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.fy f- ...W-.G ,M r.,-er -be su. f-at w-ws. 4... X4 fav' 1. X 2, 7 'J 1 " , , N., , ' b . . , --S. ','.,..f ' ' .V . f -- f- ' 1 3, . ,, I 4 " ij,-ff! :Ng -j V- ff, ,ff , ,H ' -,K v . 1-Lx--3. - - V QL, J ., 5 fs, f -,jf 1 ' -- ' f . ' -.hy . ' fm I' ' ' if . -- - --1---V r- .-r' 'X Y 11' ' 4 s , .' V 5' ,Q 1 Q 5 4 , :I , Y , M. p , f ' ..... ,f ' . -5 .. . - , .I , .A ,gl , , , '- L ' , 'F 1 -., .Wg ,A -J ., A Q -v ww- -W., ' .. ,v , , . , , Z ,pi v 1 ' " "R, H . fa "yi, . -- I V 1 , 4. x ' 4 L C- , . f ,. , v' V K . . ' X If y 5 --Q ! , "The Spirit of Franklin" , A I I X L R 2 z 1 'r K- ,- y.. 5,, I , . , . X K K l'7x ,J x if X fqv I' f 1 1' " Q if f ,X A,,,vfP' fxf Q N-Nik-fq... 1---Q... ils "f-v-1 1 +-.. nf- is Yr s. as Wx wx, x X 'tis' 'N 'NL 'L-9""'?m.s V S 1235 Published by Alma Mater Franklm' All haul to thee Prauses we sung Our love and loyalty To thee we brlng Fruendshup has been thy gnft Wuth laughter and tears Wuth rainbow mernorues carried Through the hlnlng years Strength thou hast taught t Wisdom and truth Good will and glad hearts In the days of our youth Now an our song we Iutt Thy praise to the sky Hall hall to thee now and always Hall Franklin Hugh Benlamln Franklin Hugh School Copyrighted 1947 EDITH COLE Editor in Chief IACQU ELI NE M I LLETT Art Edlfor 2 s" . OUS l I I I 1 O by Foreword Thus book ns a record of the actuvutnes and students of Franklun l-lrgh School for the year l947 It sets forth the athletlc achsevements and the scholastnc record of Ben students who have rlsen to fame thus year lt tells of the Al2 s who have been mighty sen ors both an summer and winter and of the lowly BlO s who have passed through the most fnghtenung year of all It tells of the teachers who have turned out a new crop of aspnrung cvtnzens and the admlnlstrators who have guided the school through another fnscal year All of these things and many more are contained wnthun these covers May you enjoy every page to the fullest now and may It brrng happiness to you during the long hard years that lay ahead ot you So wlthout further adneu We glve at to you' THE l947 ALMANAC .tai as 3 Dedication ln past xears the Almanac ha been dedrcated to manx thrngs to the football teams vho have grven our school so many hours of happrness health and prosperrty to the dmrnrstratrve staffs who have successfully conducted Franklrn s busrness ends to the holars who have represented Franklrn at lts best In contests of brarn and to the athletes who have upheld our honor on the treld of brawn These thrngs have been honored trme and trme agarn but thus year because we feel that each of these groups have grven so much that we can t decrde between them we are dedrcatrng thus book to them all We proudly dedrcate thrs years Almanac to the sprrrt of Franklnn rs rs a smal word sprrrt but rt has a world of mean ng Franklrn to teachers and puprls who make rt thenr homers more than two or three burldrngs wrth a maze of corrrdors and hallways lt rs a lrvung breathrng part of the r lrves lt rs t them a thang alvtays to be proud o and to uphold lt has a standard that tney help to keep hugh and a name that thex frght to keep clean The spnrrt of Franklrn can be seen rn the way nts sons frght with their h arts and proud young bodres for a Football vrctory rt can be seen rn the wax they accept defeat rf ever the occasron arrses I can be heard rn tlne l ughter of :ts student as thev change from class to class lt can be heard rn the way cverv young heart opens up when the tame comes to recrte the pledge of allegrance to the flag or s ng the Star Spangled Banner lt can be felt the wave of sadness that engulfs these young people when they remember those who they respond to the call for servrce or funds for some worthy charrtv or drrve lt s not a thrng that everyone can see and fee: and hear but rt s always there just the same lts somethrng that you feel engulf you when you walk on the campus and ts a thrng you carry home wrth vou at th end of the clay And what really make t so wonderful rs the fact that everyone ls a defrnrte part of rt and that no one need ver feel left out It rs thrng the senrors mass the most and the thrng that the new BlOs understand the least lts somethrng that takes hold of you ann carrres you long wrth rt untul you become a part of rt o And to thus feelrng that we call sprrrt we dedrcate thas year s Almanac 'Vlay all of those who read rt en oy It And rn he tomorrovys h t come when thus book wrll take on :ts real meanrng may ea h and everyone of you re ll tha feelrng that sprrrt hat was sc rhu h ar C o n he xear l947 DI-l'l'l COLE -'l s ' y 3 1 I l . l . sc ' ' ' , Th' ' I - ' ' - A i . ' the ' , ' ' 4 , A E A - , ' o . I f I W , A . X . . . . . 1 .f., f . . . I T ' t a ' 3 I . f ' i . in fought for them as they attend the Memorial Day assembly, lt can be felt in the way . I . , i ' ' ' I 2 . 3 I V , If ,A g , . . e , ' the ' ' ' ' a ' ' ' ' . to . . , A g . t f t at . ' t ' ' . c f ca t , .A C, ' ' t so . c a p t fyeu ' t 1 If , . Almanac Staff EDITH COLE IACQUELINE MILLETT Edutor nn Clnuef Art Edutor LOU BAEZ Sports Editor TONI MYRUP Assistant Editor MARY CLEMENT Business Manager MARY LOU STROUD Photographic Editor PEGGY OLIVER Assistant Art Edctor REX MILLER Sponsor 5 XIII ww I , x N X ' I Table of Contents Q C XJ V T L QPOF Q!-N K, f .f'v'IVQ'i4T!,IIXTWT'. L, L Clfxii, 'QVffQf'x'. 1f'V"i"".9 ffm N EQQ - -TS , CAVE' T PES 7 Mil 1 H Q L, ADMIN wg, . wt., 4' RALPH E WINCHESTER Prlnclpal Mr Ralph E Wnnchester prnncxpal ot Franklun hugh school IS has ottuclal tntle but he ns better known as Mr Wnnchester trlend of Franklin students He us never too busy to talk over the problems ot youth and school wrth Ben students He encourages each and every one to come IH and get acqualnted wuth hlm and has ottlce statt Although he has been here just shortly over two years he IS known and lnked by the community as well as students lVlr Wrnchester has made many tune improvements In Franklnn durlng hls admlnnstratlon He has put In a nutrltlon perlod that helps program by unslstlng on more coaches so that every boy can have more nndlvldual attention He has encouraged student leaders to take over more of the actual responsvblluty ot runnung Franklln and has glven the court more purusductlon over wrong doers All un all has term has been benetuclal ID many ways Ben students owe thelr alleguance and theur trlendshlp to lvlr Wan chester and to Franklln and they give both gladly He IS always Interested nn any Ideas tor campus lmprovement that the students mlght have and he has backed such thlngs as the brand new band In every way He suts In on student council meetings and encourages the otfucers to express their opunlons to hum treely at all tlmes S everyone through the long morning. He has speeded up our athletic The CRACE CHAMPION OREL GRAHAM Vuce Pruncupals Muss Grace Champuon and Mr Orrel Graham the vuce pruncupals of Franklun are truly her unsung heroes They are the behund the scenes workers who keep the school runnung smoothly Muss Champuon who us the school s oftucual hostess us one of the busuest and most cap able gurl s vuce pruncupals un the cuty She us always ready to help wuth any prouect that us to the best unterest of Frankun students She has worked to keep Luttle Cuvuc the best al ways and she us vvorkung to promote more Interest un the Tun Canteen Muss Champuon has been for many years the able sponsor of the Gurls Councul a gurls servuce organuzatuon and un thus way she has had a chance to get acquaunted wuth most of the gurls who go through Franklun The boys vuce pruncupal Mr Orrel Graham renders the school a valuable servuce by takung over the full supervusuon of athletuc contests He us also the funal yudge of athletuc elugubuluty and theur truend as well as theur advusor l-le sponsors the Assocuators the boys equuvalent of the Gurls Councul as one of hus other dutues 9 I I l .NNN Q ,iff ' is C EQ, ' .sf . I A . 595572 Q ' ' , Admlnlstratlve Assistants If ever any vtsntor to Franklln chances IV on the offuces of Frankluns Admnnrstrattve staffs and theur asststants they have a chanc to see vvhere the actual runnung of the schoo takes place Behund these doors the man vvrrnkles that occur every day ln the success ful runnnng of 1 school of thus snze are urone out 'Vlr ohn l-lonst the head of the counseling staff has the responsnbllaty of maknng sure each and every pupil has a good chance ot reaching his last year vvxth enough credrts t graduate Mr Rex Muller the reglstrar on the othe hand has complete charge of the ment record of all of the boys and gurls that are attendsng Franklln l-le must also make sure they keep theur attendance records hugh Mrs eanne Sandlne the lnbrarlan has the bug goo of acquatntung the students vvlth thelr lnbrary She must see that there IS on hand at all tnmes a full selectuon of readung materra of every knnd Q . ', ' , r if In -7 Frrst Row Mrs Bates Mlss Sandlle Mrs Trreb Mr Wrnchester Mrs Thornton Mrs Shaplro Mr Sherlnyan Mrs Kang Cccond Row Mrss Robrnson Mrs Frtts Mrs Ebers Mr Downlng Mr Baurd Mr Powers Mr Hess Muss Greene Mr Spangler Mas Vactor Mr Horton Mlss Adarr Thrrd Row Mass Wolf Mrs Hertell Mr Garbo Mass Henderson Mlss La Prerre Mxss Champlon Mrs Grlffrn Mr Hahn Mr Mercurro r r r - V r - r r r - V r - - V A Mr Knndy Mrsf Moore, Mrs,'Ceccolr, I I f an V I I Fourth Row Mr Condit, Mr, Dutcher, Mr. Warden, Miss Carlqurst, Mr. Ingles, Mr. Morton, Mr. Holdrndge Mr, Gulbert, Mrs Thayer, Mr Perry Mr. Meyer, Mr, Frank, Mr. Horst, Mr. Graham. , . , . , V , L , , r , S , - Flfth Row Mr Hentschke Mrs Cranon Mrs Warner Muss Morrrs Ml s Wyccff Mr Galbrauth Mass Kennedy Mus Campbell Mrss Lush erness Mr Mrller Mrss Carhart Mlss Merrrman Mlss Anderson Faculty Here are the members of the Franklnn Hugh School faculty They are all experts tn thelr own Innes and each one plays a very rmportant part an keeprng Franklrn runnlng smoothly Here are representatrves of almost every professron and walk of ltfe There are carpenters and dramatrsts mechanucs and seamstresses journallsts and radio technrcrans sound men and busrness women and physncal Instructors and home makers In therr chosen fnelds they could do almost anythrng but they have chosen to devote thetr trme and efforts to preparrng the future generatlons by passnng on therr knowledge so that each lndlvtdual who passes through Frankun wull come out a well rounded good cltrzen Although therr efforts sometumes seem useless they never grve up and so they are well loved and appreclated by all who come unto contact wrth them ll In Recognition Thu page us dedicated to the students who have won dustunctuon un the dufferent deoar men s at Frankltn MUSIC DEPARTMENT At the Southern Calufornua Orche tra Festuval held un Long Bea rt Huldegard Vorrath vuolunust and Barbara Lee Brooks Ray Fabrizio and Charles Humphreys who comprised a woodwund trio wor superior rating Miss Vorrath us a member of the All Southern California Hugh School Symphony and has per fornned un Salt Lake City for the Music Educators National Conference SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT Eduth Cole Tonu Myrup and Frank Winans entered the Luons Club oratorucal contest for the Highland Park dustruct Muss Cole won first place un the dustuct and second place un the city semu funals Dave Ward Gerry Goruan jum Woollett Laurene Smutru jeanne McNamara Eva joe Damuth and Duck Watkins spoke for school and PTA gatherings Mary Welson anzl Gay Davis were wunter 47 graduation class speakers and jerry Bussuru and Lous Sanford were the speakers for summer 47 ATHLETICS The Ben varsity eleven became the Nor hern League football champions for the Sth consecutive year john justice achieved the posutuon of tackle on the first strung of the All City team Gene Brunton made All City second strung as halfback john Rumage was named guard on the thurd strung The boys who made the All Northern team are Ray Richards john ustuce john Rumage and Gene Brunton on the furst strung team and Kenny LaMott Phul jordon Gene Avruette joe Cusumana and Bob jones on the second strung COMMERC'AL DEPARTMENT The following pupil were chosen to participate un these actuvutues either because they were outstanding students or because of th ur special unterest un spe ual fields of busuness Gloria Day un Business were Mary Clement Betsy Bertun oyc Nevins Vuvuan Andersen Aluce Borel Beulah Hazelton aunuta Plant Beverly La Near Albert johnson jeanne I-loller Betty Lee Brown and jean Lyttle jeanne Holler Dave Palmer Mary Clement Bobbue jean Black and Elunor Guovanazzu attended the Advertus ng Club s Educators Conference Dave Palmer and Vurgunua Vossa went to a sbecual Bullock s dunner and Pat Watts Ruta Mae Pulone and Edna Brevug partucupated un Bankers Day Shurley Mathus Beverly Wulluams Peggy Morgan Marion Humphreys Elunor Guovanazzu Carleene Mattersteug and Pauline Lacasella attended Broadway Day SCIENCE DEPARTMENT The cuence award for wunter 47 went to Albert Van Huse ENGLISH DEPARTMENT The twenty seventh Annual Shakespearean Festuval sponsored by the Speech Teach ers Assocuatuon of Southern Caltfornua was held thus year at Occudental College jackue Mullett presented an orugunal speech An Apprecuatuon of Shakespeare un th Educatuon of Modern Youth Peter Cavalueru and Nata lue Gerson both gave scenes from Hamlet and joyce Sands presented a cuttung from A Midsummer Nught s Dream Delbert Tenny gave a scene from The Tempest Through the English department many students enter d essay contests sponsored by various organizations ALMANAC I can thunk of no better place un thus book to Dublucly thank my staff and all of the other people without whom thus ussue of the Almanac might never have been compuled Work work and more work has been the watch word of every one who has helped with the makung of thus book Never wull I be able to express my true feeling of gratutude to these people whom I have come to know and respect durung my term as edutor of our year book But I wull say from the bottom of my heart ut s been wowderful and I ll never forget a minute of ut The person who stands out most vuvudly un my mund u my wonderful sponsor Mr Rex Muller He has been helpful when I needed help encouraging when I became duscouraged and stern when I needed a firm hand to guude me He has been a good friend as well as an excellent teacher and sponsor I can never tell hum even a small part of the thanks I feel for hum To Mr Horton who has patuently read and corrected all of our copy I also extend my deepest thanks Eduth Cole I2 O l .S . . A j , , . I , j T t . V - s ' ' ci , ' . . . . , . , - ' r . ' I . 2, . . , C. . . Q . Meaglia, Mary Clement, and Marilyn Randall took part in the Kiwanis Career Dayg those who took part in Girls . . . I 2 . . . . . , I . ' . 5 ' . I - C . . . . D . . Q- . . , 3 , ' ,, . . - D ' 2 ' ' ' . 6 'W VE H' 2 'gf v gf 4 1 e , 0, ' .-sv 5 , ,. 'S CLASSES Ja D in 2 A my Al. EPHEBIANS fWINTERl Margaret Johnson, Fred Emer- son, Marulyn Randall. EPHEBIAN5 lSUMMERl Dave Ward Jeanne Holler Ton: Myrup M e P cou Jerry Bus slr: J m Adr anos Ed th ole Ephebla ns One of the hnghest honors that a student can achueve during has high schoo ca reer IS to become a member ot the Ephebuan socnety an has senior semester Ephebuans are chosen from the top seventh of the graduatlng class and the re quurements are a scholastic average ot B or above and leadership abnlnty The class turst chooses a group of those students among them who have done the most tor the school during theur three year stay The tnnal choice however rests vvnth the faculty who narrows the group down to one out ot every forty students In the class These students become Ephebuan members for lute and by so doing pledge them selves to accept leadershnp and responsrbnluty nn the cuvlc lute ot Los Angeles I4 t , I , an n , ' - , I 1 V l C , I . . . . . , l - . Winter CLASS OFFICERS Wmter 47 BOB WARD Pres dent MARILYN RANDALL Vc P eslde f ANN CECERE Secreta y WAUNDA LYCNQ Grls Socal ha JOYCE HOWE Yc'l Leader NORMAN HEA L Yell Leader MRS CECCO A S o GERTRUDE M CECCOLI Class The wlnter class ot l947 were the Mighty Midgets so dubbed because of theur unusually small enrollment number of 88 They chose green and whnte tor theur class colors and graduated ln whute caps and gowns The class was ably sponsored by Mr Ewart ohnston and Mrs Gertrude Ceccoll Although nt was a small class It wull long be remembered for nts tune contra butlons to Franklin was is 3: l5 . I . .. . . .. - E .M-A - , ,, S , ,wr 1 ,g ,, ,, . , V. 4'-If i - . . V , 1 5 A - Q ' , I t l Q' Y V7 Q K . 4 1 A s f A . ,I I v C rman 'T 'T Q ,L A E :Y C' - 'gf Ll Sr. 5: nscr '7 ijviia z 'P' i f-QE. CATHERINE ANNA ALGIERS Hook Cr Curve Bethany Club OOC Sec to Mr Hoist JESS BOJORQUEZ G Football Track Athledelphians Hi-Y Chaplain GAY ALLISON DAVIS Secretary Ellen HI Richards Treasurer Senior Class A Cappella Choir Girls' League Rep Ushers G Usherettes DONALD G GODWYN Athenians R.O.T.C. Comdr. Prom Comm EDITH LAVERNE ALLSBROOK Girls Glee Club Girls League Rep Class Otflcer MARJORIE JEAN BOLLE Hook C Curve Sec. Mr Horton DOREEN DOLORES DEPPLER Etiquette Club TrlfY Spanish Club Ushers G Usherettes HOok Z7 Curve EUGENE ROBERT GRACE "A" Track "A" Footbal Stage Manager Lil Civic Comn' Prom Con-rn FRANCES MARIE BANKE Camera Club Spanish Club Latin Club lSec EARLE STEELE BOWDEN Athenian DIANE LEE DREIER Asst Art Editor, Almanac GAA A Caooella Choir JOHN GENE GREGORY Publicity Mgr. Assoclators Chairman Civic Corrin- Pres, Ushers C: Usherettes Pres, Teen G Swing ETHEL IMOGENE BARRINGTON RICHARD ALBERT BROWN FRED CHARLES EMERSON Hi-Hatters Associators Financial Mgr "A" Track as' Basketbal' Epheb'af' GILBERT RODRiGC GLJEVAR A CAROLINE RUTH BERKOWITZ A Cappella Cho Bethany Club Press Club M Hoists Off e Latin Cluo AURA MARGAR T CAMERON A Cappella Cnc Treasurer, French Clu' Drama Club Buble Club OMAR WALDO ERICKSCN Crt: r NYLETTA MAE GLJTHR E El en ln. R jG.ET,.E ESJEZ EESEN VA ANN MARIE CECERE Secretary Senior Cla.. Spanish Club Athenlans Trl-Y ELDA MARIE FABRlZlC Student Sac. RlCl-lAR2 GLJZMAN Hn-Y Athledelpnla' "A" G 'B Foofbai "A" C: "B Track Second Per.:d lreasure' ELEANOR JEAN BLACK Pres Sec E'len l-l Richards A Cappella Choir Second Period Treasurer ANTHONY lx COLO CIULLA B Footba Pr rn Com sst Soor's dl r Hlat-latters EDWARZ STANLEY GALEEHSK' HAROLD ALEEQT HA -NSE EDDIE JOSEPH BLUTH President Student Body Athledelphlans Assoclators B Track B Football RAY JAMES COUPE B Football Prom Comm. JOHN FRANK GANNAWAY Second Period Treasurer "A" Football, 2 years Prom Comm. NORMAN C. HEADLEY Hn-Hatters Lil Civic Comm. Sr. A Yell Leader Band BEVERLEY A. HENDRICKSON EDWARD ROBERT JORDAN Ushers Cr Usherettes BILL ERVAN LAWRY JEAN AMABEL MITCHELL Prom. Comm, Lil Civic Comm, Good Form Club Sec., Treas, Orchestra Ushers C7 Usherettes LOUIS ROBERT HERNANDEZ "A" Basketball KENNETH EARL JORDAZ PAULAME ANN LAQASELLA Good Form BERNARZ ROBERT IIAONDA Y BENJAMIN CHARLES HETI-IERINGTON RONAL3 KIMAPI VJAUNDA VIORA LYONS Yell Leader Sr. B Girls Ellen H. Rlchard Vice-President, VICBYPYCS, Maucls E1 Manners A Cappella Chaar Sr, A. Socual Chr PEGGY ELAINE MORGAN LOIS ANNA HOFF Hook G Curve Bethany Club Secretary to Mr. Horton DOROTHY ELIZABETH KLUTOW JOHN MAGGHIA 'B' Football Banc-ball varuv, JOLENE FRANCES MURPHY RICHARD HERBERT HOPKINSON LYLE WILLARD Kl'lTLE "A" Footpa President, Dancmg C so WILLIAM ROBERT MADISON Tennis, Track Basketball Drum Malo' 2' Band Ushers G Usherettes MARY WELSON Vice-President Ellen H. Rlchards Sensor Play W'4'5 Hi-links of '46 Class Speaker Srl A Repr. A305 De LEE HOTALING I-Ii-Hatters "A" Basketbal' Prom Comm MARGLJER I TE LOUISE KOEBERT Hook 6 Curve Etiquette Glu DARLENE JEAN MARSHALL VERA NOVOS G.A.A. Camera Club Orchestra Sr B V rn,D-1 Prom Comm 'E C5 ,f xxr JOYCE HOWE Sr, A Yell ANNA LOUISE KOST Ushers G Usheretws THOMAS ARTHUR MILLER Publlclty Vg' LEE CHARLES PIKE Ushers u Usherettes Camera Chl? Leader MARGARET EVELYN JOHNSON Asst. Feature Editor, Press Ephebian FELICIA ANNE LUMMIS Class Rep. Vlce-Presudent, A Cappella Glrls' League R C Ellen H. Rlchards EVELYN MAE MISNER GA A SAM PONTRELLI JS x Xa u Sqf- 'S MILDRED EETTY MARILYN QUIBELL JUNE CLOA RAKESTRAW RANDALL Glee Club Vice-Pres., Class '46 Almanac Staff Etiquette Club G,A.A. Ellen I-I. Richards lil Civic Comm. Prom Comm. JOAN EARLENE BARBARA LOUISE FRANCES LOUISE SEGALE SLATER SMART Spanish Club Ushers 6 Girls' Council French Club Usherettes G,A.A. Pres, Glee Club HOWARD DOLORES N ROY THACKER TOLAR RUSSELL Staff Member, VALANTINE Press Athenians Associators Senior B Cabinet JACK RONALD JOY OLSEN YANZ CAROLINE WRIGHT ZILIOTTO Spanish Club ROSE MARIE JUNE RAYCRAFT G.A.A. DUDLEY E. SORENSON HAH G HBH Football "A" Track Associators ALBERT EUGENE VAN HISE Pres., Photog- raphy Club President, Athenians Saber G Chevrons Press Club Spanish Club PHILLIP WALLACE STINCHFIELD Spanish Club I8 SOPHIE SANDERS G.A.A Girls' League Rep. BILL ASHER STEPHERSON R.O.T.C. Saber G Chevrons F RED FOSTER WADSWORTH H i -Hatters Associators Student Council ELAINE BETTY SAWATZKY Lil Civic Comm, Girls' League Rep. Second Period Treasurer Prom Comm, Student Secretary, Mrs, Ceccoli MARIE HELEN STIEBELING Glee Club KENNETH RODNEY WAGNER Varsity Track Varsity Football as WILLIAM H. SEARFUS Pres., Ushers C1 Usherette' Apparatus Letterman Spanish Club MICHAEL STRASS ROBERT CHARLES WARD Pres., Sr. A Class Pres., Hi-Hatters Hi-Y Athledelphians Varsity Track Varsity Football MILITARY GRADUATES Winter 1947 JANET MARIE SCHWENK Girls' Glee Club Almanac Staff BEVERLEY J UNE STRONG Ellen H. Richard RICHARD C NELSON DONAL BUNKER GRADUATING THROUGH METROPOLITAN MERYI. JUNE BENDER IEANNETTE TRIEB Summer Class CLASS OFFICERS Summer 47 CURTIS RUMAGE President LOIS SANFORD Vice President JOANN COLEFR Secretary MARY SCHLIVH Grrls Soc Char AL MCCONNELL Boys Soc Char MRS TRIEB Sr A Sponso The Vagabonds was the name offlclally chosen by the Franklin gradu atung class of S 47 Thus class whlch numbered close to 300 students chose aqua and brown for theur offucral class colors and graduated nn the Oxy Bowl nn maroon and white caps and gowns The class was led through nts last semester by Mrs jeannette Trueb and Mr Armin C Hentschke .gasp-' I9 ,MY . I, :zz f ' ' if ' Y fl, ' A , V, 5 5,3 1 W , , , , ' Z :Qi ' 4, ,L fl A i , VJ: I , , X AA a z' f 5, 5 4 f . . A H H . . - . , . . . , . - , I . V --....,X.,.....-,,- ,,,,,,, Y ,, ,S , , aff 'V ' Y . T TFQ I ' . 4 . I , . I , N , f 1' , . ies. , 710, HAROLD ABEDOR Basketball GARY PHILLIP ALEXA' EER VIOLET LOUISE ALBARIAN BETTY JEAN ALTMAN JAMES ADRIANOS A Track G Football Vuce Presldent Assoclators Student Body Flnanclal Mgr Boys League Vuce Pre vdent Epheblan lOANN EARBARA ANDERSON Mald C Mannem T I Y Second Perlod Treasurer Usne s C U here' c DOUGLAS GORDON ANDRESS Usher Club Spanlsb Club SIDNEY E ANGLIN B Football Bethany Club Gymna ' OOC PHILLIS JOHN EUGENIA BAZIAK BARROW A Cappella Cholr Betheny Club RICHAPD BERTEAUX Justlce Student Court Vlce Presldent Boys League Sports r.dltor Press Balllff Student Court Track C Football JERRY RICHARD BISSIRI Ephebuan Presldent Student Body Presndent Sensor B Class Sec Treas Boys League B Trac Lette man BETTY BROWN Manager Studeft Store SOC. Chrm,, UGU Malds C1 Manners Attendance Otflcc H' Jlnks BETSY BERTIN Tru Y Llttle Clvuc Commlttee Glrls League Repre entatlve ALICE MARION BOREL Usher C1 Usherettes Vlce Presdent Tru Y Glee Club Secretary to Mrs Powers GENEVIEVE BROWNEN Ellen H Rnchards Presldent Etuquette Club Girls' Council ZELMA ELIZABETH AIRGOOD H STEWART ANDERSON H Y Athledelphnans HI Hatters Sec or Treas A Football aff' X- Track CLARISSA ANN ARTHUR Glrls Gym Ottnce Secretary GLENN ALLEN BACHMANN PATRICIA BEALE Treasurer Ellen H Ruchards Vrce Presudert Etiquette Second Perold Treasurer FREDRICH OTTO BEYERLE First Lt ROTC Rsfle Team Saber 6 Cheyrons Prolectnon Crew ACS Chemistry Team DORIS JEANN NE BOWMAN IS u Etiquette Club Counsellor Ottlce GAA LUCILLE ELEANOR BRUN XIER PHYLLIS MAE ALDERMAN Second Peruod Treasurer J rls Glee Club VIVIAN BENNY BETH ANDERSON Presldent Good Form Club G rls Vuce Pres of Student Body Secretary Good Form Club .ulrls Councll Ellen H RlChardS GENE ARVIETTE A Football A Baseball HI Y Athledelphlans A Cappella Chovr R LOUIS BAEZ HI Y Athledelphlans B Basketball an B Track Sports Edrtor Press Sports Edltor Almanac SHERMAN JOHN BEALS B ootball Track HAROLD ARZT BINDER Actlve Assocuator Chess Club Teen C1 Swmg ACS Chemlstry Team WILLIAM ORVILLE BRICKER sENE IERB RT BRJXJ GN A rootoall tears " ' Forrball, fears " " L Sebal, xl- rs Secretary, I-In-Y Treasurer, Atnlede o-Mans DOUGLAS RE D BULLOCIC :HLL FRANK BUTLER ANTOINETT PAULINE CECERE VERNON CHRISTIANSON BERNICE CARPENTER Busmess Offuce Second Per od DELORES ANN CRABB A a p Fhcrr EVA JOE DAMUTH Ellen H Ruchard Eruqueffe Club Ora Or1Cal VJ r' Per S43 C'-IAROLOTTE MARIE BUNDY Presldervf Gnrls League Presudenf GAA Surg Leader Tr: Y FIS OJ A TI DO ALC HENRY CARTER A Track Hn Y Scrgea Arms Hair Arbl dclxvwa CHET VN LSON CEIALAI MARY CLEMENT ROBERT EARL BURR B FD fb rv HOPE NIARIE ARONE PA PI IA ANN CHAPMA HIsToruav' M ar-d I+ Tr Y s a Re, se Tat RICHARD COBB GAA Member and B Foorbal Letter Wmner S Treas Teen G Swmg Busmess Mgr S47 Almarwa Glee Club Sec etary r Mrs Tre EDITH ANN COLE Ephebnarv Editor Almarw EdIfOr IHC 5 Press H ad LII Cv Committee Pres ReD Bcthavv SA Llc CRIT S Berra y VITO DE BE' LIS an eIIa CI- BasebaII LAWRENCE PO: 1 HARRID C' TO OENNING f -1 Apparatus A CaDDclIa Choir Second Perwod Treasure O'-IN JOSERH CO X.DOX1 Teen C Sw WILLIV' HAROI D CUTHEQELL Preslduwf Radno C ub 2 semesters V e Pr nd 1' L -f1 L AC hen Team Sound Crew EJ I '32 IJAJO EOVVA O DIMNI CK Bskfa Ha HY I JOAN VIRGIN A BURBIDSE Member of GAA Y S U Represervtaflve PETER JOHN CAVALIERI FootbaI Track Athlede phrarws MARY CHI CHI JO ANN COLBERT Vuce Presxderwf Efuqueffe CIub Ellen H Ruchard Sec Treas Sensor A Class Treasurer A Cabpella L COWKLIN GAA Glee Club Barham DOROTHY ALICE OAMM Treasurer G rls Council Treasur r Bethany Ehquerfe Club B Soma! Chawrman IAN. PUT'-I DE RESNE SALLY D XON If L-59 -L 4. 4 rl- WILLIAM QLQQIA DREHER DUCF Hx Hatters Athcmam Assocrator: Vuce PYCSIUCDY Pre 5 Club Track Ea ketball JAMES DONALD ECLAIR Orchestra Clul' Band Sabre I. Chewc Stage Crew DOROTHY JEAN EVANS DEAN FINLEY Basketball Letter man T years Tenm 2 ygarg HI Hatters RUTH ANNE FOX JACK LJRQUHART EISENFREY DYREL AL' F LSI CK ERNECE RAY FISCHER Trl Y CAA Cood Fcrm C chestra Cl'eIr"reft PHYLLIS JEAN C SPAR Pres H me rls Lcazl M rwagemert re E ICN H RI I-ard re A ap a C Ettq ette Club R ree ONIAL M CHAR I SCN ACK C BSC F a A para efal E IYNCR 'AR A FRANCES AYE QICJA A L Mads L. Manners Secretar, t 'vt Trleb Seurretarx to I s Eram rd rls L a ue e re ta I e DCRIS LORRAIE GRAY - Get -S Bethany Club Soamsh Cul: Teen a d Swvfg VE NS VARY fn-Nav REY CE PATRICIA ANN DUFUR Cvrls Cf' '1 :I T Y JILLIAM HOYER ELDR ,E FRANK LEO FEHSE Jar :ty Foctbal Hx Hatters I-' Y A'h'edelpl'1uar-s Bovs League Representatxve MARILYN FISHER Secretary Glrls League Sorxg Leader Bethar-y Glrls C rwcl Snamsh Club CAA HERMANI .JRI ERHAR T FRANCES ARILYN ILEERT Treasurer C r s Sec et 4. A Caypelna Fc .J lcllf 'N:I.l A EASCN OUISE ARRIETT rRlGG EetYlfam CLI: EDWARD WILLIAM DYSTHE B Football A Track A Caooella Choir Orchestra RICHARD NEIL ER ICKSEN A Cappella Chou 1CSEPH r-ELDMAN ARTHUR H FROEHLICH Football B Track CRACE NATALIE QERSON r Y 'ethany Saamsh Club eclamatlon Contest Wm er S47 'OU S HENIRY D ER CLCRIA 'A RAMBUSCH Glee Club Latm Club PAULA CHRISTINE GRIMES Etnquette Club Ellen H. Richards A Cappella Chonr - rls' League Re3re-entative I' EDA LOUISE GUGLIOMINO Girls' Councll Girls League Representatlve Vice Presndent GORDON LOUIS GUNN Football Track HI Y HI Hatters Gurls Glee Club Sensor B S c al Hook C1 Curve LESLIE KEITH HARPER Basketball Track PAUL FRED HEYER B Football Tennis Teen C1 Swung Spamsh Club Ushers G Usherettes JAMES WILLIAM HOGGAN H1 Hatters MARION HUMPHREY Mauds Cf Manners Secretary for Mrss Bramerd Second Perlod Treasurer Counsellor s Off. e BETTY BRUNTON JONES Sec Treas Pho tography Club Bethany Club PHYLLIS IRENE KASPERSOVX. Glrls Councll Red Cross Re SONDRA L KELCH C v c C Chaxrrnan MARSHALL LAWRENCE HARTMAN Tennls Letterman Varslty Football B Track Chess Club Press Club WILLIAM PHILLIP HIBBARD Tra HI JIVVKS Bovs League Representatrvc PHYLLI JEANINE HOLLER Ephebuans Prestdent Gurls League Asso Judge Student Cou t Glrls Coun Etnqaette C u KENN ETH BART JACOBSON Assoclators A Cappella Tennns Basketba ILBERT RAYMON IORL-JENSEN Footba' Aoparatus Vuce Presvcle HI Hatter Atlwledelslmu KAY LJAA F AR CARD' V Ku Us ers 'X CAA JOSEPH ANNA LOU LEROY HARLOWE HAMILTON A Cappella Choir Boys League Representatlve BEULAH MARIE HAZELTON BEN HEFNER B ra A C53 ella orr B Foot al HELEI HITZ Ma ds 6' Manners Trl Y S a n b CERAI D rr: I-IUQR LORRA N: ANN JOHNSO s Llbrarlar- A Cap a Cn KATHQYN JU3 M34 C Mafwers C un 0 4 PAT1 A K CEB IN Secre ary M 4. M Trea Etlquctte Qlrls League Re rese tatlse C VA-QV K N nee x V snyTrak RALPH A HITZ A Football A Track Hn Hatters Assocnators Athledelphlans Athenlans IEQS RALPH HUBBARD TED JOHNSON Y Ath edelghnans F ot a Tra k Baseba JO'-IN ANTHONY JUSTIC Letterma Track Basebal Athledel hrans Hr Y PAYMON L KEIT'-I ROTC Ba al C w Prestde Pres Saoers U C evr I a O r I: HARR J KN L,-1T in ,M k M1 is Sig ,se 1 1. XI 24 JACK KNIGHTON A Ba cball A Football es ce Pro HI Y A lctc M r rcer HI Ha er A lcdcrh BEVERLY MAXINE LA NEAR Glrls Glee C ub A Capoella Cholr Good Form Club Grrls League Repre ent two ARTHUR GILBERT LOPEZ Span sh Club Hn Hatters Track BETTY JANE Mc DONALD GAA GRACE EILEEN MacNEIL Secretary Malds Cr Manners Hustornan Sec Glrls Councll Trl Y CIVIC Commvt ee Sensor Play FRANK JAME MASTRC WARREN L E MERCHANT A Football A Track Secretary Boys League Presude Athledelphlans Hn Hatters JACQUELINE ELIZABETH MILLETT Poster Chanrman Bethany Club Presudent Glrls Councrl Etiquette Club Art Edlta Alma ac WEXJDELL RGEERT PHILIP 'Z ' KNOW :cc Pres nu Lrshcrct C Assoc a cr LCV C t L LARSCJ JEAN OLCRES LYTTLE Athenxan Treasurer Tn Y Glrls eague c Vrce Pes GAA Cnyuc Comrnrtte NANCY ELLEN MCNALLY Pres Glee Club CAA Head Base ball ar-d Volley Ea Bethany Club rarna Curl Lea ,Ae ALEXANDER BUD MACLAURIE Pres As oclators l-lu Hatter Student Councll Gym Club CARLEENJE AATTERSTING eco d Pernod Tre surer EERNA MILLER :ce Pre T I Y Asst Se retarv S use t Bc CAA s c HAROLD MINKLER Gymna tl s RCARA f u s Feature Ed tor Press al Chalrman rrls League c H Rrchar s C lc C rnrnlt C RICHARD EUGENE VlcCARTY Hr Hatters Assoc: t rs IEANNE MARIE NACNAMARA Ellen I-I Richards Vnce Presldent Sensor B Grrl League Rep A Canoella Chorr Second Pe rod reasurer ARLINE MARKS CLCRIA MEAGLIA Vrce President Grls Councnl Presndent Ma ds C Manners Clrls League Rep Pres Board of Standards I-look 4, Curve CHARLIE RODERICK LLER EEVERLY JEAN NAINSER Pres: ert GAA Presucent Usher C Ushereftes Teasurer CAA Chrmn CG' GLENN ALBERT 'ADNER ANNETTE CN SHORE d Perle cre ary ALBERT LEROY TMCONNEL Senlor A Boys Soclal Charrma Vrce President Hn Hatters Secretary Assoclators 5: Football A Tennis SHEILA MARJORIE MacNAMARA Ushers 6' Usherettes GAA Second Period T easurer SHIRLEY MAURINE MATHIS Frrst And Offlcer A Cappella Chcr ecretary to A Galbrleth MORLAN TRUMAN MEANS President Teen G Swnng A soclators MARVIN ALBERT MILLER ymrastlcs Track ANTONETTA MARIA VIONNO Spanish Club urls League Representatxve Teen ca Swing Y ROSALIE MONNO Teen Cr Swmg SH RLEE ANN MOWRY Etlquette Club Sccual Cnaxrrnan Heck G Curve Secretary Be-tba y Club Se or-d Penod Irea urer MAXINE JOYCE NEVINS EVELYN NOWELS GAA MARGARET PAFFORD Good Form Club DERELYN PATTERSON Glee Club A Cappella Chow Second Pernod Treasurer A tendan e Otfr e PAT FE TERSON ROBERT PAUL POWLEY Basketball H Y Treasurer Athledelplnzans A Capbella Choir DONNA MAE MORREY rresrdent alrls Ccun Treasurer Cnr League C 'vt T I Y NAN Y RLITI-I VLNN V ce Pres C Mards o Mar-r-ers Tru Y Trea urer T I Y MARY LOUISE NEVVCOMB CAA A Ca cclla Chcnr MARGARET OLIVER Vlaud C1 Manners DAVID PALMER School Band Second Perlcd Treasurer B ys League Re CARL PEDERSON Presldent Spanush Club Band Orchestra H Jrnks MARIE LOUISE RICOU Assoc ate Ed tc Press Glrls Vice Pres Studer-t Bod orrls Councll H stcruan Gcod Fo m Clu E bel: an MARTINI EDWARD PRUETT Varsxtv Foo ball o Track Att'IetIc Mgr Boxs League Presldent H Y Atbledelph ares t-In Hatters RONALD F MORRISON Pres Hn Hafters I-II Y Athledelplmans Nars ty Football rack AN ONIA MYRUP ec etary Studenf Body cd Form Club Llfe Member Hnstoruan Athemans Feature Edltor Press Eptveblan JUNE NICKEL A Cappella Cholr Etrquetfe Club B Yell Leader Elle H Ruchards E GE O C PALMER RC ERT -QAY ELC T RITA MAE DU ONE S cretary Etuquette Club E len H Rnchards A Cappella Chclr BETTY JCAN MORRIS T Id Pr-rl Y LAUREL N.ELJSER wed Cr e D RCTHY INCBLE 7ACK FA I A r e s C D Atl-Iledelbhxans H H er MARFARET I-ARKER I Lea ue Soc Chrm rl Y I. 't e Clvl A Cappella CE CNALD PE ERS aber Cr Chen E 'NIA 'VIARIE SENI Ter' I CONRAD PULSIPHER IS HRCTDCII I " . - 'I I- r - 'cd C -' :II ' Scare ary I .djg I - T Ma' s G I arrerf ,, S I " I' IC T I' ' II III' S ' , -:ssR.: . - S, GAA ' ' I 5 I V ' I f I 2 ' K, ' I A I L. S I: C S' ' n . E CR - 'WEN I DLL s C1 "C" Tri-Y Almanac Staff Basketball 'Nr s lu II- atl S 1 I 'R J HN I G , GIr 5' Q- , :lj ' 5: '..l C : GAA Ieer ' C E SO ' FELL T , S S A Crt ? C C 1 R C. :C T EC I I I r, GAA F W W A PL: I Y f- I I I -EE ,- L "A" G "B' t S 'I ' " Ea- ' I- I ., I ' I. ' , I- 'D- GENEVIEVE CATHERINE RAGONE Treasurer Mrs Preema Sr B Secretary Treasurer Mrs Ceccol S r Ia y rss Bra Good Form Club MILDRED BERNICE REVXMAN P esldent M Lf M Vrce Pres M U M Treasu er G r s Cou C ' Sta ar s e R VIRGINIA RIOS Good Form C b GAA Tr Y A aepe a GEORGE CURTIS RUMACE Football Treasu er Hr Hat ers HI Y A hled Inn a Sensor Class Pr JOHN CECIL SAVAGE Gym Club DAJID RICHARD F of a years Tra as ba RICHARD SHERMAN ZCRMA FAY - -AN BETTY JANE PAMEY A Capoella Cleo Glrls Glec Club Hook C: Curve Clas Secretary HELEN REGLJLA Pres dent Press Cl I: Treasurer Glrls League Assf Edlfor P G r S C T I Y MARGARET VIRGINIA ROFF SO lal Chalrnean Etuquerte Cl Class Secrela y Ca e a no JOHNVE C RLJNAAG H I-lat? rs A Foo ba Tra rc DA SCARLATO Vlce Pres lv' C, M Irs Cau s L aqu Hook 4.1 Curye Crass Sec erar MARIE SCMERAR-J Secretary t Mss Ca L: Se rerary T Mlss Bra fl erdar' 4 Treas JAME MONTCLIE SINCLAIR R Life Mernbe' Cx SDBFIISD Clu: Sec, Treas Pnclogra, . - nes' urs D 2 SPOTTS ,us'. Q :e ' :ar --c, -r . Le-H f Llfe Mer-be' C 'rls' E. ,I':' A sl Earle: :ross GEORG ORTEGA RAM I REZ Bask ftnall Letterman DONIOVANJ S REIMER Baskofba I a he JA K CLI NTON ROSENLLJND A a Foe al JACK RU:-FATO ke D anna e :mans MARY LOUISE SCI-ILICHTEFZ Glee Cut: Pres VI e res Etxquerte Club Sr A Socval Chr Sr B Yell Leader Ellen I-I Rlcnar RUTH ELSIE RAMSEIER Athenian Tru Y Gnrls Councul Secretary GAA Vnce Prcsrden Glrls League JACK RIDGE BARBARA RUDDOCK G s Glee Club Teen Z: Swung Grrls League Re-D Class Treasu er LOIS GERALDINE SANDORD Secrefary Erlquette Club Secretary Gnrls Councll Sludent Body HI Jlnks Sensor Play Sr A Vlcc Pres RENA MAE SCOTT DEM: R JOSEPH JOSEPI-1 SERG u LALJRE MARCELL SMITH 'ee r 1 Press Club Secretary, T I-Y I. .e Clylc rn Fealure Ed- or 'r el on Press T: -I I HERRERT SHEDHERD MARJO Q MAE SMITH Secrelary, GAA Treasurer, Trl-Y 'I V ' R15-111-R STA'. IE MARGARET ELEANOR STEPHENSON Malds 6' Manners Gurls Glee Club Sec Treas A Cappella Chonr ROKURO :UZUKI Baske ball GENE E TEFT Hr Hatters A Track GLORIA MAE THOMPSON Mands C: Manners Tr: Y QAIHLEEN VANI ARSDALE Vzc Pres A Cap pella Chotr Etuquette Club Ee: Student Court 2 terms CIVIC Commlttce OCROTHY MAE WAGNER Tru Y ROSANNIA JEANJ WARDEN E t a v b HELEN PATRICIA WATTS EDWARD RICHARD STEWART LOUIC Treas Press Club STREMEL A Gymnastlc Letterman Asst Sports Ed Press Basketball Le terman 4: Ca,,t 'VILLIAM CRAlG TATE ROSE TENERELLI Mards C1 Marrer Hook C1 Curve MOYE EULALIE TOWNSEND Secretary Glrls Glee Club A Cappella Cholr ERALD ERNE VAN VEIGHTENI Vnce Preslde t Spannsh Club Stage Crew Eand Ushers G Usherettes 1lRlAM -xLlCE JALDEN rlS a Q rls c rcl Orchestra 'WARVIN ALE VARMElER Latlrw Clu gmc JOHN NORTON WEBER Yell Leader GAA O chestra Tr: Y A Foo ball Sec Good Form Treas Sec Mr Hentschke BARBARA AYLCR e BILL CHARLES TENHOFF Ea ketball CHHQLEY AAE RACY YI Y Se Quan h Cub Sec Treas T C 57 Swv Q letter Llt: at ra Ceo Cl b KEITH LETA a Da kc Pall E EN F-LLS 'ARY LCRENC VC 'AR R E FX rlY MARY LOUISE QTROUD secret ry Etnquctte Club C r's SJ nal Ch rrman l Lea ue E leo H R hard Almar' Qtatf DCREEN ELLEN TAYLOR ERCME TENNY H1 Y Hn Hatter Athledclphlarts Apgar tu ctt II C1 Tra E' MIRA DADIA VALENCIA CAA Mad or Manners C EPTA AM .J ff-LE ARD E leer L r e 9 L Q 6 Ce Bo s Lea ,le Cla et a A Track rx CHP-QD A c HY ram MAR AQET OQE ESCC T Cr Leag e e acne! lu 1 T I Y Ee he N, Club 'fit f ,,-r 27 :xw ff' 4 J ,VI ,ff Mfwl ,JI ff? .4 MILITARY GRADUATES Iune zo 1947 GERALD F AVERY EDWIN HOWARD BROWN ROBERT BURNE DONATO CARLUCCI CHESTER LE ROY COLE VERNON B COOPER WILLIAM ANDREW DAY RAY FRANCIS DIXON HARRY EARNEST FIELDER KARL LEON FIELDER WILLIAM FROCK JR RALPH LEWIS GREEN LAWRENCE BLANCHARD GRIMES DONALD RAY HARTLEY HARRY WRAY HAMPTON RICHARD S HAWKINS JOE DWIGHT MacPHERSON MELO MICHAEL PEICICH DONALD G POWELSON FREDERICK PAUL RAMSEIER ROBERT BARLOW RUFFATO SAMUEL PHILLIP SANDELL ROBERT C SAVAGE LEE SICKLER ERWING ADELBERT THARALSOI DONALD CHARLES THOMPSON 8 DOROTHY RUTH LOUISE MARCARET WEST WEST Second Peruod A Ca pela CHO Treasurer T rn G Swl 3 Mann Ofhce Grs Leag e R FRANK MARY WHITMAN JOYCE A Baseball VII-IITWORTH GAA Yell Leader Fo fball Good Form Sec Presldent Glrls Councnl Afhledelphlans Trl Y Secretary HI Y G s League Re Vnce Presudenf I-II Hafters FRANK WINANS Football Tenms HI Y HI Haffers ASSOCIBTOYS EDWARD WALTER VVOODWORTH HI Y A Cappella Chow Athledelphlans Football Tra lc WAYNE J WEST Basketball SATTIANNE WIGGENHORN Prps Duefetucs Sec Sr Problems Treas Glrls Glee Club Mad U Man er: DOROTHY JEAN ZURBUCHENI GAA pf6SIdEVTf Teen C SWIHQ JACK LLOYD WHITE Presldenf Spamsh Club Chess Club Tenrws Team Orchestra Club Second Peruod Tr as rer WHEAT WILBORN Vlce Presldenl Radvo Club Te 'H E7 Swlng BETTY JO PUTNFY Secretary Frefch Club Llbrary Y vii 1 I 17 M6 ' 'J X Jlmazmc fr ,. . D Ny, k. Mfg Af If 4 yah .1-fl .er .ini X KR Sensor Slgs an 41 3 rl. sf" Nfl 29 5 HE 2C 1 sf Q lass B11 wr fav, Q44 yua- 0 :wt -, 4, N ? N ' fff ' ' 'S 1' off 'iff'-'D . . 7. - A .-J ,:,, 1 ' ' 1,9 a ', f A I . f 4, qi 'nt fr.: , I I ' v U nl . 5 5 aw 'O 1 T "?'i,.?":4"Y 9? A 4' Qi? - ' ' . v 'f' Q ', is' r 4 'd4x"n .5 "Tw-, xc 'I I ' " H ' hz: af ' ff ' M .,,, , ' ' 1 'ff BA. ' i4??f'f "' A Ugly, 1 1 ' N " x'1Q7Fvh4fZ4 -' 2': W, f I fs If en r xy? 'f l' 2' " I aa 0.4 . yr ILPA5 'V' ' H Q ff' X? ' . 1' I X F fa yfwwff, f .- ff: 'Y'b "2 f'z"'f'Z ' 'Ziff A N . Q ' ,, .M vu fm - 1 fr -35 ' ' a'f' n 'I-F. 'Z . 'ld' ,jj 'qq"" 5 " "1 Hb- R f ., f , 5 4 an V . 'r S it X W I I wwf, 3 A fr-vii P V73 swf? , v, at 4' .4 ' 1 7 Q - ' s Y 5 sr' E 'SJ ff!-K.: . 'rho g up fpx an mn CD x- 1 'K fr Q I' I GRCANIZATIONS L51 'FX I ED BLUTH LOIS SANFORD Presudent Secrera y MARIE PICOU NORMAN HEADLEY Gurls Vce Pres de Y Boys Vce Pres dent Student Councul W 47 The student councol us a group of student leaders that sut together to help un the managung ot school affaurs lt consusts of the presudent of the stu dent body the boys and gurls vuce presudent the student body secretary the tunancual manager the publucuty manager the presudent ot the boys and gurls leagues the presudent of gurls Councul and the Assocuator Prexy and the edutor ot the Press the school newspaper The student councul passed more many years They were unstrumental un the establushung of the newly formed Ben Band They also were responsuble for the new sound system purchased by the student body lt us an honor and a pruvulege for any student to be chosen to sut on thus governung board and help un the solv ung of school problems WINTER SEMESTER EDWARD BLUTH NORMAN HEADLEY MARIE PICOU JEANNE HOLL DAVE WARD FRED WADbNORl'l-I ED TH O E MARTIN PRUETT FRED EMERSON 'OHN GREGORY ., , , I I 'I - T regulations than any other council in K MV ,u,,.,. , .- ,.. ,,.. . .WN f fr , 1 ' " 'sa y , A I I C l. 36 SUMMER ,SEMESTER JERRY BISSIRI VIVIAN ANDERSON DAVE WARD TONI MYRUP CHARLOTTEMARIE BUNIDY JIM WOOLLETT BUD MacLAURIE DONNA MORREY LAURENE SMIT'-t JACK KNIGHTON JIM ADRIANOS BERNARDINE MILLER Student Council S 47 Thus past year Mr Wnnchester has turned more and more student prob lems and affanrs over to the student councul because he feels that students can best deal wlth student problems Thus group of eleven members of the s udent body chosen to represent the ret are ably asslsted by the Leader shup class Thus ns a class composed of all the club presidents and student leaders In the school These young people learn much from thus class about the problems that confront leaders In all walks ot lnte The stu dent councnl and the Leadershup class are under the expert guldance of Mr Armnn C I-lentschke coordnnator o The student councul tor S 47 passed many thlngs benefucnal to the school For example they petitioned the cltx clvlc leaders for a swnmmlng pool IU I-Iughland Park JERRY BISSIRI Pres dent VIVIAN ANDERSON Grls Vce Presrdent gyqaunpl TON I MYRUP Secretary DAVID WARD Boys Vlce Presudent I ll, ' ' I I I I ff . . . . . b 1 . 4 i student affairs of Franklin. ' ' 9 Ai' 'l . I Dsl l I . t 4 i A , 'ff 37 49" QF 36' Q? reef Nb C-urls League WINTER JEANNE HOLLER Presudcnt MARIAM WALDEN Vuce Presudcnt MARILYN FISHER Secretary HELEN REGLJLA Treasurer MAY TONOYAN KATHERIN CASCIO Yell Leader MISS FYE Qoonsor SUMMER CHARLOTTEMAR I E BUNDY Presudent RUTH RAMSI ER Vuce Presudent CHAR LENE GOLDENBERCJ Secretary PAT HUTCHINSON Treasurer MARGARET PARKER Social Chaurrnan MAY TONOYAN KATHERINE CASCIO Yell Leaders The Gurls League us an organuzatuon for every gurl un Franklun lt us the only club that every gurl automatucally becomes a mem ber of The Gurls League sponsors educatuonal and recreatuonal assemblues for the enuoyment of all the gurls Thus orgnnuzatuon us sponsored by lvluss Florence Fye gurls physucal educatuon Instructor +8 Boys League Every boy that enters comes a member of the tend all assemblies held thus club has a place on Franklin High School automatncally be Boys League Thus entutles hum to at by thus organnzatuon The presndent of student council Mr Clarence Ebers athletsc coach sponsors the Boys League WINTER SEMESTER DAVE WARD President RICHARD BERTEAUX Vlce Presudent JERRY BISS-il Secretary and Trea J JOHN GREGORY Publicity Manager MARTIN PRUE T Athletic Manager CLARENCE EBERS Sponsor SUMMER SEMESTER JIM WOOLLETT Pre :dent BOB MELISSA Xuce President JIM ADRIANOS Publvcuty Manager JACK KNIGHTON Athletnc Manager CLARENCE EBER: Sponsor 1? :ai 'T' in Cuurls Councul WINTER SEMESTER ACKlE MILLETT P cs dot ONINA MORREY ce Pres de 1 CIS SANFWR C rctary UCKEY REDMANJ s o RA E MacNEAL ca u Q SUMMER SEMESTER DONNA MORREY Prcs U nt LORIA MEAGLIA V cc Pros dent RACE MacNElL cretary PAT LORIMOR H s or an OROTHY DAMM rcasurer The C-urls Councul us a servuce organuzatuon that gurls of the upper duvusuon may belong to uf they have hugh enough grades and are voted un by the members The members of the Curls Coun cul re euve servuce creduts for guardung the halls at n on and before school The bug socual event ot the season for the Counc l Gurus us a dance vvuth one of the boys clubs They also have a breakfast and a luncheon durunff the course of a semester 'Vluss Grace Champuon gurls vuce pruncupal us the soonsor of thus organuzatuon vvhuch struves to teach gurls re ponsubuluty and ueadershup along vvuth fun and taur play 40 Assoclators The Assocuators as the boys equrvalent tp he Cnrls Coun ll Boys who have hugh scholastnc records are asked to loan at the other members feel they are worthy The maln job of the Asso flators IS to guard the grounds at noon and see that no one leaves without permussnon They re ceuve service credits for thus work They also have a dance durnng the semester wnth one of the gurls clubs whach all the boys look lorward to The club has a new sponsor thus semester l-le as Mr Ingles of the socual studies department a brand new teacher here at Franklun The boys luke ham and he has great plans for once again rrakung thus club the boys club at Franklln WINTER SEMESTER FRED wa re H lf' 'N C9 vac ALR e Pre NM ADRIA Cecretar KEN WY JA ESC T ea u r aj SUMMER SEMESTER BUD Macl.AL,RIE Pre der! lM APRIANCQ N ce Presd ALBERT MCCC NF e reTarv M WOOLLETT Treasurer C M ATKI I he 41 O - "' T C . . I l -.f . . , :mo f ' 'V T Pres! ft V , ' EUC V. L . IE VL - s:Cs't 4 NCS .. ly + 1 r Co w, - ,J r s re G ls.. ..,...,... l su I... ' J .1 - '. - left 5 : - A Lb' 1 A R 1: 'K , Sl K xs , 1. . ' X SCC1a Cl lrmzn XT T - . Student Court The Student Court, in its capacity as the judicial branch of the student government, tries cases in which the school laws have been violated. Through its decisions. the court strives to judge fairly and to inspire improved future conduct. Cases may be referred to the court by the Associators. Ushers and Usherettes, and the C-irls' Council, These violations usually involve misconduct in the halls and illegal leaving of the school grounds. After having been recorded on green slips and checked by one of the two vice-principals, the cases are brought to the court by the clerk. Then the offend- ers are summoned and helped with their problems. The chief justice is one of the vice-presidents of the student body, while the other vice president and two students appointed by the Student Council serve as associate jus tices .,......,hi SUMMER SEMESTER NORMAN HEADLEY MARIE PICOU JIM ADRIANOS DORIS SPOTTS KATHY VAN ARSDALE RICHARD BERTEAUX REX MILLER WINTER SEMESTER DAVE WARD viviAN ANDERSON JEANNE HOLLER RICHARD BERTEAUX KATHY VAN ARSDALE WARREN MERCHANT REX MILLER 42 v--nl' ig in F 'll' K I, . .A j If y j Y . , For R e .. WINTER SEMESTER ALBERT VAN H ISE President BEVERLY ER UN ER Secretary DON WILDSCHUTZ Treasurer TONI MYRUP Historian MISS BRAINARD SPONSOR SUMMER SEMESTER HAROLD ROSOFF Pres dent RALPH HITZ Vlcc Pres de t BEVERLY BRUNEI? Secretary DON WILIZSCHLJTZ Treasurer DORIS SPOTTC H stor an MISS BRAINAR Sponso Athemans The Athennan Society as Chapter ZOO of the Cal forma Scholarshrp Federatuon Mem bershup IH thus honor socuety as achleved wnth the acqunrnng of tour A s In tour solnds no D s or F s and the marntaunung of at least 90 cntuzenshnp creduts prevlous to the semester when an applncatuon for membershnp as asked tor Students who have been an the Society for one semester receive Gamma certltucates those who have remained Athenlans for two semesters possess Beta membershlp three se mester members belong n the Alpha classrflcatlon and students who have been Athenlans our semesters one of whlch must be In has sensor year attaln lute membershup rn the CSF lnese students are presented wrth lute membershlp puns durnng the gr duat on ceremony The purpose of thus club as Servuce through Scholarshup With thus In mnnd a tutor Ing service was unaugurated thus year whxch enables students who are behund IH their stu dles because of absences to be asslsted In make up work by the Society members 43 I In I ll fx D r 0 I . ' I 1 i .. . . . - - . I - 7, . . .. . . -w n .., ., cz I . Ellen H. Richards The Ellen H. Richards club. sponsored by the economics department of the school under the di- rection of Mrs, Vivian Thornton, was organized to promote a better relationship between the girls in the club and their homes, Aiming to Serve the school, the community, and the individual stu- dent, this group serves the school by performing hall service during the nutrition period. Membership in the club is limited to thirtyafive members who are chosen according to their scholarship and service points, Another activity participated in by the club in order to render more service to the school is the serving of refreshments at school aftairs. The members have also managed a cookie sale for mem- bers of the faculty. lt has a dance with one of the boys clubs, an inihation social. and an installation dinner F 'sr 72.-, J, fir-1 Giiifrf 'fargo Tri" Pat Beat 'Irs T :vas 3,."m.s-sc Fi caycree V. l ,aims Ki". is' Se:'t's': Zoe Rei' ei: Mary Lou se 5'rourl Gepix Erci ne" June :nets was O' r-lele" T-wer Tniri 33, raaia Grnsns Qita Pu ore 'xiyian A-srtersi' i: ex Qeima f?lPCr"! linf'-to' Edie irc. 1 1,1 .if - ': Fi.,r"' nr M ,c' Jar, S:h'ct'tfr Mari.'i' Abseixfer ,zap .'.f'5,: Swt. nga' Jufe '5.A,: Maids and Manners The Maids and Manners club sponsored by Mrs Irma Shapiro is a girls social organizati ri which helps its members to acquire and develop social ease The membership is limited to thirt, five and members are voted in on the basis of scholarship and service points Prospective men' bers must have earned at least eight of these points to join Guarding the halls on Tuesday and Thursday morning plus cafeteria service at noon are the se v ices rendered by the Maids and Manners Striving to develop the social adaptability of each member the club participates in an initiation party an installation dinner and a dance with one of the boys clubs The girls are thus learn ing through actual contact with their fellow students the art of being able to mix well w.t'i members of both sexes First Raw Marilyn Gilbert Gloria Meaglia Mrs Shapiro Ida Scarlotta A ma Bas 3 Second Row Katherine Cacsio Dorothy Zuck Janet Briggs Janet Shattuck Eva Par ons Peggy Ol y Third Roy Betty Lee Brown May Tsnoyan Nancy Munn Donna M reg Barbara A cle son ourth R yy elen l-tit 'eanor er ow ar ene Go de be Q Pat Davey Gloria Pat or h R i ey e ma a Coulter ad anne W gerh r e Etiquette Etiquette ls a girls club which studies correct social behavior and gives ea ri member in tunity to practice the art of being at ease with her school mates on various social occasions E perience along this line is acquired with each member s participation in a dance with one o th boys clubs an initiation party and an installation dinner with the l-li l-latters Membership which is limited to forty is granted to those applicants who possess the hi est grades and most service points New members are voted on by the cabinet Each Etiquette member must make at least one garment for the Needle Work Guild In the latter part of the semester Etiquette collects donations from other clubs using the money t bis, garments for the Guild O d R w ryorie E i r- in r an ry L, 'Wu r ara 1 Th rd R Lila McLean Dorothy Dan ww a me l arns F urth R arm a v an er ary t a 'vt r R A berta ir wr ary c ichter at y S xth R L i Sa t e A . . , G. . ..., . t . '- . . . , Y - . 1 1 c , , I ' , , , , l s . . , , , s , i er 1' , V' , i , . O , T' f , F cw H Z, E M s 3 Ch. l. U rf ' , , 7 1 Sal! L 'mer Fift cv- M ck R ci ri, P t . i S i 'ig o n,, Joy: Merchant . .A . . . , . , K, atm. 4 L, G mpvv-YH ' c, ,. . c ic .,r,I,,,, , . 1 . . . A W . . n X4 . . . . . . ,F , . . . . , A .. T 5 V . . . . Q . . . . ,- V I , . . . . , .CM A . V D " C - it' First Row Jeanne Holler, Pat Kegebe-n June Nichols Mrs Nita Powers 'es-B. Erevwen, Margaret Qet' Marylf A e-sc- r Sec c o Ma vi rg, l-tele T ke , Jo Ohl Via y Lo use Sveui T- 'a Gr ir-es Ba to Sm foe Cav-we A 3, 'sr 3 ' ow ' W ', lou Cf:'tte'f P ' Duane 'lata e Trot' L.3'y'e Vw li Pa' Mgfgrx o ow Betty J stan K tl C ,f b- I , Pa Ee ie N a ly :he Gifs Ew. ta", 1 J:n"s'c" F fth View Sh ley Mo M ' S hl , Kr h Va" Arsdale Car: K 1 1 'Jil er ,use -if-3 Ss , "-ij, , av. ss n ord, Jazki tllett 429' Mmagadgww 'Pl-xun Athledelplwnans Coed Form H. Hfarrem u yy, f Rl ! , 'xx Press Club Any student who is interested in journalism or printing, or both, may join this club, There is no membership limit. lts activities, among which are included visits to downtown newspaper plants, large parties with former editors as guests, and the purchasing of frames for the certifi- cates of merit received by the Press, are designed to supplement the regular journalism course of- fered at Franklin and to keep lower grade students interested in the Press until they are able to take journalism in their All term. Associating closely with the Franklin Press, this club provides a convenient contact with the practical use of journalism, for its members are in a position to understand thoroughly the process of operating a small amateur newspaper. First Row Gertrude Forncrook Marie Picou, Doris Spotts, Laurence Smith Adnan'-9 White, Laverr-e Duncan Second Row' Hank Dixon, Ed Stewart, Jerry Bissiri, Edith Cole, Arlene Marks Third Row Pat Heaney, Maribeth Chelander, Richard Berteaux Toni Myruo, Dawn McC'oskey Dolores Savagl 3 Fourth Row: Dave Kelley, Bill Drcher. Photography Club The object of the photography club is to serv the school through improving the camera tech nic of each of its members in order to take better pictures of school events The Franklin Press photographer is usually selected from this group This organization has taken pictures for the Almanac and Press at dramatic productions athle tic attractions senior dress up day and at other times when the experienced work of this club was nceded The Almanac staff sponsored a two week contest in which pictures for the Almanac were tc be taken The winner as judged by the staff was chosen because of the number and quality of his photographs He was associated with this service club His prize was a fifty dollar camera ck Wilbo nc Batt ones Bot v Wag er sie wanson Kr' y Chu k Scana us Roberts Tommy L C ol Bald lea ette Hook and Curve The purpose of the Hook and Curve club is to improve and help to develop the personalities of its members To do this guests who are authorities on the subjects of good grooming and so ial ease are invited to speak at its meetings All phases of the occupation of being a secretary are discussed by professional women with the girls it into a club for all the girls in the commercial department to be eligible to join were discussed near the end of the semester On the social calendar of the Hook and Curv club are three socials School service is rendered by their keeping the third floor clear at noon st ou se M ter y oyce Jehue Ee t ers rs J arner ea e harn at v o L, a Hamm r S ci d R enr' s la ranccscut ut a erirya nne a l ev r r ha Tre s e Ma et a re Robertso R th Da d o 48 . . 0 . . 4 3 - l l A .J First Row Di w , v J , , f it , El S , Vlf iid- .ii i C Was Se-'ond Rowi Lo : , avin ar win n Zane Membership in this group is limited to forty-five girls who take shorthand. Plans for making . O . Fir Rov. L i is 1 , J , ty Pat , M W , J vie B :ki , P 'fo 'tr if, Leo' ' . esrv- t eir- ow Gl y Grabill, Ei F J i Sh rw, A i M . Of , Da lee C .se Tnirj Row s , rx, B ty 'Wicox el i Y n u va s is 1? 'T 4 -wf-awww ,...,...,................. ax Q 50 French Club It asked, "Parlez-vous francais?" the members of this club could answer an emphatic yes, be- cause this organization, sponsored by Mr. l. D. l-less, is open to all French students. lts objectives are to arouse interest in the customs of the French people, and to supplement the regular class room instruction in this program of events which accentuate the charms and cour- age of the French nation, ln past semesters the French club, recently changed to the name of Les Mousquetairies, has written and edited its own little newspaper in the French language. Attractions at its meetings are the singing of French songs, the playing of French records, and well-informed speakers on topics which are of interest to this group. First Row Cnarle Humphreys Arlene Marks Betty Jo Putney Fred Garner Monique Aailhot Lou e Glday Cary Bak Second Row Julie Ross Lois Griggs Arlene Geczi Norman Mandel Richard Lawton Mr Hess Third Row 'Xlatalie Alberty Barbara Hansen Pat Davey Robert Schulte Bott, Hoffman Nesta Willarns Doores Mar Latin Club All Latin students may loin this club which features slave sales Roman banquets fashion shows and initiation parties to stimulate interest in this language Authentic Roman costumes are worn by the members at some of the events and the group often sings songs in Latin Through their many activities the members of this club assimilate a great deal of knowledge about the ancient customs in the lives of the Romans Decorations and food at each of their so cial meetings express the Latin theme The club s sponsor has a large cabinet full of Roman robes of all sizes and colors and she lend them to the school when they are needed Photographs of the group are often placed on the small bulletin board outside room 205 First Row Ed Banke Clittorcl Cox Marvin Warmbier Kent Kinney Rita Matlos Maurine Bucklein Bill Fochler Second Row Juliette Anderson Elizabeth Waterfield Nellie Climer Mrs Griffin Joyce Hendrickson Gertrude Forncroak Third Row Hank Dickson Gordon Seele Effie Pankratz Patricia Hoyer Norma Johnson Edmond Burchman Don Meehan Fourth ROW Richards Smith Dowain Swain Norman White Robert M 'ssa Jame Vlakris Wesley Dean Donald Hurd Paul SDVUPCK new Humrhreys Weston Jackson James LaTourrette Spanish Club Lending color and life to its meeting outside the regular Spanish classes by creating SpanISl'1 at mosphere at its social activities through the serving of Spanish food and the use of Latin and South American decorations this club is making the Spanish language and customs more interesting Any boy or girl who is taking or is attracted to this language may loin Spanish teachers from this high school and neighboring junior high schools are invited to Its banquets and parties Spanish songs are sung at some of the gatherings and the entertainment always has a south of the border flavor At a dinner near the end of each semester newly elected officers for the next term are re quired to give acceptance speeches in Spanish Another feature of this dinner is the presentation of parchments to graduating senior members Frst Row Ricnard Wilborn Mr Mercuro Doris Jolly Jack Nhte Toni Myrup Joycc' Mercha t Barbara Johnson Charle 0 Goldenbere Second EBRSWD Joe Wright Naom Nfassar Harriet Grabarek Doris Dean Janet Briggs Jackie Lavgerbean Mary Ferguson Betty Lnd Marion Tune I renk Third Row Jo Ann Price Ruth Stevens Jackie Ross Dorrine Van Aken Shirley Tracy Pat Myberger Dora Baez Pat Anderson Ruth Stermeir Fourth gowk Louisa Reeves Bob Vishanoft Bill Twitty Al Orellana Raymond Terry Joyc Day Day Swan Betty Morian Glendora Price Virgina an s fifth Row Lila Gittell Marilyn Hardy Pat Terpenit Pat Hutchison Charlotte Weinberg Adrie ne White Doris Williams Shirley Morris Phyllis Liebert Antoinetta Monno Marilyn Charleston Sixn Row Marv Giliberto Joyce Cohen Lorraine Kirste Pat Lorimor Betty Iller-go Sh rley Brd Catherne Betcher Lue'la Jenkins Catherin Donnelly S V9 Th Row Joy Smi h Cecelia Jenks Mildred Murrav Louise Prescott Barbara Headsie Juan Orellana Robert Chapman Eghth Row Alic Roger Nedra odnuist Dick Dreher Bll Mller Ro-ner Dunn Don H il Dea Hughes Conrad Leavitt Tom Bebek Douila Sl H s , . , , , t' , is , ef ' Y V t t ' - I V ' l in I y t . . H , S ' , ' i . Y t 1 W C bi , , , et: , s t , , , - ' f t J L, I V l ' 4 . , i y ly' i V I t 'W , " V J t A J , . X , - r '- , ', . , , e , . t . l ' ' , z n , ' - , , F' I i ' i f r t 1 9 -Q 1. t E+ --+ . i V t ' e s 1' .L . N r , I 1 , , , a', '1 , , l S Andress 0.0.C. The purpose of the 0.0.C, club is to deepen the spiritual lives of its members and to reach out to bring other students into that fellowship.. The aim of its members is to lead an out and out life for Christ, as is expressed in the club's name. lt meets three times a week at noon, on Monday, Thursday, and Friday There is, as a rule, a special speaker on Friday There are no dues and no limit to the number of members Any boy or girl in the school who desires to follow the ideals and standards of the club may become a member This group often sponsors inspirational assemblies in co operation with and for the benefit of the Bethany Tri Y and H1Y organizations First Rcw Bill Wolther Sharon Bolin Helen Chung Maur e Bucklein C cria Owen Second Row Nonagene Cavins Miss Wolt Torn Marsee Ellis Keeler Third Row Dorothy Tucker Harriet Van Camp Betty Altman Elaine Bailey Betty Anderson Fourth Row Dorrlne Van Aken Dolores Martin Nancy Jean Bailey Patricia Roth Valere Ccnkey Cordon Bef-sel Filth Row Barbara Farrey Betty La Von Moran Don Trerise Martha Algiers Robert Farny Bethany The Bethany Club has long been known around Franklin as one of the most smoothly run or ganizatlons at the school It is a club for girls wno are interested in spiritual as well as social ac tivitles The slogan that the Club proudly lives up to is Every girl s lite at its best that every other g rl s life may be better This club holds the reputation of having more dinners and social events than any other Club in the school Every year at Christmas time the girls of the Franklin Bethany Club all donate food and gifts to a needy family This as just one of their many charitable acts each semester The most beautiful ceremony th Club has is its candlelight initiation service Row Dorothy Damm Arle e Geczi Beulah Coberly Jean Bonshire Helen Chung Mss Wolf Do rine Van Aken Jean Beckham Joan Harker Maurine Bucklen Jo Ann Tremaine Second Row Mary Jane Davis Kathryn McCoy Ellis Keehler Harriet Van Camp Louise Griggs Gloria Gall Gloria Owen Jeanne Holler Edith Cole Nonazene Carnes Elaine Bailey Victoria LaCasella Third Row Kathellen Swan Juanita Pine Betty Altman Mary Odom Joy Coronel Phylll Fadely Patricia Diet Norma Clma Elizabeth Gladdlng Kay Tharp Georgrana Scott F urth Row Beverly Goud Marian Field Diana Field Dawn Merriman N rma Ream Pat Roth Dolores Martin Barbara Brooks Beverly Carey Lois Griggs Betty LaVan Moraine Fitth Row Rosemary Curry Jean Warden Catherine Warden Alta Wratt Barbara Farry Sharon Bclin Terah Drip Mable North Ruby Newcomb Virginia Dean Shirley Morris Sixth Row Martha Algiers Betty Anderson Beverly Wiebe Kathleen Yarnell Bertha Huffman Jackie Bender Marlene Read Patsy Hoyer Valarre Conkey Anita Irvine Phyllis Barrow Betty Jones Seventh Row Janet Clark Carol Baldwin Betty Wagner Mar Jeanne Brubaker Nedra Nordqulst Doris Gray Theda Catlin Gala Kopytek Carlc Brown Harriet Denio Eleanor Hall Eighth Row Lorraine Ki ste Lee Conklin Sally Crites Cherie Wallen Nancy Dailey Dorottsy Hawe Joy Crisp Ju e Damm Joan E lich Lorretta Boward Cathalne Shelton Delia Ozeta Ninth R w Anita Torrearo Amalia Ri o Natale Ger on Diana Sprurk GAA The girls who belong to the Girls Athletic Association are enlarging their interests through par ticipation in after school sports inter school girls athletic meets initiation parties award lunch eons and dances with boys organizations Although they take part in the sports primarily because of the good time they have the girls are awarded units for the required attendance at each sport they go out for As they participate in more sports each semester their growing number of units enables them to possess monograms letters and stars to put on their blue sweaters The GAA meets as a class during sixth period and a girl cannot belong to this class unless she has already earned a unit by staying after school for one of the sports Once membership is at tained however sixth period enrollment is not necessary because the games played during class Row Corus Jolly Kath yn Boggic Joan Morgan Charlene Goldenbeo Nancy Munn Beverly MY' 97 Evelyn Nov-el Katherine Cascio May Tonoyan Maxine Bostic Second Row Vickie Lacasella Harriet Van Can-p Janet Clark Dorothy Tucker Ruth Ram ecr Fat Coop J e Rc Alma Drake Sheila McNa m ra Julie Hill Ellis Kee er Third Row Dorrine Van Aken Pat Diet Audrey Ashland Barbara Motta Ja et Sl-attu k Mary Cement Shrlev Tacy Joan Burbidge Belva Garrett Betty Brown F urth Rowd Peat Beck Joann Hoe man Leila Pancoast Pat MacPloetridge Celia Mediavlla Lo Gr1gg Ar ene Geczi Dovie Domimque Pat Woo ru Fifth Row Kathleen Donnelly Beverly Bruner Pat Davey Ruth Ste hen Betty Anderson Pat A der on Beverly Carey Barbara Brooks Ruby Newcomb Sxth Row Jean Lyttle Helen Regula Charcte B r'dy Maricrie Smith Eernad e Miller Margaret Parker Mary Newcomb Georgiana Scott Tl'-elma Fender Bevery Gould Feyenths R w Louise Grigg Colleen Kay crimor Dcri Bcwmar' Barb a H t e Victoria urcan Be bra Elm ra Valencia Wilma ander Echth ow Virginia Lee Ric N Virginia Rawlins Dori Bucker Cer rude Fcrr-crook J vce Jels e M ry Lou Reihl Glennys Grabill Diana Sprunck Row Beverly Hinton Luella J k Beverly Vincent Shirley txah Nedra N rdg t P ty Tracy B rt: ra Farrsey Juliette Anderson Ne ta Williams Bertha Huffman Jacke Be er T h w B rbara Barry M r Jea ne Brubaker Kathlee Yar cl D ryl H C-erson Barbara Johnson Dawn Mc okey Marianna Hcwl d N McN D 1 - 1 - ' 2 1 1 1 1' 1 sl -1 I , I . I V 1 1 , " i . 1 -V 11 . 1 . . 1 I . H ' . Q . . . . . . 1 . I First 2 , o ', , I . , 1 , r , , 1 -' 3 ' 1- 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 1 1 I 1 I 1 ' 1 1 1 1 S 1 A ' 21 1 ' 1 C : ' 1 1 ' , A . . , 1 1 1 1 V 1 11 1 1 1 . 1 Q , 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 -1 1 1 " : , I I 1 I 1 A 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 . : , rl 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 U V I 1 1 . . Q F r. 1 1 1 1 1 -1 1 1 1 O ' l 1 , I1 z , I i s , ' . C O Q 1 - I 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 time do not count towards a unit. F1rst . - , r 1 1 1 1 ',, 1 1 i '5 1 I S : ' 1 n 1 1 1 1 1 1 12 1 1 1 w S51 1 . a , I 1 1 1 , 1, , , - , 1 Q , - 1 1 , 1 1 1 , C 1 I 1 1 5 1 1 4 " 1 1 1 i5 5 l 1 V ' I 1 1 1 15 51 1 G 5 11 f 1 , ' ' ' 1 4 ' i -1 1 , 1 1 L1 1 , , 1' 1 , , , , 1 , 1 - o s, I, Pat L ' , s 1 1, ar 9 1 , ' D' 1 1, 'ty D' n, 1 ' , 1 s. 1-. R 1 s, Pat watts, n , s ' , - t 1 , o, .. , a , lyinth - en ins, ' 1 , ' s , 1' 1'C ,ns , 5 s , 5 5 , ' 5 , 1, 1 .. nd . ent Ro ' a , a f ' n r -I, ar untley, Carolyn Buchanan, Natale . 1 ' , 1 1 Cl s , an 1 'ancy Naliy, '2 if M W? My. A Mfg! Q i Teen and Swmg i Tru Y ALUMNI Wg- qQ,J v 9 H Q 6 ' vffwf 0 Sl nat fi? UQ X iw R bmwgjqjgres 0-'N W MQ 5 DX gb WWA Wm ffm JAKE MW may 56 . J? 3,1 1 L ' 'V Q,.,'-A31 i -gil ,f 1.6, h- L A I.. v r: 6 fi f O 5' . ' qx I s I , . K , 'Lf Y: M. A Tm ' Q cg . ,A5 x-0 -fi 4" 65 of JJ vp ' X A A V' v A -X50 , D Q8 lj! f O, -in C2 'Q one' Of? 1 C0 'gp X A62 DXO- ., ' CD Q cc' Qkifxc D+' a,x J C, bf Q- 'P F E ki! 1 C' X , - , W Lf' Qc Q 1 X QE? N ' H ' WK A f' ' U , 1- qxm X ? ! Y! , I . X V E W f ,H wmrsk at rrst R . s p ' Ed th Coe, Jerry Bssr, Laurel 1 Secc d Ro a Pcou, r' Cravo , A lcrc Marks . Th rd R0 be.a Laslo Rchard Q- teau , Lou Baei Pat Dufu Ourth Ro Sf -1 ff A -' ' AVO Pagt asott, 7 SUMMER Frrst R M re Pcou Lax, e c Sm th Helen Regula Adre e Wh te Second Row Dors Spotts M Cranon Arlene Marks Thlrd Row Ed Ste art Rnchard Berteaux Ton M rup V e Esenma Press Staff The press staff composed of the members of the lournalnsm ll class wntes and edrts toe Franklnn Press long considered one of the outstandlng hugh school papers In the Clfy Under the excellent gournalnsm guldance of lvlrs Kate Cranon and vvrth the flne make up and prrntnng nnstructlon of Mr Ewart lohnston for many years the Press has won All Amer can honors Edrtlng the Press thus year were Ednth Cole and Laurene Smrth both of whom greatly helped to ralse the hugh standard of the paper The edltor nn chuef determmes the general polucues of the paper gunded by :ts sponsors and eduts the front page The second or feature page rs under the supervlslon of the feature ed tor The sports page rs taken care of by the sports edntor and has assistants The assoclate edutor ednts the back page lournalnsm l students contrnbute and are benng tra ned for fu ture edltorsloup Each semester the new staff ls chosen by the retrnng staff I Q F ow Dorn Sorts 1 . k I ll nt. SmlTh I n w Maru, l M s w n K r 1 5 6 4 w Bar r I B r x A r F ob lt ma To l Mr YK wx f uv ' f t vb 6 ,f I I Y 1 'Q w 'W :Q N4 A- Q , , ' il ow: ar l , r n Q , :nn l . 3 I , rs, ' : vw , , r y , nn: l nn XX 1 ! 4 tx' X , If, 5 " A i v, 1 .Q ' nf' S 5' s . , . , , , 1 . . . . . , , . . . . . 5 '- E'-2 J., Stage Crew First Row. Tom Bracza, Ed Woodworth, George Own- erw, Joe Perez, Second Row Wayre Hen- d'ickecn, Stewgrr Ffdir- san, Mr Eawrd, Eras: 2 Sound Crew T ow fm Cm T1 vl ard r w C metrwc Serge E NI fvfr U0 w Verrcr :- I In m fn 'Wwcf 'fr uevlm Print Shop JOl'1PSTCr' Herr we ecced ew .1 vw C X-. QA , f, FHS R . CA , ', Jrrv 'IO ,Mr Hold '3c, - I Da , 1 , , y r' S , rrd RQ 'Tr:Se, , -. f VVI A Cufhcrzih TQ. ' r 5, EIN 'J'z',g, Fax, I Frrst Raw Sarrci ics' 'Af . ,uid AI - , ' S. ' Q' Ra. Jw in x fr' Segic S249 Beck, K " V ,Sky X . . Le, Y Y , e- Q wg , f 1 K WA .1 O ,' 9 t . . . .--v ning! Wi ! ,,d 5, 1 1. -l V N - "M 5 . V inf. 3 I 'W' A Y YL "L , ' 1: l 2' I. Iv -v- ,Q A V Q ' A 3543 A M 6 ' 7 42,4 x' V 5 -W V cf . , V X Q V xg ' A 60 Ben Band The pride and joy of every Franklin student this year is the brand new Ben Band. For many years Franklin was sadly in need of a good band to represent them at inter-school athletic events. But this year, for the first time in a long while enough boys and girls joined the ranks of this mu- sical organization to make it worthy of the title "Ben Band". The band had its first real show- ing at the Milk Bowl football game. where it helped to make Franklin the school of the day. lt now proudly claims over forty members and it is still growing. This band gives students who otherwise might never be known an opportunity to help raise the level of school spirit while they create names for themselves. Frst Row Arthur he fe, Donald Clark Charles Er:-cis, Helen Sci-ac'sr Marilyn Hyde, Pat Coop Donald Hurd Carmen Earba iecooc Row vvaltc' Cctfman, Cav-d Jurgessc' Paul Lalteri, CC'rz,: Saltero, Frecjde Trent Char-es I-lumphrys, Richard Dark, Tr- rc Rcw Gcrccs Ecvsel, Mr Perri. Motion Picture Gperators The boys in this organization are trained and given authority to operate motion picture machines for the entertainment and visual education of the members of the student body Receiving worthwhile practical experience in setting up and servicing the equipment they also preview films and prepare slides Their behind the scene duties have never been formally acknowledged nor fully appreciated by the many students who witness the motion pictures which they project The members of this group receive instruction from their advisor Mr Walter Gilbert who is the person to see if an application for membership is desired Money for a new Bell and Howell projector was appropriated this semester With the installa tion of this fine machine the operators will be able to present a much clearer image on the screen HHN Xa Cam Lee :hard W lb r e rt E th Ste arf Smith Tom Mar ee Rear Ro c m Sardar L. Qcbert c n c r Paci C r ichard L Eddie Ke th N e a e avc c Ushers and Usherettes Fe Ushers and Usherettes collect t kcts maintain order direct seating guard entrances and rc crve seats at all auditorium presentations athletic events and at any other time when their vi es are needed An initiation partv in the clubhouse a mid term social and a b nquet at the cod of the semester are the club s social activities The members of this group are chosen according to their service points scholastic standing and whether or not there is a need tor more mernbers of their grade eve Membership cares are issued to thc Ushers and bshcrettes which enable them to be excused lass ten m nutes early during classes preceeding assemblies and games Different auditorium c ass ned to tne members every five weeks c oske Dorr s I nn Ear ar e a ors e A Eett Lee Ero F 6 C V V Ecn ln r rbcrt e Ee c o Ucurke 'rw L, V Fl . . . F"-I i RCM ' W E David Ri , i 3 n Mr Qilbe as ef Sri , w ', i S Sex cl asc I W F. r as s, cwis s, Paul Letter. M k Tcrlf s to Eill Fc hle ' - fx R awfon, , A , Q , Ml s s di , D . R wah 3 . - s EC I , ' ' s . ' ' . . A: I . . . , , . SGT .C , . , . I , . . i A Y 3 I ' '- i 1 l J I , from c - .1 , s- U , ' , , ' f ' zssts are Wie. I f I e ,, F 'sf RQ- S" ' c. xtcrrs ,M l-larlon EEQEF . 'Aisser 'Jawa .':'I ,, 'a .S :ggi-'S has ,ani-' :sa",.:-Q 5 a '-.:"a gn il '.4:N.a'ne'e D . Dean ,u- rf Rrss -sathrx Eeagic ' '.. F' f-"Wa Lun:':'cf-A Cin C ar-Q -'arp K eg Mr .warg-ef Y, wn Ecb Afeerscf ri.."' :L Els L- Swessgs Sn' l . Ni" 2 C a No Cos st i s ,- e He 'Aa 'ler - Lv s" Smith ,. r. 'dascci' ..i'S ,L . M ' , Evgmafn, J hen. O . Tc C a'k E-'H 'I Csares t-..'L":.i '.:"'-'s '-:fee Croc as' bfresa, Pail S:r..':lf Heed I- -aes Ed Ear-k, U A Cappella Thus musucal group us devoted to the study of the choral works ot the great masters and fa vorute contemporary composers They serve the school by provudung enjoyable musuc tor uts stu dents Prospectuve members must see Mrs Madge Moore before they can uoun the chour whuch meets every fufth peruod Boys and gurls of any grade may try for membershup Besudes having regular socual actuvutues of uts own tfte chour sings at many school events for the PTA and for communuty organizations Tenors sopranos altos and basses compose the chour Musuc from all lands and of all types us sung Thus organuzatuon us very popular and has become quute large The presudent ot thus club us also a member of the leadershup class Frst Row Lorraine Johnson Moye Townsend Barbara Taylor Delores Marti Paula Grimes Cwyn Hulbert Marloruc Veul Ruth West Second Row Margaret Roff Doreen Taylor Jeanne Beckham Mrs Moore Pat Enlow Elsue Wall Pat Bourchard Thurd Row Jose Perry Louis Roberts Angelo Nolton Lee Macarug Edde Woodworth Vuncent Eusenmann Marian Mano Ray Devlun Fourth Row Jo Ann Gorham Margaret Parkes Bernadune Muller Phyllus Barrow Vurgunua Ruos Ruth Ann Fox Shurlev Maths Fufth Row Donna Morrey Mary Ann Jacobs Tommy Nueto Gene Wentz Ray Treurweuler Florence Metz Arleen Somple Donna Long Suxth Row Barbara Johnson Nancy McNally Margaret Wescott Barbara Berry Kathy Van Arsdalo Phyllus Kasper on Ruth Ramsuer Jean Bon Seventh Row Kenny Hedtorey Bull Foster Marvun Muller Ray Ruchards Ted Wusegarver Duck Fruckson Duck Cobb Ruchard Rose Ray Jullson C-urls C-lee Club The members of thus group under the durectuon of Mrs Madge Moore meet dauly durung thurd peruod Any gurl who can read musuc and lukes to sung may enroll un thus class They sung at semblues and at any occasion when theur talent us asked for Each semester they have socual ac tuvutues whuch are outsude regular class tume Through workung playung and sungung together they are learnung more than musuc for they whuch us harmony Harmony un musuc and harmony un lute All types of choral pueces are sung by thus group Furt Row Phyllus Fadeley Connie Puolotto Marulyn Paxson Phyllus Peterson Shurley Tracey Dolores Apalateguu Second Row Grace Hayden Pattu Patterson Muss More Ella Sotele Carol Busse Third Row Delonellee Cutherull Pat Roth Joy Smuth Pat Bruns Joan Freeman Evelyn Pray Last Row Dors Bucker Doris Grey Pat Service Joyce Hawley Eleanor Whuttaker Dorothy Meeker Glorua Grambus h Rna Orchestra Thus fine organuzatuon has enruched the cultural standard of the school by pertormung at many of uts actuvutues uncludung the Chrustmas program and commencement exercises The PTA and other groups connected wuth the school and communuty have also heard thus group play lt partucupates un many musuc and orchestra festuvals among whuch us the All City Festuval un Aprul Rehearsung dauly un the audutoruum fourth peruod the members of thus orchestra are gaunung valuable musucal experience and are serving the school wuth theur good musucuanshup The orchestra also has occasional socual aftaurs of uts own usually outsude of school tume At a tume when theur musucal knowledge was urgently asked for a few members replied by help ung to form the Franklin Band Furst Row John Dufour Bertha Huffman Ellen Sorensen Alma Drake Betty Moraun Hlldegarde Vorath Maruam Walden Glorua Gall Second Fllkaollli ?7li:mwngBreadfoard June Pulsapher Jackue Binder Rchard Dark Barbara Brooks Duane Sayan Joan Lane Wheat Wulbor Ernuce Fuscher Last Row Mr P rv Lawren e Potter Carl Pederson Gordon Bc-nSul Mara Maruanu Jack Whut John Weber W ston Jarkson Do Treeruce 6 rt . U . . . . . . l . as, are learning how to live together-all grades and nationalities-by working for one objective 2: u , V , l , I , l l , A , : , u Scif' ' . er i, ' c , , , u ', e, ' , e , , n ,U f " ,W , Drama The drama classes durected by Mass Eleanor Vactor suc cessfully presented three large productrons to the student body and communlty The ex peruence gained through these performances has given the drama students a wider knowl edge of the theatre and useful character tra ning also The tnrst of these presenta tnons was the annual l-lu Inks held November 7 whlch brought all the mysterrous al lure of the South Sea Islands 'rl , wiv' ,na ,Q yr 5 1 1-K If IX pf to the Franklln stage Entutled Hx Inks on Glamazon Isle thus talent show dealt wlth an umaglnary Hollywood Entertalnment troupe stranded on Glamazon Isle he lsle where no man survlves Peter Gavallerl Rlchard Glbson and Bull Hubbard The queen Glamazon was Mary Welson and Grace McNeul Nancy McNally Barbara Laslo Ednth Allsbrook leanne MacNamara Waunda Lyons Loulse Gulday Eva joe Damuth Marnlyn Randall and Pat Kegebeun were the natlves Specralty numbers were offered by Kathy Van Ars dale Ton: Myrup Mary Lou Stroud Kay Tharpe and Anthony Guulla Morlan Means Beverly Msnser Katherune Canterbury Mary Ann lacobs Walter Coffman Bull Hubbard Don Relmer and Betty Lee Brown served on the productton staff The serlous one act play Dust of the Road by Goodman whlch was given for Chrlstmas expressed the confllct that sometnmes develops between a man s con sclence and a self: h greed for money jackle Mnllett Max Waugh Mltchell Vrebalovuch and Morlan Means comprused the flrst cast and Betty Mulllns Peter Cavallerr Rrchard Glbson and Bull Hubbard acted ln the econd cast Sprung Green the sensor play featured Max Waugh Shenla McNamara La Verne Duncan ackue Mrllett Pete Cavallerl Grace MacNeul Gene Wentz lm Hanlon Margle Srmth Nancy McNally and Lots Sanford 65 f 'V' x P I xx L 5 i ig! 5 f ' i Q . , . . at The cast consisted of jackie Millett, Lois Sanford, Aura Cameron, lim Hanlon. ' 's . V Lieut. Patrick RCTC For eught consecutive years the Franklin ROTC unut has mented top ratrng by the War Department of an Honor School The qualities ot lead ershnp requlred for such class: ftcatlon are learned by the cadets through constant ettort and drtll Thus thus organlza tnon under the supervusuon of Lieutenant john Patrrck and vvlth the assistance of Master Sergeant Buccula and Furst Ser nt Blnss rea zng purpose which us To qualnty Sergeant Buccola Sergeant Bluss B... 3.1.1 COLOR GUARD Pvt Donaldson S!Sgt Herr' Sgt Mntchell Pvt Low Top Row Pv Eensel Sgt Dark Sgt Hurd Dvt Salteru Bottom Row Cpl Humphrles lst Sgt Coffman Sgt Clark Band Comm lst Ll Brooks Too Row Pvt Bradbury Cpl Hnnes Cpl Drurnmy T Sgt Marsee E ttnm Row Cpl Phnllups lstfSgt Palmer Col Oliver Cpl Jenks Drlll Tram Commander Pnd It lnhn Collms JAH .pe-www 3 I T Q ' T I ,. S M h ,.:,:, t , . , R . . 'T . Il , V .l 4 , . l ll , 1 , f , , 2 4 gea ' , is Ii i its . . .. . , .ff aff ' sqm, L A MLMEWIN J All , J ,.,,, ' Al the student as a leader whether In peace or war Durlng the year the group partlcnpated nn overnught campxng trnps and an Annual Federal lnspectuon took a trap to March Fleld Army Amr Force base and to the USS Iowa docked an San Pedro l-larbor gave a demonstratuon by the drlll squad at Eagle Rock Arnerucan Leglon Post an took a poll of be vlcunlty to determine knowledge of resudents about the actnvntues of the ROTC other samvlar thlngs Battallon Commander has been an excellent leader nn tactucal theo rectlcal and outside ac tuvltles Captaln Donald Peters Furst Lieutenant Fred Beyerle Lieutenant Wendell Knox Lleuten ant Louis Cllndler Second Lieutenant obn Collins Corporal Howard Hanes and Corporal Don enks have been cnted as out standung cadets d f l Major Raymond Keith, . I . 1 l AG' f 1 , f' . 1 'Y 3 Y " I 1 , .Ln . f 4 f. f ' ,,,,,,w,w-ww! -uv Q 1,1 I , , '., 9 v' "5 ft "A'?'f?', Zi: ,J 245474511 35- IST PLATOON A CO. TCC Rivv Sfyt Gtrk, Pti. Schcilcvthnum, Pvt. Harvey, Pvt Church, Pvt Hall Mrxidtr' Rim Cul Oltvcr, Pvt LOW, Pvt, Rmklo, Pvt. Lavm, Pvt. Ptmv Ecttcm Row S Sgt. Horn, Sgt Mitchell, Pvt Turtret, Pvt Hancock, Pvt Donaldson, Pvt Tauhcrt Ptat Leader Fwd Lt John Collms. I ZND PLATOON A CO Hd on fp! mek Pv awremce vt men vt U ette Pvt 'Dev ot'f' v- U 1 t S v armev v Qou rt v v t t Pvt Brad Ur 2 Cc r t Lt Wendctl Knox To: Row, CL! Jenks, Pvt Cnberty Pvt. Lmdsav, Pvt, Headtx, Pvt Sa-clue T Sgt Manco Fm Atciwsw M 'e R , Ht -, t. L , P F d, P S bt , . . ts E ,ff Rc Cp! Dr mmv, Cul. Phtlp, P t F P r " Q Pm Kctw Pt Mekarz U F' ,' L-'de 'S . S ,Li Dress Up Day iz f Qi tee composed of Franklun Hugh School students buuldung where the dances are held serves shufts ment buys door pruzes and cleans the gym after Thus semester the commuttee was duvuded unto muttee Every other week thc uunuor commuttee way they were trauned to assume full rcsponsub Three successful dances were hcld un thc gurl s senuor farewell dances Lul Cuvuc The Hughland Park Kuwanus Club sponsors a weekly communuty dance called Lul Cuvuc A commut decorates the gym of the l-lughland Park Playground a the coke bar and the clock room hures entertaun each dance two parts the uunuor commuttee and the senuor com took over aassusted by senuor members ln thus uluty when the senuors graduate gym at Franklun thus year thc Foot Ball and two 45 Top Row Juau Pustonettu Luannc Jet fers Warren Merchant Tonu Myrut, Bll Dreher Charleue Goldenberg up 'GW' Grace MacNeul 4- Second Row Barbara Beck Dorus Spott Jerry Bussur rene Smuth Bottom Row ford Betty Kathy Van Donna Cole u Ruchard Berteaux Lau if Margaret Parker Marue Pucou Ann Rad Lee Brown Eduth Colo Arsdale Betsy Bertur 70 X... 401,50 " an-wi. We-Q -I1 4:- U u. Coach Mercur o Asst TSOT1 O 1 O I 1 Four h 1' i 3 1 Af, V V M' Vi p . ,-1 4' 4 ff f W ,Y ,Q ' W X . ' El 5 'V V V4 . i -1 3 .,.', " Y Q W . 'V H g f af' :if f: . 2 V . 3 E -- - ,J ' E 5 ' fa 'V C V3 V 5 V, g F. C 1 L: .,, E VJ' . K5 S . 3' 'E no . . 1 3 Q 5 4 -I 0 cz an K . 47 X ' if-3, : y 0 . x N "- K Q U V " ,, -5, 3 'T' Q' ', 42g 3 '12 ' :..j DC 4 5: 'Ir' I E i U , ' 835 R ' -- r A 555 2 , V X L- 6 224. U59 E ev. -50 E , a 'u Q V A gf? g'iVmV E. . 'jg' Q53 -Q " if lin - ' ' ' N 'U . V' E301 Z ,kv 1 7 X 'M . ,A E 5' ' .1-"Tig Q ' . 'VEJ1 2 .V V , V5 Q ,,,..: - - , N Vx, 2 . SE-S o V ,wwf Dia 2 1 g 42, f. 1 .4 M92 , V Vifbw ,LLM 3 O 3 V V114 :if -5' 2 A, ,A V ,soo A , , W V,-Vw-1512. .gt S , , 'h 1 .T5i1,'3l' yi 0-'ES . -Y, -V, ,. 3 4. 3: , V w . A 'xzyw Hg E V i f ' .qgvjiz EEE, Z, VV, ,V N 4, VISIBVXJV V -,ml .2 MV U :'VfVVrV.'H5h-521' 1, Q 1 Q V Lu 3 4 ' V 'Iefff ,,-6 V. CQ: . ' ' - .4'3,1,,, " ', 9- 3 U ,V -V VV V' -,, , , tiff 2 Y . ' .if 2 'X fp U LP- .4 ,. WV 4.:.iwV,W, . ,F E V . V 3 V,,..,V'ViVV 846 E i V. - , Vw-3 M . ,4 , . 1 gg: . 1' ' d P f ' CO9 o 5 no f.. fu-NC ' 4 'fwfwg' E .54 . 1 .- , V-, U, V E -uf' f Q. 435 a 'Tiff V 555 g , I ' Q, A ww - X ru VE O . ' 5 , . 5 A y for cr . A ,M VV V :gk CV W ,. 1, 255 5 : ,,, . J N V mE. -1 , V w, V if :rc O ., ,V . , ' ' KU . Y- xx X , ' , 4- 'fi 1 - 'E :km -'U . ., K' '52 1 :ik 3 2 gi U V V sw V0 , V , ' so-2 5 Hr Y V f VH ,- . mo- g ' , ' "' .- - -, 'f , ,ist Q 4' I 'Sr : Vw V . Q N , --,- .-E N 'A . f ' ' , 3 5 4. , A N ,fir Q 'iw 9 CC'L AC' . :V K omg va y I 'xg E V VK V V ' 5-f 5 M ' Q. ' V gi,-'E ,. , . LV V, "o S1 1 '. 'L . 02-C :ru V, Q-,Glues-C - 9 ' V :Je U " , . Q . s Q V VgiTug I ,, V. ,VV V gd ,.. f , 54 o M - . 2 V V2 LX 'V Y nw E ' 7, , ' 5 -52 " . 1 , .A - V f ' ,,, 1 Ll. 2 5'-C O - ' 7' Q ,Q x 1 ' X, 3 V 7 ' , , , , V' 0 ' . , V V - ' , 'M Q ' V2 0 A V f V V an ,. VV V" 4 ' -, L ,N M , il I " - , 1-- 1 A X V s f If V " ,D Q '. Qi' V J 1947 Varsity Champlons Frankluns record shattering Panthers mentored by Coach Frank Hess estab llshed a new all tnme cuty record by wnnnung four consecutive league champuon shnps toppling thenr own mark set the previous year Durang thus four year revgn the Panthers have won nlneteen out of thelr 20 league games havung tled Wnlson 6 6 an l944 for theur only tue Thus past season the Ben grad machnne swept through the fuve game schedule amassmg ll5 pornts to the opposutnon s l3 and wlndung up as Co city Champs along wrth Fremont Franklln unaugurated the l946 season by travelung to Wllson where they routed the Mules 27 6 The tollownng week the Bens played host to a supposedly strong Marshall eleven and ran roughshod over the Barrusters scoring a 38 O vnctory Franklnn vurtually bagged the crown the followung week when they downed a stubborn Poly eleven l8 O The crown was assured when the Bens whutewashed Belmont l9 O The tonal game of the season wuth Bell proved to be the roughest and most e cntnng game of the season It was the pltchang arm of Gene Brunton that marked the dufference between victory or defeat as he tossed two T D passes a 50 yard terual to lvlartln Pruett and a 30 yard pass to end Phul jordon whuch sewed up the contest On December 7 Franklnn met Fremont rated the clty s number one prep eleven an the Annual P T A lvlulk Bowl Carnnval staged ln the Los Angeles lvlemorlal Coliseum COACHES fl w t lP lsgmvf' A IST STRING E ght 0 e e a BACKFIELD P 73 'rr , f,22.l! t K W' n, 0 n xx . - . . . . . - - if .tx X , I . . . V . . . i It fsttugx gg g -9 I 1 1 ,g T 4 1 ,lg ' I ' . .xr XX , . X- M .M sl W. F f g"?' XX Q' ' A 5 Q ' ,A D E A Mr. Spangler, Mr. Hess, Mr. Garbo, Mr. Ebers, Mr, lvlercurio, u 1 'l A , My' , I L, J ,LP J Lff , J 1 i!j4! v tg fit A ' 1 W . J .rx J V V 4 , bt , VJ, A ,, . yu li, L , f , N , L, gg ' df 4 ' X9 wt- rt ,jk T " A' 1 57 rd -5 4 LIN lilefftr tocnl Fggorgan riiL:SflICe?A 4Tl, Llndsk g KTH, R mage SGI, Av' 7 rueit 1RHl, Lamott lQ', Jones -Fl, Brunton 'Ll-lu 949 - 3.':1p?.,tfi,vqf,,3,. i,42"L.' Fremont was the flrst to score but the Bens bounced rnght back to even the count as Brunton passed to end lack Knnghton from l5 yards out The much de bated second T D was called back when a l2th Fremont player was detected on the playlng fueld So ended the season wlth the South wunnnng theur mltnal game of the serles 44 27 and the Panthers wnndlng up as Cnty champs Four Bens placed on the fnrst strung all Northern john Rumage Guard Ray Rnch ards end Gene Brunton back and ohn justlce tackle Five others recelved strung honors Jigsaw 31" 'W 40 Fl 491,41 JK 'iff 74 rf:f.g'4vgQv'fug.g' f ' , .--'JUWY V In the all cuty selectnons ohn justnce placed on the fnrst team Gene Brunton the second team and john Rumage on the thnrd squad M hows, Mu 1 C 3 'U A . wr ' - N , A f 't ' 3 , , . , V,a, .,o.h, f Q V .A M 4, , - , -, ..., V V,AA A A , A' , , a, Q. ,, ai u ' Wy af .W .-ra-14 .aff "f n, Y ' I W-:rw f V ' - ' . ff ' Q ' 4. maevk L XX 105.5 5 lk 'li cn " N we - ' ' j ' ' , on I 4 W I 4 na' , F. J 1, A W , 1 g Q fi . I 'M J f ' ' ' me e A a 1' A L ' 7 Us A, , V -. , . l Y V 7 .F N , - . 4 ,- , , E .5 , 'A N as 4 Y 1, I "MJ . V X ' W! , Q - A .f ,.: ,M A ' 1 Y , - Y k., N' , .41 - a , U 5 v r- Q, , N 1 fm -, if ":'71'X 5 ., ff 5 . 5.,:.,51. 4- vi .ii Q ..- " Qi,-'sf' 5 0 ffm 5 f x 5 q 6 L-'qi 1 , an Q rf , , I X AM K. . , i a 3 hw 3 .A A . A' K - QL, A .mum xy: - ,. V hr e . J Q . . , V f . . x ,L . xy S-a N., -if ...H .1 . in .., '- ..": ,- A ., X if 1- , J-I fs4 'oi E' ' - Y x A 1 K V xv' "?'v'w' V- - k 1 1 ,, 1,3 .rv A-N , ,, V ' ' N LM ' , . . - 1 . .1 -ui 'f"Q...l. ,. . FEHSE LG GANNAWAY IONES-FB 1onoAN-as W lusrlce-RT KNIGHTON-ns Avmn-re c soponqusz c BRUNTON LH CUSIMANO LH .J I Va rslt JYFM Lettermen RUMAGE RC WARD-LH WHWMAN-RH TENNY-Qs LASKEN rs LAMOTT QB Lmosxoc-L1' MERCHANT LE PRUETT RH RICHARDS--LE we .1-gf, W' new V are A " -'fruity' 'A ,M """" ww- -1-1 1 'sindmuitwm B IST STRING E 'et o ri l ite E Waugh 1T Haggstrom IGI C upe Cl Cin G c s l T n BACKFIELD Macchia 'RHI Inman 'Fl Cavalieri 'Qt Lamberton tLHl B First String The l946 B Football season was the worst one in four years for Coach Ciarbos Panbabes as they wound up with a record ot one win three losses and one deadlock The lighties inaugurated their campaign with a I3 6 victory over a stubborn Wilson eleven tor their only win of the season lt was an interception of a blocked pass in the late stages of the game that resulted in the winning touchdown In this contest Ed Strickland first string right end sustained a broken collar bone which benched him for the remainder of the season Franklin traveled to Marshall the following week and received their first setback in tour years losing a 7 6 heartbreaker. Having lost a close one the previous week, the Panbabes were again defeated when Poly eked out a 6-O win. Continuing their losing ways the lighties were route:l by a strong Belmont Squad 32-6. In this game the "B s lost the services ot their ace back and co-captain Frank Rowan who broke his leg. The Panbabes wound up their schedule by meeting Bell which was substituted for the annual Lincoln fray. Both teams were evenly matched and as a result, battled to a 13-l3 tie, Thus, the Panbabes ended one of the worst seasons in many a year, Co-captains for this year's squad were Frank Rowan voted the most valuable player on the squad and quarter- back Pete Cavalieri. I Jaw ' 1 A A . nit ?,,,.::L1afTf C , t .',,,, 'iq' f Lia: ms, ji 4' Y Te Caw Wes Dc ao Haqqgfrom C Dupc Wh te Waugh gh ef Row F rsf S Eva Lan herro 1 OMLA eu I e II I to rw If i , , Y , I , I , Ir, II, nn 1 n ' I II, ru I. n , , n , , ll , i' , fuer, ' II r', I r , n . Third Row: Naecaeno, Labarr, Roberta Froehch, Cavalucru, Inman, Olsen, Macrhna, Batewn, Arzate, Gormn, Meehan, Coach Garb-1 Fourrw Row Buvnmer, Lsmqhfon, Lnfterm, Grlbert, Clark, Stullmaw, Hull, Mollmo, Carson, Anderson, Murullo, Woollett, Morsey FIHII Rrvw Rea Lvwu, Row, Enqh- Blaney, Deal, Ballano, Green, MnlIe', Smith, Dmdwr See, Rlarklzurn, Vlnccnf Sixth Row Brown, Delao Cunnley, Gardner, Mather, WAI-'Ie's, Brown, Von DeIdon, Steen Crucwne, Baker, NOIton, Cnrnolcfh I I - V .. ' r " ..:'- ' - Y' 'z'-S I f- 1,-fr - 4. ' .Q .. x rf- . , , - . A - -f I . f wb Q . , . X , ' - . " flu-GL! ' ' ' ' " , . Q . . L Y " ' ' ' ' ' - ,, , , W .I 1 2. Q - w , , . ... . A-1' 1 ,44s'A f A- ,ii ' .MA e'4 . Ay . '- - ,- - ., I -' N. Q- . -. 5 N ..x- f He sher F Cf! A Cobb YF Bu ah K Beck 1 d ck Sf 1 Bu Row d SLCO L 04 Q4 0 Furs! Row Ed Blufh Leslue Beck Pete Cavaluerl Bull Cam Duck Cobb Second Row Ray Coupe Benny De Lao Allan Fusher Ar? Froeluck T d Haggstrom Third Row Ben Heffner Wilbur Inman Bull Kahn Clyde Lamberfon John Macchla Fourth Row Ruben Murullo Fred Olson Frank Rowan Ed Sfrvckland Delbert Tenny Frith Row Max Waugh Jack Wells Don Whufe Coach Garbo Jil' l J l EL A' l af - Q ' . . M l ,lg ' -4 gi- . I , l 22 ' - i . V w lg X r 2 jigs Q I I l 4 f my f A f ' q f T T f i 7 r l P ' Q 3 . V . , t Q93 U l I A y V ,n ' , l ref g 6 T T N . M t , c ss- . 1 , 4 U sig . l 5 , as A U T o s DIMMICK i El MORE CARNER HELBIG HERNANDEZ POWLEY REIMER G Q Basketball Again as In past years Frankllns Varsity casaba qutntet coached by Mr Clarence Ebers faaled to get anywhere ln the hardtloor world and as a result wound up un a lowly tltth place un the tunal league stand mgs The season opened wuth the locals Iosung a 26 24 heartbreaker to Wllson The return match was another thnllmg contest wlth the mules agam topplmg the Bens Franklln s only palr of VICTOYICS were reglstered against a weak but game Lnncoln flve l8 l6 and 3l Polytechnuc league co champs wlth Marshall scored a close 37 31 truumph nn the tlrst contest and walked away wnth the rematch 42 23 Agaun as IU past years Marshall drubbed the locals twnce by scores of 4l 23 and 40 26 The last team on the schedule Belmont also won a paur ot games from the locals by scores ot 3l Z2 an There were enght Iettermen on the squad headed by captain Bob Powley Don Elmore flashy forward was hugh polnt man besides belng the outstandlng player Other lettermen were Bob Hernandez Duck Hel bug Edward Dnmmuck Tom Aley Don Rvemer and Fred C-arncr A sQuAo ro t Row o rl zassott ey Flmore I mrmck P C eco d Ro e o turdy Chaa 'nod Helbq G M E e s 81 is sQuAo v. L ya Vxells Maras Cemherlinq Farnla Dunn Thorne vcond Row Oriente Pulciphcr Smaldinn Vrebalovich Lutton Mitsch Mr Ebers Hardy The lighties wound up a rather disastrous season by also winning two and losing eight games They were trounced by Wilson Lincoln and Poly each winning twice while the Bens split the Belmont and Marshall games tor their only pair ot triumphs The first Basketball championship ever won by a cage team in the history ot Franklin was turned in by the C team as they posted a record of eight victories against two defeats t SlOl"I o cop the race in their divi Led by Captain Leslie l-lar g orward who was the leagues high point man p n s the midgets racked up decisive victories over every school in the league dropping their only contest to Poly and Wilson by narrow margins Coach Tony Spangler former Iighty football mentor coached the victorious Cee s to the crown giving im three championships in three sports They are B Football Apparatus and C Basketball i The Dee s coached also by Mr Spangler managed to pull to a tair season C SQUAD ist Rov. f tc riqht in ev ar er Par Valallcanoa Fa tl Firt Ro left to right Moore Watson Crandall Marsec Nev na Drank GOVWZQCS Second Row Wright Whitk r Chapman Crafton Spangler Rowan Moore Second Row Junqer Martin Anderson Mary Coa h Spangler Johnso Orillaio Stone Maihot if -1 First R0 , left lo right nf, f' , , Q , , lore if ' ' per, sensational high scorin t , S ' ' ' with lO4 oi t , ' ' ' ' ' ' , ' ' I fx . . . . . . U . - . ' . ti -- .. Y. l jf dh . , , . 9 'I' 4 ll 19 Cl 90 Fr ', let V F l ,H p ,Cap', ,cy , r ra-, 5 w, " 1 , ,,,, i , V 2 I , , , , c , ii, T ' L l. QI l l l I GYM SQUAD F rs! Ro e q enny C olctt 5, Cf Zook Bu a Second Ro Marcus C narus aynard Eu me Q McLaurIe Santana G two D rn co Coach Garbo rd Ro u G1 rg La Mott B I Q Haddo Beckner R mano K s b Bla y Cymnashcs Agam as ID l946 Franklm s gymnastIc team wound up a close second In the funal Northern League standmgs Of the seven sched uled gym meets the Bens walked away wIth tIve whIle losmg two both to powerful clubs Fremont and Marshall ln the Northern League tInals Franklm placed second to Marshall as rn the DFCVIOUS year OutstandIng stars ot thIs year s squad Included lerry Tenny all Northern tumbler and tree exman Kenny La Mott All Northern tree ex and slde horse man ack Beckner All Northern parallel man who was undefeated In league competItIon Godfrey l-lasal All Northern long horse man and Eddle Stewart All Northern rIng man Other standouts were erry Murnane Del Tenny CurtIs Rumage Ralph Redmayne Bob Maynard and Henry ComolettI 83 O I w, l tt To rl ht Mwk Ier, Browman, Stewart Hasal, J, T , Om I, Dun 'o , rl n w II 'I M . rn r, D T nr-X I , I It rw, I A i , C ThI w, M rname Du Il A , ow In V, , u r , em Tu Cr ne l I First Row left to rnghl Struck land Kmghfon He-tdke Pere Gemberlmq Olsen Brunton Avrncttc Second Row Rowan Cuslmano gleasotfl Garner Whufman Hoff Mara: Torres fnach HC-SS Thnrd Row NA1vaQr' Gllhorl Row e son and received an ough wmdlng up In th re a much better club er two r record and Pa I, V, ' ng absenc . a good sea ment Alth e locals we 'wr I ,var lv Jr A 1 S The furst strung consusted of Frank Rowan catcher Bob Hedtke furst base Corko Perez econd base Gene Brunton thnrd base Pete Strnckland shortstop Frank Whutman e t fueld Gene Avrlette centerfleld and Al Torres In rughtfleld The starting hurlers were joe Cusumano and Fred Garner Bob Hoff and Bob lvlaras both saw plenty of actnon for the locals as utulnty men Two members of thus year s squad are three lettermen being thnrd baseman Gene Brun ton and Frank Whltman Two year men are Gorko Perez and Gene Avrnette 5:45 are 85 A SQUAD First Row left to right Bissiri Rosenlund Miller Gorian Adrianos Richards W odworth Watkins Hefner Nelson Second Row Merchant Gunn Francescut Teft Wollett Morrison Pruett Jones Beal Demille Third Row Coach Mercurio Miller Justice Eisenmann Berteaux Hancpol Tysell Robertson Mosso Murillo Raymond J Tenny Fehse D Tenny Luiigway Steen Coach Ebers Manager Hanlon Fourth Row Laskin Lopez Carter Jordan Lindskog Wisegarver Jones Elson Villard Track For the first time in the history ot Franklin a varsity track team captured both the league and dual championships winning all five of their dual meets by wide margins and ner up with 4l points followed by Marshall Belmont Lincoln and Wilson in that order The trick was accomplished with the guidance of Coaches Clarence Ebers and Blas Mer curio Mr Downing former varsity mentor also assisted the coaches 86 running off with the Northern League meet with a total of 58 points. Polytechnic was run- ' an V i r V , W R s v 1 Q W lnauguratmg the 47 season the Bens ran all over a weak Wnlson aggrega tlon 9l 'zz l2V2 nn capturmg every flrst place The following week the locals managed to grab every furst but one as they waltzed off with a 79 213 24 U3 victory over Lnncoln In a meet of meets Franklin subdued a powerful Marshall squad 58 46 followed by the downfalls of Poly 6l 43 and Belmont 68 U3 35 ZX3 I 9 ,Mx QL WK zfsnwla ts 87 fd' TQJMW s SQUAD Furst Row left to rght Beatty Pruett Harper Poole Cava l eru Lambertson Jones Le Second Row Schenstrom La Q neck Walders Nolton Mo luno Deal Dreher Maccacuo Comolettu Thurd Row Coach Mercur o Ramey Gonzales Bennett Balzano Fochler Barker Newton Omelua Morrus Keqe buen Hauftman Orun man Coach Ebers Fourth Row Bro Timmons Ba eson Clarke o Haggstrom Teuada Thus fresh from theur dual champuonshup the Bens easuly romped off wuth the league meet crown by capturung fuve tursts and plac ung men un every event wuth the exceptuon ot the low hurdles The surpruse wun of the day was Corvun Elders 440 truumph ovcr last year s cuty ace Bob Kurman of Marshall Mutch Vrebalovuch placed a fufth lurn Woollett reg ular 880 man surprused everyone by takung a second un the mule run un hus furst attempt at the dustance ln the hugh jump both local en trues funushed one two wuth john Lundskog wunnung the event Ray Ruchards placed sec ond Other fursts were brought un by Duck Watkuns hugh hurdles Ruben Murullo polc vault and the relay anchored by Bob Beal In the century and furlong Bob Beal and Aldo Francescut funushed second and fourth respectuvely on both occasuons ln the shot put Don Carter placed thurd and Art Lopez a fufth Ron lvlorruson grabbed a thurd un the 880 and Duck Watkuns tued for thurd un the pole vault So ended a gloruous season The Lughtues led by Ted Haggstrom star 660 man managed to funush fourth un the funal league standungs wuth a record of 2 wuns and 3 losses "C" SQUAD First Row, left to rrght: Frailey, Martin, Watson, Clapham, Ben- zel, Halle, Macchia, Crandall. Second Row: Coach Mercuruo, EI ton, Whitaker, Hoffman, Craftor, Bacarri, LaTourette Wrlght,Coacl1 Ebers. Thurd Row' Bernard, Colluras, Hurst, Brown, Brink, Vlshanonff, Fadley, Tweety, Koskl. t In the Northern meet Ted Haggstrom won the only runnlng event for the Bees wlnnlng the 660 ln a tlme of l 26 7 breakmg a school record ln the shotput Duck Balzano placed a second and Les Harper scored the only other second by tylng un the hrgh lump Two frfths were regustered one by jam Bateson IH the broadlump and Chuck Halle who hed an the pole vault The Cee team wound up an thurd place wlth a record of 3 wnns and 2 losses ln the league fmals Duck Clapham placed second an the l8O yard dash the relay Placed sec ond Dale Fralley earned a thlrd ln the lOO 47" Tennls F rst Row F nley Gomez Wh te Second Row Hay man a ob Hlfl utton Vrcba cz v ch Hart an Coach Span g er Although only an nts second year at Franklin sunce the war the tennns team came through wnth one of the best racket welldrng teams ln the cuty Led by the number one slngles player Rudy Gomez the locals fielded a strong com bnnatuon of smgles and doubles player The number 2 man In the slngles as Marshall Hartman followed by Kenny Iacobson lack Whlte and Bull Halsman Yell Leaders Leadnng yells for the Bens thus year were Yell Leaders Tommy lvlarsee and jose Loya At athletnc contests rally and other meetmgs where their services were requnred Tom and ose were always on the ,ob The r efforts contrnbuted greatly to the very successful year enloyed by Franklin rn I946 47 90 YELL LEADERS TOM MARSH Jose LOYA i :n , , i. .:F.s ,J:'- son, ,J ., -I- 1, m, - I, I - . I I - , . . . . J ' 1 . . G. E' Q First Row: Betty Brown, Dorrine Van Aken, Louise Griggs, Nancy Munn, Beverly Minser, Evelyn Nowels, Katherine Cascio, May Tonoyan, ine Bostic. Second Row: Charlottemarie Bundy, Virginia Rios, Katherine Boggio Mary Clement, Pat Coop, Luella Jenkins, Margaret Parker, Joan Burbidge Third Row: Joan Hoesmann, Ernece Fisher, Pat Watts, Marjorie Smith, Joan Morgan, Marianna Howland, Mrs, King, Nancy McNally, Pat MacPhet ridge, Pat Woodruff, Shirley Tracy Bunny Miller, Shiela McNamara, Julia Ross, Max Fourth Row: Jean Lyttle, Beverly Brunner, Kathleen Donnelly, Mary Newcomb, Doris Jolly, Ruth Ramseier, Dawn McClosky, Charlene Goldenburg, Joyce Jehue. A. A. Letterwinners ' The Girls' Athletic Association affords the athletic minded girls of Franklin a chance to participate in supervised sports as an extra curricular activity, They learn fair play and how to get along well with other girls while they build strong, healthy bodies. Their efforts are rewarded with handsome lettergirl sweaters and emblems which they can earn in many different sports. The club also has social functions in the form of a mid-term "Spread," an induction party and a dance with the boys club. The biggest event on the GAA. calendar each year is the spring playday when the lettergirls challenge the girls' gym classes to baseball games. 'Pt'i":"i" B I Lin I 1- 'n,,,,,.fvv1' Y ,....av"'Y"""'T' A '-" ' o v fm- J l fa 'if-ii J I .,,- thru af V .QT f . . if .4 Q4 li. litlti it AM I BORING YOU THEV E007 Y K '4 5 fm H - Q Q39 YQ s XXL A IM ONLY LEARNING .TOHNNIE ,r 6,4 601145 ON ff NT 5 LLOW Gicsfvffr wi 0416 X YOU CANT TAKE IT WITH YC!! WHA T SHEALWAYS GETS Agp, MAN -ASK Love' ao:-T X ELP f xAH-,R gx-A XJ? kpkvgx M-'x M.. x'N X-fy. A i on BOYIX-ks 'N Q IT! IAFEQ UP HERE 1'f X W CH X , V-U Rf nos TEACH """!f N WHO Qomwe A X H gifgiz D I s J J 4lf Now I'LaL CET 4+ Q F3113 f gi 'Z ND XM MY INTEQVIEW l maww 1 SMILE PI2ET:Yf Q 42" 'ummm H .. uma? 'Q I N ' - W' 4 4 M1 A LL Q Q N A 1' Q, 2 5 , C' on ff , 2 'A N N N nf , .5 O 3 h. V-. I K " ix N Km W 913 x ,ST if A J' N "ff 4 1, 1: " .-- ,eff ' Lyla ,. VL f! ,f ' U I' ffil A X N " F r . ' X gy , f Y ,xfx ff y f , , O XXXL- D Y 41 , 1 xxx VV! N I l I .s 0 ,vi K V? ,A A h V A F -N PPOM AL ,, 2 " li ' , f . 1 it V ,gg :V V55 A i v- 'L X X 3 V x WL K 9 .5 X U EH A N ' "'x"' "ing-KW" tx., - W I 1 K I: ff gkiltgsllz Q? V XX X 1 1 ' H fx P' - Y 5-ff N f X .. A 'l S xx ' ' A-- 'W ,- f L XX A N 5 - W 5 y 6' if t A P' K , :Nm Vx JN- X 2 4 E Q ,H ., Mrk 3 X V P X - K Q J ff' freeman H Hd PM mm W Pl PRIBODI IN Hlf HI 4ND P4RIx IEW FLFRS AND HURULKKJIQTS Rvmle the NF W S HFRAID DOLLY MADISOIN K ,EOM I mums XXE'-.R xIILLIxIiRx Q cv f 10RTs XXEKP Ind vrimoalrs 'U FOR YARDAGE 5712 No Flgueroa St 6 6514 5712 I4 No HGUEROA ST 56514 0 STATIONERX KRT Sl PPLIES KIITS I IIIHS uml IIIIIIIRP N N I ILK HRIST STATIONEIKX U IIII fl I II IIC "J N VIILLI. ISI TTER VIEN S KX EAR GARBE S IEWELRY STQRE XXHILN A IHINLI IN NEXX KNOMN FOR FINE DIAMONDS XILETAS HMP IT M413 No Fxguero um 69 I FELIX H GARBE CL 6 2922 WOMEN S CHILDREN S MEN S KARL S SHOES IQ, SHOES ron THE ENTIRE FAMILY KFLLP RHI I Bl' Mvrx SAION Rf IUTI 5709 No F-sums sf CL 6 9266 ,Iv x F UPI' I II 881 4 YEARS IN HK HLAND PARK IIIMFRQ III I1IsIlxc IION roR rum on AS x IVERS DEPT STORE III UR RN!! IURII lJIffIRlIlfN WKII 1 I HIGHLAND PARK GOOD HOUSEKEEPING SHOP 5567 N0 FIGUEROA sr AI. 0018 GIHS For All Occasmns Radlos Appllances Washers Greehng Cards Ranges TERMS Refrsgerafors IAFNINIIE THFATRES INDFPFNDENTIX OVC NFD IMII PRKNRIIN IUH FI-LII I ARR 3126 I' Igla Rnrk Iilul 1102 'Nu E'l2lll"l'0l Nl I822 No Sermon! 1821 Nu Plgnf-ron WI DIANIUXIJ HPS X NIIXIRXKA RUB! N XICTUR FIHETRIC XIPIIAX FS IXIFRT REPAIRIXI HIGHLAND PARR IEXX ELERS rum FNIENI YRFIHIT BASEBALL CAMPING and FISHING SUPPLIES GROTTHOUSE HARDWARE COMPANY TENNIS RAQUETS ROLLER SKATES ASA BURBIDGE Manage 5637 NO Flsumo AI. 2149 93 ' . 'x 11 II" V I 11 1 i N1 4 4 I 4, . . AI' WSI . I 1 . - 4 1 7737 Nu. I'IgIIrrrI,I SI ' I SI D ' . I . . it Lf 'W' ll ,S -I4 . ' . CL. - - CL' A -Ill X 1l,l.I' .6 fI'Tl.N'l'.'ll pIl'l' Riff, - Q Q V132 Nr.. fg 'r-III Sl, .I61. II. Iigunf-Inu FI, I I,. II-IU12 Mm A. Ulldmst QL. g,,79qj -'lui f" . '. ' A A A 4 "S , , ' a SI. 763I NO, Fig 'fI.I St. UL, A 1,5 ' ' ' - .I , .7 , . . . . . IHIIIY fm .- .lfllllj - ' . . - ffl.R II, Ig: In SI. 5 -- 0 ', . 7 .vI."" .' ' i'f ' '. .I0.' n . 3 ' C I'I'Y ' I IS I I . . E lffl ' I'l'.,V-V is .V H 7 'V I If Nw. FIQIIcrII.I St. VL, 6 QIBR 1201 N IIIIIC' YISIJI KAI- Ml-'WI W w f 1 JA JI I 1 J L J J J J . , Y . . . , 1 , A . w .9 - XK'rXICf If - IEX 'IfI,R'IA .5 . 'f ' RE ' .' 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