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S 'I file .91 in x R. -A v 1 11 153 J fx, 1 53.5 . f 1, 7 .N lu ' ' .1Aamgj-E'1:H2'T2Ail3!'-if-RiY.'.T..1'..i".sn ,-4 E-A12 'ma-5.14:-P A ,. pf:- 'E ,, ,Cm 'V iq .- Q 1 EJTFXM . ,Y N. ..?J., :-9 I ,ag m L, ' -1 w i 4 .1 -,VL-.qi 1 ', Q51 L .4 .pw-: SEE: I . . v'1 ":.-C ',R9::' -v ik.-2' ' GQ-L, v ' X Y: , al ' fa T - . I' . H 'I-YQ i1'L .W is'-L? TT , gg uh is W1 rw- -f -v -v vu-,-:-r- -3-1-w-'wg-yr: n T '-- v -1-H - v-'N-q- w---1-1-?qw----v-g1m1.-f--- - ...Q I 1 I D ...-.....An- DIARY 19504951 A Line a Day Name: FRANKLINITE Address: FRANKLIN jR.fSR. HIGH SCHOOL FRANKLIN, PENNSYLVANIA Description: CLASSES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS ADMINISTRATION ADVERTISEMENTS This Is My Personal Diary: Now this is supposed to be confidential, But I guess it's not absolutely essential That we keep things hidden from others, just my kid sisters and brothers. I'll keep my most treasured memories here The memories that I hold especially dear. The ones of my school, FHS, and my friends, Of the lessons, activities and fashion trends. I remember the night of the prom it was swell. Geepers-there'll be lots of things to tell. After a while when I'm old and grey. And must sit and rock in a chair all day, I'll get you out, dear diary, and read Remembering I'll say, "The good old days, yes, indeed!" Q"Nulla dies sine linea-No day Without a lineul SEPTEMBER 1950 'Dum DJMA, RQ WWYA UQ, jf., 31.40, Mm ,Yay jo e,u,fM,vs my WMM jo aww. iwo vrvmryx' we-nAu9Q.Q .En um, womm. JTZV-sua, ,,t3L0-PVD ZKQAJZJ dnb WMA Aim-lxn 15xf,.4Wfw,-A ,M.xW+o.,1 Ulm mo .mb JM, MSA. TLS, .lwzl w-Ynux 033'-.uw me-ff plowed Mtooiluxcb wlxum 3 wav: Slack unc! Kmibbllo w-Msn X5 QM Acad. KT-Pxuv J-nur.: .,h.iv-.LE Ulu U Qxali JWWA wuz, N5 umm vn,Lr'1wx9x',!3Qv1, JH'-uv .Loup mann ,MMU JMU, Am Q -www A mwaxoio SAW.. DWL Uumvfl wav CJLQLYX .jo -vvw. YX0-UU' .fu A u..rvN Qwzgcnnw' ' do Emu jxwoq , Mm Aon M Wig My E1 .Tim ,nunm kbs, aww ju nbfmjx Alf-EW, Aowavp JHHU J?-xovub ole-nu Xvxapu fax:-nv MJEWE Q Ju'1a.rx.E4.'Q-L0.PL, Jumx EA, ClLoLi.QcdlA.lo-rx ci -'-.,rw..jX U-jXEaz1.Q-N00-'fp " ,mga NRL, QVJQD .4.,.,, Q Agmaw Vguajx A-D-xo-ur MA Mapnsqmipm J. Mmm. EPTEMBER 1950 QZCUI- KVQNML CU1-L H19 AXUDQXOWSJ jfo havoc? .Ao-'LJ Mlav QPQAX Wmao 00 ,Xa-MA., JAEQAA. f!T'X'xLcQ!'XS.2 Q KLAJLYQ Qfunck oncx xb M910-fav KMYXEJG Qofnij 30 xC1i?A-l05a,XXD'X2M ox Roocx owe! CLA 'B .,rrQni.J.q?:- Xxfvfxuw Wuxduewapuwuq wmv Oznlofu Quan A-l'xr,,ln. Mmm Awww, lm Qvwmwbvx M, , goguww ,mg Qmwfnm AEM , mtgmevmu, A QQWCQQQ h,oY:'U5 , , axxcx aw wxmff, Wxmx Exo 'No Jwqkb lbcvxoov Jjxgqm ho vvvxbrvx OXQQJYS., . Lou .goin Nwwixvw and OCTOBER 1950 Dear Diary, Here begin the memories of the Class of 1951. When we look at the pictures of the little people in the picture below, we remember when our class began the second half of its educational career with fear and trembling, having been warned repeatedly by our dear and wellfwishing teachers of the grades that junior High was really tough, and that we would certainly have to work. Looking back on that memorable day a trickle of a tear might have been seen as we search' ed bashfully for an assigned roomemany of us eventually winding up in the wrong room, because we didn't dare ask directions of the upperclassmen or teachers. As the days progressed, we found ourselves getting more and more familiar with the building. We didn't get lost quite so often going from English to Art, or from Arithmetic to Gym. Our teachers, as time wore on, proved not to be the monsters we had imagined. With yearning hearts and eager faces we watched the older boys participating in the sports and winning the laurels that someday might be ours. We attended the games faithfully and no one cheered as lustily as we. Having achieved a determination to succeed in our education, we left for summer vacation with a Christmas party as our fond! est memory of our first year in FHS. In the fall of our eighth grade year, we looked forward to returning with much anticipation and, forgetting all too soon our seventh grade troubles, surely lorded it over the new students. Cy? 4 ROW 1-W-R. Cartwright, M. A. King, N. johnson, N. Lawson, Chamberlain, E. Harris, C. Kockler, M. Bingman C. Cangemi, P. Brakeman, D. Fry, N. Hall, ll. Hovis, C. Archer, A. Lawson, B. Charlton, B. Finch, P. Gibbens, D. Bish ROW 2-R. Kahle, R. Fulmer, K. Galbreath, M. Burrell, N. Boughner, S. Kyle, B. Carlson, A. Dobson, C. Hanna N. Harter, A. Bailey, C. Burns, M. Grove, D. Ditzenburger, J. Fultz, N. Bushlen, D. Hixon, D. Cozad. ROW 31 - R. Grill, D. Douglas, F. Douglas, D. Hallabaugh, R. Griffen, T. Lawrence, gl. Heydrick, J. Collingwood, A. Brinker, B. Bellis, C. Bark, B. Kendall, P. Amberson, D. Beals, Cooley, H. Heller, W. Beaker, B. Eakin, D. Darius. TOP ROW K. Latshaw, L. Carson, J. Campagna, B. Campbell, B. Bennett, L. Hood, R. Dories, H. Armstrong, L. Anderson, B.Dennis, L. Cilland, D. Dodd, J. Foster, W. Dunlap, D. Dunlap, J. Colwell, A. Felner, S. Desco. a a 4 -11. ! Seventh Grade ROW 1fC. Phipps, M. Timney, A. Willyoung, T. Miller, D. Miller, B. Long, L. Vanderhoff, P. Wile, P. lames M. Wentworth, O. Turner, R. McVay, M. Thomas, P. Phipps, L. Wood, B. Young, S. McAlevy. ROW 2 ---ll Will: young, B. Staron, E. Scrudders, B. Neeley, J. McQuaid, A. Smith, D. Wolfkiel, J. Reed, M. Wargo, P. Robson, Bi Steele S. Rumberger, Maul. ROW 3fD. Rhoads, D. Phinney, T. VanBrussel, C. White, W. Vokalek, R. Vaow C Miller, G. Lehman, R. Lindholm, W. McCullough, D. Lynn, B. Saeli. ROW 4-D. Spencer, B. Wood, D. Rogers, B. Muse, T. Moses, A. Ritchey, B. Pedley, D. Shouey, T. Stanley, W. Rarer, S. Osgood, E. Strawbridge, F.Wilsey, H. Sharene, C. Titus. TOP ROWej. Reed, C. Snell, J. Monarch, D. Poindexter, T. McElroy, B. Moon, C. Rila, S. Smith, F. Myers, D. Smith, R. Rodgers, A. Moorehead, j.Monarch, A. Whelman. 52 WE STILL RECALL how enthusiastically we looked forward to the guidance periods that were substituted for Arithmetic on Fridays. This substitution was a reward for a week of good behavior. Some of our more adventurous members started a little newspaper which lasted about two weeks. The high spot of this year was trying to make out our schedules for the next four years. We still remember very kindly some of the friendly suggestions and counsel given by Mr. Newell and our various teachers. And somehow, possibly by a good shove from a kindhearted teacher, we pulled through the eighth grade. In that everftofbe remembered year of 1947, the class of 1951 started on the last lap of its educational training with a few brains, some native ability, much conceit, and a lot of good humor. Our mental geniuses were discovered that year. To our number were added a few new members. We now thought we were the supreme rulers of Junior High, with our body and soul dedicated to being Seniors. During that year we demonstrated our acting ablity and had our first case of stage fright when we presented "Bunny Comes To Town". The Coon coat worn during the play started a fad of coon coats in the school. It was this play that started many hopes of succeeding in the bigger plays to come. Early in our Sophomore year we chose Mrs. Burket as our adviser. NOVEMBER 1950 AT OUR FIRST CLASS MEETING in the balcony of the Auditorium we elected the following class ofiiers: Jay Rhoads as president, Dick Haggerty as vicefpresident, Charlotte Serge as secretary, and John Harris as treasurer. These officers served faithfully and well and were refelected for our Junior year. We sponsored several successful projects in 1948. First of our class projects was selling homefmade candy at the plays and the Broadcast. Basketball schedules and pencils were sold at the games and the amount in our treasury gradually increased. In the second semester of our Sophomore year we held our first dance, "The Apple Blossom Frolicn and danced to the tunes played by the FHS Swing Band. The gym was attractively decorated in keeping with the theme. During the intermission the dancers were entertained by a floor show. Guy Stallone, already beginning to be noticed for his sin ing ability, rendered a solo, accompanied by Ginny Gramlich, who amused the audience by being dressed in the garb of an old fat farm lady, Norman Beals rendered a selection on his musical saw, and Mary Ann Wiegel enter' tained with a ballet dance. After an evening of fun and dancing everyone left the frolic with a light heart. The many talented members of our class were gaining more recognition, and preparing for the leadership we were looking forward to in the next two years. As Sophomores, Ed Wible and jay Rhoads attended the football banquet and received letters for defending FHS on the gridiron. Qs ROW IAM. Gregory, R. Fulmer, A. Knooihuizen, L. Heffernan, M. Baker, F. Chatley, M. Bargar, J. Fuller, J. Berf man, J. Carner, D. Canon, A. Boughner, N. Cross, B. Barns, M Archer. ROW 24V. Henry, S. Greenlee, E. Dalmaso, M. Glenn, M. Doll, S. Green, M. Conklin, M. Kuhn, D. Kahle, V. Collingwood, S. Burgert, G. Gregory, D. Grove P. Grove, C. Greene B. Hughes. ROW 3--YD. Harris. D. Carson, H. Fogle, P. Kelley, D. Chamberlain, D. Bowen B. Burgert, J. Kuhn, C. Hughes, D. Hutcheson, B. Hoover, D. Hovis, R. Gregory. ROW 4-R. Litzenberger, j.Kunselman D. Donahue, C. Harrah, R. Gillingham, H. Brown, L. Brown, P. Cooley, R. Beach, K. Brown, B. Campbell, Downing B. Harding, C. Fellner, K. Hawkins. ROW 5 YD. Cozad, A. Dunlap, G. Edwards, B. Hazlett, D. King, L. Burrell C. jones, H. Lawson, F. Green, C. Butters, -I. Anderson, G. Hoover, j. Carter, B. Carter, sl. Chamberlain. 1 ea 1 2lMr2xi, LE? ' ' A s Eighth Grade ROW 1-D. Shilliday, A. Thomas, S. Pyle, G. Perry, N. Simons, B. Rice, E. Sollinger, K. Rivers, M. Tidd, B. Morrif son, E. Peterson, J. Mott, P. Porter, C. List, F. Paden, M. Ward. ROW 2sff'D. Morris, N. McCelland, V. Phenicle V. Silata, N. Yeager, J. LeGrand, F. Reib, J. Ward, P. Rose, J. Royer, L. Shields, E. Potts, E. Witfield, M. Parker. ROW 343. Minnick, P. Peterson, H. Reed, D. Linsley, P. Smith, R. Schull, N. Simmons, S. McCarter, M. Maitland, B. Smith, J. Shilliday, D. Young, L. Willyoung. ROW 4-F. Ramfos, C. Thompson, B. Martin, K. Van Brussel. J. Schuessler, R. Reitz, R. Rhoads, A. Sterner, L. Snyder, P. Shaffer, D. Sifter, B. Reid, E. Riddle, Riddle, R. Smith, D. Weaver. ROW 5-W. Orr, G. McFarlane, J. Moorhead, J. Montgomery, K. Marwood, J. Merck, F. Lepley A. Vokalek, G. Mclntire, D. Mitchell, B. Tidd, j. Vergis, D. Troup, R. White, G. Wright. V. Smith, R. Wiegel. 1 9 qv AT LAST WE ARE NEARING OUR GOAL. By the second week of our junior year we were busily working in the concessions at the football field. Some of our willing workers found it quite a feat to sell hot dogs and watch the game at the same time. Nine juniors were out there defending FHS. Some of us sold candy and pop at the basketball games while others were getting in their share of plays on the floor. By this time we had grown up enough to stage the play, "Meet Me in St. Louis". We still smile as we remember Mary Baker and Sue Riddle in their long dresses, black stockings and high button shoes, and the roar that went up from the audience as Mary tried to bite Dick Gillingham's leg, or the party that followed on the last night of the performance. The hard working play cast was soon retplaced by an equally hard working prom committee. After numerous meetings a fairyland theme was chosen. Then ollowed long hours of making pro rams, drawing the never to be forf gotten pictures of Puss in Boots, Cinderella, and many others. These pictures, abfy drawn by Rick Bleakley assisted by other members of the committee, adomed the walls of the gym the night of the dance and were later carefully laid to rest in the third floor for future generations to admire. DECEMBER 1950 THE LONG ANTICIPATED EVENING OF THE PROM finally arrived and found Betty Lou Anderf son and Bill McGuckin as queen and king. The court consisted of Jim McBride, Mary Baker, Jay Rhoads, and Sally Morris with Larry Morris and Peggy McDowell as crown bearers. At the beginning of the second semester of our Junior year, Bill Gaiser, Peg Walz, Pat Brown, Dick Haggerty, Sue Riddle, Barbara Porter, and Charlotte Serge were honored by being asked to become members of the Franklin Chap' ter of the National Honor Society. Bill Gaiser and Peg Walz served as president and secretary during their Senior year. On the Hfth day of September, 1950, we embarked upon our last lap of the long and toilsome journey with a company of 136. However, a few, eager to venture into matrimony, left us during the year. We missed one whole assembly when we met in the gym the first week of our Senior year to iron out a few important problems. Officers emerging successfully from the election that day were Jay Rhoads, president, Charlotte Serge, secretary, John Harris, treasurerg and a tie between Jim McBride and Dick Haggerty for the vicefpresidency. After casting the votes over again Jim McBride was elected. At the meeting the class chose white and maroon as the class colors and decided the girls' robes for graduation should be white and the boys' maroon. Following this meeting the yearbook staff selected a cover of maroon and def cided that the Franklinite for 1951 should be a diary of our year s activities. Three successful record hops were held after the football games. Early in the fall we ordered an assortment of Christmas cards to sell, and you could always pick out the Seniors as they went about burdened with an armload of samples. ROW 1-B. Fleming, N. Good, S. Blair, L. Crisman, P. Carlson, D. Barlett, L. Graham, J. Griflin, J. Beach, D. James, S. Hughes, S. Hughes, L. Hexamer, J. Hoover, S. Bolmer, A. Colella, R. Eaton, P. Amon. ROW 2-E. Burns, R. Graham, N. Crisman, A. Gyder, M. Gourley, D. Deeter, S. Fogle, J. Burrell, B. Kelley, S. Graham, R. Brown, L. Fahey, T. Keating, S. Harris. ROW 3-G. Abel, D. Frazier, G. Ferringer, G. Gibson, M. Aylesworth, QC. Engles,' S. DeWoody, D. Dille, E. Bean, L. Boughner, L. Harry, J. Heffern, R. Borell, R. Harter. ROW 4-D. Keller, R. Beatty, D. Blanchard, R. Dykins, J. Fulmer, D. Hircsina, L. Ferrare, P. Cunningham, R. Hovis, K. Jaillet, D. Baker, J. Green, H. Card, P. Hawf kins, B. Adams, B. Heller, R. Johnson. TOP ROWAC. Black, P. Bleakley, D. Bowning, R. Baker, D. Anderson, A. Hayes, J. Doyle, J. Harrison, A. Dailey, E. Haylett, B. Johnson, D. Henshaw, B. Hunter, J. Brink, M. Boughner, H. Beers, M. Boughner, G. Fry, E. Harry, E. Johnson. Freshmen g . ,..-.-X ROW l Al. McKinley, A. Sheafer, M. Noggle, C. Rennard, N. Wile, C. Yetka, V. Young, A. Nestos, bl. Zilhaver, C. Sibley, A. Patterson, hl. Sutman, D. Miller, S. Wright, N. McMurdy, G. lviorgan, nl. Miller. ROW 2 bl. Rhodes, C. Snyder, D. Long, D. Sutley, P. Steele, B. Morris, E. O'Brien, V. Pachla, A. Leta, D. Kriek, E. Sandieson, J. Reeves, E. Weaver. ROW BW bl. Turner, G. Wyant, P. Tirk, B. Woods, M. Smithhl. Spackman, M. Paden, C. Luton, P. Muse ul. Reid, B. Morrison, M. Sutley. ROW 4-J. Woolf, T. Wood, R. Stoebe, C. Krizon, F. Krizinsky, D. Klingensmith, C. Stainbrook, G. Leyda, Al. Smith, H. Page, R. Wood, D. Snyder, R. Wyatt, Ll. O'Brien, R. Moultoii, L. Stucke. TOP ROW-A E. Kresinski, D. Lawrence, D. Martin, N. Latshaw, C. Mitchell, bl. Snyder, D. Moyer. D. Wightman, G. Paden, hl. Poindexter, xl. Novak, W. Simpson, R. Nadig, D. Wood. 1 THE PACE IS GETTING EASTER. Shortly after the record hops a Senior dance committee started work ing on the decorations for the football dance, and the night of November 17, 19511, found the gym decorated with varif colored pennants clustered together and fastened at the center of the gym to a miniature football field with goal posts and all. The crowning of a football queen was the main feature of the evening. Mary Baker had been chosen as queen by the FHS band and was crowned by Ed Wihle, honorary captain of the squad for the season. Ted Brookhouser and his orchestra played for the event. We might mention here that FHS had been served faithfully and well for the last four years by Ginny Gramlich, Charlotte Serge, Nancy Dudley, and Mary Baker as cheerleaders. Our next big project was the Senior play, "A Credit To The Family", and although we were hampered by the big snow, school being closed, the date changed, and other obstacles too numerous to mention, the production proved successful. We can still call to mind Pete Bargar, with his long hair and willowy figure reciting poetry to a bevy of girls Shortly after the first semester the new Senior members of the Honor Soceity were chosen. Those selected were Dick Gillingham, lim McBride, Phyllis DiPasquale, Susan Moulton, Shirley Wilson, Ed Wible, Nancy Dudley, Mary Baker and Rick Bleakley. April brought another Broadcast featuring Guy Stallone, Mary Ann Weigel, Pat Brown and many others of our classmates. And now, with Class Day scheduled for Friday, May 18, Baccalaureate for Sunday, May 20th, and Graduation for Thursday, May 24th, we face the future with courage and hope. 1. in-1 - QE JANUARY 1951 3 SOPHOMORE CLASS GFFICERS Anita Power, Rita Eckel, .lean Clark, james Vergis. Dear Diary, The Sophomore Class of 1953 organized for the first time with 150 members. Because the Cooking and Sewing rooms were closed while being rebuilt, Mr. Newell had quite a time finding a place to put us all. Rooms 113, 11, and 100 were turned into Sophomore home rooms. When we had first entered Franklin High we had been assigned the homerooms on the first floor of the new building. The back rooms of the corridor were ours and most of our classes were held there. The next year we did not move very far, but it was one step toward the Senior High and we still had hopes of advancing. As Freshmen, we took the second floor of the new building, and we were another step nearer our goal. Then at last it happened, we came to the old building for the first time. Now we are Senior High pupils. Once we were used to being upperclassmen, we started to look around to pick the officers who would lead us in our first year as a real class. A nominating committee had meetings, got advice from Mr. Newell, interviewed teachers, and discussed the momentous question with our classmates. At last we were ready to organize. Qs , . ...,,. .-.a.,,, ,, Ai ,, , A , Miss Smith kindly offered to help us, and at our first class meeting we chose as our L I, officers jim Vergis, president, jean Clark, vicefpresidentg Rita Eckel, secretary, Anita E l Power, treasurer. We learned of the activities that would be assigned to us as Sophomoresg i ' ' -' ' pencil sales, home made candy sales, and a dance. These are not as many activities as are , conducted by the juniors and Seniors, but we knew that if we worked hard and made a E ex V' iuccess of our first class activities, the experience would make our last two years all the 1 A etter. ...I . .,.. A Miss Gevienne Smith, Adviser Sophomores ROW l E. Ewing, M. Allen, B. Daily, ul. Kuhns, R. Boyer, bl. Haggerty, B. Beach, Ll. Brown, B. Chatley, P. Hores, I. Davies, L. Barnicle, P. Fahey, S. Andrews, S. Hovis, N, -lewell, E. Delo, C. Adams, A. Heffernan, A. Chamberlain, Row 2 L. Dennis, O. Brown, A. Hoffman, S. Heffern, D. Clark, R. Eckel, W. Kiskadden, B. Hanna, M. Karns, N. Barlow, P. Cropp, ul. Clark, C. Corrin, N. Cangemi, J. Baker, B. Boughner. ROW 3 fbl. Carlson, B. Dickson, B. Felner, L. Heckathorne, C. Brown, P. Ditzenberger, S. Buckley, C. DeLong, Al. Adams, L. Eshelman, C. Bennett, D. Graham. ROW 4 -T. Edgos, P. Dillman, B. Cranford, P. Aiken, J. Krizon, D. Boughner, B. Baker, S. Kyrzo, R. Kahle, L. Green, l. Harris, D. Fidler, W. Crisman, D. Davis, G. Carter. TOP ROWfT. Brown, L. Burchfield, G. Henderson, J. Fleming, li. Gilliland, B. Dearing, bl. Kinnear, J. Henson, T. Gealy, C. Hunsberger, G. Kozac, J. Cherry, C. Baker, ml. Gramlich, G. Boughner. f HARD WORK AND DETERMINATION marked all the committees chosen to carry on the work of the year. The first thing was to order the basketball pencils with the year's schedule on them. When they came every home room in the building echoed to the question "Who wants to buy a pencil today?", and the clink of nickels and dimes. In no time they were gone, and we had a sum in the class treasury against the day when we would need money to pay for the expenses of the Senior Banquet and Dance. Graduation did not seem quite so Hit away as it had before. Soon we had to prepare for the candy sales, and again the Sophomore home rooms were invaded by comf mittee members collecting promises to bring home made candy to sell at the Senior Play. We didn't ask how much the the committee bought of their own wares, but so much delicious candy is a temptation, and it was all sold before the orchestra played the first note of its first piece. By the time the -lunior Play and Musical Broadcast were presented, we were in our stride. The committee mem' hers knew just what to do and again the prettily decorated table was bare in a short time, and more dollars were added to our slowly growing treasury. Our first dance was the big event of the year for us and we were determined to make it the most unusual Sopho' more Dance ever held. We chose the theme, "The Thing", and since "The Thing" has never been described, we'll just have to report that it was unusual. ' Sophomores MANY CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES that had been closed to the Sophomores were chosen this year. The many who were active in these organizationsAtoo many to name all of themfshowed that the Class of 1953 is going to be an outstanding one in many fields. Sandra Richards and Ruth Weiss became members of the Debate Club, and George Norton and John Eshelman were initiated into I'IifY. Whenever a play or concert was given by students, Anita Power, Norma Keil, Jon Davies, Peggy Stallone, and Jim Vergis, members of the Courtesy Club, were on hand to assist in seating the audience. Bob Cranford, Linda Barnicle and Linda Heckathorne were among the Sophomore representatives who worked hard and long on the projects of the Junior Red Cross. Janet Laughner, Carolyn Rebert, Jim Runninger and Jean Clark were only a few of our class who represented their home rooms on the Student Council and Jean Clark served on the Public Relations Committee which has done such good work each year at the time of the FranklinfOil City football game. Among the Sophomores who worked on the Projectors Club and Stage Crew were Jim Runninger, Jim Gramlich, and Jim Fleming. Faye Rhoads and Betty Lou Morrison were members of the Broadcast Staff. The Sophomore class was well represented in all the musical organizations. Allan Pedley, Don McCullough and Linda Barnicle were in the band, Coyla Ritz in the Orchestra, Mary Marshinke, Peggy Stallone, Jim Harris, Gerry McFarland, Chuck Bennett and Ruth Weiss in A Cappella, Jim Henson, Wayne Crisman and Bob Maul in Boys' Glee Club, to name only a few. We were active in many sports also. Many of us participated in Girls' and Boys' basketball and Intramural teams, we had representatives on both JV and Varsity football, and the cheerleaders were tops. We have put forth a great effort to surpass the sophomores of earlier years. During the next two years we will take our places as leaders of the school and activities. We hope that our work this year will help us to bring honor to our class and school. 'Ac ROW 1-A. Power, B. Snyder, R. Shouey, J. Neider, D. Wheeling, S. Welshans, M. Wilmouth, C. Wilkins, V. Larf kin, C. Ritz, K. Perry, D. Woods, S. Walker, M. Sustak, P. Stallone, B. Shoup. ROW 2-S. Richards, R. Young, B. Stuck, G. Smith, D. Scott, M. J. Wiedel, B. McFetridge, E. McKinley, K. Logue, J. Nelson, C. Rebert, D. Runninger, C. Wright, C. Pipicella, G. Lehman. ROW SAR. Vaow, B. Morrison, B. Marshall ,J. McFarland, R. Ruffing, R. Weiss, J. Laughner, D. Kunselman. ROW 4AF. Urey, D. Snyder, H. McElhaney, R. Marando, R. McCamey, P. McCullough, P. Milford, G. McFarlane, D. Lake, L. Marshall, C. Kunselman, D. Wilson, F. Reynolds, D. White, R. Maul, B. McElroy. TOP RCW-fW. Yarnell, M. Stackhouse, A. Smith, R. Seely, D. Patterson, J. Vergis, B. Shofff stall, J. Schwimmer, G. Smith, R. Snyder, G. Sechler, G. Snyder, G. Ray, B. Ramfos, J. McKissick, G. Norton, L. Pyle. 'fm2v .sr1 i.Wfwx' if r h Fall Activities At the Faculty Game the Cheerleaders kept the audience howling at their antics. Miss Carf damone must have heen worried over the score. She needn't have heen. The faculty won. The candy hrigade was present at every game. The Dehate Cluh spent many hours in the Lihrary gathering the facts and preparing their mater' ial. -loyce Ghering manages the cloakroom at the Christmas dance. She is not counting the money, hut her stock of pins. The happy faces express the joy felt hy all the Franklinite Staff at the end of the year when their lahors are crowned hy a hanquet. It doesn't look as if Conrad Hawkins and .lim Runnf inger will ever he ahle to comf plete a pyramid for this picture. The hottom man is collapsing. QE The refreshment stand at the iioothall held. Lewis Iviarshall looks very unhappy ahout some' thing. Was the service slow? .loan Graham and Bill Caiser pose after their winning speeches in the Oratorical Contest. A fame iliar scene any day of the school year. john Eshelman delivers an explanation of a student activity to the parents during Open House program. FEBRUARY 1951 a-11 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Dean Crawford, treasurerg lack Adams, secretary, Kay Dale, vicefpresident, Dick Manson, president. Dear Diary, When we first entered the seventh grade, most of us were awed by the confusing halls, the many classrooms and the older students. We felt important though, because we, at last, were students of Franklin High. It didn't take us long to get acquainted and I remember how proud we were of Nancy Wiegel and Barbie Cealy when they appeared in the Musical Broadcast. The next year many of our classmates entered the band and orchestra. As freshmen six of our class were chosen cheerleaders, P. Butters, D. Boughner, M. McGrew, B. Gealy, A. Monarch and N. Wiegel. It seemed to us that every' thing was going faster. In our sophomore year we elected oilicers for the first time, and with Mr. Newell as adviser, we enjoyed a sucf cessful year and built up our finances by selling basketball schedule pencils everywhere, and candy at the plays. Qs A committee was chosen to select class rings. We brought our year to a close with the spring dance called "A Dreamer's Holiday". , Time flies right along and here we are Juniors! The first thing we did W2 T was organize committees to sell hot dogs and refreshments at the football games. The kids really hustled and bustled seeing that everyone got hot coifee and candy bars too. The following juniors helped to sellg K. Dale, A. Monarch and A. Colella, chairmen, R. Metz, H. Grove, S. McFetf ridge, C. Hawkins, M. Morrison, P. Heller, J. Findlay, O. Morrison, M. Stefanakos, D. Green, D. Sterns, A. Brown, S. Brown, D. Ahearn, P. McFarlane, M. Skelton, B. Wolfe, S. Cubbison, A. Brookhauser, C. Foreman, E. Warner, R. Farren, A. Timmis, F. Greggs, B. Gildenston, B. Ritz. These sales brought us profit and helped us pay expenses. Then we elected our ofhcers, whose pictures are shown above. Our class rings arrived. Maybe we're prejudiced, but we think they're the neatest ever. There were several class meetings during the year. At these meetings we learned new committees on which we were to serve, and heard reports about the progress of class work. Mr. Newell, Adviser r Juniors , ,....,, Ny ROW 1 fj. Ghering, H. Barnicle, S. Hilliard, S. Brown, L. Heffern, B. Gealy, D. Hartle, B. Crisman, D. Ahearn, P. Heller, M. McFarlane, D. Boughner. ROW 2'-AP. Brink, P. Butters, M. Hart, C. Hawkins, J. Kaste, A. Colella, N. Knoizen, K. Dale, H. Grove, S. Cubbison, C. Foreman. ROW 3-J. Baker, L. Heller, 1. Beggs, N. Fry, A. Brook' houser, P. Bell, N. Huston, F. Huson, J. Findley, D. Green, B. Hardenburg. ROW 4-J. Bell, S. Deets, B. Ace, J. Gleen, F B. Corbett, G. Gyder, D. Manson, D. Griffin, D. Crawford, B. Gildenston, G. DeLong. ROW 5-F. Deeter, C. Karns, J. Dick, W. Craig, L. Knappenberger, B. Linsley, B. Allen, B. Johnson, F. Atwell, J. Adams, R. Farren, C. Hawkins, M. Hefferman, F. Greggs. Qs P THE COMMITTEES, in addition to the one that sold at the games, were appointed to work on the Christmas dance, Prom, and the selling of stationery. The Stationery Committee had S. McFetridge as chairman, and serving with her were N. Fry, A. Colella, D. Boughner, B. Moore, J. Adams, C. Karns, B. Allen, A. Sterner, B. johnson, B. Burkhardt, P. Perry, and S. Osgood. The stationery was a special kind. Those ordering it could have several different styles with their own name or initials on it. Winter came and with the Christmas season came our Christmas Dance, "The Peppermint Stick Dance". What fun. Will you ever forget Paul Stroup as Santa, passing out candy-or going up the chimney on his way out. I'm sure , everyone had a swell time. The next big event was the Junior Play. We had a lot of fun picking it out. The cast included M. McDowell, G. Gyder, S. Cubbison, B. Gildenston, B. Hardenburg, and many others. Gee, did we work hard to make it a success. members of the Band, Orchestra, A Cappella Choir, Madrigal, Triple Trio, Swing Band, Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs. Nancy Knoizen was vicefpresident of the Student Council, Albina Monarch was president of the Library Club, Marilyn McDowell was vicefpresident of the Orchestra, and Kay Dale was vicefpresident of the Girls' Glee Club. D The juniors have been active in other school activities beside the class projects. There are the junior cheerleaders, Next years' Franklin football team will have members of our class as experienced players, D. Manson, D. Porter, , B. Ace, J. Glenn, F. Deeter, F. Atwell, B. Ritz, G. DeLong, and D. Griffen. And the basketball team will have D. Manf son and B. Ace from this years varsity. There were other sports that many juniors engaged in. Juniors ROW If--B. Burkhardt, M. Stefanakos, R. Painter, G. Sherman A. Monarch, B. Snyder, S. Osgcod, M. McDowell, B. Moore, j. Sullivan, P. Perry, J. Reed, P. Norris, N. Wiegel. ROW 2 fS. McFetridge, M. A. Marshinke, R. Metz, M. Skelton, K. Slocum, P. McFarlane, J. Lawson, P. Sharrer, P. Ritchey, N. Noggle, E. Pellow, B. Ohler, ROW 3 f F. Rhodes, R. Rial, A. Sterner, D. Proper, D. Stems, J. Pastor, A. Brown, O. Morrison, M. Morrison, L. Reed, B. Wolfe. ROW 4 fD. Wible, P. Tidd, D. Marsteller, C. Powers, D. Porter, B. Newton, J. Yeager, M. Smith, T. Simanteris. ROW 5fB. Ritz, D. Noogle, P. Stroup, E. Neeley, F. Wilkinson, P. Sharp, A. Moore, R. Marzack. Qu THE BOYS AND GIRLS HAVE INTRAMURAL GAMES at noon, and there was a girls' basketball team which was very successful. The following junior girls formed the backbone of a team that won almost all of their gamesg B. Gealy, -I. Peterson, H. Barnicle, G. Sherman, P. Perry, M. McDowell, B. Moore, M. Stefanakos, P. Butters. We have some great talkers in our classg K. Dale, M. McGrew, P. Butters, P. Perry, A. Sterner, N. Knoizen. Only our talkers have a purpose in their talking, to win debates. Our class is proud of Bob Linsley, the only junior boy in the French Club. The Projectors Club and the Stage Crew couldn't have gotten along without B. Ritz, B. Newton, C. Hawkins, C. Power, B. Corbett and B. Allen. Any day you could look in the hall and see one of them carrying a piece of scenery or the movie machine to set up for a classroom movie. The whole class was thrilled when six juniors were chosen for the Honor Society at the end of the first semester. They were A. Monarch, P. Butters, M, McDowell, R. Manson, K. Dale and A. Sterner. These are just a few of the leaders in our class. If I had time to list all the activities, I'm sure I would name all the juniors. Everyone can look at the pictures and remember some favorite event. But I'm sure for all of us the most outstanding event would be the Prom. What a perfect way to bring a wonderful year to a climax. Well, dear diary, five years have passed since we entered Franklin High. In our travels we have lost many of our classmates, and added a few. We have been fortunate in having Mr. Newell as our adviser who was ever to he depended on when help or direction was needed. Those years flew by on wings, and we are now ready to become seniors. The hope that our last year in high school may be as enjoyable as this one has been is the wish of every member of this junior class. Junior Highlights Our first Sophomore Dance, 'LA Dreamer's Holiday" was a big success. The committee smiles under the "Money Tree". Con- rad Hawkins, a junior Franklinite Photographer tries posing for a change. Can't you smile, Connie? f The latest thing in turtle necks. Bob Ritz is a candidate for the football varsity next year. A few of the juniors contribute their services to the Franklinite. Conf rad, Maria, Marilyrw, Joyce, Nancy and the top of Lois' head. Shirley and Janice are hunting for a pic' ture in the file. gf? Our junior Dance, "The Pep' permint Stick", was a big success. Maybe you don't know him with all those whiskers, but that's Paul Stroup, our Santa preparing to take off up the chimney after he had passed out candy canes. if-5 These are only a few of the concession workers in a peaceful moment. I wonder if they made a profit? During the games I don't know who ate the most, the cus' tomers or the salesmen. At the basketball games Mr. Newell helped out during the rush. This snap was taken from the top of the coke machine. They almost had one cracked skull to give away. When we were freshmen we looked like this? I don't believe it! Can you pick out Beryl Ace and Pat Butters? MARCH 1951 Dearest Diary, Today, dear diary, I want to tell you about someone. Her name is Mrs. Burket. I know! You don't know much about her except that I have mentioned her name before to you on different occassions. She is the Senior class advisor, and what a card! She's swell. You know, the other day, she gave some of the Seniors the "dickens" for making so much noise in a place where "Silence'l reigned and she wound up apologizing for getting angry because she says "You're my favorites" of course we're not supposed to tell that, she said. Boy! I'll never forget the junior play, "Meet Me in St. Louis", that she directed. After the first nights of pracf tice, she started mumbling to herself and every once in a while she threw her book at someone! But it surely was fun! I nearly died laughing the night that she was screaming, UNO! No! No! It's all wrong," and she was waving her hands around in the air and jumping up and down on her play book. Then one of the fellows took a picture of her with a flash bulb camera! I saw it and it looked just like her except that it wasnlt quite as animated! Gosh! Now that I think about it I never really treasured those moments, at least not until now, now that I'm graduating. It'll seem funny enough to leave F. H. S., but to leave Mrs. Burket! Oh gee! I won t have any one to run to with my problems. She was a big help that way. Besides, it was nice being a Senior, on top of the pile with her. It's a good thing she was around to keep things in order, we had such a conglomeration of scatterbrains and geniuses. It must have been quite a struggle seeing that things were running smoothly and keeping us out of trouble. Well, Goodnite dear diary. Remember Mrs. Burket is a Wonderful person. Confldentially yours, A Senior. Farewell Today I'm leaving Franklin High. Why, I'm so sad that I could cry, Thinking how I'l1 miss my chums, their cares and worries and devilish fun. How I shall miss the change of classes that filled the empty halls with masses Of students rushing to and fro, some not caring where they go. Yes, I'll miss the many favors that I did for my careless neighbors, Like doing their homework and answering "Here" while they slipped off without any fear Oh, how I'll miss public speaking classg the speeches I gave with my heart beating fastg And the ever constant, Parlezfvous francais?" that the teacher asked me in French every day. The classics in English I patiently read, and wished to goodness I were dead. Then I'll remember the football games, hoping the team would rise to fame. And too I'll remember the basketball team, the long winning shot that made me scream. The dances later where the hearty girl asked the bashful boy to take a whirl. I'll think of the assemblies where I sighed "Oh, dear, another boring speaker is here". The senior assembly -I'll remember its fun, and the thoughts that made the big tears run. I'll long remember the joy once found at the Junior Prom in my fine new gown. Well, it's over now, but it was bestg the joy and fun and all the rest Of burdens that come when I graduate, the burdens I love and the burdens I hate. And though it's over, it's plain to see that Franklin High means a lot to me. 'Daw-. 'Dim-A , Jig MMA WML Jo ab Q 'amd 4115 9QwL.mi,m ,Plcixmn M Dmwixw, .Aww W, MDA Aw ,QWA ,QYQOX MAL QWQQWMAM UJSLM, .M Jfmiktx MW, GYM! WMD DMN, MRM Um MAULUK lbxxgit, Aw lbw AAR UMA Jmwow gm, ww Xkofx, - M QYQAA QAM. 31 A.-MQ! MW VPMAGASQL -3'v'NQ.5's4'YbA Wyman mx Vw ,XMIM MM, ?XfTYXU D0 AML A Jlwwx dw- QJPALU ,MA XMLPFAA ,m?,m.m'w. 'bwupnxfx Umm, mlm, A wbvlf JOOXQMBX NMMA X6 Abi, Q Qwgw MJ ,ww limi AMW VW, wmv A Aww MVA Aww new WW -M, MU uxiyvkmx ,AUM .AWA My GAA gifs Vmgmou-M MM MWA MLAYK ,mo gxmmv.. JAY RHOADS "Goldie" Basketball 3, 4, Football 4g Class VicefPresident 4, Boys Glee Club CPres.J 4: Honor Society 4. CHARLOTTE F. SERGE "Carlsen Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 45 Class Treasurer 2, 3, 4. Seniors CLASS OFFICERS Footballl, 2, 3, 4g Basket' ball 2, 3, 49 Class Pres. 2, 3, 4: Public Relations 3, 4. JAMES DAVID MCBRIDE NMICKET' Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Or' chestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Secretary 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4. JOHN L. HARRIS S9 LOLA JEAN ACE "Lolo" Pencil Committee 2, Pon ff? Cqindyg Stationary, Prom Comf mittee 3. MARY COLLEEN AHEARN k'NIi1'ry" French Club 4. SHIRLEY LCUELLA ALAIRE ...Landv-M Basketball 2, 3: Girls Clee Club 1, Pencil Committee 2, Christmas Card Committee 4. ROBERT L. ANDRES "Bruno 59 Andy" J.V. Football 2, 3, Varsity Foot' ball 4g Franklinite 3, 41 Varsity Basketball 3, 4. SHIRLEY MAY ARCHER "Simi" Girls Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Prom Con' mittee 3: Pencil Committee 2g Operetta 2. EUGENE PAUL AYLESWORTH "Paul" Fire Squad 4. RICHARD JAMES AYLESWORTH "Dick" LARY GERALD BAKER "Coach" MARY BAKER "Blackie" A Caprella 2, 3, 41 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 41 Class Playg TrifHifY. Honor Society 4. Honor Cradute. MERLE S. BAKER "Me1le" Projector Club FRANCIS R. BARCER HPLKKN HifYg Senior Playg Boys Clee club 43 Basketball Mgr. 1. JACK E. BARLETT "Jack" Band 1, 2, 3, 4, VicefPres. 4, Ochestra 3, 4. HERMAN j. BARNES akff.. ALVIN W. BEACH ..AI.. NORMAN K. BEALS "Nomnn1" 'Student Council 41 Debate Treaf surerg Orcbestrag Oratorical Conf test lst prize 2: Honor Graduate. CONNIE LOU BEAN "Bennie" TrifHifY 3, 42 Library Club 2, 3, 4g Clee Club l, 2, 3, 4g Broadf cast fTypistl 4, .IANET L. BECCS 'ilmii' Honor Graduate NANCY LEE BELL "Nancy" Girls Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 44 Prom Committee 3: jr. Red Crossg Franklinite 3. 41 Pencil Comf mittee 2. LEE S. BLACK, jf. x'Lee" Football 1, 2, 33 jr. Playg Prom Committee 3g Fire Squad 4g Basketball Mgr. 1, ROLLIN RICHARD BLEAKLEY III ..Rick.. Eranklinite 3, 4. Editor 4g j.V. EQDV. Footballg jr. Playg Student Council 4: Honor Society 4. LIOHN BRINKER "Brink" Band 1, 2, 3, 4. ALVIN LEWIS BRITTON "Allie" DOLLIE ANN BROWN "Doll1e" Pencil Committeeg Glee Club 2g Stationary Committee 4: Ticket Committee. NANCY JOAN BROWN "Carrots" Band 3, 41 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Trif HifY 3, 4g Prom Committee 3. """v-V-3: W! SJ 4 .txt N . 9:3 'Si B at ,ff I , . X :nl YN-v C' in-Q--9 c 'X R wm,,,Nx. 1 . N!?""" i il'-2 L 'W' 5 PATRICIA ANN BROWN i'Pat" A Cappella 2, 3, 4, Debate Club 2, 3, Musical Broadcast 2, 3, 4, Madrigal 1,2,3,4, Honor Society. EDWARD T. CARTWRIGHT "Tom" HifY 4. THELMA LOUISE CRATTY "Thelma" A Cappella 2, 3, 4, Girls Glee Club 2, 3. EDWARD H. CULBERTSON "Cubby" Stage Crew 2, 3, 4. VIOLET A. DAILEY "'Tink" Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, TrifHifY 3, 4, Prom commettee. THERESA JOANNE DALMASO NIO.. Courtsey Club, Sec., TrilHifY 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3. JANICE L. DAVIS alan.. Debate Club, Library Club 1, 2, 3, Broadcast 2, 3, 4, TrifHifY. MARJORIE R. DeMAISON "ChoofChoo" Band 1, 2, 3, 4, TriHifY 3, 4, Senior Play, Broadcast 1, 2, 3. MARILYN IRENE DeWOODY "Dee" A Cappella 3, 4, Girls Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Broadcast 3, 4, TrifHif Y, Honor Graduate. PHYLLIS LUCIA Di PASQUALE "Phil" Franklinite 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Debate Club, Honor Society 4, Honor Graduate. NANCY JOAN DUDLEY .IDU-du Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, jr. Red Cross, Chairman 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4, Public Relations 3, Honor Society 4, Honor Graduate. BETTY ANN ECKEL "Betty" Girls Glee Club 4, Intramural Sports 4. WILLIAM M. ELLIOTT "Willy" Football Manager 3, 4, Glee Club 4, -l.V. Basketball 3, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4. HOWARD ROY EM ERSON "Roy" Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, Band Color Guard 2, 3, 41 Senior Play, HifY. PHILIP WILLIAM ENGLES "Willie" SHIRLEY ANN FASENMYER "Brownie" Home Economics, Literary Club Critic 4. WILLIAM EDWARD GAISER "Bill" Senior Play, Debate Club 1, 2, 3, President 4, I'IifY, Honor Society, President 3, 4, Honor Graduate. RICHARD J. GILLINGHAM "Dick" Projectors Club, ,lunior Play, Honor Society 4, Honor Graduate ROBERT E. GING "Streak" HifY 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4. LILA MARIAN GORDON Hlvfarianll Red Cross. JOAN HOPE GRAHAM "Hopeless" French Club 3, 4, Oratorical Contest Winner 3, Franklinite 3, 4, Broadcast 3, 4. LOIS JEAN GRAHAM ee . N Lois Literary Club. VIRGINIA MARIE GRAMLICH "Chix" Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, TrifHifY 3, 43 Red Cross 4, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4. LAWRENCE THOMAS GRANER "Larry" 1.-....,,,, WSP? CHARLES LASTER GREENLEE "Chuck" HARGLD EUGENE GREENLEE 'LGene" ELIZABETH ANNE GYDER "Berry" Frainklinite Stuff 3, 4, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3. 4. RICHARD L. HAGGERTY "Dick" Band 1, 2, 3, VicefPresident 4, Grcbes-tru 2, 3, 4, Swing Band 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4, First Honor Graduate. CLARA MARGARET HARDENBIIRG "Chinn Literziry Club, Glee Club 1, 2, 4, Stationary Committee 3, Pencil Committee 2. BERNADEEN HARRIS "Elmo" Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 'I'rifHifY 3, 4. Stationary Committee 3. JIM HAYS H-Iivnu LEE bl. HAYS "Lee" MARY LEE HAYS "Mt1Ty" Sacred Heart 1, 2, 3, TrifHifY 4. MARGARET MARIE HEFFERMAN upeggy.. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Candy Com' mittee 3. WILLIAM CHARLES HEFFERN "Bill" ROBERTA LEE HENDERSON "Bobbie" Frunklinite 3, 4, Musical Broad' cast 2, 3, Courtesy Club 4, Stu' tionary Committee 3. RUTH ANN HENDERSON "Ruth" Literary Club 3, ROBERT A. HILLI ER "Bob" Football 3, 4, HifY 4. DANA W. HOLMES "Dana" Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, C. A. O., First Sergcntg Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, 4. HELEN JOAN HOVIS ufcnriviv Literary Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Clee Club l, 2, Christmas Card Comf mittee 4. MAIYEL MARIE KASTER i'Curly" Red Cross 43 Senior Girls' Glee Club 4g Intramural Sports 3, 41 Courtesy Club 4. ,IACK ALAN KEMMERER "jack" Ifand 3. 4g Courtesy Club 3, 4, Dance Committee 4. JACK WILLIAM KING mldck.. Franklinite Staff, Photographer 31 HifY, Treasurer 4. FRANK DAVID KINNEAR "Din1gevcms Dare" Football 2, 3, junior Play 3, Prom Committee 31 HifY 4. MAXINE ANN KRESENSKI "Max" Sacred Heart 3, A Cappella, Ass. Secretary of Student Courcilg Senior Play Prompterg Honor Graduate, DONALD LAWISON 'iCli'risty" .l,V. Football 2, 3, 4: Student Council 41 Basketball Mgr. 2, 3, 4: Hi'Y 4. DORIS LOWRIE "Dons" Franlclinite 3, 4: TrifHi'Y 3, 4, Broadcast 1, 2, 3, 41 Prom Com mittee 3. WILLIAM JOSEPH LOGIIE "Bill" HifY 4. 4. Nt, GLENN IRWIN MANNE "Gus" Sacred Heart 3, Football Dance Committee 4, JAMES LOWELL McCARTER ujlhrnv Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Golf 1, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD AINGER McDOWELL "Doalf' Football 2, 3, 4, J. V, Basketbal. 2, 3, HifY Pres. 4, Franklinite Staff 3. ALICE LOUISE MCGINTY "Alice" Sacred Heart 3, Senior Glee Club 4, Football Dance Committee 4, Tri -HifY 4. DORIS JEAN McKINLEY ttDO7y-Q Literary Club, ,Treasurer 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports 4. BONITA MICHELL "Bonita" TrifI'IiY 3, 41 Dramatic Club 3f Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. FRED MONG "Fred" French Club 3, 49 A Cappella 3, 4, Glee Club 4. MICHAEL GENE MONG "Pear" j.V. E99 Varsity Football, Prom Committee, Public Relations, Honor Graduate. RICHARD BYRON MONG "Perthy" U. S. Marine Corps. BERNICE LORRAIN MORAN "Bernie ' Sacred Heart. SALLY ANNE MORRIS "Sam" Franklinite 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Broad' cast 4. HELEN RETA MOULTON "Helen" Latin Club, Prom Committee 3, Football Dance 3, TriHifY 4. SUSAN ANNE MOULTON "Susy" Prom Committee 3, TriHifY 4, Senior Play 4, Honor Society 4: Honoi Graduate. JOHN W. NELSON "Einstme" Franklinite 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Glee Club. BETTY DELORIS O'BRIEN "Betts" TriplefTrio lg Intermural Volley Ball 4. JANET LEE PENCE upivlkyu A Cappella 2, 3, 4, Prom Com' mittee 3: Junior Play 3: Broadf cast 3. MARION JUNE PERRY "June" HELEN IRENE PHILLIPS "Helen" Intramural Volley Ball 4, Christ- mas Card Committee 4. JAMES JACK PHILLIPS ..DuCk.. Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 49 Junior Play 3. SCOTT JAMES PIERCE "Scotty" Glee Club 2, 3, 4. BARBARA JEANNE PORTER ..BaTb-. National Honor Society 3, 4, Student Council 49 Music Counf cil 4, Franklinite 3, 4, Honor Graduate. JOHN CHARLES RAMSEY ...Ir C... Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4. WESLEY SMEAD RARER "Smokey" HifY 2, 3, 4, Franklinite 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4. WILLIAM MILLER REED "Bill" Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4g Intramural Volly Ball 2, 3, 4. X-J -arf. 2 'll ,FAX DORTHY RENNARD "Dorothy" Franklinite 3. RICHARD VEARL RHOADES ..DiCk.. Football 3, 4, Intramural Basket' ball 3. 4. BETTE Y. RIDDLE i'Bette" Literary Club 2, 3, 4. SUE B. RIDDLE "Sue" A Cappella 2, 3, 41 Editor, Broadf cast 4, Student Council 4g Honor Society 3, 43 Honor Graduate. RICHARD DeWAYNE ROBINSON ..DiCk.. Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 41 Intramural Volly Ball 2, 3, 4g Concession Committee 31 Prom Committee 3. .I ACK EM ERY SCHI FFER .lflffli Football Ivlanager 2. LYN CHARLES SCRIIDDERS "Lynn" Al.V. E3 Varsity Footballg Record Hop Committee 41 Refreshment Committee 3. WILLIAM RUSSELL SELF "Bill" I'lifY 4, Intramural Basketball 41 Honor Graduate. SHIRLEY ANN SHILLIDAY "Sl1ivleyu TrifHifY 4. ELEANOR F. SIMPSCN "Eleanor" FREDERICK KEITH SMITH "Smitty" Band 3, 4g A Cappella 2, 3, 43 Madrigal 3, Franklinite Staff 3. BEVERLY SNYDER 'kBe1ie'rly" Franklinite Staff 33 Courtesy Club. JOHN E. SNYDER 'ijolmu Library Club 2, 3, 4. JOHN W. SNYDER 'ifolinu Football 2, J.V. Basketball 33 Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4g Red Cross 3. ROBERT PAUL SNYDER "Robert" Projector Club 3, 43 Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4. GUY ROBERT STALLONE Jr. 'iPer1y" Football 23 Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Musical Broadcast 1, 2, 3, 4g Senior Play 4. FRANCIS GENE STERLING "Gene" LAURA B. SWIRES "Laura" RICHARD JAMES VITKA "Dick" Red Cross 3. MARGARET H. WALZ apeg.. TrifHifY 3, 4: Franklinite Cof, Editor 3, 43 Public Relations 4g Junior Play 3g Honor Society 3, 41 Second Honor Graduate. JANET L. WELTON al .. . - .I- Franklinite 3, 4, Library Club 2g Broadcast 1, 2g Christmas Card Committee 4. ELSIE LAVERNE WHITMER "Kitten" Pencil Committee 2, Name Card Committee 4: Junior Mixed Choir 1: Glee Club 2. EDWIN W. WIBLE ..Ed.. Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 3, Red Cross 3, 4g Courtesy Club, President 4: Honor Society 4g Honor Graduate. MARY ANN WIEGEL "Mary Annu Band Majorette 3, 43 Franklinite 3, 41 Class Plays 3, 4g Cheerf leader 1, 2. gf 5 I J 'Yam E f it E af . flag R' I 39' ....-.. ..::" 9,6 QA' .l '. ' "' . -1. -. . ...v.. . . hw 'S' I I w aff 4 S ff SQA , K 44 3 4 5 , 5 .ftsf o " X, I ak Q 313.3 'Q"""" MAMIE L. WILSON "Mamie" Prom Committee 3g Pencil Com' mittee 3g Junior Mixed Choir 1. SHIRLEY JEAN WILSON "Willie" French Club, Sec, 3, 41 Debate Club 3, 49 Jr. Red Cross 4: TrifHifYg Honor Society 4. PATRICIA ANNE WITMER 'iPat" Stationary Committee 3, Pencil Committee 2, Prom Committee 31 TrifI'IiY 3, 4. JANET IRENE WOLFE apug.. Latin Club 1, jr. Mixed Choir lg Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Literary Club 4. DAVID AUSTIN YARD "Dave" Band 3, 43 Orchestra 3, 4, Swing Band 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4. CLARA MAY YARNELL "Bunny" Clee Club 4, Literary Club 3, 4g Name Card Committee 43 Inter' mural Sports 2, 3, 4. JEROLD RICHARD ZINZ "jerry" HifY 43 Football 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2. MARGARET E. McMURRAY ..Mag.. junior Play Committee 35 Red Cross 3, Junior Prom Committee 3. Daw FDJM-AX Ula wmkael Aww Qxw-.A OJ WQVQM Mimaciqa .A-Oqfblfxvkx' .'Y3s,u1fA,pn 0. JPQM fYQ,.x M Q M XMWXYQ. HRM wud! Aims, wh-144-IX MA W-UW-Ly W, gvmiwimfx jvuxlm, -vvxe,vvsQ:vvs. u.i1-Jrrxf., N. ,BAA WL HLQVVNZJ -,Like-uJs.J f5LxvL04J -AIXLQJQ ILOXQS cugo-uxwal .Ao-UU RRMXU xgxo-vu' -rvuackx 'LAI-kfkllf ' Qlmu XVNQLJEJ XPJLLFN Qacltol vX'0 VXO4-1-NJ Olmec? MAU- iDeQm5e, QL,.L,KQJxxoaAQ4,.Xf lxzxxcvx Quin ami M, JQQPAMLK- QUE am, MLK ., XM Lg vw., .wxoqvx amhpixu ax X-XXX? Sew-XQOV. SLM fuuuxb XWQU QJWA .mumflauk mmm A-'Y-xo-do .bo-mx .MT To QW. EJ god-Law Qiiefol do ktovuzxgd Numa-'Jig nm? .T+L G CWDLVQQ Jvxs,nq'LuJ, GAR.: -j-o Am rxdvxvs and MA Nmwu iNf,,XqL Q QOOK of -imdb Jqvvi' -AUD anal 02.2.3 MMV? Superlatiues MC3ST POPULAR Charlotte Serge :md -lay Rhodes BEST DANCERS MAl1'y Ann Wiegel and slack King WITTIEST Peg Wzllz and Mike Ivlong SVUEETEST AND IvIosT OEL:c:xNc: Maury Lee Hayes and Wesley Rnrer' MKDST ATHLETIC Ivinrilyn DeWoody1111d -lim Hill'l'lS TALLEST AND SHORTEST Connie Benn and Bold Ging MQHST STUDIUUS Sue lvloulton :xml Bill Unisex' lvlosr BAsm4nl. Doris Lowrie and Ed Wilwlc PRETTTEST EYES AND TEETH Bg11'lw.u'a1 Porter auml Bolv Andres Ma To the Prom Dear Diary : It's about 5:00 A. M. and I'm so sleepy! Before I go to bed I want to tell you about the wonderful time I had at the junior Prom tonight. Wofofofo, I mean last night! It was the annual prom given for the Seniors in the boy's gym by the junior Class. This year it was called "The Fairyland Ball". As I entered the gym through a broken tinfoil "mirror", I found myself in a world of nursery rhyme characters. The walls were decorated with ten foot high paintings of fairytale characters and beside each picture was a story telling what the picture was about, giving the effect of a book. Dear me! This doesn't make sense, so I'll paste some pictures on these pages of some of the characters, such as the Giant, jackfinfthefBeanstalk, Tom the Piper's Son, Puss in Boots, Dick Whittiiigtoii and Cinderella, Oh, yes, I heard that they were done by Rick Bleakley. Isn't he clever? When I Hrst went into the gym, I was handed a program in the form of a pink water lily. I noticed that others had different colored ones. The thing that showed the most work was the false ceiling, made of aqua criss cross streamers. Little butterflies and stars hung from this clever ceil' ing. The music was wonderful! Everyone enjoyed dancing to the music of jerry Edwards and his orchestra under the soft lights. I noticed that Charlotte Serge and Virginia Gramlich were having a good time doing the jitterbug. At the far end of the gym was the throne for the king and queen of the prom. Only the committee knows ahead who they will be and no matter how hard we hinted, no one would tell us. Near the purple and white throne was a beautiful garden scene complete with a pond, rabbits, and Bambi, surrounding Snowwhite sitting on a rock. You can get an idea of how it looked if you look at the picture of Connie Bean and Don McCarter standing near it. Delicious punch and cookies were served from a cartwheel table def corated with aqua and white streamers. It was such a popular place that I had to put a picture of it in also. just look at Susan and Helen Moultoii working like beavers! PeeWee McGuckin seems worried about something. Through the Looking Glass I95O In the chaperon's corner I saw Mary Baker's and Barbara Porter's mothers busily engaged in a conversation with Wesley Rarer and Nancy Browns parents. Charlotte Serge's, Dick McDowell's and Sue Riddle's parents seemed to enjoy the dancing. A lot of my teachers were there. Once when I looked over, Miss Rankin, Miss Shorts, Miss Cardamone and Miss Smith were getting a big laugh out of something. Mr. and Mrs. Newell, Mr. and Mrs. Dutkin and Mr. and Mrs. Wolfe were on the dance floor most of the time. Of course the main attraction of the evening was the crowning of the king and queen. We were led in the march by Jay Rhoads and Sally Morris and their escorts. We watched carefully to be first to see what senior boy and girl would be crowned king and queen for 1950. Mary Baker and jim Mc' Bride were the Duke and Duchess and finally they, along with jay and Sally, "i 4' Q.: as iwda HQ? 3 A-is conducted Betty Lou Anderson and Bill McGuckin to the throne to reign over the Fairyland Prom of 1950. They were followed by little Peggy Mcf Dowell and Larry Morris, who were the crown bearers. Mary and jim crowned Betty Lou and Bill and presented them with gifts. There's the picture of Betty Lou and Jim and their court before they received their gifts. Bill doesen't seem to like his crown, but isn't Betty Lou a pretty queen? This wonderful prom took a lot of work and I want to remember the names of my classmates who spent so many hours to plan and turn the gym into fairyland. They were Roberta Henderson, Nancy Bell, Helen Moulf ton, janet Pence, Lee Black, Rickey Bleakley, Philip Engles, Bill Gaiser, Gene Greenlee, Dana Holmes, Dave Kinnear, jim McBride, Dick McDowell, Mike Mong, Wesley Rarer, Dick Rhoads, Dick Robinson, David Yard, ,Ierold Zinz, Dick Haggerty, jay Rhoads, Mary Ann Wiegel,Charrlote Serge, Lola Ace, Connie Bean, Shirley Archer, Violet Dailey, Nancy Brown, Pat Witmer, Barbara Porter, Betty Gyder, Clara Hardenburg, Sally Morris, Sue Riddle, Helen Stephanides, Peg Wzilz, Mamie Wilson and Mary Baker. By one o'clock the dance floor was empty and the dancers had left for individual parties in Franklin or to drive out of town for something to eat. I think I'll paste some more pictures in so you can see some more of the dance. There's the picture of the Grand March at the top. jay Rhoads and Nancy Butler are leading with Sally Morris just behind, followed by Mary Ann Wiegel and Bob McGuire and Janice Kuhns and Dick McDowell. Well, I'll have to leave you to look at the pictures and I'll go to bed Goodnight! f I l 5 X I X Me in St. Louis M0'fh'9 O . Meet CAsTfSally Morris, jay Rhoads, Helen Stephanides, Barbara Portf er, Dave Kinnear, Mary Ann Wiegel, Rick Bleakley, Dick Mc' Dowell, Nancy Dudley, Mary Baker, Mrs. Burket, Bill Gaiser, Sue Riddle, -lanet Pence, Violet Dailey, Guy Stallone, Lee Black. Others in the cast who appear in the lower picture were Jim Phil' lips, Dick Gillingham, Wesley Rarer, Charlotte Serge and Peg Wzilz. Meet Me In St. Louis was an entirely different play. It took place at the time of the World's Fair there and we had a lot of fun dressing up in the costumes of the early nineteen hundreds. The juniors rolled back the pages of time to 1904, the period of high collars, bustles and the World's Fair and presented the comedy, "Meet Me In St. Louis". The play was presented in the high school auditorium March 30 and 31 and provided laughter and entertainment for a large audience. llpon opening the doors of the past we find late spring setting in, and the excitement of the Smith family pref paring for the Woi'ltl's Fair, which is to be held in St. Louis. Rickey Bleakley plays the part of Mr. Smith, a St. Louis business man and the head of the Smith household, and his wife, Mrs. Smith, is portrayed by Nancy Dudley. Sue Riddle and Mary Baker as Agnes and Tootie Smith, the two brats of the family, provide the comedy interest of the play with their everlasting pranks. Their two older sisters, Rose and Esther were portrayed by Sally Morris and Mary Ann Wiegel, who carried out their role as typical young ladies. Dick McDowell as Lon Smith, the girls' only brother has troubles enough and when he becomes infatuated with Lucille Pentard, played by Helen Stephanides, matters aren't helped any. Lon's romance and the Hrct that Mr. Smith might be transferred to New York brings added drama, but the cur' tain falls with all ending well. A Credit to the Family December I9 O With the sound of Tarzan yells and laughter ringing in our ears, the curtain rang down on the final act of the senior play. The Stone family hadftwo major problems over the weekend. To entertain a wealthy widow and her son, and to control the helpful ideas of their son, Jerry, both of which turned out to be more of a job than they expected. Virginia Gramlicb, as Mrs. Tyson, expected to go over the plans for a library designed by Mr. Stone, Rick Bleakley. jerry Stone, Williiiiii Gaiser, and his friend, "Tarzan", Guy Stallone, and Elliott, Roy Emerson, take an instant dislike to Robert Tyson, Pete Barger, but all the girls are enthralled by his poetry recitations. The girls Helen and Mary Ann Stone and their friends were played by Mary Ann Wiegel, Nancy Brown, Sue Riddle, Margie DeMaison, Sue Moulton and Mary Baker. During a hectic weekend the plans are lost, Robert supposedly kidnapped, and the Stone household is frantic' Mrs. Stone, Nancy Dudley, tries in vain to keep peace, but gives up when the State Trooper appears in the person of Wesley Rarer. The play was directed by Miss Runninger. The student director was Pat Brown and the Prompters were ,loan Dalmaso and Maxine Kresenski. "A Credit To The Familyl' was certainly a credit to the class of '51. The climax of the play comes when black enters readf ing poetry and Robert, follows screeching. He is now a decidf ed outdoorsman and proceeds to persuade his mother not only to build the library, but also a Gym, which Mr. Stone is to design. Shown in this picture are Margie DeMaison, Nancy Dudley, Sue Moulton, Mary Ann Wiegel, Bill Gaif ser, Virginia Gramlich, Pete Barger, Guy Stallone, Rick Bleakley, Nancy Brown. Roy Emerson is lpeeping out bef tween Guy and Rick. .l ill .1. Scholarship, Leadership, Character, Service Miss Shorts, Williiiiii Gaiser, Charlotte Serge, Sue Riddle, Peg Wailz, Barbara Porter, Dick Haggerty, Miss Rankin. Character, Scholarship, Leadership, Service upon these four qualities the membership of the National Honor Society is based. The Franklin Chapter. under the supervision of Miss Rankin and Miss Shorts. as treasurer, isa com' paratively young organization. Each year at the beginning of the second semester as assembly is presented by the memf bers of the society. During this assembly, four members speak on the four qualities previously mentioned. This is probably the most solemn assembly presented during the year. While the whole school waits. the members come down from the stage to tap the students who have been chosen to be initiated. The maximum number for induction each year is Iliff, of the senior class and 5' of the juniors. Seniors who were inducted this year were Mary Baker, Nancy Dudley, Susan Moulton, Shirley Wilstvii, Ed Wilwle. Phyllis di Pasquale, .lames McBride, Richard Gillingham. and Rick Bleakley. The iuniors chosen were Albina Monarch, Pat Butters, Marilyn McDowell, Richard Manson, Kay Dale, and Ann Sterner. Projects of the National Society include the purchase and decoration of the hall Christmas treeg the devotions each Monday over the Public Address System, and the guiding of new students on the lirst day of school. Each year a number of speakers are invited to give information in which the members are interested. The National Honor Sof ciety meetings are held in the room on the third floor of the old building. Here the memf bers are shown in a discussion of speeches for the lnitiaticn assembly. Pat Brown, who was absent when the top picf ture was taken, is at the end of the table. "si I Le Cercle Francais 'NWS ROW 1 S. Wilsoii, P. Brown, C. Ahearn, S. Riddle, M. Baker. ROW 2 N. Dudley, F. Mong, il. Graham, Pr. Linsley. Miss Bunnell, P. Di Pasquale. One of the most noteworthy activities the French Cluh undertook was the presentation of French songs at a P. T. A. meeting held last winter. The speaker was a young French exchange student from Allegheny College. He was very pleased to hear the French national anthem, La Marseillaise, and folk songs. Nancy Knoizen and Beverly Burkf hardt wore native costumes and acted as ushers. Cne of the little caps Miss Bunnell had lwrought from alwroad. Our meetinrs were held twice a month durin 1 the noon hour, and onl French was snoken at these meetin vs. t 2-v A ln X , A l ts One day during the Christmas season, we played Truth or Consequences. Did we ever think it was a lvig ioke when Miss Bunnell was sent downfstairs to count the li hts on the Christmas tree. l'll never for ret the fun we had at those . i P- meetings. THE FRENCH CLUB MEETS The cluh puts their heads together over some French maps. Nancy Dudley seems to he saying "I choose Paris, right there", hut Shirley Wilscmii has her finger on a different spot she would like to visit. Boh Linsley and Fred Mong try to see over the girls' shoulders. ln School and Out .52 i ROW l M. Hciierman, D. Kinnear, D. McDowell, F. Greggs, J. Eshelman, il. King, B. Logue, T.ACartwright, ,l. McBride, L. Black. ROW 2 B. Newton, R. Farren, B. Hillier, D. Porter, P. Bargar, B. Self, D. Lawson. ROW 3 E. Wihle, bl. Zinz, L. Scrudders, il. Rhoads, R. Bleakley, B. Ging, W. Rarer, D. Ivlanson. Qs The I-IifY Cluh is a group of hoys who work together to maintain clean living, good sportsmanship and fair play. The olhcers this year were Dick IvIcDowell, President, .lim McBride, VicefPresidentg Wesley Rarer, Secretary, ,lack King, Treasurer. The cluh was very active this year and sponsored a successful record hop and a Valentine dance. At this dance the King and Queen of Hearts were chosen. We also sold talfy to raise money for our treasury. VJHERE DID YOU GET TH USE DOLLS The Charter memhers of the HifY initiated the new memhers this year in two days of high jinks. Boh Ging almost stopped traffic when he apf peared carefully carrying a large hahy doll. You can see how some of them looked. lt wasn't always easy to carry all the hooks and a doll too, so sometimes one of them was dragged along upside down. The initiation was held in the attic of the YMCA. Among other things they were hlindf folded and fed a nice gooey mixture of flour, water, vingar and noodles. Mr. Eakin, who was present, said he didn't think we were too hard. We Learn to Serve 'fx J ,, ,QS ROW 1 N. Brown, B. Mitchell, B, Harris, P. Witmer, R. Henderson, ll. Pence, bl. Dalmaso, C. Serge, P. Wall M. A. Weigel, M. DeMaison. ROW 2 O. Bean, N. Bell, V. Dailey, S. Riddle, N. Dudley, S. Morris. M. Dewoody, B. Porter, M. Baker, Miss Cardamone. The TrifHifY organization started out the year with a hang hy initiating fortyffour new memlvers. We had loads of fun putting the poor innocent juniors through the mill, and lielieve me, we really did. When we got through with them they looked exactly like a had nightmare. l rememher what a swell jolw Charlotte Serge did as President and she received wonderful cooperation from her other ofhcers, Hazel Barnicle, VicefPresidentg Peg Walz, Secretary, Mary Ann Weigel, Treasurer. Among our many activities we undertook the regular record hop after one of the lvasketlwall games, and last lwut not least we had a hanquet and dance with the HifY. ALL THE BCUWS MUST STAND UPl -m-g.. HQ Here are some of the harf rassed juniors during initiaf tion. No makeup, hairhows, coats on backwards and shoes unmatched were some of the regulations we had to follow hut absolutely the hardest was that we couldn't speak to a hoy during classes. .loyce Ghering, Betty Snyder, judy Reed, Barlwara Moore, Ann Brookhouser are kneeling hef fore Shirley McFetridge, Nancy Weigel, Early Warner, Marilyn McDowell and Sara Osgood. llll Quf Debating ls Fun 1? . I . Q A 1 ,, ' 1 'fi -': P' ,, i li .- 153 125 f '1 " " ,:s.,.:, y:? 5-.,3.::3 Q, ..- ,,,... : 2 "" ' f '+ 'W ' 1 E 1 . 5 ssl 1 5 iff? W ROW l S. Richards, R. Weiss, M. Stefanakos, S. Wilson, K. Dale, A. Sterner, N. Knoizen. ROW 2 f -N. Beals Miss King, R. Stoebe, Mrs. McQuaid, W. Gaiser. 5 This year's debate question was, "Resolved, that social welfare beneiits should be extended by the Federal Government." It was a lot of work, but we had such a good time. Bill Gaiser and Ann Sterner were the negative team, and Norman Beals and Kay Dale were the allirmative team. The others were alternates. We had several trips, when one team would visit another school, and the other team would play host here in Franklin. This year there were many new members. Of these Mary McGrew was the program chairman for the meetings and she was assisted by Betty Lou Morrison and .lanie Burrell. ln these meetings we presented debates for criticism. Our coaches, Miss King and Mrs. McQuaid worked hard to help us prepare our arguments. The oilicers for 195051 were Bill Gaiser, President, Kay Dale, VicefPresidentg Ann Sterner, Secretarygand Nor' man Beals, Treasurer. The Oratorical Contest is an annual event eagerly awaitf ed by those of us interested in speech work. The semifiinalf ists and finalists are chosen in several tryouts before the big night. Here Mrs. Harry Brad' ley, the sponsor of the contest is shown after presenting the awards to the 1050 winners, Peggy Young, joan Graham, Moses Whitiield and Bill Gaiser. Mr Newell acted as Masterfoffceremonies. Books, Books and More Books ROW l bl. Laughner, V. Larkin, bl. Neider. B, Burkhardt. M. Stefianakos, A. Monarch. C. Hawkins. C. Sherman. M. McDowell. K. Dale. P. DiPasquale. C. Foreman. ROW' 2 S. Hilliard, M. Hart. L. Heckathorne. N. Fry. -I. Adams, il. Findley. S. McFetridge, Al. Clark, J. Graham, B. Porter, nl. Chering. RCW 3 C. Rehert, B. Daily, J. Nelson, E. Latf chaw. P. Hores, B. Crisman. D. Kunselman, P. Bell, M. lviarshinke. C. Pipicila. N. Noggle, S. Cuhhison. Miss Smith. Uear Diary. I never knew Lihrary Cluhs had such a wide field and so many interests. We had our first regular duties at the desk and each of the Sophomores had a section to read and keep in order. I m afraid these shelves were neglected at times. Our first large project was making displays for National Book Week, hut the project that took the most time and work was the S wrin Y Shindi '. We decided to make it a St. Patrick s Da celehration and we even crowned a kin 1 and i is s D V E s queen. We made dozens of green and white crepe paper hats, and hlew up halloons till we lost our hreath. We had hooths for everything from fortune telling to knocking cans over with halls. To top offithe year all the hooks had to he checked l'-Ul'C'N'.llLl.lfiOI1,.l11kl,0liCUllI'SC, the record wouldnit he complete without mentioning the dusting parties. We assistant lihrarians sure were husy people. The Lihrary Cluh, as you can plainly see from the picf ture, isn't all hooks. The girls are getting ready for the Spring Shindig, the affair we all look forward to. It supplies novelty dances, cake walks, and .1 lot of fun. Some of the halloon hlowers seem to have run out of' wind. C. Foreman, S. McFetridges, M. Stenhana- kos, S. Cuhhison, B. Porter. M. McDowell. P. Stallone. 5 - ha wswwnguikizeef is :mol .... ' NNE --ross May I Show You to Your Seat? '31 RCW 1 'A. Power, N. Keil, .l. Davies, V. Larkin, sl. Laughner, P. Fahey, B. Snyder, R. Henderson, sl. Dalmaso, M. DeMaison, A. Monarch, D. Boughner, Miss Wright. ROW 2 H. Grove, -I. Ghering, S. Hilliard, S. Walker, B. Stuck, M. A. Marshinke, S. Richards, C. Corrin, B. Chatley, B. Wolfe, S. Cuhhison, M. Kaster, P. Maul, N. Knoizen, J. Findlay. ROW 3 P. Stallone, E. Wihle, C. Bennett, D. Graham, Vergis, -I. Kemmerer, R. Barlett, K. Smith, P. Cropp. gf The Courtesy Cluh started out as the llsherettes, hut since the boys objected to the feminine name, the clulw considered what name would hest descrihe the purpose ofthe group, and apply both to hoys and girls. After some deliheration, the name Courtesy Cluh was selected. This large group has for the last two years filled a much needed duty in the school. The memhers are drawn from all classes in the senior high school and are trained to usher at school events. From now on there will he a continuing supply of students ready to serve and practice the courtesy taught hy the cluh. They have already ushered for the plays, the activities of Open House, and the Musical Broadcast. .2 - i 3 What happened to this picf Sd' ture no one was ahle to disf cover. The meetings of the cluh are held in Miss Wright's room, and the President, Ed Wible takes charge. But in this picture Ed was left completely out. Will We Be Packing More Boxes? Q ROW I C. Archer, C. Phipps, B. Young,'C. Kockler, V. Larkin, P. Fahey, B. Snyder, L. Bai-nicle, K. Dale. M. Doll, M. Maitland, M. A. Owens, C. Yetka, F. Reih, F. Chatley. ROW 2 K. Gallwreith, S. Burrell, B. Morrison, S. Rich' ards, S. Welshans, S. Wilson, H. Grove, P. Perry, G. Smith, B. Wolfe, H. Fogle, N. McMurdy, G. Ferringer, tl. Miller, R. Brown, ROW 3 E. Wihle, R. Cranford, N. Bell, V. Gramlich, N. Dudley, S. Morris, L. Heckathorne. M. Kresf enski. M. DeWoody, S. Richards, D. Keller, E. McDowell. ROW 4 Miss Rankin, T. Moses, D. Porter, L. Burrell, .l. Shilliday, Miss MeClimans. ROW 5 ll. Cooley, hl. Kunselinan, B. Nadig, R. Whitman, D. Weaver. l reinemlwer when we lirst organized a -lunior Red Cross Council. lt was something new, hut it grew to he quite an organization. l represented my homeroom on this year s Councils The Council officers were: Nancy Dudley, Chair man, .lanice Davis, CofChairmang Marilyn DeWoody, Secretary. and Gwen Ferringer, Reporter. The Council had a lot of work to do, hut we had much help from volunteers, and Miss Rankin and Miss Mcf Climans our teacher sponsors were swell to work with. I wonder if everyone had as much fun as l did when we packed the gift hoxes to send to students ahroad. Every home room hrought gifts of soap, wash cloths, tooth paste, pencils, gum. etc. to put in the hoxes. Later, we received some scraphooks and thank you letters from the kids in Austria who were given them. Some were in German and we had quite a time getting them translated. A forest of gLll1Mll'OP trees sparkled on the third lioor for days lwefore Christmas, when the Council worked noons making talwle decorations cov' ered with artificial snow for the Veterans in Deshon Hosf pital. lil 1421-41 51.1 A a!.11r'..inlWS..l'rlai1 1 ri Gur New Student Council ROW 1 D. Davies, E. Ramfos, L. I-leydrick, D. Rhoads, S. Burgert, B. Bellis, G. Morgan. R. Brown, bl. Spackman, C. Rehert, bl. Merck, B. Muse, C. Snell. ROW 2 P. Muse, V. Henry, M. Wargo, C. Green, B. Barnes, M. Fahey, N. Simmons, nl. Davies, D. Linsley, M. Gourley, M. Bailey, L. Graham, S. Hatter, bl. Clark, bl. Laughner, N. McMurdy, S. McCarter, R. Shouey, A. Power. ROW 3 Mr. Wilson, Mrs. McQuaid, M. McGrew. A. Sterner, D. Ahearn, S. Riddle, B. Porter, N. Houston, S. Morris, nl. Pence, Miss Shorts, Mrs. Kendall. ROW 4 YG. Kresenski. R. Stoehe, R. Ritz, R. Linsley, D. Marczak, P. Bleakley, D. Moyer, D. Crawford, N. Beals, B. Gaiser, D. Lawson, I. McBride, R. Bleakley. The student council has heen an active organization. The members sponsored the Sadie Hawkins' Dance which was very successful. They spent much time organizing and presenting the scramlwled word contest. Before the year is finished they expect to conduct many activities of interest to the students. They are planning to lwegin a point system to promote the school activities program. This fine crew of school leaders has spent many noon hours deciding the fate of important matters concerning the school as a whole. Mr. Wilson and certain memlwers'of the council have had some heated arguments hut eventually they were smoothed over and come to a muddled agreement. The orhcers and committees have worked hard and done a creditalvle jolv for the first year. PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE ROW 1 P. Butters, M. Baker, C. Serge, P. Walz, S. Riddle. ROW ZWWB. Porter bl. Clark, V. Cramlich, B. Ritz, M. Mong. ROW 3 fD. Mcf Dowell, D. Manson, R. Bleakf ley, B. Gaiser, N. Beals, Rhoads. This committee sponsored an assemhly just hefore the N EranklinfOil City foothall game and exchanged speakers with Oil City. Each year they stress the need and henefits of good sportsmanship. v i l ROW 1 D. Holmes, W. Rarer, l fr. 4. M-gf . hf We Couldn't Do Without These Pi1o,iEt'roi1s Curia ROW 1 C. Smith, D. Davis, C Power, T. Simanteris, C. Hawkins, R Rietz, B. Corbett. ROW 2 nl. Run ninger, D. DeWoody, R. Snyder, B. Allen, D. Gillingham, B. Newton, Mr. Davis. Our projector Cluh is the group which make these snapshots in our yearfhooks and school papers possihle. Without them our pages would he hlank. Siiuioit Li1'EizAio' Ctun ROW l sl. Hovis, B. Riddle, P. jaillet, P. Heller, C. Hardenlwurg, D. lvlcliinley. N. Bell. ROW 2 S, Fasf enmyer, M. Hart, C. Yarnell, Miss Rinkenherger. Thirteen girls won prizes at the farm show. They prepared and served lunch for the district hand festival, the school hoard dinner, and they assisted the teachers association to serve ref freshments several times. STAGE CREW E. Culbertson, lvlr. Primosic. ROW 2 J. Gramlieh, B. Newton, bl. Plein' ing, C. Powers. The stage crew make all our plays and assemhlys possihle hy pulling the curtains, decorating the stage and knowing iust what to do at the right time. The Broadcast Keeps Us Busy ROW 1 -I. McKinley, A. Gyder, B. Fleming, C. Yetka, tl. Griffen, M. A. Owens, S. Riddle, M. Bailey, Al. Berman, K. Rivers, C. Bean. ROW 2 fC. Rehert, M. Al. Widel, B. Burkhardt, A. Sterner, M. Stefanakos, M. McDowell, P. Butters, R. Brown, G. Ferringer, S. Riddle, S. Morris, M. A. Wiegel, Miss Graham. ROW 3 fMrs. Kendall, B. Corbett, D, McDowell, B. L. Morrison, T. Keating, L. Fahey, S, Richards. B. Porter, LI. Davis, M. DeWoody, N. Knoizen, F. Rhoades, Al. Graham. The final issue of the "Broadcast" came out today. I have kept every paper. It's a good record of school events. Was I ever surprised when I was chosen Student of the Month last time. One of my baby pictures was in an earlier issue. It was the one that I had taken when I had my front tooth knocked out while playing ball with the kid next door. I still get teased about it. I guess I liked the Christmas issue best. I nearly collapsed over what some of the kids wanted for Christmas. One girl wanted a pair of red usnuggiesu for her dog. One time there was a column ahout amhitions and some fellow said he was going to sell peanuts at Forhes Field. I haven't finished reading the last issue yet, hut it has all the senior pictures in it, with the first announcement of the Honor Graduates and Valedictorian and Salutatorian. I must read it right now. Jou1LNALisM CLASS The Journalism class, the first of its kind in FHS was formed to he the nucleus of the Broadf cast Staff. These people did the reporting and feature writing. The rest of the staff as culw reporters wrote the class col umns. Here we are in the Lit hrary gathering reference maf terial. Sandra Richards, loan Graham, Sue Riddle. the Edf itor, Nancy Knoizen, Marilyn McDowell, Ann Sterner, Bevf erly Burkhardt, Dick Mcf Dowell, Miss Graham and Pat Butters. Two other class meme hers not in the picture are Alice Brown and Barhara Wolfe. 'Daw-f DAw3,X, Xmqwvqw Mmm -nb-:jf Qxwf VPQQXM Mm .MQW Qvwwl KN-Vw, Jmbmgwm DX JMU Ok Qqppimq Qlkdm, LU ciadialb Mlm Nlkwb ,peak Mak MQM MA htcx SRM -, umm fwfwarwffnvw ox Nwxvfibofxol MA MJ Wadi 3 and Ufw ,rx XGQUS QA L-ko .Jvvx-UYNQAUJ5 afxcx Qwaa XUQL, um, A fwecg ' 1 mo-QAJNO-no om QMAAA fg QW Hniu, om www Af Wx ,Roux-YQOM, Evvbixoffwu yur, gmlm XX-kg, K-P. WX 2. UL. 'DMJKMJ -EJQMA N'i,sJX'u'-ogg XENA owvi 'Www llbhgxfvrwgx LGU uoodnllf Wu Q0-4fNc'UxiA, fN Mm lffixi, fp- fvksfwb Jrvuuho wah oi A-SNL, we GAR -:AX .XYNALJB-XL muah Ovafxrxxs. So Many of Us Made Music i 5g's.?a.E ROW IW-V. Young, S. Powell, vl. MacFarlane, M. M'acFarlane, L. Fahey, C. Kugler, B. Snyder. ROW 2 A. Pedley, R. Emerson, B. Shotlstall, N. Brown, E. Dalmaso, pl. Duhmasa, B. Burkhardt. C. Smith, ll. Woolf, M. Smith, ll. Turner, V. Dailey, D. Haggerty, -I. McCarter. j. Kemmerer. G. Cyder. ROW 3 bl. Barlett, D. McCullough, L. Burrell, T. Gealy, D. Henshaw, W. Rarer, bl. Brinker, D. Holmes, D. Yard. L. Knappenlwurger, P. Stroup. B. Hardenhurg. ROW 4 D. Barlett, C. Snyder, B. Harris, H. Barnicle, A. Nestes, bl. Peterson, D. Rhoads, L. Barnicle. B. Fleming, Iwi. A. Owens, S. Harris, B. Porter, nl. Nelson. ROW 5 ll. Chering, N. Barlow, R. Burrell, P. Muse, T. Keating. B. Morrison. R. Mar' Zack, T. Simanteris, ul. Harris, N. Huston, tl. Fulmer, G. Sherman, M. DeMasion. BACK ROW WB. Moore, L. Carpagma, C. Morris, C. Hawkins, D. Hricsina, bl. Runninger, R. Painter, C. Morgan, A. Sterner. The air was hitter cold, the freezing rain came down in torrents, people tried hravely but futily to keep warm, as the hand memhers, clad in their drenched uniforms played on. They sure do keep up the morale ofthe team and stuf dents. We must not forget the hne work that our maliorettes do during the half. Boy! Do l hold my hreath when Betty Snyder starts to twirl her flaming baton which facinates the whole crowd. The band played at the Pep Meetings and a special clown hand appeared at the haskethall games along with Betty Snyder and Marilyn Iv1acFarlane who provided entertainment at every home game. At the beginning ofthe year the following otlicers were electedg president. Dick Haggerty, vicefpresident, -lack arlettg and secretaryftreasurer, Barry Hardenhurg. lviany of our talented musi' cians participated in the Northwest District P. M. E. A. Band Festival which was held here on Felwruary 15th and 16th. The cream of the crop from all schools in this district put on a wonderful concert under the direction of Mr. Richard Stocker, former music instructor at Franklin High Miiszc' CouNcrL ROW 1 M. DeWoody, B. Porter, C. Serge, V. Dailey, P. Brown, M. IVlcDowell, K. Dale, S. Riddle. ROW 2 L. Knappenhergcr, N. Beals, P. Bargar, C. Stallone, B. Hardf enhurg, ll. Barletr, D. Hag' gerty, tl. McBride, Miss Sawyer. For All of Us to Enjoy ROW I -I. Scliuessler, B. Fleming, P. Steele, L. Hexamer, Ql. Adams, A. Sterner, C. Ritz, M. McDowell, A. Brook' liouser, V. Dailey, tl. Wolfe. RCW 2 C. Cangemi, D. Beals, C. Bark, tl. Nelson, C. Noggle, B. Weaver, C. Yetka, V. Young, C. Hawkins. ROW 3 J. Peterson, H. Barnicle, A. Nestos, G. Sherman, S. Harris, R. Painter, sl. Runnf inger. RCW 4 B. Burkhardt, bl. Barlett, D. Haggerty, L. Knappenherger, B. Hardenhurg, D. Holmes, D. Yard, P. Stroup, N. Brown. The orchestra started this year a little larger than it was last, and hetter, we thought, hecause more of us had had several year's experience. We elected Charlotte Serge and Norman Beals as our President and VicefPresident and Marilyn IVIcDowell our SecretaryfTreasurer. As always, the orchestra presented the music for the plays, contests and Commencement, and we tried some really dirlicult pieces. At Cpen House in the fall we gave our first program and had the thrill of playing for many of our parents. Practices were held twice a week throughout the year, and for many the orchestra class was hy Rlr the hlvorite. The President acted as student director on several occasions. We will miss the seniors in the orchestra who will graduate this year, Charlotte Serge, Norman Beals, Nancy Brown, Barhara Porter, David Yard, Dick Haggerty, .lack Barlett, Dana Holmes and Violet Dailey. TllE Swim: BAND From Room 101 all year after school could be heard the strains of popular tunes. The Swing Band was practicing. Our dance hand is a profesf sionally sounding and looking group that adds much to the success of the class dances. Here is the hand at the Christf mas "Peppermint Stick" Dance. Assemblies Are Always Pleasant ROW 1 V. Gramlich, S. Culwhison, B. Burkhardt, V. Daily, C. Forman, N. Feltenherger, M. Skelton, Pence, D. Boughner, D. Green, G. Sherman, P. Brown, M. Baker, B. Moore, T. Cratty, C. Ritz. ROW 2 B. Snyder, S. McFetf ridge, R. Weiss, M. A. Marshinke, P. Fahey, C. Serge, A. Monarch, J. Beggs, M. Krezinski, N. Dudley, A. Brookhouser, P. Stallone, B. Porter, S. Riddle. RCW 3 WC. Smith, N. Beals, B. Gaiser, B. Wolfe, A. Sterner, K. Dale, M. DeWoody, N. Huston, D. Haggerty, G. Stallone, D. DeWoody, R. Porter. TOP RCW H F. Greggs, tl. McFarlane, B. Ritz, K. Smith, bl. McBride, C. Bennett, L. Knappenherger, B. Elliott, bl. Harris, B. Gildenston, M. Smith, D. McDowell, F. Mong. The A Cappella choir had a very successful year. We put on a Christmas program for the Parent Teachers Association that earned many compliments. At the District Festival we received an ahove average rating. The Honor Society initiation was made more impressive hy the A Cappella choir singing. We played host to the Oil City choir this winter and learned many things which will henelit us, especially we noted how quiet they were when the director was on the podium. At the Baccalaureate the seniors sang with us for the last time. lt will he hard to start next year without them, hut who knows, mayhe il' we work hard and practice the pointers we have learned we may have even hetter a choir in 1052. The oliicers in 1051 were Guy Stallone, President, Barhara Porter, VicefPresident, Marilyn DeWoody, Secretaryf Treasurerg Alhina Monarch and Mary Marshinke, Lihrariansg Pat Brown and Dick Haggerty, Student Directorsg Ginny Gramlich, Aceompanistg and last hut not least Miss Sawyer, Director. lVlADRIGAl. The Madrigal group pracf ticed after school and was much in demand for programs at elulw meetings in the town. Here at practice are Guy Stallone, Dick Haggerty, Miss Sawyer, Lyston Knappenlwerf ger, Pat Brown, Maxine Kresf zinski, Carolyn Foreman, Barf hara Moore. .lim McBride, the other nieml'e1', was not presf ent. xg,--... lyy...-... ,Sp-.-..-. si"""""" 3...-.... s,.......... ,,........... s.......... s,............. ,,...,..... When the Music Organizations Perform The Senior Boys' Glee Club, conducted by Miss Sawyer, performed well in several programs this year. The olhcers were Jim McBride, President, Lyston Knappenlverger, VicefPresidentg Pete Barger, Secretai'yfTreasf urer and Dave DeWoody and Dick Porter Librarians. ROW 1 G. McFarland, J. Ghering, B. Elliot, L. Knappenherger, K. Smith, D. Boughner, B. Wilson, G. Boughner. ROW 2 D. McDowell, P. Aiken, J. McBride, P. Barger, D. Yard, F. Mong, E.G.Gyder, W. Grisman, D. Fidler, D. DeWoody. ROW 4 Nelson, F. Urey, D. Manson, J. Hen' son, E. Gilliland, B. Maul, D. Grifhn. The Girls' Glee Gluh was so large this this year that it was divided into two sections which practiced on ditlerent days. ROW 1 -D. Boughner, J. Kuhns, P. Fahey, J, Davies, J. Metz, R. Boyer, V. Lai' kin, A. Brookhouser, B. Beach, S. Walker, N. Feltenlwerg, N. Barlow, G. Sherman, J. Nelf son, P. Brink. ROW 2 fS. Archer, V. Daily, S. McFetridge, D. Runninger, R. Hen' derson, M. Dewoody, F. Rhoads, A. Mcf Ginty, B. O'Dell, B. Snyder, M. Marshinke. ROW 3 f G. Bean, A. Monarch, J. Beggs, K. Pepicelle, M. Skelton, M. Hetferman, B, Gyder, S. Gulwhison, P. Perry, W. Kiskadden, P Grow G Gorrin B Hanna ROW 4 ' P. Stallone, M. Sustack, S. Brown, J. Finley, M. Hart, G. Foreman, B. Burkhardt, B. Boughner, R. Weiss, N. Houston, B. Eckel, K. Dale, B. Wolfe, G. Delong, G. Ritz, S. Richards, B. Grisman. ROW 1 G. Relwert, N. Jewell, M. Widf el, M. Karns, S. Herfern, G. Yarnell, L. Heckf athorn, D. Proper, M. Kaster, E. Warner. ROW 2 P. Hores, S. Hovis, J. Pence, B. Stuck, R. Eckel, B. Snyder, P. Ditzenherger, D. Scott, J. McFarlane, B. Ghatley, J. Sullif van. ROW 3" E. Delo, G. J. Baker, M. Stefanakos, J. Clark, O. Brown, A. Hoffman. S. Morris, A. Brookhouser, H. Grove, J, Kaste. -'li v may wuumwvx. M miqkq amuww 'N-9 QR wf' mf wr it, if magnum-K+ m., . ....Q f " E K Bshgii X x Km ' iw- :W tx 4 SEQ? . gg, QSM J, , if fgbv S 2. X Ps SZ 338 l , Looking Back ClJTlie Prom Committee strong men rest up for flue next cliore. 421 lvlr. Pioniosie, Floyd Willtiiisirii, Emory Billingsley, ,Iolin Brinker in Wcucid Shop. C33 Pete Burger, .Indy Reed, Vhsley Rnirer. Connie Benn, Lee Blick, Mngie Skelton, Delores Boughner, :ind Holmes git the Senior Dance. L4,5D Clrzirlotte Serge, Peg Vviilz, Vi Dailey and liner Pence lwetween .iets of the junior Play. Q62 Ed Wilwle liiis rust presented Miiry Baker lier gift .is Queen of tlie Footlmll Dgince. L75 Riclfs lwenutifully li.ind lettered scroll nmde an liig impression. 183 George Norton, Q05 liek King .ind .Indy Reed HUD B.ii'lmrat Porter and Dick McDowell fl ll Silly Morris and Marry Ann Vvliegel present gr goodluelt tropliy to -l.iy Rlio.lilsl1el'ol'e the Oil City Gimme. El s. la DwfD4wL,X, Qi MM WM QOQA QXMARW magma? ON Q3-Tmwm ,XOALM Amv kmalx. Ogg? ww WMO ami ow? 0-X Wxsy f v,Mx4m,xq gm WM Jw QQMAQ Qi. QmxfJQ,M Ama MAG, pow 423, Mum and Xl jlwnxi TNfxQnVQJp-fx X-xii? ww? 'Qwanv Q fcxoofl bicmgon. pv-aio 4i3Jxo'L,vff:xw Aa,cJ1eojCf.,b-rx uxxol QQCIAA ,Exam QQ? Lu-Qfxo k,oo..,rxSt jo g2xocA.vw.i,x'c.i...X::cx.,'x'EJ. sbfh We !A?1N,i4,rx9x 0-LLJL, AM X-ZCLJVT I3-Sfalsj' xfo XO-Xiu XQXCYYXONA Lxofb Sxoo'-.ilu Qmigmg JMA-ff, Wg? Q Q-Lx .XOMX .AX SQQNOOQ AAL. qxqrxilb Ju Q Wana? HCQNX ok AMNX' ,Jam ,AM pw, Q.5Xo.,3r-MM MKQQAA ad Aww AQUA , Yxewv A-Vu land iimbcnx ' oMMa Tmsfml' wa Hmm Am, prim :ww jo ,U-ndvv A-Ywg, GQJQU aL-.Xz,JJ,b'fr Gi 31-Xfvu QQ'XE.2JLQi1ocx EMS. ,,, ,Sv-s The Cheerleaders Show Us How I ,ps .,,,-messes A., i. Nw' ROW 1 Mgnry Barker, Virginia Grgimlich, Ngincy Dudley, Charlotte Serge. RCW 2 Put Butters, Nancy Wiegel, Biirlmixi Gegily, Delores Boughner. This yegir we lost our four senior cheerleaders. Although we will miss their inexhnustihle pep ,ind their never dying liiith in the Franklin, we know their spirit will he inherited hy the juniors, The advisor, Miss Shorts, h.1s stuck through thick and thin, :riding the squad to train cheerleaders for the junior High, and producing new ideas for pep meet- ings when there just didn't seem to he amy more. In ziddition to their regular duties, the cheerleaiders this ye.u' put out .1 hooklet of cheers :md songs, sponsored ll record hop Lind sold pennamts. The miiin zittrriction among the cheerle.1ders their hrzind new red wool skirts. We :ire sure the whole school is 41s proud of' them ns we ure. We will p.iss them on to the new cheerleaders .md hope that they will he inspired to extra: efforts, is - Q. W' we -w ww , l lee We Work Hard and Play Hard VARsiTY FOOTBALL TEAM ROW 1 Mr. Wolfe, Head Coach, B. Ace, J. Ramsey, T. Brown, D. Ivlanson, B. Hillier, L. Scrudders, D. McDowell, tl. Rhoads. ROW 2 -Y-I. Zinz, P. Dillman, D. Crawford, F. Atwell, G. Ray, B. Andres, R. Bleakley, D. Porter. ROW 3 G. DeLong, D. Lawson, M. Iviong, D. Grilfen, F. Deeter. D. Rhoades, B. Ritz, J. Harris. ROW 4- fL. Kinnear, Ivianager, L. Knappenburger, lvlanager, E. Wible, J. McBride, B. Elliot, Student Manager. Individual Pictures f-Mr. Treadwell, Athletic Director, Bill Elliott, Lynn Scruddersg Mike Moiigg Gerald Ray: john Glenng Bob Andres, Rick Bleakleyg bl. C. Ramseyg Ted Brown. Qw, Above is pictured a squad of game football players. Each and every one put forth his best to produce a successful team. These boys tried hard, but the breaks went against them. They had line coaches who were admired by players and managers alike. These coaches, like the players, never gave up and continually urged the team on. At the last athletic assembly when the letters were given out, the team and the cheerleaders turned the tables on the coach, and presented Mr. Wolfe with a watch as a token of his twenty years as coach of the Franklin High team. Following the presentation, lvlr. Wolfe made a speech, and the school sang the Fight Song, which he had introduced to our school. Although the season was relatively unsuccessful, the players were pleased with the little footballs and pins which they received at a hanquet given in their honor by the Eagles. Not Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, But the Team J. V. FOOTBALL TEAM ROW 1-fMr. Uram, E. McDowell, N. Latchaw, C. Kresenski, C. Abel, D. Snyder, D. Frazier, D. Ivloyer, B. Beatty, B. Heller. F. Ferrare. ROW 2-F. Lawrence, C. jones, E. Moon, C. Harris, P. Cooley, L. Burrell, -I. Moorehead, D. Harris, D. Rhoades, D. Carson, Dunlap, B. Sample. ROW 3 fl. Reed, A. Bimelar, B. Muse, bl. Paden, H. Sherene. B. Grill, B. IvicClain, K. Latchaw, C. Miller, B. Dennis, D. Sifter, B. Campbell, R. Reitz, T. Snyder, R. Smith. RCW 4 D. Shilliday, G. McFarlane, B. Karmer, B. Gillingham, F. Douglas, D. Douglas. C. Snell. ll. Shilliday, D. Vail, D. Vergis. Individual pictures--Don Lawson, jerry Zinzg Dick Rhodes, Dick McDowell, KI. Rhoadsq Bob Hillierg Ed Wibleg john Harris, Mr. Dutking Mr. Wolfe. 5:9 This picture concerns a group of younger boys, who will inherit the eleven men helmets. They will he wearing the historic numbers 25, 12, and 34. Even though they did not have a very successful season they will he hack with high spirits and try in a higher league next year. Their season was spent with an equal amount of hard work and fortitude. There were even times when they surprised the varsity. Mr. Uram did an admirable job in preparing these boys for the years to come. They gained experience and a knowledge of the game. At the close of the season they received their reward in a dinner at the Park Lunch, donated by the Kozyro family. DIZCIZMBER 1950 VAIISITH' BASKETBALL ROW I J. C. Ramsey, B. Ace, bl. Harris, M. Moiig, xl. lVIcBride, Coach .lohn Uram, ROW 2 Ivianager .Don Lawson, T. Fultz, D. Ivlanson, B. Ging, B. Andres, sl. Rhoads. Individual snaps TED Fl VLTZ, Forward, Sophomore, reserve who performed well at all times. Good passer and defensive player. AIIM McBRlDE, Forward, Senior, one of hest shots on the team, dependable at all times. BERYL ACE, Forward, junior, developed into and unexpectedly good forward this year. Should have a great season next year. - -I. C. RAMSEY, Center, Senior, good defense man, excellent in getting possession of hall from hankhoards. JAY RHOADS, Center, Senior, steady and dependahle. fBOB GING, Center, Senior, tallest man on teams JOHN HARRIS,Forward, Senior, superh defensive player, small, tricky and a steady perfornierf 'MIKE MONG, Guard. Senior, smooth passer, crack shot. Chosen for Fight for Sight games at Greenville and Titusvillef DON LAWSON, lvianager, Senior, hard worker. BOB ANDRES, Guard, Senior, won scoring honors of Section 2. Was chosen all sec' tion first team guard, ls classed as one of the greatest hall players in Franklin history. McBi'ide makes the jump. Boh grahs the hall. FEBRUARY M51 f"fi"5'4 11 lfffff 'MT ROW 1 D. Boughner, G. IvIcFarland, T. Brown, -I. Harris, P. Dillman, bl. Vergis, T. Gealy. ROW' 2 N. Burchlield, D. Graham, -I. Kinnear, Henson, D. Ivlanson, Mr. Dutkin, Individual snaps Gerry IvicFarland, -lim Vergis, jim Henson, Ted Gealy, Pete Dillman and Dick Manson, Dick Graham, Niles Burchfield, Ted Brown, .lim Harris. The season of 1951 started off with a hang for the tIV quintet as they won their first three games. The .IVE were then comhined with the Varsity. Practices were held regularly ever day under Coach Alec Dutkin. lr was thtlicult for Mr. Dutkin to choose any five starting players hecause of the close competition among them. The team used a man to man defense most of the year and hopes to develop into a Section 2 winner in the next two years, All the team except Dick Ivianson were Sophomores. With its Hne record, we are assured that Franklin will have a team to he reckoned with. .lim Harris ready to jump for the hall. Beryl Ace is waiting tensely at the right for the play to hegin. This scene is from the Cranherry game. Vu Junior High Basketball ROW 1 fB. McCullough, B. Beatty, D. Wood, E. McDowell, D. Moyer, D, Harris, G. Able. RCW 2fCoach Wolfe, L. Burrell, N. Latchaw, B. Hunter, J. Poindexter, pl. Kresenslai, B. Heller. The junior High basketball team, under the supervision of Coach Ken Wolfe had a fairly successful season. Hampered by lack of height, the team did exceptionally well. Mr. Wolfe. who previously coached Junior Varsity, did a good job with the material he had. Using a zone defense, the young team won many thrilling games. A few went into over time and had the crowd on their feet. Mr. Wolfe used mostly his starting five, Moyer, Burrell, Snyder, Kresenski, and McDowell. Some players will return for next year, while the others will move up into the JV team. We hope with the right breaks and luck, that the coach will have a winning combination next year. The Junior High team had many enthusiastic audiences. Here john tells janet Kaste to smile for the birdie. But Mike Ivlong is too intent on the game to care about pictures. Boys lntramural ROW 1-E. Wible, B. Self, J. Zinz, D. Rhoads, J. Snyder, B. Snyder. ROW 2-K. Smith, B. Hilliard, J. E. Snyder, P. Barger, B. Elliott. ROW 3-D. Robinson, F. Mong, B. Reed. ROW 1-C. Hawkins, J. Dick, C. Morris. ROW ZWG. Gyder, D. Griffen, P. Stroup, B. Hardenburg. ROW 1-C. Kuhnselmen, D. Boughner, R. Kahle, D. Patterson, P. Eakin. ROW 2!C. Smith, B. Maul, D. Lake. The boys Intramural basketball started in December. There were six teams made up of three senior teams, one junior team and two sophomore teams. Mr. Uram was in charge of the games. We got some very good officiating from Donald McFarlane, Bob Beatty, and John Ramsey. The season was divided into halves with each team playing ten games. Each team was made up of ten players and each player got to play his share of every game. After the big events was the Bus Riders Tournament in which there were five teams made up of boys that come in on the busses. There was also a Junior High Intramural made up of seventh, eighth, and ninth grade teams. They played every Tuesday and Friday with two games each day. The senior team, made up of Bill Elliott, Bob Hillier, John Edwards Snyder, Don Lawson, Keith Smith, Wesley Rater and Pete Barger was the winner of the Senior High and received gold plated belt buckles as rewards. First Aid Class BACK ROW STANDING -D. Kriek, J. Beach, S. Bolmer, M. Noggle, J. Roades, D. Kesenger, R. Graham, S.1Blair, D. Deeter, R. Mcvklilliams, S. Hughes, A. Gyder, V. Pachla, N. Crisman, L. Graham, A. Leta, L. Grisman, D. Sutley, G. Yetka, A. Golella, D. Dillie, P. Carleson, G. Engles. CENTER KNEELING4Mrs. Krepp, F. O'Brien, P. Steele, R. Brown, Grilfen, Al. Burrell. ON MAT-J. IvIcKenley, L. Hexamer, N. Good, S. Fogle, Reid. f FIRST AID AT ITS BEST Mrs. Marjorie Krepp's Health Ed Glasses were converted into a first aid demonstration for the sole purpose of learning how to apply artificial respiration. The girls did continuous counting, 1f2f3f4 and within a six weeks period were ahle to acquire the skill they were striving for. The girls, if they do much swimming, will probably have a chance to apply their knowledge and skill this summer. We hope they won't, but they'll be ready. Q -,T . . -5 .. Mi 3 1- S , . ssyhxi 'wrfve-rf First Seen in I9 I warren il-RQ its ill The hot lunch program was tried for the hrst time in 1051 and was a success. The first month over two thousand meals were served, and the project was so well organized that more could have heen taken care of. Starting after the Christmas vacation, those pupils who wished,went to the YMCA where they were served a halanced hot lunch at a low cost, lt is to he hoped that this lunch program will only he the heginning, and that Franklin High will eventually have its own cafeteria. Ahove is a typical scene ahout 12 oiclock at the Y. JD Below is another improvement of which we are all proud, scenes taken in the new Home Making Department. The first picture shows the seventh graders at work in the sewing room, which is arranged like a living room with a fireplace at one side. The girls at the machines are A. Smith, C. McClusky, P. Phipps, E. Scrudders, and B. Staron. The girls in the Home Ec Department have the entire care ofthe rooms and the sewing classes have made drapes for the win dows, M. Thomas is shown at the .ioh of dusting. Mrs. Thomas is at her desk. ln the second picture the cooking classes are preparing and serving a halanced hreakfast. Miss Rinkenherger stands at the left and at the tahle are C. Rennard, S. Blair, D. Barlett and A. Shaffer. L. Heller stands ready to remove the dishes, while R. Harter is lvusy at the stove. In the hackground R. Graham and nl. Hoover are washing dishes. The new department was in use in january, hut was not completely finished till later. One of the first proiects was the visit of a Penelec demonstrator, who prepared a meal on one of the new elecrtic stoves. C. Yarnell and S. Mc Carter acted as her assistants. . W V, sf . ,...a.,...,s...a-sn Y mm fits .ses-ass. 5 1 irfsllsiilrigffif-lxiis s N. .,.. . 5 S i .3 , fs- ve --i2- M y -a 1.12 K Wx A.-4-,,,. 3144 X 5 'Dean 'X3Nio.2x.a7X, gxmoaoiaailliij mu ul Qbxgwuqihdxivxi ,JCOAOJA . kYYXO-'YNA0-JPK 'M Q Qojggxcxotx Qxoym Quinn X5?No.,LP-xxgx ' L QJDJ-nv Ckwwvwican biilun Qro Pas, QQJQEJ jo gd ALL ox Q.AAi-d'o.rxc-2, M Xvwaaib, Exo-M 'Y?xxow', .iAJN'+ bo 'QJQA urlxzn 'ksacvxm KB ' fzjh Ckjx QVN Aowwws AQEQRUA OXO. Xb. 'LGA NXYN Q2 buxxih NX QOLJ-.LG-5.5 JIM fxS.JYw9S,uAfvxQaUU A K'JZacSr'xS.hJ,s 7X0-Laygo-1rECxx':LrvNb. LMC'-1-'-1' Q-M33 X5 Qxomgxii N Qckuaydp U3cuus.4.u-.cisnv oklne, f5.u.ILLJ Jenur XO wvvxojiif l-Nfxo-Ai., 'X-X120-'U'-rxA ,Aooxi LQAAA. HVYDQ..fPi,wQ,n-:.wf3 QRQAAL5 XJFEH .'LU-Qxrrw A fb-5 'xo A U2..L1DQ-IQXAO-Pff-12'-i,QiCLkif QKAMCL Un anal KN2.Q,ii,ov.A goo-firvx if OJJQE., Stvxoob- 'ra I 54? 43-. 5? 55? 4: e 1 we if Q 'Z M 'X an 'Fx A iqpfk, SEPTEMBERJ l JNE 1050 lO5l T, ' -., . wif FRANKLIN BOARD of SCHOOL DIRECTORS 'Mrs. Budke, Dr. Turner, Mr. Allen, Mr. Graham, Mr. Ferringer, Dr. Bailey, Mr. Cramer. Many of the boys and girls in our school today hardly realize the good work that our Board of School Directors does for us. It is only by their willingness to spend hours of time and study on school matters that we secure many things we take for granted. The Hot Lunch Program and the new Home Making Department were both started this year by the eilorts of the board. Other improvements are being studied and considered to make Franklin High School better able to serve the student body and the community. 4418 Dr. Moore and Mr. Newell were served eihcif ently by the secretaries Mrs. Mabel Urey and Miss Peggy Beightol, who were both new this year. We were all very sorry when Peggy left at the end of February to go to Wzishiiigtoii. Miss Peggy Beightol, Mrs. Mabel Urey A Special Place ln Our Book and Hearts Superintendent: Dr. Harry Moore In this picture you see our principal Mr. Harry Newell. Mr. Newell was not only the Principal this year but also did a very efhcient job of advising the junior class. When the class was feeling let down, Mr. Newell was right there to help out in any way he could. Dr. Harry Moore you see pictured here is, as you know, our new superintendent. He has been here since just the beginning of the year but it seems to us that we have known him alll our lives. He had done il line job and we all hope that he will stay for years to come. Principal: Mr. Harry Newell 'Q lUng,,,. So?- lf bg Wm , :!': iam 'Www-W s as . im... -Qi? gwxs' rasf., 15351-fl?" Fins Faculty Mrs. jane Allen Mr. Vlayne Eakin Mr. David Beightol Miss Eleanor Bunnell Mrs. Mary Burket Mrs. Grace Burns Miss Ida Cardamone Mrs. Elizabeth Davis Mr. Theron Davis Mr. Alec Dutkin Mr. joseph Edwards Miss Elfreda Graham Mrs. Gertrude Kendall Miss Martha King Mrs. Allene Masterson Miss Grace McClima ns O Miss Margaret McNeil Mrs. Mary McQuaid Mr. Clinton Perrine Mr. Harold Pixley Faculty Mr. ,Iohn Priinosic Miss Hazel Rankin Miss Elsa Rinkenherger Miss Marjorie Runninger Miss Leah Sawyer Miss Ruth Shorts Miss Gevienne Smith Miss Katherine Stelliee Miss Vwlynona Swift Mrs. Madeline Thomas Mr. Ed. Treadwell Mr. john Urarn Mr. Howard Waite Mr. Kenneth Wolfe Mrs. Sara Weiss Miss Virginia Wright Mr. Rohert Wilson Dr. Rohert Wilson School Physician Miss Wauneta Girt School Nurse WE LOOK INTO THE FUTURE 1951 1961 CLASS PPOPHBCY On Thursday, May 18, 1961, aboard the ocean liner U.S.S. Matter of Fact are to be found two philanthropists, Rick Bleakley and Dick McDowell, voyaging to Europe. As they come on the ship's deck three sailors, Bob Ging, Merle Baker, and Jim Phillips, are seen swabbing the deck. The boys recognize each other and are about to relax to have a good old fashioned chin about F. H. S., when the ship's captain, john C. Ramsey, enters. Jim is sent to the crow's nest as lookout and the other two swabs are set to cleaning the deck on the double quick. Other personages to be found on the ship are Pat Brown, who has become a noted opera singer, and Guy Stallone-Hollywood's number one play boy. Jay Rhoads, a narcotic salesman, thinks he has eluded the F. B. I. and is safely on his way, when who should appear traveling on the same ship, but Copper Wes Rarer, who always gets his man. The budding romance of Joanne Dalmaso and Jim McCarter's, which began in the halls of F. H. S., is now finally bursting into full bloom. They have just won a honeymoon trip to Europe by guessing the right answer on a radio quiz program. Tom Cartwright is an inspector of roads and plans to spend some time in France inspecting a new super plastic highway the French have developed. Tom becomes sea sick and, thinking he is going to die, calls for a lawyer to make his last will and testament. Dick Gillingham is rushed in as the lawyer, along with his secretaries, janet Beggs, Bonnie O'Dell, Doris Lowrie, Connie Bean, Mary Ann Wiegel, Margaret McMurray, Betty Gyder, and Sally Morris, who later is employed to write the history of the class of 1951. Nancy Dudley is the ship's cigarette girl. Don Lawson is the ship's steward and as his cooks he has employed his old friends from Franklin High who used to spend most of their time in the school's new homemaking department. They are Mamie Wilson, Bern' adeen Harris, Shirley Alaire, Lola Ace, Doris McKinley, and Alice McGinty. Dana Holmes is now a famous flier. The captain has just received Dana's distress call and is on the lookout. He is later fished out of the water by the crew and given medical attention by Dr. Norman Beals. Dr. Beals has as his assistants a bevy of nurses, Violet Daily, Janis Davis, Susan and Helen Moulton, Nancy Bell, Barbara Porter, Mary Lee Hayes, Shirley Shilliday, and Maxine Kresenski. Jim McBride is a U. S. Senator on board the U. S. S. Matter of Fact, and now spends most of his time on vacation. Bob Hilliard is discovered on the ship as a tramp stowaway. John Harris is a noted wrestler and during the course of the voyage is challenged by Merle Baker, who throws him. Dick Haggerty is traveling to England, having just been awarded the Nobel prize. Joan Graham is now a noted poetess. Dave Kinnear is president of the Farmer's Union, and is planning to attend a farmer's convention in Berlin with other farmers of note, Phillip Engles, Richard and Paul Aylesf worth, Larry Baker, Dick Robinson, john and Bob Snyder, Gene Sterling, Keith Smith, Charles and Harold Greenlee, Dick Rhoads, Bill Reid, and Ed Wible. WE LOOK INTO THE FUTURE 1951 1961 CLAss PROPHBCY The ship's clowns, Pete Barger and Mike Mong, add to the enjoyment of the trip and during the evening pass out remembrances to their many friends. Nancy Brown is given a carrot, while Marilyn DeWoody is given a mirror. Phyllis DiPasquale receives an alarm clock and Bob Andres receives a basketball. john Brinker is given a toy car, Joanne Hovis a cook book, and Helen Phillips a tablet and pencil. For entertaining her students, Sue Riddle is presented with a rattle. jack Schiffer receives a horse for horsing around. Elsie Whitmer is given an apron and, for practical reasons, Ed Wible is given a toy tractor. jerry Zinz is presented with a razor and Larry Graner a whistle, to come out of the fog. Virginia Gramlich and Bill Self are old married folks, but due to the Korean War, could not go on their honeymoon voyage until 1961, and thus are accompanied by four children and their tutor, Charlotte Serge. During the late evening jim McBride is persuaded to be master of ceremonies by the ship's guests from F. H. S. A program follows which could equal the Musical Broadcast staged any year in Franklin High School. Guy Stallone and Pat Brown favor with an amusing duet. Distinction is provided by Sally Morris who reads the class history. john Nelson demomstrates his abilities as a one man band and plays several selections to the enjoyment of all. The class will, which was written by Mary Ann Wiegel and Sally Morris, is read by Lawyer Dick Gillingham. janet Pence then sings a solo. The climax of the program is reached when jim and Joanne are united in holy wedlock by Bill Gaiser, pastor of "The Little Church around the Corner". The bride is given in marriage by the 1951 football captain, Ed Wible. Other members of the wedding party are Bob Andres as best man, Marion Perry as bridesmaid, Bill Logue as ringbearer and Connie Bean as flower girl. Throughout the services, the ship's orchestra, consisting of Dick Haggerty, Norman Beals, David Yard, Barbara Porter, Violet Dailey, Dana Holmes, and Wesley Rarer, plays the traditional wedding march. After the ceremony the ship is seen drifting into the horizon to the dreamlike music of the ship's orchestra playing "Harbor Lights" and the members of the class singing the well remembered words of their class song. The days have passed us by Those precious hours we'll always cherish We're breaking every tie. So long to Franklin High. The laughter and the tears In each one's dreams will ever linger. They'll echo through the years And we'll recall them all. We'll still remember all the joys We've known and shared And not forget the many friends For whom we've cared. Mem'ries will never die. The happy moments of our school days. W'e're leaving Franklin High. It's time to say, goodbye! is WW FRANKLINITE STAFF 1951 . 523255534 ' 1. , i f..m.'1.2.: :Six X ..f.. 5 ....f.. iw 2.1 ROW l P. Maul, P. Walz, S. Morris, M. Wiegel, M. Baker, C. Serge, B. Henderson, P. DiPasquale, R. Bleak' ley. ROW 2 sl. Welton, N. Bell, B. Porter, N. Dudley, V. Gramlich, S. Riddle, tl. Graham, B, Gyder. ROW BW D. Holmes, W. Rarer, QI. King, B. Andres, D. McDowell, Mrs. Masterson, Miss Swift. Qs: The Senior Franklinite Staff' has completed its second year of work in producing a yearbook. In the course of this time, they have gained much experience in the held of publishing. The hook must Hrst he planned, revised and written down, pictures taken, prints mounted, names kept straight, writeups composed to fit the theme and the space to be filled, nroofs must he mounted and corrected and a dozen more thin s all at once, to sa nothin of the necessit of ettin l h f E ll Y E Y E g enoug money to pay or it. The senior staff which consists of twentyftwo members, has worked for approximately five hundred hours on this year's book, after school and during study periods. We all hope that we can produce a book worthy of a rating hy the National Scholastic Press Association. The year ends with the happy staff giving out the yearhooks and relaxing at a banquet given as a reward for work faithfully done. The seniors on the staff are pref sented with their copies of the Franklinite, and the junior memf bers hope to earn enough points to get their copies in the same way in another year. FRANKLINITE 1053 LWERARY STAFF ROW l M. MacFarlane N. Wiegel, P. Butters, P. Perry, H. Grove, S. Hilliard, S. Cuhhif son, C. Foreman, A. Brookhous' er, R. Painter. ROW 2 B. Lin sley, B. johnson, N. Fry, N. Husf ton, B. Wolfe, K. Dale. B. Burk hardt. Anvaixrismo ROW l bl. Sullivan, D. Boughner, L. Heffern, M. Hart M. McDowell, B. Snyder, G Sherman, A. Monarch, S. Mo Fetridge, P. Norris, F. Greggs ROW 2 B. Moore, il. Kaste M. Stephanakos, A. Sterner, P. Bell, M. Morrison, sl. Reed, ,I Ghering. PHOTOGRAPHY ROW l tl. King, N. Knoizen, C. Powers. ROW 2 tl. Nelson, P. Stroup, C. Hawkins, B. Cor' hett, hl. Yeager. -u-ws. f "Lights, Action, Camera" is the call we hear at the heginning of school from the Franklinite stalli. The photo graphers are husy getting snaps of all events, the husiness staff is visiting advertisers and everyone works to gain enough points to stay on the staff and perhaps become next years' editor. There is a chart in the Pranklinite room and for every hour or period you work you get a point. We had so much energy in 1951 that we just didn't confine ourselves to pro ducing the yearhook. We sponsored a record hop on a night when it was 17 helow zero andrsold tickets for a heneiit movie, "The Magnihcent Yankee", to make money to help pay the hills. Soon we will hegin the planning for the Franklin' ite of 1052, when we will he seniors. sg ,E ww a 3' Q X ,, s x . EW " Ears:-3 , Senior Assembly THE FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1951 SENIOR ASSEMBLY FRIDAY, MAY EIGHTEEN, NINETEEN HUNDRED FIFTYfONE Prophecy ......... Time . . Place . . Class Poem ...... . Solo ,..... Solo .......... Class History .... One Man Band .... Dance ,,...... Class Will ,,... Solo ...,....,.... Presentation of Key. Response .....,... Presentation of Gift. L55 PROGRAM ............Senior Class ...May 18, 1961 . . .Deck of the "U, S. S. Matter of Fact ............Joan Graham . . . . .Pat Brown . . . . .Guy Stallone . . . . .Sue Riddle . . . . .john Nelson . . . . .S. Morris Ei M. Wiegel . . . . .Dick Gillingham . . . . .janet Pence . . . ..... jay Rhoacls . . ..... Dick Manson . . . ..... jay Rhoads Movingfup Exercises . ..,.. School Class Song ...... . . . . .Senior Class Last Will and Testament of the Class of l95l The Class of '51 of Franklin High School, County of Venango, State of Bewilderment, being of sound mind and body, realizing we are about to pass into oblivion, do make and declare this our last will and testament, and do declare all other bequests, including wills, tests, papers, and report cards to be null and void. First: To the junior Class, our rightful successors, we leave the following: Our seats in assemblyfOccupy them, but do not try to fill them. All the mistakes we've made, the knowledge that failed to penetrate our brains, and any boys and girls we may have left behind in our haste. Secondly: All other worldly belongings, such as, lipstick, combs, notes, gum, old books, and all our scholastic records, we direct the executor of this will to sell at public auction. The proceeds to be turned over to the city of Franklin to build a recreation center. Thirdly: As individuals Pat Brown leaves her voice to Barbara Moore. Dave Kinnear leaves for the "wild and wooly West'l. To Kay Dale, Nancy Dudley leaves her "curves". Paul Aylesworth leaves his captivating ways to Dick Porter. Shirley Fasenmayer bestows her flirting ability upon Alice Heffern. Guy Stallone leaves his voice to anyone who can beat it. To anyone who is lucky enough to get them, Mabel Kaster leaves her noonftime dates. Alvin Britton wills his big shoulders to Beryl Ace. Lois Graham leaves to go ninfhunting. Dick McDowell leaves his sports editor job to anyone who can handle it. Margaret Helferman leaves to settle down. Bill Logue leaves his height to Bob Allen. To Betty Ohler, Thelma Cratty leaves her motherly ways. Charles Greenlee bequeaths his cowfboying to Don johnson. Roberta Henderson leaves her passion for Rocky Grove boys to Pat Cropp. jim Hays leaves his wheat fields to Bob Gildenston. Mary Baker leaves her beauty to Joan Sullivan. jim Phillips is happy he can leave. To Nancy Knoizen, Maxine Kresenski leaves her "best dressed" title. Dick Robinson leaves Jeanne Janis Davis leaves for a nursing career. Lee Black leaves all his little ol' red heads. Laura Swires wills her fire red hair to Mary McGrew. Dana Holmes takes his convertible with him. To her sister Nancy, Mary Ann Wiegel bequeaths her dancing ability. Roy Emerson leaves his intelligence to Paul Stroup. Sally Morris leaves her corner under the stairs to anyone who can make as good use of it as she and Mary Ann did. Jim McBride leaves the girls alone. Carlee Serge leaves her popularity to Pat Butters. Jay Rhoads leaves his presidency to Dick Manson. To Nancy Huston, Connie Bean leaves her Height. Ed Culbertson leaves H. R. 209 in peace. Shirley "Archer" leaves her "beau" and arrow. Alvin Beach leaves his blond hair to Mike Smith. Mike Mong leaves for the Navy. Lola Ace leaves her trips to the Coffee Shop to Janice Kuhns. To Marilyn May, Peg Walz leaves a horrible middle name. Dick Gillingham leaves to make doughnuts at Shuffstalls. Keith Smith leaves the A Cappella without a tenor. Joan Graham leaves and goes to Washington. Pete Bargar bestows his acting ability to Jim Vergis. Bonnie Mitchell leaves with the name O'Dell. Dick Haggerty leaves his slide rule to anyone who can ligure it out. Ginny Gramlich gives her untiring energy to all the Junior girls due to much for one girl to handle. Tom Cartwright leaves his brother Ron to carry on. J. J. Weltoiu leaves her English class as Mrs. Burns heaves a sigh of relief. To Ruby Painter, Betty O'Brien leaves her twinkling eyes. Bob Ging wills his stilts to Floyd Greggs. Margie DeMaison takes off in her Pontiac. Larry Baker leaves Lois Heffern. Dick Mong leaves H. R. 213, but just because the bell rang. To Cecil Morris, Dick Aylesworth leaves his boisterousness. Janet Pence leaves to puttfputt around on her little motorcycle. Bernadeen Harris gives her volley ball ability to Hazel Barnicle. Mary Lee Hays bequeaths her beauty to Grace Sherman. Maggie McMurray leaves to visit the Navy. Herman Barnes leaves his wit to anone who can stand it. To Joyce Ghering, Susan Moulton leaves her seriousness. J. C. Ramsey bequeaths his masculine form to Edgar Montgomery. Jim McCarter and Joanne Dalmaso leave together. Pat Witmer leaves with a diamond fthe lucky dogj. Merle Baker leaves his physique to Jim Kinnear. Barbara Porter leaves for a career. Bill Gaiser bequeaths his dignity to Bill Newton. Gus Manne leaves H. R. 213 in peace. Dollie Brown bestows her sweet personality upon Phyllis Sharrer. Smokey Rarer leaves his wit to Speedo. Nancy Bell leaves her majorette ability to Betty Snyder. the fact that its too Lastly : Phillip Engles leaves his . . ., well, he leaves anyway. Janet Beggs bestows her secretarial ability upon Mary Ann Marshinke Bill Elliott leaves his team managing to Nappy. Ricky Bleakly wills his class enthusiasm to Conrad Hawkins. Tink Dailey bestows her drum playing upon Jim Wolfe. Norman Beals leaves the women. CAin't that a killer .J John Snyder leaves Phyllis Norris. Doris Lowrie gives her very clean saddle shoes to Sally Hilliard. Bill Self leaves his convertible to the junkman. Gene Sterling leaves his empty jugs to the owner of locker No. 19. Dick Vitka keeps leaving. To Sarah Osgood, Helen Moulton leaves her art ability. John Glenn is willed Larry Graner's red hair. Clara Hardenburg leaves to get hitched. Betty Gyder bequeaths her tardiness to Dick Wible. John Harris leaves wishing he could stay with a sophomore. We do hereby appoint as the sole executor of our will, "The Thing". In Witness Whereof we, the Class of Fiftyfone has set our hand and seal this Eighteenth day of May in the year of our Lord, One thousand, nine hundred and fiftyfone. Witness :I Your Foo Irene Harvey Class of '51 Sally Morris Mary Ann Wiegel Nantes. A w3U:y:m2oi-ago Acknowledgement Jw On behalf of the student body and the Franlqlinite staff members, I wish to sincerely thank our advertisers and patrons. Through their cooperation and faith in our student publicaf tion we are able to offer one of the best yearfboolqs Franklin high school has ever published. I feel sure the students will demonstrate their appreciation by patronizing the adverf tisers and patrons in every way possible. -The Editor Owr Patrons Dr. Kelse M. Hoffman Dr. G. G. Turner Dr. Charles A. Bark Dr. F. W. Wilson Dr. F. P. Phillips Dr. N. K. Beals Dr. F. E. Butters Dr. Thomas A. Eshelman Dr. C. A. Nordstrom Dr. W. J. Metz Dr. George Smith Dr. L. G. Manwaring Dr. D. C. Stewart Dr. Roy A. Smith Dr. Pauline McCandless Dr. M. M. Spencer Dr. john W. Bailey Dr. Frank Pankratz Dr. Thomas E. Timney Dr. A. Agnello Dr. F. E. Crosby Rev. H. L. Knappenberger Rev. Sidney Kane Dr. William H. Orr George M. O'I'Iora H. Carl Wasson LU john Nesbit Robert M. Dale John F. Budke Charles A. Gape Merrill Maitland A. R. and N. F. Osmer R. R. Bleakley, jr. Mr. and Mrs. A. Deliqiannis Harry S. Gramlich Clara Wiesen Richard A. McDowell Lois Young Jimmy Mammolite Bill McGuckin jack Cardy Joan Barrett Pam Caccavo Marilyn McCain Pfc. Neil Borger Boston Shoe Store Findlay and Fleming, Agents Stillion Convalescent Home Vesta's Beauty Shoppe Lura Lee's Beauty Shop Clulow and Hoovler Ash Hat Co. f 'Af PM CHANGING JoBs f A,4 41 Aq - ., V Ycp, I'm trading my overalls for a suit of any "faLi,qucs" . . . trading my tool box for a rifle .E -.,, . . . trading my lunch box for a mess kit . . . ' --.,, .V.Q I 'J' and trading: lots of things I won't need in thc - '- ' -' ,., Q ' Army for cash in my hand. i : You might say, "Just how will you accom- ' plish the latter?" """' 5 That's easy. I can sell my car, golf clubs, out- "" ..,. board motor and even my clothes through a '-,,b "ii "" VIAV I ii. Want Ad. Those little ads are wonderful. 1 ' could sell anything I want to with one of them. in You G. I.'s 'to bc' kccp that in mind, it's a ..... 2 .,.,.,. T ,.,.,4. good tip. Call Franklin 181 to place your DERRICK-BLIZZARD WANT AD or Dial Oil City 5-1227 L I t t FRANKLIN LODGE No. 83 LOYAL ORDER OE MOOSE TY ' I uw PUR' Besides PEPSI I5 OFC:-EEEEEK FOOD ' NE , co., nc. E cefnnea by u. S- TeS""9 I2 FULL GLASSES IN THESE 6 BIG I2-OZ. BOTTLES! zdaqb ' M 1- .., re f J. C. PENNEY CO., INC. 1237 Liberty Street Phone 487 Franklin, Pa. l ,f Buehanan's Funeral Home L 8: C 1340 Elk Street Lambros and Conomikes phone 133 1267 Liberty Street Phone 74 ..,- I Sykes 8: Kline, Inc Clothing - Furnishings - Hats - Shoes Harvey H. Hoovler Funeral Home Otter Street at West Park Phone 126 1272 Libertv Sf. , Phone 202 l 7 zgljfll' . watery l l 'Vx 'gy , Avg .,,r ,,,y. ,Q--..,w ,fx 545.2-,H - X 075.4 l ff' M ff, me , ,ggjflfllllly "'l'l, "I l q V L . S. Ai ,'-Mui,-fffnfl-f ' 7- 2 . '- fx j7,,JT"""gj--iwqypqhkj 3, ,ie wif Kp - 5 .1 .m fl l A fr V:-745' il 7 Fw? Q wi fi' 2 Irffil. 'W Mizxnigtgg -I 'P -- .aikzg- MP5 iiieifa--ww 'ar-wp-:. -HN -- ' ' '-01927 ,.,,...,QgFM...m,w W :QMWwiw?.:g5,:T:,,k.E,,wg--5:-M -hA-- - i lanlz and Dodd Pennzoil Products The Rotary Club Phone W F rner of 12th nd Buffalo F a kl n P H. T. Osburn 8. Co., lnc. Ready Mixed Concrete Judson's Dairy Pasteurized Dairy Products and Bullding Materials Phone 189-G 501 503 Th 1 t 631 12th street C S Feet Ph 201' F kl P F 3 kl P npliments Transler Company Local and Long Distance The Hauling Franklin News Co. Storage 1245 Liberty Street Phone 337 gfgg Grant St Franklin Pft. Hay's Bread Franklin Decorating Shop Phone 568 418 13th Street Franklin, Pa. Miles P. Brown's Boiler Works The Charles N. Hough Mig. Co. Franklin, Pa. Tulsa, Oklahoma Watches Silverware 1 rl 1 1 Diamonds l fra ' Raymond Cleaners 9 mam Oil City 4-1229 Franklin 272 Gifts for Every Occasion Established 1871 Phone 45 1280 Liberty Sl WHEELER'S 12th Street Dinor Home of Quality Food at Reasonable Prices Franklin Plastics Division of Robinson lndust.ries, Inc, McBride 8: Williams 1293 Omer sm-get Dodge and Plymouth Sales and Service Dodge Job Rated Trucks BRANDT I-IARDING JEWELERS Walk a Block and Save Dollars 104 13th Street Franklin, Pa. Roofing and Spouting B. V. Borger Star Route, Franklin Phone 2043-L Cong'ratul'ations to the Class of 1951 Svranlnn Stuhiu anh .ilinbeltp Qhuppe Michlon Studio Corner 12th and Liberty Sts. The James Lumber Company Building Materials Phone 164 or 172 1035 Buffalo Street Franklin, Pa. Compliments of Cranford's at Campbell's Anderson's Furniture Co. nderson MWA? .... 'fiiiiifiil'lifl-'tilz .... rifle.: L ,,,.. .. . .1-Lf 1 kv ' 1 The Schiffer's Market I5aly,5 Klwanls Meats Groceries Fruits Vegetables Ice Cream I Dairy Products HQQJAQE Refrigerated Food 5' Lunches gi Lockers N-f'i9ff9?9"' Ph 119 205 Thu-teemh st. one 1 of Franklin Phone 566 1233 Liberty St. Mammolite Bros. Cox Food Market 1013 Libevty St. Golden Dawn Foods Bird's Eye Frozen Foods Famous N, Y. State "Aged" Cheese McCarthy Buick Phone 786 1010 Buffalo St. When Better Automobiles Are Built-Buick Will Build Them Printing Company Job Printers Phone 214 1180 Elk Street Franklin, Pa, Franklin Drugs 309 Thirteenth Sit. Phone 7 Tom Schratz, Proprietor Central Restaurant Best Place to Eat Franklin, Pa. S. T. Karns Transportation Co Moving Rigging Storage 633 Thirteenth St. Phone 87 Dry Cleaning The Exchange Hotel Catering to Banquets Phone 343 1301 Liberty St. Franklin, Pa. Fink Appliance 414 13th street Franklin, Pa. Phone 257 Dolson 8: Beith General Insurance Notary Public Phone 693 Franklin, Pa. The Squire Shop 1221 Liberty St. for The Finest in Men's Wear Painter's 1115 Liberty St. Phone 13 Franklin, Pa. Co. Compliments cl Shuffstall's L. L. Livingston Donut General Insurance The Sweetest Spot In Town Ramsclale , 8x R Stroup s Kunkel ed 8: White Store Books and Stationery 1262 Liberty Street Phone 256-L Grant Street Franklin, Pa, R8zR Dairy Store Sealtest Ice Cream-Dairy Products 109 North 13th St. Franklin, Pa. McGuire Bros. Drug Store Visit Our Fountain Kayton 'Theatre Building Phone 25 Meet Your Friends Here Paul's Bibles Books Gifts School Supplies Greeting Cards 218 13th Street Franklin, Pa. Phone 46 Washington Lunch Franklin's "Doggie House" Short Orders Our Specialty Phone 9388 Schiffer Brothers Super Market Eighth 'and Liberty Streets Congratulations to the Class of 1951 Serge Coal IKLIVANS Jewelry Company 311 Thirteenth St. Franklin, Pa. Vath, Burns and Mawhinney Watches Diamonds Clocks Silverware Phone 400-X 1266 Liberty Sit. Franklin, Pa. Aley 8x Hatch Plumbing Heating Refrigeration 514 13th S-t. Franklin, Pa. 3 . I X I N L. L. Burger F Funeral Home Q ' 904527, orzoev. or GOLDEN nuts Compliments nf Braclley's Thirteenth Street Franklin, Pa. Stop at Polk Inn Isaly's Dairy Bar Home Cooking Meals Served Manross 8: Co. "Say It With Flowers" Allegheny Ave., Reno, Pa. Phone: Oil City 4-4911 W. R. Allen, Proprietor Cunningham's Opposite Oil City Northside Post Office Our Specialty Just Good Food Franklin Baking .Company 1281 Otter St. Franklin, Pa. lee Cream Sodas F amoore's 18 E. First Street Oil City, Pa. Phone 7-3192 Candy Nuts Patton 8: Lynch Auto Body Service Allegheny Avenue Reno, Pa. Phone: Oil City 4-2391 Myer's Dinor Hot, Sandwiches Chili Home-made Soup 211 Thirteenth St. Franklin, Pa. Harter Brothers Records R21di0S Sheet Music Musical Instruments Franklin Oil City R8zB Motor Co. Chevrolet Cars and Trucks 1020! Liberty SL. Phone 970 Riddle Bros. Auto Body Estimates Given Without Obligation 313 Grant St. Franklin, Pa, Life is somewhat. like a swing, It soars and then it plunges, And SAVING is the only thing That stays its gloomy lunges, nal-osir YOUR sAv1NGs HERE Venango Federal Savings and Loan Association Phone 821 1151 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. Compliments of Anderson's Greenhouses 612 Grant St. Franklin, Pa. Worden 8: F aller Barber Shop Bohlender McGinty gt Drug Store Johns Quality Brands 27 North wth St- wvhoiesaie confecfions Phone 9372 719 13th Street Franklin, Pa. Lubrica-te and Protect Your Guns and Reels with FULCRUM GUN AND REEL OIL Will not evaporate. Will not freeze in cold Weather, or gum or dry up in hot Weather. Most economi- cal oil you can use. Endorsed by leading' sportsmen and outdoors writers. 1-ounce applicator bottle, or money-back guarantee-SL00 at your dealer's. Fulcrum Oil Company Franklin, Pa. Brown s Boot Shop 1253 Liberty St. Phone 210-G Franklin, Pa. Harry Bittenbencler Company Chrysler-Ply mouth Sales and Service 1281 Elk St. Phone 383 Compliments of Franklin's Own Compliments nl' Howard and Nicklin Lumber Co. Cauvel Bros. Theaters Nash Sales and Service Plumer's Dairy S Kayton tore phone 174 Phone 1335 Th' -t th sm. H een Orpheum 1243 Buffalo sn. F ki' P . Pan m' a Phone 122 F1'anklin,Pa. , . 1 Vanderhoff Congratulations Sheasleyys Brothers to the Class of 1951 Terminal Grill Frank R. Barnes, Mgr, Shoe Store Phone 208-G 1242 Liberty St. Franklin, Pa. Electrical Sales and Service Electrical Contracting Dealer in Water Systems Softeners, Wiring Materials and Appliances Phone 209 106 13th St Y -1,- Compliments of Irving J. Reid Photo Studio Estalbislheld 1898 Eckercl's of on City, inc. Drug Stores Brown's Dinette Home Cooked Meals and Photo Supplies "Creators of Reasonable Drug Prices" T1h'i1'teenth St. 220 mth St' 1254 Liberty sn Franklin' Pa' Phone 806 I ' ' Franklin, Pa. Co l' ' t. f 1:-ranklinvs Carl E. Snyder m"'m"l Q 0 Floral Shop A. M. Burkhardt Kelvinutor For Flowers and Call Bendix Paving Contractor BUD HUSTUN Dealer Equipment Rentals GREENHOUSE 7th and Egbert 13l.'Jl1 St. Phone 1331 Phone 530-X F'1'anlklin, Pa- Franklin, Pa. Kellogg Motor Co. 2 Shaw's B05 S Atlantic Service 11th and Liberty Sts. Franklin, Pa. Your Franklin Ford Dealer Phone 36 116-118 Grant St. Franklin, Pa. Atlantic Service 12th 'and Elk Streets Franklin, Pa. Kendall Service Gas, Oil, Lubrication Auto Repairing Ignition Service Phone 754 Grant St. Snycler's Garage Pontiac Sales and Service Phone 969 1313 Otter St. Franklin, Pu. Grove's Radio Service 12312 Liberty St. Franklin, Pa, Phone T8 Compliments of Schenk's Drive In Reno, Pa. Fnniplimcnts nl' The Fashion Shoppe The High School Store Phone 613 1249 Liberty St. Franklin, Pa. Kelsey and Company Accountants Complete Accounting Systems Public Stenography Auditing 514 Buffalo St. Phone Office 98-G Glenn's Grocery Diamonds Watches Silver Complete Line of Jewelry Sterner's Jewelry Store 322 13th St. Franklin, Pa. Thrift Bros. 1243 Liberty st. Franklin, Pa. Phone 2100 We Wish To Congratulate The Class of 1951 Upon Their Graduation And To Express Our Hope For Their Future Success ir 'A' 'A' The ERATERNAL ORDER 0E EAGLES No. 328 Good Luck and Best Wishes To The Class of '51 'A' 'k i' May The Best Day You Have Ever Seen Be Worse Than Your Worst To Come 'A' if 'A' The FRANKLIN CLUB F Congratulations To The Class of 1951 if ir i' JOY MANUFACTURING COMPANY We Extend Our Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1951 uk ir 'k The Exchange Bank and Trust Company Member Fe ie 11 Dep 't I u In e C po at' n F ankl n Pa Congratulations to the Class of 1951 MONG'S DAIRY The General Maniiold and Printing Company Business Forms C t 1 t t th FRANKLINITE STAFF AND STUDENTS OF THE CLASS OF 1951 J. T. CAMPBEll 81 SON SONCONY-VACUUM Oll CO., INC. FRANKLIN PLANT Congratulations . to the Penngylyama Class of 1951 El tri m ec C C0 pam' Tracy A. leyda thevlcioougleelimolfielbqubllget W00dW0Fking and gives SE for S0 Construction Cabinet Work Electricity 1 538 Atlant1c Ave. P k, I BarIhoIomew's af 5' nc- Drug Slore phone 554 Prescription Specialists 1252 Liberty Street Franklln Pa. 1209 Liberty Street Franklin Pa I I OUR KINDEST GREETINGS TO The Finest Class to be - Graduated from Franklin High FRANKLIN LODGE OF ELKS, No. 110 PETUllA ART STUDIOS Everything in Photography Portrait Commercial Photos We Specialize In Wedding Photos Kodak Finishing 24 Hour Service Franklin, Pennsylvania Q by Erie Advance . P ' t' 8a L'th Engraving Co. rm mg I 0 Kurtz Bros. Company Cl rfld I E E I P Vl P Vl P yl I . 3. 1 iii l 5,.,,..l??.,-,,,,.Jl?S.-meS-5.-:f..i.,,!,,,4E,.W..-5f,!5 .-TV 1, A QU . ,-.,-,Fu-..f,.fV- vw-1 V W .g - W. - . wr - x

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