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any A of ' ' The DIAL 1940 How the 1940 "Dial" go! iff 'ticular fzjfle T isn't exactly a Gargantuan feat, but yet it isn't every school that can put out a yearbook equal to the F. H. S. "Dial." It takes 'nitiative, an' courage, an' more work than even we 'spected it would. But to satisfy the 'satiable curtiosity of all you people interested in our school and its functions, 1940 again decided to come forth with a yearbook, and so the "Dial" was written. And it isn't everybody who can 'rnagine to how much trouble the class of '40 went to copy Rudyard Kipling's style in their yearbook. That took a whole lot more 'nitiative an' courage-an' literary prowess, tool But the literary edi- tors wrote and wrote, and the art editors drew and drew, and the business man- agers solicited and solicited, and the typing editors typed and typed, and the faculty advisers worried and worried, and the "Dial" came forth. And it isn't every class who can get hold of such good advisers as Miss Tip- ton and Miss Huttenhauer, and can find in its midst such good writers and painters and photographers and so forth, who can put together a book good enough to satisfy the 'satiable curtiosity of all you folks. But here it isl So put this book under your arm and Find a nice quiet corner and join us as we travel down through our school years with you. And you'll see just how we laughed and cried, how the boys just missed a basketball championship, and how our whole four years were spent. And as side attraction you'll see next year's class, and the year after, and the year after that. In fact, you'll see life at Franklin during these happy days of 1939-40. Now, O Best Beloved, get your book and come along! O Three of our Very First Friends, O Best Beloved, do we dedicate this Book of Inciting Adventures: because, you see, it was they who were 'ticularly 'tentiye to us during our four years' journey down the great gray-green greasy Limpopo River. Their names, O Best Beloved, are Min Ethel A. Pmzfom, Miers C. Lozzire Tijblon, Mr. Cowzelim E. Giwiel. Four -and now, O Best Beloved, our story begins. 'just So" in B the High and Far-OH times" the Freshmen, O Best Beloved, 'mgmm had very little knowledge. They had only a big, bulgy bump 'I known as the Bump of " 'Satiable Curtiosity," and that means that they were so happily constructed that they Could Learn. And this Bump of " 'Satiable Curtiosityj' O Best Beloved, iden- tilied them from all other freshmen classes fthe smooth bump- less kindy and Hlled them with astonishing vitality and pro- miscuous tricks. And that means they asked ever so many questions to puzzle their teachers and thought of more naughty things to do than the Bump-less Kind could ever think of. Yet they did lots for their school Qyou must par- ticularly remember that they did lots for their school, Best Beloved.j ND they went to school in Franklin High School and hllcd all Franklin High School and Reisterstown with their 'sutiable curtiosity. And in 1940, alter they had for four years been spanked by the scalesome, Hail- sonie tail of Unit Tests, Term Papers, and Hlliztt-Not, and after they had im- bibed so much musty, dusty knowledge that they felt wheezy and sneezy, Five ix they said goodbye very politely to the Chief-Teacher-of-All, who was their wise and sympathetic Principal, and theu they said goodbye to their izieulty, which was the very tueest Izteulty that you eau exer 'mzagiueg :md then they said goodhye to their friends :uid companions of lout' yezirs. .Xud they thought hziek over the sometimes bump some. sometimes lxuusome days they had spent together. They thought zthout each elzissmztte, and they thought . . . Eight JOHN GUY CUNNINGHAM, JR. REIS',FERSTOYVN, MARYLAND General President John's the most-trustedest and best-likedest senior, for, O Best Beloved, he's our president and our school banker fthat's a most-trustedest positionlj JOHN ORXVIG HOBBS PIKESVILLE, MARYLAND Academic Vice-president He graciously smiles his way through life, and the Unpleasant falls oFf him as a husk falls off a cocoa- nut, leaving him happily content. MARY EMMA MANN P1KEsv1LLE, MARYLAND General Secretary Very few pretty girls have ever liked learning to read or 'rite. They ,fer to draw pictures and have a good time with their friends, but Mary likes to do both. JOHN L. SLADE GLYNDON, MARYLAND Academic Treasurer This is the Man-who-attends-strictly-to-his-business, and what business would that be except collecting slippery, slithery class dues? MARY ELIZABETH ALBAN UPPERCO, MARYL.AND General Mousy-quiet is this Little-girl-who-never-ought-to be-spanked, and she's never flurried and she's never hurried, and she never wastes words in s'perHous speech. JEANNE GRACE ARBAUGH REISTERS'l'OWN, MARYLAND Commercial She's always 'ceptionally happy, and she's always 'ceptionally friendly, and shc's always 'ceptionally sat- isfying to the eye. ELWOOD FRANKLIN ARMACOST UPPERCO, MARYLAND Academic "Ben" is the Sleepy-till-a-ball-goes-past-boy, and then he wakes with a bump and is chasing down the held in such a hurry that you think he has vanished like our great Djinn. - MILDRED KATHERINE BANGE CDVVINGS MILLS, NIARYLAND Commercial And The Eldest Magician made a Magic, and lo and behold, Best Beloved, he gave Mildred the power to dance from six before breakfast to six before dinner and never feel tired. --vf T N ine Ten FRANCES ROYVE BAUBLITZ PIKESVILLE, MARYLAND Academic She's a very 'sclusively neat and nice and 'maculate and 'telligent and dependent and deliberate girl, and quiet and good, too! AUDREY GENEVIEVE BENSON REISTERSTCJWN, MARYLAND General She is blithesome, she is lithesome, and as happy as a butterfly under a camphor-tree. GILBERT SILAS BENSON REIS1'ERSTOXVN, MARYLAND y General This is our Man of 'sourceful ideas, and he most carefully 'sembles pans and bulbs, wire and sockets, and lights thc stage for dramatic 'ductions rnost suc- cessfully. RUTH HARDING BENSON UPPERCO, lXlARYLAND Academic Her lightsomc, blithesome music helps to swell the Magic ol' thc Melodious Sax'phones of Franklin's orchestra, for Ruth is a player of popularity and note. ADELE ELIZABETH BLACK i R1i1sT1zRs'rowN, MARYLAND General She is a well-read and happy-go-lucky girl and is always going places in-a-rush. ZELMA RUTH BLAYLOCK Ri:1sTERsTowN, NIARYLAND Aeademic Her voice is filled with more-than-ordinary-sweet ness, and she is ever so 'specially liked at Franklin. ELEANOR VIRGINIA BROXVN PIKESVILLE, MARYLAND Academic Eleanor lives hookily in a book world, 'specially a most 'greeable nature. GENEVIEVE ALTHEA BROWN OWINGS NIILLS, MARYLAND Commercial This, O Best Beloved, is a young Lady Future Typ- ist who even more than Kipling likes everything "Just So." created by herself, and she's full of s'prise-secrets of Eleven Twelve FRANCES MARIE BUCHER HAMPSTEAD, MARYLAND General Here, indeed, is a Superior Comestible lthat's Magicj, for Frances can really cook the most heart- warming, appetite-charming dishes 'maginablel YVILLIAM WVALTER CARR UPPERCO, MARYLAND Academic He's 'ticularly clever in physics and history, and most dutiful and matter-of-fact in all he does. CHARLOTTE CONAVVAY l1liISTliRS'I'OYVN, MARYLAND Cerzeral Here is the most persevering little girl you ever saw, and like the kindly, helpful Djinn, she never slights a task that has been given to her. FRANCIS A. COOL, JR. GLYNDON, MARYLAND General And the Eldest Magician said, "How nice are those who see and are silent!" And this silent one is as quick on his springy toes as he is quiet! BESSIE MAY CRONHARDT LUTHERVILLE, NIARYLAND Academic She's friendly and funny, wise and well-behaved, and a 'sclusively good girlg and some day she'll be a 'sclusively good teacher in a 'sclusively good school. YVILLIAM DONALD DARLING OYVINGS lVIlLI,S, MARYLAND General This boy can hide himself among his companions with the ease that the Zebra and Giraffe melt among the tallish trees where the shadows fall all blotchy. DOROTHY ELISE DAVIS OWINGS MILLS, MARYLAND Academic And then she clicks her heels-so, and turns three times on her toes and dances her way through school and life. CAROLYN HELEN DAVIS PIKESVILLE, MARYLAND Academic Out of her little mendy-bag, she slips two long thin knitting needles and a ball of yarng and before you can turn around three times, she has magicked that yaffl IHIO 3 SCTIITHPUOUS SWCHICT. Thirteen Fourteen RYLAND EMMART DEMPSTER GLYNDON, MARYLAND Academic He lives in the center of a Far-Away desert, where he rolls himself up in his dust-cloak and thinks great Magicg for Ryland is a dreamer of the three worlds,- Above-Below-and Here. VVILLIAM THOMAS DRISCOLL, JR. REISTERSTOWN, MARYLAND Academic In the school so new-and-all, he's most 'scruciatingly interested in the girls and most 'scruciatingly nice to everyone. DOROTHY SEDONIA ELSEROAD Rr:1s1'ERsTowN, MARYLAND General She has found the WVonderful tree and has torn off the magic double-kernelled nuts that make people forever young and happy. MARGARET JEAN FINCH UPPERCO, NIARYLAND Commercial i Most-pleasant-and-kind in her Southern way, Mar- garet is 'stremely 'ficient and 'complishes lots, too. l RAY BURT FINCH ' UPPERCO, MARYLAND General Ray-a genuine Alabaman he is-has a 'scuse for this and a 'scuse for that, and a pleasant manner of never being 'fended when his most plausible of 'scuses isn't even considered. E RACHEL PRIMROSE FOX GLYNDON, MARYLAND General Rachel Primrose takes 'cursions into Old Virginny, and when she comes back she humpity-humph- humphs herself all on account of her three days of 'scruciating idleness, which she just can't make up. y ROBERT WAGONER GEIST REISTERSTOXVN, MARYLAND General He has 'sclusively whitish-yellowish-goldenish hair and is a wonderfully scrumptious dancer and a won- derfully agile athlete, too. LORETTA ESTHER GLOVER OWINGS RIILLS, MARYLAND General Most sunny and 'tented, she trips along to the typing room and everywhere else as well. Fifteen Sixteen IEEE EDGAR BEASLEY GOODE P1KEsv1LLr:, MARYLAND Academic He toots the trumpet and plays the fiddle, and is really most 'ticularly musical and polite and nice, too. ELEANORA IVILHELMINA GRAEFE OWINGS MILLS, NIARYLAND Academic Eleanora, the most 'scruciatingly studious of all our students, is our Djinn in charge of All Library Books. DORIS M. HARE BORING, MARYLAND Commercial Doris, O Best Beloved, is a person 'ceptionally neat and 'ceptionally 'dustrious, and 'ceptionally adept with needle and thread and a piece of material. ANNA VIRGINIA HEIN P1Rr3sv1LLR, MARYLAND General Virginia, though she cooks the most 'crumptiously 'licious dishes, and designs the most 'crumptiously 'tractive dresses, likes bookkeeping 'ticularly, and sports, too, RALPH ROLAND HIPPLE REISTERSTOWN, MARYLAND General He's so quiet that he has to be scooped out of his shell before he'll talk, and then he's most cautious and deliberate in every word and deed. ELMER HERBERT HOFF, JR. PIKESVILLE, MARYLAND General King Suleiman-bin-Daoud amused himself with butterflies and was most extremely troubled on ae- count of an age-old troublesome trouble-too many Queens. Ah, Herbert, take warning! LAURA EVELYN HOFMEISTER PIKESVILLE, MARYLAND . General "Ebbie" is a person of 'sclusive neatness and wears more 'ceptionally splendourous clothes than you could ever 'magine. FRANCIS AUSTIN ISENNOCK RPIISTERSTOXVN, MARYLAND General Francis is our athlete of most 'mazing Prowess and does much to aid the basketball team 'long its suc- cessful way. Seventeen Eighteen BERNARD GEORGE KALB RANDALLSTOWN, MARYLAND General His name might mean ''Man-who-does-not-put-his- foot-forward-in-a-hurry," but we, O Best Beloved, re- member him as ''Man-who-doesn't-talk-his-comrades to-death-in-21-hurry." CHARLES OLIVER KNIGHT, JR. REISTERSTOWN, MARYLAND General Best Beloved, he wants four gull-winged Djinns to transport him at his will into Other Spots than this, where he can go truly exploring and have just lots of fun. GABRIEL ALFRED LARRIMORE STEVENSON, MARYLAND General This boy who Never-forgets-his-manners speaks most politely to everyone and is pleasant and gracious, t00. ETHEL LARUE LEISTER REISTERSTOXVN, MARYLAND Commercial Ethel, so new-and-all-a-'dition to our class, has the most 'genious way of getting things done 'fore any- body knows they're necessary. ESTHER JULIA LONG RE1sTERsTowN, MARYLAND Com m ercial And, Beloved, so pleasant is she that her smiles run all about her face two times, and nothing, nothing ever spoils her temper. LEON HUNNEWELL MACDONALD RE1sTERs'rowN, MARYLAND General Everything he does has a berangement all of its own, but it's such a nice berangement that sometimes we're just a little sorry we didn't think of it ourselves. KATHERINE ELIZABETH MARLOW REISTERSTOWN, M ARYLAND General Kitty is so very, very quiet and unobtrusive that 'cept when she's following the bumpsome basketball we hardly know that she's around. ROSALEE GRACE MERRYMAN HAMPSTEAD, NIARYLAND A ca dem ic' Our fair-haired-all-dimples-and-smilesRosalee is most heaps of fun, although she gives the 'pression that she's quite, quite studious with her huge stack of books hugged most tightly. Nineteen Twenty JOSEPH LEONARD MEYERS, JR. REISTERSTOWN, MARYLAND General "I walk by myself," says Leonard, "and all places are alike to me. But nevertheless I find some places" fhe means classroomsj "more stickly-prickly than oth- ers." RUTH LENORE MEYERS REISTERSTOWN, MARYLAND General Because some people are so 'scruciatingly idle and just say "Humph," Ruth must work double time, and she's most 'bligingly nice about it. MILDRED RUTH MURK LUTHERVILLE, MARYLAND Commercial Such a 'commodating Workman is Mildred, and so 'dustrious and helpful that we're sure she'll be a most satisfying secretary some day. CHARLES ALVAH MYERS UPPERCO, MARYLAND General lVon't work, but can play A guitar the live-long day. Can think-but not his whim, Slow-Solid-that's him! EMILY JACQUELINE NELSON ECCLESTON, MARYLAND Commercial A lady 'sclusively neat from head to heel, with 'sclusive athletic: agility and 'sclusive commercial ability, and 'sclusive Congeniality, too. NAOMI FLORENCE PETTICORD STEVENSON, NIARYLAND General From the very day she 'rived to this day, she has liked to read, and the library is her favoritest spot in the whole school. CAROLINE JANICE PHILLIPS PIKESVILLE, MARYLAND General ality warm the very cockles of the heart. ROSE ELIZABETH POHLMAN REISTERSTCJWN, MARYLAND Commercial ular. She is a person whose cheery good humor and 'geni- She delves and digs and is really very bright, and, O Best Beloved, she is just plentifully happy and pop- Twenty-Ovze F Twenty-Two JEAN REESE OWINGS MILLS, MARYLAND Academic She magicks her way through the most vexatious of courses, and finds time to swim in the grey-green Gwynnhrookpopo River every other dawn or so, and to ride the Zebra bareback at Evening Star time. HAZEL REBECCA RETER OWINGS lVIILLS, MARYLAND Commercial She works hard fthere are some students that doj and is il 'tieularly nice 'n neat little senior. JOHN LITTLETON SASSCER PIKESVILLE, MARYLAND Academic His Curtiosity is the Most 'Satiable Curtiosity of All, and he keeps One Million Hows, Two Million XfVheres, and Seven Million VVhys ready for instant and destructive use. YVESLEY SCHAIBLE OWINGS NIILLS, MD. A radem ic X'Vesley, though he is another Man-who-doesn't-put- his-foot-forward-in-a-hurry, sounds his bass note in the Glee Club and is truly a Person-with-the-most-delight- ful-manners. RAYMOND SCHULTHEIS, JR. IQEISTERSTOWVN, MARYLAND General He's most 'scruciatingly idle at times and forever on the search of latitude Fifty-North, longitude Forty- West fthat is magicj as ease from nubbly, troubly as- signments! CLARENCE HUNTON CHARLES SEATON PIRESVILLE, MARYLAND A cad em ic Now Clarence is a man of infinite-resource-and-sm gacity who can talk about any subject most 'tel1igent- lyg he always uses long words, which mean the same as short ones, for he is quite grown-up. MARGARET LORRAINE SHANEYBROOK COCKEYSVILLE, MARYLAND Commercial Out of Lorraine's little mendy-bag come some of the neatest, sweetest little frocks 'maginableg for Lor- raine is a 'complished seamstress. RAYMOND SHARRER P1REsv1LLL:, MARYLAND Commercial He begins to giggle and his teacher says, "Don't be silly, Raymond." "But wasn't it inciting!" says Raymond. "Don't you know pecking on writing machines is such fun!" Twenty-Three Twenty-Four FRANK HUDSON SIMMONDS, JR. PIKESVILLE, MARYl.AND Commercial Frank is 'ticularly fortunate in way of being 'streme- ly well-behaved 'and 'greeable and in way of writing 'strcinely clever and 'musing compositions, too. MARGARET MARY ANN SMYTH ECCLESTON, MARYLAND Conmzercial Her hair is 'sclusively a rich fulvous tawney red with a wave no beautician can equal, and she's as modestly unassuming as the Egyptian lilies that bloorned in the Palace gardens. MILDRED REBECCA STANSFIELD REISTERSTOWN, MARYLAND General She is wonderfully popular, and the splendour of her raiment outshines the fancy of the queens of Egypt and India and Abyssinia and Persia. IVA GERALDINE THOMPSON U PPRRCO, MARYLAND General Iva, the Lady-who-never-asks-very-many-questions, is happiest when she's mixing flour and water and cur- rants and plums and sugar and things and making herself one cake two feet across and three feet thick! PAUL EUGENE TRAGER REISTERSTOKVN, MARYLAND General Like Old Man Kangaroo, Paul is "very truly run after" on the soccer Held, while he runs after the jumpsome, bumpsome ball and keeps the score a- soarin' and the fans a-roarin'. ET HEL GENEVIEVE XVALSH REISTERSTOWN, MARYLAND General Ethel's health is s'perlatively robust, for it actually thrives under unceasing typing and talking, working and walking, and her perpetual momentum that- never-runs-down. WILLIAM MCLEAN VVALTER PIKESVILLE, MARYLAND General His hair is red and his pride is inordinateg and he is always in Other Spots Than He Belongs and al- ways bursting with Business of Utmost 'Portance. JOHN NVARREN WEISS UPPRRco, MARYLAND General Mlarren, the-Man-who-never-grew-so-tall, just 'tests his shorthand, but finds the most pleasurable kind of pleasure in his bookkeeping. b Twenty-Five l l Twenty-Six ELLIS STURMAN VVHITE OWINGS MILLS, MARYLAND Academic 'Vantage number one: I-Ie's as clever as the Armadillo. 'Vantage number two: He's as wise as the Wise Baviaan. And plenty more 'vantages of a most 'greeable na- lure. RHODA KATHLEEN WILEY REISTERSTOWN, MARYLAND Commercial Most-mousey-quiet, she works away, and cheerfully, keer-fully" 'complishes much more than the al1-the- talkative-girls-there-are. YVILBUR WVADSVVORTH VVILEY REISTERSTOWN, NIARYLAND Commercial T h i s Small-person-who-someday-ought-to-grow-tall is wise lzeyond his size and knows his history 'ticularly well. BERTHA LEE YVILLIAMS OwiNcs NIILLS, NIARYLAND General Bertha, -very, very well-liked by us all, has a smile and a giggle that are 'tirely her own. HELEN LOWE WILLIAMS REIS'l'ERSTOWN, MARYLAND Commercial A xery 'Stute senior with the twinkly, crinkly sense of humor that people wish they had, but generally haven't. REBECCA FOWBLE WOODEN REISTERSTOYVN, M ARYLAND A eademie ' Becky day-dreams at times and awakes with a start, But she's really most cheerful and happy-at-heart. EDNA LOUISE VVOODS GLYNDON, MARYI.AND Academic great grey-green greasy Limpopo River, up w has piloted this "Dia1." Our Chief-Editor-of-All is a wonderfully good ath- lete and student, and her interests are as broad as the hich she and now, 0 Best Beloved, turn to the next page. There you will find the Magic Alphabet-History of the Class of 1940, done in the form of a necklace, and all parts most carefully linked to- gether. It tells a 'plete story of our four frolicsome, rollick- some years. The tale starts at the bottom, just as we did, and squiggles up to the top, just as we did! Twenty-Seven r Y 55, ii-QXSW, The Magic Alphabet-History of Class of 1940 A s Freshmen, most full of 'satiable Curtiosity, we considered ourselves most signihcant and the "Bump" felt 'ticularly pleasant. B ecoming Sophomores 'most swelled our bumpy heads to bursting with all we had 'quired. C ause we learned Latin, we forever and ever wanted to have a Roman wedding, so one day we didl D on't you see, our "Bump" was 'most running away with us, and we were getting near the topsii--Look at us! E xclusively to suit our taste! With most oriental splendorous decorations, we had our Junior-Senior Prom. F igured a "lettle" berangement all our own and raised 3510 so that we could get our class picture in the last year's "Dial." G o awayl can't you see you're disturbing our dreams! "The Mi kado" was the dream, do you see? H ear and attend and listen: for this befell and happened and became and was: our "Dial" officers were elected! I ndeed it was most 'portant and such fun-becoming proud and dignified Seniors. ' J ust so-and it was so-sometime ago-the Juniors gave a most scrumptiously wonderful junior-Senior party for us! K indly hearts all, we most pleasurefully sang in our Christmas Choir, and over the radio, too. L isten, look, and learn, O Best Beloved, of this wonderful 'vent-"Come Out of the Kitchen"-our Dramatic Club Play. M ind you, it's really pos'tively true! XfVe most 'ticularly had our "pitchers" taken real, real early. N ow attend all over again and listen! You must not forget the leap year dance-the girls held sway at this A. A. Dance. 0 ff we went to the movies--we've had so much fun since the movie and recording machine was added to our schedules-and "Abe Lincoln" is really educative, too. f P 'raps you think we're fooling. Well, we aren't! It really and truly happened-the varsity ran the legs off the faculty in basketball. Q R ueer you'd clean forgotten that-but the Operetta "H.M.S. Pinafore" was most 'ceptionally a good production and wonderful. ight in a single burst-only event of its kind-but, Best Beloved, Baby Day is a most 'portant 'vent of all our babyhood and our last chance. ' S 0 that was all right, Best Beloved. It was a long hard pull, but we finally got our "Dial" ready for press. T his, O my Best Beloved, was an event-a grand and 'citing 'vent-most different from other events-The County Field Meet. U nless we live to be very old, we'll never see it happen again, for the Music Festival was so 'spiring. V ery true! So we do-for Class Night was a most wonderful dance and we all 'joyed it so-o much. W ell do we remember that-for when our "Dial" came out, we were so hunted by autograph seekers, that we felt most awfully 'port- ant. X actly what happened! Mfe hated to take our final exams for more than one reason, but it just had to be, so we didl ' Y ou must give serious 'tention. The preacher at Baccalaureate gave us most 'cise 'structions of what to do, and what not to do. Z ing to the Towers of Ziinbabive-and we graduated sadly but surely! 79 Bumps of 'Satiable Curtiosity go out into the Wforld. Twenty-Eight 'TO THINE CMN SELF BE TRUE' Y ss +A , N x " , 1 " vx..x..v-"' ' 5..u-Ar' V 'Www' hm' ' ' xx , " R 4Au,2 , :Ev I 'I . -A 353 Q 3, V 3 rw gi 1, . , Ci' 4 vm ,,,.., If-4 1:- 5 W X W L ff, 1. W K N, l K :QA X ff ' f 'H' , 'Q lmf' i' 5 - 4 , N ff? Xb X-X X I x ga ll M XV 1 ' It .NH " s i' I H ' la. 3- v. X. W "'Qq:r': xflyyh Mg" X ASK K ' X ff fy If K it V Q Si' ' 5v 94'r K. I' X f f 'W V NJ Nil N F If ..4.i' ,L f a 'Qx krgj V. A-W - " YY' ' ' J Q jf 'N N 1 R , f, Tlzirfy ZF v A . ...A 1 Yum lxurryinmp, lu llu- Qll'l'Ul'2llillg, lll'L' you? 2. Rczncmlmcr thc upcrcllzx, Miss Nlccka? jg. Hurry! Hu1'1'x! Hurlx! 1. l'usiu'. ficncxicw? r The "Kl1:uL:0i' HL'1Il'Ii.H li. Du Ntlll know nm' U'lYOllllYIl'X xcl? -. Scum- mme lwilln. S. lkukm- xuur rick, virlsi J . . m , . I , I N 9. Sludiom. Lll'Cll.l they? um, Snmulh il ull, boys. lx. Lazy IJUIICSI 12. llclcxfs 2llNHlQh busy. Best Belowfd, we will now rlmrt the Unknown in our- Prophecy M have not forgottcn tl: it have you Best Bcloved?j done in Black and XVhite. The inciting part is the many and Rt lustrious careers that await thc venturcsome adventurers of lQ.l0. lou can tell what they arefbecause our artist has illustrated them with 'propriate sketches and put numbers lteside them. Il' you look at the names under the corresponding numbers of this page, you will see just who expects to embark on what inciting career. And back of all the adven- tf' 0 B MN 5 .lip V F 1 HIS is an inciting chart of Ye Manie Unexplored Futures of Ye Seniors, who are full of "insatiable curtiositv" fvou ---V ' A' K lr L 'I , C 7 ! 1 J Y Y X l- .. ag, 1 r 1 tures is F. H. S., because, Best Beloved, we believe our school is backing us for all it's worth. This is a most adventuresome picture, and it's all perfectly true, too. And if you don't believe it, wait fifteen years from now, and you'll find out! 1. AVIATION: lliest Beloved, they pla11 to look down upon uslj is Robert Geist Naomi Petticord Paul Trager 2. SECRETARY OR STENOGRAPHER: fAttending-strictlyrto business, they will scratch away with the shark's tooth on ainice clean piece of birch barklj Iva Thompson Mildred Stansheld Mildred Bange Helen Williams Lorraine Shaneybrook Ruth Meyers Evelyn Hofmeister Doris Hare Hazel Reter Katherine Marlow Jeanne Arbaugh Jacqueline Nelson A Esther Long Elizabeth Pohlman Margaret Smyth Ethel Leister Helen Davis . Mary Adban Mildred Murk Esther Glover Genevieve Brown CIVIL SERVICE: QHow much better the government will run when they stick their hngers inlp Wilbur Xlliley Audrey Benson . o '. Alvah Myers ENGINEERS: QTO engineer the "ingines" will he their smaller task, and they'll have to keep a-watchin' or else they'll go too fast.j john L. Slade John Sasscer Gilbert Benson Leon Macdonald Thirty-One 5. MISCELLANEOUS: Ove thought we'd have to use a centipede to 'lustrate these careers, 'cause a centipede has lots of each one reaches out in a different directionj Clarence Seaton-Lawyer Bernard Kalb-Photographer Mary Mann-Commercial artist Virginia Hein-Beautiqian Frank Simmonds-Roller skating instructor Ryland Dempster-F01-ester Eleanor Brown-Librarian Dorothy Davis-Dancer 6. MUSIC: QThey can really make the noise of several brass bands.j Ruth Benson MEDICINE: QNot one bitter pill among them, Rebecca Vfooden Jean Reese Margaret Finch Rachel Fox Eleanora Graefe Charlotte Conaway Best Belovedli William Walter Ray Finch Kathleen Wiley Frances Baublitz Wesley Schaible Louise Woods Rosalee Merryman Caroline Phillips Adele Black NAVY! CTh6y want to Sail to Latitude Fifty North, Longitude Forty West-that magic place-as fast as they can.j Raymond Schultheis Sturman White lVi11i2lH1 Driscoll Edgar G00d-C RADIO: fTo keep up with the "Aldriches", or maybe "EaSy Aces", Will 1466? lhem fefilly stepping and measure paceslj Herbert Hoff Leonard Meyers TEACHING: fThey haven't had enough yet, Best Beloved.j Zelrna Blaylock Frances Bucher BUSINESS: fTo Charles Knight Bertha Williams Gabriel Larrimore Donald Darling Thirty-Two Walter Carr Francis Cool get to business, Best Beloved, is their future planlj W'arren W'eiss John Cunningham Ethel Walsh Raymond Sharrer Bessie Cronhardt Francis Isennock Elwood Armacost Roland Hipple Dorothy Elseroad john Hobbs legs and off their G5 Q5-Ei X NISCELLANSO WHL Fjflcsf G J 72526, We A ,I 1 V 41 .X 71' f kj N10 WT Ml WCM 33117155 ' 555 OF'19j0 Nfxvy 14, ,xfxx AX L. VY, Th fJT, Beloved, this interlude gives Thirty-F our ' er -ww on A Moral Lesson For Succeeding Classes The insatiable bump is an ugly lump Which killed poor pussy, 'tis trueg But uglier yet is the bump we get When we think we have nothing to do. Freshies and Seniors too-oo-oo, Can't you End plenty to do-oo-oo? You'll get a bump- A hard, hard bump, If your homework's overdue-ue-uel There's a table for you, and one for me, With room for your schoolbooks, toog So do your work, And don't you shirk- Or there'll be no diploma for youl There's a Djinn in charge of the marks, you know. , And she totals the score for you. And if you slump, Expect a bump, 'Cause you always have homework to do! Uuderdass PICIUICS Th 1'rfy-If'1'ue Best Beloved, this that follows is our own 'ticular Will, and it isn't like other Wills 'cause we willed it otherwise. But it's a very nice Will and Will Not and Will Also, and we 'vise you to begin reading it right away. First of all, we 'gree to dis'gree . . . I Will Mary Alban Frances Bucher Charlotte Conaway Evelyn Hofmeister Jacqueline Nelson Hazel Reter Iva Thompson Elwood Armacost Francis Cool Ray Finch Raymond Sharrer Warren Weiss M7 alter Carr John Cunningham Lorraine Shaneybrook John Sasscer Raymond Schultheis Clarence Seaton Frank Simmonds John L. Slade Sturman White Wilbur Wiley Jeanne Arbaugh Frances Baublitz Audrey Benson Ruth Benson Zelma Blaylock Eleanor Brown Bessie Cronhardt Thirty-Six be 'liciously tickled to give away a little height twirl merrily on skates once more hurry home 'mediately upon dismissal have such difliculties getting my budgets in on time have smooth straight hair done neatly in braids be most 'ticularly quiet be shy in my shy-little-way just 'sist on sleeping in all classes 'fer baseball to lacrosse be absent 'bout as much as I can blush an' blush an' blush try to be most "grown-up-ish" 'fer lessons to sports act so-oooo dignified I be seen dancing anytime there's music to be heard ask about 4o,ooo,ooo questions a day be most 'scruciatingly idle when the opportunity lends itself talk 'sclusively above the heads of everyone present sing a song at sight-'n keep the tune try to ste-retch a few inches 'fer lacrosse to baseball 'spress my views in history class wear ribbons to tie my bonny brown hair most 'cisely take my health education notes chew gum in class when I think it is safe 'fer the saxophone to the hddle like my name just as it is be most mousy quiet in class study my physics most diligently I Will Not Eleanor Fritts, Alyce Harden, Levering Islaub, Eva Fuller, Violet Armacost Peggy Cook Edward Johnston, William Geist, Jacqueline Snead Dorothy Disney Nellie Jean Eckhardt, Hazel Osborn, Dorothy Moltz Curtiss Brown James Graefe Doris Imber Charles Moland, Paul Duke Mary Alexander Bertine Templeton Melvin Mather Reginald Harmon Adlee Whiteley, Jeanne Wales, Howard Speacht Clarke Wroe, Milton Frederick Lorraine Beam, Harry Fox Guy Trcgoe, George Caughy Lewis Caple, Roger Ensor, Keener Nelson Dorothy Caple Evelyn Dorsey, Valerie Lindsay James Smith, Harold Gore Mary Osborn WVinifred Gore Frances Knatz Mary Rawlings, Gene Trumpower, Zelma McKin- ley 'Richard Zentz Lucy Adams, Hilda Jean Myers Dorothy Fuss, Jane Burnham Alice Love I Will Dorothy Davis Dorothy Elseroad Eleanora Graefe Herbert Hoff Helen Williams Rebecca Wooden Louise Woods Margaret Finch I Will Esther Glover Doris Hare Ethel Leister Esther Long Ruth Meyers Caroline Phillips Mildred Stansheld Kathleen Wiley Gilbert Benson Paul Trager Ryland Dempster Ethel XValsh Edgar Goode Adele Black Genevieve Brown Rosalee Merryman Naomi Petticord jean Reese Francis Isennock get very, very 'cited about 'most anything talk 'most anytime 'bout 'most anything keep busy every minute all day long smile at every girl I see gain a little avoirdupois tissue day dream in my classes sing 'way up high on the scale talk the way they do in Alabama . . . but we 'gree to 'gree here most willingly "humph" myself and do favors for everyone be obliging about running errands for my teachers just always have a pleasant smile for everyone be the busiest-girl-around-the-school always make a joy out of hard work have a 'ticularly lovely school-girl complexion have a grand and glorious time 'complish much in my-own-quiet-little way always be 'bliging and helpful be most cool, calm, and collected 'fer drawing pictures to studying be satisfyingly plump and cheerful have music with me wherever I go just read an' read an' read an' read be most business-like and 'Hcient make each paper I pass in as neat as neat can be be 'membered for my big dark eyes 'member that in school, charity begins with home- work play on all the teams - I Will Not Helen Schmidt, Donald Brown Addalee VVilhelm, Audrey Rogers, Dorothea Owings Willard Taylor, Eli Hewitt, jesse Meyers Hardey Hammond Hazel Basler, Maurice Ensor, Mollie Haines, Doris Naylor, Agnes Gottschalk NVanda Pelczar, Gloria jones john DeVese Elizabeth Macdonald I Will Also Alice Brooks Alma Green, Edward Garman Margaret Porter Doris Randall Evelyn Utz, Elbridge Hill Elaine Reeder, Helen Frank Catherine Hiner, Irene Tilton Evelyn Cullison Mary Cunningham Loretta Lanham Donald Krauch Mary Shaffer Gladys Lippy, Mary Vincett Mary Gerald Mary Virginia Brown Jennie Ann Gray Emily Dempster Alice Tinkler Maxine Gooch, Ruth Mummau gh Thirty-Seven it , F, ,,-,., ,F .,..,,. :wa t ' 1 I Will Mildred Bange Bertha Williams Charles Knight Roland Hipple Mary Mann Helen Davis Virginia Hein Katherine Marlow VVilliam Driscoll Robert Geist Elizabeth Pohlman Mildred Murk Bernard Kalb Leonard Meyers Billy Walters Margaret Smyth Rachel Fox john Hobbs Leon Macdonald Alvah Myers Gabriel Larrimore Donald Darling Thirty-Eight never be without a fresh stick of gum work in the cafeteria an' cook good things be most polite to my customers when I work on Saturdays be bashful 'n quiet 'n good, too lre cute 'n 'tractive be quite, quite serious about my art be slow and deliberate in everything speak only 'pon absolute necessity be tall 'n dark 'n handsome, too just flitter and Hutter 'round the girls act my part well in a play be a most responsible secretary take my kodak wherever I go pay 'ticular attention to my hair avoid stickly-prickly study periods have hair of a 'ticularly well-known shade , every now and then take a vacation from sch0Q be six feet tall and reaching for the stars learn to typewrite 'cause of my scruciatingly il- legible penmanship never "hump" myself more than I have to be courteous and polite and behave myself be small and wise like the little 'Stute fish june Bowling Harriet Anderson Douglas Sullivan John Sheeler, Henry Howard Douglas Storms Fairie Spencer Virginia Witte Virginia Williams Frances Thomas, Mary Louise Robinson Homer Warner Marion Owings VVilson Brathuhn Adele Ensor, Vera Naylor Evelyn Norfolk Hilda Garber Elton Beam Edith Sentz Robert Botts Kenneth Grimm Gray Dodson Amos Belt Earl Schultz Charles Keyes Nat Eckhardt Howard Holtz, James Myers Clarence Kalb I T 0 .5 -1 45 7 H o I 1-v 'I V, 'Hi 7 Q .I to Hi vi III I -Il -135 I4 IH IH xl :J in s 19 til 1-2 I1 I I Like to 'work frosrwom' puzzlef, Beyt Be!0vea'.9 uoinzoxr,-.i. Lust. nnnn- of zi short, hlondv, Iiluv-vyc-11 Junior girl who xrvurs grlassvs. Ili- was tht- I.:nIy in Rod in "Aaron Slim-k of Punkin t'rim'k." Answvr to tht- qui-stion, May 1 he excused this pvriocl 'to work? Ilvizht of our 1-xann nmrks. 9 lb u . .. , . l Tho In-t two initials of Il bornnr whose first nznm- is 1':n'oInn-. Ilonn- l'lionoinit's vlzissrs put nlziny in tht-ir I1 rlrvsst-s. lsingulnrl A now. short lvlonrlm- .lnnior boy who Ion-s l:n'ross1'. A Junior girl who Iirokv In-r :irnt whih- skutingr. .AIPIIITYIIIIIUII for Rliodv Island. A prvtix iiiouiiing "with," I'nnishnn-nts ggivvn out in 'IIIJIIIY schools. Initials ot' :i St-nior Iioy who hus grm-:lt ur' tistiv tnh-nts. Assoriution wllosq- nn-otingrs :Irv In-ld on tht- third 'IIIIIIFMIIIY of Pvt-ry nionth. A forni of ilu- vt-rlm. 'to Irv. Initinls of ai Junior whosv hnlmliy is raliis in-I nnukinx. Snmll or tiny. A liquid food st-rvod in thc- vzxfvtoria. 39 I.:1st nnnn- of an sistvr :ind Ivrothvr in the Junior vlztss who livo in Glyndon. AI1In'a-ri:ition of at soutln-rn stuto thot th:- fllan-ilonultls mann' front. Alilnw-xizttioli for "r:iiIro:nI." A vt-ry. vm-ry quit-t Junior boy whose First initinl is K. A svwnlh grade trzivllor. Look, st't', In-ltolrl. Initials of :1 vvry Inrigrllt Junior grirl, XVI- Intro se-vi-ral of thi-so in t-rm-ry class. fsinsxulnrl 'l'hv kin4l of milk :ull Junior Imlvios shoulfl Ilrinli. Iiiolofirul in-rin for "I-gg." A vury quit-t, tull. Ivlonrlv Junior grirl with ll low-ly hnndwritiinf. Titlf-s. Nirknnnn- for tho nnino Peter. 1- BIt'Il5lII'0IIlI"llI of wviglit. Look, use- vision. To lm. vxist. A !'t'IIIIt'll, flignifivd woman. I'!1-using: to taste. I I FII I- I I fx Il ,I 5 ti H It Ill II l.i IH III 22 215 27 28 21+ fill lil! 34 JIS 38 -II 4.2. 44 45 I7 49 .Go 3" .EI 513 57 551 60 4.2. YICRT A Junior girl who IUAI. works in tln' c':lf+-ta-rm. A kinrl of song in wliivh sn-va-l':lI voit-os follow i-:ns-h othor uround. A kind of gingvr nw- svll at most A. A. duinlvs. Almlirvvintion for Clblllllillly. Iixrlntiintimi. wlwn hurt. A Junior girl who Iivt-s in liuthvrvillv. Two It-ttt-rs use-:I in forming: tht- plurul of nn! ny words. Old I-Inglish for "you," A part of thu- huinl. A Junior Iuoy who rnlne' from KQ'llIll4'lij'. Young dm-r. Front-h fur "this," A .Innior lvoy who has gr:-:lt:1rtistI4':lIxiIitr, Initials of fl hlonrlv I"rm-shiv whose- tirst nzlnn- is Ilorothy. A inist-hit-vous rhilcl or urn- hin. A nuturul projoction from tln' In':nI of rx row, fplllI'2lIl A l'iks-svlllo girl who is vorv slow :intl Ile-- IlIbl'I'ilIt' in In-r wzlys. A Junior who spt-nt two days hunting: his lost hunting dogs. I. st-If. I'rt-position IIIUKIIIIIILZ atop. I'ronoun in tln- first in-rs on plural. Junior girl who stnrrvd on tho varsity Imskvtlmll tm-znn. Iiorlvnts. In-st-inhlv an ape. Illailu nznne. Yi-ry sloinlvr rod of nn-tnl SIIIPSIIIIIUU usvd niuvh in stit-king our post- rrs tom-tln-r. Il IIIUYII' JIl'II't'S3 A'0ll A Junior whost- first nunn- is tln- sumo :us ull know. Uno ot' tht- sn-von tlwurfs in "Snow XVhitv." Thi- vup tht- hull is plain-fi in wln-n sturt- ing: to iluy golf. I I"re-nrli forni of thv ve-rlu "go," A hlonnlv girl in the- thirrl your whost- first, nznnv is Alix-0. A snnkt-Iikv fish. Body of snlt water. Vnitv, join. A fnlnrir nrovvn in meshes. Initials of tho vflitor-in-rhivf of the '40 Dial. Thirty-Nine You'll enjoy, too, A Fable of 'Zactly Fifty-three Subjects NCE upon a time, O Best Beloved, in the twisty-misty land of Trumpower, on the top of a high, Green Hill called Mount Bra- thahn, there lived a Fox-y little Taylor who was full of 'ceptional Sentz and was ever-so-Fuss-y about designing hats, and coats, and suits. And one day this 'stremely wise man went walking to see one of his CuSt0IIlCI'S, whose name was Dodson, about a special new kind of Belt. He stuck some sweet Williams in his button hole and started out on one of the 'elusive purplish-yellowish paths leading to the Holtzie-Moltzie land of Botts. Our little man traveled over M oland than you can 'magine and finally came to a tripply-ripply stream, a part of the Wilhelm Brooks, that he couldn't cross, and on the other side of the stream there sat a Caughy maiden wearing a silk blouse and Gored skirt of violet blue, which Harmonized with her violet-blue eyesg and truly she was much more beautiful than any you would ever 'Speaeht to see. To his surprise, the Taylor saw coming down the bank be-Hiner a wild boar with long, sharp tusks. "Great Graefe," he cried with a strong Irish brogue, "What's the Mather?!! What's the Mather?l Ohl the poor damsel? Yvhat a Grimm situation! I will Scheeler at any cost!" Owings to the river, Frederick tall Taylors must have first names, you knowj could not reach the imperiled maiden, and he couldn't shout loud enough to Warner. At that instant he thought of his two Scottish friends, McKinley and Macdonald, who were cutting wood in that very place. "Bhoysl" he shouted. "Here is a sweet Violet in dire circumstances. To her succor!! To her succorl!" Frederick quickly seized McKinley's axe, chose a tree and began to Hewitt down. fThe boar obligingly sat down to watch them.j The three made the tree into a fine Beam, threw it across the stream, and began to Naylor fast. Before you could say jack Robinson, the three rushed across the stream, and the brave Macdonald, whose first name was john, stoned the beast to death as he was about to Gore the maiden. The Taylor took his brand-new, bright and shiny scissors and made the most Cunningham out of the beast. He took the Hammond ran down the bank to show the damsel Howard he had worked to save her. He grabbed her in his arms and said, "Dear Maiden, to be Frank, I Love you." And by the way, Best Beloved, Dodson happened to be a minister. So oil went the maiden and the Taylor, and they were married. Then they went home to the house on top of the hill and invited their friends, Dempster, and Disney, and Geist, and Gar- man, and Osborn, and Rogers, and Thomas, and Caple, and Schultz to share their wedding breakfast of tenderly cooked ham. So that's all right, Best Beloved. Do you see? x 5,1 ,fr ""' 1. sa - . ,V :,. , Yiufs-"5" F01 ty I IICNIIIIICII illllizlliml. 2. lin I luok llml llklll? 3. Ili. john! Kvvp lhc VIIZIIIQC. Q. livl il mls Illllf , Nm il Ihgll lmll. Ilclvll? li, Dirk l7c'glclCxL'. 7, Slllll' 0l'll1Csll'al's fllll! N. llcllu, X011 Inu Illlllx. ws il lllsll' gund? lu, livl il uns "Swc'cl .X4ll'lillC.u ll. xxllflxlllg llaml. girls? lg. Rlgllldl llll ,I llll. l'U It isn't 'xactly a joke, and it isn't 'xactly a jibe. It's a little bit of both, and we don't know its Proper Name BEST BELOVED, many years ago, there lived a most scrumptious old man just full to the top with scluslve wisdom His name, Beloved, was Kalsidas, and he was the wisest man in all India just as his brother Confucius was the wisest man in all China. And to this day, Kalsidas' remarks and queer sayings are told to everyone specially round our school Kalsidas, he say . . . Senior who love self is sole admirer. He who chew gum spit out ten lines Shakespeare. Girl who take home economics is just sew-sew. Boy who keep playing soccer get hurt in end. Boy who take shopwork live on high plane. He who loses pants should have used Pin-a-fore. Girl who runs after boy will lose race in long run. All geometry students find even best circles have triangles 'cause persons are not on the square. He who plays lacrosse in rain is all wet. Senior who have history-English correlation, soon get all tie-up. He who take art art smart. And, now, Best Beloved, I'm sure you know that Kalsidas, Confucius' brother, says, "Confucius he talk too much so therefore Kalsidas will now practice what he preaches and 'turn to India. Forty-Two ,Q 1 7'9if bf: 1, a 071 yi I- t .Q Beloved, you'll want to read next - - . . lglffv N A' A Timely Discourse t avg, ,Qu use 'I -'4 lTri.f'f.1 even though it is printed exclusively for the faculty 6 OULD it be very hard, O Very Best Beloved, to imagine our teachers in those balmy days before the Time of the Very Be- ginnings? In this most early period, which may be referred to as the good old Anti-Time days, Time did not exist! Of course, it really isn't our fault that it exists now, for, O Best Beloved, we kill as much of it as we dare, don't we? But im- agine our teachers in a No-Time epoch. Mr. Wheeler would never be behind Time in his physics, and we would never have to hold before Time-to-take-in-school classes to catch up. We would never have a history assignment, for there would be no dismissal bell to warn Mrs. Reese to tell us what to do for a non-existent Tomorrow. Nor would Mr. Boylan insist that chemistry experiments be in the very next day. Time would not press Miss Tipton to give her Latin pupils extra work to do in their study periods. Did Shakespeare exist in those far-off Anti-Time days? Assuredly he did not! Miss Huttenhauer would have had no ten lines of Shakespeare to dole out to the offending chewer of birch bark gum. Nor could Miss Eubanks have made seniors who would not stop talking settle down to steady sewing at machines. There would be Time enough for talking as well as for sewing. Miss Hanna wouldanot have been annoyed at the lost time of ill-spent study periods, and Miss Tovell would not have cared whether or not she had the undivided attention of her class. tWe thank Miss Tovell for teaching us how to beat Time. We do it correctly and with a hearty good will., And in those bygone Anti-Time days, O Blessed Beloved, there would be no lost sleep over last budgets due Miss Pyle and Mr. Cross. There wouldn't be any time for them to be due! And stop-clocks would have been unheard of-and also the commercial evil of sixty words a minute! Mle wonder if Mr. Seabold would have been quoting his favorite, "Speak now, or forever hold your peace," in a time so far away and gone! Would "forever" mean anything in a Timeless age? O Best Beloved, Mr. Colburn would never have to say, "If I had the Time, I would do thus and so." There would be no Time to stop him from doing anything! In this Altogether Timeless time, Miss Gray could have made accurate deductions as to how the whale got his Throat and how the leopard got his spots, and she could have stuffed the buttoned-on skin of the mannerless Rhinoceros without his offering any ob- jections at all. Miss Parsons would never have thought she didn't have Time to spare to mark stack after stack of compositions in an Exclusively Timeless time. And Miss Wisner and Miss Meeks would never have had cause to feel that it was High Time they gave their twisty-frisky unit tests. Unhampered by Time, what couldn't Miss Warrington and Mr. Gibson have done with the ath- letic program? And what wouldn't we have done! With Time meaning nothing, Miss Nohl's dream of splashing at a ten league canvas could easily come true. Mr. Gisriel could become a great dramatic artist, for Time would offer no interference. Best Beloved, we wonder what citizen with Progressive Ideas first struck upon the plan of marking Time into the beggarly parcels of years and months and days and hours and minutes! In one way or another we have been marking it ever since, and it has cramp- ed our style, Best Beloved, it has cramped our style. Even so, it is Time to stop, O Very Best Beloved, and so we will. Next in order came our Activities of Utmost 'Portance. And, Beloved, since they eould'n't exist without the faculty, we have placed them so that they follow right behind! Forty-Three Dial Staff ONVARD the end of their stay nt Franklin, the seniors decided to compose a Great Record Book in which they placed something of the deeds they did and the thoughts they thought and the pictures of what they did. Mlhich was all very 11ice, wasn't it? Some of them looked lor people to advertise in the Dial, and some wrote things to publish in it, and some took pictures to be put in it. And so, Best Beloved, the result was very good, don't you think? liditoi'-itz-rlzief A,.t,,,, --, ,,,d,...He,.,... LOUISE Y'VooDs Business Managffr ,,....,dd.,.e..,.,.... STURINIAN XVI-HTL Assistmzt Bzzsinrss Alamzgars ,,.... JOHN L. SLAD1-3, JOHN O. Horses, CHARL1as KNIGHT, XVALTER CARR, XV 1LL1AM NVALTIQR Lztrfrary Editoig--- ,d...e ee,.e,,... ELEANORA GRAEFE Assistant Litvmry Iidilorsm ....,,.....,..... -IEAN IQEESE, C1.AR1aNcic Si4:,xToN, -IoHN CUNNINGHANI, FRANK SIMMONDS Plmzograplzy Editors ,.,,,,.. WNW, ,,,,, ,TBERNARD KALB, ZL71.MA BLAYLOCK, ANDREXV HUBBARD Typing Edz'tor,,s,, ,eww mn ,,,,CvENEVIEVE BROWVN Assistant Typing lfrlimrs d,,, ,sds H if:1.1iN X'V1LI.lAMs, RUTH lNll'1YliRS, Evicrvy l'IOFNIlClS'lil'1R, LORRAINI-1 SHANi4,visRook, Es'rrncR LoNo, .IICANNE .FXRBAUGH Sports l5ditm's,,,,,,RlQls1it:c:A XVOODICN. EIAVOOD ,FXRMACOST An Editors Y,,,, ,,,,,, RX'LANlD IJEMPSTI-LR, NIARY NIANN Forty-Four Student Council NCE upon a time, O Best Beloved, there was ll Class. And when this Class first came to Franklin, being a most 'telligent Class, it suw the need ol making Rules and By-Laws at once. So that was very well, wasn't it? Then and therefore, the 111051 wise members of the Class were sent to the Student Council fwhich, you see, is the org'nization which makes the Rules and By-Laws? to discuss and debate, advise and advocate most weighty and profound matters, measures, and means. President--STUR1x1AN XVIIITE VfC6'-PT6'Sldl'l1l-EMILY lltzmvsrnk Secretary-RU'1'H lNIUMMAUo1-I T1'6dSH'7'61'-CHARLES KNIGHT Forty-Fi-vc 1 J Forty-Six Franklin Forum HEN they studied the history of their nation, certain of them formed the Franklin Forun1. The members of this Most Scholarly Organiza- tion studied and discussed and debated 'pon problems most profound. And through this 'sociation, several of them learned to think more clearly about questions of great importance. PT6Sid6Ht'-STURMAN VVHITE Vice-President-WALTER CARR Secretary-RUTH BENSON TTECISILTET-ZELMA BLAYLOCK F. F. A. EST BELOVED, here's a 'portant question. Do you know what to feed a pig or cow or chicken? Well, no, I guess you don't. But the Future Farmers of America can tell you all that and just lots more besides. They have banquets, meetings, speakers, and movies. and that's a really nice Club to join. They have all kinds of interesting projects going on and I know if you go to their meeting-place you'll End chickens, squirrels, seeds, rats, or lll0St any- thing else, all being 'xperimented on. lVouldn't, you like to touch them and feed them? I think you'll have a most 'citing time, and I'm sure the boys wouldn't be the least bit 'fended. President-LEONARD MEYERS V ff?-P1'6Sfd67'lZ-LEVERING ISLAUB Secretary-GEN12 TRUMPOWER T7'6d,SU1'67'-PAUI. TRAGER Forty-Seven Dramatic Club ATER in the Class history, having grown much in age and confidence, they decided to support a play which they 'lowed the Most Talented Members of the Dramatic Club to produce. And so, Best Beloved, they were very suc- cessful. For the play was good, it was well staged, and the characters were por- trayed in a lifelike way. So, of course, it was successful, you see. "COME OUT OF THE KITCHEN" Character Cast Olivia DaingerHeld,,,-,-E E... Louise Wfoods, Helen Williams Elizabeth Daingerheldw, .,r.,,... Alice Love, Betty Macdonald Mrs. Faulknerc rr,, ,- Cora Faulkneru, Amanda ..,r... Burton Crane .... Thomas Lefferts i .W , Solon Tucker ,u,,., Paul Daingcrfield ...... Charles Daingerfield ..,,. Randolph Xveeks ..,E,. F ofrty-Eight ,,,-.,..-,,Mary Alexander, Eleanora Graefe --.--,,r---. ...,. Zelma Blaylock, Frances Knatz ,--tElizabeth Pohlman, Nellie Jean Eckhardt ,--. v..,......., John Hobbs, Birch Kailer ,,-,-Stur1nan XfVhite, Frank Simmonds ,, r.., Clarence Seaton, Curtiss Brown , ,... john Cunningham, john Spence ------Kenneth Grimm, James Graefe -a---John L. Slade, Leon Macdonald The Operetta FTER a while, those who loved to sing and make music planned and re- hearsed and produced a beautiful operetta. All who took part sang sweet- ly and every one liked it 'xtremely. The story was about a lowly sailor in the Kings navy, who loved his captains daughter. For some time, Best Be- loved, the poor man's suit did not progress very well. His rival, Sir Joseph, was finally disposed of and tl1e lovers were united. PINAFORE Character Cast -IOSCIJl1lIlC,,,,,, , ,,-,Louise XVoods, lVanda Pelczar Ralpl1,,,l.,,,-,,,- -enjaines Graefe, Melvin Mather Sir Joseph Porter ..,, - ,,....e....., ,,-M,-JOllIl DeVese Captain Corcoranv-, ,,eCharles Knight, Frank Simmonds Hebe -M ,........ .e,.--....,,, R uth Benson Little Buttercup - W-, Eleanora Graefe, Zelma Blaylock Dick Deadeye W, ,....e, eCurtiss Brown Boatswain .,...e ,,-Herbert Hoff Boatswain's Mate .- ,,,,, ee ,Maurice Ensor Forty-Nine Fifty Music Club HEN, too, O Best Beloved, some of them could sing very sweetly. These also went to the Djiin In Charge Of All Music and consulted with this most Wise sage. Banding themselves together, they labored hard and practiced much, until- There Came a time when the Music Club ffor that is what they called them- selvesy sang at Christmas for the school. And so beautiful was their singing that they were called upon to do it again, and this time it was carried by the Great Wfind to all corners of their country. Prfsident-CHAR1.Es KNIGH1 Iiusiness .lWIl1'1IlgI'T--l1U'I'H BENSON Secretary-ZELMA BLAYLot:i4 I.11wnrz'an-liLlQANoRA flRAEFF Orchestra N this Class, there were some who had great talent and who could make most beautiful music by blowing and scraping and beating upon horns and violins and drums. These were sent by the Eldest Magician to the Djiin In Charge Of All Music. And an orchestra was li0l'lllCd. Sof- During the following years they were Chief lXIlISlClZ1I1S who played at all the 'sen1hlies, drznnas, and operettas. Hlhich was very well, you see, and pleased everyone. PT6.S'lid677f-lNIAURlCE ENsoR Sec'rfta1'y--ZE1.MA BLAYLOCK LiZ1rarz'an-EDGAR Gooun Fifty-One French Club UT this time the man is a Frenchman! And he is a most interesting one to study. For you see, our French students liked to study their French 'cabulary and verbs so well, and they so 'tieularly 'joyed speaking fthey really only try, Best Be- lovedl and 'nouncing French words that they just had to form a French Club. And they read French jokes, sang French songs, 'cited French orphic poetry fthat's 'ticularly fascinatinglj and really they 'joyed even French plays. They really turned to be quite Frenchish, don't you think? The English Clubs OME Freshies and Sophomores too-oo-o were most 'ticularly int'rested in how to speak 'rectly, how to write most proper- ly and how to read poetry most 'lightfully, and how to 'stand what they read and so-they formed some English Clubs. QThey're too many for just one Club, you see.j And in these clubs, they never said "ain't" or "I done" or "this here"-for you see they were learning "grammar" in their English Clubs. And they really had delightful and most valuable programs, too. Commercial Club EST BELOVED, do you remember what an awful time Taffy had writing the First Letter? She really got it so mixed that her Mummy and the other women 'most killed the poor Stranger-man who acted as messenger. They thought that he was spearing Taffy when she didn't mean that at all. So now you see why we have a Commercial Club for the seniors full of 'satiable Commercial curtiosity. They learn how to write letters right. They learn really lots more than that, for their kind teachers try to teach them how to be good, 'ficient business folks, and how to get a good job, Hrst of all. So-you see they really have lots of fun all mixed with good lessons on how not to get jumbled up. Latin Club NCE upon a most early time there was a Roman man. He was not a jute or an Angle, or even a Frenchman, which he might well have been, Best Beloved, but never mind why. He was a Roman, and he lived lazily at the time of Caesar. The sophomores, Best Beloved, most int'rested in his writings, dressings, lightings, and believings, 'joy studying all about this Ancient Roman and never seem to get tired of reading his writing and writing his readings, for you see, O Best Be- loved, they're Latin students. So they formed a club just to do those things, and they 'joyed a Roman Wedding, too. And now, dear Best Beloved, comes the part of the story that we all love to read 'n reread. Y0u'll be game if we lose occasion- ally, worft you, 'rl y0u'll raise a cheer to all our good SPORTS! Fifty- Two' I N IN 'l 1 tough game? 2. BCI il's llu: l".l"..X. Dzmcc. jg. Still nmrc lwins. 1. Ola! Uh! .Xlxf , I lrlcllc. li, 1licl11'l lillllh' wc luul so many mills! 7. Sir -lOSClJll l'm'lc1'. S. Wlull zu scranlmlmlc' lg Slkll ll up. girls. lu. Stuck up. wllzll? 11. fill llmc small simlc l-' llvl Xlqlrxk just ull llu pulllrc llllllNAll'S no J . 5 y-T111 Athletic Association 7 OST the largest tribe in Franklin is our AA. You see, Best Beloved, 1'll try to 'splain just why we have it. It's like this-we all like to play games, but without our AA. and the dances and Gym Show they give to make money, how could we buy our lquipment? It's really and truly most necessary, don't you think? Besides we wouldn't be able to get out early at all if we didn't have any "league gEllllCSH at home and at the other schools and if our A.A. didn't plan 'em. CvIRLS President-Lucv Aramis I'z'r'f-I'nfsid1'11t'fGlcN1cv11zv1c BRowN SKCl'6fllTy-EI.lZAl5li'I'H lXIACDONALD T1'C'flS1l1'C7'-ESTHl31R LONG Boys Prfsidrfnl-Euvoon ARMACOST Vi1'c'-P1'csidm1t-C,x1.v1N BEACH S6C7'f?f!l?'3'-DONALD BROWN Trerzsurcr-JOHN HOBBS Fifty-Four . , YV Girls' Fieldball Team IELDBALL, really 'splains itself 'cause, Best Beloved, the girls play it on a field with a ball. Even Taffy could draw that, don't you think so? Most like the soccer team, they play at other schools and it's really quite a tense second when we're almost losing and then win or tie. Most 'citing of all is to see the girls toss the ball right up to their 'ponents' goal. But, don't think, Best Beloved, that they always win, for you see all teams have off-days. Center--Nellie jean Eckhardt, Winifred Gore Left Inner-Mildred Bange Right Inner-Genevieve Brown Left W'ing-Carol Anderson Right VVing-Maxine Gooch y Center Halfback-Lucy Adams, Captain Left Halfback-Louise Mloods Right Halfback-Adlee Xvhiteley Left Fullhack-Emily Dempster Right Fullhack-Jacqueline Snead Goal Keeper-Ruth Mummaugh Manager-Betty Macdonald Fifty-Five Fifty-Six Boys' Soccer Team HERE were among the boys those who loved to run and play vigorously the clean sports which Franklin olfered. Some of these joined together and made a soccer team. Though the team was not very 'cessful, they did quite well, all things considered, 'cause they finished with one game won, one tied, and four lost. Goal - ..,.... -- Left Fullback -- Right Fullback --- Left Halfback .... Center Halfback Right Halfback Left Yving .-c,. Left Inside .... Center Forward Right Inside ..... TEAM Right Mfing --- ............ ---- SUBSTITUTES: -----Francis Isennock -----Douglas Sullivan Elwood Armacost --------Guy Tregoe ---Donald Brown -------Ray Finch -------Paul Trager ----Reginald Harmon -------John DeVese ----Robert Geist ----Harold Belt William Geist james Graefe Mfilbur Shreeve Harry Kane Calvin Beach Royden Long Coach-Mr. Robert Gibson Faculty Adviser-Mr. Arthur Colburn Manager--john L. Slade Girls' Basketball Team OT ALONE, O Best Beloved, were the boys in their desire to 'xercise and make their bodies strong. For the girls did the same as they and had a basketball team. So that was very good, wasn't it? They all did their really best and made a good record in the practice games. However, their luck was not so good in the league games. Forwards Jacqueline Snead Ruth Mummaugh Adlee Mfhiteley Zelma Blaylock Dorothy Davis Guards Maxine Gooch Lucy Adams, Captain Louise Woods Wfinifred Gore Manager Betty Macdonald O Fifty-Seven Boys, Basketball Team ND then, Best Beloved, the boys looked and saw a most excellent gymna- sium, which was just right for basketball, you see. So they worked and they practiced 'stremely hard 'till they had a wonderful first and second team. They were good, for didn't they almost win the Championship? Each and all of them did their part very well, but Francis Cool 'celled with 70 league points. Right Forward Left Forward TEAM First Team Francis Cool Francis Isennock Second Team James Smith John DeVese Center Yvilliam Driscoll Marion Owings Right Guard Donald Brown Sturman XfVhite Left Guard Ray Finch Calvin Beach SUBSTITUTES William Geist Coach--Mr. Robert Gibson Harold Belt Faculty Adviser-Mr. Horace X'Vheeler Paul Trager Manager-John L. Slade Fifty-Eight Lacrosse Team UNNY fishnets and plenty of pep, with fast running and a little hard ball are the things we 'sociate with our lacrosse team. They played a most 'cess- ful season this year for, you see, they beat every team in the county 'xactly twice. Really and truly, though, Best Beloved, even though they got some hard bumps and lumps Qbesides the bump of 'satiable curtiosityj, it is lots of fun to play, and lots more fun to watch. And so- They were very 'cessful and won the Baltimore County High School CHAM- PIONSHIP for the first time in Franklin's Lacrosse History. fAnd remember that, too, Best Belovedlj TEAM Position Name of Player Goal .-....,.. -- .... ..... R yland Dempster Point e.... --.- ---Wilson MacBurney Cover Point ttte ---Elwood Armacost First Defense ---- ------ B irch Kailer Second Defense --- ------ Paul Duke Center ,, --.-.-.- ---- J Ohn Hobbs Second Attack ---- --.- B ill Driscoll First Attack --- ---Sturman YVl1ite Out Home --- ------ john L. Slade In Home --, ---- -, --------------- Arthur Berryman SUBSTITUTES Edgar Goode John Childs Charles Sullivan Bernard Kalb Gillord Blaylock Kenneth Grimm Coach-Mr. William Groff Manager-Leon Macdonald Assistant Manager-Wilbur Mfilliams Fifty-Nine mwnsmw Sixty Baseball HE boys just throw baseball, bat, and glove onto a diamond, soon as spring 'gins. And, Best Beloved, you'd best duck out of the way if you dOI1't want to get hit by the ball. For they really hit whizzer-dizzers, and if you don't believe me just try to catch one of the fast ones without a glove on. But don't blame me if your hand stings, 'cause I warned you 'fore. TEAM Position Name of Player Catcher .... ...... D onald Brown Pitcher ..... ........ F rancis Cool First Base ---t- .... Gabriel Larrimore Second Base .... ........ H arold Belt Short-stop --- .... John DeVese Third Base .... .... C alvin Beach Left Field ...,. ..... P aul Trager Center Field -- .... Willard Taylor Right Field --- .................. .... R obert Geist SU BSTITUTES Reginald Harmon Thomas Cox Alvah Myers Donald Krauch William Geist Royden Long Coach: Mr. Robert Gibson Faculty Adviser: Mr. Boylan CT J'.w4Q,Jln-la SLM-0-1 may E' 1940 lj ,IA LH Co mu . 1 V' ' ' ri 'Y of wufvfl f ZAAIMQRANK R . QF:-I SCHOOIK -5 ifgi- W1 W jg:-1E10"' Zig Qc Q5 SFQE, V dinmm 2hg,Qj5 'E wk 'Puvnfons 'HX F ff' Jxgff 2 W ,Q Q . .J Qgh1 .MV We N Lay Q .d,1 Egg ,"yife." H yQulAemf 11,45 N 'a,.um,QfAzf1zu ff? N NZ X Jmmm E? Q ES ff E w oicii JE J WMM9 4 x. . JU , fi! 4113, ZZ' 41 i Awax . G 5' 1 0 X rx. gx 'lo P x . Q ,2 ' eq? BX Gmunul 547-1 mi TAL, 9.4 0 fb 'ML 1.742 -v-""' T ' xo fx? WOUUG-DRY WM" ' P A X THE TIMES PmN11NG comomv Tix ' Q 4 Vlclhlllmtlr, Maryland 7- y 0 S ty0 Best Beloved, if you werenit just sure of the meaning, look the word up in our- Armadillo- berangement- Best Beloved- ca1nphor-tree- Djinn- fulvous- gull-winged Djinn- High and far-off times- hurnph- lust So- King Suleiman-bin Daoud- Latitude Fifty-North, longitude Forty-West- Limpopo River- Magic Alphabet History Necklace 'Satiable Curtiosity- Slow-Solid- stickly-prickly- superior comestible- Taffy- Sixty-Two yy, QS f f I ll p UR 'I ft! lt ft li Kiplmgish Glossary . , It isn't a Hedgehog, and it isn't a Tortoise. It's a little bit of both, and we didn't know its proper name, so since everything has a proper name, we'll call it an "Armadillo" until we find out its real name. A Kiplingism for "arrangement." You, of course. It stood in the King's garden, and it has nothing to do with our modern smelly camphor. It was a very pleasant tree and sheltered the Butterfly that Stamped. The Big Boss. He could work all sorts of magic, too, and he had all sorts of power. We don't know the exact definition, but we believe it means richly flowing, and wavy, and maybe sort of goldenish-reddish in color. A very powerful magician, half bird, half man, who seems to have possessed something like a mag- ic carpet. Before the Time of the Very First Beginnings. Derived from the camel's exclamation "hump," which signified his complete aversion to work. The Djinn punished him by making him carry a hump around with him all of the time. To- day when we use the term we mean to work wi th vigor. The simple and incontestable way by which certain things have come to be as they are. A book by Kipling on the subject. A powerful king who, like Solomon, had many, many wives. They sometimes made life com- plicated. Best Beloved, Kipling doesn't tell us where this is. so s'pose you Gnd it on the map yourself. He does tell us that it's magic! This is a great grey-green, greasy river all set about with fever-trees. It's in Africa. This is a most valuable and interesting necklace. All the years have contributed precious 'vents to go in and are bound together tightly so it can be kept for ever and ever. This is what we always have-curiosity-and it's never, never satisfied 'til we burn our fingers. The Tortoise, who lived on the banks of the turbid Amazon, eating green lettuce and things, always moved so slowly and 'digously. Have you ever seen a Hedgehog, Best Beloved? They have pins and needles sticking out all over them and we sometimes call them porcupines. This is a magical name for an excellent cook, or baker. In Kipling's story he made a cake three feet across. Of course, that much cake would make you sick, but a cook still makes good things. She is a little Indian Indian girl fto be identified from an American Indian girl.j Best Beloved, we thought it most htting 'n proper when we published the school census that we should start with the oldest and 'most 'portant members of our commonwealth and end with the youngest and least 'portant. And so, as you see, Best Beloved, we dad! FACULTY W. HoRAcE WHEELER, Principal HELEN TovELL REESE, Vice-principal B. S. Mfashington College A. B. Goucher A. M. Columbia HIGH SCHOOL Jost-:Pu F. BOYLAN A. MARIE HARIJESTY C. WIGHTMAN SEABOLD B. S. Manhattan College B. University of Maryland B. S., A. M. University of Maryland A. M. Columbia EMMA K. HANNA C. LOUISE TIPTON ARTHUR I.. COLBURN Maryland State Normal School A, B, Vvestgrn Maryland B- S- 510115 IUSUIUIC HELEN G. HUTTENHAIJER A. M. Columbia LEWIS M. CRoss A. B. Goucher MARTHA TOVELL B. A. American University M. Ed. johns Hopkins B. S. Johns Hopkins MERLE EUBANKS ANNA R. MEEI-is B. M. Peabody B. S. Georgia State College for VVomen A. B. Goucher ADA MAE WARRINGTON M- S- C0lU1T1biH MARY NOHL B. S. of Physical Education ROBERT GIBSON B. F. A., B. A. E. Chicago Art Institute Boston University, Sargent College of B. S. Springfield College ETHEL A, PARSONS Physical Education CORNELIUS E. GISRIEL A. B. Western Maryland TI-IELMA WIsNER A. B. Western Maryland THELMA M, PYLE A. B. Goucher ELLEN H. GRAY B. S. Johns Hopkins MILDRED E. JONES ..... MARIE B. MALONE .... ADDIE L. WHEELER- .... LOUISE MILLER .... ..--- LEONE A. LAMOTfE---- MARY BUCHER ....... A. B. Bridgewater ELEMENTARY SCHOOL LOUISE B. GOODWIN, Vice-principal, Fifth Grade -----------Sixth Grade ---------Sixth Grade ------Fifth Grade ----Fourth Grade ----Fourth Grade -----Third Grade GRACE L. INGHAM .,.. -- CLARA V. Cox ....... ESTHER S. CALLAI-IAN- HAZEL NAYLOR ...... HELEN A. AYLER -,--- -----Third Grade - .... Second Grade ETI-IA M. FRANTZ- ...... -- --Second Grade ----First Grade - ...... First Grade School Secretary Sixty-Three Alban, Mary Elizabeth .,.. --- Arbaugh, Jeanne Grace .A.eee. A,,, Armacost, Elwood Franklin- .... -- Bange, Mildred Katherine - Baublitz, Frances Rowe- .... ...... Benson, Audrey Genevieve ---- ---- -,,-Upperco, ,Reisterstown ,--,lArcadia, Owings Mills -Reisterstown 9 v Pikesville, Benson, Gilbert Silas ..w.... ..... R eisterstown, Benson, Ruth Harding--.. Black, Adele Elizabeth .... Blaylock, Zelma Ruth ..... Brown, Eleanor Virginia A.., ...., Brown, Genevieve Althea ea, -ua Bucher, Frances Marie .... Carr, William Walter .,-, - J- Conaway, Charlotte .... Cool, Francis A. ..., .---- Cronhardt, Bessie May .... -----Upperco, - ----Reisterstown, Reisterstown, Owings Mills, --- -I-Iampstead, -.---Upperco, Reisterstown, ----Glyndon, Lutherville, - Pikesville, Cunningham, John Guy Qrj--- .o... Reisterstown, Darling, William Donald --- ---- Davis, Dorothy Elise- ..... Davis, Carolyn Helen w,... Dempster, Ryland Emmart, Driscoll, Xvilliam Thomas Sixty-Four ,Reisterstown Owings Mills, Owings Mills, ----Pikesville ,,--Glyndon, J 1 Class of 1940 Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Elseroad, Dorothy Sedonia -- Finch, Margaret jean ..... Finch, Ray Burt ....... . Fox, Rachel Primrose .... . Geist, Robert Wagoner --- Glover, Loretta Esther---.-- Goode, Edgar Beasley ....... Graefe, Eleanora Mlilhelmina Hare, Doris Missouri ......... ....... Hein, Anna Virginia .... Hipple, Ralph Roland---- Hobbs, john Orwig ........ Hoff, Elmer Herbert Qrj --- Hofmeister, Laura Evelyn ..... ...... Isennock, Francis Austin .... Kalb, Bernard George ...... Knight, Charles Oliver fjnj- Larrimore, Gabriel Alfred ---- ----- Leister, Ethel LaRue ....... Long, Esther Julia-, ........ -- ..... Reisterstown, -----Upperco ----Upperco, -,- ..... Glyndou, -----Reisterstown, Owings Mills, --- ..... -Pikesville, ---------Owings Mills, ------Pikesville -,---Reisterstown, ---.-Pikesville, ----Pikesville, Reisterstown, Randallstown, Reisterstown, -----Reisterstown, - ..... Reisterstown, 1 Boring, 3 Pikesville, -Stevenson, Macdonald, Leon Hunnewell .......... Reisterstown, Mann, Mary Emma .....,... Marlow, Katherine Elizabeth ---Pikesville, --- ..... Reisterstown, Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Merryman, Rosalee Grace ..... Meyers, Joseph Leonard Ury .... .... Meyers, Ruth Lenore--- N---- Murk, Mildred Ruth ...N Myers, Charles Alvah ...... Nelson, Emily Jacqueline .... Petticord, Naomi Florence .... Phillips, Caroline Janice .... Pohlman, Rose Elizabeth --- Reese, Jean ............ Reter, Hazel Rebecca---- Sasscer, John ........ Schaible, Wesley ........... Schultheis, Raymond Qnj ...... .... - . Seaton, Clarence Hunton Charles--,L H- Hampstead, -Reisterstown -..---Reisterstown .--Lutherville, -----Upperco -.---Eccleston ----Stevenson ----Pikesville Reisterstown, Owings Mills, Owings Mills, -.---Pikesville, Pikesville, Shaneybrook, Margaret Lorrainer ,C... ,--Cockeysville 9 7 7 I Reisterstown, -Pikesville, Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Sharrer, Raymond ............ .... P ikesville Simmonds, Frank Hudson Ur., --- .... Pikesville, Slade, john Leonard ........... ..... G lyndon, Smyth, Margaret Mary Ann .... ...... E ccleston Stansfield, Mildred Rebecca L-- --.---Reisterstown, Thompson, Iva Geraldine-.---- ....... Upperco, Trager, Paul Eugene L. e.,.. ..... R eisterstown, Walsh, Ethel Genevieve .... ..... R eisterstown, W'alter, William McLean --- .... Pikesville. Weiss, John X-Varren ..... White, Ellis Sturman .... Mfiley, Rhoda Kathleen .... Wiley, Wilbur .......... Williams, Bertha Lee .... Williams, Helen Lowe--.-- Wooden, Rebecca Fowble ..... .... Woods, Edna Louise ...... -------Upperco, Owings Mills -----Reisterstown, -----Reisterstown Owings Mills, -----Reisterstown, -Reisterstowrf, ----Glyndon, 1 5 Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Sixty-Five Adams, Lucy Ann- ,-.... .. Alexander, Mary Elizabeth ...A Anderson, Harriett jane .v.. Armacost, Luella Violet .... - Basler, Hazel Genevieve ---- Beam, Thomas Elton ...., Beam, Velma Lorraine ....... Belt, Amos Wilson Qrj- ....... Botts, Robert Thomas Michael - a....... Bowling, June Catharine -- ..eaa Brathuhn, James YVilson ,... Brooks, Alice Virginia---- Brown, Curtis H. fjrj .... Brown, Donald LeRoy ---- Brown, Mary Virginia ..... Burnham, Jane Louise .... Caple, Dorothy LaRue ----- Caple, Lewis William fjrj ---- Caughy, George Dwight- .... Cook, Peggy Jane ........ Cullison, Evelyn Virginia --- Cunningham, Mary Lorena--- Dempster, Emily Achsah---- DeVese, John Franklin --- Disney, Dorothy Alice ..,.. Dodson, Thomas Gray ...L Dorsey, Evelyn Bertha ......L.v ,-- - Pikesville, ----- Reisterstown -------Upperco, Upperco, -- McDonogh - ---Garrison - - - - Garrison, --------Boring, Reisterstown, Howardsville, Reisterstown, -------Upperco, ------Pikesville, -Cockeysville, --Lutherville -----Lutherville - --Stevenson, ---- Stevenson ------ Pikesville --- --Reisterstown, .-- .,-.. Upperco -----Reisterstown ----Glyndon ----Garrison Owings Mills - ..... Pikesville, --- Stevenson, Duke, Thomas Paul ---- .-.-.,,,,-- -,-- P ikesville Eckhardt, Charles Nathaniel Eckhardt, Nellie Jean .......,,vL,,,-- Ensor, Bessie Adele .... Sixty-Six Glyndon, ----Glyndon, ----- Reisterstown J I 5 9 5 9 1 Class of 1941 Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Ensor, Maurice Franklin .... Ensor, Rodger Leroy .......... -----Pikesville, ----Glyndon 1 Fox, Harry Washington .... - ..... ,,,,.. P ikesville, Frank, Helen Ruth ...... ---. .......... Reisterstown, Frederick, Walter Charles Milton ---------Pikesville 7 Fritts, Eleanor Elizabeth---.. .........,... Arlington, Fuller, Eva Marie ......... Fuss, Dorothy Elizabeth ..... Garber, Hilda Elsie- --------- ----- Garman, Charles Edward ---- Geist, William Carroll---- Gerald, Mary Agnes ----- --- Gooch, Margaret Maxine ---- Gore, Ilene Winifred- ----- - Gore, Harold Earle---- ------ - Gottschalk, Agnes Elizabeth ---- Graefe, james Arthur ----.---- Gray, Jennie Ann ------ Green, Alma Mae --.----- Grimm, Kenneth Francis---- Haines, Mollie Helen- ------- Hammond, Howard Hardy ----- Harden, Alyce Louise- ------ - -----Owings Mills, -----Reisterstown, Brooklandville, -----Reisterstown, ----- Reisterstown, - ----- Pikesville, Reisterstown, -------Garrison, ---Reisterstown Pikesville, ------Delight, -----Reisterstown Reisterstown, ------ Pikesville ---Lutherville, --- Reisterstown Pikesville, f 1 J J Harmon, Maurice Reginald, ---- ------- G arrison, Hewitt, Eli Edward QLD- ------------- Hill, Elbridge Chickering fjrj- --------- - Hiner, Mary Catherine- --------- Holtz, William Howard- ------- Howard, Henry Horkheimer --- Imber, Doris ----------.----- Islaub, Levering Fred ---- Owings Mills, Pikesville, ----Pikesville, -----Pikesville --------Pikesville, Reisterstown, Owings Mills, Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Wales, Jeanne Monroe ---- Johnston, Edward Nelson ----- Jones, Gloria Caroline --,,,v--- --,-- Kalb, Clarence Franklin fJr.j ......., Keyes, Charles Sigurd- ,-.-,,--- --vq Knatz, Frances Elizabeth- ..... --.---Woodlawn, Reisterstown, - Pikesville, Randallstown, -Pikesville, Krauch, Donald Edwardm a--,,- ..,,,,q , , Glyndon, Lanham, C012 Loretta ----, --,,-----.-- Reigrergtgwn, Lindsay, Valerie Monica Eleanor--------Owings Mills, UPPY, Gladys M216 .... - .............. Reisterstown, Love, Alice A1111 ...-....... , ..... Reisterstown, Macdonald, Elizabeth Fay .... .... . -Reisterstown, Mather, M6lY'ln LCC- ..-.... -,-----Pikesville, McKinley, Zelma Irene- .,v... ----Owings Mills, Moland, Charles Henry fJr.j---- .... Owings Mills, Moltz, Dorothy Ann ..., .-.... Mummaugh, Ruth Irene ---- Myers, Hilda Jean ,e.,.... Myers, James Edward --- Myers, Jesse Beckett fJr.J --- Naylor, Doris Estella ----- Naylor, Vera Mary Adella- ----- Nelson, Keener Edward fJr.j--- Norfolk, Evelyn Katherine ---. Osborn, Hazel Arminta Osborn, Mary Elizabeth Owings Mary Dorothea Owings, Marion Elliott Pelczar, Mfanda Pola --- Porter, Margaret May-- Randall, Doris May --- -----Reisterstown, Reisterstown, -----Reisterstown, ----Stevenson -----Upperco, ----Upperco, ----- Reisterstown, -- ------ Pikesville, - ----.Reisterstown, -----Reisterstown, ----- Reisterstown, - ---- Glyndon, ----Glyndon, ------Pikesville, ----- Reisterstown ----- Reisterstown, 1 J Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Rawlings, Mary Ann --- Reeder, Elayne A. -------- Robinson, Mary Louise ---- Rogers, Audrey Ruth ..-- - Scheeler, John fJr.j -------- Schmidt, Hellen Gertrude---- Schultz, Earl Wesley CJr.j- ---- Sentz, Edith Dorothy ------- Shaffer, Mary Beatrice ---- Smith, James William -------- Snead, Mary Jacqueline ---------------- Speacht, William Howard fJr.J. ------- Spencer, Fairie Eurith -- ------------- Storms, Douglas VVellington fJr.j -----Reisterstown ----- Reisterstown, ----Owings Mills, ----- Reisterstown, ------ Stevenson Owings Mills, -------Upperco ----- Reisterstown -----Upperco -----Glyndon Sullivan, William Douglas ---- ----- G lyndon Taylor, W'illard Warfield fJr.j---- Templeton, Bertine Elizabeth ---- Thomas, Clara Frances- ------ Tilton, Irene Mytchell ---- Tinkler, Alice Louise- ------ Tregoe, Guy Steele ---- Trumpower, Gene Snyder ----- Utz, Evelyn Amelia -------- Vincett, Mary ----------- Warner, Homer Stewart ---- Whiteley, Mary Adlee ---- Wilhelm, Elsie Addalee- ---- Williams, Virginia Demon ---- Witte, Virginia ------------ Wroe, William Clarke fJr.J --- Zentz, Richard Euler -------- ----Pikesville ---- Pikesville, --,-- Lutherville ----Owings Mills -----Reisterstown, -----Reisterstown ------ Reisterstown, ----Owings Mills, Reisterstown, Glyndon, Reisterstown, ------Pikesville, Owings Mills, ------ Pikesville ----Pikesville -----Glyndon ----Eccleston 1 - Pikesville, Owings Mills, - Reisterstown . ------- Lutherville 2 1 1 9 y 2 Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Sixty-Seven Berryman, Catherine Elizabeth Berryman, Jeanne Ardell ...... --Mel--u Berryman, Virginia Mary .... Blank, Donald Edison .... Pikesville, eReisterstown U--- Pikesville, Owings Mills x Blank, Robert Vernon---- .... Owings Mills, Blaylock, Mildred Elsie ---- .... Reisterstown, Bosley, Betty Ellen ...... ..... P ikesville Bosley, Garrett Louis t,v,, .,t. O wings Mills, Bosley, Oscar ................w E... R eisterstown, Brickhouse, Clifford Edgerton --- ..... Pikesville, Brown, Marie -L ............ ,... R eisterstown Brown, Philip Russell .... ..... C ockeysville, Caltrider, Carroll Elbert --- .... Reisterstown Carr, Robert Grason ..... ....e,.. U pperco, Chenoweth, Paul ...... Owings Mills, Childs, Jean ........... C.C,.AC P ikesville, Cole, William Wesley .... .... R eisterstown Colofen, Agnes , ,.,,C,, .... G lyndon, Cool, joseph Ambrose---- vC...C Glyndon, Cox, Thomas Emory v,s,. .... O wings Mills, Cronhardt, Robert Scotti--- ceLutherville Cross, Jane ----Eccleston, Crudden, Ruth Mary ........ ,e.t P ikesville, Cullison, William Marshall ..., ...... U pperco, Dorsey, Dorothy Edna ..,e.e. Owings Mills, Dove, Kenneth Charles .... .,.... G lyndon Duncan, Gene Clifford ..... .... R eisterstown, Ely, Roy Martin ...... --, .... Brighton, Sixty-Eight Class of 1942 Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Ensor, Milton Elwood---- ...... Glyndon, Fiedler, Helen Lula .... .... R eisterstown, Fields, Thomas Lynn---.- Pikesville, Filbert, Gertrude Alma ...... ....... P ikesville, Fleagle, Benjamin Joseph ..., ..,. R eisterstown, Gill, Earl Franklin .... .-- .... Reisterstown, Gill, Gilbert -A ......... -.- ..., Reisterstown, Gompf, Thomas Edward- .... ..... P ikesville, Gore, William Glenn---- .... Reisterstown, Greene, Mary Catherine --- ...... Upperco, Hampt, Gladys Virginia --- .... Upperco, Harney, X'Villiam James- --- ..... Pikesville Heisey, Peggye ............. .... R eisterstown, Hemler, William Howard- .... .... R eisterstown, Henley, John Edgar ......... ..-.. P ikCSVillC, Hipsley, Rowe Henry .... Owings Mills, Hostetter, Richard R.---- .... Reisterstown, Howard, Samuel Price --- ..... Pikesville, Hubbard, Andrew, Jr. .... .... O wings Mills, Hudson, Letitia Ann .... ..... P ikesville, Islaub, Edythe Gault ..... .... Kagle, jesse Lee ......... .-.. Kailer, Birch Ambrose ..... .... Kane, Harry Clay ......... ...- Kaylor, Catherine Carrie- ..., ---- Kellar, Jack Demmitt .... Knott, james Richard .... Krauch, Emily Rebecca ..,. Owings Mills Owings Mills, Owings Mills, Owings Mills, .----Garrison, ----Pikesville -Pikesville, - Pikesville, n Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Loose, Harry Hewes- .... - Long, William Royden .... Manger, john Thomas ..... ..., Markey, Ruth Elizabeth ---- ---- Marquess, Alee jane e.,,.. Marquess, Harry Edward ...... --- ------Glyndon Reisterstown, ----Glyndon, Owings Mills, ------Garrison, Owings Mills, McBride, Caroline Elizabeth .... ..ev, P ikesville McComas, Margaret Edith - McElhattan, Grace Virginia McKee, Helen Roberta ..,. Merriken, Thomas Mlilliam Meyers, Bette -- ae,e., Miller, Marian Elizabeth--- Murk, Esther Marie- ..... Nash, Hilda Armacost.-.-- Osborn, Helen Virginia ,e.. ....,,, Peacock, Charles Milton --- Peregoy, Emory Dell, Jr. --- Phillips, Calvert Franklin -- Price, Howard Calvin vc,, Reigler, Bertha Vivian----.- Robinson, James Laurence- .... --- Royston, Ellen Pauline ---- Schneider, jennie Alberta---- ----- Schultheis, Robert john --- Shaneybrook, Marjorie Ann Sheely, William Cramer ve.. Shipley, XValter Remington- Reisterstown, ---- ---- Reisterstown, Reisterstown, ---Pikesville, Pikesville, Reisterstown, --- - Lutherville, ----Upperco, Reisterstown, ----Reisterstown, -- ..... Pikesville, Owings Mills Reisterstown, Owings Mills Reisterstown, Reisterstown, Lutherville, ---- Reisterstown, ---Pikesville J Boring, J 5 Pikesville, Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Shreeve, Wilbur Murray --- Small, Merab Cecelia ---- Smith, Bruce Penn ,,.., Smith, Richard Clinton- .... -- Spencer, Harold Kenneth Roy- Sprinkle, John Edward ....... -- ---- Stevens, Bernard Joseph --- Sullivan, Charles Wilbert .... Sullivan, Lloyd Roger --- Thornton, Mary Helen---.-- Uhler, George William ,c,, Uhler, Grace Elizabeth ..... Walker, Emmert King --- Walter, Shirley Mae c.,. Weber, Ethel Lurena .,...... Whitcomb, Albert Edward ...., ...,, ----Reisterstown, ---- Reisterstown -- cc.. Glyndon, Reisterstown, ----- - -- Reisterstown, Reisterstown, ----- Pikesville ---- Reisterstown, ------Glyndon, Reisterstown, ----Pikesville ----Pikesville, -----Pikesville --------- Pikesville Owings Mills, Reisterstown, I VVhite, Norma Beatrix- ...., ---Owings Mills Wiley, joseph Holmes ----- ---- R eisterstown, Mfilliams, Frances Louise. ---- ---- R eisterstown, Williams, Kenneth David---- Owings Mills, VVilliams, Wilbur LeRoy------ ---- Reisterstown, Wilsgn, Mary un --------- ---- - ---Reisterstown, YVilson, Maurice Clarence Qr.j---- ----- Pikesville, Hfirts, Bessie Marie . ..-.-...-... -YW RCiSlCl'SI0WH, Wisner, Ralph Walter---- - ...... Upperco, VVinebarger, Marie Martha ----- ----Owings Mills, Wolf, Shirley jane ------.. .... R eisterswwn, Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Sixty-Nine Adams, Franklin C. ....,g.. Alban, Anna Virginia ,..... Owings Mills, -------Upperco Anderson, William Robert .--- ng -,.- Uppefco Arbaugh, Virginia F. ....... Ashe, W. Arthur --.- Baker, William F.----- Bartgis, Virginia j. ..... Beck, Clarence L. ..... Beck, Flora Virginia. .... Bell, Mary O..-- .... -- Reisterstown, - .... Reisterstown, Reisterstown, Owings Mins, -----Owings Mills Reisterstown, ----- Pikesville Belt, Mary Pauline. ....- ,----- U ppefco Berryman, H. Arthur .... ,A,--- , Pikesville Blaylock, Gifford ........., ---Reisterstgwn Botts, Jane C. ..........,.... ---Reisterstown Bowling, Audrey Violet Ann---- ,,-,,,,- Pikesville -- ---- -Reisterstown Brocato, Frances Rose .- ,.... Brady, Catherine Virginia -- Brown, Alma Gertrude --- Brown, Myrtle Isabelle .--- Burnham, john Thomas ---- Bucher, Betty M..-- -..- -- Cardwell, Loring N.--- Carr, Violet Lucille ----- Carter, Betty Marjorie ----- Chenoweth, Genevieve M.-- Chenoweth , Warren E. ----- - ---- - Childs, john Cabel -.-- Colofen, Marie C. ------- - -------- Garrison, Owings Mills -- -- Cockeysville, --Lutherville Owings Mills, -----Garrison ------Upperco, ---------Upperco, Owings Mills Cassidy, james F. .-----.--. ----- -- - ------. Pikesville Owings Mills, Owings Mills, -------Glyndon, J 1 i i I , 1 s 1 Conaway, Mary E. ---------- .--- . Owings Mills, Constantine, Irvin LeRoy ----- ---- - Owings Mills, Criswell, Albert B. -------- ------. P ikesville, Cronhardt, Nancy Lee ---- .---- L utherville, Davis, Russell -------..------ ---- - Pikesville, Doellinger, Norma Pauline --.- ------- - -Boring, Dorsey, Margaret F. ------- Eckhardt, Fred Pitts- ---. Eppley, Carol M.- ---- - Espey, Howard A. ----- Evans, George Henry ---- Fhaely, Gilbert Nelson ---- Seventy Owings Mills, -------Glyndon -------Pikesville, Owings Mills, ------Pikesville, owings Mills 1 Class of 1943 Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Ma ryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Filbert, Doris S.. ------ ----. p ikesville, Finch, Helen Irene - --- --------Upperco Fleagle, Richard David ---- ---H rkeiglerstgwn Foote, Robert H. - ------,, ---,. - Pikesville, Frederick, jacob Albe1t---- Friedel, Carl Paulus . ------ ---------Upperco, ---.Owings Mills Frirts, Frances Christine ---- ----,, A rlington Fritz, Laura E. ..,. --------- --.-.-- G lyndon Fuller, K6lll'l EQ-. -.--. ,,- .--- Qwingg Mills Gamber, Dorothy Ann. ---- ..--- R eisterstown Gambrill, F. Blakiston, ---- --------- , Glyndon Garber, Robert Nvalter ---- " Brooklandville Garman, Doris Genevieve ,--- --.-- Reisterstown Gill, Betty Jane- ........ ----. R eisterstown Gill, Jessie Annetta ---- ----- ,--.Glyndon Gill, Margie Virginia .--- .--- . Reisterstown Gill, Vernon W. -.---- ----- R eisterstown Grimm, Audrey Ann ---- ----. - Pikesville Grimm, G. Regina -------- ----- . Pikesville Hall, Dorothy Elizabeth --- .- ---. Reisterstown Hanna, Stanley J.. --.--- ------. G arrison Harmon, Billy ---------.- -.-- . Garrison Harrison, Billy Ellis.-. -----. ---- P ikesville Harvey, Elizabeth Landon ---- -----Pikesville Haviland, William M. qjrj ---- ---. S tevenson Heintzman, Evelyn May ---- --.-. -.-.....-. B o ring, Heise, Rita Elizabeth ---- ----- ---- .Reisterstown Hipsley, Mildred E. --...-. ---.Owings Mills Hoover, Audrey Frances ---- ----Owings Mills, Howard, William ------- ---. Owings Mills Hubbard, Mary Adele . ---- --..- --.. Owings Mills Hudgins, Robert Watson ---------. --.... . Glyndon Iley, Charles W.. ------------ J--- .-.- .Lutherville Imber, Delma. ---.---... johnson, Eleanor F. --- johnston, John Leo --- Kagle, Robert Dixon. ---- Kellar, Charles E. ----- Keller, Genevieve E.--- King, Donald Orlo.--- Klein, Charles A.----- --- ----- Reisterstown ------ Pikesville ----- Reisterstown ----Owings Mills ---. Owings Mills Owings Mills, -----Reisterstown -----Pikesville, Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Klein, Margaret Mary ....... .,,,., -,-, , P ikesville Koenig, Dorothy Virginia- .....,, ---,Reisterstown Korman, Margaret Elizabeth ..... ----Reisterstown Krauch, jean L. .......... -, Lafferty, Samuel gif., ...... Lau, Elizabeth Louise- .... Lindsay, Denise M. .... --- Linker, William Charles .--- Long, S. Martin- ..... . .... - Lookingbill, E. Mary --- Mann, LeRoy D.. ....... - Martin, Lola L. .............. Mather, Linwood Burtrum .... Mayer, Stanley C. .......... McBurney, WVilson ....... McCoy, Helen Cecelia .,... ..... McKnight, Maxine Ann- .... ...... - Pikesville Meekins, Helen Frances .... Meekins, R. Kenneth ..... Meekins, R. Leon ...... Meredith, Mabel Rae. ..,. Michael, Elwood W. .... Miller, Alvey Warren. .... Miller, Eleanor Estella---- Mills, Carl M. . .......... - --- ...... Glyndon - - ...... - Stevenson Owings Mills Owings Mills -- -- Reisterstown ------Upperco ---- Upperco --- Pikeville --. Pikesville --- Pikesville -----Pikesville -- ----. Pikesville Owings Mills ---- Garrison ---- Garrison ---. Garrison ---- Pikesville ------Upperco ----Reisterstown ---------Pikesville Owings Mills Moser, David ............. ----Reisterstown Moser, Dorothy Genevieve---- .... -Owings Mills Mosner, Edgar L. .......... ---.Reisterstown Mummert, Vernon H. .... .... R eisterstown Murray, George W. .... ..... S tevenson New, Fletcher C.- ........ ...... - Pikesville Noel, Woodrow Wilson .... Owings Mills Nolte, C. William---. ..... ---.Reisterstown Norfolk, Doris J. ....... .... R eisterstown Pearce, Jean Short ....... ....... . Garrison Peltzcr ames Howard .Reisterstown , .I ----- --- Pierce. George Edward. ...... ...- - Pobletts, Pohletts, Quintin Randall Randall Randall Owings Mills 1 a n 1 y J y i J J 1 J Dorothy Elizabeth---- .... Reisterstown Helen Kathleen. ..... ...... R eisterstown, YValter Pfister Grd .... ..... O wings Mills, Bertha E. ........... ....... . Glyndon Mary K. ......,... ...... G lyndon L. Vernon .... ..... - Reisterstown Raver, Mary Erma. ....... Owings Mills Reeder, Doris Virginia .... ----Reisterstown Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland - -1--w-aw .-yq-..,, Roschen, Lewis Royer. .... ,-,-, P ikegville Ruby, Thomas Sterling .--- ,,-, ,Uppereo Schmidt, Katherine C. ---- ,,-,, Pikesville Schuster, Carl G. .--- --- ,,,,, ,Pikesville Schreck, George Edward- ---- ----- R eisterstown Scott, joseph Walter --------- .--- - Lutherville, Seaton, Betty jane - -------,--- ,, ,,,--,, , Pikesville Shaeffer, Wilbur ----. .--- ---- -- ------- Reisterstown Shaneybrook, Charles Winfield ---- ---- - Brooklandville Shatzer, Betty jane ------------ ------- , Pikesville Shipley, Glen Yost ----------- ---- - Pikesville Smith, Lewis N. --- ----- ,-,,, , Stevenson Smith. Lloyd Francis. ----- -------- - Glyndon Smith, Wanda ll. ----.. .--- ----- R eisterstown Southard, Russell Edward --- ----- .Pikesville Spaulding, WValter Henry --- ------- -Sykesville Spence, John Sherman --------- ----- R eisterstown Spencer, Barbara Edna Jessie---- ----- Reisterstown Sprinkle, Anna Grace. -------- ---- O wings Mills Stansfield, L. Roland -- ------ .--- . Reisterstown Stevens, Edward F.---- ----- Reisterstown Stolpp, Phyllis May--- ----- Reisterstown Stultz, Betty M.- --..---- --.--- P ikesville Stultz, Marion V. -------------- ----- - Pikesville Sullivan, Dorothy Grace --------. ---- 0 wings Mills Thomson, Jeanne Claire Brown .--- ----- , Pikesville Tracey, Dorothy Elizabeth --.----- ----- - Hampstead Triplett, William Dixon .-...-.. ---. O wings Mills Turnbaugh, Louise Elizabeth --- ---- -Reisterstown Utz, Milton Carpenter .-..-... .... 0 wings Mills Vagnoni, Altea B.- --.--- - -.-.. Reisterstown Wagner, Fred -----------. .---...- P ikesville Walter, Grace Viola --....-- ..... R eisterstown Walther, jane Elizabeth ---- ---- . Reisterstown Warehime, Paul Sterling ---- ----. R eisterstown Wark, Evelyn Marie- --------- Whitcomb, Roland - --------- - Whitcomb, Elizabeth Virginia- ------Pikesville, --- ----Owings Mills, --- ---- Owings Mills Xvirts, Clarence Elwood -------- . ------. Glyndon Witte, Calvin Hunter ------.-. Wiley, Marian Estelle .--- Wilson, Elizabeth Ann ---- Woodring, Ann L. ------- Yox, John William ------ Zentz, George William ---- Pikesville, - ---- Reisterstown -----Reisterstown Pikesville, ----Owings Mills -----Eccleston n Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Seventy-One Compliments of a Friend Mr Seventy-Two Patrons and Patronesses Mr. and Mrs. J. Lee Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Morris Baker Mr. and Mrs. George Bandiere Mr. john Baublitz P Mrs. John Baublitz Mr. and Mrs. Edward Belt Mr. and Mrs C. J. Benson Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Hofmeister Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hubbard Mr. and Mrs. james Hunter Mr. VV. R. Jones Mr. and Mrs. c. o. Knight Miss Elsie M. Knight Lone Hickory Farm Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Mr A. E. Caltrider D. D. Caples and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. George Coleman R. E. Coursey Q Mr and Mr and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Compliments of a Friend Compliments of a Friend Compliments of a Friend Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Manger Leon Macdonald M Robert McKee Solomon Myers Donald E. Pearce Elmer R. Peregoy Robert Repp Mr. W. M. 'Rigler Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Eckhardt Mr. and Mrs. Fred S., Eckhardt Mr and Mrs. Nathaniel Eckhardt Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Eyler Field's Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Geist Mr and Mrs. Elam J. Geist Mr and Mrs. E. H. German Dr. and Mrs. E. Graefe Mr and Mrs. Walter'L. Graefe Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Grimes Mr and Mrs. R. Healy Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Heintzman Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Hobbs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr and Mrs and Mrs. L. R. Ritchie Edgar Rhode Ernest Rowe Carroll Saumenig George W. Seabold Frank Simmonds Stanley M. Slade Michael Paul Smith Louis Susemihl VVilliam Tracey Guy Tregoe Charles A. Webb Edward White Joseph F. Wineke The Woman's Club D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D C C D D C D D D D D R vvvvwvvvwvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvwvvwvvvwvvvwvvvvvvvvvvwvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvx' vvvvwvuvvvuxfvxufxufvwuvunvwwww FQ 42,35 A Bef! Beloveezf we'll fake ez eeelli' 0 kifeelneff to the meef! rzenelf llye Clem 0 40 ever bezel To om' Aelveelzferff Mezy you pemfomze them, every mel AIXAIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXAIXIIIXIIIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXJXIXAIIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXAIXIXIXIXIXIXIXDIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIIIXIXM IXIXAIXIXIXIXIXIXIKIXIXIXAAIXIXIXIXIKIXIXIXINIXIXIXIXIXIRIXIXAIX Y- c : Q : c c c : c : C : E c Q c c c c C C C C C C C C C D f 4 9 , G D . 4 D 4 . Q Z E D Z C D U E N S C 9 C 5 Q E , 4 5 . . 5 P 4 D 0 Q N D 5 N 5 I D D D A 2 5 4 E 4 C 5 4 3 . 4 9 C 5 E E 1 Seventy-Thr 86 ' VW-vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv ' vvvw vv vv Xl vvvxvvvvvvxlvvvvwf xf vxfvflvi a 4 D E 5 4 Q Success to the Graduates D E J 0 . . D Inslst on 4 5 4 5 Q 5 M 'lk 'l' cl 1 5 , 1 In Ster1 1ze GLASS Bott es Q 9 Q 9 C Q 5 D because the are- ' 2 a y 4 9 5 Q I-IYGIENIC 2 3 1 5 ECON OMICAL g 1 Q STURDY : 9 1 9 TRANSPARENT You can see the cream line I P 2 a 2 ODORLESS 5 . a and proven 4 3 S 5 c 5 Q 5 C P 5 P B k G1 C A 5 uc ass ompany p 4 5 2 Q ' Manufacturers of Baltimore's Milk Bottles Q 5 2 Q for more than a quarter century Q 5 2 B . Z BALTIMORE MARYLAND 5 4 P 5 D . 3 4 9 "SEE WHAT YOU BUY" Q 3 E a . Q "BUY IN GLASS" 9 5 D N El,XI,XlXlRJALXLXlKl.XJllNlKl.XlXlXlKlll.Xl.Kl.XIAIAIXIAIXLKIAAXLXAXJNJAAIAALXLYIXLXIXLXlXl.ll.KLXlXlXI1l.XLl IRI INIAIAIAIXIAIXLXIALXIXIKIXIRIXIRIRllLXl.K1XlNlXIXIRIXIXIXINIXIRHXMIKLXLXIAIRLXINIKIKIXIKIXIXIXIXIXIXIXT Seventy-Four WVVVV'VVVWVVVVWVVWVVVWVVVVVVV L W4 Atlantic Service Station D. BRANSFIELD Proprietor 100,000 Mile Lubrication CARS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED Reisterstown 331 REISTERSTOWN MD We clothe the entire family Your dollars buy more at the Economy Store REISTERSTOWN'S SHOPPING CENTER REISTERSTOWN, MD. Hochschilcl, Kohn E99 Oo. for Classroom Fashions -VUWWU'V''UWUVVWWVVVV'UVVVWVWVVWWWWVWWWWWVWVWVUWWVVWVVVWVV'UVVVVVVVVUVWWWVVVVWWWVWU Q o o 7 , n VVVVVVVWVW V'VVVVVVVVUVVVVVVVVVV Telephone, Vernon 2355 The Flag, Banner E99 Pennant Shop CR. H. Taylor-successor to Sisco Bros.j STAMPING-HAND AND MACHINE EMBROIDERING 302 Park Avenue BALTIMORE, MD. May s Bakery 47 S Main Street Phone: Reis. 351 WEDDING AND BIRTHDAY CAKES A SPECIALTY Triangle Service Stations, Inc su rn 51 U3 "1 rn va U3 "1 O 2 2 5 no 'C 5 2 U GAS OIL TIRES JV P 5 D D D D D 3 5 5 n 9 D 3 D 5 D P D P D P D D P . P D 3 -0 3 D 3 J D D D D a I D 9 D 3 7 2 D D E . B Best Buy s Buick E. EARLY CHILDS The Brooks Price Company OH'ice 1370-1374 West North Avenue Phone: Madison 9300 Baltimore, Maryland Res' Owings Mills Md. Y C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C 4 9 4 4 4 4 , 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Q! ! 39 E 4 C E ' 4 ' 4 4 4 4 - 4 4 4 . , 4 4 4 Seventy-Fi 'UC vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvwvvvvwvvwvvvvv ' vvvvvvvvvvvv' 4 G G G G 4 4 E Q G G 4 G E G G 4 G G G E G G E 4 G G Q G G G G G G E G G E G 4 G G G G G G G G G G 4 G G Q G G G G G G G G G G E G G 4 G G G E Q 4 G G 5 E G G G Q G G G G G Q Q G G G G G 1 G G Q G C 4 G Q Fon 5 G E COMMENCEMENT CLOTHES 4 4 Q COMMENCEMENT GIFTS Q Q c:oME TO 3 2 G 4 G Goucher Tase, Inc. HUTZLER BFQTHEIQ Gi BUILDERS 903 CATI-IEDRAL STREET 4 G C 4 C Trunda s Shoe Shop OPPOSIKC Franklm Hxgh School Full Llne of STAR BRAND SHOES, KEDS, RUBBER FOOTWEAR and Dr Scholl Remedies and Alds for the Feet We Can SHVC YOU TIIOIICY Shoe Repalrmg a Specxalty Frankhn Confecuonery Opposite Franklm High School REISTERSTOWN MARYLAND SCHOOL SUPPLIES, SODAS ICE CREAM PATENT DRUGS Phone 201 ust say Granny s 4 V 4 , 9 Q V 4 V . . . , 4 1 4 V Q , ' - 4 , 4 , . . G , . Q V 4 - 4 - . . . 4 V Q V 4 V 4 V . . 4 V 4 V ' 4 - . . . 4 V Q ' 2 , ' 4 V G , 9 4 . Q , 9 Q ' QQ 7 97 , J Q V Q V Q - IAAALXAAAAAAAALXAAAXI AXM.AA1ALXAl,A. VAAAAAAAAAA.AAAAALXAXLXAJAJAAXINAXIAJAIAJAIAIALXAXJAINIAAIAAILXAAAIAIRIALXLXIAAAIAAXIAAIAAALXLXAIAIAIAAAXIXAAAINIAAX ' Seventy-Six A A A A A WVVVVVWVUWWWVVVWUVVVUWVWWVVWVWWVVVWWWW'WWVWVVVWVVVUMVVWVVVWWUWVVVWWWWVWVV'WVWWWVVVVVWVVVVVVX V V V'VV BEST WIS!-IES TO THE CLASS OF 1940 Mr. and Mrs. Christian H. Kahl Lindy's Drug Store THE "REXALL', STORE The G-lyndgn Bank The Most Modern Drug Store in Baltimore County GLYNDON MARYLAND Free Delivery Phone: Reis. 306 SERVICE ALWAYS Hampstead Implement 59' Supply Co HARDWARE-PLUMBING-PAINTS McCORMICK-DEERING TRACTORS and IMPLEMENTS Phone-Hampstead 13 5 Burkholder s Service Station OWINGS MILLS MARYLAND 5 7 AAAA AAA.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMAMAAAAAAAMAMW MiAAAAM.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMAAAAAAAAAAAA..AA Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 C 4 4 4 4 . 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Phone Relsterstown 231- 4 4 4 Seventy-Seve H 1,1,,,.,,,---v4f VUWVWVVWVVWVVVVWVVVWWVVWUVVVVVV The Humphries Supply Company Maple Spillway Come out and enjoy an evening Don ll Throw It Away Basement Masonic Temple kt Q Have your tennis racket restrung and .Q ohn F Welsh Prop watch your game improve Compliments of Wroei Jr GLYNDON MD PIIOHCI Reis. JVVWWVWVVVVVVVVVVVWW'WWWVVWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWVVWWVVVW'WVVWWWVWVWVVVVWVVVVV' V . ' X V J . , . .W JVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVWWVUVVWVV P D S eventy-Eight Phone Pikes. 441 Mask Ball Theatricals Tableaux FULL DRESS SUITS ACADEMIC CAPS AND GOWNS COOK WITH ECON GAS Save up to 35W Economy Gas Company LaVin,S Pharmacy PIKESVILLE, MARYLAND PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED WHILE YOU WAIT Pageants A T Jones Eff Sons THE BALTIMORE COSTUMER Your Doctor's Drug Store 823 North Howard Street A Registered Pharmacist Always In Charge Vernon 3473 j . . mAA.AMAA.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAWAWMMMWiAMMAAMBROAAAMAAAAAhAAMWMAAAMAAAAMMAMAAAAAAAMAAMARMAAAMMMAAAMHMMAMAAM.AMA VUVVVWV'VWWWVWVVVWWVVVVVV''YVVV' . . , . 9 Q YIYI 'IYIYIYIYIWTlYlX'fX'lY YIVYIYIVVXYYIVVYIVVX ' ' 'NYWWVVVVVV W Reis. 134 and 135 John Grebner 29 Main Street, Reisterstown, Md. SELECT GROCERIES, MEATS, FRUITS and VEGETABLES There is no substitute for quality VVWVVVWVVVVVVVVVYll'lVWVUUXYVVVVV Wheeler Chevrolet Sales I-IAMPSTEAD, MARYLAND MODERN SERVICE DEPARTMENT BODY AND FENDER REPAIRING XA N C C C C C C C C C C C C C Phone: Hampstead 128 4 C Kriete Osborn's FIRESTONE TIRES BATTERIES AND ACCESSORIES Corner Hanover and Westminster Roads REISTERSTOWN, MARYLAND Phone: Reisterstown 284 phone: Reis. 167 The New Theatre REISTERSTOW N, MD. CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCE Motion Pictures Are Your Best Entertainment Open 2-11 P. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 C 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 M., Daily 2 4 4 4 4 4 Reisterstown Motor Company Car washing E. G. Koenig, Proprietor Tires and Tubes Used cars 20 Main Street Repairing Storage REISTERSTOWN, MARYLAND Greasing Phone Reisterstown 64 . , . ,LXLXIAIRIAINLX fllxflfxhxmmllfXfRlRmIlALXl.Xllll'fRLl.fX 1 "PLAN TO PLANT" The Keir Nursery Reisterstown Road One Mile North of Pikesville PIKESVILLE, MARYLAND IX IR LX IX LK IR IX I1 IX LX IX LX ll IK lil IX IX IX IX IK JK IX IX C C C C C C C C C C C C C C Seventy-Nine G Q 4 G VVVVVVVVVVVVVVIVVVWVVVVVVVVVVWVVWVWVVWVVVVVVVVVVV VWWVUWWVWVWWV-VVVVVVVI'VWVVVWVVWVVVVV """" Y "" V Endicottfjohnson Shoes FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Pikesville 5-10 to 51.00 Store Pikesville 585-W John Veise RADIO SERVICE ' ' Public Address Systems Rented F. E99 CO. 17 Clarendon Avenue PIKESVILLE, MD BUILDERS Mallonee Brothers CRUSHED AND BUILDING STONE ROAD BUILDING P1kesv11le 39 222 Church Lane, Plkesvllle Phone Plkesvxlle 535 Suburban Bowlmg Alleys 1008 Relsterstown Road PIKESVILLE, MD A J 1zoGERs J . . , . , . Q . . ,IAIAAXJXALXLXKXLXN ,LXLXZXINIAAXININIAIAIRINAXIXIXMHINIAIRIRAINIRLXLILIIALXINIKIXALXIAIALXLKLXINLXININIRIX.LKINIAIXLXINIXIXAIXIXINAAIXIXIALXZXIAIALXLXIRLXIAIALXIAIXIALXIAINIXLXIXIAIALXIAIAIAI Eighty VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVUVVVVVVVVVVVVV VV V V VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVUVVV Reis. 29-W Robert Turner CARPENTER-BUILDER OWINGS MILLS MD Phone: Pikes. lg t Phone 84 W W W Gerbr1ck 2 Sherwood Avenue General Automobile Repairing ACCESSORIES 17-19 East Main Street WESTMINSTER, MD Safe Deposit Boxes for Rent The People s Bank PIKESVILLE MD COMMERCIAL DEPOSITS Phone 472 SAVINGS DEPOSITS Beard s Restaurant J W BEARD Always An Appealing Menu No Greek Cooking T e CoH'man F1sher Co DEPARTMENT STORE WESTMINSTER MD CHRISTMAS FUND Maximum Each Deposltor 5000 ZVVVVVV VVV'VVVVVVVVVVVVWVVWVVVWVVV'VVVVVUVVVVVVVVVVVV'WWVWVVWVVVWWWWWVWWVVVWVVVVVVVVVV """"" ' ' VW c 4 : c : 4 4 c 4 c ' 4 c ' 9 . . , . 4 , 5 4 c c , 4 Q . . Q 4 C Q Private P21195-Danflng-Banquets Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 4 4 . . 5 C Q h : Q - 4 1 . : 4 Q 4 : C 7 ' . IAAAAAAAAAAAAA,.AHAAAAABA .,..... ..,..,.. , , ,,,, .AAAAAMAAAMAAAAAAAMMMMAAMMAAMAAAMAMAAMMMAAAAAAA.MM W D D Eighty-One VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVUWVUVUVVVVVVVVUUVVVVVVVVVVVUVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV WV'''VVVVVVVVVVVVVVWWWWVUUUVV'VVWWWVVVVVV'VVVVUVVUUVV WWWWVWWWVWVWUVVUWVVVVVVVVUVVVVWVWVWVWVVWVVVWVVVVWW Pikesville Building Loan Association E93 Tovell . BUILDERS Home Financing since 1894 2114 Maryland Avenue BUY YOUR OWN HOME ON EASY TERMS Univ. 0026 Mem Mondays' 7 'O 9 P' M' RESIDENCES COMMERCIAL ALTERATIONS Come Home - - - Enjoy PikCS2 120 Reisterstown Restaurant Pikesville Tailor CLEANING, ALTERING, AND DYEING Call for and deliver Open All Hours 1407K Reisterstown Road Reis. 82 2 S. Hanover Road PIKE-SVU-'LE1 MD- Where the best of FOOD is served G, B, Caltrider Pikesville Gift and Dress Shop Hardware, Feed, Fertilizer, Paints, Oils, House Furnishings, 1415 ReiSf61'St0WH Road pipe and pitting, DRESSES TOYS GIFTS Glassware, Chinaware Circulating Libl'3l'Y Roofing, Wire Fencing, Purina and Larro Feeds Benefn Humane Society of Baltimore County Reis. 161 and 162 REISTERSTOWN, MD. Phone: Pikesville 568 KIKIXI IALKIRJALXLXLXIAAIRLXIALXAXINM . IAIRIA IAIAIAIAIXIAININININlllllklkIXININIXINIXLKIALXLXKRXAIAIRINAINIALXAAALXIXIXILKXINIALXINLXKXLXLXINLXINIAIAIA Mlklll. . 1lNIXlXlllXlX , , Eighty-Two J' D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D A WWVW V K V VVVV V V V V V VV VV V VUYIVVWVVXYVVUN' V Compliments of Western Mar lan olle . y d C ge Rmaman if Brown WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND Builders' and Farmers' Supplies h ' LUMBER Fred Gafflgus Holloway, D-D-, LL-D-, President Estimates cheerfully furnished HAMPSTEAD, MD. Phone: Hampstead 50 For Young Men and Young Women Unexcelled Location Modern Curriculum HalDPStCad Bank Complete Equipment Modern Rates OF CARROLL COUNTY, MARYLAND Catalogue Upon Application Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Sid1e's Department Store The Quality Store C 1, f Complete Outfitters of Wearing Apparel for the Entire Family omp lmems 0 -Also- Dry Goods, Notions, House Furnishings, Glassware, n - School Supplies, etc. A F I'1CI'1d REISTERSTOWN, MARYLAND Phone: Reisterstown 206-R Castleon ry Better Plumbing for Better Homes Reisterstown Road, Above Pikesville G . Albert Salter Only the finest ice cream and ices PLUMBING AND HEATING Home of Honey-Made Ice Cream Phone: Pikes. 50 PIKESVILLE, MD. lKXRXHXfXfNlNlNlNAXlAfXlRlAlNlXlAlX1AlNlNlKfA.AHAAALXAMAALXMAXAAMAAAMAMAAIXA. IXIXINLKIRIXLXIXIXIXLXIX IXIXIX . , .IXIXIJLX IXIYIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIRIX!!IXIXIX Eighty-Thre X C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C S C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C 6 VVWWVVVWWVUVUVWVVW ' WWVVVWWWWWWVW-WWW. VVWVVVVVVVVVVV-W Buy all your Selected Milk Butter Chocolate Milk Cheese Buttermilk Eggs from Hamilton Farm Dairy Call Hamilton 3393 for prompt service C. E. Weaver, Inc. QUARRYMEN and CONTRACTORS Owings Mills, Maryland Reisterstown 307 R and 344 FROM A 1924 GRADUATE ''WWW1WVVX7.WVW'VVYfWVVUVV'VVWVYlUVVYIUVVVVVVYIVUVVUVWVVYIVUVWVIVI We feel we are justified in being proud of four things: 1.-We are the oldest financial institution in the vicinity. 2.-We have never paid less than five per cent interest on sav- ings accounts during our 54 years of financial service to the community. 3.-We have never closed our doors regardless of the severity of panic or depression, nor refused to honor the demands of our investors. 4.-We are larger today than we have ever been. There is much food for thought in the above if you are interested in a liberal return on a safe investment. SMALL ACCOUNTS SOLICITED Write or Call on the Glynclon Permanent Bu1ld1ng Assoc1at1on GLYN DON MARYLAND Yours since 1887 - . s o u e 3 . INlNflLXLlINLXIiKLX.lAfLLKMlNlAIAlNi . . IXIXIARXI. IXIXIXIXIXINLXIXINIXINIXIXAIXIXIXIR Eighty-Sim VVV 'VUUVVVUVVVWVVVUVVVVVVWVWVVVUVUYIVVVYIVYYVVVVU X ll A Compliments of s ll . We tern Maryland Co ege Rmaman 59, Brown WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND Builders' and Farmers' Supplies D A LUMBER Fred Gafflsus Holloway, D-D-e LL-D-e Pfesldenf Estimates cheerfully furnished 1-IAMPSTEAD, MD. Phone: Hampstead 50 For Young Men and Young Women Unexcelled Location Modern Curriculum HaIDpSt63.d Bank Complete Equipment Modern Rates OF CARROLL COUNTY, MARYLAND Catalogue Upon Application Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Sidle's Department Store The Quality Store C Y f Complete Outfitters of Wearing Apparel for the Entire Family omp lmems O -Also- Dry Goods, Notions, House Furnishings, Glassware, . ' School Supplies, etc. A F I'16I1d REISTERSTOWN, MARYLAND Phone: Reisterstown 206-R Castlefjn Dairy Better Plumbing for Better Homes Reisterstown Road, Above Pikesville Albert Salter Only the finest ice cream and ices PLUMBING AND HEATING Home of Honey-Made Ice Cream Phone: Pikes. 50 PIKESVILLE, MD. A IAILIAIALXAKLKIALXAX.LKLXINIAIXIAALKAXIALXLXAIAINIAIAALX A. .LXLX. lA!X!lAXLXLXlAlAlXAlAlA AAA A A X A x 1 1 Eighty-Thre YL C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C S C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C 0 vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvxvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvg G G G G G Q G 5 3 D 5 5 D Eighty-Four WWVWVVVVVVWW VWVWWWXVVVVYIWVWVWWYIVWWWVWWWWWWWWW 'XYVWWWYIVVVVWVVVVWVVW ' WVWVVVVWWV ' VVWWVUV' VVVX VVV John M. Whitmore Paul H. Whitmore ' Mrs. Jessie R. Yingling, Agent President Manager The Mutual Fire Insurance Company in Harford County Whitmore PUlJliShiI1g COIIIPHHY RE1sTERsToWN,MD. Phone Reist 109 PRINTING DESIGNING ENGRAVING Travel By Bus Phone Hampstead 15 F 14 REISTERSTOWN, MARYLAND Reisterstown 260 Therapia Farm BREEDERS OF HIGH PRODUCING AYRSI-IIRE CATTLE OWINGS MILLS, MARYLAND Phone: Reisterstown 285 Silverbrook Dairy ALBERT LUTZ OWINGS MILLS, MARYLAND Milk and Cream Delivered 1 MMM Fidelity Motor Coach Co HAMPSTEAD, MD. Folkemer Photo Service Distributors of BELL 86 HOWELL Movie Equipment and Accessories 2814 Raynor Avenue BALTIMORE MD Lafayette 1431 Paul I. Folkemer AXIAIAIAINLXLXIAIAIAINIRLXIAININLKLXLXILXININIAIXINAININIAMIAIAIAIAIAINIA VWVVV ' WV' ' 'VVVY VVVVVVWWWVVVWVVVVWYIWYIVWWVYIWWWWUVVWWWVVNIVVVIVVYIWWWVUWWWVVVWW-WWWWVWVVV' V' ' """"""' ' ' ' ' ' Mrs. L. B. Fowble DEALER IN HARD AND SOFT COAL REISTERSTOWN, MD. Phone: Reistersrown 44-W Woodensburg Store GENERAL MERCHANDISE GAS-OIL-FEED O. P. Mummert, Prop. Phone Reist. 59-M Osborn s Garage USED CARS GENERAL REPAIRING Hanover Road, Woodensburg, Md Phone Rens 4 F 12 P O , Re1sterstown Phone Llberty 8470 Estimates Cheerfully Given Sharrer s Movmg Whxte Help Only The world moves fast and so do we 5008 Relsterstown Road BALTIMORE MARYLAND Reisterstown Savings Bank OF BALTIMORE COUNTY, MARYLAND Reisterstown, Maryland Accounts Solicited COMMERCIAL SAVINGS CHRISTMAS SAVINGS SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation C C C C C C C C C C C Q C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C S 4 5 ' 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 , 4 4 . I : . - - . . ,Md. G 4 4 4 n u . 4 : 4 . . 4 4 , . 4 4 4 - 4 4 4 4 - 4 v 4 4 monnfmfmmmfmmmfmfmfmmmmm. . .fm .-Jmfmfmmmm .... mum Eighty-Fi 'De Buy all your Selected Milk Butter Chocolate Milk Cheese Buttermilk Eggs from Hamilton Farm Dairy Call Hamilton 3393 for prompt service D D D D D D ? D D D D D D D D C. E. Weaver, Inc. QUARRYMEN and CONTRACTORS Owings Mills, Maryland Reisterstown 307 R and 344 D D D D D D . D 5 . D D D 5 . . D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D Eighty-Six FROM A 1924 GRADUATE ''WWWVWYIWWWWWVUUWWWVWVVVVVVVVVVVWVVVVVVYIWVVVWVWVYVVVYIVWYIV We feel we are justified in being proud of four things: 1.-We are the oldest financial institution in the vicinity. 2.-We have never paid less than five per cent interest on sav- ings accounts during our 54 years of financial service to the community. 3.-We have never closed our doors regardless of the severity of panic or depression, nor refused to honor the demands of our investors. 4.-We are larger today than we have ever been. There is much food for thought in the above if you are interested in a liberal return on a safe investment. SMALL ACCOUNTS SOLICITED Write or Call on the: Glynclon Permanent Building Association GLYNDON, MARYLAND Yours since 1887 i . IR . . FXIXJRIAINMLXLXLXIAIXIRIAIAIXIXLXIN Grays Rocky Lodge Route 25, Falls Rd , Butler, Md COMPLIMENTS OF Come and see us or call C lc vill 16 F4 oc eys C Re1sterstoWn Lumber Co Ideal location modern conveniences moderate rates. Many plea sure facilities to help you your club church or school create a successful outing party or vacation Koontz Creamery Liberty 4303 "Where Quality Rules" CREAM-BUTTERMILK BUTTER-CHOCOLATE MILK COTTAGE CHEESE Chas. H. Kagle PLUMBING AND HEATING REISTERSTOWN, MD. . F. El' J line E? Sons Best wishes to the Class of 1940 from FUNERAL DIRECTORS A Friend Phone Reis. 192 REISTERSTOWN, MD. C K C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C vvv 'v'vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvwvvvv'vwvvvvvvwwvvvwvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vwvvv'vv1'vvvv' ' wvu C C C C 7 C C C C C C . 0 4 C C C 4 C C C - - . g . . N C a 1 ' 5 , C a a 9 S C 4 1 9 ' N C C C C C C ALXINIRIAIXIXIXIXININIAINIXIKLXLXLXLXLXININMIX.llIAAAXAXLXLXIAIALKIAAXKXINLXIAIAINAXLXLXIKLXLXIA. .lN. ilNlAIXlA0lllRMlN A. . 4 Xl, . X X Eighty-Seven v vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvwvvvvvvvv 1 vvvvvvvvvvvwvvvvvvvvv 6 G E G G G G 4 G Q G G E G G G G G G G E 4 E 4 G Q Q 4 G G Q G G 4 4 G G G G Q Q G G G G 4 2 S G S G G E G E G G G G G E E G G 6 G G Q G G 4 G G 4 4 G G G 4 Q G 4 G Q Q 4 G 4 G G G Q G G G G G VV VVVVVVVVVVVVVV Phone: Wolfe 6050 Pikesville 648 G. ELECTRICAL AND PLUMBING CONTRACTING M1Cha61 Pelczar ARCADIA, MD. REAL ESTATE INSURANCE Phones: Shop 14-F-43 Res. 121-J, Hampstead Buys-sells city and country property, lots, ground rents, etc. Mary Jane Beauty Salon Also negotiates loans on Mortgages 36 Main St 1933 Eastern Avenue REISTERSTOWN, MD, BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Phone: Reisterstown 193 Earl Lanham Rels 270 Pxkes 121 R Relstetstown' Maryland PENNSYLVANIA HARD W D G H LYKENS VALLEY SUNBURY COAL ro For Lowest Prices GRAIN, FEED, FLoUR, COAL, LIME, CEMENT Phone Re's'm"'Wn 304 FERTILIZER AND SEEDS W111oW Farms Da1ry MILK VITAMIN B' Headquarters Of ICE CREAM AND CHOCOLATE MILK SOUTHERN STATES QUALITY SUPPLIES Phone Wesrmmsfer 837 F 3 R D 7, Westmnnster, Md ' . I D ' L a A - . . . , N ! Q . . . mx. , .l.AA. . . .mmmmmmt . .AAAAAAA.A. . .AAAAA A.AAAAAAAI . Immmmtnx. IAAIA.AAAAAAAAA, AAAAAA.ILAIAIAAAAAAAAAAAA.lAlAlkAA.AA AAA! AAAA AAA A AA A A AAA A AA A A AA Eighty-Eight W W V V ' v V V V a 5 a . 5 N C 4 2 Q U U Z 9 "' 3 ,S 5 rn 2 Q Z "' R Q m c a E' 5. ef vw o 4 2 V, 3 9 "1 4 3 cr 9- IU n Z 0 2 : Q 2 5' 4 V 1 UI . 5 ,U Q Q '15 5 B ,U f 5 g' ru n g El' E 0 2. S 5 5 o m .. m 2 K4 za f 9 Q Q I 3 5 2 Q 5 Jr fx '- 3' 55 W 2 e a 5 2 Eu 0 o G 3 "L g f 3 2: rn Q .T EH '-I Q. an :z A a ' Q rf 3 O Q N G f 5 av m O -T. ,,, H Q N 5 3 00 E 0 v-n QU U1 U A 4 a Z 2 z LTI 77 2. 9: 4 9 U, : ' G S 05' "f w Q 5 -1 S 5 P-1 n E' 9' r- Q , rn un -. rn rn UQ +4 4 , 'JU 0 7U S D ' 9' In N Z Q 9 n Q' O c 5 Z O gr "1 A ? y ' 5. O C 5 Q 75 N V1 2 "1 e 0 a '-4 '- 9 2 'JI G 5 rv 3 I , E a 5 G Q 4 5 2 ' 0 3 E a U 5 2 L 5 , . 3 ? 2 a Q I G 5 8' U4 Q , C 4 Q gg pa. Q a fd' G , CD 'Tl 4 5 F 5 FU Q a 5 5 5 Z S vm 5 5 9' Z 3, 2 Q 5 "f m in ' 5 a 5- 'C X4 G 9 '11 I-1 . Z O "1 I' 2 9 2' E 5- E S 3' "' 9 Q a T" "1 Q 4 9 l"' :E 'Ti Q 3 o 2 Cn 5 2 5 C P+ ::" 2 a 5 3 "': c D U, 4 9 p-1 4 O Cz: a E Q T 'pq 2 Q o m 7 F 5 g E D 55 1 3' 03 2 X ' a Q QAAAAAAAA,XIXIRAAIXALXIXINAINIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXLKIXAIXIIIXIXLXILLXIXLXIXZXAIXIXIKIXLIIXLXLXIXAAIXAAAAAAAAAHAe Eighty-Ni 716 . 1r,, VVVWWVWWVVWVWUVVUWVXYVVVVVVUVVVVVVVVVUVIVVVV-UVVVVUVYIVVVVVUVVXIVYIVVWXYWVVVVWVVVVVVVVYIVVVWVYIXVVVVVW Run Right to 5 READ'S Q Fon ALL YOUR DRUG STORE NEEDS! D P 9 D ay 1 O r S 17-19 Main sf D 2 Westminster 391 5 HOME MADE D D D 2 ICE CREAM vwwvvwvvvvvvv D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D Compliments of Phone Relsterstown 283 A Friend 2 Carroll and State Theatres D Z "The best in movies, comfort and entertainmen D D Q WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND D D , . D Z . RETAIL AND WHOLESALE D P D 5 , . D D D D D F D D D D D D , D D D D - I.Xl.XIll.llkLXINININAXIRMINAXLXINAIRIA ILIRLXINIAIXIAIALXIAIAIAINIAIAJAIXYLXLQHIAIAIV ll LXIXINIAIXIRINIAA LXINIAAXINLKLKINIAIAININIRIALXIAINLXINAIAIKIAIAIRAXIXII IX , IRINAXM 1 INLXIRKXINIXILIRAAAXLXIAILLK Nmety V Compliments of the t,9 Joseph L Mathias MEMORIALS DEPOSITORS FIRST WESTMINSTER MD. PIKESVILLE MD. This bank does business on the principle that your convenience Ph 127 Ph 444 and satisfaction are the first considerations one' one. Farmers and Merchants Bank Layma.n's Music Courses, Inc. Madame Olga Samaroff Stokowski , FOWBLESBURG MARYLAND Founder and Artistic Director for opera and concert goers Radio Listeners Record Collectors Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Baltimore Branch Sponsored by Mrs. John W. Garrett George Kent Bellows Vernon 0978 14 E. Hamilton St. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 VVV fVVVV X VVVXIWXYVXYVVVVVUVIWV ' YIYIWUIXYYIW-XYVXVWYIXYXYYIYIXYVXYXIYIVUWYIVVYIVVVVWVYIWYIVVVYIUVWV ' ' 'VS 4 4 4 . n 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 v Q 4 4 . 4 ' 4 4 4 a 9 9 I 2 L. G. Balfour Company MANUFACTURING JEWELERS AND STATIONERS TO SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 I 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 ATTLEBORO MASSACHUSETTS Maker of Commencement Invitations for Senior Class of Franklin JENKINS High School Represented by: Henry Witdch, 105 W. Saratoga, St., Balto., Md Z0 W. Redwood Street BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Bas1er's Service Station Manufacturers of SUNOCO A to z LUBRICATION FRANKLIN HIGH scHooL RINGS AND PINS GAS, OU-f SOFT DRINKS, CONFECTIONERY Tires, Tubes, Accessories GARRISON, MARYLAND Phone: Pikes. 623 Ninety-O 'ILC SVWUWWU'WWVWWWWWWWWWWW'W'UWW'WWWWVWWVVWW'WWVVVVWWWVWWWWVVWWWWVVWWWWW'VWVVWVVVVVVVV'WWWWWWWVWVWWWVWVV V' D E Ernest H. Trueth Peltzer's Service Station HOME DRESSED AND EXPERT LUBRICATION COUNTRY CURED MEATS 5 quarts Atlantic Oil 51.00 Hampstead 120-J Phone: Reis. 340 REISTERSTOWN, MD. William D. Brown Compliments Of GENERAL MERCHANDISE i SELECT FIREPLACE AND CHUNK WOOD Miller's Ice and Ice Cream Phone: Reis. 346-Delight, Owings Mills, Md. REISTERSTOWN, MD, Reis. 127-W Established 1893 John C. Logsdon Wholesale and Retail Dealer ancl Manufacturer of J. Bufnllanl CHOICE FLAVORING EXTRACTS REISTERSTOWN, MD. - I C E - COAL, WOOD, AND FUEL OIL Garner Brothers Plant and Yard Post Oilice a a a a a a a a a a 5 1 a a a a a : : a : a a a a a a D Q a a 5 Q OIL BURNERS ICE REFRIGERATORS a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Z 2 Chattolanee, Md. Pikesville, Md. Phone Pikesville 149-J s a a a AM AAAAAAA ......1.AAAAAAAAmAAAAAAAAAMAAAAAAAAMAMAAAAAAAAAAMA'WAMMMMMAAAMAAimmmmmmmhm.i'AmiiMAAAMAMMMMMMAAAAAAAmn N inety-Two AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.AA.Am0AAAuAAAAAA.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. ' 'VVVVVWYIWV ' VYIVYIVVV I U YI ' VV ' WVWVWWWWWWVWWWWWVV'VVV'W4 ' VWWV-WVVVVWWWVWVVVWW ' U ' VVWV-WVWVWVVVVVUV V I VV VVV "W H. A. Clark NEW CHEVROLET CARS, AND NEW TRUCKS Licensed Plumber ALL KINDS OF USED CARS AND TRUCKS PLUMBING AND HEATING PUMPS INSTALLED AND REPAIRED See or Call: Repair work promptly attended to Steuart KnatZ REISTERSTOWN, MARYLAND Reisterstown 47-J Liberty 0800 EGYPTIAN GROWER A Complete Rich Natural Plant Food and Soil Builder Nitrogen Content Entirely Organic For Lawns, Flower Gardens, Shrubbery, Vegetable Gardens, 11 Years with the Fruit Trees, etc. E t P ltr F m . Owings Mills, Md. gyp ou Y ar Phone: Reis. mm Park C1rc1e Motor Compan OBJECT OF KIWAN IS INTERNATIONAL SELLING NEW CI-IEVROLETS AND To Help Build A Better Community . ALL KINDS OF USED CARS A I A .A AAAAA A AMRAAAAAAMmMMAAnAMAmAAl1All'M , AA' IAM MRAALLAAAAMAIAMAMAAAM A. . A . A I RQAAAIRM Y :TX . 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