Franklin High School - Key Yearbook (Franklin, NH)

 - Class of 1947

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Franklin High School - Key Yearbook (Franklin, NH) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 92 of the 1947 volume:

I J f ff . i'.- , -V 1 f w 'lf V sm I? 7. L: . ,il V 1151 - f ,A Q ff ' 'af.',,,.' ' I Wi Q 139 115. ,K ,Qi gf. ig. . W, , 1., -z, A 41 A nf. V - : Q10 71115 - A-. . 51- ' f 1 ' L, . 1. 1-3 I fi. 1' . , I 515 , 4 vquv . vm" 4, , if 1 eff " ,wg M '.. f., ii' 5 ' ,,., 3 . 5 ,GW " 'g iff? 1 I LV 54 ,K'. , . M , ,.f 'L v T' "win ,. AF Jr . e .Y -J. -4 hp .-. nm, . T31 . ,ZS - 'E ,M - -4, .Q ,' if Q: .L '31, jj. .J -7. ,ii 715 'E 54 Nh ,,. ,S, .W 7 "9!. ze' ,' A 'Vid ww 1 -5 1.2. ' Q. 5? "6 S: ap' ,- '-3 . .IF - if .32 A N i' . 'I we ' 4 w Q ' s "1 ,fm hw .f Q55 mf 1 I .V : ' ' bn g.. . ' - n.,. . ul I J . ,Q -qxnw AG .xx . . ,. D In . , 4-'Q 'a, V ,Nr 5 . f- , .i, ' . ' J - V' . -f- - V " Vg V-11. , ,, 4 -1... Q-ei A. -A , V-.Vi if. , .QQ ji ,, P,-"ai E.:-. fry? , . ' , - .--.,xV,:4 . , v -.1 ' ' ...Y . a . .1 -'wr .Vg :5..'m'V..,4- .:L"'- 1 A 1: ."':,f,i-fi". ' A y'v,,-V .11 , , I .I 'qs :V,V.VV, 4 JUL, I, I. wF,N,'..1 .W A A .. 5, V, . V W . ' ' ' ' ' ' f,f4'g5j. .4 ' 5. " , .f. ,E ' ' , . ,, r "iq-' SV ' '..' 5 - . ...kj LW- L 3, a -'. 4V 'r .4 -1 .., ffm. .HM V ., .."5.ift,V'Q:' Huff ., ' f-., 'V-'W ,V 1 14 . ' jf. K' ,'-1? vj .' ' Y' , ' ': .ef .' ,, ,V In 1 .fy-J-1.3 'vu . V- V' ..1,,.- ww- -f. 1 'V a.. Jw- ki. V. uw... V X... V - 'aff ' I. ' 2 1-'1 . .3 - Ve, .1 , . ' . 1 1,. 1 1 v ' V - .. Vw, ,Q V .. 1 V -.,-V -U ,. f .ww ,gy ..r If I A1 'wh-.I XA. 1 ': 1- - -. .Uv " --,591 - - f 1 ' - ' ' -1 " - ' l..'5 , ' we ...ff ,. 3 .- if .,. . . ' ' e -ff' 3.-. '1' ' ' ' ' "' '- TWA.-rv' I .J-4 W, 'f iw- - 'V .uf , V V.. g-'g . .V 1 if 2.1 K ,:- lr' ' ' Q gl, lv iux ,f :Va gg., .- 55.31, 'q.g21.t-. . ' A 'W . 1 -rr' - .- ' ,W - I--. ww- L... . ff, wi . J., rf. A1 is . V .V 4 M- ,. . V LV.:-35 'fav A . V .M - . -4' F '. 1 iv gt " - .1 in-. fu-:1.uG:.fF?" T..,'.- ,jx v A . " x A " .' .1 , ' . ,ri fr- 'H 'V N'-3, -N. -fr . Q' - ' ,+V -Vfkg 'X J-VK ." - :v ' '11 V .fw ,Qafwq-' . , ff :E -ww 7 . .S - 1- ' .4 : 1 q,f,,g,,g-1 ' rg 3,5-P , ,,-f Q .,.,:. 5 , '11-W.,--.MV-3 fn" 'pf f , :V . Va Q . x -441: VV! 1 . 1 . . . , . . V -5 a 1 4, . V-,.w,' . , .wr-1. ' -fy, 4- " Vey E ,x . - - .nv . " .- ' ' .' V ui '15, LV- L .Q -4-V. 1.4 jc , 4... N., V, 51 . . . if ff, If 1 l . nz' 'Jag' V ii ' '.f ' 11 .-6 .vjf "" 03.95. - ,- u l,.. sa...-. :,.. V ' w I v n vm - A-. ' .Y ' ps, wh-T .X,C'w...-.. A - N- 'il .-.w ..4,'. , ,V ' 3 4. .5 . 3 .ii ".f- ,, lf-Fw ' If , 4. Q1-.-,,g' x .Q , . . ow' '-' '- 1 'T ' V- I, 1 .41 ,E-gwp'-1 5 , A 4 ,. f ,' X 0 1. 3 - '- , , . stir V Eff- - . I w L VU' ,gy -ff V ' Siu' 'M J' V 1. if Q ,KK ff 1 ' 1' ' A. is 'nfl :"'Q , -7 ' ,FQ 1 'Wv yr" ' ' .. H f"?2T-3 Q".' af' a,.. " 4. . . - '11 ' . A. . A ...H ,A .Q ,I ,. . -- .,- ,.e- V V .gy ,H :, -' 1,3 '.,Ve'k,.. W ,-'fi -in J ' A a ., . . , .-, K. . . , ,- V . ,.f .-. vf.i'.if,:"' -51" 1-' 1 H-F ', 'f1,VN'f.,.,' , ,y ,. , Mr. .. F35 . ' , .51-,.y 3, - b D VV 1. .4--.2 Gi- ' :Hz Q1 '..fg.,7,, 1 .1526 ...qu LVL , M. IZ. 4 ' A. - -. 2 ., ng f - , . ,. " ' . H, , 1 ., :,,.J I. H . I X. l 1:..7"'f 9, 25? f- K -. 'A 'V 1 ' 1 , .s -f L v I '-Nw ,.. Z. NM. -1 .xc L.. '- f s:,Q,"j'.5 22 , 4. 1 3 P.-I "'- ' -. cf -125. .t. .L g L4 .1 - 'K ,.z . 'vrmr " f- . .-if.:-V. k. V. .- . . , 'if-E -. V 'iw'-:V " 'ev .V -. M 1-Sfguslgr-yr' J'--inf-643: " '-LV. V 51 fx. . L , A+- - mf' lmlg-f ix-gg-. ,Qi -'V' ' ---K "-. zgffvli 'V' , - .fkffff 'F TW'-, 1. f . " ' 1...-1.. .M -.qv 4 1,.,: W-if '.V-ff' , ww, r. . f , ,,.w,- 3 ' . -A, . -"W, - , I . - Ny , I H 1. 3, ,Nj-Q 52.5. Y 'A 5 I r K , 4f"'xC1- A -. .V 1,1 ,wsrfgm ...A 1 V fx, v . V 5.5 t v. 1 .1gJ,1'.., .Nh 1 . -:JA.Q,-gt i V 1:1 'WL x 1 .1 P V. -J - , V-ww -,aww F u W 1 M i-.., ' "wry: JV, .5-2 . 'f 35245 14 f-- -. , gh. ,- A N 1 wa lf,','V.A,.'l1fg7 . whw.. ink' W 4.1 I . ' ,H E f - -V v ,',?..F,, . Q. 4,.,, . L 'FU ,..i ,F ' I . N51 ' uf' gg 4 , X . vw.. .V , . ,!"1'.'-'Jjf f-9, -.'r.- f ,' .1 - " f:L5'T'V. H. .51 .GA - V ,- ' e' V 1 up ,Q V - T H V Y, ,. if w 1 1 Vw., 5 MV . , ' V f 3-.L 4-5 . 'A "ffl Vs, 'HV' aff. wr' -1 A . . 5, ., -V .. ,QM , : -s- 1 n..w...' , W H X H s Q ,V A s .MQM'i Ma "f"'x Q1 g i R , i, . F Il 4 5 LI ., , Q, '1 Q I 1' . ar6ooL of tAQ KKCL55 of .742 JQ, 31,,.,,m,, A94 51f,,,,,f Sf. V S. T, -Nw f 1- - A, gs, l K LZ l Z Lg 1 'E L, ,l 5 L,., iggjjfz - f' i "sf , , sf-xf' I ,. I f -.iz 7, QL ,ilk 71 I' if S " ' 'ff uf ' MT , ,- A wgiw-?ff,, - 'Z-3 A ALAW R ALVV N , ' .fifhw M L:x.ifi5f 11 nl' 3 f,Q3lSQ1f "1 LE ii' 51353 ff 1- J-w,fv5'Qf 412.5 wr . gf M L,,k.,f-, ZXX , A -4 A-ag 12 "W1MfV:i:4,"i-i j2f.:t:':ff',f- .11 xr, -- M 1. . ,ff ' f "'3":9-iz 15'.:.'JfffL ff-' Q ,, T 'Z - 42 ' 'Q' fffff . ' 'L mv. my f f ' 4 jf-Hill? f - f ' 'V Vf V ' , M, A . ,TY x Y , ,,, - 7 f. Q az. zggffw. ., ,, 1 . Liam. ww Rf' Y 'f:ff,.fi:os,zggwfs - , -km .Nw K WU, ,, . LL,, h f j 5 ,MX ' '37 f ' 2,5411-yi My 1 ,far K1 gf 3 'f V X - V 4 Q Q 1 . ' :- Q. 'I 51, gi aa, Me, Three years ago, in a time ot Worldly turmoil, you came to us as athletic coach. What you achieved, in the doctrines of sportsmanship and tair play, was "above and beyond the call of duty." Thus you Won a place in our hearts, Coach, for you held before us, that we might never forget, those ideals for which you, as a member of the U. S. Marine Corps, so valiantly fought. MJ' G. Colby Barker Physical Education Gerald W. Boicourt Social Science Alger S. Bourn Mathematics Marion Brooks French and English Ioseph Burleigh Mechanical Drawing loseph I. Cashman Physics and Chemistry Marguerite Chamberlain English and Latin Bettina Dalton History and Geography M. lune Dollott Physical Education Richard Eustis Coach and U. S. History Mr. Donald W, Dunnan Supt. of Schools Franklin, N. H. Elsworth Harris Ernest H. Higgins loseph L. King Rita Anne King Freda Kyrka Marion Moses Marion Moynihan Bertha Pellerin Robert Turnbull Marion Wells Mr. Edward A. Sillari Headmaster Franklin High School data? Manual Arts English Biology Commercial Home Economics Music District Nurse Home Economics Machine Shop Dietitian Editor-infchief Associate Editor Secretary to Editors Treasurer to Editors Business Manager Advertising Agents Girls' Sports Boys' Sports Girls' Personals Boys' Personals Class Will Class History Class Prophecy Humor Activities Art Literary Advisor Financial Advisor Gerard Montembeault Warren Barker Doris Schmidt Marie Martin Boger Bushman Mary Daigneau Eugene Cushing lanet Allard Michael Keating Maxine Andrews lane Lefebvre Leo Bobitaille Valentino Moscardini Eileen Mercier Gene Piela Barbara Wiegand Esther Simonds Norma Schwartz Peggy Cleary Gloria Bivard Arthur Marceau Natalie Hartwell Lester Crosby Bobert Bobichaud Robert Poisson Marguerite Chamberlain Ioseph L. King M4 ' -1 :-. V- V .W . X ,f .I, ' ..V.n.sI. nj.. 'I 'Va Vf:23:fIf'.. 527, 1' -',':" .ri I IU-I IA f1I:.IfV' .. .II Vi.. ,NIV . " ' "IVV ',...1 H . I VI. 5, ,- If. .,. - I,I5-I II. ,. ,I, I V.. I , - V 1 I I , - 1 . " , .0 - I.bI 71. - gl I . -V ' 1 A' L. , I , V. .- V , ' 'Ng . MI .5 - J 5' . '7' ' . . V I V ,. u- ' . I... VV, , ., I I, ' w gag VI. 5. ,rf 1 I H., ..i.II I. I V V I .V ,,, ., 1 - I , ' .4 -:L 5 , V- ' 2 , , I I I I -.. .Q .N V I - - - f .. . AV "' . 'v , , 'Z "" R- if .I -,V if ' V . gV 45.41 aff' U F' 2, ggi' .Wa ,V if 2 - - Y- .',, QI .I I 1- : .M '54, -V . L V . r - L 1. ,.I,, ' IIII V, . VI f.I'AII Ve-W 3 ' ,. H .Q , If ff- 1, II-I. I ...I - --51 ..4V ' w f .' I I f . -:3 I ...I f . - jaw ' I - .V V, I I. ,. II " I ff if 'J' I ,ia If. 1 4 LI VZII I.. rf.: .r,,II ,WI L- 5 4 5 ' -f ,ah 5 I --X,.III, ., VV," ...- in ...rf .. ,. I . .. 4 , I f 'A- ' e '-'- r . 1'x"- ' - ,. . . 'S 'V :I . ,. . J ,, - V ' ' V -1. . V I II. . . I I 5 . V. . L ., 4 ., 'H A' :. A I ,' I '-.4 '-,. I IIA. 5 . ' an I ' I . , . 4, P 5 V -1 . . , III. I I. A V -V ' L9-' . , . III . , I I 6 . V. ' i -T ,' .II Ja., 1 - X ,, V . I "-4 X -- 4 -V " a .e V .. - in f "' V Y 1 , , , ,QI - a ,I In V .J 1 V V ,VP . . .V If I V. , a 5 ,'1. f vim. 1 av :iw -1 w I ,Vw yr .1 4 L J-1 ,-V. ,1 ,V , '- Iir, H I . I ., . I. ,- ew "f 1 B 1 ' 1 1 I".,,,'- I - 71-Q1 , . -. , 7-I' '."I A . . A . J .1 ' .H 'T '. .F'1. I 3' I3.L..:V I f, R- . - V ., u. - I IQ .1 I .v W -A ' x. - - " I- ,T . EJ' . V " ' .f "' Q. 'L -'1. ,5..'!..' .5 J"' " 1 ' I 4 - I 4' V .1 I I - . FI ' I Vaqlga.. f' I -K , II.III,, .V ..I, 'n ,I ',6a.-1' V ', -' .1 1 . ' , , .R-I V. - V , . I V 9 4 -. w 'A.3'l 4. Y, Q -I fl HHH HI IN! 4'- E Hffvzd jfillgrlvx wave just a -pee Lit sul n that our school daqs are tin-QL , Panwen fo QP LW U1 BJ mf VT 1 G CH :angie harp-tl 113115 ujfhd , and Hue man' ihlnqs to A o V Q , 4? seems 3 uevy Short time ago, wire told fhat To school weU Start. rim fhaf Hefwelvr. Bells have rung, tl,g blue lies come. fo-allofus hfarf' In leauhy His our' Sclyggl 6 our Glands Sofvucqlde can buts qh and Saq, we hope fosee Uwatamonq vs some w l Succeed l " . ' ,, . I v ' ' n I 2 I I I I I I . I I ' fl 1 ' . H MJ 9 ITIUIKY' - nd mi Il 9.316 fha. wan1.--- 'Ure waq io honor and Yame, gov -fb dlshwnor none. will R, Ufii Claim and mam, fha Qvlaldshifs wi Maur, made endure forever Gnd -1-or aqe, End So PN treasured EEFYECS 09a jvlden +lin4'.j OID' 'Hwnks U-JG now CxfY'GSS- From the Class 012 Fu-+11-Seven, 'ta our School, Dear olcl F. H. S. J .gznior Cfaad A icem ROGER HARRIS BUSHMAN "Bushy" "His heart is in his work" Commercial Club, President Activities Associa- tion, Student Business Manager, Senior Banquet Committee, Swing Club, President Senior Class, Newspaper Club, Dramatics Club, Cap and Gown Committee, Yearbook Staff, Sophomore Reception Committee, Student Council. Alter school: College. i 1 EUGENE ALBERT CUSHING "Gene" "What is litre, that we should moan? Why make we such ado?" Basketball, Football, Baseball, Camera Club, Dra- matics Club, Ski Club. Hobbies: Photography, Golf. After school: College. IANE LEFEBVRE "loe" "ln all things Mindful not of herself, but bearing the burden of others." Swing Club, Glee Club, Softball, Student Council, Commercial Club, Secretary-Treasurer of Swing Club, Senior Banquet Committee, Vice-President of Class-3, Secretary ol Class-4, Activities Association Secretary. Hobbiesi Sports, Music. After school: To stay on at F. H. S. as office secretary. ESTHER SIMONDS "Sim" "Ever mindful of her duties" Glee Club, Dramatics, Yearbook Staff, Treasurer of Class-4, Senior Banquet Committee. Hobby: Reading. After school: Nursing. "A true friend to the true" 1947 IANET ALLARD "I. A." "Never idle a moment" Dancing Club, Swing Club, Glee Club, Commer- cial Club, Yearbook Staff, Hockey", Cheerlead- ing', Basketball", Student Council, Activities As- sociation, Winter Carnival Queen 3. Hobbies: Dancing, Sports. After school: Plymouth Teach- ers' College. MAXINE ARDELL ANDREWS "Max" "Love is like measles-everyone rnust go through it" Glee Club, Hockey', Basketball, Swing Club, Dancing Club, Commercial Club, Girl Reserves, Student Council, Yearbook Staff. Hobbies: Dancing, Skating, Music. After school: Wheel- ock School or work. WALTER P. BAILEY "Smoky" "Where's my cue stick?" Glee Club, Dancing Club, Swing Club. Hobbies: Sports, Dancing. After school: Art school. WARREN BARKER "Bark" "Ready for work and ready for play, Always happy, good natured and gay." Football", Basketball", Baseball". Hobby: Sports. After school: U. S. Merchant Marine Academy. DORIS BROWN "Brownie" "Be silent and safe, silence never betrays you" Dancing Club, Photography Club, Softball', Basketball", Y-Teens, Swing Club. Hobbies: Skiing, Keeping snapshots. After school: Un- decided. RCDLAND P. CATE "Curly" l'Silence is sweeter than anything else" Glee Club, Dancing Club. Hobbies: Ice fishing, Stamp collecting. After school: Machinist. ALFRED CHANDRONNAIT "Peashooter" "Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you" Camera Club, President Rifle Club, Basketball", Boxing', Track. Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing. After school: The armed services. MAXINE HARRIET CHELLIS "Mackie Glee Club, Sewing Club, Camera Club, Swing Club, Y-Teens, Dancing Club. Hobby: Collect- ing snapshots. After school: Beautician or work in some field for the welfare of animals. 1947 BEVERLY LOIS CILLEY "Bev" "How lady-like, how queen-like she appears" Glee Club, Sewing Club, Swing Club, Music Appreciation, Y-Teens. Hobby: Collecting photos. After school: Work. MARGUERIETE MARILYN CLEARY "Peggy" "With many a social virtue graced, and yet a friend of solitude." Glee Club, Swing Club, Newspaper Club, Cheer- leading', Swing Club Governing Board, Dra- matics Club, Manager of "Summer Rash,"' "Date With ludy,"' lunior-Senior Prom Commit- tee, Yearbook Staff, Basketball, Y-Teens, Winter Carnival Committee, Record Librarian Swing Club, Iournal-Transcript Correspondent. Hob- bies: Music, Dancing. After school: Laboratory Technician. MARIORIE COOK "Cookie" "Her court is pure, her life serene" Swing Club, Y-Teens, Sewing Club. Hobbies: Collecting match folders, Scrap books, Collecting photos, Sports. After school: Work. LESTER E. CROSBY "Les" "It's better to be late than never get there" Newspaper Editor, Glee Club, Baseball', Dra- rnatics Club, Dancing Club, Hi-Y. Hobby: Sports. After school: The armed services. GERALD E. DAIGNEAU "ferry" "His foot has music" Dancing Club, Swing Club. Hobby: Collecting photos. After school: Undecided. MARY ELIZABETH DAIGNEAU "Betty" "l pass through this life but once" Hockey', Yearbook Staff, Basketball', Softball, Candidate Carnival Queen, Scrapbook Club, Carnival Queen 4, Correspondence Club, As- sembly Program Committee, Glee Club, Dra- matics Club, "Date With Iudy,"' Cheerleadingf Girl Reserves. Hobby: Dancing. After school: Dancing teacher or dress model. IRENE DUMOND "Ikey" "Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control" Hockey, Basketball, Dancing Club, Carnival Queen Candidate, Swing Club, Girl Reserves, Glee Club, Swing Club Governing Board, Iunior- Senior Prom Committee, Cheerleading", Sopho- more Reception Committee. Hobbies: Collecting popular records, Dancing. After school: Nurs- ing. MARIORIE PHYLLIS DURGIN "Margie" "Faithful, Gentle, Good" Swing Club, Glee Club, Sewing Club. Hobby: Collecting snapshots. After school: Undecided. ALFRED FILLION "AI" "Noble in every thought and deed" Press Club, Camera Club, Cap and Gown Com- mittee, Senior Banquet Committee, Writer of Class Song. Hobbies: Collecting popular rec- ords and writing lyrics. After school: Undecided. GLORIA MAY GILMAN "Giddy" "A friend in need is a friend indeed" Basketball, Hockey', Glee Club, Camera Club, Dramatics Club, Dancing Club, Swing Club, Girl Reserves. Hobbies: Taking and collecting snap- shots, Sports. After school: Photography. NATALIE ANNE HARTWELL "Nat" "Yearning in desire to follow knowledge" Swing Club, Dramatics Club', "Date With Iudy,"' Glee Club, Girl Reserves, Camera Club, Year- book Staff, Commercial Club, Dancing Club. Hobbies: Taking pictures, Collecting china dogs. After school: College or work in radio station. ROBERT HINDS "Rover" "Regular fellows make a regular world" Baseball", Football', Hockey", Rifle Club, Glee Club, Senior Banquet Committee, Swing Club. Hobby: Collecting popular records. After school: New Hampton School. SHIRLEY HODGDON "Shirl" "All things will come round to him who will but wait" Sewing Club, Swing Club, Dancing Class, Glee Club, Y-Teens. Hobby: Writing letters. After school: Undecided. FRANCIS IOI-INSON "Iohnny" "Knowing him is liking him" Glee Club. Hobby: Pool. After school: Unde- cided. ANTHONY F. KEATING "Tony" "Red is supposed to signify temper, but we haven't found it true with Tony" Football, Basketball', Golf, Camera Club, Danc- ing Club. After school: Make money! MICHAEL I. KEATING "Mike" "Athletics is the elixir of life" Basketball", Baseballf Boxing', Student Coun- cil, Yearbook Staff, Vice-President of Class 2. Hobby: Sports. After school: Undecided. 1947 F 2141243 ssc 1 : .1 , , . 1947 DOROTHY KELLEY "Dot" "Be patient. Trust thy star." Dancing Club, Glee Club, Y-Teens, Music Ap- preciation, Swing Club. Hobbies: Skiing, Skat- ing, Reading. After school: Undecided. LEONARD HARRY KELTON "Ke1t" "Oh! Sleep! It is a gentle thing." Football", Basketball", Trackf Hobby: Sports. After school: Trade school. IACOUELINE LaBELI.E "Iackie" "Her hand is ready and willing" Glee Club, Swing Club, Dancing Club, Pho- tography Club, Senior Banquet Committee, Dra- matics Club, Girl Reserves. Hobbies: Music, Dancing. After school: Undecided. ESTHER LaIOIE "The fountain of perpetual peace flows there" Swing Club, Commercial Club. After school: Secretary, IOSEPH IOHN LANGEVIN "Ice" "Men of few words are the best men" Newspaper Club, Camera Club. Hobbies: Pho- tography, Model making. After school: Unde- cided. HELEN OCTAVIA LQPLANTE "So gracious is her tact and tenderness" Glee Club, Basketball, Dancing Club, Dramatics, Softball. Hobbies: Sports, Walking. After school: Plymouth Teachers' College. VIRGINIA MAGOON "Gina" . "G-gay, I-independent, N-noble, A-athletic" Dancing Club, Basketball Co-captain", Field Hockey Co-captain', Winter Carnival Committee, Softball, Swing Club, Girl Reserves, Glee Club. Hobby: Corresponding. After school: Nursing. BARBARA MAGYAR "Barb" "The hand that hath made you fair, Hath made you good" Glee Club, Girl Reserves, Basketball, Swing Club, Dramatics Club, Hobbies: Dancing, Ski- ing, Skating. After school: Business College. 1947 NATHANIEL I, MAHONEY "Nat" "lt is the tranquil people who accomplish much" Swing Club, Ski Club, Hi-Y. Hobbies: Model making, Sports. After school: Welding engineer. ARTHUR MARCEAU 'iTsi' "By his laugh ye shall know him" Dancing Club, lce Hockey', l:'ootball', Ftifle Club, Yearbook Staff, Senior Banquet Committee, Golf, Glee Club. Hobby: Sports. After school: Painter. THERESE MARY MARCEAU "She is a girl of honor, of noble and generous nature" Dancing Club, Swing Club, Sewing Club, Y- Teens. Hobbies: Skating, Sewing, Knitting. After school: Undecided. MARIE LAURETTA MARTIN "The fair, the chaste, the expressive she" Glee Club, Swing Club, President ot Commercial Club, Senior Banquet Committee, Softball. Hobby: Piano. Alter school: Stenographer. FRANK MEAD "Speed" "I will do my best" Basketball", Baseball", Football", Swing Club, Commercial Club. Hobbies: Sports. Alter school: Undecided. EILEEN MERCIER "l-levealings deep and clear are thine of wealthy smiles" Swing Club, Glee Club, Dramatics', "Date With Iudy,"" Yearbook Staff, Basketballf Cheer- leader", Student Council, Sextet, Newspaper Club, Commercial Club, Girl Reserves. Hobbyi Collecting old music sheets. After school: Col- lege. THERESA IRENE MICHELIN "Noble by birth, yet nobler by great deeds" Dancing Club, Swing Club, Y-Teens, Hobbies: Stamp collecting, Photography. After school: Photography. GERARD I. MONTEMBEAULT "Monty" "Ready in heart, and ready in hand" Baseball', FootbalI", Basketball, Swing Club, Editor of Yearbook. Hobbies: Sports. After school: College. I is AP ,c I WZ - 'mc' 'QQ QL.-1 , 5 i i"-7 1947 V. A. MOSCARDINI "Musky" "My short and happy days are done" Track, Basketball", Baseball", Football", Swing Club, Yearbook Staff, Band, Sophomore Reception Committee. Hobbies: Sports. After school: Un- decided. GLENNA MUNSEY "Glen" "A life that leads melodious days" Dramatics, Girl Reserves, Cheerleader, Hockey, Swing Club, Dancing Club, Carnival Queen Candidate. Hobbies: Bowling, Skating. After school: Dancing school or travel. RITA ANN PERREAULT 'Those deep and tender eyes" Glee Club, Drarnatics, Girl Reserves, Swing Club, Sextet, Senior Banquet Committee. After school: Nursing. GENE PIELA "Genek" "He will maintain his arguments as well as any military man in the world" Eootball", Basketball, Boxing', President Swing Club, Glee Club, I-Ii-Y, Yearbook Staff, News- paper Club, Iunior-Senior Prom Committee, Senior Banquet Committee, Manager Ski Club, 'Date With Iudy."" Hobbies: Dancing, Skiing. After schooli Navy. MAURICE WENDELL PIERCE "Rhubarb" "I've been working at the Curtis" Swing Club, Photography Club, Intramural Bas- ketball. Hobbies: Model airplane building, Photography. After school: Business College. ROBERT A. POISSON "Puss" "Smile and you will not be alone" Football', Baseball', Yearbook Staff. Hobbies: Drawing, Model building. After school: Unde- cided. RICHARD RAYNO "Sleepy" "Quiet and small, But oh! that's not all." Hi-Y, Swing Club, Boxing'. After school: The armed services. ELSPETH LILLIAN RING "Her ways are ways of pleasantness, And all her paths are peace." Swing Club, Glee Club, Dancing Club, Commer- cial Club. After school: Stenographer. If J y s 1947 GLORIA RIVARD "Ouiseau" "My days pass pleasantly away" Cheerleader", Dramatics Club, Glee Club, Swing Club, Girl Reserves, Basketball, Yearbook Staff, Dancing Club, "Date With Iudy."" Hobby: Dancing. Alter school: Dancing school. GENEVIEVE ROSE ROBICHAUD "Gen" "My mind to me a kingdom is" Sextet, Glee Club, Y-Teens, Sewing Club, Swing Club. Hobby: Reading. After school: Unde- cided. ROBERT H. ROBICHAUD "Robin "There's a no truer-hearted friend" Vice-president of Swing Club, Science Club, Ski Club, Newspaper Club, Student Council, Foot- ball", Baseball, Basketballf Hobbies: Sports. Alter school: College. LEO ROBITAILLE "Rub" "It is better to tight for the good than to rail at the ill" Cooking Club, Dramatics', Photography Club, Swing Club, Dancing Club, Yearbook Staff, In- tramural Basketball, Manager oi Basketball. Hobby: Collecting records. After school: U.N.H. STANLEY SAKOWSKI "Stash" "By the work, one knows the work-man" Swing Club, Science Club, Ski Club, Boxing, Dancing Class, Camera Club, Driving Club. Alter school: U.N.H. ARTHUR IOHN SCI-IAEFER "Iohnnie" "Be silent and safe, silence never betrays you" Hi-Y, Glee Club, Dramatics Club, Rifle Club, Dancing Club, Hockey. Hobbies: Hunting, Fish- ing. After school: Undecided. DORIS ANNE SCHMIDT "The path of duty is the Way to glory" Swing Club, Glee Club, Sewing Club, Commer- cial Club, Y-Teens, Iunior-Senior Prom Com- mittee, Yearbook Staff, Dancing Club, Dramatics Club, Swing Club Governing Board. After school: Stenographer. NORMA IEANNE SCHWARTZ "You are an elegant scholar, Having the graces of speech, and skill in turning phrases" Hockey, Dramatics', Glee Club, Swing Club, Winter Carnival Committee, Iunior-Senior Prom Committee, Iunior Class President, Vice-President of Activities Association, Newspaper Club, Pres- ident of Student Council, Y-Teens, Yearbook Staff, Cheerleader'. Hobbies: Music, Art, Sports. Alter schoolz College. LEON A. SOKOL "Soke" 'iWork before play" After school: Undecided. AIME M. ST. CYR "Good manners are always rewarded" Football", Glee Club, Dancing Club, Swing Club. Hobby: Reading. After school: Work. GEORGE SWEETLAND "Long George' "I can resist everything except temptation" Football", Basketball, Baseball. After school: Undecided. ROBERT L. TRACHY "Bob" "Life is too short for troubles and care" Eootball', Basketball', Tennis, Golf, Track", Baseball, Boxing', Dramatics, Swing Club, Glee Club, Hi-Y, Student Council. Hobby: Photogra- phy. After school: Coach. PATRICIA VARNEY "Pat" "I am sure care's an enemy to life" Glee Club, Swing Club, Dancing Club, Girl Re- serves. After school: Teachers' College. FLORENCE ELLA WENTWORTH "Sis" "Silence is a perfect herald of joy" Softball, Dancing Club, Swing Club, Glee Club, Dramatics Club, Basketball, Y-Teens, Music Ap- preciation. Hobbies: Collecting snapshots, Scrapbooks, Sports. After school: Work. BARBARA CHAPIN WIEGAND "Barb" "To strive is to succeed" Dancing Club, Iunior Class Treasurer, Glee Club, Swing Club, Newspaper Club, Science Club, Girl Reserves, Debating Club, Senior Banquet Committee. Hobbies: Stamps, Skiing, Drawing. After School: U.N.H. for Utahj. ROBERT WOODS "Mike" "Truest friend and noblest foe" Baseball, Basketball", Boxing', Football", Tennis, Rifle Club. After school: The armed services. 1947 1947 BARBARA WOOLEY "Barb" "A life that moves to gracious ends" Hockey", Glee Club, Swing Club, Camera Club, Dancing Class, Y-Teens, Hobbies: Taking and collecting pictures, Bowling, Braiding rugs. Alter school' Undecided, CHARLOTTE YOUNGMAN "Chick" 'AWho never spoke against a foe" Swing Club, Basketball, Softball, Dancing Club, Girl Reserves, Commercial Club, Hobby: Letter writing. After school: Kindergarten Teacher, EQ: Qin ,Lk Q A I I HX- I 4-4... '3 . A "fn -., b "N u LV Ek! a ,Q W L iii H Jane :J I9 ear Classrnufes Wemembd back m fha d sap '13 when we en ered our reg fn HCqr?lAle'l-left bein ldtrcd Q""'- e hum C o S+!-qu e ages -I-I-,eff surrounded 119 can shll recall our rsf elee .oh Q JL,,,o,, Q 1.5 M ond Our nau ur-qi-on eere Lu en b 'een ey-qerwqs ni .'. 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H I-In hh- f 'lwqsc eel iHmSqmQ3""1p P vu Sen-of class reall que lg Hn: W k Q nl' rzfilln fwdhov, T5 e time sed If rqn H-. hd L sue: -:Ujon nk M, e r I3 Da u ov: Hue lu vu C ul, ng lower ,mu we QC "qui S"-Nl'1n na wik Spook-e' ene lg Queen cnhdd'-11-e + eqr qu when """0G"d 'ua Qpkqmore QV' ben Crowhed ' SUNG' Q urs, me reall :mud qh DO"hQn Qerem 'ul Th S wma tar + q 0.4 3 gd 'I Ullpvesso bell nw-Pums mn our own I Sched mon ' Clin: G Bad-ef 0 """'Lf'S 0 'Hi' lumn n am T mc and R05 Mead were chef Qhd Nuvrnq Schwartz M we i'V!bQrs Q Our Qi'-'ASS 1 gen PQ' S In I' S h 3 Hn Belle mae rushed La gd dn 4 disc col Plug uw +Sd I fum """"f' QS ll dell g rn S qnd qrlof-Lev Pun. c ek QM me tnd 0, our Soplmmo e Qi' welhsle, ag'- . 'Iv ID . r . . + P B , . ns? 1, r f' P an .r e 4: + 13 .e ,, .ga . .,, L W M - N d r' It e I' d B ,. r L -gxmm I. Pa t S' I 8 r R+ 'vide .. C '. I' U 'HI fl " "l"3'x 'gg f He r A . r q ' use C 441 L - I 1 . SGT 5 C Q19 0 SPC pcm L 3 Hue-Rad- Q , w - end. he ' . .h s d jL I 'not uh r 3 -+L .913 Q 3118 VG+! Inna: tuqrgn L e O ' F Q I en +9 ,, Lake 'md ,ax I' use 'Inf bear: 'U 'Hr hd 'D 5 0- Hlhnsf ' C 3 It h 1 ,- R 'UQ gfflde f , e .T mr .. ' ae he fe+,,,,e,,,,, L"'. he-'M mr +0 e c. ' 0' Sepf . i -pr uw qu 'H s RQ en?-few il, 'A 'nr' Hee I Q I d d l 3 H 0 ,r Lg C. e ia 0 eq ,ni 0 Ao .Y Q 0 Umcers 7 a 9 GY 9 +L. 1' 1' H x 1' Q 10--1 me -12. .- ,Q LQ, 3 ' -I-he 'WCP 1. L: has I 8 I f 9'H, Fld!-14' is .' i I1 .Q . Ir D S use S S PQ, .Hi Q Ld ld M U Cl Bolo o , 1 fl-he U A 1 r Q 1' e ch 'hh' d 'B P A +L! , P 5 a +e . ,H 3 Mer ad P , El B e .' T .p d. , vast! 'O ' 3 'H P ' 3 W 3 3 L e S ' r. :W NWS Wi! J a.. "il6 5 Qi Nowwewere Jin on-IT 510: was Q IM- In IM M2I"II'I E ""' w'l"""'q"" Th' 'ou' :Ie Gd +o ru., -Hue class and I-he eevfhn nl, uf 'Phe 1' H1073 954 -Wall "N 'II""' 411' I.-In-I' 'H-le 'P Ill Hou ever or Qi- env-"lu UI' c eer ny Gnd reef na an QI-duugqll Iuo ed'I'eIuIn4he cam: Co 5 I"vqs q rllibfrnouvv-oeI1qd+ mph J ave 'I-he semen Jane? IN' dvelg gueen showed er em un. , L3 Invrl- enndf 'Ib share 'Hue s'I" fe In 'I' Nofma lun e 'pv-eIIm nm- Le Ion OIfa'I'oI-Itel Cohfesf and 'I' en od' 'Ig meonq on n PQIII1' Canes' e -s ee Iuka? else 7 Q :JD was en 'hun o'I'u-I un e e.1-ed 'peld he ke earn TLCJPI I-uere well repreee ed en e khnpaqe udenf Couneflq ef Ann -nge elulre A eb Q e In neu 'I'ogI My SII cu- refqrqed I zIr:.':.: 1: :F ,z,"'.?I.3':,,, I4':.'L,,.'f,:".1g::,, du! II' IUIIATQ CM' LII-e'I'II.I mall lame 'I' I, ere we '-'Jeff CII' Sehlor-:II eq' I-'ou I1'I'mqn II ,,,cI.,,dII-,S H-,e I-e'I'um e our ve -emu: our cl ae IV aes as I II Ingd In .HIC KCIIQI P082 M CHQ Rag qnd gf gr Jo In lnaluna our :Ian a sueeeu ranks wma pl II3 Es e an 'B I-Uleaam-I faqs Pwfon I0 Qlsembtfj and 'Inman u.'I'a.k mil' e eeuded 'I-I141' HI: ear our emu- an uv1'IufI.e 3w.3'l-Q be d 90,1 ,g Od 'I' In IIII Home ra I-DQS resema up Hue sul In-'glue CID' l'I"DqI -DCCIITQ VIS hdfq ted I pier he Lqqlqgf Ggge q J ESI er MTC 01474 I IH' S I QI e ad ever une a na GeI-QIAMQIII-QI., Q41 od +2 'I' C 'Q"L"k and 'WI' 44422 'YIQII new I egg e school showed exec en? spov-'Ievnqnehp rn I-he lu n'I'er QHWIIVQI 'Wi I' e In-1' 'hme I-hah Utah: al he even'I's I-ucre Iweld Aaqm Q +er q eloe IIT our glqn- In and mar 'Da new and 'Bah tech were crwuned Queen and len Our qs efball 'I-eqm wound up Q vue or ous Seaton lu 'III no C a.n'B oIeIIeu'I's :ml 'I'o IU' I'I 'III' SGW 'IGI' ID 'I e 'I'oI-I.vnaInenTaf urkum I-IJ 'Hue Iuqr- pvep an 'Ig If'III'I'a Ions n leqeure +14 3 we dec ded 4 g gr, 1- de I-am 'Bosfon 'I'Q-P1-gvIn:e'IBIovI an Cqpe ad would e ere fm Hlmgfl' qll HI, class wen? cmd evev one Q Super 'Im' Ev ,,.,1- .me In man eq -I CY! U-IUC '00 Ip' 'VIS -II' luqg ann II eg-our own Sthuov-Pom ull I5 0'-ITSQIUCI In rx came me I-I II 'I Tqduafon Gd ears In cure ez as loft ed 'Ike QM h QI o a sudden ad never Came We 5014? Ip H S 'BqrbqvaIUI and EsI'II .N 0 Slmonde -1 I . he 3 'O ' ' 'I ' I , I I 'eff 4-:I 333- P514-I-I, UP. In h . I, diem I7 I-Ir lg!! ll ,I 'FII I' ffm 0 I- ' . N , I , hm 8' 'o n ' fha Pdf -B Gi I' II ht! 'Hi ' I' 5 ' I1 I L I las e ' . , I. 'I' ' 5 - . OH,ue:,m v p 4 I' I e I1 + . - '. 'fr +11 k,s+ , he I-Heh - . r P 'Nha' ' 'HI-'P Hy, . . 'I I If. IB h .M ffm, .I 4.5, l',I, and I h I L 4. M- Q ,- ' '. 3 , I: 'p 3 Ivana I 3 H BQ GUI' I .. The 3 L 8 3 Q qnsgg ' - 'I' 'Ib als. End, ongjg 'h, +' I+ '10 Iwd I Ivwle - mE , , E h 4.3 Q I-oonderII4I ' L If neue Iota . H G3 HI I sf-n....I, II 1'-b.,e ' , ' P P . lu d , I 8 S ' B i ' ig I 5 we II ' +he'Pbl' .The 9. QM .I - I, ., , IUIIHI I 'II0 - lv P . A 'I' , y, I' d ' 0 J ' Il J I' I .3 A 'III 'P I ' in J , I 'I' - ' , 'P 'e , Ia It 'T I I I , 3 19- ' li 'D . .+I, " ' I' ' P If I -HI-:I li P 7 I' 'P ' C L I' ' , CIJ I'IQ.4 I . r +. an +I, + . . Q., PI' fd Q I . 3 . e 5 I 'ah' 'I' 3 I 'II I, . . -S. Pd , , '21 Cfakf pI'0l0L2Cy Sometime in the years to come, when we look back on all we've done, recalling days we've hoped and planned, with dreamy eyes the future scanned, then truly we shall see come true those shining dreams. Now in review, we'd like to show how each has filled the chosen place which fate has willed. There were those of us who went to college and bettered the old world with our knowledge-Leo R. and Stanley S., also Esther Laloie. I must confess Eugene Cushing has won renown. ln fields of science he went to town! Next we have our nurses thre-eHEsther, Gina, and Rita P. Ianet Allard teaches Phys. Ed., while Helen LaPlante is so well read, that her equal nowhere can you find. lf you like to dance, keep Betty in mind! A waitress fair is Marjorie Cook, while Patty Varney from a book teaches the first grade how to read. Bob's a coach. His team's in the lead! Francis Iohnson and Walter Bailey are pool sharks now-they prac- tice daily! Hlohnny Fedora" is the fav- orite song of "lkie" Dumondg and all day long the office bosses continue to wait for Glenna Munsey, who STILL is late! Nat Mahoney, in his father's step, has followed with welding, while our vet "Musky" has found a good position keeping those "All-States" in condition. Frank, his col- league, fstill the samel enjoys his sports but runs a crane. Maxine Andrews is traveling far, and Natalie Hartwell's a radio star. To be one day a dietitian was Doris Browns main ambition. Barker commands the Merchant Marine, while all the beauties of the screen are photo- graphed by Gloria G. A capable steno- grapher is Marie. Theresa Marceau is a nun. Gerard Montambeault thinks it's fun to be a politician smart, and Doris Schmidt has found her heart in Plymouth. Truly, in effect, Bob Robichaud's an ar- chitect. Gene went to Wentworth Insti- tute, and executing a smart salute is Rich- ard Rayno. ln Sulloway's Mills Beverly Cilley files all the bills, Robert Woods is raising chicks. CHens, that is.l If in a fix, you want a house and right away, call draftsman Alfred Chandronnait. "Curly" Cate just wrote a book called "Natural Waves for That 'Certain' Look." Roger Bushmans a C.P.A.-that's Certi- fied Public Accountant, they say. Arthur Marceau and "Bobby" Hinds went to New Hampton. As football finds they made the headlines everyday, Ioseph Lange- vin receives his pay from the Public Ser- vice on Central Street, while Gerry Daig- neau's dancing feet have won him fame throughout the land. Television claimed Barbara Wiegand. In Massachusetts Lester-boy bought a girls' camp-his pride and joy! Maxine and George thought it wise to spend their time saving lives of po-or little animals-now they're vets. Florence Wentworth has no regrets-teaching school is her vocation. Traveling through each foreign nation, Eileen Mercier studies styles. lane Lefebvre types and files at F. H. S., while Elspeth Ring's lifetime work is keeping things straight at the office, and outside Barbara Magyar does reside as receptionist. Bev and Shirley are happily married. Each morning early Aime St. Cyr starts for work. Margie Durgin is a clerk. "Oiseau" somehow earns her keep, but best of all she likes her sleep. i'lennie" stars in the Ice Capades, while Dotty Kelley trumps with spades in bridge each afternoon at tea. Alfred Fillion holds the key to etiquette and social graces. Remember "Pussy"? He went places! The papers bill him as a star of hockey on iceg and then, there are a few of the girls, just three or four, who settled down and nothing more. They're Charlotte Youngrnan, Barbara Wooley, and Theresa Michelin, while en- joying fully life on the farm are lohnny Schaefer and Leon Sokul-they thought it safer and much more fun than any other, while Leonard Kelton with his brother, went into business. They did so well, Their efficient secretary's "Jackie" La- Belle. lt's hard to account for all the re- maining three-the Keating boys and Maurice P.g for they set out with a way and a will to find a place that each could fill-somehow, somewhere-which brings us to the last ones left in our review. Peg and Norma-each has seen come true at last her future's dream. One is now a lab technician. That was Peggy's main ambition. Norma went on to grad- uate from college. Well, it's getting late! We've tried to show in some small way where each class member is today, what worldly task each has begun. Yet life for us remains still young. Our eyes yet have that starry haze when into the years ahead we gaze. The path before us, straight and wide, is full in view, While at our side Walks faith and hope, accompanied by a band of rnern'ries never to die of friends and days we all once knew at F. H. S., the gold and the blue. . NORAMA SCHWARTZ PEGGY CLEARY 'EW 1 f 51 I1 0 5 CHU V V I I V, flu 163-1 QIVJ 13343330 M , rg 5 X YO' Q-M 0. -.1 X X 1' A- , 4' l J ,Jil 2 ' 11-L ai 'I I1 I L 1.3 l.65+CI' Crosb and 'Pun Clem Z Nt We hcjjwolrnnd 521:-wdzb A I 4,1 ,I Yhosi vktha YO succeed '-- N K5 O :Z '.. 1 ? ' r us 'lhetiesf Q comb ai' dr beauianvld bVQ"'S Z BU C 1 Gmc moscow and Fvrunk M cad Y -WEE art We bed' afklcfts Genergela as lnsdcqzrznum 'Por his 'inc muummuluu ' QEEEEEEEWE A I mx ll I 1 V ff - fp. Q W 0 , 3 2-..-3 f- , PE? am 6 r tv .B mance: has H1 nuns! 'PEP ' Y 0 an 1 C 0 g 0 G a , vaagskg' 0 Norma Schumr'l'1. -mos-1' S-xudmns num . 'ENN ' 1 1 f . A X A 0 0 .- V :E uf C S' ? G'xcnnJ1'lunse5ls ouf scatterbvqin IOFFMI - ,..,.. 45125 T v - . 7X 'FFL 41 ,:"l'f g"' M 5 S Q "..f xi 1 .,. y ff. -7A F gg . Norma Schmufr, and Roger Bushman Le-aiu' Cmsha R033 Bushman 5"""" C-0 mos? likdn +0 Succeed c'ft"5+ I . X49 ' A -oucukriggig ' u I f,-Q on suse ' A25 is I! K Q 2' 3 K V, 9 1 Nr 5 - ' 9' , JV f 715 A 'fred Filhon ft- I mos? Pol-4: A ' A! v ,Barbara mqasjar- fnmckillgr vw Ggrr gnd 'Bal Dai ncau A S' 'LS' 'Ric bed' x?oncQiS ff '55 ' ai Hi."'i 'ff' ,, x f'ErssiiEa?af? 2 f ,,, N-f I ' 51553 WEEE? , - 4' .QQ I QIE ggi '3' 5 xv-:J ' ' ,. v Q X.. x M,Ah ' Q ff"'2:kz:""' 1 i Q, ' L' 2 'fa R' S iw J A Y X P4 Eulccn Men-mir and Bolvqidldlj I Nafahi Hdfthkll ONQ Rl pfta Pinion bas? d'C55fd Q-Corhrhonduns Dfflcgr an 4-he mosi Peru or C air 'MMI As is the custom, we, the Class of l947 of Franklin High School, have gathered together all our personal property and talents in the form of a music album to bestow upon our successors, to be theirs Cwhether they want them or notl now and forevermore. Music Makers Not to be "undone" by previous classes we want to bestow upon the music lovers of the junior class, the cream of our crop of musical artists: Glenna Munsey and her gueetarg Mike "Hot Lips" Woods and his golden trumpet, Valentino "Boogie" Moscardini and his hot alto sax, Ianet "Fingers" Allard and her one-finger boogie Woogie, Bob "Krupa" Hinds and his drum-sticks, with Bob "The Voice" Trachy to set the beat for these, our Melo- dious Yokels. Donald Beaupre might find them quite useful for sound effects in his latest radio hit, "Wreck of Old '97." The West, A Nest, And You Perhaps you junior girls, who already have snared your man, will be interested in some delicious, nutritious, never-fail recipes by the homemakers of '47. Mar- jorie Cook, Florence Wentworth, Doris Brown, Dot Kelley, Beverly Cilley, and Genevieve Robichaud have them all under lock and keyg but if you ask nicely, they might give you a few. Money is the Root of All Evil Since we are discussing artists, we might mention another group of artists, known to us as "The Depleted Five Be- hind the Eightballf' Yes, you guessed 'em! "Smoky" Bailey, "Dead-eye" Mead, "Cue-stick" Daigneau, "Blood-shot" Cros- by, A-N-D . . . "All-shot" lohnson. These pool sharks will make your head whirl with cue-balls, eight-balls, corner pock- ets, side pockets . . . and come out' with EMPTY pockets. As a parting gift they leave their EMPTY pockets to anyone in the junior class who can fill them with the folding stuff. Do You Like My . . . Personality? F. H. S. would not be if it were not for the fairer sex, and we of '47 sure have some "slick chicks." As the old saying goes, "There are some things you must take with you." However, not wanting our class to appear selfish, Norma Schwartz offered to leave her pearl- handled toothbrush to Sophie Kyratzis. Natalie Hartwell leaves her -blond locks to Barbara Hartwell so that "Babs" may entwine them in her red tresses. Peggy Cleary leaves her geometric "figure" to anyone interested in higher mathematics. Le It Snow-Let It Snow Roland Cate, Helen LaPlante, and Ei- leen Mercier leave their "curls" to Mr. Cashman, Mr. Bourn, and Mr, Turnbull, as lack Frost predicts a long stay next year. And I Chew And I Chaw My Gum Alfred Chandronnait, Gloria Rivard, Mary Daigneau, Marie Martin, and Rita Perreault have been hard at work for days in order to complete a detailed blue print of the study hall, illustrating every desk and indicating the exact location of each "cud" of gum they have been forced to relinquish. This priceless gift they leave in the care of the school li- brarian to lend to anyone longing for a morsel of the best in tender-aged-mint gum. Take A Letter. Miss Iones Every class has its secretaries, you know, those efficient, career-bent young ladies who are out to take the bull by the horns fas the saying goes? and to emerge triumphantly as that "Home-town girl who made good." We have four of the best, and each has some cherished memento of the commercial "dungeon" to leave behind. "Never-Miss" Elspeth Ring and "Speed" Doris Schmidt dub Cecile Gagne and leanette Hebert with their "Titles," lane Lefebvre and lackie LaBelle, after watching loyce Parris and Elaine Coen struggle to transcribe their cold notes, land we mean coldll decided that their endowment should be an eraser and a Gregg dictionary. And He Tips The Scale At 303 To "Slim" Berard, the Hodgdon twins leave TWO of their skirts for next year's Sadie Hawkins dance, as he has too much territory for any single skirt of theirs to cover. The Glow Worm To those who cram before the exam, Maurice Pierce, loseph Langevin, Leon Sokul, and Robert.Robichaud leave their open books, horrible nightmares, and desk lamps to those who think they still might be able to stagger out of school after a year of it. In My Merry Oldsmobile Faster than a speeding bullet .... Noisier than a locomotive .... Able to turn corners on one wheel!!! Look, wrapped around that post, it's Gene Piela, it's Iohn Schaefer, nope, it's Leonard Kelton! Yep, them's our boys. We can't persuade them to leave you their cars, but they have a few precious items with which they will part. Gene has a special road map showing Cmarked in redl all the best parking nooks in this vicinity, which he knows lohnny Sokul will appreciate. ls there a mechanic in the house? To you, Iohn leaves his "jet propelled DeSoto." Leonard leaves his ignition keys fthe only remnant of his last wreckl to Ray "l'll find a use for it" Le- Brun. Take Me Out To The Ball Game There you will find "Casey" Barker wiping off the plate, "Streak" Poisson running home, and "Slugger" Keating swatting flies. Then out in the bone yard we find "The Kid" Cushing catching cold, while '!Tiny" Sweetland is still look- ing for the bat. We leave these EMPTY spaces for Coach Eustis to fill as he sees fit. Drifting And Dreaming You've all heard of the adage, "The Absent-minded Professor", well, Esther Simonds is no professor, but you try ask- ing her where she last left her mittens, pocketbook, chemistry books, etc. To remedy this, Esther made a nifty little fil- ing cabinet and it helped her so that she would LIKE to leave it to Mary Thibo- deaug but as this goes to press, she is still hunting for it. Yah-ta-ta-Gab, Gab. Gab Don't let our music title fool you, Esther Laloie, Charlotte Youngman, Marjorie Durgin, and Theresa Marceau are 'strictly the "seen" and not "heard" type. Study hall teachers call them a blessing to the rowdy community. To those who find detention a habit, they leave the slogan "Silence is golden." I Used To Work In Franklin In A Dept. Store Upon our departure from F. H. S. three gaps will be left in our representative body at Holmes G Nelson's. To remedy this deplorable situation, Barbara "Short Change" Wiegand, Pat "Wrong Size" Varney, Barbara "Charge lt" Magyar, and Stanley "Let's Duck Charlie" Sakowski consented to leave their positions in Franklin's biggest department store, to be replaced by Mgr. B. Deshaies, Buyer C. Prince, Time-keeper W. Rayno, and Ken- neth "What's your hurry" Dussault. Rumors Are Flying "Advice To The Lovelorn" by A. Mar- ceau, A. Fillion, N. Mahoney, A. St. Cyr, and R. Rayno. These boys may have you buffaloed, but we've had an inside tip that these ruthless "Boyers" have methods ot their own in the art of "How to snare your chicken." So, to you junior Casanovas, they leave special appoint- ment cards so that you may gain prompt admission to their "den" if your lovely flame dies and you suddenly realize that life is not just a bowl of cherries. There's No Business Like Monkey Business Roger CHOW much did we make'?l Bush- man and Gerard Clrlow much have we got?l Montambeault, the senior class business men, leave their accounting ability and secrets to nobody. Find your own! l l Leave The Dishes In The Sink Every noon, to the tune of running water and the smashing of dishes, An- thony Keating and Leo Robitaille douse their lily-white hands in the dish washer and emerge with a new type sandpaper and a glorious new color, "Vibrant Red." The reason for this amazing transforma- tion is a special new hand cream discov- ered by the boys and which they leave to Earl Lowell and Wm. Miller, so that these future dish washers may always keep their hands lovely to look at, and lovely to hold. The Old Gray Mare Ain't What She Used To Be Are you young, full of vim and vigor? You are? Aren't you lucky? Then we of the hockey team advise you to start training now and with the right equip- ment. Maxine Andrews donates an oxy- gen container for that second wind, Gloria Gilman-binoculars with which to keep the puck in sight, Irene Dumond- a new human jet propulsion device for extra speed, Barbara Wooley-steel plates to anyone who finds shin guards inadequate, Virginia Magoon-a shovel in case your hockey stick isn't enough to get by the opposing goalie, and to Miss Kyrka, a special wish for a successful 1947 season. In Witness Whereof: We have set our hand and seal this thirteenth day of Iune, in the year nineteen hundred and forty- seven to last "Till The End Of Time." 'XPRIMA DONNA" MERCIER "MAESTRO" PIELA CLASSES Q VC 'tigrjiiw DI UI 7 Q' ' ll" ulllg W Q KLVI I li A W A 1 ' 6 in ' 4 1 1 YL 1, c . F i 1 f '-, 3, 2, . x? J I mil' lawn! , Q 4171 unior Cfaad President Iuanita Crosby Vice President Henry Lasak Secretary loan Dane Treasurer Iulia Petrach Allen, Marie Auger, Pauline Barna, Frances Beaupre, Donald Bennett, Donald Benson, Helen Benson, Martha Boissonneau, Henry Boyce, Nancy Brown, Betty Burden, Richard Bushman, Clayton Butler, Prank Chandronnait, Roland Cilley, Evelyn Clark, Andrew Clark, Gloria Coen, Elaine Colcord, Erford Connors, Elizabeth Cutler, Bruce Daigneau, Sidney Deshaies, Bertrand Desrochers, Cecile Downes, Betty Fish, Lyle Foskett, Shirley Fredette, Ernest Gagne, Cecile Gardini, Gloria Gilman, Arthur Gilman, Lorraine Hannan, Margaret Heath, Ioseph Hebert, leanette Hebert, Pauline Hooper, Margaret lacobs, Gloria lones, Colin Keniston, Barbara Kilkis, William Kiloczki, Katherine Kulacz, Albert Kyratzis, Sophie Lang, Malcolm LaPlante, Eleanor Laro, Virginia LaRoche, Ioan LeBrun, Raymond Lowell, Vifalter Marceau, Robert Martin, Ray Mercier, Arthur Miner, Raymond Nowell, Howard Ordway, Villa Paige, Edward Parris, Ioyce Perreault, Madeline Pinard, Gisele Pinker, lohn Powers, Marilyn Prince, Charles Rayrio, Wilfred Richards, Bertha Rivest, Lillian Robichaud, Roland Rogers, May Sokul, lohn Spear, George Stein, Mildred Taylor, Betty Thibodeau, Mary Touchette, Corinne Van Camp, Rita Veysey, Dorothy Walker, Rose Wealarz, Katherine Vlescott, Rita Woodman, Donald Woodman, Harold Woods, Doris Yeo, Mildred Youna, Ioan SOPAOM 0I"0 gfdfifi President Hugh Keating Vice President Elizabeth Schmidt SeCf9l0fY Armand Pelletier Treasurer Lois Ripley Allen, Raymond Andrus, Roger Bagley, Edward Beaupre, Rita Beaupre, Roland Benson, Mary Belz, Eugene Berard, Raymond Braley, Gilbert Breckney, Alberta Carr, Milton Cate, Robert Churas, Vasil Cline, Louise Clogston, Ioyce Coates, Betty Colby, Mary Collins, Norma Cook, Fred Cox, Francis Daigneau, Normand DeHaro, Newton Dehaies, Andrew Dodge, Raymond Doucet, Normand Doucette, George Downes, Christopher Dube, Andrew Dunnan, Bernard Dussault, Kenneth Dustin, Stanley Elliot, Roger Fielders, Robert Fredette, Samuel Frye, Doris Gaillard, Iohn Gagne, Kenneth Gardner, Lois Gignac, Eugene Gosselin, Raymond Gregg, Ralph Hartwell, Barbara Hebert, Claire Heman, Hollis Hoar, Patricia Hodgdon, Richard Holden, Virginia Hoyt, Robert Kelly, William Kenny, Ioseph Kyratzis, Charles l..aBelle, Cecile Lacroix, George LaPlante, Raymond Lavoie, William Lefebvre, Leo Lemire, Henry Marceau, Rachel Maheu, Leo McDonald, Robert Menard, Theresa Mercier, Mary Mercier, Rachel Merrill, Richard Miller, Iohn Miller, William Morrill, lean Nadeau, George Nadon, George Nowell, Willis Pano, Basil Pekor, Louise Parris, Raymond Patten, Clinton Picard, Earl Richards, Pauline Riel, Patricia Robichaud, Florence Robitaille, Rita Smith, Eleanor Smith, Richard Snyder, Elijah Soltys, Edward Sylvester, Nelson Tetreault, August Tucker, Anne Veysey, Cynthia Wescott, Ronald Willand, Louis Worden, Kenneth Young, Porter Abbott, Katherine P. Bagley, David A. Bailey, Ronald Beane, Eugene Beaudet, Francis T. Beaudey, Norman I. Beaudin, Maurice Bergeron, Maurice Bilocleau, Gerard I. Blake, Deborah D. Brouillard, Rita M. Butler, Iack W. Carey, Warner L. Carr, Edmund L. Champion, Andrew T. Churas, Ethel Churas, Mary Clark, Roger L. Colby, Sally A. Cook, Burt W. Cullen, Ralph L. Daigneau, Iean M. Davis, Eva Day, Vivian Dearborn, Glenice G. Deshaies, Henry I. Dicey, Mertie L. Dillon, Harriet L. Downes, Evelyn l. jfej Dumond, Theresa C. Dumond, Winnilred Elliot, Iean M. Emerson, Evelyn I. Fielders, Mariorie E. Fredette, Wilfred Fresh, Barbara L. Frew, Arthur O. Gassett, Thelma P. Goodell, Roberta E. Gosselin, lrene L. Grant, Robert C. Griffin, Barbara E. Heath, Harry W. Heath, Normand Herbst, Ann L. Hilliker, Gloria C. Hines, Dolores E. Humphrey, Iean Ieanson, Raymond I Iohnson, Betty Kiloczki, Helen Knapp, Evedine C. LaChance, Ianet E. Lang, George E. Langevin, Ann G. LaPlante, Benjamin LaPlante, Robert Laroche, Anita Aman C6155 Laroche, Romeo Lasak, Martin A. Laughy, Harold W. Lavoie, Emil G. Leahy, Madeleine Leblanc, Mederick LeBrun, Roger C. Lemire, Paul A. Limoge, Patricia A. Liolis, Nick C. Lovering, Ernest McDonald, Mildred Martell, Elmer Menard, Florence Mercier, Paul Merrill, Edmond G. Morrill, Marjorie L. Murray, Peter F. Nadeau, Andrew N. Nadeau, Dolores M. Nickerson, Margery O'Brien, Harold I. Ordway, Helen L. Paquette, Ianet A. Pastuszak, Helen A. Pierce, Gordon V. Pelletier, Robert E. Poisson, Norman I. Poisson, Walter Ratfaelly, Nicholas Raymond, Frank Raymond, Helen F. Rina, Naida Rounds, Floyd Rousseau, Adrienne Roy, Roger St. Cyr, Mary V. St. Cyr, Wilfred St. Iacques, Doris B. St. Iacques, Octave Schmidt, Margaret I. Seamans, Richard, Ir Shepard, Ralph Smith, Barbara L. Spooner, Iulia B. Sylvester, Kenneth Tandy, Robert G. Therrion, Elsie Thibeault, Alfred Veysey, Glenna Walker, Gwendolyn Welch, Iohn P. Wentworth, Houston Wescott, Arlene Wescott, Florence Wiegand, Virginia Woodward, Dorothy --wr fs C959 Q iw - . rm I - i wr v .xdcfiuifiea The Student Council is the governing board of the school. It is made up of twelve students, four from each class, guided by their advisor, Mr. Burleigh. The Council's officers are: President, Norma Schwartz, Vice-President, Iohn Sokul, Secretary, Eileen Mercier. All problems presented by the pupils are thoroughly discussed and solutions worked out with the co-operation of teachers and students. Again the Swing Club has been one of the most popular activities and no wonder! lt provided entertainment and enjoyment for all. Besides sponsoring the annual Winter Carnival, the Swing Club had its first fall hop and many other dances. The officers were Robert Bobi- chaud, Iane Lefebvre, and Peggy Cleary. Miss King was the enthusiastic leader of this busy club. The Dramatics Club has enjoyed a very successful season under Mrs. Cham- berlain, our director. Natalie Hartwell, Norma Schwartz, Kathryn Weglarz, and Mary Thibideau served as officers. The club's first play was the "Trysting Place." This play "went on the road," after being presented at an assembly. The urolling in the aisle" type of play was "The Touch- down," presented at night school. This year the club was divided into four "stock companies" with a student director for each. Each group competed against the other for the best performance with one- act plays. The grand finale for the sea- son was "A Date With ludyf' a three-act comedy based on the popular radio pro- gram. The Hi-Y is composed ofboth boys and girls, with Miss Dalton and Mr. Harris as advisors. Officers were: Kathryn Weg- larz, Iuanita Crosby, Ioan Dane and Iohn Sokul. A business meeting is held on the first and fourth Monday of every month. Then, to combine business with pleasure, the third Tuesday of every month is reserved for an evening meeting, with discussions and parties. Mr. Bes- serer, district secretary, leads discussion. A girls' conference, held in Rochester, was attended by Marilyn Powers and May Rogers, similarly the boys' conference at Dover, by Arthur Mercier and Lyle Fish. Kathryn Weglarz and Lyle Fish spoke at the annual Hi-Y banquet held at the Bap- tist Church. The Y-Teens, a part of the Y.W.C.A., is another new organization, Mrs. Tucker, Y.W.C.A. secretary for this area, helped to organize the club, explaining the prin- ciples and purposes of the Y-Teen groups. At one meeting, Mr. Tucker, who was mis- sionary in Africa for many years, spoke on his experiencesvin the dark continent. This organization, with Miss Dalton and Miss Brooks as advisors, has contributed to the world-wide fellowship fund to re- habilitate Y.W.C.A.'s all over the world. This club's officers were: Elaine Coen, Ann Tucker, Dorothy Kelley, and Shirley Foskett. This year the Glee Clubs have a mem- bership of about 8U girls and 20 boys. Everyone looks forward to "concert time," which is the annual school concert. A group of talented girls, comprising our sextet, is selected from the Girls' Glee Club. They furnish entertainment for the school and organizations. Miss Moses, better known as "Ma Moses," deserves much credit for the way she has led and encouraged such a large group. This is the first year that a debating club has been formed. Mr. Boicourt has been advisor. Many current problems were discussed, but the question of social- ized medicine was the main topic. De- bates were held with Laconia, New Hampton, and Tilton. Members also en- tered the New England Debate Contest at Bates College and the prize speaking tournament at Portland, Maine. The Photography Club, with Mr. Bourn as the new advisor, has been quite ac- tive this year. The members have learned about developing, printing and enlarg- ing, and their pictures were displayed in the study hall which served as an art gallery for exhibits. The cdlub also staged an assembly program dealing with pho- tography. A field trip gave opportunity for the members to take pictures and ex- pand their knowledge of photography. The officers were: Eugene Cushing, Maur- ice Pierce, Betty Brown and Leo Robi- taille. The Rifle Club boasted a membership of 35. It was the organizations first year, under the supervision of Mr. Boicourt. Officers were: Alfred Chandronnait, Rob- ert Hinds, and Arthur Marceau. The ac- tivities of this group of interested boys included plans for a rifle range, fishing and hunting sojourns and meetings with speakers who talked about sportsmanship and game laws. The Ski Club is another newly organ- ized club, also under Mr. Boicourt's super- vision, with Ernest Eredette and Gene Piela as officers. With the weather's per- mission, outings were 'held at Andover and Gilford. Ski meets were also ar- ranged with New Hampton and Laconia. The Commercial Club, still another in- novation, was directed by Miss King. This club helped with the publication of the school newspaper and performed other commercial duties. All commercial classes were included and each class had its own representatives. Officers were: Marie Martin, Doris Schmidt, Ianet Allard and Eileen Mercier. With the financial support of dues, the senior members were able to enjoy a trip to the "ice Follies." The Newspaper Club had as editor and associate editors, Lester Crosby, Warren Barker and Cecile Gagne, respectively. Miss Brooks was supervisor and with Miss King cooperating in the publication, "The Orac1e" got off to an early start and en- tertained us with four sparkling issues. The assembly council was organized for the purpose of providing entertaining and worthwhile assemblies for the en- ioyment of the pupils and faculty. .gzlolenf gouncif .xdgidem goun ci! Au.. 9 Ofhcem ana! governing 77ew5laalaer Jvh U-3 Em zz 4. SCHUBL HIGH i ii 6 .ibegafing l9Aofogra,oAg ibramaficd 4j'g5fing pface CM . Q FN , fem cm ,Sli cm ll f CM SQ Bovs l E5 Sanrio With a will to win, fifteen lettermen re- turned to school in the fall, and our foot- ball team gained the distinction of having the best record since 1934. An interest- ing fact about this team was that it con- tained eighteen ever-fighting and sports- menlike seniors. On a cold and rainy day in November the Golden Tornadoes journeyed to Laconia to lose a heart- breaker. ln this game, as in all previous games, there wasn't just one star, but eleven, at all times. The sensational rec- ord consisted of five victories and three losses. With a fastcoming group of fight- ing juniors and sophomores, Coaches Eustis and Barker are destined to have great teams in the following years. Basketball has gained much fame for F. H. S. by consistently producing win- ning teams. The Golden Tornadoes kept up the tradition by downing all class "B" rivals, massing twelve victories undefeat- ed in the class B division. The play again was dominated by the seniors, with four on the first and second teams. Coach Barkers famed "Dynamite Line" em- ployed a fast breaking offense much de- sired by many teams. Followed by a large group of Franklin fans, the boys journeyed to Durham' to participate in the tournament. There they had to play good basketball to down Conant, of East Iaftrey. The final score was 42-35. Warren Barker and Bruce Butler paced the team to this victory. With Frank Mead, Bob Trachy and Valen- tino Moscardini spearheading the Frank- lin attack, the Tornadoes met defeat at the hands of Pinkerton Academy, of Derry, 45-29. "Speed" Mead so impressed the sports writers that he was chosen All- State. For the first time in the history of F. H. S., Ice Hockey had a full-time coach. Coach Bourn's fighting "Bulldogs" were a group of fast skating, hockey-minded boys. Their W-on-lost record does them injustice, for they played many teams out of their class. Coach Bourn is build- ing for next year, and he should have a team surpassed by none. At .the beginning of the season, Coach Kyrka and the F. H. S. stick wielders had hopes for another banner season. ln spite 'of the fact that the team had many inexperienced players, Co-captains Gina Magoon and Elaine Coen realiied that it wouldn't take long to develop skill and a fighting spirit. Enthusiasm in the sport of hockey ran high at the beginning of the season, but the team had to settle for three wins tClaremont, Newport, and Laconial, three losses CLebanon, twice, and Hanoverl, and two ties treturn games with Hanover and Newportl. Girls' basketball was resumed under the coaching of Miss june Dolloff, with the aid of Co-captains Gina Magoon and Elaine Coen. Starting with a squad of about thirty girls, Coach Dolloff found it difficult to select the outstanding players, and not until several practices were com- pleted was it possible to eliminate some of the girls. The team got off to a shaky start by dropping the first contest with the Alumnae. Beaten twice by Lebanon and St. Ioseph's Cathedral of Manchester, the team went on to win over Bristol, Penacook, and Newport. With a lot of underclassmen now on the varsity, Coach Dolloff promises us a top-notch team for the next year. Our cheer-leaders this year were really something! Outtitted in just about the snappiest costumes We've ever seen, and drilled to smooth perfection by Miss King, the girls put on brilliant perform- ances at every game. Several were en- tered in the Manchester Union's "Miss Basketball Cheer-Leader Contest," and Norma and Eileen were selected as two ot the twelve finalists. While the entire group was in Durham for the tournament, they say it was the mascot, Eileen's little sister, Ioyce, who stole the show! SCOPQ5 Football Basketball Franklin Manchester West Franklin Sl- lohns . Franklin Penacook Franklin Lebanon . A Franklin Newport Ffenklm St- TOMS Franklin Bristol Franklin Concord Franklin Plymouth Franklin Newport Franklin St. Mary Franklin Exeter Franklin Lebanon 1 Franklin Penacook Franklin New Hampton I. V. Franklin Newport Franklin Laconia Franklin Laconia Franklin Plymouth Franklin St. Mary Ice Hockey Franklin Bristol F kl' L b Franklin Tilton Prep I. V. Figgklig Li C3221 Franklin Rochester Ffgnklin Alumni Franklin New Hampton I .V. FfC1T1kli1'1 ST' PC1111 Franklin Concord gmngn IIZIISW gsmpion Franklin New Hampton I. V. Figgklgg Cjllgntcmp on Franklin Brewster I. V. Franklin Pinkerton li l .xgcfiuifiefn .fdddociafion The Activities Association is one organization that includes the Whole student body. This year the membership was enlarged to include the freshmen from the Daniell Iunior High School. The association supervises the sporting events of the school and sees that the teams are properly eguippedg besides using the funds for other worthwhile projects. The Advisory Council of this association is composed of the headmaster, the coaches, the faculty manager of athletics, repre- sentatives from the student council, and one member of the school board. With the help of the dues collected from the students, this organization has done much for the benefit of the school itself and its students. L52 sz Li 1 i ? I 2113 EJ L .ilgiagssiez , g Q 3 l g jllluwlllf s:.v . 1 EQ""""2 "T K ii' f ?'W" ?f I Y Q l 2 3 f s 2 Y 1 if r 5 5 4 HN F9534 u35Qmg22HyLg ay c 1 Q 1 as V- 4, :Eff ff for Uardifg gazfefg Uaraify Z?a.4LefAaff - A JCE ,jvlocgey , 1 z26,,4ef4,,ff jiefvl .uocgeg lljdffiity 5Aeer olzaclelu unior Uardifg r ea em A! :Rim 4? Aw f bw me A , '0 A .121YPf'1 .f M -B51-. Q -.5g,Q ',.,z Q, , -',,.w.L. 4-24 2, Carniua! Wemoriea What is one of the most popular events-one that all the stu- dents look forward to during the school year - of course, it's the winter carnival! This year the sporting events got underway lanuary 27, and for several days the gym rang with the sounds of excitement. After the finals were over, we found that the seniors had car- ried off the honors in both boys' and girls' basketball, with the juniors victors in volley ball. The juniors also won the hockey finals and chalked up the greatest number of points f23l in the skating contests at Odell Park. Iunior girls and sophomore boys proved to be the champs in skiing. At the final tally, the sale of dance tickets added the final points for a senior victory. On February 8, a colorful coronation ball climaxed the sea- son. The gym was attractively decorated with multi-colored streamers. Balloons, to be released at midnight, were suspended from the ceiling. Windows boasted appropriate winter scenery and "portraits" of the king and queen were on each side of the stage. The back drop was a wonderland of snow-capped peaks against a starry sky. A page Cl-larry Wattsl announced the arrival of the queen. Then, heralded by the buglers, Betty Daigneau, escorted by Bob Trachy, her king, and followed by her court, entered the hall. As Ben Hall's orchestra played the Franklin Alma Mater, the royal couple ascended the stage. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Gilman officiated in the coronation ceremony after which the king, queen, and court received gifts. Little Ann Simoneau and Ioanne Bivard as crown bearers, together with Bernice Dumond and Ioyce Mercier as train bear- ers, were very charming. Another highlight of the ball was the singing of "l-luggin' and Chalkin' " by four-year-old Ioanne Rivard. As the mean old clock ticked away the happy minutes, an- other winter carnival passed into F. H. S. history. P lI90viO9000 DYEING WATERPROOFING Kompgmenfo of WWW CLEANERS FUR STORAGE REPAIRING me WOM yfnocfernizecl poogoom O'Neil's Billiard Hall ' CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '47 GRIFFIN DRUG COMPANY 74a fem!! Same O NEY A GRIFFIN, II, Reg. Phm., Proprle or BEST WISI-IES TO THE CLASS OF 1947 FROM Franklin Savings Bank HEADQUARTERS FOR THRIFT "BON VOYAGE" to the Senior Closs on the Seo of Life Moy You Encounter Few Storms Franklin National Bank FRANKLIN, NEW HAMPSHIRE O the home 5 E WE at l-lolmes ci Nelson's are mindful of the Work and effort you of the Class of 1947 have devoted to your yearbook. The finished product echoes again the motto We have remained steadfast to these many years. ere id no Sugdfifufe kr Quagfg i0l KOWIIQ AW! ell fa of The Warren Kay Vantine Studio, Inc SCHOOL AND COLLEGE I I I I O I 132 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON, MASS. IQK9OJ Friendly pause 2 Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Laconia COMPLIMENTS CF LOREN IVIURCHISON 84 CO. Americcfs Finest School Iewelry D 95 K li CLASS RINGS CLASS PINS MEDALS TROPHIES 828 PARK SQUARE BOSTON, MASS GEORGE W. PERRY pA0t09l"Cl,l0AeI" M 0 TOWNE 84 ROBIE ...!Q'i1fLlfer:5 . .. FRANKLIN, NEW HAMPSHIRE Printers of "The Key" Specializing in Book. Pamphlet and Publication Work DD 37 QC Q Publishers of The Iournal-Transcript COMPLIMENTS OF RlCHARDSON'S LAUNDRIES, Inc. "ANYTHING WASHABLEU TELEPHONE FRANKLIN 145 TILTON 48-4 Collection and Delivery Service ior SANDERS' DRY CLEANING SHOP l8l CENTRAL STREET TEL. 163-W FRANKLIN 0lOUO EARL L. LAWRENCE I E W E L E R Diamonds - Watches - Clocks Iewelry and Silverware Franklin Street Franklin Compliments of C. I. DRIGANTI Compliments of SHEPARD GROCERY CO W H o LE s A L E R s Compliments of E. G. 6: E. W. LEACH Compliments of RAFFAELLY'S MARKET Compliments ol BAKER 61 COMPANY 378 CENTRAL STREET Blanche Hebert, Prop. Compliments of Compliments of MRRRIMACK C' A' DOHVAI' 5' CO' FARMERS' EXCHANGE, Inc ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES FRANKLIN TEL- 156 Compliments of GILE'S DAIRY PASTEURIZED MILK and CREAM "Get the best - Get Gile's" Compliments of Compliments ot BEAN 5' TRACHY GRRVIOR FURNITURE co SERVICE STATION FRANKLIN Compliments of COTTAGE CAFETERIA Compliments of ALICE BEAUTY SHOPPE Compliments of THE KURL SHOPPE IUDKINS CS. WALLACE BLOCK Telephone 588-W Compliments of IUDKINS 61 WALLACE MODENE PAINTS and KITCHEN WARE COMPLIMENTS OF MAIN STREET PHARMACY 18 NORTH MAIN STREET DANIEL WEBSTER INN Compliments of F. I. MCQUADE. M.D. Compliments ot DR. F. C. McKEE DENTIST Compliments of DR. W. H. NORTON Compliments of MRS. MARY GAGNE BEAUTY SHOPPE Tel. 550 Res. 531-M' RENNIE'S TAXI SERVICE The service that serves you best an small or large trips for small or large parties CHARLES I. COLBY, Prop. FRANKLIN, N. H. Compliments of SUROWIEC'S MARKET WEST BOW STREET Compliments of ADNA GRILL PRINCE 6: STEBBINS 359 Central Street FRANKLIN Yr 57 cc 44 M- A- Proulx, Prop. BOOKKEEPING ACCOUNTING INCOME TAX COMPUTING Compliments of I OHN H. MERRII.L WATCHES - DIAMONDS 75 D C4 QQ 409 Central Street FRANKLIN Compliments of MME. CARBONNEAU 1 COMPLIMENTS OF MAHONEY'S GARAGE I. N, MAHONEY, Proprietcr GENERAL REPAIRING On All Makes of Cars and Trucks AUTO BODY and FENDER REPAIRING AUTOMOBILE PAINTING ELECTRIC and ACETYLENE WELDING 765 CENTRAL STREET Telephone 276-W FRANKLIN Compliments of ALBERT G. GARNEAU BEST WISHES To ALL BUILDING and CONSTRUCTION LARRY HALE "STEVE" BARRY FRA KLI D IRY DRAWER 6 DOOR TYPE LOCKERS-BULK STORAGE-MEAT CHILLING 61 AGING ROOMS-PROCESSING :S FREEZING MEATS 6 VEGETABLES FOR LOCKERS 6. HOME FREEZE UNITS-CURING 6 SMOKING OF MEATS Compliments of Compliments of BUTTS FRIENDLY SERVICE AYOTTE'S MARKET 196 CENTRAL STREET FRANKLIN TELEPHONE 16 442 CENEEAE STREET Compliments of Best Wishes to the Class ol '47 HALL'S CUT RATE STORE AMERICAN SHOE REPAIR 401 CENTRAL STREET ARVEY !0Aofogr-aloha of ibizifincfion Portraits Photography of Children 0 0 Weddings Commercial Industrial Candid and Formal and Fashion 97 77 QC KC CENTRAL STREET Telephone 370-M FRANKLIN Compliments of Best Wishes to the Class of '47 FRED ZIEGLER GIFT and BABY SHOP NDR!! 719444 O P T O M E T R 1 S T 44 FRANKLIN STREET Compliments of Complimenig of VAL'S BARBER SHOP DR- TAMES S- SHAW V01 BSUUDTGI PFOP- O P T O M E T R I S 'I' Compliments of Compliments of ELM GIFT and BABY sHoP KROPP FURNITURE COMPLIMENTS OF The Camera Shop PHOTO FINISHING PORTRAITURE FRAMING CAMERA REPAIR 44 FRANKLIN STREET TEL. 27-W FRANKLIN ' 60l'llfJEI'Yl0l'l t6 of Granite State Machine C0 CONCORD, N. H. COI'l'll0gll'lel'lt5 of F. H. S. SWING CLUB C., H110 AW! ell iii H. . PARKER THE FRANKLIN BUILDING 6. LOAN ASSOCIATION Serving Franklin People For Generations D? 7? G Offering SYSTEMATIC SAVINGS or HOME LOANS 33 37 CK KC A Friendly lnstitution! Compliments of .xg grieno! COMPLIMENTS OF YARN, GIFT and FLOWER NOOK C plment of BOWLING ALLEYS LADIES' and GENTS' PEARSONIS RECREATION TYDOL SERVICE STATION MEMORIAL STREET 46 SOUTH MAIN STREET A, 1. TETREAULT, Prop. Compliments of Compliments ol FRANKLIN KIDDER LUMBER co. FLORAL COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF Acme Knitting Machine 84 Needle Co. .-. - Belmont Hosiery Company Franklin Needle Company poaoavowovooowwooavw-00000: C 1 f Compliments of NEWS 81 BOOK COLONIAL STORE RESTAURANT KENRICK FARM FRANKLIN, N. H. - KENRICK HACKETT 00X9'00XVN Compliments of STATE RESTAURANT GEORGE KYRATZIS, Prop. Compliments of DAN'S PHARMACY Compliments of CUTTER'S ESSO SERVICENTER Compliments of F. I. KROPP, M.D. Congratulations Class ot 1947 VELMA SMITH AGENCY rv wb 4c 44 INSURANCE and REAL ESTATE SYNDICATE BLOCK Compliments ot G. W. GRIFFIN COMPANY GRIFFIN HACK SAW BLADES Nui Compliments ot REGAL AND CAPITOL THEATRES Compliments of J. NEWBERRY C0 We've cz flair tor . . . IUNIOR FASHIONS ond on urge to win on od- miring oludience for you MAX SOLOMON WOMAN 'S SHOP Compliments of MARIE'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Compliments of DR. P. A. SMITH CHIROPRACTOR Compliments of DOUCET'S MARKET Compliments of GIGNAC 61 GERRY Compliments of PERKINS' SHOE STORE FRANKLIN STREET Compliments of Compliments of PRESCOTT OIL COMPANY PIPER MOTOR COMPANY DODGE and PLYMOUTH F U E L O I L Compliments ot Compliments of CONANT'S SERVICE STATION O. W. DUFRESNE Compliments of D. BARRY 5: CO. Compliments of WALLACE'S MARKET COMPLIMENTS OF SULLOWAY HOSIERY MILLS Compliments of Compliments of A. c. E1.L1o'r'r FRANKLIN SPA F O R D P R O D U C T S "Where You Bought the Ice Cream" COmP1iIf1emS Of Compliments of BENSON AUTO COMPANY E. KEEGAN 6: COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF SEARS. ROEBUCK and COMPANY O R D E R O F F I C E 424 CENTRAL STREET TELEPHONE 680 BUILDERS' SUPPLIES PLUMBERS' SUPPLIES Cpomiogmenfa of C. P. STEVENS COMPANY SPORTING GOODS GENERAL HARDWARE Compliments of Compliments of FIRST NATIONAL STORES SELF SERVICE HAMMOND'S BAKERY Best Wishes to the Clciss of '47 Complimenls of KELLETS SENECA HOYT :S SON ARMY 6: NAVY STORE COMPLIMENTS OE HOWARD H. EUSTIS, INC. ATHLETIC OUTFITTERS 289 ESSEX STREET SALEM, MASS Compliments of THE CURRIER STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHS and FRAMING BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS Compliments of OF 1947 CENTRAL PHARMACY BRADFORD H. BUTLER of H. L. YOUNG 6: COMPANY 8 55 44 41 LUNCHES - SUNDAES PRESCRIPTION SERVICE COSMETICS ARTHUR TRUCHON, Prop. Registered Pharmacist Compliments ot WARD ONE MARKET Fruits, Vegetables, Choice Meats NEIGHBORLY STORE 29 North Morin Street Tel. 243-W Compliments of DR. R. N. SAWYER DENTIST Compliments of DR. IAMES I. SULLIVAN D E N T IS T Compliments ot COLBURN 5- CAMP D if Ci CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH DEALERS Compliments of IOE'S TEXACO STATION WASHING and LUBRICATION OVERNIGHT STORAGE Service and Quality Products Compliments of B-K HOSIERY MILL Best Wishes to the Closs ot '47 B E N N E T T ' S I.G.A. SUPER MARKET IEAN M. SHAW AGENCY INSURANCE - SURETY BONDS REAL ESTATE FRANKLIN 359 Central Street Frotnklm Sl .., -Q , L, 5' ww W. .- ,QS .1 47 'i 1" ' .2 - ' ,iff V g ,V-14, . ,ff A T 9 - IKFJZ., 2 ' U , ' V .v ii- ,, r " J 434' f' . gV X ,J ,. 151 an -K. , . Q? -, , -gf. , . ,I - J? ' . , ' . ,, 5 . A ,, , Z, - .SI F- V . in ,Lia Y" ,, 5 ,h , , . 1 -V . . -i.,. A13-1' 4' . .. . VF, S 'fiirwrf' 1' I '13,-. , P. ., 6,11 , e, 5.3.5 -- v -.-Eff' ,31'f 'i' 'Q 11 ,.,.,',k. ,, Y A L ff 'f ,y:E.r.,' -f. 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