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 - Class of 1939

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Z:-r-A -V .W nc., .AT-7,1 I ...w, ,Qi . ' . Af' Q3 I ,v 54. v . Hr ' X .fg- '1 , V.- -N . H33-: J:-K: 'fluff , ,555 5 1-115. Q45 l T Tn, . ,vh- ,4 . , 1.1-a AJ 'fn L , g:?k.,.Fl A P' '1' L 1 ui" V-ignl.. L. ' 4 , X I J L . L W 'N 4 JF 'ng E , ' c . ',f"."" f-f. - , 2. n' ' HL I lx r fig 1 F nh' , 3 .1 'fri tf' ILM Wx r , Q'r,r 1 i rflyxiz. 'A " 7 x , WL-:gk V I - 1 ,g n 1, ' 2 -9 4 1 ll Nr.: lah '5 Qff.. 11 :LAX xi! "U NL :L A 5 P F' Z ,E V. W., M" 35555 -' E im". FEW? X11 - .1 N' N sf' .-+ ,. v nu., .. ' . 1--1 ,1 ' 1: 1' I .QI 1, Y .. f 5 -1 JP-1 lp:- .1--1. 51 ff 1 11 E23 . X Q fl I1 . V. ' Q 14- Y v-- 1- ur-11 - ' . .., . , 4. .1 ' fr . .,I.1 1. -- -L1 5,1111 ,il-I r""I.5:11.- . II . . ,JI 115. 4 1,1 -- I1 I1...1I 5 - 1-I 54:1 1.,,..,f .sr . . .1 5. ,sz .-'- I . . I .,. .I I 1 . 1 .I - .11 ,-1II-.1 , II 1 I. I .II-1..f 1,II.1g1 1. , 1, - "'. 1 .. 1 I-111.'."" " 1 . 1 . 1 . ' .1 f -. . . I .1 1 If I... . 1 11' I 1. - - ' I1 , 4 ,X V Y 1 .I . III . 111, 91. .11 4 ' -1 . I .11 , .11 ' 1 I ' Q ' ,-311-LU.. III '1 -. 1 . ' I I - . ' -Jl'- f ' 1 - 1 " , -g.'11y-9 -If 1 1 1 1 . 1i,Zl 'L z," '. I I ' I.1.g A . 1 . 1- I. 'JL' 1 . . ' I X .1 J- - 1. IIIIII.. .I. .. :ie 9 .. 1 1 f ..-1.1. I ' 4. .I -u K '1?,.If'4-" " 1 . F131-3 - .Y I'Li.,'.1?f . .2 . .51II1-.I Q., . gI . 4 .V -,- 1 I I -5 sk.: I I '911-V :"'-'?- If .141 ,IIIIII .I ,., -. I I , 1 II. -K ' .1 , 'I I' . . 1 -I. I I . ..- - . x1 -.1 . ' 1 1 , ru 3.1. . I 1 ' 1 . -11 . I I 1 ' - a." . 'QJ1' -, f - -. 'A ' I . X' ,. ' 1 ' J 1 .. - ' ' 1.- 1 111 1. 'I,11Iq1I1I'11.,,' I' ' 1 .- ..I' 1111.21 1 151- I if 1 -11 Qirffhf' . ,' ., C. A 11 - i ' Q5 L- 1 I ' . I 1 ' I ,.,' . 11, II . 1 .I ,I . .- I 1 . 1 11 Ig? . I J- ' ,.."1i'v, 11: -. . - 5 ' ' ' 1 - 1 1' a1--. .1 - .. .II. f fl 1 -wp if 1 HJ I .I-1. 1 H--11' ..1l- 1. 1 ,. -I 1 I. .1 '.. ., , 1-. 1 1. 11- I14 1 r I I. 4-1I4 ,I ...I 1. I Y I 1' ..,. .. -, 11-. f 1 . .N-, 1 'I -111 I-. .1 1 .I I ,,I..,1 .f . 1, ,, I.g..,1I 1 1- 1 4 . 4 1 , ' "-'-21114 ' 4 'UQ' 3-'71 ..:11' X-3' 1 ,vI ' 1Q1i' F - I '51 ' . . IIIIII. Ig.. .I I .1 -II ....I . TI.. I . 1 ' In .-.--.i'Z:1f-1-L--12' Q .. -- ' 1- ' - ' A1 ' 1 1 1. .-., I ,,,I1I1.. 1. ,- . I11.I I1 .. 'fi-1: 4 z.: If--nf ' 1- 14 IL I-II, a I -. ' . .4 .rdf-1'1 "af '1' ' '-1 " .11 --. t. .115--1 - - f II.. 1 N . '1 :I1II.!1i-II ' .1 -f-1-1 -. 11:1-.I1.'1:, 'A Y '3 ' . - - Yr- 1 '1 ' ,-5-. ' -"'-2' -"1--:I 11"' a . - .I -, 1 -- I..1-- ' '- ' ,-15:-" -.1-11-f r ,fu . - 1 1 . ' I1. --J-'-11.1-, .1 III.I .11-I,gggI-. 1. I . I II 'IIII I . I 1 . 1 .I I 1 I I, . 1.3 I' I -III . A . . 1 1 -1. 1: ,' Ur." . I1 1 ' 1 . '-f.1I.'.. -QI'-. I ' I.. ,-II: 1- 1 .1 . .I-'- I.-1-1 I 1. 4 -, , af -,gf-11 11 -'111-1-.2 - 1 .1 . -:I I. ,. ..I11. . 1, .1 g,I . , .I I H , ,fl ..... - 1-:.I:.1,..'H1 .. .1..vf.. 1 . 'Ig time-.. "l ' ,hai .. .' 1 K I ' '.'-r1nI'I: . -III. 5-1 1' 1 1 I I -.'iI1,.1"11 1...1 Q-'I I1I .I -1 'JI IV A I- A . ,I 1 -I .I f .. ,gg . ' 11- . I-' I L.. 4 I. ,1I nf ,V l .J I 1e, .- 1 1 7:1 - 1 . I1 W1 I 'a 1: 4 -1 -"Aux 1. I 41., ,- . . .. .11l!II1T, --ffugkg-: ' .nys - 1 9'- r ' :Y 1m ..II.1,I , 1- . .1. .13 1' I- 1 ,. 1,, -I1 II Iam. 1 I.1:.I--4.1, I...,.I iq - III -...I ' -' 1 15 .rnqz-1 -If .. .- .1 .1 - 1. - -,I 13. 'A 1 . 4,1 .1 .rx V. LJ -I. .. ' ' ., , .1 ' , 1 .1 I II I EII, . A ww 1-1II "-I: E'S5.11rL? 1.5 15.-5 I '. .f. . . - fa . ,Q 2, ' 1 ' " - ' - , -1 - ' 1 . 1 1 . I " ' 1. ' 2 . . 1. I .1 75 '.JFfi"f ' 4. ,- 1 " L11 " :'1,-: -"' ' ' ' "1-L' " H' MI .1 1- . P. .. 11 . .,1 ,Q ,,-., -IffIr,-gg 1-'-- - 11. -. 1 .1 -- 1 f1gf11T 11 . 113- ,ir - 1 ' .' -5' ' ..:',I.I-Ir..1'- . I '. 1 . 1 " '3:1s1"Qk:1H.Ii'1 -E112 -1 IaI,r': I ' ' . 1Iz'I'- - I Im.. 1 V 11.1 I.I I. Il III? QQQIAIIW I-'.I. . L' P 'if' -III, If... , 1. .1-1' 31231.-1' . .-11 . . 1 . "L1. '-. 13'--1. '41 1-'.-.: . .- .' , . !"l.vri'13'-P 71" rf.. .' 1, .,'S. Q . , -WI '32 5 .if J. 4 .1 111' ' 1- .4 1 ,. 1.11v:1fI J 1. I 1,11. -1 , ,rs 'Ji " ',1"' 1 'fv . 1,1-' . . I . X 11.I :IL 11 jf- I'fIhIgg, .5 I 11 "t j"r1.g1 "" 'ft .I W' L' 1 ,11 11 .E1.7'Q.l'I,1,1' '- ,.-':1I1.-.- . ,iv 1 I "' . .17-'3.-1",I . . ' ,1Vi'?Ji112f'- 1 -' 1: .ffl iw --'1. . H11 - rr 1-1'1 - 1211 1 1 ,j! :1 :ww-H1-api.. 2 1. 1 1 '. 1.11.3 .. gi. .I 1 . 1 ' - 5 1 1I.II II II ' , I... 4-111 544,111 1.1. I I -.LI 1 .1 1,1 11 1... ,141 -' f .f J .I 33 II ,1,,.,I'j: I I1 -. - - I .: I ,gy .I 1 115' .-1-,1 IIIII .. far- IIg..IgII1 I. IIgI . I. .I , In: nw, .31 I,,. .1 . I..I,I . .1 I, I, . 11I I . f 1-1 .I-11 II- :UNI I 41: I I 17,5 . -LI. ' - , 1 1, P, IT1.1 1 -I. ' . Q-.1 . 1. , .- . ,Iii Iam-11-1. ..-I..-If - . , 1-, I1 I 1 Ir- -1 -.AL I . I 1' 11 . ,-1g11I .-1.1gEG.'1111f:,-l...1.' 1' f. I -- - '1 Q 1 1 . 1- .L .1.- .--' 1. 7 I. I - 1 I I, 1 , 2 ' ' - 1' fi-I 'Ljzfy . .','-' II . . ,.. -A :IIIIII .U 1 - 1 1 .1-5 1 11. 1 1.1 1-'1"' N'11.1,,-: 1'1- 1. ..- 1'1-lum.. ...1...m....... .wncA:,..-y5i.Wa,g4Q-.1.....,'11,1f:Z H1 1..J.'1.I: ,.Mn..4.21E. f.....1 .1: -..LM .-.2-... QQ... f, , v . 51" Q N XQXA 1 .x - X v 1:""?iQ2j.2X i I, ,.1 'Q A ..: H.: ..- T.,1-- W' ' 'ff . .H A .- . , rx ,Sf 1' x p , ,. ea, f . CST i l',gf'f': - 'A X G. , 'ul as I I. ., ar s ,1 m , ',.' X' M f F I A --1 ' 'P-'iii xii - , I 'E 'V Fl E Q ,,v,vt,:4m ' 1-F n :ZZ mm Ewan ZZ i737 FKAN MINJIT Published by The Senior Class ol: Franklin l-ligh School at Franklin, Pennsylvania fi "Franlclinil:e" Staff The great responsibility of editing the Franklinite of 1939 was entrusted to Lucille Wilson, whose serene and pleasant competence led her staff through the difficulties which attend such an undertaking. To bring order out of the welter of ideas contributed by, the various staff mernlbers was no small task. Brian's brainstorms periodica'l1y shook the group and revenberated from one corner of the art room to another, while Peg Elliott's staunch objections served as sounding posts for the echoes. The enthusiasms of Jim F-ord and Jim Lichtenfberger's puns both had to be held in check. From Bill Mays, Joan Heath, Geraldine Downing, Jack Zalinski, and Gertrude McClellan came quiet observations that helped to decide knotty problems. Time, patience, and effort were enthusiastically expended in the aspiration for a more truly representative and more cherishalble year book than ever before. Every member generously, contributed his share, while the advisers stood by, ready to give aid wherever and whenever it was needed. Miss Rankin wrestled with problems of high iinance and tried to spend every penny twiceg Miss Steffee strug- gled with planning and lay-outs and supervised the art work, while Miss Graham put in a comma or two and added a few periods. Our work is finished now and this is the product. Every page is indelibly imprinted 011 the minds of the twenty people who have worked long months upon it. In submitting it t-o you, we trust that you will look kindly on its faults, realizing that achievement never equals aspiration, and that you will derive much pleasure from its pages both now and in the years to come. Editor ...............................................,............................ Associate Editor ......... ...........Lucille VVilson ...,...,......Brian Beaulac .Geraldine Downing Literary Editor ................................................................. Literary Staff ......... Joa Heath, Eugene Hyatt, Marjorie 'Chambers Art Editor ................. - ........................................................... Gertrude McClellan Candid Cameraman Harold Counselman Business Manager ........,............................................................... .William Mays Circulation Manager Elliott Circulati-on Staff, Tiel Eggbeer, Gene Huston, james Lichtenberger Patron's Page .............,...........,...,...,.............. . ..................... .,........... -I ack Zalmskl Advertising Manager ........................................................................ James Ford Typists ................................. ..........,,............ V irginia, Grham, Doris Henry, Advisers ........ ........... M iss Rankin, Miss Steffee, Miss Graham Tribute l?r1'rf lrilvzrlr My rw in nur .w'l1rml, 'flu' l7t'tIt'0ll 0f01U'fIlfIlI'4'l1Hf'c',' ll .S'f1IlIl!.Y fllIfl't'.Y.YI"I'l' in iix .Yfl't'7lf1f1l A Ind l'1U1If'7't'lI4'IISi'Z't' in fix xmfu' To ns luv' opml z1'zmr7c'c1-v.f uullg Hn' gfuidazzvv f7'1l.9filIfjlj' iw takv ,' Siu' hvlfvx IIA' lmila' fl lllI1!IIfIl'.Y.9 faifll Tha' fwlsxialg ,wars can zmzw' Ivrfale. Hvr f'l'l'l'l'f'f.Y rlwvr ux as iw fzvorkj H'ill1 lzrr our lIlll'lI't'.Vf tasks iw XlltH't',' To lzrr tw' lnnlc for 1'4'11f1'-V lwlfv, . lm! f114m' mn' future in lzrr mrv, -f-. lurnn IJ,l'I'IlSff'ill Miss McClimans XYQ also wish to express our grati- tude to Miss Mark lMrs. Fifej who generously served us as adviser in our freshman and suplimnme years, :md to M r. AICCUIIC, who shared with Miss Mciflimzms the respmisi- lbilifyOfUlll'jL111ilJI'yL'Ill'. Dedication To Miss Mcflimans who luis xxmlxul untiringly in our behalf and has mm in tcntly guided us through our junim md senior years, the class of l939 xxlsliu to express sincere apprecizitiim. Mr. McCune Mrs. Fife 3, v i Se 'JIIIVIIIIII gw lflf I' Mr. Karl M. Russell To our superintendent, Mr. Russell, the class of 1939 expresses its thanks for the invaluable assistance he has so willingly given to all our undertakings. It is with deep regret that we part from one who has proved so sincere a friend and so able a leader. 'C' 'I' Mr. Decker To Mr. Decker, our principal, to Mr. Newell, assistant prin- cipal, and to Mr. Deane. dean of our school. the class of l939 wishes to extend its most sincere gratitude for their kind and unfailing help to the memlhers of this class. Each in his own Sphere. each in his own way has helped us with the problems that have confrontecl us from time to time. Mr. Newell Mr. Deane The Faculty Mr. Arthur llannas a pleasant man who teaches us the fundamentals of music-Y his ready Jokes have made him popular with his classes. Miss Margaret McNeil-an amazing example of competence and etti- cieney-fsuccessful producer of our annual Broadcast programs-she teaches the "peek and peck" typists to TYVIC. Mrs. XVhipkey-a delightful person who teaches business arithmetic and business traininggwe are glad that matrimony did not take her from us and hope that she will grace our school for years to come. Miss Mar' Louise Brown-a newcomer amon us-Sher twinklin smile v y 4 I . n n g and lively sense of humor have brightened her junior high school science classes. Mr. Harry N6'W'Cll-f63C'l1CF of biology and genial assistant principal who daily tries to find a good excuse for .lohnny's unexcused absence so that Johnny may escape the penalty due. l'lant lice? Mr. Kenneth Wolfe-capable and popular coach of the jay-Vees- he instills the principles of bookkeeping amid the laughter generated byx his wit and humor. Mrs. Frances Davis-an able substitute, who took Miss Fleming's place during her leave of absence-we only wish it possible to have both these grand people at the same time. Miss VVynona Swift-presents the social life and customs of the ancient Romans to her first and second year Latin classes as well as declensions and conju- gaftions. "Fortuna bona ei." tireat, jolly Mr. Treadwell who always enjoys a good joke, a fast basket- ball game and his general science classes to such an extent that we feel that he and Laughter walk our corridors together. Mr. Clinton Perrine-and microscope 5 in his biology classes he teaches the wonders of nature as revealed by the magic lens-able sponsor of the Hi-Y. The Faculty Miss Gertrude Minni h-an en a ring erson who divides her time among Q S s P s teaching Problems of Democracy, economics, and English. and guiding the desti- nies of the Tri-Hi-Y and the sophomore class. Miss Marjorie Runninger-capable and versatile4has the difficult task of keeping the rising generations conversant with the checkerboard of modern geog- raphy with its unpredictable moves. Mr. Francis Siegel proves his versatility by teaching civics and coaching the football team. All the boys on the team will acclaim his ability and dynamic personality. Miss Leona Grimshawh another newcomer-pleasant, competent-keeps eighth graders informed of the headlines of the past and of how incidents long since elapsed affect the present-no loafing here. Miss Ruth Shorts-personable brunette-she patiently and skillfully clari- fies the mysteries of areas triangular, rectangular, or circular for the eighth graders- slle performs a difficult task well. Miss Verna Goodwin--attractive and congenial-the seventh graders find history an absorbing subject in the atmosphere she creates-her classroom is a stronghold oi industry and diligence. Miss Hazel Rankin-a charming person whose kindness cannot be cle- scribed. Her memory will long be with all who come in contact with her in her chemistry or physics classes or as adviser of the junior class. Mr. Fred VV. Deane--lovingly called "Papa Deane" by the entire student body--always ready to extend a helping hand wherever needed-instructor in shop work and faculty manager of athletics. Miss Elfreda Graham-a brilliant witty person who works diligently in her capacity as English teacher and literary adviser of the Frankliniiv. We shall long remember her mirth-provoking quips. Mr. Theron Davis-capable pedagogue of mathematics who has built our knowledge of tigures up to a high peak that we may better cope with college algebra and calculus. The Faculty Mr. llai'i'y Sign-lf'fmlii'uctoi' of physical wlucatioii for lioys --milcl-maii- :wrt-illiiitt'x:wtii1g' -wins tlic loyalty not only of his classcs iliut also of his lvaslcctlmall It-anis prolicit-:itvoacli. M iss lam- t iray attractiw, llIllH'L'tllL'l1llblt', tliorouglily moclcrn has lirokcn a i'a-cortl liy rt-maiiiiiig two ycars in thc "matrimonial liui'cau" tsliortliaml roomi liiit tlia-rc art- i'timoi'sl "K illlllg' to lioxyl totlay T' Miss M11I"ioI'iC Colt-f faccomplislu-rl Ilk'll'CSSf cxpt-rt mlramatic coach trains tliv t'i't'slimvsii in tht- way itlicy slioultl go in tlit- usc of lCiiglisl1-- twrings tcars laylit-1'syliipzitlwtit'il1tt'1'1il't'tatiol1sof poetry. Miss lflsa lQlllliL'lllDCl'LfL'l"' prcsiilcs ova-1' tlic clomain of tht- ctilinary art - promotcs iiiatriiiioiiy lmy satisfying tlic clcmaiicls of critical males for accomplisliccl Cooks aml we-ll-traim-illitmstt-ssc-sffun-loving.good IlZlll1lAt'tlf'lP0NVllIlQ'filll. Miss lslatliryn Stn-lifi-L' fllllJl'Ullg1'lllll'L'll- patient L'HllllSl'llJI'f' tlic quality and xarit-ty of tlit- iiroclucts of lici' art stuclciits giyc aclcquatc tcstimony of lll'l' aliil- ity t'X1lt'I'l liotisclqt-cpm-1' and cook-Y-art atlvisci' for tlu' l:I'tlHA'fI.lIl'ft'. Miss livangcliiit- Mcailu-art instructor in the -Iunior High Sclioolfaclt-pt piippt-tt't'1': slit' knows liow to "pull tlic strings"-flici' lwaming' coiitciianct- ln'ig'litc11s xx'li:ltcx't-1' Iilauc slim- gi':u't's with lici' pi'csc-iicc. Miss l,yila -lane tRallmraitlifscvciitli grade liiiglishssclay by ilay. llic ac- t'lIllllll1llCll clrill aml training' lay thc fouiiflation for latci' acliit-vt-niciil in lllllgllilglf still-it-cts n'onsli'uctiyt- lialiits ciicouragcrl aml ilcyvlopcil. Miss Mary XYilsonfffywszitilc, g'ooclfnatui'crl, fl'lL'llClly'fll'll5'SlCZll cclucation iiisiriiutor for girls yollcy liall. liaslu-tliall, imisliliallg claiming, cxcrcisv routiiicsg ilu-ory of lwaltli aiill liygim-iw: tlit-st' form tlit' llI'llYlllC0 ol licl' worli. Miss X'ii'g'iiiia XX'1'ig'lit pctitcfiic-mls step-lamlclt-1' or stills iiiyolyuml iii tlit- lt'1lt'lllIlQ of st-vt-iitli Q'i'atlc iiiatlwiiiaticsfliopcs to mliscoyvr a futurt- liinstcinfs t-ii1liusi:1stic ti'ayL'lci' :mil callin-ra fail:sl1c"'g'i'imlsl1t'1'oxyli"1iioyics. Miss Mailt-liiiv llalc sslic scws a lim' scam aiul tcaclu-s lic-1' pupils to tlo lilwxxist- ailt-lit iii vxqiiisitt- iiccillt-woi'l+ -witty. gcnviwms-lu'a1'tccl. tricmlly, slic ltii1rllvsi't':trly ix-spoiist' iii lliost- sllL't'llCH11lllCI'N. The Faculty Mr. Benjamin Klingensmith-genial and sports-loving-Acan be sccn at all the gamesfa grand fellow and a capable teacher-makes mechanical drawing and electric shop pleasant experiences. Miss lilenor Bunnellgul'arlez-vous francais F"-if not, you will soon learn the mysteries of French enunciation and the intricacies of French pronouns in the stimulating atmosphere of Miss l3unnell's class. Miss Frances Stone-inspires eighth graders with a love of reading and weeds out their "aint's" and "he don'ts"-for pastime, teaches a speech class and coaches the debaters. Miss Evelyn Moyar-delightful teacher of Cicero, Virgil. and lfnglish whose classes are a wholesome mixture of fun and hard work-she makes Latin enjoyable-Imagine! Miss Adda McBride-a wholly likeable and competent teacher who by her lucid explanations and thorough drill in algebra lays an excellent foundation for higher mathematics. Mr. Richard Stocker-an able musician who by his untiring efforts and ready encouragement has developed good bands, orchestras. and glee clulbs in a remarkably short time. Mr. XVilliam XVhite-affable and popular teacher of business subjects-he directs the publication of the Broadcast and acts as treasurer for the music funds of the school. Miss Grace MclClimans-capable-persistent-interesting teacher who makes world history! enjoyable and did a splendid job guiding the senior class through its last two hectic years. Mr. james Morgan-unassuming and competentf-a teacher who instructs the boys in the mystery of wood working and teaches mechanical d1'awing. They turn out some beautiful articles. Miss Mayme Olirienfone whose pupils really learn the subject she teacliesftranquil and kindly in surprising little ways?-fortunate are the many who have come under her influence-their deference is a tribute to her. The Faculty Ilr. W. F. Hrelnn-interior decorator of the tonsils, chest listener-to-er. who yearly gives each pupil the once over to see if johnny's wooden leg has spronted leaves again. Mrs. Frances Myers--soft-voiced, efficient attendance officer-when johnny is absent she calls to see if his absence is due to physical illness or mental indisposition. Miss listhcr Brunner-stern hut likeable ruler of the library who seems to know everyone's name, age, and disposition--can tell you all about any book on 'the shelves and many that are not there. Miss Marie Ofonnorha charming girl who quietly aids Mr. Russell in superintending the schools and does the many secretarial tasks that ther position entails. Miss Fay Turner-efficient and genial school nurse who assists Dr. Brehm and keeps the student health records up to date. 'D' The Board of Education XVe, the class of 1939, wish to extend our thanks to the Franklin Board of Education for their unfailing generosity and xusdom 111 their long hours of labor to make possible many advantages and pleasures during our vears in la ranklin High School. Mr Mr Dr. Dr. M r. Dr. Mr Mis Benjamin H. Pardoe, president Carl B. Daniels, vice-president. D. fC. Blanchard. Charles H. Brown. Carey XV. Peck. Fred VV. Brow11. Charles Quinn. s Helen Black, secretary. 'Z' . 1 J 8 "' A X Wa 4 'F 'WW K UIWDV' iq' 1 'kay I Ill H Xe fflnl K 9, 2 oo zmnv 1 6 'C' 1 nn u W" + W 5- PX f 6.6-Mfflella, 2 4 M1 Farewell To F. I-I. S. 1:lI7't"IUt'll to f!ll'l', floor Franklin High: ll grirzws us fo bid mlivzr. .-Iml though thv -wars roll swiffl-v by, lll' will always think of you. Four years within your halls uw' spent ll'1'th good friends lriva' and true,- .-lnd nzany a frivmlslzip here lwgnn ll'f"ll c'l1crislz a lifrlimcf through. But now our goal has boon atfainva' Ana' we look fo thc' fnturr' years, May our trustworthy nzaxims of honor and courage flllay our nzisgizings and fears. Though "into ravlz life soma' rain must fall," As we shoulder our burden and sorrow. ll'ifh hvads Proc! and facos uptnrnvd, ll'0 will look for the rainbow tomorrow. Hut wlzalofm' doorec of suvvess we afl1ie'z'f'. Il'11alewr our rirhes or fame, May we boar in mind our lzvrifage .'lnd rvwrc' your honorfd name. And so, though now flasses may come and go Thore 71t"Ul'l' will be one finerg .-Ind wo frusl Dame Fortzmzfs llmlllllllg smile' Howers oz'vr cach "Tl1irfy-Ninvr." -Dick Stanton. I Seniors John Florian Zalinski ..-Iacku cheerful, lpoupul-ar, ldepefndafble Football ------ 2 3 Hd-Y ----- - 2 3 Prom 'Commiutee - "Franeklinite" Staff - 3 Billie Marie Watkins "Billie -Marie" attralctilve, romantic, sincevre Dramatic Clyulb -'-- 1 Broadcast Stlaff - - - 2 Orchestra ---- - 2 Banld - - - - - 1 2 3 'Z' -Max C. J. Bark 'ilittelribu-g" carefree, ddbon-ad-r, witty Band ------- - 1 2' 3 Orchestra - - - 1 2 3 Hi-Y ---- - 2 3 Class President - - Eleanor Lucille Wilson I lllu 17 serene, co-mpetenx, amiable Glee lcllllb ----- 1 2 3 TfriJHy-Y ------ 2 "Franlk1inite" IS+taff - 3 Broadcast rS'taff - Seniors Bessie Auleen Adams "Betsy" taciturn, patient, composed Polk High .School - - - 1 2 T1-1-Hi-Y ---- Glenn Jay Adams "Glenn" casual. roguisih, arrogant Marjorie Christine Adams Ramona Joy Baker "Jodie" efficient, reserved. unassuming Thomas Brian Beaulac "Toar" vociiferous, capable, musical Prom Committee - - - 3 Hi-Y ---- 3 4 Gl-ee Club 3 4 Orchestra 4 Walter H. Beers "NM-arge' "'Wialt" reticent, detached, practical musical, gay, complacent Polk High lSohool - - - 1 2 3 Hi-Y ------- 3 4 Tl'ifHY-'Y -- - - 4 Glee Club - 4 William H. Adams Ralph Beggs "Bill" "Ra1ip'h" modest. nonohalant. congxen ial Freshman Basketball - Junior Varsity - - - Varsity --+-- 3 4 Football - - 3 Eva Jean Bail "Imp" ingenuous. unpredictable, susceptible Harry L. Baker "Harry" slhy. hearty, faigr-eealble taciturn, itenrperamentnl, athletic Freslliman Basketball - - 1 Junior Varsity - - 2 Varsity ---- 3 4 Footiball - - - 2 3 4 Janet Marie Beighley "Janet" sincere, modest. elusive Utica High School - - 1 2 3 Martha Jane Beightol "Janie" amiable, moody, earnest Footlball ------ 3 4 Basketball ----- 1 Glee lClu'b 3 Tri-Hi-Y 4 Seniors Rosemary Bennett "Rosie" painstaking, voluble. tolerant Sacred Heart High Sohool 1 2 3 Aaron Bernstein "Ben" appreciative, fair-minded, 'witty Broadcast Staff - - - '23 4 Class Secretary - 3 Hi-Y ---- 3 4 Senfior Play - - 4 Paul Raymond Billig "Paul" aloof, incalculable, dreamy Utica High School - - 1 Polk High School - 2 3 Beverly Blair ..Bev,, dreamy, romantic, dainty 'C-lass Basketball - - 1 Gleie Cluib - - 2 3 'Prill-Ii-Y - - 3 4 Delbate Club - 4 Helen Elizabeth Bohlender nBetNty., casual, vague, aloof Dramatic Club - - - 1 2 Glee Club - - - 1 2 3 Tri-'Hi-Y - - 3 4 French Club - 4 Gaylord W. Brooks ..Gay., reticent, sensible, naive Polk High Sclhool - - - 1 2 3 Glee Cluib - - - 4 Robert Lee Brooks. "Deacon" aimlbitious, tolerant. conventional Boys' Glee iC1'uIb - - - 1 Donal Edward Brown "Don-E" arrogant, ale-rt, huxmorofus Sugar Grove High School 1 Class 'Treasurer - - - 2 Class Pin Committee - 2 Orclliestra ---- 2 Louis Lloyd Brown ..Red,, idhiangealble, dilatory, comipan- ionable Band ------- 1 '2 3 4 Footlball - 4 Marjorie Jane Chambers ..Ma1,j,, petite, inrpish, uirpiredictable Class Basketball - - 1 2 3 4 Band ----- - 2 3 4 "Franklinite" Staff - 3 4 Tri-'Hi-Y ---- 3 4 Russell E. Clinefelter ..T,ed,, sociable. 1-aickawdaisical, idiffid-ent 'Claiss Basketball - - 1 2 Casting Club - - 2 Footlbiall - - - 2 Della Gertrude Colllins "Shorty" practical, silent, reliafble Freneh 'Club ---A 4 Seniors Harold E. Counselman "'Hiariold" comipeitent, fmlld, -congenial Band ------ 1 2, 3 Isabelle Crisman nlsy., wayward. lnquacious. animated Art 'Clulh ----- 1 2 Trlfl-Iii-y 4 Richard Heasley Criswell nudge., musical, scientific, unbane Ban-d - ------ ll 2 3 4 Hl-Y - - - - 2 3 Delbate Team - 4 3 4 Senior Play - 4 Helen Louise Cummings "Honey" quiet, determined, tractarble Polk High School - - 3 Shirley Dean Deets ...Jimn artistic, poised, ingenious Girls' Glee ICIuib - - - 2 3 Latin Cluih - - 3 4 Tri-Hi-Y - - - 3 4 Eugene Joseph Dickert "Gen-e" limplsh, juvenile, cajoling Rocky Grove High School - - 1 Howard Edward Doutt "Noah" amtless, socialble, responsive Polk 'High School - - 1 2 3 Geraldine Louise Downing "Gerry" dignified, frank, poised Glee 'Clufb ----- 2 3 4 T1-i.iHi-Y ---4- 3 "Frank1inite" Sta if - 3 4 4 Senior Play - - 4 Betty Jane Eckel "BettV" scamipiisih, casual, vivaciouis Band ------- 1 213 4 Class 'Basketball - - - l 2 3 4 Cheerleader - - 2 3 4 Tri-Hi-Y - 3 4 Betty Jane Edy "Betty" playful, soothing, resolute Class Basketball - - - 1 Dramatic lC'lub - 1 2 Prom Committee - 3 Tri-Hi-Y ---- 3 4 Margaret Tiel Eggbeer "Tiel" tnanquil, accomplished. charming Broadcast 'Staff - - - i2 3 4 Prom Coimimittee - 3 "Fralnk1lnite" Staff - 3 4 Senior iPlay - - - 4 Margaret Jane Elliott npegn gay, imiaaginativei, sparkling Class Basketihall - - - 1 2 3 4 Glee 'Club - - - - 2 3 4 Tri-Hi-Y ---- 3 4 "Fnainklinii'te" Staff - 3 4 Seniors Norman Ely Fred Finch "Noox" "Crow" 'capable' iI1'CH1Cl1l2i'bl9, natural oibshreperous, happy-go-lucky, Polk Hig1hrSC'h001 - - 1 2 3 likeable Irene Evans James 'Clifford Ford ..,Rene,, ..Jim,. efliglrlafic, i'Il1'DGfl'U1I'ba'b16, illde- versatile, ich-ivalrous, ambitious Den'd'em Banidi ------ 1 2 3 4 Glee lClulb ----- 1 Hli-Y .---- - 2 3 4 Prom Committee - 3 Debate Cluib - - 3 4 Miichaelena Frances Fedor Law,-ence Dayid Gent "Minnie" -'Lal-ry" Un'0'bU'USiVef earnest, wistful complacent, inldeipenidennathletlc Hi-Y ------- '2 3 4 Baskvetlball - - - 2 3 4 Broadcast Staff - 3 4 Foloiiball - - - 3 4 Harry B- Feflerolf Michael J. German "Harry" "iMike" reserved, intelligent, armbitious tempel-a,ment,a1' loqua ciousy in- Latin ,Club ,,,, 2 3 4 'CalCllldbl8 EresihimanBasketb'all - 1 Football ----- 1 2 3 4 Junior Varsity - - 2 3 Floyd Finch Richard Wayne Ghering "F10yd" "Dick loquaclious, Hiippant, mischievous Francis Finch "Francis" companionalble, mild, friendly quiet, earnest. dependable Alletta Gilliland ..Re,d,, reserved, puzzling, amiaible Glee iCluib --'-- 4 Seniors Glenn Gilliland "Glenn" whimsical, varialble, affalble Albert Salvadore Gracy nAbe,, jovial, lll63'dStl'0ll'g, :animated Band ------- 1 2 3 4 Clhleleurleald-er - - 2 3 4 Broadcast - 2 3 4 Latin Club - 1 2 3 Virginia Loulise Graham "Ginny" amiable, 1'ese'rvv1ed, gay Class .Basketball - - - 1 2 3 4 'l'1'i-Hi'Y ------ 3 4 Broadcast Staff - - 3 4 "Fi-ankliniten Staff 4 Marion A. Gresh Michael Guzma u'Mikeu genltlemanly, tacituru, genuine Jean Marie Gyder ' "Jean" Q brilliant, ldiligent, lplleasanlt French Clulb ---- "Marion" serene, unaffected. diligent Cloclpelrsltolwii High School 1 2 Tlri-Hi-Y -'---- 4 Fl"SlllClh Club - - - 3 4 Raymond Hammerlee "Ham" inldifferelit, lheedless, friendly Dwight Marshall Handley "Dewey" dignilfied. TlOIl1lH'll'tiC', complacent Flootlball ------ 1 '2 3 4 Prom Colmmitte-e - - 3 William E. Harris 4'B'ill" vague, ro-mautic. indolent William Samuel Harter .iHal,p,, iIl1lDiSll1, robus-t, largunientative Baskletlball ----- 1 2 Fooltblall - - - - 1 2 3 4 Ralph Irwin Hasson "Ralph" unassuming, shy, 'willing Robert Wayne Hasson "Doody" imlpish, unprediictalble. devoted 3 Sacred Heaift High School 1 2 3 Dramatic ,Club , . , 1 Glee 'Clulb ----- 4 Band , - , - 2 3 4 4 Hi-Y - - - 3 4 Class Officer - 3 ,W , Seniors Gertrude Hawke Ernest R. Huff "Ge'rty" "Ernie" petite, loqruaoious, jittery gavrrulous, unaslstuming, amiafble Dramatic 'Club ---- 1 2 Oaklanvd High'Sc'hoo1- - 1 '2 3 Joan Heath Gene Herbert Huston "Joan" "Sam" sociaible, verrsatile, athletic ooimbative, misclhievrolus, Class Basketball - - - 1 Q 3 4 tmlbulem Broadcast Staff - - - 2 3 4 S-barge fC'1'ew ---- 12 3 4 "Franiklinite" Staff - - 3 4 Broadcast Staff - - - 2 Tri1Hi-Y ---- 3 4 "Franklinite" Staff - 3 4 Cfa.sti1n1gfC1u!b - - - 2 Norman J. Heckathorn Eu ene G. Hyatt "Gus" "Charley" lndeipend-ent, c0m'pla'isafnt,distanft calm, romantic, playful Dravmatic'Clu4b - - - 17 Juniofr Varsity - - - 2 "Franklin-ite" Staff - 3 4 Hi-Y ----- - 2 3 4 Doris I. Henry James Arthur Jaillet ..Red,, .mme guileless, iaffable, genuine agreeable, 'mu5iC,a1, qpu,rp04S,e.fu1 Orchestra ----- 1 2' 3 4 Polk High wScl1o'o1 - - - 1 2 3 Tri-Hi-Y ---- - 3 4 Glee Club - - - 4 Broadcast Staff - 3 4 "Frank1inite"fStaff - 4 Richard A. Holmes Helena Jawdy "Dick" "Peanuts" dependable, igentlemfauly, illdus' capalble, jolly, 'domestic tmous D Dramatic 'Club - - - 1 2 Casting'C1u'b ---- 2 Glee 'Club - - 3 Latin Club - 4 John E. Hovis Marian Kathryn Kagler "Jack" t'fM81Fi3.D" nonchalant, taciturn, romantic attractive, iblithe, curious Glee 'Club ----- 1 Dramatic 'Club ---- 2 'I'ni-ll-Ii-Y - - 3 4 Seniors Geraldine Alpha Karns "Jerry" able, retiring, sedate Coopers-town Highschool 1 2 3 Alvena lone Keas "Alvena" studlous. wistful, aloof Cooperstown High School 1 2 3 William Keisling "Bill" reticenlt, lpractlical, romantic Footlbfall ----- 1 2 3 4 Htl-Y - - 2 3 4 Nlina Mae King "Nina" unassuming, comlposed. ltolerant Dramatic Uluh ---- 1 Ruth Carolyn Kline "Boots" Dramatic Club - - 1 Glee 'Club - - - - 1 2 Class Basketball - - 1 2 3 4 Baml ----- - 3 4 Bernice Ann Koziara "Bernie" lreticent. earnest. roguish Pauline Anna Kush " Kush ie" temperamental, gay, impish Richard Gates Lavery "Dick" witty. gay, attractive Dramatic Clulb - - - 1 2 G1iee'Clulb - - 3 4 Sen-ior Play - Elva Elizabeth Lawson ..E1va,, honest, intense. reserved Dramatic -Clulb - - - 1 2 Basketball - - - Florence Marie Lehman "F1ossie" dependable. colmpetent, unaslsulm ing Joe Licastro ..Ba'r,, non-committal. persevering, unobtrusive James Lichtenberger "Linky" animated, irrepress-ible, egotis tical Class Basketiball - - - 1 Banfd ---- - - 1 2 3 Drasmfaltic Club - - 1 Hi-Y ---- - 2 3 123 I s Seniors Jack Edward Lytle ".Iia'ck" logical, sincere, thougihnful Oil 'City 'High School - - Josephine Rosalee Manning UJOIY aloof, sincere, purposful Ruth Imogene May "Lighitnin" wistful, calpalble, intense -Sacred Heart High Scihool 1 12 3 Frenoh lClu'b ---- Glee Club ----- Betty Jane Mays Josephine Marie Meehan HJOY, animated, amusing, flippant Sacred Heart School - 1 2 3 Glee Club ---- 4 fm-i-Hi-Y ----- 4 Richard E. Meehan "Dick" reserlv ed, artificiial, sensitive Sacred Heart Higl1iSCh00l 1 2 3 Dwight McAIevy "Dewey" original. rolbust. perilous Gertrude Eleanor McClellan "Betty" "Ge-1'tie" reserved, sensitive, neat efficient. artistic, sincere Glee Clulb ----- 1 2 3 Class Basketball - - - 1 2 3 4 Latin Club ---- - 3 4 Broadcast Staff - - - 3 4 "Franklinite" Staff - 3 4 Tri-Hi-Y ---- 3 4 William G. May Leo McKay "Bill" "Tim" brilliant, unolbtrusive, sincere pensive, calm, dignified "Franklinite"lSt4aff - - 3 4 C00uD6l'StOW1l High - - 1 2 3 Clhiairman of Ticket Com- mittee for 'Senior Play John Grover Maxwell Frances Edwinia McKee "rSlug" 1 "Mickey" sensitive, lhumorous, dreiarny romantic. flippant. tempera- Oavkland High School - 1 2 3 mental Fooitlball ------ 4 Polk High rSicliool - - 1 2 3 Tri-Hi-Y ---- 4 Glee Club - - - 4 Seniors l 3 La Rena Jean McKelvey Josephine Lucille Mong N npetien ..-ION W unique, vivacious, loquacious earnest, methodical, amiable Tri-Hi-Y ------ 3 4 Rocky Grove High - - 1 2 3 3 Latin Clulb - - 1 2 3 4 Latin Club - - - 4 1 Frenclh Club - - 3 1 Senior Play - 4 Lillian McKenzie Ralph C. Murrin "Lynn" "Ralph" aloof, lcalpable, taciturn brilliant, original, humorous Rocky Grove High School 1 2 Broadcast Staff - - - 1 2 3 4 Tiri-Hi-Y ------ 4 Junior Ring lC0mmittee - 3 'Senior Play 'Committee - 4 Margaret Lucille Middleton Gladys lrene Myers ..Peg,, ..G1ad,. stlufdfious, popular, versatile calm. poised, natural Euclid vC1entral High - 1 Orohtetstma. ----- 2 3 4 Prom Clommittee - - 3 4 T-ri-Hi-Y ---- 3 Dorothy Miller Robert Eugene Neil ..D0t,, ..B0b,, devoted. gay, frank diligent. ambitious, active Oil iCity Higih ---- 1 2 Freshman Basketball - 1 Jamestown, N, Y. - - 3 Junior Varsity ---- 2 Tri-Hi-Y ---- 4 Orchestra ----- 2 3 4 Varsity - - 3 4 Metta Elizabeth Miller Edward Novak "Met" "Evert" elusive. tactful, poised mischievous, quiet, content Glee ifilutb ----- 1 2 3 4 French Club - - 3 4 , 'lu-i-nm' - - 3 4 Senior lPlay - 4 i l i I A James George Monarch Dalton N. 0'Connor "Jim" "Red" tenacious. valiant, intent id-ressy, friendly, industrious Dramatic -Club - - - 1 Freshman Basketball 4 1 Football ------ 3 4 Junior Varsity - - - 2 Seniors Robert Stewart O'NeiI "Flash" passive, quiet, obliging Hi-Y ------- Class Basketball - - Helen L. O'Polka Helen Peterson "Helen" icoqluettish, efficient, dignified 1 Dramatic lClulb ---- 1 Prom 'Committee 'Glee Club - - - "1'ri4Hi4Y 3 Willliam Peterson "Helen" "Pete" atihletic, quick, natural satisfied, indlolen-t, almilaible 4Class Basketball - - 1 2 4 Dramatic 'Club - - - 4 Tri-Hi-Y - - - 2 Broadcast Staff - 4 James Patras Paul Arthur Phillips "Jim" "Monk" fp-wficient. +a'mi11'S-in-g. artistic romantic. roguisli, imaginative Basketball lM3.llag'9l' - - George A. T. Patrick 4 Class Basketball - - Frances Elizabeth Plumer ..Sp!a1,ky,. ngeth.. unexcitable, athletic, earnest fclhic, Soipliisticated, radiant Football ------ 1 2 3 4 Glee Club ----- 2 3 4 Track - - - 2 Debate Club - Ti'i4Hi-Y - - 3 4 Senior Play - Ellen Elizabeth Perry Norman Porter nmppien ..Lynn,, attractive. gay, FOII1a11tic slow, unassuming, tractasble T-ri-Hi-Y ------ 4 Dramatic Clulb - - 2 Freu-ch 'Club - 4 Basketlball - 4 Lillian Alberta Perry William Edmond Purvis, III "Perry" "Bill" sensible, sincere, dignified versatile, imtelligent, congenial Polk 'High S-chool - - 1 2 3 Band ------- 2 3 Broadcast Staff - 2 Hi-Y ---- 3 Latin Club - - Seniors Frances Mildred Reagle H. Dean Sechler "Fritz" "Dean" shy, attentive, jolly efficient, since-re. aloof , W Orchestra ----- 1 2 Polk High S-cllool - 1 2 3 Band --hh - - - 1 2 3 4 Jeanette R. Rial Lorin D. Service "Red" "Davey merry. sentimental, petite keen, thoughtful, wlellgbl-ed Rocky Grove High - - 1 Utica High School - - 1 2 2 Glee 'Clulh ----- 2 Leona Rice Ward Clark Sibley "Ollie" "Sill" gay, tGmD9I'HIlleI1l2ll, fli'DD3-lit dignified, c-alpaible, unassuming Latin Club - 1 - - - 3 4 Glee Climb 3 4 T1'l'Hi-Y - 4 Dorothy L. Riddle Frances Helen Sitkoski "Dot" "Frannie" frivolous. frank. amiable diffident, sensitive, pra-ctical Ol'c-hestlra ----- 1 2 3 4 Calldy Committee - - 3 Trl-Hi-Y ---- 3 4 George Lewis Sandieson Laura Belle Smith "Sandy" "Laura" uncornmunicative,' composed, re- gentle, delpglldable, serene Sponswe Card-oza High School Hi-Y ---- 4 Washington, D. C. - - 1 2 Jack 'Clifford Sanford Helen Virginia Sougae "-Sandy" "Helen" al1FIl1l'a'T'- Calm. insatiable amialble, olrilginlal, effilcielnft Freshman Basketball - 1 Class Basketball - - - 1 '2 3 4 Junior Varsity - - 2 3 D,-amiallc Club - . - Varsity ----- 4 'maui-Y - - - 3 4 Glee Clulb - Seniors Richard Donald Stanton Harold R. Swyers ..D0ggy,, ..F1aSh,, loquacious, animated, impislh nonohalant, imipish, casual Dramatic Club ---- 1 Dramatic Cluib - - - - 1 Senior Play ---- 4 Freshman Basketball - 1 Junior Varsity ---- 2 Glee 'Club ---- 2 3 4 Samuel St. Cla-ir Robert H. Swyers KKSa,m7J tlBoibl! conscientious, moody, pensive mirsohievousyprould, diverting Class Baskletball - - - 1 2 Class Basketball - - - 1 2 Football - - - 3 4 Band ---- - - 1 2,3 4 Orchestra - - 2 4 Hi-Y - 4 Donald Wayne Steele Geraldine Louise Tlbbens "Doc" "Jerry" dfexterous, magnetic, casual sincere, capable, lblithe Glee 'Club - - - - - Band ----- - - 1 2 3 4 Mixed Clhorus - - Class Basketball - - - 1 2 3 4 Band - - - - 1 2 3 Prom Committee - - 3 Orchestra - Tri-Hi-Y Grace Steinecker Jack S. Turner "Gracie" "Doc" D0etiC. II1'eI'1'y, abstracted sensitive, fscampish, whole- lhearted Class Basketball - - - 1 Arleen Esther Stevens uNinny:r detached, voluble, reasonable William Stevens UBi1l!l serious, reserved, congenial Dramatic Clulb - - - 1 Glee 'Club ----- 2 Trainer, Football and Basketball - - - 3 4 Dorothy Mae Umbreit .,D0t,, reserved, detached, 'painstaking Rocky Grove High School 1 Frances A. Vendetti "Francie" practical, loquacious, curious Dramatic Club ---- 1 2 Seniors Adrian C. Walton "Red" mild, fdeitacihed, casual George M. Watkins "Hawkeye" asipi-rinig, inept, imipet-nous Chalmer George Wayland "Bud" olbliging. procrastinating, impassilve Marjorie Weiss "Marge" naive, gay, iuudiscrimiuating Cbclhrauvton High Sicihoiol 1 2 Tri-1H+i-Y ------ 4 Elda Mae White "Elda" idhairminlg, diligent, cvonscieintioius Polk High iSc'hool - - - '1 2 3 Homer B. Widel ..D0n,, slh y, iincalculialble, uncritical Jeanne Louise Williams "Jeannie" talented, agreeable. prim Orcihestra ----- 1 2 3 4 Dramiatic Club - - - 1 2 Sitring Quartet 3 4 Grant Wilson "Grant" sentimental, commpliant, srteady Joe Wolozyn ..J0,e,, lblustery, ha:p.p'y-go-lucky.pleasant Assistant Footlbiall lMi3l1- 'age-1' ------ 3 Assistant Basketlball Man- ager ------ 3 Mary Margaret Wood "iMa1'y" gentle, refined, pensive Band ---- ---1234 French Club ' - 4 Merle Darwin Wri ht '1Merle" con siderate, joicos-e, tolerant Betty Wygant "Betty" romantic, -dependent, studious Sacred 'Heart 'High School 1 2 3 Seniors Lucille Carole Young :c!Louar neat, imaygii-native, natural Adaline Grove "Addie" sincere, capable, honest Daniel Francis Spellman HDanl! Junior Vansity - - Footlball ------ '2 3 4 Varsity Basketball - William Williams "Willie" aspiring, naive, -mischievous Clyde Clifton Wood "Cliff" turbulent, amialble, attentive Polk High School - - 1'2 Class History Time has run the course of another scholastic year and graduation days have come and passed with the swiftness of shifting sands. Graduation-a word of repititious meaning: diplomas for the seniors, thrills for the proud parents, :md memories for everyone. In retrospect, we see in the fall of 1935 a group of timid children gravely assuming the weighty role of high school students, under the title of freshmen. Under the kind supervision of Mr. Deane, the class organized and chose Miss Mark as class counselor with class officers as follows: president, Billie Marie XVatkinsg vice-president, Max Barkg treasurer, Betty Edyg secretary, Dick Reamer. Red ffor loyaltyj and whitet for purityj were chosen as the colors to represent this class during the four following years. Our first business venture was a candy sale. All of the confectioners of the class dutifully contributed the fruit of their labors to this enterprise, which the rest of the school generously supported. As sophomores, the class under the leadership of Miss Mark with Billie Marie W'atkins, president, Max Bark, vice-president, Donal Brown, treasurer. Betty Edy, secretary, entered the school activities with zest. They sponsored a skating party as well as two candy sales. They also devised the plan of selling school pins and the whole school was seen blossoming out with emblems of their alma mater. The Sophomore Dramatic Club amused and delighted the student body with their clever performance of "The Pampered Darling" in assembly. The following year, having been promoted to the rank of juniors, the class was organized with Max Bark as president, Bob Hasson, vice-president, Aaron Bernstein, secretary, and Lucille XVilson, treasurer. Because Miss Mark forsook the supervision of our activities to supervise her new home, we were forced to secure il new' class adviser. Fortunately we obtained two counselors, Miss lX'lcClimans and Mr. McCune. Our junior year proved to be a most prosperous year for our class. In the fnll of 1937 a ring committee was chosen and soon afterwards the juniors could be seen proudly wearing their class rings. All the girls of the class loyally turned out for the football games and sold their wares and candy to the unprotesting spectators. The basketball fans of '37- '38 will also remember these same girls as expert candy sales-women. The juniors were proud of the members of the class who made high scores both on the floor and on the held. Selling Christmas cards is an old story, but the juniors put an entirely diFfer- ent light on the subject when, with determination in their eyes, they began knocking on doors all the way from First to Sixteenth Streets, and by their high sales record proved that perseverance surmounts all difficulties. Class History For days the members of the class 'begged from all their friends, acquain- tances, and enemies such clothing or other articles as they wished to discard-and so eloquent were some of the "beggars, that they wheedled scarce-used possessions from their victims. The result was a highly successful rummage sale. Hilarity reigned supreme at a skating party at Sugarcreek where spills, chills, and thrills vied with each other for dominance. To the great disappointment of the Juniors, the Junior-Senior 'banquet was discontinued because of the difficulties attendant upon accommodating so large a group. The wisd-om of the decision was easily apparent and was readily accepted bythe class. On june 10, the Juniors made their farewell gesture to the Seniors through the Prom at Stoneboro. Beaming countenances and happy smiles attested the gayety and pleasure of those present. In assuming the role of Seniors, the class elected jack Zalinski, presidentg Max Bark, vice-presidentg Billie Marie Watkins, secretaryg and Lucille Wilson, treasurer. Miss McClimans was compelled to assume the responsibilities of guid- ance alone since Mr. McCune had been released on leave of absence. For a class existing under such variable conditions as those caused by the several changes in ad- visers, this group has achieved reemarkalble success in its financial status. A When the tidy little sum in the class treasury was announced at a meeting held near the beginning of the year, expressions of awe and pride were seen among the class members, and it was then that we realized how much we owed to our advisers and those members of the group whose untiring efforts had made this possible. Try-outs and practice for the senior play arrived Wirth the winter season. The play presented this year was a mystery, "The Scarecrow Creeps," well supplied with comedy and action. Miss Marjorie Cole, who directed this humorous drama, merits special thanks and commendation for her excellent supervision. At a business meeting, the class voted a gift from the Seniors in the form of a donation to be bestowed on the F ranklinite Staff for the purpose of producing a "bigger and better" year book. Through the persistent efforts of the staff, this aspiration was realized. As the days began to 'lengthen and we read the school calendar for June, we realized how short was the time we had toispend at this school where we have toiled, sorrowed, and rejoiced for four unforgettable years. 'Our final week of tri- umph was set for the period from june 4 to june 9. These days have passed all too swiftly. At last we are liberated from high school worries, but our freedom seems a burden rather than a pleasure. We can only hope that in the future Franklin High School may be proud to claim us, as each in his own fashion strives for success. Shirley Deets. Betty lickles-vivacious, blond cheerleader . . . Albert Gracy--another director of the rah ! rah l . . . Ralph Mur- rin---scholarly editor of the Broadcast. . . Jim Monarch -sports loving co-captain of football. . . Jack Zaliuski- popular president of ithe Hi- Y. . . Helen Peterson-live ly brunette president of Tri-Hi-Y. . . Ralph Beggs- attractive co-captain of the 1938 football team. . . Our ideal girlg Lucille NVilson --editor of this Franklinilff. 'I' ANNIVERSARY NUMBER I AFTER TWENTY YEARS E llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllli HE BROADCAST Franklin High School, Franklin, Pa., June 9,1959 PLANE CRASHES ON MOUNTAIN Co-pilot Successfully Lands Plane After Pilot Jumps rWeeping Willow, W. C., June 9.-A tragic accident and lhercic rescue oc- curred th'is morning at 3 a. m. 'The large Douglas plane, Q-Z '7, had left Bachelor Center at 8:3'9 p. m. and wais on its way to tlhe Field of Matri- mony. In its flight over lSizz1ing Mountain. i-ce .suddenly .formed on the wings 'because -off therapid change in temlpera- ture. A strut on the -wing cracked, and the pilot, William lHarrls, ventured out for repairs. Seeing that the plane was going to craslh, he jumped. lSaim St. ,Clair then took over as pilot. and steered the large ship to eartih. Although the landing was the best ipos- sible under Uhe circulmstances, the plane was -demolished. "Uh-e stewardess, Helen 0'Polka. helped drag lout the passengers: Ernest -Huff and his prospective fbridie, Miss Marjorie Aidaimsg lMisis A-dialine Grove, head of the Information Bureau at wMuvnplhy's, Ho-mer Widiel, -marine fbi- ologist, lMiss Betty Wygant, social worker, lGa'ylo-rd 'Broo-ks, optometrist, James Monarch of tihe diplomatic -ser- vice, lHarold Counislelman, farmed news- paper -cameraman, .anld lHelen Cum- mings, matron at Ziegfel-d's 'Private School. lMedical and surgical tirea-tmefnt was adrministered lby Dr. William Purvis to some of the lpassengers iwlho were ser- iously injured and .suffered from lbroken bones, cuts, gashezs, and shock. All 'highways to the scene of the accident were immediately jammed. Captain Jack Sanford of the State Po- lice Barrackis at Apple Blossom, .ar- rived promptly and took charge of the traffic. SECRETARY OF LABOR WILSON ARBITRATES STRIKE Strikers and Employers Compromise Washington, D. C., June 10- Miss Lucille 'Wilson, Secretary of Labor, today negotiated a settlement in the long-standing quarrel betiween the United W-oiol Gatiherers' Asfsfociat.ion and their employers. The workmen under the leadership of the well-kmown chamvpiion of la-bor, William Harter, were holding out for longer hours and less pay. Their arguments were that they had too many leisure hours to listen to the complaints of their vwives anid that tihe wives lhad too much money to spend. The capitalist interests represented lby lM'iss Joan Heath, 'presi- dent oflSihoddy Wooll, Inc., compromised by granltinig less wpay. 'The working hours remain the same. MATINEE IDOL HASSON CAUSES RIOT IN TIDIOUTE Adlmirers 'M ob Star Arriving in this section for a ipersonal appearance tour, -Robert Hasson was virtually mobfbed' by feminine admir- ers when lhe climlbeid from his 'plane here today. In the crowd :were lMis.s Della Collins, manager of the -Pet Shop, Miss Gladfys Myers of the Noo4Modie Shop, and lMi-ss iRoselm1ary Bennett, city trea.surer, alll former classmates of Mr. Hasson. lMayor Ward .Silbley gave ihim the keys of wtfhe city ,and escorted him to ilftestless Inn wihefre the proprietor, Deane iSechler, accorded him every att-ention. NOTICE KMIEIETIING OF THE BIG 'BAlD WOLVEVS TONIGHT AT EIGHT OIOIJOIGK 'IN "UI-IIE W. O. O. F. HALL. SENATOR CHALLENGES APPOINTMENT Senator .Max Bark. C., today chal- lenged the aippointme-nt of Lewis 'San- dieson as 'head of the Utilities 'Com- mission on the grounds of political im- partiality. SCREEN STAR VISITS Home Town Boy Makes Good in City IFx-anklin, Pa,, June '9.4The first ranking 'box-office star of stialge and screen, Ralph Beggs, formerly of Franklin, returned home to visit rela- tives yesterday. 'The Franklin High School Band fun- der the 'direction of iDick lCfrisweIl greeted the star as his tiraim 'pulled dn at the Pennsylvania Station. IM-any former memlbe-rs of his graduating class who are still .ln F1-anlklin personally welcomed him, an-d th-en 'held a dinner in his honor at the Tea Baill, of which Rutih lMay is owner. Robert -Brooks acted as toastamas- ter, an-d introdlu-ced Burgess William May lwho extended Uhe gireetinigs of the city. The honored .guest gracefully responded. 'Other speakers iinlclu-ded Richard lMeehian, 'local astrologist, Dwight MlcAlevy, president of tlhe Pen- ny Savings and 'I'ru.s't Company, and Bolb O'Neil, 'manager of Insipid! 'Thea- ters, Inc. lMJr. 'Begvgs when lin higfh school was a. ,prominent baskietlball lanid footib-alll player. SCHOO-L REGISTRATION 'COMPLETED Registration for the 19519 school year has lbeen completed with i2,2il5 pupils enrolled. 'Of these 1,'0i0'1 are registered in the Junior-Senior High School. The roster contains Uh-e names of many -children of tihe members of the class of 1'913l9. New courses added to the cur- riculum include one in beauty culture and one in aeronautics. Franklin High School, Franklin, Pa., June 9,1959 THE WORLD OF SPORTS F"'A"2"EWS Edited by Bill Adams FEATHER MERCHANT PREDICTS PRosPERiTv ROMPERS WIN oven + 1-E HORNS IN CLOSE SCORE San Francisco, Calif. Big Rock News The Blue Romlpers all sta-r team of the ll-louse oi' Davld, coached lby :Larry Gent, :won last nite from the Pink Polka Dot ll-Iorns, by a close score, on tfhe Infirmary floor. The hero of the evening proved to lbe Bill 1Peterson wlho tripped over his shadow wlhlle trying to avoid lifting his feet. He sustained severe injuries of the solar plexus and it ts feared the over-exertion of the iplay may resfult seriously. From fthe outset an old-time feud 'bebween Wolozyn 'and lS'pellman threatened tio disrupt the game but Referee Wood maintained a firm hand and :prevented their animosity from spoiling the game. Watkins at for ward was 'held to a low score by Novak wlhlle rOlConnlor easily eva-ded the list- less guarding of Phillips. lPorter and Adams -were unaible to add to tlhe score of their team but tlheir losses w-ere more than offset lby lHovls 'who lplayed a hang-wp game for his opponents. Blue Romper: D. ,Spellllmain-F. ........ ,........ . ...... + '3.0 G. lwiatklns-F. ..... ....... + .5 N. Porter-QC. ...... .... - 1.0 P. 'Phflllllips-G. ...... ....... + .75 G. Adams-G. ...... ....... - 2. 'Total ................................ .............. . ..+1.25 Plnk Polka Dot Horns J. Hovls-F. .................................... -67.2 D. 0lConnor-F. ..... ............. + 10.0 B.Pete'rson-fC. ....... . ....... + .7 E. Nova.kAG. ........ ........ + 3.5 J. Wolozyn-G. .......... .... ..... - . 4 'Total .............................................. -62.4 Referee: 'Clyde Wood. Scorer: Norman Ely. PATRICK VS. WILLIAMS New York, N. Y.-The flgfht of the year wlll be fought tonite in Madison Circle Garden, between George Patrick, famous 'thrown comet" of'Franklin, Pa.. and Wlllile "lMercuiry" lWll'llams, also of that city. 'Because of the weather 'the bout is ache-duled for 'three rounds. 'Tune in -OH YllJH. LION TAMER ILL Jack lbyitle, famouls lion tamer, is suf- fering from a severe nervous 'breakdown caused lby trlght trom a blaJck cat. He is lbveflng attended by his rplhyslclan, the well-known Dr. Lorin Senvice. FAMOUS EXPLORER RETURNS New York. N. Y.-Joseph Licastro, famous explorer an-d hunter, arrived at the Branzonia Pier, today, lbringvinlg with Lhim this strange pet, the one and only Zaimlba Lomey Thellaim Flonganea. In an interview Mfr. Llcastro told the -curious by-standers that his :pet lives only with rodents, especially rats, and eats only clhoicest foods- 'haimlbungers and onionst ' To meet -him at the pier was his wllfe, Fragnfces lMciKee, famous Metro- politan Opera stair. RECORD CATCH Gene Huston, lm-odern Ilzaak Walton, returned today Brom a. two iweeks' tisih ing trip in Canada, Iprouidly displaying a three pound "rm-uskle." Others ln the party 'lJllCIl1d6'd' Dick Gherlng, Richard Holmes and Mike Guzma. WRESTLING BOUT Albert Gracy, champion wrestler oi Sunfken Valley, ,meets 'Mikie German of Little Faime, tonight in what Qpromises to 'be tlhe least exciting mat-ch of .the season. 'To date, thfree tickets have been sold . CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS Help wanted: Gilrl experienced as sec- ond parlor maid. lMuset be alble to speak French, :bait fislhlhooks, and .play lChi- nese checkers fnot too welll. lCall Betty lBolhlender, IR. IM. Wanted: 'Competent tylpist to prepamc manuscript for press. Address lMairior Gres-h, editor "Houseica're .Magazine," Polk, Pa. Wanted: Competent tylplst wishes :part- tlme work. Manuscripts for press a spec- ialty. Add-revss Doris Henry, Box 3101. Wanted: IC1ong'en'ial traveling compan- ion. Must lbe attractive, good-natured generous, patient, able to "fix flats" and adjust engine troulble. Add.ress Jean Gyder, Box 41016. For Sale: 'One lbox thum'bta'cks, souive- nir of l1l9v3I9. Inqulfre, 'Lloyd Brown. For vSale: One copy "Stale Wisecraicksn by James Lichtenberger, Call 708-X. For lSlale: One "Virgil" pony, slightly used. lSe-e Harry Fetterolf. Lost: One copy Wild West Thrillers. Finder, return to Norman tHe-ckathorne. Reward. In an exclusive interview, Mr. How- ard Doutt, president of Gloose Feathers, Inc., :predicted the .return of prosrperi-ty wiithin the next ten years. 'His optimism is Ibased on statistics prepared lby the financial uwizard, Paul Blillig. KARNS KANDY KOLMPANY ANNOUNCES DIVIDEND 'Miss Geraldine Kalrns, president of the Kainns Kan-dy Komlpany, today an- nounced a dividend of 3.00001 on each S.2l5 share of common stock of the oomrpany. Despite the curren-t 'reces- sion, the company lhas lbeen making steady prolflts. BANKER INVENTS NEW VAULT iMr. Leo McKay, -cashfler of the Little Trust iC'ompamy, 'has 'perfected -a ne-w lockvless vault. 'The invention -is said to 'be a lboon to lburrglars. lMrr. 'McKay explains that tlhe safe operates by a 'photographic device so that when anyone approaches, the door automatically opens. As the door opens, each drawer or comlpartment also ls released, gilving the intruders easy ac- cess to the contents of the strong box. FRANKLIN READ SPATS vs. OIL CITY YELLOW SNAKES. The ibaseball season -will open tomor- row wlth the Red lS'pats spattlnig away at the Yellow Snakes at ICfircus Grounds in Sleeipy Hollow 'Park. Although the .Snakes are faivored to win because of their .s-uiper-swatter, Bolb Neil, 'who has the lbiggest 'bill for breaking the windows of Aunt Minnle's pent house, the lSnpats will not lbe 'kept in tlheir lboxes entirely. For pitdher they wlll have Harry Baker, a new- comer, who, although meek, has ac- quired a -good arm for 'pitching things. When asked -his clplnion on tomor- row's game, Hyatt, coach of the Red Sfpats said, "Although many of our run- ners are crippled 'by -rheurmatlsm, we still 'have hopes that we shall be alble to draig them from lbase to lbas-e." Hatter, manager of the Yellow Snakes, said, "'We are sure to win. There is no dofu-bt aibout it aafter our strenuous tnaininlg all winter at Roast Beef lOamp." UEditorlal Comment: lWe shall 'have to fwait and see which team 'will take the victory but whoever wins, let it be salid that lboth tearms .have their moments and both have seefn better days.J Franklin High School, Franklin, Pa., June 9,1959 SOCIETY Miss Petie McKelvey, Editor Phone XYZ Anniversary Celebration. fMfr. -Donal E. Blroiwn and wife, lnee 'Betty Elckelsl celebrated their twentieth wedding anniversary last evening. . Their palatial residence at 'Mud Ave- nue and Deadrmen's Lurch was re- splendent with multi-colored lights il- luminating t'he great Elliott 'Fountain in the formal garden, land beams of light scanning the .grounds provided miuch laughter at the expense of unsuspect- ing guests. The great tables, laden with delicious viands resembled the splendor of 2 Sultan and the sum-ptuousness of tlhe 'feast brought many exclarmations of delight 'from the appreciative guests. -Among those present were the cele- brated Rev. Dwight Handley and his wife. ,formerly YBifllie lMarie Dr. lVilliam Keisling, famous veterinar- ian: Richard Lavery, -the coal magnate, and his fwife, the fo-rm-er 'Beverly Blair, on-ce renowned model for Penney'sg Don Steele, oil multifmilllon-aire, and Mrs. :Steele Knee Marjorie Weiss.J During the -eve-ning, Brian Beaulac presented a fdelilghtful iprogravm of or- gan music. Bridge :Club Meets. 'Miss Isalbelle -Cris-man entertained the memlbers of the 'Talkalot 'Clulb in her 'home last evening. P-rizes 'were awarded to lMisses Leona Rice and Eva Jean Bail. 'The hostess served a low- calorie lunch. Local Club Reorgan ized. At the annual meeting of the 'Lazy Dazy Housewives' Clulb, the following officers were elected: Betty Efdy, presi- 'dentg Minnie Eedor, v.i-cie-president: Nina King, secretaryg and lRamo-na Balker, treasurer. Follo-wling the lbnsi- ness meeting, Beth lPlu1mer, lwell-knofwn textile exfpert, delivered an 'inspiring address on the judging and purchase of vdisfhcloths. Dancing Classes Present Program. 'Dhe dlanoilng pupils of -Mlisses 'Triel Egigtbeer and Marian Kagler .gave a very delightful program for the 'pleasure of their parents last evening. A feature of the :performance was the revival of the Lafmlbet-h 'Walk and the Suzi-e-Q. NOSEY NEWS Frances Vendletti and Bernice Ko- riaira of the lScorc'hy 'Curie-r Beauty Shop and Jeanette Rial of :the Fairfafce Beauty :Salon .returned today from -the Cleveland lBeaiuty Clinic where they witnessed a demonstration of -the new painless fface-lifting process -presented by rElv-a -Lawson, plastic surgery ex- pert. - 'Gene .Hyatt 'has gone to take the rest 'cure at the lSeldom Active Res-ort in .Flori-da. lMi-ss Virginia Graiham has gone to 'South America to .meet fher ufiance, a civil engineer. lM'iss Helen 1Sousae, instructor in physical ed-u-cation -at Uniontown .High School, has resumed the-r du-ties after a ubvri-ef illness. Miss Dorothy Umlbreit, librarian at Reno, 'has returned from spending -her vacation at Kamp Karefree. James Jaillet, local lbairitone, has gone to 'OH Key for treafoment of his vocal chords. :Misses Bessie Adams and Elda Mae White have returned from a !South Polar expedition in search of the Lost Cord. Raymond lHamm-erlee has go-ne to Camp -Idle on Loafers Lake, to spend the summer. He was a-c-com-panied by Russell lC1linefe2lter -and Adlrian Wal- bon. The lparty expects to spend a -busy summer -catching mlin-nows. lMiss Geraldine -Do-wning, literary editor of Applesauce, is home from New Candlewick lfor a m-onth's vacation, Herr depaxrtfment of the magazine re- cently won the national ia-wamd for the least valualble -contrilbution to :mod- ern literature. !Miss Mary Wood, instructor in home economics in Exlcella College, is home for a few days. lM'isses Allfletta Gilliland and Gertrude Hawlke have fgone to Lake Turmoil to enjoy the sufmmer sports. Miss Gilli- land is giving an exhilbition of fancy diving while 'Miss Hawke is demon- strating the latest methods of resuscia- tion. Ralph 1Mufrrin, editor of Daily Gossip at Asparagus Root, has returned from Vassar where he was awarded .tfhe de- gree of Litt. D. for his outstanding achievements in jfouennalism. lMisses wHelena Jafwdy and Betty Mayls, representatives -of the No-Ku-re Hospital, are attending the annual con- vention of nurses -at Remote 'Cross- roads. OLD TIEME SKATING PARTY HELD Friendship Renewed. Tlhe class of 1939 of Franklin High School continued its anniversary cele- lbration of its commencement fweek by holding an old-fashioned skating party at Ruff'-n'Tumlble FSkating Rink on 'Wednesday evening from 16:30 to 8:30. "Uh-e old time zest and agility were somewhat slackened by inlcreasinlg years but the .recollection of similar events of earlier times generated muclh lalrglhter and served as topics of con- versation for themajority of the- merry- mlak-ers. Suffering from 'bruised eye- .brows and fractured to-e nails, most of the skaters were glad to take refuge in any excuse for inactivity, while vis- ions of stiff joints and sore 'muscles clouded many a brow. lHowever, the informality of the occasion Qhelped to -overcome the re- straint which marked the dance :held 'lluesday evening and to renew old friendships 'broken Iby divergent ln- terests and geographical separation. Anniversary Dance Held. On Tuesday evening Uhe members of the Class of 1-9139 comme-m.orated their twentieth anniversary 'by a -formal 'din- ner dance held in the Pink Owl 'Clulh of Franklin. The music was turnished by Lawrence 1Welk and his orchestra, -the old time favorite who played for -the Junior lProm of the class of '3l9. 'The decorations were ried out in the class white. The receiving 'line lMr. John Zalinski, the of the class. l0thers line included the ot'her class officers, Mrs. Dwlglht Handley, lMiss Lucille Wilson, and Mr. wMax Bark an-d 'the class adviser, lMiss Grace Mc'Cl1imans. chlarmingly -car- lcolors, re-d and rwas headed diy former president on the receiving 'llhe majority of the class was present and everyone had an enjoyable time. NEW HOKUNM 'STOCKS A. B. C. 'Company 8: Sons ........ 10.1 Allied Skating .Rinks .................. 2.1 American 'Svtreet .Sweepers ........ 104.6 Bakeless llflryinig 'Pans ................ 11.1.0 Billla.-rd Balls . ......................... ..... 2 4.12 Continental 'Can Openers ..... .. 3:7 Dopey .Avlat-ion ...................... ..... 4 .B Electrilc 'Ear-lMuffs ............. ..... 4 2416.0 Fee fFi Foo, Inc. ....... .. .10 National 'Bankless ...... .. -3.21 Roly1Poly Wheels ..... .. 1.213 Rough Riders ........ ..... 8 .4 Six Minute Bells ....... ..... 2 3.8 Soft lShoul-ders ......................... .. 6.3 Split Slate Roofs ........................ 8.10 Tollie-s 85 1Sollles fCellar Doors .... 49.1 Tulip 'Bulbs ..................................... 2.0! United Garbage 'Collectors .......... 116.9 Franklin High School, Franklin, Pa., June 9, 1959 EVENING-'S RADIO SCHEDULE 6:30-7:00 Uncle Dick IStantonJ on the's Hour. 7: 30+8f'00' Jeanne Williams - Violin Concert. 8:00-8:30 Aaron Bernstein, noted comedian with his famous dummy. Woozy lMeSnoozy. 8:'310-9:0I0t iAunt lSarah's Question Bee conducted lby Janet Beighley. 9:i0v0'-10:00 Jalmes Ford - guest speaker on the Hick Meeting of the Alrlanes. 102010-'10f3'0' iWalter Beers and thi' All 'G'l1rl 'Hill-Billy Orfchestraz Dorothy Riddle, violinistg Ruth Kline, bariton lst: Margaret Middleton, pianist: Ellen Perry, singer: 'Geraldine Tilbbens, saxo phonllstg Erances lReagl-e, jug blower' M-artha Belgihtol, 'singing saw. 1'0:3I0+1'1:0l0 Fireside chat on "How to Enjoy the Dofughnut Hole," iby the President of the Duntker's Society, Jacl- Zalinskl. '11:'00--12:00 Added tfeaiture-B-oft Swyers and his swing orchestra lbtroad- casting :from the lCotton Clulb in Sing Sing where they have a life-time cor tract. FLORENCE LIEIHMAN 'Sucicesisor to Adrian Individually de- signed wardrobes for exclusive clientele NIOISIE .DIVE SIKATING RINK Special tonite: Floor show featuring pokelrsbacked MARJ ORIE ICIHAMIBEIRS GLENN GI LLILAND. Prop "Stay it with flowers" RALPH HASSION Florist Flowers for all occasions SCREWY REPAIR SHOP All 'work done at the leisure of the proprietors. M. WRIGHT--C. WAYLAND Dine at WILLOW 'BEIND INN Delicious f00d-lS0lllIl6I'll .style Under management of LAURA SMITH 85 LUCILLE YOUNG CURRENT ATTRACTIONS Triplets Perform The famous Finch triplets, Floyd. Francis, and Fred, once students orf Firanklin High School, are now appear- ing at the Solo Opera House. As the Three Nut Brothers. Ches, 'Wal, and Hickory, they are giving a grand slam performance, bringing a packed house each night. Noted Lecturer Prof. John Max-well of Dolittle Col- lege will lect-ure tomorroiw 'evening in the Club Room of the library to the members of the Sulb-Deb Society. His topic will ibe: "How tio flash that twin- ning smile." Qulick-Change Artist Coming iMiss Josep-hine Meehan, celebrated quick- change artist, will arrive att the Ritz 'Tfhea-tre Monday for a vweekls en- gagement. Her 'performance twill be a modernized version of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." THE LOUSY PRINTING SHOP Work done while you 'wait- and wait. BOB NEIL-P'ROPRIE.TOR SCRATCIHY DOG PCILUB "Leave your pets with us" Board by the da.y 0-r -week. Phone 9-11-X DOROTHY lM'ILLE'R-H OSTIEIS S DYSIPIEIPIS IIA DELIC AT EISSEN We specializ-e in iPlum puddings, mince pies. apple idutmplings aand spaghetti. ARILEEIN STEVENS-MANAGER 'GMANNISH MODES" Sponsored .by IREINE EVANS ART AND GIFT SHOP Free art lesson with eaeh purchase GERTRUDE lMcCLELLAN BACKWOODS TRAVEL BUREAU excursions to all parts of the eo-unty ALVENA KEAS- JOISEPHINE MANNING MISS DEETS ADDRESSES CLUB Miiss Shirley Deets, noted authority on economics, today addressed the members of the Daughters of .the Ameri- can Depression, on the sufbjec-t: "Yo-u fCan't 'Take It With You." Miss iMetta lMiller, president of the organization, condulcted- tihe lbtusiness meeting and then called' urpion :Mists Lillian MacKenzie, chairman ofthe pro- gram eommittee, lwh-o iintrodulced the speaker. Following the lecture. tea was serlved with 'Mistsfes Helen Peterson and Josephine Mong pouring. LIIJLIAN PEIRRY- IGRJAOE 'S'T'ELNlElClKER Optometrists -See wsQSee well Dlam-ondts Bou-ght and Sold IHIARIOIIJD ISWYERS anfd WIIULIAIM STEVENS 509 East Endicott Street Tutoring: Latin, Greek. Aramaic Write JIAICK TURNER, Box 40'7 CRAM'EM 8: SQUEEZEM Shoe Store Motto: We Pay You to Buy Our Shoes PNULINE KUSH- FRANCES JSITKOSKI Personalized Cosmetics Expert attention to all loustomers MARGARET ELLIOTT Have your 'portrait pai-nfted JAMES PATVRAIS Th-e only living person who paints them on pin-heads. Ghost Writing Articles, theses, disserations on all sulbjects. HARRY BAKEIR-'Cathedral 2l90-X DIC KERT'S DIIME DELIVERY Everything from pianos to toothpicks delivered for a dime Phone: Riverside 123 Tapping soldier, Marian Kaglci' . . . Krazy liat on parade. . . lland stops traffic. . , Loafers. . . Mascu- linc building props. . . Train without a track. . . lirotcsquc rulmher-lwacl. . . . Muscular Klarjoric, the bowling champ. . . "jo" Qldayscedl Mc-chan doing her stuhf. . . llashful lass. . . In full rctrcat. . . Have a ride ?-no, thanks! . . . lf. H. S. fc-mimics. . . Rear view. . . Lads loafing at Lav- ery's. . . nXdx'iscr Mcflimans ex- cortcd 'hy Senator Cochran. . . F. H. S. hoys helping dragons. . . Optical illusion- -fllo you get it?. . . peda- gogucs and playcrs ffootlrallil. . . Roy XYolfe's Hand at Broadcast. . . Studcnls basking in sun. . . llcanc and Nlinnigh guard auditorium door. . . . Slllgcl'-SLllN.'I'l2lllVL'. . , Donald lJuck's rc-lations .... flood friends. . . . I-lrcallilcssly awaiting school tinic. . . Clcanci'-ulwpcrs. . . Ilaloony things. are-n'I lhcy? . . . Scotty, the dragou tamcr. . . jovial XYolfc. . . iXlUI'llil1g1lflCI' Haig hcadl . . . kids. . . . XX'hat's it? . . .XYoopsl slipping! ... lxl1lI'L'gZllS. . Class ol IQLLO Top: H. jackson. G. Mclfalls, B. Stackhouse, G. Manning, R. Graham li. l.elnnan, H. .'Xnderson, B. Strayer, .X. Mays, R. Cramer, K. Berlin, D. Clark, li. Henry, XY. Clulow, G. lfxley, G. McDowell, H. Latchaw, lf. Ilewell, V. Davis, .-X. Beers, G. Frampton. v Second: XY. Mears, D. Reed, M. Clark, B. Iiilder, G. Wasson, l'. Martin, l'. Marezak, R. Brown, rl. Heber, M. Croover, G. Swaney, Cochran, C. Covell, M. Philips, I.. Hoffman, B. Newton. li. Dodds, I.. lYood, .X. faceamo. K. Kopzek. 'l'l1ird: il. Shaetler, B. Boner, G. Stewart, B. Seabrook, N. Porter, B. Myers, li. .Xrc-ntzen, R. Martin, D. Brown, B. Clulow, V. Hines, D. liakin, S. Mays, M. Mcl'herson, M. Downing, M. lispy, C. Reynolds, C. Mosher, B. M c'Cauley, lf. Hoover. Fourth: G. Hutz, N. Davis, G. Smith, R. Henderson, XV. Smith, J. Rial, M. Nalepa, bl. XVoodburn, H. Bonham, bl. Blandin, Kopezek, .I. Sterner, R. Cherry, j. llosack, M. Shouey , H. Neidieh. j. Gilara, V. Cratty. Fifth: R. Petroski, li. Mott, M. Meckley, R. Menz. M. Cathers, li. Col- lins, H. Mason, j. McQuaide, B. Anderson, F. Hall, R. Holmes, J. Hancox, G. lVilliams, B. lfglreer, lf. Bolmer, D. Taylor, P. Wlhitmer, M. Shofstall, E. Rufrn- lmerger, li. Bell. Sixth: l'. Kagler, M. Kennedy, N. Kirkpatrick, E. Perrine, l'. Higgins, Mitchell, G. Marwood, M. Shofstall, F. Graebner, O'l'olka, Lazorka, Spack- man, li. Houghton, S. Hammerlee, D. Harding, VVright, S. Criswell, D. Gent, M. XVile, G. Seely, M. Shepherd. Seventh : M. Maslak, C. Breene, H. Hughes, M. Tirk, M. Vogas, J. Harden- hurg, G. Morgan, Richardson, XV. Rhodes, H. Stanonis, Kozak, R. Snyder, G. Vlaginos, B. McCoy, B. Quinn, S. German, B. 'Cowin, T. Liotta. B. Breene, D. Brown, Bell, R. Melfarland, XV. VVilliams, Desko. lfront: B. Kline, vl. XYalton, R. Ditzenherger, A. Grove. B. l'ratt, M. McClellan, tl, Mcflelland, M. .'Xls'lmerg, li. Clark, B. Rowan, D. Hancox, Miss Rankin, adviser, I". XYalker. -I. Xliatkins, L. Birehtield, R. Davis, lf. Long, N. Dille, S. L-ZICCZIIIIU, XY. lfry, D. Lfotterman, ul. Barron, li. Chamliers, XY. Whitten. Class ol: IQ!-LI Top: M. Scannell, G. Firster, T. Heckathorne, M. NVilson, R. Steinbrenner B. Hill, L. Ditzenberger, I. McSparren, M. Sheasley, J. Eagles, B. Nicklin, Chem- eras, R. Cooley, R. Gilbbons, R. Hoover, Herdzig, D. Wolfkiel, G. Hansen, T Grove, M. Richardson, J. Bell, E. Friggle, Huey, Wilkins. Second: S. Jolley. E. Feldman, M. Keith, A. Austin, J. Covell, M. Curry H. Cutchall, V. Hazlett, M. McClelland, B. Baker, T. Robinson, R. Finch, C Sutton, J. Hanna, A. Bevington, G. Huey, G. Kleckley, M. Jones, G. NVilliams, H Kightlinger. J. Sousae, R. Deeter, J. Mclilhaney, T. Hied. Third: E. Fulmer, D. McDowell, B. Evans. L. Cokeane, V. Baker. B. XVhit- man, G. Morrison, B. Waite, S. Sustak. A. Burke. A. Slocum, li. Frankenberger. J Reagle, C. Sutherland, D. Pyle, T. Cotterman, E. Kozalla, Marando, D. Spencer J. Smith, F. McLouth, VV. Rogers, G. VVinkler. Fourth: V. Phillips, A. Leyda, Sweetapple, B. Coast, lf. Ream, D O'Brien, K. lVheeling. P. Singleton, P. Fagles, F. VVygant, VV. Wfilkins, B. Adams J. Lippincott. V. Scanlon, E. Rial, R. McVay, M. Leta, F. Koppel. F. Kozek, B Riddle, llangello, P. Blair, Kiskadden, L. Long, S. Ferrare. Fifth: L. Leyda, B. Stackhouse, li. DeLong, G. Hoovler, M. Thies, M. Pasquale I. Friggle, J. Grossman, C. Gilbwbens. A. Black, T. Fry, Kooman. C XVhitehill B. Blair. C. McDowell, V. Perry. B. Gebhard, C. Fonzo, T. Cuzzola, B. Titus, li Stewart, F. Scott, G. Schreffler. Sixth: T. Pasquale, Sibley, D. Simpson. H. Hoovler, Furst, C. Goss H. Lindsey, Kostek, B. King, B. Geschwinder, XV. DeArment, G. Hazlett, M Baker, B. Hovis, D. Harris, C. Mattern, A. Usoff, R. Lake, C. Gyder, XV. XVood R. Baker, B. XVarren. Seventh: M. Shakespeare, F. Hanna, R. Lake, F. Kightlinger, P. Rhinehart B. Heber, F. Boughner, G. Baughman. T. Robertson, V. Lawson, R. B-lair, ll McCarthy, McGriff, VValter, M. Bean, ll. Baker. M. Riddle, l. Fedor, A Guzma, Sterling. M. NVhitcomb, J. Davis, M. Moffiitt. Front: M. Phinney. L. Hart, XV. Collins, M. Huston, J. Ferry, K. Berlin. R Deets, M. Zalinski, J. Biery, Miss Minnigh, adviser, F. Zagar, S. Bernstein, R Ray, P. Heath, C. Ritchey, XV. Karns, C. Griifen, H. XVilson, D. lleepels, L. Doll lass of I942 Top: I. Ifov. ll. llvrer, I. l'zL1'lts. H. Smith. C. Minnicli. A. Kcelv, K Nc-cly, NY. lfxli-y, S.-SZlXt0l1,'hl. Lilckey, R. lliekert, Mong, l'. Hazen, Y. tioocl- will, Y. McClellztntl. M. Pyle. R. Anderson. I Black, M. l'r:1ll, .Y Sll'i1j'61'. L Stevens, IJ. lllztclc, R. Mztrstcller, M. lXla1'tin, I. Cochran, ll. Zanhiser, C. Arentzcn Second: l'. Mclionzilrl. lf. Kreger, K. Iones, J. Mzwcliilirocla, S. lJeMille. D l'lK'lll'IllK'l'gl'l', Ii. lxistlcr, VI. lJlt7Cllllf'I'Q'CI', li. Hellyer, NI. Shorts. H. Harris. R J ' ' J J Mt-ya-rs. IJ. limwn. ll. Phillips, M. l':1scluz1lc, M. 'l':u'ncski, li. Vzingcllo. ll. lieving- ton, ll. l.owi'ic. ll. Lawson. Y. Keely. L. Johnston, M. McCracken. .I. McCz1rtci' M. Miller, ll. Sltczlslcy. .I. Kugler. 'I'hircl: C. Mitchell, 'I. Vzircloe, l3. Uoclfls, H. YV:titc, S. Novak. D. Spencer ll. Spciicc-i'. C. Cozzul. K. Kline, A. Alter, L. Cokeane, M. Livingston. l'. llL'l'I'f',, A tiroovcr, Ii. Henry, IJ. Hzizlctt. C. tioral, ll McClelland, D. lirown. M. Mctiill -I. Snyclcr, M. Smith. lf. Hughes. .I. Kzlnflnztn. Ifourth: ID. Koppel. li. Hztrris. C. Rltinclzzirt, l. Kleckley, lfulkerson, A llmwii. -I. XYeston, H. Smith, ti. lltt. DI. Hall, ll. Ritchey. M. lfwing. A. Helier, S I XYilson, C. Keclclcy, li. XYolfkiel, lf. lxiclclle. L. llrown, XY. Umhrcit. ll. Shoup' l. Rcctl. M. Mzihles. A. Minnick, H. Collingwood, lf. Hunter. lfifth: ll. Miller, H. Deinpsey, G. Kelsey, XV. Sinith, XV. XVilson. L. MC- l'l2lI'l1ll1ll. 'I. l'il'C0lI'l2lll, bl. tirhlrons, lt Mears, A. lage, lu. lwigglc, M. Snyder, A lk-Long, M. Scutellzt, R. Matte-rn, M. Allen, M. lit-iglileyl, DI. Cricler. M. Rfllllllgilll I". Serge, M. XYcitzel. N. XY:1tkins. XV. Moore. lf. liztbrys, Sixth: Ci. Stcineclcer, D. Rowan, N. XVoods, D. Rial. XY. Keith, T. Mc lninch, ti. lfuhncr. C. Morrison, I. Owens, D. Connolly, IS. Hiecl, ti. llreenc. R tiilliluncl, Y. XYlllllllCl', H. Montgoxnery, K. Osler, li. Ream, li. Kendzoir. L. Riexnen sclnicirlcr, bl. Hinclmun, ll. Mitchell, l-3. Myers. Roinanchak, C. Matthews, G Sustulf. Seve-ntliz ti, lXlCCutcht-on. N. XV:1lters. L. Huling, A. King. H. Long, D Sliotlstull, A. Sciziwonc, lf. l.:1tcliaw, .I. NVz1ylz1ncl, li. McCullough, li. Anclrews. R l.oxx'1'im', l'. lligliliclrl, ll. XYolcott. S. XYiclel, lf. Vzlsquale, lf. Ritchey. li. Halter, I3 tnhhonf, ,Y lloguc, M. lirittni, la. lXlzn'stcller. -I. lxinsncr, H. Lake, X . l'ortei'. A Usolli. lfront: l.. l'etci'so11,hI.blollcy. C. lirovc, G. llrztnnon, R. liurkc, li. Traclisul ll. lla-rin. 'lf Serge, l.. llelfiorc. 'lf l.:1zo1'kz1. l-. l.z1tcli:1w, .I. Ancl-.-rson, XY. 'l'hoi'n .I . , . . . . , . . . . , , . gate, lu. limnriclq, lx. LVISINIIII. li. Ilovis, lu. Collins, H. lzitterson, L. lxoss, lx Linclscy. M. liznnhle. C. Montgoim-ry. lf. Atlnms. l.ittle elves ofthe Junior Class do their hit at the games . . . XYalter lleers and Dick Lavery View an ex- citing game from the vantage point of a step latlrler. . . three good suhs, German, Spelhnan, and tierman. . . the line-up preparecl for action. . . lflliutt, Haylctt. lfckels, and llrown pose for the canclicl camera. . . Mr, l'errine as ticket-seller gives ser- vice with a smile. . . the perils of a pliulugrapliefs life--Mr. Sealmrnuk Snaps the lmanml in formation. . . Z1 group nl' Tri--Hi-Y girls lencls a cheery aspect at Camp Caleclun. . . Beth gives us that personality smile while .Xlhert watches curiously. . . line speetaturs at Miller-Sibley lfielcl. . . fnur gay gals of the junior Class pester the spectators with "candy, peanuts, popcorn.". . . Miss Minnigh and Dick Cl'lSXYCllC11jlJf'lll?Q' their purchases at a local ganief careful, Dick. 'Z' kdm I I P I D P M II KQIQQLKXXX I Vffffff IL! HRK I - xx fffffj ' Q in mm f ll Y fs N X iv M 4 F . nf. Cie lla n Q 4 5 ITE bw. 3 Q 46 gpm 'S I A M 5 A . 5 ig XS , , Har, ffl 5 . Sift X Q sa imvww AW iv . , A x X is ,S w X X ' S? 'iw ' .. X K x M ,H , A 5 Q rw X- Eg 5 if Q, .X X 5 5 A . ,N - if Q, 1 A y p sl ' is 'V N 5 ,. " Football Monarch--Plenty of fire-so much that in one year he became a fine player and leader. Team-mates recognized this ability by electing Jim co-captain. Beggs-Snake hipped, pass slingin' half 'back-great team player. It will be hard to fill "Baggy's" place. Co-captain. Patrick-Fast, so fast twentieth fbirthday caught up to him in mid-season- first four games played fme ball-finished with his best. That's the idea, Pat. Gebhard-Big enough to be toughftough enough to be good-should give Franklin a fine tackle in the next couple of years. Gent-Two letter -man-completed two years of effort in great style. Rememlber: Oil City 6-Franklin 6! ' Hancox-junior-has made up his mind to play, halffback and is well on the road. More power to you, Ujitterbugf' Hanter-"Bill" played the game for all its worth-club clown every place bwt on the gridiron-nuff said. Adams-Never discouraged-took plenty of thumps as "dummy" for the varsity-took them so well he became part of it. Keisling-A plugger that never quit trying and as a result received well earned honors as a guard. Good luck, Bill. Fonzo-Great blocker, fast learning the art of.quarter back-predict he will be one of Franklin's greatest. Watch him! Handley-Steady, relialble Adonis of the football team. Too bad, girls- He's already tagged. Hovis-If effort counts, Bob will be a great guard. We will be watching for those reports. Zalinski-Steady-hardworking-very, conscientious-all county guard- greatly improved this year-more power to you, Jack. Cuzzola-Big, rugged and willing-always trying-learning fast. Two years left to show how tackle should 'be played. A fine bunch-some will return to represent our school again, for which we are sincerely happy. Others will tackle the tough old wlorld and we wish them the best of luck and hope that this training will make it a little easier for them. Football l-...M Coach Francis "Cowboy" Siegel, aided by a tireless group of Franklin High School warriors, restored its earlier prestige to Nursery football during the 1938 season, when the Red and Black raised the football enthusiasts to a new high de- feating such stellar rivals as Titusville. East Brady, a11d our Alumni. The highly rated Meadville Bulldogs, perhaps the finest team in the west- ern part of the state, were taken by surprise when Franklin dominated the play in the first half of the game. However, Meadville recovered in time to rout the Franklinites. The annual war between the Nursery and Oil City was fought under the lights for the first time in the history of the two schools. It was a nip and tuck battle with Franklin holding the Oilers to a 6-6 tie to win at least a great moral vic- tory. The 1938 team avenged earlier defeats at the hands of East Brady by win- ning a decisive victory. jack Zalinski received the honor of being elected a member of the all-district team. while Hill Harter, Ralph Beggs, and Jim Monarch were given honorable men- Opponents Alumni ............ .. tion. Coach Siegel SEASON'S RECORD Franklin Franklin Greenville Franklin ........... .- ..... ' Franklin .....,..... ..,...,,. 3 2 lfast Brady Franklin Meadville Franklin ........... ........ T itusville Q Franklin .,,........ ...l.... X Varren ........ j il V Franklin Grove City Franklin I' ranklin ..i........ ........ Corry .,..... Oil City .... Basketball This year's edition of the varsity basketball team boasts one of the best records a Franklin quintet has ever compiled. Although they lost both games to Oil City, these were the only losses suffered by them through their regular schedule. They won two games from Guys Mills, Grove City. Rocky Grove, Meadvillc, Union City. Titusvillc, and Corry and one each from the Alumni, Brookville, and Silver Creek. The team was taller than the average Franklin team and when "hot" could display an unlimited amount of power as well as an air-tight defense. At the close of the regular schedule they entered the .Xlleglteny-liiski Tournament but were eliminated in the opening contest by Swissvale, semi-finalists. SEASON'S RECORD lfranklin Franklin 50 l'T1lIllillll ..... .... ...,..... 2 J Franklin Franklin lfranklin lfranklin lfranklin lfranklin lfrankl in l7ranklin lfranklin F . lfranklin lfranklin Franklin l?'ranklin lfranklin lfranklin l' ranklin Franklin 1 .........3O T 50 I ranklln ..,.,,...,. ......... -l V6 24? l F w .,.......fJ0 .....-lll '77 Opponents Grove City .................................... ll Guys lXlills ..... ...... . .l-l Silver Creek ..... ......... l -l Alumni .. ....... ..,.,. . .l5 Guys Mills .... ......,.. 2 l Brookville ,,..,... ,..... . .22 Oil City .....,...,.... ......... l 7 Rocky Grove ..,.., ......... l N Cnion City ........ ......... 2 0 M eadville ...... 'llitusville ,,.,,, Corry .,..,,.., .. at . .......,, 18 .22 Q Grove City .....,.. , ....... . 1 on city ............ Rocky Grove . .... .....,... l 5 Cnion City ........ ......... 3 6 lllcadville ....... .......... 3 7 Titusville ...... ........ 2 fl Corry '....... ......... .,,.,,.. 2 l Swissvale ..,... . ......... 49 Coach Sigel Basketball Charlie Rhoads-junior-guard-experienced-good passer-will be great asset to F. H. S. next year. Hob Neil-senior-forward-excellent shot-good defense man-chosen forward of johnson's All Sectional Team-fine "set" shot. Dan S1mellman-senior-center-good shot and good defense rnan-depend- able at all times. Ralph Beggs-seniorwguard-two year man-a good defense man and an excellent passer-fine drilxbler. Hob Titus-junior-Mforward-very fast-excellent passer-good team- worker-should team with XVoodburn to form excellent forward comibination next year. Larry Lient-senior-center-was the main "cog" in Franklin s attack- set a new individual scoring record in Section Two competition. jack Sanford-senior-guard-good defense man--good teamwork-ex- celled in getting possession of the ball. jim Woodburn-junior-forward-good shot and good defense man- baclcbone of next year's team-a southpaw artist. Bill Adams-senior-capafble reserve at all positions-absence will be felt greatljt 'D' 1 L Q f 1,1111 111'1lXYIl'S V1Il11l1ll1L' - f1111t- s111'1-1' f111' C111-1-1'11-11111-rs. . .XY11s11 '1-111 11111. 11'1'i11g' '1-111 11111. 11111111 '1-111 PN 1111 1111- 11111-. . . C111-1-1'11-11111-1' 111'1-1111s 11-1'111'11 111 1111111 j1111111. . . .11l1l L'111'11- 1':111, 111111- S1l1L'S1ll21ll71J1- 11111-1111gs. . . . Miss 311111111111 111111 "lJIl1H su- 111-1'1'is1- S1111- 111 1'1-1'1'1-5111111-1115. . '1'i111s1'i111- 111111-11s Il l1'llI11-H 1-v1-ry 1111111 1111i11g his 111111. . . 1111113111111- 511111--1'1-1111yf111'111'1i1111. . .511-111111111 11111 11-1111 111111111i11. . .111111g'1--111111gc 11f1111- f11111111111 111-111f11111s111111 111s- si1-s s11'11p11i11g quips 111-1111-C11 11111v1-s. . .11-11sc 111115011-sf-11111011f111 1-yes - 1111 set. . . L'11111'11 S11-gel gives 111s1 111i111111- i11s11'111-1i1111s. . . Mr. 91110111-1' i11 c111111'f111 1'1-g:11i11 101111s 1111- 11111111. . .1111- 11111111 1111111111-s 1111- 111-111 111-1wcc11 111111'csf- 11cX1c1'1111s 11l'lll11 1l1Zljl1I', 1g11llldiIl, 11-11115. . . Cl11lL'1l Sicgcl 11-11s 111c boys 111111 10 11'i11. . .11-11s1- 1-y1-s 1'1-vicxx' 1111- 1011111 11s 1111- s1-111'1- is 111-11 111' ll 111111'11- 111111'11. 'I' Cnwarcl, Franklin Onward. Franklin, onward, Franklin, Plunge right through that line, Run the ball around Oil City. A touchdown sure this time. Rah! Ra Onward, Franklin, onward, Franklin, Fight on for her fame. Fight, Franklin, tight, And we will win this game. 'Z' Rah ! Golf Team This ya-:tr l'il'IlI1lillll lli will lu- i'c-pi'v- st-ntc-il un tlu- gulf links hy :1 tilu- ta-ann, Cn:u'lu-fl hy Klr. Sigvl. ln tlu- fzill try- ntits, l.:n'clc-n llnttinztn, Nlztrthri Klcl'lu-r- sun, Huh Lnwin, l'i':inl4 Klflmtitli, and 'luck llu-ry hnislu-cl in tlu- nriltr n:tnu-tl XXI- hziyc inntclu-s with Nlt-:ulyillt-, Titus- villt- gmql lmssilmlyx 5llIll'tlll. XX 1- luilu- to inzilcn- Z1 gtuul sluiwingg in tlu- liistrict lO nu-ct in hlllf' znul liztyc :lt lt-:ist mu- rcp- rt-st-i1t:1t1vt- cligilnh- tn t-nu-1' thc Stzttt- ln- twsclinlclstic Qil11lI11lbltJltSlllll lu-lil :tt l't-nn Stzttc-. Cheer Leaders cllIl'.lXX'lJ,ll1l'l'L'.fllllf.'l'lll'l'L',IXYH,11110.ftllll' lllluu liar? lllllilt fur? XYliu'i'0 ynn giving tn yt-ll fur? l'11nlylin'lQthll ,., . . 4 . 1 .. llu- :tir rings with nizul shunts :ts the nuvh flu-L-rs tlu- tt-:tins tn victory. Clzul in snztiflw SllllStll-lllZlCli1l11ll rt-rl. lk-tty lfclicl :nul .-Xllu-rt tirrlcy, sc-ninrs. :nul .lztne Sivztclfiiiztii :nul .luv l,:izm'l4:1, jtiiiinrs gt-tu-rzttc this spirit in tlu- spurt fans. 'l'lu-y have :uhh-rl snnu- nc-w yclls to uni' i'a-pt-i'tnii'c :nul hztyt- alrilh-tl snplin- lNtlI't'k'1llIlllllIllt'SZ1SIll1'll'SllL't'l'SStlI'S. Stage Crew ll,-hiiul tlu- su-iu-s of l7i':inl4lin lligh Scluml IK'l'l-IH'll1Zlllk'K'S, tlu- stzigc Crt-w' plays :ln llllltthftillll rule. lfycry inz1jm':11ulitor- inm liI'tlgl'1lIll is Il lwzulgc- uf its alctiyity. lzspcfiztlly ctlicicllt wt-rc thc hzu-l-cstzlge stztlwzlrts fm' '38-IW: ticiu- llnstun, man :mga-rg tu-ni'gc llutz, ticiu- Mclfzills, Rich- ard liruwn, Lhzirlcs tiyclcr, :nul black lit if minan. llnring tlu- scluuml tc-rm, they h:nullc'd thc- sn-ttings fur many mitstznuling pro- grzuns, wlu-tlu-1' pn-st-ittt-cl hy thc sttulcnts ur ln' iimip-mtt-cl tztlcnt. 'lilu-ii'jcil1hztslnvvn wc-ll clmu-. Popularity Winners llctly lfclqc-ls znul Stu- -lnlln-y lu-ppy Ulu-4-i'h-:ulci's tic-cl in i':u'c- fur nunsl pnpu l:n'cn-wl...-l:u'lcf:1linsl4i ply-:ts:tnt, sniil ing. :u'tixx- nuist lmpiilui' luuyi . . llc-yt-rly lllnii' cluiscn :ts lFL'l4Stlllllllffllltlll nt' Inva- llIIL'SSIlHtllbL'1llllvY... llnn Su-t-lc llil5lll-lll, lilu-:tlmlc -lac-st hurlqing luuy. . , lk-th l'linncr - tliscriniinztting in tztstt- littsl mln-ssccl girl, . . linn llrnwn :u'cl:nnu-tl :ts lu-st Y flu-sswl lmy. . . tlrzuw- l lzigiiuis :nul .X:n'nu llt-rnstt-in w ist--ci':u'l4iiig slut-ciztlists - s L-:tsily cmuwtlt-il llu- twn wittu-st nu-nilu-rs nf tlu' svlunrl. ??W?QfgZ7ZyMv,wigwfwgygewwmqgvwgi ff A Wijf "WV 4 f Q.,,,,,m"4"'?0 my 'Y : . ,A 1? . AGr ,,,.w'+eJ v .5 iapae S is LMJ'j50C'n7 Mwogff-1 ?S? b? pit- ,831 ix Q wb fff-.M 5i':U,,M "Mfg SE Q Q f' fy "Y-gwh, H. 51.5 4'???':1f,.iv- mai Z '9 Q55 ld W if ,M 5 ' gf+Zgw,fMQ5u'g?4f?4I,?4Z-W' sf uf'Fw' 5 QWwMp5?TQwi?"VM 0' 'I ' vvlh-u.. 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N11111-111-11,111111111c11111111i111'1-:black Zl111llS1i1, lJ11'1g11t 1111111111-y, LXIIIX 11Ill'1i, 11111 l+'1m1'11, 11I'1llIl 110111111112 11111 11lIl'X'1S, 11L'1L'Il 1,Utl'145l111, 111-1 ligg- 111-1-1'. 1X11lI'g'Ill'L'1 K1111111111111, 111'lty lf11y, 11k,'l'l'y '1'i'1v111-11s. 111111 1.111'111c XX11s1111. Prom Snaps -lim-1'lmg'a l1llllilllg'ClClCl' out of tlu hllig' .Xppln-" .... Xftcr lccliuus tum tripping almul ilu- Qltilllllllg' siluarc, lllurlvlmy aml lQlL'llliI'llS pause fm' a ln'cal'ln-r. . . Klum' ll. M. s aflml mural Support to our prmn. lii11clufsn:1p'y. M. X. l.. prying in on l'c1'ri11c faml gall who was trying to lcmlq plcas- aut. . . llmc svmlml ut a suvccssful prnm. . . Yan 'llassvl :mal lltlllllillll look nice for tlrc lmirclics ...A X fast stop lmy Mu1'1':1y aml f0l'llllR'. . . l.illlc l.m'ml l"auntlc1'uy in SLlSlWllllL'l'h. .. . lfxprcssirnlw fit for l,l.f.l'. . . Yis- iturs tl1m'uug'l1ly enjoy lmspilality. . . . l'e4lagog'ucs and visitors rcsl XYl'Zl.l'y lmamls aml faccs in pmlu lmolll. . . liuml placm to rest wlu-11 . V.-. tm-1l,ul1.l-nlllcr Q un, cum f .9 ww l938-l939 Svpfvnzbm' Back to school after many varied vaca- tions. lts hard getting into the harness after being loose for three months . . . game with Greenville 0-0. . . XVe defeat Alumni 13-0. . . . Kryl Symphony Orchestra affords un- usual treat. October VVe win from East Brady . . . night game with Meadville--a cold night . . . First skat- ing party of the year held by Hi-Y and Annual Staff . . . lose to VVarren . . . exciting game with Grove City . . . successful Senior Hallowe'en Hop-Snappy decorations. .N70'Z'4.'HlI7?l' Hunting days are here again. . . Night game with Oil City-Tied score, 6-6. VVhat a game! . . . Tri-Hi-Y entertained Hi-Y and football team. . . Days get snappier and snappfier. . . Thanksgiving vacation with lots of turkey and trimmings. December Christmas shopping. . . The girls are won- dering what their boy-friends will give them. . . Senior play, "The Scarecrow Creeps' '... vacation time. . . See you next year, "same time, same place." January New Year's greetings exchanged all 'round. . . Basketball game with Alumni. . . Sophomore skating party. . . Oill 'City gives us our first defeat, 11-17. . . Anson Jacobs in assembly. . . mid-term exams. . . Band Concert. . . First Sweater Hop. . . victory for us at Corly. I938- I 939 February America's No. 1 Autograph Collector in assembly. . . "Be My Valentine". . . second defeat from Oil City . . . Sweater Hop . . . ,lohn McGuire, from the F. B. I. in as- sembly, . . . Hollywood trained dogs per- form for us . . . Debate Club skating party. . . . "The Knave of Hearts" by eighth graders. Remember the cooks? .M arch Orchestra Concertg our talent displays itself. . . Hucke1'berry Finn presented 'by Has- con Players. Huck, what long hair you have ! . . . skit given to advertise "Franklinite"- What a surprise from the rear of the audi- torium! . . . Titusville a cappella choir. . . Tri-Hi-Y skating party. April April showers. . . clothes, clothes, and new clothes. . . the boys spend their hard-earned for hard-coaxedj money for corsages. . . we entertain the Pennsylvania Forensic and Music League of the Northwestern District for the annual contests and thereby win a holiday. . . Sophomores sponsor post-Easter dance. . .Problems of Democracy class make annual pilgrimage to Polk. May Mr. Markham presents "Beauties of America" in assemlbly. . . Our sins of omis- sion lbegin to loom large as the days of final reckoning draw near. . . Fran-klinite of 1939 appears-everyone turns autograph hound. . . . Combined bands of Warren and Frank- lin give concert. . . Senior assembly-the beginning of the end. func Seniors wander aimlessly about the halls -with regret. . . rehearsals for commence- ment functions progress. . . Baccalaureate sermon, class night performance, the ban- quet, Commencement exercises, the Proin- all pass in swift succession. Another class writes "Finish and another book is closed. Senior I-lallowe'en Dance On the night of October 29, the new gymnasium teemed with mystery and merriment as the seniors sponsored their Halloween dance. Black and orange "trimmings," balloons. pumpkins, and a stately skeleton created the appropriate atmosphere. The F. H. S. "jitterbugs" swung their partners to the music of Roy XYolfe and his orchestra. To revive their flagging energy, the dancers patronized the refreshment counter where pop and doughnuts were dispensed. Then off they whirled to a new spasm of truckin' or the Lambeth walk. Thus the time sped too quickly and the "lights-out" signal met a chorus of protests from the instatiahle merrymakers. THE COMMITTEE Sinndgcd faces, dirty hands. aching backs, reprimands for unprepared lessons-these were th: lot of the com- mittee which labored for the success of the llallowe'en dance. 'l'heir reward lay in the pleasure and enthus- iasm ot' the revellers. The dance was planned by .loan lleath, l.arry lient, l'etie Klclielvey, Hob Neil, Kletta L , .. - ' . ss lXlCClll1l1lllS. II II Band In F Formation James Blandin, drum major - - Mr. Stocker, director C ornets C lairnets Baritoncs VVilliam Purvis Eugene RiCh31'd50U Dick Criswell Dean Sechler Mary W00d Ruth Kline James Woodiburn Robert Svvyers Geraldine Smith Marjorie Chambers Leonard Wood Henry. Kightllinger Rofbert McCullough Barbara Eggheer French Horns Charles Rhoads Gail McClelland Willbur Myers William Anderson Tom Fry Basses Wilbur Collins VVayne Clulow Harry. Hoovler Oboe Herbert VVilson Doris J. Cotterman Albert Gracy Erma Jean Houghton Margaret Alsberg Joan Hancox VVesley Fry -loan Bell Eleanor Chapin Richard Brown Bill King Theodora Pasquale Wayne Mclllhaney james Barron Anne Leyda Kenneth Smith Giles Morgan Bassoon Betty Eckels Flutes Betty Clulow George VVinkler Max Bark Evelyn Rumberger Trombone.: James Blandin Lloyd Brown James Lichtenberger Bob Hasson Don Steele James Ford Drums Jack Biery Ralph Cooley Gail Shreffler VVayne Rodgers Jean VVatkins Saxo ph ones Eugene Dodd Charles Goss Geraldine Tibbens Band The -band with sixty uniformed members is now in its fourth year of de- velopment. In that time it has raised its standard of performance and service to the place where it ranks with bands in any school of equal size in the state of Pennsyl- vania. In the music contests of the spring of 1938 the 'band won first place in the Northwestern Pennsylvania District and second in the state. It played for the home games in football and basketball and, on January 26, gave a concert to a packed auditorium. The uniforms with scarlet coats and black, trousers make a striking appearance. Soloists at the concert were Richard Criswell and Max Bark. Gail McClelland is president. The Glee Clubs The boys' and girls' glee clubs have been working with the aim of having an important place among the music organizations of the school. Both groups have enlarged in size. The girls have done especially good work this year and sing with tone and balance that is unusual. The boys have learned a number of songs which have been performed in assemblies. The two groups made a public appear- ance as a mixed chorus, thus anticipating a reorganized A Cappella Choir for next year. Margaret Elliott and Jack Zalinski are president of their respective clubs. Orchestra The orchestra has made vast improvement this year. It is composed of fifty members and is well-lbalanced in each section. On March 2 a concert was given in which the orchestra performed symphonic selections such as "Light Caval- ry" and "Finlandia" with exceptional precision. The string section alone played a "Sonata for Strings." With a determination to rank in prestige with the band, this organization also entered the Forensic League Contest and performed credit- ably. Robert Neil is p-resident. Tri-I-li -Y Under the able leadership of Miss Minnigh, the Tri-Hi-Y. with Helen l't-tcrson, president, joan Hancox, vice-president, Betty Brown, secretary, and Doris Henry, treasurer, was atble to uphold the high standards of this clutb, and was suc- cessful in its attempt to create, maintain, and extend higher standards of 'Christian character throughout the school and community. ln addition to the regular meetings, the Tri-Hi-Y carried on many extra activities. .Xt the beginning of the year. they held a "get-acquainted" party to in- troduce the girls who wished to become members. Later these girls were otticially received into the club at an induction service. In November, the group entertained the Hi-Y and the football squad at a delightful dinner party. They also put on a dinner for the Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y rally. The club was especially active during the Christmas season. They had a party, gave pound offerings and toys for the Chirstmas baskets, and sang carols for the shut-ins of the community. The Tri-Hi-Y club also sponsored many, school activities for the pleasure of the students. They had basketball schedules printed, were one of the four organi- zations which sponsored the Sweater Hops and in March, the club gave a skating party. Besides the activities given for the pleasure of the school in general. the Tri-Hi-Y held dinners and swimming parties for the benefit of its own members. 'U' I-li-Y Under the able leadership of our adviser, Mr. Perrine, this was one of the Hi-Y 'Club's biggest years. The old members started the new year with a member- ship drive and twenty-five new mem-bers were inducted into the club at an impressive service held in january. This brought our membership up to a total of fifty active members. The club helped the school during the football season by giving schedules of the games to all the Junior and Senior High School students, and by building the bonfire for the pep meeting held before the Gil City game. The members joined with the Franklinite staff in sponsoring two skating parties and with the Tri-Hi-Y and junior and sophomore classes in sponsoring several after-school dances. Late in the fall, the club was host at a rally of the Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y clubs of the county., and also sent four delegates to the Older Boys' Conference held at Oil City. At Christmas time the mem'bers repaired toys for the Red Cross. The club sponsored a basketball team which did far better than any previously representing the organi- zation. In March the members had a Father and Son banquet. Regular meetings with a speaker were held every NVednesday noon. Each june the officers of the club are sent to the Hi-Y Training Camp at the Erie Y. M. C. A. camp on Lake Erie. The officers were Jack Zalinski, presidentg Bill Anderson, vice-president: James Ford, treasurerg VVilliam Purvis, secretary. 'U' Le Cercle Francais n - . l.e Cercle lfrancais under the capable direction of Miss Bunn:-ll had a very successful year. .Xt the tirst meeting, held September 31, 1938, Metta Miller was elected president. and Brian Beaulac, secretary-treasurer. The chief purpose of the club was to give its members a 'better speaking knowledge of the French language. Interesting programs were presented at the meetings. held twice a month. These programs consisted of games, songs, and reports on interesting topics of the day, French customs, and the lives of famous men. Appropriate programs i11 keep- irng with Thanksgiving, Christmas. Valentines Day, and Ifaster were also pre- sented. During the year French Club pins were purchased by the members and they greatly increased the interest in the organization. The purchase of these pins was the only expense of the year for the members, for there were no club cities whatsoever. .Nt the beginning of the year the club was composed only of those students who were studying second year French. About the middle of the year, however. the membership was increased thy many, tirst year students. The organization, cou- sisting of twenty-seven members. was one of the largest in recent years. Top row: Geraldine Karns. tlosephine Mong, Leonard XVood, Shirley llects, Mary XVood, XVilbur Myers, Dorothy Ann Brown. Barbara Ilggbeer, Iilla -lane .-Xrentzen. Second row: Patricia Martin. Marion Gresh, Della Collins, Betty Clulow. jean W'atkins, Pauline Marczak, Ruth May, .lean Ciyder. Third row: Norris Davis, Betty Bohlender, Larden Hotfman, Metta Mil- ler, Miss Bunnell. Brian lieaulac, lillen l'erry. jack Zalinski. Angeline Caccamo, Jessie Frampton, Lillian MacKenzie. 4' Socletas Latina The Latin Club of Franklin High School, Societas Latina, consists of third and fourth year Latin students u11der the zuble guidance of Miss Evelyn Moyar. The senior and junior consuls respectively, Petie McKelvey and Robert Newton, have led the club in the "straight and narrow" Roman way. Margaret Alslberg as scribe and Ruth Higgins as treasurer have ably kept the minutes and guarded the exchequer. The attendance at the club meetings, which are held once a month. has been unusually good, all members appearing in togas according to custom. During the year, many novell and amusing programs were given, among them being the program celebrating the feast of Saturnalia. The program consisted of a sacrifice to the gods, and two short humorous skits. Another outstanding pro- gram was in the nature of a guest-party. The guests were previous third and fourth year Latin students who no longer belonged to the club. All meetings are held with the purpose of learning more about Roman customs. The club pin is in the shape of a small Roman helmet with "S. L." engraved upon it. A slender gold chain attached to it makes it possible for the pin to be used as a guard. The members of the Latin Club feel that they have reaped the benefits of the society to the fullest extent and have also enjoyd a very, educational a11d amusing project. The programs have been ofa consistently high quality. Top row: joan Hancox, Wilbur Myers, Leonard Wood, Leona Rice, Josephine Mong, Betty Mays, Shirley Deets, Bessie Blair, Maxine Wile, Martha McClellan. Second row: Floyd Hall, VVesley Fry, Tiel Fggbeer, Betty Elder. Florence Graebner, Mary Jewell Espy, Giles Morgan, Robert Holmes, Geraldine Downing, Mary Jane Croover. Front row: XVillian1 Purvis, Ruth Higgins, Harry Fetterolf. Petie Mc- Kelvey, Miss Moyar, Robert Newton, Margaret Alsberg, Mary Clark. Gertrude Criswell. Patricia Martin. Debate Club The Debate Club, under the competent direction of Miss Stone. has had a busy and instructive year. The question for debate was-"Resolved: That the United States should establish an alliance with Great Britain." The topic is timely and of importance to our country today, in view of the recent advance of Fascism and 'Communism in liurope. and the constant irnminence of! war. Members of the club took a lively interest and spent much time in research for material in sup- port of their arguments. Many hours of heated discussion took p-lace in Room 114, Selected for the varsity attirmative tcam were Dick Criswell, James Ford, Frank XYalker. and Marie Pasquale. On the varsity negative team were Max Bark, l'atricia Martin. james Cochran. and Francis Zagar The club attended a college debate at the University of Pittsburgh and also entered a debate tournament at Charleroi, Pennsylvania. The teams also debated with lircenville, Corry, Titusville. and Meadville in the lnter-High School De- bating League. At the end of the season the members attended Debating Day at ,-Xlleghcny College. james Ford served as president of the organization. Standing: Robert Cowin, Francis Zagar, julia Kush. james Cochran. Beverly lllair, Gail McClelland, Richard Criswell, Mary jane Croover, Cassius XVhitehill, Frank XValker. Seated: Rosa Brown, Norris Davis. Patricia Martin, James Ford. Miss Stone, lirma 'lean Houghton, Max Bark, Marie Pasquale. 'U' Senior Play G K "THE scAREcRow crzsEPs" Cn a dark and stormy night, the living members of the Gage family as- semble at Gage Manor at the invitation of Roderick Gage, reputed black sheep of the family. The occasion is the thirtieth anniversary of the murder of Dora Gage and the suicide of her husband, Anthony, cousin of Roderick, whom Anthony supposedly found making love to Dora to persuade her to reveal the whereabouts of a valuable diamond owned by Anthony. Wlhile the guests puzzled over the intentions of Roderick, be is carrying out a carefully laid plan. In the meantime, the tenseness of the situation gives rise to amusing quarrels among the relatives. The "psychic" powers of Miss Amelia and the jealousy of her sister-in-law, Annabelle, cause much hilarity. Maudie, the maid, Aunt Zinnia, the cook, and her son, Trailing Arbutus, also contribute to the humor of the play. The rivalry between Kenneth Gage. promising young doctor. and Perry Gage, aspiring author, for the affection of Norma, their distant cousin, supplies the romantic interest. Through the help of the walking scarecrow Roderick succeeds in wresting a confession of guilt from Adam Throgg, the butler, and thus be clears his name of the stigma long attached to it. Roderick Gage ......,., Kenneth Gage ....... Amelia Gage .......,........... Norma Gage ..................... Mrs. Annabelle Gage .,...... Perry Gage fher sonj ............ Aunt Zinnia VVashington ...... Trailing Arbutus QT. Aj .. .,,..........Brian Beaulac .................Donald Steele Geraldine Downing ...................Tiel Eggbeer Metta Miller Richard Lavery ........... LaRena McKelvey Aaron Bernstein Maudie, the maid ................,......, .......... M argaret Elliott Adam Throgg, the butler ...,.... ...........' R ichard Criswell The Scarecrow .....................,.,..............................,..... Richard Stanton Director: Miss Cole The Broadcast The Hroudcasl, Franklin High School news organ, celebrated another banner year under the expert guidance of Ralph Murrin, editor-in-chief, who, in collaboration with Adviser White, instituted several new departments. The junior High School edited its own page in the Broadcast with Miss Cole in charge. Her proteges reported their school activities in splendid fashion, thus assuring the 1939-1940 Broadcast of a first-rate reportorial staff in the future. Seniors who were awarded the coveted Broadcast medal for meritorious service during the year were Ralph Murrin, Dick Criswell, Gertrude McClellan, Larry Gent, joan Heath, Tiel liggbeer, Virginia Graham. Doris Henry, and Aaron Bernstein. New selections to the staff comprised Gladys Williams, Sarah Bernstein, lilaine Feldman, Miriam Shakespeare, Verona Scanlon, Lois Ditzenberger, LaRena McKelvey, Dan Gent, Patricia Martin, Beverly Blair, and Margaret Keith. Some outstanding features of' the year were reported under the follow- ing headlines: "Kryl Symphony Thrills Huge Audience," "Zalinski Paid Trilbute of Most Popuflar Boy," "NVilson Gets VVas'hington Trip for Superior Achievement," "MctClimans Guides Seniors Through Greatest Year," "Musical Broadcast Sur- passes Previous Successes" and "Faculty Play Freshmen in Titanic Struggle." liditor .,....................................................................,.... .......... .,..................................... R a lph C. Murrin Music liditor ....,... ........... R ichard 'Criswell Club liditor ..................... ..r...,.,.. lN larjorie Kennedy Assembly Iiditor ......,. .................... M argaret Alsberg lixchange liditor ,......................................,........................... ................,........... C Yertrude McClellan Sports liditors ..............,....................................................................,,.. .Larry Gent, jean Watkixls Copy Readers-joan Heath, Marjory Meckley, Marjorie Kennedy, Neta Kirk- patrick. Reportersi-Tiel llggbeer, Albert Gracy, Mary Clark, Neta Kirkpatrick, Erma .lean Houghton, Mary Jane Croover, Gertrude Henry, Billy Marie XVatkins, Marie Shephard, Aaron Bernstein. Typists .,,,,....,,.........,..,..,,,,...... Virginia Graham, Doris Henry, -loan Heath, Helen 0'l'olka Advertising Manager .........,...,.................,,..................... ................,...,.................... f iierald Swarley Circulation Manager .......... ......., J Oe L2lZOI'ka 55:9 O'Iu"'ulInun'I...IlIllu.""'nn.unnn..nIl glllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllilillllllllllllilg CMON NURSERY 5 TAKE on. crrv : NNl lN N' Nl ROA 5 iff i g ZALINSKI cops SENIOR " 5' N j 553' CLASS PRESIDENCY 7 D 5 59,955 - ,Q Results of the Se-nlor election are as Inl- gfi .rl 5 5 3 5 lows: President, .mek zaunskig vice Presil 'I N Q A 'dent, Mac Barkg Secretary. Blllle Marie Wat- ? 'I7 mm-w 1? -S' ' gf 3 4, Q .. Eu kinag and Treasurer, Lucille Wilson, 9 , ,, L' -g, 5 5 The plans of the class for the year are not 5 3' S gc :ye-t complete but they are in the maki E 5 U E S . ng. So L7 fe 5 ug S' if tara dance, play, and skating pratyhave been Lf 9 4' .5 " 4, 5, discussed. "Other bhlngs will come later," gy 4, 5' 5 5 3 nam Mlm Mecumann. S tuner, .. hy- ,,,. .- owlgsg g S 35 pTheyvexpect a bunc at t MINNIGH SIX-SIX PLAN BEGINS OPERATION IN F. H. S. Special Tralnlng In Prloileal Tradu In Main Futura Am the term nrpened I.n -September, Frank lln schools Vbegan operating under the "six- olx plan"-Ihy which slx years of instruction are devuted bo elementary subjects and six urs to ju" 'I-senior thlgsh school courses. BLANDIN, WILSON LEAD , FRANKLIN HI BAND S1 din lollowvs ln his hrnrhers loot- Qo O 'Ill know Bud Blandln ureved GQ Q1 Major for two years. -bill Qc-,ob 'me to an end and Bud QA' e,.IX 0 so fleet 1 new Drum ,. 91, 'if O Q ' ,opfdsg If gf 01,1 n out Bud 1056 age 59004, 0 .nen hw to 'fe1,o8Iz,a '1rs,?'15,qda,r . time came 0169 P46 4715 'iq an ol' 1 rn -Bllndln and .. .,,... -- ' no 'll "4 Qf'f18a"w of' am 1 'tfhe ei 3 gg.-54' .A sowqmonss-:Leer v e gags? qOME Coolgfxfgf -ff., zu.. sm. 'fl,,e:,or,Z'elhgrboyinzxoozheir K' .l S ' 1 elected ' ' '0 on Jim. TEL' sl The Svlfhnmofitjllgiiiar :Xi 9 ghwxia sblglobn-:ummer and now he AT SVlln1r1::::lL:x:A!or th, by Anglia: 19596065 u-ve often heard M sam 94.1 Droteulouil Just like s ., . - wx" H wie xv hear: in hi um ' WI! no 'lk- koff- ma Lowgo Sww XQY3' Xe vAYin,,. 'QQ 0':,Am"1.,,el bum tn ng mmoh' S0 here lg 3 1,53 gaetter thu year than n did 411 'Lv E I 5 x.0' vt 9' na' .5 A e5""0fF'. stantDrum ku wg .. .1 musi NH L xa Wu ann VN Nu up lg ,,,,,,e M H-s.n,,,m,1.,.wemv..n.m Y ' Pa,,,,,ff'-' um Op QS! - Q ,xv was w,w"'R,,evc A19 Klkadden. Wm 'mans the boy, 'fosltlon n filled -by Hubert wwe . .7 'lg ,U Y' 6 ew Wt ,mv moe me H snnenkeg hiss 'xl getting u sw' 2 ll -V M51-ou11,,e ruc:,,n,'f10,,,es. 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Z' 3 s. 5 'S -Z' E' mill ly epmduvedf sm He louv. y amen LU 'near 49' v9 9 4 'v 'vb 4' 9' 419' tg agsagsg I ellgggoow ntwoye, man ,morn MMKQQQ -Nlvoq-xeyvibwxoq DIG- . Hes 'Urea "Nbr nb" ces- tus 4+ QA' vb rv fa 904 5' 5 5 3 5: 3 glhi. lg,::l:"2:0rlh, ,ofthe 0, .Sting exvefxle Mm 98:1 me GOWN 4' 9 if 'Q Q" A' 06" P Q A5 Q N 1. ,T 1. "' 'E ll 9 'B 90 so If q"a Q -s Q' fb H Q Q 'QQ a.,f'v+ :Io "M br-9 WOQQI coed lg M:o,.rQ, oo... 'al 59 Q-A lb 1 1 lv fry- 09 I V olql lf, 89.109, ly 1 Nr P-I " 00 ' h Sanur: -Visual... furm... 'CfLvm..w-15" ""M"! -- .fb 4, A A Owns ,Q A -x -5' '99 The Junior Franlclinite Staff The junior Frtznlelinitt' staff will take on. next year. the onward march to publishing fame. which has reached a new height under the present staff. lX'hat a break that is for the juniors! .Xfter having a year under such leaders, next year's staff will be able to grapple with almost any situation. They have shown themselves apt pupils and have responded well to the demands made upon them and have faithfully per- formed the tasks assigned them. The following advertisement has been paid for by the present junior staff in tortured gray matter: Notice. The Frunklinitt' for nineteen forty is causing such a sensation that the printer fears it will be impossible to supply the demand. lf you have not placed your order, get in touch immediately with a member of the staff, which is composed of the following: liditor in Chief ....... ........ G erald Swaney Associate liditor ......................................,.................r......... 'Ioan Hancox Literary lfditor ................,....,...........i...................,.................. Mary Clark Literary Staff-Margaret Als'berg. VVilbur Myers. Samuel German. Art Staff ......................,r......................., Helen Bonham, Floyd Hall Circulation Staff-Mary lillen Cathers, Bill Anderson, Pauline Marczak, Dan Gent l'atron's Page .........,.................................................. Larden Hoffman Advertising Manager ...... ........... J ames Cochran 'I' Winners in the Pennsylvania Forensic and Music League of the Northwestern District CLASS B BAND Franklin High School CLASS B ORCI'IES1'RA Franklin High School BARITONE HORN Rirhard C riswell Patrons' Pag To our patrons. we oifer our heartiest thanks for the assistance they -have given in the publishing of The Franklinite' of 1939. Mr. George K. Anderson Dr. G. G. Turner Dr. J. I. Zerbe Dr. K. M. Hoffman Dr. Dr. D1'. Dr. Dr. and Mrs. Ralph VV. Dye R. G. Hall L. G. Manwaring M. M. Spencer F. Il. Crosby Dr. C. J. Bark Dr. T. A. lishelman Dr. T. Barr Dr. Dr. Dr. K. R. Vtfiegel C. H. Brown XVm. F. Brehm Dr. F. N. Cummins Dr. D. C. Blanchard Dr. Dr. Dr. Ma F. l'. Phillips Roy A. Smith jordan ry Mahon, M. D. Dr. and Mrs. VV. M. Kennedy Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. VV. B. McClelland C. T. Felt l'. li. Cunningham Geo S. Smith and Mrs. N. K. Beals C. A. Nordstrom Dr. e G. C. McCandless Donald Glenn Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Robert M. Dale and Mrs. john L. Nesbit and Mrs. French Miller J. G. Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Forest B. Irwin Mr. The Rev Rev Rev and Mrs. L. F. Hoifman Rev. and Mrs. S. S. Clark .and Mrs. W. R. Webb . and Mrs. W. H. Orr . and Mrs. B. C. 'Coleman Rev. and Mrs. A. C. Locke Miss Kathryn Hough Mrs. George C. Miller Miss Mary E. Hancock Mrs. F. L. Williamson Mr. and Mrs. Claude Hyatt L. L. Livingston Mr. jam Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Biery es B. Borland and Mrs. David B. MCC:-llmont Mr. and Mrs. George A. Fahey Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Bleakley and Mrs. J. A. Snyder George A. Fry and Mrs. Charles N. Hough and Mrs. James Woodburn The Staff of The FRANKLINITE of I939 Wishes to thank all those who have advertised in its pages for they have materially assisted in making possible our book of memories. From our readers we solicit patronage for those who have thus so greatly helped us. 'I- Compliments of BO YD N. PARK, Inc. Franklin, Penna. EDWARDS' oi1city,Pa. Patroniize your home town stores! But for the 101 things you can't find in Franklin try Edwards' in Oil City-- Telephone 724. Your purchases will be delivered to you next day in Franklin. THE GRAND llmvling limpm'iu1n LQIQZIYS, 'llmlmzlcco Lunches llc:ulml11:u'tc1's for sports l'l1+mc 7282! Keystone Public Service Company Xurrll1L'l'llCllllIl thc llousce lmlcl lluclgct gives so nmclm lm' so little :ls- Electricity CONGRATULATIONS, Class of 1939 L. L. BURGER Funera1Home , - 4 1 4 . l.3l-J Q licstnul St., l'l'2llllillll l'l1imc Zlll-.Xmlmulzuicc SYKES 81 KLINE More than just :Ln ordinary ClOtlllllg'SlHl'CiZ1ll institution of Style . . . Quality . . . Service Economy Homeofthe FASHION Ilzulies' Coats, Dresses, Klillinery l2-P9 Liberty Street PARK AND ORPHEUM THEATRES H.'xlXY2lyS El good show" Congratulations, Class of '39 Your Neighbors- "Bill" and "Don" L A V E R Y B R O S . Service Station fllith and Otter Phone 618 Congratulations, Class of '39 I S A L Y ' S Ice Cream . . . Dairy Products Lunches P22323 Liberty Street. lfrzuiklin, Pennzt. Compliments of The Kiwanis Club B R O W N I E ' S CUllllJill116l'ltS of Service Station S. T U K A R N S Wo1f's Head Xlmvino Gas and Oil i " . ,. , S aff Super SCVYICC XX ith Lourtesy wr ibe. i Gen. .X liruwn, Prop RWE-Ting' Q0llg'l'Zltlli1lilUllS ushop at Sears and Save to Class uf 19239 SEARS ROEBUCK PARK LUNCH AND COMPANY Best Place to Eat ' f' , J . :sore msn Street im Clif' Ie'm"' Compliments of Franklin Creek Refining Corp. Franklin, Penna. Compliments Congratulations, Graduates of MARJORIE H. FRANKLIN G O O ID R I C H HARDWARE AND QMember of the Dancing PLUMBING CO' Masters of Arnericaj Compliments Compliments of of T H E MILES P. BROWN EXCHANGE BOILER WORKS H O T E L Congratulations to Class of 1939 H E A L Y B R O S . ATLANTIC Refining Products 12th it Elk Sts. N O R T H S I D E M E A T M A R K E T R. H. Crist 81 Son Meats and Groceries 43 North 13th Street Compliments Best Xllislies to of Class of 1939 O R I G I N A L DRY CLEANERS F A M 0 O LR E S 605-13th Street oil City, Pa. Compliments of The Dague - Bartholomew Co. Cmlgmtulations Carl PIcNt1tt Ed IiICH:Cl'l11Z1l1 to Larimer lrarber 'FIIC c:l'Z1dl121tCS Barber Books and Stationery C L RAMSDALE 81 KUNKEL Modern- entrally ocated 1253 Iaibefti' Sf-i Y. A. Deetcr, Prop. Frzmklin,P:1. 505 13th gt. FRANKLIN FLORAL COMPANY lflowcrs for all occasions CHRITZMAN 8: VATH Watches - Diamonds NYC tclcgrnpli flowers Silverware Member F. T- O. A. Clocks Pl - -'-G , , , mm i 1T2b0L1herty bt. -1-15 15th St. Ifrzmklin, lull. Compliments of THE NEWS-I-IERALD The Cover and Binding for the 1939 Franklinite was designed and produced by THE MUELLER-ART COVER Sc BINDING CO. 2202 Superior Avenue Cleveland, Ohio Compliments of "Buy Your Hosiery LULU SHAW'S in a Hosiery Shop" B E A U T Y SALON SlCHUESSLER'S Exchange Bank Bldg. HOSIERY SHOP 3rd Floor J. W . N IWC K I N Compliments of VENGOLD L Dealer in Wall Paper Contracting Dail, Products Inc Paints Paperhanging y ' . ' Painting Ice Cream and Dalry Products ll9 N. 13th Street Franklin - Gil City Compliments Stationery, Office Supplies, of Greeting Cards for All J. F. ZALINSKI Occasions Fine FRANKLIN NEWS Upholstering Franklin, Pa. IF YOU HAVE SHOES WITH HOLES, Have Them Fixed With GaIbraith's Invisible Soles . , Cnnlplinlcxits of T H E G R A H A M 8: MARSTELLAR DAIRY XXIIIIIICFS uf thc llulcl Xlcclzll Irwin State for PI'C1lllllll1 milk. Class 33-G, H3239 W E L C H ' S Business College Oil City ,IlllI'OllQ'Il this scluml, P K I I licrc s :L way. Sterling Super Service at C4 hIlllJII1llCllfS of 11th and Liberty Sts. F R A N K L I N IRICST XYISHIQS FURNITURE CLASS of '39 C O. Oscar M. Shakespeare Compliments tu Class Ilczllcr in OT Scrap Iron, Metals and All 1939 Other Waste Materials Nina Smiley I"r:mlclin, Pcmizl. MILLINERY M O O R E ' S A' B' WILT t.,0L1lSfsy,,t Milk Kodaks and Supplies Butter DCVCIOPIUE and 9. 5 lice Cream Printing q""4m.v eR01I'6x lluttermilk I"rzmlcIin, Vcmm. phone - Qjil Qity .. 222 Daily Home Delivery THE NEW FIRESTONE CHAMPION TIRE , Safety-Proved on the Speedway, for your protect on the Highw Compliments "A Place to Eat, Of That's Hard to Beat" S H I R E Y , S RIDDLE BROTHERS ATLANTIC SERVICE RESTAURANT Dresses Distinctive Exclusive THE LOTUS FL'OWER Mrs. Jeannette L. McCrosson Prop. 409 13th St., Tel. 672-G Franklin, Penna. Compliments of R A Y M O N D C L E A N E R S Best Vklishes C. B. STOUGHTON FRANKLIN Commercial College Four Complete SKATING ,Courses Offered R I N K Approved qugarcreek By State Committee for F E Private Business Schools THE JAMES LUMBER co. Compllmems Lumber O S P A T H ' S and Building Supplies 1035 Buffalo Street Franklin, Penna. ICE CREAM BAR Ecoma Service Corner of 13th St. and Franklin Ave, F' W? To the Class of l939 of Franklin l-ligh School we extend our congratulations and best wishes for success in the future. The Exchange Bank and Trust Co. The Franklin Trust Co. The Lamherton National Bank Qc. A CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1939 im aiyze shop Ofilisfiwion' I5 A PPARE L. AAILLINBQY J O H N H U T Z Compliments Dry Cleaning, Pressing and of Repairing T H E For Ladies and Gents P A R K Relingng Qllothes a HOTEL pemty , 403 13th St., Franklin, Pa. Congratulations, Class of , Ccnnplnnents 1939 f 0 BOHLEN'DER8c OHNS XXll1CfJ' EIGHTH 'ii 1 t 0 esa e in ec IOIICTS S T R E E T am G A R A G E Tobacco Merchants A. J. BARRCDN JUDSON'S DAIRY DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone 189-G 501-503 Third St. PEOPLE'S Complinlcuts MEAT MARKET of XYl'll.f32llDI'yS,P11117 D O N S H A W y S Groceries and Meats S E R V I C E 108 123th Street 1243 lluPfz1lu Street Frzmklin, I'z1. HNCVCI' C1OSCd,' 4 , We Serve Nothing L olilplllllcuts to but Class ol t The Best Foods 19.39 at ARLINGTON HOTEL S M I T H , S Oil City, Pu. D I N E R Don't Let Car Troubles Mar Your Vacation Trip! Rav' ' BEFORE you load your lu gage, drive in at the nearest bonded Pennzoil dealer for a motor oil change, lubnication and a complete checkup. Get your car "primed" for the hard driving coming up. lt costs little to play safe , DQWAWI In In and may save you plenty. g :,- Be Oil Wise---Use PENNZOIL! H A R R Y ' S I N N "A Good Place to Eat" 104-106 l3tl1 Street Franklin, Pa. F E L D M A N ' S Show the complete line of Bulova - Hamilton and Hallmark Watches All Models, 'Colors and Sizes of Parker Pens and Pencils Compliments of H I E D ' 'S Curtains - Hosiery Compliments of G. R. KINNEY CO. INC. W H I T E F L A S H See Gasoline PHTPPS 8: DO'LS'ON Insurance O11 Notary Public G, H, PARDOE Phone 693 15th Street Y . M . C . A . BRECHT BEVERAGE CO. 209 13th Street Franklin, Pa. Phone 29 C A F E T E R I A and THE CLUB HOUSE Oil City, Penn'a Compliments of Ancierson's Greenhouse Franklin, Perma. Best Wishes to F A L L E R C1 f 1939 BARBER and BEAUTY ass O SHOP H. B. FETTEROLF Igiggy ltallcr... Wholesale Confections Uefllife Xvoods Barber Service by Appointment ""'f1'1k'iU- 1'ff'mf1- 222 13th st. Pmme 293 R, C. A, V I C T O R Ci0I'lg'l'21tlli2lti0llS to Radios Records R I V E R V I E W . . SERVICE STATION Victrolas Service C P d t I oreco ro uc s A B . H A R T E R I J FK I - , Richard G2l,iiZlg'hC1', Owner lxoom 9, Irmtz lllclg. Sth St. New the Bridge iiilllllk' 179-G Franklin, Pa. CONGRATULATIONS TIO THE CLASS OF 1939 Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co. Compliments of H O W A R D and N I C K L I N L U M B E R IC O. Congratulations Class of 1939 WM. A. BLAIR 8: CO. For Better Footwear McGINTY 8: JONES Nation-W'ide Store Meats - Groceries - Fruits Vegetables 33 N. 13th St., Franklin, Pa. McGINTY'S PHARMACY Whitmanfs and Reamer's Candy 27 N. 13th Street Third XYarcl P A I N T E R DRY CLEANING CO. The Only Dry 'Cleaning Plant in Franklin Compliments of SEABROOK STUDIO Expert Photo Service Suite 11, Rleakley Block Phone 458-X W. L. FRY Compliments I. O. BELL i of i l LEWIS AND WINKLER I Friendly l GULF Service Station Gulf No-Nox- That Good Gulf l -Gulf Pride Oil 1l4l Liberty St., lirztnklin Q U A K E R DRY CLEANING C0. 208 13th Street Next to Y. M. C. A. Franklin. Pa. THE FOLLOWING DRYGOOD STORES OF FRANKLIN wish to encourage the young' nien and women of the Franklin Higlli School who published the Franklinite. As :1 step in business train- ing for them we feel that such ll venture cle- serves our support l l l l-l. B. Bradley Woodburn Cone 6' Co. J. T. Campbell 6' Son l S.CHIFFER"S MARKET Coniplinlents l Meats - Groceries - Fruits me Vegetables l I Q A HYATT 8z ROBBINS Milk and Qrezun l'I'Olll Our Inc. Own Dairy l,ll0llC 566 205 lfitli St. rv Insurance THE FRANKLIN ROTARY CLUB , .Qs 5 Congratulates the graduates of 1939 and joins in wishing them the best of luck and success. Cmnpliments Y' M' C' A' of for M C C R A C K E N RECREATION 85 Swininiing, Life Szlving, Gym H U N T E R Activities. Game Tables, Batteries U. S. Tires etc. Mwbilgas Y. M. C. A. Compliments A of i ARM-STRONG - COLLIER INC. Since 1888 The Greatest Store in Y 1 Y I x Franklin - Oil City kortlixx estern I tuna. Oil City, Penna. Compliments of ANDERSON 6- COMPANY Complete Home Furnishings Franklin, Penna. I J.C.PEDHEY co. 4 ll C1 v111 plimcnts of J. C. PENNEY CO. Inc. L. 8: C. Ci0llg'I'llil1i1lti0l1S and Rest XYisl1cs to Class of '39 L A M B R O S 8z C O N O M I K E S CHl1g'l'2lilliZlii0I'lS and Host XYisl1cs JoRDAN,s JEWELERS Home Furnishings of Merit Since 1894- lfrcc Ibccurzltion COl'lSllitZlTIi01l V E A C H ' S Oil City, Pa. '32-72224 Seneca Street C0l1lllii1llC1ltS S H E A S L E Y ' S "Brownbi1t Shoe Store" Our lfiftv-thircl Year Serving . 1 FRANKLIN HIGH STUDENTS You're ztlwzlys welcome at P R I N T Z ' S Buy Your Shoes at B R O W N ' S It Pays 173533 Liberty Street I:1'ZllIklI1l,PZl. CUIIIIJIIIIICIIIS of E C K E R D ' S D R U G S T O R E B E S T W I S H E S DANIELS TRANSFER COHg'I'21tl1lZ1tiU11S to Class of '39 BUCHANAN'S FUNERALHOME -QRS B004. 7 Q. "x 19' E Nlxfxs Sh. ENGRAVI 6 E EL PHONES-6l38-6I39 CANTON , OHIO. N e H alcl Printing Co. F kl Pa Wmggm CLTROTYPE CO. ""f 1 lr 5 ep- 1- -. fwryxj . . ,IWIII 'af 'nl I- --- . II . .gm-...g'-I-I..-, 'I -.I .-IIN,-If. I .. ' -I A-H.. " .' ,,. III. , .,,,II,, AI-I - -- --'77 - 1-J.:-41 -- -- - H112 , " A' ,.. -f' ' Alf: ' ' ' .-. . . .. ' T- '- ' - x., -... . '7 ' -Q f- -. .-, - ' fl' 4 .nl Y --' ' - 'HH --1'5" 1 - "fp ' 1- ' "' In - -3 ,. '- I Q . I .. -. --Q I -.wx , . - - . . ,I ,QM I' A .1..fff.',n- - '... . III Q I 551.55335-'II gl.--z-' .--I I .I ,II . 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JI I 1-. .. .I III ,TII aI 1 4 " ' . 1 I.: ' V.

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