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ZZ , Ir, .L ,iff ,gym 'WJ W ,, , mfg' PHE UKL m h N' ff W Q Q ff , ,,,V 1 M , W, w ef '17, . AY' 3 X N Qx TO you O P1st wa. look back for IHSPIFRUOH an understandmg TO you O Future we look forward to suc cess and happmess Ir IS to the Past and Future that we the class of 1950 dedlcate our book ' rx 5 , , 1 M 71 cl , ' . y They Turn The Wheels For The Future Thls Faculty of 1918 Taught ln Franklm Hugh School When the Old Buzldmg Was Stlll New 6 ri , f 5 ' fm T A? . . . Y- I 2 1 E I , They Mr. Beighrol Miss Bunnell Mrs. Mrs. Burlcet Burns Miss Cardamone Mrs. Davis Mr. Davis Mr. Dutkin Mr. Edwards Miss Miss Miss Mrs. Miss Miss Mrs. Miss Miss Galbraith Graham Grau Kendall King Lundquisr Masterson McClimans McNeil Pass On To Us The Guidance They Received From Faculties Of The Past Mrs. MuQiinid iVIr. Pcrrinc Nlr. Pixicv Mr. Prii munw sic Miss Rankin Miss Riniccni1ergcr Miss Runningcr Miss Sawyer Miss Sl icir rs Miss Smirii Miss Srcffm: Miss Swift Mrs. Thomas Mr. Treadwail Mr. Umm Mr. White Mr. XX'iison Mr. Xvoife Miss Wright Q ef! V They Help Pave The Road To The Future Dr. F. W. Wilson and Miss Wauneta Gizt. They watch over our health, for they know that healthy students make happier future citizens. Barbara. Priscilla and Diane sympathize with Kathy after her strenuous trip to town. Scene from the Speech Class play. clinic. ClZlS5SS. One of our cheerful maintenance stag. -lan Zarzeczny pauses a moment in his work. Future Good drivers of America. The driving class memhers attend the safe driving Maker of future cooks. Miss Rinkenherger presides over a tea tahle set hy the cooking The industrious secretaries. Eileen Baker. Joan Smith, and Lois Bittenhender. IO Bram Factory 1950 Dlck Porter and Gene Gyder are bemg prepared for hypnotxsm Wesley Rater looks on wmle Peggy and ante do the experxment announcements The baton twlrlers entertain between halves at the foohtall game The Lxhrary Club prepared its exhxhlt for Book Week around the theme Make Fnends Wxth Books A Freshman gym class starts a game , . J . . Janie Metz takes her turn at the mike where the speech class memhers make the daily . . W I . . ,, , ' 73 'ff Citizens of The Future 12 These Semors of 1929 Went To the Movles To See Clara Bow and Thought Rudy Vallee Was Wonderful ' 5 . ' ' ' . Q5 Q FH, J -A Q, , Y . iff? W1 ' , f' ' fp 'f . X . linux N I ,. T SE , V ' ' X ' KS- ' A X f -Q I . Ar' a a J' K 3 f, ' o W. A, X I V . ,Q A - A 'M , ffm , X f W 1-wifi A' ' w I-'ji ., 'V " Bug Wheels 'R Offxcers of The Class of 1950 Bob MCGUIFC President Ted Tunstall Vlce Preslclent Marllyn Blanchard Secretary Lynn Myers Treasurer Nlxss Idq Cardamone, Advxsgr 13 M i ' 2. V 4 N ' -r 4 1 af: '23 as QI -..nil ll 1 F ,. . ..1., i l I Q SARA DIANE ADELMAN Honor Society 3,4, Secretary 45 Broadcast l,3g Franklinite 3,43 Junior Play 3. KAYE ASHBAUGH Cheerleader 2,3,4g Girls Basket- ball 3. ERMA JEAN BARRIS NE-nnu French Club 4. GEORGE BENNETT ff H George Glee Club Z,3,4g Basketball 2,3,4g Football 3,4. JOHN CHARLES BLAIR ffjdckll PATTY MAE BOALS ,,Pat,, JOLENE BURGERT .-lov Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 Flag Twirler 3,45 Franklinite 3,4g Usherettes Chair- man 4g Honor Society 4. BETTY LOU ANDERSON Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Franklinite 3,4. RUTH NAOMI BAKER "Bake,, Girls Glee Club 1,45 A Cappella 2. PEGGY J. BEIGHTOL npeggyn EMORY BILLINGSLEY A Cappella Choir 3,4g Boys Glee Club 2,3,4g Football 3. MARILYN BLANCHARD erMe'lv: Class Secretary 3,4g Latin Club 25 French Club 35 Franklinite 3,43 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 43 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4g A Cappella 3,43 Honor Society 4. JUNE ELAINE BROWN fpjunev Girls Glee Club 2,3,4. NANCY JEAN BUTLER "Batty, Honor Society 3,45 Cheerleader 2,3,4g Broadcast 2,3,4g Editor 43 Franklinite 3,43 Senior Play 45 Basketball 2,3. JACK THEODORE CARDY "Lillie Bugeyeu Class Treasurer 2g Football 2,33 Basketball 2,35 Junior Play 3. GLORIA MAE CHAMBERLAIN "A cies" Girls Glee Club 2,3,4g Junior Play 3g Libray Club 2,33 Basket- ball 2,3,4g Volleyball 2,3,4. JOSEPH CONNELL BARBARA ANN DAYE "Bobby" A Cappella 2,3,4g Girls Glee Club 2,3. HELEN JOAN DILLE "Dillie" Girls Glee Club 4. PHYLLIS IRENE FONZO 'Phyl" Tri-Hi-Y 3,4g Girls Glee Club 25.4. JAMES LEROY GILLILAND .pjimn Boys Glee Club. GUY EUGENE CHAMBERLAIN "Gwen French Club. Vice-President 4 DELORES JOANNE CLARK NIU., Band 3,43 Basketball 3. V. JOANN DAILEY ,jon HELEN PATRICIA DELONG "Pain Tri-Hi-Y President 3,4g Band 2, 3,4g Franklinite 3,43 Junior Play 33 Senior Play 4g Honor Society 4. LAWRENCE G. EAKIN "Pee-Wee" ALLISON ABBOTT FRAZIER Hi-Y 2,35 Secretary 3g Football 2,3,4g Basketball Manager Z,3,4g A Cappella 33 Vice-President 4g Boys Glee Club ,4, President 2. HARRIET MAE GLENN Tri-Hi-Y 3,4. ESTHER V. GLUNT nspriggfv Mercer High School 1,23 Girls Glee Club 4. LOUELLA EILEEN GREGGS Literary Club 4. JOAN ADELE GRILL P-lov Sacred Heart 1.2,3g Tri-Hi-Y 4, NORMA JUNE HAMMERLEE "Nerm,' Cheerleader 2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 3.4. SHIRLEY FAYE HARLAN "Shirley" A Cappella 2,3,4g Girls Glee Club 2,3,4, Secretary 3,4g Usherettes 4g Basketball 23 Operetta 3. YVONNE B. HILLIARD ff 4 ,J Bonnie Library Club 2,3,4g Basketball 2, 35 Orchestra Z,3g Volleyball 4. DOROTHY ANN IFFT r-Iftyn Girls Glee Club 2,3,4g Usherettes 45 Latin Club 23 Basketball 5. MARY ELLEN GRAHAM "Milmee', Tri-Hi-Y 3,4g Library Club 2.3.41 Franlclinite 3.4: Volleyball 4. JOAN GRIFFEN "Georgian Tri-Hi-Y 3,41 Broadcast 4. SALLIE LEE HAMILTON "Brownian Broadcast 4: Franlclinite 3.4g Co- Eclieor 4: Senior Play 4: Basket- ball 2,3,4. PAULINE LUCILLE HANNA Band 3,4g Orchestra 3,4g Tri-Hi- Y 3,4g Junior Play 3g Senior Play 4. MAXINE G. HEFFERMAN "iVIax" A Cappella 23,45 Girls Glee Club 2,35 Orchestra 2,3g Volley- ball 4. JOHN HENRY HOOK Ufolvrznyl' CHARLES EDWARD JAMISON "Chai, X 'RK 3 au. V BERNICE KLECKLEY "Bernice" Girls Glee Club Z3 Basketball 3, 4g Volleyball 3. RITA ANN LANG "Tn'ia'gctt" French Club, President 4. NANCY ANN LEGOULLON "Gonnie,' Broadcast 2.3: Band 2,3,4g Girls Glee Club 2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 3,4g Uslaerettes 49 Basketball 2,3. ANGELO JOSEPH LUPPINO "I,inl.- Ilalyu Basketball 1. JOYCE ARLENE MARTIN "Dutch" Broadcast 4g Trial-Ii-Y 3.4. WILLIAM EUGENE NICALEVY "Germ", Football 2.3. JOAN MAXINE MCCLAIN Flon Baslcetballg Girls Glee Club 2. IVAN KUI-INS "Russian" Stage Crew, Co-Manager 2,3,4g Projectors Club 4. HELEN KATHERINE LAWSON Girls Glee Club. MILDRED LAURA LEHMAN "Millie,, ADELINE THERESA MARANDO ,.Addy,, Latin Club Zg Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 Honor Society 3,4g Junior Play 35 Senior Play 4. MARGARET LOUISE MAYS DONALD C. MCCARTER Band 2,3,4g Secretary-Treasurer 4g Swing Band 4g Senior Play 49 Golf 2,3,4. JAMES L. NICCULLOUGH "Clyde" Football 2,3,4g Basketball Z,3,4g Junior Play 3g Honor Society 4. at 9 .5 ff' WILLIAM MCGUCKIN "Pee-Weey' Basketball 3,4g Football 3,43 A Cappella 2,3,4, President 4g Boys Glee Club 2,4g Play 3. PATRICIA E. MCKINLEY nsmalzeyl' Tri-I-Ii-Y 3,4. WILLIAM C. MOFFITT "Bill" GLENN LYNN MYERS "Molly!' Class Treasurer 3,45 Basketball 3, 4, Hi-Y 2,33 Play 43 Band 2,35 Boys Glee Club 4. L. JANE NEWELL f-janeyv Usberettes 4g Latin Club 1,2 linite 3,43 Broadcast Ig Play 3 Bancl lg Honor Society 4. DOLORES A. M. PARKS "Doe,' Latin Club 1. PEGGY PHILLIPS A Cappella 2, Girls Glee Club 2, 3,4g Basketball Z,4. French Club, Secretary 4g Frank: 3 ROBERT F. MCGUIRE "Molly" Class President 2,3,4g Basketball 43 Golf 2,3,4g Boys Glee Club 4g Play 3,4g j.V. Basketball 2,3. JANI METZ Cheerleader 2,3,4g Play 3,4g A Cappella 2,3,4g Franklinite 3. FLORENCE L. MORRISON Girls Glee Club 2,3,4. CAROL M. NEELEY "Carl', RICHARD M. PARKER f,Di6k,, Stage Crew 1,2,3,4g Manager 43 Boys Glee Club 2,3,4g Play 2,3,4g Franklinite 33 Hi-Y 2,3g Pro- jectors Club 4. MARGARET JEAN PERRY "Md7g6HE,, Tri-I-Ii-Y 3,45 Girls Glee Club 2,3,4g Basketball 2,4. SAM JOHN PUGLIESE "Sam Palate" Football 2,3,4. ELIZABETH A. REED "Berry" KATHERINE RIAL "Kathie', Franlclinite 3,4g Play 3,49 Broad- cast 3g Latin Club 1. WILLIAM T. ROBBINS Band 2,3,4g President 4g Orches- tra 4g Swing Band 4g Boys Glee Club 2,35 Vice-President 33 A Cappella 2,3. GERALD BRUCE ROBINSON PRISCILLA L. SANFORD Shaler High School l,2g Play 33 Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 Treasurer 45 De- bate Club 4: Girls Glee Club 3g Chemistry Lab. Assistant 4. B. JEAN SEELY nfcari" French Club 4. NANCY JANE PYLE "Charcoal" Franlclinite 3,4: Assistant Business Manager 4. NORMAN S, RHOADS Bancl 2,3,4g Orchestra 2,3,43 Boys Glee Club Z,4. BARBARA ANN RITZ "Barb" Franlclinite 3g Girls Cilee Club 2, 3g A Cappella 3,43 Basketball Z, 3,4. RUTH LORRAINE ROBERTS "Ruthie" Basketball 2,3,4. RICHARD ARTHUR ROSS "Dirk" RICHARD EUGENE SCHIFFER "Dick, Band Z,3,4g Orchestra 2,3,4. NORMA M. SHAFFER RITA F. SHILLIDAY Sacred Heart 1,2,3. VER DA MAE SIMONS Girls Glee Club 23,49 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4g A Cappella 33 Basketball 4. EDWARD A. SMITH nsniittieu DONALD E. STRAWBRIDGE "Dan" JOANNE TARR NJUGYIU SHIRLEY L. USOFF "Shirt,' Library Club 2.3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 3,4. DORIS ELOUISE WARD Girls Glee Club Zg Library Club 2. THOMAS E. SHINER "Tom" Boys Glee Club Z. BARBARA E. SMITH uBd7l7U Play 3. PATRICIA L. STEWART "Pall, Basketball 4g Girls Glee Club 2,4. ALMEDA JEAN SUSTAK "Almeda,' EDGAR V. TUNSTALL "Ted" Play 3,43 Football Manager 2,3,4 Honor Society 3,45 President 4 ALBERT E. WALZ f-Dlllfhyi Hi-Y 2,35 Treasurer 33 Basket- ball 3, 43 Play 4. MARY JANE WENSEL N llfeaseln Girls Glec Club 4. 20 Qt ,, Q 4 . ,.... . -ial 1 i s 'L-. 3?- p...-Q LOIS VICTORIA WHITFIELD Vxcky Orchestra 4 GLOIRA ELLOISE WOLCOTT Shorty G rls Glee Club MARGARET j YOUNG Peggy Trl Hx Y 3 4 Secretary 4 Broad cast 234 Basketball 2 3 4 A Cappella 234 Girls Glee Club 2 3 Franlclnnxte 3 4 Co Editor 4 Honor Society 4 LOIS BAKER RUBY MITICH 21 MOSES H WHITFIELD Orchestra 2 Football Z 3 4 Boys Glee Club 4 French Club 4 A Cappella 4 LOIS G YOUNG Lou Trrl-It Y 3 4 Band Majorette CHARLES CURTIS ZILHAVER Chuck Football 3 4 RICHARD JONES ELAINE BAMRICK CHARLES FULMER MIKE PRINCE Senior Activities Climax The School Year Franlclmlte Staff pays its debts for the picnic Squeak delivers his oration Chnstmas Card Commmee look over the samples Riclcy astomshcs Kathy and ber neighbors m the Chrlstmas Play Sales force at the basketball games 22 Football Queen and her Maids of Honor. Inspection Night For Parents and Friends Ted Brookiousus Band at the Football Dance Strung punch at the Prom fob nd Pat s me the cnap rom at he Prom NI ixin and Poioinx 'Nhriixn I' no lwii D1nc 3 , f a 'C ' V e . t . The Class President crowns time Prom Queen of 1949. is 2.1 . C. 2 Bug Wheels of The Future Dxck Haggerty Vice Presndent ay Rhoads Preslclent ohn Harms Treasurer Mrs Burlcet Charlotte Serge Secretary Mrs Burke: AdVlSCI' 24 Q ,ll 1-1- - 3 , I . , ' i 1 9 ROXV I ROW I-. Graham R. Griffin IVI. Huffman I.. M. Kaster I.. P. Maul IVI. Baker I5 D. Lawrie Y R. Henderson N P. Dipasquale M C. Bean NI S. Archer N N. Bell B. N. Feltenberger B. C. Harclenburg P. D. IVIcKinley Ii. IRI P. D uOur Followers" II Havs Kemmerer SVVIFCS Ace Hov'is Kahle Gramlich Dudley . IVIclVIurray . Dewoody Gibbons Gyder Efkel Hefferinan Harris . Bal-cer Aylesworth ROW' III D. jones C. Greenlee H. Greenlee D. Aylesworrh I.. Iialcer D. Haggerty N. Beals I. fVIcBride B. Ging V. Gilara B. Anclres vl. NIcCarrer H. Gaiser li. Filegar H. Barnes 25 ROXV IV A. Kaster J. Ilrxnlcer D. Holmes P. Ifngles I.. Hays QI. King B. Hillier B. Heffern J. Harris I Galbraith J. Foster R. Emerson B. Elliot: D Gillingham D. I.awson D. NIcDowell D. McCracken 995 ROW I ROW II A. Briton F, Culbertson bl, Snyder R. Mitich P. Xvhitmer I5. O'I'mrien I Dalmaso Ii. Snyder NI. Daniels Pence D. Rennard Il. Nlilrhell V. Dailey N Iirown I-. Patterson S. Riddle J. Wolfe If. Simpson R. Nlyers P. Sharrcr INI. Wilsolm Ii. Xwhitmer S. XXIIISOIH D Iirown II. Iirmvn T. ffratty INI. Xviegcl -I, WK'-lton H. Sic-plmnidcs ,I. Snyder IS. Rt-cd bl. I.utz C. HOYIS Nwfllblc ID. Kinnczu Z5 ROW III WI. Rarer H. IVIoulton INI. Swartsfager IS. Riddle INI. Perry B. Porter J. Davis S. MOIIIIOU I. Graham R. Henderson C. Yarncll H. Phillips S. Morris P. Wfalz C. Serge R. Blealfcley J. Brinker ,I. Rhoades ROW IV IVI. IVIong G. Stallone I Schiffer I.. Black S. Pierce B. Robinson D. Robinson D. Rhoades H. Wygant J. Zinz K. Smith D. Yard F. 'Nlong G. Sterling D. Morrison I. C. Ramsey D. Vitka M.. llMad Money Makers" The juniors work hard to increase the class treasury. The decorations for the Christmas Dance included the Christmas Tree. the stockings hung hy the mantle, and Santa in his sleigh. Between Santa and the tree, the committee rest a hit. The junior Franklinite Staff enjoys weinies and pop at the picnic. The Christmas Dance Committee seem to he amused. Rov. Betty K.. Betty G.. and Dick sold candx' at the Senior Plav. The Booth at Nliller-Sihlev liield is a husv place during foothall season. lax' presents hflrs. Burket with a gift from the uluniors. liarlwara and Dick enjov the music at the Prom. Norman. Dick and Ruhx' take time out to watch the dancers. Picnic lunch for the Junior Franklinite Staff. 27 Little Wheels of The Future i Pat Butters Barbara Gealy Bob Rrtz Dean Crawford To start the year the S h workr c ose therr offrcers Smce then they have been y ng to sell basketball pencrls Kay Dale was elected chalrman of the pencrl commrttee On February 16 the class chose a commxttee of erght who selected the style for the class rmgs Thrs commlttee Beverly Burkhardt Ann Sterner B111 Newton Rlchard Marczak Marllyn McDowell Mary McGrew Peggy Perry and Ann Broolchouser Another Sophomore act1v1ty was sellmg homemade candy at school plays The Sophomore Dance held Aprll 21 was the crownmg event of the year for the class of 1952 Mr Newell IS assl stmg the class as advxser .,,?:lN'W -4,1 . 1 t 4 . 'X it , , U Y op omore Class h ' ' . ' 'ng very hard tr i ' . ' ' . ' , . . , ' 7 , 3 3 , 7 Y Y ' ' , , . BOTTOM ROW' B. Sclnwnmmer D. Nlarsleller j. Yeager G, Ray G, Nlcffune R. Rrrz P. Slroup E, Nlonrgomery I.. Slngle B. xlfI,Cillgl'1lll'Y S, Nogglc- C Smxrh Nec-ley ROW' II D. Wible R. Marczak J. Nelson D fN1cFarlane C. Slorrls fi, Turner A Nloore ff. Power IJ Moore G Vfrlsev I5 Sharp I, Knappenlwergc-r ROW' Ill XX', Newton H Yfhrre IS Szras-lfrxdge A TITTXYTXIS I" Xx'l:klnSon T Sxrmmnrerxs BOTTOM ROW' ROW D. Aluearn H Kape D, Harrle il Plcller D, Green N. Fry P, Heller j Kabu- S Igf'UNN'l"l l. He-ffern Nl Harr fl H.1ggc-tty' R. Krng fi Genly A. fimulxluouser II Graaf Knoxzen Butters Dale Burlclmrdt Foreman S. Cubblson 'Y HKISTOD Hrxson Hellclr flrrmn Brlnlc fieggx I.elxm.1n Bell ROW' III D. Bouglwner B. Crrsman N1 ClLlICl'l?ill Vl. Pmclley N1 Nlnrslmnlfe S Hrllxard Nl Dr-Klmson 'l. Cvlxermg A ffolclla Nl Nlrfarlgznc S I.f'V'I5 H l5:1rn1c.e H GTUVQ ROW' I ROW' II BOTTOM ROW' ROW' II IJ. Norris fx. NIUIIJI'L'lI N. Nogglc P. IXIII'.H'l.l!'l-' M. lNlm-mlm 5 Nlrl'vu'nlgr' lf. IDJIIIIUI' R NIM! O IXlUI'I'150I1 l. I'.1xlmA In l'1llow S. Qwniuunl Ii Qlmlcr XI Xl.Gx'I-xv K1 Xl.-lkmu Xl Donnell I" IDCCIUI' R. l".u'ron ll fjorlwvtl S IX-elf. ,l. li.-ll l li xlwx' l- ,Nam-ll li ,NIC F, R159 I5 SIIYRICI' ,I RUP 'Y 4 . . Wfvgcl li Wfxrnvr ll. Snllznm I' Rat .mv ID. Pmpcr Cf I'I.1xx lun K. Sllw. um I' llerfv C' I. PM I un KI IK-"rv G SlXL'ZII'Il 3 0 Ii. I-1nslc-V ID Johnson sl Glenn C. IIOu'l1 .IX Stcrncr Xl Stvlnngxlcn I3 Vfolfv ll Stmrm Slif'lIUII l Rllnxlxlx CQ Gull-r' ll Gxlllumron ROW' III Il. ,lolmson Ii. Hudenluurg C. Hnwlcxns IU. Glllfln I". Gregg uMore Profits" junior Band - Marx' Pcrrv and Nancv Huston rest between numbers Record Hop - Gene Gycicr dancw with Margie Daum. Erin Wyarncr and iicr ivig, fisii. XX'iien time .IVS were riic junior Higii Ciiccricncicrs. Fave Riioad5 parronizcg time 'Iunion at time footimii game. Dick Porter vs Dick Nlanson 31 K I ROW I ROW III ROW IV ROW V ROW VI -lim Schwimmer Wayne Yarnell Bill Maul Clair Baker Jim Brown Howard Campagna David DeWo0dy ROW II Carl Kunselman Ross Boyle Duane Boughner Dick Anderson Coyla Ritz -Ion Davies Jeannine Rulfzng jean Clark Louella Dennis Colene Wlright Doris Wilsey Shirley Wygant Paul Nlilford Eugene Henderson John INIcKissiCk Lewis Nlarshall Chris Heydrick Charlotte Sandra Welshans Connie Wilkins Eileen Ewing Donna Van Brussel Ruth Shouey Donna Clark Emma Joan Delo janet Corbett Beverly Chatley Anita Powers Rita Eckel Phyllis Ditzenherger Mary Jane Widel Marjorie Daum Beverly Snyder Doris Scott Carolyn Rebert Dolores Runninger Ruth Weiss Sandra Richards Carolyn Corrin Doris Woods Bette Stuck Shirley Walker lNIartha Doverspike Barbara Daily Pat Cropp Lenora Eshelman Betty Shoup Iklillie Sustak Peggy Stallone Helen Simpson Roberta Young 32 Ted Brown Bus Gealy Charles Young Ronald Seely Bill Shaffer Albert Smith Robert Denning Wayne Crisman Bob Cranford Jim Virgis Bob Shogstall Wayne Wentworth Donald White Dick Dennis Lewis Green Gordon Sechler Tom Edges Floyd Pyle Dick Graham Steve Kozyro Ted Fultz Donald Snyder Norman Woods Ronald Young John Eshelman Buzz Wilson Donald Shull Milo Stackhouse Jim Fleming Jim Runninger Ronald Snyder Wayne Rice Wilbur Wolford lim Gramlich Dick DeLong Gary Snyder Fron Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Roar Rm. Ron r-R. Woods. Novak. R. Naclxg. Ch. Nurchell. L. Stuflce. l v 3 4 5 1 w 3 -4 5 QI. lNlcKxnley. A, Stevens. A. Patterson. Zxlhaver. A. Nestos. Nl. A. Owens. V. Pachla. B. Norris. V, Phenifie L. Nloore, C. Rennard. Surman. N. Nlzhlurdy. G. Nlorgan, NlcFarlane. Wlle. J. Spaclcman. P. Steele. V. Young. C. Yetlca. Rhodes. B. NIOFFISOH, Reeves. Turner. F. O'Brien. V. Nlor rlson. G. Robinson. Sand1e.,on. A. Shafler. D. Keller. E. McDowell. D. Marnn. L. Nea-lv. Nl. A Snell. B. Shrrey. P. Txrlc. E. Vyeaver. E. Vfhmrfield. G. M Smith. P. Kluse. P. Neely. Nl. Paclen. D. Lawrence. Cx. Levda. R. Sioflcer. D. Wood. D Jones. Ch. Krizon. B. Johnston. Woolf. R. Bloulron. D YX'1ghrman. L. Snyder. J. Polndexrer. L. Klnnenr. N Keller. N. Lnrshaw. G. Rajen, D. James. S Hughes. S. Harms. -l. Grxflen. P Amon. A. Colella. L. Crlsman. S Fogle. G. Gxluon. S. Graham N. Good. L. Harrv. D. Krlek. S Dale. L Ha-xamer. Hoox'er. C. Iilaclf. R lfaron. Ii lflemrng. -l. Beach. C Kuqler. Sl. Cxourley. S Dc-XX'oodv. 5-l. Avlesworth. S. Bolmer. P Hnvlecr. L Long. IJ Long. S. Dellermfm. N Crmnan. R Cr.lflsOY1. R llxru-:'. ll lioefxen. D l'm.1r'llm-II. Il liurrull. li limn. ll KL-llv. ff l.L1:on. A. ,lUIN'Y T K1'-Hmx. G I'L'l'l'lnyICf. I Lrlllflvl. R LHIOYXD. S GFP ,l Dovle. Ei Hlrrx. R Heller. D Ho-.xx ID II.-mlm.. XY' lfnren. l' l5lc.1l:luv. R C.LlHI1II13ll14lITT. l. lk-rrire. vl Inlmer. -l Grnnrlc. Il lJllIll.!l'. R l'l.1ul41nN - , , . o . 1 - D. lmzxer. C: Azw.. ll lil-.1rrv. Ig Hlvletr. wl llrutrnmn. R lie-.u'n. IJ l'vl.1nrlx.1rL1. R lhlfer. H Cuxl 33 f-137' Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row R fri 1 I I nfl 'B VS .1 li.. 1-D. Troup, C. Thompson, R. Gillingham, A. Dilley, M. Woodford, E. Salsgiver, R. White, M. Ward. 2-A. Thomas, A. Boughner, Z, Sharrer, E. Sollinger. 1. Cnrner. M. Baker. Freller, S. Keffer, N. Yeager. F Charley, Berman, K. Rivers, P. Rose, F, Reib. Royer, B. Rice, M. Doll. E. Dalmaso, 3-B. Simons, N. Gross, M. Biclcel, M. Collingwood, M. Conklin, M. Bodien, V. Silota, P. Shoray, N. Tidd, D Bowen, B. Burgert, M. Archer, B, Ditzenberger. 4-J. Downing, B. Cramer, S. Burgert, S. Robbins, L. Shields, R. Schull, D. Canon, D. Chamberlain, N. Simmons Green, Chamberlain, B. Campbell. 5-R. Wiegel, G. Cozad. -I. Foster, A. Dunlap. C. White, C. Robinson, D. Carson, C. Fellner, H. Brown, G. Goover J. Moorehad, L. Brown, C. Butters, Sfhussler. E. Riddle. 6-D. Dunlap, P, Cooley, A. Volcolelc. G. Wright. L. Burrell, D. Young, A. Sterner. F. 1--J. Shiladay. A. Paden. B. Hughes. Nl. Pastor, Y, I-Ioover. S. Lindsey, P. Keeley. C. List. Grande, D, Linsley F. Ramfos. 2-K. Hawkins, L. Heflerman. Nl. Gregory. G. Gregory, G. Perry. E, Peterson. C. Green. P. Grove, L. Kope, B, lVlorrison. N. McClelland, E, Patts. P. Porter. M. Parker. S, Pyle. Pastor. 3-V. Henry, D. Grove, S. Green, M. Maitland, S. lVlrCarter. H. Fogle. Mott. P. Kelley. A, Knooihuizen, Nl Kuhn. C. Hughes. D. Hutchison. V. Fulmer, NI. Fellner. 4b-I. hflontgomery. D. Harris. H. Reed. P. S:haffer. D. Mitchell. R. Rhoads. B. Harding, D. Sifter, B. Griffin, R Gregory, M. Glenn, Ward. 5-G. McFarlane, C, lhflarwood, Merck, C, H31-yah, E. Moon, P. Peterson, R. Smith. D. Shiliday, L. Snyder, D King, D. Hovis. D. Montgomery, B. Haslett. 6-G. Mclntire, Kunselman, D. Morris, G. Nlinnic, C. jones. V. Brussel, W. Ore. 34 7 Squirts At Work Math class at work. I Sewing class demonstrates at Open House. Home Room 110. Mrs. Mastersons Home Room. "We Are From Franklin High, And No One Could Be Prouderf junior Band makes music for Pep Meeting. Pep Meeting outside the entrance before the Oil City football game 7 IO IHSPIFC L15 Publications 36 This Franklinite Staff helped he Broadca t Yfll. XXVIII. ROW I l L. Nlyers - A Wlall ROW Z 1 Reber: errant, Fahey B llemtng Yetlza gl Marun Butler Fdxtor Porter Busmess Nlxnwger Grlflen S Gordon Hardenlaurg F Warner Boughner S Cubhuson Sterner M McDowell Dae Franklin High School -"Nursery of Great Men" Xu. '3 ROW 3 Mrs Kendall M Mormon - P Perry' N1 Nlcfxrew - R Brown B Burkhrr t Sherman M Devboody B Gyder M Perry Grahm Welton S Rxddle D Pennard Young P Butters Mass Graham THOSE WEBSTERS JAYVEE BASKETBALL Franklxmte Has Sales JUNIOR VARSITY HUGE SUCCESS OPENING NIGHT The sensor play Those Websters nas presented last evenlnq ln the F H S aud torlum to a large and appreelatlve audlence The second showlng lvll be glven thls ere nlng The play as adapted from the popular radro program Famllnes Are Fun and re volves around the antlcs of the teenage boy nn the famlly Bull Webster ably played by Don McCarter Lu Blls younger slster played by Nancy Butler s certam Blll s n love because when he goes around slnglng that song about June and the moon It s a sure slgn Bull s got ut bad thus tlme n older woman 1 y hs father secretary played by Kathle Rlal He goes so far even as to try ralse a moustache vvlth ald of hatr dye to lrnpress her K1 however feels sllqhtly dherent abou the whole thtng She was only belng nce fnen She accepted has lnvltaton to the home mmg dance B llnda Boyd B ll 1 school steady played by Pat Delong ls qulte hurt over the whole thmg She expected ls sweetness 'or Bull yet as he has tlunl-ed hls ma e up exa a d 'ha rneans he Non ve a charce to play n re hcrne n ame Mean ' le 'a Jr Ste' D r rayed Ly Ly n Myers s tng about p udy g bal s as Q to carry C s tlarre 3,4 r T en On January 6 the FranknnJun1or larslty ltetball team v ll ll st lea me n Q dn e Be re helr lea ue sc edule starts the ,s ll probably plav a roupe o' games durlrlg the holdays On Dlcernber 9 they played the Greenvllle J J s and defeated them ln the past fourteen years the J V s have vvon thelr league champlonshlp llve tlmes and have tled tor lt twlce The purpose of a Jumor Varslty team as to tra-n players lor the Jarslty team rn fu ture years Coach lfen Wolfe n ends to keep twelve players of the seventeen who are now on pr n 1 sas follow 1 rs 1 c owel hn rrls rnsey J k Barett Jhn S yder B Elllot and Wes Rarer The sophomores are John Glenn Lyston Knappenberger Mlke Srrlth Barry Hardenberg John Carlson n rl n C r Kr Gerad Beryl Ace and Dlck Manson There ls ony on lreshfnan Bu Gealy F H S Students Make Yuletxde Ornaments rs mas rl a rg r Jo ha e helped lnsp re y fra Fri JU 'ln U DJ' D J es L. G s Cteflee Far rim "'a'J J! Campaxgn FOOTBALL TEAM GAINS EXPERIENCE Although the Jumor larslty Football Dalgn hom the loulleemh to mp Mpmy Team went through a season of defeat they gamed much va uab e experlence for use ln future years Mr Dutlrun the coach was "' 'he School 'ms yea' asslsted by Jack carey Blll Elluot and Jerry The stafl has been busy gettlng advertlse Mcparlane were me managed The team ments from local busuness establlshments played 0,1Q,yy T,gu5,,,l9 and Grave ply he members of the team are Duck These adverwsernents and patrons play an porter BUY' Ace Dmk MCDOWEI, ed Brown John Glenn Bob Rltz Floyd Deeter Jerry Zlnz Bob Andres Ted Futz Don vertlsernents from buslness hrms an Frank Grimm Bob Martin pete Dluman Fleming Atwell John Carlson Dvck Wlble Charles Room 111 headquarters for the Frank Kmpp Lee Black DM Gyaham Dewayne llnllf' WOW 'S B busy Olaf? 55 the 5'-aff ' Patterson Mlke Smlth Dean Crawford and vorklng hard to organlze thelr rnaternan Gemgd Ray Trl H1 Y Has Imttattons French Club Orgamzes The lunlor rnernbers ofthe Trl Ht Y have From the French Club recently orgamzed been fully lnltlated now that they have gone under Mlss Eleanor Bunnell comes the through both formal and lnlnrrnal lnltlatlon greetlng Joyeux Noel The nnlorrnal lnltnatvon was held several The 05,555 of HHS years prench Club 3 U" l C A The lolm are presldent Ruta Lang vlce presldewt C as 'wld 'QCDCUY ln Room 2 9 aene Lhnnbfrlaln and secretary ane re n rna as oulte tr r- Fevvell The cub rneets every second and s do arnost everytrlng f urth wednesday of ne month at n on lnable They era u d rs The group nov cors f sx second ear e 'f eg srnar ucnsT a J be 1 s 1 ra the bac vlted to loln at the v e f rs se'nes r s an a n ns are' s ar Ill s r Jo has a ked only J o no s as gv VT V Elf 3 .JY ' A 1 a s'ores ne, are E - G 'er ' A d -G N. . . . BV V K I . j. J. . , JA - 1 C. e 1 , pn DA - , , K. l l 1 Y- I l f . - as l . Bas . 1.1 play then r , gue V 4 'W' ' ga 1 Nl-a1 ll ,lo , t 9 Y Y' " ' I . U v , hx 3 1 4 . .. , - , . ' . lf , ', . , l ' ' Q ' , . , , . . A T Y : . T 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 V ' J . . f A ' . 1 l - 'T " X 'f hls lust hlls ese t lst 1 s' jun- I' 'Cty' I I ' I " 'A' ',fo Dck MD l Jo Ha ,J.C . - I I I "A 1 " Y Kit X 1 g '5 Ra , ac o n , ill , ' 'S I ' I I We A My ' 1 . . . . . . 1 11 Do G he , ha les etvo ' Ray - - . 1 ' ' -7 -WQ 74- 1 Y f 1 ,, s Y -Y - co ' e , 1 s hgh "' ' T . .-.eek tr a the V M al X - 1 Blll to ask her to the dance, All not 7 . ' ' ' T I d one . ,. 1 0 fs - K J I J , re oh -t t 1s 1 :re ' ' ' l SD' ll all l To Nor l n t1at1on y1,o J, l . k , ,, H L 1 U' 11 tra "ence ol the a t classes ard .-.e d Tw QM had in N C H N L Z L I 0 st':p C asses . , 1 1 rl ek ha 1. 1 111 J ,-cc ' ng mag. , ed n cr tabl, they T f - 11sis 9 . 1 l y rg ire det, ids .-.heh are Le :rg used 1' g 1 , B 15 ther, Ge' ge ,mr , ,MS KV, ,F ,Q haw, n 'ad th.1r a,es arfrs and '. s e ed st do 1 re llrst ye'r st dents wlll ina Web Qt n. ' 1 strut- ','f-119.4 of rg, JC pmn QS 1 5 Cd, :h lp't ck They l d , k 0' ther ' eld of to, 1 t te. 11 ra l ,rl h1s old hl h sghgy' zlmp :.t out and ' ated .-.1tn E77-E he 3' ra r up lr, plnfcurl .d Hd o p1 b .,t Sol 1 yea the cl ts. loot " ..-.eater bot tn :rat B1ll ls q1'l'l W" -"1 'r 5' ' 'E' "LS Vdilvfr e e -- 5 ir .1-xytrllng ln :re lrrnt of th ngs ' rrval 1r1.erest uch l - V, , , ,. 'V Q an 1'f,,3r--1 4 L L wx H r I n tw Web t-r tradlt on Ca' ,LJ CW "1 " Urn! 9 'l nj' ' 'E ' 're fgrna. to Latch .nas a sn Dl-2 Gere- Q th 'Jr 1.e reg L: 'x rranga S or .1'e11111tre 'rr' .als E l'2r'Lttel'1'1g' EG , 1 'lx--1' v, KAN' Y , mod? , , A, "ir, lv: .-.o ch :ne on cers C6153 orynzar telng .-hat -s n the sou.-. r. ndz.-.s of f , .a , aus a , as. ,. . ' '." Watt .1 tc.-.r vzraiter ar: 11- ,si ,Zi ,H 5,5 3,3 ,E,C,.,,, 332 . ' 3' :da :re rreanlng 3: :re 'rl rl 1 nd . T ' , plarr rg girl-er ag11.1,es drner r aye: Ly L 1- Parker :arf Li L, tw- szsaerta 3:5 is is 's-na: an :re , r :r 'r-embers :oak :rer pledges naw., ... Producers Row I-Betty Lou Anderson. Jolene fiurgert, hlary Ellen Graham. Peggy Young. Sallie Hamilton. Nancy Butler. Row 2-Nliss Swift, Diane Adelman. Pat Dc-Long. hflarilyn Blanchard, Kathie Rial, jane Newell. Nancy Pyle. Mrs. Masterson The Senior Franklinite Staff The Senior Franklinite Staff has produced the ideas to make this year hook one to he enjoyed hy everyone. Along with the juniors they spent many study halls and hours after school getting the Franklinite dummy ready to be printed. This year the staff chose the anniver- sary theme in keeping with the year 1950. This theme has heen carried throughout the hook with the dedication to the past and future of Franklin High School and the snap pages, "Then and Nowf If you were to look in on the Literary Staff at work, you would find Peggy Young and Sallie Hamilton supervising the activities. while Nlary Ellen Graham and Nancy Pyle head the Business Staff. Miss Swift and lVlrs. Xlasterson patiently and sympathetically straightened our difficulties, 38 Assistant Producers I-Doris Lawrie, Roberta Henderson. Nanry Bell, Janet Xvelton. Norma Gibbons. hlary Ann Wfiegel, Barbara Porter. Nancy Dudley. Sally Nlorris, Sue Riddle, Nlary Baker. 2-Phyllis DiPasquale. Helen Stephamcles. Peggy hlaul, lit-verly Snyder. Bcity Kahle. Dorothy RL-nnartl. Betty Gyder, ,loan Graham. Charf lotte Serge. Peg Xvalz, Virginia Gramlifh. 3YKeith Smith. Ditlc Nit'Dowcll. .lack King, Hob Andres. Dana Holmes. XY,lll!flIT1 Galser. Ricky lilealclcy, Vfesley Rarcr The Junior Franklinite Staff The junior Franlchnite Stall has contrihuted much to the 1950 liranlclinite. Among other things thev have mounted pictures. done tvping, writeups, and helped in other ways Io malce this hook a success. The memhers or next vears Senior liranlchnite Stall will consist of am' hluniors who have more than I5 points-that is I point for everv hour of worlc done lw the end of the vear. The two -Iuniors on the l.1terarx' Staff with the most points will heroine editor and co-editor of next vear's lfranlchnite Staff and the junior on the Hllsilhws Staff with the most points will he husiness manager. 39 HBIG SHOTS" Honor Society Row 1--P. Sanford. P. Young. A, Marnndo, D. Ads-lman. T. Tunstall. N. Butler. Burgert. Newell. P. DQLOHQI. Nl. Blanch- ard. Row 2-C Serge. P. Xvalz. R. KIIGLIIYC. -l. Klcfullough, B. Galser. R I-laggerty. B, Porter. S. Rxddle. P. Brown, .-Xdvxsc-rs Nliss Rnnkm and M155 Shorts. Honor Socutv Students art ttcte to thu l1onor1ry organ1zat1on on nsls o schol1rsh1p lmdtrblup chimcttr 1nd sLrV1CL Debate Club Rowl W G119e1 N1 lVltDovst-ll I5 Burl hirdt Nl lXlrG1't-w P Perry D Renn1rCl D1le P Buttes S XV1l5on P 1 P1squ1le N Bmls Row Nhss Klng P Broun A Stemer P Gmef N Knmzen D Adelm1n Nl De Woody .I D1v1s S R1dclle Mrs Mc Uald Debate Readmg maketh a full man, wrrtmg an exact man, and conference a ready man Debatmg umtes all three of these opportumues French Club Row 1 P Pusqtnle M Whntleld G Ch1m berl11n Nllss Bunnell R Ling Newell S Wfrlson om See Lms ev Ir Nlon Gfll1HU P S1nf0rcl S Rtcldlt- T 1t Pre nch Club nuttx to hivt un mrnlnz, lu gums tht fr nch nor s or num wt rs 'lL1fUIH0l31lL p rts rtnts 'IDI IIYI x ttt Thtt 1lso sms lrtnth songs French ctlxttuns gtographx md 1rt1st5 irt wrm of tht more strmus sulwjtcts 40 -.f,- , 3 1. .1. d 15. Y. f . 'ff . .lD'f 1. . .. Y A, . 1 4' , R ' 2-j. ' ly. B. ' l'. l. 51. 1. ' , j K .f , 1-. Ar ffu rd.-f lx. . '- n f 11. . '- tlg, ' '. . . Y I ' ' 5 ". Tri-Hi-Y Row 1-V. Simons. P. lNl:l'Cmley. hlarun. P. Fonzo. S. Usofl. P. Young. Grillin. P. Delnng, A. Nlarando. P. Hanna. Row l--N. l.eGoullen. Nl. P1-rrv. H Glenn. Nl. Graham. l.. Young. Sl. Bl.m.hard. P. Sanford. -l. Burgert. N. Hainmerlce. I5 Anderson. ffardamone. Tri-Hi'Y-This club stands for the all around development of its members: "Spirit. lVlind and Bodyn and serves the three main Training Agencies: "I-lorne. Church and School." Library Club Row I-C. Bean, S. Riddle, E. Rice, M. Skelton, B. Crisman. C. Hawkins. 1. Find- lay, P. Butters, M. Stefanakos, S. McFet- ridge, A. Monarch, M. Hart, P. Di- Pasquale. Row 2fM. Graham, P. Wall, B. Gyder, N. Fry, N. Warner, C. Foreman, N. Noggle, S. Cubbison, B. Wolfe, P. Bell. M. Mar- shinke. Davis, B. Porter. Miss Smith. Row 3-G. Sherman, B. Burkhardt, M. NIC- Dowell. E. Gyder, L. Slagle, R. Marczak, V. Dailey, Norma Gibbons, Graham. Nl. Dewoody, K. Dale, A. Collela. The purpose of the Library Club is to provide assistance to the Library Staff, especiallv in the circulation of books. The members also help with social functions such as Book Week, teas, and record hops. Projectors Club Row 1-R. Ritz. D. Parker. W". Newton. D. Holmes. ff. Hawkins, I.. Slagle. Nl. Baker. Row 2- I Kuhns. Wh Corbett, R Allen, R. P. Snyder, ff Culbertson. Wh Rater. C. POW'er. DJXYIS. Projectors Club-Organized in Sept., 1949. XX'irh the increased use of visual aids as a means of classroom instruction in in Franklin High, a need has been evident for a larger number of skilled projector operators. 41 xx 5-. Usherettes Row I P NIauI. ID. III:t. A. NIonarch, G. Iiennett. VI Iiurgerr. NI. A. X"C'exgeI. Il. Graef Ron lf I5 W'oIfe. SI Cu:chaII. I5inIev. Nhss XY'rigI1t. S. wIiIson. S. HiIImrd. I"I GIOYC. Ron 3- S. Harlan. News-II. E. Warner. S. ffuhhison. D. Iioughner, D. Rennard. Ron 4- I. SIagIe. NIcBride. Kemmerer, I5 Arwell. -I Dahnaso N. I.eGouIIon. R, Kiorrison. NI Graham. Usherettes is a newIy organized group. the purpose of which is to give more efficient service in seating guests at pro- grams which are presented in the audi- torium. At their meetings they discuss ways to improve the ushering and ways to meet the prohIems which arise. Stage Crew Row I- XY'esIev Rarer. DLI: Parker. Ivan KIIIIKIB. Ilmx l IftIw.lrd ffuIINertson. I3iII Newton. NIV. IIrimosii'. ffIi.irIcs Power. Dana I'IoImes. The duty of the stage crew is rIw management of stage for all pIaVs. as- semhlies. speciaI programs. and concerts. Senior Literary and Food Clubs Row I- Ii. RiddIe. E. Greggs. Fidler. R. Henderson, I.. Iiaker. Row 1 D Dodds. H. Lawson. hliss Rinken- Iw-rger. NI. I'aIufIman. Rom 3 I. WIINIIICICI. D. NICKinIey'. A. Suse I.lIs. IXIJIIC. I.. SNWITCB. I.. IXIJNS Rim 4 IN SI1g1fIer. D. XX aid. C.. Harnell. I I'Iovis. R I5.1I4er. Cur cIuh is one in which we are trving ro teach one another good manners at aII times and how to Iceep in step with mod- ern times. We Will Remember ORATORICAL CONTEST WINNERS-1949 Norman Beals Peter Sherman Nancy Stewart Agnes Di Pasquale Oratorical Contest The Oratorical Contest was originated in 1939 by Dr. John W. Shaffer. Since his death the contests have been carried on by His widow and Mrs. Harry B. Bradley of Franklin. From the students who try out for the contest the ten best are chosen, five girls and five boys. Winners of first prizes each receive fifty dollars and winners of the second prize twent- five dollors. First prize winners of the 1949 Oratorical Contest were Norman Beals who spolce on "M Most Unfor ettable Character, and Nanc Stewart on "Wh Neurosisiw Second rize . Y ' g Y Y I V A A P rize winners were Peter Sherman who s olce on "Communism, Threat to Civilization," and P v ' P Agnes D1 Pasquale on "Peace, Our Chief Aim." 43 4 Then ...... Here we are in the fourth grade. Through the eight years since this picture was taken. quite a numher of these kids have dropped from our ranks. either hecause they moved away from Franklin, or for other reasons. Many new kids have heen acquired. But quite a few can he recognized as memhers of the Ciass of 1950. Now, we may joke about these pictures, because we have changed in eight yearsg hut in 1958 we may 1ook hack at the up-to-date pictures in our 1950 Franklinite and joke again. 44 . ? , 4 'Q ,M I ,. J. ,Q 'f' 'fi ' WET 2.234 'f 4 Law Music Makers 46 In Thls Glee Club Some Of Our Mothers Sang The Orchestra Makes Music Four Our Special Cccasions Row 1-N. Brown, L. Whitfield, M. McDowell, C. Serge, A. Sterner, P. Steele, Adams, L. Hexamer, C. Ritz, B. Fleming, D. Jones J. Wolfe, V. Dailey, B. Burlchardt. Row 2-N. Beals, M. Daum, P. Hanna, G. Sherman, H. Barnicle, A. Nestos, A. Peterson, D. Holmes. D4 Yard, D. Parlcer, B. Robbins, B. Hardenburg, N. Rhoades, R. Painter. Row 3-A. Broolchouser, 1. Barlett, D. Haggerty, C. Hawkins, D. McCracken, G. Schuessler. uThe Noise Makers" The social calendar at Franklin High would be incomplete without the Swing Band the year around. Under the capable direction of Mr. Harold Pixley the Swing Band has completed a very successful year. It played for several dances. At the Snow Ball dance and record hop the Swing Band gave out with such pieces as, "Johnson Rag," "Dear Hearts and Gentle Peoplef, The main event of the year was the Musical Broadcast. The Band played several selected numbers and accompanied vocalists and novelty dances. Row 1-M. Gourley, D. McCracken, A. Peterson, Mr, Pixley, H. Barnicle, G. Sher- man. Row 2-B. Burlchardt, R. Haggerty, B. Rob- bins, D. lVlcCarter, D. Yard, L. Knappen- berger, M. Blanchard, G. Stallone. The Blending of Voices Makes the A Cappella Choir Popular In and Out of School Row 1-M. Marshinlte, M. Hefferman, M. Baker, H. Stephanides, C. Serge, S. Riddle, B. Snyder, S. McFetridge S Cubbison Pence, P. Brown, T. Cratty, D. Boughner, D. Green. Row 2-B. Ritz, G. Sherman, P. Butters, M. Skelton, C. Foreman, V. Dailey, B. Burlchardt, M. Blanchard N Dudley A Sterner B Wolfe, B. Porter, M. Dewoody, A. Monarch. Row 3-J. Metz, P. Young, B. Ritz, S. Deets, E. Billingsley, D. McDowell, C. Hough, A. Frazier, W. MCC-iuckin N Beals S Harlan N. Feltenberger. Row 4-F. Greggs, K. Smith, B, Hardenburg, G. Stallone. B. Gildenston, W. Gaiser, R. Haggerty, L. Knappenberger D Porter M Smith. The A Cappella Choir under the direction of Miss Sawyer has furnished musical pro grams for various events. They sang at the Christmas Assembly, the National Honor Society initiation, and gave a half hour entertainment over Station WKRZ, and entered the Forensic Contest at Edinboro. Wherever they go they make a fine appearance in their black robes with red stoles. THE MADRIGAL SINGERS ARE OUR I'-IARMONETTES D. Haggerty, G. Stallone, Miss Sawyer, K. Smith, I.. Knappenberger, P. Brown, S. Harlan, C. Foreman, B. Wolfe. These members of the A Cappella Choir provided programs for organi- zations which want a smaller group than the full choir. The Madrigal singers have appeared many times be- fore the Woman's Club and other groups in Franklin. Their practicing is all done after school. 49 Y '4 1 Q lf f , I fn 'ZAMYQ , JS! , W f ,f K -'W , ,ly 'gy , fn 5? 6 W V ,f-'Q 'ay' . S f 4 ff 4 A W2 'f V +-. as 1' K , ,, , , .ZVI V - ':. V W f' . R Rf. 4, .4 , A, 'wif if .x. rw W V , , ' ' A A A,iA,gZ AIAL M' 9 4, W1 V W ' 15" ? 1 'V 'J ,J in if Ng' , W 452,-Wd' ig? f bm QW 4 5 f 9 ff sf 14 , my 1 5 aff ew , ,, 7 ls, 34 KA x 'W' A ,.AA: 2 H 4' X . :,:V ,V gig we Q , , , M, Q 1 . 4,, , I , vV?..f', y' , . . I V ' xx Wm, '7 6 - A f ffx 712' A ff M if gf if ,f ' ,f W fl 'fda K , , f Y gf X lyfw-'LN , ,f M iw N ' can 9, ,. f U : ' v gf: -P S , M f- , ' ?,gw4 Y' fa fx 4. M, A Q.. 2 W x Not too hard, Frank and Harold. Hang on tight, Lawrence. Nice return, girls. Nice shooting, Mike. Intramural Basketball Most of the boys of all grades took part in the intramural sports. We had, basketball, ping pong, tumbling, boxing, volleyball, and many others. The Senior I team won all of their intramural basketball games, following up was the Senior II team. Most of the teams were very successful in all the games played. The games were usually played at noon and a few after school. 51 Those Websters CHARACTERS Bill Wlebster Don Mcffarter George Wfebster Lynn Myers jane Wfebster Marilyn Blanchard l-iz Nancy Butler Belinda Boyd Pat DeLong jeep Stanley Bob McGuire Dolores Mason Jani Metz Kitty Kathie Rial Mr. Xvatt Diclc Parker Shirley Nlae Stringer Sallie Hamilton Emil Stuler Albert Wlalz Football Coach Ted Tunstall 'ifzitiire Actors and Aclrefses of flnterican l. Mr. Xvatts gets an earful. Z. Shirley May uses her charms as Belin- da rages. 3. Bill, Jeep, and Emil certainly aren't bored. 4. Watcli your blood pressure coachl 5. Motliely love. 6. Kitty receives directions from Mr. Webster. 7. Delores watches with "lNTEREST.,' 8. l.iz hears all, sees all, and tells all. Q 9. The Smiling Stars of Franklin High School. Those l'Vel7s!erx. a lively comedy, adapted by Roland Fetmand from the popular radio program, was presented by the Senior Class on Novetttber l7 and 18, 1949. The action of Those ll'elu'ter5 centers around the troubles and antics of a typical teen-age boy, Bill Wlebster. Bill's troubles begin when he tries to impress Kitty, an Holder woman" and consequently loses his girl iriend Belinda. Matters be- come even more complicated when Shirley lVlae Stringer, a terrific red-head. arrives from the South and firmly declares that she and Hill are engaged. As if Hill didn't have enough troubles with three girls on his hands, he fails a history exam and learns much to his dismay. that he can't play in the homecoming football game. After much trouble and many laughs. the lay ends ha ilv for all. as Bill is able to 'Ax' in the football game and I H e - P . ' PP , P . e gives up older women and ' southern bellesi' for Belinda. This hilarious play. under the direction of Bliss blarjorie Runninger, was a huge success and received inuch praise 52 A Case of Springtime "Hellol Roosevelt High School?" Thus began the three-act play, "A Case of Spring- time," presented hy the junior Class on the evenings of March 24 and 25, 1949, in the High School Auditorium. The play, a fast moving comedy of teen-age life, met all expectations and may he added to the list of successful plays which former classes of Franklin High School have produced. Actors in Greasepaint Boh Parker Mrs. Parker Mr. Parker Betty Parker Dickie Parker Gwen Anderson Joan Ahernaker Eddie Ahernaker Mr. Ahernaker Louella Mrs. Brunswick Mrs. James Mrs. Hill Plainclothes Man Miss Bright Jim McCullough Kathie Rial Ted Tunstall Pat DeLong Boh lVlcGuire Jani Metz Priscilla Sanford Bill McGuckin Jack Cardy Gloria Chamberlain Diane Adelman jane Newell Frances Trimboli Dick Parker Marilyn Blanchard 1. Surrounded with trouble. 2. Louella listens to her instructions. What next? 3. Flowers galore. 4. Tl!CSB YOSCS WEYC well deserved Miss Cardamone and Mrs. Butket. 5. What's happening kids? 6. Curtain call. 7. Everyhodyls happy. 8. The Usherettes. Feats of Prowess Pigskin Pros of The 1930 s 54 Varisity Cheerleaders Row l N. Hammerlee. N. Butler. hletxf. K. Ashhaugh. Row I-Nl. Halter. Y. Gramlieh. N. Dudlev. ff. Serge. Jr. Varisity Cheerleaders Row I-N. Weigel. B, Gealy. D. Boughner. Row 1-HA. hlonarih. Nl. lNlcGrew. P. Butters Jr. High Cheerleaders Row l S. Welshans. B. Snvder. U. Wlheeliiig Row I l.vnda Pmarniele. P. lfihev. ff Dc-Long. In hflav our four Senior cheerleaders leave the squad which thev have served long and faithfully. The-v have had the responsihilitv as head cheerleaders for the footlaall and haslcet- hall games. Ther' have heen aided hx' the inexhaustihle pep of the .lunior cheerleaders. Nliss Ruth Shorts has ahlv advised the squad this vear. assisted hv Xliss Grail. The 'lumor varsitv squad ls composed of six girls. four of whom will he picked at the end of the haslcetlaall season for the varsitv squad. The Junior High Cheerleaders got off to a good start and helped contrilaute to the 'lun- ior High Baslcethall teams good season. This xear the cheerleaders have sponsored a record hop. sold small pgnnants. ind given long distance pep meetings over the P. A. svstein. 55 Row Row Row Row .AWE Pigskin Pros of 1950 1-B. Hillier, A. Frazier, B. Gealy. D. Lawson. N. Beals, Harris, McCullough, C. Ramsey, L. Scrudders, Rhoads B Mc Guckin. D. Manson. Z-V. Gilara, Nl. Whitfield, D. Rhodes. T. Brown. R. Bleakley, E. W'ib1e, D. Porter, G. Bennett, C. Zilhaver, D. Kinnear B Ace D. McCracken. Mr. Uram. 3-J. Carlson, 1.. Black. Glenn. T. Fultz, F. Deeter, F. Atwell, D. Crawford, Zinz, D. McDowell, D. Graham B Ritz B Martin, Mr. Wolfe. 4-Mr. Dutkin. G. McFarlane. N. Pyle, D. Wihle. D. Grilfen. D. Patterson. P. Dillman, B. Andres, T. Tunstall B Elliott The Nursery gridders opened the foothall season with high hopes of a winning one. The first game was at Bradford which Bradford won hy a score of 31-12. The next two games were at home with Warren and Meadville. After an exciting game Warren took us 39-14. Mead- ville also won hy a score of 26-0. Next we went to Clarion and took them, 13-0. After this win everyone's hopes went up, hut the Greenville game here and the Grove City one away handed us losses of 36-0 and 33-7 respectively. Punxsutawney came into town and defeated us 32-14. Our worst grid defeat was at Titusville, 38-0. In the last few games the Nursery showed great im- provement and gave us some exciting games. The comeback drive at Kittanning fell short and we lost 28-7. Then Oil City came down and took us 9-O in the hest gridiron thriller of the year. Under the supervision of Alex Dutkin our JayVee football squad played three games. Grove City 21 Franklin 0 Titusville 26 Franklin 12 Oil City 28 Franklin 0 56 In Training Row 1-B. McElroy, P. Aiken, W. Rice, G. McFarlane, B. McClain, Schwimmer. Row 2-Mr. Uram, D. Lake, S. Koszyro, C. Kunselman, Gramlich, D. Boughner. Row 3-N. Burchfield, H. Campagna, B, Maul. L. Marshall, R. Snyder, B. Shuffstall. R. Kahle, Vegis, B. Patterson The purpose of having Junior High intramural football reams is to produce material for the future Junior Varsity and Varsity football teams for Franklin High School. All the games were played Saturday afternoons and were under the supervision of Assistant Varsity Coach, john Uram. This Ninth Grade team was undefeated in league play. The Seventh and Eighth Grade teams used equipment for the games borrowed from tlse junior Varsity. Many boys made great showings, and with more experience they should develop into fine football players in the future. 57 1950 Stars in Action Tlme team on suge before tln Oll Clty game Tune out from practxct A taclcle ITIISSCQ xn tlme Pumty Clmeerleaclera Watttng for lead a cheer corner Betty game KU talces to btgn language Flrat down for l'ranlcl1n Loolcmg for tlme lwall a paw Mary Baker Vlfglnla Gramllclm Nancy Dud ey Sulltt Morrts mes to m the How Not To Act Ar A Game dLlI1OnSIl'3fl0f1 Bus Gealy turns a fast Snyder IWlI'llI1g the torch 58 -1 K Y X - 4' Q . . i- .Stk . ' r pep it up at the Oil City pep meeting. Long distance view of tlte Warren game. . . , . . . , 7 H I K .x , . , - ec rx 1 - Our Pros Handle the Sphere Row 1--1. 1V1cBride, B. Andres, G. Bennett, B, 1V1cGuckin, McCullough. B. 1V1cGuire, M. 1'V1ong. Row Z-A. Frazier, Managerg E. Wible, Rhoads, B, Ging, J. Kinnear, 1.. Myers, A. W'a1z. Mr. Uram Under the guiding hand of Coach Uram, the Franklin basketball team started its prac- tices in high hope of repeating the section two championship win. The young speedy group started off with a bang by winning the first two games each, oi er Stowe, 33-28, and Greenville, 45-17. Following these wins the Nurseryites evened the match by losing to Farrell 50-26, and Erie East 38-37 in a thrilling battle. After the Christmas vacation, Franklin trounced a strong Alumni team 53-39 and once again had high hopes of going places. Playing Meadville and Rocky Grove on away courts the Red and Black bowed to the Bulldogs 40-37 and the Orioles 52-30. Franklin played their regular brand of ball in the next three games by defeating Titus- vilie 54-35, Warren 63-35, and Grove City 61-31. Franklin lost to Oil City 59-41, but came back to trounce Greenville, Meadville, and Grove City. The Njinxl' floor at Titusville again brought defeat to the Red and Black. Of the last three games, the Nurseryites won one while losing to Warren and Oil City. They upset Rocky Grove. Franklin has completed its official season with 10 wins and 8 losses. The team as a whole had fine fighting spirit and only its lack in height prevented it from winning more games. 59 Semi-Pro Spheremen Row 1-D. McDowell, B. Gealy, Harris, Dick Manson, Ramsey, B. Strawlaridge, B. Ace. W? Row Z-Mr. Wolfe. Coachg M. Smith, B. Elliott, L. Knappenberger, Glenn. Snyder, B. Hardenburg, D, Lawson, Managerg B. Ritz, Manager, Under the leadership of Coach Wolfe, the Franklin Junior Varsity cagers compiled a record of I3 wins and 3 losses. A record which any team would he proud to have. The experi- ence that these boys receive will he of great value to them when they become Varsity players. Already a few boys have been hrought up to the Varsity. The main factors which won many games for them were their height, speed, and good passing. SCHEDULE Franklin M38 Varsity Reserves Franklin ...,... . 30 Sandy Lake ...,., , Franklin ,, . 47 Greenville Franklin ,...,. ., 22 Meadville .... .. ,. Franklin ..,.....,... 47 Rocky Grove .. Franklin ...... , .41 Titusville .. Franklin ....,.. . 28 Warren ,.,, ......, , . Franklin .,.... . 37 Grove City ,..,., . Franklin . 35 Oil City ..... Franklin ..,.,... ...46 Greenville Franklin ..., . . . 46 Meadville Franklin .,.,, 31 Rocky Grove Franklin . .43 Titusville . Franklin .. . 50 Grove City Franklin 44 Warren , ,,... Franklin . 52 Oil City ., 60 Amateur Basketeers Row l Harris D Woods B Beatty E McDowell R Ixahle R Rhoades H lNlcFarlane Henson T Fultz T Brown T Gealy Row 2 McFarlane Vergis Harris h N Latchaw N Burchfield R Frazier Row 3 Fidler Manager B Able D Moyer Mr Dutkin For the second successive year the Franklin umor High Basketeers have won the B1 county unior High League of the Crawford Venango Counties The first six leading scorers alternated as captain of each game. The young nursery team had a marvelous record with 14 wins against 1 defeat. Wilson Manager L Burrell P Dillman R Gra am Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin 4 Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Randolph Meadville Lincoln Cranberry , South , , Titusville Cochranton 'Rocky Grove Meadville Lincoln Cranberry South Titusville Cochranton Rocky Grove Moments 2 ',1QVA.1'Z J t 1 ,VG v .tg i tb' 2 5 :Q , 3 5' Peg " ,E -fn' xi l ll rw , M .:A1,. ji , 9 f --Q,.,,, - 'K I V ' '59 'Q if , W i ,,.i. ' 151 1 Q 1 I A H XY V it L .. " i Q. - ' -NE' f fffi ,, .1 f 2 'X A fi? 4ff!f X . ff. A 3. 'vw Y' i E Q4 i ' 9' Q in 1 3 QR ' 5 A Xl 4 ii z, F53 QW f 'L x' 'V v, 233 1 w 5 'a I ga fi Intramural Sports W Elglith Grade Basketball team Row 1 Kmnear McDowell Heller Dunlap Keller Row Z Abel Blanchard Latcltavw Beatty Burns Mayen Frank Senlc performs for an admmng aud1ence Lawrence Ealcm awaxts his turn on the rmqs 1nd watches Harold Wxg1nt Srvtntlu Gmde Basktrlwll Rus l lVl1ruoocl Sxfttr farson Rlwads Harms Harding C oolu Dunlap 64 V im Henson. lf 1gpo1g Cflmnnpi F Erma Harm and Eileen Greggs we t tlic timelcccpcm for the lntramuml Games. , , FW THESE TEAMS PRACTISED AND PLAYED DURING THE NOON HOUR Eleventh Grade Basketball team: Row I-B. Elliott, B. Hillie r. B. Heffern, C. Greenlee, H. Wygant, D. Rhoacles, K, Smith Row ZYF. Senlc, F. Meng, E. Snyder. D. Robinson, B Snyder, B. Robinson, B. Reed. 65 f Xf Xf Xf XX XX XZ X! XZ XX Xf O U R P A T R O N S N 1 I 1 XL L 1 an N I N XLX Q 1 III xux X Sm 1 KL LJkJx1X!xJXZXZXZxjX1XI 66 7 ' I I I I ' XI K f I K ,I r' - N ! IJ1'.I".Ii.I11111m's IJV. I':mIim' KIvC:m1IIcss X E Iluwl-'11 SIMM- ftwlk' IJ11 Il. If XIq'L':111cIII-Nw 4 X bIHIIIl If. IIUIIIQI- Q'I1zI1'IwIX,I2:I1w I K X-ZIIFIIX SI fn' Shwp IJ11 XI, XI, 51111 n'Q- 1' N E IM-,'I'I11m1:Ix .X. Iislwlmzm IJ11 ,IUIIII XY. I1:1IIn-5' 4 In-. In-Iw xl, IIwII'm:m lar. N, 14. 1:41115 1 IJ11 If .X. Nm'cIs11'fm1 IIJI1 I', I'2.fIIllIIIIIQII1lIII NI E IDI: XXI. I . I 'iz IDI: Ii. IQ. XXI 'gd 4 X ID1'.Il, Il.'I'111'1c1' I'4i1IfIIzIy:mcI I'4IL-luillg. In j K I311 QIIIIITIVN IX. Iizlrk I711 I'AI'1l1IIi I':111I41':11z NI F IJ11 IIk'4'I'!l'.1IIIIIII N. IQ.1mfI N, If I Mlnm' 4 IM-II1'gv XI. IVIIw'1':1 I311 'IIIIIIIIIIIN If. 'IIIIIIIIQ' j IJ11 I". XY. XX"Ism: IJ11 I .X. .XQIIIIIIU N, E I51111:1IrIIIII-1111 IQ. IQ, IIII-:IIQII-y'.,I1'. IJ11 If. I'. I'I1IIIipQ IJ11 I". If. k'1wNIIy IJ11 I.. Il. .XIflIIXX'1lI'IIIg' I' A 3 IYHZIVIJ AIIIII-lpn-1' E II. Furl Xxlllwr P11 IIz11'1'Ic-1 ITIL-z1I4Ig-5' DIIIIIII Na-Jail XIV. :UNI XI1's..X. IM-Iiwliz His I IJ11 ID. C. Su-w:11't Ilzlrry S. Il1':1mIicI1 F IJ1: I' itll Stilllm L'fn1x':1II-sm-111 Ilwmc 23131-' -:IM-II. l THE STAFF OF THE FRANKLINITE OF 1950 Wlshes to thank all those who have advertised In Its pages for they have materlally assisted In makmg posslble our book of memories From our readers we sollclt patron age for those who have thus so so greatly helped us jgygjgjgjgyg1XykZX2Xl 67 2 4 2 4 2 4 2, .,4 2, ...4 2 .4 2 H -'4 2 4 2 ,' 4 2 4 2 4 2 4 2 4 2 4 THE MORN NG DERRICK I X VV Q f 1950 SOCONY VACUUM OIL C0 INC Franklin Plant Zxlxjglxjilkjkli 6 Xf Xf "It's tops" rx ' VC Q X f X f Sf lv ' Best isl1es to the Q , Class o L O 1' Pevsx ms 0' HLGLFQUEK sooo Besld GNE5 MORE: Fon ounce L,...-- IZ FULL GLASSES IN IG THESE 6 B I2 oz BOTTLES' BEVERAGES TANGY FLAVORS Franklin Bottling Co. - Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of Franklin Pa. ZX 6 f fXfNfXfNfXfXfXfXf-Xxx . ' j -Z BS. N 0.0 fi, L c nnea bvu s Tess-ng C0""' e I '- , Franklin, Penna. I Jgjg Jxrjgjgjg jg ,SIX KAYION AND ORPHEUM XII I X I X N IIJL tx Stu 111 4-lx IX I1 Il NIIIJIIL DANIELS TRANSFER COMPANY X DIR XI ' 1111 S11 SINCE 1886 II III 1 Il L 1 JI 1 1 I 111 1 tI11S mu WHEELER 5 FRANKLIN PLASTICS I2TI-I STREET DINOR DIVISION Home of Quahty Food Reasonable Pnces Robmson Industrles Inc BOBS NIEBRIDE s. WILLIAMS ATLANTIC SERVICE W Om' qt Dodge and Plymouth I N II SUE Sales and Serv1ce UIIX IMIII e ob Iv1tLcI TIl1LIxS Lfxfxjxfxjxfxfxfxfxfx 70 f,E I E I I E E K I"1'zI1IkIi11'S Hx 'I'I1c:t1'L-S ! f .X I I'-C INIJITII IX ICI? CI I1 I lfi JR'I'.XI3I.If .XIAYXYS .X Ill IIJID fIIl DNN' If 11' H' Q ' -ct I'I1 111: If 'z r' I - IT2724 ' 311111 I I I.OC'.1I. .XXID LUNG IJIS'I'.XNCIi II.EXI'I,IXI2 - STI ', Elf I'I1.111Q:I:Ia 132184111 Q -Q1-1 N ll II I If111-Ii4y1-z11's y111111g' 1110 111' 1I1c 12111 1: I' IQ . flussw 111' thc I"1':111kIi11 II1g'I1 SCIIIIIDI I1:1'c XY4 '1 41111111-cl f1'111I I'-'11:'S . . . wc 1111- IDIWIIIII of ' ' I1'II. 1 I of at . . I I I I.. Ip 1' , , 12tI 1" If Q ,f 'fcts ' Ifrz 'Ii11, Pu. 2. J vt , . A -L L fxf X! A I BARRON 8. SON FUNERAL HOME BARIHOIOMEWS DRUG STORE SHAW ENGINEERING CO IUDSONS DAIRY PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS ZX ZX ZX ZX ZX ZX ZX ZX ZX ZX J 71 ffEx E Sxf EXfEXfSXf XfENf 'xfkx 5 Compliments of 4 I ! 7 PARK I N c. N 5 I'I II IX If 3-WI I725? I,II1IfIQ'I'Y SIR IfIC'I' 4 I 4 5 III? XYIQSI IYXIQIQ 5'I'IQIfIf'IS QI N VIIIINI-13851 4 N . ! N 5 Prescription Specialists 4 5 17309 I,IIIIiIQ'I'Y S'I'IQl-ZITI' IfR.XNIiI,IN, ITN. 4 r 5 I - I 5 HII,L'I'I'YRH,XIJ I'IIHXIi:I"IQiXXIiI.IX'IIU 4 K l K N I ' 4 r 4 P I'IIfrNIi189-I1 501-51I23'I'IIIRIJSTIQICITI' 4 XfXfXf5KXf A 8. B STRANFORD x XX We Call Fcr and Dehver L 40 THE KIWANIS CLUB IQ-VNANI T IENAT RXXI HEATH S GROCERY XII THE JAMES LUMBER COMPANY Bu11d1ng Materlals Dupont Pa1nts 1 11111110 511 1111111114411 1 MAMMOLITE BROS X Golden Dawn Foods B1rds Eye Frozen Foods it MCCARTHY BUICK 1111111 1 111111111 When Better Automob11es Are Buxlt Bulck W111 Bu11d Them L11111pI1111111ts ut CRANFORD S XII A N DE RSO N S FURNITURE CO Makers of Happy Homes Slnce 1913 11 SCHIFFER S MARKET a s C rocerxes Frults Vegetables R Tl L ltud loud Im rs 'Om II1lI'tLLl'ltIl St H BNI 1 COX PRINTING COMPANY X I 1 511 Phone 214 111W 01.12. f1i1cs ,1""""j,s 1' V X I . ia Q -1,1 Q R? 03" i- .I!, X ,fl '1111111 2111 11ilCi1y,I'r1. fylf If A A' gllly l . . -,C l'1JHlJ Kl.XIQIxI'.I 11113 1,1111-1-15 sf, l.iI11-1'1y 111 .I-III1 - I IIITIIIIQIIH' IIN' I'A:11111111s X. Y. SIIIIL' "1Xg'c11" C11 1 -so , , , 1' f 'su 10111 1 "1 asf. 1037 1 "1 f 'cet . . . . P1 - I ' T32 T- ' . . A S - , I Me t - ' I - I ,lt cf 'gr-rz X . 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Y -T11 "T5'W?f'i' C wuz C' W W C D 1 ' L f A 1 L- 72 - fag, FV, gk.. 51,1 4: U ,Es hiv- Q -, Lf 'Haig 3 , 1.fE?'e!.-' -1-4 1 ' J - C-J """.. fwf 5' L-',n.,...,iX:nl. ' .1...L..Q...EffJ I H A 1 -'UN , . : J A.,i , C1- . ww . Qi? 4:4 C C C fx N 1 ' 5 K V I f ?C ' j I 11340 Ii Q f 'cet I'lIf7Nli 1238 j' X l ' 9 l T w 0 ' lT3fif l.ilwcl'ty f 'cct VI It JNIC I4 S , Y Y Y Y r 1 Xf Xf XZ XX Xf f Xf XI Xf CENTRAL THE SQUIRE SHOP RESTAURANT L tx Stunt 111 X 11 The Fmest 1n Men s Wear THE COFFEE SHOP 1 x SHEASLEY S SHOE STORE ut Stru FRANKLIN DRUGS III 11 L YIIILOI PAINTERS DRY CLEANING CO S I S T KARNS TRANSPORTATION Movmg Rlgglflg Storage ll1rt cnt 1 St B R O B B I N S Insurance IIFILLIIIII St '.111IxI111 . JAWDY S Candy 8. Clgarette Servlce Wholesale Tobacco and Candy L L LIVINGSTON G e n e r a I Insurance I Lygjgjg2gjXjL2XjXZLZX,I ff Yiff gf x, F fx K ! K N 1, I I 172721 I,1I1c1' ' St. ! L8 I.i1l1'V' .I ' 11 1315 231 lf-+I' I I'AI'llI1IiIIlI, Pa. 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All GOOD WISHES For This Year And For AII The Years Accompllshment To Come FRANKLIN FEDERATION OF CLUBS Composed O I4 ygjgjgjgjkjk XZRZLZL KN ! N 4 K I 78 K N N . 4 K 4 f K Of N P ' 4 N f K N 4 4 K N I K N I f 4 E TIIIC IiI.liS 'VIIIC IfIQANNIiI.IX CI.L'I2 4 'I'IIIi I'f.Nt1I.IiS TIIIQ .NNIICRILYNN LICIEIUN 5 Tllli NH ISIC 'I'lIIi N. If. NN. 4 K TIIIC liNI4llI'IIS4NI"L'4NI.I'NII1I'S j K N Xi Z2 V Y, ff Xfff XfE'xf Xf SCHIFFER BROTHERS SUPER MARKET Elghth and L1berty Streets KLIVANS Jewelry Company '311 Thlrtcenth St I"111lxl1I1 I B U R G Funeral Home 1mQl1cstm1tSt1 X1 Xf1Xf Xf1Xf Xi Cmnplilnents of WORDEN 81 FALLER Barber Shop 75111115 Kluwer Dresses Blouses Sults X11 Svc Qcmfmul Nl 1lxCS 411 Tlnrtnenth Street Phone 243 Urs lemnettcl XlLCI'O Owner BROWN S BOOT SHOP wr tx 511 I CUNNINGHAM S LUNCH IJ Mmm Str Lt IOXI 4 m PATTON 8. LYNCH XX X J X L T Mcxlsslclcs S NULUSIIX l f utx Str MANROSS 8. CO Say It Wlth Flowers L 1X XL111lL X111 ltx 4 1 kZX!XZLlX2g2gjgjXjgyg 79 ll, , ,gl sSon,X '. 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CIT llll lil Zililli ca e a d P otect Your Guns ond e J W FULCRUNI GUN AND REEL OIL Farm Implements Co t eao t W freeze n old weather or gum or dry up nn hot weather Most no cal ol you can use Edorsed y ea XILQIHXXIIQIX spot a d outdo s 1 u appl Cato bottle on oney back g a antee e S S e r V 1 O at you deale FULCRUM OIL COMPANY FRANKLIN PENNA lt Stm UX Il QIU I-OG CABIN STEAK RAMSDALE 8. KUNKEL HOUSE Books and Statlonery IUI 'II IVII , 171' I llmtltx Str t I I'Ll1L1 I P FRANKLIN SEIFREITS GROCERY 81 Grocerles Vegetables Home Apphances Comer Sth md 1 lk lrmrl th 111 r HOXI I " ot SLITILIIQ I1II SLIITCII 011 CAUVEL BROS U' the Nash Sales and Serv1ce tss ot I 174 I ull tlu Str et KUHN KOACH HOUSE Nl Harry Blttenbencler H C0mPanY EXCHANGE HOTEL xx QI I I N N101 Sales and Serv1ce I IIPUIN WF I IIN 511 IXI I f I1xJxJxfxJx1XfXJxfxJxI 83 I I I T Lubrl t n r R els I with ' ' Will no v p ra e. lll -not i C ' eco mil i .n b'l d- ' It I' 17 ! ing I r smen n ors writer . -u nce S a 1 a n d ' C e N SLO! ' 'IS' l.uCz1tifm z .' - -cn D l'. U. ll 51-10 I 'l " Pa. I X y! K N I U I St-1 l'z1.,4 ' u e 7,07 LIT. .' " Y' .' ec N11-5. 1' - fl M1-. :ng-Sr VIIUNIC 251'-L I l 4 ,Xl"l'OKlU'1.'lX'liSL'l'l'l.1liS Fresh Meats I Cr - ZZ :uf lzmt I' fi 118 I I'lI lXIi 172.1 "I V' - " I' " ' N I Ce 'rzttulzltions . C12 . 3 ' 1.150 , .3 1 . 6 I'llO,' 2123135 I 4 T E CIEII' ', . QR - I' . '. 'TI1 ' 12301 .' " -' .' Cc. 17281 li ' ,I 'CM VH ,YV Aqq 1'm.'a'r4 ' "' " Vrxfrvrvrvrv Xf Xfv "home furnishings of distinction" gl I 7 WHERE GOOD FURNITURE IS NOT EXPENSIV GREEN'S Congratulations ToThe Class of 1950 MONG S DAIRY - Q FRAN ' kJg1x JxJxJxJx Jx Jx Jx J 8 9 K Nf Xf XKEXKEXK NKEXKEXXEXI X! GENERAL MANIEOLD PRINHNG COMPANY Franklin Pa We Wish To Encourage 1 x CAMP 8. W 4 85 X ! f THE N K ! S AND Q s 'V 0 4 X ! K N 5 I - x E 'IEIIIC YfJL'Nf1NllfN ,XXII XYCJNIIQX Ulf lfR.XXIiI.lN HIGH 4 F SCI! JHLXYIIKJI'l'l!l,lSIi'lxlllf"lfIQAXNliI.I.'ITIT' ! .X5:1Stvpi11 Iiusim-ss 'l'1':mini11g fm' 'I'I1L-111, NYC N 5 lfccl rlihlll Such :L X1-11111111 4 K UL'wL'I'YL'S Slllrlwfl. f K N E 4 J. T. B E I. l SON P 1 N , x Jx , F V Xfrvrvrvrvrvrv THE CHARLES N. HOUGH MEG. CO. IfRANIiI,TN, PA. TULSA, OKLAHOMA I SIL XI RNX XRI XX XTC HI S IJIXNIONDS FELDMAN S I tlbllslled T811 PHONES 41 Xrthurf Nl ner Prop 19801 TI I RTX ST Comphments of H A YS B R E A D FRANKLIN DECORATING SHOP I IIUNP 8 RICES ATLANTIC SERVICE XXI L XIIJFOR UTI ILIRICXTIOWQ Lee T1res EX1dC Batter1es COIXXT Tx T3tI1S. OTII Lx NNI I DUN NN ICTCE Irop N ZX 2x IL Z jk IX Zi ZX ZX ZX A 86 I s 4 L 4' 4. X tx 4' . AL X I I is 1 ' N . A 4 ' A I. . 1 , . rv 4 P 4 .. . I I I I' H . ' I 56 I 418-13th STRLQIQT IfR.-XNIQLTN, PA. I .XTLJ j"1 f mms - A ' . - . ' I 1 - ,. ' 5 ' f I ' , "T 3 ' f ' ' ' 3 'YJ A 4 ' 4 -4 4 A 1 , 1 gr Y X f i f 71 Xf X! XfRXfRXfIXfIXfRXf XKRXK Compliments of THE NEWS-HERALD PRINTING COMPANY Venango County's Largest Daily Newspaper Use Our Want Ad Service For Best Results CALL 353 Ask for An AcI Taker COMMERCIAL JOB PRINTING Mlmeograph Work Photocopy Work Booklet Prlntmg ZKZKZXZXZXZXZXZXZ ZX 87 For Estimates-CALL 353-Ask For Job Dept. fIXf XfIXf XIIXXIXIIXX NXIXXIXI 5 PHULLA ARI srunlos Everything in Photography I x"' 'NIN4 Kodak Flnlshmg NX Ix HEX IIIIIII L UIQ I L1 Nhluu Zkyxjkjxxjkjklklklkjk 88 W ff N J N I IIIIxIIQ, IIS QU. ,II'.RL'I.NI.I'IIfVI'UF ! I N o I ' 1 I FRA .' 'I.IX, I'.N. IJII. Q'I'I'N', I',N. ! I I ! I I d N .Nfl ' 'strzltimm .................................... ...,..............4..,....................,......................,....,... I 'ago fi IR CIMM-s .....................................,.............................,..................................,........,...........,........ 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Iilgc -T2 4 I A l ' "5 .,,..................,...............................,...................,.............................,......................... I':1g'c 54 X IUMIIIZLII ..4.............,......,,...............................................................,...................... I':lgg'v 36 ! K II:LsI4ctI+:III ........................,.....................,................................................,,,,........, I':1g'c ISU N Iulm .NIm':1I Sp'-1-15 ............ ...............................,...................,..............,.... I 'zmgu 454 Rx f- J

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