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?91"7ffY3:f1Zf --1:-F , 5 Ek THE k A ' FRANKLINITE of 1941 . Published by the Senior Class . ol Franklin High School at Franklin, Penna. CONTENTS SCHOOL Faculty School board Superintendent Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen CLUBS Scholastic Musical Social SPORTS Football Basketball Miss Swift Reddish-brown hair, 'brown eyes ----- in- genious, dainty, is fond of art and music ----- lik-es to swim, Ibowl, and skate ----- just loves baked ham ----- her favorite colors, green and brown ----- dislikes split infinitives and radio announcers who can't pronounce words ----- makes Latin, that so-called "dead language," interesting. To Miss Wynona Swift, also, the Class of 1941 is deeply grateful for her faith- ful and untiring service. Miss Minnigh Light 'br-own hair, 'brown eyes, medium height ----- has bright, snappy, delightful per- sonality, ----- enjoys bowling, swimming, golf -----enthusiastic basketball and football fan -----fond of dogs-----teaches liconomics and P. 0. D. To Miss Gertrude Minnigh the Class of 19-ll wishes to express its apprecia- tion and gratitude. Always ready with a clever and original idea, always patient, and always willing to help, she has led us through four happy years. 1 1 l J at n 'i"':'K1' L2 36 ii 3 Q: 35 33 YE Q S Q st tj? Franlclinite Stall Editor-in-chief ......... ...................... ...................A..................... ........... T h o mas Fry Associate editor ........ .................... J oan Bell Literary editor ................................................ .... ........................................................ M a rie Pasquale Literary staff-Verona Scanlon, Isabelle McSparren, 'Cash lfVhitehill, joe Orlando. Art Staff .................................................................. Jack Sousae, Joseph Furst, Ralph Cooley Business manager ..,...... ..................................................,........................... J ack Pearson Circulation staff ......... ............ E lizabeth Hill, Joseph Chemeras, Taylor Hied Patron's page ..,............. ......................................................,.,........,......... M ark Huston Advertising manager ...... .........................,................................ J oseph Furst Typists ............................ ................ I Catherine lVheeling, Marcia Moffitt Advisers ..... ........... ll liss Rankin, Miss Graham, Miss Steffee KLINITE STAFF In presenting t-he year book, the Frankliuitc staff has assembled the many small triumphs of effort achieved through the diversified talents of the members. The staff devoted many hours after scho-ol to the work and consumed dozens of candy bars while concentrating on particularly difficult phases of the project. A 'brief insight into the activities necessary to produce the year-'book would show Thomas Fry supervising the entire work, assisted by the associate-editor, Joan Bell. The art staff, composed of jack Sousae, Ralph Cooley and Joseph Furst, pre- pared material for the striking cuts used, with Ralph Cooley specializing in securing snapshots of typical school scenes. The literary staff, headed by Marie Pasquale with Verona Scanlon, Isabelle McSparren, Cash iWhitehi1l, and Joe Qrlando, intently studied their classmates in an effort to fit proper phrases to their personalities in addition to preparing sum- maries of the activities of the various school organizations. The typists, Katherine Wheeling and Marcia Moffitt, faithfully and efficiently typed the material sub- mitted by the literary staff. The circulation staff, consisting of Betty Hill, joe Chemeras, and Taylor Hied, used t-heir best sales tactics to convince the students, particularly undergrad- uates, of' the inestimaible value of a year-book in later times to rekindle pleasant memories -of F. H. S. and of friends not heard from for many years. Mark Huston called upon -business and professional men to obtain ta full Patron's Page. Jack Pearson, business manager, kept the budget 'balanced and gave pep talks to the circulation staff and advertising manager, joe Furst, between Joe's trips to -business houses whose advertising in the Frafnklirtite has proved to be a good investment. The entire staff was fortunate in 'being able to consult Miss Graham, Miss Rankin, and Miss Steffee, advisers whose invaluable aid and sympathetic under- standing of the problems incurred in preparing a year-book smoothed out all dif- ficulties Which individual staff members encountered. Through the cooperation of everyone concerned, the publication of another Franklinfite is possible. The staff presents it with the sincere hope that you will enjoy it as much as they have enjoyed preparing it. SCHOOL The Mr. Gerald D. Decker Principal Because of his pleasant personality. cooperative spirit, sports- manship, and friendliness, we, the class of 1941 have looked upon Mr. Decker as our friend. No matter what diiificulty we have had, Mr. Decker has been willing to help us. NVe sincerely regret leaving the sphere of his influence. MISS BROWN MISS BRUNNER MISS BUNNELL MISS COLE MISS DALE MR. DAVIS General science Librarian French, English English Sewing Mathematics MISS FLEMING MR. FULTON MISS GALBRATH MISS GRAHAM MISS GRAY MISS GRIMSHAW English Mathematics English English Stenography Arithmetic Mr. Harry F. Newell Assistant Principal To Mr. Newell, whose kindly, interest and helpful suggestions have guided us through many difficulties, the members of the class of 1941 wish to express their grateful appreciation. MR. I-IARTMAN MR. KLINGENSMITII MISS McCLIMANS MISS McNElL MISS MINNIGII MR. MORGAN Commercial ueouraphy Mechanical drawing World history Tyoinu Problems of democracy Manual training Football coach MISS MOYAR MR. PERRINE MISS PRESSLER MISS RANKIN MISS RINKENBERGER MISS ROUGH English, Latin Biology American history Chemistry, physics Cookino History Mr. Fred W. Deane Dean The class of 19-I1 will ever remember the merry twinkling eye, the keen sense of humor mixed with ust ihe right amount of seriousness, the helping hand and encouraging Word of its friend, adviser, and companion, Mr. Fred Deane. MISS RUNNINGER MISS SHORTS MR. SIEGEL MR. SIGEL MISS STEFFEE MR STOCKER Geography History, Enulish Civics Physical education Art Music Basketball coach MISS STONE MISS SWIFT MR. TREADWELL MR. WHITE MISS WILSON MR WDLFE Enulish Public sneaking Latin General science Business English Physical education Bookkeeping L 4 DR. BREHM MISS BUTCHER MISS EGGBEER Medical inspector School nurse Secretary to the Superintendent MISS WRIGHT MR. HANNA MISS MEADE MISS ELLIOTT Arithmetic Music Art Secretary to the Principal Franklin School Board Mr. Carey VV. Peck ............ ............. p resident Mr. Benjamin H. Pardoe ...... .......... v ice president Mr. Frank Riddle .................. .................................... t reasurer Dr. Fred W. Brown Mr. 'Carl B. Daniels Dr. D. C. Blanchard Mr. Charles E. Quinn Miss Helen Black .......... .................................... s ecretary The School Board operates on a committee plan, with the business divided into seven major committees as follows: Finance: This committee has charge of preparing the 'budget and setting the tax levy after the budget has been established. Teachers: Selecting and recommending teachers for their assignments and salaries constitutes the work of this committee. Supplies: This committee selects and purchases all supplies. Building and grounds: All fbuilding, reconditioning and constructing of new buildings, and also repairs and improvements come under the jurisdiction of this committee. Books: To this committee falls the task of selecting and purchasing all texts and library books. Music: This committee selects instruments and recommends for purchase all equipment and supplies used fby the music department. Athletic: The athletic program must be approv-ed by this committee. It recommends the coaches and assistant coaches and acts in conjunction with the athletic council in carrying out the athletic program of the school. The Board meets on the second Tues-day of each month in the board room of the junior-Senior High School building. Prior to this meeting, it is customary for each committee to hold a mee-ting to discuss business that this committee wishes to propose at t-he meeting. Usually the committee determines the program and presents it as a unanimous proposal, which facilitates the meeting and eliminates unnecessary discussion. XViithout the care and thought which this group bestows on the organization of our educational program, the school could not exist. To them we owe a debt of gratiiude for the time and effort expended in our behalf. t l Mr. Karl M. Russell Superintendent VVith all due appreciation, the class of 1941 renders its last salute to Mr. Russell, our superintendent, who, in standing by us through our four years in Franklin High School, has given valuable assistance and proved sincere friendship. May he be as much of an inspiration to classes which graduate in years -hence as he has been to us. Francis Frank Zagar "'Toar" Class Presidenit - - 2-3--4 Hi-Y ---- - 2-3-4 Olriclhestva ---- 2-3'4 Debafte 'Cl-ulb - - - 2-3-4 Sfpeaker ideluxee-our class -was honored 'with his ipresenice amd presidency. Glenn Weaver Hammerlee lCHaim!m7I Class Treasurer - - 4 Football - ..-- 4 AfCa'pe1la ICfh'oir, Pres. - 4 Prom committee - - 3 What at voice! - Whait a -man-! - :he isings, -man- fages, Iacts, leads, ipllays foot'bal1. Class Cificers Elizabeth Katherine Hill HBetS!9 Frenfch Club - 3-4 Senior .play - 4 Vi+ce-president ---- 4 Franklinitenstafif - - 3-4 Blond - petite-a .person- ality Hplus gran-de." Jack Pearson "Monitie" Foot-ball - - - 4 Basketbvall - - - 3-4 Prom committee - - - 3 Franklinite stlapflf - - 3-4 A ste-adyiing inzfliuence not only in sports but ill school life as well. Bettie Adams "Bets" Glee Club ----- 2 Reserved to mere acquaint- ancesg lively among her associates. Emma Jane Baker "Janey" Dramatic Club ---- 1 We often hear her favorite expression, "honestly." Merle Baker "Bake" Orclhestra - - - - 2-3-4 All around sipfort--valways ea-ger to start something new. Violet Marie Baker lKxVic!! Her Lfavorite song - "Au Clair de la Lune." Sarah Barnes "Sally" Polk High School - 1-2-3 Very friendly-has a quick and cheery -word for everyone. Charles L. Barrett ulclllllfjkw Sacred Heart High School - -2 - - - 1-2-3 He's got rl1yUh1n-Wonfder- ful -druimmer an-d a swell dancer. Gerald L. Baughman GKJed79 Oil an-d water, Jed and sclhool, don't mix. Marilyn V. Bean "Beanie" Latin Club - - - 3-4 Tri-41-Ii-Y - - - - 4 Glee Cluib - - 1-2-3-4 Senior Dance eonimittee - - - - 4 Always happy-her joyful- ness makes you joyful. Richard A. Beith "Dick" New Baltimore High HS-chool, .Michigan - 1-2 Sioldan High lScihool, fSt. Louis, JM-issouri - 3 Slpends his time teasing the girls.. Joan Elizabeth Bell "Jan" B-and ---- - 2-3-4 Senior lpliay - - 4 Franklinite - - 3-4 Tri-Hi-Y ----- 3-4 Personality plus -har-d 'to rnatclh anywlhere - whiz on the clarinet. , Kenneth J. Berlin "Germany" Orchestra. ---- 1-2-3 A and P extra-ifuture mana.-ger of extra super- market. Sara Bernstein "Serie" Vice-iprefsident - - 2-3 Senior play - - - 4 French KC-lulb - - 4 Tr-i-Hi-Y ----- 3-4 A regular "giggling 'Gertie" -has a heart of gold. Arlene Gwenn Bevington "C1oarlkey" 'ri-1-.Hi-v ------ 4 Dramatic 'Club - - - 1 Short, cute, 'courteous - sweet to all she meets. Jack Jordan Biery "Wallace" Class secretary - - - 2-3 Basketball - - - 1-2-3-4 Hi-Y ------ 2-3 -4 Band ------ 2-13 Clh-alnrp at 'b+asketlball-hon- or roll student-lan all around go-old fellow. Acheson Black 4KAICh9I Prom -com-m'i'ttee - - - 3 Band ---- - 2-3 Senior iplay - - - - 4 Hi-Y ------ 2-3-4 His favorite subject is study hall W-getting to-o ftafll for 5hil'S -present set of -clot-hes. Paul Blair ".Slhorty" Band ------ 1-2-3 Football ---- - - 4 Possesses dry lhu-mor-a fu- ture Isaly executive. Robert Blair lKB0b!! Football - - - - 3-4 Glee 'Club ---- 1-2-3 Goes for lbllondes, red heads, 'and 'brunettes ex- icluisively. Lloyd Buck aclsatlmss "Why do you have to go 'to school ?" he allways asks. Alice M. Burke "Burkie" T-riJHi-Y - - - - 3-4 G1ee'C1ub - - - - 2-3 Latin fCluib ---- 3-4 Class Basketbal'l - 1-2-3-4 Goes for basketball in -a big w-ay--1oquacious- Jake's shadow. Joe Burke "Flick" A pair of good ears will drain dry one hundred tongues. Joseph J. Chemeras utljoen Franklinite - - - 3-4 Prom -committee - - 3 Senior Dance comfmit-tee ---- 4 Allergic to fwomen -always happy--a 'problem child. Wilbur Collins "Willie" Banfd ------ 2-3-4 Tlhe horn and the girls are lhis speed. Ralph Cooley "Dick" Prlolniicommittee - - - 3 Ring -committee - - - 3 Banld ---- - 2-3-4 Hi-Y ------ 2-3-4 Flriglhty-originlatoi' of iw-oo .pi-ticihin', diogwpatch style. Delores Crawford "Shorty" Monroe High fS-chool ----- 1-2-3 Always laugvhing - liars keen sen-se of -humor. Mary Janie Cummings U'Cl.llIIl'llllI1'gS,, Ed itio r-in -chi ef Broadcast - - - - 4 A 'Capella 1Clhoii' - - - 4 Tfri-Hi-Y ----- 3-4 Senior .play ---- 4 F. lS.'s star jiitterbug- "Not re+al-ly?" Helen Marie Cutchall "Helen" 'She 'walks on air -with heels suplportinfg ther. Tony Cuzzola "'Meatfball" Footlball ---- 1-2-3-4 Blasfketball ----- 1 Loves his spafgetti-+p1'oud owner of a car. June Eileen Davis "June" Glee 'Club A 'Capella Clhoir Broadcast staff Operetta ----- 3-4 A "Helen Jep-son" in the making-a lady -and a student. Wayne DeArment sswaynxesv Orchestra - - - 1-2-3-4 String quartet - - .2-3-4 Hi-Y ---- - - 3-4 Latin lClub ---- 3-4 Plays a Rubilnof-E violin-a wlhiz f?J in -Latin IV. Richard Deets 6lDiIck!7 Glee Clu-b ---- 1-2-3-4 A 'Clapella 'Ohoir - - - 4 Ofperetta, ------ 3 A 'boy who'1l get some- lW'11B1'6-S9llSl'bl6, practi- ical. - d1 t Basil LeRoy DeLong "Babe" Grlee Club ----- 2-3 Quiet lchalp-regulalr in il'- 1'eglula1'iltly. Edna DeLong ..Ed,, Class .basketlball - -1-2-3-4 Quiet in class-a live wire on the gym floor. Lois Lorraine Ditzenberger acDitZyy1 Glee Clulb ---- 1-2-3-4 Broadcast - - 2-3-4 Tri-Hi-Y - - - - 3-4 Dr-a1n:aticiCluIb- - - - 1 S'he's like tlhe mounted police-she always -gets iherman. Louis Doll ccFYl,e'd99 All "Izaak Walton"-likes "dea1"' hunting - comes to sohool now and then. Floyd Calvin Donaldson lKBuck-Y! Eddie Flick's protege of the square-d circle. Joseph Eagles "Pecos" A modern "Ichla'bod Crane" -slow .motion iperson- ified. Emily ki fs Paul A. Eagles ffnaanaiei' 0rcihes4tra - - ---2 -2 Always eager to enter any business enterprises - likes comic magazines. Betty J. Evans uBetty99 T-1-1-.Hi-Y - - 3-4 cg Fren-ch'Club - - 3-4 Q Glee 'Club ' - 2-3-4 Orchestra - 1-2-3-4 i' She has ne'e enemy in sight. lrene M. Fedor "Irene" Broadcast staff - - - 4 y Reserved-a lady at all itimes. Samuel Joseph Ferrare "Chicken" 'i An o-ocasio-nal visitor -- sihoe shine boy. -5 James E. Ferry, Jr. "Ferry boat" Quiet 'fellow 'with poetic ability-may ibe another 2 3 g San-diburg, Kipling or Lindsay. Ruby Finch "Fino-hie" 25 Basketball ----- 1 s Noted for friendliness: generosity .personified. Gertrude Firster "Gertie" Glee Club ----- 1 Always oheeriful and -help- ful to everyone. Carmen A. Fonzo ..Jap,, F-ootiball ---- 1-2-'3--4 Captain of 'his iteaim, de- -pendable 'pl-ayer, steady- in-g influence to his team. Irene Frankenburger lim!! Basketball - - - 1-2-3-4 Senior .Dance ooemmititee ---- 4 Quiet - efficient - a com- petent -Worker. Eleanor B. Friggle "Frigid" Orchestra - - - 1-2-3-4 Tri-rHi-Y ----- 3-4 Dance Orchestra - - - 4 Senior Dan-ce -committee ---- 4 Sociarble and gay-a song- stress of ability. Thomas Richard Fry lKT0m!Y Brand ---- - 2-3-4 Orcihestra - - - 4 Hi-Y - - - - 2-3-4 Senior play ----- 4 Capable editor of our FRANKLINITE - witty -absent -minded. Donald Fuller liD0n!7 Br-oadciaist l- - - 4 Hi-Y ------- 4 Palestine .l1fasn't ma-de -him a green horn, Fby any means. Evelyn Kathleen Fulmer "Evie" Latin Club ----- 4 Good student -likeable - boys love to tease her. Joseph Andrew Furst HAndy!Y Prom'C-ormm-iittee - - - 3 Hi-Y ------ 2-3-4 Franklinite staff - - 3-4 Glee Clufb ---- 1-2-3 Collects cartoons as a hoib- by-Joe is Franklin -Hi's Hungerford. William Frederick Gebhard "Bull" Fo-ot-ball ---- 1-2-3-4 Freshman -basketball - 1 Does 'he blush?-Woul-d raitiher play -football than go -to school any dlay. Clarence Gibbens "Clarence" Wants to be ia. ima-chinist and is a steady plugge-r at it. Ronald Allen Gibbons "Sfhorty" He has to fgo to Junior High 3Z':lSS6'I'lllbll8S. Anna Eleanor Gorley U-A111197 Wesley Higih School 1-2-3 An asset to the seh-ool-in- telligent student - charming in 'pers0n:ality. Charles A. Gyder "lC'hu-ck" Stage crew - - - 1-2-3-4 Ban-d ---- - - 1 Glee 'C1uib ---- 1-2-3 Prwoim cioemmiiittee - - - 3 Very apt in 'working witfh electricity - :makes a very good stage man- a-ger. Charles Franklin Griffen "Pete" His amibiti-on 'liar outreach- es ihi-s stature. Joseph F. Grossman 6KJ0e!7 Orchestra - - - 1-2-3-4 Latin 'Club Senio-r Dan-ce comimiittee Did you ever see Joe with- out Rutih? Theda J. Grove "Theda" Basketball ---- 1-2 A girl 'wih-o sbelieves tihat 'action is better -than wfo-rds. Charles E. Goss H'ClhllCk', Senior B-an-d - - - 2-3-4 Hi-Y ---- - 2-3-4 Senior play - ---- 4 Musical Broadcast - 3-4 Likeable chap with rhythm lborn in him and he ex- .presses it beautifully. John R. Hancock "Sihort'y" Latin Clueb ----- 4 A :Sa-cred Heart special-a 'Whiz in fthe lialb. Foster Hanna uJigg1Sn Basketball - - - - 1 Football ------ 3 Senior lplay ----- 4 He dreams of 'Jeanie with the light brown hair. Jean L. Hanna "Jean" A .maliden shy-fa pleasure to know her-we'll miss her. Glen Emery Hansen ItG1en77 Handsome is as Hansen does. Richard Thomas Harris UDiCkH GleelC.luib - - - - 2-3 Varsity foot-ball - - 3-4 Junior Vlarsity -basketball ---- 1-12 Varsity 'basketball - - 3-4 Aida-m Lazon-ga's second cousin Vwlhio 'has improved on h-is uncle's teclhnique. Lamberton L. Hart llHarn!! T-all, :blonde-doesn't be- lieve in speed. Glenn A. Hazlett KlHen9! Fooltlbvall ----- 2-3.4 Solid man-loves tio trap 'for pocket money. Mary Evelyn Heasley lIMa'1,y!! Quietly reserved but pre- pared for fun. Paige Heath upaigen Class lbasfketlball - 1-2-3-4 Prom com.mittee Cfheerlelader ---- 3-4 Tri4H'i-Y wpresident - - 4 Never shirks her work- Giias a -go-od word for everyone. Gor-don Emery Heffern ll!Stub!l Clooperstown High S-chool Cihtristmas card -c-omfm-iattee ---- 4 Ge-onge Young's ifoil for the 'whizslpering in 20-9. . Joe Herdzik Klpolrkyil Future manager of Herd- z.ik's Nationwide iM1arket. Taylor Hied IIT. Al! Glee Cllulb - - - 1-52-13-4 Franklinite ---- 3-4 Prom -committee - - 3 Musi-cal Broadcast - - 3 Date to Ibed, early to rise- lmakes "T, A." healthy, wealthy and wise. Russell H. Hoover KKRuS.S!! Glee 'Glulb ----- 1-2 Froot'b.all manager - - 4 M'isc'hiev'ous - ihard 'work- 1inrg managerial cog in the teafm's success. Gladys lrene Hoovler "Gladys" D1'am1ati-c Club -'-- 1 Glee -Club - - - 1-2-3-4 A Ca-pella 'Choir - - - 4 Ofperetta ------ 3 Loves to sing-ehias .friends through-out the sc'hool. Harry W. Hoovler "Harry" Band ---- - 1-2-3-4 Orchestra ----- 3-4 Has a friendly smile for everyone - master of bass clef. Mark Lee Huston "'Situffy" Franklinite staff - - 3-4 Pram colmwmittee - 3 Sopllromore Dan-ce committee ---- 2 Casting 'Club ---- 1 Fuin lovinlg-an artist with la. casting rod. Robert E. Hovis GlBOm!3 Footiball ---- 1-2-3-4 Ba sketlball ---- 1-2 Athlete heart an-d soul--en- 'ters the gaime to -win. Gertrude Louise H uey "G-albby" Clfass lbafskeitball - 1-Q2-3-4 Glee -Clluib - - - - 1-2-3 S10 -flair, .with golden hair- aritistic -- a beaming smile. Margaret Keith "Keithie" Broadcast staff - - 2-3-4 G1leelCliu4b - - - 1-2-3 Tri-Hi-Y ----- - 4 Dnalmatic'Club- - - - 1 Tall, slenderiislh-1spa1'kli11-g eyes -- smiling face- tlha.t's "Keitl1ie." Forest P. Kightlinger Mists Elliott's right-han-d man around the office CKKite9! James LeRoy Kiskadden uKiSSys9 Senior play ----- - 4 Glee Club ---- 2-3-4 Prom cofmimittee - - - 3 Senliolr Dance committee ---- 4 A slh-ort stalk of wittiness -a great gift of gab. Gertrude Elizabeth Kleckley "Gertie" Often seen -but seldom heard. Jack W. Kooman CiKO40!7 Glee Club - - - 2-3-4 Stage 'crew - - 2-3-4 Hi-Y ---- - 2-3-4 Senior Dance committee ---- 4 Has a friendly attractive smile-active in ldira- matics. Francis A. Koppel "fFranny" Orchestra ---- 2-3-4 Prom Committee - - - 3 Sophomore Dance cccmmittee - - - 2 Football ---- - 4 Regular fellow-a g-oo-d coimplanio-n an-d a friend -of everyone. Felix Kozek "Bull" Better late than never- tIhat's what Felix seems to tlhink. Julia A. Kush "Ja,kie" Prom coammit-tee - - - 3 Class basketball - 1-2-3-4 Delbate Club ---- 2-3 Tri+Hi-Y ----- 3-4 Never sad-nelver angry- always a -gay "hello" for everyone. Reverdy D. Lake "Red" His Southern t?J accent tickles the ear. Rodney W. Lake HBM1!! A twin will be a tWin-en- joys "dear" hunting. Vernie B. Lawson "Bob" or "Lefty" Junior Varsity - - - 2 Class basketball - - - 1 Haunfts the skating -rink. Jack Layden "Droop" Sacred Heart School 1-2-3 A lover of .anything that doesn't concern sclio-ol. Mary Joan Leta ccMa1,yay Glee Club ----l 2-3-4 A Capella Choir - - - 4 Tri-Hi-Y - - - - 3-4 Broadcast - - - - - 4 Graceful dEl1l'CGl'-'h13Sb6Zlll' -tifufl lhair and -complex- ion. Louis Leyda "Louf' Football - - - - 1-2 Glee'Clu1b - - - - 1 P-rom committee - - 3 Assistant lfololtlball :mana-gler ----- 3 Two things Lou likes lbest --cars and girls. Harold L. Lindsey 'fS'h'orty" Am-biltion .pops -out lb-is eyes -he works at various odd jobs. Jean Helen Lippincott CiI,m'p79 Erie Strong Vincent High School ---- 1 A very sweet and petite miss. Logan E. Long "Shorty" Tlhe teachers will miss his daily commotion ! Charles W. McCarthy llBil17Y Bill's refal love is sports- .lias that Tarzan phy- sique. Marjorie Eleanor McClelland csMidge1r Basketball - - - 1-243-4 Orcfhestra ---- 1-.2-3-4 GleelCluib - - - 1-2-3-4 Blond and quiet lb-ut lblessed with a ready laugh. Dona Jean McDowell scMukeyva Gllee-Clulb - - - - 1-2 French Club - - 3-4 T1'i+Hi-Y ------ 4 Drives lher own car-ski1l- ed in the -culfinary arts. John A. McEIhaney "Mackie" "English is what ruins nie," he says. Isabelle McSparren KIIZZYV9 Glee 'Clulb ' - - 1 Broadcast staff - - 4 Franklinite staff - - 4 C'hl'iS'tllliHS card committee ---- 4 Sparkles with liveliness-H skates her worries away. R uth M . M cVa y "Ruth" T-ri-Hi-Y ------ 4 Devotee of the roller-ri.nk. Mary Catherine Mahaffey "Hat'fey" Utica -Higih School - 1-2-3 Musical Broadcast - - 4 Seniozwpliavy - - - - 4 Tri-Hi-Y ------ 4 Forever lhappy - never ,mo-oidy - has a cheery fword and smile -for everyone. Joseph A. Marando "'C0clkavitch" Orfchestra ----- 2-3 Comic magazine fiend - future Batman and Sup- erman. Shirley Maxine Mays "Shirley" Garfield High School, Akron ------ 1 Rockland 'High School ---- - 2 Tri-Hi-Y - - - - 4 Broadcast stalff - - - 4 Believes in free-doiin of speech. Marcia Moffitt calMYaCsv Tri-Hi-Y ------ 4 Banque-tconiniittee - - 4 Franklinite staff - - - 4 Co.mpetent 'and fdependaible -an lhonor stu-dent -a desirable friend. V. Joseph Orlando "Ball-boa" Latin Club - - - - 4 French -Club - - - 4 Franklinite staff - - - 4 Foot-ball ------ 4 "En -francais, M. Orlando, s'fil vous plaitf' Patricia Osburn Hpatl! Tri- Hi-Y ---- - 4 Canon slbu rg Hi-gh -School ----- 2-3 She .fits iperfectly in-to the life of F. H. S. Marie Pasquale t g!! Orchestra ---- 1-2-3-4 Prom commit'tee Franklinite staff - - 3-4 Delbate 'Club - - - 2-3-4 A goo-d orator - amlbitious +3'C'IllV8 in school a-f-fairs -an excellent student. Marie Theadora Pasquale "Teddie" Dl'21IllL3itiiC 'Club ---- 1 Band ------ 2-3-4 Class .basketball - - 1-2 Willing to Work for what she gets. 'K..x Tvs . .S 1. 1.-I iff s if 13 N 'SQ' 2 Q ..i. : v we Sr? .li is .x.- . . Ti v A an , 5 . ' 'xi L 'S A. s ., 'P lv.- s- X. Q. R -Y ... if. g,-. in 3 -. 2 Q' as . it X i. it i' 5 955 3 N 9 x 1- ef. e x A,-. . W .s Q. E Sw.. .Y .1 X, .. Q, 1 to Z 51 r if E Av.. Q is in 5, ,ig F 4... Q nv. g fl' if 5 S Q '51 Q E A2 3, 2 M S --r' 94 lk F E '. J ., if -. Ti ii' 3 is 'Y X 5- if Vir il S. Perry CCRedU G1eefCluib - - - - 1 Hi-Y ------, 2-3-4 He would be happy if he never had to -go to school. Marian E. Phinney "Plhinney" Tri-Hi-Y ----- 3-4 Seni-or Dance committee - - - 4 DIW3'II18t'iiC lClub ---- 1 A live iwire-eitlier in a 'hurry or waiting 'for 'her tHoft'Jn1an. Francis Prichard "Stiffy" Polk High lSchool - 1-2-3 Tall, good looking-etoo bad that he 'goes steady. Dorothy Lucille Pyle "Dottie" Broadcast staff- - - 4 Dottie has ifound her vo- cation--she plans to be a fhousewite. Ruth A. Ray "Ruth" Glee Club - - - 2-3-4 Tri-Hi-Y ----- 3-4 Latin C-lub ----- 4 Senior Dance committee Ready, willing, and able- sel-diom seen without Joe. Le Noir Jane Ream "Norrie" Hunting season is her de- light. Josephine Rhinehart "Virginn" - Mu-m's the word-she gets to school on time, never lbefore itiine. Paul C. Rhinehart "Slhorty" Football ---- 1-2-3-4 Class basketball - - 2-3 Glee 'Club - - - 1-2-3-4 Tra-ck ------- 2 "You've got to lbe a foot- ball h91'O"i2llld he is. Marjorie Jean Richardson "Margie" Glee Cflu-b - - - - 2-3 Dramatic -Cllllb - - - 1 Pr-om committee - - 3 Tlrii-Hi-Y ----- 3-4 W-hen she laughs, the world laughs iwitlh lher. Marion Gladys Riddle ClBa4be9! 'ri-i-Hi-Y ------ 4 Believefs in the -motto, "Si- lence is golden." Robert Riddle KSB0b!7 Gyirn enthusiast-compaw io-nable fellow with ia smile for everyone. Clair D. Ritchey "Buck" Senior Band ---- 3-4 Rnather 'hunit tih-an eat- mushrball fiend' iuniparal- leled. Velma Robinson uvalv! Glee 'Club - ---- 1-2 Spen-ds :most -of her time on roller skates. Richard Robson ffDihCkU, Leo High School - - 1-2--3 Gran-d person to know- p'lans to do mechanical wfork. James Wayne Rogers SIDOCYY Bland ----- 1--2-3-4 Senior gplay - - - - - 4 Se-nio-r Dance -committee - - - 4 S-opihomore 'Dance foolmlmiit-tee ---- 2 Loves 'his 'ca-r, his fun, his friends and his girl. Vernona L. Scanlon CKR'0neyY! Tri-Hi-Y - - - - 3-4 Franklinite ---- 3-4 Broadcast ---- 1-2-3-4 Senior Banquet , fc omlmittee ---- 4 A-lwlays friendly, punny, neat-her heart 'belongs to an 'Ohio University laid. Martha Jane Scannell "Janie" Tri-Hi-Y - ----- 4 A curly haired damsel - - - friendly and dependable. Martha Jane Scott "Marty" Musical Broafdfcaslt - - 4 Polk .High 'School - 1-2-3 P-ossesses 'winged feet- lhas many friends-llias a go-od sense of hum-or. Miriam Shakespeare KS'Mimi!l Latin 'Club - - - 3-4 Class balsketba-ll - - 1-2 Broadcast ---- 2-3-4 Se-ni-or play ----- 4 A mi.stress -of the -diction- ary-rememlber fthe pi.l- low? Gale Shreffler cswindyra Senior Banld - - - 2-3-4 Seni-or Or-clhestra - - 2-43-4 Senfior Dance cofnimit-tee ---- 4 Witty, music-al and joyful -only partially describes our frien-d with the -drum- sticks. June Lorraine Sibley "Junie" Girls Glee 'Club - - 2-3 Broadcast - - - - 3-4 Tri-Hi-Y ----- 3-4 Drva ma tic 'Clu'b ---- 1 She comes to .school on time-once in a wlhile. Alice Slocum "Sltockem" G.lee1Club ---- - 1 Dramatic lC'lu'b - - - 1 Tri-Hfi-Y - - - - 3-4 Broadcast staff- - - 3-4 Believes one good turn de- serves anotfher. Esther LaFern Smith "Dimples" Glee 'Cl-ulb ---- 1-2-3-4 A'Ca'pellaIChoir - - - 4 Broadcast ----- 2 She gets :you .when she smilies-a musical hit. James E. Smith "Jim" Orlclhestlrra - - - 1-12-3e4 Sftio-ckerfs right arm-plays la piano in 'most -any m-o-od. Kenneth C. Smith "S:mitity" B-and ------ 1-2-3 Senior .play ----- 4 Freshman ibasketball - 1 Hopes to go to the top with thalt clarinet swing. Jack Sousae "Suzie" Prom -committee Franklinite staff- - - 4 Ladies' man-and does he like it! Betty Stackhouse HBetU Her one regret: that she wa.s born a girl. Evelyn Virginia Sterling K6EvyH Senior play - - - 4 Tri-Hi-Y ---- - 4 Drta.m1aticIC1uEb- - - - 1 S4he's a .woman iwlho st-ands up if-or her rights. Edward J. Stewart HEId!9 Glee Club ----' 2-3-4 Prom committee - - - 3 Footibialvl ----- 3-4 Basketball Manager - - 4 A jolly good ifellow-n1an- ages the Ibiasketball tearm well. Stella Marie Sustak HSte19Y Slhe possesses a contagious laugh. Charlotte Irene Sutherland "Shorty" D1'amlatifcClusb - - ' - - 1 Liv-ing ffor the diary fsihe gets her diaploima so she can be married. Charlotte Sutton "Charlie" Tri-Hi-Y - ----- 4 Suited to tihe position of a lady. Mary Louise Thies l6MaAry7! Latin Club- - - - 3-4 'Pri-II-Ii-Y - - - - 3-4 Glee'C1ulb - - - - 1 Chris-t.mas card committee - - - - 4 Steady worker-has a wwin- ning personality -and a beautiful smile. Albert Usoff HAI!! Foo-Uball - - - - 3-4 Senior ibanquet -committee ---- 4 Ambitious - stu-dious - fo-otiballl ace--a good fel- low to know. William Blaine Vincent "Blaine" G1ee'C'1ub ----- - 4 Polk High eScvhool - 1-2-3 Quiet chap-loves to sing -Jfufture composer. Betty Jeanne Waite uBetytyn Tri-Hi-Y - - - - 4 Cfhr-istmas -card committee ---- 4 Future beautician - works like la Trojan in her s-chool alctivifies. Grace Adelaide Walde "Gracie" Utica High School - 1-2-3 Latin stu-dent 'de luxe- makes friends easily. Norman F. Walde HBO!! Utica Higih School - 1-2-3 His witty remarks and ready grin cause every- one to like 'hi-m. Jean Glora Walters "Jeanie" Orchestra ---- 1-2-3 Latin Club - - - - 3 Tri-Hi-Y ------ 4 Class basketball - 1-2-3-4 A future doctor coming up -Whiz at 'basketb1all. Bruce E. Warren "Steve" Ba-nd ------- 2-3 Love music is like no other thing. Kathryn Jean Wheeling "Kate" Dramatic Club ---- 1 Franklinite ----- 4 S1he"s seldom heard: ac- 1ti'OHS spelak better than words. Mary Virginia Whitcomb fcMa1,y91 Senior .play - - - - 4 Tri-Hi-Y - - - - - 4 Class basketball Marry a lflorfist-allways have .f1owers. Charles White "'Whizze-r" Utica High -Sclhool - 1-22-3 He 'comes to town to re- ceive an education. Cassius F. Whitehill "Cash" Franklinite staff - - 3-4 Hfi-Y - ----- 2-3-4 Band ---- - 3-4 C'hee1'le:a:der - - - 2--4 An ace cheerleaider - a carefree young American -lives 'to eat. Robert Whitman "Shorty" Witty ",Sl1orty"-always in some business enter- lprise. Chesley Whitney "Chet" Glee Clu-b president - - 4 A'Cua.pe1la Choir - - - 4 Dark-haired, liantlsome - Fra-nk1in's Bing fC.ros'b-y. John D. Wilkins "Johnnie" Freshman :basketball - 1 Glass :basketball - - - 2 Gllee Club ----- 1 Football ------ 3 Hias -great desi1'e for a lworikslhop of .his own. George L. Williams "Joshua" Glee Club ----- 1-2 Musical Broadcast - - 1 A laugih a vminuite-'tonic for the blues. Herbert Wilson ss.H erbv Band ---- - ' 2-3-4 011:-hestra - - - 2-3 Drufm 1M'a-j-or - - - 2-I3-4 Tfhat "he's ia jolly good fel- low" nobody can deny. Maxine Wilson "Maxine" Has joined Uhe ranks of the suburlbanites. Donald Wolfkiel ' ' S'hla'd10W " Hfi-Y ---- - - - 2-3 Orchestra ---- 2-3-4 basketball -manager ---- - 4 Tihiat iw-hiz in Jo-Jo's sales- mans'hilp cl-ass. Joan Elizabeth Reagle Vance Richard Phillips UTy77 66BuId!! S'he g-oes quietly -on her Franklin High's huslbrand- Way. but fhe's still aa paper lb-oy. ROBERT CARNAI-IAN Ein illlrmnriam George Young ClxGeO99 Dorm-ont High School - - - - '1-2.3 Mechanic-ally -minded-l'is- tens t-o +all quiz :pro- gramsg good at answer- ing questions, too. Ruth Arleene Young "Ruth" GleefClu'b Ozperetta Our 'perfect attendance stu-dent. Mary Zalinski HMlaryH A :Cvapell-a Choir - - 4 Class officer ---- 2-3 Tri-Hi-Y - ---- 3-4 G1eelClub- - - - 1-2-3-4 Dark Titian blonde--active in .musical -circles. A Anne Leyda HA. M97 B-and ----- 1-2-3-4 Tri- -Hi-Y ------ 4 "'Ca1an1i-ty A'nn"--her 'bert- ter half 'is in Florida. George Blitz "George" Oiil -City Hi-gh Sclhool ---- 1-2-3 A -wlhisitling demon - a quiet, steady worker. Class History Timid, shaking at the knees, and tremendously happy were we freshmen of four years back as we entered the new junior-Senior High School in September, 1937. The first freshmen in the new school ! Our class was 11ot organized when we were freshmeng instead we just got along pleasantly with every'body except for a little hazing and a few dunkings in the city park fountain. As sophomores we finally got started as an organized class and made the brilliant choice of Miss Minnigh as our class adviser. We then eleoted officers for the year. Francis Zagar, American Legion Award winner, was chosen president and held this office for the remaining three years. Sara Bernstein was elected vice president, Mary Zalinski, treasurer and jack Biery, secretary. At fthe musical "Broadcast" that year we made our first money by selling candy. NVe added to this by holding a skating party at Sugarcreek which two hun- dred and fifty-five students attended. Our first dance was held at Easter time. It was beautifully managed and was one of the mos.t profitable dances given for many years. Paige Heath headed the committee as chairman. Major Olmes put rhythm in your feet and everyone spent a pleasant evening of dancing. Magazine subscriptions sold by the members of the class gave a beneficial experience in salesmanship to the participants. VV e also sold pencils with the year's basketball schedule printed on them, and emblems with "F" on them to wear on sweaters or jackets. The design f-or these emblems was drawn by Jack lBiery. Starting the second half of our high school life we returned from a delight- ful vacation to take up our role as juniors. Miss Swift joined Miss Minnigh as c-o-adviser of our class. Two such advisers pulling together couldn'-t help making our class a success. Officers were the same as for the preceding year. The sale of candy and pop at basketball and football games provided steady income to the class treasury practically all year. 'NVitfh Jack Biery as chairman of the -sales, writing paper and mailing cards were successfully sold by the class. Several sweater hops sponsored by our class drew quite a crowd of girls, all willing to teach the blushing boys to dance. At the skating parties, our skill of childhood days readily served us. 'Topping off our junior year in a magnificant way was the junior prom. Mitchell Ayres and His Fashions in Music, plus his smooth and famous melodies, gave the prom an air of distinction. Vocalists were Mary Ann Mercer and Tommy Class History Taylor. XVhen "Geegee" sang "Playmates,U the crowd had its money's worth right there. A Hawaian theme was carried out beautifully and effectively. Palms, stars, leis, and the ship rail surrounding the orchestra helped to carry out the effect. Charles Gyder, Franklin Hi's electrical wizard, was chairman of the committee. Efficiency was their watch-word and their work and the fruits of their work showed it. The committee consisted of: advertising and programs-Paige Heath, Charles Goss, Ann Austin, Marjorie Richardson 5 music and decorations-Joan Bell, Acheson Black, Betty Hill, Louis Leyda, Mari-e Pasquale, Francis Koppel, Edward Stewart, posters-jack Sousae, Mark Huston, Joseph A. Furst, 'Thomas Fryg tickets-Julia Kush, Ralph Cooley, Taylor Hied, Jack Pearson g fbioolths-'Weaver Hammerlee, The committee worked long hours on the prom and their work was indeed highly com- mendable. Then at last it came, the year of Big Happenings, -the year of Dignity, the year for Enjoyment and Final Study. Ah yes! "The world will little note nor long rememfberi' what we did and said that year but who can cement that year more strongly in our memories than we have already done? Some mourned the fact of a whole year yet to go, but all too soon the year slipped -by and now the mourners reversed their cry. "Ch, for t'he good old hi school days V' Three new officers were elected for the senior year. Betty Hill was elected vice president, Jack Pearson, secretary, and Weaver Hammerlee, treasurer. Starting our social life the last school year, we held a Patriotic Dance. Quite fitting for the times. The gymnasium was decorated in red, white and blue strea-mers, and stars and stripes. A statue of Liberty shared the lime-light with Roy Wolfe's orchestra. Cash VVhitehill was chairman. A skating party was held with reasonable success. Perhaps the seniors were now too dignified for such childish fun ! A sale of Christmas cards and wrapping paper was started. The entire class worked diligently, selling, buying and in general making money for the class. Mary Louise Thies efficiently directed the sale. W'e skipped through the final tests with varying degrees of lightness and -Commencement Week finally arrived. Sunday evening we heard a fine 'baccalaureate sermon. Following the custom of classes preceding us, we held a dinner dance in the gymnasium. Tuesday night we gave a new and novel class night performance. Many were the laughs provoked and few went home not satisfied. After resting a night, the all important moment of becoming people of the world arrived at Com- mencement, 'Ilhursday evening. On Friday we spent a dreamy, satisifed evening dancing at the prom. Everyone was satisfied, but many were the faithful graduates who hated to leave their source of amusement, dates, pleasant discussion and edu- cation for the past four years-Franklin Hi. At ease ---- the gangs all here ---- post grad "Gertie" ---- the gang again ---- no chance of escape ---- professor ? ---- page the magnify- ing glass ---- Andy, Marion, et cetera ---- close harmony ---- ed- itor and assistant ---- "Toar" ---- "the feet that creeping slow to school" ---- day's end ---- "super-super" ---- yea, team, beat Mead- ville ---- guardian of our jay walkers ---- high school dons -- lfranklin's future ---- guess ---- local scenery ---- member of the "charm school" ---- glamour gals! ---- on p a r a d e ---- three stooges ---- lYhat's the attraction ? ---- our boys in action ---- don't he hashful, girls. l l l First and Last Will of the GRADUATIN6 t?5 CLASS OF FRANKLIN I-IIGI-I SCHOOL June 5, 19141 NVe, the class of 19-ll, being sound in 'body and mind Q? ?5, do hereby publish this last will, thereby rendering null and void all wills and testaments hereto- fore made by us. . Q15 To the School B-oard, we leave the suggestion or hint of a football park for future Nursery elevens. C25 ball coacd and athletic director here in Franklin. To Mr. Hartman, we wish all the luck in the world in his stay as foot- Q35 To Miss Elliott, five Q55 hours added to each day, that she may have time to do the thousand and one things expected of her. Q45 To Miss Minnigh, our adviser, and to Miss Swift, who assisted her, our gratitude for the valuable service they have rendered us. Q55 To Miss Brunner, an electric eye system which would aid her in de- tecting who makes the noise in the lifbrary. Q65 To Mr. Perrine, the hope 'that in his class next year he may find girls who are not scared silly when he passes around a few of his choice Qlive5 specimen Q7 5 To the rest of the teachers, we very thoughtfully give a large amount of Dr. Miles' Nervine, that well-known medicine for nerv-ous disorders, which will surely appear during next school term. ' Q85 To the future seniors, the right to be dignified and stately, as we have been. which wi Section T v-ery stre C95 ll surely, 'break next year at the absence of the glamour girls of 19-ll. To the junior boys, some plastic w-ood for the repairing of hearts, QIO5 To future basketball squads, our permission to win and keep the wo Title as long as they can. Q 115 'To the gym classes, "Abs-orbine, Junior," sorely needed after those nuous calisthenics. QIZ5 'To Mr. Gilliland, four acres of sod to replace grass worn off by pupils too ea their wor er to enter the school buildings. g H35 To the members of the School Board, on-e safe in which to store K ries between meetings. Q l45 The senior F ranklinife staff with a complacent feeling of accomplish- ment, lea ledge tha vet tsa 7 heir positions to t-he junior Fmnklinite staff with the reassuring know- id positi-ons will be capably filled next year. XX e, the Senior Class of Franklin High School, do hereby execute and validate the above Testament, on the fifth day ofjune, One Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty-One. NVitnesses : U Senior Class of '41. I.1'1'flc2 Orphan .Minnie T110 F. B. I. Jllajor Hoople' Bouquets To cnrrmq -Z CHPTR8 CLASS N045 v K ,, rnpnmqm ocnsr :wrong 1 ff if J 1 oxnrqguarxsvt IUWOQW W A Senior's Farewell Farewell to F. H. S. I am going out into the world today. This is the day for which I have yearned through four long years. Now that it has come, I am filled with mingled feelings of gladness and regret. Farewell to book-reports and all their agony. fI'll never read another bookj Farewell to floor-talks, quaking knees, and quaveriug voice. Good-bye to musty, school-house odors. to magnified "incu- 'bators," and glorified "frigid-aires." Farewell to paper-wads and rubber bands, and "stolen" books. To cramping desks and seats that break my back-adieu. Farewell to over-stuffed, untidy lockers, to showers minus towels. Farewell to home-work with its heavy burdens, its cramping of my social style! Good-bye to those assemblies, wise and otherwise. To wasted hours in study-hall-farewell. Adieu to French Club, orchestra, and band, to the scandal sheets scandalous lies. Farewell to teachers stern reproofs-and kindly help. Good-bye 'to desks quite filled with someone else's trash, to "staying after schoolf, To library dates and meeting in the hall, farewell. Farewell to all the things I loved and loatlwdl l To all the joys and sorrows of school life, to all its comedy and gravity-FARFXVELL! Class of I942 The class of 1942 has just completed an auspicious year after an energetic drive towards filling the treasury, under the leadership of our adviser, Miss Cole, and the quartet of class officers: president, James Pardoeg vice president, 'Caroline Arentzen g secretary, Ruth Anderson 3 and treasurer, Denny Rowan. Striving to boost its financial status, the class has plugged forward with moderate success. They sponsored the following activities: Basketball Dance, held after the victorious Franklin-Greenville basketball game, a skating party at the Roller Garden, and the 'hilarious play, "Quiet Please." This was a three-act comedy concerning the sad case of a healthy young man who thought he was an invalid. An amusing group of complex incidents followed which brought him abruptly out of his neurotic trance. The Juniors also disposed of pencils and candy at the football and 'basketball scraps, at the musical Broadcast, and after working hours. They also swapped school stationery and Ibracelets for the nickels and dimes which clinked into the piggy--bank. The Pr-om on June siXt'h proved the 'business and artistic ability of the jun- iors. As a novel feature, a Prom Queen was -chosen to preside over this, the social triumph of 't-he year. A Class of IQ!-L3 The sophomore class is unusually large this year, its enrollment of 211 students sh-ows a gain over classes of previous years. The class has chosen as co- advisers, Miss Grimshaw and Mr. Fulton, who have proved both popular and competent. The class officers are: president, VVillard Decker, vice president, Richard Fordg treasurer, Carl VVass-on, and secretary, Barbara Harris. A large number of activities have been completed this year and the sophs have given their lbest to make them tick. The girls have slaved over hot stoves and in mass quantity manufactured candy which was sold at the senior play and on other occasions. They were aided somewhat by the lboys in distriburting programs at the football games. Other successful activities were pencil-sales and the -organization of of both boys' and girls' 'basket-ball teams. The sophomores have also participated in such activities as French Clulb, Latin Club, the Hi-Y, debating, musical organi- zations, the operetta, concerts, and the musical Broadcast. The Sophomore Garden Dance, as it was called, was held on April 25 and proved to be a successful "hop." Roy Wolfe's orchestra supplied the rhythm and a lively floor-show was the feature of the evening. Q 3 3 Class of IQ!-LLL Top Row-jamesmcclimans marieadams bobtbrundage lenavendetti rob- bertking oeattricemott robertjohnston fbettylawson georgemavhaffey pattyshirey thtomasmiller eleanorkarns robertbean virginia'bo1mer genebaker maryannjamieson frederickhenry elnorabaker johnsabota barbaraosburn davidcrissman normamit- chell bobsousae. Second Row-arleneprintz rollinquinn suetreadwell melvinanderson georga anndavis michaelcallera maxinedaniels robertchatley loispyle angelocuzzola rosalee white royleh-man bebtywalter g1'antfhefferman geraldineross domerboughner doris- lantz richardhackett eherrybudke aykeas eileenalter forrestcrisman glennisbrown robertdodds. Third Row-jessthompson alicelehman wayneballard jackbrannon gen- evaslocum georgebrown dorothyruggles bobcochran hazelcornell frederickhenry fredworst larrylbreene charlesdowney haroldclyde donaldmorrison harrycross rosejeamncpherson elmerbaker gracelegoullon ralphmusser gaylejennings kenneth gibbons. 1 Fourth Row-roberlthansen wandamitehell robertlnoore loismccormick johnlaw salliehancox eugenebaker -mildredshoup allaneshelman Ieonapatras raymond beers junejones charleswelton virginiastewar-t jacksiefriet xnaxineheeter William thompson gertrudelnook kennethfuller marylouanderson gtlennbriuk richard barrett. Fifth Row-john-bowlus dorothykiesel lawrencecanon donnashaw jim robinson ruthritchey juniorharlan helenspencer glennfuhner jeanneclay walter wright gloriabrown blairkightlinger helensasbota howardbarger roseleejohnston glennbole joan-bevington haroldtgreen margaretdoyle normasimons donfirster kyel haney. Sixth Row-j aekrarer eileendeets jimrobinson marylamberton wiflliamsehull donnahughes joehartmanj r louiseherr .thomasmoifit lawandatirk marvinlippincott jeancarlson charlesfoster audreybolmer jarnesd-oyle juliamatthews jamesorr hazel cramer robertmorrison j ewellreynolds franksustak annwhitman roberthenderson. Seventh Row-runthrbarger sammonarch maryjanecarter jaclcburns barbara maier clarencehazlett, loisanderson jamesfonzo ruthkrepp gordonfurst irenecauvel jamesbarnicle helenreed charlesshoifstall franceshanna harrymong juliagoodwill paullowrie joansollinger georgepeterson normashreffler dalesmith kathrynadams. Bottom Row--earnestromanchak Ieolahurnmell rotberthugus naomijones rogerwiliiams geraldinehollintbaugh gordonrustler bettyshingledecker richardhar- vey gloriabrown carmencaccavo bettypatterson allanporter rbettywenthworth robert brown darylemccarty loisfulkerson ceeelehawke maryjunelong maryjanewhitman dickturner sara-bunnell arlenehovis clairvogus helenhazlett wendellbaker. LUB F The Junior Franklinite Staff Each and every student who attends Franklin High School has a right to be proud of the junior Frcmklinite staff pictured here. Every member of the staff has worked hard to put out this year's issue of the Franklinife, which is one of the finest ever published. The staff as a whole have shown that they have the afbility to carry on the work lbeflore them for next year. They have produced fine work and can be depended on when an assignment is given to them. The members of the staff are as follows: Iiiditor-in-chief .,., .......... I ames Anderson Associate editor ..................................................,............... Margaret Beighley Literary staff-Caroline Arentzen. Jean McCarter, Betty Zahn- izer, Walter Umbreit. Sydney Saxton. Art staff .................................................................. Dick N eelyl, Denny Rowan Business manager .................................................................. Edward Andres Circulation staff-Nancy W'atkins, Jane Cochran, jim Pardoe, Bob Gilliland. Advertising manager ......... ........... G eorge Breene Patron's page ............. ......... J im Jolley SENIORS EVACUATE GOOD LUCK! E llllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll: THE BROADCAS FRANKLIN HIGH SCI-IOOL-"NURSERY OF GREAT MEN" Bigger and Better Broadcasts Published During "l9LiO-l9LlI" Top row: Marilyn Allen, Clara Nalepa, Barfbara Harris, Inez Crisman, Donald Shuffstall, Herbert Braden, Shirley Mays, Glennis Brown, Geraldine Ross, Dorotlhy Kiesel. Second row: Dorothy Pyle, Emma Lee Seabrook, Verona Scanl-on, Lois Ditzenberger, I June Sibley, Alice Slocum, June Davis, Isabelle McSparren, Irene Fedor. Third row: Jean Walters, Jean Kinsner, Miriam Shakespe.are, Nancy Watkins, Margaret Ann Beighley, Margaret Ann Livingston, Marion Maloney. Fourth row! Clyde Welsihans, John Hutz, Mr. White, Mary Jane Cummings, Robert Heeter. Cummings Edits-- White 'Advises This year the staff oft' the "Broad- cast" started oust with a spirit of "do or die" and because of that spirit the number of papers sold each montlh increased steadily and the school paper -became rmore .popular with the students. Tfhe staff .tried its best to include everytlrin-g in the 'paper that the students especially wanted and one of fthe first things that were done was to change from -tfhe large-sized paper to wa smaller one with more pages. This proved satisfactory and so was conltiinued throughout the year. Another new item which proved successful was the publishing of two "mini-ature News-HeraIds" at different intervals throughout the year. These editions included mini- atures of every column in the orig- inal News-Herald and ,proved popu- lar with the students and faculty. A paper is never complete without its sports 'page and much of the credit for the su-ccess of our sport page goes to Bo-b Heeter, sports editor. The social news of the school was under the supervision of Verona Scanlon, senior .society editor. :Representing the merchants of the town -were the eagerly sought adveivtiisements which -were handled by Jolhn Hutz. Many new exchanges with other school papers were obtained this year and these were kept in line by Marion Maloney, exchange editor. Copyreaders, typists, and mimeo- graphers are three groups that can't be overlooked on any staff. The po- sitions of wcopyrealders were expertly filled by Margaret Ann Beighley and Margaret Ann Livingston. Typisbs were June Davis, Isabelle McSpar- ren, Irene Fed-or, and Dottie Pyle and mimeogralphers were Alice Slo- cum anid June Sibley. Deserving as much credit as the rest are the reporters, some of w.hom were: Lois Ditzenrberger, Mary Leta, Shirley Mays, Herbent Braden, Donald Shuffstall and others. Not to be :forgotten are the 'numerous "try- outs", the younger members of the staff, who will 'be responsible for the "Broadcasts" of tihe future. Here's wishing them Good Luck. Be Sure to Buy A "FrankIinite" Top Row: Bolb Heeter, Todd M1cAninch, Joe Orlando. Third Row: Margaret Ann Pyle, 'Mary .Lou M'cfCnacken, Esther Mfarsteiller, Marion Sand- ieson, Wayne De Anment. ' Second Row: JM.arie lPasqua,le, lMfat1'ilyn Bean, Alice Burke, Mirifam S-halkeszpeare, Ru-th Rfay, .M-ary Louise Thies, John Hancock. Front Row: Elvelyn Eulmer, Jloe Grossman, Miss Moiyar, Francis Zagar, Betty Hill. Societas Latina The Latin -Club, better known as Societas Latina, und-er the capable di- rection of Miss Evelyn Moyar swung, into an active year of being. The Senior and junior consuls respectively, Francis Zagar and Joseph Grossman, 'have led the club through a year of outstanding programs, educational information and friendly association. The position of scribe was ably filled by Marie Pasquale while John Hancock guarded the exchequer. During the year, under the leadership of the senior and junior ae-diles re- spectively, Betty H-ill and Evelyn Fulmer, amusing and entertaining programs were given, observing 'Christmas and Valentines Day. At infrequent intervals the club met for lunclheons and concluded the year with a picnic. The cltub pin is in the shape of a Roman helmet with HS. L." engraved upon it. The members of the Latin Club are proud of their small insignia and will long remember the happy times they have enjoyed in this organization. Top Row: Joe Orlando, Paige Heath, Clara Nalepa, Weaver Hammerlee, Mildred Tarneski, Eugenia Martin, Betty Pangallo, Kenneth Fuller. Second Row: Mary Jfane Cummings, Marjorie Prall, Nancy Watkins, Maraglaret Ann Beigh- ley, Car-oline Arentzen, Sara Bernstein, Jean Snyder. Bottom Row: -Donna .lean McDowell, Miss Bunnell, Betty Hill. Le Cercle Francais Le Cercle Francais has again completed a successful year under the capable advisership 'of' our French "professeur," Mademoiselle Bunnell. The re- sponsible positions of president and secretary-treasurer have been commendably filled by Betty Hill and Donna Jean McDowell. Membership in the club included both first and second year students, though it may be said that the ability ofthe second year students to converse in French some- what bewildered those just learning the "dfo's', and "don'ts,' of the language. Meetings were held twice each month with interesting programs in keeping with French customs and holidays planned for each. Games, already acquaintances in their American style, provided a great deal of enjoyment when played as they would be in France. Each program was presented by a different member of the club and it was found to be as interesting to take part in preparing and presenting the program as it was to be in the audience. Flutes Saxaphones Trom bones Franklin High School Band Under the capable direction of Mr. Stocker, the Franklin High School Band has completed another year of development and improvement. The band gave a concert in February, which was a great success and which Mr. Stocker considers to be better than any given previously. At the concert, such difficult selections as Tclzaikowski .Melodies and M ayiime Selections were played. An interesting feature of the concert was tlhe instrument parade and -the f-orrnation of an F. H. S. by the high school band members against the White 'background of the uniforms of the junior high school band members. Assisted by the Baton Club, composed of ten junior high sohool girls, the band has played at all the home games of the basketball and football seasons. The band also went to the cont-est at Slippery Rock and has alternated with the -orchestra in playing for all the assemblies during the year. The officers are: president, Frank Riddle and secretary, Joan Bell. Members of The Band Margaret Beighley Phyllis Shaffer Horns Tom Fry 'Ciharles Gy-der Robert Ro-ss Marvin Beigihtol Clarinets Joan Bell James Anderson Margaret Livingston Hazel Harris 'Caroline Arenrtzen Betty Zafhni-ser Ricihand For-d Bruce Trachsel Theodora Pasquale Dora Jean Boyd Richard Foster Paul Counselman Ann Leylda Klaher Osler 'Ruth Anderson V-iolza Hanna 'Charles 'Goss Bassoon Wilfliam Waite Cornets Frank Riddle Henry Kightlinger Robert English Sanford Bolwlus Clair Ritchey Charles Henson Vincent Calccavo Herbert Braden David Hess Tubas Harry eHoov1er Bill Stewart Wilbur Collins 'Gordon VWolf1niel Boyd Coleman Jack Smith 4G-uy M'ciCutcheon Mildred 'Griffin Baritones 'Willard Decker Ralph 'Cooley 'Cass-ius Wlhitehill Drums Gail iShreff1er lWayne Rogers William Eigigfbeer Bentel Perry Ben-lyre lM.any .Sny-der Oboes Herbert Wilson Mary Lou An-derson Franklin High School Crcheslzra The performance of the orchestra at commencement exercises this spring concluded another busy year for this -organization. In November an exchange con- cert wit'h VVarren High School Qrchestra was held and provided a great deal of pleasure for all wh-o participated. Among other activities during the year, the or- chestra gave a concert for the Parent-Teachers Association, attended the contest at Slippery Rock in April, provided music for the oratorical contest and the senior play and accompaniment for the operetta, which was given in March. Mr. Stocker, the director of the orchestra, was assisted by the following officers: president, Joe Grossman and secretary, Gail Shreffler. Personnel of The Orchestra Violins Eleanor Friggle Wayne De Arment Joe Gro-ssemfan Jean 'MoCarter Marie Pasquale Betty Evans William Exley :Maxine Allen Marjorie iMoCflelland Harry Beg-gs Merle Baker 'Margaret lPyle James Pardoe Francis Koppel Neal Brunner 'Bette Kenldzior Paul David-son Tuba William Stewart Cellos Marion Maloney Marilyn Allen Virginia Hummell Don Wdlfkiel Basses Harry Hoovler Francis Zavgar George Breene Flutes Margaret Belghley Phyllis Sha-fefer Trombones Gordon Wolffkiel Boyd Coleman J a-ck Smith Cornets Henry Kiglhitlinger Frank Riddle Robert -En-glissh Horns 'Tom 'Fry Marvin Beightol Robert Ross Clhrarvles Gyder Violas ' James Snmitth -Chfarles Morrison Clarinets .Bill Dietz Ricfhand Ford Bassoon 'William 'Waite A Capella Choir The A Capella 'Choir consists of memlbers selected from the Boys' and Girls Glee Clubs. It is the first time in several years that this group has existed in ou1 school because of a scarcity of boys' voices. The only time available for practice was one period each Friday, a time spent in diligent work. Vlfhenever possible, the mem 'bers listen to other groups for purp-oses of self-appraisal and self-criticism The repertoire ranges from light, easy music to that of a more difficult and serious quality. This range of material makes possible a varied program and an ap peal to different types of audiences. During the year the choir has appeared in as sembly programs, and has performed for the Kiwanis Club and the Rotary Club and also at the Methodist Church. In April, it participated in the Northwestern Dis trict contest sponsored by the Pennsylvania Forensic and Music League at Slippery Rock. Wreaver Hammerlee and Mary Leta have served as president and secietary respectively. The Members Eileen Collins Mary, jane 'Cummings June Davis Richard Dee-ts Lois Ditzentberger Jesse Foy VVeaver Hammerlee Barbara Harris Hazel Harris Marguerite Pasquale Paul Rhinehart Esther Smith Howard Smith Walter Smith VVilliam Stewart VVolford Thorngate Dick Turner Sara Vincent Gladys Hoovler Mary Leta Marion Maloney Margie Martin Marjory McClelland i Carl Wasson Nancy Watkiiis Chesley Whitiiey Mary Zalinski "An Old Kentucky Garden" The glee clubs and orchestra of Franklin High School presented the oper- etta, "An Old Kentucky Garden," on March 13 and 17. The musical score was under the direction of Mr. Stocker, while those with speaking parts were rehearsed fby Miss Pressler. The setting was in a Kentucky garden in the days of Stephen Foster. The costumes worn by the cast were of lthe glamorous styles of the period preceding the Civil XVar. Jeanie, the Southern belle, and Richard. a Northerner, furnished the ro- mantic touch -by falling in love at firstsight and remaining infatuated by each other throughout the performance. Maj unda-hr, the Hindu, stole a ruby from Jeanie and thus the mystery element entered into the plot. The operetta also featured such well-known songs of Foster's as "Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair," "Oh Susanna," and "Old Folks at Homef, Many of these were sung by the plantation chorus and by the plantation singers, Lily and Tom. Characters Stephen C. Foster ............ Jessie Foy Elmina .......... ......,,., I Sarbara Harris Jeanie .............................. Sara Vincent' VVilliam ....... ................... l id Stewart 'Colonel Staunton, VVilliam Stewart Andrew ......... ........... J ohn Runninger Philip .............................. Jack Kooman Seth .....,...... .................. lim Jolley Joy .................. lfilizalbeth Brannagan Adaliza ....... .................. J une Davis Hannah ..............,............... listher Smith Lily .................................... Hazel Harris Henry Blow ............ James Kiskaclden Tom .............................. Howard Smith Richard ............ Weaver Hammerlee Mr. Moneyfold ........,... Charles Gyder Majundahr ........................ Don Spencer Mr. Artichoke ...... Sanford Bowlus Joe Buzzard .................. Wayne Rogers , Guests, Plantation Chorus, Hindu Dancers Chorus--licl Stewart. John Runninger, Charles Gyder, Jim Jolley, Richard Koppel, Sanford Bowlus, XVolford Thorngate, Dick Turner, Anita Stewart, Eileen Collins, Marjorie Martin, June Davis, Mary Zalinski, Marian Maloney, Lois Dit- zenberger, Barbara Harris. Plantation C1l07'1l.V---H21Z6l Harris, Sarah VVilson, Naomi Jones, Elmore Harris, Paul Rhineharit, Howard Smith, XValter Smith, Canada Rhinehart, Charles Hensen, Vtfilliam VVilson. H indu Dartzrem-Atidine Perr ' Mar f Jane Cummin s. by 3 . S l Tri-Hi-Y Let's eavesdrop on a group of Tri-Hi-Y girls at the end of another successful year t Paige H .-I'm glad I attended Camp Caledon last summerg I got so many ideas for our club this year. By the way, I want to thank you members for the splendid cooperation you showed during the year. Betty H .--Paige, I can still see us senior members around the bonfire at the weiner roast at your farm last September. .Marjorie R.-It gave me the biggest laugh seeing the new members running around school with curlers in their hair and no make-up during initiation. And I'll never forget how impressive the candle light induction serv-ice was. Joan B.-VV e certainly had a swell time at the Girls' Conference at Meadville last November. Zblary Z-Yes, and I think it gave us all a good feeling at Thanksgiving knowing that we had helped several needy families have a nice dinner by sending them baskets of food. .M ary T.-Those were the cutest rag dolls we made for the Red Cross to give out at Christmas time. ' Sara B.-I'm gladyou girls appreciated the playlet, "The Questfi It wasn't so bad for having only a weekis practice. Lois D.-That certainly was a successful skating party, we had. lllary C .-Yes, 'but it wasu't as good as the delicious banquet we enjoyed at the Y. M. C. A. in Felbruary. Miss B.-I was so proud of our Tri-Hi-Y during the "Go To Church -Campaign." VVe were well represented at each church we attended. June S.--I received much 'benefit from the "Bible Study Coursef' The leader, Mrs. Beals, was so interesting. .Margaret K.-My "Heart Sister" gave me nice things each day. I found out who she was at the Valentine party. .Marian P.-Speaking of' parties, don't forget the swimming party which proved. loads of fun. Arm L.-Gui' rummage sale was a grand success, too. The profits will pay the way for several girls to camp this summer. Eleanor F.-Without the capable leadership of Paige Heath, our president, Nancy Watkins, vice president, Roney Scanlon, secretary, Alice Burke, treasurer, and our advisers, Misses Bunnefll and Pressler, what would we have done? Congratulations to them and to the TRI-HI-Y. Hi -Y Club The Hi-Y club has once again posed for its picture as the school year draws to a close. This year has been highly prosperous through the skillful guidance of our adviser, Mr. Perrine, and many successful activities have been completed. The officers of the year 1940-41 conducted the club with proven ability and sincerity and should 'be complimented on their leadership. The president of the club was Francis Zagar, with James Anderson as vice president, Tom Fry as treasurer, and Ralph Cooley as secretary. Q Among the many activities conducted by the club were the "Go-to-churchi' campaign in collaboration with the Tri-Hi-Y, an organized basketball team, a membership drive, a skating party, a sweater hop. and the attendance of five mem- bers at the Older Boy's Conference in Bradford. The court between the junior and Senior High School buildings was further improv-ed by the addition of a flag-stone walk, a bird-bath, and the planting of more shrubs. These various en- terprises have been both entertaining and educational and many more have been planned for the oncoming year. The Hi-Y club has a membership of fifty-five. The members are sopho- mores, juniors, and seniors of Franklin High School who enjoy entertaining and constructive activities. They have the satisfaction of belonging to an organization highly useful and beneficial to this community. Senior Play "Hot Copy" "Evening Herald, Miss Dale speaking." Thus began the three-act play, "Hot Copy,', presented by the Senior Class on the evenings of October 31 and No- vember 1, 1940 in the high school auditorium. The play, a fast-moving comedy of newspaper life, revolves about the trou'ble facing the H erald 's young editor, Kenneth Wade, when -he opposes Dudley Kay, an unscrupulous politician who is a candidate for mayor of the city. jane Corwin, an experienced newspaper woman, helps the young editor over many a rough spot, while Sylvia Dale, society editor, and Bill Gregory, city editor, with their fast, snappy talk add life and zest to the play. Bud Rice, the "1hardboiled" printer, interested only in getting copy, and Peggy VVilson, wise, sophisticated, and competent, provide the audience with many laughs. More amusement greets the audience in the character roles of socially am- bitious, lavishly dressed Hazel Winst-ony gossipy Mrs. Devine and her committee, ever-faithful to Kay g Dudley Kay, uncultured, flashily dressed, and not as smart as he thinks he isg and Randolph Peters, the local colored boy, always 011 his feet and always tired. Under the able direction of Miss Marjorie C-ole, assisted by Marie Pas- quale and the stage crew, "Hot Copy" met all expectations, and may be added to the list of successful plays which former classes of Franklin High School have pro- duced. The Cast Sylvia Dale .......... .................,..,............,... ............... B e tty Hill Bill Gregory ......... .........................,... ...,,,... J i m Kiskadden Bud Rice ............. ............................. K en Smi-th Bell ........Mary Jane Cummings jane Corwin ............. Hazel VVinston .......... Kenneth Wade ........... .,..,,........................... T om Fry Randolph Peters ....... ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ' Charles Goss Dudley Kay ............. ............. W ayne Rogers Peggy Wilson ...................................,......................................,,., Mary Mahaffey lllrs. Devine .................................... ..............................,,,.,,,..,....,... S ara Bernstein Committee VVomen-Miriam Shakespeare. Mary Vtfhitcomrb, Evelyn Sterling. Mob-Dick Robson, Acheson Black, john Mcliflhaney, Foster Hanna. Top Row: Marie Pasquale, Bill Eggbeer, Eugenie Mantin, Jack Fleming. Cherry Budke, John Law, Betty Shingledecker, David Crisman, Jack Siefriet. Second Row: Marie McGill, Walter Umbreit, Sue Treadwell, William Schull, Marilyn Allen, James Barnicle, Betty Walters. Front Row: John Runninger, Miss 1Pressler, Miss !S't'one, Ciharles Goss. The Debate Club y Under the able leadership of Miss Stone the Debate Club has had a very successful year. The members not only derive experience in speaking but also gain valuable practice in research work and in organizing material in support of their arguments. The question for debate was-"Resolved: That the power of the federal government should be increased." Those who were selected for the varsity affirmative team were as follows: Cherry Budke, NValter Umbreit, and Herbert Braden. Those on the varsity negative were Marie Pasquale. Charles Goss, and john Runninger. The alternates were Marilyn Allen on the affirmative and Betty Shingledecker on the negative. The team visited schools in Meadv-ille, Greenville, and Titusville. At the end of the season the memibers atitended the Debate Club banquet which was held at Meadville. The president of the club was Charles G-oss. ? N ' o ? I Musical Broadcast Husky voices, sweet music, winged feet, and wild drums were only a few of the highlights of the 1940 Franklin Hi Musical Broadcast. More successful this year than ever before, the Broadcast gave four different performances to over- flowing houses. Against a setting made attractive with palms and lamps, individual num'bers were picked out by a spotlight. Roy VVolfe played nearly every mode of music with his sixteen pieces. A few vocal numbers had an accompanying girls' chorus which lent a distinctive background. Paul Lawson sent the audience into storms of applause with his original singing and dancing, while Bob VVolfe and his drums made the jitterlbugs beg for more. The side-split-ting Donald Duck added a novel touch. Girls and boys, singing, dancing, whistling, and doing acrobatics led the audienoe through various stages of joy and melancholy. A satisfied glow on the faces of the departing audience attested the success of the evening's enter- tainment. Annual Dinner of The Franklin School Board Tuesday, November 12, was the date set for the dinner annually prepared for the members of the Franklin School Board, the superintendent, -the secretary and several members of th-e press, by the advanced cooking class of the Home Economics Department. The dinner was held in the 'home economics room in the high school. The decorative scheme included red and black, the scho-ol colors. A crystal bowl of Amer- ican Beauty roses served as the center piece and red tapers were in the crystal candle holders. Miss Rinkenberger, teacher of home economics, directed the serving of the dinner. She was assisted in the preparation of the meal by Stella Sustak, Sue Treadwell, june Sibley, Betty Henry, Helen Cutchall, and Virginia Swyers. Paige Heath and Ruth Ann Sheperd were the waitresses. All who partook of the meal felt that it was indeed a fine demonstration of the culinary skill of the home economics class. A Perfect End To A Perfect Year Turning Stoneboro Pavilion into a miniature Hawaii, the juniors presented their annual prom on june 7, 1940. VVith Charles Gyder as general chairman, the various committees worked eagerly to make the prom the most successful social event of the year. The decorating committee pored over hooks and magazines, and did everything ibut visit Hawaii to provide a proper setting for the occasion. They used native flowers and leis in the proper colors and even b-orrowed Hawaian names. Knowing -that a good orchestra is essential to the success of a prom, the committee chose wisely a11d secured Mitchell Ayers and his Fashions in Music. The orchestra was seated against an effective background-a dark lblue sky studded with stars and lighted by a crescent moon. The members of the orchestra assisted in carrying out the Hawaian theme by wearing bright orange Iris. Special attractions of the orchestra included vocalists and imitations of the styles of world-famous orchestras. Three hundred and fifty eager couples attended the prom and three hundred and fifty couples left Stonehoro Pavilion, well-pleased, and sorry only because it was over. Prom Committee General Chairman Music and Decorating 'Clha.r1es 'Gyder Joan Bell Actheson Black A-dvertising Betty Hill Paige Heath Dousis Leyda ,Charles ,Goss Marie Pasquale Ann Austin Francis Kopipel Marjorie Riieh-ardson Ed Stewart Posters Tickets Jack xSouis1ae Julifa Kush Mark Huis-ton Ralph 'Cooley Joe Furst Taylor -Hired Tom Fry Jack Pearson Booths Weaver Haimmerlee lix'e1'yb0dy's restin' ---- floor for dancin' ---- tables for most anything ---- XVh0'S tipsyh, Buck or I? ---- Pratt, flash on and off the count ---- time to talk ---- Com' on, chillcng 1e's dance ---- F 0 1' cl and Austin chuggin' along. i , 1 + Mrk! KRW Q b,fi3iJif?+Bl-S1541 X. .i ,war , img HI HW-fivffvv alf1lf?'5W'ia61f UQLQYQ- ' I ,2Zf?rYP'll 1, 14w:,vwhGs2rwwL. -156 i 179561-w'fAY H 5 if ai SPORT S Football Team Resume of The Season The 1940 football season at Franklin Hi closed with the surprising and very pleasant realization of three things: the footfball team had made a won-and-lost record which was the best in a good many years, a record made more impressive by victories over three arch rivals, Meadville, Titusville, and Oil City 3 the coach- ing of joe Hartman had exceeded all expectationsg and for the first time in years, football at Franklin had shown a profit. The one predominant factor in the seasons record was the fight and spirit this year's football team had. It won four games and lost five, but three of these five defeats could easily have fbeen victories. Vlfarren won by a point after touch- down, 14-13, the Grove City game was lost because of a little better physical con- dition on the part of the winnersg and lack -of scoring punch fizzled the opening game with Greenville. In all of these games, however, our footbaillers gave every,- thing they had, so the losses were not so hard to take. The success of the team cannot lbe attributed to any one player, but "Carm" Fonzo in the backfield and "Bate', Hazlett on the line were brilliant all season. Season's Record ikGreenville 'Corry ........... "tGrove -City Franklin Franklin Franklin Meadville Franklin "'Sharp'svillc Franklin Vtfarren .......... ............ F ranklin Farrell ........... Franklin "'Titusville .......... ...,... F ranklin Oil City ......,,,.,,., ,.,.,., F ranklin "'Home games. Nurseryites In Review Albert Usoff-A great defensive player and a deadly tackler, All found himself the last part of the season and played a spectacular defensive game at end. Tony C tussola-A player with a whole lot of spirit and football ability, who played a whale of a game at tackle. His playing merited him a place on the Craw- ford-Venango County All-Star team. Paul Rlzinelzart-Paul was the lightest man on Franklin High's forward wall, but despite this, he was a devastating blocker on offense and a sure tackler on defense. Glenn Hazleit-Being chosen as center on the All-Star team meant that Glenn was the best pivot man in this district and he was just that. "Bate" was a sure and accurate passer and he backed up the line with a vengeance. Robert H ozfis-"Bohn didn't say much, but let his football deeds talk for him, and they did. He proved himself a hard man to be .taken out of a pflay and he really mowed 'em down in his downfield blocking. Bill Geblzard-Another whale of a tackle, who, with Cuzzola, gave Franklin a tackle duo tha.t was very hard to beat. Bill played a smashing 'brand of football. Jack Pearson-A steady and aggressive player who played a swell game at end. jack was greatly hampered 'by injuries but in the Oil City -tussle he played his .most 'brilliant game and gave the most impressive performance of the day. Dick H arris-The best offensive end on the team, who did most of the pass catch- ing. He was also good in his defensive play, at times playing very brilliant football. Pete O'PoZka-"Adolf" is only a sophomore, yet this mammoth tackle had so much ability that when Gebhard was injured, Pete took over and did his job very well. Charles C ozad-A boy with a whole lot of fight and spiritg Chuck started out in the backfield but he was changed to a tackle post during the season. His position must be at tackle, because he played a swell game there. Bill McCarthy-Franklin High's triple-threat, Bill could pass, kick, and run and could do them all well. He was really. a brilliant 'backfield man when he was on. J oe lllaslak-A sophomore, Whose running ability placed him in the first string backfield. Very dangerous when he was in the open. Made All-Star eleven. foe Romanclzak-A backfield man whose value was not fully realized but who was an efficient cog in the backfield. His specialty was a quarterback sneak. C l11'Hl81'l F 01120-"CarmH was the boy who hit the line when two or three yards were needed and 'he usually made them. The steadiest man in the backfiekl. liarn- ed himself a place on the All-Star team. , lVea7fe'r H ammerlee-"Ham" was the fastest man on the team and used this speed to good advantage. Made lots of ground on reverses and quick opening plays. X Gebhard Rhinehart Hazlett Hovis Cuzzola Maslak Usoff Fonzo Harris McCarthy McCarthy Gebhard Pearson An Official Coach Hartman Pearson McCarthy Decker Wolfkiel Biery Thorngate ' Heeter Riddle Andres Harris Lyons Stewart Coach Sigel Champs of IQLLI Franklin High School's basketiball squad, coached 'by Harry Sigel, again won the Section Two title, for the third time in the last four seasons. Despite their heart-breaking loss to Sharpsville in the tussle for the District Ten crown, the boys put on an exhibition of basketball this season that marked them as one of Franklin's greatest teams. The Nursery champions played in 21 contests, winning 16 of them in a really tough schedule. Franklin scored 833 points, making a brilliant average of almost 40 points a game. The opponents were held to a total of 612 points, an average of 29 points a contest. Biery, Pearson, McCarthy, and Harris will be lost through graduation. Biery was the team's high scorer, Pearson was chosen "most valuable player" by the squad. Decker, Andres, Thorngate, Wolfkiel, Heeter, Spencer, Riddle, and Bowlus return next year. Franklin Franklin Greenville ...... Hickory Twp. Franklin Grove City ..., Franklin Alumni ............ Franklin Rocky Grove.. Franklin Meadville ...... Franklin Cranberry ...... Franklin on City .......... Franklin Erie Academy Franklin Titusville .... Franklin Grove City .... Franklin Oil City ....... Franklin Titusville ...... Franklin Titusville ...... Franklin Greenville ...... Franklin Rocky Grove.. Franklin Meadville ...... Franklin Meadville ...... Franklin Oil City ....... PLAYOFFS Franklin Cranberry ...... Franklin Sharpsville .... Close-Ups of The Champs Jack Biwjy-For'ward-'senior-+brilliant and consistent point-getterg high scorer in the leagueg "clutch player gn cool under fire. Jack Pearson-Guard-senior- reat team man' su verb in his defensive la ' a . g .' 1 , Y3. level-headed captaing passer deluxeg adjudged 'most valuable player in the league. Bill M CC artliy-Guard-senior--lived up to promiseg became one of District 10's best all-around guards g made those long shots look easyg great defensive player. y Ilfillard Decker--Center-sophomore-an A-1 center 5 offensively and defensively g steady point-getterg insures Franklin Hi of a top-flight center for -two more years. Ed fludrcs-Fo1'wa1'd-junior-developed into an unexpectedly good forward this yearg sturdy and fast 3 will run plenty hot next season. Dick IfCl1'1'lS--4Gl13l'Cl--S611l01"'uH3.tll1'I1l!i' hall playerg good shotg smart drilnblerg smooth -team player. Gordon ll'olfkfiel-Forward-junior-fastQ smooth-workingg steady performerg watch him go next year. Wolford T110Mzgczte-Forward-junior-small, tricky, excellent shot, especially on those heart-breaking long shots. Bob Heefc-1'-Guard-junior-great competitor for a place on the teamg swell passerg may develop into a fine guard. Gene Lyons-Forward-junior-came from Meadville a'bout the middle of the season g due for a varsity berth next year. Frank Riddle-Center-junior-capable player, fed the 'ball wellg very aggressive: earliest and hard-working. Sand 1 Bowlus-Forward-'unior-gave his all to the Ga-meg Good team ala 'erg .l .l ei .5 as 5 y smart floor man. Bob Spencer-Forvvard-junior-tall, good forward who came up fast this season g has great potentialities. Echoes of IQLLO-IQLH 5'epfenzber- Nursery students return after rousing summer vacation. Zagar leads seniors for the fourth year. R Mr. Decker extends greetings to student body-what a mistake l Mr. Stocker announces he is out to "do or die" this year-no doubt die Hartman heads "New Deal" in football. Nursery loses to Greenville in opener. Tri-Hi-Y girls see weiners in their sleep after the roast at Heath's farm Teachers start dishing out homeworkg such luck couldn't last forever. October-VVhoopee-VVhat a senior patriotic dance that was! BROADCAST staff edits the "News Herald." "l'1l never smoke again !" says Bill Gebhardt after the Grove City game. juniors regelect Pardoe as president. Oh, V ictory-we beat Meadville. Students erijoy the "Alexander Naval Trio" in assemlbly. Tri-Hi-Y girls look slightly unmental in process of initiation. Mr. XVhite walks flo-or with the infant all night-woes of married life! Cast does great work in the senior play, "Hot Copy." November-Tlie Musical Broadcast thrills thousandsg four performances given. XVe surely showed Oil City-such a lickin' as we gave them. The kids enjoy themselves at the Hi-Y-Annual dance after school. Orchids to the F. H. S. Swing Orchestra. Another Hi-Y-Annual skating party to fbe recorded as a success. Impressive Armistice program given in the gym. junior High upstarts give amusing Thanksgiving play. December-The Lone Ranger, Louie Leyda, returns home safely from the dark woods-without a deer. The Hascom Players present good comedy in assembly. Our basketball squad starts with a bang by defeating Greenville 39-22. Juniors sponsor post-game dance in gym-music by Roy NVolfe and his orchestra. The speech classes present a Christmas play portraying the birth of Christ. Nice acting. Here comes that pain in the neck, Christmas Vacation. How the heck're we gonna spend our time? fammry---He1'e we are, back at the mines. All New Year's resolutions properly broken. Barton Pogue, a modern Riley, delights us with the reading of his poetry. Beware -of the flu. It has a lot of us huskies down. , F. H. S. undergoes great shock. Joe Orlando actually shaves his beard. Our popular pedagogue, Mr. Treadwell, takes a vacation in a Brooklyn Hospital. Ah, delight of our souls-how we relish those mid-terms! Many find them- selves "in the red." 0 . Echoes of IQ!-L0-IQLLI Februmfy---The band presents its sixth annual concert, and lthe best. Yea, team, we beat Oil City 39-36. What a hair raising game! Nursery takes its place as tops in the league. S F. H. S. love birds receive sweet nuggets from each other on Valentines day. It snows for a change. l Vox Frosh makes its bow. Orchids to Mr. Siegel and the freshmen for a fine little paper. Illarrlz-Nursery wins Section 2 Championship, 'but Sharpsville noses us out by three points. , Music department presents "An Old Kentucky Gardenf' which enchants us with music, action, costumes, and scenery. ff" The bubble man fnot dancer eitherj shows us the tricksbitii the art of blowing bubbles. '- C The senior skating party is well attended at the Franklin Roller Garden. Spring bursts forth in all its glory. April-The music department prese11ts a good musical assem'bly introducing their numbers for the District Contest. The Franklin Business College presents a hit play, in assenrbly. XV e skip school several days to join the liaster Parade. - e M Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sterner entertain us with their clever drawings, illus- trating songs. 's C XVe all enjoy dancing to Roy Wolfe's Orchestra at the Sophomore Garden Dance. May-Four' happy students are winners in the Oratorical Contest. XV e are proud of -them. The Juniors dramatize that howling success, "One Wild Night." Frank Riddle does a nice job in the main role. Leo Belfiore, as a gangster, reminds us of "Public Enemy Number lf, In fact, the wh-ole cast deserves much credit. Here it is time for another Senior Assembly. XV hat fun! The seniors dig in and cram for those fiendish final tests. Most of us pass, too. Alas, we seniors depart, some laughing, some with tears in our eyes. It's hard to leave a place where we have spent many happy hours together. fum'-XVe don our caps and gowns to attend Baccalaureate Service. VVe dine and dance in the gay surroundings of the Senior Banquet. Class Night passes with everyone having a grand time. XVe fbecome proud possessors of diplomas at Commencement. The Junior Prom is held in the gym. The seniors dance their way out of school. - Hold 'er up, Jack! ---- follow the leader ---- noncha-laut ---- 6-10- 31-92-Hike! ---- con- versation ---- glamour boy ---- Qpell wide. please --- ClOlllll101'l'l6? ---- midget mol: ---- gabbin' ---- pals -- Chieago's brand ---- F. H. S. basketball manager ---- lleek-a- boo ! ---- stump- ump- er ---- the work house ---- Hi-yah, keed ---- -loe. pipe, goatee, et- cetera ---- It's all a mistake ---- ambitious lads ---- in the fore- ground. 'Z' To Swing' The jiz'e-men raised their horns and such To knock the bugs out cold. The boys rode out some solid stuff,- The iekies then did fold. Theboogie-woogie moth-box mans Set up a steady beat, IfVhich helped the solid hep-eat crew l'Vork up at red-hot heat. The jitterbugs requested songs g The band played "'Limehouse Bluesf' They burned the varnish off the floor, And 'most danced off their shoes. Now, ta-ke a lesson from this rhyme, You ickies near and farg Join the list of righteous ones, , And "Beat Jlle, Daddy, Eight to the Bar." T Joseph V. Orlando and Charles Barrett 'Dedicated to the Swing Band of Franklin High School. Eleanor Friggle Frank Riddle jim Smith Henry Kightlinger jim Anderson Bob English Bill Deetz George Breene Charles Goss Bill Eggbeer Gordon XVolfkiel Weaver Hammerlee, soloist Winners ln The Pennsylvania Forensic ancl Music League 4' COUNTY Poetry reading .... Marie Pasquale A Capella Choir -or DISTRICT Band Orchestra Boys' Glee Club u 'U' STATE Band lnlzer-l-ligl1 School Debating League RECIPIENTS OF MEDALS Charles Goss Marie Pasquale Walter Umbreil: Patrons' Page To our patrons, we express deep appreciation for the help they have given in the publishing of the Franklinite of 1941. Mr. alld Mrs. David B. McCalmont Dr. R. W. Kennedy Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Mr. Mr Dr. Dr. Mr Mr Mr. Dr. Mr Mr Mr Mr Dr. Dr. John W. Bailey and Mrs. G. G. Turner C. A. Nordstrom T. J. Barr John F. Budke and Mrs. Maurice P. Breene K. M. Hoffman Charles A. Bark Richard A. McDowell and Mrs. Harry F.. Biery and Mrs. James A. Murrin K. R. VViegel and Mrs. O. J. Thompson and Mrs. L. L. Livingston and Mrs. Claude Hy,att and Mrs. James VVoodfburn P. li. Cunningham Mary Mafbon Dr. NVm. F. Brehm Dr. T. A. Eshelman Dr. F. E. Crosby Dr. F. P. Phillips Dr. C. T. Felt Dr. Frank N. Cummins Dr. L. G. Manwaring Dr. and Mrs. N. K. Beals Dr. W. B. McClelland Donald Glenn Dr. M. M. Spencer Dr. and Mrs. Ralph VV. Dye Dr. Frederick W. Wilsoil Robert M. Dale Dr. D. C. Blanchard Rev. and Mrs. S. H. Gross Rev. and Mrs. W. H. Orr Mrs. George Miller Mr. and Mrs. John L. Nesbit Rev. and Mrs. W. R. Webb The Staff of The Frainlclinite of 194: Wishes to thank all those who have advertised in its pages for they have materially assisted in making pos- sible our book of memories. From our readers we solicit patronage for those who have thus so greatly helped us. 'B' Complimeuts of ECKERD'S . i DRUG STORE I Best Wishes , 4 1 1 DANIELS' TRANSFER Q Congratulations to the Class of '41 BUCHANAN'S . Funeral Home 1 x Compliments of J. C. PENNEY co. INC. N COIIQITIILIIZIIIOIIS, Class of '41 I S A L Y ' S . Ice Cream Dairy Products Lunches 1233 Liberty sf. Franklin, Pa. G. Gigi l 71777 2 Wi -.7 Our 54th Year Serving FR'AN'KLIN HIGH STUDENTS l You're Always XV6lCO111C at P R I N 'T Z ' S 1 Compliments of I l I , , l Ii ranklin, Penna. l BOYD N. PARK, Inc. s Y K E s af K L 1 N E More than just an Ordinary Clothing' Store- i An Institution of Style . . . Quality . . . Service Economy I Home Furnishings of Merit l Since 1894 l l Free Decoration 5 Consultation V E A C H ' S 232-234 seneca sf. on City, Pa. ' - 1 nl Compliments of FRANKLIN HARDWARE AND PLUMBING C'O. Compliments of THE EXCHANGE HOTEL Compliments of MILES P. BROWN BOILER WORKS NORTH SIDE MEAT MARKET R. H. Crist 8: Son Meats and Groceries 43 North 13th Street Compliments of O R I G I N A L DRY CLEANERS 605-13th Street Compliments of S. T.eKARNlS TRANSPORTATIIOQN co. Moving Storage Rigging Best NVishes to the Class of 1941 FAMO'ORE'S on City, Pa. Congratulations to the Graduates Books and Stationery RAMSDALE 8z KUN5KEL 1262 Liberty Street Franklin, Pa. , , , SWL, ,, ,, Compliments of TI-IE DERRICK . F R A N K L I N Compliments of FLORAL COMPANY J. F. ZALINSKI Flowers For All Occasions Fine W'e Telegraph Flowers ' Member F. T. D. A. Upholsterlng 5: PHONE 5-6. 415-13th street Franklin, Pa C'HlR1'TZlMAN 85 VATH Compliments of Watches - Diamonds if WASHINGTON LUNCH Silverware The Students' Clocks Restaurant 1265 Liberty St. 110-13th Street Compliments of The Dague - Bartholomew Co. C O Congratulations to the Class of 1941 P A R K L U N 'C H Best Place to Eat 303-13th Street Shop at Sears and Save SEARS, ROEBUCK AN'D C'O'MlPAN'Y on City, Pa. Compliments of V E N G 'O L D DAIRY PRODUCTS, INC. Stationery Office Supplies Greetings Cards for All Ice Cream and Dairy Occasions Products FRANKLIN NEWS Franklin - Oil City Franklin, P3- Oscar M. Shakespeare Dealer in Scrap Irons, Metals and Compliments to the Class 1941 All Uther Waste Materials NINA SMILEY Franklin, Penna. MILLINERY Phone 698 STERLING SUPER ' S E R V I C E at 11th and Liberty Streets Rest VVishes, Class of '41 --L --.V LLQ7 ni -. .- .f. Y.iTf.-7,7 -W - ffewv-,......vA.. Compliments of F R A N K L I N FURNITURE CO. Congratulations to the Class of 1941 "7l2a Styli Shop offgisfihcfion' A "" ZADIES' D Amman. AAILLINIBY Compliments of P A I N T E R Q S B E N H. P A R D o E DRY cL'EANf1N'G Nu-Blue Sunoco I C 0 M P A N Y ' Gasoline and Oil ff The only DTY Cileaning 15th Street Plant in Franklin Compliments of Compliments of ANDfERS'ON'S it FRANKLIN Home Furnishings R 0 L L E R G A R D E N Compliments of Franklin Creek Refining Corp. Franklin, Penna. ,-?. ,,.,,,il,. MY, ,,.. W-, ,,. ,.77 , , WT, , , 77,7 ,,,, ,,,,,, W , , . , , ,, , ,.,,,l ,,,, , A , i,,,lr,.,,, ,,,,,lA,,,,,., W' Congratulations to the Class of 1941 Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co. Conipliinents of HO W A R D and N I 'C K L I N L U M B E R CO. HomeofThe FASHION Ladies' Coats, Dresses, 12 Millinery 1249 Liberty Street MCGINTY 8: JONES Nation-Wide Store Meats - Groceries - Fruit Vegetables 33 N. 13th St., Franklin, Pa. Congratulations, Class of '41 S H E A S L E Y ' 'S SHOE .STORE Franklin A. J. BARRON ,,.,,.,, A, , , ,L , , , W , W.. .1L,,,,i..-is. ..... ..,, . .. . .. r WY, il -Jucison's Dairy PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone 189-G 501-503 Third St Compliments of H I E D ' S Curtains - Hosiery Compliments of FELDMAN'S JEWELERS ' See PHIPPS 85 DOLSON Insurance Notary Public Phone 693 Y. M. C. A. 'Cafeteria and Club House Oil City, Penna. Zi'2?i11'N'i'i?02'?.R'i5 4 Y X ' ' 4 if 1 5 -"-51.12 'N l ,. Z! - , K2 .f .f .. "' xx "i I THE COVER AND BINDING FOR THE 1941 FRANKLIN ITE Was Designed and Produced by The Mueller Art Cover and Binding Co. 2202 Superior Avenue Cleveland, Ohio Represented by Homer A. Smith, P. 0. Box 11, Youngstown, Ohio. 'Complete Stock of Popular and Classical Records x-M, :I ff NAA' NE? 1 Victrolas and Radios 11 ,Q n JACK B. HARTER PI'11ltZ W. L. Phone 179 4 tu llest Wlishes to the Class of FALLER 1941 5E BARBER AND BEAUTY 'SH-OP H. B. FETTEROLF gi Pemmcm Wholesale 'Confections yyaving- Ffimklill, PC11113- 222-13th St. Phone 293 COl'1Q'1'Rtl1l21lflOl1S to the Class of 1941 Anderson's Greenhouse i Franklin, Pemlzl. C McGINTY'S PHARMACY' l Whitman's and Reymer's Candy 27 N. 13th Street Third NVard Compliments of D 'O N B L A I R Radio A Place to Eat That's Hard to Beat- RIDDLE BROTHERS RESTAURANT D R E S 'S E S Distinctive, Exclusive Ellie Ennis Zlilnmrr Mrs. Jeannette L. McCrosson Prop. 409 13th St. - Phone 672-G Franklin, Penna. THE JAMES LUMBER Compliments of COMPANY IJHHLLES DuPont Paints 1035 Buffalo Street Franklin, Pa. Phone 164 Ecoma Service Corner of 13th Street and Franklin Ave. Compliments of THE PARK HOTEL JOHN HUTZ Dry Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing For Ladies and Gents Relining Clothes a Specialty I 420-13th St. Franklin, Pa Congratulations, Class of '41 C0ngratulatiOnS' Class of '41 If VENANG BOHLENDER AND If O UHNS 4 ICE 8: COAL C'O. J Pure Ice-Quality Coal XVholesale Confectioners Q: Cold Storage 4 1 and gi Q., 4 G....--13th St. Franklin, Pa. Tobacco Merchants Phone 1246 4 J THE FOLLOWING DRY GOODS STORES OF FRANKLIN VVish to encourage the young men and women of Franklin High School who publish the Franklinite. As a step in busi- ness training for them, we feel that such a venture deserves oursupport WOODBURN, CONE R COMPANY H. B. B'RADLEY J. T. CAMPBELL R SON ..--- -- ---------- -- --------------- r 1 Compliments to the Class of H A R R Y ' S I N N 1941 if "A Good Place to Eat" ARLINGTON HOTEL 104-106-13th Street Oil Cityg Pa. ,, Franklin, Penna. ,,- ,,,,, -,W--,. ,----,, , L ,,,. .,--.-A-,-, -L Lit- ,,,,,, - -L, -L., L--L-.-L, -L-.-,- ,--- To the Class ot IQ!-H of Franklin I-ligh School we extend our congratulations- and best wishes for success in the liutu re -:- -n- -a- The Franklin Trust Co. The Lamberton National Bank The Exchange Bank and Trust Co. s ng Q 9 Tl-lE FRANKLIN ROTARY CLUB 156511 Congratulates the Graduating Class of1941 and joins in 1Vishing Them the Best of Luck and Success BOSTON 'SHOE ST-ORE Compliments of 11 F. A. Pzmkratz, Prop. R. W. HUNTER QQ 4 Headquarters Dr. Scho11's Red and White Food Store Foot C0mf01'f SCfViCC 13 A X-R Sh F' ' 206-13th Street ays oi lttmg w erv1 e Franklin, PH- 230-13th Sr., Franklin, Pa L. T. MCKISSICK Complete Sunoco Service C0111lJlim6HfS Of 1109 lyiherty St. I. io. BELL Franklin, Pa. Compliments of BELL'S PLUMBING SERVICE PLUMBING-HEATING-EXPERT REPAIRIN G Phone 88 JOSTEN'S America's Finest School Jewelry Commencement Invitations Medals and Trophies Factory - - - - Owatonna, Minnesota A. B. W I L T Kodak and Argus Cameras and Supplies Developing and Printing' Franklin, Pa. Compliments of WIESE 'STUDIO l262 Liberty Street Franklin, Pa. Compliments of ASE'ABR'O'O'K STUDIO Expert Photo Service Suite ll Bleakley lllock Phone 458-X - For the Finest in Hosiery X Always SCH UESSLER HOSIERY SHOP 1301 Buffalo Street Franklin, Pa. Compliments of The Kiwanis Club Compliments of ARMSTRONG-COLLIER, INlC. The Greatest Store in Northwestern Pennsylvania Oil City, Pa. Compliments of R. 8: R. DAIRfY STORE Ice Cream - Dairy Products Lunches l09 N. 13th St. Franklin Pa. Compliments of QUAKER DRY CLEANERS 208-13th Street Franklin, Pa. Graduate to C O. A6LC07'Ld.4 Since l888 Franklin - Oil City SCH'ItFFER'S MAR'KET Meats - Groceries Fruits - Vegetables Milk and Cream from Our Own Dairy Phone 566 205-13th St. Compliments of McfC:RAlC KEN and HUNTER Batteries - U. S. Tires Mobilgas Compliments of R A Y M O N D C L E A N E R S We Serve Nothing but The Best Foods at S M I T H ' S DINER Compliments of The News-l-leralci . Y. M. C. A. LEWIS sf WINKLER 55 f Friendly Gulf Service 'Station or 0 gl Recreation That Good Gulf N o-Nox Gas gl Gulf Pride on 24 Hour Service Phone 786-X ll41 Liberty St., Franklin Swimming, Life Savin Gym Activities, Game Tables, Etc. Y. M. C. A. Compliments of Buy Your Shoes at B R 'O W N ' S EIGHTH' BOOT SHOP S T R E E T If Pays 1253 Liberty St. G A R A G E Franklin, Pa. Best Wislies of The Franklin Plastic an Die Casting L. Sc C. Congratulations and Best Vilishes to the Class il of '41 il LAMBROS af 5 CONOMIKES il KEYSTONE PUBLIC i SERVICE COMPANY f No other iteni in the house- 4 1 l hold budget gives so much l i i i for so little as i ELECTRICITY l Our Compliments to Franklin High School Students This Entities John L. Doe - Stuident's Signature Ella Bishop Teadheifs Signature to attend the ORPHEUM and PARK Theatres Mondays and Fridays-Matinees Only for 15c Present at Box Office. Not Transferable. Not Good Holidays Your yearbook is a store ot treasured memories. The oft repeated thrill of recollection which accompanies each new search through its pages will many times repay you for the care and consideration which has gone into its creation. V We are proud to have had some part in the production of this book. It indicates the Wealth of ideas and ability which have made possible the Northern's long record of school annual achievement. tb el--"""""L N Q ,X X X x i N X ex 5 Qs X S ti? t S N .-ws i AYN V33 A X P - -lil--, Y ..- fe Q- -M, 1- is I 4 ffl-s.ff2.ssmgff -, . - V , , , , vi A-'A A--f M1-fr -2 A-.Ma,-W:fi1"um.g11g3i-gms,AQ , .my

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