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vi i 5 3 ,Y l K 5: 1 ,E if ri 'E H l lf I .a We . 1 ci Q2 FE a ii E If l I F 'S 5 3 l li al 22 fi , S F2 E I5 5 ls V5 5 Ii ,E L l 'J' NNN Aflfv NALUB time n Wednesday, September 7, l984, about 2084 students .bade farewell to the carefree days of summer vacation and returnedonce again to the classroom. Seasoned old-timers and in- experienced freshmen were immediate- ly faced with many changes including the addition ofa new principal, Mr. Ru- pert J. Asuncioh, and a "sick-out" staged by Stockton Unified School Dis- trict teachers on the first day of school to protest their salaries. Despite these changes Franklin fs resilient faculty, staff and students rebounded from the temporary surprises to become a strong. united, thriving community. Uncertainty characterized the begin- ningof the year as the temporarty ab- sence of teachers lead to the cancella- tion of classes and regulary scheduled events. When would teachers resume? Fortunately these questions were an- swered, an agreement was reached: classes resumed the next day, and teachers were awarded higher salaries within the month. Mr. Rupert Asuncion was warmly re- ceived. Respected by faculty and stu- dents alike, the new principal was pow- erfully impressed with the conduct of students in view of their unusual first day of school. Said Mr. Asuncion, "Stu- dents at Franklin High School must be commended for all their effort that led to a very smooth opeining of the I983- 84 school year." Continuing with his words of praise and wisdom. he com- mented on the remainder of the school year saying, "The eyes of the communi- 'ty will always be upon you as students at Franklin High School, if your conduct is like it was , during the first week of school, parents and community will be justified in saying, 'Franklin High School - Second to Nonel' " "Second to Nonel" These words de- scribe Franklin's performance in the areas which are the essence of what a school should embody. Boosting em- phasis in academics, higher standards for all classes were instituted. Paving the way for the rest of the year, the stu- dents showered the first school rally with awesome spirit and vitality. Setting trends in building' conhdence and sportsmanship, athletics, strived to im- prove team involvement and emphasize women in sports. ln short, the student body, faculty and staff proved to Stockton and sur- rounding communities that throughout the school year Franklin High School maintained its poer to be TOTALLY AWESOME! Ufallg ie ec q ixeoiws K WGA CM P-0021 Gul 31 swoox Vows o qmeiwboov VY YY m xg Yum do N ence 300 North Comm Stockton, Ch 95105 QM' vw A mn 2 nm? rat A Wes Om ntallg AN AWESOME YEAR BEGINS . . . otally Tacol Setting the stage for many awesome changes throughout Frank lin 's entire year, Homecoming festivities were liberated with the introduction of homecoming KING Candiates, as well as the traditional queen candidates. As the theme of the l983 Homecoming King! Queen Pageant, "Puttin' on the Ritz" by Taco razzled and dazzled the audience on November 8 with a "ritzy" rou- tine performed by all the candidates. In previous years, such a performance had not been included in the annual presentation, and so new traditions were born! Likewise, many football games, including the Home- coming game against Edison, were played on home turf on Saturdays at l0.30 in the morning and l:00 in the afternoon. This also was a big change since previous games had only been played on Fridays in the evenings. On another level, school spirit took a turn for the better with all four classes-the seniors and sophomores in particu- lar- "warring it out" at nearly every rally, yet at the same time combining to form a united whole. Along with higher educational standards and a superior staff Franklin students combated with great efficiency the long held myth that Franklin was one of the poorest high schools in the area. Indeed, Franklin proved the contrary, making it clear to all that Franklin was the richest in unity, spirit, and love. Franklin High School has lived up to its legacy of being "Second to None," and in doing so proved that its people, spirit, and unlimited talents are TOTALL Y A WESOMEI By Shelley Hall Z Introduction Theme TABLE OF CON TEN T5 Totally Awesome........ People ......................... ..... I 8-I09 Academics ...... ....... I I0-I35 Sports .......... ...... I 3 5-I59 Activities ............ ........... ...... I 5 0-I8I Organizations .............................. I82-I99 Community Supportflndex .... 200-216 x Yxtocov .Q 1 wb ix X91 c. zz Nw S Awesome Table of Contents 3 Theme fig? 1 fav C51 if 'if 1? 5' , 3 V H yi, H , in rv Q L s 3 1 3? A 1 Utallg fu- adm 1.130 mos 'xuxq svkrkmkxoh Tama Waning. me Hannon edvlitm Yaqion. GUCCI on W M1 dm B Como S oo: gh mum Pmple B xiodaom emu CM. Sa simon. CGM Y-eq Theme em?-codon. V-MVN mg, N 1 E LUBZUIITB W l F5tudents combine vitality and spirit Q otally Dedicated: A year of arduous work and devotion paid off at the end 5 of the year. An obvious reward for the sea- j soned seniors was the Commencement Ex- After three long years of patiently wait- ing, the Class of '85 reached the top rung of the ladder by becoming official seniors after the last day of school. Walking out Percises. graduation. After four years of-the door. their junior status was elevated study and serious preparation for jobs and s college, the Class of '84 finally saw their dreams become a reality as they walked . upon the stage and were handed their di- 7 plomas. to the ranks of seniors. Stepping into the world of the upper- classmen, the sophomores put behind them half of their high school education and prepared for their junior lifestyle. By Shelley Hall The Class of '8 7 also began to adjust to a new lifestyle. The new experience of life with a class below, was thrilling and excit- ing. Each class ga ve forth great effort and an "Awesome" spirit and vitality which unit- ed them as a whole and made the students totally unstoppable. and Totally A wesomel E People Theme Ufilllg High standards create high expectations cademically Awesome: Buzzing with excitement and enthusiasm, Frank- lin students delved into their classes for better education and academic fullh'll- ment. These students were not disappoint- ed, for behind the classroom doors they found many challenges and a lot of hard work. Especially important for some, were the college prep classes. Included in this ardu- ous schedule were classes like biology, college prep, foreign language, and analy- sis. These classes were geared for prepar- ing the students for the rigors and stresses of college. - Other classes offered in the educational program also prepared students for life ahead, and increased awareness in learn- ing. In addition, one of the highest athletic By Shelley Hall elegibility requirements in the state, was employed. Upgraded standards in the cur- riculum, and higher levels of achievement were required to pass classes. More years of science, math, and English were re- quired to graduate. The importance of aca- demics rose, and the image of study being important was an outstanding quality at Franklin. Academics Theme B D111 Aw? , . ---. -Xxx si? Ilfic Ivo fails 'rica lid llaclo gg? llded at I0 'fe 'f00'004r Peffvflned an hue:-e,r1f,g 04PeU"01,f '71 aw Afahtm .c, Acaiigne 7 .-...- 0 -90 '17 o 00 ef ntallg www M MH ' X X I. A fir A is if "Q 4- Mei eel? rea 0309009 '36 41 '+ +6269 4? fo O0 U . '15, 4, 0'I6:ef4, 40 0 0 '52, 4,9 00 'e of I "of 1 H Athletics Theme 4:,,,d 5Xtl1letirz1 1 Awe mme " 'hl v Athletes face competition wit c ass B M otal Sportsmanship: Even though many of the sports teams were not always triumphant in their athletic endeav- ors, nearly every participant emerged from his or her defeat showing a great display of sportsmanship and spirit, two qualities im- portant in true success in both life and sports. With few exceptions, Franklin 's athletes were courteous to their opponents. They also showed a great fighting spirit, and al- though they did not always win, that same spirit held these athletes up and kept them going-pushing them towards greater heights. The physical and mental outlets offered by the sports programs provided an escape from the constant work of school, but also, because of the "C" average eligibility re- quirement these athletes had to maintain good grades. As a result, rather than losing their position on the team, many of the athletes gave that extra effort to school. Against many odds, brave sportsmen and women pushed their anxieties away, met their opponents, not always winning, but were winners! Athl t' 152152 11 1 ntallg Action-packed fun invades school otally Active: Whether it was getting "all pepped up" at a rally, or "danc- ing their socks off" or enjoying an enter- taining assembly, fellow Jackets were caught up in the fun-filled activities and-' brought together in unity, spirit, and ex- citement, A super example of this "Awesome" unity burst forth at the first rally of the year. Many of the seniors donned togas and transformed themselves into Ancient Greeks for 50 minutes. A chariot race, mi- nus the chariots, was run ala "Chariots of Fire" around the ancient areana of Gus- Gallanger Gym! Fun and spirit shook the gymnesium. One not so fondly remembered event was the Ski Club 's "Safety Dance" when a f By Shelley Hall robbery occurred forcing the cancellation of the dance. However, new arrangements were enforced for subsequent dances and afterawhile the beat picked up once again. Showing true style and class the stu- dents and staff pushed ahead with more spirit and fun, and the remainder of the activities were "Totally Awesome." . Activities 1 I I 1 Utall E 1 1 6-'cog 'Z V6 f Ilbe Q EM or ' 06 lceqqeeobl "'e..,,, " nr ,,,, Ui-'I:o1n4.,4,': ' 61? ceq, vb' t '59 49 Sanlzafwns Qr Theme . - ann nl? wa l I Awe uma Clubs develop community otally Organized: A positive sign of maturity and responsibility was the involvement of many students in various clubs and organizations. Instead of spend- ing time in the Commons or in other parts- of the school, club members ga ve up one or more hours per week to attend the meet- ings. A beautiful side light to these meet- ings was the sense of belonging and com- munity that developed. New clubs like the Role Playing Club evolved, and old favorites like Key Club continued to attract new members. Orga- By Shelley Hall school. The Key Club became involved in community support with their walk-a-thon for M.5. s Giving Franklin a record of good faith nizations like the Pep Club pushed to im- -1-md performance with each organization's prove spirit, and active participation in school activities. The Asian Club was in the front ranks promoting peaceful harmony and co-existence between all people in the fund raisers and activities, our clubs and organizations proved to be uniquely "A we- some1" Organizations Theme- 1 5 ntallg 5 Awesome public supports school otally Supportive: Laying the ground- work for Franklin 's many activities, community supporters played a generous role in keeping curricular and extra-cur- ricular activities alive and thriving. Whether it was helping to send the spir- itleaders to camp, hiring students for work experience, or buying ads for yearbook and newspaper, supporters throughout the community lent a much needed helping hand to help keep the programs going. Said Evelyn O'Reilly from Pizano's Pizzaria, "I think that we like to have a good relation- ship with Franklin because we are from the same area, and I think Franklin is a very good school. We enjoy having Franklin students in," Other terrific supporters were Patrician By Shelley Hall Studios and Swingle Studios which pro- vided photographic coverage for many of the year's events. These businesses and others like them helped us make our school a little bit better, and made enor- mous contributions to our school and stu- dents that Hltered their way into the future. Community Support ' Theme mt B n Aw 0epell0b6leaIld.rl1ppol19peJo ofbbre 000' eq Q, fo ,feb 6'5 639' 300-,900l?al'ff p ' I 00 0600! 00, 4 4,10 44457 00103 019 ug man alum abr f guppnr ff . svPP0e unlty Them cv""" - - VW- YW H, ,,n,w,,,,.W,,,. enple Gini ntallg All g Awezum nnw 1521111 U ple Guia , l , all A111253 9 rename 152 2 192111112 le Entallg g Awwnm People . Division Page 1 H . Q M2as2srffffwflfifzWwwiziswwifgvfggg 29241553 gm A , V: gg was Q53 west: 7335 ma y :gf 3 ,V zrz 7:52 amz: xggyfa eg ggggggga zgg R ,qfwmgiggggggfmMgggggw,,,,,:g1s,g3gf,,3DW5g3iaM,,53g55hm5W5 4 .W,.,,,, .WMA V, W A ww, ewan, q.,,,,0 K W' aqfgggfbUwmafggeffwwigsvvvkawfpgi'wazugg gg Hgww, K4 - 'M A Q Q-4,9awwwwvmmw:vw-mmsaswm..:gaW3,,gg KM .a , W ,, . M?SE2SEXxH5f95Z5'55:iiaifiifscwri2SaQ42:iwiliirgegwilitrgzgggg K fi...,N,ghwwfmagzifwa,Mugs V f 7 ,M mm, ,. V ., A MwmwwZaW,.Wg.zgvw,-mjagfwfm,Myfe,Q.Msgggwmm W i 'WWW 'iw-WD . , , , . Melinda Abelong F Frank Alcala W Peter Aldridge Eric Ambriz I jeff Andress Cecilia Aquino Maria Arana Renee Archer Kimberly Austin Maria Avalos Alex Barboza f Ryan Barclay 511 Che Class of 1984 Seniors Ab - Ba Z People Theresa Borrego Leticia Botello isszswssgf m me Wgiwzaem, ef-Wim .... fwwiwqizszwf MMF? Wzem fwW1N,WJaH Wir M ff W in ' :'5 if H :- ."'::::'.--1 2.:2.Q-:F::? 5'riE'4f55ffg 5 M wf::x?fefQffd:'H iwai--K1hfif5Hr dfW3i5SfSi?2534iB? 3fi , 'L -kk' G t Klear I.. ' Af 'f F . "l'ff21?EriiA1' e - f'k'3:4 S2:a55i?S2f1 ifffzm-W 'U Bennie Beltrama julianne Beltran Mark Bertholf mi Bill Bra tcher ---uv Karen Bryant abrina Burrola Karen Bush S my I 'w ise 4 new ' if gf -'NSW-f5i7:'gw azigi ' U' ' 'K QSQSW Barbara Blair ,gay A my34isrf-fS5fisS5:mas:::.i2.Sw,:sazsszswswws Q Q I 2 is i 4 ,Umm ,sewn wfi3?Z?WhMii5'MwH if 2'i-Gfifigkh' Sis Miki Brumfield ' G mls 1 at ,, ..., 5,5 F L ' 'QE 1 , 55:5 siggs 25325 3 555 55:56 5 Bal? M222 em 55553 3 iii?" 'Y mis W, Q Simi Felicia Canez I Seniors Be - Ca People Z zzigiaimisszazz 1-12:Z'5:f:5f'i'5sii 1515 wwimfggsz wrfsiasgiifsiffsfiiezsssi- .... ,:...,,.,. fx . 4 john Cardona wzfafif2:rssssiiifsamwififzf fffffsv zwe:skisU2fsgUs.,,wf:fgggM:si:::z,s::52fw? ' .gz Meta Carpenter , I V, v:V:k,fi,:V,i,,V,4:V. sr - :1w.a.:7'iiMb-.,:f -M ,,-' M ,,k' .. . -I ww Linda Carrillo Harvey Casillas Q ' -A Paul Castro Teresa Caven Lisa Cavender Charlie Christy Ken Churchill We WYZF14M54TVQEZS,iZfivmSQJZ5Zm?:ZZjff,.JL43' M, ' . W 'G ' ' Kim Churchill Chris Cirac La jeana Clark Che Class of1984 Seniors Ca - Cl ZZ People s Wsiggzw N zmgmzszl 5 miigmigw W. N 375A?a ?.23la5z. . . : M-ww' H S 5 K 1421? gf' Q Q Donald Coleman . r 3 1fQ , 5 Richard Creer Sandi Collins ,L -f-if I .. .. 6 Anna Crisp ..-... C Tina Comer Kevin Creamer .W Wwmv M -4 HM ww M-mznasvzsw we :wwf 003557255WYwf?5Ss?:Z,2,Z,Zg3QiawPJ13JQggmzww-few-IJ :wwf images: ii? joe Crivello Donald Crooms Paula Crosby Gabriela Cruz Amelia DelaCruz Rebecca Dela Cruz 5 Seniors Cgeznzg Z 3 V22 ZzxiemsgzVfgggwggglfrzmiiifsizzresisting... wif-is-'5?5?V5?HVPfe'ssbfM.Ni.3Z3ggfigzigifgiiiiiiixikbisf STZWXSKSLQQHES 5-E55E5iil23I-5 VW" A YWW ' WV t' ' ' " 3 gg 2 I . , s.. AIII L .WW, I H . ,,Lq, II I III , , ,sI .I I I .. .. I . I , . . I I , .... I .. I .. .I I .. I I I ., . , .. . II ... ..I Is.I.I..I.,...W...I.......H .. III IIIIIIIIII III. Seniors Transitions create changes for seniors By Nancy Flocchini t all began on September 7, 1980. Entering through the large doors, walking down the narrow halls crowded with un- familiar faces and sitting in class- rooms facing the unexpected. Four years ago you would have found today's seniors exper- iencing this drama. The class of '84 had made a rapid transition through high school. They had changed from timid freshmen to confident seniors. It was time to realize that one's life is full of changes and that constant adjustments had to be made. Many graduat- Right, Big-Bear Kevin Creamer goofs around with Carol Rolleri. Above, Lo- lita Sauls spends time writing down her creative thoughts. ing seniors, however, anticipat- ed making the same transition once again as they entered col- lege and became freshmen. The maturity of many stu- dents was evident when com- pared to their behavior of the first few years of high school. One way that their new-found maturity showed itself was in their school work. During their fourth year senior students be- gin to face the credit crunch and the mad dash to fullfill graduation requirements. As a result, classwork becomes more important and assignments were taken much more serious- ly. During a senior's school ca- reer friends become more im- portant and in some cases changed. Peers tended to influ- ence behavior and students tended to seek out friends with the same or similar goals and behaviors. Finally on the last day, june 7, 1984 after putting on the unfa- miliar green gown and hearing their name announced, a final high school transition was made as the diploma was proudly giv- en! My attitude towards life has changed When I was a fresh man I cut class quite a blt Now, I go to all my classes and have habits ' ' Kenneth Hafllch I improved my school s ' D -El Z4pZ'.lZf 8 45. -am, 1 J M:lV.i,gw4, .i,,,g szbigslbirvfz L- Mix: an , M vn.. QFQR.. ,, W' as f 2 2 fx iv as mmm, ,mama Q Wh, . Q ' ,' ea:a, ugawEw Ray Delaney M ii. 1 Tryna DeShields ww S mm m m? SM MS W Ziiwfwiieimw ,XD uw 'M Zin: viwzf-ww - W,,,s,,,, 1 MM .1,.w., , . af. Wk. vw w vs Nm, Na QD till ' e'memw ,Muay-:QM A ffQ,f.,Wmpm55aA55m3aww,a --W - - ...-.,....,.,. :M ' ... . gmigi ssiz - -e -1 -a r f - ""-"'-'-"-' 1 f f Lydia Delao jeff Desersa' ! me Dfffhen E E Elisa DelCambre Arturo Delreal 5 A A v,aW E V bnk,,,q9,, 4 bmm, Qqabq ., W. MW,,W,,W,a W we e Elena Dominguez Rhonda Drumm , Tammy Eglinsdoerfer Deidra Elkins S ' D - El emors Pgople gg .:.,,i, 35 15555, 5 25 il fs? ig 2 seg Q X52 35 ig E gif I if - 'gd Lupe Escupedo if W,-s:1:,:6-fwmggggewwg-M gggmmrf. .fggyxwvggyfmfgomgfggkqvV .,.::gws:: 7fJf:::'Mw get waJ'HM.:iW:'-1WW: fY.:ym.m.13M .fgN..,sM- Q::1wMKzgfws,:w,,q,g,gwm:,,,,,fWa:ggfw.. 5- mini: Martin Espinoza 55? avffgffzmi + ' ' p-g,f5f7i, 'fJ'::f242f 1 ff ,N Mary Esquibel Tim Eure Donna Freeman Nancy Flocchini Ricky Flores Troy Fox f ,5 M5415 ' Diane Garcia Myrna Gardea Letricia Gardner Ina Gilmore Che Class of 1984 Seniors Es - Gi 25 People 'fr' rig 5 93 G52 MG 392: Fernando Gutierrez 1 2 5 Q .1 Mary Gonzalez jennifer Gordon james Gorman 211 - V", :e4 2LM1.:.i:f.,,:a::g: UV.,- :a v W ifggggfwg grzgif -A K 221 ,2,g1f-W, ,gzzgzgw sfiegggz ' Michael Gutierrez Kenneth Haflich Maryanne Hall Q e G T7 i G rrar M i Shelley Hall Franklin Hargrove y Andrea Hernandez Maricela Hernandez Seniors Ggelullg Q if ggaiw at nr. l .signs Q, as ,Q gm. were f Above, planning fun for the furture Leanna Sinibaldi, Carol Rolleri, Nanette larvis, Shelley Hall, lsidoro Leon, Ken Melgoza, Greg Dread, Richard Creer, 8: another student go over the fine details. Below, Tim Knoeb 81 Victor Young discover that not all wheel drums and brakes are alike. "There is a lot Of IO- getherness, exciting times, and memories that will last forever!" Leanna Sinibaldi Christina Helton Liga Herron Mark Holland Barbara Holmes f Regina Howard 3 f 5 ' H -H ZSPZZZQS e 0 --Mzzifigsil-Qisasiiafa-1.2. M-me:.1i5:5f..z:g5:.ggas.gQ.gsaga- mm QQ........Mig-....K..?..,,,mu,. ,.....,........, WWW... X ......,. aa. - W... a, .....,, . M W... . ,, ...M,,-a......,ww..,.!p WM-vm' W .Q aw .Q Wa aa '-1 f. ,S 1 W 'Q f - .. , . 4, . 2 5 w'f'Yw1vHk2s5s g?55sgff3i4.:S A?-1355s-wi..M25.fE.'iiaiimiviiififigi K .-Q-iiiggggwsna .5-faq-maiagawg eggggggwiwiassq pmg, - --we .mg -Q... Z X ? if -56.2 W ac... X sxgawam. g...g..,,,U 0 .,....,,g Wm: ,,w,Ny.3L wa9Z.g.,g51m K. 3 E af 'WNWQE Z YSFSZBKWS F4 5 5 53312 ZW-M151 W ai 95? ' 'Q ' 13 Z"Xs?i550'0f ai ' S Z SST? , 4 Kim Hubbard Sandy Hubble -Q-f1E5.z:..:ssf1f--M. f Wwemaap f-Weixw-ff" - '-imifeawxswiw and xv., D. U we ew - - f a. , ami, ,f V 4. V, N, A K, , My Seniors Awesome activities stimulate seniors he year was filled with lasting memo- ries. Activites inspired by the senior class offi- cers established unity and spirit among the students. The first pep rally showed that the seniors were ready to start the new school year off with a bang. Many seniors displayed their spirit by wearing togas and running around the middle of 4 By Nancy Flocchini the gym yelling at the top of their lungs. The spirit didn 't stop there, but continued to in- crease throughout homecoming. This was the first year that we had a homecoming king, and this really ar- roused spirit and ex- citement. long hours were spent in prepara- tion for the senior class float. Sleep was some- thing of little impor- tance! The homecom- ing dance was also heavily supported by the seniors. Decora- tions, free snacks, and balloons added to the spice of the evening. The dance showed to- getherness and friend- liness with other schools' attendence. The success of the homecoming set the tempo for the remain- der of the year! N A Lisa Imhoff Matthew jackson Olga jarero Yvette Jarvis in Seniors Pggpt -wig.-6 gg? Ez 52 2225: Xisff 2' ' ...Q 21:24 - -: .-.. 5 ii aw. 225: W3 55553 ez.. X .ggi at. as 552 5- W.. 215 iii? -3- 5 E55 52355 a.,..,1'.E. 5. 534.55 533.2 55325 W... 6:6153 RZ.. Elie 53233 gm z zz gg, ms::m.w:gggsa:,:A .fry ,ggwqspwzfqzggsaigg .ggg5,.::gf::5m,fA1b,gg,7ggm.:gw:gfw:w,:::M mg, ffwzifgeggxfggr 5 w:fmi5:gi5:g wiser G Steve jensen GENE? V15 ' fn is 4 :iff fi ,gf .NSN .Q 50-rf g 355555355 33555 3 2 53555355 I:j??i3555'ii:j:5 if wafgiifsg ff: 1 45555 v':SSi?3555f555V35g9?i45f?Q5!5iZ'sgiwV Si?Q5?W5,,G3i,. Qfiiff 'vi 2i'95"Q ' 955' 52,55 VQSSQSF Q ' 5 FMQQWQ 3:1 Xjikiggwv? 2 in ferwffffif -msfmrw. fb -fmrw U- fb mfwifmv W , s w:' rR w. w,. w Q21 min i? , N iff ww mia WSUJSQ' W 352 QUfzfezfmlfifwfifecfffm.Qfweigff-Fifitf, ' 21:3 H5232 . N53 Q I Debbie johnson juan Jimenez R 2 Hubert johnson W Q Yvette johnson Kim jones Esther luarez George juelch , Were.: X 8 - Monte Kelly Willa King Linda Knight t Tim Knoeb Ch Class of 1984 Elin 2225? .le - Kn Mike K osier T Sandra Linch David Luna M sf 'zziwmgffgarxzgs u .N SEQ: ...g :,:.,:- - .E.. . .g - fzrsemefriggiiiis xs 35" f 3 ' Maria Lara Michelle Lopez Mia Lewis Dwight Lmch ' f f!4?SE: 'l44?55:zg:'2z:fif55i35?W Victor Lorenzi Eugene Lovegrove 1 5 A X A .- Q 2+ Q f M..X:,',. if 'Effi - . B lv x Q' x S JW we A we 2 xi. S A. X. f .: :Sa 2 55' 5 ' , , ' Q 'ii , X iii 5 5 sf? gli Q :fax- 1 :5g:Ei::i:if .W QMMM 2 gi ,:..,, I: .2 ' IZ A 11 4, EQ ..: W vw isis? WW mis lgyxiiii fflfiifi, Seniors Ko- Ma People 3 1 D. aaa , , ,aaaia w aa 'Q' ' fm.3 wrra.2 .a va s gagai . . 552 Debble Martlnez astfffwm wasVwiQ:a'va::i1f,7'iSD a Wfssaiii I james MCL emore I njwa -M-faaaggamwgagwaa Y::waaaMaaa.asg,:graa I-awagcwawr " 0 sy. 5'S'2MIwa, ,yu ga, Fwri'i!"9M' "t"h'vw3iv,af awaii' s gr? mraag aQiifggifSaaaggaaa5,55riSamiaaaQaiwifgagfgvaaafafaaaaaaiifyfzagigiw wwf:Wraicszfarasswaaasrf mas: swaaare- amz, , ,, ra ha, mat, aa, am M, Wa ma r 4-ra. aa...a.,- Debra Martinez aza is aaaggaa Y. ziswaaaggq-raatggi aaa atm: aaaazaa aaaacaw ff G'bfsaasfiszggaiiifsgaarri:z55aii::5wi'sf3:frwfglmazsrszagasg ,azrarar,c,a.aa:1i'f"5fam:5farfafgffaac ,eg rgfwraagraa john Martinez 4 james McGrath .arczgxaa agfagwsggg 554 siagga a a Q rggmggg irrrszaaa aa ii S Y me 3 U , rssgamsxf,asarif-isiamramscaasf vwzfwrfltszi M- M57 egirzaairzfiaia aaa? a. it :ii Ruth Mead Gilbert Melendez Q Kenneth Melgoza "ii i eiiz I Richard Michael Lydia Miller Priscilla Ming Mike Mitchell Seniors Ma - Mi 3 Z People To me, worklng wlth the handl capped and stroke vlctlms was reward ln In some ways they are more fortunate because they have the wlll to keep trying Carrle Snlder want' f Above students m class prepare to face the challenges of the com munity Far right Richard Creer and Athena White check their files before leaving Semors sk not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country 'This famous quote by Students work at no coast By Nancy Flocchmr rt rn some classes such as psychology and Amerrcan Government Some rn drvrduals contrnued to offer their trme I went there because I belreve a lot of people treat elderly people as rf they are of no use I love them and feel they M 'vc W I ' Ei r , I 1 ' ' 5.9 I , U 0 ' Q o I A f 0 f - hi I V 7,77 4 g 0 e o A o 1 1 ' I I 1,-,, 1 J Q gjei 0 U ' i" I . - ' . ' Q .ASQ f . ,, - I l I O I , I I . , Q . Q ,, President lohn Kennedy represented what many students at Franklin be- lieved. Many individuals devoted much time performing free services for others. It required sincerity, un- selfishness, and warmth from these students to volunteer their work for those less fortunate. Even though many seniors had limited time avail- able to work, they still helped out at least five hours a week. Community work was done for cred- even rnto the summer months Sard lanee Resendes who worked at the Children 's Home during the summer, "I did volunteer work to help the chil- dren. They need to be assured that they are loved, and that someone cares for them. " Working with these special people usually brought strong feelings of friendship. Attachments occurred which made the volunteer work even more valuable to the student. Said Sii Saili who worked with older people, are important The experience and feelings helped these students relate to life more real- istically. No longer did they feel un- comfortable around people who dif- fered slightly. Instead they understood and felt comfortable among them. These students have shown great em- pathy among their community, and re- present the atmosphere often found at school. Seniors Mlael? 3 3 Rafael Molina iw ,ggi ? LQ ft 555555414 fs 55:25 3 135 fi figif 2 efffsffffasz? fsf::?G22fLf ffl Sherry Morgan 3 .Sim ics, I rr , sri," K f sssgfisafyfgaa sqaeff: .:. " , gsszml -"H E ff: rwfrfzsgwsmfffifi. fwmft ,u:s5w4f::- 7.....::'Hw..ffwm:5' Wfffmswmf , :hw VmN.,,'--.msqgw ,-.m,.,,ywsX wfw-waxes,-ati, saws 3 :mm 1 tsmftwisffisg wma U fwrssiesf ff tWLMI5:-Nav.f5YW3B3'rZ.25'if Vpirkss-'YeswrI3Wmm?f'i'wv9wws5s' f Rachel Munoz M Pat Myers W V , SQ Carrie Newton f i GI is 555 2 W 5: lflfffislslif Josephine Nino W v 9 2 2 5 . K Kathy Nitschke Chris Norton M F 95 55 g':'V55V? 2 Z Q f?if?,w"-"?::il5i:?KJf.':V: I2 fiflff -- 5 aww . A H in ws t A ffmzssm, lsrwfsiffl' 'I fi Monica Nunez Sandra Nuno Robbie Ortega Juanita Pacheco Che Class of 1984 3 4 222325 Mo - Pa Lori Pack Felicia Padilla ,L Li. mrwmfizfrfw7':n,:H1hz::'Q-mi:'21Q2i,:sHHmQ:sA::ff.g:e:hif M W W-Qmxswwazzzzawvswzgby'mfr We - V wmv, www .- Wm, :fm-f,f2Mw,,Qmf,...f ww, wp? A ,,.S,c, , Wm: P' :-ffm., Umm, Q , ., Naomi Perez Mark Pfeifer :iE5f723:igjfL2,',3f?If :f:g,.ig'g:'gff: , 1, g Wi'f32525g.gggygggJ::?5g,5?vg:ff, j" Bettine Pizzi Richard Ramey Frank Ramirez Jerald Ramos iAl ' Raul Rabago Seniors Pa - Ra People -wi qv 4 5 2 5 3 2 Z 5 X 2 s W DG.. .a..W.,sm,a .aw ..W,,,,Sg,M..,. ...M ....,,,, .,,,,,.. 4:1 - I Sheri Reameg I E I Denlse Rendon I janee Resendes Zeke Reyna F ,QSSSSWXZESSRSEZZS15325E5255153S?5Z557s523eZfwii5i533h Vziigggtwb 'sf UiZZ?bz,,2gg:5L,'3., C 525323 Semors 1 O I s the year came closer to an end, questions about life after high school needed to be answered. High school was no longer an easy game . . . it was a time to prove yourself a win- nier or a loser. This was the year senior students were constantly working on col- lege applications, scholar- ship forms, SAT tests, and vocational planning. The opportunity of allowing these graduating students to choose their own careers or Seniors step into the future By Nancy Flocchini goals, made each more in- dependent. Said lohn Seid- man confidently, "I now feel more comfortable with myself in being able to make my own decisions. " One of the greatest re- leases from all the pressures that accompanied the final days of high school was the anticipation of Grad-Nite '84. The trip was a unique way of saying goodbye to their childhood and hello to the adult world. Dressed as adults in their formal wear, their participation at Dis- neyland showed signs of un- readiness to move on. For many individuals, choices which had to be made were frightening. This was the fear to grow out of a high school playground and face the real struggles of life. The adult world was filled with long roads to choose-some traveled by many and some never walked upon. Choice was ours and that made all the difference. --Gisss-212fs:m.f:f:fs. zsgswfzzr .. ,, , .. . . , ., .,, , .W WE M. Nt Robin Rice Larry R lchardson Seniors Re - Ri 3 E People Linda Rivera Gina Rodriguez , Justine Rodriguez Elizabeth Robles r Amelia Rodriguez 5 "Now I m more aware of the freedom I h ve to o about my edu catlon the way I want to Paul Sison Above, Debie Martinez and Lisa Cavender prepare to face the academic challenges ahead. Below, Ivan Lynn faces the roads and choices wahead of him with gusto. 5 ' R'- R emors lleoplz mggwigzw .gfharsim,,,pw,.a:wa:: iarwzsef,-f ,rgnfisfmr f": i21'5s::w2i!sLwfffrfl.rf ,afjgffggmf gljiyfpsggf g'4,:,5.srgW:5gga. .r'gV55':gfM','gg ,fggiiizwzf y,f:.:gQa:::1.- .guy-T57--J,..-, fifrwlfr- , ' V ,acawzw - wg1M,:gMf'g. ,. :g1M:'q:h.- W, V .wwzzwmilf-w:ghfa::,f X wwfhyw, I-N. ,L fun ev., gym ,-Nga? 1 www 1 my uh-V, V, A 9.14521 ' 'ww 'Iv an :swag an K-x,s,jH-,j Linda Rodriguez AnA Mario Rodriguez ig! 3 233223 S5 Sfeilfsfzfs: ffiffife 154 352 new Tammy Roe N Carol Rolleri -.w......agv v-If-43124:-fM -' i-,rzfiasiwif 155533544 i 1. joel Ruiz Steve Russo X., - -- Lggwiz,MCS.wiZ5s,,1lj3gs!545Xff53,5 Nwmf:-2 ...swuwazszfvm W, ., M, sz, W ,,, Mary Sahagun Sii Saili Maria Sandoval Teresa Sarafin Lolita Sauls 4 ie Debbie Scarborough Ghe Class of 1984 33 giggles Ro - Sc Michelle Schaffer Fernando Shah Paul Sison Tanya Shoals Carrie Snider Monica Serrano K,-N Annette Sigala Leanna Sinnibaldi - B I u David Solis Isabel Sosa Seniors Sc - So People 3 H , i s ff fzgfl-1 s gg,:::?.1seff5Q :pf .K .. xykwf A f 4 s 1 - J r -:ff ffff erase "2 frgflgy lfsfffgyffgyaffl Hifi K .wisg ,gzfyf -,gfzr degli .:' ' qlaff Uiffi - -fy Je. Kimberly Stallworth Danny Steman Lisa Thibodeaux Ammala Thiphanep M4 Abel Torres L:t T Robert Torres Mary Trimble ,L Karla Valdez Lisa Vancourt Helen Vann Debbie Vignolo Lupe Villasenor Che Class of 1984 S ' St- Vi 4HpZZZ2s N, 2: Q, we N K 'we , - -me w 1 f Www. A., ' U SQ, -reeewaairwww' fE'i4maxWV 'fdvqv wU1MJVV"!"vieS'Y ,wi'S5'WBVS3f"W'W9SS'5Www'ilhfwkdigegvs wiiim wwf '1'E3,"?+' Q , 1 3 H H 2 wN?w:Q2 Q WMM: Q fsrf-ffm wwswsf-1 sgwfwwwimv fwwgwm,,z lm 'swag gazfmw-wamb-0 wwe' mama mqsifzwmw 2 3 Amzmmwh, X L sf 2 Uwwm,,, ,Www ,U ,,mm.mwmWS'mmsgwa,.,m M lmwagwwgmgww WW5Xww.:g:gp5,,ggm,,,:wm1mw ms Mg-S'1.f"i'23w K Q 2 'Q 4 X fa glfmzrz rwwwq sgjwgigs warn.. P 3""Hsb unify wsgawmmgvifvsgimfi sa .zgwmczfm-1 mgzwfwsiv ASW-ww-fwziwrii-X, HgmM w,s,:':Ym M-E5 gg? 2, Q, k , Q , X K 6 Y 4 Egg M m 2 M, im, . . .wpww w f 'QM M M, 1, .vm N 2 as . ,. . .. M SM? .29 U ejSQ2zi::i2fgi?lli:z:?f iizggrls. : aff Naiirr kfiiii Theresa Villasenor ,X jackie Weber Lorri Willey Q Linda Wilkinson -vip W habvy wsseawzsgfzgmzss 15:55 M 9iIz:.::,'ii "'VV 155352 Young f ,ww wasarfszgmafssrww ::raw-1HissqggfwrwwdiezwMas: Qfrvsgghffievssg We wmgewfiszfegaenz : image frzfzzaw ifzzsw liszzbfddlfzz m szzi iggiz Athena White Rosalynd Williams vi N ee us ee us soar, fig, Q56 Mis GMX? Charlene Whitescarver ...- Traci Worley we're the Class of ,841 U ssgiiii SQ :si fini S3335 Wm, gm: . :Q N12 wif his F ' S' Sz X 35851 5. :swf 55323: 251255 Q .JW QQ? 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'- A X N 3 W-,J i I T 1 is ,L ,,,,f- i, A A , gxzh ,f 1, , Q ,f aww, s .Q ,A g. ,W,,, f, 1 A g tl " "" K" ' A W 35 ' ' B . Q A ' , V K .,fa Q2 K X . 3, -,, , V L-. rl X J ' Ad-C 4233 a , , N W rw N I!!! ,N , S Q fi 'G ' cr ts R ,AQ Q 9, we as . M R 9 f 0 Yi R do A .A , z C. fi , . 1 ,, W if i . ' 3 1' ' u 3 ., 1 f., .. if w 'Q' if L A ' Q' A 'L . f R ' ' .Q igrkx M . Y y 1, ' ' "Z E . , ,f. ' 5 Q- gg- .C .1 'X'f'f"'V-if 'TAM H.. v Q M, , Q . . x fs Q My rw, W vi SJW i 55' 151 S Lis 'K x Y RN Q: X lg ,mi . e N ,gg 5 .ae z P- R L,,, ,m1- N R f V R 7f'3f-fgftmwf -K R ! R K ' C C f R 1 7-510 J 43' T- if , 2 Z f K' ' XX' MMM NW MM M H WS Ruben Caslro Parrlsh Charles Reynaldo Chavez Rosa Chavez Sylvla Chavez Mlke Clevenger Llnda Chlldress Kevln Clipper Karen Colllns Jodl Cook Larry Cochenour Michael Cochenour Rlchard Conlreros Belly Coplln Rick Coslllla Miguel Corral Ruben Coronado Slephanle Covarruvlas Willle Cralg Donald Crooms Bruce Crow Ubaldo Cruz Jose Cuvevas Wllllam Dalzlell James Davls Heldl Debuday Danlel DeIaCruz Junlor DelaCruz Sleve Dennlnglon Camlellla Correa Juniors Ca-De People 4 .l-lin "My iunicr year is the most challenging anal difficult ec far. Ifeel more dedicated Gnd f9SpOfISibf6." Kim Michael "We only have one more year left!" Ronnie McDonald Clockwise from the top: Leslie Billingslea and Dawn Hess dis- cover the intricate world of the physical sciences. The bell rings and Ryan Barclay, Delaine John- son, Kim Michael, Debbie John- son, Ivan Lynn, and Eric Barclay pile into the jeep headed for home. Clowning around, Ron and Don McDonald make tracks for home in an unusual manner. .S ...- Marlene Dixon Shawn Doile Anna Dominguez Cindy Eglinsdoerfer Margarita Enriquez Sharlaine Erlandson Stacy Erwin Vicky Estrada Helen Everett Hortencia Ferrera MWYVQWW Yvette Flores Sammy Franco . e David Frazier , - Greg Frazier F " Melvin Freeman ' "'i'- t ,, eff' i. it if fr P- ' -w e 1' re ce . W it fr 'H' N is K X X kj V 1 J ' D'-F 44 P22525 ' ' Q ifk,-.nn K- ii' M . t , 'Y' - J . ,u., ' V 2 X .K 'ez' WV aklng that big step up Into the upper years at Franklln was one of the most exclttng thlngs ln your llfel If was a whole new way of living from the sophmore year to the junior year. From out ln the hld- den corners of darkness, the lunlor arrived. He 1 she was the teacher of old traditions at Franklln. Hefshe was the teacher of freshmen and sophmores. Being known as a varslly athlete or even being known as the top of your class seemed to be the most joyful thing ln your lunlor year. Ernle Romo sald, "l can look forward to maklng somethlng out of myself Q 3 .-. - Frankie Fuoco A , Cesar Galindo Stephanie Gallegos 1 Eric Galtman ' b ll - Vincent Gabotero , . As Javier Gamez , . Amanda Garcia Gilbert Garcia . y Laura Garcia T' X. DeAnne Gill six . I y i'1.3"9'5- F :Ass i.,-.... Lorna Gill Kenneth Glover Anne Gomez Patty Gomez Aida Gonzalea Gonzalez MWMM li Nl' JWNTI IFPTQ By Jalme Aguirre here at Franklin High." The feellngs of many people seemed to be that school was stlll school, only harder every year. As you looked around the campus, you could see the funny freshmen bumping into walls and the sllly sophomores forgetting which way to go, but one thing was certain, the upper classmen were the ones on top of things. Evette Johnson sald, "Being a Junlor brlngs more work, but I still feel the same." The junior was able to do thlngs that hefshe once could not. He! she was looked up to and was a leader of the school. Ernle Rodrl- guez said, "Sophomores look up to the varslty and l can teach them the fundamentals that l know." There are always middle points In your llfe, and in high school the lu- nior year was the middle point. Ac- cording to Brlan Jones, "The junior year ls another step In llfe that you have to go through to achieve the ultlmate goals in your life. lt ls the state In life where you are ln-be- tween and not sure about things. You are confused about trlvial mat- ters untll you get older. Then you look back and you figure out that all the thlngs you worried about are now resolved and slmpIe." Juniors Fu-Ga People -ll'- -l . Aprll Gray Tanya Greer Dlego Grllalva Armando Gutierrez Tlmothy Hagood I 'Q EQJV an f 3? ' ,, f f if Rlchard Hammer Llnda Hardln Sabrllla Hardln Sabrina Hardln Overton Harrls Ann Harvey Pam Hawklns Mark Hearon Anthony Henson Bee Her Anthony Hemandez James Hemandez Joe Hemandez Marla Hemandez Davld Herrera Dawn Hess Stephen Hlll Mlchelle Hlnolos Hung Ho Kevln Hoak Do Hoang Mark Holland Tanya Howard Robin Hudson Andy Hugglns . . .N .S A K. fi' 3353" in X k . 2 x AVR 5' s A ! . I.. A A M fm- I KX. , . ,,E,,,. . P - e y 7' Q ,x Q 2 A 6 N t A . A., ., ., . ' zq, K 73 8' , , . R W 3 5 diy Q A AAZV we gms , w f af H 'T 5 ,ik ' , A A HV St . W, xg -X 4. - X A eeree if H Qs . if " 'F A -fs-N Q . . 'r MMMIIMA Jw N H WS 4 E 1,221,725 GPH" v . fa. .f5'1' Q: M . 1 .Y if . 1 ... . K - , Q, L.. s .-,Q - fl A ' r .., an .f-5 up .. K A' L' 35. 'Y 4 'Ve .4 f P P L X . sing, . . .S Souk Inboua Jared Jackson Lone Jackson LGUHG JODSGFI Anneffe Johnson Evefle Johnson Dana Jucufan Shannon Keller Thao Ker ADQBIICG JGUIOQUI sepnalla Khoun Davld Klng Margo Knox May L00 Fred Lara ities F., , ,Q ...Q- Jusllne Largln Abdon Leanos Danny Ledford Chia Lee Chou Lee Pam Lefors Wayne Lelkam Paul Lewls Anlqulnlo Lopez Mlchael Lopez PGWICIU LOPQZ peberra Lopez Reber: Lulan Erlc Lyda Juniors In-Ly People 4 7 Ruben Madrid Anita Magana Ronnie Mancla Ella Marin Sylvia Marquez u i Tina Marquez Randy Marlin Mark Marflnez Michael Maledne Georgia Mayze Lisa McCallsler April McCoy Eddie McCullough Sheri McEnllre Lori McGlalhery "I like being a junior because juniors are upper classmen and the seniors Ireal me as more of an equal." Mike Rilchey ,, X , F sw ' .2 'X , si, Y 4 N es s-,e::.-I s N Q s,,.. Vt- gi?-Q s six. ix Q 5, as me N. A W 4 8 ,ggrxggs Ma-Mc Above, Jamle Wlnans and class prepare tor mldyear break. To the rlght. Crayolas Kathy Vlnson, Kim Michael, and Klm Payton color their pIcture's tun on Halloween. N...-A MW siintktmmitltw ! l4l ne VV as school all there was to V life? Did you mean besides cars, boys, cruising, and partying? Never! Just like the story went Once upon a time on a cool clear morning, the large green doors of Franklin High School opened. It was the first day of school and every- one had reunited with their old friends and compared classes. After a few weeks passed every- thing was back to the old routine of things. The only difference for us 'u by Kim Payton was that we had changed into iu- niors! The most exciting thing was that senior status was only one year away! Somethings had not changed . . . We still had our licenses and we still borrowed Mom and Dad's car lo take it for a cruise on The Avenue. Sometimes we'd find some friends with a totally awesome car and a thumpin' stereo. We would kick back and listen to some tunes and turn the night into success! . Monday mornings were the pits! After a weekend like that it was dif- ficult to face school again. The weeks went by fast though . . . Foot- ball season was over and winter began to set in. Before we knew it spring was here, and softball games were fun SchooI's end- ing was fast approaching. Senior status was just around the corner! Plans filled our heads as we antici- pated what might lay ahead! 6 1-2 K . K Q . Q ' " 'M Shawn McNary , .1 ' . 5 X ,W T Shannon McLaln X- T. 'H T' 1 -'UW' Medffla ft Klm Mlchael t ' Llsa Mlller Derrlck Moland T Pedro Mollna Sonya Mollna ' Pedro Montalvo Candldo Montes Rachel Moreno Wllann Mofon Vera Munoz Pefe Murray Juniors Mc-Mu People 4 H Davld Mlsquez Palrlck Myers Tlna Nason Anlolnelfe Navarec Lap Ngo Kimberley Nlx Tlm Carlson Wllllam Norrls Franclsco Ochoa Dougella Ollver Sal Ollvas Marcel Ornelas Lena Oropeza Luke Orlega Anthony Orllz Irma Orllz Sandra Oswalr Travls Owens Tom Pacheco Sophla Padllla Juan Panlagua Raju Patel Sandeep Patel Bryan Paul Kimberly Paylon Marlo Perez Rafael Perez Leah Pelrosky Khammfly Phommavongsa Sonla Plmenlel Jalme Plneda it fs .s .": V, Ywisf R546 l .Yi f s.-Mwqnf Q ' i Q fe 4' T23 fr? , I .X 3 , Q, ae X, ' 'A nl W A Q - re.a " 5 l 9 . ff' A .s y a 'ttf' .-- i X . ef, 2 Mba-ef A. 4: 2 xg EH QLZIZF 'W' , fx KYNNW if " 1 as as ' ' 4 5 f .LIL M Q' to -ws . , ff? X . M . . ' fx SM' R " X' -e I ,l, , ' .Q If" ,' AW ,f A Reis 'A A.: 3? r X as 51. - .K L New ' is F lM l Renee Posada Truong Quang Frank Quarrles Chrls Qullantang Chrls Rabanal Danlelle Rdfdel Bllly Randolph SHOWN P9939 Mlchelle R6DdOfl Chrlstlna Reyes Dlana Reyes Tarnell Richardson Annette Rlcketts Pamela Rlcketts Patrlcla Rlcketts Tanya Rlgglns Mlchael Ritchey Ron Rllchle Colleen Robertson George Robles Dlana Rocha Allce Rodrlguez Ernle Rodriguez John Rodriguez Mary Rodriguez Arturo Rolas John Romero Ernest Romo Tlm Ryan Tonl Ryan Juniors Po-Ry People 1 - , - Fernando Salalces " Robert Sals 5-S its . an 1- X ' fj- Vsg - 'ua-X X ,N Kim :vig Davld Samanlego . Rebecca Sanchez ' '.,. h"" Maxlne Sarmlenfo gg I c . . . , Don Safow fs . 1, Kelly Schaeffer it if I " Randy Scott S. Y Freddie Searcey I I ' Q John Seay j 1 V j . I Chrls Shanda Cole Spears Jlm Spence Anthony Sf. John Mlchael Stevenson , ef-. fin... K i n . - jx. as gli, X ' X3 . 3 flee T . . - 7 17",l.. 5i G 7 X. N , .V s . I MQMMllINj l HNI1 WS5 Ddling Makes a Switch swltch on the dating scene has taken place among some junlors. Not only do the gentlemen ask the ladies out, but the reverse has become favored by many. Girls no longer wait impatiently for a for a guy to ask them out. Our popular dances had a strong affect on thls change because the glrls felt more relaxed and able to ask out the guys. Females took advan- tage of the equal opportunities and really showed It In the dating By Nancy FlOCChini scene. Said Robin Vaughn, "I thlnk a girl should ask a guy out. Why should a guy have to face all the rejectIon?" Aprll Jean McCoy agreed with her by addlng, "I think Il's fun to ask guys out. I always do ill The guys enjoy the pleasure of the glrls ask- ing, now-a-days." Many of the males are starting to adjust to this new phenomenon. They are no longer offended by thls act, but actually pleased. Of course, there were the lndlvld- uals who held on to their more tradi- tional beliefs. Some girls felt It took away their pride in being a female. "I do not think it is right tor a glrl to ask a guy out, unless it ls on a friendly basis," said Leah Petrosky. Whatever the beliefs may be, the junior class of '85 stepped up, and the dating game climbed the same ladder. Juniors Sa-St 52 People . wb g I 5 x 3 ! - , . J 1 - .X N gr. . X a , 4, Z L - 5 1 , . A i:U?X . Mi? ' is . L r kwar' 1 " ' A :W , f :fu Q ' X: 'if 2 c 1 f A g - in 'X e 1 .Q N 3 3 'VN I - . 5 5 3 fr. ff , 3- A Qggggjfijy' 1 stttt g X' 'fs f I . Leonard Steward Sedonla Suelng Audra Surrell Usa Tarklnglon Bee Thao Nou Thao Kltta Thlphanep Davld Thomas Angel Torres Elizabeth Torres Jorge Torres Joseph Torres Usa Torres Chrlstlna mgg Pam Tyler Fl me out. lt's actually pretty cool! Steve Dennington The challenges ol the datlng scene make for a tlme consuming but enloyable part ol the hlgh school student's llfe To the left . . junlor, Mlchelle Dalporto, enloys tlme spent wlth Kenny Hafllch It dO95n,f bOfh9f me If U glfl asks rofnengm, lunlor, Kim Payton nnasfun and goodnmeswnn sm Bratcher. Juniors St- Ty People Efren Ugale Trashal Vaden Ching Vang Youa Vang Robin Vaughn Armando Verduzco Juan Villegas Kathleeen Vinson Sandra Vindiola Chau Vo Chau Vo Koua Vue Andre Walker Kim Wallace Ther War -l -1-null Scott Ward Connie Washington Molly West Reggie White Sean Whitely u f l so Leonard Whitlow Bennie Wilbon Pat Williams Tawnya Williamson Ethel Wilkinson Jocelyn Wilson Dianna Withers Douglas Woolard Bee Xiong Chay Xiong Khou Xiong Paose Yang Belinda Young Roger Zamudio Alicia Zavala 54 11.121315 Wa Ya 3 W . fge 47N r Q X -, . Q K al' 'EQ 'N 4 Q fc 'Vx . K ,532 ag-as ,ti i 'rm .2 ? 5 in or sfxxff - S' . , Xvf l4le,,1 5 Qixi if i ss ' 1313, ' gt is Q glk f Ci K 'sf it 1 +1 ' or I , S il as sl 7 -Q , X ,eQ Y? 'in' 4 N ' A tzsf 4 '.,-., S :,, s Fx .. F'-s Sqn' 5 it E 6 X t . . . -N . N, X . J jk 5, l i ay l help you ma'am? Will that be all for today, sir? Thank you . . . Come back, again. These were a few of the lines repealed by many working students from Franklin. For many juniors, turning sixteen meant much more than just be- ing a year older. lt allowed many student to go out and exper- ience something new. Being six- teen allowed them to go out and challenge jobs. They had to go R M MM ll N" .WN PQIEQ By Nancy Flocchlni out and search for a job, taking the chance of being rejected. After being hired the real crunch would set ln. There were both positive and negative aspects to worklng and attending school. A job forced a person to be more organized and responsible. The realization had to set in that time was much more limited. Howev- er, money was more available for those things they always needed and wanted. Mom and ft? Q ' g ,. 3 dad were not asked to come up with that extra dollar or two so often. Students were often seen at many of the familiar places Ilke McDonald's, Foster Farms, and A8!W. Work was hard, and those grades needed to be maln- talned. Congratulations to the many juniors who experienced the struggles and rewards of a job. "My lob glves me experience ln th real world. Work glves more respon sibllltles, and bullds pressure which M., ,.., ... L 5 Working 18 hours a week at McDonald's and malntalnlng a grade polnt average of 4.0, Raju Patel Is proof that work and school can be combined, but only through a lot of work. prepares me better for college Ralu Patel .lunrors 552 M 5079710 0255 Ssassy Ssophomoress Sstrut By Davld Ballot 8: Klm, 8: Yvette Mlchael fter school gets out, over the summer, a slartllng transformation fakes place ln freshmen. They be- come more mature, more re- sponsible, they become SOPHOMORES. Sophomores were more rowdy than in their freshmen year, as was evidenced in the assemblies. They knew more about their school, what they could and could not do, and what was expected of them. One thing they were really excited about was driver's education, getting their per- mits, and for some their li- censes. Throughout the year changes were seen In the faces of these students. They become more self-conscious and concerned about the way they looked, walked, and talked, and appeared to oth- ers. Diane Martinez, a sopho- more, sald,"As a sophomore student I have seen many changes in my fellow students and in my friends. They think of grades, activities, and leader- ship more often than last year. Sophomores have class and style and the willingness to fin- ish and graduate with re- spect." Sophomores have class be- cause they are the class of '86l Sophomores Ab-A v People Trisha Abell Yveffe Abelong Cheryl Macias Anfhony Aguiar Carmen Aguilar Santos Alcala Sieve Alcanfara Allen Alexander Gabriella Alvarado Audrey Ambrlz x l 3 . -New - X-X 5 N K S w EAN E , 4. . . X X fi , S rw 4-K -Q Q X sg si S T I K.. SX lg is AndrewArmendare: Raul Arreola 1 Delia Asaad Janef A ynaga Robert Avilia Q V ...S if A gg ltptt 1 elf. 'f L y - i i - S 5 Henry Arroyo Ann Abe Brlan Anderson Sambath Alh Rhonda Alva ff, . , 5 ? ig 2 In, Anthony Baker E th Bak s er er Emma Baralas Marla Barajas Aprll Barron - .f Nr- gs 5 'aa x ax ,af A A sa vf-if C1 . ,gg ' QR A Davld Ballot Edward Ballot Shawna Bandy Rlchard Beall Terry Beard :E '-w Q, ms "ll feels like being G PSISOD, bellel' than being G ff6Sl'llTIGl'I. AllTIOSl G5 good as being far' David BdllOl "ll feels kind of like being G hU' man!" Ed Bdllol k b T th ghtR Fgueroa td f tt l Sophomores Ar-Be People 5 7 an ., fx' nr- E ss? Marla Bedolla Davld Bells Rebecca Bllllngham Rlchle Blllhelmer Rlchard Blshop Edwlna Bogas Mlchelle Booth Randy Borges Alben Borrero Brlan Bowman i s 'X rx ' ' 4 W .Q. ,v-.. I kms-', . X, QX Louls Brlnckwlrfh Francls Brown Lorl Brown Steve Buck James Burns 4 .xx Leslle Bush Norma Cabral Gerylyn Canero Joseph Cardona Teresa Carlos Ulla Cardoza John Carrlllo Cynlhla Carler lphlgenla Caller James Carter E. N .. S. N B wg, ii 5 I. 7, Juanlla Casarez Henry Casaroz Allcla Castro Carlos Castro Cynlhla Cenleno ig ,J 2 U I N 1-vw 52, 0 - Q E V si' J rrrr B J " ' ,Q .32 15 J R . :.w. S Sophomores Be-Ce People z .X . f W . 'F 1 ':f"'X '- NAYQ. rs Z -NEW B 3 X . 15 ' Wx? r:.: Q, i .15 ,tw 1""4:'5Y.ffi-i w wf1,v:e1i',-K E, S 0,7971 0771025 S Jeff Chaplln Joe Chavez Toeurlh Chen Klmberly Cherry Rlck Cherry ? ,z f. 4 , 7 , S X aw . 1, .t.,,.- - Q an X M xx vs. gnu .mfr-xi Qwsfilzilsf - lizwg if ' fl Phyllls Cheslle Londale Cobb Anlhony Corbln Tyra Corley Teresa Cortez Q' is' X , 'him . .!, W Sleve Coyle Shana Croce Deann Crow Douglas Crow Erma Crow Monlca Cruz Tlmmy Cummings Tonl Cummings Le Trlce Curl Tammle Davis 4--fy 31 -.Ns -. D -.f kr' . ,f - n Davls obl mmy Davls ngela Decarlo edrlca Decollo mold Delacruz ' 51" . 1 -f ., .. Av Q exif? D ew G Bllly Delano Daniel Deloa cynrnla Deloney Chrls Dlmond Dennls Dollahlle kk E D va , Fifg . Ein Sophomores Ch Do People ' ,, Lett, Adrlene Mendez anticipates a time when transportation woes wlll be solved by having her own car. Below, Attending a lecture ln Mr. Ramirez' class, Ron Freytag, Lella Cardoza, Jose- phine Carona, Patoclnlo Fernandez, 8 Pa- tricia Lopez plck up tlps for safe drlvlng. 1-ess""' -n1LN W Umb- 'QHM N-,.v S 1 3. A - f - E,-, N P T . :i x 'K efiz t I E J 15 N X . 1 5 ' e as -1- S 0- is S "Driver's education builds my confidence and is a very fun ex- perience. " Adriane Mendez E Nye new -ss so .... i . 2 . -- Corlna Dominguez Renee Ellas Cleotlde Escarplta Robert Dukes Cyrlnda Ellenberger Jose Favela Paul Dunham Hank Engelman Amella Fernandez Jimmy Edgeworth Estella Enrlguez Michael Ferrettl Prlncella Edwards Cecelia Erlksen Ramon Feguezoa sassy S 07771 0776 025 S Sophomores Do-Fi EU People 2? 4 f . t k- k , S 4, Y 'Si V, ,kVk.. f p ff gel. . , T .. , Julle Flrmanlk Adlana Flores Bruldo Flores Debble Flores Jessle Flores 1 If . ir Yolanda Foster Lorl Foust Eddle Foulks Grlselda Franco Lorna Freltas X . . , St .. if .N Q s fps 1 ' ,Qs ' Ronald Freytag Deanna Galela Hector Gallndo Reginald Gallndo Alma Garcla 65444 Zadda 566664 Look out for the young driver . . . By Jaime Agulrre he new adventure ot drlvlng seemed to be a very trying and worth- whlle experience tor sophomores. The new drlvlng litters llke high ac- celeration, qulck stops, and the old running over the curb lob always tor- mented brand new, inex- perlenced drlvers. The driver's education classes were filled wlth anxious young learners. The classes were a great help to young drivers, provldlng them with the basics in drlvlng skllls. These fundamentals ln- cluded safety awareness, state regulations and laws, and llrst aid. Not only was driver's education a good exper- ience for young drivers, but it was also a require- ment for drivers seeking their licenses under the age of 18 years. The com- plexltles ot attaining a driver's license were many, and driver's edu- cation was lust the begln- ningg driver's tralnlng, passing the wrltten and drlvlng exams, and meet- ing age, insurrance, and parentalfguardian re- quirements followed. However, when that ll- cense was flnally in your hands the rewards were great and all the time consuming requirements were behlnd youl Sophomores Fi-Ga People E 1 WE? as ,Aw lug fy X W7 TN. , , fiilr--5333! 122, X I' e e G 'fe' lrl fi 5 :A N sl f if JOHNNY GGICIG fflfld GGOIQG Juan GGICIG R0b9ff Gfdfldhld ldffy GGICIU Klm GIIIISPIG Olga GGICIG Paul Gfmln6Z Nancy Gardner Ronny Glmlnez ,Qu Joe Glusll Luls Godlnez Lena Gomez Marlcella Gomez Roy Gomez Evangollna Gonzalez Gulllennlna Gonzalez Lourdes Gonzalez Mlchael Gonzalez Mercy Goodchlld N , 443 25:45 6 l Rr: K EN . full, Sherl Goss Shand Gf96r Gary Grlffls Tammy Grlfls Michael Guardddo LGHCIC GUOHGIO PdfflClG Guerrero Mdfflll GUfl6ff9Z TOIGSG GUHGITOZ Robe!! Guzman ss? Sophomares Ga-Gu 52 People 5 f-ee il' Q., F? I :A g e ",k P I M ,,,, 'A' 1 I .. . fail V. 1- N. sf9Y9 Hale l vlrgu Hales Kalhryn Halllgan Mlchael Hard Nancy Harden - its S of is 55 Q " I f as is a if Bri e. . 5 2 fy' J Rebecca Harrls Sandy Harrls Chue Her Jong Her Tou Sal Her L ls .- fa, H . fl--Q H o ikmwf We .,a., 4 ,5 ' a Anthony Hernandez DOIG Hemandez JGYIGI H9mGDd9Z Mdfld Hemandez SGIGHG HOIDGDUGZ xv ? . 'V :iff 'i O .4 5 -,- ,, ,ae 1 3 p 20 5 John Herrera Davld Herrera Howard Hlpsher Dung Ho Sandra Hoffman fu ... Michelle Holguin Darrylen Holland James Hood Marbus Hopkins Sandra Hopkins 1.--9 in .Qif-N" L :is 'ff A es?" ,j ,fx af AJR 013,45 N L-gfymkk .Sze mi as X ge. 'F ' -,f 1 fury? 1 at xy' so H K Q- rf? Juanlla Horfd Jeff Hubbdrd TBIBSG HUffSfl.Iffl9f D0fa Hufftfuffler CQSGI HUffGdO S 07971 0771 azz S Sophomores Ha-Hu People E 3 e've got the lulceg we've got the mlxg we're the class ot '86l" Cheers, splrlt and excitement were clearly heard from the sophomore class ot 1986. At the rallles, competltlon was tough between sopho- mores and senlors. Sophomores were particularly loud due to the amount of people ln thelr class. Large they were, but thelr ablllly '86 Challenges School Spirit By Nancy Fl0CChInI to proclaim their prlde and splrlt was what shlned through. Sald the sophomore president, Marla Ortega proudly, "l thlnk that the sophomore class has a lot ot splrlt due to the unlty and to- getherness they show among one another." Thls splrlt was transformed lnto excltlng plans for the school year. Helped by their advlsor, Mrs. Connle Vala- dez, the sophomores were In charge ol the grand prepara- tions required lor the Christmas dance. A terrlllc dedlcatlon that this class had was an excellent example lor the rest of the school. Prlde was their pass- word, and they shlned splrlt throughout the year. "The 5OphOlTlOl'6 Spifif does K not depend on Size. If de- peflds on OUI' d6diCGfiOl'I to OUI' school Gnd OUI' defef' minafion to win." Nancy Harden iw' 5 h E 4 f-'Z'.l,,7L"""es Pausing for the look that refreshes, Jimmy Seals, to the left, smiles ' for the camera. Above, Leslie Bush, David Ledesma, and Lilian Gil fs. combine their talents to promote '86 Spirit! l l 1 ss? sazvfzfawwfss Muroslava Hurlado Lawana Ivy Cecll Johnson Le Huynh Bertha Jaurequl Delalne Johnson ul Huynh Lorl Jenson Mlchael Johnson ounmevang Inoua Chrlsllne Jlmenez Paula Johnson Carl lrvln Mlchelle Jlmenez Tamara Johnson V+-Q - 1 , 'iii' ! 4.1: 4.4 4. K Gllberl Jones Kalherlne Jones Sandy Jones Tlmofhy Jones Troy Jones Vemelle Jones Jose Juarez Danlel Juculan Charles Juelch Jocelyn Juguela James Junes Julle Kahler Jeff Karmann Maryann Kerr Mohammed Khan Jw .f ss Zv i. is of-'P-fi - as-f . 1 ik A 3 ..c., J ,.rL . K in I I F-ef if-.X my A 8 ,, .. iri s: - W . ll , Q Earl sl me Q ss s 3 J if , ' --clc Q k th V . K . Q :gl Y A ..... h Q QQZQZ I K sy f s s S k , xv , it 3 Sophomores Hu-Kh People E -N f N . f X, Fi , 'Q'-If J 1 Ralfanany Khuon Henry Klng Steve Klng Kennllh Knlghl Yvonne Lacy Larry Lalng Lorenza Leal Renee Leal Roy Ledesma Chue Lee ZQMM, V . x Q Q? f E 1 N Q xl X -af X fl! , X in l Neng Lee Rhonda Locke Vln Lee Mellssa Lomas Suzanne Lee Margaret Leon Kelly Llndsey Sonla Lomell Allcla Lopez Louls Lopez . I, i 14' f L 5, L l e K, it' L 5 , 'Wil' Q 12' Life' .. O x 9' Luz Lopez Llsa Lopez Lorl Lopez Monlca Lopez Richard Loft T igiv . , ! TSX ' J ' W Jess Lozano Sarah Lozano Sleve Lozano Khamprason Luangralh Jenelfe Lynn s ss? Sophomores Kh-L y E E People F, xr -4' - 1. -f, . if gl, 3, Q- ' - '. S fix x X K., f f f .arise cf' R l ""' L i I L if f i f,a,,eL4 xvk ' E xx - .AA ,f X Q , HL, I Tori Lyon Cheryl Macias Pedro Maclas Alicia Magana Ignacio Magana -Ni " Trlna Magana Laurle Marchand Edward Mariel Darcy Marlin Jeff Marlin A . J! his Q i' 5 Q - Q4 , V.a A sz: ef' Q e f:, ..r' 3: A N 8 X :. - ., T . t W., , H . Vi 5 Mark Marquez Fldero Marilnez Abel Mar'llnez Lllllan Marllnez Antonio Marflnez Sandra Maslen Connie Marllnez Michael Mala Dlane Marllnez Juan Medina . a 2- .. -QS '-' X v. v if x x R Ee Sonia Melnlasls Carol Mellzaln Michelle McCoy Robert Maxwell Mlke McMillan 1159"--.. me-M 5 VK: Cassie Mclemore Michelle Mercado Eva Messa Yvefle Michael Daniel Mlllan 5079710 0255 Sophomores L y-Mi People .. ,,.i as QQ jr 1' f 7 P , 'F 5, Qiv s l X if! ' Becky Mlller Palrlck Mlller Jeff Mllls Marlon Moland Javler Mollna Ben Moore Denza Monlez Augle Monllel Anthony Montoya James Moral John Morlllon Lawana Morrlson Vlolel Mosher Kaylng Mova Tou Yla Moua ,W E: an -L f Lia? Vf .'.r,, h ' in N i ,, Gualkine Mozqueda lhana Munoz Rhonda Murray Trayce Murray Delores Myles is s ,.- N l qq hqs -'lk A if-so as ,R l 1 W t N or rr.e.Q ff . K s. -5- .W :iq eele 'ffer r :r,. M Q.. is 1 Elva Navarro Jalme Navarro Blll Neal Erlc Nelson Loan Ngo Quoc Ngo Thuan Nguyen Waller Nolen Llsa Norman Slephanle Nunez Sorhomores Mi-Nu E S People ,- ,L ' E WY' Ne , Ii Classes required for graduation are usually well attended. Mr. Ben- ton's health class with Angie Montiel and Adriene Mendez below and David Ledesma and Lisa Lopez to the right prepare for fun after learning life saving techniques. I K 4 .,,, W,eMamq....,, eing a sophomore in- volved a lot of activity and energy. Sophomores needed that "get up and go" feeling that required a con- stant need for entertainment. Maintalnlng an exciting con- stant outlook for fun, the soph- omores went everywhere wllth eyes open for action. Hanging around the malls, "lf's fun to play because 1 you can use strategy AND your money!" Paul Torres 552 sapszfawwfezs By Nicky Wofford shopping, and watching ex- citing and scary moves, keep- ing abreast of the latest fash- ion crazes, and dance styles were all favorite passtimes. However, the grand-daddy craze of all was playing video games. This passtime, playing video games, was exciting and at times troublesome. lt was ex- citing because of the special effects, but troublesome be- cause the quarters seemed to disappear rapidly, and the need for more quarters and games became constantl Keeping up with the crave was hard, but somehow they managedl Sophomores People E H ss? Jose Nuno Matt Ollvares Mlchelle Ollvas Jose Oller Mlchelle Olsen ff, I Carla Orr Karl Orr Terrl Ortega Chrls Ortlz Noe Ortlz fra. 4. N, Q 5 31' 5 , M N ' .. it 1 Sophomores Nu-Pi 7 People Tara Osborne Valerie Owens Margaret! Owersby Saul Palacias Leticia Panicque Wade Parks Davld Patterson Fred Pattlngle Chrls Paul Rafael Pecadla k .3 Q 1. 0 ,W ,, K Q33 . 5511 N u x ff -Q t Q. Q-me 1 as SNEQX ,e r ,.,, KAN. QIKPQ b e "2, K- I ,, tx f 'fv- 1: Ernle Peterson Sarom Phan Tal Phan Todd Phllllps Llsa Pllgrlm 5 fl if l,,, K P J '1 ' ,f n Nijff Q19 X . . Alex Plmentel Baldomero Plmentel Patrtcla Plmentel Gaylord Plnklns Kelly Plppenger l , x 1 ,X 1' In 1 P QQ" , fi It 3' , . ' 2 fs , ,,.. 653- x V x JN 'K 3 S0?7f0 0225 Alex Posada Jose Posada Robln Posada Barbara Pardo Abel Preclado we ,- Q Q ..... l 4? .ig is T 7, K R ef 'ts' Clndy Qualflebaum Larralne Qulnones Mlchelle Ramlrez Greg Katie Connle Reames z ,- x --Q f .. wi -.N ..,,.. Surealha Reed Joel Reeves Rudy Reyes Mary Reynolds Gena Rhodd Paul Rhodd Charelle Rlchardson Anneffe Rlckefls Tamle Rlckehs John Rlgglns 49 12" I . - W ,g ' ,kg f- , + Q r X i 1 P I ' 'i I 1 -I h Ks: ,fs I i J I t g f in kih, AJ: I if X gil k x m ,S dl ' 1 1l" Lf' , X z fx A X, Ed Rlvera Rlchard Roblnson Lupe Robles David Rodgers Allcla Rodrlguez ,, she Erlc Rodriguez Leonel Rodriguez Margle Rodriguez Joe Romero John Rosas m. ww . kgs ff " ws ! aw ,Qu 'Wi Sophomores Po Ro People 7 s ssa safeszfawwfss he dating match was In first roundl The boy meets girl stage went one further. Sophomores no longer had to limit their dating to school grounds. Cars were more ac- cessible, and mom and dad re- luctently let thier sons and daughters "borrow" the car. Hearts that went pltter-patter, sweaty palms, the first good night kiss were suddenly on the "If's really differ- ent because you're used fo go- ing ouf with your parents and friends!" Nicky Wofford far right considers, for a mo- ment, what her plans might be for the week- end, Student's of a driver's education class, consider for a moment, what having the keys in your own hand might mean for the week- end. T affie Walters By Nancy Flocchlni scene. It was a scary time for both young men and women. Who would ask who out? Where should we go? Wlll the evening be a success? What impression wlll I make? These eternal ques- tions were still belng asked by anxious sophomores. The fe- males wondered whether the guys would ask them out again. The males wondered about re- lection. There were many factors to be considered. Making the evening was dependent upon enough gas in the car, enough money, a great place to go. But, ususally ln the end the time and efforts were well worth the trou- bles. The first date out In a car was a thrilling experience not to be forgotten. we S h 72 sa K A jj , - ' iff' Franslco Rueda Anlseto Rulz Jeffery Rushlng Steven Russel Kaurl Salll Julette St Mary Rlchard Salalces Angelica Sanchez Benlamln Sanchez Kelly Sanslng Y ' f i .ff 39 if 1 'mer 'Ni H I - Mb " 1 ,we 1 K b t, ' 4 . Y 31' :VW V .ape ' ' , Q I. -:gs Q w , A, R R lrif' 1 ' if Raquel Saragoza Tony Scott Jlmmy Seals Jason Serrano Aracely Sllvla xl' Danny Sllva Michael Sllva Anong Slnelapaklt Paullne Slnogul feresa Sloan K .. .SX -is 'Sump Q N , Clay Smith Mellsa Springs David Smith Charlene Stacey David Smith Tommy Stacy Tarry Snider Leesa Stanley Gilbert Solis Davld Stelnbend ff , S R -if '35 if A , -we ijfgak A Y , I Q fw ' X ssl 4 X....+4..... I . . .gksskvr 51, K, 1. L X L. 5 i 5 Q. :Z 15 Q 59' X xt A , is , 'iii 1 3, .Q fr l Sophomores Ru St People 'Qc' , .q, X , qi I I 1 . 'EL .lx 1 'fa' 'x T . 9-Q15 - Q Fw n I E Randy Stonestreet Laronta Taylor Estella Suarez Ah Thao Dora Suon Saug Thao Jester Taggart Suar Thao Anthony Taylor Yeng Thao R R R R . Q sd ,Nun ' fx Q ki M iam Q? 'lfL:A' Q or ' . 'H E- 'P .5 rs, rs da' 'xx 5 S is Tiff 4 ,, . N 1 ,..- A5 . -. 0 , Y N Yer Thao Vang Thao Xad Thao Sal Thanpaeng Klrlya Thlphanep .1 - 'Tr I G X 5, Cynthla Thomas Enrlque Torres Sonla Valadez Bonnle Thomas Lourdes Torres Sally Valentlne Donna Tllus Candy Tremble Rlchard Valenzue Edward Tlndell Rae Tucker Ruben Valles Vlcky Tlnkess Robert Ullbarrl Cher Vang s ss? Sophomores St- Va 74 People , L M Q 'M 1 ,WA ' R X is S K ' ,g g lsr - f W K N WL r 4 F-1 .. s , is-S W , , ,,, 1 - u W f f -5 - -',.,' ' ,,. f . .. 1 1 ' ., A ' - . . XT ' f 1 5 ll 4 W 4 A 5 0 I A K ' l, W Al , . QP' , . , .. A . . r j ui 1 fi We ,, .Q it 4 P' ' 2. 04 .. jig, Q .. ' N, - Q. Ji wi R " , Q R I KP Q A VL1,'-- rl . 3 - N5 .51 R N- 7 ll W ' . A , ,A xAkA V H I . N xv ' A QS R 3 5 , Q Ka 5 X 1 J, is A 1 ' X -Af X W Dla Vue Doua Vue Mark Walden Travls Walker Taftle Walter Choua Vang Robert Vasquez Ker Vang Kelly Vaughn Parktlah Vang Loule Vlllanueba Yapao Vang Andres Vlllapudua Falth Varela Robert Vlrrey Klm Watklns Shaun Wlmmer Tess Watson Ge Xlong Jerry West Khou Xlong Robert West Lee Xlong Chevelle Wheeler Xlong Ong Xlong Va Xlong Ylng Xlong Zer Xlong Mal Lor Yang 5079710 0255 Sophomores Va- Ya People 7 5 Irene Abrao Sld Aguirre Sheila Ar9fnGlhU Daniel Alcanldra vicrorla Aldridge Larry Alexander Rosella Alfaro Craig Allard Kalrlna Allen Carol Almanza Marla Ame Tonl Amonlnl Lalruce Amos Jimmy Anluna Ismael Aragon Freshmen Ab-Ar YE People E15 ,. ALA if - AL Being a freshman, I I know if I mess up this year, il will be harder lo gel involved laler on in high school. David Walkup 9 W we Pt' - L 4' ' 'M , 5 - . 5,Ql Rodney Areman B Yahld Asaad Hugo Avalos Sylvld A velar Edalna Ayala Ron Baker Leorose Baldoz I - - Andrea Barajas Erlc Barclay -e - Janeen Barker .. s. I in .sr y . , y 5 he wxgf.. WW 6 I YI? 'KK 3 Mrs. class explores the varlous ofterlngs of Eng- llsh through the study of Ilterature, prose, po- etry, wrltlng, and speech. Survey of Hlgh School English X. Douglas Bames Ruth Bass Mlke BGUBI Celeste Beard Pele Beltrama Taking on a New Endeavor By Klm Michael och and every eighth grade student went through a major transition when they took that blg step into the ninth grade. The fresh- man year signified the chance to become more of an individual, and took on re- sponsibilities that maneu- vered them into becoming more mature students. "I like being a freshmen more than being in the eighth grade be- cause you get more freedom. There's more activities and things to get involved in," stat- ed Cecilia Figueroa. Sporting events, dances, and rallies were anxiously awaited by freshmen. Fresh- men liked being involved In many activities such as sports, cheerleading, clubs, and stu- dent councll. "When I started the nlneth grade I found a lot of splrlt and fun activltles. I like the student participation In sports and activities," said Chris "Beaver" Cancel. Getting If all together, fresh- men realized that It was going to be that much harder to gra- duate, If they messed up In their first year. Most of them met the challenge well. Freshmen Ar-Be People Jay Berry elnger Bllllngham Steve Blndl Bonnle Blankenship Ron Blamberg Carmen Bolorquez Sandra Bolosan Rebecca Bracken Jody Broe Paul Brummell Bal Bul Alben sufgos James Burrows Monlque Bush Angle Byclago Eugene Bynum Norma Cachu Monty Camel Chrls Cancel Gina Cano Yvonne Caranough Herlberio Cardenas Karla Cash Glenda Casllllo Lupe Caslro Ronald cafon ROD Cauon Mdfld CONGDNS Kalhy Chaney Michelle Chappell Freshmen Be-Ch 73 People ri 'ls . Q' 1 . clac ee, e is I A i X ' E fs- ' 'K 4' Q fl X ef E in e f C fill ,Eg ,I .. X A 'fag X ,Q Xue Y X SAM.. .aff ' . K QM ew- Q 3. gg Li M g K ., 4 gf ' "X, - In K gf VJ, . W . ..,-NL ,J I S3 A 66 V: K C I o f L ', X Se .ffaim Af .l -- .9 L , 2' -Q . N : Q7 X J x , ef " 'Q . . , i- . f f "'Z ' f R Q Kiki . 6 ar -' NM' 5 " C XL. ' rree l rf fa Q s 1 gx 37 , lp: W 5 i Q Q 2 n K 3 6 f 'K X N, Q , ,,:, ,',A ,um I -A if? QQ 4 . ia - f"'v.a? 6. .fv- A 5 .N 'UN ,Af X I x sl Q' Y,.,2' 1? ' 4 , Pablo Chavez Carol Chlldress Ken Churchlll Posalle Clsneros Dlonne Clark Jackle Cloud Sfeven Coffey Angle Coleman Leean Colllns Paul Coofs Evella Corona Sandra Corona Vlclorla Corona leresa Cosia Veronica Coslllla Vlcky Cosfllla Veronlca Coullee Joanne Crawford Jenny Creamer Wlllle Crockeff Jennlfer Crook Marlsela Cruz Rlcky Dalzlell Rosemarie V Davalos Sharee Davldson Mlke Davls Kelfh Davlson Shawn Daweson Cary Dearrlllega Rlc DelaCruz Freshmen Ch De People Jose Deldfotre Charrlsse Deloney Usa Deputron llna Deputron Rosemary E316 Klm FGHODS Joe Farrls Angle Femandez Richard Ferrell Cecllld Flguerea Gary Fltpula Denise Fltzslmmons Horencla Flores Dena Flores Gina Flores Juan Flores Daniel Ford Beverley Forrester Gary Frye x X ,, . 'f .. . R :K it 52' 'vsfiif SI". M J, f S ,QQ 77, . N Je: ,.ff:. K 4 fy w we-+ YM N , 5 I X --ek 3 il' Q R C k W xv R 5 fmff Q 1' . 1' N 2,1 X KQ Q -,a I N f: f AE R 'Q .5 Q 45' K gf I sz sf N 1, f W ' , . k Angele Gagnon Nathan Galnes Annette Gallndo Raymond Gallegos Richard Gallegos De-Ga 'ln-Q Everyday Science in Life By Teresa he entering nineth graders were required to take two years ot science for their gradu- ation requirement. The most popu- lar class was "Everyday Sclence". This was an exploratory course cov- ering basic science using interest- ing activities to aid the students' ln- vestigations ot science. Everyday science, lite science, and introduction to physical sci- ence were important classes to take because they were the basics required before taking other scl- ence classes and the skills learned could be applied to possible iobs, such as dentists, teachers, and ar- Saratln chitecls. The nineth graders were encour- aged to take science all tour years ot high school. The counselors tell they had to encourage students to take as much science as possible, taking into account their academic and career goals. Said Mrs. For- mento, "lt a person wants to major in business, no, l wouldn't encour- age tour years of science. But, on the other hand, it they want to be a chiropracter, l would encourage tour years of science. It just de- pends an the students career goal." I like this class very much. I feel that lhave learned alot. lt's diffi- cult, but I really like il! Hoang Hong 91 i ... Mr. Stewart's science class pursues the laws that govern the sciences. In the top photo students, Hoang hong, Rudy Rivera, and Price Carl learn that weights and measure- ments tor science are In the metric system, and It takes allttle blt ot getting use tol F h 'elf-em! S 1 Serglo Gallegos Mark Gagon Joel Garcla Mayra Galcla Davld Garman Davld Garner Marvln Garrldo Juan Garza Marla Garza Greg Gaulhler Harold Geplord Dlon Glbson Llllan Gll Kevln Glnes Sherry Glsl Charles Golllhar Jesus Gomez Denlse Gonzales Rachel Gonzales Claudla 60020191 Karamln Glewal Tracy Grlffln Mathew Griggs Chafa GIISSGU Brian Guenlher Monlque Gunlshaw Jose Gullerrez Bev Hall Lory Hall Rlck Handley Freshmen Ga-Ha S Z People is . 'miss Fin. ag is s X .J ,' 4 f G lsre gg ' W I sf A Ji K, - l I l x 5, W!" G W'-ff 4' s 2- 4 " Af , .Vkh L ,X 64 5 . Xxx' , A so l l .af L 9 5, -. . gf-5' V ' si 1 N 4 1 H ferns' S 1 ir ,tm ig 2 4? Q ss 'Q is ' -""9'k' ly , 57. x lf i K K R15 f 'fa 3 Q L. , e ,, VJA, Z 3 ,f" is If E X. , ,, 'V Q K sl . Qfiif j e A ' ,m ', Q ,,... we k Q ,- fg Ax .Q wi N , 'N i Q 1. L E ,. .HA ,w r f-.NN ' f Z h xp, XM. fi X K 'SK wry, I ,.,V N. , R 'TIF X55 l fy fl ,iw-we Marclfus Hanes Chao I-lang Jeanette Hanse: Candi I-lafdesty Dale Hardin l Adam Hardlson Taml Haro Raymond Harrls Julia Hastings Clay Hellon mane: e a Johnny Paulefrer l Q Hernandez l l Tlna Hernandez Tlsha HIII Melissa Hlnkle Raymond Hlnnlns Kalhy Holloway Garry Holl MlkeeHough James Hudson n or Debra Huffslufler r 1 Party Huggins H l Ella Mae Hun 1 Madorle Hunl l Ronnel Hunt Tony Hunt D6Gnf ffIb0UG J6ff Jacks QM E By Pam he '83 school year was a year of great improvement for the ninth grade physical education program. Mrs. Linda Johnson, a P.E. teacher, said, "This is probably the most eager, willing to learn and very well disciplined class to enter the physical education program ln many years. They are a very good athletic group and interested ln learning many sports." The fresh- men enjoyed the activities and par- ticipated well in the soclal aspects of meeting new people and talking with them. The freshmen were put In a class together so that they could learn in a core program so that they could learn all the different sports. They were introduced to team and individual sports, and given a wide range of experiences. Participation in P.E. was not only required, but also important to develop and strengthen muscles. .66 , lt's pretty live, and a lot more fun than ju- nior high! Lucy Sanchez We have a lot more activities to do and new people to meet. Sergio Moran 71 I X ,MWWV m Freshmen S 4 People graders game of their ordination, and agility. To the left, resting onlookers, take a deep breath after their turn. - , v-,"'- ----f -A ' :Q X H. a wh L E L ' . I . 4 ' 'Q 5 3, nf ,lk M H152- --V ar , as "' A 1' S 5' Q x f'+n55. is B xg. L, JF ff S. wa me X L N I, L - - k,.- ip.. if Q JN X ,Q Q . 1 f S ' f v-Z., Q' 0 N f 5, N " 5 5 ' 1 ' , We qv il Q 8 4 1 7 QS 'KR R iz? A eff- ' ' J .l , v 5 X ?iX.,Q.N. - Xu X X, SWL L Ni se x 'S 1 Q isis? J' L Fi , X Si we tiff' - -. .5 Kimberly James Ann Johnson Debbie Johnson Debfd Johnsen Tom Jones Troy Jones Markus Karmann Wendy Keller Alan Ketchum Saeed Khan Shoket Khan Soveasna Khuon Heather Kirk Elizabeth Knight Tonl Kochevar Lorrl Kurth Edward Laguna Mlchelle Lake Carlos Landeros Roclo Leanos Stephen Lear Monica Ledesma Gaylene 199 Kristy Lee Todd Leger Klmberly Lemons Laveme Lewls Ndeml Llndqulst Joseph Uflle Stan Looney Freshmen .la Lo People Arturo Lopez Edward Lopez Kate Lopez Rick Lopez Sonya Lopez MGI Lor Teng Lor Jessle Losurdo Joy Lovell Jorge Loza Monlca Loza Vlengklhong Luangrath Mlchele Lucas Wllllam Lucas Elizabeth Maclas Ray Hlnojos seeks help from his instructor, Mr. D. Smith, in understanding the complexities ot to- day's world. ,fl L if ' X 4 -ef. i - , K . Freshmen Lo-Ma S E People K VY: Lge? ' .L 5 .. - 3 76" A o ,. K as . . ' A fm' ' 'h'P ' 3 wi I-iff! R L 3 66 The course is not too hard, but not too easyl Ron Caton lreally enlo y working as a group and doing the mapworkl Tim Rogers HI Frosh EXp9l'i6t'lC6 Social SCieI"lC6S By Klm Michael ' ntroduction to Social Science I was an experimental course given to nineth grade students. The purpose of the course was to give nineth graders a brief introduction to all the social sciences. The course also gave them an aware- ness of the world. Some of the areas covered were anthropology, political science, and social sci- ence. The course was set up to in- clude fun with learning. Students studied different cultures, partici- pated in group discussions, com- piled surveys, and completed relat- ed worksheets. The course helped students develop good study hab- its to help them prepare for their fu- ture academics. After completion ofthe course freshmen should have been ready to go on with social studies with a better knowledge of the subjects taught. According to the teachers the course gave the students a much better understand- ing of a global point of view. Fredrick Maclas Klm Mdllcy AI'ldf9G Manclas Jeffrey Manzer Monlca Marln u y Anthony Martel ' - Rene Martel g x Juan Martinez T Nathanlel Marllnez iw- ir ! Celld Martinez Jolynn McCormick John McCoy Cynthla McGlanls Joe McLemore Raylene McMIIIan Freshmen Ma-Mc People S Debbie Mead Cynlhla Meadows Rodney Mendenhall Andrea Mendoza Scoll Mlchael Tony Michael Greg Mlnlarez John MOld0Ch Sleve Monlalvo Pele Monlanles Vlrglnla Monlenego Brenda Monles Gllberl Monlez Cynlhla Mungula Aurello Munoz Freshmen Me-Mu SS People X .gb Q VA af ,lf J A X I 2 . ' , 1 'VE 7 Q2 lllr 5' ,wif 'Q ,,,, I. H , I ,. ',"' ., "" F ,, ffl ' ,mes v V ' Wg: rf' mf V' 3342553145 V ' ' ' ,, :ffm W :sfgmn-,. f , lib' Deble Huffsfuiler breezes through her drama class, and rushes off to wrlle her next poem. WFS! -Ti? sf X . g Sarah Nadeau . Brian NGQGI Rachelle Navarec QQQ, 1, e S if lzabarr Neagre ' .gg g g P Nlnh Ngo IW ,, s- e, 1 43 34- i S , ' Luna Newer' s S S S - -- if Nha- New-ff , :. g z a 2 U y 'I' Nhan Nguyen l " a a T ' 'a . 1 , L Sashla Noriega ,, ,Qs r S Mlguelochoa 4 he aaaa 1 - Y gx: mt Q a g , 1 .... Chris Ollar - .- K ' ' I' V 'gg ' S " S Q 1 Mickey Ollls y . Q , ,aaaa S r . .,:' S 'Q J ' Vanna Om a.,. S 'qzh S M'C"9'9 O""""o3 S S r , :'a gf 55. - Juan Ortega lu on stage that you can't do in real life, like flying, mystical spells, and going completely crazy without getting committed. Debie Huftstutler 11 li Student Blooms By Nlcky warfare ebie Huffstuttler was a unique person at Franklin, because she was involved ln so many different things. De- bie was involved in drama, and from the beginning, she found it to be one of her favor- ite things to do. She enjoyed expressing herself and reliev- ing her anxieties from inside. Debie was also lnvolved in the Stockton Civic Children's Theater for one year. She per- formed in one play, and thought that "lust being there was a great experience." For a year Debie volun- teered her services at a con- valescent home. She liked working with people because it gave her a feeling of doing something good for someone else. Flnally, Debie's other inter- ests made for a very well rounded student. She was ln- volved in the poetry club, and found it a good way of self- expression. Debie enloyed jazz dancing and self- choreo- graphed dances that she per- formed. Freshmen Na-Or People Sherry Pacheco Blll Palmer Jol Pannyasee Elalne Parker John Parker Tammy Parker Paul Parker Jim Paherson Anthony Payne Sarah Pearce Joanne Peluso P90 Peoudara Rafael Paradla Abfdm P6f9Z Jose PBIBZ Larry Perez Alton Derklns Mike Pelerson fal Phan Cannon Plmenlel Gary Podesfo Santos Pos Alfonso Posada Donna Preblcln Alclandro Preclado Carl Price Anaela Proctor Cwfhld Qullanlang Mary Rabanal Jalmle Ramirez Freshmen Pa-Ra H People , 1 i . ix "" " X. 5 L- . f- , 3 1 l 4. 'Q' 1-.Q R X 1 ffl 4' 4 i LA . ' Q65 f' 9 A ax 'SL ' 3 -s " , , .. f i M R it ' QV do . f if fi'T1f.- ik YT? fri .P S . ' A ff 0 1' - Q 1 R FW R. "- B 'f 5 'R w -'W A fi 1 A R f ii ' w,,- -4 -37. L 9 vi vi, er' Q' . is R... - f Rlck Ramlrez Jeanette Rees Martin Reyes Allen Rhoads Lawrence Riddle Emle Rlllamas Antonla Rlos Rudy Rlvera Shlrley Robertson Angela Rodrlguez Claudla Rodrlguez Gloria Rodriguez Lupe Rodriguez Martlna Rodriguez Rachel Rodriguez Robert ROU C0t'lSU9lO ROIGS Mellndd Roland R9t'l99 R039 Ddvld Rosenblum Ray Roma Nlck Rublno Victor Rutz Mary Russell Bob Rutledge Wlllle Rutledge Carol Ryan Charlee Ryan Brenda Rydel Gary Rydel Freshmen Ra Ry People Breaking from his English studies tor a mo- ment, Kelth Lopez glves hls attention to a statt member. 'Tc Being a part of a team: winning and losing as a team is in- teresting to me. Keith Lopez. .... ...71 I Mario sarazar , f Caroline Sanchez ,Q Joel Sanchez ' Jose Sanchez Lucy Sanchez ..., Ted Sanchez . z GIOIIG SGDUOYGI 1 - Vanna Sat Q , Kelley scan 4 is eulenio sem-no F S no S ,j 1 it 1 Cynthia Serrano Rubin SQIIGDO Donald Clndy 5h9fl sneiron Sylvia Silva flna Simpson Nlth Sin Jeff Smith Mark Smith Freshmen Sa-Sm HZ People ' in X J:- if A 1 swf if 4 t E 1 Q ,NM . we fsv.. . . " X Q N K x he Nun .--R 'x,w-Y ,,,,sxx If X Qi VIS wr 11" N x x 4 rg 3 '13 W ,Y I - . Q 3 'T l gs. . J-' n. ,1 .Q K , .. N, if 5 ss-, .2 Student Sports Versatility By Nicky Wottord elth Lopez was a shy student from Franklin with a tun per- sonallty. Going beyond his shyness there was a nice young man with an authentic talent for sports. Involved In many sports, his tavorlte was tootball because it was fun and ex- citing to play. His talents earned htm the position ot quarterback on the iunlor varsity team. Archery was another excltlng sport that Keith was involved Ing he and his family were active mem- bers In an archery club for the last ten years. Keith enjoyed this sport because of the excitement and the family envolvement. Playing the trumpet was another love in Keith's life. He was very good at lt, and played in a band. He really enloyed being part ot a band. Kelth's plans included scholarships for college and continuing to play football. He planned to major In computer programming. up Q y Richard Smlth t S r- Tammy Smlth A S f 3 Sokada Soch S ski? eg 5 , N' Q55 Duong Sophom ..,,, . ,, ws .L P06 if ,mf Wm Charles 5P6ncer . .4 sn f "' J ,f if B . ' Paula Splcer is ,Q y ' Marilyn Spratt X .F 57 y Llsa Stanley y y Kevln Starks ly gl.. A S ff ' Raymond Steed S 'S' Jlmmy Steinberg Jeannette Stocklln Lynnette Stocklln Khammal Sythanh Rachel Tabangcura "ft: R9b6CCd Tabangcura Kenny Taklock Emily ram Carmen Tankersly Ollmpld TGSCGDO Freshmen Sm Ta People Bobau Thach Bosamelh Thach Sal Thanpaong Bao moo Chou Thao Chuo Thao Lee Thao Xlong Thao Kanchal Thopbourg Rebecca Thomas Eddie nom Ricardo Tluglllo Aurello form Bertha Torres Cecllla form Javier Torres J09 Torres Bang Tran Alfhllf TIQIO Berlo fucker Kun luy Sandap Va Valerlo Vadsn Richard Van Dorworp Mao Vang Yer vang Unda Vanwlnkle Raquel Vasquez EVO Victory Amy Vllhauer mna vmapando Haal Vu Clyde walker David walcup Roger wanace Freshmen Th- Wa H4 People 'D 2 we-.R..-X. ' Q1 . I Q .s 5 :'i,,,, ar A fir Lf' AA N f L , i . , 'if"' e R- 6.44 ie R 1 R ea Q 1 ei I y l .K 5 q , ' v- 1 i i 5 K--. . Q .. ' . ,, L .x I, XII -su. it . .. 'N , A T 1' xl kg Q- f IH" H. 0 sn- , . f T' Us 'iff' 1 V f A xx ., 5 fkxxf' , lg 0, an Q i N 4 pw 5? 'tl 1 Q R .v z Qejw, n "' ,. ve" g - no b 4 1' xx .oe-,axe 11' vw? A' ,S ,v mi l ., i QX lx 5 ,u 1 ie 4, . .- ii 'I' :L K 1 N ,G f JL Q Q- X D Q 2 1 KAY - SXJVL L-I-ig Q ev Pu-J' YV N Nl L my f - f "-If-it AA.. rex x , J, ee e IAA, is x,wq+ew 'S MA. Q nn an-Q, ... 1 1 l, 7 " x ,ox QW-f -'hee' be .ky rv 'fx kN W fe, Y? J ,QQ 3 ki .,,i kk W , ,s ., K "1 . R t i .t t Q. E, K Q K I. Denise Walters Thoan War ferry Ware Oscar Ward Candl Webb Tammy Weldman Darlene Wesl Joe Whlle Lance Whlle Llnee Whlle rlfrany wrlbon Dennls wllkrnson Klm Wllley xrm Wllllams Paul wrurams Pdfer Wlllldms Slephanle Wlllldms Cory Wllson Brent Wlmme Jerry Wood Marlo Woods Bonnle Worley John Wrlghl Bee Xlong Cheng Xlong Sla xrong Va Xlong Zer Xlong Chey Y Leng Yang SGIYGUOI YCIGDO Marlo Zdpdfa Freshmen Wa Za People STUPENDOUS STAFF For many Franklin teachers, a complete work day did not end at 1:45 p.m. as the last high school bell rang. Many instruc- tors took their occupation a step farther in other jobs. Mr. Reyburn commented, "Having more than one job lets one get out and see the rest of the working X V ,Mn ,,, M 4 VV .R A M W . ,ff 3 L i mm 1, W I " "rt' . ..a, "wr M Jobs beyond school By Nancy Flocchini worldf' The working roles they took upon in their daily lives varied from the teacher status. You actually saw the other side ofan individual and how they handled a variety of responsibilities. A lot of people questioned: "Why would anyone want to work at more than one Clockwise from top: Working on a new program, computer whiz Mr. Reyburn logs in a new system for word processing. Striking a graceful pose, Mr. Gemmill pauses on the way to class for the cameraman. Mr. Pasquini educates his dedicated students in the basics of Comput- er Programming. St ff gs Pjople job?', One basic reason was the familar economic situation. The main reason was just the feeling ofpleasure of being able to get out in the everyday world and experience as much as possible. my 'Nrx "My second job is operating a driv- ers' training school. I feel good helping the stu- dents and the com- munity in making them better driv- ers." Mr. Gemmill Dolores Balverde A1 Benton Roy Brassesco Robert Brazeau Barbara Brown Sandra Burrise Ethel Carey Delores Cayton Syd Church Don Churchill June Cochran Leslie Coleman Hugh Cooke Ella Mae Corley Stan Davenport Lorraine DelSoldato '- S ff B -D ta Pjoplg Ms. Dukes Ms. Edaburn Ms. Ellis Mr. Equinoa Mr. Matt Equinoa Ms. Felton Ms. Formento Mr. Foster Ms. Frances Ms. Fryer Mr. Gemmill Mr. Giminez Ms. Gonzalez Ms. Griffen Ms. Gustafson Ms. Hardy People Staff Du-Ha 1 . .hk . ,f I Q -. K' 5 3' Jas ssr l "Everyday is important in high school. There is not a moment to waste. In later years when we feel down, these are the days we re- member." Mrs. Rosselli K ff: . Q' 5 ibk K ... gi - X . -1-1 STI ?ENDOUS STAFF 'TEA Ci-li'-.RS Si-IOW Ti-IZ-EIR SUPPORT If it Wasn't for teachers being support- ive, many of the activities circulating around Franklin's campus would not i h ave existed throughout the year. At every Franklin dance teachers gave yup their Friday or Saturday evenings to chaparone the dances. Not only did they Watch out for any mischief, they also j P l 0 O ined the many students dancing to the pular music. By Nancy Flocchini When asked about his support Mr. Won said, "As a teacher I get to see the kid's academic performance in the class- room. By helping out with extra-curricu- lar activities I observed their perfor- mance in school activities. In this way I got the total picture of students both at work and at play. Hlnstructors were often patient and Clochwise from above: Baseball is an enjoyable sport for Mrs. Rosselli as she demonstrates in the commons. Mr. Won, the jazz band teacher, makes sure the score is just right for the next session. Assemblyman, Patrick Johnson visits Franklin teachers, and chats with Mr. Asuncion and Mr. Zendejas. i cooperative toward students who were busy with fundraisers during classtime. Candy sales, raffle tickets, and jewelery items were among a few of the activities which revolved around classes. This is one aspect which proves that Franklin teachers are involved in more than their students classroom work alone! P I 6555 HH ' ' S'rb:5aNoo'DS S' RELKIING WI'I'i-I RELATIVIES ON T The idea of working at the same job with a relative brought a look of both concern and wonder to many people at Franklin. Husband and wife teams, as well as uncle and newphew pairs turned a few heads and smiles from a few stu- dents, especially new-comers and fresh- men. However, these relatives found Clockwise from the top left: Mr.and Mrs. Theile reflect all the positivity that comes from work- ing together. Mr. Constantine Equinoa persues his papers, and prepares for his next class. Mr. Ellis finds few problems working at school with his wife, Mrs. Ellis. P I IDU sfffife By Nancy Flocchini - that working together didn't create the problems that many thought would come about. Said Mrs. Erin Theile, a special education teacher, about her hus- band Mr. Dan Theile, a history teacher, "We love the idea of working together. Being at the same school makes itleasier and more fun to do what wepfdorevery- with ,all job, day. in 51 -3 2 .2 bother me work my relative, Mat- Equznoa. He lS wztty although I better looking ofthe Mr. Constantine Ms. Hastie Mr. Hernandeg Mr. Horn Ms. Johnson Mr. Latimer Mr. Lee Ms. Loduca Mr. Martin P I 6322151 Wayne Meissner ' wil. Marion Miller Edith Nayer Pat Nemee 2l S sf! X i gx X P ii ,Q I Sharon Norton Julie Ochsner Eleanor Padilla Dewey Pasquini Dan Patchen ggg Vance Paulson o May Powell fll as Qs A erry ratt Sh P S Garnet Punao Michael Ramirez Alan Reyburn Melinda Rosselli S ffM -R Pglrplee 0 'leap "There is no way all our work can be done in an eight hour day, but all the work that we put in is challenging, interest- ing, and for the purpose of supporting a wonder- ful group of young peo- ple." Mrs. Swearingen TT STUIJENDOUS STAFF Worki high skills among Fran ng in a busy office all day long at a Clerical Workers help out By Nancy Flocchini If anything was to happen to one of these important human beings, a de- people actually did not realize what clerical work consisted of. New and ad- school was not an easy job. The and knowledge which were used each individual benefited crease in accuracy in the office work would have been easily noticed. Any in- formation which needed to be known vanced methods which were developed had to be learned daily by these working people. The work that these clerical la- klin students and teachers. Bever- ly Pug btate being 5 2 5 ' ' F :ES 1 5 .Qs it h, in charge of student activities, d, "The funnest part of my job is here with the students." A lot of about Franklin High School these individuals knew all about it. borers accomplish by the end ofa school year was very rewarding for Franklin High School and anyone else involved. 5' 'ss E A QQ' X ff Q Bev Pugh, in the Student Store, diligently attends to school matters. Clerical Wonders: Mrs. Pugh, Mrs. Vezaldenos, Mrs. Dukes, Ms. Rodri- guez, Mrs. Matsumoto, Mrs. Boston, Mrs. Norwood, and Mrs. Stephens. Clockwise from top: S.W.A.K.! Mr. Won and Mrs. Swearingen "clown around' in the Main Office. St ff Peogle 4 2 Y 7' 'T r- ' X ... f 1 I feel commumcatzon IS the most zmportant part of my Job, because I have so many responszbzlztles, and I have to be an effectwe commum cator ln order to get thmgs done Mr Asunczon Ms Ms Mr Dr. Sanders . Selman . Shankle . Smith f Ms. Stahl . Ms. Stephens ' Ms. Swearingen . Mfg , Mr. Theile I 'i M , X :sf , 25' fix 9' !f ' 4: ' f in ,fmt F' 4 I 4 rv ' " mi 4 , V , Ms Theile Ms Valadez ff Mr. Vernon I Ms. Ventre ' f Ms. Walker ff ,:,., Ms. Wartel , Ms. Weaver Ms. Weber 2 Staff Sa-We IU Clockwise from top left: Bartlett LaFaun pauses a moment while cleaning tables. Helping " 1 ' Q' ,i,,. ,,. . , 7, E,. 5 S 11039 clean up after lunch, this cafeteria worker smiles for the camera. Mr. "Jake" Jacobs takes a break from his busy schedule. The custodial staff: Preston Jacobs, Walter Pearson, Joe Rey, Joe Cruz, Steve Lewis, Billy T. Hill, Mr. Castro, Ezekial Howard, Herman San Nickolas, and Simmon Mascorro. STUPL-:NDF US STAFF Manwram me A ND CF mama i-IA va rr 'rooeraz-ras Serving and cleaning up after more than 2000 students and staff members was not an easy task. After a typical school day the large campus was prone to becoming quite dirty. This was especial- ly evident after the lunch bell dismissed the hordes from the commons. These supportive people fulfilled their respon- sibilities by providing us with lunchtime nutrition and the clean-up routine that 1 People liollowed. Vustodian, Steve Lewis commented while in the Main Hall. "ln the eight years I have been here this is the cleanest yet: l believe this is due to the seniors and their control over the underclass- men." Often times we forgot and took for granted that these people would provide a clean and safe environment at school. Said Bartlett llafaun, "l like myjob real Cafeteria!Maintenance By Nancy Flocchini well. The people I work with are awfully nic-ef' And these people were awfully nice to usg they did more than just aid in maintaining our schoolg they provided an invaluable service. The dedication these people showed provided our school with that touch of something totally awesomef STUPENDOUS STAFF Annes SUPPORT SCHOOL The co-operation shared by the Liason Aides was very much appreciated. Mak- ing sure that things ran smoothly at school was the purpose of their job. Dur- ing the 1983-1984 school year the posi- tions of Liason Aide were filled by Mrs. Corley, Mr. Rick Smith, and Mr. Rich- ard Soria. Although Mrs. Corley's job was very hard, she remained cheerful most of the time. She stated, t'My work consists of running the student store, assisting in student activities, and beautifying the place by my presence!" Mr. Rick Smith was also at his best on the job. He was a juvenile officer seven years ago, and was able to transfer his ability of dealing with kids of all types to his job here, very suc- cessfully. This year he was also the coach for the track team. He said, "Anything - .2 -,,, :,, B Y AMELIA DELA CR UZ you can do, you can do better." Finally, there was Mr. Soria. He believed that Franklin had more to offer in terms of activities than any other school. He pro- moted pride in Franklin. These people were instrumental in making sure that Franklin remained a pleasant place of learning. . .,,.f.., ..,,.i..., L 1 5 'Sl 5 ...-,...... ,... ,,L. ,. . Clockwise from top left: Mr. Soria chats with Serena Hernandez, and provides a good atmo- sphere of positive feelings at Franklin. Mr. Rick Smith strolls down the halls. Mrs. Corley toasts the camera before another bite. Ameznme 2 resume Arai nn Arnhem krahemirz J emirz Guia 'm n-I- e1l'11 A Inns Academic Q 1 WW, , ,, , , ,, ,. ,,,.,,,,, , ,, , , 1 krahemirz hemirz Gin itz Entallg Intallg Au llg Amman ,fnnnmn A .. l By Shelley Hall ike a magical door, creativity opens up a world which would otherwise remain untouched. Such was the element within the English department this year. Added to the program was writing for publi- cation, an experimental class which allowed students to send off compositions in hopes of publication. Unfortunately, because of sched- uling difficulties the class was forced to can- cell. Another added interest was the provacative Franklin Flyer put out by the journalism class. A d ' 1111 5521.517 Unlike other editions in previous years, the Franklin Flyer elicited a barage of varied feed- back from both students and staff. Working together to help students continue their English were Language Arts Competency and Survey of High School English classes. LAC was geared to help students pass their competency tests, and move on to other classes, including Survey. The Survey classes taught all aspects of English, and helped to create that "Totally Awesome" atmosphere at school. On page 110, in writing for publication, Gaylord Pinkins lets his creative juices flow into the form of a poem. Below, Richard Gallegos and Rick Costillo take a brief break from their engrossing classwork to greet a fellow classmate. Right, Yoo-Hoo! Robert Reyna and Keith Lopez are caught by the camera while their fellow classmates concentrate on their writing assignments. wwf 'S www ' .,m..,..M- ... .N , - me ,vs s ,, , s as i with her fellow classmates. Left, Sylvia Chavez, Andy Huggins, Elena Garcia, and Consuelo Ruiz listen to an informative lecture. Above, Cecilia Sison discusses her creative thoughts d , 6155222 11 1 When Time EIIGIIE BY T Shelley Hall eorge Santayana, a famous philos- opher once said, " Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Thus in the social science classes, stu- dents were bombarded with chronicles from the past and through class discussions and written work students learned about man- kind's triumphs and mistakes. Academics Social Science Students were treated to a variety of classes in the social science department. These includ- ed philosophy, anthropology, American Gov- ernment, U.S. History, driver's education, health, and intro to social science. These classes inspired many, and were required to graduate. Lessons learned in the social sci- ences were indespensible. 3 if gif. BW A' L. .Ilk-I' Far left, Mr. Rathhouse lectures, as Rachelle Aldridge takes notes in U.S. History. Left, Aurelio Munoz. Teresa Ware. Veronica Coulter, and Jessica Borrero work studiously on their assignment. Below left, Review work is always necessary before a big test or as- signment. Below right, Paul Lewis strikes a stately pose and Brian Sexton and Pete Mon- talvo look on. l fi 2 , 4, Q .W .4 APM Page 112, Basic driver's training techniques are learned in Mr. Ramirez' class. Left, Good study habits pay off in the end. Above. Mr. Williams takes a moment to brighten the day with a smile. e efft " ' l Q ttt, s soda etiae t eeeee eteee i ,ees t ,,... A if ' , E 1 - ,,-, 5 1 K2 I I' MN L' V ws.. By Kim would like to see more students get involved in the world of math," said lVlr. Peters, head of the math department. lVlath was important because it vvas an intregal facet of everyday living. The math department savv a big turn around in their students. lVlore and more students became more enthusiastic about the classes, especially the computer classes. Hovvever, there were not enough sign A d ' 1 Miaihilrzgctjcs 'nm Michael ups in the higher level math courses, like calculus, and so it vvas not offered. IVlr. Peters said, "l'd like to see math become even more important and meaningful to every student. I would also like to see students develop thinking and problem solving skills." Use of the computers seemed to be a turn on for many students, and so the reputation for math classes vvent up. On page 116, Kim Churchhill and Danny Dela Cruz discuss a math problem as Patrick Miller listens intently. Below, computer student, Patrick Miller works on one of the numerous programs included in Mr. Reyburn's and Mr. Pasquini's classes. Right, Yvette Abelong reviews her programs while Kim Churchill types her program into the deck writer. ' News-we-5 K -1 Q., af 'si' .ff 3, to gf iifsyis Left, Mr. Holt explains a problem to his student. Above, diligent students make certain that they understand their work, as demonstrated by Triana George es she discusses math problems with Mr. Brown. A d ' Matjwaenizix 1 P . mNA.,..,..,,.,.g,,.. 4? N., Clockwise from right: Typing a secret message into the computer is not as difficult as it seems. Tony Troung, Chue Lee and other members of the class develop marketable typing skills, that can also be used to help in class assignments. Dawn Hess, Wilan Nloton, Dougetta Oliver, Kim Nix, learn to read shorhand and type with Mrs, lVladden's guidance. s 1. 1 'N-4 -H-4 -- 1 ,fy . Q., ', 1 3.4 . ,, 5 --'f .. if is Y ei 152 1 'Z I iff' ' ii F inf" W By Kim Michael 81 Pam Lefors lVlrs. Nladden, the business department chairperson, showed a lot of dedication and success in helping prepare students for the challenges of the business world. lVlrs. Madden and other teachers in the department provided numerous opportunities for students to learn the necessary skills for real jobs in the business world. Students were given the opportunity to learn such skills as typing, telephone Academics Business techniques, using reference materials and office machines. Students were provided with marketable skills that may provide jobs. In addition students were acquainted with experience on computers, and given hands on training in this new field of business. The purpose of the business department was to train students in skills that would provide them with training for their futures. I N. , ..' I 'T A V , ,,TiLL 4 Left, Tim Halligan learns a few new tricks in woodshop. Right. Khamparson Luangrath prepares for his work in drafting. By Kim Michael 81 Pam Lefors ndustrial Art classes were a resource for students desiring to further their talents and abilities. ln these classes students were able to pick up skills for possible job opportunities. These classes included auto, metal wood, and photography shops. Students were also required to have a working knowledge of basic skills in mathematics, measuring, reading, writing, and listening skills. The ability to follow directions was also crucial. One intent of these classes was to provide students with possible avenues leading to jobs. Said lVlr. Patchen, " Students need to have a hands on experience, so they will be more prepared for what they will have available to them in the future." The department provided students with this opportunity, and based on class enrollments it seemed that students were preparing to take advantage of what was being offered. Academics Industrial Arts 4 E Left, Mai Lor concentrates as she puts on the finish- ing touches. Right. Yvette Johnson proceeds to cut the fabric from her pattern. -W ' , U i f. M f Y-,iw ww, By Shelley Hall reparing students for their future lives, Home Economics courses provided for a wide range of domestic skills. lncluded was instruction in food preparation, nutrition, food service, sevving, consumer education, child care, and interior decorating. One of the most Academics 1 Home Economics important aspects in taking these classes was the preparation received for real life situations. Said lVlrs. l-lastie, "Consumer homemaking teachers feel this course is important for all students because they vvill be using the skills that are learned in everyday living." ...arf f. , Clockwise from top left Tony Truong works with Chau Vo at a reading assignment. Ho Hung, Chau Vo and Tony Truong help the journalism class put out the newpaper Pen Peoudara and Ho L. By Da vid Ballot oming to a new and totally different country was very difficult for many of the Southeast Asians, and learning a second language was equally difficult. However, these students worked hard to learn English. To help them in their endeavor the school developed their English as Second Language, ESL, pro- gram. The program helped the students learn English at their level in a creative fashion. "lt's important for these students to learn English so they can communicate and function satis- factorily in this culture," said lVlrs. Sherry Pratt, an ESL teacher this year. The students worked hard and made remarkable progress as the year went on. Academics English as a Second Language ,qw XML ,QNX X .9 . M X A ow' sw r Bv Clockwise from top left: These students find studying together helpful. Paying attention in class pays off in the end. Mr. Dovale finds video a good way to teach his classes. , Shelley Hall Aiding the migrant students at Franklin was the migrant education program. The program was developed to assist students facing changes in their lives due to moving. Faced with many changes in lifestyle, these students were helped through Nlr. Dovale's office to meet their educational requirements, and adjust to their lives here at Franklin and in Stockton. Mr. Dovale offered assistance and support as needed, and students found him a good friend when they needed help in adjusting to their challenging and at times bewildering new enviroment. Said Mr. Dovale, "The most valuable thing is knowIedge." His office was there to help those in need. Academics Migrant Education By Nancy Flocchini 81 Sonia Pimental he teachers and students ofthe special education program were truly special. In the classes they took the students developed their skills and talents that they already had, and in the process of learning vvere able to share and learn from each other. The teachers assisted the students in helping them to shar' pen their best qualities. All students were en- couraged to participate and do their best with A d ' Sficljinlifgucation various teaching methods used to fit different learning abilities for each student. Classes taught included food service, auto shop, lavvn and gardening, convalescent care, and mainte- nance service. Said Sandra Burise an aid to lVlr. Johnson, "I feel the program is an essential to instill basic learning. lt begins with a storm and ends with a rainbow." 2 Ns, t . Q.. .3 ' . Ss A . si 1 W sm f On page 128, Mrs. Theile helps Ernie Rill with an assignment while Earl Williams and Bill Palmer work on their classwork. Far left, while perform- ing an intricate experiment, Phillip Trigg prac- tices the basic safety rules and combines safety with learning. Left, Dan Lopez expresses his per- sonal opinion as he casts his vote. Below, group discussion is a significant part of learning as dem- onstrated by John Chavez, Milton Rogers, a fel- low student, and a teacher's aide. A ' Amx Above, Disecting a frog in science class proves a " jumpy" experience for the Joel Garcia. Right, in their auto shop class. Michael Gonzales and fellow students work together to ren- ovate a truck in need of repair. Learning and practicing food preparation skills Missy Allen works fast and smoothly. cademics l A V Special Education Aweznme S JB Sparta G Entallg A1 Aweznme S 2 91111115 if Ent ff lln A 5 rt Page . , . 1 , , .. -x... ' I flilrlrtaa En iuizlllg A1111 ueznme Sp: fpnrbi Gini: mfallg Awe nafnnnnan Sn e 5 rt 1 , Division ,ggi UUIIJ II Mania An Enthusiastic D session ranklin athelete's trained long and hard hours for the 83- 84 season. This training helped our Jackets strive for goals not only on the field, but for goals in their lives. Under the command of Coach Duke Pasquini, the team valiantly fought using the skills they had aquired from their weeks of training. Coach Pasquini taught the values of hard work, and tried to form character in each player. The process of learning from one's mistakes helped the athletes learn the values of the game. From game to game the team reached for improvement and strived for becoming better team members. The season was hampered by injuries. The starting wide Sports receiver Richard Creer was hurt before the season began. He led the league in receiving the previous year and would have been a tremendous asset in the season, especially in the close games. Another drawback was the ever changing list of starting line-ups due to injuries, too. The feeling of being onthe varsity team was exalting on and off the field despite a no win season. Newspaper coverage, and seeing your name in print was a big step up from being on the sophomore team. The feeling of being a team was what made it so good to be a player. By Jaime Aguirre 1 3 Z Varsity Football "We gave ir our best shot!" Eddie MCC ullough FRANK! DJ HZCQQE silt? 9 in 0 we G L ei ee E Elin' N i A s TB ' I' I., , If -,' ' 8 t . , es A' e ff F I ' if ff ..,. ? 1 ,. , In L. V H e,,ee i . X 1 mer 'A ' . ::,.e -,F -.+A 3 ' " " " 9 X 2 3 ' f vs, 4 K A V ,A - 5 if Y In Q K V., .sf - W, 2, ,V WW? 1983 VarsityATeam: Kevin Creamer, Brian Jones, Jaime Aguirre, Richard Creer, Ernie Romo, Victor Young, Paul Lewis, Billy Randolph, George Juelch, John Cardona, Harvey Casillas, Raul Rabago, Ruben Madrid, Andre Walker, Ceasar Galindo, Mark Holland, Tony Vega, Jose Zuniga, James Frazier, Reg- gie Owens, Richard Soria, Duke Pasquini, Jim DiSerio, Randy Brown, Randy Martin, Matthew Jackson, Greg Butler, Peter Montalvo, Abdon Leanos, Leonard Stewart, David Rafael, Frank Ramirez, James McLemore, Candido Montes, Rod Wills, Lito Mendoza, Paul Sisson, Andy Dalziell, Eddie McCul- WW lough, Cassie McLemore, Larry Guzman, Gilbert Garcia, Fernando Salices, WWW Jerry Alvarez, 84 Christian Quilantang. ' On the left page, Jaime Aguirre is successfully defended from a St. Mary's player to start the Jacket passing attack. Above, sure-footed Eddie McCoullgh breaks through the St. Mary's line with fearful force. Left, striving for extra yardage, Raul Rabago tries to struggle free from a flying St. Mary's tackler. -A f r' z '1 s A -"' l rsi J S t 4' Varsity Fojtczwgzz 1 3 3 Q! Li LL 3' 5 B 3' On page 135, Keith Lopez throws the ball to running back, Kermit Knight, who explodes for first down yardage. Bottom page 134, Ramon Figueroa struggles for extra yardage. Right, Henry King pulls down a pass and heads for the goal line. 5 es wr ,ir as . X is i 5 5 1 04' 1 A . xwllzgi 'W .gi i ' . we 'Q' 5 ,K Y - 5. - M.. fa! Q0 L U . i 3'9Y5r aaxamfi .it es IJ 1:56 T5 L R f S , fmt? GG. , ,gg . V71 .V k psf :VV A1 ' ,f . Qu? 5 if g . v- w Q 7 Y gas -1, 'Q if 31 1 ,V an K, 1 . M ' - ' J -,L 3 s x,af-'f . sf K . R L L f, 1- A 4, ,Y fl rift-4" .' 1, ' ,,1" 3,' eff Q'b -rin g , Y .171-ry. Qsze-sill' .5 ,G T . ' Q- - ' sr, 1983 JV Team: Henry King, Keith Davison, Steve Montalvo, Greg Ratto, Mike Mata, Mark Walden, Tony Scot, Jimmy Seals, Kermit Knight, Greg Stores, Dion Gibson, Andrew Woodson, Jeff Manzer, Marlon Moland, Joseph White, Richard Salices, Sid Aguirre, Keith Lopez, Ruben Valles, Dave Payne, Joseph Mcclemore, Robert Guzman, Ramon Figueroa, Randy Stonestreet, Victor Olivas, Gaylord Pinkins, Mike Herrera, Aurellio Torres, Victor Reyes, Charles Juelch, Willie Crockett, Rick Sandoval, John Riggins, Louie Villan- ueba, Mark Gamboa, Arture Lopez, 84 Randy Galela. i "Determination made the year Worth while! ' ' t Kermit Knight Sports 1 .I V Football li' kin ' kin ANeVBl'El1dil1 , earning izlttle Our young Jacket football team learned the traits of the game in their first years of football here at Franklin. After weeks of hard practice running everywhere and anywhere to get into shape, the Jackets went out to put their skills to use. Although it was a no-win season many of the atheletes learned not only the game, but how to prepare themselves for varsity football. Many hours were spent perfecting plays and -getting the strength to endure the grueling forces of the next "big game". These young atheletes were the keys to the future successes of the football team. Many atheletes fought hard to achieve success within to satisfy themselves. After the season was over many felt confident to go on and strive for the ultimate success to feel confident enough to win. By Jaime Aguirre s 1 Jv P05225 1 3 IJ And Uve Dlleyhall Takes ll 'Mp Effort To be a good player in this sport took good health, knowl- edge of the game, skill in passing, setting, and serving. Practices were mandatory and could last as long as three hours. ln the beginning they were very hard, but as the season' progressed they became easier. Enormous amounts of energy were re- quired by the coach, Mrs. Johnson, who demanded 1107, effort! Said the coach, "Volleyball is a sport that keeps the audience moving. The game is never over until that final point!" When the captains were picked several things were considered: who knew the game well, who had the skill, and who understood howto communicate well with team members. Lawana Ivy fit the bill, and helped make the team work so successfully. By Sonia Pimental S t 1 E lzrcllejfball I-u 3 Ms 1,. c. On page 136, Michelle Surrell anticipates the right time for spiking the ball. Above left, Michelle Surrell and Priscilla Goodwin warm up ro defeat the other team. Teammates watch and observe Tammy Roe's ability to bump the ball. Team Photo: Lawana Ivy, Tammy Roe, Sonia Pimental, Mrs. Johnson, Kim Jones, Michele Surrel, Maria Ortega, Rachele Aldridge, Monica Cruz, Lori Lopez, Debbie Martinez, Priscilla Goodwin, 6 Tanya Creer. The only way you fe can succeed in this sport or in an y sport is to play as a team Marla Terry Ortega t Sports Volleyball 1 3 Page 138 Clockwise from top, left: Our Jacket team prepares under the guidance of coach Rick Smith. The 1984 Cross Country team: Armando Gutierrez, Mike Costilleja, Mike Jimenez, Eric Galtman, Fernando Gu- tierrez, and Constantine Equinoa. Juan Medina, Angie Burciago, Da vid Solis, and Tim Carlson. Mike and David run in perfect stride. Page 139: Our Jackets start off in the front of the pack. . .32 1 L "Dedication and determi- nation . . .all the Way to victory" Mike C ostilleja 1 3 S Cross Country A thletics Stridin ward Success The Winnin Effort 3 ur crossecounrry reorh ron in neorly oerfecr srride, running rrserr rrghr rnro o second oroce, 7-1 seoson Cooch Consronrine Eournoo worked rhe Jodser runnrng reofn rnro o wrnnrng shooe. The Cross-Counrry reorh ron oosr rhony corhoerrrors ond fer! ro rhe nurhoer one reorh oy only Q oorhrs. Mony hours or runnrno oreoored rhe rndwiduors ro oerrer rrrhes. Long, hord hours oidrsronr runnrhg rhode our runnrng reorh successfur, Seniors, Dowd Sorise ond Sreve Russo were greor runners ond heroed rhe resr of rhe reonn ochreve rhelr vrcrories. Nexr yeor rhe Cross- Counrry reorh rs ordeed ro rokse rhe SJAA. oecouse or rherr rerurnrng runners, rhey WH! onry oe wirhour rwo seniors. Thrs wos o goodseoson for rhe Crossiounrry reorn ond gove our schoor sorhe pride ro rork ooour. Wrrh rhe orhreres running oN rhe rrrhe, rhey WH! sroy in shooe ond oe reody for rhe yeor ro come. AH hord work oord off for our young Cross-Counrry reonn, Athletics Cross Country 1 nt it l'iV9S 00DStl-3 'I-BHI11 IJUSHQS f0l'llhB fiBI'CB illl"0llt l1llStl0 By Jaime Aguirre nder the coaching of Dan Church, our Jackets were tough competitors and strived for the ultimate goal of victory. Through weeks of practices the athletes formed their skills, and athletes got better and better after every game. The players worked hard every game and impressed alot of peo- ple. ln this growing year, our Jackets learned the way to win in the hard work of defense. Defense was the name of the game. Intensity was the key, the open passage to victory. Athletics 4 Men's Varsity Basketball Jumping, shooting, and driving for the basket was the plan for every game. Despite an all junior and one sophomore team, our Jackets never gave up. They were fighters down to the last heart breaking loss. The St. Mary's game went down to the last seconds for seconds for the decision, and the Stagg game went into overtime. Despite these close games Franklin's courage and reputation were a winning combination. "Cawards die many times before their deaths: valient ones taste death but ance. " David Samaniega sr? x 5 '05 as , Q X.. is s 21:41 .tWiQf ' k k f'9:Q's5"u5' --' 151: 3 . X. .:f- K V f1-f K '.f' 1984 Varsury Ba5IseroaH Team: Jawme Aoairre, Hehry lima, Thomas Dxoh, Fxwchard Hammer, Pool Le-wus, Donald Crooma, Emxe Pxodh gaez, Fred Searcy, Emne Rama, Eddie MCCUHoagh, RUQUQO Madrid, Dowd Samahweao, ahd Ehc Goirmah Page 140 Emie Roma fwghrs for rhe oaii oyjampihg hugh ro sharch xr dawh Page1111 dadewise from foo 'eff Brzah Jones raises 'em from the hole RUGDGO Madrmd drwes for rhe oaslser A thletics Men 's Varsity Basketball 1 4 1 -, 4 "We could have won alot of games but the breaks didn'r go our way." Anthony Taylor 5 2 a Aa" -ml 40" Kem Dawofsom shoots for two Anthony Taylor aoos two foo'e fo' 'fe score ooao Page 148 DQCQVNSG -5 ivesseo by Kefwvr Ko gr' are 'me 'es' of we loose' some C oc sw ae frooo top lei' 19811 Januar Varswy Team Rody Reyes, Amore Woodson, Ste ,ef Coney Pcocoo Gozo Tow Scar' Seve Ano 'X" o ooo Awrrfomy Taylor Le-we Dom, Roy Tlomo, Arwdy Vllcpudoc, Jo sooo LVTQ Arfeuo Toves, ooo Kerom KVNTQWT Athletics Men's Junior Varsity Basketball -Q. ,,... K ? ure Shot Sonhom es Scoring easily with a iumnshot for two By Jaime Aguirre is Wit ,gz . .,3,,,, 1 ,Q - J s . , . si ' av J, .2 ew faces and young talent formed a team around coach, Pete Turner. Along with Coach Turner was his assistant coach, Barry Drebert. They were given alot of new talent to work with. These athletes played the game from one end of the court to the other without hesitation or giving up. The hoopsters had a good passing game that brought them success. Along with the good shooting and passing, defense his Page Sponsored By: FRANCES' BEAUTY SALON AUTIBUCS ' 315 E. Charter Way N , M E T52 was played to top quality. Victories were achieved through hard work and perfected plays. Movement brought the open shot that led the Jackets to their wins. The learning sophomores had many close games that pre- pared them for varsity level ball. Under find coaching, the ath- letes learned the fundamentals of the game that helped them in the future years here at Franklin High School. 143A Men's Junior Varsity Basketball L . omen's Varsity Basketball coach, Mrs. Alexander tookthegamebothpersonallyandathletically.Join- ing the team required some knowledge of dribbling, passing, and shooting. Practices were 2V2 hours a day and were filled with preparation for the big game. P When choosing a team captain coach Alexander took into consideration basketball knowledge and a person with lead- ership ability. Her most valuable player,was Karen Bush who was considered, "Has what it takes." Karen Bush said, "As a valuable player, I think my best qualities were my field goals and free throws, but a little more concentration could have helped me improve." All skills learned and acquired were put to use in our Lady Jackets basketball games. Not only were they taught basket- ball skills, but they were taught team unity and sportsman- ship. "Basketball is a fast and exciting game that keeps the audience excited," quoted Mrs. Alexander. . ll ut BSS Athletics Women s Varsitv Basketball Guard Your nnonent B y Jaime Aguirre fn M A ,V., gf x Q fi' I iv fi Wh ,a 124 g 4 ,G 'I' ,ew fm -f , ., V My M ,II Y' ii ,..f, f, X ? ivy HKU Q 1 Z' 2 L! .. QS' 42. ,W A ' LM ZWWWAJI f Page 146 dadswrse from rap ra harrom Jeahmfer Creamer aaa Jaherre Sr Mary ger ready for rhe reboaha Nm Cherry ours rhe aarhrs oh rrwe score aaara. Page 1417 Jehhrfer Creamer aaa Krm Cherry play wwrh rhrehsmry. 1084 Sophomore Daslserhall Team Jeah erre P-Iahseh, Krmberiy Cherry, Taffre Waher, Karrzrwa Allen, WGUGRQ Damoh, and Jennifer Creamer, Mohraae Bash, Lrlrah Gul, Jalrerre Sr Mary, Turfahy Wrlboh, aaa Tammy Forman "Even though we didn 'r win alor of games, we had a fun season." Kimberly Cherry lx 4 E Athletics 1 Women 's Sophomore Basketball BU BBHI YDUI' 0lJDUl16I1t to thi! l100lJ B y Jaime Aguirre team consisting of 6 freshmen and 5 sophomores, was whatthefroshfsoph women's basketballteam was all about. Though the team was young and inexperienced, they showed Coach Linda Johnson that they were willing to learn and play their best. Practices were filled with running laps, working on lay-ups, passing, shooting, free throws, offense, defense, fast breaks, and pressing. But most important was playing together as a team was highly stressed. In choosing team captain, Mrs. Johnson had to consider the players ability and knowledge towards the game, and who teammates looked up to and respected. Leading scorer, Jenni- fer Creamer, was one ofthe players that fit into that catagory. Another, Kim Cherry "Being a better player to me includes practicing more and taking time to shoot. I can also improve by watching skilled players." This year was a fun, growing year for our Lady Jackets. Coach Johnson stated, "I really enjoyed working with my team this year. They showed me that they really wanted to learn the game." Athletics Women's Sophomore Basketball ILIYJ HCR EI11 Th Miiti H9 UI1 UNB stl'Ql1Qth B y Jaime Aguirre his year had a new start for our Jacket wrestling team. With a new coach, Pete Gagliassa, the Jackets started working hard to get into shape. Coach Gagliasso was o nine- teen year old graduate from Franklin High School and being a former Jacket, he felt he owed his best to the team. Practices were filled with plenty of hard work consisting of push-ups, sit-ups, running the track and the halls for sprints. Along with the help of John Musgrave, Randy Galela and Andy Vasquez, the coaching staff pushed all the wrestlers so that they Athl t' 1 Varsityciwestling would be prepared for the lang six minute duel meets. All the hard work paid off in victories such as that against St. Mary's and Stagg. This made the wrestlers feel as though all work went for the good of winning and made them want to win even more. Under coach Gagliasso, the Jacket wrestlers learned many fine skills and other things such as dedication and desire. The athletes felt good about the season and said that Pete Gagliasso gave them alot of drive that made them want to succeed. r 1984 Varslry Wresrllng Team Jann Musgrave, llmmy Seals, Canalaa Nlanrez, Marla l-Iollana, Larry Guzman, Rlcley Mann, lkaberr Guz man, and Kevln Creamer Page 1418- Robert Vasauez nas nls man under canrrol Page 140 claclswlse from rap ra aarrom, Franlslln nas rne march nn rlwelr nands Vann Hall, Jose Zunlga, lloberr Vasquez, Kevin Glnes, Troy Janes, and Franls Ramirez "Hard work in training made this year all worth while. " Kevin Creamer Athletics 1 Varsity Wrestling "Working hard gave me a placement on the Varsity Squad. " , Ricky Dalziell M155 Steve Pease has his man under. Joe White receives the big pin. Page 151: Doug Crow over powers his man. Page 150 clockwise from top, left: The 1964 Ju- nior Varsiry Wrestling Team: Dexter Rowley, Albert Borrero, Joe McClemore, John McCoy, Joe White, 6 Markus Karmann. Jeff Karmann, Doug Crow, Tony Martinez, Eddie Fowlks, Sergio Moran, Ricky Dalziell, 6 Rick Sandoval. L Afhlefifs This Page Sponsored by: BETTY BUYCK Junior Varsity Wrestling 715 North "E" Street Tak UW l3Bi:ltil1Q YDUI' 0DlJ0l16l1t CHQ DI1 CHQ his year's wrestling was an ever-changing, fast pace sport. On the .l.V. team, everyone worked hard to move themselves up to the Varsity level. Placement spots for varsity were competed for every week. Both J.V. and Varsity were not always a set team. Everyone improves and the com- petition makes the varsity the strongest that it can be. The J.V. wrestling team practices with the Varsity team and they are both coached by Pete Galiasso, the new, first year coach here at Franklin High School. Practices were hard and B y Jaime Aguirre everyone pushed each other to make themselves perform at top quality. There were many weight classes with more than one person competing for the Varsity position in most cases. The changing in roster was always there. In all, there was just one real wrestling team. This was a good year for our 1984 wrestling team here at Franklin High School. Working hard made our J.V. wrestling team the best that they could be. Athletics 1 5 1 l Junior Varsity Wrestling AWE! awer ittins! with Streneth By Jaime Aquirre Swinging into the new season was full of hard hours of prac- tice led by Coach George Ramirez and Asst. Coach Gregg Marsh. Practices were filled with many ground balls, fly's, and line drives. Hitting was practiced many times in order for our Jacket squad to hit to top quality. Pickoff plays were practiced over and over so that the ball players could get the quick out. With returning starter Steve Robertson, the Jackets had the strength in both pitching and catching. Steve was one of the teams power hitters and had a 360 batting average in the 1983 season. He was also voted second team all-league pitcher and Athl t' 1 5 Basezdzs . 'r'---f, r,,- M ik .. N ,, sf. , , 5 mf., Z ,K team captain for the third year in a row. Steve said, "ln being a returning varsity athlete, l felt that l had to give team leadership and work hard to become the best at what I do." This year was a good year for our Jackets because of the sophomores that came up from the Champion Sophomore team and all the returning veterans. Second baseman and Pitcher Zeke Reyna says, "this years victories had a lot to do with the Championship feeling that the juniors gave the rest of the team." Zeke was 2 and 1 in his pitching for the 1983 season and says that he likes the challenge to face a batter one on one. 1 eff ' HW .V W ff :ff A aff!! A , X, .fu , Q? ,paw .0 , A f am ,mffw , ' , ai yan Af 'wwf ,, ' , ' 3 45 ,114 H gm 'Sm-W vu- Q Q nw aww f:,::'.44. Q . v vt "W , no ,wwnw '4'r" M mf an tub.- + wf :S . 2- 7 ISF ,A 1 ws.. Snrin FEV ill'l11il1Q I3 HID -I-'19 EW SBEISUII With new coach, Richard Soria, the softball team set out to work hard for the new season. He was faced with a very young team and had only one senior that was a returning starter, Naomi Perez. Other returning starters were Maria Peralta and Rachele Aldridge. Maria was the most valuable player as a sophomore and played short-stop and second base. Rachele, who played catcher, short-stop, and second base said, "ln being a returning starter, I feel that the year made me even better and prepared me for my senior year. Rachele played varsity as a sophomore also. B y Jaime Aguirre Practices began and softball fever soon caught the athletes and the spectators. ln practice, the Ladys prefected their bat- ting, throwing, and team plays. All fundamentals were put together for the Jackets in their games. The softball athletes learned more and more, week after week, game after game. The Lady Jackets were able to have fun and work hard at the same time. Debbie Martinez says, "this softball season was filled with many ups and downs, but it made my senior year a lot of fun!" Athl t' 1 5 4 Softlfalls ,-,c I I Ati! Page 154: The 1964 Softball team: Richard5aria, Lawrence Ivy, Sugy Lee, and manager. Maria Peralta, .Stephanie Nunez, Niamo Perez, Raquel Vasquez, and Cassie Mc Lemare. Rachele Aldridge, Michelle Jiminez, Kim Michael, Stacy Vaughn, Nicky Wofford, and Sonia Pimentel. Page 155: clock wise from top left: Da vid Mina starts his pitch. Raman prepares for a base hit. Pat leads off with a hit. Athl f Sofibgz 15 L Page 156: Clockwise from top left: Our 1984 Badminton team. Tina Hernandez, Mia Rervis, Julia Hastings, La Joana Clark, Lean Collins, Diana Rocha, and Gina Stevenson, Cathy Vinson, Camelia Correa, Anne Marie Gomez, Rosa Leanos, and Anette. Karmjeet Grewl, Joy Cavannaugh, Pamela Ricketts, and Shelley Hall. The faithful tennis athlete. Our team is on the move. Swinging in stride. Page 157: Our Badminton team strives for victory. I iw. le Athletics astt QE., 1 Badminton 5 Tennis Unlike most school sports, Badminton and Tennis had been plagued with much criticizm throughout the years, mainly due o the inexperience on the part of those who had never partici- :ated in the two sports. Unknown to most, both sports require ntense concentration, thought, great power, speed, and above ill, finesse and agility. i With the addition of new coach, Gina Stevenson, the Badmin- lon team related its energies to fun work in their games. Taking lhe time to discuss important factors with team members was important for coach Stevenson. Meetings, activities, and fund- raisers were begun within the first month of school, which raised team spirit while also allowing the team to buy new uniforms. Such positive aspects helped carry the team through its compe- tative season. With more new-comers than "old-timers," joining the team, the Tennis team found it somewhat difficult to compete success- fully against other schools. However, with coach Lynn Showell and most valuable players Lori Crisp and Lisa lmhoff, the team played with great skill. ln spite of the fact that they did not win many matches, the team was very vivacious and displayed Awesome spirit! ' " .. ws. , vsslt ,,,c,,, up Smashln nd The l3lrd The -I-Bl1I1iS DHI' CDI'il1 IST B HITIBU Thi? 68018 By Shelly Hall 1 Athletics Badminton 5 Tennis 15 meznme 1 mums Ari 2 Artiuitin rtiuitiez G iuitiez arm Eifiil-H1 ttuntwz :iuitinz Ent 'aa Entallgi lntallg Am ll EI g Aww u IU? Activities U ' Division Page 1 5 f ZS X K 5 ' 2 s Q 3 g . W, 2 ' ' Qi L 5 Q gi 2, 1 i . . K i , 3 E . ' 1 R Q15 ix' Q Egg 3 xi k A Q1 2e,S?VA 1 ' mf , ..,,k, . dinarilg Live Royalty Dazzles By Teresa Sarafin The day of the Homecoming Game was anticipated by the finalists and students at Franklin. That was the day the Homecoming King and Queen were to be announced. It was half time, and all of the finalists were becoming nervous. The time was drawing near for the King and Queen to be announced. The fans were waiting anxiously for the ceremony to begin. Then the finalists walked down the aisle to the stage where they waited for the decisions of the judges. As they started from the fourth runner up, the tension grew. and the announcer proceeded. Finally it was down to the two finalists. One would be the first runner up and the other would represent the King and Queen. The fans and finalists alike awaited the ultimate statement. As the final words were spoken the King and Queen looked astonished that they were chosen, and very excited as they were congratulated by the other finalists and friends. They remained a symbol of Franklin all year. Main photo, Robert Torres and Karla Valdez proudly represent their school for the Homecoming 1983 festivities. Top, standing in the rain the finalists, Kenny Haflich, Kim Churchill, Doug Wollard, Lydia Miller, Greg Dread, Kim Jones, Robbie Ortega, Shelley Hall, Jeff Desersa, Lisa Vancourt, and Richard Creer, awaited ward of who had won. Below, with a look of surprise the King and Queen are given hugs by their escorts, Sam Franco and Stacy Erwin. Activities Homecoming King! Queen 1 E 3 i fgf A iti X it s i ii Y , i 4 1 Q Counter-clockwise, Page 164: For Homecoming King the first runner-up was Richard Creer, second runner-up was Kenny Haflich, third runner'up was Jeff DeSersa, fourth runner-up was Greg Dread. Counter-clock wise, Page 165: For Homecoming Queen the first runner-up was Rebecca DeLaCruz, second runner-up was Lolita Sauls, third runner- up was Shelley Hall, fourth runner-up was Lydia Miller. L. E at 5 I Y ap, fu nik ,winfex rg I" in 'f f law E' If. 1 .1 f. 1 Q 5. S Activities 1 Homecoming Finalists .J .:4.q?49V'w w ,W ieiv: 42 Q Z E Y, Q., Qi We 2 ,iAg7,r.f1: .1 QW 'vw A o u " fb k"' f i Wil 1- ' ' k,-' Q V. -- - - ' 'prix f , '1 X is 5, Z, ,Q ,, g ? .V QM , K . is k .exe , aa. W is . , ggi I W L , Y .,., he , it ,i .gig Q xA,,f. :f -' H tw,-L ,. ,,-f ggg , " ae, 5 Q 3 F Q i 5 S Elated Finalists By Teresafiarrifini tl e o Being chosen to run for Homoeoo Queen was a great honor. But, being a finalists was, even a greater honor fortheieightrfinaligtrght Their talent andfelassy Viilothingllhelpedfboost?1 them to a finalist position. Although, they! held finaliit positions, theyiwerey proudritoebeake part of the competition. They worked hard on'- their part, with epme help frorn,Mrs.y5lgossellikl They put many hours into rehearsinfgfifor the competition. and are proud of their aehieveg ment. Theffinaolisitiwill airways effort and what they accomplished duringi their Senior yearat Franklin liligh Sehyoolt ele . Q , X 5 5 H if A f' up 2 1' 5 i i P Q N r 5 ff' K . - - A HS .. ,gi r + . A ,, . ' e Y . fr: . ' I ' QIEW' 1 1 ' 4 I :A 5' P5 H 1 A " 5 " . ' ' 1 le- . J 'L S ' E .i ,L A I ' e I has t f i f K V 4 I 1 I , . ,. . , I ,, I f . 33"?3i29'7L1fifl7935i1Zfii?"-1-,l-,YWi f3ff':ii5ia1'i ',"'ii:',6'if2f' ' 3 'L ' ' ' e. y Agnygueg i - l S, MM-'if' ' 1fsww2L..' , ' , . y ,, K L.-1 W nl Y ,af,a,1',fez'em23l 2445, lwpf f '45, ,' , . V K f , , f n,-,, , , ,, K , , . -f ,, , i , y , , , ,.,, A . Q . E? X L "f1Q.:,,ff 1 ft1x:1n:'zw,?n -','v1.3:1gf: ,,-QM-'iffy-govflnffyzy Mia-ft.,,yL1qQ,p,QjyfV.-gk: ,'zQ.e22,,i,g,y : 4 .,,,,71f,,k , , rgxgvfcf ,lf , , f , 1 , ' , - , I , ' ' - f ' W QW ,.n-fl: - : w w w: r f 1 reo,e,1,:f.i-VlwfiilnW, 12am ,-.w.g:,1.s'w . , ,f,,e,-rw, , , W--r,g1f-, . f mf ,f , , , , 4 V , Lim are5,4x,5,Wg3W .k,iw3mgb,VmyI,mid ,. ipwir I , 47432 I I , rl I X kd 4 Wwe: Vvv- -VII V mm 5 ' L ' ' - V- H 1 'Emi , -.,,,,-' megan ,,.... Mfbefffmm f Q Extraord live Paper Flower By Teresa Sarafin Flower parties were often announced dur- ing the Homecoming festivities. You may have seen a sign saying, "Senior class flower party at Kim Jones house, Friday at 6:00 p.m. Bring green and gold napkins." Those were the times you and your buddies hunted for a truck to use, then stayed up into the early hours of the morning making paper flowers and putting them on the float. Those times might have been cold, but, they were worth it and they were enjoyed by those who helped. Working together as a group. the float making was a fun experience. There was only one rule in float making. You had to help a certain number of hours in order to ride on the float. The number of hours was determined by each class. Although, you had to spend many hours, and alot of labor on the floats, it was always worth it in the end. Top to Bottom on page 166: The winner in the car competi- tion was the Spiritleader, first runner-up in the float com- petition was the Senior class. Counter-clockwise on page 167: Winner in the float competition was the Freshmen class, first runner-up in the car competition was Lori Pack, the Sophomores didn 't place, but they kept on cheering. The Juniors didn 't place either, but they kept their spirits high. Act' 't' 1 E E Horhlgcffning Floats I' ..,, ,gs ' pa :fs 'WS' Si'W'?ff3f ' f 4 mim- +-N an Activities Homecoming Floats By Teresa Sarafin Color, style and prestige was what this fashion show was all about. Under the direction of Mrs. Corley the evening was a smashing success. The colors were fantastically blended and the variety of patterns and fabrics created an aura of rich sophistication. There were stripes, circles, dots, hearts, and brilliant colors. The styles ranged from torn t-shirts to classy evening gowns. Franklin students styled to the times, and the evening was a definite, fashionable success. hrewdlg ophisncated Activities 1 Fashion Show Extraor- dinarilg Live Clockwise from top far left page 168 Michele Olivas and Fred Lopez glide in style. With poppin' polka dots Michele Olivas parades across stage. Michele Olivas swings with the casual mood. Page 169 clockwise from large photo: Renee Leal dresses in high fashion with an Asian flair. Dion Clark combines elegance with good taste. .loycelyn Juegeta strolls with style. Michelle Thomas, Andrea Phelps, and Stacy Smith perform a dance step dressed in the ever popular deniums. Y N f inf 14.7, C Extralrdinarilg Live Council Spirit The Student Council supported the Christ- mas spirit in the l983- I 984 school year. They visited a convelescent home, Hypana House, and donated a christmas tree and sang car- rols. Kevin Creamer dressed as Santa Claus and spread good cheer to all. Carnations, bal- loons and candy canes were sold, and a tree in the hospitality room was decorated. The Christmas spirit promoted school spirit, and the season was indeed jolly. Santa, Kevin Creamer, gives Greg Dread, a yulefide hug. 1963-1964 Student Council and their advisors: Mrs. Kelly, Richard Creer, Joe McLemore, Ken Melgoza, Richard Bish- op, Mr. Church, Maria Ortega, Rebecca DelaCruz, Maxine Sarmiento, Tim Knoeb, Angelica Jaurequi, Troy Fox, An- nette Johnson, Greg Dread, 5ergio Melendez, Steve Den- nington, 6 Sabrina Walker. Activities Student CounciI!Christmas 1 1 - .K ,,.m, Activities Student Council! Hypana House raordinarilg live Council Spreads Cheer Mrs. Kelly and Mr. Church capture the spirit of the young at heart. Upper left, Tim Knoeb, Kenny Melgoza. and Robbie Ortega enjoy a moment with a resident of Hypana House. Lower right, Diane Garcia makes a friend by offering assistance to an engaging matron. Activities Student CounciI!Hypana House V c1QeJfrtime C10fe1fctivLe C1QeJfrtime OQeJfrtivLe h0QeJfctivLe 0QeJfrtime 0QeJfctiv1 00mm Wutemme CVQQEMQ CVc10,e1frtivLe,-CVc10emivLe Wawum Wutwun otemme CVc1Qemivte CVC1Qevdiv1eeCV0Q2Jfrtime CVQQMMQ C-VuQmime CVc1Qemm 00fJfrtime 2 CVOlQeJfrtivi t C10,e1fctivxe 2 CVOQQJAW l CVc1Qemiw1 2, Wuwctivf CV0QeJfrtime 2 qffihavrtiw O0,flVffiVL6, 1 CXKQQJQJIEUVL Ollwtime 1 CVOcQfJfrtivl OLQeJfrtivLe L CVOQeJfrtive c1QeJfctivLe4, , , et e ,LCVQQQJM awfive Wotwfw, Wuwfim CVQQQMQ WQQMW CVQQMW C-Vatemm Wcxwctme, CVQQMIMQ CVc1Qemme CVc1Qemime Wutwtime CVQQemime CVClQP,vtfi atemw, CVQQMHMQ WQQMW, CVc10fmme CVQQQWQ utemme CVQQME 'ooo 3 Actlvltles 1 Valentine Sweethearts Frosh!S ph i kfcllurtime CVOQeJfrtivxe CV0QQJfctivue C1QeJfrtivLe C1QeJfrtivLe A OlQe1fctime Owrtime xfclwctivte Wuwrtivte CVc1Qfwctime, CVc10,emme CVc1Qemime CVCl0.6VEfiVlB,' CVQQQMWQ xfahmme Wuwum CVQQQMQ CVQQQJM, Wutfmivw, CVQQMMJ, CVQQQMMQ NfC1QeMtime ' CV0QQMtime xfc1Qemme ' Wawtim VOQeJfrtime ' CVOQeJfrtivLe, VOLQeJxctivLe ' CVOLQeJfctiv1e VQQQM' CVQQMW v W VClQf3Jfrtiv1e ' CVOQeJfttivue, VClQeJfrtime ' CVOQeJfrtime Xfclwtime t CVOL0fLvrtime Vatmme WQQQM CNXQQQM WQQWQ WQQMM CVQQMQM WQQWQ ' o VQQMIMQ CVGQMIMQ CVOQQMVLQ CVOtQevrtivxe C-Vclbufrtivxe CVOQQMEMQ CVC1QeJfrtime Vctemme CVOQEWtiMQ CVc10urtivw, CVQOMM CVQQQMQ CVc1QemivLe QKQQBVEHMQ Q.. L Actlvltles Valentine Sweethearts .lunior!5eniors 1 - me X 3 - . L.Lf1 3 4 1 R x is Nl, 'H Q in 5 'S tts Nfritsrf ' , , i 2 5 2 Q 5 3 5' 5 J 5 55 tml J z alii -Mapa 'Z lm ss 3 ser 2 is sw ,I , sms! N Swiss 5 E2 S S dinarilg Live Marchin To The Beat By Teresa Sarafin The Marching Band was an outstanding group this year. They paraded with much style and finesse proving that Franklin High School was a placed filled with talent. The'band's compositionsand performancesdemonstrated a true commitment to excellence. The mem- bers ofthe '83-'84 band were: Luis Aguilar, Juan Aquino, Kim Austin, Anthony Baker, Ed- wina Boggs, Albert Borrera, Steve Brown, James Burns, John Cardona, Joseph Cardona, James Carter, Juanita Casarez, Chris Castel- lanos, Leean Collins, Anthony Corbin, Paula Crosby, Doug Crow, Angela Decarlo, Adriano DelaCruz, Thomas Dixon, Paul Dunham, Deanne Gill, Jennifer Gordon, Nancy Hardin. Julia Hastings,James Hernadez,Kari.lohnson, Tim Jones, George Juelch, Abdon Leanos, Jo- seph Little, Keith Lopez, Lorena Lopez, Rich- ard Lott, Cheryl Macias, Clarence Marquez, Mark Marquez, Michael Mata, Michelle Mc- Coy, Kalifah Muhammad, Antoinette Na- varec. Anthony Ortiz, Patrick Owens, Tom Pa- checo, Jose Perez, Chris Quilantang, Annette Rodriguez,LeoneoRodriquez,CarolRolleri,Er- nestRomo,John Rosas.JamesSeals,John Seid- man, John Stevens, Rebecca Suddeth, Aurelio Torres, Drew Lltterback, Trishell Vaden, Rich- ard Valenzuela, Raquel Vasquez, S Mark Wagoner. These people are to be congratulat- ed for their fine efforts. A, Clockwise top to bottom, The outstanding Marching Band andAFlag Team compete in the International Music Olympics. The Flag Team parades down Pacific Avenue flourishing their flags. Activities Marching Band!Flag Team ,mann XX This Page Sponsored By: BALLOON5 UNLIMITED dinarilg Live Marching To The Beat By Teresa Sara fin TheMarching Band wasanoutstanding par- ticipant in various activities this year as FHS's officialcarrieroftheschool'scolors.Asacolor- ful addition to the Marching Band the "green and gold" flags showed strong and true. The '83-'84 Drill Team Members: Yvette Abelong, Victoria Aldridge, Kim Austin, Sylvia Avelar, Edeana Ayala, Maria Cervantes, Victoria Cor- ona, Rebecca DelaCruz, Estella Enriquez, Gua- dalupeEscobar,VickieEstrada,Debbielllores, Hortencia Flores, Sylvia Gamez, Olga Garcia, Annemarie Gomez, Maricella Gomez, Dora Hernandez, Kim Jones, Elizabeth Knight, Mia Lewis, Alicia Lopez, Elizabeth Macias, Sylvia Celia Martinez, Sonia Meintasis, Delia Meza. Brenda Montes, Geraldine Mozqueda, Mi- chele Oliva, Valerie Owens, Juanita Pacheco, Sherry Pacheco, Sureatha Reed, Raquel Sara- goza, Pauline Sinogui, Jeff Smith, Sonia Vala- dez,TaffieWalter,Tammy Weidman,Rosalyn Williams. Clockwise top to bottom: The outstanding Marching Band and Drill Team show that Franklin High School and the Stockton community are truly "Someplace special." The spirit of togetherness and pride in both school and local community were evident in these young people. Activities 2640 Indiana Marching BandfDriII Team 1 H Q wg A I' 'I' ISU R.f1ZZQ'es E M fe H 5 Q 9 rdinarilg Live Radical Rallies By Teresa Sarafin Franklin rallies were alwaysvlive with stu- dententhusiasmand activeparticipation.The cheerleaders were colorful in their perfor- mances, and the songleaders inspirational in their dramas and songs. Many different types of activities were planned for the various ral- lies. One memorable one was a performance enacted by the cheerleaders and several male students. O.T. Harris, Robert Torres. along with James Gorman and the gang per- formed a smashing rendition to Michael Jack- son's "Thriller." The show grabbed the audi- ence and was enjoyed by both spectators and dancers. ln another rally the seniors lead the way by dressing in togas and inspiring true spirit.Thedifferentclasseswereactively sup- portive, and showed that FHS was filled with spirit.This helpedtobringFHS students closer together. United we stood: class helping class and student helping student. These "totally awesome" rallies were fun-filled thrillers! Top to bottom far left: Excitement fills the gym as break- dancers portray "Thriller." Nancy Flocchini. Lisa Ca- vender. and Carrie Snider display the spirit of Greece as they show off their legs and togas. Screams of terror abound as the Spiritleaders are trapped by "thrilling" breakdancers, Dominant photo: Seniors thrive and strive to demonstrate spirit at another radical rally! A I' 'I' U 32231222 181 11125111112 G H1112 f!B1'gz111 f Qrganizm ganizatinn zatiunz En' 115 51131111 Organizations SZ Division Page ' o rganizatin izatiunz EI :inns Entzll Q5 mlllfilllg - filllg Aww' Q I t . W O , , t. D?ii?.l'?f5ZZZ1S3 5 Mr. Reyburn. advisor mbers: Don Satow, Jaime Aquirre, Ken Churchill. E' ii phofof '83-'84 csr M Sma Rosamaria Patel, 5 Raju King. Kathy Norma Cabral, Lisa Cavender, Leanna Sinibaldi. Nancy Flocchini. Nancy Flochinni goes over the agenda for a Tori Lyon, 5 Dawn Hess. Large photo: Chavez. Shelley Hall, Norma Cabral listen enthusiastically. I ing as Shelley Hall Dawn Hess, Teri Lyon, and weekly meet 134 quatils sucececese.. By Nancy Flocchini Studious, responsible, active, conscien- cious, and ambitious. These were some of the words to describe the members of the California Scholarship Federation. These studious people were required to maintain a B-average or better. Responsibility was re- flected in their constant effort to attend meetings, and perform at high levels in - their classes. Consciencious participation in the club proved their dedication in pre- paring for their futures. Ambition was evi- dent as these energized people performed "miracles" by raising 52,000 in MSM sales! Participation in CSF required work and fun, which made the days of school a time to be remembered. ' By Nancy Flocchini The illustrious Key Clubvfound time to contribute their talents to both school and the Stockton community. A major concern g of the association was aimed at raising Sl,0O0 to donate to the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, Members donated their time at fundraisers located at Rax Roast Beef, the Hilton, and Kiwana meetings. Students interested in joining the club were invited to a "Welcome Lunch" to learn more about the club and its functions. These events providedpeople with an op- portunity to get to know one another, and also provided fmembers' an opportunity to have some fun while initiating potential members into the club. All in all the club was a success, and members were happy to belong. ' All keyed in ll embers: Raju Patel, Small photo: '83-'84 Key Club M Lisa Cavender Leanna Sinibaldi, 8 Jared Jackson. l Satow 5 Norma Cabral. Large Nancy Flocchini, Don Sylvia Chavez and Norma of Key Club 's activities as their lunch with friends. WIT Cabral munch do V i l - -i-lu Organizations Key Club 1 S 5 in ii I ' l papers, Ka thy e photo: Covering essential g and Paula Crosby Meticulously plan for Larg Kin Members: Kathy King, Dougetta Oliver, Paula Crosby, Jennifer Gordon, and Kimberley Austin. . I W Amelia de Ia Cruz I The Future Homemakers of America be- gan the year with exciting plans, and loaded with ideas to gain unique experiences. Members attended regional meetings of this state-wide organization. Members were encouraged to attend conferences and to join in competitions. The result of this was visiting other schools in the state and along the way gain new friends and experiences. Several members attended the Regional Fall Meeting held at Atwater, California. Sureatha Reed and Cynthia Deloney were present at the Chapter Officers Conference at Sanger, California. To make all this pos- sible, the members sold candies as a fun- draiser. Each member's dedication, along with the advisor, Mrs. Hastie, made for a successful organization. -' l l I - l l l Hooks to itnitutltretl Organizations This Page Sponsored By' O K FLOWER SHED 1 Future Homemakers of America P.O. Box II65 Harding llVay Cemetery Lane Eizipefriietnee develdps l I By Nickyi Wofford I The Future Farmers of America was an organization designed to prepare students for agriculturally related jobs, To be an ac- tive member of FFA, members had to be willing to work hard, put in a lot of extra time, and be interested in agriculture. Dr. Rai, in charge of FFA, taught the club's members how to plant, landscape, prune, and other related activities. He also taught them leadership tural workers ne FFA had nume out the year. Wit bers went on var their knowledge. perience of FFA ties beneficial to at -sr -if .,,.t,,.4wum1E3fiw rf ffft:,,:':f:sz, .V The '83-'84 Asian Club Members: Don Satow, vice-president, Rosemaria president, Dawn Hess, UGESUFEF, iz, Cahvez, secretary, Consuelo 'Ru 183 Mr.-Davenport, Ms. Hardy, 5 Mrs. Weaver, advisors. :remotes eultufe By Socorro Cajina Franklin's Asian Club was started by Mr. Stan Davenport in 1975. lt was established to be a social club, as well as a club that provided service to the community. The purpose of the club was to become better acquainted with the Asian culture and to promote a better understanding of the Asian people. The members of the club par- ticipated in several activities in the Asian community which included the Chinese New Year and the Spring Festival. ln addi- tion, the club also planned an annual trip to the snow' at Cottage Springs and a picnic at Mickey's Grove. .Fun was the key! Said President Don Satow, "Asian Club is a Club in which we have fun. Asian club is and service club based on the central theme of FUN. Our activities have ranged from bowling to Chinese!" By Ed and David Ballot The Franklin Role Playing Games Club was a relatively new and unknown club that began in 1982. The club met at lunch to swap information about new and older role playing games, and to have an opportunity to play the games. The role playing games were designed to broaden the imagination and to teach people to cooperate with each other rather than to play games strictly for competition. ln role playing games, players were involved in taking on the role of imagi- nary characters that the players controlled. Several of the games that were played were Dungeons S Dragons, Gamma World, Top Secret, and Car Wars. The club was very enthusiastic about their games, and proved that role playing could be fun. Climb Swaps ll Or anizations .J il E Q Bishop, and Richard Michael, Ray DeLaney, David hard .2 D: e, and Ed Ballot, Doug Crow, Jimmy it Woolard, Dennis Dolah Doug Ed Ballot, Doug Woolard, el' Owens, and Kevin Clipp Burns, Patrick Dennis Dolahite, David Ballot, and Ray Dealney roll dice to Role Playing games Clult 1 ' -imaginary th Elf for ent, and s rength a, alignm Q.. determine charism characters. l l matizes both physically Large photo Dr. Ford dra reading. Small photo: Amelia de la Cruz, ez, and M Stewart express their C Rosemaria Chav feelings and discuss the meaning of true peotry one another. with By Amelia de Ia Cruz The Poetry Club was newborn on campus. With Ms. Cochran and Mrs. Ventre, Mr. Jack Stewart invited a published writer, Kate Marcone, and creative writing student Dale Schmidt from Ll.O.P. to share their ideas with the club about Writing for publication. The club then held its first meeting in the spring of 1983. At the beginning of the '83-'84 school year it was decided that this was going to be an official club. Officers were elected, and the constitution was written in rhyme! The three advisors helped students analyze their written poems, and gave feedback and suggestions on how to get their work published. Members held poetry contests with winners posted in the English wing, and Friday socials became a tradition after school to share ideas and new poems. ln all, the club was a great platform for future poets! aspire Organlza tions 1 Poetrv Club l l ' T I I I I s . lllll . Teenie treasure ser By Socorro Cajina The Jayteens at FHS were an organiza- tion of concerned young people interested in social and individual progress. Their goal was to develop their personalities and tal- ents by helping in their community. The brotherhood of human beings was the underlying philosophy of the group. The Jaycees believed that the brotherhood of man was more important than the poli- tics of nations. There was a strong belief that justice was best won by free men in- volved in free enterprise. The participants in this organization became involved in ser- vices in their community. Said President Christy Trigg, "We work together with en- thusiasm to make our community service a success." ...... k -1-11.l11u The 83 84 Jay een C ub Members: Don Satow, Denn s Do ah e E een Trigg, Lo McCilathery, 8 ': Doug C ow, Tori Lyon, Rhonda SOU Ca Tm oo ard. 5 Doucl W ch Chu L N ,N -. I -.. N Q... , N - I. , ' L i ww an-1,41 V w V . :facet-1'-ls.:-12,11 -f-- .ff-I ef ---- mf, . -Wff ., .f F ood service experience provides great opportunities for a job. o-4 Y-D N setrfviee proves skills By Pam Lefors I Franklin High School was equipped with many entertaining classes which held out- ,standing opportunities for the students. One such class was Food Service. This class exposed and trained students for fu- ture employment opportunities. Students who attended this class came from Edison ,-as well as Franklin. The class was made up of eleventh and twelfth graders only. One adult, Richard Briggs acted as supervisor, and Mrs. Ellis was in charge overall. Said Mrs. Ellis, "These trained students catered parties, restaurants, and served luncheons for the staff." After the students were offi- cially trained, they were put on On The Job Training. Here they experienced different types of jobs for four weeks. After that the students were able to put their experience and training to practical use in looking for employment in the job market. The time and dedication was evident as these stu- dents displayed their best and made FHS proud. fe l heir 5 Fl C fe -' -E N.,,,2 ml-mf: Ugl- WQSPQS :QE-uk 'Um QQ 1: 5-- "' U mums? 1-"UQ-mg E'.'8fU2w m,,,?Z-Q5 :B-. mx E'Ss2is P5233 c -., -EQSIEZCQ vu'UE-Eb, QW -can 5.2525 , 0 .Urn 5-C+-cm gimme ov, E... -CfuE T, Qsssw 'U-HQQO U':va'- Q3 GAEEBS sIEll.J-.mia By Shelley Hall I Educating the Cadets to the fine-tuned skills of military discipline, the Cadet Corps provided a tough but rewarding chal- lenge for these young trainees. For those wishing to pursue a career in the military service, the Cadet Corp furnished training and helpful introduction to life as a future soldier. The training included practice in marching, color guard, and physical exer- cise to keep physically fit. ln addition to 4 their in school activities, the cadets also went on numerous outings and field trips. This helped to bring the cadets closer to nature while introducing them to the chal- lenges of outdoor education. Trips included visits to lakes, parks, and outdoor hikes. The class taught the students leadership, responsibility, and dependability. These ca- dets were able to stand tall in their uni- forms. Cexolefcs fall its Organizations Cadet Corps 1 ,1 Small photo: Flag girls parade through commons practicing for the performance. Large photo: Sonia Valadez concentrates on the correct direc tions, By Shelley Hall Performing independently and in con- junction with the Marching Band, the Drill Team provided sensational entertainment at numerous school and community func- tions. After putting in endless hours of in- tense practice during and after school, the Drill Team readied itself for the rigors of maintaining their record of high excellence. The Flag Team also spent much time and effort in performances for rallies and half- time shows. Both teams displayed their ex- pertise in their performance at the annual Stockton Bacon Bash Football Game. Proudly wearing the green and gold these women made our school proud. They de- lighted the school and community with pol- ished poise and synchronicity. team marches om!! Organizations Drill TeamfFlag Team Squad ears up By Kim Payton The Spiritleaders here at Franklin con- sisted of four different groups. There were the Varsity Songleaders 8 Cheerleaders, Junior Varsity Cheerleaders, and the Wom- en's Squad. Each group was expected to perform at all the games and build the spir- its ofthe crowds. Throughout the year ral- lies and assemblies were held, and the Spir- it Squad did their best to build for success at these functions. During the summer after tryouts, the Spiritleaders attended a camp for a week where they learned new techniques to in- spire the crowds. This year's Squad re- turned with Superior Awards from their competitions at camp. During the fall they went to Fresno, competed with other high schools, and came home with a third place award. Come rain or shine these people gave it their all. Churchill. Stephanie Covarruvias, Sonia Molina, Karla Valdez, Spiritleaders: Lana Gliebe, Kim Small photo: Felicia Canez. Isabel Sosa, 8 Tonya Howard. Dana Jucutan. Kim Payton, Kathy Vinson, Michele Rendon. Mr. Tori Lyon, Anette Rodriguez, Vancourt 5 Stacy Erwin, . Christine Reyes. Lisa Sandi Collins rs. Ellis, SM ee Gill, Abel, S Norma Cabral. Sally Valentine, D unishaw, Patty Williams, Renee Leal, Monique G Stephanie o-f LD UI Karla Valdez, Dana Jucutan, S Lana Ciliebe hurry Large photo a Lopez. is SL M a yze, ia acias, Georg Cheryl M workshop, wh le Kathy Vinson stops to shine on a smile! to the next Leads st-milemts By Pam Lefors Some students did not realize all the hard work that went into running student body business. The responsibilities of these elected officials were many. The student council had to make sure that all fun- draisers were held correctly, and to see that the concerns and needs of the students were met. b The leadership was responsible for orga- nizing activities like Spirit Week and Home- coming. During December the class offi- cers and student body officers donated a Christmas tree to Hypana House, a local convelescent home for the elderly. Other activities included trips to the mountains for a little rest and recreation, and a visit to the state capital, Sacramento to see gov- ernment in action. All in all a lot of effort and concern was put into this class. s1f.M i ---" .. . ,,..,,,,- gs.i:.sasxa4Nss,f.r,:e.7--W,,- , . . -. By Kim Michael The 1983-84 school year was filled with many new challenging experiences for the Franklin Flyernewspaper staff. The year began with a new advisor, Mrs. Pratt, a new editor, Kim Michael, a new co-editor, Mike Ritchey, and a new name and look. With these many changes the staff set nevfideas and higher goals for themselves. The for- mat of the paper was changed to more of a magazine design, and the staff strived for a better quality of writing. They wrote for the students, giving information as well as opinions. Some controversy was brought Jup, but this attracted the readers' attention. As the only school in SLISD that typeset, printed, and published their paper on cam- pus, the staff and advisor spent many extra long hours producing something they took pride in. , V Michael as she observes printing ink s Editor Kim K!" exclaim 'IC of the FRANKLIN FLYER. Small photo: '83-'84 Newspaper Jarvis Maggie Enriquez, Kim Michael, 8 Jaime Entire, Nanette guirre. Vickie Estrada, Mary Rabanal, Mrs. Sherry Pratt, advisor, l Pam Lefors. l l FUI! A 8 rganizations Newspaper Staff 15 xiii? if Y L EE mm S' 5352 :E 'UCD .Eel Ii-'E .55 E: WE -U Em E2 .gu- is gm 2? 5-E EE Sud A ru ei EE Kill 'E all .QE gm M3 N! SVS N- L : Oi GJ -gE V2 E3 'VE .EF Ja gi' -: ilk +98 Os: .eo Qi gc E-5 QE Hall, Mrs. Pratt, advisor, Lee. Shelley Kim '84 o: '83 m drawing up layouts! Small phat fro and Nicky Wofford. Pam Ricketts, Ethel Wilkinson, Kim Michael O O Like the intense calm of culmination after the eruption of a great volcano, the completion of the yearbook each year brought a great sigh of relief from all in- volved. The '83-'84 yearbook staff found it an even greater relief to put to bed their little bundle of joy. Along with many other changes throughout the year, the Cha- queta went through minor plastic surgery. Layouts were improved upon--each one given that special attention in order to give it its own personality. Copy was written with eloquence and style. Sections were ar- ranged with great care and trial, and each had its own particular form and distinction. Through trial and tribulation, the devoted yearbookers trudged through to the end, putting all their effort into the completion of Franklin's memories. Even though there were many missed deadlines, the school's diary-makers completed a stylish, TOTAL- LY AWESOME yearbook! .-,iii Organizations 1 Yearbook Staff ttinitftitrti, iiittaiiiy ittttfgimi "Totally Awesome" CHAQCIET A '83-'84 Staff Mrs. Sherry Pratt-Advisor Shelley Hall--Editor-ln-Chief Teresa Sarafin-Co-Editor! Business Manager Robbie Ortega- Photography Editor Jaime Aguirre-Staff Peter Aldridge-Staff Socorro Cajina-Staff Nancy Flocchini-Staff Nanette Jarvis-Staff Yvette Jarvis-Staff Kimberly Lee-Staff Pamela Lefors-Staff Mia Lewis--Staff Sheri McEntire-Staff Kimberly Michael-Staff Yvette Michael-Staff Luke Ortega-Staff Kim Payton-Staff Sonia Pimentel-Staff Pamela Ricketts-Staff Karen Steinocher-Staff Ethel Wilkinson-Staff Nicky Wofford-Staff c 3 O .E az .C ..- PX .D 'ii IU D. D. KI C an CU n.. IU U3 'S t IU 'J CU .4 H GJ C Nl Z 'U c m -.. O L O c O .C E C 3 O .. .:: M Fx .- L.. 4U D. KU u.. O S 3 vi OJ n. LU .C T GJ x rv: U 159 meznme 111125131112 weznme 11125131112 11IBZUl11B HIBZUIUB sian Page mmunity Support ,UIUIITIIUI iummunit inwwrwif Enmmunit Eummnnit .ul g ' V' Community Support 1 Specializing in Color Photography . . . ,-,-, ...zgzazfg fT--11, , , ,.-..g ff A I Graclua tions and Weddings 1 P l l K X N x 1 ' , 1 m WAI- PM ,W V L ' 1 f N W , , I 3 W. , w, , Y 3 y 2220 Pacific Avenue P Phone: 463-6496 5 I 1 u 5 if P t 4' 'I ' , '1 ,Q l 5 l l X J ,. 4' H -M L N :FL X,-N .',,,,I':1!gI,7:J1 .viv- ' JH 'll Y Vnlvffiw F 1 -t L, p A gf T ! 5 ' , -W di? in 2 . W ,wtf :?N3!W'ff2'Ra .E ' l ' ' , f?f.s3:'f54'Agr.ytS'i ft' Ki qw' 2 H A ...afg:fff1, , , , . ,,1. -L-,:waEw.f.,.m.-if: ,3 W 5.15111 if1q,yJ'AIgR, " W 1 fr 33 ' 11 ' ' 1, , , J A ,- -. M ,I X JV 'A lx f. -' 1 5 u , , H r . Q : ' For Graduation Portraits the studio has sport coats, W f drapes, sweaters, and cap and gowns in your school f colors. A Black and White print will be made free for Yearbook publication from your color proof. Totally Awesome Z Community Support 520 E. Main St. Stockton CA 95205 So1ario's BRAKE AND CLUTCH AUTOMOTIVE MATERIALS AND INDUSTRIAL Clutch S' Brake Xehange FLYWHEELS MACHINED O DRUMS TURNED 8: GROUND ROTOR5 MACHINED PHONE 466-9049 1429 E. MINER AVENUE DAN NICDROTTI STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA li FREMUNT Im PHARMACY 2525 E. FREMONT S11 STOCKTON CALIE 95205 PHONE 948-0546 Good Luck to the Class of 84 Racquetball Equlpment AMF - Volt Ektelon Clothing and Accessories Fila, Adidas Shoes lor Most Sports Nike, Adidas, Puma, Bata, Converse, Brooks. Etornic Flrst Serve Tennls 8a Sports P rotesslonal One Day Slrlmglng Compare Our Prices 8. Selections Open 7 Days a Wee k Gary G Came 1835 Pacific Ave. 4614-8093 Her . Owners SERVING You SINCE 1959 1 ow CAL.-T 65-367 F ., CAI.-T 86-163 PHILLIPS TRUCKING 4900 NIARIPOSA RD.. STOCKTON. CA PHONE 941-8603 RALPH PHILLIPS DON R. PHILLIPS PHONE 4-62-3050 PHONE 463-6022 OllIs 81 Sons License tt 313087 Richard OlIIs Specialties - C2091 465-6263 WARREN'S I f FRENIQNT CENTER I.IQuoRs COLDEST BEER IN TOWN BEER - WINE - LIQUORS 8: PARTY ITEMS S 388 8495 D II 2505 E FREMONT Page ac rywa - P399 Stk Q82 3541 Solar WARREN AND LAURA RA'r'ro STOCKTON CA 95205 O , . L I . , . I I A-,. mf 'I' I , 2 , , ...tftzf - .. . si: . . 81 I 2 , , ol I j L 'll . f209j 462-3531 Remodeling Totally Awesome 3 Community Support 0 Q ?I "05 illflfi The staff at PISANO S PIZZARIA h thank the stu- dents at Franklin High for their continued support. We wish to congratulate the graduating class of I984 and wish them the best of Iuck in their future endeavors. SUPPCRTS FRANKLIN HIGH SCHGGL ACADEMICS, ATHLETICS, an WE NOW DELIVER!! 'lf WE vlDEo TAPE sPoRTs EVENTSH 946 0820 . E' ,1,V d 3 soclAL Acnvmfs. A I - 2550 EAST FREMONT STREET g STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA U4 TotaIIyA Commun y S pp CEN TRO MART 4232 East Main Street LARGIN'S SERVICE AUTO RESTORATION 84 CAMPER TRAILER SUPPLIES JERROL J. LARGIN Proprietor Res. C2097 463-8772 Bus. C2095 946-9107 2235 CHEROKEE ROAD STOCKTON CA 95205 1 T We M - X 7 bt as ,. HQ fitter Stockton, CA 95205 'Q I .. ,, I , 4 6' 3- 4 4 6 8 ,II.I 'r.r a Y, Best of Luck Class of 841 STOCKTON PHARMACY 333 0 East Main Street Stockton, CA 95205 , The STOCKTON PHARMACY offers their sincerest best Wishes to I The Twen tisixth Graduating Class of 5 1.-,anmin High School, MCDONALD S Congratulations Class of l 984! 1 009 North Wilson WaY Best of Luck to the upcoming Yellow Sfockfvn, CA 95205 Jackets. 945'-9407 Good Luck Class of l984! Totally Awesome Community Support fi' I Q I4 QQIII' I V PHONE 462-1314 Nanny Jloau plank ri' Memory Florist Q-vw-ry-1 FLOWERS SAY THE NICEST THINGS 4 NAR! MJ it 3206 E. Fnelviom sr au' 15 N. 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Fremont Street DIHVIGYS Stockton, California COCHHII LOUNGE IQQQI 948-6609 Delicatessen Totally A wesome Community Support F ranlfrlin Athletic Boosters OFFICERS President . . . Sid Aguirre lst Vice-President . . . Bill Dalziell Znd Vice-President . . . Paul Gomez Sr. Secretary . Treasurer . Cecilia Aguirre Howard Aldridge Rhonda Aldridge Mittie Alexander Rupert Asuncion David Brandt Evelyn Bush Don Churchill Jess Covarruvias Martha Covarruvias Donald Creamer Geri Creamer Kay Dalziell Dorth y Davison Matt Equinoa Mollie Equinoa Christine Galtman Laveda Gibson Gloria Gomez Paul Gomez Jr. . . Jade McCoy . . Sharon McLemore MEMBERS Marshall Gunishaw James Hansen Betty Hansen Donny Hansen Gertrude Ivy Preston Jacob Linda Johnson Henry King Benny Lopez Josie Lopez Lena Malone Rosemary Martel John McCoy Ruthie McDowell James McLemore Johnny McCullough Peter Montalvo Gloria Montalvo Minnie Montiel Support your High School Linda Olivas Victor Olivas Carol Pinlrins Adeline Quilantang Waren Ratto Laurs Ratto Verne Richardson Lowa Seals Roberto Sepulveda Ray Stewart Mrs. Ray Stewart Gina Stevenson Betty Stonestreet Ben Stonestreet Aurelio Torres Elena Torres Jesse Torres Raul Valles James Vasquez Lydia Vasquez Jack Vernon Q' ' W Program! Athletic 1 Franklin Athletic Boosters Club Totally A wesome Community Support 5620 N. Pershing Stockton CA 95205 DA VE WON G' "IT PAYS TO BE WELL GROOMEDH Awno-Qfwlifs flaanau PROFESSIONAL DRY CLEANING CLEANING BY THE POUND FAST SERVICE 3408 E. MAIN ST. BOB MAY, MANAGER STOCKTON, CA. 95205 t209J 462-4859 D VINCI ' S P355 9 BEAUTY SHOP -.f"fw A ' Q 'k,' ' M may 4555 NOVUW PGYSWIWS AVGHUG Stockton, California 95205 Stockton, CA 95207 I Men and Women s Half Styles '-f' , M Phone: 463-0538 I CALIFORNIA TEACHING CREDENTIAL DRIVERS ED Q DRIVERS TRAINING c H I POLICE 8: POSTAL G 81 R DRIVING SCHOOL UNIFORMS AUYOMATIC Q AIR CONDITIONED CARS . LEATHER Gooos o T11 SO. SUTTER CAT MARKET, TED J. GEMMILL. Bus. 951-4091 STOCKTON, CALIF, 95202 OWNER - INSTRUCTOR Rss. 473-7224 STAN KANEKO 1209, 464-B331 Totally Awesome ng Community Support S U PEROADE FAMILY AMUSEMENT CENTER WILSON AT FREMONT Behind Yum Yum Donuts 4656656 seqspgtxv YS Ajiifffeuf A YEAR Parties Bring Your Yearbook Cjfjkilflze For S100 I"'orA's8cB's Worth of O Y Tokens n our Report Card EL DORADO MARKET 1240 SOUTH EL DORADO STREET STOCKTON CA 95206 465 17552 BEST OF LUCK TO THE 1984 GRADUATING CLASS OF FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOLU Best W1SheS to the Entlre School' 5 Q MON. 8: THURS. - 12 P.M. -ro 5 P.M. TUES.. WED., FRI. 8: SAT. 1OA.M. TO 6 F'.M. 1VIAXINE'S RIDAL SALON FORMAL VVEAR TUXEDO . Totally Awesome Community Support B oven DAILY FROM ll AM. TO I2 MIDNIGHY - Fm. s. sm, TIL a AM. PHONE 941-8743 I A if E I gg. I 2 FREMONT SHELL SERVICE FINE MEXICAN CUISINE "' -VV. . . 'Ll 1 , - .zazzfm .aafsfzoaimos - -- cAI.I. 'S' ' 4 D ' .- " 2494 E. FREMONT Q62-3781 , HENRY WAKAEIAYASI-II STOCKTON. CALIFORNIA 3650u1H SAN JOAQUlN'ST0CKTON. CA. 5"" . V -'iv 'LQ Classics 438 No. Wilson wy. Hpmgpf 'r " , Stockton, CA 95205 Q '27 ,E CARS - TRUCKS - VANS - LEASING xxx--1:1 !i,'g,g?,f' DALE PYEATT ' . , - -Lunches Monm-.Sam Irs- -Live musnc mqhtlv- 463 M62 ow www ka. 464-4445 LGPPVSMUNI OPEN SA TURDA Y LE ROY PEZZI VIREIL KR L T Y PEZ I FREE MOBILE SERVICE NEW OH USED WINDSHIELDS F C NI k FOREIGN SI DOMESTIC renlont enter ar et Groceries - Produce - Fresh Meats - Locker Beef CENTURION TRUCK 8 AUTO GLASS St ckt S t 2517 E T FREMD 5 EET 4605-8227 524-2027 454 DEW ST C D C L' URN' J REYNA Sl' SONS Don Juan Foods Used Cars 2015 Mariposa Road Stockton CA 95206 832 N Wllson Way JOEL REYNA SR Siockton CA 95205 463-4059 n Totally Awesome Community Support 56959151513 AWEQIEEHE RETAKES LISA SMITH MICHAEL KOSIER I rh- CAVENDER VICTOR DAI LANA GLIE Totally A wesom Retak 1 ntallg AN AWESOME YEAR ENDS . . T IS DONE . . . Our Book of Memories is complete. Woven into its bindings, and floating between the pages is the spirit of every individual who put their time, effort, and yes, even love, into the production of such a fine diary of events. Also woven into the soul of this book exists the help and support of those who, without their endless supply of friendship, guidance, and assistance we could not ha ve put our Yearbook together. Heartfelt thanks to Mr. Gary Pudwell for his endless suppport of our staff in time of ne d P e . atrician Studios and Mr. Ed Wong, last year's photography editor, also deserve sincere appreciation for their great photography contributions, Thanks go to Mrs, Bev Pugh, who was a tremendous help in keeping track of our finances. Appreciation goes out to the many journalism students who helped in writing copy, and to Mrs. Cochran and various other teachers who were irreplaceably supportive, We thank our Herff Jones representative, Mr, Bill Berlin, who advised and supported us, and who was so patient with us when we missed our deadlines, To Mr. Rupert Asuncion, our principal, we owe a debt of gratitude for giving us leeway when we needed it. A deep and personal thanks goes to my parents, my brother Ron, David my "totaIly awesome." special friend, and all others close to me, for without their love and understanding I could not have continued struggling through the hard times of being an editor. Finally, to Mrs. Sherry Pratt, our "Mom," Shredded Wheat, who spent hours of laborous insanity with us in class and eternities after school with us when we needed her most I with the exception of CarmeI!!j, Now that the layouts, the type sheets, the cameras, and the typewriters have been put away, all the frustration, wracked nerves, and even tears seem to be worth it, Yes, the relief is there, but so is the pride: I must say that I am more than proud to have attended my four years of high school at Franklin, d t h b an o ave een the editor of its I983-84 Yearbook. I will remember it forever. Good luck and best wishes to all of you, You are TOTALLY A WESOME!! WE DID IT!!! Shelly Hall, Editor-in-Chief 21 2 Closing Theme The doors have outhtuT To our v Our Tives have hgen eh in so rnanv We have soared with the eagTes, And have reached a new height, Psnd at the end of the tunne in 's Tight. We see dest v We are grown up no Mature bv Father Time. niusion and unease minds. Yet co through our Stih soars We've come so ia Too tar to Tet go. Ptnd we wih survive Lite's touch-and-go's. Through th So as our tina d awav in time, d Ptre Tocke ' now recorde t'Our growth is e mountains we have dosed anged W. T davs A 1119 mms Clzsing Z Eme 1 3 Ann Abe 5 7 Patty Abel l95 Trisha Abell 56 Melinda Abelong 20 Yvette Abelong 56, II6 Irene Abrao 76 Rachell Adame 42 Anthony Aguilar 56 Alicia Aguilar 42 Carmen Aguilar 56 Donna Aguilar 42 Luis Aguilar I76 Jaime Aguirre 42, I32, I33, l35, l84 Jorge Aguirre 42 Marcella Aguirre 42 Sid Aguirre 76, I34 Patricia Akers 42 Robert Alameda II5 Frank Alcala 20 Santos Alcala 42, 56 Steve Alcant 56 Daniel Alcantara 76 Steve Alcantra 56 Peter Aldridge 20 Rochelle Aldridge 42, ll3 Victoria Aldridge 76 Allen Alexander 56 Larry Alexander 76 lrene Alfaro 42 Roselia Alfaro 76 Craig Allard 76 Katrina Allen 76, I46 Missy Allen l29 Rhonda Allen 42 Carol Almoza 76 Patricia Altimiravo 42 Gabriella Alvarado 56 Juan Alvarado 42 Jerry Alvarez I33 Maria Alvarez II5 Rhonda Alves 57 Audrey Ainbriz 56 Eric Ambriz 20 Maria Ame Toni Amonini 76. II5 Latruce Amos 76 Brian Anderson 57 Jeff Andreas 20 Jimmy Antuna 76 Cecilia Aquino 20, II5 Juan Aquino I76 Andrew Armendarez 56 Frank Armendarez 42 Maria Arana 20, l88 Renee Archer 20 Rodney Arcman 77 Sheila Arernathu 76 Totally Awesome Z Index Raul Arreola 56 Henery Arroya 57 Delia Asaad 56 Yahid Asaad 77 Sambath Ath 57 Kim Austin 20, I26, I 76 Hugo Avalos 77 Maria Avalos 20 Silvia Avelar 77 Robert Avitia 56 Dlaina Ayala 77 Fransisco, Ayala 42, l26 Janet Aynaga 56 T Anthony Baker 57, I76 Esther Baker 57 Laura Baker 42 Ron Baker 77 Leonardo Baldoz 42 Leorose Baldoz 77 Marian Baldoz 42 Lorraine Ballesteros 42 David Ballot 57 Ed Ballot 57 Dolores Balverde 97 Shawna Bandy 57 Andrea Barajas 77 Emma Barajas 57 Maria Barajas 57, l88 Alex Barboza 20 Eric Barclay 44, 77 II5 Ryan Barclay 20, 44 Janeen Barker 77 Douglas Barnes 77 Sabrina Barrola 2l April Barron 57 Ruth Bass 57 Mike Bauer 77 Richard Beall 5 7 Celeste Beard 77 Terry Beard 57 Beatriz Bedolla 42 Marta Bedolla 58 Bennie Beltrama 2l Julianne Beltran 2l Paul Beltran 42 Al Benton 97 Lynette Benton 42 Jay Berry 78 Mark Bertholf 2l, I8 7 Pete Beltrama 77 David Betts 58 Rebecca Bickford 42 Richie Billheimer 58 Ginger Gillingham 78 Rebecca Billingham 58 Leslie Billingslea 44 Steve Bindi 78 Richard Bishop 58, 17I Barbara Blair 21 Bonnie Blankenship 78 Ron Blomberg 78 Edwina Bogas 58 Edwina Boggs 176 Carmen Bojorquey 78 Sandra Bolosan 78 Michelle Booth 58 Randy Borges 58 Theresa Borrego 21 Albert Borrero 58, 176 Jessica Borrero 113 Efran Botello 42 Leticia Botello 21 Brian Bowman 58 Roy Brassesco 97 Bill Bratcher 21, 53 Robert Brazeau 97 Rebecca Breekan 78 Richard Briggs 192 Louis Brinckwirth 58 Glen Bristol 42 Jody Broe 78 Barbara Brown 97 Francis Brown 58 Joe Brown 117 Lori Brown 58 Randy Brown 133 Steve Brown 176 Mike Brumfield 21 Paul Brummett 78 Karen Bryant 21 Steve Buck 58 Bat Bui 78 Albert Burgos 78 James Burns 58, 176 Sabrina Burrola 21 James Burrows 78 Dandra Burrise 97 Karen Bush 21 Leslie Bush 58 Monique Bush 78, 146 Greg Butler 133 Angie Burciago 78 Eugene Bynum 78 Norma Cabral 58, 145, 184, 185, 195 Norma Cachu 78 Soccoro Cajinia 42 Monty Camel 78 Chris Cancel 78 Gerylyn Canero 58 Felicia Canez 21, 195 Gina Cano 78 ' Yvonne Caranough 78 Anthony Carbon 59 Heriberto Cardenas 78 Joseph Cardona 58, 176 John Cardona 22, 133, 176 Lilia Cardoza 58 Ethel Carey 97 Teresa Carols 58 Tim Carlson 50 John Carrillo 58 Linda Carrillo 22 Cynthia Carter 58 lphigenia Carter 58 James Carter 58, 176 Meta Carpenter 22 Henery Casarez 58 Juanita Casarez 58 Juanita Caserez 176 Karla Cash 78 Harvey Casillas 22, 133 Shris Castellanos 176 Michael Castilleja 42 Glenda Castillo Jerry Castillo 42 Alicia Castro 58 Carlos Castro 58 John Castro 42 Linda Castro 42 Lupe Castro 78 Paul Castro- 22 Ruben Castro 43 Ronald Caton 78, 86 Teresa Caven 22 Lisa Cavender 22, 37, 181, 184, 185 Delores Cayton 97 Cynthia Centeno 58 Maria Cervantis 78 Kathy Chaney 78 Jeff Chaplin 59 Michelle Chappell 78 Parrish Charles 43 Joe Chavez 59 John Chavez 128 Pablo Chavez 79 Reynaldo Chavez 43 Rosa Chavez 43 Rosamaria Chavez 184, 188, 190 Sylvia Chaves Ill, 185, 188 Toeurth Chen 59 Kimberly Cherry 59, 146, 147, 174 Rick Cherry 59 Phyllis Chestie 59 Carol Childress 79 Linda Childress 43 Jerry Christian 187 Charlie Christy 22 Syd Church 13, 97, 171, 172 Don Churchill 97 Ken Churchill 22, 79, 184 Kim Churchill 22, 116, 195 Totally A wesome Index , Chris Cirac 22 Dionne Clark 79 Dion Clark l68 LaJeana Clark 22 Mike Clevenger 43 Kevin Clipper 43 Jackie Cloud 79 Paul Coats 79 Londale Cobb 59 June Cochran 97 Larry Cochenour 43 Micheal Cochenour 43 Steven Coffey 79 Angie Coleman 79 Donald Coleman 23 Leslie Coleman 97 Karen Collins 43 Leean Collins 79, l76 Sandi Collins 7, 23, l95 Tina Comer 23 Richard Contreras 43 Jodi Cook 43 Hugh Cooke 97 Betty Coplin 43 Anthony Corbia 59, l76 Ella Mae Corely 97, I6 7, I69 Tyra Corley 59 Evelia Corona 79 Victoria Corona 79 Ruben Coronado 43 Miguel Corral 43 Camiellia Correa 43 Veronica Corretel 79 Teresa Cortez 59 Teresa Cosia 79 Rick Costilla 43, ll0 Vicky Costilla 79 Veronica Coulter II3 Stephanie Covarvuias 43, l95 Steve Coyle 59 Willie Craig 43 Joanne Crawford 79 Jennifer Creamer 79, I46, I47 Kevin Creamer 23, 24, I33, I49, I 7l Richard Creer 23, 28, 33, I33, I64, Tanya Creer 23 Anna Crisp 23 Joe Crivello 23 Shona Croce 59 Willie Crockett 79, I34 Jennifer Crook 79 Donald Crooms 23, 43, I29 Paula Crosby 23, I76, l86 Bruce Crow 43 Deann Crow 59 Douglas Crow 59, I76 Erma Crow 59 Gabriela Cruz 23 Marisela Cruz 79 215 E'.5Z1!yAWm"'e IG5, l7l Monica Cruz 59 Ubaldo Cruz 43 Timmy Cummings 59 Toni Cummings 59 Letrice Curl Jose Cuvervas 43 -I Michelle Dalporto 53 Andy Dalziell I33 Ricky Dalziell 79 William Dalziell 43 Wendie Damon l46 Rosemarie Davalos 79 Stan Davenport 97, l88 Sharee Davidson 79 James Davis 43 Mike Davis 79 Robin Davis 59 Tammie Davis 59 Keith Davison 79, I34 Shawn Davison 79 Cary Dearillega 79 Heidi Debuclay 73 Angela Deearlo l76 Adriano DelaCruz I76 Amelia DelaCruz 23, l90 Arnold DelaCruz 59 Daniel DelaCruz 43, II6 Junior DelaCruz 43 Rebecca DelaCruz 23, l65, l7l Rick DelaCruz 79 Jose DeLaTorre 80 Elisa DelCambre 25 Angela Decarlo 59 Fredrica Decoito 59 Ray Delaney 25 Billy Delano 59 Daniel Delao 59 Lydia Delao 25 Charrisse Deloney 80 Cynthia Deloney 59 Arturo Delread 25 Lorraine DelSoldato 97 Steve Denningotn 43, l70, l7l Lisa Deputron 80 Tina Deputron 80 Alton Derkins 90 Jeff Desersa 25, IG4, l65 Tryna Deshields 25 Christ Dimond 59 Jim Diserio I33 Steve Ditchen 25 Marlene Dixon 25, 44 Rosemary Dixon 80 Thomas Dixon I76 Shawn Doile 44 Dennis Dollalwite 89 Anna Dominguez 44 C orina Dominguez 60 Elena Dominguez 25 Rachael Dominguez 80 Mr. Dovale I27 Greg Dread 28, II5, I26, l64, l65, l70. l7l Rhonda Drumm 25 Linda Dukes 98 Robert Dukes 60 Paul Dunham 60, I76 7 Vickie Easter 80 Dottie Edaburn 98 Jimmy Edgeuorth 60 Priscella Edwards 60 Cindy Eglinsdoerfer 44 Tammy Eglinsdoerfer 25 Dina Elias 80 Renee Elias 60 Deidra Elkins 25 Syrinda Ellenberger 60 Dave Ellis l95 Pat Ellis 98. l95 Hank Engelman 60 Estella Enriguez 60 Margarita Enriquez 44 Matt Equinoa 98 Constatine Equinoa lll Cecilia Eriksen 60 Gordon Ericksen I26 Sharlaine Erlandson 44 Joe Erwin 80 Stacey Erwin 44, l95 Cleotride Escarpita 60 Lupe Escolar 80 Lupe Escupedo 26 Mary Esquibel 26 Martin Espinoza 26 Cassandra Essia 80 Vicky Estrada 44 Tim Eure 26 Helen Everett 44 Lupe Excupedo 26 Bi Kim Farrens 80 Joe Farris 80 Jose Fa vela 60 Ramon Feguezoa 60 Margaret Felton 98 Amelia Fernandez 60 Angie Fernandez 80 Richard Ferrell 80 Hortencia Ferrera 44 Michael Ferretti 60 Cecilia Figueroa 77, 80 Ramon Figueroa I34, l35 Gary Filpula 80 Denise Fitzsimmons 80 Julie Frimanik 60 Nancy Flocchini 26, 36, Adriana Flores 60 Brijido Flores 60 Debbie Flores 60 Dena Flores 80 Gina Flores 80 Hortencia Flores 80 Juan Flores 80 Jessie Flores 60 Ricky Flores 26 Yvette Flores 44 Daniel Ford 80 Shirley Ford l90 Tammy Forman I46 Philimina Formento 98 Beverley Forrester 80 Thad Foster 98 Yolanda Foster 69 Lori Foust 50 Troy Fox 26. I 70, l7l Sammy Franco 44 David Frazier 44 Greg Frazier 44 James Frazier l33 Donna Freeman 26 Melvin Freeman 44 Jack Fruett l90 Gary Frye 80 Frankie Fuoco 45 Vincent Gabotero 45 Pete Gagliasso 148 Angele Gagnon 80 Mark Gagon 82 Nathan Gaines 80 Mayra Galcia 82 Randy Galela I34 Annette Galindo 80 Ceasar Galindo 45, l33 Raymond Gallegos 80 Richard Gallegos 80, ll0 Sergio Gallegos 82 Stephanie Gallegos 45 Eric Galtman 45 Mark Gambon I34 Javier Gamez 45 Albert Garcia ll5 Alma Garcia 45 Amanda Garcia 45 Diane Garcia 26, I 75 Elena Garcia Ill Gilbert Garcia 45, l33 Juan Garcia 62 Totally A wesome Index 72, l8l, l84, l85 Z7 Joel Garcia 82, l29 Johnny Garcia 62 Larry Garcia 62 Laura Garcia 45 Mayra Garcia 82 Olga Garcia 62, I26 Myrna Gardea 26 Letricia Gardner 26 Nancy Gardner 62 David Garman 82 Da vid Garner 82 Marvin Garrido 82 Juan Garza 82 Maria Garza 82 Greg Gauthier 82 Ted Geminill 98 Harold Gepford 82 Trina Geroge 62, II7 Robert Giallanza 62 Dion Gibson 82, I34 Karamin Giewal 82 Lilian Gil 45, 82, l46 DeAnne Gill 7, 45, l76 Dee Gill l95 Kim Gillispie 62 Ina Gilmore 26 Mr. Giminez 98 Paul Giminez 62 Ronny Giminez 62 Kevin Gines 82, l49 Sherry Gist 82 Joe Giusti 82 Lana Gliebe l95, 2ll Kenneth Glover 45 Luis Godinez 62 Charles Gollihar 82 Anne Gomez 45 George Gomez 27 Jesus Gomez 82 Lena Gomez 62 Maricella Gomez 62 Patty Gomez 45 Roy Gomez 62 Claudia Gonzales 82 Denise Gonzales 82 Jesus Gonzales 82 Rachel Gonzales 82 Aida Gonzalez 45 Evangelina Gonzalez 62 Guillermina Gonzalez 62 Lourdes Gonzalez 62 Mary Gonzalez 27 Michael Gonzalez 62, I Ms. Gonzalez 98 Mercy Goodchild 62 Priscilla Goodwin 27 29 Jennifer Gordon 27, I 76, l86 James Gorman 27 Sheri Goss 62 213 l,?,5Z!!yAw""'e April Gray 46 Shana Greer 62 Tanya Greer 46 Ms. Griffen 98 Tracy Griffin 82 Gary Griffis 62 Matthew Griggs 82 Diego Griialva 46 Chata Grissett 62 Tammy Gritts 62 Michael Guardado 62 Brian Guenther 82 Leticia Guerrero 62 Patricia Guerrero 62 Monique Gunishaw 82, Mary Gustafson 98 Armando Gutierrez 46 Fernando Gutierrez 27 Jose Gutierrez 82 Martin Gutierrez 62 Micheal Gutierrez 27 Teresa Gutierrez 62 Larry Guzman I33, l49 Robert Buzman 62, I34 Q l95 Kenneth Haflich 24, 27, 53, I65 Timothy Hagood 46 Steve Hale 63 Virgil Hales 63 Bex Hall 82 Lory Hall 82 Maryann Hall 27 Shelley Hall 2, 8, ll, l2. Shelly Hall I84 Vonn Hall l49 Kathryn Halligan 63 Tim Halligan l2O Richard Hammer 46 Rick Handley 82 Marcifus Hanes 83 Chao Hang 83 Jeanette Hanses 83 Anthony Hanson 46 Michael Hard 63 Nancy Harden 63 Candi Hardesty 83 Dale Hardin 83 Linda Hardin 46 Nancy Hardin I 76 Sabrina Hardin 46 Adam Hardison 83 Janet Hardy 98, l88 Franklin Hargrove 27 Tami Haro 83 Overton Harris 46 Raymond Harris 83 Rebecca Harris 63 l6, 26, 27, 28, IIO, I65 , Ann Harvey 46 Julia Hastings 83, l76 Pam Hawkins 46 Mark Hearon 46 Christina Helton 28 Clay Helton 83 Bee Her 46 C hue Her 63 Jong Her 63 Tou Sai Her 63 Andrea Hernandez 27 Anthony Hernandez 46, 63 Dora Hernandez 63 James Hernandez 46, I 76 Javier Hernandez 63 Joe Harnandez 46 Johnny Hernandez 63, 83 Maria Hernandez 46, 63 Maricela Hernandez 27 Paulette Hernandez 83 Serena Hernandez 63 Tina Hernandez 28, 83 David Herrera 46, 63 Mike Herrera I34 Lisa Herron 28 Dawn Hess 44, 46, l2l, l84, l88 Stephen Hill 46 Trisha Hill 83 Melissa Hinkle 83 Raymond Hinnis 83 Michelle Hinojos 46 Ray Hinojos 86 Howard Hipsher 63 Dung Ho 63 Hung Ho 46 Kevin Hoak 46 Do Hoang 46 Sandra Hoffman 63 Mark Holland 28, 46, I33, l49 Kathy Holloway 83 Barbara Holmes 28, l8'7 Garry Holt 83 Jim Holt II7 Mike Hough 83 Regina Howard 28 Tanya Howard 28, 46, l95 Kiln Hubbard 29 Sandy Hubble 29 James Hudson 83 Robin Hudson 46 Debra Huffstutler 83, 89 Andy Huggins 46, Ill, l88 Patty Huggins 83 Ella Mae Hun 83 Marjorie Hunt 83 Ronnel Hunt 83 Tony Hunt 83 Muroslava Hurtado 65 Le Huynh 65 Vui Huynh 65 Lisa lmhoff 29 Deanf lnboua 83 Souk lnboua 47 Beunmevang lnoua 65 Carl Irvin 65 Lawana Ivy 65 I Jared Jackson 47, l85 Jeff Jackson 83 John Jackson 83 Lene Jackson 47 Matthew Jackson 29, I33 Kimberly James 85 Olga Jarrero 29 Nanette Jarvis 29 Yvette Jarvis 29 Angelica Jaurequi 4 7, l20, I 7l Bertha Jaurequi 65 Jose Jaurez 65 Laurie Jensen 47, 65 Steve Jensen 30, I8 7 Olga Jerreo 29 Christine Jimenez 65 Juan Jimenez 30 Michelle Jimenez 65 Annette Johnson 47. 85, l70, l7l Cecil Johnson 65 Debbie Johnson 30 44, 85 Debra Johnson 85 Delaine Jolmson 44, 65 Evette Johnson 45, 47 Hubert Johnson 30 Kari Johnson II5, l76 Linda Jolmson 84 Michael Johnson 65 Paula Johnson 65 Tamra Johnson 65 Yvette Johnson 30 Brian Jones I33 Gilbert Jones 65 Kim Jones 30 Katherine Jones 65 Sandy Jones 65 Timothy Jones 65, I 76 Tom Jones 65, 85 Troy Jones 65, 85, l49, I74 Vernette Jones 65 Esther Juarez 30 Jose Juarez 65 Dana Jucutan 47, l95 Daniel Jucutan 65 Charles Juelch 65 George Juelch 30, I34, l76 Jocelyn Jugueta 65, I68 James Junes 65 Totally Awesome Index if Mohammed Kahan 65 Julie Kahler 65 Jeff Karmann 65 Marcus Karman 65 Shannon Keller 47 Wendy Keller 85 Mary Kelly l7l, l72 Monte Kelly 30 Thao Ker 47 MaryAnn Kerr 65 Alan Ketchum 85 David King 47 Henry King 66, I35 Kathy King l84, l86 Steve King 66 Willa King 30 Heather Kirk 85 Mohammed Khan 65 Saeed Khan 85 Shoket Khan 85 Soveasha Khvon 85 Rattanany Khuon 66 Sophalla Khoun 47 Elizabeth Knight 85 Kenneth Knight 66 Kermit Knight l34, I35 Linda Knight 30 Tim Knoeb 28, 30 I70, l7l, I73 Margo Knox 47 Mike Kosier 3l, 2ll Lorri Kurth 85 if .L Yvonne Lacy 66 Edward Laguna 85 Larry Laing 66 Michelle Lake 85 Carlos Landeros 85 May Lao 47 Fred Lara 47 Maria Lara 3l Justine Largin 47 Lorenza Leal 66 Renee Leal 66, l68, l95 Abdon Leanos 47, I33, I76 Rocio Leanos 85 Stephen Lear 85 Monica Ledesma 85 Roy Ledesma 66 Danny Ledford 47 Cher Lee II5 Chia Lee 47 Chou Lee 47 Chue Lee 66 Gaylord Lee 85 Totally A wesome Z Z Index Kristy Lee 85 Neng Lee 66 Pang Lee 47 Suzanne Lee 66 Vin Lee 66 Pam Lefors 47 Todd Leger 85 Wayne Leikam 47 Kimberly Lemons 85 lsodoro Leon 28 Margaret Leon 66 Laverne Lewis 85 Mia Lewis 3l Paul Lewis 47, II3, I33 Lorenza Lial 66 Dwight Linch 3l Sandra Linch 3l Naomi Lindquist 85 Kelly Lindsey 66 Joseph Little 85, I76 Rhonda Locke 66 Melissa Lomas 66 Sonia Lomeli 66 Stan Looney 85 Alicia Lopez 66 Aniquino Lopez 47 Arturo Lopez 86, I34 Dan Lopez IJ8 Edward Lopez 86 Fred Lopez l68 Kate Lopez 86 Keith Lopez 92, ll0, l34 I35 I76 Lisa Lopez 66, l95 Lovena Lopez I 76 Lori Lopez 66 Louis Lopez 66 Luz Lopez 66 Michael Lopez 47 Michelle Lopez 3l Monica Lopez 66 Patricia Lopez 47 Rick Lopez 86 Roberta Lopez 47 Sonya Lopez 86 Mai Lor 86 Teng Lor 86 Victor Lorenzi 3l Jessie Losurdo 86 Richard Lott 66, I76 Eugene Lovegrove 3l Joy Lovell 86 Lorge Loza 86 Monica Loza 86 Jess Lozano 66 Sarah Lozano 66 Steve Lozano 66 Khamprason Luangrath 66 Viengkhong Luangrath 86 Michell Lucas 86 William Lucas 86 Robert Lujan 47 David Luna 3l Eric Lyda 47 lvan Lynn 3l, 37, 44 Jenette Lynn 66 Andrea Macias 87 Bryan Macias 37 Cheryl Macias 56, 57, I7 EL izabeth Macias 86 Fredrick Macias 87 Pedro Macias 67 Sakly Madden I2l Ruben Madrid 48, I33 Alicia Magana 67 Anita Magana 48 Janalio Magana 67 Trina Magana 67 Kim Malloy 87 Ronnie Mancia 48 Andrea Mancias 87 Ricky Mann l49 Gena Manning 3l Tanya Manning 7 Jeffery Manzer 8 7, I34 Laurie Marchand 67 Elia Marin 48 Monica Marin 87 Clarence Marquez I 76 Mark Marquez 67 Sylvia Marquez 48 Tina Marquez 48 Anthony Marcel 8 7 Edward Martel 67 Renee Martel 87, I 74 Darcy Martin 67 Jeff Martin 67 Randy Martin 48, I33 Abel Martinez 67 Antonio Martinez 67 Celia Martinez 87 Connie Martinez 67 Debbie Martinez 32, 3 7 Debra Martinez 32 Diane Martinez 56, 57, 67 Fidero Martinez 67 John Martinez 32 Juan Martinez 87 Lillian Martinez 67 Mark Martinez 48 Nathaniel Martinez 87 Sandra Maslen 67 Michael Mata IQ 67, I34 Michael Matedne 48 Robert Maxwell 67 George Mayze 48 Georgia Mayze I95 Lisa McCalister 48 Jolynn McCormic 87 April McCoy 48, 53 John McCoy 87 Michelle McCoy 67 Eddie McCoullgh 48, I33 Don McDonald 44 Ron McDonald 44 Sheri Mclfntire 48 Cassie McLemore 67, II5, I33 James McLemore 32, l33 Joe McLemore 8 7, l7I, l74 Cynthia McGianis 87 Lori McClathery 48 James McGrath 32 Shannon McLain 49 Mike McMillan 67 Raylene McMillan 87 Shawn McNary 49 Debbie Mead 88 Ruth Mead 32 Cynthia Meadows 88 Juan Medina 49, 67 Sonia Meintasis 67 Gilbert Melendez 32 Sergio Melendez I 7Q I 7l Kenneth Melgoza 28, 32, II5, I 7I I 73 Carol Meltzain 67 Rodney Mendenhall 88, ll5 Andrea Mendoza 88 Lito Mendoza I33 Michelle Mercado 67 Eva Messa 67 Kim Michael 44, 48, 49, 77, 86 II6 l2l Richard Michael 32 Scott Michael 88 Tony Michael 88 Yvette Michael 67 Wayne Miessner IO2 Jeff Mill 68 Daniel Millan 67 Becky Miller 68 Lisa Miller 49 Lydia Miller 32, l65 Marion Miller IO2 Patrick Miller 68, II6 Priscilla Ming 32 Greg Minjarez 88 David Misquez 49 Mike Mitchell 32 Derrick Moland 49 Marlon Moland 68, I34 John Moldoch 88 Jovier Molina 68 Rafael Molina 34 Sonya Molina 49, l74, I95 Kim Molloy 87 Pedro Montalvo 49 Pete Montalvo ll3, I33 Totally A wesome Index Z Steve Montalvo 88, I34 Pete Montantes 88 Virginia Montengo 88 Brenda Montes 88 Candido Montes 49, l33 Denza Montez 68 Gilbert Montez 88 Augie Montiel 68 Anthony Montoya 68 Ben Moore 68 James Moral 68 Serigo Moran 84 Rachel Moreno 49 Sherry Morgan 34 John Morillon 68 William Morris 50 Lawana Morrison 68 Violet Mosher 68 Wilann Moton 49 Kaying Moua 68 Tou Yia Moua 68 Gualkine Mozqueda 68 Cynthia Munguia 88 Aurelio Munoz 88, II3 lhana Munoz 68 Rachel Munoz 34 Vera Munoz 49 Pete Murray 49 Rhonda Murray 68 Trace Murray 68 John Musgrove I49 Delores Myers 68 Patrick Myers 34, 50 Sarah Nadeau 89 Brian Nagel 89 Tina Nason 50 Antoinette Navarec 50 Rachelle Navarec 89 Elva Navarro 68 Jamie Navarro 68 Edith Nayer l02 Robert Neagle 89 Bill Neal 68 Eric Nelson 68 Pat Nemee l02 Lap Ngo 50 Leon Ngo 68 Ninh Ngo 89 Lang Nguyen 89 Nhan Nguyen 89 Thuan Nguyen 68 Josephine Nino 34, II5 Sandra Nino 34 Kathy Nitscke 34 Kimberly Nix 50 Walter Nolen 68 zzz 2152? Awesome Sashia Noriega 89 Lisa Norman 68 Chris Norton 34 Sharon Norton l02 Monica Nunez 34 Stephanie Nunez 68 Jose Nuno 70 Sandra Nuno 34 Francisco Ochoa 50 Miguel Ochoa 89 Julie Ochsner l02 Chris Oilar 89 Travis Owens 50 Matt Olivares 70 Michelle Olivas 70 I68 Sal Olivas 50 Victor Olivas l0, I34 Dougetta Oliver 50 Jose Oller 70 Mickey Ollis 89 Michelle Olsen 70 Vanna Om 89 Michelle Ontiveros 89 Marcel Ornelas 50 Lena Oropeza 50 Karl Orr 70 Juan Ortega 89 Luke Ortega 50 Maria Ortega l7l Mary Ortega 70 Robbie Ortega 34, I73 Anthony Ortiz 50 Chris Ortiz 70 Irma Ortiz 70 Noe Ortiz 70 Kevin Orton II5 Tara Osborne 70 Sandra Oswalt 50 Reggie Owens I33 Valerie Owens 70 William Owens ll5 Margarett Owensby 70 Juanita Pacheco 34 Sherry Pacheco 90 Tom Pacheco 50 Lori Pack 35, l66 Eleanor Padilla l02 Felicia Padilla 35 Sophia Padilla 50 Saul Palacias 70 Bill Palmer 90, l28 Juan Paniagua 50 Leticia Panique 70 Joi Pannyasee 90 Wade Parks 70 Elaine Parker 90 John Parker 90 Paul Parker 90 Tammy Parker 90 Dewey Pasquini l02, II6 Dan Patchen l02 Raju Patel 50, 184, I85, l88 Sandeep Patel 50 David Patterson 70 Jim Patterson 90 Samatha Patterson 35 Fred Pattingle 70 Chris Paul 70 Vance Paulson l02 Anthony Payne 90 Dave Payne I34 Kim Payton 7, 48, 5Q 53, I95 Sarah Pearce 90 Jeanne Peluso 90 Carl Penny 35 Pen Peoudara 90 Rafael Peredia 90 Abran Perez 90 Jose Perez 90 Larry Perez 90 Mario Perez 50 Naomi Perez 35 Rafael Perez 50 Dennis Peters II6 Ernie Peterson 70 Mike Peterson 90 Leah Petrosky 50 Mark Pfeifer 35 Saron Phan 70 Tai Phan 70, 90 Andrea Phelps I68 Todd Phillips 70 Khannfly Phonnavongsa 50 Baldsmen Pimentel 70 Sonia Pimental 50 Lisa Pilgrim 70 Alex Pimentel 70 Carmen Pimentel 90 Patricia Pimentel 70 Jaime Pineda 50 Gaylord Pinkins 70, ll0, I34 Kelly Pippenger 70 Bettine Pizzi 35 Gary Podesto 90 Santos Pos 90 Alex Posada 7l Alfonso Posada 90 Jose Posada 7 Renee Posada 5l Robin Posada 7l May Powell 102 Barbara Prado 7l Sherry Pratt l02 Donna Prebicin 90 Abel Preciado 7l Alciandro Preciado 90 Carl Price 90 Anaila Proctor 90 Gary Pudwell l02 Garnet Punao l02 Truong Quaing 5l Frank Quarreles 5l Cindy Quattlebaum 7l Chris Quilantang 5l Christian Quilantang I33 Cynthia Quilantang 90 Lorraine Quinones 7I R Raul Rabago 35, I33, I74 Chris Rabanal 5l Mary Rabanal 90 Danielle Rafael 5l David Rafael I33 Ike Rai I8 7 Richard Rainey 35 Frank Ramirez 35, l26, I33 Jaimie Ramirez 90 Michael Ramirez l02, ll3 Michelle Ramirez 7l Rick Ramirez 9l Jerald Ramos 35 Samuel Ramos 35 Billy Randolph 5l, l33 Walter Rathhouse ll3 Greg Ratto 7l, I34 Christene Rayes I95 Connie Reames 7l Sheri Reames 36 Sureatha Reed 7l Jeanetti Rees 9l Shawn Reese 5l Joel Reeves 7l Denise Rendon 36 Michelle Rendon 7, 5l, I95 Janee Resendes 36 Alan Reyburn IOJ, ll6, l84 Christina Reyes 7, 5l, I95 Diana Ryees 5l Martin Reyes 91 Rudy Reyes 7l Victor Reyes I34 Luke Reyna 36 Robert Reyna ll0 Mary Reynolds 7l Allen Rhoads 9l Totally A wesome Index Gena Rhodd 71 Joey Rhodd 187 Paul Rhodd 71 Robin Rice 36 Charette Richardson 71 Larry Richardson 36 Tarnell Richardson 51 Annette Ricketts 51, 71 Pamela Ricketts 51, 84 Patricia Ricketts 51 Tamie Ricketts 71 Lawrence Riddle 91 John Riggins 71, 134 Tanya Riggins 51 Ernie Rill 128 Ernie Rillamas 91 Antonia Rios 91 Ron Ritchie 51 Michael Ritchey 48, 51 Ed Rivera 71 Linda Rivera 37 Rudy Rivera 91 Colleen Robertson 51 Shirley Robertson 91 Steve Robertson 37 Richard Robinson 71 Elizabeth Robles 73 George Robles 57 Lupe Robles 71 Diana Rocha 51 Toni Rochevar 85 David Rodgers 71 Alice Rodriguez 51 Alicia Rodriguez 71 Amelia Rodriguez 73 Angela Rodriguez 91 Anette Rodriguez 195 Claudia Rodriguez 91 Eric Rodriguez 71 Ernie Rodriguez 51 Gina Rodriguez 37 Gloria Rodriguez 91 John Rodriguez 51 Justine Rodriguez 37 Leonel Rodriguez 71 Linda Rodriguez 38 Lupe Rodriguez 91 Margie Rodriguez 71 Mario Rodriguez 38 Martina Rodriguez 91 Mary Rodriguez 51 Rachel Rodriguez 91 Tammy Roe 38 Arturo Rojas 51 Consuelo Rojas 91 Milton Rogers 128 Melinda Roland 91 Carol Rolleri 24, 29, 38 Joe Romero 71 224 2152511 Awesome John Romero 51 Ernest Romo 45, 51, 133 Ray Romo 91 John Rosas 71 Renee Rose 91 Da vid Rosenblum 91 Melinda Rosselli 102 Robert Rou 91 Nick Rubino 91 Fransico Rueda 73 Aniseto Ruiz 73 C onsuelo Ruiz 111, 188 Joel Ruiz 38 Victor Ruiz 91 Jeffery Rushing 73 Mary Russel 91 Steven Russell 73 Steve Russo 38 Bob Rutledge 91 Willie Rutledge 91 Carol Ryan 91 Charlee Ryan 91 Tim Ryan 51 Toni Ryan 51 Brenda Rydel 91 Gary Rydel 91 Mary Sahagun 38 Kauri Sili 73 Sii Saili 33, 38 Fernando Slaices 52, 133 Richard Salices 73, 134 Mario Salazar 92 Robert Sals 52 David Samaniego 52, 174 Angelica Sanchez 73 Benjamin Sanchez 73 Caroline Sanchez 92 Joel Sanchez 92 Jose Sanchez 92 Lucy Sanchez 84, 92 Rebecca Sanchez 52 Ted Sanchez 92 Vickie Sanders 105 Gloria Sandoval 92 Maria Sandoval 38 Rick Sandoval 134 Kelly Sansing 73 Teresa Sarafin 38 Raquel Saragoza 73 Maxine Sarmiento 52, 170 171 Vanna Sat 92 Don Satow 52, 184, 185, 188 Lolita Sauls 24, 38, 165, 168 Estella Saurez 74 Debbie Scarborough 38 Kelly Schaeffer 52 Michelle Schaeffer 39' Kelly Scott 92 Randy Scott 52 Tony Scott 73, I34 Jimmy Seals 73, I34, I49 Freddie Searcey 52 John Seay 52 Eujenio Sefrato 92 John Seidman 35, 39 Nancy Selman IO5 Houp Sengal I87 Cynthia Serrano 92 Jason Serrano 73 Monica Serrano 39 John Sessom 39 Donald Seward 92 Brian Sexton II3 Chris Shanda 52 Cindy Shah 92 Fernando Shah 39 Ms. Shankle IO5 Sheri Shelton 92 Tanya Shoals 39 Annette Sigala 39 Danny Silva 73 Michael Silva 73 Sylvia Silva 92 Araely Silvia 73 Trina Simpson 92 Nith Sin 92 Arong Sinelapakit 73 Leanna Sinibaldi 28, 39, Pauline Sinogui 73 Paul Sison 37, 39, I33 Teresa Sloan 73 Clay Smith 73 ' Dave Smith 86, IO5 David Smith 73 David Smith 73 Jeff Smith 92 Lisa Smith 2II Mark Smith 92 Richard Smith 93 Stacy Smith l68 Tammy Smith 93 Carrie Snider 39, l8l Tarrie Snider 73, 78 Sokada Soch 93 David Solis 39 Gilbert Solis 73 Doung Sophrrn 93 Isabel Sosa 39. l95 Cole Speers 52 Tim Spemce I87 Jim Spence 52 Charles Spencer 93 Paula Spicer 93 Marilyn Spratt 93 Melisa Springs 73 l84, I85 Charlene Stacey 73 Tommy Stacey 73 Kimberly Staffworth 40 Bernice Stahl IO5 Kimberly Stallworth 40 Leesa Stanley 73 Lisa Stanley 93 Kevin Starks 93 Don Staw 52 Raymond Steed 93 Danny Steman 40 Peggy Stephens IO5 Jack Stewart II5, l9O Leonard Stewart 53, I33 Jeannette Stocklin 93 Greg Stones I34 Randy Stonestreet IO, 74. Anthony St. John Julitte S. Mary 73, I46 David Steinbend 73 Jimmy Steinberg 93 Michael Stevenson 52 Sedonia Sueing 53 Dora Suon 74 Audra Surrell 53 Michelle Surrell 74 Rene Swearingen IO5 Khammai Sythana 93 I Rebecca Tabangcura 93 Rachel Tabangcura 93 Jester Taggart 74 Kenny Taklock 93 Emily Tam 93 Carmen Tankersly 93 Lisa Tarkington 53 Olimpia Tascano 93 Anthony Taylor 74, I74 Loronta Taylor 74 Bobau Thach 94 Bosameth Tahch 94 Sai Thanpaeng 94 Ah Thao 74 Bao Thao 94 Bee Thao 53 Chou Thao 94 Chue Thao 94 Lee Thao 94 Nou Thao 53 Sang Thao 74 Vang Thao 74 Xad Thao 74 Xiang Thao 94 Yeng Thao 74 Yer Thao 74 Yer Thao 74 Dan Theile IOS I3 Totally Awesome Index Z 5 Erin Theile IO5, D8 Kanchai Thepbourg 94 Lisa Thibodeaux 40 Ricardo Thigillo 94 Kiriya Thiphanep 74 Kitta Thiphanep 53 Sai Thiphanep 74 Ammala Thishamip 40 Bonnie Thomsa 74 Cynthia Thomas 47 David Thomas 53 Michelle Thomas l68 Rebecca Thomas 94 Eddie Tibbs 94 Edward Tindell 74 Vicky Tinkess 74 Donna Tillus 74 Abel Torres 40 Angel Torres 53 Aurrillo Torres 94, I34 Bertha Torres 94 Cecilia Torres 94 Elizabeth Torres 53 Enrique Torres 74 Javier Torres 94 Joe Torres 94 Jorge Torres 53 Joseph Torres 53 Lisa Torres 53 Lourdes Torres 74 Robert Torres 40 Bang Tran 94 Arthur Treio 94 Candy Tremble 74 Christina Trigg 53 Phillip Trigg D8 Mary Trimble 40 Tony Troung I2 Berle Tucker 94 Rae Tucker 74 Kun Tuy 94 Pam Tyler 53 Efen Ugale 54 Robert Ulibarri 74 Sandeep Va 94 Trashal Vaden 54 Valerie Vaden 94 Connie Valadez IO5 Sonia Valadez 74, I94 Karla Valdez 4Q l95 Sally Valentine 74, I95 Richard Valenzuela 74 Faith Valera 75 Totally A wesome Z 2 Index Ruben Valles 74, I34 Lisa Vancourt 40, l74, I95 Richard VanDerworp 94 Cher Vang 74 Ching Vang 54 Choua Vang 75 Ker Vang 75 Mao Vang 94 Parktlah Vang 75 Yapao Vang 75 Yer Vang 94 Youa Vang 54 Helen Vann 40 Linda Vanwinkle 94 Raquel Vasquez 94 Robert Vasquez 75, l49 Kelly Vaughn 75 Robin Vaughn 53, 54 Tony Vega I33 Judy Ventre 77, lO5 Armando Verduzao 54 Jack Vernon l05 Eva Victory 94 Debbie Vignola 40 Amy Vilhauser 94 Louie Villanueba 75, I34 Trina Villapando 94 Andres Villapudua 75 Lupe Villasenor 40 Theresa Villasenor 4l Juan Villegas 54 Sandra Vindiola 54 Dathy Vinson 7, 48, 54, I9 Robert Virrey 75 Chau Vo 54 Haai Vu 94 Dia Vue 75 Doua Vue 75 Koua Vue 54 Mark Waldon 75, l34 Kim Wallace 54 Roger Wallace 94 Andre Walker 54, I33 Clyde Walker 94 Ernestine Walker IO5 Sabrina Walker l7Q l7l Travis Walker 75 David Walkup 77, 94 Taffie Walter 75, I45 Denise Walters 95 Robert Wanless ll5 Ther War 54 Thoan War 95 Oscar Ward 95 Scott Ward 54 Gary Ware ll5 Teresa Ware II3 Terry Ware 95 Mary Wartel IO5 Connie Washington 54 Kim Watkins 75 Tess Watson 75 Linda Weaver IO5. l88 Candi Webb 95 Jackie Weber 4l Juanita Weber IO5 Tammy Ewidman 95 Darlene West 95 Jerry West 75 Molly West 54 Robert West 75 Chevelle Wheeler 75 Athena White 33, 41 Joe White 95, I34 Lance White 95 Linee While 95 Reggie White 54 Charlene Whitescarver Sean Whiteley 54 Leonard Whitlow 54 Bennie Wilbon 54 Taffany Wilbon l46 Dennis Wilkinson 95 Ethel Wilkinson 54 Linda Wilkinson 4l Kiln Willey 95 Lorri Willey 4l Kim Williams 95 Merle Williams l28 Pat Williams 54 Pater Williams 95 Paul Williams 95 Ron Williams II3 Rosalynd Williams 4l Stephanie Williams 95, I95 Tawnya Williamson 54 Rod Wills I33 Cory Wilson 95 Jocelyn Wilson 54 Brent Wimmer 95 Shaun Wimmer 75 Jamie Winans 48, I87 Dianna Withers 54 Nicky Wooford 72, 93 Jerry Wood 95 Mario Woods 95 Andrea Woodson I34 Douglas Woolard 54, 126 Bonnie Worley 95 Traci Worley 4l John Wright 95 Bee Xiong 54, 95 Chay Xiong 54 Cheng Xiong 95 Ge Xiong 75 Khou Xiong 54, 75 Lee Xiong 75 Lia Xiong 75 Ong Xiang 75 Sia Xiong 95 Va Xiong 75, 95 Ying Xiong 75 Zer Xiong 75, 95 Chey Yang 95 Leng Yang 95 Paose Yang 54 Mai Lor Yaug 75 Salvador Yciano 95 Belinda Young 54 Victor Young 28, 4l. I33 Roger Zamudio 54 Mario Zapata 95 Alicia Zavala 54 Jose Zungia 4l, I33, I49 Totally Awesome Index Z Z

Suggestions in the Franklin High School - Chaqueta Yearbook (Stockton, CA) collection:

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Franklin High School - Chaqueta Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 212

1984, pg 212

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