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 - Class of 1956

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if Q I 1 E TT 4 J . 1. r 3 .r l. 4: i .fl GF fi ra v 'Z L F E .F ui T ,Ii 2 F 'i 4 Y fa W w 4 2 75 ff ,Q 4 3' 5 Franklin High School Franklin, New Hampshire THE KEY In The Year of Our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty-Six l W To The Class Mg. 1-P. As you stand to receive your, di- ploma, after twelve years of formal education, you are truly at the cross- roads. All of your teachers, from kin- dergarten to the present, hope they 'have helped you as you make the important decisions which lie ahead. These are the decisions which require a strengtli of character, an intelligent interpre- tation of facts, an acceptance of divine authority, a confidence in your fellow men based on good judgment, and a seli confidence which comes from knowing and believing in what is right. Your home, your church, your school and your community have worked together to give you these and many other tools of living. These decisions can bring td you the best that life has to offer. This is our wish for you through the cross- roads. N Table of Contents Faculty and Administration .... Page 5 Memoriam ............. . . .Page 10 Seniors ........ . . .Page 11 Underclassmen. . . .Page 39 Activities ..... . . .Page 47 Sports ...... . .Page 57 Social Events ....... . . .Page 63 Helping Hands fads . . . . .Page 70 W In Dedication MR. GEORGE HANC OX You, Mr. Hancox, will always hold a place in our hearts. Your eagerness to help and your many hours spent for our bene- fit shall always be remembered. As we meet each future cross- road, we shall recall the advice and guidance which you were always ready to give us in our need. In deep appreciation, we, the Class of 1956, affectionately dedicate this, our yearbook, to you, Mr. Hancox. 3 ,, V ,. f M gn- 4 , .Q ' "'N".K L2 . ' ., H l I. . - -K Q... . - :, JW.. ,fu ,.,..f- , " 1 , . - ' . , u"' L' 1 I , T. . ,N il' : 5 " . .-51 1 ' X , , Y N H+- I 'lg an H xwta 3 NY Au! 1' J 8' r - .f ., T. 4 ,z " Affhkwzff? wi f. ,. -,ag ' ,ug sr - '-31, Q , -, EET., 1 - wwhi, .wyvr-, .lehcllfbr A' M M -viii? 35 . 1, wfww , 3 , - .W'155237553Jvf1t2i.-wt, ., . A ' '- ,5, IQ., It ,1,,:,,k.,,, .J ,L -.z!,,,-Qg4,E,,1g,,,.,z.t.,., ,W M, 4 Ax ., ..1,,,s,iq,'.,?1'.' , '.' jI1'i' f,'4"PFi-2.4'S,ff,-Lutz mj..5,i1'-5,1P,sfgf,T-2-.21,. pgs'nig,Qzi,4,Z-,:-gfjgmf-A.WE! f X V A' 151.1 1 ' " ,pie 0 15. iw. . b . . .ju 1 . . , ' ,- .A y ' 1 3 ,G-' ,i p 1956 . W V f "1 fr .'-' - iff. '-:JCE 'AH' 5 ff . . , ' ..:.f,'gw :tg , , Qzggg,,5,:.,, ,W I , T - .055 gj ,-ig? .. . .1 A x s ,fa-59,3-gubliwafg1hlg,i1:4,g,7:w,.ng!-avr! I M A I , ,,.,, gf.Vy,mq,R , -,fy : g,4,fgx..uer. ,Q N ,'- 5. L Y 2 mhz- as ',3k.,V'A', L.-,Q-Mx-'. f-1f4t'.f-.f,+.-- v "' 1. F' -Y iz ,ie .1 -'VA 1giffQf?'ii!4?4if.P32wg-.-1', fi!-' f ' . , Y at-yr -Z, 'ltfipcmw LZ !,v. i if . -- if .DV I1 i U QQ- L Our high school days are at an end, We all can see the cross-road's bendg We'll soon begin a life that's new. 'T- ' T ., I ..-5- Q. Q ' M A N The fun we've had, the hard work too, We say good-by, we'll start anewg We'll all be going separate ways. Y - jiijl 13 Yi 5 l X QQ' t ' Y V - Z1 int l U 71 -1- , QQ- 7 A 1 1 Though graduation ends it, our hearts will still remain Still faithful to our high school, and to its honored name. 57 fl , - . r T' T ask' jx-Qs" , I ,g 1 45 9 ' " f sSf 13' X Q7 Through closing doors we now must pass, But memories of our dear class Will always linger in our hearts. Tune: "Moments to Remember" 4 .Y V" ' V r f'x1'v 2' I- 2' .V I -- , np.V , I '- 'lFWf. , -hm-w,,,J fmaqg, wzuigag-z,A.gV -,mv - 'V ff. - rm' Hf .1:g-- blk A ' I I 4 ' 1 n llwxji H r v. 3 .1 5.3.1 it -I I... U: -A. x V A. 9- nw, ' 'l55ll!'h GENUKI.. ' . 'i Q f " V Th V ' ..VV. - 1 " ' lu 4 ,qt-5,,,,,Qm,--QV V -'1f2ia+m?r" 5 f . 1. V - .- r. :v Q3 ' ' . f -' 3' Qf35"H:'-A154 V ' . , - -V , , ' "U'f'Pf"'5g-eu' .fm 3 Q U I Q Sf' Q . wa . "1 1 'i"'V7l -if -V V' 1- . .."f'j,f f , ' wisggvfi .,. 1 v V' 1 7-32251 A P: V ww A I Aww K ,V igVgj.T37.LA . t V A A , fgnhq 'Nl ,. me x t ' -fe' "-vm. lbw '1w5nW,n """'-m-,,, M ,HM evil! Fm I vm'q?1N'5?s"w4 EISA' mmxxum, A x N01 ,xmgklilwn wa .fwqmgu "' x Hiynn, M. a 4 f , nffwlvw mf" V Q x F 'I ii' 1 ,.1L1w,.,tf': 41. :ww 'Q wi-Mmm W' 152' N' ' ix " Q0 q,A',, Q gg, E. 181 4 -QV ff wx V - 1 Him QEEYLTMAWC m IU 'z 1 Pi sw"" V U X 'H Xa ' 1 Mm I W "W z ' ' 1f':fMfff1fl'??f'+'0!-rxr' Vf rg, sh 'Ang 11:14. , ,, "'Y'l'm,,p, auiim , alia gatixw , if A -V s ' X mK3lS4xnh'I3""4xl ln'-arg? it A ' "gb b !'N'7'l'!'Uf41"v VV. mfg L 'V r QQ' xq M 1 Abc A -f"' rl 'Q A Q W 2 VV V.: '9' ,,f" W5'555,mqQ Q M hh P' f Vbgan :Q P5,,1A:1 ' V fini: mV fl MPJ N Q " ' ' ,s XO V " 'J"'m 'M' X YGRWS 7 'A f'1'fQg".. ' ' h g ' li,3,..., V, 1-,yjg:,' 'figrgrgyr Q, z-:- "sm X A? :'?3"M1,iSvI' 7- . ' F:grig5i:,':g! -ff' ,yt , I, :Tp ".- .,il'7" 5' x 1 , , ,V V .hifi w ,p 1 ,X ff Q .::":cz5:,,, Qu I ' V ,x It . r -1 IN ' ' ' H Y M' fn ' Vu V' x, , H V1 A 0 ' 'c Q 1' gk X " A A 'V 4 -'gf' SK V w . X749 1 4 A , , ,Q ' A4 2 ax ,Lx ' an 7 , MV-'Vaa N . ' N .W . 11 VV, V 1 4 ., u QVV . - 3 kekggig . J ny y , -Q . . 1 N f 1 N ' I Q' fc : 1: H ymn xx 5 .M -4 I L H.. 'iq HU. ,L A S I H f L gatlrv mt 'ra 3 a w K ' 1, VQVLVV, . 0 g Y -H .f v sv V 1 9 x I Xp Q2 3 xr x R K is , V X Y Y -- .e M 1- M g:,J,!u 43' t X 5 s gf' Zhy x 1 i A ' A . rv 1 x, 1 'W 'La -. L -,f 1x Mix ,L Y Y' V ' vp. - ., ' ' A- I V...,,,,, A Q, V A I V A V A .LNQ-1, :mu A HQ . Q, U w , , X V ' V ' V. N: "half-La1,sg"'1: , ' H ' yiwzw, ' ' ' 1 , xw. W3 I- -v 1. Q .- 4 4,V,A,l.,,L ,q-,fu fix' V , f , v -V . f-MMA , f fi V-V, H 'W'-1 'f'-Y' fs-M, 1 ' A -'V-if" -' 'M " 1:-. .V, F. 1 ' 1. ui, .-, ,I -ff A 5 , -. - N, , f-Nur V Q V. I , F, Y X. , , W .Y ., . ,, .4 . ' V . , .Q U.: . 4 -..H , V ', . .Q-'Q N RV' vs- ,--N I- VW- ' V ' -?w"w::.fgwl Q" XY. ' qi- ..V1 A 'Y 'Q 'i m 1. ,Q VH . Q.: vi-h.,.v '- I-1guyf5?f.."fxlube." ' V 4, 3' VV fi" V' K V J, W" 33"-1 : V A y'H'QL"Y:b-. .' V -'1q"'1'- . ' Vw- .v V4 ,gr-1' A f-'- ' WT- V f AV. r 'ry N' ' 31, V V ' 3- -gg. -' :f.-:M U :Mft 'EY 1 ' - ,YL-:V V- ' Hg N -. , . ' .fn ' 1' -+vff'1,.f- "1" ' 1 "PP -.1 ' ., .I . ..serif . 'gi I . -1.V. . 1 'EB ,i.m:.lW I A I' '- Wxqwmw V -. . f -1 f N a'iLf'f '+f , ' "YV3?ZiFu-QV: -A'V "' V , . . . HU ' ,, r 2-v if., , P .v HJ.-:M Qb.,,ymg ,,,'-i,'4fH -V..V. , ...V-:ly-,Vkhg :.'y.,,,:ih V. V, .. VV Y-Min Vw VV , ' V ,,a- ' 1 - A' ' We , -ie .-5 -lg ," lf.?ygVVV.'g-'E--'I 'ffm 1 1 " ' ' - W'1":---H ' V, " ' " .TW V ' ' V x gy . 'V V .FA ,yiii MQ' f B, - ' iipf'-39412,.qM,'.f!Egf, 'Q .A .V 'V .VV Vagpef, 1. V ,' ww:--, V fir" zf V5 a ll , - ' ,JF xv-1. my--. ju, V 1' 4-15 " u...Niw,ifr-QV, int ' 5 1 YF: , Q Y-5 ' - -ff-'-555'-ksV?"7f':""'f?.'- 1' :"5Zv1'f"ff'-.fdv""f""! V K 'A 1 ' .4 v I ,E ' ,-- ' ' ' v',1x.'VA "N, h Ri I " 1 A X Vs lc ,, .S V 1 ' Y ,lv , 4? 61 H V,,.QN,L,,N3xi- m5N3.i,,,. 1 x X' ' , gg. 153- 5 AV - l U V-V S A Q. ,. 525- 1 dig X I 'lf wx Lluiybi' I - ' w wf? Helix? TV TQ VT' N ru 11J...Qf E .f'fE'Eg!f fd. 5 ,, V ' .,-- . - --.A I -'.1 .. tu' L'g'.Wy. .-N-I f 'I x J x ML I if f ." 7 'fi L - ' '1 4 ' 4 "' !'i!?4'i:5w,i- x ' Qin: ufqqA.'wV:a. ' 1 w eq .. ' , 1 vigil ' 1, 5' 2.1!-j:. -1' , ' K " Q9 K wg M Mn Q - wt Q I , QV . .mfbs-.'f,1V5,,,M.-,',, ,- V,. . - . 1: .-'- V V' V- V ., ' ' Y-.,' - '-"-f- Mu , L 'Z n ik--fx-s'3qfi,!"V" Q. XF. N, 'W 5' M , , ' ""'A ' ' ' f. W 4 ,V V4 VV -VV, "' 1 . v K 7 ' '-I L1 "ij A1 hi f ' , ' "l':'3x V - -, ' '- V W . aff . -., V' f, 1, 1 - .A -V V V 1' 'XY ,v - .iff-,. G 3 -.H-'g ' Q? 'H ffm. ' ' by' ' 1 ' wif" V..f- r - Twig, I 1 lu, ' qw U. If . V' ' 1 ,1 3,Tx'v'3ii .. , I ,M its 'S V .3 xvxvuua A: 1. L hr AV, K ni lx W L A ' .J ' J 'K ' Ns. wi J V 'f-fm M-V 1 L 1 J ' ' g ' V in Wifi 'N' .x w x V ' x Vp 1, hs x S gf ' 3 'Sq 1 mr" jig., M - fx va :Ki ,lp 5 s 1, as T X '- My l 0 -H F will 54 gif! V H - .HN V V , Q 'L ' mm- K VV 'V W--Q ' f' IHS? aw fy Jdvlminid fra fion MR. RICHARD MARTIN Schools: U.N.H., Colum- bia, Harvard. Degrees: A.B., M. Ed. Office: Superintendent of Schools. MRS. PHYLLIS WALLACE School: U,N.H. Office: Secretary to the Headmaster, fMother Ad- visor for the schooll. MR. IOSEPH BURLEIGH Schools: Phillips Exeter Academy, Worchester Polytechnic Institute Dartmouth College, U,N.H. Degree: B.S. Office: Vice-principal Subjects: Mechanical Drawing, Di- rector of Visual Aids. Advisor for: Student Government. MRS. RUTH GILMAN School: U,N,H, Office: Cafeteria Supervisor, MR. JOSEPH CASHMAN Schools: U.N.H., P.T.C.. B.U. Degrees: B.S., M. Ed. Office: Headmaster of Junior and Senior High Schools. MISS MARIAN MOYNIHAN, R.N. Schools: Mercy Hospital, Springfield, Mass., Ply- mouth Teachers College, Keene Teachers College. Degree: Registered Nurse. Office: School Nurse for Franklin, Sanbornton, and Hill. MR. FRANK CROWLEY Schools: Harvard, U.N.I-I.. Harvard Graduate School of B,A., U.N.H. Graduate School. Degrees: A,B., M.B.A. Subjects: United States History, Civics, Economic Geography. MISS JUNE DOLl.OFF School: Plymouth Teach- ers College. Degree: B.Ed. Subjects: World History Civics, Girls' Physical Education. Advisor for: Alpha Hi-Y. MISS NINA E. CLARK Schools: Don Academy, U.N.H. Subjects: Home Economics VII, VIII, IX, and Public Speaking. Advisor for: Assembly Committee and Dramatics Club. MRS. LILLIAN DAVIDSON School: Plymouth Teachers College, three years plus extension courses, Subjects: Freshman and Sophomore English. Advisor for: The Point, MRS. IRENE COMIRE KIDDER Schools: Plymouth Teachers College, Summersessions of:Middlebury, Mc- Gill, B.U., Le Montcel -- Jouy en loses, France. Subjects: French I, II, III. Advisor for: Sophomore Class. MRS. SYLVIA F. CURRIER Schools: MarthaWashing- ton Seminary, Washington, D.C., University of Ver- mont, Iohnson Teachers College. Degree: B.S. in Education, Subjects: Algebra I, II, Geometry, Trigonometry and Advanced Math. MR. ELSWORTH F. HARRIS Schools: N, H, Technical Institute, Summer sessions of: P.T.C., K.T.C.,Fitch- burg T.C., Harvard, U.N. H. Subjects: Wood Work, Cabinet Work, Pattern Making. Advisor for: Alpha Hi-Y. MR. HAROLD RICHARD MELKONIAN Colleges: University of Rhode Island, Rhode Island College of Education Degree: B.S. Business Ad- ministration Subjects: Business Arith- metic. General Math, Jun- ior Business, Personal Typ- ing Coach: Assistant in foot- ball.basketbal1, and base- ball MR. WILLIAM E. MCALDUFF Colleges: Boston University, Mass. State Teachers College. Degrees: B.A., M. of Ed. Subjects: English X and Xl Advisor to: Class of 1957 MR. EDWARD M. O'ROURKE Colleges: University of Maryland, Boston Univer- sity Degree: B.S. in Education Subjects: Physical Educa- tion, Biology Coach of: Freshmen Bas- ketball, Assistant in Foot- ball, Track MR. VINCENT O'CONNOR Colleges: Williams College, Boston University. U.N.H. Degee: B.A. Subjects: Chemistry, Physics MR. LEONARD W. PHILBRICK Colleges: Vesper George School of Art, U.N.H. Degrees: B.S. in Zoology Subjects: General Science. Senior Science, Shop Math Advisor to: Key Club MRS. ELIZABETH FRASER MILLER College: PlymouthTeach- ers College Degree: B.E. Subjects: Problems, Eco- nomic Geography, Algebra MISS BERTHA A.PELLER.IN Colleges: Keene Teachers College, Summer School at U.N.H. and Plymouth Teachers College Degree: B.E. Advisor to: Librarians, re- freshment committees for various school activities. MRS. ANNE ROSE Colleges: Meredith Col- lege,Raleigh, N.C.g West- chester State Teachers College, Westchester, Pa.: University of Pennsylvan- ia, Philadelphia, Pa, Degree: B.A., M. A. Subjects: English X and XII Advisor to: Yearbook MISS MARION MOSES Colleges: New England Conservatory of Music, American Institute of Nor- mal Methods Degree: Mus. B. Director of: Music in Franklin Schools, Girls' Choir. Music Festivals MRS. MADELINE PICKESS College: Plymouth Teachers College Degree: B. E. Subjects: Business Education, Typing Advisor to: Class of 1956 MR. IOHN TAYLOR Colleges: Keene Teachers College Subject: Machine Shop Advisor to: Beta Hi -Y MR. FRANK PIWONSKI Summer sessions of "School Custodian Workshop" at Plymouth Teachers College Custodian MR,MICI-IAEL SARKESIAN College: University of Rhode Island Degree: B.S. Subject: Biology Coach of: Football, Bas- ketball, Baseball MR. ROBERT HALL Musical Director XV' X I X ft! 3 if lx X X I X N. g 1 4 X Doreen Louise Laquire October 27, 1937 May 14, 1953 Doreen Louise LaQuire met her final crossroad during our Freshman year and it is to her memory that we respectfully dedicate this page in our yearbook. She passed away like morning dew Before the sun was highg So brief her time, she scarcely knew The meaning of a sigh. Hartley C ole ridge X Z Q ff, 10 Z " U QW rLi.Sgf515,?fH,VV,7 if wx ' 5 Zig-5 WA,-4, A.: - ,Aga 'eQ4'+:2:?xv,y5?a5ww .xi fav P 'W A .--'P' li? ' ' Wt:-Rf - AWK 4 ' Y-21136 'ff' ki R-. S 4 A-sr 1. ..-- A .p - g,AA. , .- xqg C, 9. 'lfx ,"l,fil'v'l'1 A X. s., A R. .1 gm' '- ff-f?' -.r. lf, mf N' ii , 1 -SK 41' , A. f 19: 2513? W fri' ff A 'ff' 'H . ff. ff .A':Nj,f,9g1"7Af s33' - fiaglir 52. A. ' W' -..,A"jQA,f'f-f" N . Q :t, f,n.V-5ff +9Y,9 A 4' K , w- 11' P1 if "f'r' fs 41" '-'M " +V v -w L' W 'Em ,vw fwx1Yu'- "-' V 5 3 XSS' L 'Wi' Q ,1 fp 1 X 'L 0 xf N2 5 , mgw ir K1 ,A f'.4xA A ,fx .WM if. Y, -,V V A-A5.-A',f'5"i"pf'f-24315.-3,.'f -A 'HuLQ,-H5jfgfQ21,AJA'pNn'' 1 1 A . M SW? ew nv JF 12' ,V ?F1'3lj'-.rgg vi' A '1,s.'AiqgA-'f MQW' ' 'A 1ifh'i1iA - .U.13?5fJ9' ' 3' 1192" -A ' A pr-1. '. ' ' - 5.Tgq'f t- . WL ,b " , SA, ,lf U. V, g I I lk ' 5 X A., tn. I1 ' ' A E -A ,fr 1 xv " 1 nn, NN 55:0 1 w f , p1,w'x.t . , A , U x '11, 2, A hy: v 'I K' I 1 1. .I 4' K' X, 5 f 1 x I A Pi, 4,5 L :HW . at A 0 . g I, ,n ' bf 'gf' -ffl' V' A , A IQN- I A gist! A n i? - I Q. 51" , " N , " - Vw " V-1+ '1 A. Q ,Q-f'f-if Ad mif-YHA-,ff., gfffff g '-Ay' , gh 56333. V A-Wffy-'x 5 i .A - A 'fa-g2::2fAffQRfQ2244Q-f-, Awwr,fiSf3aff?:wf1afwf ' 3 A 5-'f5"?'43'fa.--93755. WPN-2''Gdwlzfif.-2-i'x fX'f U' 1 J Lx 4 , 1 I 4 x V fx irfxjiflf. fx,.AK.4,iaM44'x.b,q!-- bf' N, any sq' 'wi' KJTfi"'v5QA5Z-f' 'f?igHKiyp,-Y .V " r Z Qggf? gf-f wr,-A 'H A. ,fm , ,f,,f?141 ff- Amsva- 52, x':f, ,V ef' Q 9 'lx 2 J 14- fr ,SS r"'P'rxf,7' bf 5- , -5, Q RM . ,ff , enzord 56 . V J.-iflgr t-f":'2:v ' , A A g,e1'I1yg.w3f?'iV':7'.f fg?1a-qt. A f-A " 62552555-E5 1'5?Q ' " ff? '-C1752""' ' A -' 5-.... V. ,V ' -- Ziyi-'i. . aid . -' L+' fffnslilij'-A Pg. ' "xp, 0. ' ' A ,,, C 0 , .TEAN FRANCES CURRIER "Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might." Glee Club 1,2,3,45 High Scholastics 1,2,3,4g Basketball 2,35 Student Gov- ernment 3,45 Vice-President 45 Delegate to Model U. N. Assembly 35 Stu- dent Government Exchange student 35 All-State Chorus 35 State Concert Fes- tival 3,45 Carnival Court 35 Ring Committee 35 D.A.R. Good Citizen Award 45 Girls Choir 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Point 45 Editor 45 Assembly Committee 45 Projector Operator 45 Initiation Committee 45 Carnival Queen 45 Vice- President 4. Cute, neat and hard to beat. . .Headed for college. . .Our loss, someone's gain. JOYCE AVIS CARIGNAN PRESIDENT "Let us then be up and doing with a heart for any fate5 Still achieving, still pursuing, learn to labor and to wait." Tfe3SU1'CI1iC13SS PICSNCDI 2,3,4: I.V. Cheerleader 15 Square Dance Club 15 H1-Y 1,2,3,4g Camival Queen 15 Varsity Cheerleader 2,35 Head Varsity Cheerleader 45 Girl's State Delegate 35 Point Staff 35 Youth Government 35 Student Government3.45 Co-Chairman Winter Carnival 35 A.A. Candy Seller 3,45 Chairman Junior Prom 35 Cheerleading Tournament 3,4g Home Room Magazine Captain 35 Yearbook Staff 45 Magazine Sales Co-Chairman 45 M. C. Winter Carnival 4. Our leader. . ."Affirmative Vote!". . .Always joking. . Got a letter today" . . .Future "Cook". VICE - PRESIDENT CAROL MARIE ZAK "Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety." Dues Collector 1,2,3,45 Assembly Committee 1,2,35 Square Dance Club 25 Point Staff 15 I.V. Cheerleader 15 Hi-Y 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,25 Carnival Court 25 Dramatics Club 2,35 Varsity Cheerleader 2,3,45 Magazine Sales Captain 2,3,45 CheerleadingTournament 2,35 N.H. Drama Festival 35 Librar- ian 45 Chairman and Mistress of Ceremonies for Initiation 45 Yearbook staff 45 Class Treasurer 4. Peppy cheerleader. . .Willing to help. . ."And--what not". . .Going to be an Airline Stewardess . Class Officers NANCY ANN ROUTHIER SECRETARY "Talent is nurtured in solitudeg character is formed in the stormy billows of the wor1d." Vice-President 15 Class Secretary 2,3,45 Hi-Y 1,2,3,45 Student Government 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,25 Carnival Court 1,35 Square Dance Club 1: J.V. Cheer- leader lg Girls Choir 23 Carnival Queen 25 Dues Collector 2,35 Varsity Cheer- leader 2.3: Youth Government 35 A.A. Candy Seller 3,45 Initiation Commit- tee 4, Personality plus. . .Glowing smile. . .Dick. . .Future nurse. TREA SURER 12 FRANK L. ABBOTT "Frankie" "It matters not how long we live, but how." Football 1,2,3,4g co-captain 4g Baseball lg Hi-Y 2,3,4g Square Dance Club 2g Initiation Committee 4. Football star. . .Nancy's boy "Flat Top". . .Handsome blond. . .Future Sailor. ROBERT TOLMAN AMSDEN l "B0b" "Get good counsel before you begin - and when you have d6C1d6d, act promptly." High Scholastics 1,2,3,4g Hi-Y lg Track 2,3,4g Football 35 Student Govern- ment 3,4g Projector Operator 4g Yearbook Staff 4. Whizz at math. . .Mr. O'Connor's pride. . .Ready to help. . .College bound. RICHARD DARRELL ANDREWS "Dick" 'Happy am I: from care I am free." Basketball 3,4. Wardlboy. . .Delivers milk. . ."Cool it man". . .lnto the" Wild blue yonder." EDWARD R. BEAUDOIN "Ed" "Once a gentleman, always a gentleman." Football 3. Nice smile. . .Doesn't say much. . .Polite. . .Navy has got him. 13 STANLEY BERUBE "Stan" "His heart is as great as the world, but there is no room in it to hold the memory of a wrong," Baseball 1,'3,4 . . . "For cryin' out loud!" . . . quiet man . . . Endicott John- son's best product . . . good bowler . . . headed for U.N,H, E LAWRENCE A, BOYCE "Larry" "Patience is a necessary ingredient of genius." Track 3,4 . . . "That would be telling, wouldn't in!" . . . one of the Hill boys . . . short and quiet . . . pilots a "Chevie" . . . headed for a trade school. ANDREW L. BERGERON "Andy" "In the scale of destinies, brawn will never weigh so much as brain." Key Club 2,3,4g Profile Boy's State 3g Baseball 2,3,4g Junior Rotarian 4g Magazine Sales Co-chairman 4. Class offices: Vice-President 3: Executive Board 3,4 . . . always lending a helping hand . . . honor student . . . Boy Scout leader . . . good sport . . . headed for college. MARCIA M. BICKFORD "A friend in need is a friend indeed." Softball lg Yearbook Staff 4 . . . "Right if ever sharp" . . . came back to us this year . . . tall and slim . . . ready to help . . . will join the Waves. I4 MILDRED BROWN "Millie" "As is a tale, so is life, not how long it is, but how good it is, is what mat- ters," Hi-Y 1.2: Glee Club 1,2,3 , . , "Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you" . . . pretty black hair . . . Miss Prim . . . will hear wedding bells in future. WILFRED T. BRUSSEAU "Billy" "Many receive advice, only the wise profit by it," Key Club 2,3,4g Dramatics 2,33 Basketball 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2,3,4g Student Government 4gYearbook Staff 4, Hi-Y 4, Projector Operator 45 Square Dance Club 1,25 Cross Country 33 Dues Collector 1,2g Junior Rotarian 4 . . . "N0. but you're close!" . . . nice build . . . good athlete . . . flies a blue coupe . . , headed for college, either Holy Cross or U,N,H, JOAN E. BRYSON "Jo" "To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved." Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Dramatics 3gPoint staff 2,3,4gClass Committees l,2,3,4g Girls' Choir 4g A,A, Dues Collector 1 . . . "Gee whiz!" . . . shy and refined . . . pleasant smile . . . future photographer, MARY ANNE BURKE "That which is striking and beautiful is not always goqd, but that which is good is always beautiful." Junior Member Yearbook Staff 3gYearbook Editor 4gWinter Carnival Manag- er l,2,3,4g Student Government 2,3,4g Managing Editor Point Staff 2g Editor Point Staff 3, Librarian 4g Basketball Manager 25 Softball Manager lg Class Committees 1,2,3,4g Square Dance Club lg Hi-Y 2,3,4g Class Offices: Sec- retary 1 , . . "That's life!" . . . Good class manager . . . hard worker . .. has done a lot for our class . . . once a friend, always a friend . . .telephone operator . . . Headed for Plymouth Teacher's College. NANCY ROLFE CAMP "Campie" "Let us be of good cheer, remembering that the misfortunes hardest to bear are those which never happen." Band 1,2,3,4p Secretary and Treasurer 4g Hi-Y 1,2,3,4g Dramatics 2,3g Bas- ketball 2g Dues Collector 3g Junior Prom Committee 35 Assembly Committee 35 Glee Club 1,2,3, Mad chemist of Period 6. . ."l'll see you later". . .Nice build. . .Off to college. HOWARD LEON CATE "Cate" "Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy." Nice guy. . .Neat. . .Seldom heard. . ."What did you do?". . .UncleSam might get him soon. ROGER DAY "The integrity of a man is to be measured by his conduct. not by his profes- sion." Track 2,3,4, ' One of the Hill boys. . .Dislikes English. . .Won't tell his future. WILLIAM A, DOWNES "Cousey" "Life is a jest, and all things show it, I thought so once. but now I know it." Basketball 1,2,3,4g Boys' Choir 1,2,3,4g Baseball 2,3,4g Cross Country 2,3g Hi-Y 3.4. Hard worker. . ."You betchal". . .Basketball star. . .Loves to dance. . .Full of fun. . .Air Force. BARBARA JOAN FURLONG "Barb" "Lost time is never found again" Basketbal 1,2,3g Softball lg Softball Manager 2gPoint Staff 1, Radio Club lg Square Dance Club 1,2gGlee Club l,2g Girl's Choir 3,45 Assembly Committee 2: Dramatics Club 33 Dues Collector 3g Hi-Y 4: Class Committees l,2,3,4g Yearbook Business Manager 4, "Let's face it!" . . . Flies a green Chrysler . . . Ward I galavanter . , , Sports enthusiast, KENNETH GARAND KSDHY "Let us havefaith that right makes might, and in that faith, let us, to the end, dare to do our duty as we understand it." Hi-Y l,2,3,4g Student Government 2,33 President Student Government 45 Dra- matics 1.2: Vice President 3, President 4g Basketball Manager 3,4g Delegate to Model U. N. 3: Junior Rotarian 45 Trip to Trinidad 4g N, H, Drama Festi- val 3: F, l-I, S, Hi-Lytes 3,4g Yearbook Staff 4, "It's good for ya, it lets you know you're living!" . . . Trip to Trinidad , , , headed for big things . . . Will make good at college, RICHARD GUY GILMAN "Dick" "A man of courage is also full of faith," Basketball 1,2,3g Track 2,3,4g Hi-Y 1,2,3,4g Junior Rotarian 4g Class Execu- tive Committee 4 . . . "Like that, Huh!" . . . shy Senior . . . One of the twins . . . good looking , , , Judy . . . service enrolee. ROBERT BRUCE GILMAN Bo "A man's true wealth is the good he does in this world." Basketball 1,2,3g Golf 1,23 Hi-Y 1,2,3,4g Dramatics 1,2,3g Cross Country 25 Track 3,45 Junior Rotarian 45 Class Committees l,2,3,4 . . . "Why don't you act human?" , , . he's the other twin , , , Joyce , , , Quiet . . . future in the service, 19 WILLIAM H. GLINES, IR, "Billy "Tomorrow life is too late: live today," Baseball 1,2,4g Football 2,3g Glee Club 2,3 . . . "I didn't do it!" . . . Shakes peare lover . . . crooner . . . loves the girls . . . future fly-boy, RACHEL MARIE GOSSELIN "Rae" "Life is too short for trouble and care," Glee Club 2: Softball 2: F,H,A, 23 Hi-Y 3 . . . "Really!" . , , Duffy's buddy . . . early bird . . , always busy , , , headed for work. MARY ANN HOWE "I'm sure care's an enemy to life," Glee Club lg Yearbook Staff 4g Class Committees 1,2,3,4 , , , a friend to all . . . a ready smile , , , "I don't know" . . . will make a cute nurse. MARJORIE NORENE KIMBALL "Midgie" "Speech is silverg silence is golden." Glee Club l,2,3.4 . . . "Oh, No!" . . . quiet and reserved . . . liked by all . . . bashful . , , future telephone operator, 20 DELLAS K. LAMBERT "Del1" "It is impossible to underrate human intelligence -- beginning with one's own." Hi-Y l,2,3,4g Golf 1,25 Football 2.3 . . . reckless and carefree . . . his poor Studebaker! . . . witty . . . great pianist, l ..,.2.- .,.. 5 ..... ,, ROSE MARIE LAROCHE Dues Collector 3g Librarian 3.4: Glee Club lg Class Committees l,2,3,4g Assistant Editor Point 45 Yearbook Staff 4 , , , "Sugar!" . . .Good dancer , , , personality plus . . . hair looks cute in a pony tail . . . Pierce Secretarial School. PATRICIA BERNADETTE LAPLANTE "Pat" "Quiet service is a mark of true friendship," Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Square Dance Club 2g Dramatics Club 3gPoint Staff 3,4g Yearbook Staff 43 Girls Choir 4g Class Committees 1,2,3,4 . . . "Big deal!" , , , petite and friendly . . . Newberry's special . . . DOG-lt. "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine," NEIL LAWRENCE LAUGHY "Jell" "He profits most who serves best," Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball 4: Track 2,3,4g Hi-Y 2,3,4g Student Government 3,4g Yearbook staff 4g Junior Rotarian 4 , , , "Live, love, laugh and be mer- . . . football captain , , , yearbook artist , , , good sport , . , "Barb", MARY ANN LE COURT "Many a true word is spoken in jest," Yearbook Staff 4g Point Staff 1,45 Glee Club 1.4: Class Committees 1,2,3,4 , , , "No Kidding!" . . . loves to argue . . . short and sweet. . .Office Prac- tice wizard , , , loves Shakespeareu RONALD O. LECLERC "Ronnie" "Variety's the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor," Football 1,4g Cross Country 2g Baseball 43 Dramatics 2,3g Class Committees 1,2,3,4 . . . "Is that right?" , , , wavy hair . . - good dancer . . . Practical j0kCl' . . . "cool cat." ROLAND L. MAHEU "When all else is lost, the future still remains." Football l,2,3,4g Track 2,33 Key Club 2,3,4g Ground Observer Corps 2.3.4. . . "Sure!" . . . quiet . . . big-hearted . . . hard and conscientious worker , , , headed for college, then the railroad, CHRISTY LIOLIS "Chris" "There is no love sincere: than the love of food." Hi-Y 1,2,3,4g Basketball 2,3,4g Dramafics 2 , . . "Who's got money?" . . . a new car and Chris too! . , . super salesman . . . class wit , , , future Rocker- eller. n Slipn 22 ..---, ......-.. - .W M... an GEORGE M.. MANYAN "The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure, and pleasure my busi- ness." Football 45 Hi-Y l,2,3,4g Student Government 1,25 Glee Club lg Class Vice President 2 . . . "What a dub!" , , ,hails from Andover. . .likes to read and eat . . . headed for college and travel, PETER P. MICHAUD "Pete" "Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear." Football 35 Class Committees 3,4 . . . "My Boy, Flat Top" . . . drives a Plymouth . . . "For Pete's Sake!". FORREST W. MILLS "Imagination is more important than knowledge." "Track 2,35 Basketball , , , "Better late than never" . . .likes basketball . . , good in track . . . one of the Hill boys, JUDITH ANN MIQUELON "Judy" 'Curiosity is one of the permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous intellect." Glee Club lg Dramatics 2,35 Yearbook Staff 4. . . "Not really" . . . baubles, bangles and beads , , , enjoys Sunday Matinees , , .sophisticated and studies , , , future nurse. 23 RUTH O'BRIEN "A light heart lives long." Softbal 1,2g Glee Club 1,2g Girls' Choir 3,45 Hi-Y 1,2,3,4g Dues Collector 4, Yearbook Staff 4g Class Committees l,2,3,4 . . . "Oh, come on now!" . . . a neat chick . . . a nice kid . . . will go far. RUTH M. PEASE "Silence is more eloquent than words," Glee Club 1,2,3g Point Staff 2,3,4g Dramatics 3g Yearbook Staff 4: Class Com- mittees l,2,3,4 . . . "Oh, yeah?" . . . neat as a pin . . . ready to help , , , champion speller . . . quiet manner, SYLVIA MAY NADEAU "Syl" "Good humor makes all things tolerable," Glee Club 2, Ink Pot 2: Softball 2g Librarian 4 , , ,"Are you sure? You posi- tive? Absolutely positive? Youch!" , , , pessimistic . . . Mel . . . quick with a smart answer , , , future Airline stewardess. , " Ruthie" HUBERT A. PARKER, JR, "Hubie" "I never think of the futureg it comes soon enough." Square Dance Club 1,25 Football 1,2,3,4g Yearbook Staff 4: Class Commit- tees 1,2,3,4 . . . "What! Another demeritr' . . , grease monkey , . . "under the circumstances" . . . always lends a helping hand . , . future mechanic, " Ruthie" 24 PETER W, PELLERIN "Pete" "Being outdoors is the pleasure of life," Football 1,4g Cross Country 2.3: Track 2,3,4 . . ."Oh, come on!" , , ,another Landry . . . oh, those eyes! . . . one of the "Mud Guards" . , , future Air- borne. and song , , , always got an answer. JEAN PIERCE 'What we need most is not so much to realize the ideal as to idealize the real." Square Dance Club lg Carnival Court 1,33 Hi-Y l,3,4g Dramatics Club 35 Glee Club lg Yearbook Staff 45 Air-raid Messenger 35 Class Dance Commit- tees l,3,4 . , , "Mon Dieu!" . . . neat, petite, and hard to beat . . . Pretty eyes . . . lives by the lake . . . will start at U,N,H. this fall, Nurse's training. 25 RICHARD F. PESCINSKI Dick "All the world may not love a lover but all the world watches htm Football lg Basketball 2,3,4g Track 2,3 Baseball 3 4 Cross Country 2 3 "Just like it had eyes!" . , . flirty eyes and dancing feet wine women BEVERLY A. PIPER ev "Music drives one s woes away Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Girls Choir 2,3,4g Dues Collector 2 Point Staff 4 sings like a canary . . . nice personality quiet disposition headed for PATRICIA ANN RICHARDSON "Pat" "Wherever there is a human being there is an opportunity for kindness," Glee Club 1,33 Dramatics Club 3,45 Point Staff 3,4g Yearbook Staff 4g Class Committees 1,2,3,4 . . . "That's the way the ball bounces!" . . . "Paul" . , , has a good eye for sailors . . . cheerful and friendly . . . fun to be with , , , headed for business school, is Q JF 5 tl? .5 35 2 l 5 r BARBARA A. ROUSSEAU "Barb" "Quiet persons are welcome everywhere," Dues Collector 1: Glee Club 1,2,3,4: Dramatics Club 2g Librarian 43 Year- book Staff 4g Class Committees 1,2,3,4 . . ."Miss Homemaker" School Con- test winner . . . personality plus , . . everyone's friend . . . pretty black hair , . , "Let me clue ya" . . . will teach Commercial Course, PHYLLIS R. ROUSSEAU "Phy1" "Let me die to the sounds of delicious music," Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Point Staff 3,43 Girl's Choir . . ."Oh, dam!" , , , "Eddie" , . , loves U. S. I-listory??I! . . . future beautician, ROBERTA V. SHAW "Berta" "Good humor is goodness and wisdom combined." Glee Club 1,2,3g Girls' Choir 2,3,4g Hi-Y 1,2,3,4g Librarian 4g Yearbook Staff 45 Youth and Government Delegate 33 Band 1,2, 2nd Lt. 3, Captain 4: Hi-Y 2,3p-- V. Pres. 1. Pres. 4 . . . Let's Shag! !" . . .Berta and her green Dodge . . . Crowning Glory . . . nice clothes , , ,a wit with words. . .future medi- cal secretary, 26 JULIA KATHERINE SLIVA "Julie" " A little work, a little play." Glee Club 1,2,3,45 F.H.A, Club 2 . . . "Glory beg Ain't that a shame!" , , a good homemaker , . , talkative . . . always good natured. BARBARA JANE SMITH "Janie" "Patience is the art of hoping," Square Dance Club 15 Hi-Y 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Girl's Choir 1,2,3,45 Dues Collector 15 All-State Choir 8,45 Dramatics Club 2,3,45 N, H, Drama Festival 3,45 Assembly Committee 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Point Staff 1,25 Magazine Sales Captain 4 , , , "Absence makes the heart grow fonder," . , . red-head . . .good actress and singer. . . "scoots" around in a blue jeep . . , "Bill" . , , headed for Tufts College to be a Physical Therapist, HELEN E. STINSON "Life without sports is not life," Girls Basketball 1,2,35 Square Dance Club 1,25 Dramatic Club 1,25 Yearbook Staff 45 Point Staff 45 Class Committees 1,2,3,45 Class Executive Committee 3 . . . "Sounds good!" , , , a cute kid . . . loves basketball . . . a whiz in shorthand . . . "Sonny" , , , a future secretary, JOAN M, WHITE "Ioanie" "The thing that goes the farthest towards making life worth while, That costs the least, and does the most is just a pleasant smile." Glee Club 1,25 Softball 15 Scholastic letter 25 Yearbook Staff 45 Girl's Choir 25 Point staff 45 Class Committees 1,2,3,4 . . ."Gee whiz!" . . . a nice smile hard worker . . . always willing to help , , . pretty hair, , ,will make a good secretary , , , loves to drive Mercurys, GLENN L. CILLEY "The more you say, the less people remember. The fewer the words, the greater the profit," Basketball 1,23 Hi-Y 1,2,3gI-'ootball 33 Cross-Country 2, , , "You're insane!" , , , shy and quiet , , , the man with the sideburns . . . will find a future in the Navy or the Army. In Appreciation The Class of 1956 would like to extend its deepest appreciation to those who have helped us most during our four years at Franklin High School. Our Freshman Class advisor Miss June Dolloff guided us through our first year and started us on the straight path to class success. Thank you, Miss Dolloff, Your help- fulness will always be remembered. Our Sophomore Class advisor Mrs. Irene Kidder helped us plan our suc- cessful Holiday Hop and gave us a wonde rful year as our advisor. We met our second crossroad under her guidance and were sent on the straight way. Thank you, Mrs. Kidder, for your guidance. 28 "What: The Seniors won again? !" We worked hard, as always, to win the Winter Carni- val, but again the upperclassmen defeated us. In our sophomore year, Nancy Routhier was our queen. Janet Aube, Joyce Carignan, and Carol Zak comprised her pretty court, In our sophomore year, we took the road to Sunapee State Park for our class trip, When we got there,we found the beach pretty well deserted, and many of ns walked a few miles to where there was a souvenir store and soda fountain and where we went on the chair lift. . , 0 14 wwolas 'fs In our junior year it was a close race between Joyce Carignan and George Manyan, but Joyce won and served her second term as president. Andy Bergeron was Vice- president and Nancy Routhier, Secretary. Janet Aube was our treasurer, but when she left school early in '55 to be married, Mary Burke took over the office. Mr, Hancox was our class advisor, "Oh, no! Not agaim! !" One of the most exciting events was the Winter Car- niv al, We were tied with the Seniors until the final day when ticket sales were announced and they took over the lead and won! None of us who helped with snow sculp- turing will ever forget How Mr. Hancox pitched in and worked sohard to help us. We constructed a polar bear, whale, and class numerals, although none of them brought us first place. Janet Aube was our queen, In her court were Nancy Routhier, Jean Currier, and Jean Pierce, ,fini dos' to PROIIJ J j J, I -B The theme of our Junior Prom was Fantasyland, What atime we had decorating for it! The crepe paper we had ordered didn't arrive until the last minute, and when it finally did arrive, Joyce was overcome with joy, Re- member that old rickety ladder someone had to climb to hang up the paper streamers? And remember how Mr. Hancox was always there to help us in every way he could? We got off on the wrong roadwhen we got the Wildcats for our orchestra, They seemed to be playing music which must have come from some fantasyland in a bottle. But, all in all, our Junior Prom was a huge suc- cess. We went to Wellington Beach again for our class trip, What fun we had teasing "Ozzie"! I SZINIOIQ5' I As seniors, we had come to the last stage of our jour- ney in high school, Some of us had worked hard in the past, while others had just coasted along. It was up to us now to work hard. for soon we would be out on our own: and the paths we would take at the crossroads would depend largely on our years in high school, Joyce defeated Andrew Bergeron by a narrow margin and again became our President, Jean Currier was our Vice-president, Nancy Routhier, Secretary, and Carol Zak, Treasurer, Mrs. Pickess was our class advisor, As a class we are proud of our success in theWinter Carnival. Jean Currier was our queen, and Roberta Shaw, Ioan White, and Lorraine Elliott were in her court, The yearbook was a big enterprise in our last year, Mrs, Rose, Mrs, Currier, and Mrs, Pickess helped us with it, Mary Burke was our editor and Eddie Durgin, co-edi- tor. It was quite a job meeting those deadlines but it was worth it when at last we got the result of our labor -- our own yearbook, . - - .t 'Ju yy th -. -sv, is :',.::5.-5:,,, f" r:fT1a" E L-""'8 Everything came so fast, and there was so much to do in so little time -- graduation pictures, name cards, caps and gowns, invitations, class-day parade, our wonderful prom, signing yearbooks, and then our final class trip to- gether. When we finally walked up to receive our diplo- mas, each of us knew he probably had a long way to go yet on the road of life, but that he would never forget the past four years which were among the most important in his entire life, When we look back, it seems like only yesterday that we were out taking school census to earn that S100 for our treasury, How the time has flown since that big Physical Education controversy in our Sophomore year, and since the day when we probably slipped our class ring on for the first time. Who will ever forget our class megtings in our senior year with so many important things to o 2 No matter how far we may go or what fate has in store for us, we will never forget the many crossroads we met or the many adventures we had in passing them in our years at F,H,S, W Marjorie Kimball Lon ,595 ow b QWGG sew use ost Bashful Glenn Hey aine Elliott Sylvia Ng-,dean Billy D - ,. 0 If K 'mes A "' :'g T K . ,,.,.,..,, .E G 'ixrifxivg ' t 9 X18 es fd? 5 S M95 25 if rw W W 4: 'W sk ag - get 5 wi , , I X sk fi' I I Y qu Carot Zak Ed Beaudoin Ska:-:sY Sade Degas M051 Lamben 1 ' 60 Y 655 5915 Best Personality P alll pros! 0 'I' Ronnie Leclerc I 'Win 0 Crowilmg G W Roberta Shaw Pate Pellenn can even rw' GW' ' CS PISYHGSY 6 suave Nga Famer Hardest Workers can car 1' gba 0 a Most Popular Codes BUIY Brusseau Most Dependable Ken Garand x., get B PAX PJ Pa U1 Ftost 0119A Class Will We, the class of 1956, do on this date, being of poor health and inde- finite mind, herewith undertake our last will and testament. To Franklin High School we be- queath our desks upon which are in- delibly inscribed our names. To the teachers we extend our ap- preciationfor having gone above and beyond the call of duty and for with- standing the storm. To our parents we leave our un- dying gratitude and love for the mil- lion and one things they have unsel- fishly given us. ANDREW BERGERON leaves his Boy Scout uniform to George Gauthier. JOYCE CARIGNANbequeaths her ex- ecutive ability to Penny Pope. ROBERT AMSDEN and FOREST MILLS leave their chemical recipes to anyone wishing to commit suicide. JEAN CURRIER bestows her ability to stay on the "A"honor roll to any- one who can stay there, too. CAROL ZAK and LAURIE ELLIOTT leave their peppy cheerleading to Diane Wiser and Cecile Laroche. JANE SMITH, RONNIE LECLERC and BARB ROUSSEAU leave their home permanent technique to Joyce Emery, Mary Greene, and Carol Cook. RUTH PEASE leaves her spelling list to Ernest LaPlante. PAT LAPLANTE gives her Period I office position to any efficient Junior. LARRY BOYCE1eaves as fast as he can. MARCIA BICKFORD bequeaths her ability to do her homework fast to Gilbert Welch. HELEN STINSON leaves for "Sonny" weather. PAUL FROST leaves his speed to Bobby Rioux. NANCY CAMP leaves her noon hour strolls to Norma White. JEAN PIERCE gives her height to the basketball squad. DICK GILMAN sets out for Concord. JOAN WHITE leaves her co,mmuter's ticket to Natalie Cate. BOB GILMAN gives a warning ----- "Hands off Joyce!" ROLAND MAHEU leaves town to hop a freight. BERTA SHAW leaves her car to Nancy Ernest so she won't have to walk to school next year. GEORGE MANYAN wills his strug- gle -buggy to Bobby Nelson. ED BEAUDOIN leaves his nice smile to Lloyd LaQuire. MARY ANN LECOURT leaves her argumentative ways to Beverly England. PETE PELLERIN leaves "Bud" Rous- seau to follow in his "tracks". JUDY MIQUELON leaves her sophis- ticated ways to Paula Paddleford. RAE GOSSELIN leaves her slick hair-do to Beverly Gilpatric. JERRY DRAPER and DEL LAM- BERT will their "hot rods" to any- one who likes to live dangerously. DICK PESCINSKI and BILLY DOWNES give their magnetic attrac- tion for women to Bill Brown and Pete Burleigh. NEIL LAUGHY leaves his artistic ability to Barb Wallace. SY LVIA NADEAU and DICKIE AND- REWS leave their ability to get into trouble to Nancy Willis and Angus Mc Iver. RUTH O'BRIEN bequeaths her quiet ways to Phyllis Bolstridge. GLENN CILLEY leaves us won- dering ROGER DAY returns his book col- lection to Mickey Spillane. CHRISTY LIOLIS leaves school ---- but we wish he'd leave his '55 Pontiac instead. HUBIE PARKER leaves under the circumstances. NANCY ROUTHIER bestows her win- ning smile on Nancy Rowe. PETER MICHAUD leaves the Chem lab in one piece, we hope! MARLENE DUFF and BEVERLY PIPER donate their extraordinary voices to Peggy Cooley and Elaine Carignan. JOAN JOHNSON leaves her giggles to Ila Douglas. BARB FURLONG leaves her flirty ways to Gail Randall. HOWARD CATE, KENNY GARAND, and BILL BRUSSEAU leave Mrs. Rose a happy woman. FRANK ABBOTT departs from Franklin High School to help Nancy shine her diamond. ELWYN EASTMAN refuses to leave his memories of Franklin High School. MIKE ENGLAND "weaves" his bas- kets. BILL GLINES leaves, still hoping his Yankees win the pennant. PAT RICHARDSON leaves with the "Navy Blues". MARY HOWE wills her recipe to lose weight to Jane Young. MILLIE BROWNleaves because she "Warner". ROSE LAROGHE leaves her short- hand book to Annette Genest. MARJORIE KIMBALL bestows her loud voice on Ernest Elliott. STANLEY BERUBE leaves his shoe boxes to Mike Mullavey. PHYLLIS ROUSSEAU r e f u s e s t o leave her "Carr". JACKIE DYER leaves her front seat in Home Ec. to Edith Keyser. JULIA SLIVA leaves her male ad- mirers long enough to get her di- ploma. JOAN BRYSON refuses to leave her camerabecause she needs it for fu- ture use. EDDIE DURGIN leaves his position as co-editor of the yearbook to any efficient Junior. MARY BURKE leaves hoping next year's yearbook staff will be as ef- ficient as this year's. 'J 1,5 I mhivq f . X35 1 V y rrr Joan White Stan Berube Mary Burke Par LaP1ame . Trfi w flfi ,',' "" W n o 1, ri B B B ',,...1'Q- K 95' 42 f"f"5?3 2 be 1 li V -,',, ,,,,,,,. H Ioan Bryson Q ' r ' Neil Laughy W f Q - Front: Pat and Barb- Back - 2 P B ' ' 1 i"' row: Pat and Ruth. Nancy Spear and Jeanie I kk ,, A' A ' if :H 3,. .:hM1r, B y B V gy .144 4, I L Ly P'? ' R ' ab .',' 'QQ Pam Rrchardson We R g .Q , , jig? y B r a . Tommy, Dellas, Dick, Jerry '1 X , ' Z '- I . , LL-' j g ' 'avi 5151 "'.. if ,:,.g i -I,,i- A Andy Bergeron Barb Furlong rrrL,Zr ar R B L Rae Gosselin 7 R as X 88 Y 75 - I 5 i w ' 5 ,g A afilqa HBA an rr 2 1 I, iv X f av SEZ? 1 1.,,.,eCa,i,,,,,,,,, Remember When . . . ' .,..- A I .i rrr- r'.e . f 1. , V,.. f , , r , r :" 1' N1 M .,,. A . ':""ma, Marcia Bickford Ronnie Leclerc Ken Garand Nancy Camp E . W az' Nancy Routhier 'Y f if :vii 7571? Ns. 'W' 65 B fm r . . .,,,,.,, .. Sylvia Nadeau L E or Ii-ral y, b A Roland Maheu Judy Miquelon Barb Rousseau 5 a WN an fa Q ,V X 3 .,,..,, r M K. '- -.JT :- :.: ,: : r , w z : rsfr fgviifwiis -f X I N, ,, , X Eddie Beaudoin R -,,. I Q ' 'Avi '-.lf .11 " - 'iw' gfqghxqgiimh H 'Z Mflfgfi-Sgw1'f.'iv:1if-i'?'5'5Nf. 1 . 41-Y. Q gwffgmfayy X "www ' 1 .mmwr ,ffl , j ,Q H, 'K f-" 1 , ,., x we -A" ,WTP ' 'xi 2 Enya, f, 4 N 41 6 'L - gu- Q . . ,. ' . U . x' , I I s 4 4 Z . A .mm e R . 5, KK? L J T' ,- f' LS f l niw 4 'Q 394 x x , x 573 M 1 l-,Ev v gggge:-Zh W Hg Q ni ' Y Y 1 Q J S 1..J3w K 1 ,A ur fu- I Q ! 2 I 5 I :mag 1 fx , X 'A NSU mx D1 ,' ,WXYA 1 ' 1 H ,L ve at 11 K 52? 'X 2 S 653 H 4' 'fw2?i. .lx N'-U: r- l .- f - -4. .,,,:- 'u.'.- c, A Z., ,X xi--x 0 S f an , 51 ,1 ,f4"5" .HP-15 F32 '..:1H:L'-:Lia Q21-:-....g C3-1--' --L-, V I E ...-: ' I 121: '11 Tn' ' x "'r ..J'TL'- U- ll' L r..': X y --- 1 X . X ' 373W N 'ir - Vw., . kr, '?S3jiQ5QLi5-iq,:5vza -' , T ' ' 1 ' 5 A-tr A '-me ' V : ' ' - , . Nav ,. vt 5 , Z...-i:5'7,? ': 5 - :En v fi, VY, Gmfpj! " fi.-L.':.,Z "QW" " ' " ' 4 " lQ.':'5"f' - 'Y ., " , ,ry t . T, T , 5.3gg'J., wma mf -JQSEJWXIQ, - f W few W 'f - ' v- ,x ' 'i ,. 1-, 's 'V H , 7 . I ,.- .wily :,,?-,Q',2wrqigfiw15Q?5g:5?6L. , AQJQ . 'biiiiipbn 4 , .W " " 'A . f bn- ia, " 'Ffh ww. -1'E'4Eff'g5 ?g11iif' diwugcv M K ggtggi fQgM11yQ!i'K?hf1V3K.1t mm I I . . W K ""L',:gli4aif.lvvev:--M' 4 ' ' ' - , ' ,Q ia?,,..f.u..--' f"5 " 1 mx " ' ,. 'rf p, 'A-,.,.':: i ,X , ' l' -1 - -L M,-5:i,!,i,., .1 me, ' ,HV - ' f N. ' ., 1 V Q bl VM , , .D I Wlxinysvx J, .. t' 1 Ak, , N F N u . ,J ' .,., . . G 'ii A 'H 1 'A ' -'ASQ' 'QWSQSA -fy: ".,,.w---,-Q,Z,i.' A - Killian ' 'WF' v f'i'5""2r'T'.1fQ ' ' 3 1 mr-' Qi' ' f f 4. -F' , ggsfgp- .. M I n 7 44 ., 11 M fgg., 1 ,hr .WV A N .Ln 0, , Wi, 2EX41,,?,, yld . 1rsT2x1ry'Q-FA ' I , . ,. gd, 1.3-1513 ,v., .-- r 1 ' mf' , ,rw 3, ' I X . ' 1 , 41"""' 109 ,.l5,4o1"'wHwu H clefffclddnjen Class of 1957 Class Officers SEATED: Linda Dickerson, president: Mr. McAlduff, ad- visor. STANDING: Carol Pan- dini, secretary: Alfred Karl- berg, vice-president: Beverly Sargent, treasurer. The Junior Class has traveled three-fourths of the way to its first cross road. They have been active in sports, cheerleading, and other student ac- tivities. Everyone had a memorable time at the Junior Prom. The Jun- iors are very proud of their class rings, which they will cherish always as a reminder of their years at Franklin High. HOME ROOMS 32 Sr 36 FIRST ROW: Mr. Sarkesian, Florence Stinson, Joan Williams, Mary Gauthier, Simonne LaBonte, Adrienne Patch, Olive Lowell, Mr. O'Connor. SECOND ROW: Earl Sanborn, Alfred Maheu, Betty Hawthorne, Claire Gauthier, Alice Buczynski, Edward Hanley, Ronald Dube. THIRD ROW: Virginia Cilley,Patricia Durgin, Judith Yacopucci, Madeline Smith, Joyce Reeves, Beverly Sargent, Bette Boomhower. FOURTH ROW: Bradley Kidder, Ernest Elliott, Frank Morey, Gerard Deguise, Theodore Morrell, Ellsworth Edmunds. FIRST ROW: Patricia Hanks, Geraldine Barry, Helen Ann Pandini, Barbara Gebo, Mr. L. W. Philbrick. Bersaw, Betty Twombly, Norma White, Edith Keyser, THIRD ROW: Lawrence Nadeau, Donald Longfellow, Theresa Lavertu, Wanda Sliva, Patricia Ruel. SEC- Arthur Moody,Harold Graham, Alfred Karlberg, Rich- OND ROW: Carol Shaw, Joanne Roy, Lorna Durgin, ard Hoyt, Edward Duncan, Albert Cote. Linda Dickerson, Jane Ericksen,Lynda Forsyth, Carol HOME ROOM 35 HOME ROOM 33 FIRST ROW: Georgiana Barry, Adrienne Legare, Jane f16gUSSS,Albert Beaupre, Sandra Shaw, Elaine Roy, Joan Young, Pauline St. Pierre. SECOND ROW: Karol Drugg. FOURTH ROW: Gary Mumblo, Paul Mercier, Kelley, Nancy Ernest, Marlene Cote, Margaret Coo- Raymond .Desrochers, Brent Belanger, James Rioux, ley,Lois Waltos, Annette Genest, Mrs. Miller. THIRD Robert Nelson, Robert Seamans. ROW: Margaret LaPlante, Sally Hoitt, Sheilah En- vy CTP Af L, , , or X '::, 1 I , N2 A is 3, 3 ay , , , qs Yue- I3 Y I 11 V ' Ffa U" + are ,J me SITTING: President, Terral Pope: Advisor. Mrs. Kidder STANDING: Vice-President, Diane Wiser: Treasurer, Nor- man Dusting Secretary, Denise Kidder. 4.-W GQ' Class of 19 8 Mrs. Kidder has again guided a class through a successful year. This year's Sophomore Class had their annual Holiday Hop, working hard and coming up with a truimph. HOME FRONT ROW: Margaret Colby, Joanne Boomhower, Frances Brown. Jean Masse , Joan Beaupre, Phyllis Woods, Patricia LaGasse, Thelma Brophy, Miss Clark: SECOND ROW: Clarence Ed mun ds, Paul Harbour. George Furlong, Robert Duff, Robert Goings, Terral They were good sports and fought hard all the way through the Winter Carnival. The Class of '56 wishes the Sophomores the very best of luck in their two remaining years. ROOM 14 Pope, Roger Hanks: THIRD ROW: S an dra Legare, Irene Ericksen, Edith O'Brien, Kathryn Walters, Nata- lie Cate, Beverly Adams, Loretta Belangerg FOURTH ROW: M ic h a el Thomas, Daniel Mathieu, Charles Cook, William Keyser, William Springer, John Prince. HOME ROOM 17 FRONT ROW: Valerie Winters, Janice DuBois, Joyce LaPlante, Louisa Barton, Nancy Rowe, Gertrude El- Mercier, Anne Sullivan, Denise Kidder, Rose Marie liot, Joanne Higgins, Nancy Willis, Sandra Rousseau: St. Pierre, Elaine Longfellow, Blanche Yeaton, Mrs. FOURTH ROW: JosephRayno, Benjamin Brown, Peter Kidder: SECOND ROW: Robert Proulx, Robert Abbott, Burleigh, Guy Haynes, Paul Michel, John Bushman, George Gauthier, James Keegan, Denis Rousseau, Robert Beauchemin, Raymond Laramie. Thomas Pouliot, Ralph Trottier: THIRD ROW: Rita HOME ROOM 15 FRONT ROW: Beverly England, Phyllis Bolstridge, Wallace, Paul Whitcomb, Albert Svenson: THIRD Robin Lyon, Sandra Flanders, Donna Tibbetts, Janet ROW: Roger Rowell, Philip Rousseau, Norman Dustin, Chase,Cecile LaRoche, Carolyn Keyser, Miss Peller- David Boyce, Robert Wallace, Peter Berube, James ing SECOND ROW: Ernest LaPlante, David Lozey. Boyle, Robert Barneetz, Oscar Goodwin. Nelly Pease, Diane Wiser, Cecile Morrell, Barbara , It Ma I S I . y I ,- l sv , ,5 , Qrfs FIRST ROW: Sondra Cross, Ruth Blanchard, Deanna Hoyt, Sandra Shaw, Dolores Lancaster, Miss Dolloff, SECOND ROW: Raymond Drapeau, Angus Mclver, John Hedgepath, Charles Dalton, Robert Rioux. THIRD ROW: Jean Taylor, Emma Cilley, Marjorie Webber, Joyce Emery, Kay Glidden, Jean Laughy. FOURTH ROW: Martin Dustin, Daniel Kelley, Louis Genest, George Rousseau, Walter Paquette, David Toupin. HOME ROOM 26. Class Officers SEATED left to right: Penelope Pope, president, Miss Dolloff, advisor. STANDING: Frank St. Pierre,treasurerg Barbara Edmunds, se c re t a ry g Richard Wiser, vice-president. HOME ROOM 3 1. FIRST ROW: Marjorie Flanders,Anna Nadeau, Kath- leen Sanborn, Patricia Brouillard, Pauline Meader, Gail Varney. SECOND ROW: Alfred Elliott, David Higgins,Douglas Woodward, Richard Thompson, Jos- eph Cummings, Richard Kenney, Alan Doherty, Roger Bourdeau, Mrs. Davidson. THIRD ROW: Annette Mercier, Christine Hammond, Lillian Robinson, Zarne Dufault, Janet Davis, Pauline Beaupre, Janet Anshe- witz. FOURTH ROW: Robert L. Gilman, Robert Le- clerc, Douglas Carignan, Richard Karlberg, Geoffrey Cobden, Ronald Corriveau, Keith Strickland, Lloyd LaQuire. 9,9 FIRST ROW: Judith Tibbetts, Gail Randall, Barbara Cote, Jeanne LaRoche, Cecile Addison, lla Douglas. SECOND ROW: William Mathaisell, Ray Franklin, David Lamothe, Edna Michel, Richard Elliott, Richard Keegan, Warren Fletcher, Mr. McAlduff. THIRD ROW: Paula Paddleford, Elaine Carignan, Neoma Wallace, Carol Cook, Jean Brown, Roberta Howe. FOURTH ROW: Charles Cunningham, Roger Dumond, Harry Rogers, Roger Davis, Richard Shaw, Dennis Laramie. HOME ROOM 23. Class of 19 9 The Freshman Class has shown wonderful co-operation and sports- manship during their first year at F.H.S. We are sure that their spirit and leadership will continue to grow to make the class of '59 very success- ful in their future years at Franklin High, and that, as they come to new crossroads, they will use the same good judgment as they have this past year. HOME ROOM 2 7. FIRST ROW: Richard Dubois,Carolyn Turner,Loretta Kadlec, Laurel Magoon, Lawrence Rowell. SECOND ROW: Carol Coates, Madeline LeBlanc, Barbara Gil- man, Mary Kelley, Constance Calley, Jane Davis, Patricia Hemeon, Mr. Crowley. THIRD ROW: Bar- bara Edmunds, Elaine McKenven, Jo-Ann Guay, Pene- lope Pope,Charlotte Brailey, Regina LaPlante, Gloria Boisclair. FOURTH ROW: Frank St. Pierre, Richard Tessier, David Menard, Michael Mullavey, George Comeau, Richard Wiser, Richard Dionne. QT? Varsity KNEELING: Sally Hoitt, Lorraine Elliott Irene Erickseng STANDING: Pat Ruel ' nest. F. H. S. Cheerleaders Though both cheering squads are small this year, they seem to have plenty ofpep. The girls in the blue and gold uniforms are seen at every game leading applause for their team. Many thanks must be given to these girls who earnestly tried to please their fellow students at all times. Their spirit and pep will be remembered by all who have followed them through the lusty yells. Junior Varsity K N E E LIN G : Cecile LaRoche, Diane Wiserg STANDING: Loretta Belanger, Joyce Mercier. Joyce Carignan, Carol Zak, Nancy Er- ,' , I r- N 4, ,iw v '- v X 4' ' ., X5 ' 'e ,V if and vflggzafai ' -,'A ' L. 5 J: , f?f'5?i'?f4fEi'g'.KQ:f':'i?iS23G5Sk ' D . -sf+Fawxfxz,.r1g mvfkgxigfg Q., b W LL A 'A gm- D " - ':"s w'-E:::s.w. Eli , -Y, jk.. , . ". ' x' ,A5'f'1.Y l' . 4'v.' '..-gt, an f. ,, A in :V 12. iii., S. axifazfsime 1 "' Q Gfivg, Kkuw R P01 ,mb T I I "'i"55rw' TQ Fw? NP? Cad the :.1 www. f .?i,N,, KQV -- Hsin' - ., V. . f -1. M mm 1? ..J-.- ,. 'A xx! 2, ' .Q ' ,W . 553:15 . ww-yY'3,. , , ,. ,.. , H A 'V .- 5 - -'.1.-H., ' -' rr awamxwrfwi W' . " ' ' ' "G, r:s:m?:My,p5iiN11i1l5?S1'4 '?'!A'1J'XQy1if345'Q.B1Agsx,.1uw1+ ff' E A ' W' 'A T513 K - N I . ,Q -V'g5:5bLTi1L.:.3gQ,14j,2, 1 fl 93' havin v - x, ",.,m1llpfkQwmw.6.x q'n,o!JQ'i6lfAu-ann Club ' - ' r. A Cheerleading 1, Y' " QLAAQQAQ-keep, -. ? Student Gov t tf.'7i"'R nm? ?fii'523f?73?i'fiinv.A+ l,,,:.e,'.. Iv' ,rm ' " l an Nl: 4 x L 1 s ' K 1. . 'Q , ' f N1 n . ny , ' . K Q .Ji . Q' x ' U , a ' ' Q Wf 'B ". "' ' We ? , 1 - A W 'E 9 x , J ,, .,, 4 Q f K 1 ' Q 5 'N W JI 21 B W 1 sn :Sw rt , J t . 3 i x' fx , X Q V u,1','IAL qi ,, K X K Q , 4 . 'I . wx ,, , v X N l mr K . 4, ,,,,X-..x... I K by ' ' uw Jw f. . Y-was ,, NWA . Q -pf qw' 'U , 1 ' K 1 if E 1 AK. ' M M 1 , ' ' nu v. 2, QQ . , If . . :L xv? H1 24 e 'E is it tm' 1m 5 2. 11' K 'L ' V9 " .v .w 1 0' H.. r yi wx- X W X , 2. . M ,M-ka . vm fl.. K X, ., 51 qs I x 54 ' 1 f , 1 H , +2 ' , 3 'R X N v 5: n r' 1 ,. 1 X M ya M Q , 4 , . M ' qi x Y X xg 71, is :J U 1 S x .t in 1x 13'!Xx.x,,xxLW dw wx v , va, ' i, Xl " mg vs . 1g x f 1: Q. c 'x .-'ry' EBHQA 'R g 1 ,Q -4 :Q ,k x I , .,. .f I v"'U'K . Q ex . ' Q V .14 v ' 1.3 ,-, jx g,f"'B3:fg a ' . 'r 1 x sv QISI H' ivy' S. 'gt Ki YN X ' 5 ' l i25'vX'9 Q 'wp W I 7 v f . X, il, o u ,qu , t ' 5 x t X: H Rf' rw . 5 I my x ' H X 3 Q nl' Q- M 'rw N ' X lv i ' Ll 'PP lb ki i X 1 it x 4 4 tl' L' 1 -A ms , , t ., ' X X J , Q5 5 15 x ' v N S X 1 H X I ' -2 df ' .ugly I. jxif 5 x 75-g t l ' 1.1115 rr As , Z ' A M ' L- - 1 Eg f, ' - LJ-fa ' -xxx .fgcfiuified FIRST ROW, left to right: Edward Durgin, Roberta Shaw, Mary Ann LeCourt, Jean Currier, Jean Pierce, Patricia LaPlante, Mary Burke, Mrs. Rose, advisor. SECOND ROW: Hubert Parker, Lorraine Elliott, Mary Howe, Joan White, Carol Zak, Ioan Johnson, Joyce Carignan, Joan Bryson, Ronald Leclerc, Kenneth Garand,Barbara Furlong. THIRD ROW: Neil Laughy, Wilfred Brusseau, Helen Stinson, Marcia Bickford, Ruth Pease,Patricia Richardson, Ruth O'Brien, Barbara Rousseau. FOURTH ROW: CarolPandini, Sally Hoitt, Jane Smith, Judy Miquelon, Rose Laroche, William Downes. The Yearbook Staff Editor . . . Mary Burke, Assistant Editor . . .Ed Durgin, Business Man- agers . . . Roberta Shaw and Bar- bara Furlong, Chairmen of Commit- tees: Typists and Proof Readers, Rose Larocheg Boys' Sports, Billy Brusseaug Class Song, Jane Smith, Class History, Helen Stinson, Class Prophecy, Jean Pierce, Class Will, Judy Miquelon, Senior Personals, Jane Smith, Social Activities, Jean Currier, Superlatives, Carol Zak, Teacher's Personals, Joan Bryson, Layout, Helen Stinson. Without our advisors, Mrs. Rose, Mrs. Currier, and Mrs. Pickess, who have given us much encouragement, this annual would have been impos- sible. ZZ.. "' V 4 icvhslqixxxxx. 1 gpksielmsxw FIRST ROW: Linda Dickerson, Kenneth Garand, Jean Currier, Nancy Routhier. SECOND ROW: Joyce Mer- cier, Mr. Burleigh, advisor, Mary Burke, Irene Erick- sen, Sally I-loitt, Nancy Rowe, Penelope Pope, Edward Hanley, Joyce Carignan, Paul Frost. THIRD ROW: Dennis Rousseau, Neil Laughy, Guy Haynes, Bradley Kidder, Richard Karlberg. FOURTH ROW: Wilfred Brusseau, James Rioux, Alfred Karlberg, Brent Belang- er, Robert Amsden, George Rousseau. Student Government Student Government is the organ- ization within Franklin High School which helps promote good will and understanding. It is made up of re- presentatives of all four classes and handles many student problems. Student Government also serves as a service organization. Its out- standing project is the Winter Carni- Xl 1 val. This event brings the classes, as well as individuals, closer and builds high spirit all over the school. We shall never forget the beautiful Carnival Ball. This representative body has certainly made Franklin High ahap- pier and friendlier place. 602, FIRST ROW: J. Doherty, R. Kenney, C. Turner, T. Kristl, THIRD ROW: A. Doherty, A. Atward, R. Bryant, J. Bush- Mr, Hall, R. Pierce, W. Fletcher, B. Gilpatrick, D. Hoyt. man,G.Cobden,R. Patch,D. Longfellow. FOURTH ROW SECOND ROW: 'N. Camp, E. Longfellow. I- Reeves, A. R. Rioux, M. Edmunds, D. Smart, W. Wade, C. Cunning- Beaupre,C. Braley, E. Carignan, C.Toshack,B. Sargent. ham, L. Kimball, S. Shaw. Majorettes: B. Twombly, S. Shaw, L. Forsyth, L. Durgin, J. Young. Our Band and Majorettes Due to Mr. Hall' s endless efforts and untii-ing patience, the band has had avery successfulyear . Though it is small in size, it has been a great help to various assemblies during the year. It has also done well in the Christmas and Spring Concerts,which are open to the public, and has held the spirit high at the football games. x 50 FIRST ROW: J. Bryson,R.St. Pierre, H. Stinson, J. Reeves, Mr. McAlduff, Miss Clark, K. Garand, J. Smith, A. Karl- berg,I. Pierce, R. Laroche, L. Elliott. SECOND ROW: O. Lowell, D. Kidder, N. Rowe, C. Toshack, R. Pease, S. Enneguess, S. Hoitt, J. Yacopucci, B, Twombly, C. Zak. THIRD ROW: C. Pandini, A. Sullivan, J. Boomhower, L. Belanger,B.Yeaton, R. LaPlante, C. Morrell, G. Randall, M. LeBlanc, B. Kidder. FOURTH ROW: R. Duff, P. Bur- leigh, J. Keegan, R. Leclerc, D. Karlberg, B. Downes, B Brusseau, P. Frost,A. Bergeron, G. Deguise. FIFTH ROW D. Longfellow, K. Strickland, C. Liolis, S. Berube, N Dustin,G. Furlong, D. Rousseau, B, Wallace, J. Bushman B. Belanger, J. Rioux, W. Fletcher. Dramatics Club Girls, FIRST ROW: Patricia LaPlante, Marlene Duff, Barbara Edmunds,JoanIohnson,Joan Williams, Olive Lowell, Jean Currier. SECOND ROW: Ruth O'Brien, Barbara Wallace, Barbara Furlong, Lorna Durgin, Phyllis Rousseau, Bette Y.. YT? Choir Boomhower, Louisa Barton, Miss Moses. THIRD ROW: Ro- berta Shaw, Jane Smith, Sandra Shaw,Beverly Piper, Made- line Smith,Iudith Yacopucci, Nancy Rowe, Joyce Reeves. l FIRST ROW: E. Longfellow, M. Colby, S. Flanders, P. St. Pierre, N. Ernest, A. Sullivan, A. Busczynski, J. Johnson, B. Twombly, P. Ruel, T. Lavertu, J. Carignan, J. Pierce,J. Chase. SECOND ROW: E. Roy, R. Shaw, Mr. Harris, M. Cooley, M. LaPlante, E. O'Brien, C. Toshack, D. Wiser, N. Rowe, B. Wallace, B. Boom- hower, S. Legare, M. Burke, R. O'Brien, L. Belanger. THIRD ROW: C. Zak, C. Gauthier, B. Sargent, I. Ericksen,J. Reeves, S. Hoitt, S. Enneguess, L. Elliott, J. Ericksen,J. Yacopucci, N. Camp, J. Smith, J. Roy, Miss Dolloff, N. Routhier, P. Frost. FOURTH ROW: 1. Rayno, W. Brusseau, M. Thomas, G. Furlong, M. Dustin, J. Bushman, K. Garand, P. Burleigh, N. Laughy, G. Manvan, R. Duff, D. Rousseau, M. Cote, B. Furlong. FIFTH ROW: A.Cote, R. Abbott, W. Springer, C. Mc- Adams,W. Keyser,A. Karlberg, B. Belanger, R. Wal- lace, C. Liolis, J. Rioux, W. Downes, J. Draper, D. Lambert. lpha and Beta Hi-Y The Alpha and Beta Hi-Y Clubs have been very active this past year, attending the rally at the Belknap Area, the Dartmouth vs Cornell game and Boys' and Girls' Conierence. FIRST ROW: A. Doherty, G. Varney, C. Turner, J. Taylor, D. Hoyt, M. LeBlanc, B. Gilpatric, P. Hemeon, G. Randall, L. Kadlec, M. Flanders, W. Fletcher. SEC - OND ROW: G.Boisclair, B. Gilman, P. Pope, E. Car- ignan, L. Robinson, Z. Dufault, N. Wallace, R. Howe, Miss Dolloff, Miss Clark, Mr. Harris and Mr. Taylor's efforts have certainly been appreciated not only by the graduating Seniors, but also by the rest of the club. C. Calley, B. Edmunds, Advisor, Miss Clark. THIRD ROW: Advisor, Mr.Taylor, R. Drapeau, D. Carignan, R. Karlberg, M.Mullavey, G. Cobden, H. Rogers, M. Ames, K. Strickland, R. Gilman, R. Wiser. FIRST ROW: Rose Laroche, Mrs. Davidson, advisor, JeanCurrier. SECOND ROW: Patricia LaPlante, Thel- ma Brophy, Joanne Boomhower, Joan Bryson, Ann Sullivan, Joan Nastasia, Beverly Gilpatric, Madeline Leblanc, Regina LaPlante, Joan Williams, Sandra Flanders, Blanche Yeaton, Mary Ann LeCourt. THIRD ROW: Joanne Higgins, Beverly Adams, Marlene Cote, Loretta Belanger, Helen Stinson, Phyllis Rousseau, Mary Greene, Betty Ann Twombly, Alice Buczynski, Joan White, Nancy Willis. FOURTH ROW: Albert Svenson, Roger Rowell, Richard Keegan, Judy Yaca- pucci,Lorraine Elliott,Barbara Rousseau, Jane Erick- sen,Ceci1e Morrell, Patricia Richardson, Ruth Pease, Charlotte Brailey. The Point THE POINT is published quarterly and the material, submitted by stu- dents from all the classes, is typed by Mrs. Pickess' Office Practice class. The contents consist of stories, jokes, class and school news, fashions, polls, editorials, and the most read section--the gossip .wg about classmates. There are also small publications for special events. Mrs. Davidson, who has given her time and effort so freely, shall always be remembered by the seniors as they meet new cross- roads. 'V-,vi 5. aaaaa F KS Q-L iirr I- Q, WRIT. fr ' , -f '1 isnt' FIRST ROW: Jean Taylor, Beverly Gilpatric, Jacquelyn Gilman. THIRD ROW: Rose Laroche, Linda Dickerson, Dyer, Cecile Addison, Miss Pellerin. SECOND ROW: Mary Barbara Rousseau, Roberta Shaw, Mary Burke. Gauthier, Sylvia Nadeau, Ruth O'Brien, Carol Zak, Barbara Librarians Project or Operators FIRST ROW: Nancy Routhiler,RoberLa Shaw,Mary Gauthier, mothe, Roger Hanks. THIRD ROW: Michael England, Joan Johnson, Beverly Ada ms, Jean Currier. SECOND ROW: Geoffrey Cobden, Robert Amsden. William Keyser, Charles Mr. Burleigh, Albert Svenson, Richard Wiser, David La- Cook, Wilfred Brusseau. :in-u i FIRST ROW: Denis Rousseau, Mr. Philbrick, Theodore Bradley Kidder. Alfred Maheu, Paul Michel, Peter Bur- Morrell Charles McAdams, Mr.Brusseau, Richard Thomp- leigh, James Keegan, Albert Svenson. son SECOND ROW: Benjamin Brown, Wilfred Brusseau, Key Club The Key Clubis a Kiwanis- sponsored organization con- sisting of high school boys. It is a service club and is at all times under the supervision of the school. In the past, the Key Club has helped with the Red Cross Bloodmobile when it was in Franklin. As a service to the school, it has installed a two- way buzzer system in the head- master-'s office. This year the club got off to a late but good start. The president is Roland Maheu, the faculty advisor, Mr. Leonard Philbrick, and the Kiwanis ad- visor is Mr. Wilfred Brusseau. The secretaryis Alfred Maheu andthe treasurer, James Kee- gan. ' SITTING: Nancy Rowe, Sally Hoitt, Miss Clark, Jane Smith. STANDING: Joyce Mercier, James Rioux, Jean Currier. Through the years the Assembly Committee has done a fine job in bringing us excellent assemblies. Every year there is a Christmas assembly, and a number of other assemblies are held throughout the year. The latest assembly featur- ing Mr. King, a well-known and talented singer, was one ofthe best we have ever had. We hope that the committee will continue to bring us such excellent programs. QW! K ai f ws gligyi Q X- ' 495 , M a :L b ,W ,J ,- A 1, ' 'Q gk fzfmjqs SB 4, qw I -,M .. 5-.Qin 'f W ff . K ., We 1, -.Q X M- 'W . , Wil- X '1- A ' 'A JL VV ' ,fm ,J 5:14-if I" 'f' Lf-"" M,.,..f-- ,.,.--A-' w,,.....v-v K M a..- f 4 1 452 5 Q 5 1-J 2 , Agiff I v X 1, :VA . w 1W.k, x X , .' "iQ?fV 4:1 -' I . ,- ki ff N 4 ', :A 52 if ,f dei1sw w- l g! ?1 , R5 :xg gg as 4 ' fr-'. 91 -ef- ' if ,-, xx 'xg 'gi .1.i,' 4... ,miqjc ' g ' Nmrwlj ' .hu 1C1,fjr5?: ,H1.,.,.w WZ, X' ?fYQ'H-- Nfw:-A lux Q K W A ,-W l.:v. !:.Hm . I i W' fl, "AT 2' 5:3559 .-,. I .L ,. ,, H W '-Nh z' 1 lx X L., u , Y f M If -H-H-Hn V X I v c 'A Ixxd X ' HA- .- .:. ,. EW ' 1 ,f.1,',- Q lx 5 : " .ji .-121 , , hx- x. w X, x. ,h-V' 'V' ,5 w, yu' ,ffl ' ' mu Mg ,4,5',e1 lf,'33?3' -Nfeg vglig Nga ',m V.: ,4 1. ,-' ' in , , ,'.:,j2' :kg z-if im' lr., ,. 'RL PK-:Uv S.. ,gr -ku 1-- FHM' . Q-H' ' ' ,,f1Jff.1f1A .,f-..: ' v xan -.xA ' -1524: S," in X ':" " I f'- iff," 'fu cr f mj, -1- I-v-N 1 - -M., w jg .L L- 1 5 ' M, - wp ' ','.f2'J3Zk7i1 , pf., Q I- v- A g gi .A11':.M'b5 .uf - 'SQ ii -. - rw -W,a2'fQ,5.vv . hu: . Q 1 .um 1 '. 'l71Lg5Jm' N up 9 , ,fj . 55 -ff' W v If w a' 'F E I 1 'T I A 'K '3' ,hir x - , , - a I-Y' ff ' L Q , f1..C0HCH ' -1 'L ' .fu at porfa 1 ,Q , . f'.Q.r"xf' ' f,fb"E -' I K A Q I K 1 J ' ,tr J. 3 W - ,A , KNEELING: Dennis Laramie, Alan Kidder, George Rous- man, Robert Patch, Keith Strictland, Joseph Cummings, seau, Michael Mullavey, Carl Colby, Douglas Carignan. Richard Keegan, Alan Doherty, James Boyle, STANDING: Mr.O'Rourke, Thomas McNally, Paul Cash- Freshmen Basketball quad Junior Varsity Basketball Team KNEE LING: William Keyser, Robert Seamans, Arthur Rayno, David Boyce, Peter Berube, Mr. Melkonian. Moody, Edward Cross. STANDING: Ralph Trottier, Ioseph ml' N ANKL ? NHL I X 5 li N ij l ti I Vw if tx :N QMKNKL Mhkd f R 4. i n.. KNEELING: Brent Belanger, Gary Mumblo, Wilfred Brus- seau, Gerald Draper, Richard Pescinski. STANDING: Ken Garand, Neil Laughy, William Downes, Richard Hoyt, Brad - ley Kidder, Richard Andrews, Mr. Sarkesian. Varsity Basketball Team The varsity basketball team had a good season this year. Under the coach- ing of Mr. Sarkesian we won 11 and lost 3 in class B competition. Franklin's bid for the class B championship was bol- stered when they trounced Pinkerton 74 to 53, only to be beaten by highly regard- ed and later champions, Gorham, 78 to 72. The team this year will be losing six seniors: Jerry Draper, Bill Downes, Neil Laughy, Dick Pescincki, Billy Brus - seau, and Dick Andrews. Mr. Melkonian handled our J. V. team this year, and although they didn't have an impressive record, they were a scrappy ball club. Probably their best game was when they defeated St. John's by one point on our home court. The J. V's ought to strengthen the varsity con- siderably next year. This was the first year Franklin has had a freshman team in basketball. Under the direction of Mr. O'Rourke they had a very impressive season. Lots of luck to them in the future. OPPONENTS SCORE FRANKLIN Tilton-North 46 64 Ashland 35 90 Plymouth 56 60 Penacook 40 64 Laconia 43 33 Alumni 51 48 Plymouth 69 84 Tilton-North 47 60 TOw1e 41 44 Meredith 53 66 Towle 55 46 Ashland 55 62 St. John 77 61 Penacook 47 77 St. John 73 70 Laconia 62 61 Meredith 66 78 FIRST ROW: Ronald Leclerc, Hubert Parker, Frank Abbott, Neil Laughy,George Manyan, Roland Maheu, Peter Pellerin, SECOND ROW: William Springer, Gary Mumblo, Richard Thompson, Peter Berube, Robert Beauchemin, Raymond Laramie, Paul Mercier, Roger Hanks. THIRD ROW: Coaches O'Rourke and Sarkesian, James Boyle, Edward Cross, Bradley Kidder, Dennis Rousseau, Robert Wallace, George Rousseau, and Coach Melkonian. The Football Squad This year our football team suf- fered eight straight setbacks at the hands of teams which outweighed and overpower our small, inexperi- enced team. It wasn't, however, be- cause our boys didn't play their hearts and souls out in these games, but because we were literally over- whelmed by our bigger and more ex- perienced opponents. This year under our new coaches, Messrs: Sarkesian, Melkonian, and O'Rourke, a new offense was intro- duced to the team. With this new of- fense the team was able to score enough points to equal the combined scores of the past three years. The Senior Class is proud of its contributionto our footballteam. We congratulate Paul Frost, Neil Laughy, George Manyan, Ronnie Le- clerc, Hubie Parker, Frank Abbott, who was the outstanding player of this year in Mr. Sarkesian's point of view, and Pete Pellerin, who was terrific as a first year man. Even though this year's team wasn't a successful one, Mr. Sar- kesian expresses great hopes for next year's squad. So the Senior Class leaves Franklin High wishing the best of luck to the football team of 1956. ,..... ball F1- v-0 GY- QQA-I eta X- lflj , Peter Pellerin Neil Laughy Ronald Leclerc Paul Frost F rank Abbott Roland Maheu 6 Mr. O'Rourke 'ffgkll Geogge Manyan Hubert Parker zoom N11 T- .3 Mr. Sarkesian 1 Mr. Melkonian "Skip" Rousseau .if A fi' , 1 KNEELING: R. Gilman,R.Gi1man,C. McAdams,D. Boyce, STANDING: Mr. O'Rourke, L. Boyce, J. Prince, J. Boyle, R. Pescinski, P.Berube, G. Rousseau. P. Pellerin, P. Frost. N. Laughy, P. Rousseau, D. Menard, A. Beaupre. Track Team As we go to press, baseball is still in the future, but we have great hopes for this year's team. A veteran team will be returning, led by four seniors: Bill Downes, Ronnie Leclerc, Stan Be- rube, and BillyBrusseau. Messrs. Sar- kesian and Melkonian will coach this year's squad and intend to have a win- ning team. So we wish the team good luck in their season. Baseba KNEELING: R. Keegan, B. Glines, A. Mclver, R. Dubois. FIRST ROW: A.Doherry, R. Hanks, C. Dalton, L. Laquire, D. Carignan, K. Strickland, G. Comeau, A. Svenson, E. Laplante. SECOND ROW: Mr. Sarkesian, E. Hanley, D. Rousseau,E. Duncan, G. Mumblo, B. Kidder, R. Bushman, ll Mr. O'Rourke has taken over the track team this year and he has an ex- perienced squad to command. Seven seniors are on the team: Bob and Dick Gilman, Dick Pescinski, Pete Pellerin, Paul Frost, Larry Boyce, and Neil Laughy. This year our team should be areal threat in class B competition and, who knows, may even bring home the I l championship. Team B. Brown, R. Leclerc, J. Rayno, M. Dustin, Mr. Melkonian. THIRD ROW: A. Moody, W. Downes, P. Michel, W. Keyser, B.Belanger, S. Berube, W. Springer, C. Cook, N. Dustin, W. Brusseau. hung.. 2'1?!?!LiTr:qgz,-"e3:- 1 fnlnbgfw. . . fr.. ,. ' Ji-me-5 Lfiztf 41. Wi-VTEMA' .' --- 1 W xf2E,,1mv,Skuy.. Ef"'3i?ffagg 1 ' ' '.'hsi1:' STI? Ir r 4 srl "1'f. f "KS ' zwrzzanf. -nu: 4 . 'W 'vi'5S'L4n:v . -.g -M. 9,1 Wifi:-5:,2f..' , -. ,f fxsiv,-. Y, . wp- ,f s4g'3fk?l9'h1'Q'Qg'. . Q- g'u.,.a .:. sunxmwsv- Aw.: .-.-.,,l- ... w -.x,,1,.,A Q ,ami , " -mgu:1f.5-3 fm.. m"'3l??3?3f21S??5m KV' 1- ....,,. '14 2, ociaf 6 uenfa if wiix ww' .r wt , nd' ' " ATQ ' if G Q' ' b :W , gif st I' .1192 Shot from guns! ! ! The egg an I' i.L. HE 'HE b 3 in IJ. xA1Im',-hqfmin' flmf Porn: 3 Close shavek' E I f X Y f -I ? 3 ' i , f.. :T Y . ii 'l" 1 ' H "JM --- ii?-, - WM- -1137 , ,1,, ,- ,iffy ' gx -5- ,,,,......-. 1 G :x UH: W,k:.'4,:' A Ma and Pa Crockett Mommy Crockett washes son, Davy. Freshmen Initiation Rock 'n Roll! ! Mashed potatoes, anyone? . X st . .I A- E I l .. X - M J ' ::'f12"' 1 riff? , W 'W W fi 1956 Winter Carnival All Bow For The Sovereign Amid the soft pas- tels of the court, Jean Currier and Paul Frost were crowned the reigning sovereigns of the 1956 Winter Carni- val Ball. After three weeks of boisterous competi- tion the Seniors won. All the classes dis- played good sports- manship even though the Seniors kept a definite lead all the way. Adding to the charm of the ceremony were the train bearers- Richard Currier, the Queen's nephew, and FIRST ROW: J. Mercier, E. O'Brien, B. Sargent, N. Rowe, inson, M. Burke, R. Laroche, R. Shaw. SECOND ROW: Hoitt,J. Ericksen, C. Pandini, J. White, G. Rousseau, J. Rayno, J. Boyle, B. Kidder, J. Bushman, R. Hoyt, A. Edmunds, C. Calley, L. Elliott, G. Boisclair, L. Rob- Karlberg, B. Belanger, S.Berube,W.Springer,R. Currier, ueen Jean 81 King Paul Reign Q Marcia Carignang the crown bearers- George Sawicki and Cathy Gilchrist. After Mr. and Mrs. Martin crowned Paul and Jean as the King and Queen, there was a Grand March led by the new royalty. The re- ception line was formed and congratulations and handshakes were warmly exchanged. The Twi-Liters supplied an enjoyable program of dance mus - ic. The court, led by the King and Queen, danced the first waltz. The Royal Court M, Carignan, L. Barton, D. Carignan, E. Durgin, R. leigh, Z. Dufault, Mr. Martin, J. Carignan, J. Rioux, Dumond,R. Karlberg, P. Pellerin, A. Bergeron, G. Dra- King Paul Frost,Queen Jean Currier, S. Enneguess, Mrs. per. THIRD ROW: Mr. Cashman, R. Wiser, Mr. Bur- Martin, Mrs. Burleigh, D. Wiser, R. Abbott. aww S' We 1 ' 'e if Q AQ ZZ! gr agar.: assay: Jaaazu auxin: Aaaswa 44114: norms: l1Nl The Franklin Journal Franklin, New Hampshire, 1966 We have come to the end of the road and this is what the class of '56 has contributed to the world. FRANK ABBOTT is a happily married man and has contributed gener- ously to the population of Hill. ROBERT AMSDEN, mas- ter scientist, has per- fected his Do-It-Your- self rocket kit. As he placed his hand on the throttle, they all heard him say, "Go on with the experiments, Mr. O'Con- nor." RICHARD ANDREWS is milking the cows at Franklin Dairy. EDWARD BEAUDOIN has grown a beard and leads in the cracker barrel discussions at his general store. ANDREW BERGERON is running for President next election. Good luck, Andy. STANLEY BERUBE is raising a garden of "roses." MARCIA BICKFORD was recently appointed head blackboard washer in Mrs. Rose's room. LARRY BOYCE, ROGER DAY and FORREST MILLS have undertaken to move the town of Hill again. MILDRED BROWN is head make -up artist for MGM. WILFRED BRUSSEAU was runner-up in the Mr. America contest. Better luck next time, Bill. JOAN BRYSON is a suc- cessful commercial photographer. Her fa- vorite model is RACHEL GOSSELIN who is "Miss Goldrhein of 1966." JOYCE CARIGNAN. Well, just ask her "what's cookin'." MARY B U R K E is working hard trying to get her cousin"Trigger" out of the clink. NANCY CAMP has won the title "The Body" for the tenth consecutive year. HOWARD CATE has con- densed Webster's Dic- tionary into two words, yup and nope! GLENN CILLEY is still walking across the stage to get his diploma. JEAN CURRIER had to give up teaching the third grade, the pupils were a little big to handle. Try the second or first grade Jean! WILLIAM DOWNES has replaced Bob Cousey of the Celtics. JERRY DRAPER has set a new world's record. He has gone steady with fifteen different girls in the last month. MARLENE DUFF waved good-bye and went to see for herself. There have been some reports that Davy Crockett is wandering a- round the N.H. woods. It is really EDWARD DURGINwho is a Forest Ranger now. JACKIE DYER has been awarded the title "Miss Co-ordination Plus of l66ll. ELWYN EASTMAN has taken Bob Waterfie1d's place in pro-football and as Jane Russell's hus- band. LORRAINE ELLIOTT is helping her favorite teacher correct papers. MICHAEL ENGLAND is President of NBC and is the author of "Me and My Shortwave Set". This in- cidentally has no con- nection with the Gilman Twins. PAUL FROST can be seen every Autumn with paint in hand. He pre- ferred to keep his true identity a secret while in school. BARBARA FURLONG can be seen at 11:15 Albert G. Garneau Company 52 Thompson Park. Gile's Dairy 901 Central Street Dr. Oliver A. Grenier 408 Central Street Grevior's Furniture Store 414 Central Street Griffin Drug Company 330 Central Street G. W. Griffin Company 93 Memorial Street Gussie's Restaurant 352 Central Street Hammond's Bakery 446 Central Street Hebert Manufacturing Co. 575 Central Street Holmes 85 Nelson Inc. 361 Central Street House of Byer Inc. 235 Central Street Wilfred I. Huntoon 86 Co. 29 Memorial Street Jeannette's Beauty Salon 323 Central Street Kaytee Hosiery Mill River Street E. I. Keegan 86 Company 374 Central Street Kelley 's Army 86 Navy Store 366 Central Street Kidder Lumber Company Willow Hill Dr. Frank J. Kropp 425 Central Street H. W. Krueger Registered Professional Engineer 261 Glenwood Avenue Kurl Shop 385 Central Street Lambert's Cut Price Store 401 Central Street Laroche's Market 663 Central Street E. G. 8: E. W. Insurance Co. 384 Central Street Leon's Jewelry 351 Central Street Dr. Tadeusz Lepianka 408 Central Street Libby's Esso Servicenter Central Street Thomas T. MacRae Plumbing 8t Heating 24 Park Street Mahoney's Welding Engineers 765 Central Street Marie's Beauty Shop 19 Franklin Street Dr. Frank J. McQuade 336 Central Street Millie 's Lunch 14 West Bow Street Loyal Order of Moose Lodge 426 445 Central Street Dr. Robert J. Morin 368 Central Street J. J. Newberry Company 386 Central Street News 85 Book Shop 362 Central Street Palace Diner 344 Central Street Parker's Gulf Service Station Hubert A. Parker, Prop. 168 Central Street E. M. Perkins Shoe Store 37 Franklin Street Perry's Cities Service Station 435 Central Street Pinsonneault Rest Home 73 View Street F. M. Piper, Printing 235 Central Street Polish Home 80 West Bow Street Mr. K. C. Phipps, Jeweler 22 Franklin Street Prince 85 Stebbins 359 Central Street Public Service Company 402 Central Street Raffaelly 's Market 406 Central Street Rennie's Taxi Service 323 Central Street Rita's Beauty Shop 153 Pearl Street Rousseau's Clothing Store J. P. Barry, Prop. Central Street Roy's Barber Shop 20 Franklin Street Sandy 's Store 8a Shell Station Alex Cooper, Prop 760 Central Street Compliments of Dr. Robert N. Sawyer Seaboard Finance Company Central Street Jean M. Shaw Agency 409 Central Street Shepard 's Wholesale Grocery 12 Canal Street Shepard Realty Company 27 Memorial Street Shop-N-Ate 159 Central Street Dt. Paul Smith 384 Central Street Velma Smith Agency 336 Central Street Harry Solomon Store for Men 340 Central Street Solomon's Store for Women 336 Central Street C. P. Stevens Hardware 438 Central Street J. P. Stevens Co. Inc. Smith Street Dr. James Sullivan 10 Franklin Street Sulloway Industries 235 Central Street Sunlight Dry Cleaners O. Leclerc, Prop. 85 School Street I ...,...-s..-- W,,,f4ea.fre. - . Surowiec 's Market 26 West Bow Street Sylvestre 's Market 23 Memorial Street A. A. Thompson Coal Co. 319 Central Street Malcolm H. Thompson Attorney at Law 336 Central Street Tilton Dress Manufacturing Co. 235 Central Street Abigail Webster House South Main Street Bennett's I. G. A. Super Market 73 North Main Street Benson Auto Company 28 North Main Street Boucher's Food Center 407 North Main Street Bunny's Diner North Main Street Dalphond Brothers, Inc. Mfgrs. 85 Whslrs. of Native Lumber Andover, N. H. Daniel Webster Inn 8: Motel George Gignac, Prop. 84 North Main Street Dr. Arthur L. Edmunds Veterinarian Webster Lake Road Franklin Dairy Sz Dairy Bar River Road Franklin Wholesale Mart North Main Street Frank's Friendly Service 345 North Main Street Walter B. Furlong Construction Work 8: Trucking 150 North Main Street Compliments of Ackerman's Tydol Service Station Compliments of Eaton's I. G. A. Store Henry B. Trachy Agency 395 Central Street Truchon's Drug Store 380 Central Street Val's Barber Shop 325 Central Street Wallace's Market 382 Central Street WEST FRANKLIN Gateway Inn 220 South Main Street Hearthstone Basket Shop South Main Street Hingston Leather Co., Inc. Louis J. Rolfo, Pres. North Main Street Hudson Door Manufacturing Co . , Inc . Range Road Joe 8a Art's Texaco Station Corner North Main 8LWebster Street Gardner C. Longfellow 34 South Main Street Main Street Store Ruth St Brad Mullavey, Prop. 115 North Main Street Morri11's Used Cars, Inc. Webster Lake Road Morse's Fried Chicken South Main Street Nate's Esso Servicenter 215 South Main Street Neil's Diner North Main Street Holiday Motel Jack L. Pinkham, Prop. North Main Street HILL Compliments of Wash-Brite Laundry 17 Memorial Street Western Auto Associate Store 430 Central Street Yarn Gift 85 Flower Nook Central Street Dr. Fred Ziegler 418 Central Street Piper Motor Company 135 North Main Street Piper's Radio Service 51 North Main Street Plastic Fabricators Inc. Frank Stevens, Plant Manager 155 North Main Street Prescott Oil Company 217 South Main Street Rego Shell Service Station 40 South Main Street Carleton W. Roy Painter 8: Paper Hanger Webster Lake Road Thornton 's Barber Shop Richard Thornton, Prop. North Main Street Towne ga Country Furniture Albert Waterman, Prop. 196 North Main Street Vamey's Jenny Service Station North Main Street H. L. Young Funeral Home Bradford H. Butler 175 South Main Street Compliments of J. W. Ladd Manufacturing Company National Needle Company

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