Franklin High School - Dial Yearbook (Reisterstown, MD)

 - Class of 1953

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murirAu11"ngaA-fr l . 1. ,NWT 2 x iff Q1 ,P ' ' EEF? 1? , ' f QT! - Y is z T r A V X-1' 1 f 5 -W. v wi 23 1 4 H y Z - ,I 4A-,Q-,half ' A Y as P-gf . .,LTf?'Q'LW :gig I Q Ag fa - E3 , 2-ii .V , if . ,, ,3'g,,, , b 4 . :.fR 1.S: ' if . ., -Yliijrfvriii " ,g-nw I 'K ' ' 4- H- . .. . f' 4 1 ,LU ' v 1 .- f V -1 xx, .. A, 3,47 V Q, . I .lyr- , -155 ,mv , , Y j :'fq:.g.,.gj3g:' ' , 'fi' " 'G' 'iff-Q:-f-i'i7"".vj1 i "wh A.. 'J - MA: --5 Q., X -f'e-'iii 1, ' ., ggi: .,,,', ll V'-.f N '- f Q .S,I"4.!,.N -. V -' ,J ":..,.,'.7i'.Q'?S5.,? P, ., h is . , - -11-I-pf: f-uf-1-v..5:, . P Va- fl .f',d:i54'f1.',f. 1 ' 1- 2.1 'i-PJ-"QF ' '23 51' f ' P I 1 . Q , .lv ' 1 42, ' ' x Y , A . ' ' 1' emu., V 1 4, ,. 1 fy ,,, an .www ilil sus ill! neun III1 U55 Jwlzsfaan Qiffy Ufifzss Q3 ia fy gguggagscf gy fga .cganioz Qfan of Qzangfin Scgoof Jsiafsfzifown, .ffmazyfancf Klflfa Dsclicafa . . our 753 Dial to Benjamin Franklin, the great American statesman and philosopher, Whose name our school so proudly bears. Although over a century and a half old, his ideals and precepts have proved as applicable and morally sound today as they were in his own time. May we ever guide our lives along the way which he has shown and form our characters in the mold which he has cast. fi I 5 ' 1 4 e s 1 1 i -l y 2 2 THIN Mr. L. Lee Lindley and Mrs. Helen Tovell Reese, Principal and Vice Principal, have befriended and coun seled us throughout our years at Franklin. We shall always remember them. 3 - mi L- Sffii' I ' im , 'Q 2 W ,.wMhmm....,k.,.,....,i,...,,.v,.,.....,s.....,.. , y '- vw , , 155 : . --1 fy. , md Q mm , 2 s f 9? 3 9 ll AS A A Q "V iii? '10 . . h,A LW gf' - W ,Biff ,mi M sis ' fl? F455 A , WEEE ...., awC??f if Q, A5552 W ,mi .iv J, 51735 Hg is fy W: ' 5 , liiuffi ki A . .-1.41. ywffkm-fs' sw ,Qgndii fQ'Ss'w?Ef??!f5, Q ,sl . Q 11 wiiii. gg ' . SRL .sa Y, ,.., mu, Seniozi U55 gacuffy VLKIZCJS 'ZCICZQQHZEIZ U55 cgifucfenf Body l -olzfalzfa As the Dial has been dedicated to Ben Franklin, we like to think that his spirit will give it a once-over with the same eagle eye that once edited Poor Richardis Almanac. Let's follow him as he adds his footnotes to these pages. "He that can compose himself is wiser that he that composes booksf' 5 5125011 "Think of three things: whence you came, where you are going, and to whom you must account." VADA MAY ALBAN Reisterstown Commercial '51: F.B.L.A., Office, ,l.V. Hockey, .l.V. Basketball, V. Softball, 4-H Pres .... ,52: F.B.L.A., Library Club, Class V. Pres., Girls' League Pres., Gazette typ- ist, Office, V. Hockey, V. Basketball, V. Softball, 4-H Pres .... '53: Student Council Treas., F.B.L.A., Gazette typist, Dial Staff, Library, V. Hockey Capt., V. Basketball, 4-H. MARGERY VIRGINIA ALVEY Reisterstown General '51: F.T.A., Sr. Choir, Library, Church Choir . . . '52: Service Squad, F.N.A., Office, Church Choir . . . '53: Service Squad, F.N.A., Ofiice. RALPH BERNETTE BASLER Garrison General '50-'53: F.F.A .... ,53: Office. Shorty Marge Bas 7 NANCY CATHERINE ELEANOR ROMAINE BELT CAROLYN DALE BENNETT BATCHELOR Reisterstown Commercial Reisterstown Academic Glyndon Academic '51: F.B.L.A., Library . . . '52: F.B.L.A., '511 Library, J,y. Hockey, J.v. Basket- Library, Office . . . '53: F.B.L.A., Sr. ball, ,l.V. Softball . . . '52: Library Club, Choir, Office. U.N.Y., Service Squad, V. Hockey, V. Basketball Capt., V. Softball . . . ,532 F.T.A., V. Hockey, V. Basketball, 4--H, M.Y.F. W-R x 4 'rffg 8 Nancy Dale Eleanor ROBERT EMMETT BOLLINGER Reisterstown General Ginny CHARLES RAYMOND VIRGINIA EMMA BOWERS BOSLEY, JR, Owings Mills Commercial Owings Mills General '51: F.B.L.A., Office . . . '52: F.B.L.A. 50. V. Baseball ' l 1 -51: J.V. Basket. . . . '53: F.B.L.A., School Bookkeeper. ball, V. Baseball . . . '52s V. Baseball . . . '53: V. Soccer, V. Basketball. Baldy 9 i.g5M,,k,,fe.,ft.-t,:nails5 . I .' ' . sf, Retief kiwi Zfffklfrwlygif wk? wwf .. ' . . Qi ,. aag,,ggg,gx,asX1q. ' .' 1- " , .,lz21- 1 :ze 3 ef9's2?'Mrf:fe:Lszfs . ' 1f-u, f-ff-z..,- fx .. fivifmss,,. 15.5 ,Ms-..'s.z.t-f. 'ffl ,F .sz 1112?-fii. -Piet f r ' SHED- . . 1. 'I 125.3-rf"i715..f'.:.E , ' ' A f gg Egg:-,?gsT:t,Si-'Q 1,-Qui? 5143 ,s34EE?ieE5?L-iilbifieiyz f--' 12f.5g,'-,ifggkgqis :. ' iff' f. W :E .::. s151'l2191."'i.Ss,.., . '.S2i'I -f -9x . ' 'ff' t :'iTliT9l'.111L-UTY?21731 . iw: l a , . f J - gi 2 .. ..: its-gp--'t .' - -- w g .-a::f,.,e5i, k - ,J 12.55 or Q.: . .. . , i m - :ff -sfzgitgsffgittffi-'fiflii fi' ffl? , L. :1.f.'.-1'r1g':p1 . ' 'sit-.., ' ft.,-'qgqji-"1f1ffgigi?sf25g,?,f,.Ej- 'Qi 5 fi? .2 . - ' Vf -' 112?iHe.,- 'li'1Eii2f'5ez2'f:iLi . L " Q " "I - 'fiT,:, 5.-Itsilfilj :E 1 wx ' ' .'i'21"e7-rgaaxei . -- ,. . - ..a1.w.:, .set t - -1 . - . -fftasf-.. f- aaa . . J ' A '21 F sei' R., -Q. ., . . Y egg., .L ,-Q L, . f- K. .5 is 1 -.ep iff V aa.. ' arg KENNETH ALVA BROOKS Reisterstown General '50: F.F.A., ,l.V. Soccer . . . '51: F.F.A., J.V. Soccer . . . '52: F.F.A., V. Soccer . . . '53: F.F.A., V. Soccer. JOHN FINDLEY BURNS Reisterstown General ,50: .l.V. Basketball . . . '51: F.F.A., Class V. Pres., V. Soccer, V. Basketball, V. Baseball . . . '52: V. Soccer Co- Capt., V. Basketball, V. Baseball . . . '53: V. Soccer Co-Capt., V. Basketball Capt. NANCY LOUISE CARPENTER Glyndon Academic '50: Student Council Treas., J.V. Bas- ketball, V. Softball . . . '51: Student Council Treas., J.V. Hockey Capt., ,l.V. Basketball, V. Softball . . . '52: U.N.Y. Treas., F.N.A. Pres., V. Hockey, V. Basketball, V. Softball, Youth Board . . . '53: Student Council Pres., F.N.A., Sr. Choir, U.N.Y., Office, Dial Staff, V, Hockey, V. Basketball, Student Assem- hly Chairman. Ns-...N .Keflfly fagk Nance I 0 fkgjqmg. is , GEORGE LEE CASE JOAN ALICE CASE CHARLOTTE JOSEPHINE Owings Mills Academic Owings Mills Academic CHEW I '52: U.N.Y., Library ciub, Boys' stale '51-'53: CAP .... ,531 U.N.Y. Reisterstown Commercial - - - '53f Library Club, Dial Staff, V- '51-'531 F.B.L.A .... '53: Office, Bible Soccer Mgr. Club. loan Case Charlotte l l NW '91 WILLIAM FRANCIS ARLENE MARIE DANNELLY WAINWRIGHT DAWSON, JR. CHRISTOPHER Owings Mills Academic Reisterstown Academic Owings Mills Genfffal ,512 U.N.Y., F.T.A., Balto. County Farm '50: Student Council . . . '5l: ,I.V. Soc- '51: FIIQA .... 752: F.F,A ...' 753: Queen . . . '52: U.N.Y., F.T.A., Gazette, cer, J.V. Basketball . . . '52: Student F-FHA., Library. Ollice, 4-H V. Pres. . . '53: F.T.A., Sr. Council, U.N.Y., Sr. Choir, J.V. Base- Choir, Gazette Editor-in-Chief. hall, V. Soccer . . . '53: U.N.Y., Sr. Choir, V. Soccer, V. Basketball . . . Sea Scouts. Wgin Arlene' Bill I2 RICHARD LEE DUNCAN Reisterstown Academic '5O: Student Council . . , '5l: U.N.Y., ,I.V. Soccer, J.V. Basketball, Mikado . . . '52: U.N.Y. Pres., Service Squad, Sr. Choir, .I.V. Baseball, V. Soccer, V. Basketball Mgr., Youth Board, Boys' State Governor, Church Choir . . . '53: Student Council, U.N.Y., Service Squad Pres., Sr. Choir, Dial Staff, V. Soccer, V. Basketball Mgr., Church Choir, M.Y.F. ELSIE JOYCE DURHAM Owings Mills General ,51: U.N.Y .... '52: Sr. Choir . . . '53: Sr. Choir, Gazette Reporter, Office, Bible Club, Church Choir, Y.F.C. VIRGINIA MAY FEIGHT Owings Mills Academic '5O: V. Softball . . . '5I: Girls' League Treas.. F.T.A., J.V. Hockey, .I.V. Soft- ball, V. Softball . . . '52: Girls' League V. Pres., Class Secretary, F.T.A., ,I.V. Basketball, V. Hockey, V. Softball . . . '53: Class Secretary, F.T.A. Pres., V. Hockey, V. Basketball, Bible Club Pres., Y.F.C., M.Y.F. i I I I Ginny Joyce I3 f?'Ps MARGARET LOUISE FOLKERT ROBERT DALE FRITZ JOSHUA ELLSWORTH GILL Reisterstown General Glyndon General Reisterstown General '52: F.N.A., Gazette . . . '53: Gazette '50-'53: F.F.A .... '51: J.V. Soccer . . . '51: F.F.A .... '52: F.F.A., ,l.V. Bas- Managing Editor. '52: Library, J.V Soccer. ketball Capt., V. Soccer, V. Baseball . . . '53: F.F.A. Pres., Tri County F.F.A. V. Pres. 105 ll 113 g Dale l 4 crwi' MILTON LOUIS COVER. Ill. RONALD EDWARD HARMAN SAMUEL DENNIS HARMON, Lutherville General Owings Mills Academic JR. '5O-'53: F.F.A .... '53: Library. '51: Student Council, J.V. Soccer . . . Garrison General ,521 -l-V- Soccer, J-V- Baseball - - 5 '531 '50: ,l.V. Soccer, J.V. Basketball Capt. Student Council, U.N.Y., Sr. Choir, V. I . I '51: LV. Tgasketball Capt., V. SUCCVT- Soccer . . . '52: V. Soccer, V. Basket- ball, V, Baseball Capt .... '53: V. Soccer Co-Capt., V. Basketball. Ronnie Milton Denny 15 ROGER PAUL HAWLEY CHARLES ELMER HOUCK, IH CHRISTIAN MEESE KAHL Owings Mills General Reisterstown General Reisterstown Academic '51: F.F.A., ,l.V. Soccer Capt., J.V. '5l: Sr. Choir, Mikado . . . '52: U.N.Y., Basketball, ,l.V. Baseball , . . '52: V. Sr. Choir, V. Baseball Manager . . . Soccer . . . '53: Sr. Choir, V. Soccer. '53: Student Council, Sr. Choir, Dial, Youth Board. , 1 R05' Buddy Chris l 6 DOUGLAS HOBART KEEFER Glyndon '52: V. Soccer . Sea Scouts, N.R.A. Rifle Club, U. S. Coast Guard Reserves. 1 f f ,-,e ,'fe W ig e ' 5 W -H. f , f ,jf 4 Ilya, 5 ,,..- W' -'Qi Q . . , W. -Q-1.9.1.-4. rim... Q gs: 1. 2,5282'gg3g2a.g5q,,:.gQgggg133g2 , 1:-al-affwfm - - 3 ' H K E 534, fl X is mm 25 5. ,Kew 'W 5. :fea:'f.f25.z.. E. f.2fr'mi: ws' . are ' :'ff23f:ifWi1 sf.-ffwpfl -311. is f .V mx. f..-aw-ffsfifz wi,."'l'f.i" ' Uifffwf fy. I "l15FfWF 'eww Q ..: fe. ....-:- f- wiiiki? M-4 . c.. Z. ,,N,'.:f .,., .Law . .,..,. , , , -. -ffr g ..-.,?:,.. f4'.,, . fill' I A 1 1, m K llfljg X 1 s, 1 " if Qi . ' - ' 'i ififiafr l f'-2" L , WAYNE CABAL KELLEY Owings Mills Academic '5l: l.V. Soccer . . . '52: l.V. Basket- ball, V. Baseball . . . '53: U.N.Y, BRUCE PETER KEHNE Glyndon Academic '5l: V. Baseball . . . ,52: U.N.Y. V. Pres., Library Club, Sr. Choir, ,l.V. Basketball, V. Soccer, V. Baseball . . . '53: U.N.Y. V. Pres., Library Club, Sr. Choir, Dial Editor-in-Chief, V. Soccer, V. Basketball. Academic . . '53: V. Soccer . . . MW fs' BTUCG' Wayne Doug l 7 div' wggp.-5 IOANNE SMITH KOPP JOHN BRICE LAUTERBACH CARROLL MARTIN LEAF Reisterstown Academic Rcisterstown General Reisterstown General '5O: ,I.V. Hockey, J.V. Basketball, J.V. '50-'53: F.F.A .... 4-H. Softball, V. Softball . . . '5I: Class Treas., I.V. Hockey, ,I.V. Basketball Capt., J.V. Softball Capt., V. Softball . . . '52: Student Council, U.N.Y., Li- brary Club, V. Hockey Capt., V. Bas- ketball, V. Softball . . . '53: U.N.Y. Secty., F.T.A., Sr. Choir, V. Hockey, V. Basketball, Dial. folznny fo Curly I 8 leg? - .. ll BETTY IRENE LE-ISTER FRANK EVERETT JOAN MARIE MITTEN Reisterstown Commercial MCCAULEY, JR. Reisterstown Commercial '50: .l.V. Basketball . . . '5l: F.B.L.A., Ogvingg Mills Academig '52: V. Hockey, V. Softball . . . '53: ,l.V. Basketball, Office . . . ,52: F.B.L.A., 551: Library I I I 752: Library Club V. Hockey, Library. Library Club, Service Squad, ,l.V. Bas- I I I " I I I I I I I . SI kethall, V. Hockey Mgr., office . . . D3 UNY Explom Sm' '53: F.B.L.A., Library Club, Service Squad, Sr. Choir, V. Hockey Mgr., Olbce. Belly form I9 . , : l y K L A K ,f.W K: ,Q JOYCE ILENE MITTEN SHIRLEY MARIE OREM HOWVARD DAVID OWINGS Reisterstown Commercial Reisterstown Commercial Garrison General '53: Library, Dial, V. Hockey. ,50-'53: Gazette . . . '5l: F.B.L.A., J.V. '50-'53: F.F.A. lTre-as. ,521 . . . '5l: Hockey, J.V. Basketball, ,l.V. Softball Library. Mgr .... '52: F.B.L.A., Library Club Secty., Class Treas., V. Hockey, V. Basketball, V. Softball Mgr . . . '53: Student Council, F.B.L.A., Sr. Choir, Dial, V. Hockey, V. Basketball Capt. . . . 4-H Blue Ribbons and Honors. . H . ,.., ,f . v-,.. ,,.. , ,.w.a-.0-pm-it fgygg Punk Cherie Q0 'Hn e 1-,Musk CHARLES NELSON RONALD PAYTON PELTZER ELLIS CLAYTON PORTER OWINGS, JR. Upperco Academic Reisterstown General Reisterstown General '53: U.N.Y., Dial. '52-'53: F.F.A .... Boy Scouts. ,50-,53: F.F.A .... '50: J.V. Soccer . . . '51: J.V. Soccer . . . '52s Sr. Choir, J.V. Baseball . . . '53: Sr. Choir DeMolay. fd' Junior Ronn, 3' 21 'E 'l3cw...aww JOHN Upperco '50-,53: F.F.A. cil, Class Pres .... ,53: Class Pres., Sr. Choir, Youth Board . . . 4--H, M.Y.F., Y.F.C. 1 ai li' 5 TL: S35 OLAN PRICE JOSHUA HARVEY RAVER DORIS LYNETT RENFRO General Owings Mills General Owings Mills Commercial . . . '52: Student Coun- '51-'53: F.F.A. '5l: F.B.L.A., ,l.V. Softball . . . '52: V. Hockey, V. Softball . . . '53: F.B.L.A. Pres., Library Club, Sr. Choir, Dial, V. Hockey, V. Basketball. 22 fofmny Doris Harvey F.B.L.A., Library Club, J.V. Basketball, 3 4 fw' L ,f'?9" sig? , A, , , 1 , ij-H VLVIA L z.kA EA L ,A 5 q"' P L ELIZABETH ANN ROHDE PAULA MAE SCHLATRE JOSEPH MCLAIN SCHWIND Glyndon Academic Reisterstown General Pikesville General '52: U.N.Y., Library Club, F.N.A .... '51: F.B.L.A., Service Squad . . . '52: '51: F.F.A .... '52: F.F.A., LV. Base- '53: U.N.Y. Treas., F.N.A.V. Pres., Sr. F.B.L.A., Service Squad . . . '53: Stu- ball, Library . . . '53: Stuclent Coun- Choir, Dial . . . Church Choir, Youth dent Council. cil, F.F.A .... Vice Pres, Library . . . Fellowship V. Pres. C.Y.0. Pres. udvw Paula Betts foe 23 3 tttt Sify it tt 4 W 5 l l eete tltet kill le e M ' , N 1 2 ' l l e t :f l M ,i . JAMES YVESLEY SPHINKEL CHARLES WILLIAM GARNET HULINCS TROYER OWIUSS MINS General TALBERT, JR. Lutherville General Pikesville General '52: F.F.A .... '531 F.F.A. Assistant 51: F.F,A., V' Baseball . , . '52: Treas., Library . . . Worthington Val- F.F.A., Library Club . . . '53: Student 195' Athletic Club- Council, F.F.A. fl1lf6 Charlie 24 5 'I Thi' 'wlluvvf' ROBERT GRAHAM WELSH, JR. RICHARD JAMES WHITCRAFT BARBARA PHOEBE Reisterstown Academic Reisterstown General WOODWARD '53: U.N.Y., Class Treas .... Glyndon Glynclon Academic Menls Bible Class- 52: U.N.Y., F.N.A., sf. choir, office, V. Hockey, V. Basketball Mgr .... '53: Student Council, U.N.Y., F.N.A., Dial, V. Basketball Mgr .... Youth Fellowship Treas., Church Choir. WW Bobby Phoeb Dick 25 'he :Haan cfll-5 M N g1G J 5 ms new 2 -H--F Triig img? D,NN 1 ll., , mn rw ,fa x N X Qonsgmo , A I up mo gg S, QE B Y W? U65 Qaauffq "Learn of the skillfulg he that teacheth himself hath a fool for his master." 27 THE FACULTY MEETS FORMALLY in teachers, meetings to discuss problems and policies of the school. BUT WHEN THE MEETING,S OVER, theylre just as AFTER sWAPP1Nc a few tales of their wilder pupils happy to go home as we are. Rabble-rousers, beware! they seem to have a plan 28 Mr. E. Bennett Bowen BS., M.A., Eighth Grade Mrs. Laura Lee Duncan B.S., 9th Grade Home Economics Miss Ellen H. Gray BS., MS., Biology, 9th Grade Core 29 Mr. Joseph F. Boylan B.S., M.A., Biology, Eighth Grade Mathematics and Science J i Miss Merle Eubanks BS., MS., Home Economics Mr. James Haines B.S., 9th Grade Industrial Arts QW Mr. Joshua H. Cockey BS., M.Ed., Driver Education Miss Madeline W. Ceiman B.A., M.A., Latin, W'orld History, 9th Grade Core Miss Emma K. Hanna 7th Grade Core as ya M W A ' , 'Qi i3"5,5' "-t - ,.,. Mr. Joseph Colley BS., M.A., Boys' Coach, Phys. Ed. Instructor F Mr. Cornelius E. Gisriel B.A., English, French, Dramatics, Public Speaking Mrs. Eva L. High BA., Mathematics Mr. Andrew J. Hinlicky B.S., lndustrial Arts Mrs. Eleanor B. Miller BS., Shorthand, Ofhce Practice, Bookkeeping, Personal-Use Typing Miss Ethel A. Parsons B.A., 9th Grade Core, 10th Grade English, Journalism 30 Miss Helen G. Huttenhauer Mr. Albert L. Leary Mr, William D, McKinley B.A., M.Ed., English RA.. NIA., Mathematics ILS., 7th Grade Mathematics and Science, 9th Grade Science eiii 3 l. ...E ' . Mrs. Helen S. Neal Mr. J. Rupert Neary Mrs. Marjorie W. Nolte BA., M.A., Guidance Bjl., B.S., instrumental l3.A., M.Ed., 7th Grade Core Counselor, 10th Grade Music Social Studies V. life- i I .. is .1 f ' ti ' 'x Mr. Merritt N. Pope BS., Bliss E. Mae Rowe BA., Mr. C. Wightman Seabold Related Science, Agriculture 8th Grade Core BS., M.A., Related Science, Agriculture Miss Helen L. Strieby BS., Girls' Coach, Phys. Ed. Instructor Qs 1 4 it 92 Wig an r 3. ,, 3 f ms U 'V FQ1 -Ma, J 2351. I' Mrs. Ruth W. Seabold B.A., Mr. William R. Stewart 11th and 12th Grade B.F.A., Arts and Crafts Social Studies t ' ,. ' . E 'ss V t - 2' a . 1' t '??S53?j5il?4 1 -4.1 Q -1'-'i'2f..f2f.mW W 'S' ,J EL -a.,.,,,,,if. y ' 1 1 - I . i V, .f , E If, . Mr. James P. Sweeney B.S., 'ith Grade Mathematics and Science, Chemistry Miss Barbara Jean Vaughn BS., Business Law, Salesmanship, General Business, Typing, I and II Mrs. Martha T. von Gunten Miss Gertrude A. W-ardell HS., KM.. MA., Music BS., M.Ed., B.L.S., Llbrarlan l 3 1 Dzcgicfa fo . . Miss Emma K. Hanna Miss Ellen H. Gray . . . Franklin Alumnae, Franklin Teachers, and Special friends of 1953 VLLHJETCKQQLHZEH He that would rise at court, must begin by creeping U55 gander dfau Sealed: R. Foight, N. Bleakley, J. Mitcheltree, H. Korman, P. Mueller. Standing: M. Uwings, J. Yohn, Bowdre, V. Stultz. W. Niemeyer, D. Poelilman. Seated: R. Howard, B. Parry, A, Thomas, I. Whealton. J. Cullison. Standing: V. von Gunten, J. Jackson, E. Mugrage, N. Havelr, W. Hawkins, E. Sprinkle, A. Thomas Seated: J. Fisher, B. Harris. N. Gardner, J. Williams. L. Staley. Standing: S. Murray, S. Jackson, S. Miller, D. Peregoy. E. Fowhle. T. Hoffman. Seated: D. Nash, J. Wheeler, A. Fallowfreld, J. Grimes. L. Moser. Standing: J. Carter, B. Baker. J. Rutherford, B. Sprinkel, J. Tillman. L. Stelfox Ev' Seated: J. Porter, E. Sullivan, M. J. Yeager, E. Kagle. M. Klein. Standing: R. Korman, J. Dolan. lVl. Case, C. Butler, K. Dudley. C. Smith, C. Phillips. Seated: M. Bowers. E. Burnham, P. DeHoH', S, Larkins, S. Del-lofi. Standing: C. Whitcomb. G. Prinkalns, A. Campbell, N. Gill, F. Linker, J. Cohrecht. Absentees: R. Griflin, V. Heindel, V. Renfro, A. Czerwinski, B. L. Cook, M. Grothe, S. Hawley, J. Rutherford D. Robinson, P. Spadin, A. Tracey, M. Armacost. 36 cgiofzgomofca Ufam i Room 5, Mr. Pope. FIRST Row, LEFT TO RIGHT: Young, Wallet, Allred, Miller, Cullison, Klinefelter. SECOITID ROW: Carroll, Frey, Young, Cole, Brown, Skipper. THIRD ROW: Grove, Cowman, Schwarting, Krebs, Meyers, Wil- helm. ABSENTEE5: Austin, Emge, Lloyd, Kefover, Spadin. A - A A Room 102, Mr. Leary. FIRST ROW: Morningstar, DeFlora, Kay, Burkholder, Apgar, Lloyd, Oursler, Larkins, Redsecker, Wheeler. SECOND ROW: Whiteside, McEwen, Simmons, Baker, Dusman, Clark, Stone, Pitcher. THIRD ROW: Simonds, Whiteside, Kemp, Holly, Long, Stallard, Davidson, Beehe, Hundertmark, Hughes, Amoss, Whit- comh. ABSENTEES: Christopher, Chrysler, Scannell, Foster. ww flff-" Z7fffi75l25?45fE5,QjEQ " ffiiigft N P Room, 106, Mr. Cisriel. FIRST ROW: Cayafas, Whitcomb, Cogdill, Brooks, Higgs, Grothe, Kessler, Blucher Pearce, Helsel. SECOND ROW: Fowble, Bertsch, Von Gunten, Wfeaver, Koble, Graves, Raver, Wolfe, Armacost Barnes, Meyers. THIRD ROW: Green, Love, Crimes, Boring, Burkhardt, Kellar, Hampt, Asper, Eline, Heilman. ABSENTEES: Belt, Boose, Whee-ler. Room 101, Miss Vaughn. LEFT TO RIGHT: Gosnell, Prinkalns, Constantine, McCullough Bosley, Abbott, Abbott, Dietz, Armacost, Cole. SECOND ROW! Sweisford, Reber, Klinefelter, Rae, Worrell, Wirts, Tipton, Ab- bott, Miller, Wesley, Buell, Whitcomb. THIRD ROW: Barr, Allan, Sheridan, Ayers, Pearce, Friedel, Gist, Krause, Chenoweth, Shaeffer. ABSENTEES: Ambrose, Fox, Gamber, Raver, Redifer. Room 203, Miss Hanna. FIRST ROW LEFT TO RICI-IT: Hoffman, Schmidt, War- ner, Schaefer, Gingrich, Cempp, Lind- ley, Mowl. Driscoll. SECOND Row: Brunk. Hall, Newberry, Brown Suse- niihl, Morris, Walper, Gardner, Ham- mer, Robertson. THIRD Row: Woods Sultzbaugh. Rill. Amoss, Carter, Am hrose. Bates. Beck, Whitcraft, Farace Hampt. ABSENTEESZ Dailey, Porter, Red ding. Riddle, Tracey. Yox. Coffman Morrison, Smith. Room 205, Mrs. Nolte. FIRST Row, LEFT TO RICI-IT: Rohar, Townsend, Wel- sey. Almony. Williams, Larkins, Higgs, Hatnpt. Polanco. SECOND ROW: Krebs, Kahl. Hiller. Shipley, Yvolfkill, Flory, Utz. Brown. McCloskey, Dudley, Clark, Spurrier. THIRD now: Fink. Long, Sul- livan. Cover. Uhler. Cronin. Hawley, Humbert. Holtz. Abbott. Barnes, Jack- son. ABSENTEES: Stelfox, Bower, Jack- son. Correll, Elgin. Room 207, Mr. Sweeney, FIRST ROW, LILFT T0 RIGHT: Bossuni, Hamby, Long, Elmo. Brubaker, Snyder, Yox. SECOND Row: Harmony, Fitzpatrick, Dietz, Bos- ley. Shreck, Long, Ensor, Bowen. THIRD Row: Fox, Constantine, Hale, Burke, Nushaum. Alban, Fox, Green. ABSEN- TEES! Green. Lauterhach, Kemp, Ayres, Ayres. Austin, Brooks, Cole, Stewart. Room 204 Miss Rowe. FIRST Row, LEFT T0 RIGIIT: Myers, Cartzendafner, Kagle. Neshit. Bleakley, Larkins, Kor- man. Keller, Tipton. SECOND Row: Ke- gan. Pearre, Munch, Stone, Triplett, Bouis. Duncan, Putnam, Alban. Bed- secrker. THIRD Row: Richardson, Thomp- son. Sultzbaugh, Seletzky, Bounds, Leaf Brown. Broadbent, Porter, Burkholder Cowman, Long, Henson. ABSENTEES Lutz, Coffman, Sweet, Peterson, Raver, Frantz, Bowen, Rubin, Harvey. Room 208, Mr. Boylan. FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Fisher, Husey, Miller Rutherford, Keeney, Brightwell, Altman Caples, Woods. SECOND Row: Chaney De-vers, Zentz, Durham, Dolan, Hooper Spencer, Rill, Bollinger. THIRD ROW Moser, Merryman, Whitcomb, Jacobson , Bossom, Spurriet, Carver, Fowble, Bas- ler. Otto. 40 Room 206, Mr. Bowen. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Peltzer, Brown, Gouge, Myers, Nussbaum, Schaeffer, Redifer. SECOND Row: Naylor, Wesley, Hamby, Gordon, Peltzer, Townsend, Blucher, Bound. THIRD Row: Whitcomb, Kinsey, Sprinkle, Hastings. Tracy, Brown, Lud- wig, Klinefelter. ABSENTEES: Steaubitz Haines. Jackson. Gailey, Simmons Haines, Phillips. Room 104, Miss Parsons. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Minton, Whitcraft Bucher, King, Tracey, Dailey, New- berry, Wilhelm, Laufer, Gore, Warren SECOND Row: Rutter, Ayers, Parry Churn, Mathias, Chaplain, Polancoi Shaffer, Cole, Harmon, Jackson, Munch. IRD Row Griffin Williams Smith TH I , a 1 Schmidt, Korman, Parker, Lindenbaum, Kehne, Lee, McCauley, Crocker, Kahl. ABSENTEES: Ostrum, Koehler, Kemp, Green. Room 209, Mr. McKinley. FIRST Row, LEFT TO RIGI-IT: Green, Earhart, Talbert, Taylor, Burnham, Bowen, Carver, Brown, Kearny. SECOND now: Musgrove, Phillips, Caples, Brown, Jackson, Kee- ney, Brubaker, Baker, Hundertmark, Fuller, Ostrum. THIRD Row: Cook, Brown, Fitchett, Driscoll, Lutz, Fox, Wheeler, Peacher, Jones, Talhert, Lentz, Unkart. ABsENTEEs: Scannell. Room 111, Mrs. von Gunten, FIRST Row, LEFT TO RIGI-IT: O'Daniell, Moser, Ambrose, Haines, Keeney, Fitchett, Gill, Rutter, Naylor, Warren. SECOND Row: Hastings, Ward, Cogdill, Meredith, Al- mony, Bosley, Spencer, Austin, Higgs, Hawkins. THIRD Row: Belt, Isaac, Mer- kel, Cole, Hofmeister, Peeling, Burke, Uhler, Dixon, Baker, Schultz. ABSEN- TEES! Cook, Crame, Spadin, Sherrer, Wickline, Correll. 41 Room 201, Mr. Stewart. FIRST Row, LEFT T0 RIGHT: Cover, Cromwell, Buppert, Feight, Camp- bell, Corbin, Fair, Miller, Robar, Alban, Abbott. SECOND ROW: Higgs, Long, Rae, Mummert Thomas, Richardson, Myers, Bossom, Krebs, Meyers, Leaf, Keeney. THIRD ROW: Russell, Shipley: Howard, Haines, Beck, Morris, Diehl, Sprinkle, Cisricl, Fallowfield, Henson.'ABsENTEES: Knight Renfro. 1 Room 210, Miss Gray. FIRST Row, Ll-IFT T0 RIGHT: Raver, Brown, Ludwig, Love, Freberthauser Gill, Miller. SECOND ROW! Brown, Moser, Grove, Grothe, Whitcomb, Cams. THIRD ROW: Raver Meekins, Abbott, Markland, Bosley, Curtis, Easterday, Willianis, Hofmeister. ABSENTEIES: Alder, Caples, Williams, Whitcomb, Rutter, Beck, Hales, Wickline, Ensor. U55 Avfucfslzf Body .fsazning . . . Qazficipafing . . . cysfaxing EnJ0y the present hour, be mindful of the past The Latin Class as M , ,.,. .WA.W M W, l 1 if' M 5 A IBO, IBIS, IBIT, we mumble over and over in a vain attempt to discover just whether it was Caesar or the Argonauts who crossed the English Channel. ln Latin class, we not only absorb grammar and geography, but also learn to improve our English vocabularies through application of Latin derivatives. ,. ,pw 3 UNDER THE EXPERT EYE OF MR. SWEENEY, our chemistry cl gleefully dabbles with HZSO4 and HCI. Vile must lead charir lives, for no oneis been sent to the hospital yet. The Chemistry Class 44 The Business Law Class gwgmwf ffl mm ,ff ln Business Law, we learn by lectures and reading not only the essentials which we will need in a commercial career, but how to protect ourselves and handle our own legal affairs in later life. r .Iii f pg an-2 R 4 Q.. in " N 'gAristotle proved it and that's good enough for us"-or so we hink until Mrs. High patiently explains that the only way to earn geometry is to prove the theorems for ourselves. The Geometry Class HI got out of low gear today!" exclaims a proud Driver-Ed. student as he alights from behind the Wheel. But no matter how accomplished his students may become, Mr. Cockey gives fervent thanks for the dual controls with which the car is eauimaed. Mr. Colley and Miss Strieby keep an alert vigil over the ever-popular physical education classes When wifey isnlt home, these boys will know how to broil juicy steaks or bake a featherlight cake. This year an advanced shop group swapped classes with a home ec. section for a few weeks to learn the fundamentals of housekeeping. S F2?zsW,r,:wfpt V .L The boys in the metal shop learned the ins and outs of a modern auto engine, while their co workers across the hall in woodshop made their own home furnishings. Future typists pound away as Mrs. Miller's alarm clock ticks off the minutes. A three minute time test is held. What are the results? Aaag, gref, cecp, urg. Ah! a perfect paper. 4'Mr. Gisriel, distinguished members of the class - - - .ii 48 Webster, Clay, and Bryan had nothing on these learned orators, whose originality sparkles forth three times weekly under the direction of Pro- fessor Gisriel. Z '-1.33 Mr. Stewart discovers and develops the latent artistic talents in his art classes, while showing his students that a great deal of enjoyment can he found in art as a hobby. The Agriculture boys take most of their classes in the original Franklin Academy. Because of its special facilities and excellent instruction, our Agriculture course is one of the finest in the state. Learning farm finance the practical way. After the chickens are plucked, they are cleaned and packed, ready to be sold at bargain prices to the many customers who swear that Franklin chickens and eggs can't be beat! The Ag. boys wrote a success story in their shop this year when they transformed a derelict auto into this fine hybrid tractor. The Student Council is the heart of the student body. The interest of every pupil at Franklin is represented by our uCongress in Miniature" which coordinates student-teacher relationships and directs a welll-rounded pro- gram of student activities. Through the sale of activity tickets, dances, the magazine campaign, and the store, the Student Council raises funds for the constant improvement of school facilities. OHiC6TSZ Nancy Carpenter, Presi- dentg Scott Chrysler, Vice President, Dorothy Nash. Secretaryg and Vada Alban, Treasurer. Advisor: Mr. Gisriel. 'hu Without a bit of inconvenience, the S. C. Informal student-teacher conversations help Store can clothe you and keep you in school to keep the two groups in harmonious rela- supplies and knicknacks for the entire year. tionship. 51 We have in our school a counterpart of the New York United Nations Organization-the Franklin U.N.Y.0. In keeping with its purpose-focusing everyonels attention on the work and principles of the United Nations- it has sponsored such worthwhile activities as musical assemblies, Care Package drives, and the ever-popular spring picnic. Ujicersz Richard Duncan, President, Bruce Kehne, Vice Presidentg Joanne Kopp, Secretaryg and Betty Ann Rohde, Treasurer. Advisor: Mrs. Seabold. Carolyn Dailey is typical of the Service Squad members, who quietly and efficiently create order out of chaos in our overcrowded halls. Service Squad members act as monitors and lunchroom assistants under a program which provides reward and recognition for those who perform outstanding service to the school. Officers: Richard Duncan, Sr. Chairman, Carolyn Dailey, Jr. Chairman, Rosemary Howard, Secretary-Treasurer. Advisor: Mr. Leary. h KA L ,iu as Q be . lu ,J l V -- i sill? if L Y-X , L L 1 gs . Ab 5 ' 0' it 5 - i When first aid is required, there's always a novice bandage Winder on hand to soothe the pain. Hlf they're going to be nurses, we want to be patientsli' say the lucky males who have visited the hospital room and have been treated by the members of the Franklin chapter of the Future Nurses of America. Ojicers: Joyce Wheeler, Presidentg Betty Ann Rohde, Vice President, Carmela DeFlora, Secretary, and Janice Porter, Treasurer. Advisor: Mrs. Kinsey. v Wffgj To finance their many activities, the members of the Future Farmers of America constructed and operate this building. We think it looks quite livable, but they say it's strictly for the birds-their chickens, that is! Ujffi- cers: Joseph Schwind, President, Raymond Brown, Secretaryg and Charles Whitcomb, Treasurer. Advisors: Mr. Seabold and Mr. Pope. 53 The Future Business Leaders of America-one of our most active organizations. All members take an active part in learning and demonstrating proper business techniques at their meetings. Officers: Doris Renfro, PrSSi- dentg .lanice Jackson, Vice Presidentg Margaret Bowers, Secretaryg and Ethel Burnham, Treasurer. Advisors: Miss Vaughn and Mrs. Miller. Q ,Q 'gi .2 .1 .t1zgf5e3e21i: - Gai , I kj? K i K ,A ' 'xg Q - 1 , Q f ,. 3LQeai?ts?i- Q. K. K Q Qs' K " ' "" ' uv ' ,jgf:z,..,, I . T in fgysAiM?Ti7'gjif3Y':E?5?fS':f:V5f':zTUK These gals must enjoy school, for they're members of the Future Teachers of America. Practice teaching and community projects help them to prepare for the day when they become faculty members. Officers: Virginia Feight, Presidentg Joan Grimes, Vice Presidentg Patricia Mueller. Secretaryg Ida Whealton, Corresponding Sec- retaryg and Alice Thomas, Treasurer. Advisor: Mrs. Neal. 54 1.13-wtzzi fi rr. i s c ir l The Senior Choir has performed throughout the year on all types of occasions, both within and outside Franklin. lts music has become an integrated part of assemblies and special programs over a period of many years. To add to its list of accomplishments, this year our songsters made radio and television appearances. The Junior High clubs are represented by their presidents: SEATED: M. Ambrose, Game Club, J. Gardner, Jr. Dance Club, P. Cromwell, Charm and Etiquette Club, R. Minton, Sr. Dance Club, M. Feight, Sketch Club, B. Rill, Film Review Club, ,lean Alban, Talent Club. STANDING: R. Richardson, Ir. Red Cross Club, W. Abbott, Bachelors' Club, G. Parker, Projectionistsg K. Williams, Model Club, B. Kahl, Leatherwork Clubg VV. Fowble, Woodcarving Club. 55 fc 4? 47 f iQ . In 1 I1 1 be , Behind the publication of each issue of the Franklin Gazette stands the nucleus of editors, staff heads, and the paperls advisor, Miss Parsons. Each member of the Gazette staff has his or her appointed job. From the days leading to the deadline until all issues have been circulated, everyone is kept busy leaming each phase of jour- nalism through practical experience. x 5 r tw Maxx g Responsible planning and extensive foresight keynoted the preparation of the Dial. ln spite of unheeded deadlines, lost copy, and numerous other mishaps, the well-oiled machinery kept purring, and the Dial came gss A .WMM A Bruce Kehne headed our Dial staff as Editor-in-Chief. and seems to have come through this harrowing experience unscathed. As he skillfully directed pre-publication proceedings, Miss Huttenhauer and Mr. Seabold kept their experienced eyes on each step toward completion. 57 THE LITERARY STAFF of this yearis Dial pored over captions and copy, writeups and titles .... il WHILE THE ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY STAFFS plan- ned the pictures and turned out lifelike caricatures. WITHOUT THE EFFICIENT WORK OF THE BUSINESS STAFF, our financing tasks would have been over- whelming .... 58 AND TO THE TYPING STAFF went the job of or ganizing and typing all materials for the printer MONCE MORE, CLARINETSP, Mr. Rupert Neary directs the band as it prepares for one of its many appearances at pep rallies, games, and assemblies. Although the band is a comparatively new institu- tion at Franklin, we hope that before long the crash of cymbals and the blare of horns will become a traditional part of all athletic contests and student gatherings. This year's orchestra is a very talented group of young musicians, whose skill and interests have brought them through numerous suc- Mr- Nearl' cessful performances. 59 Our qualified secretaries, Mrs, Helen Bandiere and Miss Betty Bauhlitz, serve as recep- tionists, administrators, and late-slip dispensers. Since this picture was taken, Mrs. Bandiere has heen replaced hy Mrs. ,lane Knight. Miss Ward,ell teaches Library Club members the many phases of modern library work. They apply their knowledge in helping her to give Franklin the best library it has ever had. Our Patron Saint, Ben Franklin, has said, 6'If youid have a servant that you like, serve yourself." This certainly applies to our cafeteria, where Franklin students can get wholesome food at a minimum of expense and with maximum ease. After we go home these folks take over, gathering from every floor and corner the day's crop of spitballs, love letters, and homework scraps. Mrs. Reed dusts and polishes, while HPop', Cool acts as general custodian. VVe're darn proud of the girls on our '53 squad. They practiced faithfully for Miss Strieby. and when the season opened they proved their worth by winning 5 games and dropping only 2. Nancy Carpenter drove 10 goals through the net to lead the offense. 12.- ,. iii ,, itts ' W 1 A ,"' : , I if l "' if i - fp., -,-, Q T i ...,,. W ,fW, , ...,,.,..,.w-.W i,,, . ..,t,,g1,,A Q W ' ' f fr s t t i eei f e . H , ,, i 5 7 , A ,i.' " : iii ? '- K ii l i lg "" - fx A fy - k',,- "Wi y ' 4 ": JL Q il ,,,g, ,, ,.,.,, ,V ,,,. .my Vg . W L 5 , e e in fr, Fv my 3 i-if s e fi Z- , A ,i-- 1 is -5 Jgy ix . iff f . it our l my , 9, A ' ' F 1 .i ,iw if ii si 2 ,x x Z B. I ,Q , as V X L I J Q. r e eii.isi f-5'-13 f Vkkr -rrrk VK .. 4 YZVAA i ff ' h Z V 4 N ,W .QA 1 SA I e '54, ,W H I' f A , -7 Ab ,y T. A 5, in ra, , . - k t ' , 'nf ,. 1 ,wk - T : .:fl,.,. 'ujk ff 1. VV ,K F Army I N U JJ., , ..,, .A Q -, Managers: Carmcla De Fl01'H Young ladies turn Wildcats on the playing field, as the boys found and Betty Leister. out in the soc-hockey game. 62 a Q 5 1, The team was fast, aggressive, and rugged. With a record of 4 won, 3 tied, and 2 lost, Franklinis boys fought out each game until the final gun. Varsity Co-Captains Denny Har- mon and Jack Burns both ranked high in the county scoring race last fall. Denny led the league with seven goals, while Jack scored five to place second. The Varsity Soccer Team turned in a winning season last fall, and if Coach 'gloeli Colley had been able to coax stronger support from his backfield the boys would probably have gained the championship thru some of the most brilliant line play we've seen in years. Team managers operate our new bas- ketball scoreboard during games and scrimmages. Dale Bennett sparked the offensive unit with a prolific record of l35 points for the season. With our girls, team, practice is a serious business. The girls' basketball team, captainecl by reverses the field hockey totals, Miss Strieby were our first league victories in three seasons. 64 Shirley Orem, posted a 2-5 league record this year. Though this and the girls consider the season to be a success, for the two wins HBaldy," our 6711" center, was right behind Denny in the league standings with a 15.6 average. Scrimmages gave coach Colley the oppor- tunity to work out his offensive and defensive strategy. By building the team around the brilliant Hoor leadership of captain Jack Burns, he developed a smooth working combi- nation that was tripped only twice during the season. The Boys, Varsity emerged proudly at the top of the league this year with a 12-2 record and a county scoring champwforward Denny Harmon. Denny copped the county scoring title in our last season tilt with Kenwood, racking up a total of 262 points in 14 games. Hats off to a great team and a great coach who brought out the best in it! 65 wt gm Umm Future members of Franklirfs varsity squads Garner valuable experience from Junior Varsity frames. Shown is the hockey team. Would-be stars of the sports world anxiously await the day when they become l5 so that they too can have a part in interscholastic competition. Pictured above are the girls of the ,53 Jayvee Basketball Squad. If they prove worthy, members of our ,layvee outfits often become splinter collectors on the Varsity bench, eager to break into the starting lineup. Such was the case with several players from last fallis soccer squad. C3293 KLQ, iwgglf , 4' iq,5t5K5w BNKU 2 05 4' QQLNKZM, Even though their following may be small, and their rewards few, we can be justly proud of our J.V. teams, which have always represented Franklin as true sportsmen in every way. Here's the .l.V. Basketball Team. 4'We've got a T-E-A-MV, No matter what the cheer or where the game, our effer- vescent cheer leaders holster the team and create school spirit. Janet Fisher headed the ,525 squad. i i Nix - if-3-..,,,,,Q ,.,-any-1 if-Q. , E 4 , ' 9 f "9"' 7Q,,,, "ilu, . -- A - f 1 'xg .. - F -- .. i , c., ,545 x ' V- 2, , V .A , Jpgafi' df! ' ' fy. ,JF .-V - ., --,..... ,.,5 -' 1,- 4 .4 .1 - , . - . - - pg- ,, .- .' .I'Z'f' -. Q- -, ' Qf,"" ' w .2 ',. 4:-T-G7 Well, Ben, I K We know our Dial canit come up to Poor Richarcfs Almanac, but it's our best. We hope We've done credit to your school. Most of us are just learning that it is your school, in spirit, in purpose, and in tradition. A11 of us have had pleasant years in Franklin, hut We must realize that Graduation is not the end. As your spirit and concepts have lasted for generations, so would We be poor Franklinites indeed, if on leaving We should forget all that you have stood for through so many years. Franklinls not just your school, 1 Ben, it's our school. lt's ours, and always will be. Thanks for editing the Dial. Weil never forget you, your school, nor the countless memories it has given us. Sincerely, The Class of '53 if X' " ! fl' I-5,355 ' rf' gazed? W1 Mr. The Class of 1953 wishes to give sincere thanks to everyone who a reality. Miss Ellen E. Abbott Miss Hazel Abbott Mr. Vernon Abbott Mr. William Abbott Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Ao-kerman Mr. Frank R. Adams Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Adams Mr: and Mrs. L. E. Aiken Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Alban Mr. James F. Alban Miss Vada Alban '53 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Albright Miss May Albright Mr. and Mrs. Robert Albright Mr. John E. Alder Mrs. Lucinda Alder Mr. LeRoy Alderton Mr. Hannibal Alexander Mrs. James Alexander Miss Barbara Allan Mrs. Hollis A. Allan Miss Catherine Allen Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Allender Mr. William C. Allman Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Alvey Mr. Paul E. Alvey, Jr. Mr. Herbert A. Ambrose Mrs. Irene D. Ambrose Mr. Max Amoss Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar W. Anderson Richard Anderson Mrs. Virginia Anderson Mis Mis Mr. Mr. s Xandra Apgar s Betty Ann Armacost Charles F. Armacost and Mrs. Elridge Armacost Mr. and Mrs. Howard Armacost Mr. Raymond Armacost Mr. and Mrs. Robert Armacost Mr. and Mrs. William Armacost Mrs. Samuel W. Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. George W. Arnold Mr. and Mrs. William H. Arnold Mr. George H. C. Arrowsmith Mr. Vernon W. Arter Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ashe Mr. Carroll Austin Miss Pauline Ayers Mr. Henry W. Baetz Miss Beverly Baker Mr. and Mrs. James E. Baker Mr. John A. Baker, Jr. Miss Miriam Baker Mr. Robert Baker, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Baker Mr. Parke Bailey Miss Donna J. Baird Mr. and Mrs. George Bandiere Miss Betty Bange '52 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bange Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Barko Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barley Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Barnes Miss Janice Barnes Miss Phyllis M..Barnes Mrs. Helen M. Barr Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Barstow Miss Mickey Barstow Mr. G. Ward Barstow 70 fpabzorza Mr. Frederic Bartter Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Basler Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Batchelor Miss Nancy Batchelor Mr. Robert H. Batchelor Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Bates Mrs. Charles W. Battle Mr. and Mrs. Roland Baublitz 'Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. Bauer Mr. Edwin Louis Bauerlien, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin L. Bauerlien Miss Nettie Bauerlien Mr. George Baxter Mr. Neal Bayden Miss Dorothy Beach '52 Mr. and Mrs. J. Hayes Beard Mr. Albert Bean Mr. James L. Bean Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bean Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Beck Mr. James Beck Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Beckwith Mr. Harold Beebe Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Bell Mr. and Mrs. John L. Bell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bell Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bellows Miss Anna M. Belt '49 Miss Eleanor Belt '53 Miss Elizabeth Belt Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Belt Miss Hilda A. Belt Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Belt Miss Eleanor M. Benchoff Miss Dale Bennett Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Bennett Lt. fj.g.D Roland K. Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Stanford Bensky Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Benson Mr. and Mrs. Silas Benson Mr. Edward R. Bentley '52 Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Bentz has contributed toward making the '53 Dial Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Bertsch Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Bertsch Mrs. Katherine S. Bertsch Mr. Duane Berry Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Berry Mrs. C. Berryman Mr. and Mrs. Carlancl Berryman Mr. and Mrs. William D. Berryman Mrs. E. C. Biorge Mrs. Thomas Blair Mr. and Mrs. Walter Blank Mr. and Mrs. William C. Blatchley Mrs. Mr. Lydia S. Blaylock and Mrs. Albert Bleakley Miss Nancy Bleakley M r. Robert Bleakley Miss Theresa Bleakley Mrs. Lillie Blizzard Mr. Mr. Jack Blucher R. W. Bockius Mr. James Boller Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Boller Mr. Paul Boller, Jr. Mr. Joseph Bolles Miss Doris M. Bollinger Mr. Mr. James W. Bollinger, Sr. M. E. Bollinger Michael J. Bollinger Miss Nora Mae Bollinger '52 Miss Norah O'Flynn Bollinger Mr. Mr. Robert C. Bollinger George B. Bolte Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Bolte Mr. Gene Bond '48 Mrs. Gladys S. Bond Mr. Richard Bond '37 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bond Mr. and Mrs. Slade Bond Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Bond Mr. and Mrs. William Bond Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Bondurant Miss Joan Carol Bondurant '52 Miss Estelle M. Boone Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. James Boone C. R. Booth, Jr. Walter F. Boring and Mrs. Robert Bosler and Mrs. Charles R. Bosley Mr. Charles Bosley, Jr. '53 Mrs. Charles Bosley Mr. Earl E. Bosley Miss Edith B. Bosley Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Bosley Mr. Elton Bosley, NASCAR, Ass. 74- Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Bosley, Jr. Miss Kathleen Bosley Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bosley, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Bosley Mr. J. H. Bosse Miss Bonnie Bossom Mr. R. T. Botts Mr. Howard Boulton Mr. Stanley M. Bouis, Jr. Miss Nancy Bowdre Mr. E. B. Bowen Mr. and Mrs. J. Levering Bowen, Jr. and Mrs. J. Levering Bowen, r. Mr. and Mrs. Abraham E. Bowers Mrs. Betty Bowers Mr. Charles H. Bowers Mr. George W. Bowers Miss Elizabeth Bowers Mr. and Mrs. Jesse M. Bowers Miss Jetta E. Bowers Miss Margaret Bowers Miss Virginia Bowers '53 Miss Wanda Lee Bowers Mr. and Mrs. James T. Bowling Mrs. Phyllis C. Bowman '51 Lt. and Mrs. D. W. Brabeck Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Brabeck Mrr. and Mrs. Russell Bradley Mr. Clifford Brandenburg Mr. J. W. Brandenburg Miss Shirley Brandenburg Mr. Charles A. Brannan '51 Mr. and Mrs. Lon R. Breeden Mr. and Mrs. Joel Brenneman Miss Ruth Brenneman Mr. Paul K. Bressler Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brewer Rev. and Mrs. W. Scott Broadbent Miss Alva B. Brooks Mrs. Arthur Brooks Miss Evelyn B. Brooks Mr. Harry T. Brooks Mr. Kenneth Brooks '53 Mr. and Mrs. Morris Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brooks Mrs. Agnes M. Brown '34- Miss Bonnie Brown Mr. and Mrs. Hervey A. Brown Mr. Luther Brown Mr. Raymond Brown Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Brown Mrs. J. Marshall Bruce Mrs. D. F. Brunk Miss Nancy Brunk '51 Mr. Lucian Bucci Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Bucheimer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Bucher Miss Shirley V. Buell Mr. and Mrs. Albert S. Bull Mr. C. F. Bull Miss Inez M. Bull Miss Irene M. Bull Mr. Thomas Bungee Mr. Harry C. Burch Mr. and Mrs. Roland Burk Mr. and Mrs. Frank Burkholder Miss Jane Burkholder Miss Eleanor Burnham Mr. Jack Burns '53 Miss Jerry Burns Mr. Roland Burns, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Roland E. Burns, Jr. Mr. Joseph Bushmiller, Jr. Mrs. H. G. Butler Miss Joan Caffrey Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Callahan Mr. Arthur E. Caltrider Mr. Carroll E. Caltrider Mrs. G. Byerly Caltrider Mr. and Mrs. Douglas P. Campbell Mr. Frank H. Campbell Miss Jane E. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. John P. Campbell Mrs. Leona Campbell Mr. Thomas G. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Robert Caples Mr. C. H. Carpenter Miss Eva Carpenter .Cpabzona Mrs. Evelyn C. Carpenter Miss Helen Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. James Carpenter Mr. Joseph R. Carpenter Miss Nancy Carpenter '53 Mr. John Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Carter Mr. John Carter Miss Mildred Cartzendafner '51 Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Case Mrs. Ruth Heise Case Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Cashman Mr. James L. Cashore Mr. Glenn Cassell '52 Mrs. Mary Ruth Cavey Miss Edith C. Chaffin Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Chaney Mr. and Mrs. Earl Chaney Mr. Prentice E. Chaney Mrs. Calvin Chaplain Mr. Clarence Chenoweth Miss Daisy Chenoweth Mr. Paul Chenoweth Miss Charlotte Chew Mrs. Harry Chew Mrs. William F. Chew Mrs. Carlton B. Chilcoat Mr. Janon M. Chilcoat Miss Pearl Chilcoat Miss Beverly Ann Choyce Mr. and Mrs. Donald Christhilf Mr. and Mrs. James M. Christy Mr. M. LaRue Clark Mr. and Mrs. Louis Clark Mrs. Jessie Clippinger Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Coblentz Mr. Charles D. Cockey Mr. and Mrs. John O. Cockey Mr. Joshua H. Cockey Miss Margaret Coffman Mr. McKinley Coffman '52 Miss Betty Cogdill Mr. William Cogdill Mr. William K. Cogswell Mr. Charles Cole Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Cole Mr. and Mrs. Jabest Cole Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Cole Miss Patricia Cole Mr. Joseph Colley Mr. William Collins '52 Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Collins Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Connelly Mr. and Mrs. Francil Connor Mrs. T. Constantine Mr. Albert C. Cook Miss Bessye E. Cook Miss Betty Lee Cook Mr. Dudley Cook Mr. Francis A. Cool Mrs. Catherine Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Victor G. Copestake Mrs. George M. Corbin Mr. and Mrs. Granville Cornet Mr. and Mrs. W. Corroum Mrs. Robert E. Coughlan Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Cowan Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cowan Mr. and Mrs. Francis Cowan Mr. Russell Cowley Mr. and Mrs. James D. Cos Mr. Norman Cox Mr. John Calvin Coyle Mrs. Rosalie M. Croft '40 Mr. Jerry Crame Mr. Mis Mis Morgan Crocker s Bessie M. Cronhardt s Ellen Cronhardt Miss Nancy L. Cronhardt Mis Mr. Mr. Mr. s Alice Crue and Mrs. William Crudden and Mrs. H. F. Crum and Mrs. Harold Crum Mr. Paul G. Crum Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Crunkliton Mr. and Mrs. H. Alvin Cullison Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Cullison Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Cullison Miss Janet Cullison Mr. and Mrs. John Cullison Mrs. R. C. Cullison Mrs. Donald Culver Miss Anna Czerwinski Mr. and Mrs. John Czerwinski Mr. C. M. Dailey Mrs. E. P. Danridge, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Grant S. Dannelly Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Danner Mrs. William Dasch Mr. James Davidson Mr. and Mrs. Wainwright Dawson Mr. Dr. Mr. and Mrs. George Debnam and Mrs. R. J. DeFlora L. H. DeGarmo Miss Shirley DeHoff Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Dei Miss Frances Deller Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Deluca Mr. Charles S. Dennis Mr. and Mrs. Milton DeVilbiss Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mis and Mrs. Walter DeVilbiss and Mrs. H. L. Devries and Mrs. Cary R. Dixon John Dolan and Mrs. Albert S. Dosh Arthur S. Dulaney, Jr. David Duncan s Jeanne S. Duncan Mr. Richard L. Duncan '53 Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Duncan Mr. William Duncan Mr. and Mrs. William F. Dunn, Jr. Mr. H. P. Dunster Mis s Dorothy Durham Mrs. Elsie Durham Mis Mr. Mr. Mr. The s Joyce Durham '53 Donald Lee Dusman and Mrs. George Dusman and Mrs. George G. Dusman Misses Dusman Miss Jane Dusman Mr. Mr. Mis and Mrs. Jerome Dyer Fred J. Ebeling s Joyce Eben Miss Ann Eckhart '51 Mr. James Eckhardt Mr. Marvin L. Edell, T. G. Mr. and Mrs. John Eder Mr. D. R. Egan Mr. and Mrs. Richard Egan Mr. Mis John Egner s Lois Egolf Mrs. Katheryn S. Elgin Mr. James Eline Master Jerry S. Eline Mr. Mr. Joseph Eline '48 and Mrs. Morris A. Elliott Mr. William J. Elseroad Mi ss Jo Emmett Mr. and Mrs. Wade Emmett Mr. S. E. Emmons, Jr. Mr. Donald G. Ensor Mr Mr s. Edna Ensor s. Evan Ensor, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George W. Esnor Mr . J. Sherman Ensor Mr. Paul Ensor Mr Mr . and Mrs. Raymond Ensor . and Mrs. Raymond E. Ensor Mr. and Mrs. Roger Ensor Miss Sylvenia Ensor Miss Merle Eubanks Mr s. Sarah Evans Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Evens Mr s. John Ewig Mr. Jack S. Ewing Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Eyler Mr s. Arthur Fadely Mr. and Mrs. Carl L. Fadely Mr. and Mrs. Milton H. Fadely Miss Carol Lee Fair Mr. and Mrs. Marion Fair Mr. Melvin J. Fair Miss Ann Fallowfield Dr. and Mrs. H. W. Fallowfield Capt. and Mrs. Thomas H. Featherston Miss Rhoda Feight Mr and Mrs S R Fei ht . . . . g Miss Virginia Feight '53 Mr. Paul J. Fineman Mr. William Fink Mr. H. Lee, Finnesey Miss Janet L. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Fisher Mr . William Fisher Mr. and Mrs. George Flory Mr Mr Mr . George Folkert . and Mrs. John F. Folkert s. Mabel F. Folkert Miss Peggy Folkert '53 Mr. William Folkert Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Ford Mr s. Arthur D. Foster Mr. Franklin Foster Mr. Henry Foster Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Fowble Mr s. L. B. Fowble Mr. C. Richard Fox Mr. Harry Fox Mr. Joseph France Miss Helen Frank Mr. and Mrs. John Frank, Jr. Mr. Ronald Frank '52 Mr. Thornton F. T. Frank, Jr. '51 Mr. and Mrs. Wade J. Franklin Miss Etha M. Frantz Mr. Henry William Franz Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Fraser Tarrani Mr. Paul Friedel Mr. Dale Fritz '53 Mr. and Mrs. George W. Fritz Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Fritz, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Irvin W. Frock Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Fromm Mr. and Mrs. William E. Fromm Miss Marian Frush Mr. Perry W. Fuller Mr. R. Eugene Funk '52 Miss Jackie M. Gailey Mr. Richard Gailey Mr. and Mrs. Arie S. Gamber Mr. and Mrs. Blake Gambrill '44 Mr. Charles W. Gardner Miss Nancy Gardner Miss Pat Gardner '49 Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gardner Mrs. Douglas Garman Mr. James Garman Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Garrish Miss Madeleine W. Geiman Mr. William C. Geist Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Gill Mrs. Earl Gill Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Gill Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Gill Miss Janet S. Gill Miss Patricia Gill '52 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gill Mr. and Mrs. Ross Gill Mr. William Martin Gill Mr. Cornelius Gisriel, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Gisriel Mrs. Gerald Giteson Pfc. William David Gittere Mr. and Mrs. Gloss Miss Esther Glover Mr. Gerry Gobrecht Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Gobrecht Mr. and Mrs. John Goetz Miss Gladys G. Gooch Mr. James M. Goodwin Mr. Norman L. Gordon Mrs. Lawrence Gore Mr. E. M. Gorman Miss Ann Gover D Mr. and Mrs. Homer 'Gover Miss Lorraine Gover '48 Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Gover, Sr. Mr. Milton Gover, Jr., '53 Mr. and Mrs. William Grace Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Grant, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Graves Miss Ellen H. Gray Miss Jeannie Ann Gray Mr. C. Myers Green Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Green Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Green Mr. Edwin C. Green Mr. and Mrs. John Green Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Green Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Green Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Grimm, Jr. Mr. William E. Grose Miss Aileen Grothe Miss Evelyn Grothe Miss Hazel Grothe Mr. C. Grothe Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Grove Mrs. Bessie L. Hall Mrs. Helen Barre Hall Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hall Mr. P. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Cecil H. Hamilton Mrs. Don Hammer Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Hammond, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. H. Hardey Hammond '41 Mr. and Mrs. Malvern Hammond Mr. and Mrs. William E. Hammond Mr. and Mrs. George Hankey Miss Emma K. Hanna Miss Harriet Hanna Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Hanson Miss Frances Ann Hanson Miss Ruby Hanson Dr. L. J. Harant Miss Jean E. Harbaugh Mr. and Mrs. Gordon K. Harden Mr. Guy T. Harden Mrs. Sterling R. Hare Mr. and Mrs. Carroll N. Harman Mr. Ronald E. Harman '53 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Harmon Mr. Dennis Harmon '53 Mr. Francis M. Harmon Miss Irma Harmon '51 Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Harmon Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Harmon Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Harper, Jr. Mr. R. F. Harper Mr. Charles E. Harr Mrs. Augusta Harris Mr. B. Harris Miss Barbara Harris Mr. and Mrs. Ed Harris Mr. and Mrs. John Harris Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Norman Harris Miss Ruth Ann Harris Mrs. Alma B. Harrison '42 Mr. and Mrs. Marion Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Merritt Hartson Miss Helen Harvey '52 Mis Mis Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. s Janet Harvey '52 s Vola Harvey '52 and Mrs. Harry Hastings and Mrs. Robert Hastings Thomas Hastings and Mrs. William Hastings and Mrs. Marion Hatchell and Mrs. Harry H. Hauf William E. Hawkins and Mrs. E. C. Hawley Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Frazier Mr. Jacob A. Frederick Miss Margaret Shank Frederick Mr. Elmer Free Mr Mr Mr . and Mrs. Leslie L. Freeman s. Elam Frey . and Mrs. A. Friedel Mr. Adolph Friedel, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Friedel Mr. and Mrs. Frank Friedel Miss Helen Lynne Friedel Miss Mary G. Friedel 72 Mrs. Sterling Green Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Green Ragan Griffin Robert Griffiths Miss Audrey Grimes '48 Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Grimes Mrs. Gladys C. Grimes Miss Joan Grimes Mrs. Leslie Grimes Mr. Paul R. Grimes Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Grimes Miss Margaret Grimm Mr. Roger Hawley '53 Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Haynes Mr. C. McLean Hayworth Mr. William Healy Miss Alice Healy Miss Martha l. Healy '36 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Healy Miss Joan Heflner Miss Charlene V. Heflin '52 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heflin Mr. and Mrs. Christian Heintzman, Sr Mr. Robert Leaf Mr. Elmer Heintzman Miss Shirley Heintzman Mr. Alfred G. Helwig Mr. and Mrs. Ole Hendrickson Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hentzman Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Herbst Mr. J. Edward Hibline Mrs. Eva L. High Mr. Jack High '52 Mr. George Hill Mr. Herbert C. Hill Mr. and Mrs. William H. Hill, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Hinlicky Mr. Oscar Hitchcock Miss Jean Marie Hoadley '48 Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Hoadley Af3c Edward Hoff Mrs. Henry Hoff Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Frank l. Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hoffman Mrs. James Hoffman Mr. Jan Peter Hoffman Mr. Thomas Hoffman Miss Gretchen Hofmeister Mr. James Paul Hofmeister Mr. Toby Hofmeister Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Hollins Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hollingsworth ggaffzons Miss Jane Kahn Miss Dorothy Kay Mr. Douglas Keefer '53 Mr. and Mrs. Roger Keefer Mr. and Mrs. William Hobart Keefer Miss Blanche Keeney Capt. and Mrs. J. D. Kegan Mr. Bruce Kehne '53 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Kehne Mr. David Kehne Mr. Albert Keidel, Jr. Miss Barbara L. Kellar Mr. Bo Kellar Miss Hazel M. Keller Mr. Willis G. Keller Mr. and Mrs. Arnest L. Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Kelley Miss Nancy Lee Rennis Kelley '51 Mr. Richard Kelley Mr. and Mrs. William A. Kelley Mr. Paul D. Kemp Miss Annie V. Kendig Mr. M. J. Kenna Miss Betty S. Kennedy Mrs. Helen Ketchens '42 Mrs. D. Park Kieffer Miss Carol Ann Kight '52 Mr. and Mrs. Earl Kight Miss Donna King Mrs. Alberta C. Larkins Mr. C. William Larkins Mr. Charles Larkins Mr. James R. Larkins Miss Janet Larkins Mr. Luther A. Larkins Mr. and Mrs. Maurice D. Larkins Miss Sibyl Larkins Mr. and Mrs. William H. Larkins Miss Carolyn Laufer Mr Dr. s. Beatrice M. Lauterbach and Mrs. Sol Lavin Mr. Theodore Lawson Mr s. Madeline S. Leaf Mr. A. L. Leary Mr s. L. F. Leavy Mr. Edward C. Lecarpentier Miss Lois Lee Mrs. Maud E. Lee Mr. and Mrs. William K. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Cloyd K. Leedy Mr. and Mrs. A. Lehman Mr. and Mrs. William Lehnert, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George M. Leiby Mr. Claude E. Leight Miss Betty Leister '53 Mr. and Mrs. I. R. Leister Mr. Kenneth C. Lemmon Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Holt Mr. Robert Holtz Miss Lillian Hoo er Mis P s Frances Hopkins Mr. Johns B. Hopkins Mr. Charles Houck, 3rd '53 Mrs. Marie Houck Mr. and Mrs. Philip Houck Mr. and Mrs. Wm. D. Houseman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Howard Mr. Ronald E. Howard, USN Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Howitt Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hubbard Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Huckleberry Mr. Aubrey M. Hudgins '48 Mr. Gordon Hudgins '45 Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Hudgins Mr. and Mrs. John E. Hudgins Mr. and Mrs. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. William Humbert Mr. Romilly F. Humphries, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Horatio Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Jacob B. Hunt Mr. and Mrs. James Hunter Mr. and Mrs. C. Tracey Huster Miss Helen G. Huttenhauer Major and Mrs. Benjamin H. lnloes Miss Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Miss Miss Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Miss Mr. Dorothy King Eckler King J. Elwood King and Mrs. Orville King Dorsey Kinsey Leonard D. Kinsey Jamie Sue Kirkman Doris E. Kline Robert S. Knatz. Jr. Alfred Knight and Mrs. Charles O. Knight and Mrs. E. Richard Knight Clarence Knight Martha A. Knight and Mrs. Richard J. Knott Ernestine Koenig and Mrs. F. Norman Koenig Mrs. Edwin W. Levering, 3rd Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Lewis Mr. Barrie Lindenbaum Miss Harriet Lindenbaum Mr. and Mrs. M. Lindenbaum Mr. and Mrs. L. Lee Lindley Mr. Lou Lindy Mr. Fred Linker Mr. and Mrs. William C. Linker Mr. and Mrs. Erle J. Linthicum Mr. Grayson L. Lippy Mr. Paul M. Lloyd Miss Mildred Lloyd Miss Phyllis B. Lloyd Mr. Robert Lloyd Mrs. Gordon Lockard Mrs. William F. Lockard. Jr. Miss Kathryn Koenig Mr. and Mrs. Paul Koenig Mr. and Mrs. Herman Koepke Mr. T. F. Kooken Miss Joanne Kopp '53 Mr. and Mrs. Vance Kopp, Sr. Mr., Vance D. KODP, Jr. Miss Betty Korman '52 Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Korman Mr. and Mrs. Fred Korman Mr. and Mrs. George Korman Miss Margaret E. Korman '43 Miss Patricia lrwin Mrs. B. H. Jackson Miss Janice Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Jackson Miss Virginia Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Howard Jacobs Mr. Clifford S. Jenkins Rev. and Mrs. Philip J. Jensen Miss Rose Joe Mr. and Mrs. Donald Jones Mr. and Mrs. George Jordan Mrs. Alma Kaelber Miss Edith Kagel Miss Nancy Korman Mr. and Mrs. Ray Korman Mr. and Mrs. William Korman Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Krajovic Mrs. Mrs. Miss Mr. Mr. Mr. Ella M. Drauch Evelyn Krause Pauline Krause and Mrs. Russell Krause John Krebs Charles L. Kronenburg, USN and Hrs. Fred Kuhlemann, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Ralph Lamenzo Mr. Ralph W. Lamenzo hir. Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Lampe, Sr. Hans R. Lampe, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Christian H. Kahl Mr. Christian M. Kahl '53 Mr. and Mrs. lrvin Kahmer Mr. and Mrs. John M. Lang' Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Langenfelder Mr. Robert LaPorte Mr Mr . and Mrs. G. W. Locke . and Mrs. Albert Long Mr. Albert Ernest Long '51 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Long Mr s. Doris Long Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Long Mr s. Monroe Long Mr. and Mrs. Howard Love Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Love Mr Mr s. J. P. Luers . and Mrs. Raymond Lutz Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Cate Lycett Mr . C. R. Lynch. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Edward Lynch Mr. and Mrs. W. W. MacDonald Mr s. Laura MacEwen Mr. Norman H. MacLeod Mr. Carroll T. MacMaster Mr. and Mrs. Richard Majers Mr Mr Mr . Paul D. Mallonee . and Mrs. John Manchey . and Mrs. Roland Manger Mr. and Mrs. Brad Mann Mr Mr Mr Mr . and Mrs. Darrell L. Mann s. E. E. Mann . H. D. Mann . and Mrs. Milton O. Mann Mr. Bernie Manning Mr. Romeo B. Manseau Mr . W. G. Marr Mrs. Addie E. Marriott Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Marriot Mr. Eugene Marriott Miss Barbara Marshall Mr. David Marshall Mr. H. Renthall Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Maldolm Marshall Mr. and Mrs. David K. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Martin' '35 Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. Martin Xlr. and Mrs. Herb Martin Mr. Raymond Martin Mr. Roger H. Martin Miss Shirley Martin Mr. and Mrs. William Martin Mr. Herb Marquess Miss Joanne Mathias Mr. ggaffcons and Mrs. Harry Morfoot Mrs. John H. Morgan Mis s Nancy Morningstar Mrs. R. L. Morris. Jr. Miss Jane Morris Mr. Whitey Morris Mis Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. s Karen Mortensen Arthur Moser Edward Moser and Mrs. Glen E. Moser, Jr. and Mrs. Glen E. Moser, Sr. Mrs. L. Moser Miss Lillian Moser Mr. Mr. Mr. M. L. Moser R. G. Moser Richard Moser Mrs. Ugene Moser Mis. Mr. Mr. s Elizabeth Owings Howard ll. Owings '53 and Mrs. M. Owings Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Owings Mr. and Mrs. R. Owings Mr. and Mrs. W. Owings Mr. and Mrs. William Owings Mr. Mr. Mr. William Owings and Mrs. James N. Page and Mrs. John li. G. Palen Miss Retty Palmer Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. and Mrs. l. Clyde Palmer Grery Parker. Jr. Winsfro H. Parker Edward Parlett Mr. Edgar L. Mosner 'fl-3 Mrs. lla Mathias Mr. Robert B. Mathias Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mathews Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mays Mr. Wilbur Mays Mr. and Mrs. Curtis McCabe, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Curtis McCabe, Jr. Miss Ruth B. McCauley Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. McCarthy Mrs. Dorothy McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. William G. McConnel Miss Mary McCormick Miss Norma McCullough Mrs. M. McGrath Mr. and Mrs. Robert McKee Miss Aileen McKenney Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. McMullen Miss Patricia McNelly Mrs. McWilliams Miss Dorothy Anne Meade Mr. and Mrs. J. H. McAlister Mr. and Mrs. N. Meekens Miss Cindy Meekins Mr. Glenn' Meekins Mr. and Mrs. Norman W. Meekins Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Meekins Mis s Patsy Mueller Mr. Thomas L. Munch Mr. Albert P. Murray. Jr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mis Mr. and Mrs. Albert Murray, Sr. and Mrs. A. F. Murray Charles Murray '51 and Mrs. Ernest B. Murray s Hilda Jean Murray Edmund R. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mummert Mr. O. P. Mummert Mrs. Mary E. Munshower Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Alvah Myers and Mrs. Carroll Myers Mrs. George W. Myers Mr. Mr. and Mrs. James E. Myers, Sr. James Myers Mr. and Mrs. l. Robert Myers, Jr. '51 Mr. and Mrs. Roland E. Myers. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Nash Mr. and Mrs. Leon Nash Sgt. Williani l. Nash '51 Mrs. Ella Naylor Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Sharky Meekins Miss Thelma Meekins Mr. W. A. Melking Miss Betty Jane Meredith Mr. William Meredith Mr. Peter Merendino Mr. Walter W. Merkle Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Merryman Mr. Gilbert Merryman Mr. Lawrence Merryman Mr. and Mrs. Leo Merryman Miss Mary Ward Merryman Mr. Grafton Meyers Miss Helen Meyers Mr. and Mrs. Curvin Michael Mr. Elwood Micheals Miss Donna Miller Mr. and Mrs. Edward Miller Mrs. Eleanor B. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Miller Miss Jane Miller Miss Joanne Miller Mr. and Mrs. N. T. Miller Mr. Robert Miller Mr. Roger Miller Miss Sandra Miller Mr. and Mrs. W. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Mitcheltree Miss Judy Mitcheltree Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Mitten Mrs. Thelma Mitten Miss Betty Molesworth Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Molesworth Mrs. Irene Monroe Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Moore 74 Miss Mary N. Naylor Mr. J. Rupert Neary Mr. and Mrs. J. Neat Mrs. Marion T. Ness Mr. and Mrs. William D. Newberrey. Jr. Miss Althia Niemeyer '49 Mr. W. L. Niemeyer Mr. William Niemeyer Miss Lorene Nicholes Miss Mary Lawden Parr Pfc. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mas Mr. Mr. R. G. Partos Preston Patterson Bruce Peacock and Mrs. C. Milton Peacock Donald Peacock ter Glennie Peacock Willialii Peeling and Mrs. J. Howard Peltzer, Sr Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Peltzer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Ralph Peltzer Mr. Kenneth Peltzer '51 Miss Mary Jane Peltzer M r. M r. and Mrs. Edward V. Penn Nicholas G. Penniman, lll Miss Doris Virginia Peregoy Mrs. Marion Peregoy Mrs. Charles Perkins Mrs. Grace Peters Mr. Frank Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Carroll R. Pfeffer Mr. Mr. Mr. Charles Pfeiier D. K. Phillips Ted Phillips Mr. Z. A. Phipps, Jr. Mrs. Lucille N. Pierce '44 Mr. Edward W. Plunkert. Jr. Mrs. Garland Pobletts Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Allan Poe and Mrs. Marvin Poe Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Poe Mr. Mr. Mr. Barry Poehlman '52 Dennis Poehlman and Mrs. E. F. Poehlman Miss Dolores Pohlman '52 Fred Polanco Mr. and Mrs. James Nichols Mr. A. J. Niggel Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. Timothy . lvan Nolte William F. Nolte . George Norris S. Norris Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Nussear Miss Nancy Offutt . Mr. Clarence Pond Mrs. Doris Pond Mrs. Carl Porter Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Porter Mr. Howard H. Porter '49 Miss Janice Porter Mr. William C. Porter Mr. Calvin Price Mr. Jack Price Mr. and Mrs. John Price Mrs. Thomas Oflutt Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Ogle Aflc C. Leonard Orem Mrs. Elizabeth Orem Mr. and Mrs. Rowland Orem Miss Shirley Orem '53 Mr. and Mrs. Stanley V. Orem Mrs. Jean K. Osborn Mr. S. Kriete Osborn Mr. D. Leonard Osborn Miss Elaine Oursler Mr. and Mrs. George Oursler Mr. George Oursler Miss Sarah Owens Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Owings Mr. Robert Prigel Mr. Guntis Prinkalns Miss Emilie W. Probst Mr. and Mrs. Merrett Pope Mrs. William D. Poultry Mr. Mr. Mr. George Richard Rairigh Carroll E. Randall George Randall '48 Mrs. Vernon H. Randall Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Raver and Mrs. Ellsworth Raver, Jr. Miss Sue Reber Miss Martha Redfern Mr. Harry Redseeker Mr. Donald Reed Mrs. Elizabeth Reed Mr. Roscoe Reed Mrs. Helen Tovell Reese Mr. F. Sydney Reese Mr. Russell Reiblich Mr. George Reiner '52 Mrs. Herbert Reitemeyer Mr. and Mrs. Oscar J. Renfro Dr. and Mrs. George D. Resh Mr. Calvin L. Reter Mr. and Mrs. Chester Reter Mr. and Mrs. Edwin G. Reter Mr. James E. Reter '48 Mr. Lawrence W. Reter Miss Nancy A. Reter '52 Mr. and Mrs. Russell Reter Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Rexroth Mr. Mr. Lloyd Reynolds '52 A. Eugene Rhoten Mr. R. L. Rianhard Mr. Charles E. Rice, Jr. Miss Ruth M. Rich Miss Boots Richards '48 Mr. and Mrs. William K. Richards Mrs. Frances C. Rickerds Mr. Mrs. Louise Ricks Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Rider, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Rill Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Rill Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Rimbey Mr. J. R. Rimbey Mr. and Mrs. Wylie Ritchey Miss Edith A. Roach Mis Mis Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mis s lrma M. Robb s Judy Robertson and Mrs. Alvin Robinson and Mrs. Clarence Robinson and Mrs. Daniel Robinson Donald Robinson s Laura C. Robinson Mrs. Susie Robinson Vernon Robinson Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rodgers Mrs. Bertha N. Rohde Miss Betty Ann Rohde '53 Mr. and Mrs. Edgar G. Rohde Mr. Edgar G. Rohde, Jr. '52 Mrs. W. C. Rohde Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Rohleder Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Rook Miss Phyllis Rook Mr. and Mrs. Leo Rosendale Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Rowe Mr. and Mrs. Preston Rowland Mr. and Mrs. Clarence H. Ruby Mr. Earl W. Ruby Miss Mary A. Runkles Miss Doris E. Russell Miss Jessie Rutherford Mr. H. E. Rutter Mr. John Rutter Mrs. Margaret Sadofsky Dr. and Mrs. James Saffell Rev. 'and Mrs. William D. Sampselle Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Sanabria Mrs. Thomas J. Sands '35 Mr. Richard I. Sanner Mr. Sidney Satoshi Mrs. Emma Sauble Mr. and Mrs. Carroll E. Saumenig '22 Mr. Glen Saylor Mr. Elmer Schaefer gbafzofzs Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L. Schaefer Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Schaeffer Mrs. Marguerite Schaeffer Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schlatre Mis Mr. s Paula Mae Sehlatre '53 Steven Schlatre Mr. Roh Schlott Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schmidt M r. and Mrs. Charles Schmidt Mr. C. Douglas Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Schneeder Mr. Oliver N. Scholtes Miss Nancy Schreck Mr. and Mrs. Otto Schroder Mr. Ottomar Schroder '52 Mr. and Mrs. C. Schukraft Mr. Richard Schukraft '48 Mr. A. M. Schultz '44 Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mis Mr. Charles A. Schultz and Mrs. Earl W. Schultz, Jr. Roger Schultz '52 Sidney C. Schultz Theodore Schultz Bernhard Schwarting s Barbara L. Schwartz '48 and Mrs. W. E. Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Scotten Mr. and Mrs. C. Wightman Seabold Dr. G. William Seabold Mrs. G. W. Seabold Mr. Mr. Robert N. Seal and Mrs. Carl M. Sears Mr. K. H. Segall Mr. Roy Seibol Mr. Mr. Mr. Mis Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Dimitri Seletzky and Mrs. Robert Seohnlein William G. Settan s Alice Seymour James David Shaeffer and Mrs. J. W. Shaeflfer and Mrs. George Shaffer and Mrs. H. E. Shaffer H. Preston Shaffer and Mrs. John Shaifer and Mrs. Leonard Shaffer and Mrs. Paul Shaiier and Mrs. William Shaffer and Mrs. John Shallcross Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shaneybrook, Jr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Shaneybrook and Mrs. William Shaneybrook Mrs. Ruth Shanty Mrs. B. Elise Sharff Mr. John A. Sharif Pfc. Karl E. Sharff, U.S.M.C. Mrs. S. Edward Shaw Mr. Mr. Mis Mr. Harry Shay William C. Sheeley '42 s Pat Sheridan , Robert E. Sherman Mrs. Robert E. Shewell Mrs. Marion Shipley Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Webster E. Shipley, Jr. and Mrs. Shirley Kenneth Shock Charles H. Sibley, Jr. S. M. Silverman Mr. Douglas Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Robert Simmons Mr. Joel Simonds Mr Mr. Mr. Mr. Mis and Mrs. Joseph Simonds '21 Nathan Singleton and Mrs. Alfred B. Smith Charles Smith s Frances E. Smith Mrs. Harry M. Smith Mr. and Mrs. J. U. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Smith Miss Mary Pat Smith '51 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith Mrs. S. Yeardley Smith Mr. and Mrs. Steve Smith Mr. Winston Smith Mr. Clauson Smoot Miss Ruth M. Snelson Mrs. Mary F. Snider Mr. and Mrs. K. C. Spayde Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Speed Mr. Marlin Spencer Mr. Charles W. Spicer Mr. James Spitznas '52 Mr. and Mrs. James E. Spitznas Mr. John S. Sprague Mrs. Mary Springer Mrs. Mary E. Springman Mr. John W. Sprinkel Mr. Roy F. Sprinkel Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Sprinkle Mr. Steven Sproul Mrs. Katherine Spurrier Miss Linda Staley Mr. and Mrs. Oscar L. Staley Mrs. Robert Stallard Mr. Robert Bruce Stailard Mr. Herbert Stallings Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Standiford Mr. Herbert S. Starrett Mr. Raymond L. Stearns Mr. Donald G. Stelfox '52 Mr. E. F. Stelfox Mr. and Mrs. Stover Stephey Mr. John W. Stinson Mr. Mr. H. Gilmon Stolpp and Mrs. D. E. Stoneleigh Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Stoner Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Storm Mrs. Emma G. Storms Miss Helen Louise Strieby Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. Strobel Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stroh Mr. Gessler E. Stultz Mrs. Grace Stumpf Mr. W. H. Suelting, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sullivan Miss Edith Sullivan Miss Emma Sullivan '52 Mr. and Mrs. William D. Sullivan Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Susemihl Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sutch Mrs. Anne C. Sutman Mr. Thomas J. Swanlan Mr. and Mrs. Harry Swart Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Sweeney Mr. Edwin B. Swem Mr. Joseph Francis Swirk Mr. Charles A. Talbert Mr. Charles William Talbert, Sr Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Talbert Miss Florence Talbert Mr. and Mrs. Henry Talbert Mrs. Ruth A. Talbert Mr. Robert Tames Mr. and Mrs. Goucher Tase Mrs. Ruth Tasker Mr. C. T. Tawney Mr. and Mrs. George B. Taylor Miss Alice Thomas , Miss Audrey Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Grant H. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thomas Mrs. Barbara E. Thompson Mrs. Betty Thompson Mr. Elam J. Geist, Farm Bureau Mr. and Mrs. Guy Waddell Mr. and Mrs. David C. Thompson Mrs. Grace Thompson Mr. Henry C. Thompson Mr. Jack Thompson Mr. and Mrs. John Thompson Mr. Lawrence Thompson Mr. W. T. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Thompson Mr. William T. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. William H. Thumel Mrs. Nettie Thumlert Miss Dorothy Tiedemann Mr. O'Donnell L. Tiedemann Mr. Robert O. Tiedemann Mr. J. E. Tinkler Mr. and Mrs. John Tinkler Mrs. Shirley Tinkler Mrs. Herbert Tillman Miss Lorraine Tillman Mr. and Mrs. Ray C. Tipton Mrs. Benjamin S. Tongue Mr. Charles B. Tovell, Jr. Mrs. Helen L. Townsend Mr. Robert Townsend Miss Arylene Tracey Mr. and Mrs. Fulton Tracey Miss Lois Tracey Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Tracey Mr. James Trapp Mr. and Mrs. Guy S. Tregoe Mr. William Tripplett Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Troxell Mr. and Mrs. Albert Troyer Mr. and Mrs. Donald Troyer Miss Ann Tullis Mr. and Mrs. N. M. Tullis Miss Betty Mae Turnbaugh '52 Mrs. R. C. Turner '34- Mr. Charles D. Uhler Miss Edna May Uhler Miss Doris Uler Mrs. Marjorie Unkart Mr. George G. Vanderveer Mrs. C. Vandervoort Miss Barbara J. Vaughn Mrs. Bertha Vaughn Mr. George R. Vaughn Mr. and Mrs. Granville Vaughn Mrs. Elizabeth J. Veale Mr. and Mrs. James E. Vink Mr. and Mrs. Carl Von Gunten Mr. Fred Von Gunten Mr. and Mrs. J. Von Gunten Miss Kitty Von Gunten Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Von Gunten Miss Verona Von Gunten Mr. and Mrs. Lothar Von Saleski Mr. Basil Wagner, Jr. Mr. Wilbur Wallett Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ward Mrs. George B. P. Ward Mr. George B. P. Ward, Jr. Miss Gertrude A. Wardell Mrs. Vesta T. Wareheim Mr. and Mrs. Homer Warner Mr. and Mrs. James Warner, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James Warner, Sr. Miss Mildred Warner Mr. Raymond A. Warner, U.S.A.F. Mr. and Mrs. Horace Warren Mr. Donald S. Watts 76 ggafzons Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Watts Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Watts, Jr Mr. Maurice Weaver Miss Patricia Ann Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Hal Webb Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur L. Welch Mrs. Mary M. Weiss '40 Mr. and Mrs. Leighton Weller Mr. and Mrs. A. Earl Welsh Mr. A. Earl Welsh, Jr. Miss B. Mildred Welsh Mr. Herbert R. Welsh Mr. and Mrs. John F. Welsh Mr. and Mrs. Philip B. Welsh, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Welsh Mr. Ronald G. Welsh Miss Joyce Wheeler Mr . Merrell l. Wheeler Mr. Robert M. Wheeler Mr. William J. Wheeler Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr . John C. Whitaker . Charles E. Whitcomb . James K. Whitcomb . and Mrs. E. Sturman White s. Edwin W. White . and Mrs. H. Donald Wliite Miss Virginia White Mr s. Alma S. Whiteside Mr. Jack Whiteside Mr. Frederick Wickline Mr. Herman B. Wickline Mr Mr Mr s. Ellen W. Wiest . and Mrs. William D. Wilcox s. Lucy Wiley Mr. David Wilhelm Mr . and Mrs. Harry E. Wilhelm, Sr Mr. Jack Wilhelm Mr. and Mrs. James Wilhelm, Jr. Mr Mr . Richard Wilhelm s. David O. Willianis Mrs. Ellie Williams Miss June Williams Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Williams Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur L. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Charles Williamson Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wilson Mr. Edwin B Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Wilson Lawrence Wilson Yeatts Wilson Ralph Windle Miss Goldie Winters Miss Sandra Wirts Mr. James R. Wisner Miss Claire Wixon Mr. Paul E. Wixon Mrs. Anna Wolfkill Mr. Omar Wolfkill Mrs. Margaret G. Wood Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wooden Mr. Paul F. Wooden Mr. Robert Wooden Mr. and Mrs. David F. Woods Miss Phoebe Woodward '53 Mr. Samuel B. Woodward Mr. and Mrs. Jacob L. Worrell, Jr Miss Shirley Virginia Worrell Mrs. H. L. Worthington Miss Ping Ren Wright Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Wroe Mr. and Mrs. Phillip C. Wroe, Jr. Mr. Stewart Wroe Mr. Ralph l. Yarema Miss Mary Jane Yeager Mr. and Mrs. Charles Yingling Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Yingling Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur F. Yingling Mr. Jere Yohn Mr. and Mrs. James T. Young Mr. James Young Mrs. Charles Yox Mr. Clarence K. Yox Mrs. Dorothy Yox Miss Ethel Yox Mr. William H. Yox Mr. Paul Zaretski Miss Evelyn Zentz Mrs. William Zentz Miss Dolores Zepp Mr. Gene Zepp Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zepp Miss Mary Lou Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. C. Vernon Zink Arcadia Garage R. F. Armacost, Farm Bureau lns. Agl. Barrick Brothers Basler Sunoco Beaver Brook Farm Benson Bus Service Biemille-r's Restaurant Bounds Bakery Boxwood Lodge Boyds Guy M. Brightwc-ll, Dealer in Livestock Caltrider-Stebbins Anderson Century Greenhouses Charles Hairdressers Colwill Construction Co., lnc. Cord Equipment Co., lnc. Crown Dept. Store Deer Park Building Supplies Dorman's Amoco Service Economy Store Elmo's Restaurant-Tourist Cabins lnsurance Glenn's Shell Service Glyndon Store Green Briar Gardens Highschool Bible Club Kembrooke Farm Kozoidek Cement Works Leaf Bros. Service Station Maple Crest Dairy Miller-Davis Roofing Co. Reisterstown Area Recreation Council Reisterstown Auto Sales Reisterstown Bowling Alley Reisterstown Lumber Co. Sentz's Lawnmower Shop Shipley and Zepp Restaurant and Service Station Shipley Transfer, lnc. S. C. Sparks John Deere Sales and Service Stoney Ridge Farm Sullivan's Market C. E. Weaver Stone Co. Philip B. Welsh and Sons, Inc. Westminster Seat Cover Co. Worthington Valley A. C. Worthington Valley Girls' Team Produced by H. G. ROEBUCK 81 SON BALTIMORE, MD ll ll ll ll H I ll ' ll I8 ll V'1bX'xG9' If I! I5 KE I! 5 L -a. Lf? '-f A

Suggestions in the Franklin High School - Dial Yearbook (Reisterstown, MD) collection:

Franklin High School - Dial Yearbook (Reisterstown, MD) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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Franklin High School - Dial Yearbook (Reisterstown, MD) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Franklin High School - Dial Yearbook (Reisterstown, MD) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Franklin High School - Dial Yearbook (Reisterstown, MD) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Franklin High School - Dial Yearbook (Reisterstown, MD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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