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UAE 51553, dfaii of 7946 gzanggrz gcgoof gzcuzgfkfz, :Ansar dfalnfzafiiza medication l Mn. IOSEPI-I J. CASHMAN ACTING l'lEADlKiIASTER, OCTOBER 1943-FEBRUARY 1946 To you, Mr. Cashman, the Seniors of Franklin High School dedicate this book. With your unbiased Wis- dom and knowledge you have guided us through three years in a war ravaged World, and you have helped prepare ns for a world of peace and security. You cheered us when the road was hard and seemingly longg you strengthened us in times of weakness. We thank you, Mr. Cashman, for your outstanding leadership, kindness, and thoughtfulness. Not only now, but in years to Come you will be remenibered and held in the highest esteem by the Class of '46. Mn. DONALD W. DUNNAN sUP1snINTENDEN'r OF scHooLs Mr. Dunnan, we of F rauklin High School are proud to receive you as our new leader zmcl friend. We pledge to you now our Whole-hearted support and cooperation. May you Hncl F rauklin a pleasant place for a long and successful career as superintendent. 7-'Tiff' ' J-1,5-Q'-' -' - . .1 ---.Ei-1-. lrlu .. "fi, 'V -34 f -' :vw v lflf' Tiff", I 'wr - 11- +-1-1 Y v 1 1 ' -n ,QQ-I -fgr- . '-,JJ T 20961 Mn. EDWARD A. SILLAB1 HEADMASTER Welcome home, Mr. Sillari. We are happy that you have returned safely to us from service in the United States Navy. Even during the short period of time since your return, you have helped us to grasp the new con- cept of education for world citizenship. DLLZ WQCLLXEH EDWVARD SILLARI, B.E., Headmaster, Plymouth, U. N. H. JOSEPH CASHLIAN, B.S., M.Ed., Sub-Master, Physics, Chemistry, U. N. H. C. COLBY BARKER, Coach, Physical Education, U. N. H. MARION BROOKS, A.B., French, English, Bates. JOSEPH BURLEIGI-I, B.S., Mechanical Drawing, Dartmouth, U. N. H., Harvard NIARGUERITE CHAIXIBERLAIN, B.E., English, Latin, Plymouth. BETTINA DALTON, A.B.,'English, Social Sciences, U. N. H. CLAIRE CRETEAU DAVIS, B.E., Commercial, Plymouth, Sinnnons, Columbia. M. JUNE DOLLOFF, B.E., Physical Education, English, Plymouth. RICHARD EUSTIS, A.B., Coach, History, U. N. H, ELSWORTH HARRIS, Manual Training, Itlarvard, Fitchburg, Keene, Plymouth. JOSEPH KING, B.S., Biology, Physics, Providence, Bridgewater. ALFREDA KYIKKA, B.E., Domestic Arts, Keene. NIARION MOSES, Mus.B., Music, New England Conservatory of Music. MARION NIOYNIIIAN, B.N., School Nurse, Mercy Hospital, SpringHeld, Mass. BETA OIHDXVAX' BICELOXV, A.B., Mathematics, Plymouth. BERTHA PELLERIN, B.E., Domestic Arts, Keene, U. N. H. CATHERINE SULLIVAN, A.B., Social Sciences, U. N. H. ROBERT TURNBULL, Machine Shop, Mooers School, Amoskeag Trade Course. .gn cqfgzfrzsaiafiolz J .STS I I 3. r at A W h e or-.r,-,-.r-r,-r-r.-giQi Mns. Esrrma D. GRIFFIN As our war-time biology teacher, our home room teacher, and a person who always "understood", you truly endeared yourself in our hearts, Mrs. Griffin. We would like to express here our gratitude for all you did for us, and to wish you happiness. Clfafs, Jlflz. Sometimes, upon the horizon of human relationships, there appears a man whose character is so remarkably fine, whose understanding of his fellowmen is so profound, and whose personal charm is so genuine, that knowing him gives one the feeling of having known greatness. Such a man was Mr. Fred Sumner Libbey, for over twenty-three years our superintendent and friend. When he left us suddenly, in September, the pupils and teachers of not only Franklin High School, but of all the schools in his dis- trict, were shocked and grieved. Mr. Libbey, a graduate of New Hampton School and Bates College, came to us in 1922. Previously he had served as headmaster of high schools in Cam- den, Maine, Epping, WVarner, Berlin, and Danbury, Connecticut. As a testi- mony to the evidence of his outstanding qualities is the fact that he was selected for the position in Epping from a group of forty-six candidates. While in Dan- bury, he was elected superintendent of schools in the Union Supervisory District Seven, including Hopkinton, XVcare, and Hennikcr. After coming to Franklin, Mr. Libbey devoted his efforts to the Promotion of our educational welfare. Under his administration the Daniell Iunior High School was established, our new high school completed, our band developed, our sports program expanded, and our new athletic field constructed. Some of his ideas, such as our Christmas banquet, and our Class Day Parade, have be- come traditions. I-Ie was a life member of the National Education Association and served as president of the New Hampshire State Teachers Association in 1905. XVl1iIe in Franklin he was president of the Rotary Club, and at one time was a member of the executive committee of the Golden Rule Farm Association. That he lived according to the credo set forth in this little clipping, always carried in his Pocket, is vouchsafed by every one who knew him. IVIYSELF I want to live with myself and so I want to be lit for myself to know. I want to be able as the days go by Always to look myself straight in the eye. I want to stand with the setting sun, Unafraid to answer for the things I've done. I never can hide myself from meg I see what others may never see. I know what others may never know, I never can fool myself, and so Wfhatcver happens, I want to be Self-respecting and conscience free. Many classes have been guided by Mr. Libbey's benevolent leadership, and it has now fallen to the class of 1946 to express, in farewell, the feelings of them all. NVe are grateful for his life. NVe will honor his memory. Editor-in-Chief . Associate Editor . Business Mcumger Aclfue1'tising Agent Girls' Sports . Boys' Sports Class WWII Girls' Persrmals . 13oys'PcrsonaIs . Humor C loss Prophecy Class History Actiuit-ics . Art . Literary Advisor . Financial Advisor Troasurw' scuz ook, agfaff . MRS. . BRUCE BOUNDS . JOSEPH BURLEIGH . GEORGE MERCIEB . IVIURRAY CONNOR GLENNA PARTELO . HOLT DEAIKBORN . LOUISE SCHIVIIDT ALLIENA NIORBILL . BARBARA RAYNO PATRICIA BENNETT IOSEPII BURLEIGH DONALD SNODGRASS . MURIEL COLLINS NIAURICE BELANGER . ANNE COFFEY GLORIA MATHEWS . SALLY LIDEN IOHN COUBTEIVIANCHE PATRICIA BENNETT ALTHEA CURRIER EDWIN R. CI-IAINIBERLAIN . MR. IOSEPII KING MRS. RAYIXIOND A. DAVIS O'Z5UD'O'Z A half a score and two years ago, our fathers brought forth in this school district a new group of pupils, destined to become the future leaders of the nation. WVe are now prepared to leave this school, to prove that any pupil or group of pupils so edu- cated and so dedicated can successfully face the World. As We leave the scenes of these experiences we find in a larger sense, that We cannot relive -we cannot retain-We cannot recapture these cherished moments. Therefore, We have pub- lished this keepsake so that these adventures of the pupils, for the pupils and by the pupils shall not perish from our memories. Realization - Attainment ot our goal. We were Seniors g .qlcsiicfsnfa asia 5 Because of the returning veteran, the number entering col- lege from our class has been limited. The veteran is also re- turning to his old job and is given preference in the new ones. Of course, this is the only way we would have it for the men who have given their all so we might live in peace. But to offset these disadvantages we are entering a world which is free from war. We will at least be able to choose our own future and know that we will not be forced to serve in a conflict which was started by aggression and had to be ended in the same manner. During our high school education we have been asked to forego many pleasures which classes before us have enjoyed. However I feel certain that in this, our last year at Franklin High School, we have enjoyed ourselves and found school to be a pleasant preparation for the ways of life. I am sure you will agree that facing the world without this training would have been a handicap. Through all of our 12 years, we have had the best teachers available, and the most excellent of educational facilities at our command. Our teachers have watched our progress and have helped us when the going was rough. To them we owe a great deal. Any success which we achieve in life will be a Product of their diligence in preparing us for the future. Bruce C. Rounds amiofz Ufais Ufpaszs B RUCE C. ROUNDS Class Mayor I, Class President 2, 4, Hockey 2, 3:42 442, Basketball 43, Capt. of Track 441, Senior Banquet 4, Good Citizenship Medal I, Swing Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Manager of Box- ing 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 42", Yearbook Staff 4, Activities Asso- ciation 4. President Bruce is a man well liked. He's done well at running this joint. Barbara R. is keeping him straight. Here's hoping he makes Xkfest Point. HOLT DEARBORN Baseball T", 3'l, Captain 442 Basketball 2"', 3"', Captain 45", lfootball 2"', 3", Captain 4"', Boxing 31, 4", Glee Club I, 2, 3, '- 4. Cross Country 3. Swing Club 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Stair' . . . . . 4 Class bccretary 3, Vice President 4, President 3. , VVhen it comes to sports, Holt is our Star ln baseball, football, track and all- He wins his letters and is captain too. No wonder Wanda took a fall. 1 PATRICIA R. BENNETT "Pat" l City Clerk 1, Mayor of Junior City I, Swing Club I, 2, 4, Correspondence Club I, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Sextet 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 2, 342 44, Chairman Decorating Committee, Carnival Ball, Senior Candidate for Queen 4, Scholastic 4 Letter 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff, New England Musical Fes- l i ' tival 4. A very clever artist- A music lover, too- Wlids won the hearts of all of us, , Miss Bennett, liere's to you. l l.AW'Rl'INC l-I R. SXVE'I"1' "I-UW'J"' City Marshal I, Dramalics 2, 3, Class President 3, Class Secretary 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4"g, Football 3, 4"', Swing Club 3. 4, Cooking Club 1, Baseball 3, 4. , A lun loving soul is Larry, l---le's as cute as he can beg Wllien called a flirt he says. "lt's just the wolf in mel" J!-lg gl ' :null , i 1 ,,4, .. NVAYNE B. ATXVOOD "Bert" in-. ' f Baseball 31, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. 'ZR , - 1 wwf XVayne, famous for his Dodge, Has always got rides to sparc. He's a gentleman from out of town, And possessed of qualities rare. WANDA L. BARNA Glee Club I, 2, 3, Scrapbook 2, Girl Reserves 2, 3, Softball 3, Swing Club 2, 3, 4, Correspondence Club 3, Senior Ban- quet Committee 4, Scholastic 3. A great gal is our VVanda NVl1o's lively, witty too, You've really got a sweet gal, Holt, NVe're sure you think so, too. MAURIC13 LEO BICLANGIEQR "Bon" Student Council 3, Dramatics Club 4, Senior Banquet Com- mittee 4, Senior Prom Committee 3, Hi-Y 4, Science Club 2, 3, Camera Club 3, Executive Board 4, Yearbook Staff. "Ben", with his reports on bool-:s Has won our admiration. He is also a regular guy Of whom there's no imitation. DOROTHY BOYCE "Duty Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Knitting Club 2, 3. Tho small shc's very active And very thoughtful, too. Qui' high school days were brightened By the cheerful presence of you. CECILE M. BUCZYNSKI "Sis" Newspaper Club 3, First Aid 2, Knitting Club 2, Basket- ball 1, 2, Hockey 3, Softball 3, Girl Reserves 2, 3. "Sis'l never lacks for words Vtiherever she happens to beg She wants to be a Math teacher And we hope her wish becomes a reality. LIEIONA M. BUCZYNSKI "Lee" Girl Reserves 3, 4, Basketball 3"'. "Lee" isn't very quiet But we don't mind a bit, Because she keeps us laughing With her scintillating wit. I-IUGH T. is UR1.1s1G1-1 -'lfugof' Football 3, 4"'. Ilaseball 2, Ski Team I, 2, Boxing 33, Cook- ing Club I, 3, Swing' Club 2. 3, 4, Senior Banquet 4, Track 4'- lluglrs a diligent, hard working lad VVho's always willing to do his share, Ile is the cheerful good-natured type, And we all think he's pretty square. JOSEPH H. BURLIEZIGI-I "J0e"' Dramatics 3, 4, Science Club 3, "Saved by the Belle" 3, Newspaper Club 3, Swing Club 2, 3, 4, Ski Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Hi-Y 2. Joe is our class mad scientist, l'le's also a whiz on skis, And when it comes to speaking His classmates hc's sure to please. JIJZANNIC R. CAVANAUGH ".lau11-ic" Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves 2, 3, Knitting Club I, Scrapbook Club 2. A friendly 'girl with quiet manner Mild blue eyes, complexion fair, Here's wishing much success To "Jeanie NX-'ith The Light Brown Hair". PISTER P. CHA RLAND "PIoIs"' Band 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Swing Club 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 3, C. A. P. 3. Now Pete is the class electrician, When it comes to lixing he's handy. ln classes he's sleepy at times But we all think he's a dandy. '3 ANN I2 MARIE COFFEY Field Hockey 1, Basketball 2, Dramatics Club 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Correspondence Club 2, Scrapbook Club 2, Swing Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Scholastic Letter 3, 4, Senior Banquet Com- mittee, Carnival Ball Committee 4, Public Speaking 4, News- paper Staff 4, Yearbook Stalif, Girl Reserves 2, Dancing Class I, Poem published in National Magazine. Anne's little, but you know she's there Too, if she's not you know it. Her classroom marks are always tops, And she's our brightest poet. PATRICIA ANNE COLIC "Polly" Glee Club 2, 3, Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4, Swing Club 2, 3, Girl Reserves 2, 3, Basketball Manager 3'l', Sewing Club 2. Patty's got a sense of humor Tl1at's pretty hard to beat, And also a singing voice That we think is very sweet. MURIEL li. COLLINS Glee Club I, 2, 4, Swing Club 2, 3, 4, Science Club 2, Cor- respondence Club 3, Newspaper Club 4, Scrapbook Club 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Senior Executive Board 4, Committee Senior Banquet 4, Becker College Scholastic Award 3, junior City Clerk I, Scholarship Letter 3. Muriel's our commercial whiz XVitl1 a most engaging grin, And whatever she sets out to do XVe know she's bound to win. A. MURRAY CONNOR "Irish" Hockey I, 2, 34, 4"', CCo-Captainj, Baseball 2, 4t", CMan- agerl, Glee Club 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Executive Board 4, Junior City Officer. A zealous boy is Murray C, Playing hockey is his meat, Baseball attracted him too, VVe all think he's really neat. JOHN COUR'I'liMANCHE "Johnny" Playground Commissioner I, "Saved hy the Belle" 3"', Hi- Y 3, Dramatics 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Swing Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Secretary 3. NVe all know a fellow called johnny, NVl1o is a quiet, studious, likeable boy, Possessing qualities rarely found, He's a classmate we all enjoy. A l ,TI-I ,l1lA ll. C URRI lil! "TU0ll'U" Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, lfirst Aid Club 2, Correspondence Club 2, Yearbook Stall' 4. The youngest member of our class ller intelligence is even above par. And in whatever occupation Althea chooses lVe know she will go far. lQlC1lAlllJ XV. CURRIER "Dick" Glue Club I, 2, 3, 4. Dick is a quiet and courteous boy XVho is often found in the shop. l'le's also learning to fly an airplane And is doing O. li. with the prop. l"l.O R ICNCIC lJODGli "Flo" Hand I. 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves 3, Correspondence Club 3, Camera Club 3. lilorencc is one of the kids from the l-lomc, NVe think she's really swell, llut just what she is going to say next Not one of us can tell. ICIJWARD W. GREGG, JR. "Eddie" Swing Club 1, 2, 3, 14, Hand 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, ni Y 4 li is for Eddie, rt turbulent one, whose ,l.1'lll1'lllCllllg for the school band And singing in the boys' glee club Ilave gained him a well-earned hand. AVIS IIANNAN "Slwrly" Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Swing Club I, Correspondence Club 1, Scrapbook Club 1, Newspaper Club 4. A smaller member of our class ls Avis, carefree and gay, Sl1e's very often found Amusing her friends in D. A. . v l 4 MADELEINE HEBERT "Holme" Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Newspaper Club 3, Correspondence Club 2, Basketball 2, Girl Reserves 2, 3, 1-lockey 4. A sweeter gal 1've never known l'm sure that all agree, XVith greenish eyes and dimpled cheeks She's really cute to see. BARBARA HELEN HOYT Puppet Club I, Girl Reserves 2, 3, Girl Reserves Treasurer 3, Glee Club I, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Correspondence Club 3, Senior Banquet Committee 4. A pretty, black-haired Miss is she, A witty humoristg Her prime ambition is to be A child psychiatrist. BETTY E. HOYT Glee Club I, 2, Correspondence Club 2, Swing Club 1, 2. One of our tiniest members She's active nevertheless, Her good nature will be useful W'hen she's a governess. LOUISE SOPHIE KILOCZKI Cheerleader 3, Scholastic Letter 2, Newspaper Club 4, Dramaties Club 3. 4, Girl Reserves 2, 3, Vice President of Girl Reserves 3, Swing Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Banquet Com- mittee 4, Scrapbook Club 2. A pretty little Polish girl A brilliant student, too, XN'ho has a smile that eau't be beat Louise, we envy you. VVALTER M. KULACZ "IfVall" City Councilman 1, Football 3, 4"', Hi-Y 2, 3, Dancing Club I, Swing Club 3. A farmer boy is VValt He's friendly and has no enemy, We all think he rings the bell And so does his girl, Marie. FLORl?lNCE KYRKA Hockey I, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 4, Scrapbook Club 2, Dra- matics Club 4, Newspaper Club 4. A quict member of our class She really is Hrst rate, And Florence, here's to you NVQ: really think you're great. ALFRED A. LAGACE "G-us" Football 2, 4"', Hockey 2, 3"', 4"', Cooking Club 3, Science Club 3, Scholarship Letter 2. A modest quiet man is Gus But withal a man of wit. His piano playing has won renown, And with us he's made a hit. PAULINE T. LaPI,ANTE "Polly" Basketball 2, 3, Scrapbook Club 2, 1"irst Aid 3, Senior Banquet Committee 4. Tho Polly's very quiet She's got a cheerful gleam And when it comes to basketball She's really on the beam. TH IEIRIEZSA LA POIN TE Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Swing' Club 2. 3, Scrapbook Club 2, Girl Reserves 2, 3, Dramaties Club 4, Newspaper Club 4. Theresa is seen but never heard CSometimes a restful traitl We all envy her curly locks Yes, she certainly is lirst rate. PEA RL IRISNIQ LeBLANC Swing Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 4, Girl Reserves 2, 3, Correspondence Club 2, Newspaper Club 3, Glee Club If 27 3l 4' A lively Miss .is Pearl LeBlanc She's cver full of pep, And when you see her dancing feet You'll know sl1e's really hepl A i , as C Ibff. MARJORIE LESLIE "Marge" Basketball 3, 41 Dramaties Club 3, 442 Newspaper Club 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Carnival Dance Chairman 4, Swing Club Treasurer 4, School Play Property Manager 3, Senior Class Executive Board 4, Girl Rzserves 3. A girl quite recently come to us Is pretty. active "Les", She easily gets acquainted A swell gal, you must confess. SALLY DODD LIDEN Basketball 2, 3, 4't, Hockey 3, Swing Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club I, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 4, Secretary of Class 2, Candidate for Carnival Queen 2, Swing Club Record Librarian 3, 4, Vice President of Student Council 3, President of Student Council 4, Scholastic Letter 2, 3, D. A. R. Good Citizen 4, Noon Club President 4, Girl Reserves 2, Yearbook Staff 4, VVinter Carnival Committee 3, 4, Correspondence Club 2. lf you're looking for an all-round girl Wl1o's always "on the beam", just whistle for Miss Sally Dodd She's tonic for any team. GLORIA JOYCE MATHEWS "Glu" Knitting Club 1, 2, Scholastic Letter 3, Senior Executive Board 4, Entertainment Committee for Senior Banquet 4. Refreshment Committee for Carnival Ball 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Now she's our head librarian A busy girl is "Glo", Her work with our refreshment booths Supports the class, you know! GEORGE F. MERCIER "Jig" Football 3, 4, Dramaties Club 4, Swing Club 3, 4, Yearbook Stall 4. "Jig" is rather a peppy lad, Always willing to give a try To any problem-worthwhile3 Ann says, "1'm the apple of his eye." SOLANGE MICHEL "Sully" Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 4, Girl Reserves 2, Scrapbook Club 2, Sextct 4, Swing Club 2, Carnival Ball Committee 4, Basketball 3, 4, Nashua Festival 4, New Eng- land Music Festival 4. Hers are the golden tresses, The lovely singing' voice, Her twinkling eyes will make her Some lucky iellow's choice. J 7 'I Arni-:NA MORRll.l. "Tina" Treasurer of junior City I. Glee Club 1, 2,44,.lDl'21lTlZlllCS Club 4. Newspaper Club 4, Scrapbook Club 2, Swing Club 2, 3. 4, Senior Banquet Committee 4, Scholastic Letter i, 2, 3, l Yearbook Stall 4. 'l'ina is a small one She's happy-go-lucky, too, She's helped our class in time of need Her scholastic equals are few. l'AUl.lN li ANN NAICJON Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 'Swing Club 2, 3, 4. Dancing Class 2, Girl Reserves 2, 3, l-loekey I, 2, 3"'. 4- lliiiskflllall 242 31 4' Dramatics 3, 4, Cheer Leader 4, Camera Club 3. l'auline's one of our clleer leaders, A cracking good athlete: She's famous for her good nature And nimble dancing feet. .l IQAN l'fVlil,YN NIQRDICN Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Swing Club 2, 3, 4, Sewing Club 2, Senior l'iZlllljll0l Committee 4. ,lean Nerden is a happy lass She keeps the class in stitches, lf laughter is wealth then we are sure She must be rolling in riches. F.. ,l:Xllll'1S li. O'l3RlliN "Jimmy" Football 4"', llasketball 4"', Track 4"f, Capt. of Field Team 4, Swing Club 4. llot Shot O'llrien Cas he's often calledj llas been with us but one short year, lint he's certainly got the kind of stuff That makes ns glad he's been here. CI. ICN N A RA li PA RTIQLO lloekey 1, 2. 3, 44, Basketball 2, 3"', 4"', Co-captain of Bas- ketball 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Sextcg 2, 3, 4, Governing 303,41 of Swing Clnb 2. Student Council 4, Activities Association 4, Yearbook Stall' 4, New England Music Festival 4, Head M311-'fCllC 4, Swing Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Banquet Commit- tee 4. She shines in all activities A well-known athleteg And out on any dance floor Glenna really is "all-rect". . ,,' -L MURIEL PICARD "Pic" Swing Club I, 2, 3, 4, Swing Club Governing Board 4, Girls' Glee Club 1, 3, 4, Girl Reserves 3, Correspondence Club 2, Newspaper Club 4, Dramatics Club 4. Muriel's a quiet girl The neatest little "chick", An honest asset to our class Is quiet, sensible "Pic". MERLIN PIPER "Alert" Glec Club 1, 2, 4, Band 2. l3asketball 1, 2, 3, Science Club 2, 3, Dramatics Club 2, Football I, Swing Club I, 2, 3, 4. M is for Mert, a boisterous lad At humor he sure has a knack, Of his presence we've been glad For in fun he never is slack. BARBARA JEAN RAYNO Knitting Club I, Science Club Secretary and Reporter 2, Student Council 2, Dancing Class 2, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Banquet Committee 4, Swing Club 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Scholastic Letter 3, Carnival Ball Exercises 3. Good things come in small packages On that we all agree, Especially applied to Barbara It fits her to a MT". ANN KAYE RIGHTER ".-lrnziicu Band 3, 4, Newspaper Club 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Swing Club 3, 4, Hockey 3. Ann's an ex-New jersey-ite, NVho came to us last year, Wherever tl'1ere's a laughing crowd You're always sure to see 'er. CECILE E. ROBICHAUD "CH" Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Swing Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary of Swing Club 4, Knitting Club 1, Dancing Class 2, Girl Reserves 2, 3, Scrapbook Club 2, Publicity Agent 2, Senior Banquet Com- mittee 4, Hockey 2, 3"', 4"', Basketball 3, 4"', QManager 4D, Dramatics Club 3. 4, QSecretary and Treasurer 4l. Cecile is our old standby As manager of teams, Vllhatever the situation She's always calm, it seems. ARCI-1115 RUEL, JR. "llchiv"' Dramatics Club 3, 4, Camera Club 3, Hi-Y 3, Swing Club .z, 3, 4, Glee Club 4. Now Arehie's a regular guy His views on women are vigorous, His conduct is sometimes awry And his jokes are often ridiculous, lf1l.l.iANOR SARGENT Knitting Club 1, 2, Sewing Club 2, Senior Banquet Com- mittee 4, Carnival Ball Committee 4, Swing Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Dancing Class 2. A dark eyed, laughing damsel With carefree heart, and merry way, No matter what the situation Our lileanor's always gay. LOUISE SCHMIDT ".S'mif1y" Band 2, 3, 4"', Hockey I, 4"', Dramaties Club I, 2, 3"', 4, Newspaper Club 3, 4, "Saved by the Belle" 3, Camera Club 1, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Swing Club I, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4. When our band is there behind her She steps a lively rate, Yet when it comes to "buzzer-time", Our "Smitty's" always latel JUNE MARGARET SCI-IWAB Glee Club 1, Correspondence Club 3, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Newspaper Club 4, Hockey 4, Swing Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Here's a merry little lassie VVho's always on the run, She's always got some jokes on hand And's full of pep and lun. PAULINE T. SEREN "Pa11ly"' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 3, Swing Club I, 2, 3, 4, Assistant Hockey Manager 3, Hockey Manager 4", Cor- respondence Club 2. NN-'ho's the ellieient office girl? You guessed it, she is Pauly. I-.ler restaurant is famous, too, She's known for being jolly. l A 'F 1 l' 1- DOROTHY MAE SHE PARD junior City Councilman I, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Girl Re- serves 3, First Aid 2. To Dotty we wish loads of luck In anything she'll do. She really is a nifty kid And very thoughtful, too. MARY SMITI-I Scrapbook Club 1, 2, Band 4, Senior lixecutive Board 4. Mary has won the hearts of all NVith her clever poetry. She's a quiet girl, and nice to know A worthy friend, you see. J. DONALD SNODGRASS "Dc-Far" Football Manager 4"', Hockey Manager 441, Swing Club I, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Student Council 3, Cooking Club 2, 4, Ski Club 2, Glee Club 1, Manager of Track 41. "De-Fer" as l1e is called Is a jovial, happy lad to know. Because he's good natured we say, "For he's a jolly good fellow. H BENJAMIN sT1f:1N, JR. '-12.',m,," Airplane Club I, Camera Club I, Cvlee Club I, Boxing jg", I-Ii-Y 3, Basketball 4". Now Benny wants to fly Making models is his meat. He plays basketball very well, Having him around is a treat. LOUISE EVA UNWIN "Bunny" Swing Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Banquet Committee 4, X1Veaving Club 1, Glee Club x, 2, 3, 4, First Aid Club 2, .Knitting Club 2, Dancing Class 2. Happy-go-lucky as can be Our Buuny's never sad, Our hats are off to her She knows the formula for being glad! I. ICO VAN KOERT " V ll llfu liaseball 2, 342 4. 'Football 1, 3"', 4. Hockey gr, 4, Boxing 3", 4, Swing Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Manager 41, Ski Team 1, 2, Cooking Club 3, Senior Banquet 4. Van tCasanovaD is a sharp sort of lad, XVitl1 girls he is not very shy. l'resiflent of Swing Club, with foreign interests too They say his phone bill to Concord is high. JICA N W liSCO'1"l' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Correspondence Club Club 2, Swing Club 2, 3, 4, Knitting Club 1. Jeanie has the dark brown hair And the eyes of velvet browng She-'S a whiz at sewing anything, And het' eooking's really sound. DORO'l.'l'lY C. VVOODMAN Dancing Class I, 2, Sewing Club A girl who is the quietest, She lends a helping handy Whenever she is called upon Dot answers the demand. RALPI-I M. WOODVVARD Football 4"', I-li-Y 3, 4. A very quiet one is Ralph NVho's ever willing to assist. I-le's a member of our football And also an apt machinist. team "Jcul1ie"' 2, Scrapbook "Dui" 2, Girl Reserves 3. "l'Voody" Cfais 0516150 'ay THE TRAVELING I'IISTORIAN In 1ny recent travels I chanced to pass through Education City. My first stop was a side street called Junior High Street on which were located many structures. Of course, the building I looked for was dated Class of 1942-43. Entering the hallway, I looked around. At once pleasant memories surrounded 1ne. After finishing my inspection of the rooms I wandered into the office. I saw a book which contained -our Junior City reports. During our year of residence in Junior City, we held two elections. At the first election we chose for our mayor, Bruce Bounds, for city clerk, Patricia Ben- nett, and for treasurer, Maurice Barg. For the second election we chose Patricia Bennett as our mayor, Muriel Collins as our city clerk, and as our treasurer, Almena Morrill. Due to the War we had to forego night parties in our city, but we had them in the afternoons. We were the first class to have an informal graduation, never- theless, we were happy knowing that we were on our way to High School Avenue. It was with many regrets that I closed the door of that building and left behind those memories of delightful moments. I continued walking until I found myself on High School Avenue. This avenue was built like a terrace, with three levels. I stopped on the first level dated 1943-44. There I recalled my class as we were, at last ready to begin our ascent. To lead us on this first lap of our journey we selected Bruce Rounds as president, Frank Moody as vice president, Sally Liden as secretary, and Patricia Bennett as our treasurer. WVe spent a very happy sophomore year, and in june of 1944 we were ready to move on. I took the steps that led me upward to the second level dated 1944-45. As juniors we elected Harold Smith president, but when he left school, Lawrence Swett took his place. Our vice president was Holt Dearborn, secretary john Courtemanche, and treasurer, Alfred Lagace. About the time we were ready to travel the Hnal steps that would take us to the third level, the surrender of Germany was announced. didii d'fLl5,fO'i1y cC7OlZfl:llLlELljl l climbed thc remaining steps that carried me to the uppermost level dated 1945-46. lt was with infinitely lighter hearts that we gathered there in Septem- ber, 1945. XV e had stopped on the way to celebrate the conquest of Iapan. It was a truly happy group of returning students who pitched their tents to make their last bit of history on I-Iigh School Avenue. Wfitli Bruce Rounds once more our president, Holt Dearborn vice president, Lawrence Swett secretary, and Patricia Bennett treasurer, and through the cooperation of all the students, we spent a very wonderful senior year. I at last came to the end ol: my sojourn in Education City. It had been a most enjoyable trip, but as the saying goes, 'KAll good things must come to an end," that is, the good things that come in high school. I stopped to rest and from the top of this avenue of knowledge, I could see below, a vast plain, the Plain of Life, which held the key to our future. After our graduation, a mo- mentous occasion and one to be treasured always, we were ready to start on di- vergent paths toward some ultimate goal, on that plain. And so forth to meet Mr. Future, who conducted the various members of our class to College Campus, Labor Lane, or Military Manor, we went, with hearts full of hope and COLl1'21gC. Gloria Mathews Hockey Fan: NVhat,s the score? Murray: Nothing to nothing. Fan: Cood game? Murray: I don't know it hasnlt started yet. Mr. Sillari: Do you think Bruce will leave footprints on the sands of time? Mr. Landry: I-Ielll leave them anywhere. just look at the halls. Mr. Harris: You hammer nails like lightning. llalph Woodward: You mean I'm a fast worker? Mr. Harris: No, you never strike twice in the same place. Miss Sullivan after the history test: How far were you from the right answer? Iimmy O'Brien: Two seats over and one down. A Cyan Be it known to all: that we, the Class of 1946 of the Franklin High School in Franklin, and in the State of New Hampshire, being of sound mind and mem- ory, except Louise Schmidt and Almena Morrill, but realizing the uncertainty of life, do make and proclaim this to be our last will and testament, hereby revok- ing all wills heretofore made by us. After the payment of our just debts and funeral charges, we bequeath, de- vise and give all of our personal property and talents as follows: With grateful appreciation for all they have done for us, we leave to the faculty this little verse, "You made us what we are today, we hope you're satisfiedf, Xvayne Atwood leaves his car to someone in need of transportation to and from school. VVanda Barna wills her 12:30 rendezvous to anyone with a Ward I interest. Maurice Belanger bequeaths his superior intelligence to anyone who can bear to live with it. Pat Bennett and Althea Currier will their artistic ability to Peggy Cleary and Norma Schwartz. Dot Boyce gives her seat on the I-Iill School Bus to her cousin, Nancy Boyce. Cecile Buczynski and Madeleine Hebert leave their trips to Laconia to Gloria Gilman and "Gina,' Magoon. Leona Buczynski wills her "Kurt" to anyone who wants a phonograph. Hugh Burleigh gives his reindeer sweater to Carolyn Marcotte. Joe Burleigh bequeaths his letters from Boston to Robert Robichaud. Jeanne Cavanaugh wills her "punctuality" to Maurice Pierce. Peter Charland presents his "key to the Moose Club" to Robert I-linds. Use it wisely, Bob. Anne Coffey leaves her numerous talents to Rita Perreault. Pat Cole bequeaths her bobby pins and hair rinse to Gene Piela. To Glenna Munsey, Muriel Collins Wills her position as Waitress at the Daniel Webster Inn. Murray Connor leaves his hockey stick to Ernest Fradette. john Courtemanche bequeaths his Economics classes "with the girls" to Roger Bushman. Richard Currier presents his train ticket to Villa Ordway, knowing she can make good use of it. 6761.11 fconiirzuccfy Holt Dearborn wills his trips to XfVillow Hill to any other athletic Ward I boy. Florence Dodge gives her band uniform to anyone who can get into it. Edward Gregg leaves his way with the girls to Richard Rayne. Avis Hannan bequeaths her interest in Boscawen to Margaret Hannan. To Maxine Chellis, Barbara Hoyt wills her place on "Kings School Busy. ,Betty Hoyt leaves her nbangsi' to anyone with a pair of scissors. Louise Kiloczki wills her noon hours at Paulineis Lunch to some noon pupil who likes to exercise before lunch. YValter Kulacz leaves his noon hours free for Marie. Florence Kyrka presents her hockey uniform and stick to Mildred Yeo. Pauline LaPlante wills her cousin, Archie to no one. She's much too nice to do a thing like that. Alfred Lagace leaves his mail bag at the Post Office. Theresa Lapointe bequeaths her job in Newberry's to Elspeth Ring. Pearl Lablanc wills her "cud,' to Mary Thibodeau. Marjorie Leslie wills herself, heart and soul, to anyone who can keep up with 11611 Sally Liden bequeaths her "romantic entanglementsv to anyone with a strong constitution. Gloria Mathews leaves her library periods to a junior with a great deal of patience. Solange Michel gives her place in the sextet to Juanita Crosby. Almena Morrill leaves her scholastic "spoils system" fA's to youl to Gloria Rivard. To Stanley Sakowski, Pauline Nadon wills her "jitterbugging maneuvers". Jean Nerden presents her cow flilsiel to Joyce Parris. Glenna Partelo leaves her athletic ability to Betty Daigneau with the counsel to "just keep on what sheis doing". George Mercier refuses to will his "Annie', to anyone. jimmy Oilirien wills his heart to any junior girl who can get it. Muriel Picard hequeaths her dignity to Barbara Morrill. Merlin Piper wills his "eye for blondes" to VVarren Barker. Cyljdii fconfinuscfl Barbara Bayno leaves her office periods to a willing worker in the junior Class. Ann Righter wills her Turhan Bey picture and autograph to someone who will treasure them as Ann does. Cecile Robichaucl bequeaths her history books to Doris Schmidt. Bruce Bounds leaves a petition requesting a life sentence with Barbara. Archie Ruel leaves just one jump ahead of the faculty. Eleanor Sargent wills Steve Greeley and his entertainers to some junior girl with a similar cowboy interest. Louise Schmidt bequeaths her interest in the Marine Corps to Maxine Andrews. Uust the interest, Maxine, and not the man.Q June Schwab wills her make-up slips to Martha Limoge. Pauline Seren bequeaths her application at Houle's Beauty School to some lucky Veteran. Dorothy Shepard presents her commercial talent and books to Barbara Magyar. Mary Ann Smith gives her poetic ability and beautiful curls to Roland Cate. Donald Snodgrass is taking his beloved song, "Bose Marie" along with him. Benny Stein leaves his place on the basketball team to Robert Woods. Larry Swett gives his fishing pole and "linen to Eugene Cushing. Louise Unwin wills her diamondfsj to Grace Nowell. Leo VanKoert bequeaths his ability to "love 'em and leave ,emu to Lester Crosby. Jean Wescott leaves her interest in Bristol to Genevieve Robichaud. Dorothy WVoodman gives her shyness to Robert Trachy. Ralph Woodward leaves .... "school at last!" says he. VVe leave the Iuniors still aheading for the last round-up". In Witviess WV71ere0f: We have hereunto set our hand and seal this four- teenth day of June in the year nineteen hundred and forty-six. LOUISE SCHMIDT ALlN'IENA Moruum. QZCLLL onfirz 145:19 llolt Dearborn wills his trips to VVillow Hill to any other athletic Ward I boy. Florence Dodge gives her band uniform to anyone who can get into it. Edward Gregg leaves his way with the girls to Richard Ptayno. Avis I-Iannan bequeaths her interest in Boscawen to Margaret Hannan. To Maxine Chellis, Barbara Hoyt wills her place on "King's School Bus". Betty Hoyt leaves her nbangsi' to anyone with a pair of scissors. Louise Kiloczki wills her noon hours at Pauline's Lunch to some noon pupil who likes to exercise before lunch. VValter Kulacz leaves his noon hours free for Marie. Florence Kyrka presents her hockey uniform and stick to Mildred Yeo. Pauline LaPlante wills her cousin, Archie to no one. She's much too nice to do a thing like that. Alfred Lagace leaves his mail bag at the Post Office. Theresa Lapointe bequeaths her job in Newberry's to Elspeth Bing. Pearl Lablane wills her "cud" to Mary Thibodeau. Marjorie Leslie wills herself, heart and soul, to anyone who can keep up with her. Sally Liden bequeaths her 'gromantie entanglementsi' to anyone with a strong constitution. Gloria Mathews leaves her library periods to a Junior with a great deal of patience. Solange Michel gives her place in the sextet to Juanita Crosby. Almena Morrill leaves her scholastic "spoils system" QA's to youl to Gloria Rivard. To Stanley Sakowski, Pauline Nadon wills her "jitterbugging maneuvers". .lean Nerden presents her cow flllsiej to Ioyce Parris. Glenna Partelo leaves her athletic ability to Betty Daigneau with the counsel to "Just keep on what she's doing". George Mercier refuses to will his "Annie" to anyone. Iilnmy Oilirien wills his heart to any junior girl who can get it. Muriel Picard bcqueaths her dignity to Barbara Morrill. Merlin Piper wills his "eye for blondes" to WVarren Barker. CEM flflfzff qconfimap Barbara Rayno leaves her oflice periods to a willing worker in the Junior Class. Ann Righter wills her Turhan Bey picture and autograph to someone who will treasure them as Ann does. Cecile Robichaud bequeaths her history books to Doris Schmidt. Bruce Rounds leaves a petition requesting a life sentence with Barbara. Archie Ruel leaves just one jump ahead of the faculty. Eleanor Sargent wills Steve Greeley and his entertainers to some junior girl with a similar cowboy interest. Louise Schmidt bequeaths her interest in the Marine Corps to Maxine Andrews. Qjust the interest, Maxine, and not the man.j june Schwab wills her make-up slips to Martha Limoge. Pauline Seren bequeaths her application at Houle's Beauty School to some lucky veteran. Dorothy Shepard presents her commercial talent and books to Barbara Magyar. Mary Ann Smith gives her poetic ability and beautiful curls to Roland Cate. Donald Snodgrass is taking his beloved song, "Bose Marie" along with him. Benny Stein leaves his place on the basketball team to Robert Woods. Larry Swett gives his fishing pole and "line" to Eugene Cushing. Louise Unwin wills her diamondfsj to Grace Nowell. Leo V anKoert bequeaths his ability to "love 'em and leave 'emu to Lester Crosby. jean VVescott leaves her interest in Bristol to Genevieve Robichaud. Dorothy NVoodman gives her shyuess to Robert Trachy. Ralph Woodward leaves .... "school at last!', says he. XVe leave the Juniors still "heading for the last round-upv. In VVitncss lVhere0f: VVe have hereunto set our hand and seal this four- teenth day of June in the year nineteen hundred and forty-six. LOUISE ScHM1n'r ALMENA MORRILL Cyan glzofzgaay 'Tis fifty-six and all is well, as well can be--Alas The greatest age fate's ever seen has truly come to pass. And all our futile thoughts and dreams have proven quite immense. Theylve even split the atom as a form of self defense. They reached the moon by radar way hack in forty-six, But now they'vc reached the planets, so 'tis here my tale I'1I Hx. 1 thought I'd pay a visit just for curiosity, And "Oh my achiu' hackf I say, the things I didnit see! I made my way to Venus and I climbed its golden stairs, The streets just rccked with romance, e'en the Howers grew in pairs. Short slacks and lumherjackets were the latest out in frocks, And all the little dogs and eats were sporting bobby socks. The homes were made of plastic, and the roofs were paved in gold. The men were tall and stately as were knights in days of old NVith helicopters Hyin' 'round it was some sight to see So I let my mind a-journey so 'twould picture you and me. I walked a ways to CriIHn's Drug--Yes Venus has one, too. I always used to go there when I'd nothing else to do. When who should greet me with broad grins and syrup on their brow But Dot and Jeanie, Yessiree, theyire soda jerkers, now. Well, I sat me at the fountain, sipping coke with leaps and bounds. Thought 1'd quench my thirst a trille 'fore I left to make the rounds, Remember Ned the handy man Wh0'd shirk more than he'd Work? Well now it's Greggy who takes his place--I say this with a smirk. I watched the door quite eagerly with very hopeful eyes When in walked Patty with George junior--what a sweet surprise, So I beckoned her come over and we had a jolly chat Couldn't find a change in her at all. She's still a happy Pat. "What's this I hear of Bruce and Barb?" I asked with seeming jest. "Oh! Thcy've bought a large plantation and are settling out west. And Clenna's training Amazons out Wellesley College way, VV hile Marge and Avis teach young tots the art to sing and play. UICIA5, QDTO 5561, Corztirzttstf J J 'iAnd John and Don are sculptors, biggest chiselers in town, VVhile Alfred is the Frankie Carle of Radaris Venus Town. And Benny has the slickest job as civil engineer, XVhile Schmitty is an actress, and oh, sheis such a dear! "And Archie is a barber, takes your head 'long with your hair, And Walt is his assistant--how they make the sharpest pair. And Leo has a harem, scores of girls at his command, While Solange is the vocalist for Dickie Piperls band. "And Sophie with intentions for a brain has gone to college She 1'eally has the bright desire to H11 her head with knowledge From Station Z Holt Dearborn is the goony, swooner crooner For Kiddieis Krunchy Kernels, while wife Wanda is the tuner. aAnd Maurice is a doctor, in this field heis a sensation He will gladly take your tonsils with each major operation, And Mary's his assistant leaving patients uncomplaining- VVhile Madeleine in her spare time for a pilot now is training. "And Florence with her slide bar keeps the hep-cats ever groovy, WVhile Ricl1ard's Won an Oscar for his latest dramatic movie. And Pete has got an orchestra--a solid one at that, While "Sis', has formed a baseball team with Kyrka at the bat. "And Pat's a dress designer for Mademoiselle and Charm, YVhile Nadon plucks the chickens up at Sally's Poultry Farm. And Tina has a job out west as Ace Stenographer, While Ralph has taken over as the Mad Photographer. 'KPearl and June and Muriel have a cute beauty salon, While Leona's on the night shift boarding stockings, dusk ,til dawn And Cecile, in mathematics, has become a brilliant teacher And Larry for the Baptist Church has now become a preacher. "While Eleanor is married, Dot Boyce and Unwin, too, And Nerden and her cow have just 1'CfLll'11CCl from Mayfair's Zoo And tl1C1'6,S Dotty and Althea painting work of great 1'enown, And Pauline with her restaurant has really gone to town. "And George has gotten him a farm while Annie milks the cows, And Merlin keeps the stables clean, while Hugo plants and plowsf' Yes! Pat was full of news and views as I could plainly see, But it was getting me nowhere. These things I craved to see. Cjflaai ipzofzgscy fforzfinizsdj So 1 bade her fond farewell for now and headed for the door VV hen Jimmy i11 an onrush nearly knocked me to the floor Yes! I-Ie was now a carpenter, great buildings brought him fame Ali! "I-Iammcrlicad Oilirieni' always was his high school name. I crossed o'er to Dilly's Dress Shop for more friends I craved to see, 'Tis Betty and 'tis jean who manage ladies' hosiery, WVhile Murray in the Men's Department Slf1'LltS with head held high And their stunning salcsgirls, Therese and Polly, really catch your eye. I continued on my journey letting will be 1ny command VV hen I chanccd to meet VVaync Atwood and his mobile hot dog stand. Then a sign atop the window made me doubt I do exist . The sign it wrote and 1 do quote was "Hoyt, Psychiatrist". I went over to the book stand, local news I sought to see XVhen two articles I noticed did recall my memory That Muriel, commercial whiz, is Trumanis secretary And Gloria is married to the boss of Venus' Dairy. I had walked from early sunup and my legs had p1'oved quite We'uy And 'tho my heart would linger there I dared no longer tarry As 1 made my reservations to leave Ioyous Venus land ,Twas like I had walked with all my classmates--each one hand in hand As I thought of all my classmates, how my heart went round and iound 'Twas like walking on a cloud of mem'ries, fragile, yet so sound. How I yearned a social meeting, high school days to reminisce- Gnce again my heart to cherish scenes of joy, of youth, and bliss. As I left this little land of dreams it prided me to know The mayor of the town was who? None other than our joe. ANNE COFFEY After taking apart and putting together a certain Buick for the twelfth time Peter Charland is helping C. A. Dorval to stock his "spare parts" shop Mrs. Chamberlain: Who followed Edward VI? Don't you remember? VVell it was Mary. Now who followed Mary? Alfred Lagace: I-Ier little lamb. Boys Holt Dearborn Leo V anKoert George Mercier Lawrence Swett Leo VanKoert Holt Dearborn Maurice Belanger Maurice Belanger Leo VanKoert james O'Brien Richard Currier Iohn Courtemanche Lawrence Swett Bruce Rounds Bruce Rounds Archie Ruel Iames O'Brien Peter Charland Iames O,Brien Lawrence Swett John Courtemanche Archie Ruel Senior Class Peter Charland Bruce Rounds Richard Currier Edward Gregg Peter Charland Holt Dearborn Edward Gregg Ralph Woodward Archie Ruel Bruce Rounds Joseph Burleigh Peter Charland Ioseph Burleigh Holt Dearborn Holt Dearborn WVayne Atwood Richard Currier cfeffaafions Most Popular Best Dresser Best Looking Most Flirtations Best Dancer Best Athlete Class Wit Most Studious Most Glamorous Most Pep Most Dignified Courteous Best Built Class Couple Most Likely to Succeed Class Clown Best Line Musician Neatest Gutest Politest Heckler Time Killer Dreamer Most Influential Most Bashful Noisiest Most Pessimistic Personality Chatterbox Artist Scatterbrain Orator Acting Ability Sleepiest Best Politician Best Natu1'ed Song Bird Optimistic Quietest Girls Sally Liden Patricia Bennett Glenna Partelo Marjorie Leslie Pauline Nadon Glenna Partelo Anne Coffey Barbara Rayno Ann Righter Patricia Cole Barbara Hoyt Mary Smith Florence Dodge Barbara Rayno Sally Liden Patricia Cole Marjorie Leslie Patricia Bennett Muriel Picard Barbara Rayno Mary Smith Leona Buczynski Senior Class Louise Schmidt Sally Liden Betty Hoyt Patricia Cole Dorothy Shepard Sally Liden Anne Coffey Patricia Bennett Florence Dodge Anne Coiiey Patricia Bennett Louise Schmidt Anne Coffey Sally Liden Patricia Bennett Louise Kiloczki Dorothy Woodman 1-6 ss. 1011 E XD B 'nd L.. 9 'U E 5 S 3 -6-4 E "' nd CT' E For F. dlho 115 gals .: -1 5... Of. 3 o dd X , '21 ku H E 'P .1 ,,, ,-, Xxye M SMH 1: 'r-4 4-I '.-1 rw an Z E m 5 2 D. Bates Cl B awe H Yve I-E Bo.. :J H. .-.Q QC gm- Y -H9 Q Eg . "rv" .E on 3 ZR-gk' KJ G..-45 r-' C: 55 E vi ,LL "',-.rn 0dzQ:JE22 OOX QQQWDQ mr-rrqJL,'jj.f1-12 '6lD.":4-172' .hm-.5 ,-Z,.C', Q.- OH? .XIPQ5 ,iaiu xv' .Lf .2 Q5 :gm H-4 la 1,-QF-1 vow :WG 'rf 5 22.92 Qhw :Ti-D: O','Z.'A ,.. CD"'f- C EQSHCQ 0 EWHQSEWNL O85 .2 H2044 fgegogm r-44" w 53:-'1' ' 05:50 f-4 5"'G -1 954. E V, ?4-a .Q 'S 4 ig 5 O f 555, -if tim : -N 2,5 E:-.'L'g"5,j2 0:3 3-4:-"5-.GS Eggaggijug.-. E'4-fa-131 .Egg "lEz..l,x,,f',,' aww af-22 L25 -E cv: is Q -3, -5 ... 6 4.4 Cdlmwm 2-1 Ds.-Ld... EQQSEES. gi:NE5E6 Qvaggg 55509 55 5053 -44 Jfggwf ,Lf-'0,,,,'jC" 47ugfd'l3 uiaw 22 E QU3 CL Q55 ,.q eo w 34" : '-1 Umm Prawn. fl: Finfgza rig. ,E :'::O5x -0 ,,.4,,,,?x. r-4014-'U C5 'fsmcn L-4 mlb Ql',.9..',,.2 ,-'Qi -'n? FSU-' E"Uj52N O SN Uc:s,DQ'-'A 4.3 HEQHE-N225 .Nb--'Hr-4 'F-4 EEQQSSS3 ZSQPQQQ 2351? 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V QT: N 'U cn va N Q. -C150 ibnw N cu1-- 4"cu- C' JA.-D+' VJ N Us -- --- o E--Hmm 3 1-wg vagqgn 4 Umvl' No 5 E-Ejwhgogamgj +- 51-C'-u 'p.,4"g5-5-4:lp-Q4"6-4-1mFv',-,OAI NOQCJ-E.,l,QCnE'Dm6tL3cE':D'T'J-5-vw N CD .' A 555-'12i2sfIEerm5fi2EP4 , fx: ,.,'-1 N.L"'CJ.L'EC,g9'Q.E50c::3,S9O"" P-13 I-1 if NUHO 'Q:u1H'LD5mmfv:'fu:fi Cl as H Ag es. 'f'4n-1 2 0 5 We 'DQ'Qfvs-:HBQWQ .Lf Zsbwa--E Omg A oi! me-.:""A'5 05---G3 f-O OCQ bg rw 'fp -'smsw f-so fo ,fzzgbgf-',f'C7:'Jp"'+.-,N bb -.'21f:"'s-. 'F-'giE,,E'Om,:g,9i.E.s"l"Eg'15'fg8 6.,,::.g,g.TJ.-1,2-Q 4LQcnp.,5f:gg..,., UOQSEQENG :-4-8 L-45,545 '-' "'-' 'ED ' v-4 CAEHU fffcnQO,L1vqr2QUlIl1-1-15D ae 5? Fw 95 '5 Q S 55.5 E E BEF 3 :DD-2 2 Q -.4 . -,-. '-Qg""'5'E'1E :-4uo"5f3 '5'5l":, O Ji O 'ti '-' mo H O who ' . cp bn-vcd. 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Adept Romancer Her ability to charm Leading George around p-f-f-t Clever Regaler Her managing ability WVith any girls' team VVhat's the score? Ever Smiling Cum chewing XfVith a -man Ah-Men!! Lady Sleepy Being Late Running to classes Have I missed anything? Iust Sweet Jokes GriHin's Drug I told a funny. Penny Saver Gossip W' ith her Bob Iive got a relative. Domestically Sharp Her pessimism Typing room Oh, nuts! Melodious Singer Her witty sayings Composing poems Look what I wrote about you! Lady Unassuming Her long Curls With Mal Oh, give me a home! jovial Woman Cute grin In church I don't know. Diligent Worker Quietness Studying fm seen but never heard. V st J- , 1 'Q 4 4.1 el , wifi". '.-4 P'- ,ks 'Y 1 ' 9'-,H , ,I E?" ? 'qv x Y v K ' wg" F .i H1 an , 1 I ,.-4 pr-fl -L' r 375' . I "4 'J I f P- ,512 I, 1 1' -11. . Y f 1 'T 1 . ', 11. fggl 'Ffi if NJ. ' 'Tr w'W . ., -1 , Q .- ff I e' 1.5, 1 4 f Q ' 3423 l P qi 11 9 f, 2' 15 11' -- V--u, b ., 'Q . r -Qgk rwvxwfgf 15 ,A , .,,l . w an Q x -.FY M W,-1 1 ,D 5, , 1 1 Y' 73951 is if . l:I,,'T.7,?if.-: .-.-Q Y ,I F '-'1j:1.'. -,'?'1,1' :fx ,. .4 -,r 1, ,. 1. , . , 'Q ,Ie 51 .-2'7'f- H' 25 if, 2: -" " i3lL4"' : 'W' LJ K'4"U11lff6fi'f' !!'1:,. , FHM r f :gg 4,-1. C 1 Allard, Janet Andrews, Maxine Bailey, Walter Barker, Warren Brown, Doris Bushman, Roger Cate, Roland Chandronnait, Alfred Chellis, Maxine Cilley, Beverly Cleary, Marguerite Cook, Marjorie Crosby, Lester Cushing, Eugene Daigneau, Gerald Daigneau, Mary Dumond, Irene Durgin, Marjorie Fillion, Alfred Gilman. Gloria Hartwell, Natalie Hinds, Robert Hodgdon, Beverly wzioz dfaii Hodgdon, Shirley Johnson, Francis K-eating, Anthony Keating, Michael Kelley, Dorothy Kelton, Leonard LaBelle, Jacqueline LaJoie, Esther Langevin, Joseph LaPlante, Helen Lefebvre, Jane Magyar, Barbara Magoon, Virginia Mahoney, Nathaniel Marceau, Arthur Marceau, Therese Marcotte. Carolyn Martin, Marie Mercier, Eileen Michelin, Theresa Munsey, Glenna N-owell, Grace Pastuszak, John Perreault, Rita Piela, Gene Pierce, Maurice Poisson, Robert Rayno, Richard Ring, Elspeth Rivard, Gloria Robichaud, Genevieve Robichaud, Robert Robitaille, Leo St. Cyr, Aime Sakowski, Stanley Schaefer, John Schmidt, Doris Schwartz, Norma Simmons, Esther Sokol, Leon Trachy, Robert Varney, Patricia Wentworth, Florence Wiegand, Barbara Woods, Robert Wooley, Barbara Youngman, Charlotte Allen, Marie Auger, Pauline Barna, Francis Bean, Madeline Beane, Doris Beaupre, Donald Beaupre, Gerard Bennett, Donald Benson, Helen Benson, Martha Boissonneau, Henry Boyce, Nancy Brown, Betty Bushman. Clayton Butler, Frank Chandronnait, Roland Cilley, Evelyn Clark, Andrew Clark, Gloria Coen, Elaine Colcord, Erford Collins, Clarence Connors, Elizabeth Crosby, Juanita Crowell, David Cutler, Bruce Daizneau, Sidney Dane, Joan Deshaies, Bertrand Desrochers, Cecile Donaghey, George Doucette, Juliette Downes, Betty Drew, Mary Q Fish, Lyle Foskett, Shirley Fredette, Ernest cboflgomo 'ze clan Gagne, Cecile Gardini, Gloria Gignac, Eugene Gilman, Arthur Gilman, Lorraine Hannah, Margaret Hawkes, June Heath, Joseph Hebert, Jeannette Hebert, Pauline 1-ieman, Hollis Hilliker, Joyce Hilliker, Lawrence Hooper, Margaret Jacobs, Gloria Jones, Colin Kiloczki, Katherine Kingsbury, Warren Kulacz, Albert Kyratzis, Sophie Lang, Malcolm LaPiante, Eleanor Laro, Virginia Laroche, Joan Lasak, Henry LeBrun, Raymond Liinoge, Martha Lowell, Walter Marceau, Robert Martin, Ray McDonald, Frederick Merchant, Polly Ann Mercier, Arthur Miner, Raymond Morrill, Barbara Nowell, Howard Ordway, Villa Jane Paige, Eddie Parris, Joyce Perreault, Madeline Petrach, Julia Pinard, Gisele Pinker, John Pinker, Stephen Powers, Marilyn Prince, Charles Quimby, Charles Raymond, Glenice Rayno, Wilfred Richards, Bertha Rivest, Lillian Robichaud, Roland Robie, George Rogers, May Sargent, Rosaille Shepard, Sylvia Snyder, Gerald Sokul, John Stein, Mildred Swift, Nancy Taylor, Betty Thibodeau, Mary Touchette, Corinne Van Camp, Rita Veysey, Dorothy Waldo, Marion Wallace, Robert Wark, Robert Weglarz, Kathryn Wescott, Rita Woodman, Donald Woodman, Harold Woods, Doris Yeo, Mildred Young, Joan Alfucfanf QOLLIZCI17 M President SALLY LIDEN Vice President . JANET ALLAHD Secretary and T1'easu-refr . . CLENNA PARTELO The Student Council is the governing body of the school with Mr. Burleigh as the advisor. It is made up of twelve students, four from each class, who are chosen by the faculty and their respective classes. All problems concerning the pupils or the school are discussed and solu- tions are Worked out co-operatively by the teachers and pupils. The Student Council does much to better our school, such as running the campaign against ill treatment of our building. The Council aided the War effort by sponsoring weekly victory stumps sales, victory dances, and the climax, the Bond Rally on December 7th, where S1500 worth of bonds were sold. We enjoyed many happy hours in our various Activities cqctioitias ssociation Front row, left to right: J. Allard, N. Schwartz, B. Rounds, Mrs. Davis, D. Beaupre. Second row: Mr. Cashman, Mr. Burleigh, Mr. King, Miss Kyrka, A. Lagace, Mr. Barker, Mr. Sillari. Not present when picture was taken were Mr. Innes and Mr. Dunnan. The Activities Association is composed of all students regularly enrolled as undergraduates in the Franklin High School, and all are considered to be mem- bers of this Association. There is an Advisory Council composed of the Headmaster, the Head Coach of boys, the Head Coach of girls, the Faculty Manager of Athletics, three repre- sentatives from the Student Council, beside the President, Vice President, the Secretary-treasurer of the Association, and one member of the faculty not repre- senting athletics and one member of the School Board. - Its function is to meet at certain designated dates and at all other times be- lieved necessary for the proper functioning of its activities. The purpose of the association is to see that the activities carried on by the association are running smoothly and to adjust all disagreements to the satis- faction of all pupils. The association has a treasury where money obtained from dues is kept and the association sees that its teams are properly equipped. The association has grown from the keeping of five or six accounts to a possible thirty-five sep- arate undertakings. win President LEO X7ANICOERT Vice Presirlent lN'lICHAEL KEATING Secretary CECILE ROBICHAUD Treasurer . MARJORLE LESLIE Advisor MRS. CHAINIBERLAIN The school year of 1945-46 was certainly brightened by our Swing Club's varied activities. Our semi-monthly dances which started with our rarin' Kuntry Kut-ups were met with enthusiasm by all members of our school, and the outstanding assemblies which were sponsored by the Swing Club proved to be successful. This year the club also sponsored educational movies and a prize speaking contest which was popular with the community as well as with the school. Our 1946 VVinter Carnival started january 28th with the classes opposing each other in all indoor sports. Due to the rainy weather, all skiing and skating events were cancelled. The juniors came out in the lead and their queen candi- date, Janet Allard, was crowned at one of the most glittering balls ever held. Janet graciously invited Patricia Bennett, senior candidate, to share the honor of the evening with her, as the seniors were a close second in the race for points. We seniors leave, remembering all our wonderful times with the Swing Club and knowing our underclassmen will have the same fun. Ugg jfnapiac az Ll Editor--in-Chief ,E . . . VVAREEN BARKER Associate Editors LESTER CROSBY, Nom-IA SCHVVARTZ Girls' Sports Editor . . . MARY THIBODEAU Boys, Sports Editor BOBEET ROBICHAUD Gossip Column . . ANNE COFFEY Humor Editor . . MILDRED YEO Circulation Manager ROBERT NIABCEAU Staff Typist . . NIURIEL COLLINS Exchange Editor . . EILEEN MERCLEE Social Editor . . . LOUISE KILOCZKI Chief Reporter . . . . ALNIENA MOEEILL Cub Reporters . . . NIARJORIE LESLIE, PEGGY CLEARY The newspaper club of the Franklin High School had another successful year in the publication of The Knapsack. Although we had a late start, our clever officers undertook the job with ability and enthusiasm. Miss Brooks was invaluable in supervising the paper so that it could main- tain its previous reputation. The newspaper was established in 1945. It has been appreciated by our class for the past two years, and we hope that our underclassnlen will carry on this paper for many years to come. XVe also wish to thank Mrs. Davis sincerely for her cooperation in helping to turn the paper off the press, so that the Knapsack could meet its schedule on time. Eianzafics I'1'esiclerzL' PAT BENNETT Vice Pre.s'iflc:11t . JOHNNY COURTEBIANCHE Sl?CI'Ulfll'U-TPUIISIIVCI' CECILE ROBICI-IAUD As in previous years we have organized a drainaties club. Miss Sullivan has directed the Dramatics Cluh for the past three years and is to be compli- mented for her great skill in the undertaking of this activity. Much is done to improve the poise, speech and walk of all its ineinbers. This year the play was "Summer Rash", which enjoyed remarkable success. The play was about a group of seventeen-year-old high school students who put on a play in a straw-hat theatre, popularly known as the Fowler Players. The curtain finally rises, the play is a success, not the great tragic drama that they had intended it to he, hut a howling comedy that is to be held over for two additional nights. The east of the play which was put on May 3, was Annabeth, Norma Schwartz, Carol, Juanita Crosby, Mrs. Fowler, Pat Bennett, Miss Brighton, Louise Schmidt, Ruthie, Mary Thibodeau, Mrs. Hughes, Anne Coffey, Kenneth Fowler, Donald Beaupreg Danny, Johnny Courteinancheg Hamlet, Joe Burleigh, Frank, Leo Hobitailleg Pronipter, Louise Kiloezki. Mrs. Bigelow also deserves much credit for instructiu and training the O C students in the play "Summer Rash . U55 Bam! Ssxfaf Left to right: G. Parte-lo, P. Bennett, E. Mercier, S. Michel, V. Robichaud, E. Coen gizfa I gfaa 91755 gm uaiaaf ilfofsi We consider our band a most worthwhile project in school and our com- munity. This year it helped our teams to come out on top by playing at the games with our rivals, Laconia and St. Johns Other appearances include a memorable part i11 our concert: Memorial Day services in Franklin and Bristol, and all our school parades as well as the Firemen's Parade. Much credit is to be given to Miss Moses for turning out such a splendid band. About eighty girls and twenty-five boys have joined our glee club this year. This activity is enjoyable to all members but also constitutes work, for the most important event for the clubs is the animal concert where the respective groups show their talent and enthusiasm for music. From the glee club six girls were selected to sing in the sextet. This year they have sung at Ashland, Laconia, and for many organizations such as the Odd Fellows, D. A. R., and W0man's Club. They have sung in many assemblies and led group singing. The sextet was enjoyed by everyone at the Senior Christmas Banquet where they sang many Christmas Carols. The girls could always be depended upon to help out a program on short notice. "Get the sextet to sing" we would say confidently, and the girls never failed us. Coach Eustis: What happened in 1732? Dot Boyce: Washington was born. Coach: Right. Now what happened in 1735? Edward Gregg: VVashington was three years old. Richard and Althea always carry a mouse trap so they can catch a certain train. Holt Dearborn: lim going to kiss you on the chin. Yvandaz Heavenis above. We joyfully pursued and proudly Watched, our numerous Sports W no , N , ,, ,A ,,,, , , ,,, -, . A, , - 4- ..- - - r goo fgaff Left to right, front row: Robert Poisson, Robert Hinds, Arthur Marceau, Lea VBDK081't, Robert Trachy, Leonard Kelton, Gene Piela. Back row, left to right: Captain Holt Dear- born, Frederick McDona1d, Warren Barker, James O'Brien. The Franklin High School football team, suffering from a succession of in- juries and bad luck, emerged from the 1945 season Without a major win. This did not reflect a bit upon the ability of our able coach, G. Colby Barker, who coached the boys amply and to the best of his ability. A difiicult schedule was concluded with the annual game with Laconia, which, although the boys fought their hearts out, was lost by a close score. The gridsters, through graduation, lose Captain Holt Dearborn, Iimmy O'Brien, Leo VanKoert, Bruce Rounds, Ralph XfVoodward, Walter Kulacz, Hugh Burleigh, and Alfred Lagace, but the next season's eleven should be one of the best in several seasons as such stalwarts as Robert Trachy, Robert Poisson, WVar- 1'en Barker, Frederick McDonald and Leonard Kelton will be back to play for Franklin High School. Boys I Baigefgaff The Blue and Cold of Franklin, defending Class B champions, finished up a better than average season by just missing a bid to the State Tournament. The club sulliered essentially from the lack of experience but never from the lack of iight. The team had a record of 11 wins and eight losses, five of the defeats com- ing from Class A schools. Our arch rival, Laconia, was beaten in a Wild thrill- studded contest played here. 'l'hrough graduation the quintet loses Captain Holt Dearborn, Jimmy O'Brien, Bruce Hounds, Lawrence Swett, and Benny Stein. All of these boys always gave their best for Franklin High School and will be sorely missed. The senior class Wishes the team of 1947 much success and hopes they en- joy playing for Franklin High School as much as the seniors did. Front row, left to right: Coach Barker, R. Trachy, F. McDonald. Captain Dearborn, J. O'Brien. W. Barker. Second row: Manager VanKoert, R. Robichaud, L. Crosby, B. Cutler, B. Stein, L. Swett, B. Rounds, Faculty Manager, Mr. King. 30375, I OGEE. Front row, left to right: D. Beaupre, A. Dube, H. Boissonneau, H. Lemire. Second row: A. Marceau, E. Fredette, L. VanKoert, M. Connor, B. Rounds, A. Lagace. Third row: Coach Barker, M. Keating, D. Snodgrass, R. Miner, J. Schaefer, B. Deshaies, T. Paquette, Manager, Mr. King. For the second consecutive season, Franklin High School was represented by a hockey team. The team, playing against strong competition, came out with three wins. The competition consisted of Tilton Prep, Concord, New Hampton School, and Brewster Academy. The boys were coached hy their excellent goalie, Murray Connor. In New Hampshire State Hockey standings, the boys placed third. The team, though lacking experience and having only their own uniforms, did their best and made a very fine showing. Two boys, Murray Connor and Ernest Fredette were nominated for all state honors, and Ernest made second team as a defense man. The prospects for a banner season next year look good, although the team loses Co-Captains Connor and Leo V anKoert, Bruce Rounds, Alfred Lagaee, and Manager Donald Snodgrass. This 1946 team did well. Keep it up in the future, boys. Q CV Baigafgaff The Franklin High School basketeers continuing their reign of fine teams annexed a season's record of fifteen Wins and two losses. The jayvees, always a colorful, fighting team, lost only to the Concord and Tilton Prep jayvees. Both of these contests were close and could have been won by either team. As a reward for their excellent year a post season game with St. Paul's School of Concord was played. This was the first time a Frank- lin basketball team had ever played St. Paulls School. The Iayvees, showing their usual skill, won the game with comparative ease. The Barkermen, who clon't lose a man through graduation, should help form the varsity of next season. The Senior Class wishes the layvees much success and hope they continue to be as good in the future. Front row, left to right: Anthony Keating, Roland Robichaud, Mike Keating, Leonard Kel- ton. Second row: Coach Barker, Edward Paige, Gene Piela, John Sokul, Bert Deshaies. gifzfa I Baagafgaff Front row, left to right: Coach Dolloff, M. Leslie, S. Liden, Co-Captains G. Partelo and M. Daigneau, M. Limoge, P. Nadon, E. Mercier. Second row: S. Michel, M. Thibodeau, E. Connor, J. Petrach, G. Gilman, M. Allen, Mgr. C. Robichaud. Third row, P. Hebert, G. Jacobs, E. Coen. Under the excellent coaching of Coach Dolloll, the girls, basketball team had an exceptionally good season, coming out on top with five Wins and only one loss. The girls, schedule was heavier than in years before, and as time goes on, We expect it to increase even more. The team next year should be as strong, even though it is losing five seniors, who are: Co-Captain Glenna Partelo, Sally Liden, Marjorie Leslie, Pauline Nadon, and Manager Cecile Robichaud. In coming years We will remember our thrilling game at Penaeook, and also the trip to Lebanon with the boys' basketball team. We will never forget Co-Captain Maly Daigneau's riotous humor on our old trips. They would have been dull without her! Scores Franklin Opponents Franklin Opponents 46 Bristol 17 39 Bristol 34 23 Penacook 14 33 St. Joseph 26 20 St. Joseph 20 24 Lebanon 41 gifzfi I 55106685 XV ith three victories and two ties, the 1945 season of the girls, field hockey remained undefeated. With our captain, Mary Daigneau, on the forward line lighting with all she had it is no wonder that the team came out on top. This year's schedule included games with Newport, Lebanon and Hanover. The girls were unable to play New London this year as the rival team was unorganized. The team is losing only four seniors. They are Glenna Partelo, Pauline Nadou, Cecile Robicllaucl and Manager Pauline Seren. We still. claim the Granite State Championship and We hope to retain the title. Scores Franklin Opponents Franklin Opponents 0 Newport 0 4 Newport 1 1 Hanover 1 3 Hanover 1 3 Lebanon 2 ' Front row, left to right: V. Magoon, P. Nadon, M. Thibodeau, J. Allard, M. Andrews, M. Daigneau, M. Limoge, C. Robichaud, M. Yeo, E. Coen, G. Partelo. Second row: Coach Kyrka, F. Kyrka, C. Weglarz, S. Minard, L. Gilman, G. Gilman, Third row: P. Seren, C. Veysey, L. Schmidt, B. Hartwell, D. Veysey, and B. Wooley. EY'S DIGEST I une THE LAST OF INTERESTING ITEMS 1946 The Class of 1946 ................ ......... A dvertise 1 Students Who .......................... .......................... T hink 2 They Have Achieved The ........ ......................... S kyways 3 Ot Education And ................... Their Intentions For The ..... Among Our ........................ Students ......................... Have Predicted B. ........... . And A. M., W., F. W. .......... .. Of Course B. S. Will Make ....... XVhile P. C. Will Become A .,...... In The Great ............................... L. V. K. Is ................................. G. P. With I-Ier ............. Is Posting Them On ........ 4 5 6 7 .........Sz1t. Eve. Postf edj ......................... Future ...............Scholnstic ....................Tl'HVGlC1'S ..........P0pular Scientist 8 ..........I-Iomemakers 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 ...........Sky News ...........Pz1th Finder .......................OlltCl0OlfS ..........Calling All Girls .........Personal Romances Billboard A. R. At .......................... .................. S eventeen 16 Is In Many A ...................... ................................. B oys Life 17 VVhile A. Pi. With His ........ .... ................................ F l ying Aces 18 Has P. C. On ....................................... .......... I-I. D. and VV. B. Are Leading A .......... ....... W. A. The ................................................... ............... Has Interest In The Daughter Of A ........ And May Become A ................................. E. G. With His ........... Is In ................................. M. P. With His Tilton ...... And All Her .................... .............. Are Thinking About ......... ................. L. S. Is ............................... ........ T he VV We Have Given You A ...... ....................................................... Into Our ............................. .............. And Our ................................... And For Showing The ....,......... You Did XVe XVish To Thank ...... 19 20 21 The Open Road, For Boys Life Country Gentleman ...................Penn. Funnel' 22 ..........Pxural New Yorker 23 ..........................Coronet 24 ...........Etude 25 ........Wo1nen 26 27 .........The American I-Iome 28 onian's Home Companion 29 .Peek 30 31 ..........FO1'tLl1'16S 32 ........,..Cue 34 ,pf f I " ' ' ff , .fl I pci! UI.. 'jf .17 , ' 1 'v '2'.: -f 1 , 'V' f 1 1, gr v J g',-j W. .px To all of our advertisers the Class of ,46 is especially grateful. You have contributed more generously than ever, and through your coopera- tion, the publication of this book, which means so much to us, has been made possible. ADS TI-IE FRANKLIN FROZEN FOODS AND LOCKER SERVICES Ccmgralulutcs the Class of 1946 and u7iS71,GS Them Success Enjoy your favoute food at its best any season of the year. A frozen food lockel plotects and Dreserves the succulent goodness for months. FRANKLIN FROZEN FOODS AND LOCKER SERVICES North Main Street Tel. 600 F 1'2111k1iIl, N. H I I I OWER RE oRE P PSH' y y M HAM To NEWWER FOR uv' NG 'ElJ.EcTP'CM' ew HAMP59' Remember . . . ELECTRICITY DOES NOT JUST HAPPEN It takes a vast amount of valuable materials and equipment, a wiclc-scale system of constant maintenance by highly trained specialists, to bring you this important commodity . . . ELEC- TRICITY . . . a commodity which points the Way to modern living . . . ELECTRICAL LIVING . . . "at the flick of a switch". Public Service Company of New Hampshire Remember-New Low Rates Mean Better Living-Electrically 7 "f7Jf'f. ' ,'- ','g'j ! , 1 V 'v:-5511.3 '. s Lan, 9 9 The STORE for MEN 9 9 The STORE for JUNIOR MISS Outfitters to the F. H. Graduate for over 40 yCi1l'S I fl I. ,T ' onyraiufafzbns ffjqv., xx 2' ' Members of f I ' , Qs F. H. s. Class of '46 if nk X May you have every success for the future . A ' N' .f -P. v w f A 1,-Z A , . W ' 6 f igidi? O , I GEORGE VV. PERRY DI-ICTUGIQADI-ilfll Z' Studio 43 Pleasant Street Concord, New Hampshire TOVVNE 6: ROBIE PRINTERS Franklin New Hampshire Printers of "The Key" Specializing in Book, Pamphlet and Publication Work Publishers of The Iozn'nf1Z-Transcript Complinzents of SULLOWAY HOSIERY MILLS Compliznents of ACME KNITTING MACHINE 81 NEEDLE CO. BELMONT HOSIERY COMPANY FRANKLIN NEEDLE COMPANY Compliments of RICHARDSON LAUNDRIES, INC. "Anything Washable" Tel. Franklin 145 Tilton 48-4 Collection and Delivery Service for SANDERS, DRY CLEANING SHOP 181 Central Street F1'aI'1klii1, N. H. Tel. 163-W A Good Ed-ucation and Good Credit are Assets which can never be taken from you. Om' OH:iCC1'S and Directors congratulate the memlvers of the Class of 1946 on the satisfactory completion of Hzeir H iglz. School cours-o. TI-IE FRANKLIN NATIONAL BANK FRANKLIN SAVINGS BANK Franklin, New I-Iampshire Incorporated 1869 Compliments of Compliments of FRANKLIN CAFE SENECA HOYT 81 SON TOM JOYCE, PROP. Compliments of Compliments of CUTTEPCS DMS PHARMACY Esso SERVICENTEB Good Luck To The Class of 1946 FROM THE F IIANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL SWING CLUB THE WARREN KAY VANTINE STUDIO, INC. SCI-1001. AND COLLEGE PHo'rocnAP1-Haus 160 Boylston Street Boston, Mass CHRISTIE POULTRY FARMS Home of Spizzersinktwn Kingston, New Hampshire Compliments of MARIE'S BEAUTY SI-IOPPE C omplimcnts of DOUCETS MARKET Compliments of REGAL THEATRE For Systematic Savings or Modern Home Loans become acquainted with your FRANKLIN BUILDING 8z LOAN ASS'N Compliments of A. LaBRANCHE ICE AND OIL EARL L. LAWRENCE IEWELER Diamonds, Watches, Clocks Jewelry and Silverware Franklin Street Franklin, N. Best W'ishes to the Class of 1946 BRADFORD H. BUTLER H. L. YOUNG 81 COMPANY Compliments of CENTRAL PHARMACY CF'orrner1y Coopers, Inc.J Lunches-Sundaes Cosmetics Prescription Service ARTHUR TRUCI-ION, PROP. Registered Pharmacist MAI-IONEY'S GARAGE Motor Tune-up Auto, Truck and Tractor Repairing 765 Central Street Tel. 276-W BUILDEIIS, SUPPLIES PLUBIBERS, SUPPLIES SP Compliments of C. P. STEVENS COMPANY ORTING GOODS Franklin, N. H. GENERAL HARDVVARE TI-IE N Compliments of EWS AND BOO Newsdealers Stationers Office Outfitters C om.plimen.ts of K SHOP MERLE PERRY F uxs'r NATIONAL STORES SELF SERVICE I-IAIN Compliments of fIMOND'S BAK ERY Best YVishes to the Class of '46 KELLEY'S ARMY 61 NAVY STORE Congratulations Class of 1946 VELMA SMITH AGENCY INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE Syndicate Block Conzpl-iments of F. KROPP, M. D. Tel. 156 588 Central Street MERRIMACK FARMERS' EXCHANGE "The F a1'mer's Busincssv Merrimack Rations Grain, Coal, Seed, Fertilizer, Spray Material, Farming Tools, Roofing Material, Paint VVe've a Hair for . . . IUNIOR FASHIONS and an urge to win an admiring audience for you MAX SOLOMON WOMAN,S SHOP Compliments of DR. P. A. SMITH cumopxmcron Complime-nits of G. W. GRIFFIN COMPANY GRIFFIN HACK SAW BLADES Compliments of GILES DAIRY PASTEURIZED MILK AND CREAINI "C-ct the best-Cet Gildsv C0l7l19lill'IClltS of VOGUE BEAUTY SHOPPE 77 Franklin Street Compliments of PERKINS' SHOE STORE Franklin Street Compliments of Compliments of PRESCOTT PIPER MOTOR OIL COMPANY COMPANY DODGE AND PLYINIOUTH FUEL OLL Compliments of Compliments of C. E. DOUPHINETT A FRIEND Compliments of C. 1. DRIGANTI Compliments of RAF F AELLYS MARKET Compliments of SI-IEPARD GROCERY CO INC. XVHOLESALERS Compliments of E. G. dz E. YV. LEACH Compliments of 'VAL'S BARBER S1-1011 Opposite City Hall VAL BEAUPRE, PROP. 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McKEE DENTIST Compliments of B-K HOSIERY MILL Best W'i.s'71cs to the Class of ,46 BEAN 61 TRACHY TEXACO SUPER-SERVICE STA'r1oNs 155 Central Street North Main and Webster Streets Complriments of -the h -sign Com pZ'in1.ent's of ESSO STATION BU'r'rs BUCZYNSKI Coznplime-nts of ED,S BARBER SHOP Compliments of NADEAU'S MARKET Terrace Road Compliments of PETES MARKET School Street A. WV. FROST AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE Frzmklin, N. H. Complimcnils of PINE CUPBOARD .ANTIQUE SHOP Best wishes to the Class of ,46 PAULINE'S LUNCH Jl3ANS0N'S Compliments of JENNEY STATION SUNLIGHT and DRY CLEANERS TAXI 5EPlW1CE O. LECLEIIC, PROP. Tel. 610 N01't1'1 Main Street 85 SC11001 Street Compliments of STEVE'S MARKET 42 Franklin Street STEVE I'IEBERT, PROP. Compliments of AMERICAN SHOE REPAIR Central Street En PIEALEY, PROP. ARNOLD G. LIICHANCE JEVVELER 1 South Main Street E. I. KEEGAN 61 CO GIFTS I-IAIIDWAIIE KYANIZE PAINT IMPERIAL WALLPAPER Compliments of Complilnenls of LIDEN'S ENDICOTT-JOHNSON VALLEY POULTRY FARM 355 Central Street Hill, N. H. Compliments of ROY'S BARBER SHOP 20 Franklin Street Compliments of KROPP FURNITURE COMPANY Central Street Compliments of FIELDERS, THE FLORIST FRANKLIN FLORAL CO. Flowers for Every Occasion DAMARIS SLACK, MOH. Compliments of "STEVE" BARRY THE BEST HOT Docs IN TOWN Compliments of THE CURRIER STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHS fs: FRANIING Com.pli1nents of ELM GIFT SHOP 61 Beech Street Mus. INEZ DECATO, PROP. Telephone 782-W Complinzevzts of CONANT dz HOLDEN SERVICE STATION Compliments of W ALLACETS MARKET Have you visited Our New SELII-SERVICE STORE Complinzents of SYLVESTEITS MARKET Compliments of YARN, GIFT 61 FLOVVER Complinwnts of DR. FREDERICK ZIEGLER Tel. 614-W 418 Central Street Complinwnts of BILL,S GARAGE NOOK REPAIRING 6: WELDLNIG GIFTS, CORSAGES AND FLOWERS 818 Central Street Tel. 448-R 430 Central Street C omplim wits of CUSI-IING'S ELECTRICAL CENTER Central Street Compliments of MARGAYS HOME-COOKED LUN CHES Good Coffee Tilton Road I. P. BERNARD, PROP. 4 Lf .- Compliments of KIDDER LUMBER CO. JEAN M. SHAW AGENCY 1NSU11ANCE-SURETY BONDS REAL ESTATE 359 Central Street Franklin, N. H. Compliments of M. A. CROWLEY TRUCKING Compliments of MME. CARBONNEAU Compliments of CREVIOR FURNITURE CO. Franklin, N. H. Compliments of TI-IE PLEASANT STREET FARM ROY C. COLBY, PROP. ADNA GRILL "A Good Place to Eat" M. A. PHOULX, PROP. CLAYTON PICKERING, MGIK. Compliments of DEFOSSES RADIO SHOP Franklin Street Complilnents of I-IEBERT MFC. CO. Compliments of COLLEGIATE CAP AND GOWN COMPANY 366 Fifth Avenue New York 1, New York A FRIEND Compliments of MARTIN LASAK Compliments of HABERDASHER SHOP Compliments of BAKER 61 COMPANY 378 Central Street BLANCHE HEBERT, M GR. From the first formation of society, jewelry has been used as a means of adornment. The class ring serves an additional purpose being an ever present reminder of pleas- ant school associations. 1946 Class Jeweler DIEGES 51 CLUST 73 Tremont Street Boston, Mass. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 ' . 1 1 X I , W 1 1 1 1 N ' 1 1 , . 1 1, 1 W 'w I 1 ' 1 W V, , Y . - . . .. V Y W...

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