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My A 8 :lf 'V s Q 1 Q ami ,iff x F ,J Q 7 , jaw 6100 ' ff ll My .I Q L ' o i I X wwf C f , A J? ' 512239 f iw ff' OL ' ' , r U K ffm 1,57 fa M . ,A B' -W' ' be ' Y L In A Nw .51 ii Ma W! KKUA' " X V ' 'If A7044 Z5 X, I 1' P I . 0 I I i 3? 4, I 1 ' ' 1 I F A L 7 113 X J' Jg ,I C" zz Rf .PL I 'fa If X Nyjyfa 5 'S k -,-Q7 XZ-Z :ff Cl 1 1 ff!! 1 . , .L A . F i -- ". " . ' f 7 ' MEL V' V 1--jx-A v,-- M: I1 L ,' ' --Xl, s N fi ' - l X . ' jj C, L, izg 1 fi ,V1 xx- ,, ,y , K . 1 gf' ifgzl' +C' 1 ', . N gf- 1 X- XE,- f -f U QL. MA' ' i if ', K, 1 ,DJ J if-f4,., 4. 1 QQ Q A' ,T v 'sf' Cf' C'-27 f, '- QX V I ' -' ' ' J 1 ' f fi ' f 5 v .J NYY 1' H f 2 J ' -fx s pf' f 3-7 3 ' uf ,Q . 4 N . ' ' YQ V VX w N Q- ' . 1 JN P J .X ' X5 . K ' 1 A .Q 'i A U' -J ff - X f x- , .. N- N ij Gy VN A. A 1, n ' L' IN J . ' , f is Q U ' xx Avy' K .1 . 1 F Vgj Q X' M ' . .f ' f X J '- ' . l 1 f f, 7 0 ' W O I f ! , X 1 . K N, .ff L, 1 , 9 4 K W ALF, t, I . 54' Q vp X X XX 'Q . Q K K 1 ""4f:f .1 J Rf h 'J , ' . J L W v f U, , . X X N. ff x V, f f Q 4 X j x f x ,I V wx I' ,,' ' ,J fl! rx. .I ' ' I ', '7 . . I 1 , Y ' ' r 4 - . I ' I 5 1 ', ' K ' S ' ' L V' 1' A ' 7 A I Y .ZJXXE KA .1 .V ' I 3 l ' ' V I V ' . 1 . . '5 ,K -Q I V ,f If i f D 'Q I f lf ,lf,, ' Mff ,. . R JA' D ,fu Jw!-'l, A If. H - 'I ' ' r--fy - , .I QY ' L -:gf I, I . I :V .X x s ' Xxx S ,,I LVLXL wi-5 I I As -I 3. If JI ICI X M Q.w,,vJ., ,N AWAKENI!! I - ,P DRUMS THROBBING is XI' "AT -1 SLOWLY THE CHILL CI-IANTGSTJARTST' SOFTLY THE PULSING DRUMS SHRILLY THE TOUCAN SHRIEKS SUDDENLY THE VOO-DOO COMES A LONE TORCH BLAZING IN THE BLACKNESS JEWEL-LIKE FIRE ALL CONSUMING f BIDS YOU FOLLOW AS BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA PRESENTS THE T960 ALMANAC 3323- ,ffff Xwwax ,v Fmrmhhx VX J i I f X! 4 uh' X Nl -I , A X X ffl , f f , 'I' "ri R U X-N fl f ""f5'ff!l! N ' U' f I .xr X. x QW Q , xy Q jf fy, y !y,y 1 - 'Ulla ,XFX KL, f KX X V fir K4-nf if you brave The night FOLLOW-if you dare Waver not from weird and wild as witchcraft rends the air DARE-to leave the here and now D A R E-fo bid adieu To fhaf mediocre realm of yours yu ,M-., '4 'if that won't let greatness through . . r f" Q! If 'ffl fflfhhyfxrvl 'lv X' X 11 uf We f"vf f'f,fo Wfif 'rd' fhyf ff' - Nw rr ff . ,rr wr fr -' g ' 'ff ff!! ffffffb ff " hyf' l"4 fffiff, 'AM' q t ' A hx!! 'KF ANA' 'XA ,"1'!!!' r 'LIC ' If ,XXI f fl Wh - f, r ,' 1' If 'fyf r f uri' If 'f . f f f Wg fy ff P' " " ff X' . f ff ffffif .' f f f I f f X. ull. ,r,. 'h,'v -v tr Q I "- Nm' , lx I 5' f ' " ' 1 f r ' X f' X' : 'ff ' I' ' ' .' - .lr f , ' x- , .fx-'f r r f r fr , f r . r V 1 , , I , , , , , f , , f f 1 y, ,f' xi' V' , 'Ur , r' "'f'f' , f ' N ,f A V ff al ,f rf ,,. f' ',MI 'lyf 'I -ra' Jag' f'!f,Jly'J3, I 'I A fl 1.1, 'XX' ff, IL, X yy vlLyW,,!y f If, 'WM' I if I' fy! 'I , U f Wifi, f I I 6 ll' l J '1,A' fl lf, I fjlgrlyy If ,i X V' i-jlbl 14,1 . 111, .1 VI 2 ,l fy ,ffff ff Ifyfff fffy' lg' if ,,, r,f ,mr . fn, ff,.fr,,,,,r.,r My r., , f , 'l'f'r,'l, ' '. fin, rluj "rf ffffffr wwf 'XXVI ,mf Mfr N 5 N ' I l ' If I 1 f 1 jfffj f fig f! 1, X I x f 711 AIU f f l X 4' I f l X 'lf I K' D I If ug P 1 ,yay J!! f ff! ,fflffffl l f l f ff ' ' ffjl X 'inf' ffhfffr ,I fig,-, 'r ' y AM LQ ffff Jiffy. rf -!f ,. 1 0 fyrfjn fl! I X111 KM!! V, r 'tr 1 . 1',,, , r , . fl NN 1 J 1 1, , , , I r , I 'v ' ' 7,1 " X xr K r ' 'NW X 'I ' A , A lx' I 'lu ' N' f' r f I X , g r yr 1 A A hw f I : N i X fx X l f I u x X I 1 Xxx I A- riwxiw XXX N r ff! fr NN ff' flfiflff Mx! 1 1 iff!! f 0 ,X yfrffv Tiff fff , If 41' 1 IAKI, jj y f X R w ww Xxx NXQQNNX W l? 'xx X K J ff NN XXwN x 5 N NCR XNQ NU, M X 'x 'w I XXX k . XS my X ' k + XA' A NX wx N W N Nw 3 Rhjiigijf - 7,2 f N 'ggi f hug - XX 7 X '7 1 ,. ,x ' l V x 1- X I x N f Ji +mLXk f A ftzffxx X K f f l 1 xy' NJ ,lf M 'w X N f ,. PML LQJKT 2 ' 4 'rw 4 LKB X f ' X . x , 4 , Xr NJ'l ffff ,-dw fix . f f 1 .I , W K N, "3'gg 4 fy' X f N X3 fu I X 'Ur , . It M1 T + L X 5 Q S .R+ XX Q Q E e wb. X X I X X ff ff 'A 'I 2 XR X W X I sJ I ff' J Q X JO f f sf 4 f 3 ' ff W! MXXZOX rf ff f fm LJ W, ,ffffq XX . mf f f ' f if ffnf f f' f ff' f -1 My fM Xwm f 1 1 f, f f f X iffy fy XXX Xxx W M X f 1 W if f'di f :1i?y!'f X f, ff I ffff l V fb? ' Tf ff f f wf?4fz:1, f X W I 1 7 4 M' f N ' f, Xvmgwff' NW Ill- ! N ,hu , 'ft he younger wczrruors pmnocles on pages 2 rve the mighty Senior ' 1 xzy Nufkf in Ndxjk. Nl i 4 MZ, f g x , H A .. FA wt x 4' Q VI., 1: Ui-NKLHCF SR Ygboxf, DHHS BG F-mg, 'O y gl +42 I EARL B. BARNETT, PRINCIPAL EFFICIENCY EXPERT of Franklin's officialdom was Joseph S. Herman, Mr. Barnett's successor as temporary principal. Determination and judgment were two of the main factors in his well-operated regime. The former Jefferson High School Vice-Principal brought many changes to Franklin in the fields of student gov- ernment and finance. Able Administrators "A PRINCE AND A PAL" was Franklin's Princi- pal Earl B. Barnett, a real favorite with the student population. Both student body and faculty reluctantly saw him transferred down- town to serve the Board of Education as Admin- istrator of Secondary Assignments, and realized more emphatically how much they appreciated his understanding and sincerity. JOSEPH S. HERMAN, TEMPORARY PRINCIPAL Aid Advancement in Education ite It DAMSELS IN DISTRESS are the charge of Girls' Vice Principal, MRS. ELSA MAE SMITH, whose supervision of Franklin's standards upheld the school's traditions. Her constant smile and unfailing humor made life easier for the school's female population. ,:4,.,: , , I F sl l Fl' COMPETENT COUNSELOR of the A-l2's and head counselor of the school was MISS JEAN HENDERSON, known to all seniors as a willing advisor and guide. Every student in some way profited from her vast knowledge and Iudgment in assisting with plans for the future. To the deep regret and concern of all, a maior illness kept Miss Henderson off the iob for several months of the spring semester, 4, ,,4--f-"" l l l l l l You ll WIN If you keep trying --ug -1 Qs., , H...-, --vw. MISBEHAVING MALES feared Boys' Vice Principal PETER CLENTZOS, but to those who "hewed the line," he was a leader and friend. His interest in sports and his relation of it to school life brought "down to e solutions to many problems. arth" ,-.--zu' One of the biggest tasks in any high school is the COUNSELING of students. Fortunate is Franklin in hav- ing eight of the very finest in the city. Always ready to lend a helping hand are: ll-rl Miss Jean Hen- derson lA-l2l,Mr. Don Gustafson 1B-l2,l Miss Pal Carter KA-lll. Back Row: Miss Marion Connors QB-lll, Miss Bess Shanks QA-lO m-zl, Mr Alex Morrison KA-lO o-ll, Mr. Robert Seim QB-lO m-zl, Mr. Phillip Nassief lA-ll a-ll The students of Franklin salute you! 4, l 1 11 vi ?""'t LOVED BY ALL, because of his understanding and heart warm- ing smile, Franklin REGISTRAR MR, REX MILLER will long be remembered by every student who has had the privilege of knowing him. Patiently and enthusiastically talking over any student's problems, he has won the confidence of others. Because of his true interest in helping others, there will al- ways remain an air of friend- liness and welcome in his of- fice. 'M Y-7 Busy fingers and patient thoughtfulness will long be connected with our efficient CLERFCAL STAFF. Keeping the records in perfect order and ready for immediate use, were a few of the var- ied tasks performed by these lovely ladies, Row 'l, seated: ll-rl Mrs. Grace Bauhof, Mrs. Jean Baird. Row 2: Mis Dorothy Spencer, Mrs. Mil- dred Kennedy, Mrs, Marguerite Carlton, and Miss Dorothy Ade- FNOUCY -,,,.7 -.., 13,5 'T' B "GET A JOB!" is the frequently heard cry of Franklin's EMPLOYMENT DIRECTOR. All students seeking gainful employment turn to iolly MR. PHIL JONES, as he in turn delegates various secretarial duties to student aide Judy Ferdinand. at LM tg i GOODMORNING, Franklin High school - many times this cheery welcome is heard. Twelve girls handle the busy switchboard throughout the day, as Pat McMasters and Charlene Hatcher ably demonstrate. Co-ordinating the myriad calls and answering the vaguest questions are all in the days routine for these hardworking girls. TWO BELLS RING, and away he goes! MR. STERLING PIERCE, Janitorial Manager, holds full responsibility for the custodial work throughout Franklin, a iob he handles so efficiently in fact, that many students never know he exists. Another relatively unknown aspect of this quiet, atfable man, is his literary en- thusiasm and his fine Collection of rare and valuable books. CONGENIALLY CONGLOM- ERATING around this weird contraption are the mechani- cally - minded INDUSTRIAL ARTS teachers. What, only Mr. Ketfer appears confident enough to risk approaching the device. . .? INDUSTRIAL ARTS II-rI Mr. Ivor Krantz, Mr. Philip Jones, Mr. All G. Sherry, Mr. William A. Crary, M Rex M, Keller, Mr, Max R. Shelly. ATHLETE'S FOOT SHOULD BE FEARED by all in this as- sorted crowd of individuals, for they are PHYSICAL EDU- CATION teachers. Their prowess is shown by the ob- vious ease with which they have attained the giddy heights where they now perch. PHYSICAL EDUCATION II-rl Mr. R an V raker Mrs utherine I d . Sp , . C Ries, Mr, John G. Spangler, Miss Ve lean S, Avila, Mr. Richard E. Whitmc Miss Louise O, Ernst. STIRRING COFFEE WITH A BRUSH? Why not, when the ART and HOMEMAKING teachers hold a gabfest? Their extreme ingenuity is indicated by their ability to combine two such unrelated fields-and at the same time, eating. ART AND HOMEMAKING Il-rl M Ruth Brockrnan, Miss Faye E. V Roekel, Mrs. Helen O. Cyran, M Ru'h Priscilla B:-attie. TIME OUT FOR TOYS! Miss Barbara Met- calf, DRIVER EDUCATION teacher, dem- onstrates some of the higher arts involved in playing with little cars. EUREKA! I HAVE FOUND IT! Mr. Ima- ura displays his long sought discovery as the BUSINESS EDUCATION teachers look on with delight. BUSINESS EDUCATION: Standing: II-rl Mr. Ken lmamura, Mr. Gordon Barnwell, Mrs. Helen W. Mason, Miss Doreen B. Minsberg. Seated: Miss Vera Wittmon, Miss Lucie Morris, Miss Evelyn Dunkerley OVERCROWDED OFFICE packed with ENGLISH teachers is an indication of the importance of this department. Part of their difficulties stem from teaching some of the students "a Ian- guage other than their own." ENGLISH: Standing: II-rI Mr. Robert M. Seim Mrs. Mariorie W. Gillin, Miss Harriette Bess Shanks, Mr. Jerome Weiner, Seated: Mrs. Catherine W. Rich- ardson, Mr. Clinton R. Taylor, Mrs. Jean D. Sandlie, Mrs. Florine Jackson, Miss Angeline Chagares, Mr William S. Bogdanoft, Mrs. Karen S. Wynar, Mrs I Elizabeth B. Walker. TABLE-TOP SCIENTISTS view "un- authorized experiments" with var- ied emotion. But is everyone too engrossed to notice what Mr. Bel' knap is doing to Mr. Naismith's ear! SCIENCE: Row I: ll-rl Miss Cleo Patsy Car- ter, Mr. Theodore V. Tice, Miss Marilyn K. Tan, Miss Marion Connors, Mr. Robert E. Naismith. Row 2: Mr, Ray L, Anderson, Mr. Richard E. Whitney, Mr. Albert A. Wagner, Mr, Bruce C. Belnap. ONE MORE TEACHER BITES THE DUST' Mr Bones probably o Senior Class Sponsor, conceals nothing as one well informed SCIENCE student points out little-known facts of nature to his compatriots. ATTAINING NEW HEIGHTS, Mr. Ralph Mullen reaches at least the level of his fellow MATHEMATICS teachers, as he seemingly instructs them in the finer nuances of their subiect. Only Mr. Jack Dowlin seems to have come prepared to solve the problems with his pocket slide rule. MATHEMATICS: ll-rl Mr. Ralph Mullen, Mr. Clarence O, Torstenbo, Mr. Bruce C, Belknap, Mrs. Margaret A. Gainder, Mr. Philip Nas- siet, Mr. John Lewis Dowlin, Ir. , .. , BOOKS, BOOKS, EVERYWHERE-and not a comic to ready but you can further your education in the LIBRARY, under Miss Jean Sondlies' supervision. I .M , t I 1 -U1 I ' a n ,.,..s.. .uA, . M, 2 'gy' -- ........fQ. ANTONE FOR A GAME? Tennis, basketball, badminton-all are activities for girls in P.E. CLASSES. PAINSTAKING PENCIL-PUSHERS work hard in their DRAFTING CLASS, Note the one girl in this otherwise allemale ensemble, 'Nui' JUST CAN'T STAND IT! The HEALTH OFFICE girls busily bandage a bleeding Franklinite. SO IT IS ROUND, AFTER ALL! Terry Garland shows his HISTORY CLASS that Columbus was really on the ball . . . ,A --1' literally! ini EW? 2 f W flag 'ww T: ',. ,J ff nf. "4-or ,wr W ' 'QE 'Q trlm , '- f 'I 'x 1 'ii ' T W 6 ' ,4 N W any I , ,Z "" f ' 'Q ,f wtlr' na nw . 7 1,15 f . , JI X' A K' O "J V Q Q ?5.a..,f I ,ff ,, Q Q. inf' Z' . -1 47 , Qi ' xfffpfz 1 f z Q57 , f, ff V ,fx . VZ" Q ' M 1 V ' ' ' ' W g ! , , . ' i n A 0 Alf 4 . 4 y 'QQ lig Yflii' V A 453-W,?Q:f'c' I QQ. h .V , ,yuan X f' m ,W -E' rwwfw ,,.1 "?"" 'X N -M mf' f lv- is- un ,,,... ww W. If A 6 as T! ' ,, i' if "??5iM'.a..f , , 5 M 5: K, W fi W ,yi I K Q 4 3 v J 'Q 4 7' 3119? 'A i ,J ' ' " M fs 4 , f'5"'i if !,Z,. 19" fgb 5 at x ' '94 9 1: 322 ii, 'L 'ff' .ff A 9,97 LW? as 'XV ' ' ' Z' Wifi 'fi' f 1kf M' ' 4' ' M" V, 1' A : N3 .l,, ' f ,ff . my 2, K in I V I ' 47 Q ' K rm tx I . - M A v Aa - Ziggy 7.51 fb Af . 5 W 5 A '4 ' 7- we ' Qi - a. wax, Q,-x 6, - f U E, f A ' 1 '-. 1 a ' - " H L , ' ' . ff 5: ge 1: Q . ' I - A Q3 W ,, . , ight A7 0 v- N as u , I 4.1 - , .-. ' 4' lf ' ' L s 5 t .,, . Q A .w Bendom has its lads and losses Separated by their grade Into native clans or CLASSES Seniors lead the big parade. Waging strange and peaceful war Without despair or woe Against each other, till they join To face a common toe. S f- ., '. Q1 X92 , at , Q: . Q G 2 Q k x , , Q 5273, Ox ,Q Q- 1 3,- , i' R ,: , , . ., . .. ., .' I , I , V, 'N nl M.. 4- 4 4- r f 4' ' 4- if 4- , ,Q v , te!-KF , N Q o , NGS: .f , wk: - . 1--r. , P 1- w , J' 'F 'WTA ' Qflgj mwpmuwk Wage new i : . 451, , . ,A - A, if,-Jared. g . - . .,,k,,,,.,, ,,, - V, ,H A 5F??1gu3?.'s ' . f A 3 -: f if ff BEAMING BOB BROWN Wlnter Student Body President wuth unfaulmg cheer and drnvmg enthuslasm led the student body and the student councnl through a splen drd semester ALWAYS STRIVING to attaun hrs goals was Summer JOHN DAVIS school as a man who would not qurt a 'ob one lntellugence and athletlcs as well as rn leadershrp abnlntres Student Body President Known throughout the begun Jah n excelled Guldes Blaze New Tra11s to Acluevement Learning by dolng, the members of Leadershlp Class practice democracy In actlon The guides blazed the trall by Install mg the marquee, revlslng the Constrtutlon, and establlshmg the Advlsory Council All gained valuable experlence rn stu dent government and appreciation of democratic procedure as they piloted the Franklm student body through another successful year 'is ll X -on WINTER LEADERSHIP CLASS ll rl Row 'l John Davls Shlrley Olea Bruce Bauer Ken Furuya Eva Gastelum Bob Brown Stan Frnar Mnke Pymm Linda Savelle Lmda Sherwood Row 2 John Chuck Barbara Kurtz Judy Hedekln Glorla Campos Marulyn Krcmer Bull Althouse Sue Barrett Rnchard Solomon Cora Ssmmonds Mabel Woods Phyllls Hall Marne Garza Judy Moreno Row 3 Beverly Teltt Lourse House Nancey Mellen Rosamarue Thee Josephme Smrth Lunda Marr Darlene Reed Gerry Worley Scott Neely Carol Wulson Pat Reed Leroy Baca Dave Eccles Larry Cruzan Bull Magrll 22 A J l 1 ' A ' 5 I in I I I . . , , . , , . . ' 1. K m 41 -f5i,I,,s,3W1a ug. 'A fi , .L S e MU, 1 4 5' 7 V, 5 1 ' 4 fi . 1: - A -4 - i . s A A '-1 qu, . . A w W ll A 'Q Q 'f , 2'-4 A , . S - I 1 I A 1 'In 7? lb 5 lk S C2 , .,. 'Y 'w ' - E. " 5 A , 'QM' ,J f f . el , W' ' - ,, 1 X ' wr 'KL - 1' t ' X x .: 1, Q , ' lfll ' .,, , A 5 - J, B as - K , of -f-ff fr --. f 4- J . J V A s - Z I r J J I I I I A 4 , - I V 1 IN ALTRUISTIC PURSUIT of higher goals were WINTER STUDENT BODY OFFICERS. Row l: ll-rl Vice-President Key Furuya, President Bob Brown, Athletic Manager Stan Friar. Row 2: Club Com' rnissioner Bruce Bauer, Financial Manager Linda Sherwood, Secretary Eva Gastelum, Press Editor Linda Savelle, and Cheer Leader Mike Pymm. POSITIVE PLANNING was the keynote of SUM- MER STUDENT BODY CABINET Row T: ll-rl Vice-President Linda Sherwood, Cheer Leader Shirley O'Lea, Club Commissioner Joy Lewollen, Secretary Nancey Mellen, Row 2: Financial Man- ager Norman Owen, President John Davis, Ath- letic Manager Richard Rea, Press Editor Dan Smith. 'Z ti -iff ff SUMMER LEADERSHIP CLASS Row T, ll-il: Dan Smith, Joy Lewallen, Shir ey Ol o Nancey Mellen John Davis Linda herwood Norman G Owen linda Brayton Patricia Brozovich Row 2: Mr. Willie Worden, Charlotte Keith, Lynne Koukol Phyllis Hall Pat Stevens Jerry Hartzke Peggy Gray Gloria Campos Chri Balls Cora Simmonds Karen Knudson, Julie Unfug, Neal Myers, Xenia Nagy w 3 Chris Tognetti Ben Warren Herb Noll John Zamzow Larry Cruzuan Gary Kassel George Morris John Chuck, Paul Buzanski, George Huerta, Mike Finkenbinder Bob Bean Joe Navarro FALL SHU l gm 9 LEADERS both in their class and in school, these sixteen CELESTRIALS exhibited outstanding ability as members of Leadership class. QL-Rl Mike Pymm, Bill Althouse, Judy Hedekin, Dave Eccles, Lindo Savelle, Bob Brown, Bruce Bauer, Ken Furuya, Stan Friar, Leroy Baca, Scott Neeley, Louise House, Richard Solomon, Darlene Reed, Gerri Worley, Pot Reed. THE CELESTRIAL CLASS OF WINTER T960 presented them- selves to Franklin High as one of the greatest classes ever. From the moment they bounded gaily onto the stage in their "Chinese Red and Pearl Gray" to their final presen- tation in the more somber grey of graduation, the Celes- trials stamped their indelible mark of the moment and promise for the future. CELESTRlAlLS wnsiieie 1960 LEROY DAVID BACA SUE BARRETT PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT Varsity Letterman Track Senior B. Treasurer Knights Hook and Cur e President Athledelphians Press Business Manager ENTHUSIASM AND HARD WORK paid off Us the senior T Aye Cabinet led the CELESTRIALS through an eventful semester. Dress-up Day, the Prom, Vespers, and Gradu- ation were among the proiects undertaken by this group. -'Y STEERING THE CELESTRIALS through the hazards at the Senior Bee semester were these hard-working and efficient cabinet members. il-rt Vice President Jo Smith, Co-Editor Dove Eccles, Social Chairman Mary Distarce, Sponsor Mr, Phillip Nassief, Treas- urer Sue Barrett, Co-Editor Linda Savelle, Secretary Pat Reed, Historian Louise House. Cheering them on to greater effort were il-rt Marilyn Wickliffe, Donna Walls, Linda Marr, and Judy Hedekin, who surround President Bob Brown. 5 Yu. EPHEBIAN SOCIETY MEMBERS chosen for their scholarship, talents and leadership were Club Commissioner Bruce Bauer, Valedic- torian Pat Reed and Battalion Commander Bill Althouse. MARY DISTARCE JOSEPHINE SMITH SECRETARY Senior B Social Chairman Major of Co-Ed Staff Drill Team TREASURER B-ll Class President Thespian President, Honor Drill Team Co-Captain Senior B Yice President ,. .r'jP BRAINS BEAT BRAWN in a closely contested race as Athenian President Pat Reed was chosen Celestrial Valedictorian. Her 3.81 grade average barely edged that of saluta- torian Gary Brink. SYLVIA MARIE SYLCHAK HISTORIAN MIDA BARELA Girls' League Historian Girls' Council Chaplain SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Athenian Girls' League Historian Girls' League Representative Hook and Curve .ix ...W- CLASS SPONSOR Mr. Clarence Tor- stenbo bore the trials and tribula- tions of many months without ever losing his happy smile. His invalu- able guidance was a prime factor in making the senior year the suc- cess that it was. DAVID ECCLES CLASS PAPER EDITOR Football Announcer Knights "Youth Speaks" President Press Associate Editor 2 Write T7 I! . rf' ,W Y 5 J f-1 SWINGING INTO THE SPOTLIGHT are Rock-n-Rollers II-rl Leroy Baca, Richardo , A 1 Miniares, Stan Friar, and Floyd Jesse. Floyd's rendition of "Heartbreak Hotel" brought down the house at the Celestrials Sweater Day. WILLIAM E. ALTHOUSE NANCY ANDREWS R.O.T.C. Bottle Group Cdr. R.O.T.C. Co-Ed Staff Hi-Hotters President Girls' Council Athenians-Life Member Drill Team Ephebians Good Form JERRY ALLEN BODDYE LINDA BORISKO Varsity Letterman Track Athenians Prom Committee Red Cross Club Prom Committee PHIL CALENTINE OLLIE CASH Band Pres., 2 semesters Football one year Hi-Hatters RICHARD DIEDERICH GORMAN R. DYSTHE Spanish Club Hi-Hatlers Sports 26 I w JIMMIE CASSANO Movie Crew KATHY ELLEN EDLER Prom Committee Chairman Maids and Manners A Cappella Choir BRIAN DOUGLAS CHAMBERLIN Varsity Track J.V. Cross Country Letterman's Club REGINA LUCIA ENRIOUEZ JOSEPHINE CHERMAK G.A.A. Historian Hook and Curve Spanish Club Girls' Glee GAIL T. ERICSON Gymnastics Letterman B Football Letterman Sweater Day LINDA CHEW Girls' League Rep. Red Cross Rep. CARL ROBERT FELDMETH Knights Athenions Sweater Day Swim Team LINDA RUTH ARENDELL WALLY ATCHISON LYLA AYLENE BAKER BRUCE L. BAUER JEANETTE ELAINE BAYER BARBARA BEENKEN Red Cross Proiect Chmn. Band Ephebian Red Cross Press Staff PYOWI C0mmlll9e TFOCIK Student Body Club Comm'r. Prom Committee Chairman Red Cross Basketball Hi-Hatters' President G.A.A. Spanish Club Boys' League Representative Athenians T.O.T. G.A.A. MIKE BRASCIA DAN BRAYTON GARY BRINK BOB BROWN ARTHUR D. CABALLERO LINDA IRENE CABRERA Drama 'l,2,3 Band Knights Student Body President Knights G.A.A. Thespians Orchestra Press Staff Senior B Class President Athenians Usherettes Prom Committee Dixieland Combo lite Member of C.S.F. Yell-leader Orchestra 6 semesters Almanac Staff Baseball and Cross Country Knights Cleft Dwellers FRED DAHN JOE D'AMICO HifHatters Thespian Treasurer Varsity Swimming Letterman B Football Letterman Varsity Football Letterman ALLEN A, FIFE STANLEY ALLAN FRIAR Varsity Cross Country Athletic Manager Letterman B Track, Football Letterman Track Knights Varsity Letterman's Club Athenians TN GORDON B. DECKER R.O.T.C Sound Crew Rifle Team KEN FURUYA Student Body Vice President Knights Vice Pres., Sec. A-I0 and A-I I Class Pres, Tennis, Basketball Letterman PERMEATING SPIRIT THROUGHOUT the Celestrnal class are these hard worktng and vivacnous Senuo Aye cheer leaders tl rt Marlyn Wicklnffe Donna Walls Judy Hedelun Lunda Marr Loulse House light the spark of enthusiasm in the class 27 is HESCAPED CONVICTS" or HBATHING BEAUTIES"??? Yodelers ll-rl John Nordquist, Leroy Boca, Scott Neel- ey, Gail Ericson, Stan Friar, and Richard Solomon formed a colorful part of "They Said It Couldn't Be Done," the Celestrial Dress-Up Day. LINDA KELLER JUDY MARIE KING LARRY L. KOETT VIRGINIA LEPRE DENNIS LINDE A. WAYNE LUKE Choir Dress-Up Day Committee Basketball Girls' Glee Club A and B Football Rifle Team R.O.T.C Girls' Glee Club Prom Committee Key Club Drill Team R.O.T.C Dress-Up-Day Chairman Choir Sound Crew Maids and Manners Spanish Club R.O.T.C. REVIEWING THE WINNERS of Dress- "ONE, TWO, AND THREE." "DaffydiIl" Suville leads ll-rl Up Day are Class President Leroy Donna Walls, Marilyn Wickliffe, ond Lindo Marr in the Baca and Sponsor Mr. Clarence Tor- 'tChipmunk Song." stenbo, as the 'iSalvation Army Band" parades in the background. HUNTING FOR BUTTERFLIES in the bushes are Celestrials ll-rl Melissa Wright, Judy Hedekin, and Beth Hill. Although they found few butterflies they did add to the wqckiness of Dress-Up Day. py- +47 JUDY HINMAN is crowned "Queen of the Celestrial Ball" by President Leroy Boca. The radiant monarch is surrounded by the escorts of her princesses. EDWARD MANN LINDA MARR JOHN MATTEWS RONALD M:DERMOTT JAMES I. MILLER FLORENCE M. MILLER CYO33 Country Choir Assistant Director Basketball Basketball "C" and "V Tennis Senior A and B Cheerleader Gymnastics Tennis Varsity Basketball Lil Civic Committee Key Club Hi-Hatters Good Form Vice-President Chess Club I XXX DENNIS PRESTEL Varsity Track Varsity Football Letterman Ephebian Candidate WILLIAM SANCHEZ Print Crew R.O.T.C. CHARLES SMITH Junior Red Cross Clu Prom Committee Almanac Staff 32 b MIKE PYMM Student Body Yell Leader Prom Committee Chairman Hi-Hatters Officer Class Paper GARY L. SAULS Co-maker of Class Plaque Swimming Team RICHARD SOLOMON Knights President Clean Campus Committee Press Staff Homecoming Chairman STELLA RAMOS Prom Committee Dress-Up Committee LINDA ANNETTE SAVELLE Press Editor KARL PAUL STAUDHAMMER Athenian Gymnastics Track Science Club DARLENE MARY REED PATRICIA ANN REED Student Body Cheerleader Bennette President Prom Princess Thespian DENNIS LEE SCHNEIDER Cross Country Choir Y.F.C. Cabinet Member Hi-Hatters STEPHEN ROBERT STRESSER Knights Sweater Day Committee CARLOS SALINAS Valedictorian R.O.T.C. Ephebian Sound Crew Athenian President Drill Team KATHLEEN SCHUMACHER CARLENE SMITH Sweater Day Committee Hook and Curve Usherettes Historian Sweater Day Committee Sweater Committee CAMERA SHY: Lilla Anthony Sutton Dent, Mary Ann Dowle, Katherine Sue Kendall, .lack Wesley London, Norman Walter Robinson, David Lynn Somers, Walter van der Zyl, Jr., Emery Winebrenner, Joseph Ronald Zuzow. MILITARY GRADUATES Alan Dean Brady, David Irving Fenton, Clar- ence Mill Johnson, Kenneth Francis Sheppard, CLASS SONG We're the Celestrials happy and gay, Dressed in Chinese Red and also Pearl Gray We're proud of our colors, proud of our name We're the Celestrials headed for fame. We've got spirit and we show if We're the great Celestrials! And we want the world to know it Friendship and spirit never will die We're the Celestrials of Franklin High. iw' 7 PT fn "i 't Q Q mb J R Q 3: R 2' ir. 'Q 2 1+ 9 iff' ni 3.51 1 I JE V we BQ , x I 1 A-1. X 'Fm ' New I 9 , 23' fi? Q . X L: M I QR ik QA' A 2,1 3:5 6 , M if 5, Q , :N .5 if ei A gk gl 'F I , 1.5 Ag V H, iv-5, rrggfffew tn' 4 if , f .ff Q 1- A z v, gifs,-' , 3 2 1. g'. g -wwe' 'fi' ' ' Q 6 TJ 1 ' ! 'N I xv, , y' -. 1 ,I in ' ws: Nl, . ,ff h bv 'L 'Q .,. fl' X 5, Vs I x x ' f 'A .-f 1 1gff,.egQbg,5,53VWlf. ..,,f gg 5 A Q ,H Q2 -ff F5515 G f , J 1, Q, c, . ' X ' Q ' C' . U in I KA' ' H W WWE' ' , ' 'L, 'hw 1 1 I kk .turf 4 ,,,,,.VW,, 2 4' I Mink W I af: 1 X, j . 1 R I' y pu.. Q , . v -f f -f ,, X T U! f.,,V,. .1 ke, :J -f ! vf 4 A Q mm H f, ,, RF Q , Q 1 JA Q1 rx LI Q l ia-auf-hi -. f .mr r , I Qu E .:, V O 5 ,J 5 : - -f ,MM 4,,,, A .' gli L:.R,fi.4,s -1 Q ' s K-5 .gh A. as S , , - - Y Z,. Q A . x- QQ -W X ' 'uw AI s, W' Fw" '79 wr 4 M ' W' 3 'In' 1 A fb fm J f , 1 2 , , wr, 'Mix P I: ' ' ' -fl 5' 'J Sai, an .,1' ' H I I I ann" '1 ., .g-. w s - y , ' L f-5 , f ,IF V W , A Q3 ' v , I , Us M Q 2 5' ,t , It takes a lot of living, thinking, studying, dreaming, hoping to evolve both knowledge and fun from three years of high school. The Etruscan Class of summer sixty worked to their utmost to fulfill their most ulti- mate dreams. The first broken tradition of these "Italian warrions" was presenting their cardigan sweaters of beige and brown in a drastically differ- ent Sweater Day program. Two of the most outstand- ing factors contributing to the success of their Sweater Day were the dominating exhuberant spirit and indi- vidual originality. The highlight of every Senior's year was the long awaited prom captured in "Orien- tal Fantasy," the most fantastic extravaganza Frank- lin has experienced. One day soon a hush will fall, Etrauscans one and all will leave this mighty school and disappear. But Franklin will long remember the hard working and outstanding ETRUSCANS! ETRUSCANS SUMMER 1960 H+-4 i M-Q I fS 4 .1 VALEDICTORIAN CHARLES THACKER came to the top of the class through 540 days of school with a 3.96 grade average. - 5 f-if v K, ti I ff ev , W 431713 T? , Az s. THESE SEVEN SCHOLARS ranked highest in their class and hold the distinctive honor of being named "Ephebians." Front left to right: George Huerta, Shirley O'Lea, Pat Stevens, Linda Sherwood. Back row: Charles Thacker, Norman Owen, John Davis. Warriors Wage a Mighty Quest '-5 Q. 1""'9 1 James Anderson Gymnastics Varsity Letterman Club Margie Alvarado Etiquette Girls' Glee Sweater Day Committee Prom Committee Merdell Banwart Judy Barmore Etiquette GAA Girls' league Rep, Maids and Manners Girls' Glee Club Treasurer Usherettes Prom Committee , ol-. if vvs -43 'nf vs' 7'-' Robert Arkin Shirley Ausenick Janene Bailey Lydia Baiseria Maids and Manners Hook and Curve Etiquette Usherettes Bennettes Board of Standards GAA Prom Committee GAA Athenians Sweater Day Committee Good Form Richard Barraza Paul Beard Richard Beilke Louis Bellow Swimming Team B Track Varsity Baseball B Football Basketball Key Club R.O.T.C. 'il - ,i --L., t x- ,M7 ni, I" X a 'X ?',5.,,, rx 'mms syt, ir E Q, Y' , QS" QW Madeline Benn Renee Bibb larry Boisclaire Gymnastics Scorekeeper Usherettes Secretary B and C Track Usherettes Good Form Athenians K , Etiquette GAA Basketball Press Staff Athenian Emergency Radio CONGRATULATIONS were in order for the enthusiastic Etrus- OPEVCWOY :an class on their Sweater Day, Kenny Watson points with , pride as Kathy Mulligan, Sharon Honea and Monte Grant Susan Bums . , Paul euzanslu , Roberla Ccdmon flush ,heir Upprovoy Good Form -Historian, Boys -League Vice Social Chairman President Band ROTC Buttle Group Co. All-City Orchestra Hi Hatters Treasurer, Secretary , -J Pete Carusone Gary Cavaness Pattie Cavin John Chuck Semin Ciqone Margaret Clark Boys' League Rep. Knights President Pran Committee Football Stage Manager Track Varsity Letterman Club Varsity F00tbC1.l Fred Dahl Carole Daigneault Madeline Danburn JoAnn Danskin John Davis David Degenkolb Drill Team Treasurer Student Body President Press Staff Good Form Ephebian--CSF Life Orchestra GAA Member Hi-Hatters 36 Girls' League Rep, Boys' League President Latin-French Club Varsity Track Letterman fi K' t Y- -1 Lynne Dunn Ray Dunnica Dennis Eakin Chess Club Athenians Carole Ferro Mike Finkenbinder Alicia Flores Etiquette Lil' Civic Committee Key Club President Varsity Letterman Club Thespions Athemons Leadership 'l"' t-A Barbara Elbrader Maids and Manners Socialites GAA Sterling Foreman Athledelphians B Track Varsity Tennis Football Bertha Garibay SOS President Health Commission All City Orchestra Choir Sharon Forneris Health Commission Prom Committee Senior A Cheerleader WIDE EYED AND EAGER ETRUSCANS enioy their Festive Ban- MHA' quet after their Magnificent Sweater Day program. Louis Garcia Maria Garcia Bertha Coribay Latin-French Club GAA Historian- Band Cheerleader Etiquette Prom Committee Bruce Glasscock Don Glasshot Judy Gonzales Etiquette Secretary Usherettes Sweater Day Committet ff' Kurt Hardy Varsity Football Sharon Honea Board of Standards President Girls' Council Vice Pres. Girls' League Cheerleader Prom Committee Lucinda Johnson Senior A Cheerleader Mary Jo Kervin Senior A Cheerleader Drill Team Bennettes Treasurer Rally Committee Jerry Lee Hartzke Almanac Editor Senior B Cheerleader Prom Committee Bennettes Vice Pres. Stan Houck ff 'ge' !-O I Sharon Lee Johnson Girls' Glee Club Prom Committee Gordon King Arlene Hatcher Drill Team Senior A Cheerleader Prom Committee Etiquette Danny Howard Olympic Torch Relay All City Track All-City Cross Country Press Staff Fredrick Jones Key Club Science Club Prom Committee Erika Klinsporn Choir Girls' Glee Club Charlene Hatcher Patrick L, Henn John A. Heredia Jr. Red Cross Pres. Boys' League Rep. Chess Club Vice Pres. ROTC Color Guard Varsity Track Key Club Howard Huang Richard Hubinger George Huerta Youth Speaks Football Senior A Class President ROTC Military Police Basketball Ephebian ROTC Color Guard Tennis Knights Press Staff Cross Country Letterman 1 With those flashing brown eyes and a radiant smile that comes with a charming personality, GLORIA CAMPO5 has captured the hearts of all. During her stay at Franklin, this lovely Miss has eagerly participated as a member or officer of several clubs, added life and spirit as cheerl leader ofthe Senior Aye Class, and was chosen as Captain of the f?.O.T.C. Coed Staff. Before leaving for her home in Brazil "George" would like to thank all of the people who made it possible for her stay at Franklin, We can be equally thankful for having such a wonderful person cn our carrpus for a year! 'x RARE, Q, 1 ,, W E4 XM! I' Q., H.. ll! Lyr PM x 24" f-...,- V995 fr' Shrader Bob Slade Gilbert Silva Rita Silva C ess Club Football Varsity and B A ledelphtans Key Club C 'Dir Prom Committee Athledelphians -16 "HOW TO SERVE YOUR FELLOW MAN," the Cannibal Cookbook, must have been written after seeing these Senior Ayes on Dress-Up Day Surrounding waitress Shir' ley Ol.ea are Baked Etruscans Ruth Frevik, Alena Kazda, Joy Lcwalten, Betty Brehm, Wanda Hole. HORROR SUCH HAS BEEN SEEN "Never Before and Never Again" was exhibited at Dress-Up Day. To add shivers and shudders are: ll-rl John Heredia, Monte Grant, Frankenstein, f Cora Simmonds Etiquette Vice Pres., President Clean Campus Committee Drill Team Youth Speaks Larry Simpson "Yi ' I 6 Andrea Slotwinski Drill Team Prom Committee GAA Dennis Smith Varsity Swimming Usherettes David Squire Pat Stevens Basketball Ephebian R.O.T.C. lil Civic Committee A Capella Choir Varsity Swimming Senior B 8 A Social Chairman Press Features and News Bureau Editor vy- x I l' a N7 iN 'Z-'V -its Dan Smith Press Editor in Chief Athenians Co-Editor Senior B Paper Hi-Hatters Secretary Glen Stone Track Cross-Country Robert Smurlo Robert Solano Dave Spangenberger Key Club R.O.T.C. T.O.T. Drama Tennis Lee Stoudt Marsha Sullivan Margie Sutphen Boys' League Rep. Red Cross Rep. Girls' Council Historian Science Club Girls' League Rep. Mary Caswell Scholarship Athenian Press Staff Danny Sutton Jim Talley Varsity Basketball Football Boys' Week Track Varsity Letterman Club Athenians Prom Committee Art Tarro Betty Taylor rr 1 'fm 'R Q1 e I f WHO SAYS MAN is the leader? These cavewomen demonstrate how it should be done. From left to right: Carol Granados, Delores Peters, Judy Gonzales. 47 Beverlee Tefft Senior A Secretary Maids 8. Manners Pres. GAA Cheerleader Socialites Vice Pres. Barbara Von Tassel Athenions Choir Clef Dwellers Prom Committee Stanley Tenerelli Connie Testerman GAA Usherettes Press William Villegas Judith Ann Von Neida Band Drill Team Gymnastics Bennettes Secretary Sweater Day Committee Prom Princess Christopher Tognetti Lani Tomlison Hi-Hatters Vice Pres. Stage Crew Safety Council Prom Committee Charles Thacker Valedictorian Ephebian CSF Life Member Bank of America Winner Carol Wade Benjamin Warren Ken Watson Chair Varsity Track, Key Club Social Chmn GAA Sec., Sports Chm. Cross Country Football, Baseball FHA Pres. Knights Letterman Athledelphians Pres. Prom Committee A-10 Secretary 'wily Robert Young Winifred Young Judy Ann Zavala Arthur Zepeda Mara Ziemelis John Cook Choir Health Comimssion Girls' Glee Club Press Staff Girls' Glee Club Varsity Football Troubadors Vice President GAA . B-IO Class Pres, Prom Committee Prom Committee Prom Committee Spanish Club Girls' League Rep. CAMERA SHY Robert Albert Bean Margaret Katherine Clark Carole Shirley Diagneault Kenneth Eversfield Rodger Foy Fernandez Ronald William Gardiner Guy Alvin Gifford Lance Gross Hoislip Darlene Louise Healy Robert Paul Hayes Nancy Lee lsenhour Susan Jane Jacobson Bruce Johnson Maryann Victoria LoBianco 48 Michael John Logan Victor David Lupica Richard Charles McAdams Richard Lawrence McCauley James Anthony McMahon Roland Leon Magee, Jr. Gay Sue Peters Stirling Alan Peterson Joseph Anthony Regalado Frank Allen Swingford John Ellis Vickrey Bernard John Volpe John Joseph Wiegel, Jr, Robert Gene Wilson Etruscans, Etruscans, We're bra In beige a Etruscans, Etruscans, CLASS SONG Etruscans the class of summer sixty now has come Etruscans, our name means victory and work well done. ve and strong, will lead the throng, we'll make a name for thee nd brown, no where can be found, a class so great as we. Etruscans, our class is now the greatest of them all Etruscans, dear Franklin your memories we'll recall. 3 24 'Pi 'D' 5-0, 1 ff? I .J t7 Robert Toigo Senior A Paper Co-Editor Prom Committee Julia Unfug Senior B Cheerleader Co-Ed Staff Lt, Col. Drill Team Judy Unger Etiquette Russell Weck Varsity Baseball Varsity Basketball Varsity Letterman Club Athenians Cynthia Weichel Sally Francie White Girls' Glee Club Axial? . 1' Q . QUEEN SHIRLEY O'i.EA and lner beautiful court ai Princesses, .loy Peters, Nancy Mellon,, Gay Peters, Judy Von Neida, Jay Lewallen, Kathy Mulligan. A prom Franklin will lonq remember for its beauty and its originality MEMORIES COME AND CO but the Etruscans will alwgyg remember their sgnior prom ot "Oriental Fantasy. Bidding farewell as the musc fades Cach has the reassurance that the magic ol the moment will be captured lorexer l ,...v' Joe Upchurch Patrick Wilkenson Football ,.-, ,f Ermalinda Valencia Carol Ann Wilson Latin-French Pres., Sec. Usherettes Pres., Social Chairman Judy Van Buskirk Jean Wilson Q7 "EVER UPWARDSH was the cry of these Senior Bees as they prepared to enter their final year. The class of Winter '61 showed great enthusiasm as they f planned for a wonderfully new and dif- 1 ferent senior year. PLANNING THE ACTIVITIES for the summer Senior Bee class were these competent cabinet members. tl-rt Linda Mortenson, Historian, Dee Lazzaretto, Secretary, John Zamzow, President, Muriel McLean, Vice-president, Elaine Gardiner, Social Chairman, and Sandy Loescher, Treasurer. Diana Jensen and Marilyn Kramer served as c:-editors ot the class paper. On to Bigger and Better Things . . . Row I: D. Adams, S. Aldahl, P. Arnett, B. Berry, N. Bartok, W. Beck, R. Bennett, F. Bordieri, T. Brodowski. Row 2: H. Brown, T. Bryson, S. Burgess, J. Burr, R. Capezzi, B. Carson, T. Catherall, J. Ceniceros, V. Chinn. low 3: J. Choate, N. Cook, R. Cooper, N. Cruz, L. Dana, C. Delaney, C. Doty, L. Dufer, B. Ellingson. Row 4: J. Esteves, J. Eyrich, F. Fanucchi, L. Foote, S. Fox, B. Frost, C. Garcia, E. Gardner, T. Garland. Row 5: M. Goecks, S. Hanson, L. Harper, M. Hendrix, J, Herbaugh, A, Hernandez, M. Herald J. High, B. Hites. Row 6: R. Hubbs, B. Jacoby, M. Jenkins, D. Jensen, V. Jones, 1 P. Johnson, V. Jones, G. Jullien, M. Kerr. Row l: 8, Kielhly, P. Kowalski, M. Kramer, K. Krekorian, P. Lane, D. Lazzarella, R. Lee, M. Lepa, J. Lewis, Row 2: R, Livings. S, Loescl'1er,G. Leuschow. M. Luciano, S. Manzer, C. Marsee, R. McClellan, W. McGurdy, T. McHenry Row 3: M. Mclean. D. Mengel, E. Mitchell, J. Moore, J. Morgan, N. Myers, J, Nese, D. Nielson, J. Olson. Row 4: G, Ong. J. Pauley, R. Payan, V, Pell, B, Pollard, Y. Raab, E. Reeves, S. Renfroe, R. Rich. Row 5: T. Richler, K. Rider, F. Riggio. J. Rives, C. Roberts, B. Rosan, R. Sanchez, R. Sanchez, B. Schoulen. Row 6: W. Schroeder, N. Shaver, J. Shiffer, A. Slane, T, Sparkman, D. Stark, L. Stalen, W. Sleffes, P. Slevens. Row 7: M. Sluarl, R. Suazo, 5. Swain, I, Tafoya, C. Tollen, J, Weiss, J. Weiss, L. Wesl, J. Whilacre. Row 8: J. Youngberg, P. Yurgalevicz, J. Zamzaw L. Zuegin, M. Zirnelis. CAMERA SHY: vi es S Baldwin V Criscuone, J. Fahrmeier, B, Frisbe sserand S Guida B Hay s A. Jonke, R. Jullien, A Kam l orlenson R Padilla D Pufer, B. Reid, M. Riley, D. Rodriguez anchez D muh encer, M. Stalker, R. Slorks, U rv POTENTIAL PLUS was the keynote of these spir- ited A-ll's. Rarely had any class shown such talent and potential leadership as did this class of Summer '6l. DYNAMIC OFFICERS of the A-Tis were these cabinet members tl-rj Tice President Marge Miller, Treasurer John Squires, and President Charlotte Keith. Secretary Sue Vaughn missed this picture. heading for the top 9. f-.i Km .Wi . .fi A I ,.al5" o 1 ',1' f i H .5 gl. ' ' 1 js it Q 'C' of the heap P 1 tri, fig. 1 ft 'J re 5 6- ,eV!Wf y: rf' ' 1 ' ' awww iz' '. - . C .fs ll! ,I uf Row 'l: R. Aleshire, A. Amescua, R. Arroila, J. Averno, J. Bailey, R. Bain, B. Baker, G. Balla, K. Bankuthy. Row 2: B. Barber, D. Barnard, E. Barron, P. Batho, R. Bauer, N. Baye, D. Beverage, B. Bidgood, J. Bivins. Row 3: B. Black, C. Bolls, M. Bossinas, D. Broth, D. Brouer, D. Braunton, L. Brayton, S. Brink, N, Brower. Row 4: V. Bruno, M. Burgess, J. Burns, N. Calabrese, V. Camargo J. Capen, R, Carabetta, G. Chamberlain, H. Chao. Row 5: R. Chemnitzer, R. Chew, B. Cimarusti, V, Cisneros, E. Clibborn, R. Coffey, B. Collins, T. Colson, C. Cooper. Row 6: P. Pope, J. Corig, J. Cowell, C. Cross, E. Cuellar, T, D'Amore, G. Cavid, J. Davis, D. DeFazio. Row 7: R. DeLaura, B. Denison, B. Dent, B. Diano, L. Diez, J. Ditter, R. Dituri, C. Dixon, B. Doiron !. r 6 Q- if N Tr f-1 6' s x E eu , l W fl. .lf 3 J' N -. -x 'l' gills, S, . 1, -1 l gl ,- Nl' vp.. sz l if if in X. 2' 3, e 4 . .xr 4... K . Q.. L ef L. ' 'E ,Y Q. N 2 C- Q' 1: 1' ' 'A A . A 4. , SI , :F vv v l l l If 1 'W95 6 sa f 'L Row 1: D. Douke, F. Dowle, G. Downs, W. Duff, G. Dumbar, D. Dunnico, M. Dupuy, P. Duvall, H, Echele. Raw 2: R. Erickson, R. Erwin, M. Evans, P. Farnsworth, J. Ferdinand, A. Fernandez, F. Ferrari, B. Fixel, J. Flores. Row 3: M, Fontan, L. Foos, B. Ford, D. Frevik, J. Froehlick, G. Gabaldon, S. Gagliano, J. Garcia, R. Garcia. Row 4: R. Garner, A. Garza, A. Girard, C. Gliona, J. Goders, J. Gosden, O. Gottardi, L. Gramont, B. Graychik. Row 5: N. Gross, P. Gross, D. Grove, M. Guadalupe, R. Guarino, A, Guerrero, M. Hall, G. Hamman, J. Handcock. Row 6: D. Hardy, G. Harris, L. Hart, D. Hasenfratz, C. Healy, R. Hernandez, J. Hidalgo, D. Hoffman, S. Holmes. Row 7: R. Hornback, W. Howie, R. Hubbard, S. Huntsman, R. Jara, D. Jessup, R. Jioras, R. Johnson, W. Johnson. Row 8: G. Kane, B. Kartz, C. Keith, J. Kelley, S. Kennedy, M. Kepp, T. Kilian, B. Kilman, M. Klein. Row 9: H. Kohatsu, J. Kominsky, S. Krantz, S. Kreuger, J. Laase, P. Lamb, T, LaVogue, R. Leonard, H, Lerma. Row 10: A. Lessiak, R. Leyva, S. Lindquist, D. Littlefield, B. Lofthouse, E. Lopez, E. Lopez, L. Lund, E. McAdams. Row 11: L. McCarty, M, McKane, W. McKibbin, E, Madron, E. Mamath, D. Markham, L. Marsh, J. Marshall, J. Martinez. 4. Il Y R' 4, 1 6 t' N Y ' . v . s K 0 ' . ,ui 1 . ., .h I 1. L X r V :J .- ,S , ii gf- X x , k lm X -5 xi I " .z-3i"'lli fx' k fr, - ,L f , .. Q, bf. , ,Vp--.,. . g A mlb' ' 1 .4 1 L if l 5. . 4 , 4. 1 C , fi f' , I ' Q 4, .W 3 , X-, ,f X, . . X x 'A 'I X 3. ' 4' I J mi M ,. .f X jj?:5.e5.S nie. X V li -Q . r vc- ' r I' A H I Q tv XX xp H X Z. A ,J f W I . E. H. ffl ff ,M ,,.. W -.. A' f"Mf,' 'z' ,, E A . , 'G' si' l o. T.. L , 53 . z 4 xv I' IN: nf" , N 'W'TZ ur Q- M Rowl L Marhnez R Maynard B Mayo R Mazzoth J Megna Melua D Melvn K Merrutl J Muchnhnmer Muller ner R w 2 Muller W Muller Y Muller K Miyake G Monlanlno D Moody J Moore C Morales M Morehead L Moreno M Morrlll Row 3 R Morrun R Myers E Navarro S Nelk B Nelson L Nelson V Ne son Nemec T Nicholson V Nielson J Nvemann m w 4 B Ochoa S OConnell R Olmo G Orhz J Oss C Parker J Par D Pascal B Pollerson C Palterson P Pallerson Row5 B Perez G Perez K Perre S Peylon F Plckell P Plcone L Pmlarell N Pomerenk V Posadas E Poller W Powell Row6 J Freddy C Pr L arte V Rangel J Redgrave C Reuler A Reyes D Reyes J Reyes G Rios D Robblns Qffmfr in K ill i ww may X vp? -eff' f l I2 .. ' -ug' s K?" 1 iw ul ,cf 1 suv" X X Row 7 S Romero M Rushle J Rylych W Saffell P Salazar N Salcudo J Sanluago R Schuedegger M Schnber R Schock, A Schuler M Schumacher L Sellelta P Serva T Shearer R Shruver J Sulveslro A Smnh J Smnth M Smnlh O Srmth O Smulh Row 9 S Smllh E Soule M Spradley,J Squlre M Srack A Slanley L Steel K Slepro M Stinson, S Sloll Row 8 J Solo U , - U , E "iff F T ' Ls L - ' . - if Aw " p r C. 1 ' - 1' e :" Ji- '31 . , A s ' - g s L- ' Mg-1 6 Je- . ', '. 1 A X . if X I g ,Y .1 f N vi. . vw Y -P v V E g 7 Q Q it lg- S352 V5 . il I' -3. - 1. ' ' - ' . ' .. 'L f Q i S3 2' .L - f , s- . 4. ' V- y . X te- x - . Sak 1- le f XI I Q' : X - ' ' - 7 TTT? Y A L 'Www' lf: . f Y Q-his Q 5 l mf x D . f r 4, 1 ax.. ff -ff 524.-be -V CAMERA SHY: J. Anderson, E. Beck, I. Cessna, C. Desiardino, D. Dripps, D. Ennis, L. Erickson, D. Fomenko, L. Haworth, B. Huff, D. Lewis, S. Linsel, D. Martin, M. Mastro, C. Maurano, P. Mitte, T. Morrison, M. Munt, D. Nakaishi, L. Patterson, K. Peterson, D. Rasmussen, G. Rensing, S, Sandoval, D. Spires, T. Turner, R. Wollam, J. Woodard, R. Ybarra. waiting their chance SMALL, BUT SPIRITED were the B-ll's as they waited their chance to emerge as leaders. They already have exhibited talent and enthusiasm in their first three semesters at Franklin. LOWER CLASS LEADERS were these B-ll officers, ll-rl Dora Dee Stansauk, President Clay Cox, Lora Lee Stansauk. - . L 5' x Y ,. W. Q' t .5 -if i , ext, , I : 'X 2 1 T Q , -..T Row l: B. Strasser, J. Strausburg, G. Sullins, A. Surace, G. Swanson, L. Talbott, ' D. Tate, R. Thee, L. Thompson, D. Twardak, D. Vaccari. Row 2: l.. Valdez, A. Van Dam, 1 M. Vasquez, M. Vasquez, R, Vaughn, S. Vaughn, D. Verna, B. Wakefield, T. Walker,J. X Walters, K. Warner. Row 3: S. Warner, M, Warren, B. Watkins, S. Watts, R. wg N Westling, L. White, W. White, R. Wickham, G. Wisegarver, K. Wood, V. Zager. Row 4: 55 l' A M. Zimmerman, A. Zordan, C. Zufall, G. Zuzow. '?fwn'!fT 13- in t - 1 Q ' 5 I .L - Q- xg sw. .. t "nl , SX. l .I A Qs' It Row 'I: E. Akman, S. Aldahl, M. Alexander, G, Alvarado, R. Alvarado, H. Arangua, I. Askins, M. Astello, S. Baiseri, G. Ballen, D. Berdusco. Row 2: J. Bergman, D. Borner, E. Buckle, S. Burris, D. Butcher, S. Campos, S. Carey, D. Carney, S. Chiechi, S. Cindrich, B. Connett. Row 3: A. Cordy, A. Couvillon, C. Cox, R. Cox, S. Cunningham, S. Currie, H. Dearth, J. DeMetri, T. Dragoo, L. Drown, J. Duda. 55 5 bs fu L v - Row 'I: J. Elam, C. Ellison, D. Fernandez, P. Ferris, H. Fetrow, J. Fincher, A. Fischer. Row 2: D. Fisk, L. Flores, J. Frauenhoff, R, Gamboa, L. Gamillo, M. Gamillo, V. Garcia. Row 3: L. Gilbertson, J. Gladstone, E. Gomez, I. Gonzales, P. Grant, G. Grigsby, R. Hamilton. t 1 Nts E DOUBLE EXPOSURE? Dora Dee and Lorc Lee Stansouk give the photographer trouble, but provide entertainment for all at assem- blies and shows. Their duets, with or with- out guitar, were always enioyed. Z 'l ,.', 2 , . 'Zi" :Wi " Pow 4: M. Harwell, , N 4 . , . 'Q N. Hayes, A. Hernandez, t f ' " " Q F. Hernandez,G. Hernandez, tl- ' r" 3 - 5 'L R. House, L. Huesca, , , f 2 2 4 i D. Hurlburt, K. Huston. X xxi 6, fi-'Valli 13,5 it Y 'M X K .3 b,..VV .. . reg.. 4 .,,' Row 5: K. Hyland, K ' 5, , 4 B. Jacoby, D. Jones, 4 1 vivzv 'A 5 G. Kaiser, S. Karrasch, , S .' "'- Qi- D. Keen, B. Kennedy, ' f S. Kwan, M. Laborie. s sl. ' L li. ,, Row 6: B. Lapierre, f I- A 'L E. Lawrence, R. Lincoln, "AL A ' if T, Lindocrfer, Y. Littlefield, Q Ads.. L SL . '-f:f:z.qf ,4" QV ,,,., ,f f .ii fi ,E .- 4 .1 1 F. I 1 K N I .ei X s VJ., 5 A .. .... I 'lr A 44 I, . A i r " gy ds Ht j ,. M V ' l 1 V, 5 s L Q' K L . A 3 - . 4 - 'qv l ' me " 2 1 f f: 1 I I-v . 'l 4 t 1 5-.X Q V V: if gr nf-V X f I . ,wfw -.21 fz . . 'T 644, 6' .six i I Yr il TQ H-. i Q.. A. 45 lgfvi I1 A i rx 5 , , R. Lombardi, D. Long, t., L. Lopez, J. Lupini. Row 7: C. Lycan, S. McClure, J. McWilliams, L. MacPhetridge, J. Manke, K. Marsh, S. Marsh, B. Martin, L. Meredith. Row 8: K. Mulsoff, L. Muniz, H. Newell, W, Nieber, M. O'Connell, M. O'Connor, W. Osborn, A. Polmier, J. Pasmore. Row 9: M. Penalver, S Petrie, D. Pitz, C. Prestel, R. Pruett, L. Ravize, R. Rayborn, N. Rea, P. Ream. Row IO: R. Reed, D. Rickcrs, L. Rios, J. Rowlan, D. Ruiz, H . . . Ruiz, R. Ruiz, F. Salinas, R. Sandoval X 3' 4,f. ' Row ll: J. Schlelchor, J. Secrl, S. Simon, ' J. Sklapsky, K. Smith, L. Sompell, D. Sporkmcn, P. Spease, A Squires. Lf 4' ii: 'J' ' if 1 ...yay ..,,,, . 4 -r nu "es aqua. nu--. . t K 5 in IT'-9 , Q 1 Row 1: D. Stansauk, L. Stansauk, T, Stevens, N. Suter, P. Taylor, J.Thieman, G, Thomas, . v. 7 x 1 . f:ggf5..:.- ' '- v 'A f' I P. Thomas, C. Thurman, D. Tracy. Row 2: C. Uribe, D. Van Vleck, D. Vela, S. Vignes, H. Wagenmakers, B. Wagner, L. Warren, L. Waugh, C. Weaver, J. Welsh. Row 3: D. White, G. White, I, White, G. Vlilcox, J, Winchester, J. Wolf, M, Woods, C. Wrinkel. CAMERA SHY: P. Anderson, A. Carrizosa, D. Daniels, M. Hawes, W, Heck, M. Keith, R. Knowlton, V. Kostrukoff, B. Lunsford, S. Martinez, R. Munoz, M. Ptiefter, W. Pooler, P. Stanley, B. Disparte. up and coming. .. "BIGGEST AND BEST" was the claim of the A-lO class after their first year at . Franklin. Over 400 students entered Bendom's halls and prepared to make a mark for themselves and their class. Class officers of the A-l0's were ll-rl Pat Neri, Gary Anslyn, and Pat Gay. This Cabinet began making the plans that would send their class to the top. gl' A . ,,,,,,. , :ggi . y 'Q 'A " 55 ff ' 1, A . . ' K , 6 B 1 " r .- ' -I . 5. " , f .A J Q . 23. e. gf if ' 1' t S f V Y 45 f A, .. . 34 l . .f , . f 6. s Q -I 3 se , 1 i .Qi Q A L 75: sh Q 5 x A .gl 4 A, K Q . Y cu 2 K . I , A t. X . I Q l-1 YQ E. 4 ,X tw lA 1. l il - M Vie? J," W' N wif, 45. HV... Q . A f' in . .. C. r. , "' I 6 t - e W is . 1 - C 1 1 :ff .. A 6 : .s as re , Y . . . . . . l q y W , l L: ilk. L A if Q I . ii :- 1 " im iv 4 J C . i S 6 1 ' " ' . 3 . 'Y 3 'M 2 5 A f n it . L- , T 1 . . Iii l W ' T TK, ., SK 5 3 ' it?" l 'fx ' rw 1 .' W - 'Ti A HW? ar ' ' l ful' ' ' M S- I -l , ' ' s l h Q Q :. :. 5 J' C 5 N x Q fc Y , ' , , ., , T . V, L f 'W ' .Q fifx. . K 1 ' N ,i n. 2 V R by ,ELL xxx f V , - - iv .7571 AF . V, . i V i . N B Q1-so ., - , ,X s .. I i ' ' 'if' ' A f .'. 4 g kr-V t. . 4 5 x X 4' L' . U y 1 X k xl! I is : l Ro S. S. G. M. S. Ro R. R. S. V. S. Ro R. S. L. C. P. Ro N. J. G. F. N. Ro N. D. S. A. E. Ro B. L. L. S. P. w l: M. Acosta, Adams, R. Adams, Aguirre, A. Allen Allen, S. Anderson, Andrade, G. Anslyn, Altamirano, M. Artman w 2: E, Baker, Baker, R. Balderrama, Ballard, M. Barrett, Bayley, M. Barzani, Bergdahl, P. Berrie, Bird, B. Bishop. w 3: M. Blok, Bonfighio, J. Bonnot, Boos, P. Booth, Booth, W. Boothe, Bradley, C. Bruchman, Buist, B. Bundick, w 4: B. Burall, Burgess, P. Caldwell, Camarena, B. Campos, Canales, M. Cantero, Capizzi, B. Carlisle, Carlisle, M. Carlson. w 5: V. Carrillo, Carson, G. Castaneda Chambers, J. Chao, Chao, N. Charbonneau Cicone, D. Clark, Clark, K. Clark. w 6: S. Cleveland, Coffey, J. Coker, Colgan, C. Conner, Cooley, O. Correll, Craig, J. Crawford, Curtis, F. Crus. w 53? ik. . 1 1 J gum 58 Row 14 B G Martmez, -1' I t LJ l 1 ml Row 10 J Kllewer Klasowskn B Kmbbs Knowles S Knowlton Kogelschatz F Krog LaClaur D Lamb Langello Row ll I LaRoc e Larson B Lauer LaVogue G Leal Leal M LePore Lerma B Lewollen Lvndelef Row 12 D Lin sey Lovell L Lowe Lucero R Lundgren McCormnck J McGraw Mcugh B Mclaln McLaughlln R 3 Mc5nlvers Modley Magull, D Mclourln D Mamas L Mogle Maldonado Markowitz J Marshall Martnn Matlnez L Martinez Matsura Mullord Muller Mash, D Muke, S Muller K M Muller Nh is H x IGF' 1 'f'WW r .fe M. uwiwf fx ev 'cv -ef vs' s Q-.---.P L 9 1 v gl an :- GN X 'li' 5 if H 45, -F3551 Rowl L Cyperl Dahl L Data Daubert J Delaney Delgadullo V DePenta Devlettu M Deskm D C ons J Dvc y 0 C Due Dusabella K Duxon Dodd O Domrnguez Domlnsku A Dragon Drake G Duggan E es G Ex me R J Elar C Elbrader N Eassman Ferandell B Findlay Fo G Fomenko J Forbes Fowler R Franklen Row 4 L Franzen T Freeman T Fuentes J Funkhouser B Gall M Gamboa J Garcla L Carcsa O Garlbay K Garrett A Gasco Row 5 J Gaspar Gay R Goecks Goecks B Grant G Green S Guthrie H e L Hall Hansen R Hardy Ro Harman Hart D Haun Haupt K Hayes Heath W Hem Heredua J Hermvdo Hernandez J Hess Row 7 C Hes er H man J Hull Hockman S Hoffman Home D Hubbard Hughes M Hubert Jacobs K James Row 8 D Ja n Jara R Jimenez Jloras M John Johnson L Johnson Johnson S Johnson Jones E Jonke Row 9 M Kaemerer Kane G Karlkos Keene D Keith Kendall G Kenner Kepnro G Kung Kurkbrlde R Klem -up-gr 4 un v. S 5 L Q X Q E I I 'QA .1 . ' A W ' 4 X N mm e ' , lp, 5 Q., X . l , ' 5 1' 5.7 , 4 -4 ,4 Z "tl ff K W . 44 : . , 4 X. 'QA ' J. , . ro, . ' ll I 4 2 A 'H 1 P. , . , an 4 " 4 6 , ---, 44 ' 0. G4 - V . K 4? Q . I 1 - M4 . .4 4 . 4 'X 'Qqfft 4 ' P. ik , . 'k ,AVA . ' R R W g. . - 4 1- J- V . L H s J 1. .. 'L R. . . ' . F' A ' 5, L6 'F' 4 I. . "- li' E. ' ', . . - 5, mm e. ' I f ' '- "' R. , . . E' X . ' 5 4 by tt H" J. Ccl , . ll . 1 ew. l lx . A ix . 'H Q, n b 1 ow 3: . do, 'fc y -44 4 A 4 Q 4 . , . - " -4: J l L . 'N 4r L. . , . ' . Q, ,,, '- - . x 1 N -' V. Q B. Fisk, 1. nas, . 3 - x' 1 3'-3 . . , . . A fel ...L S . EM f 4 4 6 44 4 W4 44 - ' A A 1. . A ff' bij ' J 1 . , it . i ce . Q ' J . f A . 'J 1 to ' R 1 ' ' . - , . , M 5 . ' 5 .- . N 1. - , - - fs X . , ' 1 54 - ' J ' v f P ' . V N Ni cf ' . r R' ' ' ' Ji A "8 5, 7 ' f . lx ' Q R gf I I I 'V .4 X, X J ,. , 4 , J . I , . , 1 4 JA lvl 4' -l ' 4 4 V A t 4 E. C , . f L si . W 6. P. , f I V55 , K A S4 .4 4 D. , . , L 44 j 6 5. y G4 li- L. , . 4 , 4 ,4 . . 4 'J 5 4 'X -.. . ,4 . , 4 ...1 l X ' ' ' ' 44 E s 2 4 Q : 4 S I so Q ' , M. ack , . ' , - H' S. . S 4 .' Y -fig 1 4 , , I Q J . 4 1 1 f . 1 f X ' ' .. l.. , . . 4.11. l fix 'lt K4 QA. : . n , N. , . ' , -. wk K' 1 ,.., D- ' f - ' x S F ' 'bl , E' J K. , . , ' 1 'rf S. , . , 'FA ' ' K. , . . ' -'-'-' free- - 44 .,.. 44 .. . netsw. A ,4 ...4.,,...4. : 4 4 955334 'N ' 1' 3' A- , - ' f ,f 4 .. 4 .. .4 A n . .M 4 5 . 3 3 T .5 -4 4 '4 ,. .,r -. K Q ' xl , . . 's . Q W .Y .' - 4 , - 4 , 44 -f X 1 4 Y I . . X. as . U X . R, 4 4, , y I .. rs ' fe ' 1 v 'A ' P .. 1" , 4, N. .st . W -.., 4 " 1--1.1, 4 " V+ we . i- A. ', . ' , . Xia A' Q ,4 V - V I ti 34 .' g 1 K. , . , lg ll J ,- ' V lt 3 . it--: f in I 5' . R, , , , ' . 4.57 K .- A f Q ' " f ' f ' 4 . 4 gl l B. ' , . . J ' M ,Q QA.. X. A ., A I 1 E' ' -. .... . J if N It . . J. :Z . . 44 .,,4 'f 41. '4., if , ., ' . ' 4 J- f - I ' s A 4 J D. , . , 3' V i N 4 ' "I 'g . Q, 6 . J. , . , 4 . 1 . , I l 5 ' 4, P. 4 , . , 4 1 4 1 4 . , X 4 . S. . I X ' 4 X N A t M. , . , , 4 5 G . 4 D- l 'P .. -. .2 Jw . A. , . l , af. it ,w m ,44 4 4 X tu ' J. ' . ln 2 J W. g .Z F , " X .. 'J at ' ow l : C. ' , an 5 M ff K' I t' .4 ix G. , . ' , 4-' 4 Y 2 , 3 c f N L' . - . l , . , 1 3144 ' J ,L ' Row 'lz R. Miller, P. Mackabee, N. Montania R. Moore, R, Mora, J. Moreno, G. Morris T. Morris, G. Mowen, M. Mowry. Row 2: M. Mulino, R. Muniz, B. Muniz, R. Munoz, M. Myers, X. Nagy, C. Nelson. D. Nelson, W, Nelson, P. Neri. Row 3: B. Newton, V. Newton, J, Norris, K. O'Ncal, J. Ortega, R. Ortega, J. Packer, J. P0lermO, S. Palmer, J. Passmore. Row 4: J. Pinne, J. Plescia, 8. Plummer, G. Pontoriero, R. Porazzo, C. Potter, K. Prestel, G. Quinortez, W. Raab, J. Rainey. Row 5: B. Rathe, P. Reedy, M. Reilly, E. Reyes, E. Reyes, I.. Reyes, M. Riley, J. Rivas, E. Rives, S. Rizzo. Row 6: S. Rochte, D. Rodriquez, C. Rodriquez, D. Roe, M. Roman, M, Rose, M. Ruiz, L, Sacco, G. Saenz, S, Saenz. Row 7: D. Saldano, R. Sanchez, W. Sanford, B. Sauer, P. Scarpinc, M. Schenk, S. Schier, P. Schmidt, W. Schneider, J. Schock. Row 8: J. Scholl, M. Schwall, M. Sciaini, D. Scott, P. Sehm, C. Seibert, P. Shadrick, P. Shibe, R. Shiffer, M. Shirley. Row 9: R. Silva, C. Simmons, K. Smirnoff, D. Smith, M. Solis, G. Sparkman, F. Staud- hammer, J. Stephens, T. Stonecypher, K, Stradner w MFQZQISS. gy 1 i - Y. tV? - S V ,T - 'A' . .:. K as 41 : ' "' ' - 5, . . ' l 'N ,I 1 ' 1 f . i r 94 ' N l I t ' Q' Its- X - f ' Jw: I -- x 1 - ,lc Y il I 4: .ie rx . ll MLK .N lx f " ' ff55if"'i 179. vs ' A.-A I , Q V V . a f: . 1, ,I , .1 ' . " ' . Q Q " L 1 : 5 K 8 z . ' A f S 3 Q 5, R 3 J-X M w 1 J V iw' VN. f ' fffffffz:-..: 3 . gg 1 ff' ' .V . ,, ,fr . 'Yi ...ivy ,. ... 4 x ' P 1 P , C, s- . 9 1 , . .. , , S 3 - Y I ' f x n . . Y z N s 4' ui, w. , X , Yr ,J X r y .xx . .X T . Q . . J 'JZ' Z 25 if ii i Y T3 K i ' f . "" A :J ""' 4 . js. - ll vm x ,M i --A J 41 .Y if :Q A '15 ' ' 1 -- ' ' :A 5 y. .al Q I ,vr 1 -f 5 '.. S' N . 1 . A- awww. T, ,Q X .. , - I - 9. 1 K ' ,X 7 V -H N 45 gi i f sq, X ' r 2 5 ' XE XY X K T e ft:-.,1:.Qgw X l , .. rf J .K yr s y C 5, ' z : , H - at 'Tiff Amd f 2 Fan - 1 S f f H . X A . .. T, . it X., .se 3 Q, 1 k .15 I . , .... . ,,,.,.... ,, , .- so ' ,...,,.. W., . , . , . V2 I 'at Q 4 4 f t ., , "' T fu we-x .. ,- -. - ,, ' f' ,ff -f ts f v l ' . X ,. some XL! , ---H J,-,:.l P J it - iii? 'i K i " ..-, i 1 we " Ax ., 5 Q ' -- if 3 2 f Q . Q in K t 1 '. k f I X f I ' v . . B '-J , Eggs a. eggs, .1 af::v'Xi-Piss Row 10: J. Strain, 4 4 VV. Stumpp, R. Suazo, ',, , A T , I J. Sullivan, R. Summerfield, - x sc 2- , J ,L VL R, suniff. , ' T. 1 A " f ,. , i y., 3 U, - f "2 l 2 gg W X it' S Row II: T. Sutton, .' ,gi Q D. Swanson, Y. Sylchak, 7 " xl 5 7" J. Syler, R. Taylor, 'L' 'Z 'J ' F i A X, Q' R. rem. K' - - , 'N , X 1 . - ' 1 5 " ah bl . Row I2: A. Tella, , W. Tennis, J. Testa, 6 U-, 3 1 .- .v ,N -T D. Testerman, J. Thomas, 9 L: ,5 N' ,, 'sys ll e x D. Thompson. ' tl . V :, ' x. s 'f . I ' wk' I' I x. V , 5 x X X . Q -, 2 . Row 13: G. Thompson, i' ' c T. Thompson, R. Thorson, 'A - ' f I ' N. Torres, J. Tavar, . - - l' C. ., y- ' R. Treadwell. - 3 A., X l P fi BIG BOPPER Jim McSilvers makes with a wild beat. This talented A-10 was iust one of the many reasons why the class of Summer '62 claimed their class was the finest. 59 Row 'lx N. Trethaway, G. Trosper, M. Vaccari, Y. Valencia, R. Van Burkleo, V. Van Eyk, J. Van Meter, D. Varela, P. Vasquez, J. Vega. Row 2: R, Van Achen, R. Voorhees, G. Wade, L. Wade, C. Walker, A. Wallace, G. Webber, F. Weisler, D. While, S. White. Row 3: M. Wilson, N. Wilson, P. Wilson, C. Wingo, C. Wise, K. Wolfrank, C. Wright, P. Wright, K. Yanz, C. York. Row 4: C. Yurko, R. Zepedo. w 'l Abbott Aldahl F Argyle Arriola R Baker Baldino S Bayley Bennett D Benoit Berger Row 2 L Burrell Butler D Chance Chermak F Clhler Clenord G Clenard Coca C Collins Collins o 3 K Co Corsentino J Cox Cox M Davis Dawson J De Corse DeLand D DeLoach DeMond Row 4 M Drummond Elliott L Evans Farris S Feldman Fitches D Fitches Fogarty P Gabel Garcia ow 5 S Garner Gee L Gollob Gomez R Gomez Guerra M Haley Hamilton M Harris Herrera Y' ,sis 4 :lf 'N I " . v -3 J Yi' ' l ". l 1 ' ' Q. 1 +- gg . . . . . Q S X A L sq e s, . .s 4' I 5 1 ln -' V3 e, C 4 1 sw ' ,PZ R g :Q 1 X V A A ' 'V V 'l R iz. x 2 is - . 1 Q 12, L 3 1 .A L s 1, V .,., V, , . j V- .5 .J . 5 X- A . 4 3 " ' ' 1 4' Lf 1 L ' Q Q- Q .S ' A N ,W fl' 9 -me , i wfwzzt ltwtw -M :isa T1 J se r ' B 'WI' CAMERA SHY: . Allison, B. Boyd, R. Caldwell, A. Crider, G. Davis, E, Deacon, D. Delahunty my J. DeSantis, E. Douglas, R. Ennis, D. Ennis, J. Gillum, R. Grambusch, G. Guggan S Harbeston Harbeston S Hartzke C Hawthorne D Hayes J He er ocera D J K D Kaluu N Kerr J McDonald B r gart J Muniz R Nunez E OConnell M Rangel A Riela F Robles K Sche ert rr a or I v urner e a Ve T Sa re almmg for the top BENIGHTED B 10 s, wandering aim lessly didnt feel lost for long in their first semester at Franklin ln only five semesters they would be Senior Ayes Oh loyful day BEAMING B 10 s are officers ll rl Cheri Perez vice pres: dent and Jae Navarro president They represented their class in Leadership and all other a tivitnes ww-4, Bel W Q' sw- My T1 :Sei . fjgval ., . W Row 'lz J. Hiouera, t gf' J. Hi uera, D Holdredge, - - .1 as , ,. , - . - 15? f Q L x A 'L' , "" L A sf - D Holmes, K. Hughes, T' ' ' jf i"' 7' " Y .f Q H Hunt, M. Hunter, 'M A 'xi' K K J". I , N il' f VI Q ii ii K- P Imandl, K Kacques. X X X13 i s X X NL! ' x..l'i"x"'.1 'lkiilf I I D KU'ee'l 2 Q I' ' Row 2: E. Jones. v . A 1 -if 'X A 5 Kinen, T, Keener, 6 AQ, 1 ' :xc N : ' 91" ' '2' es? S, Krisman, A. Kronnick, gf, -" - X f J' 5 ' " J Lcssley, M. Latona, ix . W . H C LQBIQJ, L. Lehlouse, X - ' x 4. A Leyvcx, i hi? x r x i .CDW Nei ' . T ai Y A , -x Row 3: J, Leyvc, 5 A L I - ,G 94 -I : . V. Lockwood, A. Lopez. ' f' Q , : 1- t 5, i V, Lowther, G. McMahon, xt- X ' 5 J MacDonald, C Macleod -ix l '. Z.. P C, Maggard, D Manke, 7 ' . vi L. Martinez. A I ' i Row 4: R. Mason, A A 7,6 E. Matthews, S. Mazzotti, ', 3, X A . ,Tat -1' . f M Mersch, P. Miller, f 3 ce R - H' - 'iw' . W' ' . it r. Miller G. Mitchell, H-4 its i A , I, M. Moore, J. Morales, 2 - . .- .xxwsf J- HX i X' A Row 5: O. Navarro, Z ,l Q R. Nunez, R. Orlez, - a- 3. , xr 4, 4' K .1 5 Z. Ounlian, G. Parker, , v A. .Q ,, X- K ' .5 ' C. Perez, B. Pc-rry, . '- ,H . .1-' K A' . . 5x f ,, DAL! ju-A L A -xx X vs, liirjntgez, B. Rasmussen l - 'gQ"L-'U - 'Wx Nl'-:" 4 A Q. ' ' f , - 3 fr "wget ie ggx Row 6. r. Rinker, v ' R J, Rodriquez, O. Romero, 2 ' f My , x v Rubio, C. mine, -- 'I 'i' A .s, 1' - tg: " it "' :Ay 5 'Z' J. Russell, R. Sanchez, H , fray vw. 'Qi -b E. Sandoval, M. Shaw, A .H k 2 N M N A X L. Smart. -R i 7 t Row 7: A. Solomon, M Q "' shi 5, stark, F. story, . L- - Wk' A gf , , ,' ' L. Stowe, D. Stutson, Q, - E. - J .f 1. rem, o, rife, W , X .W g ,L , x - N. N ' it R. Todd, M. Tony, C 3 A . lpirt vu AEL X -,QR K5 L. Varela. .......1..,. L f .e L . N . ' Y - 2. 11:8 Q74 .1115 Q3 -2:4 ,. , . . ki. iifff H Row 8: R. Villapondo, S, Waaler, E. Weaver, C. Wechtenhiser, R. White, Q M. Youngberg. ff v A , . ,. :' ' ' 'i K s CAMERA SHY: 'Q . 1 W v ' ,M A 5 cl T 417 ' M. Acosta, R. Anderson, J, Arvedson, T. Barrett, D, Barrios, M. Beatty, X L S L :.Ax,.,, B. Boyd, R. Caldwell, T. Caldwell, J, Carmona, V. Carmono, R. Carpenter, A C. Chavez, C. Chrys, A. Colca, D. Crook, A, Cuellar, M. A. E. Walker, W, Walker, L. Warner, R. Whisenant, J. Wilkinson, D. Yohe D. Zamora. Pre-school minutes find Franklinis student populace at this main hall convergence center. Dlsabellc, J. Doyle, L. Enfield, R. Ennis, M. Garcia, R. Garcia, O. Gar'bay, P. Gospard, P. Gezzi, V, Gregory, L. Grimm, R, Ha A. Davis, G. Deeb, milton, S. Hartzke, E. Hernandez, C. Hcsser, J. Hirigovcn, R. Horan, J. lnkenbrandt, G. lrwin, M. Jain, S. Knowlton, W. Langford, P. Lazzcretto, R. Lil McGee, D. McLean, R. Macias, R. Marder, C, Margosian, A. Marquex, L. Medez, J. Mone, S. Moody, S. Neggo, G. O'Lea, M. Ovalaisto, A4 Pefeli A, Rickers, O. Romero, H. Ross, D. Sanchez, M. Schlickbernd, C. Smith, B. Soltero, l. Takatsui, D. Teague, R. Truiillo, B. Untug,A. Vickers,S. Vukovich, tiquiest, R, Lomino, 'LW 'SEE .. r mr fl sfgriflf ,f-y.,-fs ' F . f'1 0 -v If QQ N , fx- jim 1,50 5 in V, Xa X X KAR! QT? xx - T T 'XY ki' l ir,-,...1b fr"""" Xxx TAKING CHARGE of the activities and business of the BOYS' LEAGUE last fall were these members of the cabinet. l-rl John Davis, Presi- dent, Chuck Thacker, Vice-President, Neal Myers, Treasurer, Mr, Max Shelley, Sponsor. 7 GUIDING GIRLS' LEAGUE were these pretty and pract'cal winter cabinet members. Row I: fl-rl Janice Rives, Historian, Shir: O'Lea, President, Elaine Gardner, Social Chairman. Row 2: Miss Barbara Metcalf, Sponsor, Mrs. Hope Jeter, Sponsor, Susie Vaughn, Treasurer, Terry Jackson, Cheerleader, Bonnie Miller Cheerleader. Leagues share in active semester During the busy spring semester, two major activities are sponsored by the Girls League Organization. The first, held at the beginning of the semester, is Franklins annual Cake Baking Contest, and next, the fashionable Cotton Day tor the opening of spring. The Cake Bake enables the League to raise money tor their scholarship fund. The Cotton Day is a fun trolicking event where the students make their dresses and shirts which entitle them to take part in the contest for King and Queen GlRLS' LEAGUE REPRESENTATIVES from each second period class are chosen to inform the girls of the coming League events. Row T: ll-rl Lisa Broglia, Kris Yanz Frances Vasquez, Linda Chew, Shirley O'Lea, Mary Fontan, Linda Ferandell, Pauline Booth, Carol Wrinkle. Row 2: Carol Wingo, Wanda Raab, Mary Jo Kervin Luann Harper, Maxine Lucero, Sherry Hackman, Judy Fowler, Kathy Jones, Rosanne Dituri, Pam Shibe. Row 3: Jo Ann Danskin Sharon Honea Marvel Hendrix Kathy King. Lynn Franzen, Elaine O'Connell, Jane De Metri, Rose Mary Munoz, Snundra Simon, Sue Krantz. Row 4: Barbara Diano, Susan Milford, Nancy Bartock ---f-Q... Je-1 gl' 'Hs It We ,wt l X Q y K V T k V" . . . . ' iw 'fr' ' ' . W" " A ' it .. i 0 T 1: 9 , Y' V 34,1-1 :vw -V :.,:. . ' I Y . f , 1 Bertha Perez, Winifred Young, Linda Pintarell, Judy Moreno, Marge Miller, Nancy Pomerenk, Joni McDonald, Julie Unfug, Pat Stevens ixs ' i RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FINE BOYS' LEAGUE assemblies of OVER THIRTY GIRLS were placed in various lines of busi- the spring semester were these three active officers and ness during the l96O Girls' Week, by a select committee sponsor, who unselfishly gave their time and effort to the headed by Elaine Gradner ill and assisted by Girls' entire male population of Franklin ll-rl Mr. Max Shelly, League Prexy Judy Olsen, Sponsor, Neil Myers, President, Tony Saxe, Secretary- Treasurer, Paul Buzanski, Vice-President. ANNUAL GIRLS' WEEK was accented with a touch of politics this year, as Joy Lewallen, an active Senior A, was selected to take Councilman Hollands' seat in government. Various others acted as Principals in neighboring schools. Trying to fulfill every girls' wish as to where she would like to visit, the Committee made assignments to hospitals, schools, industries, department stores, etc. They are to be congratulated for a very successful and well organized iob. C'.AlMlNG HONORS for a very successful semester are the busy maidens of League fame. Along with their two co-sponsors, Mrs. Hope Jeter lleftl and Miss Barbara Metcalf lsecond from leftl the team of eight accomplished every goal they had set. ll-r after the two sponsorsl Linda Miller and Jean Kelly, cheerleaders, Judy Olsen, President, Marge Miller, Historian, Susie Vaughn, Vice-President, Chris Bolls, Treasurer, Harriet Kohatsu, Secretary, Bonnie Miller, Social Chairman. 5, . .ia fav T as- l S 4 in BIG AND BRAWNY, BENDOM'S VARSITY LETTERMEN IS ONE OF THE CAMPUS'S NEWEST CLUBS. All- American Athletes are: Row I ll-rl Jim Anderson, Ed Soule, Jim Choate, Paul Ferendell, Danny Howard, Mike Serisawa, Ben Warren, Jim Anderson. Row 2: John Redgrave, Dennis Carlton, Jim Colby, Steve Voigt, Rick Weck, Tony Perez, Richard Beilke, Leon White LA ESCUELA OFFERS TO THOSE INTERESTED IN SPANISH AND ARE TAKING COURSES IN THE LANGUAGE, AN OPPORTUNITY OF JOINA ING THE SPANISH CLUB. This organization offers fun and the chance to render service to the school. Row T: ll-rl Nancey Mellen, President, Phillis Lane, Secretary: Cecilia Sanchez, Social Chairman: Marilyn Kramer, Vice President: Nancy Gross, Historian, Joyce Weiss, Advisor, Barbara Diana, Treasurer, Sylvia Ann Terry. Row 2: Dorothy Vela, Sylvia Baiseri, Diane Hoffman, Marion Bossinas, Jack Shiffer, Mrs. Mary Koch, Sponsor. Row 3: Diana Jensen, Nancy Bartok, Marie Garza, Cheyl Hesser, Margaret Deviette, Mariorie Schwall, Alana Cordy, Mabzl Jenkins. JOIN WEB!! EMI BARBEQUED STEAKS AT THE CLUB HOUSE HIGHLIGHT EACH SEMESTER'S ACTIVITIES FOR THE ATHLEDELPHIANS. Those who wish to ioin this club must first attain the title of a Letterman. Row I: ll-rl Jim Anderson, John Marshall, Sherrod Huff, Rod Kautz, Mike Masterman, Don Glasshoff. Row 2: Jim Oss Jim Baily, Danny Howard, Richard Rea, Rich Brayton, Ed Langford, Mr. Charles Hess, Row 3: Dennis Carlton, Richard Beilke, William Jay Schroder, Ben Warren, Sterling Foreman, Bob Pratt, Lanny Couvillon, Mike Serisawa, Herb Noll, Curtis Gookin, Wayne Powell, Tony Perez, Paul Ferandell, Clayton Mayes, Jim Choate. CREAM OF THE CROP, THE HIGHEST-RANKED GIRLS CLUB AT FRANKLIN IS UNQUESTIONABLY GIRL'S COUNCIL. FROM SERV- ICE TO SOCIALS, THESE ELITE UPPER CLASSMEN EXCELLED IN ALL OF THEIR ENDEAVORS. Row I: ll-rl Eva Castelum, Sue Gastelum, Sue Barrett, Lynne Koubol, Evie Mitchell, Gerry Worlley, Sharon Honea, Sylfia Sylchak, Beryl Gregory. Row 2: Nancey Mellen, Marilyn Kramer, Diane Martin, Donna Tate, Judy Hedexin, Marilyn Wicklitfe, Donna Walls, Phillis Lane, Larlyn Staten, Ruth Frevik. Row 3: Shirley O'Lea, Josephfne Smith, Diane Jensen, Linda Pintarell, Marjorie Miller, Judy Olson, Gloria Campos, Susan Peyton, Gerry Sullins, Elaine Gardner, Betty Brehm, Luann Harper. Row 4: Marie Garcia, Joyce Perino, Nancy Andrews, Joyce Weiss, Pat Reed, Nancy Gross, Ann Stanley, Jean Kelly, Margie Sutphen, Carol Wilson, Phyllis Hall. A Q L L 4 SUPREME AND STALWART BENDOM'S KNIGHTS SERVED AS EVERYTHING FROM "HEAD HUNTING" TO HOMECOMING ESCORTS. ONLY THE FINEST A-ll's, B-I2's, AND A-12's ARE ADMITTED. Row I: ll-rl Richard Brayton, Arthur Caballero, Scott Neely, Ben Warren, Lester Ostrov. Row 2: Mr. Peter Clentzos, sponsor, George Huerta, Ken Furuya, Richard Salomon, John Nordquist, Stan Friar, John Davis. Row 3: Bob Feldmeth, Dave Eccles, Dennis McCormack, Larry Cruzan, Steve Strosser, Dennis Wallace, Leroy Baca, Gary Brink, Bob Brown. MEN ABOUT TOWN, THE HI-HATTERS PROVIDED HALL GUARDIANS AND LIL' CIVIC SPONSORSHIP IN ADDITION TO THEIR USUAL SOCIAL ACTIVITIES: Row I: II-rl Bill Althouse, Chris Tognetti, Ronald Morgan, George Morris. Row 2: Bob Campos, Forrest Davis, Ed Soule, Tom Thomp- son, Jack Shiffer, Mr, Clint R. Taylor, Row 3: Manuel Cantero, Javier Meiia, Mike Laporie, Joe Palermo, Ed Mathew, Mel Hubert, Bruce Bauer, Fred Dahl, Bill Hall. AFFILIATED WITH KIWANIS INTERNATIONAL, THE KEY CLUB IS ONE OF FRANKLlN'S FINEST STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS. members are: Row I: Il-rl Richard Rea, Richard Miller, Jeff Froehlich, Neil Shaver, John Davis, Bob Jones, Robert Reed, Gil Silva, Sean O'Connell. Row 2: Patrick Henn, David Robbons, Vic Posadas, Jim Follis, Richard Barraza, Dan Daniels, Vic Depinto, Paul Buzzanski, George Morris. Row 3: Clayton Cox, Jack Shitfer, Nick Carson, Joe Doe, Chuck Thacker, Sam Johnson, Bob Shifter, Lewis Colgon, Ted Brodowski, Ken Watson, Mr. Ralph Mullen, Sponsor. SLAVE SALES, BANQUET5, AND SERVICE TO THE SCHOOL WERE FEATURES OF THIS SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP, THE LATIN- FRENCH CLUB. ROMANS AND PARISIANS ARE: Row 1: II-rl Harriet Kohtsu, Jean Ditter, Richard Miller, Julie Unfug, Sean O'Connell, Gerry Sullins, Nancy Pomerenk, Sherry Petrie, Bob Johnson, Neil Shaver. Row 2: Jo Anne Coker, Renee Franklin, Xenia Nagy, Carole Daigneault, Marilyn Carlson, Sharon Howie, Brenda Knibbs, Elaine O'Connell, Kris Ynez, Rosemary Tread- well, Jeri Kliwer, Sharon Guthrie. Row 3: Marilyn Miller, Sandy Hoggman, Lynne Magie, Vera Rangel, Claudia Lycan, Robert Thorson, George Wisegarver, Paul Curtis, Mr. L. Miller, Sponsor. ,Ln ACTUALLY ENJOYING SCIENCE, THESE ZEALOTS FORMED THE SCIENCE CLUB TO THEY COULD HAVE SHARED SUCH ENTHUSIASM FOR CHEMISTRY, OR PHYSICS! Row FURTHER THEIR PURSUIT. MANY STUDENTS WISHED I: ll-rl Richard Miller, Robert Bauer, Sean O'Con- nell, Jeff Froehlich, Mr. Bruce Belknap, Harley Fetrow, Row 2: Lee Stoudt, Mike Kaemerer, Carl Marsee, Larry Gilbertson, John R. Helm, Jr., Ron Gardiner, Darlene Healy, Bruce Bundick, Rosmarie Thee, Chuck Thac ENTHUSIASTS OF THE GAME, THESE MEMBERS OF CHESS CLUB DERIVE MUCH PLE BUT BY MERELY PLAYING A MIND-STIMULATING GAME OF CHESS AT THEIR MEE Zuzow, Norman Owen, President. Row 2: Bill Saffell, John Dickey, Harley Fetrow 3: Dennis Keen, Casey, Wright, Darlene Healy, Mr. Raul Aquire, Sponsor, Mike Kaem .-dau., mam. as ker, Judy Van Buskirk, Paul Buzanski. ASURE FROM NOT ONLY THEIR TOURNAMENTS, TINGS. Row I: II-rl James Syler, Jim Corig, Gary , Fred Krog, Arthur Caballero, David Robbins. Row erer, Dale Long, Jeff Burr, Howard Giles. gf Ag 71 SETTING THE STANDARDS FOR FRANKLIN'S FE- MALES ARE THE GIRLS OF THE BOARD OF STAND- ARDS. Row I: II-rl Sharon Honea, Peggy Gray, Pat Stevens, Lydia Bcisere, Judy Moreno. Row 2: Cheryl Hosser, Carol Weaver, Mrs. Elsa May Smith, spon- or.g Kris Yanz, Chris Uribe. GUARDING THE HEALTH AND SAEETY OF STU- DENTS, ARE THE MEMBERS OF THE HEALTH COMMISSION, This club has set up first aid teams and has trained themselves for any emergencies which might be encountered at school. Row I: Il-rl Le Ora Cooley, Carol Simmons, Alice Kane, Nanette Rea, Sylvia England, Xenia Nagy. Row 2: Judy Hinman, Maria Avalcseti, Karen Knudson, John J. Hale. HELPING THE HELPLESS, THE MEMBERS OF THE JUNIOR RED CROSS STRIVE TO RENDER AID TO MANY LESS FORTUNATE THAN MOST. Row I: Il-rl Mabel Jenkins, Margaret Devietti, Ann Nelson, Ida Lo Roche, Linda Borisko, Jeanette Boyer. Row 2: Barbara Bunken, Marilyn Kramer, Diana Jensen, Charles Smith, Judy Eccles, Jeanette Schock, Donna Scott. I F 'H YV" -sf? SPEAKING THEIR MINDS WITHOUT INTOLERANCE, THESE MEMBERS OF YOUTH SPEAKS WORKED HARD TO PROMOTE BETTER UNDERSTANDING. lStanding: ll-rl Terry Lindoerfer, Joyce Wiess, Margie Suphen, Elaine Reeves, Irene Askins, Judy Eccles, Bill Campbell, Mabel Woods, Dave Eccles. lSealed, Backzl Gloria Campos, Cora Simmonds, Carolyn Hesser, Marge Miller, Pat Brosivich. lSeaIed, cenIer:I Judy Morgon, Teresa D'Amore, Janette Scott, Jeff Burr. lSealed frontzl Rosemarie Thee, Mrs. Hope Jeter, sponsor, Anne Nelosn. X . 0 N! . -P, a ii 5:4-.QM by LOOKING AHEAD, AND IN HOPES OF BECOMING TEACHERS, ARE THE MEMBERS OF THE TEACHERS OF TOMORROW, COMMONLY KNOWN i L K AS THE T.O.T, FIELD TRlPS AND SPEAKERS ADD TO THEIR KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRADE. Row 'l: ll-rl Lanny Couvillon, Barbara Diana, Diane Hoffman, Linda Brayton, Rosmarie Thee, Harriet Kohatsu, Richard Beilke, George Thompson, Jonathan Pinne, Bob Smurlo. First T: Sue Lindelef, Yvonne Sylchak, Parli Duvall, Marion Bossinas, Nancy Brower, Cheryl Hesser, Gayle Lueskow, Joni McDonald, Jackie Eyrich. The "O": Lucille Danna, Nancy Gross, Linda Sherwood, Kris Yanz, Judy Eccles, Doris Stark, Linda Dufur, Sue Cleveland, Barbara Luer, Jean Pauley, Jane De Metri, Kalhy King, Cecilia Sanchez, Second "T": Kaylene Garrett, Lynn Franzen, Jeanette Schock, Donna Scott, Terry Stevens, Jean Manke, Carol Weaver, Chris Uribe, Betty Mcdron. 73 4 A- , fs , nf A .,. .,..n:-Q-.+ve-f , -- , V yn-1, -gm' .J ' DOWN TO BUSINESS ARE THE GIRLS IN HOOK AND CURVE. ONLY THOSE WHO ARE BUSINESS MAJORS AND HAVE EARNED SUFFICIENT CREDITS ARE ELIGIBLE TO JOIN. Row'l, left side of "H": Raeanna Taylor, Pat Doubert, Donna Haun, Sandy Boos, Donna Keith, Pat Taylor, Claudia Price. Row 2, right side of "H": Yvonne Sylchak, Pauline Booth, Carolyn Potter, Judy Fowler, Gloria Perez, Sue Lindelel. Row 3: Sonia Swaim, Karen James, linda Heath, Lucile Danna, Lou Ann Zeugin,, Beth Hill, Kathy King. Sheila Anderson, Elizabeth Chermak, Joy Schleicher, Jackie Eyrich, "C": Miss Doreen Minsberg, Sponsor, Sue Barrett, Linda Selletta, Judy Hedekin, Melissa Wright, Linda Pintarell, Charlotte Keith, I tif f ,,.,iw Z- Cxf f49f' ACHING FEET BUT SMILING FACES ARE FAMILIAR TO ALL USHERETTES. THE "AISLE-LANDERSU ARE Row 1: ll-rl Barbara Dole, Sherry Cook, Diane Husner, Andea Slotwinski, Sylvia Ann Terry, Carole Daigneaut, Virginia Garcia, Linda Heath, Pauline Booth, Judy Fowler. Row 2: Elizabeth Chermak, Alice Robles, Janet Moore, Linda Sherwood, Nancy Gross, Pal Brozovich, Sandy Baker, Renee Bill, Lynne Koukol, Marylin Miller, Suzan Acosta, Beverlee Tefft. Row 3: Patti Cavin, Connie Testerman, Mandy Benn, Judi Moore, Joy Schleicher, Gloria Campos, Cora Simmonds, Julia Funkhouser, Carol Wilson, Sylvia Baiseri, Shirley Ausenick, Barbara Moore. Row 4: Ma'iorie Schwall, Carol Wingo, Carol Wise, Raiean Adama, Pal Lyster, Nancy lsenhour, Mr, Kenneth lmamura, Sponsor, Donna Keith, Sue Lindelef, Dorothy Dwela, Jean Kelley, Judy Moore, Susan Stoll. 4. RENDERING SERVICE TO THEIR SCHOOL THROUGH- OUT THE YEAR, THESE GOOD FORM MEMBERS WERE A CREDIT TO FRANKLIN. Row I: ll-rl Karen Naka- gawa, Sylvia Ann Terry, Marie Garcia, Renee Bibb, Carolyn Hesser. Row 2: Ann Stanley, Dianna Dunnica, Audrey Van Dam, Joan Gladstone, Nancy Andrews, Linda Marr, Bessie Cimarusti. Row 3: Margo Sandoval, Betty Madron, Susan Burns, Barbara Dole, Mrs. Karen Wynar, Sponsor, Donna Tate, Gwyne David, Sandy Nelk. 1-4-X -,., s . U Q , , 5. NE f ,rr is 'J w,- 'Ni-.W it i""", .www EXCLUSIVELY FOR THE B-IO GIRLS IS THIS SOCIAL CLUB, THE SOCIALITES. Row 'I: ll-rl Jo Anne Coker, Marilyn Miller, Jeri Khiever, Billie Magill, Pam Shibe, Renee Franklin, Kathy Jones. Row 2: Freida Kirkbride, Judy Fowler, Pauline Booth, Yvonne Sylchak, Raeanna Taylor, Donna Keith, Carole Seibert, Sue Lin Lindelef, Maxine Lucero. Row 3: Mrs. Elizabeth Walker, Sponsor, Miss Ruth Levinsky, Sponsor, Sherry Hockman, Nancy Trethaway, Brenda Knibbs, Dwala White, Dorothy Jioras, Xenia Nagy, Sharon Guthrie, Linda Ferandell. 'Xi I H COPPING THE AWARD FOR THE MOST OUTSTANDING LIL' CIVIC LAST FALL, WERE THESE MEMBERS OF THE BENNETTES, Row I: ll-rl Laurel Nelson, Sergeant-at-Arms, Joy Peters, Secretary, Jerry Hartzke, Vice-President, Darlene Reed, President, Susie Vaughn, Social Chairman, Chris Bolls, Treasurer, Charlotte Keith, Historian, Marge Miller, Row 2: Phillis Lane, Sue Barrett, Peggy Gray, Janene Bailey, Shirley O'Lea, Janice Moore, Diane Martin, Jean Ditter, Bonnie Miller, Sue Pomerenk. Row 3: Fran Lapham, Cecilia Sanchez, Terry Colson, Sharon Honea, Maralee Zimmerman, Claudia Price, Jean Kelly, Mary Jo Kervin, Linda Pintarell, Lil Gramont, Billie Watkins, Judy Van Buskirk, 75 Above: ll-rl James Fincher, Howard Brown, Mr. Ivor Kranlz, Richard Suazo, Garden Balla, Don Beverage. Right. ll-rl Bruce Wakefield Les lNads, Bob Slade Anthony Shearer IARY WATCHERS TAKE PREVENTIVE MEASURES D INSURE STUDENT SAFETY. MEMBERS OF THE AFTY COUNCIL ARE. Row 'l: ll-rl Molly Lepo, iana Jenkins, Mable Jenkins. Row 2: Mr. Edward loroney, sponsor, Gloria Perez, Judy Moreno, .arilyn Kramer, Arlene Kampl. ROLLING THE PRESSES whenever there is a printing fob to be done is the work of the boys in the PRINT SHOP. Franklin is one of the few fortunate schools in Los Angeles to have its own printing equipment. Among the orders filled by these qualified students are those for the Franklin Press, football programs, and posters. Q ,M -qs WORKING IN THE DARK THE PROJECTION CREW BOYS BRING LEARN- MIKES AND BOOMS CONSTITUTE PART OF THE APPARTUS USED BY ING AND ENTERTAINMENT THROUGH FILMS. Row I: ll-rl Herb Dearth, SOUND CREW. ll-rl Eddie Lopez, Mr, William Crary, sponsor, Don Mike Lepore, Joe Palermo, Tim While, Richard Starks. Row 2: Mr. Robert Barnard, Monty Grant, Gorman Dyslhe, Bill Hiles, Richard McClellan, Naismith, sponsor, Al Dragoon, Harley Fetlow, Scott Baldwin, Bill Hall. Richard Schock, Jack Peere, Bill Markham, Doug Markham, Byron Barber, Row 3: Lanny Talbott, Howie Huang, Roger Shriver, Gary Hamman, Bob Aleshire, Edward Mann, Gordon Decker, Robert Bauer lProieclion Barry Kaiser, Owen Smith, Jimmie Cossano. Managerl. QE F' ,I f 17' BEHIND THE SCENES THE STAGE CREW WORKS TO MAKE FRANKLINS ASSEMBLIES THE BEST IN THE CITY: lRow I: ll-rl Mike Pfeiller, Leland Cypeat, Mr. Allan Sherry, sponsor, Vern Nelson, Sambo Burgess, Christopher Tognetti, Row 2: John Youngberg, Alphonso Amescua, Allen Jacobs, John Chuck, Stage Manager Bobby Aquire Trevizo. 77 fel li 2 wu- V9- T . 6 2 1 ,-'Nr txt. tx ,A ill: ai. gn.: y lfrxivxuvf , , ,',"7:-: -rf , " . K " iff? Q " il? JLH ".i'L'.'Tf- '.,f Q K 1., H 'J L. '. r ' BAND: Row l: ll-rl Bob Moore, Bill Hein, Sam Paz, Monty Grant, Walt Nieber, Melissa Wright, Wayne Duff, Nancy Gross, Bill Tennis, Marilyn Monroe, Bob Grant, Roger Maes, Casey Wright, Ken Myake, Marsha Hall, Juanita Hidalgo, Diane Cole. Row 2: Phil Calenline, Jack London, Guy Gifford, Gary Hamman, Bill Peterson, Phil Stevens, Charles Thacker, Butch VValdon, Mr. James Mack, Director, John Marshall, Ted Brodowski, Jim Norris, Richard Villapando, Dan Brayton, John Rytych, Phil Yurgalevicz, Fred Dowle, Terry Morris. Not shown: Gary White, Neal Haworth, Bill Althouse, Paul Buzanski, Vince Bruno, Bill Carson, Vic Kostrukoff, Chad Charlton, Mary Vaccori, Becky Graham. usically Inspire Bendom AMONG THE APPEARANCES of Franklin's own dance band, led by Mr, James Mack, was a benefit performance for the Red Cross as they played lor students at a noon dance activ- ity this year. ORCHESTRAz Row 'l: ll-rl Mr, James Mack, Director, Rosemary Sandoval, Sylvia Sandoval, Juanita Hidalgo, Marsha Hall, Linetta MacPhetridge, Arthur Caballero, Row 2: Fred Dowle, Philip Yurgalevic, Paul Buzanski, James Davis, Beryl Gregory, Philip Calentine, Dan Brayton, Mary Leonard. Row 3: Ann Stanley, Sylvia England, Terry Morris, Betty Madron, John Marshall, Gary White, Bob Bonham, Ralph Chew, Jim Whitocre, Neal Haworth, Al Hass, Vic Kostrulnoff, Bill Althouse, Jack London lsludent leaderl. as Wu S. BEVY OF BEAUTIES surrounding director Mr. Don Gustafson are his GLEE CLUB OFFICERS. Left to right: Bertha Perez, Treasurerg Martha Youngberg, Vice President, Arlen: Wallacep Billie Magill, Secretary. x9 ' TERRIFIC TONE, beautiful balance, and good close harmony combined in making Franklins' ACAPPELLA CHOIR great. Also adding to the prestige of Ben- doms' choral music was the Girls' Glee Club-a training ground for female vocalists. Between them, these two groups, directed by Mr. Don Gustafson, proved that "culture can be fun." 4 "G IS FOR GREAT," claimed the WINTER GIRLS' GLEE CLUB, Row 1, Left to right: Jo Freddy, Judy Moore, Mariorie Shrack, Nancy Trethaway, Judy Barmore, Dora Dee Stansauk, Jeanne Teene, Pat Seura, Sharon Vignes, Nancy Hayes, Sandy Marsh, Kay Smith, Mcrgaret Warren, Janice Searl, Virginia Garcia, Judy Walters, Chris Bolls, Linda Hall, Bernice Schouten. Out- side row: Mr. Don Gustafson, director, Alice Robles, Margie Alvarado, Bertha Perez, Ruth Ellen Pruett, Gaby Jullien, Lora Lee Stansauk, Dorothy Butcher, Sue Robertson, Rita Silva, Dottie Hasenfratz, Orlene Gottardi, Julie McWilliams, Rachel R. Wollam, Delia Fernandez, Jo Ann Elardo, Lupe Alvarado, Dorothy Smith. Inside row: Dolores Peters, Leah Farley, Caroe Iyn Hesser, Barbara Keithly. Inside row 2: Chris Uribe, Lydia Baiseri, Pat Stevens, Alene Wallace. Musicians Make Merry Melodies WINTER CHOIR: Center front: ll-rl Pat Reed, Secretary, Scott Neely, President, Mr. Donald Gustafson, Conductor, Gary Kassel, Vice- President, George Huerta, Treasurer. Center: Ccrol Granados, Anne Damiano, Judy Hedekin, Diane Marlin, Miki Astello, Lucile Danna, Barbara Van Tassel. Left inside row: Muriel Giletta, Babs Strasser, Ruth Frevik, Nancy Bartok, Merlene Johnson, Jeanne Curry, Virginia Nielson, Linda Hart, Miki Stinson, Kathy Edler, Terry Richter, Claudia Price, Linda Keller, Lucinda Johnson, Linda Sherwood, Pat Stuart, Gwyne David, Landra Farley, Mary Spradley, Judy Burns, Susan Vaughn. Left outside row: Susy Brown, Linda Marr, Phyllis Hall, Nancy lisenkour, Richard Miller, Ben Warren, Earl Clibborn, Bob Young, Reiny Klein, Richard Jioras, John Nordquist, Forrest Davis, Jim Talley, Norman Owen, Marvin Goecks, Dave Eccles, John Bivens, Dennis Szhneider, Jesse Payen, Terry Lindoerfer, Kathy Houston, Jean Ditter, Terry Colson. 80 f 5 ig - J gf 3 sy Q 3" M v 3 , 'Ji 1 .-,, ' , . 26 S 5 3 ,1- ol' yv 0 5. 5, S... i,m f. ,aw f ' ww Z n' 'I , !Ws4..1L"'Q I V .il '40 M., 3. 3Qg,N,,,,uf1xgQ.UJf -Q,-1 X1 J! 9 - ,.....,. ,yff , 4- X M ' 5,564+ M, . x X I. I 1 b L . W" 5 wus- A , , Q ,4 iv, 7 'W ' Z ' xl 2 df, , 5 7 f 1 X, x -W' x v lx I xx' ' A fi, J N: Y 2 ' V 1 1 lf! .' Q , k X 'f -Z' in Y 535 p U A, A 1' Q .f sid 1 ff-' ' is. 'M AQ Wm 4 .- From the "Natives' Return" To the rune-scribbling scribe These ACTIVITIES have added To the glory of the tribe. There are native tribal dances Ballerinas Wearing tights Madcap mimickers make merry In the mystic Bendom rites. NL . - yr HER MAJESTY, NANCY MELLEN, Fourth Queen of Homecoming Festivities at Franklin. Trium- phant over 75 homecoming candidates, Many weeks of eager anticipation were cli' maxed on October 23rd, when Nancy Mellen, wearing the Traditional Queen's robe and carry- ing a bouquet of red roses, was crowned by football co-captains Steve Voigt and Richard Brayton as Franklin's V759 Homecoming Queen. A regal Tribute to the court and to the crowds was the victorious varsity football game with Eagle Rock at the Pasadena Rose Bowl. Homecoming ...... . Return of the Natives Homecoming Chairman Richard Solomon crowns Queen Nancy Mellen while fiive-year old Debbie Shulze bears the weight of regal robes. Standing serenely behind are: Princesses Joy Lewallen, Sandy Baker, Shirley O'Leo, Joy Peters, Judy Hinman, Elaine Kirkbride, and their Knights escorts Steve Strausser, John Nordquist, Larry Cruzan, Scott Neely, John Davis, and Senior Aye Prexy Leroy Baca. ,, V,-Q 1 1 .x K ,. f,n.z31 4, 4, ms' in li W nk 1 - if Q F ,, A , ' li a 1 A X 'w' ESPECIALLY ENJOYING this gymnastic feat is the gal on the top of the heap, radiant Sherry Brink. Weight-litters of the center row are ll-rl Darlene Reed, Eva Gastelum, and Charlotte Keith. Support- ing the troupe are: Shirley O'l.ea, Margie Miller, Sue Vaughn and Diane Martin, it ' M, .5 AP SHOWlNG THEIR SKILL in such matters, Card Section Row Chairmen display a new phase of game spirit: ll-rl Mike Astello, Mike Barret, Vera Rongel, Judy Eccles, Carole Winkle, Jeane Manke, Gloria Perez, Carol Weaver, Sora Cheche, Sandra Simon, Mike Pymm. DISPLAYING the vim and vigor with which they decorated the stands for our games, are our super- energetic RALLY COMMITTEE. Reclining: Muriel Giletta. Row 'lz ll-rl Nancy Hayes, Lil Gramont, Sue Barrett and George Huerta, Bork row: Carol Granada, Kathy Mulligan, Nancy Mellen and Becky Sanchez. Standing is Head Yell Leader Mike Pymm. i Lapping up the punishment of work- ing out all hours in the blistering gales of the severe California Fall and having the nerve to displaytheir skills before wildly enthusiastic yet fault finding crowds, were some of the many accomplishments of Mrs. Margaret Kings' perfect precision group. Many were the weeks that the girls drilled under "merciless taskmasters," but the final product was well worth the initial effort. When the blue-and-buff strutted downfield, somehow, always to the "March of The Vikings," Franklin Alumni knew once again the Pan- ther Drill Team was the best. The smiling Drill Team taskmasters are Coecaptainsg Geri Worley and Jo Smith, President, Louise House, Secretary, Beth Hill, Vice President, Judy Hedekin, Treasurer, Jo Ann Danskin and Historian, Sylvia Sylchak. On For Franklin DRILL TEAM, Front: CoACaptains Geri Worley and Jo Smith. Row l: Linda Marr, Nancy Andrews, Barbara Dole, Mary Jo Kervin, linda Sherwood, Betty Brern, Marylyn Wicklift, Carole Daigneault, Noralee Griswold. Row 2: Terry Jackson, Gwyne David, Carole Wilson, Elsie Ann Potter, Mayilyn Cramer, Julie Untug, Elaine Gardner, Jean Kelley, Claudia Price. Row 3: Nancy Bartok, Sharon Gagliano, Charlene Hatcher, Elaine Reeves, Anne Lessiak, Barbara Strasser, Terry Richter, Pat Reed, Audrey Van Dam. Row 4: Lynne Koukol, Beryl Gregory, Ruth Frevik, Arlene Hatcher, Peggy Gray, Linda Miller, Louise House, Joy Peters, Carol Suttliff. Row 5: Judy Hedekin, Harriet Kohatsu, Margo Sandoval, Ande Slotivinski, Muriel McLean, Jean Ditter, Mary Distarce, Wanda Hale, Donna Walls, Yvone Fersik. Row 6: Cris Bolls, Phillis Lane, Betsy Dent, Virginia Chinn, Lillian Ericson, Carolyn Scott, Donna Lewis, Linda Pintarell, Barbara Diethly. Row 7: Bonnie Miller, Annette Girard, Paula Cope, Karen Spencer, Billie Watkins, Sandra Aldahl, Barbara Kartz, Janice Moore, Caro- lyr. Hesser. Row 8: Jo Ann Danskin, Sylvia Sylchak, Janice Rives, Cora Simmonds, Sue Barrett, Judy Oliver, Joy Lewallen, Sue Manzer, Beth Hill and Bessie Cimarusti. 88 Gaity Galore Hundreds of active Panthers through the course ot the school year enioyed for a paltry sum, our many Sports Nights. Eagerly they filed to the Girl's Gym, anxiously they pro- duced the admittance fee, then quickly proceeded to par- ticipate in volleyball, checkers, bingo, pool, chess, ping- pong, or bowling. When everyone finally tired of such activ- ities, the lights were dimmed and the evenings ended with dreamy record-hops. POPULAR LINDA FERANDELL proceeds to let hand some Bob Collins trounce her in an intellectual game of checkers, cs other devotees of the qame stage their own battle of wits. Tom Hanson and Lanny Couvillon absolutely astound all on-lookers with their high degree of manual dexterity. Too bod they missed them all! The seemingly social outcast is Claude Doty, who amuses himself as best he can while his buddies flower right hand cornerj seem engrossed in more worthwhile pursuits. 'fe Local pool sharks try their hand at an intricate aarne v 'R while their numerous admirers look on .f 89 Q gl il ii A lll ex swf - wx The Sociable Type SMILING lfor oncell Mr, Williom Worden, Sponsor of the Winter Lil' Civic Committee, is flanked by members ll-rl Scott Neely, Phyllis Holl, Lindo Morr, and Richard Rec. Lei-clod Scott Neely, helped by Phyllis Holl, Charlotte Keith tenderly ploces o lei over Jim heaps loads of goodies on one of the lucky Bailey s heed cs other Fronklin students ottempt wmners of the mony tobulous door prizes at to corner the spotlight, Islond in the Seo, the first Lil Civic of the toll semester Famous all over the city for our outstanding monthly school dances, and iustly proud of this, the entire student body continuously gives its wholeheorted support to the effort of having each new civic eclipse all pre- ceding ones in both beauty and enjoyment. That this always occurs is a tribute to the magical combination of top name bands, enthusiastic sponsoring clubs, energetic Lil' Civic Committees and alert supervisors who unfalteringly provide for appropriate theme decor and combine to add one more happy memory to the storehouse of F ra n k l i n memories. Q, Two extremes in social dancing which are equally enjoyed by Franklin undergraduates are shown here in the slow Fax-Trot and the Corrido Rock whose popularity has never waned at Franklin. 41 ENJOYING A MOMENTARY RESPITE from their task e grinning Ll Civic Summer Committee memb s llrl Mr William Warden sponsor Larry Cruzon Phyllis Hall Mike Finkenbinder and Pat Stevens :MW Everyone in this happy group picture is merrily enioying himself, wi h the possible exception ol Charlie Cangilose, who seems to have come out on the short end of a joke. Below: Caught in the last minute rush of decorating tor the 'Dreams- ville" Civic, are the members ol Girls' Council, Key Club and Teachers at Tomorrow. O , 0 , YG. Q'-r OVER-JOYED MARY CASWELL AWARD WINNERS. Row I: ll-rl Margie Sutphen, Joy Lewallen, Phyllis Hall. Row 2: Melissa Wright, Donna Walls, Diana Jensen, Louise House, Pat Reed. Each received monthly, a ten-dollar check as incentive to continue her outstanding accomplish- ments at Franklin. IMPROVING INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS are these foreigners on our campus. GLORIA CAMPOS llefll as a one year Foreign Exchange Student ,from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Helen Chao, a newcomer from China, and Julien Gaby, a recent resident of Holland. Important Individuals Garner Glory INSTRUCTOR KATHERINE REIS supervises some outstanding members of Modern Dance. Inter' preting some classic emotions are Row 'lc ll-rl Pam Marvel, Bonnie Patterson, Darlene Reed, Connie Garcia. Row 2: Peggy Johnson, Barbara Van Tassel, Sally Renfrce, -Q-v ..- HAPPY SCHOLARS smile ave rawards. Ken Furuya lleftl and John Davis won National Merit Scholarship recog- nition, as well as student body office. Charles Thacker lthird from leftl and Norman Owen were among the top onevhalf ot one percent in the United States to reach the finals in this scholarship race. These two also placed in the Bank of America Achievement Awards program, with Norm going on to take second in the city. RADIATING ENTHUSIASM as they look over a new number are Student Director of Choir, Linda Marr, lleftl and accompanist Kathy Huston. Linda also won the Ned Tharpe Award given every semester to the "Most-lnspira- tional Senior." THE ROBINETTES, Beridams beautiful All City Girls Quar- tet, break lorth in merry melody lwith harmonyl wher- ever they are. ll-rl Diane Martin, Landra Farley, Jean Ditter, and Judy Burns. Unpictured, but not unrecognized, are such out- standing individuals as: Philip Yurgalevicz-first place for his interpretation of "King Lear" in the Shakespeare Festival. Diana Jensen-whose ora- torical success carried her through the club, zone and regional Speech Contest. Lucinda Johnson and Judy Olson-Bank of America Achievement Awards. Tony Saxe-National Scholastic Award in ceramics. Outstanding scholarships were also awarded Herb Noll, Les Ostrov, Pat Stevens, George Morris, Cynthia Weichel, Dan Smith and Norm Owen. i- f C7 X - Ax -ffm ,,,:' , 3 ,i,,' af INTRODUCIIG THE ZANY ALMANAC STAFF are Editor Jerry Hartzke II HJ and Advisor M ss Faye Van Ro ke Row I Carole Maurano Mery Jo Kervin Row 2 rolhy DeMnth, Judy Van Nelda, Don Glasshoff, Dave Olsen, Ann Lessiak ric san or 0 u y V n us r rm an Row 3 Helen Gibson oria Perez Shirley O Lea, Vera Rangel, Lanny Couvillon, Louis Ouirarte Marie Garza cl Foy Myus Igniting element of the l96O ALMANAC was ADVISOR MISS FAYE VAN ROEKEL, who never asked more of her students than she was willing to do herself. Whipping the entne statfinto a state ot henzy as the deadline neared, she nevertheless had time to see that everything was done well, and done right. BLISSFULLY BROWSING THROUGH otni-i YIUV book-. and ,wondering new ways 'O fxcefll are AIMANAC Coeaitars Cf,-fry Harrzlrif tligtti f:"c lfiiry Crazan SCRIBES, iournalists, "Pressmen" . . . whatever you called them, they were great. Cnce again the Press bowled over its competition throughout Southern Cali- fornia, as they swept to victory in vari- ous contests. The underlying efficiency that produced an outstanding paper every Friday was creditably due to Mr. Jerry Weiner, the journalistic genius who headed the group. EDITORIAL STAFF Row 'l tl rl Betty Madron Herb Noll Elaine Reeves Joyce Weiss Mike Gates Row 2 Gerry Sullins Richard Brayton Larry Cruzan Dan Smith Barbara Moore Les Ostrov Diana Jensen Clayton Mayes Marie Garco Pat Stevens. Scribes Bring Honor to Franklin Prestige-laden Press editors led Franklin throughout the year, keeping up the consistently high standard of journ- alism far which Franklin is famous. Smiling Linda Savelle led the Winter Press, while serious tat least for this picturel Dan Smith was her Summer successor. JOURNALISM 2, FALL: Row 1: ll-rl Shirley O'Zea, Judy Hinman, Audry Van Dam, Betty Madron, Dave Eccles, Linda Savelle, Diane Housner, Alena Kazda, Sally Rentroe, Elaine Reeves, Margie Sutphen. Row 2: Pam Marvel, Barbara Moore, Karen Nakagawa, Susan Peyton, Gerry Sullins, Marie Garcia, Sue Manzer, Donna Walls, Mandy Benn, Diana Jensen, Joyce Weiss, Mike Gates. Row 3: Danny Howard, Richard Brayton, Don Glasshotf Lester Ostrov, Richard Solomon, Mike Serisawa, Sherrof Huff, Danny La Borie, Frank Pickett, Keith Stepro, Anne Schoettl, Viki Marshall, Pat Stevens. Row 4: Larry Cruzan, Clayton Mayes, Herb Noll, Rolando Gonzales, Dan Smith, Ricardo Miniares, Arthur Zepeda, Loren Steele, Dave Degenkolb, John Fernsler, Gary Brink, Jim Colby, Steve Voight, and Mr. Jerry Weiner, Sponsor. PLAQUE AWARD WINNERS for various outstanding achievements in Journalism are: ll-rl Jim Colby, Sports Writing, Dave Degenkolb, Photography: Ma- rie Garcia, News Editing, Pot Stevens, Features: Joy Lewallen, Best Journalism I Student, Pam Marvel, Best Editorial, and Gerry Sullins, Special Award. JOURNALISM 1: Row 'la Dianne Farmer, Luann Harper, Chris Bolls, Bonnie Miller, Paula Cope, Muriel McLean, Karen Knudson. Row 2: Diane Barry, Diane Cole, Linda Mortenson, Maralee Zimmerman, Elaine Gardner, Dee Lazaretto, Mabel Jenkins, Joy Lewallen. Row 3: Jerry Weiner, Sponsor: Phyllis Lane, Jim Choate, Lanny Couvillon, Mike Kerr, Howard Giles, Bill Pollard, Connie Testerman, Mar- porie Shwall. Row 4: John Zamzow, Wayne Pow- ell, Mike Masterman, Claude Doty, George Thomp- son, Lewis Colgan, Ron Maxon, and Jonathan Pinne, 'Wea N f' JOURNALISM ll, SPRING: Row lr Alena Kazaa, Sue Manzer, Marie Garcia, Benn, Diane Cole, Judy Weiss, Elaine Reeves, Margie Sutphen, Diana Jenson, Sponsor, Jonathan Pinne, Mike Kerr, Mariorie Schwall, Bonnie Miller, Chris Pam Marvel, Evie Mitchell, Joyce Weiss, Janet Nese, Beverlee Teftt, Barbara Frank Pickett, John Zomzow, Dick Brayton, Clayton Mayes, Herb Noll, Mike , Claude Doty, Keith Stepro, Art Zepeda, Dan Smith, Dave Degenkolb, Lester Ostro v, Wayne Powell, Lewis Colgan, Mike Gates, Gerry Sulling, Audry Van Dam, Betty Madron, Shirley O'Lea, Mandy Carolyn Scott, Janice Rives, Joy Lewallen, Karen Knudson, Row 2: Mr. Jerry Weiner, Bolls, Murial Mclean, Elaine Gardner, Linda Mortensen, Dee Lazzaretto, Pat Stevens Moore, Mary Sprodley, Danny Howard, Jett Burr. Row 3: Sherrof Huff, Loren Steele Serisawa, Larry Cruzan, Richard Hubinger, Jim Colby, Richard Nemec, Don Glasshoff 97 fi k . DRAMA AWARD WINNERS ll-rl DRAMA SKIT played by Tom Hanson and Bob Bean Bob Bean, Maryann Lo Bianco. Madcap Mimickers Mock Misery This year's drama classes produced many fine actors to entertain Bendom during as- semblies and noon activities. Many of these drama students carried Franklin's name into Contests and Tournaments throughout the city. Repeatedly during the past year, Drama Teacher Marjorie Gillin, brought shy Drama l students up out of their chairs and onto the stage to become regular stage "Hams." All young "Actors and Ac- tresses" who have ever had Mrs. Gillin as an instructor will attest that she is a great drama teacher. Tripping the light fantastic are trio of Mike Pymm, ll-rl Maryann LoBianco, and George Huertag while "Mister" Bob Bean and "Mrs." Margaret Evans wink knowingly, Sean O'Connell and Roberta Jones, .lo Smith and Joe D'Amico, are en- grossed in each other-so Howie Huang, Bob Pratt, and Gary Cavaness are despondent. Glowering Mrs. Mariorie Gillin glares at disrespectful activities as Manuel Cantero waits in line for the hangman's noose Jack Shiffer is using, Big Bang Bonger is Eddie Mann, assisted by gong holder Ronald Lindsay, Lance Gross, Peggy Gray, Marilyn Colson, and Victor Schiro admire techniques of Eva Gastelum and Tom Hanson. t .ex M 3-35 l 'W 'ml 4? .Q DRAMA 'l: Row 'l: Robert Martinez, Mike Stuart, Karen Wood, Dianna Dunnica, Jim Anderson, Mrs. Moriorie Gillin, Mary Leonard, , Wayne Schneider, Bill Hites. Row 2: John Youngberg, Sallie Shearer, Glenda Reilly, Yvonne Sylchak, Judy Wiess, Jerry Trosper, Jim P, 1 ul ' ff C Sq 'KJ 5 ffl K 4, ra , Aff, , 2, , sf ki n '5 , -K, Z f ' '- N-'A 5 ' M ff f 1 1' J' , 2- f ff H '. . 'cw 1 HQ' 2 " H va l'-- ' Vgkx, F1 STC Xxx 0 fZ - 1:2 g e, 332 z o'5'5'm CD 5-Z0 :1 CD FOV- an--7 R 3'2"'m Q1 '32 rr' LQQBP PP' fnz H' 335 ? I-o-1 300 1 :mmm mga, I3 P S no fb -U Qian 0 -,3F,'g Em: f D ,, CCQC -:K " lQ8-Q.fJ7 m ...wo U1 0 1 Q '-wC0 Cn 351 3 '3-UO Q55 92 223 l-U 553 FD 3 2.35 H 525 fa' 3 Il fD '59 ' :gm U2 gg-4 :v-"'1l'l-l Ulf-l I-w CD SQ Km Zag- -oQ.fD H ggi: LQ.- :.u"-.- 4 lo? 033' gg M.-Q cn Q84 QN 7: . 5 Sf- CD 21 Z rn 0 S2 A ..0"' Q PI x 0 3 3 - lm D 335 Rei o ms C-fo. ,,, Z ng-A O 25 0 "-A2 IE. 5 fjjw '-J 5,5 E 'Eg U1 23' vi ig-c Z2 rw ami FU F53- 0 -EL-. ,O Z 3-mn" H og Z USU' 6D 12 E N43-CD Aa F O5 U1 ms -tb l"l' ga, A Om I-I. Q T 43 4' 1 rn. LQ gm :O 5 CD Hof gf? r gr? E! 332 9 57" Q .1 2 5 30 3 X 3 'fi NK Peggy Gray. Row 2: Neal Myers, George Morris, Miss Vera Whitman. Louise House. Row 2: Shirley O'Lea, Miss Vera Whitmann, Stan Friar. Rufio 7 X . XR! e er- S' 5 x 'uw T' -.47 MISGT. CHARLES CRAVEN caught in the act of fiendishly spying on his cadets. K! f W:'5:5 When a Franklin student enrolls in our ROTC program he receives invaluable training that will serve him well in later life. The extensive training involves such subiects as military organization, courtesies, customs, rules of conduct to drill command, weapons, markmanship and small unit tactics. Should a cadet take full advantage of all the training and knowledge offered he will indeed be ready to advance rapidly as he becomes a member of our armed services. Franklirfs Outstanding ROTC 4- ROTC COED STAFF, WINTER: Jesse R. Payen, Pat Reed, Ronald Morgan, Mary Distarce, Bill Althouse, Donna Walls, Paul Buzanski, Nancy Andrews, Neil Shaver, and Linda Savelle. ROTC COED STAFF, SUMMER: Beryl Greg- ory, Paul Buzanski, Julie Unfug, Neil Shaver, Pam Marvel, Robert Solano, Gloria Campos, Thomas Catherall, Carol Wilson, William Cash. Among the many ROTC social activities in which the cadets participate, the most nota ble and enioyable is lhe ROTC Military Ball OUTSTANDING IN MILITARY KNOWLEDGE and scholastic achievements was BILL ALT- HOUSE, former Celestrial Ephe- bian and ROTC Lieutenant Col. DRILL TEAM: Row I: Tom Catherall, Richard Suazo, Joe Van Meter, Richard Keriro, David Markowitz, Robert Solano. Row 2: Jack Shiffer, Robert Suazo, Domingo Saltana, Bob Shifter. Row 3: Frank Pickett, Lewis Colgan, Jim Syler, William Cash, David Melvin, A COMPANY: Row I: Mike Pfeiffer, Mike Reilly, Richard Ballard, "Howie" Huang, Mike Luciano, Paul Buzanski, Anthony Regalado, Ed Matthews, Bob Campos, Eddie Baker. Row 2: Don De Fazio, Bob Shiffer, Mike Kaemerer, Patrick Lerma, Dennis Keen, Richard Keprio, Frank Robles, Richard Suazo, Bruce Bundick, Charlie Yurko. Row 3: David Markowitz, Luis Flores, James Colgan, Richard Miller, John Youngberg, Frank Pickett, Richard McClellan, Charles Maggard, Gonzalo Castaneda. B COMPANY: Row 'lz Jack Shiffer, Robert Suazo, Steve Rochte, William Cash, Neil Shaver, Neal Myers, Domingo Saldana, George Wisegarver, Tim Stonecypher, John Hjelm, Wayne Luke. Row 2: Joe Loose, Anthony Fuente, Roger Shriver, Larry Ruiz, John Dickey, Stephen Karrasch, Robert Dodd, Jim Follis, Lewis Honick, Bill McKinnin, Row 3: Tom Catherall, Edmundo Lopez, Oscar Fuentes, Jim Syler, David Melvin, David Haupt, John Elam, Steven Johnson, Wayne Asborn, Robert Solana, Salvador Altamirano. Y 'T Ya-4 4661 i-Af y i I 31 A. fm .. U ' gmfggf 3 . igfggvg w 'PJ' Vs Q- gr-- Swifter than the cheetah arther than gazelles tronger than the lrons Fascinating all the Belles Are the athletes of the Congo Winning excellent reports For surpassing all the Franklin foes In one of many SPORTS ALL-LEAGUE ALLEN JACOBS shows top running form from his fullback spot. Allen "Bulled" his way through the op' positions rugged lines to accumulate 56 points and take top awards in the North- ern League scoring. Jacobs also gathered up 693 yards in the League race. SENIOR ATHLETE STEVE VOIGT is pictured above at but one of his specialties. Steve passed, kicked, and scampered his way into the spotlight all through the '59 football season to come up with the greatest of his awards, for Steve was also elected to the Helm's the greatest of his awards for Steve was also elected to the Helm's All-City second team to break Franklin's all-city player draught. Steve also capped top honors in the league for total yards rushing by mounting up i278 yards in five games. FIVE FOOT SIX INCHES OF POWERHOUSE would best de- scribe Franklin's ace kicker Joe D'Amico. Joe was the varsity elevens defensive line-backer who roughed up many a stray opposing ball carrier that had stolen through the Ben line. Glridders Cop Crown in Wave of Glory Franklin High School's varsity grid squad finished out the '59 season with a tri- umphant record of 4 wins-I loss, to gain the "Northern League Crown," for the first time since l948. Coach Spraker started out the season with a group of some seventy green, inexperienced athletes who by mid-season shaped into the Polar League's best organized iuggernaut. The Ben's blazed through game after game always looking forward to the next game, never living on the glory of the last victory. Franklin's great season of victory was topped off by placing Steve Voigt lNorthern League, "Player of the Year"l and Jim Colby on the Helm's second All-City roster. In Coach Spraker's words, "This is one of the greatest, hardest fighting teams l've ever coached." LANCE GROSS, Right halt-back MIKE MASTERMAN, Lett Tackle JIM COLBY, Right tackle ALLEN JACOBS, Fullback Second Team "All Northern League" Second team "All Northern League' First team, All Northern League," and First string "All Northern League second team "Helms AllACity Teams." Ti 11' xi cv 1 14 ..-J' 108 STEVE VOIGT, with moss of blockers in front of him, rambies on for another of his famous iaunts as he goes for a first down in the Reseda game. HALF-TIME BRINGS ANOTHER OF COACH GUS CFOGHORNI SPRA- KERS' midgame pep talks, Spraker brought his fighting eleven from behind in many ci game to come out with thc victor s crown. PREPARED FOR ACTION are the Varsity first string line as they await the snap of the ball. left to right: Gary Kassel, Jim Colby, Floyd Jessee, John Cook, Ed Langford, Mike Masterman, and Claude Doty. Coach Roland "Gus" Spraker, head varsity coach, suc- cessfully finished out his first season as Varsity gridiron J mentor. Coach Spraker was greatly aided by Line Coach Alex Morrison. This duet shared the teams hardships and heartaches during a loss, and shared the joy of a victory. The team awarded both coaches trophies after the season was completed as a token of their appreciation for the great aid that was given them. i X scone BOARD 1 y 1. Wilson sr,,..,,,,.,,,,, 26 - 20 .s,,s,.,,,,,,, Franklin GUS SPRAKER Alex Monmsorq 2. Glendale ,,,,..,,,,.,,. 6 - 19 ,,,,,,,,.,.... Franklin Head Coach line C0001 3. Hollywood ,.....,.,, 21 E 16 s,,,,,, ,,,,,, F ranklin 4. Eagle Rock .......... 7 1 13 ..,..,s,,,,,,, Franklin 5. Marshall ..... ...... 1 2 - 19 .,,s,,s,.,,,,, Franklin 6. l.inclon ,,,,,,....,.,,.. 18 - 12 ,,,,,, , ,,,,, Franklin 7. Belmont ,......,.,,,,,,, 6 -- 13 ,........,,... Franklin 8. Verdugo Hills ...... 7 - 13 .............. Franklin 9. 'Reseda ...........,.... 15 - O .....,. ..... F ranklin ' Denotes City Semi-final Playoffs VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD: Row 1: ll-rl Tom Hanson, Steve Voigt, Kurt Hardy, Ed Langford, John Cook, Jim Colby, Mike Masterman, Claude Doty, Floyd Jesse, Allen Jacobs. Row 2: Dennis Prestel, Mike Oieda, George Chamberlain, David Pitz, Clayton Mayes, Joe D'Amico, Rudy Geck, Jim Ott, Gary Cavaness, Gail Erickson, Ted Karg. Row 3: Coach Roland fGusl Spraker, Bill Huff, John Squires, Gary Kassel, Roger Jones, Grant Bennet, Stephen Skarepine, Mike Klein, Coach Alex Morrison. l I if 'Y 'I E1 47? 5' "? sm QE we fg 35Q51xisN4E,3'-?"fg 35 as 49 x3-5sg43,ie ' flaw r f 'J 1 t J jg ,,,.,,. V' X Ar + 'f1.!5,'i"'1?qQ V 'F - Q !2.'5i.+ 'S' 'Q . X ' EGQN Xpf, ,.'fV ff44v414.a 43l4f-wf 1NS 3Q ffX Q - W... --ff . 1 1 . 'bf V . , I Q M , W Q -Wwmvw v , ., u W 4253111 , M rg: M 1 ' M ' 5 V 'Wh P f , . .. E13 s is yiyizji . H, 'N f f ' J 59 wwe. K1 'ff 1. - il , 'gif 3 1, v If ' I ,, YQY' At- 'sq Www 1 I 4? V' Q v W N-. , 3 7, , V J Q E '....fx :A gt, I gy 5 V' ,W :cl -ii. 7:8 " Q 'Y 4 L 1 E " ' '+ 29 1:-' Q , . Q 1. ,,,. ,- rl ,..',,p,,, . -1 I I A -A . I Y .J 1. 'N --2, '-U., 9 in ,T,kM,,':!g,,, 94'-A X X, ,lv ' rvflw, QJQA. Q L4- x . ,, :,,-,ffh rdf'- 10th GRADE CROSS-COUNTRY SQUAD, Row 'lz ll-rl Coach Tony Spangler, Terry Morris, Mike Shirley, Larry Warren, Sal Altamarino, Jim Follis. Row 2: Gary Gallen, George Parker, Roy Voorhies, Bob Specse, Nick Carson, Ralph Sutliff, Wayne Schneider. ve Record Year orks of this year s thinclads as the rs did not bring home a champion- stron d since Coach Spangler came to cr w d by such stand outs as Danny Somme nd Dick Rea Junior Wayne followed by Benny Warren In the tenth goined Danny Howard in breaking the school by far the best team, quoted Mr Spangler. TENTH GRADER JOE TESTA broke school record in 9:47 and was laler moved up to varsity ranks to strengthen the team. COACH TONY SPANGLER FINISHED his last year cs active coach at Bendon, after 36 years of successful coaching, Mr. Spangler has coached every sport except swimming while at Franklin, taking home many North' ern League crowns. VARSITY CROSS . COUNTRY, ll-rl Danny Howard, Earl Clib- bcrn, Dave Sommers, Roger Lee, Rolando Gonzales. Row 2: Dennis Schneider, Louis Quir- arte, Richard Rea, G e 0 r g e Morris, Bob Bauer, Joe Testa, Wayne Powell, Coach Tony Spangler. JV GUS KANE PROVED HIMSELF an able runner this year, earning ci second in League and fifth in City. DANNY HOWARD, KANE'5 VARSITY SUPERIOR, was outstanding runner for the Hilltoppers. Danny broke school record in 9:07 and capped a second in league and fifth in City. , fi L - r Mg, ,Q-v' JV CROSS-COUNTRY, Row T: ll-rl Ben Warren, Terry Gare land, John Davis, John Nord- quist, Mike Luciano, Gordie Rensine, Ed Lopez, Coach Tony Spangler, Row 2: Jim Hueria, Ron Morrin, Stirling Peterson Gordon King, Dan Rcssmussen, Wayne Stefles, Glen Stone, Ri- cardo Munoz, Gus Kane. ff! SCOREBOARD COACH JACK DOWLIN Vors ty and Jun o basketball coach although ha ng a e ects c 6l ea Panthers Varsity Five started off the T960 schedule with a bang as they downed their three foes in consecutive succession to find them selves in a tie for the Polar Loop s number one spot lt then seemed that the bottom fell out of the team s morale as the team s star players Paul Ferandell lwho wrenched his kneel and Tony Perez lwho was bitten by the flu bugl were sidelined Even with the much needed and of Rick Weck .lim Oss Danny Sutton Ricardo Mlnlares and Dave Montes the team faltered and slid down the ladder to end this year s season in fifth place VARSITY BASKETBALL R De e s n och D Rchard e m s c W ck utto n o a Mont s 0 ez a 0 na es P u a de J h Matthe Eagle Rock .,..,, .,c.,,.. 5 l - 60 ....... ......, Marshall s,,, .....c., 6 8 - 5l ,,,,,,, .....,, Lincoln ,s,.,,.. 58 - 67 ....,,, Belmont ,,,,,..,,,.. ,...,,.. 4 7 - 55 ,.,,,,, ,As..., Verdugo Hills ........,.,, 49 - 27 ,,,,c,, .....,, Eagle Rock ....,, ...,,,.c 5 3 - 49 ,,,,,.s ,,,,,,, Marshall ,, ,,,,, . 53 - 33. ., Lincoln ........ 59 - 40 ,ss,,,, Belmont .,....... ..,,,,.. 6 4 - 49 ..,..c, ,,,,,,, Verdugo Hills .,....,...., 50 -w 119 ..,.,.. ....... Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Dowlmmen Snag F1fth JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL row 'I, ll-rl Bill Baker, Loren Steele, Jim Bailey, Richard Hernandez, Ralph Chew. Row 2: Vic Posa- das, Duane Moody, Marvin Goecks, Ed Man, aoth, Dennis Frevick, Sieve Corey. Junior Hardwooders Provide Varsity Material Franklin's Junior Varsity gathered a miserable season's record during the '59-'60 year by bringing home a l win, ll loss record. Although the J.V.'s made such a poor showing, the final result is the experienced man which will be placed on next year's varsity squad. 'rw B BASKETBALL, Row 1: il-rl Ken Furuya, Neal Myers, C o n r a d Thome, Jerry Capen, Coach Bill Bogdonoff. Row 2: Reiny Klein, Dave Testerman, Kenny Krekorian, Harlan Edmonds, Allan Etzel, Gary Kaiser, Efern Navarro. BILL BAKER, top Junior Varsity forward, charges in alter a loose ball in Ben-Belmonl lussle. . . ls! 7 L Top row: Ralph Chew, guard. Second slringAAll Northern League. Bill Boker, forward. BoHom'row: A Jim Bailey, guard. Richard Hernandez, center. VARSITY BASEBALL Front row: Ken Watson, Lanny Couvillon, Claude Doty, Paul Curtis, Sherrod Huff. Back row: Rick Weck, Bill Baker, Richard He nandez Grant net a d B Ike, George Chamberlain, Benny Volpe, Ken Knowles, Coach Jack Dowlin. Horsehiders combine ability deslre The starting nine for Franklin formed a strong contender for the loop crown. Lack ofa strong pitching staff was compensated for by the big bats of first sacker Claude Doty and shortstop Richard Beilke. Having six returning monogrammers, the Panthers did not lack experience on the field. Although the Belmont Sentinels were picked to cop the city crown, the Horsehiders entered the race with the confidence that they could win. Coach Jack Dowlin's nine were loaded with all-league possibilities, having Claude Doty at first, George Chamberlin at third, and last year's second "all league" outfielder Rick Weck. As the Almanac went to press the Panthers were in third place behind Belmont and Eagle Rock, with one round left to play. GEORGE CHAMBERLAIN, number one 10th GRADER KEN KNOWLES gets n chucker on the Panther nine, com- nosition lor fly ball in league contest 1 pleteg pitch in prqgtiqe game with with Marshall, Panthers won ll-5. Grant. Franklin won 3-2. RICK WECK-Left field BEN VOLPE-Centerfield LANNY COUVILLON-Short stop CLAUDE DOTY--First bose with experience l THIRD BASEMAN SHERROD HUFF sets for throw from shortstop Richard Beilke os they catch speedster Lanny Couvillon off bose in practice tilt, Beilke tagged Couvillon for the put-out. H9 .ill"' COACH JACK DOWLIN gives last min- ute information to baseball crew be' fore crucial game with undefeated Belmont, Panthers dropped contest 4'-ns. OUT FIELDER ART COUVILLON con- nects for extra bases in intrasquad game. Catcher Frank Robles watches ball soar to right field. J.V. BASEBALL SQUAD, Row 'l: ll-rl Jim White, Art Coufillon, Ed Heredia, Ron Kline, Larry Marsh. Row 2: Ralph Horan, John Care mona, John Santiago, Sam Rizzo, Randy Morrin, Joe Flores. Row 3: Coach Richard Whitney, Bob Aleshire, Duane Moody, George Thompson, Bill Carlisle, Joe Palermo, Wayne Langford, Frank Robles. Leading the doubles teams are Benny Warren left and Mike Serisawa. dell. This year's Franklin racquetmen swatted their way to a highly successful season, missing the championship by a very slim margin. Mr. "Corky" Phillips, the new Franklin netmen coach, should be com- plimented on his fine coaching perform- ance. The top single players consisted of Don Braunton, Sterling Foreman, and Paul Ferandell. Both Paul and Sterling are three year lettermen while Don, a two year letterman, will be returning next semester. Leading the doubles teams are Mike Serisawa and Benny Warren. From all appearances, next year's season will provide Bendom swat- ters with many exciting matches. Experience Brings Successful Season to Netmen TENNIS TEAM, Row 1: ll-rl Andy Cuellar, Jeff Froehlich, R o b e rt Bauer, Mitch Mulino, Don Brauton, George Deeb, Howard Giles, Tony Saxe. Row 2: Coach "Corky" Phil- lips, Eddie Cuellar, Robert Balder- rama, Pete Lazzarretto, Pete Arvedson, Gordon Balla, David Carney, Terry Lindoerter, Ray Cot. tey, Bill Cotley, Row 3: Richard Lomino, Gordon King, Mike Seri- sawo, Richard Hubinger, Sterling Foreman, Dennis Frevik, Norman Owen, Art Tarro, Bob Smurlo. F s ll-rl Don Braunton Sterling Foreman, and Paul Feran W-4-1 fuimuvll R' .r-.4 ,-"fx -hp 'wow .diff K r .55 . A 1 ... . Y 3 z if .,,'- 4" ff Q fif' ff' 11" 1 -ff Y -If , 1 -Q Q ,V 'MP' f' 'fi 1 fs" YW ,M ,f 'A -rf W' it M M, k,,f"' K ,. -- P kf ' ,ff M i . ff I - fi"-a' lv, , ,K ,V ,A 3. , ,Mk M VA, It 11,2 I5 uffli ,,--' iff 9: dm. f' 'iw awe 'ig "-.. N. M 4, .1 ,LL Y . .1 I . if 'Y M '41 4 ,ni ,iii - x..fff . -Q. , 'W s.x. .4 s.. J x A nw N .f,wQ.xMv-' f""' ' A .. ,,,.,,, - "5 'i 'mv-aifjf w """s.v, , Qi K yu 1 -h,.,,,.-milf!" ' ""' '- N. --. ' A 5 ,L v D fl 'L ,,,...s4 vwsvl Q I I "' wav -u,3"" 'AJ'-J v - in " ' ,Q Y NL ,,:a,g4wflJA' W xl-,x lx X iii ill. i i i X I l . .yro 4 ' x . I, l , I 1 s. .sexi i-+L "UP AND OVER," the call of varsity hurdlers. Left to light: Larry Cruzan, Javier Melia, Tom Hanson, and Johnny Duda. VARSITY TRACK, Row 'l: ll-rl Lance Gross, John Duda, Richard Nemec, Earl Clibborn, Richard Rea, Alex Fernandez, Allen Jacobs. Row 2: Javier Melia, Gary Cavaness, Ed Soule, Vince De Midio, Tom Hanson, Jerry Trosper, Danny Howard, Johnny Redgrave. Row 3: Coach Gus Sproker, Larry Cruzan, Wayne Powell, Curtis Gookin, Ben Warren, Bob Collins, Herb Noll, Jim Woodard, Mike Shiriey, Coach Clarence Ebers. Row 4: Salvador Altamirano, John Davis, Ron De Laura, Terry McHenery, Bob Wickham, John Hielm, Ralph Chew, John Cook, Roger Jones, Bob Slade, Nick Carson. YN I li! 3 BEE TRACK, Row 'lz ll-rl Dee Spires, Paul Beard, Randy Schiedegger, Bob Pratt, Joe Testa, Luis Flores, John Sullivan, Row 2: Coach Gus Spraker, Anthony Fischer, Larry Patterson, Gus Kane, Ed Akman, Bob Lewallen, Sander Neggo, Dave Tefft, Coach Clarence Ebers. Row 3: Charles Congilose, John Wilkinson, Sterling Peterson, Al Guerra, Bud O'Lea, Ralph Hines, Dennis Hub- bard, John Morris. , an ,,a.-FQ '4-Qi?i'S:w Q ee- DA.- MIKE STUART demonstrates his one and one hall somersault ROD KAUTZ shows winning form with his reverse dive layout like position position Aquamen Improve Over Prevlous Season Coach Alex Morrison cmd the Franklin swimming team splashed to a fairly successful season even though handicapped by a small pool which hampered workouts Topping the varsity crew were John Marshall, 50 and 200 meter event, Mike Stuart and Rod Kautz, diving, Jerry Monton uno, breast stroke, and James Bone, back stroke B team leaders con sisted of Bob Lotthouse, back stroke, and Jerry Capen, crawl event Next year s season has exciting possibilities with practically the entire swimming team returning SWIMMING TEAM Row 'I ll rl Tim Doran Ron Leonard James Mone Irvin Cessna Albert Vickers Steve Aldahl Bull Hall Phil Scarpine, Dow Mclean. Row 2: Steve Lindqulst Kalman Bankuthy Charles Dixon Jim Anderson Johnny Marshall Dennis Carlton Rod Kautz Mike Stuart Bob lofthouse Richard Barraza. Row 3: Don Nlelsen Jerry Capen Jr Edward Akman Jim Miller Ed Mamath Joe Nlemann Jerry Montanino Pete Carusone John Averna Dave Squire, Dennis Smith, Richard Jioras Row 4 Terry La Vogue Bob Unfug Delfino Zamora Curtis Smith Vic Kostrulrotf Robert Thorson Bob House Kenny Rider Pete Gaspard, Jim Parker Larry Grimm Gary Anslyn Coach Alex Morrison Q X. fr, . ,NS V N ,f Q' your most dec1s1on Will your first Job mean interesting challenging work working with people you hke an opportunity to advanceo X Q.. Tails 'Q-S mf -6 It w1ll at See your vocational counselor or drop into one of our employment offices WOMEN S EMPLOYMENT OFFICE ROOM IOI 433 SOUTH OLIVE LOS ANGELES MEN S EMPLOYMENT OFFICE ROOM 103 740 SOUTH OLIVE LOS ANGELES or ask your Operator for ZEn1th 10 000 for the employment office nearest your home. 7 O O -2 . -575 Y, ff fx, ,f If fig, 8 f ,J f x ff f X I khifg,-,f " f eerf F X XA, V :.,....:2::m-,,,. ." -I , I 1 5, L f"c'3 e fc" jf X 'I ' ' 0 O THE YORK COMPLETE FOOD MARKET FANCY GROCERIES CHO CE MEATS FRESH VEGETABLES 5030 York Blvd CL 4 3033 CONTINENTAL UNION SERVICE Avwfssotzrfs Pattmzvs' Tues BRAKES TUNE UP MINOR REPAIRS WE GIVE S8.H GREEN STAMPS 4681 York Bl d CL 5 8700 ED S CYCLE SHOP 5663 YORK BLVD CL 6 3581 YORK DO NUT D NUTS ol ci 5612 Yo k BI d CL 7 2596 ARROYO CLEANERS ok BI llr Opuafr Our 0171 Plant We G e S8.H Green Stamps 5939 York BI d CL Ion 5 5066 HIGHLAND PARK LAUNDERETTE Quaizfvf D 1C'I anim, FINISHED LAUNDRY SERVICE 5630 Y k Bl d H ghland Pa k CL 6 6392 HIGHLAND ELECTRIC o N' 5010 Yo k BI d CL 7 4201 J. J. NEWBERRY CO. 5031 YORK BLVD CL 7 2800 DARRELL T STUART CONTRACTOR 4619 York Blvd CL 5 0138 Los Angeles 41 Califo n o WHITES BARBER SHOP F pntHaz1 Cuftzng o Ch ld 4753 Yo k Blvd CL 4 2495 IRes de c CL 6 66681 EVENING APPOINTMENTS FREDERIC HAIR STYLING 5912 NORTH FIGUEROA STREET CL 5 2089 CL 6-9284 . . 'I - J , 'I . - I ' . I ' ri v . - , . . za' T' ' , Men - W men - i ren - r . - i n e - O- -Wh esale nd Retail Breakfast - Lunches - Dinners Socials and Parties -- Idiscountsl r v . - AT Knit Blocking Specialists - Hats Cleaned and Blocked Dye W r - ankets and Curtains -Laundry ' , ,. , . I. iv v . in - I . V! f " I . or v ., i r - - . - Ol' Electrical C ntracting and ' Kitchen iodernization r v . - Compliments of DR. ROBERT T. DALE OPTOMETRIST HIGHLAND PARK NEWS-HERALD AND JOURNAL Established in 1905 Oldest Community Nwspaper in City of L.A. 5722 North Figueroa St. CL 6-4146 FRANKLIN FLOWER SHOP 5533 North Figueroa CL 6-2194 BILLIES SPORTSWEAR Where Courtesy 62 Quality are Traditional 5629 N, Figueroa St. CL 7-0043 MODERN STUDIO OF PHOTOGRAPHY SPECIAL STUDENT DISCOUNT 5625 North Figueroa CL 5-0221 RADIATOR SERVICE Complete Automotive and Radiator Service 5701 York Blvd. CL 5-7904 ROXIE CLEANERS 6005 North Figueroa CL 5-0618 SPECIALIZING IN: Formals, Foreign made furs - Silks, Tafsas, Organdies We operate our own plant Open five days a week. "lsn't this beautiful!" enthuses Franklin co-ed Judy Olson to John Zamzow and Gloria Perez, as the blonde mannequin nods agreement. "For the brand names you know best," Shop at: IVER'S DEPARTMENT STORE 5801 N. Figueroa Clinton 7-7504 DAY AND NITE MOTOR PARTS AUTO PARTS and MACHINE SHOP 5600 YORK BLVD. CL 7-7531 YORK BOULEVARD NURSERY COMPLETE NURSERY STOCK Lawn Mowers Sharpened and Repciired Free DeIiz'erz'es in Highland Park 6015 York Blvd. CL 6-8191 TOMMY'S SUPER SERVICE COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE 4703 York Blvd. Los Angeles, California CL 6-0712 GARVANZA PHARMACY Established in 1904 Free Delivery -- S8IH Green Stamps 6326 York Blvd. CL 6-3311 HUTCH'S CAFE Specializing in Fish and Shrimp Dinners "Fisher is Back" - Homemade Cooking Corner Ave. 50 and York Blvd, - CL, 5-1748 JOHNNY'S TACO HOUSE "Mexican Food as You Like It" FOOD TO GO - Closed Monday Tues-Wed-Thurs-Fri-5:00--2:30 a.m. Sat-Sun-Noon till 2:30 a.m. 5006 V1 York Blvd. CL. 6-5978 BILL AND RUSTY'S TEXACO SERVICE Corner Ave. 50 and York Blvd. Pickup and Delivery - S8tH Green Stamps CL. 7-0724 DUTCH BOY and COLORAMA PAINTS THRIFT PAINT AND LINOLEUM CO. 5560 North Figueroa Street CL 6-4197 GIRARD'S SERVICE 5424 North Figueroa CL 6-9272 E. S. CARTER CARTER'S SERVICE 5825 Monterey Road - OL, 6-3636 CARTER SERVICE SKATE LAND 4959 York Blvd. CL. 7-2030 Special Rates for Parties Home of the Highlanders AGE I4-20 We Teach You How, FREE! Trade with the store you can trust. Sherry Hockman and Gil Silva learn some of the "tricks of the Trade." TAPLIN AND POLLOCK Two Camera Shops to Serve You 5110 York Blvd. - 5716 N. Figueroa Los Angeles 42, Calif. SEVERNS MARINE SUPPLY MERCURY MOTORS BOATS - STA - MIX OUTBOARD FUEL 5531 York Blvd. - CL. 7-3764 T 8. R WOODWORK CABINETS 8. WARDROBES UNPAINTED FURNITURE TO ORDER 5120 York Blvd. CL. 7-0217 Radios - Television - Auto Radios - Batteries TOPS TV OF L. A. "Tops in Service" - Bankamericard Fred and Don Teague Phone CL 5-9690 5913 N. Figueroa St., Los Angeles 42, Calif. CORTLAND'S 5719 North Figueroa Los Angeles, Calif. Fine Family Apparel Styles of California CL 5-921 1 VI'S ARTIST SUPPLIES AND PICTURE FRAME 5401'fz N, Figueroa - CL 5-0054 If we don't have your needs we will order owned and operated by HIGHLAND PARK GLASS CO. Established 1931 5401 North Figueroa CL 4-3444 SETH'S PRINTING 8. ENGRAVING Genuine Engraved Wedding Invitations 100 for 521.95 Each Additional Invitation 10c CL 5-5300 5910 North Figueroa St. HOM FOO LAUNDRY 5726 North Figueroa Open 8 A.M. to 7 P.M. ABLE CLEANERS AND DYERS We operate Our Own Plant WE PICK UP AND DELIVER 5511 North Figueroa Street CL 6-3248 CAlN'S PHARMACY 5700 York Boulevard Clinton 5-321 1 THORNE'S INSURANCE AGENCY "All Forms of Insurance" MARY C. THORNE 5605 No. Figueroa St. CL 6-6754 WEL-DON UPHOLSTERING CO. CUSTOM MADE FURNITURE Estimates Gladly Given 5237 North Figueroa St. CL 6-5248 HIGHLAND BAKERY Home or VARIETY AND QUALITY Decorated Cakes - Whipped Cream Products Open Daily from 9:15 a.m. to 6:15 p.m. CLOSED SUNDAYS 5629Vz North Figueroa Street CL 6-3398 GALLEN KAMP'S 5703 N. Figueroa Los Angeles, California Clinton 5-6422 ELSlE'S BEAUTY SALON Cold Wave Permanents and Complete Beauty Service That Satisfies 3 Operators to Serve You - Phone for Appointment 5818 No. Figueroa CL 4-2402 "FASHION T0 FILL YOUR FANCY" is presented by: FLETCHER DRESS SHOP 5041 York Blvd. cumon 7-9550 PIN-UP TOGS Lois Kerr 5053 York Blvd. Los Angeles 42, Calif. CL 7-6689 ZESTOS FROSTY FREEZE MALTS, SUNDAYS, FLOATS SLUSHES and FROSTY, Packed to Go 4933 York Blvd. CL 6-2897 ARROYO CLEANERS 5039 York Boulevard CL 5-5066 HOME FoRsHEE's MADE CANDY 5524 York Blvd. CL 5-9409 GALCO IMPORTED GROCERY coMPANY ITALIAN PIZZA SPECIALTY STORE Wines and Vermouth - Fancy Groceries 5702 York Boulevard Los Angeles CL 5-7115 HALLS OLDSMOBILE New and Used Cars 5100 N. Figueroa CL 5-5164 WATSON Escrow Service 6251 York Blvd. Los Angeles 42, Calif. Phone: CLinfon 7-7571 ROBERT K. WATSON -- Escrow Officer Dutch Boy Paints Power Tools "Skill" GARVANZA HARDWARE CO. 6224 York Boulevard CL 6-3211 HIGHLAND BARBER SHOP 3 BARBERS Lewis F. Lauriello 5627 N. Figueroa Street Los Angeles "Tastes good-like a TACO shoulrlf' Delia Fernandez takes a big bite, as Charlotte Keith, Gloria Perez, and Hoimrrl Brown also enjoy the food at: TACO TREAT 4937 York Boulevard CL 6-9146 HOUSE OF MUSIC 5634 NORTH FIGUEROA LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA CLinton 6-5004 FOSSELMANS ICE CREAM PARLOR 5624 North Figueroa Street Los Angeles 42, California CL. 6-9163 AVENUE 50 CLEANERS 5039 York Blvd. CL 5-9163 You can always depend on quality clean- ing. Complete Iaundry and dry cleaning. Pick-up and delivery We give A 8m H Blue Stamps ANGELES CO. "You'Il like the way you're treated" 5001 N. Figueroa Street CLinton 6-4161 TOMMY'S BRAKE SERVICE 5929 NORTH FIGUEROA LOS ANGELES 42, CALIFORNIA CL 5-4849 "Or perhaps you zrozcld prefer . . ." Kathy Mulligan seems bezrilflererl by the attractive array of shirts. Perhaps her dad will get both of them! VILETA'S SHOP FOR MEN Since 1920 5631 N. Figueroa St. CLinton 6-6940 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '60 SOUTHLAND PRESS INC. PRINTERS OF THE ALMANAC OFFfC'AL PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE ALMANAC ANTHONY LOYA STUDIOS Specializing in Portraits, Wedding Pictures, and Baby Pictures 5175 Whittier Blvd Los Angeles 22, Calif. ANgeIus 8-5003 RESPLENDENT REGALIA-watches, tiaras, and bracelets are shown to Susan Vaughn and Rudy Geck by the proprietors of: SEYMOUR'S JEWELERS established 1924 5537 N. Figueroa St. CLinton 6-0631 'ABANDON HOPE, ALL YE WHO ENTER HERE!" creative writing - styled by NORMAN G. OWEN "Macabre copy madly created" 238 S. Avenue 51 CL 5-8977 "Masterfiend of the 1960 ALMANAC" "HAVE HOPE, ALL IS NOT LOST!" Creative Painting - Executed by JERRY HARTZKE "Bright Pictures Brilliantly Painted" 1206 Legray CL 7-5073 DESIGNERS AND MANUFACTURERS ' CATALOG COVERS ' YEARBOOK BINDERS ' GIFT CONTAINERS THE S. K. SMITH COMPANY Mamzfacturers of the 1960 Almanac Covers 5260 West 104th Street, L.A. SPring 6-2424 THE STAFF OF THE 1960 ALMANAC WISHES TO THANK MR. JACK CANNICOTT AND HIS L.A. ENGRAVING COMPANY FOR MAKING THIS BOOK A REALITY! BEST wus:-iss TO ALL FRANKLINITES STERNBERGERS RITE SPOT 6138 Figueroa Street RUSSELL INSTRUMENT AND MUSIC STORE 6181 Figueroa Street CL 7-5303 YOUNG PRINTERS 5514 York Boulevard Highland Park Clinton 6-4112 The ALMANAC staff svncerely thanks all who have gnven their generous support and cooperation In this teamwork task of producing the 1960 ALMANAC To the faculty and admlnlstratron for the unselflsh time and advlce to the leadership class and student body financial manager Norm Owens who were responsible for the well orgamzed and smoothly run sales drlve to Mr Anthony Loya for the very fme photographnc servuce to Mr .lack Connscott and has Los Angeles Engraving Co for competent prlntrng to each and every student here at Franklln who helped In numerous ways wuth our production efforts and last but certaunly far from least the merchants f H-ghland Park who were so kund as to help flnance thus proqect WE THANK YOU' ALMANAC STAFF OF 1960 . . . , , , . . . . . . . , A . . . . . v . . . . . This is the way the Congo ends Not with mystic V00-DOO For attaining goals and reaching heights Can only be done with "YOO-DOO. This inner spirit extends beyond The throbbing of the drum The pulse and drive of your own red blood ls the truth of things to come. ID if f,g, ,I I f ' ,- wx ! J v , 1 IJQ, rift u Lf, dj Z1 J rk' I 1 C I L 14, 'U f , v L, . v 1 1, I V 4 u 'Ti L :WL Z ' 1 v I Tfjr U X I K X s , lf if I f ,HW A glli I X I 'I g ll ' ' ky. I, X NX SWMXA-LW? , xr I. vc' M , I LW, ,,,'Wy L K Fefe, zwrkjl I -N, ,M ,i bw W 0 A T 1 if 1 Ximg, VW A G4 Lf? fx f' , 1 P 'f 1 s Y '41 I Q X, ' 1' 'f fnimf , '! i I ilu u in fxkg' x v If Ilkl K 'xfwfl ' Ax' fa '. JL! XR 'i f SV, . N V -.1 X xx V xx, 'X uf L. ,. x Lf . 1 v It 5 . Aff! I' V 4 I 'll A ' 1' lc! If-I . L ,, f ,. f f' 1 5' I U , K V ,A. -.1 4' "1 f J' "W QV' Xw .3 gli Sir' k, T I1X?.f1kfxY -01,75 4- NL dj , X - 'PI' L I wg.: F D Q" Qfir h f ' W A' Lf xi I MLB :fx . ,XXV M 2171" M- 171,10 -X 'X , 1. X W .JAJML , ' I V N ' 'MJ Z7 1 if ,I I U ' 1' f Qfffa ll I .P 91 , W ' K ' 'f JJ .J rf TJ, ff Gig f7i, 1!f VW zfv' ' 1 J W .X W 9 J x X ' I I 7 T' XF . Q T' x3 rx. ML 6 4 I 1, x PXXX N x I . Q" L .fist C , Af K 'x N, - x if 5 N' x T31 bi V . J A IJ I X Q U ' -J n , , ' X 4 N x M Q Cf V ,YI xl, 'b u I S ' ' 'I W' - E x WV 'T Nw Q JN 9 v x X ' 'Y xx! VJ' fi . . v .X . X 4 K x -, , X -wuuquuqi C 4 76, - MJ, XE rX -X. V -MR N, 1 X, , X XJ J . . , g, K .X M X . TN , h ' 7 .A N , Q A MF 'NH ,Jw 1 fs J J x N. A -.J L X J X x x w l I a 4 I i QQ19 ff? M3 Q 5121553 will 'i Es' ? sk L, 9 7' 1 . V X , 4 if, 1 VV" W, I , .yy , f I ' KI 1- H. 5-., I J, 0, if ft' af, I Ls 1 1 A Q X3 5, Lb L ' "J ff M 4. W , I . ' , gg' ,' . f , I L"' ' I -"' f' 4, v -' Q ' L 1' LL bf Lf "f Q 'V lj 'J " I Irv .1 ' L- , V I . 1.3" I ifxl N , 4 In flu, I ,. J V La 1 ' ' G," j -I P, WL 1' 1 , -' ""' ' f ,ff " l ,gf ' ,ff Lf' ,C J v X , , ' . Jw ' 4 ,ll fu, , A U J , g, X Q L X ,. , I H VHVL, rl! J V Y Lf! I ' f Y Q W' f ,uf , f 1 fly xr 1 R VV ax W X ' ,K " .V nf L J bu ' 5 V S j L jx 0 f QL - F : P 4 Y 1 I' ,H,,"y Halal, , 1 5.42, ,, ,I J y m . 1 i Q , tx N, 1 . 1 'P r 4 .V , , 4 ' w I M. L ' 1 W I I K 'Q , I f ' . , I ,. J - V n ' 'C f . W A 4 Xl' -. ' X V R 1 s V .K ,Ny x 1' f 1 , . X

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