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JZSVWLL , Wm WU , 2 'Zz 21203 1 . ,fgzwv 011 527Q7.f IM - KMA "W 4'-Ck' M 1 I fa W 2 We M ,HMMM W Jw wwffvm .fgzwffka 6174 of. ffLcff.fmfvuJ" GJJCQAXVQWWV' .AU G- MLW, pi! u!hC'gfn""" NC? Ju ,f Jflwfoa. Qfwufn- JAP.QMu.M,ZvL ,,A,,,A,,m 9,114 A Q Jbul ,QA Jia-L JJ-DC,1LV . JJ.. AANQJZQ fad .e.,,4,,..11U,L, -tin? ' JCfQvLffJkLf'7"Qa'VMAJi'2fMesfif0ge4'9xAJ4LwovFcVCF4,QQrKL -f Aff .,,,g,7M1Lf ,1,pNQ- LJUL? Q,fL.w..r ,W-fhfm CL,,,cf-,y,,,,,,4K5GVM,i W4 JE AJLMWJ 4.3114 Jfwm, ,ff-A 6-fwvffdfa, GMA-f jfjin mf, ,mlm 0 MDF " , 1 Gif .-eff-K, JE- yff-.f0z.L-vlfg, VZALLQVM y?kkv .MQUO G-nf f'yJ2-"'Y'f"0-- ffw-MQ., fi lu' -ffm M2211 7 ygafgg, AJQJQ, Java, CVKLLHQ7 fwi4L7" ff 5-If-fZ'7Le1, - I ,Q Nynffwsp :aw fwflfukuw MQMMWJ wQq.Z2.,, ' .WJAL Jppfwwdm. J 'fbii ,,,fLW,,,,,v3z,a -LMA, 00,1 ,ZQJA 2: fzzfyslz .JCKQAN -ff,.,'ffu2.Vg -AV-Q. .AWQJQL y.c,,,f,Av0,L ,902 3- VDWQ? 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Lois Hass Dick Foster . . . Verdonna Williams . . . . Lyle Muth Typists .... . . . Lyla Muth Marilyn Arke Business Manager . . . Paul McAreavey Photographer . . . . Richard Jacobs Reporters . . . . .James Hymans Rudy Bargmann Newell Ordal Advertising . . . . Marilyn Mergen Toiny Piehl 1 .4 FRANKLI FlY ER Paper Staff 'Pwr ni - f X4 - I .,l I y 'N i Editor ..... . . Verdonna Williams Assistant Editor . . ........ Lois Hass Art Editor ...... ......... D ick Foster Sport Editors ..... . . Richard Jacobs, Lyle Muth Typists and Reporters . . ....... Senior Class Advisor ........ . .Mr. Halvorson PI'O0fI'e2ld6I' ' , , , Mr, Moose gi Dedication MRS. G. W. SCHRANTZ MRS. GORDON BOHL YES, IT IS UNUSUAL TO DEDICATE A YEARBOOK TO MORE THAN ONE PERSON AT A TIME. HOWEVER, THESE TWO CONSISTENTLY CAME OUT AT THE TOP OF ALL FLYER DISCUSSIONS, CANDIDACY RATINGS, AND POLLS. OBVIOUS- LY THERE WAS BUT ONE THING TO DO---AND WE DID IT! IT GIVES US GREAT PLEASURE TO DEDICATE THE 1959 FLYER TO MRS. G. W. SCHRANTZ AND TO MRS. GORDON BOHL, MUCH LOVED AND RESPECTED MEMBERS OF OUR FAC- ULTY. MRS. SCHRANTZ HAS SERVED AS HOME ECONOMICS INSTRUCTOR FOR THE PAST FIVE YEARS IN OUR SCHOOL. MRS. BOHL JOINED THE FACULTY SEVEN YEARS AGO AND HAS BEEN OUR DIRECTOR OF MUSIC DURING THIS TIME. THEY HAVE COLLECTED A HOST OF FRIENDS THROUGHOUT THE YEARS. WE THE SENIOR CLASS OF '59 ARE PROUD TO DEDICATE THIS ANNUAL TO MRS. BOHL AND MRS. SCHRANTZ. A if 'N It 'y X Kan 1 fa zzz A J L'L"fQfM . I, . 1-,,,jLAjfA. ff f fbdquff B Mjlft ' NIJ 1 A ,,,,4 4f1fM 'J Y Lwfw if s f f ,YW ZWJM U Aw! P ,fQ5,f,,N'f if X u . l, ww , V ' 5 f. , fl MLILIWIL if ,X In A All IW L . Ui C1 I 1 W0 ,160 Facult , ""':r l f fx.. . Z MRS. BOHL MR. CAMPBELL SUPERINTENDENT MR. MOOSE English I Geometry HALVORSON English Algebra Biology Bookkeeping Coach Music General Business Typing I, II MRS. SCHRANTZ ,iff -, MRj CONWAY . .ziinp ' Sociology Home Economics ggi.. G d C h General Science kf'b . Ggieinrsact I 911 , ,' History EQ-1 1-VB . MISS J ANSS EN 1 st and 2nd 'pl- A 'kk . 'sl 0 'Ska' Q MRS. MOOSE MRS. SMITH 3rd and 4th 5th and 6th 7th and 8th K of- ' ig 'f ' C Q, MRS. GRAN FLAT EN If 'E JANITOR: Bill Schroeder BUS DRIVERS: Bill Schroeder, Neil Reecy Don Nugent, Bob Black COOKS: Mrs. Vic Sterling and Mrs. Bill Schroeder. Albert Mergen Fred Kapaun Harvey Alguire Craig Williams BOARD OF EDUCATION John Hass Earl Acheson John McAllister Supt. Halvorson 5. -. SENIORS JUNIORS . M f V .,..1 - 5.4:- S A L i Richard Jacobs, Verdonna Williams, Paul Oltman, Laurel Lunt, Sharon Lyle Muth. Crelly, Eleanor Williams. SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Carol McAllister, Betty Struck, not Duane Struck, Ronald Schroeder, pictured-Sharon Ordal. Joan Williams, ' LL A Af Zfiifil , gig M5152 Zfw f,,iQfMfiZQ,i4, QL if J2,.,uL! dw! mini!! OU F L, fd 5 JM 5 421 QL,j 7 1 340 My WJ! JQJLM jg Wjwd 0261, fl 400 4 Af fiighdgfdg kgfs ew "-56 'v. :wk - 'E-'I-'.' . .-,rv .-ng, f K . LYLE MUTH "Fun loving, but sensible." Sweetheart King .... Class Plays ....... Yearbook QSports Editorl . Class Officer ...... Paper Staff QSports Editorj. . . BasketballA. . . . . . Basketball B . . Track . . . . 2,3, 1,2,3,4 LYLA MUTH "The only way to have friends is to be one. " Class Plays. . . . . 3,4 Cheerleader: ..... . . 3,4 Yearbook QTypistJ . . . . . 4 Paper Staff QReporterJ . . . . 2,4 Girls Athletics ..... . .1,2 Glee Club ...... . . 4 Mixed Chorus . . . . . 4 Pep Club .... . 1,2,3,4 FHA ..... . 1,2,3,4 FHA Officer. . . . . .3 Tx o ff ,,,.- 4 V' ' wk-gr .. 1 x :XF u' wx 1 .. 7 a35."Y'f Xe Nts. r ' 2 VERDONNA WILLIAMS "Always busy, yet time for everything. Class Plays ........ . 3 Yearbook QFeatures Editorl . . . . Paper Staff lEditorJ .... . Class Officer ..... . . 3 Girl's State Alternate . . . D.A.R. .... .. Lake County D. A. R. Rep. . . . Gir1's Athletics . . . . . . . 1 Glee Club .... . . . . . 2,3 Mixed Chorus . . . . . . 2 Mixed Vocal Ensemble . . . . . Soloist....... . .... Band ..... . . . .1 , 2 , 3 , Clarinet Quartet . . .... 1, Pep Band .... . . 1,2,3,4 Pep Club ..... . 1.,2,3,4 Pep Club Officer . . . . . . F.H.A.. . . . . . . 1,2,3, F.H.A. Officer. . . ...... 3, State F.H.A. Chorus ..... . . State F.H.A. Officer Candidate . . . DICK FOSTER "He could argue a fish out of water and make him think he was better off." Sweetheart King Candidate .... 2 Class Plays ....... . . 2,3,4 Yearbook fCo-Editorj . . . .4 Class Officer ..... . . . 3 Mixed Chorus ..... . . 2 , 4 Student Council Rep. . . . . . 1 Boys Quartet ...... . .4 Paper Staff fArt Editorj. . . . . 4 Soloist ......... . . 3,4 Brass Sextet . . . . . .2 Band ....... . . 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 Accompanist .... . . 3,4 Alternate Boys State . . . 3 'EX Xe A Q ii ." rg ,, W -'J V xv -0 A if i M AP! f f x N .J M'----dx PAUL MCAREAVEY "Whenever I feel like exercising, I lie down until the feeling passes." Carnival King Candidate . . . 1 ClassPlay......... . 3,4 Class0fficer. . . . . . . . . . . 1 Yearbook lBusiness Managerj . . . . 4 Boys State .......... . . 3 Student Council ..... . .2 Paper Staff fReporterJ . . . . 4 Basketball A ...... . . 2, 3, 4 Basketball B . . .... . 1 Track .... . .l,2,3,4 Soloist. . . . . 3 LOIS HASS "She looks innocent but if you only knew!" Sweetheart Candidate . . Sweetheart Queen . . . Class Plays ..... Yearbook QCo-Editorj . . Class Officer .... Glee Club . . . Mixed Chorus .... Girls State ....... Paper Staff QA. Editorj . Girls Athletics ..... Pep Club .... FHA ..... FHA Officer . . Soloist . . . Horn Duet . . Sextet . . . Band .... Pep Band ..... Cheerleader .... Region FHA Officer . . . Mixed Vocal Ensemble . Homemaker of Tomorrow n 3, 1, 3, 2, 1, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, a s X B 3 ' llll 9 JAMES HYMANS "I don't say much, but I think 21 lot." Yearbook fReporterJ . . . . Class Plays ..... . Paper Staff QReporterJ . . . . BasketballB. . . . . . . . .2 Track........ ..1,2, NEWELL ORDAL "What! Me worry?" Class Plays . . Mixed Chorus .... Quartette ........ Paper Staff fReporterl . . Yearbook fReporterl . . Basketball B ..... Basketball A .... Track .... ,.r .. s. . I X 1' 1 Xlnxiiig x if ' "7 jfflklll MARILYN MERGEN "Not too serious, not too gay but a very nice girl in a very nice way. " Sweetheart Queen ..... . 3 Class Plays . . . . . 3,4 Yearbook. . . .. . . .4 Glee Club ...... . .1,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus ..... . . 1,2,4 Paper Staff QReporterj . . . . 4 Girls Athletics .... . . . 1,2 Pep Club ....... . . 1,2,3,4 Pep Club Officer . . . . . . 3 FHA ...... . . 1,2,3,4 Band ..... . . 1,2,3,4 Cheerleader. . . . . .4 Pep Band. . . . 1,2,3,4 RUDY BARGMANN "Don't recite so loud, Iwant to sleep ' Class Plays ..... Yearbook fReportery . . . Paper Staff fReporterl . Basketball A ..... Basketball B . . Track . I - - x 5 1 I s 4 F I-VU, X1 A EG. " f " 'Q E M719 'Ng Q 5 g 1 . X, RICHARD JACOBS "Formula for fun -- Wine, women and fast cars. . . " Class Plays . . . . . . . . .2,3,4 Yearbook Qlahotographerj . . . . . 4 Class Officer ...... . . 4 Paper Sta.ff1HumorJ. . . . A ABasketball .... . .2,:a,4 Bnasketbml. . . . . .1,z Track. . . . .1,2,3,4 MARILYN ARKE "Should I or shouldn't I?" Class Plays ..... Sweetheart Candidate . . Yearbook fTypistl . . Class Officer .... Glee Club ...... Mixed Chorus ..... Paper Staff QReporterQ . . Pep Club ....... FHA . . . . Soloist . . Sextet . . 1? 1, fy O fb TOINY PIEHL "She came as astranger and remains as a friend." Class Plays . ..... . . .4 Yearbook fAdvertisingJ . . . . . 3,4 Glee Club ....... . . 2,3,4 Mixed Chorus ...... ' . . 4 Paper Staff fReporterJ . . . .4 Girls Athletics .... . . 1 Pep Club ............. 4 FHA .............. 1,4 Transfer student from Madison Central. MOTTO: "We finish to begin" FLOWER: Tinted Carnation COLORS: Coral and Silver f w I l is 1: 7 'J ? fm. .a ' W , bf 4 N I f 9 Class History One sunny day in September 1947, 15 anxious little boys and girls began their long journey of education in Franklin School. They were Marilyn Arke, Vern Scheafer, Marilyn Mergen, Ruth Rath, Richard Jacobs, Judy Augustad, Lorraine Dahmen, Dean Lefer, Gary Peterson, Jim Fods, Bob Brummel, Newell Ordal, Judy Church, Lois Hass, and Jerry McAllister. Our teacher was Miss Carol Weber. We started our second grade with the addition of Henrietta Hoek. Miss Weber again was our teacher, but we were sorry to leave behind Gary Peterson and Dean Lefer who could not keep up with us. We also lost Lorraine Dahmen and Jerry McAllister who moved away in February and March. In the third grade we were fortunate to gain Barbara Huls, Verdonna Williams, Dick Foster, Margaret Jandl, and Larry Arneson. Miss Dona Keiner was our teacher. Mrs. Mullany taught us in the fourth grade. This year we lost Judy Church who joined the class behind us. The number of our class was increased with two newcomers, Lyle and Lyla Muth, later on in the year Loren Skinner also joined us. We started the fifth grade with the same faces except for Ruth Rath and Bob Brummel who moved away during the summer. This left us with Marilyn Arke, Vern Scheafer, Marilyn Mergen, Richard Jacobs, Judy Augustad, Jim Fods, Newell Ordal, Lois Hass, Henrietta Hoek, Barbara Huls, Verdonna Williams, Dick Foster, Margaret J andl, Lyle Muth, Lyla Muth, Loren Skinner, and Larry Arneson. Larry left in February. Our teacher this year was Mrs. Smith. As our class advanced another step to the sixth grade with Mrs. Smith as our teacher, we were happy to gain Ruth Rath and James Hymans. .But later on in the year Barbara Huls moved to Brandon. Dick Foster and Loren Skinner left us and Connie Vbgt joined us as we entered the seventh grade leaving the total number of 16. But this number was increased to one more when Rudy Bargmann joined us in March. Mrs. Glenn Granflaten was our teacher this year. As we entered the eighth grade we found we were getting closer and closer to high school. During the year Toiny Piehl joined us. As this year came to a close with Mrs. Granflaten as our teacher, it ended the happy years of our grade school. We graduated with 18 members. In the fall of 1955 Marilyn Arke, Vern Scheafer, Marilyn Mergen, Ruth Rath, Richard Jacobs, Judy Augustad, Jim Fods, Margaret Jandl, Connie Vogt, Lyla Muth, Lyle Muth, Verdonna Williams, Lois Hass, Rudy Bargmann, Newell Ordal, James Hymans, Andy Bos, Paul McAreavey, Dick Foster, and Harvey Mathius entered Franklin High School. The new members who joined us were Andy, Paul, Dick, and Harvey. Toiny Peihl and Henrietta Hoek moved away and after a few weeks Harvey Mathius decided to quit, The summer before our sophomore year Andy Bos moved to Colman, and in the middle of the year Ruth Rath left us. As we entered our junior year we realized that our goal was nearing. We were unfortunate to lose several members of our class this year. Vern Scheafer and Connie Vogt went to Colton School, Margaret Jandl decided to become a working girl and Jim Fods thought he had enough schooling. We lost Judy Augustad in the summer, but gained Toiny Piehl, a transfer student from Madison Central in December. There are now 13 in the Senior Class. They are Marilyn Arke, Rudy Bargmann, James Hymans, Lois Hass, Richard Jacobs, Paul McAreavey, Marilyn Mergen, Lyla Muth, Lyle Muth, Newell Ordal, Verdonna Williams, Toiny Piehl, and Dick Foster. Class Will We, the Senior Class, being remarkably brilliant, unusually talented, and endowed with outstanding abilities do establish this our last will and testament: We, the Senior Class of '59, will to the music department all busted music stands, torn sheet music, busted horns, out of tune pianos, and reserve the right to carry the pianos from the auditorium to the music room to anyone who wants it. We, the Senior Class of '59, will to the athletic department all our old tennis shoes, dirty socks, busted shoestrings, filthy showers, spilled foot powder, and reserve the right to leave the showers running to anyone that wants Bill S. on their neck. We, the Senior Class of '59, will to the faculty all torn books, false excuses to get out of class, crib notes, writing on the walls, spilled ink, flunked tests, and anything else we've forgotten to mention. We, the Senior Class of '59, will to our fellow students the bars on the windows, gum under the desks, our ability to get along with the teachers, our skill to stay out of school and miss for no reason at all, and also leave to the incoming Freshman Class the dreadful four years of school in front of them. I, Marilyn Arke, will my giggle to Mr. Conway. I, Lyle Muth, will my ability to stay home to Dick Ordal. I, Rudy Bargmann, will my ability to go to town every night to Tim Mc. I, Newell.Ordal, will the money I spent on Mad Magazines to Mr. Moose. I, Richard Jacobs, will my ability to get into trouble to anybody that wants to have as much fun as I have had. I, Paul McAreavey, will my ability to go with Madison girls to Darrel Williams and Paul Oltmann. I, Verdonna Williams, will my Friday nights to Frances B. I, Lyla Muth, will my perfect attendance to basketball games to Sharon Crelly. I, Dick Foster, will my tuba to Joe Piehl. I, Lois Hass, will my height to Harlene Lunt. I, James Hymans, will my thirty mile daily bus ride to Ronnie S. May he have as much fun as I have had. I, Marilyn Mergen, will my quiet ways to Sharyl Fods. I, Toiny Piehl, will my extra study halls to Dennis Degen so he will have more time to check out. We hereby constitute and appoint the said superintendent sole executive of the last will and testament. In witness whereof, we, the Senior Class of 1959, seal this the 14th of May in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and fifty-nine. qsignedp Marilyn Arke Lyle Muth Rudy Bargmann Newell Ordal Richard Jacobs Paul McAreavey Verdonna Williams Lyla Muth Dick Foster Lois Hass James Hymans Marilyn Mergen Toiny Piehl Class Prophecies It was a cold, foggy day in 1969, when Dick Foster and Verdonna Williams decided they would take a drive to up-state New York. Dick, who is the conductor for the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and Verdonna, who is his private secretary, climbed into Dick's big black Caddy and headed north. After driving for some time they came upon a swanky, new, night club. They decided to go in and look around. As they entered they were greeted by a pair of very familiar faces, Paul McAreavey and "Uncle" Rudy Bargmann. They explained they had bought the club soon a.fter graduation from Franklin. They had tried other businesses but for some reason they seemed to have a knack for night clubing. As Dick and Verdonna went back to eat, there came from outside the roar of an engine and the squealing of tires and through the door strolled Richard Jacobs. Jake spied Dick and Verdonna and started talking over old times. He informed them that he had taken the World Champion Sports Car Driving title again this year and was planning a little party. They remembered some of his parties so they decided to stick around. Jake ordered some "refreshments" from the hostess, Toiny Piehl. Toiny had Worked there for two years now. Whistles and heavy breathing arose from the males standing in a somewhat vertical position around the room as the famous model for Harper's Bazaar Magazine, Lois Hass made her heart-stopping entrance. Lois was wearing one of her latest fashions from her salon in Paris. Lois was soon joined by James Hymans, who owns a 30,000 acre cattle ranch in Texas that borders his 20,000 acres of oil wells. When asked what he was doing in New York, James said he was trying to put over a deal to buy Lake Erie for a swimming pool. The next person to enter was no one else than Marilyn Mergen. She came over to join the happy, carefree, fun loving, little group with her husband, Prince Ivan Hadenough. She was now the Ambassador to Monaco and she and her Prince take a vacation every two weeks, for two weeks. The pitter-patter of little basketballs came drifting over to the booth, that was be- coming quite crowded by this time , and as the people looked up, a ball went sailing through the air and right into a chandelier. Close behind was Lyle Muth. He said, from his vantage point in the chandelier, that he was coach, prompter, owner, and played guard on weekends for the World Champion Basketball team that traveled under the name of Muth's Goof's. As in high school, Lyle had to leave early because of his strict training I'l11eS- Verdonna looked around and saw a lady sitting at the far end with a veil over her face. She looked faintly like Lyla Muth. She stole over and sure enough, it was Lyla. She said that she was a school-teacher and had to disguise herself to have a little fun so her darling pupils wouldn't notice her. How times have changed! As by now the boisterous bunch was getting sloped, the curtain for the floor show went up. And there on the stage was the former editor of M-Q Magazine, now turned comedian, "Nuts" Newell Ordal. The next performance was more a shock than a surprise. Slinking from behind the curtain came Marilyn Arke, better known as the "Green Hornet." No one recognized her because, as she explained later, she had gone on a diet. She explained she had gotten tired of people looking at her and saying, "Mmmmm boy! But you are a fat one! !" The party broke up two days later because a few of the people just had to get back to their own "haunts". But all agreed that they would be at the next reunion to be held once every year for six months! by Richard Jacobs and Lyle Muth Class Poem Introducing the Senior Class Come one, come all, come lad and lass Seven boys handsome, six girls sweet, Make up the class you're about to meet. Richard was our basketball center, In mischief he's the full inventor. The chief class pest so the girls say, But his ideal girl is down Colton way. Marilyn Arke is a maiden fair, And possesses a giggle that's oh so rare. Talented, friendly, and oh so gay She makes for everyone a happy day. Rudy is what we call dizzy, The city of Madison he keeps busy. A speeding car he likes to drive, It's really a wonder that he's alive. Lois is one who's full of pep When it comes to cheering she's really hep. A sweet personality, one of the best, We're sure that she will pass the test. Dick is a very talented guy, In all types of music he rates highg He never took part in any gym, But a successful future lies ahead of him. Marilyn Mergen is next in line As a friend she's really fine In classes she has little to say, But does her work in a quiet way. Newell Ordal is quite a guy Always happy without a sigh. Never a dull moment when he's around If there is mischief to be found. Verdonna is a blue eyed lass Was DAR of the Senior Class Of all the things she has to say She says them in the kindest way. Lyle's a dark complected man, Who helps you out whenever he can. He measured five feet nine inches tall, And is really handy with a basketball. Lyla Muth is always gay, Sometimes quiet with little to say, She makes sure her work is done, And then has fun with everyone. Next down the line is Paul Who's great at playing basketball, In the future he plans to go to college To add to his great store of knowledge. As a student at Franklin she is new, But to everyone she's a friend so true, Everything Toiny does is done well, In future years we know she'll excel. James is a quiet lad Who's always happy - never sad. He never has too much to say, But we all like him just that way. Now it's time to say farewell, What the future holds we cannot tell, This final parting brings a tear As we leave behind our friends so dear Written by Verdonna Williams and Dick Foster Q Sharon Crelly Eleanor Williams Kay Reecy Juniors Laurel Lunt .lg All Nancy Oltmann Paul Oltmann 925 -D :gg- 4 if - I Frances Barnes if n i l X +- i - 5 Marcelline Sheppard -1 4 E Nancy McAre avey Monica Sheppard V7 ,,., , Q ' ' 'L f ir . 'il' 4 ii. 2 Harold DeBu1ten Richard Ordal Sharyl Fods Sophomores " 22 f 2 i.i Sharon Ordal Darrold Williams Qi' ' 4 .... v-s UQ .... I5 ,... 99 E11 '1 ,... o 'I F' m o I3 R: 3 " 9' . O h . 1 H i Marvin Hoek ' ,Qu I A. ' ' Betty Struck Carol McAllister Lowell Has s 11' ' l 445 A Xf. 4 E l v , . , Dennis Degan Arvin Hymans Joe Piehl Gary Knutson Freshmen Ronnie Schroeder , Q' X 5 In f x . Joan Williams Tim McLaughlin Eddie Ordal ' 'ze fx 1- . 1 Jim Gonyo Roger Stofferahn Jerry Mergen Mike McCool 24 Maxine Muller Y n Priscilla Hymans . Vg ,.-la...4f.n M Harlene Lunt A Q n 5 'X 4 i ' 1 -s, Duane Struck ofow 9 W Ist and 2nd Grades 4. 44 l V., ff-1' -'sf ' in 'ki 5 Back Row: Roberta Gonyo, Jerry Hoek, Patsy Vander Plats, Linda Tollefson, Jack Halseth, Miss Janssen, Larry Alverson, Bob Severson, Corinne Scheafer, Timmy Aker. Middle Row: Duayne Vant Hul, Gary Heibult, Freddy DeBu1ten, Emily Reurink, Ronnie Alverson, Joan Scheaier, Dawn Hass, Steven Swier. Front Row: Jack Moore, Lynn Farr, Jeff Knutson, Diann Riedel, Kelly Jones, Joe Moore, Dick Evans, Irene Scheafer. rd and th Grades 6' v-.J . X . 4 4' V A-ll. " r 'lt-Q 1 l I pf' t t 1 u 1 Y ,,,,, ,, ,,,.,,, p I Q Back Row: Mike McAreavey, Susan Kapatui, Ronny Erstad, Carol Deelstra, Keith Hass, Sharon Van Duyn, Nancy Farr, Marcel Piehl. Middle Row: Mrs. Moose, David Hybertson, Harold Hymans, Sharon Swier, Gladys Marquart, David Heibult, Barbara Peterson, Ronnie Swier. Front Row: Diane Erstad, Dale Reecy, David McAreavey, Rhonda Vant Hul, Lyle Acheson, Katy McAllister, not pictured, Darrel Neilson. 5th and 6th Grades QQ 99 C .Qi lx f' ' 'ill l.1 Back Row: Pierrette Piehl, Dennis Riedel, Hubert Piehl, Vincent Scheafer, Duane Hybertson, LeAnn Erstad, Anita Kapaun, Robert Irvine, Ray Branson, Rebecca Muth, Elaine Scheafer. Middle Row: Kathy Lunt, Carol Williams, Linda Vant Hul, Carolyn Acheson, Linda Aker, Roger Rath, Mike Halseth. Front Row: Alice Marquart, Pat Halseth, Cindy Lunt, Kenneth Scheafer, Sharon Ruerind, Dennis Rudd, Lynne Severson, Judy Bohl, Pat Bohl, Mrs. Smith, and not pictured, Verdonna Hoek. 7th and 8th Grades A 'D n x -Q 'Q 1 . " QQ ' 5" l. " 1 ld ... A 1 'EPA VZ - H- C as 'H I. " Back Row: Gretchen Kapaun, Connie McAreavey, Patricia Hymans, Cheryl Aker, Gail Erickson, Rita Scheafer, Loren Hass, Kenny Stienberg. Middle Row: Gordon Reecy, Bill Crelly, Dean Van Hull, Bernard Jandl, Bernardette Jandl, Jim Knutson, Darrel Fods, Jim Van Heerde. Front Row: David Marquart, Sharon Lunt, Karen Lunt, Marilyn Hybertson, Carol Baartman, Dan Bohl, and Mrs. Glenn Granflaten. Grade Chorus ,122 'DQ' Q. Back Row: Fourth Row Third Row: Second Row First Row: lit Bill Crelley, Gretchen Kapaun, Connie McAreavey, Patricia Hymans, Cheryl Aker, Gail Erickson, Rita Scheafer, Loren Hass, Kenny Stienberg, Darrell Feds, Duane Hybertson. Kathy Lunt, Gordon Reecy, Karen Lunt, Marilyn Hybertson, Carol Baartman, Bernard Jandl, Dean Van Hull, Bernardette Jandl, Jim Knutson, Jim Van Hurde, Anita Kapaun, Dan Bohl, Mrs. Bohl. Pierrette Piehl, Vincent Soheafer, Elaine Scheafer, Rebecca Muth, LeAnn Erstad, Robert Irvine, Ray Branson, Linda Swier, Linda Va.r1t Hul. Alice Marquart, Cindy Lunt, Sharon Ruerind, Linda Aker, Bob Granflaten, Judy Bohll Pat Bohl, Kenneth Scheafer, Carolyn Acheson, Roger Rath. Sharon Lunt, David Marquart, Pat Halseth, Dennis Riedel, Carol Williams, Hubert Piehl, Dennis Rudd, Mike Halseth, Lynne Severson. Grade Basketball Back Row: Jim Van Heerde, Darrell Fods, Kenny Stienberg, Loren Hass, Bernard Jandl, Jim Knutson, Coach, Mr. Conway. Middle Row: David Marquart, Gordon Reecy, Dan Bohl, Billy Crelly, Dean Van Hull. Cheerleaders: Cheryl Aker, Bernardette Jandl , Rita Scheafer. Q "AHTeum Q' m Back Row: Darrel Williams, Paul McAreavey, Richard Jacobs, Paul Oltman, Harold DeBulten, Rudy Bargmann. Front Row: Mr. Moose, Marvin Hoek, Lowell Hass, Newell Ordal, Dick Ordal, Lyle Muth. "" Team '- 'lk 'e-'e' . Ajit Z fYi11!,WfJwn 4 n 1' Back Row: Mr. Moose, Dennis Degen, Dick Ordal, Harold DeBulten, Lowell Hass, Jim Gonghu, Roger Stofferahn, Gary Knutson. Front Row: Ronnie Schroeder, Jerry Mergen, Duane Struck, Arvin Hymans, Marvin Hoek, Eddie Ordal, Joe Piehl. " "Track Back Row: Darrel Williams, Paul McAreavey, Richard Jacobs, Paul Oltman, Harold DeBulten. Front Row: Marvin Hoek, Newell Ordal, Lowell Hass, Lyle Muth, Dick Ordal. " " Truck G9 Back Row: Arvin Hymans, Dennis Degen, Tim McLaughlin, Jim Gonghu, Gary Knutson, Roger Stofferahn. Front Row: Ronnie Schroeder, Jerry Mergen, Duane Struck, Eddie Ordal, Joe Piehl . . Ta A f n""f' 1958-59 Basketball Schedule We They Montrose 46 34 Garretson 33 28 Orland 36 28 Egan 33 43 Colman 42 27 Rutland 51 30 Howard 39 50 Humboldt 61 32 Dell Rapids 28 63 Ramona 35 31 Chester 40 29 Colton 59 42 Beadle 38 35 Montrose 51 40 DARROLD WILLIAMS Trent 54 31 Oldham 34 40 Orland 54 44 Winfred 72 56 Chester 32 23 Lake County Conference Tournament Franklin 40 Ramona Franklin 46 Winfred MARVIN HOEK Sioux Valley Conference Tournament Franklin 44 Chester Franklin 43 Colman Franklin 40 Beadle District 17 Tournament Franklin 55 Rutland Franklin 47 Colton Franklin 66 Egan PAUL OLTMANN RICHARD JACOBS F Won 22 Lost 5 29 35 29 31 36 26 48 60 O. PAUL MCAREAVEY LYLE MU TH NEWELL ORDAL Pep Club 'I . a l . .. ' .S Back Row: Harlene Lunt, Nancy Oltmann, Laurel Lunt, Kay Reecy, Verdonna Williams, Monica Shepperd, Nancy McAreavey, Virginia Erickson Priscilla Hymans, Frances Barnes. Middle Row: Marcelline Sheppard, Joan Williams, Maxine Muller, Sharyl Fods, Sharon Crelly, Carol McAllister, Betty Struck, Toiny Piehl, Marilyn Arke. Front Row: Lois Hass, Lyla Muth, Eleanor Williams, Marilyn Mergen. , -Elleerleuders X 4-s..... ,.r.u..,,,...:.,-4 es- lus- Marilyn Mergen, Eleanor Williams, Lyla Muth, Lois Hass. F. H. A. - my , .J q- 1 i " .., .a 1 l Q3 t X . bs- Back Row: Harlene Lunt, Priscilla Hymans, Laurel Lunt, Virginia Erickson, Sharyl Fods, Monica Sheppard, Lyla Muth, Toiny Piehl, Betty Struck, Middle Row: Mrs. Schrantz, advisor, Marcelline Sheppard, Nancy Oltmann, Maxine Muller, Joan Williams, Marilyn Arke, Marilyn Mergen. Front Row: Kay Reecy, Sharon Crelly, Nancy McAreavey, Eleanor Williams, Carol McAllister, Lois Hass, Frances Barnes, Verdonna Williams. Speech 'ng 4 f L-ev-Ol ' Back Row: Kay Reecy, Frances Barnes, Sharon Crelly. Front Row: Eleanor Williams, Mrs. Schrantz, advisor, Marcelline Sheppard, Laurel Lunt. 5 M Bu nd DRUMS Mike McCool Marilyn Mergen Ronnie Schroeder SAXOPHONES Gary Knudson Eleanor Williams Harleue Lunt Monica Sheppard CLARINETS Verdonna Williams Nancy McAreavey Betty Struck Priscilla Hymans Karen Lunt Cheryl Aker Carolyn Acheson Director , Mrs . Bohl BELLS Sharon Cre lly TU BAS Dick Foster Rita Sche afer HORNS Lois Hass Gail Erickson Dan Bohl FLUTES Gretchen Kapaun Susan Kapaun Maxine Muller Judy Bohl Carol McAllister Not pictured: Sharon Ordal BARITONES Bernadette J andl Marilyn Hybertson Pat Bohl TROMBONES Virginia Erickson Sharyl Fods Joan Williams CORNETS Frances Barnes Nancy Oltrnan Lynn Severson Duane Hybertson Sharon Limt Linda Aker Carol Williams Glee Club Back Row: Harlene Lunt, Laurel Lunt, Virginia Erickson, Kay Reecy, Priscilla Hymans, Verdonna Williams, Nancy McAreavey, Lyla Muth, Toiny Piehl. Middle Row: Monica Sheppard, Betty Struck, Maxine Muller, Marcelline Sheppard, Frances Barnes, Sharon Crelly, Nancy Oltmann. Front Row: Mrs. Bohl, Marilyn Mergen, Joan Williams, Sharyl Fods, Carol McAllister, Eleanor Williams, Lois Hass, Marilyn Arke. Mixed Chorus Back Row: Laurel Lunt, Virginia Erickson, Kay Reecy, Mike McCoo1, Dick Foster, Paul Oltmann, Dick Ordal, Lowell Hass, Newell Ordal, Lyla Muth. Third Row: Gary Knudson, Monica Sheppard, Harlene Lunt, Priscilla Hymans, Verdonna Williams, Nancy McAreavey, Sharon Crelly, Nancy Oltmann, Toiny Piehl. Second Row: Mrs. Bohl, Sharyl Fods, Betty Struck, Maxine Muller, Marcelline Sheppard, Frances Barnes, Carol McAllister, Eleanor Williams, Lois Hass, Marilyn Arke, Marilyn Mergen. Front Row: Marvin Hoek, Jerry Mergen, Joan Williams, Ronnie Schroeder, Joe Piehl. ' C arinet Quartet n W5 Karen Lunt, Verdonna Willialms, Nancy McAreavey, Betty Struck axophone Quartet Y- Eleanor Williams, Harlene Lunt, Monica Sheppard, Gary Knutson. Girls' Sextet Marilyn Arke, Lois Hass, Eleanor Williams, Sharyl Fods, Frances Barnes. Not pictured: Sharon Ordal. Fhne Tdo Horn Duet Lois Hass Maxine Muller Carol McAllister Not Pictured: Sharon Ordal Dan Bohl Paul Oltmann Dick Foster Ronnie Schroeder Gary Knutson 45 Boys' Quartet Vi X Brass Sextet Dan Bohl, Joan Williams, Bernadette Jandl, Rita Scheafer, Nancy Oltmann, Frances Barnes. Soloists 1' 1 Joan, Harlene Lunt, Dick Foster, Frances Barnes, Marilyn Arke. . --v - 1 Q BIGGEST FLIRT Sz WOLF Richard Jacobs 8z Lois Hass WITTIEST MOST STU DIOUS James Hymans Sz Marilyn Arke MOST ATHLETIC Newell Ordal MOST LHQELY TO SUCCEED Dick Foster 8z Verdonna Williams BEST DRESSED Marilyn Mergen Sz Paul McAreavey FRIENDLIEST Lyla Muth Sz Lyle Muth Toiny Piehl Sz Rudy Bargmann Li is I li' Ig. b 'arcs M5 yy 1-l -J 6, QI I -, I . Q-P5 -qfxgi affi x'-Q em k at r It --A D-in-1 ' Q 1-,fd 1 '-"J l ,E 5.1 J K L -' . L4- l Z i 4 A barrel of fun! Supt. at work! i 4-. . .s.. fb The Senior Gang Senior Girls Picnic ,J ?Q 1 Ain't we busy? ? ? y , ll A "58" Jr. -Sr. Banquet Freshman Initiation T" Sweat Shop I promise I won't chew gum! N g x 'i 5 In the cellar of Old Franklin High Homewreckers of Tomorrow Knotty Pine, Nutty Girls l 1 Where is the game? Homemaker DAR 384-1- Lois Hass Verdonna William Bov State 81 Girls State ii CALLAN GRAIN Kc SEED COMPANY GRAIN MUSTANG SEEDS COAL CHEMICALS FERTILIZER BLU EGRASS PHONE CL 6-4592 MADISON, SOUTH DAKOTA COMPLIMENTS OF FARMERS Kc MERCHANTS C0-OP. OIL CO. MADISON , SOUTH DAKOTA COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE NORTHWEST SECURITY NATIUNAL BANK OF SIOUX FALLS AFFILIATED WITH NORTHWEST BAN-CORPORATION -QWSUIQW. X 5 5 """"'....... S 5 2 Aflsmoiv' MADISON MADISON BRANCH SOUTH DAKOTA FARMERS ELEWITOR GRAIN FEED FERTILIZER TWINE SEEDS COAL CUSTOM GRINDING - MDCING PHONE CL 6-4584 MADISON, SOUTH DAKOTA 'bf fr IN Chester Hardware PAINTS - BOTTLE GAS - RADIOS - ACCESSORIES PLUMBING - HEATING - AND TV H. T. BENSON, PROPRIETOR PHONE 11 CHESTER SOUTH DAKOTA 1' Q Farmers Lumber Yard L. ti X DEPT. OF MADISON FARMERS ELEVATOR CO. C. B. GILES, MGR. - PHONE 2259 BILL DINGS BUSINESS IS BUILDING BUSINESS NO DOWN PAYMENT - 36 MONTHS TO PAY AT MADISON'S COMPLETE BUILDING MATERIAL CENTER MADISON 400 SOUTH LEE SOUTH DAKOTA COMPLIMENTS OF Security Bank YOUR HOME TOWN BANK MADISON, SOUTH DAKOTA Ralphfs Service Groceries - Gas - Beer Body Shop - Glass Replacement Welding Phone C L 6 -3877 Franklin South Dakota Gifts for All Occasions Kelley's China :Q Gi t - Direct Factory Representatives Register Your Chosen Pattern of China and Crystal Wedding Service and Counsel Madison South Dakota F. G. Ball Q Son lClayton Bally Insurance Since 1894 - Over 50 Years In Madison Madison South Dakota Farmers C0-op Elevator Co-op Sz Zip Feeds Fertilizer, Coal, Twine Sz Seed A. M. Kinger, Manager Phone 26 Chester South Dakota INSURANC E BONDS WESLEY M. BEARDSLEY, AGENT ABSTRACTS MADISON, SOUTH DAKOTA COLTON IMPLEMENT CO. Compliments of John Deere Implements DR. JULIAN H, JENSEN, D. D.S. Complete Line of Repairs Phone 41 Madison South Dakota Colton South Dakota Compliments WHEALY AUTO ELECTRIC and Good Luck to the Class of '58 Sz '59 Phone CL 6-2421 LAWRENCE KAISER Madison South Dakota Madison South Dakota In Madison, South Dakota Compliments of It's JACK'S BAR PARKER AUTO CO. "As Fine As You Will Find" Madison South Dakota EAST SIDE FARM STORE W. M. NETTUM Land O'Lakes Feed Seed Sz Plant Food Farm Loans and Sales Livestock - Poultry Equipment Insurance of All Kinds Highway 34 Phone CL 6-2718 Madison South Dakota Madison South Dakota R. J. FELKER, REALTOR IVAN BERGE Tom Felker, Associate Groceries - Meats Fruits - Vegetables - Dry Goods Farm Sz Auto Insurance Locker Plant Service Farm Loans Phone 27 Madison South Dakota Colton South Dakota ENTRINGER SERVICE Compliments of James C. and Elmer Entringer Proprietors COMMUNITY BANK Gas - Oil - Tires - Batteries Accessories Phone 40 Chester South Dakota Colton South Dakota BILL'S RECREATION Beer - Cigarettes - Cards Pool - Snooker Colton South Dakota Compliments of DR. S. J. CHRISTENSEN Madison South Dakota VAN'S IMPLEMENT CO. Chas. Hoekman - Proprietor McCormick - New Idea International Motor Trucks RCA - Whirlpool Appliances Phone 38 Colton South Dakota L. J. JOHNSON LUMBER COMPANY Building Supplies Paint - Shopwork Phone 52 Colton South Dakota Compliments of COLLIGONS - OUR OWN HARDWARE Hardware - Appliances Sporting Goods - Gifts Floor Coverings - Paints Phone CL 6-2429 Compliments of MICHAELSON'S INSURANCE CO. Phone CL 6-2200 Madison South Dakota Madison South Dakota S. E. HENG Compliments of Filling Station - Grocery Store Phone 1701 OUIMS DEPARTMENT STORE Hiway 19 Madison South Dakota Colton South Dakota Hallenbeck, I ncorporated Furniture - 2 Stores Funeral Home Carpeting Madison, South Dakota Lindstroms Grocery Thanks to You Nice People V-Ye Are Still Here Madison South Dakota Buffalo Trading Post Donald Foster, Prop. Quality Groceries Radios - Television - Refrigeration Feeds Sz Seeds Colton Phone 2217 South Dakota Every Kind of Insurance At a Saving for the Policy Holder Wiedenman, Inc. "Where Insurance Is a Business, Never a Sideline" Fire - Life - Automobile - Bonds'- Farm Madison South Dakota SCHRADERS CAFE Junction of 34 8x 81 Highway West City Limits 24 Hour Service Madison, South Dakota SIEDSCHLAW IMP. CO. Your John Deere Dealer Phone CL 6-5575 Madison South Dakota SUNSHINE STATE HATCHERY FARMERS 8z MERCHAN TS CAFE Zip Hy-line Feeds Chicks Truck Stop Phone CL 6-2555 Phone CL 6-2665 Madison South Dakota Madison South Dakota ERICKSON'S BRAKE SHOP Compliments of MADISON DAILY LEADER Brake Work Adjustments Editor George Hunter Phone CL 6-9905 Madison South Dakota Madison South Dakota LYLE'S STANDARD SERVICE Porter Lifetime Mufflers Guarantee Keys Made to Fit Wheels Balance Phone CL 6-9953 Madison South Dakota SMITHY'S BOWLING Eight Lanes 214 S. Egan Phone CL 6-9949 Madison South Dakota H Q I Superette HERMAN 8: IVGA PEDERSON GROC ERY MEATS FRUITS PHONE 29 CHESTER SOUTH DAKOTA Chester Rest Home E. A. LENY, PROPRIETOR PHONE 24 CHESTER SOUTH DAKOTA VAN ASSELT PRODUCE Compliments of Art Van Asselt, Proprietor GRONSDAHLS GARAGE Cream - Eggs - Poultry Colton South Dakota Colton South Dakota I Harry Ban M Son Implement Co. Sales - Service - Parts Farm Implements Tractors - Trucks Dial CL 6-4336 Madison South Dakota Oberg Construction Co. Grading Grauling Basement Digging Phone Colton 1925 Hiunboldt l5F77 Humboldt South Dakota Compliments of H. W. ROSS LUMBER CO. MARION'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Marion Wiese - Manager Don Marquart Phone 13R6 Phone 49 Chester South Dakota Chester South Dakota SMOKE HOUSE Compliments of Recreation Center CHARM BEAUTY SHOP Chick Kurth Hotchy Stall Madison South Dakota Madison South Dakota H Congratulations to the Seniors of ,Franklin High School from PROSTROLLO Sz SONS Phone CL 6'-4572 Madison South Dakota L. T. MEEHAN GRAIN CO. Super Soo Feeds Salts Baler Twine J unius South Dakota Compliments of LARSON FEED Sz SEED "We Deliver" Pioneer AKER PLOW Sz IRON Field Seed Seed Corn Phone 122 Colton South Dakot Colton South Dakota Compliments of DON Sz ALS OIL CO. Colton South Dakota MADISON DRUG Sz JEWELRY CO. The-Rexall Store Madison South Dakota Compliments of ANN EX CAFE Madison South Dakota Compliments of DR. DEVICK Colton South Dakota COMPLIMENTS OF QUALITY BABY CHICKS FARM PRODUCE BUYERS WENK PRUDUCE Kc HATCHERY SINCE 1919 PACKERS OF POULTRY - DUCKS - GEESE - TURKEYS SHELL AND FROZEN EGGS TELEPHONE HATCHERY CL 6-3034 PRODUCE CL 6-4569 MADISON, SOUTH DAKOTA FARMERS ELE WIT OR GRAIN - FEED - SEEDS FERTILIZER - COAL - TWINE CUSTOM CLEANING - GRINDING FEED MIXING PHONE 76 COLTON, SOUTH DAKOTA DAKOIZ4 SUITE BANK BANKING - FARM LOANS - INSURANCE CHESTER, SOUTH DAKOTA Colton Colton Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Boosters COLTON COURIER WAYNE FEEDS COCKTAIL LOUNGE BURG'S BOOTERY HALSETHS MUSIC 8x APPLIANCE STORE DR. OWEN TOMMERASSEN LEFFLER PHOTOGRAPHY RHODEN IMPLEMENT THE OLIVER STORE RIP'S PHILLIP'S "66" SUPER SERVICE JAHR'S GREENHOUSE NEWCOMB MOTORS OLSBO'S SERVICE KOSKI'S GROCERY ANDERSON'S PRODUCE WALTERMAN'S RADIATOR Sz TIRE SERVICE HOLLE FLORIST WENK'S COLD STORAGE FARM FLEET WHOLESALE STAN'S MEN'S SHOP MADISON BUILDING gl LOAN ASSOCIATION RALPH'S RADIO REPAIR CASEY'S DRUG 8x JEWELRY DR. P. C. FREITAG BOB'S CAFE CEDAR TIN SHOP SUPER VALUE COAST TO COAST STORE BEAUTY NOOK STAN'S PLUMBING 8z HEATING FEDERATED FINANCE CO. GEYERMAN'S HOTEL PARK BETTY'S DRESS SHOP FLAIR SHOP FOOD CENTER We wish to thank the advertisers for making this book possible. South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota -vi' A I f 1' QW :D 3 Aff? 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Suggestions in the Franklin High School - Flyer Yearbook (Madison, SD) collection:

Franklin High School - Flyer Yearbook (Madison, SD) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Franklin High School - Flyer Yearbook (Madison, SD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Franklin High School - Flyer Yearbook (Madison, SD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 58

1959, pg 58

Franklin High School - Flyer Yearbook (Madison, SD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 8

1959, pg 8

Franklin High School - Flyer Yearbook (Madison, SD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 59

1959, pg 59

Franklin High School - Flyer Yearbook (Madison, SD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 20

1959, pg 20

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