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.Nl ,vi . , I I 5+ 4 , L ,', 1 1 1 V - '1 ' .V I 223, '11-galig. 'I - f :PQ .. All 17,211 T Q gm QVM vw QQ' ' nr . Y -Ag ' as Kaiba 14 if 1, '--'-'--' x 3 gig- X "VA , Ki fi A-U11 V ZZ 5 X ! gifqfa? 1' 5 ww., v0faA-7, 6 0 X X dit Cnwfx ,,k.,,F,4-04fvl'Z" l XX Jinx- .A-1. ww- G-'5"""x 'D l ?M.,,L.,...11,! X? fx -AL Aung' Jw -T.qAmW. j X ?2ffMf,w'lwL WM: - 'WV GAL ,4,y..J. Cd-4-'wick'-f I W ,4.ob"'Q' 'fum' much, If X 0w.Mlub .Aa-wo' WNW? ww -LJ 'N' X Nm lX6T rr- 2 gif -m... " fm ""W"m- W--1...,.,, u mf: 3 N ff? 85 ws wr . 3 i ge ,, gh' ff W. 1...M,.,, QM '1'-w....,,,,,,mw In W M M-n....,,. ,W H """'-M-W. .,,. 'ew -W- M'-an-.w...,,vm h""""'-1-'N-.W ' W ""' MM Q Q mkww MW ,Mmm 1 M, 3 Q 4 1 sf A AM, .1- ,' inww V NTI-'Ah :fo-U 1 WMM: N H. gg pl? JE., H. , M ,..,,, W. , A a -v-N ' fm R Nw-QQ cms M21 a 7!m11111i11 Hai Qlifcgnpl C1535 1952 Miss M. June Dolloff WE We shall never forget you, Miss Dolloff, nor you, Mr. Cook, who entered Franklin High School with us, to work, suffer, play, and laugh with us for four important years. DEDICATE Through your qualities as our teachers of Civics and Math, and your keen interest in our sports, you have helped us to grow in body and Spirit. With Sincere gratitude, we,the class of 1952, dedi- cate to you both this, our Diary. Mr. Norman S, Cook FACULTY Back row, left to right: John E. Taylor, Machine ShopgAlger S. Bourn, Physics, Chemistry, Frank L. Crow- ley, History. Middle row, left to right: William M. Hoban, Biology, Coach Football and Trackg Norman S, Cook, Mathematicsg John L. Knight, Social Studies, Driving, Coach Hockey, Assistant Coach Football, M. June Dolloff, Civics, World History, Coach Girls' Basketball and Softball: Ellsworth F, Harris, Wood Shopg Frank J. Southmayd, Work Shop Assistantsgloseph Burleigh, Mechanical Drawing, Director Visual Ed- ucationg John P. Ball, General Science, Coach Basketball and BaseballgRobert C. Hall, Band, Mary I. Mc- Intosh, Mathematics IX, Personal Typingg Robert W. Arthur, English X XI, George M, Hancox, English IX X, Speech. Front row, left to right: Doris Schmidt,Secretary to Superintendent: Nina E. Clark, Home Economicsg Ruth M. Gilman, Cafeteria Director, Irene C. Kidder, French, Bertha A. Pellerin, Home Ec- onomicsgloseph J. Cashman, Principal,Marion G. Moynihan, School NursegMarguerite Chamberlain, Eng- lish XII, Latin, Madeline Pickess, Business Education, Marion A. Moses, Music, Agatha Snodgrass,High School Secretary. Superintendent of Schools Fred W. Snell 6 gzifitlgffimaafi MCMLII THE CLASS OF 1952 Class Motto "Forward Ever, Backward Never." Marjorie Ann Gauthier "Margie" Field Hockey 15 Basket- ball 1,25Softball 35 Pro- jector Operator 45 Hi-Y 2,3,45 All-Girl Dance Band 35 Librarian 35 Fu- tureTeachers 35Assembly Committee45Class Sec- retary 1,2,45 Scholastic Letter"4. Good natured , , , sports minded . . . con- genial . . . alwaysjoking . . . "Iwasjust kidding!" . . . College. CLASS OFFICERS Theodore Allen "Ethan" Class Pres. 45 Hockey 15 Dramatics 25 Point 15 Football 3,45 Glee Club All-State 45 Double Quartet 4. A letter a day man . . . "That's the way it goes" . . . Mr. President "Pontiac's the best car made" . . . easy going . . .OneofMa'sboys. . . Trade School. Stanley S. Weglarz "Beano" Class Pres, 1, 25 Vice- Pres. 4: Student Govern- ment 1,2,3, Pres. 45 Hi- Y2,4, Vice-Pres. 35 Glee Club 45 Glee Club All- State 45 Double Quartet 45 Basketball 1,25 Track 2, 35 Assembly Com- mittee 2, 35 Delegate to Boys' State 3: Junior Rotarian 45 Yearbook Staff 4. Mr. Cook's pride and joy . . . smiling and self confident . . . "Hold up a tail" . . . would like a little fuzzy moustache . . . "Brevity is the soul of wit" . . . Steering for college. 8 Class Colors Green and White June Hartwell Class Treas, 45Yearbook Ed. 4, Junior Ed. 45 News- paper2,35 Co-Ed. 45 Band 'l,2, lst Lt. 3, Capt. 45 F,H,S, Hy-lites 3,45 All- State Band 45 Student Government45Basketball '1,2,35 Field Hockey 'l. 25Tennis 35Golf 15 Glee Club 15 Scholastic letter '2, 3, 45 Prize-speaking contest 35 "A Case of Springtime" ' 25 Assis- tant Director of "Family Circle" 35Blue and Gold Revue 3, 45 American Legion Oratorical Con- test 1,25 Y-Teens 1,25 A,A, Dues Collector3,45 Delegate to U,N, Model Assembly 35 Class Winter Carnival Manager 25 Prom Committee 35Class Ring Chairman 35 Pro- jector Operator 3,45 Fu- ture Teachers of America 35 All-Girl Dance 35 Radio Reporter 4, A leader , , . sports and music . . tive in dramatics ever ready to help U.N.H. Band likes . BC' Michael Roy Andrus "Mike" Strong silent type . . . a big smile . . . cabinet 'maker superb . . . Trade School. Howard G. Bailey "Buster" Football 4, So round, so firm, so fully packed . . . hunting and fishing . . . member of the purity ward . . . solid block of granite on gridiron . . . always a comeback . . . After school ?? Charles R, Beaudet "Chas" Football l,2,4, Speed in the raw . . . thelinemen were in the way . . . quite a man with the girls . . . hunting charming Chas . . . Air Corps, Lois M. Beaupre "Table Legs" Field Hockey 1,22 Basketball 2,3,'4g Softball Mana- ger 3. Active in sports , . . shy . . . movie fan . . . Un- decided, Maurice A, Beaupre "Fat" Glee Club 4, Boys' Double Quartet 4gFootball and Basketball Manager 4g Friendly Social Club 3,4, Team Manager extraordinary . . . "When are you guys going to turn in those jerseys?" . . . "Yo" . . . one of Ma's boys . . . After school ?? 9 ,FS Rita A. Beaupre "Reet" Glee Club 1, 2, 3,4g Girls' Choir 4"g Golf l,3,4, Calm and quiet . . . money spender . . . enjoys' letter writing . . . Undecided. William Beaupre "Willie" Football 2, 3 ', 4 'g Boxing 3g Hockey. Quiet Cheerful . . . hunting and fishing . . "Clever-extraordinary clever!" . . . Casanova , . , "Motherrr! " . . . After school, who knows. Lois Marjorie Bennett Cheerleading 1,2,'g Band " 3,45 Glee Club l,2,3,4g Girls Choir 4g All-State Music Festival 4gClass Vice- President 2, 33 Winter Carnival Manager 3g Prom Committee 35 Y-Teens 1,2,3g Hi-Y 1,2,3g Secretary 4: Assembly Committee 3: Librarain 3g A, A, Dues Collector 1,2,3,4gYearbook Staff 49 Scholastic letter 1,3g All-Girl Dance Band 3. Our songbird . . . dignified . . . capable . . . a musician . . . College, Anita M. Bergeron "Pee Wee" Glee Club lg A.A. Dues Collector 1,2g Commercial Club 45 Yearbook Staff 4: Square dancing 1,25 Friendly . . . her favorite pastime is sewing . . . quiet disposition . . . Undecided. Irene Marie Bilodeau Band ' 2,3,4g Glee Club 3,4: Girls' Choir '3,4g Hi-Y 2,3,4g Librarian 35 All-Girl Dance Band 3. Gay . . . sociable . . . her hobbies are dancing and playing piano . . . "What a bird!" . . . College. l0 1 Constance E. Blad "Connie" Glee Club 1,2,3,4:Future Teachers 3: Newspaper Club 4g Commercial Club 4: Yearbook Staff 4. Super typist . . . letter writer . . . loquacious . . . "I thought l'd die laughing!" . . . College. Eugene F. Bourdeau "Beak" Football 1, Glee Club 1,3g Dramatics 2'g Carnival King 3. Madman of the motorcycles . . . long, lean, and lanky . . . likes guns . . . dignified,dashing. . . Navy. Anne Marie Brock Band " l,2,3,4-g Glee Club 45 Basketballl,2g Softball lg All-State Band 4. Optimistic . . . Photography isher hobby . . . sin- cere . . . "Holy cow! " . . . College. Kenneth B. Brockstead "Kenny" Square dancing 25 Projector Operator 2,3,4. Mechanically minded . . . always lendinga help- ing hand . . . hunterof big game . . . bashfulboy . . . After schoo1?? Frank W. Burley "Frankie" Glee Club 1, 2: Hi-Y 2, 34 Basketball Manager 1. Mighty mite . . . hunting and fishing . . . always a smile . . . After school, who knows? ll i ag.,,,""N WWW Barbara Ann Burrill "Babs" Basketball ' 1,2,3, Co -captain 4g Hi-Y 2,3, President 43 Y-Teens 25 Yearbook Staff 4, Assembly Committee 4, Band "l, 2.3, Sargeant 45 All-State Music Festival 2,3,4g Scholastic letter ' 2,4g Dramatics 1,2,3,4gG1ee Club 1,3,4gD,A,R, Good Citizen Award 4gC1ass Sec- retray 3: All-Girl Dance Band 3. Musically minded . . . our D,A,R, Good Citizen . . . likes dancing . . . personality plus . . . "Why'?" . . . College, Alfred l. Carignan "Sonny" Folf team l', 2,3,4g Basketball 2,3. Sharpshooter of the fairways . . . "Don't make a career out of it" . . . sports and fishing . . . can do anything but very modest?? . . . Air Force. Arthur J. Cate "Art" Class Treasurer 2: Glee Club 3. Amiable Art . . . "If it isn't one thing, it's an- other" . . . dark and dashing . . . another long drink of water . . . After school, not sure. Warren Cate "Big War" Basketball ' l,2,4g Projector Operator lg Stduent Government 2,3,4g Class Treasurer 3: Winter Carnival Class Manager 3,43 Assembly Committee 2, Year- book staff 4. Camera fiend . . . friendly . . . used to walk to school . . . energetic and electric on the court . . . studious and hard worker . . . Undecided. Nancy Jean Chase "Nan" Glee Club 1,2,4g Band ' 2,3,4g Y-Teens 23 Bowling Club 23 Newspaper Club 45 Dramatics 4. Easy going . . . her hobby is dancing . . . likes a good time . . . "Well, I like that!" . . . Nursing School. l2 Janet A. Colcord "Jay" Glee Club 1,23 Carnival Queen 3g Basketball 1,2 Prom Committee 3. Artistic . . . always singing . . . "Big thri1l" . . smooth on the dance floor . . . Undecided. Armand J. Cote "Moose" Basketball 2,3,'4g Golf l',2,3,4, Magnificent Moose . . . a real big smile . , . a hole-in-one man. . . sports his hobby . . . College his aim. Robert M. Cunningham "Bob" Baseball '2,3',4. The quiet type . . . glass-blower extraordinaire . . . likes skiing . . . master ofthe horsehide . . . Af- ter school -- Undecided. Darlene Cutter "Cut" Cheerleading ' 1, 35 Head 4g Carnival Queen Can- didate 1gAssembly Committee 1,2g Glee Club 1,3,4g Hi-Y 1,2,3,4g Scholastic letter ' 2. Dependable . . . full of pep . . . bookworm , . . likes to dance . . . "For Heaven's Sake!" . . . Service or Business School, Jean Daigneault "Jeanie" Glee Club 4g Home Nursing 4g A, A, Dues Collector 4. Bashful , . . collects post cards . . . cute kid . .. "For Heaven's Sake!" . . . Beautician. I3 Quentin C. Dandley "Danny" Man offewwords . . . likes eating and hunting . . . wants more vacations . . . likes 'em not sultry and sophisticated . . . willsoon join Uncle Sam's birdmen. Theda Joy Dickerson "Dickie" Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Future Teachers 3. Sociable , . . always joking . . . "Oh! No!" . . likes to read . . . Undecided. John W. Durant Baseball 1,33 Glee Club l,2,4g Point 3,4g Basketball 1gBlue and Gold Revue 35 High SchoolSports Reporter 4: Assembly Committee 3: Yearbook Staff 4. Handy with a horsehide . . . flashy dresser . . . likes reading . . . loves riding onacold bus . . . head- ed for U, N, H, Barbara L. Dustin "Dusty" Glee Club l,2,3g Cheerleading 3", 4g Hi-Y 4g Home Nursing 4. Spearmint's best customer . , . nevera dull mo- ment . . . "Oh, Mr. Crowley" . . . "What a world! " Nursing. William B. Fisher "Bill" Manchester Central -- Basketball lg Baseball 1 ', 2g Football lg Franklin -- Baseball 3 ', 45 Hi-Y 4, Wild man of the diamond . . . "Jelly Bean" . . . likes hiking Pine Street . . . master of the blades . . . dark and dashing . . . After school -- won't tell. l4 Norman Joseph Fleury "Bug Eye" Glee Club 4. Night Watchman of Prescott's gas pump . . . inim- itable ivories tickler . . . dashing caballero . . . the Marines are his choice. Priscilla Velma Gosselin "Pat" Field Hockey 1,25Basketball '3,45 Softball '3,45 A,A, Ticket seller ' 4. Determined . . .participatesin all sports. . . "Hey Ma,wake me up at seven!" . . . night hawk . . . Un- decided, Philip J. Gut "Stubby" Fotoball 1,2,'3, Captain 45Basketball 1,2',3,45 Base- ball '2 ', 45 Student Government 2, 3, Treasurer 4 Student Government 2,3, Treasurer 45 Friendly Social Club 2,3,4. Terror of the gridiron . . . "Yo, a little bit" . . . Frankie L's rival . . . drugstore cowboy . . . future head football coach at Michigan . . . has his eye on the Navy. Jeanne Claire Hebert Band '2,3,45 Hi-Y2,3,45 All-Girl Dance Band 35 Year- book Staff 45 Dramatics 45 Scholastic letter '4, Neat . . . pepsodent smile . . . likes reading and dancing . . . "Don't say huh -- pay attention! " . . . Nursing. Martha Ann Hill "Marty" Band ' 1,25Varsity Cheerleading 3,45Carnival Queen 45 Hi-Y 2,3,45 A.A, Dues Collector 35 Glee Club 35 Home Nursing 4. As pretty as they come . . . "Oh, horse feathers!" . . . noted for her crowning glory . . . Hairdressing. 15 "was, K ' 555m l ii ',.. " I f, . r Leonard R. Hines "Lennie" Footba1l1,2"',3,4g Hi-Y 1,4gCarnival King Candidate lg Boxing 1,3. Easy going . . . sports are his dish . . . used to have a motorcycle . . . a Romeo . . . aggressive and de- termined . . . "Those who live happy, live long" . . . in the Navy soon. James Clifton Hodgdon "Jimmy" Hi-Y 1,2,3,4g Basketball lg Glee Club 1,23 Band 1,2, 3g Commercial Club. City slicker . . . flies a car . . . "You're a slow poke" , . . wine, women, and song fand dancej . . . deciding between business school and Merchant Ma- rine Academy, Majorie Ann Innes "Margie" Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Newspaper club 3,4g Librarian 4. Refined . . . avid reader . . . "I've got news for you!" . . . determined . . . U.N,H, Ruth E. Kelley "Ruthie" Band '1,2,3, Secretary-Treasurer4gGlee Club 1,'2g Commercial Club 4: All-Girl Dance Band 35 All State Band 4. Courteous . . . quiet disposition . . . music is her hobby . . . Office Work. Catherine R. Labraney "Kay" Band '1,2,3,4g Glee Club 1,25 Commercial Club 43 All Girl Dance Band 35 All-State Band 4. The silent type . , , plays the piano and clarinet . . . a big smile . . . College. lb Robert Laroche "Bob" Basketball 1.2.45 Hi-Y 2.3.45 Projector Operator 3. City slicker. . ."Pass the church key", , .long shot artist . . . an easy going guy. , ,joining up with the armed services. Roger A. Laroche Glee Club 15 Hi-Y 4. That pepsodent smile . . . Fred Astaire . . . "Oh, Bugs!" . . .peeve girls under 20 fanyone over 121. . . ravishing Roger. . .goes in for wine, women and song . . . applying for college, Ray Legare Jr, "Junior" Intramural Basketball A little wise-acre , . , mad scientist of period 3 chemistry class . . . mighty mite , . , "Just one more period." . . . goes in for model airplane building. . . has decided to go to work, Jeanette Gloria Lemire Field hockey " 1,25 Y-Teens 15 Commercial Club 15 Student Government 2,35 Vice-President 45 Point Staff 45 Prom Committee 35 Scholastic letter 2.3.45 "A Case ofSpringtime" '25 "Family Circle" ' 35 Blue and Gold Revue35 Prize speaking contest35 A,A, Dues Collector 2.3.45 Future Teachers of America 3. Dependable. . .heads the honor list, , ,a Ted Wil- liam rooter . . . "Such a pity! . .a ready laugh. . . Math teacher. Barbara Ioan Lewis "Barb" Glee Club 1.45 Newspaper Club 45 Librarian 4, Sophisticated. , ,photogenic. , .dancingher hobby . . ."Oh. great!". . .Colby Junior College. 17 s rl , I Nm, if fr! A my 5 ff . lg 'flag i ' -1. ' lr 5 . .5 'arlwrlr 2 L lt Sandra Ann Liebtag "Sandy" Easy going. . ,Theda's side-kick, , ,pass thecomic book. . ."Oh stop itl ". . .Nursing. Elizabeth A. Luti "Chick" Salem High School, Salem, Mass.-- Library Corps 2,3g Sub varsity cheerleader 3g School paper3g Tennis 3g F,H,A,--vice-president lg Assem- bly Committee lg "Those Websters" ' lg Swing Club lg Varsity Cheerleader 45 Basketball 4. Politician . . . slick chick . . .keyboard artist, . , perserving. . ."You guys! ". . .College. Bryce MacDonald "Wing Ding" Basketball 3'g Baseball 3', The quiet type? . . . flashy hoopster . . . "Strictly for the birds", . ,scrappy as they come. . .another fu- ture service-man. Lorraine A. Malbourne "Larry" Glee Club 1,2,3: I.V. Cheerleading 2,35 Home Nurs- in 4: A.A, Worker " 4. A girl who's full of fun. . .collects miniature dogs . . ."Men are stupid! . .one of our best dancers. . . Nursing. Paul R. Martell "Cy" Football l,2,3."4. Grinding gridman. . .always a smile. . .great out- doorsman . . . prefers hunting and fishing . . .after school-not sure. I8 Frank P. Mazur "Squarehead" Baseball 2',3.4g Basketball 1,2,3",4g Football 4'g Stu- dent Government 4g Hi-Y 2.3.45 Swing Club 1. Enjoys Charlie's company. . ."I got news for you" . . . sings a good chorus on "Shrimp Boats" . . . Happy-go-lucky . . . all-around sportsman. . .After school--more school. Yvette M. Menard "Evy" J. V. Cheerleading 2. Varsity 4'g Dramatics 4', Blue and Gold Revue 4g Glee Club 2,3,4g Commercial Club 4. A whiz on the keyboard . . . beautiful, beautiful brown eyes. . ."That's logical!". . .Clerical work. Robert Gordon Miller "Bob" Keene High School--Orchestra 15 Franklin High School--Band 2,3,4"'g Glee Club 2,4g Boys' Double Quartet4g Football 3'.4g Baseball 4"'g All-State Music Festival 4g Dramatics Club 4'g Yearbook Staff4g Hi-Y 4g Junior Rotarian 4. Suave, silent type. . ."Women-confusing" . . .girls love that blond, wavy hair . . . lover of the high arts , , , likes music and sports. . .future College man? 1 .0 6. 135 gikn - 9 Sf? fs 4 vi ' Ox 4 Mary Edna O'Brien Glee Club 1,2g Y-Teens 1.2.35 Junior Prom Commit- tee 3: A, A. Dues Collector 1,25 Home Nursing 4. Reliable . . . thoughtful. . .a good cook. . ."Gosh sakesl " . . .College or work. Paul O'Brien "O'B" Band 1",2,3,4g Hockey 1,3"'g Football 4"g Glee Club 4g Projector Operator 45 New Hampshire Music Festi- val 4. Camera fiend . . . keeps his blades flashing , , . mainstay of the band with his bass. . .one of the boys . . ,easy going. . .music and sports are his favorites. 19 fA1.j,psz , ' r KU s . 3 has gi if s Ralph George Ordway "Farm" Dramatics 3,43 Librarian 4. Aggressive and determined. . .would make a good politician , , , "Ah, Bilge" . . .hunter and fisherman . . .wants to wear bell-bottom trousers. Priscilla Eileen Paige "Pep" Band " 1,2,3.4g Vice-President 4gG1ee Club 1.2,3,4g Girls Choir ' 3.4g All-Girl Dance Band 3g Basketball 1',2.3, Co-captain 4g Hi-Y 2,3,4g Student Govern- ment4g Softball 2g Y-Teens lg Carnival Queen Can- didate 2g All-State Band 3,4g Librarian 4g A,A, Dues Collector 1,2.3g Assistant Conductor of D.J.H.S. Band 3. All-round gal . . . Miss Sport . . .excels in music . . .New England Conservatory. Doris Annette Paquette Field hockey 1g Home Nursing 4. Small, cute. and peDPY . . . that giggle . . . her hobby is playing piano. . .Undecided. Dana Parks Square Dancing Club2g Square Dance Representative to Gilford 2g Projector Operator 3.4. Daring Dana ofthe motor bikes. . .likes 'em short and sweet. . .automobile enthusiast. . .gasoline en- gines his specialty. . .After school--not sure. Marlene A. Pelletier "Dagmar" Field Hockey 2.3g Assistant Girls Basketball Manager 2.3, Manager 4'g Glee Club 1.2.3. Mischievous . . . lively . . .forever entering con- tests. . .big things come in small packages. . ."Ain't" . . .Nursing. 20 QW Q, A- ' '-v--: J , mis ' P9 Y Q, f ,Q 3 2-. Nancy I. Piper "Nan" Oak Grove School, Maine--Spanish Club 35 Art Club 3: Camera Club 1,3g Ski Club 3g French Club 1.2. Franklin High School--Yearbook Staff 4. The silent type . . . artistic. . .one of her hobbies is archery. . .College. Roger Pouliot "Ronnie" Hockey 3.4"g Football 35 Aeronautics Club 3. Demon of the hockey sticks. . ."Hi, Dub". . .goes in for Harley-Davidson's and model airplanes . . . "Who is the handsomest man here. and why am I?" . . .future flyboy. Mary Elizabeth Powers Band " 1,2g Glee Club 1,25 Y-Teens 1.2p Hi-Y 1.2,3, 4g Field hockey 1,2g Basketball " 2,3,4g Newspaper Club lg Student Government 2,3,4g Dramatics " 2.45 Scholastic letter ' 1,2,3,4g A. A. Dues Collector ' 3. Conscientious . . . a terrific writer . . . blushes at mention of her cute dimples. . .capable. . .Co1lege. John Rayno "Hom" Another ofthe famous Raynoes. . ,likes fishing and hunting . . . a Ward One patriot . . . hopes to be an armed serviceman. Camilla Rousseau "Millie" Field Hockey 1g Glee Club 3,4g Y-Teens 1. Happy-go-lucky . . .always seen with Darlene. . . one of Webster Lake's bathing beauties. . .College or Service. 21 W Dorothy Helen Seamans "Dot" Field Hockey 1",25 Glee Club 1.3.45 Hi-Y 2.3.45 Sec- retary 2. Treasurer 35 State Youth and Government Representative 35 "Point" staff 3.4. Co-editor 45 All- Girl Dance Band 35 Band 1".2,3,45 All-State Band 3.45 Yearbook Staff45 Tennis 35 Scholastic letter 2.35 Li- brarian2.35 Prom chairman35Class Carnival Manag- er 4. Dapper dancer. . .expert photographer, . ."Do you mean it?" . . . able to take responsibility. . .Nursing. Florence May Shepard "Bunny" Band 2"'. 45 Cheerleading 3"'5 Home Nursing 45 Hi-Y 3.45 Glee Club 2.3.4. Full of fun and fancy free. . .sociable, . ."What a character?". . .poetry lover. . .Undecided, John Shepard III "Buzzy" Phillips Academy--Choir 15Football15 Franklin High School--Football 2.3".45 Basketball 2.3.45 Track 45 Blue and Gold Revue 3.45 "Point" staff 3.45 Yearbook staff 45 Band 45 All-State Chorus 4. Longlohn. . .wantshis ownjalopy. . .biggest cleats on the gridiron. . .jazz enthusiast. . Same differ- ence". . .one of Ma's boys. . .College his goal. Julia Sleeper "Judy" Glee Club 1.2.45 Band " Home Nursing 45 A. Dues Collector 4, Calm and quiet . . .likes reading and music. "Hev! . .Betty's best pal. . .Beautician. Charles W. Smith "Curly" Football 2.3',45 Baseball 2".3.45 Basketball 1.2.3' 4 StudentGovernment1.2.3.45 Class Treasurer 1. Presi dent 35 Yearbook Staff 45 Winter Carnival Class Manager 1,25 Hi-Y President 2. Quintesscent quarterback. . .2nd musketeer of the broken leg brigade . . . "Oh Dear". . . sky-scraping hoopster. . .also heading for college. 22 Andrew John Sorette Jr. "Pete" Hi-Y Band 2.3'.4g Glee Club 1,2.3,4g Year- book Staff 4g Track 3g Basketball - Jay Vees 1.3, Varsity 4g Boys' Double Quartet 43 Projector Operator 3. Head Operator 4g Assembly Committee 45 Fresh- man Initiation chairman 4g N. H. Music Festival 43 Junior Prom co-chairman 3. Another swish shot specialist. . .whata letter writer . . . The Big Ape. . .music and sports. . ."That's for the birds" . . . great conversationalist . . . F. H. S.'s Tommy Dorsey. . .Navy Type. Donald Robert James Sylvester "Bug" Golf 1',2g Basketball 2',3. Another Cousy. . .personality plus. . .still another one of Ma's boys. . ."Yup. Yup". . .partial to sports . . .joining up with the Armed Services. Anne M. Thibeault "Bruiser" Square Dancing Club 1.2.31 Commercial Club. Presi- dent 4. Casual . . . Camera fan. . ."Don't you think so? . . .thoughtful. . .Teacher's College. Dorothy Ann Wallace "Dot" Glee Club Square Dancing Club 1.2g Field Hockey Manager 2.4. A girl of few words. . .likes driving. . .an excel- lent letter writer. . ."So what! . .College, Karolyn Ann Wallace "Kay" Glee Club Dramatics 2"g Band 2g Hi-Y 2.3.45 Varsity Cheerleading 3.4"g Girls' Choir 4'g Commer- cial club 2.4: Newspaper staff 4. Good laughs . . . ever helpful. . ."Oh. you bird!" . . .a smooth dancer. . .Undecided. 23 Robert L. Watson "Doc" Track 1.2,3'.4g Hockey 3'g Glee Club 1,2. Romeo Robert . . . hates girls that are hard to get along, with . . . bright and congenial. . .track demon -My X mwvv nt. if . . .btg-game hunter. . .applying for U. N. H. Betty K. Wescott Glee Club 1.2,4. Silence is golden. . .another one of our artists. , "Well, gee!". . .Undecided. - Robert Whitehead "Cotton" Golf 1',2,3,4: Basketball 2,3,4". Low slung and lively. . .Franklin's Ben Hogan. . rough and ready basketball player. . .liked by all. . he'll look good in bell-bottom trousers. 24 "O wad some Pow' We See Uafzaelaee r the giftie gie us To see ourselves as ithers see us!" -- Robert Burns MOST POPULAR BEST LOOKING CUTEST NEATEST BEST DRESSED MOST POLITE BEST NATURED OPTIMISTIC PESSIMISTIC BEST ATHLETE BEST DANCER THESPIAN MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BEST STUDENT CLASS COUPLE QUIETEST MOST BASHFUL CLASS WIT MOST DIGNIFIED MOST SOPHISTICATED BEST BUILD CLASS C LOWN MUSICIAN MOST FLIRTATIOUS MOST INFLUENTIAL MOST PEP ARTIST MOST FRIENDLY Priscilla Paige Martha Hill Jeanne Hebert Lois Bennett Ruth Kelley Mary O'Brien Marjorie Gauthier Anne Brock Mary Powers Priscilla Paige Dorothy Seamans June Hartwell Jeannette Lemire Jeannette Lemire Karolyn Wallace Ruth Kelley Ruth Kelley Dorothy Seamans Lois Bennett Bette Luti Martha Hill Marlene Pelletier Priscilla Paige Yvette Menard June Hartwell Barb Dustin Lois Bennett June Hartwell 25 Charlie Smith Bryce MacDonald Willie Beaupre Bob Miller John Durant John Durant Arthur Cate Charlie Smith Bill Fisher Phil Gut Roger LaRoche Ted Allen Stanley Weglarz Stanley Weglarz Eugene Bourdeau Michael Andrus John Rayno "Bug" Sylvester Bob Miller John Shepard Willie Beaupre "Bug" Sylvester Bob Miller Jimmy Hodgdon Stanley Weglarz "Bug" Sylvester Paul O'Brien Warren Cate " owned Suez - - - Zddhlldld 7Zeaa " The Class of 1952. Our story. In 1948 we became the first freshman class ever to dwell within the walls of Franklin High School. We were proud of this distinction, but a little disappointed because we never did get that chance to be the "big-shots" of D.J. H.S. Our initiation was bad enough -- but not Log terrible because the seniors had two classes to induct and were forced to spread their energies rather thinly! After we had crawled and climbed through that experience we got together as a class to have a fresh- man party. Miss Dolloff, who came to high school with the 8th graders from D.J.H.S., was our adviser. Our next task was to choose our officers. Stanley, Chick, Margie, and Charlie won our elections and forward we went. We were very proud of our athletes. To think that some freshmen made the varsity! Phil made football, June and Jeannette, field hockey, and Pat, basketball. We also had members in the band. We saw Chick in the school play, with Barb prompting. When the winter carnival came, Darlene was our queen. We really tried! Even if our snow sculpture didn't look quite like a high school, we were content! We came in fourth,gallantly cheering the seniors! We had a dance, too. It wasn't particularly successful, but it was E dance. When spring rolled around we prepared to go to Newfoi Lake on our class trip -- pretty far for freshmen! Forward to sophomores! We began our second year with more confidence, fun, and ideas. Mrs. Kidder was our adviser, working very well with Stanley, Lois, Margie and Art, our officers. We were getting up in the world! Our classmates were in more activities and working for better marks. We were the first sophomore class to have the "Holiday Hop", so we planned and decorated for our success. We had lots of fun, and became the first to make money on the Holiday Hop! Our incentive was still strong when we chose Pep as our carnival queen. We did wonders with the snow, making an F.H.S. plaque, a St. Bernard dog -- and our prize winning, winter carnival trophy! This time we even won a couple of games, but we were third in the final scoring. Chafli-6, Stan, Lennie, Warren and Frankie distinguished themselves as athletes, so we cheered them on. That spring Barb, Mary, June, and Jeanette were in the school play. Again we traveled to Newfound Lake for a class trip. Forward -- a return to F.H.S. We now sat in the front of the gym. Our English teacher, Miss O'Brien became our adviser and confidante. Charlie served as president, with Lois, Barb and Warren at his side. The biggest event in any junior year is the Junior Prom. So, with Dot as our chairman, we were guided toward our December event, for again we were revolutionary -- a winter prom! Our dec- orations as a Skaters' Ball were truly beautiful -- and we only lost forty dollars! With Janet as our Winter Carnival queen, and with real class spirit, we entered the race -- to emerge victor, after the Carnival Ball! So Janet and Beak were crowned duringa spegial assembly. 26 The class of 1952 moved forward. The class rings came during the winter, so the boys cheerfully sported their red and white ones! Jeanette and June participated in the Prize-Speaking Contest. Barb, Jeanette and Ralph had parts, and June helped direct the play. We began to think of the future much more seriously, when graduation came. We said farewell to Miss O'Brien at our Weirs Beach Class Trip. Seniors -- the members of the Class of 1952. We had made it! Mrs. Chamberlain became our "second-mother", too. Stanley went to Profile Boys' State during the summer. We had a real political campaign for class officers,and after the voting, Teddie emerged president,by two votes,over Stanley. Margie and June were elected secretary and treasurer. To begin our formal duties, we had the Freshmen Reception. Petie was the chairman, and ran our court room. What fun we had, as seniors, giving to these fresnmenwhat we had suffered three years before! Darlene was chosen head- cheerleader, Chick came back from Massachusetts, so she joined Martha, Karolyn and Barb, the other seniors, on the squad. Phil was our football captain and made the Class B All-State team! In the "Blue and Gold Revue", our athletes showed their versatility by starring in the "Seniors Shakers". June was elected yearbook edi- tor, a big responsibility. With winter came basketball. Warren and Moose alternated as captains for the boys, Barb and Pep for the girls. January brought our fourth chance at the winter carnival trophy. We were trying for our second win. With Martha as our queen, Dot and Warren as our managers,and a strong will, we entered competi- tion. When the 1952 Carnival .Ball rolled around, the Class of 1952 saw Martha and Charlie radiantly crowned! Our dream was a reality. Barb was elected D.A.R. Good Citizenand our boys had an opportunity to see what Rotary was all about by being Junior Rotarians. Fifteen seniors were chosen for the All-State Music Festival, for glee club and the band. Barb and June were radio reporters on the new pro- gram, so we- were kept posted. Barb made the lead in "Meet Corliss Archer", with seven other seniors appearing in the cast. Almost a senior play! We ordered our namecards and invitations, and ex- changed our graduation pictures, for spring had arrived. Baseball and golf followed. We were proud of our golfer, Armand, who had been in the State Tourney, also of our hard hitting diamond aces. Before we knew it, Bill and his Senior Prom committees were ready. Shortly after the May Concert we held the senior banquet. During this week, dear diary, comes our yearbook, assembly, our Com- mencement Ball, our class trip, our Baccalaureate Sunday, our Class Day -- our graduation night. Tuesday, the 10th, we, the Class of 1952 will become alumni of Franklin High. We have tried to live up to its name. We have tried to add to its name. Yes, we are an exceptional class, a class, that has done exceptional things. As life takes each of us on different ways, may we live in accordance with our motto, "Forward ever, backward never." Forward .... 27 :iq A ,QW life. 5 'F gm .- Mk ,S ' A fx, , J fa ww! X gk Y 1 f a + fx x AL,,. E, A 4 N WV. pPrrv.TJe.-CY 2, Thank Rama Tv.f,,..v BML f Il Lfmdwfxntilb nnymi., m-mfg A ilriTc,w.f"2:vT, l Htre Combs, uidbmi Tukeg Q. Ckqwg NJ A CKQS3 YYNQQXQB v- f-5 and V1 as URLGMIXQ r- K MI wfkl many? Wine. Vinh. q Ewiimlv U3 tx fm- s +213 :iff Wdalez Zczfwaaa Q - VAfQyfQ ??7Q 5 w'f0,' gf ti V Syl' 3' . ar ,Haig Q., Twig? kk qw . 'f-N. I ,f r in lfL , " " as fi ' K 21- : W l Q f ' """-" .1 , M la l5 1 ' 'The 3 m..svfm..r:-" Spa xQq53 "w,.,s.L WML' it 'Una Cain- PWM ?"'C65 WWmw " Ill VK , ., . J, R +f1i"A 40 '-,gQ , w 7' Cna9f1h1? ,gard- ffl' gpg rifrq ' C 5 X 'fhii' Mawr Loo it X Mudh n Cknb fb, fz+""" ' 'Bgmhumbus E Sade S " Q 1? gi M, au. 16 J 1 f i r 1 PM Swami ,.B.Au?. Trac Lon K our 'Qqqg 'Vw-H C2 'P.T- Q.. - Dv-f cal? ' 35 Ag mehr: YVNSGNQS X P . K 'D .. Q-,S-"ix gn H .. .. 'JW " Shan 2110.1-'XML BH Q l'?WQ f .W j s.m.:s. cx.u'11-my CN-Mg! Our Infifdffhn 3 I 'ug ' AAAS' Gras 'nf 5 ia u Trio f A Rami' gSnVU5 xu QM: Coma an """ s":ksI. bd Roofs Xa CMA-A TT be...-un? f f""" ' 5,1 + - '- . r 1 H In I hw f A V5 4 vcd n.,n?nfo. 5,503 U, 1 x 5 V W , wg 'ff I. N Q in 4' , , ag ff "Q ' f W .85 H - i f 10,3 new ww! gq,'g3yJ.,,.f-'52 -Q 'FwTn..-dz, 2 " 05, Iloniit in ,,,, 1 D 4 M xg 3,2 'P WM ' if ,ii U - in f' fd ., X Ldffn QICLSS " Les? io WML :smux fif- ' Thy, Woke' " Fai N ka Yfilu-at In " K ' ' Nix. Nou' mm' Wins 33 " CM-lu" " 'BCQX' sf f' . s J we S'NAAr.W5 ss y Mtn 'Randi Ffgnls To T5-2. Enllo '-hx 'A .. 'Y .. ' 4. I ?"'i3f': ip '. N, Q 'a X fi ' 1 Q vf' n -Tk l I Ove' 5 I . K .- QQSQ' Q30 m?q-,C L C.. Q..3x.1.s Gumr., -- me-yn W- wg,-13,1 'Bmw--1-me 'V-w-9 34 EMS MAMM cmdafz Jane Carroll ............. President Franklin Daigneau . . . . Vice-President Joan Burley ..... .... S ecretary Irene LaPlante . . . . Treasurer Alexander, Walter Amsden, Henry Aube, Lorraine Bean, Bette Beaudin, Robert Beaupre, Claire Beaupre, Clarence Bennett, William Burdick, George Burke, Charles Carr, Marie Carr, Nancy Chase, Marilyn Cilley, Patricia Colcord, Leslie Cook, Robert Cooley, Richard Cote, Rita Dickerson, Theodore Drapeau, William Dumond. Lucille Fletcher, Dale Fournier, Joseph Gauthier, Elaine Gosselin, Rita Graham, Marilyn Griffin, Betty Hannan, Lorraine Haskins, Doris Hooper, Grace Hoitt, Lawrence Humphrey, Jeannine Johnson, William Joyce, Nancy Jurta, Helen Keyser, Ronald LaBonte, Robert LaChance, Stephen Lally, Thomas LaPlante, Reginald Learn, Patricia Lincoln, Norma Magoon, Joyce Mahoney, Fay Manoli, Edwin Marier, Marjorie McDonald, George Merrill, William 36 Minnon, Irene Murrav, Ann Nerden, Betty O'Br1en, James Paquette, Edwina Parks, Shelley Pelletier, Maurice Pinney, Leone Rayno, Charles Reeves, Richard Retter, Nancy Richard, Maurice Sargent, Richard Sawyer, Edward Shaw, Marilyn Shepard, Doris Smith, Leslie Toupin, Ronald Tucker, Frank Turgeon, Rita Wescott, William Yacopucci, Roger Yeo, Maryellen dam James Hanley ............ President Shirley Taylor . . . . Vice-President Jane Reinelt . . . ..... Secretary Elaine Raffaelly . . . . Treasurer Abbott, Beverly Amadio, Donald Bailey, David Bailey, Raymond Barry, Joyce Bassett, Dorothy Beaudet, Richard Bedard, Leon Beaupre, Edward Berube, Andrew Belanger, Lorraine Belanger, Richard Belden, Richard Brock, Myrna Bliss, Clinton Cilley, Carroll Gilley, Wayne Croteau, Lorraine Cunningham, Julia Cunningham, Madeline Dalphond, Alfred Deguise, Cecile DeHaro, Keith Deshaies, Doris Dickinson, Betty Anne Dodge, John Doucette, Eugene Douville, Shirley Downes, Leonard Dussault, Adrienne Durgin, Ellen Dustin, Glen Emerson, Raymond Fisher, Jack Fletcher, Janet Gignac, Michael Goodell, Wayne Goings, Ellsworth Gregory, Elaine Griffin, Leon Harbour, Joseph Hinds, Barbara Howe, Nancy Hubener, James Huntoon, Norene Jewell, Robert Keyser, Allen Keyser, Audrey Kelly, Marilyn Kidder, Paula LaQuire, Bernice LaRoche, Eugene LaRoche, Rachel Laughy, Melvin 37 Laughy, Shirley LaVerne, Richard Linteau, Genevieve Lovering, Edward Manyan, David Martell, Donald Masse, Irene Menard, Lillian Miller, David Masse, Irene Menard, Lillian Miller, David Nowell, Donald Parris, Jean Rayno, Peter Rayno, Dorothy Routhier, Jean Sargent, Barbara Shaw, Gertrude Sorette, Marlene Taylor, Janet Thibeault, Arlene Tilton, Mary Trottier, Delores Weatherman, Joyce Williams, Ann '7zea4mcmda44 Richard Fillion ....... President Betty Lou Prince . . Vice-President Margaret Robichaud .... Secretary Armand Chartier ..... Treasurer Adams, Carl Adams, Thomas Andrews, Robert Aube, Bernadette Aube, Cecile Baird, Libby Bates, Beverly Beaupre, Norma Blake, Elwood Bussiere, Alex Call, Bernice Camp, Joan Cheney, Claudette Colby, Paul Collins, Joan Crowley, Robert Crowley, Sandra Cunningham, Dorothy Cushing, Elaine Daigneault, Lorraine Deguise, Paul Deshaies, Claire Drew, Betty Drew, Patricia Duff, Marlene Elliott, Elaine Fowler, Doris French, Robert Gallion, Rita Gallion, Rita Garand, Bruce Gerlarneau, Robert Gosselin, Richard Greene, Vincent Griffin, Mandora Haskins, Betty Hemeon, John Howard, Betty Hubener, Nancy Huntoon, Viola Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Patricia Kanto, Oula Karlberg, Britta Kernan, Frances Kelley, Barbara Kelley, Salley Kenney, Sheila Keyser, David Kliszewski, Annette Kurowski, Edward LaBonte, Alice LaClair, Almena LaFrance, Mary LaPlante, Jeanne LaPlante, Margaret Laliberte, Cecile Laughy, James Legare, Dolores Lepine, Fred Lyon, Anne 38 Marceau, Richard Masse, Rita Maxwell, Phyllis McAdams, Pauline Mercier, Ronald Minard, James Morrell, Joan Morrell, Richard Pelletier, Beverly Plourde, Doris Pond, Henry Proulx, Eleanor Robichaud, Ronald Rollins, Frederick Roy, Rudolph Shaw, Harlean Smart, Gerald St. Pierre, Robert Stanley, Richard Sylvester, Elaine Taylor, Alycemae Tibbetts, Joan Tilton, Roger Trudeau, Donald Watson, John Woodward, Donald Woodward, Nancy Worden, Margaret Young, Forest Young, John AGC, iz. : 55 f f ff , AWVX n Q! VI CMM' Student Qaaewment Seated: Betty Lou Prince, Margaret Robichaud, Lorraine Hannon, Jeanette Lemire, Stanley Weglarz, Jane Carroll, June Hartwell, Mary Powers, Priscilla Paige. Standing: Irene LaPlante, Shirley Taylor, Henry Amsden, Bill Bennett, Phil Gut, Frank Mazur, Warren Cate, Mr. Frank Crowley, Adviser, Charles Smith, Tom Lally, Jack Fisher, David Manyan, Bruce Garand, Nancy Carr, Jean Routhier. The student government began its duties for 1951-52 by installing its of- ficers at a banquet held last May. Elected to lead the organization were: Stanley Weglarz. Presidentg Jeannette Lemire, Vice-President, Jane Carroll, Sec- retaryg Phil Gut, Treasurer. Mr. Crowley of the faculty was adviser again for the year. In June, Jeanette Lemire was sent as a delegate to the National Conference of Student Councils in Wellessley, Mass. When school opened in September, the student government got right to work by taking the city census. This project required a lot of work and time, but with the co-operation and assistance of the student body, it was successful completed. After this, miscellaneous activities were taken care of. Records were bought, dance dates for the year were arranged, and a new assembly committee was formed with a student government co-ordinator. The organiz.ation's next big project was the Annual Winter Carnival, which was held from January Z2 to February 9. Jeanette Lemire and Stanley Weglarz were elected Co-Chairmen and there were individual chairmen for skiing, skating, basketball, volleyball, and ping pong. It was the longest carnival ever held at Franklin High and everyone enjoyed it very much. A new assembly procedure was introduced and student government members acted as monitors for this procedure. A dance was held for the benefit of the sports fund, which pays bills for injured sports players. The annual banquet with installation of officers and new members was held in May to bring to a close a very successful year. 40 Student aaemmemf ,+444em5!g eommdttee Seated: Patricia Johnson, Mr. George Hancox, Adviser, Nancy Retter, Lorraine Hannon, Mr. Robert Ar- thur, Adviser, Britta Karlburg. Standing: Paula Kidder, Dale Fletcher, Nancy Hubener, Pete Sorette, Marjorie Gauthier, Marilyn Kelley, Jean Parris. This year, an assembly committee was established by the student govern- ment. Lorraine Hannon served as the student government co-ordinator, with Mr. Arthur and Mr. Hancox as the advisers. The members were nominated by their classmates, elected by student government. Three students from each class served on the committee, with Nancy Retter acting as mistress of ceremonies. Many enjoyable assemblies were sponsored throughout the year. At the first one, the favorite tunes of F.H.S. were brilliantly f?j recreated by some of the students. This first assembly was very well liked, so others soon followed. An artist from the Walt Disney Studios entertained us with his talent, one day. Another time Jane Dunlap held us spellbound as she told us of her trip to Switzerland. The band played at a giant rally before the basketball game with Laconia, and the cheerleaders presented the trophy which they had won in the tournament. The committee also arranged for the big afternoon when we saw the movie "The Life of Jack London". This committee worked hard to present good programs, and Franklin High certainly enjoyed the fruits of their labor. .V 'A' tyr. U "" i . a f . t Al M 74a paint' W Seated: Sheila Kenney, Sandra Crowley, Barbara Kelley, Dot Rayno, June Hartwell, Adviser, Robert Ar- thur, Dorothy Seamans, John Durant, Nancy Chase, Carolyn Wallace,Norma Lincoln. Standing: Leone Pinney, Dale Fletcher, Nancy Carr, Irene LaPlante, Jeanette Lemire, John Shepard, Margie Innes, Barbara Lewis, Bill Bennett, Nancy Retter, Shirley Taylor. The school newspaper, The Point, entered its second year of pub- lication with Seniors Dorothy Seamans and June Hartwell as co-editors, and Mr. Robert Arthur ad faculty adviser. Seven copies were issued this year, one for each of the following features of F.H.S. activity: the Christmas concert, the winter carnival, the teachers' play, "Meet Corliss Archer", the spring concert, and grad- uation. Shirley Taylor served as the artist, designing all of the covers for "The Point". Dorothy Rayno acted as business manager, with the co- editors conducting the exchange with other high schools. Karolyn Wallace and Nancy Chase directed the staff in production. May the two-year old Point enjoy many more successful years of publication! 42 We-Z ALPHA HI-Y OFFICERS BETA HI-Y OFFICERS Pres. Barbara Burrill Pres. Betty Lou Prince V. Pres. Shirley Taylor V. Pres. Almena LeC1air Sec. Lois Bennet Sec. Beverly Bates Treas. Janet Taylor Treas. Robert French The combined Alpha and Beta Hi-X clubs had an eventful year. First we attended the Dartmouth-Cornell football game where we had a wonderful time and nearly froze to death! We were proud of the number of F.H.S, students present at the first Hi-Y rally held at the Belknap area where Mr. Rod Darling from Northeastern University was the guest speaker. Following the dancing, the rally adjourned, to meet again in Franklin, on March 31st. At this time the new officers were inducted before a group of approximately 300 Hi-Y mem- bers and advisers. In December, two of the Beta boys attended the Boys' Con- ference. To carry out the Christmas spirit, we sent cards to some of the shuts-ins of Franklin and surrounding towns. We also gave a Christmas basket to a needy family. During the snowy winter months, we took a trip to Man- chester for a "Splash Party". On March 7-8-9, thirteen girls went to Clare- mont for the Older Girls' Conference. The theme of the three day affair was "A New Faith for These Days". One of our outstanding meetings was the induction ceremony of new members. An alcoholics anonymous member gave us an impressive lecture on alcoholism. The first of the year the Hi-Y was in a very impecunious state, but after sponsoring the "Vacation Dance" we grew somewhat richer. Don't think we could have done all this ourselves, because without the ever available assistance of our advisers, Miss Dolloff, Mr. Harris, and Mr. Cook, we would not have had such a pleasant year. 43 Www M,-M V ' "f""m.., The glee club, under the direction of Miss Marion Moses, met twice weekly in preparation for its Christmas and May concerts. The Christmas concert proved a great success, with Lois Bennett as soloist for the perennial favorite, "Silent Night". The two groups on the right, the girls' choir and the boys' double quartet sang many times during the year for school and community ac- tivities. Lois Bennett, Jane Carroll, John Shepard, Maurice Beaupre, Stanley Weglarz, Ted Allen, and Pete Sorette represented the Franklin High School at the All-State Music Festival at Rochester, in April. The brilliant Spring Concert, in May, completed the work of the glee club for the year. 44 Seated: Marilyn Graham, Priscilla Paige, Irene Bilideau, Adviser Miss Marion Moses, Maryellen Yeo Rita Beaupre, Standing: Lois Bennett, Jane Carroll, Patricia Gilley, Karolyn Wallace, Marjorie Marier Nancy Retter, Lorraine Hannon. gag! Daadle Zaafztezf Seated: Maurice Pelletier, Pete Sorette, Adviser Miss Marion Moses, Ted Allen. Standing: Maurice Beaupre, Tom Lally, John Shepard, Stanley Weglarz, Bob Miller. 45 74a Zami Our mellifluous band played at all home football games and at the game with St. John's, of Concord. In October they traveled to Warner to lead a parade and to play a short concert at the annual Fall Foliage Festival. Then they were invited to play at Andover where Proctor Academy lost a hard fought game to Westmount High School, a Canadian team. Ten members represented F.H.S. at the All-State Festival, in April. Barbara Burrill, Ruth Kelley, Ann Brock, Catherine Labraney, Priscilla Paige, June Hartwell, Dorothy Seamans, Reginald LaPlante, Paul O'Brien, and Robert Miller were the lucky ones. Because of the large number of students attending from Franklin, seventeen in all with the glee club members, plus seventeen suitcases, Miss Moses and Miss McIntosh, ten instruments, including two bass horns, "Ma" decided that it would be more economical if we chartered our own busg and so this year we went to and from Rochester in style! We stayed in private homes, and were there for three days. There were many other memorable occasions. The State Auditions Festival in Berlin, the Christmas and spring concerts, and Memorial Day stand out. On Memorial Day morning the band divided. One group played in Wilmot, the other in Springfield. In the afternoon the sections combined to play in Sutton. Of course, the band was indispensable during graduation week. Officers for the year were: Captain, June Hartwell, lst Lieutenant, Priscilla Paige, Znd Lieutenant, Ruth Kelley, Sergeant-at-arms, Barbara Burrill, These people have helped Mr. Hall, the capable director, to develop one of the best bands in Franklin for years. 46 is with niwkqusvmn 'mr "MEET COR LISS ARCHER" Left to Right: Yvette Menard,Batbara Burrill, Lois Bennett,June Hartwe11,John Durant, Mt. Arthur, Jean- ette Lemire, Elizabeth Luti, Tom Lally, Bob Miller, and Nancy Carr. The Dramatics Club began a busy year with the "Blue and Gold Revue". The second annual variety show and one act play was presented in Nov- ember. Musical selections and comedy acts furnished the variety talent, which "Saved From the Fate of Her Sister" as the meodrama. Barbara Kelley starred as the heroine, Tom Lally as the villain, Henry Amsden as the hero, Yvette Menard as the villainess, Gene Doucette as the bar- tender, Ted Dickerson as the Little Boy, and June Hartwell and Jim Hanley as the forlorn mother and father. Mrs. Tolman directed the en- joyable show, assisted by Miss Moses and Miss Clark. When spring came, Mr. Arthur presented the annual school play, "Meet Corliss Archer", with a cast dominated by seniors. The title role of Corliss was portrayed by Barbara Burrill. Tom Lally and Jeanette Lemire were Mr. and Mrs. Archer, with Nancy Carr as Louise, their maid. Dexter was played by John Durant, and Mildred by Lois Bennett. June Hartwell was the un-wanted relative, cousin Agnes. Bob Miller and Bette Luti were Mr. and Mrs. Franklin, with Marie Carr as Betty, Yvette Menard as the Nurse, and Robert St. Pierre as the Doctor. "Meet Corliss Archer" proved to be a great success, showing that all the efforts of this year's Dramatics Club were well rewarded. 48 Qxx +R, ,QX 9.1 Xfv' Sv QAXXNN N-wgxxxw-3-X xxyvlxqxnx mx 'N..0x,xQ-XVN Xxxs 2 'Xxx ,. N XX , NX X wx, XL XLT? A K I YM XXX X x A VA wx Y x 1' FCAM L 1 Y RCLE 'YXXQ x ' YNLAXXW . x e-ai. N6 fxQXXRXNff. , LN W ,- x K9 , x.CYX'- f v Q y,XL'X X X X , X 1X!,X', X .9 W Q M1 WV x x,,y,4,XX C Q12 1, kiwi , 'S K Bx xi, X X I x . .. L QQ X lx .X W- ' Q-if-,M wzwvwf' X .. Qg,we+ f Q W:-, N ..KQxm,.w M Q X, YV y,5,.,1,,. , A 16 xx K. yfwlwbjpff' FM' JN, vu ,M -f - 'X W . 'x."4ki'ww' '?"'45" 55' QW x1..-gJlN"'- f ' ' x ., ' X L, , Q,,.A,K mm fx- Y f M 5 XYM I X X-QW N219-LOSOF' 'AM' Q .V ,aku mxssiixqc j,,f3x, , 'X VA kkgxgw 'win - ' ,,,X4gA,,gxmX qw x' ,aww MIN - k , 'CAN-Q WU ' , A , . gsm 'VY V , X ., x3ggg1'?l Vifiww CX. ,L KT" W 'IF xxx ff xwwgy im uw XX M Q. 1,4-,, Q,-we, WY 'fx-:AWP WW ' x,.Y.,, 'lezcww MWJ K L UX,g3,.x X'w'N5f'X 4, , 3L,,1:'y,qx,f:, X X' ,, f,y,.m. www Vhrvxyxjx 42 -yy "fKL'.I.Xg'i,Y'94LK'igx' W.. WK. size-:fx WM ' Qi M wg.-Q ww FW' X W ' .NR xx XL 4 XXXQ R-,xx 'wx XSYW U' N Q 'SKK , ' A my 'Sx-ggjmg, .XM J ' ' X wp ,xx in Q-,4w.Qyo.N I Oxvt' Nr TM 'CW " ' ' ' ' 'jnV'L,x'QVfF ' YfWxXXxfQY9 W' Txqkxyx N, ' . . R K A XVA X, x ,U . xnxx X X - X x X ,,'vO- t X X ' X , x X X Nw' N ,W X A x X X, X ,X K X x 'A ' A X X x . kg 'Vx "A , Q X xy, X Mkyxk X R ,Kim A-TQ r L, Z- x X-, N X , f X X X A N K Q 'Mx K 9 CBQQJ M l.x V tv uf , 49 -4' 551415404 Seated: Doris Deshaies, Irene LaPlante, Lorraine Aube, Elaine Gregory, Marjorie Innes, Barbara Lewis, Standing: Miss Mary Mclntosh, faculty adviser: Robert Watson, Tom Lally, Ralph Ordway, Dorothy Rayno. pfbdjkdfdl Opezataze Seated Andrew Sorette, Doris Shepard, Mr. Joseph Burleigh, faculty adviserg Marjorie Gauthier, Bette Luti, June Hartwell. Standing- Robert St, Pierre, Joseph Fournier, George MacDonald, Dana Parks, Edward Sawyer, Eugene Doucette, George Burdick, Paul O'Brien, Richard Stanley. 50 WORM GN f 1 if " W ' , W as 11 W 'fan I ' asv' It NCNLII 7 --Photo, courtesy of the I-T First Row: Mr.William Hoban, Coach Charles Smith, Captain Phil Gut, Mr. John Knight, Assistant Coach, Sec- ond Row: William Johnson, Frank Mazur, Howard Bailey, William Merrill, Theodore Allen, William Beaupre, Robert Miller, Richard Reeves, Eugene Doucette. Third Row: James Hubener, John Shepard, Paul Martell, Frank Tucker. Paul O'Brien, Thomas Lally, Walter Alexander. Fourth Row: Richard Beaudet, Leonard Hines, David Miller, Joseph Harbour. Charles Beaudet was absent when the picture was taken. An inexperienced Franklin High Football team had a fair season with a record of 3 wins and 5 defeats. Coach Hoban and Mr. Knight did a great job with only one regular from last year's team. Captain Phil Gut was nominated for the Class B All-State Team. 1951 Schedule Franklin 12 Manchester West 27 Franklin 0 Somersworth 38 Franklin 6 Lac onia Franklin Plymouth Franklin Newport Franklin Exeter Franklin Lebanon Franklin St. Johns 2? Kneeling: Joseph Harbour, Philip Gut, Warren Cate, Robert LaRoche, Andrew Sorette, Robert Whitehead. Stand- ing: Mr. John Ball, Coach: Wayne Cilley, Armand Cote, Frank Mazur, Lawrence Hoitt, James Hubener, Charles Smith, Manager Maurice Beaupre. Mr. John Ball's 1951-1952 basketball team had a successful season placing second in Twin State League competition behind Windsor, Vermont. In league competition, the Tornadoes and a record of 9 wins and 3 de- feats. Outside of the League games, they downed St. .Iohn's twice and were beaten twice by Stevens of Claremont and Laconia. 1951-52 Schedule Franklin St. John' s Franklin Towle Franklin West Lebanon Franklin St. Mary Franklin Hartford, Vt. Franklin Lac onia Franklin Stevens Franklin Windsor, Vt. Franklin Lebanon Franklin St. .Tohn's Franklin West Lebanon Franklin St. Mary Franklin Stevens Franklin Hartford, Vt. Franklin Towle Franklin Windsor, Vt. Franklin Lebanon Franklin Lac onia F- W 7aazdaez Kneeling: Eugene Laroche, Ronald Robichaud, Richard Marceau, Andrew Berube, John Hemeon, Fred Rollins, Ro- bert Andrews, Standing: Edward Kurowski, Peter Rayno, Thomas Adams, Armand Chartier, Glen Dustin, Donald Martell, Leon Bedard, Coach Jack Knight, Q- W 344055466 Vim. Kneeling: Thomas Lally, Jack Fisher, Michael Gignac, Paul Colby, Maurice Pelletier. Standing: Coach John Ball, Ronald Robichaud, Joseph Harbour, Wayne Cilley. James Hanley, James Hubener, Leon Griffin, Manager Alfred Carignan, 54 Wwzedzfg Zieefzlecwldnq Front Row: Marie Carr, Lorraine Hannon, Yvette Menard, Martha Hill, Maryellen Yeo, Barbara Dustin. Back Row Mrs, Madeline Pickess, Adviser: Karolyn Wallace, Head Cheerleader Darlene Cutter, Jane Carroll. cmdafz Wczwdlq ieezleaddag Front Row: Gertrude Shaw, Marilyn Graham, Betty Dickinson, Joan Burley, Beverley Abbott, Marlene Sorette Back Row: Mrs. Madeline Pickess, Adviser: Claire Deshaies, Bernadette Aube, Head Cheerleader Jean Routhrer Jeannine Humphrey, Jean Parris. 55 "Z Kneeling: Rachel LaRoche, Rita Cote, Janet Taylor, Bette Luti, Co-captains, Priscilal Paige and Barbara Burrill, Priscilla Gosselin. Mary Powers, Rita Turgeon, Joyce Magoon. Standing: Miss June Dolloff, coachg Bette Bean, Cecile Aube, Margaret LaPlante, Irene LaPlante, Lois Beaupre, Nancy Hubener, Marjorie Marier, Doris Fowler, Jean LaPlante, Beverley Pelletier, Manager Marlene Pelletier. gonadal! Glue Kneeling: Frank Mazur, Charles Smith, William Fisher, Laurence Hoitt. Seated: Mr. John Ball, coachp Raymond Bailey, Robert Cook, James Hanley, Leslie Smith, 56 2333223 Ill! U 1 Ill! 4 llilgiii llll, 3 Ill! tha 33" 3 gt, ll "Q 2 E Donald Sylvester, Mr, Frank Crowley, Activities Directorg Robert Whitehead, Armand Cote, Alfred Carignan. mee Front Row: Archie Auger,Clarence Beaupre,David Miller,Thornas Lally, Robert Watson, Leon Griffin. Back Row: Joseph Harbour, Frank Tucker, Richard Reeves, Andrew Sorette, Mr. William Hoban, Coachg John Shepard, Ronald Toupin. 57 Spaaaua The Class of '52 is grateful to the following individuals and organizations for their generous support of this yearbook. ABIGAIL WEBSTER HOUSE AMERICAN SHOE REPAIR ARLEN'S DRESS SHOP BABE'S MARKET D. BARRY AND CO. BEAN'S SERVICE STATION CENTRAL STREET BENNETT'S I G A SUPER MARKET WEST FRANKLIN BENSON AUTO CO. WEST FRANKLIN BESSE MAE STYLE SHOP BILL'S MARKET THE BOOK STALL BUNNY'S DINER "WHERE THE FOOD IS BEST" BUTTS FRIENDLY SERVICE I96 CENTRAL STREET ROLFE CAMP CO. INC. BUILDERS' SUPPLIES I9-4 CENTRAL STREET PHONE 752 MME. CARBONNEAU COLE'S CLEANERS THE COLONIAL RESTAURANT CENTRAL STREET CONANT'S CALSO I95 CENTRAL STREET CONCORD MONITOR CUTTER'S ESSO SERVICE-CENTER EUGENE S. DANIELL JR. DANIEL WEBSTER INN WEST FRANKLIN DAN'S PHARMACY PAUL DESHAISES C. E. DOUPHINETT A. C. ELLIOTT FORD CO. CENTRAL STREET ENDICOTT AND JOHNSON FRANKLIN CLEANERS FRANKLIN FROZEN FOODS AND LOCKER SERVICES J. L. BOURASSA, OWNER FRANKLIN FRUIT AND PRODUCE FRANKLIN LAUNDRIES INC. "QUALITY AND SERVICE" CENTRAL STREET FRANKLIN LODGE OF ELKS THE FRANKLIN NATIONAL BANK FRANKLIN NURSERIES THE FRANKLIN SAVINGS BANK FRANKLIN WHOLESALE MART WEST FRANKLIN FRANKLIN WHOLESALE MEAT CO., INC. NORTH MAIN STREET TEL. 378-M ALBERT G. GARNEAU CO. RACHEL GARNEAU R. N. THE GATEWAY INN GERARD'S MARKET GILE'S DAIRY GREVIOR FURNITURE GRIFFIN'S DRUGSTORE GUAY'S GARAGE HAMMOND'S BAKERY CENTRAL STREET THE HEARTHSTONE BASKET SHOP WEST FRANKLIN R. A. HEBERT'S HOME 8. AUTO SUPPLY HEBERT MANUFACTURING CO. HOLMES AND NELSON THE HOMELIKE INN JOHN JURTA JR. E. J. KEEGAN AND CO. KIDDER LUMBER CO. DR. F. J. KROPP THE KURL SHOP LA CHANCE JEWELERY STORE WARD I LA ROCHE'S MARKET LEON'S JEWELERY MAIN STREET STORE WEST FRANKLIN TEL. 203 MARY'S BEAUTY SHOP WILFRED MENARD MERRILL'S JEWELERY DR. ROBERT J. MORIN S. MOSCARDINI STORE WARD I J. J. NEWBERRY CO. NEWS AND BOOK SHOP PAIGE'S BARBER SHOP H. PARKER CENTRAL STREET PERKINS SHOE STORE PERRY'S SUNOCO STATION PINKHAM'S STORE AND CLAM BAR WEST FRANKLIN PIPER MOTOR CO. DODGE AND PLYMOUTH POBLENZ STUDIO PRESCOTT OIL CO. E. A. PRINCE JEWELERY PUBLIC SERVICE CO. OF NEW HAMPSHIRE RAFFAELLY'S MARKET REGO AND BALL SHELL SERVICE STATION WEST FRANKLIN RENNIE'S TAXI SERVICE ROY'S BARBER SHOP JEANNETTE ROY'S BEAUTY SALON SANDERS DRY CLEANING DR. R. W. SAWYER JEAN W. SHAW SHE PARD INSURANCE AGENCY SHEPARD REALTY CO. T. J. SOKUL DR. JOHN J. SULLIVAN SULLOWAY HOSIERY MILLS SUNLIGHT CLEANERS SUROWI EC GROCERY STORE C. P. STEVENS SYLVESTER'S MARKET THIBEAULT'S FUNERAL HOME THORNTON BARBER SHOP WEST FRANKLIN TRACHY INSURANCE TWIN MAPLES WEST FRANKLIN VAL'S BARBER SHOP VARNEY'S JENNY SERVICE STATION WEST FRANKLIN WALLACE'S MARKET FRANK WEGLARZ WELCOME TRAVELER DINER WHERE YOUR FRIENDS MEET AND EAT WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE CGERARD L. FORAND PROP I THE YARN, GIFT, AND FLOWER NOOK H. L. YOUNG, FUNERAL HOME 71 SW! g gg Editor-in-Chief . . . ............... June Hartwell Associate Editor . . .............. Dorothy Seamans Girls' Personals . . . . Marjorie Gauthier, Jeanette Lemire Boys' Personals . . ........ John Durant, John Shepard Boys' Sports .... ............... C harles Smith Girls' Sports . . ........ Barbara Burrill Class History . . . ....................... June Hartwell Artists ........ ................ L ois Bennett, Nancy Piper Business Managers . . . Jeanne Hebert, Stabley Weglarz, Andrew Sorette Photographers . . . ............... Warren Cate, Robert Miller Typists ....... ............. A nita Bergeron, Connie Blad Adviser . . . . Mrs. Marguerite Chamberlain We want to express our sincere thanks to the many people who have assisted us in the publication of this annual -- to our fellow seniors for their fine cooperation, to Mr. Poblenz, our photographer, for his unfailing service, to Mr. Kyncl, of Josten's, for his interest and guidance, to the American Yearbook Company, our publishers, and above all, to Mrs. Chamberlain, our adviser. Our story now is written, our last entry completed. May this diary of the Class of 1952 be forever cherished, as we go forward from Frank- lin High School. The Yearbook Staff 60 1 4' ,s 1 .M S. .. ,,. ., ' A '. s- by ,qgjung-g!nf'r-my ., ,, ,, , , -, ' n sfffzwaypi fi .QQ,'JQ2 '31 '-iQ'P.3,,'v' gg ' 1i6J,,,'fTg5'3?i1 3-H ft? ' f' A f'f?'3'- 31: I :7l?' : ' f ,Q-:Q .r',. ' "IW 1-. v. 1 ",- : , ifilg -WJ, ,, .ng 47, , ,wwf ,.- . .. 1 -1:52 ff 'Q- 1-L-ay .4..U. g A ', E22 Ga ' z far: ,1f1'f' .,.g,f . , 1-f .., . ' 1 v 1 i. 1 1 A2 - -,1-f v 1- .:"' -.-.Tw jif, .' S pf 1.-, K1 ve, I ,-A , . , , v . n f., " 3, 'f.kk: . g ' v. v 1 H- f x 4 n ,A 7 23612 N .5 ., ' -v . "' ."r . T. f w f +I Z J 9 rf' .. .ids--g -1 , ,px ., -,,A..

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