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Ulm Afm olagrigkfeal 1941 by LAUREL IONES Editor-in-Chief IEAN BRUEBACH ARVILLA CHAPMAN Co-Art Editors BOOK DESIGNED by IACK STRINCER and NELLIE KAUFMAN 'vig' F ' V. :-- . fix Q W m . 1. ...,: , ,Wagga AA 9, . Q, 7 A-.M mask W .K 1' AA fe' ATR 'mg A Ss: E . T :MA 9 f W. ,gk 'X we A , ,vu X Q avr figs' x-A 4 .2 'Mx V.,,,.,,,, V, ,W ,,..w in .,w5,r, . . ,, F, w ww. -v. . , , ,, ,, HV, X , V P Sufi? f'!g,QLff,?g,fE, Mi I? E yww F v w 1 P. E F E. wi 3 3 UD v.l 1 P r 1 f , FEQXQQQ 4, , W . ., 0 ' Axqaikixkr' 5 1 Y Zmgvv nv 1 is',,QQ W :-if " QQ' an ff 'Ki-hx mf , i A4 W 1 R , M s Q . Q 5 ,jk 3 K fha I 4, , if x a ' 4 ' m R x 'Ni 3 x 4,4 Q QA EW?ai X, 'f .. figkmvffsn 4 an , 'gale Yr, V 0I"0lfUOI" lt's been a lot of work, but the pleasure of accomplish- ment in producing the l94l Almanac has far overshadowed the amount of labor we've put forth. We wish to extend our thanks to the numerous people who cooperated in mak- ing this publication possible, for they have helped us to an experience which will remain a lasting memory of our high school careers. Although we have had fun writing copy and designing an artistic book, we feel this has been a vital rung in our ladder of education. lt would be a great life it all educa- tion were so pleasant! Completing our work by the dead- line and making important decisions, has taught us to plan and consider wisely and calmly each problem that has arisen. .We choose the Scenic West as our theme, mainly be- cause the class of S'4l decided to call themselves "The Westerners," but also because at this time there is an exigency for learning to appreciate the peaceful, beautiful surroundings in which we of the West live. The pioneers of the old West are noted for their spirit of daring and ad- venture. lt was with this same feeling of adventure that we reorganized the l94l Almanac and produced the records which represent the Benjamin Franklin' student body with- in these covers. All that is lacking now is your approval. Q lecbcafion In a world hurled into chaos and confusion by a war born of man's selfishness, the democratic way of life of the western hemisphere is on trial. just as tyranny and oppres- sion seek to overpower free men today, so also did greed and hate harass the American pioneer. These people developed a code of ethics which forced men either to live by it explicitly and be known as good men, or to break its bonds and be recognized as outlaws. The westerners' strict adherence to these unwritten ideals brought law and order out of lawlessness and confusion. The rugged stability of the men and women impelled them to further accomplishment, as they struggled against the inevitable discouragement and despair involved in building a new world. Determination comparable to that which aided our an- cestors in developing a civilization in the West is appear- ing today to influence the transformation of this section of the United States into a great cultural and industrial cen- ter. Although industry and culture are requisites of civil- ization, if we are to continue our way of life, we must pre- serve our freedom. The ideals of the pioneers, reinforced by their determination to practice them, brought demo- cratic theories into being beyond the Mississippi. If nations and individuals will revive those time-worn ethics of the pioneers, life lived in the spirit of the westerners can bring democracy to the world again, as it brought it to the West before. Because of what it has done and will do for our country and the world, it is to this eternal SPIRIT OF THE WEST that we dedicate this book. IEAN BRUEBACK LAURELA IONES ARVILLA CHAPMAN Sid! LAUREL ION ES Editor-in-Chief IEAN BRUEBACH ARVILLA CHAPMAN Co-Art Editors VIRGINIA WADSWORTH Assistant Editor IUANITA GAMET ETHEL IONES Associate Editors KAREN STRICKLER Literary Editor PAT H I LLI NGS Sports Editor MANUEL CRUZ PAT WALSH Assistant Sports Editors PATRICK B I LLI NGHURST R.O.T.C. Editor BRUCE BOCUE Assistant R.O.T.C. Editor HOPE THOMSON Club Editor Con fen tif ADMINISTRATION STUDENT BODY STUDENT COVERN MENT R.O.T.C. ACTIVITIES SPORTS .f ,M C AM 0 J :I 1557 S Memoriam MR. EARL S. PARKER .xdclminiafrafion PRINCIPAL MR. ROBERT J. TEALL GIRLS' VICE PRINCIPAL BOYS' VICE PRINCIPAL MISS EDITH M. HODGKINS DR. FRED W. AXE 9 Er I 13, x , N A JOHN R. l-lOlST GERTRUDE MALLORY HENRY THOMPSON .xdclminidfrafiue dziififanfzi The personnel, library and curricular problems of the school are supervised by efficient administrative assistants. With this group of office helpers are also in- cluded those who so expertly perform the secretarial duties of the school. In the personnel office, guidance is given to meet student curricular and job placement needs. Under the capable direction of our jovial counselor, Mr. john R. l-loist, the possibilities of courses offered in Franklin, in Frank Wiggins Trade School, in Metropolitan School of Business, in the Los Angeles City College and in the uni- versities, become clear to Franklinites. Assistants in this work are Mrs. Bartlett, Miss Campbell, Mr. DaVall, our placement director, Mrs. La Pierre, Mrs. Warner, and Mrs. Small, that energetic secretary who has charge of all student records. The major problem confronting Mr. Tlcompson, the registrar, and his assistant, Mrs. Kilmurray, is the attendance of Ben students. ln the library, we find Miss Mallory and Mrs. Corbett distributing and caring for the ten thousand volumes made available there to facilitate student study. Mrs. Warr is secretary for the school, secretary to Mr. Teall, and has as assistant in the main office, Mrs. Bagdasarian, who is also secretary to Mr. Axe. Mrs. Pitsen- berger, who transacts the business of the book room, has charge of the thousands of books issued to students of the school under the California free textbook system, and is also secretary to Miss Hodgkins. MRS. CORBETT MRS. BAGDASARIAN MRS. KILMURRAY MRS. WARR MRS. SMALL llO Miss Adair Miss Anderson Miss Baltzley Mrs. Bartlett Mrs. Church Mrs. Cranon Mr. Downing Mr. Duke Miss Fraser Mr. Galbraith Mrs. Hahn Miss Hansen Mrs. Anderson Mr. Bjurman Mrs. Cuthbert Mr. Dutcher Lt. Getze Mr. Hentschke Mr. Atkinson Miss Brainard Mrs. Cutler Mr. Elliot Mr. Gilbert Mr. Hess Sgt. Backell Mr. Baird Miss Campbell Miss Carlquist Mr. DaVall Miss DeVelbiss Mrs. Fitts Mr. Frank Miss Green Mrs. Griffin Mr. Holdrege Mr. Horton Miss Jessup Mr. Johnston Miss Kahley Miss Kennedy Mr. Keyes Mr. Kindy Mrs. King Mrs. La Pierre Miss Lisherness Miss McCall Mr. McCoIIon1 Miss McCuIly Miss McMurry Miss MacDonald Miss MacKaiip Miss Magie Miss Merriman Mr. Meyer Mr. Miller Mrs. Moore Mr. Morton Mrs, Offill Mrs, Powers Mrs. Preeman Mrs. Roberts Miss Robison Mr. Shaffer Mr. Sherinyan Mr. Spangler Mrs. Thayer Miss Thorp Mrs. Trieb Mrs. Warner Mrs, Whifsell Mr. Wing Miss Wolf Miss Wyckoff I2 352239 liiliigiigfk 'fm RX .Siuclmf MJ, 4 ix Winter '41 TOM IKEDA RICHARD RICHTER FERN KRAWITZ HOPE THOMSON Second Vice-Pres. President First Vice-Pres. Secretary Summer '41 PAT HILLINGS TOM IKEDA HOPE THOMSON ANITA SHIELDS Second Vice-Pres, President First Vice-Pres. Secretary gudenf Mel? icem The student body officers assume the responsibility of -keeping alive the spark of democratic ideals in Franklin. These leaders of student self-government, popularly elected each semester, are chosen for their ability to maintain the high standards of efficiency and trust-worthiness demanded by their executive positions. They are the pacemakers of the school, essentially outstanding in scholarship and leadership, and on their shoulders rests the responsibility of guiding the ship of stu- dent activities through safe waters. Distinguished by their faithful and loyal service have been the officers of the past year. Through their constant efforts, many aspects of school life have been definitely improved, and a more ardent school spirit takes the center of the stage as one of the results of their administration. I3 CM O TOM MUMFORD President PEGGY KNIGHTON Girls' Social Chairman icerri WINTER CLASS BARBARA BRACE Vice-President MARILYN JON ES Secrefary GERHARD HELLER Boys' Social Chairman MARY LOU FRANKLIN Girls' Yell Leader SUMMER CLASS JOJ UANA WELLS Treasurer ROLLAND SCHINDLER Boys' Yell Leader DON PRETZINGER JEAN PISTONETTI ALICE ARENA EVELYN SHOGREN President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Girls' Social Chairman OAKLEY HONEY ARDITH STANGER ERVIN DEAN Boys' Social Chairman Girls' Yell Leader Boys' Yell Leader l4 BARBARA BRACE RENE DQSAIX KAY LANGFORD MARILYN JONES THERESA DITURI IRIS HILL ALBERT MCEUEN ETHEL JONES DOROTHY WILKINS BRUCE BOGUE HOPE THOMSON PAT BILLINGHURST JIM TRAUGHBER NELLIE KAUFMAN I5 gpAe6ian5 an anziagifi fri RICHARD RICHTER IRIS HILL BARBARA LIGHTFOOT NORMAN HALLER Ephebian W'4I Ephebian W'4I Ephebian S'4I Essayist W'4I BARBARA BRACE KENNETH CURRY WAYNE ROBERTS FERN KRAWITZ Ephebian Cr Essayist W'4I Ephebian W'4I Ephebian S'4I Ephebian S'4I ERVIN DEAN TOM IKEDA PAT HILLINGS PAT BILLINGHURST Ephebian S'4I Ephebian S'4I Ephebian G Essayist S'4I Ephebian S'4I JAMES TRAUGHBER HOPE THOMSON JACK STRINGER Ephebian S'4I Ephebian Cr Essayist S'4I Ephebian S'4I I6 ff fi 5 HELEN VIRGINIA ALDERSON-Girls' Rifle Club. EDITH BAILEY-Secre- tary to Mrs. Trieb. JAMES DAVID BAIN-Vice-president of Hi Hatters, Hi-Y, Associator, Senior "B" yell leader, Boys' League cabinet. VIRGINIA BALLISTER-Secretary of the Athenian Society, Treasurer of the Hook and Curve, Historian of the International Forum, Social chairman of the Girls' League, Secretary to Miss Hodgkins. LUVILLE BARSTOW-Gym team, Orchestra. FRANCES BEL BARTLETT- Chorus, Treble Clef. MARIE BARTLETT-Vice-president of the Treble Clef. MARION BASSMAN- Music Club, Librarian of the Orchestra, Rifle Club. MILO PARKINSON BINGHAM-B football two years, A and B Track. ALDO JOHNNIE BISETTI. ROBERT EUGENE BLAKE-Active Associator, Hi Hatter, Hi-Y, Athledelphian, B Track. MARIE GWENDOLYN BLATCH- LEY-Bethany Club, Interpretive Dance Class, Nurse's office, Hall Guard. GLORIA AIDA BONINO-Hook and Curve, Classroom Treasurer, Treble Clef, CounseIor's Office, Gym Office. KARL MAESER BOOTH-Asst. Man- ager of Sound Crew, Sec. of Radio Club, Spanish Club, International Forum, Projection Crew. JAMES W. BOWDEN. BEVERLY JEAN BOYER-Asst. Feature Editor of Franklin Press. BARBARA JEANNE BRACE-Ephebian, C.S.F. Life Member, Senior Class Vice-President, Essayist, Good Form Club. LEONARD CLARKE BRASHEAR -B Football, A Football, Apparatus. STEVE DOUGLAS BROADHURST-A Football, A-B Track, Hi-Y, Class Room Treasurer, Usher. BEVERLY BROWN. HOWARD BURNS-Orpheus Club, Press Club, B Football. VIRGINIA LOIS BURTON-Gym Office. ROSEMARY CARR-G.A.A., Rifle Club, Interna- tional F-orum. JENA CHIARENZA-Hook and Curve, Treble Clef, G.A.A,, Girls' League Yell Leader. JOSEPH CHIARENZA. STELLA MARIE CIMMARUSTI-President of the Treble Clef, G,A.A., Attendance Office, Hook and Curve, Second Period Treasurer. ROY CLYNE,-B Football, Art Club. ETHEL RHEA COLLINS- President of the Etiquette Club, Historian of Girls' Council, Bethany Club. BARBARA MARY COMBS. LOIS MARIAN CRITCHLOW-Bethany. KEN- NETH FARRAR CURRY-President of International Forum, Hi Hatter, As- sociator, Athenian, President of the Boys' League. ARMANDO CUTINO- Hi-Y. DOROTHY NANCY DAILEY-President of Treble Clef, Rifle Club. EDITH- MAE DALTON--Attendance Office. HARRY C. DAUM-Student Store Manager, for one year, A Tennis, Stamp Club, Orpheus Club. DON LOUIS ANTHONY DEAN--Band, Orchestra, RENE' ARMAND DE SAIX-Boys' League Publicity Manager, Assistant Ed- itor of the Press, C.S.F. Life, Vice-President of Latin Club. EDWIN DEYARMOND-Hi Hatter, Hi-Y, Athledelphians President, Varsity Softball, Basketball. THERESA KATHRYN DI TURI-Girls' Council, Etiquette Club, Athenian, Girls' League Secretary, Hook and Curve. JO ANN DIXON- Girls' Rifle Club. MARY LUCILLE DONEGAN-G.A.A., Latin Club, President of Girls' Rifle Club, Girls' Council, BIO and AIO Girls' League Treasurer. CLARENCE SOLON DUNCAN-Chess Club President. International Forum. BARBARA MAY ERICKSEN-Treble Clef Club, Music Club, A Cappella Choir-wardrobe manager and Student Director, Etiquette Club-Vocalist, G,A.A. CHARLES GLENN FOUTS-B Football, Stage Crew. MARY LOU FRANKLIN-Rifle Club, G.A.A., Girls' Senior B Yell Leader, Girls' Senior A Yell Leader, Teachers' Secretary. ALYCE MAE GARDETTO f-Treble Clef Club, Hook and Curve Club, Miss Hodgkins' Office, Secre- tary to Mrs. Church. LOWELL V. GATES-Manager of Stage Crew, Track. STANTON DUANE GAYLE-Hi Hatters, Athledelphians, Apparatus. ROY ALBERT GHOLSON-Dramatics. FRANCES GILBERT. DONNA LA- REINE GRAHAM-Vice-President of Music Club, Girls' Senior Glee Club, Interpretative Dancing, Rooter's Club. GAIL ALINE GRAY-Seni-or Orches- tra, Library Assistant, Nature Club, International Forum. LOIS BERNICE GROSS-Girls' Council, Historian of Good Form, Secretary to Miss Mallory. KENNETH HAGAMAN. JACK NEWTON HALL-Hi Hat- ter Treasurer, Hi-Y, Athledelphian, Varsity Basketball, Band and Orchestra. NORMAN HALLER-Varsity Track, Essayist, Junto Club, Gamma Athenian, Senior A Social Chairman. VIVIANNE DONNA HANSEN-G.A.A., Bethany, Usherettes. BLANCHE ADELAIDE HARDIE-Vice-President Tri-Y. STANLEY MACK HARDIN- Stamp Club. LUCIE HARDY--Girls' Council, Good Form, Ellen H. Richards President. CHARLES A. HARRIS. DORIS HEAD-Double M, Hook and Curve, Treble Clef, Hall guard, International Forum. GERHARD JOHN HELLER-Usher, Associator, Senior B Social Chairman, International Forum. IRIS IONE HILL-Editor-in-Chief of Press, Ephebian, Active Girls' Council, Good Form Club, CSF. Life. PATRICIA JEAN HOHNSBEEN-Vice-President Senior B Class, Treasurer of Girls' Council, Etiquette Club, Secretary of the Rifle Club, Latin Club. RICHARD HENRY HOLST-Assistant Editor-in-Chief of Press, Stamp Club, A Cappella Choir, Boys' Glee Club. GWENDOLYN IRENE HOLZ-Allied Youth, G.A.A. ELAINE CAROLINE HOOPER-Girls' Council, Good Form, Vice-President Ellen H, Richards. DOROTHY RUTH HORN-Active Girls' Council, Good Fcrm Vice-President, Ellen H. Richards. ELSA M. HUIZINGA-Counselor's Office, Sec. to Mrs. Bagdassarian, Hook and Curve, Nature Club. PHILLIP JACKSON. HELEN JEAN JOHNSTON-President of Girls' Council, Student Council, Etiquette Club, Soc. Chairman, G.A.A. Letterman, President of Dancing Club. MARYLYNN JANICE JONES-Student Council, Secretary Senior A Class, Life Member C.S.F., Girls' Council, Etiquette Club. BERNICE ANNA KEELEY-G.A.A. GEORGE ROBERT KEENE. NADINE KIDD-Hall Guard, Girls' Sr. Glee Club. ROY KILPATRICK. PEGGY KNIGHTON-Sr. A Social Chairman, Good Form Treasurer, Rifle Club Corporal, Sr, B Social Chairman. ROSINA M. KOPPI-Hook and Curve, Counselor's Office. ROSE KUTLESA. FLORENCE KAY LANGFORD-C.S.F. Life, WALTER JACK LARES. VIR- GINIA CATHERINE LEUTHAUSER-Bethany Club, BARBARA DOROTHY LIGHTFOOT-Ephebian, Etiquette Club, Girls' League President, Girls' Council, Student Council. JAMES WILLIAM LONGCRIER-Active Associator, A, B Tennis, D Basket- ball. JUDY LOUISE LORENZI-G.A.A., Bethany, Rifle Club, Corporal in Rifle Club. BETTY CATHERINE LIENTZ-President of G.A.A., Vice-Presi- dcr't cf Rifle Club, S.P.Q.R., Tri-Y, Treasurcr of Stamp Club. ROXIE MICHAEL LUCARELLI-Associator. HAZEL McAULIFFE-Hook and Curve, Mr, Horton's Secretary, Attendance Office. JACK McCARTER-President of Hi Hatters, Vice-President ot Athledelphians, Art Staff of Almanac, A and B Basketball, A, B, and C Track. WILLIAM WILSON McCLIMANS-Boys' Senior Glee Club, Art Club, Prefs Make-up Staff. JAMES W. MCCLURE-B Football, Hi-Y, Press, Ap- paratus, A Track manager. GEANNE LEONORA McMULLIN-Secretary of Needlework Guild, Senior Play, Girls' Rifle Club, Bethany, P.B.X. Operator. MILDRED EVELYN MANOR-Dancing Club, Latin Club, Hall Guard Supervisor. HELEN EVELYN MARINELLI-Treble Clef, International Forum, Treble Clef Historian, Hall Guard. WILL GATES MARTIN-International Forum. ORESTE ARTHUR MASTRO--Football, Track, Boys' Glee. ELSIE LOUISE MATHER-Bethany Hostess, Christmas Play, Interpretative Dancing. ANNA MARIE MINKLER-Hook and Curve, Girls' Senior Glee Club, Secretary to Miss Greene. ROY EDWARD MOON-Jr. Orchestra. PHYLLIS LORRAINE MOWERS-Rifle Club, Secretary of Senior Orchestra. TOM EDWARD MUMFORD-Hi-Y, Senior A President, Varsity Basketball, Hi Hatters, Active Associator. VIRGINIA ANNA MUNSEY-Music Club, Gym Checker. WILLIAM RAYMOND MURDOCK. BLANCHE NELSON. NORMAN H. NELSON. ROSE MARY NELSEN-A Cappella Choir, Treasurer, Student Manager of Cafe, Bethany, N. Y. A. NATALIE NEWMAN. DON PETER NEWQUIST-President of Hi-Y, Secretary-Treasurer Glee Club, A Football, A Golf, R.O.T.C. DOROTHY JEAN NICHOLS. GAYNEL EDITH NORTON-Secretary to Mr, Axe, A Cappella Choir, Classroom Treasurer. SHERMAN OLMSTEAD. CARLOS EUGENE PALMORE-Radio Club, Cousel-or's Office, Photography Club. JO ANNE PARRY-Feature Editor of the Press, Rifle Club, Press Club, Secretary of Girls' Council, Etiquette Club. RAYMOND ELLSWORTH PATTERSON-Art Club, Softball. ALFONSO HENRY PEREZ-Basketball- A, B, C, D, Softball-A, B, Athledelphian, Associator. MARIA DE JESUS PEREZ-Hall Guard, Tennis Club, Treasurer, Attendance Office. MYRTLE MARGARET PICOU-Hall Guard, Girls' Senior Glee. GLORIA GRETCHEN POWLEY. SPENCER PRICE-Hi-Hatter, C Track, B Football, Yell Leader. JACK PURSLEY, JANET LOUISE RANKIN-President of the Good Form, Girls' Council, Student Court Justice, Bethany Treasurer, A Cappella Choir. JEAN ELEANOR REHFUSS-Secretary to Mr. Teall. NORMA JANE REITZ -Music Club, Bethany, l-iook and Curve. RICHARD CHARLES RICHTER-Student Body President, Senior B Class President, A Softball, Active Associator, Hi-Hatter. JEANNNE MARIE ROBINSON-Bethany Club, Girls' Senior Glee, Treble Clef. GENEVIEVE CECELIA ROCHON-Bethany, Secretary to Mr. Hoist. GRACE ELVIRA ROPPO-Gym Office, Class Treasurer, Treble Clef, Counselor's Office, Hook and Curve. MATHILDE ELLEN RUENZ-Vice-President Hook and Curve, Secretary to Mr. DaVall, Counselor's Office, Nature Club. MAXINE RACHEL SAHOLT- Usherette, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Bethany Club, Music Club. ROLLAND O. SCHINDLER-Tennis, Basketball, Athledelphian, Sr. A Cabinet, Hi-Hat- ter. DOROTHY LOIS SCHRADER-President of Needlework Guild, Spanish Club, Latin Clul, Junto Club, Senior Play. RENA KATHERYN SCIAINI. JOE ROWLAND SHAPARD JR.-Saber and Chevrons, Latin Club. JACQUELINE LORRAINE SHAW-Spanish Club, Music Club, Bethany Club, Needlework Guild. HAZEL GERALDINE SHEL- TON-Bethany. JOSEPH SIMONHOFF. PAUL SIMONHOFF. GENE THOMAS SMART. WANETA JANICE SMART-President of Le Rendevous, A Cappella Choir, Social Chairman of Usherettes, President of Stamp Club, Bethany. LEROY EVERET SMITH. EVELYN LUCILE SNYDER. KENNETH FERMAN STOCKTON. DONALD W. TAYLOR-Boys' Sr. Glee, Choir. GEORGE JAMES THOM-Apparatus. JACK MATHEW THOMAS-Student Body Yell Leader, C and D Basketball, Athledelphian, Senior Glee Club, Sec. Orpheus Club. BARBARA HAZEL THOMPSON-Ellen H. Richards, Bethany. HAZEL KATHERINE THOMPSON-Girls' Senior Glee Club. GLADYS TOPOLSKI-Christmas Play, Athenian, News Editor of Press, Junto Club, G.A.A. MARIE ANNE TORRES-Secretary to Mrs. La Pierre. IGNACIO VILLALVA-President of Spanish Club, A and B Basketball, A and B Tennis, Athledelphian. JACQUELYN VOGELSANG-Good Form, P. B. X. Operator, Gym Office. LOIS ELEANOR WALLNER-Spanish Club Vice-President, Bethany Hostess, Needlework Guild. SHIRLEY JEAN WEBB. JO JUANA WELLS-Bethany, Good Form, Rifle Club, Senior A Treasurer, Senior B Secretary, ROBERT EDWARD WHITE. LELAND JOT WILLIS-International Forum. Boys' Senior Glee Club, Or- pheus Club. ERMA JEAN WILSON-Girls' Council, Secretary International Forum, Assistant Secretary Athenian Society, Rifle Club, Hook and Curve. ROBERT LUTHER WININGS-Art Club, Hall Guard. BARBARA JEANNE WOOLEVER-Good Form, President A Cappella Choir, Bethany. MARILYN ROBERTA WRIGHT-Bethany, Ellen H. Richards. WALLACE D. WRIGHT-R.O.T.C. SHIRLEY JANE YOUNGER-Secretary ot the Hook and Curve Club, President of the Hook and Curve, Treble Clef, Secretary to Mr. Kindy, Classroom Treasurer. CAMERA SHY: W'4I JAMES AUBREY AGERTON DAVID BELL ROBERT DeHOAG MAE KARPEROS MARJORIE MUNSEY DOLLY MARIE ALLEN BYRON BIRD JR. LLOYD HURT ROBERT MALOWSKI WILLIAM RICHARDSON EUGENE BACKELL PAUL E. BRADLEY THEODOR R. DeSTEUNDER ORESTE MASTRO HYMAN SCHRIEBMAN ROBERT F. BALDWIN EDWARD CHARLES BUTLERTONY GARCIA MARION MOMO BARBARA JEAN SHARPS BOB BARNES WILLIAM CURRENT GEORGIA GERMAN FLORENCE MUFF RAYNOR SHAW MARJORIE JEAN SPROULE ALEXANDER TAYLOR MARGARET THOMPSON JULIAN VALADEZ MR. TEALL MISS MCMURRAY MR. HORTON MISS MERRIMAN MISS MAGIE MR. DOWNING CL66 l'0l0AeCg WINTER 1941 It is, indeed, a pleasure to address the class of Vslinter l96l. How well I remember my high school days and that most famous of all graduating classes, the class of Winter l94l. While considering my topic for today, it seemed to me that you all would be most interested in hearing about what some of those graduates of Winter '4l are now doing. Nat- urally, they have all gone far in their chosen fields and are the outstanding successes of l96l. To begin with, we all know that Rene tFrenchyl DeSaix is seeking an officeg is a candidate for the presidency of the United States. And after the campaign? Who knows? He may still be running. jim ll want to be a croonerl Longcrier, a famous politician of the class, is following a tradition he established here of running for office, he is also running for president. The other candidate in the campaign of l96l? Yes, you guessed it- Franklin D. Roosevelt. Tom Mumford, our glamorous former Senior A president, has become a big man in aviation. In fact, he's just a big man all around. Who would have suspected twenty years ago, when Tom began to get just a little heavy around the middle, that he would have kept right on gaining weight? He now tips the scales at 250 pounds. This greatness overwhelms us. Some of you may be amazed to know that Bob lcurly locksl Blake has become as bald as an egg. So help mel I could hardly believe it myself. He now works in a Bald- lVlen's Better Wig Shoppe, and stands out as a shining example. Perhaps some of you recall our graceful dancing girls, Ethel Collins, Barbara Lightfoot and Frances Raiford, formerly of the interpretative dance class. They have all pursued their dancing careers, and we find the three now clicking their heels as second, third, and fourth from the left end, in the second row of the chorus of the popular Earl Carroll Show, and week-end performances with the N.T.G. chorus. Three bearded, gray-haired old men, bowed and stooped with age, are a regular accepted sight over around the Frank- lin club house and in the social arts classes. Perhaps, a few of you realize that these three are none other than Ed Butler, Tony Garcia, and George Keene, still trying to pass a course in social arts. Richard ipretty-boyl Richter has become a renowned pub- lic speaker and lecturer. He is currently touring the nation and thrilling his feminine audiences with his latest lecture entitled "My Formula for Charm" or "Why All the Girls Ask Me to Ta-ke Them to the Promf or "You Simply Got to Have Glamor These Days." Iris Hill and joAnne Parry, those long remembered sob-sis- 22 ters of Winter '4l, have both become famous. They are now writing the want-ads for the Peoria Daily Smirk and collabor- ating on a book entitled "Our Light Won't Fail," or "We'II Always Carry a Torch." Sherman Olmstead has really come up in the world since his days of fruit selling at dear old Si Perkins' market. Sher- man now has an open air market all his own. Almost any morning at nine he may be seen overseeing his crew of two- wheeled fruit cart pushers along Hill street gaily shouting, "Buy 'em here-Fresh fruit and vegetables." Our carrot topped friend, janet Rankin, is now the propri- etor of a honey of a little cafe known as Mother Rankin's Real, Ronion, Reeking, Ramburger Roast Shoppe. Dorothy ll met him at Civicl Horn, who is Mother Rankin's chief assis- tant, extends a cordial invitation to all, to drop in for a de- licious case of carbuncles, bunions, corns-vitamins, c, b, and c. Helen jean lmake mine a jimmyl johnston is the lost and forlorn soul you see so often wandering around the corner of Hollywood and Vine still looking for-it's been so long we have all forgotten what. Those would-be Thespians of Winter '4l, Gladys Topolski, Beverly Brown, and Marilyn jones, the three voted most likely not to succeed, have defied all predictions and are now work- ing in the Little Theater off Pershing Square! Harry Daum, the great salesman of the senior class, is going down to the South Pole to sell penguins Arrow ties. jackie Thomas, the Romeo of the basketball floor, will be America's best-dressed man. just what you thought, eh? Ed- die Deyarmond, the sparkle of the diamond, will be playing with the New York Giants. Eddie has gone up in this work. At present he is five feet nine inches tall. Spencer lRobin Hoodl Price, known for his crooning around the school, will have his own program over the fish network. Spencer's sponsors, the Sea Food Company, pay him five thousand mackerals a month. Lois Wallner, Newport-Balboa's golden gift, has just won the Catalina-San Pedro swim by a couple of seconds. Pretty fishy, what? Lowell lFlashl Gates, the track star of the seniors, will be giving his legs a workout on his bicycle, singing, "Ting-a-ling, I'm the Good Humor Man!" "Coming events cast their shadows before them," so it all may come true. Who knows? 23 x'fI if gf' 1 O iff X V dsx., Qui. , 1 M ik Q W ai if ?vg Q if di 43? .U Q' A ah W M' wus! , f Q , 1 " ' N' 4-Q . ' I S .Q 4, -f K 2 1 G 4 yu! " C 'Q Q 5 Q v . sv- I. K 4' , I Y 4. vb W aww 'W .s 2.1 ORESTE FRANK ACCORNERO. JEAN ELIZABETH ALABASTER-Vicc- President of Sr. Orchestra, Secretary of A Cappella Choir, Student Director of Jr. Orchestra. GILBERT LEE ALLAN-Member of Gym Team, Athladel- phian, Chess Club, Secretary to Miss McMurry, Letterman in Apparatus. CLAIRBELL LOIS ANDERSFN-Secretary and Treasurer of Hook and Curvc Club, Vice-President of Double "M" Club, Classroom Treasurer, Secretary to Mrs. Powers. ELEANOR ANDERSON-Vice-President and Historian of Girls' Council, Treasurer of Good Form, Ellen H. Richards Club, Girls' Senior Glee Club, G.A.A. ALICE JOANN ARENA-Senior A Class Secretary, Girls' Council, Hook and Curve, Vice-President of Double M, International Forum. AN- GELO CARL AVIGNONE-Treasurer of Ushers. MARY ISABEL BAEHR. BETTY BAILEY-Bethany Club. BETTY BELINDA BALL-President ot 'Treble Clef, Social Chairman of Needlework Guild, Girls' League Yell Lead- er, Bethany, A Cappella Choir. ADRIANA MARY BALZANO. DOROTHY BANKS-Ellen H. Richards Club. NELS BEALS, JR.-Sgt. Major R.O.T.C., Associator, Boys' League Cabinet, President of Stamp Club, Athenian. RAMONA BEAMAN. BEVERLY MA- VIS BEEBE. EDITH HELEN BEHIMER-l-look and Curve. DORIS ELAINE BEICK-Athenian, Treasurer of Hook and Curve, Secretary of Double M, Bethany Pianist, Business Conference Representative. MAR- JORIE BERG-Etiquette Club, G.A.A., Rifle Club, A Cappella Choir, Senior Orchestra. EDWARD PATRICK BILLINGHURST-R.O.T,C. Major, Ephebian, C.S.F. llifel, R.O.T.C. Editor of Almanac, President of Athenians. EMMA JOSEPHINE BINDERHEIM-Junto Club, Spanish Club, Bethany Club. LOUIS BISETTI-Athletic Manager of Boys' League, Hi-Hatter, Student Council, B Fcctball icaptainl, A, B Softball. CLYDE JACK BLANEY- Football Manager, Apparatus. DOROTHY LUCILLE BLISS-Active Girls' Council, Vice-President of Girls' Etiquette Club, Ellen H. Richards Club. BRUCE BOGUE- R.O.T.C. Jr. Major, C.S.F. Life, President of Athenians, Presdent of Spanish Club, Ass't R.O.T.C. Editor of Almanac. HOWARD CHARLES BORSCHEL JR.-Two years B Football, Two years B Track, Hi-Hatter, Associator, Advertising Manager of Almanac. DORIS ARMILDA BOULTON-Treble Clef, GLORIA JEAN BOULWARE-Bethany Club, G.A.A., Treble Clef, Girls' League Yell Leader of Jr. Division, Secre- tary to Mr. Kindy, RUBY BOYD. LEONA ELEANOR FOYDEN-A Cappella Choir, Music Club. CHARLES R. BRADLEY-International Forum. BARBARA JEANNETTE BRANCH-Beth- any. WILLIAM WARREN BRAWN. GLORIA IRENE BRIDGHAM-Rifle Club, Secretary of G.A.A., International Forum. RAYMOND CHARLES BRENDLINGER. RUTH LUCILLE BROWN. DOROTHY JEAN BRUEBACH-Art Club Secretary, Bethany Club, Rifle Club, A Cappella Choir, Co-Art Editor of Almanac. VIOLET LOUISE BURGESS-Bethany Club, Needlework Guild. G. GORDON BUNNELL JR. HARRY PIETOR BURIAN-Boys' Sr. Glee Club, Apparatus Team, Varsity Football, Athledelphian. KATHIE LA VONNE BUSH-G.A.A., Sr. Glee, Dancing Club. DON BUTT-Apparatus, B Basketball. DAVID MORGAN BUXTON-A Track, B. Track, B Footbal. LUCILLE JUDY CARBAJAL. EDITH JOAN CARFAGNA. is V is . Wax' sqvxhtv ' PASQUAL CARONE. VIRGINIA LOUISE CARPENTER-President of Hook and Curve, Treasurer of Junto Club, G.A,A., Rifle Club. MARGARET CART -Bethany Club, Classroom Treasurer, Secretary to Mr. Axe. LORRAINE MAUDE CARTER-Counselor's Office, Sweater Committee, Treasurer, G.A.A. ANN NANCY CASCARANO. ARVILLA CHAPMAN-Secretary and Presi- dent of Good Form Club, Ellen H. Richards, Girls' Council Historian, Co- art Editor of Almanac. GARLAND EDWARD CHAPMAN. ROSE MARIE CHENEY-Secretary of Athenians, Social Chairman of International Forum, Spanish Club. LOUISE MAXINE CHURCHILL-Bethany Club, Social Chairman of the Ice Skating Club, Vice-President of Treble Clef, Vice-President of Senior Glee. GEORGE W. CLAIRVILLE. JEANETTE CLENARD-Business Conference Rep- resentative. BETTY JO COCHRAN-G.A.A., Junior Orchestra, Bethany Club, Senior Orchestra. BILL COLSON-Varsity Football. MOLLIE COMISAROFF-International Forum, Historian of Junto Club, Needlework Guild, French Club. DARRELL COOK-Associator, Press Club, Boys' Senior Glee. HANNAH KATHERINE CORNELIUS-Student Manager of Cafeteria, Ellen H. Richards, Usherettes, Treble Clef, Class Treasurer. PATRICIA JEAN COSTA-Treble Clef, Ellen H. Richards, Bethany. JOSHUA COULSON. BEULAH ELLEN COUPLAND-Treasurer of Needlework Guild, G.A.A., Bethany, Librarian of Jr. Orchestra, Sr. Orchestra. BETTY VIR- GINIA COX-Art Club, Tri-Y, Attendance Office. MARY ELLEN B. CRISTIANI-Treasurer of Junto Club, Historian of Inter- national Forum, Latin Club, Usherettes. MANUEL CRUZ-Vice-President of Boys' League, Co-Sports Editor, Hi-Hatter, Associator, President of Press Club, MADALYN DAVIS-Vice-President of Tri-Y, Attendance Of- fice, Counselor's Office. ERVIN S. DEAN, JR.-Ephebian, President of Sen- ior B Class, Varsity Track, Active Associator, Justice of Student Court. LOUISE DELAHUNTY-Girls' Senior Glee. FRANK DE LEON-N0ncommis- sioned Officer R.O.T.C., Ushers Club. CLORINDA CECILIA DiCECCO- President of Usherettes, Rifle Club Member, Yell Leader of G.A.A., G.A.A. Letterman, Latin Club. RICHARD BREW DICKSON. ALAN DIETZ-Almanac Art Staff. RUTH ELAINE DISNEY-G.A.A., Sen- ior Glee. RICHARD GRAHAM DOUSE-President of Hi-Y, Secretary of Associators, Athledelphians, C and B Basketball Letterman, A Cappella Choir. JEANNE MILDRED DORRINGTON-Librarian of Treble Clef, Beth- any Hostess. EDWARD DUNCAN-B Basketball. WILLIAM DUTHIE-President of Chess Club. RICHARD EVANS. GORDON K. FAWCETT. NANCY JEAN FARLEY-Student Director of Girls' League Initiation, Tech- nical Staff of Little Theater. JOHN J. FOLEY-Varsity Football. ESTHER FORMIA-President of Needlework Guild, Bethany, Treble Clef. DARTH FRANK-Hi-Y, Hi-Hatters, Athledelphian, C and B Basketball, B Tennis. GEORGE FREW-Apparatus Team, B Football Squad. WILLIAM C. FUL- TON-B Football, Baseball. FRANK ROY FURNISH-A Track. CHARLES W. GABLER-Apparatus, Secretary of Science Club, S. P. Q. R., Ushers. ALBERT L. GAMBA. JAUNITA GRACE GAMET-President of Girls' League, President and Secretary of Junto Club, President of Usherettes, Associate Editor of Press and Almanac, Active member of Girls' Council. BETTY JO GARINGER-Rifle Club, Usherettes, G.A.A., International Forum. ELBERT KENNETH GARRETT--Associators, Boys' Senior Glee, Ushers. DOROTHY MAE GEE. JESSIE MAE GIBSON-Senior Orchestra. VINCENT GILMARTIN-Hall Guard, Gym Office, Boys' Glee, Second period Treasurer, WALTER GNEHM. ROSALIE GOMEZ-G.A.A., Bethany, Treble Clef. PAUL GOOCH--Business Office, Hall Guard. ROBERT LEROY GOODRICI-I-Gym Club, Senior Play, A Cappella Choir. RAY GORNTO-B Football. VICTOR STANLEY GOSS-Librarian of A Cappella Choir, R.O.T.C., Tin Can Hi-Jinx-l939, Gym Office, Business Office. ELIZABETH GRAHAM. SUZ- ANNE GREEF-Treasurer of G.A.A., Vice-President of Rifle Club, A Cap- pella Choir, Secretary of Latin Club. FRANCIS J. GRILL. GEORGIA COLLEEN GUNN-Actice Girls' Council, Vice-President of Good Fcrm, Justice of Student Court, Athenian, Social Chairman of Latin Club. MARY LOU GUTIERREZ-A Cappella Choir, Treble Clef, Spanish Club, Bethany. MERLE ELAINE GUYER-G.A.A., Girls' Rifle Club, Hook and Curve. EULA MAE GUYETTE-G.A.A. CHARLOTTE AUDREY HAIRELL-Tri-Y Club, Bethany, Dancing Club. ARLENE HALL-Treble Clef. MACK HALLIBURTON. JEAN AILEEN HAMBERG-President of Bethany Club, International Forum, Student Li- brarian. WILLIAM ROBERT HAMILTON-Social Chairman of International Forum, Athenian, Associator. SEVILLE HAMMOND-Spanish Club, International Forum, A Cappella Choir, G.A.A. ALTA RUTH HANSEN. ADA VIRGINIA HARRELL-Girls' Senior Glee, Treble Clef, Dancing Club. RUTH HARRAH-President and Secretary of G.A.A., Vice-President ot Girls' League, Treasurer and C-orporal of Rifle Club, President of Sopoho- more League, Girls' Council. RUTH H. HARRIS DONALD HART-Appara- tus Team, Athledelphian. ROBERT HART-President of Art Club, Almanac Art Staff. DIXIE LEE HARTLEY-Hook and Curve. FLORENCE MARIAN HASLER- Girls' Rifle Club, G.A.A., Latin Club, Attendance Office. JIMMY HEWITT -Athledelphian, Class Room Treasurer, C and D Basketball, Art Club, Usher. THOMAS LEONARD HIGGINS-Spanish Club, Fil Football, Class Treasurer, Glee Club, Art Club. PATRICK J. HlLLINGS-Co-Edltor-ln-Chief of Franklin Press, Ephebian, Student Body Vice-President, Chief Justice of Student Court, Commence- ment Speaker. ROMAYNE ESTHER HITCH-Almanac Staff, Historian of Sr. Glee, Dramatics, Sr. B Treasurer, Hall Guard Supervisor. OAKLEY A. HONEY, JR.-Associator, Athledelphian, Junto Club, Ushers, Senior A So- cial Chairman. JOE ALLANDER HUTCHISON. TOM T. IKEDA-President and Vice-President of Student Body, Ephebian, Active Associator, Hi-Y, B Football and Track. EDNA INGRAM-Hook C1 Curve Club, Master Chess Club, G.A.A. DORIS IRENE JOHNSON-Member of Treble Clef, Librarian of Girls' Sr. Glee, Bethany Hostess, Bethany Pianist. ETHEL JONES-Secretary of Press Club, G.A.A. Letterman, C.S.F. Life Member, Associate Almanac Editor, Assistant Associate Press Editor. LAUREL JONES-Editor-in-Chief of Almanac, Assistant Editor of Press, Active Girls' Council, Good Forrn, Press Club Social Chairman. LAWRENCE JONES-A Cappella Choir, Boys' Senior Glee, Gym Club. MILDRED BRUN- TON JONES-President of Photo Club, Seni-or Orchestra, Chess Club, Sec- retary of French Club. JESSE ORLANDO JOYCE-Lieutenant R.O.T.C., ln- ternational Forum, NELLIE SUE KAUFMAN-Secretary of Girls' League, Etiquette Club, Rifle Club, G.A.A., C.S.F, Life Member. CHARLES G. KELLY-C Track. ELEA- NOR LOUISE KELLOGG-Latin Club, Usherettes, Athenian, Music Club, Student Director of Senior Orchestra. RUTH ANN KELSO. JOHN BOYD KEYS--Associator, A Football. GERALDINE KING-Secretary of Girls' Council, Ellen H. Richards, Senior B Social Chairman, G.A.A. RICHARD F. KIRK. MARGARET JOSEPHINE KOHL-GAA. Letterman, Hall Guard, Classroom Treasurer, Vice-President of Needlework Guild, Dancing Club. EDWARD PETER KONJOYAN. CHESTER FRANCIS KOSS-Varsity Track. DELORES RUTH KOTLOW-Bethany, Good Form. HERBERT ARNOLD KRAFT-Captain B Basketball, President of Ushers, Athledelphians, C and B Track, Athenian. FERN LORRAINE KRAWITZ-Girls' Council President, Vice-President of Student Body, Secretary and Historian Good Form Club, Athenian, Ephe- bian. JOSEPH KREUTER JR.-President of Hi-Y, President of Hi-Hatters, Active Associator, Vice-President Senior B Class, Justice of Student Court. BETTY MILDRED KROESE-President of Girls' Senior Glee Club, Second Vice-President of Girls' Council, Good Form, A Cappella Choir. BETTY JANE KRUEGER-Double M, First Aid Office. BETTY RUTH KRUEGER-Active Girls' Council, Ellen H. Richards, President of Good Form. KENNETH WALTER KUEHL. DORIS LEA-President of Ellen H. Richards Club, Etiquette Club. MARIE A. LEFTWICK-Dancing Club, Girls' Sr. Glee, Bethany, Hook and Curve. MARJORIE E. LEWIS-Tri-Y, Dancing Club. RUTH LEWIS-Hall Guard Supervisor. FLORENCE LILLARD-Hook and Curve. ELIZABETH FRANCES LINDHOLM-Double M, Hook and Curve, Bethany, Secretary to Mrs. Wyckoff. JIM LONG-Hi-l-latter, Hi-Y, Athledelphians, B. Football, B Track. LARRY CECIL LONG-Boys' Glee Club, Basketball, Track. WANDA LEANNA LONGWORTH-Hook and Curve, Usherettes, Bethany, Counselor's Office, Main Office. MILTON H. LUKOFF-Student Store Stock Manager. ANNE LOUISE MADISON-Treasurer of Treble Clef, Usherettes, G.A.A., Hook and Curve. MICHAEL A. MARGUCCI-Hi-Hatters, Hi-Y, Athledel- phian, Gym Club, B, C Track. WELDON MARLEY-A Football, B Softball. MARY ELIZABETH MARTIN-Ellen H. Richards Club, Usherettes, Bethany, Main Office. GRACE FELICIA MARTINEZ-Treasurer of Etiquette Club, Ellen H. Rich- ards Club, French Club, CLEO SHIRLEY MASON-French Club, Etiquette, Ice Skating Club, Class Room Treasurer. STELLA CECILIA MAURICE- Office Secretary. MARIAN MCBRIDE-Latin Club, Etiquette Club, lnter- national Forum. WALTER PIERCE McCLELLAN-Stage Crew Electrician, Radio Club. BILL McCORMICK-R.O.T.C,, Spanish Club.: MARGARET ELLEN McCOY- Spanish Club Secretary, Secretary of International Forum. GLORIA RUTH McDOWELL-Office Secretary, Gyrr' Office. LOU MacDONALD. ALBERT H. McEUEN, JR.-Historian, Treasurer and President of Spanish Club, Treasurer and Social Chairman ot International Forum, C.S.F. Lite, Library Assistant, Projection Crew. JEAN McHUGH. CHARLES JOHN McKEE. RAY MCKINNEY, JR.-Librarian, DELORIS ELLEAN MCLEAN-Double M Club, Latin Club, Hock and Curve. JACK MCLEAN, JR. TERRELL LEE McVEY. LEON VINCENT MELIE-Varsity Football, Varsity Track. HELEN CATHE- RINE MELNYK-Bethany Hostess, Girls' Senior Glee, A Cappella Choir, PEGGY LEE MELOY-President and Treasurer Double M Club, Social Chair- man Hook and Curve, Secretary to Mrs. Wyckoff and Mrs. Bartlett. VEDA LORRAINE MENTER-Treasurer of Dancing Club. AUDREY MEROLA-Spanish Club, A Cappella Choir, Hostess, Chess. CLARA EMILIE METZGER-Spanish Club, LEO HARRY MIELKE-President of Radio Club, Financial Manager of Student Body, Assistant Manager of Sound Crew. GLENDA DORA MIKESELL-Tri-Y, Bethany, Dancing Club, Attendance Office. JOYCE CAROLYN MILLER-G.A.A., Treble Clef, Art 'Staff of Almanac. MARCELLA MILLER. STEVE MILLER. SONIA HARRIET MINTZ. RONALD B. MITCHELL-A Cappella Choir. BILL MOCSNY-Apparatus, R.O.T.C., Photo Club, Chess Club. RICHARD STEPHEN MOLNER. LATICIA LUCILLE MOROSCO-Hook and Curve, Hostess, Treble Clef, Needlework Guild, BETTY JEAN MUELLER-Latin Club, International Forum, Bethany Club. BRENT JEROME MORRISON-S.P.Q.R., .lunto Club, R.O.T.C. KATHRYN FRANCES MUHLIG--International Forum, Spanish Club. LOUISE MUN- SELL-Vice-President of A Cappella Choir. BETTE NIENCAMP. ROBERT NEWSOM-Ushers, Varsity Track, B Track. MUERLINE ANNA NORDSTROM. ROBERT NORD-Latin Club, Photo Club, International Forum. PEGGIE O'NEAL. HAROLD DOUGLAS ODNEY-Hi-Y, Hi-Hatters, Varsity Tennis, B Football, Press Staff. JAMES JEFFERSON OFFICER--Hi-Hatter, Vice-President of Hi-Y, Hospitality Chairman of Boys' League, A Football, B Track. HAROLD ROSS OLNEY. ROBERT ARTHUR PADRICK-Varsity Manager of Tennis, Science Club, Motion Picture Projection Crew. BETTY LA RUE PARSON. OLGA PASINI. SYLVIA PATTERSON-Ellen H, Richards Club. JEANNE PAUL-G.A.A., Hook and Curve, Hall Guard. LONNIE PAWLEY- B Football, Associator. EVELYN MAY PAYNE-Treble Clef, A Cappella Choir. LOUIS ANTHONY PEDROTTI-Latin Club, R.O.T.C. if 6 1' . GIL PELLERIN-Hi-Y, Athledelphian, B Football, B Track. EVELYN FRANCES PETERSON-Bethany, Hostess. GUY WILLIAM PETERSON. DOROTHY FRANCES PHILLABAUM-Secretary of Bethany, International Forum, G.A.A., President of Hostesses. SAM PIROLO-Stage Crew. JEAN ELIZABETH PISTONETTI-Active Girls' Council, Vice-President of Senior A Class, Classroom Treasurer, Vice-Presi- dent of Double M, Vice-President Hostesses. WALTER FRANCIS PLUMB -A Cappella Chair, Boys' Glee Club, Stage Crew. CATHERINE STELLA PONTRELLI. BETTY JEAN PRESCOTT-Hostesses. DONALD PRETZINGER-Head Yell Leader, Active Associator, Varsity Track and B Football, Secretary of Hi-Y, Hi-Hatter. KENNETH WALTER PURE-Art Club. KATHLEEN EVELYN QUINNAN. BONNIE JEAN RANDALL-Rifle Club, G.A.A., Vice-President of Usher- ettes, Treasurer of French Club, International Forum. LOIS JUNE RAN- DOLPH-Good Form, Ellen H. Richards Club, Senior B Yell Leader. FRIEDA RAPOPORT-President and Vice-President of International Forum, Presi- dent of Junto Club, School Forensic Manager, Junior Yell Leader, Rifle- Club. BARBARA JOYE REED-Treasurer of A Cappella Choir, Vice- Presl- dent of A Cappella, Classroom Treasurer, Social Chairman Double M, Senior B Representative. WANDA REID-Vice-President of Latin Club, International Forum. WIL- LIAM H. REINKE, JR.-Softball, Athledelphian, Hi-Y, Manager of Stage Crew. ROBERT LLOYD RINKLE. JOAN REYNOLDS. JOSEPHINE JULIET RIELA-Tri-Y, Girls' Senior Glee Club, Hall Guard, Counsel-ors Office. WAYNE ARTHUR ROBERTS-Ephebian, Secretary of Boys' League, Associator, Vice-President and Social Chairman of Interna- tional Forum, Vice-President of Science Club. MARGIE ROTH. MARION ELSIE RUNYAN-Press News Editor, Municipal Editor, Press Club President, International Forum. ROBERT RUSH. AMELIA RUSSELL-G.A.A. EDITH RUSSELL-Social Chair- man, Vice-President, President of Etiquette Club, Ellen H. Richards, Class- room Treasurer. WARREN H. RUSSELLE-Varsity Football Letterman. FRANK GERALD SANDER-Hi-Y Secretary, B, C Basketball, A Tennis, Usher, Boys' League. ROSE SANTOIANNI-Bethany. DOROTHY MARIE SAVAGE-Usherettes, Hook and Curve, Athenian Society. PEGGY JANE SCHOLL-Tri-Y, International Forum, Dramatics, Interpretive Dancing, Hall Guard. RALPH EVERETT SCOTT-Active Associator, Financial Manager of Student Body, Two-Year Letterman, Treasurer, Vice-President S.P.Q.R., Junto Club. VIRGINIA FRANCES SCOTTY-President of Needlework Guild, President of the Dancing Club, Secretary of Tri-Y, Rifle Club, G.A.A. Letterman., OLIVIA ELIZABETH SCOVILLE--Girls' Senior Glee. HELEN SEAY-Good Form, Ellen H. Richards, Couriselor's Office. FRED SHEFFLETTE-Cadet lst Sgt. of R.O.T,C. ANITA NELL SHIELDS- Secretary of Student Body, Treasurer of Girls' League, Active Girls' Council, Etiquette Club, Secretary-Treasurer Senior B Class. EVELYN DOROTHY SHOGREN-Social Chairman of Senior A Class, Girls' Council, Rifle Club, Usherette, Bethany Club, EVANGELINE SILVA-Spanish Club, Hook and Curve. GENE DELANO SILVEY. SYLVIA JEAN SINCLAIR-Girls' League Yell Leader, Rifle Club, Class Room President, Assistant in Business Office, G.A.A. RICHARD GEORGE SLEIGHT-Hi-Hatters, Vice-President and Sec- retary of Hi-Y, Boys' Senior Glee, A Cappella Choir, A Tennis. ROBERT SMITH. cscn. SMITH-Dramatics. VALORA SMITH-Attendance Office. ROY SNYDER. JEAN SPANGLER-Senior B Representative, Senior Class Day Cast, Ice Skating Club. ARDITH MILDRED STANGER-Girls' League Yell Leader, Senior A Class Yell Leader, Rifle Club, Ellen H. Richards, G.A.A. MARIAN JUNE STEIN- Treasurer of Ellen H. Richards, Secretary of Girls' Senior Glee, Art Club, First Aid Office. LOTTIE MAE ST. JOHN-Latin Club, International Forum. KAREN ELIZABETH STRICKLER-Feature Editor of Press, Literary Editor of Almanac, Press Club, International Forum, Athenian. JOHN HENRY STRINGER-Ephebian, Hi-Hatter, President of Art Club, Student Council, Publicity Manager of Student Body. LOUISE ANN STONE -Active Girls' Council, Treasurer Girls' Etiquette, Vice-President French Club. DOROTHY SUNDGREN-Historian of Ellen H. Richards, Dancing Club, Councelor's Office, G.A.A. ROSE SUNDGREN-Bethany Club, Ice Skating Club. BILL STUTER. MARY E. TAYLOR-Girls' Rifle Club, Athenian, Almanac Staff, President of G.A.A. LORENE TE WALT-President of Girls' Sr. Glee, Ellen H. Richards, Jurito Club, Art Club. HARVEY THACKER-R.O.T.C., Radio Club, Science Club. MELVINE VIOLA THOMAS-Secretary of Junto Club, Treasurer of Bethany Club, Hook and Curve. KATHRYN HOPE THOMSON-Active Girls' Coun- cil, Good Form Club, D.A.R. Delegate, Assistant Editor of Press, President of Latin Club. WALTER E. THOMPSON-Boys' Senior Glee Club, Athle- delphians, Orpheus Club, B Track, Stamp Club. WILLIAM THORPE. GINO TRAPLETTI-B Track, A. B Football. JIM TRAUGHBER-President of Boys' League, President of Associators, Hi-Hatters, A, B Track, Ephe- bian. LEWIS GENE TREMAINE-R.O.T.C. Staff. CHARLOTTE LOURAINA TRUITT-Etiquette Club, Girls' Senior Glee. LA VERNE TURNER-Hostesses, Ice Skating Club. VIRGINIA TWEETEN- G.A.A. JEAN UPDEGRAFF-Hook and Curve, Attendance Office. HAR- RIET VALERIE-Good Form, Almanac Staff. KATHRYN VAUGHN-Ellen H. Richards Club, Dancing Club, Business Office. DON VENTRELLA-Athletic Manager, President of Hi-Y and Athledelphian, Football, Active Associator, Hi-Hatters. GEORGE VERCELLI -Varsity Baseball, B Football, C Basketball, Vice-President of Boys' League. JAMES VERNON-B Football, Hi-Hatters, Student Council, Hi-Y, President and Vice-President of Associators, RALPH VILLA. JIM VOORS. RICHARD VORIS-Manager of Sound Crew, President of Radio Club, Spanish Club, Projection Crew, R.O.T.C. JEANNIE BELLE WADDELL-Treble Clef, Head of Hall Guards, Athenian, Tri-Y, Dancing Club. VIRGINIA HAWLEY WADSWORTH-Co-Editor-ln-Chief of Press, Asso- ciate Editor of Press, Assistant Editor of Almanac, Student Council, Girls' Council. ROBERT DOWNS WAKEMAN-B Track, French Club, Orchestra. GORDON HERMAN WALLACE-International Forum, Softball. HAROLD H. WALSH-President of the Ushers Club, Social Chairman of the Junto Club, Co-Sports Editor of the Press, A, B Track. TRESA JANE WAMMACK-Ellen H. Richards Club, Press Club, Bethany Club, Press Exchange Editor, Little Theater Group. HARRY JOSEPH WEBBER. GLEN WHITE. DOROTHY MARGUERITE WILKINS-C.S.F. Life, President of Rifle Club, Associate Girls' Council, Secretary and Yell Leader of G.A.A., Secretary of Girs' League. EUGENE WILKINSON--Cadet Officer of R.O.T.C. DICK WILKINSON Apparatus Captain, B Football, Hi-Y, Athledelphian. DON WILLIAMSON Radio Club, Hall Guard, C Track. BERT WILLMORE-President of Sr Orchestra, A Track, A Basketball, Athledelphian, R.O.T.C. Band. JACK A. WILLS. LLOYD D. WILSON-Radio Club, Asst. Manager Sound Crew, RANDOLPH FRANKLIN WINTERS-B, C Basketball, Orpheus Club OTTO ALBERT WIRZ-Varsity Basketball, Athledelphian. ROBERT WISHART-Band. LILLIAN WITT. ROBERT WOOD. MARYAN FRANCES WOOSTER-Athenian, Secretary of French Club, International Forum, Usherettes. MARIE GRACE WYGAL-Double M, Hook and Curve, Usherettes, Social Chairman of Rifle Club, G.A.A. NELLIE WYSCAVER-Secretary to Mrs LaPierre. AKIKO YASUDA-Treble Clef. EDNA FRANCES BREEDON Bethany Club, Music. CAMERA SHY SALVATORE BADALAMENTI FRANKLIN COBERLY JR. MICHAEL DEVANY HARLAND FOSSE LEO GELGUD HOWARD GRAHAM DOROTHY MOE ROSE NARDILILLO JOE O'BRIEN HELEN PEROVICH VIRGINIA PURYEAR RUTH SLACK RICHARD WEBER FRANCIS YAPELLI MR. TEALL MRS. TRIEB DR. AXE MISS BRAINARD MISS MCMURRY MR. ATKINSON MR. DUKE MISS LISHERNESS MRS. WYCKOFF MR. HENTSCHKE Uddd QC? Well, fair ones, it is the year of l96l, and as we gaze back to the summer of l94l we can see graduating from Benjamin Franklin high school many of those people who have made their mark in the world of today. For instance, that financial tycoon, Dick Douse, has organ- ized a parachute-manufacturing business which has as its motto, "lf it don't work, bring it back." Dick reports he's never made a refund yet. That pretty model, Maxine Churc- hill, is still modeling bathing suits for the O'Cee Strapless Bathing Suit Company. She was recently selected the most photogenic creature without straps! And can you imagine that after those long years of faithful and brilliant service, Manuel Cruz has finally been made sports editor of the Down- town Shopping News? Don Ventrella is packing them in, in a Pismo Beach side- show, where he is known as Banana-Beak Ventrella, alias Slippery Snout, the only man who can smoke a cigar in the rain, and the most beloved guy on the pike. That brilliant l?l politician, Patrick jerome Hillings, is running on the Egotist Party Ticket for the all-important position of Commissioner of the City Dump. He recently made U.S.C., the school which gave him a scholarship in journalism, very proud of their for- mer protege, for he deserted the Fourth Estate for politics, thus relieving them of the embarrassment of admitting that he wasn't a second Van Passenl Those Wodehouse addicts, Ethel jones, Virginia Wadsworth, and Hope Thomson, have gone into editorial partnership, recently finishing their latest masterpiece, "How to Win Men and Influence Husbands," and, believe me, are those three authorities! Laurel jones, to put it candidly, the woman who always wanted a man with high ideals and dark curly hair, but most of all a MAN, is -well, she finally found him! Our erstwhile Senior A prexy, Don Pretzinger, studied dili- gently at the University of Oregon, receiving his reward when he was appointed head Forest Ranger in Victory Park No. Zl Dick "Hotentot" Sleight is beating the drums for the Salva- tion Army and is featured nightly at the corner of Avenue 58 and Figueroa. Clorinda DiCecco, alias Madame LaZonga, has started a hep-hep joint on Main Street where she teaches the famous rhumba jump. john Foley, Leon Melie, joe O'Brien, Melvin Oelrich, Gil Pelerin, jim Officer, Bill Reinke, and War- ren Russelle, all former Ben Athletes are now starred in the latest production of the American Ballet Company, entitled 33 Qt A lfljjgI'atchkMe, l'm a Butterfly," directed by charming Karen T. of g F if if ,fi jean "Any port in a storm" Pistonetti and Alice "C-ive me a sailor" Arena are now working as barkers in the penny arcade at ismo Beach, where they continue to attract the crowds. Af r long years of patronage, joe "Gentleman" Krueter, is at last ead usher at the Dirty Dime, recently elevated to the Filthy Fifteen since loe's term in office. Oakley "Dimples" Honey has finally realized his greatest ambition, becoming Scout Master of the famous Skunk Patrol. At latest reports, Herbie Kraft, the senator from the Ozarks, has the upper chamber of the legislative bodies in an uproar, and has aroused national interest in his record-breaking fillibuster of llO hours-still making a plea for the abolishment of women drivers. Putting his experience to great use, Ervin Dean, that yell leader extraordinary, has accepted the position of chief pro- fessor of the art of yell leading at Sub Normal University. jim "Has you seen the light?" Vernon, has started his own revival meeting in Pershing Square. He is preaching against the evils of women and acclaiming the advantages of being a hermit. luanita "Cuddles" Gamet has established herself and is doing nicely with her new drive-in stand situated in the heart of her old stomping ground, Santa Fe Hill. Latest reports on the newspaper sports pages claim Bruce Bogue is booting home winners right and left as the leading jockey of the Santa Anita season. Patrick Billinghurst-that dignified gentleman of the army-was recently court-martialed for appearing at a full dress parade in his B.V.D.'s, following a private strip poker game. jim Traughber, he of the "love 'em and leave 'em" fame, is now owner of the Knit One, Purl Two Knitting Shoppe on Monte Vista, while that erstwhile student body secretary, Anita Shields, has organized a Protective Secretarial League to shield the working girl against designing bosses. That little ray of sunshine, Doug Odney, is at present on the radio as an announcer for the Smilin' lrishman's program. People now have the satisfaction of being able to turn Mr. Odney off! Tom Ikeda, student body president in l94l, may be seen throughout the baseball season at Wrigley Field, where he sells peanuts and popcorn, and it is really true that Peggy Scholl, that red-headed ball of fire, has at last achieved suc- cess in the theater, she is now featured as the Queen of the Runway at the local Burlesque!! Fantastic as these truths may seem, they were predicted on class day for the Westerners in l94l l 34 2 xi 1' .' u----....... I 4 --.-.f , i , 5 --J -J 1 FU' fl! ' 2 Q: f 'iv if A A-iii! "'?'-eg' .4 -.ev was 1314 2.x , 4 Ms 1 1-ll ffrwbngd First Prize l7oem The summer has died on the mountains, The warmth has fled from the hill, The pine alone, of the forest, Lifts branches of evergreen, still. The robins' voices are silent, The swallows have winged far away, And all that was green and golden, ls mother of pearl today. The snow is fair on the mountains, The peaks are splendid in white, The hills have forgotten their old loves, Their hearts to the new, beat light. The summer has died on the mountains, And the mountains can somehow forget, But the warmth in my heart that perished ls memory's bittersweet yet. Oh, why should the forest whose magic, Gives everywhere honest exchange, Notaoffer me, likewise, my surcease, As I wander, so sadly, the range? -EVAN EL CLARK. 40 .indent g0Uel'I'll'l'leIlt Lgzwlenf gounci The Student Council, governing body of the Student Body, is made up of twelve mem- bers. The president, two vice-presidents, and secretary of the Student Body are elected by the students. The presidents of the Boys' League, Girls' League, Associators, C-irls' Coun- cil, the editor of the Press, and the athletic manager are ex-officio members. The financial and publicity managers are elected by the Council. The duties ot the Council are to pass on student appropriations and to manage and super- vise all Student Body activities. Mr. Robert I. Teall is the sponsor and Mr. Herbert Phoenix is the business advisor. First Semester RICHARD RICHTER FERN KRAWITZ - TOM IKEDA - - HOPE THOMSON - KENNETH CURRY - - BARBARA LIGHTFOOT - JIM TRAUGHBER - - HELEN JEAN JOHNSTON IRIS HILL ----- DON VENTRELLA A - LEO MIELKE - - JACK STRINGER - Officers President of the Student Body A First Vice-President - - Second Vice-President - - - - Secretary - - - President of Boys' League President of Girls' League - President of Associators - President of Girls' Council - Editor of the Press - - Athletic Manager - - Financial Manager - - Publicity Manager - 41 Second Semester - - TOM IKEDA - HOPE THOMSON - PAT HILLINGS - ANITA SHIELDS - JIM TRAUGHBER - JUANITA GAMET - - - -JIM VERNON - - - FERN KRAWITZ VIRGINIA WADSWORTH - - - LOUIS BISETTI - - - EVERETT SCOTT - - - JACK STRINGER Ogrf , eaglle Dedicated to the task of fostering and maintaining a spirit of friendliness and cooperation among the boys of Franklin's student body is a group of student leaders known as the Boys' League Cabinet. This organization has utilized many worthwhile and effective means of attaining its goal. These embody such important activities as aid to students deficient in scholarship or citizen- ship, student welfare work, rainy day aud calls, regular Boys' League programs, and athletic rallies. First Semester KENNETH CURRY ERVIN DEAN Cr GEORGE VERCELLI - PAT HILLINGS ------- - DON VENTRELLA MANUEL CRUZ - - - JACK KRUCKEBERG - JIM BAIN - - - RICHARD DOUSE RENE DE SAIX - NONE - - - NONE - - - NONE - Officers - - President - - - Vice-President - - - Secretary - - Athletic Commissioner COMMITTEEMEN - Scholarship - Citizenship - Hospitality - - Safety - - Publicity - - - Welfare - - - Entertainment - - Boys' Week - 42 Second Semester JIM TRAUGH BER - - MANUEL CRUZ WAYNE ROBERTS - LOUIS BISETTI CHARLES LESTER - - NELS BEALS - - JAMES OFFICER RAYMON D S HAW - - - CHARLES BARR - - - - RICHARD SODERBERG - - - - - - - - LEO BEACH - - - - - - - ERVIN DEAN W. AXE ---- Sponsor QA , olzdglle Having as its aim a spirit of unity among the girls of Franklin, the C-irls' League is an or- ganization stressing good fellowship. Both senior presidents presented worthwhile programs at the meetings during the past year and encouraged the good spiritwhich pervaded the cam- pus on the semi-annual Luggage Days. The Girls' League has two junior divisions, the BlO and AlO. These girls elect their own officers and arrange their own meetings, and in this way get training in leadership. First Semester Officers BARBARA LIGHTFOOT - - - President - RUTH HARRAH - - - - Vice-President DOROTHY WILKINS - - - Secretary - ANITA SHIELDS - - - - - Treasurer - VIRGINIA BALLISTER - - Social Chairman THELMA MEYERS - - - - - Head Yell Leader MARIE WYGAL - - ----- Yell Leader ARDITH STANGER - ------ Yell Leader Miss EDITH M, HODGKINS 43 Sponsor Second Semester JUANITA GAMET BARBARA DAVIS NELLIE KAUFMAN - JEAN FLOREY - - - - NONE ARDITH STANGER PHYLLIS SEELEY SYLVIA SINCLAIR O 9 l LPA 0lfU'lCL Counseling girls who need guidance in citizenship, and maintaining order in the halls dur- ing the noon and C periods, are the chief objectives of the Girls' Council. They work with the Ushers Clubs and the Associators in supervising conduct in the assemblies. The Girls' League Officers and Council Officers have headquarters in 207. The Girls' Council and Associators jointly sponsor the annual spring student body dance. Two dances, one with the Associators during the winter semester, and the other with the Hi-Hatters during the summer semester, were high-lights of the Council's social events. A tea and a breakfast given by the Council girls serve to install the newly elected members into the organization. A special tea for mothers of members is also held. Climaxing the year's work is a banquet held by the present members for the alumnae of the Council. First Semester Officers Second Semester HELEN JEAN JOHNSTON - - - - President - - - - - FERN KRAWITZ JANET RANKIN ---- A First Vice-President - - ELEANOR ANDERSON BETTY KROESE ---- - Second Vice-President - - - - BETTY KROESE JO ANNE PARRY - - - - - Secretary - - - A - GERALDINE KING PATTY HQHNSBEEN - ----- Treasurer ----- - - ANNALEE ELMORE ELEANOR ANDERSON - ------ Historian ------ - ARVILLA CHAPMAN MISS EDITH HODGKINS - Sponsor 44 Jdociaforfi ln upholding their school's name, furthering school spirit, assisting Franklin students in developing the dependability and resourcefulness necessary in solving their own problems and governing themselves, the Associators are recognized as Franklin's outstanding boys' service organization. Forty boys, selected on the basis of citizenship, scholarship and leadership, comprise the group. They are pledged to supervise campus conduct, keep order at assemblies, usher at athletic events, and perform similar services when needed. Elected active members govern the club. They meet in secret to select new associate and active members, elect officers, and establish club rules. This past year, the Associators, besides performing regular duties, brought cheer to the less fortunate at Christmas time, contributed toward Boys' Week, and jointly sponsored the Spring Student Body Dance. First Semester Officers Second Semester JIM TRAUGHBER - - - President - W - - JIM VERNON JIM VERNON - - Vice-President A - - JACK KRUCKEBERG CHARLES LESTER - ff--- Secretary ---- - - f DICK DOUSE BOB BLAKE A - --A--- Treasurer - - - - RALPH PICKORDS DR. FRED W. AXE - - - Sponsor 45 .S?ll,6!eI'lf Courf Franklin has its own judicial court for the trial and judgment of student cases arising out of infractions of school rules. lt is composed of tour justices, two of whom are the popularly elected student body vice-presidents, and a representative each from the Girls' Council and Associators. The student members of the court de- cide the course of discipline to be followed by the defendants, trying only those of- fenders reported by Franklin's student service organizations, the Girls' Council and Associators, as well as those reported by any of the students. The objective of the court is not merely the conducting of trials for erring stu- dents, but to discover the underlying factors behind the infringements of Franklin's laws. First Semester Officers Second Semester TOM IKEDA - - - Chief Justice - - PAT HILLINGS FERN KRAWITZ - - - - Justice - - - ERVIN DEAN JOE KRUETER - - Justice - COLLEEN GUNN JANET RANKIN - - - Justice - HOPE THOMSON 46 13.1. 1,..1..- Ai Y-V Y, Ms em The Ushers serve Franklin by taking tickets at aud calls and athletic assemblies, by main- taining discipline during these aud calls, and by setting an example of courteous efficiency. Many evening affairs, such as graduation exercises, plays and concerts, find the ushers ready and willing to contribute to the direction of the program. The Ushers and Usherettes Clubs combine for social affairs during the school year. First Semester Officers Second Semester HERBIE KRAFT - - President - - --f- PAT WALSH NONE ---- ---- V ice-President - - - GORDON BATCHELOR ROSALIE ROE ------ Secretary ---- - ANGELO AVIGNONE MR. HENRY THOMPSON - - Sponsor Miter-effea Keeping order and ushering at all assemblies, taking tickets for pay shows, and ushering at such affairs as Baccalaureate Service and Commencement, are the duties of the usher- ettes' organization. Climaxing the activities of the Usherettes and Ushers Clubs in the winter semester was a dance in the cafeteria. First Semester Officers Second Semester cLoRiNDA Dl cizcco - - A President A A - LUCILLE POLAND LUCILLE POLAND - - -f-- vice-President - - - - BONNIE RANDALL BONNIE RANDALL - ---- seereurary-T'?aSU'e' ' ' ' - - IRENE WEINMANN WANETA SMART - - - f--- S0f'alCl'1aIfman ----- - JANE BEIDLEMAN MR. HENRY THOMPSON - Sponsor 47 gfiring lac em Retiring from active service at Franklin, although we hope not from active interest in us, are four people who have earned the affection of both students and alumni, because each one has done his job well, leaving in our minds lasting memories of their loyalty to Frank- lin. Miss Edith M. l'-lodgkins, girls' vice-principal, has endeared herself to the girls of Frank- lin ever since she accepted her position in September, l9l6. Indeed, her charm, efficiency, and graciousness in performing her duties will be missed by students and faculty alike. Miss Raean Baltzley first joined the personnel of Franklin in the capacity of secretary of the school, but since l92O has served as a commercial instructor. Her departure robs us of an industrious and courageous little person. One of the outstanding sculptors in the United States is modest Mr. Andrew Bjurman. An example of his work is the hand holding the torch of learning atop the Los Angeles Pub- lic Library. Upon his retirement, the inspiration which he imparts to his students will be sorely missed. Leaving in February, l94l, Miss E. Alberta Clark, English and Spanish teacher, com- pleted twenty-three years of faithful service to Franklin. Her enthusiasm for teaching was surpassed only by her determination for her students to learn. IQQZC Gag Q 1 , gf' W,-. x.4.+5 xQx'SU fclw fs QSM! Us mm icem The cadet officers are the key men of the unit. They are promoted from the ranks on the basis of merit. Each is responsible for the training, appearance, and morale of his unit. He must enforce the discipline which is necessary for the functioning of any organization. Our two regular army instructors, Lieut. C-etze and Sergtj Backell, determine policy, supervise training, and teach the more complex advanced work. MAJ. NORMAN GOECKEL LT. ROLAND GETZE SGT. WILLIAM BACKELL MAJ. PATRICK BILLINGHURST Commander W'4I Ass't PMS and T Sergeant-Instructor Commander S'4I CAPT. EUGENE BACKELL CAPT. LEWIS TREMAINE CAPT, DONALD MCCLUNG Commander Co. "B" W'4I Commander Co. "A" S'4I Adjutant MAJ. BRUCE BOGUE CAPT. GEORGE FOX Executive Officer S'4I Commander Co. "B" S'4I FIRST LT. HERBERT STEWART SECOND LT. HARVEY THACKER SECOND LT. RICHARD SHURTZ Intelligence Officer Commander Second Plat., Co. "B" Commander First Plat., Co. "A" FIRST LT. EUGENE WILKINSON SECOND LT. JESSE JOYCE Supply Officer Commander First Plat. "C0." 49 Siu!! The staff is comprised of the officers of the unit, the Sergeant Major, and the Staff Ser- geant. It has charge of all training, and is responsible for the performance of the battalion. The staff is commanded by the executive officer, the second in command of the unit. First Semester Officers Second Semester MAJ. NORMAN GOECKEL - - Commander - MAJ. PATRICK BILLINGHURST NONE ------- - Executive - ---- MAJ. BRUCE BOGUE LIEUT. GEORGE FOX - - - - Adjutant - - - LIEUT. DONALD McCLUNG STAFF SGT. JESSE JOYCE - - - - Bn. Sgt. Major - - - MAST. SGT. NELS BEALES SGT. FRED SHEFFLETTE - - - - r - - - Bn. Clerk - - ST. SGT. SIDNEY RUDIN I lt . 4 l GV' .J Qfl 1 w if 1 gan! I ' The purpose of the R.O.T.C. Band is to furnish music for the battalion's ceremonies. lt must be proficient in marching as well as playing. lts other activities include playing at football games and athletic rallies, and at such affairs as the Coliseum Football Carnival, the Christmas Parade, and Open House Night. It is under the able direction of Mr. George E. Wing. First Semester Officers Second Semester CORPORAL JACK HOWARD - - - - Drum Major - - - - FIRST SGT. JACK HOWARD CORPORAL JOHN MISTERLY - - - Second-in-Command - - - - SGT. JOHN MISTERLY CORPORAL JACK PALMER - - Second-in-Command - - - SGT. JACK PALMER eibrif jam The Drill Team is an organization of the men in the battalion who are most proficient in drill. lt drills two days a week, outside of regular school time. During the fall semester, when the drill team was commanded by Capt. Billinghurst, its routine consisted of British close order drill and manual of arms. The members put on a demonstration at Central junior High School for the American Legion on january I4, l94l. This semester, under the capa- ble leadership of Capt. McClung, the team has done old and new American manual of arms and close order drill, and British arms manual. lt demonstrated at the National Defense Ex- hibit at the Chamber of Commerce Building on March 26, l94l. 50 L ? 5 I ' 0I'l'll0Cl,l'lg Company "A" consists of the seasoned men, those having more than one semester's serv- ice. For the Annual Inspection this unit demonstrates both close and extended order drill, as well as First Aid, Combat Principles, and Scouting and Patrolling. Its more experienced members are relied upon to represent Franklin in drill competitions. The second platoon rep- resented us at the First Annual R.O.T.C. Competition in the Coliseum on April 4, l94l. ln the fall semester, this platoon won the contest for the crack close order drill platoon of the battalion, when it was commanded by Lieut. Herbert Stewart. During that semester "A" Company was commanded by Capt. Patrick Billinghurst, and this semester is commanded by Capt. Lewis Tremaine. First Semester Officers Second Semester CAPT. PATRICK BILLINGHURST - - - - Commander - - - - CAPT. LEWIS TREMAINE NONE --------- - - Second-in-Command - - LIEUT. EUGENE WILKINSON LIEUT. DONALD McCLUNG - - First Platoon Commander - - - LIEUT. RICHARD SHURTZ LIEUT. HERBERT STEWART - - Second Platoon Commander - - - LIEUT. DENIS MORRISON FIRST SGT. NELS BEALS - - - - C0mDa"IY First Sergeant - - ---- SGT. JACK GRUBB 0I'l'll96lI'lg Company "B" is always made up of the new men. lt is the responsibility of the com- mander to give' these men their basic military training. "B" Company has been fortunate in having two very able and efficient leaders during the past year. In the fall semester Capt. Eugene Backell commanded, and this semester Capt. George Fox has been in charge. Com- pany "B" demonstrates Physical Drill and Rifle Marksmanship at the Annual Inspection. Although Company usually is the better drilled unit, Company "B" is generally the better in appearance. Sgt. Arthur Fish of this company won the all-city non-commissioned officers' manual of arms contest at the Competition on April 4. First Semester Officers Second Semester CAPT. EUGENE BACKELL - - - Commander - - - - - CAPT. GEORGE FOX NONE -------- - - Second-in-Command - - LIEUT. HERBERT STEWART LIEUT. BRUCE BOGUE ---- - -First Platoon Commander- - - - - LIEUT. JESSE JOYCE LIEUT. LEWIS TREMAINE - - - - Second Platoon Commander - - - LIEUT. HARVEY THACKER FIRST SGT. EUGENE WILKINSON - - - Company First Sergeant - - - FIRST SGT. FRED SHEFFLETTE 52 .r .kZ,,k,,,5Q,N,.,,u E if 0I'l0l'6 61.116, .!4CLl'l0bULJgl'l'l2l'lt6 Bringing honors to themselves and their Alma Mater, four prominent seniors received scholarships from southland col- leges. The University of Southern California awarded to Iris Hill, W'4l, a journalism scholarship on the basis of her out- standing ability as editor-in-chief of the Franklin Press. Pat Hillings, Sf4l, co-editor of the Press, was the recipient of the four-year journalism scholarship awarded each year by U.S.C. to one boy in the entire nation. Hope Thomson, student body vice-president, and Virginia Wadsworth, co-editor of the Press, earned honor scholarships to Occidental by competitive examinations. At the State of California industrial Education Association Convention this spring, Steve Miller won first prize for furni- ture in the state-wide competition, as well as third place in the wood turning division, while Donald Walker received third prize for his entry in novelties. Randolph Winters and Bob McVey had blue ribbon awards for their excellent Engineering Drawing Project. ln the American Legion Poppy Day Poster Contest, High- land Park unit, Elmer Ashton, Lewis Keys and Lonnie Pawley won first, second, third. The posters of Ashton and Keys won first and second in the District competition, leaving that of Ashton to be sent into the state competition. The Latham Foundation for the Promotion of Humane Edu- cation this year awarded third place in the High School divi- sion to Lewis Keys. Honorable mention was made of the work of june Duffy, Ralph Sanderson, Lonnie Pawley, jack Stringer and William Perez. ln spite of the good intentions of the art and literary staffs, this edition of the Almanac could never have reached your hands without the aid of certain individuals. Representing the Carl A. Bundy Quill 6' Press, Mr. john Morley guided the editor in making the dummy and prepar- ing copy for the printer. Mr. Waldo Edmunds, head of the Annual department of the Mission Engraving Company, cooperated in keeping the engraving within the budget and providing the best of cuts as well. Mr. 1. Edmund Watson and his brother, jim, were strength itself when photographing individual seniors and activity groups for the book. Their willing cooperation made it a pleasure to have them as photographers again this year. The Automobile Club of Southern California graciously lent their half-tones picturing outdoor Western scenes. These are featured on the division pages, and lend a more profes- sional touch to the book. Last, but certainly one of the most important acknowledgments we wish to make, is our thanks to a Franklin student, for the editor is truly grateful to joe Krueter, S'4l, who kind- ly took the first string varsity picture when it was discovered that it hadn't been made. However, joe's contributions to the Almanac didn't cease there, for being winner of the annual snapshot contest, he submitted reams of pictures to be found on the Campus Snaps pages, helping to make this section one of the best in years. 54 MMM fglfiffw M55 Wm Vi 'Xxx ml Of l l"Cll'l'lCl,tlCff With the presentation of "Seven Kids and a Spy," a three-act mystery play written by Mr. Rex Miller, Franklin's new Little Theater was officially opened. Under the direction of Mrs, Kathryn Offill and Mr. Miller, the students of the advanced drama class redecorated the theater. Starring in the theater's first opus were Beverly Brown, Bob Borgman, Marilyn jones, Roy Gholson, Esther Hitch, jo Anne Parry, Phil jackson, Spencer Price, Helen jean johnston, Lloyd Hughes, Nellie Kaufman, Doug Odney, Blanche Hardy, Bob Goodrich, and Dana Skolfield. The world famous Charles Dickens' "Christmas Carol" was the Yuletide offering from the drama department to the Franklin student body. Dana Skolfield gave an excellent perform- ance as the inimitable Scrooge. Other members of the cast included Pat Hillings, Phil jack- son, joe Rotito, Elsie Mather, Gladys Topolski, Larry Foschee, George Haimsohn, Harold Ol- ney, Roy Gholson, Gloria Newquist, Peggy Scholl, Margaret Ostrander, Milton' Scott, Su- zanne Smith, jack Nixon, and Nancy Farley. The annual Faculty Frolic, always a gala affair, reached a new mark with the performance of two shows in one. The faculty women were responsible for "Glamour Girls, Incorporat- ed," written by Mrs. Virginia Church, and the faculty men presented an act of up-to-date grand opera, "I Smell Smoke." The costumes were marvels to behold, and we shall never forget those stellar performers, Miss Hodgkins, Miss Wolf, Mrs. Church, and Mr. Axe. Mr. George Wing entertained with a skit between acts. "Curse You, jack Dalton," a heart-rending melodrama, was the second show in the Little Theater, accompanied by an olio typical of the gas light era. "Curse You, jack Dalton" was noted for its sterling performers. Among them were Gloria Newquist, june Doran, Mar- garet Ostrander, Peggy Scholl, james Officer, Cecil Smith, jack Nixon, Nancy Farley, Bob Goodrich, Betty Cox, Dolly Simpkin, june Horton, Elaine Sundeen, Marie Wilkinson, Shirley McLaughlin, Tresa Wammack, Dana Skolfield, jack Wills, Esther Hitch, Claudine Clemens, Don Pretzinger, Barbara Davis, Richard Walters, and Elmer Nosler. "june Mad," the Senior Play, was the year's final dramatic triumph. Suzanne Smith played the starring role of Penny Wood. Other characters were Bob Goodrich, Don Pretzin- ger, Gloria Newquist, Pat Billinghurst, Doug Odney, Margaret Ostrander, Geraldine King, jack Howard, Cecil Smith, Esther Hitch, june Horton, Randolph Winters, Dolly Simpkin, we .X4 l'l'ldI'ldC Once again the enthusiasm of Benjamin Franklin students assured the publication of the Almanac, and once more the staff of the annual set to work to produce an accurate record of the l94O-l94l school year as well as to improve the publication. Changes inaugurated by the industrious students who are responsible for this issue of the Almanac include reor- ganization of the divisions, the addition of a new section, Student Government, and a hu- morously written account of the year's calendar, instead of the usual cartoon depicting the highlights of the spring and fall semesters. Editor-in-chief of this volume was Laurel jones, who spent hours of tireless effort direct- ing and working on the book. Laurel's enjoyment of the job lightened many of her darkest hours, when the deadlines were at hand, and the copy had not come in. lean Bruebach and Arvilla Chapman, co-art editors, were elected to their positions by the staff class consisting of Alan Dietz, Bob Hart, jim Hewitt, Esther Hitch, Nellie Kaufman, loyce' Miller, lack Stringer, Mary Taylor and Harriet Valerie. These people were invited to enroll in the staff class, because of their outstanding ability as artists. lt was througn their talent and perseverance that the art work was completed, and the many pictures were mounted for the engraver. Special mention should be given to Nellie Kaufman and lack Stringer who designed the lay-out of the book, lt was also lack's idea to use the Coronet Script as headlines. ln the literary department, Virginia Wadsworth, assistant editor, proved indispensable in gathering and classifying the seniors' activities as well as for contributing her inimitable style of writing, which is easily recognizable within these covers. The two associate editors, luanita C-amet and Ethel jones, were faithful to the last, never failing to come through with their assignments on time. Under the capable direction of Karen Strickler, the poetry contest progressed, for her pres- ence in the creative writing class was a constant reminder of this traditional competition. Hope Thomson, the dynamic little club editor, had the enormous task of compiling the club section copy with Karen's assistance, and the two girls completed a praiseworthy job. - Pat Billinghurst, R.O.T.C. editor, compiled the enormous quantity of material for his sec- tion, assisted by Bruce Bogue. Both boys were officers of the unit and were well acquainted with their subject matter. Hillings, the dynamic and inexorable, otherwise known as Pat j., editor of the Press's prize winning sports page during the fall semester, directed copy assignments for the sports sec- tion as sports editor. His contributions of copy were supplemented by those of his assis- tants, Manuel Cruz and Pat Walsh, also Press sports editors. Their experience on the Press kept them in close touch with the athletic events, enabling them to do an excellent job. This Art Staff class was an innovation in the organization of the Almanac project and was the brain-child of Mrs. Roberts. Thus, this year's book had the advantage of having the cream of the crop of Franklin's artists working on its pages all semester. With this large group of people to share the responsibilities of the art work, the book has received the bene- fits of their various abilities, and no one person 'got more than his share of grey hairs. A pillar of strength was Mrs. Alice La Pierre, literary sponsor, when the reams of copy be- gan rolling. Her advice and counseling were priceless to the editor and her staff. As usual, Mrs. lessie Roberts guided the group with her years of experience as an Almanac sponsor. We shudder to think of the fate of the Almanac if Mrs. Roberts ever deserts her post as an art advisor and guardian of the budget. . Only the most sincere and loving gratitude is appropriate to extend to Mrs. Virginia Church, advisor for the poetry contest and a noted Western writer herself. Her sweet en- couragement helped the poets and the staff to live through many most difficult hours, Mr. Herbert Phoenix handled finances for the Almanac and directed David Snegg and Howard Borschel in soliciting ads for the book. At last the final piece of Copy went to the printer and the last photograph to the engrav- er. The staff breathed more easily, but they all agreed that their only regret was that they couldn't do the job over again from the beginning. ' 56 4 57 .748 SIWMH lim FrankIin's weekly publication, the Franklin Press, completes its twenty-second year this semester, and continues to live up to its exacting motto "Nothing But the Best." The Press, a nationally recognized paper for several years, again won first place in the high school divi- sion of the contest conducted by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association of Columbia Uni- versity. The winter Press staff which edited the prize winning paper, entered an entire semester's work, which was judged on the basis of make-up, editorials, proof reading, headlines, con- struction, typography technique, content, news, sports, features, and advertising. Heading the staff responsible for the champion paper was Editor-in-chief Iris Hill. Her assistants were Laurel jones and Rene De Saix. Virginia Wadsworth, associate editor, edited the back page, which received high honors in the Columbia University contest. Assisting her was juanita C-amet. Sports editor Pat Hillings put out the page which experts at Columbia marked "excellent" Tom Ikeda was assistant sports editor. jo Anne Parry edited the feature page during the fall semester with the assistance of Karen Strickler. The remaining members of the staff were Hope Thomson, news editor, Clorinda Di Cec- co, club and girls' sports editor, and Ethel jones and Marion Runyan, municipal editors. Several fine columnists were featured in the winter semester of the Franklin Press. Laurel jones wrote a charming tidbit column called "As I See It Around the Campus," which ap- peared on the feature page. Also on page two was Karen Strickler's "Aside from Which With Emily Twitch." Iris Hill supplied the feature page with "Behind the Editor's Desk," in which she discussed school events in an editorial manner. Appearing on the front page was "What's in the News," by Manuel Cruz. This column informed the students of the news of the school in a light humorous style. The back page featured columns by Virginia Wadsworth and juanita Gamet. Virginia wrote "A Termite's Touch," in which she viewed the happenings of the school from the viewpoint of Egbert, the termite, her original creation. Especially popular with G.A.A. girls was juanita Gamet's column, "AthIeticaIly Speaking." On the sports page Pat Hillings wrote that excellent column "The Spectator" and Rene De Saix wrote "Casaba SIants." Pat Walsh was a sports writer. Virginia Wadsworth and Pat Hillings, co-editors-in-chief, headed the spring semester's Press staff. Working in collaboration, these editors put out a modern prize-winning paper. Hope Thomson assisted them. Gloria Newquist, front page columnist, wrote "Behind the Scenes." Editing a professional-looking back page was juanita Gamet, associate editor, with the able assistance of Ralph Rickords, Back page columnists were C-erry Bain and Ralph Rick- ords. The feature page was made up by Karen Strickler assisted by Suzanne Smith, who also supplied the page with a charming column, "Season's Scribblingsf' Co-sports editors, Manuel Cruz and Pat Walsh, succeeded in putting out a well-balanced sports page assisted by Tom Ikeda and sports writers Ralph Rickords, Charles Barr, Doug Odney, Tom Ikeda and Bob Crain. Editors completing the spring Press staff were Marion Runyan, news editor, Laurel jones, club editorg and Marion Runyan and Ethel jones, municipal editors. David Snegg was busi- ness manager. Staff cartoonists were Bill Perez and jim Hewitt. , Members of print shop staff, who make the publication of the Press possible, are Hosmer C-raham, linotype operator, Bob Naff and Bruce Brady, pressmeng Carlo Fea, LeRoy Roberts, Bob Wilcox, Paul Cornelius, and Fred Thiel, make-up men. Through the efforts of Mrs. Kate Cranon, journalism teacher, Mr. Rex Miller and his car- toonists, and Mr. Ewart johnston, printing instructor, the Franklin Press is able to maintain its prize-winning standard, "Nothing But the Best." 58 VOL L Fra Hi-f , Clubs i, lsi and" .lm ax L. will pwvui ing as the Hi--'x Ymhi thcix' Habit svsnvstcr, a "Many Inland' 'as rhv Minh rating Rmirlquvz and his or- pwvidee muais' fur Ihr In charge of tha 9 inf- duh qvmisicicnts, of mf kixiqumw U D-lam, Hi-Y mexy, Plhlhm-.Aw vwwrythlrmg bvzwh 1-uemxw. rxmxw mile? nxvxpwl by me Lmdfa' the viwfpwfscfwl UAYC E: W PML Mzmswzxwnik and ixxclv' Vfnmi, E.m'r5.' i'2i3g?fm:a IZLY wwf. time Hifi gg:-wp was . doxurxvmwz N lamp:-4-www A Meg Kata ,iz in ,fu-tsl M V. 'k'h4:wiw'u Ui' thi- Iliff. Arthur l Speaks tc Friendship "War, uw thing 53.-A w f - nw in-'mf nf 51-lux' VL, lk ,, 9-.-v , Nm kind, if ,.,. s, ww Q' in :mar Iwi-Lie. inf aa. ilu- 2.11 nwetxzag tw :mi Ewaxuu UA Zvvwg- sm, nw -N my re"i 4 V Pmvi, Iv WS!! my lmiuvwn , y 9 . Nw Ben mm .fz'-wwf sw ng fs, umm Dlmn M- vqrinz by ilulnmbip in one Virginia -setting, the office L1 is, Gaming Bgxeau ll is the diwemr iuction were dsl Etta Thiorpe an We Anderson Kiss Beth Mel 'ilzxrity 'xiii OUR GA! Cas! of wi in 2 xg: enny b!in " ww 2 cjullege" Yr, John R4 p mxtAP 2240, April Kwon. Mn Dx. Har of Re-ia? ty uf Z3 Ann ' :full years ku- disvussed. . . ..,, M-.. NJ A . l . .44 orenfi icd Long one of the school's leading activities, forensics at Franklin has seen a year marked by a full student speaking program. Under the able direction of Mr. Armin C. Hentschke, speech coach, the speech department has provided those interested in the art of self-expres- sion with an opportunity to exercise their talents in contests and assembly programs. Chief event of the fall semester was the Herald-Express extemporaneous oratorical con- test. A number of students participated in the school tryouts with the result that Pat Hill- ings was sent to represent Franklin in the semi-finals at Polytechnic High School. ln the W'4l commencement exercises, the two senior speakers were Barbara Brace and Norman Haller. Starting off a spring semester that was literally crowded with speaking events, Richard Soderberg and Pat Hillings spoke before the Eagle Rock Lions Club in the "Democracy in a Changing World" contest sponsored by that organization. Pat Hillings was awarded the Community Medal and the right to compete in the zone division. Franklin was host school for the World Friendship sixth district Pan-American Symposium, and student speakers from Roosevelt, Eagle Rock, Woodrow Wilson, Lincoln, and Franklin competed before a packed local assembly. Carl Harrington, the Ben representative in the contest, captured third place honors. Winner of the tryouts for the Banker's Contest was Frieda Rapaport, former junto Club president. Other forensic activities were the declamation contest and the Highland Park Realty Board sponsored discussion on community improvement. After extemporaneous tryouts be- fore a group of judges, Pat Hillings and Hope Thomson, both student body vice-presidents, were selected as S'4l essayists. Among those who took an active part in public speaking events for the year were: juan- ita Camet, Frieda Rapaport, Richard Soderberg, Carl Harrington, Helen lean lohnston, Mari- lyn jones, jim Vernon and Pat Hillings. 60 KQLHJGI' of ik? I" SEPTEMBER 9, 1940-School opens, and Franklin students return to school with memories of happy vacation days and the evidences of sunburn still on their beaming faces. OCTOBER 4-Franklinites trek to Occidental for the Eagle Rock football game, inaugurating the pigskin parade. OCTOBER 23-Students of foreign languages hold another rip-snorting Language Carnival. OCTOBER 24-The musical organizations wow the amazed students by presenting the Fall Music Festival with the fel- lows looking handsome and the girls glamorous in their beau- tiful formals. NOVEMBER 7-The class of W'4l struts its "stuff" before the student body in their beautiful Kelly-green sweaters. NOVEMBER 8-Kelly-green sweaters and all, seniors swing out at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, celebrating the great occasion. NOVEMBER 20-Franklin continues to come up in the world, when playing Lincoln, it joins the ranks of famous football teams to cavort in the Rose Bowl. NOVEMBER Zl-25-Hurrayl Thanksgiving holidays. NOVEMBER 29-Fran-klinites join the mobs at the Los An- geles Coliseum to witness the annual P.T.A. Football Carnival. DECEMBER 7-The great class of S'4l fetes the winter sen- iors at the annual Senior A-B prom. DECEMBER I7-Luggage Day finds the girls carrying the books, as the boys take advantage of the service. DECEMBER I8-Franklin's great thespians present the an- nual Christmas Aud call. For the first time in the school's history, the program is a play in three acts, Dickens' "Christ- mas Carolf, DECEMBER 20-Utah Street kiddies receive their annual Christmas thrill when numerous student organizations play Santa Claus to them. DECEMBER 21-31-Ah'm, Christmas comes but once a year, and so does Christmas vacation. DECEMBER 28-The local R.O.T.C. unit does itself proud, by giving the best military ball in the history of the school. IANUARY 23, 1941--Franklin honors her outstanding stu- dents in activities and athletics at the semi-annual Award Assembly. IANUARY 30-Seniors of W'4l are turned out into the cruel, hard world, after Commencement exercises held in the auditorium. MARCH 5-Again the girls are the laborers, as they carry the books for the boys in celebration of Luggage Day. MARCH 22-Westerners of S'4l treat community dancers at the Pasadena Civic to a glimpse of their gorgeous romance blue sweaters, as they celebrate their Sweater Dance. 6l MARCH 31-"Are o ositive, negative?" becomes the question of the ho e lBen tudents are martyrs to science, taking the tu e oQgGrki . APRIL 7-I3-Balboa, We c ter vacation looms upon the horizon. 5' APRIL I4-Miss r a ' ' nj most successful Pan-American Day, a gest re xgd ip to neighboring countries of this he isp re. APRIL zz-wo n fi m h f any rum rabies and entertain the de s h en the annual Faculty Frolic. The itfi n'e'?? am Girls, lnc.," was the wome'n's ering, while e 'hid e audience howl- ing with the' v - peretta, "4 mell Smoke." MAY IO- rning to influen south of the bor- der for an i ira V " vfmh 's, he ed by Charles Les- ter, gave th randes friggin B promfn record, with the theme "Cuba. ' M! MAY I6-A 'mthe facu prov clfelf talented, when Sing of America, vsh'iN-e bgwl n Wing and directed by Mr. George Wing, w ypresen . MAY 20--One of Frank'in's fi t speakers, tiny juanita Gamet, ing her audien ' to t r by her delivery of "The Unk Idler," victorio ly wi s the annual Declamation on st. A Y 27-Franklin girls grab- ekws Ives men and carry them off to the ' ls' gym for the ck rds dance on Sadie Haw- k' ' . 3 g i ls' Council a - Ass tors present a successful X stu ent body dance after eeks o lanning the affair. J fi KUSLOTUNE 'IO-Sorrowfully, rankia irls bid farewell to Miss "5 Edith M. Hodgkins, reti ing v' principal, at the reception given in her honor by th C-ir eague. ,IUNE 13-Trials and tri ula - of adolescence hold the cen- ter of the stage when S' l .L 1 s present their comedy pro- duction, "june Mad." ,IUNE I4--Again th I I proves its social awareness when it sponsors the 7 i ary ball. ,IUNE 19-Deservin -. ll . ceive recognition for their services at the spring A 'li 'X ' bly. 4 ,lUNE 26-Regretfully, the Westerners of '41 bid good-bye to the "Days of Thy Youth" as Commencement exercises take place in the beautiful setting of the Occidental College Greek Theater. IUNE 27-School closes, as some feel they might have done better, and others are sure the year, l94O-1941, was a com- plete success. 62 Cf 64 I Aff CM The Art Club, open to students having one or more semesters of art and a recommenda- tion from an art teacher, furthers art interest among members of the student body and makes contributions to the school in the form of paintings, books and equipment. The club makes favors, programs, and posters for other school organizations at a nominal cost. Social affairs include exhibitions of professional artists' work, outside speakers, and trips. First Semester Officers Second Semester BOB BOURGMAN ------------ Dresident ------ ------- B OB HART JIM CROFT - - - - Vice-President A - - DOLLY BAYNE DOLLY BAYNE - - - - - Secretary - - - - - JEAN BRUEBACK BETTY COX - - ---f---- Treasurer -f--- - EASTER ARZUMANIAN MRS, JESSIE ROBERTS - - - Sponsor t .xdfkenian .gociefg Scholarship achievement, contributions to the social, intellectual, and cultural life of the school are the purposes of the Athenian Society. Monthly meetings are held at which speak- ers are heard. The Athenian picnic, the Athenian dance, the CSF. life members' luncheon, and district and regional conventions high-light the club's activities, First Semester Officers Second Semester PATRICK BILLINGHURST ---------- President e------- - - BRUCE BOGUE DOROTHY WILKINS - - - Vice-President - - NELLIE KAUFMAN VIRGINIA BALLISTER - - - - Secretary ' - - ROSE MARIE CHENEY ETHEL JONES - - - ----- I Treasurer - - - - - RICHARD SODERBERG IRMA JEAN WILSON - - - A - Assistant Secretary ---- f--' - - NONE MISS IRMA FRASER ---- Sponsor 63 .f4fALo!e4aAianA Keeping up spirit among athletes, and creating appreciation of sports are the purposes of the Athledelphians, an organization for outstanding athletes. Social activities of this club include dances with various social clubs. The club also makes an attempt to -keep illegal sweaters out of circulation. First Semester Offigers EDDIE DEYARMAN - - - President - - LOUIS BISETTI - - Vice-President - FRANK PETTA - - - Secretary - - ALPHONSO PEREZ - ----- Treasurer - - - - BILL REINKE - - ----- Sergeant-at-Arms - - - - MR. Rex MILLER ---- sponsor Second Semester - DON VENTRELLA - - FRANK PETTA - HOWARD BORSHEL - - - BILL PEREZ - LOYAL TACY The purpose of the Bethany Club is to build character, and to help girls grow into ideal, well-balanced womanhood. This club is open to girls from tenth grade through twelfth, and may be joined by invitation or application. The officers are elected for the entire year. Activities include worthy charities, teas, dinners, banquets, initiations and installations. First Semester Officers JEAN HAMBERG - - - - - President - - GLENDA MIKESELL - - - - Vice-President - DOROTHY PHILLABAUM - - Secretary - - MELVINE THOMAS - - - - - Treasurer - DORIS BIECK ---- - - Pianist - - CHARLOTTE HAIRELL - - - - Song Leader - NORA NOBLE ---- ---- P oster Chairman - VIRGINIA WADSWORTH - . - - - Press Repfesenfaflve - ' - HOSTESSES Ethel Leftwick Norma Maxwell Shirley McLaughlin Evelyn Shogren Betty Jean Pendell Jane Burt Helen Melnyk Rosemary Wright Doris Johnson Jeanne Dofrington MISS GRACE L. WOLF - - - Sponsor arming Second Semester - - - JEAN HAMBERG - - GLENDA MIKESELL DOROTHY PHILLABAUM - - MELVINE THOMAS - - - DORIS BIECK - CHARLOTTE HAIRELL - - - NORA NOBLE VIRGINIA WADSWORTH The Dancing Club offers an opportunity for tenth grade and Bl l girls to learn the funda- mentals of the most graceful of arts-the dance. Instruction is given in ballroom, interpre- tive, modern, national, and character dancing. Although the club has no outstanding activi- ties, it meets every Wednesday morning during C period. First Semester Officers Second Semester BETTY DONNELL . - - President - - - RUTH MATHEWS BETTY KELSVEN - - Vice-President - ---- JEAN BALL GLORIA KEY - - - - - - Secretary - - - MARGIE DICKINSON GLORIA KEY - - ------ Treasurer ------ - - DONNA NEAL ETHEL KINKADE ------ Social Chairman ----- - - - JUDY BAI MRS. EMILY THAYE R--- Sponsor gfen mckarvlfi The Ellen H. Richards home economics service club serves Franklin, the home, and the community. The club dressed many dolls for Utah Street school at Christmas time. Activi- ties of the group include teas, socials, dances, and work for the American Red Cross, First Semester Officers Second Semester LUCY HARDY - - - - President - - - - DORIS LEA ELAINE HOOPER - - - - Vice-President - - DORIS COURTION DORIS LEA ---- - - Secretary - - - EDNA MAE CLARK MARGARET WILKINSON - ----- Treasurer - - - - - - - MARION STEIN EDNA MAE CLARK - - - ------ Historian - ---- - DOROTHY SUNDGREN Miss EDNA HANSEN - - - sponsor 64 C ears CM The objectives of the Chess club are to promote interest in the ancient game of Chess, to teach the game to beginners, to provide practice and enjoyment for experienced players, and to provide facilities for the learning and enjoyment of Chess. From time to time tourna- ments are held with other schools in the Northern league. First Semester Officers Second Semester CLARENCE DUNCAN - - President - - - BILL DUTHIE BILL DUTHIE - - - ---- Vice-President - - - - - - TOM KING HARVEY WARNKE - ------ Secretary - - - - - PAUL REYNOLDS JACK AHLIN - - ------ Treasurer ------ - HARVEY WARNKE LT. R. GETZE ---- - Sponsor g,i,4.,4 To further interest in athletics for Franklin high school girls, to promote good sportsman- ship, and to make new friends are the prime purposes of the C-irls' Athletic Association. lts members compete in city-wide contests at Playdays. The value of fair play is more important to them than is the winning of the games. Important social affairs of the year included playdays at Franklin, Fairfax, and Dorsey, also initiations of new members and installations of officers. First Semester Officers Second Semester MARY TAYLOR - - - President - - - RUTH HARRAH NELLIE KAUFMANN - - - - Vice-President - - - - - - - - NONE RUTH HARRAH - - - ----- Secretary - - - - GLORIA BRIDGHAM JUANITA GAMET - ------ Treasurer ------ - - - SUE GREEF MRS. MARGARET KING - - Sponsor gfiqueffe To acquaint girls and seal friendships, to learn the rules of social etiquette and how to use them, is the purpose of the Etiquette Club. Events of the year included dances, teas, potlucks, banquets, speakers, fashion demonstrations, and Mothers' teas. First Semester Officers Second Semester ETHEL COLLINS --------- - - - President - - - - EDITH RUSSELL DOT BLISS - - - - Vice-President - - EDNA MAE MORRISON MARILOUISE BAKER - - - Secretary - - BARBARA PETERSON LOUISE STONE - - - ----- Treasurer ----- - GRACE MARTINEZ EDITH RUSSELL - - - - - - - Social Chairman ----- - MARIELLA WOFFORD MRS. NITA POWERS - - - Sponsor gave! j0l"l'l'l Poise and charm is the aim of all mem-bers of the C-ood Form Club. This is a social organ- ization to train girls to conduct themselves properly at all social affairs. lt affords them the opportunity to become better acquainted and overcome shyness. Many activities were slated on the social calendar this year, among them initiations, teas, dances, luncheons, and a swim party. First Semester Officers Second Semester ARVILLA CHAPMAN - ------ President - - BETTY KRUEGER DOROTHY HORN - - - Vice-President - - - COLLEEN GUNN BETTY KRUEGER - - - Secretary - - - - BERTA AXT PEGGY KNIGHTON - ----- Treasurer - - - - - PAT GRAUBNER LOIS GROSS - - - ------ Historian - ---- - LORRAINE HORN Miss MARGARET THORPE - - Sponsor 66 .M -.Hafferd A club for Franklin gentlemen is the Hi-Hatters, a social organization where rules of eti- quette are studied and put into practice at various affairs. This year's social calendar has included breakfasts, banquets, dances, and the annual swim meet. Interest in the club was stimulated by having prominent speakers at some of the meetings, and by having discus- sions on questions of social usage at the other meetings. First Semester Officers Second Semester JACK MCCARTER ------------ President - - - - JOE KREUTER JIM BAIN - - - Vice-President - - - JIM LONG STAN GALE - - ----- Secretary - - - - - FRED BARRY JACK HALL - ------ Treasurer ------ - - AL FOXCROFT JIM LONG - ------ Social Chairman ------ - RALPH RICKORDS MRS. NITA POWERS ---- Sponsor l .- y "Service Through Fellowship" has remained the motto of the Franklin Hi-Y, a branch of the Los Angeles Young lVIen's Christian Association. The purpose of this club is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character through the observance of a fourfold platform of clean sports, clean speech, clean scholarship, and clean living. Service is rendered in all ways possible. Twice a month, the members of the Hi-Y, all of whom are boys of satisfactory citizen- ship and scholarship and who are loyal supporters of Franklin and its activities, plan swim- ming parties and basketball games at the Y. An interesting social program supplements a program of fellowship and guidance. Purchase and raising of victory flag, dances, ban- quets, and induction ceremonies highlighted the year's events. First Semester Officers JOE KREUTER ------------- President - Second Semester - - DICK DOUSE DICK SLEIGHT - - - Vice-President - - JIM OFFICER DON PRETZINGER - ----- Secretary - - FRANK SANDER ARCHIE WILSON - ------ Treasurer - - - - - PHIL CAMINITI DICK DOUSE - - ------ - ChaDlair1 ----- - - TOM IKEDA MR. THEODORE MORTON - - Sponsor A004 0116! glflflle Upper grade commercial students are given the opportunity to enjoy social life and to broaden their knowledge of shorthand through the Hook and Curve Club. Membership to the club is by application only. Ciroup activities this year included a trip to the Times Building, teas, dances, and initia- tion parties. First Semester Officers Second Semester SHIRLEY YOUNGER - - - - President - - - VIRGINIA CARPENTER MATHILDE RUENZ - - - Vice-President - - - VIRGINIA KEITHLEY VIRGINIA CARPENTER - ----- Secretary - - - - - CLAIRBELLE ANDERSON CLAIRBELLE ANDERSON - ------ Treasurer ------ ---- R UTH NICKLE PEGGY MELOY - - - ------ Social Chairman ------ - - EUNICE GASPAR MISS GRACE DEVELBISS - - Sponsor MISS EVA JESSUP ---- Sponsor cgnfernafionaf gorum The International Forum is designed to create better relations between students of all na- tions through understanding of foreign customs and traditions. Activities this year included a Wilkie-Roosevelt debate, a Sixth District World Friendship oratorical contest, and installa- tion luncheon. First Semester Officers Second Semester PAUL ICHINO - - - President - - FRIEDA RAPOPORT NONE ----- Vice-President - WAYNE ROBERTS IRMA JEAN WILSON - - Secretary - - MARGARET MCCOY ALBERT McEUEN - - - - Treasurer - - - - BOB CURRY WAYNE ROBERTS - ---- Social Chairman - - - ALBERT MCEUEN MARGARET MCCOY - ----- Social Chairman - - - ROSE MARIE CHENEY MR. HUGH A. BAIRD - Sponsor 68 fm CAA The Press Club was formed for those who wish to learn more about the journalistic field. All journalism and print shop students are eligible for membership. Friendship and knowl- edge are gained in this club through lectures trips to newspapers, an initiation party, and a luncheon at the end of the term. First Semester Officers Second Semester MANUEL CRUZ - - President - - MARION RUNYAN PAT HILLINGS - - Vice-President - - CHARLES BARR JUANITA GAMET - - Secretary - - - ETHEL JONES MARION RUNYAN - - Treasurer - - HOSMER GRAHAM LAUREL JONES - PAT WALSH - - MRS. KATE CRANON, - Social Chairman - Social Chairman MR. EWART JOHNSTON - - Sponsors - - - - - -GERRY BAIN unfo To maintain and sponsor forensics in Franklin High School outside of the regular speech classes is the object of the junto Club. Members develop their speaking ability through de- bating and oratory. First Semester Officers Second Semester FRIEDA RAPOPORT - - President - - - - DICK SKJEIE DICK SKJEIE - - - Vice-President - JERRY MORRISON MELVINE THOMAS - - Secretary - - JEAN PATTERSON MOLLIE COMISAROFF - ----- Treasurer ----- - HERBERT KRAFT JEAN PATTERSON MORRIS NEAL - - Social Chairman ---PATWALSH MR. ARMIN HENTSCHKE - - - Social Chairman Sponsor - FRIEDA RAPOPORT The S.P.Q.R. provides social and intellectual activities for students who have completed one year of Latin. The members take part' in the Foreign Language Carnival and Utah Street School program, and give a Roman Banquet during the spring semester. Speakers, plays, and music are featured at the meetings. First Semester Officers JERRY MORRISON - - President - EVERETT SCOTT - - - Vice-President - VIRGINIA WIEGAND - - Secretary - DOUGLAS PRICE - - - ----- Treasurer - - - - - PATRICIA MARTINSON - ----- Social Chairman ---- - MRS. EUNICE GRIFFIN - - - Sponsor ufiic Second Semester - - DOUGLAS PRICE VIRGINIA WIEGAND - YVONNE WATSON - ALICE SKOFIELD HAROLD WEINGARD The principal aim of the Music Club is to bring together students who enjoy music and wish to increase their appreciation of good music. Meetings feature student talent, both in- strumental and vocal. Social activities include a recital, initiation party, and a party in the middle of the term. First Semester Officers MARJORIE MUNSEY - - President - DONNA GRAHAM - - Vice-President - BETTY FAHLE - - - - Secretary - - BARBARA SHARP - ----- Treasurer ---- - PAT WELLS - - - ----- Social Chairman - - - - - MRS. WINNIFRED DINWIDDIE - Sponsor 70 Second Semester - LENA PARKER - - OLGA DUBY - - - - NONE - ETHEL HAEFELE - - OLGA DUBY WeeJLworL guifc! The Needlework Guild of Franklin is a junior section of the National Needlework Guild of America. Each year the club has a quota of llO new garments to collect for the needy. Each Guild member strives to fulfill her charitable task earnestly and cheerfully. First Semester Officers DOROTHY SCHRADER - - - President - - ESTHER FORMIA - ---- Vice-President - LOIS WALLNER - - ------ Secretary - - - - - LOIS WALLNER - ------ Treasurer ---- - f9A.,f0 CM MRS. MARGARET ANDERSON - Sponsor Second Semester - ESTHER FORMIA - - LETHA MCDANIEL BETTY JO NEWTON BEULAH COUPLAND The object of the Photo Club is to learn the practical as well as the romantic side of a great art. The members attend photography salons and learn to love and appreciate the pic- tures of the world's famous photographers, and also learn to take and develop pictures. First Semester Officers Second Semester RICHARD FERRARO - - - President - - MILDRED JONES JACK GRUBB - - - ---- Vice-President - - - - GLEN KAILEY MILDRED JONES - - ---- Secretary-Treasurer - - - - ROBERT BOGGIO IQMA., CM MR. MERLE KINDY ---- Sponsor It is the purpose of the Radio Club to encourage and develop interest in radio. Members study radio and learn more about their interesting hobby while working with their friends. First 5emeST9I' Officers Second Semester LEO MIELKE - - - - President - - - DICK VORIS DICK VORlS - - - - - Vice-President - - - - LEO MlELKE MAESER BOOTH - ---- Secretary-Treasurer - - - DICK LYNCH MR. HARRY HOLDREDGE - - Sponsor ife cm The Girls' Rifle Club seeks to stimulate good marksmanship and safe care and handling of firearms. Social activities include a three-day trip to Clear Creek, excursions to the police pistol range in Elysian Park, and competition with other schools. First Semester LUCILLE DONEGAN BEIIY LIENTZ - PATTY HOHNSBEEN RUTH HARRAH - NELLIE KAUFFMAN MARY TAYLOR - Officers - - President - - - Vice-President - - - Secretary - - - - - - Treasurer - - - - - - - - Social Chairman - - - - - - - - Drill Captain - - - - MISS GERTRUDE F. MAGIE - - Sponsor 72 Second Semester DOROTHY WI LKINS - - - SUE GREEF - PHYLLIS SEELY - - PEGGY RESHAW - - - MARIE WYGAL - - - CONNIE AHUMADA cknazcjzg FrankIin's newest club, the Science Club, was formed to further interest in science and to exchange ideas on physics, biology, and chemistry. Already active in its bi-weekly meetings, the club has presented speakers, field trips, and chemical exhibits. First Semester Officers Second Semester NONE ---- - - - President - - - TRAVIS HYATT NONE - - - - Vice-President - - WAYNE ROBERTS NONE - - - ------------ Secretary - r- - CHARLES GABLER NONE - -------------- Treasurer - - ---- TIM OWENS MR. WALTER P. GILBERT, MRS. RUTH HOLLINGER - - Sponsors O ?ll,ll"25 Vital to the improvement of this school is the new and popular tenth-grade boys' service organization, the Squires. The club was founded only this year to honor those sophomore boys who have proved their good citizenship, and to promote respect for Franklin, its tradi- tions and rules. The club assisted in the orientation of several lower-division boys who had the wrong impression of rules and conduct. It conducts a tenth grade court especially for that purpose. Squires also aid faculty and students whenever possible as a service group. First Semester Officers Second Semester PAUL CORNELIUS - ----- President - - - - - RALPH CLICK ART WHITTLEY - ----- Vice-President - - - - - - ED REA JACK SAVAGE - ---- Secretary-Treasurer ---- LEO TARTAKOFF MR. LEE DUKE ----- Sponsor 0 Pl' The slogan and purpose of the Tri-Y is "To face life squarely and to find and give the best." This club fosters the development of body, mind, and spirit. It is a democratic or- ganization to which no girl is denied membership because of nationality or creed. Activi- ties at the Y.W.C.A., a banquet, a recognition ceremony, and a carnival at the Y.W.C.A. in April. First Semester Officers Second Semester MARGARET OSTRANDER - - - President - - - MARGARET OSTRANDER SHIRLEY MCLAUGHLIN - - ---- Vice-President - - - - - MADALYN DAVIS NONE ------ ------ S ecretary ------ - - GLENDA MIKESELL NONE ------ ------ T reasurer - ---- - - FLORENCE NELSON MISS BETH McCALL - - - Sponsor panbA C326 Members of the Spanish Club hope to further world friendship through better Pan-Ameri- can understanding, and find time to learn appreciation of Hispanic traditions. Activities include a trip to Padua Hills, a trip to Olvera Street, participation in the language carnival and the Pan-American Day program and dinner. First Semester BRUCE BOGUE - - - SUZANNE SMITH - - PATRICIA VOLBRECHT - - ALBERT MCEUEN - - - ALBERT MCEUEN - - - SUZANNE SMITH - - - MISS LAURA MERRIMAN, MRS. J. B. Officers - President - - - Vice-President - - - Secretary - - - - - Treasurer - - - - Historian - - Press Representative WHITSELL - - - 74 Second Semester - ALBERT McEUEN - LAURABELLE LAW - MARGARET MCCOY - - PAULMER BECK - BOB RODENBERRY - SUZANNE SMITH Sponsors QFCA 05 !l"a To furnish fine musical entertainment for school and community, besides improving the musicianship of individual members, is the objective of the Franklin Orchestra. An unusual- ly large group of members from the orchestra has been in the Los Angeles All-City Orches- tra this year. The orchestra has played for the Armistice Day program, the Christmas pro- gram, the mid-winter concert, and commencement exercises. First Semester Officers Second Semester JOE SIMONHOFF - - - - President - - - BERT WILLMORE BERT WILLMORE - - - Vice-President - - JEAN ALABASTER LORRAINE MOWERS - - - Secretary - - - ELEANOR KELLOGG JACK HALL ---- ---- S ocial Chairman - - - - EUGENE FOERSTEL BOB KOUTNIK - - ------ Librarian - ---- - - RALPH SHAFFER JOHN MISTERLY ------ Librarian - ---- - JOHN MISTERLY MR. GEORGE WING - - - Sponsor ogri, enior Le To sing fine music of both classic and romantic types and to appear in school musical events, are objectives of the Boys' Senior C-lee Club. This year the club sang in all the back- stage concerts for the Christmas play, Dicken's "Christmas Carol." The club also appeared in the Music Festival, january I7. First Semester Officers Second Semester BOB MALOSKI - - - President - - - LOWELL DISNEY CAMILLO SCIANI - - Vice-President - - SAL BADALMENTI LLOYD HURT ----- - - Secretary - - - DON SIMONSEN SPENCER PRICE ------ - - - - Treasurer - ----- NONE MORRIS NEAL, EUGENE TAYLOR - ------ Librarians ----- - EUGENE TAYLOR BETTY BAILEY ------------ Acoompanist ----- ---- N ONE MRS. WINIFRED DINWIDDIE - Sponsor QMS, Lgznior Le The C-irls' Senior Clee Club is a musical organization for girls who wish to learn to sing different parts and sing them well. As a group the Ciirls' Senior Club sang at the Christmas program, graduation, the Spring Festival, and for the P.-T.A. First Semester Officers SGCOHCI 5eI'Y19Sf9I' MARGARET MATTERSTEIG - - - - - President - - - IRENE KLUKOVICH NONE -------- - Vice-President - - MAXINE CHURCHILL MARION STEIN - - - - Secretary - - - - DOROTHY MOE MARJORIE WALKER - - Treasurer - - - BERNICE NICKS DORIS JOHNSON - - - Librarian - - LAURINA JOHNSON IRENE KLUKOVICI-I - BERNICE JOHNSON - - - - Librarian - - - - Historian - - - - - - HELEN MELNYK - - - - - ESTHER HITCH MRS. MADGE MOORE - - Sponsor .14 Cpalolaef a Ckoir The A Cappella Choir is a music organization for both boys and girls. lts purpose is to sing for the members' own pleasure and to serve the school musically. Activities of the Choir in- clude singing for the Armistice Day program, the Music Festival, and other school programs. First Semester BARBARA WOOLEVER BARBARA REED - - LOUISE MUNSELL - VIRGINIA PURYEAR RONALD MITCHELL - WANETA SMART - SHIRLEY McLAUGHLIN LENA PARKER - - BARBARA ERICKEN MRS. Off'ce's - - President - - Vice-President - Secretary - - Treasurer - - - Librar'a'1 - - - LibrarIa1 - - - - Historiaw - - Wardrobe Mistress - - Student Director WINIFRED DINWIDDIE ..t if 76 Second Semester - VIRGINIA PURYEAR - JEAN ALABASTER - LOUISE MUNSELL V - PAULA WILDER - RONALD MITCHELL - - - - - NONE - LUELLA ROSS - - - - LENA PARKER - - - - MARGIE BERG Sponsor PAULA WILDER i3a.II...,i.N me CL! f' MH 553+ The Treble Clef is an organization for girls who fin pleasure in s ging. During the year the club takes part in varied musical programs and social activiti . First Semester Officers Second Semester MARIE SVENDSON - - - President - - - - ROSEMARY DISNEY RUTH MITCHELL - - Vice-President - - - PAULINA DITURI DORA LEE ROPPO - - - Secretary - ---- BETTY CARNES NORMA MAXWELL - - ----- Treasurer - - - - MARGUERITE MADISON EVELYN EMERY - - - - ----- Librarian - BARBARA ALEXANDER - ---- Asst. Librarian ----- MRS. MADGE MOORE - - - Sponsor - - - - - AKATIE PIVAROFF - - DORA LEE ROPPO fage few oun Grew ai0L5 ana! Wannerd Maids and Manners is a social club whose purpose is to help its members improve their knowledge of etiquette and to develop their poise and grace at such social functions as in- stallation teas, initiation parties, mothers' teas, and a dance with the Hi-Y. First Semester Officers Second Semester AGATHA THOMAS - - President - - PEGGY MELOY JEAN PISTONETTI - - Vice-President - - - RUTH LAUB MARIE WYGAL - - - Secretary - - - - DORIS BEICK PEGGY MELOY - - - - Treasurer - - - DELORIS MCLEAN BARBARA REED ----- - Social Chairman - - - MARIE WETHERALL PATRICIA VOLBRECHT ---- - Press Representative PATRICIA VOLBRECHT MISS BYRD WILMAH GREENE - - - Sponsor - - MRS. RUTH HOLLINGER 78 i a m I E 1 N Y w w 1 79 0UflfllDlfl6 5' in 'WY5 K xx 'ff .5206-:S Q52 I-arianri An unobstrusive but essential campus group is the library science class, for the members of this class perform the routine work which permits the school library to function ef- fectively and efficiently. Through their daily library duties, students became acquainted with the actual tasks and responsibilities of a worker in a small library, the experience thus profitably guiding them along their chosen vocation. The various details of apprentice work are learned and practically applied in the defin- ite periods and during their discussion meetings at noon. The class is scheduled as an Eng- lish elective, and pupils receive proper credit for graduation. 6Ka,65l'00l'i'l l"8a6ll,l"8l'6 Under the sponsorship of Mr. Herbert Phoenix, Franklin's financial manager, the class- room treasurers conduct school business during period two. These heroes are responsible for ticket sales for athletic events and pay assemblies. During the past year, they have func- tioned nobly. Cuff f06bal'l6 Eager to serve, always ready to do their share toward making and keeping Benjamin Franklin High School the attractive place that it has become, are the genial custodians. The staff, headed by Mr. William F. Nenzda, includes a score of employees. Among them are Mr. Charles 1. Bane, Mr. Burneth W. Claiborne, Mrs. Clara Craig, Mr. Clement F. Dougherty, Mr. Fred E. Cerwig, Mrs. Laura M. Haines, Mr. Frank Harris, Mr. Cuy E. Kel- ler, Mr. Benton B. Loomis, Mr. Wilber E. Millner, Mr. Clyde E. Mundy, Mrs. Amy L. Phillips, Mr. Evan Price, Mrs. Bessie Skinner, and Mr. Clarence A. Swanson. Mr. Paul E. Hoffman and Mr. Ernest Vetterick are responsible for the gardening work on the premises. Mr. Reubin A. Lewis and Mr. Lewie A. Wepler are the school engineers. Mr. Fred V. Wiatt and Mr. Elmer E. Potter serve as watchmen. Sergeant Edward Backell, in charge of the R.O.T.C. armory, and Mr. Ray Bird, carpenter, are also among this group that is so indispensable to Franklin. 82 Sanrio X '1 f uf 9 5 -DQN xlsf9Llf6Q' 5.42 83 UA mal A streak of lead, a flash of steel, A rusty, creaky wagon-wheel, Wonder, courage, zest and zeal, That's the West of old. Red herds of cattle flecked with white, A coyote howling in the night, A shady canyon, colors bright, That's the West of old. A lonely prairie, a dusty shack, A tearful promise to come back, A pony, saddle, gun, and pack, That's the West of old. The beat of hoofs, a jingling spur, The dusty sage, a dreary fir, The desert's lull, the pine tree's purr, That's the West of old. A motor's roar, a glimpse of wings, Where deserts lay, a city' sings, A forward march to greater things, That's the West today. NORMA HARDY, Second Prize Winner 84 COCLCAQJ DOWNINC DUKE HESS MCCOLLOM SPANC-LER V ff", , fwfzk ju x' 0 , I .J aw, M olzd QP6 BOB ALDRICH DON PRETZINCER ORLANDO MARTINEZ Head 85 lljamif joofdaf You cou l have got a plugged nickel for the chances of Frank Hess and his varsity f otballers t in more than a couple of grid contests at the start of the l94O season. Re- orting: ch Hess on the first day of practice were just four lettermen, john Foley, Don alker, A ie Wilson, and Steve Broadhurst, and only Broadhurst had seen regular service . f weeks, Coach Hess had to completely rebuild the Panther pigskin machine, nd t time the first practice game with Eagle Rock on the Oxy field came around, the betti in favor of the Eagles. But when the dust of that battle rolled away, the score stoo O . Franklin led in first downs and it was only the timekeeper's gun that saved the Eagl Ro eleven from defeat, as the Bens were on their opponent's goal line. rfie traveled to the Avenue 54 greensward the next week and, because of the fine Ea Rock showing, the fact that the Bulldogs outweighted the Hessmen as much as 35 nds to the man still didn't dampen local enthusiasm. The inevitable happened, however, an a fighting but outclassed Franklin eleven went down to a 35-7 defeat. Of course, Gar- fiel went on to become "city champions" but that didn't heal Panther wounds at that time. Belmont came to Franklin for the first Northern League game. Eagle Rock had conquered the Sentinels, 25-O, and the Franklin outfit was openly confident, too confident as was later proved, for Belmont went home with a I2-7 victory. After that, something happened to the Ben squad. ln two weeks of heavy practice the team underwent many radical changes. The turning point came in the second league contest at Wilson. At the half the score stood, l3-l3, due to some brilliant open-field running by Archie Wilson and the rugged line-plunging of "Chubby" Roussel. Two touchdowns were registered in the second half and Franklin had a 27-l3 N.L. victory. Marshall felt the next wield of the Printer axe, collaps- ing before the Ben advance to the tune of l3-6. The Panther gridmen had found themselves. From the Cinema City came the Hollywood Redshirts to try their luck against the Hess aggregation. A blocked kick by john Foley which Dave Snegg recovered in the end zone started the scoring for Franklin, and when the final gun sounded sometime later, the score- board read, Franklin l9, Hollywood 7. The Rose Bowl, long a historic place for deciding championships, was the scene of the big Franklin-Lincoln meeting for the Northern League title. Before an estimated crowd of 6,000, the Panthers and Tigers battled furiously, until in the third quarter, fullback Duane Roberts, whose gallops through the line kept the fans on the edge of their seats all after- noon, crashed over for six points. Archie Wilson made good the conversion and Franklin led 7-O. Up until the final minute and one-half, the Bens had the N.L. crown all sewed up. But Lincoln's jack Cobie, running from deep punt formation, raced into Printer territory, and after a series of smashes at the tired Panther forward wall, fought his way over the goal. A few seconds later he plowed over for the extra point to give Lincoln a 7-7 tie. Because of Franklin's earlier defeat by Belmont, the Tigers became the league champs for the second successive year. Runner-up in the league race, Franklin was invited to participate in the P.T.A. Football Carnival in the Coliseum on November 29. The Bens were paired with the Southern League title-holder, Manual Arts-, in the fourth quarter of the North-South classic. Representing the North, the Panthers scored the biggest upset of the day when they played the favored Toil- ers to a standstill. The turning point came when a Manual end attempted to punt out from the shadow of his own goal line, but john Foley, easily the best lineman on the field, broke through, and as 70,000 people watched, blocked the kick. Franklin recovered on the Toil- er l8 and a few plays later, Archie Wilson toured left end for the score. The Hessmen had collected a 6-O victory to give the North a lead that resulted in a 30-Zl win. When the Helms All-City teams were announced at the gala Football Banquet, john Foley was presented with the Helms Olympic Medal in recognition of being selected on the first team. Archie Wilson was picked on the third team. The official All-Northern choices found Foley, Wilson, and Steve Broadhurst on the first eleven, and Duane Roberts, Tony Cuglielmino, and jim Officer on the second team. ur the recedng season. 86 .X if Q-.,..,...A A :R-nel' Hifi! 00 Cl Although blessed with some of the finest material seen in many a moon, Coach Lee Duke's football proteges could unleash only enough of their potential power to snare a fourth place in the league grid ranks. lnitiating the '40 season against Belmont, the locals drew a 6-6 tie against the Hilltop- pers. Scored on in the first quarter by a deceptive reverse, the Bens retaliated through Louie Bisetti's block and recovery of a Sentinel kick behind the goal line. ln their second game, the Dukemen fought Lincoln to a scoreless tie. Led by dynamic Howard Borschel, the Panthers many times threatened the foes' goal, but couldn't push into pay dirt. A blocked kick by Bisetti, together with jim Vernon's recovery in the Mules' end zone led to the 6-O midseason win over Wilson High. Marshall's combination of short bullet passes and off-tackle thrusts drew a l9-O victory over the local contingent in what was the Printers' real heartbreaker of the season. Had the Bens won the skirmish, they would have been set for a championship playoff. Specializing on speed and tricky reverses, the Hollywood Shieks humbled the local lighties 6-O in the final game of the season, scoring on the very first play of the game. Although twice in the shadow of the foes' goal posts, the Panthers couldn't dent their line. Seniors whose grid career ended with the '40 season were Tom lkeda, Louie Bisetti, Howard Borschel, Manuel Cruz, lim Vernon, Gil Pelerin, George Vercelli, and Bob Blake. Forming the nucleus of the squad, nearly all of these lads received "All-Northern" honors for their fine performances. Other players were Silverstein, Black, Cryer, Buliavac, Simonson, Ward, Patton, Overmier, Stansauk, Wood, Hagaman, Williams, Kittleson, johnny and Tony Baroni. l9l9a,l'Cl tu!! Led by Co-captains Dick Wilkinson and Everett Scott, Coach Francis McCollom's gym- nastics squad annexed a high third place in Northern League competition to terminate one of the most successful seasons in years. Although high-lighted by much individual talent, the Panther squad placed only three men in the city preliminaries-Dick Wilkinson on the parallel bars, Everett Scott on the long horse, and Gilbert Allan on the side horse. Of these, Wilkinson alone survived compe- tition to make "All City," this record coming through his tie for fourth on the bars. The official list of lettermen is: Allan, Andrews, Begin, Cruz, Boyden, Dayton, Frew, Burian, Martinez, Weatherford, Wilkinson, Hart, lkeda, Kailey, Margucci, Mocsny, Scott. Thompson, and Matson. . olzffermen Handsome, buff-colored letters trimmed in blue and worn on brilliant blue sweaters, dis- tinguish the lettermen of the Girls' Athletic Association. A member of the Association is awarded a letter upon the completion of six sports units, four of which must be different. Two additional sports units must be added for each star. These feminine sportsters excel in such games as basketball, volleyball, badminton, and baseball, and are true athletes with a real sense of sportsmanship. VARSITY FOOTBALL I B SOFTBALL NORTHERN LEAGUE GAMES F Bh FqOTBAlll.L - A ourt P ace inners Hanklln O """""""' Eagle Rfxk 0 lpmcllce game' zrlrranklin 2 ............................ Eagle Rock 6 Franklin 7 ................ .Garfield 35 iPractice gamel igtpranknn 6 ........'v.'....."... '..'- G arfield O Franklin 7 .. ..........,...,... Belmont I2 lrgrantlin 3 .... ..... B Elmont 6 5: ' U .-....'.'....'.' - ran lin .... ...... i nco n O ranklln 27 Wllson l3 Franklin 6 .... ...... W ilson O Franklin I3 .... ....... M arshall 6 Franklin O ".-.A. ..'.... M afghan 19 Franklin I9 .... ..... H ollywood 7 Franklin O ........ ...... H olywood 6 Franklin 7 . . ...,.. Lincoln 7 P7:Practice Games 88 VARSITY FOOTBALL Steve Broadhurst Bob Buliavac John Foley Hosmer Graham Tony Guglielmino Richard McCuen Leon Melie Peter Newquist Don Ventr LETTERMEN James Officer Duane Roberts Paul Roussel Warren Rousselle Dave Snegg Loyal Tacy Don Walker Archie Wilson ella Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin A APPARATUS I 57 V2 . . .............. .... L lncoln 95 . .,......... . . .Belmont lO7 TQ . . , .... Wilson 8315 . . .. .Hollywood SZVZ .. ...Marshall 89 B FOOTBALL LETTERMEN Louie Bisetti Manuel Cruz Bud Kittleson Al Langstaff James Vernon Don Sfansauk Elmer Black Frank Hagaman John Baroni Anthony Baroni Ray Patten 77 V2 40 27 'Xi 51 1,2 Bl V2 Odell Silverstein Tom Ikeda Art Mcllroy Eddie Buliayac Howard Borschel Ray Woods Dave Ward Dick Overmier James Nickell George Vercelli Buster Cryer amify garilfefdaf "Individually, last season's squad was the best l've had in years. Most of the time there was good passing, shooting, and fast breaking, but there was still something wrong that I couldn't put my finger on." So stated Coach Claude Downing, varsity basketball coach, in referring to the l94l0-4l casaba fiasco. A quintet that at the start of the season apparently had the makings of a fine varsity squad, was unable to summon the all-important fighting spirit that makes good teams great and so wound up a hectic campaign in the league's fifth spot. Hollywood met the locals in the curtain-raiser and by the narrow margin of one point, 29- 28, defeated the Downing outfit. A flu-wrecked five tangled with Marshall on the Barris- ter floor and collapsed before the subsequent league champions to the tune of 44-I8 in the second N.L. contest. The only win of the league season was a 27-l 5 victory over the Wilson Mules. ln its last two encounters the Ben varsity succumbed to the smooth-playing Bel- mont and Lincoln fives. Picked on the official Southern California Board of Basketball first Northern League team was ace forward Melvin Oelrich, whose fine offensive play resulted in his setting a new school scoring record when he personally accounted for 29 points in a practice game with St. Agnes High. Responsible for a good deal of Oelrich's point-garnering was the steady and speedy Pancho Perez, forward, who specialized in feeding set-ups to his teammate. Tall and rugged Otto Wirz saw action in the center position. lack McCarter, joe O'Brien, and Don Custavson shared the defensive honors at the guard spots. Substituting for the regulars were such dependable and valuable casabamen as Fred Barry, Leland Baldwin, Larry Long, Ignacio Villava, Byron Schramm, Bert Wilmore, and Roland Schindler. K gaafeigaf Darth Frank and Herbie Kraft, co-captains, headed their B cage squad through a fairly successful season, as they ended the five game league series in fourth place. Kraft was consistently high point man for the locals and was usually closely followed by Frank, for- ward, loy Pace and Don Parker, centers. lim Puryear, Bill Perez, and Cordon Waugh displayed fine ball handling and passing from their guard positions, throughout the entire season. Dick Douse, Oakley Honey, Ralph Click, Bob Oelrich, and Larry Hoff were the reserves. Student coach, Tom Mumford, formed his entire team from C lettermen and tenth grad- ers, leaving the pre-season outlook very poor. However, the B's won four out of ten prac- tice tilts and looked as though they might go places. The competition got too tough in the Hollywood, Marshall, and Lincoln affairs, and the lightweights were defeated. The fast- stepping Printers came back and knocked over Wilson and Belmont High Schools, however, giving them a .400 average for the season. Ci Z?MLefAa!! Winning only one league game the class C Basketballers this year ended a dismal season in fifth place. The little fellows were centered around Leo Beach, jackie Thomas, for- wards, Bill Rader, centerg Billy Callas and Bill Welch, guards. Thomas was the only re- turning letterman and was captain of the squad. In the opening game of the season a sound drubbing was inflicted on the midgets by the Hollywood lads. Leo Beach was the high scorer in this game, as he was consistently throughout the season. The following games, except for the Belmont tilt, proved to be equally disastrous. These were with Wilson, Marshall, and Lincoln. Hollywood High School won the Northern League championship. 90 VARSITY BASKETBALL LETTERMEN B BASKETBALL LETTERMEN C BASKETBALL LETTERMEN Melvin Oelrich Alphonso Perez Otto Wirz Jack McCarfer Don Gustavson Leland Baldwin Joe O'Brien Fred Barry Larry Long Herbie Kraft Darth Frank Oakley Honey William Perez Dick Douse Donad Parker James Puryear Larry Hoff Bill Blades Gordon Waugh Robert Oelrich 91 Don Bates Leo Beach Billy Callas Marvin Hawkes Engle Hendrix John McMuIlin Dick Newberg Jack Thomas Jimmy Van Noy Bill Welch I galelgaf For the first time in two years Franklin was represented in Northern League D basket- ball competition. Despite the fact that the local D five finished the season in the league cel- lar, the players, all B-lO's, gained valuable experience and will be prominent members of the higher classification squads in future casaba campaigns. Competing against schools boasting of a wide array of substitutes, the Panther aggrega- tion had only five men on the team, all of whom played every minute of every game. The two speedy forwards, Leo Hillings and Bob Baker, accounted for most of the point-making and led the quintet into action. Playing a fine game at center was Wally Hutchinson. De- fending under the Ben basket were the two stellar guards, Ralph Fishel and Danny Brewer. Highlight of the season was the Wilson contest when Leo Hillings sunk two baskets in quick succession to tie the score in the last minute of play, only to have the Mules come back to win by three points. Bob Baker hit the bucket for I4 points in the Wilson match, becoming the season's high point man. A 12 somaff City champs! That was the enviable title earned by Franklin's powerful and precedent- shattering varsity softball aggregation that captured the Northern League title for the sec- ond consecutive year. Coach Tony Spangler's Panther baseballers took the Los Angeles soft- ball championship in the Washington High School Invitational Tournament by conquering Manual Arts in the finals of the city-wide tourney. Tony Cuglielmino, whose hurling led the Bens down the championship trail, performed the season's most outstanding accomplishment by pitching a 7-O no-hit, no-run game against the hAarshaH judges Playing only one game with each of the five N.L. squads this season, the Printers were forced to sandwich in the contests between Southern California rains that forced postpone- ment of games on several occasions. Winning over Lincoln, Wilson, Hollywood, and Mar- shall, the varsity lost only to Belmont. ln the latter battle, the locals dropped a l-O contest despite the fact that C-uglielmino fanned l7 Hilltoppers. The final game with Lincoln's horsehiders gave the Highland Park ten the league crown by virtue of a 6-O Franklin win, the third shut-out of the season for the locals. Cuglielmino and Don Walker, with averages of .333 each, were the leading hitters for Spangler's aggregation and it was their dependability in this department that contributed a large part to the team's outstanding success. Archie Wilson's .3l2 and Pete Brown's .300 average rated them close contenders for batting honors. George Vercelli was fifth with .l87. The city champions lined up as follows: Ciuglielmino, most valuable player and no-hit hurler, handled the pitching chores, Louie Bisetti, four-year letterman and errorless receiver, caught Cuglielmino's slants, Don Walker, leading Slugger, expertly handled first base du- ties, joe O'Brien, steady and dependable, worked at the keystone sack, Archie Wilson, star hitter, was short-stopper par excellence, young Larry Hoff, he of the powerful throwing arm, at the hot corner, George Vercelli, peppery and dynamic, toured the short center spot, Loyal Tacy, flashy ball-hawker, performed in center field, Frank Petta, another veteran, guarded left field, Pete Brown, ably substituted by Eddie Buliavac, roamed the right field garden. Following in the footsteps of the Ben varsity, the local B softball squad also came through with its second consecutive Northern League title. The pitching of Stan Shaw and the stellar playing of Eddie Buliavac highlighted the individual performance. VARSITY SOFTBALL First Place Winners 'n-n'n'n'ri -1-1-1-1-1 mmmmm 33333 IEEEE 5'5'5A3'5' UxuuNlU1O I 1 I If E-. 225 -. Ai-22. gina OMTOO -omog 2520.-r O-'OO-' 92 D BASKETBALL LETTERMEN A SOFTBALL LETTERMEN B SOFTBALL LETTERMEN Bob Baker Dan Brewer Ralph Fishel Leo Hillings Wally Hutchinson Louie Bisetti Tony Guglielmino Don Walker Joe O'Brien George Vercelli Archie Wilson Larry Hoff Frank Petfa Loyal Tacy Pete Brown Odell Silverstein Vic Schwenk Eddie Buliavac 93 Ray Cookmeyer Stan Shaw Bob Crain Fred Barry Larry Lombardo Dick Keeler Joe Rotitto Bob Peterson Leo Beach Leland Baldwin enniri One of the most powerful varsity tennis teams in Franklin's history played a hard sched- ule, losing only to Marshall and a heartbreaker to Hollywood in the final encounter for the league championship. Roy McQuown, playing his first year of tennis, was the ace of the Ben racket swingers. Fred "Blitz" Hill played excellent tennis all season, as did Leo Beach, Ralph Click and Doug Odney, Ben singles men who demonstrated easily that they were the class of the league. jim Croft and Frank Sander proved to be one of the best doubles teams in the league, los- ing only to Hollywood. Two-year veterans, Hill, Sander, and Odney, completed their tennis careers at Franklin. ' The B tennis team playing without proper practice facilities nevertheless showed true fighting spirit although they won only one match. Darth Frank, Hobert Nichols, Dale Wright, Stan Wainer, Verlin Thomasen and Captain Dick Skieje proved to be the stars of the B team. amifg Zac "Only mediocre," would be about the best way to describe the l94l varsity track cam- paign. Lincoln and Wilson were the only schools to fall before the Downing-Duke machine in dual meets, the Panther squad seeming to bog down when the competition became stronger, and the fact that a number of top-ranking men missed service in one of the con- tests was another factor that contributed to the poor showing. Among the large array of Printer sprinters, two men stood out-Archie Wilson and jim- my Traughber. Archie copped both the l00 and 220 against Marshall, for his only double victory. His best time in the century was l0.4. Captain jack Kruckeberg did not seem to be up to his usual form and consequently triumphed in the 440 race only over Lincoln and Wilson. Leon Melie, followed by Don Pretzinger, consistently added points to the Franklin cause by double wins in the two hurdle events. Little Bill Perez was the Franklin mainstay in the gruelling mile run. Bill turned in a 4:54 victory over the Wilson Mules and took a second against Marshall and Hollywood, doing under 4:50. Bill Moje also scored for Frankf lin in the four-lap affair. Tony C-uglielmino, injured part of the season, and Bert Willmore, were dependable performers in the high jump. Tony teamed with Dave Ward and Walter Thompson in one of the team's strongest events, the pole vault. Ward was one of the best vaulters in the league, soaring ll feet, 9 inches for his best performance. Ervin Dean, Steve Sander, and Frank Petta worked in the 880. Shot-putters were Leon Melie, winner in the Belmont and Wilson contests, jiggs Coulson, Gordon Batchelor. Loyal Tacy, Bert Willmore, and Archie Wilson performed for the Bens in the broad jump. fl-ac Three men set the pace for the Ben success- jack Savage, Howard Borschel, and Tom Ikeda. Savage, ace 660 man, was victorious in the lap and one-half event in every meet, coming within one-tenth of a second of the school record of l 128.2 in the Hollywood and Wilson meets. Borschel was the squad's best dashman. He consistently scored in the l00, anchored on the relay team, and set a new record in the shot-put. Ikeda, all-city medal holder, was high point man by virtue of his multi-wins in the two stick races and the broad jump. jack Savage, Art Beverford and Mike Margucci led the way in the strong high com- petition, Dick Douse and Bud Puryear soared skyward in the pole vault, Bill Miller, Bill Fraser, and the two Crain brothers, Willie and Bob, captured Ben points in the tough l320 yard run. Other sprinters were co-captain Sam Beck, Herbie Kraft, and Ray Woods. George Vercelli and Woods supported co-captain Ikeda in the broad jump. Dick Overmier and Bud Puryear assisted Borschel in the shot-put. 94 . L1 A TRACK LETTERMEN Venfrella Dean Wilson Traughber Melie Pretzinger Kruckeberg Wa rd Coulson Guglielmino Thompson Wilmore Perez Tacy Foxgroft Schwenk Aldrich X.. 95 B TRACK LE TERMEN Savage Borschel Kraft Ikeda Wood , Douse Overmier Frazier Margucci Beck Crain Aff! .re fn l'6lCl 2.7 With only one victory to their credit, the class C cindermen, under Captain Billy Welch, ended the usual five meet schedule in fifth place. Captain Welch was the team's ace high- jumper and low hurdler. George Caul was the high point man as he astounded his coaches by taking two firsts in every meet for a total of 50 points. C-aul ran the 50 yard dash in 6.0 seconds, and broad- jumped close to l9 feet. After losing to Lincoln and Belmont, the midgets took a narrow win from Marshall by a 40-37 score. Hollywood's squad, the league titlists, swamped the mites, 60-l7, in the most lopsided contest of the year. ln the final encounter with Wilson the locals were nip- ped 39-38. Leo Hillings, Wally Hutchinson, jack Holberg, lack Woodford, Bob Hoff, and Bill Chick all scored consistently for the C squad. Uardify goofgaf ogneulo Undoubtedly one of the many things that contributed largely to the fine success of Coach Hess' varsity eleven last season was the fact that the squad was not a team of in- dividual stars, but was instead an eleven that depended on the essential factor of teamwork for almost all of its offensive thrusts. At the two end posts were a couple of stalwart wingmen that played practically 48 min- utes of every game. Leon Melie, a senior, was particularly noted for his fine defensive play. Tony C-uglielmino, left end, did most of the pass-snagging duties and his wor-k rated him a place on the second "All-Northern" team. Two burly tackles, john Foley and Richard McCune, were towers of strength in every contest. The fact that Foley was chosen on the first "all-city" eleven is enough to demonstrate his ability. Steve Broadhurst and Dave Snegg worked at guard, Broadhurst rating all-Northern also. They were capably substituted by Warren Russelle and liggs Coulson. Hosmer C-raham, assisted by Pete Newquist, was hailed for his performance at center. Blocking or quarterback for the squad was big lim Officer and his small but rugged un- derstudy, Don Ventrella. Archie Wilson, if we must single out anyone, would probably be selected as the team's most valuable and dependable man. From his left halfback post he called signals, did most of the ball carrying, punting and a good deal of the passing and pass receiving, as well as exhibiting a brilliant defensive game. The other halfback chores were divided between a couple of star passers and runners, Loyal Tacy and Don Walker. Fullbacks Duane Roberts and Paul Rousselwere two of the hardest-hitting line-plungers in the league. VARSITY BASKETBALL Fifth Place Winners klin Z8 ............................. Hollywood klin 18 ................ ...... ........ M a rshall klin 27 .... ....... ..... ...... W i I son klin 27 .... Belmont klin 29 .... ..... L incoln B BASKETBALL C BASKETBALL Franklin 20 ............. Hollywood 23 Franklin l4 .... Hollywood Franklin 29 .... Marshall 36 Franklin I9 .... Marshall Franklin 25 .... Wilson 15 Franklin 22 .... Wilson Franklin 29 .... Belmont 22 Franklin l8 .... Belmont Franklin l7 .... Lincoln 35 Franklin l3 .... Lincoln 96 C TRACK LETTERMEN Welch Hutchison G I au Hallberg Hillings Hoff Chick Woodford 4 , Ng ss.. p A W Gb 0 97 1,6-1 fm,4,Q!,,,,. 'O 1 , ' 'J ,. .f f- ,g,f,.zJ,uL- CY 0' 01, I F .1l,, I . .ilu I ,,f www Sfblfwvvx-f4'N2x,xQvlA,l, QMfrXJ-X?+5vH"'o-A- y T gx 'fl' I V . C Kffiyffyflr df if Y 'KH 'E Ijzs r Y i .V Hifi t Q 1 ' 1 fi. .- I. WM QM? Milf IL! 1-11 X 3-fa. Ib' f, - g ,fa JC. ,J I , ' .ff .7 .A Cfffffib L Q-ff-2 ff 98 41.4 L1 CLYDE BROWNE SALUTES THE TWENTY-FIFTH FRANKLIN ALMANAC FROM HIS ABBEY SAN ENCINO PRESS, WHERE THE FRANKLIN PRESS WAS BORN 5637 North Figueroa St. WW 1... PIIUI IIHIPIIY I If FOR EXCELLENT PORTRAITS 512216 YORK BOULEVARD ALbany 2149 GRUTTHUUSE HARDWARE C0. BASEBALL, CAMPING AND FISHING SUPPLIES TENNIS RACKETS ROLLER SKATES I Holland-Electric Shop I PHONE AL- 563' JOHN C. HOLLAND 4 F. H. RADIO fr ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES I IEWELER AND HQRQLOGIST 5634 No. Figueroa ALbany 0149 5537 No. Figueroa sheet PHONE CLEVELAND 62194 I Everybody in Highland Park FRANKLIN FLOWER Reads The SHOP I NEWS-HERALD 5533 No. Figueroa Los Angeles FOR COMPLETE DRUG STORE SERVICE HIGHLAND PARK DRUG CO. PROMPT FREE DELIVERY 5639 North Figueroa Western Toy Cr Baby Shops LARGEST AND MOST COMPLETE BABY AND CHILDRENS SHOP, WITH THE GREATEST S VALUES IN THE WEST. 4 STORES 5638 No. Figueroa, Highland Pk. AL. 8255 3022 So. Western Ave., L.A. RO. 6258 5226 Lankershim Blvd., Hollywood SU. 20123 243 No. Brand Blvd., Glendale CI. 24581 ALbany 0157 E QWIIQECIIIEIC The Name is your safeguard lnsist on 3-The Very Best Gig!-eheese N I , r N , - .4 . -. . 7 , . 99 M 0 MA UCCNIPLINIENTS OF 6 ,ff'lIfl',f BRUADWAY ,Aff I M,IjZ,Jl M KNITTING 4754 So. Broadway, Los Angeles .. N - Y- LL- REPAIRS REASONABLE PRICES Compliments of Allen Electric Shop EUGEToiSLXgllllfflClAwllllIhGRAU BEN I. ALLEN ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES E' l'MGIlL'2U 5810 No. Figueroa AL. 8181 58121: BF. . o. lgueroa PALMER TIRE SHOP RETREADINC - TIRE REPAIRS GOODYEAR TIRES Anderson's Photo Shop KODAK FINISHING CREETINC CARDS - PICTURE FRAMES 6128-30 North Figueroa ALbany 3682 5311 No. Figgeroa Los Angeles I COMPLIMENTS COR1-LAN DIS AOP MEN'S WEAR AND woMEN'S WEAR R - N - C R05 5 PAsHIoNs or 'ronAY CANDY 5707 No. Figueroa THE HIGHLAND PARK O Post-Dispatch PATRICK J. EAGAN, Publisher A Friendly, Neighborly Newspaper Sincerely Dev t d T The Best Interests Of Our Community 5123 York Blvd., AL. 0193 HAL McBRlDE'S 52 SERVICE 5201 York Blvd. Phone CL. 6-9562 'iC0urteous Service Our Motto" Specializing In Free Delivery of Fresh Cut Meats Tip-Top Market 5024 York Blvd. Los Angeles, Calif. George Brown, Prop. Phone CL. 69I77 Tip Top Market QUALITY CROCERIES Tom Provence, Prop. 5022 York Blvd. Phone CL. 69177 Los Angeles, California cw R..-2-" EMM? swf' s E 's BERK'S BOOTERY in Highland Park since 1923 FOR BETTER SHOES 5633 N. Figueroa AL. 9210 Schultz Gas Appliance 8' Electric Shop SUPPLIES - SERVICE - REPAIRS 5056 York Boulevard Phone ALbany 93l7 VILETA'S "BETTER MEN'S WEAR" WHEN A THING IS NEW4 VILETA'S HAVE IT 5631 No. Figueroa CL. 69265 NEWST WALL PAPER AND PAINT STORE FEATURING PREMIER PAINTS AND ENAMELS W Phone 5036 York Boulevard CLeveIand 66929 Los Angeles EYE EXAMINATIONS GLASSES m-nns DR. T. A. WINCATE ICE. CRERITI STORES OPTOMETRIST Office ALbarIy 8914 Sl22 York Blvd. 5624 No. Figueroa Street Res. ALbany 1344 LOS ANGELES Arroyo Gift fr Card Shop GIFTS 6' STATIONERY PHOTO FINISHING ESTELLE CUMMING 5005 YORK BLVD. HELEN EDWARDS LOS ANGELES, CALIF COMPLIMENTS OF BLUE BONNET MALT SHOP AVENUE 55 G' MONTE VISTA COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF S. H. KRESS G' CO. HIGHLAND PARK WATCHES Telephone ALbany O8l4 DIAMONDS EARL C. BRUNNER, jeweler FINE WATCH AND CLOCK REPAIRING 5054 York Boulevard Los Angeles, Calif. 'STORE FOR MEN AND BOYS DEN-I-IST 5 BLVD. Ph 2279 I 106 N. Avc. 58 AL. 5826 THE ENGRAVINGS WHICH APPEAR IN THE 1941 EDITION OF THE ALIVIANAC ARE THE WORK OF OUR CRAFTSIVIEN. ir MISSION ENGRAVING CO. 421 EAST SIXTH STREET TRini'ry 3921 WALDO C. EDMONDS, REPRESENTATIVE THE COVERS FOR THE ALMANAC WERE PRODUCED IN OUR SHOP 'Ir WEBER - Me-:CREA CO. 421 East Sixth Street TRinii'y 5948 102 COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF fn, . J f4' f f'-fI'. ,IQ , J. EDMUN ATSO WWW 1 A M www OFFICIAL PHOTOC-RAPHER FOR THE 1941 ALIVIANAC A x W K 539 yi Fi Q1 J w M - f 1 W' W 5E "' Q xy x 'SCJ W , W T E Q I Xyic 1228 SOUTH FLOWER STREET PROSPECT 0347 103 ,FV ' -H--df wwf 44? , x wi if Ja WZZQM ' fjgpvifxlgp W X mi? Zaffdfijjlvi 9 ,K JK , P iff W ,MMM Q Miff M Xi WW ESX El MQWW , Q ' fi ,ii MQW? -A l bf Q GQ . P ,s i M g ffif X A ffl

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