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Text from Pages 1 - 68 of the 1955 volume:

Uvwli-nh., -uNd.'.eZae, u'J.l?- 5" ',:.-va. wfii JM.-rmxyfhwil-fr. -lzfrv , ' ,, -X 1.-.Xa I uvnsillwrz-35,?115:r,J-',.,i..f fn 4- mum-izrl' .. . 1vhm.uumm.:- ' if J n 3 . WENT A' -v 1 I X P :aw ffwfgq . I lk. A - A 1 11.3. K , Qfmgl - fjf'f.3.'l1lf -- 5 , fffAgf,Qi: , 4 V 14 Us 5 V 'Q' A - '53-1 ' L V ggg., . 3- ' A fi ' U WM! , ,N VL :ff ' V ' 'Nr' 1 . . L -,iii HE FLYER Published by the senior class of Franklin High School - Madison, South Dakota sw!-iff Y ' ' , 4. .,.... .,,. . . Mg Standing: Mr. Schortzman, Jim Sheppard, Gerald Ordol, Gary Wiese, Eldon Thurow, Jack McLaughlin, Larry Hybertson, Bill Granflaten, Dexter Harding. Seated: Ruby Ann Nelson, Arlene Olson,,Ruth Hammer, Phyllis Mergen, Madon Moron. .fluff Editor ------------------- Ruth Hammer Phyllis Mergen Madonna Moran - Arlene Olson Asst. Editor - - Sports Editor - - Business Manager ------------- T ypi sts ---- ---------------SeniorCloss Advertisers ---------------- Social Editor - Adviser ---- -------.----.--.- I - Senior Class Ruby Ann Nelson Mr. Schortzman FIC ,..-w"'f .sm We, the senior class of '55, would like to dedicate our annual to Marvin Schortzmon who has been our superintendent throughout our four years of high school. He is our senior class adviser and has taught many of our subjects. We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks and appreciation For his willingness to cooperate with us on any proiect we have undertaken. . ..g J 5 O y Faculty A 4 '4' MRS. G. W. SCHRANTZ MARVIN SCHORTZMAN MRS. GORDON BOHL Home Economics, Science Superintendent, Shop, Music, Algebra, Typing Bookkeeping, Typing . DONALD DOCKENDORF MRS. GLENN GRANFLATEN ONL MATHISON English, Geography 7th 8. 8th Coach, Government Grade 8- Girls Coach Economics, History MRS. MABELLE SMITH MRS. REINHARDT THUROW MISS LOUELLA JANSSEN 5th 3. 6th 3rd 8. 4th Ist 8. 2nd. 4 felon! KOGZJ Albert Mergen Harvey Alguire Frank Hammer Carl Walker - Floyd Foster - John Hass - - Craig Williams Chairman Se cretary Treasurer Member Member Member Member School Bus Drivers -Don Nugent, Glen Granflaten Neil Reecy, Earl Kropuenske. Cooks Mrs. Sterling and Mrs. Vogt Class Colors -------- Purple and White Class MONO """' ' "Tonight We Se Sa l Class Flower ------- I - Red Rose RUTH HAMMER "Variety is the sp Class Plays - - ice of life--so they soy Class Officer - - - - Yearbook Staff - -1- DAR Candidate - - - Flyer Staff - - - - - G.A.A.--- FHA Officer - Glee Club - - - 2- 1-2- Mixed Clforus - - - Queen Candidate Cheerleader - - Sextet ----- Girls' State - - Declam - - - -2- I-2- LARRY HYBERTSON "Small the diploma but smaller the effort to win it." King Candidate - Letterman ---- Class Officer - Yearbook Staff - - Class Plays - - - Band ---- Glee Club ---- Mixed Chorus - - B. Basketball Team Soloist ----- Boys' State - - - Declam ---- Track ----- Football Letterman ELDON THUROW "Life is what you make it." Letterman ------- Class Officer - - - Yearbook Staff - - Class Plays - - - Glee Club- - - Mixed Chorus ---- B. Basketball Team - - Track ------- DEXTER HARDI NG "A wit and half lwiti." Letterman ------ Class Officer - - Yearbook Staff - - Class Plays - - - Glee Club ---- Mixed Chorus - - - B. Basketball Team -- Soloist ------ Decl am - - 3-4 2-4 - - 4 3-4 3-4 3-4 - - - -1-2 3-4 PHYLLIS MERGEN "All things she did were done well Class Officer ----- - - - Yearbook Staff - - Class Plays - - - - Flyer Staff - - - G. A. A. - FHA Officer Glee Club - - - - Mixed Chorus - - Queen Candidate - - Declam ----- MICKEY WALKER "Dynamite comes in small packages." Declam - - - Letterman - - - Class Officer - - Yearbook Staff - - Class Plays - - - Band ----- Flyer Staff- - Glee Club ---- - -2- - 1-2- Mixed Chorus ---- - B. Basketball Team- Soloist ------- - Track ------ Brass Sextet - BILL GRANFLATEN "The higher I climb, King Candidate - - Letterman - - Class Officer - - Yearbook Staff- - Class Plays - - - Glee Club ---- - 1-2- the more tired I get." - --4 Mixed Chorus ---- - B. Basketball Team Declam ----- 2- MADONNA MORAN "Love makes the world go 'round" . Class Officer - - - - - - 1-3 Yearbook Staff - - - - 4 Class Plays - - - - 2-3-4 Flyer Staff - - - 2-3-4 G. A. A. - - - - I-2-3 FHA Officer- - - - 3-4 Glee Club - - - 2-3-4 Mixed Chorus - - - - 3-4 Queen Candidate - - - - I Sextet ----- - - 3-4 RUBY ANN NELSON "There's no time like the present." Yearbook Staff -------- - Class Plays - - Flyer Staff - - G. A. A. - FHA Officer - Glee Club- - - Mixed Chorus - - Qneen Candidate -- - 4 3-4 JACK MCLAUGHLI N "Life is long yet- give me time Yearbook Staff ------- Class Plays - - Flyer Staff - - Glee Club - - Mixed Chorus- - B. B. Manager - - GARY WIESE "Liberace in disguise." Letterman ---- Yearbook Staff - - Class Plays - - - Band ---- Glee Club- - - Mixed Chorus - - - B. Basketball Team - - Track ------ GERALD ORDAL "Why worry about to morrow, this is today." King Candidate ------- Letterman ---- Class Plays - - Glee Club - - - Mixed Chorus - - B. Basketball Team - - - -2 - - 4 - - 3-4 - - 3-4 - - 3-4 - - 1-2-3 ARLENE OLSON "Who needs brains at a time like this." Class Officer - - Yearbook Staff - - Class Plays - - - - Band ---- - - - Flyer Staff - - - G. A. A. - - - - 1- FHA Officer - -' - - - Glee Club - - - - - Mixed Chorus - - - Queen Candidate - - Cheerleader - - - State FHA Officer - Declam ------------- -3-4 4 JIM SHEPPARD "By other's efforts King Candidate - Class Officer - - Yearbook Staff - Class Plays - - - Flyer Staff - - - Mixed Chorus - - B. Basketball Team I hope to rise." - -4 - 2 - 4 - - 3-4 - - - 4 - - - 3-4 I-2-3-4 61444 .l,'imf9 of 1955 One bright sunny day in September, l943, ten little boys and girls started to school. They were Charles Branson, Bill Granflaten, Ruth Hammer, Phyllis Mergen, Madonna Moran, LoVonne Nelson, Shirley Branson, Paul Richards, Ernest Straw, and Jack McLaughlin. LoVonne Nelson, Paul Richards, and Ernest Straw moved away during the year. Our teacher was Bethel Peterson. Seven of us entered the second grade. We had gained Peggy Bartling, Marlin Christensen, and Gerald Ordal . Then in March we lost Madonna Moran and Marlin Christensen, but Janelle Bidwell, Mickey Walker, and Delilah Christensen joined us. Bethel Peterson was our teacher. As we were starting to understand what knowledge and schooling really meant, we went into the third grade. We had ten to start out with. In April we gained Larry Lloyd and lost Janelle Bidwell. Betty Winters was our teacher for this year. In the fall when we started our fourth grade we had Bill Granflaten, Ruth Hammer, Phyllis Mergen, Peggy Bartling, Mickey Walker, Charles Branson, Delilah Christensen, Shirley Branson, Gerald Ordal, Larry Lloyd, and Jack McLaughlin. Then we gained Arlene Olson, which made a total of twelve . Our teacher was Betty Winters. We gained Edward and Harry Cooperrider and Gary Wiese the fifth year of school but lost Peggy Bartling, Larry Lloyd, Delilah Christensen, and Shirley Branson which made the total ten. Our teacher for that year was Mildred Severson. The teacher for the sixth grade was Mildred Severson. We lost Charles Branson and Edward and Harry Cooperrider. This left Bill Granflaten, Ruth Hammer, Jack McLaughlin, Phyllis Mergen, Arlene Olson, Gerald Ordal, Mickey Walker and Gary Wiese. We thought we were pretty bright, now that we were in the seventh grade. The register read the same as the sixth grade and our teacher for this year was Esther Backhaus. Larry Irvine and Dale Ring joined us in the eighth grade, but in February Dale moved to Lane, South Dakota. This left us with a total of nine for our graduating year. Mrs. L. W. Brandes was our teacher. As we entered high school Arlene Olson, Ruth Hammer, Phyllis Mergen, Ruby Nelson, Mickey Walker, Bill Granflaten, Dexter Harding, Gerald Ordal, Jim Sheppard, Jack McLaughlin, Gary Wiese, Larry Irvine, and Eldon Thurow made up the freshman class. We lost Larry Irvine, and Madonna Moran transferred from Orland in October of this year. We started our sophomore year with thirteen students, then in March Larry Hybertson joined us which gave us a total of fourteen. ln our junior year we presented the play "Room Trouble", which was very successful. We had a Hawaiian theme for our Junior-Senior Banquet which was also a success. The year i954 found fourteen seniors who were Arlene Olson, Gary Wiese, Phyllis Mergen, Ruth Hammer, Ruby Nelson, Madonna Moran, Eldon Thurow, Gerald Ordal, Dexter Harding, Bill Granflaten, Jim Sheppard, Jack McLaughlin, Larry Hybertson and Mickey Walker. We are very thankful for the twelve wonderful years of education we have had and the great inspirations it has given us. With this broad sense of knowledge we go into the world., much brighter and wiser than anyone ever to have graduated from Franklin High. Madonna Moran Ruby Nelson ii eniot 614:55 Wilf We the senior class of I955, being fully in our right minds and being reasonably sane and being in Full possession of superexcellent understanding, do publish this our last will and testa- ment: We, the senior class will the duty to repair as best he can all the broken windowpanes and desks to our ianitor. We also will all the broken typewriters and tom music to Mrs. Bohl. We the seniors, will Bill Granflaten tothe Freshman girls. We leave to our Faculty all the torn text books and all the used gum found on the bottom of our desks. We bequeath the iunior class all such talent that will make their class as well-liked by all, as the one before them. I, Arlene Olson, will the location of my home to Kay Davin. I, Madonna Moran, will my ability to collect class rings to Sharol Larson. I, Gary Wiese, will my wavy hair to Mr. Dockendorf. I, Mickey Walker, will my ability to climb fences to Loren Nelson. I, Phyllis Mergen, will my knowledge of Orland to Gale Sundberg. I, Bill Granflaten, will my ability to take Am. Observer tests to anyone that is that absent minded. I, Larry Hybertson, will my musical talents to anyone who takes up the trombone. I, Dexter Harding, will my attraction of Dell Rapids to Robert Nelson. I, Jerry Ordal, will my ability to hold my nose when John starts laughing to whom it may concern. I, Ruby Nelson, will my ambitious nature to get the annual out to the energetic iuniors. I, Jim Sheppard, will my ability to skip school for no reason at all to Clarence Bos. I, Ruth Hammer, will my attraction For the higher schools of learning to Jackie Fods. I, Eldon Thurow, will my ability to get to school on time to Janice Crelly. I, Jack McLaughlin, will all the beat-up basketballs and basketball suits to who ever can make use of them, And we do hereby appoint and constitute Supt. Schortzman sole executive of this our last will and testament. In witness thereof, we the seniors of I955, seal this the day of May i955 A. D. lSignedQ Eldon Thurow Jack McLaughlin WITNESSES: Gary Wiese Arlene Olson Madonna Moran Phyllis Mergen Ruth Hammer Gerald Ordal Mickey Walker Larry Hybertson Ruby Nelson Jim Sheppard Dexter Harding Bill Granflaten I2 glass prophecy of 1955 The year is l963. A class reunion is being held at good old Franklin High for the brilliant class of '55. On our way down the new super-highway between the Granflaten Hotel and Joe McAllister Airport we see flight l9 approaching the runway from the east. We slow our turbo-car to a halt in front of the administration building and wait for our passengers. The first to alight from the airplane is Eldon Thurow who is now a star slugger for the Rutland Redbirds, and who doubles as chief scout for the N. B. P. A. in his off season. Next to descend the steps is Mickey Walker who has made his fortune from cr patent on a farm featuring an extra large haymow. This now, it is rumored is so large a person can easily raise cane in it. Right behind Mickey comes Bill Granflaten, a member of the F. B. l. who acts as Mickey's bodyguard. He is also part owner of the Granflaten Hotel which is known all over the world for its fine sea foods. 4 The next to come out of the airplane is Ruby Nelson who married into a rich family of bolt manufacturers. Before her marriage she was launched on a fine career as a wrestling promoter, so it is evident that she didn't marry for money. Who's next? Why that's Madonna Moran. She has become fabulously rich in the ring business after failing in the hardware and gas industry. What surprises us is the fact that she is still unmarried. What's this? Jack McLaughlin isn't here. Ohl Here he comes in his new thought-controlled Pontiac. This automobile will go anywhere merely by the driver thinking ofthe destination. This was developed during his high-school days when he decided to drive one-handed. Look at that beautiful hair! Why, if it isn't Gorgeous Gary Wiese, better known as "The Strangler". Only last week he captured the world wrestling crown with one of his well-known fto classmates, strangleholds. What are the photographers for? Why it's the famous singer Arlene Olson alias Tiny Ole. You will no doubt remember her sudden rise to fame through her record "Undecided" . Maybe she can find time to squeeze in a song for us right after the reunion if she doesn't have to rush off to interview the basketball team. Sayl Doesn't the pilot of that plane look familiar? Why it's Jim Sheppard. Guess he had quite a time getting that iob. It was between him and his brother as to who had the most patience, but Jim waited the longest and finally got the vote. Well, there's Ruth Hammer. Rumor has it that she tried to crash the literary world. Sad to say, however, her stories turned out to be jokes. Now she has successfully invaded the field of radar and has made quite a name for herself down at the University. Here comes Gerald Ordal, the famous basketball star. lt's said he has become so popular that he receives mailbags of letters and bundles of telegrams before each game. Oh, yes, I thought there was someone missing. Phyllis Mergen is just driving up in her Minute Car. She married soon after getting out of high school and settled down on a farm near Orland, which is a suburb of Franklin. Her children are all happy ones which is only natural for she always had a cheerful disposition. We still aren't all here,are we? Where are Dexter Harding and Larry Hybertson? Why, they haven't made much of a name for themselves yet. They've been writing this prophecy for the last eight years. Larry Hybertson Dexter Hardina I3 glass poem We the class of '55 Made this poem of our reflection, T hese are our talents and Faults Which we leave for further inspection. He's president of the class And captain of the team, He's a romeo with the girls, Eldon's the one we mean. Larry is a Friendly guy, With schoolmates he rates high? His intelligence and looks Will surely get him by. Dexter is the funny man Many a joke he tells, He has a hopped-up Chevy That carries him to Dells. Mickey is a Democrat And excells in farming, Some things that he does, Are really quite alarming. Gerald is a clever soul, His colors are pink and black, And when it comes to having fun, He's sharper than a tack. Phyllis, a charming lass, Is always willing and ready, But don't get any ideas boys Remember -- she's going steady. Ruth is interested in colleges, And we're sure she will succeed, But it won't be to higher learning That her ambitions will lead. Arlene has many friends And is a studious gal, In trouble, you will Find, She truly is a pal. Gary has lots of wavy hair And seems to get around . A saxophone player like he ls really hard to be found. Jack is very good At developing much talent, With accordion in hand He looks very gallant. Bill does his dreaming All through the day, He works at night, lt's easier that way. Jim is the sleeper Of the bunch, But he always tries To be first for lunch. Ruby is a friendly lass To almost everyone 5 She does her share of work, But also likes some fun. Madonna is ambitious, And really gets around, She's nice to everyone she meets No truer friend is to be found. This is the end, there is no more Of an angelic class--you bet, We bid you fond adieu and hope I We're a class you'll never forget. That's us---Class of '55 L46 'WV fi , 1 l e g ,E ,, ' r, L unfot 61444 L K. ,LW,:g5irgW1vw X L, - ,.N,wmk?g,f,g, .QM 7 L. L-ffwv as A i . 1 . -.,'- ,,. , J. fan: , '- - , f ,QE ,k,k e ' - A A V Janice Knudson Marvin Knutson Marie Mathieu Q ,lmv f W Sharol Larson Loren Nelson Shirley Shaver Mona Nielson June Marquart Larry Heng .- min M 5 1 V, WR., X 71... Dee Ann Wenk Lyle Vogt Phyllis Fods John Scheafer Myrl Reecy X Arnold Thompson Mary McAreavey JGCl1ie Fods Darrel Muth H 1 'ii ' ff , -'-1f r . ' if x S, 'fs ' X 1 ,S lf? ' 1 1 A Shirley Branson Larry Sterling Qc' ze X ZX YOPAOIIIOZC 6145.4 'Sw if ' giisiilii 2523325513 M 4 V N. J 15:1 ' i ' ..,. , H , . '-E' f ,w 1 V - , . Z , 2 -V-- Q ' Y' W as S X ul X S Q X 1' Q EWS! X 'F V ,'EjE ,."j .:ij',,I ESQ F? .Q lnqivu , A . V.A...,.., . ,iw 431 g - Q23 4 Y Merle Ordal Phyllis Nugent Robert Nelson J ane DeBulten Gale Sundberg Jud Foster Dennis Tl1urow Jerome Scheafer ND? p 1wPR'M'NS'S'b 1 ,M ..,..... 1 . mime - ,.,. ki' ' 'N :Ear-E5 'K A " -1-f ' FT I . f iii . f was ' ' 4' 4 A ff Q, W Q 41,1 A , k A 12 V 'sf f 'iw feifzzliii? fe Ronnie Williams Neil Hoek Ardis Vogt J Ml "KN ZMJVT .J:'.'W:5,'. sy lwvbfgf iiE5?i?'T'g mf ' i'igl,f we in -4 N, w i 4 'af 53254155 .-453:-.3 ,531 1 sim ,rf A M5222 4 grew? F W M Sf Q4 wx gi HW! RQ pf : if ,mi .' ,A - 51156 Sli , f 5 fill? fix f -xr U i-we - , ' fy' Janice Crelly icfured Clarence Bos. Janis Huntimer Pat Jandl Jim Dupraz . - ii SS V- - f f ws' ' 'eww--' me X. . - Wig :M www . I I X sk X Verl Ulhe Tzeskman glass Darrell Muller JoAnn Hybertson Bonnie Doblar Carol Foster ' W 7 I. . - V- a Beverly Ordcl Roger Ordal Mirilyn Uthe Jim McAreovey 1. A! 1 M f,Af,W.f .A 7 f - 'iwwf -Q A s ,Z - '-::.. ' may f ' i m ' .,r,E ff, J I we A 1 lip Q' lb 5 K! 3' Q Q? 2' X ,fgswiil . O x M ilillyfll, Bill Schaefer Lorraine Bronson Lee Schroeberl Audrey Sheppard Mary Keller Bud Slwaver Darlene Mcrquart Jim Granflcten 2, L I Y, M 11 . , nv . -L ,. x, . F . iq: if, ' N3 'Wifi -,j.,h 4211. 4, I 5 3. R - :- -. ,. r. .-'14 i V1-rf! ,L ,,. , 1, ,' if 5-Q1 L . s r 1 X.. I gg A. e, . 'T 4 N' V v, , - in 4. i, .- 1 .R F. m ,wi il , . re 1 fm. M ,.,. 'L x x 5 LV . is Ji"'f'2, -I Q? . :gig lv :iris if 'g in -1. ,rm AV! .Yin I an 9' -5 if J5 me-Y 1, kkhpf L .4 4-x F 'Sv 4-A A '- JG A fx .L'1,'j-Li. 1' 7 '- T . 'Mi I 'HUF' f mf! . . JL . M v I 1 JL1, g ,a',2,, f J: -'Jr A ' ., Ili , ,f'p5' Qi,- x ,Z I ' '.1 1 1 Q., 1' ,-- 1 .,r . '-.rid s- . , '-I T' Qrf jj : .. Tiff 'z if K, . f q.- f gn N I .. 'TE-if -' -dpkg ' ,V-'SE " Y 'I ffgfgfi. L1 V . "Er, ,xi A., 1 we-,' S F - - - A fiiiizj-J 1 . A I 7 "" X 1 -.T gf 'rg-549 7 l fi ' r K J ,-: 5121? 1, f. ' vI'Af,f. , I wi f , , l ,,ii"- .J ' -S-:fig ' . V: - , :' S151 . ' ,' ' 4 Epi C t.. A. gl 2 gj,E.,f?5,1 , .A 4:55 .5 'f ,fav - ' -' ' "ff aa -jf.. . 1 Tig " 4 ' Q in 3.3 Y, '1 -1-N- 1'f,l"If , ' 512.5 -QWQQ: 1 V, M, 1 , F. ff -ga: mf 4 ' f :- '1 .4 Y- , V iafiig ' ' 'A Qlfisf.-'f' FQ, f' h , f" , ..l:. I' 1. as 91 w I A 4 .4 5 1 . mi? QM-dw lst 8 2nd g'zaJe.4 Back row, I to r: Susan Trotter, Kathy Lunt, Lynne Severson, Milne Halseth, Bob Granflaten, Dennis Ruud, Elaine Scheafer, Rebecca Church, Carol Williams, Carolyn Acheson. Middle row: Shirley Vogt, Ellen Schortzman, Duane Hybertson, Lana Koepp, Vincent Scheufer, Ray Branson, Tommy Roling, Roger Rath , Rebecca Muth, Gordon Van Zanten. Seated: Verdonna Hoek, Barbara Swier, Linda Swier, Roger Van Zanten, Kenny Scheafer, Pat Halseth, Sharon Reurinlc, Karen Wendel, Alice Marquart, Cindy Lunt. 321 Z 414 grade: Back row, I to r: Jimmy Van Herde, Wayne Kropuenske, Loren Hass, Darrell Fods, Donald Brady, Kenny Steinberg, Gail Erickson, Connie McAreavey, Rita Scheafer, Patricia Hymans. Front row: Bernard Jandl, Donald Degan, Gordon Reecy, David Marquart, Marilyn Hybertson, Sharon Lunt, Dennis Wendell, Billy Crelly, Bernardette Jandl, Karen Lunt, Jimmy Knutson. Back row, l to r: Priscilla Hymans, Tim McLaughlin, Darrold Williams, Duane Kropuenske, Mary Moran, Sharon Ordal, Rose Mary Scheafer, Mike McCool, Harold DeBulten, 4 Second row: Lowell Hass, Arvin Hymans, Gary Knudson, Dick Ordal, Chuck Wenk, Steve Brady, Barbara Scheafer, Carol McAllister, Virginia Erickson. Seated: Jerry Mergen, Dennis Nelson, Marvin Hoek, John Church, John Jandl, Harlene Lunt, Dennis Degan, Roger Stoftcrahn, Maxine Muller, Joan Williams. mme X B Back row, l to r: Verne Scheafer, Sharon Crelly, Eleanor Williams, Newell Ordal, Nancy Oltmann, Lyla Muth, Judy Augustad, Henrietta Hoek, Lyle Muth, Rudy Bergmann. Second row: Larry Nelson, Marilyn Arke, Laurel Lunt, Paul Scheafer, Verdonna Williams, Connie Vogt, Carmen Wenk, Jimmy Fods, Richard Jacobs, Paul Oltmann Ruth Ann Rath, Judy Church. Seated: Margaret Jandl, Marilyn Mergen, Lois Hass, Bonnie Church, Kay Reecy, Gary Peterson, Gary Steinberg, James Hymans, Sharon Trotter, Frances Barnes. . 4, 311, 4 .Gig , v -5' r 1' W. , 2 ,I 4 Adam Ilpll T Edin Standing, l to r: Cal Mathison, coach, Eldon Thurow, Larry Hybertson Neil Hoek John Scheafer, Gerald Ordal. Seated: Larry Sterling, Dexter Harding, Bill Granflaten Gale Sundberg Merle Ordal, Bill Scheafer, not pictured, Mickey Walker. The I954 basketball season ended by winning I5 out of l9 games The scores For the games were: Frankl in 44 53 39 47 54 48 54 60 57 62 49 49 54 37 5 l 48 59 68 6 I E gan Orland Colton Dell Rapids Lyons Rutland Winfred Ramona Chester Ramona Colman Spencer Egan Colman Orland Beadle Chester Rutland Winfred 24 I hx' 'K .. W, .L . I Wm W he 1 ,, ,WI :gjfv 12 ' I M - INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT REGION FIVE TOURNAMENT 81--HAM 38 H r 'Earl CY 57 Y' 75 B' 'I D 54 I-IQ:-Ifvrf-I Pnrker 31 d 49 Y . ' Y Y' CGI q eu-In Q 47 -M1 SV' 'M - 47 47 ' F Lflm "A "I W Fmmklin ""' 35' Ckefflr' 41 'I-1 Hu Colgan hssfer 40 53 2 ' 51 pq R"2'f""I F -ff 44 Frebgflin . Y L5 E C"L7M MMI, 41 E 5'T3","b Ra LJ: ST o.T- .f-, T Q -I 9"H5S'P'J5n.l .' Fl Tv-eu'I' +0 DISTRICT SEVE NTEEN BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT NEIL HOEK Class ----- Experience - - Height - - - ELDON THUROW Class - - - - - Ex erience p nn- Heigh? - - - -- 6' 4 --2 --6 E JOHN SCHEAFER I 1 'XS Nl X If ,X ill X .ia ,Aa x xx! x Closs------ -- Experience Height -- - GALE SU NDBE RG Class ----- Experience - - - Height - - --5'll - 2 l IO I W W A MERLE ORDAL Clcss----- - Experience - - Height - - - - 5' 8 BILL GRANFLATEN Class --------- Experience - - - - - Height - - - - 5 9 a I-9 . U err ,I ? if BILL SC HEAFE R Class ----------- - Experience ---- --- Height ---- ---- 5 6 Mi CKY WALKER Class ------ - - Experience - - -- - - Heighf-- -- 57 27 x .5 'J LARRY HYBERTSON Class -------- - - 4 Experience ------ - 2 Heighl - - GERALD ORDAL --ei Class ------ - 4 Experience- - - - - - Height - - - -5' l0 91.53 gli!! J ' s. W, DEXTER HARDING Class --------- 4 Experience - - - - - l Height - - - 5' 7' LARRY STERLING Class ------ - - 3 Experience - - - I Height - - - 5' 5 28 MANAGERS -- Jock McLoughlin and Dennis Thurow gh eezleadeu Ruth Hammer, Jane DeBulten. Sharol Larson, Arlene Olson 29 'ze ".f',,...1 Back row, I to r: Cal Mafhison, coach, Darrell Murh, Jim McAreavey, Jerome Scheafer, Darrell Muller, Jud Foster, Verl Uthe. Second row: Ronald Williams, Roger Ordal, Robert Nelson, Bud Shaver, Jim Granflaten, Lee Schoeberl. Seated: Marvin Knutson, Jim Sheppard, Gary Wiese, Lyle Vogt, Loren Nelson ll ll .K ei eetfeadeta I to r: Mary Keller, Marilyn Urhe, Beverly Ordal, Bonnie Doblar. 30 Back row, l to r: Ronald Williams, Roger Ordol, Jim Granflaten, Robert Nelson, Darrell Muller, Jim McAreavey, Bud Shaver, Bill Scheafer, Larry Sterling, Lee Schoeberl Second row: Marvin Knutson, Gerald Ordal, John Scheafer, Eldon Thurow, Larry Hybert- son, Merle Ordal, Jud Foster, Cal Mathison, coach. Front row: Loren Nelson, Verl Uthe, Neil Hoek, Gale Sundberg, Darrell Muth, not pictured, Mickey Walker. Back, l to r: Marie Mathieu, Arlene Olson, Ruth Hammer, Phyllis Mergen, Myrl Reecy, Dee Wenk, Mona Nielson, Mary McAreavey. Middle: Phyllis Nugent, Janice Knudson, Janis Huntimer, Jane DeBulten, Janice Crelly, Shirley Shaver, Sharol Larson. Front: Lorraine Branson, Beverly Ordal, Joanne Hybertson, Carol Foster, Marilyn Uthe, Darlene Marquart, Bonnie Doblar, Mary Keller. gfddf Ted!!! Back row , I to r: Richard Jacobs, Paul Olrman, Mr. Dockendorf, coach, Lyle Muth, Jimmy Fods. Middle row: Gary Peterson, Newell Ordal , Gary Steinberg, Paul Scheafer. Front row: Vern Scheafer, James Hymans, Larry Nelson, Rudy Bargmann. gzaafe 6A eetfeacfeta Mlrgaret Jandl, Marilyn Mergen, Verdonna Williams, Lois Hass. 32 imma foylig Girls' fee gfub Standing l to r: Mrs. Bohl, director, Bill Granflaten, Jim Sheppard, Jack McLaughlin, Jerome Scheafer, Gail Sundberg, Jud Foster, Janis Huntimer, accompanist. Seated: Dexter Harding, Larry Hybertson, Gary Wiese, Eldon Thurow, Gerald Ordal. Back row, l to r: Eleanor Williams, Ruby Nelson, Ardis Vogt, Verdonna Williams, Ruth Hammer, Jacqueline Fods, Madonna Moran, Carol Foster, Beverly Ordal, Janis Huntimer Ruth Ann Rath, Janice Knudson, Phyllis Fods, Shirley Shaver, Marie Mathieu, Audrey Sheppard. Second row: Mrs. Bohl, director, Marilyn Arke, Nancy Oltman, Shirley Branson, Laurel Lunt, Phyllis Mergen, Henrietta Hoek, Connie Vogt, Janice Crelly, Lorraine Branson, I Sharol Larson, Mona Nielson, Arlene Olson, Bonnie Doblar, Lois Hass, Joanne Hybertson. Seated: Marilyn Mergen, Mary Keller, Bonnie Church, Sharon Trotter, Francis Barnes, Judy Augustad, Darlene Marquart, Marilyn Uthe, Jane DeBulten, Phyllis Nugent, Sharon Crelly. .fund 5 Mixed 6602115 Back row, l to r: Phyllis Fods, Ruth Ann Rath, Mrs. Bohl, director, Larry Hybertson, Janis Huntimer, Margaret Jandl, Janice Knudson. Third row: Francis Barnes, Darlene Marquart, Larry Sterling, Connie Vogt, Larry Heng, Gary Wiese, Bud Shaver, Eleanor Williams. Second row: Carol Foster, Verdonna Williams, Joanne Hybertson, Marilyn Uthe, Gale Sundberg, June Marquart, Shirley Shaver. Front row: Lois Hass, Bonnie Doblar, not pictured, Mickey Walker. Back row, l to rg E. Williams, R. Nelson, A. Vogt, V. Williams, R. Hammer, J. Fods, M. Moran, C. Foster, B. Ordal, J. Huntimer, R. Rath, J. Knudson, P. Fods, S. Shaver, M.Mathieu, A. Sheppard. 3rd row: Mrs. Bohl, director, M. Arke, N. Oltman, S. Branson, L. Lunt, P. Mergen, H. Hoelc, C. Vogt, J. Crelly, L. Branson, S. Larson, M. Nielson, A. Olson, B. Doblar L. Hass, J. Hybertson, accompanist. 2nd row: M. Mergen, M. Keller, B. Church, S. Trotter, F. Barnes, J. Augustad, D. Marquart, M. Uthe, J. DeBulten, P. Nugent, S. Crelly. lst row: J. Scheafer, J. Sheppard, G. Wiese, G. Ordal, J. McLoughlin, L. Hybertson, E . Tl1Ur0W, G. Sunclberg, B. Granflaten, D. Harding. . 61.115 Back row, l to r: Patricia Jandl, June Marquart, Dee Wenk, Janis Huntimer, Madonna Moran, Marie Mathieu, Lorraine Branson, Darlene Marquarf. Second row: Bonnie Doblar, Mary McAreavey, Marilyn Uthe, Janice Crelly, Sharol Larson, Shirley Shaver, Myrl Reecy, Janice Knudson, Beverly Ordal, Ardis Vogt, Jane DeBulten, Carol Foster, Joanne Hybertson, Audrey Sheppard, Phyllis Nugent, Shirley Brmson, Mary Keller Seated: Mrs. Schranfz, adviser, Phyllis Fods, Ruby Nelson, Phyllis Mergen, Arlene Olson, Ruth Hammer, Jacqueline Fods, Mona Nielson. uniot play 36 fig-"- ,4 4S?5v al 'rf . V .grim Q6 E .. .ri QL Y., 1 ""'s-1 Rl 11 A rf l iw: x 1. Siamese Twins fPhyllis M., Janice C.1 2. Initiation Party Q Lorraine B., Mary K., Beverly O., Carol F. 1 3. Janice K., Watch out for Gerald. 4. Mona Nielson 5. Jack McLaughlin 6. Marie M., Ruby Ann N. 7. Marvin Schorfzman. 8. Bill Granflaten 9. John Scheafer 10. Phyllis Mergen, Ruth Hammer. 11. Jim McAreavey. 12. Marilyn Ufhe 13. Madonna Moran 14. Neil Hoek 15. Eldon Thurow 16. Roger Orclal 17. Darrell Mufh 18. Style Review of '55 19. Arlene O., Phyllis M. 20. Carnival 21. Warm water, Phyllis M? 22. Lee S. 23. Larry Hyberfson 24. Jim Granflaten 25. Ruby Ann Nelson 26. Joanne Hybertson 27. Janice Hun?imer's legs. ...Q--v , vw fi vu 'V A -s , Lf , 5 5 Q 35,1-v fl 4 -A ,k Y, Q f V i Nw f W gy ggi J Y gym L 'E lj 1. l. Senior girls 2. Hula Bonnie D. 3. Gerald Ordal 4. Initiation Party - fMa ry KJ 5. Sharol L., pretty huhl Roger O. 6. Marilyn Ufhe 7. Mary Keller 8. Ruth Hammer 9. Bill Scheafer l0. Mary Keller ll. Beverly Orclal. l2. Jim Sheppard l3. Bonnie Doblar l4. Madonna Moran l5. Phyllis Mergen l6 The Three Stooges, Lyle V., John S., Gerald O. l7. Hang on fight, Sharoll l8. Speed limits now, Jane? l9, Darrel Muller 20. Shirley Branson 2l. Sophomore Girls 38 1' 4 Awww A., 1 I' h ' n A-L9 ur, .417 - .,... 'F' ra" H1-19 , 1 L I 'S' 1 i f SH r5 ' ' x 'Ri 'TI if .gf ,. AE, , wf s - f. f,. 2-fm. A 4 vw 'fe 2' ,gp g an L: .,. or-, - - 1 1.4 r af er 4 In 1.. f .fr is T nm. -J-4 kv... 3 ,-- +1-'MN E . VV' - 'A' . L. ., :YG 51, 'fy -.W " Mu ,. 54. ., I-. E' nga. T., ..? 3 1 . , Q i -x -.X e u an -' . an 4- Z, n.. i' " i i' 1 l 1 i I MADISON FRANKLIN STORE SKELLY GAS a Ou.s LUNCHES Gaocekuss MEATS ERWIN THUROW, PROP. I0 Ml. SOUTH ON HIGHWAY f I9 SOUTH DAKOTA COMPLIMENTS OF SECURITY BANK MADISON , SOUTH DAKOTA FOR FINANCIAL SERVICES THAT FIT YOUR NEEDS, YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO CALL ON US. MEMBER FDIC -------- MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE BANK ALL' DEPOSITS GUARANTEED UP TO 510,000 "YOUR HOME TOWN BANK" COMPLIMENTS OF FARMERS ELEVATOR GRAIN SEEDS COAL FERTILIZER TWINE PHONE 2614 MADISON SOUTH DAKOTA COMPLETE BAN KING SERVICE WHEN YOU BUY YOUR NEW CAR, LET THE BANK FINANCE IT NORTHWEST SECURITY NATIONAL BANK AFFILIATED WITH NORTHWEST BANK CORPORATION MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION DEPOSITS INSURED TO 5I0,000.00 MADISON BRANCH MADISON SOUTH DAKOTA FARMERS ELEVATOR GRAIN - FEED - SEEDS FERTILIZER - TWINE - COAL CUSTOM CLEANING - GRINDING - MIXING PHONE 76 COLTON SOUTH DAKOTA DAKOTA STATE BANK CHESTER, SOUTH DAKOTA BANKING - FARM LOANS - INSURANCE cOMPuMENTs OF lj an :nn SERVICE - PARTS VAN'S IMPLEME NT CO. IKE VAN LIERE, PROP. P HONE 38 COLTON SOUTH DAKOTA COMPLIMENTS OF WENKS PRODUCE 8m HATCHERY MADISON SOUTH DAKOTA COMPLIMENTS OF HAYES-LUCAS LUMBER CO. PHONE 2343 MADISON SOUTH DAKOTA COMPLIMENTS OF I. L. BRATAGER IMPLEMENT CO. YOUR INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER DEALER III IIA! lflll MADISON SOUTH DAKOTA 1 3. 1 2 Z CHESTER CLINIC OFFICE HOURS - 8:00 A.M. TO 6:00 P.M. FOR ARTHRITIS AND RHEUMATIC CONDITIONS PHONE 24 CHESTER CHESTER SOUTH DAKOTA HALLENBECK'S, INC. FURNITURE 8. UNDERTAKING DAY PHONE 2366 NITE PHONE 2221 W. M. NETTUM FARM LOANS, FARM RENTALS, INSURANCE MADISON SOUTH DAKOTA COMPLIMENTS OF FARMERS LUMBER YARD BUILDING MATERIAL 131 PAINT PHONE 2259 MADISON SOUTH DAKOTA THE OLIVER STORE GEO. P. GOEFFROY O. H. ELLISON JIM TOWLERTON THE FINEST IN FARM MACHINERY Oliver New Holland THE BEST IN REPAIR SERVICE PHONE 2II2 MADISON SOUTH DAKOTA FOR HEALTH SAKE CALL HUTCH'S DAIRY IT'S FOREMOST IN DAIRY PRODUCTS MADISON RALPH'S SERVICE MOTOROLA T. V. SALES GROCERIES BEER RALPH CRELLY - PROP. I0 MILES SOUTH ON HIGHWAY ffm SOUTH DAKOTA COMPLIMENTS OF HALLENBECK'S, INC. FURNITURE AND UNDERTAKING DAY PHONE - 2366 NIGHT PHONE - 222I MADISON DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR YOU CAN'T BEAT A PONTIAC NEWCOMB PONTIAC SOUTH DAKOTA IN MADISON, You'LL FIND ws JACK'S QUALITY MARKET COMPLIMENTS OF WESLEY M. BEARDSLEY INSURANCE, BONDS AND ABSTRACTS BUFFALO TRADING POST DONALD FOSTER, PROP. QUALITY GROCERIES RADIOS - TELEVISION - REFRIGERATION FEEDS 8. SEEDS PHONE 2217 COLTON SOUTH DAKOTA L. W. WHOLESALE SUPPLY THE STORE WITH THE FLEET WHOLESALE PLAN 121 S. EGAN AVE. PHONE 2098 MADISON SOUTH DAKOTA COMPLIMENTS OF BOLL INSURANCE AGENCY CLAYTON BOLL AARBO 8. GRINDE MERCANTILE R '. f fx 'iilfle , GRQCERIES - MEATS rg DRY GOODS - FRUITS 8. VEGETABLES FROZEN FOODS 8. ICE CREAM PHONE 44 COLTON SOUTH DAKOTA COMPLIMENTS OF COMMUNITY BANK MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION COLTON SOUTH DAKOTA CHESTER HARDWARE PAINTS - BOTTLE GAS - RADIOS - ACCESSORIES PLUMBING - HEATING AND TV CHESTER, SOUTH DAKOTA H. T. BENSON, PROP. PHONE II ' I SKELLY-PRODUCTS I Gasoline - Oils - V Greases FARMERS 81 MERCHA NTS CO-OP OIL CO. PHONE 5516 MADISON, SOUTH DAKOTA TOWN OR COUNTRY CAREFUL METERED SERVICE SKELGAS SERVICE INSTALLATION Skelgas Cylinders Are Loaned Not Sold COMPLETE LINE oi SKELGAS APPLIANCES HAMILTON DRYERS FREE DELIVERY cmrANnnunm. SKELGAS Bu l I4 and Cylinder 'Phone 5516 FIIRMIEJIISKI IIEEIIGIIIIIIITS luu'oPl col ACROSS FROM POST OFFICE 124 Ecu! Center Street Kaiser Willys WULFF MOTOR CO. IO4 SOUTH BLANCHE AVENUE PHONE 4424 MADISON SOUTH DAKOTA GIFTS FOR ALL CCCASICINS KELLEY'S CHINA 8- GIFT MADISON, SOUTH DAKOTA WEDDING SERVICE REGISTER YOUR CHOSEN PATTERN OF CHINA AND CRYSTAL 1 1 Madison BOB'S CAFE "Where Friends Meet To Eat" Dinners - Short Orders Complete Fountain Service South Dakota B AND D MARKET Fancy Groceries - Quality Meats Bob Herringer, Prop. LOVE 8. BERGE Groceries 81 Meats Fruits - Vegetables - Dry Goods Locker Plant Service Phone 27 Compliments Of xx o lf 11, ' , 44 PARKER AUTO COMPANY Your Ford Dealer -Madison- CHESTER PRODUCE Sharps Feed 8. Nutrena Feeds Poulfry Exchange of Poultry Eggs Supplies Cream Phone I 9 Chris Pehaclh JENSEN Maron coMPANY i -P Yalophone 2592 . 213 So. Egan Ave. MADISON, S. DAK B O O S T E R S KOOPMAN HARDWARE Madison South Dakota INHOFER BAKERY Madison South Dakota NATIONAL DIME 8. DOLLAR Madison South Dakota COLLIGNON'S Madison South Dakota FITZGERALD'S Madison South Dakota TEXACO CENTRAL SERVICE - Hiway 34 8. Egan Madison South Dakota MERSHON BARBER SHOP Madison, South Dakota PIPER LAUNDRY Madison South Dakota DR. THUE Madison South Dakota L. F. ERICKSON Madison South Dakota TOMSCHA'S DINER Madison South Dakota HENG GROCERY BURGER'S GAMBLE STORE Groceries - Gas - Service Colton South Dakota Phone 156 Phone 1701 Located On Hiway 19 Tires - Batteries Colton South Dakota Tools - Paints THE DRESS CLUB Qual ity Cleaning Madison South Dakota J. H. LAMMERS Lawyer Madison South Dakota COLTON IMPLEMENT CO. John Deere Sales And Service Ernest Valland 8. Ernest Eggen, Props. Phone 41 Colton South Dakota Compliments Of DR. CARL G. AISTRUP Madison South Dakota KETELSEN-WILLOUGHBY FUNERAL I-IOME Jmbufance Service -Iii- DAY 6 NIGHT PHONE 23BI MARVIN C. KETELSEN, MGR. MADISON, SOUTH DAKOTA "Our Aim Is To Be Worthy Of Your Friendship" SUNSHINE HATCHERY Fred Totzke, Owner Phone 2555 Madison South Dakota CompI iments Of STANFORD STANDARD SERVICE East City Limits Phone 9961 Madison South Dakota Colton Compliments Of DRS. DEHLI 8. DEVICK South Dakota Compl iments Of MAIPISQJN RECREATION ALLEYS Compliments Of COUNCIL OAK STORE Madison South Dakota Madison South Dakota Compliments Compl iments Of Of PETE'S STEAKHOUSE AND GRILL "Where The Good Food Is Served." A FRIEND Madison South Dakota Compliments Of Compliments Of KRAFT - HEGG DRS. WARREN 8. FREITAG Super Value Phone 9955 Madison South Dakota Madison South Dakota B O O S T E R S CHESTER POOL HALL MADISON DAILY LEADER PALMER ELECTRIC MADISON SEWING MACHINE CO. RlNG'S SHOE REBUILDING RALPH'S RADIO 8- TV Chester, South Dakota Madison Madison NIadison Madison Madison South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota BOOSTERS BUNDLIE'S PAINT 8. WALLPAPER WALKER'S JEWELRY BURG'S BOOTERY JOE MCALLISTER JOHNSON DRUG STORE COLTON COURIER WENK'S COLD STORAGE RHODEN IMPLEMENT CO. CARR'S WEST SIDE GROCERY HOLLE FLORIST JAHR'S FLORIST ANDERSON PRODUCE STAN'S MENS SHOP FOOD CENTER REXALL DRUG 8. JEWELRY WHEALY AUTO ELECTRIC BlLL'S POOL HALL FARMER'S CO-OP CREAMERY BUSY BEE CAFE ERNIE ERICKSON CO. Madison, South Dakota Madison , South Dakota Colton, South Dakota Colton, South Dakota Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison , Madison Madison , South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota .D F 1 4 I F , 'O 'X 1. ?gv4,' f it I A., I fain! ifjg.. go I 's 17 ' :Fx Cf, 1 fish- Vik I n 1 1 v 4 , 1, . " A' Q A Y 4 x Q " 'J fi '::'1.1fl'J , ,V X ., ' 1 V ,fin .,- kC'. Q , . it g- it .r f k r 1 u , v , A . v. A- fi f' ,QV 'L '-f ' vf 59 'fxu5". P wi X ., ,mi .rfA'?""2 "Lg ?. 11.5 1ej2I1,f.. 'w Nga: 1 - ""ul!'.- ' 4 'frfzff' 3 f",-xxiff 1 2 5, ' . SX ,234 1? v. Q , -5 -Irie' ' A 1 , . . .. 51, gl, Jia U, . -L, f 'fir im: a'-1, ,MEA mae ,L WA 4.v.1f15me.4iM

Suggestions in the Franklin High School - Flyer Yearbook (Madison, SD) collection:

Franklin High School - Flyer Yearbook (Madison, SD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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Franklin High School - Flyer Yearbook (Madison, SD) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 24

1955, pg 24

Franklin High School - Flyer Yearbook (Madison, SD) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 53

1955, pg 53

Franklin High School - Flyer Yearbook (Madison, SD) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 64

1955, pg 64

Franklin High School - Flyer Yearbook (Madison, SD) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 35

1955, pg 35

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