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f " fa An 1 ' X f"Vl7QZfC.,"f .1644 KES' 'L i'liRv1:h'3sM"',ai7'ui Pwllrfx' ,-.1t'v- ' rvl 35.111 rff."6ui'f' i2FW!wrf.l -f'th'1" rv" c"hai.ti."tKiilWei.rfwir'i:WBhi'f!'ir '7!w Redd Published by the Senior Class of . 1949 FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE U MEMORIES OF 48-49 OR TI Q, Lf- , 1 w w w MR. THOMPSON edicdtion I' T0 one who is always kind and fair And has fl lmlping hand to .slzm'1f,' His pcztienfff never gets on end For he is all the students, frienclf' MR. THOMPSON-Principal "Always jolly but never in a hurry." Mathematics MR. NILIQS Assistant Principal Ullliernistry, English-that's all one needs to know." English and Science Miss PATTON "Sugar is sweet, but she's much sweeter." Home Economics . NIRS. ALLEY "Another like her is hard lo hurl." Sllflflllllllll aml T y pew ri ti n g NIISS CHURCHWELL 'iSl'ff7VIS to know all about figures." Mathematics Qt Mus. JORDAN "The love-bug got her." English NIR. GORE "The weather up here Hnef' Shop, Manual Arts Nik. YATES "liver working, ever will- ing to help." Agriculture Mus. CAWTHON "Ancestors help but it's X what you are that counts." History, Civics- s , lO Ms tfllvpwh E? acuity Miss MCCAMPBI-:LL "Little people go lots of places." History Girls' Coach and Physi- cal Education Director MRS. BEASLEY "An earnest worker at any- thing she does." Civics 'K I x Miss CRAWFORD "Speech is the gift of God! English MRS. BAUGH "Wisdom cometh with ex- periencef' Mathematics, Latin 1 IWR. GENTRY "Young, tall, and hand- some." Boys' Coach and Physical Education Director Mlss BURNETI' "Always first to obey her own. command - 'Quiet PIease'." Librarian ANNUAL STAFF lmm' 'l'll0All'b0N. JR CAROINN KINNARD . liomn' 'll l.A1m Xian lil.l.l0'I"l' .. Assiuazzl Cl,Al'Dl-1 LYNCII . .Asxislrlnt NIORGAN LYNCH Assixlzml LOWRY l'OM'liRS. jk.!ant lflffil-1NIi Nlawczoxlri A.s.s-israrzl XIARY lxxczn , .,. , . lSli'l"lXY -IANII-ZS CZlll'Rr: Dokonn' l.ANlf ., MARY RU'l'll lfAc:,xN HILDA t1koc1Kli'l"l' NIAR'l'llAAlAAl1iS .,. NIAk'l'uA ANN 1s,x,xc:s jofxx Burk . . . CZHARLIQMQ Sfxwvl-ik B1c'l"1'x' Hfuuu-11.1. , ISARILARA l,l'1"1'L1f . . NlARc:Aluc'l' WARRIAN Nllss CRAXVIVORD , NIR. NILIVS ., . .Editor-111-Cl1ie'f ..A.fsislanI liditm liuvinrss Alllllllgfl' 1fIl.Yi!ll'SS Afflllllgfl' lizlsilwss Alflllllgfl' Ifusimfss Alarzzugfv' Iizzsimfss Managrr Iiusirwss Mzuzagwr l.iIf'rarv Iidiim 1.i1l?l4Ill'j' Iirlilnr ,1.il1'mry lizlilm' . ,SIIIIIISIIIIIN . SIll1IIS'IlJf.X . . ,Quolatiomx , Quolatium .Qllotllfions . . . 'Fypisl , ,Typist ,..Clul1.x' . , Allzlvlim . .FIIFIIIIY Aflzfisrr Farulty Arlvisrr' l UXEHE Pictured above is a group of enthusiastic freslnncn learning some of the mysteries of science from their able instructor, Mr. Niles CHURCH THOMPSON El.LI0'l4T LAIJD SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS BUY 'l'. I.A-xlm . ..,1,TKSiIl1flIl Xlfn lfl.I.I0'I'l . , . . . .l'ire-Prwsirlmrl IMLY 'lilcml-SON. jk. . ...., Szfrrmvzry Bl-:TTY -I AM las CHURCH ..,... Treasurer ' 1 1" . Us Ay , A my ,, V , ' Q ' 'lx 'I J':.,'l,t -fl ull J N6 O S V IOR CLASS lWARlE BARNHILL "Small quantity but good quality." F. H. A. lg Basketball 4. JAMES BEASLEY "The good die young, so why worry." gt Letter Club l. 2. 5. 4. XJ, NlA'I"l'Il'l RUTH llFASLl'1Y . "We like happy people .vo we like her." F. I A. l. CLINTON BROWN Q ml "jus give him a girl with ll telephone." A.- v Q f - Tr ft-r fom .liami High. K," ESO .MJ AA ' J . -d!X0"Ql'1,LTl - ff, , 1 1' ' L . -J',lJfgJ1ikl "Linh . A . fill 11010740 ,, Q" fl , ljff, 'L dy 1 Q MJ ,L Hr 2,1 if ov 'wi , 2' F 'G 1-0 'j- IQ ll'joAN BUCK ' ' ' "Happy I am, from mre I am lreeg why ain't they all con- tented like me." Dramatic' Club 43 Y-Teens 3, 4: Paper StaH 43 Pep Squad 43 Transfer from St. Mary's. j. B. CHES'l'l'IR "All great men are dead and I'm not feeling well." Hi-Y 4: F. F. A. 2, Il. 4: Letter Club 2, 3, President 43 Foot- ball 3, 43 Basketball El, 45 Baseball 2, 3, 4. CLARA CHUNN "Blushing ix the rolor of virtue." Ylfecns 3, 4: Paper Stall' 43 F. H. A. 2, 4: Junior Sextetteg B1 sk b ll 3, Qt. . I as et a : V vdr.,,1,ff A Ls 5 Nzen Q . v 1 -,wr 5 ' ,.f " -43 'Q ' X 4- . -- ' . -J-I s - 1' N-I .4 - 1: -kv 4 xx- X xx-. fr N , ff f BETTY JAMES CHURCH XL., v- -Q ' .- . -5- l 4f'f'X' "The more I see of men, the lzelter I like my dog." Beta Club. Vive-President 45 Dramatic Club I, 2, 3, Treasurer 49 Y-Teens 3, 43 Paper Staff 3, 4: Letter Club 43 Annual Stall 4: Pep Squad 43 Basketball 4: Sophomore Candidate for Miss A Franklin High: Treasurer Senior Class. i ICR CLASS RAY CLARK "I.ifc's no longer if we hurry." F. F. A. l, 23 Football 41 Basketball 3, 45 Baseball 2, 3, 4. HILDA CROCKETT "Air and mnimers are more expressive than words." Beta Club, Secretary 41 Dramatic Club 1, 2, President 35 Secre- tary 43 Y-Teens 3, 45 Paper Staff 3, 4: Band President 43 Annual Staff 4. ROSIK DAVIS "Virtue is her own reward." F. H. A. l, 2, 3. RUTH ZANE DODD "You can't be good in basketball and English, loo." Beta Club 2, Vice-President 3, 45 F..H. A. Historian 4: Letter Club 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1. 2, 3, Captain 45 All-Round Sports Medal 3. VIRGINIA DODD "A busy little maid is she." Beta Club 3, 4, Dramatic Club 43 Y-Teens 3, Letter Club 2, 3, 43 junior Sextetteg Cheerleader 35 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. NED ELLIOTT ".-Iluiays willing and always there with a helping hand." Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: F. F. A. l, 2, 3, Secretary 4, Letter Club 43 Pep Squad President 4: Vice-President Senior Class. lX'lARY RUTH FAGAN "She is nicely natural and naturally nice." Dramatic Club 41 Y-Teens 3, 45 Paper Staff 3, 4: Annual Staff 43 junior Sextetteg Basketball 41 Football Queen 4. FRANCES FORD "Deeds ure low, and not hm' spe'rCI1es." l-I H. A. l. KULRAI G-os4L RIN. 0 r-4 iv-ei 4C,." Ad J' -J X , I-us! 'Q V 0 'S' A . NULQ ' 'iv ,J K 0' SE IOR CLASS .ll'LlA GANT "A serrrl lorfer-zulmfs hix name?" Y"llt'i'IlS 33 Basketball 3. jorcrl Glumlcs "Her lipa an' red, her lonkl are free: her lurks ru yellow ax galil." Y3l't'L'ns 3. 41 F. ll. A. 2. .x' ' 'A-1 ' ix ,sk-2. 1 , , . T' -V .fQjgg'.'3.. xW.XN,-Bsxy-3 -Xffksn usa-Sb Xfff...wr J -.QR wL'+iYjgX. f Q. W f-Y. fc" 'EP K' TJFFQ ,D Bl-1'l"l'Y HARH1-:LL XJ"N'l' Y' BVHOW ap! she is lu learn any hard leason that might do her good." Beta Club 3, 43 Paper Stall 43 Annual Stall' 4. n A. 'nts Ml D . EQOA , ll Hu TA ILL with wh you iaveg wr with what you ure." Y-Teens 3, 4: F. H. A. 1, 2, Reporter 43 Paper Stall 43 junior St-xtette: Basketball 3. 45 Vive-President Sophomore Class. ROBliR'l' Housx-1 I I o A "Whistle while you work." Football -4. . Ill-f'l"l'Y HUDGINS "Virtue is like a rirh stone-best plain set." Dfillllifllll' Club 43 Y-Tec-ns 4: Paper Staff 3, 43 Glee Club 3, LINDA JEAN IRYVIN "A zlwerful dixpuxilion xpeaks fur itself," Dramatic Club 43 Y-'lk-ons -1: Paper Stall -43 Transfer from Central High. MART! lA ANN lSAACS ".-la quiet as a cyrlonef' Dranlatitx Club l, 2, El, President 41 Y-Teens 5, 45 lf. H. A. Secretary 43 Paper Stall' il, Art Editor 41 Letter Club 3, Secre- tary 4: Annual Stall' 4: junior Scxtc-ttcg Basketball 2, 3, -11 Cllecrluatler 4. F ,.- In 'KVI ' Zo .4.JE,z., H f- v W H f x X Q v dit. 5 'J-AJ"'l 3,1 x cf, I' - V- :,LfG"'-I .Sf ln ,f:rvfrr'r s 1011 CLASS6? NIARTHA JAMES "My man's as true as steel." Dramatic Club 2, 3, Secretary 45 Y-Teens 3, Vice-President 45 Paper Staff l. 2, Assistant Editor 3, 45 Treasurer MTHSPA 3: 1-DUCT Club 1. 2. 3. 45 Pep Squad Treasurer 45 Annual Stal? 45 Basketball Manager 45 Cheerleader l. DENIS JOHNSON "lf you r1m't take life easily, take it as easily as you ran." Letter Club 45 Football Manager 4. "Happiness is a Izabit-eultivate it." ' f Dramatic Club 45 Y-Teens 3, 45 F. H. A. I, 2. - K THELINIA KING ...,. Ala' Wt "All that is great and good is done just by patient trying." A l'. H. A. l. I E I i E CAROLYN KINNARD "The great business of lile is to be good, make friends aml enjoy ourselves." Beta Club 2, President 3, 45 Dramatic Club 1, 2, Vice-President 25, 45 Y-Teens Secretary 3, Treasurer 45 Paper Staff 2, 3, Editor Vice- President junior Class. 45 Band Secretaryffreasurer 45 Annual Stall Assistant Editor 45 R BOBBY T. LADD "lark of all trades, good at all." Dramatic Club 45 Hi-Y 3, Treasurer 45 Letter Club 1, 2, 3, 45 a F. F. A. 2, 35 Annual Stal? Business Manager 45 Football l, 2, 3, Captain 45 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 President Sophomore Class5 President Senior Class. i I ROTHY LANE er smile will last a long time." icS 5 Y-Teens 3, 5 Paper Staff 3, 45 I I . a Y . . IN LEMO 3 'My i a f 1 ag a person is on who agrees with me." i I Letter ub ' o ba 4. x iffy 4 W MSM Q IEEE. SE ICR CLASS ' lt BARBARA l.l'l"l'Lli l and nral-quilc laelilrf' 43 Annual Stall 4: Transfer from Central High. ELSIIQ LOCKE "Her favorite pastime-laughing." ffm, UM' l "Quif'l, sinrera, and !riemlly." lf. ll. A. lg Paper Stall 4. l r i CLAUDE LYNCH l 1 "There may be a grsalrr man than I, but I doubt il." Be-ta Club 43 Hi-Y Secretary 2, President 3. 4: Annual Staff 4: Treasurer Sophomore Class: President junior Class. hlARY LYNCH "ll'll1llIl'T.K rarry lhe world for the lll01H61ll-ITIIIITUCICT for all time." Bela Club 45 Y-Teens 3, 45 Paper Staff fl, 45 F. H. A. I: Annual Staff 45 Secretary Sophomore Classg Football Queen 3. NIORGAN LYNCH Hliiferyllzirlg fumes lo him who zvails-and huslles while hc waits." Beta Club 3, 43 Dramatic Club l, 2, 3. 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Paper Stall 3, Business Manager 41 Letter Club 45 Annual Stalf 43 Football 45 Baseball 33 'Treasurer junior Class. VELMA hlANGRUM "A very genllc, modest lillle maid." F. H. A. 3: Paper Stall' 3, 43 Glcc Club 3. DALLIS lNlAR'l'lN "Loyal to her work, her friends, her school." 1 F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, President 43 Paper Stall 4: Basketball M Manager 4. I D SE IOR CLASS JANE MCCANLESS "I remember a number of thingsg but none distinctly." F. H. A. 3. KIEAN NICCORIJ "She has a pleasant word and smile for erferyonef' Basketball 4g Transfer from Western High. SARA MCMILLAN "Here is a girl who mn sew a fine seam: how me envy l1er.' I rl H. A. 2. t 0: EUGENE NEWVCOME "His hope is high, and his limbs are strong." Hi-Y 43 Letter Club -lg Football 3, 4. CECIL PEACH "Quiet men are the best nzenf' Hi-Y 45 F. F. A. 2, 3, Sentinel 4. blARY AGNES l,EWl'I'l' "A pleasant girl who is blessed with common sense." Paper Staff 41 Basketball 4. Lownv POWERS. jk. "He lalks too murhg such men are dangerous." Dramatic Club 43 Hi-Y 43 Letter Club 43 Football l, 2, 3: Basketball I, 2, 3: Baseball l, 2, 3. blARGARliT PRATT "She is never less al leisure than when at leisure." F. H. A. I. QNo picturey vff I ,I lub 1, U1 :J ' o of! Af, I 'J M xt. 5x ' 1 YL. SE IOR CLASS jassm PRICE "As merry as the day is long." Dramatic Club 2, 3, 43 Y-Teens S, 4: Paper Stall 5. 4. HAROLD RYAN He is one who will jump when told, and then look to .ter where he is jumping." 'r s BETTY SAWYER 1 "To be slow in words is u woman's only virtue." F. H. A. I, 2. Q CHARLENE SAWYER "Small in stature she may be, but small in character, no, not as we can see." Beta Club 43 Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4: Yffeens 8. President 4, F. H. A. I, 2, 35 Paper Stalf 5, 45 Annual Staff 45 Four- Square Medal. DOROTHY ANN SAWYER "Love is eternal." F. H. A. I, 23 Paper Staff 4. KATHERINE SAWYER "just to see n funny movie is her greatest delight." Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 43 Y'Tr.-ens 3, 4: Paper Stal? 4. DOROTHY STEPHENS "Silence is golden." F. H. A. l. NIARGARET SULLIVAN "Athletic, friendly, kindj another like her is hard to find." Beta Club 45 F. H. A. l. 2. 3. 45 Letter Club 3, 45 Basketball 3, Alternate Captain 4. O ,IA .fu wjagl' LJCJUWQOO CBALL lvxsi - al SE IOR CLASS WVILMA SULLIVAN "Always laugh when you ean3 it's cheap medicine." Dramatic Club 3, 43 Y-Teens 33 F. H. A. I, 23 Basketball 3. DALY Tr-roMPsoN, JR. "Here is one who has always lived up to all expectations and always will." Beta Club 2, Treasurer 3, President 43 Dramatic Club l, 2, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 43 Hi-Y 2, Secretary-Treasurer 3, Vice-President 43 Paper Staff 3, Assistant Editor and Sports Editor 43 Letter Club l, 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 33 Annual Stall Editor 43 Football l, 2, 3, Alternate Captain 43 Basketball I, 2, 3, 43 Baseball l, 2, 3, 43 Secretary Senior Class. jUNE ANN 'I'HOMPsoN . "l'll be merryj I'll be gnyg I can work any old day." F. H. A. l, 23 Paper Staff 4. 4 3 C, , f JIMMY THWLATT I "Why study when I can play ball? And if I can't do If I'd rather do nothing at all." Dramatic Club l, 2, Secretary 3, 4: Paper Staff 43 Letter Club 2, 3, Treasurer 43 Football l, 2, 3, 43 Basketball l, 2, 3, 43 Baseball l. 2, 5, 4. U M-aw' 404 Qvjffww DOUGLAS YVAGGONER "His thee away women, and leave me in solitary peace." F. F. A. I, 2. 3, Sentinel 4. Af N . fx: MARGARET WARREN C Y i X N tl "'I'he boys like me, but it's quite mutual." x 1 Z. .x Be lub 3, 43 Y-Teens 3, Secretary 43 Band 4: Annual Staff Xl Yglgge Club 5. Q-9' A I J 4' FRANCES WILEY i E' "B ' , d l' I ' ." 54' e patient an we a ong time V. 'X 'L 4 Q' Beta Club 43 Paper Staff 4. lf' li J i 3 ' lf - JJ, ki J X BILLY WILLIAMS . l' "Sleep whenever you can." X x jf S IOR CLASS hlARCER WILLIAMS "Sometimes I .sit and think, sometimes I just sit." Hi-Y 45 Letter Club 3, 45 Football 45 Basketball 3, 4: Base- ball 2, 3, 4. NIURRAY Wl'I'I' "I don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way." F. F. A. l, 2, Secretary 35 Vice-President 45 Letter Club 2. 3, 45 Football l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 5, 45 Baseball 2, 3, 4. CLASS HISTORY As dignified seniors we receive our diplomas. Grasping these treasured and long-waited-for diplomas, we find the incidents of the last four years flashing through our minds . . . In 1945 we thundered into the front hall of Franklin High School as freshmen-but what "green freshmen"l We felt our importance, but much to our dismay we were only a drop in the bucketg we found this true especially in Mr. and Mrs. Dedman's algebra classes. The outstand- ing event of our freshman year was, of course, "Freshman Week." Shining upperclassmen's shoes, relieving them of their burdensome books, and jumping whenever the seniors spoke were only a few of our many tasks. During our event- ful year as greenhorns, Elsie' Locke was chosen as a nominee for the F. F. A. Queen, and Nadene Warf represented our class in the contest for Football Queen. On graduation night Daly Thompson, jr., received the freshman scholar- ship medal. The next fall, as sophomores, we were ready for those long-talked-of subjects such as Caesar, history, and "Willie" Shakespeare. But soon we were heard to say, "Oh, I didn't know that!" We had discovered these subjects were not pleasant dreams, but horrible nightmares in- stead, only to be quieted by hard work and late hours. This year we elected our first class of- ficers-Bobby T. Ladd, Huberta Hill, Mary Lynch, and Claude Lynch. Betsy Church was nominated for "Miss Franklin High," and Barbara Howard was chosen as candidate for Football. Queen. Carolyn Kinnard received the sophomore scholarship medal. By this time others were beginning to realize that "we" were in school. At last we were becoming important! We climbed on up the ladder to become juniors. Wle won the magazine drive with an overwhelm- ing sum of money and decided that the juniors must win everything. From there we proceeded to get our Football Queen candidate, Mary Lynch, elected, and Anita jordan, our candidate for F. F. A. Queen, reigned over the Harvest Ball. Electing officers for our junior year was an important business, and the officers chosen- Claude Lynch, Carolyn Kinnard, Martha Ann Isaacs, and Morgan Lynch-led us successfully through the strenuous year. Soon the main event of our high school career rolled around- "The junior-Senior Banquet and Prom." This was the most successful ever-even the seniors admitted that as they were shown the time of their lives at "Clown Town." We won the con- test for having the most mothers at the P.-T. A. meetings during the year, and were rewarded with a party. Honors were bestowed this year upon several individuals of this astounding class. Charlene Sawyer received the Four-Square Medalg Daly Thompson, Jr., received the junior scholarship medal, and Ruth Zane Dodd was awarded the girls' athletic medal. It was due to the untiring and ever-faithful efforts of Miss Mfebb that we were able to do so many great things, and we shall always be grateful to her for her labors with us. The year was a hard and trying one, but a happy one, too, and we managed to continue in the struggle for our hearts' desire-the title of seniors. . At last! There we were-dignified seniors! Our goal was almost reached. To start this year off right we won the magazine drive and enjoyed the reward of seventy pounds of choco- late candy. Bobby T. Ladd, Ned Elliott, Daly Thompson, Jr., and Betsy Church were chosen to lead our class during this busy last year. Naturally, we really enjoyed initiating the fresh- men after waiting four years for this privilege. Mary Lynch was elected Queen of the F. F. A., and reigned over the Barnwarmin' with Barbara Little as senior attendant. The Queen of the Gridiron was our own Mary Ruth Fagan. The captain of the football team, Bobby T. Ladd, was voted most valuable in this sport, and Eugene Newcome was voted the most improved lineman. Carolyn Kinnard was chosen by the students and faculty as the D. A. R. Medalist. and Daly Thompson, jr., was selected as johnny Rebel. All in all, it has been but a few brief, flying years, and we have reached our goal. Yet mingled with the joy of it is sadness also, be- cause we must bid adieu to those with whom we have worked and struggled. Today we leave behind our love and apprecia- tion to our beloved faculty for their untiring efforts, patience, and guidance. . . . These are the memories which flash through our minds as we complete these event- ful years, and the doors of Franklin High School close softly behind us. CLASS WILL I, Marie Barnhill, do will my height to Sue XfVaggoner and my love for riding in maroon Fords to Mary Ann Barker. I, James Beasley, will my ability to get kicked out of school to Betsey Conway. I, Mattie Ruth Beasley, do hereby will my love for Burwood boys to anyone who can hold them. I, Clinton Brown, will my ability to judge women to my brother, Jim. I, -Ioan Buck, will my sense of humor to Evelyn Lanier. I, B. Chester, do hereby will my pitching ability to "Lefty" WVilliams, and my love to pretty girls who will not keep it too long. I, Clara Chunn, do hereby will my nickname "Chubby" to Mary jo Fly, and my love for guys to anyone who is lucky enough to get them. I, Betty james Church, do hereby will my long legs to Anita Page and my loud mouth to Mary Etta Hayes. I, Ray Clark, will my ability to pass chemistry and to get along with Mr. Niles to Thomas David who will be in chemistry next year. I, Hilda Crockett, will my love for insects to "Sister" Thompson and Martha Payne, and my trombone to Clyde Mangrum. I, Rosie Davis, do hereby will my ability to attend school for eleven years and up to this day without being absent to Preston Poteete, and my blue back speller to Mr. Niles. I, Ruth Zane Dodd, will my basketball suit to my little Sis, if she will work for it, and my spelling book to Mr. Niles. I, Virginia Dodd, will my muscles to "Sadie" Thompson and my love for Jimmy Thweatt to anybody that will give it back to me. I, Ned Elliott, will my ability of having a happy expression to Mrs. Baugh. I, Mary Ruth Fagan, will my job of taking up absent slips at the 6th period, as an excuse to get out of studying, to Barbara Pratt. I, Frances Ford, do hereby will my ability to take shorthand to anyone who thinks they can take it, and my curly hair to Leola Caldwell. I, Julia Cant, do will my dislike for studying to Margaret Gibbs. I, Joyce Crimes, will my ability to get along with Mrs. Baugh to jackie Hall and my hair to Cary Herbert. I, Betty Harrell, do hereby will my physics book to Mr. Niles with compliments, and my love for Columbia to Mary Ann Barker. I, Huberta Hill, will my red curly hair to Barbara Ball and my place in the Senior Sextette to Evelyn Lunn. I, Robert House, will my job showing moving pictures at assetnbly to VVade Savage, and my ability to skip study hall to anyone who can get by with it. I, Betty Hudgins, will my credits in math to Douglas Nichols. I, Linda -lean Irwin, do hereby will my seat in chemistry to my brother, Edwin. I, Martha Ann Isaacs, do hereby will to Jean Warf my basketball shoes and shorts, my love for Marcer to Evelyn Lunn, and my place on the paper stall to Bunn Gray. I, Martha James, will my ability to draw to Mrs. Cawthon and my sweaters to jane Holt. I, Denis johnson, do hereby will my love for blondes, especially one QDot McGeej, to anyone capable of getting along with her. I, Anita Jordan, do hereby will my curly hair to Betty Claire Regen. I, Thelma King, do hereby will my love for Mr. Niles and FHS to anyone who will take care of them for me. I, Carolyn Kinnard, do hereby bequeath my position as editor of the school paper to Bette Berk Rucker, and my ability to stay in good with the faculty to Clyde Mangrum. I, Bobby T. Ladd, will my strength to Bill McKinney, my catching ability to Hobert Cap- shaw, and my love to any good-looking girl that will give some back in return. I, Dorothy Lane, do hereby will my red hair and dimples to Pat Williams, my last name to Edna Locke, and my artistic ability to Mrs. Cawthon. I, Alvin Lemox, do will my ability to play football to Billy Payne, my curly hair to Billy "Fuzzy" Knight, and my ability to cut up in class to Bill "Brains" McKinney. I, Barbara jean Little, do hereby bequeath my green eye to Murl Jackson and my blue eye to Betty Claire Regen. I, Elsie Locke, will my red hair and my love for a certain blackheaded man to Ruby Nell Pierce. I, Ruth Locke, do hereby will my love for poetry to any romantic-minded youth who wants lt. I, Claude Lynch, will my sweet disposition and cheerful smile to Jane Johnson. I, Mary Lynch, will my love for The Marines to anyone who wants to try it, and my history grades to my sister Frances and Sonny McMillan. I, Morgan Lynch, will my English book Qin perfect conditionj to Leon Boyd. I, Velma Mangrum, do hereby will my place in chemistry to Virginia Ryan and Charlotte Mangrum, my freckles to Lela Martin, and my non-conceited ways to Lillian Mabry. I, Dallis Martin, do hereby will my laugh and loud mouth to my sister, Lela. I, Jane McCanless, do hereby will my two credits in algebra to Betty Ladd and my ability to pass English under Mr. Niles to any dumb persons who can't pass it. I, Jean McCord, will my ability to talk in the study hall when I shouldn't to Mary Ann Barker and my slenderness to Margaret Gibbs. I, Sara McMillan, do hereby will my ability to pass to my brother, Billy, and my black hair to Harry Hughes. I, Eugene Newcome, will my red hair and freckles to Mrs. Baugh and my love for football to "Fuzzy" Knight. I, Cecil Peach, do hereby will my size to Billy Payne. I, Agnes Pewitt, leave my ability to make "A" on at least one physics test to Thomas David. I, Lowry Powers, Jr., will my service in the Marines, stationed in China, to the men of the class of "49" who are men enough to try it. I, Margaret Pratt, will my ability to pop gum in the study hall to John Albright. I, Jessie Price, will my ability to grow long fingernails to Ruby Skinner and my car to Janice Shaw, Pat Williams, Evelyn Lanier, and Dot Vaughn. I, Harold Ryan, do will my smile to Miss Burnett and my love for Mr. Niles' English to Billy Payne. I, Betty Sawyer, do hereby will my long finger- nails to Virginia Ryan. I, Charlene Sawyer, do hereby will my loud voice in chapel to Daisy Hall. I, Dorothy Ann Sawyer, do hereby will my four years of high school to my brother, Buddy. I, Katherine Sawyer, will my nickname "Turtle" to Ann York. I, Dorothy Stephens, do hereby will my quiet- ness to Barbara Glenn. I, Margaret Sullivan, do hereby will my ability to keep my temper while on the basketball floor to Julia Coursey and my love for shorthand to all who take it. I, Wilma Sullivan, will my habit of making a noise whenever I can to Miss Burnett, my love for sports to Martha Pennington, and my knowl- edge in Senior English to anyone who needs it. I, Daly Thompson, Jr., will my love for sports to "Sister" and my "like" for school to Betty Claire Regen. I, June Ann Thompson, will my love for a black-headed boy from Columbia to my sister, Jane, and my desire to ride in fleetline Chev- rolets to my cousin, Izola. I, Jimmy Thweatt, will my long hair to Harold Frost and my big mouth to Christine Hood. I, Douglas Waggoner, will my motorcycle and 1ny riding ability to Howard Yancy. I, Margaret Warren, do will my nickname to Pat Williams: she too walks like a duck. I, Frances Wiley, do hereby will my blue eyes and curly hair to my cousin, Dan Crutcher. I, Billy Williams, will my love for Miss Bur- nett to "Fuzzy" Knight. I, Marcer Williams, do will my ability to play baseball and get along with the teachers to my little brother. I, Murray Witt, do hereby will my ability to play center to Jimmy Sullivan. I hope he will make a better one than I did. We, the graduating class of 1949, being in our right minds and of sound body, do hereby and hereafter declare this to be our last will and testament. Drawn up, sealed and signed this sixteenth day of February, One Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty-Nine. W i messes: Betty James Church Betty Harrell Martha James Mary Lynch CLASS PROPHECY A preview of the 1959 fashions was presented today in New York City under the direction of Dorothy Lane, well-known fashion designer and owner of a smart dress shop on Fifth Avenue. The famous Conover models, Ruth and Elsie Locke, appeared in some of the latest creations of Martha Ann Isaacs. Some of Marie Barn- hill's western creations were worn by Wilma Sullivan and jean McCord. Seen viewing the latest in gymnasium apparel were Ruth Zane and Virginia Dodd, Girls' Ath- letic Coaches at Franklin High School. Carolyn Kinnard, covering the event as editor of the New York Times, interviewed the first lady President, Betsy Church, with her secretary, june Ann Thompsong the criminal lawyer, Mary Ruth Fagan, and her secretary, Thelma King, and the Governor of Tennessee, Claude Lynch, with his official secretaries, Joyce Grimes and Katherine Sawyer. Lowry Powers, jr., of the Powers Construc- tion Company, with his secretaries, jane Mc- Canless, Frances Wiley, and Dorothy Stephens, and business accountant, Harold Ryan, flew in on the Ray Clark Clipper Lines for the event. The following nurses, Margaret Pratt, Linda Irwin, Betty Hudgins, Mattie Ruth Beasley, Dallis Martin, Velma Mangrum, and Betty Sawyer, who are in training under Margaret Sullivan, Supervisor of Nurses at a local hospital, came in by way of chartered bus, driven by Cecil Peach. The former Misses Margaret Warren, Mary Lynch, joan Buck, Barbara Little, and Betty Harrell, as very efficient homemakers, were in- terested in the latest housedresses. Architect Eugene Newcome and engineer Morgan Lynch, who constructed the new library which is now supervised by Charlene Sawyer, were among those present. The billionaires, Clinton Brown, Jimmy Thweatt, and Murray Witt, presented each of the guests with an orchid. Huberta Hill and Daly Thompson, jr., Home Economics and Mathematics teachers, respective- ly, at Franklin High, were able to attend the event as they were in New York for a teachers' convention. Also from Franklin were Jessie Price, owner of a walking horse farm, and Julia Gant, who has just returned from a vacation in Alaska. As travel adviser for American Airlines, Mary Agnes Pewitt was seen viewing the latest in air traveling apparel. At the close of the gala event the guests went to Yankee Stadium where pitchers J. B. Chester and Marcer Williams and catcher Bobby Ladd were participating in the WVorld Series baseball gzune. Supermarket owners Ned Elliott, Robert House, Denis Johnson, and Billy Williams, and drug store owner Alvin Lemox were among the spectators. Also present were Frances Ford, receptionist, and Dorothy Sawyer, secretary, of the Douglas Waggoner Motorcycle Company. james Beasley's automobile business was represented by receptionist Sara McMillan and secretary Rosie Davis. The former Misses Martha James, Anita jordan, Clara Chunn, and Hilda Crockett took time off from their household chores to see this all important game. After the game the members of the 1949 grad- uating class of Franklin High School attended a grand reunion at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. 9 iiumivmaii Name Nickmzmr' Pe! Expression Main Orcupalion Amllilian Likely To Be XIARIE BARNHILL Luke Good Gosh Having a good time Secretary Housewife JAMES BEASLEY Jay Oh, heck Bothering Miss Burnett To be rich Bum BIATTIE RUTH BEASLEY Shortie Great Days Eating Nurse Secretary CLINTON BROWN Clint Hi Ya Loafing 'I'o get married llachelor JOAN BUCK Buckshot Shoot Resting Nurse Housewife J. B. CHESTER J. B. Little Mary With Little Mary Baseball pitcher Farmer CLARA CHUNN Chubby Gosh Bum Going to school Secretary Housewife BETTY JAMES CHURCH Betsy Peep Squeek Cutting up First Lady President Comedy acuess RAY CLARK Lum Oh, Heck Fooling around Aviator Farmer HILDA CROCKETT Crickett Aw, shoot Beating on piano To find lost chord Housewife ROSIE DAVIS Ozark Well, I'll say Reading Secretary Farmers wife RUTH ZANE Donn Mickey Oh. foot Basketball Nurse l-louscwife VIRGINIA DODD Hercules Dad-gummit Getting in trouble Basketball coach Lady wrestler NED ELLIOTT Penelope Let's eat Getting dates To be IHIPPY Executive lWARY RUTH FAGAN Little Mary I can't help it Going with J. B. Goto college Housewife FRANCES FORD Slim Oh, Gorsh Studying Secretary Secretary JULIA CANT Julie I don't know Reading Get out of school 'leacher JOYCE CRIMES Granny Ya don't say Thinking and talking Executive secretary Housewife BETTY HARRELL Betty My Cow Drawing Artist Secretary HUBERTA HILL Huddy Holy Cow Talking Home Ec. teacher Teacher ROBERT HOUSE Killer Fiddle de de Skipping study hall Butcher Painter BETTY HUDGINS Hudge Oh heck, forty eleven Going to school Nurse Nurse LINDA JEAN IRWIN Crockett lN'hat drug you in School Nurse Nurse NIARTHA ANN IsAAcs Legs Hi, Hon Chewing chewingygum To paint in Mexico Entertainer INIARTHA JAMES Minnie Oh, Help Courting Housewife Mrs. McMillan DENIS JOHNSON Doc Well l'll declare Loafer Chemist Milkman ANITA JORDAN Nite Roodle de do Getting in trouble 'l'o graduate Housewife THELMA KING Thelma Gosh, Oh, Heck Studying Private secretary Store clerk CAROLYN KINNARD Barolyn My Conscience Editing the Rebelette Journalist Baby sitter BOBBY T. LADD N T What cha say, Baby Sports and girls Catcher for Yankees Coach DOROTHY LANE Rocket Holy Cow Drawing .Athletic coach Artist ALVIN LEMOX Copper Head It comes natural Arguing with teachers Pharmacist Soda-jerk BARBARA LITTLE B. J. Oh. shoot Eating and going Nurse Housewife Name Nickname Pet Expression Main Occupation Ambition Likely To Be ELSII2 LOCKE Red Bill's Home Writing to Bill Soldier's wife Night club singer RUTH Locks Slim Dog-gone-it Studying Nurse Secretary CLAUDE LYNCH Clyde I bet you ten dollars Getting by To be at the top Governor MARY LYNCH Mace Well, I'll say Writing to Jim Secretary Mrs. Conway MORGAN LYNCH Morgo Well, I tell yuh Getting by To retire Mailman VELMA MANGRUM Cis Now, I wouldn't say School Nurse Nurse DALLIS iWARTlN Giggles What ya say? Talking and laughing Nurse Nurse JANE lWCCANLESS Jane Imagine that Eating Secretary Store clerk JEAN BICCORD Yard Bird Wait for me, Wilma Eating Cowgirl Yard bird SARA INICMILLAN Bangs Blame-it Eating and riding Private secretary Secretary EUGENE NEWCOMIE Red Hello Sport Skipping study hall Commercial artist Painter CECIL PEACI-I Pecil Ceach I don't know Eating Bus driver Farmer MARY AGNES PEWITT Agnes Great Guns Eating candy Secretary Store Clerk LOWRY POWERS, JR. Speedy Did I tell you? Going to Donelson Bring Donelson here Diplomat NIARGARET PRATT Maggie Is that right? Taking snapshots Head nurse Wife JESSIE PRICE Jess-cat Well bless Pete Talking and eating Secretary Store Clerk HAROLD RYAN Rusty Oh, heck Farming Public accountant Dog catcher BETTY SAWYER Betty Leroy Studying Nurse Store clerk CHARLENE SAWYER Charky Good night Reading I.ibrarian School teacher DOROTHY ANN SAWYER Dottie Sure Waiting for week-ends Secretary Secretary KATHERINE SAWYER Turtle Oh, me Passing in school Secretary Secretary DOROTHY STEPHENS Dot Oh, shoot Studying Secretary Secretary MARGARET SULLIVAN Buggie Let'er rip short Playing hall Registered nurse Basketball player WILMA SULLIVAN Slugger You sap-sucker Eating and sleeping Cowgirl Secretary DALY THOMPSON, JR. Bumper Brown How are you doing? Working Successful President of USA JUNE ANN THOMPSON Lil' Abner I don't care Dancing Dancer Model JIMMY THWEATI' Big Jim Where's Jenny? Girls Star Admiral Actor DOUGLAS WAGGONER Gandhi Get your hands off Farming Motorcycle racer Farmer MARGARET WARREN Duckie Friend Talking Drum player Taxi driver FRANCES WILEY Frankie Shucks Writing to Doug Secretary Housewife BILLY WILLIAMS Walter I hear ya Working Electrician Clerk MARCER WILLIAMS Cowboy You all quit Playing hall Baseball player Loafer MURRAY WITT Bird Dog Ain't no whiskey here Trying to graduate Railroadman Farmer ieeiclies 1 .ANN .XDAIR 'l'IxI .ARIN .XGNICS BALLOW MARY .ANN BARKI-ik jINI BROWN MARII1 BROWN SADII1 BROWN CHRISTINE COOR ,IANIIQ COOR -IIILIA COURSICY 'l'IIOxIAs DAVID NIARTIIA 1-1Nf:I.IsII NORNIA jI 4',I XN lfIsIIIiR SIIOTT lfl'l'lc:IfRAI.II K.: . MARY JO FLY HAROLD FROST MARTHA ANN FROST CLARA FLIRLINIQ DORRIS UARRICTT LOIIISI: UARRIiT'1' MARGARI-IT GIIsIss MAURILZIQ GIYIQNS l'IA1c:c:Y GUNNIQL DAIsY HALL DOUGLAS HOLLANDSYVORTI I DOROTHY Hlll-'ll' .ARTHUR IRVIN -IIM JAMISON MARGARI-TI' .ANN KING UNIOR CLASS DORRIS RAIIICR , LIQON BOYD ,, YYASH HIcRIIIcR'I' . ROSS .XI.liXANlJ1iR .. Mlss CIIURc:IIWIQl.I, Mlss CRAYVIVORD .. MR. YATIfs . EVICLYN LANILR 'IXHOMAS I.II.LARD ARCHIIC NIARTIN DOROTHY MCGRI-1 IELIQANOR NICKAY BILL BICKINNEY MARGARITI' MYIQRS NIALCOLM NICHOLS DOROTIIY OSIIORNI-2 ,KNITA PAUL: BARBARA ANN l'liXVl'l"l' RUIIY PII-LRCIL SARA ROBINSON NIARY RUTH ROIIISON BIQTTIQ BIQRR RUCKICR .. I'1'esiderIl . . . Vice-President . , .Sccrciary . . .Trf'rIs1Irm' . , .Arlviscfr . . ,Arlzfisw ., AI1'l!iSl'f SARA SANFORD NIAGDALI-fNl+1 SCRUGGS -IANICIC SHAW LOUISI-1 SRINNIQR VAUNIQZ SMITII IIINIMY SMITHSON -IACRII: SULLIVAN AIAMRS TAFT EI.III4:R'I' XYARRICN LUc:ILLIg YYATKINS BONNII41 XVILKICRSON PAT YVILLIAMS l'IeGcsY YVILLIANIS SARAH XVOODS SOPHOMORE CLASS I'O1.1.AR1m IfROx1' Ii11.1. GICASLICY . MAR'1'11A PAYN11 . Mlss l'A'l4'l'0N MARY l.O11 ANDERSON W11.1.1AM lflllli VIRGINIA BROWN j11x1x1Y BURRONV W11.1.1AM COOK l514v11R1.Y COv1Nc1TON -I 14AN CRlCSXVlCl.I, ICDNA DBA1. X1-iNNA DOD11 DUNALD DU1-'1-' I'ZVlCl.YN FLY l'1KNl'.S'l'INl'I GARR1-i1'1' l.O111s1c G11.L1-151111-1 NIO1: HAc:1cR KZORINN11 HALIQY . . .President . . . Vice-Presizlenl . . . .Sergeant at Arms . . .Adviser C11.1cO HO1.'1' .IANIC HOIII' HDXVYNA HQJXVARIJ HARRY HUG11141s t111R1sT1N11 JOHNSON Rl1'1'11 jO11NsON j1'NA1.1c:1-1 JORDAN l.1cw1s -IOSLIN I.Uc:11.1.1L KING QIO1: LADD I-ZBNA LAMB li11NA l.Oc1R11 I-'RANC1-is LYNC11 I.1I.L1AN NIAHRY CZ11AR1.O1T14t NIANGRUM SARA11 l'2Ylil.YN 'l'11ON11'sON DOROTHY FRAs114.R ,. MR. CORK . MRS. AIORDAN . G1QR1x1AN Mc1M11.1.AN YVlI.l.lAM M1:M11.1,AN l.ll.l.IlC ,X1.11:1-1 N1c:1101.s B11.1.Y l'AYN1c MAR1112 l'11w1'1"1' NIARY l,l'2WlT'l' RUT11 P1-1w1'1"1' BARBARA l,KA'l'l' HAROLD l'RA'1"1' WA1.'1'1iR l'ROc1'1'OR ROB1:R'1' R1c:11ARnsON Bl'I'I"l'Y jo RUs'1' BOBBY ROBINSON VIRGINIA RYAN B11.1.Y SAWVYICR .' V. .xl'l'l'l'1lll'y . 'l'r'r'a.1111'cr .. A1l11i.w'r ,. A1l1fi.w'r MAR'1'11A IIANIC SAYVYICR RUBY C11-:O SR1NN1fR KlCI'l'll S0ll'l'llAl.l. R11111cc:c1A SOl1'1'11A1.1. l5li'l"l'Y .IRAN S111.1,1vAN l'A111, 'I'A1f'1' IIANI-I 'I'11ON11'sON lJORO'1'11Y YA1rc:11N Il-TAN XVARF MARY lfRANc:1fs XVARRFN C. W. U'A'l'SON KA1111-iR1N1-1 U'lIl'l'l.l4IY lAx11-is W11.1.1AMs HOWAR11 YANQLY .ANN YORK Y ,1f'f'-' '--ff--.1".' ' FRESHMA CLASS BILIA RING . JIMMY SI'I.I.II'AN IDA MAE ROBINSON JOIIN ALBRIGHT -LIZZIIC BAGSBY BARBARA BALL IOYCF, BEARD .PRUDIIC BI-IARD .XNNII-I IHQIQRMAN SHERMAN BICI-1 JOHN BURKE DELBIQRT BUZZARD I.EOLA CALDWELL XYILLIAINI CANIPBI-ILL HUBIERT CAPSHAYV Tl IIQRIQSA CARTXVRIGHT OLAN CLIQMONS BETSEY CONWAY JOE COOR BOBBY COTTON MARY ELLA COVINGTON NIARTIIA COWELI, DAN CRIJTCHIER IDA DODD DICRY DODSON RACIIIEI. ENGLISH ROBERT FORD GEORGE FROST AYALLACI-I CARNICR BARBARA GLENN BILLY GRAYES , ,l"ir'r'-PI'1'Si1l1fIIl . .,... , . ..., S1'vI'elI1I'y . , . PI'l'SLlII'lll SUE XYAGGONICR . 'l'IwmIrm MRS. .XI,.I.EY . , ,SIPUIIMH MRS. BAUGII . . . , Sjmrzsm , , Spmzsm' MISS NICCANIPBICLI, . BUNN GRAY BARBARA CRIMES JACKIE HALL ICDDIIQ HARDISON YVILLIAM HARPER NIARY ETTA HAX'I'1S CARY HERBERT JOE HERISERT LOUISE HOLT .XNNII-I l'IiARI. HOOD CHRISTINE HOOD FLIZABIQTH HOOD NIARJORIIC CLAIRE HUGHES FLOYD HUNTER HOWARD IRWIN NIURI. JACKSON BETTY JENRINS BILLY JENKINS HAROLD JOHNSON JANE JOHNSON MILLBA JOHNSON ROBIERT JONES BILLY KNIGIIT Bli'I"l'Y LADD JOSEPIIINE LADD KATHICRINIQ LADD DENNIS LAWN' SARAH ANN LAW GORDAN IAYNP1 FLORA LOETON l'1VIiI.YN LUNN ALICE LYNCH JAMES BIAHON MARY FRANCES NIARLIN HELEN NIARTIN LELA NIARTIN DIARY ELIZABETH NIARTIN NIICLYA MARTIN BILLY INICLXRTHUR BOBBY NICARTHUR BOBBY NICCLAIN 'I'ODD NICCULLOUGII LOUISE NICELIIANICY DORRIS NI-LXVCOMIC DOUGLAS NICHOLS ROBERT NICHOLS BILLY OSBURN MARTHA PENNINGTON BIARGARET PETERSON BIARTHA PEWITT NIILDRED PI-IWITT RACHICL PEXVITT DIXIE PHILLIPS C. R. PLEMONS DORIS POLR PRESTON P0'1'EI'lTI? DONNA POWERS 'l'IIELMA PIfIII,IfY IRENE RAGSDALIC RAYMOND RAGSDALIF HICRBICRT RAINICS lf li'l"l'Y CLAI R li RIAICS ICN JACR RLIlIKIf1R WADE SAVAGE FRANR SOUTIIALL DOROTIIY STICPIIICNS XYILMA S'l'I'fI-'HICNS CARRIE STEPIIENSON PEGGY STEPHENSON KICNNICTII S'I'EvI-ZNS RUTH IXLICNIC STILL HARRIITI' SULLIVAN NIAYMIC SlILI.lX'.-KN PLASI-1 'I'ANSII, l5Ii'I"l4Y JO VAUGHN BOBBIE JEAN XVADDY VIRGINIA XV.-XDDY BETTY .ANN XYALRER MARC XVI-IST KAY XYHl'l'l'YllI-1AD DOROTHY WILLIAMS JOE WILLIAMS BILLY YATIFS UmAwnzA1z V U N9 ,., DALY 'l'IIOxIPsON, JR. lRIf1'I"I'x' IIANIIQS CZIIIIRIIII HILIIA C.ROI:RI4'I"I' . .XNN ADAIR RIIIII ZANI1 Donn VIRGINIA 1501317 CLARA FIIRLINI41 l.OIIIsI-1 GARRIQTT NIAROARITI' GIIIIIN BETA CLUB 'l'O pI'OIIIOIc honesty, service, :Incl lvzldcrsllip. . . .Przfsidffnt LIQON IBOYII .. I'irf'-I'rr'sidm1l MORILAN l,YNI:II I . , Sf'rn'lury NlRs. -IORIIAN . , lJAIsY HAI.I. lSIc'I"I'Y HARRICLI. 1-ZDWYNA HONVARD CZAROIXN KINNARI1 CI.,-Xllllli IIYNCII NIARY I.YNc1II BILI. NIIIKINNIZY SARAH ROBINSON llI2'I"I'I1 ISIQRR RIICRIQR CIIARLI-ZNI-1 SAXVYICR NIARIIARIQT SULLIVAN SARAH EVIQLYN 'FIIOMPSON . ,'T7'l'llSllI'Ul' SI'rg1'1IIIt at ArnIs , Spa uso r IIQAN WARI4' NIARIIARIJI' XVARRICX NIARY lfRANc:I-is WARRI-N KA'I'IIIcRINIi WIII'I'1.I41Y lfRANI:Ias WII,Ifx' DR M XINRIIIX Xxx lx. ll.xlx Iuoxlvmx Ylnralxlfx Iikuxvx jeux 1111214 'll'l,l,'x fill umm' YHu:lxl.x hmm lllnm' llomux Klum' Rl'llI lzu,,xx Xlmu ,lo lflx' Xl.xkuAkl-l K-IISISN l.ol'm-' fQII,I.l-5l'll- l3lI.l.Y t.R,xv1-s llrxx C.R.u' I'l4m.N f:I'NNl4l. III'lSI1R'l.X Illl.l. T IC CL In promote lllll'l'L'Sl in Clfilllllllil' 1ll'lS. x uns l'n'.siflrnl Hl1,lm.x Clkutlkr I 1 Sw Irlflrx . lk. 'Yf1'l"I'll'.XiKll'IIl l5l'1'l'IY HIANIICS CIIURKIII . 'l'n'u.xu:u XIR. XILICS 4l.xxr, Hom KIIIRISHNIC lluon l".1m'x'x,x llcmnuum In-:'1'lx' lllfmslxs l.lNn,x -IIQAN IRWIN H,-XRIIIA .lull-is -IANI-I llollxsox .XNIIA JORDAN , lAI'KIll.l.l'1 KIM: CZ,xRo1.YN KINNARD l5lVl'lY l..'x1m llokulllx' l,.xNl-1 . .S'jwu.wv' lix'14,u'N ldxxlrik l5.w.n,xR,x I,l'l"1l.1c Nlokcmx l.x'Nc:u DORU'l'llY Mcztilalf .XNHA l'Au14 NI,xR'l1l,x l',xx'm-' NIARILARIQI' l'l4'1'1av.sox DQJNNA l'owl-Lks Inwkx' Fowl-iks. ju. IEARIMRA l'kA'l"l' llcssllc l'Rl1:1c Domus RAIJIQR lil'I"lY tlluxlkl-1 R1-mx l51fl'11a lhckk Ruzmik CZIIARIJQNIC S,xwx'lfk KA'llll"RlNl'1 S,-uvwk llxmx' Sul.l.1v.xx XYIIAIA S1'I.l.lx'.xN lhwl, 'l',uf'1' S.xk,m ICYI-'INN VIIIOAIPSON .IINIMY 'I'llwlf,,x'l'l' .IICAN YVARIV Nlfuuz W1-'sl KM' u'lll'l'lClll-'AD -TEENS To build a lcllowsliip ol girls dcvotcd lo the task ol realizing in our common lilo lliosc CHARLICNII' SAXYYICR . NlARl'llAJANll-18 MARY ANN IIARRI-:R JOAN Buck CLARA CZIIUNN llIcI"I'x' jAxIIcs Cllljkilll HILIIA CRot:RI1'I"II Xl,-XR'l'll.-X l'iNGl.l5ll ideals ol' personal and social living Io which wc are Conlmillcd by our faith as Clliristians. . , Pr1'sid1'IIt . l'i1'r'-Prrsilimzl Xllss C1RAwIfoRIm NIARI' RUTH FAGAN NORMA JEAN FIsI-IIER MARY jo FIA' HIII4IcR'I'A HILL BIc'IVI'I' HUIx:INs NIARGARIYI' XVARRICN . CAROINN KINNARD . , . ,Sfmnsnr LINDA .lI1AN IRWIN NIARTI-IA ANN lsAAr:s .XNITA JORDAN DOROTHY l.ANIc NIARY LYNCII ., .Sfrrffary . 74!'1'll.Vlll'l'l' BARBARA PEWITI' NIARY ,XGNES PIcwI'I'1 liassnc PRICIQ KA'I'I-IIQRINIQ SAwx'I:R PA'I'RIc:IA WII.LIAxIs HI- To circalc, Inznimain, and cxlcnd throughout thc school and Cfillllllllllily high CLAUIJIQ l.x'Nc:H IMLY VIKIIOXIPSON, -lk 'I IM .XKIN l.laoN BOYD .IMIK CALIJXVELI. ul. IS. ClIlfS'I'liR stzmdzurcls of Christizm Cll2lI'2lC'ICl'. ., Prfsidrnl DORRls RADICR . Vin:-Prvsiclmzt Bolsm' 'l'. LAM: .. NIR. Guru: Nlfn l'1I.l.I0'l"l' .lou HAM-'R XVASH HI-iklsrzm' NIORGAN LYNCH Spmzsnr Blu, NICKINNICY Eucr1Nr1 Nriwczomf Criczn. l'mc:H Lowkx' Powriks, jk. S1'l'7'l'flll'vX . Trmsu rw HAR01,n l'RA'I"l' Nlfxluzl-ik Wll.1.1Axrs MURRAY XVl'I"I' DALLIS MARTIN .. IIULIA COLTRSICY NIARTIIA .ANN ISAAIIS DOROTIIY MIIGEE .ANN .XDAIR BARBARA BALL IOYIIE BEARD I'RIrImIIc BEARD .XNNIIC Bl-IICRMAN S,-XDIIC BROWN VIRGINIA BROWN l,l-ZULA CALIHVICLL VIXHLIRI-ISA CAR'l'YN'RIGH'1' CLARA CIIUNN HARTIIA KZOWELL l5I'1YliRl.Y COYINGTON NIARY ELLA COVINGTON FIINA MAI-1 DEAL RAILIIEL ENGLISH NIARY jo FLY FUT RE HO EMAKER OF . . . . .Presiflent , . .Vice-President . . . ,Secretary ..,........,,...,Treasurer MISS l'A'l4'l'ON ,. . . , . , . . NIARTHA ,NNN FROST LOUISE GILLIESPIE BARBARA GLENN BARBARA CRIMES PICGGY GUNNI-LI. CORINNIC HALEY DAISY HALL NIARY FTTA HAX'l'XS CARY HIQRBERT JANE HOLT .ANNIE PEARL HOOD CHRISTINE HOOD ELIZABI-I'I'H 110013 DOROTIIY HUI-'If NIARJORIIS CLAIRE HUGHES JANE jol-INSON HUBliR'l'A HILL .. RUTH ZANI-I Donn .. LOUISE GARRETI' , . BARBARA l'RAT'I' .,... . . ....,,.,..,......Adviser NIELBA JOIINSON ENALICI-L JORDAN BETTY IIADD SARA ANN LAW FLORA -1. LOETON EVICLYN LUNN FRANCES LYNCH NfARY ELIZABETH MARTIN LOUISE NICELHANEY NIARGARFT IWYI-IRS MARTHA PENNINGTON NIARGARI-IT PETERSON N1ARTHA PEXVl'l"I' NIILDRED PIQWITT RUTH PI'WVl'l'T DIXIE PHILLIPS AMERICA . . .Icl?1IUl'flfI' . . . . . .Hislmiarz . I .Przrlianzeizlarian . . .Song Ifaller' DONNA POWERS XIARGARET l'RA'I'I' IRENE RAGSDALIC BICTTY CLAIRE RICGICN IDA MAI ROBINSON AIOYIIE S'l'El-'H1-INS PEGGY STIQPHENSON HARRII-IT SULLIVAN IWAYME SULLIVAN DOROTHY VAUGHN VIRGINIA VVADDY SUE YVAGGONI-IR MARY FRANCES WARREN KAY YVHITI-IHEAD DOROTIIY WILLIAMS FUTUREFARME DURRIS RAIIIiR NHTRRAY XVITI Man l',I.l,IOI'l l'IM .XKIN joIIN .XLIIRIc:II'I' joIIN BIIRKI2 -IAQIK fiAI.IlVVliI.I, ml. B. CIII1s'I'I-ZR jori K1ooK BoIIIIY Co'I"I'oN IIAN CRlVI'cIIIaR RoIIIiR'I' lfoRII SCOTI' l"I'l'lG ERALIJ GIQORGI-L I-'Ron HARoLII lfRos'I' l'OI.l,ARD IfRos'I' xllfllillg Io do: doing to luzII'II Prrfsirlmzt l'i1'r-I'rz'si1If'I1t , . , ,S1'1'n'lnI'y NIR. YA'I'Ics jAc:KII: HALL 4,015 HIQRIIRRT VVASII HIQRIIIZRT lfLoYII HUNTIQR ARTIIIIR IRYIN IIAMI-is IRVIN EDWIN IRWIN HOWARD IRWIN NILIRL JACKSON JIM JAINIISON BILLY ,IIQNKINN l,IiwIs JOSLIN 1 cziriiing to liw: livin RS OF AMERICA BILL Cl-1ASl.liY IELIII-1R'I' XYARRI-YN . DoIIoI.As WAc:caoNIeR A rIvi.v1'r BILLY KNIGIII' DIQNNIS LAW -IAMIQS MAIIoN t1I,YIIIc NIANGRIIM .XRCIIIIQ NIARTIN j. B. MALIPIN Tomb NIc:CUI,LoUGII GERMAN iWCNfILI.AN YVILLIAAI NfCiNflI.I.AN Dow: XIc:IIoLs RoIII1R'I' NIc:IIoLs BILLY OZIIIIRN g to scrvc. . 'I'rr'n.mI'1'r lfl'fJ0l'ff'T . Srnlincl l'RIis'I'oN l'0TI1I1'I'Ic HARoLII I'RA'I"I' HI-1RIIIcR'I' RAINIas NIIL'I'oN RAINIQY WAIIIA1 SAYAGI4: BILLY SAWYIQR KICNNICTII S'I'I:YI-1Ns FRANK SOU'l'llAl,I, I.l0Nl-il. SULLIVAN PAUL 'I'AIf'I' l'LAsI-1 'l'ANsIL QIAMIQS YVILIJAMS To furtlier develop co-Operatioii among tlIe school, patrons, and students Over the state: to encourage and ziequziint the member with El few of the principles CARULYN KINNARD DALY 'I'IIONII'sON. JR, MORGAN LYNCH ,, Reporters CLARA CHUNN MARY RUTH FAGAN HUIIERTA HILL Bl'l'l"I'Y HUDGINS LINDA IRYVIN JANE JOHNSON RUTH LOGKE VELMA lNlANGRUM .Assistrz nt of journalism, .,........,.,,....Editor Editor and Sports Editor . . . . , . .Business Manager MRS. ALLEY ., . DALLIS NIARTIN NIARGARET PETERSON NIARY AGNES PEXVITT DONNA POWERS NIARGARET PRATT JIQSSIE PRICE BETTY CLAIRE REGEN BETTE BISRK RUCKER KATHERINE SAWYER N'fARTHA ANN ISAACS .. NIARTI-IA JAMES .... EIIWYNA HCJYVARIJ ,,., . , Sponsor Artists JOAN BUGR HILDA CROCRETT lNlARGARET Gnsiss BUNN CRAY BliT'l'Y HARRELL CHRISTINE Hoon LUGILLE KING DOROTHY LANE ,..,Art Editor . . . . . .Gossip Editor . flirls' Sports Editor Typists BETTY JAMES CHURCH NIARY LYNCH CHARLENE SAWYER DOROTHY ANN SAWYER JUNE ANN THOMPSON FRANCES XNILEY LETT ER CLUB To ?,lllDlDUl'I thc zllhlclic' lJl'UgI'1llll ul' thc school and to cIIc'0III'z1gc: CICRII sports- hl. ll. CZIIIQSIIQR jfuzk f1Al.IlWIfl.l. . MAk'I'IIA .XNN Immczs 'I'IM .XKIN AIMIIQS IlIfAsI.IaY l,l-ZUN l5m'II BI-:'I"I'Y jAMIcs KIIIURIJII jIII.IA CUIIRSIQY RlI'I'II ZANIC Donn VIRGINIA Donn NI-ill l'1l.l,l0'l"l' l'0I,l.ARll Ifk0s'I' I'Iar:m' GIINNIZI. mzIIIslIip. , . I,V1'.Xil11'llf qlmlxn' 'l'IIwIf.-x'I"I' . ..T7'Fll.Sll1'!ff , . .I'ir1'-l'w'.cirlf'IIf NIAIUIIA Al.-XNIICS . . . . . .Currvxpmzderzt . , , ,...... Sr'rrr'tr1ry NIARGARIVI' l'Ii'l'I-1Rs0N , .lInI'n-.sprnlrlwzI Nllss NlI1f:AXll'lSICl.lI , ,MSIIOIIXOY XYASH HIcRIsIcR'I' lloIuI'IIIY Hl7I"I" IIARRY HI'cIIIfs lJIfNIs j0IINsoN lSII.I.x' KING Bolsm' 'l'. LAIIIJ IXIIVIN LIQMQX 'l'IIcmAs l.II.I.AIuJ NIURIQAN l.I'Nc:II .Xklllllli MARTIN lMI,I,Is NIARIIN IIAIIKIIC SUI.I.Ix'AN DQRIQIS NICCURII IIIAIMI' SIII.I.IvAN IloR0'I'IIY NICUICIC I,IONIcI. SlII,I.IvAN l'1lVGliNl11 Nlcwczcmlf NIARGARICI' SIII.I,IvAN llII,1.x' PAYNI4 SARAII KVI-ILYN 'l'IIoIxII'soN QIMIIIQ PAYNIQ ITALY 'I'II0xII's0N, jk. HARGARICT l'If'I'IaRsuN .Il-1AN WARI' l,cIwkY l'owI4Rs, jk. Nlmuzlfik WII.I.IAxIs HIxRol,II I'kA'I"I' NIIIRRM' WI'I"I' XYAIII ICR PROITIUR BA To promote harmony throughout thc school and C0lllIIlllllily. HILDA CRoc:mtTT . , . . . .President CAROLYN KINNARD . . IloUcLAs Ho1.LAN1mswoR'1'H ....,, . . . . , . Vff'!?4PTl?Sil1GIlf NIARcAR1e'x' l'u'rxaRsoN . . . qlonx .XLlsklcll1' IBARIMRA BALI. OLAN Kllmixloxs IH-i'l'sl-ix' Comvm' Imzlu' honsoN NIARUARPTI' Gllms lmkls,-xk,-x CRIMES MR. FIN1.lcY . -j,xc:ru1c HALL CARY HICRISICRT CHRISTINL: Hoon Nlfxujoluxa Cmnua JANE joHNsoN liX'1iLYN LUNN HUGIIFIS , , . ,Director 61111112 NIANGRUM NIALCOLNI NICHOLS BARBARA l'RA'l"r H1akls1iR'1' RAIN!-is BETTY CLAIRE R15u1cN Ro1sr1R'1' RICHARDSON . . .Sccrclrlry-Tnfuszlrvr . . .Social Clmirman -Lxczn Ruczuuu JIMMY SULLIVAN INIARGARU1' YVARRICN INIARC W1cs'1' KAY YVHITEHICAD BILLY YA'1'1cs F. F. A. Queen and Attendants HHHHEE .... ET' 4. xx E i i Q. f. B.......--, ,4.A,, E Nw Nwwy A . 681110 RIV'l'Il ZANF DODU Mus! I'allu1I1lf', ,Host Vc'r.m1ilf?, lim! .lilflvifg Mm! Nlfrnhnzullly l5omw 'I'. Lfxnn Mm! l'olml1lr, Mos! l'nIm1l1If', lim! .'Itl1Ir'l4' Nl.xR'lll.x .NNN lm,-xcia Mm! I,0fIII1lH', Il'I!!iv.xI Inwkx l'owl-iks. jk, .X'r'ulr'Kl Nl Xk'lLlI.X .IAXIIVS llniulirzxl llokulllv LANIAZ Mm! .-lrlixlu' Elll.l"Nlf1 Nlcwcxomx-1 Mm! rf rli.xIir Bl"'lk'I'Y Lyxxllds Cnukcll I4 lfl'HI1Hl'Xl 3 E f s '31 Q 1 fm S Szfzpe1r1atif1 ve3 CLAUDE LYNCH fiU'l'!'fIlU1 uf lf0y'x Slnle CAROLYN KINNARD Maul Ilrflrrldrllalv, Srrlrlftrxi, Mm! Likely H1 Szlrrwzl, II. nl. R. Gnorl CHfZI'7l.Yllif2 IMLY 'l'l1ox1l-sox, jk. Mm! llrlwrlflzllnlr, Mm! Vr'r.Sr1tile, NIIIUVIPAI, Mm! Lzkrly In Su1r'n'f1, Mm! Sjnnlulzunly H1l.1.Y W1l,1.lAxxs limi l.m1ki11,L: HILDA CROCKICIWI' l'rrll1r'sl, Mos! CUllfH'UIl.S ' N1-Ln liI.l.lo'l"1' l"lir'n1llif'.vI, Illrml l,'u1l1l4'111u D,-KI.l.lS NIARTIN Gfrlx' Stuff' l6f'fn'4'w'r1l11lim' ,IIXIXIY 'I NWI' .X l'I l'l'illi1',vl au 777 612120 , Q7 - u, aft I ,iii Lf'-1 C. Lx,L'w- lr fi 'jg FI -dup ,U .Q 11, appz! QMQ fyvu f".,41.J: fa,-L' 'l37"'c A ii!! IQ!! Qld +V . , .i 1 I A . . , 1 " vii! Q, f fifff' - ,ML ,C 'tlmdi W AMW' ,i AD!!-L., nhl, tylrllkb 'l 5 ,AJ I Q,-Avii V ,1?2'1J"""1 CAROLYN KINNARD MISS FRANKLIN HIGH Uavgggypafpg gc? 4"-Vvw-Zihv .WW 4 3.7: 17, vyafqp 'weld A?iif5,ZfL MM WC DALY '1'HoMPsoN, ilk. j O H N N Y R E B E L ,,.a-ag f6LZZ4,?w6 Tiff' ga NIARY LYNCH M I S S F F A M m V Q . . ,, COACH AND CAPTAINS Pictured above with Coach Gentry are Captain Bobby T. Ladd and Alternate Captain Daly Thompson, jr., who combined talents to pro- duce much of the yardage gained during the latter stages of the football season. Both boys are Seniors and will be replaced next year by two capable performers, Jack Caldwell and Thomas Lillard. SCHEDULE SUMMARY OF THE SEASON Although the Rebels won only two games dur- ing the 1948 season, they showed great progress toward the end of the season. They climaxed the football season by upsetting a strong Cum- berland eleven I3-l2. At the annual football banquet Bobby Ladd was named Most Valuable Player and Eugene Newcome was honored as the Most Improved Lineman. STARTING LINEUP Payne, Chester, Newcome, Caldwell, Witt, Herbert, Thompson, Lillard. Ladd, Sullivan and Frost I Franklin ,..,., . 6 Sparta ,.,. Franklin .,.. . . . 0 Donelson , . Franklin ....,.,, 0 Lewisburg . Franklin . . . 0 Dickson . . Franklin . . , , 0 Columbia . . Franklin . . I8 Antioch , . Franklin . . . . , I9 Portland . . Franklin ...,.,., li Mt. Pleasant .,.. 51 Franklin ....,.,, I3 Cumberland .... 12 un A tv ,Y ., lm Mum I,If0N How: IIAKZK t1,'lfl.1 ll. IS. Clll'Zh'l'l'lK RM' CLARK lloum' f10I'I'0N 'l'uoxms lmvln lJoN,x1,n lluflf Glcoktzlc I-'Rosl' lI,xRol,n FRos'l' l'ol.l.,xRn l"Ros'l' Inu, Gli,xsl.1cY lbmls -jollxsox FOOTBALL SQUAD llmxn' CQ14N'1'RY , HORACIC H,x'rI.r1R jori HHRHI-2R'l' YYASII HICRBI-IRT Ro1naR'l' Iiolrsl-1 HARRY HUGIIICS lfl.ox'1m HUNTICR BIIAIA' jrixklxs lSlI,1.x' KING l3Il,I,Y KNlGu'l' Ronin' 'IX LADD .UNIX I,l-tmox Alanagw' .X , . Coach VIQHURIAS IJLIAARD NIORGAN I.x'Nc:1i Bohm' XICCLAIN DoRRls NICCORD YVILLIAM NIc1NIlI.1,AN -IACK Bloom' Iilmrixlc Nlcwczcmlc -IANIIIC l',xYN1c l'Rl4S'I'0N I'o'1'1-114'l'r2 HAROLD l,RA'l"l4 HVAIITICR PRUCTOR Rcllllc NfAR'l'lN YVADIC S,u',xclQ llll.l.Y S,xwx'1-iR KIQNNI-1'l'11 S'rlcvl-1Ns AlM:Rllc SUI.I.lvAN jlxmx' SUIALIVAN I.loN1-11. SULLIVAN Inu' 'l'llOMl'50N, ilk, jlxnn' 'I'llM'l'IA'I"l' NIARIIIQR XVILLIANIS MURRAY U'l'l"I' BILLY YA'l'l'1S ,. ,Alllllflgfl HDD l EQLL M Am' RUTH FAGAN FOOTBALL QUEEN XB' si M0 S J CJ-.1 "! ,J - I ' if f www? FJ A39 U, "" Q .J N' V' --W" '5 Ja SQU l"ronl mic, left lo 1igl1IAl.illard. Hughes. 'l'hweatt, Herbert. l.atld. liurk ruzc. lffl lo righl-Coach Gentry, 'llll0l1llJS0ll, XYitt, Chester, XVilliams, Slanagcr Brown. BOYS' BASKETBALL The Franklin Rebels sailed to a very impres- sive sea:,on's record ol' twelve wins and two losses. 'l'hcy also managed to be a runner-up in the 'l'hird District Tournament. Highlighting the team were such stars as Bobby Ladd, 'l'homas Lillard, and linimy Thwcatt who won district honors during the tournament. Harry Hughes and Daly 'l'hompson, were the remaining starters and they also turned in many good games. l.eon Boyd, B. Chester, XVash Herbert, Marcer X'Villiams, and Murray X'Vitt proved to be capable ol' taking over when called on and their play during the season was of equally great help in making possible the line record established by the Rebels. B T E A M Iron! row, Inf! in righl- cxamlcr. Brown, H. Imst, Nlckinncy, Nlurtin. Bark row, Irfl to right-H lung. G. Frost. SIIIHYZIII. Slwycr. CUIIUII. S E N I O R S tioxczn C1f1x'1'lu' lffl In righI4D:1ly 'l llmnpsoll. qlx.. j. IE. C1lu'slcl'. Nlillllllf' 'I4hwc11ll. Nllll'l'2ly XYill. Nlzllwvl' XYiIlizuns. Bobby 'll Lu BUYS' HHSKHHHH ir Tip-off mkliu mklin lnklin mklin lllixiill mklin mklin mklin mkliu :mklin lllixiill mklin mklin mklin Two Poinls S C H E D U L E fill iluilcgt' Kirovt I9 filliil'Uk1l ISN Bl'liIl'NliZl 258 College Grove I2 Spring Hill 38 Nll. I'lt-nsunl 28 llclhcstiu 25 Ilillslmoro 37 1,4-wislulxp, 51 llullcokzi 325 l'i2lSl High 38 Dickson -II Hillsboro , -lf! XII. l'il'2lS1llll 22 38 22 I7 28 30 26 415 4173 l'l1 36 51 37 32 0.5 l'l' Illixiill lwzllxklill I' rzmklin mklin 'amkliu f1f'VUIfflI.Y County Tournament I2 Bclllcsilu fuvcrli lnvj District 'Tournament .-I2 Hznupsliirc' fill lic! lwiclzl 26 filbilllllliill . Unit Tournament EHS l,:uu't'llu'l1lll'g Front row, left to right-Lunn, jordan, Thompson, Fagan, Mabry, Payne. .vrmirl row. lrfl to riglzl-Isaacs, Hull. Coursey, McGee, R. Dodd, Sullivan. Churcrli, Gunncl, V. Dodd. 'l'l1irrl rmv, lrfl In Vigil!-lXl2lIl2lgCl' Marlin. Pcwill, Coaczll lNILTC2llIlIJllCll, Warf, Fly. Howard. Nichols, Hill, Manager james. GIRL l BA KETBALL SENIORS COACH NlCCAMI'BELL lf!! In Viglll-Xlilflllkl james, Hulmcrla Hill, Ruth Zane Dod.l, Mary Ruth Fagan. Betty james Cliurcll, Martha Ann Isaacs. lNlargnrcl Sullivan, Virginia Dodd, Dallis Martin. LEFTY SCORES ' ' '. NK'lW L IiI1'l'li'IllkillIlllL1Il Rulnlmllcs mg this xc ll Millllillg' liim llsu SIN I' I. I QZIIIICS while- losing sc-wil ml , . . tiring llu ll sn mm In tht c0llIllN loiliim- rvgula 1. . mt-ni our girls look llic' Cllizmipi fill' mal in ilu Distinct Iournzmiciil. ship: - . ilu- Rc'lJc'lc'Ilc's Sl'lll'4'Ci iil'sl-sca'tlc'nl llzunpsliirc' so lmcllv ll1'iI thc' lzivuriln-s 1 lost llim' iicxl night 'Viking .Xll-Dis ll'lCl liunors lor Ihvli' 0lllSl Q Zllllilllg play Rulli lim Dmlcl Ilurolhv llull, XN'l'l K' ,Z ' incl llurolliv Nlcfwv julian Clollrsmw l'cggy Clunnvl, Nlzirllizi ,Kim lszincs incl Ai2ll'g2ll'k'l 5llliIN.lll .Also llll'Ill'li in gum! pc'rforni:xmrs. lfiaiiikliii rlilllkiill lflllllklill lilkllllxiill lfllllllxiill Ixlilllklill Ixlilllkiill lxlllllkiill lslilllklill lslllllkiill lfiniiklin rlllllkiill l'l'1lllixiiIl llullvgc' Gu liullvgt' Cn Klilllvokzi Iicllivsmizl llillslmiu Spring Ilill Nh Kl'I!liK'i Nll. l'l0:is:llll licllicwmlzi Hillslmm I,l'Wi5iJlIl'g l:lIiil'Uk2l Iialwi High DX K' HEDULIE Ili lfrziiikliii 20 lflllllixiill 25 Ifrauiik ISIS IH I3 lfizmkliii T153 lilillllxiill KH ll QI 21+ Xl lxlilllixlill Us ..- liamklin 23 Uimkwli 27 lliiisimlu "' XII. i,il'1IN1lllI County ,IQOLIFIIZIIHCDI 27 lliliximln QU ilullrgt' I-14 I iiIllllllliHl1NiliI? District 'fournzimcnt 20 Spring llill Ili liilllllhilill' l .rf V 1 ok K f :.:., I A 3 1 1- x .X , , Q Q , C SM 5 Nr vw. 3' W' . P + , 'nm W rm: ' -I -f ..., 1- -. , :gf ,Y Z 1- 1' " ,- S .. A if Q K+ ,, fm. fgf:,,zs,,g,3..A,M W"""'w..,'k'fW . K V 5 ' Qi V,, 1 5El'5'::5':'V ' , 'u 4 '1,. f X N Q,- Q . - EK - 3.5, : ., -...Z af-1 V 4 I i L i I P I V . sew P 4 rm. A " 27 'O g x l 31 4s rf' an r ii? M M- : . N- - :- G' 1 X Q uh K ' Qu . .' '. , SQ Aw- '. S ,. M .,.,::'-1,.g.fr3gg " ff 3 mg X f Fif-4 Q r-"' E , K W V Pix J, 8 14 ' 5. a .vw X v' K 0 I xxx Pr, " f A N X, I a i 1 A N Q1 f. as if f ,PMN , ff xt NN Y in 35? T... 4? Ei 'if 'Tw Q 'N 2 , f w g 'J .. ,, A m...,,.,,, . 2 'ming I g K ..k V E 5, Q ..,,. . - w -: 'A W 'I N' ' A f A :W av gf' . - si Q 'gd 4 A W ., ww ,, K im is f f 5 ll- f"'l- wlszwm. 0IT'S CLEAN IF TA E CLEAN DRY CLEANERS f Q!! .A 5. SPENCER M WARREN-SMITHSON To The F- H' S- Funeml Directors Ambulance Service FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE Graduating Class of 1949 Best Wishes from THE REVIEW-APPEAL "Oldest Newspaper In Tennessee" IT Compliments of Dortch Stove Works FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE Compliments of GRAY DRUG COMPANY "The Complete Drug Store" FRANK GRAY WILLIAM MILLER FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE Phones 111-112 Compliments of THE RED GRILL 0 Regular Dinners Private Dining Room 0 FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE Public Square Phone 133 Compliments of THE MEN'S SHOP o Finest in Dress Sport And Casual Wear Main Street Phone 61 S. E. Farnsworth 8: Co. HARPETH NATIONAL BANK "The Quality Builders" 400 Main Street O C0'2fWf0"S FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE Builders' Supplies . We Pay 27, Interest S. E. FARNSWORTH ALBERT RAGSDALE on Savings Accounts Phone 8 1906 1949 LOY G. HARDCASTLE J. W. LITTLE DQDGE DAIRY PRODUCTS and PLYMOUTH Homogenized and Pasteurized Products Chocolate and Orange Drinks o Drink Milk for Health Fifteen Years Service 421 Main Phone 1021 Phone 808 Nashville-Franklin Railway Frequent Bus Schedules Compliments of TRUETT 8: SULLIVAN INSURANCE AGENCY Fire-Wind-Hail-Auto Theft-Bonds-Liability Livestock "Insure Today-Be Sure Tomorrow" 216 E. Main St. Phones 107-1059 Compliments of HARPETH INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. J. W. GREER, JR. President CHAPMAN ANDERSON M. LIGGETT Vice-President Vice-President A. W. WALTERS Class jewelry Invitations and Cards Caps and Gowns P. O. Box 727 Johnson City, Tennessee JENKINS BEN FRANKLIN STORE Nationally Known, Locally Owned O FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE LOG COURT MOTEL UQ Miles South of Franklin Highway 31 Famous for Country Hams, Steaks, and Chicken Dinners Phone 1157 NORMAN SMITH BRADEN MATHIS After Thinking for Hours- l'll Say It with Flowers! DOROTHY'S FLOWER SHOP THE ROBERTS STORE Phone 802 -5' Send Flgwgyg by Wife Always the Best for the Least 218 Sth Ave. Mrs. H. B. Ewing 0 Com limen s Compliment-V por t of WILLIAMSON COUNTY BRITTAIN-FRISTOE BANK O FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE 221 On Savings Compliments of BETHURUM, HENRY 8: ROBINSON Funeral Home FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE CURTIS C. GREEN SEVAL j. GREEN ROBERTS 8: GREEN Real Estate o W. R. DANIEL, Salesman NETTYE JAMISON, Secretary For Better Dry Cleaning and Laundry Take It To 616190605 Phone 1 100 Compliments of Loveless 8: Dale, Inc. "Every House Needs Westinghouse' Phone 508 Main Street QUALITY RECAPPERS 432 Main Street Wilkerson Hardware Co. Paints, Hardware Vul canizin g-Reca p pin g and Tires-Tubes-Batteries gpofting Goods Accessories T. c. MOODY D. E. Moom' Phone 507 WHITE DRUG CO. Phone 444 Whitman and Nunnally's Candy Service 7 Days a Week J. A. HENDERSON DAVID P. COOK Compliments of FRANKLIN JEWELERS Diamonds- Watches-Gifts Watch Repairing FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE Compliments of Gatlin Service Station Phone 866 Columbia Ave. Compliments of CORNER DRUG STORE JEN KIN S, Proprietor "Five Points" JAMES CHRISTIAN BENNETTS HARDWARE Auto Wreck Rebuilding Quality Hardware Main Street Phone 6 HENRY S GROCERY PAT,S Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Choice Meats Franklin's Favorite ' HOME-COOKED MEALS Phone 717-J Lewisburg Ave. Sfudebdkef Franklin Implement Co. Cars and Trucks , International Harvester at Farm Equipment Headquarters AKIN BROS., INC. Phone sis Phone 36 Franklin, Tenn. FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE Walker Chevrolet Co. "Williamson C ounty's Oldest Dealer" Phone 200 Columbia Ave. FRANKLIN PLUMBING .sr HEATING co. Complete Plumbing and Heating Service Phone 7 Franklin, Tenn. FLEMING JEFFERSON HARRY ROBERTS ED XWOODARD The Peoples' Coal Co R. N. MOORE, Proprietor "A Black Business Handled White' GREEN 'S CAFE Open 24 Hours a Day MARY AND ZACK, Proprietors Phone 9189 THE GLOBE Fine Foods Phone 9104 Columbia Highway 1 Mile South of FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE Compliments of SIMMONS 8: STEPHENS Groceries and Meats 4th Ave., No. Phone 110 Standard Farm Store "We Deal on the Square" Telephone 1120 FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE Compliments of H. G. HILL CO. Phone 59 Main Street H. B. EWING, Manager THURMAN 8: EDGMON GROCERY M eats-Ve getables-Groceries Main Street Phone 454 LAYNE 8: TOMLIN BARBER SHOP Public Square Phone 573 BEASLEY 'S STORE Draper 8: Darwin Stores For Dry Goods-Shoes Dry Goods, Shoes Ready-to-Wear and and Read y-to-Wear Notions Phone 631 Phone 1088 Franklin, Tenn Compliments of FergusondTractor an MODERN MOTOR Co. Implements Chrysler-Plymouth Sales and Service Electrical Appliances Phone 1266 Franklin, Tenn. BREWER TRACTOR 8: IMPLEMENT CO. Columbia Ave. Franklin Phone 222 Compliments of jAKE'S BARBER SHOP Main Street SOUTHALL LUMBER COMPANY Lumber and Builders' Supplies Contractors TED HILLS TOM HILLS Franklin, Tenn. Phone 136 HARPETH SERVICE ' STATION Pan-Am Products Sieberling Tires A Road Service Phone 666 First Ave. and Main St. MARTIN TOHRN ER Dealer in Fruits-Vegetables-Farm Products FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE Phone 196 Compliments of Distinctive Portraiture Oil Coloring Frames CLAIR D. REGEN CO. 4, A Plumbing-Heating-Sheet Metal UI C N DI Us . Hot Point Appliances Youngstown Kitchens Phone 2 1 5 Photo Finishing-Commercial Photography Phone 27 Copie, FRANKLIN LADY F LOUR "A Sack of Guaranteed Satisfaction" Manufactured by Lillie Mill Company Compliments of R O S E'S 5, 10, and 25C Store Compliments of FRANKLIN THEATRE Relax in Comfort and Enjoy a Good Show LOCKE'S SERVICE STATION Texaco Products Main Street Phone 86 Compliments of CITIES SERVICE M. T. HOOD, Owner Gas-Oil-Wrecker Service Phone 9122 Franklin, Tennessee Cawthon, Towns 8: Co. The Home of Quality Insurance Williamson County Bank Building Phone 1078 Franklin, Tennessee GULF PRODUCTS Distributed b y c. A. REESE E. A. GRIZZARD, JR. Williamson County Phone 650 Franklin, Tennessee TRUETT FLORAL CO. "Flowers for All Occasions" Phone 142 Franklin, Tennessee Franklin Concrete, Inc. PONTIAC Manufacturers of Sales-Service Superock Building Blocks Beach-Cato Pontiac Co., Inc. Slagstone Building Blocks Public Square Phone 1482 Compliments of M c C L U R E ' S Compliments of LUNN 8: GARNER Compliments of WARREN'S FARM SUPPLY "Your fobn Deere Dealef' Compliments of Ragan's Taxi Service Compliments of CANNON INSURANCE AGENCY Compliments of Schell Animal Hospital Compliments of ROY CCaseyl JONES Compliments of jennette's Super Market Phone 77 SENIOR PICTURES by SCHUMACHER Compliments of BETA CLUB MCCALL ELECTRIC Co. DRAMATIC CLUB Y-TEENS CLUB Electrical Contractors HLY CLUB Appliances-Sales and Service F- H- A- CLUB F. F. A. CLUB LETTER CLUB PAPER STAFF BAND Since 1922 Phone 501 LET'S PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS The Annual Staff of The 1949 Rebel takes this means of expressing their appreciation to the people of Franklin who made the publication of this book possible. Let's show our appreciation to them by giving them our business. THANKS AGAIN! lg ii fqwfwwff Y Qpdfd f 'G'-f 5" P ,Zffw A My AMI' tk ,+Jf.j',,A s-f Q-'MW i :A A3369 bl ! OV!!! M , W' ,. yvkiffkgf f3' W' WMO? Zfwygaf W iQ f'f7J7ff'f g wx' ?" H of' 'xl F' 11. ,.. G, .. , uf if . Q . v '-' X ' , ' PM' v' ' ' - -f 4' ' " ' - ,Ml-:,n. ,n, ,. 1-V , 1. . 'Y . My ?.W'1,.w. Lil 1 ,VV my , T 71:13 fahfff 'VX 'Et Rq,f.!,',:5 I x -g P x i Lbf -mf 1 , -:mfN- Mr' ix" rv,-' 'f 5 . '-,xl E Mmlg, .,,,. , . 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