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5 5' A 1 Q- X S I -Hr 4.5. A' f ' x . ' .Q 1 - tip- ' .-l .. nl L ' P ' u ' ' V' P JA ' Q X yn x k ', n A , 3 5 y I V I W Y ' 4 Yr . ,ei - I , ' A ' ,az .man-Mi... Luigi Faculty .... Seniors .... Underclassmen Activities .... Social Events. . . Sponsors. . . KEY T0 THE KEY Franklin High School Annual Franklin, New Hampshire 1955 MISS MOYNIHAN School Nurse of Franklin, Hill, and Sanborn- ton. To you, Miss Moynihan, in deep appreciation, we , the Class of '55, d e d i c a t e our Yearbook. Your ever-ready help , your sympathy and genuine interest inus, added to your vibrant personality, have endeared you to the hearts of us all. y if X is s- , . rQ K H 2 MR. TAYLOR Machine Shop. To you, Mr. Taylor, in recognition of your indispensable help and guidance, we, the Class of '55, dedicate our Yearbook. Because of your e age rne s s to help when help was needed, and your warm and genial personality, you will never be forgotten. 3 CLASS SONG Music: 'Halls of Ivy' To our cherished days of high school, We prepare to close the door, But deep within our hearts those days shall live evermore, To the blue and gold of Franklin, And our alma mater too, We leave a pledge of loyalty, A pledge to be trlle. The friendships we have made, Will live and never fade, The joys we've shared are memories sweet and dear. And though we may depart, To travel far apart, We won't forget the days that were lived here. So with mingled joy and sadness, Every voice will rise in song, To bid farewell forever, As we now move along, -----Barbara Kelley 4 F A C U L T MK JOHN BALL State Teachers College, Cort- land, New York, B. U., Degrees: B. S., M. S., General Science, Senior Science, Algebra 1, Guid- ZFICC. MR. RICHARD MARTIN U. N, H., B. U., Columbia, Harvard, Degrees, A. B., M. Ed., Superintendent of Schools, Rotary Club. MR. JOSEPH CASHMAN U, N. H., P. T. C., B. U.: Degrees, B. S., M, E. D., Headmaster of Junior and Senior High Schools, MR. NORMAND BROUGH Ithaca College, Degrees: B. S, of Health and Physical Education, Biology, Economic Geography, Assistant Football and Baseball Coach. MR. JOSEPH BURLEIGH Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Dartmouth, U. N. H., Degrees: B. S., Mechanical Draw- ing, Director of Visual Aids, Student Gov- emment, MISS NINA CLARK U. N. H., Home Economics, Director of Dra- matics, Faculty Supervisor of Assembly Committee. MR. FRANK CROWLEY Harvard, Harvard Graduate School of Busi- ness Administration, U. N. H., Graduate School, Degrees, A, B., M. B. A., United States History, Today's World, Civics, Fac- ulty Manager of Athletics. 6 MRS. SYLVIA F. CURRIER U. V., Martha Washington Seminary, Johnson Teachers College, Degrees, B. S., English, Sr. and Soph., Yearbook. MRS, LILLIAN DAVIDSON Plymouth Teachers College, Degrees, Ex- tension Course, Freshman and Sophomore English, The Point. MRS. RUTH GILMAN U. N. H., Cafeteria Director, MR. ROBERT GOURLEY U. N. H., Howard ,County Junior College, Big Spring, Texas, Degrees, B. A., Mathe matics,Algebra I, Il, Geometry, Solid Geo- metry, and Trigonometry, Basketball, J, V. Track, Band. MR. ROBERT HALL Musical Director. MR. GEORGE HANCOX B. U., College of Liberal Arts, School of Education,Degrees, A. B., English, Speech, Dramatics, Junior Class Advisor, Radio Club. 7 MISS JUNE DOLLOFF Plymouth Teachers College, De- grees: Bachelor of Education, World History, Civics, Girls Physical Education, Alpha Hi-Y, Girls Basketball, Girls Softball. MRS. IRENE KIDDER Graduated at Plymouth, Iouy en Iosas in France, Middlebury French School, McGill University, B. U.g French I, II, and III, Sophomore Home Room, Sophomore Class Advisor, MR. ELSWORTH F. HARRIS University of New Hampshire, Keene Teach- ers, Plymouth Teachers, Fitchburgh State Teachers, Harvard, Degrees: A. B., Wood work, Patternmaking, Cabinet work, Hi-Y. MR. EDWARD HENLEY Boston University, Indiana University, Uni versity of Maine, Degrees: B. S., M, S Physical Education, Coach Cross-Country Basketball. MR. JOHN KNIGHT Southeastern Louisiana College, Boston Uni- versity, Degrees: B. S. in Education, Prob- lems of American Democracy, Economic Geography, Driver Education, F 0 o t b all Coach and Athletic Director, Baseball Coach. MISS MARY I. MCINTOSH State Teachers College, Salem, Massachu settsg Degrees: B. S. Ed.g General Mathe matics, General Business, Personal Typing Library and Librarian. MISS MARION MOSES New England Conservatory of Music, Amer- ican Institute of Normal Methods, Degrees: Mus. B. g Music, Girls' Choir and Music Festi- vals, MISS MARIAN MONYHAN Mercy Hospital, Springfield, Mass., Ply- mouth Teachers Summer School, Keene Teachers Summer Schoo1,Degrees: R. N.: School Nurse of Franklin, Hill, and Sanbornton. 8 MR. VINCENT O'CONNOR Williams, B. U., U. N. H.: Degrees: A. B.g Chemistry, Physics, General Science, MISS BERTHA PELLERIN Keene Teachers College, U. N. I-Lg Degrees: B. E., Home Economics 10, 11, 12g Foods Grades,'7, 8g Activity Refreshments, Club Banquets. MR. FRANK PIWONSKI Custodian. MR. FRANK SOUTHMAYD Woodshop Instructor. MR. JOHN TAYLOR Keene Teachers College: Machine Shopg Beta Hi-Y. MRS. PHYLLIS WALLACE U. N. H.g Secretary to the Headmaster, 9 MRS. MADELINE PICKESS Plymouth Teachers College, De- grees: B. Ed.: Business Education Senior Class Advisor, Cheerlead- ing. 1 RONALD MERCIER August 21, 1937 October 12, 1952 To the memory of Ronnie Mercier, better known to his classmates as "Mer", we, the Class of 1955, dedicate this page in our Yearbook. From his early school days at St. Mary's up to his last days at Franklin High, "Mer" was indeed a friend to all. His chiefinterest was in sports and much of his time was spent at the Franklin Recreation Center where he partici- pated in baseball, basketball and ping-pong. His favorite sport. however, was always basketball. "Mer's" happiest clay came when, in Boston, he watched his special team, the Boston Red Sox, score a thrilling vic- tor . Isilis sudden and untimely death stunned everyone who had known and loved him. Yet the memory of his smiling face and sparkling personality shall live on in our hearts, always --an everlasting tribute to Ronnie Mercier. "Death is in such strange contradiction to life that it is no matter for wonder that we recoil from it, and turn to remembrances, and find rec- ompensein perceiving that those we have loved live in our memories as intensely as if they were still before our eyes." 10 S . N E N O WILBUR F. ROBERGE "W'll' " 1 re President 'His nature is a sufficient advertisement of his character." Class President 4, Student Gov't. 3, 4, V. Pres. 4, Football 1, '2 '3 '4-C -C - ' ' , , o apt, 4,Baseball 1, '2, '3, '4, Rep, to Boy's State 3, Junior Rotarian 4, Key Club 3, Hi-Y 3, 4, Dramatic Club 4, Yearbook staff 4, Manager Winter Carnival 3, Initiation Committee 4, Junior Prom Decorating Committee 3, likes all sports . , , hunting and fishir lg . . . hee hee' , , , pushes around in a '34 black Chevy . . . college. S. BRITTA KARLBERG Vice-President 'Books are not men and yet they are alive." Class Vice -President 2, 4, Dramatics 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 4, Assembly Committee 1, Glee Club 1, 2, Librrian 3, 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Yearbook staff 4, Girl's State Delegate 3,Dues Collector 3, 4, Scholastic Letter 1, 2, 3, 4, State Dramatics Festival 4- pretty and nice books books, books . . . likes classical music ,', , a great actress: , 'ehf what' . . . superb student . . . college. VIOLA E. HUNTOON 'Vi' Secretary "What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness." Glee Club 1 2 4- Square Dance Club 2 Girls Conferen 1 I I l : D 21 Point 2, 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Initiation Committee 4, Ink Pot 4- H'-Y 1 - , 1 , 2, 3, 4, Class Secretary 4, Yearbook Staff 4, a real chatterbox . . . everybody's friend . . . likes music . . . 'jumping- geronimo' . . . dependable . . . college. CECILE M. AUBE "Ci1" Treasurer 'I hate nobody, I am in charity with the world." Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Treasurer 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, Junior Prom Comm. 3, Carnival Manager 2, 4, Ink Pot 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Dues Coll ct 2 - - ' e or 1, , 3, 4, Band 3, 4,Yearbook Staff 4, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Square Dance Club 4, cute and versatile . . . a friend to all . . . form of venus . . . one of the Griffin Drug girls . . . 'hi ya BABE' . , , thrives on music . . . college, ROBERT J. ANDREWS 'Easy come, easy go." Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Football 1, 2: Basketball 2- Dues Collectorg likes to hunt. . . plays trumpet . . . quiet when among strangers, but not when among friends . . . 'lt's awaste' . . . Future: Undecided. 'Bob' BERNADETTE AUBE 'Bunny' 'The hand that hath made you fair, hath made you good.' Glee Club 15 Softball 3, lnk Pot 4: Cheerleading 1, 2, 33 Captain 4g Hi-Y 1, 2, 3gTreasurer 4gCarnival Court 1, 4, Initiation Committee 4g Girl's Conference 2, 45 Junior Prom Committee 3g Square Dance Club 2, Blue and Gold Review lgsuper cheerleader. . . crowning glory 'Let's face it' . . . Willie . . . likes sports . . . college. LILLIAN I. BAIRD 'A light heart lives long." Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, tured . . . collects miniature horses . likes twirling . . . a great chemist . . . 'Libby' 4, Yearbook staff 4, good na- . . never a dull moment . . . future nurse, R. RICHARD BEAUDET 'Dick' 'The only way to have a friend is to be one." Football '2, '3gBaseball '3, '4, Junior Prom Decorating Committee 3g Initiation Committee 4, Glee Club 3g Carnival King 4g A swell guy . . .willing to work. . .likes all sports . . . "Don't ya do it' . . . Plans to enter the service. 13 ANDREW A. BERUBE 'Regular fellows make a regular world." Dramatics 4g Cross Country 3, 4g I. V. Football 2, Basketball 2, 3, 4g likes sports . . . a regular guy . . . motor bike wizzard . . . wants to be a bird man. BERNICE C. CALL always reading . . . a friend indeed and shy . . . 'Oh Gosh' . . . courteous . mg. , 'Quiet persons are welcome everywhere,' . . . likes to skate . . . sweet . . heading for nurses train- NORMA ANN BEAUPRE 'The world is a fine place and worth fighting for." Basketball 2, 3, 4g Square Dance Club 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 4g The Ink Pot 4: Yearbook Staff 4, quiet . . . nice blonde . . . sports minded . . . likes dancing . . . pleasant disposition . . . undecided. ' Andy' ELWOOD W. BLAKE 'Charlie' 'For he's a jolly good fe11ow." Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 3g Yearbook staff 4, Radio Club 2 3- likes to hunt and fish . . . air craft designer . . . always willing to help , preparing for Engineering College . . . then Air Farce. 'Birdie' JOAN F, CAMP "J0anie" 'Good words are worth much and cost little," l-li-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, First Lt. 4, Class Secretary 2, 3, Dramatics 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Basket- ball 3, Student Government 4, Ink Pot 3, Older Girl's Conference 2, Iunior Prom Comm. 3, All Girl's Dance Band 1, Carnival Ball Comm, 4, Initiation 4, Home Room Magazine Captain 3, 4, A. A. Dues Col- lector 2, Junior Ring Comm. 3, helpful at all times . . . daily letter writer , , . enjoys basketball , , . "Don't be silly' . , . hobby is danc- ing . . . College. CLAUDETTE T, CHENEY Beautician School. PAUL E, COLBY "Cobalt" "Tis hard to be in love and be wise." Band 'l, 2, 3, Glee Club 1, 2, Dramatics '2, 3, 4, Vice President '3, President '4,Baseball '2, '3, '4, J. V. Basketball 1, 2, Varsity Bas- ketball 3, 4, J. V. Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, '4, Projector Operator '2, 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Square Dance Club 3, State Dramatics Festival 4, likes all sports , . , flys a gray Plymouth , , , going into the Wild Blue Yonder. nursing. 'Fair words never hurt the tongue Glee Club 1, Yearbook Staff 4 clothes galore bookworm nice . . . willing to help . quiet disposition thoughtful SANDRA cRowLEY Sandy 'A magnificant spectacle of human happiness Dramatics Club 2, 3, Hi-Y 1 2 3 4 Square Dance Club 2 Point 1, 2, 3, Student Government 2 3 Yearbook staff 4 Older Girl s Con ference 3, Girl's Basketball 3, A A Service Group 2 3 4 A A Dues Collector 1, 2, 4, carefree and gay likes math writes lot s of letters . . . 'Hey Dad, can I have the car? Camera fiend DOROTHY A. CUNNINGHAM 'Men of few words are the best men," Home Economics Club 3, Softball 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 4, nifty with the needle. . . neat. . . the silent type . . . a superb homemaker , , , blushes easily . . . future-undecided. ROBERT I. CROWLEY 'Bob' 'Work fascinates mel can sit and watch it for hours." Student Government 3, 4, Dramatics 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Junior Ring Committee 3, A. A. Dues Collector 2, Junior Prom Dec- orating Committee 3, Junior Prom Ticket Committee 3, Initiation Committee 4, likes to hunt and fish. . . the guy with a jeep . . . likes to eat . . . Vice President of Senior Class almost! . . . preparing for college. "Dot" LORRAINE CECILE DAIGNEAULT 'Actions speak louder than words." Glee Club 1, 3, 4, Home Economics Club 3,neat . . . collects rec- ords . . . a real sweet pal . . . 'Oh my goshl' . . . likes to write let- ters . , . future-undecided, ELAINE CUSHING 'Gish' "A friend in need is a friend indeed." Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4,Girl's Choir 2, 3, 4, Point 2, 3, Radio Club 1, 2, Dramatics 1, 3, 4, State Dramatics Festival 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Initiation Committee 4, Yearbook Staff 4, A. A. Ticket Seller 3, Junior Ring Committee 3, dancing feet and musical fingers . . . always helpful 'Ah bien' , , , one of "Ma's" good a1to's . . . future-undecided. 'Lou' PAUL R. DEGUISE 'Better late than never." Basketball 2, Key Club 3, super bowler . . . likes music . . . future-Service. . . . 'You dirty birdie' . . . gooddancer 4: forever getting admittance slips . . . CLAIRE ELAINE DESHAIES 'Dizzy' 'Life is not life at all without delight." Glee Club 1, 2gHi-Y 3, 4g A. A. Dues Collector lg Class Treasurer 2, Junior Varsity Cheerleader 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Radio Club 3, Ink Pot 4g Square Dance Club 2gJunior Prom Committee 3, likes to dance . , , Reeve . . . "What did he say?" . . . Cheerleader deluxe . . . always falling . . . future-Hesser Business College, ELAINE ANN ELLIOTT 'Her wise, rare smile is sweet with certaintiesf' Point Staff 3, A. A. Junior Group 2, 3, Glee Club 2, 4, Radio Club 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Carnival Court 4, red convertible , , , pepsodent smile . . . likes to drive . . . 'Take a breakl' . . collects records and pennants . . . futureg college. RICHARD FILLION 'Dick' 'Never a dull moment.' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Football 2, '3, '45 Var- sity Basketball 3, Initiation Committee 4, Key Club 3gProjector Oper- ator 1, 2g Yearbook Staff 4gC1ass President lg Track lg a good carpen- reg . .1. always a clown and master of wit . . . plans to enter trade sc oo . 17 SHIRLEY A. FOGG "Shirl" "The simple gift of being kind is greater than all wisdom of the wise." Hi-Y l,2,3,45 Junior Prom Committee 35 Glee Club 2,35 Point Staff 45 Carnival Court 1,25 A.A. Ticket seller 35 Older Girls' Conference 25 Initiation Committee 45 Radio Club 35 Square Dancing 35 Yearbook Staff 4. a real cute redhead with a heart of gold. . .full of pep. . . "Well, that's the way it goes". . .enjoys dancing and driving. . .a future IIUISC. BRUCE GARAND "Brucie" "A sensible well bred man, born for success." Hi-Y 15 Treasurer 2,35 President 45 Youth and Government Program 2,45 Older Boys' Conference 2,35 Dramatics 2,45 President 35 Student Government 1,2,35 President 45 Class Vice -President 3 5 Carnival Class Manager 1,25 Co-Chairman Winter Carnival 35 Co -Chairman Junior Prom Decorating Committee 35 Delegate to World United Nations 35 Boys State 35 Basketball Manager 2',3',4"5 Junior Rotarian 45 Co-Chair- man Initiation 45 Yearbook Staff 4. likes sports. . .good actor. . . always willing to help. . ."Our loss and Princeton's gain". . . VINCENT GREENE "A friend in need is a friend indeed." Proje ctorOperator 2",4'5 Track 3,45 Football 45 Cross Country 35 Dramatic Club 4. drives a little green coupe. . .mad chemist period 3 . . ."nasty break". . .good in all sports. . ."Ol' Susanah". . .Air force and then college. . . RICHARD GOSSELIN Oscar "Little Friends often prove great friends" Key Club 3,4. always good natured. . .one of the "muddies". . . c olle cts terrific records. . .likes to hunt and fish. . .bell-bottomed trousers. . . "Vinnie " LEON GRIFFIN "Why take life seriously? You'11 never get out alive Track 1,2g Basketball 1,2,3". swell personality. . .what a sense of humor. . .the boy with the best build. . .Florence. . .drives a cool car . . .a regular Laxon Avenue boy. . .college and service. SIMONE HEBERT "Happy as a song the whole day long." Band 3g Secretary and Treasurer 4: Dramatics 39 "Inner Willie "g Glee Club 45 Carnival Court 35 Square Dance Club 35 A.A. Dues Collector 3. one of the gang. . .good friend. . .always smiling. . .loves to dance . . .Future: Teachers college. MAUDORA I. GRIFFIN "Chic" "Silence is more musical than any song." Home EconomicsClub3g Glee Club 1,2,3,4. shy. . .calm and quiet . . .domestic. . .pretty eyes. . .Futures undecided. JOHN HEMEON "Johnnie" "Happy am I: from care I am free." Football 1gKey Club 3. the little boy with a curl right in the middle ofhis forehead. . ."Oh, yeah?!?". . .one of Wallace 's workers. . .likes skating. . .Future: Navy. 19 BARBARA LOUISE KELLEY 'Ambition has no risk.' Dramatics Club 1,2, 3,Point Staff 1, 2, 3, 4,Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4,0lder Gir1's Conference 1, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Gir1's Choir 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, All State Band 3, Initiation Committee 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Scholastic Letters 3, 4,dignified. . . plays a cool sax . . . capable . . . 'I don't know' . . . neat asa pin BARBARA JOHNSON 'Barb' 'A friend is a person with whom I may be sincere." Basketball 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 2, Hi-Y 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Home Ec. Club 3, Square Dance Club 2, the girl with the big smile . . . whiz on skates . . . 'Gee whiz" . . . wonderful disposition . . . Hobby-skating . , . Dragnet fan . . . Future-undecided. ' Barb' nursing career. FRANCES M, KERNAN 'Sae true his heart, sae smooth his speech.' Softball 1, 2, 3, Captain 4,Basketbal13, 4, Glee Club 1, Ink Pot 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Initiation 4, terrific athlete . . . our class speaker . . . drawing and athletics . . . super salesgirl . . . the outdoor type . . . clerical work. SHEILA ANNE KENNEY 'Ken' 'Sister of beauty, cousin of delight,' Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4,Girl's Conference 1, Glee Club 1, 2, 4, Point Staff 1, 2, Secretary 3, Ink Pot 4,Girl's Choir 3, 4,Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Assembly Committee 2, 3, 4, A. A. Dues Collector 1, 3,Dramatics 2, 3, Square Dance Club 2, Yearbook Staff 4, Carnival Queen 4, whiz in music . . . i:gu1dn't be prettier . . . 'Oh Sugar' , , , Joe . . . ladylike , . . col- Se- " Shanghai' DAVID W. KEYSER 'Dave' 'Solitude is as needful to the imagination as society is wholesome for the character." likes hunting , , . a quiet guys with a friendly smile . . . not a care in the world , , ,drives a black Chevy, . . handy mechanic . . . future undecided. ANNETTE KLISZEWSKI 'lt is the tranquil people who accomplish much." Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4,Basketba11 2, 3, 4,Glee Club 1, 2, 4, Dramatics 3, Square Dance 2, Yearbook Staff 4, Girl's Conference 1,.3, easy going . . . capable . . . likes to bowl . . . "Don't know do ya?" . . . Spear- mint's best customer . . . Future, Telephone operator, MILDRED DORUFHEA KLOSS 'Millie' 'Good will is the mightiest practical force in the universe." Glee Club 1, Girl's Basketball 1, Cheerleading 1, 4, Girl's Bowling 1, Ink Pot 2, 3, Hi-Y 4, Librarian 2, 3, 4, Square Dancing 2, 3, Year- book Staff 4, always waiting for a letter . . . clothes, clothes and more clothes . . . "Oh No". . . neat as a pin . . . dancing feet. . , college. EDWARD L, KUROWSKI 'Eddie' 'I can resist everything except temptation." Football 1, 3,Basketball 2, Hi-Y 1, 2, Square Dance Club 2, Junior Prom Committee 3, Carnival King 1, a winning smile . . . one of the boys . . . likes sports, hunting and fishing . . . drives a grey Chevy . . . lucky cars can't talk . . . future--U. S. Navy, 21 ALMENA E. LaCLAIR "Sugar and spice and everything nice" Hi-Y 1,2,3,4gVice -president lg Girls Conference l,2g Majorette 1', 25 Head Majorette 3,45 Blue and Gold Review lg Musical Festival lg Point Staff 2,35 Commercial member of "Point" 4, Ink Pot 4g Square Dance Club 2g Junior Prom Committee 3, Librarian 4g Yearbook Staff 4. snappy majorette. . .sweet and petite. . ."He 's a real gone doll". . . smooth dancer. . .likes twirling. . .Col1ege. ALICE HELEN LaBONTE "Bonte" "Our youth, our joys are all we have." Glee Club 1,23 Point Staff 1,2g Dues Collector 2,3,4g Ink Pot Staff 4g Projector Operator 33 Assembly Committee 3,4g Band 3,4g Initiation Committee 4gJunior Prom Committee 3g Business Manager of Magazine Sales 4g Home Room Captain 3. "oh, those eyes". . .vaccinated with a victrola needle fR.C.A.j. . .one of Mr. O'Connor's mad chemists. . . likes to dance. . .future Secretary. "Me ana " IEANNE LAPLANTE "A merry heart that laughs at care." Glee Club 2,3,4g Basketball lg Hi-Y 2,35 Softball lg Dues Collector 3g Carnival Ball Manager 3g Girls Choir 3,4. writes lots of letters happy go lucky. . .Keith. . .determined. . .likes music. . ."more fun" . . .Undecided. CECILE MARIE LaLlBERTE "Ci1" "Music is love in search of a word." Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Gir1's Choir 3,4g Radio Club 3. songbird. . .Glen . . ."Sun-a-gun". . .two tone blue Ford. . .jazz enthusiast. . .wedding bells. "Jeanne" MARGARET R. LaPLANTE "Good will is the mightiest, practical force in the universe." Basketball l,2,35Softba1l 15 Square Dance Club 25 Glee Club 1,2,45 Girls ' Choir 2,45 Yearbook Staff 4. likes skating. . .hard worker. . . sociable. . .enjoys reading. . .nice voice. . .Col1ege. MARGARET ANNE LYON "Thou hast no sorrow in thy song." Glee Club 1,2,45Gir1s'Choir2,3,45Librarian 45 Softball 1,25 Basket- ball 1,25 State Music Festival3,4. poetry lover. . .that giggle. . .superb singer. . .Women's Armed Service. rlMargivv JAMES LAUGHY "Regular fellows make a regular world." Ye arb ook Staff 4. one of Mr. Taylors boys. . .likes to hunt. . . a regular fellow. . .always reading adventure stories. . .one of "The Key's" best workers. . .undecided future. "Anne" JOAN MORRELL "Old Faithful" "Quiet service is a mark of true friendship. " Girl 's Basketball 15 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Home Economics Club 35 Winter Carnival 3. a friend to all. . .always as busy as a bee. . .likes writing letters and dancing. . .always doing someone 's homework. . . Womens Armed Service. 23 JOAN L. NADEAU "IOanie" 'Be silent and safe--silence never betrays you." Winter Carnival Sports 3, 43 Glee Club 43 Hi-Y 33 Yearbook Staff 43 The Ink Pot 43sweet and shy . . . super typist . . . honor roll student . wonderful 'shuffleboardr' player . . . polite . . . future secretary, PATRICIA ARLENE PARTRIDGE 'Pat' 'A witty woman is a treasure." Hi-Y 43 Tilton-Northfield3 I-Ii-Y 1, 2, 3g Music 1, 2, 33 Student Council 33 Tattlor 33 Dramatics 33 Mikado 13 Intramurals 33 Pirates of Penzance 23 Shreds and Patches23 lots of fun . . . likes dancing . . . pretty hair . . . 'lt makes one so mad' . . . a real wit . . . beautician school. DORIS F, PLOURDE "DOD0" 'lf a woman has long hair, it's a glory 'to her." onomics Club '3, 43Projector Operator 43 one of the 'Home Economic gang. . . Ronnie. . . bashful and sweet . . . likes 'Shakespeare' fMac- bethlj . . . future telephone operator. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43Camival Queen Candidate 2, 3, 43 Home Ec- BETTY LOU PRINCE 'Princie' 'My heart is like a singing bird." Class Vice-President 13 Class Manager 13Hi-Y 1, 2, 3g President 13 Girls' Conference 13 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls Choir 2, 3, 43 Radio Club 33 Librarian 2, 3, 43 Assistant Editor of Yearbook 43 D. A. R. Good Citizenship Award 43U. N. Delegate 3:Band '1, 2, 3, 43 Carnival Ball Committee 43 Ir. Prom Committee 33 Student Government 1, 2, 3, 43 Dance Date Committee 3g Dramatics 33 A. A. Dues Collector 3, 43 Scholastic Leters 1, 2, 3, 43 class musician . . . Walter . . . honor roll student . collects recipes . . . Fisher Junior College. ELEANOR N, PROULX 'Ellie' 'Life is my college. May I graduate well, and earn some honors." Dramatics Club 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, A. A, Service Group 3, 4, Square Dance Club 2, A. A. Dues Collector 2, Older Girl's Conference 3, cou1dn't be nicer . . . a regular kid . . . 'good deal' . . . an ear for music . . . good natured . . . a future nurse. MARGARET L, ROBICHAUD 'Maggie' 'A maid of all work whether course or fine.' Secretary of Class 1, President of Class 2, 3, Editor-in-Chief of Yearbook 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club '2, Little Dog Laughed 2, Treasurer '3,Girls Choir 3, 4,1-li-Y 2, 3, 4, Carnival Queen 1, Queens Court 2, 3, Chairman, lr. Prom 3, Chairman, Holiday Hop 2, Chairman, Frosh Frolic 1, Projector Operator '3, Radio Club 2, 3, Winter Carnival 4, Older Girls' Conference 2, 4, Point 4, Assembly Committee 4, Student Gover'nment 1, 2, 3, 4, Chairman Junior Ring Committee 3, always active, . , a friend indeed . . . likes to oil paint , , , dependable . . . a true leader , , , future physical therapist. RONALD ROBICHAUD 'Ronnie' 'Sports is the essence of 1ife.' Football '3, Co-Captain '4, Basketball 1, 3, 4, Track 3, Captain 4, Student Government 4, Hi-Y Club 1,Junior Rotarian 4, Carnival Man- ager 4, a rugged build . . . curly hair . . . marvelous smile . . . Doris , , , likable personality . . . a friend to all , . , likes to hunt and fish . . , Wild Blue Yonder. DONALD ROWE 'Donnie' "l'l1 speak in a monstrous little voice,' Hi-Y 3, 4, Student Government 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Dramatics Club 3,4,Junior Rotarian 4,sports critic . . . likes to act . . . 'Inner Willy' . . . prettiest eyes, , , forever talking . . . good debator , , , U, N, H, 25 RUDOLPH R ROY "Rudy" "Ready. willing and able." Hi-Y, 1,2,35'Vice P. 45 Assembly Committee 25 Basketball Man- ager 25 Square Dance Club 25 Vice P. 35 Football 45 Dramatics 3,45 Junior Prom Committee 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Student Government 4. a good worker. . .one of the best. . .rhythm in his feet. . .drives a new car every other year. . .likes to hunt and fish. . .Future: Navy. HARLEAN SHAW "Ho11y" "A fair exterior is a silent recommendation." Glee Club 2,3,45 Dramatics Club 3,45 F.H.S. Hi-Lites 35 Scholastic Letter 15 Yearbook Staff 45 Winter Carnival Court 2,35 Dues Collector 15 Hi-Y 3,4. cute as a button. . .a fine actress. . .likes dancing. . . helpful. . .pretty blue eyes. . .Co1lege. THOMAS G. SMART "Although small, he is always heard." Glee Club 1,25 Hi-Y 1,2,35 Band 1,25 Basketball 35 Square Dance Club 25 Key Club 3,45 Baseball 2. gay and friendly. . .class flirt. . . easy going. . .likes English. . .Macbeth. . .likes to hunt. . .good bowler . . .Future: Armed Forces. RICHARD STANLEY IR. "Dick" "Easy come, easy go." Band 15 Projector Operator 152,45 Dramatics Club 1,2,3,45 Hi-Y 1, 253,45 Square Dance Club 25 Radio Club 25 Yearbook Staff 4. one of Mr. O 'C onnor 's mad chemists. . .likes hunting and fishing. . .hard worker. . .wonderful electrician. . ."Oh, I don't knowl ". . .undecided. 26 ROBERT ST. PIERRE "Bob" "With his mind, he will go far." Student Government2.3,45Dramatics Club l,2,3,45 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Pro- jector Operator 1,2,45 Head Operator 45 Radio Club 2,35 Yearbook Staff 4. a boy with many talents. . .an excellent writer. . .magician with a brush. . .likes to hunt. . .Atomic Scientist. MARIE SVENSON "Life without sports is not life." Bristol High School: Glee Club 25 Dramatics Club 25 Hi-Y 25 Ma- jorette 2. Franklin High School: Basketball 3,45 Softball 35 Yearbook plus. . .liked by everyone. . .a swell athlete. . .has many pen-pals. . . a lover of all sports. . .future secretary. ELAINE SYLVESTRE "Dimp1es" "Friendship is a sheltering tree." Glee Club 1,2,3,4. the girl with the big smile. . .a diamond is a girls best friend. . .wonderful girl. . .likes swimming. . .George. . .one of the Home Economic girls. . .future housewife. JOAN TIBBETTS "Teddy Bear" Life is too short for trouble and care." very petite. . .one of the Home Economic girls. . .likes all outdoor activities. . .Walter. . .friend to all. . .writes loads of letters. . .future is undecided. Staff 45 Ink Pot 45 Office Girl 4. a wonderful person with personality. ROGER E. TILTON "R0g' Being outdoors is the pleasure of life.' Projector Operator 2, 3, 4, drives a black Chevy , , , likes to hunt and fish . . . one of Mr. Taylor's boys . . . real nice eyes . . . Future: Air Force, DONALD TRUDEAU, 'Don' 'Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you Quiet . . . One of Mr, Tay1or's boys . . . likes to drive . . . 'Its a waste' . , , has a wonderful stamp collection. . . Future, Undecided. DAVID WATSON 'Dave' 'Wit and Wisdom are born with a man,' Waterford, N. Y. Student Council 1, 2, Band 1, 2, Orchestra 2, F. I-l..S. Band 3, 4, Key Club 3, Hi-Y 3, 4, Projector Operator 3, 4, Junior Rotarian-1, Square Dance Club 3, Dramatics 3, 4, Man with a Trombone . . . Taxi's a blue Hudson . . . Always gives a helping hand . . . 'Yes it is' . . . College. NANCY A. WOODWARD 'Nan' 'The busy bee has no time for sorrow,' Band Majorette 1, 2, 3, '4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, Square Dance Club 2, 3,Iunior Prom Committee 3, Dra- matics 3, 4, 'Brother Goose' 3, Point Staff 2, 3, Initiation Committee 4,Gir1s Conference 4, Blue and Gold Revue 1, 'Ring Around Elizabeth' 4,A real mixed up kid. . . full of pep . . . small and cute . , , Frankie . . . enjoys twirling . . . Future: Nurse. 28 Mrs. Currier, to you our Yearbook Advisor, who MRS, CURRIER has given us so much help in the form of suggestions, and many new ideas, given us so much of your time and effort, we the Class of 1955 express our deep ap- preciation. To you, Frank, our photographer, who has con- MRS. PICKESS To you, Mrs. Pickess, who has helped us through- out our Senior year, not only as a wonderful advisor, but as a friend, we give our most sincere thanks. MR. POBLENZ tributed countless ideas, so much help, and has kept us happy with your wonderful sense of humor, we are indeed grateful. MR, WINSOR Our thanks to you, Mr. Winsor, who has overlook- ed so many little mistakes, helped us struggle with our material and has given us much valuable advice. We know that through your tireless efforts, we the Class of 1955 will have the best vearhnok ever. 29 OUR KEY TO SUCCESS Lowly Freshmen On that eventful September morning in the Fall of 1951, eventful because at last we were Freshmen, the Class of '55 poured into the crowded sunny auditorium that we were soon to know and love so well. Mixed with our eager- ness and anticipation that day were many things -- awe, skepticism, nervous- ness--3 for this was the beginning of a new life, entirely different from any- thing we had ever known before. We soon became vitally concerned with politics -- class elections that is. We watched the upper classmen campaign and when it came our turn we put everything we had into the election of our first officers. Our president for that year was Dick Filliong Vice-president, Betty Lou Princeg Secretary, Maggie Robichaudg and Treasurer, Armand Chartier. Miss Dolloff was our class advisor. Who could forget those Civic classes ? We all complained about those tremendous projects, yet it was fun, too, and I'm sure we learned more than we intended. No one who lived through it, will ever forget our Initiation . . . Boys shirts and overalls, complete with pipe and rag curlers adorned the girls, while ladies' skirts and blouses, with high-heels and make-up further enhanced the beauty of the boys. And, of course, adding to the "pleasure" of the occasion, for the Seniors at least, was the never-to-be-forgotten "Tunnel of Horror." Excitement rode high as we planned our first hayride and then our first dance, the Freshmen Frolic. With January came the Winter Carnival and it didn't really matter that point-wise we came in last in the sports competition. Maggie Robichaud was chosen as our class queen and the Carnival Ball was a splendid event. Soon it was Spring and time for class trips. We went to Newfound Lake. Graduation made us all realize how quickly the year had flown and how soon we would be Sophomores. OUR QUEEN AND HER COURT, left to right, Manager: Betty Lou Prince, Shirley Fogg, OUR INITIATION. left to right, Betty Lou Queen: Marg are t Robichaud, Bernadette Prince, Joan Camp, Sheila Kanuey, Almena Aube. LeC1air, Sandra Crowley, Joan Collins. 30 Suddenly the summer was over and on a bright September morning, so similar to another only three years before, we found ourselves sitting in the front of the "gym". It was a wonderful feeling, for at last the goal that we had been working toward for three years, hadbeen reached. We were Seniors! Yet now it was different, for we knew that this was our last September here in this school, and inwardly we felt a little saddened. Ahead was much to be done and many responsibilities. The whole school was watching us, relying on us, and now, as never before, we had to do our best. Class elections were exciting and tense, with all candidates having heavy support and everyone breathlessly awaiting the outcome. Then, at last, came the news that our elected leaders for the year were: President, Wilbur Robergeg Vice-president, Britta Karlbergp Secretary, Viola Huntoon: and Treasurer, Cecile Aube, with Mrs. Pickess as advisor. Our first big activity as Seniors was the initiation of the poor, new Freshmen. As the theme for Initiation we chose "Feudin' and Fightin'," the idea being a so-called "feud" between the Seniors. The Freshmen didn't have a chance and the Seniors without difficulty maintained the upper hand and won the "feud". The Yearbook staff was chosen with Maggie Robichaud as Editor-in-Chief and Betty Lou Prince as Assistant Edi- tor. Graduation pictures soon became the main topic of conversation. Many of us began to think seriously of our future and make plans for it -- for those days when we'd no longer belong here. But we knew that no matter where we went from here on or what we became in life, there wasn't one of us in the Class of '55 who would ever forget F. H. S. and the experiences, both happy and sad, that were shared here. The memory of our school will always live in our hearts and guide us as we go on to a new and different life, which had its early shape designed within these walls. OUR FOES MISS MANKIND - - - WHAT KlND??? Mr. Taylor, Mr. Gourley, Mr. Dustin, Mr. Pick- ess, Mr. Davidson, Mr. Brough, Mr. Knight, Mr. Ball, Mr. l-lenley. KEY SENICRS Most Popular Best Dancer Best Dressed Best Build Best Looking Best Athlete Class Wit Most Studious Most Pep Best Line Most Likely To Succeed Polite st Most Bashful Mo st Sophisticated Actor 8: Actress Pessimistic Optimistic Sleepiest Best Personality Manhater Womanhater Noisiest Margaret Robichaud Elaine Cushing Almena LeC1air Mildred Kloss Cecile Aube Sheila Kenney Norma Beaupre Ann Lyon Betty Lou Prince Nancy Woodward Harlean Shaw Margaret Robichaud Betty Lou Prince Joan Nadeau Shirley Fogg Bernice Call Barbara Kelley Harlean Shaw Ann Lyon Simone Hebert Lorraine Daigneault Margaret Robichaud Frances Kernan Nancy Woodward 34 Wilbur Roberge Rudy Roy Alex Bussiere Leon Griffen Ronald Robichaud Ronald Robichaud Richard Fillion Ronald Robichaud Robert St. Pierre Rudy Roy Paul Colby Bruce Garand Wilbur Robe rge Richard Beaudet Robert St. Pierre Alex Bussiere Bruce Garand Robert Crowley Vincent Greene Robert Andrews Wilbur Roberge David Keyser Richard Fillion Scatte rb rain Quiete st Class Musicians Nicest Smile Cutest Class Couple Crowning Glory Class Flirt Prettiest Eyes Class Writers Neatest Best Natured Most Dependable Most Dignified Class Clown Hardest Worker Class Artist Most Influential Most Versatile Most Co-operative Chatterboxes Best Speaker Most School Spirited Alice LaBonte Claudette Cheney Lorraine Daigneault Betty Lou Prince Elaine Elliott Harlean Shaw Doris Plourde Bernadette Aube Harlean Shaw Alice LaBonte Barbara Kelley Mildred Kloss Marie Svenson Viola Huntoon Betty Lou Prince Barbara Kelley Ann Lyon Margaret Robichaud Joan Camp Sheila Kenney Margaret Robichaud Cecile Aube Viola Huntoon Viola Huntoon Frances Kernan Bernadette Aube 35 Ge rald Smart Roge r Tilton David Wat son Leon Griffen Donald Rowe Ronald Robichaud Ronald Robichaud Paul Colby Donald Rowe Bruce Garand Edward Kurowski Wilbur Roberge Robert St. Pierre Elwood Blake Bruce Garand Richard Fillion Richard Beaudet Robert St. Pierre Bruce Garand Wilbur Roberge Wilbur Roberge Richard Fillion Bruce Garand Rudy Roy FIRST ROW: S. Fogg, L. Baird, I. Camp, B. Kelley, B. Prince, M. Robichaud, Mrs. Currier, M. Svenson,M. Lap lante, B. Johnson. SECOND ROW: M. Burke, J. Morrell, E. Cushing, E. Elliott, J. Nadeau, C. Aube, S. Kenney S. Crowley, C. Cheney, F. Kernan. THIRD ROW: P. Michaud, J. Laughy, C. Laliberte, M. Kloss, A. LaClair V. Huntoon, A. LaBonte, E. Proulx, N. Beaupre,W. Roberge. FOURTH ROW: R. St. Pierre, E. Blake, R. Stanley R. Fillion, R. Roy, R. Crowley, B. Garand. YEARBOOK STAFF 'I955 Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor Class History Class Will Class Prophecy Photographers Girls' Personals Boysl Personals Girls' Sports Boys' Sports Superlatives Typists Advertising Layouts Artists Business Manager Activities QClubsl Cover Junior Mernbe rs Margaret Robichaud Betty Lou Prince Barbara Kelley Mildred Kloss Harlene Shaw, Britta Karlberg Sandra Crowley, Richard Fillion Elaine Elliott, Cecile Laliberte James Laughy, Wilbur Roberge Norma Beaupre Bruce Cvarand Claudette Cheney, Viola Huntoon Almena LeClair, Eleanor Proulx, Marie Svenson, Joan Nadeau, Alice LaBonte Joan Camp, Barbara Johnson, Robert Crowley, Joan Morrell, Lillian Baird Frances Kernan, Cecile Aube, Annette Kliszewski, Richard Stanley, Margaret LaP1ante , Elwood Blake Sheila Kenney, Frances Kernan Bob St. Pierre Elaine Cushing, Shirley Fogg, Paul Colby, Rudy Roy Sheila Kenney, Elwood Blake Mary Burke, Peter Michaud 36 U N D E R JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS FIRST ROW: President. I. CarignanqAdvisor, Mr. Hancox. SECOND ROW: Treas- urer, I. Aubeg Vice-President, A. Bergeron: Secretary, N. Routhier. CLASS OF 1956 Just one more step to graduation and the Juniors have beautiful class rings to prove it. Their Junior Prom was eagerly anticipated by every- OT16 . They have been a credit to F. H. S. during the past three years and we are sure they will live up to their standards. Best of luck to the Class of 1956 in their last, big year. 38 Q 55 3595, 5 g iv, in if wi' aj if dl Q .. 1l SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS FIRST ROW: President, Sally Hoittg Advisor, Mrs. Kidder. SECOND ROW: Vice- President, Bradley Kidderg Secretary, Joanne Royg Treasurer, Alfred Karlberg. CLASS OF 1957 The biggest event sponsored by the Sophomore class was the Holiday Hop. This class turned the gym into a Winter evening under the theme of "Winter Magic". They show great promise in the athletic department and promise to be a great asset to the school. They certainly have what it takes to be an outstanding class. 410 W1 Q 2 ,W A. K W uri sl tml? ay fwl Y'PgygKu! KY Q2 iw E? V gg? - gg FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS FIRST ROW: President, Sidney Seamansg Advisor, Miss Dolloff. SECOND ROW: Secretary, Nancy Roweg Treasurer, David Boyceg Vice-President, Diane Wiser. CLASS OF 1958 The Freshman Class got off to a good start by being such wonderful sports at initiation. This class has a lot of athletic ability and talent. It is well represented on the cheerleading squad and shows leadership in other activities. Their spring dance was long awaited and enjoyed by everyone. Our best wishes go to the class of 1958, the future leaders of Franklin High School. FIRST ROW: Rose Marie St.Pierre, Joan Beaupre. Joan Boomhower. Robin Lyon, Janice Dubois, Blanche Yeaton, Rita LaP1ante,Janet Chase. SECOND ROW: Joseph Rayno, Sandra Lagare, Merlene Patch, Nan- cy Rowe, Cecil Morrell. Nellie Pease, Janet Bennett, Mrs. Reinelt, David Menard, Claude Hanks. THIRD ROW: James Cross, Clarence Edmunds, George Furlong, John Prince, Walter Paquette, William Keyser, Edgar Bennett, Robert Bry- son, Philip Beaupre, David Blanch- ard, Robert Abbott. AA , ,ML ' W ww wma-mm Wiz, www- vwkfsfifwm ,wmmmws fi Elwood Blake Shirley Fogg and Wilbur Roberge Bob Crowley INITIATION DAY Left to Right: Mr. Hancox, Miss Clark, Ioan Camp, Betty Lou Prince, Annette Kliszewski, Elaine Elliott, Britta Karlberg, Simone Hebert, and Kenny Garand. Junior Prom 1954 PLAY EHEARSAL Donnie Rowe, Elaine Elliott. Bruce Garand, Kenny Garand, Dave Manyan, Simone Hebert, Betty Lou Prince, and Gerard Deguise. 44 Dave Watson A C T I V I FIRST ROW: Mary Burke, Nancy Rowe, Betty Prince, Donald Rowe, Bruce Garand, Wilbur Roberge, Nancy Routhier, Mr. Burleigh, Linda Dickerson. SECOND ROW: Neil Laughy, Gerald Audet, Kenneth Garand, Jean Currier, Joyce Carignan, Jeannette Plourde, Margaret Robichaud, Joan Camp, Ronald Robichaud. THIRD ROW: Bradley Kidder, Robert Amsden, Brent Belanger, Robert Crowley, Sidney Seamans, Alfred Karlberg, Robert St. Pierre. STUDENT GOVERNMENT Franklin High has been a happier and friendlier place because of Student Government. The organization is made up of representatives of all four classes and handles any problems of the students that may arise. Its outstanding project was the direction of the Winter Carnival, an event which created spirit among all of the classes. We all remember the Carnival Ball as a beautiful and inspiring event. This representative body had certainly been the backbone of Franklin High School. 46 ALPHA AND BETA HI-Y CLUBS Both the Alpha and Beta Hi-Y clubs had a very successful year. The two clubs took part in many activities. The first of these was the Dartmouth-Holy Cross Football game. Very few of the members were able to attend, but those that did had a "terrific" time. Another good time had by all was our annual splash-party held at the Manchester Y. M. C. A. Our meetings, discussions with Mr. Besserer, rallys, and social get to- gethers, made our last and final year of high school more enjoyable. Our advisors, Miss Dolloff and Mr. Harris were always on hand to help us in every way possible. V? use SITTING: A. Buczynsci, A. Lyon, B. Twombly, M. Kloss. STANDING: E. Longfellow, G. Elliott, M. Blanchard, C. Tochak, B. Prince, I. Erickson, B. Karlberg, R. Laroche, Miss Maclntosh, S. Hoitt. LIBRARIANS FIRST ROW: G. Haynes, L. Baird, D. Plourde,Mr. Burleigh. SECOND ROW: P. Burleigh, S. Seamans D. Watson, M. England, R. St. Pierre, R. Stanley, V. Greene, P. Snell. PROJECTOR OPERATORS 5,902 Q mf. QNQQW , Mk ga m ff fm, gf. Q ,H ni 2. I , Q-ww palms. WL Q 1 iy 6 "UQ 5' - ' Q? Qqivfg 5 Q 2. 3 Q. :?,wa-QL X10 ANG. '-:A , 'L ffm 2 XE Q? i k .:L, f' 1 i x- W. My M "-2 E .:- '::Z" 5 z gk, 5 I . -W W 5 A M fi' , ' iwmsaffffg . f Eg' - frmfifw gms V g gm I A 0 1 I ah sf I sg -? mm gf Ink Pot SEATED: N.Beaupre,ADVISOR: Mrs. Pickess, B. Aube, M. Svenson. STANDING: A. LaC1air, F.Kernan J. Nadeau, SCHOOL NEWSPAPERS Point FIRST ROW: J. Bryson, J. Carignan, P. Laplante, ADVISOR: Mrs. Davidson, M. Burke, B. Twombly, A. Sullivan, A Buczynski. SECOND ROW: I. Erickson, L. Elliott, G. Genest, N. Pease, M. Robichaud, P. Richardson, M. Greene, P Rousseau. DRAMATICS CLUB P Miss Clark MF- HZUCOX This has been one of the busiest years for our Dramatics Club. They have put on five productions which were greatly enjoyed by all. Our Dramatics Club is one of the largest clubs in the school. This is one club in which everyone has a major job. There are committees for various talents: prop. committee, stage committee, make-up committee, ticket committee and parts for many actors and actresses. This year we are sending Elaine Cushing, Carol Zak, Jane Smith and Kenny Garand to the State Festival at which they 'will present "The Strange Road". The Directors of our club are Nina E. Clark and George Hancox. FIRST ROW: J.Bryson: L. Belanger: A. Patch: O. Lowell: R. St. Pierre: J. Boomhower: J. Pierce: Advisor, Miss Clark: I. Camp: P. Colby: K. Garand: Advisor, Mr. Hancox: P. Laplante: N. Ernest: D. Kidder: S. Flanders: J. Mercier: A. Sullivan: B.TwombIy. SECOND ROW: B. Furlong: E. Cushing: J. DruS8: R. Pease: C. Zak: E. Elliott: A. Buczynski: C. Calley:S.Crowley: I.Iohnson: N. Woodward:H.Stinson: N. Pease: P. Richardson: J. Miquelon: L. Durgin: I. Erick- son: N. Rowe: J. Roy. THIRD ROW: E. Blake: P. Burleigh: G. Gauthier: J. Erickson: J. Reeves: C. Pandini: E. Proulx: M. Greene:N.Camp:J. Smith: J. Yacopucci: B. Johnson: A. Alterman: D. Menard: J. Keegan: R. Furlong. FOURTH ROW: D. Watson: R.St.Pierre: V. Greene: C. Hanks: G. Deguise: W. Brusseau: R. LeClerc: R. Duff: D. Rowe: B. Gar- and: R. Crowley: W. Roberge: R. Roy: J. Bushman. KEY CLUB FIRST ROW: Mr. Fred Brusseau Advisor, A. Berube, R. Gosselin SECOND ROW: W. Brusseau, C McAdams, R. Maheu, G. Deguise GIRLS CHOIR FIRST ROW: M. LaP1ante, A. Lyon, J. Reeves, Advisor: Miss Moses, L. Durgin, B. Prince, N. Piper. SECOND ROW: B. Furlong, M. Duff, E. Elliott, C. Laliberte, M. Robichaud, J. Johnson, S. Kenney, P. Rousseau. THIRD ROW: I. Currier, R. O'Brien, V. Huntoon, A. Smith, J. Smith, R. Shaw, B. Johnson, J. LaP1ante. FIRST ROW: S. Hoitt, C. Zak, B. Wallace, A. LaB0nte. SECOND ROW: B. Duff, S. Kenney, Advisor, Miss Clark, M. Robichaud, P. Ruel. ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE We have been fortunate during this year with a number of educational and en- tertaining assemblies. The credit for so many happy moments goes to the As- sembly Committee. This group is made up of two representatives from each class and Student Government. Our thanks to the Assembly Committee and its advisor, Miss Clark, for mak- ing this Senior year a happier one because of their efforts. 9' S' Siggort C I ' E g 53 4 25 Q iff ,uk K H Q 1 "' ' fam , . N f... WZ? P mah 0 ' Wil- , 4? f as J . , ' wk . 2 ' , 3 'E Y Q K, .ff Hs: 4 H Q -' r L N' Y f 'fa , ,az 1 QNX : M33 1. 1, Qwfykp f mifgw -: A K ' ' f'::' , ,Q 5 " I 1 . 1 S Q Q V, f 1 Q 133, '- nw , C' CROSS COUNTRY FIRST ROW: W. Brousseau,W. Downes, COACH Henly, P. Pellering, G. Doussault. SECOND ROW: R. Buczynski, D Boyce, P. Berube, P. Rousseau, G. Deguise. BASEBALL FIRST ROW: COACH Brough, P. Colby, W. Roberge, M. Robichaud, COACH Knight. SECOND ROW: W. Glines, D Springer, S. S'eamans, E. Hanley, R. Beaudet. THIRD ROW: A. Burgerdon, W. Brusseau, W. Downes, B. Belanger. FIRST ROW: Assistant Coach, Mr. Brough, H. Parker, F. Abbott, L. Cote, R. Robichaud, W. Roberge, G. Draper, N. Laughy, R. Fillion, Coach, Mr. Knight. SECOND ROW: G. Mumblo, G. Audet, P. Mercier, C. Hanks, P. Michaud, R. Maheu, R. Roy, D. Lambert. THIRD ROW: L. Nadeau, W. Springer, G. Cilley, V. Greene, R. Amsden, R. Laramie, E. Durgin, S. Seamans. THIRD ROW: L. Menard, E. Cross, E. Hanley, P. Co1by,J. Rioux. FOOTBALL In spite of the fact that the Franklin High, Golden Tornadoes won only one game in eight on the g ri dir on , they showed their spirit and sportsmanship. Coaches Knight and Brough molded a group of inexperienced boys into a team which will be successful in the years to come. Although they were outclassed and outplayed by most of their opponents this year, the Tornado squad was one we all were proud of. Even in the face of in- surmountable odds they never gave up, and they held their heads high even in defeat. Senior Co-captains, Ronnie Robichaud and Willie Roberge were nominated to play in the Maple Sugar Bowl Shrine Game. Mr. Brough Mr. Knight Franklin -0 Manchester West -37 Franklin-0 Laconia -34 Franklin-'7 Plymouth -6 Franklin -0 Towle - '7 0 59 Franklin - Somersworth -47 Franklin- Rochester -34 Franklin -0 Lebanon -55 Franklin -6 Sr. John -26 56 ,Wf -4 ,ef f I nf W i as 9 4 Q ew ' V wi, if , , 1 X 4 ig 'Q' a v'k ff fa ,L if Y 1- X 'YT' Q gm F 054 ' mmf' ,Z ,a 8 'I 1"i - . 3, . ,iffy ugm f Y .ruff L FIRST ROW: J. Cote, R. Larimie, B. Kidder, P. Rousseau, R. Seamans, R. Gilman, L. Nadeau, R. Andrews, J. Rayno, SECOND ROW: COACH Gourley, F. Mills, P. Harbour, W. Keyser, R. Day, P. Berube, S. Seamans, D. Pescinski, R. Wallace, D. Boyce, J. Rioux, D. Hingston, H. Graham, Manager K. Garand. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL The F. H. S. JV's came through last season with a better than average rec- ord - nine wins and eight losses. They were a scrappy team who played hard in every game and were never outclassed. The Junior Tornadoes started and ended the season very poorly. They lost four of their first six games under Coach Gourley, then went on a seven game winning streak. They closed the season by losing their final three games. Coach Gourley was with us for the first part of the season, but was trans- ferred to Concord. Coach Brough took the team for the remainder of the season. Franklin 20 Plymouth 23 Franklin 38 Penacook 43 Mr. Norman Brough Franklin 33 fConcordl St. Johns 31 Mr. Robert Gourley Franklin 44 Bristol 39 Franklin 41 Plymouth 42 Franklin 22 Laconia 40 Franklin 36 Penacook 26 Franklin 47 fNewportj Towle 42 Franklin 35 Meredith 25 Franklin 56 Ashland 24 28 29 Franklin 42 QConcordl St. Johns Franklin 47 Bristol Franklin 44 Ashland 22 Franklin 28 Meredith 32 l Franklin 38 Laconia 57 Franklin 28 lNewportl Towle 29 58 FIRST ROW: W. Brusseau, G. Mumblo, G. Audet, G. Draper, R. Robichaud. SECOND ROW: Manager B. Garand, B. Belaflgef. A-Karlberg. C. Liolis, P. Colby, R. Gilman, W. Downes, COACH Henley. VARSITY BASKETBALL The F. H. S. Basketball team suffered an off season and ended with a disap- pointing record of four wins and twelve losses. The season wasn't without its thrills. The game when the Tornadoes beat Towle by one point in the final two seconds, the tremendous one point win over highly touted Bristol, and the game with the Penacook Indians when the Class B leaders had to go into overtime to win, are examples of the thrills that were provided. In sipet of the poor record the team had great spirit and never gave in. The team, made up of Sophomores, Juniors, and only two Seniors-Paul Colby and Ronnie Robichaud, improved steadily throughout the season. Coach Henley's careful guidance was largely responsible for this improvement, and we believe that in the near future the Golden Tornadoes will be the team to look out for. Franklin 51 Plymouth 46 Franklin 33 Penacook 63 Franklin 49 St. Johns 60 Franklin 35 Bristol 75 Franklin 73 Plymouth 68 Franklin 44 Laconia 69 Franklin 59 love rtimelPenacook 65 72 MR. Edward Henley Franklin 73 QNewportj Towle Franklin 48 Meredith 52 Franklin 29 Ashland 56 Franklin 58 St. Johns 59 Franklin 61 Bristol 59 Franklin 37 Ashland 48 Franklin 57 Meredith 62 Franklin 42 Laconia 70 Qovertimej Franklin 61 QNewportj Towle 62 IXWWMW:-W ' , .mznwqfmxk 1' 21 33, ---'----- -. f-1 - E25 ,.,.. H' M . g ff 5 W7' ,Laid .N ,, 4 " ' .-'., Q f.g:'-sim-v,w fy f N w U K Z bf SSL fm- 1. an-Y S 4 6 Q s M M gf suv ml ik, , K ,, -ms: , im , 1- -V f f 'L N, Wf' fxkifgi Z Q. fb-1,.x, 5 V Sim K if 5. 1 .-k, 5555 -Q ,.1 .,A. t :gig Q- . Ag i , , L. fl .,.,. :,L A , L. ' ? wi w f.- Y x x 1. Vf"'i'N 5 ' W UH WH5 - V 'MLW ri 1 Z? . , f ' M k ESQKZA' 'iv . D' 'iff f,x A if 32 Pi , K. uf' , ' ' ' .. J, A h . if i M :YM fd ' , 'lfixfik k f ag.. ' 5 2- V f gf ' 1 ' ff lisp Af- 14, 21 M555 SQL KP' 1 ' f' 1 M ,. I W . M ll gg I A A K Q ? L 4 PQ fig? A , I ' V,,. 7 ar f 1 A , -g,,.7,.kf jj ' , E23 , . K M X , I I A , k M 3 . , 'ff' 2 my Zi 53? ,QA i fl 5 . inf 5 ' X , , , f M l if X -L 3 Kwik xl. if V A fvbzgxf ffl M, f .. ,, w. .sf , .351 . 3 wrifli' I? Su - -fx t '-Baia yiiy Q flu? 1 vffrwvsegf-..sggg 1' 1-- 2- ,paw 115, ' . z, ' ' ' ww' x -K 923511 ,V., A 'kiwi S 0 C I A L E V E T S 63 Q!! Q x G av wi 1813 -M. 55 E 4, Af" +,, if - s B 'K W' -H A hz Q 'xii .v 1 ,tu-sig, P 2 w 2 ,J ,v Gly 1 M ,kv .. SENIOR ACTIVITIES Initiation Who could ever forget the famous "feud" that shook the walls of Franklin High not so long ago and sent poor freshmen scurrying for cover? Of course, we're talking about Initiation. In their unearthly attire and hideous make-up. the newcomers bowed humbly before all seniors, who took full advantage of the occasion to wield their com- plete authority. But, it was all in fun and the evening provided still more hilarity. Masters-of-ceremonies,Bruce Garand and Dave Watson, were in fullcharacter as Kentucky mountaineers, complete with moun- tain dialect and dress. Some of the freshmen chased each other around and around the gymg others carried water by teaspoonfuls to the top of a stepladdet and still others, who were blindfolded, ate "worms". Cameras flashed everywhere,chaos and confusion reigned, and fun was the order of the occasion. Halloween Dance The next Senior event was the informal Halloween Dance which washeld inthe gym with dancing with the music of records. The dec- orations, in keeping with the season,were pumpkins festively scattered among cornstalks, a foreboding scarecrow, and witches riding high on broomsticks to add to the eerie atmosphere. A gay spirit prevailed and our Halloween Dance was a success. Senior Vs. Faculty Game Tuesday night, December 7, marked the exciting basketball game betweenthe seniors and the faculty. The boys played the first half of the game and the girls played during the third quarter. There was a lot of clowning, especially by the teachersg but everyone played hard and when out boys brought the final score up to just one point below that of the faculty, we were all very proud of them. EI Candelabra "E1 Candelabra" wasone of the most unique themes yet devised for one of our dances. Blue floodlights created a purplish haze which en- veloped the dance hall, lending a striking contrast to the darkened stage vfherealightedcandelabra flickered on the piano and sent shad- ows dancingagainst the background. Liberace, in the person of Bruce Garand, entertained us and several other variety numbers were pre- sented. Many were attracted to the occasion and few will ever forget 'El Candelabra." l 66 A. LaC1air,V.Huntoon, N. Woodward, B. Bates, J. Camp. J. Nadeau M. Kloss H. Shaw, B. Karlberg. FIRST ROW: S. Kenney,A. LaBonte, C. Aube. P. Colby SECOND ROW: B.L. Prince, B. Aube, S. Herbert. THIRD ROW: E. Elliott, J. Camp, A. LaC1air. C. Aube, R. Crowley, W. Roberge, D. Rowe. V. Huntoon, N. Woodward. D. Gosselin R. Robichaud, D. Ploude. 69 8-K- I OUR l"KEY-N" SPONSORS Parent Donor List Mr. 8s Mrs. Ernest Aube Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter Baird Mr. 8: Mrs Andrew Berufbe Mr. 8: Mrs Elwood Blake Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Call , Mr. 8a Mrs. Abit Cheney Mr. 8a Mrs. Frank Crowley Mr. 8s Mrs. M. A. Crowlley Mr. 8s Mrs. Charles Cunningham Mrs. Frances Daigneaul Mr. 8a Mrs. Paul Deshai s Mr. 8.x Mrs. A. A. Elliotd Mrs. Maude Merrill Mr. 8x Mrs. Howard Garand Mr. 8s Mrs. Theofore Gosselin Mr. 8x Mrs. Raymond Hebert Mr. 8a Mrs. Harley Huntoon Mr. 8r Mrs. Walter Iohnsbn Mrs. Frances Karlberg f Mr. 8s Mrs. Lloyd Kelley Mr. 8s Mrs. Robert Keman Mr. 8z Mrs. Richard Kenney -X- 'X' -X- TH Courtemanche Bros. Range and Furel Oil East Bow Street Franklin, N.H. "Babe" M.A. Crowlry Trucking Central Street Franklin, N.H. Franklin Fruit and Produce C.E. Draganti, Prop. East Bow Street Franklin, N.H. Giles Dairy and Dairy Bar Robert Gile, Prop. Central Street Franklin, N.H. G.W. Griffin Co. Hacksaw Blades Memorial Street Franklin, N.H. Hebert Manufacturing Co. Greg Iron Castings Central Street Franklin, N.H. 70 Mr. 8r Mrs. George Randall Mr. 8a Mrs. Arthur LaBonte Mr. 8a Mrs. Earl LaClair Mr. Sc Mrs. John Laliberte Mr. 8: Mrs. Raymond Laplante Raymond Emerson Mr. Ke Mrs. Mrs. Virginia Lyon Mr. 81 Mrs. Theodore Morrell Mr. Kc Mrs. Horace Partridge Mr. 8s Mrs. Donald Prince Mr. vga Mrs. Bertram Pickess Mrs. Aurore Robichaud Rev. 8: Mrs. Leslie Rowe Mrs. Louise Robichaud Raymond Roy Harley Shaw William Smart Ernest St Pierre William Taylor W. B. Watson George Woodward Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. Sz Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8a Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mrs. Jesse Griffin FIVE-STAR ADS+ 4+ if Holmes and Nelson Inc. Department Store Central Street Franklin, N.H. Kidder Lumber Company Building Supplies Willow Street Franklin, New Hampshire Poblenz's Studio Frank Poblenz Central Street Franklin, New Hampshire Public Service Co. of N.H. Electrical Service and Appliances Central Street Franklin, New Hampshire Welcome Travelers Diner Good Food North Main Street West Franklin, New Hampshire Western Auto Associate Store Hardward and Furniture Central Street Franklin, New Hampshire -X-

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