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1-. ., A ,fywwf fl A p,g..,f, f A W-f ff Q M, i My 1' W SA 6 , 1 Al ..,'. , o -an ,,, fr tri 'K 'T' 1 ' s A . N Vx, 5- ,,, 1 . fq,,,fV x i, t s l g M fn 1 4 ,, bl 5 f' C F A 'gm' 591 Q l az -6 . , k s ,, 'W Y ww! i- J' x Ai -fc mb' 'N i Q, X-1 'X Q N ,,., 5 ff M m K' L1 .- ,MQ X -11:5 U!-1. - S 0. 9 53 ,!5 'Mi' . P ' 'lm L- -fy 'viii ,, X 5 WQJ Q L , 4 .Q gg mv 2 q A 1. , I K J ighfffir X D . M A' 'S 'IK l'-Iu Q Yvx A3 L 1 Q f' U 3 I .w 7 TI-IE DIAL PUBLISHED BY TI-IE SEIXIICDIQ CLASS 1945 FRANKLIN I-IIGI-I SCI-IOCL To IIIW6, brave FIZW world , f- X ,X 'ff x ff K ,ff ,f ' x ff ,ff ,f ' I ,f , 5, ,f ,fl ff I x , , X, I f, I f X X ,l I . ,' I ,- f X , X V W' ' - X I x x N , . f ' X x I' 1 , X n f x , X 'I xx X S X I I I I I I f I I I X X I I X I X I X, X X I I I X I I X I I , I X 1 x X X I f x K I I XX X X X I 1 X X X X I x X I X x X X I f X X K I I f xx X K I I X X I I I x I I 1 X X X X I ff x X X I I X X w K x X X I X I I X x X X I I S I x X X I xx X X X x I I l x X X I , N X X I I X I X X X X X , I ff x X X x f X x N X I X I X- f X f xx X X xy xx I I x X I f I x X I I I xx x X X X X x X X K xx xx X X f I I X I . I X X x x X N X x X X I 1 ,.,s g -5 J, xx i,,. I . I x 'I ' ' I rf'1w-ffvw.-k1L','i A,-1::..:,. Q I, f:1-3115.553 I I L .ff vp- V : 5,..,-. Q4-sv. XXI w -.. ' ,',"w W V 'II -I M -,M X . sji' K . KX a ' N A 1 X '5 1 ,i.'r.M-, n -. -wx x , I, , It wi -N . - - X. I ' ff M393 I4--A--..,f-N . Ig ., . 'Ng'-.,-,ll ., t 1,1,'ty', -. A - . -5- - ---v -.-.-"-.'II.-'-- 'X f Q X.. X S rr L . I 'xbigb 'f.,.,'-'A....".-,w',.1,-',, -If -gp, V U- -..,,I."11n,-4 nl. 5., 'tx '-f ."f"v::':f1:7..:Z"''."f' 1f'."."'! 'I-I' "':1', ff frff -X - - .' ww f yi If 1 I'-'-',-'U-.i'.l-f'..Jw-21A-"Ib ' -f f ' f'!'.:'..,',La,' -.G -.:.'. u, 1.1,-.JQIIIQZ ,Z X 4 K 15? ,, l.1a,.'.ll,.,tI.,? X ,, I kf - ',' ,- .,I.r1. Q fg2,' I I. ..l1 5. 3' -A f' E 4 -e ,E rf' I ,- "'f'l"5s KN DEDICATIGINI W ,i ,- H, efh FAC el ia? ff ' -s-iigbs . 2 R W ,uf +R ' , :Q xii For four yearsitheywghave guided us Th have helpe arnold our character. eY us always: thei memory shall eternally HIGH SCHOOL Helen G. E. Phllllps L. Wheeler Secretary Royston d intellectually. shall live with DIAL STAFF TAF' . osbom eoi1oRW' S ,Chllosois icohl Q E ' " 4 u iguuenhoueq . ,Chia is EdiY0'f"' gain' E E Ass0f-"te Advisv' vi" S TAF? New ausiNES5 5 ,4,,,.iPslbe't Signal age' " ff" 'rnr V --4Mf"xNhe?l3IedYne Geo' , is , 4 , Busxstjiifritzlziness Mmwge K, Mr. Seobo F Ass Q I ff' 'Y M V LITERARY STAFF M"'so Literary Editor Marilyn Hurley Staff Members Margaret Williams Marie von Cunten ART STAFF Art Editors Y E E E Betty Barstow June LaMotte PHOTOGRAP Phof09fGPhic Editor HIC STAFF Men1befS -. Rgbert Beach Owrence F William SGVQI1 Pyle TYPING STAFF Ruth C-raves Evelyn Martin Elaine Purcell Edith Randall Edna Walters Margaret Williams Virginia Abbott Dorothy Brown Howard Burnhc Frances Cox Gloria Duer Willadeen Frifl We are too young to help in this, the greatest war of all. O a few of us will fight, just a most of the wonderful things have something. We are the to dream, to build the brave, start things moving. And we an integrated part of the beg h, few-and we will be too old to enjoy that will come out of this war. But we generation that begins--begins to live, new world to come. lt is we who will are glad that the class of l945 will be inning-of a new world, and a new life. Vlvliilil. vi . NOIACS Oskar! L liiii, asses rom. vu. v.x,.x,.x W .HORACE WHEELER,B,S. AM Principgy I 1 ' ' a I ianrlxcsxu x-MGH sq-y00x. smrilsiovlil. ns. 3090 B , 1945 I f 'Ain ls rugged. Yaever outh. 'Yo the class o ou the road l upon 'rss y d lnnedlabely ahead of y d the fate of e nation depend so large y hcol graduates stralghway par?-lclpsxe before dl hever before have high sc o rigorously. urself to utlllse but LD sdult llfe s You one 'ma to your count-ry end to ye 'our tonal mental end physlcal energy, nab only ln this ear, the tengled, resultlng, wreckage. 'there ls an d rs. These leaders musk. have hlgh ' s and rrcfbhvlxule vlc- 5 X strc-lghterulg, ouyegecvs lea e sr 's 'sradvcloh out their con n urgent need for c ideals, must. appreciate our ccun y lnstltutlons, and mst have the ceurege to carry tions. lk. ls your responslblllty to furnish this leadership. l know that you have the ideals, apgreclatlona, md the courage and moral stamina -ahlch are necessary. Xlse 4-.hen wisely. Do nor. be discouraged by reverses or fallure to attain the ldeal. 'four constuw efforts ln the right dlrectlon will produce 'ow desired results in the long run. Soon you .dll miss the fellevlshlp of your olassuates. l gnew that you have en5oyed your stsy here. 1 hope that you have profited from the instruction -uhlch hal been offered you, and 1 slncerely hope that because of lk., you are bekmcr prepared 'oo tele your plebe as a good clblzen, engoylng 'che nullbltude of oppcrsunitles available only ln our country. 'tie pray 'shox Yro-fldence speeds 'she dey -when you een enter your plgmed pursuits 'Ln a nofnbl -eorld. Sincerely, I I DANIEL WILSON BROWN ' DOROTHY VIRGINIA BROWN DANIEL WILSON BROWN Pikesville, Maryland Danny, our irreplaceable, indispensable class president, there is a veneer-bow ties, monkey grins, witty remarks, conspicuous flirt- ing, and an "inside"-seriousness, ambition, an appreciation of the fine things of lite. President of Senior Class, '45, Dramatics, '45, '44, Franklin B b ll '44. Forum, '45, Varsity Soccer, '45, Varsity ase a , DOROTHY VIRGINIA BROWN Reisterstown, Maryland All of the winning charm o a , personality plus and good looks, add up to make Dotty one of our most pleasant rays of Franklin sunshine. V' e- resident of Senior Class, '45, Girls' Senior Council, '45, ic p Dial Staff, '45, Hospitality Committee, 45. BECK Pikesville, Maryland f freckled nose a big bright smile, LILLIAN FERN NEU She is dainty and sweet, with a voice like a bell, she has spark- ling black eyes and a keen brain, she does everything with o beautiful thoroughness. Secretary of Senior Class, '45, Girls' Senior Council, '45, Christ- mas Chorus, '45, Dramatics, '44, CHARLES ROBERT BEACH Pikesville, Maryland A typical American boy is "Bobby"-quick-witted, genial, ath- letic, impeccably neat, easy to get along with, always ready to help, -someone we can't help liking. ' l '45, Franklin Forum, '45, Varsity Treasurer of Senior Cass, Soccer, '45, Student Council, '44, LILLI AN C n HARLES ROBERT BEACH pi 'Bibi' -ff' VIRGINIA MYRLE ABBOTT MARY ELIZABETH BARSTOW VIRGINIA MYRLE ABBOTT Upparca, Maryland Ginny is brimming over with a snappy wit, a really optimistic outlook on everything, a refreshing briskness that hos made her a friend to everybody. Dial Staff, '45, Franklin Gazette Staff, '45, Christmas Chorus, '45, Varsity Softball, '44. MARY ELIZABETH BARSTOW Glyndan, Maryland The portrait of a perfect lady, quiet and appealing--her diminu- tive size and exceptionally well-groomed appearance are famous, her cunning artistry more than pleasing. President of Girls' Senior Council, '45, Dial Staff, '45, Choir, '45, '44, '43, '42, Dramatics, '45, '44, Student Council, '45. THOMAS HOOPER BELL Owings Mills, Maryland A teasing disposition, abundant good humor, an unruly crop of freckles, a.frankness which causes many a laugh from his friends, an incessant line of chatter are characteristic of Tom. Franklin Forum, '45, Christmas Chorus, '45, Intramural Soc- cer, '44. HAROLD BLANK Owings Mills, Maryland The source of many clever remarks, an expert at giving a shrewd retort, his red hair and freckles betoken a capricious nature, his more serious moments reveal a keen intelligence. Christmas Chorus, '45, Varsity Soccer, '44, Varsity and Intra- mural Cross Country, '44. F- - Navi' iz A THOMAS HCOPER B ELL HAROLD BLANK JAMES WILLIAM BOLLINGER, JR. PATRICIA ANN BOPST JAMES WILLIAM BOLLINGER, JR. Reistenlown, Maryland His unpredictable wit is a constant source of amusement, his more serious side often in evidence, we remember his faithfulness to his paper route. . Intramural Soccer, '44. PATRICIA ANN BOPST Stevenson, Maryland An ardent arguer, a smart lass, who eternally proves two things can be done at once, who eternally personifies a typical Franklinite. Franklin Forum, '45, Franklin Gazette Staff, '45, '44, Christ- mas Chorus, '45, Varsity Fieldball, '45, Varsity Softball, '44. ROBERT MELVIN BOSLEY, JR. Reisterstown, Maryland lt's his ability to mix with other people, his much-envied wavy hair, his agreeable, though sometimes teasing, disposition which enable Bobby to get along so well with everyone, Franklin Forum, '45, Choir, '45, '44, Varsity Cross Country, '44, Music Festival, '43, MARGARET LOUISE BROWN Butler, Maryland One of our fefw redheads, a prominent athlete, a smart girl, who knows "How to Win Friends and Influence People." Varsity Basketball, '45, '44, Varsity Fieldball, '44, Varsity Volleyball, '44. ROBERT -W., MELVIN BOSLEY JR. MAR 'WU' GARET Louisg BROWN MONTROSE SLADE C NHAM RD EUR GEORGE HOW, GEORGE HOWARD BURNHAM Pilresvilla, Maryland Howard is the boy with the well-balanced sense of humor, a willing, game spirit, a good appearance and a likable way that are sure to be a big help in anything he undertakes. Franklin Forum, '45, Choir, '45, Gazette Staff, '45, Intramural Softball, '44, MONTROSE SLADE CALTRIDER Raistarstown, Maryland lt's the clever sense of humor, the noisy antics, the willingness to take the initiative, which cause Slade to liven things up wherever he goes. Intramural Baseball, '44, GEORGE OLIVER CASSIDY Owings -Mills, Maryland Neat and well-groomed, quiet, but out for a good time, pos- sessor of a dry sense of humor, dependable always: all of which explains why Bunky is included in any activity. Intramural Soccer, '45, '44, '43, '42, Intramural Touch Foot- ball, '44, Intramural Basketball, '43, '42, BETTY LEE COCKEY Stevenson, Maryland Good in athletics, well-liked for her school spirit, known for her well-groomed appearance and pretty clothes, in all fields, Betty is one of our most outstanding Seniors. Franklin Forum, '45, Dramatics, '45, '44, Franklin Gazette Staff, '45, Varsity Fieldball, '45. ALTRIDER 'Q GEORGE CASSIDY BETTY LEE COCKEY ROBERT KEMP COLE FRANCES REBECCA COX MAR 5- Y JA NE COCKEY I LAURA A T COLE MARY JANE COCKEY Stevenson, Maryland Her quiet air of confidence and her neat and pleasing appear- ance, her ability to get things done quickly in both scholastic and athletic fields bespeak a happy future for our Mary Jane. Girls' Senior Council, '45, Franklin Forum, '45, Dramatics, '45, Varsity Fieldball, '45, '44, LAURA ALBERTA COLE Reisterstown, Maryland One of our class's "shorties", never fails to finish ony assign- ment given her, becomingly quiet, faces life with calm purpose, ROBERT KEMP COLE Reisterstown, Maryland An interested student of our agriculture classes, well mannered, congenial, small in stature: sum total, very well liked. Future Farmers of America, '45, '44, '43, Intramural Soccer, '43, FRANCES REBECCA COX Owings Mills, Maryland We know of no one who follows the "good neighbor poIicy" better, full of school spirit and an easy iocularity is our very capable Frances of the golden tresses. Dial Staff, '45, Choir, '45, Varsity Fieldball, '45, Varsity Bas- ketball, '45, Girls' Senior Council, '45, Y-13' vs, di "--r ELLEN MARGARET CRONHARDT MARGARET MALINDA DOENGES ELLEN MARGARET CRONHARDT Lutllervilla, Maryland "Pete,"--our favorite athlete, an incessant tomboy, a devoted fan, an intense music lover, a great reader of fiction. Girls' Senior Council, '45, Franklin Forum, '45, Varsity Fieldball, '45, Varsity Basketball, '45, '44, Varsity Softball, '44, '43, MARGARET MALINDA DOENGES Glyndon, Maryland Spontaneous gaiety, a way of looking well-put-together, an amicable disposition, a helpful attitude,-undeniably "Daisy"-a popular Senior. Franklin Forum, '45, Choir, '45, '44, '43, '42, Dramatics, '45, '44, Varsity Basketball, '45, GLORIA ELLEN DUER Pikesville, Maryland We all know that Gloria is blonde, petite, light and gay, that she loves dancing, clothes, having fun, that she will be successful. Franklin Forum, '45, Girls' Senior Council, '45, Dial Staff, '45, Dramatics, '45. LAWRENCE JOSEPH FANSHAW Pikesville, Maryland Our idea of a perfect gentleman-serious but never dull, witty but never obtrusive, prominent in social affairs, a thorough athlete. President of Athletic Association, '45, Student Council, '45, Franklin Forum, '45, Varsity Soccer, '45, Varsity Track, '44, 43. Q i-uxw LAWRENCE iosepi-1 FANS GLomA ELLEN DUER ROSARIO KATHERIN E FERTI TTA Pikesville, Maryland When you think of Katherine you naturally think of big, soft brown eyes, a quality of understanding and bright bits of laughter, which distinguish her as the highly agreeable type of person she is. Dramatics, '45, '44, Christmas Chorus, '45. MARY LOU FOOTE P ikesville, Maryland Lou has inherent charm, plenty of brains, talent for anything she attempts, oh, such pretty clothes, popularity plus, will go places, but fast. Secretary of Girls' Senior Council, '45, Franklin Forum, '45, Choir, '45, Varsity Fieldball, '45, '44, Varsity Basketball, '45, '44. GEORGE FRANKLIN FRIEDEL Owings Mills, Maryland A quietness much to be commended, a good agricultural stu- dent, his unassuming ways have won fo h' r im numerous friends at Franklin. Future Farmers of America, '45, Intramural Soccer, '44. MARY WILLADEEN FRITTS Baltimore, Maryland Those explosions of giggles, that bubbling baby talk, and tiny, competent hands on the typing keys mark our sunny "Peaty" as the little girl with the big personality and future Treasurer of Athletic Association, '45, Girls' Senior Council, '45, Christmas Chorus, '45, Dramatics, '44. "fin nfs-.N Wm KLIN, FR l'EDEL M ARY W l LLADEEN FRITTS i- ,ft- , V -47. I ROSARIO KATHERINE FERTITTA MARY LOU FOOTE X' GER 'WD J .J--' KENN ETH VUL EER FUSS sm1N'l 'EAN aeimno KENNETH ruu.en owing. Mans, Muyiana The impartial judge, the instigotor of mirth, the owner ot an engaging grin--Jerry is convincing evidence that nice things come in small sizes. SARAH JEAN FUSS Raisterstown, Maryland Those long black lashes, that innocent stare and mischievous grin, all these are "Fussie." But let us add a friendly nature, and a serious way ot looking at things. ' Girls' Senior Council, '45, Franklin Forum, '45, Choir, '45, Dromatics, '45, '44, Varsity Basketball, '45, EDWARD EUGENE GARBER Garrison, Maryland Characterized by a pipe, slow in movement, his reliability and his sense of humor make "Eddie" one of our most likeable Seniors. Dromatics, '45, '44, Franklin Gazette Staff, '44, Intramural Soccer, '44, '43, MARY ELIZABETH GARMAN Reisterstown, Maryland The unmistakable source of a buzzing classroom undercurrent, a cl-everness that balks at nothing except the pronouncing of "sta- tistics", we owe to Mary our thanks for many a lift over a monoto- nous afternoon. Hospitality Committee, '45, Dromatics, '45, '44, Franklin Go- zette Staff, '44, '43. F561 1 xi ff!-we 'S X X' I I 'N'--' . QJUQQ' A' spfiqx P, 4 xl - "fy" 1. . ' ,, f.:.A 'fwkf 2' , ..,Zfp', 'AEN' 1, .L C 5.j,':r 'ybix ui, K ',l3f,.'k'x' il" . l . nfffw R' 1 " ' EDWARD EUGENE GARBER MARY ELIZABETH GARMAN sind Fgw. WAY NE EDGAR G WAYNE EDGAR GEORG Hampstead, Maryland He is nice-looking, dependable, quiet, full ot joviality and an engaging friendliness. . Dial Staff, '45, Intramural Soccer, '43, Intramural Softball, '43, Cafeteria Helper, '45, '44. DOROTHY CATHERINE GERBRICK Pikesville, Maryland Dotty, with her chic appearance, her high and happy spirits, and her catchy grin and friendly bearing is one of our most in- comparable combinations of personality and fun. Christmas Chorus, '45, JANE GILL Glyndan, Maryland Her lively talk and noticeable interest in other people, that certain little glint in her eyes and touch of hilarity, class Jane as having all the' qualities of a real pal. Hospitality Committee, '45, '44, Intramural Basketball, '44, '43, '42. RUTH ELIZABETH GRAVES Upperco, Maryland A well-mannered individual, a thoughtful nature, a sincere sweetness with a lot of spirit, Ruth is one of '45's nicest personal- ities. Dial Staff, '45, Franklin Gazette Staff, '45, '44, '43, Christmas Chorus. '45, JANE GILL RUTH ELIZABETH GRAVES DOROTH YCATH ERINE GERBR1C K Q i ' QA Il DONALD RAY HARMQN KATHLEEN MARIE HASTINGS DONALD RAY HARMON Garrison, Maryland Because he's always ready for fun, always obliging, and first to tease, but last to make a cutting remark, Donald is one of our best-liked Seniors. Intramural Soccer, '45, '44, '43, '42, Intramural Basketball, '45, '44, Intramural Touch Football, '44, '43, KATHLEEN MARIE HASTINGS Upperco, Maryland Kathleen's lady-like manner, adaptable way, and easy, pleasant air have made her a real Franklinite since coming here in '43 Drarnatics, '45, Victory Corps, '44, '43, Varsity Basketball, '44, '-13. THOMAS DONALD HARVEY Upperco, Maryland Charocterized by dependability, quietness and witty humor hid- den well beneath the surface, is always most conscientious in ful- fillment of his duties. Intramural Soccer, '45, '44, '43, Intramural Softball, '44, '43, '42, LEO LAURENCE HOLLAND, JR. Pikesville, Maryland A born mixer and on instant social success at Franklin, we have found L r t b ' ' ' a ry o e congenial, intelligent, a good dancer, and very friendly. Choir, '45, Cheer leading, '45, '44, '43, '42, Varsity Basket- ball, '45, Wrestling, '44, '43. i-i THOMAS DONALD ARV EY ,hi-DF Leo LAURENCE H QLLANDI mt wie Q faux.- W' I 'vmpuff GEORGE GORDON HUDGI NS BETTY LEE HOWARD Reisterstown, Maryland BETTY LEE HOWARD Quiet, sincere and smiling, an unfailing source of real friendli- ness, always uses the right word at just the right time, Betty will never be wanting in friends. Dramatics, '45, 42. GEORGE GORDON HUDGINS Glyndon, Maryland One of our wittiest Seniors, with a talent for making people laugh, has wavy red hair and a good singing voice, his ideas are always original, his mischievous spirit usually active. Franklin Forum, '45, Choir, '45, Dramatics, '45, '44, MARILYN LOIS HURLEY Pikesville, Maryland She is: ambitious, original, a bookworm, an intrinsic actress, She likes: to talk, to swim, to write, to enjoy good music. Literary Editor of Dial, '45, Librarian, '44, '45, Student Coun- cil, 45, Franklin Gazette, '45, Varsity Basketball, '45. SHIRLEY MARIE JONES Pikesville, Maryland lt's that big, brown, innocent stare, a humorous directness, and an independence all her own which make the unpredictable Shirley a real fun stimulant wherever she goes. Music Festival. '43, Intramural Basketball, '43. MARIL M ..,., SHIR Lev MARIE JONES LOIS' MARION CF. DOROTHY El' DOROTHY ELAINE JOYCE . Caclteysvilla, Maryland Pleasant about everything, a real addition to our athletic ac- tivities, well liked for her inv' 'bl h spirit ranks with the best. Varsity Basketball '45 Varsit F' ldb ll ' inc: e c eerfulness, Dorothy's school , , y ie a , 44, Varsity Softball, '44. LOIS MARION KAHL Reisterstown, Maryland It is a certain swinging gait to her walk, an inbred cheerfulness' a bright, quick intelligence that make our lovely, talented Lois a definite part of Franklin, Associate Editor of Dial, '45, President of Franklin Forum, '43, Girls' Senior Council, '45, Choir, '45, '44, '43, '42, Dramatics, '45, '44. " SAMUEL GREYER KELLEY, JR. Owings Mills, Maryland Interests that range from sports to farming, a noticeable streak of originality, and unparalleled talent for giving reports have made Samone ofth t'd" " e mos in ividualistic members of our class. Future Farmers of America, '45, '44, Christmas Chorus, '45, Varsity Soccer, '45, Intramural Basketball, '45, '44, '43, WILLIAM ARNET KELLEY Lutherville, Maryland Nice and likeable is our school banker Bill. Accommodating and cheerful always, a good scholar, a good sport. Franklin Forum, '45, Dramatics, '45, Intramural Soccer, '44. KAHL . V' SAMUEL GREYER KELLY, JR WILLIAM ARNET KELLEY ANNA ROMAINE LONG CLARENCE ALBERT LONG, JR. 'Q-f my EVELYN L ORENA KO ENIG J TE ENA KOEN IG Reisterstown, Maryland EVELYN LOR One of our livelier Seniors, easily identified by a contagious giggle, blue eyes, a readiness for fun, constantly ready for mischief, ' l "Ebby" was never one of the quieter members of our cass. Christmas Chorus, '45, Music Festival, '43, JUNE ELIZABETH LA MOTTE Hampstead, Maryland Excellent in things pertaining to art, undeniably able to do almost anything, perseverant, original, endowed not only with in- telligence but with a lot of plain horse sense is our tall, low-voiced blonde. T surer of Student Council, '45, Program Chairman of Frank- rea lin Forum, '45, Choir, '45, '44, '43, '42, Dramotics, 45. ANNA ROMAINE LONG Reisterstown, Maryland Not only her remarkable talent for music, not only her effici- ency, her dependability, her leadership, but something profound and indescribable make "Maine" a boon to the class of '45. President of Girls' League, '45, Student Council, '45, Choir, '45, '44, '43, '42, Athletic Council, '45, Franklin Forum, '45. CLARENCE ALBERT LONG, JR. . Stevenson, Maryland A l ift for shorthand, a certain genius for being liked and rea g a cheerful disposition at all times make us predict for Clarence a smooth road of success. Student Council, '45, rama Intramural Softball, '44, D tics, '45, Intramural Soccer, '44, . 2. -sri 3. f f-sift? - MARY ANNA MANN JAMES WHEELER MARSHALL MARY ANNA MANN Reisterstown, Maryland Mary is iust the right mixture of seriousness and lightness, of serene calmness and productive action, a possessor of real tact, sweetness, and secretarial ability, she is one of our most capable Seniors. Dramatics, '45. JAMES wi-isnzn MARSHALL uppm., Msfyiqna Active in school affairs, neat and well-dressed, his humorous side usually in evidence, his help bestowed in abundance. Dial Staff, '45, Christmas Chorus, '45, Manager Varsity Soccer, '45, Intramural Basketball, '44. EVELYN LOUISE MARTIN Owings Mills, Maryland Neat in appearance, short in stature, a familiar figure on the dance floor, known among- the students for her reliability and trust- worthiness, can always be counted on to share responsibilities. 'Editor-in-Chief of Franklin Gazette, '45, Staff Member, '44, '43, '42, Girls' Senior Council, '45, Student Council, '-44. ALMA LEORA MATTUCCI Stevenson, Maryland Those pretty green eyes, delightful personality, diversified in- terests have made this likeable Miss a little something extra in our class. Franklin Forum, '45, Dramatics, '4,5, '44, Varsity Softball, '44, intramural Basketball, '44. il -Q5 5 QJELQQLZ L . CU A MATTU Eyeism Louise MARTN CHARLES LEWIS McBRlDE Pikesville, Maryland Orange-red hair has our trombone playing "Charlie", an easy going manner and a quiet drawl, a dry humor, an occasional spurt of amazing intelligence. WILLIAM EARL McCOMAS Reisterstown, Maryland A big broad smile for everyone, the unfailing prdducer of hu- morous remarksg a last minute getter of assignments, his easy going nature vanishes troubles as soon as they appear. Franklin Forum, '45, Music Festival, '43, ALBERT PAUL McNEIR, JR. Reisterstown, Maryland "Mickey" has a frankness' all his own, a big appetite, a good athletic record, an indiscriminate friendliness, and, take it from us, is a smart boy. ' Business Manager of Dial, '45, Vice-president of Student Coun- cil, '45, Choir, '45, '44, Dramatics, '45, '44, Varsity Track, '44, '43 1 RICHARD CARL MERRIKEN Pikesville, Maryland "Dick" has an avid interest in aviation, a turned-up nose, a good standing in scout work, above all, a quiet, easy going manner. Franklin Forum, '45, Christmas Choir, '45, Intramural Soccer, '45, '44, '43, '42, ALBERT PA UL MCNEIR , JR. RICHARD CARL . MERRIKEN 'assi' CHARLES LEWIS McBRlDE WILLIAM EARL MCCOMAS asm GARET l-0952 M MP-9' 01" - H la OSNF-R MXLDV5-D M MARY MARGARET LOUISE MOSER Owings Mills, Maryland A sweet, cheery personality, a record-breaking number of de- voted friends, a distinctive charm and neatness, Margaret will certainly be an asset to the business world. Franklin Forum, '45, Christmas Chorus, '45, Franklin Gazette Staff, '42. MARY MILDRED MOSNER Reisterstown, Maryland We feel Titian would like to have pointed her, our petite, red- haired classmate who definitely hasn't a temper or a "give up" attitude or a lack of friends. President of Athletic Association, '45, Girls' Senior Council, '45, Choir, '45, Varsity Basketball, '44, THOMAS JOHN NORRIS, JR. Reisterstown, Maryland "Tommy" is--reliable, fun-loving, a wonderful "goalie", east to make friends with, ambitious, he has a keen brain and an all around quality that makes him well liked. Dramatics, '45, '44, Student Council, '45, Varsity Basketball '45, '43, Varsity Soccer, '45, JO ANN LA RUE OBERHOLTZER Pikesville, Marylani Addicted to: reading, pretty clothes, witty remarks. She i independent, determined, and intellectual, thoroughly different essentially enigmatic. Dramatics, '44, Franklin Gazette Staff, '44, '43, '42. QQ i , 'ri-JAMAQ IOHN NORRIS, JR. JO ANN LA RUE OBERHOLTZER DORSEy EDG AR OSBORN PORSEY EDGAR OSBORN Reisterstawn, Maryland Dorsey gives you the impression of being very alive both intel- :ctually and physically, is well-versed in current events, has an npretentious air, and, last but not least, is very nice. Student Council, '45, '44, '43, Franklin Forum, '45, Dramatics, I4, Intramural Softball, '44. IARRY CLIFTON OSBORN, JR. Boring, Maryland There is so much to say about his intelligence, his ambitions, is perseverance, his thoroughness and scholastic record, his faith- .ilness and appreciation, his clear-cut character,-and so very ttle space in which to write. Editor-in-Chief of Dial, '45, President of Student Council, '45, lramatics, '45, '44, Franklin Forum, '45, Choir, '45, '44, ,NNA VIRGINIA PELTZER Reisterstawn, Maryland A helpful classmate, has a real appreciation of a good joke, ua real fun lover with a steadying, serious side, Anna possesses :any qualities that will help her in her business life. Franklin Gazette Staff, '44, Dramatics, '44. VILLIAM ROBERT PEREGOY Raistentawn, Maryland Always willing to participate in any activity, his strong tenor :ice an asset to any music class, his ability to mix with other eople outstanding. 3 Christmas Chorus, '44, Varsity and Intramural Cross-Country, I . L4-uidlllv rsof im. A . s - cti, grim, ,ss sity -2-fi, -I Iffsxrrpi-1'i:smxff4ia2rf .isqfff ANNA VIRGINIA PELTZER WILLIAM ROBERT PFRFr:nv HA RRY cur TON OSB ORN' ,E W! NO' ELAINE AUDREY PURCELL SARAH ROGERS PYLE ELAINE AUDREY PURCELL - Pikasvilla, Maryland An ardent athlete, her pleasing personality always in evidence, quiet or noisy, serious or gay in turn, her interest in others most endearing. Dial Staff, '45, Girls' Senior Council, '45, Franklin Gazette Staff, '45, '43, Varsity Fieldball, '44. SARAH ROGERS PYLE Pikasvilla, Maryland Personally we like her, her infectious laugh, her optimism, even her topsy-turvey way of doing things, we'd never change it, not a bit, because it's all Sarah and Sarah's all fun. Franklin Forum, '45, Dial Staff, '45, Choir, '45, '44. EDITH WANDA RANDALL Reistentawn, Maryland Short in stature, pleasingly demure in manner, quietly efficient regardless of the task, even-tempered always, the petite "Tiny" has more than earned her place in the hearts of her numerous friends. '45 Dial Staff, '45, Christmas Chorus, '45, Sunshine Committee, MARION LEE RANDALL Glyndan, Maryland Shy but sweet,' restrained but responsive, quiet and thorough, Marion is famous for her neat and competent working habits, her unostentotious manner. Intramural Basketball, '43, Music Festival, '43, .,..ul'4 if , I u. A M,,p,ioN use RANDA Au. NDA RP-ND EDITH WA I Q49 ROBERT THEODORE RANDALL MARIAN LOIS RAY ROBERT THEODORE RANDALL Raistarstown, Maryland An all-around Senior, usually around when there's some fun brewing, interested in both the social and business aspects of life, possessor of a logical mind. Franklin Forum, '45, Treasurer of Senior Glee Club, '45, Christ- mas Chorus, '45, Intramural Touch Football, '44, MARIAN LOIS RAY Glyndan, Maryland Auburn-haired, usually smiling but never noisy, fits in well with other people, her sunny good humor has made us like her instantly. Home Economics Club, '44, '43, '42, Library Club, '43, 42. WILLIAM DEAN REESE Owings Mills, Maryland Perhaps the brown eyes or the smart remarks or the amiable nature, or a deeply-rooted desire to make good inspires a liking for one of our Future Farmers of America. Dramatics, '45, '44. FRANCES MARIE ROSALIE SAPP Pikesville, Maryland Noticing that affable manner, the conscientious doing of home- work, that cheerful attitude and way of accomplishing things, it isn't hard to foresee for Franny a really happy future. Christmas Chorus, '45. :sa WILLIAM lbw ,aww DEAN Reese FRANCES M Ame ROSALIE SAPP t 'li 49' HARLOTTE ei.NoRA SCHN c SCHMALI' BARBARA ANN BARBARA ANN SCHMALL Reisterstown, Maryland Laugh a little, dance a little, sing a little-that's "Bobbie," But she does all things well, our pert, ultra nice, little blonde. Secretary of Franklin Forum, '45, Girls' Senior Council, '45, Choir, '45, '44, Dramatics, '45. CHARLOTTE ELNORA SCHNEIDER Pikesville Maryland Nothing more than that individual gaiety, real friendliness, and sparkling alive look are needed to make the vivacious Chotts one of '45's most popular students. Secretary of Student Council, '45, Secretary of Athletic Asso- ciation, '45, Choir, '45, Varsity Fieldball, '44. LAURA CATHERINE SHEELEY Reisterstown, Maryland Laura is noted for her pretty hair-do's, her sedate sweetness, her peppy talk and petite mannerisms. She is the esteemed "Goldi- locks" of our class. Drarnatics, '45, Music Festival, '43. JOHN RICHARD SMITH Eccleston, Maryland John has rosy cheeks and smiling eyes, a quiet, unassuming manner, a sense of humor and dry witticism which have long been the delight of his many friends. Intramural Soccer, '44, Intramural Softball, '43. ElD?-R 443-3 X'-'O' If 1 LAURA CATHERINE SHEELEY JOHN RICHARD SMITH 9 4 DORIS ELIZABETH STORM HOWARD OTIS SUTCH as LEROY Cp - JANIS ALVE RTA sToNE5,FER Lulllerville, Maryland LEONARD LEROY SPRINQKLE h roughly interested in agriculture Hard working and cheerful, t o and sports, Leonard has high ambitions. .IANIS ALVERTA STONESIFER Reisterstown, Maryland A sense of humor rivaled by very few, the unquestioned cham- pion of gum chewing, a substantial bit of prankster and a never beaten spirit have made Janis one of our merriest fun-makers. Franklin Forum, '45, Christmas Chorus, '45, Music Festival, '43. DORIS ELIZABETH STORM Lutherville, Maryland A contagious giggle, real athletic ability, genuine good humor and conscientious work have made "Stormy" well-known around Franklin. HOWARD OTIS SUTCH Pikesville, Maryland b th boys and girls, known for his participation to help' we think Well-liked by o ' A 'on and willingness , ' f r suc- in baseball, a cheerful disposuti that Howard will meet without difficulty the requirements o ' ' 't Baseball cess. ' '45' Christmas Chorus, 45, Varsl y Franklin Forum, , '44, Intramural Soccer, '45, '44, '43. 5 '55-"" ,lv DORIS MAE TAYLOR MERRILL PRESTON THOMAS DORIS MAE TAYLOR Pikesville, Maryland lt's her candor, her pretty complexion, and her talent for dancing we can appreciate, her good-heartedness and good humor we can enjoy. MERRILL PRESTON THOMAS Upperco, Maryland An individualistg an incessant tease, o determined boy, Merrill -who does the unexpected, who will quite obviously succeed. Dramatics, '45, '44, Intramural Soecer, '45, '44, Intramural Softball, '45, '44, WILLIAM EDWARD TREGOE Upperco, Maryland He has long eyelashes lthe gols are all iealouslg a trumpet lwe call him James, Jr.l, a co-operative spirit lAhem!l, a swell sense of humor lneed we say morel. Treasurer of Athletic Association, 45, Choir, '45, Varsity Soc- cer, '45, '44, Orchestra, '44, '43, '42. ANNA RUTH TROXELL Reisterstown, Maryland Perhaps it's her brilliant smile, her characteristic good humor, that merry giggle, or the spirited way in which she accomplishes her work which causes Anna to be one of our pleasantest Seniors. Christmas Chorus, '45, Franklin Gazette Staff, '43, lntramural Baksetball, '43. TROXELL li ' E ANNA Run-l A TREGO Wu.i.lAM EDGAR MARIE BETTYE van GUNTEN Owings Mills, Maryland k to read leverythingi' to argue leverythingl, to have She li es: I , fun llots of iti, to day dream lambitious creatureli. She is: shrewd . . , h loh, myli, quick-witted lbut veryi, amiable inf you dont get er dander upl. Dial Staff, '45, Franklin Forum, '45, Christmas Choir, '45, ln- tramural Basketball, '43. ARLIN GENE WALLACE Reisterstown, Maryland . . . . h. ArIin's deep bass voice, his talent in mechanical lines, is readiness for a good time have made him.a real addition to our class since coming in his Junior year. President of Senior Glee Club, '45, Vice-President of Franklin Forum, '45. EDNA PAULINE W A h bit of good humor, laughing talk and steady sweetness UDPY topped with red-headed mischief, give Edna a nature too different to be anything else but special. Dial Staff, '45, Franklin Gazette Staff, '45, Christmas Choir, '45, EDWARD ALBERT WALTERS He is self-confident, a pastmase y friendly, and a staunch advocate of basketball. Franklin Forum, '45, Varsity Basketball, '45, '44, Varsity Baseball, '44. ALTER Reiaterstawn, Maryland Pikesvilla, Maryland t r of e old art jitterbugging, MARIE BETTYE VON GUNTEN ARLIN GENE WALLACE R EDWARD ALBERT WALTERS X , pil' HER' NEW ARK "Sv -'63-1 BSTER uis CARROLL We LO MARION KATHERINE WARK Pillesvilla, Maryland Dark hair and olive complexion, originality and spontaniety, a lot of noise and a merry laugh: this combination could mean only Marion to us. Dramatics, '44, Maiorette, '44, '43. LOUIS CARROLL WEBSTER Owings Mills, Maryland Perhaps it's the light-hearted way in which he takes life, his comical antics tempered by serious work and his willingness to help anyone that keep Carroll from never being "left out." Franklin Forum, '45, Christmas Choir, '45, Intramural Cross- Country, '44. ROLAND HARTWELL WILEY Reisterstown, Maryland A love of mischief, outwardly--quiet, likable, serious, inward- ly-mischievous, full of mirth, always dependable. Future Farmers of America, '45, Intramural Soccer, '45, '44, Dramatics, '4-1. MARGARET ANNE WILLIAMS Pikesville, Maryland Her deep sense of responsibility, willingness to cooperate with others, ardent love of a good argument, and intense interest in anything scholastic have made Peggy a familiar figure at Franklin. Dial Staff, '45, Girls' Senior Council, '45, Christmas Choir, '45, Varsity Basketball, '44. , xi' ROLAND HARTWELL WILEY MARGARET ANNE WILLIAMS BETTIE L E E WORRELL IETTIE LEE WORRELL Rcishnfowll, Maryland Her quietly competent style and her ability to adapt herself to any situation, her willingness to oblige, and her never-failing good humor are assets which Bettie uses to good advantage, both in and out of school. Christmas Choir, '45, Music Festival, '43, FRANCES MARGARET ZEPP Owings Mills, Maryland There's a certain sweet firmness, a sympathetic understanding, a hint of mischief, suggestions of real sincerity about our brown- eyed Tootie, that have made her a favorite of us all. Franklin Forum, '45, Christmas Choir, '45, Dramatics, '44, Music Festival, '43. X FR ANCES MARGA Josepi-i HENRY susHMiLLER, JR. GAROLD DONALD HOLLENBAUGH JOSEPH HENRY BUSHMILLER, JR. United States Naval Reserve When Joe joined the Navy, it was definitely the Navy's gain and our loss. He was '45's man-about-town, always smartly dressed, nonchalant, and the girls' ideal Beau Brummel. GAROLD DONALD HOLLENBAUGH U. S. Army Air Corps He is low of voice, tall in stature, pleasing in appearance. He has poise, dignity, a sense of values, and while he may keep his head in the clouds iref.-U.S.A,A.C.7 he will always keep his feet planted on the firm ground of common sense. May good luck go with him wherever he goes! JULIAN JOHNSON Upperco, Maryland We of the class of '45 are very sorry that Julian, who has an agricultural deferment, could not graduate with us. All of us re- spected Julian for his integrity, his wonderful school spirit, and his thorough way of accomplishing things. This we know-a boy of such calibre will definitely succeed. CHARLES HUNT LeVlNE U. S. Army Air Corps Handsome and well-built, Charles is truly a man. He has a charming and diversified personality, is skilled in athletics, plays the trumpet with a professional air, displays true logic when con- fronted with a difficult mathematics or science solution. His loss was acutely felt at Franklin. .dl9' JULIAN JOHNSON CHARLES HUNT LeVlNE A congenial boy is Howard Sutch, His talk is ripe and mellow, We hope the Navy will think as much As we do, of this fellow. This girl named Dotty C-erbrick Has gaiety unbound, ln fact, she has so very much She spreads it all around. A sweet, sedate, and charming girl, Ruth Graves has smiles to spare, She lovishes them on every one, No matter whom or where. Tha-t certain friendly way of hers That makes you feel so swell, Has made our Betty Howard A girl who's liked so well. Edna Walter is full of life, Full of humor, full of fun, A happy, bright, and laughing girl, She's liked by everyone. A little girl with lots of smiles ls Miss Willadeen Fritts, So full of cute and wily charm, ln any place she fits! We like the feeling that we get When Frances Zepp walks by. She seems so calm, yet full of fun We love to have her nigh. There's something extra in this lad That seems to make him tick . . In humor, fun, and mischief, Tom Bell you just can't lick. Donald Harmon's never blue, His nature's free .as a breeze, But we hope he'll now remember That you can't drive sleds up trees. RHYMES - Our classmates as the class bard sees them Sweet, petite--these are the words To describe Edith Randall's ways, But a twinkling eye and a saucy nose A bundle of mischief betrays. Sam Kelley is a thinker Whose judgment's very sound, He contemplates most seriously On matters most profound. There is a gal named Hastings Who isn't what we'd call-wasting, She has such a smile That you'd walk a mile Just to look at Kathleen Hastings. Free and easy is Willie Mac, Who has never a worry or care, We cannot think of a thing he lacks From his toes to his curly 'black hair. This lass, named Stonesifer, Janis, ls hardly an Angelicus Panis, Light as a thistle, Sharp as a whistle, ls classmate Stonesifer, Janis. An athlete great is Snookie Brown, Who, since she came to Reisterstown Has played on every team with ease, And made each ball do 'as she please. A pretty girl is Frances Cox, And oh! how she does cheer at games! To Fran belong those golden locks For which she's widely famed. M's for Marie von C-unten, Forever for rhymes she huntin', It certainly seems She's given to dreams, ls authoress Marie von Cunten. Hair that crinkles, Eyes that twinkle- Who is this? Why, Leonard Sprinkle! 33 PROTOTYPES --or what they would be if they weren't themselves DANIEL BROWN-A loud speaker with a bow-tie FERN NEUBECK-Blue chiffon, black cherries, and tinkly silver bells BETTY BARSTOW-A paint brush in the middle of an angel-cake LAWRENCE FANSHAW-A poplar tree, alone in a valley MARY LOU FOOTE-A white flame in a golden urn ELLEN CRONHARDT-A book caught in a basketball net WAYNE GEORC-Two red apples and an ice-cream cone GORDON HUDGINS-Burning brandy on a Christmas pudding WILLIAM KELLEYA-A fifty-cent piece on a Franklin F MARY MOSNER-The ripe peach in a bowl of fruit MARY MANN-A delicate piece of black Spanish lace JOANN OBERHOLTZER-A green ming vase in an old library DORSEY OSBORN-Salt and pepper shakers on a mop of the world ELAINE PURCELL-The Venus De Milo BARBARA SCHMALL-MA pink bon-bon, in a box of chocolates MERRILL THOMAS--A drum beating at midnight DOROTHY BROWN-A garden with playing fountains ROBERT BEACH-A pent-house overlooking Central Park MARY JANE COCKEY- A cup of tea with lemon and sugar MARGARET DOENGESf --A book of songs, bound in green and gold GLORIA DUER-A watercolor in pastels ALMA MATTUCCI-A Raphael madonna SARAH JEAN FUSS-Reflection of a cherry tree in water LAURENCE HOLLAND-a richly plumed pheasant sitting on a massive silver tray LOIS KAHL-An old satin dress and a china music box FRANCES SAPP-A white Christmas tree . . . CHARLOTTE SCHNEIDER-A Dresden china figurine ARLIN WALLACE-The sound of laughter through a frosted window-pane SARAH PYLE-Marigolds in a garden on early morning LAURA COLE-A lake at twilight KATHERINE FERTITTA-A grape arbor, sweet-smelling and purple MARILYN HURLEY-A black cat on a white satin cushion CHARLES MCBRIDE-A trombone reclining on an orange calico cushion THOMAS NORRIS-An immense black stag ROLAND WILEY-Autumn leaves covered with mist EDWARD WALTERS--A pirate with a red bandana ANNA TROXELL--Jitterbug music and strawberry ice-cream LAURA SHEELEY-A yellow kitten with a ball of yarn ROBERT RANDALL-Sugar cookies PATRICIA BOPST-A house in Renaissance Venice DORIS STORM-A blue, slowly ebbing river tide MARY CARMAN--A Harlequin doll, all red and black ROBERT BOSLEY-A small brown pony, all brushed and slick 34 WE NEVER OBSERVE- JOHN SMITH without rosy cheeks. JUNE LA MOTTE without some pressing business on hand. CLIFTON OSBORN without o new and fancy nicknome for his associates EVELYN MARTIN without George Fritz. ROMAINE LONG failing to carry out a task assigned to her. ALBERT MCNEIR being disinterested in track. CLARENCE LONG not counting money. HOWARD BURNHAM without a cheerful greeting. MARGARET WILLIAMS with poor literary style. CARROLL WEBSTER not being happy-go-lucky. MARIAN RAY without a book. VIRGINIA ABBOTT not being in a hustle. HAROLD BLANK without a witty answer. ANNA PELTZER not being excused early. DORIS TAYLOR in a non-talkative mood. GEORGE CASSIDY being 6 feet tall. MARION WARK with a light complexion. JANE GILL not talking obout her eventful week-ends. BETTY LEE WORRELL without her high-powered laugh, MARGARET MOSER failing to raise a rumpus. MARION RANDALL moking a disturbance. RICHARD MERRIKEN without his grin. WILLIAM TREGOE worry about his report card. ROBERT PEREGOY staying away from school dances WHEELER MARSHALL riding the school bus. DOROTHY JOYCE speaking with a slow drawl. WILLIAM REESE speaking above a whisper. JAMES BOLLINGER arriving before the 9:30 belt. EDWARD GARBER having his physics homework completed. SLADE CALTRIDER behaving himself. GEORGE FRIEDEL absent from an agricultural fieldtrip. SHIRLEY JONES not arguing. GERALD FULLER without that innocent expression. EVELYN KOENIG without her weird giggles. BETTY LEE COCKEY without her chewing gum. ROBERT COLE being obtrusive and boisterous. Robe Schnevdel ond ,ghoflone MWQ' Beg loO ,ff .-uv""" Most origmol--Mornlyn Hurley Most likely to succeed ond the most perseveronf- Cllfton Osborn Most talented--Romoine Long d Be1 ' ' on William Tregoe s smger-Loss Kohl rx Beach CLASS , WU tfoomel Bro U85 'x fl me W bo on Y FQOKB Mos! DODUNOY ' LOU MOS' Q09 fM0 Y uxor Qlfl r Ig.. BALLQT Besr donCe,SXD Orgfhy Brow fl ond Roben Bosle 1 N i 5 Be sr orrileresxale " 3 ri Cronhq,-df and L 'Y Owferi ce Fonshow ggest giggler-Janis Sfonesifer iost quiet--Louro Cole -Marie von Gunfen ggest orguer Y 'y wi und-Evelyn Most all oro Williom Tregoe ' P rcell Most Derso 37 nolity-Elaine u Martin, Borboro lj Schmall, ond OURS IS TI-IE FUTURE ln August of this year, nineteen fifty-five, an excited crowd at a base- ball game cheered wildly as a small, fast player scored a home run. Same- thing familiar about his face, or his walk, drew my attention to the score card I held in my hand-and my exclamation of surprise brought a ques- tioning word from Ellen Cronhardt, who sat by my right side. After examining the list of players more closely, she exclaimed, "How- ard Sutch, second basemen for the Yankees!!! Well, what do you know?" This discovery caused a good bit of excitement among our little group, and after the game the four of us-Romaine Long, Bobbie Schmall, Ellen, and I-hurried down to the dugout through an enormous crowd and after much maneuveringlfinally managed to claim the attention of our old school churn. A spotless white uniform turned around as we began to talk, and it turned out to be that of a naval officer whom we took several minutes to recognize as Slade Caltrider. We stood there discussing school days for a long while and the ultimate result of the conversation was a decision to get the old crowd together again by having a party. Our plans actually began to form that evening. With many promises to call each' other as the plot progressed, we parted, reflecting delightedly upon the fun it would be to see once more the class of "45." I had recently signed a contract with the National Broadcasting Company in New York, and was established in an apartment there. So those who were nearby in the great city, l easily notified and invited. Bobbie spends a good deal of time touring with musical comedies, she flies her own plane and had run across some of the class in various parts of the country. So she, too, was given a list to invite, as were Ramaine- also in New York, for a series of piano concerts-and Ellen, teaching physical education at a nearby college. Preparations progressed rapidly, for each of the people we invited had kept in touch with one or more of the gang throughout the years and could easily pass on the news. Shortly we began to receive letters of eager accep- tance and to each of these was sent information concerning the date, time and place. By this time we had conceived the brilliant idea of having the party at June La Motte's lcvely home on Long Island, where she spends her time when not engaged as an occupational therapist. There were a few regrets from those who were either too far away or too busy-I received a long, interesting letter from Marilyn Hurley in Lon- don where she was working an a new novel, And the many nurses who could not find it convenient also sent letters-Margaret Brown, Frances Cox, Doris Taylor, Peggy Williams, Anna Peltzer, and Dorothy Gerbrick were scattered far and wide over the country. One day I received an envelopes postmarked in North Africa, from Mary Mosner. She had recently come across a group of ancient buildings which promised more relics for her collection to be sent back to American museums. There were also notes of regret from Lieutenant James Bollinger and Captain Wheeler Marshall, both of the U. S. Army Air Corps, and three from the farmers of our class-Leonard Sprinkle, William Reese, and Samuel Kelly. It seemed at this point that everyone else expected to attend the gath- ering, which was set for the Saturday night after Thanksgiving, so we made our last plans and arrangement in anticipation of a large and much-changed crowd. June, Romaine, Bobbie, Ellen and I were to act as hostesses, and we had taken care of the refreshment problem, Charles McBride and William Tregoe had arranged for the orchestra in which they played to officiate in the musical end of the party. This, we decided, was wonderful-it was a big name orchestra and would ordinarily have cost us much more than was con- venient to nay. We also had a house full of lovely flowers from Howard Burnham, Florist. At about nine o'cIock in the evening of the great date, our first guest arrived. Danny Brown came in with a grin and told us how he had come a long way, by plane, directly from the launching of his newest ship. 38 Our marine engineer president was followed immediately by Marie von C-unten and Frances Zepp, wearing beautifully designed gowns from Marie's own shop, where Frances acted as her business manager and advertising agent. At their heels appeared two WAVES, Willadeen Fritts and Katherine Fertitta, looking healthy and happy in their peacetime uniforms. About that time a telegram was handed to me, and while I was reading it so many more people arrived that I couldn't keep track of them. The wire was signed, "Col. Lawrence Fanshaw, Brazilian Air Corps," and "Monk" regretted that he would be unable to be in the United Sta-tes at the time of the party. I returned to the door and greeted more guests for a while, and then began to wander about among the groups which had inevitably formed. Yes, there were the business people-William Kelley, Clarence Long, Anna Troxell, Carroll Webster, William McComas, and John Smith, comparing notes on the offices of their respective business concerns. Another group had gathered near the fire, several secretaries were hav- ing a lively conversation with Betty Barstow about her designing profes- sion. Gloria Duer and Mary Lou Foote, who are secretaries to a prominent business executive and a pompous general, respectively, were enjoying a gay chat with two pretty girls in white nurses uniforms. "But my dear girl," exclaimed Evelyn Martin, "you should have seen her! Surrounded by at least half-a-dozen men and that huge office all to herself." "That's not true," interrupted the other nurse, Sarah Jean Fuss, "Daisy Doenges wouldn't try to interview six men all at once, especially veterans with minds as badly in need of help as they are." "Well, it's her business," chimed in Sarah Pyle, "and for anyone who likes it, psychology is very interesting. I certainly make use of it in my social work. And, Elaine, you must, too, to' have made such a success of your job." Yes, I agreed, as buyer for a large Baltimore department store, Elaine Purcell must find a need for psychology. So would Dorsey Osbom, who- had recently passed the bar examination and was starting his law practice. Janis Stonesifer and Evelyn Koenig, both beauticians, were about to ioin the group by the fire, so I stopped them a moment to ask about a few from whom we had received no replies to our invitations. After inquiring about Laura Cole, her brother, Robert, Jane C-ill, Edith Randall, Shirley Jones, and Mary Carman, I was informed that Laura and her husband were ranching out West with her brother as a partner, Jane was in Canada arid secretary to an imrffigration official, Edith a secretary in Philadelphia, and Shirley and .Mary both government workers in Washington. Near eleven o'clock I spied a bewildered looking messenger edging -fear- fully toward the crowd, and hurried over to offer my assistance. He had apparently been sent from the hospital for a surgeon. "Wh-ich surgeon do you want?" I asked. "There are three doctors here and two of them surgeons." "Both of 'em, ma'am, Doctor Clifton Osborn and Doctor Thomas BelI." I located the two finally, and while the boy was explaining the situa- tion, I retrieved their coats from the rather large pile which weighted down June's four-poster canopied bed. When I returned the two surgeons had made their plans and Clifton spoke quietly, "lt seems there's been an accident and they need three more doctors. We'll have to get another. Do you suppose Al would mind coming along?" I said no, of course he wouldn't and went to search for Dr. Albert Mc- Neir. He was gracious about it and I sorrowfully watched the three drive off. Shortly after their departure refreshments were served-something for everyone's taste. This put us all into such a haooy frame of mind- that we beqan to demand entertainment, so it was decided that each of us would either demonstrate or describe our occupation, and the rest would guess its nature. - ' 39 Beginning with Marion Work, we were all stumped for a while by the clever cartooning she exhibited, until at hazard someone suggested com- mercial artist. After guessing the first correctly, the entire group took an interest in what was going on, and soon we had learned what everyone else had been doing for ten years. Marion Randall proved a bit difficult when she gave us a grand demonstration of her job as comptometer opera- tor at the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, and when Charlotte Schneider began to climb upon chairs and rearrange droperies and furni- ture, we finally decided she was an interior decorator. The next proved to be the easiest to guess, for a whole office force ap- peared, each at his own task-the secretaries, Edna Walter, Dorothy Joyce, Frances Sapp, Dorothy Brown, Fern Neubeck, Betty Lee Howord, Ruth Groves, Kathleen Hastings, Mary Mann, Alma Mattucci and Margaret Moser were busily typing owoy at imaginary typewriters. The stenographers sat rapidly taking dictation-Laura Sheely, Doris Storm, Betty Lee Worrell, Pat Bopst, Betty Lee and Mary Jane Cockey, each using her own particular style of shorthand. At the president's desk of this imaginary office sat Robert Beoch, who was in reality supervisor of personnelat the main offices of on engineering company, At other chairs which represented desks sot busy accountants- Rolond Wiley and Robert Randall, both looking pompous and hord at work, Marion Ray, Harold Blank, George Friedel, and Gerald Fuller. A few moments after thot, Jo Ann Oberholtzer arrived, somewhat breath- less and excited. She was carrying a lovely bouquet of roses and snap- dragons-trophies from the premiere of the newest play in which she had o leading role. By new everyone had tired of our little game and we were interested in seeing the souvenirs which Wayne Ceorg had brought from almost every country of the world. As he was talking we learned that by a strange coin- cidence, he had flown many times with some of our old schoolmates as pilots, one trip was from New York to San Francisco with Edward Carber and Donold Hollenbough. Another time, while traveling in a Navy plane, he had made o flioht from Boston to London with Gordon Hudgins. We asked him if he had ever run into Robert Peregoy or Merrill Thomas but he had nct so apparently they are with some unfamiliar airline. Late in the evening, I wandered into the library to discover a number of young men in eornest conversation-three were in uniform and four in civil- ian clothing. Just os I started to leave, not wishing to disturb them, the voice of Thomas Norris called to me. He proudly exhibited his recently ac- quired first mate's papers. When I asked how long he had been in the Merchant Morine, he replied, "Ever since l graduated--l've worked my way up." l noted also the two chief petty officers seated beside him, George Cassidy and Donald Harmon, and congratulated them. Accepting their invitation to stay for a while and listen in, l joined the group and learned what the discussion was all about. lt seemed that the four engineers, Laurence Holland. Edword Walters, Arlin Wallace, and Richard Merriken, were trying to devise a new method of constructon for helicopter landing gear and roofs through electricity, and making it practi- cal for fomily use. However, the plans had to be dropped for then, because the guests were beginning to depart. Bobby Bosley came back again with a disgusted ex- pression on his face, for he was hovino trouble with his two-seater plane. There was something wrona with his radar attachment, and being a radar technician, he had easily remedied that-but the plane's motor, too, was octinq up. So assistance was offered by the only mechanic of the class, Donald Harvey. With his aid the small aircraft was soon under way. Evervone was extremelv sad about portina and it was a long while before the lost few left. As the headliahts of their cars went slowly down the drive, l wondered, with a sudden painful twinae, just what we would be doing in ten years more. By that time it would be next to impossible to get them all together again from the four corners of the earth. And l remembered our confidence and eaaer anticipation when we were seniors in l945. l knew then, perhaps understood thornuahly for the first time, thot the future is ours, and we can do with it what we will LOIS MARION KAHL. 40 U ggi ' K ' f , .- J ff 5: - . , x M fx wliggg f Q ' x x . , .ff --1 - - a .vig . ggggw W rf .an S 4.3 fm'-' . -,Sw v 5' Q' Q QA 1 1fa,:1Qrf- ,M n S xg 6 QR Mr WN Class ol 'IQ46 Q? HOMEROOM 101-MRS. EYLER lMRS. COLBURNl First Row: Tullis, Corroum, Shipley, Mrs. Eyler, Benedict, Hoff, Talbert Second Row: Robinson, Barstow, Darling, Maye, Warfield, Moles- worth, Stansbury, Harmon, Rawlings. Third Row: Wisner, Hoover, Gault, Carr, Lent, Buell, Knatz Fourth Row: Miller, Howard, Burnham, Lessner, Cox, Heintzman, Yates Filth Row: Poe, Baublitz, Allen, Knatz, McCarthy, Blann, Wiley HOMEROOM 106-MRS. MILLER First Row: Reese, Gobrecht, Albright, Mrs. Miller, Adams, Leon- ard, Sullivan Second Row: Black, Hoffman, Bean, Davis, Wicker, Vagnoni Kneller, Heise Third Row: Simmonds, Burton, Crame, Rover, Blaylock, Duncan Merriken, Coblentz, Stevens, Roes Fourth Row: Gosnell, Carrick, Yingling, Korman, Bosley, Hoff Brenneman, Martin Fifth Row: Wilhelm, Brewer, Schultz, Molesworth, King, Armocost Love, Gorman HOMEROOM 201-MR. SEABOLD First Row: Smith, Boose, Rineheart, Mr. Seabold, Storms, Dailey, Marks Second Row: Tenney, Rover, Miller, Higgs, Wilson, Wagner, Jones, Joyce Third Row: Cockey, Schreck, Belt, Armacost, Korman, Fritz, MacCalIum, Byerly, Sullivan, Grimes Fourth Row: Pape, Childs, Bucher, Larkins, Miller, Georg, Klein, Bosley Fifth Row: Murray, Fritz, Hollenbaugh, Pearce, Manger, Wirts, Welsh, Armacost 1 1 1 1 42 , u - -,-'-r .fxgie was wut ' , The Junior - Senior WM 0 W- prom i As each of our most memorable events took place this year, following in the path of tra- dition, we as seniors looked more and more regretfully at the wonderfully enjoyable hours we spent. For they were the very last hours we would spend at those particular school do- ings. We know that leaving Franklin is going to be painful for you, too, Junior Class, when your turn comes. And so we want to thank you with all sincerity and friendship for the lovely memory you have enabled us to carry away from our traditional party. We liked the way your leaders organized and managed it, we liked your music, your refreshments, your friendly attitude, but above all, we will cherish the delightful reminiscence of young, gay spirits and hopeful hearts that will always be recalled by thought of your gift to us,- the Junior-Senior. T . Auioluzf- iiozcio Uclb - UA. ' di IMLAMJ 5iQA.LY Jung, We, the Senior Class of the year One Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty-Five, being of sound mind and fully conscious of our ap- proaching departure from this institution, do hereby publish our last will and testament. BEQUEATHED TO THE THIRD YEAR INDIVIDUALLY- Danny Brown's glib talk to Graham Cox. Dorothy Brown's dancing to Bud Heintzman. Fern Neubeck's secretarial ability to Doris Darling. Virginia Abbott's practical joking to Martha Schreck and Bobby Pearce. Robert Cole's and Harald Blank's freckles to Thomas Wiley and Naomi Smith. N Howard Burnham's republican spirit to Janet Stansbury. Betty Borstow's pixie-like face to LaRue Coblentz. Gloria Duer's porcelain loveliness to Lorelle Leonard and Clara Byerly. Margaret Brown's and Charles McBride's red hair to Betty Jane Merriken. Clifton Osborn's and Billy Kelly's "brains" to Patsy Reese, Georgia Wisner, and Waldo Garman. Kathleen Hastings' and Clarence Long's friendliness tc Carroll Georg, Doris Rover, and Betty Harmon, Charlotte Schneider's and Margaret Doenges' "just stepped out of Seven- teen" look to Joan MacCallum and Mary Warfield. Gordon Hudgins' monkey grin to Shirley Sullivan. Donald Harvey's and Laura Cole's quietness to Audrey Boose, Gladys Al- bright, and Naomi Wagner. Merrill Thomas's love of reading to Stanley Bouis. Thomas Norris' height to Bill Pape and Robert Lessner. Katherine Fertitta's and Bill Reese's pretty brown eyes to James Yates. Peggy Williams' sweet charm to Janice Hoffman and Nancy Lee Shipley. Ellen Cronhardt's athletic ability to Ruth Buell. Robert BosIey's widow's peak to Margaret Carr. Lois Kahl's popularity with the boys to Ann Tullis. ' Mary Garman's and Carroll Webster's fast line of chatter to Mary Elizabeth Davis and LeRoy Schultz. Mary Mann's and Alma Mattucci's Latin look to Mary Vagnoni. Edward Walter's and Sara Jean Fuss' long eyelashes to Betty Jean Sullivan and Harold Blann. Edward Garber's and Wayne Georg's neat appearance to Arthur Hoff, Bobby Knatz, and Frank Brewer. Tom Bell's witty sarcasm to Russell Armacost. Frances Cox's long plaits to Mary Virginia Rineheart. Lawrence Holland's and George Friedel's curly hair to Roland Manger. Mary Lou Foote's blond beauty to Jeanne Cobrecht. Gerald Fuller's and Edith Randall's short stature to Virginia Robinson, Marion Wicker, and Jack Wilhelm. Bobby Beach's gallant manners to Ralph Gosnell. Sarah Pyle's blushes to Bernadine Hoff and Herbert Wirts. Albert McNeir's equestrian ability to Edwin Molesworth. Margaret Moser's left-handedness to June Gault, Janette Crame, and Helen Bean. Billy Tregoe's trumpet playing to Ivan Baublitz. Dorsey Osborn's knowledge of current events to Thomas Nolte. June Lo Motte's artistic abilities to Mickey Barstow. 44 Shirley Jones's mischieviousness to Helen Burton and Billy Yox. Marie von Gunten's ice-skating ability to Earl Howard. Arlin WalIace's good work in shop to WilIiam King. Pat Bopst's and Mary Mosner's school spirit to Lucy Joyce, George Fritz, and Mabel Talbert. James BolIinger's "sleeping-in-cIass" ability to William Tillman. Slade Caltrider's mathematical abilities to Ivan Armacost and Louis Gardner. Doris Storms' serious viewpoints to Lorraine Lent. Lawrence Fanshaw's and Howard Sutc'h's baseball enthusiasm to Jerry Klein, Betty Lee and Mary Jane Cockey's jewelry collection to Rosalie Leather and Doris Wilson. Wheeler Marshall's sporty clothes to Catherine Benedict and Teddy Hollen- baugh. Betty Lee WorrelI's and Dotty Gerbrick's gum-chewing to James Bucher. Roland Wiley's agricultural interests to Malcolm Carrick. Anna TroxelI's sylph-like qualities to Elizabeth Roes, Nancy Grimes, and Mary Ruth Maye. Jane Gill's and Richard Merriken's turned-up nose to Thelma Fritz and Betty Tenney. Jo Ann Oberholtzer's sophistication to Nancy Lou Duncan. Bobbie Sc'hmall's sweet soprano voice to Patsy Hoover. Romaine Long's and Evelyn Koenig's eccentric giggles to Shirley Belt and Mildred Study. Dorothy Joyce's quick, brisk smile to Betty Simmonds. Frances Zepp's and Elaine Purcell's personality to Audrey Miller, Peggy Corrouim, and Jeannette Kneller. Frances Sapp's classic profile to Marie Adams. Janis Stonsiter's earrings to Gloria Heise. Donald Harmon's and George Cassidy's carefree attitude to Donald Miller and Barton Smith. William McComas' bashtulness to Edward Martin, Orville Miller and Mary Virginia Rawlings. Willadeen Fritts' "baby taIk" to Edna Stevens. Marilyn Hurley's "Whacky spells" to Marjorie Cockey. Edna Walters' and Laura SheeIey's fair hair to Anna Korman. Betty Howard's, Ruth Graves', and Marion Randall's dignity to Ed Childs and Mary Ruth Armacost. Robert Randall's good nature to Herbert Welsh. Leonard Sprinkle's dark curly hair to Maurice Larkins. Marion Wark's brunette coloring to James Korman. Anna Peltzer's co-operation to Orville Brenneman. Marion Ray's work in the cafeteria to Catherine Abbott. Doris Taylor's "absenteeism" to Russell Jenkins. We, the class of One Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty-five, realizing clearly the course of action taken, do hereby affirm the above to be our last will and testament. To this will, we hereby put our hands and seals, on this, the eighth day of June in the year of our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty-five. Witnesses: . PEGGY 'WILLIAMS MARILYN HURLEY MARIE VON GUNTEN 45x HOMEROOM 203-MISS PARSONS First Row: Rush, Fleagle, Bennett, Miss Parsons, Somers, Gaston, Reraner Second Row: Gill, Buell, Lutz, Stevens, Wagner, Bowers, Smith, ' Hager, Cullison ' Third Row: Wallet, Turnbaugh, Miller, Lane, Hastings, Whitcomb, Petraska, Gettier Brose, Hoffmeister, Cul- Fourth Row: Haviland, Noble, Berryman, lison, Miller, Lips HOMEROOM 210-MISS GRAY First Row: Byrd, O'Connor, Wicker, Miss Gray, Black, Miller, Schultz Second Row: Bowers, Bleakley, Rimbey, Hale, Heiges, Coffman, Leather, Warfel Third Row: Gill, Fleagle, Poe, Sullivan, Smith, Draper, Redding, Skipper Fourth Row: Long, Hawley, Myers, Bortgis, Landau, Warehime, Burton HOMEROOM 21 'I-MISS WISNER First Row: Price, Warfield, Sprinkle, Miss Wisner, Meyers, Har mon, Bosley Second Row: Gill, Kagle, Zepp, Shaneybrook, Grimes, Crame Basler, Martin R' b , Brown, Fishpaw, Var Third Row: Ruby, Heintzman, im ey T I Peltzer, Vincett osse , . S enson, Nelson, Craig, Warner Fourth Row: Hudgins, Ensor, tev Spicer Fifth Row: Bosley, Su ivo Il n, Fuller, Bellows, Harris 46 HOMEROOM 4-MISS EU BAN KS P Row: Cole, Shriver, Lauterback, Miss Eubanks, Schwartz, Holland, Crawford md Row: Gill, Grimes, Kellar, Berryman, Molesworth, Boller, Knotz ' d Row: Tuzio ,Moser, High, Redcay, Garber, Chaney HOMEROOIM 202-MR. BOYLAN ' Row: Tiedemann, Amrhine, Quesenberry, Draper, Gore, Brown, Burgess ind Row: Allyson, King, Harmon, Osborn, Howard, Vagnoni, Loose, Abbott, Berryman d Row: Schucraft, Friedel, Owings, Lessner, Blizzard, Myers, Hudgins, Rose, Poisal th Row: Schlott, Fritts, Yingling, Lee, Eline, McEhlatten, King, Cockerham, Cole, Burke i Row: Bell, Austin, Ray, Riter, Bronnick, Johnson, Wheeler, Hoff HOMEROOM 204-MISS WENTZ ' Row: Hoadley, McCauley, Belt, Miss Wentz, Gover, Hotch- l kiss, Funk. md Row: High, Hoover, Ensor, Bucher, Elseroad, Baker, Richards Frin er New I Q I - d Row: Dice, Buck, Malonee, Kelly, Miller, Gardner, Marshall, Rover. 'th Row: Bond, Schmidt, Myers, Cronhardt, Grimes, Pearce Seohnlein, Batten. I Row: Higgs, von Gunten, Schultz, Chilcoat, Green, Kay, Miller, Falconer, Berry, Raver. HOMEROOM 206-MISS MEEKS 'Row' Lon Shaffer Zartler Miss Meeks Trace Stone- ! - Q1 I I 1 Y, sifer, Gilbert. md Row: Ruby, Abbott, Naylor, Walters, Jenkins, Bollinger Henke, von Gunten, Childs. 'd Row: Fritz, Sheppard, Williams, Harney, Korman, Corbett Rover, Bollinger, Cole. 'th Row: Ritter, Fanshaw, Collom, Lewis, Basler, Gault Fromm, Korman, Fritz. I Row: Gienow, Gorsuch, Rutter, Warken, Aversa, Arrnacost, Norris. 47 1 Class ol 1948 C5L,ZB.m1v ! Qgrualfuwy yfddqjfo Mb MULQIQQ gqdr, ffm a Jwimq Gwcim UM bww Even the most studious members of Franklin's stu- dent body must admit that our daily life at school would be endlessly dull without the addition of those activities and organizations that eventually become an irreplacable part of our school memories. Our clubs, our councils, our musical groups, our discussion groups-these are truly the variety which is the spice of lite. uUC'X swam Q0 President--Clifton Osborn Vice-President-Albert McNeir Secretory-Charlotte Schneider Treasurer-June Lo Motte Girls . Chairman-Betty Barstow Secretory-Mary Lou Foote RANKLIN DRUM JTURE ARMERS QF iMEl2lCA 'or-in-Chief-Evelyn Martin President-Lois Kohl Vice-President-Arlin Wallace Secretary-Treasurer-Barbara Schmall Program Chairman-June La Motte noging Editors-Betty Lee Dailey P'e5ld9""-D0"l0ld l'lOfmOf1 June LO Mane Vice-President-Malcolm Carrick e Editors-Betty Lee Dailey Sef"e"0"YtCl0f9f'C9 Rllbv Betty Storm Treasurer-Orville Brennernan Evelyn Martin Betty Tenney iness Manager-Charles Spicer isfonl' Business Manager- Howard Burnham FRANKLIN GAZETTE A E Christmas Choir The favored few who performed af St. Thomas's church os well as of our annual broadcast. Christmas Chorus They provided the musical effects for "Good King Wenceslousf' our Christmas play. Orchestra Ploymg for assemblues keeps these young musecnans school idea we Ol' Varsity Soccer cl Gomes pl0Ye Games V103 Gomes lo Jerry Klein Everett Lips James Yates Walter Korman Barton Smith Frank Gorsuch William Yox Frank Brewer Peter Bellows James Korman Gomes played -.. Games won Games lost .... , 54. Robert Beach Eugene Bond Donald Bosley Walter Bosley Daniel Brown Teddy Burnham Malcolm Carrick Lawrence Fanshaw George Fritz Ralph Gosnell Christian Heintzman Arthur Hoff Guilford Hoff Teddy Hollenbaugh Samuel Kelley Maurice Larkins Kenneth Lips Robert Love Richard Merriken Albert Murray William Tregoe Charles McBride Albert McNeir Thomas Norris Clarence Ruby Varsity Basketball G- Margaret Brown FB- Frances Cox Virginia Blaylock June O'Conner HB- Patricia Reese Ruth Buell Nancy Lou Duncan F- Lucy Joyce Dorothy Joyce Bettye Tenney Betty Lee Cockey Ellen Cronhardt Gloria Duer Margaret Doenges Sarah Jean Fuss Mary Jane Cockey Mary Lou Foote Charlotte Schneider Manager-June La Moffe Varsity Fieldlaall .1 , Gam Won played N- Lvsr 3 1 Varsity Basltetball Games played Won ..,.,...... Lost .,,. 55 -K2 G- Ruth Buell Mabel Talbert Frances Cox Dorothy Joyce Nancy Lou Duncan Betty Lee Cockey Marilyn Hurley Mary Lou Foote Manager-Mary Mosner F- Betty Tenney Margaret Brown Ellen Cronhardt 'Lucy Joyce Lois Kohl Sarah Jean Fuss Virginia Blaylock Margaret Doenges 8 l 7 CALENDAR Sept. ll-Starting down the home stretch. We didn't feel sad yet. Sept. I6-Frankl in Fair- Miss Meeks, while looking at dairy products stand, remarked, "The only dairy product I like is eggs." Sept.2Oe-HA remark to Danny by Mr. Wheeler in physics class accompanied by a big piece of brown paper, "Here, cover your books with this so I won't have to stay after school and keep you in." Sept. 26-Election of Senior Class officers. Oct. l-The Dial Staff started to work. Oct. I3-The Student Council Dance. ln spite of Friday, l3th, a big success. Oct, 3lHOur own political debate in miniature. Nov. 6-Howls of dismay! The senior pictures arrived. Nc. 22-Nov. 27-A welcome rest in the form of Thanksgiving turkey and Cranberries. Dec, 2l-Weeks of hard work rewarded by a performance of "Good King Wenceslausf' Dec. 22-- Boys' varsity basketball defeated by alumni. The whole scene was made glamorous by a heavy snowfall. I 56 .if iufbffiw ' Q9 L M dm ? fmr.. 5vld, M MSM! am. QQ? 57 COM Dec. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar. Mar. Mar Mar Mar, Mar. CALENDAR-Continued 23-Jan. 3-The always incomparable Christmas holidays! 23-Midyears had to come sometime. 8-The physics class has a 3:35 rendez-vous with Mr. Wheeler. 9-The girls' varsity basketball team wins a game! 9-That dazzling event-the Junior-Senior Prom. I4-Marilyn appears with bobbed hair! 8--The choir makes a jaunt to Fort Howard. lo-A lovely St. Patrick's Day Dance with orchestra to match. I9-The class meeting that started the Senior Ball rolling for com- mencement. 21-Several members of Franklin Forum deliver a panel discussion on "Peacetime Military Training" at the Glyndon Women's Club. 26-A Maryland Day program by the seventh grade and citizenship classes to honor our fair state. 28-April 3-Easter Holiday-A chance to recuperate from spring fever. 58 Acknowledgments "A lamp unto our feet, A light unto our path." We acknowledge indebtedness to- Miss Ellen H. Cray and Mr. Cornelius E. Cisriel, our class advisers, who have rendered unexcelled guidance. Miss Helen C-. Huttenhauer and Mr. C. Wightman Seabold, without whose expert direction the l945 Dial would not have been a success. Miss Martha L. Tovell, who so kindly coached our Commence- ment Program. Our patrons and patronesses whose generous liberality has allowed us to publish this Dial without soliciting advertisements. I pdtl'OflS ANd Patronesses Mr. 8. Mrs. Carroll Abbott " Miss Ellen Abbott Mr. 8. Mrs. Vernon Abbott Miss Virginia Abbott Mr. 8. Mrs. Alban A. Abraham Mr. Frank Adams AIC Melvyn L. Agne '43 Miss Mary E. Alban Mr. 8. Mrs. William T. Alban Mr. 8. Mrs. Harry Albright Pvt. Robert Albright Miss Eleanor Aleshire Mrs. Robert A. Alexander Mr. Virgil P. Algire Mr. 8. Mrs. Fletcher Allender Mr. 8. Mrs. J. R. Allender Mr. Jack Andrews Mr. 8. Mrs. J. Lee Andrews Mr. William Andrews Mr. 8. Mrs. Charles P. Anger Miss Mary Clare Appel Miss Dollye E. Armacost Mr. George Marshall Armacost Mr. Ivan Armacost r Mr. 8. Mrs. J. W. T. Armacost Miss Maidie Armacost Miss Mary Ruth Armacost Mr. 8. Mrs. Raymond Arma- cost, Sr. Mr. 8. Mrs. Walter Armacost Mr. 8. Mrs. Wm. E. Armacost Mr. Charles Aupperley Mr. 8. Mrs. William H. Ayler Mr. Harry H. Batchelor Cpl. 8. Mrs. John D. Backus Mr. 8. Mrs. Dan Baker Baker Mr. Harry Mr. 8. Mrs. John Baker, Jr. Mr. 8. Mrs. Joseph Baker, Jr. Mr. 8. Mrs. W. W. Baker Dr. 8. Mrs. C. Sturges Ball Mr. George A. Bandiere Pfc. 8. Mrs. George R. Bange,Jr. Mr. 8. Mrs. Arthur F. Barstow Miss Hazel G .Basler Mr. John Basler Mr. 8. Mrs. John C. Basler Mr. 8. Mrs. S. L. Basler Miss L. Margaret Bassford Mrs. Esther L. Baublitz Miss Frances Baublitz Miss Mabel Baublitz Miss Margaret Baublitz Mr. 8. Mrs. Vernon Baublitz Miss Betty Jane Baugher Lt. Richard G. Bayrle Cpl. Ralph C. Beach Mr. Ralph E. Beach Mr. and Mrs. Osborn P. Beall Mr. Fred Beam Miss Helen M. Bean Miss Marie E. Bean Miss Starr Beauchamp Mr. Edward Beck Mr. G. Gordon Beck Pfc. James W. Beck, Jr. Mr. Martin L. Beck Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Becker Mr. Jack Bell Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. 'Bell Mr. George Kent Bellows Miss M. Elizabeth Belt Mr. and Mrs. E. Ward Belt Miss Hilda Belt Miss D. lantha Belt Miss Verna R. Belt Miss Cathryn Benedict Mr. Jerome Benedict Mr. 8. Mrs. O. W. Benedict Mr. 8. Mrs. Carroll L. Benson Capt. 8. Mrs. Francis M. Benson Mr. 8. Mrs. Markland Benson Mr. 8. Mrs. Wilbur Benson Arthur H. Berryman, Ph.M. 3fc Mrs. Georgia Berryman Miss Pat Berryman Mr. 8. Mrs. W. D. Berryman Mr. H. Newton Berryman Mr. 8. Mrs. Albert Besbris Mr. 8. Mrs. F. W. Bitz Miss Betty Black Miss Violet Black Mr. 8. Mrs. Donald E. Blank Mr. 8. Mrs. Robert V. Blank Mr. 8. Mrs. Walter H. Blank Mr. 8. Mrs, G. R. Blann Mr. 8. Mrs. Albert Bleakley Miss Gertrude V. Bleakley Mr. Marshall Bleakley Mr. 8. Mrs. Harold W. Blondin Mr. Lawrence E. Boden Mr. Paul F. Boller, Jr. Mr. 8. Mrs. Paul F. Boller, Sr. Mr. Russell Bollinger Mr. Wesley Bollinger Mr. Vernon B. Bolte Mrs. Gladys S. Bond Pvt. Robert N. Bond Mr. 8. Mrs. William Bond Mr. 8. Mrs. J. C. Bondurant Mr. 8. Mrs. Berley Boring Miss Evelyn A. Bosley Miss Elsie Bosse Mr. 8. Mrs. J. H. Bosse Mr. 8. Mrs. H. N. Botten Mr. 8. Mrs. S. D. Bottom Mr. 8. Mrs. George Bowen Mr. A. L. Bowen Mr. 8. Mrs. J. Levering Bowen Mr. William W. Bowen Mr. D. J. Bowersox Miss Audrey Bowling Mr. L. Stanley Branick, Jr. Mr. D. Joseph Bransfield Mr. 8. Mrs. George M. Breeden Miss Marie Brenneman Sgt. Joseph H. Brocato Mr. 8. Mrs. Harry Brooks Mr. Mr. 8. Mrs. William T. Brooks William R. Brooks Mr. 8. Mrs. E. Paul Brose Miss Alma G. Brown '43 Miss Bettie Mae Brown Mr. 8. Mrs. Curtis H. Brown Mr. Curtis Brown Mr. Mr. Mr. Daniel W. Brown - 8. Mrs. Frank Brown 8. Mrs. H. T. Brown Ensign H. T. Brown, Jr., U.S.N.R. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Joseph Brown Leroy Brown 8. Mrs. Lester Brown Miss Marie Brown '42 Mrs. Richard A. Brown Cpl. 8. Mrs. Roland M. Brown Mr. 8. Mrs. Thomas Brown Mr. 8. Mrs. Wilbur Brown Mr. 8. Mrs. William D. Brown Mr. 8. Mrs. William J. Brauer Mr. Lucian Bucci Rev. 8. Mrs. Calvert E. Buck Miss Helen Anne Buck Mr. 8. Mrs. H. M. Buckingham Edgar A. Buell, Jr., S2fc Mrs. Vernon Bucher Miss Betty Bucher Mr. James R. Bucher Mr. 8. Mrs. W. T. Bucher Mr. 8. Mrs. Thomas W. Buchman Mr. Frank Burke Miss Joyce F. Burns Miss Christine Burton Miss Helen Burton Sgt. Calvin N. Burnham Mr. 8. Mrs. George R. Burnham Mr. Howard Burnham Mr. 8. Mrs. Melvin J. Burnham Joseph H. Bushmiller, Jr., U.S.N.R. Mr. 8. Mrs. Joseph Bushmiller, Sr. Mr. 8. Mrs. L. Bussey Miss Clara Byeriy D Mr. 8. Mrs. T. J. Callahan Mr. Carrolle Caltrider, Sr. Mr. 8. Mrs. G. B. Caltrider Mrs. Margaret Caltrider Miss Violet Caltrider Dr. D. D. Caples Sgt. Louis W. Caples, Jr. Miss Mary L. Caples Mr. V. T. Caples, Jr. Mr. Loring N. Cardwell Mr. Charles Carey, Jr. Mrs. S. W. Carlisle Miss Helen C. Carpenter Mr. Walter Carswell Mr. George L. Carr Miss Margaret Carr Mr. Robert Carr TfCpl. Charles R. Carroll Mr. Donald W. Carroll Mr. 8. Mrs. Vernon Cashman Mrs. N. Cassidy Mr. George D. Caughy Mr. John Cayerfers Miss Mildred Chaney Mr. 8. Mrs. Prentice E. Chaney Miss Daisy V. Chenoweth Mr. 8. Mrs. George W. Chenoweth Mrs. Maude Chenoweth Mr. William A. Chenoweth Miss Anna Louise Chew Mr. 8. Mrs. E. E. Childs Miss Isabelle Christhilf Mr. Floyd W. Churn, Jr. Mr. Albert W. Clark Mr. Joe Clark Mr. Ronald B. Clifford Mr. 8. Mrs. Byron Coblentz Miss Betty Lee Cockey Mr. 8. Mrs. Douglas Cockey Mr. 8. Mrs. E. F. Cockey Mr. 8. Mrs. George W. Cockey Miss Marjorie Cockey Mr. PATRONS AND PATRONESSES-Continued Miss Mary Jone Cockey Mr. Melvin S. Cockey Pvt. Cornelius E. Cole Mr. Robert Cole William W. Cole, S llc Mr. Daniel A. Collier Mr. G. M. Coleman Mr. 8. Mrs. LeRoy Constantine Mr. Owen Connolly, Jr. Mr. 8. Mrs. E. H. Cook Miss E. Lorena Cook Mr. 8. Mrs. Rozell Cook Mr. Francis A. Cool Mr. 8. Mrs. John A. Cowman Miss Bernice Copper Miss Constance Copper Mr. C. Michael Corbett Miss Frances Cox Warrant Officer James D. Cox Miss Tabitha Cox Mr. 8. Mrs. T. M. Cox Mr. 8. Mrs. T. Newell Cox Mr. 8. Mrs. Newton Cox Miss Doris Elaine Crame Mr. 8. Mrs. William J. Crame Miss Letitia L. Crocker Mr. Morgan D. Crocker Mr. 8. Mrs. Morgan L. Crocker Miss Susanne Elizabeth Crocker Miss Bessie M. Cronhardt Miss Henrietta Cronhardt Mr. 8. Mrs. M. A. Cronhardt Miss Nancy Lee Cronhardt Miss Ruth V. Cronhardt Miss Eleanor Cross W. Elmer Crudden Mr. 8. Mrs. Eugene Crudden Mr. 8. Mrs. H. Alvin Cullison Miss Naomi Cullison Mrs. Paul F. Cullison, Jr. Mr. Jackie Cunningham Miss Mary L. Cunningham Mr. 8. Mrs. Norville E. Davidson Mr. 8. Mrs. August L. Deller Miss Elizabeth R. Deller Mr. 8. Mrs. August S. De Luca Pvt. H. G. Denison Mr. Eugene N. Devers Emory E. Devers Mr. Sgt. 8. Mrs. John De Vese Mr. Edward M. DeVilbiss 8. Mrs. Milton DeVilbiss Mr. 8. Mrs. George Dexter Mr. Richard Dey Miss Claire R. Dice Maior 8. Mrs. Francis R. Dice Mr. 8. Mrs. Milton H. Diehl Miss Shirley Dirzuweit Mr. Charles H. Dixon Mr. 8. Mrs. H. L. Dodson Mr. 8. Mrs. C. W. Doenges Mr. James A. Doffmyer Mr. Walter Dorman Miss Dorothy Dorsey Miss Margaret Dorsey Mr. 8. Mrs. John L. Dowell Daniel Duncan, U.S.N.R. Gene C. Duncan, U.S.N.R. Capt. 8. Mrs. George H. Duncan Miss Nancy Lou Duncan Miss Daphne Duncan Mr. 8. Mrs. William C. Duer Miss Margaret Mary Eckenrode Mr. Joseph C. Eckert Fred Eckhardt, U.S.N.R. Mr. Fred S. Eckhardt Mr. 8. Mrs. Glydon Eckhardt Mr. Harry Edmonds Mr. 8. Mrs. Oscar Edwards Mr. 8. Mrs. C. O. McEIhattan Mr. 8. Mrs. Clifton S. Ehlers Mr. J. Edwin Eline Mr. E. O. Emery Joseph Emery Mrs. Mr. 8. Mrs. Joseph Emory Mr. Donald G. Ensor Mr. Kemp Ensor Mr. 8. Mrs. Lawrence E. Ensor Mrs. Thelma Ensor Mrs. J. A. Evans Miss Jill Evenson Miss Judy Evenson Mr. 8. Mrs. Charles C. Eyler Mr. Marion Fair George W. Fanshaw, Jr., U.S.N.R. Mr. 8. Mrs. George W. Fanshaw Mr. Richard Fanshaw Mr. John C. Fell Mrs. G. B. Fenwick, Jr. Miss Josephine Fertitta Miss Sadie K. Fertitta Mr. 8. Mrs. V. J. Fertitta Mr. 8. Mrs. Fulton D. Fields Mr. 8. Mrs. Thomas E. R. Fields Mr. Robert Finnegan Mr. 8. Mrs. Andrew Fisher, Jr. Mr. 8. Mrs. James O. Fisher Mr. Richard Fleagle Mr. 8. Mrs. James F. Floyd Mr. Maurice Flynn Mr. 8. Mrs. William J. Foley Major 8. Mrs. George F. Foote Mr. 8. Mrs. Charles A. Forbes Mr. 8. Mrs. William R. Forwood Capt. 8. Mrs. Albert Fowble Mr. 8. Mrs. C. Elmo Fowble, Jr. Mr. 8. Mrs. Harry R. Fowble Mrs. L. B. Fowble Miss Marguerite Frank John H. Frank, Jr., U.S.N. Mr. 8. Mrs. Fred Frank Jacob A. Frederick, S2fc Mr. 8. Mrs. Alva G. Freeman Mr. 8. Mrs. Charles Freeman Mr. 8. Mrs. Paul Freeman SfSgt. Bert Fricke Mrs. A. Friedel Mr. George Friedel Mr. 8. Mrs. C. W. Fritts Mr. Dewey Fritz Mr. 8. Mrs. George W. Fritz Mr. 8. Mrs. Henry Fritz Dr. 8. Mrs. Irvin W. Frock Mr. Otho Fromm Mr. 8. Mrs. Elton Fuller Mrs. Laura Fuller Miss Dorothy Fuss Mrs. Fred Blakiston Gambrill, Sr. Mrs. C. W. Garber Mr. Leonard Gardner Mr. Louis Gardner Mr. 8. Mrs. Frank S. Gorman Mr. 8. Mrs. George S. Gorman Mr. 8. Mrs. Guy Gorman Mr. 8. Mrs. Walter Gorman Mr. 8. Mrs. H. G. Gaston Miss June Gault Miss Dorothy Gerbrick Mr. Sydney W. Gerbrick Mr. 8. Mrs. Wm. W. Gerbrick Mr. Herman ,Gettier Mr. Frank Gibson, Sr. Miss Audrey E. Gill Mr. 8. Mrs. C. Ross Gill Mr. 8. Mrs. Harry E. Gill Miss Ida Mae Gill Miss Jessie Gill Sgt. Vernon W. Gill, Jr., U.S.M.C. Mr. 8. Mrs. Gerry Gobrecht Miss Jeanne Cobrecht Mr. Donald Goldstein Mr. Joel Goldstein Mr. Thomas E. Goode Mr. 8. Mrs. Edward Gordon Mr. 8. Mrs. W. L. Gordon Mrs. Earle Gore Mr. Frank M. Gorsuch Mr. Mr. Pfc. Mr. Mis 8. Mrs. Norman F. Gorsuch Ralph O. Gosnell Russell E. Gosnell 8. Mrs. Harvey C. Graves s Jennie Ann Gray Miss Thelma Green Mr. Jock Griffith Miss Lorraine Griffith Pvt. Teddy L. Griffith Mr. 8. Mrs H. O Gri es . . ffl Mrs. Russell Grimes Kenneth F. Grimm, SK lfc, USN Mr. 8. Mrs. L. H. Grimm Mr, 8. Mrs. Lawrence H. Grimm, Jr. Miss Aileen Grothe Mr. E. C. Grothe Mr. 8. Mrs. George Grothe Miss Aleen Grubb Mr. L. Guillotte Miss Mollie :Helen Haines Mr. 8. Mrs. Lewis P. Hammock Howard R. Hanna, GM 3!c Mr. 8. Mrs. Roe Hanna Mr. Thomas Harding Mr. 8. Mrs. George A. Hordy Mrs. Sterling. R. Hare, Sr. Mr. 8. Mrs. C. N. Harman Mr. 8. Mrs. Dennis Harmon Miss 'Ellen Harmon Mr. 8. Mrs. Floyd Harmon Mr. 8. Mrs. William D. Harmon Mr. C. E. Harris Mr. 8. Mrs. J. Harrison Miss Bettye Harvey Mr. 8. Mrs. C. Walter Harvey Mr. T. Donald Harvey Mr. Lester Harvey Miss Virginia Harvey Pfc. Harry Hastings Pfc. Paul Hastings Mr. 8. Mrs. Robert Hastings Sgt. 8. Mrs. Wm. Hastings Mr. 8. Mrs. Wm. Hastings Mr. 8. Mrs. William Haviland Mr. William M. Haviland, Jr. Miss Eleanor Healy Mr. 8. Mrs. Chas. L. Heflin Mr. John Heindel Mr. 8. Mrs. Arthur Heintzman Mr. Bud Heintzman Miss Mary Elizabeth Heintzman Miss Nancy Heintzman PATRONS AND PATRONESSES-Continued Mr. Claude L. Heiss Miss Rita Heise Mr. 8. Mrs. Edward Hewes Eli E. Hewitt, GM2fc Mr. Eli E. Hewitt, Sr. Mr. 8. Mrs. 'Edgar E. Henley Mr. 8. Mrs. William Hickman. Mr. Benjamin Higgs, Jr. Mrs. Mae Hild Mr. H. C. Hill Mr. 8. Mrs. Lawrence Hiner Mr. 8. Mrs. H. Hinkhaus Mr. 8. Mrs. Jesse A. Hitchcock Mr. H. F. Hodges Miss Betty Jane Hoff Mr. 8. Mrs. J. Bernard Hoff Cpl. E. Herbert Hoff Mr. 8. Mrs. Charles D. Hoffman Mrs. Mary G. Hoffman Mr. 8. Mrs. E. W. Hofmeister Miss Evelyn Hofmeister Miss Joan K. Holland Mr. Larry Holland Mr. 8. Mrs. Leo L. Holland Mr. 8. Mrs. G. Harold Hollenbaugh Mr. 8. Mrs. Charles Hallie Mr. Albert M. Holt Mr. 8. Mrs. Roberf Holtz Mrs. A. L. Hoovet Miss Mary Hoover Mrs. Parks Hoover Mr. 8. Mrs. Henry Hore Mr. 8. Mrs. Richard Horsey, Jr. Mr. 8. Mrs. Charles E. Houck, Jr. Miss Jeannette Howard Miss Louise A. Howard Mr. 8. Mrs. Melvin Howard Major William A. Howard Mrs. Wm. A. Howard Mr. 8. Mrs. W. C. Howard Mr. 8. Mrs. E. B. Hoy Mr. Lawrence Hubbard Mr. 8. Mrs. Russel Huff Mr. 8. Mrs. G. W. Hudgins Robert W. Hudgins, U.S.M.C. Mrs. Frederick Hundertmark Mr, 8. Mrs. Jacob B. Hunt Mr. John Hunt Pfc. George S. Hupfer Mrs. Mary S. Hupfer Mr. C. H. Hurley Mrs. V. G. Hurley Mr. Carvel Huttenberger Miss Helen G. Huttenhouer Miss Grace L. Ingham Mr. 8. Mrs. J. A. Janusch Mr. Russell Jenkins, Jr. Mr. 8. Mrs. Gover L. Johnson Mrs. Bartlett F. Johnston, Jr. Mr. Albert C. Jones Mrs. Fannie Jones Mr. 8. Mrs. James H. Jones Miss Doris Kagle Mr. 8. Mrs. J. Raymond Kagle Mr. 8. Mrs. Christian H. Kahl Mr. 8. Mrs. M. R. Kahl Mr. Jimmy Kahline Lt. 8. Mrs. J. LeRoy Kane Miss Patrick Kell Mr. 8. Mrs. Harry H. Keller Mr. 8. Mrs. Arnet L. Kelley Pfc. Ashby A. Kelley Miss Elizabeth J. Kelley Mr. Samuel G. Kelley Mr. William A. Kelley, '45 Mr. 8. Mrs. James W. Kemp Mr. 8. Mrs. John Kemp Mrs. lna E. Kennedy Miss Margaret E. Kennedy Mrs. Norma Keeney Cpl.8. Mrs. Charles K. Kern Mr. Donald King Mr. Elwood King Mr. Roland King Miss Ruth R. King, R.N., '28 Mrs. Vernon Kirby Mr. James Kirkman Miss May Klinefelter Mrs. May Klinefelter Miss Margaret M. Klein Mr. 8. Mrs. S. Philip Knatz, Sr. Mr. Philip Knatz, Jr. Mrs. R. Steuart Knatz Mr. 8. Mrs. John Knighting Mr. 8. Mrs. Allen Knippenberg Miss Eileen Klohr Miss Dorothy V. Koenig, '43 Mr. 8. Mrs. E. G. Koenig Mr. 8. Mrs. Fred Kenig Miss Kathryn Koenig Mr. 8. Mrs. Norman Koenig Mr. 8. Mrs. Paul Koenig Miss Anna M. Korman Mr. George Korman Mr. Ray MCM. Korman Mr. George G. J. Kormann Miss Gloria Kohler Mr. J. Anthony Kracht Mr. 8. Mrs. Walter E. Krlel Miss Mary Margaret Kurtz Mr. 8. Mrs. A. E. Kuser Pfc. Earl Kuser, U.S.M.C. Miss Janette Kuser Pvr. Rutherford E. Kuser Mr. Richard Lang Miss June .La Matte Mrs. Leone A. La Matte Mr. 8. Mrs. George F. Larkins Mr. Maurice Larkins Mrs. Marguerite Larrimore Pvt. Robert Larshear Dr. l. M. Lau Mrs. Ethel A. Lawson Mr. Harvey F. Lawson, Jr. Mrs. Robert Layton Miss Lucille 'LeCompte Mr. 8. Mrs. William K. Lee Mr. 8. Mrs. Beniamin Leibowitz Mr. 8. Mrs. Anthony Lehmann Miss Louise C. Lentzner Mr. 8. Mrs. Henry Lenz Mr. 8. Mrs. Charles Leonard Mr. 8. Mrs. Maurice L. Lessner Miss Edna Lewis Mrs. Grover C. Lewis Mr. Henry Lewis Mr. 8. Mrs. L. W. Lewis Mr. 8. Mrs. William G. Lindemon Mr. M. Lindenbaum Mr. Marion A. Line Mr. Sol Lipsey Mr. 8. Mrs. Edward Lloyd Mr. Carroll N. Lockard Mr. 8. Mrs. J. L. Logsdon Mr. 8. Mrs. Arthur J. Long Pfc. 8. Mrs. Charles Long Mr. 8. Mrs. Clarence Long Mr. Clarence Long, Jr. Mrs. John S. Long Pvt. Marshall Long Mr. Norman L. Long Mr. 8. Mrs. O. E. Long Miss Romaine Long Mr. 8. Mrs. William E. Long Mr. 8. Mrs. George S. Luckett Mrs. Albert R. Lutz Mr. 8. Mrs. William Lycett Mr. 8. Mrs. J. E. Mallonee Mr. 8. Mrs. Paul Mallonee Mr. Sewell Mallonee, Jr. Mr. 8. Mrs. Sewell Mallonee Mr. 8. Mrs. Albert Mann Mr. Bradley Mann Mr. 8. Mrs. Raymond Mann Harry E. Marquess, EM2fc Mrs. Mason Marquess Mr. Charles F. Marshall Mr. 8. Mrs. J. Wilmer Marshall Mr. 8. Mrs. David P. Martin Mr. Louis J. Martin Mr. 8. Mrs. Milton l. Martin Mr. Pedro Martinez Mr. Carl V. Mattucci Mrs. Elsie Mattucci Miss Joan MacCullum Mr. W. R. MacCallum Miss 'Priscilla Jane Macdonald Mr. 8. Mrs. James Mahan Mr. Vinton Markland Mr. George Masemer Mr. James F. Masken Mr. 8. Mrs. Alfred Mathias Mrs. Mollie M. Maxwell Mr. Joseph H. McAvoy Mr. 8. Mrs. Earl S. McComas Miss Margaret E. McComas Mr. William E. McComas Miss Grace McCoy Miss V. C. McCullough Mr. 8. Mrs. Samuel J. McCurdy Mr. Jerome McGee Miss Maxine McKnight Mr. 8. Mrs. Jerry Mechalske Mr. 8. Mrs. Norman Meekins Captain C. E. Meese Captain Edgard W. Meese Mr. 8. Mrs. John Melse Mr. 8. Mrs. Thomas W. Merrike Mr. Tom W. Merriken, Jr. Mr. William C. Mettam Mrs. Gillis A. Mills Mr. 8. Mrs. Nelson R. Miles Rev. 8. Mrs. Harold A. Milstead Mr. 8. Mrs. Edward E. Miller Mr. Edward H. Miller Miss Elizabeth Miller Mr. Funds I. Millet Mr. John Miller Mrs. Helen Mitchell Miss Dolores Mitchell Mr. Edwin L. Molesworth Mrs. M. C. Molesworth Mr. M. P. Molesworth V1 Morris W. Molesworth, U.S.N.R. Mr. 8. Mrs. C. 0. Monk Mr. 8. Mrs. Charles Morris Miss Nadine Mortimer Miss Nancy Mortimer Miss Dorothy Moser Mr. 8. Mrs. Eugene Moser Mr. Eugene Moser, Jr. PATRONS AND PATRONESSES-Continued Mrs. Florence Moser ' Pfc. Edgar L. Mosner Mrs. Erma M. Mosner Miss Ethel J. Mosner Mr. 81 Mrs. W. F. Mullen Mr. 8- Mrs. Albert Murray Mr. 8. Mrs. Harry D. Murray Mr. Chester C. Myers Mr. 8. Mrs. James E. Myers Miss Janet Myers Tech. Sgt. Jesse B. Myers Mrs. Joseph L. Myers, Jr. Mrs. Patricia Lee Myers Mr. Mr. Vernon R. Myers 8. Mrs. Walter Myers Mr. Merlin E. Naylor Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. 8- Mrs. Orrick Naylor Adolph Nemee 8- Mrs. Charles New Fletcher New 8- Mrs. Francis Neubeck E. E. Nichols 8. Mrs. H. R. Nicholson 8- Mrs. A. J. Niggel Woodrow W. Noel lvan Nolte Tommy Nolte Mr. 8. Mrs. Samuel H. Norman Mr. 8- Mrs. Thomas Norris Mr. 8. Mrs. S. M. Oberholtzer 8- Mrs. Charles Osborn 81 Mrs. Harold Osborn 8- Mrs. Harry C. Osborn S. . 8. Mrs. William E. Osborn Miss June O'Connor Pvt. John H. O'Donnell Miss Mary Ray Offutt Mr. 8- Mrs. Jos. O'kun Mrs. Robert L. Olsen Mr. Mr. H. Clifton Osborn, Jr. Mr. Dorsey Osborn Mr. Mr. Miss Jean Osborn Mr. K Osborn .Mr. Mr. Mr. James B. O'Toole. Jr. 8- Mrs. George Oursler Mrs. Charles H. Owings Miss Dorothea Owings Mr. Mr. Mr. 8- Mrs. Nelson Owings W. Oates 81 Mrs. R. E. Packham Miss Gene Palmer ' Mr. 81 Mrs. lrvin C. Palmer Mrs. Grace E. Pape Mr. Mr. 8. Mrs. R. L. Parks, Sr. 8- Mrs. R. L. Parks, Jr. Mr. 84 Mrs. John Parry Mrs. Annie B. Parsons Mr. Maynard Parrish Cha Sgt. Mr. Mis Mis Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Pvt. Mr. Mr. Mr. rles M. Peacock, U.S.N., '42 8- Mrs. Donald E. Pearce 8- Mrs. Robert Pearce s Amelia Pelczar s Wanda Pelczar Michael Penczar Franklin M. Peltzer 8. Mrs. J. Howard Peltzer, Sr. J. Howard Peltzer, Jr. 8- Mrs. Odell Peltzer Otha Perdue Elmer Peregoy Robert Peregoy, U.S.A.A.C. Richard Petraska Mrs. Keohart Ptefter Mr. Ted Phillips Dr. 8- Mrs. S. E. Pickering Mrs. Joseph Pierce Mrs. L. O. Plaggemeyer Mrs. Betty Poisal Mr. 8. Mrs. Thomas Poe Mrs. Margaret B. Poe Mr. 8. Mrs. A. Ponzillo Mr. 8. Mrs. C. W. Porter Mrs. Florence Porter Miss Mildred Marshall Porter Mrs. Gifford Potts Miss Emmalie Price Mr. Bill Purcell Mr. 8- Mrs. Clarence Purcell Miss Elaine Purcell Miss Nellie Purcell Mr. 8. Mrs. H. Clay Purcell Mr. 8. Mrs. John J. Purcell Mr. Walter,W. K. Purcell Ensign James H. Pyle, Jr., '39 Mr. 8. Mrs. John M. Raines Mrs. Bertha E. Randall Miss Bertha E. Randall, '43 Mr. Carroll Randall Miss Doris Randall Miss Edith Randall Mrs. John M. Randall Mr. 8. Mrs. Elmer Randall Miss Marion Randall, '45 Miss Mary K. Randall Mrs. May C. Randall Mr. Robert Randall Mrs. Vernon H. Randall Pvt. Vernon Randall Mr. 8- Mrs. Robert Raver Mr. 8: Mrs. Ellsworth Raver Mr. 8. Mrs. George Raver Miss Mary Raver Mr. 8. Mrs. Edward J. Ray- Mr. 81 Mrs. Paul F. Redding Miss Laviana Reed Mr. Stewart H. Reed Mrs. Helen Tovell Reese Miss Jean Reese Miss Patsy Reese Mr. 8. Mrs. Harry V. Reilly Miss Besty Richmond Mr. 8. Mrs. Emmit Richards Mrs. Frances Rickerts Miss Gwen Rickerts Mr. 8. Mrs. Vernon Ridgely Sgt. 8- Mrs. William Rigler Miss Edith A. Roach ' Mr. Russell H. Robertson Mr. 8- Mrs. Daniel Robinson Mr. 8. Mrs. Reuben Robinson Mr. 8. Mrs. C. W. Roes Mr. 8. Mrs. Edgar G. Rohde Mr. 8. Mrs. Henry Roschen Mr. Fred Rosen Mrs. Mae Rosen Mr. James W. Ross Mr. William Rothe Miss Mary Lou Royston Mr. 8. Mrs. Lou Rubin Mr. Clarence H. Ruby Mr. 8. Mrs. Harry Rutter, Jr. Mr. 8. Mrs. Jacob W. Sanders Mr. 8. Mrs. Richard Sanner Mr. 81 Mrs. C. E. Saumenig Mrs. James Saunders, Jr. Mr. Leo Sapp Miss Mary L. Sapp Mr. 8. Mrs. William J. Sapp Mr. A. P. Schaefer, Mr. 8. Mrs. Albert Schaible Mr. Robert J. Schanberger Dr. 8- Mrs. E. A. Schmall Mr. Charles Schmidt Mr. 81 Mrs. Carroll Schildt Mr. 8. Mrs. Charles Schneider Miss Jennie Schneider Mr. George E. Schreck, '43, Mr. 8. Mrs. Christian Schucraft Mr. Aubrey Schultz Mr. LeRoy Schultz Mr. S. C. Schultz Mr. 8- Mrs. Earl W. Schultz Mr. Walter Scott Mr. 8. Mrs. W. E. Schwartz Miss Jane Sears Mr. W. F. Seibold Mrs. Edward Shaeffer Mr. 8. Mrs. J. Wilbur Shaeffer Mr. William Shaeffer Mr. Bob Shade Mr . 8- Mrs. William Shanevbrook Mr. 8. Mrs. George Shanneybrook Mr. 8. Mrs. Henry D. Sharrer Mr. Raymond J. Sharer Mr. S. Edward Shaw Mr. 8. Mrs. W. W. Shaw Mr. Joe Sheppard Miss Anna G. Shepperd Mrs. Mary Shifflett Mr. Loy K. Shipley Mr. 8. Mrs. Webster E. Shipley Mr. Robert L. Sibley Miss Betty Simmonds, '46 Sgt . Frank H. Simmonds, Jr., '40 Mr. Joseph M. Simonds Mr. 8. Mrs. N. W. Singleton Mr. Ralph M. Sipes Mr. 8. Mrs. Robert Skipper Mr. Buddy Slade Mr. 81 Mrs. Blair Slivan Mrs. R. L. Slingloff, Jr. Miss Merab Small Mr. Albert N. Smith Mr. 81 Mrs. Arthur D. Smith Mr. Howard Carroll Smith Mr. John R. Smith Mr. 8- Mrs. Michael Paul Smith Mr. 8- Mrs. Myrl Smith Myrl T. Smith, S 2fc Mr. R. C. Smith Mr. Raymond E. Smith Mr. 8. Mrs. W. Bryce Smith Mr. 8. Mrs. William H. Smith Miss Jacqueline Snead Mr. 81 Mrs. H. M. Sneeringer Mr. 8- Mrs. Marvin Snyder Mr. 8. Mrs. James T. Sollers, lll Miss Evo Somers Russell E. Southard, MM 31:1 Mrs. Ulmont Southard lst Lt. 8- Mrs. Clayton Spear Mr. John Spence Miss Betty Ann Spencer Mr. Charles W. Spicer Mr. 8. Mrs. Jerry Spindler Mr. 8. Mrs. Elmer Sprinkle Mr. Fred Sprinkle Mr. 81 Mrs. William F. Sprinkle Mr. LeRoy B. Spurrier Mrs. Viola M. Spurrier Mr. 8. Mrs. Harry Staley PATRONS AN D PATRONESSES--Continued Mrs. Robert Stallard Mr. Charles R. Stallings, Jr. Mr. 8. Mrs. Howard Stansbury Miss Janet Stansbury Mr. 8. Mrs. James W, Stevens Mr. Raymond Stevens Mr. 8. Mrs. George Stevenson Mr. 8. Mrs. Wm. I. Stevenson Mr. George H. Steuart Mrs George H. Steuart, Sr. Mrs Virginia S. Steuart Mrs. Redmond C. Stewart Mr. Alford Stran Mr. Douglas Streett Mr. Raymond D. Storm Mr. William H. Storm Mr. 8. Mrs. Ernest J. Turnbaugh Mr. 8 Mrs. Gordon Turnbaugh Miss Edna May Uhler Mrs. Nellie Upperco Mr. Joseph D. Utz Mr. 8. Mrs. Ernest E. Vagoni Mr. C. F. Vohden Mr. Lenore Kahoe Volz Mr. 8. Mrs. C. Von Gunten Mr. Carl Von Gunten Mr. Rudolph Von Gunten Miss Flo Ella Waddell Pfc. Fred Wagner 3rd Mrs. Frank Wagner Miss Naomi Wagner Mrs. Lula M. Wagoner Miss Marian Wiley Mr. Thomas Wiley Miss Marie Wilhelm Mr. 8. Mrs. Harry E. Wilhelm Mr. Robert Wilhelm Mr. 8. Mrs. T. F. Wilhelm Mr. W. L. Wilhelm Mr. Albert T. Williams Pvt. George C. Williams Mr. George F. Williams Mr, 8. Mrs. John E. Williams Mrs. Margaret S. Williams Mr. 8. Mrs. A. S. Wilson Mr. 8. Mrs. Clarence Wilson Miss Hester May Wilson Mr. Maurice C. Wilson U.S.M.C. Miss Betty Storms Mr. 8. Mrs. Bruce Stum Miss Betty Sullivan, '46 Mr. Charles E. Sullivan Pfc. Charles W. Sullivan, Jr., Miss Jeanne Wales Mr. 8. Mrs. Robert Walker Mr. 8. Mrs. L. K. Wallace Mr. Charles O. Walter Mrs. Dora Walter Miss Grace Walter Mr. 8. Mrs. Joseph F. Wineke Pvt. Edward Winters Mr. 8. Mrs. Wm. J. Winters Miss Adaliea H. Wirts Mr. 8. Mrs. Herbert Wisner Mr. Douglass F. Wjttstruck Miss Dorothey Sullivan Mrs. Martha Sullivan Mr. 8. Mrs. Vernon L. Sullivan Mr. 8. Mrs. William D. Sullivan Miss Anita Lou Susemihl Mr. 8 Mrs. Louis E. Susemihl Mr. Emory G. Sutch Mr. Robert O. Sutch Mr. 8. Mrs, Robert E. Sutch Mr. 8. Mrs. Howard Sutch Mr. James N. Talbert, Jr, Mr. Samuel J. Tamburo Mi. Howard Walter Mr. 8. Mrs. Oden Walter Miss-Peggy Walters Mr. Walton S. Warehime Mr. 8. Mrs. Robert M. Warfel Mr. 8. Mrs. H. N. Warfield Mr. Charles E. Work Mr. 8. Mrs.. E. J. Work Mrs. Emma L. Wark Miss Evelyn Wark Miss Marion Wark Mrs. Edwina Warner Friends Mr. William Tansil Miss Ruth Tawney Miss Doris M. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Eugene W, Taylor Willard W. Taylor, RM 2fc Mr. 8. Mrs. Willard W. Taylor Miss B. E. Templeton Miss Betty Tenny Mr. Frank Tenney Mr. 8. Mrs. S. H. Tevis Mr. 8. Mrs. Percy B. Thomas Mr. 8. Mrs. Leroy Marvin Thomas Mr. Merrill Thomas Pvt. Jack Thomason Mr, 8. Mrs. Kirk Thomson Miss Jeanne Thomson Mr. Wm, Thurlow Ill Pvt. Malcolm Titlow Miss Betty Jean Tovell Mrs. Mamie E. Tovell Miss Martha L. Tovell Mr. David M. Trager, Jr. Ensign Guy S. Tregoe, Jr. Mr. Guy S. Tregoe, Sr. Mrs. Mary L. Tregoe Mr. William E. Tregoe Miss lsabell Troxell Mrs. Marjorie Troxell Pvt. Maurice R. Troxell Sgt. Gene S. Trumpower Mr. Joseph Trunda Miss Anne Tullis Mr. 8 Mrs. Charles Turnbaugh Mr. 8. Mrs Mr, 8. Mrs. Mr. 8. Mrs. Frank Warren James A. Warren Vernon Warner Mr. 8. Mrs. Vincent E. Waskevich Mr. 8. Mrs. Mr. 8. Mrs. Mr. C. E. Mr. 8. Mrs. Dilworth Watts Walter Watts Weaver Maurice Weaver 8. Mrs. Pat Weaver Mr, Miss Ethel N. Weber Mrs. Annie I. Webster Mr. Louis Carroll Webster Mr. 8. Mrs. E. C. Weis Miss Helen Weis Mr. Robert E. Welck Mr. 8. Mrs. Henry Wells Miss Shirley Wolf Mr. 8. Mrs. W. D. Wolf Miss Louise Woods Mr. 8. Mrs. Jos. F. Woolford Sr Mr. Clyde S. Worrell Mr. 8. Mrs. Jacob L. Worrell Mr. E. H. Wroe Mr. J. Stewert Wroe Mr. P, C. Wroe Mr. Wm. Yingling, Jr. Miss Jessie R. Yingling Mr. 8. Mrs. Walter Yost Mrs. V, Clement Young Mr. 8. Mrs. Grover B. Yox Mr. 8 Mrs. William H. Yox Mr. Frank J. Zack Miss Margaret Zentgraft Miss Evelyn Zentz Miss Ruth Zentz Mr. G. T. Zepp Mr. 8. Mrs. Joseph Zepp Mr. Sterlyn Zile Mr, 8. Mrs. C. V. Zink Miss Naomi Zutall :gi ix :gs Compliments ot Many Former Graduates and Mr. Mr. 8. Mrs. A. Earl Welsh 8. Mrs. Philip B. Welsh Miss Virginia Welsh Mr. Robert E. Werner Mr. Thomas F. West, Jr. Miss Elizabeth Wharton Mr. 8. Mrs. Lester S. Wheeler Mr. Robert l. Wheeler Mr. Walter Wheeler, Sr. Mr. 8. Mrs. W. H. Wheeler Mr. A. L. Whitcomb Mr. Charles E. Whitcomb Mr, 8. Mrs. Charles E. White 8. Mrs. Clifton White Mr. Mrs. Nellie C. White Ensign E. Sturman White Mr. 8. Mrs. B. H. Wiley Business Organizations The Farmers 8. Merchants Bank Niemeyers Garage Mary Jane Beauty Salon Pillsbury Flour Reisterstown Post Office Wheeler Chevrolet Sales Co 4 Homeroom Homeroom l Ol Homeroom l 03 Homeroom l O5 Homeroom l 06 Homeroom 20l Homeroom 202 Homeroom 203 Homeroom 204 Homeroom 206 Homeroom 210 Homeroom 2l l Photography, Lithography, Binding by H. G. ROEBUCK 8. SON Baltimore-l, Maryland x 3: , H... - 4 ,,,-1' ,nf .Q .Vo Q., I ! ,Y ll l wr 1 -if as wr: V ,, nf 5,3 Q 1 . v . " x IQ -X 0' , . 15,9 . Y A? 5553? V. XT? it f if N4 x-AK 'uf N- A-:fart-Q, 2 a -i I 1-A I 1 L Pk 1 Q Vis 1 1 I, ' Q ff 91551

Suggestions in the Franklin High School - Dial Yearbook (Reisterstown, MD) collection:

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