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Foreword The first volume of the Pioneer was published by the Class of 1926. This, the second volume, is published with the hope that in the years to come you recall with pleasure your days spent in high school. The Pioneer Staff 4,; w W m... LMWHL: dame mowiw MAW M M Mu MMW7yZWCM34fw." C21L MA;94 1i;4h : Q! 5?4 9944444,9 aildLauL4A4w9r 2 1,7 ' m4 Wu 1 ; X L l l 3 1 ;w "w 1 To Daly Thompson Who, during all his years at Franklin , : High School has been a guide, and a friend to us students. We, the Class of 1934, dedicate this of '? volume "The Pioneer" Faculty Daly Thompson, B.A., M.A. Superintendent, English Mrs. John Baugh, B.A Mathematics ; 1 ijf Margaret Davis, B.S. English and French Claude Yates, B.S. Science Mary Trim Anderson, B.A. English and History Emma Overby, B.A. Home Economics Faculty Guy Craddock, B.S., M.A. Principal, Manual Arts Mrs. Robert Cawthon, B.A. History and Civics Maxie Howlett, B.A. Mathematics Mary Morgan, B.A., M.A. Latin 1. V Hf 7 11k c539 Marthe Locke, B.A. Commercial Martha Farnsworth, B.A. English X5 vwi 4, , '4! , ' A r; . j f94 $ ;I .: 17: 9c: Mi0719;"?"4 w Class Poem Sentiment of a Senior We stand at a door that will open soon To the eager game of life We stand at the gate of a road well-strewn With mingled joy and strife Our faces are fresh and our hands are strong We know not the meaning of fear We will labor hard and we'll labor long In spite of grief and fear Let us not lose our strong resolve Let us right and fight to win Let us not allow defeat to dissolve The goal we must defend Let us keep before us the high ideals Of truth and justice and right That we may say when the bell of evening peale "We have fought our best-good night." Reba Webb Class Officers President -------- -----------eElizabeth Jefferson Vice President ------ --------Wa1ter Carlisle Secretary -------- --e---------Mertha McGavock Treasurer ------ - -------- -----Corn011a Puryear lotto------"Love, Labor and Laugh" Colors-uS-Blue and White Flowere----Roae Elizabeth Jefferson President Cornelia Puryear Treasurer Walter Carlisle Vice President Marion Ashley Martha McGavock Secretary Thelma Beasley kab-IW ,W uh wa-w m Leland Bethurum Katherine Bransford Elizabeth Boyd Mary Dixie Brown Thomas Bradley Morris Dysart Christine Ezelle Kathryne Hendricks Mildred Freeman Lora Bill Herman Gardner Mary Elizabeth Hoover Felix Jamison Ruth Johnston Martha Jamison Francq:;Jones Whitson Jennette 7 NM Mid 777M535 5- jrylLu614rj;Q ggg4y 541Xle17 7 CAA:Z:: 044.6t 1 44;442jr . - ijrX Voyoan KI '77 ?W . leff Iva Lee Lott Rachel McMahon Carl Mangrum Dorothy McPherson Naomi McMahon Lillian Moran Eva Mosley Vivian Page Luciile Murray Estelle Pate Margaret North Harriet Peach Marie Petway Eva Ring Valedictorian Reba Webb Rebecca Roberts Odessa Reynolds Hary Helen Rue Gerald Smithson Dan Sullivan Mary Smith ' Ona Lee Thompson Allyne Sweeny Frank Tulloss Evelyn Wart L :1 Marie 3 2 ; KathF ' J Theln ' Mary Evely w Estel Lucil Mildz Naomi Mary Lena Mart? Rache Lera r Harri EvaL Alma Mary EvaI Morrf ; ? Alym i x; Ruth , Odes Dorm v Slim Marg k Mary I Corm j l Kath 1 v Ona? 3 3 L111 4 Hart , Mary m Fran I 4 , Fliz Iva' ; Chri Reba ; Rebu Each 1 Lela ; : Fran William Wiley Elizabeth Walters Alma Williams Walt E112 , Tom ij Will Herm l; Gera Ed J Whit Fell Lena Mai Woodard ViVi Hash For Seniors Marion Ashley ----------------------- a dog, bridge, suitcases. Katherine Bransford ----------------- moonlight, a lover, diaries. Thelma Beasley ---------------------- winter, pumps, patterns. Mary Dixie Brown -------------------- jokes, plaits, icicles. Evelyn Warf ------------------------- berets, snowballs, scarfs. Estelle Pate ------------------------ albums, parlors, cakes. Lucille Hurrey ---------------------- cakes, gingham dresses, husbanda Mildred Freeman --------------------- organdie bows, curls, summer. Naomi McMahon ----------------------- earrings, dates, white dresses. Mary Smith -------------------------- red cheeks, oxfords, basketball. Lena M, Woodard --------------------- bracelets, blouses, polka dots. Martha Jamison ---------------------- sweaters, brown, daffodils. Rachel McMahon ---------------------- letters, beads, honey bees. Lera H111 --------------------------- silk dresses, jazz, bangs. Harriett Peach ---------------------- white collars, fruit cake, daisie$ Eva Mosley -------------------------- black and white, boys, gum. Alma Williams ----------------------- fords, graphophones, lunches. Mary E, Hoover ---------------------- books, pleated skirts, sandals. Eva Ring ---------------------------- 1ibrary,A's ,a piano. Morris Dysart ----------------------- clowns, Harch wind, popcorn. Alyne Sweeney ----------------------- victrolas, parties, carnations. Ruth Johnston ----------------------- saxophones, country lane, spring. Odessa Reynolds --------------------- red socks, apples. sleigh. Dorothy McPherson ------------------- carnival, merry-go-round, lemonade Elizabeth Walters ------------------- chestnuts,thh1ias, grapevine swing Margaret North ---------------------- lavender, old lace, pictures. Marie Petway ------------------------ picture shows, ice cream, boys. Cornelia Puryear -------------------- campfire, lakes, knitted dresses. Katherine Hendricks ----------------- poetry, open fire, dreams. Ona Lee Thompson -------------------- parades, class rings, giggles. Lillian Moran ----------------------- B, B, games, harvest, day dreams. Martha McGavock --------------------- heirlooms, autumn leaves, tennis. Mary H. Rue ------------------------- a frat pin, hamburgers, coca cola. Frances Jones ----------------------- finger waves, nail polish, red. Elizabeth Boyd ---------------------- swings, pecans, health charts. Iva Lee Lott ------------------------ twinkling stars, fudge and smiles. Christine Ezelle -------------------- night clubs, Campbell's soup, dates Reba Webb --------------------------- rubber balls, cosmetics, umbrellas. Rebecca Roberts --------------------- buttercups, a spring, Sunday. Rachel Potts ------------------------ Post Graduate, Postpaid, Post Toast Leland Bethurum --------------------- a khodak, scrapbooks, stamps. Frank C. Tulloss ------------------- monkeys, feet that ain't mates. Walter Carlisle --------------------- maps, stick candy, strawberries. Elizabeth Jefferson ----------------- blue, boots, benches, Tom Bradley ------------------------- clap in, clap out, ch00 choo train William Wiley ----------------------- magazines, hooky, milky ways. Herman Gardner ---------------------- straw hats, corn fields, saws, Gerald Smithson --------------------- walking, vagabonds, white sweaters Ed Jordan --------------------------- yo-yo's, chewing gum, cartoons, Whitson Jennette -------------------- smiles, stunts, ladies. Felix Jamison ----------------------- staccomb, shoe shines, telephones. Vivian Page ------------------------- solitude, teaching school, zenias. Class History As a history is a compound of facts and interpretation, we probably flatter ourselves by calling this a history. However I shall endeavor to put together a few facts concerning the class of "54" and I sincerely hope they will be of pleasure to every member of this class. On August 27, 1930, there was seen for the first time wandering about the campus of Franklin High School a rather uncouth group of Freshmen. For the First few weeks these Freshmen seemed quite uncertain as to what they should do but after being initiated by the Seniors, they soon felt quite at home. Much fun was made of us until we at last learned that one must "put away childish things" upon entering the dignified student body of High School. As Sophomores we began to realize our importance! For some unknown reason we gained the reputation of being the worst class in school. They told us we were uncontrolable and many times a Sophomore's name was discussed at faculty meeting both "pro" and "con" tbut mostly "con"t Our Junior year rolled around and at last our class settled down for some real work. Our conduct was considered the best we had given. The main feature for the year was the famous Junior- Snnior banquet given on Feb. 14, 1933. We hope you won't think us conceited when we say this was one of the best Junior-Senior banquets that Franklin High has ever witnessed. It might be well to mention also at this time that the Junior Girl's Basket Ball team won the banner in the Class Tournament. As Seniors the goals we set were to publish a school paper and an annual. And to institute a real freshman week. These have added much attraction to dear old Franklin High and we hope that the next class well be equally as enthusiastic in con- tinuing theml And now: lay this brief summary an augury be, For the glorious destines 1n the future you see or every single member of this class or '54' Graduating from Franklin--the school we adore! Class Prophecy The Place: Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City, N. Y. I think the clerk has left the desk for a moment, so let's go over and see who are some of the guests registered. I noticed on the hotel stationery that Felix Jamison is manager of the Waldorf at the present time. Now for some on the guests: Gerald Smithson.-oh yes, he's a buyer now for the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company----Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bradley--she was Thelma Beasley before her marriage--have suite 413. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Murrey--you remember she was Lucile Vaden.--I guess she and Steve are just now taking their honeymoon in New York. Mary Helen Rue-- not the actress appearing at Roxy's Theatre this week! Don't you recall that she won the first prize for the best actress in a play given in High School back in 1955? Mr. and Mrs. Fred Peck.-well at last the love birds got married--remember how Fred used to bring Dorothy to school every morning. Reba Webb is now one of America's young poets of the modern school. Mary Elizabeth Hoover and Eva Ring are teaching at Columbia University; Eva is teaching Latin and Mary Elizabeth is teaching Social Etiquette. Mr. and Mrs. Frank tmickey Mouse; Tulloss have Suite 844. You remember Frank and Marian were married last spring and moved here when he was appointed C.W.A. administrator for New York. Here are Ruth Johnston, Katherine Bransford, Katherine Hendricks, and Elizabeth Jefferson. They are chorus girls in Zieglield's Follies. Martha McGavock is a torch. singer in the Paradise Restaurant with Walter oarlisle's orchestra. Leland Bethurum is house doctor for the Waldorf-Astoria now. Mr. and Mrs. Herman tcave-mani Gardner--I heard yesterday that Herman and Lillian are leaving Monday for Europe on their honeymoon. Edwin Jordan--known in magical circles as the second Houdini--following in the footsteps of his father. Ed's famous trick is making pencils disappear from people's pockets--experience at F. H. 5. Christine Ezell is in New york for a vacation after managing Riageway Inn for three years. Carl Mangrum is one of New York's well-known stock brokers. Mildred Freeman--has married a multi-millionaire. she was beautiful. William uiley is a great politician now. He always was crooked: Elizabeth Boyd and Harriett reach are now playing off the finals in the national "tit-tat-too" contest being held in Madison Square Garden this week. Morris Dysart is running The Home for Disappointed Old Maids on 42nd Street. we heard that Morris is in love with the janitor. Mary Dixie tJordani is at home as the faithful little wife of4a we11-known magican--catch on.-remember Ed? Lera Hill is a prominent New York business woman. Iva Lee tsmilesiLott is now married to a handsome and wealthy man. she deserved one; she was sweet. cornelia tnonchalanti ruryear--of course you remember seeing her picture on the cover of last week's Saturday Evening rost. Margaret North painted the picture. Remember how Margaret used to draw sketches of the teachers back in High school? Hebecca Roberts is a girl's coach in one of the country's leading colleges. Alma ilet me tell you, teacherli Williams has taken Zazu Pitts,place in the movies. Lena Mai Woodard is now the manager of the cosmetic department in one of New xorkts leading department stores. Experiehce is the best teacher, isn't it Lena'nai? Mary twon't cha mama let cha?iSmith is a secretary to--well we can't quite say her bossl name right here. Ona Lee Thompson is chief librarian at Carnegie Library. well, I guess if Mrs. Baugh could see her now, she'd be real proud of her. Marie yetway is a saleslady now for 9221 perfumes tcatch on:?i. Whitson Jennette, the famous aviator, returned yesterday from a record making world tour. Estelle Pate was disappointed in love so she's an old maid now and makes cookies for the children of the neighborhood. Elizabeth welters is in New York on her way back from Detroit, where the chevrolet motor 00. paid her $5,000.00 for the oldest Chevrolet still in running condition for their museum of relics. Evelyn Warf is still waiting for John will to graduate from High School. Frances Jones, Alyne Sweeney, Naomi McMahon and hva Mosley are all operators in a famous Beauty Salon on Broadway. Odessa Reynolds and Hachel NcMahon own a tea room on Coney Island where excellent lunches are served. Vivian Page is teaching school. JWMN . rm, :1: mM-mgmo: -t 4 '1 3' Ruth Johnston having too much mouth wills most of it to Mary de 1 i u av-ct A... .e-,. .4. . Last Will and Testament We, the graduating class of 1954, being of unsound mind as usual, do here by will and bequeath the following in the year of our Lord ninteen hundred and thirty-four. First, we leave the faculty the peace and calm that are always pre- valent after a storm has passed. Second, we leave to the Junior class our sympathy and prayers as they approach Seniorhood. Third, we leave to the combined classes of Sophomores and Freshmen the consoling thought that that was the way we got our start. Fourth, to our Alma Mater we leave the sincere hope that all future classes will be as brilliant and as gloriously undignified as we have been. Individually we bequeath our most brilliant traits of character as follows: Mary Helen Rue, being unreasonably tall, leaves a few feet to Helen Johnson. , i i li Whiteon Jennette, being very generous, leaves his pull with the faculty to Herman Ferguson. . f Voorhies. ,m Walter Carlisle, being efficiency itself, leaves his ability to m Albert Berry. Eva Ring, being entirely too smart, leaves her string or A's to Alice Cannon. Reecie Petway, being very capable in attractintthe opposite sex, P leaves her ability to Marguerite Church. i$ Cornelia Puryear bequeaths her nonchalance to Elva Pate. :IM' Ona Lea Thompson leaves her ability to argue with the teacher to .it Christine Skidmore. ! l Reba Webb will her habit of combing her hair in every class to Josephine Trice. Av... Ed Jordan leaves his knack of getting in trouble to Leonard Ethridge. Martha McGavock, being or unsound mind, leaves her idea that the , Senior officers are so cute to Mercer Blaine, Secretary of Junior Class. : Mildred Freeman being possessed of good looks leaves a part of h them to Marcella Driakell. Leland Bethurum, being too stingy to buy a file, leaves his habit of biting his fingernails to Si Hood. Marion Ashley leaves her ability of getting up at 10 minutes to B and getting to school on time to Adelaide Hazard. Thelma Beasley and Katheryne Bransford, being possessed of good looks, leave their habit of making up in every class to all the Juniou beauties. 2l Tom Bradley and Gerald Smithson leave the wads of chewing gum under the tables in the study hall to anyone who desires a chew. Herman Gardner, being full of wind, leaves a few bags of it to John will Fiveash. Margaret North, being very generous, leaves her Job of illustrating for the Senior class to Joe Kenneday. Kathryne Hendricks, being a generous soul, bequeaths her giggle to Estelle Chaudoin. Elizabeth Boyd and Eva Mosley and Harriet Peach of unsound mind leave their crazy ways to Annie Bunch Hatcher and Adelaide Neal. Vivian Page, Rebecca Roberts, and Mary Smith, being very attentive in class, leave their examples of good behavior to all students who aspire to perfection. Feliz Jamison and Carl Mangrum leave their dignity to E. R. Beasley and Regen Hulme. Christine Ezelle, Lora Hill and Naomi McMahon leave their constant habit of telling jokes to Elva Pete and Margaret Still. Iva Lee Lott leaves her sweet disposition and winning ways to Lucille Andrews. Frances Jones leaves her immaculate wavy hair to Ellen Austin. Rachel McMahon leaves her rough and tumble ways to Rebecca Mosely. Dorothy McPherson leaves her mop of hair to Natalie Hazard but takes her interest in Fred with her. Estelle Pate leaves her ability to get by in English to Hazel Layne. Odessa Reynolds leaves her favorite pastime of hop-scotch to all the little Freshmen girls. Lucille Murray leaves her ability to get and hold her man to all other love-stricken girls in school. Alyne Sweney leaves her ability to waste time in school to Fred Reynolds. Elizabeth Walters bequeaths her interest in William Gentry to her sister Lucille, so as to keep him in the family. Evelyn Warf having nothing to leave takes the love of a certain Junior boy with her. Lena May Woodard leaves her habit of being absent real often to the Hazard's. Billy Wiley leaves his ability to elude Mrs. Cawthon to William Gentry. Alma Williams, being of unsound mind as usual, leaves her unceasing remarks to Jennie Cannon. Lillian Moran, having been hit by cupid's arrow for 10 these many years, leaves her ability hold her man to all other victims of the dart. Mary Elizabeth Hoover, having gone on a diet leaves a few pounds to Catherine Irvin. Elizabeth Jefferson leaves her uncanny ability to read Latin in History to Addie Love McCall. Martha Jamison leaves her interest in Gordon Payne to Brownie Anderson and also her best regards. Tillie Dysart leaves the fear she has filled Frank Tulloes with to his future wire--if any. 22 Senior Sayings "He has great possibilities, but little time for study"--Ed Jordan Give me sports or give me nothing--Whitson Jennette I am monarch of all I survey--Harmen Gardner All things come to those who Iait, so why hurry--Naomie McMahon "Why take life serious"--Lera Hill "A loyal supporter and an excellent student"--Wa1ter Carlisle "Still waters run deep"--Rebecca Roberts "Quiet but she accomplishes much"--Ive Lee Lott "If you know her you love her"--Mary Smith "Thoughtlens of beauty, she was beauty's self"--Mildred Freeman Exceedingly quiet; except when she talks--Ruth Johnston "A good character shines in its own lieht"--Hargaret North "success is written on her countenance --Elizabeth Jefferson "It is some time wise to forget what you know"--Christine Ezell "Youth is full of pleasure"--Katherine Hendricks "A sweet disposition is more valuable than gold"--Msrion Ashley "A rose is sweeter 1n the bud than in full bloom"--Evelyn Warf "What's the use or hurrying? There's plenty of time"--Car1 Mangrum "Worry is the least of my troubles"--Tom Bradley "Take everyone's advice; then do as you please"--Frank Carl Tulloss "How exquisite is the bliss of knowledge"--Mary Elizabeth Hoover "Anything worth doing is worth doing well"--Le1and Bethurum "A lady who is not afraid to speak"--Hary Dixie Brown "There is none like her, no not one"--Mary Helen Rue "She has a sweet voice and a smile or gledness"--Rsche1 McMahon "Selr-trust is the first secret of success"--Cornelia Puryear "My memory is the thing I forget with"e-Morris Dysart "And still they gazed and still their wonder grew, How one small head could carry all she knew"--Eva Ring "What would the world be like without beauty"--Katherine Bransrord "Speech is great, but silence is greater"--Lena Mai Woodard "Happiness is not perfect until it's shered"--Alma Williams "She looks for the bright side of everything"--Marie Petray "Individuality is a rare quality"--Martha HoGavock "A face seldom sad but ofttimes merry"--Rebs Webb "Quietly she assumes the duties of lite"--0dessa Reynolds "'Tis good to be merry and wise"--Elizsbeth Boyd "The unspoken word never does harm"--Vivian Page "Her heart was in her Iork"--Dorothy McPherson "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart"--Lucille Vaden Murray "Good humor is the clear sky of the soul"--Estelle Pate "Calm and unruffled es the summer sess"--A1yne Sweeney "A friend, the msstergiece of nature"--Gerald Smithson "Trouble rides behind --larthe Jamison "Warm hearted, friendly, and 5sy"--0na Lee Thompson Q. R m N U J Junior Alexander, Eugene Alexander, Lucille Anderson, Brownie Andrews, Lucille Akin, Ted Ashworth, Bessie Ashworth, Virginia Beasley, E. H. Berry, Albert Blaine, Mercer Burke, Evelyn Caldwell, Annie M. Caldwell, Margaret V. Carr, Robbie Chaudoin, Miller Chaudoin, Estelle Church, Marguerite Crowell, Dolores Edwards, Cleo Ethridge, Leonard Ferguson, Herman Finchum Nellie Gillespie Agnes Hatcher, Annie Bunch Higginbotham, Shirley Hood, Gerald Hood, Si Hulme, Regen Irvin, Catherine Jackson, Claude Johnson, Helen Roll Jones, Dorothy Kennedy, Joe Layne, Hazel Lynch, Mildred McCall, Addie Love Moran, Margaret Moran, T. J. 'Mullicanl Ocie Neal, Adelaide Pate, Elva Payne, Gordon Peach, J. W. Pewitt, Elmer Reed, Morton Reed, Woodrow Reynolds, Fred Sewell, Hester Skidmore, Christine Stephens, Lazinka Still, Margaret Voohries, Mary De Wilson, Joe D. Woodard, Ed Junior Class Class Officers President ----------------- Herman Ferguson Vice President ------------ Eugene Alexander Secretary and Treasurer - Mercer Blaine Flower -nned Rose Colors---Red and White Motto----"Aut inveniam viam aut faciam." E1ther find a path or make one.l SOPHOMORES Sophomore Roll Anderson, John Beasley, Elizabeth Berry, Walter Broadwell, Cyrus Brown, Joe Ann Caldwell, Pauline Cannon, Alice Cannon, Jennie Chapman, Ruth Conner, Irene Cook, David Cotton, Frances Craighead, Glen Critz, Frances Dawson, Nancy Driskill, Marcella Ferguson, Frances Gary, Sara Jane Hagerty, Mike Hamer, Helen Hicks, French Hughes, William Hume, William Isaacs, Thelma Jamison, Gladys Jewell, J. W. Johnson, Bertha May King, Elsie Kinnard, Margaret Marshall, Utie McCall, Robert McCampbell, Tom McMahon, Mildred McMurrey, Annie Laurie Moran, Ann Morton, Marjorie Northern, Herbert Pewitt, Lucille Pewitt, Vernon Reynolds, Virginia Robinson, Emily Sawyer, Mary Alice Sawyer, Pauline Simmons, Katherine Southall, Nancy Spencer, Paul Steele, Billy Tomlin, Sara Jane Trice, Josephine Tulloss, Martha Walters, Lucille Walters, Nellie White, Ella White, Mary Elizabeth White, William Wilson, Edwin Wray, Frances Sophomore Class Class Officers President ------------------------- Elsie King Vice President -------------------- Paul Spencer Secretary ------------------------- Robert McCall Treasurer ------------------------- Frances Ferguson Flower---Hyacinth Colors---Orchid and White Motto- --"The elevator to success is not running; take the stairs." N F. M H S F. FR Freshman Roll Alexander, Rachel Alexander, Milton Alley, Dorothy Sue Austin, Ellen Beasley, Frances Bradford, John Broadwell, Margaret Brooks, Maudie Lee Caldwell, Wilson Carter, Ella Belle Chrisman, Paul Coleman, Sara Marie Davidson, Frances Driskill, Whitola Elliott, Margaret Fisher, S. O. Fitzgerald, Archileen Fox, Sara Gant, Ester Gentry, William Green, Mildred Green, Henry Grimes, Ralph Harper, James Hickman, Jennie Mai Hicks, French Hood, Lou Ella Huff, Marjorie Irvin, Shearer Jefferson, Mary Johnson, Murray Lee Ladd, Mattie Cora Ladd, W. P. Lillie, George McClanahan, Virginia McKennon, Marvin McMahan, Ramon Mood, Lloyd Moran, Billie Mosley, Lewis Mosley, Rebecca Parks, Louise Peach, Kathleen Pewitt, Mable Potts, Martha Ragsdale, Edward Robinson, Ola Rodgers, Jenn David Sawyer, Hazel Schmidt, Sara E. Sellers, Melvin Smithson, Armine Smithson, Nell Smithson, Walden Stephens, Katherine Vaden, Elizabeth Watson, A na Ruth White, Astor Williams, Catherine Wiranch, William Woodard, Lucille Freshman Class Class Officers President ---------------------- Dorothy Sue Alley Vice President ----------------- Ralph Grimes Secretary and Treasurer -------- Martha Potts Flower---Pansy Colors---Purple and Gold Motto- --"The beginning, not the ending." Craig Mr. Yates; Leland Bethurum, J. W. Peach, Fred Reynolds, Edwin Wilson, Bob McCall, Herman Gardner, Gerald Smithson, Walter Carlisle, Billy Still, Tom 7 Bradley, Eugene Alexander, and Herman Ferguson. f E. R. Beasley, and Albert Berry. George Lillie, head, Fred Reynolds, Virginia Caldwell, J. W. McKennon, Milton Mr. Yates; instructor. Science Club . 1,;"wqu$ ?N Herbert Northern, Shearer Irvin, Herman Ferguson, Glenn Peach, Marvin Alexander, Edward Ragsdale, and Raynond McMahon. teacher. Martha McGavock, Editor-in-Chief; Leland Bethurum, Associate Editor; Margaret North, Associate Editor; Cleo Edwards, Society Editor; Mary Dixie Brown, Jokes Editor; Mercer Blain, Exchange Editor; Shirley Higginbotham, Sports Editor. Cheer Leaders Ruth Johnston,.E. R. Beasley, Herbert Northern, and Rachel Alexander. Mm? hJ YJT E.JIJ ryyf .JaEa 4 '1' ! 4-K Whitson Jennetto Ed Ragsdale Billy Steele Tom Bradley Allen West Ed Woodard Regen Bulme Gene Alexander T. J. Moran Herman Gardner Billy Moran J. W. Peach Gordon Payne Elmer Pewitt Fred Reynolds William Ladd Weldon Smithson Paul Spenser Herman Ferguson Captain ----------- Tom Bradley Manager ----------- Ross Moseley Coach ------------- Mr. Yates Elizabeth Jefferson Marion Ashley Evelyn Wart Dot Jones Robbie Carr Brownie Anderson Capta1n Sara Jane Gary Elsie King Mary Smith Elizabeth Beasley Rachel McMahon Miss Locke-Coach Mary Helen Rue-Manager Paul Spenser Willie D. Stephens Fred Reynolds John Will Fiveash Herman Gardner Gerald Hood Regan Hulme Carl Mangrum Billy Steele Richard Sullivan Capta1n Mr. Yates, Coach Alumni Association President--Jennie s. Anderson-1927 Vice-President--Price Robinson-1926 Secretary--Carolyn Akin-1930 Treasurer--V1rginia Bradley-1929 History of the Association The Franklin High School Alumni Association was organized March 23, 1951 with 400 members. Each year we have had a Home Coming at the High School. Our first Home Coming was held in 1931 with Congress- man E. E. Eslick as the honored guest. A big parade was held in the morning and in the afternoon there were speeches, stunts and events held on the athletic field. In the evening Congressman Eslick made an address to the Alumni Association and Seniors of the High School. In the year '32 and l55 banquets were held in the High School Gymnasium. This year our honored guest at the banquet was Miss Nelle Shea, our former beloved teacher and friend. It was held in the High School gymnasium April 13 with 500 members present. Program for 1954 Alma Mater Asoociation Prayer Rev. W. H. Armistead Welcome Address Pres. Jennie s. Anderson Music Franklin Bend Tributes to Miss Nelle Shea 1. Mr. W111 Voorhries 2. Miss Carolyn Akin 3. Prof. Claude Yates Response -------------------------- ----Miss Nelle Shea stunt ---------------------------- ----Senior Class of 1934 "Memories of Old School Days"- ------- -Marsha11 Morgan Old Time Fiddling Music --------------- Franklin Negroes Election of New Officers -------------- Elizabeth Gillespie 1Chairman1 Songs --------------------------------- Association Benediction --------------------------- Rev. Armistead -.T ...:.1.1 x 1. Calendar 01C Events Freshman Week A few weeks after school started, the Senior Class set aside a week to try the worth of the freshmen. Each freshman who passed the test and showed due respect for the seniors was awarded a diploma. tlolypopT Pep Meeting st 11 On a chilly night in October preceding our game with Mt. Pleasant, four big bonfires were built on the football field. There was an abundance of weiners and buns. After cheering and singing everyone Joined hands and marched through town. Football Banquet The whole squad attended, Some were brave enough to bring a girl friend. Mr. Yates acted as toastmaster and Fred Reynolds was elected Captain for next year with Gene Alexander as alternate. "Penitent Pirates" M The senior class sponsored the play, "Penitent Pirates". This was given at the Grammar School Auditorium January 18. The pirates were penitent but not to the seniors. 9;,7V; Amateur Circus i,fop An amateur circus was givenzm the school on February 21. There was a big ring with animals and clowns; side shows; a grand concert; ham- burgers and popcorn galore. Basketball Banquet The Basketball Banquet was held on March 15. The members of the teams were presented certificates. Reading -.... The annual reading contest was held March 31 in chapel. The judges selected as our representative in the district contest Brownie Anderson, Junior-Senior Banquet This, one of the real events of the year, took place on March 22. Herman Ferguson acted as toastmaster and Elizabeth Jefferson, president of the senior class, responded, The class colors and flowers were used for decorations. - Alumni Banquet On April 13, a banquet was given by the Alumni Association: in honor of Miss Nelle Shea, a former teacher of Franklin High, The first graduating class was represented and much interest was manifested. Hi-Y Banquet The Hi-Y boys entertained with a banquet in April. Fred Reynolds, the president, presided. Senior Play Splendid talent was shown by our seniors in a play on April 21. Commencement Exercises Class Night ------------ May 11 Commencement Sermon----May 13 Graduation Exercises---May 14 SCHUWCHER W E FLATTERER lObi 5k AVE. N. CORNER OF CHUMH STREET C owehwewfcs of m DR. GUY BLOOM. OENTDST WMLKER CCHEWWQETY WMMNY LJ-m H. H: 1'16 1mm t. Safestsu Wtce FY anal Mfremn T68 SthOTLC 2'00 aZAGEPS Souv ?a-lvomage, 13 anawxs a??vecsa3te3 SANOTARY 0 DR? CLEANERS ?hone lob- KONNARG$ CHEW? GDRUQ $CCBJ$$ Phomeua 695 $choo$ Se?eSies Com?SKWevx"ts of WILLIAMSON COUNTY NEWS C ow ?Sincmk ox" WVILKERSON FURMWRE CO. CWW?SVVL wdrso g-WJ WWGBERTS SWCODRE Co 0'1va Pm Hwt egxp CHGPMANMS C on ?Siwem'ts og-x: TENNEESEE ELECTRIC PDWER EDWPANY CO OW'QX wu: cm H0732 16a. Room J M KING COMPWV ow Maw; rAGas M901 HEEEN BETWHUEDIW PADEET Ce e'waSx vme min. PROF. FRED J. 9606 N 44 Cloi'vvxek wa mks og- WONQEQ EEEWECK UNSWMNEE MP. 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