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we A r-,,..', .1-. "., 9- 4. -'f.AQ'wg :Q . w .. LW., if - - v ..'.,',,,.fQf g X., .-y-- S, ,. - 1.. '. xv.. .,', N ,Adi . ,. 1'-fUvfE" -121 my . sd- '- 1 x S" " ' ' 4. . 1' I-. . L- -. 1 . ' G, ' 5-liuxqrf-. E , Q... "As J, ..-. '?:Q:'1,3 - . ' . 7 AV ' ,L .H .K . ,1 . f 1:-,ff ,"-, ik . ww T,--' .1 -, -M154-"lb 1' -b .1 . fv, lm. ..i--fe-,' fQ.'2.wL"1QlF'.:'- 'Af 1, , A. 1 " ' " 4. ,L .X 1 . YI: X g ' ' .15m'..-,, , . ff fjiilhi Y - 11,1 'S ,ui 'gf F?-A ' ,". Q W. lx , -41' .K V - .. . . ft I' '. '1 9 l . rf ' ,. V 4 Rv C ,, 2 I ' 'Tv 11 - ' " ,. xl , , , v , , . u J. ,M ....qE,e41,:.N. . .' , w4fiLfl4:m.+i.f..:MgL.y,,,Mg. .5:,,.+.,. ,.,.,.,-.4...,,., 4 -. . ,' -' v' s':f"'W'I1QM -A, s-V 'E :xx , ,wry ' F x H .',, .1 . 'H-4.1, .A 0, 4' ' ix-X. ' 3' . if-31Lg3?:2"? 4 . ,lv-...A . .3 -4 , A ': ,f uv.. , . N In , I , 1 .1 , . ,.: , 5 ... .X , , r. ' V7 . -'I ' " ,-IM' V" -,Q .-' - gig.. -N, 'Yxx , N F4 1. 13, ,, ,. .x,,.X,f ' - 1 anffQf2giF:12i3g,ffii:m1'f?a.1f1w 1- .A x"g'Q- ' P 'uy,:- 'H ' . '-.3 Yr . . L ...A . 1. gr - If 5 x-K X' :-'hsmwwg' ' Q ..- v 's-. 4 K . K. gf , X ,..,....,.. ... A, . .--W .,4,-.4...-,....-.-.,,......-.w...i. df A---1 - --qw-f ff---mf -ff-1 r-1f+w-wrn- wwf, I W ,. ,N Q ,f 1' A Q' ,.,, .Q 1' ' ., L4 2 1,s fa f ,yn A w 5 " .. ,223 5 5 s 3 i i 2 Q Q i Q 5 . mm amish f,.me,vM1msrv M1940 A L M A N A C II I I I I ' Published by BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL Los ANGELES, CA f w ,f'-2fw. T'G1 'aj wflifv .' :'3'f,X" :J I " 1 xl -' I fxl V 40 I ' ,xi 1 Mb Jfgif, If r limi' - 3 f"'7'ldl :1,,fQQ'4?U'u K LCJ' Jig' , I S N4 ., -.,- f f. x ' - X' f- --f -'ff H ' ,VV--"wga.fl ,ff ?',d,l ,,',.,,,.f-kv' V-f '-fl -f ..!'-fl-' '- fcih , 'f,j,L,g,, s. . n.f x" x 'p i - f' 1' . N" 1 , Mig, VA ! li Nuff ugh v'AJ1n L,,,,, i!,y3,,,.L 4cf,u- -t M ,A--X - ' f "1 I f ' '- , 1 1'rLA1-Lfflk X ffl-ri 1 x i if Wd! VQQI. :J !!J,:,kAr..,g ,. 5 - ,,.',., Ni- ' I I fl , ,, ji 'vgiji 'w""" W- ,. ...f 1 xinug r-f..f:f IPIZQFV' I' f' I f '-4'-4"'S J ., ff A. -, ' .- 'N ' B . fx Af , . ' .,.- -.. ,f 'lb L . I If:-ZVc42V,, Jynj- qv., XJJAKL-i +-,MXL V, fu-w , ' ' if 'ff A' pf., ff,gf.,', j!,"',s4 Af I I I f ' "1 Q- .ffsny rfu- R . , 'A A f , ,Li K -x L . X, N , , f N, N V . KL V "1'j,?,,,q..-YL,, Nl, va J .,,,w,L,M,,E , W VG, J Q' if of f 7 ' ,, f h L , Q ' 1 ' V "I gh- 'X -'T V Vv'f,f ,fr L9-s j I A-'J 34,4 ik X bf V X V, ,, f V J .4 muff ,,.fvN, V ' 4 .fy , Ax I I 'A ., I Y k 2 N : Q I -K V3 , , , A 'h .4 A X 'X I If J. I, V ,4 ,und , r K ygzvsfg YQA N, ,vjzk J f-.,,f x21 Qi Q,- f , , s f? hvawvi V15 i r 'Mft 3111. ..f"'f W! .fl,Q,n0'."1,f,fi1L!3-4-4' 'SL , f 4 ,f fl X 5' I .hx 5 1, L.- .xi ' ,' ' ' ' A ,' r llflyv 'AKIN4 ,,.,f..,iqj. I 1, ' 4 I-1 v Q L JL45, AZ'!fi!'f'3f4' .f, y. 9' , gj. N 'ff.v'Zfi-',Q': ,Ld . vying , - -' f' ' 1 ' ff' , , J I jf, 1 , H 1 5. J , - , lsffa ,, f . -W +' .J "ff ff! -N M410 7' I fx 'lj X '- RQMW M Eff W COPYRIGHTED 1940 by CATHERINE COLVIN VERNON IORGENSCN :Va 'F' ww. f W. 'E 421, W, MM, 'Nbr' RE ORD lt has been an honor, a privilege, and a lot of fun producing the l94O Almanac-whiz- zing around getting copy okayed, choosing the cover, pasting proof, working together on Franklin's twenty-fourth year-book. Around the Campus is its theme. Because the campus is the heart of Franklin, it is the heart of the Almanac. ln the long, long ago all local and related history was contained in the old family album, but in l94O the Alma- nac's the thing. lt is your book. Nothing can make us happier than your approval of it. -The Staff. DEDICATIO FOR HIS LEADERSHIP AND ABILITY, FOR HIS INFLU- ENCE UPON THE LIVES OF FRANKLINITES, FOR THE RESPECT IN WHICH THEY HOLD HIM, AND FOR HIS GENUINE LIKEABILITY, WE DEDICATE THIS BOOK TO A TRUE SPORTSIVIAN . . . IVIR. CHARLES FRANKLIN HESS EDWARD SPANGLER CATHERINE COLVIN VERNON JORGENSEN CATHERINE COLVIN-Editor-in-Chief VERNON IORC-ENSON, ED SPANGLER-Co-Art Editors ROY HEIIVIBUCI-I-Assistant Editor PHILIP SIMON, BOB BLUIVI-Associate Editors LORETTA COUVILLON--Literary Editor ARIVIAND REA--Sports Editor MARGARET IVICCEE, FLORENCE IVIADSEN-Club Editors Q IAY MURPHY-R.O.T.C. Editor NELLIE KAUFMAN, IACK STRINGER-Assistant Art Editors NEIL IURICK, RENE DeSAIX-Assistant Sports Editors K ' 'S sfwfyfgjfyffv Ipf"yif If, I ' ' Q1SiffwjQfIfiQfM yggwposyw JI' 3EyI,GQ?iI,T s WW Ui 'W fdwfyfm Aff GJSNJMXP ADMINISTRAT ON STU ENT O Y g ACTIVITIES R O T C SPORTS F ATURES FRANKLIN CREED I believe in sound and unselfish citizenship and hold that every activity in which I engage should tend to make of me a better citizen for today as well as for tomorrow. I believe that only in such degree as I attain to useful citizenship here and now may I expect to become of service to my country and to all mankind. I believe in the sound body that is essential to the keen mind and whole- some spirit. I will, therefore, cultivate my physical powers by clean, hard, and joyous play. I believe that "my mind to me a kingdom is," and that it were a shame not to explore and master that kingdom to the full, that having mastered, I may serve, I believe that an immortal soul sets me apart from all other kinds of living creatures and that with strength and knowledge must go beauty of spirit. I choose as its emblem the Franklin Kite. I believe that material equipment, the counsel of mature guides, and the friendship of wholesome companions are essential to my highest develop- ment. To open these doors I choose the Franklin Key. -CHARLES BARCLAY MOORE. Mr! W I' aff? -xgif, -S--'V a Q., f .3 ,F Q 1 , I , ' is ,fi Q , - J . if 1 I TV. L . r . , , J, ,. - 4 Xl if r 52,1 f"' ' 7' f . ' tv l W ' , , ee? 'Q S , , ' ' , , ' . ' ' . J 5 YE ' V . 'X V L i 4, 4, ' - .. .':.- 'Y' " , A r. 1 2 , Q' ' ' ,n - V A x - I ff, " -3 'A , 9-j 4 : w Q 'G 3" I . Q,-:f'i" 94? fi :rf f " ff, 1 :ff fu- .,- ' 1. - 32 3-1, P' -4 R1 3' A-911' I ' F "4 ', ' af. A 1 'f'1': '2.'f'- .V -' if' V: , - , 'A 1 ,J 'v'-,- -gf-. g. f - gpg 4 -. , 779k . fi, E if - - , . -- -- ..,, ,-,V , Z -,Q,,?LL,., . t I ' ,- Af , ,lf Q' ,K L .- . , if . H-,gif ,..,,..,. YM- .M Jmen e Q- J Q., - M.,.- z. Y 3.1: '-::cj45:.S U . I, , :J "' - . .S -' "1 ' - -:,1m'egL.,, - 4 rn, 5-jeiq ' ,-3 ':-V' ., 'g1g!.:,.LyQ ,, K L. ,,,,,.xT. . -.. . 71- b 1 -n , ,- 95, - in 211 f V-413, ,Wg 19 ALMANAC 40 MISS EDITH HODGKINS MR. ROBERT TEALL Mr. John Hoist Miss Gertrude Mallory Mr. Henry Thompson 19 ALMANAC 40 ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS The wheels of education at Franklin would not turn if it were not for the expert administrative assistants who so capably handle curricular, sec- retarial, and library affairs. Mr. john R. Hoist is the amiable and efficient counselor under whose direction are Mrs. Small, in charge of the reams of student records, and Mrs. La Pierre, Mrs. Bartlett, Mrs. Warner, and Miss Greene who take care of those imperative problems of curriculum and guidance. The man to be seen by absentees-be their excuses fair or foul-is Mr. Henry Thompson whose position as registrar is a most important one. lt is through the efforts and knowledge of Miss Mallory and Mrs. Corbett that the library has become the fascinating place that it is. That imposing occupation of secretary of the school, and all the hundreds of duties that ac- company it, falls to Mrs. Warr who is so ably assisted by Mrs. Bagdasarian. The efficiency and skill of Mrs. Pittsenburger are felt through her service in the book room. Standing-left to right: Mrs. Corbett, Mrs. Bagdasarian. Sitting-left to right: Mrs. Kilmurray Mrs Warr, Mrs. Small. A ir Ahlport nderson Anderson Atkinson Baltzley Backell Bartlett Bates Bjurman Brainerd Campbell Church Clark Crane Cu rt Carlquii Cutler Da Vall DeVelbiss Downing Duke Dutcher Elliott Fifts Frank Fraser Galbraith Getze Gilbert Greene Griffin Hahn Hentschke Hess Holdredge Horton Jessup Johnston Kahley Kennedy Keyes Kindy King LaPierre Lisherness Macdonald MacKalip Magie McCollor'n McCuIIy McMurry Merriman Meyer Miller 1 Mort Offill Parker Pipal Powers Preeman Roberts Robison Shaffer Sherinyan Spangler Thompson Thorp Trieb Vincent Warner Whitsell Wing Wolf Wyckoff U W M x s 1 4 572155 A- 2 V514 Lk ,L ' -ff? - . ' -W. , .,- ,y, . f' , ' W - , , .- 2' , '..L . 'PQ-51 l,- if L. .Q - A12-'14 , ' J, -ef,a 1'2P1.- '3'Pf:f:f ' 5 ' I - "VH " V F j riigliri 7374 . 311: .-2' 'E FL " .Gi 5+',4--9'-wsafii 2? in 3 , fp, Q, ,, . ,F ., ,,.. RL, 44 ,A Y ,,,Lfu,,v gf 14 mr '1.,-,q,,-fa' Y.,-1,1 -a-mf '34 J ff- 7 mrs- 1, . , .4 -ff 1i"."i.j5E1?,,'J , 5 .V it-1 i'g'5'Ji:I4-L fig?-rl, xg -ig-,, lf.z.3-IW:-"!' 9: - u rv V' A ' ' f - "Aff 1 -21: ,. SV :J .-! ,-Qx"f'-if 1 My aj ,w g 1 Wi 3 IWW ' 5yV' ,2w S g WWMWW W,-9-' Jovi Ehifafwfj S2jyff5ff5'LWNMj,f5UfffMfQbff 7 W? W WW 1 X A Q Qyxfgmfyluv Q . , ,. , . ,wvy I ." 5 -Lf - .7 4' , 5 U - -, 5 4, A .- 1 , - Q' ,f l-Z f -"iz . +2 V - V ,- Y , ' ' , -, 554' 1' " ' , .Y i' f - Y i 21: - V .:,,:: : 22,1-R A4 'H ' 5 "sl ,-,Q--,,,1:: 95-g3f':.5 TQ b ' . 3 'A 1' , 'Q pg., ' g A - " ff, if 3'mL,fg-f 5'?, I' j'- -L' 5541, v1 fm, :55f1.1Q,- T ff '1, , , 1 .. . . 514,-1: 1,' 1-zf,?3f1'f'E if-f 2,!,5g1fg,f' 25,21-1-ai h e a' .mmf -.L - ' M-'z..fmz:L:,L A '.L.f1 f fm, 'P+' STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Winter '40 Summer '40 JAMES ARTHUR MARTHA LEWIS President vice-president BILL FENNICK DOLORES YORBA president vice-president W. -.R STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Like all other organizations with American traditions, Franklin has, governing its student body, a group of unassuming officers who are ex- pected to uphold the ideals of a democracy. The officers, who are chosen once every se- mester to hold office for the ensuing six months, are outstanding in personality, scholarship, and leadership, for to them is intrusted the guid- ance of the entire student body. Their work is varied, but each carries out his task in an effici- ent and adequate manner. ROBERT LEWIS JEAN HOLLINGSWORTH vice-president secretary STANLEY GILBERT HATTIE COATES vice-president secretary ln maintaining self-government and in manag- ing school affairs, the officers have been most outstanding the past year. Both executive groups have also brought about marked improvements in existing conditions, school spirit, and school life in general by the effective discharge of their duties during the course of their administration. First Semester Officers Second Semester james Arthur ....... President ........ Bill Fennick Martha Lewis . . . First Vice President . . . Dolores Yorba Bob Lewis ...... Second Vice President.. Stanley Gilbert leanne Hollingsworth .. Secretary ....... Hattie Coates I3 CLASS OFFICERS Winter Class LOUIS WINDHAM VIVIAN BARNES ELSIE MACRI - ELSA NORD President vlce-president secretary treasurer Summer Class ROY WHITTAKER BEE McCONNELL MARY LOUISE TURNER HELEN VALANTINE Pfesidenf vice-president secretary treasurer CUTH BERT LOVE Ephebian W'4O MARY LOUISE TURNER Ephebiarw S'4O ROBERT LESTER Ephebian Essayisf S'4O BILL FENNICK Ephebian S'4O EPHEBIANS AND ESSAYISTS BETTY JO AXT Ephebian Essayisf W'4O RICHARD LESH Ephebian Essayist W'4O JANET DUNHAM Ephebian S'4O CHESTER BURNS Ephebian S'4O BETTY JANE KEARS Ephebian W'4O JAMES ARTHUR Ephebian W'4O HATTI E COATES Ephebian S'4O CATHERINE COLVI N Ephebian S'4O EDWIN ERNST Ephebian W'4O BILLIE REESE Essayist S'4O STANLEY GILBERT Ephebian S'4O ROY HEIMBUCH Ephebian S'4O CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION MIRIAM CARGILE, CUTI-IBERT LOVE, BETTY JO AXT, JAMES ARTHUR RUTH GITTELL, BILLIE REESE, ROY HEIMBUCI-I, LORETTA COUVILLON, HATTIE COATES VERDA JENSEN, DOLORES YORBA, PHILIP SIMON, FLORENCE MADSEN, CATHERINE COLVIN MARY LOUISE TURNER, FLORENCE ROSEN, ROBERT LESTER, THELMA COBB, JANET DUNHAM MARIETTA SCOTT, ELEANOR FITCH, BETTY JANE KEARS, HELEN VALANTINE, JEAN VORIS First Prize Poem YOUTH'S CROWN OF DREAMS When withered hands of time lift faded dreams lnto the lighted scope of mem'ry's mind, The shining crown of Youth flagrantly gleams ln insolence undimmed, in hope enshrined, As thru the years with Youth in fevered pace, The little dreams that make the crown are lostg Then Age turns back - retrieves them to each A place, And time reflects their magnitude and cost. Young hearts heed not the warning of the years: Young eyes see but the first side of the page, Old hearts are scarred with living, and life's tears Are dried upon the cheek of knowing Age. Go reckless Youth-go fling your life away! But save your dreams, they're all you'll have someday. DOLORES YORBA. JACK ADAMS-R.O.T.C. MARGARET M. ANDREWS-Class Room Treas- urer, Senior Orchestra. JESS V. ANTISTA-Hi-Hatter, Athledelphian, Junto, B Football, C Track. JAMES BRYAN ARTHUR-Ephebian, C.S.F. Life, Stu- dent Body President, Student Body Vice-President, Associator. BETTY JO AXT-Ephebian, C.S.F. Life, Girls' Council President, Student Body Secretary, Feature Editor -of the Press. LEDYARD BALDWIN-B Bas- ketball, C Basketball, A Softball. BETTE VIRGINIA BALLARD-Manager of Photo Club, Chess Club, International Forum. MURIEL LINNETT BARK- ER-Girls' Senior Glee Club. VIVIAN M. BARNES-Vice-President of Senior A Class, Treasurer of Good Form Club, Secretary for Miss Hodgkins. BARBARA BARR-President of Art Club, Secretary -of Art Club, Secretary-Treasurer of Chess Club, Athe- nian. ANGELA l, BATTISTESSA-Tri-Y, Treble Clef, G.A.A. VIRGINIA ELEANOR BAUGHMAN-Tri-Y, Assistant in Nurse's Office, Assistant in Attendance Office. MARLYN BELL-B Football, B Basketball, Class Room Treasurer. PATRI- CIA MAVIS BELL. MAXINE BETTY BLAND-Yell Leader for Senior A and B Classes, Yell Leader for G.A.A., Yell Leader for Girls' League, Social Chairman of Treble Clef, ice Skating Club. JACK BLUM-President of Junto Club, President of Masquers, Chess Club, Debate Team, Oratory. YOLANDA JEAN BOND-Class Room Treasurer. HELEN MAE BOONE- President of Girls' League, Student Council, Girls' Council, Good Form, Press Staff. ANDREA JEAN BRIGGS-Athenian, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Beghgny. MARION LOUISE BROWN-Secretary for Miss Mallory, Hook an urve. PHYLLIS JUNE BURNS. LILY BURSTIN-Business Office. ALBERTA ALINE CANTERBURY-Good Form, Ice Skating Club, Rifle Club, Secretary lgolfwllr. Thompson, Hall Guard Supervisor. JACK CAREY-A Track, A Foot- a . MIRIAM ALLEN CARGILE-Vice-President of Athenian Society, Associate Editor of the Press, C.S.F. Life. BETTY MARIE CENTONI-Athenian, Bethany. WILLIAM GEORGE CLARK-A and B Track, A Basketball, Ice Skating Club, Allied Youth, Sweater Committee. MARJORIE CLAYTON- Secretary to Mr. Hoist. THELMA COBB-Ceremonial Chairman for Tri-Y, Supplies Manager of Photo Club, C.S.F. Life, Student Librarian. HAROLD COLVIN-Softball, Apparatus, Basketball. HOWARD LEE COOK-C Football, Track Manager. JOSEPH COOKMEYER-A Football, B Football. CELIA WARNER CRANE-Bethany, Tri-Y. ROBERT H. CREIMAN. BETTY CUSHING-Tri-Y, Latin Club. PHYLLIS DAWN-Library Staff. ROBERT E. DUFRESNE-Stage Crew, Cafeteria Manager. MAUDE ELIZA- BETH DUNNICA. MYRON BUD EARL-Stage Crew, B Track. ELIZABETH FRANCES EDMUNDS. E. C. ERNST-Ephebian, President of Boys' League, Associator, Student Council, Hi-Hatter. ESTHER ESPLIN-Bethany, Tri-Y, Girls' Senior Glee. Spanish Club, Secretary to Mrs. Powers. ELEANOR THOMAS FITCH-C.S.F. Life, Committee Chairman for Tri-Y, Librarian. MARIE L. FLANDERS. WALLACE FORD-Laboratory Assistant. MARVIN FRANKEL. AUBREY E. FRANKLIN-Allied Youth, Gym Club. RAYMOND FRAZIER-Program Chairman for the Music Club, Athenian. HARRIET RUTH FREDEEN-Girls' Council, Good Form, Vice-President of Ellen H. Richards. DELORES ELIZABETH GARDNER. ULNA LYNN GAR- EIEITT, JR.-Ice Skating Club. BARNARD EGBERT GATES-Tennis Team, ess. JOHN J. GATES-Track Manager, Student Store. BOB GILWITZ-Drama- tics, President of Masquers Club, Associator. RUTH ESTHER GITTELL-- Treasurer of Athenian Society, C.S.F. Life, Bethany. DORIS WYLMA GLENN. GWENITH MAE GLICK. BETTY LOU GRATZ-Good Form, Vice-President of Rifle Club, Social Chairman for Tri-Y. EUGENE WILLIAM GRAU-As- sociator, Secretary of Boys' League, B, C, and D Basketball, Latin Club, Athledelphian. CHARLES SEABURY GRAY-Manager of Sound Crew, Projection Crew, Athenian, Social Chairman for Senior B Class, Latin Club. ROBERT LAURIE GRIGGS-Debit and Credit, Masquers, Ice Skating Club. EDITH C. GUSTAFSON-Vice-President of Girls' League, Etiquette, Treas- urer tor Latin Club, Senior Orchestra, Tri-Y. THOMAS ANGELO GUZZO- B Football, B Track, B Track Manager. GERALDINE HARVEY-Good Form, Vice-President of Ellen H. Richards, Bethany. MERILYN MARGARET HASLER. STANLEY C. HATFIELD-Stage Crew. WILLIAM FRANK HAUB-Band, Orchestra. BARBARA LOUISE HILL- Girls' Council, Girls' League Cabinet, Secretary of International Forum. WANDA L. HOFF-Vice-President of Etiquette Club, Dancing Club, Ice Skating Club, Hall Guard. IMA JEAN HOLLINGSWORTH-Secretary of the Student B-ody, Rifle Club, Secretary of Senior B Class, Bethany, G.A.A. NEYSA EILEEN HOLVECK-President of Girls' Senior Glee, Secretary of Girls' Senior Glee, Treasurer of Spanish Club, Masquers, Senior A Hi Jinks. ENID HUGHES-Secretary to Mr. Wing, SHIRLEY LILLIAN HUNTER-Club Editor on the Press, Secretary of Girls' Council, Etiquette. FLORENCE HUSTED-Bethany. COLLIN JENKINS- Apparatus. LILLIAN JEANNETTE JUTTE. SOOREN ALBERT KALOUSDIAN-B Football, A Football, President of Hi- I-latters, Associator, Athledelphian. NORMAN LEE KALTENBACH-Ice Skating Club. DICK KANOLD-Vice-President of Chess Club, Yell Leader of Senior B Class, President of Writers' Workshop, Business Office. ELIZA- BETH R. KANTZ. BETTY JANE KEARS-Ephebian, Co-Editor of the Press, Girls' Council, Etiquette, C.S.F. Life. LILLIAN KENNEDY-Tri-Y, Spanish. HELEN B. KENT-Masquers, Registrars' Office. HARRY L. KINCADE-Stage Crew. ERNEST W. KLEEMANN-B and C Basketball, Social Chairman of Athle- delphians, Yell Leader for Senior A Class, Senior A Cabinet. ZAVIN PETER KONJOYAN-Class Room Treasurer. BETTY ANNE KUCERA-Ellen H. Richards, Rifle Club, Treasurer of Girls' Senior Glee, G.A.A., Class Room Treasurer. GRACE DOROTHY LANDOLT. RICHARD T. LEAVER-Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Associators. ROB- ERT A. LEAVER-B Football, Associators. RICHARD LESH-Associator, Social Chairman for Senior A Class, President of Junto Club, Boys' League Cabinet, Class Room Treasurer. ALDEANE LEWIS. MARTHA MAY LEWIS-Vice-President of Student Body, Student Council, Girls' Council, Etiquette, Vice-President of Girls' League. ROBERT TURN- ER LEWIS-Vice-President of Student Body, President of Senior B Class, Co-Sports Editor of the Press, B Football, C and D Basketball. JOHN KEITH LINN-Stage Crew, Track Manager, Class Room Treasurer. ERINA ELIZABETH LORENZI--Vice-President of Dancing Club, G.A.A., Bethany. CUTHBERT M. LOVE-Ephebian, C.S.F. Life, President of Athenians, B, C, and D Basketball, Associators. MARGARET LORRAINE LUSK-Chairman of Dancing Club, G.A.A., Bethany, Rifle, Senior Glee. WANDA LENORE LYON-Vice-President of Good Form Social Chairman for Sen' B CI , ior ass, Athenian, Secretary of Try-Y, Bethany. JAMES EDWARD MCCAMEY, JR. -R.O.T.C., Sabre and Chevrons. JEANETTE McCARTHY-Good Form, Tri-Y, Office. PATSY JEAN McLEAN -Treasurer of Ellen H. Richards, Rifle Club, Vice-President of Glee Club, G.A.A.. GEORGE NOLAN MCQUOWN-Tennis Captain, Hi-Hatter, Associa- tor, Boys' League Cabinet. DUNCAN MacPHERSON-Major ot R.O.T.C., Secretary of Sabre and Chevrons. ELSIE MACRI-President of Rifle Club, Secretary of Senior A Class, Treas- urer of Senior B Class, Class Room Treasurer, Hook and Curve. JOSEPH MARGUCCI-A Football, B Football, A Softball, Orpheus Club. ALBERT ARTHURMARTIN-Stamp Club, Senior Orchestra. OLIVER MARTINDALE -Boys' League Cabinet. VIRGINIA JEAN MARVIN-Ellen H. Richards, Bethany, Class Room Treasurer. EVELYN VIRGINIA MAYER-Etiquette, Tri-Y, Class Room Treasurer. BETTY LORRAINE MERRELL-President of A Cappella Choir, Secretary of Girls' Senior Glee, Rifle Club, Class Room Treasurer, First Aid office. PHIL MEYERS-Yell Leader for Student Body, Hi-Hatter, Senior Hi-Jinks, Ice Skating Club, Track. DOROTHY MILLER-Girls' Rifle Club, Try-Y, Secretary to Miss Hodgkins, Counselor's Office. PHIL MILLER-C Track, Apparatus, B Football, Hall Guard. WALLACE GREGORY MITCHELL-Co-Sports Editor of the Press, Secretary of Hi-Hatters, B Track, Hardball. VIRGINIA PHYLLIS MONTOYA Fl-look and Curve, Secretary to Miss Greene, Tri-Y, Treble Clef, Senior I- II'IX. GEORGE WILLIAM MOORE. CAROLINE JUNE MORRIS-A Cappella Choir, Treble Clef, Press Staff, Nature Club. LOIS E. MOTTS-Class Room Sec- retary. JOE C. NICHOLS-Public Speaking. MARY NIELSEN. ELSA NORD-President of Tri-Y, Girls' Council, Good Form, Latin Club, Treasurer for Senior A Class. MONA MARY JANE NOREN-Treble Clef, DOT O'DEAN-Girls' Council, President, Secretary, and Treasurer of Good Form, Hall Guard Supervisor, Secretary to Mr. Hentschke, Tri-Y. ' WINNIFRED OGG-Class Room Secretary, Hook and Curve. BOB PACKARD -Vice-President of Junto Club. FREDA PAINE-Good Form, Ice Skating Club, Music Club. ALDEN CHARLES PALMER-Hi-Hatter, B Basketball, B Tennis, Associator, Athledelphian. FRANK A. PARKHURST. JAMES HARVEY PARSONS, JR.-Senior Hi Jinks. VIVIANNE PETERSEN-President, Secretary, and Social Chairman Iof-Eti- quette Club, Girls' Council, President of Dancing Club, Ellen H. Richards, Latin Club. VIRGINIA BELL PLUMB. ALMA MAY POLAND-Hook and Curve, G.A.A., Secretary to Mr. Axe, Secretary to Miss Baltzley. HILARY E. POMATTO. ELSIE EILEEN PRES- TIEN. ROBERT PURE-Photo Club, Allied Youth. PHILIP C. REED-Athledelphian, Apparatus Letterman, Varsity Track, A Cappella Choir, Treasurer' for Allied Youth. MARVEL ELAINE REMD - E Latin Club,v Bethany, Writers' Work Shop, Athenian. FRANKLIN RILEY RHUE-Business Mana f h ' ' ger ort P ,Oh Clb,Ad t M - ger for the Almanac of S'39. LSIS EECKETETSEUS U Ver Ising ana DON ROBINSON-President of Ice Skakting Club. RALPH BROWN ROB- INSON-A Cappella Choir, Secretary of Boys' Senior Glee, Orpheus Club. GLORIA ANN RONE-Masquers, G.A.A., Music Club, Secretary of Nature Club, Class Room Treasurer. DOROTHY LEE ROTITTO--G.A.A., Secretary of Girls' Senior Glee. BETTE SACKS+Treasurer -of Girls' League, Athenian, Historian for Tri-Y, Corporal of Rifle Club, Secretary to Mr. Teall. CLARA MATTIA SCAR- PITTI-Secretary to Miss Magie, Ice Skating Club, Attendance Office. RICHARD ROBERT SCHEERER. RALPH SCHLITZKUS-Boys' Senior Glee. BOB SCHNEBLY-A and B Basketball, Athledelphian, Stage Crew. VERLA MARIE SCHUMANN-Secretary to Miss Brainerd, Ice Skating Club. MAR- GARET LUCILLE SIMMONS. JACK WARRINER SIMONS-Band, Orchestra. MARY FLORENCE SIMS-Rifle Club, Hook and Curve. CLAUDE IRVIN SMITH-C and B Basketball, President of Chess Club, Latin Club. LOIS MARGARET SMITH-President of Treble Clef, Historian of Senior Glee, A Cappella Choir, Masquers, Stage Craft. DICK SPARKS-A Football, A Softball, Student Council, Commissioner of Athletics, Athledelphian. BARBARA STEELE-Hook and Curve, Needlework Guild, Secretary to Miss Jessup. STANLEY STRINGER-Co-Editor of the Press, Hi-Hatter, President of Press Club, Boys' League-Cabinet, B Track. BARBARA SUMMERS- Tri-Y, Writers' Guild, Bethany. CHESTER SUTHERLAND-Varsity Football, Hi-Hatter, Stage Crew. KIYOSHI TAKANO-Press Staff Cartoonist, Assistant Art Editor on S'39 Almanac, Secretary-Treasurer of Art Club, Varsity Tennis, Head Yell Lead- er. JOHN PAUL TAPIA-Sound Crew, Stage Crew, Radio Club. IRMA M. TAUSCH. BERNICE TAYLOR-Second Vice-President of Girls' Council, So- cial Chairman of Tri-Y, Good Form, Latin Club. FIURONA MAY TAYLOR. JOSEPH L. TORRES+Journalism Staff, Press Staff. MARY DEE TRERISE-Girls' Council, Etiquette, P.B.X. Board, Secre- tary to Miss McMurry. BOB TROUT-Vice-President of Masquers, Vice- President of Glee Club. JOHN W. TRUITT. MABLE ELIZABETH TURNER-A Cappella Choir. FLORENCE JESSIE TURNEY-Tri-Y, Senior B Sweater Committee, Latin Club. GEORGE NICHOLAS VERRY-R.O.T.C., Secretary of Sabre and Crev- rons, Athenian, Spanish Club, Guard. 4 DIANA VLACICH-Vice-President of Girls' Council, Etiquette, Tri-Y, Athenian. MARJORIE MARIE WADE--Historian of Good Form, President and Secretary of Ellen H. Richards, Latin Club, Hall Guard. HERBERT WIL- LIAM WALKER-B Basketball. DALE EUGENE WALSH-Photo Club, Or- pheus. JOAN PHYLLIS WATKINS-Tri-Y, Hook and Curve, P.B.X. Board. PHYL- LIS WEBER-G.A.A. Letterman, Rifle Club, Yell Leader for Girls' League, Girls' Senior Glee, Bethany. MERCEDES WELLS-Good Form, Ellen H. Rich- ards, Rifle Club. HAROLD A. WHITESTONE. FLORENCE MARY WILLIAMS--Top Sergeant for Rifle Club, G.A.A., Ice Skating Club, First Aid Office. DORAS PRISCILLA WILLIAMS-Senior Play, Tri-Y. KENNETH GUNNAR WILLIAMS-Senior Glee. MARVIN WILSON. S., . RICHARD WILSON. LOUIS ROBERT WINDHAM-Associafor, Hi-Hatter, A Track Captain, A Football, President of Senior A Class. CHESTER WIN- GATE-A Football, A Softbal' HARRY KELLUM WINTERS-Bo s' Lea e I .. y gu Cabinet, Chess Club, Athenian. HELEN RUTH WOOD. EVANGELINE WRIGHT. ANNA MINETTE ZITKA- Bethany, Hook and Curve, Tri-Y, Athenian. CAMERA SHY Winter Class JOHN JACOB BAKER MARION OLIVE BROWN ALDO JOHN CHIAPPE JUDITH TERESA CRISTELLI THEODORE C. DELMAR GEORGE RENNIE DIACK KATHLEEN MARY DORAN HARRY JOHN DUCKWORTH JACK BENNETT DUNCAN GERALD EDWARD FEENY EDNA MAY GRANT DONALD WAINWRIGHT HALL CHARLES HAWTHORNE WALTER EVERETT LANGFORD MARY AGNES MULDOON ROBERT EMMET RADZINSKI BETTE MAE ROMANI LEWIS FURRELL SHANK ROBERT LYLE SNOW RICHARD WILSON JOSEPHINE DORIS WRIGHT CLASS SPONSORS iwiN'rERi MRS. PREEMAN, MR. HORTON, Miss MCMURRY MR. GILBERT, MRS. TRIEB, MR. TEALL, MRS. BATES fy, 4 rf' 'SE . ,Q ,il . W H1 .T- .,. 'fs v 552-k.zSZ5B14-Zi! .dJ8f25'!K1' nf , - Qs-say ' we W . M5 f . ,1 -X U ,ix Ax 4 . f xiw ' A I . ff' . lv, 4 ? mfw :fe-:L 'im' .wi H X -3.55. . 'F fi 4 I 5 X l 2 gi X 'X 1. 2 Q SARKIS ABAJIAN-Spanish Club, A Cappella Choir. GERALDINE ACORD MALCOLM ACREE-R.O.T.C. Sergeant, Library Assistant, Nature Club Usher, Sabre and Chevrons. REBA AINSWORTH-Hall Guard Supervisor. OLIVE ANDERSON. EVELYN DOROTHY APEL-Treasurer of Girls' League, Social Chairman for Girls' League, President of Usherettes, Girls' Rifle Club, Junto. MARY EVELYN APEL. RUTH APEL-Rifle Club, Hostesses, Secretary for Usherettes, Senior B Treasurer. SHIRLEY ATKINS-Usherettes, Secretary of Junto Club, Tri-Y, Allied Youth, Hall Guard Chief. EDWARD BAILEY-Stage Crew. ELWOOD C. BAKER. BRISCOE BARTON BALDWIN-Chess Club. LLOYD EDWIN BARBER-B and C Track, B Football, Athledelphians, Hi-Y, Senior Glee. CHARLES BARRON--Treasurer of Hi-Hatters, Hi-Y, Senior A Representative. BETTY BASOR. SAM BENICHE-A and B Football, B Track, Boys' Senior Glee, Orpheus. BEVERLY BIRCH. MYRTLE BISBEY-Treble Clef. BERNADETTE BLAIR- Treble Clet. JOHN BLANEY-Associator, Student Store Stock Manager, B Football. ROBERT BLUM-Associate Editor of Almanac, Athenian. Junto Club, C Basketball, Dramatics. JOHN BOLF. BERNADINE BONTEMPO-Class Room Treasurer. ARTHUR BRADY-Junto Club, B and C Basketball. JIM BRATTON-Gym Club, Vice-President of Band. BEVERLY BREVIG- g3cg:6Klgorm, Ellen H. Richards. BETTY RUTH BREWER-G.A.A, JUNE MILDRED BROOKS. BETTY BROWN-Girls' Council. BETTE BROWN- Music Club. MARY JUNE BRUBAKER-Ellen H. Richards, Hall Guard. ELIZABETH MARIE BRUCKMAN-Secretary of Girls' Council, French Club, Ice Skating Club. MARION OPAL BRYANT-Usherettes, Stamp Club, Spanish Club. BAB AGNES BUCK-Pianist and Poster Chairman for Eemhany, Tri-Y, Athenian. DALE BURKHISER-Apparatus, Art Club, Soft- B . CHESTER BURNS-Ephebian, Associator, Financial Manager, Student Coun- cil Athenian. CAROLYN ANN BURT-Bethany, Tri-Y, International Forum. MIKE CALLAS-President of Athledelphians, Student Body Yell Leader, B. C. and D Basketball, A and B Softball, B and C Track. OPAL CAMP- BELL-President of Ellen H. Richards, Good Form, Nature Club. JOHN CULVIN CARDIN, JR.-Secretary and Treasurer of Hi-Y, Athledel- phian, Associator, B Basketball, Captain of B Track. ELBA CAVALLO- Treble Clef, Music Club, Hook and Curve, Hall Guard. MARTIN CECERE- B Football, B Track. RALPH CERRUTI-President of Chess Club, Basket- ball, Athledelphian, Spanish Club, Athenian. .L.........L 1 EVELYN CLEM-Bethany, A Cappella Choir.. LESLIE CLEMANN-Gym Team, C. Track. HATTIE COATES-Ephebian, C.S.F. Life, Secretarylof Student Body, Active Girls' Council, Student Council. IRENE COE-Girls' Senior Glee. CATHERINE BLANCHE COLVIN-Ephebian, C.S.F. Life, President of Beth- any, Vice-President of Spanish Club, Secretary of Athenian- Society. CECILE COMBS-Girls' Senior Glee, Class Room Treasurer, Dancing Club, President of Senior A Second Period Class. JIM COOK-A and B'Basket- ball, A Hardball. DOMENICA COSTANTINO-Treble Clef, Music Club, Class Room Treasurer, Counselors Office. NORMA COSTELLO-Good Form, Rifle Club, Treasurer of Ellen H. Richards. FRED COULSON-A Softball, Varsity Football. GORDON COUTTS--Asso- ciator, Hi-Hatter, Varsity Football, Social Chairman for Senior.B Class, R.O.T.C. Officer. LORETTA MARIE COUVILLON-C.S.F. Life, Social Chair- man of Girls' League, international Forum, G.A.A., Hook and Curve. IRIS CRAGER-Hook and Curve. BOB CULLEN-A Football, A Track. DORIS DAMON-Hook and Curve. ROBIN DAVIS. TESSIE DAVIS-Inter-Scholastic Debate, President of Sixth District of World Friendship Clubs, President and Vice-President of International Forum, Athenian, Active Usherette. VIRGINIA DAVISON-Bethany. BEVERLY DEAKIN. DELORIS DECKER-Hook and Curve. HENRY ROBERT DeFIORE-A and B' Football, Athledelphian, Boys' Senior Glee, Softball, Debit and Credit Club. DORIS DISNEY-Treasurer of Girls' Senior Glee. LOWELL DISNEY-Basketball Manager, Track Manager, Boys' Senior Glee, A Cappella Choir. CHARLES DIVINE-Boys' League Cabinet. JIM DOMINICA-A Football and Softball, Athledelphian, Boys' League Cabinet, President of A Cappella Choir, Hi-Hatter. JIM DOOLITTLE. JANET ELIZABETH DUNHAM-Ephebian, Girls' Council, Good Form, Ellen H. Richards, C.S.F. Life. BOB DUNHAM-President of Allied Youth, Senior E.bYell Leader, Senior A Social Chairman, Co-Captain of Gym Team, i rarian. - ALICE DUNN. FRANCES EDWARDS. ROY EDWARDS-Hi-Hatter, Associa- tor, A Basketball. MARY ELDREDGE-Treasurer of G.A.A., Co-Head of G.A.A. Tennis, Rifle Club, Secretary to Miss Jessup, Tri-Y. ARDITH ELSASSER. RUBY ELTON-Bethany, Art Club. THOMAS STEARNS ESTABROOK-Vice-President ot Hi-Hatters, Associator Student Court Justice, C Track, B. Football. MARILYN ESTILL-Athenian, lnter- national Forum. HERBERT EWING-B Football, Boys' Senior Glee, Stage Crew. WILLIAM J. FENNICK-President of Student Body, Vice-President of Boys' League, A and B Football, Active Associator, Hi-Hatter. JOE FINKELSTEIN-ln- Lean?-tgnal Forum, Chess Club. JOE M. FISH-First Lieutenant in the THEORA FLY-Winner in Realty Board Speaking Contest Member of S posium, Speaker for Community Chest and Press, .lunto'Club, Latin EDMUND FOERSTEL-Head Usher, B and C Track, Athenian, Hi-Y, Hall Guard. ROSALIE FOERSTEL G d F ' - - oo orm, Music Club, Tri Y. LEO FOGLE- Treasurer of Stamp Club, A Track, A Hardball, Publicity Squad, Hi-Y. 5 .V A N, A . 'gg .. 'A 3 , .,,,,:: .Q Q ,':.-, W . . A 2 . .',.M if A 1 , .3 ii. T A A' A sw . . ' ,, 1. is . - ' in ' R NX I -Eg A I ,"': ,. -A -J -APV T '-'-1 -" f up QP,':1'V'A T T1 . DOROTHY ANN FOOTE-Bethany. KENNY FOREMAN-Apparatus Cap- tain, Varsity Baseball, A, B, and C Track, Captain A, Basketball, Athledel- phian. MARGARET FOSS-Tri-Y. HELEN FREW. EVA GALEWSKI. GOLDIE GALYEN. DOLORES GAMET-Athenian, G.A.A,, Rifle Club, Usherette, Bethany. VERBAL GARBUTT-Chorus. MILDRED MAE GAUTSCHE-A Cappella Choir. HELEN GIDEON-Assistant Cafeteria Manager. STANLEY GILBERT-Vice-President of Student Bod Y, Associator, Student Court, Boys' State Representative, Latin Club. JACK GILLILAN-Art Club. JOHNNIE GILMARTIN-Class Room Treasurer, Hall Guard. FRANCES GIOVANNOLI-A Cappella Choir, Chorus. MARIE GIROUX-Hook and Curve, Secretary to Mr. Sherinyan. ARTHUR GRACE-C Basketball, Senior B Representative, Sweater Committee. BESSIE GRAHAM-Etiquette Club, Secertary to Mr. Gilbert. MADISON GREEN-A Cappella Choif, Music Club. VIRGINIA GREGER-Secretary to Miss Mallory. DONNA GRIGGS-Second Period Treasurer, A Cappella Choir. EUGENE GROSS-Orpheus. GEORGE GUBSER-Associator, Sabre and Chev- rons. FLORA GUZZO-Girls' Senior Glee, Hook and Curve. ALVIN HAASE-A Football, Apparatus, Stage Crew, R.O.T.C. BOB HANSON-Vice-President and Secretary of Hi-Hatters, Gym Club, B Football. HYPATIA DOROTHY HARBOTTLE-Counselors Office, Tri-Y. -RIC!-EIQARD FRANKLIN HARTZ-C Basketball. DALE HAWKES-Orchestra, rac . DAN HAWKES-Senior Orchestra. RICHARD GORDON HAWKINS-Bas- ketball. ALEXANDER CHARLES HEARD-Varsity and B Football, Track, Athledelphian, Boys' Senior Glee. GEORGE HEIBEL-Senior Play. ROY WALTER HEIMBUCH-Ephebian, C.S.F. Life, Sports Editor of Press, Assistant Editor of Almanac, Associator. JESS CHARLES HEINRITZ- President of Spanish Club, Historian for Athenian Society, Social Chairman of International Forum, Music Club. BARBARA HEWITT-French Club, President of Art Club, Athenian. STANLEY ARTHUR HEYNE-President of Latin Club, Boys' League. ROBERT REED HOFF-Varsity Football, Varsity Softball, Athledelphian. BETTE HOGLUND-Etiquette Club, Hook and Curve. BILL HOMAN. DUANE HOLLINGSWORTH. JACK HOOPER-Football, Football and Baseball Manager. WALLY HOP- KINS-Associator, Varsity and B Track Letterman, Athledelphian, Hx-Y, Band and Orchestra. MARGARET HOUGHLAN-Bethany, Hook and Curve, Rifle Club, G.A.A., Girls' Senior Glee. MELVIN HOWER. DOROTHY HULBERT-G.A.A., Bethany. DONALD LESLIE HUTCHINSON -Athledelphian, Basketball. PHILIP JACKSON. MARTHA E. JANCLAES --A Cappella Choir. FORREST S. JENSEN-A Football, A Track, Athledelphian. VERDA JEN- SEN-Hook and Curve, C.S.F. Lite, International Forum, Secretary to Mr. Teall. VIVIAN JOERNDT-Corporal in Rifle Club. HARRY JOHNSON- Hi-Y, Manager of Stage Crew. BLODWYN JONES-Social Chairman for Senior A Class, Treasurer of Treble Clet, Usherette, Latin Club. DEAN FISHER JONES-Spanish Club. DON JONES. VERNON JORGENSEN-Art Editor of Almanac, Press Cartoonist, Art Club, B Track. EVELYN JUGUM-President ot Music Club, NEIL JURICK-President of Associators, President of Hi-Hatters, A Football and Track, Almanac Staff, Student Council, THEODORE KARNOFSKY-Varsity Tennis, B Basketball, E:-E, Athledelphian. ELENE ELIZABETH KARPEROS-l-look and Curve u . MARIE KAUFMAN-G.A.A., Rifle Club, Yell Leader for G.A.A. WARREN KEEBLE. RICHARD MARVIN KENNEDY-A Football, A Baseball, Aviation Club, Senior Play. HELEN MARIE KNIGHT-Secretary of Rifle Club, Ellen H. Richards, Bethany, G.A.A., President of Dancing Club. VERNE KOENIG-Chess Club. DAVE KOLBLY-Sottball. EMMA LaBl- ANCA-Hook and Curve, Class Room Treasurer, Hostesses, Needlework Guild. KATHLEEN LAND. DOROTHY ESTHER LANE-Treasurer of Girls' League, Rifle Club, Senior Play, Latin Club, Athenian. GLADYS JOAN LANGSTAFF-Interpretive Program. JOSEPH ANTHONY LaPUMA-Hi-Hatter, Associator, Softball, B Football, Orpheus. KENNETH LAWRENCE. LEAH LAWTON. ESTHER LAY-Treasurer of Girls' Council, Secretary ot Etiquette Club, Treble Clet. ANN LAY-President of Girls' Council, Stu- dent Council, Etiquette Club, Ellen H. Richards, Class Room Treasurer. JOSEPH PETER LAZZARETTO, JR.-A Football, A Sottball, Athledelphian, A Track. LAWRENCE LeBLEU-B Football, D Basketball. ROBERT W. LESTER- President ot Associators, Ephebian, Student Council, A Basketball and Track, Hi-Hatter. FAY PATRICIA LINDLEY-Ellen H. Richards, Usherette, Bethany. EVELYN LINSKY-Music Club, International Forum. DAN LOCKSHAW-Stage Crew. ELLA MAE LORIMOR-President of Music Club, A Cappella Choir, Secretary of Senior Orchestra, Usherette. DOROTHY BLANCHE LOUGEE. LORRAINE LOWIS-Secretary ot Etiquette Club, Girls' Council. JACK MAXMILLIAN LUCARELLI-Senior A Yell Leader, A Track, Boys' Senior Glee, Orpheus. NELLA MAE LUM-Good Form Club. GLADYS HARRIET LUNGREN. MARGURITE LUNGER-G.A.A., Ellen H. Richards. of LOIS ALEEN LYTTLE-Music Club. ROBERT H. McCAlN-B Football, Junto Club. BEE MCCONNELL-Vice-President of Senior A Class, Good Form, Vice-President of Ellen H. Richards, Secretary of Masquers. WAR- REN McFADDEN-C Track, B F-ootball, Boys' Senior Glee, Athledelphian. HELEN MARGARET McGEE-Vice-President of Music Club, Tri-Y, Active Usherette, A Cappella Choir. SAMUEL FREDRICK MCMICHAEL-Varsity Football, Softball, Athledelphian. PEGGY McMULLEN-Active Girls' Coun- cil, Latin Club, Senior Play. DOROTHY LEE McROY-Ellen H. Richards, Treble Clef, Hall Guard. NAOMI MacLEOD-Vice-President of G.A.A., Treasurer of Athenians, Rifle Club, Girls' Council, Ellen H. Richards. BOB MacMINN-A Cappella Choir, Boys' Senior Glee, Basketball Manager, Track Head Manager. FLORENCE IRENE MADSEN-Music Club, Tri-Y, Usherette, G.A.A., C.S.F. Life. BARBARA MAGARRELL-Etiquette Club, Girls' Council. GENEVA MANSFIELD-First Vice-President of Girls' Council, Secretary and Social Chairman of Etiquette Club, Ellen H. Richards, Class Room Treasurer. ELIZABETH ELLEN MARSH-Usherette, Latin Club. JOHN MARSHALL-Gym Team. NANCY THERESA MASTRO-Gym Office, Hook and Curve, Hall Guard. GENE WARREN MATTOX-Gym Club. MARGARET MARY MAYER-Girls' Council, G.A.A., Rifle Club, Dancing Club, President of Hook and Curve. DICK METCALFE-Hi-Y, Athledelphian, B and C Track, Associator, B Football. THELMA OLIVE MEYERS-Yell Leader for Girls' League, Senior A Yell Leader, Hook and Curve, Hostess for Bethany, Treble Clef. ANDREW PETER MILLER-Gym Club. NELLIE MAE MILLER-Secretary ot A Cappella Choir, Clerk in Attendance Office. COY MILLER-President of Boys' League, President of Senior B Class, Hi-Hatter, Active Associator, Football and Track. HOPE EVELYN MOORE-Music Club, Tri-Y. JACK MOREY-A and B Football, A and B Track. CHARLOTTE LaBELLE MORRIS--Hook and Curve, Treble Clef, Bethany, Hall Guard, Social Chair- man for Tri-Y. LILLIAN MORRIS-Hook and Curve, G.A.A. Letterman, President and Vice-President of Dancing Club, Nature Club, Senior B Class Representative. RICHARD JAMES MORRIS-Sound Crew, A Cappella Choir, Boys' Senior Glee, RALPH JAMES MORTON-Hi-Y. JAY MURPHY-Vice-President of Senior B Class, Chairman of Sweater Committee, Captain Adjutant in R.O.T.C., Almanac Staff, Assoclator. THOMAS MURPHY-Associate Editor of Press, Qllied Youth. MARY MASON MURRAY-Dancing Club, G.A.A., Hook and urve. GWENDOLYN ANN NASH--Bethany, French Club, Art Club. BETTY DORIS NEUSER-G.A.A., Athenian, Hook and Curve, Nature Club, Inter- national Forum. PAUL K. NICHOLAS-Orpheus, Boys' Senior Glee, A and B Basketball, A Track. ROBERT W. NICHOLS-A Football, Apparatus, Swimming. PATRICIA ANN O'NEILL lWinter Classl-Athenian, Senior A Social Chair- man, Treasurer and Service Chairman of Tri-Y, Etiquette. MARY ELIZA- BETH PALMER-Ellen H. Richards, Rifle Club, G.A.A. ROBERT LAURENCE PARKER-A Basketball, Track. MERCEDES SYLVIA PARSONS-Nature Club, Bethany, Athenian MAE LOUISE PATOTZKA-G.A.A., Dancing Club., WESLEY PAULUS- Varsity Track. HARRIET ELINORE PEARSON-Dancing Club, Nature Club. GERALDINE PEMBERTON-Orchestra, Music Club. RUSSELL PETERSON-Varsity Football. STANLEY PETERSON--R.O.T.C., First Sergeant, Sabre and Chevrons, Photo Club. WILLIAM PETERSON? Head Yell Leader, Publicity Manager, President of Athledelphians, Hi- Hatter, B Football. WILLIAM WAYNE PHETTEPLACE-B Football, B Track, Varsity Gym Team. LLOYD B. POND-R.O.T.C., Sound Crew Manager. TINO PONTRELLI- A Cappella Choir, Athenian, Drum Major. WILLIAM KEMP PORTER- Band, Senior Orchestra, Manager of A Basketball and B Track. WILLIAM CALDWELL POWELL-A Football Manager, Softball Head Manager, A Foot- ball, B Football, B Track. RICHARD PUPPE. MARGARET PURYEAR-Music Club, Spanish Club, Historian and Wardrobe Assistant -of A Cappella Choir, Tri-Y. EILEEN QUIRK-Girls' Council, French Club, Tri-Y. GLORIA RALSTON-G.A.A. Letterman, Bethany. ELIZABETH VIRGINIA RAMPONE--Senior B Social Chairman, Girls' League Yell Leader, Athenian, Librarian. ARMAND REA-Editor-in-Chief of Press, Student Council, Sports Editor of Almanac, Associator, Hi-Hatter. EL- DRED REDDICK--Band, Senior Or:hestra. BILLIE ANN REESE-Senior Essayist, C.S.F. Life, Vice-President and Historian of Junto Club, Usherette. STANLEY REID-Band. SHIRLEY RICHARDSON-Active Girls' Council, Treasurer of Etiquette Club, Ellen H. Richards. KATHRYN RICHTER-- Secretary of Treble Clef, Girls' Senior Glee, Art Club, Class Room Treas- urer. BOB ROBERTS. ROBERT ROCKNE-B Tennis Secretary of Boys' League, Athenian, Hi-Y, Usher. RICHARD RODRIGUEZ-R.O.T.C., President of Sabre and Chevrons, Class Room Treasurer. JOE ROOI-IAN-Ice Skating Club, Boys' League. EETIDTY ROOKS-Secretary of G.A.A., Rifle Club, Tri-Y, Athenian, Nature u . FLORENCE ROSEN-C.S.F. Life, Latin Club, Allied Youth, Music Club. DORIS JAYNE ROWAN-Ellen H. Richards, Bethany, Hook and Curve. LEDFORD ROWLISON-Cadet Major of R.O.T.C. CARMINE RUBINO-- Apparatus, B Football. BEATRICE SARGESON RUSSELL-International Forum, French Club. FLORENCE RUTAN-Corporal in Rifle Club, Athenian, Nature Club. FRANK SAN MARCO-Gym Team, B Football, A Cappela Choir, Class Room Treas- urer. EDWARD SCHAEFER-Librarian, Vice-President of Orchestra, Presi- dent of Orchestra, Band. JACK JEROME SCHERR-A and B Track, Varsity Track. ELINOR SCHILZ JACK SCHILZ. EDWARD SCHUCK-R.O.T.C. KEDRICK W.-SCHULTZ--Senior Play, A Football, Baseball, Hall Guard. MARGUERITE SCHUYLER. GEORGE HENRY SCHWENK III-Spanish Club. BETTY LOU SCOTT-Hook and Curve, Accompanist to Boys' Senior Glee. MARIETTA SCOTT-C.S.F. Life, President of Girls' League, President of Senior Orchestra, Active Girls' Council, Student Council. IRENE SHARP- Secretary of Art Club, Special Chairman of Tri-Y. LUCILE L. SHEPARD. BARBARA JEAN SHULTZ-Bethany. IRENE SILVERTHORN-Class Room Treasurer, Art Club, Chorus. JACK SIMMONS-A Track. PHILIP SIMON-C.S.F. Life, President of Athenians, Associate Editor of Almanac, President and Vice-President of French Club, Usher. EROS SIMONE-B Track, B Basketball, French Club. JACK SIMONS. JUDD S,KANS. LEE SLATER-Chess Club. ELEANOR SMELTZ. ' JAMES LEONARD SMITH. MELBA ALICE SMITH-Bethany, Morningand Period Hall Guard Chief, Hall Guard Supervisor. SHIRLEY JANE SMITH- G.A.A., Social Chairman of Hook and Curve, Athenian. JOSEPH SOLO- MAN-Athenian, Chess Club, Senior Play, B Track. KEITH CLINTON SORENSON-A and C Track. ERMA SORENSON-Danc- ing Club, Attendance Office, Secretary to Miss Anderson. DALE SOVE- REIGN-Photo Club, Stamp Club, Business Office. EDWARD F. SPANG- LER-R.O.T.C. Major, Vice-President of Associators, President of Sabre and Chevrons, Art Editor of Almanac, Senior A Cabinet. GERTRUDE VIOLA SPARKS-Etiquette Club, Vice-President of French Club, Junto Club, Debate. BARBARA SPIDLE-Dancing Club, Senior Orchestra. EARL SQUIERS-Varsity Football, Sound Crew. PATRICIA B. STABLER- Social Chairman and Ceremonial Chairman of Tri-Y, Girls' Senior Glee, Treasurer of Treble Clef, Switchboard, Etiquette Club. WILLIAM LaVELLE STAFFER-Librarian, Manager of B Track, Business Office. DARREL WILLIAMS STARR, JR.-Associator, Varsity Football, Class Room Treasurer, Allied Youth. HAROLD STEAD-Hall Guard. NOR- MAN WAYNE STEELE. BERNICE A. STELIN-Etiquette Club, Girls' Council, Senior Play, Usher- ette. HOMER STIME-Band. VIOLET NADINE STONE-Dancing Club, Treasurer of Treble Clef, Masquers Club, Senior Play, Athenian. DICK STROMBOM-R.O.T.C., Varsity Football, Sweater Committee, Senior B Representative, Rifle Team. MARTHA STURGEON-President of Etiquette Club, Girls' Council. PRES- TON F. SWAFFORD-Track Softball, A and B Football. BETTY JEAN SWAN--Program Chairman of Tri-Y. HELEN KOULA TASSOP-Secretary and Treasurer of Music Club, French Club, Second Period Treasurer, Sen- ior Orchestra, Music Club. , BEVERLY TIMBERLAKE-Athenian, French Club. ROBERT TRAUSCH- Radio. CHARLES TURNER-Apparatus, B Track. MARY LOUISE TURNER -Ephebian, C.S.F. Life, Second Vice-President of Girls' Council, Secretary of Senior A Class, Secretary to Mr. Atkinson. LEAO Z. UHLER--Band, Orchestra, R.O.T.C. JESSIE MARIE VALAD'EZ+ President of Hook and Curve, Rifle Club, Secretary to Mr. Thompson. HELEN LELA VALANTINE-C.S.F. Life, Vice-President of Athenian S0- ciety, Treasurer of Senior A Class, Social Chairman of Usherettes, Junto Club. LOUIS THOMAS VALENZUELA-Vice-President of Boys' League, Associator, Hi-Y, A Football, Boys' Senior Glee. ROBERT CARLETON VAN CLEAVE-B Football, C Basketball. MARGUE- RITE L. VINCENT-President, Vice-President and Social Chairman of Or- chestra, Accompanist of Orpheus and Boys' Senior Glee, Music Club. JEAN IELUEIRLIEISQIIS-Athenian, G.A.A., Spanish Club, Music Club. RICHARD JAMES WALLACE-Vice-President of Boys' Senior Glee, A Football, A Softball. FER ' N WALTERS. JEAN ELIZABETH WEBER-Rifle Club, G.A.A. FRANK E. WEISS-Boys' Glee Club, Band, Junior Orchestra. 'P I R f. 'Q lu VIRGINIA WELLS. RUTH WELTY-President gf Rifle Club, Student wrt Girls' Council, Etiquette Club A Ca ella N , pp Ch Avis MILDRED l DILL-Nature Club. snvcs noNALn wi-iii.: B RUTH WHITE-Interpretive Program. ALICE NOVALINE WHITENER- Girls' League Yell Leader, Drill Captain of Rifle Club, G.A.A., Bethany, Treble Clef. COY E. WHITENER-R.O.T.C., Sabre and Chevrons. ROY FRANCIS WHITTAKER-A Football, Treasurer and Ser eant at Arms for A Cappella Choir, A Baseball, Boys' League Cabinet, 'gresident of Senior A Class. - S I s ., .in ' ' ALFRED BURRELL wiizoEMAN-B Tennis, Lariqgciub cl B k , . as etb I. WILLIAM M. WIESER. BGB.WILLIAMS-Treasurer 'of Associators, Athle- delphian, Varsity Track, B and C Track, B Football. RUSSELL R. WILLS. ELISABETH AUDREY WILSON-Secretary and Vice-President of A Cap- pella Choir, Girls' Senior Glee, Music Club. MARY LOU WOOTON- Hostess of Bethany, Treble Clef, Secretary and Treasurer of Hook and Curve, Girls' Se ' Gi nlor ee, G.A.A. RUDOLPH, YELINEK-Sound Crew, Pro- jection Crew, Class Room Treasuretk R dio Club. DOLORES GRACE YORBA -C.S.F. Life, Vice-President of 'Studers Body, Active Girls' Council, Presi- dent of G.A.A., Vice-President of Rifle Club. MARIE ANGELA ZICARELLI-Ellen H. Richards, Bethany. PHILIP JOSEPH ZICARELLI-Athledelphian, C and D Basketball. 'l' CAMERA SHY Summer Class WILLIAM EARL ANDERSON RONALD DAVIS JOHN HANDSHY FREDERICK LONG JOHNSTON GEORGE LEONARD MULLICH JAMES PAZ CHARLES EDWARD RAINS, II RUSSELL A. REED EVELYN E. SANDALOW RICHARD A. WEBER JOHN STURDY EDWARD THOMPSON KENNETH THOMPSON CHARLES ARTHUR WHITFJ GERALD WARD . I I CLASS SPONSORS lSUMMERl MISS BRAINERD, MR. ATKINSON, 'MlSS LISHERNESS MISS MERRIMAN, MR. DUKE, MISS MAGlvE, MISS MCMURRY , MR. MORTON, MRS. WYCKOFF, MR. HENISCHKE, MR. AXE i H -1 rw- ' "V" Y M ,J fiff VW! WW Wffm iQ,fW,yi,?j'QjffJfi,f. if 917. Tfgygifagf Jifw 3iVwV4WMgWf VJ bf + WWW Mil WPMWM W WMM" lf www cw ff Q www My 2: r ww 2 wa V N 0 my 4 : 4 4 H -I X7 S2212 SN f MMR am: af www 1 :M M wewwcwl U f i PSY? Nf Q f 4 W V1 5 f 5 iQ IZ? 'Sky aiLg5f.iL53NH3i4F S-f 3? S 1 QSiEfLS5Y25QV3i5 Iifwfezi 'Q E SHIRE If: iw V? 5 zifi?3fJ1?fZ??f!'? 335225 ?:?fEQ2iEE1iE2b?:'MfE?i13:k?5Si5E ' ' f H 'Ft ii 5 5 Q E w nl M ,Q e ? 6 if ig? I if 5 5 sf is 55 fi ! :fi Ss Si mi Gi Y , , , Y V 'gg E? gi' ,, fi EQ 'Q is ,. 5 -Q Second Prize Poem MEN OF TOMORROW Flyers of kites, men of tomorrow- Hear my song. When you were very small You flew your kites for sport. But now that you are tall And strong, life has begun ln earnest. The carefree winds of childhood Change, and with the years Crow swift. Keep, if you would, That young exuberance And faith. Fly in the winds of destiny the key Of treasured thought, and capture For the joy of life the great Up-lifting force that brings light To the years ahead. PEGGY McMULLEN A C T I V I T I I E Si--i-- l .....i........ ,4l111 STUDENT COUNCIL iWlNTERl Standing, left to rights Mr. Teall, Jean Hollingsworth, Bill Peterson, Edwin Ernst, Betty lo Axt, Neil Jurick Helen Boone Mr Phoenix Betty Jane Kears, Sitting, left to right: Martha Lewis, James Arthur, Bob Lewis, Roy Heimbuch, Dick Sparks STUDENT COUNCIL lSUMMERl Standing,.left to right: Armand Rea, Marietta Scott, Mr. Phoenix, Coy Miller, Robert Lester, Charles White Mr Teall Marilyn Jones Ann Lay. Sitting, left to right: Stanley Gilbert, Bill Fennick, Dolores Yorba, Hattie Coates. The Student Council is the governing body of the Franklin Student Body It passes on activities in general and on financial matters, particularly those concerning student body expenditures First Semester Officers Second Semester james Arthur ....... President Martha Lewis .... Girls' Vice-Pres. . Bob Lewis ....... Boys' Vice-Pres. . lean Hollingsworth .... Secretary .... Ed Ernst ........ Pres. Boys' League . Helen Boone .... Pres. Girls' League Neil lurick ..... Pres. of Associators Betty jo Axt .... Pres. Girls' Council Dick Sparks .... Athletic Representative . Roy Heirnbuch .... Financial Mgr. . . Bill Peterson ...... Publicity Mgr. .. Betty jane Kears . Ex. in Chief of Press Mr. Teall ................... Bill Fennick Dolores Yorba Stanley Gilbert Hattie Coates Coy Miller Marietta Scott Bob Lester Ann Lay Charles White Chester Burns Marilyn jones Armand Rea g Q .Sponsor BOYS' LEAGUE The Boys' League cabinet, which consists of the officers and the chairmen of the various committees, was organized with the purpose of representing the boys' interests in student gov- ernment, and to encourage, promote, and foster their participation in school activities and organ- izations. The Cabinet strives to maintain and uphold a friendly spirit that will function among its mem- bers and within the school itself. During the past year, the Cabinet has success- fully done its task in promoting the establish- ment of constructive ideals among. the boys of Franklin, all of whom are members of the League. The officers and the chairmen have carried out many duties. Their activities includ- ed the planning of the programs on rainy days, 40 and the arrangement of the plans for the new football scoreboard. They were also responsible for the fine entertainments which were present- ed at the Boys' League assemblies. The Cabinet introduced something new to the school in their noon auction of unclaimed articles. First Semester Officers Second Semester Ed Ernst ........... President ......... Coy Miller Bill Fennick ...... Vice-President .. Louis Valenzuela Robert Rockne ...... Secretary ...... Dick Sparks ..... Athletic Manager . . . Chairmen of Committees Harry Winters . . Bob Lewis ..... Entertainment Publicity Kenneth Curry Charles White . . . . . . None George Vercelli lim Wallace . . . Citizenship Richard Richter Richard Douse Cuthbert Love . . Scholarship Roy Whittaker Roy Heimbuch Richard Lesh ..... . . Welfare . . . ...... . None Oliver Martindale Russell Reed . . . Nolan McQuown None ........ Safety .. Hospitality Boys' Week ...... Charles Divine . . Tom Ikeda jim Dominica 1 GIRLS' LEAGUE Membership in the Girls' League at Franklin is open to all girls. There are three sections of the Girls' League, each of which elects its own officers and conducts its own meeting, thus en- abling girls of all grades to have a chance to hold office and develop their leadership traits. The three sections are the following: Bl O, Sophomore sectiong AlO, junior sectiong eleventh and twelfth grades, Senior section. An important activity for both semesters was the Girls' League Luggage Day. A program by the lnterpretive Glass and the Boys' Senior Glee Club was also under the League's sponsorship. Second Semester First Semester Officers Helen Boone .... . . . President ...... Marietta Scott Edith Gustafson .... Vice-President . . Barbara Lightfoot Marietta Scott ...... Secretary ...... Theresa Di Turi Dorothy Lane ....... Treasurer ........ Evelyn Apel Evelyn Apel ...... Social Chairman ..Loretta Couvillon Thelma Meyers ..... Yell Leader ..... Thelma Meyers Barbara Lightfoot Yell Leader ..... Ardith Stanger Phylis Weber ...,.. Yell Leader ..... Alice Whitener Miss Hodgkins ........... . . .Sponsor 4l l I. GIRLS' COUNCIL The Girls' Council has as its purpose advising and helping girls. They are also in charge of maintaining order in the halls in the mornings before school and at noon. With the Associators they are in charge of conduct in the assemblies. With the Girls' League, they occupy an office in 207 and work closely with MissiHodgkins in su- pervising the girls of the school. Among the many activities of the past semes- 42 ter were the student body dance, which was jointly sponsored by the Associators and Girls' Council, and the Alumni Banquet. First Semester Officers Second Semester Betty jo Axt ........ President ,... ....... A nn Lay Bernice Tayler .. . lst Vice President . Geneva Mansfield Virginia Windham . 2nd Vice President . . . Mary L. Turner Shirley Hunter ...... Secretary .... . Betty Bruckman Ann Lay ........... Treasurer .... Esther Lay Diana Vlacich ....... Historian ..... Ethel Collins Miss Hodgkins ...... .... S ponsor ASSOC IATORS The Associators are pledged to assist Frank- lin students in developing the dependability and resourcefulness necessary in solving their own problems and governing themselves. This past year the Associators assisted at foot- ball games, supervised the grounds at noon, as- sisted in the distribution of Christmas baskets, assisted in the program for Boys' Week, and jointly sponsored the Spring Student Body Dance. Officers Second Semester . . . President ....... Robert Lester Ed Spangler . . . . . . Vice-President ..... lim Traughber Eugene Grau ........ Secretary ....... lim Longcrier Nolan McQuown ..... Treasurer ..... Robert Williams First Semester, Neil lurick . . . Mr. Axe .............. . . .Sponsor Mr. Duke ....Sponsor 43 PHILIP SIMON Associate Editor ARMAND REA Sports Editor MARGARET MC GEE Club Editor MR. PHOENIX Financial Adviser NELLIE KAUFMAN Assistant Art Editor FLORENCE MADSEN Assistant Club Editor MRS. ROBERTS Art Sponsor JACK STRINGER Assistant Art Editor NEIL JURICK Assistant Sports Editor MRS. LA PIERRE Literary Sponsor LORETTA COUVILLON Literary Editor RENE DE SAIX Assistant Sports Editor BOB BLUM Associate Editor ROY HEIMBUCH Assistant Editor JAY MURPHY R.O.T.C. Editor ALMANAC STAFF The 1940 Almanac Staff has had the very great pleasure of adding an entirely new section -The Feature Section. The arrangement of the various sections is another improvement which the staff sincerely hopes will meet with general approval. Catherine Colvin was the Editor-in-chief of the 1940 annual and it was under her careful supervision that the staff was able to accomplish the high and mighty ambition for an entirely new and improved Almanac. Besides writing a great deal of the material for the book, she assisted the rest of the staff in all possible ways. It is to her that we owe great thanks for making the 1940 Almanac the success that it is. Fortunate, indeed, were we to have such gift- ed co-art editors as Vernon lorgenson and Ed- ward Spangler. Luckily Vernon had had past ex- perience in working on the Almanac and because of this was able to go ahead faster and more as- sured of personal success than he would other- wise have been. He made all the division page cuts and the cartoon page, besides assisting in the makeup of the Almanac. lt is interesting to note that Vernon has recently been elected as the youngest member of the Scandinavian Amer- ican Art Society. Edward Spangler not only made the drawings for the fly leaf and sports section, but also was responsible for many improvements in the book. Roy Heimbuch, assistant editor, was general handyman for the Almanac and always ready to assist. One of the largest and most important posi- tions on the entire staff was filled by Philip Simon who was in charge of collecting material for writing up all activities. His responsibility, care and enthusiasm were indispensible. The other associate editor was Bob Blum, whose work was mostly in connection with the activities of both summer and winter seniors. His careful supervision was invaluable. The work of Loretta Couvillion, literary editor, was focused principally on the poetry contest, which proved to be a task that required a great deal of persistence. Margaret McGee was the club editor, whose job it was to write the entire Clubs' section. She and her assistant, Florence Madsen, deserve high praise for their wonderful work. The sports editor, Armand Rea, and his very able assistants, Neil lurick and Rene De Saix, are to be praised for their careful and authentic write-ups on all sports events of the past year. As Neil lurick was a member of the varsity squad, he was able to give us some of the real dope on the games. The write-ups of the entire R.O.T.C. section were handled by lay Murphy. His was some of the first and finest material handed to the print- er. And last of the student staff, but not least, are Nellie Kaufman and lack Stringer, assistant art editors. Their work was probably the longest single assignment given. They mounted all the senior panels, club and activity pictures, and all those other individual pictures, in the Student Body section. As assistant editors this time, they will be first in line next year for the editor. jobs. Mrs. La Pierre was again sponsor of the liter- ary department of the Almanac. She did a mar- velous job of checking all the material before it went to press and proof-reading it when it came back to us. Without her enthusiastic guidance, we do not know how the book could have sur- vived at times. 1 Mrs. jessie Roberts again directed the art work and watched the budget like a hawk. lt is hard to imagine how any staff could put out a worthwhile book without her knowledge and vital comments. We cannot possibly ever express our feelings for such a true martyr. All we can say is, "Thanks for everything." Mr. Herbert Phoenix, as usual, handled the financial details for the 1940 Almanac, and without him, as without all other sponsors, we would not have been able to publish this annual. The staff and sponsors of the 1940 Almanac all feel that the time spent and the effort put forth, have been indeed worthwhile. We only hope that you will enjoy reading and looking over our supreme effort as much as we have enjoyed organizing it. 45 Keeping pace with its traditional slogan- nothing but the best-the Franklin Press the past year achieved a goal that it had never be- fore attained. According to the discriminating tabulations of two nation-wide scholastic press associations of two of the nation's largest universities, the Franklin Press received highest honors. ln the National Scholastic Press Association of the Uni- versity of Minnesota, the Franklin Press won an All-American award, which means superior. This award is the highest distinction in its class. The Press Association of Columbia University awarded the Franklin Press a first place award and a beautiful gold medal. These honors definitely place the Franklin Press in the enviable division of the finest high school newspapers in the country. Excellence in writing, balance, originality, coverage, vitality, and treatment, together with well-executed me- chanical details, printing, and high quality feat- ures and editorials, were the chief reasons for the achievement. Stan Stringer and Betty jane Kears were co- editors-in-chief during the winter semester. The sports page added to the laurels of the Press during the fall semester, for it gained city- wide recognition when Wally Mitchell was named All-City sports editor. Wally was assist- ed by Bob Lewis, and the two together produced a sports page with such superior qualities that it was declared the finest in Los Angeles. Louis Windham, Lewis Shank, and Armand Rea con- tributed to the success of the page by their spe- cial sports writing. 46 Miriam Cargile, assisted by Roy Heimbuch, did the back pageg Betty jo Axt, aided by Cath- erine Colvin, produced the ever colorful feature page. Others who did outstanding work on the staff were Helen Boone, news editor, and Shirley Hunter, club editor. At the beginning of the summer semester, Armand Rea became editor-in-chief. Catherine Colvin's column, What's ln The News, was one of the otustanding features of the front page. Roy Heimbuch kept up the good standard of the sports page with his capable work as sports editor, Iris Hill did brilliant work as editor of the feature page, Torn Murphy, with Virginia Wadsworth as his assistant, were associate edi- tors who edited the back page. Included on the staff were Richard Holst, as- sistant editorg Beverly Boyer, assistant feature editor: Gladys Topolski, news editorg Lucie Har- die, club editor, Betty Lientz, girls' sports edi- torg Catherine Colvin, municipal editor, Hope Thompson and Karen Strickler, special writersg and Roxie Lucarelli, Rene DeSaix, George Ver- celli, Tom Ikeda, Pat Hillings, Louis Bisetti, and Manuel Cruz, sports writers. Vernon jorgensen and Kiyoshi Takano were the cartoonists. Leon- ard Brashear was the business manager. Sponsored by Mr. E. C. lohnston, the mechan- ical staff included Howard Burns, Bob Naff, Bill McClimans, Carlo Fea, Bruce Brady, and LeRoy Roberts. Mrs. Kate' Cranon, journalism instructor, gave unlimited time and effort as advisor and sponsor to one of Franklin's finer things, the All-Amer- ican Franklin Press. by Roy Heiiviauci-i 47 FORENSICS From a lull to a new high, is, briefly stated, the story of forensics at Franklin this past year. Guided by Mr. Armin C. Hentschke through somewhat precarious waters into those more calm, we finished with our colors flying high. Franklin's only representative in inter-schoIas- tic forensics during the fall term was jack Blum, who won third place in the district eliminations of the Annual Herald-Express Extemporaneous Contest. Outstanding among the many student speak- ers aiding the Community Chest Drive were john Tapia, joe Lazzaretto, Theora Fly, and Shirley Atkins. The spring term started off with a bang. juan- ita Smart, Dave Skejie, jim Longcrier, Marilyn jones, George Heibel, Norman Haller, and Shir- ley Atkins represented our school on a panel dis- cussion, which was given over radio station KNX, on their program, THE AMERICAN SCHOOL OF THE AIR. Then came the grand news that Patrick Hill- ings, prominent A-I I, had captured third place in the District World Friendship Oratorical Con- test. That was followed by the announcement that Shirley Atkins had been chosen as Frank- lin's representative in the Bankers' Association Contest featuring the topic, WHY AM I C-LAD TO BE AN AMERICAN? 48 Under the able leadership of FrankIin's foren- sic manager, Frieda Rapoport, this school had its first Declamation Contest, replacing the annual oratorical contest. Close to thirty-five students turned out for it, a number which, it is believed, has never before been exceeded in the annals of Franklin's forensic history. The division winners were: tenth grade, Shirley Bent and jean Patter- son, eleventh grade, Mollie Comisaroff and Frieda Rapoportg twelfth grade, Helen jean johnston and Bob Lester. These six participated in the finals which were held before an assem- blage of the entire student body. Bob Lester and Helen johnston tied for first place, while Mollie Comisaroff took third. The last major event of the semester was a panel discussion sponsored by the Highland Park Realty Board. The topic under discussion was "Community Life in Highland Park and How It May Be Improved." Students participating were Shirley Atkins, Tessie Davis, Dick Douse, jess Heinritz, Kenneth Kuehl, Dorothy Lane, and AI- bert McEuen. During the fall semester jimmy Vernon held the office of president in the junto Club, and in the spring juanita Camet commanded this posi- tion. Senior Valedictorians of the W'4O class were Richard "Bummy" Lesh, former junto Club Prexy, and Betty jo Axt. Robert Lester and Billie Reese were the representatives for the S'4O class. -r l DRAMATICS Dramatics has hit a new high in Franklin. Its success is largely due to the efforts of one per- son, Mrs. Katheryn Offill. The dramatic season started with a bang land a Hi Yo Silverl when the story of the Lone Ranger was enacted in the annual Tin Can Hi jinx. The story was a real old fashioned melodrama. jack Blum climaxed his three years of dramatic portrayals by heading the cast in the stellar role of the Lone Ranger. The faithful Tonto was played by Kioshi Takano. Equally fine performances were turned in by Bob Gilwitz, as the villain, Bob Trout, as the dashing hero, and Helen Kent, as the shy young heroine. The Christmas play followed, an inspiring one act play entitled "Peace I Give Unto You," by D. W. Clarke. Marilyn jones, Bob Trout, jack Blum, Phil jackson, Bob Gilwitz, and Roy Ghol- son played the leading roles. The Faculty Frolic, always a gala affair, was 1 better this year than ever before. It was entitled "The Family Album," and the Franklin faculty made up the characters that filled the album pages. The Senior Play, "What A Life," by Clifford Goldsmith, was this year's final triumph. The starring roles were handled by George Heibel, Mary Monaghan, Bob Blum, Richard Kennedy, Kedrick Schultz, and Marilyn jones. They were ably supported by Sarkis Abajian, Peggy McMul- len, Hattie Coates, Phil jackson, joe Solomon, Bernice Stelin, and Mike Callas. Others were Helen jean johnston, Gertrude Sparks, Dorothy Lane, jeanne McMullin, Bob Dunham, Alfonso Perez, jo Ann Parry, Margaret Thompson, jac- queline Shaw, Violet Stone, and Elsie Mather. Much honor is due Mr. Miller, who is respon- sible for the fine publicity which the productions received, and to Mr. Elliot, who erected the ex- cellent settings for the plays. 49 STAGE CREW lt would be impossible to have the kind of stage productions which are produced in our auditorium without the very important supervi- sion of the Stage Crew. Not only were they re- sponsible for the erection of scenery and for all the lighting in the stage productions, but they also helped make the stage props. The crew has to its credit all the decorations in the girls' gym for the Athenian Charity Circus and Ball and for the Associator-Girls' Council Spring Dance. First Semester Officers Second Semester Stanley Hatfield . .. Stage Manager ..... Harry johnson Mr. Robert Elliott ........ . . .Sponsor LIBRARIANS The Librarians play important roles in the drama of school life as student assistant librar- ians. Each day they participate in an English Class and practical art, since they study various subjects related to English classes and carry on the activities which help the library to function efficiently. Each day this staff of student assist- ants helps the other students to become ac- quainted with the ten thousand volumes in the Franklin Library. These students carry on the daily routine of preparing new books for circu- lation, checking books for students, recording fines and overdues, and shelving the books. These services that are rendered to the students and the school add much to the enjoyment of the course, and, at the same time, the student assistants are receiving some valuable experience in library science. SO CLASSROOM TREASURERS The classroom treasurers are important cogs in the school machinery, collecting money for Press and Almanac subscriptions, selling tickets to ath- letic games, aud calls, and other student body affairs. A treasurer is appointed by the teacher in charge of each second period class on the basis of efficiency and trustworthiness. By serving the school, the treasurers gain valuable experience for themselves. Their sponsor is Mr. Phoenix. OFFICE FORCE The attendance office workers perform many important duties. They file and record citizen- ship records, type, mimeograph and deliver mas- ter sheets, .collect teachers' envelopes during period six, and phone absentees. There are about forty workers in the attendance office. The student assistants in the personnel office obtain excellent experience in office routine, as their duties consist of dictation and transcription of shorthand notes, mimeograph and duplicator copies, filing, typing, and messenger service. Their assistance has proved invaluable to all of the grade counselors. USHERETTES The Usherettes, an organization composed of both active and associate members, usher at all assemblies, take tickets for pay shows, and help keep order during programs. They also usher at such affairs as Baccalaureate Services and Com- mencement. The Club's outings include ice skating, beach, and splash parties. First Semester Officers Second Semester Hattie Coates .,..... President ...... Juanita Gamet Marion Bryant .... Vice-President ...... Faye Dooley Marietta Scott .. Secretary-Treasurer ...... Ruth Apel Dolores Yorba .... Social Chairman .. Helen Valantine Mr. Thompson ................ Sponsor HALL GUARDS Working during their free periods, hall guards serve the school by guarding the halls to see that no one is out of class without a pass, and that no one goes to his locker without having ob- tained a permit. The big hall guard social event of the year was a party complete with program, refreshments and dancing in the cafeteria. President Marion Bryant Chiefs Waneta Smart, Angelo Avignone, Doris Lea, Catherine Colvin, Shirley Atkins Mr. Henry Thompson .......... Sponsor USHERS As one of the most necessary service organ- izations of the school, the Ushers guard the doors during pay assemblies, take tickets at athletic performances, patrol the attendance office be- fore school, and are generally of service about the campus. Second Semester First Semester Officers Edmund Foerstel ..... President ..... Edmund Foerstel Sal Badalamente .... Section Chief .... Sal Badalamente Elbert Garrett ...... Section Chief ...... Elbert Garrett Ed Butler ......... Section Chief ......... 'Ed Butler Mr. Thompson ................ Sponsor 52 I - ORCHESTRA The Orchestra aims to provide music for school and community affairs and a rich musical experi- ence for its members. lt performs on many programs, the most im- portant of which are the Kiwanis Hi jinks, the Armistice and Christmas programs, several P.T. A. meetings, Commencement, the Franklin Spring Music Festival, and many other programs at school and in the community. It represents the school with distinction each Spring in the Southern California Music Festival Contest. First Semester Officers Marietta Scott . . . . . . President . . . Ed Shaffer ........ Vice-Pgesident . Ella Mae Lorimor . Secretary-Treasurer None ............. Manager . . . Marguerite Vincent . Social Chairman Faye Dooley ........ Librarian . . . Eleanor Kellogg ...... Librarian . . . Marjorie Munsey . . Concert Mistress Mr. Wing ............... Second Semester Ed Shaffer .... jack Hall Ard5th Ellsasser Leao Uhler . . . . . . . None Wally Hopkins Marian Bassman Marjorie Munsey .Sponsor GIRLS' SENIOR GLEE The Girls' Senior Glee Club has as its purpose the study and performance of fine choral music. The club is open to as many as fifty girls, who are selected by auditions with the sponsor. The members are chosen from all grades, tenth to twelfth. The group often performs at school and community programs. 'YJ f , 1 aff gf' W,fff'U45ff1f ,MW BOYS' SENIOR GLEE The many performances by the Boys' Senior Glee Club this past year included singing at sev- eral P.T.A. meetings, the Armistice Day Assem- bly, the Christmas Program, and a Girls' League meeting. First Semester Officers A Second Semester Kenneth Lawrence .... President ...... Charles White First Semester Officers Neysa Holveck ...... President ...... Pat McLean ...... Vice-President .. . Second Semester . . Betty Kroese Bernice johnson Dorothy Rotitto . . . Secretary . Marjorie .Berg Betty Kucera .... Treasurer . . Doris Disney janet Rankin .... Librarian . . Lois Frost Betty Merrill ..... Librarian . . Nadine Kidd Mrs. Moore . Sponsor Bob Trout . . . Coy Miller .. . . . . . Vice-President . . . . james Wallace . . .. Secretary . . . ...... Bob Blake Bob Mac Minn ...... Treasurer . . . .... Bob Maloski Dick Sleight ........ Librarian . . .... Lloyd Barber Peter Newquist' ...... Librarian . . . . . . Masi Lucarelli Mrs. Vincent ............ .... S ponsor 54 A CAPELLA CHOIR, The A Capella Choir has as its purpose the study of music which is suited to unaccompanied singing. Membership is open to both boys and girls, the requirements being the ability to sing and read music. Their recent activities included singing at the P.T.A. Meeting, the Ebell Club, the Christmas program, and the Eagle Rock A Capella Choir Festival. The highlight of the spring semester was their participation in the District Choral Festival at Thorne Hall of Occidental College, April I9, un- der the sponsorship of the Southern California Vocal Association. First Semester Betty Merrill . . . Betty Wilson . . Roy Whittaker . Officers Second Semester President ....... lim Dominica Vice-President ..... Betty Wilson Barbara Woolever. . . . . . . . Secretary . . . . . Treasurer Nellie Mae Miller Barbara Reed Mildred Gautsche .... Librarian .. Roy Whittaker Coy Miller ......... Librarian . . . Eugene Brunn Margaret Puryear .... Historian Shirley McLaughlin Barbara Erickson ..Wardrobe Mistress Margaret Thompson None ....,..... Wardrobe Mistress ..... Lena Parker None .......... Student Director . . Barbara Erickson Mrs. Vincent ................. Sponsor SOUND CREW The Sound Crew is a most important cog in the machinery of the Student Body activities. Without them and their faithful service, enter- tainment in the auditorium would not be nearly so enjoyable or audible. They perform at all ath- letic events such as football games and track meets. The Sound Crew is also famous for its assistance in making student body dances a suc- cess. First Semester Officers Second Semester Charles Cray ..... . . . Manager ......... Lloyd Pond Lloyd Pond ..... . . . Asst. Mgr. . . ..... Dick Voris Mr. Holdredge ................ Sponsor 56 TRE LE CLEF The aim of the Treble Clef is to learn to sing many songs well. The members enjoy perform- ing at various affairs, including special programs in the auditorium. The only membership require- ment is that the girl be interested in singing. Whenever they are performing, the members of the Treble Clef wear attractive uniforms with clever emblems. First Semester Officers Second Semester Nancy Dailey .... .... P resident .......... Betty Ball Marie Bartlett .,... Vice-President .. Maxine Churchill Frances Bartlett ...., Secretary ...... Doris Courtion Patsy Stabler .... . . . Treasurer . . . . Annie Madison jessie Hunt ......... Librarian . . . . . Ruth Mitchell None ............. Librarian . . . . Betty McCarty . . .Sponsor Mrs. Moore ............ 1 1 l r x , , , 1 X w L 57 STUDENT COURT 1WinterJ Standing, left to right: Bill Fennick, Robert Lewis. Sitting, left to right: Bernice Taylor, Martha Lewis. tSummerl left to right: Dolores Yorba, Ruth Welty, Tom Estabrook, Stanley Gilbert. STUDENT COURT The Student Court of Franklin is composed of four members, two of whom are elected by the student body under the titles of Boys' and Girls' Vice-presidents. A representative from the Girls' Council and also one from the Associators, chosen by the Student Council, complete the Court. The Court's main function is, as its name implies, the trial and judgment of student cases. Student Court tries only those cases turned in by the Student Service organizations of Franklin, the Girls' Council and the Associators. Its objective is not to punish, but to deter mine the cause of any misbehavior on the pap ofthe students. The Court then strives to insti in the student a greater consciousness of schou spirit and good sportsmanship. First Semester Officers Martha Lewis ...... Chief justice . Robert Lewis ..... Assistant justice Bernice Taylor . . . Assistant justice Bill Fennick .... . Assistant justice M r. Thompson ........... Second Semest . . . . . Dolores Yorll Stanley Gilbei Tom Estabrocl Ruth Wel . . . . .Sponsor BETHANY CLU B The Bethany Club is an organization to help girls develop character and womanly ideals. The club slogan is "Every girl's life at its best that every other girl's life may be better." Bethany is open to girls from tenth grade through twelfth, and may be joined by invitation or ap- plication any time during the year. Officers are elected for the entire year. Outstanding activities of the year included a Christmas tea for the girls' mothers, caring for a family at Christmas, and having several inspira- tional speakers. President ..... .. Catherine Colvin Vice-President . . . . . . Mildred Pendell Secretary ..... .. lo luana Wells Treasurer .... .... l anet Rankin Pianist ...... .... D oris johnson Song Leader ........ . . . Doris Elaine Beick Poster Chairman ............. ........ A gnes Buck Press Representative ............. Margaret Hougland Hostesses Helen Melnyk Lois Wallner Elsie Mather jean Hamberg leanne Dorrington Miss Grace Wolf .............. Sponsor Mary Lou Wooton Gloria Ralston Helen Holland Dorothy Phillabaum Thelma Meyers ATHENIAN SOCIETY "Scholarship for Service" is the motto of the Athenian Society. Meetings are held monthly, at which time the members are entertained by guest speakers. The highlights of the winter semester are the Athenian Ball, the proceeds of which go to charity, and the C.S.F. Luncheon. The spring term is climaxed by the Athenian Pic- nic and the C.S.F. Luncheon. Membership in the Athenians is unlimited as to number, but eligi- bility depends upon scholastic attainment, and citizenship of applicants. First Semester Officers Second Semester Cuthbert Love .. ...... President ........ Philip Simon Miriam Cargyle .... Vice-President . . . Helen Valantine Catherine Colvin ..... Secretary ....... janet Dunham jean Voris . ..... Assist. Secretary .Mary Louise Turner Ruth Gittell ........ Treasurer ..... Naomi MacLeod Miss lrma Fraser .............. Sponsor Miss Alberta Clark ..... Assistant Sponsor 59 ART CLUB The purpose of the Franklin Art Club is to further art interest among its members and the student body, and from time to time to make art contributions to the school in the form of paint- ings, books and equipment. Membership is by invitation, and is obtained only after having had one or more semesters of art at Franklin, and after having been given substantial recommenda- tion for talent and ability by an art instructor. The Art Club meets every Wednesday noon, with executive staff meetings at varying inter- vals. A new feature of the club introduced this semester, was the operation of the club on a semi-commercial basis. The club began making, for very nominal amounts, the favors, programs, menus and invitations for the school clubs that placed orders, and also provided a satisfactory source of money for art purchases made for the Vice Presiden school by the Art Club. First Semester Officers Second Semester jack Stringer . President .. jack Stringer None ...... . Nellie Kaufman CHESS CLUB One of the purposes of the Chess Club, which meets every noon on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, is the furthering of interest in this historic game. Skill, long range planning, and accurate clear thinking, as well as good sports- manship, are among the qualities it trains and encourages. Some of the games continue for two or three noon periods. There is keen, friendly rivalry among the members to stay at the top of the Chess Ladder. . . . - 1' . . . Nellie Kaufman . . Secretary-Treasurer ..... Irene Sharp . . . . . ' ' . . . Clark Shepard Irene Sharp . . Social Chairman Marilyn jones . Publicity Agent .... Marilyn jones Mrs. jessie Roberts ............ Sponsor DANCING CLUB The Dancing Club provides an opportunity for girls of the lOth grade and Bl I to study dancing in its various forms. Instruction is given in Ball- room, lnterpretive, Ballet, and Modern Dancing. During the past year members performed on Open House Night, and enjoyed a skating party, a Christmas Party and a picnic. First Semester Claude Smith . Richard Kanold Patrick Walsh . William Duthie Officers Second Semester President ....... Ralph Cerruti Vice-President . .... Oakley Honey Secretary ....... Herbert Kraft Treasurer ...... William Duthie First Semester Phyllis Seeley . Dorothy Smith . Althea Lundgren Maxine Stark . Norma Maxwell Miss Em Officers .. President . . . . Vice-President . . . Second Semester . Dorothy Smith Lorraine McBride . Secretary ......... Nora Noble Treasurer .. . Vera Cook - . . Social Chairman D 'Agnes Denchio ily R. Pipal ........... . Sponsor Miss Byrd Wilmah Greene ....... Sponsor ELLEN H. RICHARDS CLUB Being a member of the National Home Eco- nomics association, the Ellen H. Richards Club is open to girls who are taking a class in Home Economics. Its objective is to serve Franklin High School, the home and the community in every way possible. The club has charge of dressing dolls for Utah Street School, and affili- ating the Home Economics Club of Kern junior High School. 60 First Semester Marjorie Wade Harriet Fredeen .... Opal Campbell Pat McLean ........ Officers Second Semester Vice-President Betty Krucera ....... Historian . Miss Ahlport .......... President .... . . Secretary ...... Treasurer ...... Opal Campbell Bee McConnell Beverly Brevig Norma Costello Margie Lunger Sponsor ETIQUETTE CLUB The Girls' Etiquette Club makes a study of the rules of etiquette and then puts them into prac- tice at luncheons, teas, and dances. The year's program is "around the clock with the High School girl." First Semester Officers Second Semester Vivianne Peterson .... President ..... Martha Sturgeon Wanda Hoff ...... Vice-President . .... Edith Russell Esther Lay ......... Secretary .... Lorraine Louis Shirley Richardson .... Treasurer ........ Dorothy Bliss Martha Sturgeon . . Social Chairman .Helen jean johnston Mrs. Nita Powers .............. Sponsor G. A. A. The Girls' Athletic Association is to further interests in athletics for Franklin High School girls, to promote good sportsmanship, and to make new friends. There is city-wide competi- tion through a series of play days. Franklin girls are hosts for one playday and may attend three others as guests of other schools during the year. Important social affairs of the fall term were a Play Day at Franklin, one at Dorsey High School, initiation of new members and a banquet in january. ln the spring term the girls attended a Play Day at Torrance High School, another at Venice High School, and held their customary initiation and banquet. Second Semester Officers Dolores Yorba .....,. President ........ Betty Lientz Betty Lientz . . . . Vice-President . . . Naomi MacLeod Betty Rocks ........ Secretary ..... Dorothy Wilkins Maw Eldredge ...... Treasurer .. .... Mary Taylor Mrs. Margaret King ...... . . .Sponsor First Semester .-.. 62 FRENCH CLUB The objective of the Club is to further the study of the French people, their language, cul- ture, life and customs. To break the class rou- tine occasionally, French songs, games and music are enjoyed. True French atmosphere is gained by dinners at the quaint French restaurants. Second Semester First Semester Officers Phillip Simon ....... President ....... jim Longcrier Mildred jones .1 . . , Vice-President . . . Gertrude Sparks Barbara Hewitt ...... Secretary ..... Marian Wooster Patrick Billinghurst .... Treasurer ...... Bonnie Randall GOOD FORM CLUB The objective of the Good Form Club is the training of girls to become acquainted with cor- rect social usage for all occasions and to develop poise and charm. Second Semester First Semester Officers Dot O'Dean . President janet Rankin Wanda Lyon . . . . Vice-President .... Betty Krueger Fern Krawitz . Secretary .... Arivilla Chapman Vivian Barnes ....... Treasurer .... Eleanor Anderson janet Rankin ....... Historian ....... Fern Krawitz Miss Margaret Thorp ..... . . .Sponsor HI HATTERS The Hi Hatters is the boys' organization in which all the usages of etiquette are studied and enjoyed. Interest in the club is stimulated by having prominent speakers at some of the mee?- ings, and by having discussions at the other meet- ings on questions on social usage. The social activities become the proving grounds for the members. First Semester Officers Second Semester Sooren Kalousdian .... President ......... Neil lurick Bob Hansen ...... Vice-President .... Wally Mitchell ...... Secretary .... Bob Hansen Charles Barron ...... Treasurer ....... Tom Estabrook . . . Social Chairman . . . Mrs. Nita Powers ......... Tom Estabrook Roy Edwards Tom Mumford . . . . .Sponsor HI-Y Established under the sponsorship of the Los Angeles Young Men's Christian Association, membership in Franklin Hi-Y is obtained by boys of satisfactory citizenship, good scholarship, and who are loyal supporters of Franklin and its activities. The club tries in every way to be a service club and operates under the motto, "Serv- ice Through Fellowshipf' An interesting social program supplements a program of fellowship and guidance. HOOK AND CURVE CLUB Membership in this club is open primarily to upper grade commercial students-by applica- tion only. Its main objectives are to help solve problems of particular interest to commercial majors, and to provide social activities for the members. Among the important activities of the Hook and Curve Club are Pot Luck dinners, a Christ- mas party, initiations, dances, and various trips to places of business. First Semester Officers Second Semester Peter Newquist ...... President ....... Don Ventrella Richard Sleight Vice-President Douglas Odney Tom Ikeda .... . . . Secretary . . . . . . Culvin Cardin Culvin Cardin Treasurer .... ..... T om Ikeda Don Ventrella Sgt. at arms .... Gilbert Pellerian None ............. Chaplain . . . ..... Tom Ikeda Mr. Lee M. Duke ......... .... S ponsor First Semester Margaret Mayer . Loretta Couvillon. Mary Lou Wootan. . Mary Lou Wootan Shirley Smith .. . Officers Second Semester . . President ....... lessie Valadez Vice-President . . Margaret Houghlan . . Secretary .... . .. Treasurer .. Social Chairman Miss Grace De Velbiss ..... Miss Eva Iessup .............. 64 Shirley Younger Virginia Ballister Laticia Morosco . . . . .Sponsor .Sponsor INTERNATIONAL FORUM The International Forum is Franklin's section of the World Friendship Club. Its objective is the promotion of understanding with other peo- ple through a study of their history and customs as a step toward world peace and friendship. During the past term, the club has held a num- ber of interesting student forums conducted by its members, and a Franklin Inter-Club Day with members of the French, Spanish, and Latin Clubs as guests. Social affairs of the year include a din- ner at a foreign restaurant, installation of offi- cers, and a luncheon. First Semester Officers Second Semester Tessie Davis ........ President ...... Kenneth Curry Patrick Billinghurst . . Vice-President . . . Frieda Rapoport Kenneth ,Curry ...... Secretary I .... Rose Marie Cheney Rene De Saix ........ Treasurer" ......... Paul Ichino Hope Thomson Social Chairman . .. Wayne Roberts Nels Beals ...... Social Chairman . . .. Bill Hamilton Mary Ellen Cristiani .... Historian ....... Rene De Saix Miss Elizabeth Lisherness ....... Sponsor l jUNTO CLUB The junto Club provides an outlet for students with forensic ability by sponsoring various types of speech activity. During the past term it spon- sored the Declamation Contest, the World Friend- ship Symposium and the Banker's Oratorical Con- I'6SI'. First Semester jimmy Vernon ... ... Billie Reese ....... Officers Second Semester President ...... juanita Gamet Vice-President . . . Frieda Rapoport .. Secretary ........ Faye Dooley ary en Christiani. . . Treasurer . . .Mary Ellen Christiani Laurel jones ..... . Social Chairman ...... Dick Skieie Art Brady .......... Historian ....,. Evelyn D. Apel Mr. Armin Hentschke ..... ...Sponsor juanita Gamet ..... M Ell MUSIC CLUB The objective of the Music Club is to acquaint the members with good music in an interesting way. Receptions are held every term to welcome new members, and also for the installation of officers. This spring the Club has studied and learned about the different instruments of the symphony orchestra. The club sponsored a program given by the A Cappella Choir and String Ensemble, also a re- cital in which Club talent was featured. First Semester Ella Mae Lorimor Florence Madsen Helen Tassop .. Officers Second Semester . President ....... Evelyn jugum Everett Scott ........ Treasurer . . Margaret McGee Ray Frasier .... Ass't. Treasurer Program Chairman Margaret McGee Marjorie Munsey Vice President .. . Secretary . .... . . . . Helen Tassop None Ella Mae Lorimor Betty A. Wilson Ass't Program Chairman .... Betty Fahle 66 LATIN CLUB All students who have completed one year of Latin are welcome to join the Latin Club, which was formed to arouse interest in this language through intellectual and social activities. Outside speakers give talks at some of the meetings, and in addition there are plays, music, games, and an annual banquet, Roman in every detail. The club also participates in the Utah Street Christmas, and the Language Carnival. First Semester Officers Second Semester Stanley Heyne ...... President .... .. Hope Thomson Rene DeSaix ...... Vice-President ...... Wanda Reid Hope Thomson ...... Secretary . , . . . Helen jones Edith Gustafson ..... . Treasurer . . . . . . Everett Scott Helen jones .... . Social Chairman .... Douglas Price Mrs. Eunice P. Griffin .......... Sponsor NEEDLEWORK GUILD The Needlework Guild contributes a quota of l2O new garments to the Needlework Guild of America, to be used among the needy in Los An- geles. The members make part of these gar- ments and buy the others with money contrib- uted by clubs of the school. First Semester Officers Second Semester Virginia Scotty ...... President ........ Lois Wallner Margaret Kohl .... Vice-President . . . Dorothy Schrader Laticia Morosco ..... Secretary .... Virginia Wadsworth RADIO CLUB The Radio Club promotes knowledge and in- terest in amateur radio. The past activities in- cluded a trip to the Eagle Rock Power House, and a visit to the home of Mr. Holdredge. First Semester Officers Second Semester Leo Mielke .... . . . . President .... ..... L eo Mielke Harvey Thacker Vice-President . .... Richard Voris Richard Voris . .. Secretary-Treasurer . . . Maeser Booth Mr. H. M. Holdredge .......... Sponsor SPANISH CLUB Pupils who have had one year of Spanish are eligible for membership in Los Companeros. ,The object of the club is to further interest in Span- ish and also to increase the knowledge and un- derstanding of the Spanish speaking peoples. Some interesting activities included a trip to Olvera Street, a Padua Hills Theatre party, a tea, a trip to the California Theatre, and a final luncheon in honor of the Seniors. Second Semester First Semester Officers Ignacio Villalva ...... President ........ jess Heinritz Catherine Colvin . . . Vice-President . ..... Lois Wallner Virginia Wadsworth .... Secretary ...... Suzanne Smith Kenneth Curry ...... Treasurer .... .... R obert Crain jean Voris ,..... .... H istorian ..... Dorothy Schrader lo Anne Parry ..., Publicity Chairman .... lo Anne Parry Miss Merriman ................ Sponsor Mrs. Whitsell ................ Sponsor 68 GIRLS' RIFLE CLUB The Girls' Rifle Club is one of the few clubs at Franklin with a limited membership. lts pur- pose is to learn the care and handling of firearms, marksmanship, sportsmanship, and to provide so- cial activities. Some typical activities of the club are teas, luncheons, dinners, overnight trips to the refore- station camp, outdoor suppers, swimming, and competitive firing. Second Semester First Semester Officers Elsie Macri .. .... President .... Ruth Welty Betty Gratz ....... Vice-President ..... Dolores Yorba Helen Knight ....... Secretary . . . . . . Betty Lientz Dolores Yorba ....... Treasurer ........ Mary Taylor Betty Lientz .... . Social Chairman .... Mariorie Berg Ruth Welty ....... Drill Captain ..... Alice Whitener Florence Williams .. Top Sergeant ..... Helen Knight Corporals Evelyn D. Apel Vivian loerndt Mary Louise Turner jean Hollingsworth Bette Sacks Patty l-lohnsbeen Judy Lorenzi Rosemary Carr Florence Rutan STAMP CLUB The Stamp Club is organized to enrich life, and further education through learning of stamps: how they are made, geography, history, politics. The Club activities consist of initiations, weinerbakes, auctions of stamps, installations, and Christmas gift exchanges. First Semester Bfficers Catherine Colvin ..... President .......... Nels Beals Nels Beals ........ Vice-President ..... Douglas Price Marion Bryant ....... Secretary ...... Waneta Smart Leo Fogle .......... Treasurer .... . . . David Tinker . Social Chairman ....... Leo Fogle Mr. Dutcher .................. Sponsor Second Semester 70 TRI-Y The Tri-Y is a junior Division of the Young Women's Christian Association. lts objectives are to face life squarely, to find and give the best, and to serve others. Through various activ- ities which develop the girls' body, mind, and spirit, they try to work toward the ideals of the Girl Reserve Code. The social affairs of the club are the Tri-Y Hi-Y dance at the Y.W.C.A., field trips, Y.W. CA. Carnival for Asilomar Conference benefit, and sports. This group also contributes to the Utah Street Christmas program. Officers Second Semester First Semester Elsa Nord .......... President ..... Marie Wilkinson Marie Wilkinson . . . Vice-President .... Blanche Hardie Elaine Hall ......... Secretary ...... Virginia Scotty Pat O'NeilI ......... Treasurer .... Margaret Wilkinson Mrs. Lucile Derr Fitts ........... Sponsor UU .. W , -'-' gn.- ..1-,:-iahq....u....1....41..k,...- 1.1.1. -nu jf' WW Iv XY, ' 5? Q! - Www? wavy wif' M ,M , WMM? A ,M WMM fqjrjkp jjjjfffffwwyx M AM fgcggff ,QW www J ww , X K we l9,f5'W?p9J V Q. 17, - 3, R.O.T.C. STAFF MAJOR L. ROWLISON CAPT. E. SPANGLER MAJOR D. MCPHERSON CAPT. J. MURPHY Cadet Commander S'40 Cadet Commander "A" Company Cadet Commander W'4O Cadet Adrutant CAPT. N. GOECKEL LIEUT. R. GETZE SGT. E. BACKELL LIEUT. R. STROMBOM Cadet Commander "B" Company Assistant Professor Sergeant Instructor Fmrst Platoon Leader Military Science, Tactics "B" COYTIDEYWY LIEUT. J. FISH LIEUT. P. BILLINGHURST LjEUT. E. BACKELL Second Platoon Leader Second Piatoon Leader First Platoon Leader "A" Company "B" Company "A" COmD5I'1y R.O.T.C. STAFF The staff consists of the combined leaders of the unit. lt is responsible for the functioning of the subordinate units, and the teaching of the theory classes. First Semester Second Semester D. MacPherson .. Commanding Officer .... L. Rowlison Capt. E. Spangler .... Adjutant ..... Capt. 1. Murphy Capt. I. Murphy . . Executive Officer . Lt. W. Anderson Sgt. E. McCamey .. Bat. Sgt. Major .. Sr. Sgt. B. Bogue Sgt. N. Beals . ..... Bat. Clerk ...... Sgt. N. Beals BAND The Franklin Band has for its underlying pur- pose the perfecting of a fine marching and play- ing organization for football games, the R.O.T.C. unit, and concert programs. lts principal activities for the past year were playing at the football games, rallies, the Federal Inspection of the R.O.T.C. unit, concerts for Open House, and many more school and civic programs. First Semester Officers Second Semester Leao Uhler .. ...... President ............. None None ......... lst in Command Sgt. Stanley Peterson None ......... Znd in Command Corporal Leao Uhler None ............ Drum Major ....... Lund Nelson Mr. Wing ................... Sponsor 1 J 73 "A" COMPANY "A" Company is the first company of the bat- talion, consisting of the seasoned men. "A" Company is demonstrating Drill company. First Semester Second Semester Capt, N.CoeckeI .... Commander .Capt. E. Spangler Lt. W. Anderson . First Platoon Leader .. Lt. W. Backell Lt. D. Hall ..... Second Platoon Leader ...... Lt. l. Fish Sgt. C. Taylor ..... First Sergeant .. .Sgt. R. Rodriguez Captain Spangler promoted to junior Major, and Lt. Anderson promoted to Captain of "AH Company by mid-term promotions. "B" COMPANY "B" Company is the second company of the battalion, consisting ot the newly recruited men. "B" Company- is also Demonstration Physical Drill and Rifle Marksmanship Company. First Semester Second Semester Capt. L. Rowlison Commander Capt. N. Goeckel Lt. R. Stromboim . First Platoon Leader . Lt. R.Strombom Lt. C-. Verry .... Second Platoon Leader Lt. P. Billinghurst Sgt. O. Clemens . .. First Sergeant .... Sgt. H.Stewart Lt. Getze .............,...... Sponsor 75 ,rf 4 .ff f mf fm ACKNOWLEDGEMENT To Mr. Andrew Bjurman we offer our most sincere and humble admiration and our greatest appreciation for his im- pressive work in the fields of modeling, sculpturing, and wood carving. One of his most outstanding achievements is the bust of the great Finnish composer, jan Sibelius. All Amer- ica pays tribute to Andrew Bjurman-artist. We are indeed grateful, and very proud to claim him Franklin's own clay modeling teacher. S P CD R T S '--Y ' A - +A- Ai 777+ --- - - Y ' fjojjg' fgfgfgy wfcjwj Pg!! E M, Wm M Mm ll - t-' - Au 41-.Ai A -1' - - Y!!--V-A MR. DOWNING, MR. DUKE, MR. HESS, MR. MCCOLLOM, MR. SPANGLER 23544, DAN PRETZINGER VARSITY FOOTBALL ln making their debut for Northern League championship, the Franklin Panthers had one of the most unfortunate seasons in years. Undoubt- edly one of the finest clubs in the league, the Panther grid machine was continually being set back due to a large number of injuries. ln the first league encounter the Printers eked out a close and hard fought victory over the tough Redshirts, 7-0. Franklin's one tally came early in the second quarter when Bob "Bang 'em Up" Cullen intercepted a Hollywood aerial and romped thirty-two yards to the promised land. The Ben line held like a stone wall throughout the greater part of the game. Presumably having the game "in the bag," Franklin fiddled away the entire first half of the Belmont game, which gave the Hilltoppers a IZ- 0 win. Belmont displayed a versatile running at- tack that pierced the Printer line at every point. An inspired Franklin team came out in the sec- ond half and completely ran over the Hilltoppers. ' - rgfifwf' 1 001.- S if JV al ,af ff! NULLIFIED SCORE ln the second Printer-Tiger Rose Bowl grid- iron classic before I0,000 spectators, the fight- ing Franklin eleven went down to defeat, 6-0. Although the powerful Panther grid machine shoved Lincoln all over the lot, it was not until the final stanza that they were able to show their strength on the scoreboard, but the photo score, and possibly a victory score, was nullified because of a,backfield in motion. joe Lazzaret- to, Franklin's all-city, was responsible for the tally after galloping eighty-five yards to paydirt. Franklin accepted the 0-6 score, but won the game morally in sportsmanship. Sparked by Louie Windham and jack Barnes, the locals displayed a powerful ground attack and overwhelmed the Wilson forces, I9-0. By trouncing the Barristers I4-0, the Hessmen earned the right to represent the Ben Institution in the annual P.T.A. Milk Fund Carnival in the Coliseum. Franklin met San Pedro with the J Pirates getting the better edge. Your Sportsters have compiled the total yards gained in the Northern League competition, and statistics show that the local pigskinners have out-gained their opponents in many depart- ments. joe All-City Lazzaretto, Plunging jack Barnes, Slippery Louis Windham, joe Cookmey- er, that little giant of the gridiron, and Bob Bang 'em Up Cullen received All-Northern recogni- tion, while Soren Kalousdian received honorable mention. joe Lazzaretto was Franklin's only all- city representative. P. T. A. Carnival VARSITY FOOTBALL NORTHERN LEAGUE GRID North I3 ............. south 9 NORTHERN LEAGUE GAMES STANDINGS FOR 1939 GRIP STATISTICS Second Place Winner Lincoln ...... SW' OL' OT' ilbcclo Total Yards Gained in Northern Franklin 7 ........ Hollywood 0 Franklin ..... 3 2 0 .600 t League Competition Franklin O .. ...Belmont IZ Belmont ..... 2 2 I .500 Franklin. .825 Opponents. .560 Franklin O . . . .... Lincoln 6 Hollywood . . .I 3 I .300 - Total First Downs Franklin I9 .. .... Wilson 0 Wilson ...... I 3 I .300 Franklin.. 46 Opponents.. 32 Franklin I4 . . . . , .Marshall 0 Marshall . . . . .I 3 I .300 78 VARSITY FOOTBALL LETTERMEN Stephen Broadhurst Bill Fennick Neil jurick Chet Sutherland Louie Windham joe Cookmeyer john Foley Sooren Kalousdian Don Walker Archie Wilson Bob Cullen Bob Hoff joe Lazzaretto Chuck White Henry DeFiore Forest jensen Sam McMichael Roy Whittaker B FOOTBALL Composed mostly of sophomores, Coach Duke's fighting B football squad finished fifth in Northern League competition. In almost every game the Bens displayed Franklin's true fighting spirit and had the locals received their share of breaks, the standings might have been reversed. At times it seemed as though the Panthers would explode at any minute but the pigskinners were able to taste only one victory. The lightweights dropped both practice frays to Garfield and Eagle Rock and also lost their first three league encounters. ln a powerful ground and aerial attack in which Tracy and lkeda played major roles, the buff and blue clad men completely outwitted the Wilson forces, I4- O. ln the last game of the season with the blues of Marshall, the Printer aggregation outfought and outplayed the visiting Barristers but were unable to garner any more than six digits. Don Ventrella, local gridiron ace, showed the best defensive play ever seen on the Franklin turf last season. Bob Lewis, Lloyd Barber, Tom Estabrook, Robert McCain, Bill Peterson, War- ren McFadden, Bob Hanson, Roy Heimbuch and Phil Miller ended their high school football ca- reer careers at Franklin. B SOFTBALL B Softball championship of the Northern League, was the title annexed by the local horse- hiders during the l94O season. Although dropping two close games to Gar- field in practice, the B Softballers came back to wallop the Eagle Rock's B's in two straight games and decisively defeat all Northern League B Soft- ball squads. ln the first few contests the B team didn't display rnuch hitting ability. However, as the season progressed, they blossomed into pro- verbial "Yankees" and hitting proved to be one of their strongest points. Bill Barden, pitcher, led his teammates to the championship by doing some terrific hitting in the "clutches" as well as pitching superlative ball. Perez, Callas, De Hoog, Bullivac, and Sil- verstein were the heavy hitters for the Printer forces, and always came through in the pinches. On the whole, the team was very powerful and few weak spots were in evidence. The other lads who displayed fine ability were Swafford, O'Brien, Bisetti and Baldwin. 80 B FOOTBALL NORTHERN LEAGUE RECORD Fifth Place Winner Franklin 6 ........ Hollywood 24 Franklin O .. ..... Belmont 6 Franklin O . . . .... Lincoln 7 Franklin l4 . . ...... Wilson O Franklin 6 . . . ..... Marshall l2 SOFTBALL Northern League Champions! That was the honor acquired by the l94O varsity softball team. Behind the sensational pitching of Tony Guglielmino the Ben horsehiders romped through one of the most successful seasons at Franklin, with ten wins and no defeats adding up to a well-earned championship. At the conclusion of this victorious campaign, Coach Spangler stated that never had he more enjoyed working with any group than with these lads who carried the buff and blue colors to the league title. From the opening game with Garfield to the closing game with Marshall, the Printer forces kept up the true Franklin fighting spirit. After easy victories over Garfield, the Eastern League champions, over Eagle Rock, and over Lincoln in the first league opener, the Kiteflyers met the tough Redshirts from Hollywood. In the first part of the fray the Sheiks had a supposedly safe three run lead. Then, in the sixth inning, the Bens came to life when Vercelli started a scoring spree with a clean single, and from that time on it was all Franklin. On the Hilltopper diamond, a week later, Gu- glielmino showed some classy hurling in a thrill- ing game in which the Panthers emerged victori- ous. The next game with the Wilson Mules de- cided the championship when Franklin came up with a 6-O win. Guglielmino pitched a one-hit no-run game which virtually bagged the cham- pionship for the locals. Don Wilson led his teammates in an average of .SOO per cent. Tony Guglielmino, Larry Hoff, joe Lazzaretto, Archie Wilson, and Don Wilson nabbed honors on the Press' first mythical All- Northern team. WV' B FOOTBALL LETTERMEN VARSITY SOFTBALL Lloyd Barber Louie Bisetti Howard Borschel Leonard Brashear jack Fitzello Roy Heimbuch Tom Ikeda jimmy Long Warren McFadden Phil Miller Gil Pellerin Bill Peterson Don Pretzinger Chubby Rousell Don Ventrella Cecil Wilson George Vercelli Kenny Foreman Don Walker Archie Wilson Tony Gugllelmino joe Lazzaretto Loyal Tacy Dick Richter Larry Hoff Eddie Deyarmond B SOFTBALL Odell Silverstein Frank Petta Preston Swafford Bob Dehoog Pancho Perez Mike Callas joe O'Brien Louie Bisetti Bill Bardon Ledyard Baldwin Eddie Bulivac VARSITY BASKETBALL The record hung up by the varsity casaba men during the past season was rather dismal. Due to hard luck and the ineligibility of two first stringers, Coach Downings' men battled their way into fifth place in Northern League compe- tition. ln a hotly contested game held at the end of the season with the Mules of Wilson, the Printer team eked out a thriller to decide the cellar championship. ln the first round of play the locals were un- able to cop a single victory, but came near up- setting the apple cart against Belmont after a hard fought battle, with lack of reserves bring- ing defeat to the Bens. ln the final period of the Franklin-Marshall tussel, the Panther aggrega- tion employed a fast offense and came through with a victory against the overrated Barristers. Hollywood gave the Bens their worst drubbing by a 60 to 24 setback. .The outstanding men for the Panther Insti- tution were co-captains Russel Reed, and Tom Mumford, who showed fine offensive work throughout the season, and Roy Edwards who displayed a fine defensive. B BASKETBALL NORTHERN LEAGUE RECORD Second Place Winners 25 ' Franklin .......... Lincoln 36 Franklin 35 ........ Hollywood 44 Franklin 37 . . . ..... Marshall 38 Franklin 36 .... Wilson l9 Franklin 34 ... ...Belmont 24 Franklin 32 . .. .... Marshall 31 Franklin l9 ........ Hollywood 26 Franklin 30 . . . ..... Lincoln 26 Franklin 34 . . . ...Belmont l3 Franklin 42 . . . .... Wilson l0 C BASKETBALL Ending up in fourth place in the Northern League race, the Franklin C Basketballers won three games and lost seven. Probably the most exciting game of the season was the Belmont game in which the Bens lost by only one point. ln the last game of the year the Panthers showed great improvement by holding the Wilson Mules to seven counters, all of them foul shots. High point man, Phil Zicarelli, Eddie Deyar- mond, flashy forward, and Darth Frank were the big noises for the local institution. Bill Perez, joe O'Brien, lim Waugh and George Vercelli also played good ball. 82 Allie, ,aw -fevoj VARSITY BASKETBALL NORTHERN LEAGUE RECORD Fifth Place Winners 25 ' Franklin .......... Lincoln 34 Franklin 24 ........ Hollywood 60 Franklin l8 . . .... Marshall 44 Franklin l8 .. . . .Wilson 22 Franklin 24 .. .... Belmont 34 Franklin 26 .. .... Marshall 24 Franklin l4 .. .... Hollywood 33 Franklin l5 . . ..... Lincoln 24 Franklin 29 .. .... Belmont 40 Franklin l7 . . . . .Wilson l5 B BASKETBALL The Bee Casaba tossers climaxed one of the most successful seasons ever at Franklin. Never before did fthe Printers have such a spirited bas- ketball squad. Led by the high scoring forward, Chalmers Hawthorne, and sharpshooting Eugene Cirau, the hoopsters placed a well deserved sec- ond. Coach Duke's lightweights turned several of the games from almost certain defeat to vic- tory due to the spirit that was held throughout the games. Pancho- erez, Mike Callas, and Cul- vin Cardin were the ost outstanding defensive men in the Northern League Circuit. Those playing their last game for Franklin were: Mike Callas, Pancho Perez, Chalmers Hawthorne, Eugene Grau, Culvin Cardin, Ernie Kleeman, and Cuthbert Love. C BASKETBALL NORTHERN LEAGUE Fourth Place Winners 12 ' Franklin .......... Lincoln l7 Franklin l2 ........ Hollywood 32 Franklin l2 . . .... Marshall 42 Franklin 22 . . ..... Wilson l2 Franklin I7 .. .... Belmont I7 Franklin l9 .. ..... Marshall l4 Franklin 9 .... Hollywood I9 Franklin l0 .. ..... Lincoln 20 Franklin 15 .. .... Belmont I6 Franklin 26 .. ...Wilson 7 VARSITY BASKETBALL Roy Edwards jack Hall Robert Lester jack MacCarter Thomas Mumford Lawrence Parker Russell Reed Otto Werz Bert Willmore B BASKETBALL LE'I'l'E'RMEN Fred Barry Mike Callas Culvin Cardin Eugene C-rau Don Custavson Chalmers Hawthorne Alfonso Perez Herbert Walker VARSITY TENNIS: FIFTH PLACE WINNERS Experiencing one of its worst seasons in quite some time, the Panther tennis team was able to obtain no better than fifth place. However, this was due to the loss of last season's steller play- ers such as Nolan McQuown, Oliver jones, and Bernard Gates via the graduation route. Undoubtedly the most consistent and most stellar performer on the team was Ted Karnof- sky, first singles man. Karnofsky lost only one match during the whole season. He lost a very close battle to Marshall's first singles man, Miles, consequently, Karnofsky was the second ranking player in the Northern League. VARSITY TENNIS NORTHERN LEAGUE RECORD Fifth Place Winners Franklin 7 .... ....... W ilson.O Franklin O .. .... Marshall 7 Franklin 2 .. ..... Lincoln 5 Franklin 2 .. .... Belmont 5 Franklin l .. . .... Hollywood 6 VARSITY SOFTBALL First Place Winners Fred Hill, second ranking singles man on the Franklin 5 ,,,,,,,,. Garfield 4 squad, also turned in some brilliant perform- lg --"" Egg: Ext l ances. Fine playing was exhibited by Eddie Franklin 9 -.-'- Garfield 3 Thompson, Ignacio Villalva, jim Longcrier, Leo g 3 Beach, and Harry Daum. Franklin as ....... Hollywood 3 This season, Mr. Frank Hess, local football Franklin 7 -- ---- Belmolnf 4 , , Franklin 6 .. ........ Wilson O coach, coached the tennis team for the first Franklin 4 ,,,,,,,, Marshall 2 time. :fi Indicates practice games. APPARATUS B SOFTBALL Although winning only one meet and tying an- F kI,F"s'1Pla'e W""'e'E f, id other for fourth place in the dual meets and ob- Ffglgkllg 7 .'.'.'.'.'."'E'agl:12L,eCk taining a fifth place in the Northern League Fin- Ffaflklin 20 ------- Eagle ROCK als, the Franklin gym team proved to be a much :fi Franklin O Garfield . . - - fg.p,anki,,, 12 . f-','.',L,nC0ln better team than anticipated. Moreover, lf lt had Efanllilfn 3 ------- l'l0l:Ywood not been for the ineligibility and injury of many l Fijgkllg lj .'.' ' ' 'l-luogglrlncgfg of the Franklin musclemen, the local team would Franklin I6 .....,... Wilson have ended up much nearer the top, - F'a"k'l'l 3 """" Marshall Coach Francis McCollom develo ed some fine if Indicates practice games. p G.A.A. Six sports units, four of which must be dif- ferent, are required in the Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation to earn a G.A.A. letter. For each star on the letter, two additional sports units must be added. 84 and outstanding men throughout the season. Most outstanding of these was Kenny Foreman, who bettered the state, city, and school records and approached within three tenths of a second of the worldls record with a 5.3 second perform- ance in the rope climb. Other outstanding performers were Dunham, winner of the side horse in the Northern League Finals, Hart and Weatherford in the free exer- cise, Turner and Martinez on the rope, Thom and Allen in the clubs, Scott and Zitko on the side horse, Scott and Dunham on the long horse, Wilkinson and Dalton on the parallels, Mattox and Dalton on the rings, and Miller on the mats. TENNIS LETTERMEN l LETTERMEN Warren Mattox Pete Miller Ted Karnofsky APPARATUS Fred Hill Gilbert Allen Ignacio Villalva Robert Dalton Leo Beach Robert Dunham lim Longcrier Harry Daum lim Croft Doug Odney Frank Sander Kenneth Foreman Stan Gayle Donald Hart Walter Hudd Dale Matson Roy Edwards Everett Scott james Thom Charles Turner Richard Weatherford Dick Wilkinson Leland Zitko VARSITY TRACK Defeated only by Belmont's strong Hilltoppers and the Hollywood Redshirts, the Panthers fin- ished the best season in fifteen years, with the possible exception of the l936 cinder squad. Hampered considerably by the loss of Neil jur- four The spike- points lson. ick, ace sprinter, the Bens wins to finish third in the most impressive victory for men was the triangle meet, were garnered to defeat From this, Coaches Downing and Duke sent 27 men to the league finals. Hurdler Leon Melie led the local speed-mer- chants with 50 digits, and was supported by Captain Kenny Foreman, shot put, lack Krucke- berg, who took a first in the city preliminaries in the quarter mile, Tony Cuglielmino, pole vault, Archie Wilson, century and furlong dash- man, proved to be the most outstanding and most consistent point winner. Other point win- ners were: Masi Lucarelli, pole vault, Pres Swaf- ford, broad jump, Bob Williams, hurdles, joe Lazaretto, shot put, and Bert Wilmore in the high jump. ln addition to many of the aforemen- tioned men, the relay team also included Traugh- ber, McCarter, DeHoog and Barlow. B TRACK NORTHERN LEAGUE RECORD Fifth Place Winners iliFranklin 62V2 .Eagle Rock 32V2 Franklin 69 ...... Wilson 22 Franklin 34 ...... Lincoln 6l Franklin 4l 5X7 ..Belmont 53 217 Franklin 38 ..... Marshall 57 Franklin 45 .. .Hollywood 50 lFranklin 4l V2 .... Lincoln 55V2 Wilson 8 it Practice Meet l Triangle Meet C TRACK The Franklin Midget tracksters emerged vic- tors in all five dual meets and swamped their op- ponents in the Northern League finals to cop the first championship in many years. The local team displayed true fighting spirit and power in every meet. Bill Perez, 660 man, captained the team to this achievement. Hero of the C team was lack Savage who went undefeated in the 660 and shattered the school record in the high jump by leaping 5 feet 73h inches into the stratosphere. At the time of this writing, Savage's best time in the 660 is l 130.7 seconds and all during the season he was never pushed. Not only did he accomplish these fine records, but he also started for the championship relay team composed of Savage, Silverstein, and Wood, with Kraft anchoring. 86 VARSITY TRACK NORTHERN LEAGUE RECORD Third Place Winners ifiFranklin ee ...Eagle Rock Franklin.83 ...... Wilson 38 Zi Franklin 54V2 .... Lincoln 49V2 Franklin 29 ..... Belmont 75 Franklin 62V2 ...Marshall 4l V2 Franklin 4l ...Hollywood 63 TFranklin 762f3 . .Lincoln 47 lf3 Wilson 5 it Practice Meet TTriangle Meet B TRACK Tom Ikeda, who was undoubtedly the finest all-around B cinder man in the league, led his teammates in scoring, pulled a muscle in the lat- ter part of the season and was unable to place in the final league century. Ikeda took a third in the broad jump and a place in the hurdles despite his condition. Lloyd Barber and Captain Culvin Cardin broke the school records in the pole vault and shot put, respectively. Barber brought his track career at Franklin to an end by soaring the spectacular height of l2 feet 3V2 inches to cap- ture a first in the league finals and set up a new Northern League record. Cardin, also a senior, put the shot at an astounding distance of 48 feet 43h inches, bettering the old school record by a good four feet. Other outstanding men were: Bob Malone, who will be remembered for his fine work in the l00 yard dash and his terrific finish in the fur- long, Dick Metcalfe in the high hurdles, Mike Callas, second man to Barber in the pole vault and hurdles, Loyal Tacy, a fine high jumper and broad jumper, and Bob Blake, a very good sprint man. The B track squad, which was thought to be one of the best teams in years and a strong con- tender for first place laurels in the Northern League, obtained only a fifth in the league stand- ings. C TRACK NORTHERN LEAGUE RECORD First Place Winners :i:Franklin 59 ...Eagle Rock l8 Franklin 50 ...... Wilson 26 Franklin 6l V2 .... Lincoln l5V2 Franklin 42V2 . . .Belmont 34V2 Franklin Sl V2 . . .Marshall 25V2 Franklin 44 2f3 Hollywood 32 lf3 TFranklin 60 ...... Lincoln l9V2 Wilson l6V2 :ft Practice Meet 'l Triangle Meet VARSITY TRACK B TRACK C TRACK Leon Melie Tony Guglielmino Archie Wilson Bob Williams Kenny Foreman jack Kruckeberg Alex Heard Bert Willmore joe Lazzaretto Preston Swatford Masi Lucarelli Don Robinson Neil lurick lim Traughber Bob DeHoag lack McCarter Don Pretzinger Harry Barlow Al Foxcroft Tom Ikeda Culvin Cardin Lloyd Barber Mike Callas Bob Malone Dick Metcalfe Loyal Tacy Dave Ward Bob Blake Lino LaBianca Walt Thompson Howard Borschel Sam Beck jack Savage Herbie Kraft George Vercelli Ray Wood Karlo Paculi Mike Margucci Bill Perez Odell Silverstein Dick Overmier Bud Kittleson Bill Welch , x .f If T STRIN A I9 even ads t ite p gi! the Q W 4 , I WA, one who fo a los c n in t Q Nor hern last fo b easo lt- a 7 t ho repre the u d I 0 MM co' I the a oo all c a . J epti I of I I k ouie ' am, asf s r lars. M , ading fo I9 ri tpvfoe L zar , 185, iron a th sq it 'J ayed mor tes th' o h sg Charl s e, 1899 A, ji lest me i t e 1 H" pla ed ri t l en i 1 '-.4 ular tact I ' t ' ,je , 1 ,r' h 3 ': 3 joe ook , I 4 -North rn o f. man: Ste e r ur t , run 'n r ' nd c iclgael, , left , e n th i : Bob Cull , named ,y y man coa a tie b e en e in J t ' 'Tack Ba e O, All- rn full- I 3 Archie I , 1 , shi Il pac-k 3 on a 5 152, n1i o 'on. ne r , 3 kfield avera 1683 tea e, 170. ue to u us injuri t rnters, who ' oubtle ere capable of X ing the finest b I eague, were g tly handicapp 2 o eyer, broken hand 3 Sam ' ael, MQ sprained kneeg im Domini fr red arm, Ed Ernst, arm in' yg N ' , islocated collar- -1 - eg B e t ered fro ' i ' wi foott 125 Louie Wi dh e ed - WEEUELPHIANS , ee at e ly part of Th aw I elphians, a Panther lettermen s so- ! ' 'ety, strives to maintain and develop good K ' sportsmanship among competing athletes, and to assist authorities and officials at all athletic con- . l tests. This boys' service organization also en- forces all regulations regarding the wearing of g athletic achievement emblems. - The past year found the Athledelphians in charge of operating the new football score board, . acting as guards at the softball games, and help- 188 ing to officiate at the trac-k meets. Bill Peterson was president for the fall term. The other officers were jack lVlcCarter, vice- president: Russel Reed, secretary: and Pancho Perez, treasurer. Mike Callas acted as president for the spring semester. His cabinet was Russel Reed, vice-presidentg Tom Ikeda, secretaryg Pan- cho Perez, treasurerg and jim Dominica, Sgt.-at- al'l'T1S. Mr. Rex Miller is the able sponsor of this Franklin Lettermen's organization. In the backfield, left To right: Don Walker, Bob Cullen, Jack Barnes, Archie Wilson. On the line, left to right: .Joe Laz zaretto, Charles White, Steve Broadhurst, Joe Cookmeyer, Forest Jensen, Bill Fennlck, Sam McMichael. L 9' . if 42 1 i f f- f i' ii i .Ln C lf, ..uLbl:'W1'l2lQA.i:'Zh1 JVVJQ, I ft X -,W by had ,J ii ' f . W , J A 1, ' i iv 1 fi iiii i . f iii . f - L , A A, , 1 ', .- 1-1, , ji: I ,f jf iv X J A I. V i ful' i- i H ff 1 . Mffif wi if M , c ' . KW if if if Of'!W,M7MWi M Kyiv- WWI? wmv f i M fifjih . - if Nga' fly L bfi i if ' gg,,f'WifQW5f gfiyffi 9 if W ' if JW w XWM ,fi MMif!,,,f'w,fiIj?fY,4fn J ,LU-1, VV, I1 I ird ze P .L ' ' ' ' ,if iffwjfff E ING P.?XDE 'UR Nj 4 ogfbicjks wou d memoirs be, v i V V Y. Wi out' e Ii of youth. I in :pi ly ull r erie, I I 1 4X fb f i ut s forsoo h W UU 5 V ' , no r th coffers f v- , 'Li' ' fr oul we ose e ' fig: t de. jf' W D school if - e c us, if M! of th jg rade f , Q0 if my fiffy ff ff Wljffffgvjjjf 6MWyfB5gBLUMi is 9 , QW' a fMWWwM Y H.- V Y --Ynf-'-ff ""' 'Y' F1 H Pa! U J 0fJL wWffjfMQQWWffWW fW'5QVW,MiN fp. f 0 Q3Offf4?f3fWff Ugfjfigfw - .X A X 6,-5 v - jf 1 w x Qm- SC H4 00 DRESS S MV Sl-JOE OPENS 1 x ,A Acu v Q AGAlN.? WITH TRACK GET SENIOR mom SHIP -ll PLAY TIME 'G 9 x.z 40 4 sf l, Q r v s 5 5 3 E H 5 1 E f i E 3 i E 5 al 4 2 i PROPHECY 0F'CLASS OF SUMMER 1940 Armand Rea, Thomas Murphy, Roy Heimbuch and Catherine Colvin can never be forgotten be- cause of their remarkable work on the Press and the Almanac. These four whizzes have gone far in the newspaper world. They are now on the staff of NIAGRA TELECRAPH. Their remark- able account of the l94O First Expedition to Mars will always stand out in our memories. "Like father, like son,', "the customer is al- ways right," "LaPuma's selection is sheer per- fection." All of these well-known proverbs tell us that joe LaPuma is really rolling the dough, D-O-U-C--H as in bread. Remember how those cap and gown and sweater enthusiasts strung us along in our Senior A term? Something told us that they were too enthusiastic, for today they have reversed their likes. Cecil Combs is President of the Broadway Knitting Mills, and joe Finklestein, just another cap and gown magnate. What a let-down! Time Marches On! The time is l99O. iCrue- some, isn't it?l We have just listened to the regular Saturday Hit Parade. And what did we hear? The song that june Brubaker, Nellie Mae Miller, Roy Whittaker, and Kenneth Lawrence have been working on since l94O, And the ap- preciation of art is supposed to IMPROVE with the years. We are in a rutl Today we have an All-American football team with joe Lazarretto, Bob Cullen, Neil jurick, Charles White, jim Dominica, and Bill Fennick playing quarter back, half back, three quarters bac-k, and all the way back, respectively. We can never forget the grace and poise dis- played by the fair damsels, Barbara Hewitt and Peggy McMullen, in those dance festivals way back in i939 and l94O. And they are still in that line. They have gone into partnership and have hung out their shingle. At 5th and Main, look for the sign, Hjitterbuggin' . . . Cheap." When referring to Kenny Foreman, we can only say ''ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahall! lThat is the Tarzan yell.l We will never forget the stirring speeches that Billie Reese and Bob Lester made on Commence- ment Day. Earl Squiers and Henry DeFiore, the most studious members of our class, have turned out to be just two more Bob Hopes. lGee Cobina, what are we gona do now?l May l introduce Miss America of l945, Ann Lay? All ot which proves that one can marry and still win a beauty contest five years later. Marietta Scott and Coy Miller, the old Girls' and Boys' League Presidents, are still working to- gether. Their medicine show is doing splendidly -splendidly for the owners, not for the public. Dolores Yorba and Stanley Gilbert have just succeeded in getting the President of the United States to make them justices of the Supreme Court, kicking out the other eight. They weren't content with kicking us out of school-now they want to deport us. Mike Callas has opened a bus line between Cypress Park and Highland Park. His best cus- tomer is Dick Kennedy. Fare . . . Sc. Barbara Magarell is the girl with the "lt" voice. Geneva Mansfield and Ed Bailey are tops in their field. Both have left a trail ot broken hearts behind them. joe Soloman is the screen's new Dick Tracy. He got his training as Furguson in "What a lite." janet Dunham, President of the D.A.R., grad- uated from Occidental College with a teacher's degree. George Heibel, stand-in for Ezra Stone as Henry Aldrich, takes over Alec Templeton's spot on KFI Monday night. Bob Blum can act and write poetry. Chester Burns is head of the ritual ceremony for the initiation of new Ephebilans in the Greek Theatre on june 8. We must remember that he graduated from Cal Tech. Mary Louise Turner, though married, has con- tinued with her secretarial work. Hattie Coates is making a handsome living by selling what she calls, "Speeches for Every Oc- casionf' Signed, sealed, and delivered this 27th day of the month of june, in the year l999, by 90 per cent of the Senior A Class. ' By HATTIE COATES and MARY LOUISE TURNER G-ei. Congratulations to tlie Graduating l Classes of 1940 C HN from your friend Refi- Roy Evans, Manager FOX HIGHLAND THEATRE E H-61 QR. SXALCE Phone Cleveland 62l94 SQAML Franklin Flower i'66.,4f,L'd" W 5533 No. Figueroa Los Angeles V if, 76 0 bf fl ,eeffg ,A - - ANDERSON'S Pi-io'ro si-lor l .,,,fa LFP? S fflfiffcf KODAK FINISHING f g ' GREETING CARDS ' I 'L PICTURE FRAMES FF - . ff Q10 5811 N. Figueroa si. Les Angeles, cenf. - kv ' if' 1. - CO- pliments Washing Machines - Sewing Machines Cas C1 Electric Ranges - Refrigerators of Radios HERBERT T. COX M.D. STEPHEN E. MCKENNA M.D. Congratulations to Summer '40 Class from a friend DR. M. R. CODETT SHAUCHNESSY ELECTRIC A. P. SHAUCHNESSY, Prop. 5905 No. Figueroa ALbany 55l4 Compliments of CLARKSON'S PET SHOP 6001 North Figueroa HOLLAND-ELECTRIC SHOP IOHN C. HOLLAND MEN'S WEAR WOMEN'S WEAR Music - Radios - Records 5721 N. Figueroa St. 5705 N. Figueroa St. 5634 N. Figueroa ALbany 0l49 Success to the l940 Almanac Highland Park Post-Dispatch Harry Dutton and Patrick J. Fagan Owners and Publishers ' ALbeny 0193 5l23 York Blvd. Los Angeles, Calif. Prescriptions Called for Free Prompt, Free Delivery HIGHLAND PARK DRUG CO. Phone ALbany Ol57 5639 North Figueroa uyfmf f if 0 ! I Gr! t ouise H . ware I a1s!AppIiance and Electric Shop y . Hanson L' rn rs ' , TIST if IE Ed R A HORO IST XI! X 2 ORK BOULEVARD A 4 ALbany 35 7 55 o. Fig a s ngeles, Iif. , MONDS P ME Tli P W C ES ,f RE DI 'IR EPAI EARL C' BR ER G 1 G Q Jaden r 0 I Y, IR S Fine Watch ar'Id ck Repairing Our p cialty 5 23- 0. Fieu B PIU any 368 Phone AL os14 5054 YORK BLVD. u kf 4 2 No, ' ep-03 . fr 2149 a 'os Refrigerators Washers I NJ Gas Ranges Qfgmpa SUPP iss - SERVICE - REPAIRS Q W7 H IJ L an 317 5056 York Blvd. H. GRUTT USE Pr0p. ' X RC?-Viator Frigidaire R Latejst Baseba , am in L, d en' eco' 'ngs u P F Cr H hm , SUPP Radia 8' Appliance J If Radio Service My RACKET if! R ROLLER SKATES ALbany 1871 5013 York Blvd Sweaters . . . Swim Suits Zh-D... "Direct fro -Fqetem 'ro You" ,IAS p M Jw-Al. BROADWAY KNIIIINGQ 5 DISCOUNT TO ALL sTuDENTsQ.,n.,,1,,6,u MQ 4754 South Broadway ON W" N SIGNATURES 1.4 ,f pm of mf M k fi 'QZLWZW mijjjf, M IM sfiimwfflf fb Wff W ,NEW fsjj,W,,'Qf'5 My I c. ......-.llIghlaud Park .....- ,JSEYCOPZEQ News-ummmll 1 515 Mission Sf 5624 No. Figueroa 9 , 5'GNATt3u: ,:i wE'lff'f'f' MWWW M Gfw if iQCff,eAQ? 7 W -, AW f6fw?fzz.A Wyff , wwf 'WW MK, :LUXMIV if kL72jM'M'iW9flfQfM ff' WWMMQ 7 i""i 'Yr' SIGNATURES ' U i AMW , Mgg5Z1fMf4?ZfM wwf? Mm iglwfifiifggii X4 1 ' 1 . 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