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il m'A ' i A x zfffhrtg. , 'x2famar:se,dx.1f-W X ' iitvlusxn-r.v:'fw-1:-.zzz fwizinlm-98131 ' 5111 E Bial Hnlumr XXIX liuhli-ahrh bg hp Srruinr Qllang 1 nf 1535 1. sylN'GN,,q 5 'fe- Q ,. 5 E iam? Q-bang Q 3Franhlin High .Brhqnl llrintrrntnmn, Qlilh. . 6' 'Jr Q4 F. I-I. S. TI-IE DIAL 1936 llnmagv in CID111' iiirgv illahivn Un frllliatrwa lgarznan, Hliatrraa Giiptnn, aah ffllliatrnm Chrag hu the ilinighns ' nf '35 hehirahfthvir Tilernrh nf Arhivurmvnta in apprvriatiua nf thr gallant am1ista11rr thmv gvnilv labiea haue gium thvm hating Ihr lant fnur gram. R Page Four ,-V , H, -QV -Ly, Q'ewfHtf'!'l1'!aQ -'f ww we-,,-Qfr. . . , . -WYE-: , 91' F.YH.s. TI-1E'D1AL 1936 N M ISS PARSONS . Miss TIPTON Mlss GRAY V Page Five F H S THE DIAL 1936 Ellnremnrh A me, the knights nt' '35 mhn are ahnut tn leane the Glastle Zllranklin, hu publish this rernrh, 'Uhe iBial" nf nur bags spent here, with the hope that in smne far nlf time when earh nf us has arquireh his num rastle, this little nnlnme will help tn rerall the pleasures eniugeh anh the lessnns learneh hur- ing nur bags nf apprentireship in the Olastle Zllranklin. if rr Page Six - - br - ' 4: -.. : t gi , rl fi- ik. '. ' K' , is all in fF. H. S. THE. DIAL -A1936 6 . .Q 4 if.. Qlnnteuts A, , . vp. X ii.-P Homage To Our Three Liege-Laclies .... :- .. K A .lv Our Castle Franklin ........ N - - ......... - Lords and Ladies of the Court-Ye Faculty .--- ........ ..... -. -- Scribes and Scrilablers of the Recoril ...... Y V1 Page ---.. ........ .......... P age -Page ---------.Page The Newly-Made Knights-Ye Seniors-- ----.- ----. -.------ -----, -,, Page , . Visions of the Mali-Class Prophecy ---.----.- -----...--Page W, Last Will of the Knights ....... ... ...-.-. -. .-.- -. --.. .- --.---. ,--,--,-,- P age Ye Squires and Pages-Underclasses .-.... Pastimes and Organizations in the Castle .------ -, -.-.---- --.-.--- Record of the Combats-..-.----.. ..... .. ...,..- And The Merchants Cry Their Wares Wxmcisms of the Court ester ,gy A P oSovon -------..-Page -Page Page Page Page 2. 4 8 9 10 11 36 39 43 51 57 69 v " fm J F. I-I.S. THE DIAL 1936 OUR CASTLE FRANKLIN Page Eight F. I-I. S. TI-IE DIAL 1936 Enron muh Eahire nf the Qlnurt READE W. CORR, Principal MOLLIE F. SAFFELL, Vice-Principal A.B. tUnive1'sity of Richmondj Co-rninercial Chemistry C. LOUISE TIPTON ANNA R. MEEKS HELEN T. REESE A.B. fWeste1'n Marylandj A.B. iGouche1'J A.B. tGouche1'J A.M. iColumbiaJ Mathematics History Latin, Mathematics ELLEN H. GRAY B.S. Uohns Hopkinsj FRED D. CROSBY Biology, History ETHEL A. PARSONS A.B. iWeste1'n Maryland! English HELEN G. HUTTENHAUER A.B. tGoucherj B.P.E. fSp1'ingfie1dJ Physical Education, Boys JOSEPH F. BOYLAN B.S. CManhattanJ A.M. fCo1umbiaJ Mathematics, Science C. WIGHTMAN SEABOLD B.S., A.M. fUniversity of MARGARET J. HANNUM A.B. tGouche1'J English, French HOPE GODWIN tSa1'gent School of Physlcal Educationg Boston Unlversltyj Physical Education, Girls MARY R. WENDLE B.S. fMansfield Statej Music, English English Marylandj M- THELMA W15NER Mathematics, Agriculture, Science fG0UCh9I'l MERLE EUBANKS H1St0t'2l B.S. tGeorgia State College ARTHUR L. COLBURN THELMA M. PYLE for Womenj B.S. fStout Instituteb A.B. fBridgewaterJ Home Economics Industrial Arts Commercial GRAMMAR AND PRIMARY DEPARTMENT EMMA K. HANNA, Seventh Grade MILDRED E. JONES, Sixth Grade MARIE B. SLOAN, Sixth Grade DORIS B. BALD, Fifth Grade LOUISE B. Goonwm, Fifth Grade ELEANOR BRUEHL, Fourth Grade LEONE A. LAMOTTE, Fourth Grade Page N ine MARY E. BUCHER, Third Grade GRACE L. INGHAM, Third Grade ETHA M. FRANTZ, Second Grade MARY L. CALLAHAN, Second Grade ESTHER S. CALLAHAN, Fi-rst Grade ADDA L. TRUMP, First Grade RUTH OSBORN, Clerk if ai F.H.S. TI-IE DIAL 1936 Srrihrn aah Svrrihhlrrz nf the ilivrnrh CHARLES BURNHAM EDITH BAIN MELISSA PYLE RUTH BOLTE EVELYN RAWLINGS RUTH SHREEVE RUTH GOODE NORMA CAPLE JACK CORRIGAN DOUGLAS CAMPBELL CHARLES HUMPHRIES MARGUERITE FRANK Editor-in-Chief MARTHA I. HEALY Assistant Editor LOUISE E. TRABAND Business Manager JAY GORE Assistant Business Managers JOHN 0. COCKEY Literary Editors INEZ BULL Typing Editors MARGARET BOLLINGER Activity Editors JAMES CARPENTER Underclass Editors Humor Editors Photographic Editors Sports Editors Art Editor FRANCES MERKEL Page Teri RICHARD HUBBARD ANNA GARMAN VIRGINIA COLLINS ELIZABETH SMALL BERNICE ARBAUGH TED WILSON DONALD HUMPHRIES KENNETH BOLLINGER VIRGINIA WOODEN BRADLEY WELLS ANN HOLLINGSWORTH EMORY HOFFMAN F.I-I.S. THE DIAL 1936 LTTE? . XXV' ,S 1 ol0'- . V ' f W X, ' lr'-Jw. a ' 2 ix 3 x Y ,, A X Mx' .W x - ' A f 4 A' K 1 , LBLILEI-....-..- And havinq served for four qeors inilne Cuslffe FronlcIn'n,n'mex.1 were dulubed Sir Kniqm and senT ouT inTo We world. F. I-I. S. THE DIAL 1936 'Go the Illbemorp ot :lfrlenb classmate E166 !IDz132 11 1934 Ernest Ebwarb fllbxgers Page Twelve F. H. S. THE DIAL 1936 JOHN OWINGS COCKEY, JR. Glyndon, Maryland lm O is an adventurer into all fields .lo , . , ' . Hr"lI fry anything once-and will usually roirw hack for more! Class President, '35, '36, Varsity Soccer, '36, Varsity Baseball, '35, '36g Dial Staff, '36g Orchestra, '32, '33, '34, '35. MARTHA IDA HEALY Glyndon, Maryland Of Martha it can be truly said, "She has a heart fo resolve, a head to co1'ltri11e, avid a hand fo execute." Editor-in-Chief of "The Dial" '36g Class Of- ficer, '33, '34, '35, '36g Girls' A. A. Treas- urer, '35, President, '36, Varsity Fieldball, Basketball, '36, Senior Play, '36. LOIS VIRGINIA WOODEN Woodensburg, Maryland "Gi11ny's" good disposition is just one of the reasons for her general popularity. Class Secretary, '34, '35, '36, Homeroom Sec- retary, '33, '34, '36, Latin Club Secretary, '34, Dial Staff, '36, Glee Club, '36. RUTH VIRGINIA SHREEVE Reisterstown, Maryland F"ll7I,-l0'U'l'Ilg and full of pep-Ruth takes an active part in all extra fzcnctioiis. Varsity Fieldball, Basketball, '36, Class Treas- urer, '33, '36g Senior Play, '35, Operetta, '33, '36, Dial Staff, '36, ETHEI.. ISABEL ALBAN Owings Mills, Maryland "Acfio11s speak louder than words." Class Fieldball, '34, Homeroom Basketball, '34 '35g Dramatics, '34, Girls' Gym Show, '34 Assembly, '34. ' Page Thirteen 9 B I-I. S. THE DIAL 1936 El' E 2 SE Q QE 1 fi ' ii nl if Q3 4 S 5 5 2 2 ,Q Ei ig E li 5 H E s l Pa f M f BERNICE MYRTLE ARBAUGH Reisterstown, Maryland Always quiet and sedate, Good in her lessons and never late. Dial Staff, '36, Assembly, '33, Girls' League, '33, '34-. EDITH MARIE BAIN Pikesville, Maryland Whether the task be great or small, Edith is faithful to it until it is well com- pleted. Dial Staff, '36, Homeroom Secretary, '36, Hit-ball Team, '34, '35, '36, Assembly, '35, Christmas Cantata, '34, '35. HARRY E. BARNETT Reisterstown, Maryland "Custom hath made it in him a property of easinessf' Class Representative, '31, '32, Inter-class Speed Ball, '33, '34, Inter-class Soccer, '32, '335 Inter-class Basketball, '33, Inter-class Base- ball, '32. CLARENCE MELVILLE BEASMAN Reisterstown, Maryland A chubby, chuckling student who gladly sacrifices a study to get the school mail. Class Vice-President,"33g Varsity Soccer, '35, '36, Class Basketball, '33, '34, '35, '36, Class Soccer, '32, '33, '34, Student Council, '35. FRANKLIN D. BECK Garrison, Maryland Since he usually has a book, Franklin should be a widely read person some day. Class Representative, '33, Inter-class Soccer, '35, Dramatics, '35, Inter-class Basketball, , . , 35. ge Fourteen s 1 -v ,xv A D i L ': 'UST ,.,. 4 F.H.S. THE DIAL 1936 1 ROBERT OSBORNE BELT Glyndon, Maryland A tall, friendly member of '36 who is right at' home on the soccer team. , Varsity Soccer, '35g Monitor, '35, '36g Dramat- ics, '36g Christmas Program, y35Q Assembly, '34, '35, JEROME FRANK BENEDICT Reisterstown, Maryland "Bcnny's" pleasant disposition is sur- passed only by his cheery smile. Assembly Program, '34g Homeroom Program, '33. ,,, HENRY G. BERGE, JR. Reisterstown, Maryland Slick hair, creased pants--"Hen" proves a likeable sheik to the senior class. Inter-class Basketball, l34, '35g Inter-class Soc- cer, '34, '35, Dramatics, '35, '36, Latin Club, '34g Glee Club, '36, ALFRED BERTSCH' Reisterstown, Maryland "Come what, come may, Time and the hour runs through thc roughest day." Varsity Soccer, ,355 Inter-class Soccer, '34, In- ter-class Basketball, '34g Inter-class Soccer, '31, Inter-class Basketball, '32. KENNETH DEBAUGH BOLLINGER Glyndon, Maryland Pleasant and friendly, Kenneth is surely an easy-going and likeable "Boss." Dial Staff, '36g Operetta, '34, '36, Integ-class Basketball, '34, '35g Varsity Soccer, '36g Athletic Association, '35, '36, I S N .1 y. ' Page Fifteen 51' 1' af s 1, ., A' ,. ,K W h til rx .15 , fx 'ei L . Y his 3' 13. r, lfv. 'Y . vqgaii . ii L. 4 1 , +235 gl' j Q 'iff'-1-,. ' " X sf T"-'fig 2, ' ,fe v - 3 Q . 3 H K with ' Q.. ' -K 45' Us E, :- ' f. '- C 'Af qw: 1, ,- 1-1 I . 13,3 . -fe 'Y . , N .fs ' 'M :Lvl A i -1' f ti ,Ba V I-I. S. THE DIAL 1936 MARGARET ESTELLE BOLLINGER Glyndon, Maryland Dark wavy hair, laughing eyes, dancing feet and a love of fun-that's "Muff" Staff, '36, I-Iomeroom Secretary, '35, Latin l - Operetta, '34, '36, Class Teams, '33, '34, Dial l Club, tsz, '33, DOROTHY RUTH BOLTE ' Reisterstown, Maryland ll Sincere and dependable-as a student E! and worker Ruth is, literally, "the tops." ' A A. A., '33, '34, 35, '36, Class Fieldball, '33, . l ll fl '35, Homeroom Secretary, '35, Operetta, x ' '36, Dial Staff, '36, Senior Play, '36, CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH BOTTOM 3 4 5 gl l Pikesville, Maryland E 3 2 Q' Charlotte is fall of fan and 'vitality and ,Q l , can always be seen giggling with Norma. 1 l , Homeroom Basketball, '35, '36, Dramatics, '35. if '36, Assembly, '34, Latin Club, '34, French Club, '35, '36. X MILDRED DOROTHY BOWEN A Owings Mills, Maryland "Not too sober, not too gay, But a good, true girl in every way." Operetta, '34, Glee Clulo, '34, Athletic Associa- tion, '35, Girls' Gym Show, '33, Varsity Basketball, '33. 3 EVANS F. BOWERSOX l Pikesville, Maryland E Apparently very nonchalant, he is one of E the most active members of all the teams. ' l 5 Varsity Soccer, '35, Varsity Tennis, '32, '33, Varsity Golf, '33, Class Soccer, '32, '33, '34, '35, Class Basketball, '32, '33, '34, '35, Page Sixteen R , 5 na F. H. S. TI-IE DIAL 1936 THOMAS WILLIAM BRATHUHN Reisterstown, Maryland "By silence I hear other 'man's imperfec- tions and conceal my own." Orchestra, '33, '34, Monitor, '32, Athletic As- sociation, '32g Corn judging Team, '33. NORMA CLAY BROOKS Reislerstown, Maryland Pleasant and fair, with a winning smile, A dignified manner, and lots of style. Homeroom Secretary, '33g Dramatics, '33g Fieldball Manager, '35g Cantata, '35g Class Basketball, '33, '34, '35. WILLIAM BROOKS Pikesville, Maryland Billy's quiet, natural ways are the secret of his numerous friends. General Science Club Secretary, '33g Dramat- ics, ,33, '35, SAMUEL ROBERT BROWN Pikesville, Maryland Good-natnred people go a long way in this world. Roman Wedding, ,355 Student Council, '34g Assembly, '33g Monitor, '34, '35g Dramatics, '36. INEZ M. BULL Owings Mills, Maryland The ability of "our little girl" of the sen- ior class cannot bc measured by her size! Dramatics, '34, '35, '36g Honor Roll, '33g Per- fect Attendance, '33g Latin Club, ,355 French Club, '36. Page Seventeen F. I-I. S. TI-IE DIAL 1936 s I ffl DOROTHY MARIE BURKE Upperco, Maryland Dorothy always helps start the day right with a cheerful "hello!" Orchestra, '35,,Assembly Program, '34, Home- room Basketball, '34. CHARLES MELVIN BURNHAM Owings Mills, Maryland Oar high, wide, and handsome senior from Garrison! He is really worth his weight in gold! Homeroom Vice-chairman, '35, Assembly, '34g Dramatics, '35, Monitor, '35, Dial Staff, '36. DOUGLAS PRESTON CAMPBELL, JR. Owings Mills, Maryland Fim is the spice of life for "Dope", and he sees that he gets his share of it. Class Basketball, '34, '35, Varsity Tennis, '34, '35, Operetta, '33, '34, '35, '36, Dial Staff, '36, Senior Play, '36. MARIAN VIRGINIA CAPLES Reisterstown, Maryland Quiet, unassuming-her pleasing person- ality has worn. her many friends! Class Chairman, '33, Class Representative, '34, Class Basketball, '34, Varsity Volley Ball, '34, NORMA MARIE CAPLE Stevenson, Maryland Norma, with her smile and her sunny disposition, is a good sport arid aigrand pal. Varsity Fielclball, '36, Manager of Girls' Bas- ketball, '36, Athletic Association, ,33, '34, '35, '36, French Club, '35, '36. Page Eighteen I-. . ,. .4 i' ,. ' "-w-j.f..yfgzgv-pr -., as M , I I I- , ns. if F. H. S. THE DIAL 193.6 JAMES MONROE CARPENTER Owings Mills, Maryland Jimmie is the "fast man" in our class! --for he has won county track events for three years. Varsity Soccer, '36, Vice-president A. A., '36: Class Soccer, '33, '34, '35, Class Basketball, '33, '34, '35, Track, '33, '34, '35, '36. WILBERT P. CHENOWETH, JR. . Pikesville, Maryland He cares little how the world goes 'round and 'round. Track, '32, '33g Art Club, '34. HILDA DeBAER COHN Pikesville, Maryland ,Hilda is a willing worker and can get along with everyone. Monitor, '34, '35g Dramatics, '35, '36g Girls' League, '35, '36g Athletic Pageant, '34, '35g French Club, '36. EMORY SUMMERPIELD COLLINS, JR. Reisterstown, Maryland Fords and printing keep him busy. Orchestra, '33, '36, Latin Club, '32, '33, French Club, '34. VIRGINIA LEIGH COLLINS Reisterstown, Maryland As a tip-top speller, she'll rise to fame And even outshine Noah Webster's name. Latin Club, '34, Homeroom Basketball, '35, Spelling Champion, '35, '36, Operetta, '35g Glee Club, '35, '36. Page Nineteen ., . Q if di 9 iii vu , i 3 we ' 4 as A w il it 7 fer.: '-,qv -jfs ' w QV' 14' -' M93 F H S THE DIAL 1936 JOHN WALTER CORRIGAN Reisterstown, Maryland Best of luck to the class wit! '36 thanks Jack for the fun he has put into many classes. I-Iomeroom Representative, '36g Senior Play, '36g Operetta, '35, '36, Minstrel Show, '34, Latin Club, '33, '34. RUBY ELEANOR DAVIS Owings Mills, Maryland "Ah, blessed with temper, whose unclouded ray Can make tomorrow as cheerful as today." Homeroom Basketball, '33, '34, Athletic Pro- gram, '34, '35, Dramatics, '35. MARY LEONORE DeBAUGH Pikesville, Maryland "Practice is the best of all instructors." I-lomeroom Basketball, '33, '34, '35, '36, Ath- letic Program, '32, '33, '34, '35, '36g Chair- man, '34g Dramatics, '35, Assembly Pro- gram, '32, '33, '34. HOMER O. ELSEROAD Reisterstown, Maryland "Good health and good sense are two of life's greatest blessings." Inter-class Basketball, '32, '35, Homeroom Vice-Chairman, '32, Monitor, '33, '35, As- sembly, '32, '33. ..,, RUTH ESSIG Pikesville, Maryland When the "music goes round and round," Ruth is always the first one on the dance floor. Varsity Fielclball, '33, '34, Dramatics, '32, Cantata, '34, Class Basketball, '33, '34, '35, '36. Page Twenty " sf' v, 1. -I --,- ,sjmijzjs . "M 'w..f 7 .- P.H.s. THE DiAL 1936 JANET ELAINE FAUSTMAN Pilcesville, Maryland "None knew thee but to love thee Nor named thee but to praise." Homeroom Secretary, '33, Monitor, '35, Chair- man of Hospitality Committee, '36, Assem- bly, '34, Latin Club, '33, '34, French Club, '35 '36 , . MATTHEW ROBERT FRANK FINNEGAN Pikesville, Maryland "Bob" puts his 'voice to many uses-sing- ing and arguing are outstanding among them. Class Basketball, '33, '34, Class Soccer, '33, '54, Operetta, '35, '36, Latin Club, '34, Glee Club, '35, '36. MARGUERITE IDA FRANK Reisterstown, Maryland Marguerite is a true "good sport," not in athletics alone, but at all times. Varsity Fieldball, '34, '35, '36, Varsity Basket- ball, '34, '35, '36, Student Council, '36, Ath- letic Association, '33, '34, '35, '36, Senior Play, '36. ANGELA REGINA CATHERINE FRENCH Pikesville, Maryland To get as much fun as possible out of her school life is Angela's desire. Class Basketball, '33, '35, '36, Homeroom Sec- retary, '33, '34, Dramatics, '34, Girls' League, '33, '34, '35, '36, Athletic Associa- tion, '33, '34, '55, '36. MARGARET ELLEN FROMM Pikesville, Maryland - We are glad to have such a good-natured girl and willing worker in our class. I-lomeroom Basketball, '34, '35, Assembly, '33. K' " mt Page Twenty-one iw,- Q on il' 5 E P Y. 5. if l 2 " ii '. E111 4 qua 'ffm- sf' Eg, 4 -xp' wf 5 Q.. . -1 ' 7f:l",".. Q ,. Ni' THE DIAL 1936 ANNA KATHRYN GARMAN Reisterstown, Maryland Anna's ready helpfulness is an advantage to many pupils. Student Council, '34, '35, Dramatics, '34, '36g Honor I-Ioll, '33, '34, '35g Perfect Attend- ance, '33, '34, Latin Club, '34, LLOYD WESTON GILBERT Howardville, Maryland "Of stature, he was passing tall And sparely built and lean with all." Track, '32, '33, Inter-class Baseball, '34, Dra- matics, '35, WILLIAM P. GOEDE Garrison, Maryland "Let the world slide." Class Soccer, '33, '34, '35, '36, Class Basket- ball, '33, '34, '35, '36g Athletic Pageant, '33g Dramatics, '35, RUTH HELEN GOODE Pikesville, Maryland Carefree and ready for a good time Ruth, nevertheless, takes rsponsibilities se: riously and does the job well. Homeroom Basketball, '34, Dial Staff, '36g Assembly, '34, Homeroom Representative, '34 JAY CALVIN GORE Reisterstown, Maryland "What is worth doing is worth doing well." Varsity Baseball, '36, Vice-President, '33, Stu- dent Council, '36, Treasurer of Latin Club, '34g Dial staff, 'ss Page Twenty-two wg, Vi '-1' "Mes 4kf' f-af,-' ,'+fwi"5'v,i.. , I, . 1 5 F. H. S. TI-IE DIAL 193 6 CLARA MARIA GREEN Owings Mills, Maryland "From the crown of her head to the sole of her foot, shc is all mirth." Dramatics, '34, Basketball Class Team, '33, '34, Track '33, '34, '35, '36, Touch-down Team, '34, Art Club, '33, '34. DONALD 1-1.3 Homss Pikesville, Maryland Tall and dark with curly hair In all sports he's right there! Homeroom Chairman, '33, '34, Dramatics, '33, '34, Varsity Basketball, '32, '33, Student Council, '33, Varsity Baseball, '36, Senior Play, '36. EMORY ELMO HOFFMAN Arcadia, Maryland "Hail fellow, well met." Varsity Soccer, '35, '36, Varsity Baseball, '34, '35, President of Athletic Association, '36, Dial Staff, '36, Glee Club, '34, '36. ANN CARTER HOLLINGSWORTH Reisterstown, Maryland Helping hands, willing heart, smiling face, these endear Ann to all who know her. Dial Staff, '36, Class Basketball, '34, Girls' League, '34, '36, Librarian, '34, '35, '36. RICHARD STEWART HUBBARD Howardville, Maryland Dick's friendly manner is an asset to oar class, while his dry remarks are the spice of French class. Varsity Baseball, '35, Homeroom Chairman, '34, 'Student Council, '34, Operetta, '35, '36, Athletic Council, '36. 5 Page Twenty-three l s 5 ..x 1 H.S. THE DIAL 1936 x x P Y Y I Q 3 i s ., ,E ,, FZ I 4 .i i ss , , QE 3 i 5 5 5 H . V x X 3 ' CHARLES MERRIWEATHER HUMPHRIES Reisterstown, Maryland If there's any singing to be done, Call on Charles-he is just the one. Varsity Soccer, '34, '35, '36, Varsity Basket- ball, '35, '36, Operetta, '34, '35, '36, Student Council, '35, '36. DONALD HARRISON HUMPHRIES Reisterstown, Maryland He's on his way out, but he'll always stand in, This loyal supporter of dear old Frank- lin! Basketball Manager, '35, '36, Soccer Manager, '35, '36, Hon-ieroom Chairman, '34, Operet- ta, '35, '36, Senior Play, '36. GOVER LEE JOHNSON, JR. Pikesville, Maryland Gover has a happy smile and a friendly word for eeveryone. A Glee Club, '35, Dramatics, '34, Senior Play, '36, Art Club, '34, Athletic Association, '33. MILDR-ED VIRGINIA KEESECKER Reisterstown, Maryland With a truly patient disposition, Mildred has ably served as Glee Club pianist. French Club, '33, '34, Class Fieldball, '36g Gym Show, '35, School Pianist, '36, Oper- etta, '35, '36. HELEN VIRGINIA KEMP Reisterstown, Maryland "Silence is the perfectest herald of joy." Homeroom Basketball, '35, I-Iomeroom Pro- gram, '35, . Page Twenty-four in ,G A' A , .kt .Y . ,, I ' -- H I '-, -,". -v r N-A F.I-I.S. THE DIAL 1936 JOHN H. LAU, JR. Owings Mills, Maryland "Good disposition wins more friends than wealth." Varsity Soccer, '34, '35, Varsity Baseball, '35, '36, Inter-class Soccer, '33, '34, Inter-class Basketball, '33, '34, '35, A. A., '33, '34, '35, '36, 'i RUTHETTA LIPPY Arcadia, Maryland '- Rnthetta's clever interpreation of small town parts have added lots of fun to our - dramatics, Dramatics, '34, '35, Assembly Program, '34, , '35, Latin Club, '34, Glee Club, '36, Operet- ta, '36, 4 ROBERT W. LIPS Stevenson, Maryland . "He reads much, He is a great observer, and he looks Qufte through the deeds of men." Varsity Track, '33, '34, Class Baseball, '33, Boxing Club, '34, Dramatics, '33, '34. ANNA LARIE LONG Reisterstown, Maryland "A smile for 'all, a greeting glad, A lovable, jolly way she had." Homeroom Representative, '33, Assembly, '33, Secretary of Monitor System, '36, Home- room Basketball, '34, Athletic Association, '33 '34 3 HAZEL IRENE LOVELL 1 is Reisterstown, Maryland "And I oft heard defended, little said is soonest mended." Dramatics, '35, Assembly Program, '34. - I Page Twenty-five , ,Mfg Xa' t. 5 sys Og. if is K 6 xiii.: 'QU 1. ., -M. 2.1 .3 5 iff f 1' , 2 Ti -as ,-1 fir uf, I hz' T I F I-I S THE DIAL 1936 MYRTLE CLEMENTINE MARKEY Owings Mills, Maryland "Gentle of speech, benejicient of mind." Class Basketball, '34, '36, Dramatics, '35. EARL E. MAYER Pikesville, Maryland Tall and dignified, a "crooner" of the lat- est song hits-Earl is a model senior. Homeroom Vice-Chairman, '33, Student Coun- cil, '34g Dramatics, '35, '36g Senior Play '36, PATRICIA LOUISE MCCREEDY Pikesville, Maryland Pat's diversified interests as well as her many friends insure her future happiness. Class Basketball, '33, '34g Dramatics, '35g Op- eretta, '35, '365 Athletic Pageant, '33. JOSEPH O'CONNELL McCUSKER " Pikesville, Maryland "Make hay while the sun shines." Dramatics, '35g Class Basketball, '34, 3 GERALDINE AGNES MCGUIRE Pikesville, Maryland "Though "Mickey" McGuire is her name, She is quiet and friendly just the same." Hitball Team, '34, '35, Christmas Cantata, '34, '35g Homeroom Basketball, '35g Assembly Program, '33. , Page Twentyfsioc F. H.S. THE DIAL 1936 FRANCES ELEANOR MERKEL Glyndon, Maryland The artist of '36 whose excellent ability keeps her in constant demand. Class Fieldball, '32, '33, Class Basketball, '32, '33, '35, English Play, '33, Dial Staff, '36, Student Council, '34. NELSON C. MILES Owings Mills, Maryland Nl'lS0'lI,S studiousness and quietness make him an agreeable addition to any class. Class Representative, '33, Junior Varsity Soc- cer, '34g Athletic Association, '33, '34, '35, '36, Monitor, '33, '36. FRANK MOSER - X Owings Mills, Maryland "Young fellows will be young fellows." l l Class Soccer Team, '31, '32, '33, Track, '31, ll '32, '33, '34, '35, Varsity Lacrosse, '33g Dramatics, '33. 5 i l ANNA ELIZABETH NASH e x Upperco, Maryland ' "A fair exterior is a silent recommenda- tion." ii l Class Fielclball, '33, Assbmbly, '34. Q . GWYNETH MAE NAYLOR . Reisterstown, Maryland "Great thoughts come from the heart." Class Basketball, '34, '35, Class Fieldhall, '35, , '36, Dramatics, '35, Assembly Program, '33, Athletic Programs, '34, '35, Page Twenty-seven I ,f I-I. S. TI-IE DIAL 1936 l MABLE LENA PAHL Pikesville, Maryland "Let all things be done well and in order." Assembly, '34, '35, Dramatics, '35, Homeroom Vice-Chairman, '34, Class Basketball, '36, Senior Play, ' 3 6. ROLAND PITTINGER, JR. Garrison, Maryland Roland typifies the student who is weary- ing of work, but he is wide awake on the basketball floor. Varsity Basketball, '35, '36, Varsity Baseball, '34, '35, '36, Doclgeball Championship, '33, Inter-class Soccer, '33, '34, '35, '36, Inter- class Basketball, '33, '34. GARLAND POBLETTS Glyndon, Maryland "I have often regretted my speech, Never any silence." Inter-class Basketball, '33, '34, '35, Athletic Association, '33, '34, Athletic Pageant, '33, Monitor, '35, '36. ANNABEL POE Garrison, Maryland "Diligence is the mother of good fortune. Homeroom Team, '36, Assembly, '32, Girls League, '35, RUTH LOUISE PRICE Upperco, Maryland Dainty, smiling kind. On the latest styles you'll find her primed Operetta, '35, Glee Club, '33, Homeroom Bas ketball, '33, Assembly, '34. Page Twenty-eight 5. fi , had g, W 3 it a e..-7,1 N 7 ss.. 1 . -Q F. H. S. THE DIAL 1936 MELISSA HICKS PYLE Sudbrook Park, Maryland Knitty-Witty-Wordy-and Wise To singing fame we're sure she'll rise. Operetta, '35, '36, Dial Staff, '36, Dramatics, '35, Latin Club, '34, Class Basketball, '34. EVELYN VIRGINIA RAWLINGS Reisterstown, Maryland A laughing face-a merry heart--dimples! Homeroom Secretary, '35, I-Iomeroom Assem- bly, '33, '34g Homeroom Basketball, '34, '35, '36, Varsity Basketball, '35, '36, Dial Staff, '36. EDNA VIRGINIA RICHARDSON Owings Mills, Maryland A place on all girls' teams and many friends are some results of Edna's high school years. Varsity Fieldball, '36g Class Fieldball, '35, '36g Class Basketball, '34, '35, Girls' Gym Show, '34, '36, Varsity Basketball, '36. WILMER EUGENE ROYSTON Reisterstown, Maryland He may not like hamburgers, but we all call him Wimpy! Athletic Association, '32, '36, Inter-class Bas- ketball, '34, Dramatics, '33, ' GRACE ELIZABETH SCHMIDT Owings Mills, Maryland Tall and alert is Grace, who is really one of the mainstays of the girls' team. Varsity Fieldball, '35, '36, Varsity Basketball, '34, '35, '36g Class Fieldball, '35, '36g Class Basketball, '34, '35, Assembly Program, '33, Page Twenty-nine fi' 'mi , ff' if I-1.5. THE Y DIAL 1936 1 E! . 5 ,V , 1, M HILDA MARIE SCHMITT Reisterstown, Maryland Hilda's on hand at every turn- Eager, helpful, and anxious to learn. Assemblies, '33, '36, Class Fieldball, '35, Sen- ior Play, '36, Dramatics, '35, Girls' League, '34, '35, '36, MARGARET M. SCHRECK Reisterstown, Maryland Quiet and co-operative -- Margaret is equally liked by students and teachers. Monitor, '35, '36, Dramatics, '36, P. T. A. Program, '35g Latin Club, '33, '34, French Club, '36. ALVIN P. SHAFFER Reisterstown, Maryland Happy-go-lucky, carefree, and friendly- an entertainer for the class. Varsity Baseball, '35, '36, Inter-class Soccer, '34, '35, Inter-class Basketball, '34, '35. MARY LOUISE SHANEYBROOK Lutherville, Maryland "As merry as the day is long" I-lomeroom Basketball, '34, Homeroom Treas- urer, '33g Athletic Treasurer, '33, Assembly, '33, '34, Athletic Association, '33, '34. ASENATH ELIZABETH SMALL Reisterstown, Maryland Friendly and industrious, Elizabeth leaves a warm spot in the heart of '36. Class Basketball, '36, Homeroom Basketball, '34g Assembly, '33, '34, '35, Senior Play, '36, Dial Staff, '36. Page Thirty 'B ld 'VM' 51 F.I-I. S. THE DIAL 1936 ELEANORA MARIE SMITH Owings Mills, Maryland ' Fingers, accurate and swift, tap in rhyth- mic speed, This little girl who types so well will surely take the lead. Student Council, '34, '36g Glee Club, '34, Dra- matics, '35, Assembly Program, '34, Girls' Gym Show, '33, '34, '35. ARTHUR L. SOUTHARD Pikesville, Maryland "Lessons nefver trouble me- Why should school and lessons be?" Varsity Soccer, '36, Class Basketball, '35, '36, Varsity Basketball, '36, Class Soccer, '35, Dramatics, '34, '35, '36, VIRGIE SWEM Owings Mills, Maryland "She doeth little kindnesses which most leave undone or despise." Assembly Program, '33, CHARLES GORDON TINKLER Woodensburg, Maryland Gay as a lark From dawn 'till dark. Assembly Program, '34, Inter-class Basketball, '32, Inter-class Soccer, '3Z. LOUISE ELLIOTT TRABAND Sudbrook Park, Maryland Versatile, happy, carefree-Louise is one of our most beloved leaders. Varsity Tennis, '35, Class Basketball and Fielclball, '33, '34, '35, Senior Play, '36, Dial Staff, '36, Cheer Leader, '34, '35, '36. Page Thirty one .sg 4, 's ff z 3 E 11? ff I he f-. . , . pg ISR-.' , ... 1 1. F.H.S. THE DIAL 1936 LONA LOU WADDELL Green Spring Valley, Maryland "Blushing is the color of virtue." :E Homeroom Basketball, '343 Assembly, '34. 'S , 4 :Vi , RAY MONTGOMERY WADDELL "An honest man's word is as good as his bond." . 3 ' Homeroom Basketball, '33, '34, '35, Class Bas- ketball, '35, Class Soccer, '34, Dramatics, '34, Assembly Program, '35. ? 3' ROBERT B. WALKER ' Reisterstown, Maryland "A merry heart maketh a cheerful coun- tenance." , Junior Varsity Soccer, '33, Athletic Associa- 3 tion, '33, '34, '35, '36, Monitor, '33, '36. ' ELYSE WALTERS Reisterstown, Maryland Since a smile is a mile on the road to peace Smooth sailing is assured for jolly Elyse. E Homeroom Chairman, '33, '34, Treasurer of Girls'1 A. A., '36, Cantata, '33, '34, '35g Class Basketball, '33, '34, '35, '363 Vice- ' President of Latin Club, '35, Senior Play, '36 3 3 BRADLEY WELLS CCI Q 'B 'B Q E s FE? 'ur- Q2 QE. SE' 3. -:Z Nl! R 'NY F Q si 'xv-. 'I Q T M-..a.,. "Why aren't they all contented like me?" Class Basketball, '35, Assembly, '34, Dramat- ics, '35. 'Page Thirty-two ' Green Spring Valley, Maryland ' -ir'-m :Q 2' In F. H. S. THE DIAL 1936 BEATRICE GLORIA WHITE Reisterstown, Maryland Beatrice seems rather quiet, but you should hear her when she and Clara get together! Assembly Program, '33, Dramatics, '35, JAMES S. WILSON Reisterstown, Maryland , "Be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath." ' Class President, '33, '34g Class Treasurer, '35g Homeroom Chairman, '34, Homeroom Rep- resentative, '34g Monitor, '34. - WILLIAM M. WILSON Reisterstown, Maryland Athlete, singer, and leader-Ted is an outstanding member of '36. President Student Council, '36, Homeroom Chairman, '35, '36, Varsity Basketball, '355 Captain, '36, Varsity Soccer, '36g Glee Club, '35, '36. LAURA MILDRED WIRTS A Reisterstown, Maryland Q Laura is a happy combination of what it takes to get the best of life. Homeroom Basketball, '34, '35g Assemblies, ,I '34, '35g Dramatics, '35, It ""' 'tt' i ,II Page Thirty-three 0 'D U 1: Ti 55235 1 I I fbi - fra if , 'LAT .v if 41 'is ' vs. lim Je - ., M.. . 4' '-sn. , .it it F.H.S. THE DIAL 1936 Page Th irty-four fSelectecl by vote of the Senior Classj , .' 1 ll' as F.H. S. THE DIAL 1936 lmhifia mlm in '35 Best athlete lboyl FIRST PLACE R. Pittinger SECOND PLACE T. Wilson Best athlete fgirll M. Frank Efclggiillion Most all around boy T. Wilson Cockey Most all around girl M. Healy E. Rawlings Most popular boy T. Wilson Q D. Campbell Most popular girl M. Bollinger Slgfjgie l Best looking girl R. Shreeve N. Caple Best looking boy Y Cockey igqgjgssjter Quietest L. Waddell H. Lovell Liveliest girl L. Traband R. Goode Liveliest boy B. Wells D. Campbell Best arguer K. Bollinger V. Collins Wittiest Corrigan B. Wells Best dancer fboyj W. Goede E. Hoffman Best dancer fgirlj R. Essig N. C. Brooks Shiekiest boy McCusker H. Berge Biggest lover H. Barnett E. Hoffman Greatest talker fboyj R. Finnegan Corrigan G lk .1 L. Traband E S 11 reatest ta er fgirj M. Pyle . ma Craziest M. Pyle E. Walters Hungriest R. Belt Cockey Neatest Faustman Ifillzgfingsworth A. Southard Biggest tease B. Wells -- K. Bollinger Biggest bluffer R. Finnegan D. Huinphries Done the school for most A. Shaffer R. Pittinger Best disposition fboyj R. Hubbard Slggqilzles Best disposition fgirll V. Wooden Marian Caple Biggest giggler - l igilllizd E. Richardson Best singer fgirlj M. Pyle -l Best singer fboyj C. Humphries T. Wilson Page Thirty-five F.H.S. THE DIAL 1936 Hiainnz nf the flllagi N the time of the golden days in the Castle Franklin, there came to us a ven- erable soothsayer who offered to tell the future of the members of our fair knighthood. "You are all ready to go out into the world, to undertake new enterprises, to meet vast opportunities," he said. "In fifteen years you will be scattered far away from the Castle Franklin. But by means of the signs and the knowledge of my secret book, the future is clear to me. I beg you, oh knights, let me tell you of the treasures which the coming years hold for youf, After having glanced at us, leafed through the pages of his magic book, and gazed mystically into space, the sage broke our wondering silence and began to speak. "It is all clear," he said. "For each of you newly made knights I see a fu- ture, brilliant and satisfying. In the distant future, fifteen years hence, times will have changed, yet I clearly see that each of you will make a definite place in the world." And gazing vaguely into the distance he continued to speak in a dreamy voice. "Many of you will-develop the talents which you so ably exhibited here at Castle Franklin during your days of apprenticeship. A vision comes to me. Ah, yes, I see it clearly. "I see Jack Corrigan, surrounded by autograph seekers, trying to enter the Metropolitan Opera House. Jack's humor has won him a place in the hearts of these people, for he is such a popular novelist that even the critics like him. The billboard outside the theater states that three of America's greatest opera stars, Melissa Pyle, Robert Finnegan, and Charles Humphries, are singing in the opera. The bulletin also announces a concert to be given by Margaret Bollinger, brilliant young pianist, and Mildred Keesecker, the noted organist. In sparkling letters, the movie across the street announces that Donald Humphries, "The Great Screen Lover," and Arthur Southard, "America,s Foremost Comedian," are the feature players of the current picture. "Those of you who have so ably defended Castle Franklin in the field of combat will continue to gain fame and fortune because of your athletic prowess. For now the lobby of a noted country club appears. Talking together are some of the most outstanding personalities of the sports world. In the group I sec Harry Lau and Richard Hubbard, who have capitalized on their love of baseball, and have gained enviable reputations and positions. Roland Pittinger, the sensa- tional basketball player and recognized sports authority, and James Carpenter, the track hero of international renown, are also members of the group. "Ah, my knights, the scene is slowly changing. The town of Reisterstown, grown to a large city during these fifteen years, comes into my visions. Many of the names of the business firms seem to be those of you knights. Yes, there is Charles Burnham, the owner of an up-to-date ice plant, seriously talking to his trusted bookkeeper, Evans Bowersox, as the pair enter the oHice of the prominent accountants, Kenneth Bollinger and Henry Berge. "As the scenes quickly change I see many of you as important figures in the world of business and finance. This impressive office which I now see is that of Weston Gilbert and Thomas Brathuhn, the excellent state accountants. In the large corps of ofiice workers who ably perform the clerical details of this office are Helen Kemp, Dorothy Burke and Hazel Lovell. And now Janet Faustman, Page Thirty-six F. H. S. THE DIAL 1936 the private secretary, rises to meet Emory Hoffman, the commercial expert, Earl Mayer and Garland Pobletts, whose forceful personalities have enabled them to become excellent salesmen. "Can this large building which I now see be the Castle Franklin? As the interior of your school slowly appears through the mists, I see several of the teachers hurrying through the halls. Anna Garman, the brilliant elementary school principal, is discussing educational problems with two of her teachers, Mar- guerite Frank and Ethel Alban, whose patience and kindliness have won them a place of affection in the hearts of their pupils. And through an open door, I see Bradley Wells in the room where he spent so many hours, scolding his English pupils for making funny remarks. Among the list of teachers I also see the name of Virginia Collins who has gained fame as a writer. "The attractive summer camp which joins the school grounds is run by Inez Bull and Norma Caple, who have received great public acclaim for their model camp. "I now perceive a large, modern hospital in a metropolis. Here Jay Gore is a most skillful doctor, and he is assisted in his good work by Ruthetta Lippy, Ann Hollingsworth, Annabel Poe, Lona Waddell, and Dorothy Bowen. On the hospital staff I also see Angela French, Ruth Goode, Margaret Schreck, Charlotte Bottom, and Grace Schmidt, who are doing much to brighten the lives of many an invalid. Busily working away in Dr. Gore's office, I see Norma Clay Brooks, his most capable secretary. "Now through the mists I behold a large public library. Edith Bain, the head librarian, is assisting a small school boy to find a reference book. Her secretary, Geraldine McGire, is busily typing an order for some new books. V "Hark, I hear strains from a wedding march. Walking up the aisle of the large church, I see Bernice Arbaugh. The preacher is Nelson Miles. This beautiful church in which the wedding is taking place was designed by Robert Belt, a famous architect. Donald Hobbs is also revealed to me as a clever architect. "Now I clearly see a large studio in New York. Here Ruth Shreeve is de- signing a costume for Leonore Debaugh, a popular dancer. Ruth is acclaimed by everyone as one of the cleverest designers in America. In an opposite office Patricia McCreedy, a tasteful interior decorator, is rapidly sketching plans for the house she is furnishing for exhibition purposes. "A large printing office appears to me next. Here I see Emory Collins at work setting type for a daily newspaper. In the office are several secretaries from the Castle Franklin. I recognize them to be Hilda Schmitt, Virgie Swem, and Larie Long. They all prove to be very efficient workers. "Surely you will have an aviatrix. Ah, yes, it will be Louise Traband. Louise will also be a popular writer. Her style and grace will be universally admired. "There are always some to whom the sea appeals. From your group, Franklin Beck and Melville Beasman will join the navy. "Behold an oflice in a large construction company where James Wilson and Robert Walker, two great civil engineers, are conferring over the construction of a new dam. As I watch, I see Eleanora Smith who is busily at work typing the con- tract. In an outer office Gwyneth Naylor, Anna Nash, Edna Richardson, Mable Pahl, Myrtle Markey, and Ruby Davis are working. Here too, I see Douglas Campbell, who is ready to start on the building of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. He is dictating the order for his building materials to his secretary, Beatrice White. "The vision fades, and I now see a large courtroom where John O. Cockey and William Goede, famed lawyers, are pleading a case. Seated at a table near Page Thirty-seven Y F. H. S. TI-IE DIAL 1936 by is Ruth Essig, their efficient secretary. Across the street is a large post office where Ellen Fromm is working. "The scene changes to Geneva, Switzerland. The League of Nations is in session, and the representatives are discussing a vital question concerning world peace. Martha Healy, a diplomat of international fame, has just been called in to give her advice concerning this question. "A large liner is just pulling away from the dock. Aboard are Alvin Schafer, a traveler and gentleman adventurer, and Hilda Cohn, a companion to an aged lady. There, too, are Elizabeth Small and Mary Shaneybrook, bankers' secretaries, who are vacationing just now. At work in the radio room is Billy Brooks, an ex- pert in this field. "On a large farm in Worthington Valley, Ted Wilson is giving orders to his workers. Ted is the owner of this large estate. Across the fields, I see a large race track. There is Harry Barnett, owner of a race horse, eagerly awaiting the out- come of the race. His jockey, Eugene Royston, is just as eager for his horse to win. I recognize one of the other jockeys as Robert Lips. "A large scientific laboratory now appears before me. Who is this chemist who is so busily mixing chemicals? Ah, I see now that is Samuel Brown. In an- other section of the laboratory, I see Homer Elseroad performing a physics ex- periment. "In a large office of an outstanding business concern, I see Alfred Bertsch, the president, giving orders to his two other office workers, Jerome Benedict and Marian Caples. Clara Green and Laura Wirts, expert bookkeepers, are busily at work here too. "And now dark clouds seem to blur my sight. Is the vision fading? Ah, no, as the clouds roll away, I realize that they were clouds of dust rising in the wake of that racing car which is being driven by Frank Moser, the dare-devil auto racer. Now as the race draws to a thrilling close, the next two performers on this breath taking stunt program walk into the arena. The daring young aviatrix, Elyse Walters, leaps into her plane, followed by Joseph McCusker, the great rope- whirling champion. As the plane reaches a high altitude, McCusker, the human Hy, crawls out onto the wings where he performs many amazing feats. The plane lands, and it is given into the hands of the skilled mechanic, Ray Waddell. As I gaze around the arena, I see many prominent social and business figures. There in one box are Virginia Wooden, the dietician, who has advanced a new theory of diet, and Ruth Price, who operates a most exclusive hair dressing salon. And in a nearby box I notice Ruth Bolte, the director of the clerical department of a large publishing house. She is accompanied by Frances Merkel, the commercial artist, who is cleverly sketching Miss Walters, the fearless aviatrix, in her flying togs. "In the handsome office which now comes before me are Gover Johnson and Wilbert Chenoweth, retired industrialist, and directors of this large bank. Now their secretary, Evelyn Rawlings, enters and announces 'that Gordon Tinkler, the young executive of the Farm Bureau, has arrived to discuss his new farm program with the two business men." And looking intently into the faces of the members of our band, the seer concluded: "The magic powers are failing meg the curtain is slowly being drawn across that mysterious horizon of the future. But those sights tell what the future holds for youg the signs are never wrong. If you strive always toward the goal at which you are aiming those prophecies will be fulfilled. Your dream of hope will come true." Page Thirty-eight o A rw--:mn ' F.H.S. THE DIAL 1936 lllaat mill nf tlpv Knights TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: We, the Knights of One Thousand Nine Hundred and Thirty-Six ffmding that we must leave this Castle Franklin to go to battle the dangers of the world, do hereby publish our last will and statement. BEQUEATHED TO THE SQUIRES UUNIORSJ To the Squires we bequeath some of the dignity of the Knights. BEQUEATHED TO THE PAGES QSOPHOMORESQ To the Pages we bequeath some of the school spirit of the Knights. BEQUEATHED TO THE KNAVES QFRESHMENJ To the Knaves we bequeath some height. BEQUEATHED TO THE SCULLIONS QSEVENTH GRADED To the Scullions we bequeath the interest and attention of the Lords and La- dies of this Castle Franklin. BEQUEATHED TO THE LORDS AND LADIES Miss Eubanks-some good cooks. Mr. Colburn-a less expensive shop class. Mr. Corr-a chemistry class that is capable of good outline form. Miss Saffell-classes that will turn their budgets in on time. Miss Hannum-a medal for her support of the girls' teams. Miss Wendle-some singers to take the place of the stars who graduate in '36. Miss Hanna-some good handwriters. Mrs. Reese-subscriptions to all current magazines. Miss Gray-some good actors and actresses for future plays. Miss Huttenhauer-a class that knows the verbs "lay and lie." Mr. Seabold-some future farmers who will farm. Miss Parsons-some more new books for the library. Mr. Boylan-a more exceptional Physics class than IVA. Miss Pyle and Miss Meeks--two ice-cream cones. Miss Tipton-complete setof new text books. Miss Godwin-some championship teams. Mr. Crosby-some new equipment. Miss Wisner-some more points for the trophy contest. BEQUEATHED TO THE SQUIRES, INDIVIDUALLY "Tubby" Burnham's "Egger" to Walter Atkinson. Frances Merkel' s artistic talent to Charles Beasman. Ruth Bolte's dependable character to LeRoy Hess and Norma Osborn. Jay Gore's and Melville Beasman's positions as errand boys to Edwin Osborn. Harry Lau's, Emory HoHiman's, and Roland Pittinger's athletic ability to Ver- non Sullivan. Page Thirty-nine galil' u ffm., F1-1.5. , THE DIAL 1936 Inez Bull's and Anna Garman's aptitude for study to Pearl Bobbitt. Melissa Pyle's voice to Evelyn Gay. Ruth Essig's, Ruby Davis' and Eleanor Smith's dancing grace to Madeline Schultheis. Charles .Humphries' tenor voice to Jack Baker. Donald 'Humphries' "ways" to Dick Bond. Dick Hubbarcl's sportsmanlike disposition to Doris Benson. Ruth Goode's style and taste to Evelyn Watson. Dorothy Burke's and Norma Clay Brooks' blonde hair to Nancy Goode and Eleanor Tripuett. Mable Pahl's and Ruthetta Lippy's neatness to Marion Griswold. Bradley Wells' interest in radios to William Alder. Earl Mayer's need for sleep to Howard Weaver. Louise Traband's pep to Anna Altvater and Jessie King. Patricia McCreedy's and Ellen Fromm's genial disposition to Marie Garman and Charlotte Mechalske. Douglas Campbell's jokes to Ernestine Benson. Charlotte Bottom's antics to Caroline Erskine. James Carpenter's acting ability to Kenneth Ryan. Ruth Price's attention to her hair to Meriam Myers. Jerome Beneclict's and Leonore Debaugh's interest in books to Sylvia Tillman. James Wilson's and Robert Walker's bashfulness to Emmett Coursey. Virginia Collins' stately carriage to Margaret Hemler and Furner Eckenrode. Robert Belt's big feet to Alden Smith. Harry Barnett's and Joseph McCusker's shiekiness to Dick McCusker. William Goede's unfinished homework to Frank Shray and Francis Corbett. Thomas Brathuhn's mathematical aptitude to Charles Henrichs. Wilbert Chenoweth's and Weston Gilbert's friendliness to Helen Rhoten and Virginia Kent. Samuel Brown's good naturedness to Addie Mummaugh. Hilda Cohn's sweet and gentle manner to Helen Duncan. Larie Long's and Ethel Alban's curly hair to Jane Kelley. Dorothy Bowen's auburn hair to Ivan Sullivan. Bernice Arbaugh's typing ability to Evelyn Spence. Ann Hollingsworth's position as librarian to Helen Johnson. Virginia Wooden's coiffure to Imogene Chaney. Alfred Bertsch's interest in agriculture to Earl Ruby. Robert Lips' and Emory Collins' attentiveness to Robert Alexander. Margaret Schreck's extra credit work to Irma Pickett. Frank Mosner's mischievousness to William Molesworth. Garland Pobletts' and Franklin Beck's independence to Harrison Neuhauser. Evelyn Rawling's and Gordon Tinkler's dimples to Marie Savage. Angela French's and Anna Nash's brown eyes to Betty Troyer and Marjorie Garrish. Myrtle Markey's and Virgie Swem's soft voice to Lucille Speacht. Page Forty 1 - 'W'-wr-mvqg . .Q 'Vp' 1. F I-I. S. THE DIAL 1936 Marguerite Frank's and Edna Richardson's interest in athletics to Edith Walsh. Elyse Walter's long walk back Academy Lane to Frances Mosner. Lona Waddell's and Hazel Lovell's quiet manner to. Iris Fritts. Annabel Poe's dark complexion to Betty Long. Martha Healy's ability to take the initiative to Margaret Smith. John O. Cockey's and Donald Hobbs' comely appearance to Joseph Evans. Beatrice White's bus ride to school to Catherine Bucher. Arthur Southard's laugh to George Gilbert. Gwyneth Naylor,s and Clara Green's giggle to Marjorie Raver. Evans Bowersox's skill in soccer to Baynard Butler. Kenneth Bollinger's and Robert Finnegan's excuses to Charles Hammond. Billy Brooks' conscientious manner to Joseph Michael. Henry Berge's and Eugene Royston's need for height to Eldridge Armacost. Margaret Bollinger's and Mildred Keesecker's musical skill to Elsie Knight. Norma Caple's and Ruth Shreeve's good looks to Marie Leight. Ted Wilson's winning personality to Garfield Weaver. Janet Faustmarfs and Grace Schmidt's fair complexion to Inez Peltzer. Helen Kemp's demure and innocent looks to Lucille Darling. Jack Corrigan's and Gover Johnson's harmless sarcasm to Wallace Williams. Elizabeth Small's drawl to Gertrude Cross. Mary Shaneybrook's and Marian Caple's pleasant smile to Verna Belt. Laura Wirts' diligence to Pauline Zink. Homer Elseroad's and Nelson Miles' interest in mechanics to Joseph Kelly. Hilda Schmitt's thoughtfulness to Margaret Sprinkle and Anna Walter. Edith Bain's and Geraldine McGuire's blushes to Milton Mann. Alvin Shaffer's and Ray Waddell's slow ways to Homer Cullison and Cora Burton. We, the Knights of One Thousand, Nine Hundred and Thirty-Six, being in sound mind, do hereby affirm the above to be our Last Will and Testament. To this will we hereby set our hands and seals on this twenty-sixth day of March, in the Year of our Lord One Thousand, Nine Hundred and Thirty-Six. Witnesses: LOUISE TRABAND, ANNA GARMAN, INEZ BULL, VIRGINIA COLLINS, EDITH BAIN. K 9 Page Forty-one l! tt Q! tl C! Q! Q! gr QQ I! M CK Q! QQ "In the Arenav If QQ fl lf QQ lf "Microbe I'lunters" QQ QQ Q! QQ If QQ fl fl QQ ff fl QC fl Q! F. I-I. S. THE DIAL 1936 Svnngz Sung Arnunh Zliranklin Qt A Little Bit Independenti' Why Was I Born?" Shootin' High" Isn't it a Lovely Day?" Last Roundup" No Other One" Accent on Youth" Ev'ry Day" Put on an old Pair of Shoes" Lonesome Road" "What's the Reason" ff June in January" I Won't Dance" I Feel Like a Feather in the Breeze The Music Goes Round in Roundi' No, No, a Thousand Times Nov Pm Building Up to an Awful Let Down" Seniors Freshie Pittinger "Tubby" Burnham June 19 Graduation F. H. S. A. A. Dance Homework Auditorium at Lunch Time Tnterclass Basketball Route to the Office "E" in Physics Mid-year Exams "En changed to a "D" Freshie "E" in English, again CC 9 Ennkz an me SPP Ghent Pilgrimis Progressu New Worlds to Conquer" The Call of the Wild" Modern Wonder Workers" The Valley of the Missing" Little Caesar" The Harvesterl' The Betrayal" Much Aclo About Nothing" The Interpreter's House" Wall Flowers" Why We Misbehave" Dreamsv Raiders of the Deep" The'Wind of Complicationn The Story of Money" The Best Man" Naked Truthn Victory" The Amateur Gentlemen" ll Little Menv and "Little Women" In Mr. Corr's ofhce The high school career College When the noon bell rings Class of '36 Freshmen II Year French Class Miss Gray Miss Tipton Mr. Seabold Proofs from the photographer Dial Staff Meeting Latin and French rooms Boys who decorate the walls a The old Nick in us High marks Our physics students Any trig problem Class dues Our President A Hunkecl test A Boys' Basketball Game Any high school boy Page Forty-two t dances 'Q F.I-I.S. TI-IE DIAL 1936 un! -.2 Q r 4 I 1229 f S? ' B x - kx iv.. ' l. I I- 5 Xa I K 5 r A iv . E-Hlillhig ..........And for Three gears iheq served as Squires, Gnd p0q2S, apprenlices in Ike courl Page Forty-three I F.H.S. THE DIAL 1936 Uhr Gllauaa nf 1537 President .x............................,............. .....,................ M ARGARET SMITH Vice-President ..... ,,,,4,,.,A,,,,, J ACK BAKER Secretary ..............,...,,.,............ ..,,,..,.,,,, L UCILLE SPEACHT Treasurer ..e....................................................... JOSEPH EVANS Advisersu. William Alder Robert Alexander Anna Altvater Walter Atkinson Eldridge Armacost Jack Baker Charles Beasman Verna Belt Doris Benson Ernestine Benson Pearl Bobbitt Richard Bond Catherine Bucher Cora Burton Imogene Chaney Francis Corbett Emmett Coursey Gertrude Cross Homer Cullison Lucille Darling Helen Duncan Furner Eckenrode Caroline Erskine Joseph Evans Iris Fritts Marie Garman ........MISS MEEKS, Miss HANNUM, MR. COLBURN Flower-Iris Colors--Blue and Gray Marjorie Garrish Evelyn Gay George Gilbert Nancy Goode Marion Griswold Charles Hammond Margaret Hemler Charles Henrichs LeRoy Hess Helen Johnson Jane Kelly Joseph Kelly Virginia Kent Jessie King Elsie Knight Marie 'Leight 1 Betty Long Dick McCusker Charlotte Mechalske Joseph Michael Frances Mosner Addie Mummaugh Meriam Myers Harrison Neuhauser Edwin Osborn Norma Osborn Page Forty-four, Inez Peltzer Irma Pickett Marjorie Raver Helen Rhoten Earl Ruby Kenneth Ryan Marie Savage Madeline Schultheis Frank Shray Alden Smith Margaret Smith Lucille Speacht Evelyn Spence Margaret Sprinkle Ivan Sullivan Vernon Sullivan Sylvia Tillman Eleanor Triplett Elizabeth Troyer Edith Walsh Anna Walters Evelyn Watson Howard Weaver Garfield Weaver Wallace Williams Pauline Zink 1 vi... O F.H.S. THE DIAL 1936 3luninr write-Hrs ' JUST IMAGINE: Frank Shray getting on the Honor Roll. Imogene Chaney on the dance Hoor without "'I'ubby." Dick McCusker not being able to play a mouth organ. Meriam Myers not talking about "Mose." Jane Kelley not being stylish. Inez Peltzer and Eleanor Triplett not giggling together in English class. Nancy Goode being a brunette. Iris Fritts and Lucille Darling being loud and boisterous. Helen Duncan without her Scottish accent. Marjorie Raver without a companion. Gertrude Cross and Edith Walsh getting "U" in- department. Charles Hammond not being heard. Anna Altvater at school at 9 A. M. Evelyn Gay without her musical talent. . Margaret Hemler and Joseph Michael without their ready smile. Addie Mummaugh without a giggle. Margaret Sprinkle not talking about her "Hill Billy." Marian Griswold not being willing to help. Vernon Sullivan without his nickname, "Soapy." William Alder without his fondness for arguing. George Gilbert not getting mad when you call him "Quincey." Elsie Knight not at the piano noon time. Frances Mosner not blushing when teased. Marie Leight without her climples. Joseph Evans being a chemistry teacher. Milton Mann without his "King" Howard Weaver without his "Chevy." Homer Cullison not being able to play a drum. Baynard Butler not going out for a team. Furner Eckenrode at a loss for words. - - Walter Atkinson reducing. Kenneth Ryan not being able to act. Charles Henricks not having something to say. Verna Belt and Evelyn Watson not being neat. Irma Picket with brown eyes. Earl Ruby being six feet tall. Ivan Sullivan not having red hair. , Marie Savage without curls. Madeline Schultheis 'hot being able to tap dance well. 5 .Page Forty-five ' F! F. H. S. THE DIAL 1936 Emmett Coursey not liking a certain Sohpomore. William Molesworth not counting the weeks till the summer vacation. Pauline Zink being disliked. Margaret Smith not being a good English student. Norma Osborn being serious. Helen Johnson not working in the library. Wallace Williams as a wallflower at a dance. Dick Bond not talking to the girls. Betty Long not getting a good mark in Business Arithmetic. Marie Garman not being called 'tToot." Garfield Weaver with his hair combed straight back. Edwin Csborn being called Edwin. Betty Troyer being back in typing. Leroy Hess not being dependable. Charles Beasman not being able to draw. Harrison Neuhauser and Joseph Kelly getting into mischief. Cora Burton not talking in study period. Pearl Bobbittflunking a subject. Catherine Bucher failing shorthand. Robert Alexander not knowing his history. Helen Rhoten and Virginia Kent not making a good appearance. Ernestine Benson not being called 'iTeeny.', N Lucille Speacht being disorderly. Jack Baker without his tenor voice. Caroline Erskine and Sylvia Tillman being in a hurry. Charlotte Mechalske and Evelyn Spence with straight hair. Doris Benson not being a good writer. Alden Smith and Eldridge Armacost being the same height. Jessie King not getting a "kick" out of life. Edith Frey and Lee Geist finding their way around school. Anna Walters without a friend. K 77 Page Forty-six '1 QI it 1 if F. H. S. TI-IE DIAL 1936 lf wha Qllaaa nf 1933 president .,.,...,,,, ,...... C LAUDE BELT Vice-President .. ------------------ JEAN SMITH Secyetayy ,4.4,.,. ,.,,,, E RMA LEE WILLIAMS Treasurer .,., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,AA,.,,,,,,,,,v,,A,.,,.,,..,,.,.,.,,.,.,,,..., G ORDON BROADFOOT Advisers ,..,,. ....... M iss HUTTENHAUER, Miss EUBANKS, MR- BOYLAN Eleanor Adams May Albright Eleanor Allen Marguerite Alexander Betty Alban Beulah Burton Joynes Beane Eugene Belt Earl Brown Elizabeth Botts Ernestine Benson VVilliam Burnett Claude Belt Gordon Broadfoot Margaret Baublitz Bernadiue Benson Elizabeth Bowers Billy Farr Franklin Pole Edwurd Corroum Maynard Clark Francis Corbett Robert Corbett Mary Crudden Helen Cross Dorothy Cox Hedwig Colofen Virginia Conaway Billy Cook John Doenges Flower-Black-eyed Susan Colors-Black and Orange Daphne Duncan Elizabeth Dixon Ruth Espey Mildred Espey Naomi Espey Charles Ebaugh Dorothy Fowble Roland Fisher John Frank Miriam Fleagle Betty Grove Marjorie Garrish Helen Geist Walter Gill Eileen Grothe Daniel Hanna Irene Hoffman Virginia Hoff Anna Hoen Raymond Hoover Myrtle Hetlin Ethel Hemler Dorothy Hacker Yellott Hammond Sterling Hare John Hein Randolph Horsey Willard Hunt Margaret Islaub Francis Issenock Joseph Judson Jean Johnston Doris Krauch Jenn Kagle John King Roland King Audrey Kemp Jessie King Norman Koenig John Lockard Martha Lau Vivian Lark Marian Lawson Louise Lentzner Charles Long Burley Luckett Edith Merrick William Markey Thelma Markland Bernice McCauley Edith McPhail Frances Morningstar Earl Mallery Nolan Martin Donald Merryman David Osborn James Pyle Doris Phillips Vernon Raver Morris Richardson Jane Royer Robert Roberts Merle Rogers . Vernon Ruby Dorothy Eleanor Roberts Dorothy Estelle Roberts Martha Schultheis Mary Etta Sehaefer Madalyn Schreck Beatrice Seger Marjorie Spencer Alma Smith Jean Smith James Sollers Elmer Thompson Earl Triplet Helen Tinkler Marie Talbot Maude Teal Genevieve Tillman Bosley Waters Robert Watts Calvin White Katherine lVatts Anna Walters Erma Lee Williams Philip Watts' Earl Vlfelsh , Elizabeth Wirts Nancy Yeagle Ruth Yox Page Forty-seven .n. 'a J. r 4 ' 4.5 iii e l Q. 1' , .A airy gt, , . 5, i, 1 it i t i '11 is . -. gril'-r-Q: is s , V B 'ji f 1. if!5"', 4 . '7 ': " K -i I 1 Q.f7ir :f,i f w'.,.q,,, A, Jive.-:1'o F. I-I. S. THE DIAL 193 6 naomi akers Uhr Gllaaa nf 192'-H 1 President .......... ..... H ARRY SLADE Vice-President ..,. ,,,,,,,, H ELEN HEWES Secretary ...,,... ..... M ARIAN DUNCAN Treasurer .. ....,,.....,.........,.....,.................. OLIN BROADFOOT Advisers, -... ....,.............. .,... M R . SEABOLD, MRS. REESE, Miss WISNER edith dixon hernard kalb hertha peltzer adrien duncan roland keene mable poe robert albright alice austin christine barstow ward barstow harry belt herbert bertsch vivian blank benjamin black Vernon bolte charles bosley garland bosley gordon bowersox jack bossom mary brathuhn charlotte brenner olin broadfoot Joseph brocato betty brooks donald brown robert brown roland brown genevieve burnham evelyn burton ingreet butler grace caltrider Jane cainpbell john chenoweth isabelle christhilf mitzi colbert atlee conaway john corbett dorothy cross pauline crunkilton naomi cullison evelyn curfman rose dawson walter devilbiss marian duncan elizabeth ebaugh marvin ely roger ensor Curtis fadely A charles fishbaugh frederick forman clark ganssle margaretha geiselman wilbert geiselman richard gilbert helen gill lewis gittere alma gore lawrence gore adelaide green charles green norma green william hammond richard heisey harry hoff eleanor healy helen hewes sarah hewitt albert heise gilbert hesson james howard helen hemler evelyn hofmeisler audrey hutehinson roslyn hurwitz virginia hein levering islaub robert johnson marvin jones ethel mae keller charles kern marie koenig mildred korman dolores kroger louise keller annabelle king lewis leavy betty lawson marian loose marie lupas william lentzner marshall long jackson lau dorothy leppo doris long hamilton mowbray mildred martin betty mason doris mearns zelma mechalske mary rnullinix roy moser alvah meyers thelma meekins ruth meyers barbara mcphail june mechalske vera norfolk evelyn naylor victor neuhauser clinton owings marion owings leone osborn grace ousler david popplein eliott potter Page Forty-eight roland palmer siebvrt ransome jerald reeder clurence robinson harry slade margaret Sullivan edward shoemaker john smith norman smith power sumerfield russell lee smith williamson snyder mary ellen stallings robert seiler edward shipley karl strauss kenneth stephen elsie schmitt rioris smith irene thomas . walter tracey esther trainer V anna turnbaugh neva Waddell phyllis wagner william walter walter walk richard wilson frederick witte virgiinia wheeler marian white viola williams mary williams harry williams hester wilson alice Wheeler roberta. zink K"" vb 0 B 5 .. 1 4 K, F.H.S. THE DIAL 1936 ' Q... A 1 A I 1, 1 ui E112 5211211111 Grabs ' ennaej hguabra rubliw yeliw droffilc drofrah ek-da kvalh neleh kceb Kltlff rekqb ' K" f-veiveneg nwnrh 1-ttolrnhc ynwanoc sulnhcin ztilbuub I se-cnarf rc-hcuh nnnn xof trebor rehrzulb f ' 5115" ennj mahnrub onixnm hvoog sicnarf looc . Pnnj yggop' knoc I4-bmn nguh lunp rosne eisneh tdrahnnrc tc-rngrnm seniah yrrah xof neleh knarf 1-illom sbninh ' siwel yevrah - " .iff epinreb elah nylyram tnek . lieh ttonk er-nerqlf elah ntterol mahnal derf zream yrnm enaxj tnuh ecarg snikeem svlrahc dnalom rehtse gnol derdlim krum llorruc ybur ecila evol lezah nrobso mailliw ybur htm' yekram nnirnm reffuats dnnmyur siehtluhcs htur hgunmmum sirod relhu semaj htims ' sirod rolyan ' nhtreb smailliw nitneuq yecart yrnm enrobso lehte hslaw remoh renraw ' neelhtak yeliw troblig nosneb snmoht mlehliw rj. 255 dnowle tsocamra druwde nosilluc nerrnw kramtrednuh 'l drawrle ttenrah nhoj eseved hplodur ihcul ' soma tleb llessur nnnah yram nabla nhoj mahgninnuc notlim nesnah yerdua nosneb dnalyr retspmed - dlnniger nomrah htur nosneb dlox-al? seniah eslsej htrowsgnilloh adnil kralc ewor trah sivnnrf retiiemfoh yhtorod dnoresle ' " dnnlor elppih nhoj gnnl- sirod erah 'B nhoj yeli rubliw nosnibor ellebanna nosnhoj -K selrahc thgink yesrnd sregor yhtorod ztlom Q: dlannd hc-uark rndge refenhcs htebazile namlhop 155 drnneol sreyem nelln sgnillnts naillil llams- nhoj yurbwnm yevruh yec'u.1't aven elknirps dmwde nosfnihor luap regart derdlim dleifsnats 5,9 uolrahr' ztluhcn hpc-soj reyort yram retlaw W N rialb nevals nivri truknu neleh smailliw V siuol treblnt . eel smnilliw nc-ceber nedoow . esiuol sdoow L,-u, 53: Page Forty-nine D :- i ,gsi - . ,L ,f . I JF, :MVS . . r if F. I-I. S. THE DIAL 1936 We Elizrrultg Zllaulta regret to announce that Reade W. Corr-arranges assemblies so that we usually get out of study periods. Mollie F. Saffell-won't leave the building before six o'clock. Helen G. Huttenhauer-has a mania for hearing pupils recite Shakepeare. Anna R. Meeks-has a peculiar habit of springing "check up" tests unex- pectedly. Margaret Hannum--will not let us watch the gym classes outside. Ethel A. Parsons--interrupts our study period conversations with, "If you have no work, I'm sure I can find you somef, Merle Eubanks-calls girls by their older sisters' names. Thelma M. Pyle-is the last teacher to dismiss her homeroom at 3:20. Ellen H. Gray-allows her pet bugs to wander loose in the biology lab. C. Wightman Seabold-would be unable to talk if his hands were tied be- hind him. C. Louise Tipton-will not talk about astronomy when a vocabulary test is in view. M. Rebecca Wendle-likes us to listen to Lawrence Tibbett instead of Bing Crosby. . Arthur L. Colburn-makes you stop work on that almost completed lamp to clean up the shop. Fred D. Crosby-has a weakness for salted peanuts. Joseph F. Boylan-repeated 'Qmore or less" only twenty-three times in one physics period. M. Thelma Wisner-continues to say "I thought the boys were worse." Emma K. Hanna--has noon hour sessions with all the little, naughty, seventh grade pupils. Hope Godwin-makes the girls get into their gym suits against their will. Helen T. Reese-has taken to dismissing her senior homeroom by rows. Page Fifty ' 1 F. I-LS. THE DIAL 1936 f' r ' c I 1 9m"'l fl, Z i zliiiff' X .Z G I 2 N fe 5 v ,. -sal ' jfif' 11 'Q ,z2.:' 2 L V, fr f-'- ' ' I 4-7 -L " L -1: ' ' " "V .ET:1" X 3 .5 --"f-5 -,fE., 3 J: 33 -. f -47. - 1 Q , 2: .-... Q x ....... V ,Qs ' ' Y ' f f - J f?- ' i K W ef ':. ..i ELD:ax:l......... ..,. .And Ike kniqlnk ond opprenTn'ces of The courT were wonT To enTerToin Ihemselves, and Their pleasures c1ndposTimeS were manni- Page Fifty-one F. I-I.S. THE DIAL 1936 E112 Svtuhvnt Qlnunril The purpose of the Student Council is two-fold: fl, to provide an oppor- tunity for the pupils to express their ideas in things concerning the school in gen- eral-thus to work for the improvement of the schoolg fZj to maintain a spirit of co-operation among the pupils. It is made up of representatives from each home- room and has been recently expanded to include representatives of the Boys, and Girls' Athletic Associations as well as of the Monitor System. In this way all school interests are co-ordinated into one body in which each pupil, through his homeroom representative, and each organization may present suggestions and views. The Student Council holds a regular monthly meeting at which measures for improving conditions or for making changes are discussed. Through its ef- forts, the school has become more neat and orderly, and the ease with which routine school matters are administered has been increased. The Student Council has also placed student representatives on assembly and cafeteria committees, thus it is possible for the tastes and desires of the student body to be reflected in as- sembly programs and in cafeteria menus. Knowing the benefits which the school has derived from the efforts of the Student Council, we hope its good work will continue for years to come. The oHicers of the Student Council for 1936 were as follows: President .......... .,.,.. T ED W1LsoN Vice-President ...,.....,..... LEROY Hicss Secretary ..... ......... E LEANORA SMITH Faculty Adviser .,,.... ............. ..,.,.,,... M 1 ss TIPTON Page Fifty-two 0 F. H. S. THE DIAL 1936 Ellie Zliuiurv ZFEIIIIIPFE nf Anrlerirau This year a chapter of the Future Farmers of America was established at Franklin under the leadership of Mr. Seabold, who had the full support of both his agriculture classes. The Future Farmers of America is a national organization, and its chapters are found in every state and territory. The Franklin chapter of the F. F. A. started off with a big banquet at which several county and state su- pervisors were present. If the success of the banquet has anything to do with the future of Franlclin's F. F. A., we are sure it will be a winning organization. The officers of the F. F. A. are as follows: President ......... .... ...... . . .NELSON MILES Vice-President ..,.. ......... A RTHUR SOUTHARD Secretary ,,..... .......... H ARRY BARNETT Treasurev' . ........ DONALD HOBBS CQ 9 Page Fifty-three Q F. H. S. THE DIAL 1936 Uhr Gbpvrvtia "The Emperor's Clothesn, under the able direction of Miss Mary Wendle, Miss Mar- garet Hannum, and Mrs. C. W. Seabold, was given on April 3 and 4. The operetta was based on the Chinese fairy tale of the same title, and was set to music by Joseph W. Clolcey. The story, briefly, is that the Emperor, who was very fond of clothes, was duped by two swindlers into ordering a suit which would be invisible to all those who were either stupid or disloyal. The swindlers did not weave any clothes, but whenever anyone was around, they pretended to be working as hard as possible. Of course, no one could see the uclothesf, but everyone pretended to see them because he didn't want to be thought stupid or disloyal. Only the innocent children would admit that they saw nothing and it was they who dis- closed the fraud. The cheats made their escape, but the Prince brought them back. After they had been brought back, the Princess stopped the Emperor from beheading them in his righteous rage at being displayed to the public without any clothes on. One of the outstanding features of the operetta was the costuming. This was done by A. T. Jones and Son of Baltimore and the Home Economics Department of the high school. The staging by Mr, Colburn and Mr. Seabold also added to the effectiveness of the operetta. The cast was as follows: Beaumonde, the Emperor ,,,e,,,.,.,.,,,,. . ,.,,,..... .........,..,,., T ed Wilson Baron Archivieux ............. ............. .................. ........ R o b ert Finnegan Prince Jarrotiere, a courtier of high degree ......,....,. Charles Humphries Princess Chansette, daughter of Emperor, ,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,..,,,,,, Evelyn Gay Flou-Flou Cheatsri Melissa Pyle Fripon Kenneth Bollinger Pierre, a courtier .................... ....... . .. ...................,............ Jack Corrigan Toinette, companion to the Princess ....,...,.....,,..,.......,..... Martha Healy Courtiers ..,....... ....................................... J ack Baker, Douglas Campbell Ladies-in-waiting ....... ......., R uth Shreeve, Margaret Smith Chorus ..................,. ........... . A ..........,...... The Glee Club Accompanist ....... ......,.......,.. M argaret Bollinger Page Fifty-four F.H.S. THE DIAL 1936 I he Seuinr lilatg The senior class presented its play, "Paddy, The Next Best Thingf' on May 27, and 29. The plot of this play in four acts may be summarized as follows: As a result of an accident Paddy, a vigorous, carefree young girl of seventeen, meets Mr. Lawrence Blake, a young Englishman who is interested in Eileen Adair, Paddy's older sister. Paddy takes an immee diate dislike to Mr. Blake and, at times, treats him very rudely, In fact Blake's arrival causes a general feeling discontent. For Jack O'Hara, a neighbor and friend of the Adair family, who has been in love with Eileen since they were young, becomes very jealous of the attentions which Mr. Blake is paying her. Finally, when Eileen refuses to marry him, jack takes Paddy's advice and goes away to find a job in an effort to become worthy of Eileen. After the unexpected death of their father, Paddy and Eileen go to live with rela- tives. A year or so later when the sisters return to their old home for Christmas they are greatly surprised by the arrival of Jack, who has changed very much. Jack's long absence had made Eileen realize her love for himg therefore she now consents to marry him, And, strange as it seems, Paddy, despite her protestations of hate for Mr. Blake, has finally fallen in love with him. Thus, as the old saying goes, "they all lived happily ever afterward." The success of the play was due in a large measure to the coaching of the class advisers, Miss Tipton, Miss Parsons, and Miss Gray. The members of the class wish to take this op- portunity to thank their advisers for the unceasing efforts which they put into the play. The cast of characters was as follows: Paddy Nlartha Healy Doreen Blake . Ruth Shreeve Lawrence Blake jack Corrigan Miss O'Hara ...... Ruth Bolte Eileen Adair Elyse Walters Miss Mary O'Hara Mable Pahl Jack O'Hara Donald Humphries Dr, Davy Adair .. .. Earl Mayer General Adair Douglas Campbell Mickey Gover Johnson Gwendoline Cart-w Louise Traband Webb . Hilda Schmitt Lord Sellaby Donald Hobbs Mrs. Bingle Marguerite Frank Mrs. Putter . . Elizabeth Small Ticket Taker ..... .Samuel Brown Page Fifty-five F. H. S. THE DIAL 1936 Ellie ilunini'-Svvniui' Hnrig What an air of excitement floated through the senior rooms when the big green shamrocks which invited us to be present at the Junior-Senior Party on March .twentieth appeared on the bulletin boards! Finally the eagerly anticipated evening arrived. Greetecl by the Juniors, we were ushered into the assembly which had been transformed into a bit of old Erin. Green and yellow balloons, Irish pigs, and shamroclcs paid homage to the birth- day of the Irish patron saint as well as to the green and gold, '36,s class colors. The gay and happy Irish spirit seemed to be transmitted to everyone, and all enjoyed dancing to a peppy orchestra. Then in high spirits, we gaily promenaded to the gymnasium where the ap- propriate decorations again accentuated the atmosphere of Saint Patrick's day. All of the speakers seemed to be endowed with the traditional Irish wit, for many entertaining talks and jokes filled the moments when we paused from enjoying the delicious refreshments. Upon returning to the auditorium, after the festive banquet hour, we were entertained by a lilting Irish jig. The time left for dancing passed all too quickly, and it was with great re- luctance that the members of '36 departed from this never-to-be-forgotten party. K 77 Page Fifty-six F H s THE DIAL 1936 x ,X Y VN Q give W I -' xx! ' :V 1, :ik f 5' f T l mug . ........ And ofimeq sirove in combof and of! Tlweq were vidorious. P F! F. H. S. TI-IE DIAL 1936 Uhr Aihleiir Qinunril The Athletic Council, which is composed of the officers of the Boys, and Girls' Athletic Associations, Mr. Crosby, Miss Godwin, and Mr. Seabold, serves as a means of co-ordinating all athletic affairs under one head. One of the most important functions of the Athletic Council is to finance all athletic activities within the school. The Athletic Council is not, however, a purely money making body, for although the A. A. dances and parties provide an excellent source of in- come, they also tend to increase social life and good times within the school. Then, too, the Athletic Council works to maintain and increase school spirit and enthusiasm by selecting cheer leaders and by sponsoring pep meetings. The Ath- letic Council has not only aroused interest in athletic affairs but has also main- tained within the student body those traits of good sportsmanship for which Frank- lin stands. The officers of the Boys, and Girls, Athletic Associations and of the Athletic Council are as follows: The Athletic Council President ...... .............r,................v............... . ...Mr. Seabold Treasurer .. .v,. Richard Hubbard Secretary ..... ...............,.... ............... ...... M a r tha Healy Boys' Athletic Association Girls' Athletic Association President . . ,. Emory Hoffman President .. ..... . .. .... .Martha Healy Vice-President . ......... James Carpenter Vice-President ..... .......... . .... J essie King Secretary .................... Richard Hubbard Secretary .... . .............. Marguerite Frank Treasurer ..., ......... E lyse Walters Page Fifty-eight I F. H. S. THE DIVAL 1936 i Ariiuiiiw ,uf ilir Ps. A. Although one of the hrst objects of many of the A. A. activities is to obtain money to defray athletic expenses, these numerous functions also contribute a large measure to social life within the school. The A. A. dances are always high spots on the school calendar. The first dance, "The Fall Opener," held in October, served, as its names implies, as a grand opener for social affairs for the year and succeeded in getting everyone acquainted with the dances. The decorations for this dance were of the colorful fall foliage. "The Fall Opener" was followed in December by "The Annual Homecoming Hop," to which members of the classes of '34 and '35 were invited. The effective Christmas decorations, huge wreaths and evergreens, combined with the holiday spirit and with the pleasure at having old friends back, made this dance a big success. The next dance, "The Snow Ball," was heldiiin February, and the unusual decorations transformed the auditorium into a true winter scene. This dance was limited to the student body and, as usual, "went overn in a big way. The school calendar also includes dates for two more dances which every- one is eagerly anticipating. The A. A. parties are also quite popular with the entire student body. These parties, which are held after school, are given about five times a year. Candy, ice cream, and apples-on-the-stick are sold, while dancing, with Miss Brooks as pianist, is a big attraction. The "feeds" which are iven each season to a visitin team rovide another p u g 1 g P Q u 1 en o able occasion for members of the bo s' and irls' teams. Besides rovidm 1 Y N U Y s H P g plenty to eat, the feedsv also give a chance to meet the boys and girls from other schools. This year we had Kenwood as our guests. For originality and entertaining exhibits, the Boys' and Girls' Gym Show just can't be beaten! This show, which was given in April, includes dances, drills, and all sorts of interesting demonstrations of gymnastic work. Indeed the activities of the A. A. cover a wide range and add immensely to the school program. K 37 Page Fifty-nine F. I-I. S. THE DIAL Haraiig Iliielhhall . Fieldball practice started the last of September with nearly thirty girls pres ent. Although we had almost an entirely new team, we were successful in win ning two practice games. The team was as follows: Ruth Shreeve-R. W. Grace Schmidt-R. H. Norma Caple-R. I. Marguerite Frank-C. I-I. fcaptam Marian White-C. Evelyn Curfman-L. H. Ruth Yox-L. I. Genevieve Tillman-R. F. Marie Savage+L. W. Edna Richardson-L. F. Martha Healy-G. K. Substitutes: Betty Brooks, Doris Krauch, Ruth Espey, Jean Smith Eileen Grothe, Eleanor Adams. Norma Clay Brooks-Manager. The schedule was as follows: Sparks vs. Franklin ,.....,..... Towson vs. Franklin ....., .. .,,,,.,,.. Sparrows Point vs. Franklin .e....,. Montrose Vs. Franklin ....,,....... , Westminster vs. Franklin ,,,., Ellicott City vs. Franklin Catonsville vs. Franklin ,,,...., ,-- Kenwood vs. Franklin .........,.,...,,,,,.,.,,, Page Sixty Score 10- 3 24- 8 14- 4 24-28 8-14 l0-- 6 33-- 8 8-- 2 F.H.S. THE DIAL 1936 1Ha11'uitg lizmkethaull Despite Miss Godwin's and Miss I-lannum's steady coaching and despite the enthusiasm and determination which the members of the girls' team displayed, they were not able to win many games. However, the team had several new members, who will be on hand next year. Here's hoping that the next season may be a big success! The members of the squad were as follows: FORWARDS GUARDS Genevieve Tillman Edna Richardson Marian White Marguerite Frank HCaptain1 - Ruth Yox Elsie Knight CENTERS Evelyn Rawlings Marion Lawson Grace Schmidt Martha Healy SIDE CENTERS Eleanor Adams Ruth Shreeve Schedule: Score Sparks vs. Franklin , , , 26-10 Towson vs. Franklin ,, ,, , 32--14 Sparrows Point vs. Franklin , ,,,, ,, 12- 9 Seton vs. Franklin ,, ,, . ,,,,,,, .. ,s,, .. 47- 3 Notre Dame vs. Franklin 36- 8 Blue Ridge vs. Franklin ,,,, , 1l- 2 Forest Park vs. Franklin , ,, .. 37--10 Catonsville vs. Franklin ,' ,, 65- 6 Kenwood vs. Franklin . Z3-12 Faculty vs. Franklin .. .. 9-28 Alumni vs. Franklin ,. . ,. , 18-24 Page Sixty-one F H S THE DIAL 1936 C5irl5' Spring Artiuitiw This spring, the girls had a rather extensive athletic program, for their activities included volley ball, hit ball, tennis, touchdown pass, and relay teams. All of these teams played with teams from the other county schools. The tennis and volley ball teams also had games with Forest Park High School. On the 30th of May, these teams represented Franklin at the Baltimore County Meet at Patterson Park. The relay teams included a run and catch team and an obstacle team. Girls were also at Patterson for hit and run the bases and to try for their badge. Many of the girls worked to obtain their certificates. The requirements varied with the number of the certificate, but one common requirement was that definite amount of hiking be done. As a result the girls who tried to win a. certificate spent much of their spare time walking. Indeed the girls had many interesting spring activities in which everyone could participate. I Page Sixty-two -ss. F. H. S. TI-IE DIAL 1,936 Harnitgg Sturm' The hoys' soccer practice started on the twentieth of September with a group of about thirty boys. From this group the team was picked. The boys went through the season without winning a game and tying only twog these games were practice games. However, they did play well as they were never defeated hy more than five points. The team consisted of the following: M. Beasman ,,.,. ,.,,,,,,,,..... R ight Fullback C. Humphries ,,.r,,, Left Fullback T. Wilson ..,.,,, ....,,,,,, , ,..,,,,,,,,, Goal E. Hoffman ,,,,,.. ,,,.r,, R ight Halfback A. Southard ,.t.,, ,..... , ,.Left Halfback B. Butler ....,,rr .....,,,r C enter I-lalfhack C. Henrichs rr..t,,,,,,r,,,r Center Forward V . Sullivan ..,.,... ,.,,, er,.... O u tside Left J. Carpenter . .,,,,.,,rr Outside Right J. Cockey .r..,, .....,,,t I nside Right H. Lau r,,r..,.....r,......,,,,,,,,,,,, Inside Right Substitutes: K. Bollinger, A. Bertsch, R. Belt, Frank, R. Bond. Captain-Emory Hoffman Managers-Donald Humphries, James Carpenter Visitors Home October Sparks vs. Franklin 6 1 October Sparrows Point vs. Franklin 4 2 October Towson vs. Franklin 2 0 October Kenwood vs. Franklin 5 2 October Qtonsville vs. Franklin 2 0 Page Sixty-three F. I-I. S. THE DIAL 1936 T 'Harzitg Ezwkvthall Even though the boys were defeated in their first two games, by means of constant practice and determination to maintain Franklin's reputation as cham- pions, they were able, for a' time, to gain first place in the county league. They continued this fine playing until the last league game which they lost to Spar- rows Point, making Franklin tie with Catonsville for the county championship. Although enthusiasm was high for the play-off game, the boys were defeatedg thus, after a hard struggle, they received second place in the county league. However the team made a fine record, and the Dial Staff wishes to congratulate the boys and their coach, Mr. Crosby. The team was as follows: T . Wilson fCaptainj ....,........... Forward R. Pittinger ,.,......,,....,,, ,,,r,,,, F orward A. Southard ,,,..., ,.,,.,,, C enter R. Fisher ..,.,,.,.,.,,,.,.. . ,.,.,,...,,, Guard V. Sullivan ........,..,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,.,,,.,,, Guard Substitutes: E. Bowersox, C. Humphries, H. Lau, D. Hobbs M Beasman D. Campbell. Managers: Carpenter, D. Humphries. Schedule: Sparrows Point vs. Franklin.- 38-10 Sparks vs. Franklin ..,..,..,....,.. 16-Z1 Towson vs. Franklin ....,,,,.,.... 24-27 Kenwood vs. Franklin ,,,.,...,, 15-35 Catonsville vs. Franklin r,,... 23-30 Sparks vs. Franklin .... ......,,. 1 0-25 Catonsville vs. Franklin ,,,,., 28-38 Kenwood vs. Franklin ,..,.,.,.. 15-49 Towson vs. Franklin ....,. ,,,,,, 0 - 2 Sparrows Point vs. Franklin.- 32--12 Catonsville vs. Franklin ,....... 42-27 Page Sixty-fowr F. I-I.S. THE DIAL 1936 1Hzu'aiIg Easvhall The baseball ICEUTI consisted of the f0llOWiI'1g I'l'1CIT'll3C!'SC Homer Cullison John O. Cockey Charles Long , Richard Hubbard joseph Judson Alvin Shaffer Emory Hoffman Jay Gore Harry Lau , , 7 Pitcher , H .,,, Catcher ,, , ,First Baseman Second Baseman , ,c,, Third Baseman Short Stop ,,,,,,,Right Field .,,,,,,Center Field ,,,,,,.,,,,Left Field In addition to games with the county schools, the team also played several practice games. Mr. Boylan acted as coach for the team. CC D Page Sixty-five I-LS. TI-IE DIAL 1930 Page Sixty-s1'.1' s, 4, ,. . ...A,,, . I A, A Y .vw pwf ,Q 'W . 1, Ai 4 J 1 F.1-Ls. THE DIAL .1936 maint Abs WANTED-A new pencil sharpener-apply to Mrs. Reese. WANTED-Original "Dial" material-apply to humor editors. WANTED-Less homework-apply-anywhere. WANTED- Council. WANTED- WANTED- WANTEHD- A way to keep chewing gum out of fountains-apply to Student A county championship team-apply to Miss Godwin. A diploma-apply to Pittinger. Uniforms-apply to baseball team. WANTED-An oil burner-apply to Mr. Berryman. WANTED-New mirrors-apply to boys' washrooms. WANTED-A pair of unbreakable glasses-apply to Bob Finnegan. WANTED- A heavy tray for lunch-apply to Mr. Boylan. WANTED-A basket that is easier to hit-apply to girls' basketball team. WANTED-A later second bell-apply to sleepy students. WANTED-Some "squeakless" chairs-apply to assembly committee. WANTED-A basketball shirt-apply to Melville Beasman. WANTED-A serious senior class-apply to faculty. WANTED-A pupil that reads Caesar for diversion-apply to Miss Tipton. WANTED-An everlasting stick of guru-apply to Louise Trabancl. WANTED-More girls to whom he may talk-apply to Donald Humphries. WANTED-A good farm-apply to Ted Wilson. K 9 Page Sixty-seven H. S. THE DIAL 1936 Arknniulvhgmrntz The knights of '36 wish to pledge their unswerving allegiance to MISTRESS HELEN G. HUTTENHAUER, a noble lady of the court and a true friend of their knightly band, in appreciation of the constant help and advice which she has given to the Scribes and Scribblers who have pub- lished this, the Dial, their Record of Achievements. Page Sixty-eight F.H.S. THE DIAL 1936 I... - wr al ' I 1 nnm..n:a.m...J ..,.....And The merclworis cried Hman' vvoras VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVUVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVUVVVVWVVVVVVVVVVVXPVVVVVVWWVWWWWW f wwwvvxv xvxvwww w wxvvv w vv v v xvw w xv vvvw v-vv wxv w v v V When the Senlors are havmg thexr photographs taken, do not forget the younger members of the famlly Durmg vacation tlme, have them photographed ln the familiar surrounclmgs of your own home or garden Qlerelrzr nrfnlk 4 arrerksun 411 Nulfll fllharlss ,Street alttmme, CHHz1rQIa11h Telephone, Vernon 4380 AAAIXAXAIXMAIXAIXIXJXJXIXAAJXIXIXIXAIXA AAIXIXIXAAXIXIXAIXAXAXIXIXAIXAKAIXIXIXIXIXIXIXAIXIXAAXIX XIXIXIXIXIXIXIKIXAAAAIXIXIXIXIXIXAAIXIXAAIXJXAAAAIXIXIXIXIKIKIKIXIXIXAIXIXAIXIXAAIXAIXAIXIXIXIXIXAAAAAAJXAIXAAAIXIXIXIXAIXAIXIXIXIXIXINAAALXAAIAAXIEI IXIX , ' pr . , 1. i . V Q . 1 , V Q 4 ' N A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A . . A . A - Page Seventy A , D D D D D P D D 7 D D P D D D D D 7 D D D D 7 D P 7 D P P D D D D P D D P D D D D D P P D D D D D D D D D 7 P D D P P D D m W' ' ' 'V ' WVWWWVVVVYIYIVVWWWWWWVWWW ' VVVWWWWWVWWWWWVYIYIVIVW Coclcrell' Cwens Chevrolet Co THRU SERVICE WE GROW 518 Reisterstown Road REISTERSTOWN MD Phone-Reisterstown 222 GENERAL REPAIRS-PARTS AND ACCESSORIES D P D D P D P D D D D D D D P D D 7 . D D 7 J D D D D D D D D 1AA.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMAAAAAAAAMA Page Seventy-one IINIDIHHHIIullllllIIlllllllllllllllllllIIlullIlllllllllllllllllllllIlV - I i ' SALES 155 EVROLET SERVICE " IW - 4 W V V V U V V V V V V U V V V Page Seventy-two A Q AX A A A 5 Q 3 - 50 98 9555 54 5 555-I 55' 5 f' f' 2 51 5 H D' lg Q1 5 IT! g, Q :gnm U1 :Po X1 ox P-1 "1 Q, 5 Ill gg ' ' ' fi. O T Q, 5 ll E a SCS fxf. Q N255 EN --f-lmwgmm 'S O Q 4 3553: B 8052000 Efifvi-as 5 153 2 ' V' D 21' 1 im pu ...N E ggogqpzf 3 like - ' " H' n w ', 9 Z E 535 75 "2"U?x2G'o FU 0 Z E11 2 C 4- 3 af 'ff 5 w,,??4fD Qsagarmg Q. C nf rn sz 5 ,Fava M O a-ww wm'QfD:f 22 ZUMB Q a 75 "' "' -F-gC7U"'::1l WB in 0 f' C3 w v-1 ' O Q , pq O Q O wr'-42Q. 5 lm-:Go 5: .1 a"U .- iri 9' 'B 2 VIF2 'U "51"::?f S 55' 5 5 H1 E f' :" 5 ' ' :05"',.. - :- ibm .4 52373 Q -nina? 2 2 Z :U .-. 2 q 2. 9 Z3 n xg-Z: Q 82g'EJ"D- 5 55' U Q Q 5 55' Q Q ?Un- 5 w7Uzv-4 Bzxnpvl 5 O Z Z H m B S SK: 9-Q an 2-og O Q Z Q m Z g no Q a ' Q- v Z cj K -. G a ofvgg-.5-1 Z V, pb N CD 5 Q1 : -was: 02' wizfaaf: 5 -U 'cv 32:-4g.::-H I 3' no "1 '11 'U m'U "' e, 9 "" ET Z 505-Qf'3"" 5" ST' '4 I D 'U : 0 5 5 75:0-A m 2 ESQUWQ .ICD 2 l"' W Z I" 'U-U "5 5 5 FUN -swim? we -- fmgf' Q: -- 3, :P g '-' 'U 1 i 5 mv-I C on FU -I U00 -- o m - 4 a 490 -5 Q0-o""" rr-15" 'SSQQ N: :I Z F5 ua Y! 4' 5 n Hz: -5 F2 mr' E 'ffm -.JW Q-2 'S-3' U Zi V1 ' 0 4' 23' O 1452.5 N S.2.3?2pvE2-F 51533 22" OE m Q I 0 IH 2 5 'T1 5 E2 1 fffmgcjjscjua. Q'-g,'j,"wg gl, O v-5 JP ,E 0 6' iE.9h'E. -53835-v-., -2Q'o,':.1.zUm,2-FX Egg-nga ,Up O r- F5 fu 3 ' "' w-'fs v-.pu--g, .:1' rw Q, v-1 :r 1 am 5 Z5 'm Zgfna -I BD-Swco 2. 3, m N4 e , mi O Nr-yoyfbx' N 'Hr-+ m 4 52 3 vs ,, n- 2. 5 Q' Omg, cr ,g 0-3 gn: I- V1 E 'U 5, . U W5 YY '-P -' H :I '10 - 5 "' F4552 S Fw:-ui 05.0. an S 5 wr PU 9' 2 f : W-ov-1 W ' 549' SO- rn i g gsm H n.SQ:z wma! 2 ony' sg 5 2 , Q. r Q-Oufn - O Bn, :Tm ! Q E w . m H., - 5 5 050' H1 Q Q25 S' 5' 5 '- ' E 2 5- Q 3 4 IN. LX A Relsterstown Savings Banlc of Baltimore County Maryland Reisterstown, Maryland COMMERCIAL DEPOSITS SAVINGS DEPOSITS CHRISTMAS SAVINGS DEPOSITS SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES An account with us is an investment in your community Deposits insured by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Maximum each depositor .ZS 000.00 CAPITAL and CAPITAL NOTES .5100 000.00 SURPLUS RESERVES and UNDIVIDED PROFITS .5100 000.00 O t. 17. Grew. O r. 18. Oct. 18. 0 body is submerged?" Melissa: "The bottom." The gossip flies for the senior girls show us How the Story Many students attend our first A. A. Dance The Fall Open- Mr. Boylan: "In general, what fractional Part of a floating Telephones Business 9-R Residence 127-M Charles E. Whitney TIRES, TUBES, GAS, OILS, and AUTO ACCESSORIES COAL WOOD Edward K. Balcer General Merchandise I-Iowardville, Maryland Pilcesville 219-W Reisterstown, Maryland LIME' CEMENT August W. Heise Compliments Dealer in of MEATS, GROCERIES and ' PROVISIONS Franlclin Cafeteria Reisterstown, Maryland ' 'xv ' xv' 'vw ' v wvvvvvvvv' ' ' 'vvvww wvw ' w ww ' vvvvvvww vw ' wvwvvwv I I J 3 9 7 7 7 C Y! I H Q! C 1 73 Cl' IXAINAIRIAIAINIAIAIAIRIAAIAAAAAAXAXIAIAIAIAIAINAXAXIA . IALXAJXAAIAINIAIAIAIAIAIAIAAAIAIXAAIAIAAXIAIAIA Page Seventy-three vxvvvvvvvwxvwvvvvwvvvvvvvvvvvfvvvvvvwvvvvvvvvwvvwvvwvvvvwwvv' 6 5 4 4 E G G G S E 4 4 E G G G. G 4 G S Q 5, G E S G G E 4 G S E 5 G 6 4 4 4 G E G 4 HWWVWVWVWWWVVVVVVVWWVVVVWV ' WWVWYIVVVVVW The Whitmore Publishing Company, inc. South Main Street at Bond Avenue REISTERSTOWN, MARYLAND PRINTING-PUBLISHING OFFICE EQUIPMENT SCHOOL SUPPLIES - STATIONERY Phone 260 for free Delivery Service on Household Stationery Nov. 4. Physics class-Dope: "Well, Mr. Boylan, what happens when you "unsqueeze" the atomizerf' Nov. 5. The event of the season-the girls win a fieldhall game! Nov. 15. The first A. A. party. We all got stuck up-with apples on the stick. Nov. 20. Our classes are broken up by strange looking ladies who tell us about "Jimmy's Little Sisterf, RADIO SERVICING and AERIAL EXPERT George W. Alt 1004 Reisterstown Road, Pikesville John J. Veise QUQUYY 17 Clarendon Avenue HARDWARE and PAINTS Pikesville, Maryland Garden Needs Fishing Supplies Compliments of Chapel Phone: Pikesville 430 FORD SALES and SERVICE Stevenson, Green Spring Valley, Franic H. Newell FUNERAL DIRECTOR Pikesville, Maryland W. P. Beall Excellence with Refinement Maryland 575.00 and up AIAAIAAIMMMMMmAXAAXMMh!lA.MlAAlhlAXlhJAIRAXhXlAM'lRAX .MAMMMMMIRAXAXMMAAAXIAAIAAXINMARINA Page Seventy-fowr AAAAAIAAAAIXAAAAAAAAAIAAIAIAAMAAAAAIAIAALXAIIAAAIAAIZXAIAAAIAAAXAAXAAL!AAALXIAALXAAAAAIAAAAAL!ALXAAAAAALXAXAAIAAAKAAAAXAAAXLX ' 'v ' vvvvwvvvvvv vvvvvvvvv ' vvwwvxvv ' xvvvwvw vrvwv wwwv vvvvvvrvvv v Naylor's HOMEMADE ICE CREAM RETAIL AND WHOLESALE Phone: Reisterstown ll-W Nov. 21. The senior boys give "Jimmy's Little Sister"g we hardly recog- nize them in all the mustaches, dresses, and curls. Nov. 27. Miss Saffellz Margaret, spell collapse. Muff: P-e-r-h-a-p-s. Miss Saffell: That is the correct way to spell perhaps, now spell collapse. Nov. 28. Turkey Day-and did we stuff! Lavin Brothers Pharmacy REISTERTOWN, MARYLAND Prescriptions Filled While'You Wait A Registered Pharmacist Always In Charge SOL LAVIN BERNARD LAVIN Franlclin Confectionery Opposite Franklin High School REISTERSTOWN, MARYLAND SCHOOL SUPPLIES, SODAS, ICE CREAM , PATENT DRUGS If Y 31 Phone 201 just say Grannys Page Seventy-five VWWVWWVVWWWUWWWVVVWWWWWWWWWVVVVVWVVWWWVVVVWWWVWVWVWVWWWWWVWWWVWVVVVWWVWWVVWWVWVWVWVVVVWWWWWWWWW' Y-xv v www-vvewxvww-W v wwww v wvrvw ' ww www vw'-vw wwe wwwxvvvvvwwwvwww vw The Reisterstown Lumber Company LUMBER AND BUILDERS SUPPLIES Post Office Reisterstown, Maryland Office and Yard, Glen Morris, Maryland Phone: Reisterstown 26 Nights and Holidays 49 CHARLES A. FORBES, President Dec 3. First Dial Staff meeting. Dec 4. Miss Hannum: "What did Barbara Fritchie do?" Freshie: "She makes candy, doesn't she?" Dec. 6. Martha: "Miss Hannum, I sat down on "I-Ielen's Babies" fa bookl. Dec 7. Gover: "I feel just like I clid when I took ether." Bradley: "Yeah! Unconscious." Let Our Flowers Say It Albert l.. McGuire F L O R I S T FLORAL DESIGNS A SPECIALTY POTTED PLANTS AND CUT FLOWERS Buy Direct from the Greenhouse Service and Repairs Home and Industrial Motors - Refrigerators Wiring Phone Pilcesville 397-J A Wohlmuther g" "'1 E LECTRICAL CONTRACTOR A K-,hi S-at 5 Walker Avenue ' PIKESVILLE, MARYLAND AAAAAAMAMMAAAMMAAAAAAAAAAMMAMAMMMMMAMMMAMMAAAAMAAMAMAAMMMA Page Seventy-six 00AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA' " H'''VVVV'VVVVVWVWVVW'WWV'W'VWWVWVWVWVW VV-VV'VVWVVV Melvin J Burnham ICE-COAL-WOOD-FUEL OIL ICE REFRIGERATORS AND OIL BURNERS Phone Pikesville 590- Self Service Ice Stations at Pikesvxlle and Reisterstown Dec. . Miss Pyle discarding some old notebooks : Does anyone need a new back? Dec. 19. Christmas Cantata. Dec. 20. Everyone is filled with the holiday spirit. Santa Claus alias Corrigan entertains the school by singing Oh Little Town of Bethlehem on his way to trig class. SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT The Peoples Bank PIKESVILLE MARYLAND Commercial Deposits Savings Deposits Christmas Fund Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Maximum Each Depositor 5000 PIICCSVIIIC TBIIOI' ' CLEANING, PRESSING AI TERING, and DYEING Furs Cleaned, Glazed and Stored p Prompt Service Phone: Pikes. 120 1222 Reisterstown Road Pikesville, Maryland 4 4 4 S C 4 4 4 5 - 2 , 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 J 4 4 4 4 , 4 4 4 I I I 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Q! 4 9 i l 4 n C 4 C Q 4 . . , Tubby Burnham, appears in the 4B homeroom, while Jace: fe 4 ,, , C 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 i 4 . 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 . S 4 4 4 4 4 4 n I u 5 4 4 4 ' 4 9 ' Q 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 - 4 ' 4 4 4 A AA.AAAAMAAAAA.AAAAAAAAAAAAMMAAMAMAiAAAMAMAAAAAAAMAAAAAAA1 Page Seventy-seven We Deliver VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV VVVVVVV J"""'"v"''"'"'vvwxvwxvxvwvvvvxvvvvwvvvvwxvxvvvwvwvxvwwvvvvvvxvwwwv''""""""-'"""""""' VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV WVVVVVVVVVVVUVVVVVWVWWVVVVWVVVVVVVVUVVWVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV rvvvvrvvrvvvvvvvv vvvv lvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvv ,vyyyyyvyy The Glyndon Bank GLYNDON, MARYLAND Service Always All Departments of a modern commercial Bank Checking Accounts Savings Accounts Christmas Savings Accounts A Travelers' Cheques Safe Deposit Boxes Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member of the Maryland State Safe Deposit Association Dec. 21-Jan. 5. Santa Claus comes to town, and we live life as it should be lived. Jan. 10. Ted ftalcing a testj: "Should we explain what it is or tell what happened during the time?" Mrs. Reese: l'Yes." Jan. 15. After being absent for a day, Dope comes to school with a beautiful manicure. Brooks Supply Company Hardware-Farm Implements- Paints and Oils Hay, Grain, Feeds, Seeds and Fertilizer Cement, Lime, and Coal G. B. Caltricler Reisterstown, Maryland HARDWARE-PAINT FARM SUPPLIES Purina and Larro Feeds Telephone Reisterstown 15 Sidle's Department Store The Quality Store Complete Outfitters for the Entire Family -A so- Dry Goods Notions, House Fu - nishings, Glassware, Chinaware, Toys, School Supplies, etc Reisterstown, Maryland Phone: Reisterstown 206-R Tracey s Barber Shop Opposite Franklin High Reisterstown, Maryland AAMMAAAAAAAAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMAAAAAA ' AAAAAAAAAMAAAAA A iAAAMAAAAAAAAAAAAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM D 4 , i' a AAAAMMMMMMMMAAMMAAAAAAAAAAAMMiAAMMAAAAMAAAAAMAMMAMAAAAAMMA Page Seventy-eight 5 4 O VW-V-YIYIVVVVWVVVVVVVYIVVWVWVVWVVVYIWVWWVWWWVUVVVVVYIVWVWVVWVVYIVYI ' COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND jan. 23. Mr. Seabold: "Bosley, what did you do to your head?" Bosley: "I ran into a post on a sled." Mr. Seabold: "You should have taken the post off the sled. Did it bleed?" Bosley: "Yes.', Mr. Seabold: "Well, it should havef' 'BETTER PLUMBING for C. H. Michael 8a Son BETTER HOMES DRUGGISTS ' G. Albert Salter - Reisterstown, Maryland Plumbing and Heating Phone: Pilcesville 50 PIKESVILLE, MARYLAND Compliments of CITBYICS Devese Gafage GAS AND OIL Pllcesvllle Motor Agency Atlas, Goodyear and Firestone Tires T. E. GCODE, Prop. Atlas 86 Willard Batteries GARRISON, MARYLAND Phones: Pikesville 591-J 66 487-R Phone: Pilcesville 362 Ml. .IAIAIAIAAXINAXIAMAKAIRIAININAXAAIAAMININAIRIAAAAMIAAXINIRAKIXIAIAIAAINIAIALXIAIAIXIAIAAIAAIAIAM Page Seventy-nine V V, V V. V W -V VV V V 5 . Q 5 G J. F. Ellne 8: Sons Fields' Pharmacy 5 4 3 FUNERAL DIRECTORS DRUGS and LIQUORS 5 G 2 Phone Reisterstown 192 Pikegville, Maryland 3 E 3 Reisfefsfowni Maryland Phone Pikesville 292 5 G , 2 5 9 3 2 5 Mae Matthews Z 4 5 BEAUTY SHOP Compliments Complete Beauty Service of Z 1415 Reisterstown Road 5 PIKESVILLE, MARYLAND A FRIEND Pikesville 568 3 Jan. 23. Miss Huttenhauer, reading from Milton: 3 " 'Till the livelong daylight fail: 4 3 Then to the spicy nut brown alen- a 'lYou know, class, that line always sounds good to me." Jan. 25. Martha informs us that an abyss is a lady abbot. 3 Feb. 4. John O.: "I read a good book, only it was awfully dumbf' R ? ? GAS and oILs Smiling service Q R. R. STANSBURY, Prop. Expert Shoe Repairing s 4 5 . . Q 3 Pllce Oil Company Joseph Trunda 2 3 GAS-OIL-KEROSENE- 3 ACCESSORIES fopposite Franklin High Schoolj R Reisterstown Road 3 IJIKESVILLE, MARYLAND We sell STAR brand shoes Z PAY CASH PAY LESS s 4 5 Q 9 e 9 4 9 . . I I 5 3 William Berryman 8: Sons W'II'am J' Foley 2 - 4 5 FUNERAL DIRECTORS REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE, a , and APPRAISALS e 2 Phone: Reisterstown 249-J. d Z 1413 R ' R 1 5 Established since 1836 U elsterstown oa D Phone: Pikesville 530 G Q Reisterstown, Maryland Pikesviue Maryland 5 9 4 s Q glMAXMHMAAXMMINMmfl-'hmmmMMmM'MAAfAMmM1RAmmmMAmmm MAMA A MMMAMMAMAMMMAMT Page Eighty S - vwww' wwvvvvw 1 D . Q . 4 a 4 Phlllp B. Welsh 8a Sons V 4 E "Say It With Flowers" Say It With Ours 2 FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS a 4 Q Green Houses, Glen Morris Phone: Reisterstown 8 a 4 S ---..-s.s . -. 5 5 4 9 4 3 2 Q CONGRATULATIONS 3 5 Z 2 4 H. R. Nicholson 8s Company 5 E 5 Q V --A HWY- Feb 5. Mr. Bo lan: "This is a fixed ulle .', 4 Y P Y 4 2 Dope: "Who broke it?" 4 Feb 14. Big snow storm. The impossible happens-we're given a day e holiday. 5 Z Feb 21. We have a game with Kenwood, and a feed afterwards. Evc- Q erybocly has plenty to eat and lots of fun. 9 Feb 23. Mrs. Reese: "The slave waited for 40 mules and an acre." Feb 24. Dick: "Business is on the uphill fmeaning upgracle.l" 3 T I Yfhwird -A 4 5 G 3 PIICCSVIHC Hardware CO. Compliments of a 4 2 Hardware Paints Glass Electric 4 5 9 9 9 9 Q and Plumbing Supplies The New Theatre 1218 Reisterstown Road Reigterstown, Maryland Q Phone Pikesville 222 3 t Pl'lOI1B1 RClSt6fStOWn I 4 P 4 a "H" 4 s 4 - 4 Z Burlcholclefs Service Station : 2 Garner Brothers OWINGS MILLS, MD- 2 A N MEMBER . I MILLS M RYLA D A OW NGS C , Retail Petroleum Dealers of Md. 2 Telephone 149-J GASOLINE is cheap , , only the TAX is HIGH V 4 gnnwmmmmmn!-E Page Eighty-one ,E sz P as se' .as . '"''''VVVWVVVVWVVVVV'VVWVVVWVVVVVVWVVWVVWWVWWVVWVWWVWWWWVW VVWWVVVWVWVVVVVVVVVVWWW'VVVVWVVWWW' VV VVVVV WVWWWVWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWVWWVWWWWW WVWWWWWWWWWWWWWWVWWVWW A William C. Schmitt IOOW SUNOCO SERVICE STATION PIKESVILLE, MARYLAND DEPOSITORS FIRST This Bank does business on the principle that your convenience and satisfaction are the First consideration Farmers and Merchants Banlc FOWBLESBURG, MARYLAND Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Feb. 26. Big day for the singers-Operetta tryouts. Janet: "Did he have light hair?', Marguerite: No he had a hat on. Mar. 2. The Girls Basketball team plays the faculty. Mr. Boylan an Mr. Crosby-star players on the faculty team! af. . Compliments o EAT AT Rineman 81 Brown Builders and Farmers Supplies Clmstilf s Blue Room Lumber Estimates cheerfully furnished HAMPSTEAD MAREYLAND Reisterstown, Maryland ' Phone: Hampstead 50 Phone Reisterstown 29-F-11 Old Cars and Scrap Metal Bought O Russel' Bel' Walter Armacost PERPETUAL BURIAL VAULTS Auto Service and Filling Station Cigars Confectionery and Magazines New and Used Parts of all Kinds FOWBLESBURG MD. UPPERCO MARYLAND Page Eighty-two ' 5 5 9 Z 5 5 5 i- 5 , '- 5 5 I 5 . 5 5 up 9 - 5 5 5 5 - 5 5 5 : 5 5 5 t. 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 I 5 5 3 5 s 5 5 5 5 g .. 5 . 5 5 5 N- ' 5 H-. 5 5 5 5 5 5 -. 5 D- 5 3 nnmmmnxmmmmAmmmmmmmmnzxmnmamnxnmnnnmm . mmmmmnlmxuAmmmnnnmmnmmmmnfxnnnmnmnnnAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAJAAAAE -wvwvxv-xvxvvv-vwvvvvv-vw ' v xvwvv wwwwvwv ' wxv wxvw ' vxvxvxv '-www' Hv v vvv- Compliments National Can Company George S. McCreedy Baltimore New York Boston Hamilton, Ohio' Chicago Detroit Mar. 13. Excitement was high for the boys' final basketball game with Catonsville. Although Franklin had a larger cheering sec- tion and though the boys fought hard, something went wrong and we lost. Mar. 16. Seniors have their pictures taken for the Dial. Did we look!! Mar. 19. Everybody nervous and excited about the tryouts for the senior play. -A - WHY NOT INVEST SAFELY IN YOUR COMMUNITY Depositors in the Glyndon Permanent Building Association Have Enjoyed Depression Proof Investment for Forty Seven Years For Full Information write or visit GLYNDON PERMANENT BUILDING ASSOCIATION GLYNDON MARYLAND Baltimore to Hanover Bus Service Arcadia Garage BUSES FOR SPECIAL Sales and Service of U S Tires and Tubes-Welding CHRYZ: ERS :Eng PLYMOUTHS and Braslng CCI1'lC3 0l'lU'3Ctll1g OCCASIONS Repairing, Greasmg, Car Washing G T ZEPP Phone Hampstead 132 UPPERCO MARYLAND Phone Hampstead 14 F 4 Maryland Coach Company Night 1211 3 3 . - .4 a 0 . . . . - - 1 n . ' 1 IAIAIAIAIAIMAXIAAXIAIAIAIAIALXIAAIAAIAIAAIAIAAIAIAIAAAAXAAAXAKIAIAIAIAIAAIAIAIAIAMMAIAAINLXLXIAIAAI Page Eighty-three CANS of W' W W WV W' W W W' W W W Page Eighty-four A A A A A a 9 : a Po 'U e 3 Sf 1 5' S nl Q -Q 5 55 5 Z 'gg a Q. ii:-E5 52 OIT! E ' 7' FF '1 SQ 5' 4 9 p..-Dan 0 V' EZ be NN 3 H E , '- O o C U' N v -Uwg-mmcm .., o., .-. D.. Q pop rv ma. - 3 Fiaw-1125+ 553-1-rn T' 5 f2'E'0 ow, 5 a 3,.,vQH:xQ3 ,,m'4'U gg-ug-1 3.01 3,0-0 'him Q a e,,,..'-40 5, D'-In-lg' QQ -1 D- 43f3'5,.UQ- ,. QQCQ e 5 E-:5'5w 37: O-mga 0:10260 3l"go::N .IHHQ 4 9 Q81 m"' gp -fv C2"0Q:.f1vQ f-1O2.o-3 3.230 4 Zgmsggzg Qqww 'U 2353 Sgiaig, :.,35g,."'E a 35.-jg'oo 5,4 2. "E.r1'1Q'mp. .U ,qu 5'-1 4 5 p rv O- w nq ""f""' - QQSEEE-2'0 2005. Q25 sez 5-Qaggffm an 8515.2 5 5':o:"ou3o" my! WET mm' 'lm 2.00 3' 'U 0 E no-.-.Tru Smxo msg QQ T, .cs 1-1 ngsn 4 5 nada' U9-23,5 WSL is 'L S53 5F132"mgf a - rr- H o-. o' A e s 2 'og Q H xr HQ? '-'o Q :ED gmac? e P -- 'U g' mm? 'EP-5' 02 2. O' O m"'E!'Q , Q2 Q -1- mg 'vm'-I Bm 32 -h PU 511-19. 3 G UMR' m... mm S! P 5-Om as ' SD-gg ? m 3 Zoo -gn :H Z U-,,,,,,Sh 4 3 O H a-r :J HD- y mr-U S 0 E S FUI- 9"'6' Q-f' 'U'-n so fb'-nd' E L H' O SC 52 -I 52" iw 55 Q he SWS-Q f 'mv N4 rn PWD' Q E C""' 295353 2 52? E Q5 li- afagg. Szrarfa 9 HA O O 5111 2235-15' 2953 ,avi wwf 25 af 59239 Simms F Pvrbm .U H. N4 ,.., QT- mm SE 558353.21163 gg E3 Q-'Egg ff' 2 5' Ci'EO.-n af -on " fl 75' ' BH ,O WIS DF ff N my wo- 5' mas ZX HW is -cage. gg Z5 PU: ,DB 3,-Z,-tm 6:5-9, agggi 02223 5 Q :D--rg 35 'Z ,nmggb-4 5' b B-on-C -info 11- J, 952 sv -CAF 5- e iiwsn aww- G: fn: 2 SQ-I-SY' f? 2 snwsail- ff 2' Vg 'www 2 5 ,, 3 5 :fm Q Z gg 332 3 1 , 5 22, .... qq Q. vb po , 5 3 9 " Um 55 7 Q A A ' A A JA IA IA A A E ,. It if A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A 'wlmm 'vu """ v'ww"v "" ' ."wv'w.ww'v'xv""wwww v"'vvvwv" Q Phone Reisterstown 148 Night Calls 83-W E THOMAS POE, Proprietor 3 elsterstown arage 5 3 R ' G 5 2 223 Main Street Z Sales FORD Service Q a GENERAL REPAIRS-ACCESSORIES-GAS AND OIL 4 Z Guaranteed Used Cars 4 3 SEE 1936 Ford before you buy : . Q b Q 3 Compliments a a of 4 3 2 P T11 B lc GI C Q 2 C UC ass Q. 2 E Fort Avenue and Lawrence Street ? BALTIMORE, MD. 2 9 G s -- 4 Apr. 4 Ted can't put an English sentence on the board because his b foot is asleep. 4 Z Apr. 3, 4 The Emperor's Clothes-a big success. 4 Q Apr. 7 A11 the girls wear their baby dresses as we observe the annual D "Baby Day." Hair ribbons 'n lollypops everywhere. Q 3 Apr. 9 Out for the Easter vacation. Q ? A r. 14 Back to school and oin throu h the same routine. D P S g g 3 Apr. 15 Earl spells trout, "naught" in an English sentence. a Apr. 16 Mr. Boylan: "These problems speak for themselves." Z Jay: "They must be whispering." 4 Q Apr. 17 The Gym Show--farmers, Russians, and 'Qspring dances" ev- 4 P erywhere. 3 Apr. 24 Mr. Boylan: "I am beginning to think that some of you talk E to yourselves." a . - t John C.. "That's a sign you are crazy." 4 S Melissa: "That's not the only sign." 6 2 Apr. 27 Mrs. Reese: "What policy did the U. S. follow in the early Q years of our history in connection with foreign affairs?" Q Z James Wilson: "The policy of insulation." a Apr. 28 johnson, after getting his report: 'Tm just like Washington." Q 3 Dummy: "Why?" Q ? ohnson: " 'Cause I went clown in histor ." : Y 4 Z Apr. 30 Mrs. Seabold: "What's a 'trite'?,' 5 Tubby: "A fish." 5 Z Apr. 30 Mrs. Seabold: "Elyse, you, Ruth, and Bill Goede average G 2 more words a minute than I do." a May 27, 29. "Paddy the Next Best Thing." Q 3 May 30. We attend the annual Held day at Patterson Park. Lots of sun- 4 Q burned faces the next day. 4 3 June 14. Sermon to the graduates. D June 18. Commencement Exercises-What a thrill! 4 3 June 19. Good-bye to Franklin. Page Eighty-five x ,E W, iw xv 4 G 4. 6 G G, 6 5 4 E 4 E E G 6 G. G G G G E 4 G E E G. Q G 4 G, E 5 E, Q. Q. G G 4 G G G G Q. Q, E G G E G E G G G 6 G E WUWWWWVVWWVWWVWVVWWWVVVVWWVWVVWWVVVWVVWWWVVVVVWVVWVVVVWVVVVWVWUVVWVWWWWWWWWWVVWWWVWVVVVVWVVVW , O-ll .AAAAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMA MMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAMAMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRAMAMMMMAAHAAAMMM Page Eighty-six ' ' 'VV ' VVVWVVVWVVVV ' VVVVWVVVVVVWWWWWWWWVWVVWVW V WU-WWVUUVVW' Autngraphz E Q G Q Q G Q 6 Q 4 Q C Q Q Q E Q C Q Q Q 4 4 G Q 4 Q Q 4 Q Q 4 4 Q G G C Q 4 C Q C Q Q G 4 Q Q Q 4 4 G 4 4 4 4 4 Q Q 4 G Q G 6 Q 4 Q G G . G 4 Q G Q Q C 4 Q Q G G 4 Q Q E , 4 Q 4 Q Q G G 6 Q IXIXIXIXIXAIXMIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIKIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXAIXAXAXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIKIXAIXIALXIA Page Eighty-seven K , Di .Q r- f Fx. .4 ,.. u . Q - I If . '.-L 5' . ' '-. . :' f4Pfw.I V - ' 1 . , ,I ' :'.' I R wr ' I ' I - I I . ,K :gf - 4, "1 I +I" Q: , ff. ' . " 9 LF' X -' I I ' jf.: :Wx - If I. If if I 15- I 3 -. I . . W, -. 9' 1 vm- , Um., .,,-"' -:. ' 'M f - 'S fx . H- :wa , - -,1 ' 1 1' . I I I , .1Q,:III- ,,fQwIII4IQI.vA:!'I' ,vu 'f5I5 . Q., I . I I 1 gif , 2 n f f f ' . Q. ', "'f,'v.1 ' '5' I' ' I. I ' -h -' 4 ' "Za" . f .I .I I. ,- ..IIg?Q'5.lIf. V I I .K 1 , V M, gr. IIaagvfI. I-4.I5IIf.ffg.Q.+f ??,gff ..-A . I, + I, I.. I ' -P ,VI ,...I14.5 .- 1f.ejI'HfIIIIIIIIIkII -'IQ?:III2I,I.lfI,x r I 9 FII :I .IQ I39I . Ml, I .f,p:. -If v I+ , .. 1 . A 4 4 . , . i V. , . - A IJ. I I . I 3. QSIIQII . .. I..I.',I.I5,pI.,,a mf, ISIIJ3 II. . JI I, I , I II I. I 5 .1 I. .. ,... I-Ir. 1 .' II . .-I .IQ -Q-gf f-gjm,rIF- I"f -zffyg -, V7 x N '.,, f A- a I.. f- f I-I' -- 'J' - 'Mft 3.:'3gf5W-if H .- all 31 QT: ,I '.iIWI'Ij iIj .112 ef - . gig- I 1 1, I I V W 1- .. '-2' Q I' " J' ,412 7" 1-P1 I F, ' 1. . ' ' "' A Q 1 'Y -,' 4 J." . I' fn l 341' I . 15"-':lf'f,. "QI I- if ' I ' K' , II f'2"2-KI' M-fII , ,, .Q jg!! V wx I 5 I I . .II .III I .I I, MEI I I I. ,. , .. I. , I , ..I 44, ' 4' "wi 1 Q ' 'T-I '- . .A-JJ. A - A., .Ji . ,Q f . 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V - I j - ,II NI I Ig ,I II I A f ' ' 121 7 'Q - ' "Nr . I, fy .II - '. T .. - . I 5:4 , wal' 11 . , vg.g5I,A I 171g'paCe I ' I Xu L' . I 1 x -- Corrup , . . ,K H X f , ' . ' -' .Q '- 0' 'F . " ' -. "3 ' L 4' sis' ' 11 ' L . ykvlk ' ui-'7'r'4-' -1935 A" f A , . . ,I .1 , emgidt e f. If - 'J' C 1 541' f ' ' ., agp asf e in 4 1. . . 'V' ik? 'aw "ht ' ' A v,III.iIf" ' g J' 'I-iff ,-1 .', If .I - ." ,Y "A-Q-,If 'Rh' . - "QW g wg .4 . 4s3f.p-..a' . if II: '- ' .Q ' f I II1.jI . If-3 4 I,4IIw , II ..I.I,II . I. I -, . I Q . -- if' I - ' 'J ' Ny ' ' I, "' . ' : F .4 . iz .JIIQI vc. .n . I K. . If ' J' 1 . .. I I I I II. I I . I . I . III. A I. ... V II I . I -, -- I ' . V ,, w -L 'Q 'ii '4 . V: A I' .4 " , i,.I,rI gr. I .I I' IW- ,. .- - ,LII I . .If -- eff ",'Li. I'ji1T'.-my 'I "P ' " " "'f7II' - ' -if 'L V IQ ., ' ' 1 f- . ' ' ' ' ' - '. A ,, " ' 1 . 4 . 1 ' - ' .. . . . VI'-1? .Lf f i . ' ' I' V' . F X f "4 'A " "V ' 1 W "1-' 5.1535 ' V I ,,I I I I III, I I ' 2 I ,,II- I -. I I A Q - f- . X .1f.,'f- . .I I -. f -f ' 'F' If -.j"A'.:' ' ' ' -4.2. . 53 . 4 ' I, " T., f ' ' -' " ,f S" f' ful . 5 a ' ,. ' , I. II.v. I. 4 I .- M ' . I, ' .Is I' ' f . f III I - - 'f II" Q ' ... 1 I 1 .5172 .fa ,.w,v'. A . t ' - . 91 I . ,,v 1-5 .' 'Z' Q . '. .I W.. 'V ,f 1 '- -'Lf - I-11, 43" 4 fi - , ' .I I . , I .. I I I I -. IIII I I , I . ., .I I .. f.. ,I , . .I , ,II - r a . I I Ir, , . I Y I II , I .IQIIIII vs' " f f . ,M " . -'tg Lf' Q' ' -"'11' .' 1'1' xr I - 2. .lf '- ff . 1 I I. ' J .. ,I - I. 3' If -3.2 , I N Jw I-4 .A II. 1 ,QI , 1,1 I If Q--'IIIP III , 5 I, -..jI JI J . ' -' IITVIA. 'I- nt-I - I I I I QI III, . , . I'II. I II . .I . I ' ' 4 , - ' A5 ' ' , 15' .+C .- .af -N an .3 . . ' .2 - Iliwhf '. H 4 I . 1 - " - 5 I 1 . - AI? f 'N . . I, - 02251. ,W Q: - I Iv I, I VI. I , II III . I I I. I., I IIIIIUIIIIII IIII... .I. , ,I . Q ? I- I - I I, QI-I . A' - .. .' ' - in L-ff' .lv ..q , I , . ' . +V. ' .15 ,I . I' v' w ' 1 , ' '- 'A J ' "' . - f - ' .-. I 'Y -.c 13. I, 1- Y I? 'I . I ,II I I I H 'f.I I . . pf. ,I I . I I ISK- 3 -VI fy: ' ' V-K,-' I ' . W , ' ' rf' C' , , '3' Q 5 I 9 - - . "A 1 1 ig ' I- . . 1 ,, f .1 g I gi - 'I I I I .I I. f. I I. . I I III. ,I II ' vi f . 'V 'f I 1 I . .1-L4 ' ., N . fy. - J,-X' .Lf ,o 51. ..eF "41 H ' al " w" . ggi-hiv .1 ' w If 1,1 1 W ,..,, , 1' ' fl.-, 5 ,,L. , . N ,. , 7 Ny ' Q.'9'k:,.. 'Vx.. BS' qufihg, . ,,4 -f ,wfi . af" '9 1. V AI", mf 'A . T r fo !w W?f', l9.:':. A .,1 Q ' 'if , B ,yi faq -. . . . 1 df , l 5'- if- ' Q K' JC' fb 5-, mal ' it J ,A . af ':. .., 1-fi F x W v m A YF 9 4 x fig, . .1 i 1 4 mu' ,.. J W I .M . . 1,-my x ,r 55, f ' af Hi! s B A 4,9 X ' ,B ' .- ' ' . H., . 11 Y 1 p . ' J ." va ' ..:. . I "VF " 5- Nwll 4: -ELA, gal 4:40 . '- M f' 1' 1, 55' 1 w Q . ww. 1. 5 ,,.4v' A 4 ,.,,, 1 . i tl' J YY: R -fn e-. H f 1

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