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m y W BJHWWWW fiwf W w'WfWw fe f ff Zgkygiiggkfw U5 2 M M fdfi ,5L:'fZ?f?Z24 A QE Gzffgiflf 16 df M fe 31 W jg wi M yw m Wzffw Q ffm ff WMQQQLJW 5 f ., 5 1 ,, 15,1 1 isixi Mwwfwwf M ' A Gfiwiwy if V J 1: 4-E411 H V 4 , . , ,H , f . r - I . M,'Tf'C'Q ' ,f ' 1 ' 'QWCQPQ-I u I L . ' wh"fm'5-, V , ' f. ,W Uffff - L ," ' V 'f ' . . ' , ' . f U Q-.l1Z'. up , , 5'?YQ1,1kf.' J' ' L , Q,-'I 1 .' , ' Q. , , . - 1 - pf 5-'z:?fwaQ6Z!lg90'9 ww-WMA W 675 F . LA Em, 7'eOfJ Ja 17 MQW 20 d:Qg7,4,W ' . . Wwe! 1., 'K x V My W Q f7wUp1'f'W Qfigx . ' 277 iifwwfffw W if 4 QE Q H wx? awww JE? 4 I m 454 KM w mqwffwmiiiw N W3 G5?MYy Wileim 522112 N WW MM M MANA C W M' ff' I O u ,a,,'r'V rw' if E 1 E ' .1 X ,X I X COPYRIGHTED 1939 by 1AMEs CRADDOCK FLORENCE ANDERSON GLORIA CASALINO 'N J WM if W5 X. Av , ESM sw Q S-Q Q 7 V my 53 JILQSQ ,LZ K- Xxx X , N. ' - X. xx N N ' ' XS R +-A Q x X A rlixxy X .5 X, R 152 52 Q43 Q 50.54 RQ Af, M41 walk. X 7 R B rfb Z R RQ 3 QQ x xx' Y ik X , X X x E v - 1 The 1939 ALMANAC W Published by 3 MNT Pa KEN Xt 'N QQ H ff' WM BENJAMIN FRANKLIN llmn Scuom, Los Angeles, California : rf if X ! . W f N t S5 f U CO X9 pk mf 5 xf , SQ . X W9 ox R, f x. 15? M Fjgww jgw QQ'KHJ" Q if 32,2 v E29 Z, A Q23 A Y 4 fu, s, FK. xilnwx In I , ,Q pa, U. 8- : , '4' -If 5' ' ,a A 1' 'fs X . '.Q..!'x, ff - .f . f ff , X f 1 0 0 IT'S BEEN FUN. WE WISH TO THANK THE MANY PEOPLE WHO MADE THIS ANNUAL POSSIBLE. IT WILL BE A LONG TIME BEFORE WE ENIOY ANYTHING AS MUCH AS WE'VE ENIOYED WORKING FOR THE ALMANAC. WE CHOSE THE GOLDEN GATE INTERNATIONAL EXPOSITION AS A THEME FOR THE BOOK BECAUSE THE EXPOSITION IS BOTH HIS- TORICAL AND PROPHETIC. THE PURPOSE OF THE EXPOSITION PAR- ALLELS OUR EFFORTS SINCE THEY ARE BOTH HISTORICAL AND PROPHETIC. WE HAVE ASSEMBLED AND ILLUSTRATED THE HIS- TORIES OF NEARLY SIX HUNDRED FRANKLIN STUDENTS DURING THEIR HAPPY YEARS AT HIGH SCHOOL. WE HOPE WE HAVE PRE- SENTED ADEQUATE MATERIAL FOR GLIMPSES INTO THEIR FUTURES. -THE STAFF DEDICATIO HIS LOYALTY TO THE SENIOR B'S WAS NOT LESSENED BY THEIR PROMOTION TO SENIOR A STANDING. INSTEAD, HE ADVANCED WITH THEM. HIS WARMING PERSONALITY WON A LANDSLIDE OF POPULARITY AS ONE OF THE FRIENDLIEST, MOST DILIGENT AD- VISORS OF THE CLASS OF SUMMER '39. THEREFORE, WITH SINCERE ADMIRATION, WE DEDICATE THIS BOOK TO MR. BARNETT ATKINSON IAM ES CRADDOCK Editor-in-Chief FLORENCE ANDERSON GLORIA CASALINO Co-Art Editors BETTY BU RTON Assistant Editor IAMES GREENE MARIORIE GERRARD Associate Editors BETTY IANE KEARS Literary Editor LEO SILVERSTEIN Sports Editor FRANK NORDYKE LOUIS WINDHAM Assistant Sports Editors DON COCHRAN R.O.T.C. Editor KIYOSHI TAKANO VERNON IORGENSEN Assistant Art Editors W M 0 -TENTS M M www ,A A , jf' ' ' JT jf I .. cf me V . - QV J 4 'Magi fl ff I f I iw 2 418 1' ,7 f 5- l ,L JA' , PACIFICA First Prize Poem Where California's northern shore luts out to form a golden door, A strange new isle has reared its crest, And on this isle an image stands- A woman with up-raised hands- The spirit ot the many lands And many creeds and cultures ot the West. And men from many varied climes, Ot varied tongues and varied times, All mill and mix about her feetg And eyes that know the weight of years, And eyes that harbor blighting fears, And eyes that laugh to hide the tears Find hope renewed in hers whose calm all greet There's benediction in her mien Beneath the grandeur of the queen, A sense ot unperturbed peaceg And those who look upon her face Find there that time has paused to trace The mingled hopes and dreams of race In confraternity that cannot cease, She is the matriarch that stands With welcome in her lifted hands For those--her children of the West, And those of other shores who wait To enter, through her shining gate, The wonders of her broad estate- The throne ot peace and haven of the blest. --HARRY DUCKWORTI-l. w J LN Y' I M ff f or X M JI iw X k J V K Q K r!4'aA EEN A 'lx ,fl '51 X Q 0 .X . XX U wig V U, ' JJ! 4 Q, QRWXUX I 9 L F X' A---I'-----V--. EJ xx fc if W V... fi ,CN 5...- W 1 . ,5g,, 1 W' f ,I .zwfi 'FX ,Q--Rm W X 1. fx K W I 44, ,,.,, lf-.34 LA ,W l Z fkx -'J :RM Q 2 Milfffll ' xii iw4,ff44ffMfm4f QL 644' ,1 g 3Q 1' few ii? 2 G0 4 ROBERT 1. TEALL ' EDITH M. HODGKINS FRED W. AXE ' 9 JOHN R. HOIST C-ERTRUDE MALLORY CAREY K. BERCER ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS The personnel, curricular, library, and secretarial problems of Franklin are efficiently and capably handled by the administrative assistants. Curricular and guidance problems are taken care of by the personnel office. Under the direction of Mr. john R. I-loist, our very genial counselor, Franklin students are beginning to understand the re-al possibilities of their school. The assistants in this fine work are Mrs. Bartlett, Miss Greene, Mrs. Griffin, Mrs. La Pierre, Mrs. Warner, and Mrs. Small, that very efficient Secretary who has charge of all student records. Attendance of Franklinites is the big problem of Mr. Carey K, Berger and his assistant Mrs. Bennett. Mr. Berger is also the faculty member in charge of the C. C. B. Court. ' Miss Mallory and Mrs. Corbett together make our library the attractive place for Study that it has become. The immense task of Secretary of the school falls to Mrs. Warr, formerly Mrs. Zinn. l-ler colleagues in this work are Miss Youngquist in the main office, and Miss Thorsvig in the book room. A Miss THoRSviG MRS. BENNETT MRS. coRBET'r MRS. SMALL MRS. WARR MISS YouNGQuiST lO Miss Adair Miss Anderson Mrs. Anderson Mr. Atkinson Sgt. Backell Miss Baltzley Mrs. Bartlett Mrs. Bates Mr. Bjurman Miss Brainerd Mrs. Browning Miss Campbell Miss Carlquist Mrs. Church Miss Clark Mr. Colestock Mrs. Cranon Mrs, Cuthbert Mr, DaVaIl Miss DeVelbiss Mr, Downing Mr. Duke Mr. Dutcher Miss Edmands Mr. Elliott Mrs, Fitts Mr. Frank Miss Fraser Mr. Galbraith Mr. H. Gilbert 6-GPU' Mr. W. Gilbert Mr. Hess Mr. Johnston Mr. Kindy Miss MacKaIip Mr. McCoIIom 2 Miss Greene Mr. Holdredge Miss Kenley Mrs. King Miss Magie Miss McCully Mrs. Griffin Mr. Horton Miss Kashner Mrs. LaPierre Mrs. Masfeller Mrs. MacFadden Mrs. Hahn Mr. Henfschke Colonel lde Miss Jessup Miss Kennedy Mr. Keyes Miss Lishnerness Miss MacDonald Miss Merriman Mr. Miller Miss McMurry Mr. Meyers of-" ,f f ii Mrs. Offill Mrs. Powers Mr. Shaffer Miss Oliver Mrs. Preeman Mr. Sherinyan Mrs. Trieb Mr. Wing Mr. Parker Mrs. Roberts Mr, Spangler Mrs. Vincent Miss Wolf Miss Philbrook Miss Robison Mr. Thompson Mrs. Warner Mrs. Wyckoff Miss Pipal Miss Rominger Miss Thorp 13 MIRACLE ls this the same slim moon the Greeks adored? That hung bright crescent-wise on Dian's brow? Has such trail cratt braved centuries ot storm? Shed wonder on old Egypt then,-as now? Through some pale amber cloud did Milton glimpse This fairy scimitar that Keats espied? And did some wanton love-wench Shakespeare vex That he the moon's inconstancy decried. The hand ot Time has flicked the years away, But still the moon through pallid clouds and sky, All unconcerned with minstrel's ecstasy, Dritts by in loveliness. And here am l, Exultant in a fellowship, at last, With beauty-maddened poets ot the past. -VIRGINIA CHURCH. 1 I ,X f' 4' f xg' N 'Jw lfhni Q 0 Ml 1.3mm X!! Xjj f xg A' J iff ff 1 , 1 f ff J 1 A ll wi: i i K ? I 2 i 3 I i i E 3 1 f l L 2 , , ,W , -X f-Y, A.-f X. -f-"fa 'Q'-, 'fy' ,vp-ff xr f-ff-fn ng-A r ?'lf,'7'5mY TT 733315 Y f -1 wif 3 , i ' , ivi f P f U f w f . Fi " K if 3 F' . V , 1 1 4 N12 'E f ' 1 f , ,f u A 'J ,, .1 M 1 .x yu 1, 1 ,ggi 5 . a.u,,,J ,L,..g,g,-v' ,i....:,,a. ,AL I.. :Mg ..-AMN w, f Ere., 1J,oQyMx5QMb foc?:g4f-fr-.A4+Q,QQW'vWM xb"'A'wfP..,,,5wm WJTYMJQ4 QWYFMMJHPQ Te, JW AMWEAROWML QWMWMMWLIWL N- ,V jx V. 'Rf' ' , fr OWILFV UM ' I K,w..,0',L' ., LTf9L'M- STUDENT ODY OFFICERS WINTER '39 SAMMY LEE GEORGE PIMENTEL IRENE WALKER BARBARA THORNE Second Vice-Pres. President First Vice-Pres. Secretary SUMMER '39 IAMES ARTHUR SAMMY LEE BARBARA Tl-IORNE BETTY IO AXT Second Vice-Pres. President First Vice-Pres. Secretary STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Democracy is the precept on which America is founded. Likewise Frank- lin itself is a democracy, is self-sustaining, a school which is completely stu- dent governed. Once every semester the student-body elects its guiding lights for the en- suing six months. The luminaries who will control the destinies for one se- mester are chosen in that balloting. The elected students are intrusted with the task of managing the entire school. The motivation comes solely from the student body officers themselves. Efficient, intelligent, and unassuming have been the officers for the past year. As one with the student body, they have endeavored to improve the existing conditions here in school. Moreover, school spirit which is the life- blood of any institution, was immeasurably improved during their adminis- tration. First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester GEORGE PIMENTEL . .. ........ President ,,..... ........, S AMUEL LEE IRENE WALKER .... .... F irst Vice-President ..... .... B ARBARA THORNE SAMUEL LEE ........ Second Vice-President ..,. ..... J AMES ARTHUR BARBARA THORNE .... ....... T reasurer ....... .... B ETTY JO AXT I5 .. S XWQ, B , 2 Jag , 1 ' X WINTER CLASS CHARLES WHITE PATSY WHlTE CMELBA GREEN EUGENE RODDENBERRY President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Boys' Social Chairman FLORENCE HERMISTON DECK YAGER ANITA HARMSEN Girls' Social Chairman Boys' Yell Leader Girls' Yell Leader SUMMER CLASS IACK LEIDHOLT EFFlE OWEN BEVERLY PIUMA HELEN OTTO President Vice-Presidenl' Secretary Treasurer HAROLD OSTRANDER ELAINE GILES LEONARD KAMP MARGIE WATKINS Boys' Social Chairman Girls' Social Chairman Boys' Yell Leader Girls' Yell Leader - l6 I ' EPI-IEBIANS AND I ESSAYISTS GLEN ANDERSON BABBIE BOGUE MAY PETIEVICH GEORGE PIMENTEL Ephebian W'39 Essayist W'39 Ephebian W'39 Ephebian W'39 IRENE WALKER IACK WALKER CLIFFOLD WYNNE Ephebian W'39 Ephebian W'39 Ephebian Er Essayist W'39 JAMES GRADDOGK MARGARET FISCHER IAMES GREENE Ephebian C1 Essayist S'39 Ephebian S'39 Ephebian S'39 SAMMY LEE IACK LEIDHOLT BEVERLY PIUMA Ephebian S'39 Ephebian S'39 Ephebian S'39 BARBARA RICHARDS MARY ALICE RILEY BARBARA THORNE IONA ZIEGLER Ephebian S'39 Essayist S'39 Ephebian S'39 Ephebian S'39 Qww. Mildred Bachmann, Barbara Bills, Marjorie Cummings, Rosemary Hubbs, Ruth Levvis, Caroldi-neAMaggiora Delma Maher, Annis Matson, Evelyn Mueller, Orla Myers, Mollie -Paglassotti, May Petlevlch George Pimentel, Vivian Scott, Jack Walker, Jean Warren, Josephine Wilkins, Clifford Wynne John Acland, Jeanette Archer, Glen Bear, Ellen Becking, Betty Burton, D-onald Cochran James Craddock, Gus Dorough, June Elder, Margaret Fischer, Lawrence Froehlich, Sally Johanson Marian Lee Jones, Jack Kelly, Sammy Lee, Jack Leidholt, Willa Leverenz, Helen Molony Leslie Newton, Myron Rosenheim, Marvin Russell, Bernard Schmidt, Betty Schwartz, Iona Ziegler l8 THE GOLDEN GATE Second Prize Poem I once stood on the bluff Above the Golden Gate, The sky was clear, the sea 'was roaring And of a deep blue green, There came to me a vision, Though it was not, yet it was morning, The Colden Cate shone bright, Below in the morning sun And as I looked across the bay I saw a rugged forest From mountains to the sea- Ivly vision did not longer stay. Another vision came Out of the glowing past, And as I stood and looked around A ship was on the sea Beyond the Golden Cate, I-ler rig was strange, ungainly, sound. The ship came in the bay, On deck stood Don Ayala, And then the gallant crew jumped down Upon the golden sand And shouted in their glory, Their work was done, the bay was found. The evening sun shone copper Upon the golden bay, This time a mighty city stood With towers to the skyg Then purple shadows came, The dusk of night fell like a hood. Then suddenly a ribbon was made of shining steel And placed across the azure bay The longest, highest bridge The world has ever seen- A mighty feat for us today. Beside it there by magic Appeared a mystery isle, Where pirates came and buried treasure For all of us to find- A large, grand, treasure island Which was created for our pleasure. And when the visions went, I found myself still thereg And as I stood beneath the pine I knew why I had come- There was to be a fair- The one of nineteen thirty-nine, -EDWI N ERNST. I9 ,,.. 4 if 4 'Z I ' i I .- 15 'E . 1: ef. I ,J , 5 Lf. nf I X flyy X t Um , I . f fiiz . , cf' '16 . . ri .,, .,,,,,. V 75 f Q i 7 fg ,fy , ,,,. , ,,, " ,fi JM' 2 mf ff tr ' f 1 fo 1 1 5 . 5 sex., Qi- is 2' N f f 1 ef, X f . . A Q, Z s , V Q Mi, 5 Cf M' ' f f., , .,, 1, . ,f-. off A 4 1,5 9 .V M, U uf, ,, - 49.2. nz- v E -gy M . ,- 4 " JR 1' 'rw f., 4 ,V 1 A . A lf , I ,- .wk f 1 K 1- j ,,4,,i,,..5, , J ' l fs! " j '41 f' .Q I f , ey H if . ..y .Auf A' ii. A N ws- .- ll' gi. li k i E is V 'M 4- i V ,Eff A ' v 1 lbs Q I1 EDWARD ABRAHAMIAN-Photography Club. GLEN ANDERSEN-Actnre ASSOCIBTOV, BOYS' League President, Hi-Hatter, Ephebian, Art Club Presi- dent. DOUGLAS ANDERSON-Varsity Track, Basketball Managef- EILEEN LOUISE ARMSTRONG-Attendance Office, Classroom Treasurer. ROBERT ATCHISON-Varsity Football, Boys' Senior Glee Club, Varsity Track. MILDRED BACHMANN-C.S.F. Life, Spanish Club, G.A.A. Junto Club Historian, Athenian. GENE BARONI-Varsity Baseball, Athledel- phian. DAVID BARR-President of Orpheus Club, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Football, Boys' Senior Glee Club, B Football. ALBERT BARRATT-Masquers Club. RICHARD BAUGHMAN-Sabre and Chevrons, Ushers. Poor l'il ole' Benny Franklinite bids sad farewell to summer and resigns himself to fate September IZ, 1938 DUANE BEAMAN-Junto Club. MAISIE BENDER-Girls' Senior Glee Club, Spanish Club, International Forum. ELLIE BENDIKSON-Ellen H. Richards Club, Debit and Credit, Hook and Curve, Bethany. MARJORIE BENO-Etiquette Club, Art Club President, Ellen H. Richards Club, Bethany. LOTTIE BERG-Girls' Council Treas., Girls' Senior Glee Club, Athenian, Junto Club, Etiquette Club. BARBARA BILLS-Hook and Curve, Tri-Y, Athenian, Debit and Credit, Needlework Guild. REED BIRDSALL-Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Athledelphians, Orpheus Club, C Track. MARY ELIZABETH BLAIR. GEORGE BLATCHLEY-Varsity Baseball, Varsity Basketball, Athledelphians, BABBIE BOGUE-Essayist, C.S.F. Life, Ass't. Feature Editor of Press, Latin Club Sec'y., Authors' Workshop. RUSSELL JOHN BOOTH-Capt. Varsity Football, Softball, Orpheus Club, B Football, Athledelphians. DON BOYER-Hi-Hatter, Active Associator, Var- sity Football, Varsity Track, Basketball, Varsity Basketball. Club, Debit and Credit. Athledelpians. RICHARD BRADFORD-B BIRDIE BRELANT-Spanish Club, French OLIVE BROCHIERO-Co-editor-in-chief of Press, President of Good Form, Council, Ellen H. Richards' Club. BETTE Curve, Classroom Treasurer, G.A.A., Athe- Student Council, Active Girls' BROWN-Art Club, Hook and nian. DOUGLAS BROWN-Head Yell Leader, President of Masquers, B Football, B Track. HARRY BROWN-Varsity Basketball. JOHN BRUNO-Spanish Club, Photo Club. LEONARD CACCIOPPO-Boys' Senior Glee Club, Orpheus Club President, B Football, Ass't. Manager of Stage Crew, Social Chairman of Hi-Hatters. ELLEN MAE CANNING-Rifle Club, Tri-Y, Debit and Credit, Hook and Curve, International Forum. EDGAR CANTERBURY. ROBERT CARLSON. JOHN CARMICHAEL. FRED CARTER-Cadet Major R.O.T.C., President of Sabre and Chevrons, President of Senior B Class. MARY LILLIAN CARTER-Classroom Treasurer. MIRIAM CARTER-Girls' Senior Glee Club, Treble Clef, Spanish Club, Music Club. ROBERT CATES-Varsity Basketball, B Basketball, Swimming. ALLAN CHEALANDER-Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Latin Club. DOROTHY LEE CHURCHILL. ELWIN CRAIGMILE-Boys' Senior Glee Club, Athledelphians, Capt. Var- sity Tennis. KATHRYN CRISMAN-Debit and Credit, Hook and Curve, Mr. TeaIl's Sec'y., Athenian, Classroom Treasurer. NELL CROTHERS- Ellen H. Richards. MILDRED CRUCE-Ellen H. Richards Club, Vice Pres. Girls' Etiquette Club, Vice Pres. of Debit and Credit. MARJORIE CUMMINGS-C.S.F. Life, President of H k d C P '- gin'-t of Debit and Credit, Girls' Etiquette Club, Pressogtaf? MAURYQIELIIEEI- DARIT-lrD6nILEYTOrchestra, Girls' Senllor Glee Club, Music Club. FRED B Gilbervs Sedyq Debif and Credit enian, oo and Curve, Mr. W. PAULETTE DOMBROWER-Junto Club News Editor ot P P Cl b E':Eilg:3gIOE?lbF0gum, Hook and Curve. DOROTHY DOl+IElSELLlaEI:len UHI oem and Lcrbdalagigricwlewseiizepiflgi DoxllATNTsgwfi'AbUg:-Iigelc and Curve' , - , - nmen . - and Curve, Debit and Credit, Bethany. ORTH Hook RICHARD DUDLEY-Band, sr c B 15 1 orpheus Club. HowARo DuNarIiMfgymOeiub.en'Or Glee Club Treasurer' Panthers claw Bengal tg I2-O triumph in the Rose owl. ALICE DURRENT-Art Club, Nature Club. GLEN EGAN-B Football. LUCILLE ELDER-Etiquette Club, Vice Pres. Spanish Club, Ellen H. Rich- ards4Club, Athenian, Bethany Club. ELVIRA FARAGO. RICHARD FAUX- Varsity Basketball,,B Basketball, Varsity Track, Hi-Y, Chess Club. ALMA FEELY-Mr. Galbraith's Sec'y., Bethany, Hook and Curve, Debit and Credit. WINDSOR FERNETTE-A Football, Swimming. ROBERT FIRTH-Band, Boys' Senior Glee Club, News Editor Press, Press Cartoonist. WARREN FRANDSEN-Apparatus, C Track, A Basketball. HARRY FRANK-A Golf, Hi-Hatter, Senior B Social Chairman, B Basketball, Athledelphian. EULA LEE FRANKLIN-Ellen H. Richards Club, Bethany, Tri-Y, Needle- work Guild, G.A.A. NELL FREEMAN. WALTER FROEHLICH-R.O.T.C. SAMUEL GALLAGHER-Masquers, Debit and Credit. EDWARD GARCIA-Varsity, B, and C Football. EDITH GILLARD-Debit and Credit, Classroom Treasurer. SHIRLEY GOERZ-Athenian, Good Form, Girls' League Social Chairman, Spanish Club. GUSTAVO GOMEZ-Senior B Yell Leader, Boys' Senior Glee Club, Debit and Credit, Apparatus. O MARIAN GONCZ-Tri-Y. MELBA ANN GREEN-Senior A Sec'y.-Treas., Sec'y.-Treas. of Hook and Curve, Vice Pres. of Debit and Credit, Bethany, Sec'y. to Miss Mallory. PAUL GRISWOLD. WILLIAM GRUBER-Stage Crew, Track. RAYMOND HALL-B Track, B Basketball, Athledelphians, Debit and Credit, Nature Club. ANITA HARMSEN-Senior A Yell Leader, G.A.A., Needlework Guild, Bethany, Tri-Y. WALTER HARSHMAN. DONALD HATFIELD- Student Body Vice-President, Citizenship Credit, Board, Student Court Hi-Hatters, Associators. Y THEODORE HEFLER-Boys' Senior Glee Club. FLORENCE HERMISTON- Treasurer Girls' Senior Glee Club, Senior A Social Chairman, Athenian, G.A.A., Rifle Club. ROSEMARY HUBBS-C.S.F. Lite, Photo Club, Senior Sweater Committee, G.A.A., Rifle Club. WILLIAM CLARENCE HUSTED. PAUL JACKSON-R.O.T.C., Sabre and Chevrons, Orpheus Club, Hall Guard Supervisor. DONALD JOLLY-President of Boys' Senior Glee Club, Orpheus Club, C Track, Associators, Latin Club. MACDONALD JONES--Chess Club, Photography Club. RICHARD JONES-B Football, C Track, Gym Club, Or- pheus Club, Boys' Senior Glee Club. , 1 HH ! L A1 lx va loaf 4 5 I' V Z' Nr, r Y I ri 52 ir A sf t-,i x X, x Q.. av f XX, -l'lQv:ry'! -YO STANLEY KADING-Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Hi-Hatter President. FLORENCE KAILEY-President of A Cappella Choir, G.A.A., TV'-Yr Gulf Senior Glee Club. ARCHIE KAMP-Orchestra, Band, Chess Club, TVBC - HOWARD KEARS-Varsity Football. MARGARET KEITH--Vice-President of Good Form, Bethany, Press Cartoon- ist. HOBART KELLY-Varsity Basketball, B Basketball, Varsity Track, Varsity Swimming, B Basketball Coach. FRANCES MARIE KING-Rifle Club, A Cappella Choir. ALICE KNIGHTON-Bethany. If brim? Shad' Qs ' baclt howl KATHERYN KNOWLES. MARJORIE KNUDSON-Girls' Senior Glee Club, 5 , Bethany, Tri-Y, Hook and Curve, G.A.A. , ,gras A Y , X , QQ, J ' rib like . . . . . p U V, YI X ,h y Seniors doft dignified rrgen to cavort on ress- p i ,V I ' 1' I' ALLEN KOCHERE-Band Librarian, Orchestra Manager. ELIZABETH KOHL- ,. ' , X ' G.A.A., Rifle Cu . ' , fNfw '- ff' Y in filo-. I 9 f, , rf, r ELIZABETH KOPPI-Hook and Curve, Needlework Guild, Mr. Axe's Sec'y. df, , f. Wg ' HARRIET KRAFT-Press Staff, Junto Club, Ellen H. Richards Club, Athe- W f , 6 . r it W nian, International Forum, HAYWOOD KwoNG. DoRoTHEA LAWRASON ,,, V, K ' I -G.A.A., Rifle Club, Tri-Y, Girls' Senior Glee Club. 0 A if ls V ' X L A . A My K A ' ' r WILLENE LEA-Girls' League President, Girls' Council Historian, Etiquette A V, gg ' , Q Club, Ellen H. Richards Club, Student Council. ELIZABETH LEMBKE-A Q ' ' H I Cappella Choir, G.A.A., International Forum, Tri-Y. RUTH LEWIS-C.S.F. Lt! ' 'K , X Life, Vice-Pres. of Latin Club, Spanish Club, Bethany. DONALD LEWIS- , L :Q,1,.- . Basketball Manager, Classroom Treasurer, Attendance Office Clerk. ::5...k,, ,. 1 Q3 r, , . Yif"':'?.'---'-H- im . :rf " r . A, r M,iQ,. ,d fi, ' -, ' MILDRED LIGHTFOOT-A Cappella Choir. ROY , LINIGER-Varsity Base- ' L ' f' - 3 .2 , 1 ,V ball, Varsity Basketball, B Baseball, B Basket , arsity Track. EVELYN ' S ' S' gr V LIPKIN. ELVIN LOVEIN-Varsity Track. M FERDINAND LOVETT-R.O.T.C., Sabre and Chevrons, Spanish Club, French -sry N , Club, Usher. MARGARET LOWE-Good Form, Press Club Social Chairman, QQ , . Y f A , r Authors' Workshop, Senior B Treasurer. HECTOR LYONS--Gym Club, C 1 r. ii r .... . L. gf Track, NORMA LYONS-Treble Clef Club. , XM l W V . I I ' r CAROLINE MAGGIORA-C.S.F. Life, President of Debit and Credit, Presi- , , L ' gsm dent of Needlework Guild, Etiquette Club, Hook and Curve. DELMA fs fs ' WL , X 3 X , MAHER-C.S.F, Life, Athenian Secretary, Girls' League Treasurer, Junto ' I ,E , if V, I., -rx Club Secretary, Hook and Curve. THOMAS MAHONEY-Varsity Debater, X , r if fl ,. Sregiior Sgviitqeroghairman, International Forum, Vice-Pres. of Junto Club. r , L . ,jf f f-- ' ' f s, oMA L E. l , f W ..,,, L In - Q A A ,, 3,51 5.2. A 'F L iv. 5 , V I .F A b MARY ELLEN MANN-Etiquette Club, Ellen H. Richards Club, Latin Club, A - Ag. , V, Needlework Guild. BARBARA ELLEN MARCINEK-Tri-Y President, Ellen 6' , 6' S WG 4... 1 i-i. Richards Club, GAA., Hook and Curve, Pax. Operator. Huston . V X ,SV 7 V BERTRAND MARKHAM-R.O.T.C., Stage Crew. ELAYNE FAY MARMA- ,, .rr sg 1, ' Q , DUKE-Secretary Music Club, Bethany, Spanish Club, Authors' Workshop. .LL ' V 2 X . a. n I f r T ' I -, in ,Wg LETHA MERLE MARSHALL. ANNIS FAYE MATSON-G.A.A,, C.S.F. Life, . , r -'l,-- . r Hook and Curve, Secretary Girls' League, Photo Club. JANICE CHRISTEN- G- YL. 3 9 A. A -'il , soN MATTHEWS-Nature Club. WILLIAM P. MCCONNELL-International X ' . Y ' if" Forum President, Music Club, Chess Club, Athenian. Q i ' A 5l f t if g H Q, Q Q WW-' I ' ' .N O'DESSA SUE McDANNALD-Ellen H, Richards Club. YVONNE ROBERT 5. 6. Q' 4' K fi McDONALD-Good Form, Bethany, President Dancing Club, Masquers Clul? .. . X A. 0. McQUOWN JR. IVAR ERNEST MELLEN-Student Store Manager. 1 THERESE JOSEPHINE MERLO-Athenian, Social Chairman Hook and Curve, Debit and Credit, Mrs. Powers' Sec'y., Counselor's Office. KATHERINE FRANCES MEYERS-Press Associate Editor, Journalism Club, Rifle Club, Debit and Credit, Spanish Club. JANE LOUISE MILLER-Etiquette Club, Rifle Club, Girls' Senior Glee Club, Bethany, Hook and Curve. RAY gEARLES MILLETT JR.-R.O.T.C., A Cappella Choir, Senior and Christmas y. CLAUDE MILLSAP JR.-Masquers Club, Band, Orchestra, Classroom Treas- urer. BARBARA EDNA MILTON-Good Form, Hook and Curve, P.B.X. Operator. THOMAS RUSSELL MOODY-Athletic Manager, Active Associa- tor, Hi-Hatter, Student Council, Athledelphian. URBAN EDWARD MOOR- A Cappella Choir, Latin Club. MARGARET EVELYN MUELLER-Authors' Workshop, Athenian, Bethany, A Cappella Choir, International Forum. JOSEPH STEPHEN MULLIGAN- Nature Club, C Basketball, Classroom Treasurer. You'ye got to eat it before you can swing it. ELMER DANIEL MUNTINGH-Class B Football, Masquers Club, Drama, A Cappella Choir. ORLA REIST MYERS-Active Girls' Council Member, Presi- dent Photo Club, C.S.F. Life, Etiquette Club, Rifle Club. YVONNE DOLORES NEFF-Girls' Senior Glee Club, Treble Clef Club, Music Club. CORBETT CLAYTON NEWCOMB--Sound Crew, Projection Crew. CLIFTON LEE NEWTON-Boys' Senior Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, Music glub, Sepanish Club, International Forum. DANIEL WILLIAM NEWTON- tage rew. MIRIAM MARIETTA NORDAHL-Athenian, Bethany, Chess Club, Historian of Spanish Club, Authors' Workshop. CHARLES M. NUCKLES--Boys' Senior Glee Club, Music Club, Orpheus Club, Chorus. KENNETH RUSSELL NUCKLES-Boys' Senior Glee Club, Orpheus Club, Chorus, Music Club. DOROTHY MAY O'HARA-Athenian, Hook and Curve, Debit and Credit, Needlework Guild, Attendance Office. EUGENA LUCILLE OUTWATER-A Cappella Choir, Ellen H. Richards Club, Treble Clef, Chorus. ROLAND EARL OWEN-B Football, Softball, Boys' Senior Glee Club. DALE MARTIN PACKARD-Spanish Club. MOLLIE VIR- GINIA PAGLIASSOTTI-C.S.F. Life, Hook and Curve, Debit nd Credit, Needlework Guild. W--l DORIS ELIZABETH PARTRIDGE-A Cappella Choir, Tri-Y, G.A.A., Chorus. JANE PATTERSON-Spanish Club, Bethany, G.A.A. FRANK PECOLATTO- Stage Crew Manager, B Baseball. MAY PETIEVICH-Ephebian, C.S.F. Life, Girls' Council President, Girls' League Social Chairman, Student Council. - -rx. DONALD GLENN PIERSON-B Football. GLENN PIFARI-Co-Editor-in- Chief of Press, Boys' League- Cabinet, Active Associator, Hi-Hatter, Ticket Squad. GEORGE CLAUDE FIMENTEL-Ephebian, Student Body President, Active Associator, Hi-Hatter, B Basketball. SAM JOSEPH POAG-Student Director of Band, Photo Club, Varsity Baseball. JESS PONCE-B Football, C Football, C Track. JDAOLORES EVELYN POULIN -Rifle Club, G.A.A., Girls' Senior Glee Club, Tri-Y. GEORGE FRANKLIN PYKE. RUTH ELIZABETH RAND--Business Office, Nurse's Office. ALFRED T. RENSHAW-Stage Electrician. Girls' Council, Etiquette Club, Rifle Club. EMELIA MARIE RIPA-Secretary of Debit Mrs. Robert's Sec'y. EUGENE WESLEY RonnENsERRY-varsity, Spanish Club, international Forum, Authors -Hi-Hatter. EILEEN SAKOTA-Art Club DON SAUTER-Art Club President, Track VIRGINIA RIGGINS-Active HERSCHEL RAYMOND RILEY. and Credit, Hook and Curve, Debate, Junto Club President, Workshop. STEWART ROWND Bethany, Authors' Workshop. 5530- . f , , i,Qf.:35f' f-fy, kk, ,,,,, A v 1-:WK . 4' '- Q A Li -IS. . ,W xg If, -IN :J , J f fo i X l. 01 f alia gi gy 2-...Ulf f r ,nwp,j - 'V , - 1 Q A 7 X '3 ,Q C ,- Zggf 1 s ,.. I RICHARD ALEXANDER SAWAYA. ELEONORE MARY scHoLZ GTKIZS Clef. VIVIAN GERMAINE SCOTT-Bethany, International Forrlmi - French Club. DEAN SCURR-Hi-Hatter, B Baseball, B Footbal. HELEN SEGAR-Girls' League Vice President, Junto Club Social and Secretary, Etiquette Club, Classroom 'Treasurer,4 Athenian. HER H. SHARP. LEOLA SHAW-G.A.A., Debit and Credit. HARRY SUT - LAND SHEAR, JR.-Varsity Track, Hi-Hatters, Stamp Club. CYRIL SHEPRO-Chess Club, Orchestra President. FORREST DONALD SH RODE. Yes, you! SIDNEY M. SIMMONS-Junto Club, C.S.F. Life, International Forum, Chess Club, French Club. VIRGINIA ELISE SLAFTER-Vice President of Hook and Curve, Debit and Credit Treasurer, Mr. Hoist's Office, Mr. Hold- ridge's Sec'y. GLENDON SMYTHE-Masquers Club, Authors' Workshop, Boys' Senior Glee Club, Student Director Senior Play. RUTH L. SNEGG-Treble Clef, International Forum. ROBERT STOVALL-Hi-Hatter, Athledelphian, A-B Track, A Football, Boys' Senior Glee Club. ROBERT W. STROEBEL-Band Secretary and Treasurer, R.O.T.C. ' NORMA JEAN SUBLETT-G.A.A. ELMA LOIS SUTTON-Band Secretary, Press Club Secretary, Club Editor of Franklin Press, Orchestra. JACK CLIF- FORD SWAIM. LOIS ELAINE TAYLOR-Etiquette Club, Bethany Hostess, Rifle Club, Hook and Curve. LOUISE TEAGARDEN-Spanish Club. FRANCES MARIE TOARMINO- Debit and Credit, Hook and Curve, Treble Clef. GORDON TYE-Aviation Club. HILAIRE A. VADENAIS-President of Chess Club, C Track LEON J. VAILLANCOURT--Track, Spanish Club. LORA VIRGINIA VAL- ANTINE-Good Form, Spanish Club, Athenian Society. AUDREY VANCE- Good Form, Spanish Club, Girls' Senior Glee Club, Counselor's Office, ln- ternational Forum. ROBERT VANDEGRIFT-Boys' Senior Glee Club, A Cappella Choir. ALMA IRENE VERNON-Girls' Senior Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, Treble Clef. IRENE ELIZABETH WALKER-Vice President of Student Body, Rifle Club President, Authors' Workshop President, Ephebian, Active Girls' Council. JACK ROBERT WALKER-Ephebian, Athenian President, Associa- tors, Hi-Hatters, Junto Club Treasurer. CHARLES RICHARD WALLACE- Spanish Club, Band. RUTH MARIA WALLEN-Good Form, Press Club, Authors' Workshop. RUTH GARNETT WARE-Etiquette Club, Ellen H. Richards Club, Latin Club, Gzrls' Senior Glee Club, Senior B Social Chairman. JEAN WARREN- Feature Editor of Press, Athenian Vice-President, Vice-Pres. of Girls' Coun- cil, StudentlCcurt, Bethany. BETTY WEARING-P.B.X. Operator, Mr. At- kinson s Sec y., Treble Clef Club, Classroom Treasurer. WANDA JANE WELLERT-G.A.A. ELEANOR PEARL WHALEY-S 'h Club, Music Club. PAULINE LUCILLE WHITTAKER-Girls' Councilpiaficse- President, Masquers Club Treasurer, Bethany. CALVIN WHITE-Debare Boys' Senior Glee Club, B Football, Orpheus Club. ' CHARLES WHITE-Senior A Class President, Associator, A Baskefbali I-ii-Y. PATRICIA DOROTHY WHITE-Girls' Council, Vice-President of Sen: ior A Class, Girls' Senior Glee Club, Etiquette Club, Girls' League Presidenf JOSEPHINE WILKINS-G.A.A., Rifle Club, Athenian, C.S.F. Life Sammi Play, VIRGINIA RITA WILKINSON-Rifle Club, G.A.A., Tri-Y, Affhenian I-look and Curve. ' IRENE MAY WILSON Needlework G 'sd H k A WISHARY , Irs emor Glee club. Jon-IN wmz. BETTY JEAN WILSON Treble cle?-G4 I I S I UI , oo and Curve. MARY ELAINE V, 6. M 4 A 2 ff ,Y f i EUGENE WULCHNEY-Hi-Hatters, Associators AThen'a A C ll Ch ' OfDheus Club. CLIFFOLP WYNNE-Ephebian, C.S,F. ILIIE, Finaapngjaf Maggl , iTEQ2SLUEdIff'!2Eg1g3lQ VACQ-Pfefldenktm ilurimn? Club, Associators. DEXTER - ssocla o , ' ' Boys' Senior Glee club, B 'rreekf e ep 'an' Sem' A Ye" Lame" QQ ee gy C A M E R A S H Y Winter Class HAROLD LEAVERN ANDERSON MARY JANE MCINTYRE DELBERT MYRON ARRASMITH WENDELA VELEDA PETZ RICHARD CARL BRUCKMAN HAROLD ROSS PHILLIPS EARL CURTIS CASEBEER MADELEINE FOUCHAUX RUSSELL JACK WESELY FISHER DONALD LEROY SANDERSON DONALD RICHARD LEE WILLIAM MONROE ST. JOHN, JR. Summer Class GORDON JOHN ALLEN ANDERSON TRAVIS NICKS 1. CARL HENRY CLEMENS FRANK AUTHOR NORDYKE JEAN FAYE COMERFORD CHARLOTTE MAY OLSON GUY COOK BERTRAND OTTO V WILLIAM HERBERT COOKE LAVERNE WILBUR PLUMB MARGERY LOIS FIGART-SCHULTZ BETTY ESTELLE PUGSLEY CHARLES WILLIAM HANEY ZISELLE DINA ROURMAN W GRAY HOFFMAN VIOLET MARIE SPETTS ' AMES JOSEPH KIRK ARTHUR TRUXTON SUTKE ROBERT JOHN LENNERT JOHN HARRISON WARREN gl DONALD CUMMINGS MUNRO ROLLAND BURN WILLIAMS I' jumfijp QM as V 1 .- 4 ! ' M- , 'K ,Vu 'Q VA, 1 . Q1 A ,, 2. 'S"n QI .s -u 1 '14 ter n,a an 4 4 . ww.. ALFRED JOHN ACLAND-C.S.F. Life, Sta p Cl b. JOHN MICHAEL ACQUAFRESCA. ARTHUR JOHN AALIETTI-Srlqage Clilew, Boys' Senior Glee Club. LUCILLE EDITH ALLEN-Tri-Y, French Club, Bethany Club, Span- ish Club, International Forum. MARTHA LOUISE AMRHEIM-Athenian, Spanish Club. FLORENCE MAR- GARET ANDERSON-Co-editor -of Art of Almanac, Rifle Club, Art Club Sec y. JAMES HARRISON ANDERSON-Associator President, Varsity Foot- ball, Hi Hatters, Student Council, Senior B President. MURIELLE ISA- BELLA ANDERSON-Ellen H. Richards. JUNE JEANNETTE ARCHER-Secretary of Athe 'a s, G.A.A. R'fl Cl b CBZF. Life. JEANE PAULINE ARNETTE-Masqu2isnClub, Aul'hoiis'eWoiJkl s p. Ol'ABoreas waxes industrious to raise havoc with coiffures, Civics notebooks and eucalyptus limbs. JACK DELBERT AUSTIN-Vice-Pres. of Spanish Club, Hi-Y, Athenian, Sy? Club. PAUL ROBERT BANKS-R.O.T.C., Orpheus Club, Hall Guard, s er. WILLIAM GUY BARNS. BETTY MARIE BARR. RUTH JANE BARR- Rresident-of Treble Clef, G.A.A., Class-room Treasurer, Hall Guard, Libra- Ea-? ofkGirls' Senior Glee Club. THOMAS RAYMOND BARTH-C Football, rac . CLEONA MARIE BATES-Student Store Manager, Good Form Club, Ellen l-l. Richards, Bethany Club, Girls' Senior Glee Club. DOROTHY JOAN BATES-Elien H. Richards, Miss Campbells' Sec'y., Miss Hodgkins' Office. INA FLORENCE BAUM-Treas. of A Cappella Choir, Rifle Club, Girls' Senior Glee Club. BETTY LEE BAXTER-Girls' Rifle Club, Treble Clef Club. GLENN DANIEL BEAR-C.S.F. Life, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Track, Spanish Club. JESSIE EVA BECK-Bethany Club, French Club, Tri-Y. ELLEN MARIE BECKING-C.S.F. Life, President of Girls' Council, Etiquette Club President, Student Council, Ellen H. Richards Vice-Pres. GLADYS RUTH MARION BELTTARY-Good Form Club, Athenian, Hook and Curve. RALPH QUIENTIN BENCH-B Basketball. WILLIAM TITIAN BENNETT- Varsity Track, Hi-Y, B Basketball. DORIS CATHERINE BERNIER. BERTHA HELENE BINDERHEIM-Latin Club. CHARLES WOODROW BISBEY-Varsity Football, Boys' Senior Glee Club. HUGO PETER BISETTI. PIERINO LOUIS BISETTI-C Football, C Track Manager, Athledelphians, Varsity Softball. HOWARD McGUILL BISSETT- Boys' League Cabinet, Hi-Y. VMJW -wwf ROSE MARIE BLAIR-G.A.A. Treas., Art Club, Hook and Curve, Nature Club, Lt. Thompson's Sec'y, ROBERT ANBREY BLISS-Hi-Hatter Treas., Varsity Football, Boys' Senior Glee Club, Orchestra, Class Day Play. HELEN ALBERTA BONETT-President of Needlework Guild, Sec'y. of Bethany Club. GERARD HALES BOWEN-Orchestra, Boys' Senior Glee Club. DOROTHY MARGARET BOWERS--Good Form Club, Girls' Senior Glee Club. FRANK WILLIAM BOWMAN-Band, Orchestra. MARK BOWMAN JR.- Hi-Hatter, Athledelphians, Varsity Football. CATHARINE MARGARET BRADLEY-President of Ellen H. Richards, Girls' Council, Girls' Etiquette Club, G.A.A. E gfjfyt i MAMIE LAVONNE BRAUER-Girls' Council Treas., Ellen H. Richards, Etiquette Club Treas., A Cappella Choir, Miss Hodgkins' Sec'y. MARIE ELIZABETH BREADY-Girls' Rifle Club Hook and Curve, Hall Guard Sup- ervisor. DORIS LENORE BREDLAU-Sec'y. of Treble Clef, G.A.A., Athe- nian, Rifle Club, Hook and Curve, Bethany Club. ANNEBELLE BRITT. I X -7 111 M? . .M Q! A Wm .. N. i ll ,:37i:e. i C as Cf li G " 43 M A 'P 45? Q 4 Lx- .XK ' E 'Q Q,-Q A K g .L l A is 9 1 1 1. K , is I.. .Q 59 .A GZROLD GAY aRowN-Presidenf of Model Airplane Club, Clasgffoom T E-IS urer. MARILYNN ELIZABETH BROWNLEE-Authors' Workshop, Bethany Club, Apollo Club. EVELYN JANE BRYAN-Good Form, G-A-A-5 DBHCIVWQ Club, Hall Guard Supervisor, Mr. Berger's Sec'y. Miss LisherneSS Sew. WARREN OVAL BRYANT-Associator, student Body PUb"C'lY Manager, Varsity Track, President ot Music Club. JOHN WILLIAM BUCHANAN-Athenian, B Track, Radio Club, Photo Club, French Club. BARBARA JEANNE BURNS-Latin Club, Aff Clllb. BETTY LOIS BURTON-A ' ' A sslstant Editor of the Almanac, C.S.F-, Life, President of Music' Club, President of the Authors' Workshop, Editor-in- chief of the Literary Supplement. CARMELL CAMINITI-President of The Treble Clef. ROBERT SAMUEL CARRADINE-Hi-Hatter, Varsity Football. ALICE ALMA CART-Junto Club, Nature Club, International Forum, Classroom Treas- urer. Embarrassed Senior A's writhe and squirm as their futures are revealed in Class Prophecy, Class Day, February 28. MARY ANN CARTY-Music Club, Spanish Club, Stamp Club, Treble Clet, Library Craft. GLORIA BARBARA CASALINO-Rifle Club, Art Club, Co- editor of Art of Almanac. EDMOND PATRICK CASEY. DELBERT HARMON CATES-Varsity Basket- ball, Orpheus Club, Athledelphians. LLOYD ELMER CHAMBERS-Boys' Senior Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, Librarian. MICHAEL NICHOLAS CHANCE-President of Athledelphians, Hi-Hatter, A Cappella Choir Presl- dent, B Basketball, Stage Crew. ALMA MAE CHRISMAN-Girls' Senior Glee Club. BIRDIE CHUPACK- Good Form Club. LUVENIA CLAY. THOMAS DONALD COBBE-Stage Crew. EARL DONALD COCHRAN-President of Spanish Club, Sec'y. of Athenians, R.O.T.C. Editor of Almanac, l-li-Y, Radio Club. CARYL ALENE COLLINS- Girls' Council, Etiquette Club, Ellen H. Richards, Music Club. HELEN ELIZABETH COLWELL-Hook and Curve, DIANA COMISARFF-President of International Forum, French Club, Athenian. MELVIN PIUMA COOPER-Associator, Hi-Hatter, Athledelphians, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Track CHARLES WALTER CORNELIUS-A ' . ssociator, Athledelphians, Golf. MARJORIE CORREN COURTIAL. JAMES EDGAR CRADDOCK-Ephebian, Essayisr, C.S.F. Life, Act. Associator, Hi-Hatter. DOROTHY MAY CROCE-Voice Ill. NADYNE CRUMPACKER-Masquers, Art Club, Hook and Curve, International Forum, Mrs. Masteller's Sec'y. HAROLD GENE CURRY-Boys' Senior Glee Club, A Cappella Choir. FREDERICK OSCAR DAHL-President of Band. ROBERT RIANLD DALLENBACH-Stage Crew, Radio Club, Hi-Y, Stamp Club. VERNA ELOISE DALLENBACH B ' ' - ethany Club, Trl-Y, Hook and Curve, International Forum. LAWRENCE CAVANAUGH DARWIN. ELAINE ANN DAVIDSON-Vice-Pres. of Girls' League, Vice-Pres. of Rifle Club, Sec'y. of Ellen H. Richards, Good Form, G.A.A. 'EZLI'fABETH ,ANN DAWSONf-Girls' Council, Etiquette Club Elle H, , n IC ards Social Chairman, Vice-Pres. of Girls' Senior Glee Club Mi55 l-lodgkins' Sec'y. MARGARET ELIZABETH DEAKIN. LOUIS EDWARD DEAMER, JR. DOUGLAS HOLCOMB DEANE-Hi-Hatter Social Chairman, Band, Boys' Senior Glee Club, Orchestra. FRANCES AILEEN DENTfArt Club. , BETITY ROSAI-YN DIXON-Girls' Council, Etiquette Club, Miss H'OdQklI'1S SGC Y- GUS DOWNS DOROUGH- C.S.F. Life, President of Athenlans, President of Latin Club, Radio Club BARBARA JEAN DRAPER-Good Form, Photo Club. 4 lag-ICILE DRYER-G.A.A., Spanish Club. LAWRENCE ALBERT DUBOIS LoPSlsEe'i'0f GIGS Club, Varsity Football. BETTY JANE DURRENT. Joni DU SHANE-H k d C P ' lows, Seclyq MISS Hodsnloinsanseclyurve, ress Club, Press Staff, Miss Mal- NLHNERED WILLIS EASLEY-Junto Club, Masquefs. ALICE MARIE EDLE -Good Form Club, Hook and C CI T ' R giggsLEsSenior Glee Club, PAUL uLIV8WARaDSrOEJGnAN.reasbxslllbPITEIS-ilEi8'DtOIgE parawSTON-Act. Associator, Orpheus Club, Varsity Football, Varsity Ap- JUNE LOUISE ELDER-C.S.F. L'f , M B th I ' Hook and Curve. EVA MARIEIEeLLISiasquerS' e any Cub' Spanish Club' Senior syveaters and expanded egos tread the light fantastic at the Senior Sweater Dance, March 3. JEWEL EILEEN ENNIS-Nature Club, CARL EDWARD ERMATINGER. WALLACE LEROY ETHERTON-Associator, Junto Club, Class Play, Co- captain B Basketball. LAWRENCE CHESTER FERRIS-Stamp Club. MAR- GARET LOUISE FISCHER-G.A.A. President, Vice-Pres. of Athenians, Ephe- blan, C.S.F. Life, Girls' Council. MARY LORETTO FISH-G.A.A., Rifle Club, Hook and Curve. RICHARD ESTERBROOK FLEER-Act. Associator,'Boys' League Cabinet, Vice-Pres. of A Cappella Choir, Hi-Y. PAUL JUNIOR FLOTRON-Varsity Track. MAXINE LOUISE FOSS-Chess Club, Tri-Y. LAWRENCE EDWARD FROEHLICH-C.S.F. Life, President of Stamp Club, Vice-Pres. of French Club, Junto Club, Social Chairman of Athenians. ELIZABETH EARLINE GABBERT. VIRGINIA HILKE GANAHL. ANICETO GARCIA-Athledelphians, B Football, Softball. EVANGELINE ETHEL GAR- CIA-Girls' Council, Bethany Club, Spanish Club Sec'y., Boys' Senior Glee Club Accompanist. EDWARD FLAGG GARRETT. JAMES ARTHUR GAYLE-Boys' League Cab- inet, B Basketball, Hi-Y, Junto Club, Latin Club. MARJORIE DAWN GERRARD-President of French Club, Sec'y. of Authors' Workshop, Athenian, Associate Editor of Almanac, Assistant Editor of Literary Sup- plement. MARY ELLEN GERVASE-Bethany Club Treas., Hook and Curve. EVERETT CLARENCE GILDEHAUS--Junto Club, Debate. ELAINE GER- TRUDE GILES-Senior A Social Chairman, Good Form Club, Ellen H. Rich- ards, Rifle Club. MARY ANN GIST-Rifle Club, French Club, Art Club. JOSEPH RAYMOND GLANTZ-Latin Club Treas., Athenian, Junto Club. LIZABETH GOOD-Sec' . of Hook and Curve. ANNA MARIE gR'A1FIEiI35tl5enian, French Club, Bethlany Club, Photo Club.. BETTY MARIE GREEN-Senior B Sec'y., Good F-orm Club, Vice-Pres. of Rifle Club, Debit and Credit. JAMES ROBERT GREENE-Ephebian, Sports Editor of Press, Associator, Sec'y. of Hi-Hatters, President of City Hi-Y. GENEVIVE GRIFFIN-N t Club. ROBERT WARREN GULBRAN- ISEI?lixAssociator, Athledelphians uVirsity Basketball. DOROTHY KATHE- RINE HAAS-Bethany club, spanish Club, Tri-Y. JoHN stuisss HALL- Hi-y President, Associator, Varsity Track. NOLA IRENE HALLAMORE-Orchestra. SHIRLEY JEANNE HALLAMORE. JUNE JEAN HAMILTON. MARIE HOPE HAMMOND-Authors' Workshop, Apollo Club, Junto Club. 1 GI V I 41, r X". ', ' WY' QW,,,f 1. j lg V .V .M I f "' ' ' . if P 9.5. 4' .1 . my Q? fi f . V , Xwrfi., 4 ., I , . . . . I . ff . , Vg S' . - ' W ,,.- X 'V . 51 J I 1' . ,W A if I . f.f, i , J . f f ,. Z .7 f - -f- , 2 . Q ,'.' SL , fi-12, ' ,,t:ll'K' . 6 'iv If 'N 31 Q Y'-f Qi . fi .CB 3 'X I V' ' Z I I . ' 1 E 7 5 I f .,. . A-1 V' is K 'Z ' 1 l - wit JIXQ - . .1 . ELEANOR LUCILLE HAYNE-Rifle Club Treas. MARVIN WAYNE EI-EASE: -Masquers, Art Club, Class Play. DONALD RAY HARDY. JAM HARLACHER, JR. CLARA FRANCES HAWKINS-Treble Clef Club. RUTH EMMALINE HOL- LANDER-Art Club, Bethany Club, Stamp Club. CLEORA MAE HEN- DRICKSON-Art Club, Masquers. BETRICIA JEANETTE HOUGHLAN- Eifle Club, G.A.A., President of Danclng Club, Sec'y. of Treble Clef. Press ub. EMMA LEE HOWELL. FREDERICK GEORGE HOWARD-Library Guard, Library Messenger. Baseball whizzes by as summer semester draws to its zenith. Franklin takes its first big breath and preps tor mid-term exams. CARSON LUMAN HUBBARD-Varsity Basketball, B Basketball. AUDETTE MAE JACKSON-Junto Club. ROBERT COLON JAEGER-Boys' Senior Glee Club, A Cappella Choir. FRANK GEORGE JANESIN--Stage Crew Manager. SALLY MARIE JOHAN- SON-C.S.F, Life, Spanish Club Sec'y., Social Chairman of Authors' Work- shop, Music Club President, Short Story Editor of Literary Supplement. THEODORE WALTER JOHN-Orpheus Club. ELMER EDWARD JOHNSON--Authors' Workshop, Press Staff, Gym Club, French Club. JULES ORLANDO JOHNSON-Vice-Pres. of Boys' Senior Glee Club, Vice-Pres. of Orpheus Club, Varsity Football. MARJORIE LU- CILLE JOHNSON-Authors' Workshop, Treble Clet. RAYMOND ALBIN JOHNSON-Gym Club. MARIAN LEE JONES-Eilen H. Richards, Girls' Senior Glee Club, C.S.F. Lite, NORMA JEAN JONES-Sec'y. of Masquers, Athenians, OLIVER OS- BOURNE JONES, JR.-Hi-Hatters, Sec'y. of Athledelphians, Boys' Senior Glee Club President, A Tennis, B Football. LEONARD FLETCHER KAMP- Senior A Yell Leader, Hi-Y, Swimming, B Football, A Basketball. ELIZABETH JEAN KEENEY. JACKSON EDWARD KELLY-C.S.F. Life, As- sociator Vice-Pres., Hi-Hatter, Nature Club, Senior A Representative. TED SIMMONS KELTING. GERALDINE MAY KIDD. DOROTHY LAURENE KINZEL-Girls' Senior Glee Club Treas., Classroom Treasurer, Spanish Club, BRYCE HADLEY KNOWLTON. RUTHELEN KREUTER-Good Form Club President, Girls' Council, Ellen H, Richards, Girls' Senior Glee Club Vice-Pres. HAROLD JAMES LANG-B Football, Varsity Track, Sec'y. of Associators. CAROLYN LARONDELLE. JAMES ROBERT LAWHORN-R.O.T.C. SAMUEL LEE, JR.-Student Body President, Ephebian, C.S.F. Lite, Student Body Vice-Pres., Athletic Manager. JACK DANOS LEIDHOLT-Senior A Presi- dent, Associator President, Ephebian, C.S.F, Life, Hi-l-latter. WILLA MAE LEVERENZ--Vice-Pres. of international Forum, Latin Club, C.S.F. Life, Nature Club. PAUL DENNIS LEWIS. .ROBERT RAYMOND LOESCHER-G m Club. MARY ELIZABETH LOW-Girls' Senior Glee Club, Y French Club Sec'y., Sec'y. of Needlework Guild, Social Chairman of Au- thors' Workshop. CAROL FERN LOWE-Spanish Club, Apollo Club, Treble Clet, Librarian' ROSS OGDEN LUCAS-President of l-li-Y, Gym Club. WILLIAM ALBERT LUCAS-Manager of Sound Crew, Radio Club. BILL BUREN LUCE-A Track, B Track. RICHARD HERBERT LUETKE-Press Staff, Press Club. CHRISTINE AGNES LUNDWALL-Authors' Workshop. EDITH KATHLEEN LYNCH-President of Bethany Club, Spanish Club Sec'y., Junto Club Sec'y., Athenians, Class- room Treasurer. JOHN RUSSELL MADSEN-Sec'y. of Associators, Orchestra, Athenlans, Spanish Club, Hi-Y. EVERETT CHARLES MAKOWSKI-Co-captain of Gym Team, Hi-Y, Class- room Treasurer, Photo Club. RUTH IRENE MALOSKI. JOSEPH AMERICUS MARGUCCI-Varsity Football, Softball, Orpheus, Varsity Track, Swim- ming. LYNWOOD MARKHAM-Varsity Football, Associator, Athledel- phians, Gym Club. JOHN EDWARD MARKLAND-A Track, B Football, Athledelphians, C Foxotbl-all.kWARREN RUSSELL MARKLAND-Boys' Senior Glee Club, Var- si y rac . Franklinites laugh uproariously as the Ben peda- gogues unreservedly forget their dignity as funny paper characters at the annual Faculty Frolic. Will we ever forget that? ADDIE JEAN MARTIN-Vice-Pres. of Masquers, Business Office Cashier, Class Play, Stagecraft. BERNICE JANE MASON-Sec'y. of Girls' Council, Treas. of Etiquette Club, Historian of Ellen H. Richards, French Club. FLORENCE JEAN McCLAIN-Music Club, Girls' Senior Glee Club, Nature Club. EDGAR BUNDY McCOLLUM, JR.-Varsity Track. JAMES DONALD McMULLEN-Nature Club, Authors' Workshop, Classroom Treasurer, Var- sity Track. WILLIAM CLAYTON MELOY--Varsity Baseball, Varsity Foot- ba . JOHN BENJAMIN MERRILL. GLADYS VIOLA MICKELSON. ROBERT ELLIS MILLER. DORITA CAROLYN MILLER. DOROTHY MAY MILLER. EDWARD McDERMOTT MILLER-B Track, C Football, B Basketball Manager. WILLIAM LEROY MILLER-Athledel- phians, Boys' Senior Glee Club, Golf. MURIEL LEE MILLSAP-Ellen H. Richards' Sec'y., Etiquette Club. .flfp M 4 374' 'T lx MARION RUTH MINIER-President of Needlework Guild, Bethany Club. EUGENE ARNOLD MINIKEL-Stamp Club, Library Craft. MARTHA JEAN MINKLER-Hook and Curve, Athenian. EDWINA FRANCES MINNICE- Girls' Senior Glee Club. HELEN LOUISE MOLONY-C.S.F. Life, Rifle Club, G.A.A., Authors' Work- shop, Junto Club. ROBERT LEE MOMO-Spanish Club. ANNA LOUISE MOORE-Sec'y. of French Club, Tri-Y, Chess Club, G.A.A. HELEN MAX- INE MOORE. RAY MORGAN-Varsity Football, Softball, Varsityl Track. NORMAN EL- MER MORRIS-B Football, B. Track, Associator, Vice-Pres. of Hi-Hatters, Senior B Sweater Committee. LAWSON T. MORSE. GLORIA G. MOWERS- Photo Cub Treas., French Club, Dancing Club. LOUISE MURPHY. MARIAN MURRAY-President of Rifle Club, GU5ElA,th2ec'y., Hook and Curve. PAUL MUNTALBANO. EARLDA JEAN MYERS-Bethany Club, Treble Clef, Classroom Treasurer. A NATALE. VIVIAN NEAL-Bethany Club, Dancing Club, Trl-Y. EUGENE NELSON-Associator. LESLIE NEWTON-C.S.F. Life, President of international Forum. 1 x "' be i 1 ,,... i Z ' 5 H2 ', f i l I f i i v W . 1' F f if 2 'QCAQ A 'C 3 Qi ' Q- gg " G.. 4 Q . JUNE EDNA NICHOLS-Betha Cl b H t , S 'y. Needlework Gulld- FRANK HERBERT NICKEL-Nialtureu Club? eCSlassi?som Treasurer. JACK WILLIAM NOELL-B Tennis, Chess Club. ETHYL EVELYN NOSLER- G.A.A., Tri-Y, Treble Clet. MARGIE DOROTHY OLMSTEAD-Hook and Curve, Rifle Club. CARL HENRY OPPENHEIMER, JR.-Hi-Y, Chess Club, Ushers. HAROLD STARR OSTRANDER, JR.-Senior A Social Chairman, Hi-Y, B Basketball, C Bas- ketball. HELEN MARYE OTTO-Senior A Treas., Good Form Club. EFFIE HUNTER OWEN-Senior A Vice-Pres., Senior B Treas., Vice-Pres. ot Good Form Club, Girls' Senior Glee Club President, Girls' Council. RUBY IDEL OWEN-G.A.A., Tri-Y. Do you hear those cheers? "Yeah Franklin, Yeah Franklin." They're for you. Try again and this time you'll make it-I betcha, I betcha. DOREEN PACKER-Dancing Club, G.A.A., Good Form Club. JACK PADVE. LYNN EUGENE PATTERSON-Business Manager tor Press. JEAN MAR- GUERITE PAULIDES. ALGERNON THIERS PEALE-Athledelphians, B. Ten- nis, C Basketball, Boys' Senior Glee Club, A Cappella Choir. MARJORIE GRACE PEEK-Hook and Curve. MAURICE JOE PHELPS-President of A Cappella Choir, Vice-Pres. of A Cappella Choir. ROBERT MARVIN PHILGREN-Associator, ALLISON C. PIERCE-Varsity Tennis. FLORENCE AGNES PINKER-Social Chairman ot Hook and Curve. BEVERLY JANE PIUMA-Ephebianf Senior A Sec'y., Act. Girls' Council, Vice-Pres. of Ellen H. Richards, Etiquette Club. THELMA PLANT-Mr. Teall's Sec'y., Good Form Club, Girls' Senior Glee Club, President of Hook and Curve. JOHN PLUMMER, III. MICHELE ANGELO PONTRELLl-Presi- dent of A Cappella Choir, String Ensemble, Band, Treas of A Cappella Choir. MARJORIE POWERS-Tri-Y, Bethany Club. DANIEL HARRY PRETZIN- GER-Hi-Hatter, Athledelphian, Gym Club, B Football, B Track, C Basket- balElcT-IHOMA5 JOSEPH QUINNAN-Hi-Hatters, Band, Orchestra. POLA RA . MILDRED LENNEA REINHARDT-Art Club, G.A.A. BARBARA IONE RICHARDS-Ephebian, President of Etiquette Club, Act. Girls' Council, Bethany Club President, Ellen H. Richards. LUCILLE MAE RICHARDSON- Hook and Curve, Bethany Club, Tri-Y, Athenians, G.A.A. MARY ALICE RILEY-Essayist, Act. Girls' Council, Good Form Club, Vice-Pres. of Mas- quers, Athenian. CORRIE MELLOR ROBERTS-Good Form Club, Ellen H, Richards Social Chairman of Rifle Club, Head Girls' League, Yell Leader, G.A.A.' VERA JUANITA ROBERTS. VIRGINIA ETHEL ROBERTS-Voice Class. DONALD PHILIP ROBINSON-Orpheus Club, B Football. -VINCENT STANLEY ROBINSON-R.O.T.C. MARY MAGD -Hook and Curve, Sec'y. to Mrs. Roberts. MILDRED Afl.IEi:EE Rlaggli-E Apollo Club. MYRON ROSENHEIN-C.S.F. Life, Chess Club Sfudenf Bod Financial Manager, Student Council. ' Y JACK WAYLAND ROSS-Band, Orchestra, Boys' Senior Glee Club NORMA JEAN ROSS-Good Form Club, Social Chairman ot Latin Club' Dangin Club, Class Play. OLIVER ROWLAND ROSS-President of Hi-Hatters Ac? Associator, B Track, C Track. MARVIN RAY RUSSELL-Associator 'CSF' Life, B Track. ' ' ' ' DOROTHY MAE RUST-Sec'y. ot Dancing Club, G.A.A., Tri-Y, Bethany Club. LAVETA RYAN-Needlework Guild, French Club. FRANK PAUL SALA-Junto Club, Varsity Basketball, International Forum. JAMES WES- LEY SANDERSON-Boys' League President, Act. Associator, Hi-Hatter, Athenian, B Track, FRANCIS EDWARD SCHERR. MARY FRANCES SCHEID-Junta Club De- bate Manager, International Forum, Art Club. HENRY AUGUST SCHIEB- LER, JR.-Associator, International Forum, Photo Club, Gym Club, Chess CBESNARD FRANCIS SCHMIDT-C.S.F. Life, Sec'y. of Radio Club, in u . EDWARD RAY SCHOLL-Track, Basketball. MERLE MARIE SCHONEBAUM. Melodrama., chills, and suspense break forth in their most exciting form as the Senior Play, Captain Apple- jack, is presented. LILLIAN SCRIEBMAN. MARVIN EZRA SCHULTZ-Boys' Senior Glee Club, Press Staff, Press Club, MILDRED ELIZABETH SCHWARTZ-C.S.F. Lite, Athenian Society Social Chairman, G.A.A., Rifle Club. BEATRICE MARIE SCOTTY. VIRGINIA LUCILLE SECREST-A Cappella Choir. RUTH AGNES SILVANI. LEO CARL SILVERSTEIN-Editor-in-chief of Franklin Press, A Football, A Softball, President of Athledelphians, Associatior, Sports Editor ot Almanac. CHARLES GEORGE SIMMONS. FRED GEORGE SIMON-Stage Crew. ELAINE SIVELL-A Cappella Choir. DAVID PRICHARD SKJEIE-A Tennis, French Club. BERT PAUL SKONBERG-B Track, C Track, C LORRAINE SMART -Rifle Club President. WILLIAM ELGER KJ CHARLES HENRY SMITH-Radio Club President. EMERY CHARLES SMITH -B Tennis, Tennis Club. C. ALLAN SPENCER-President of Chess Club, Vice-Pres. of French Club, Stamp Club. VIOLET MARIE SPETTS. ROBERT HENRY STILLMAN-C Track, B Track. KENNETH ST. OEGGER-- Gym Club. DOROTHY BERNICE STOUGHTON-Latin Club, Hook and Curve. ALBERT VALENTINE STRINGER-Art Club. EWARD ROSE STUBBLEFIELD-B Track. GENEVIEVE LOUISE TETRO- Rifle Club. MARGARET ALICE THOMAS. DONALD EUGENE THOMPSON -President of Orpheus Club. GLADYS EILEEN THOMPSON. BARBARA ANN THORNAE-Vice-Pres. of Student Body, Sec'y. of Student Body, Ephebian, Act. Girls' Council, Eti- quette Club. MARGIE LOIS TIMPE-l-lead Girls' LGHQUQ Yell I-eadeff GAA. Rifle Club, Girls' Senior Glee Club, C-o-editor of Girls' Sports for Press. 'CATHERINE TONDRO-Girls' Council l-listorian, Sec'y. of Etiquette Club, Rifle Club, Class Play. EDITH ELEANOR TURNER-Co-editor of Girls' Sports tor Press, Rifle Club, G.A.A., Press Club, Sec'y. of Dancing Club. HELEN LILLIAN UTVICH- G.A.A., Dancing Club Treas. ROBERT FOSTER VAN NOY. ANTONIO VAS- QUEZ-President of Spanish Club, Masquers, Treas. ot Spanish Club. M., I - .if, 'I W Q '19 13, . iwfejl ALFRED JOHN VERME. ROSE GERALDINE VINCIONI1Treas. of Good Form, Art Club. FRANK VOZZA-Athletic Manager, Athledelphlansf A Football, A Softball, Student Council PAULINE JQSEPHINE VROOM- Spanish Club, Nature Club, G.A.A., Treble Clef. SUE WAERS-Masquers, Bethany Club, Stage Crew. JUNE MARJORIE WAGNER. BERNICE JEAN WALLACE-Vice-Pres, of Hook and Curyei Bethany Club, Mr. Hoist's Sec'y. DEE ETT ELINOR WALQUIST-SOCIBI Chairman ot International Forum, Nature Club. TED WALSH-Boys' Senior Glee Club, B Football, A Track, Vice-Pres. of Chess Club. JOHN HARRISON WARREN--Publicity Manager, Associator. As a lingering, nostalgic remembrance, regretful seniors sign, and have signed the Almanacs before regrettully leaving their proud Alma Mater, Franklin High. MARGIE WATKINS-Vice-Pres. of G.A.A., Sen?-or A Yell Leader. ROBERT B. WEBER-Act. Associator, Hi-Hatter, Gym Club. LORRAINE JUNE WENNERBLOM. JOSEPH D. WENZ-Boys' League Cabi- net, Hi-Hatters, Boys' Senior Glee Club, Gym Club. GEORGE A. WHITE- B Football, B Track, Latin Club. ROBERT WILKINSON. JACK JAMES WILSON. VIRGINIA FAYE WILSON-Masquers, Latin Club, Hook and Curve, Dancing Club. WILMA WILSON-Athenian, Nature Club' Sec'y., Nature Club Treas. MARJORIE WRIGHT-Bethany Club, Treb e Clef. BETTIE YOUNG-Social Chairman of Art Club, French Club. JOSEPH BERNARD YOUNGWIRTH. RENO EDWARD YURADA-Radio Club. IONA ROSALIE ZIEGLER-Ephebian, C.S.F. Life, Girls' League President, Presi- dent of G.A.A., Sec'y. of Masquers. MR. ATKINSON MISS BRAINERD MR. DUKE MISS GREENE MR. HENTSCHKE MISS LISHERNESS MISS MCMURRY MISS MERRIMAN MISS PHILBROOK MRS. TRIEB MRS. VINCENT MRS. WYCKOFF aw .H 11, xiii, w, zfiqgg, -4zf3L,ky.f2f1, Q . 2,,k,V.M,,4 ,1 ,,,., i Vk., l t pw ,pf fa' 17 4 zgfwvszwg-3 -f 2, e 5' -wwf-4 fi 'f 4'-134116'ff:Jf'1a,f.4gi,f-:aw pi Z , 2 1 1 L1 f- fil -.., . -1- 1 Lf f GL ' LN.-ff? Q wwMmeWWwWW.',Wf,mW.WQf,WW-M,.MW-V. myW01WWWWW-,,M,xM,f-N 5 2 2 i 2 5 i 1 1, i 4 - ,Q QQ Q? f3fmvff4f+f1Uf'+'!LA"f"'ff WW 4L0ff7L,Qf LW, rf.. 'gmf lux L V.-w.s...-.....--A-. ..,.-,..,., -.., h..,,...,,.,,,,.V. . ,,..,-.,- ...,v... ,,,,.,...K..,...-.,. .,.,... . , , , . ,,,, , , , ,,,,,.,, ,, ,, N, ,,,,, ... f,,,.,,. 1 'W L , JT,-X. ga 1,-,N 'fe V Lui' La 34,-J 'hh +' 'ci' K 'N'Xx. X M ZQZWAQ, 1 - 7 M! V W- Inf? X , J fy 72fw7.w WW 'W 2f!7i', A A A l , fx J A A Qi Z .7 i N 1 2' yi' x .V v' I ILA ' C!!! O L' C J J , 1 J. J 1 . ff, M f , J, n 3: I f 5 fl A . f f I I 2 ,Q 2 'f W if ,W f ff, WU fpj ,bg A! KyfA 5 p X? fy X 1 ' Q if fbf M W Q f J Q 1 M Vs! do jx -A Aly gf ag bb v i r - F 2 X ff , JU' MQW Ng A Q I 1 ,, , V- ,Jer . . ,M D if ,gf ,gm -72' -- I' 12+ :Rf 12 1' nn. ' ' . . hr- " vw?" - 'Af H, R.O.T.C. OFHCERS EDWARD SPANGLER COLONEL IDE DUNCAN MCPHERSON Captain L Second Lieutenant LEDFORD RAWLISON SERGEANT BACKELL NORMAN COECKEL Second Lieutenant Captain R. 0. T. C. STAFF The R.O.T.C. Staff consists of all student officers in the unit. These offi- cers are in charge of all technical matters. Staff duties include the officiating at all flag raising ceremonies and the organization of instructions from the dovvn-town headquarters of the unit. This staff guided the unit to major accomplishments. lt is notable that there were no seniors in the staff, and for that reason, Captain Ed Spangler acted as Cadet Major during the spring semester. First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester FRED CARTER ...... .. . ..,. Cadet Commander .. .... CAPTAIN EDWARD SPANGLER JAY MURPHY .,...... 4....... A djutant ...... ...,....... D UNCAN MCPHERSON LLOYD POND ,..... ,... .,..,... S t aff Sergeant ..,.., .......,.,.,...,. L LOYD POND FERDINAND LOVETT ... ... Plans and Training Officer . .... . .....,.. . . . .. NONE SABRE AND CHEVRONS The Sabre and Chevrons Club is exclusively an organization for the leaders of the R.O.T.C, The members of this organization have distinguished them- selves in the R.O.T.C. activities and in service to the school. The Club supervises all social activities and strives to promote fellowship throughout the unit. Lieutenant Thompson, former lnstructor of Military Science at Franklin, sponsored the Club during the Fall Semester. Colonel lde, a new addition to Franklin's faculty, took over the duties of sponsor in the Spring Semester. First Semester OFFICERS 4 Second semester FRED CARTER .... ..... P resident ...... EDWARD SPANGLER NONE ........... . . . Vice-President .... .,.,, N ORMAN GOECKEL JAY MURPHY .... ..... S ecretary .... .. . DUNCAN MCPHERSQN JAY MURPHY .... ..... T reasurer ..., . ..,.,, JAY MURPHY NONE ..,..... . , . Sergeant-at-Arms . .. ,..,.,,, LLQYD poND 42 S Qi I 3 i i E 1 9 a x .. ..., - Y -V I V AA 4 L 43 COMPANY A Captain lay Murphy commanded Company A during the past term as well as serving as commander of the First Platoon. Lieutenant Cordon Coutts served as commander of the Second Platoon. Under the leadership ot these boys, this company has upheld its standards and continued as one of.the crack units ot the city. This company was made up of newly selected men combined with old members of the organization. This system encourages leadership and makes for rapid learning on the part of the newer members of the troop. - COMPANY B Captain Norman Goeckel served as commander of Company B during the past semester. Lieutenant Ledford Rawlinson held the position ot Platoon commander. In any ceremony, the colors are always presented to this company, which marches directly behind the color guard in any drill or parade. 44 www wma N if it 1 1' .3 , rf J ,J 2 f, Y f i 2 fr? , QL lrffjll My 'D at A 'DT ffl , yi I i 5 W gf ld' JJ l J Jjl! E !faQfKJJ FCQCKZO lc E T ' h Almgnac Shaft wigs to tend its si ere grati e to th unsung eroes vy?-Iwo did s fmuch nheraliifbehi d e-scen s ork in produc- 7 J tion of is bddk. ft , A 1 " KJ U !la9IR XUEDM ' W ON is brother lvl wer owers of ength urin the r e i f ph t rap in y thanks to them heir re wa d awaits em in ave ffl! 1 jj d . . - s p. o he g. ' n - 9! f Il' I fl A ff i I gk J iff' Tlfiefplin , Mr. Ol-lN . IA KSON and . lOl-lN EY, repr en- ig tiqwes of t e Carl Bund ill G Pre were inva while ering t,eir in e ious as s ance in e make-u f the bo k. Their ity and yy j y,i-.ffpatienc are de ly apprec' ed. K l all i lu 0 Leaf! F R LDO ED NDS, e engraver r esenting t Mission E av- N 4' s, ' anked r his patie uring th period when t oo-lc wa ,s I ear E completed the loos nds re ing tied tog e His erationx ges s were ind helpf I , sta ing lit ra hgures a d e of Franklin s grandest e or her selec- , ira , on pa e f urteen Churchs eet e couragement 9 helped t a editors throu the darker oments. ff tude is exte ded to , Virginia C rch, one of l' ornia's out- . X , nf . be , in "lVl' . . ' st but b east preciation i extended t ther Ed Spang er who so r ciou y ca to e aid of editor i eir hour of need. E proved wbe ace E5 le-shooter, his rvic , unseltishly rendered Q.thout athd for re gnition, a e r c by the staff as fgri able life- saver 1 l N if E af 4 ijjrl? fyilfwf AX ,' 1539 V ,H s F Tjfwwx my , ,gr-f.- .ffq -FM--X'-f"""""""':"' x Q l -s- -n- 1 N? X K , r N V Lx, 3 Q E B ,,, g y M X I , X , J A 1: Q f ' my I ll H JM OVW? 2352? 1 WM 1 2562 M Q I X2 QW W S Xu 4 K , mm I k . is - iq I . - H I fi H. WDM 'xi' , 1 bf Q Y +R. ,K ,Ulu f- ' .XAI QA if fwwb 3 - .N A 3 X fr? Qigii is ia A 'M W l -.lea.U.Jl-llf-I g fer. ATHENIAN SOCIETY The purpose ot the Athenian Society can best be presented in the club's motto, i'Scholarship tor Service." Monthly meetings are held at which there are interesting speakers and entertaining programs. The special activities tor the semester were the Athenian picnic, the Athenian dance, the C. S. F. lite members' luncheon, and the C. S. F. Convention. First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester JACK WALKER .... ..... P resident ..... .,...... G US DOROUGH JEAN WARREN .... . . . Vice-President . . . .. . MARGARET FISCHER DELMA MAYER .... ....... S ecretary ....... JEANETTE ARCHER NONE ..........,.... . . . Assistant Secretary . , . .......... JEAN VORIS NONE ........,....... . . . Assistant Secretary . . . . . RUTH STRASZACKER MARGARET FISCHER .,................... Treasurer ..... ....... B ETTY JANE KEARS CLIFFORD WYNNE .....,............. Social Chairman .. ...,...... BE Y SCHWARTZ LAURENCE FROEHLICI-I MISS IRMA FRASER .. .........,.... ..... S ponsor B E T H A N Y C L U B The Bethany Club is an organization to help girls further their social ideals, and develop their character, at the same time offering them the opportunity to become better acquainted. Bethany is open to girls from tenth grade through twelfth, and may be joined by invitation or application. The officers are elected for the entire year. Social events consist ot dinners, banquets, initiations, and installations. OFFICERS E ' ESSES Presaaerrr ..................... EDITH LYNCH ELLEN BuRRows Jo JUANA WELLS viee-Preeiaenr .......... BARBARA RICHARDS WELTY BETTY LIENTZ seererery ..............,.,... HELEN BONETT PENDELL moms JOHNSON Treasurer ............. MARY ELLEN GERVASE JEANNE ROBINSON Pianists ..... JEAN HAMBERG and AGNES BucK JUNE NICHOLS sen Leader YVONNE TETRO MELNYKE Postger cheirrrieh' 'f .' f .' f f .' .' fCATl-IERI NE COLVIN MISS GRACE WOLF . . ,,... . .. . .. .Sponsor 47 ART CLUB The Art Club is open to students who have had at least one term of art or plastic art at Franklin, and are recommended by a teacher in this department. Membership is by application only, since the number of members is limited to thirty. Social activities include exhibitions of professional artists' work, outside speakers, trips, and a few purely social affairs. First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester DON SAUTER ,.,. .... P resident ..... BARBARA BARR MARGIE BENO ,..,. .. Vice-President . BILL RICHARDS BARBARA BARR ........................ Secretary KIYOSHI TAKANO KIYOSHI TAKANO ...............,....... Treasurer . .. BETTY YOUNG MRS. JESSIE ROBERTS .......... .. ...Sponsor AUTHORS' WORKSHOP The Authors' Workshop is an organization for students who enjoy writing short stories, poems, essays, and other creative work. Members bring their contributions to be read before the group, which discusses the good points and ways of overcoming weaknesses. Outstanding social events include a theatre party at the Pasadena Com- munity Playhouse, pot-luck dinner, and a picnic at a near-by park. First Semester IRENE WALKER BETTY BURTON MARJORIE GERRARD4 ' . . NONE ................ BETTY LOW ...,....... NONE ................. OFFICERS ,... President . . . . . Vice-President . . . .. .. Secretary ... .. .. Treasurer ... . ... Social Chairman ............. Program Chairman MRS. viRGiNlA CHURCH .........,. C H E S S C L U B Second Semester . BETTY BURTON HARRY DUCKWORTH ORA CATHEY .ff'MAiiJoRiE GERRARD SALLY JOHANSON SALLY JOHANSON The purpose of the club is to promote interest in the age-old game of chess. From time to time tournaments are held with other schools in our League: Roosevelt, Lincoln, and Belmont. First Semester OFFICERS Second semester HILAIRE VALDENAIS ... .... President ...,. ALLAN SPENCER ...... .. Vice-President . . . ' ' I MYRON ROSENHEIN .................. ... Secretary . . . ,,.,,,. '-'. B ILL DU-I-HIE BARBARA BARR ......................... Treasurer .......... MILDRED JONES MISS BYRD WILMAH GREENE ........ ...Sponsor DANCING CLUB The Dancing Club, formerly known as The Little Theatre of the Dance offers an opportunity for tenth grade girls to learn the fundamentals of the most graceful of arts. Instruction is given them in ballroom, natural, ballet and modern dancing by the sponsor, Miss Emily Pipal. ' 1 Membership is limited to forty girls, and newcomers must apply fgr en- trance. Social affairs of the year generally include an initiation, a skating party, and a performance at Open l-louse Night. First Semester OFFIICERS HELEN JEAN JOHNSTON . . - - . .Pl'95ld9.I'1l' . .- BARBARA LIGHTFOOT .... -- Vice-President .. MILDRED MANOR ...... . .. Secretary . . . MILDRED MANOR ...,.................,. Treasurer . . . NONE ............................... Social Chairman MISS EMILY R. PIPAL ............ ....Sponsor 48 Second Semester VIRGINIA SCOTTY . . . . ADA HARRELL MARY LEWIS ...........vEpAMENTOR . COLLEEN QUNN 1 1 Y fu ' 14 ff! 49 ELLEN H. RICHARDS CLUB Ellen H. Richards Club is especially for girls who are taking home eco- nomics courses. Its main objective is to promote interest in home economics. The principal activity is the dressing of dolls for Utah St. School every Christ- mas. First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester DOROTHY DONNELL . . ...,. President ..... . CATHERINE BRADLEY BEVERLY PIUMA .,.. . . . . Vice-President . . . ...... JERRY HARVEY ELAINE DAVIDSON . . . .... Secretary . . . ..... MARJORIE WADE NELL CROTHERS .... ..... T reasurer ..,.. . . . MERILYN WRIGHT ELLEN BECKING ......,...........,.. Social Chairman .. ..., , .... BERNICE MASON BERNICE MASON ...,......,............. Historian . ,. ................... NONE MRS. MARY MASTELLER ........... . . .Sponsor GIRLS' ETIQUETTE CLUB The Girls' Etiquette was organized with the idea of teaching its members the rules of social etiquette and how to use them. Social affairs for the year generally include a dance with the Hi Hatters, corresponding boys' club, formal luncheon in the club house, and a mothers' tea. First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester ELLEN BECKING ...... ..... P resident ..... .. BARBARA RICHARDS MILDRED CRUCE ...... ,.. Vice-President . . . ...,. LORRAINE LOWIS GENEVA MANSFIELD . . . . .... Secretary . . . . . GENEVA MANSFIELD LA VONNE BRAUER ..,.................. Treasurer ..... .......... B ERNICE MASON VIVIANNE PETERSON ...............,. Social Chairman .. ....... VIVIANNE PETERSON MRS. NITA POWERS ................. . .... Sponsor FRENCH CLUB The purpose of the French Club is to create an interest in France, its life and customs, and to sponsor activities for the students of this language. At the meetings, French games and songs are often enjoyed, in addition to in- teresting programs. The outstanding activities of this year were a theatre party, and an installation luncheon at a French restaurant. First Semester OFFICERS Second Semesfer MARJORIE GERRARD . . ..... President ..... .. , MARJORIE GERRARD PHILIP SIMON ........ ... Vice-President ... H, LAURENCE FROEHLICH BETTY LOW .......,.....,.............. Secretary . . , .,,, ANNA LQUISE MOORE LAURENCE FROEHLICH ..........,.... .... T reasurer .. ........... MILDRED JONES MR, FRANCIS MCCOLLOM .... .. ...Sponsor G.A.A. The G.A.A., Girls' Athletic Association, is to further good sportsmanship and friendship. It organizes a program of sports for the girls in schogl and provides additional training in skills to that furnished in gym clasgeg, Important social affairs of the year were the Play Day at Belmont High School, and initiation for new members, Play Day at Fremont High School and a Banquet. I ' First Semester OFFICERS second semester IONA ZIEGLER ....... ..... P resident ..... H MARY FISH .,.....,,.. vice-Presidei-if ,MQKCQQTETJAEQTEE MARGARET FISCHER .................... Secretary ....,,. MARIAN MURRAY MARGIE WATKINS .....,................ Treasurer ,,,... VIA- D OLORES YORBA MRS. MARGARET KING .........,... ,,,5pO,,SO, 50 W Jf X " af!! ,451 'fr ' Vd h,,f5! KM my 'fr ,,ff4,y,K,Lfg-3 'Q' r F If -- M - 5 1 M . GOOD FORM CLUB The C-ood Form is a club tor girls who wish to improve their poise and so- cial grace. Members stress the importance ot good breeding and manners. and develop these qualities by attendance at such social functions as teas, dances, and dinners. They also hear prominent speakers discuss modern etiquette problems, First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester OLIVE BROCHIERO . ..... President ..... RUTHELEN KREUTER MARGOT KEITH ...... . .. Vice-President . . . ...... . . . EFFIE OWEN RUTHELEN KREUTER . . . . . Secretary ..., ....... D OT O DEAN DOT O'DEAN .....,.4,.................. Treasurer .. ....,..... ROSE VINCIONI EFFIE OWEN ............................ Historian . . .......... MARJORIE WADE MISS MARGARET THORP . ......,... .... S ponsor HI-HATTERS The Hi-Hatters is a club tor boys that corresponds to the Cirls' Etiquette or Cood Form Club. lt is open to boys ot all grades, but is limited to forty members. Among the number ot social affairs tor the year are two luncheons and several dances with the girls' clubs. Meetings are devoted to talks on rules ot conduct, and talks by outside speakers. First Semester STAN KADING ..,. ALDO CHIAPPE .... NORMAN MORRIS JIM ANDERSON ......................... LEONARD CACCIOPPO OFFICERS President . .. Vice-President . . . . . . .. Secretary .. .. Second Semester ROWLAND ROSS NORMAN MORRIS JIM GREENE 'f1fI.. Bos Buss .. DOUG DEAN Treasurer ,. ...... .. .................Social Chairman . MRS. NITA POWERS .............. .... S ponsor H I- Y The Franklin Hi-Y is a branch ot the Young Mens' Christian Association whose purpose is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards ot Christian character. Twice a month members plan swimming parties and basketball games at the Y. During last Christmas vacation, they visited the cabin ot their sponsor, Mr. Duke. lim Creene was elected President ot the combined Los Angeles Hi-Y. First Semester ROSS LUCAS .... DICK FLEER .... OFFICERS ... President .,.. . .. Vice-President .. . Second Semester JOHN HALL JOE KREUTER DICK SLEIGHT .... Secretary .... , ,,,. DICK SI-EIGI-I-I' CHARLES WHITE ... .. Treasurer ,. ... ...... PETE NEWQUIST DICK FAUX .......... ..,......... . ., Chaplain .. ,,,,,,,,-,,. H, R055 LUCAS BOB ROCKNE .....................,.... Sgt.-at-Arms .. ....,,,, ROLI-AND WILLIAMS ..............., ,,,, S pggqsgr HOOK AND CURVE CLUB The Hook and Curve is a club primarily tor upper grade commercial stu- dents. Its purpose is to help solve some ot the various social and economic problems, particularly those of interest to commercial majors. Membership is by application only. First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester MARJORIE CUMMINGS . .. . . . President . . .. VIRGINIA SLATER ..... vice-President ,I ' IEIIEIIIMQAFQLQIIEE MELBA GREEN .......................... Secretary .... ........ , GERTRUDE GOOD JOSEPHINE MERLE .................... Social Chairman .. ,,,,-, FLORENCE PINKER MISS GRACE DE VELBISS ........... Sponsor 52 ffvigt 2 QKCWQMJ INTERNATIONAL FORUM The International Forum is FrankIin's section of the World Friendship Club, and is designed to promote a better feeling among nations. Social af- tairs of the year include a dinner at a foreign restaurant, installation of of- ficers, and a luncheon. First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester LESLIE NEWTON . .... ..... P resident .... . . . DIANA COMISAROFF DIANA COMISAROFF . . . . . Vice-President . . ....... TESSIE DAVIS BARBARA HILL ...,. ,... S ecretary .... .... L ESLIE NEWTON TESSIE DAVIS ..... ..... T reasurer ...... FRIEDA RAPAPORT BOB WEBER .........,.....,.......... Social Chairman ...,,, BETTY JANE KEARS MIRIAM CARGILE .....,.............. Social Chairman .....,. .... J ESS HEINRITZ MISS ELIZABETH LISHERNESS ........ .... S ponsor PRESS CLUB The Press Club is composed of journalism students active on the Franklin Press, who wish to increase their knowledge of journalism, through contacts with newspaper men and women, and through a deeper study of other papers. Social events for the year generally include a luncheon in the Club House and an outside party. First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester JIM GREENE ...,. . . . President . .. .... STAN STRINGER JEAN WARREN . .. , .. Vice-President .. .. . BETTY JANE KEARS LOIS SUTTON ....... ..... S ecretary .... .. MIRIAM CARGILE RUTHELEN KREUTER .. ....... Treasurer ,....... .............. N ONE MARGARET LOWE . . . .. . Girls' Social Chairman . . ......, BETTY JO AXT LYNN PATTERSON .,............... Boys' Social Chairman .. ..,.. WALLACE MITCHELL ELMER JOHNSON .....,.....,,......... Club Reporter .... .....,....,......... N ONE MRS. KATE CRANON ................. . . . Sponsor IUNTO CLUB The lunto Club provides an outlet for students with forensic ability by sponsoring oratorical contests and debates. During the past term it sponsored the Franklin Oratorical Contest, the World Friendship Contest, and several others. First Semester EUGENE RODDENBERRY CLIFFOLD WYNNE .... DUANE BEEMAN ,... . HELEN SEGAR JACK WALKER ....... NONE , ..............., MARY JANE MCINTYREH. CLIFFOLD WYNNE .... DUANE BEEMAN ..,.. MR. RICHARD NIOA .. OFFICERS President . .. First Vice-Presiden Second Vice-Preside .. Secretary .. .. Treasurer .. ... Historian .. Social Chairman Debate Manager .. Debate Manager ., Sponsor LATIN CL Second Semester .. RICHARD LESH .. BOB PACKARD nt ,... ..,.... N ONE EDITH LYNCH I' .... .. ,. VIRGINIA CARTER JOE GLANTZ ... ..... FERN KRAWITZ . .. .,,..... BOB PACKARD . .. ................. NONE ,I MR. ARMIN I-iENsci-IKE U B All students who enjoyed their term or more of Latin at Franklin are wel- come to join the Latin Club, which was formed to arouse interest in this language through intellectual and social activities. Outside speakers give 'talks at some of the meetings, and in addition there are plays, music, games, and an annual banquet, Roman in every detail, First Semester JIM CRADDOCK .. RUTH LEWIS ..... BABBIE BOGUE .r RENE DE SAIX ... JEAN ROSS .,.. ........ ........ NONE ........ ........,..,....,. MRS. EUNICE P. 5-4 OFFICERS Second Semester ..... 4PreSldeI'1I' . . .. A' GUS DOROUGH . ,. VICQ-PVSSICIEDT .. -A'. BOB LESTER . . . . Secretary . . Treasurer .,.. Social Chairman Scriptor GRIFFIN ....,.. - ....... SUE GREER ... JIM TRAUGHBER M- M- .. COLLEEN GUNN . . . . JOE GLANTZ . . . .Sponsor 1 H v QM i 1 l 55 MASQUERS CLUB The principal aim ot the Masquers Club is to further dramatics at Frank- lin. Members join through invitation by cabinet members and are judged trom the standpoint ot active work in dramatics. Meetings are called twice a month to discuss plays, theater parties, ban- quets, and so forth. From the Masquers Club is selected much ot the talent tor school play productions. First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester DOUG BROWN ....... ,.... P resident ..... ........ J ACK BLUM MARY ALICE RILEY . . .. Vice-President . . . ....... JEAN MARTIN IONA ZIEGLER .....,.,.,................ Secretary .... . ..... NORMA JEAN JONES PAULINE WHITAKER ...,.......... ..,.,.. T reasurer .. ......., NORMA JEAN JONES MRS. KATHERINE OFFILL ........ .... S ponsor MUSIC CLUB The Music Club was originated tor music lovers who had no time for music in their programs. Since then, it has grown and it now also has as members, students from every music group at Franklin. Social events for the year include visits to concerts and other music pro- grams throughout the city, a reception teag party, and theater party. First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester M. B. GREENE ........ ..... P resident .... .... B ETTY BURTON ELLA MAE LORIMOR . . . .. Vice-President .. . .. . SALLY JOHANSON BETTY BURTON .... . . . Secretary .... . . . ELLA MAE LORIMOR MAE KESSLER ..... ...... T reasurer ....... .. FLORENCE MADSEN SALLY JOI-IANSON .. .,.............. Program Chairman ..... ....... F RIEDA RAPAPORT BILL MCCONNELL .........,...,... Asst. Program Chairman .............. MAE KESSLER MRS. JEAN S. VINCENT ................. .... S ponsor NEEDLEWORK GUILD It is the purpose of the Needlework Cuild to contribute the required num- ber ot garments, a quota ot ISO, to the Needlework C-uild ot America. lt is the desire ot every Guild member to turther this purpose by fulfilling her charitable duties willingly and earnestly. First Semester OFFICERS Second Semesfer MARION MINIER ... ... President .... ..,, H ELEN BONETT NONE , ..... .......... . . ..... . . .,..... Vice-President . . . .,.,,,,,, MARIQN MiNiER HELEN BONETT ......................... Secretary .,.. ............. J UNE NICHOLS MISS IRMA FRASER .. ........,.. .... S ponsor RADIO CLUB The purpose ot the club is to encourage and further the interest in radio. The year's activities included an auction ot radio parts, a liars' meeting, a party at Mr. Holdredge's home and the presidents home, a party with the Eagle Rock Radio Club, and a visit to KIEV. First Semester OFFICERS Second semester CHARLES SMITH ... .... . President ..... H V CHA FRANCIS GRILL ...... vice-Presiaem HARVEELEQHQIQLJQQ BERNARD SCHMIDT ..................... Secretary ...,. ,,,,,, B ERNARD SCHMIDT DON WILLIAMSON ............... . . . Assistant Secretary . .. .,,,,,,, . DON WILLIAMSON MR. H. M. HOLDREDGE ............,.. Spgngor 56 X 4 r fx .4 X! 'pi H MINI' lx" 1' V iz V ., 57 , K fn! 5 ix f' N i 1 1 r . XX?-Ti! I ! - - RIFLE CLUB I J X 'st Semest OFFICERS Second Semester O SMART . . . ..., . . . , . . . President .... .. MARION MURRAY AINE DAV D . ....... .. Vice-President . . ..... BETTY GREEN MARION U . . ,,..,.,. .. Secretary . . ,..--. MARY FISH MARY . .. ..,.,.... .... T reasurer .... - - l-Ucll-l-E HAYNE COR E B R ,..........A ,. . Social Chairman . . BETTY GRA-TZ ,MIREN ER ...,......... .. Drill captain .. LOIS SMART XEL C ....,.......... .. Top Sargeant .. .V El-SIE MACRI CORPORALS HELEN MOLONY MARY LOUISE TURNER DOROTHY BOOKER ELAINE GILES ELAINE GILES BETTY LIENTZ BETTY GREEN BETTY SCHWARTZ EDITH TURNER HELEN MOLONY MISS GERTRUDE MAGIE . . ......... SDODSOI' SPANISH CLUB Any student with at least one semester ot Spanish and special interest in this language, is welcome to become one of Los Companeros, that is, a mem- ber ot the Spanish Club. The chiet purpose ot the club is to promote among students ot the language, a better understanding ot the Spanish people and customs. Social events ot the year generally include a luncheon with an outside speaker, a theater party, a Christmas party, and an active participation in the Language Carnival. First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester DONALD COCHRAN .. .... President .... .. ANTONIO VASQUEZ LUCILE ELDER ........ ., Vice-President .. .... -. JACK AUSTIN EVANGELINE GARCIA . , . . Secretary . . .... EDITH LYNCH ANTONIO VASQUEZ .,...,.....,,.....,.. Treasurer ,,.,.. .,.... . . ..,.,... NEYSA HOLVECK MIRIAM NORDHALL .......,........,.... Historian ....... ................... B RUCE BOGUE MRS. OLIVE BROWNING and MISS LAURA MERRIAM. .Sponsors STAMP CLUB The Stamp Club is a club organized tor students interested in stamp col- lecting. The members meet once a week to exchange their duplicate stamps tor ones not included in their collections. The club activities usually consist ot trading stamps, auctions, and games, FIYSI' SGITIESTQI' OFFICERS Second Semester JOHN ACLAND ..... .... P resident .... .. . LAURENCE FROEHLICH LAWRENCE FERRIS , ., .. Vice-President .. .. , CATHERINE COLVIN CATHERINE COLVIN . . . . . Secretary . . ........ JEAN SCOMP NEYSA HOLVECK ...,...............,.... Treasurer .... ...... NELS BEALS JEAN SPERRY ,.... .....,....,...,.... S ocial Chairman .. ,........ .. JEAN SPERRY MRS. MABEL HAHN .......... A..,.. .... S p onsor T R I - Y The girls' Tri-Y Club corresponds to the boys, I-li-Y, and is the junior Di- vision ot the Young Women's Christian Association. lt desires to promote triendship with girls ot Franklin and ot all nations, and to develop the mind and spirit ot each girl through numerous activities. These activities are so- cial, service, ceremonial, sports, and handicraft in type. First Semester OFFICERS Second semester BARBARA MARCINEK . ,,.. President .. ELSA NORD ......... . . vice-President . , , Q ' f f ' THEll:i:xA Egpglg BETTY CUSHING ....,. ... Secretary ,. ,,,, I BETTY CUSLHNG HATTIE BELLE COATS ......,...,......... Treasurer ., HATTIE BELLE COA-rs NONE ...,...............,... ...,....... H istorian .. ,,,,-,,,-, ,.,- B ETTY SACKS MRS. LUCILE DERR FITTS ,......., ..,. S ponsor 58 ww E s 2 59 i,,feX X Q. fwN . y X i A g , g as l f? ' I C lifiiigsax 1, c i A 'r I o N . sustain a great loss. Our beloved Zz .. -4. will close his labors in our behalf, H L' ' i L X - e-- ,as C.- 'is V777 ' 0 -. ---- a calm one. Born in lvlarengo, Illinois, in a :r efs 1 . '.--: nd for many years engaged enjamin Franklin High o s us odian in l92l andihas beenihere ever , with the exception of one ear spent as custodian at the Aldama School. l-le has never lost a day of service here r I nes for any other reason. Mr. randall's own family c nsists of four sons and three dayghters all liv- ing in Southern California and all useful citizens. His wife passedgaway two yea rs ago. Mr. Crandall maintains his home at 5608 Irvington Place, and it is still a center for his children and his children's children. ' After retirement Mr. Crandall plans a vacation with a relative at Lake Manaqua in Wisconsin and will then continue to m his home there. Mr. C T s X ial spirit, is real d re t serve, an abounding common sens aye al endeare im to succ sive generations of Franklin students and teac Band e w l' eye in e hearts of all of us a place that is .??l?T5l'lkO1Sl'-QIDOSSI f'to ill.. pf' .X A XXV t Nix, I K A' .. , J fs "NCD ,wfwgg . X l Ros ' 1 TEALL. 4 as Q W J XCTYX s 1 .' .' XJ Q . 5 gk XX " if I Y' N ,ral lk It X . 9 db.. f- . xl l I . l 3 ln 'r l ' -lifw 4' ":"'f f s ' N 7 W 4 K A ' l l L' JA " ,.-43-lf? mr- , - 'lil 'C 1-TN 60 v i ' W i " , ' 5' ' " V qi 5'-all - 3--r-' 0 . -f-f -1-'mf A ....:,V, ,.V,....,.- ,Q-vw,-...U .-w..M,.,-.4 -W. .,,.,.? ,,,.,.,,. , . ,,.. -Y .. V, ,.,. ,. .,, X...- liQ4f..a.Jai....,,.i..4,.J...,.,- nk-.,,... .MJ ,W.u.... ,-.Q.L,.,.g.,N.... ,.. ..,....4.,..-....... ,. , , I' ff z ERA? Y uf I 3. if If' 'A L V L if L LQ: lx, ,N f W9 0 If GJJN i fp Q gg! L, f X ,JF f 1 I x fx gg, ggi. L jx CL,-xf ' 'af - N' , Q,L,,fy'L.-K L 0 awww L4I4fS1C,fL w' q,Np f' 'WN , X1 3",,'n. LM w X ,f 9 xi. - -f,f.Mgf 0 Q -fiat j1fa,"i? V t"C fg, ,--Q . ' X- fir 1 gi 3 K I , ,Qdfp 626, , A - Y fr ' 'T ff ' - ' V K v W A fr'-,Va 5 ..-v I V. ' ,-' 2 'V 1 f :xx KN . I g, .H ln' , , - A -v' W 'f' K fb ,f C ' ' Q ff 1 1 ' ' " - ' ' LQ '-- P ' 1 , . ' - A 'J gif. - . Mc, F I, -i A V ' , ,. , i ,3 . - wh " F 4 ' A',Af .9 5. Q QSJQF , 6,11 . . A 'iff' , ' W I ' . - Aw 9 'g " . f -ff? 'K M 010 V 1 W . ,-, V A ' 1 . .QQLC il' ' ' ' ., Q' ii. f""l2M ' ' . V ,,.., 1 , l - it A, , , . ,, L, X 1, , N - ,V f'M'? ,N , ,MQ 1 5 ,we 2.24 4 V , ,wry K C. ,, - ' I '- x, ' ,ini xv Y xxwxt, , ""f..x A 1,1 nk fx 'N - via? . I DENT COUNCIL A most essential c g in the Franklin machine is the Student Council. lt is the governing b y of the school, and is composed of twelve members. Of this dozen, to r are elected by the Student Body, six are ex-officio mem- bers, and two e appointed by the Council. The Stu nt Council supervises all Student Body affairs under the direc- tion of P 'ncipal Robert j. Teall and Student Body Manager Herbert Phoenix. First Semester GEORGE PIMENTEL ALKER ...:iii AR BARA THORNE GLEN ANDERSEN . .. - - -4 WILLENE LEA . .. JACK LEIDHOLT .... .-- MAY PETlEVlCH OLIVE BROCHIERO RUSSELL MOODY JACK WARREN ..... - - CLIFFOLD WYNNE OFFICERS . . President . . . . . Vice-President . . . . . . Vice-President . . . . Secretary ...., President Girls' League .Girls' Council President Editor of Press . .. ., Athletic Manager .. . Publicity Manager . . Financial Manager . President Boys' League ..... Associator President . Second Semester SAMMY LEE . BARBARA THORNE JAMES ARTHUR BETTY JO AXT WESLEY SANDERSON .... IONA ZIEGLER JlM ANDERSON ELLEN BECKING . LEO SILVERSTEIN ... . FRANK VOZZA . WARREN BRYANT MYRON ROSENHEIN 6l MDZZA fzfbp' 0 V BO' YS LEAGUE A closely-knit corps of fellows banded together to promote the furtherance of friendships between the boys in Franklin is an accurate description of the Boys' League. The organization, of which every boy in Franklin is a bona fide member, was inaugurated with the idea that a group consisting of the entire masculine element of Franklin striving to foster amicable and constructive ideals and activities, would be of immeasurable and invaluable benefit to the school. The League moguls for the last two semesters have succeeded admirably in the attainment of this goal. First Semester OFFICERS GLEN ANDERSEN ... ... President ... JAMES CRADDOCK . . . . . . Vice-President . . . WESLEY SANDERSON .. ......., Secretary .... . RUSSELL MOODY ..... . ..., Athletic Representative. .. . COMMITTEEMEN BILL FENNICK . Safety ..... JOE WENZ ... Welfare . .. JOHN MADSEN .., Entertainment . .. JACK WALKER Scholarship .. ROWLAND ROSS Citizenship . . GLEN PIFARI , Publicity JAMES ARTHUR ..,........... ... Hospitality . . NONE .,i..... 62 MR. FRED W. AXE Boys' Week .. Second Semester WESLEY SANDERSON EDWIN ERNST . . .. . EUGENE GRAU . . FRANK VOZZA . CUTHBERT LovE JoE WENZ .. HOWARD BISSETT MM GREENE pick FLEER .. FRANK NORDYKE BILL FENNick JAMES GAYLE Sponsor G AY-J IRLS' LEAGUE s,...,..,,,..-+-- The prime object of the Girls' League at Franklin is to create friendliness among the girls and to present entertaining, worthwhile programs. The Girls' League is divided into three sections, the Sophomore, junior, and Senior sec- tions, which meet individually, to enable the younger as well as older girls to hold offices and become leaders in the school. First Semester WILLENE LEA .....i ELAINE DAVIDSON .... ANN I S FAYE MATSON BETTY JO AXT ..,.... SHIRLEY GOERZ .... MARGIE TIMPE .... PHIL WEBER ....... MARGARET FISCHER M ISS EDITH M. OFFICERS . . , . President . . . . Vice-President . . Secretary . . . ..,. Treasurer . . . . . . . Social Chairman .. Head Yell Leader .,,... Yell Leader . , ,.,. . Yell l.eader HODGKINS ........ Second Semester .. IONA ZIEGLER . . MARTHA LEWIS .. RUTH GITTELL BETTY SACKS ...... BARBARA HILL ...... THELMA MEYERS ELIZABETH RAMPONE JENA CHIARENZA Sponsor 63 GIRLS' COUNCIL Recognizing the need tor a girls' organization to advise and counsel the girls ot Franklin, the Girls' Council was formed. Coupled with the Associa- tors, they are the Law and Order Guilds ot Franklin, The star ot the Girls' Council has gradually ascended into an enviable place ot prominence. The presidency ot this group has become one ot the most sought after and imposing posts in school. In conjunction with the Associators, the Council sponsors the popular stu- dent body dance in the summer semester. Primarily and basically a service organization, the Council also invites and attends several parties a semester with certain of the boys' clubs. The otticers for the past two semesters have further advanced the Girls' Council into a position of indispensable value in school lite. First Semester OFFICERS Second semester MAY PETIEVICH ..... ...,.... P resident ...... N ELLEN BECKING PAULINE WHITAKER .... .... F irst Vice-President ..., DIANA VLACICH JEAN WARREN ...... .. Second Vice-President .. ,, , SHIRLEY HUNTER BETTY JO AXT .,.., .,.... S ecretary ....,. ..... B ERNICE MASON LOTTIE BERG .... ,.,.. T reasurer . .... ..., L A VONNE BRAUER WILLENE LEA .,. .., Historian . ,.. CATHERINE TONDRO 64 ASSOCIATORS The Franklin Associators, a service organization patterned after Benjamin Franklin's Philadelphia Associators, is the club to which every male Franklin aspires, Coveted membership in this club is given only to boys who have proved themselves outstanding in leadership, scholarship, and school spirit. The Associators maintain selt-government on the campus, help to keep the grounds clean, and assist at interscholastic athletic contests. The Associators sponsor an annual Student Body Dance, aid in the distri- bution of Christmas baskets, and entertain various girls' clubs at parties during the semester. Mr. Fred W. Axe, Boys' Vice Principal, and Mr. Lee M. Duke are the sponsors ot the organization. Firgf Semester OFFICERS Second Semester JACK LEIDHOLT .... , . . President .... .... J AMES ANDERSON JAMES ANDERSON .... Vice-President .... ....... J ACK KELLY DAVID EGGLESTON .... . . . Secretary .... . . HAROLD LANG DON BOYER ......,. . .. Treasurer .... .. NEIL JURICK 65 BAND The objective of the Franklin Band is not only to develop a marching band for the school games and rallies, but to acquaint the player with concert and marching band music. This year the Band played faithfully at all football games, and at several school rallies and programs. First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester FRED DAHL ...... ..... P resident ..... ..... F RED DAHL WILLIS MANN ... ... Vice-President ... .............. . FRANK WEISS BOB STROEBEL .....,......... . . . Secretary , , . ......,. ,...,. D OUGLAS DEAN JACK ROSS ..,...............,. . . Manager . . .........,...,........,.. NONE DICK WALLACE, ALAN KOCHER ..... .. Librarians ... .... LEAO UHLER, JOE SIMONHOFF ELDRED REDDISH MR. GEO. E, WING .... Sponsor ORCHESTRA The Franklin Orchestra helps its members to gain experience and acquaint- ance with fine orchestra music, to prepare selections for public appearances, and to improve the musicianship of the individuals and of the group as a whole. During the year the orchestra provided the music for many school programs and also for a presentation of "H, IVI. S. Pinafore" at Occidental College. First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester CYRIL SHEPRO ......... .... P resident ..... ......... A LLAN KOCHER MARGUERITE VINCENT .. ... Vice-President ... ... MARGUERITE VINCENT MARIETTA SCOTT .,... .... S ecretary ..... ...... M ARIETTA SCOTT ED SCHAEFER ....... ,..... L ibrarian ...... .,...... E D SCHAEFER NONE ......,....... . . Assistant Librarian . . .. MICHELE PONTRELLI ELEANOR KELLOGG .. ,..., Manaoer ..... .. ELEANOR KELLOGG GIRLS, SENIOR GLEE CLUB The Girls' Senior C-lee Club is a music class and organization for girls. Membership is obtained by audition vvith the sponsor, and the Club accepts as many as fifty members. The Club sang in the Christmas cantata "When the Christ Child Camef' and in the spring cantata "The Lady of Shalottfl They rendered invaluable assistance at many aud calls for the Girls' League and the Student Body. First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester EFFIE OWEN ........ . . . President . .. ...... ALICE EDLER RUTHELEN KREUTER ... .. Vice-President .. . ... BETTE KUCERA BETTE KUCERA ........ . .. Secretary . . . .... NEYSA HOLVECK FLORENCE HERMISTAN .. .. . Treasurer . . .... DOROTHY KINZEL ALICE EDLER ......... . Librarian . . . . DOROTHY ROTITTO DOT KINSEL ............................ Librarian . , ..,......... RUTH BARR PAT MILLER .. ..,.....,.......,....... Historian . . ..,.. ,..... P ATSY McLEAN MRS. JEAN S. VINCENT ........... .. ,Sponsor BOYS' SENIOR GLEE CLUB The Boys, Senior Glee Club is a group of boys who find great pleasure in choral singing. These boys sang at several outside engagementsg presented with other music groups the Christmas Cantata, "When the Christ Child Came" by Clokeyg and sang at commencement with the Girls' Clee Club' In the spring term the club was in great demand for outside club and civic pro- grams. It presented several numbers at the spring Music Festival and sang at many school programs. First Semester OFFICERS Second Semegi-er COY MILLER ,,,,, ..,.. P resident . .. I . H BOB JAEGER ,... . . . Vice-President . . . ..... OICICXXER ALDO CI-IIAPPE ... ... Secretary ... .,......,........ RALPH ROBINSON DICK DUDLEY ,.... . ... Treasurer .. .................. PETER NEWQUIST LA vERNE PLUMB ... M I-Ibfafiafv A ---- BOB MMMINN, KENNETH LAURENCE EVANGELINE GARCIA . . Accompanlsts . .......,.......... BETTY LOU SCOTT 66 my 0? . K x , P EV - Q26 A wjrx-la 'K if, , x xii. 'Q' XYEXQL 2 I M Vi! HE BE A QQGQQ fx! , L Qx, f N4 ,w , Y. A CAPPELLA CHOIR The A Cappella Choir is a music organization for both boys and girls, and membership is open to any student who can sing and read music. The Choir sang for the Christmas cantata, the Spring festival, and on many programs for the P.T.A. and other civic organizations. Late in May, the Choir sang with a string ensemble for the music department and the English classes. First Semester FLORENCE KAILEY .. JOE PHELPS ...... ALMA VERNON ..... FLORENCE GARNER MICKEY CHANCE .... BARBARA WOOLEVER BE Y MERRELL .,...,. MRS. OFFICERS Second Semester President .. JOE PHELPS . . . Vice-President . . . . RICHARD FLEER . . . Secretary . . . . BETTY MERRILL . . . Treasurer . . . .... INA BAUM . . . Librarian . . .. . VICTOR GOSS .. . . .... Librarian . . .,.... . . RICHARD CLIVE Historian ELAINE SIVELL JEAN S. VINCENT ......,... .... S ponsor TREBLE CLEF Cirls who are interested in singing find great pleasure in their membership in the Treble Clef. The club sings for numerous school programs under the direction of its sponsor, Miss Philbrook. During the year the members not only enjoyed participation in many music activities, but had many social ac- tiv i ties. First Semester LOIS SMITH .......... CARMELL CAMINITI BETRICIA HOUGHLAN MARY DAILY ....,., CLARA HAWKINS OFFICERS . . .. President ... .. Vice-President .. Secretary Treasurer , . . .Librarian ESTI-IER FORUNA Second Semester CARMELL CAMINITI .... MAXINE BLAND .... NANCY DAILEY BARBARA LIGHTFOOT .............Historian ORPHEUS CLUB Boys who enjoy group singing in Franklinis junior division of the choral organizations, find a great deal of pleasure in the Orpheus Club, named for that mighty player of the Iyre. Directed by Ivliss Eugenia Oliver, sponsor also of the Boys' Senior Clee, the organization presents a variety of programs in the auditorium in conjunction with other choral groups. Rounding their ac- tivities, the boys take part in several social affairs, among which is a pot luck dinner. First Semester OFFICERS second semester LEONARD CACCIOPPO , . ... President . .. in DON THOMPSON DON BOYER ......r........... .. Vice-President .. .........,..,. JULES JOHNSQN DON SANDERSON .............,... . . . Secretary . . . ..........r..... LLOYD BARBER JOE LA PUMA, ORESTI MASTRO .... .. . Librarians ,... JESS ANTISTA, PAUL NICHQI-AS aiu. REINKE .. ..,...... ,,,, T ,easum 68 ,Y5K,Xx 'R 'L xffQf'5z'SXD 'Kes AW'1fW4 , , J t ,W . 1 Ujqzp-'-lo' J, ALMANAC Each year brings a new Almanac and a new staff, and this year has brought the customary Almanac with a staff which has found great pleasure in dis- charging the duties of essaying improvement of Franklin's annual. The editor-in-chief of the i939 volume was lim Graddock, who lent his ideas and energies in directing the make-up of the pages and doing much of the writing in the book. lim's suggestions gave the Almanac many improve- ments, and it is largely through his tireless efforts that this edition has come to pass. Florence Anderson and Gloria Gasalino handled all of the art work in the annual. They assembled and mounted all of the senior and club pictures for the engraver. The theme, "The Golden Gate International Exposition," was one of the many ideas which came from their helpful ingenuity. Betty Burton, assistant editor of the book, proved to be indispensable in the literary department of the product. Betty, aided by the associate editor Marjorie Gerrard, wrote literally reams for the Almanac. The entire Glub Di- vision is the fruit of the labors of these two girls. The other associate editor was lim Greene, whose work is probably recog- nized easily throughout the book because of his inimitable literary style. lim was the handy man of the year, doing the little odd jobs along with his regu- lar assignments. The poetry contest and many of the major assignments fell to Betty jane Kears. Betty directed the selection of the poetry in the volume, and devoted much time to the finer writing involved in putting out a yearbook. The entirety of the R.O.T.G. Division was handled by Donald Gochran. Don expended much effort in assembling the material essential to the prepa- ration of his large assignment. Leo Silverstein, dynamic and inexorable, discharged his duties as Sports editor to the satisfaction of all concerned, I-laving played at tackle on the prize-winning eleven of '38, Leo was able to give authentic "inside stuff" concerning the activities of the said pigskin aggregate. Leo was assisted in writing his Sports Division by Frank Nordyke and Louis Windham. Since there was much writing to be done in the Sports depart- ment, these boys were called upon to do a great deal. Kiyoshi Takano, Glen Andersen, and Vernon lorgensen were the 'capable assistants to the art co-editors. Glen did excellent work in mounting the pic- 70 tures of the winter seniors. Kiyoshi was pertinent to the cause in cutting the wood blocks which adorn the division pages. Vernon lorgensen did the car- toons and designed a few of the division pages. Sponsor of the literary department of the Almanac was Mrs. Alice LaPierre. Mrs. LaPierre was in charge of directing the work of the several writers for the book. She generously took the post this year when Mrs. Cranon, who was originally appointed sponsor, found that she would be unable to continue as advisor due to an extra class assigned to her in the fifth week. Mrs. La- Pierre did a grand job as pinch hitter and trouble shooter, and the members of the staff quaver to think upon what the book might have been without her invaluable succour in times of trouble. As usual, Mrs. lessie Roberts lent her priceless experience as director of the art work and watch dog of the budget. "Valiant'l is the word for Mrs. Roberts, and further comment upon her value to the Almanac would be am- biguous. Mrs. Virginia Church, not only one of Franklinis literary luminaries but also a Western writer of renown, aided the contributing poets in the writing of their pieces. Appreciation is apropos here, and the Staff wishes to extend sincere and loving appreciation to Mrs. Church for her contribution and her cooperation. Mr. l-lerbert Phoenix handled the financial details for the annual, and he, like all the other sponsors, was a most-important cog in the Almanac machine. The staff and sponsors of this book feel that all the effort put forth in the formation of it was entirely worth more than they probably realize, and each member of the staff has expressed himself as wishing that he "might do it all over again." jim Craddock . . . ALMANAC STAFF . . . .Editor-in-Chief Florence Anderson ...... Art Editor Gloria Casalina . . ........ Art Editor Betty Burton . . . . . .Assistant Editor lim Greene ..... . . .Associate Editor Marjorie Gerrard . . . . . .Associate Editor Betty jane Kearg ....... Literary Editor Leo Silverstein . . ........ Sports Editor Louis Windham , Assistant Sports Editor Glen Anderson . . ..... Assistant Art Editor Kiyoshi Takano . . . . .Assistant Art Editor Donald Cochran ----- R-O-T-C ECli'f0f ' 'f Af. x- 'P' Qi! X' T' ,gf I fl 5 I , O ii A 1 V f S J IL!- fffj,fiffffrfFR M if J ore str ined rn der ' than ,bvefr before, th ,franklin Press , es s e once a o he r' e-winning high ol papers of na io The co-o ation o staff e printergllwfih' the editor h ed JW th ess to wi any h rs. '---H' ,J ' T, "zQill Americald' ra on by the P essiin the ann a ntest sp y ' n I h l sor t eo io a Sc 'tic Pre "s ociation wa source of de for aff Only t o other T ic Coast p er on a simil r ward f F U I 'P 0 in I T winning of he Los A geles Times' 'Psi spaper c t nd subse- , q tly the rec i ing of t r beautiful tr y, elated th as no other , ward coul . he sta f fointed with j ifiable pride he fact that the Press overvzhir ' t other ni igh scho apers in thetmfie poli- an T is :as t ird m ' ward earn the S'39 st f Q t . h , 1 . ' Olive Bifochiero a d C n ifari, co :tors-in-chie 9:7 g th A inter s esteli? ihaugurate effi ent co-operative sig e The eig n rms of the Pres ch they i were subm't d in the contest. X WU' Edi i bac pa 62 uir s ability n a-ke-up te i , and Kath- erine ers show dl ting o an ' l-American" page that she l at techniqu . was assis d by im Creene nd ynn Patterson. - ' Leo Silvers i turned or o or ul a d i s I 3 sports sect' . ports riters l ' g him i cl im Cradd m C-r e, and n Schultz. lea en gave h journalistic touc the feat e p aided by Babble ue nd B7 l' on. f, di r Lois Sutton club editor E rner a d Ma gie pe girls Heading Press staff for spring sem st as Le Silverstein. U d hi id ce many ew treamlined effec were ach eved. His good- n t d man ging radiid to the rest of staff. Very valuable in writing editing was Wiam CargileNJ!fi tor. 7 , lj ' The rags er of the semester s ff incl d d Paul ttg Do ower, VT Z Q . n- Be5ty lan ars introduced a n w, or ional-lookin i atur wit t :stance of Betty joe Aid. g am ur of spor Va t by i ' eene, sports editor, who w ped by F nk uis Wind- , who contributed the popu 'Dope" co mn Wallace Mitchell, w o wrote the prophetic "Spectator" colum . St n Stringer itjann'ed and made up a well-balanced back page with the Donald Agehgan. Other members of the staff included Helen Boone, club' i"' e ditorg Shirley Hunter, news editorg lfiy shi Takano-and Vernon lorgefisen, Cartoonists, Franklin Rhue, advert-bs manager, and Betty Burton, whose excellent and voluminous writin reditX to the paper. At a l time was the, 2 mo-operation, and aid of the print shop staff whipkt a 't possibl T publish thle Press. Sponsored and led by Mr. Ewart C. loh s n, the s f s includeI5L3ob'lohnstone, Richard Luetke, Stan Stringer, Leonard rr, j Torres, Shel y Kinserg George Blatchley, and Norman Kal- tenback. T i"' " X ,J rs- ate Cranonyvibiiialism advisor, sponsors the "All Americani' Press. j hr h her efforts it was possible to present a weekly issue to the Franklin "p lic V 'A o ' ,-" F 72 ,W - if il X, ,,,, . Y, nexes L.A.Times Newspaper T lgeles nqhyw-Ain Lu an prmg im excel! liiaudivvi ibn L4 of Uv n Q .ir u fa nh. ,mx ff -m mn- Aww N menu ram :qw fm vgn,v,,f--,yay , Umm 'qrww ' nw n-t jwuum alien. mi nm uw, swam 0-N 11m-rv-may uw f-Asuvn 'ff 1 me Mata, 4 .A fun-.-M141 Tw .Mfr me mm .A Alwxmmv, :Ms kywzum ima, my f :sw AN mr mm- : ,mma- sv an M lent p.,,.gL.f mu,-y za -mm: or me mx TW: w ew wmv 1 1 Mrknr 'nemku wwf, mben 'Salam ur in oem Zhu Bfwnr wma .ma what an I wx Wu , M A 9 mn .M ,W Mu-, fm :sw mf, Ywv Www . ,hfymzny mam Ja qhmald DM :every Qwm ff-ufm W , ,,,, QM W, ,mm ug.,-fwfr. aww.- K mga mu-xiwv . an 1 -wmmmq im Kia. iu rua-ful fm M111 WP" www-nam mmwuwun! aww, Mfm Wm. Edin P x xv 1-,x 1x4 .11 vw., ., N-if in' W, , www: .ra mm- ,.,., 54, mn- Pm.: rw 341-.4-1 ,f. ,sms .:vg'q:m,:'M.k,, wr FORENSICS Forensic history was made at Franklin during the l938-l939 year under the skilled guidance of Mr. Richard Nida in the fall, and under Mr. Armin C. Hentschke during the spring semester. Although Franklin temporarily dropped from the Southern California De- bate League, Cliffold Wynne, debate manager, and Duane Beaman, his assis- tant, engineered many inter-class debates. No debate manager was selected for the spring term. Franklin was represented at the Third Annual Southern California High School Debate Tournament held at U.S.C. on December 9 and lO by Tom Mahoney and Eugene Roddenberry, who entered the Oratory and Extempor- aneous divisions of the contest. ln the Franklin Oratorical Contest, sponsored by the junto Club, Richard Lesh captured the Upper Division Contest Cup with his stirring oration en- titled, "C-entlemen, We Thank You." Billie Reese and jimmy Vernon tied for lower division honors and received parchments, The Twelfth Annual World Friendship Oratorical Symposium was conclud- ed on April Zl. ln the district eliminations, Billie Reese won third place for Franklin, while only one point separated her from top-ranking speakers. Barbara Thorne, Evelyn Apel, Barbara Barr, jim C-reene, Lucille jensen, jack Leidholt, Lynn Patterson, john Tapia, and Theora Fly presented a sympo- sium before the Parent-Teachers Association on March l5. "The Problem of Leisure for Modems," the topic of the symposium, was enthusiastically re- ceived by the parents and teachers. A panel to discuss the advantages of home ownership was presented to the Highland Park Realty Board on june 6. jim Creene presided as chairman, with jack Leidholt, Richard Lesh, Theora Fly, Evelyn Apel, and Tessie Davis acting as members of the panel. Active debaters for the year included Ruth Lewis, Tom Mahoney, Marion Scheid, Sidney Simmons, Edith Lynch, Barbara Draper, jim Craddock, Eugene Roddenberry, Richard Lesh and joe Clantz. Into the annals of history go the forensic records of the l938-39 year, but the power of speech and the magic attraction of words created by public speaking goes on. 74 DRAMATICS Q Opportunities to view the art of Thespis have been bountiful, locally speak- ing, for the past two terms. Mrs. Offill and Mr. Miller have coupled in most instances to direct and produce these productions, and they received capable and essential assistance from the stage and sound crews. The initial adventure into the art of the drama was the Senior Class Day Play, "Artists and Models," written by Mrs. Offill. George Pimentel and losephine Wilkinson were starred in this comic fantasy of life in Greenwich Village. The entire dialogue was in rhyme and the play was a gay, laughable production punctuated by colorful costumes, beautiful music, and fine acting. Mr. Rex Miller took charge of the annual Tin Can l-li-linx. This produc- tion is presented annually and the proceeds are used to fill the Christmas bas- kets of the needy of the surrounding community. The play was "Ghost Cas- tle," an eerie, haunted vehicle of ghosts and spectres. Cliffold Wynne, Nadyne Crumpacker, Antonio Vasquez, Mary Alice Riley, Wayne Haney, and Ray Millet were the featured actors, and spooks, singing, and dancing enter- tained the audience. The Christmas play this year was "The Silence of God" by William Sloane lll, a particularly significant production with timely appeal. lt foreshadowed the world consequential Munich Conference. Claude Millsap, Ray Millet, Dan Muntingh, Wayne l-laney, Albert Barrat, and Sam Gallagher presented this stirring drama on December i5-l 6. The long awaited Faculty Frolic was this year a tremendous, overwhelming success, written by Rex Miller and produced by Mrs. Offill. lt was a charac- terization of the famed newspaper funny characters. Mr. Miller and Miss Wolf were the featured players, but about half the faculty participated to give the local students their most hilarious, laughable afternoon of the year. Coach Duke as Tarzan, Mr. Axe as Flash Gordon, Mr. l-loist as Uncle Elby and Mr. Teall and the Brothers Gilbert as the Mountain Boys were the stand- outs in this outstanding production. The class of S39 presented "Captain Applejackn as its Senior Play. Mrs. Offill directed this swashbuckling, adventure story. Mary Alice Riley gave an interpretation of Anna, a spy, in this production that displayed a versatil- ity amazing in one so young. Wayne l-laney portrayed Ambrose, a pirate chief. Catherine Tondro played Poppy and supplied the love interest. lack Blum was the inevitable villain. This three act melodrama was an ambitious undertaking and the dramatic students gratified Mrs. Offill's faith in them in attempting as big a production as this by making "Captain Applejackll one of the most successfully "colossal, studendous" vehicles of recent years. I 75 STAGE AND SOUND CREW In every sense of the literal meaning of the words, the sound and stage crews are the "unsung heroes of Franklin, the men behind the masks." Every Aud must have lighting, speaking, and stage facilities. Plays and other simi- lar productions entail even longer and more tedious preparation by the duo of crews. . Speakers and the luminaries on the stage for the sundry auds presented each semester, receive approbation and appreciation for their labors. Much of the routine and arduous preparation for these presentations is handled by the two crews. And so it is our place to here thank them. lVlr. Holdredge was the sponsor of the sound crew for both semesters. Mr. Miller and Mr. Elliot each handled the stage group for one semester. First Semester STAGE CREW-OFFICERS Second Semester FRANK PECOLATTO ,,,,,, ,,...,,.. M anager ....... . . . . . FRANK JANESIN LEONARD CACCIOPPO .,.. . . . Assistant Manager . .. ......... . . . NONE FRANK JANESIN ....... ..... P roperties ... ....... BOB MILLER AL RENSHAW ........ .... E Iectricity ... ... BOB DALLENBACH SOUND CREW BILL LUCAS ............ ....... M anager ..... ....... B ILL LUCAS CLAYTON NEWCOMB . .. .... Assistant Manager. . . . . MILTON COHEN CLASSROOM TREASURERS Coupled with sundry other groups, the classroom treasurers are truly among the service martyrs of Franklin. They relieve the teachers of routine details, such as selling tickets to auds and sporting events, selling subscrip- tions to the Press and Almanac, and similar bothersome essentials. ln the various classes the treasurers are appointed by the teacher in charge, are elected by the class, or this task is rotated during the semester among sev- eral students to eliminate the possibility of the burden resting on one stu- dentis shoulders for the entire semester. lVlr. l-lerbert Phoenix has been the sponsor of this group for the past two semesters. LIBRARIANS lt is the library staff which faithfully serves the student body day by day and helps it with the treasure of information to be found in the Franklin l0,000-volume library. They prepare books for use, check books in and out, record fines, but above all they help students to use the library to best advan- tage. Through their work they also gain valuable experience for later study, and learn a valuable profession. Franklin's librarians all ' lq certainly the student body benefits by their work. enjoy t e course and 76 I 77 USHERS AND HALL GUARDS Two active school groups that do much of their work unlauded and un- noticed, are the Hall Guards and Ushers, both of which are sponsored and guided by Lieutenant Thompson. One of Franklin's foremost service organizations is the Usherettes, a group of twenty-five girls who help you find a seat in the auditorium. The Usher- ettes serve at all Assemblies, Commencement and Baccalaureate services, and other programs when needed. During the spring semester, the girls are exhibiting their new uniforms. Evelyn Dorothy Apel acted as head usherette during the past year. Lieuten- ant Thompson sponsored the group. The Ushers are an organized group numbering about fifteen, and are led by Eddie Eoerstel as Head Usher. They participate at aud calls, football games and other special activities. Ushers must be passing in all subjects and main- tain a merit record of eighty-five or more. Numbering l5O strong are the Hall Guards who keep the halls clear clur- ing class periods, and guard lockers. Hall Guards contribute their study per- iods to guard dutyg must be passing in three solids and must have over eighty credits. Hall Guard Supervisors direct the activities of the guards during their re- spective periods. There are eighteen supervisors, one for each period, to su- pervise in each of the three districts into which the school has been divided to ease the duties of the guards. Supervisors are required to pass all subjects and have over ninety credits. Carrying all the details of both Hall Guards and Ushers, the office force works each period in the Armory in shifts of two. lt is their duty to carry out all office work pertaining to the Ushers and Hall Guards. Office workers are Marion Bryant, Catherine Colvin, Celia Crane, Bernice Graff, Lucille lensen, Ethel jones, Florence Madsen, Beth Marsh, Florence Rosen, Barbara Summers, Yvonne Tetro, Evangeline Wright, and Delores Yorba. 78 R . 79 gtg W KL' EX! iff? 'Nh . 'H CITIZENSHIP CREDIT BOARD As you know, Franklin is a student governed institution. just as the stu- dent council is the executive facet of school life, the student court forms the judicial phase of student government. The court justices themselves mete out retribution to offenders. Despite this fact the purpose of the tribunal is not to discipline, but to determine the underlying cause for the breach of the law. Thus the court was conceived not as a punitive force, but rather to dis- cover the motivation behind these infringements of Franklin's code and to remedy these conditions. First Semester IRENE WALKER . SAMMY LEE .... JEAN WARREN ., JAMES CRADDOCK 80 JUSTICES Chief Justice Assistant Justice Assistant Justice Assistant Justice Second Semester . JAMES ARTHUR BARBARA THORNE BEVERLY PIUMA MARVIN RUSSELL T ...av ...,...a -...... gg-MM g-, f 1 VTWTTQXX ,J ,W 1: ww AML 'Vi VI iglgib "N, P xv M 5 m 00,51 HH . f' 7 5. W W X fwml N 1 A .F- Q .q 1, , :Vwf"J.., U11 , -, fffil .wvv,6,fjj',- 451- , . 9 H., U, 71,9 5 7 ' -'v , Mmlmx A , . ML A .A ' -1 I ,MA f I , , ' .u .Q ' ,1L:,.,. K H . 1 2 4 4 1 gifs!! J4 , -. .. Mm L . -' ' Y. 1 " .ig--V, 4 w F Wifiufijff- ' ' ' ' :M ' '- ig 14lff1z.firmwlQl" ., 55635 'Y' . Q,55':, . V " U fv gfgiaa k 1, ff Af-'V , sf5Qw 5Eg-,nQff:'ffa,'.Q L . K ' il . Y .Wi ,F ,,T 'M-zqfli ' ' " ' ,, wif H .: 1 Y 'V 5 'U ' , .1 P7' , iff . 1 ,fw.,,,. Fin ' :W Lili? 4., A n C if MR- DOWNING - MR. MCCOLLOM MR. DUKE MR. Hass MR, SPANGLER -NM'-N-QQ.-1 1 V Y, BROWN 1,1 DCALLAS TAMEHOMQASSE f PETERSON ,ff CAI-LAS MV- fl ' Y Afy'Q 1-,QT f yfyfi' f JV " !LA fj VARSITY FOOTBALL Coach Frank l-less's scrappy buff and blue gridders, i938 Northern League Champs, finished a very successful season with a record of 6 wins and l defeat, the finest record ever turned in by any Franklin grid team since l922. The l-lessmen were presented with the coveted Northern League Championship when it was learned that the Rough Riders from Roosevelt, the only team to defeat the Panthers, were disqualified and stripped of the title for playing two ineligible men. The Panthers lifted the curtain on the l938 season by winning an easy I2-6 victory over Glendale Union l-ligh, i937 Southern California C.l.F. champions. Speedy Don Boyer was the star of the game when he skirted left end for 55 yards and a score. In the other practice game, the varsity gridders clawed the Eagle Rock Eagles for a 9-0 victory. Fullbacks Mark Bowman and jack Barnes tore the Eagles line to threads with their powerful line plunging. Leidholt, Sparks, Cookmeyer, Silverstein, Morgan and Vozza also played bang-up games for the Panthers. PANTHERS WIN LEAGUE OPENER Led by Louis Windham and joe Margucci, the Panthers surprised everyone by administering a 20-0 drubbing to the Marshall Barristers, last season's league champs. Windham intercepted a Marshall pass and galloped 70 yards for the first score. ln the second half, Franklin's ambidextrous passer, joe Margucci, got hot and rifled passes to jack Leidholt and jules johnson for touchdowns. Cullen, Sparks, Cookmeyer and Booth were outstanding for the winners. The Panthers continued their undefeated march the following week by winning a thrilling 26-I2 victory over the visiting Garfield Bulldogs. The passing combination of Margucci pitching, and Leidholt on the receiving end again took the spotlight. Of the six passes Margucci completed, 4 were com- pleted to the "sticky fingered" Leidholt. The mighty Panthers next traveled to the famous Rose Bowl in Pasadena, where before some l0,000 wild eyed fans the Ben gridders scored a I2-0 victory over the Tigers from Lincoln. The game was featured by the great line play of Lazzeretto, Sparks, Silverstein, Vozza and Leidholt. The Hess- men scored in the second period, when "Dead eye" Margucci threw a 20 yard pass to Leidholt in the end zone. Late in the game, jack Barnes intercepted one of joe Russo's passes and raced 75 yards down the sidelines for the Ben's other score. GAME MAKES H I STORY In the final game of the season, the unbeaten Panthers traveled to Boyle Heights to do battle with the also undefeated Roosevelt Rough Riders. When the dust had cleared away, it was found that the Bens had given the game and league title to the Riders by a 38-20 score. The rest is history. jack Leidholt, Leo Silverstein, Bud Booth, Lindy Markham, Frank Vozza, Ray Morgan, jim Anderson, Aldo Chappie, Dave Eggleston, Stan Kading, joe Margucci, Don Boyer, jules johnson and Mark Bowman ended their high school grid careers in league competition. 82 1 A d Don Boyer VARSITY FOOTBALL Lindy Markham 'ck Spar F n jim n erson Bud Boo-th Aldo Chiappe jim Dominica Neil lurick Ray Morgan Mark Bowman Bob Cullen john Foley Ioe Lazzeretfo Leo Silverstein Louis Windham Q. lack Leidholt L o l' P' B FOOTBALL After beginning the season in fine style with two victories, the Panther lighties, under the leadership of Coach Lee Duke, dropped four consecutive league encounters to finish fifth in Northern League competition. ln their first and only practice game of the season, the Bens took the measure of the Eagle Rock lightweights 770. Looking forward to a success- ful campaign, the gridders traveled to Marshall and returned with a l3-7 victory. However, this proved to be the last taste of victory the Panthers experienced as they lost all four of their remaining tilts with Garfield, Bel- mont, Lincoln, and Roosevelt, respectively. Backfield men, Bob Van Cleave, Oliver jones, and co-captains Dick Clive and johnny Markland, turned in outstanding performances throughout the season, while Bill Finnick, Doug Brown, Babe Garcia, and jim Arthur, stood out like blocks of granite in the forward wall, SOFTBALL Under the tutelage of Coach Frank Hess, the two varsity softball squads wound up the season with a combined total of two wins and eight losses. ln the season openers, one of the squads traveled to Marshall where they started off with a bang by setting the judges back to the tune of 9-l as Tony Guglielmino hurled one-hit ball. l-lowever, the second Ben team suffered an l l-6 trimming at the hands of the Barristers in the home game. The Panthers then dropped three successive double-headers to Lincoln, Garfield, and Belmont, ringing down the curtain on the season as one of the squads walloped Roosevelt 7-5 behind the air-tight slinging of Guglielmino. A last inning homer broke a 3-3 tie and enabled the Teds to win the second game, 4-3. Tony Guglielmino proved to be the outstanding twirler, while Don Saltz- man and Pat Patterson also turned sterling performances on the mound all season. APPARATUS The Franklin musclemen checked in an unsuccessful season this year. Coach Francis McCollom turned out several outstanding men, but the team as a whole was not talented enough to back up the few stars. The record books showed when the season was concluded that the Panther gym team had lost five straight league matches, ending up in the cellar position. Captained by Lindy Markham, the aggregate lost successive decisions to Roosevelt, Marshall, Belmont, Lincoln and Garfield. Coach McCollom en- tered seven men in the league finals at Garfield and Everett Makowski was the only Ben representative to garner a place. Makowski went on to the city semi-finals to cop a third place on the long horse. ' The outstanding performers were Vernon johnson on the side horse, high bars and rings, Everett Makowski on the long horse, Bob Dunham on the side horse, Pete Miller on the mats, Raymond johnson on the -clubs, and Lindy Markham on the parallels. VARSITY FOOTBALL B FOOTBALL NORTHERN LEAGUE RECORD First Place Winners O Fifth Place Winners i5:FRANKLlN 9 ............. EAGLE ROCK O :1:FRANKl-IN 7 '..--. N I . U EAGLE ROCK O FRANKLIN zo ..... ..... M ARSHALL FRANKLIN 26 GARFIELD 12 FRANKLIN I3 ...... ...... M ARSHALL 6 FRANKLIN 24 BELMONT 6 FRANKLIN o .... ..... G ARFIELD is FRANKLIN l2 LINCOLN 0 ESfff,lfjE'Ljm 8 li.liRkj:gLlT 6 ,L ' ' ' .... ..... . N 6 +FlfANK'j'N 20 "'-'-- ROOSEVELT 33 FRANKLIN 0 .... .... R OOSEVELT 19 H'Prachce Game iRooseveIt disqualified 1: pl-acfice Game 84 ,Z p-. .... .QTY l B FOOTBALL SOFTBA LETTERM EN APPARATUS jim Arthur Lloyd Barber Glen Egan Bill Fennick Babe Garcia Roy Hiembuck To-m lkeda Oliver jones Harold Lang Wadren McFadden john Markland Norman Morris Bill Petersen Dan Pretzinger Camillo Sciaini Bob Van Gleave Don Ventrella Bill Richardson Preston Swaffo George Vercelli Bill Reinke Babe Garcia Petta Don Saltzman Kenny Foreman Frank Vozza Roy l-leimbuck Mike Callas Pancho Perez Eddie Deyarmond Pat Patterson jim Housego Louie Bessitte joe Lazzeretto Everett Makowski Vernon johnson Lindy Markham Kenny Foreman Bob Dunham Ray johnson Phil Reed 85 Z Fi -. 810' x ff, WQQ so JL'-"H, F' It SU O 2 ZA Ku, jar- I ,XII , lj' .Il Il AL' -I VARSITY BASKETBALL Milly One victory and nine defeats, and a tie for the cellar championship of the cl I Q Northern League. That represents the woeful tale of the varsity Casabamen during the past season. I, X y In the first round of play the Panther cagers lost four and won one. They Il N I . Ki .IL were bealten by Marshall, C-arfield, Belmont, and Roosevelt, and registered their ynnlly victory against the Railsplitters The slecond round of com etition proved to be even more disastrous for the local quintet, . 'E?'?"T!5lNi EvE: Y their games. The Barristers took them 29-I3, 'B I l l xlmont 38-26, and lastly the Beniwefe r, , '5EEI?I5ya ji 'vena-75-I g. L L loyal 'giorifig-center, an ' offgf 2 atchley, ace floorman, welge yasfily th Q enf 'T eTaTn5qBxo ransen, Mel Cooper, B " gates, and Cars! A vid thattthe xv -I: e capable of play- , VS, 09df53"' ' I X l.'. al ,"' 2 -' X. ' W I B BASKETB L F I IQ , I ICO-captai ex Ray Hall and Wally Eth t , Pant r 3 Cagers cli- I I I If I -J f I maxed i s t - ost successful seasons i Peg- years. Wi ' only'Ha,ll , ,. . E fi R t f I r' 1 f1"E '- re-season o tlook was , X , nd t X re urni ,L rom ast yea ll E :IX p, W one so ,ight Howe r, many fello I - pffro C s helpe Y to olster the am o,.,1gfd3,.,. , IIV 2: J Il I N.,-U 4" , Q 'I - Lo" ' ' 574, fmlwgf- ' - 1" A I 'Il ur Sing, 35991. W .Ile they Qfqff Li 25.5, A rst go d f play the Q e :--'F it-40 on Ictories w ig, 92-136: a ld. ell ont, while I 1. iff 4 L- ' L th J beat by C-ar Ie a ' 'I I and R: offsv It. , he Rough ' er Wi- was probabl the most thrilling of the I g in y 27-25 de- fx I l xl - gm, of ' e loialf tri Imphed in ' ,A C I , f I 1 K iv.. 'X I s II Q it' Ni-I HVIIXN -- : f!l, , ai fl ' . , n I" cision 'Q he Teds. J ff,-ff ,I -"Z I 'f ourse of the econd r und the ligh ' Q- L -E Carf ld and Bel- F T . S veral of the gaks wx decided by if argin o one basket. -F ards Ray I-lall, Fred Darling, and Dut ig oved to outstand- U IWJ' ally I Reed , l i d some! cellent ball . X521-Q - 5 is ef " , . l lx Q i Ag' performers, w ' 14- - 3 fi ank, an L E 1 ack L rter, George X - .NK-. team under the abl y I ,F ce of ubex L ley, won '- ----- - Bmw even to end a o-'-f I'mgF. eason in .v lace 'U t' As, A - . - x D - A The , 5 'S1'Q- R- e: eir Nor fer 'X iea f' e schedu - h two con J osses to ' Big - " incoln r ctively. In their nl eague fray t : anther quinte veled to Carfie I-' f they chalke ll their firs gue victory over ag , 'k Bulldog five Gp - Imposi 3 , O 1 of I7-I I. e Ighlight of the C sche e was thei Y ' o - - - ov l,fa'hi ly avored '5- ister quintet, which had 5 eviously def Q , em I4-I .' N -L .xy Outstanding individual per rmers for the Pa t ers were co Mike Callas, and Pancho Perez. Ot ers who turned in e 3 f If 51' 1 he lo- cals w I Peale, Cuthbert L e and Cene Cra ' ' ' I VARSITY BA TBALL II .. I :- L NORTHERN LEAGU CORD - HERN L - UE RECORD TTY Fifth Place Winner Thir ' ace Winners Q, FRANKLIN 25 ........,...,.. M HALL as F KLIN 27 MARSHALL , 3, FRANKLIN 33 .,...,.. .....,. L I LN FRANKLIN . LINCOLN ,da FRANKLIN 28 ......., ....... B ELMO FRANKLIN .... BELMONT y gi FRANKLIN 29 .... ..,. R oosEvEL FRANKLI ROOSEVELT KI Yu, FRANKLIN 26 .... ..... cs ARFIELD FRANKLIN GARFIELD I FRANKLIN I3 ,.., .... M ARSHALL FRANKLIN . LINCOLN FRANKLIN 24 .... LINCOLN FRANKLIN MARSHALL FRANKLIN 26 .... ..... B ELMONT NKLIN BELMONT FRANKLIN I8 .... ..., R OOSEVELT FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT FRANKLIN ao ..,, ..,,. G ARFIELD FRANKLIN GARFIELD 86 U J 73 T QV if A V J J ca fi' U 4Q7lfeL,,Jf Lei A BASKETBALL B BASKETBALL Bob Cates Delbert Cates lim Cook Fred Darling Melvin Cooper Wallace Etherton Dick Faux Bud Frank Bob Gulbransen Ray Hall Carson I-lubbard Ernie Kleeman Royal Lininger lack MacCarter Charles White Tom Mumfercl Alden Palmer George Pimentel Ressel Reed C BASKETBALL Mike Callas Tom Estabrook Gene C-rau Chalmers Hawthorne Bob Lewis Cuthbert Love Pancho Perez Al Peale Dick Wilkinson A TENNIS Completing a four match schedule with two wins against as many defeats, Coach Lee Duke's varsity tennis squad finished the season by garnering third place in the Northern League standings. The Panthers were the pre-season favorites to cop the coveted crown along with the Belmont racquet men but a 5-2 lacing by the Sentinels in the first match of the season and another 5-2 setback at the hands of the Marshall Barristers knocked the Printers out of the running. The locals defeated Car- field and Lincoln in the other two matches of the season by 4-3 and 5-2 scores. Captain Nolan McQuown and Oliver lones both played brilliant tennis all season. McQuown took four consecutive matches in the number one singles position while jones, playing in the number two spot, copped three matches and dropped only one. Bernard C-ates was the third singles man, Ted Karnofsky performed at fourth spot, and Hans Crashoff was the fifth man. Allison Pierce and Dave Skieje took care of the number one doubles assignment while Emery Smith and Kiyoshi Takano teamed up to play second doubles. B TENNIS After dropping four consecutive Northern League tennis meets, the Ben lightweight netters scored their only win of the season, when they swamped a weak Lincoln team by a decisive 6-l score. By virtue of their lone victory, the Ben netters emerged from the League cellar position to place fifth in the Northern League standings. lim Longcrier played the number one singles spot for the locals, followed by Roland Shindler, Alden Palmer, lack Noell, Al Pearle. Cuthbert Love and Bill Wiedman took care of the first doubles while Bob Rockney and lgnancio Vilivalva made up the second doubles. G.A.A. "Promote sportsmanship in girls sports," is part of the oath taken by each C.A.A. candidate at the initiation held each semester. The aim of this organ- ization is to carry through all the promises made when the pledge is taken. Any girls interested in sports are eligible for membership. They may partici- pate at play days, assist at initiations, and attend the annual banquets. Officers for the winter term were lona Ziegler, president, Mary Fish, vice- president, Margaret Fisher, secretary, Margie Watkins, treasurer. Maxine Bland and Phil Weber were the cheer leaders. The officers for the summer semester were Margaret Fisher, president, Marion Murray, secretary, Delores Yorba, treasurer. The yell leaders were Clarinda DeCecco and Marie Kaufman. A TENNIS c BASKETBALL NORTHERN LEAGUE RECORD NORTHERN LEAGUE RECORD . , Fourth Place Winners Third Place Winners FRANKLIN ............... MARSHALL FRANKLIN 2 .,....,,......... BELMONT 5 FRANKLIN ........ ....... L INcoLN FRANKLIN 4 ....... ........ G ARFIELD 3 FRANKLIN ........ ...... G. ARFIELD FRANKLIN 2 ....,.... ..... M ARSHALL 5 FRANKLIN .,,, , BELMONT FRANKLIN 5 . ....... ........., L INCOLN 2 FRANKLIN ..., " BELMONT ZFFRANKLIN 7 .......... ,...,. R OOSEVELT O FRANKLIN 'UHROOSEVELT :f1RooseveIt defaulted to Franklin A ' MARSHALL LINCOLN FRANKLIN .... GARFIELD FRANKLIN .... BELMONT FRANKLIN .... ROOSEVELT 88 VARSITY TENNIS LETTERMEN Nolan McQuown Oliver jones Bernard Gates Ted Karnofsky Hans Crashoff Allison Pierce Emery Smith Dave Skieje Kiyoshi Takano B TENNIS LETFERMEN lim Longcrier Cuthbert Love Roland Schindler Bill Wiedman Alden Palmer Bob Rockney lack Noell lgnancio Vilivalva Al Peale A TRACK Downing the strong Belmont Hilltoppers for their only league victory. Coach john "Tony" Spangler's track and field forces finished the season with an average of one victory in five starts. Although not having such great suc- cess in the win and loss column, the Panthers sent I6 men on to the league finals. Sprinter, hurdler and broad jumper Don Munro, led the local spikemen in scoring with a sensational 55 points, or an average of nine points per meet. Captain Louie Windham, sprintsg Leon Melie, hurdlesg and jack Kruckiberg, 4403 proved to be consistant winners. Other point winners were Alexander Heard, 8805 Bill Clark and jack Morey, pole vault, Bill Luce, hurdlesg and Preston Swafford and Kenny jacques, broad jump. With most of the point winners back, plus all the B stars that graduate to the varsity, the buff and blue tracksters look li-ke sure title threats next season. B TRACK After suffering three straight losses at the beginning of the season, the Ben lightweight track and field forces scored a sensational comeback to emerge victorious over the Belmont and Marshall tracksters respectively. They copped fourth place in the final Northern League standing. Two new Northern League records and one new school record were set during the past season. Bill Bennett led the assault on the records when he chalked up a new League record in the l32O. He negotiated the distance in the remarkable time of 3.24.0. Tony Cuglielmino, a sophomore, leaped 5 feet 9jf4 inches to set a new school standard in the high jump. Lloyd Barber set a new League mark in the pole vault when he soared over the bar at I I feet 7 inches. Other outstanding performers for the locals were: Richard Soderburg, Culvin Cardin, Archie Wilson, Harry Barlow, Bob Stillman and jack MacCarter. C TRACK With pole vaulters Mike Callas and sprinter Tom Ikeda leading the way the Class C tracksters wound up the season with four losses and one victory. Highlight of the season was Mike Callas' record breaking mark of ll feet IVZ inches in the pole vault, established in the Belmont meet. Callas also performed in the IZO yard low hurdles, having been defeated once during the regular dual meets. Ikeda, product of the Novice Meet, led the midget sprinters by winning the IOO yard dash in the triangular meet against the sprinters of Belmont and Marshall. Dick Metcalf and james Simpson proved to be two of the best 660 men in the league. The midgets registered their lone victory against Belmont by 39-38 margin. Orlando Martinez, Tom Malone, Tom Estabrook, and Dick Ward garnered many valuable digits for the Bens. VARSITY TRACK B TRACK A NORTHERN LEAGUE RECORD NORTHERN LEAGUE RECORD Fifth Place Winners Fourth Place Winners FRANKLIN 26 GARFIELD 78 FRANKLIN 343A GARFIELD 50V4 FRANKLIN I9 ROOSEVELT FRANKLIN 193A ROOSEVELT 75lf4 FRANKLIN 49 . LINCOLN FRANKLIN 43 ..... ...... L INCOLN 52 FRANKLIN 55 BELMONT FRANKLIN SOV4 BELMONT 4435 FRANKLIN SI MARSHALL FRANKLIN 61 MARSHALL 34 90 ,ffm VARSITY TRACK LETTERMEN B T Mark Bowman Warren Bryant Bill Clark Kenny Foreman Alexander Heard Wally Hopkins Kenny jacques Neil lurick lack Kruckiberg Bill Luce Leon Melie Don Munro Louie Windham ima'-e RACK LETTERMEN C T Lloyd Barber Harry Barlow Bill Bennett Culpin Cardin Tony Cuglielmino jack MacCarter Masi Luccarelli Dan Pretzinger Marvin Russel Bob Stillman lim Trauglfiber Don Ventrella Bob Williams Archie Wilson W RACK LETTERMEN Mike Callas Tom lkeda james Long Robert Malone Dick Metcalf Tom Estabrook M llf T CQ FIRST STRING VARSITY The eleven handsome footballers on the right are the seven blocks of gran- ite and four jackrabbits, or in plain language the men who carried the buff and blue colors to the Northern League football championship. Reading from left to right: joe Lazzeretto, l75, Bud Booth, 2163 Neil jurick, l69g jack Barnes, l72g Frank Vozza, l8Og joe Margucci i585 jim An- derson, l7lg Louie Windham, l64, Dick Sparks, l83g Leo Silverstein, ZIOQ and jack Leidholt, IB3. Leidholt, sensational pass catcher, would make catches that most ends wouldn't even try for . . . Silverstein, out most of the season with an injured leg, but while in there, was bulk of strength on the left side of line . . . Vozza, one of the leading interference runners in the city . . . Anderson, very accurate passer, good line backer, real team player . . . Sparks, thought by all who saw him play, to be the finest defensive guard in the city. Also ironman of squad, playing more minutes then any of his teammates . . . Booth, very fast for big mari, always in there trying his best . . . Lazzeretto, one of the best defensive ends in league, good pass snagger. jurick, proxying for injured Bob Cullen, who broke a bone in his foot in the Roosevelt game . . . "Hootchy" Margucci, known by his many fans as a passer de luxe, was also a pretty fair ball carrier and kicker . . . Windham, fast on reverses, good pass catcher and dependable defensive man . . . Barnes, hard line plunger, good open field runner. - ATHLEDELPHIANS . The chief purpose of the Athledelphians is to promote school spirit, stim- ulate athletic interest, create and maintain a high standard of sportsmanship and honor among the athletes of the school. Another function of the lettermen's organization is to supervise the wear- ing of letters, and to authorize the wearing of lettermen sweaters. Leo Silverstein was president for the fall term. His assistants were Don Boyer, vice-president, jack Walker, secretary, and Phil Meyers, treasurer. For the spring semester Mickey Chance served as president. The other offi- cers of his cabinet were Dick Clive, vice-president, Oliver jones, secretary, and Dick Sparks, treasurer. Mr. Miller is the very capable sponsor of the Panther lettermen organization. , I N T R A M U R A L Featuring football, handball, baseball, and tennis tournaments, lntra-Mur- al athletics again attained a high degree of success in the sports life of Frank- lin during the past year. C-ene Baroni and his "Fighting Wops" started the lntra-Mural program off with a bang by winning the touch football tournament. jack Austin, Lindy Markham, and l-lenry Wheatly finished l, 2, and 3, in the annual handball tournament sponsored by Coach Lee Duke. By virtue of his victory, Austin won the right to represent Franklin in the All-City con- test. Under the able guidance of athletic manager Frank Vozza, many new prospects for Coach Tony Spangler's cinder squad were uncovered in the annual Novice Track Meet. Foremost among them being jack Kruckiberg, varsity 440 ace, Tom lkeda, Class C sprinter de-luxe, Bert Skonberg, Richard Soderberg, and Tony Ciugliemino, Class B high jumpers, and johnny Handshy, sprinter. Biggest upset of the year occurred when the junior track men eked out a close victory over the Seniors in the Annual lnter-Class cinderfest. Led by jess Antista and jim Wallace the second period softball team won the baseball championship of the gym classes, when it defeated the period four squad in a close 5-4 decision. The l-li-l-latters sponsored a swimming meet and completed the lntra- Mural sports schedule for the year. 92 N0 I W! , ' ., i ' iq F I f ,A 14 I - I- fb I I I I I - A I .r 'I , ' 2 , ' I Z' -A " V . - I . - I I ,QW Ig S I A MS" , jg -' . ff f i X C556 gg i gem, V a j , y , I Ti Awlii., may Q Cf 5 A 4, A 7 , ' , , , s Ng- -Q S, f . ,j QI PK' f Q 1 S ' ' AWG"-' I X I Q" V f I V. - 762 I' 5.2 54,51 "" - A I 1 A I 'iff' . 'I ' M 'F ' fx "-' 212- Z ' I F' :wx . -KL. I . , -V an , ' , " N V J- ' , I - In .xL. I ,..k 5, -M N- LT, kvxkkl V, 1 -4 V My -. K J I X-I AMW IQ X W I f I j Iv' . I N-'A I SOFTBALL C TRACK NORTHERN LEAGUE RECORD NORTHERN LEAGUE RECORD FIFTH PLACE WINNERS Fifth Place Winners FRANKLIN 9 . .. ... MARSHALL FRANKLIN 6 . ,. ,. , MARSHALL FRANKLIN 34 .. GARFIELD 34 FRANKLIN 2 ... ... LINCOLN FRANKLIN 5 . LINCOLN FRANKLIN I9 .. ROOSEVELT 58 FRANKLIN I . ... GARFIELD FRANKLIN I . GARFIELD FRANKLIN 26 LINCOLN SI FRANKLIN I . -- - BELMONT FRANKLIN 2 ... ... BELMONT FRANKLIN 33M ... ,, BELMONT 433A FRANKLIN 7 . . .- . ROOSEVELT FRANKLIN 3 . . .. , ROOSEVELT FRANKLIN 39 .. MARSHALL 38 93 f ffm fr- ,. , EA ,. A WM v 4 rf" 4. ,f Q 5,1 r, J. ,v ,f 1? 5 , Y' Q . ..x I A , ! . ,Q A x -, -N Q. Q, , J. .Th K x Q A 1 f K .,-5 . X' R 'Y . . , ! Y Q - 5 Q b N ' s, ' tix Q si' Q ' V ' Q ' .. M , ' wr - f 3, Ss.-: b f Q ,um -Q '1 Wi' X N' 5 'iw R Xu. . . l ,, As Mjy ,, 13' I s 1 X- 5 , A. ' uk F - P , ,FG I " f A 1? '53 ' fi' ' ' if M? qv. ' Q fig, 1:3 N 1 ' 'xx Y? 4 . .ww ' ' 1, -X A k 4' n , I X . . x ff .f JQI . ' 53:59 U ff. - A 5 Q vm? ' wx kk, ff 2: mmfe ,W ' 1-N, ,gf .A1: 'igwjf . jfs l,gMI?IA TUR E S f yQff9' 045365 M Lb5 M W 051555 QW VV AEM ZW! 72? 7 gym 1 AMW WMM! any Vii 4,4 if? W WL, gfffylk fp-WM Cff-2 1 ,. , W L-f f ,d,cff?vfV jg fb UMC Q'VVvfUL! ,, ,Q 7'Lf5f 7p"f'fZ'QL 66 7 QL 4,WQ ,fp M fue Juv 21 ' C 0 My J f v- ,jf LU , I ' . 41- S I - f' I' 1 L I 1 I A L ff' I I I 1 - i I A I 3 W 'f FD I' RTF ' HIGHLAND PA K FURNITURE KODAKF'N'SH'NG , Greeting Cards - Picture Frames J. S. DE LONG, Prop, jj! CL, 6-3655 2 Phones ALbany 0752 5811 N. Figueroa St. Los Angeles, Calif. 5537 YOrk 2 Stores 5042 York RRI I PALMER TIRE SHOP Retreading : : Tire Repairing COODYEAR TIRES 6lZ8-30 No. Figueroa ALbany 3682 HOLLAND-ELECTRIC SHOP IOHN c. HOLLAND Complete Electric Service 5634 N. 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Phone ALbany OIS7 5639 North Figueroa Little Toe Says: READ THE Highland Park Post-Dispatch IPublished Each Fridayl or the Glassell Park Weekly Courier IPubIished Each Fridayl X Office 5l23 York Blvd. ALbany Ol93 XR , ELECTROLUX LX VH-ETA 5 RADIOS REFRIGERATORS WASHERS X I "Better Men's Wear" GAS RANGES. Schultz Gas Appliance C1 ' Q When a thing is new-Vileta's have it. Electric Sho P A Supplies - Service - Repairs its XLT 563I NO- F'gUe'Oa w. CL' 69265 ALbany 93l7 5056 York Blvd. N I' I' i X , 7' .f ,ff j v - .XX ,fly X RX X Qxx I XIX , 1' f' I' fi! ff' 'T f ffl I f 1 PJ LH of Cf. 'Q xx f- . 1 ' f' I I X X fl 1' XXX fir ' Z T3 S ff 'lr A... KX I .. I J KV J ff, ,. V XI -ffffd f ff ffcff Mwwff gf J 5'fZW?ffMfff!M,f?'k 9Uf97"WfWf7 ,bg .Sw x S! 5 ' 3 'F 'J X 'X W QF OJ XV ff -wif, - 1 spa wg? 5 Q g Z ,Z ' 5 . A Wfxm 4 My 1. Q 7V 7 74M f Q , Q A Q Q We, , VXP' Xl , 62, Mb A X C . R , fam M1-QW iifflf-5 A tj S-jf Q? g fy, M -F? Q X M Tbixi X QQ Q 5-X C I . X, 1 ,N I? 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