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 - Class of 1958

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Text from Pages 1 - 74 of the 1958 volume:

.K 'X' x x 1, LT, . . f 'Q X, Q - Q 1 N. J 1 ' . 1 ff d,X, . 0 in tv Ui V AV v - if A, 19 vjfww' 1' NJ' LVL, :Tv ffifffw LV ' V ,,,, V Z?-If 'ii' Li -if-EZ" 5 if z' Y 3 V Q Q-M f 7261, ZAK MQ 45141 ,Q f , f3"'f'g QW'Q fc QU 515 if x X X S' hlvwp' . gQ xx -'xckcd YQ , ff ' f, if -- ' GQ? QYAUKX f fr . ' -' Q ff 1, , J Q R x. 4 SU xnxx, V K xx XQAA I 1 ' i X ,f-3 ESRC-KY ST Qkliid Q 'W X " N55 ffrw , 1 Q A win l 7? i X W I V ',?S"'J l" Q . Y, A 'fy A S , 'T B135 2 X Q if V f ' fl DW? bi H3242 Q Ax Y -af, , , ii Q fi , , RTE FQ Q,- ggi Q 5 Avfifij N 'S XJ Cx X 1 ng , A v 'w,. K,-,I 'U I Llpvbyj U KV Pix jk, on A 6.71 i XUI' MW' - 7,1 L Q' -3 3 I n 'X xii fill! law ' j? J-' ' lip ' fyw A ,IVA Lf ,J J N All ' ,, pfyifv VM L A qX L Y'kX,P. .11 lfjzfikia V V . f I 'xgiigf x17 Q! V., ,., I ry- f f " 5" X J "J I V. ' I K 0 A ff i fri V iv I rx.-'B I 1 HH, pa X NJ fy ffl 7254544 531014 1A WQfQQQf1IW3f5 Ld" . 'W N' 7 I -JJ, -f! Dyk? .3152-f Q, 7 "X I 1 Lfbvfml ,gjiA7Q9.zA7f7 Qz.f1Kf1.,.1 I C w' L lf' Km' K CL 7 ' 'N 'R fgd 235,324 k-- K ,KL LIALP 'vglr 'dd ,CEIIVJZZ V , L W WU H 7 , yWfv,,fWf6ffYrfi ,ff 'L 6 5,4-,fzLf T fail? L5zv7z:1fA4' ,1f ' ' r A W Q Q6 .I Afggf-11.1 6,.,Lf-4j'5,,.-fi: Qi n - J N dp W SQ ' f , ff 44 , M3 WM L 2,1zi4,fa,L.Mm gf' K ndyfffq - x ,JV wif? fQ vZf W'4i5?Qw I? M ills V7 7 Q-ki, A+ 6 QQ?'E11MCiW,,f-MW ,I K 'N' C' ' A agp 5,2 3 'N LA jfmqoag 2' V , ,XM I df:-c1,4,,L I M kj A f in X A , VV I, , 6? WZ W WM ,gf ll, QF! fi ' 'JM'6Cf MMM W L ig E M fwffi' 'X Y,f 5N . X xx W.f7f,iw , ,K ,ff XS: x f ff AQ!! ' , is LA AN if? D QT XA , Q L Q 52 SR .x uf., " YOUR 1958 MW me FLYER Aff? Annual Stuff -4--A Editor ..... Assistant Editor . Features Editor. Sports Editor . . Typist ..... Business Manager Photographers . . Reporters . . . 0 . Leona Baartman . Beverly Ordal JoAnn Hybertson . . .Bud Shaver . . Marilyn Uthe . Bonnie Doblar Audrey Sheppard Mary Keller . Senior Class Autographs ' In If PML jrvo-wg ,Q JL 'Y " 5 7 A 1' . V. H-'CCW AW MMD J 2 fp C f , 1 6M' ,5 CTIXILC6' 4412 ,' J ui' fvcfrzugi 7 ' J O 'LLL-Jw4J ,Z'0'W7 ' Q 5 fc! ,f'1c4vfv'0"' N .f 2 X 4.34 1 Mig W Q., M JAM VV 1 ,fl Y TT- La- a ,,. N ""'fw,, w. , "' N X H"'7!9'f , .-o"" yQV?f'ff . "' ' ' 67, X X gkCww'3fx:Xfbk ffff' 7f,,4M5,M fp-,J Q .. -x - 2x,W I Xa I ' :M IX X w l fi fl J ,gif , L :N . 4 1, ,h Nm in ',a fA',f' 'V 1 fix 5 'fe ' W Xe 7 ff xxx NX A X X x f d., A 53 f I N' 0 . u WW 5,31 ' ,...1fE3E31? . :Af H We, the class of 1958, dedicate this "FLYER" to our parents. It is our way of saying "thanks" for all they have done for us. M W M3 M In a U M, wwMmmMmxmmwawamWM Faculty MRS. SCHRANTZ MRS. BOHL MR. MOOSE MRS. ARECHUK Home Economics English I Coach Biology General Science Algebra English Music SUPERINTENDENT MR. CONWAY HALVORSON Sociology Bookkeeping Grade Coach General Business I G0Ve1'I1II1eI112 Typing gi Q X ki: History W l MISS JANSSEN MRS. MOOSE MRS. SMITH MRS. GRANFLATEN lst Ka 2nd 3rd 8x 4th 5th 8z 6th 7th 8a 8th 6 SCHOOL BOARD -- Left to right: Lowell Wenk, Albert Mergen, Harvey Alguire, Craig Williams, John Hass, Earl Acheson, John McAllister, and Supt. -Halvorson. BUS DRIVERS: Neil Reecy, Donnie Nugent, COOKS: Mrs. Vic Sterling Bill Schroeder, and Glen Granflaten. and Mrs. Bill Schroeder. JANITOR: Bill Schroeder. 'GN ROGER ORDAL "Why work? It's more fun to be lazy!" Class Plays . Annual staff . Class Officer . "A" Basketball "B" Basketball Track ..... ffl v u Xu Af - A l MARY KELLER "She says what she thinks, she knows why she thinks it. " Class Plays ...... Annual Staff ..... . . Girls' Glee Club . . . . F.H.A ....... ..1 F.H.A. Officer. . . . . . Class Officer . . . . Pep Club ..... . . . Girls' Athletics . . . . . .1 PaperStaff. . . . . . Cheerleading . . . . 1 5:42 ' IQ JIM MCAREAVEY "I go to school to get the general idea of things. " Class Plays Annual Staff Boys' State . Class Officer n 0 1 . - u "A" Basketball . . . "B" Basketball . . . . Track .... lo' , 1 2 :fa . n o dis" 1 Y -"r MARILYN UTHE "You may wonder, but not for long. " Class Plays . Annual Staff . .- ...- Girls' Glee Club . . . Band ..... F.H.A. . . . Class Officer. Pep Club . . . Girls' Athletics . . Paper Staff . Soloist . . . Brass Sextet. . Cheerleading . . Mixed Chorus Girls' Sextet Cornet Trio . Co met Duet 14 ff ?,ffZ1 7 3,4 .4 3,4 3,4 3,4 3,4 3,4 3,4 2,3 3,4 3,4 3,4 2,3 .4 . 2 . 4 JOANN HYBERTSON "If music were money, she'd be millionaire. " Class Plays . . . . . Annual Staff . . . . . Girls' Glee Club . . . . 1, Band ....... . . . 1, F. H. A. .... . . 1, F. H. A. Officer. . . . Class Officer . . . . Pep Club .... . . Girls' Athletics . . . . Paper Staff . . . . Soloist .... . . Brass Sextet . . . . Girls' Quartet ........... High School Accompanist . . . . 1, Mixed Chorus ..... . . Girls' Sextet , , . . . fy X4 'L 5 A Q S ' i l X, I T. Q X 4, BUD SHAVER "If a little knowledge is dangerous I don't have anything to worry about Class Plays . . Annual Staff , Band ..... Class Officer , "A" Basketball "B" Basketball Track ...... Saxophone Duet Student Council Representative 4 JIM GRANFLATEN "He was cut out to be a ladies' man, but the ladies disappeared." Class Plays . . . 3,4 Annual Staff . . . QC k ,. . xx i .4,.. BEVERLY ORDAL "Unpredictable, but oh so interest ing. " Class Plays . . . . Annual Staff .... .... Girls' Glee Club . . . . 1,2, Band ...... . . 1,2, F.H.A. .... . . 1,2, F.H.A. Officer .. . . . . Class Officer . , . . , Pep Club ..... . . 2, Pep Club Officer. . . . . . . Girls' Athletics . . . 1 2 Paper Staff .... . .... Cheerleading ..... ..... 1 , 2 , McCall's Teen Fashion Board .... D.A.R. Candidate Mixed Chorus ....... .... 1 , Girls' Sextet ...... . ...... Student Council Representative . . . Clarinet Quartet ......... . Carnival Queen Candidate . . . '- lf I .'4!ms'3 I' A '5 i f'l 'un I 1, lg AUDREY SHEPPARD "Her life is like a bookg only kind words are written there." Class Plays ...... Annual Staff . . Girls' Glee Club F. H. A. .... . . .1,2, Pep Club . .. Girls' Athletics Mixed Chorus . Sweetheart Quee 3 n Candidate . .... fx xg' 1 ff LEONA BAARTMAN "No truer friend could ever be found. " Student Council Representative Mixed Chorus ....... Office Assistant .... Paper Staff Officer . . Girls' Athletics . . . Pep Club .... Class Officer . . F. H. A. .... . F. H. A. Officer . Girls' Glee Club . . Annual Staff . . . Class Plays . . Girls' Sextet . . x X, If A' b X :Y 1 ,Q 17 f , ., S X BONNIE DOBLAR what more do I need?" Girls' Quartet ............ Cheerleading ............ 1 Future Homemaker of Tomorrow . . French Horn Duet ........ 2,3 . Mixed Chorus ........ . 1 Girls' Sextet .......... . . Sweetheart Queen Candidate . . . . tl I CLASS COLORS: Black and Gold. :fi 1 ig, fflf ' CLASS FLOWER: Carnation. CLASS MOTTO: The Higher We Climb, the Broader the View. "I have my motorcycle and my mang Class Plays . . . .3 Annual Staff . . . . . . . Girls' Glee Club . .... 1,3 Band ....... . . 1,2,3 Girls' State . . . . . . . F.H.A. . .... . . 1,2,3 F.H.A. Officer . . . . . . . Class Officer . . . . .2 Pep Club .... . . .2,3 ' Girls' Athletics . . . . 1,2,3 PaPeTSfaff... Soloist ..... . . .1,2,3 Brass Sextet . . . . . 3 Class History In the fall of 1946 the newcomers ran from the buses to get their taste of school Franklin style. Our first grade teacher was Mrs. Gertrude Knutson. We had fifteen stu- dents, they were: Carol Foster, Jim Granflaten, Mary Keller, Darlene Marquart, Lyla Muth, Lyle Muth, Beverly Ordal, Roger Ordal, Bill Scheaier, Bud Shaver, Darrell Muller, Marilyn Uthe, Lloyd Van Duyn, Shirley Boulais, and Bonnie Doblar. Lloyd and Shirley moved away shortly after school started. We started our second grade with the same students except for Eugene Swain, who joined us. Miss Carol Weber taught us that year. The third year we gained Larry Arneson and Lorraine Branson. Larry moved away again before the year was over. Miss Margarette Walsh was our teacher. Miss Donna Kiner taught us in fourth grade. We had the same students except for Glen Knutson. We were sorry to see Lyla and Lyle Muth leave our class and join the class behind us. In the fifth grade we were fortunate to gain Douglas Warne, Lee Schoeberl, and Arlen Skinner. Doug moved away during the summer. Mrs. Mabel Smith was our teacher. All of us came back for the sixth grade and we had Mrs. Smith again for our teacher. In the seventh grade we gained JoAnn Hybertson and lost Mary Keller. She decided she would rather finish grade school at St. Thomas. Mrs. Bill Matson was our teacher. During our eighth grade a tragedy befell the class when Glen Knutson passed away. The rest of us were fortunate to graduate from eighth grade. Mrs. Glen Granflaten was our teacher. We started our high school career with: Jim McAreavey, Roger Ordal, Bud Shaver, Darrell Muller, Lee Schoeberl, Jim Granflaten, Bill Scheafer, Beverly Ordal, Bonnie Doblar, Mary Keller, Marilyn Uthe, JoAnn Hybertson, Lorraine Branson, Audrey Sheppard Carol Foster, and Darlene Marquart. In our sophomore year we were happy to gain Leona Baartman and Dean Holmstrom. Dean moved away during the summer. We were sorry to lose Lorraine Branson, Lee Schoeberl, Darrell Muller, Bill Scheafer, Carol Foster, and Darlene Marquart during our junior year. Lee, Lorraine, and Darrell decided there were more important things to do besides going to school. Bill went to Colton. Carol and Darlene wanted to get out of school sooner so they took two years in one. Our senior year we ended up with eleven students. They are: Jim McAreavey, Roger Ordal, Bud Shaver, Jim Granflaten, Beverly Ordal, Bonnie Doblar, Mary Keller, Leona Baartman, Jo Ann Hybertson, Marilyn Uthe, and Audrey Sheppard. In our four years of high school we were proud to have had for our teachers: Mr. Marvin Schortzman, Mrs. G. W. Schrantz, Mrs. Gordon Bohl, Mr. Donald Dockendorf, Mr. Calvin Mathison, Mr. Knute Holmstrom, Mr. Orville Fetherhuff, Mr. Tom McCoy, Mr. Gerald Moose, Mr. Walter Conway, Mrs. Hannah Arechuk, and Mr. Tom Halvorson. We hope our future will be as happy as the past twelve years! ! ! ! ! ! ! Marilyn Uthe Prophecy It is now 1968 and the class of '58 are hovering over outer space waiting to land on the moon for their class reunion. Audrey is the first to land at Moonbeam Airport. We find that she is head of the English department in Mars school system. Audrey says she enjoys telling the little Magtians of her life back in the old world. Beverly is next to arrive. We find her as a famous professor of Theoretical Know- ledge in Cheese Country in Northern Moon. She recently invented a liquid drink which makes a person invisible for three hours and believe it or not, all you do is take a swallow of it. Here comes Leona, alias Annie Van Moon, who was very successful in her latest production, "Life on the Planets with Ma and Pa Fods. " Leona owns a very elaborate home decorated in moonwood. Bud and Jim G. Traveled all the way from Saturn where they own the famous Moon- light Inn. They built it so they would.n't get lonesome for their old hangout! From what we've seen of it from the air, it is quite the layout. Bormie is next and we find that she has a very interesting life as the head of a 30, 000 acre sheep ranch on Pluto. She is assisted by her husband and all the little Bobos! Next to land in his pink space ship is earth's most popular crooner, Jim Mc. As he leave-s his space ship we notice he has brought his famous guitar, "Stratnik. " Now we see JoAnn, who was the smart one of the class, approaching the airport. She has been recently elected Prime Minister of Jupiter. During her time off from work, she visits the ne ar-by planet looking for uranium deposits. Marilyn, who is next to be seen, just flew in from a space station, which is located third star from the Milky Way. She is engaged in the universal agency which models space suits. Roger was next to arrive. He is now the vmell known inventor of Island Lake Specials, combination boat and automobile. We still don't know how he made it here from the icy water of Island Lake Planet. Last to arrive was Mary. She is now head X-ray technician at Mars Hospital. Her engagement to the chief of staff at Moon Hospital was announced this spring. We are already looking forward to our next class reunion in 1978. Mary Keller Class Will We, the Senior Class of 1958, being in a sane nature, and fully capable of using all the knowledge we have acquired over our twelve years of school, do ordain and establish this last will and testament. We leave behind all these things to the poor underclassmen who face the school years ahead of them. We, the senior class, will our ability to get picked on by the teachers, to the juniors who get away with almost everything. We, the class, will our ability to talk Mr. Moose out of English class, to the freshmen! I, Leona Baartman, will my quiet disposition to Dick Foster. I, JoAnn Hybertson, will my ability to stay out of trouble to Richard Jacobs. I, Roger Ordal, will my ability to mar up my Current Event to Mr. Conway. I, Bud Shaver, will my ability to stay out of jail to Rudy Bargmann. I, Jim McAreavey, will my ability to take the afternoon off on day of ball games to Lyle Muth. I, Jim Granilaten, will all my bent fenders to whoever is good with a hammer. I, Audrey Sheppard, will my ability to make use of my study halls to Sharyl Fods. I, Bonnie Doblar, will my ability to finish high school to Judy Augustad. I, Mary Keller, will my class rings to Marilyn Arke. I, Beverly Ordal, will my time spent at Vermillion during cheerleading clinic to Lois Hass. I, Marilyn Uthe, will all my week-ends at Yankton to Sharon Crellyl We do hereby constitute and appoint the said superintendent sole executive of the last will and testament. In witness whereof, we, the Senior Class of 1958, seal this the 13th day of May in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and fifty-eight. fsignedl Leona Baartman Jim McAreavey Audrey Sheppard Bonnie Doblar Beverly Ordal Marilyn Uthe Jim Granflaten Roger Ordal JoAm1 Hybertson Mary Keller Bud Shaver Class Poem In this Hall of Fame we will relate About the class of '58, We wish them happiness, good luck, and cheer, And may their school day memories never disappear. First is Leona on our list, This is a girl who will really be missed. She'll type you a letter quick as a wink. Will she go far? Well, what do you think? Next is Mary, who does things in a whirl, Among other things, she likes to twirl. She's 4'11" and not an inch less, And though she's small, she'll make a success. Down the line in our Hall of Fame, And Jim Granflaten is our next name. No music or athletics interest him, But the class isn't complete without Jim. Beverly is next as on we go, Full of pep and mischief we all know. She'd make the grade with any guy, And in our book we rate her high. Roger is an artistic one, Bright and cheery when the day has begun. He's also one of our first five, And really keeps our class alive. Last but not least on our list is Jo Ann, She is the musical one of our clan. A studious gal, ambitious and kind, And such a true friend is hard to find. Marilyn we'l1 mention next on our list, Another one who will really be missed. Energetic and popular she likes to be, And she really is as we can see. Bud is next, but Floyd's l1is real name, He'll really do credit to our Hall of Fame. He likes to smile and have some fun, But we know there's really only one. A girl named Bonnie is next in line, In everything she will do fine. She's studious, musical and full of fun, And her future's tied up with a certain one. Jim McAreavey, captain of our team, He's full of jokes and full of steam. Anything different he'll give a try, A friend to all -- He's quite a guy. Audrey comes right about here, When you need a friend she's always near. She's quiet with not much to say, But without any effort she can really be gay. Our class wishes to bid you farewell, And thank you, UNDERGRAIB, you've been We'd like next year to see the same And have more entries in the Hall of Fame. Bonnie Doblar Beverly Ordal swell ! 6 Q97 FRESHMAN Class QR fzr V50 Q0 A9 C7 Ja qw ,ff 20 JUNIOR '22, fe' 'le OG! 032, Z' 6' '59 S N? go 9 SOPHOMORE Officers Sv .568 SE NT OR 06, Qf w 652: 40 A zo Q70 Oe- Q? QP KL? XX lwhefk ,N we--, K K Rudy B argman Ve rdonna Williams Marilyn Me rgen Paul McA re avey N Judy Augustad Juniors Lois Hass 4 Q' -N xX xxx A B Q xxx gui James Hymans Richard Jacobs Newell Ordal Lyla Muth 22 Lyle Muth Not pictured: Jim Fods Marilyn Arke Dick Foster Kay Reecy Gary Peterson Carmen Wenk Sophomores Sharon Cfeuy 'XX Marcelline Shepperd F, P-' gal X I .,,A 'f W'H1ffJ A f 1 ? ff'-A 1 V'e', "ff: A 5 3 f A , -',' : 25555 gk 5-1' Y 04 Eleanor Williams Frances Barnes LeRoy Mathieu Laurel Lunt Nancy Oltman Paul Oltman 23 1 Virginia Erickson Marvin Hoek Carol McAllister Nancy McAreavey F r e sh m e n Dick Ordal Harold DeBulten 'b ia . 'A '-'3 Monica Shepperd Lowell Hass Betty Stuck Sharon Ordal Darrold Williams Sharyl Fods 24 ,ixvtx aw'-0 .N X' ? Viz? ,xx , I Y x , 'hi - ",'lllu,.1 xxxxmml W N I Ai Zncf 3116! L,LtA Back Row: Left to right - Miss Janssen, Rhonda Vant Hul, Bobby Severson, Ronnie Swier, Tommy Wheeler, David McAreavey, Lyle Acheson,Jack Halseth. Middle Row: Jane Wheeler, Steven Swier, Dale Reecy, Larry Alverson, Linda Tollefson, Corrine Scheafer, Timmy Aker. Front Row: Freddy DeBulten, Diann Riedel, Jerry Hoek, Duayne Vant Hul, Roberta Gonghu, Diane Even, Bruce Rath, Patsy Vander Plaats. Back Row: Lett to right - Mike McAreavey, Ronny Erstad, Duane Hybertson, Carolyn Acheson, Anita Kapaun, Ray Branson, Kathy Lunt, Linda Swier, Sharon Van Duyn. Middle Row: Mrs. Moose, Pat Halseth, Nancy Farr, Susan Kapaun, Keith Hass, Dennis Riedel, Mike Halseth, Darrell Nielson, Kenneth Scheafer, Sharon Reurink. Front Row: David Hybertson, Gladys Marquart, Sharon Svvier, Harold Hymans, Katy McAllister, Barbara Peterson, Cindy Lunt, Alice Marquart. Not pictured: Rebecca Muth. ik 61 71 816 Bac Mic Frc Back Row: Left to right - Harlene Lunt, Chuck Wenk,Prisci11a Hymans, Mike McCoo1, Tim McLaughlin, Arvin Hymans, Jim Gonghu, Roger Stofferahn. Middle Row: Mrs. Granilaten, Eddie Ordal, Dennis Degen, Gary Knudson,Cheryl Aker, Maxine Muller, Rita Scheafer, Kenny Steinberg, Jim Van Heerde. Front Row: Bernard Jandl, Karen Lunt, Bernadette Jandl, Jerry Mergen, Joa.nWi11iams, Ronnie Schroeder Darrel Fods, Loren Hass. 27 Back Row: Left to right - Joan Williams, Rita Scheafer, Harlene Limt, Chuck Wenk, Priscilla Hymans Gary Knutson, Cheryl Aker, Maxine Muller, Gail Erickson. Middle Row: Mrs. Bohl, Gretchen Kapaun, Ronnie Schoeder, Jerry Mergen, Loren Hass, Darrel Fods, Dennis Reidel, Karen Lunt, Linda Vant Hul, Linda Aker. Front Row: Gordon Reecy, Marilyn Hybertson, Carol Baartman, Bernadette Jandl, Jim Knudson, Bill Crelly, Bernard Jandl, Roger Rath, Sharon Lunt, Lynn Severson, Verdonna Hoek. Standing: Kenny Steinberg, manager, Ronnie Schroeder, Loren Hass, Eddie Ordal, Dennis Degen, Gary Knudson, Chuck Wenk, Mr. Conway, coach, Mike McCool, Arvin Hymans, Roger Stofferahn, Darrel Fods, Jerry Mergen, Jim Van Heerde, Bernard Jandl. Cheerleaders: Joa.n Williams, Harlene Lunt, Maxine Muller. X, Wfyzn XV X N f XX ll U S 6 Q an-up Left to Right: Newell Ordal, LeRoy Mathieu, Paul McAreavey, Roger Ordal, Paul Oltman, Mr. Moose, coach Richard Jacobs, Jim McAreavey, Bud Shaver, Lyle Muth, Rudy Bargman. e-J n L- Lois Hass, Beverly Ordal, Marilyn Uthe, Mary Keller. Left to Right: Marvin Hoek, Lowell Hass, Harold DeBulten, James Hymans, Mr. Moose, coach Paul Oltman, LeRoy Mathieu, Darrell Williams, Dick Ordal. Eleanor Williams, Na.ncy McAreavey, Lyla Muth, Bonnie Doblar. Paul McAre avey Rlchard Jacobs Newell Ordal 53 i? J'?"5"v! '- Jim McAreavey Lyle Muth 4,4- Q-ur' isa-3 - . Exile e ,sa e 1 EA. e Bud Shaver Roger Ordal Rudy Bargmarm Back Row: Laurel Lunt, Judy Aug-ustad, JoAnn I-Iybertson, Virginia Erickson, Carmen Wenk, Kay Reecy Sharon Ordal, Nancy McAreavey. Middle Row: Mrs. Bohl, advisor, Lyla Muth, Betty Struck, Marcelline Sheppard, Audrey Sheppard, Carol McAllister, Verdonna Williams, Sharon Crelly, Nancy Oltman. Front Row: Bonnie Doblar, Marilyn Mergen, Marilyn Arke, Leona Baartman, Sharyl Fods, Frances Barnes, Eleanor Williams. Cheerleaders: Lois Hass, Beverly Ordal, Marilyn Uthe, Mary Keller. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE WE THEY 46 Oldham 41 49 Sinai 34 66 Montrose 23 53 Rutland 36 45 Oldham 40 41 Egan 52 64 Chester 31 49 Humboldt 26 31 Orland 20 16 Ramona 56 42 Beadle 55 40 Orland 28 45 Howard ' 61 50 Garretson 58 65 Chester 44 35 Winfred 28 60 Montrose 47 41 Orland 32 32 Ramona 54 49 Colton 51 58 Rutland 45 39 Colman 61 47 Dell Rapids 66 Sink it Jim! W6'1'C with you boys. . -14 ..g -' . . , , . . . - ,..',f. 1 ' u , ' ,. - ' . S . - ' -23: , , ., . . . . 'i '. -- 4 .. -7-l I ", - - . - z 0 s . ,..-L' Z' ..' ,gran---4 . . --6 '-111' .". aft, 'Q ' , , - 3:51-Q.: J I -, X xi sssglgix Q lp- --., 111:-. ,XS - '.,. , c... ' M I I "g, -,----------- I'-., 0 i . -. ' Q-- 0 a 1 A . : ...wr rg, . I '.-1.., f ' , . 9-g.. A .'.-l . au I . .?".:- G X ::' I I 9 , . - - : ' '- N, , L . l -. ' E 4. I I L W . .. . , . . I .. 2 ' 2 x.1"L ."'.5'.f. I 1? - 'Arts I. . . - --I, .5 ll 'Q , ,Y -. . - s - .gn . . .. .. . xg ..-..-I. . .5 N,- ,...... . .-., , . . I. i.. -.-.. ,4- A QL . .25 .0 , : r z 2. --l . .l L,.,:'..-.'1Q 'Ig "-'q."'.-- I'-g.v".'.". ."2f'z.' .- ' jus.. ".!yA..l. . ' .i I:-3 I , .2 . :-'1.,-"P ' - 13.1, Q "':.,.-' 7' -1 .. ' ' -- ' 55 ' L. nn,-L--..,,,"' " ' l J- ' . , - ..-.- , l, . .,, .,, . ' ' ':'f1UrJs:- I -f - ' Team is in a huddle. lla 1' 4 ox.: 2' Talk it over boys ,L X f W fx X J 'Q fs Buck Row: Left to right - Judy Augustud, Beverly Ordzll. Sharon Ordal. Nancy McArez1vey. Virginia Erickson, JoAnn llybertson, Kay Reecy, Laurel Lunt, Verdonna Williams, Betty Struck, Slizirvl lfods, Middle limvz lL:lL'1lll4Jl'XVllll8.lllS, Leona Baurtman, Carol McAllister, Marilyn Uthe, Sharon Crelly, Mzircelline Sheppard, Audrey Sheppard. Front Row: Marry Keller. Mzlrilyn Mergen, Bonnie Dobliir, Frances Barnes, Nancy Oltman, Lois Hass lXllll'llyIl.'X1'kC, Mrs. Bohl. advisor. JudyAugust11d, Bennie Doblzir, JoAnn llybcrtson, Dick Foster, Frances Barnes, Verdonna Williams, Marilyn Arke. M11 rilyn Uthe. Back Row: Loft to right - Nancy Oltman, Virginia Erickson, Laurel Lunt, Nancy McAreavey, Carmen Wenk, Kay Reecy, Marilyn Uthe, Sharon Crelly, Betty Struck, Sharon Ordal, Middle Row: Marilyn Mergen. Marilyn Arke, Eleanor Williams, Sharyl Fods, Monica Sheppard, Audrey Sheppard, Carol McAllister, Leona Baartman, Lois Hass, Mary Keller. Front Row: Mrs. Schrantz, advisor, Lyla Muth, Verdonna Williams, Frances Barnes, Beverly Ordal, Judy Augustad, Bonnie Doblar, JoAnn Ilybertson. ugx X VDIN1' C-Niven. :ga Mr. Halvorson, advisor, Judy Augustad, Sharon Ordal, Leona Baartman, Bud Shaver, Paul Oltman. HOMEMAKER OF TOMORROW Bonnie Doblar Awards x Q V 1' 9 ' f If ' Y 6 Q BOYS' AND GIRLS' STATE Bonnie Doblar and Jim McAreavey FHA STATE DEGREES Mary Keller, Judy Augustad 4, X 4 Bu nd DIRECTOR , MR DRUMS Mike Mc Cool Marilyn Me rgen FLUTES Gretchen Kapaun Maxine Muller Sharon Ordal Judy Augustad SAXOPHONES Gary Knudson Eleanor Williams Bud Shaver Harlene Lunt TUBAS Dick Foster Rita Scheafer HORNS Bonnie Doblar Lois Hass Gail Erickson CLARINETS Verdonna Williams Beverly Ordal Nancy McAreavey Betty Struck Priscilla Hymans Karen Lunt Cheryl Aker S. BOHL wx fu- fb if CYMBALS and BELLS Sharon Crelly TROMBONES JoAnn Hybertson Sharyl Fods Virginia Erickson Joan Williams BARITONES Bernadette J andl CORNE TS Marilyn Uthe Frances Barnes Nancy Oltman Carmen Wenk Bob Granflaten Lynn Severson Marilyn Hybe rtson Brass Sextet Bonnie Doblar, Frances Barnes, Dick Foster, JoAnn Hybertson, Marilyn Uthe, Bernadette Jandl. Flute Trio Carol McAllister, Judy Augustad, Sharon Ordal 40 Horn Duet Bonnie Doblar and Lois Hass fa ng x rv. Y. n- lit 9 '4 I Cornet Duet Saxophone Duet Marilyn Uthe and Frances Barnes Eleanor Williams and Bud Shaver 'TENSHUN 2 ,,. fo Girls' Sextet Top to Bottom: JoAnn Hybertson, Beverly Ordal, Marilyn Uthe, Frances Barnes, Leona Baartman, and Marilyn Arke. Junior Class Play Sweetheart Ball X mffff1fffnfnf WW f I E A llfllllllflf w P Guess Who? FRESHMAN INITIA TI ON f 69. 4' ::5::5::::5:j,:g ,:,:: ::::.:,.: .Q D M .. ---- ' qigizrmzzg l 232552 S 2 3335 2 :5. g: :iE5E:i.:: :sfE:' 1: - saw zbssi-.1,ws.'.'.'bi?': 4 sw -:.'.:,'-: ga':a:.:::ia:'z:1,:w:ix:- .H- : :. 2:2 2. 'Z' 2:?2:'iE:':5:":,55!5?5S2:Z ir- I-' .. I'M LISTE NING. JUST LOAFIN' AREN'T WE CUTE? W WE LIKE PIE! ! vb 'rw HAPPY ? SHE WAS K gw my J ix OUT TOO LATE WHAT HAPPENED? WOW! SMILE PRETTY! 1 C11 fi mf 1 WORKING HARD? MY BUT SOMEBODY GOOFED, YOU'VE CHANGED. SHE HAS THAT GEE, 1w1sH 1 HUNGRY LOOK! LOVERS! I LOOK! NO HANDS! HAD A RIDE I GOTTA JUMP! BORED? ? SOMETHING LOOK HARD!! FUNNY? STUDY HALL! !x 1 Mk "Wm 5 Q 'Nw Q: WH f1QfvQ6Z.!U Sym W1 Cf jvfewley df? LM QM Qfffxbfhy 5 HZZQZKZ fCfL+e,f U4 15 LkQ2L'QfMQJ f -- 07,710 q71lm,U LQ ZLL!! JQQICV .T wwf M6 LVMU Am J? W 'W 65412 ?l6k6fAlWcf2gJ f"L'i"',gf v' 'G ,ffiixkyw 1 2 W f W- WW ' 4 Z M N, FARMERS ELEVATOR Grain Feed Fertilizer Seeds Twine Coal Custom Grinding - Mixing Phone 2614 Madison, South Dakota Compliments Of Quality Baby Chicks Farm Produce Buyers WENK PRGDUCE 81 HATCHERY Since 1919 Packers Of Poultry - Ducks - Geese - Turkeys Shell And Frozen Eggs Telephones-.Hatchery 3034 - Produce 2113 Madison, South Dakota Insurance Bonds Wesley M. Beardsley, Agent Security Bank Farmers Elevator Grain - Feed - Seeds Fertilizer - Coal - Twine Custom Cleaning - Grinding Feed Mixing Phone 76 Colton, South Dakota Dakota State Bank Banking - Farm Loans - Insurance Chester, South Dakota Co op Ka Zip Feeds Sz Seed FARMERS CO-OP ELEVATOR Fertilizer, Coal, Twine an A. M. Kringer, M ager Chester Phone 26 South Dakota F. G. Ball 84 Son QClayton Bally Insurance Since 1894 - Over 50 Years In Madison Madison South Dakota Compliments Of Farmers 8 Merchants Co-op. Oil Co. Madison , South Dakota Madison Complete Banking Service Northwest Security National Bank Of Sioux Falls Affiliated Wit h Northwest Ban-Corporation XNSU 6 Q? Ol0000 K6 5 uuinluu Q E K ':oaunu A S DCIOSIYOI 51 Q 5 Hgmegf' Madison Branch South Dakota C OMPLIME NTS OF CfILLf1!V gfefww fs 5550 50. MA DIS ON SOUTH DAKOTA Hayes-lucas lumber Company Building Experts Building Materials And Fuel Earl Benedict, Manager MadiS0f'1 South Dakota Gifts for all Occasions KELLEY'S CHINA Sz GIFT Direct Factory Representatives Register Your Chosen Pattern of China and Crystal Wedding Service and Counsel Madison South Dakota RALPH'S SERVICE Groceries - Gas - Beer Body Shop - Glass Replacement Welding Franklin Phone 3877 South Dakota Madison THE OLIVER STORE "Finest in Farm Machinery" New Holland Balers Massey Harris Gueffroy Phone 2112 South Dakota Chester Hardware Paints - Bottle Gas - Radios - Accessories Plumbing - Heating - And TV H. T. Benson, Proprietor Phone ll Chester South Dakota Hallenbeck's, Inc. Furniture 61 Undertaking Day Phone 2366 - Nite Phone 2221 Madison South Dakota I . 1 Q Farmers Lumber Yard 1 - ta' 5 Dept. Of Madison Farmers Elevator Co. X W' C. B. Giles, Mgr. - Phone 2259 BILL DINGS Business ls Building Business No Down Payment - 36 Months To Pay At Madison's Complete Building Material Center Madison 400 South Lee South Dakota . 1 l 1 Compliments Of Compliments Of Shur- Kurl Beauty Shop Drs. Dehli 81 Devick Marion Wiese - ManaQ9f Phone 13R6 Colton South Dakota Chester South Dakota compliments Of The Madison Drug and Jewelry Co. Dr. S. J. Christensen The Rem me Madison South Dakota - Madison South Dakota Compliments Of In Madison, South Dakota Cocktail lounge Its lack's Bar Madison SOut1'1 Dakota "As Fine As You Will Find" Compliments Of R. K. Felker, Realtor Parker Auto Co. Tom Felker, Associate Farm 61 Auto Insurance Madison South Dakota Farm Loans Madison South Dakota Buffalo Trading Post Groceries - Gas - Oil Don Foster - Proprietor Phone 2217 Colton South Dakota Al Complete Stock Liquor, Cold Beer, Cigarettes, Sz Sporting Goods Winchester :Sf Remington Guns 6: Shells Five Excellent.Pool Tables Ernie's liquor 81 Recreation Parlor Madison South Dakota Compliments Of Tracey s Bar Frank P. Tracey, Owner 200 South Egan Avenue Madison W South Dakota Schraders Cafe Junction Of 34 G 81 Highways West City Limits 24 Hour Service Madison South Dakota Compliments of DR. OWEN TOMMERAASEN Compliments of COMMUNITY BANK Optometrist Phone 2510 Madison South Dakota C01t0l'l South Dakota IVAN BERGE Groceries - Meats Fruits - Vegetables - Dry Goods Locker Plant Service Phone 27 Colton South Dakota W. M. 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Heng Compliments Of Filling Station - Grocery Store Phone 1701 HiWaY 19 Madison South Dakota Colton South Dakota MariIyn's Beauty Shop Hvlle H0f'St phone 159 ' Phone 2526 Colton South Dakota M3diSO1'1 South Dakota Colton Colton Colton Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Colton Madison Madison Colton Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Chester Colton Madison BOOSTERS GRONSDAHL GARAGE GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY MARVIN BERGE , GENERAL TRUCKING JAHR'S GREENHOUSE GEYERMAN'S STOLTZ INSURANCE CO. STAN'S MEN SHOP HALSETH MUSIC STORE BOEN'S CAFE CASEY'S DRUG Sz JEWELRY BURG'S BOOTERY MELLOM BARBER SHOP HOTEL PARK JOHN CASSUTT SUPER VALUE CEDAR TIN SHOP LENNOX RING'S SHOE REBUILDING RIP'S PHILLIPS "66" SUPER SERVICE IRV'S FIX-IT SHOP KOSKPS GROCERY WENK'S COLD STORAGE TOMCHA'S DINER DENNIS ON GARAGE VAN ASSELT PRODUCE FEDERATED FINANCE South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madi son Madison Madison Colton Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madi son BOCBTERS FARM FLEET WHOLE SALE FERGUSONS FURNITURE COAST TO COAST STORE CHA FFIN DRUG SWENSON PLUMBING BOB'S CAFE ANDERSON'S PRODUCE INHOFER BAKERY DON Sz AL'S OIL CO. MADISON FARM SUPPLY CO. THE FOOD CENTER RALPH'S RADIO REPAIR ARLA'S BEAUTY SALON DR. P. C. FREITAG OLSBO'S SERVICE WE WISH TO THANK THE ADVERTISERS FOR MAKING THIS BOOK PESIBLE South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota H W H w 5wH y . fn . J fvwff Yfffflflfd J Kawai dll-YJ 4'- ff4f'-J AS! if Tiff 5? gffiil, f4,f4fL7'f,ff.ff, " c. ,- . fjw I ,I . If I K . 1 Z, Wi - 'q!Z!'6Ljf f ,fx f, 67fMLL V' 0534.41.11 'fi id? if 'T ,mzfzdgw ' L AL pfoji 3 L fm 4,J"tjzR' Q ' . bug ' Ml -, -1 ,WJ cfm aw ,A ,QAH1 X, , , X 1x Qwjpfqdaj N 21.49 R- x. Q. L' -Ra- f . , F 1 , , X, , ,WX I lx 4 x X X. X .px W I X W I 3 I - l 1 ks hw , fxwx ' I ' x 4 f 1

Suggestions in the Franklin High School - Flyer Yearbook (Madison, SD) collection:

Franklin High School - Flyer Yearbook (Madison, SD) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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Franklin High School - Flyer Yearbook (Madison, SD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 28

1958, pg 28

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1958, pg 8

Franklin High School - Flyer Yearbook (Madison, SD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 32

1958, pg 32

Franklin High School - Flyer Yearbook (Madison, SD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 66

1958, pg 66

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