 45 Musical Broadcast 2, 35 Glee Club 2, 35 Intra- mural Sports 3, 45 Pencll Committee 2 Maria K. Stefanakos "Maria" Franklinite 3, 4, Co- Editor 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 F. T. A. 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Prom Committee5 Debate Club 1, 2, 35 Li- brary Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Grace A. Sherman "Grace" A Cappella 2, 3, 45 Or- chestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Frankllnite 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Play 45 F. T. A. 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Seventh Honor Graduate Honor Society Marjorie Ann Skelton A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 Library Club 2, 4 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3 Prom Committee 3 Michael Kennedy Smith HMike7! Band 1, 2, 3, 4, President 45 Plays 3, 45 Glee Club 25 A Cappella 2, 35 Musical Broadcast 3, 45 Orchestra 45 Prom Committee5 I. V. Foot- ball5 Basketball 2 Donna Jean Stearns "Donna" Ann Carol Sterner KKAnn7! Debate Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 2,3, Presi- dent 45 F.T.A. Vice President 3, President 4' Honor Society 3 45 drchestra 1,2,3,45, Broadcast l,2,35 A Cappella 2,3,45 Band 35 Glee C1u3b 2,35 Student Council First Honor Graduate 17 Paul Richard Stroup "Bubbles" Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Cus- todian 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Swing Band 4, Franklinite 3, 4, Dance Committee 2, 3, 4, Fire Squad 4, Musical Broadcast 2 Paul Gene Tidd "Paul" Earla Ann Warner "Willie" Trl-Hi-Y 4, Junior Red Cross 4, Musical Broadcast 1, 2, A Cap- pella Choir 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Courtesy Club 2, 3, Prom Committee 3, Glee Club 1,2,3 Ninth Honor Graduate Honor Society Nancy Jane Wiegel CfNance!7 Franklinite 3 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4 Broadcast Typist 4 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 Prom Committee Candy Committee 2 Musical Broadcast 1, 2 Barbara Lee Wolfe KKBarb7! Courtesy Club 2, 3, A Cappella 2, 3, 4, French Club 4, Broadcast Staff 3, Library Club 1, Girls' Glee Club 3, 2, Maarxgai 2 18 Joan Martha Sullivan lCJ'oan7l Franklinite 3, 4, Busi- ness Manager 4, Plays 3,4, F. T. A. 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Vice-Presi- dent 4, Prom Commit- tee, Dance Committee 4 Arthur E. Timmis "Hot Rod" Richard W. Wible CCBugSH Football 1, 2 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Courtesy Club 4 Floyd Wilkinson c cF1oyd7 9 Dorothy Mildred Rennard lfmtty!! Ships Engineers 'N ' 1 ,.ww.. , . lvv, 1 u w J MR. WILSON 1' MRS DAWS MISS SHORTS A M L. wi C if: MR. DAVIS MR. PDiLEY MR. PRIMOSIC MISS SAWYER Sfgwlifg S ff? ,wa A ""' N '-1 gun.- MISS SMITH MISS STEFFEE MR. URAM MR. WAITE 5.9 Little Tars and Spars G3 Q Kai! 4-0 wil F 5 , THIS IS THE WAY WE USED TO LOOK Top Row - Beverly Burkhardt, Patty Jaillet, Nancy Knoizen, Paul Stroup, Lena Heller, Donna Stearns, Grace Sherman, Sam Deets, Janet Kaste. Second Row - Dick Marsteller, Jack Adams, Nancy Huston, Betty Ohler, Peggy Maul, Marilyn McDowell, Lois Reed, Paul Tidd, Opal Mor- rison. Third Row - Phyllis Sharrer, Speedo Slmanteris, Mike Smith, Barry Hardenburg, Gene Gyder, Floyd Wilkinson, Dot Hartle, Tom Keverline, Mary Hart. Fourth Row - Barbara Wolfe, Don Griffen, Fleming Atwell,Allen Moore, Peggy Perry, Ruby Painter, Jim Dick, Margie Skelton, Sally Hilliard. Fifth Row - Barbara Moore, Dot Green, Dick Manson, Delores Boughner, Barbara Crisman, Carolyn and Conrad Hawkins, Albina Monarch, Dick Marczak, Artie Timmis. Sixth Row - Nancy Weigel, Bob Johnson, Antoinette Colella, Judy Reed, Shirley Brown, Nellie Noggle, Floyd Greggs, Ann Sterner, Jim Baker, Cecil Morris. 20 Lf, 'I+ it . ,. 3, L - I 'TW' j . I 'V 1 , ' , J' K -fe W l W .' Q 0 'JM 4 W' -1 f -'W L- S M J ' - -.ff ,i X U, r""v"s"" 'B fy, H. l 46 ' ' Fm of fan nm 5. 1 .,, 4 s . 5 rar-. .,f y 1-4 'J !,w.AQ dvi.. " --uf ,Q Fw! 'Gs 'nr' X. 'V-.. . 5 if , - K X I in CQ -1154 in ,ts a .S . N -fs ty 4--s 6 5 nv- zi- OC -on VB bs ' J S- 1 ' 1 .. aa. A 5 W V 1 .D 55' -:xx . 4:5 Y L :tlf '?f' Syn QW' . B1 fm. 1 -'I T 4 asf- I A ni, , ' ' Top Row - Phyllis Heller, Mary McGrew, Chuck Power, Barbara Gealy, Ruth Metz. Row Two - Carolyn Foreman, Jane Ann Peterson, Seely Noggle, Alice Brown, Bob Sharp. Row Three - Betty Snyder, Bob Gildenston, Shirley McFetridge, Kay Dale, Joyce Boggs. Row Four - Tom Edgos, Phyllis Norris, Maria Stephanakos, Helen Grove, Sara Osgood, Charles Karns, Shirley Cubbison. Row Five - Pat Bell, Ann Brookhouser, Jessie Lawson, Earla Warner, Pat Butters, Dorothy Ahearn, Lois Heffern, Marilyn MacFarlane, Janice Finley, Lyston Knappenberger, Bill Corbett. 7 K x f ig , Xl I, ff . W' KIAS, CANJ tr' .-,YJ .-X.. X Sf? lg! 21 4 1: G-1 t sf -1 li I5 x QWK ,,...f wok in' . 'grief-'i to gal-95 Dick Wxlep aux Str osgliar d ke ' duiefe, 'but Sal 20, me Ca igvwg Y' cake 5se1"5- guar dS axx tfespa wana U0 The C THE FRANKLINITE STAFF OF 1951 HE Franklinite Staff of 1951 is , enjoying the Banquet that was their reward for the successful pro- duction of the yearbook. Around the table are Kay Dale, Grace Sherman, Albina Monarch, Betty Snyder, Lois Heffern, Nancy Fry, Nancy Huston, Bob Johnson, Floyd Greggs, Maria Stafanakos, Mary Lou Morrison, Ruby Painter, Helen Grove, Pat Bell, Mary Hart, Ann Brookhauser and Peggy Perry. U-Evil' This year it was Franklin's turn to have the dance after the Oil City game. It was promoted KY? 'f 3""5"' l -TJ ...l I by the Public Relations Commit- tee of the two schools. Dick Manson had the pleasant duty of crowning the queen, Janet Fleming, of Oil City. Dick Manson, Ann Sterner, Albina Monarch, Marilyn Mc- Dowell, Kay Dale and Pat Butters just after their in- itiation into the National Honor Society. 22 AT THE SPRING SHINDIG lean Adams crowns Larry Hood and Susan McCarter as King and Queen of the Shindig. Larry looks somewhat dubious of the honor. by Ki akewalk - . D Wa IS just agllfarwood, S WOH o Wh ut to Wade gn ir .lnderclassmen as f W, i NS Petty Officers .,,......-.-..- Anita Power, Vice President- BD YAXSS CP' 0 Junior Officers. . . President--James Vergis, Secretary--Charlotte DeLong, Treasurer-- -Robert Dickson. Adviser. . . MISS SMITH .5335-f v N ,-W' I gig. k - 3 5 if f fries 1- N fx, , ' nk. " 'O S3721-if Miss GRAHAM MISS MCNEIL A- -3 MISS RUNNINGER MR. WOLFE 24 uniors HOME ROOM 201 Row 1 - S. Andrews, A. Powers, N. Barlow, N. Keil, M. Karns, D. Van- Brusscll, S. Heffern N. Neider, D. Boughner, I. Runninger. Row 2 - C. Corrin, B. Boughner, B. Shoup, P. Stallone. J. McFarlane, I. Lawson, R. Rial, R. Young. R. McCamey. J. Krizon. Row 3 - L. Dennis, B. McElroy, D. Anderson, J. Harris, N. Burchfield, P. Dillman, F. Urey, D. Snyder. Row 1 - D. Lake, T. Brown, D. Fidler, , B. Shoffstall, G. Norton, D. White, P. Aiken. Row2 - M. Allen, M. Sustak, C. DeLong, B. McFetridge, N. Jewell, O. Brown, S. Walker, L. Heckathorne. Row 3 - P. Cropp, B. Snyder, N. Foster, C. Adams, C. Rebert, I. Clark, B. Charley, K. Logue. Row4 - T. Marando, S. Kyzro, D. McCullough, E. Gilliland, W. Yarnell. F3 Q wi-' if BOO! 11. HOME ROOM 203 4- ', kr .I 1 in - I muQg". W ,S HOME ROOM 205 25 K, Q Row 1 - M. Widel, D. Scott, R. Weiss, V. Larkin, J. Adams, J. Nelson, R. Boyer. Row 2 - W. Ed- wards, A. Hoffman, R. Eckel, L. Barnicle, C, Ritz, D, Clark, B. Dailey, W. Kiskadden. Row 3 - G. Boughner, P. Milford, D. De- Woody, C. Smith, B. Reed, T. Gealy, D. Patterson, C. Baker. HOME ROOM 207 - if ,-f if . , Row 1 - P. Hores, D. Runninger, J. Davies, L. Eshelman, S. Richards, M. Riffle, H. Reed, " X H. Compagna. Row2 - S. Buckley, S. Welshans, B. Beach, E. McKinley, J. Brown, B. , X Fellner, G. Huff, W. Crisman, Row3 - D. Davis, C. Kunselman, M. Stackhouse, C. Car- ! ter, T. Fultz, N. Wood, G. Sechler, G. Henderson, G. Ray. 'Q MF! Row 1 - I. Kuhns, D. Wheeling, E. Delo, R. Ruffing, S. Hovls, G. Lehman, B. Hanna, P. Ditzenberger. Row2 - G. Smlth,C. Wright, C. Brown, C. Pippicella, A'. Chamber- lain, B. Stuck, N. Cangeml. Row 3 - E. Montgomery, I. Cherry, P. Lusher, L. Marshall, D. DeLong, R. Baker, L. Green, R. Wilson. Row4 - D. Dickens, R. Dickson, R. Seely, R. Cranford, A. Smith, J. Mckissick, R. Graham, S. Huston, F. Reynolds, I. Fleming. HOME ROOM 301 Refreshment Stand At Miller Sibley The Juniors partake of their own wares 26 Midshipmen 0 0 0 'H' R? o 0 Q ' X O O Sophomore Class Officers Blanchard Gourley Leta Kresinski WET. I MISS KING mas- BURNS MR. PERRINE Sophomore Class Adviser af' ' fix' ,gli 4-m 1- MISS M C CLUWAN S 'Sf'-Sk MISS RINKENBERGER MISS RIDD LE 27 ,es- HOME ROOMS 1 - 3 Row 1 - Reitz, Sink, Kreik, Crisman, MacFarlane, Fahey, Barlett, Pachla. Row 2 - Harris, Paden, Boughner, Crisman, Eaton, Amon, Deeter. Row 3 - Luton, Norris, Aylsworth, Hoover, McWilliams, Kriek. Absent - Engles, Wilmouth, Harter, Fogle, Gyder, Miller. fs-Q ??" I 1 Q 27928 N 1 W rx HOME ROOM 111 Row 1 - Nadig, Morrison, Turner, Zilhaver, Carlson, Wile, Yetka, Spackman, Good, Deeter Row 2 - Heffem, Woods, Hawkins, Bleakley, Beatty, Ferringer, Muse, Smith, Reed. Row 3 Heydrick, Moyer, DeWoody, Ringbauer, Cozad, Wolfe, Brink, Ringbauer, Snyder, Guilinger. ta Ol ifw' iff! in 28 HOME ROOM 1 1 Row 1 - Colella, Blomer, Stainbrook, Ctmningham, Boughner, Page, Novak. Row2 - DeWoody, Long, Harry, Sutley, Borell, Hexamer, Martin, Heller. Row 3 - DeLong, Klingensmith, Wright- man, Snyder, Fulmer, Hricsina, Hen- shaw. 'N UE .lg .4 2 'Eh 7 v +35 Jg, -i :Sei 'N I Y' xx ,Jr f cp ,vfssv HOME ROOM 107 Row 1 - Blair, Graham, Morrison, Burrell, Graham, Nestos, McMurdy, Sutman. Row 2 - O'Brien, Mitchell, Woods, Johnson, Dille, Woods, Gibson, Sandieson, Reeves, Shaffer. Row 3 - Kinnear, Snyder, Wyant, Burns, Smith, Harrison, Adams, Wood, Rice. HOME ROOM 105 Row 1 - Woods, Sibley, Leta, Brown, Hughes, Graham. Row 2 - Ritchey, Young, Noggle, R6iSil1g0l'. Kelley. H-Uris. Fleming, Bean. Row 3 - Greenlee, Davis, Black, Dailey, Simp- son, Snyder, McDowell. Row4 - Moulton, Hovis, Jalllet, Farren, Keller, Stoebe, Abel. 29 Sailors ROOM 206 Row 1 - Pyle, Tidd, Dalmaso, Hoover, Knnoihuizen, Boughner, Tart. Row 2 - Grove, Cheny, Doll, Felner, Morrison, Paden, Green, Simmons. Row 3 - Cham- berlain, Re olds Voorhies Ditzenberger, YH . . Rhines, Marwood, Billingsley, Brown, Weigel. Row4 - Van Brussel, Shaffer, Cauvel, Sifter, Smith, Atwell, Merk, Riddle, Carter. ROOM 210 Row l - McCarty, Kuhn, Heller, Peterson, Thomas, Graham, Willyoung, Wright, Weaver, Row 2 - Beck, Brenneman, Mur- dock, White, Fogle, McDaniels, Rice, White, Harris, Downing, Montgomery. Row 3 - Dole, Hoover, Roberts, Davis, Whitfield, Smith, Hovis, Burrows, Rhoads, Jones, Brink, Hazlett. ROOM 200 Row 1 - Eakin, Perry, Nicklin, Wright, Shilliday, Green, Gillingham. Row 2 - Baker, Hutcheson, Crownoble, Parker, Rice, Brown, Maitland, Vololek. Row 3 - Soerheide, Morris, Thompson, Burgert, Troup, Minnigh, Cooley, Carson, King. Row 4 - Smith, Billingsley, Brown, Hunter, Mclntire, Hoover, Anderson, Sheffer. wg. '5 s- -'-'FL J ROOM 208 Row 1 - Ralston, Mott, Cannon, Bames, Kelley, Feltenberger, LeGrand, Ralston. Row 2 - Riddle, Brown, Doverspike, Greenlee, Bowen, McClelland, Temple, Carter. Row 3 - Leyda, Fellner, Reed, Smith, Miller, Stucke, Daniels, Ward. 30 Row4 - Schuessler, Harding, Mitchell, Tidd, Shilliday, Snyder, Krepp. HOME ROOM 214 McCarter Simmons, Row 1 - Boughner, Brown, , Sechler, Fulmer. Row 2 - Cherry, Sharrer, Wood, Green, Conklin, Hughes, Wyant. Row 3 - Potts, Deets, Cozad, Olsen, Newton, Gregory, Camp- d Miller, Latchaw, bell. Row 4 - Henry, Moorehea , Sterner, Peterson, Wyant, Dunlap. , -.,,1qt4'Sf 1 S .f- L. uk! gifftf5,g5, ' M -rf if "6" MISS RANKIN V5 HOME ROOM 212 List Carner Bell Gregory Row 1 - Fuller, Hughes, , , . Row 2 - Shannon, Deeter, Sllata, Rose, Porter, Deeter, Dunlap, Fry. Row 3 - McFarlane, Glenn Schull, Crawford, Shaffer, Kunselman, Hawkins, Ramfos. Row4 - Moon, McCarty, Brorns, Martin Reitz, Butters, Smith, Heffem, Reid. MRS. MCQ UAID MISS SWIFT le 'f-'-w-,w ,l 9- r I """1",7 MR. TREADWE LL Cabin Boys 4 1 fb ga 4 G ' s HOME ROOM 100 Row 1 - Charlton, Chamberlain, Aylesworth, Bennett, Bish, Bevington, Amberson, Cart- wright, Cooley. Row 2 - Campagna, Blmiler, Cangemi, Blngman, Cropp, Black, Brakeman, Burrell, Carlson. Row 3 - Smith, Armstrong, Carson, Anderson, Bums, Denny, Bailey, Bellis, Campbell, Caldwell. I Q HOME ROOM 204 Row 1 - Snell, Wood, Wheeler, Thomas, Vokolek, Voloshin. Row 2 - Shouey, Ritchey VanBrussel, Wlllyoung, Wlle, Smith, Single- ton, Beals, Rogers, Row 3 - Winkler, Young, Steele, Wargo, Willyoung, Wentworth, White, Young. HOME Room 104 5 Row 1 - Reed, Spencer, Whitman, Lawson, Hood, Hixon, Hollabaugh, McKinley, Mc- Alevy, McVay, Lowers. Row 2 - McElroy, Griffin, Davis, Hughes, Lawson, Kryk, King, Kockler, Maul, Phipps, Neil. Row3 Moses, Lawrence, Heydrick, Saeli, Kyle, McCarty, Bucklen, Wolfkiel, McQuaide, Long. Q21 HOME ROOM 102 Row 1 - Foster, Hovis, Hall, Heller, Grill, Eakin, Davies, Cozad. Row2 - Douglas, Hohnson, Grove, Dobos, Fulrz, Finch, Gurnee, Fry, Fulmer. Row 3 - Douglas, Kendall, Harris, Fahey, Harter, Gibbens, Galbraith, Galliland, Lehman, Hanna. HOME ROOM 202 Row 1 - Poindexter, Moorhead, Lindholm Miller, Phipps, Smith, Titus, Monarch, Morrison, Monarch Scrudders. Row 2 - Miller, Reed, Robson, Owens, Staron, Neeley, Osgood, McCullough, Moon, Lyrm, Spence. Row 3 - Merck, Rembold, Rumberger, Novak, Rila, Phinney, Mil- ler, Orr, Montgomery, Myers, McFarland lf , 'fb' ELL MR. EDWARDS :MSS B M RS. KENDA LL whim 'vu it 1--' MRS. MASTERSON MRS. BURKET 33 ,ffx 'V 9- Sevenfh Grade HOME ROOM 108 Row l - Heasley, Hoover, Mattern. Hovis Harran, Hefferman, Finch, Greene, Lore. Row 2 - H ' aggerty, Gregory, Holrs, Hol- labaugh, Hoover, Henry, Harris, Harris, Ferry, Kelly, Maxwell. Row 3 - Griffin, Goodwell, Finch Graham Ha , , nna, Hart- man, Harris, Irvin, Brown, Crawford. Hovis. ' I - k , a HOME ROOM 106 Row 1 - Crisman, Breedlove, Belghtol, Brockman, Beach, Burchfield, Collins, Burkhardt. Row2 - Collingwood, Beers Carson, Beers, Baughman, Beatty. Row 3 - Colella, Crisman, Blair, Alla- baugh, Beggs, Andre, Beeny, Fellner. Row-1 - Baughman, Dtmlap Delo Beal , s Dodd, Bowen . HOME ROOM 110 Row 1 - Patterson, Parker, Painter, Oakes, Neidich, Phenicie, Reynolds, Myers, Moon. Row 2 - Monison, Perrine, Mat- tern, Knoolhuizen, Oakes McKinley Plxley, Kelly. Row 3 Rlche , Rich' d - y ar s, Minmgh, Polley, Reltz, Ream, Snell. HOME ROOM 114 Row 1 - Stuck, Stewart, Shouey, VanHouten Trotter, Smith, Shawgo, Woodford. Row 2 - Sharp, Whitmer, Libol, Sires, Tidd, Wolfe, Vergis, Slmey. Row 3 - Ward, Yard, Whitfield, Sopher, Whitfield, Staron, Steele, Smith. Not Ln Picture - Welshans, Wheeling, Wentworth, Stalker. I 'L fmt. I, .il A MR. BEIGHTOL mas- ALLEN inf MR. EAKIN 35 HOME ROOM 1 12 Row 1 - Nestos, Brown, Maitland, Robson, Plylet, Reagel. Row 2 - Sterrett, Baker, Snow, Latchaw, Richardson, Dalmaso, Seeley, Lindberg, Cotterman. Row 3 - Patterson, Sprankle, White, Stroup, Henson Ritchey, Sharrer, Harrah. S fr-L N3 M 1 1 MISS WRIGHT THVHTH S A 7 C? Ll Q u S if Y C' ,S Row 1 - Sterner, Ahearn, Row 3 - Foreman, Weiss, Power. Row 4 - Warner, Knappenberger, Vergis, Dlllman, Clark. HONOR SOCIETY Miss Rankin, Manson, McDowell, Butters, Monarch, Miss Shorts. Row 2 - Dale, MacFarlane, Sherman, Moore, Rebert. McGrew, Davies, Runninger, Burkhardt, FRENC H CLUB Row 1 - Cubbison, Norton, McGrew. fre-- Row 2 - Hawkins, Foreman, Warner, Huston. ' ' Row 3 - Lawson, Nelder, Rufflng, Chatley. I x 5 X J U, A X 'II f 1 ' MW DEBATE CLUB Row 1 - Mrs. McQuaid, Dale, Sterner, Weiss, Richards, Miss King. Row 2 - Royer, Simmons, Borell, Rose, Knoohuizen, Ruff- ing, Rivers. Row 3 - Reitz, Reid, Dewoody, Butters, Dickson, Stoebe. I Z I KN X X I, X v' 9 J 5 A If 37 SENIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL Row 1 - Poindexter, Dickson, Cranford, Weiss, McGrew, Dale, Kreslnski, Ritz, Stoebe. Row 2 - Crawford, Eckel, Nestos, McDowell, Butters, Perry, Leta, Crlsman, Gyder, Griffin. Row 3 - Crisman, Clark, Corrln, Gourley, Muse, Barlett, Steele, Keating, Davies, Larkin. QTUNIOR RED CROSS COUNCIL Row 1 - Mimilgh, Trotter, Oakes, Runninger, Dewoody, Morgan, Cropp, Monarch, Cannon, Barnes. Row2 - Patterson, Henry, Brockman, Hanna, Boughner, Cropp, Atwell, Phipps, Allebach, Armstrong, Harrah. Row 3 - Perry, Burgert, Potts, Owens, White, Reib, Harter, Wood, Hall, Grove, Miss Rankin. Row4 - McKinley, Marshall, Logue, Miller, Fleming, Rennard, Owens, McKinley, Miss McClimans. Row 5 - Warner, Brown, Beggs, Boughner, Snyder, Wheeling, Barlow, Rose, Butters. Row 6 - Young, Kugler, Stocker, MacFarlane, Kuhns. 429 ,Aggie C..,f JUNIOR RED CROSS ASSEMBLY Cwo begin the Iunior Red Cross membership campaign, the Council put on an assembly program to demonstrate the various activities of the organization. Here they show the packing of gift boxes. Other parts of the program pre- sented home nursing, first aid, and the service of Junior Red Cross members in times of emer- gency . HONOR SOCIETY INITIATION ARILYN McDowell has just told Marilyn MacFarlane she has been chosen for the Society and will take her to the platform for her induction. Dick Manson is waiting behind them to summon the next new member. 38 Q HI-Y Row 1 - Norton, Manson, Farren. Row2 - Frazier, Kozyro, Johnson, Arwell, Gramlich. Row 3 - Harrah, Mitchell, Bums. 1 'Q 'rm-H1-Y Row 1 - Gherlng, Wamer, McGrew, Osgood, McDowell, Bell. Row 2 - Brown, Skelton, Grove, Hilliard, Brown, Aheam. Row 3 - Palmer, Stefanakos, Peterson, Bamlcle, Monarch. Row 4 - McFarlane, Weigel, Boughner, Butters, Cubbl- son. l 4 LIBRARY CLUB Row 1 - Crisman, Hart, Hawkins, Burkhardt, Foreman, Hilliard, Bell. Row2 - Clark, Fry, Colella, Skelton, Monarch, Stefanakos, Nelson. Row 3 - Reben, N'eider, Larkin, Davies, Ghering, Adams, Daily, Noggle. ART CLUB Row 1 - Vergis, Edwards, Ferrlnger, Daviel, Eshelman, Milford. Row 2 - McKinley, Edkel, Marshall, McFetridge, Grove, Beggs. COURTESY CLUB Row 1 - Spackman, Fahey, Keat- ing, Rennard, Borell, Hughes, Pachla, Griffen. Row 2 - Morgan, Andrews, Fahey, Harter, Knoizen, Grove. Row 3 - Corrin, Barlow, Keil, Larkin, Nelson, Widel, Power. Row 4 - Wright, Davis, Dickson, Cranford, Ditzenberge Eckel, Wible. PROJECTOR CLUB Row 1 - Davis, Molton, Johnson, Mitchell, Hovis, Reed. Row 2 - Woods, Henshaw, Corbett, New- ton. Row 3 - Urey, Smith, Haw- kins, Allen, Power. Row4 - Runninger, Fidler, Dewoody, Simeutarls, Ritz. LITERARY CLUB Row 1 - Heller, Lawson, Ohler. Row 2 - Jaillet, Hart, Fry. 40 STAGE CREW Row 1 - Hovis, Gramlich, Wightman Row 2 - Loeming, Power, Newton. NE' .4 R2- 3 4 I Q .dz-:---s--1 NINTH GRADE DRAMATIC CLUB Row 1 - Fogle, Ron Farren fAdviserj, Glenn, LeGrand, Rhoads, Maria Stefanakos fAdviserJ, Royer, List. Row 2 - Charley, Temple, Kelly, McCarter, Maitland, Perry, Brown, Pyle. Row 3 - Butters, Brenneman, Reib, McClelland, Porter, Beck. NDITH GRADE WOODSHOP CLUB Row 1 - Soerheide, Brink, Graham, Kunselman, Van Brussel. Row 2 - Butters, Dunlap, Burrows, Daniels, Hoover. Row 3 - Merck, Sifter, Olsen. 'Ms .W ll: 'Ill 'aw IK 'S' SHEET METAL CLUB Row 1 - Miller, Moorehead, Hoover, Campbell, Weigel. Row 2 - Soerheide, Dttzen- berger, Carter, Hovis, Gregory, Newton. Row 3 - Cauvel, Brown, Carter, Beach. NINTH GRADE HOBBY CLUB Row 1 - Rice, McDaniel, Marwood, Chamberlain, Weigel, Leyda, Merck. Row 2 - Reid, Shllliday, ' Sllaza Tan, Tidd, Schull, Smith, Carter. nj M- NINTH GRADE LITERARY CLUB Row 1 - Kuhn, Maria Stefanakos Mdviserj, Gregory, Greenlee. Row 2 - Dovcrspike, Bowen, Dun- IHP. Wood, Padcn, Ro Ro 5 NINTH GRADE WOODSHOP C LUB Row 1 - Weaver, Vcrgis, Chamberlain, Marwood, Row 2 - Olson, Peterson, Voorhics, Montgomery, Reynolds, Atwell. Row 3 - Minnigh, Burrows, McDaniel, Rice, Billings ley. hr NINTH GRADE LIBRARY CLUB w 1 - Maitland, Thomas, Dunlap, Baker, Sharrer, Wood. w 2 - McCarter, Paden, Morrison, Bowen, Wygant. 42 JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL Row 1 - Rivers, Rhoades, Wargo. Row 2 - Maitland, Brakcman, Bceney, Richardson, Charley, Miller, Fogle, Simmons. Row 3 - Hoover, Beals, Heasley, Vergis, Andre, Merck, Fahey, Whitmer, Brown. Row4 - Marwood, McCullough, Reitz, Reitz, Reid Bellis, Rhoadcs, Vergis. NINTH GRADE DANCE CLUB Row 1 - Greenlee, Cannon, Chat- ley, Mary McGrew, Maria Stefanakos, George Norton, Grace Sherman, Albina Monarch fAd- visersj, Butters, Downing. Row2 Wood, Sharer, Simons, Hughes, Burgert, Knooihuizen, Boughner, Eakln, Nlcklin, Ralston, Mor- rison. Row 3 - Gregory, Fuller, Dalmaso, Parker, Silata, Camer, Cross, Bell, Sharmon. Row 4 - Hughes, McCarty, Bowen, Shields, Dunlap, Wright, Deeter, Keeley, Billingsley, Arwell. Row 5 - Hoover, Green, Grove, Peterson, Feltenbcrger, Davis, Paden. Row 6 - Kuuselman, Mc- Daniel, Rice, Ditzenberger, Brown, Carson, Daniels, Krepp, Hovis, Billingsley. NINTH GRADE SCIENCE CLUB Row 1 - Bill Newton fAdviserJ, Deeter, Reid, Soerheide, Cham- berlain, Lcyda, Weaver, Broms, Brown, Row 2 - Ruby, Campbell, Vcrgis, Shaffer, Shaffer, Rhines, Dltzenberger, Hawkins, Cauver. Row 3 - Vokolek, Shilliday, Smith Sifter, Riddle, Reynolds, Van- Brussel, Carter, Voorhies. NINTH GRADE ART CLUB Row 1 - McCarty, Rose, Smith Doverspike, Simons. Row 2 - Rhlnes, Shaffer, Moorehead, Montgomery, Vergis, Cham- berlain, Deets. Row 3 - Miller, Peterson, Vokolek, Sifter, Cozad, Vanlirussel, Rhoades. ' f' f 0 O O .Q .. I " sq. 0 F' F M 0 . N. get ,,, -. Y, . c Qt '-ww . ob! 9 , 0 O THE EDITORS Bottom - Floyd Greggs, Ioan Sullivan. Top - Lois Heffern, Maria Stefanakos. E31 Franklinite THEY MADE THIS BOOK SENIOR STAFF Rowl Sherman Kaste Hart Moore McDowell MAcFarlane Row2 Johnston Maul Huston Painter Perry Suoup JUNIOR STAFF Row 1 - Widel, Neider, Delo, Kunselman, Barlow, Wenham, Davies, Ditzenberger. Row 2 - Heffem, Buckley, Kuhns, Chamberlain, Pipioella, Hanna, Riffle, Shoup, Nelson. Row3 - Runninger, Clark, Hoffman, Marshall, Graham, Vergis, Mclletrldge, Wright. Broadcast NOSE FOR NEWS "'f1,, ""'-T h EDITORS McDowell Richards SENIOR MEMBERS OF BROADCAST Row 1 - Stefanakos, Burkhart, McDowell. Row 2 - Huston, Fleming, Gealy. Row 3 - Ritz, Butters, MacFarlane. .TOURNALISM CLASS Row 1 - Clark, Gibson, Eshel- man. Row 2 - Richards, Wright, Yetka. Row 3 - Andrews, Allen. J' R. HI BROADCAST REPORTERS Row 1 - Stocker, Rivers, Simmons. Row 2 - Knoolhuizen, Kelly, Charley. Row 3 - Rose, Pixley, Allabaugh, Vergis. 45 I 9 SENIOR BAND Row 1 - Buckley, Stocker, Young, MacFarlane, MacFarlane, Kugler, Kuhns. Row2 - Sherman, Ghering, Keating, Borell, Bar- lett, Morgan. Row3 - Harris, Kiskadden, Barlow, Simanteris, Blanchard, Stroup, l-lenshaw, Muse, Edwards, Yetka, Barnlcle, Rhoads, Nestos. Row4 - Fulmer, Muse, Harris, Knappenberger, Dewoody, Glenn, Owens, Fleming, Gyder, Rhoades, Nesros. Row 5 - Noggle, Smith, Wolfe, Burkhardt, Mr. Pixley, Pedley, Runninger. l A SWING BAND Row 1 - Peterson, Nestos, Bamicle, Edwards. Row2 - Gourley, Blanchard, Mr. Pixlezg Stroup, Muse, Parker. Row 3 - Burldrardt, Wol e. Q 4 SENIOR ORCHESTRA Row 1 - Sterner, McDowell, Ritz, Bark, Cangeml, Smith. Row2 - Fleming, Steele, Hexamer, Adams, Muse, Harris, Sherman, Young, Yetka, Noggle, Noggle. Row 3 - Gyder, Nestos, Peterson, Barnicle, Edwards, Pedley, Stroup, Blanchard, Knappenberger. Row-1 - Brookhouser, Burkhardt, Porter, Mr. Plxley, Wolfe, Smith. 46 qt,- rvw- ' Ll vu: ' 4 A CAPPELLA Row 1 - Beggs, Stallone, Cubbison, Burkhardt, Miller, Gourley, Knolzen, Graham, Mclietridge, Leta, Butters, Wlle, Warner, Runninger, Foreman, Skelton, Brown, Ritz, DeLong. Row 2 - Henshaw, Blanchard, Brookhouser, Monarch, O'Btien, Fahey, Hovis, Weiss, Dale, Sterner, Marshinke, Barlett, Wolfe, Boughner, Moore, Sherman, Huston. Row8 - Greenlee, Gyder, Harris, Gildenston, Klingensmith, Jail- let, Manson, Ritz, Bennett, Smith, Seeley, Knappenberger, Dewoody, Bleakley, DeLong. llW.' , CV or c 1 f 'R grin ll, I il h A f E 2, Elk 1F 'lk r 4 v : vga SENIOR GIRLS GLEE CLUB Row 1 - Rebert, Richards, Run- ninger, Power, Creek, Good, Beggs, Heffern, Moore, Spackman. Row 2 - Graham, Crisman, Colella, Bolmer, Dewoody, Paden, Ayles- worth, Hoover, Knoizen, Charley, McFarland. Row 3 - Heres, Hanna, Stuck, Larkin, Carlson, Kaste, Hart, Riffle, Delo, Salita. Row4 - Kel- ley, Perry, Reisinger, Reid, Wiess, Richey, Griffin, Dille, Pachla, Kiskadden, Sullivan. Row 1 berger, Seeley, Wilson, SENIOR BOYS GLEE CLUB Boughner, Greenlee, Bennett, Klingensmith, Gyder, McDowell, Knappen- DeLong, Row 2 - Cherry, Mitchell, Ritz, Crisman, Burns, Smith, DeWoody, Henshaw. Row3 - Iaillet, Griffen, Gillilan, Hovis, Gildenston, Manson, Fidler. ,nn ooo iv' 47 ,Ile I1 'll in Z' Ing. ul MP7 5 I f Uilea. Xt! rr' 7 s. . in It ,.. Q I, gig, R 9 9 JA MUSIC COUNCIL Row 1 - Dewoody, Ritz, Simanterls, Smith. Row 2 - Harris, Barnicle, Boughner, Peterson, Monarch, Kresenski. MADRIGA L Row 1 - Cubblson, Burkhardt, Foreman, Miller. Row 2 - DeWoody, Ritz, Knappenberger. Absent - Moore, Bennett. NINTH GRADE CHOIR Row 1 - Nlcklln, Kelly, Eakln, Fulmer, Green, Beck, List, Cherry. Row2 - LeGrand, Porter, Canon, Perry, Parker, Barns, McClelland, Keeley, Henry. Row 3 - Rice, Dalmaso, Hughes, Reib, Conklin, Hughes, Dingman, Keller, Wright, Miller. Row4 - Shields, Yeager, Boughner, Glenn, Pyle, Temple, Camey, Cross, Brenneman, Woodford. Row 5 - White, Troup, - Daniels, Billingsley, Fulmer, Smith, Shannon, Billingsley, Atwell. Row6 - Whitmer, Beals, Brown, Soerhelde, Olsen, Downing, Butters, Wilson. Row '7 - Reed, Beach, Brown, Carter, Hoover, Cooley. 01 , . X -' - SENIOR GIRLS GLEE CLUB A i X I P! I A E Row 1 - Graham, Hartle, Reeves, .. Rennard, Monarch, Walker, Tarr, h Luton, Amon, Brown, Morgan. Row 2 - Heckathome, Metz, v 0 I I Ditzenberger, McFetridge, Bar- low, Kams, Bean, Smith, Fahey, Keating. Row 3 - Hughes, Widel, Pipicella, Maitland, Andrews, McCarter, Welshans, Kugler, MacFarlane, Gibson, Boughner, Row 4 - Boyer, Deeter, Finley, McWilliams, Zllhaver, Mc- Kinley. Owens, Ferringer, Borell, Sustak, Hefferman, Reed, Slocum. Musical Broadcast Pat Butters, Shirley Cubbison and Barbara Wolfe were beautiful visions in blue as they sang, "Sweet Violets." Their harmonizing was out of this world. The Swing Band accom- panied each number and also played "Kansas City Moods" and "Castle Rock." In the back row are Beverly Burkhardt, jim Blanchard, Bill Rem- bold, who took Melissa Parker's place, Paul Stroup, Bob Muse, Ianeann Peterson. ln the front row are lim Wolf, Evelyn Dalmaso, Mr. Pixley, Angela Nestos, Hazel Barnicle and Willa Edwards. Mike Smith and Ted Simanteris, masters of ceremony and comedi- ans, had the audience rolling in the aisles. Their "doctor and patient" routine stopped the show. ln a change of pace, Mike had every- one in a sentimental mood, as he crooned, "Blue Velvet." There was a short intermission afterward to revive all the fainting girls. . Albina Monarch and Grace Sherman teamed up to present a novelty act to "Green Sleeves." Their singing and danc- ing kept everyone laughing. CHE 22nd annual Musical Broadcast and the first TV show was put on before capacity audiences on March 6 and 7. The per- formers breezed through their numbers like professionals, and received ovations from the audience. W The Perfect Idiot 3 i ' 1 The cast which made The Perfect Idiot a perfect success: The big scene when Gene pretends to have a nervous breakdown as an excuse for failing his college entrance exams, which he did because he didn't want to leave Linda fMarilyn Mc- Dowelll. In the scene are Kay Dale, Pat Butters, Gene, john Glenn, Barry Hardenburg, Bob Gildenston, Marilyn, Joan Sullivan, Bob Ritz, Mike Smith, Ron Farren. Row 1 - Dick Wible, Mike Smith, Gene Gyder, John Glenn. Row 2 - Pat Butters, Shirley Cubbison, Ioan Sullivan, Kay Dale, Earla Warner, Marilyn McDowell, Shirley McFetridge, Row 3 - Barry Hardenburg. Bob Ritz, Bob Gildenston, Ron Fanen. ' 'X Hnnxf Earla Warner, as Rhodora, is really frightened as Shirley McFetridge and Dick Wible wa e a battle over the phone. !P.S. Dick Wong john Glenn thinks he is a coat rack and walks out reciting his English lesson while Gene Gyder vainly tries to wake him up. Mike Smith and joannie Sullivan add to the confusion. 50 5 I ll lblu 9 A'llll0'u Y lllilfl mfr: Kay Dale as Mrs. Tennyson comforts Shirley Cubbison, who plays Miss Baker. Ron Farren fMr. Latherbyi, who has been hypnotized into believing he is a rabbit, has just snatched her hat, which he says contains parsnips. Bob Ritz, playing Mr. Barnard, the principal is reaching to rescue the hat .9 Ag I mx-wig The Cast - standing, Shirley Cubblson, Grace Sherman, Bob Ritz, Barbara Moore, Dick Wible, Kay Dale, Mike Smith, Ron Farren, Pat Butters, Albina Monarch, Shirley McFetrldge, Carolyn Foreman, Joan Sullivan. Seated - Nancy Huston, Marilyn McDowell, Marilyn Mac- Farlane, Ted Simanteris. The prompters were Mary Marshlnke and Janennn Peterson. GUI' Miss Brooks av part in the Carolyn, is the will- Albina and Ioan are trying out for a play while Kay describes the action. Marilyn, and Barbara look on. Ted ing victim. ll Kay is demonstrating a snow storm in Tibet, with Marilyn and Bob providing the whir of wind. As the cast stands appalled, Mrs. Taylor enters to discover her prized Chinese vases have been broken. UR Miss Brooks" was the rol- licking comedy of school life, presented by the Seniors on the nights of November 29 and 30. Miss Brooks, the popular English teacher, who just loves sailing because it is the coach's favorite sport, tries to put on a play. During the course of the play she has to deal with every emergency that can happen in a school play, spoiled brats fighting for the lead, bossy mothers, borrowed properties, appendicitis, and just ordinary confusion. In the end Miss Brooks got her man and it all unravelled happily, to the great credit of the coach and performers. 51 The Grand March ended when Mike Smith choose Charlotte Serge as Queen and excorted her to the throne to be crowned. Colonial Ball UR Junior Prom was the crowning event of the year. The gym was transformed by large white pillars and curtained French windows. The ceiling was masked by softly colored stream- ers supported by a wheel of roses in the center. The Queen's throne was flanked by tall urns of roses and the refreshment table gleamed with crystal and silver candalabra. fl! The music must be very loud, for Ruby Painter looks as if she is shouting to Wanda Kiskadden. lim Harris acts as if he was agreeing. ' 'kw- Georgia Morgan and Iim Vergis re- lax between dances. Dick Manson places the crown of roses on Charlotte Serge and presents her with her gift, as Mike Smith looks on. Peggy Mc- Dowell, the little crown bearer seems to be afraid she is going to drop the cushion. Everyone enjoyed dancing to the music of James Banse's Stardusters. 52 CHE dancers at the junior J Christmas dance were suit- ably impressed by the snowcapped "Merry Christmasl' that marched across the wall, interspersed with lacy cutouts of snow flakes. HE junior dance committee lines up in the Gym just before going into ac- tion to transform it into a winter fairyland for the "Snow Flake Ball." In the front row can be seen Kunselman, McKinley, Power, Wilkins, Hores, Lake, Brown, Wil- son, Vergis, Cherry and Dickson. ln the back row are Miss Smith, Pipicella, Bar- low, Cropp and Daily. Dances I HE refreshment stand at the Junior Class's "Snow Flake Ball" sparkled with silver icicles. It was a popular place Catherine Pipicella takes her turn at pre- siding and serves Fleming Atwell. HE Library Club's "Spring Shindig" always fea- tures events not to be found in any other school dance. To the left is part of the line that marched to the cake walk. On the right Sally Hilliard leads a blindfolded Nile Burchfield who is going to select the shoe that will pick the Queen of the Shin- dig. 53 N X ATHLETUC S 553 -rw nr MISS RIDD LE Q ' VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Row 1 - P. Fahey, B. Snyder, S. Harris, P. Cropp. Row2 - D. Boughnex, N. Weigel, P. Butters, B. Gealy. JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Row 1 - I. Wood, M. Maitland, F. Reib, P. Graham. Row2 S. Harter, S. McCarter, M. Fahey, B. Young. Q Q MR. URAM INDIVIDUAL PICTURES Debong Glenn Crawford Ace N the football season of 1951, Franklin played games with Hickory, Warren, Meadville, Corry, Oil City, Greenville, Grove City, Punxsutawney and Titusville. The team, lead by the seniors, played hard and worked hard, and returned from each de- feat with fresh determlnation and spirit. 56 Hs'-fv'-f'i"T-4f..f-s."i - vnu G L, , li- Axh, ,IVA N?" 3 We we' .I IA' Ally! DJ L ! MR. EAKIN .QQ ,. QI' INDIVIDUAL PICTURES Griffin Atwcll Deeter Manson FOOTBALL TEAM Row 1 - Mr. Ealdn, Hawldm, Crawford, Glenn, Griffin, Manson, Ace, Porter, Deeter, Atwell, DeLong, Mr. Uram, Nick Uram, Mascot. Row 2 - Snyder, Kozyro, Graham, Patterson, Brown, Burchfleld, Dillmm, Boughner, Vergis, Lake, Reynolds, Ray. Row3 - Kinnear, Knnppenberger, Page, Able, Kresinski, Potudexter, loner, Moyu, Frazier, McDowell, Smith, Black, Wilson. unior High Football Row 1 - Moorhead, Burchfleld, Ritz, Moon, Mlnnigh, Smith, Dunlap, Polley, Bllllngsly, Snell. Row2 - Cooley, Mc- Farland, Harris, Harding, Burrows, Dunlap, Downing, Carson, Mitchell, Shilliday, Reltz, McCullough. Row!! - Campagna, Shilladay, Billingsley, Martin, Miller, Wyant, Smith, Snyder, Carson, Bimeler, Campbell, Dutkin. 0 HE Franklin Junior High football team had a short and successful season by winning three out of four games and tieing the other. Accurate passing and quick inter ception accounted for many touchdowns. Schedule Franklin on the defense Franklin 6 Oil City 26 Titusville ' " 24 ou City ' " 0 Titusville 9 , an . 2: 0' L. to R. Billy McCullough 120, Iohn Dunlap D. Carson 1225 B. Harding R. Reitz D. Harris fblockingj 58 o0 8 Dick Manson flies through the air with the greatest of ease. Mr. Treadwell reaches for a basket. O is oo Octgggo 0 o0P5 000069625 cf o 00 O Above, Miss Smith goes to the assistance of the prostrate Mr. Uram. Below, Mr..Eakin takes refresh- ment, while the manager repairs Mr. Treadwell's foot gear. 59 THE GYM EXHIBITION A fhe gym exhibition gives the whole school the chance to see the boys of the physical education classes in action. Wrestling, boxing, stunts and gymnastics keep everyone en:- thralled. THE FACULTY GAME NCE a year, the men of the faculty, assisted by the women as cheerleaders, take on the boys in a so-called basketball game, as a benefit. In costumes ranging from blackface to diapers and red flann 1 e s the men play a game that is notabl f , e or its disregard of the usual rules, but is high in amusement. X MR. DUTKIN INDIVIDUAL PICTURES T. Fultz B. Ace N. Buxchfield P. Dillman D. Graham MR., TREADWELL 60 if MR. EAKIN INDIVIDUAL PICTURES Gealy MBDDH Brown Vergis SCORES Dec. 7 Franklin 35-Erie East 48 11 " 48-Cranberry 43 14 " 56-Rocky Grove 47 18 " 52-Hickory 59 21 ' 51-Grove City 25 28 ' 48-Alumni 50 Ian. 4 ' 31-Warren 41 8 ' 43-O.C. St. Joe 42 11 ' 51 Oil City 52 15 ' 38-Erie Tech 40 18 ' 43 Titusville 31 22 ' 41-Rocky Grove 33 25 ' 51 -Corry 47 29 ' 53 -Meadville 48 Feb. 1 ' 61-Warren 66 5 ' 50 Cranberry 43 8 ' 61 Oil City 36 12 ' 57 Grove City 53 15 ' 54-Titusville 45 19 ' 32 O.C. St. Joe 43 22 ' 61-Corry 49 29 ' 50 Meadville 66 VARSITY BASKETBALL Row 1 - N. Buxchfield, T. Fultz, D. Manson, B. Ace, P. Dillman. Row2 - D. Graham, T. Gealy, T. Brown, J. Vergis. 61 1 JR. HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM Row 1 - Snell, Beighrol, McFarland, Beach, Amberson, Henson. Row 2 - Harris, D. Carson, Downing, Burrows, Smith, L. Carson, McCullough, Bellis. Bottom, Fultz and Ace watch for a score on Manson's throw. OACH Uram's Junior High team piled up an impressive record with nine wins and only two losses to win the League title. Qmfyf y M59 Top, Gealy prepares to move while Manson a.nd Fultz wait for the ball. Franklin ll 'I " 51 " 39 H " 43 If ll " 38 Il 62 Schedule 47 Cranberry 37 Oil City South 32 Titusville 30 Cochranton 17 O. C. Lincoln 48 Cranberry 22 O. C. South 33 Titusville 47 Cochranton 17 O. C. Lincoln 28 Titusville 31 Intramurals jack Adams and Don Griffen spar in a boxing match. Lawson is acting as referee. Here the Franklin Cheerleaders get together with the Warren girls to put on cheers between halves of the game. Q ooo 'is on x yo., ff K sooo 1 63 In the blindfold boxing matches Jerry and johnny Monarch are matched and Iohn Chamberlain is all tangled up with james Moorehead. Dick Manson is trying to referee, but has a hard time from being mistaken for one of the opponents. 1 i HE Gym Exhibition consisted of many gymnastic stunts and phys- ical feats that were thrilling and a- musing. All classes were represented in events that ranged from tumbling, spring board work, rings, parallel bars, pyramids, and wrestling to box- ing blindfolded. In another act, Dick Manson sails over the parallel bars. O O o 0 o 0 0 y 1 O 0 E 0 0 o MOST POPULAR PRETTIEST - HANDSOMEST Pat Butters Dick Manson 0 Marilyn McDowell Dean Crawford O , 'Q o fr, 0 :rv 0 ff' Q J WZ W Q:, M .QE f' 0 on 3 WITTIEST Barb Gealy Ted Simanteris 0 O O iz:-L D." 5 o 0 .. . 0 0 TALLESTV L SHORTEST BEST DRESSED Floyd Wilkenson .Ioan Sullivan Na-HCY Knvizen Mike Smith 64 Superlauves 0 S 0 f M 9 I I 54 O " I I 3 , 9 If M, O 0 o 0 O BEST FIGURE - BUILD BIGGEST FLIRTS Kay Dale Floyd Deeter ' Ann Brookhouser Bob Gildenstan MOST STUDIO US .fn 9 Q 4 - F' X A Q I 'Zi' N' ue' . O Q. 1 'X- O My Z f me I rx an Q Q 4, 0 I X 0 Ann Sterner B111 Newton 0 O I O 0 G K U , ,,. Ji., . , I , n S ' A V O V Q I ! 0 0 O 0 o 0 o MOST ATHLETIC I ane Ann Peterson Beryl Ace PRETTIEST HAIR - EYES Marilyn MacFarlane Don Griffen -wwf' X WELVE years ago, in September of 1940, a group 0,5 0 X of tiny gobs decided it was time to build a ship. ff' This was to sail down the river of education to the Ig, A ocean of our future. That day we defcided our ship gy should be big and strong because be ore us lay many obstacles.- 7 A bliuilding the ship tgyok a long time, and it was six years e ore we were rea to sail. ,ff The day of the launching was a big event for all of us - seventh grade at last. As we blundered down the corridors, running into the uperior upperclassmen and the frightening teachers some o us were in- clined to be a little seasick. However, as the year passed, we gradually lost our land lubber legs and became old deck hands. The river widened a little as we walked up the gangplank to the eighth grade. No longer were we the lowly deck swabbers. This year several o our ambitious middies entered in- to extra activities. The first obstacle in our journey was the planning of our schedules for the next four years. Then we had conquered the first rapids. We entered the first of these four years sailing upon smooth waters. The most ex- citing and the most important adventures were waiting for us. Now we had our first official title - now we were Freshmen. Our interest in different activities grew and our ship soon became a beehive of activity. Six girls on the U.S.S. Spirit of '52 were chosen as Junior High Cheerleaders and several fellows sparked the Iunior High Basketball team to victories. Our journey was progressing. As we approached our destination, the water became a little rougher because the river was widening, but under the skillful leadership of Bob Ritz, Pat Butters, Barbara Gealy, Dean Crawford and Mr. Newell, we made plans to weather the storm. Some of our crewmates sold basketball schedule pencils, and several others sold candy at the plays to begin our fund for fuel. We chose our Class rings, and to wind up the year we presented "The Dreamer's Holiday," our first dance. The Swing Band played for this affair. The water was pretty choppy as we skimmed into our Junior year. We could barely see the coastline now. Our class rings arrived, and they will always remind us of our fun on the U.S.S. Spirit of '52. Kay Dale, Albina Monarch and Antoinette Colella were in charge of the committee sell- ing hot dogs and candy at the football games. Dick Manson, Kay Dale, Jack Adams, Dean Crawford and Mr. Newell took command of the ship, and the rough waters became smoother. We sent notes back to the folks at home on the stationery sold by Shirley McFetridge and her committee. At Christmas time, before shore leave, we celebrated at "The Peppermint Stick Dance," under Shirley Cubbison. We will never forget Paul Stroup, the super Santa. Then came "The Perfect Idiot," our Junior play directed by Miss Runninger. We dis- covered some real actors at this time. To say farewell to the Seniors, we presented "The Colonial Ball," our beautiful Junior Prom. The time and patience put into this dance is fully appreciated only by those who spent long hours in the third floor patiently working on decorations. Hazel Barnicle head- ed this committee. "The Star Dusters" provided the music and the memories of this night will live in the hearts of many for years to come. One morning, as the sun came uf: over the horizon, our Senior year arrived. To many it was just another day, but to the 1 3 cheerful first mates, this was the most wonderful experience they could ever imagine - now we were Seniors. We could go no higher on this ship, we had reached the top. Captain Manson again steered us along our course with the help of Kay Dale, Marilyn McDowell, Dean Crawford and Mr. Newell. Pat Butters was crowned Queen of the Senior Football Dance by Dick Manson and Beryl Ace, co-captains of the team. This committee was headed by Marilyn McDowell. As we neared the ocean, we presented "Our Miss Brooks," a side splitting comedy directed by Mrs. Burket. We received the proofs of our graduation pictures. Awk! And then a month later the excitement of exchanging name cards nearly put a hole in the bottom of the boat, but we managed to calm down in time. Under the leadership of Nancy Knoizen, the whole class participated in the selling of Christmas cards, and there we. accumulated more funds. Ninety-two kids signed up for the proposed trip to Washington this spring. As we come to the end of the voyage down the river of education, we have only Senior Day, the banquet, picnic and baccalaureate to pass before we reach the mouth of the river - our destination - Commencement. As we sail out into the ocean of our future, we wonder, as everyone wonders, what the future holds for us. Bon Voyage, Spirit of '52. 66 LOST! STRAYED! STOLEN! One Mad Scientist RON FARREN Lost between Earth and Moon Reward: Free trip to Moon Now Playing at the Slocum "The Found Week" following "The Lost Weekend" Starring Robert Ritz - fiudi Reed Z? fl 72 Produced by - Paul Tidd Directed by - Jack Adams Based on a novel by Phyllis Sharrer ARE YOU AT A LOSS FOR WORDS TRY A CECIL MORRIS DICTIONARY "Always the right word at the right time" BELIEVE IT OR NOT Former Franklin resident Dick Manson returns to civilization after 15 years! Dick, who had been a her- mit since 1957 was scared practically to death when he was shot at after being mis- taken for a bear, due to his nine foot long beard ! ! ! ARE YOU GOING TO THE BEACH THIS SUMMER? If so, Seely and Nellie suggest you wear "NOGGLE'S GOGGLES" for weak eyes and "For "' GET-ME "' NOT" says NOGGLES' EGG NOGG The Cool Refresher THEATRICAL BRIEFS WANTA GO TO CUBA? NO MONEY ? Let us bring Cuba to YOU I with "CUBAN HOLIDAY" Starring: BETTY SNYDER Marilyn MacFarlane Nancy Weigel and featuring The Comedy Dance by Albina Monarch and Grace Sherman SALLY I-IILLIARD Professor of Psychology is now receiving treatment at The Institute For Over- worked Brains. She is under the care of Phyllis and Lena Heller. Class Prophec ?'hetF1Qgndly'U'ndertakers nvi e U. . . Mike SEHIT1 Land Props. Ted Simanteris Our Motto is uA?3?ys,:,vil1ing to Undertake an ing DO YOU HAVE AMNESIA ? ? ? We don't know you either but will try to find you Send correct name and address to SHIRLEY CUBBISON CI thinkl AMNESIA BUREAU ADDRESS UNKNOWN Donna Stearns, Sports Com- mentator, will announce The Daisy Bowl Game this year. Teams in the contest will be the ' 'Dempseytown Dillies," coached by Don Griffen, and the "Wyattvi1le Willies," coached by Morris Hefferman. SHIRLEY MC FETRIDGE Brilliant stage and screen actress was seen bouncing along Hollywood and Vine recently on her new cork- screw heeled shoes. They are making headlines in Hollywood. "KITTEN KAPERSH by Beverly Burkhardt is a meowing success in the U.S. today. The book concerns cat psychology. Nurses who helped conduct experiments were: Carolyn Foreman, Pat Bell, Alice Brown and Janet Kaste The Following have left for an interplanetary excursion in the rocket ship, "STELLAR" owned by Dick Marsteller: Lois Reed, Dorothy Green, Ruth Rial, Dorothy Rennard, Ioyce Beggs, Phyllis Ritchey, Barbara Crisman, Shirley Brown and Florence Huson. Pilot - lim Beggs Co-Pilot - Pat Iaillet Hostess - Pat McFarlane IT HAS HAPPENED!! !! ' The Unfinished Symphony has been finished! ! I ! ! ! Who has completed this masterpiece ? PAT BUTTERS 67 Y Conrad Hawkins investigating the numbers racket, testified yesterday before the Grand Jury. NOSEY DEETS HE "nose" who dunnit ! ! ! DEET'S DETECTIVE AGENCY PERSONALS Senator Claghorn Knappenberger in the Senate today proposed a bill forbidding the amazing scientists Barry Von Hard- enburg and Robert Van Gild- enston to conduct their ex- periments on the new heated ear muffs. The atomic rays interfere with the use of his electric razor. if TRAVEL LOGUE if Nancy Huston, for the Fifteenth consecutive year, has traveled to France. Nancy, whose motto is "Mine not to reason why, mine but to do or die" says, "I WILL learn French! " Letter To The Editor fTo Whom It May Concernb Here's hoping the class of 1952 follows these prophecies. Best o' luck and now "We're Fatigued and we want to re- tire! " The Three Prophets, Bev Cubby Butch The following models attended the recent model's convention in Punkinville: Barbara Moore, Sara Osgood, Carolyn Hawkins, and Margie Skelton. ALLEN'S TIN"'CAN"'ALLEY DUMP "Get up early, do our work, Always serve you with a smirk! " MOORE FOR YOUR MONEY ls your Dog Tired? Is He Unhappy? Does He Think You Don't Care ? We have the Solution To his Problem At Barbara Wolfe's Exclusive French Poodle Pound "The Dog's Best Friend" """"BOOK WOR.MS"""" Famous educators, Ann and Wm. Newton have just pub- lished their fourteenth book entitled: "Atomic Brains For Robots" put out by the McDowell-McGuclcln-Publlsh- ing Company EGYPT Don't Call a Taxi--Call Joyce Ghering's Camel Service Phone: Egypt 3769. TAKE MY WORD FOR ITE! SWAMI Jim Dick SEES ALL KNOWS ALL TELLS NOTHING ANNOUNCEMENT was made yesterday of the forthcoming double wedding ceremony of Delores Boughner to Wes Rarer and Phyllis Norris to John W. Snyder. The date for the weddings has not been set. Reverend Floyd Deeter will officiate and the organist will be Mary Ann Marshinke. HUNGRY? For a munchin' good time fry GILBERT DELONG'S "FLAVOR.ED TOOTHPICKSH orange cherry lemon strawberry lime raspberry and PEPPERMINT i I I 2 Phone: Yummy "HOLLYWOOD'S" , glayboy Fleming Atwell was ost to many famous person- alities at a recent showing of his latest film "The Freak of Araby" Among the guests present were Gene "Valentine" Gyder and the film tycoons, William Corbett and Charles Power. JANE ANN PETERSON'S basketball team, the HCOOPERSTOWN AMAZONS" is gaining nation - wide recog- nition. Starring for the Amazons are Peggy Perry, Hazel Barnicle, Barbara Gealy and Maria Stefanakos. OUR SPECIALTY Hart's and Flowers Heads and Showers Shampoo by Mary Hart at TONI and JANICE'S CLASS PROPHECY QC Ontinuedl CColel1aJ CFinleyJ BEAUTY SALON Phone: 987654321 Planning a Trip to Canada? BETTY OHLER famous comedienne, is laughing Martin and Lewis out of business on her TV show. Artie Timmis and Bob Allen are breaking all existing speed records at the races. Stop at the Earla Warner - ffHELEN9S FRUIT GROVE!! Mary McGrew Hunting and Fishing Lodge. Skiing as a sideline. Instructors: Bugs Wible Bob Ritz ATTENTION MENTALLY TIRED Come to Lunatics' Paradise Principal Keeper: Ann Brookhouser A Chance to renew old acquaintances . "PROFESSORS" Robert John- son and Charles Karns are nosing around the ancient ruins of Egypt boldly butting in on the privacy of mummies. WHO'S WHO Qcont'dJ Miss Nancy Knoizen, 3rd best dressed woman in the United States, attended a tea given by the President's wife, the former Kay Dale, on Sunday afternoon. WHO'S WHO IN THE NEWS "Daniel Boone" Marczak who had a secret yen for buffalo hunting, has been in Africa for the past two years stalking wild game. WANTED I Z I I by Sheriff Tom Keverline JINXY JIM BELL alias Alligator All Reward S9,999,999.99 Beginning a new series of poems is BERYL ACE with his original CNurseryJ "Rythms" PERSONALS WINNERS In the Turtle Eating Contest held Tuesday are: 1. Dorothy Ahearn 2. Ruth Metz 3. Dorothy Hartle Lois Heffern has been ap- pointed PRESIDENT of the Bloopy Gubble Bum Company. She replaces Peggy Maul. 68 will hold it's ogening on March 15, 197 WE HEAR that Nancy Fry is counting the days until school will be out - 80, 79, 78,77, 76, 75, SHARPSHOOTERS at Johnny Glenn's Pool Parlor are Bob Sharp and Jim Dick. Josephine Pastor's PASTORIZED POP Popular With PALE PEOPLE OIL DISCOVERED 1 1 I I Dean Crawford becomes a millionaire overnight when oil is discovered in the back- yard of his Cooperstown farm The recent wedding of Floyd Wilkinson, the modern Hoppy Cassidy was a social event. His horse was best man. WE HEAR that Floyd Greggs is in the Franklin Hospital recovering from a wild tcgtgciggan ride, December 28, SHIRTEE DIRTEE ? Chopstick Stroup's uifsfzj yn ' VELLEE GOODEE JESSIE LAWSON Greatest Contralto Since Marion Anderson 2 I I 1 2 1 At The Met March 3,4 1972 NEW BOOK by James Baker "My Pal, The Pedigreed Chinese Laundry Platypus" "Worth Reading" FLASH1!11111! JOAN SULLIVAN was today elected as the first land last?J Lady mayor of Utopia. C E, the Senior Class of Franklin Reformatory, being of blank mind and twisted body, and in a state of utter 1 'T feeble mindedness, do hereby proclaim this to be our last will and testament. First: To the Junior Class, our rightful successors, we bequeath: The Senior Bulletin Board --- make as good use of it as we ""' did. Anything else that happens to be lying around, if they ,....., are fools enough to take it under their wing. Q Class Will Secondlyt. To Mr. Newell we leave a feeling of satisfaction for ' having made such a success of his problem class. ' Thirdly: As individuals we leave the following: Bob Allen leaves his Ford to anyone who can do a better job of wrecking it. Carolyn Foreman leaves those beautiful "golden locks" to Connie Brown. Gene Gyder leaves his ideasynerasy ---- uh, well, anyway he does. Morris Hefferman and Dick Marsteller surrender nice messy lockers to the Juniors to clean. To Jean Adams, Janet Kaste leaves her captivating dimples. Shirley Hovis and Corky Corrin are left with the problem of equaling Janeann Peterson and Hazel Barnicle's athletic ability. Chuck leaves Rita ---- Bill leaves Anita. Peggy Stallone is left a seat in A Cappella by Joyce Beggs. Sam Deets and Jim Dick leave a quiet room 211 behind --- much to Mrs. Davis' delight. His excellent ability of making side shots is left to Ted Gealy by Beryl Ace. Dorothy Ahearn bequeaths her wit to anyone who's brave enough to use it. - To Dick Graham, Ron Farren wills his long, wavy and manageable hair cut. Kay Dale leaves her hour glass figure to Sonnie Welshans. Doodie Boughner pulls away in a Nash Rambler ---- Smokey's car, you know. Mary Hart and Dorothy Hartle both leave for careers. Shirley McFetridge departs with the prospect of a happy married life ahead -- the lucky dog. To Barbara Hanna, Lois Heffern bequeaths her place on the Franklinite staff and hopes she can manage it as well. Gilbert DeLong leaves his place on the football team to Steve Kozyro. Ann Sterner bequeaths her debating ability to Sandy Richards. Because he finds it terribly hard to leave Miss Smith behind, Ted Simanteris departs with big tears in his eyes. Bob Ritz leaves, but Carol must stay. All her pep, vim and vigor, Barb Gealy leaves to Sally Harris. Attention Teachersl After setting an example of how not to walk in "Our Miss Brooks," Shirley Cubbison leaves, hoping you'll take the hint. Joyce Ghering bequeaths her boisterous ways to Shirley Andrews. Dave DeWoody is left Bob Johnston's friendly manner. Seeley Noggle surrenders his marvelous bass drum technique to Carroll Smith. Lois Reed is sure happy she can leave. To Dolores Runninger, Pat Bell wills her willingness to work. The two Jims, Beggs and Bell go ----- no, leave. Tom Keverline leaves his quietness to Bob Shuffstall. Jim Baker leaves, never to roam the halls of F.H.S. again. Maria Stefanakos leaves her quiet manner to Ruth Weiss. Mary McGrew bequeaths her carrot top to Colene Wright. To Nile Burchfield, Paul Stroup wills his class spirit and enthusiasm. Beverly Burkhardt leaves her bass viol to anyone who can hold it up and play it at the same time. Ruby Painter bequeaths her bottle of peroxide to Nancy McMurdy. fMake good use of it, keedj Carolyn and Conrad Hawkins, as a brother and sister team, leave Dorothy and Carl Kunselman to carry on in their absence --- they hope! To Ginger Larkin, Barb Crisman wills her neat appearance. Alan Moore leaves to hit the hay --- now he won't have to sleep in English class. To Sis Snyder, Margie Skelton wills a low, throbbing voice. Katherine Slocum and Lena Heller leave all the teachers they love so well. Mike Smith bequeaths his shy innocence to Ted Fultz. To her sister Janet, Marilyn MacFarlane leaves her baton twirling ability. Antoinette Colella and Janice Findley leave their soda fountain jobs at McGuires to anyone who likes ice cream and other gooey messes. CC ontinued on Page 701 69 CLASS WILL CContinued from Page 692 Alice and Shirley Brown leave their unusual last name to Milo Stackhouse and Catherine Pipicella. good old Fleming Atwell bequeaths his charming manner and speaking ability to Wayne risman. Floyd Greggs leaves his hospital bed to graduate --- we hope. Joan Sullivan leaves her flashing eyes to Peggy Stallone. Bob Gildenston wills his way with the women to Jim Runninger. To Nancy Barlow, Nellie Noggle leaves her books, providing that Nancy likes to paste pages together. Dean Crawford bequeaths his good looks to Pete Dillman. Lyston Knappenberger leaves all his "friends" in the eighth grade. Sarah Osgood surrenders "that strut" to Suzie Buckley. Josephine Pastor leaves, always good natured. Marilyn McDowell wills her beauty to Barb Daily. To Gerald Ray, "Bugs" Wible wills a very befuddled mind. Albina Monarch leaves her good nature to Barbara Fleming. Dorothy Green wills her winning smile to Janice Brown. Dick Manson leaves his leadership and popularity to Jim Vergis. To Ted Brown, Chuck Karns bequeaths his love for square dancing. Patty Jaillet and Opal Morrison leave their worldly possessions of combs, lipstick, powder to any good Juniors wishing to claim them. Nancy Fry and Helen Grove leave to get rich quick. Jack Adams bequeaths his looks to Louie Marshall. To Jerry McFarland, John Glenn wills a beet red face. Artie Timmis leaves his excess weight to Jim Harris. Barry Hardenburg leaves all books to George Carter. Barb Wolfe leaves hoping that her musical family doesn't affect her career --- after all, who wants a yodeling nurse. Earla Warner surrenders her tasty jokes for all the Juniors to enjoy. Phyllis Ritchey and Florence Huson leave these sacred corridors with no sadness in their hearts. ' To Bob Cranford, Don Griffin wills his fascinating, sparkling eyes. Nancy Weigel bequeaths her acrobatic talent to anyone who wants to end up looking like a pretzel. Floyd Deeter leaves his build to Duane Patterson. To Gladys Lehman, Ruth Rial wills her skill in Home Ec. Bill Newton bequeaths his great scientific mind to George Norton. A very quiet Cecil Morris leaves a few words for everyone. A FEW words I 1 I I ? Betty Ohler wills her motherly ways to Margie Allen. Dick Marczak leaves, trying to keep up with his long legs. Phyllis Sharrer and Donna Stearns leave with happy memories of those "Good Old Schooldaysf' Nancy Knoizen bequeaths her daily limousine cruises around town to Janice Kuhns. Phyllis Norris leaves amid the glitter and sparkle of the ring on her third finger, left hand. To Barbara McFetridge, Pat McFarland wills her salesmanship ability. Betty Snyder bequeaths her tap dancing talent to Coyla Ritz. Peggy Maul and Dorothy Rennard leave for full time jobs. Mary Ann Marshinke wills her polite and dignified manner to Audrey Chamberlain. Judy Reed leaves for a reducing salon ---- just kidding, Judy. If they're still alive after this will is read, Pat Butters would like to will her popularity to Jon Davies: and Barb Moore wishes to leave her ladylike laugh to Peggy Fahey. Lastly: We do hereby appoint as our sole executor "The Little White Cloud That Cried." We, the class of One Thousand, Nine Hundred and Fifty Two have set our hand and seal, this twenty-third day of May, in the year of our Lord, One Thousand, Nine Hundred and Fifty Two. 5 Pat Butters Barb Moore S J Witness: A , Duck " I My Life's Companion ' I Guess ia di' ' V g 4 5' 70 Senior Day Program ISK ff 'P U rw Mm 'I ,I Blu 2 1,12 fr Commencement Program VARSITY AND .TV BASKETBALL TEAMS Rowl - Dillman Fultz Ace Manson Gealy Burchfield. Row2 - Mr. Treadwell, Graham, Vergis, Tatterson: Brown: Mr. Dutkin. Row 3 - 0 I a u n p Kresenski Snyder Mr. Eakin McDowell Beatty. Row4 - Jones Moyer Wood. I. V. SCHEDULE Q 'HE Franklin Iayvees outscored their opponents in twelve out of nineteen games. Wood, Snyder, Pat- Franklin 34-Cranberry 45 terson and Moyer each scored over 100 points. " 47-Rocky Grove 28 " 37-Grove City 22 31-Warren 35 44-O.C. St. Joe 20 37-Oil City 64 48-Wesley 15 44-Titusville 38 38-Rocky Grove 34 33-Corry 32 31-Meadville 32 41-Warren 51 18-Cranberry 32 42-ou City 41 38-Grove City 28 38-Titusville 37 45-O.C. St. Ioe 29 43-Corry 25 56-Meadville 43 Scenes from the Warren Game Under the basket, Fultz and Brown keep their eyes on the ball. At the opposite end of the floor Manson is coming in at the left while Burchfield is about to take the ball from Warren. In the center of the floor Manson jumps for the tipoff. Ace and Burchfield are ready to go into action. Cl- R Y" GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM Row 1 - Young, Zilhaver fmanagersj. Row 2 - Moore, Perry, Barnicle, Gealy, Peterson, Edwards, Weiss. Row 3 - Richards, Muse, Stefanakos, Corrin, Sherman, Nestos, Rennard, Miss Riddle. I HE girls had a most successful season by winning eleven of their twelve games and tieing the other. . -if-V Above, Barb Gealy and Pat Butters super- vise the hanging of the dummy at the last football pep meeting of the year. After the cheer practice in the gym the band led the student body to the 16th Street play- ground where the dummy was disposed of amid the applause of the spectators. Below, Ianeann Peterson reaches for the ball and Hazel Barnicle is ready for the rebound in the Titusville game. SCHEDULE Franklin 47 Rocky Grove " Emlenton " St. joseph's 19 34 21 48 28 44 Wesley 15 29 Emlenton 15 37 St. 1oseph's 20 39 Wesley 27 34 Titusville 22 27 Oil City 13 35 Titusville 35 38 Rocky Grove 25 " 40 Titusville 20 Pt-3 tfnwgg ,, jerry Fulmer receives his ballot from Albina Monarch, one of the election officials of the Student Council, which conducted a model election to give pupils a chance to learn election procedure by actually voting for candidates. Dolores Runninger, a winner in the county health contest, stands beside the poster that won her a prize. Entries from all the counties in the state competed for the state prize of S100 which was won by Dick Mc- Dowell, a Franklin student. ,407 ,--I 'Sli X -s'. ,v The Musical Broadcast's barber- W shop quartet render f'Shine" for y ff an enthusiastic audience. Lyston ik.. ' ' Knappenberger, Dave DeWoody, Bob Ritz and Chuck Bennett gather around the mike. N December, the Student Council sponsored a Decora- I tion Contest, and all the home rooms competed for the honor plaque offered fox' the most effective and original decorations. In the Senior High the plaque was won by Room 215, for the theme, "Christmas Songs." Room 206 was the winner in the Junior High. The top picture shows part of the decorations in Room 206, with part of the wall decoration of Christmas cards and two of the Christmas scenes. Below, Bob Gildonston, Marilyn McDowell, Barbara Moore and Dick Marczak have gmc sanggsk of taking down the beautiful Christmas tree in oom . 75 bil- lil APPRECIATION The members of the wish to express their gratitude to the civic minded patrons and advertisers who gen erously helped in promot Covers by WM J KELLER INC u r t Z B r 0 S Printers a.nd Lithographers Buffalo C learfxeld Pennsylvania New York IN ing our school annual. K . 76 Dr. Joseph A. Agnello Dr. Charles A. Bark Dr. J. W. Bailey Dr. N. K. Beals Dr. D. C. Blanchard Dr. Manson Brown Dr. F. E. Crosby Dr. G. P. Davey Dr. R. L. DeShong Dr. Thomas A. Eshelman Dr. L. G. Manwaring Dr. Pauline McCandless Dr. G. C. McCandless Dr. W. J. Metz Dr. C. A. Nordstrom F. M. Sheffer Harry S. Gramlich Mark A. Cubitt Mrs. Meredith Welshans Mick Mong Sgt. Lloyd D. Shawgo Fred C. Johnson Dominick Orsino Angelo Orsino P. G. Heath Robert A. King Mrs. Lloyd Wheeling Adam Kendzior Louie Patras John Harris Kostas Stefanakos Richard A. McDowell Herbert Manson William A. Blair A Friend Patrons Dr. F. A. Pankratz Dr. F. P. Phillips Dr. Roy Smith Dr. Milo M. Spencer Dr. D. C. Stewart Dr. Thomas E. Timney Dr. G. G. Turner Dr. K. R. Weigel Dr. F. M. Wilson Rev. H. L. Knappenberger Rev. J. Sydney Kane Rev. B. E. Coleman H. Carl Wasson John L. Nesbit Robert M. Dale Boston Shoe Store Virginia Morse Shop Gaudio Shoe Repair Kendall Gas and Oil Varsity Sports Shop Clulow and Hoovler Jolley Industrial Supply CO. Austin Lumber CO. Penn Furniture Co. Steele's Antique Shop Connie's Barber Shop Cadillac Sales-Service Washington Cross Dairy Bar Roses Ice Cream The Lotus Flower Findlay and Fleming Michener's Ash Hat Co. Katherine Waite's Beauty Shop Means Lumber Company Mr. and Mrs. Franklin L. Allebach, Jr. Termey and Coffey Household Specialties FRANKLIN S OWN THEATERS Kayton Orpheum Carl E Snyder Phone Phone I22 Kelvmctor an Bendix Dealer 508 I3fh Sf Franklin Pa To all students You are Invited to visit our new Office Quarters 417 Thirteenth Street Venango Federal Savings and Loan Association Tulsa Oklahoma Insured Savings Frankl in Pa A Atlaiihiwggrvlce Woodworking and Construction Cabmel' Work llth and Liberty Sts Franklin P 538 Atlantic Ave For Quick Efficient Banking Services Aley 81: Hatch p us Friendly Counsel Plumbing See The Heating Refrigeration First 514 13th St. FRANKLIN OFFICE Franklin, Pa. First National Bank of Meadville 174 0 f P db W 1 i 1 The --Mfif. .W Charles N. Hough l 78 Moore's Sales 8. Services PM Photo SCFVICC 301 Thirteenth Street Phone 863 1211 Otter St Frunklrn, Pa F ranklm Drugs Cameras Portrarts Supplues Petulla Mrchener 309 Thrrteenth St Phone 7 Tom Schratz Proprretor McG1nty Drug Store 27 North 13th St Phone 9372 Isaly s Ice Cream Darry Products Lunches Phone 1191 1233 Llberty St 1169 Liberty Street Franklun P Remember when you are away from home whether rn college or Armed Forces The News Herald rs lust luke recervmg a letter from home dauly The News Herald Printing Co. 79 WHEELERS THE GENERAL MANIFOLD AND - PRINTING COMPANY F ankl n Pa Ind str: I Commerc ol and Ra lro d P nt ng B s ess Forms Cauvel Bros Motor Co Yo r Fra kl n Ford De ler o e 36 H6 H8 Grant St F nkl n P JONES MARKET lraT Jones 33 North 13th Sf Meats Grocer es Produce Compl me fs of ERANKEIN LODGE No 83 lOYAl ORDER OE MOOSE 9 w ' r i, . u 'a, i, ' ia rii uin X Kellogg u ni in o Phn ra i, a. - 5- 80 Franklin Decorating Shop Phone 568 41 8'I 3th Street SONCONY-VACUUM Oll C0., INC. F""""'n' ""' FRANKLIN PLANT Parks Inc p OUR KINDEST GREETINGS I'O 125 Lb fyswf ' u i F t I FRANKLIN l0DGE OF ELKS No 110 ii I 1 l hone 554 ' ' 2 i er ee Frankun, Pa. The inesi' Class o be Grodua ed from Franklin High 1495: 1. "Q , 'V ffee. Ni, 5 X 4 'N ' ' i I 4 Xgalxy L 3 Nlpi' in V N Y ' Nm, 81 Compl :ments EST rum Besld IGI'I PSI IS or Lliaaiigg F00Dx GIVES EEL on QUNCE CE F ENElIilIdIIlIn: s tum-9 C' "" C. I I2 FULL GLASSES IN THESE 6 BIG I2 01 BIIIILESI HAY S BREAD JI 'QQ f f EEE WK ,Q Compl :ments E:5s4'- .r Pardon Us Niw Whnle we tell you how Important your newspaper IS to you It represents your heritage of freedom It preserves that whuch us good unto tnmeless tradntuon and pro motes that which as better for continuous progress It ns the vouce of all for better government It IS the salesman for Mr Merchant and the Businessman It s leisure hour entertainment for all of us each to has own lnknng It I5 our way of e The Mornmg Derrxck The Evening Blizzard . ' 1 ES . PE of my ' . 9 4 I -2' 5-1. I... I,-F-Erxqh.,-E : .U-. - ,Z ezqiifgly- j' ' --.9-H '--To-rr' .:.:1'x:-ff ' ff55,:.:-:"'f"fW.f-f 1 --be -cv '-- - ' -1'a...f N " of ,f j ' .. - ,tg ' eq my-g.,'.,,,, up ,, WH f ir . . l 0 l 0 . . . 1 n a l o . . . . . I - 4 n a 0 I nf . 82 Congratulations to the FRANKLINITE STAFF AND STUDENTS OF THE CLASS OF 1952 J T CAMPBEll8.SON mn, Memorues Llve Forever wnth beauhful portrants of your graduatuon or school day charm IRVING J REID Photo Studio 220 13th St Phone Schlffer Brothers Super Market Eughth and Lnberty Streets Rlddle Bros Auto Body Estimates Gwen Wlthout Oblngatnon 313 Grant St Franklln Pa Phone 821 Compl :ments of Mules P Browns Boller Works THE SQUIRE SHOP "For the Best in Men's Wear" Phone 176 1221 Lnberty St. Franklm, Pa THE NEW BRADLEYS Thirteenth Street Franklnn, Pa S' . Q - Cu P. In X A F n .gsm PX e . U. . l .I . ' 7 9 as A Compliments of A M Burkhardt Pavtng Contractor Equtpment Rentals Phone 1331 Frankl tn Pa McGuire Bros. Drug Store Vtsnt Our Fountatn Kayton Theatre Butldmg Phone 25 Meet Your Frtends Here S. T. Karns Transportation Co Moving Rtggtng Storage 633 Thtrteenth St Phone 87 Bohlender Johns Qual tty Brands Wholesale Confecttons 719 13th Street Frankltn P Cunningham s U Bob s Atlanttc Servtce LUIIICATION L L Livingston Insurance Gracy Wholesaler Ftrst Nattonol Bank Bld Cor 13th 8. Ltberty Street Frankltn P Also successor to 9 613 13th Street Frankl tn Pa H B Robbtns Insurance 'viv- 513 13th Street Phone 957 Frankltn Pa Klmgler s Servlce Statton Grove s Francis F Zagar Antiques RADIO andT V SERVICE 1312 Liberty St Frankl nn Pa Phone 78 . . , . O , , a Q . I 5 P ' 1 " H' ' , a. . . ' ' Freeman's Dairy ' , a. . , . , . 9 U 9 . . . . . , I . . I . General lme of ftne anttques 1135 Chestnut St Frankltn Pa 84 Plumer's Dairy Store Thirteenth St Fronkl an Po Schiffer's Market Meats Groceries Fruits Vegetables Refrigerated Food Lockers 205 Thlrteenth St Phone 566 Washington Lunch Frankl in 's "Doggie House" Short Orders Our Specnalty Phone 9388 Dolson 8: Berth General Insurance Notary Publ ac Phone 693 Frankl un P Snyder s Garage Pontiac Sales and Service Phone 969 l3l3 Otter St Franklm P McBr1de 8z Williams 1293 Otter Street Dodge and Plymouth Sales and Service Dodge Job Rated Trucks Neurocalometer X Ray Dr Freder1ckE Robbms Ch r roprac tor H43 Llberty St Fronklun Pa Phone 822 X Offucehours Mn F 25 79p So 24pm McFarland and Abersold Food Products 745 Grant St Phone 160 Fmk Applxance R H PERSONS Industrial Equipment Co 655 Grant Street Frankl an Po CHATLEY S 85 McCarthy Bulck Phone 786 1010 Buffalo St When Better Automobules Are Built--Buuck Wlll Bunld Them Establlshed 1898 Eckerd s of Oll Cnty, Inc Drug Stores Creators of Reasonable Drug Prnces 1254 Liberty St Franklm, Pa Sheasley s Shoe Store Phone 208-G 1242 Liberty St Franklm, P Harry Blttenbender Company John C Faller Barber Shop Frankl un Pa FRANKLIN SERVICE ac SUPPLY Automotive Suppl res Corner of 13th and Grant Phone 123 For the Tops nn Cleanmg Phone 1 190-X The Franklm Dry Cleaners 120 N 13th St Howard and Nxcklm Lumber Co Cox Prmtnng Company Job Prmters Phone 214 1180 Elk Street Franklm Pa The James Lumber Company ABE THOMPSON S BARBER SHOP 13th S11-eef Stroup s Red 8: Whlte Store Grant Street Frankl an P 'wtf' I . , I D H ' a.. 119 N. 13th sf. Hom' A""'l""c" P ' , a. 86 ETZEL S BODY SHOP 881 Grant Street Frankl un P Candy Clgars PARK NEWS STAND 1215 Lnberty sf Novelhes Mugvzlnes branlnn Srtutnn all nnheltp Shoppe Formerly Mlchlon Studuo Corner 12th and Luberty Sts Anderson s Furniture Co mmun' Ill ?fF" Paul s Bnbles Books Gifts School Suppl les Greehng Cards Fronkl nn Phone 46 Ice Cream Sodas F amoore s 18 E First Street Onl Cnty P0 Candy Nuts Vath Burns and Mawhinney Watches Diamonds Clocks Snlverwore Phone 400 X 1266 Liberty St Fronklm Pa BRANDT HARDING JEWELERS Walk a Block and Save Dollars 104 13th Street Franklln P Sxlata s Clover Farm Store 401 Liberty St Franklin Pa Harter Brothers FRANKLIN REFINERY Dlvuslon of L Sonneborn Sons Inc CITY COAL COMPANY Best Grades of Coal Sand Gravel Llmestone Top Soul General Haulung Hnghleft 8- Dump Truck Service 529 Third St. Phone 6 X U ' , o. . I ' ' 7 9 . , Q: ,k.-1N . . . A ' I 1 1 219 13111 Sffeef y Phone 7-3192 1,. , ' ' I P0- U - .1 ' , a. sv 1 Myer's Dinor Hot Sandwiches Chili Home-mode Soup 211 Thirteenth St Fronklnn, Pa Terminal Grill Frank R Barnes, Mgr 'Niki' Schenk s Drive In Danlel s Transfer Company Motor Truck Transportahon 338 Grant Street Phone 337 H T Osburn 81 Co , Inc Central Enguneers and Contractors Restaurant 631 Twelfth Street Best Place to Eat Frankl un Penna Fmnkl 'n Pa Telephones 206 8- 207 ORIGINAL CLEANERS 605 13th St C L Guth s Esso Service 217 Thurteenth Street Phone 9365 , ' 9 o n s I . . I , , . . , 0 . 0 s 88 Congrutulotuons to the Closs of 1952 MONGS DAIRY Painter s Dry Cleanmg Co 1115 Liberty St Phone 13 Fronklm P J C PENNEY CO INC Blair s Esso Statlon 1237 Lnberty Street 1113 Luberty sf Frankl ln P Phone 487 lanlz and Dodd PENNZOIL PRODUCTS Phone 77 Corner of 12th and Buffalo Fronkl m Pa Mammolnte Bros Food Market 1013 Llberty St Golden Dawn Foods Bnrd s Eye Frozen Foods Famous N Y State Aged Cheese R 8: B Motor Co Chevrolet Cars and Trucks 1020 merry sf Phone 970 'xhuf' The Rotary Club 'Viv' ' 3 r ' , o. , . ., . . , . ' , o. Franklin, Po. 1 . ' I ll ll. . , . 89 Harvey H. Hoovler Funeral Home Otter Street at West Pork Phone 202 Lee Hyer Industrial Commerc ual and Interior Decorating Franklin, Pa. Zand's Oil City, Pa . Banholomew's Drug Store Prescription Specialists 1209 Liberty Street Franklin Po Judson s Dalry comp-.mem of Pasteurlzed Dalry Products Phone 189 G 501 503 Third Street Franklin P Cranford s Campbell s Brody s Oll Cnty Po Cohen Auto Supply Inc 1308 Liberty St Phone 1461 Frankl m Pa 90 Eleclnc Company the household budget Ramsdale Kunkel Books ond Stationery 1262 Liberty Street Phone 256 L Fashion Shoppe The Hugh School Store Phone 613 1249 Liberty St Fronklm Po M' C RESTAU Buchanan s Funel al Home 1340 Elk Street Phone 138 Jewelry Company H 1 0sburn8.Co Inc 1 H an Funem ome sulLmNG MATERIALS bg L. L. Burger READY MIXED CONCRETE d El ZORDEII OF GOLDEN RULE Phone 206 Fronkl in , Po . I 8: oo, of- M ' The E 'fmt fw D up ti xp 1 2 E I IKLIVANS I l I' I 91 1 Sykes 8z Kline, Inc Clothing - Furnishings Hats - Shoes 1272 Luberty St Phone 126 Brown's Boot Shop 1253 Liberty St Phone 210-G Frankl nn, Pa Kelsey and Cgmpgny Watches S I l verware D u amonds Accountants Complete Accountmg S Systems Publnc Stenography GIFTS FOR EVERY OCCASION Audutmg Estobl ushed 1871 514 Buffalo St Phone 45 1280 Luberty St Phone Offuce 98 G Thrlft Drug Company 1243 Llberty St R 8: R Dalry Store lce Cream Daary Products Frankl nn Pa 109 North 13th Sf Phone 301 Frankl un Pa Fowler Farm Services II2NorthI3thSt W4 Franklm P Phone 512 , I Sealtest , . , . U ' Y , ' , a. 1 92 Good Luck and Best Wlshes To The Class of 52 May The Beet Dav You Have Ex er Seen Be Worse Than Youl WOlbt To Come The FRANKlIN CLUB 'k i' i' 'A' 'A' 'k 93 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1952 JOY MANUFACTURING COMPANY 'A' i' i' Compliments of 94 We Wlsh To Congratulate The Class of 1952 Upon Then' Graduatlon And Then' Future Success The ERATERNAL ORDER 0E EAGLES No 328 To Express Our Hope For 'A' 'A' i' 95 We Extend Our Congratulatlons and Best W1Sh6S to the Class of 1952 Member Federal Deposlt Insurance Corporat on Frunklm Pa The Exchange Bank and Trust Company 34 Q ,-1Vpv'y,g".., ,. -V V V. .. , - .VV 'V A L: Aff -"fi-, , . ' - ., ,, -' : ' " NK' ' ' I , ' 1' 1 . YV 7 .ffl ' 'Z ' -. V ' Q '-ai " ,' 1 .. ILA. 5" if 'H' - - 2V2"""?' J." 1 .. ' - FTC '3' '- Qs? E -gf A ,,i,.4.5'- 1 V.:-, v 4 .V I. ..V ,V -V: 54' an ...LV-. v ' ' W' uf . -- m , " -'-"1'r. , f. , . -1 ,Vg V-V ' -r -eV' . '.a" I 'Q-" ' 'T A .. -' .A ' V . --um! ,'j41p.V.-g-V ff-my ' " Vp- 'V .gin - .' V: -' v",,3..-'ft -ffm i--'f"..+,- ---'-,-,'T',, ff- l'-.V-- -5 . F. .L .- ,YMV-, 115 ' V, V A V Q--, 1 .,,Lf- -. 1 ,V W- . ri A --' 1-Y, V H -'.- 'x"1":! .V-"1 U 'f """'1x"4'ifVHV. '- kt W "' 'LH -ill -. . AV ' u' 'f - ,, , .1 :u -1 ' ' ' .' ' if - ' Vw.. ,V 3 .V ., nw . . :q,- ,5..- . Q, 2' " L- - , .QV V, 1 . 7 I4 I 5 0 ' F lu.-A. , .V V - . , v, , , 1 - V V ' -'F-.I w I 1 , , VL. ' ' , 'I Y ' V. .' " , 5 V 1 .I ' -T' , -, , L V V V-V... ' L. ,L 1 'st ,J " J . Y- V 5' J V. , . . , ., : f VV . V ' , A Vg ,. . ' ' ' w-L-.. . V ' , .V R- A ' 1- r ,f A - 1.3. 'I V f , ' "1--Hg: 'nge .r 'gy ,inf ., -V f. . V: ,'V'fa'T.'- -- ,gn 4 V - .4 . Q". V .Q it. . ,. . - , . 4:?22.f" Wi 'l1','I - wi' ' ' J x . I ' . I " I Q- ' - '. 1 , -- V,..l .P if R I:-1 -A501 A Q - 4, -.Rf 1 ,. - . :V ...LAL .fy 5-'4,.,yV . , - . V. V I. 'V , 71' --. 'L 'T' X V . :- V I , .. ,qw ' -V " A - ' ' . 1 q Y.. 1 .- ' . - . '. 1977, -'3-1"--.'5'3 ' V LV, ,' " 1. , v', "w,n.2H" -K " 'f ,Z ' 'JH' ,--.1 ,- - " ' " ."?""f' " ' " '- an u1'- , - 11 ' +V- V f .. .3213 If -1 -P .V ' . ' - fy- 1--. E. -. ., 'N w 1-a. L1.,,,f'-L 7 ' ' V v Q .' ..f,,' ' '- ' 1' - , .. ,.. V .1 , ' ' 1 , , ,5 - ' X " 4 .1 5' ':,., V ' " - ' . , Ulf' . V ' - V V-., A J x - , 'V V . Q .. A .: PA .tk V --, 4 1 ff . 1 ' 1 gt V flin' " IV' V , ' I ,TN " .am . ' W .' ' L. 1 ' '- 1 ' 4 . V -' .r"' ',' I , sn I V- 5, ,V-, 4,1 -1 V . L' - . Q. 2. 'V ., ,.- . , ..""'?""' ' 'f"f"4n, 'Z " ' Lf. ' ' nb.. . 4-23... I , -1 - . .. .. V .M V- , ,Q VV, VV Jr., . . V Q X V V ' K-Ie, A ,....'f'.' .,.1..- A 53-' V DV . gr 15' .- H. U 1 . Y- . -. , LV Nav. V. ,351 .. .- , L. 1 .. , . ja.- Yu .UVA -51 , . A .f'.ii'-V, f .vg..' -Jay '- ' j, . wir?-YV ,".- . A V , . -.. 5. I E . 1 V . . G - V' ,Y ,, . 4 , it ' .H - 'VW' ' ,I 1 tvs 1. .X fi. n Nu.-1 -.1 1' , ' I Q'-1 .MV-r ..,.,. 1 ,n ,I X W! 1 V.. .W A N .V . , V- .. 'Vx E! -. 1, V . V 1.4.1 a .V-,Q-.. . .. , , . Vp'l"'-' "b!f8.'."f' ' 'V in ' ,T ,VL Vim! ,- ',,- ,: I- V, Va 1, 1 1 - . :ink .'Vl . ',',Vg.,' 'i."5..mvV-..- VA., fi ff " 'V f:.tNrf.P.Q, -A V . , .V.,,,-.-'-' ',.n:,-Af." - 1 ,im , ' , -My N- ,f."'k."g-V-J' 1 -V V:-... 'V y 'fi' 1.-1, V. '.1 'V Vg ,,. ' -IQ,-Ly wh- I 4 I ' .VV fq , ' "' ' 7 '. V ,. . - A . 'V . f. . 't V ' M v. gi" A "ZH 'V 'fx f . V: -if F Ir Ax., ,ini ',5. nx . - ,V V., .pug-2 . , vgfui ' '.:. ,-V N ' , . . . ,V,,,... V, . - V' 1.f"f--A ' ' lr' . ' if-:.1'1K"V 3 A W U.-V-nj.-,VV M4-. W- V--If -' VV-V: 1 ...xx V .J VI K Q... .' f' 'V ,. ,' 4 ' -,. , .,V'V fy gl A - . .nf t' ' . ' '11-2' V.... ' ' "V-Wx ' Ai' FHM 1- 1 --7 - V V VV 1 V- I' 751'-.,..jV ' ' .5 fV ' .Um i.L5'93?-,QpEfi1"':': ' f ' 2 V. ja-1a44w-'11.-,:.' P: -, -. .Ili . -',.'fF7 U L 1" .1 V? . .,+,:.v'f:1m9,f, . it ,TV p . -we iffu A. . 1 .. 1. ' - PENN - 'Nd M. r Vw' - VV, .. 1 V' -14 'P V-V' .V ' V .I V 1 'M I 11 HJ, 'fs'-. 'ff uf... .E . V , F- mx... .. ' -...V ..1-k.g 4.- -Qi -.-.......,,g.,-,..,Y,.K, , , WW Y I " 'L- BU I ' Wu W , EEEEFEEEESEESEESEJ Si???fE??E?EiEEEIT?E L W5?5E35::??:.Z' 'HQ 1' 1 ' nz: , ::5Efi:t:,pqf.:.., 2542? 122 fo J 1 ..,n,,., E Ze A I i IL- - 1 I ff 3 Es 1 -f Y X Mav- aw?

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