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. 1 5 i- H, W 7 A - 44A- X2 ""' 6,7 A - 1 '? 6 4 - f fig W C6225 A "5" 0 -- , X TC-Q x I iiwfi, V wzffww ' 2 wif 852852 iii , 2 W 55 mi WMWB A, m y i W gg . fg ygazq ig if fb W? , 2 , WWW ffffi 0 Q - rjlfiv Q ,M Af MW wif is fy ff ,ff f ,Q 44412.55- W A u mf A5 9,7 .fl-ik WW , ff'f"'4 V- iw- W if? xi 2 Qfiilfvf JJ jj Miiaxg of wa Gr fx QR Xia Wir JT ,O kcngie gfigy ggi, Sy gil ff QW ,L 5iqz J I A SWA .40 7, SJW Zibfwaiffgwfwifui X VJ 5? W W7 MMM t Q f , J - W W QQ JWZZQW QQ N fi! WWW jigwfliffm pdzsjffjjyffx j ,WK fy. MWMWWw 'KV veg f W ' , Lljff fzilllpiljw' A fbw fo ' JW W4, M' , Q Duffy? MM I AMW zhbfji wwjwwfwpywb QQL jf? 54? 'f fy W ,W if f 'Ffa in Lfpffvjv ' X ' gy ' ' mf afgwc , gn Mmm 7+-M A W , f MM, J X If A WMLV ,f fa Ck mmf M1 ,LMJ 1 L J X ww im X ,N , , , J -yfwu ,jr QP fo M W H MQ, PM 0,13 V A MM F MWQM-Jay sw-, 3 QU pi? ,O M 29 , f-ww OVW X" uoxjd 1' , f MMWM A ww! Jig MJ JA' P' Py VW Pi' JV Hs ,V fx' J- I fl my MM My NQAYVA 'Vi , I .V K U1 , W' ,uf Q JU r, ffy I Spy Lilj I. QI:-' ' php F blfy lop- 'milf' J: Of' I JU , I Z -J N i 25 R . i 3 ax 'J QF? i 'Q Q5 1' 1 L'-J bu, X , "' L LJ, my L KM Q 7 .?"1'I"'f53 sb 155 , ,Nh QS ..,, X kb Q ., K. flux ,AJ .YP QQ L, "M--211-F A gf! . 1 4 ' fl 4 4 v' W . lg 1 ww f N if My M M if pfwww pf M aff 3X Q V' , WWW. Dyspjx' H It xi Vmqfkgf JW ,Uv 09' Ny' YL. A Hx 1 ,J 'mf My VNMDMWCQJPAW vwjyfj hywvvbcip gy my V MQ, JV MW 7 W bf p" ?f N V CV, 'N bl xxvpfgfl xy ' kjklltpvx JV CV iAPCXV,3w J ,V N5 J J mgzfffdbjf Q Ffvjx I 7,32X ,w Wyjm ' f, Mu JIANJXVJ NXQJU Q - .K M11 35 ' 'pn fgpiyngyd gijfbc YV A x ep M W MH jgjjvvbi u' of? A 513 v W' N-1' ZLQLZMAZJBA 372 Ziff Rfk ggi? fQf5lf2' M S QWWWR A M0 ew Q? Qu Q1 N ,fax S5 , ' e L w X K ff - XX 6 w 1 N.'x .' I J . x 1 , '1 'I ,M I -1 'WA X f . -.'?AL,,bLj'f"""I ,l44fV ? 7h , W V7'lf' :ff f' ,UM I J ljiULi 1A4:L.,. infill M! f f 1 A ffl '. W lfhhy ' za L l f CW f 4 97' J 1w" L ,,JW 4f" 5 JM M! , WLcfZ 7fgw1ff M1414 ' ,ff ' 'WW ' IL f' ffff, 1'L' Q! aww 'vvffi Wg! Z L L , f' Q Q1 A M 55 i Q9 JV ,W ? Q W any W N WCUJU UUA R35 fb qi . A KTA Lf 1 037 ' YM I X v f fijsk U Q fx is fUwW Zu J ,J Ll F3211 13 1 5 Miha YW , fb 3 . Io , 'D ' 0 he Q f' , lim QQ, ,ff 9 W QW X 121. Q X 1 'A 1-YQ .':g.g 4 , Y 3' ,v A V P J WZ W u J 1 s f 'A+ Q , - 5 1 ' x I fl Lx j 1 I f 1 Xl I I lx , 5 , C KTM- K " " A M., " 1 , '1 X M " f wi "'x,fAw.gH xtliyg , X f X Q 3 fx Nxxiit 'v ,0'75,- C-YASA , - Nm K' f .-, 0 X X Q' -4 t' L J x ik 'L , ' x N. in ' f . 1 rl , 9 A 1 ' ' Q gl , . s zffgfj Q 12 ,4. 3, XI, , ,, ' 3"g2g',fg' , , ' till' Q X-,K I Q ff 'X ill n 3 L.. ' Y X ' r I "'. Q1 m g X ff in ':" ."'vA'. si' 5 A' f vll J 0 1 ,Z ' 9 ,f f f Q Z s X 1 ' 1 I AX. I QKZX3 C ' ! . cy, J. V MJQRII .1- k H' I V oZV21'f'l-2 ,WM-IVI'NM1mM ' If ' J igifijt :VX f :ME C-1 10.5 M, 'IW .WNV WW 4' PD I fb' JI ' if JMS! M NI I we My . - fbi, , A 'U Rf. Ji A Table of Contents gp -iziwji . NP . f'! ' I Faculty,4 ,IW In I I Sd A,, MM? PM W X ff JM - tu ent CllVlIlCS,8 .M U M E My Classes, I4 AA WWA T40ffA W CIubs,36 ifywff The Arts, 50 if V5 DM? ip C, ' JQJ Publications,58 xx -Jzjkxox Sports, 64 14 if R SEQ 'W .I 1 Rfb of I f ., N cal 5 Ir Ad ' BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HIGH scH lo Y Los ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 4550 0 EDITED sv MARGARET DYER yn DRAWINGS BY ROBERT DE lA ROCHE ' .1 ug- ' ll I I - L VU V . L, aim A34 I cl I m CI n CI K .5 I if If C fy 7J JM I Q QM! I if M IJ M , flfbi r I 0 A X LV Y in f f ,X Af I 1 . I fy I If! f ,I ff ff , Y DL V, My ' , 1 X ,,,, N 'LQ ffl! X QI 7 'ffl jjj Jig 1 4' 0,16 ,.,,V!LIF ? WU , J Z0 Lf! I ,fI ff if ,Wi I R,.I 'kj ' fag!!! If p f! I U I f MCD J I ff W IR ff XO , C' Ax, " , ff? K 4 ff? , W4 yy ff j if fm W f' , ,W U-ffQQm fp! X7 if , lf ' ' K V!! , W as XX E ,, All fa' l tl I if . ,W if f S lr! , f 442, EXW w 161 .X Benicimin Fronklin's Birthday January 17, l956, was celebrated around the world as the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the birth of Ben- jamin Franklin whose Poor RfL'lI6II'lI'.S' Almanac gives this publication its name. "Ben" Franklin, as he is affectionately called. is known for his kite and key and his dangerous tampering with electricity as well as for the literary help he gave to Thomas Jefferson when he wrote the Declaration of Independence. lt has even been said that if "Ben" had not figuratively rubbed oil on the heads of the early American fathers during the writing ofthe American Constitution and "The eye of the nzaster will do more work than Imflz l1islzumls." ea , t pq at A, , X if Q f sac! X M 2 alska BOYS' VICE-PRINCIPAL, Mr. Leroy Dooly, who is in charge of boys' activities, has two children, Kay and Dick, who attend school in South Pasadena. kept them to it, that document might never have been finished. The staff of this year's book would have welcomed his presence and not a little of his oil, forthe job which they set themselves, that of answering, "What is an American high school?" turned out to be a big one. But being the first to recognize their inadequacy, they most humbly offer this small volume of a year's history in the lives of over one thousand "Bens" as a pictorial description of classes, sports, and social activities, which stirred together make an Ameri- can high school. GIRLS' VICE-PRINCIPAL, Mrs. Elsa Mae Smith, whose daughter, Martha Ann, is at the University of Southern California, makes girls her business. Business Department Lefl to riglil, mp to lmltoni, Row I-Mr. Ken lmamura. Miss Doreen Minsberg, Mr. Edward Robings. Row 2-Miss Vera Wittman. Mrs. Mary Aultman. Miss Lucy Morris. PRINCIPAI.. Mr. lfarl Barnett is new to Frank- lin this year. coming from Narhonnc High School. His son. Billy. goes to school at Meylor Mhool in Rivera. l 'ff its l . ,, Social Studies Department Twp In lwllfmi. lvfl In right, Ron' I-Mr. Frank Hess. Mr. Wil- liam Warden. Mr. Ftlwartl Moroncy. tlrlchind the Wheel Driver 'lrainingl Mr. Clarence Fhers. Mr, Robert Malcolm. Run' 2fMiss Fayt LCC. Mr. George Ingles. Mrs. Margaret King. Mrs. Lucille Fitts. Mr. Ralph Pettit. Mr. Harry Hol- tlretlge. Administration HEAD COUNSFLOR. Mr. John Hoist has an eighteen month old grandchild. whose father works at Lockheed. RlEGlS'l'RAR. Mr. Rex Miller has two grand- children. one girl four and another two years oltl. l wg X ff' VJ' 5 H. il-.yi msg, ., , X ji K ' , . Q31 --- .il , , . .- .' ' " ' 4 - AJ. 1: fix ll ...N X Q, n X Q' giJiU ,,l7CQl g . ' lil Z . ll x will -1 Mmxnvnw In N X . rwfL41r'f ' ' Tiisgm - g . . . N LM' 4 ,X x W Q ,1 rflv l l I 'll N l X M I my me y 4 . , f X f ug x gs .NW , , , ,. . D ,x X X Q 'sg ,f f ,.' P ' Mlli jf' J ' ' 4" V, af -I 919' N lxvx Jai w M F-1 Ars y s S5 s 1 ' wx Q NX ' ff l 5 L W lllll s N 5 A. w M M F .Nm " .I . K .gs-gi 4. if A' . if a-fs gb n w . X XX if M.. f 1. Q s Ls., lm' V . fx .A is-Al lf-2" -1 A Nb k K- X PU 5' 'W s ,N .llffiall , qi lr-s E 1 .- A K1 ,JU - T241 '1'X. LM leliv gf. sv f 21 it 'tl ,l Jxflvf' ly' ll ' I slllL.1wlf e A C , .N Art, Music, Home Economics Twp In lmmml. lvff lu Vflijllf. Run' I-Mr. George Kaum:nhach. Mr. Don Gustafson. Mrs. Helen Cyrau. Miss Priscilla Beattie. Run' 2-Mrs. Ruth Broekman. Miss .lean Henderson. Miss Ann Robison. English and Language Top In fvnllnlll, left fu rilullr. Run- l-Miss Grace Wolf. Miss Harrielte Shanks. Mr. .laels Hess. Mr. Murra3 Shapiro. Mr. Marshall Crawshaw. Mr. Raul Aguirre. Miss Grace Bonaro. Run' 2-Mrs. Chrystal Murphei, Mrs. Marjorie Gillin. Mrs. Florine Jackson. Mrs. Funice Grilliu. Mrs. .lean Sandlie. 6 Faculty " 'Ti.vhur1lfnrun vnrpzy Img In .vmml upright." Science Department Industrial Arts Top In hotmm. lvfl to ri,1Jl1I.Rnw I-Mr. Philip Jones. Mr. Carl Hentschkc. Mr. Allan Sherry. Rm1'2-Mr. William Sherinyari. Mr. Ivor Krantz, Mr. Harry Holdredge. Twp In IYUIIHIH. lwfl In riyhl. Run' l-'Mit Winfrcd Hullocls. Miss lN1:irionConnors. Miss Patsy fartcr. Mr, Alhcrt Wagner. limi' 2-7-Mr. Melvin Kindy. Miss Eva Carlquisl. Mrs. Ruth Major. Mrs. Vivian Porter. N xo g - Q f any 0923 ' , X, 1 :X 0 5 J A4 S' LL ,foliar r'-- fr il L fi f 'fig' V I in-T g, s I ., 5 . .ls t i ' i ff! l , ,'j.QiP,rf C 7, 2 a 'mi' y ij if ' 'YIM 1 .,.,s-Ml. v 'Q4 I' -Q.. rl A I l I X 'jr tix 4 l iAlNrNv:':LL.F'ZgL, ff X ' g V 1 'X Vx -. E... i -'fri sz xg- i li' if A l'Wf'XlWQu111lmut'w- ' iq IT . Y , - fl J Srl 7 x cp va. , N an Mathematics Department 111,710IHIIIIIHI.ll'-flIrll'l.L'flI. Rm: I- Mr. .lohn Alhrcchl. Mrs. Nlnrgzii'ct Ciuimlcr. Mr. Alhcrl Wagncr. Mr. Ralph Mullen. Rim' 2-- Mr. .lohn llovilin. Mr. Vlinfrcal Bullock, Physical Education Imp In llUllUlIl,lt'f1 lv l'i,L'l1I limi' 1-f-Mr. Frank Hess. Mr. Clar- cncc Fhcrs. Mr. .Iohn Dowlin. Nlr. Roland Sprakcr. Mr. .lohn Spangler. Run' 2--Miss Louise lfrnsl. Mrs. Calhcrinc Rios. Mrs. Flsicmay llowlin. Miss Palsy L zirlur. Mrs. lXlai'gui'ct King. 12:4 ge tm' 18 "A SfC'6'.1Ifllgf0.l'C'l1H'lI6'A'II0lIUIl1ll'vV.H Inside The Closs Rooms Modern Dance Girls sprint across the gym tloor as they ex- press the mood of flight in the class of Mrs. Catherine Reis. Ceramics Mr. Raul Coronel, student teacher from State College. shows how to do it while Stanley Hansen finishes throwing a howl. sisis fi x t f - fl?" tk 5 N . '1 ' D ' ,, , . lp gy , f,,. ! ,. , A Library Candidates for Ephehians, who are chosen for scholarship as well as service to the school. are introduced to the faculty in the lihrary, .1 WM Q wx' .. an .-as , Drafting lhe lwoys. hy their eomplete absorption in their drawings. show their interest in their work. which Mr. William Sherinyan. during his thirty years at Franklin. always inspired in his students. Driver Education Mr, lfdward Moroney emphasi7es the im- portanee of the program to Cordelia Con- ners. Paula Dove. Louis Riggio. Yvonne fiillilll. Norma Ciastelum. Beverly Sparks. Cooks 'lhe stall, whieh eooks all the meals in the lfranlslin High cafeteria. takes time out to smile. l.t'flmrigli1-Mrs. Willie Miller. Mrs. Anna lispensehied. Mrs. Harriette Biseo. Mrs. lena Hagemeier. Mrs. .losephine Lanstrum. Mrs. liethena Briggs. Mrs, Beulah Nelsen. Business Manager and School Secretaries l.o1t'w1' riyulir llllllffl, lcft In right--Mr. Donald lfong. Miss Dorothy Atlenauer. Mrs. Graee liauhol. Mrs, Marguerite Carlton. Mrs. l.ueille Haworth. Aeronautics l.oii't'r lwff plmro' Mr. Melvin Kindy gives flight direetions to his crew in the trainer: 'lhurinan Paul. Deloris Baker. Virginia Majorica. Richard Ortiz. fx A l XR -. tm Q env vrsx s1::""'Y 'f' 'TRIS Q1 M if gx fff' U ES ,,..,g'imi :W rin ni'-g "li :I Chu, V 1' , L41 in . team s f 5 gy , ft Ing! s get f ' i fig? .4-"rf i ,e e - 5- f ply?- .. A? K' we cf , , fit f .K 4 -4- .7415 iii-1 i f I, if Y A.. w .. W? ' as S. I., ,... xQqff is X ,. A-it .fs zii .. if ' Q X t tst ' JA ,ig 0 Stk k q . C3 Cai' fl . . . lost time is never found again." ln The Closs Rooms This photo of Mr. Harry Holdredge, caught unsuspectingly hy Charles Vaubel, took first place in the Alnuume Photo Contest. Louis Riggio snapped Betty Thurman, Working on the largest bowl ever made at Franklin, which was later exhibited at the Bullock's Scholastic Art Show. Lower left plioms-Mr. Murray Shapiro outlines the assignment for his English class, which appears to he listening intently. Louis Riggio made these Casual shots. Lower right plmm.v-Mr. Charles Carnes, new drafting instructor, is a gradu- ate of Western Loyola, where he majored in industrial arts. His hobby is gymnastics, and when in college. he was rated among the top twenty all- around performers in the United States. Anthony Loya, the Alnzunuc stat? photographer, sneaked in and snapped this quickie in the middle of Mrs. Ruth Major's math class. Roger Sunde appears stunned: Jerry Farmer, in deep thought. Hljllft' .slmltm fell great Heller." Winter Girls' League Cabinet I.1'll In riuhlflrexinlent. Kay liumlg Yell lender. Mztrinn Neely: Viee-president. Nzmey Andersung Yell lezuler. Curuldeztn Wnll: So- Clillk'll2Ill'lll1lI'l. Susie 0'Mielx1: 'l reusurer. Mary tktrlttngtiizig Secretary, lliatnne Bishopg Spun- wr. Mrs. lilsienuiy llmxlin. 1 Winter Boys' League Cabinet Lvl! rn ri,ulrr-Spunsm. Mr. litlvvztrtl Rohings: Winter Vice-president ztntl Summer President. .lim Perinu: Winter President. Mike liurl: Secretary-Ireztstlrer. Tum Vlfickliurii. Summer Boys' League Cabinet l.t'fl ln rightffVice-prenitlenl. limi VViekl1:un1 Sponsor, Mr. l-alwnrnl Ruhingsg Secretary- treusurer. Mike Margie. Summer Girls' League Cabinet Top In lmtlum, lr'fI In rielll. Run' lf-View presttlent, sllllt' llrtvwng President. Susie 0'Mlelzt:Seeretx1r5, llizine Steud1SueiatI chair- niatn. lzturatlee llurperl llistnriun. Paula lime. Ron' Je- Yell Iezulett. l.indu Mason: Spmixur. Mix. I-,lsieluuy Dtiwlin: Treunurer. Sue llenxley. r t t l Girls' ctncl Boys' League , r ,iuxsqu 3,1 Vw XL 'f L - 'Sf' - ff fi, fvf, 5 5 if? Q ' 'L J JM nw Student Body President. Dennis Fitzgerald My Winter Leadership Cabinet Top to lwtfonl, left to riglil, Ron' lilrene L0- zano. Dennis Fitzgerald. Carol Moser. Row 2' Freda Wilson. Andy Barclay. Rose Cimarusti. Mike Earl, Kay Good. Mr. George Ingles. Government The 1955 Leadership Class inaugurated the sell- ing of activity cards, which allowed the purchaser to enter all sports events and pay assemblies. lt took part in the P. T. A. Drive and arranged for assemblies, including the "Ebonaires." William Warden as a German schoolmaster, and the an- nual Christmas musical. ln 1956 the Dave Pell Octet, a panel of speakers from the lnternational Club at Los Angeles City College. and a Me- morial Day Program were featured. As a final gesture toward financing the handbook for new Bl0's, on the Friday after Easter all the ears in the neighborhood were washed elean. Winter Leadership Top to bottom, lefl to righf, Row I-Andy Bar- clay. Kay Good, Danny Hensley. Sonja Dial. Jim Perino, Richard Riesen. Claude Elliott. Paul Porner, Gloria Matherly, Sydne Kogan. Walter Kurtz. Alma Vickers, loan Roberts. Frank Bruce. Row 2-Norris Pratt. Mike Earl, Marie Wirseh- ing. Carol Field. Mike Rogers. Row 3sDennis Fitzgerald. lrene Lozano. Freda Wilson. Rose Cimarusti, Carol Moser. Jackie Perkins. Carole Cena. Ronnie Green. I2 "A plnnylinrmz nn his lvys ix lriglzw' llmn u .L'l'lIlIl'HIllII on l1i.r Am'c'.r." Student Body President. Richard Reisen Summer Leadership Cabinet Lvfl rn right-Nancy Anderson. Bill Burch, Jeanne Hill. Richard Riesen. Mardel farllon. .lane Paulenko, Carl Keith. Summer Leadership Top In lmlmm, lvfl In rikulrl. limi' le Mr. George Ingles, Bob Burkett. liharles Poehler. Deanna Sehlott. Kay Hilton. Frnest Vargas. Mike liarl. Stan Crehs. Sharon Mathis. Byron Romig. Rose Carmona. Frie Spelman. Rosemary Kurowsky. Run' Zflvlardel Carlton. Margaret Dyer. ,laniee Hardegree. Gloria Matherly. Barbara Carl- wright, Deanna Nelson, Betty lon Costa. Rieh- ard Riesen. Eddie Totten. C'arI faniplwell, Ron' .F -Bill Burch. Naney Anderson. Susie D'MieIa. June Paulenko. Dolores Carmona. Carl Keith, .leanne Hill. I3 , P , 1 U . 7 1 x ' 4, K ' l r " - N 4 1, . ,Af P , , If 4, E N ffl!! x f yi ff p 5 xo' ' X P . Q V 15 J - f .I , f f -., 1' . 3 7' fd B ff!! fbi rj!!! Lv J X if Ng 10,1 I J If .14 ' w ' , lf, fl! I", 'X ,fy 11121 C GSSBS 3 QW -W X X , , I ig 'Tl 56 '1 A N ,.,. Y 9 Q 63' ' 4,27 Q 4 l 5 R 'Al' MM' 5 1, I ' , f I 58 4 :fb fa, F' 4 N F N ? .' 0 4, in ,f f ylwff A J'fQf"MfJ1Jo!ZQ'yPff J AJWJ' ff! ffifff, M f 'mf WW AXM-ff-7 1 Nb u I K dx '4 we X N' "" ' ' J X M W f Q eq! ,gba it x ' NAB' X S 5 ,. 2 1 X N :E ,Q in li f I A S", ' X , 9 fl x :iiS"?t+..ns:9 S, wil! 9,08 '3' 'I - oN39 ff f -Q53 '9' f 7 g I I A ' V I , IX' 1 , lul ,.f' masse? J 1 L Ma: :H i W I Af xhnllflg, xll .ld fins' E wi! - 2 If I , x O4 an .1 'i .1 'uu- I CD ln- CD dl N .. N A 2 T, i s.. S 'SC 'r- - la Cc E s la K. 5' 'C Q Q Q. O IX KJ 50 E Q. lt N VD C f. 'Q .- Q.. Q.. -N, 'Su N. N 'CL 3 1 'L N ':N -4 C 1 Q NO .-1 L be N v Q la L VD 'C s.. A v fy -K Q. A M Q. Q. D SUMMER WINTER WINTER WINTER SUMMER 4-3 .. U .Ad 5-1 5 an .Cf c co : - Q.: E S l. -E c: 3 7x C E 5 'E Q4 TE F' N L GJ U L.. fi O Q- T.: 'U fi -.. ... 5 L G . 5. -e S4 51 ,.. Q.: 5 L.. Q- VJ B-1 L.. O Z .N : N TE C x Q. S-4 GJ 50 :TJ x.. :C 5x SU 9 5-4 :ss I resident U 8-1 ': CI CYS or 4:15 wg En 64: ,CJ :... if Eb kr: Q-'r gl! .35 Ava V1 I-1 KUL- CDU 0: M2 CJ M53 '-0-I E2 ,S-4 :CS g.: QU xi Q-F sa! vb 'sn A33 YI .. I-4 O .cn 0 Of. C Gin Or: 'z gf- gba Wk X lg wi .35 lv: E3 Ad o c I CU .gn UCD :s-5 -Co. Um ,yo :C QU... 3.-I Ls 'bk .35 bro i 3 92 OC -c ME CU -gm 'cs fi: .JE N.. 50 in EJ 225' LE wi .gs Avg Q.. CI' It Wa ny Be Treasurer, Moudy Ray l'E'LlSlll"6F T x.. GJ O- L.. rs I U 2 CTI L.. O .-I S. 5 R 2 Chai oeictl S MMER SU MMER SU S C o C CII o Cf W .-, -Cc: EUS" 'gqrizsff O figs. 5123.2 ..- N img? ZQUSH K 'M 'z N Qu NI N N 'L 5-. C 99 fir 500-ot. L-4p,C:1I :UUQI pe: L-.Eg 'ggi-E: as ff S00 Egi- 5353 wi-'EE 'N v4 kink'-J E-2352 Llvgfi X A.: Q ... .. 23? DTJz zrg xiii H .. QEZ E0-,U FU "D 655 525 Qi? 'YNNW wyx 3:9 2.142 L0 E -I was CC OE Es: N.- Gif -LU 3E: 32:52 E 45, 'Six 2 QQ? 231.2 V29 3 ini WINTER Fx Woolle ob President B s I Vice President, Dcnni Mea Secretarv Jackie Perkins , 1.-,i.aaxf:Q. A ,dn ol 1, J Nu J 0 dv-N 1 I Y -S3 'L' 4, j... ul.,-f -Q n fx Q- ' ng ff ,M :P ,rw 4 4 0 ..,, ' 2 v '-'fi GU A wh. ."" .1 ' s IX4 'X x -N ,Q CN! CD .1 ll 1 , . 'Nw W s I8 1 v - Q1 5 , X , .qv N EN 4 5 n ku' FN P F N . 1 I -J .dk I lIlt1llllUlltIll,.l0l'll'1 Giors lfpllulvifzfix, left to ugh! Rose C'imarusti.Dennis Fitlgu tld Carol Pymm The Dordonions The Dardanian Class presented its colors ol' rose and charcoal to the student body in the Senior B Sweater Day vaudeville program. The highlights ol' the Senior A semester included Dress Up Day. which was themed "Film Fantasies." with Billie Goodsell and Carlo Norton elected king and queen. The theme ofthe Prom was "Winter SIilI'C.lllSl.-i1ll1Ll the crowned queen. Marian Neely. The Dardanians ended three years at Franklin with vespers and a hoat trip in San Pedro Harbor. lemvw' plmfof top In lwttum, left In right, Run' I- Carole Cena, Billie Goodsell, Mr. Winfred Bullock. Marian Neely, Danny Hensley. Sonja Dial. Row 2 -Sandra Wilson. Carol Field. Carol Moser, Carol Pymm. T Q ,,,..--"' -,,...,-v-- 1 fx if fe-s if ,F ,,,,....----1' A '15 uv-.1 --.-, TT? Daniel Lee Alexander Mary Rae Arvedson Richard Fred Atkins Gene Baea, Jr. Michael Patil Bankey David Livingstone Bates Marguerite Vida Beckwith Linda Biekle Mary Charlene Blim .John Bonani. Jr, Joyce Marilyn Brandt Beverly Carol Campbell John Paul Carius Antonietta Carmen Castiello Carole Ada Cena Rose Jean Cimarusti George Joseph Cindrich. .l r. Kent Hight Cooper Sylvia Michelina Cortese Anthony .Joseph Croupe Lela Patricia Dane Bruce Hyrum Davidson Antonio Delgadillo Sonja Carole Dial Gregory Louis DiConli Patrick Lee Dorsey Claude Lovern Flliott Carol Fernandez Georgia Grace Ferris Carol Field Dennis Alfred Fitzgerald Stephen Clark Gates John Albert Giors Rosalind Kay Good Billie Joy Goodsell Michael A braham Gottesman Walter Fugene Gray Ronald Lee Green William Randall Halverson, .l William Robert Hardwick 2l Lyndon Claire Helier Danny Max Hensley Betty Lou Howe Peggy Annette Inglis Donald Rayner Jarvis Wayne William Jeffrey Donna Ruth Jones Sydne Lee Kogan John Edward Law Richard Edward Law Cheryll Linda Levstik Dorothy Evalyn Lindsay Mary Louise Locke Lewis Leopold Lopez lrene Lozano Stanley Allen McAllister Harold David McBride Larry Melvin McCrea Daniel Neal McClure Ruth McRohbie Jacqueline Rae Monroe Benjamin Montellano Stuart Irving Moore Gary Taylor Moore Carol Moser " . . . Ilv Ilml gum' ll lvm'rnu'in,u, gum' ll .xm'1'uu'iI1g." On Senior Prom night, Marian Neely was crowned queen hy Danny Hensley. Senior A presi- dent. Kay Good. Irene Lozano. Carole Cena. Sonja Dial. Billie Goodsell. and Joyce Olson were chosen as princesses. Also pic- tured is Marian's escort. John Woolley. 22 .a. 'A . ,. l'lu'rw t.-111 lm t1lf.,,lf,,i- Ullfllllllll in ilu' 'L'l'Ill'l'.H lhe Dartlanians are dancing to the theme of their Pront. "Star- dust." Ciilhert Steven Moya William Sidney Myers Marian Carol Neely Carlo Raul Norton ,loyee louise Olson Peggy Doreen Parrish Virginia Marie Phelps .loyee llene Pickering Carol Ann Pynnn Arnold Hack Ralls Shirley Ann Riekers Angelina Rodriguez Mareia l.arney Ross Daniel Sanehel Ronald Merthain Scott llernadine Adele Silgen Bryce Fdward Smith. .lr. Wilma Marie Smith Carol A nn Sorensen Phil Nelson Stalker Douglas Darwin Stewart Gary Russell Stidliam William Jerry Stoneeypher Marie Adele Strawser Mary Louise lhilenius 23 --no 1 3. ii, 'ww' '42 fy 'N Darrell Branden Thomas Socorro Merdedes Vasquez Maryanne Veil Alma Aline Vickers Raymond Arthur Waldsmith Patricia Louise Whiteley Freda Alice Wilson Sandra Irene Wilson Virginia Marie Wirsching Caroldean Catherine Wolf John Leonard Woolley Catherine Mary Zepeda Dennis Lestern Zeugin Lynnel Zimmerman CVIIIIJUITI Shy John Joseph Lawlor Omer Melvin Ragland Military Robert Irwin Johnson Claude Elliot, John Carius. md Dennis Fitzgerald are making sausages of Ronny Green on the Dardanian's Dress Up Day. These pretty misses are thumb ing their way through Sweater Day. l'tIll'Kllt'flH'ltllIA, linda Hoover, June Paulenko " You an' yuiuzg, and liurc' fill' world hvforf' you: smop ax you gn tlirmigli il, and you will mi.v.v niany hard llum1p.v." 'I'he Capris presented their colors of electric hlue and white at the traditional Sweater Day Program. At noon balloons were sent up and were later reported over Fagle Rock. At the Senior B Christ- mas Party Santa Claus distrihutcd gifts. The Senior A semester hcgan with a party at the Moonlight Skating Ring. Pussy cats, humpty dumpties, owls, and dwarfs infiltrated classes and halls. portraying "Fairytale Fantasy" at the annual Dress Up Day, At the Prom. "Southern Nocturne," the Capris danced on a Southern plantation. After the Vesper Service, graduation was held in the Hillside Theatre at Occidental College. 'lift' if tr' lx -sw . " . 3 Af 'Q at 6 5 " 2 Q.. . I1if?hl'l7lllIl.Y, lvft to right, Bill Burch, Bill Frecse. Mike Magic, Walter Kurtz, linda Hoover .lune Paulcnko. Susie O'Miela. 5 -, l 4 tg -C ' 1 , X lj 9 J ff x 1' if , 'LX A 1 , . l , ' S 56l x i I l 1 1 f X gi t'3+11f-s, XS, if V 1xfQ'f1T,',5.f'.'.'X' :Q L- X :fail we A ,Q IX ,"EYL93T , . , , ,. X X fl 'K 1 lf! 1 X I Vi 'tix' 1 X ,I X vv, x NC U g ff' til " Q " V , 11 is 4 X.. .-Qu Senior A Cabinet Top In lmllnni, lvl! In riylil. Run' l W- Walter Kurtz, Mr. William War- den. Rm1'2--Kathie Clif- ford, Carol Priche. linda Hoover, Mike Earl. Sulic Brown, Maryann Hamlin, Marcia Nissen. Run' ,fr l.eila Collins, .lanicc Har- dcgrce. Kay Hilton. Anita Gay. , I 25 Ellen Ardene Aisenhrey Patricia Mitchell Alden Russell Alden Sharon Leigh Anderson Nicholas John Angelos Sharron Lynne Ankers Marie Louise Atwood Deloris Lee Baker Mary Josephine Baker Andrew William Barclay William Andrew Barclay Roger Roy Benson Carl Eugene Berry Curtis Steven Bianchi Marla Kay Bilton Dianne Adele Bishop La Dawn Kay Boyd William George Brchm. Jr. Martin Harold Brodsky Carol Dean Bronson Suzanne Karen Brown Frank Lee Bruce William Edward Burch Gladys Grace Burns Robert Rush Burns 'lihe Highlandairs. lost on the way to Capri, were Ned Tharp. Mike Farl. Fric Spelman, and Max Marsh. Ned 'lBharp's enjoyment ol' life will he a memory for all who knew him. Although his death hrought about his early gradua- tion, the Capris. as they leave Franklin. feel the influence and inspiration of his ready smile and warm friendliness. 26 -Q ar '-- -J' fs-...nw n-ix us. 'SF ai QSQ' Y-. ai? My l f . A, X 1 ,ffl ' N '. ,f ll RN J 1, 1 F , rw Q . 4 5 5 hs .xxx vu- K ,um iii V7 QP 3 -sv Q 'K 5 4- 5 ...-1 i so s if if f'f xx A "When the w4'll'.v dry, they know Illt' worth nf n'al4'r." Senior B Yell Leaders, left to right, are .lune Paulenko, Mary- ann Hamlin, Sulie llrown, and Ann Watson. knior H's immediately after the Sweater Day Program are living it up. Carl Monroe Campbell, Jr. Mary Catherine Ann Carfangnia Cathlcne Marie Carlson Mardel Gayle Carlton Delores Amanda Carmona Barbara Kay Cartwright Gary Martin Cederslrom Patil Albert Chivira Mary Kathleen Clifford Barry Eugene Colby Leila May Collins David Gary Cooper Frances Elizabeth Corsentina Flizabeth Lucia Costa Flaine Mae Cowie John Stanley Crebs Larry Eugene Critehlield Cleo Gail Cunningham David Arthur Dark Doris Shirley Deane Armand Salino Mario De llenetletto Wanda Louise Debski Albert James De la Pena Richard Alan DeMond .lack Watson Dent 27 3. SNA. in hx XXX 'Y' t-1 aypg, ,fi xk. , sf' J 1 ij xv it V , W s .S 4,3 . is B, X .,., , xkvjkitf, . .. X. me Fx. .. -, 'fa -if-fi mt f., 7 gf' be Francis Irving Depetro Andrew John de Ruttie Rose-Marie De Stephano John Frank Devietti Leonard Joseph Dhein Betty Ann Diemel Loretta Helen Donnell Connie Virginia Dungan Ellen Lucrita Dunn Julie Margaret Dyer James Michael Earl Jeanne C, Earl Mahlon Lee Eaton Larry Joe Eggeman Rune Magnus Eriksson Diane E. Erskine Marie Eleanor Estivo Rosalie Mary Ferro Jane Elizabeth Fischer Thomas Parker Fjeldsted William Forgnone Nancy Lee Foster William Arthur Freese Sylvia Carol Gallin John Fred Garbo The monster. Jeannie Hill tree. "We're Capris and proud of lt' "Goff lialps llznscf who help rl1c'1r1sc'li'vs." What ix .lane Fischer doing? J Marie Atwood. Carol lriehe. and Mareelle Wood are sweet enough. Milf' llllll lii'a'.r on lznpc' will div f11.s'lin.L,'. " " lhcre go the balloons to Eagle Rock Y" Norma Ciaslelum Anita Rose Gay Carol Ann Cierritxen Douglas Richard iicurtx ,lamex Donald iiilhertson Michael Ilennix Gleason Belly Jo Uoell Salvador Jessie Cionlalex .loy Ann Cionlcl Palsy Ruth Gregory Shirley Ifvonne Cirilwhle Filwaril Ciriego Harvey George llaixman lN1ai'yann Arlene Hamlin Fredrick lflmer Hansen Stanley Christian Hansen Kermit .-Xrpanl Hareos. ,liz lfrna .lanice Hardegree l avxrenee Woodward Harding Warren Dean Harger Sharon Kathleen Havskinx Diane Belle Haworth 1'aroI,Ieanne Hill ,letlrey .-Mxeln Hinkel l inila Ann llooxer wb -4-1 .2 fX Q3 v ff- ff 3 '29 S Edward Alan Howcroft .Iohn Michael Hoyne Eric William Hunter Richard Sergio Jacinto James Richard Jacoby Rex Daniel James Michael Jamison Margery Louise Jann Audrey Adele Joe Anita Louise Johnson Vallerie Ann Johnson Ella Joan Kelley Eileen Claire Kelsea .Iohn Henry Koontz Walter Johannes Kurtz Janie Pauline La Bianca Michael Samuel Lacasella Dennis Lee Ladner Patricia Ann Laubert Karl Konrad Lauer Christopher M. Learned Annabel J. Lee Ronald Alan Lee Robert Norman Lindoerfer Helen Carol Lofthouse "Drive thy b14.s'ir1z'.v.v.' Let nu! that drive fhl't'.'H Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. the witch and Prince Charming won the prize for the best group on Senior Dress Up Day. Little Jack Horner. alias Bruce Warner, seems pleased with a plum on his thumb. 30 ,M If fi A., in fr-F' All m r malta' cr man lwciltliy, wealthy and wise." "l'.'arly lo bed, early to r1'.x'1' Five Chinese hrothers and their mother. Lian you timl lN1argaret Dyer? .Ianyee Ann long Ray Nelson l.orin Julian linrique l.ueero Peggy Glen l,unsfortl William A. Meflure Wayne William Melorinacls Robert l.eo Meiiuire lhomas lidviard McMaster Michael Lawton Magic Doris ,lean lN1arkhain Max Liornlon lNlarsh Donald Ray Marr .Iames Robert Martin linnla lieth Martin Gloria .lean Matherly William Douglas Mathews Sharon Marie Mathis .Ioseph Franeis Mendieina Virginia Anne Milford lfarl Miner Rieliard Lester Montoya Marsha Gayle Moore Patricia Kay Moseley Charles Edward Mowers Donna .lean Mulvaney 31 Mark Jay Nelson Marcia Grace Nissen Diana Lee Nunnally Suzanne Elaine O'Miela Mary Patricia 0'Reilly William Keith Orr l oretta Mae Orrell Joseph Pagone Sam Anthony Passalacqua Thurman Eugene Patil Caroline June Paulenko Richard Eugene Peat Mary Elizabeth Pell James Jerome Perino Lois Marie Peterson Bruce Leslie Pfeiffer Leonard Edgar Pitts Dorothy Sarah Plummer Charles Davis Poehler, Jr. John Joseph Powell Carol Ann Priebe Gerald Clyde Rader Helen Raff Maethorne Agnes Ream Richard Alan Riesen "Sim'4' 111014 are not sure of u minute throw not away an hour." Don Marr as King Midasg Ann Watson as the Golden Touehg Suzie Brown as theWitch:Walter Kurt? as Hansel: Susie O'Miela as Gretell John Powell as Andy: and Arlene Setine as Raggedy Ann in the "Fairytale Fantasy." 32 Su 5' SWF? it Q3 X ., if ' . if ,- , vw Qw F gs, - J , . X s 4 A , , I V! 1 , . - ' s W' S3 , Fig 1 3 R e s -is wwf ,xizefmng it ,a'x4 as ara Gash m'll1l'l'l' arf' not yuirix witlioul pai ns. ' ' 'lien l.ittle Indian Clnls The Two Musketeers? Paul George Riis Ronald Wayne Rinker ,lack Howard Rohh Byron Arthur Romig. Jr, Joseph Rosati Fddie Mack Rose Charles Samuel Row William Wayland Rnluamen .loan Sue Rytyeh Isaac .loxeph Sillillill' Margaret Ruth Saller farl C. Schink Norman Fdward khwenl. Shirley Jean Searl Arlene Ann Setine Anthony Michael Shlllll Gloria Frances Sianel Thomas flifford Silkwood Violet Frances Sinclair Mardelle .lime Smallfoot Donald fharles Smith Franklin Orville Smith Beverly Yvonne Sparks Mary Sue Speed Frie Grayson Spelman Charles Fugene Stanley Stephen Stanley States Frank lindsay Stevens William Joseph Stewart Gary Arthur Sutter l.eta Faye Taylor Fdw'ard Frank Tess Carole .lane Thompson Gayle I.eland Thompson Betty Ruth Thurman Ronald Tonkyro Alfred Fdward Totten Jerry Wayne Trapp Nikola Trumho Mary Stephenson Tufares l:llllll7Cll1tXl1l1 Van Burkleo l.arry Roland Van Slate Charles Allen Vauhel Armando Villarruel Bonita Grace VVaddell Betty .lo Walker Bruce lrwin Warner Ann Florence Watson Clifford Norman Watson l.a Vonne Ruth Weigel "Now I have a slzvvp and a ww, e'i'w'ybmIy bids rm' gum! mm'rmr." "Rock around Stephen Foster." interpreted hy Paul Riis. lt's not everyone who has an angel on his shoulder. 34 tr! 'lihe Owl, Violet Sinclair: and The Pussy Cat, Mareelle Wood, looked natural on the campus on Dress Up Day. Kathie Clilford and Eddie Rose as Raggedy Ann and Andy were ehosen as King and Queen of the Pin Dance. Janet l.eota Wieherg Donald Sanford Williams Deloris Marie Wilson Mareelle Evelyn Wood Jacqueline Andrea Yeomans l-'ranees Gertrude lanwovn 1 'ulnvru Slip' Richard Finley Robert De la Roehe l.ujan Apolinal' Vasque! A I ilimry .lanies VVilliam larson "Une rluy ix wnrlli lm: ln- nmn'mi'.v," Ann Watson. Anita Gay. Susie O'Miela. and Violet Sinclair, dance their way through Sweater Day. 35 . rv' f . Ti x A , 5 I wb, PJ " X A , ' W X 5 . Y -V1 1 Q X. A Fw 1 . , by Ugg! QV R L! 'X 'U Av vw Q L ,I ,fx Z KW N iv r 1N K" PV V9 H CP ff, '67, Y iff' N SJW X M 62554 X iq A X1 5 s ' ,MMU 'D N 'Q Y 4 1?-LZ? W W fiw! Wm, A- 5 ffQ,f 1 m iv KN N ii N iw S at J NEW Maj JG .ig s lgffq DF C N '52 R Dwi W wx Vi ix fm 22. ' T if QM we SJ VW 'ii 25 Rf. 22,27 MA 5 X XC, K ' Q N M Q1 V 31:17 U iii H Qi bi 25" C12 M Q9 YQ paw? Fx ' ii mf wily ff? Iii C2-Qt, Xi ai4"ba"gX J Xgf W it if , ' V' Wu 2 S activities wi jj, gf! ifif Hyip, I , PL 5 U uf if . mid XXV . ,PH bin My 0 W kxiyj F 1 J yy J jk f V wp ff W jj ' W vi f ,MJ ,L MK 'ff .9 1 QJ f J JL ,Mb ,W Vi' J lf? ' 'Ji ,VL"' N wa' If 'jj pl 'lf P4 A lf I 4 'ff VJ!! mia aff ,gill IM J IJ. X U U l nfl! V Q JD f L- - xv V, JW DD ff X ' wwggwzywgj 'Q' h J KN QWW1 X ' J QW ' J I Y , f Q X II. ' 5 x 'u Z X 'N 5 , ,fi ff I . ' - x.'b ,I L15 '-5 , ' A ,Aw ?f?,,.M- NZM? -.-Ni l' s f F f - ii' f . f X ffff Z! gf ff' f Q ig W ' fl' f ff' ""' ' f' ff I Ili, I K f , I, X41 gk X N 7 mf N' M W 5 "LH, ff li f 4 af 'f ' ' ? in X X 'Wy' ll, W Yi s . X J Nikwwu X Clubs v I . lu. P 4 W , s A 'fl J 'A ' Y 't 'ss ,'.l.l vi--H.. h Y 1 s 5 I . iv? ll. X V' A 1 - 'A :gl Y. , at ,V N' ' WL . 'i-P7f"" '-.u-2fH- -' , ' X v ls-t H ' ,fi V gsptzi' ' t - 4 Ns l ' . 'I qu - y 'f .gvf Y ,- -E Ls- ' !, ' X . ,, as Q ' ll' , f , 917f"' '4 ,aa ., N! 2 var. . 5 .i. ,- XI'f i7 .Q N Board of Standards Top to hmmm, left to right, Row I-Carol Moser. Ann Watson. Pat Gibbons. Sue Edmonds. Carol White, Mrs. Elsa May Smith. Row 2-Elaine Cowie, June Paulenko. Jeanne Anderson. Key Club Top to lmrmm, Row I-Mat Pfeiffer. Don Smith. Denis Meals. Ed Mitchell. Bill Hcdekin. Rick Gerhard. Carl Campbell. Stuart Moore. Byron Romig. Row 2vTed Reid. Larry Edwards. Dave Pulsipher. George Stanley. Ernie Vargas. Julio Lucero. Marvin Lutz. Mr. Ralph Mullen. Row 3-Richard Barnet. Carl Keith. Richard Carter, Grant Smith, Dennis Randall. Ronald Lee. Wayne B. Bise. Walt Kurtz. Knights Top lu lmtmm, left to riglti. Row I-Walter Kurtz. Tim Burns. Bob Rhody. Row 2-Mr. Leroy Dooly. Dennis Fitzgerald. Chuck Poehler. Arthur Minazzoli. Andy Barclay. Row 3-Mike Uottes- man. Danny Hensley. Richard Riesen. Jim Perino. Richard Montoya. Byron Romig. S1 'H - f"'ff':s+ 'H+-Q M A pf, Wu Girls' Council Imp In lmllurn. lull In riulll. R fu x 0 f lmuxn n L :L u In ullsn N1.nlc VN'llxcI1lv1g. Maury RAL' An x v xr Q XX'llmn. liunmu Allvn. licsslu N1lllII1U mi m Illsmw km lhlmn. M.udcI Kklrltun. xw m x fx 11 1 vm S K x Mahan. I imlu llnmcr. .lgmvl VK nlsug K :ml I nhl In mm nuwn ur Ann llurtun. Mnrilxn Snllcll mul m Xlxxum licmpm l'crr1x. Nancy Vhmds l N 4 u lu Hulchmwn, I,l.ll1C Slcxnl. Iynnlun Ihihl Sung U Muln "l:'urly In lieu' and c'clrly In rise' Makes az man IIFCIIIIZVY, irvulrlzy, and wire." Hi Hatters Twp In Immun, Run' I-Bill Brehm. Don Smith. Arthur Miuazzoli. Mike Carney. Paul Porner, Carl Campbell. John Giors. Row 2-Russ Richardson. Gilbert Mo 'a, Carl Keith. Curtis Bianchi Riek Gerhard Miss Doreen Mins bcrg. Run' 3-Bill Wallauer. Jack Lassley. Denis Meals. Bill Hedekin. Andy . T l,ogie. Tim Burns. Ronnie Lee. X f ,0' , , 321 Q ' , ji Afhenians Twp In lmllum. lufl lu rigliz, Run' I-Carol White. Kay Bilton. Mardel Carl- ton. Barbara Cartwright.Joan Roberts. Dianne Bishop. June Paulenko. Doreen Parker. Dorothy Plummer. Peggy Elder. Sue Hensley. Pat Avery. Mrs. Cyran. Rim- 2-Susie O'Miela. Janice Hardegree. .lohn Giors. Bill Freese. Mike Magie. Nancy Garner. Bessie Mulino. Margaret Dyer. Rim- 3-Jeanne Hill. linda Hoover. Ted Reid, Bill Wallauer, Walter Noll. Bill Orr. Tom Feldsted. Ernie Vargus. Row -I-Bonnie Allen. Marion Kleimpell. Sue Edmonds. Ann Horton.Sydne Kogan. Mary Rae Arvedson. Marguerite Beckwith.Tracy Olsen. Karen Olofson. Alice Braunton. Run' 5-Sharon Hawkins. Barbara Stevens. .Io Ann Harter. .ludie Lamb, Sandra Hutchinson. Pat Gibbons. Jackie Perkins. Diane Stead. .Ianyee Long. Mary Lou Locke. Q6 lo-4 'N J Hr Eglin.: T1 I P Fix 4. 1 'sq' -f .- .- , I m Mix , .-. 91 Alhxvxi as "1 S -.1. f HA? A Good Form luj'I1IIlnII4llll.IVIIIHIILJIVI, Run I 1unnlm:l1.m1. Hmmm- -Xllcn. Nullc Ilnmn. Mus l'.nln f.lllL'l. -Kun XX.nwn, I1-ll.: tkvllmx. M.xl1!1'I 1'.uIl-vu Hun I ,lum- l'.u1Icnku. Nl.lIl1'l'Il XX.1llu'n. lmmrx l.:mlmx. lx.xlhlr1Iut!m1l. M.ulr Arm-ml. ,I.mwu lmug. .lc.:nm- I,uI. l'.nl Xldvn. ll.unlun Run J .lu .-Xnnu lla mcn. Nvlwn. -Xnn llmlnn. ,Imh lxnnx. .l.nI111' Xnulvnnlu, .IL-.nnm' Ilrll. lhvlmrs 1 .uxnun.n Chess Club lull In Imllum, lv!! lu nulll. Rnu I Funny Mulmc. l'.xl 1-lluhllxl. MI. Apuulv. Run llunlmll. Hill I lucw, Runnin' lunkym. Hull W.nll.m1-1. Wanm' M1' fk15I'lI1iiL'k. Iilll I,.IXI1INUZl. Run I l'.ut I.m1hv.'l'I. Aliu' Hlgnlnluly Km ll.1mm.m. lusuzusl Iihuin. MIM- M.np1c, 0 Athenlans Twp In Imllnm, IMI In YIUIII. Run I Vhnlu lhlu 1111, 1h1Hx l'hlIl1 uhm mil. Vhnx Irumhu. NIIR1' Srmlh. lulxxuulx. K1-wn Y11'k1'ls. Ihll XN,ulI,um'1. Hum: PIL-lllcr. lhll lhnulm. Ihuxc llmlmx. Huh N. lhmnll. lluup Nlrlmlls. lim. .' H.1ll'I1'l lllplll. Hmmm- Allcn. Ann llullnn. RAL' M11 ulnlx. lirsxlc Mllllnn, Imm HI wn. l'.llI'I1'I1l Au-lx. ,In.mlu' Sl1.l1lIl1k. Nancy 1i.nm'l. Sm' Inlmumlx. M.u1lxn Snllvll, Jvznnnlm' lung. Ihllcrw Km-Icx, Run' 1 ,lu.mlt.1 .lun1's. licllx Ilmlmgm. Sullu Hluxxll. H1'I1'n RAIL I'vpy1x Ihlrl. Immlhx l'Inmn:c1. lmclm Ilunnull. ,lu Ann llnlltl, .lu Ann M.l1ll1vl1. Yllglllm liumn. R1m.nIlmI Mmcs. M1'1ll.nm SIr.xxu1'I. llmllnllm' Inu Rnu J Alun' HIQ1llI'll1YII. Sm' Ill-mlm. Nunn XX.-11.11. lmulcc llnlpcl. .Imllr l.unh. I.nk1c PUIRIIIN. Iimm- Nluul. M.nx f.1llhIlIl1' c.lItllIH,lT1lll. H:ub.n.n KJIIHIILEIII. lull.: 1nIllnx. Run 5 Mu 1x1.xn. ,l.al1l1L' lI.u mlvulrc. Km Hlllun. Il'11l.u Ilmun, lum- l'.nulcnl1u. .Inns Imllux, Nunn 1YN1n1-Le. Iimnm' lhximp. M,ny1u1l lin-1, NI.mI1'I 1 .IIIIUIL Mlm l.lIl1llllNl 41 Benneffes Top In ITUIIUIII. lufl In right: Rmr I-Nancy Ander- son. Sandra Hutchinson. Diane Stead. Miss Connors. Carole Cena. .Iackie Perkins. Loralee Harper. Row 2-Wanda Compton. lrcne Lozano. Filccn Kelsca. Mary Pat O'Reilly. Elaine Cowie. Angie Rod- riquc7. Marguerite Beckwith. Mary Rae Arvedson. Run' 3-Marie Spunlsh Twp to lwrmni, lvf! to rituliti Row I-Adolfo Arcc. Jerry Savelle. Jett Rellas. Richard Carter. Marvin Lutz. Floyd Caughell. Pete Dorrwalder. .lack Lassley. Keith Hicks. Charles Hooker, Wayne Christensen. Pat Laubert. Row Z-Robert Hurlhert. Tom Coroneas, Lynn Lyons. Leonard Thompson. Walter Noll. Roger Greene. Patil Porner. Gene Trcrise. Barbara Becker. Margie Salzer. Shirley Fgan, Ron' 3-Richard Ortiz. Ken McCrea, Calvert Stevens. Wirsching. Lois Peterson. Linda Hoover. Sharon Mathis. Lois Cox. Kay Boyd. Marian Kleinpell. Julie Millar. Norma Gastelum. Susie O'Miela, Norma Large. Run' 4fMarie Estivo. Bonita Waddell. Nancy Foster. Pat Gibbons. Peggy Fvans. Judie Lamb. Bonnie Halfacrc. Beverly Sparks. Lynn Voorhics. Carole Moser. Sandra Wilson. Hector Martinez. Grant Smith. Mickey Strong. Bill Davidson. Mike Carney. Doug Nichols. Gary Sturequist. Margaret Anderson. Run- 4-- Lorretta Orrell. Penny Moline. Harriet High. Jean Canton. Sue Hensley. Peggy Elder, Glenda Wilkins. Marlene Wather. Nancy Hawes. Jo Anne Madron. Rosalind Mayes. Rim' 5-Virginia Brown. Carol Orsoline. Tracy Olson. .lo Ann Harter. Lois Cox. Mr. Hess. Dolores Carmona. Beverly Taylor. Marilyn Saffel. JoAnn Ehmen. Sharon Mathis. 2 s Aww 9 ,-YQ ,ff riff rf" .qs 1.75. -71.- gQwf3" MCIldS Und MGl'lI1el'S 'IQ-li ni flfillfllll. lrfl In riylil: Rlnr. I 7 Carol Field. Peggy lfldcr. lfml- 3 .loan Rolwgriy. lflainc lloliax, linda Kay BilIon.l'arol Vy'l1itc..Iackic Monroc. Mrx. Brockman. Carol Pymn. Mason. Suxic Shaver. Paula Dow. .Ianc lfiwlicr. Nancy llallilmrton -Xlicc Kinrr, .laniyc llardcgrcc, Rini' I Diannc Bishop. .llllltf l a Grasta. Sue Hcnxlcy, Run' J Olivia Sanchcl, llonnic lialdyyin. Pal :Xxlcllo Sara Gilford. Carol l,v:c Johnson. ,lulic l'oy. Sharon Hill. Bcttc Shelley. Carols Gzirdiiw. Judy' Hclm. Shcrry llill. iiail Sll'lllQlCl'. Corinnc Prncs man. . Spanish 'lop nf lmlmm, It fl lo l'l,L'lI1.' Ron' I--Donna Bill Miller. 'lcd Rcial. limi' X Mcrrcll iirago. Viiiccin Baca. .lohn lil:- Sulimidi, fonnic Pulaslyi. l-'llcn Morehead. Nlcrriam Slravyscr. llurlcnc land. l.y'ncllyn Ruth. ,lcanniu Harrison. Pal I-llyin. lilliam Dimick Kcclcy. lk-xx lriic. Sharon llarycy. Gretchen Allstadl. Alice Braumon. Hclcn Garcia. .lcanninc long. Angie Volpl. Marilyn Smith. l inda Kay Ilamman. Nancy Ciaincr. Nanny lhompxon, Kay Hrandyold. Capcn. Run' -I Malwcl Cope. Sue lfdmonllx. Iiclly loncx. Donna Kiln- I Daw lillxon, Dayid liuhop. l-'rank llcpctro. Paul Porncr. Bill Dimpcl. Maris Atwood. Nancy Woody, Mimi lfavcx. llonniu lcnliarl K lark. l-ll lkigliavotli. l croy iihaxlain. Clary Kccycr. lfric Matthcyu. Nlariana Woollcy, Pal lrncsdcll. .loannc Sliadrick. I M101 X E-itll Health Commission Twp ro Immun, Iv!! m riulzr, Run' I-Penny Moline. Deloris Baker. Pat Gilchrist. Mary Rae Arvedson. Kay llamman. Marie Wirsehing. Pat Lauhert. lfee Ann Winn. Rmv J-Don Smith. Altred Barrios. Eddie Totten. Nancy Garner. Caroline Ferris, Carol Crane. Alice Braunlon. Sydne Kogan. Mrs, Ruth Major. Latin Club Top m Imlmm. Ivfl m rijultl, Run' I-Joe Chestnut. David Nielsen. Jim Millimazt. AI Keller, Jimmy B. Btirghard. Mike Smith. Ray Hesser, Don Smith. Row 2-Diane Oven. Karen Olotson, Clare Hunt. June Totten. Kathy Boemper. Bill Denman. Charles Bates. Frances Osborn. Raw ,I-Judie Monroe. Sherrill Franklin. Dorothy lrautman. Mary Jenkins. Martha Radelill. Marilyn Kling. Patricia Lauhert. Frances Brown. Mrs, Funiee Grillin. Row 4--Marilyn Satleli. Bessie Muiifio.Virginia Giletta. Patricia Gilchrist. Deloris Baker. Dee Ann Winn. Greg Cherry, Sue Spradley. Etiquette Top In Imrmm, left ru rityhf, Row I-Mabel Cope. Miss Grace Bonaro. Gretchen Altstadt. Bonnie Lenhart. Lynnel Zimmerman. Hazel Vasquez. Mimi Eaves, Nancy Woods. Sherry Mahan. Lupe Vasquez. Run' 2-'Betty Jones. Mary Jo Gomez. Joyee Olson, Billie Goodsell, Donna Jones. Birdie Silgen. Anita Gay. Marcia Nissen. Shirley Grihhle. Tina l'orroni. Row .iAL'laudia Sehellert, Donna Lombardo. Laura Priore, I'raey Olson. Beverly Taylor, Ann Angelus, Violet Sinclair, Shirley Rickers. Jean- nette Wirsehing. Rmi'-1-Marion Neely. Antoinette Castiello. Margaret Dyer. Mer- rell Crago. Alma Vickers. Kay Good. Sue Edmonds. Marilyn Satfell. Mary Lou Thilenius. Petltly Parish, Carol Priebe. Maryann Vail. Row 5-Bessie Mulino. Peggy Ingles, Wilma Smith. Sonja Dial. Caroldean Wolf. Virginia Phelps. Marie Strawser. Carol Sorensen. f X f-Ji: M It . lfikftlsaix 'i t X I Xi' ' t. , , , , iewlxtlx 1 t 'ill ' Xe 1" K will A I Mfg , X .. V f , -i.. 1 5 N fi . .ti 1 X Zin x li V it if .. l l ti f - 1? y.i,, 4, tx 0 1 , JL l ut,t,.r X -1 X f . Q! 5 - , ki - .Q-5: 1 c A, T e. 'A "Q s 44 ri , as if Afhledelphians Inf' !ulvulInHl,iu'!l lnrl1:l1V,Ruu' I-K much I mnk HL-xx, lkmnx I zmih. I,clund lhump- sun. Nmnizln Suliwcnk. David Ht'l'll'.HIX. Hull Huuh. Rlulmid Muimwyn. Paml Ch.:- x1l.u Run I Hill Hudckln. Rlclixiui fur- lvl. Hung Nicholls, loin NV1cki1a1rn. I-d N1llk'i1Cii. Huh Rhndy. Wxxllcl' Null. Andy I!.nyI.n. Run V Hill Mulhcvu. Max M.nxh.Sl.inl'luhs.RlLh1ird Rlvscn. Vliuyk Pnchlcr. Nllkc Lili. lum Iiixlainu. luiry 1 Klltililtlli. "Hia u'l1z'c'l Ifluf .vq1u'ak.s' ilu' fUIIlll'.Sl gzfls ilu' gr'1'z1.w. " Car Wash P1lnL' I-url H. lidrncll Icndx ax hand with lhc wdxh hmkct us liichzud Ricxun. Suxlu U'Micl1i. Iluxxlc Mulino und fhuck l'm.-iilcr vsipv: thc zur dimn. Junirc Hurdcf prcc plnyiullv cIc.nnx the missing wind- xhicld. Winter Clean Campus Committee Mr. William Warden. Nick Kurtz, .leanne Hill, Kay Good. Mike Earl. This committee was set up hy the stu- dent body to check the school grounds after lunch period to insure a clean campus. The school day was shortened twenty minutes on the Friday the per- gola was spotless as shown in the photo. , x . . W ff ti' "'9- X ' I 7l'2i? wX tftt N '-,T'lijfi,, Quit ii , Ira A F X KN jswx, 1 xl, QL A ,,.- "1 1 Xt Q' , : ,A w J. -',v,p4" .i lk. l 'iff u' rf F' 7 n ikki? - in W1 , mi f it 915553 ., , V L Ls. Ji' 3, tfnffg r X--'as VM' , ., o 1 , 'fx ' , ,J " YJ I Y , Clean Campus "A Iilllc' Hl'g16'C'I nmy breed great'l1iz'f." Summer Clean Campus Committee Mr. William Warden. Harry VVaaler. Carol Lofthouse. Richard Riesen. Bob Burkett. eff. :'-la .... . ' .fl l 'vi 3. 111554 'yy' t. e l a v,MM2il'Qmhi ,, M' fwfi .V ,l i I ing 43? fn Enix in f"-- -E wfmwf-we :ar l mi I l -7,02 I . gi. PM' Stage Crew Top to hoitom, left to right, Row I-Gary Greene. Louie Lopez, David Bates. Row 2- Richard Hess, Roy Farmer, Bryce Smith. Row 3-William Magee, Ralph White. Row 4-Mark Wyatt, Ronald Ravoliere, and David Wyatt build flats. paint stage sets. and turn the lights down low. six X it Sound Crew Left to right-Ed Pagliassotti, James Nelson. Mr. Harry Holdredge, Tommy Teague. and Frank Stevens are the boys who bring the sound to the ears during all assemblies. Behind The Scenes Movie Crew Top to lwtmnl, Iefl In right, Row I-Jerry Byrne, Terry Dragoo. Norman Willerup. Ronnie Dainauskus. Tom Scruggs. Run' 2- Mr. Albert Wagner. William Massey. Bill Wallauer, Fred McGlashan. Gary McMaster. Calvert Stephens. Dennis Randall. Joe Mag- dalen. Row 3-Karen Fortner, Penelope Moline. Sandra Cavaness, Floy Eure, Richard Ortiz, and Charles Vaubel show movies all day long in darkened rooms throughout the school. K., ,Aff?'2A?K? jim Kiwi, Xffivff' V are ,Zta-fee -,4 fd!! Jaime ,gkgifffc W-A 47 R? fl' Dancing ot Franklin Winter L'iI Civic Committee ljvlw' plnmf. ffl! In I'fAL'lII Mr. Cicurgc lnglcx. Altnu YlCixCIN. Mi: VNiiIi1tm Wtmlctt. Cami Field. Mr. Allan Sitcrry. Rtvnny Qirccn. Ciittudc Filiotl. fifllltl' filmtv "Hunt xpiil that punch. lnixf' my Bcity ,lu fiUL'il zu ,Indie l ntinh mwricx tiimut thc cake ui zu dub tlzincc. Imwl' riyfil filmtv llunny Hcnslcy and Luis Peterson are found doing ll xlzttcly step by Mr. Ken Intzmmru. faculty phtwtu cntittixittxt. lmwl' lwfl ffltfltl Pttlll LiiiLlNii'2l :intl Nancy lflztiiilmrton dztncc Ihmttgit thc owning. R 'X S 48 "Silk and .YdlilI.l, M'1lI'fl'I.X' will i'c'li'4'l,x ,PIII will Ilia' lxilvlivli find" l'lYlP1'l'fPfl4II1l lhc crmxdx juni into thc girlxk gym ou l 'il Civic uighlx us xlimxn hy lihairlcx X iiuhcl through thc cycx of hix c:imci'u. Summer L'il Civic Committee lbiifw' plum: "Nucl ai dull nmiucul plauuuug I-itiukliu Kl1lllCCN.u2l1llACC Hymn Romig. Sliiimu Mailhix, Mr. Willi.uu Wuimlcn. aiml lfric Spclniun. I.mwf IMI. lvlwlu lwfl In l'l4,L'lIl l,uruli:c llzirpcr. Diaiiiiiu Bishop. Chuck Poclilcr, ,lauiicc llaiixlcgrcc. .Xrlhui Miuaif- loli. auul Hill Miulicvu gauhci' au thc punch howl. lfnrur' Viulil flflwln Stun Crchs. .liiclxic I'ci'kiiix. amd Dominic Ruggio mccl :il ai club dance. l- 1 ""mi.. ,4 -5. lv 49 People Are Talking About Three Instrumentalists Mary Rae Arvedson has been playing a clarinet for eight years. At Franklin she was in both the band and orchestra. At the University of Cali- fornia at Los Angeles she plans to major in music. Marie Wirsching not only plays the bass but the cello and drums as well. At present she is un- certain whether Occidental or the University of California at Los Angeles will claim her. Sydne Kagan has played her violin in both the All City Orchestra and All Southern California. At the University of California at Los Angeles she plans to major in sociology. xx. A Designer Marion Neely has created many designs for cos- tumes. posters, using pen and ink as well as water color for her media. While at Franklin she won the Saturday morning scholarship at Chouinard's Art School. When she graduates from college, she plans to be an elementary school teacher. Two Dancers At Franklin Pat Alden has taken leading roles in the Modern Dance programs. She plans to study dancing at Pasadena City College. but she in- tends to be a fashion buyer. Jeannie Hill has specialized in tap and ballet, and has been seen many times with the Modern Dance group. At Pasadena City College she plans to study nurs- mg. slr A Dancer Carol Cena not only studies dancing but has been teaching it as well. While at Franklin she appeared in many' assemblies. She plans to go into musical comedy. la r-.v 1' A Soxophonisi' Curtis Bianchi expects to use his musical ability to help pay his way through the University of C'alit'ornia at los Angeles where he will study engineering. lwice he has played with Gene Normans Campus Club as well as with Ronald l.argc's orchestra. and at Franklin with both the band and orchestra. Four Bullock's Gold Key Winners Im!! nf riglit---At the Bulloek's March show Joe Pagone won two gold keys in Water color: Martha Adams. one with a ceramic bowl: Camella Mcfoy. one with a pottery animal: Tony Delgadillo. three keys in water color. The prize winning pieces will go to the Carnegie -Xrt Institute in Pittsburgh to compete in the national show. Joe wants to study tine arts while Tony is interested in a career in the commercial tield. The water color in the background of a boy at the potter's wheel is .loe's fll fe gif ,.,.. -t 'T' ii ,I k Z l l i I 'Lb I Hfifi s lv C.4t!,,:, J A wry rv ' 'g ' -fx -1 ty! ff ,V X Q , g J, ,ll 2 lf 5 ,,...,. ,FIM ,I l l eco x . I f x xx l X fl W Y , if ll aff A F fx ex fa, '42 N aj ' V fry, C ll N ,,, i x If , 1 li I 0 wr K llllll JK , f Si s , ' r 5 ' f ,,g?i.svf . ' YT" ' " xkfg In ix. rain" Y, ' 4.-rein , :law-Si, fs, pf ,., A Painter and Drummer Joe Pagone won a thirtyrdollar paint box in a hobby show in grammar school and has been imes" Boys' Club has club arranged an th'it Ioe stole painting ever since featured his water exhibit ill Blllllkn . . tllkl II is llkl t . the show. He no only wields a 'int brush but plays the drums n the Franklin bam. ' 4, ends he is with dings and Chico, drumming for ,...--ff' fi -...1 My People ore cilso talking olaout "A life of leisure and a lift' of lazi- r1c'ss are two things." l'ppcr lvl! filming ,Vary Rm' Arrvt1'.wr1 non the Marjorie Gillin Award for contributing the most to dramatic ac- tivities during Winter l955. She played the major role in "Rich Man. Poor rl t,., l X 32953 5 , y We i . .., fe llll ,f ..-' LH .mllllllf it A Nr vii' ll Cf-- -f" CL 75 wt ' 5 5 it Man." In college she plans to study drama. Uppvr right pltotrn' Kay Gum! is shown with Mr. Gilbert Burgoyne. president of the Franklin Alumni Association. with the service award which is present- ed each semester to the student who has done the most for the school and the community during three years at Franklin. !'wi1vr plmm: Mr. Ivor Krantz. printing instructor: Tony Delgadillo. John Giors. and Mr. William Sherinyan, former drafting teacher. are pictured with the prize calendar designed by Tony and entered in the Ford contest. l.mi'er left plmm: Ronnie Green won the Best Actor Cup for Winter, 1955 as a result of playing the major role in three Franklin plays and participating in the Fall Speech Festival. l.mrvr right pltolu: Mario Wir.v4'liing, Lllflllfl' Harper, and Slwrry Hill pic- tured on the T. V. show, "Spotlight on Youth" as "The Highland Lassiesf' s A Q67 . TX! V., ,.:..- rxsiigmt . .A I , .49- Nmgiw , 5 -.. N.-. F . K 1. 1 .Sk --m,,,i is ,, . Q ., . 1 .Ls ,. s .,g,,. ,.. 3, , .., ..- . - N"' ',,. T ' .. Upper plmlm, left In ffllllll, Drum' Ilu- worrli won tirst place in the semi-tinals of the Fall Speech Festival. ln "Sugar and Spice," she played the part of the mother. During her last semester. she became president of the national hon- orary drama club. the Thespians. At I.os Angeles .lunior College. Diane will study acting. Gloria Mallu'rl,v has been publicity chairman for Franklin during her en- tire senior year. She has been drawing ever since she caught her finger in a door and sketched on the bandage. She plans to submit a portfolio to Walt Disney's Studio. lfmntit' Mulino was chosen by the facul- ty to represent Franklin at the Girls' state convention which is held each summer at Sacramento and is spon- sored hy the American legion. Rnlwrt tlv la Rnclltn stall' artist for the .4lnmmn', designed the silk screened cover as well as made all the incidental drawings, which poked fun at everyone from dignified faculty members to fel- low students. Robert has a string of prizes to his credit. including the la- than Poster Awardg recognition in thc Ford contest: a Gold Key in ceramics at the Bullock's Scholastic Art Show. He has also been invited to caricature Alex Cooper. popular M. C. on "Spot- light on Youth".T. V. Show. Art Center is his choice for future art training. His hobbies, skin diving and hunting, add variety to an embryo artist's life. Mary Caswell Winners Winter l.1'fI lu l'fAQlll.' Mardel Carlton. Marie Wirsching, Carol Pymm, Mary Rae Arvedson. Janet Wieberg. Bcrnadine Silgen. and Carol Fields, Summer 1.1-frmriylirs Dorothy Plymmer, .Iackic Perkins, .ludy Lamb. Sandra Hutchin- son, Diane Stead. .Ianet Wieberg, Mar- del Carlton. The Mary Casell Award was founded by the alumnaeof Marlborough School. to assist promising girls tinancially as a memorial to its founder. 53 . 1 f XF W M , Q2 '-114 N95 it-wa. l yr? l r 5 M ,l by .X X WW QW.: yy 5,1 . , 5 ff 'W r Music Makers gwfilf x ,D 7 Tw ' fffjqf gl CY? "A a y, E? li ii ir.. Q X .A . iili'f"' X ,U Cleft-Dwellers Twp In hmmm. lvl: ru righr. Row lAMike Earl. Eric Spclman. Pat Dorsey. Gary Smlham, Row J-Mike Rogers. Don Marr. Max Marsh. Ned Tharp. Row 3-Sue Hr.-nxlcy. Sherry llill. Leila Powell. Judy lilley. Raw 4-Gladys Burns, Marie Wirsch- inp. Nlarucllc Wood. Tracy Olsen. Girls' Glee Club Top ro lmllnm, lv!! In riglil. Rmr I-Leila Collins. Henrietta Vantlerpas. Pat Gibbons. Laura Priorc. Carol Pricbe. Phylis Bollin. .lutly Runnings. Nancy lhompson. Carol White. Row 2-Frances Foreman. Joy Van Slate. Sandy Wielaml, Sharon Walters, Bonnie Baldwin. Margaret Davies. Elizabeth Ruggio. Betty Jo Walker. Row ,J-V Deana Montgomery. Beverly Raymond. Ruth Mckobbic. Alice tiurr. Nancy Halli- burton. .lumly Lilley. Carole Ursuline. 55 , fgkx lk - ' 1 Y-Q9 xii' 'V ' 7 , irq" gl. , 4 M1 iihw l -- N M U xv i 1 'Ji 4. Q fy Q X VO Music and Drcimci Orchestra Tup to lmimm. lvfr to right, Ron' lfMr. George Kautzenbaeh. Marie Wirsching. Phil Catherall. Pat Dorsey. Paul Martinez. Darrell Thomas. Row 2--Norma Large. Hector Mar- tinez, Pat Avery, Betsy Guerra, Jeanette Wir! sching. Mary Rae Arvedson. Curtis Bianchi. Gene Trerixe. Row 3-Sytlne Kogan. Wayne Mcformaek. Ronald Tonkyro. lNlarrian Stravnser. Caroyl Stravmer, Barbara Scott. 56 'I 2 ll 3 Ttfbfofowoftk I1 v 1 vlxvx- j-X3 , t. . x..'1w X ' lvtttl 'sfqthxxg ta 'KX iw 'T vqwttx z'1'!'I'Y-'Mgt Drama Ionic lopcl :mtl HI Burhunx in "You Cunt 'lulw lt With You." Ray lorin und I indu liicklc in "Of Micc amd Mun," louix Riggio and Dorothy Plummcr in t'I'hc Mun Who Czunc Vlo llimlcrf' Dianne Haworth :mtl Miko Boll in "l'hc Hurrcttx Of Wimpolv: Struct." Betty lou Hovxc und .loc Nicmlicinu in "I Rcmcmbcr Mama." Greg Difonti amd Alice iiurx in "Canal- Cade." Dorothy Plummcr and Diamc Haworth in '.HCTl'l'K3I'lllT13l... ,v , , wo., 1 . 1 .,'+. 46 1,tl i 42 . 1 , , . , ' . mis V 5 stilef l, 255 W 57 ' J W '. will learn in no other, and .s'c'arc'e in thai." ttfaff vt. l e , Nw l , M JAX wx XQV 5 J,-fx KW ' lf jf 'i 'cr Myffffeifgzgf rr' Ji 4' . Sf7UlI,NUl', Miss Priscilla Beattie All lidimr, Gg1ryCedcrstr0n1 , l 58 'N i "Ii.x'periem'e keeps a dear sclzrml, but fools Typixt. Y vonne Garza Almanac Staff Tap to lwtmm, left In riglit, Run' l -Nick Angeles, Marcia Nisson. Yvonne Garza. Mabel Cope. Larry Critchfield, Louis Riggio. Pat Price. Run' 2-Margaret Dyer. Marian Kleinpell. Merrell Crago. Rose Marie Dc Stephano. Eddie Griego. Robert dc la Roche. Leonard Pitts. Run' 3-Paul Riis. Mary Tufares. Pete Gallesio. Almctnctc Stoll iff: litlimr-in-C'l1iuf. Margaret Dyer Y. f 1 0 5 x X ts. i x 1 l A I I ,5 .... X, e- ,,' ,rf S Smfl ,'Irri,xI, Robert dc la Roehe Cbpy Iirlimr. Marcia Nissen S4'f1im'Src'rim1 lfflim1', Marian Kleinpell 'N vf 'l f N J. Q Anthony l.oya, otlieivd Alnmmn' photograph- er. seems to he more at home on a ladder than on the ground. Margaret Dyer, Louis Riggio, Leonard Pitta. Pete Gallexio, Marcia Nissen. and Gary federstrom look over the Miller Simplex at Grant Dahlstromk Castle Prew, printers of the year book. 59 'R ilxliii Asa: Fditor. Freda Wilson Business Manager. Associate Editor. Managing Editor. Mike Gottesman Associate Editor. Shirley Rickers Ernest Vargas 39 i Th P Ns.. 9 YSSS A group of staff writers in the editorial office. During l955 and '56. the"Press"was victorious in the Community Chest Campaign. coming in first in three categories: best feature story. best coverage. and best interview twith the Superintendent of the Los Angeles City Schools himselfll ln the TB contest. the "Press" survived the league. city. and county competitions. but was knocked out at the state level. Other special editions included the eight page senior number. the April Fool's Fantasy. and Sweater Day. Winter Journalism Class Twp m lmrmm. lvft In riglir, Run' I-louis Riggio. Marcia Ross. June Paulenko. Mr. Shapiro. Frances Chance. Peggy Lunsford. Alice Braunton. and Dave Berteaux. Row 2-Sammy Passalaqua. Frank Nicassio. Phil Mertz. Bill Davidson. Ann Sandler. Mike Bankey. Donna Jones. Chuck Williamson. Virginia Milford. 60 Mi f 1 1 i f l , ss.. A Q 'Q' .-I, ,NY f Je 5 B I M' . Ns., . Q Worm . xx X ky-1 X . i 1. Editor, June Paulenko Managing Editor, Nancy Garner Business Manager. Loretta Donnell Summer Journalism Class 'lop lu lmrmm, lvfr ro righr, Row Is-Pat Mazotti. Helen Garcia. Mr. Murray Shapiro. Norman Willerup. Bob Rhody, Larry Pulsipheiylireg Nieman. Douglas Skopp. Richard Barnett. Loretta Donnell, Dennis Meals, Nancy Garner, Frank Nicassio, June Members ofthe print shop are shown working on the publication ofthe "Prcss." fix' K R E252 fl-Q1 ',EiX"g1klxgVlglHpYigg7i rl' WM hail' X I I. li, X rl 'ilix 'lift f 2 B 5 5 f' v LX gm L ii f ,yr 4,,i J www ,fm 1 5, , - Paulenko, Mary Tufares. and Dave Berteaux. Ron' 2-Mahlon Eaton, Jo Ellen Campbell, Johnny Viekson, Barry Colby, Caroyl Strawser, Gilbert Ramirez. and Bessie Mulino. Ron' 3-Frances Brown. Ernest Vargas, Linda Capcn, lo Ann Madron, Carol Thurgood, and Rosalind Mayes. tx if, A . Ea: Fx". - SL. gl V A , ' A ' ff 1 firm f 'I' Qiwislf t ' was ra M is .l x R! 'N J ., ,N I fa ll- 17 .sz ,,. f ' wg 3 5 .l K 7 .3 ig! N V J VYY' -' 3 .M lf A If 62 Color Guard Lefr xo righr-Bob McCormack, Tom Scruggs, Darrell Stutson, Bill lrwin. Summer Coed Staff Left to right-Coed Company B Captain Mary Carfangnia. Coed Major Jane Fisher, Coed Company A Captain Lela Collins. Coed Lt. Col. Barbara Cartwright, Coed Captain Jackie Yeomans. Sgt. lst Class Willard C. Martin Major Ewell N Wheeler ROTC Highlights of activities of the Drill Team and Color Guard were their participation in Santa Claus Lane Christmas Parade on TV in Hollywood as well as in Highland Park. The fifteen man Rifle Team competed at the William Randolph Hearst Ritie Match at UCLA and emerged third in Los Angeles. The Color Guard posted colors at all PTA assemblies, and a special color detail raised the Hag each morning to the sound of bugles. Winter Coed Staff Left to right-Coed Lt. Col. Sonja Dial, Coed Major Rose Cimarusti, Coed Cap- tain lrene Lozano, Coed Company A Joyce Olson, Coed Company B Billie Goodsell. is ti GT YG, - an., - A M52 'G " fe , J J .rin-P ,. Bqffqlign Stuff l.vfrmriul1rnlN1ikc Carney, Cicnc Gray, John Law, Bill Halverson, Dennis lcugin, Frank Bruce. 1 Company A Twp m Immun. lun In num, Rnw I-'Wc5I.nnd Schenk, lkcrry Anglin. John Gnrdcuu. Gilbert Uaunhou. Hurlnn Clunphcll. Licurgc llc ll.n'cn. Buh Mcflvrnmck. Ted Rcid, Arnuld Rnlls. Kun! Cmxpcl. Clurl Hurry. Hill Hull. Raw J--Huw Pumcrcnk, Churlcs Vkfhh. .lnm Pclcrxun. Bill flnrk. lid Rcum, Johnny Adair. Wlnync 'lhumpsun, Pclc B lhlrlurn. bgllyg-rr 5U-plwng. Ifrgd whr,-L-qi-r. Glenn Molundg-fi Riclmfd Urljl, Rm., if Tup In lmllmn, lvfl lu riulll. Raw I-.lguncx Dnnicl, lum Mngmlnlik. Philhp Sknnirmlki lhrrull Slulmn. lhxc I-auruhlld. Bill lrvun. Mike Linton, Ruhcrl Slrnwcr. lst l,l. .lam -'CYD' HYTFIC- Bill MHICY. JUIII1 H-mflih-ll. Vhilllli fllllllvfllll. ,lun Ulll. Dull-llc! lun' Suxqngc, Vznpluin lhulmgm Pnnl. Ind ll. M, I , luxlun, Pvl. Jerry Linnlclcf. Boyd Mnxf Richard Mycrs, Dwayne l.uu:. ,lorry I-nrmL'r. Run' .'-- Bllflj llcllcr. Paul QLIIIICI. .lzuncx vu-ll, Sgr, jug- Uunfgllug, Inm Iluumpgnnl llnffy L'ummjn,. lyouglgl, MNC. Nvlxun. George: SIIIHICN. Ifrnnk Nlcalxxio, Inm Srllnxgx. Runnin: l'r:nnc. I-rank Hrnxlicld Davie Jillsun. Vlnrcncc Vhcstnul, I:lIlIlC Cchzullox. Run' 1- lfdwurd Panllinswlll. llulux Izxpnnnau. Rngcr Llndscy. l'ra1nk Rcuxcs. Huh VV.ukcn11ln, lsnluru Guv:rl'cru, fhllvlillfl 1 Vknync Mcfnrnmck. Isl l.l. flill Wknlsun, Znd ll. Bxll M5crs. Mull l'Iv.-Mun, Iknnd llnrk Ind I 1. lfrcd Hansen. A A A. A A 63 Gome Fun The brand new score board bought with the sweat and tears of the student faculty show, "Whistle Stops," chalks up good news for the home team. The grand stands shout and writhe to the direc- tion of Carl Keith, Rickey Gerhard, Wayne Bise, Don Marr, Paul Porner, and Don Williams. Feminine cheers speed the heroes to victory, led by Carol Cena, Diane Stead, Virginia Giletta, Nancy Anderson, Sonja Dial, and Sue Shaver. The misses of the drill team with their blue skirts, yellow sweaters, and yellow top-knotted hats are making Franklin's F while the grandstands thunder applause. The two smiling captains are Ann Wat- son and Jean Hill. Grandstand sitters eat hot dogs and gulp soft drinks during the intermission. lt is questionable whether these wildly eheering girls will he able to speak ahove a whisper again. Thanks are due the photographer who took one pieture on lop ol' another for this whispering loot- hall squad and the anties ol' Carol Cena and Diane Stead. Shown in hattle formation are Franklin Higlfs adept drill team artistes. . 1- .- 65 - J f s S ' , st 1- 1 -, ' 55 E ig? 1 : ,Q , Q , 5 F 66 "We may give advice, but we cannot give conduct." g1LiZ.a.4l 'E ri i A-A 4,1 4 K- e - - - ' x all Z gm rr' Z 7? fi ff iff ' mf' nl' Q ' f' s 4 JJ O ,mam Mai Magu s be ff Q 4 '41 cy' - :riffs 'K'- 4 .fi 1. -'4 fd 1- Vorsity Footboll Frank Hess, coaching his thirtieth season at Franklin, started the 1955 football campaign with only four returnees. ln the opening league tilt against Wilson, the Bens edged past with a final score I3-6. The Franklin Panthers were rewarded for their efforts by receiving the "Liberty Bell" as a gesture of sportsmanship between the two rivals, Franklin and Wilson. In other league contests, Franklin lost two games in the closing seconds of play. Lincoln emerged victor- ious l3-7, and Eagle Rock also won by the same score. 0 Franklin ............ Los Angeles 26 0 Franklin ....,...,... Glendale 39 6 Franklin ............ Hollywood 19 13 Franklin ............ Wilson 6 7 Franklin ........,... Lincoln I3 0 Franklin ............ Belmont 32 24 Franklin ..,.,,.,,... Verdugo Hills I4 7 Franklin ............ Eagle Rock I3 Left to right, mp to bottom, Row I-Ned Tharp, Larry McCrea. Row 2 -Bob McGuire, Dan Hensley. Row 3-Louie Lopez. Claude Elliott. Row 4--Stan Crebs, Norman Schwenk, Richard Madrid, Steve Gates. Row 5-Nick Ruggio, John Woolley, Bill Burch, Dennis Fitzgerald. ! 7 J 2 E , .E,. t Q l i ' ' 0 Carlo Norton, Hank Grambusch, Bill Mathews, Paul Chavira. Franklin back, Hank Grambusch. tosses complete aerial to Larry McCrea. Action occurred during the season opener against L. A. High on Moore Field. Varsity Squad Luft m right, Row I-Dave Spangler, Bob Hollis, Richard Peat, Dave Pulsipher, Wayne Jeffrey, Co-captain Paul Chavira, Eddie Bylut, Bob Schneider. Rr1w2-Mike Hoyne, Stan Williams, Andy Barclay, Gilbert D. Ramirez, Harry Waaler, Julio Lucero, Carlo Norton, Daryl Mone. Row 3 -Mike Earl, Louie Lopez, Byron Romig, Bob Burkett, Bob Rhody, Stuart Moore, Stan McAllister, Jim Jacoby, Bob McGuire, Darrell Stutson. Row 4 -Bill Mathews, Ned Tharp, John Woolley, Steve Gates, Dominic Ruggio. Richard Madrid, Dennis Fitzgerald, Charles Frazier, Gary Cederstrom. Row 5-Stan Crebs, Dan Hensley, Hank Grambusch, Norm Schwenk, Larry McCrea, Co-Captain Bill Burch, Claude Elliot. 1 , an Q 7 N J'M'M il l .4 I I K fi' E I 1,1 k 3 9 L Q A. X jrnhf. xx., ' 'Xa 72 ,A I S , fn ,. Mv,N MA 'Q W 1 iv ' 'MTB' if - . ' 'A' 9 B A' nk J' " fi UtQ3at'f5 I . ' 'J ' M , t 4 ft f ' i 1, A 'rf N R19 " 43 ee A : r V , l ' " A .E . . I S 3 E lx ,I l 6 ig. , i Q Q l ll. i ,.- , 7 ' 1 7 I . ' ' 2 , ' 7 S'- . ' xi' ' . In - V f -l q fix 'J .. , L .1 5 4 h 7 6? A L fx Y SL M A 4, ,ha H Q A D .. A 4 ln- s' ' 4. ' f L K ' 1 'M i Z n X ll 1 r B fi' lf' as ' it ' A!-Tlf ff- A -1 67 w Running to stop Los Angeles advance, is Ben lineman, Carlo Norton 1333. The Panthers were topped by powerhouse Romans, 26-0, in the scason's opener. L I -' xii I i Larry McCrca C233 romps through Eagle Rock secondary for 33 yards and a near touchdown. McCrea scored second period TD live plays later. Franklin lost by a close I3-7 margin in the last few seconds of the tilt. Hank Grambush bolts through Wilson High defenders for a I2 yard gain. Eranklin won I3-6 in a Northern League lid lifter played at Occidental stadium. 69 I if JK Q kj. VM aflxtft 6166 yglffft WM LM,61,lfA A ' If ll 'il T We if if .ir it A v ,Jil if M .V 7 1455 'iff Wil ll I l W jf jvlll l vu Bee Footlooll Ployersl i Franklin High's "mitey" Bee grid squad ended its Northern League play in the first division for the eighth year in a row. The loss of two key backs weakened the Ben's chances for a loop crown. Anthony Croupe was disabled in the Hollywood High contest, and Leland Thompson sufTered shoulder injuries later in the season. Coach "Gus Spraker kept his club in first place contention by wins over Wilson. Eagle Rock, and Verdugo Hills. The Ben aggregation landed team members on the all-league squads. Voted special recognition by team members were Jay Lawrence. most valuable offensive player: Ernie Rodriguez, most valuable defen- sive player: and Tom Wickham. most valuable allaaround player. Richa ard Carter received the Coach's award for "Most Inspirational Player." Tnpm IVUIIUIII. lr'fIlr1ri,Ql1I. Run' l--Anthony Croupe. Frnie Rodriguez. Ron' 2-Armando Villarruel. Douglas Geurts. Ron- A'----Roger Benson. Gerald Rader. Row -l-ARichard Carter. Leland Thompson. Roger Greene. Dennis Randall, Douglas Nicholls. Frank Ramirez. Ronald Mcliinniss. Bill Varela. Row 5-ATom Wickham. Bill Hedekin. Norris Pratt. Jay Lawrence. Larry Critchfield. Douglas Stewart. Richard Weaver. Jeff Kellas. s 'H'1""1'l" fl 'T Y' L.-Q-. A g... ,V X . S .3 Bee Foolboll Squad ci0ll72ilCN. Adolfo Aree. Stinson. .l. D, l4ll'CClC. lNlarvin White. Al lop In lmllmu, lrfl In right. Run' I --Ronnie Hartman. Raul Contcro. Sanehei. Ralph Parra. Run' 4 Coach Gus Spraker, .lesse Martinez. lohu Misterly, fhuek Hooker. Marshall Voight, 'l'om Coroneos. Dave Roger Geurts. Max Marsh. Bill Hedekin. Douglas Nichols. Dennis Nielson. lioh llurhurt. Richard Hall. Run' 2 -Bill Karg. Mark Fox. Randall. Richard Weaver. Dennis lispinosa. Fddie Rios. Ilarry Hanson, Stexe Ciovs. .loe lfiorina. Norm Fisher. Arturo Munil. George Hessen- Norris Pratt. Armando Villarruel. Anthony Ciroupe. Richard Carter. thaler. Ray Moudy. Kent Dopp. .lerry Savelle. Danny Kidd. Mike Mor- Ron' 5-Jeff Kellos. Roger Benson. lfrnie Rodriguel. ,lay lavsrenee. .tn. Run- 3 Walter Noll. Dave Dahl. .lerry Passalaqua. Tony lristano. Roger Greene. l.arry Ciritehlield. Gerald Rader. Bill Varela. loin Wick- Stexe Burdette. Stanley Nakaishi. Charles Weiss. Mike Bowers. .lulio ham. Ronnie Meliinnis. Douglas Qieurls. I elaud 'I hompson. 7l "I-'mnlx make feasts, and wise men 6111 them." WX Q V: 1, ' F 4 7 ,f Li -4 X K 5 U f W I 11' ' s X fm 4 'Z I "fb ' 7 f ' W 1 I 5 , , , a ' x 5 111 7 ,Z 4 " W I fy XX v QW . X A M S V-,Q ', -- 'D - ,' 1 JJ - , W Lbf "Qz2 37 Lf 'U " jj ? Hx 'LQQ 5 f, Z 5 X 'JDJ 7 fi ' p3D1Q'?-, W ' QOQ f 2 if K 5 V I Q Q A 7 7 , TJ 1 KIM F - 'X 41 f t -J ,Q D ' Q - N X I ' . ! i ' 4 AV t gf- lk 4. ' X . 23: 41 , A V r 3 , , 4 , z 13 ft if ' if U , K ' 4 fl L KJV K fflfdfvy I i' f fl . y ' M 7, V .44 34,74 Qdyfbivbwi J l oynpisqid cl Cross fountr jg, My M mm Aj!!! , H571 A Ulvpmilc' fllIj,'l', mp lu lwllmll, lv!! In right. lom MclNlaxter, Harvey Haisman. Mike .lam- ison. Bruce Warner, Terry Mahoney. Jaeoh De Leon. .lose Carmona. Ted Richter. Varsity Cross Country Squad Uppnsilv page, mp In lmlrom, lofi In right, Rmr lr--fMike Jamison. Tom McMaster.Greg Di Conti, Charles Stanley. Run' 2-Robert Rose. Ciarl Campbell. Harvey Haisman. Junior Varsity Cross Country 'Imp In lmlnml, lvfl In riglil, Run' I-Coach Tony Spangler. Ted Richter, Terry Mahoney. ,lose Carmona. Friek Mathews. Run' 27 Roland l.ope7. Ray Garner, .lacoh De Leon. .Iohn lawrence. Tennis Squad Imp In lwllnlll, lt'fI In riglil, Run' I-Mike Nlagie. Hill Stetles. Bill Otis, Denis Meals. Hill Hedekin. Walter Kurtz. Andy Barclay, Fred Wilson. Run' Ziliiehard Hall. Don Harris, Harry Wilson, Bill Freese, James Spencer, Harvey Haisman. 7? Fx l . f . Xl ., fi T ZZ! c 9 6499 W 1 l tt' eve? Q . 'gr V M Top lo bottom, lefl to right, Row l4Jim Perino, Mike Carter, Mike Gilbert, Ronald Donholf, Bill Wallauer, Victor Minijares, Mike Gottesman. Row 2-Al Barrios, Kermit Harcos. Tom Silkwood, Larry Van Slate. Bill Orr. Ben Hoopsters The Franklin varsity five in 1955 were coached for the first time by "Happy" Jack Dowlin, who incidentally is coaching his last season as a bachelor. The A's got off to a Hying start by capturing their first three practice games against Garfield, South Pasadena. and Reseda. ln the first league tilt Franklin collided with Wil- son High and emerged victor 68-51. Franklin placed two men on the All-Northern Squad. They were Kermit Harcos, forward and Tom Silkwood, forward. Top to bottom, lef! to right, Row I-Tom Silk- wood, Bill Wallauer, Larry Van Slate, Jim Perino. Row 2 -Eric Spelman, Don Marr, Kermit Harcos, Bill Orr. Kermit llaircox and Bill Orr wait fur chzincc :il rchound. while liirry Vim Slaitc niovcs on in during contest with lincoln High. lien viirxiiynmn, Hill Orr. struggles to gain control of hzixlwthzill from four Vcrdugo Hill dcfcndcrs. Varsity lost Iwo lcaigiic games In xpccdy Dom. PainIhci'n1zin Bill Orr controls tip-ull. while Iciimmailc Bill Wzillzilicr wziils in forcgroiiml. Tum Sillxwood, All-Northcrn furwaird. lviickcls two points. mr , A f z, Q nz Ayn fl ws-Q--iw-3-4. X 4 L . i f in -wwf, .. ' - . -'elf .,....,,, ,i,. M, N,,Q,q M V M N-N Img., 4 ,Q - F l X 75 Leogue Chompion Bees Coach Jack Dowlin Chuck Poehlcr Walter Harcos I Dave Berteaux Danny Lamb Victor Hansen Bill McClure twig yf at ls-ffjj,-. 1, ' ffl , . l5??O4- offs. is 'A 2- Q' '5 f f' lil M517 L-L,...l:' I fi- mis! gyxmo y . iii A ' 5 fix .. ,f t A Northern League Championship. I3 straight victories. and golden basketballs. were captured by the Franklin Bees during the 1956 basketball season, as they added win after win without suffering a single loss. lengthening their total skein to I8 games in a row. Two particular contests stood out during the '56 campaign. First. the Ben Bee club set a new school record for the most points scored in a single contest when they walloped Verdugo Hills 70-52. The second feat deserving of mention was a close contest with second place Lincoln. Frank- lin's high scoring five were held in check by the Abes during the first two stanzas of the game and were losing by six digits at halftime. ln the final two periods the Ben Bees were unstoppable. and they won handily with an eleven point margin. Walter Harcos and Barry Colby provided the necessary points on offense as Dave Berteaux snatched the basketball from numerous defend- ers. The team could not have functioned proper- ly without the aid of Danny Lamb, Terry Silk- wood, and Chuck Poehler. Gold hasketballs were awarded the Bees for their excellent league play hy the Franklin Alumni Association. Bee Squad Top In lmtlmu, Ieff In right. Row I-Chuck Poehler. Richard Montoya. Row 2-Bill Mc- Clure, Victor Hansen. Row 3-Jim Milliman. Bill McKinnon. Chuck Williamson. Row 4- Larry Edwards. John Koontz, Richard Riesen. Vernon Markham. Row 5-Terry Silkwood. Walter Harcos. Captain Danny Lamb, Dave Berteaux. Barry Colby. 43 12 , .., at i v Q , , . , , . , g G, , K - y E, A ,G f v- 4 3 at Q 155. Q ' . A , L K A , K lj., 1 S 'L :if - W 1, Vv" , 5 , df ,.. W ia, A , A r NME, 1 , h 5, , , , K V f f Q any .. f 4 w , - F 1' 15-1 an .A L4 x Q77 4 F 5 I x , I Gigi D K ,Q ' x , ..,. . 1 ,. f 1 '- if H - ' A. "fi" .2 -1- E 2 VL?" - S z. .-'ri wvliqf Y' " ff-Ss X ,Q A ' ' A E 1' - iv "5 gf Q, k -QF? fi ' f in 1 ,F 1 S f A A,X .' M 'kia I. Q .,,. Z--5 il' . 3. +535 ,x ,,,, I Q ,A i x 1 W-i s-if 5 f,Q. l fx !-55,Q'+ l ' ' l , , ,wk J, F J A ,... v . W ,, six 2 5 N A 1350 - 'Ei fi' Ri N fu K . 1 Q I 5 . ,. g , ' . . J 121.12 "Q E5 -1, .A ' . X' 7435 if V 155 g . iw 3' :' - 5 A M J W , V' ,. 21 V Y F" . ' f 'ga ' ma" 'ff 'A A 3 " .Y 1543 L 5 LX F x 2 - vllb ,A 1 H Y S it j':.5-a n ' J -' A i V N . " 5 f ' - -' . , .. 1 Q 1 R, , E 9 ..,. , , . 5 El - A - Q it .1 A , , 5 nl 5 9 , EQ Iv k.. . if P' . I ka 'A E : . y H F5 1- K 2, ' ,M 5" ' ' ' ' " . ' ' , IL. X X, 3 I Q X 5 xx Q .M V I , 5 iv V V QW gi Vw., ,V , k fwwixjlx :W K , , . ' , ' , W . ,, ' ' , ' WK ! , -M4 - , ' ' if -.-, X ' A .Q Y jg? 1 ,QE M , M A N x fi H1 ab my if Q ff Y s 5 f--N 4 5 fff, . up fy i - J fi X ff. , + ,Y xx , S gg 1 gg' - K g bi Am l Q 1 f K . I Q gm , , -. N ,4 8 . 11196521 ggi . xl E , 5, V f, .h . 5 A fi Q ' if 1 fm f NN -Q , I Q W x - ,7 i Q! 7 lm hx 1- . I A 1 . 1 .- if V-V,-X lx 3-'J -W ,vffff ,, l 4 S I . , .mbtfl fi si Franklin s Troclcslers B Hurdlers Lefz m right, Roger Benson, Larry Critchfield, J. D. Breeze. :re 1543 Varsity Sprinfers Left to right, Norman Schwenk, Jose Carmona, William Tomlinson, Eric Spelman. W """-Q--. 7 'HT rv B Shot Putter Coach Clarence Ebers says,"Frnie Rodriguez should set a good record because his form is line. and he has lots of speed." Varsity Broad Jumper "Tom Wickham should be a consistent point getter on this year's team. He has the twenty foot best mark so fur." Varsity High Jump "Tom Silkwood of basketball fame is expected to clear six feet before the end of the season." A and B Distance Runner Left tn riiglir, Robert Rose 1 l320l: Harvey Haisman tl32lH: Tony Schultz lMilel: Bruce Warner - 4MiIeI1 Mike Jamison tMilel: Tom McMaster IXKH and Mile l. 1 X R 'x X K XX s x t t x X N x t S x x it , K --i-x X k X 0' , 4 , .Y .K t .Y an K ' xt in W ,fy . x-:gt j:.3Q.s3 l-Evil' if, M , vi' if '57 5 x N . , QC. .iw x s x x t x x x six l t t x 'x X K Ks Q , 4 ix' s t xx xxx xx x "t ' t. 4 7"s Xxks sx xx K x is 4 in x ,A s x x x Y 'S ' 5 K tc 79 Varsity Milers Lfff In right, Norman Pease. Bruce Warner. Tony Schultz, Mike Jam- ison. Varsity Hurdlers 1.vfImrigl1I, Jack Rohh.Tim Burns. and Robert Rhody could give Franklin the Northern League championship. ln past years Frank- lin has lacked sufficient material for hurdlcrs. Middle Distance Runners Lvfr ru right. Raul Contero 46607: Joe Fiorina l660J: Terry Mahoney 18803: John Yeats t440lg Wayne McCormack t440l1Charles Stanley 1 I00. 440 and 8801. iifvt M l nuff' i if I f Il in i 1 1' Ml ' fl .,. Varsity Shot Putter Mikc Magic is Franklin's top putter with 46-8 to his credit. Speedy Bens Lvf! In riglil, Ron McKinnis, Leland Thompson tliccsl, Norman Schwcnk, Jose Carmona, Wil- liam lomlinson, Eric Spclmzin. o . CX tm l Varsity Pole Vaulters , F ee fy ' Bob Wood currently cleared twclvc fcct in the -A 'l i p! , My 1 Marshall meet. According to Couch Gus Sprakcr. 'N 1 W A J .-Wood stands at good chance to win the lcaguc , ai lwg K , w 07,- crown in this event." 'hw' 3:4344 I 53, W 4 124.4 .k yrkfgsqwyqe 58 TNF? 71 un 'Qui +59- 55"- "A" Squad Top to honour, left to right, Rmv I-Richard Madrid. Charles Frazer. Bill Burch. John Misterly. Larry Pulsipher Dave Wyatt. David Pulsipher. Earl Miner. Robert Ramirez. Bill Karg. Danny Kidd. David Dahl. Row 2- Coach Clarence Ehers. Bill Freese, Doug Nicholls. Paul Chavira. Bill Stew' art. Tim Burns. Tom Silkwood. Bob Rhody. Tom Wickham. Jose Carmona. Terry Mahoney. Mike .lamison.Coach Spraker. Row 3-,lack Robb. Ronnie Tonkyro. Bill Tomlinson. Norman Schwenk. Wayne McCormack. Bill Barclay. Richard Carter. Tom McMaster. Chuck Stanley. Stan Crebs. Bob Woods. Ron' 4-Mike Magic. Bruce Warner. David Spangler. John Yeats, QNX 'mme "' Wins.. Ronald Mcliinniss and l.eland Thompson win a one-two in a close finish in the meet with VVilson. "B" Squad It vm lvnmmi lffl In ri lil Rim- I Coach Fhers Iohn l-'orhes -Xl Sanchez If , Q Au , - . .. . ,. . . Ralph Parra. Patil Contaro. Steve Burdette. Dave Friekson. Victor Hanson. Erie Nlatliexxs. Ralph Turner. Tony Milici. Tom Coroneos, Tad Richter. Coach Gary Greene. Norrman Pease. Tony Schultz. Richard Venturine. Spraker. Rim- 2---.lohn Lawrence. Leland Thompson. Dennis Randall. Robert Rose. Harvey Haisnian. Roland l.ope7. l.croy Huff. Ronnie McKinniss. Leighton Nlorlenson. lirnie Rodriguez. ,lerry Rhody. Richard Montoya. Ron' .?7Walter Noll. Roger Benson. l.arry Critchlield. Dennis Fspinosa. J. D. Breeze. Charles Weiss. Sam Passalacqua. Armando Villarruel. ,loe Fiorina. Lu 82 Dave Erickson leaps for loft height in B highjump. Bill Barclay goes after a high one in the pole vault. ,,.-1 Tom Silkwood clears live-ten in the high jump to win first place. nigga 'fi pi'-,. Q! "Happy" Coach Ebers at the win over Wilson. Coach Tony Spangler announces the results. Faculty officials talk it over between races while Varsity wallops Wilson. The results seem to be very satisfying to Mr. Frank Hess, Mr. George Ingles, Mr. William Warden, and Mr. Bud Dooly. Cee Track Top 10 hmmm, left to riglii, Row I-Coach Clarence Fhers. Fred McGlashan. John Leonard, Mark Magie, Arnold Riesen, Larry Smith, Paul Keithley. Robert Reyes, Glen Dryden, Stanley Nakaishi. Coach Roland Spraker. Row 2-Gene Villegas. Robert Prowse, Carlos Quinonez. Jerry Passalacqua, lim Long, Norman Fisher, Ronald Rader, Adolfo Arce. 2?-I WHL., C 44 iiiiwz 83 it 1 11 X ff Mil, 5, f ,rf , Q 1 ff!! 13 Y tl' X Nl y ill ,ll if I K r Z f fAf X! X I ,Q ,gs Varsity Baseball Larry Van Slate hustles under a Bob McGuire leans into za fast one as Jack Bruce prepares to receive the hall high fly hall as Bob Woolley hurries behind the plate. to help him. ny . f . s. so-is N Barry Colby and Chuck Poehler complete a double play as Harry Waaler unsuccessfully tries to break it up. Jack Bruce tires a quick one to second base to cut down an attempted steal. 1 Charlie Ross and Don Marr have Bob McGuire in a rundown between second and third base during an intersquad game. Varsity Squad Top in bottom, lvft to right, Row I-Coach Jack Dowlin, Harry Waaler. Larry Van Slate, Danny Lamb. Bill Wallauer, l.ynn Lyon, Bob Woolley. Norris Pratt. Row 2-Jeff Kcllas, Barry Colby, Dominic Ruggio, Don Marr, Chuck Pochler, Mike Rogers, Row 3-Ken Decker, Bob McGuire, Charlie Ross, Jack Bruce, Mike Gilbert. 85 ' - I ft is 3 I: df? 455 M ff y Umor ctrslly f l Ll, sl Q5 lf" X, ly fu III, ! fff.,fh. x A " X i N 1 si :A ,V Q 2' Harvey Krager, tenth grader. "Big things are expected from him the next "Marvin White, good first baseman two years," said the coach when inter- should play for the Varsity next year.' viewed. l "Mike Saffell, third baseman, is going to be a fine baseball player before he graduates," Coach Jack Dowlin says enthusiastically. Junior Varsity Squad Trap In lmitmn, left In right. Rim- I-Mike Saffell, Marvin White. Ronald Harvey, Richard Weaver, Steve Crow, Harvey Krager, Lund Coltcn. Run' 2-Mike Smith, Larry Edwards, Victor Minjares. David Bcrteaux, Gilbert Sandoval, John Alley, Jr. , 7, , ,,, 86 ni Ill Ill "li WK ' -in . uni Ronald Harvey at hat: Gilbert Sandoval hchind thc plate. 'F Early Scores Marshall 2 Franklin 6 North Hollywood 6, Franklin 5 South Gate 3 Franklin Z San Pedro 3, Franklin I3 .ltlnior varsity catcher. Gilhcrt Sandoval. Larry Edwards on a fast double play while Richard Wcavcr xlidcs into xccond and out - l 1 I A . Nia! l Ben Gymncists t 1 , ii el QQ 476 'N i 7M Vt V! K: .jj JNXXIZ ' V :- i .- Y wi, thy! X n S f r V E N 1- 33 5 E33 5 ! l During thc Wifi gymnzutic watson, Prztnklin lacked dcpth, huxing only twcnty pztrticipatnts. The Hens vncrc coztuhcd hy Mi: Rztlph Pcttit. Fi'zinklin'a ncvs hixtory tcttchcr, After Ioxing mcctx to Wilxon und l inuoln Highs. thc Hcnmun xnztppcti hack with wins owl' Belmont :intl Fttglc Rock. I.t'f1photo,Uttt'5'C'oopcrztvittitx for gun to ascend mpc. l,mvt'1' lvft plmlo, Vuisilytttun John Koontz pructiccx xidc horw rotitinu which zillovicd him to plttcc in lcuguc mcct. l.owt'r' rzfultf plmto, Don Williztmx uwctitcx at giant xtrztdtllc on xitlc horw. XX 'QF af :vii f 'Q 1 , 1 V , aww is 'HV M5 1.13 any s do ? Q C7 N it if . mf - t ELF' , X . . -. t , .,v ...nov-qw Betsy Guerra smacks a ball to deep left field while Camilla McCoy wishes the ball into her mitt. and the umpire, Julie Millar. calls, "Foul Ball." . , ffl' Girls Sports tv it gl Q, and the N M42 1 yt Girls' Athletic Association 9 I' jj ls QV,-fiifl., ,Jef ll,-"i?5,C! -' ifwtvxx 5' G. A. A. X in Top to bottom, lufr to riglzl, Row I-Mrs, Elsiemay Dowlin. Judy Dean. Millie Byrum, Martha Adams, Sara Wooley, Ann McCoy, Barbara Stevens. Wahneta Taylor, Laura Priore, Margaret Anderson. Mrs, Margaret King. Row 2-Nancy Rios, Ruth Ann Pell, Evelyn Flores, Esther Berdusco. Juanita Jones, Doreen Parker, Gyneth Jones, Louise Del Favero, Elenore Firsieh, Nancy Thompson, Connie Pickering. Row 3-Shirley Gribble, Anita Gay, Marcia Nissen, Joyce Cline, Bette Lemmon, Ann Horton, Betty Thurman. Anita Johnson, Pat Laubert. Penny Moline. Jeannine Long. June Totten. Row 4-Margie Salzer. Carole Orsoline, Linda Nakatsuka, Judy Trewella. Deanna Nelson, Jo Campbell, Joan Roberts, Frances Os- born, Angie Volpe, Carmen Ramirez. Row 5-Marilyn Saflell. Jeanne Anderson, Thelma Inman, Sue Hensley, Camilla McCoy, Carol Gerritsen, Carol White. Betsy Guerra, Sue Edmonds. Row 6-Linda Mason. Julie Millar. Sarajane Turner. 90 'Y'7" Almva: Marilyn Saffell keeps score as Linda Mason compliments Sam lane Turner on her bull's eye. Left: Linda Mason cvades her guards and attempts to lay-in a two hand push shot. Balow: Linda Mason steals the hall to make an pass toward the goal in at G.A.A. soccer game. 9l DON AND BOB'S AUTOMOTIVE CENTER GATES UNION SERVICE FRANKLIN FLOWER SHOP Corner of York and Avenue 51 5401 York Boulevard 55 3 3 North Fi uema Union Oil Products Dual Pipes CL 6-9593 CL 6-2193 Expert Engine Tuneups Firestone Tires and Batteries CL 6-8552 E JELUELFLH' Tony Denardo 'S fx, 1 Watch 81 Jewelry Repairing r I ALL WORK GUARANTEED K I ,Hg u Cleveland 6-6451 -6 505551 YORK BOULEVARD Ivers Department Store 5801 North Figueroa CL 7-7504 Anderson's Drive-In Card Shop Free Parking-Photo Finishing 5800 North Figueroa CL 6-9491 , HIGHLAND BAKERY Kllgll-gI2Fg:qIlAljLg-'E-EDIEER 5629M North Figueroa 50-50 HARDWARE 5017 York Boulevard CL 6-3398 5040 York Boulevard CL 5-6746 Quality Service CL 6-2627 9:15 am.-6:15 p.m. Binding by THE BOOKBINDERS COMPANY RUSS"?5'l1fICIf1O1EL OFJIUSIC I "IT'S BOUND TO BE GOOD" Eli 7 Sgggue 944 South Grand, TRinity 1325 York Flower Shop Highland Park Auto Center Inc. 5221 York Boulevard :gg'gIfIf1lfiE5efvfCe ort lgueroa CL 67354 CL 6-2107 Photography by ANTHONY LOYA 5175 Whittier Boulevard Los Angeles Specializing in Weddings and Portraits ANgelus 8-5003 STERNBERGER'S RITE SPOT "Whose Best Ad is Its Food" 6138 North Figueroa CL 6-9340 Cltrus 1-5861 CHapman 5-4515 BELL RADIO 8: T.V. STORE Sales and Service Zenith-Westinghouse-R.C.A Hoffman-General Electric Dumont 509 North Brand Glendale 3 HIGHLAND PARK JOURNAL 5722 North Figueroa CApitol 5-1371 RAOUEL'S GIFT SHOP 5102 York Boulevard CL 7-25 14 Costume jewelry, handkerehiefs, hone l'l1lIIll,C'C1l'llS,SIC1I7717S for col- leetors, ana' philatelie supplies. GRANT'S 500710 York Boulevard CL 6-3785 Yardage,hedding,notions ana' gifts We give S A? H Green Stamps CORTLAND'S 5719 North Figueroa Street CL 6-6794 Fine apparel. Serving the boys and girls continu- ously sinee the elass of '28 I. AND G. HARDWARE 5158 York Boulevard CL 6-3835 Paint, glass, hardware, garden tools We give A and H Blue Stamps We deliver MONTE VISTA Rx PHARMACY 5400 Monte Vista Street CL 5-8888 Fountain Service NE LE TRI ARNLEY'S INTERPFSDMPATEY C C DEWITT TRANSFER AND 56631-lYOrk Boulevard 5436 Monte Vista Street STORAGE CL 5-9840 CL 5-8669 6060 North Figueroa CL 73951 Our 33rd year CL 5-1551 A ' Radios, phonos, TV Sales and Service Local and long distance moving For the best in all television- radio-appliances GARVANZA HARDWARE BOOT!-l'S AUTO REPAIR 6050 North Figueroa Street KIRSCH TYPEWRITER COMPANY CL 6-26213 CL 6-4996 5662 York Boulevard 6324 York BOlllCVaI'd Brakes, Wheel Aligning CL 5-9840 CL 6-321 l and Balancing Sales-Service-Rentals Body and Fender Work Marcelle Wood, Mike Earl, Gladys Burns, and Eric Spelman saying, "Cheese" ff! ,JM "My tongue is hanging out from pulling Danny Moll," says "Big Boy." The Dowlins. 'KYes. Mr. Warden, there is such a "We're just thumbing a ride." thing as Santa Clm'S'v if ,V b .7 rr H I,,. , Y X Z Q I P u X 4' , :Q s if 1642 xx . 7? 1 V s A v , 0 1 .rf-L-M Y I .. ,,, You Stole my omce' "Go on in there, little boy!" 3 " ky, . 1" S - 1 X QV' Q I 23 1, at H xx. 5 Lf! 5 . , .3M,1,r,AmQwqN Xxi CK, 2' . The horn blows at 'K midnight 5.2-at 1 V ,r ' g i a. K 4 1 - 'Q . 5 A in M Doug Nichols, Zoe Kent, Kay Boyd, Bill Burch, Julio Lucero as they appeared on T.V. Program, :IF A K 1 'A "Spotlight on Youth." CHPTI DFCSS UP Day- YORK DO-NUT SHOP THE ORIGINAL HIGHLAND 5672 York Boulevard PARK LAUNDERETTE SHOE REPAIR SHOP CL 7-2596 5630 York Boulevard 5327 York Boulevard CL 6-6392 Next door to the new Safeway We give S 62 H Green Stamps For the best Do-N ut you've ever tasted go to York Do-N ut Fountain, Service, Sandwiches CL 5-7594 Expert service while you wait SEYMOURS JEWELERS 5537 North Figueroa Street CL 6-0631 Congratulations to the Class of '56 GRAU'S PLUMBING 5914 North Figueroa Street ALBERT'S MARKET 807 North Avenue 54 Fresh Meats and Vegetables CL 6-2113 Plumbing - Heating - Air Conditioning HOM FOO Chinese First Class Laundry Dry Cleaning 5926 North Figueroa Street Open 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. School Supplies CL 6-9217 JOSEPH BRUENSTEINER .I EWELER 6189 North Figueroa CL 7-0613 Fine Watch Repairing PALMER TIRE SHOP 6128-30 North Figueroa CL 5-3682 Retreading-New Tires DOLLY MADISON 5621 North Figueroa CL 7-2582 Specializing in Helen Harper Sweaters Ship and Shore Blouses Preview Skirts at Popular Prices HIGHLAND PERSONNEL AGENCY 6126 North Figueroa Employment Office-Factory for Men and Women CL 5-1 5 24 MERLE'S T.V. SERVICE 5708 York Boulevard CL 5-3133 HANSON MORTGAGE CO. 5319 York Boulevard DOGGIE'S CORNER 5320 North Figueroa Street CL 6-6304 JAKE'S BARBER SHOP EXPERT FLAT TOPS WOMEN'S HAIRCUTS 6439 N th F' CL 92181 "Birds, Fish, Puppies" C52-135iuerOa GINDLER'S MARKET MARK NISSEN CARPET HOLBROOK'S 5210 York Boulevard SERVICE 5670 York Boulevard CL 6-9270 5400 Range View Avenue CL 5-8804 CL 7-1598 Complete Food Center CL 6-8864 Radio-Television-Appliances S A2 H Green Stamps Sales and Service Sales and Service Since 1922 M151 This is Alex Cooper? "There's a blond there on the left d O V3 I-1 U 'O C ff C1 N x: .2 I-4 J: U KD Cl N I G -. ,J Lg' MOTORCYCLES BICYCLES ED,S CYCLE SHOP 5663 York Boulevard CL 6-3581 e "I'd sneer at Eagle Rock, too." I R .. 1 y." When there are no cheerleaders around, the lettermen lead the yells. ' I 1? ,M I x I , . O I' if 1 I is' it ' I I Ah. We never get i ul Plkllllk.. in the Almanau, g ped he vi ,ps "Hold that pose until we can substitute o 1. ur favorite teacher! B'k- H- I 5. speaking." I Do you know your friend well enough to FCCOQIIIIC him by his knees? ni I-'mnk1j,,. B AND C TEXACO SERVICE 5657 York Boulevard CL 7-5371 We give S and H Green Stamps ED'S KEY AND FIXIT SHOP 5327 York Boulevard Service rails, licensed loeksmirh, keys made, eombimitions changed, repair tapes. HYLAND PET SHOP 6023 North Figueroa Next door to Si Perkins CL 5-1205 Parrakeers, parrots, eanaries, tropieal and gold fish. HIGHLAND PARK DRUG TAPLIN AND POLLOCK CAMERA SHOPS COMPLIMENTS OF COMPANY York Branch-5110 York Blvd. ABLE CLEANERS 5639 North Figueroa CL 6-2151 551 I North Figueroa CL 5-0157 Figueroa Branch-5716 N. Figueroa CL 6-3248 CL 5-0123 BOB KELLER 5401 North Figueroa CL 7-0749 Seal Covers--A lilo UfIlIOiSfl'l'IIItLf THE TOPS ELECTRIC SHOP 5913 North Figueroa "Tops in Service" Radio--Television-A uto Radio CL 5-9690 SHAUGHNESSY FURNITURE AND ELECTRIC 6029 North Figueroa CL 6-05 I4 RCA Televisions - ranges - radios - repairs - ironers and washing machines. Frigidaire and appliances. WU- ' ,pr Almanac printed by 1 if 136 West Union Street, Pasadena Ryan I-6462 Sycamore 3-5783 HOLCOMB FLOWER SHOP 5500 Monte Vista CL 5-8386 C orsages-C ut Flowers Discounts on presentation of student body card. Prescription Specialists GARVANZA PHARMACY 6401 York Boulevard CL 6-331 1 We give S 8: H Green Stamps Almanac engravings by HOUSE OF MUSIC . ..-V...., . .t.,....t.t,,, 1 'lqh uM.3Ty 5704 North Figueroa Qifffjfiff' CL 6-5004 Q x ""'e "6 'ete""""' 5ygg,g5Q,"gj'i'5yi Musical Instruments X 5Yf"""" 3'4570l H A, Phonographs-Records llo o e graver 't-----.. .fix X ll 0 A' X. xiii - xr X Wdfbx N, if AB EAST JNION ST ty YM x, RAMEY's PAINT AND ' , E --ef X WALLPAPER 5 PASADENA u, CALlFORNIAi NXX X Q55 CL 5-6191 U , Your most complete paint store X " Linoleum, Glass, Screens, Window shades, Mirrors 51 18 York Boulevard The Senior Bee's serve at the Dardanian Prom. Greatest Show on Earth. Kmg and Queen Marylou' Were you there 'P WW you young women . .. will find an endless variety of interesting jobs in both the secre- tarial and operational fields. you young men.. . will tind that the steady positions now open in both inside and outside work, are the very jobs from which to start a real career with a future. I Ask your vocational counselor about positions with Pacific Telephone, or drop into one of our nearby Employment Offices. WOMEN: los Angeles-433 South Olive Street, Room 'l0'l l207 North Avenue 56 MEN: Los Angeles-740 South Olive Street Alhambra-34 South Stoneman Avenue Or ask your Operator for ZENITH 10,000 forthe Employment Office nearest your home. Mliitf Qfifgg, VQWGWK W JZ ff M A2512 ff if M WL gf gag Milifwyg 25 W 'V lfliffigig an Qi? , SQQGEEWSQES 52 fefi-L 'fx WW . 0, Q bk 65 59' X My , tx Q 95:5 -A ,px 'P fx fkeu! EQ QQ QQ fig W A x-Clie XCJK 'X O A dz fit yi ' ,ll ' 'H X 4 - , if ' SX. ,-an QQ , 1 X Q5 q, E15 'f, ' ' v ii, ff- - - ff ,, 4 ' Q ETS? 'qi f WW M R M W 'gfxmgxffx 1 ."w .X X Nj Q 3 WJ fe! SSN Q Eiixgx 59 Ex Q PY My WMM NXXQ' QF? W M1Ck P w WM We CU I wx. , V ., r X ,N X 1, Q x , 'f xy' . n' IK Q, 4 , ,v 1 X I . X lv f x xl f - i ? x 1 X 14 ,V 3 am High? QE? 7 G JL My ,E 6 V,sQ ff , .l,,n' ' ff, ' . ' I ff K- ,-,,,,,.,,- ..,.,-, f , K' Q, ' ' 'fv - . K - "V A 1 . J x 1 .- .,.' A - ' , 99:35 ' 'Q , K I llfax K i ,, 1 .1 ' ' ' sa'n',v2 f p Y vi If FX ff 5 I ,I gg! off QV. i . A , 1" b b f VAVP . i ' 1 1 Q N 2 M fW H fvf Tx f 5 ,! L 'lh ,4 1' ls ' . , , , b.xVVvV .Q bk .,,n..,, e ,Q ,JJ -A" I A ,V.,. 'L,l,f 'fZ,5"Llf' D f ,nfflff , JU Q wffpQAQf3Qfffiwwf ,, QAZfQg2ZZQfQ A-,,f y .QL f i'f945fJ1,,1.f1 .ffff , ' ,. , . PA '- J f tl ill,f'4l'J V X , . , X ', 'I IIN' A f- ' ' '. '1 . JV' ' '-'HM ' f f , Q ' at , M J ,fy 1 lr, ,jg fi. .,, X J nf , 1 , If .1 lx 'J I V " ' f --5, 7 ""'4-1-L ,fif'V 2 ,J K

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