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3 X . L 32 19 . . j ' . 1 , -'fe . W. if . ., , . 5 ., 4 4' '," ' , ,' 4' .iii -' .N ,X -W, qw vi., N.. x Y -.Q a .. V1 I . . 'Em rl Q: ',1g,.L, ,gg 1 1 ,1 :..:3 wi' 1 e . , Ming. f X .wy- x . :A 9- ,w A ' , w lf- V. x , Q w 4 , ' w .. . K, V A ,, , .. M.. . f--f ,f IN. fy, . L .Q .,,!. x. .Q -1 x V .' ., :VE - '2 3 is 3 fi x iiifhrqa VENTS from the lf mf Benjamin Franklin form the eentral theme of the 1933 DIAL. Simplicity, inelnstry, anel integrity markea' a lf which was eleootea' to the eanse of his fellow-men. In the mielst of a tronhlesome era, Ben- jamin Franklin stooa' like a jirm-honna' rock npon which the nation resteel in seenrigf. Likewise in the mielst ofthe shwing ehanges of the 1930's, stanels Franklin High School, a hallast to stength- en ana' steaa'y the lioes of the hoys ana' girls etnring the perioa' of eeonomie nn- eertaingf. We like to feel that the spirit of the olel philosopher, onr patron-saint is still among ns. THE DIAL 1933 l6'f,g9XQ,'f'El DEDICATION lf, tlwe Class ol Nineteen Hundred ana Thirty-three, cleclicate our Dial to lVliss Grace Kinsey Sterling, wlwo lwas ever been our willing-3 aclviser ancl lmelp- ful friend cluring our sclwool Clays at l:ranl4lin. naman Page Six f A' 5 A Page Seven CONTENTS Dedication . . Dial Staff . . The Faculty . . . Schooland Claw Songs .,.,..,. Principal's Message to Graduates. . . Seniors ,.,.. Underclasses .. Activities ,. Athletics . Alunnd ...,,.,..,..,.,.,.. Advertisements and Calendar, , . The End . Page 6-7 4 9 11 12 14 13-43 45-52 53-61 63-73 74-75 77-101 ..,102 ' Page Eight Dial Staff Editor-in-Chtof ANNABEL NVALKER. Assistants MARIIARI-IT MILES MILLARII TRABAND B uwlncss M an fl gor DONALD HORSEY Assistants CLARENCE Yox WILSON CORROIIM SAMUEL BOTTOM NVILLIAM CLAGETT Typing Editor Literary Editors GOLDIE BROOKS IWARJORIE l'Il7KEE AIIDREY BULL DIARGARET VVEISS Assistants I I A lzwnm Edt-tors UST E I Q 1 H R HOPE GORDON ' MITH LORE'l"1'A NEUBERGER LILLIAN SAVAGE Art Efmw Undcrcluss Editors FREDERICK STIDMAN ESTIIER Hom' LAURA BECKER Atltloticv Editor . I Photographtc Edttors W A. C' I H' x f ILL! H MG IT I ARRY LMRICHODSL XVALTER LEWIS CHARLES STEWART ITI1nI.or Editors Actwity Editors BIAKIE BOIINDS FRANCES ALLERS GRAIIE RIIIIIARDSON ELIZABETH KEYES Page N me Page Ten ff "Cammy of th: Tfmmpmu Flying .Xerrim Am NEW FRANKLIN FROM THE The Faculty HIGH SCHOOL DEPARTMENT RAYMOND S. HYSON, Principal BIOLIAIE F. SAEEPEL1., Vim'-Prin -ipal Bb' FM' JOITIVSD Commvrciul Flzfmlxtry, History V. LOVISE 'l'IP'1'0N HELEN G. GILLIS, SARGENT FRED D. VRGSHY A.B. QWQ-stern Iwillflilllllb ILS, Qliustou UlliVl'l'SiT.V3 QNp1'i11gfivl4l Vollugub Ill A.M. fC0hl!Ilbi2'lj Plryximl Erlzmation, Girls Phy.iml Erlzzmtion, Boys Latin, Mathematics ANNA R MEEKS . ,. C'. W. SEABOLD ELLEN H- GRAY gEQ5j1f,fffZilQU7 Hs., AM. qrmiv. of my B-S' QJOIIHS Hfmkinst A N 1 Vofrilimlrzl Agri., Sr'i1'nr'1' History, Svimzcz' RI"1'H A. XYIIITNEY AJS. Gouvher ,, , , , mum. A. PARSONS lfngzifli, Imwgy Mljll R P' tom IYN Y H V 0 1 . ,A . QSTOUY lnstntutuj AB' GMWID Mm"lum'b 'I'11F1x1Nx NI PYIF lizrlimtriai Arte ILVIIHHSIL "A ' ' '. " ' ' ' AJS. fBI'l4lg0VV2Kfl'l'D IIELEN G. IIl"1"1'EN11A1'ER "f"'f"'f""'fr'l' H"3I'1'3N TOVEIAL RW7Nl'3 Ali, CGO11v1w1'j NIIRIAM T.. HOFFMAN A-,lf CG"u"hf"'7 Erzgfisli HAI. Clfniv. of XVZISIHIIQTUIIH 111-rffwf .Music l'1S'I'lIER R. LAw1mER 1 ,, Q , IIKAVE K. S'1'ER1.1N1: A.H. CNVcstern NIIIIEVIIIIIIIE I' llA,YMIjW IHQMPEON. A.l3. Clhumulu-x'5 fs llomwlmlfl Arts Mb' .CI'mV' of Mwlligmw l"r'fn1'l1, ldnylhwli Pllyxlzw, Mafl1f'maii1'.w GRAMNIAR AND PRIMARY DEPARTMENT EMMA K. HANNA, Swwrztli Grudzr T11E1.1x1A WISNER, Swiwztlz Ilradr NIILDRED E. JONES, Sixth Grmlc MARIE B. SLOAN, Sixth Grade DORIS B. BALD, Fifth Grade LOUISE B. Goonwm, Fifth Grade MARGARET GRIMES, Fourth Grade Page LEONE A. LA Mo'r'1'E, Fourth GVUJI' NEEEYE M. Goxsuvu, Third Gl'll!ff" GRACE INGHAM, Third Grade ETIIA FRANTZ, Second Grade DIARY L. UALLAHAN, Sffcrmvl Grader l'1S'l'H1'IIi S. OALLAIIAN, First Grade ADDA L. TRUMP, First Grade Eleven Franklin High School Song I We sing no praise of Princeton, Of Vassar, nor of Yale, We raise no college standard, No college name we hail, But where the maples' shadows, With nature's beauties throng, Is Franklin, Alma Mater To which we raise our song. Chorus Here's to the blue and crimson, Shout their praises high, Ever float our banner Proudly in the sky. Let the song re-echo From the woods around, And the sound of triumph From the hills resound. II And to her halls in Autumn, When leaves are red and gold, We children come from summer, In forest and in wold, And when in soccer scrimmage You hear our voices ring, And life and joy run freely As merrily we sing. l Franlclin Senior Song Tune of Londonderry Air O here's a praise for dear old Franklin High, We'll ever hold her colors in the sky, And when we see her banner Hoating in the air, We'll know there's not a stain to spot her there. So thirty-three has come to say goodbye, And says she'll keep her banner floating high. So leave the task to dear old thirty-three, And you will End she'll not forsaken be. MARGARET WEISS Page Twelve all T' 4 1' y 0 gl ' gt' 0 " ' '-gms-- .. ,.a-f.wu2:- rn ' 1 rl---..a119-'.-3.34 as -1-,-wg. 'H M 9 Wmview'51:-'-.'I'.:?5Ea2?1:15'-3.1 X I , "fc::::-.-- .-1-'.-.1--..g11v',ogv qv - I-,......... .-,.1-.,-..- n 1 0- 9 y Y.. .,4,....-. . f..-,.x,.-5, ,qu ,Q V gn1s5.1l'.1'f.-'I 454' -,Q -2 .Seniors Learning I5 to U16 5-I UCILOUS . .-.,X xxx X X Page Thirteen ,-is M .W in ,l. - A - six , K-,X xx xxx xxx ..-. "It is not in the form or in the word, but in the spirit that lies the power." Principal's Message To Graduates ,U T always gives me great pleasure to write this message to the boys and girls 'VN K' of Franklin High School who have completed successfully the require- ments for graduation. A high school diploma is a symbol of achieve- ment. It will not, however, be a magic wand to success, your physical self, your moral courage, and your ambition will be the chief factors to obtain for you a place in human society. There are two quotations that have been a constant source of help and inspira- tion to me. I give them to you with the hope that they will be the same to you. The first is a German proverb: "As the Work so the Reward", the second is one that you have heard and is taken from Hamlet: "To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any manf' In the following paragraphs, I shall give to you my interpretation of these quotations. In order to have growth, there must be work or effort. This is nature's way of showing development. A seed thrown into shallow ground or in soil that is not fertile will produce a stunted plant. The same kind of plant will be produced if seed is poor, if there is a lack of sunlight, air and water. The seed germinates and pushes its way up through the warm soil, it struggles for sunlight, for food, and utilizes its effort in the form of food or beauty. Human life is the same, you come into the world endowed with certain abilities and physical equipment. Your job is to develop these endowments to their limits. This means egort, and effort means work. Now it is a strange time to talk about work when so many are out of employ- ment. Yet now more than ever must you watch your "talents', in order that they do not remain idle and become dwarfed. Work is necessary for life, for development, whether it be of the mental or physical type, both are necessary for a well balanced individual. Sometimes it may appear that your efforts are not appreciated, here again you must remember that if you persevere, the reward will come if only in the form of satisfaction of work well done. Do not be fooled by a mirage of money reward or pecuniary success. Money is necessary but only to the end that it procures human happiness. You must con- tinue to work in order to grow. , In order to grow you must be true to yourself, you must establish a standard of conduct, of living, and only change these when the change points toward contin- ued growth. Think out your life, and how and why you are going to live it. A house builded upon sand cannot and will not endure the winds and storms of life. A character established upon bluff, shallowness, trickery, and selfishness will meet the same fate. It will endure for a while but soon the true light of public opinion, and the drawing away of your friends will betray to you that your course is poorly charted and must be changed if you are to lead a healthy, happy, normal life. Your life is your own, you must live it as well as you can. No other happiness is as great as the happiness of having good friends, of honoring your parents, and serving your fellowmen. Society demands unselfish men and women, demands people who while for- getting self, find immortality in serving others. Each and everyone of us must and can contribute our part to make your community a finer one. Your principal, teachers, friends and parents wish for each of you a splendid career, a career based on the solid rocks of character. May you ever be true to your ideals. May you find happiness and peace in your work, is ever the prayer of R. S. HYSON, Principal. ' r -fe, , .g ag. LL. N -s S. " x Page Fourteen "Since thou art not sure of it mime e thi o away not an hour " HERMAN WILLIAMS Owings Mills, Maryland ' ' Wisdom is better than riches." LEADER of whom any class might be roud A fine scholar a dependable stu- AP , , dent, and an athlete. We know that Herman will make good at whatever he attempts. ACADEMIC Class President '31, '32, '33, Student Council '30, '31, '32, '33, President of Student Coun- cil '32, '33, Vice-President '32, Home-room Chairman '30, '31, '32, Orchestra '31, Dra- matics '31, Class Soccer '30, '31, Varsity Soccer '33, Class Basketball '33, Operetta '32, Glee Club '32, History Club '32, Latin Club '31. CHARLES KELLEY WILSON Glyndon, Maryland "They can who think they cfm." GCBUCIQ' who is one of the leading athletes of '33, is quite studious-that is-when play time is over. In addition to being a class officer, Charles was also one of our speakers at commencement. GENERAL Class Vice-president '33, Varsity Soccer '33, Varsity Basketball '33, Track '30, '31, '32, '33, Interclass Soccer '31, '32, Interclass Bas- ketball '31, '32, Interclass Baseball '32, Stu- dent Council '32, Pageant '31, '32, Senior Play '33, Dramatics '32, Future Farmers of America '32, '33, Dial Staff '33. GLENNA LUCILLE ROHDE Pikesville, Maryland "She is as happy as the day is long." HAT would '33 do without their happy- go-lucky and popular "Glen," always ready with a witty remark? ACADEMIC Class Secretary '32, '33, Honor Roll '30, '31, Glee Club '32, '33, Operetta '32, '33, Vice- president Athletic Association '33, Athletic Council Secretary '33, Athletic Pageant '30, '31, '32, Varsity Basketball '31, '33, Inter- class Fieldball '30, '31, '32, Track '30, '31, '32, Boy Scout Operetta '30, Welfare Club '33, Latin Club '30, '31, Dial Staff '33. Page Fzfteen Truth, smcenty, and integrity in dealings with mari and men are of the utmost zmpoitame fo the felicity of life." CLARENCE KENDIG YOX Reisterstown, Maryland "An hrmest mrm's word is as good as his bond." IN the past year, while handling the funds of the class of '33, Clarence has proven himself a most capable treasurer. COMMERCIAL Senior Play '33, Student Council '30, '32, '33, Franklin Savings Bank '33, Class Basketball '30, '31, '32, '33, Class Soccer '29, '30, '31, '32, Treasurer of Senior Class '33, Dial Staff '33g Athletic Pageant '31, Athletic Associa- tion '29, '30, '32, '33, Track '30, '31, Future Farmers of America '33. FRANCES ESTELLE ALLERS McDonogh, Maryland "A merry heart goes all the day." UUR merry-hearted little "Fran" is one of the leading members of '33. In addition to being capable and efficient as an athletic in- structor, she excels in commercial work, espe- cially shorthand, and this year she was chosen by Mr. Hyson to represent the student body at large in the Student Council. We know Fran- ces will succeed in her future work. COMMERCIAL Glee Club '32, '33, Student Council Secretary '33, Franklin Savings Bank '33, Class Field- ball '30, '31, '32, '33g Class Basketball '30, '31, '32, 33, Dial Staff '33, Athletic Pageant '30, '32, Athletic Association '30, '31, '32, '33, Track '30, '31, '32, '33, Ways and Means Committee Secretary '33, GRACE CATHERINE ARMACOST Upperco, Maryland "Gentle of speech, beneyicimit of mind." THIS member of our class, so dark and quiet and bashful, is loyal to her school and will- ing to aid in its progress. She is liked and re- spected by all '33. ACADEMIC Glee Club '32, Athletic Association '30, '31, History Club '32, Girls' Welfare Club '33, Latin Club '31, Class Fieldball '33, Page Sixteen "The noblest of all ambitions is to be of practical use to the multitude of men." MARY ELIZABETH ARMACOST Upperco, Maryland "Be thyself. Court no greater gift." ALTHOUGH at school Elizabeth seems to hold aloff from the usual school-girl chat- ter and foolishness, her sister tells us that we ' ought to see her at home. ' COMMERCIAL : Glee Club '32g Athletic Association '30, '31, 3 '32g Welfare Club '30, Track '31, '32, WALTER LEE BECK Garrison, Maryland "Life is not so short but that there is always time for courtesy." WALTER is one of our tall, quiet, well-man- nercd boys who always has a pleasant answer ready whenever spoken to. COMMERCIAL Franklin Savings Bank '33, Class Teams '29, '30, '31, '32g Athletic Pageant '29, '30g Var- sity '29, '30, '31, '32, '33g Athletic Associa- tion '29, '30, '31, '32, '33g Track '79, '30, '31, '32, '33, Future Farmers of America '31, '33. IRVING ELWOOD BECKER Owings Mills, Maryland 'A For every why' he had a wherefore." C.XN "Becker" argue? He certainly can! Since '33 possesses so many other "argu- crs," Ir fing has plenty of chance to "air" his philosophy. ACADEMIC History Club '32, Latin Club '30, '31, lnterclass Track '30, '31, '32, '33, Interclass Soccer '30, '31, '32, '33g Interclass Basketball '30, '31, '32, '33g Athletic Pageant '30, '31, '32g Dial Staff '32, Page Seventeen We turned our attention to what was good, just and prudent in the conduct of life." Page LAURA TALBOTT BECKER Owings Mills, Maryland "Sho is a good friend who speaks well of ns behind our backs." THIS attractive little girl, although her gen- eral manner is gentle ancl quiet, frequently gives way to hilarious giggles with her chum "Marty.,' COMMERCIAL Class Basketball '30, Glee Club '32, Franklin Savings Bank '33, Dial Staff '333 Athletic Pageant '32g Athletic Association '30, '31, '32, ,333 Track '30, ,3l, '32, ,33. MARSHALL JAMES BOSLEY Reisterstown, Maryland "Go out and do the best you can." FOR what is 'Bosley' better known than that good-natured grin and laugh? GENERAL Glee Club '32 WALTER BERNARD BOSLEY Owings Mills, Maryland "Better an hour too early than a minute too late." You can distinguish Walter by his acting ability, his neat appearance, and his yel- low roadster which can always be seen going "Hayward.' GENERAL Interclass Soccer '30, '31, '32, '33g Incerclass Basketball '30, ,3l, '32, '33, Athletic Associa- tion '30, '31, '32, '33. Eighteen "Resolve to perform what you ought, perform wzthout fall what you resolve SAMUEL DAVID BOTTOM, JR. Pikesville, Maryland "IJ'll.'igf'7Lf'6 is the mother of good fortzmef' NCTHER leacler of "33"l Scholar, ath- A lete, orator, actor, and an all-round class- fnafe. ACADEMIC Class Soccer '30, '31, '32, '33g Class Basketball '32, Varsity Basketball '33, Varsity Golf '32, Varsity Track '30, '32, State-wide Track '32, Latin Club Vice-Counsel '31, Student Coun- cil '31, '33, Glee Club '32, Athletic Associa- tion '30, '31, '32, '33, Dial Staff '33, Operet- ta '32g History Club '32, Scout Operetta '30, '31, Boy Scouts '30, '31, '32, '33, Athletic Pageant '30, '31, '32, Dramatics '33. JENNIE MARIE BOUNDS Pikesville, Maryland " Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. ' ' THIS attractive member is always to be found bubbling over with suppressed as well as un- suppressed gayety and laughter. "Rie" may al- ways be depended upon to acld life to the oc- casion. ACADEMIC Class Fieldball '30, '31, '32, '33, Class Basket- ball '30, '31, '32, Latin Club '30g Athletic Association '30, '31, '32, '33g Track '30, '31, '32, '33, Athletic Pageant '30, '31, '32, Oper- etta '32, '33g Dramatics '32, '33, Boy Scout Operetta '30, Glee Club '33, Dial Staff '33. GOLDIE IRENE BROOKS Reisterstown, Maryland "Ar'euraey comes first, then comes speed." QUR typing editor was chosen for her posi- tion because of her excellent work in the commercial department. COMMERCIAL Glee Club '32, '33g Dial '33, Class Basketball '30, '31, '33g Athletic Pageant '30, '31, Class Fieldball '30, '31, '32, '33, Track '30, '31, '32, '33g Athletic Association '30, '31, '32, '33, History Club '32, Welfare Club '32g Operetta '32, Page Nmeteen V'v'v'v'v'v'v'-A-A A -A-A-A-'v'v'v'v'v v v-v-v--:v -.-.-.- -v-vcvcvcv-v-v-v-v-v-v - - --v-vcv-v-v-v-:.-.-: "There are no gains without pains." NORMAN ELWOOD BROOKS Upperco, Maryland "It's likri hunting for a vmfvile in a hay.v1rz1'lf." MBROOKSH is, without a doubt, the tiniest of the senior boys, but don't we know that the best goods comes in small packages? COMMERCIAL Franklin Savings Bank '33g Future Farmers of America '31, '32, '33g Agriculture Activities '31, '32, '33g Class Teams '29, '30, Athletic ' Association '29, '30, NEAL CLEMENTS BROWN Owings Mills, Maryland "Out of sight, out of mind." I HIS classmate, in accordance with his name, seems to be a devotee of that blissful state of being, referred to as a "brown" study. GENERAL Class Soccer '30, '31, '32, '33, Class Basketbail '30, '31, '32, '33g Class Track '30, '31, '33g Varsity Track '31, '33g Athletic Pageant '31g Athletic Association '30, '31, '32, '33g School Play '31, Future Farmers of America '32, '33. AUDREY GENEVA BULL Owings Mills, Maryland "Love mmzyv, hate few, Always paddle your own runoff." AUDREY is a friend to everyone because of her pleasant disposition and interesting conversation. ACADEMIC Athletic Association '30, '31, '33, Glee Club '32, Operetta '32, Welfare Club '33g Dial '33 v Page Twenty nx:A.A.A.A:::.A.uAvAvA::.Avxn:AvA:::::.sAvA.A.-:.x:AvA: A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A "Sloth makes all thtnhs difficult, but industry all easy " WILLIAM HENRY CLAGETT Pikesville, Maryland " Quality, not quantity. ' ' HERE is an orator, an actor, a leader in all social activities, and an outstanding ath- lete. ACADEMIC Varsity Soccer '30, '31, '32, '33, Varsity Basket- ball '30, '31, '32, '33, Varsity Track '30, '31, '32, '33, Varsity Lacrosse '32, '33, Athletic Association '30, '31, '32, '33, Vice-president Athletic Association '33, Class President '30, Student Council '30, '31, '33, President of the Ways ancl Means Committee '33, Varsity Golf '31, Varsity Tennis '31 fCaptainl, Ath- letic Pageant '30, '31, '32, Senior Play '33, Glee Club '32, '33, History Club '32, Latin Club '30, '31, Incerclass Track '30, '31, '32, '33, Interclass Touch Football '32. ALONZA HARRISON CLARK Reisterstown, Maryland "Labor conquers all things." UCLARK' is always one of the first to volun- teer as stage manager when a play is to be given, and he takes the job conscientiously and capably. COMMERCIAL Stage Decorating '31, '32, '33, Class Teams '30, '31, '32, Track '32, Boy Scouts '31, Ath- letic Association '30, '31, '32, '33, WILLIAM WILSON CORROUM Reisterstown, Maryland "A flow of words." IT has been said of Wilson, "In his excellent speeches, he has a style of expression all his own." We might add that this style carries over into almost everything he does. GENERAL Class Basketball '30, '31, '32, '33, Class Soccer '30, '31, '32, Track '30, '31, '33, Varsity Soc- cer '33, Glee Club '32, '33, Dramatics '32, '33, History Club '32, Lacrosse '33, Home Room Chairman '30, Touch Football '33, Dial Staff '33, Athletic Pageant '30, '31, '32, Boy Scouts '30, '31, '32, '33, Operetta '32, Boy Scout Operetta '30, '31, Fire Chief '33. Page Twenty-one If tzrne be of all thzngs most pneeions, wasting time must be the greatest prodtgalityf' ANNA MARGUERITE DAVIS Reisterstown, Maryland "Without care." CCMARTYH is without doubt one of the live- liest members of our class, and the own- er of one of the most contagious giggles that we have ever heard. COMMERCIAL Glcc Club '32, '33, Dial Staff '33, Operetta '32, '33g Class Fieldball '30, '31, '32, '33, Class Basketball '30, '31, '32, '33, Athletic Pageant '30, '31, '32, Franklin Savings Bank '33, Track '30, '31, '32, '33, Athletic Association '30, '31, '32, '31 ROLAND CARROLL DIRZUWEIT Pikesville, Maryland "By silence I hear other men 's i.mpe1'fections and conceal my own." E wonder what certain Franklinites would do without "Dirzy's" Dodge to furnish a means of transportation. GENERAL Interclass Soccer '31, '32, Interclass Basketball '31, '3Zg Track '31, '32, Football '33g Glee Club '31, '32. CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM DOENGES Glyndon, Maryland "A gentleman makes no noise." 4 A'S home-room chairman seems to be scientifically bent, and we feel that from Bill's quietness will grow great wisdom. ACADEMIC Interclass Soccer '30, Interclass Basketball '31, History Club '3Zg Glee Club '32g Tennis Team '32, '33, Junior Play '32, Senior Play '33, Home-room Chairman '33, Interclass Touch Football '33, Interclass Basketball '33, Interclass Soccer '33. Page Twenty-two "There is no need for mclustry to wash GLADY MARGARET GOEDE Garrison, Maryland "They are rich who have true friends." NGLADH is one of the inseparable four com- prising the "Rie," "Glen," "Glad," '11 "Mickey" friendship. One of her favorite ex- pressions is, "Oh, I could dance all day," and she certainly does prove it on the dance floor. ACADEMIC Student Council '31g Class Fielclball '30, '31, '32, '33, Class Basketball '30, '31, '32, Oper- etta '32, '33g Pageant '32, '33g Athletic As- sociation '30, '31, '32, '33g Glee Club '32, '33, Track '30, '31, History Club '32. RUTH LOUISE GRIMES Reisterstown, Maryland "How modestly trim." RUTH, one of the few blondes of our sec- tion, is the constant chum of dark-haired, dark-eyed Grace. The fair and the dark may always be seen together. ACADEMIC Glee Club '32, '33, Operetta '33, Athletic As- sociation '30, '3l, '33, Welfare Club '32, As- sistant Typing Editor of Franklin Notes '33. HELEN ELIZABETH HARE Boring, Maryland ' 'All work and no plu-ju makes Jack a dull boy. " HELEN is one of the seniors who delights in dancing and may be seen every noon on the floor with her chum, Florence. COMMERCIAL Glee Club '32, '33, Operetta '33, Athletic Asso- ciation '30, '31, Welfare Club '33g Track '30, '3 1. Page Twenty three Ifnrlusiry pays rifbfs while despair l'7ll'I'0llNl'fll ilzemf' ESTHER MARGARET HOFF Owings Mills, Maryland "Shri is ivorfli hm' 1i'f'iyhf in gold." THIS smiling, good-natured girl has been fl very capable and dependable chairman of . many committees during her high school career. And what would the senior play and the Eng- lish assemblies have done without Esther's cos- tumes? GENERAL Azhlczic Association '30, '31, '32, '33, Track '30, Glee Club '32, '33, Operetta '32, '33, Orchestra '31, Dramatics '32, Welfare Club '30, '31, '32, Chairman of Welfare Club '33, Student Council '31, '32, '33, Dial Staff '33, Librarian '33, History Club '32. DONALD HEAVER HORSEY Sudbrook Park, Maryland "1 iifoufrl bf' Ioalh to wins! away- my .vpz'w'Iz." HAIL the orator! Donald's ability to spealc and argue has made him one of the out- standing members of our class. We know that no one could make a better business manager for a "Dial" than "Horsey." GENERAL Student Council '29, '30, '31, '32, '33, History Club '31, '32, History Club Vice-president '32, Class Soccer '29, '30, Latin Club '30, Dial Staff '33, Glee Club '29, '30, '31, '32, '33, Future Farmers of America, '32, Ath- letc Association '29, '30, '31, '32, '33, Class Vice-president '32, Track '29, HARRY THOMAS HUMRICHOUSE Glyndon, Maryland "You 1'rm't luuff' too much nf ri yum! thing." ARRY is a happy-go-lucky classmate who H devotes a lot of time to athletics and extra- curricular work. ACADEMIC Class Soccer '30, '31, '32, Varsity Soccer '33, Class Basketball '31, '32, '33, Varsity La- crosse '32, '33, Varsity Traclc '32, '33, Senior Play '33, Student Council '33, Class Touch- football '33, Dial Staff '33. Page Twenty-four ' H ' Employ thy time well, if thou meanest to gain leisure MARY ELIZABETH KEYES Pikesville, Maryland "A voice as lovely as a nightingale's." IN her four years with us, "Libby" has shown a special talent in acting ancl singing, and we know that the music department as well as her classmates will miss her. COMMERCIAL Class Fielclball '30g Athletic Pageant '30, '31, '3Zg Operetta '32, '33g Dial Staff '33g Ath- letic Association '30, '3lg Welfare Club '30, '31, '32g Glee Club '32, '33, Art Club '33g Track '30, '31, '32. WALTER HOWARD LEWIS Owings Mills, Maryland "A light heart lives long." HEN '33 leaves, Franklin is certainly go- s ing to miss "Gubby's" merry chuckle, and the orchestra is going to miss a cornet sololist. ACADEMIC Interclass Soccer '30, '31, '33, Interclass Bas- ketball '30, '33g Glee Club '32, '33g Operetta '32, '33g School Play '30, '31, Senior Play '333 Orchestra '31, '32, '33g Latin Club '31g History Club '31g Athletic Pageant '30. ROSELLA LONG Reisterstown, Maryland ' ' Haste makes waste. ' ' THE fact that uLongy" lives across the roacl from school and does not have to race the bell in the morning may account for her dainty steps. COMMERCIAL Class Fielclball '30, '31, '32, Athletic Pageant '30, '31g Athletic Association '30, '31, '32g Track '30, '31, 423 Class Basketball '30, '3l. Page Twenty-Jive "Let each part of your business have ifs time." 1 4 l U M MARY CATHERINE LYNCH Pikesville, Md. 'lfflzeerfzll 00'lll1ItL'ILy rfhortens the miles." NOT too sober, not too gay, But a good true girl in every way, She has blue eyes and curly hair, Quiet, demure, and oh, how fair! COMMERCIAL Glee Club '32, Operetta '32, Class Fielclball '30, ,31, ,32, '33, Class Basketball '30, '31, '32, Athletic Pageant '30, '31, Athletic Associa- Y tion '30, ,31, '32, Track '30, '31, Welfare Club '31, MILDRED PAULINE MARKEL Reisterstown, Maryland 'lQ'uie't pz'0ple's virtues too often I'l"7Ill1'i'Il 1,l7lSll7Ig. 3 ' MILDRED has always been fond of athlet- ics, and is a great aid to all class teams. COMMERCIAL A?l'le:ic Association ,3O, '31, '32, '33, Athletic Pageant '30, l31, Operetta ,32g Class Field- ball ,31, '32, Glee Club '32, '33, Track '30, '31, '32, ,333 Welfare Club '32, '33, Class Basketball '30, 331, y32, Y33. MARY CORA MARTIN Hampstead, Maryland Hfi7'lll'I'fllZ'lIf?SS is a 1"iirt11e." MARY, who is known by her curly hair and neat dress, is a quiet girl of few words. COMMERCIAL Glee Club ,32, ,335 Operetta '33g Athletic As- sociation '32. Pag e Twenty-six "An nnrnjfled mind solves difficult problems." MARJORIE ANNE McKEE Reisterstown, Maryland "1flCSS6?'1l with temper whose ilnclouflezl my- Can make tomorrow cheerful as today." UUR vivacious "Mickie" never still one min- ute! Such an athlete, actress, and orator makes '33 proud of their all-around, fun-loving classmate. ACADEMIC Class Secretary '30, Athletic Pageant '30, '32, Class Fieldball '30, '31, Class Basketball '30, '3lg Athletic Association '30, '31, '32, '33g Athletic Association Treasurer '32, President Athletic Association '33, Latin Club Scriba '31, Welfare Club '31, '33, Varsity Fieldball '32, '33, Captain Varsity Basketball '33, Track '30, '31, '32, '33, Athletic Council '32, '33, Operetta '32, History Club '32, Glee Club '32, '33, Secretary Student Council '33, Dial Staff '33, Senior Play '33g Ways and Means Club Athletic Association '33, MARGARET LOLA MILES Owings Mills, Maryland "FlrmZy in the act, gently in the manner." MARGARET is noted for her most becom- ing blush, her wavy hair, and her neat ap- pcarance. ACADEMIC Glee Club '32, Welfare Club '33, Latin Club '31, Vice-chairman '33, Class Fieldball '32, Athletic Pageant '32g Athletic Association '30, '31, '32, Operetta '32g Student Council '30 CARROLL MORNINGSTAR Owings Mills, Maryland "Silence is more eloquent than words." W HY come to school when hunting or something else more attractive than ularnin' " offers itself? ACADEMIC Class Soccer '30, '31, '32, '33g Class Basketball '30, '31, '32, '33, Latin Club '30,"'31g Ath- letic Association '30, '31, '32, '33. Page Twenty-seven "Have you something to do tomorrow? Do it today." JULIETTA MOSNER Reisterstown, Maryland ' fP1'actioe makes perfect. ' ' ULIETTA aspires to speed - typewriting speed-judging by her daily habit of staying to type after school. COMMERCIAL Athletic Association '30. CATHERINE LORETTA NEUBERGER Reisterstown, Maryland "A workman is known by his work." LORETTA, our only titian-haired girl, is a fine scholar as well as a fine committee chairman. COMMERCIAL History Club '32g Student Council '33g Frank- lin Savings Bank '33g Dial Staff ,33g Athletic Association '30, ,3l, y32, '33g Welfare Club ,30, '31, '32, 33. BERTHA EMILY NEWHAUSER Owings Mills, Maryland "The world is a wheel and it will come' round right." BERTHA, whom we all know by her neat ap- pearance and contagious smile, hopes some clay to be a nurse. ,33 wishes her all succcess. GENERAL Athletic Association '30g Latin Club '3lg Glee Club ,3Z, '335 Operetta '32, '33g Welfare Club '33, Page Twenty--eight "If you would have a faithful servaut and one that you lihe, serve yourself." MARY ANNA MARIE REUTER Pikesville, Maryland "Cou!entrneut is better than riches." ALTHOUGH Mary does not take much part in extra-curricular activities, she seems to enjoy her school work, and has her fun, too. COMMERCIAL Franklin Savings Bank '33g Athletic Associa- tion '3O, '31, '32, Track '3O. GRACE EDNA RICHARDSON Owings Mills, Maryland "A light heart lives long." W HAT could '33 do without Grace's mer- ry laugh, not to mention her "lengthy" qualities as a guard on the vasity team? COMMERCIAL Glee Club '32, '33, Operetta '32, '33, Franklin Savings Bank '33, Class Fieldball '30, '31, '32, '33g Class Basketball '30, '31, '32, '33g Dial Staff '33g Athletic Pageant '32, Athletic Association '32, '33, Track '30, '31, '32, '33. HELEN PARRY SANDS Pikesville, Maryland "Whore there 'S a. will, there 's a way." ALTHOUGH Helen just came to us in our junior year, we were all glad to welcome such a good-matured girl and such a willing worker to our class. COMMERCIAL Glee Club '32, '33, Operetta '33g Franklin Savings Bank '33g Commercial Club '32, Ath- letic Association '30. L Page Twenty-mme Get what you tau a cl what you get, hold." ETHEL VIRGINIA SAVAGE Reisterstown, Maryland "A troe is known by its fruits." ALTHOUGH "Fits" just entered Franklin this year, she immediately stepped in and took an important Part in the varsity athletics as well as all other activities of our school. ACADEMIC Athletic Association '31, '32, '33, Class Basket- ball '32, Varsity Fieldball '33, Varsity Bas- ketball '33, Glee Club '30, '31, '32, Operetta '31, Athletic Pageant '30, '31, Track '30, '31, '32, '33, Class Fieldball '32. LILLIAN REBECCA SAVAGE Reisterstown, Maryland "Great oaks from little aicorus grow." W HO could be more demure, tiny, and quiet than our new comer Lillian? "Lil" is quite a student and athlete, for she made both the honor roll and class teams during her one short year at Franklin. ACADEMIC Operetta '30, '31, Glee Club '31, '32, Class Fieldball '32, '33, Class Basketball '32, '33, Class Volleyball '32, Track '31, '33, '33, Sen- ior Play '33, Athletic Association '31, '32, Athletic Pageants '31, '32, Drama Club '32, Latin Assemblies '30, '3l. BLANCHE LOUISE Sl-IAEFFER Reisterstown, Maryland "An ounce of loyalty is worth a pound of cleveruess. ' ' LOUISE has given her allegiance to Frank- lin since the first grade. COMMERCIAL Glee Club '33, Operetta '33, Franklin Savings Bank '33, Class Fieldball '33, Welfare Club '30, '31, '32, '33, Athletic Association '30 '31, '32, '33, Track '32. Page Thirty "For age and want save while yon may No morning san lasts a whole day HOMER SHIPLEY Reisterstown, Maryland "Ah, why should life all labor be?" BECAUSE of his short stature and his mis- chievousness, Curly is constantly being acl- vised to "grow up." ACADEMIC Interclass Soccer '30, '31, '32, Interclass Bas- ketball '31, '30, '32, "g Interclass Track '30, '31, '32, Varsity Soccer '31, Sub. '33, Junior Varsity Basketball '31, '32, Track '30, '31, State Track '30, Boy Scout Operetta '30. GORDON PAUL SMITH Reisterstown, Maryland , "Everything comes to him who waits." Q : ORDON is a very mischievous member of our class, and when teacher leaves room he occasionally stops his work and starts to play. COMMERCIAL Athletic Association '30, '31, '32, '33, Athletic Pageant '31, Dial Staff '33, Track '31, '32, '33, Franklin Savings Bank '33, Future Farmers of America '31, '33g Interclass Bas- ketball '30, '31, '32, Interclass Soccer '30, '31, '32, '33. GRACE SMITH Glyndon, Maryland "A good flisposition wins more friends than wealth." ALTHOUGH our Grace, with her sparkling black eyes and hair, gives the impression of being quiet, she is one of the wittiest members of '33. ACADEMIC Glee Club '32g Welfare Club '32, Athletic As- sociation '30, '31, '33, Assistant Typing Ecli- tor of Franklin Notes '33, Dial Staff '33. M'-Q.. Page Thirty-one Keep thy shop and thy shop will keep thee." SARAH ANNA SPRINKLE Upperco, Maryland "Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers." SARA!-I'S intelligence is reflected in her bright and sparkling eyes. COMMERCIAL Franklin Savings Bank 333, Athletic Associa- tion '30, ,31g Girls' Welfare Club '32, '33, Latin Club '31. FLORENCE ELIZABETH STALLINGS Glyndon, Maryland "Birds of a feather flock together." FLORENCE, who is one of the inseparable chums of the Hare-Stallings friendship, has a calm and placid manner, which is pleasing to everyone. COMMERCIAL Glee Club '32, '33, Operetta '32, ,333 Franklin Savings Bank '333 Athletic Association 332, '33. CHARLES IGNATIUS STEWART Arlington, Maryland "Do the thifng that you think is best and abide by it like a .solzl'ier." CHARLES is another one of our "smallest.', But the amount of poetry learned by Stew- art for special credit in English is anything but small. GENERAL School Play '31, Senior Play '33, Varsity Track '31, '32, Class Soccer '30, '31, '32, '33, Class Basketball '30, '31, '32, '33, Class Track '31, '32, '33. Page Thirty-two "Sloth, like rust, consumes faster than labor wears, whzle th used key is always brzght " FREDERICK CHESTER STIDMAN Owings Mills, Maryland " What is worth doing at all is worth doing well. ' ' ALTHOUGH Fred is quite a student of science and mathematics, he hopes some day to be an artist. '33 joins in wishing him all success. ACADEMIC Interclass Soccer '30, '31, '32, '33, Interclass Basketball '31, '32, '33, ROBERT TINKLER Owings Mills, Maryland "A stitch in times saves nine." W HY was it practically impossible for the boys' varsity basketball opponents to place shots in the Franklin basket? One look at our husky and fiery-topped "Tink" will serve as an answer. GENERAL Class Soccer '30, '31, Class Basketball '30, '31, Class Vice-president '31, Varsity Soccer '32, '33, Varsity Basketball '32, '33, Treasurer Athletic Association '33, Track '30, '31, '32, '33, Lacrosse '32, '33, Athletic Association '30, '32, 31, '33. MILLARD TOLSON TRABAND, JR. Pikesville, Maryland "A physician is the flower of civilization." SINCE "Fecky" first entered with us as a freshman, we have known that this congen- ial classmate's outstanding aim and ambition is to become a doctor. All '33 wishes "M, T." luck as an "M, D." ACADEMIC Class Soccer '30, '31, '32, '33, Athletic Pageant '30, '31, '32, Varsity Track '30, '31, '32, '33, Varsity Tennis '32, '33, Athletic Association '30, '31, '32, '33, Class Basketball '31, '32, '33, History Club '32, Latin Club '31, Eng- lish Club '31, Touch Football '33, Dial Staff '33, Cheer Leader, '33, Page Thirty three "At the working mon's house hunger looks in, but dares not enter." vvvv--vvvvvvvvv-vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv-v--vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv 'n--af" ' LOUIS WILLIAM VOLLAND McDonogh, Maryland "Nofhing venture, nothing have." 66WHAT member of '33 is more congenial, easy-going, and willing than "Lou"? GENERAL Class Soccer '29, '31, '32, '33, Class Basketball '29, '31, '32, Varsity Basketball '33, Track '29, '31, '32, '33, Athletic Association '29, '31 '32 '33 9 1 ' 1 ' JULIA ANNABEL WALKER l Reisterstown, Maryland "The secret of s11cf'es.s is constrmry to purpose. ' ' THE full credit of '33's "Dial" goes to the editor-in-chief, our sunny-clispositioned little "Bell" who has worked so hard for its success. ACADEMIC Home-room Chairman '31, Student Council '31, Glee Club '32, '33, History Club '32, Athletic Association '31, '33, Welfare Club '33, Operetta '33, Dial Staff '33. BLANCHE ELIZABETH WALSH ' 'Paitifmce is a necessary 'L1lgI'f7tl'i6'7lt of ge1Lifzls.' ' UIET, but so efficient! An excellent typist and a teacher's joy in conduct. COMMERCIAL Glee Club '32, Operetta '32, Franklin Savings Bank '33, Class Fieldball '30, Athletic Pag- eant '30, '32, Athletic Association '30, '32, Track '30, '31, Welfare Club '30, '31, '32, '33, Typing Editor of Franklin Notes '33. Page Thirty-four "Then plough deep while sluggaids sl p Anol you shall have corn to sell and to keep MARGARET MARIE WEISS Upperco, Maryland "The pen Ls the tongue of the mind." MARGARET is the devoted, giggling, and secret-whispering chum of Catherine. She is also a poet and author in the budding. ACADEMIC Glee Club '32, Latin Club '31, Athletic Associa- tion '30, '31, Class Fieldball '33, Track '30, '32, Welfare Club '32, '33, History Club '32, Dial Staff '33. CLARENCE MIELKE WHEELER Glyndon, Maryland "It is a great thing to follow one"s own inclinations. ' ' uLITTLE" Wheeler and his whippet. This combination is practically a by-word at Franklin. And hasn't that combination, with the aid of Wheeler's license, ruined the dignity of more than one state "cop," in search of un- der-sixteen drivers! GENERAL Class Soccer '30, '31, '32, '33, Varsity Track '30, '31, '32, '33g Basketball '30, '31, '32, '33, Latin Club '30, '31, Athletic Association '30, '31, '32, '33. JANE WILLIAMS Pikesville, Maryland "Adventurous joy is life for me." AN attractive and popular young miss with a goodly share of acting ability. COMMERCIAL Glee Club '32, '33, Dramatics '31, '33, Class Fieldball '30, Class Secretary '31g Athletic Pageant '32, Athletic Association '30, '31, '3Z. Page Thzrty fine The eye of the master will do more work than both his hands." PAUL FRANCIS WOODEN Woodensburg, Maryland "Nothing great is lightly won." AUL is so true to Franklin that he drives a P car that may boast the name of our Alma Mater. ACADEMIC Track '30, '31, '3Z3 Soccer '31, '32g Athletic Pageant '31g Operetta '32g Athletic Associa- tion '30, '31, '32, '33g Student Council '33g Basketball '33g Glee Club '32g Latin Club '30, '31. EDWIN WOSCH Owings Mills, Maryland "Life without literature is death." MED" is a necessary member of our class as he fills our need for a good speller. GENERAL Class Basketball '29, '30, '31g Soccer '29g Track '30, ,31. CHRISTABEL ELIZABETH ZENTZ Eccleston, Maryland "Labor conquers all things." A QUIET, good-natured girl, always found smiling. This classmate is always willing to help others. COMMERCIAL Glee Club '32, '33g Athletic Association '30, '31g Operetta '33, Page Thirty-six "But dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that's the stuff life is ma-de of." MARY GENEVA ZINK Pikesville, Maryland "Simplicity is a jewel rarely found." THIS member of our class is not as boister- A ous and nois as man of the others but Y Y she has many good giggles with her insepaiable pal "Libby." COMMERCIAL Franklin Savings Bank '33g Dial Staff '33g Ath- letic Association '30, '31g Athletic Pageant '30 i 1, EI 1933 wishes to express to Miss Esther Lawder and Mr. jI if Arthur Colburn appreciation for the interest 'I tr if which as advisors they have manifested 'I if in the activities of the class. 'I 5E it 'I 1 Page Thirty-seven Pagr Tlzirly-vigil! The Class of '33 Oh, list to the history of class '33, 'Tis one to be proud of, as you may see: In nineteen hundred and twenty-nine Through Franklin's doors marched a very long line Of girls and boys all bright and gay, Anxious to start their first high-school day. In our Freshman year we developed class pride To make teams and honor roll every one tried. In "Toreadors" we took no part, But we enjoyed the play with all our heartg The time seemed to glide quickly by, And before we knew it, Commencement was nigh. Home we went, full of joy and the best of cheer, For this was the end of our Freshman Year. In '30, when Franklin reopened her door, We were glad to resume our tasks once more, This year we entered a nice new school, Which made us more anxious to obey the rule. Out we went to make the class teams, And we faithfully worked to the best of our means In our school lessons we held a high place- Our report cards were pleasures, not terrors, to face When at last June came along, We joined in with the happy throng, For our vacation was now on hand, And nowhere was to be seen a happier band. Page Thifrty--mme --------- .... -A-A- .... .e------A-------,----------,---- "History is the measuring rod of past achievementsf' As Juniors we returned in '31 Determined to win in work, play, or fun, To the Seniors we gave the annual prom And to this affair we all did come. Throughout this whole year we worked hard at our tasks And on the whole school good cheer we cast. Then came the big day when we bought our rings And with this came the joy that made our hearts sing. The "Belle of Bagdadv was a great success And everyone thought it one of the best. Then in Commencement we held banners high, Glad that vacation once more was nigh. We came back as Seniors in '32, Knowing just what we had to do. There were about sixty-eight in our class this year, And we were all aware of the tasks that were near. To edit the "Dial" we went with a grin, Determined in every way to wing As we knew it was no easy task, We tried to select a capable staff. Soon the Junior-Senior party was here, And for such a nice time we thanked the Junior year. "The Man on the Box," the Senior play, Proved a great success in every way. The days then sped on to the month of May, Our class trip to Washington was a perfect day. The months went by until June was here, And we had to bid farewell to our comrades dear, For this was the end of our Senior Year. Now into the world we are ready to plunge Where there will be more work, and perhaps less fun. in Just Imagine Edwin Wosch without a Chevrolet., 1 Gordon Smith not being able to blush. lf Grace Richardson being short. ' Mildred Markel not independent. 1 Florence Stallings without chewing gum. Robert Tinkler being tiny. Helen Sands without her "other high schooln ring. Sarah Sprinkle being noisy. Audrey Bull not being able to spell. Annabel Walker with bobbed hair. H Page Forty l G i 3 ?vAv'ffJv'v'vAvAv4vAvAv'v'vAv4 AvAvAvAv'v'vAvAvAvAv4v'v'vAv'v'v' A Av'vAfv'v'fv'?fffvAvA'A'AvAvAv'vAv24v'v'v':Jv'vAvAvAv'v'vAv'fJ "Let all things have their place." Gladys Goede liking to have her upixture took." Charles Stewart being serious. Ethel Savage not being Miss Gillis' "right hand man." Walter Beck not looking ushiekyu in a hat and muffler. Neal Brown getting a "U" in deportment. Norman Brooks towering six feet tall. Lillian Savage being big and. boisterous. Esther Hoff not being able to Hash a winning smile. Herman Williams lacking executive ability. Mary Martin with straight hair. Louise Shaeffer without a permanent. Grace Smith as a blond. William Clagett riding home on the bus, Wilson Corroum unable to drive a car. Walter Lewis not teasing. Millard Trabancl not looking like Clark Gable. Frances Allers without her McDonogh pin. Julietta Mosner being the size of Kate Smith. Blanche Walsh without a lot of "cute', blouses. Christabel Zentz without a library book. Margaret Miles not having a streak of mischievousness with her demureness. Rosella Long in a hurry. Marie Bounds not knowing what to say. Homer Shipley being a 'tbook-worm." Bertha Neuhauser being short and stout. Clarence Wheeler with a Ford instead of a Whippet. Glenna Rohde being early for school. Jane Williams not being attractive. Elizabeth Keyes without her air of wisdom. Goldie Brooks liking to be called "Gladys.l' Helen Hare being as lively as her name implies. Laura Becker not holding whisper and giggling conferences with "Marty" in class. Catherine Lynch without her shy manner. Elizabeth Armacost not "coming down on the bus." Ruth Grimes not being the sister of "those two Grimes boys who graduated several years ago Clarence Yox shouting. Marjorie McKee without her athletic ability. Marshall Bosley driving an Austin car. Irving Becker being on time. Donald Horsey sitting quietly through a Physics period. William Doenges being called "William.', Carroll Morningstar not being a "pal" with Walter Bosley. Walter Bosley with his roadster. Mary Zink being the most misbehaving girl in the class. Samuel Bottom not being called "Saml' or 'kScramuel." Roland Dirzuweit without his aviation pictures. Charles Wilson not on the varsity. Alonza Clark doing "extra creditl' work. Frederick Stidman not drawing pictures for his "little" sister. Paul Wooden not blushing. Louis Volland not being a fine basketball player. Mary Reuter not going home from school early. Harry Humrichouse as a physicist.. Loretta Neuberger without a bus to ride on. Catherine Armacost without her pretty brown eyes. Margaret Weiss without romantic ideas. Marguerite Davis being quiet and demure. Page Forty-one "A fat kitchen leaves a, lean will." Franlclin's Will "--and I Bequeath to My Heir and Namesake, Franklin High School"-- The following is the last addition to the vast monument of works left to posterity by Ben,am.n I-rankiin, printer, philosopher, statesman. It is believed that Franklin returned to judge the works of the present Franklin High School and left this legacy as proof of his esteem and good will. THE LEGACY Man gathers unto him all the Matured Wisdom of his Life only after years of Unremit- ting 'loil and Sacrihce. Then cames the End. That which is Material decayeth and Re- turneth once more to the Bosom of Nature, his Mother. That which is of the Spirit Endureth forever. So it is that I see my Spirit which Shineth Now as of Old in the Deeds and Thoughts of all true Franklinites. For them and them only I Make a New Will and Testa- ment, revoking thereby all others hitherto made and naming the School as heir of all my possessions, both the Material and the Spiritual. "They are of my Family who Keep my Laws." Item To the Student Council I do give and Bequeath the original Poor Richardis Almanac. May theirs, too, Stand the 'lest of Time. Item To the Faculty I leave my liilocal Spectacles. Item To the History Department l leave all of my political Speeches and Governmental Records. Item 'lo tne Science Department I leave my Experiments in Chemistry and Physics. Item To the Student Body I leave my Wisdom. lN.B.This Bequest will be Revoked if Abused.j Item To my Eldest Son, Senior, who at this Moment sets out on Life's Journey, I be- queath the Royalities of all my Inventions. I-'Ie will Need them. Item To my Second Son, Junior, I give the position in my House hitherto held by his Brother, Senior. All Honors and Responsibilities attached thereto go with this bequest. Item 'lo my Third Son, Sophomore, whose idleness is Notorious, I give ten months, apprenticeship to the Language and Mathematics departments. May the Yoke of Adversity bring with it Salutary Discipline. Item To my Fourth Son, Freshman, I Leave my Blessing. Item To the baby, Seventh Grade, I Leave my Kite. Item Item Item Item Item Item Item To the Cafeteria I do bequeath my 'fwopenny Earthen Porringer and Pewter Spoon. To the Library I do give and beqeath the Original Copy of one of the first books that came into my possession, "Essays upon Projicksu, containing hints on Bank- ing, Colleges for Girls, and Asylums for Idiots. To the above mentioned I also leave the Old Franklin Book Shop, located near Christ Church, Philadelphia. To the English Department I do bequeath the "Gazette," a weekly paper of im- pudence and fun, containing a variety of Sense and Nonsense often forgotten in this age. To the Music Department I do leave the Original Franklin Armonica, with which I have entertained guests in Philadelphia, London, and Paris. To the Domestic Arts Department I leave the following advice: Wear your old clothes over again, till you are able to make new ones. To the Manual Arts Students I bequeath both models and instructions for all my inventions. To '34's Dial Staff I do leave my Apron of the Printer's Boy, which I first donned in my early youth. I, Benjamin Franklin, being in sound mind, do hereby swear that the above is my Last Will and Testament. I hereby set my hand and seal to this end, on this day, May 3, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and thirty-three, in the presence of the following witnesses: HERMAN WILLIAMS ANN ABEL WALKER CHARLES WILSON Signed: BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. Page Forty-two If you will not listen to reason, shell! surely wrap your knuckles." Mrs. Miss Miss Miss Miss Class Poem I Franklin, dear old Franklin High, The time has come to say goodbye: And the class of '33 must part, But thoughts of you will remain in our hearts. II For four long years we've been with you, And to your standards we've tried to be true, And now that we must say good-bye, May the other classes keep your colors high. GRACE SMITH. -M W. Faculty Favorites Reese: Class, I have an editorial I'd like to read to you. Gray: Now, does anyone want any help? Meeks: Now, it's quite obvious that- Huttenhauer: If you can't behave, get out now. Parsons: Take out your assignment book. Mr. Thompson: Extract a piece of paper from your notebook. Mr. Seabold: Here's something funny, class. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Tipton: That's enough out of you, now. Turn around and think Sterling: Come to order, class. L Salfell: O, my sakes. Hoffman: All right, let's go! Wisner: Just a minute! Mr. Hyson:'.This is your last time, Taylor. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Myers: Same old crowd late again. Hanna: For patience' sakes! Whitney: Speak now, or forever hold your peace. Pyle: Get ready for a speed test. Gillis: Girls! Girls! I want it quiet in back of those lockers. Mr. Crosby: Cut out the horse play! Miss Lawder: Rip out that crooked stitching. Mr. Colburn: Stop the noise in the locker room! Page Forty-three' Page Forty-four ,vi - 1 1 'f Q5ilf??5s5iF" EEiR5H?l' l? , ' 425 1. 'U cl A X ffflhu ip , n erclasses ' ,EEE f At workmS'mem's kouseg Hunger looks nn, but dares 's IV , ,not enTc-:n , g ,Q I If ' ' Y f , fl I -N! 1, , ' .L V yy" JA mum' L-'IH l f' HW 1 grill W :W '.M,igW -114113 Inu -u Ax iq 'IIE ,gslfrlfuffssi '- if 1 7 I 1 - , . 1, -. If b f, I kU'?'3T'!' :Nw fl Xffigiiffifl! - Mm f f 1 Wnrr-f ' umm. ' I I ,ff "1 1 y I ' 'm ff: 'sis' ' ' 15 N I' ll r IJ I I "H WW ' fra 0 H' I ff K. . -H , .. I-f H p5,,5'L9WQ, QP Y 'Ak 5 1 ,N is I I , ', I 'V ns-sinus:-.wxwm-fWxxAN, t If W k IW M M r 2 f 'wa' M M W ' Q W ll EN if xx My yllfiigf x I, -Q y rzfjfffr f MQ' X 'Q x , ' ff' N! QWZJ hu ' ,mlul N kr' W wh if-gif! 'T - 'F' "Ai'::i?3 "--Li ll Afwkwlfff' I N 'vrx.xv', if f W ' "fWfwrr--M' 4 R 'IM i 5 + S- ,',v,. .I .V., xx xx,--Y ,w Q , .1 .9 1 A N533-1 I 'AST f? w' , ., .M W J55. XA X NYY M , 1, - N .. N , - -LJ X'4L-iM X M7 X I ,x5.,.,, .:- ING X ' -. NGx5'x,xj.x ,I ' frm' ff , gh-aj I: ., w,..v QQ-,-QQX Ei' . '-2 ag V -Q". , Y, ,Q X.. X Q V . .. - NFTS: ' x '.,J, 1, v... 1 x,:,v,,,, . X X l X A '-:ww ". ' R X 'I "1 x' . . F' ,.,,- if ,.4. ,W IAQ- , f ,f X x Page Forty-five L 5 1 1 l z l f ! l v Class of 1934 Flower: Pansy Colors: Hilda Adams James Adams Helen Alban Charles Albright Dorothy Allen Oneida Armacost Gladys Ayres Charles Baker Mary Barstow Patricia Bauer Merlin Beam Hilda Belt Worthington Belt Claude Bitzer Dorothy Blizzard Sarah Boerner Donald Bond Roland Bosley Anna Bowers Kenneth Bowen John Bowen Mary Bransfield Evelyn Brenner Zouck Brooks Margaret Buckingham Calvin Burnham Lewis Caples Lucille Carter Mildred Chaney Margaret Childs Alexander Cockey Motto-Comrades forever OFFICERS President-J AMES ADAMS Vice-President-WILLIAM HIDEY Secretary-EDNA MARIE MEYERDIRCK Treasurer-PATRICIA BAUER Advisers-Miss HUTTENIIAUER, MRS. REESE Alice Cockey Charles Colwill Robert Cooper Frances Corrigan Agnes Cross Esther Cross William Cullison Ellen DeLuca Anna Dixon Sarah Ebaugh Oher Elseroad Nancy Erskine Arthur Fadely James Fleagle Alice Frank Billy Groff Walter Gordon Ferdinand Hahn Gordon Harden Thelma Harden Clement Hemler William Hidey Katherine Hoff William Hooper Lawrence Hubbard Herman Jones Ruth Jones Eulah Keener Wilfred Keir Frances Kellar William Kiesewetter Edith Klingelhofer Paul Koenig Lewis Krauch Thelma Lancaster Mary Landis Carville Leaf Tekla Lehman Elizabeth Lockard Carlisle Long Wilbur Mather Charlotte Mechalske Edna Meyerdirck Beulah Myers Helen Morris Edward Nash Adrean Norris Howard Owings James Page Dorothy Parker Phyllis Perkins Mary Lou Price George Pobletts Virginia Randall Margaret Ranft Russell Reter Carlisle Rogers John Roberts Wilna Roberts Carlisle Rogers Harold Rogers Daisy Reigler Page Forty-six Purple and Gold 4 Blanche Scott Billy Seabold Ethel Smith Frances Smith Joseph Sprinkle Marsella Stevens Anna Stidman Charlotte Strewig Earl Stocksdale Marshall Taylor Gaynelle Templeton John Thorley Carroll Turner Anna Vaughn Amelia Volland Charles Walter Ruth Walsh Catherine Walsh Ruth Wanner Charles Wanner Elaine XVard John VVaters Ruth VVelsh Summerfield VVhitely Elwood Wheeler Hannah Wilson Thomas Widerman Esther Winebarger Isabel Yox "Quiet tongues show wise heads." .lunior Write-Ups Charles Baker: Twinkling eyes, black wavy hair, Small in size and free from care. Mary Frances Barstow: A lucky girl is Mary Frances, Never receives a teacher's vexed glances. Patricia Bauer: Pat is always loads of fun, She's known and liked by everyone. Merlin Beam: Merlin is one of the best on earth, A fellow who little knows his worth. Worthington Belt: "Wort's" right there, he's okay: Deep-voiced and cheerful every day. Donald Bond: A boy, quiet, tall, and wise Whose ready laugh takes the prize. Lucille Carter: Self-preservation is the first law of nature. Alice Cockey: A hearty laugh, a cheerful grin, A friendship worth. one's while to win. William Cullison: Imagine "Wess" being seen and not heard! Sarah Robbins Ebaugh: Was there ever anyone with a better disposition? Nancy Jane Erskine: She's an artist, is Nancy Jane, One we're very proud to claim. James Fleagle: Blue prints and Jimmy go hand in hand, Many an aeroplane he has planned. James Adams: James' abilities are too numerous to count. Charles Albright: Obedient, cheerful, dependable, kind, A boy like Charles you'll rarely find. Claude Bitzer: If there's a Fight, and victory in it, Claude will be there, ready to win it. john Bowen: John, the next on the string, Talks until he breaks a spring. Alexander Cockey: If ever you want a plan carried out, Alexander's the man to have about. Ober Elseroad: Persevering, painstaking, and careful. Arthur Fadely: Sunny, funny, sweet as honey. Walter Gordon: Nothing pleases Windy more Than to have A.A. dues to score. William Groif: The chivalry of Sir Galahad, the manners of Lord Chesterfield, and the wit of Will Rogers. Gordon Harden: Gordonis on hand at every turn, Eager, anxious, and able to learn. Herman Jones: Proud, indeed, as he can be Of his own ancestral tree. Paul Koenig: If dimples could be stolen, Paul would have lost his long ago. Lewis Krauch: With pen, pencil, brush and paint, He'll make for you a portrait quaint. Carlisle Long: Reaching heavenward by leaps and bounds. Vinton Markland: If he could get the time to do it, Vinton's work would show he knew it. Wilna Roberts: Wilna never lets a day go by Without asking uwhereforei' and "why," Blanche Scott: F-R-A-N-K-L-I-Ni Billy Seabold: Billy is our most studious one, But he manages to have some fun., Mary Lyle Smith: You've only been with us a little while But we think you're great, Mary Lyle. Marcella Stevens: "The keeper of the door." Anna Stidman: In gym Anna does very well And in her lessons does excel. Gaynelle Templeton: As a pianist she's one of the best in IIIA And though tall and quiet, she's always "G john Waters: Witty, athletic, and always there If a jolly good time is in the air. Hannah Wilson: Conscientious but also gay Is this member of IIIA. Ruth Jones: Ruth is never known to shirk Anything in the line of work. Elizabeth Lockardg To help another in any way Is Elizabeth's motto day after day. Virginia Randall: Her size does not indicate her value. Ethel Smith: Ethel with her eyes of brown, Doesn't realize her renown. Elaine Ward: Sparkling eyes and smiling face, Makes her welcome every place. Esther Winebarger: To know her is to love her. Frances Smith: Don't blame any of the girls For envying Frances and her curls. Pauline Smith: "Play the game to win it." That,s Pauline. Page Forty-seven HY "Much ado about nothing? Charlotte Strewig: Not too quiet, not too gay, just a good friend in every way. Anna Vaughn: Yes, the one that towers above us all Is Anna, the girl who is so tall. Amelia Volland: Full of pep, full of fun, A ready smile for everyone. Catherine Walsh: Just imagine Catherine loafing in class. Ruth Walsh: Sly mischief. ' Ruth Wanner: Just imagine not having been called d typing class. Ruth C. Welsh: Out in a hurry and ready for work Goes little Ruthie without a shirk. Isabel Yox: Long lashes, long hair, Wherever you see "Isey" Aggie's there. Roland Bosley: Roland with his pretty curls Is attractive to the Freshman girls. Kenneth Bowen: Though his jokes are dry and many What would "34" do without Kenny? Zouck Brooks: Courteous, kind, thoughtful, and true, This, Zouck Brooks, all this is you. Calvin Burnham: As a farmer Calvin is at his best, But as a typist you can guess. Lewis Caple: Eyes of brown, cheeks of pink, OWI1 He's not as shy as he'd have you think. Charles Colwill: We do not need a light or lamp To find the biggest Junior vamp. Robert Cooper: In tennis, Bob puts up a light, To defeat his opponent is his delight. William Hooper: Bill delights to take a swim, He says it makes him tall and thin. Edward Nash: The stenographer of IIIC. Howard Owings: Our future Babe Ruth. James Page: A sentimental gentleman from Texas. George Pobletts: "Popeye" is just a mischievous lad, But yet we cannot call him bad. Carlisle Rogers: A happy fellow is Carlisle, Whenever you see him he wears a smile. Earl Stoqksdale: The soccer flash of F., H. S. Wilbur Mather: Always ready with a song and' a smile. Adrean Norris: He is such stuff as varsity teams are made of. Russel Reter: Accommodating, pleasant, and as good as he can be. Harold Rogers: When Alexander works on a plan, Harold is his right hand man. Joseph Sprinkle: A little but lively boy. Marshall Taylor: Marshall is small, but nevertheless, He can be heard we must confess. John Thorley: Nothing in particular. Everything in general. Charles Wanner: Charles has so many things to do, That some do from his mind slip through. Elwood Wheeler: After a party, Elwood sometimes heads for home in its opposite direction. Summerfield Whitely: Oh! how much he could do, If he only would do. Dorothy Blizzard: No "Blizzards" can keep her from school. Mary Bransfield: She has the words to express her thoughts. Evelyn Brenner: Dimples and a pleasant smile, Evelyn's happy all the while. Margaret Buckingham: Smiling and pleasant, and happy go lucky. Frances Corrigan: Small and lively is this miss, What would we do without Frances? Anna Dixon: She hath a charming way about her that is more valuable than great riches. Alice Frank: Alice is bright, Alice is gay, Alice is thoughtful throughout the day. Carroll Turner: Tubby Turner is a great big man, He kicks the ball like no one else can. Charles Walter: Charles is a quiet fellow, But makes his Dodge go through on yellow. Thomas Widerman: "Give me liberty or give me death." Ferdinand Hahn: Fun-loving, quick-tempered, white-haired Ferdie Is his classmates' joy, his teachers, worry. Thelma Harden: Thelma is little, brown-eyed and slim, Friends are easy for her to win. Clement Hemler: Little Clement is mostly blue eyes. William Hidey: Happy-go-lucky "Hidey-ho" Is usually gay, seldom "low," Page Forty-eight "Make hay while the sun shines." Lawrence Hubbard: Not "a little nonsense now and then," But 'la lot of nonsense whenever you William Kiesewetter: Bill's marks are always way above par, And as an athlete, he's our star. Thelma Lancaster: Imagine Thelma being disorderly! Tekla Lehman: A jovial girl and a good athlete Whose ready smile is hard to beat. Edna Marie Meyerdirck: The "note-writingest" girl in the school. Dorothy Parker: Dorothy is quiet and may seem shy, But she never lets a joke go by. Phyllis Perkins: Imagine Phyllis being noisy! Mary Lou Price: If she's a typical "Chinese puzzlei' We'll gladly give up ujig-saws." Daisy Reigler: - "One gets more from school," says she, "If one takes it seriously." John Roberts: Life will just be a cheerful song If you do enough lessons to get along. Adams: is very fond of gum, canf' Hilda Hilda If she can't buy it, she borrows some. Helen Alban: The calm after a storm. Dorothy Allen: Her knowledge, her common sense, and her pleasant manner make Dorothy a girl that is "worth whilef, Oneida Armacost: "I hope I get my hair fixed before the bell ringsf' Gladys Ayres: As happy as the day is long.. Hilda Belt: Hilda with her smile so gay, Keeps us happy all the day. Sarah Boerner: Sarah is not tall nor is she thin, But boy, how she can play the violin. Frances Callaghan: If you hear a little giggle, It's Frances. Mildred Chaney: Isn't it lucky Milly doesn't have to go eyes when they roll? Margaret Childs: Margaret Childs without a comb Is like a child without a home. Agnes Cross: Cross by name, but not by nature, Agnes is really a lovely ucreaturef' Esther Cross: Esther good and Esther true, Always smiling, never blue. E'len De Luca: Imagine Ellen getting to school on Katherine Hoff: The bank that never fails. Eulah Keener: Independent and helpful is this lass, And among the tallest of our class. Frances Keller: Sience is the best reply. Mary Landis: Mary is neat and clean, Without "EddieH she is seldom seen. Charlotte Machalske: Learn to be happy in. helping others. Helen Morris: Always laughing, full of fun, That's Helen, our studious one. Beulah Meyers: Beulah with her eyes of brown, Is always seen when Oneidais around. Peggy Ranft: Her eyes are the mirrors to her soul. Lost and Found Found-A carriage. Will the Freshies please call for it? Lost-A ten lesson dance course. Will the Finder please return to Found'-a few parts to a "Chevy." Will Roland Dirzuweit please Samuel Bottom? inquire? after her time. Lost--Two years' growth. Please return to Clarence Wheeler. Found-Some dignity. Will the Junior Class please call for it, as they will need it on becom- ing Seniors. Lost-Athletes' foot. Will the finder please return to one of '34's athletes? Found-A few A's. Will Clarence Yox please inquire? Found-A better theme song. Will the orchestra please inquire? Lost-a patented saying, U20 lines, no more, no less." Return to Miss Huttenhauer. Found-A future opera star. Will Miss Hoffman please inquire? fThat's Keyes., Found-A ride from Reisterstown to Mt. Hope. Will Charles Stewart please inquire? Found-A late slip. Will Catherine Lynch please call? Lost-A few E's. Please return to Harry Humrichouse. Found-A French textbook. Will Miss Sterling please inquire? X Page Forty-nine Class of 1935 Flower: Red Rose Colors Raymond Adams Carroll Albaugh May Alvater Helen Ayler Harry Barnett Mae Batz Leonard Baublitz Melville Beasman Clara Becker Ruth Becker Ridgely Benson Alfred Bertsch Margaret Bollinger Arthur Bond Stanley Bosley John Bosley Douglas Bottom Helen Hare Russell Harper Ruth Hart Charlotte Hemling Lois Hesson Frank Hewes Elizabeth Hoffman Emory Hoffman Louise Howard Viola Howley Charles Humphries Tracey Huster Albert Johnson Katherine Johnson , OFFICERS President-RAYMOND ADAMS Vive-President-MELVILLE BEASMAN Secretary-HELEN GILL TTGGSMTGT-DOUGLAS BOTTOM Advis-ers-Miss PYLE, Miss WHITNEY, Ma. Floris Jones Clifton King Kathryn Kirkley Gertrude Bowditch Howard Broadfoot Clifton Brubaker Esther Bucher Jane Butler Irene Bull Royal Clagett Betty Carter Douglas Campbell Wilbert Chenoweth Gladys Clements Harriet Cohn Emory Collins Daniel Crevensten Margaret Crevenste Beatrice Criswell Andrew Crowther Ruth Cullison Edward Davis Mary Ellen Davis Dorothy Dempster Paul Dirzuweit Betty Doenges Walter Elseroad Dorothy Fowble Maureen French Charles Kratz Barto Long Il Edward Long Etta Long Earl Mayer Thomas McElhiney Blanche Merryman La Rue Merryman Frank Moser Maxwell Mosner Virginia Myers Dorothy Naylor Janis Naylor George Nichols Esther Osborn Walter Pahl Mary K. Pfeffer Roland Pittinger Donald Poe Campbell Popplein Ethel Reter Clyde Richardson Lillian Robertson Marion Savage Mac Schad Harold Schaefer Elton Fuller George Garman Vivian Gay Weston Gilbert Helen Gill Elizabeth Gooch Nellie Gore Page Fifty : Red and Gold SEABOLD Vivian Gore Doris Grimes Melvin Grimes Dorsey Glover Elizabeth Hanna Beulah Tillman Franklin Tracy Benson Warner Lloyd Watner Margaret Woods Etta Yingling Charles Shaffer Mildred Scott Ruth Shipley Dorothy Shoemaker Annette Snyder Arthur Southard Eleanora Smith Jane Sutch Louise Sutvh Katherine Sullivan Margaret Stansdeld Betty Tierney Harry Tinkler Margaret Walsh Donald Warren Frances Wilhelm Clara Yaruta Ethel Yox ,ex ,,,, 1 0 1 ' ' ethel alban bernice arbough edith bain jack baker wilson baublitz walter barr franklin berryman robert belt jerome benedict kenneth bollinger ruth bolte charlotte bottom robert bowersox thoma brathuhm william brooks norma brooks milton brown samuel brown james buckingham inez bull dorothy burke cora burton charles burnham marian caples norma caple james carpenter albert carter imogene chaney john cockey hilda cohn virginia collins john cooke ruth cooke jack corrigan john councilman mary cross 1 Class of 1936 OFFICERS President--J AMES WILSON Vice-President-J AY GORE Secretary-MARTHA HEALY Treasurer-RUTH SHREEVE Advisers-Miss TIPTON, Miss GRAY, Miss albert crusey jean curtis ruby davis leonore debaugh william doenges turner eckenrode homer elseroad caroline erskine ruth essig frances fadley janet faustman marguerite frank angela french ellen fromm robert finnegan helen fritz anna garman evelyn gay william goede ruth goode jay gore edwin green howard griswold martha healy william heise charles henricks ann hollingsworth donald hobbs randolph hdrsey richard hubbard donald humphries Willard hunt gover johnson joseph kelly lynne kemp lynn king john kurtz harry lau ruthetta lippy larie long myra long lsazel lovel charles lutz myrtle markey elaine mayer joseph mccusker patricia mccreedy geraldine mcguire albert mcguire lrances merkel edith merrick joseph michael nelson miles donald miller louis miller allen myers ernest myers george myers gwyneth naylor edna newton edwin osborn mabel pahl george parks garland pobletts annabelle poe billy purdum melissa pyle evelyn rawlings clara rhinehart edna richardson lester ribinson maryl rome Page Fifty-one PARSONS eugene royston helen rubin William sanders harry schaefer hilda schmitt grace schmidt margaret schreck alvin shaffer mary shaneybrook frank shray ruth sheeve dorothy shroyer elizabeth small alden smith roger starlsbury vernon sullivan virgie swem ida teal charles terry charles tillman gordon tinkler guy Waddell ray Waddell Iona Waddell robert walker ' elyse walter howard walter john warner lee watts beatrice white Wallace williams laura wirts james wilson virginia wooden james zeigler nella nairam nosnikta retlaw ttenrab mnilliw tleb anrev nebreuab newde namsaeh selrahc nosneb sirod dnob drachir yelsob htide yelsob enirehtac skoorb anna gnilwob ktenmek srewob secnarf otacorb hpseoj rekeub enirehtac krub rubliw reltub dnomyar yerac enirehtac yerac samogt kralc phlar yekcoc selrahc kooc mailliw murroc drawde ssorc edutreg eurc yevrah thgink eisle thgink teirrah uar la eniveneg mahnal eniladam fael nonrev thgiel eiram elttel hplar gnol selrahc dnalkram amleht yeluaccu edutreg yeluaccm nhoj Seventh Grade ekslnchem ettaolrahc ekslahcem aterg kcissim sirod htrowselon mailliw ransom secnarf- ransom revilo sknom trebla hguammum eidda. yarrum trebla sreym mairam sgniwo notnilc reztlep zeni revar eirojam nethor neleh nosilluc remoh sitiuc samoht llocsird moillilv nosdnomde teragram rosne nrobso rosne racso tsenre egap rehsif trebob namrag airam llig trebob eivsig semaj dlowsirg noisam yeldog eisse wonorg hlebazile elah remle dnommah selrahc tpmah mnilliw relmeh teragram retsemfoh tnecniv dnommah ttolley sbocaj lezah mosnhoj neleh Page Fifty-two namrak yar rallek lehte yllek enaj tnek ainigriv egavns eirnm reffeahcs yram siehtluhcs enialedam sraes yram sreges ecirtaeb yelpihs htide htims trebor elknirps ruthra. elknirps teragram morts dnomyar treblat einnim treblat trebor laet neleh laet eduam last dralliw nospmoht remle nospmoht luap nospmoht teragram namllit nivlys ttlpirt illessur reyort htebnzile revort nothroht nostaw nyleve ttellnw esor hslaw htide retlaw anna rallek yrrah rs-tlefenilk lrae rettewseik salgoud revaew dlefarg A yelsew dnomyar elgaey ycnau 'Admit Incfusby mnlies aMN'ming'5 easy. Q5 N N gi Page Fifty-three The Student Council I-IE STUDENT COUNCIL, which is under the supervision of Miss Louise Tipton, is one of the most important organizations of Franklin. The meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month. They are at- ' 4""' i H tended by home-room chairmen and representatives, two representatives of the entire student body who are appointed by Mr. Hyson, and two members of the faculty. These meetings are followed by home-room meetings when the repre- sentative of that home-room carries back to his class the report of the Student Council. The officers for the year are as follows: First half year: President ..... , . ...,. Herman Williams Vice-president . ,,,....,... .,....,.,........ W illiam Kiesewetter Secretary ,.............,..,..,.....,.,......,..... Marjorie McKee Student body representatives ,... Loretta Neuberger, Harry I-Iumrichouse Second half year: ' .William Kiesewetter President .....,...,...... ...,............ Vice-president ....,.,...... .........,.,...., P aul Wooden Secretary ,.................. .,,.....,......... F rances Allers Student body representatives .... , . . .Frances Allers, Paul Wooden Student Council Dance Q5 OOP-BOOP-A-DOOP and Boo-Doo-De-O-D-What is this? Well, of all things, a Student Council dance! Lessons were forgotten for the time, and the student body was roy- ally entertained by the usually sedate members of the Council. Dancing to the accompaniment of the UF. H. S. Jazz Orchestraf, games, and refreshments made up the program. 4:45 rolled around all too soon, and intermingled with the strains of "Home, Sweet Home," was heard a general murmur of praise for our Council members. Page Fifty-four "A friend in need is a friend indeed." The P. T. A. Play N THE BANKS OF THE POTOMACX' a minstrel show written and directed by Mrs. Guy Harden, was a great success. It was given by the Franklin Parent Teachers' Association and The Women's Club of Glyn- U- in don. Much of its success was due to the cast of characters who so will- lingly and wholeheartedly took part. The cast of characters was as follows: Sally ........... ,... ...,...,... Mose . ......,.,........ Ephraim . . . Abel ..... Skip .,.,.. Vestibule . . Bill ..... Jake .,..... Napoleon .. Rudolph Jasper .,.. Euripedes . N1mrod ......,.. Zoke ............... Abraham Lincoln .... Booker T. Washington Vermillion ......,... Lizzie Jackson ..... Reginald Parker .. Ivy ........... Ruby ........ Evangeline ....... Alto Marie ,....,.. Pearl Virginia Jane. . . Caroline ......,... Chloe .........,. Eliza Ann . . . Geranium .,.. Ida ...,.... Flovilla . . . Petunia .... Soapine ...... Mirianna ...,.. Claudine Bell Myrtle ..... . . . .Mrs. Robert Healy . . . . .Johns Hopkins . . . ,Charles Tovell, Jr. . . . .Franklin Tracey . . . . . . Carlyle Rogers . . . .K. Russell Pfeffer . . .Thomas E. Moore ., .. ,Ira A. Wales . . .Wightman Seabold . . . . .Carroll Saumenig . , . .Morris R. Baker . . . . . . .Louis Susemihl , . .Samuel Bottom, Sr. William Hooper, Sr. i .Arthur C. Colburn . .... Warren White . . . . .Helen T. Reese ......,Ellen H. Gray . . . ,August Heise, Jr. Mrs. Robert C. McKee . . . , . . . .Margaret Slade . . . .Ruth A.. Whitney . . . . .Mrs. A. Smith . . . . .Mrs. Harry Penn . . . .Mrs. John Cockey ..Mrs. Harold Redcay .Mrs. Robert Wooden Mrs. Byerly Caltrider 1 i A . .Molly Lu LaPorte . . . . . , . .Mrs. Charles Tovell, Jr. . . . . .Mrs. Williamson MacDonald Mrs. Walter Atkinson Miriam L. Hoffman Grace K. Sterlingf . . . .Mrs. Eugene Tovell Idelia ................ Rosebud ................ Professor Prestidigtation . . . Madam Queen .......... Pianissimo .... Louise Howard May Altavater Ruth Shipley Vivian Gore Thelma Harden Doris Grimes Harlem Bells Margaret Woods Nellie May Gore Tekla Lehman Patricia Bauer Kathryn Kirkly Dorothy Shoemaker Page Fifty-five Mrs. William Whitely . . . .Mrs. Samuel Bottom . . . . , .Sommerset Waters Mrs. Cecile K. Harden Martha L, Tovell Mary Kathryn Pfeffer Margaret Bollinger Margaret Miles Blanche Scott The Orchestra HE orchestra is composed of students from the whole high school who I-QXQ K . . . . . in have musical talent, and it is under the direction of Mr. Thompson. -'N ' ff . . . . . . These students are divided into two groups, the senior and the juniorg the junior division meets Monday and Wednesday at 2:30, and the senior group meets Tuesday and Friday at 2:30. The purpose of these orchestras is to stimulate interest in music. The senior orchestra usually performs at school functions such as operettas, plays, pageants, and assemblies. The junior orchestra plays at the Parent-Teachers' Association meetings. The junior group is striving to be in the senior orchestra next year. m.ag5,femn Pagv Fifty-si.r The Glee Club HE glee clubs this year are composed of boys and girls from the junior and senior classes who are interested in music. The Senior Glee Club is made up of boys and girls who are musically talentecl. This glee club does work in four parts: soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. It sings at all entertainments and sponsored the lChristmas Cantata and the operetta, "Hansel and Gretelf' The Junior Glee Club consists of those who are interested in music but are not talented enough to join the senior organization. This club is composed of all girls and they do their work in two parts, soprano and alto. These glee clubs are under the direction of Miss Miriam Hoffman, and they each meet twice a weelc, last period. i6'.wf3?,e1f.ew Page Fiftu-seven The Senior Play HE Senior Play, "The Man On The Box," was a delightful three act comedy. It involved the tale of Robert Worburton, 'tdare-devil of the Regimentf' and Miss Betty Annesley, the Colonelis daughter. Bob ""i ' C' Worburton had one fault, an intense love of a practical joke. Instead of attending the ball at the Embassy, Bob conceived the brilliant idea to ushave his beard, borrow the groomis livery, take his place on the box, drive the girls home at brealcneck speed, jump down and scare the life out of his sister, Nancy, by re- ceiving her with a kiss." All went as was planned. Bob greeted Nancy with a sound, brotherly smack- and then he saw that Nancy turned out to be Miss Betty Annesley, whom he had adored from a distance and sworn one day to marry. Miss Betty Annesley, decid- ing that a practical joke of her own would be better punishment than a line, hired Bob as a coachman. The plot thickens when Bob saved Colonel Annesley from becoming a victim of a scheme, and to add a dash of romance, Miss Betty Annesley marries her ucoachmanf' Miss Sterling, who so willingly coached the play, certainly deserves much credit for its success: The cast was as follows: Lieutenant Robert Worburton. Mr. Charles Henderson ...,. Colonel George Annesley ,.., Count Karloff ..,..... . . . Monsieur Pierre ........ Magistrate Watts ,, Officer O,Brien . . Officer Cassidy ..,.. William ...,........, Miss Betty Annesley. . , . , Miss Nancy Worburton .,,. Mrs. Conway ..,,..... Cora .....,...,...,...... Page 1"1lftyi-Eight . . , Samuel Bottom Harry Humrichouse , . . William Clagett . , . . , .Paul Wooden . . . .Walter Lewis .. . Clarence Yox . . .Wilson Corroum . . . .Charles Wilson , . . Charles Stewart . , Marjorie McKee . . .Marie Bounds . . Jane Williams , . Lillian Savage The Operetta HANSEL AND GRETEL The last drop of milk spilled. What to have for supper? This was the issue facing Gertrude after she had sent her two small children, -9:'Qf'f:1?l RASI-I ! E 2459i Hansel and Gretel, into the deep forest to gather some berries. As the old yet ever new adventures of "Hansel and Gretel" were enacted, we were accorded a rare glimpse into the land of magic and witchery. Aged but lively witches and angels, clad in the hues of the rainbow, offered a spec- tacular scene as the members of the glee club lived again the days when the evil charm of witches was felt. The climax came when the children trapped the witch with her own charm, and the story ended with a happy reunion of the little family. The leading characters were as follows: Hansel .,.......,.....,,........ .Carlisle Rogers Gretel .... , ,Ruth Shreeve Gertrude . . . Elizabeth Keyes Peter . . . .Wilbur Mather Witch .... ..,.. . . Alice Cockey Angels, Dew Men, Sand Meri, Witches, and a hidden chorus were made up of the other members of the glee club. Page Fifty-nine Junior Senior Prom HAT a delightful anticipation was experienced when each member of '33 received a bright red heart requesting him to be present at the junior- Senior Prom on Friday, February the tenth! With great patience and a feeling of suppressed excitement we looked forward to that eventful night, which turned out to be crisp and cold. Greeted by the Juniors, we were ushered into "the land of dreamsi' where the spirit of St. Valentine prevailed. Here we heartily enjoyed Wfhe Knave of I-Iearts," whose humorous pranks brought forth many a gleeful chuckle. Next on the program was dancing, accompanied by a peppy jazz orchestra, while around the wall were card games galore for those who did not dance. The high spot of the evening was when we marched merrily to the gym, where a glorious sight greeted our eyes. The hour for refreshments, with songs, talks, and jokes, sped by all too soon, and then we returned to udreamlandu to dance once more. To the strains of "I"lome, Sweet I-lome," we reluctantly departed from that delight- ful atmosphere. The members of ,33 will always recall their last party at Franklin as one of the most 'o ful events of the ear. J Y Y Page Sixty "Think of saving as well as of getting." The Latin Club HE LATIN CLUB is composed of all members of the second year class of Latin. It meets twice a month, and the programs are planned to instruct as well as to Q55 entertain. Its main purpose is to stimulate interest in the study of the Latin lan- Es-' guage. The members assume the responsibility for the success of the club, and by giving plays, songs, games, drills, reports on Roman customs and gods, learn in an interesting way more about the Romans and their contributions to civilization. They also receive training in conducting meetings, in oral expression, in the development of initiative by working on programs, and in cooperating with other members. The climax of the activi- ties of the club is a Roman wedding and banquet given near the close of the year. The dues are five cents a meeting. The club, which is in charge of Miss Tipton, is a valuable asset to Franklin. The officers for the year are: First Half Year Second Half Year Consul Primus ..,.,,.,. Thomas McElhiney Consul Primus .,.......... William Hidey Consul Secundus. .. . . . William Hidey Consul Secundus ..,... Campbell Popplein Scriba ......... . . .Gertrude Bowditch Scriba ......... .... B eulah Tillman Quaestor . . . ,... Douglas Bottom Quaestor . , , . , Nellie May Gore --o-lsaneah--M Art Club F' . fliiuf HE ART CLUB is a new feature this year. Any pupil in the school who is inter- ..m, Y ,QU ested in art, whether or not he knows how to draw, may belong to this club. lVIr. Colburn is the instructor. Meetings are held on Tuesdays and Fridays, last period. ' Tuesday is spent in doing charcoal work, while Friday is the day for lectures on .ss .. -- art and drawings of any kind. "4-ill3""' Franklin Savings Bank HE FRANKLIN SAVINGS BANK, which is operated by the commercial students of Franklin, is a very worthwhile activity. The purpose of this bank is twofold: it QKK1 gives commercial students some actual practice in bookkeeping, banking, and handling money, and it also gives the pupils an opportunity to form the habit of saving regularly. The bank is open each Monday from 11:30 A. M. until 12:25 P. M. to the high school pupils. They may deposit any amount from one cent up and draw it out any time they need it. Following are the officers: First Half Year Second Half Year Directors: Gordon Smith, Clarence Yox. Directors: Walter Beck, Norman Brooks. Cashiers: Frances Allers, Loretta Neuberg- Cashiers: Marguerite Davis, Florence Stall- er. ings. Bookkeepers: Laura Becker, Mary Zink. Bookkeepers: Grace Richardson, Louise Schaffer. Auditors: Sarah Sprinkle, Blanche Walsh. Auditors: Helen Sands, Mary Reuter. Page Sixty-one gf S 'Am.r.., e asfsamel To calfclw yourself fdle. 5 ty-th Page Siirly-four THE ATHLETIC COUNCIL "A healthy body makes for a sound mindf' The Athletic Council The purpose of the Athletic Council is to carry on the business of the Athletic Association. The officers of the Athletic Association, the coaches, two members of the faculty, the school treasurer, and a representative from each sport during its season, make up the Athletic Council. Its duties are the arranging of games, ap- proving of schedules, making of awards, settling of all athletic disputes, preparing the athletic budget, enacting of all by-laws, promoting the participation of all stu- dents in athletics, and seeing that sportsmanship is maintained at all times. The members of the Athletic Council this year are: Miss Gillis William Kiesewetter Miss Saffell William Clagett Mr. Hyson James Adams Mr. Crosby Robert Tinkler Elizabeth Gooch Helen Fitschen Marjorie McKee Mr. Seabold Glenna Rohde -+!GmBHI+- The Athletic Associations The purpose of the Athletic Associations is to build up a spirit of sportsman- ship and fair play among the student body and to sponsor the undertaking of the Physical Education Department. The officers are elected at the beginning of each year. The oflicers for this year are as follows: Girls' Athletic Association Boys' Athletic Association President .,.......,..... Marjorie McKee President ..,.,....,.. William Kiesewetter Vice-president , . , ..., Glenna Rohde Vice-president . , . .,.... William Clagett Secretary ....,. .,.. H elen Fitschen Secretary .,,.,. ...,.. J ames Adams Treasurer .... Elizabeth Gooch Treasurer . ,.., Robert Tinkler ..-4-illi-4 -... Depression Party "A Depression Party at depression ratesln This sign was seen floating around in the high school, advertising a big party sponsored by the A. A. The party was well attended, and many pennies were collected. The following were some of the features: Dance ....,..,.,,.,..,.....,....,............,....., Zc Punch ...... ......... 5 c Sandwiches . . ..... 3c and 5C Ice cream ...... . . . , . 5c Cards, 2 games . . . . . 5C Games ........... . . 5c Ping Pong, Z sets . . . . . 5c Fortune telling .... . . . . . 3C Candy ....... .......... 1 c Grab Bag ........,....,. .... 5 c and IOC Page Sixty-five SOCCCI' kg 9: N spite of the fact that only four regulars remained from the previous NE Ev soccer season, Franklin High put a scrappy even though inexperienced Q: team on the Held. I Much credit is due to Mr. Crosby for his splendid coaching of the newcomers. Carroll Turner proved a suitable captain for the F. H. S. squad. The following players graduate this year: Tinkler, Williams, Humrichouse, Clagett, Beck, Wilson, and Corroum. TEAM C. Turner fCaptainj ..... ..... F . B. R. Danner . . . . . I. R. W. Gordon . .,,.....,,...... F. B. E. Stocksdale ., O. R. H. Williams, . . .... .,... L . H. B. C. Wilson . . , . . . . .I. L. C. Albright ..... . , . .C. H. S. W. Clagett . , , , . . .O. L. H. Humrichouse, .,... R. H. B. R. Tinkler , . . . , . . .G. W. Beck ,....... ...... C . F. W. Corroum , . . . . . .G. Substitutes M. Taylor R. Bosley GAMES Kenwood .... . . . lg Franklin .... . . 2 Catonsville .... . . . 6g Franklin ,... . . 3 State Normal , . . . 35 Franklin. . . . . . 1 Sparks .,...,.. , 65 Franklin .,.. . . 0 Towson ...,.... . 73 Franklin .... , . 0 Sparrows Point .... . Og Franklin ..., . . 2 Calvert Hall ...,. . 6g Franklin ..,. . . 4 Alumni ...,...... . . . 25 Franklin ......,.. . . . , 6 Total 31 Total.....,..,l8 Page Sixty-six Basketball UCH honor is due to Franklin High School and its coach, Mr. Crosby, .ft for they have produced a quintet which has proven itself the paramount basketball team among the Baltimore County high schools. For the second time in twice as many years, the old F. H. S. basketeers have galloped away with the county title. With much courage and vigor the squad pulled through to the front after los- ing one of their initial league games. The trustworthy five under the captaincy of William Kiesewetter showed admirable sportsmanship throughout the season. The student body and public are to be complimented for their splendid sup- port and co-operation. The defeat handed to Franklin by the stalwart Hyattsville team curtailed the basketball season. TEAM W. Kiesewetter fCapt.l , . . . .Guard R. Tinkler .,,. .... F orward W. Gordon ,.......,,. . . .Guard W. Clagett . . . .... Forward C. Long ...,........ . . .Center R. Bosley , . , .... Forward SEASON'S RECORD Franklin . . .,.. 19 Donoldson . . . , . 13 Franklin . . . . . 13 Ellicott City .... . . , 1O Franklin . , . . . 30 Normal School . , , . . 32 Franklin . , . . . 25 Strayers ...... . . . 19 Franklin , . , . . 37 New Windsor , . 22 5kFranklin . . . . . 31 Kenwood . . , . . , 15 1'Franklin . . . . , 24 Catonsville . . . . 43 Franklin . . , Z3 New Windsor . . 15 9'Franklin . . . , . 32 Sparks .,.. . . . 15 Franklin . . . . . 17 Annapolis ,,., , . . 15 :kFranklin , . . . . 31 Towson ......... . . . 18 'kFranklin , . . , , 31 Sparrows Point , . . . . 28 "'Franklin . . . , . 41 Sparrows Point . . . , , 18 Franklin . . . . . 18 Donaldson . , . . . . 17 Franklin . . . Z2 Orioles ....... . . 19 McFranklin ,....... ........,.. Z 5 Hyattsville ...... . , 35 Total ..................... 415 Total .... . . 334 :FCounty league games., "'5State game. Page Sixtyfsevfm Lacrosse HE Lacrosse team, although not a championship contender, has shown marked improvement over last yearls team. The team is fortunate in having so many of its former members again this year. The players ' elected their stellar attackman, Bill Groff, as captain. SCHEDULE :"Donaldson ........,...,. April 4 Catonsville ..... ..., A pril 11 Sparrows Point ,... ,... A pril 18 Wfowson .,.... .... A pril 21 l'Catonsville ..... ,... A pril 25 "'Sparrows Point ..,. .... A pril 28 Towson ,,...... ,.... M ay 2 'kPlayed on the opponenfs field. TEAM W. Clagett--Goal W. Gordon-Center R. Tinlcler-Point G. Waters-2nd Attack W. Corroum-Cover Point W. Groff-lst Attack C. Albright-lst Defense B. Seabold-Out Home H. I-Iumrichhouse--Znd Defense S. Whitely-In Home Defense: Attack: C. Turner Fleagle Adams F. I-Iewes C. Baker R. Bosley R. Reter L. Caples Page Sixty-eight "Without health there can be not wealth. 19 Track WO score and ten aspiring athletes are reporting for track this year. They 146: are eager to extend Frank1in's gallant ranking in the Baltimore County Track Meet, which will be held on May 30. Franklin holds as many 9 H records in this meet as any other high school in the county. These records are: 95 lb. stand, hop, step, and jump, K. Wietzel ..,. May 30 1925 115 lb. Running Broad Jump, A. M. Benedict ...... May 30 1931 Speedball Bat for distance f14-in. ball, G. Cook. ..... May 30 1929 Speedball Bat for distance Q12-in. ball, H. C. Cullison, .... May 30 1931 Junior Unlimited 80 yd. dash, W. H. Clagett ,..,..... May 30 1930 Junior Unlimited Running High Jump, H. Sollers, . May 30 1931 Senior Unlimited 440 yd. run, W. F. Chew ...... .June 9, 1927 Senior Unlimited Running Broad Jump, R. Fox .... .June 2 1925 Soccer Kick for distance, W. Armstrong. ..... . . .,........ May 30 1928 1640 Medley Relay, A. M. Benedict, W. H. Clagett, W. Norris, J. H. Sollers ....... .... M ay 30 1932 Page Sixty-nine Varsity Fielclhall IVING up to the previous years' records of winning one or more of the st,-15' league games, Franklin girls were successful in defeating two of their opposing teams this year. The Sparks game, which was our victory, was H "4'4"4 Franklin's highest scoring game. VASITY SQUAD Name Position Class Marjorie McKee fCaptainj C. H. B. '33 Tekla Lehman fManagerj L. I. '34 Helen Fitschen C. F. '34 Beatrice Ensor L. W. '34 Glenna Rohde R. I. '33 Etta Yingling R. W. '35 Dorothy Fitschen R. H. B. '33 Ruth Welsh L. H. B. '34 Elizabeth Gooch R. H. B. '35 Ethel Savage L. F. B. '33 Pauline Smith G. K. '34 Thelma Harden Wing '34 Substitutes Esther Cross, Lillian Savage, Blanche Scott Gpponent Kenwood Catonsville Sparks Towson Sparrows Point League Games A' Winning Team Franklin Catonsville Franklin Towson Sparrows Point Page Sevefnty Score 14-13 9-7 22-9 24-4 15-5 Varsity Basketball LTHOUGH the team was composed of new and unorganized material, fine co-operation and sportsmanship were soon developed among the '.f' girls by our splendid coach and athletic instructor, Miss Gillis. The team was successful in winning only one game this year, but throughout the whole season, the girls worked hard and did their best for the school. It was at the Sparrows Point game, however, that they really showed what they could do and kept their opponent's score at a very low mark. VARSITY SQUAD Guards Forwards Marjorie McKee fCaptainl Tekla Lehman fManagerj Elizabeth Gooch Ruth Jones Ethel Savage ..... .....,...,.,.,..... C ente Ruth Welsh . . , .,.,,.......,,.. ..,.. S ide Center Substitutes Grace Richardson Marguerite Davis Esther Cross Etta Yingling Opponent Winning Team Score Date Randallstown Franklin 17-25 Jan. 19 New Windsor New Windsor 22-14 -Ian. 20 Kenwood Franklin 13-15 Jan. 27 Catonsville Catonsville 51-13 Feb. 3 New Windsor New Windsor 26-5 Feb. 7 Sparks Sparks 33-9 Feb. 9 Towson Towson 22-9 Feb. 17 Blue Ridge College Blue Ridge College 24-21 Feb. 21 Sparrows Point Sparrows Point 9-4 Feb. 24 Page Seventy-one t' fn that great deeds are af-hieuedf, "It is only with coopera zo Girls' Spring Meet ' h events at Patterson is very large. S usual, the number of girls entering t e With such a large group of willing girls, Franklin ought to return from . 'ff ",- the meet in May with as good a record, if not better, than last year's. V i ""' Last year we were successful in carrying off three points, and Franklin was the third winning team in the meet. Points were made by two teams and one ' ' h the will be made by all teams and all individuals. individual. This year we ope y -.,g,U.44,.- Page Sevefntyvtwo "Nothing venture, nothing have." ll II Owners of the Franlclin F Wilson Corroum Robert Tinkler Carroll Turner Walter Gordon Charles Albright Herman Williams Harry Humrichouse William Clagett Earl Stoclcsdale Walter Beck Ralph Danner Charles Wilson Marshall Taylor Roland Bosley Carlisle Long William Kiesewetter Walter Gordon Robert Tinkler William Clagett Roland Bosley Marjorie McKee Telcla Lehman Helen Fitschen Dorothy Fitschen Beatrice Ensor Glenna Rohde Etta Yingling Ruth Welsh Elizabeth Gooch Ethel Savage Pauline Smith Thelma Harden Ruth Jones BOYS Soccer Basketball GIRLS Basketball Fieldball 7 3, ,, ,, 97 ,, 3 ,Y Page Seventyathree "A tree is known by its fruits." Where-A-Bouts of H3 2" Edythe Armacost-Home. Jeanne Ayler-Maryland State Normal School. Catherine Baker-Home. Ford Banes--Maryland Institute. Grant Beasman-Reisterstown Lumber Co. Samuel Belt-G. A. Store, Reisterstown, Md. Albert Benedict-Home. Carl Bollinger-Western Md. College. Herbert Bowen--A. 66 P. Store, Pilcesville. Albert Boyd-At work at carpentry. Mary Buclcer-Md. State Normal School. Dorothy Burnham-Md.. State Normal School. Anna Louise Chew-Home. Clinton Cook-Home. Herbert Cullison, Jr.-Home. Emerson Davis-Home. Anne De Luca-Home. Bertha De Vese-Home. Charles Disney-Home. Roberta Driscoll-Western Md. College. Randall Essig-American Store, Pilcesville. Avis Ensor-Home. Thomas Ferrell-McCormick Company. Eleanor Francis--Strayer's Business College. John Gill-Home. Dudley Gooch, Jr.-Home. Marie Gore-Strayer's Business College. Oscar Gray-Butler Quarry, Butler, Md. Myers Green-Home. Margaret Hampt-Home. Mildred Harrow-Home. Norris Harvey-John Hopkins University. Charles Hewes, Jr.-A. 66 P. Store, Reisters- town, Md. Ellen Hollingsworth-Goucher College. William Humphries-Western Md. College. La Rue Johnson-Home. Ruth Keir-Maryland State Normal School. Minnie Keller-Home. Harold Landis-Sanitary Store, Reisters- town, Md. Tayloe Lewis, Jr.-Blue Ridge College, New Windsor, Mabel Lister-Home.. Elizabeth Manger-Eaton Burnett Business College. Kenneth Marlclancl-Home. Ruby Marsh--Home. Jeannette Mathias--Maryland State Normal School. Clarence Merryman-Home. Dorothy Miles-Maryland State Normal School. Evelyn Moser-Home. Oswald Mirmmert-Sanitary Store, Reisters- town, Md. Hamilton Nelson-Home. Wallace Norris-Western Md. College. Barclay O'Dell-Home. Robert Owings-Home. Calvin Parker--Unable to locate. Thelma Peregoy-In training, Sylcesville Hospital. Harry T. Purdum, Jr.-Employed on S.S. "Newport News." William Ranft-Md. State Normal School. Louise Raver-Western Maryland College. Edgar Rohde-G. A. Store, Reisterstown. Florence Rothe-Home. Rebecca Rubin-University of Maryland. Willette Schad-Western Md. College. Henry Sollers-Home. Caldwell Speed--Military Academy, Annap- olis, Md. ' Robert Stansfield-Home. Armstead Thompson-Strayer's Business College. Dorothy Tinlcler-Home.. Q Alois Trunda--Home. Walter Turnbaugh, Jr.-Strayer's Business College. Lena Vaughn-Home. Virginia Wales-Hood College. Rosa Walsh-Home. Mary Williams-Church Home Hospital. Yeatts Wilson-Yeatts' Ice Plant, Glyndon. Mary Yaruta-Md. State Normal School. Simeon Yaruta-University of Baltimore. Victorine Yaruta-Silvers' Sc 66 10c Store. Roger Yingling-Home. Vernon Zink, Jr.-Strayer's Business Col- lege. Page Seventy-four "Watehful care makes time change for the better." Sister Year of 1933 Marie Elizabeth Barnhart--H. A. Hayes, Mercantile Trust Building. Florence Hannah Buchman---Married. Evclyn Rae Bull-Home. Alfred Caples-Employed on State Road. Katherine Shelden Campbell--Married. Helen Cecilia Carpenter -A-'l193Cl'llX'1g at Ow ings Mills School. Constance Violet Colwill !Thayerj-'Mar ried. William Dudley Davis--Deceased. Otho Merrill Fromm-Married. Evelyn Amelia Garrish KCroxtonj --Married. Robert Gill-Farming. Eunice Evelyn Harden lTovellj-Married Jessie Margaret Healy fBollingerJ-Teach- ing at Catonsville High School. Margaret Alice Hull fEckhartj---Married. Walter Ray Harris-Married. Annie Ruth Kemp fFrommj-Married. William Sanders Markley--Deceased. Grace E. Morris fPopeD-- Married. Bessie Marie Nlyers fi-Iunterj -Married. James V Alton Miller - -Doctor. 3 Royston McKenny--Married. Mary Emily Naylor--Employed by Mr. Harry Caltrider. Mary Maud Owings--Baltimore and Ohio R. R. Beatrice A. M. Parcell ilieenej-Married. Donald Edward Pearce--Home. Alice Cook Rawlings-Home. William Kantner Richards- -Nlarried. Esther A. Shipley fCallal:anj-Teaching at Franklin Elementary. Hattie Ruth Shreeve-f -Employed hy Brandt Real Estate. Olive Evelyn Shreeve QShaeflerJ-Married. Elizabeth Montrose Slade fCockeyl---Mar- tied. Mary Ellen Smith fStewartl-Married. Margaret Marie Stocksdale-Stenographer for the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles. John Melvin Thomas-Gas and Electric Company. Etta May Uhler fBollerj-Married. Ernst Grant Whitney-Aviator. Parepa Asa Yost fNicholsJ-Married. lf"N9:i:W'3' Page Seventy-five Page Saumziy-Sim Q M . S The man Ujaft hailq a Trade fwalf-m an estate :Eli 12+-Ei ' , Yifiisfw ' ' E u 'S l 1 'lil ,WI 'W WUI f 'N -wg, "' 4 'JM f if' 2 ff, ff ' ,WE " M ,,,, W .f,-, 1' R-uf 15- -P-2 ' ' .KS W4 - '+-- Z " f' .- V 1 gf-Q PE Q :WM -L1' d ,AAA .4' f 1 5 - 1 :T--.. ks .,- .i '- Mm by ,. A .. .V r TT - -' ff Nia' Ji u :-?"E" ' T N "s ' J' '- - -5 ' - i ' -r ' H 1 ' f 1 f 'V ' ' , Wm T 'sg-fl-5'?H"-l -5 ll Lt, 4 5 5- - 1 fi- . sf' QE 'U 1 Q fwffiil S A ,vi 4 ,fm JH 4f5:ff5f::2fj??f515ff" 4' W ' 5? ' fuff lf Page Seventy-seven At Commencement Time- For Birthdays- For Christmas- And for any Special Day- The gift that only you can give- YOUR PHOTOGRAPH. Cecelia Norfolk Eareckson 411 North Charles Street Telephone-Vernon 3480 Baltimore, Maryland Page Seventy-eight P P 'r r 1: 5: gi 'I . Ig 1: ' 1: gi Melvm Burnham , :E 1 1: 1: 1: - ICE - 1: in In 1: 1: E: COAL - WOOD - FUEL OIL 11 If I 5: For Quality and Service 1: 4+ If Phone Pikes. 590-J 'l Ig I' l I 5 I 1: 'P y 1 l 1 1: I Ig . Ig 1+ 1: Sept. 12: First day of school!-fa little Fresliie opened our door 1: 4' fIVA'Sj and said in a small, quivering voice, "Is this IC?" EI r 1: E, Sept. 22: On seeing Doenges coming in the room, Miss Sisk said: "Billy, 1: how old are you?" 'Tm all right, thank you." 1' :I .5 1: Phone Reisterstown 87-M 11 4 A . , lf Fstirnates Promptly Given 1' E: Jobbing and Remodeling . D. Bond 1: 1: 1 2: Chas. PC1tZ21'E.9,SOI1 Reisterstown, Hd. if BUILDERS USED CARS li 1: Concrete Work Ph R , no M fl E 18 Hanover Road Om' mst' H-1 'E Reisterstown, Md. 'E 2: Phone, Reisterstown 181 ll Ig 1+ gg H. A. Clark 5: 1 1 if Licensed Plumber ,' PLUMBING AND HEATING 1: 1, Pumps Installed Repair Work ft ,E and Repaired Promptly Attended To ,E Ig Reisterstown, Md. 3' 5 AAAA AAAAAA Y AvAvA::vAvAvAv-:vvvA:vvvvxA 'I Page Seventy-mine The Reisterstown Lumber Co. LUMBER AND BUILDERS SUPPLIES P. 0. Reisterstown, Maryland Ofiice and Yard, Glen Morris, Md. Phone, Reist. 26 J. UIIARILES EUKEL, Pres. Sept. 30: Grand bum rush! fwhen the juniors got the old horse-laugh from the seniorsj. Juniors were badly beaten-tsh! tsh! Tinkler proves to be hero-picks up those little boys and gives 'em light spankin's. Pikesvillo 377 Harry W. Wisner HARDWOOD FLOOR WORK 01d Floors Scraped and Polished Pikesville, Md. FARM BUREAU MUTUAL AUTO INSURANCE OO. For safe and cheapest rates for both Small town or farm policies call MRS. JOSHUA A. FOWBLE 84 Hanover Rd. Reisterstown, Md. Phone Reis. 112-R COMPLIMENTS OF Franklin Cafeteria Wm. Berryman 81 Sons FUNERAL DIRECTORS and E M B A L M E R S 4 3 4 4 'I 'I 'I I 'I 1 'I 4 I I :I 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 I 3 I 4 3 3 3 I I 1. I I 'I :I 3 3 3 3 'I I 3 3 II 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 I I I I I :I 'I Page Eighty Philip B. Welsh E99 Sons FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Green Houses, Glen Morris Phone Reis. 8 Oct. 10: Mr. Hyson: "Who saw the headlines in this morning's paper?,' Marty: "I did!" Mr. Hyson: "All right, what was it?" Marty: "Oh, I don't know." Chas L H r GENERAL RADIO SERVICE S E L E C T M E A T S Tubes and SGFVICIC on all sets All part replacements guaranteed Manchester, Md. 3 nlonths In Reisterstown L' E. Wednesday and Friday Reisterstown Md , . Hampstead 25-F-14 Phone: Reisterstown 5-BI BEST WISHES T0 THE GRADUATING CLASS Page Eightysone The Arundel Corporation Baltimore, Md. CONSTRUCTORS AND ENGINEERS . and Distributors of Sand and Gravel Oct. 18: Becker in history class trying to explain something-"Take now for existence-." Oct. 21: One of the agriculture pupils was so kind as to hand in this con trihution: 'QI will bring fifty 'borrowed rocks' for the poultry Pi exhibit." Presenting C I T I E S S E R V I Garner Bros' Gasoline-Oil-Grease Crank Case Service Aceessoues OWINGS MILLS, MD. kesville 258-J If it is a Cities Service Product It has to be good FRANK SAVAGE, Prop 720 Reisterstown Rd Teleph one, Pikesville 362 Pikesville Motor Agency T. E. GOODE, Manager FORD OUR SPECIALTY , Osborn's Garage GENERAL REPAIRING Hanover Road at Woodensburg Page Eighty-two NAYLOR' Home-made ICE CREAM Retail and Wholesale PHONE: REIS. 11-XV Oct. 26: Mr. Thompson: "Boys who are leaning against the board, please set their chairs up straight. We don't want our boards decorated with your hair tonic." Oct. 28: Franklin plays Sparks in fielclball and soccer. The Sparks agri- culture teacher talces Mr. flrlermanj Williams for Mr. Sea- bold and explains his apparatus, system of teaching, etc., to the bewildered class president. CHAPEL Ph. Pikesville 430 Frank H. Newell FUNERAL DIRECTOR Pikesville, Md. Excellence VVith Refinement Call Pikesville 650 George W. Alt ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES , Hardware Glass Garden Tools Bulk Seeds Felton Sib1ey's High Grade Paints 1004 Reisterstown Road PTKESVILLE, MD. Page Eighty-three ll. S. Wheeler Phone: Reisterstown 180 The Wheeler Supply Company DEALERS IN COAL, WOOD, SEWER PIPE, FEED, BRICK, CEMENT BUILDERS' HARWARE, FIELD SEED, ETC. Oct. 29: Franklin Fair! Nov. 1: Libby Keyes cuts her hair, making attractive bangs-much to the class' amusement. Nov. 4: Miss Saffel: Has anyone seen the book usmokyn? Mildred: He's flying around here somewhere. Baltimore to Hanover Bus Service BUSES FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS U. S. Tires and Tubes Repairing, Greasing, Car Washing Phone: Hampstead 132 Maryland Coach Company Compliments of H. R. Lippy THE QUALITY STORE Telephone: Hampstead 147 Hampstead, Md. Page Eighty-four Compliments of Glyndon Laundry KEEP TRIM SWIM IN Glyndon Pool GLYNDON. MD. Nov. 7: Fire Drill:-Loretta: 'Q-and in the rush the preacher lost his hair." Nov. 14: Several girls were looking at last year,s Dial. Rosella: "Is that this year's?" C. Sa P. Telephone, Reisterstown 161 G. B. Caltrider Hardware, Feed, Fertilizer, Paint and Oils HOUSE FURNISHINGS AND FLOOR COVERING Glassware and Chinaware All Kinds of Farm Implements and Auto Supplies Reisterstown, Md. NEW AND USED CARS Park Circle Motor Co. Main Office Salesmen Living in this Territory W. B. Erskine, R. Steuart Knatz, Reisterstown Owings Mills Phone : Liberty 0800 I 'I I I :I 4I 'I 4 I I I I 'I I I :I 'I 4 'I 'I I 4 I 'I 'I 1 I 'I 'I 'I 'I I it 'I 4 'I 'I 'I 4I 4 'I I I 'I I 1I 4 I I I I 'I 'I 4 I I :I I 'I gl 'I 1 'I I Page Eighty-Eve The Glyndon Bank Glyndon, Md. SERVICE ALWAYS CHECKING ACCOUNTS SAVINGS ACCOUNTS SAFE DEPOSIT VAULTS TRAVELLERS' CHEQUES-CHRISTMAS SAVINGS Nov. 18: In Glee Club Miss Hoffman tells us to breathe after the worcl 'fairestl' Shrimp: We aren't to breathe at all, are we? fmeaning in the phrasel Marty: No, sit there and die. Compliments of Blue Ridge College GLASS OF 1936 New Wlindsor, Md. CO-EDUCATIONAL Aims of College arc- WW 7 9 Tll0I'0llgl1 Scholarship - Liberal eaver S Transfer Culture--Christian Character GENERAL TRUCKING Auto Transit Lines Page Eighty-six W. D. Groff C. Sz P. Phone GRAIN, FLOUR, FEED, COAL LIME, CEMENT, FERTILIZER SEEDS Owings Mills, Md. BEST WISHES T0 THE GRADUATING CLASS Nov. 19: Grace: Is Frances here at school yet? Bertha: Look in her desk ancl see. Nov. 21: Miss Saffell: All right, girls, who's next? Clarence? Nov. 23: In English Groff wants to know if the principal parts of uheightv are height, height, height. DEPOSITORS FIRST ' 9 This Bank does business on the principle that your convenience SHCCQSSOYS to and satisfaction are the first Con- sideration. MITCHELL 86 NORWIG Falmeis and Merchants Bank Fowblesburg, Md. 20 W. Redwood Street 4 I 'I 4 4 'I I I 4 I 'I 'I 'I I I ,I ,I 4 I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I I 4 I 'I I 'I I I I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 1 1 4 ,I 4 ,I 'I 'I 4 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 4 'I 'I 'I :I ,I 4 ,I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I Page Eighty'-seven Earn all you van, spend less than you earn and let this hank take care of the difference. il0TlSi2ll1i' aim for moderate gain is the happiest way to live Reisterstovvn Savings Bank REISTERSTOWN, MARYLAND Safe Deposit Boxes For Rent Nov. 24: Thanksgiving holidays. Man-o-day! Did we earl!!! Dec. 1: Physics-Micky thinks that the "driver" of a train wheel is the engineer. Dec. 5: Senior Play. Dec. 6: Student teachers from Western Maryland-Ah! . . :J "Say li wztli Flowers COMPLIMENTS OF Calvm E. Richardson - FLORIST - CLASS OF 1935 Designs 3' SPlecia1l5Y Phone Reisterstown 139 F 11 Owings Mills, Md. Dunlop Tires 24-hour Service iemeyer S arage N ' ' G Reisterstown Road at Delight COMPLETE lAUTO SERVICE Body and Fender Work a, Speciality Phone Reis. 79-W Page Eighty-eight Smith E99 Reifsnider LUMBER-MILLWORK--BUILDING SUPPLIES-COAL NVESTMINSTER, MD. Phone 221 PROMPT DELIVERY SERVICE. LOW PRICES. GOOD GRADES Permit us to Estimate for you Dec. 9: Donald wants information of "Queen Claudiusf' Dec. 18: Sam informs us in French ciass that he has a claughter. Dec. 21: Millard: U? and then Hamlet snuck in---" Dec. 23: Miss Meeks: The person who asks "why" will learn. Billy: Why? Western Maryland College YVestn1inste1', Maryland Albert Norman Vvilfd, DD., LL.D. President FOR YOUNG MEN AND YOUNG WOMEN Um-xcolled Location, Modern Cur- riculum, Complete Equipment, Moderate Rates Graduates from Approved' High Seliools Admitted without Condition Catalogue Upton Application Compliments of Melville Woolen Co CQ? n1a11i1factl11'ers of WOOLEN CASSIMERES OVERCOATINGS AND DRESS GOODS Page Eighty-nine Frederick W. Hillberg GENERAL MERCHANDISE Reis.: 117-R GWYNNBROOK. MD. Compliments of Rinaman Eff Brown BUILDERS' AND FARMERS' SUPPLIES, LUMBER Estimaftes cheerfully f1u'nished Phone: Hampstead 50 HAMPSTEAD, MD. Dec. 24-Jan. 3: Christmas holidays and we live as we should. Jan. 5: Athletic Dance!! More fun-Eats, fortunes told, games, cards, n'ever'thing. Jan. 8: Mr. Hyson: Can anyone tell me where the quest of the Holy Grail is found? Marshall: Florida. T ' B b Sh facel' 3 af ef 0D COMPLIMENTS FOR UP-T0-DATE I-IAIRCUTS OF for the High School Student visit A FRIEND Cflpposite Franklin High Schoolb REISTERSTOWN. MD. Services by Appointment Mrs. A. J. Lockard Phone 174-R BEAUTY PARLOR Vlfostniinster Road, Reisterstown J. F. Eline Eff Sons FUNERAL DIRECTORS Phone Reisterstown 192 Finger Waving Hair Cutting D Water Waving Marcelling Re1Ste1'St0W11f Ma-1'.Y13'nd Mancuring Page N bnety iJ3I5LL'E1'QQQ'665Ei665?" Phillips Roofing Company, Inc. COMPLETE HOME IMPROVEMENT SERVICE 3 S. Greene Street, Baltimore, Maryland See us first for any of the following Home Improvements Waterproofing Plastering Shingling Fencing Papering Weatherstripping Cementing Rebuilding Spouting Garages Porch Enclosures Roofing CarpenteringTinning Painting Our Terms will interest you, Nothing Down until 30 days after coin- pletion of work. Then just a few Dollars Monthly. "You Must Be Satisfied" Reisterstovvn Motor E. G. Koenig, Prop. Storage 20 Main Street Repairing REISTERSTOWN. MARYLAND Greasing Car Washing Phone, Reisterstown 64 Tires and Tubes Jan. 10: Millard goes cannibal-writes on the board in French: 'Give me someone to eat., Jan. 13: Laura informs us to 'add it up on the saving machinef Jan. 15: Cha-1r1es comes to school with a beautiful manicure--including nail polish. From a Friend From a Friend Compliments of John Walter Merkel Pikesvi11e,Md. ' Page Ninety-one The Sport Shop Pikesville Branch of THE DOLLY-BILL SPORTING GOODS CO. 1409 Rvisterstown Road Pikes. 344 l'IKESVIIlLlC ,MD Sporting Goods for A11 Sports The Peoples Bank Rieisterstown. Md. WE SOLICIT SMALL ACCOUNTS Jan. 25: Miss Sterling: Now I donlt know a good translation for "bon ami," because man and wife wouldn't call each other "good friend." 4 Fred: My better-half. Jan. 28: Horsey tells us that wind blowing dirt causes mountains. - Geo. W. Helmlin MCCHll1St6f,S g CONTRAGTING 'PAINTER AND QUALITY SPORTING Goons PAPER HANGER Phone: Pikes. 387 124 West Baltimore Street Pikesviue, M d' Brooks Department Store EAT AT A full line of Dry Goods, Notions, Wayne Feeds, C11fiSthi1f,S Seed? Ferti1iz1er,gIe,rdwI?re, Farm mp Blue Room Phone: Reis. 15-R Reigtergtown, Md, Reisterstown, Md Page Ninety-two P P P 5 P P 4 P 5 P vAvAv'v'v'v'v'v'v""'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v"A'AvAvA'Av'v'v'v'v"'v'v'v'v'v'v Av'"""""""""v"""""""""""""""""""""A' ' p 1: 4' E' John M. YVllll1l101'G, President Paul II. NVhitmor'e, Treasurer it 4, 0 0 s ig W hitmore Publishing Co., Inc. 55 jr v ,I MASTER PRINTERS ' 5' Stationery, Ofiice Equipment, Typewriters Q' 1 Rubber Stamps, Furniture, Salesbooks +I 51 South Main Street at Bond Avenue Telephone 260 If I Reisterstown, Md. If 3 3' 4 4: Buy your NEW FORD V8 Now at the New Low Prices from , 5' SCHMIDT MOTOR COMPANY 11 1 . 'E 3, Sales and Service 5 4 4 4 ,E Good Values Always In Used Cars E 1 P :g Pikesville 471-R. RANDALLSTOWN, MD. EE P :I .5 P if Feb. 5: Mr. Hyson: "Let's hear an idea from one of you girls. All right, Corroumf' ' IE Feb. 8: So 66 So: Oh, I stay in good with Mr. I-lyson. 3 1' Ditto: I stay in good with Mr. Seabolcl. 'E 1: McGuire: Huh, I stay in with all the teachers-after school. E, ' . C. H. Michael 8: Sons P .5 Hyson Bros. Druggms 5 'E Meats, Provisions, Fancy Allflwfizefl AQIQMS .I . EASTMAN KODAKS, SI-IEAFFER 1: Q Gfocmes PENS, WHITMAN CANDY 5: if Phone 52 Hampstead. Md. REISTERSTOXVN, MD. I fl C. Sa P. Phone 1 4: - 4: 'r 'r EE Office Phone: Gihnor 7136 phone pikesviue 82 1 1: Residence Phono' Pil'esville 325 - 2 ' ' Ig ' A 4' 4 , ' 4 Graphlto I Sales Xt Servlce 55 4 :I C. V. Zlnk Liquifia Graphite Lubricant 1: 1 4' ' CONTRACTOR Reisterstown Road at Seven Mile 1: 4 gg we N. fialvei-ron Rd. Lane 5, i BALTIMORE, MD PIKESVILLE. MD. ji 4 r 4 I :YAv?vAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAv,vAv,v,v,v,v, , vvvv,vAv,vAv,v,',v,vAvAvAv,v,Y,'xv' v Page Ninety-three 'lfl 1 --v- 'vw -----vv vv ------v vv--- ----v Phone Pikes. 120 Pikesville Tailor Charles F. Marshall, Prop. CLEANING, PRESSING, ALTERING AND SPONGING Furs Cleaned, Glazed and Stored Prompt Service 1222 Reisterstown Road PIKESVILIJE, MD. Mallonee Brothers GOMPLIMENTS Crushed and Building' s '1' o N E OF Pikesvillef Md' CLASS OF 1934 Pikesville 39-J Pikesville 474-M Feb. 10: Senior-Junior Prom. Feb. 15: Ancl then we hear that Corroum actually hugged Miss Gray in the corriclor. Well, well, well. Feb. 20: Mr. Hyson said that he's been so scared he could feel the hair rising on his heacllll VITA-MILK BATTERY-FED CHICKENS and LAWN FERTILIZER The Specialty Farm Phone 145 REISTERSTOWN, MID. Rackets Restrung Telephones Business 9-R Residence 127-M Triangle Sporting Goods Corp. Cllas. E, Whitney TIRES TUBES GAS OILS and 306 Park Ave AfU'ro ACCESSCRIES BALTIMORE MD. Reisnersmm, Ma. Page Ninety-four E. Early Childs, Owings Mills, Reis. 162-J The Brooks f Price Co. Towson AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERVICE BUICK PONTIAC 5995.00 f. o. b. 5585.00 f. o. b. Used Car Department, 613-15 W. North Ave. Trunda's Shoe Shop COpposite Franklin High Sohoolj Full line of Star Brand Shoes, Keds, Rubber Compliments of THE B03-0-LINK Footwear and Dr. Scholl's Reme- dies and aids for the feet. CLUB We can save you money Shoe Repairing a Specialty Feb. 25: Walter: "Have a cigarette?,' Harry: "No thanks, I don't smoke, an' besides I just had one, and anyhow I don,t like your brand, it's stuffy enough in here already, and anyway smoking's prohibited here, and if you weren't such a dumbell, you'd see that I already have one." Compliments of Liberty Road Game and Fish THE REISTERSTOWN Protective Association THEATRE Randallstown, Md. Solioits Your Membership PHt1'0HiZe YOUI' h0m0-t0W11 Dues 951.00 pier Year Theatre COMPLIMENTS Oliver Millencler WELL RILLI OF D NG Hampstead, Md. A FRIEND Phone, Hampstead 43-J Page Ninety-five The Glyndon Permanent Building Association Organ ized 1887 Don 't spend' it all. Save weekly-Results will surprise you. XVI? have paid semi-annual d Assets Loans bF175,285.24 Cash in Bank 1,821.04 Total 44177316.28 Of J. O. Coekey, President - C. Fred Eckhart, Vice-President Meets every Monday night Hours 7 ividends for 45 years. Liabilities Reserve Aeeount 1,087.62 Notes Payable 9500.00 Surplus 14,238.61 Amount due Depositors rF152,280.05 Total fl4177,106.28 iicers J. T. Manger, Secretary Dr. T. Howe Price, Treasurer in Red Men 's llall, Glyndon. :OO to 8 230 Mar. 3: Elizabeth: "We get two or three dozens of eggs every clay." Esther: "Do you have chickens?" Mar. 9: Serious: ftelling a true incidentj "And when the man opened the cloor, he saw a skinned clog baking." Simple: Hot dog! Towson 802-F-22 G. E. Dearholt R. F. D. 4, Reisterstown, Md. Dealer in International Farming Implements and Motor Trucks Res. Dover Road H. E. Rutter GENERAL CON TRAGTING AND HAULING Teams and Trucks for Hire Automobile Service GLYNDON, MD. Class of 1934 Page Ninety-six 4' 4' IE Mar. 15: Miss Saffell: 1'Marguerite, annual is spelled a-n-n-u-a-l." If If Marty: "What did I have, a-n-n-a-l?" 11 ll Miss Saffell: "Yes." fi EE Marty: "That was wrong." :E 1 1 1 1 :E Mar. 18: Miss Huttenhauer: Johnson went to London with "Irene" fa if 1: bookj under his arm. 51 1, , E, Mar. 20: Miss Huttenhauer gives some work to Florence, Helen, and 5' :I Gordon and says: Now, girls, the boards are ready for you. ji 4' . . . . 4 :E Mar. 25: Physic student: Which IS the best bulb, American or Japan- if '+ ese? 1' 4 r if Mr. Thompson: "Buy American." 31 j P E: Mar. 30: Butch: I remember a man being hanged when he was a little ft 4' bo 4: 4' Y' 4 1, 1 1 1 1 1 :E April 4: Ets: Jones, Miss Gillis said for you to have all your forwards if ,Q shoot from the ideal spot. if il Jones: Go on, I clon't have forwards. I only have sopho- :I :E mores. :E 1 1 1E Aphil 12-18: Easter Holidays-Good old Bunny. if 4, 4, ll April 12: Miss Parsons was locked out and had to go home without her ll li coat. 'r 'P 1' A r1l 19: Mr. H son: I know, Alonza, but where is Zan ara now? 1' 4+ P Y , S ,r :E Alonza: I don't know where he IS now. 1: 4, 4, 4, pri . tu ent ounci ance. 4, " A 'l 28' S cl C 'l D 1' 1, 1, 1 . . 1 :E May 1: Gordon: Ghosts return to bring back memories of those who :E 1, have passed out. 1: 1+ 'r 1 1 1 1 u 4: Ma 5: Off to Washin ton! uietl -but back hoarse with shoutin . ll ., Y g q Y g ., 'P . . . . 'v if May 17: A mouse gets loose in Physic class.-Terrifying results! E: 4' l 4' if May 24: Audrey: Pick up that basket. I, it Little Sister: Hey, who do you think I am-Hercules or EI 4' Sim son? 4' 1E . P . . . . . Ei 1, May 31: Senior fto junior-J: What are you studying in chemistry? 1, 3, junior: Phosphorous and alimony. :I 4' 4' If June 5: After "Fecky" has been sitting patiently through "Il Penseroson 1, he says that he feels so like jumping that he feels like a rab- :I ll bit with tennis shoes on. 4: 4, 1, 1 1 1 1 1 P if June 8: Tinkler tells us that "run" is a preposition. if 1, 1, ft June 9: Class Night. :E 4' 4, 1' une 18: Baccalaureate Sermon. 1' 4' 4: 1 1 1, June 22: Commencement. If 4, 4, EI June 23: Alumni. ft 4: 1, , 'L .----- - ---A--- , -,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,A -,-,-,-,-,-,-,A,-, -,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,.,A,-,-,,-,A,A,.v-v.,-,.,.v.,-,.v.v.v.v.,11 Page N mety-seven You Can Now 1 f f f FLY SOLO FOR... .... S 75.00 SOLO PILOT'S COURSE... .... 3150.00 Ask about our Other Courses CAnywllc-Pe By Air VVith Tllolnpsollj Passenger Flights 351.00 Thompson Flying Service CURTIS WRIGHT AIRPORT Green Spring and Smith Aves., Baltimore, Md. Phone: Forest 5100 Page Ninety-eight X 'rl jizilrv fi ,.-' 'A V I Every Printing ee Anything you require in the way of Printing from a five hundred page book to the smallest name card- a catalog to a supper ticket, or the most intricate job to the merest linotype job-we can do it better and cheaper. HE IMES RINTING WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND Page Ninety-nine Autographs Page One Hundred F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F Autographs 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,zA.A.-.A,-.A,A,-.-,-,-,A,A.A,-,-.Av-v-,-.Av-v-,-,-,-,-,A,A,A,A,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-4 ,vAv-v-,A,A,-,-,-v-v-'A'AvAv.'.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.'.v.v.v.v,v.v,v.v.v.v,v.v,v,v,v,v,v,v,v,v,v,vAvAvA-AvAvAvAvAvAvAvA'AvAJ 4 Page One Hwndv-ed One The Body of Benjamin Franklin Printer, flike the cover of an old book, its contents torn out, and stript of its lettering and gildingl lies here food for wormsg yet the work itself shall not be lost for it will fas he believecll appear once more in a new and more beautiful edition, corrected and amended by THE AUTHOR. -Qmslwwu Page One Hundred Two i. 33 J., fe gi gl 5 if A . A 1 f 55 1 09 i3 s L 4. + S. i- 5, E I, 1, t i. - ,

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