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5.1.1 deg., +L?" 0,11 a . H1111 1114-,X mi WE' 1113222 mmf 'N L - . - I I l I I M Aw ai Main. O' u.Cf,.f' .F SWK 'HC44-seq! F X QE W5 VX M swf' VV-x ,f-s fimwwwfwfwlifwffmvw I I ' 71011-f -41446 ,5ov'3f4M,.4,ZC,4f,,g,,-Cm,5 3 ,wg MMWW 2 MMV . '91 WW i k . In -if mi x 3 r KDLJ,L,.fsQfi ,f W Qigb N 2 E W ,Q,f LfQ?M X e, WK VJ e' 11? Y J jg, X ,ff Jr XO, WF X, J W MLM QM ,pw all QQ' CN M Q40 E I sig? A' d,,f, 5 f pg X sg - W X33 R 'V LJ X i fy W 9 Y ' Qt i ' L JAN 'gg ' g th 2 , X r "-' V ' . Lx EN 'M Ni KM L . Wm 5wfif4'f2fW W WW ,i Si M ,W .SPV .W My dgyggifrfif ml M HW !OWJj,Z, ,,.A X ff " XQI.: 2 il W' WW? j if A 7 QW WW ,W MVM-Q 'mf M' .. A . 'EQ-'?Zf175I I-MANAC 4'p Sggafcfm ""'f7Z' Lfaowglego ,Mit M- .uf Q 9 Q Z ' uef Lklj+'PJ,- Fe fy' MW? MQ vjfifw WWW V f 1 3 . r , , Mf 7 iivfggvf . .' , . 1 X -,VS m -A X - Q , By MEAN TRAUGHBERV - n-Chief ALMER A has Aff Editor 5 Q O0 Q y We -xxJ 'gadgiiewy Z6 W V0 VTX' ,V jj GZ J " x fd i X 1 saga ESSEX Agflfkgfi 6 Q21 I wk L gsaF'1s'4.:ggiS -1' 'ww www ,W 5 ' MARKET PLACE, MEXICQ CITY By Duncan Coutts 1 '1 ' UL ' Courtesy ofthe Stendahl Galleries ' ' "'i"" ' ' J . iiizigfzzffw 6 ,QZMQ Q14-.lgfwfz . W 44.w2fWxfzw1ff WW? WMMAWWMWWW Annff-'vv J-.,,,,d.,,L,,,,..glff .a,fJ fwl1W'f Lvf4AJmv'4,-?A4,cxJf", A,f4AiNa,fFWm,zQ.,hM7fyM1 1-Z4My,y,lW SYM ,4.,...,..,.,,,,,-,,,, , I , 41-,' Q Tl1e1937 , ALMANAC 44,1 if Q- in X' V Published by BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HIGH SCI-Iool. f Lqs Angeles, California 3 C5 5 4 16 Q 4-f 4 QQ ef vi -kj 46' I A xg' az , . f. , lL,,.fg4:V,,,. f W f, V- i . ws r W . 4 2 l X r -- ff "Q: 3, X , 'Q .1-N ,Q , .L mix, sl' K x - Q af P' I g THE FRIENDSHIP AND COOPERATION BE- TWEEN THE AMERICAS WHICH RECEIVED SPECIAL ATTENTION DURINC THE IQAST YEAR HAS BECOME A SYMBOL FOR THE YOUTH OF TODAY, AND IT WAS WITH THIS IN MIND THAT "PAN-AMERICA" WAS CHOSEN AS THE THEME FOR THE I937 ALMANAC. THE STAFF HAD A TWOFOLD PURPOSE IN SELECTINC THIS THEME: CONTINUED FRIENDSHIP FOR THE AMERICAS, AND FRIENDSHIP, A BASIC PRIN- CIPLE FOR FRANKLIN, THE "FRIENDLY SCHOOL." . , , f , IT,HASSBEEN JNHTH-EV SPIRIT OF 'x'PAN-AMER- ICAN'ISTVII'f .I ITKITS, COOPERATION, AND UNDERSTANDING . . . THAT THIS ALMANAO HAS BEEN CREATED, SO THAT THE WORK AC- COMPLISHED, FUN ENIOYED, AND THE FRIEND- SHIPS FORMED AT FRANKLIN, MAY BE RE- TAINED AS PLEASANT MEMORIES IN THE MANY YEARS TO COME. THE STAFF I IN SINCERE APPRECIATION FOR HER UNSELFISH DEVOTION, HER C-ENEROUS HELP, AND HER UNDER- STANDING SYIVIPATHY, THIS BOOK IS LOVINCLY DEDICATED TO OUR FRIEND KATE CRANON QSM ff , 55' f ,f 26615 Q, if A -41" Q I. C4 C92-I STAF F IEAN TRAUCHBER Editor-In-Chief BILL PALMER Art Editor ROSALIE SCI-ILOSSBERO ' Assistant Editor BETTY MULHOLLAN D Literary Editor DORIS WILSON DON ERNST Associate Editors IIM TILLERY Sports Editor ALBERT DICKEY Assistant Sports Editor IESUS MAUNA ,6 EARL LAWRENCE if Assistant Art Editors U 3'-4' , fJ ,t', fi ' GLYN FRANK-IONESU , Q, R.O.T.C. Editor .I My-N ,fu j"",lf3?f"!fA4"'.a"" fl JOHN BERRY' Q1 iz.. DAVE LUETHIE ,iffy ' My Advertising Manage s r,,,,o'A ' X ! ,Lf MRS. CRANON "'f""""' MRS. ROBERTS FacuIty Sponsors TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION STUDENT BODY R. O. T. C. CLUBS ACTIVITIES SPORTS FEATURES ODE TO PAN-AIVI ERICA Ohl great ideal of unity, Americas to bind, To form a band ot harmony, Ot purposes sublime, Cemented close by common hopes, Ambitions, and desires, An everlasting fellowship, To this we will aspire. Oh! fine ideal of unity, A band of love to form, And spread benevolence and peace, To guard from inner storm. Kind fusing thoughts of guile bereft These only we express, No other plan shall fill our minds, Until we have impressed Upon these great Americas, A vivid consciousness, A goal, a keen desire, a need, For perfect friendliness. MADELAINE SCOTT ADMINISTRATION ROBERT I. TEALL Principal N-wh' EDITH M. HODCKINS FRED W. AXE Girls' Vice-Principal Boys' Vice-Principal aww 245124 f 4 CAREY K. BERCER GERTRUDE MALLORY JOHN R. HOIST ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS ' What would the citizens of Franklin do without the guidance of the ad- ministrative assistants? The personnel office, under the supervision of genial Mr. Hoist, is a pleas- ant place to discuss all curricular problems. Miss Stimson is his efficient assistant. Mr. Berger, the registrar, is also head of the CCB. court and oversees all matters pertaining to registration and attendance with fairness and justice. Miss Eckford assists him. The attractive library is a place for adventure and study. Miss Mallory, the librarian, and clerk, Mrs. Corbett, have done much to make this place one of which to be proud. The school secretary is the competent Mrs. Zinn. ' Mrs. Kilmurray is secretary to Miss I-lodgkins and Mr. Axe. Mrs. Pitzenberger is in charge of textbooks, athletic eligibility, and assists with work in the counselor's office. OFFICE FORCE H Mrs. Kilmurray, Mrs. Pitzenberger, Mrs. Corbett, Mrs. Zinn, Miss Eckford, Miss St.mson. IO M ww 3 4,1 fFP"'r 'y V' 4 I 9 3 7 A L A N . A C "S :L-, 'Q 5 1, ' ,. ' 1 V 5.1.3-ig' ,n4-+.,'-v -.L -1 - 4.-. - if.. ., 1. - 'f-gg X, F -in-A 'ga' , ' A T91-f"r2?:S"f"m.rl " -.- -s'S'6A's'3"!3-27 M-:K-few"-'Yi lisa? ' - f I a w ww' -- --- of '.- T ' -' -- . ' ' W 1. nf N". ' ' . 'N' 'ff-ff "" '1- -,F 13- -. --v T-ff-32' 'i..-'11-.E-9-l f.l---.1-1-R-Vsiazf'Iii'-i7-Fri:1f'?? sf.-r Tr" '. 5-'.f251?5'-"'5 A F. ff df-'1' ' w,x"Xe:A"d' A 'Sgt H-6" ,-- .1 wx? -.- Miss Adair Mr. Addison Miss Anderson Mr. Baird Miss Balfzley Mrs. Bartlett Miss Brainerd Mrs. Browning Miss Campbeli Miss Clark Mr. Clemensen Mrs. Cochran Mr. DaValI Miss Derr Miss DeVeIbiss Miss Edmands Mr. Frank Miss Fraser Ii Mrs. Anderson Mrs. Anderson Mrs, Bates Miss Carlquisf Mr. Colesfock Mr. Downing Mr. Galbraith Mr. Berger Mrs. Chaffee Mrs. Cranon Mr. Duke Mr. H. Gilbert Mr. Atkinson Mr. Biurman Mrs. Church Mrs. Cuthbert Mr. Dutcher Mr. W. Gilbert 1937 ALMANAC f -ws. 2 qw. 2, -,,,' R. SAE - - , -.1 '- 4A w"'7'1f' ' p -. - f , .' -'vip-, " QL - "1-'v , ,, ,1-fi-'ffigit .,g '.g"F'ZG'-rf'!I-T, .. 'f .viz ? f' F-1' I :L' ' iffy' '-k."7S6:'.fL:' F3"1T:1f"'ETf'.'ff4.A'qz1' ' ' ' 'N' an-QI, -.-.-, 4, L -, i---: A . , --' Miss Gill Mr. Horton Mrs. King Mrs. McFadden Mr. Meyer Miss Papal Miss Green M's, Hughes M's, l.aPierre Miss MacDonafd Mr. Miller Mrs. Powers Mrs. Miss Miss Miss Miss Mrs. Griffin Mrs. Hahn Jessup Mr. Johnston Lisherness Mr. McColIom MacKaIip Mss Magie Oliver Mr. Oneal Preemari Mrs. Roberts I2 Mr. Hess Mr, Keyes Mrs. McCoIlom Mrs. Masfeller Mr. Parker Miss Robison Mr. Mr. Miss Miss Miss Miss Hofdredge Kindy McCuIIy Merriman Philbrook Rominger 1937 ALMANA C 'N . 2- ' 5- . s Q., As 7 "' 1 ...3 Y, . ,sr ',".- NL ,. A ,rt ' -I-.' 2 -s M ' KH -. J", ' 'ffl ' Q 11 - wi-52,5 i wf!",g-L. ,gtg . ..'. ,,-KQAt,.fv.gQ,'64-n? 151321. -:E I Q, is . QI K - 1 n s 04' -' ' F4 ' . A . , A ' A " 'v'1 , ' - 4113. g'l'x 4 . z. 'N , -g. 9-, - 1- v, ., ,. 'E-3' , ., -.. . Z .1 7 yi-: :l' '- if--1-.vw?f4--.1f-.-:A-ff:---e 7' -"f"fRQ-1'- - 1 '- 'N- . ,...L:- "- " ' 7 v".' i ' ' ' ' ' "" ' ' " ' M, 'V ff ,XX 5, A. Mr. Shaffer Mr. Sherinyan Mr. Spangler Mrs, Sfelfer Mr. Thompson Miss Thorpe Mrs. Trieb Miss Van Camp Mrs. Vincent Mr. Webecke Mrs, Wyckoff Miss Wolf Mr. Wing 13 THE ONE I KNOW ov-'DL few Depths ot lite and heart unknown, N Thoughts which you alone have sown. gown' The lite within you fully lived, Because you had the strength to give. They perhaps don't understand, and Brand you as a foolish man. And yet of you I know a part, Your kindness healed a broken heart. BARBARA KETCHUM I4 0 ,W if S5 4, v.-.u-. . ,M STUDENT BODY I937 ALMANAC, .- J. ' ' , ,N -: " 'z-- - A .z -QW ' .1 , '- '- .,f-an , -. vs...-15 ,. . 41' X7 ' L Vkjf , J fin-ly I GDENT BODY OFFICERS WINTER '37 LORRAINE JONES BOB SMART JACK WILSON ATHELENE HARVEY First Vice-Pres. President Second Vice-Pres. Secretary ' SUMMER '37 VIVIAN WEST TED WEST JIM TILLERY JEAN TRAUGHBER First Vice-Pres, President Second Vice-Pres. Secretary STUDENT BODY OFFICERS ' The trust and responsibility bestowed upon the Student Body officers by the Student Body, were accepted and fulfilled by the two wisely elected cab- inets for the year '36 to '37. Bob Smart and Ted West were the two presidents, admired and respected by the students and faculty alike for their personalities and leadership ability. justice to all with friendly advice and guidance was given by the vice- presidents who not only presided over the C.C.B. Court, but the Student Court as well. Lorraine jones as girls' vice-president, and jack Wilson, boys' vice-president during the fall term, and Vivian West and jim Tillery for the spring term, served admirably in these capacities. Athelene Harvey and jean Traughber were the two efficient secretaries, for the fall and spring terms respectively. I5 4 I937 ALM ANAC f :ff-' '-mlm.-' 11 A' f r, -am:-"'f1"fr 1- fwaf a n '31 ln N-. 'N F . lx?5:5f.x.,,.,, -,. .i ng -gif .vig A im N M iahknqi ,, , h esx 5 . : ' -- 'Mg .-. J.. . - L V- - -' I ' -..- 1- , 5 .1 1: '.,. -- ug'-r--. 3353 2: W?Rea:--?ff5':7f"?I.'1: : ? ff fl- 1-'T7'--9'-.',":Ff4'-:LF +5--'?l'?--'YE'51.'-'F'5'Sf1- 1 ' -- -. rg ,-----: - A . . 1- -" ...' --- - ' I - '- sv-. o 1 K :. 3 F? 1 Q X ' 5 A443 -ill. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS WINTER '37 DAN WEST MARJORIE JACKSON LEOTTICE ANKERS BOB BRIZIUS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Social Chairman VIRGINIA THURMOND GEORGE WAGNER FRANCES CRAIGMILE Social Chairman Yell Leader Yell Leader SUMMER '37 JOHN CAMINITTI JOHN BERRY BETTE RASMLJSSEN FAYRENE HUBER President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MARJORIE GILES PAUL THOMPSON LINDA BUCKALEW NORBERT RAMIREZ Social Chairman Social Chairman Yell Leader Yell Leader I6 1937 ALMANAC 'T-'IG-1i'QT2lt -,Jj'3"f'i,13'i'L ilfilf'-5XZ'.'13.-'D Q' 3575, " 5"'i3rVf?Si1i4-' ,, ,-., Q, - -,-ga . -'H' ' 4'-, -. 'fu .- . ..,4.A6p'.?N- ' ' ,x- ' " ' 'fr 1 , .-H THF. ' 1. - ' . ' ' - 'F-'V , ,: -4'-'Fi' ., f'.""'Zf'-'TLT ..1 '11 .'?--'ii 71,4233-"'?l.'ti .2 ? f"?'.' fr-J' ffff-1,-'fE"5j..'-"-'? - "- fa, 1.-,f . 1-, V . - f-1 - EPHEBIANS AND ESSAYISTS LEOTTICE ANKERS BARBARA BURGESS HOWARD CLARK CHARLES GODDARD W'37 Ephebian W'37 Essayist W'37 Ephebian S'37 Ephebian HAROLD HILL ALBERT NAVSKY CLARENCE NIKAIDO MARY PHELAN S'37 Essayist W'37 Ephebian S'37 Ephebian S'37 Ephebian Essayisf BOB SMART MARI TAKANO JIM TILLERY W'37 Ephebian W'37 Ephebian S'37 Ephebian Essayist JEAN TRAUGHBER HENRY WECHSBERG TED WEST S'37 Ephebian S'37 Ephebian S'37 Ephebian I7 C.S.F. LIFE MEMBERS Leotfice Ankers W'37 Henry Brockschmidr S'37 Anneffe Carr W'37 Fern Chambers S'37 Oscar Diez S'37 Glyn Frank-Jones S'37 John Freriks W'37 Charles Goddard S'37 'Helen Jack W'37 Harold Johnson S'37 Lorraine Jones S'37 Karl Kapin W'37 Donna Knighfon S'37 Arthur Kruckeberg S'37 Marjorie Laraway W'37 Albert Naysky W'37 Mary Phelan S'37 Ruth Randall S'37 Nan Reid W'37 Mary Richardson S'37 Eleanor Rosen W'37 Rosalie Schlossberg S'37 Madelaine Scot? S'37 Ruth Segar S'37 Bob Smarf S'37 Robert Soroker S'37 Mari Takano W'37 Jim Tillery S'37 Jean Traughber S'37 Shirley Mae Vinson W'37 Henry Wechsberg S'37 i8 ,wgw M , , . H ,A , ,MM ,-T . ..I ,, s L L4 f W V M , M -V - Mx - .. .wr mmf - - - . Mww ,wnfw ' . .. . I . mx , LW-:VW-',.,v , wwf' X , . ,, ,,-,,.-XWQE Q- V - , , . M , ff. .-V. .. ---" ,-,,,-f-f-,gin ,k,,,,,-vw w I K Jw,0,A,,L,,v.4.f-fw1,, W , ,W- f..f2,,,4g. ,. - i ., ffmk:44-,.---f-f- -: - ,flga,-Igf5f1',f'.,a5-1 , vw : :-,:,1ii,akx-1f:f2-1fff5:f-v'??m '- - ,Jie-' - 53,3 1+ 1- N -: 1,L 9:.,, ,hi v-:: Mqf,-""' E,M,ffff7'w'Hf "Q: I I WMWNg x,,.V,.f-f""'vvf' M N . .-,N,A,m.,:a,w'f: f 5 i f- Ev '- . ir :fa w w m f.5g?f ftf 5 f - .5 fwff, xx gr . Mm '15gg45:::,.. Q-www , ,.,,-. " ---f - -W1 f - W' k - A L, v -- K N 1 , . f V yn , 5 gg,11gg5,g,:g1eJ?5':??g5??' ' J 2- QW : wggfif 3 V ' wi.-L ' W , W M ' 'Y 1" 1i"'n" ' 'f - 'L' ' Y" M MW. ffm-"' 'W ,fx-..L, , ,N 'jg A,1g,y2s r?????"'Wlff In , ,,..,,,W,.MMM,.W-W..A ' fflfQQfi,ME::Q " V' Q1Qv??,?Hff1ifff'L:'1:: . 'lwghrr U ,L,.,.,..MwWM J-"',M..,W,yggggg1 'NM I 1 f lip' Y ' 'nfl , 7,,Q2lflQ-13 MMM' ig, " VW? ,4,,,NM..,.,wfM -- jfjj"'jj7f, gil 5, M I 1 ' ' Q, ., ' ' ,,,J.,W M,f-fljjjgjfwif TQ wfQ:f5em4f,:f-.wfim 'M' 5M"WA"'A' 7 M, Www , , ,..,,, W Wg ,wk , ,JZ 1 ai K , 3,4 : U L: 1 y W A '-9552751 H1 va ,+sfiQ'1-x,szf.ffsw ,33 ,2Mf,f ,g5,,j?2?..,i,z,f ,Q - 'Q PM 'lW?5i'Qif1x55 in ,1 ffgffx fl x K W Y ., -A 'ly ,, , 425559 iv? 1,4 ,Q -aw 5 A 1 A, W ,. Q "E'7iLLm,fw, 1 1 f,,,W M, V' 3' ,Q . 'PWM' GEORGE ALLIN Sr. Glee Club Music Club Com. Chest Speak. Varsity Debate MYRTLE BERRY LOIS BRADBURY G.A.A. Dancing Club Nature Club CATHERINE BROCH I ERO Latin Club WILLIAM BUTLER ELSIE CIMA Athenian Sr. Orchestra Bethany Club Hook 6' Curve JOHN COMPTON C Football A Track A Cappella Choir Apparatus DORIS DEGROFF Sr. Glee Pres. h Home Economics Bethany Club JAMES ANDERSON DORIS B I LACK Etiquette Club Home Economics Needlework Guild Self-Gov't. ELIZABETH BRADFORD Etiquette Club Sec'y. G.A.A. Chr. H.R. PHOEBE BROHN Music Club DOROTHY CAMPBELL BARBARA CLAIRVILLE Press A Cappella Choir Journalism Club ROBERT COOK HARRY DEPEW C Football C Track Athenian Photography Club Sec'y.-Treas, WINTER '37 LEOTTICE AN KERS Ephebian Athenian Sr. A Sec'y.-Treas. Good Form Club Home Economics DON BIRDSALL Associator A Basketball Latin Club Vice-pres. Varsity Debate Junto Club SHIRLEY BRANCH EMMA JANE BROWN Pres. G.L. Etiquette Club Pres. Soc. Chr. G.L. Student Council Act. Girls' Council ANNETTE CARR C.S.F. Life Act. Girls' Council Vice-Pres. Rifle Club G.A.A, French Club HOWARD CLARK Epheblan Ass't. Ed. Press Sec'y. B.L. Varsity Debate Associators FRANCES CRAIGMILE Sr. A-B-Yell Leader Sr. Glee Vice-Pres. Treble Clef Pres, G.A.A. Rifle Club Corp FLORENCE DEYARMOND Debit C1 Credit Hook C1 Curve Orchestra A Cappella Choir Sec'y. Mr. Horton FRANCES ASHLAND Hook C1 Curve Debit C1 Credit Lib, Door Guard Sec'y. W. Gilbert Bus, Office Check, MARTY BLANCHARD Active Associator Athledelphians A.B.C. Track B.L. Council Chr. Citizenship LOIS BREDOW Etiquette Club Home Economics Needlework Guild BARBARA BURGESS Good Form Club Sr. Glee Club Checker Int'i. Forum ETHEL CHADWICK Sec'y. H.R. Chr. H.R. Hall Guard Dancing Club PAT CLARKE Self Gov't. Gym Office First Aid Off. WILLIAM CRUMPACKER Associator Music Club Chessmaster ANTHONY DINOLFO Medics Club 20 BARBARA BATES Good Form Sec'y. Sr. Glee FREDERICK BLUEMEL Pres. Hi-Hatters Sec'y. Associators Student Council Ath. Representative A Football GLEN BRINK Chessmaster PEARL BURNS Sec'y. Eng. Dept. JEWELL CHALK JOHN CLARKE Officers Class ll Usher I R.O,T.C. EMILL DAUM ARVILLE DOYLE Tennis Letterman Sr, Glee Club Orpheus Club Associator Athledelphian PAUL BEAUFAI I MARNE BOYER A Track Class Treas. BOB BRIZIUS Soc. Chr. Sr. A's Hi-Hatter A Cappella Choir Classroom Treas NELLIE BUSHNELL Press Rifle Club French Club Latin Club Int'l. Forum ANDY CH IAPPE Associators Hi-Hatters Athleclelphians B Football A Football LAUREN COLLINS FREDERICK DECKERT Orpheus Club Sr. Glee Club EUGENE DUBOIS Sound Crew Ass't. Mgr. WINTER '37 ,..-Q 21 4, -If I '? im: '+G 4? :. lf 4 JOE DUFRESNE Latin Club Sr. A Emblem CECELIA EVELEIGH G.A.A. French Club Bethany VIVIAN FOWLER Switchboard Op. Filing Clerk Sec'y. Miss Bolton JEAN GRAY Good Form Club Sec'y. G.A.A, Home Economics Debit 6' Credit H,R. Treas. WARREN HAMILTON B.L. Pres. Act. Associator Sr. Glee Vice-Pres. Student Council A Track BOB HEAVISIDE FRANK HOLZ Latin Club Pres. Athenian MARJORIE JACKSON Sr. A Vice-Pres. Sr. B Sweaters Good Form Home Economics Sr. Glee Club LUCILLE DUNCAN Girls' Chorus Pres. Etiquette Club Needlework Guild Home Economics C.R. Treasurer RUTH EWING Girls' Council Pres. Sef:'y.-Treas. Sr. Student Council Good Form Club Sr. Glee Club JOE FOX FRANCES GREEN Bethany Club Hook C1 Curve Sec'y. Miss Kahley RICHARD HANSON Stage Crew-Mgr. Hi-Hatters Vice-Pres. Gym Team B-C Football Athledelphian JANET HICKS Good Form Spanish Club Rifle Club G,A.A, GRACE HORNBECK FRED JAEGER WINTER '37 KATHARINE EDMUNDS G.A.A. Nature Club Dancing Club GEORGE EZMIRLIAN Hi-Hatters Associators Athledelphian B-C Football Sr. Glee Sec'y.-Treas. ALBERT FRENCH C.R. Treasurer JANE GREENE Hook 6 Curve Bethany Club French Club Sec'y. Mrs. Powers MARY HART Latin Club Bethany Club FRANK HlGGlNS B Football Athenian Chess Club Vice Pres. Treasurer WAYNE HOWELL MARIAN JAMES Good Form Sr. B. Soc. Chr. DOROTHY ELDER Nature Club MARGIE FAHEY Hook E1 Curve Home Economics JOHN FRERICKS Associator Athenian f Scholarship Chr. B,L. Track Letterman Athledelphian Sec' MAE HAAS Debit E1 Credit KING HARTLEY A-B Basketball Athledelphian ALICE HIROTO Library Messenger Piano I Sec'y. ROBERT HUBBS R.O.T.C. Major Associator Saber Er Chevrcns Pres. B.L. Cabinet ROBERT JENSEN Athledelphian B Football B Track French Club 22 Y. DAROLD ELL l NGTON ALlCE FARES Girls' Council Good Form Club Dancing Club VANNIE FULLER Music Club Bethany Club Home Economics ESTHER HAAS JOE HAUSMAN BARBARA HOFF Sr. Glee Club Music Club Debit G Credit HELEN JACK A Cappella Choir Debit G Credit l-look E1 Curve C.S.F. Lite Miss Hodgkins Sec'y, ELLIOTT JOHNSON A Cappella Choir Pres. Stage Crew ,Sr. A Yell Leader B Football A Track EDNA ELLIS C.R. Treasurer Good Form Glee Club Bethany Club Home Economics ROBERT FISHER Athenian Orchestra R.O.T.C. Latin Club DOLORES GANTZ Self Gov't. Rifle Club Sgt. C1 Corp. MARY ELLEN HALL Act. Girls' Council G.L. Treas. Good Form Hist. Junto Club Home Economics NORMA HAWLEY Art Club Treble Clef Club Latin Club Class Day Sr, Emblem Comm. RUTH HOLSAPPLE MADGE JACKLIN Hook 5 Curve Debit Z1 Credit Business Office Sec'y. Mr. Galbraith ROBERT JOHNSON Band Orchestra Latin Club Music Club 2 If X V Ja S, ' 5 'Nz ,. in MS 1 rm Q ,ls 1:5 Yshvw i' Fil :'Z:!:it.951?E'55f ' V "f,2fw.E:: Q , ' L 21 W ,- f r, ff, VM V .5 T .' "'-J :"f 5: Wh ' ' I ' , IV , - J,,L A W,- 531 1 1 iii A a WINTER '37 23 FAY KAILEY Sr. Glee Club A Cappella Choir Sec'y. Girls' Council Music Club Chr. French Club MARIE KIRK Sec'y. Miss Campbell MARJORIE LARAWAY Rifle Club C,S.F. Life Bethany Club Hook C1 Curve Girl Reserves VIRGIN IA MCKEE Class Treas. PAULINE MANDALA Home Economics Pres. Etiquette Club Music Club MURIEL MURDOCK Spanish Club Music Club Self Gov't. ALBERTA OHNECK RUBY POELKE Music Club Orchestra String Ensemble Band KARL KAPIN Athenian Pres. A Cappella Pres. Associator Hi-Hatters A Football PAULINE KIRTON Hook C1 Curve Debit G Credit Sec'y. Miss Adair EUGENE LAVOIRE Sr. Orchestra Student Store MARY MCQUOWN Hook C1 Curve BOB MARTIN CHARLES MUNHOLLON JOHN ORR Photography Club Pres. Associators MARY PORTER C.R. Treas. Dancing Club Hook C1 Curve Sec'y, Mrs. Roberts WINTER '37 WOODROW KASTNER Latin Club French Club lnt'l. Forum B Football AVB Track MARIE KOLBLY Sec'y. Mr. Axe A Cappella Choir Sec'y. Hook C: Curve DONALD LAWRASON Sr. Gee Club Sec'y.-Treas. Orpheus Club Self Gov't. LEWIS MCROY MADELYN MASON A Cappella Choir BILL MURRAY VIRGINIA PARKER Tri-Y Press Rep. French Club Bethany Club C.R. Treas. EARL QUIBELL Sr. B Pres. Associator Athenian Athledelphian A Basketba'i CHARLES KEENE Band Student Dir. R.O.T.C. Ist. Lt. PAULA KOPPEL CHARLES LEACH ALAN MACKAY Gym Team Vice-Pres. Hi-Hatters Athledelphian LUCY MOE Needlework Guild Vice-Pres, Home-Economics ALBERT NAVSKY Co-Ed. Press Ephebian C.S.F. Life Student Council A Football ROBERT PARKHURST R.O.T.C. Orpheus Club Sr. Glee Club Latin Club RAY QUIBELL 24 JACK KEYTE A-B Baseball A Basketball Athledelphian Hi-Hatter JOHN KULLI Press Manager S'36 Almanac Latin Club Int'l. Forum Journalism Club BERNICE LILLEY Etiquette Club SAMMY MAHAN B Football C Track Orchestra Vice-Pres. H,R. Treas. Band Pres. ALTA MOORE Sr. Glee Club Music Club A Cappella Choir EMILY NELSON Home Economics Music Club LILLIAN PERDUE JOHNNY QUIRK Apparatus JOHN KIRK JOHN LANSING ARLENE MCDONALD Girls' Council Treas. Good Form Dancing Class MAURY MANN Latin Club French Club Nature Club JERRY MORRIS Associator Treas. Sr. Glee Lib. B.L. Hospitality Chr Hi-Hatter JESSIE OFFICER Music Club Vice-Pres. Spanish Club G.L. Sec'y. MARTHA POELKE Orchestra Sr. Glee Acc. Music Club String Ensemble DON RAISOR B Football Spanish Club Photography Club WINTER '37 25 I LESLIE RAISOR Sr. Glee Club Sec'y.-Treas. SHIRLEY RYAN Good Form Treas. C1 Pres. Drama Home Economics Chorus GERALDINE SCOTT Sr. Glee Acc. Treble Clef Acc. Athenian Att. Off. CHARLES SNYDER Gym Team JOYCE STI LLWAUGH Spanish Club Orchestra KERN TICE A Football Associator Hi-Hatter Orpheus Club Pre A Cappella SHIRLEY VINSON Athenian Sr. Glee Acc. ISABEL WALTON Dancing Club Counselor's Off. S. NAN REID Good Form Home Economics Athenian Sr. Glee Club RUSSELL SACKMAN Spanish Club A-B Football ALICE SEIBEL Spanish Club HILDA SONNENBERG Sr. Glee Acc. Music Club String Ensemble Sr. Orchestra ROBERT STRICKLAND Stage Crew Sound Crew A Cappella Choir BETTY TIMPE Sec'y. Miss Hodgkins Hook C1 Curve Vice-Pres. Debit G Credit Athenian GEORGE WAGNER A-B Football A Track , Associators Chessmaster Athledelphians Pres. CHARLOTTE WARD Music Club Bethany Club Home Economics Bus. Office WINTER '37 FOSTER ROBINSON B Football GEORGE SCHMIDT Co-Ed. Press Athenian French Club Journalism Club BETTIE SHULTS Stamp Club Pres. Bethany Medic Club French Club Athenian MARTHA SPRAY Girls' Council Shakespeare Club Sr. Glee Club JACK STUART Band Allied Youth Nature Club Orchestra JEANNE TOPOLSKI Rifle Club A Cappella Choir Sec'y. Mrs. Vincent Hook C1 Curve Athenian LETA WAKELIN Bethany Club French Club Class Day Play Athenian FRANK WEBB Sr. Glee Pres. Associator B.L. Cabinet Class Play Junto Club EDNA ROCHON Sr. Glee Club A Cappella Choir MARY JANE SCHNEIDER Needlework Guild Home Economics MILTON SIMONSON Orchestra B Baseball Spanish Club Music Club NORMAN STAFF Photography Club GEZA SZEDLAK Athenian LORRAINE TRACY G.L. Ist. Vice Hook G Curve Sec'y. Debit Er Credit Treas. Athenian FLORENCE WALFORD Hook 6' Curve Debit G Credit A Cappella Choir Sec'y. Mr. Berger Athenian PHILOMENA WEIDMANN Good Form Home Economics Junto Club Masquers Club Shakespeare Pres. 26 ELEANOR ROSEN Athenian C.S.F. Lite Hook E1 Curve Debit G Credit C.R. Treas. ELIZABETH SCHNEIDER Home Economics Needlework Guild DOROTHY SIMS Sr, Glee Lib, A Cappella Choir Wardrobe Mon. RAYMOND STANSAUK A Football Associator MAR I KO TAKANO Girls' Council G.L. Sec'y. Int' I. Forum Treas. Hook 6- Curve Treas. C.S.F. Lite DOROTHY UPTON Dramatics Orchestra Music Club C.R. Treas. Class Day Play WILLIAM WALKER Associator Athenian C.R. Treas, Att. Off. DAN WEST Sr. A Pres. Associator Hi-Hatter Press Feat. Ed. BILLY RUOFF OSCAR SCHOCK Sr. Glee Club ROBERT SMART Student Body Pres Ephebian Associator Hi-Hatter C.S.F. Life. DORIS STEVENS Treble Clet Sr. Glee Club Student Council VIRGIN IA THURMOND Sr. A Soc Chr. French Club Bethany Club Tri-Y RICHARD VEDDER Athledelphian Hi-Hatter BILL WHEATLEY Press Sports Ed. Debit E1 Credit CHARLES WALLEN C Football Tumbling Apparatus Press Wrestling NTER 27 W I NTER '37 g,, . . lie -, W ,H I: - . I It . 3 ' f l' I .,L, -Qjg' IQ , I' if A ,z Z ,'L,, , V ' Sf - A I it 2 . . 1,14 J I 5 , Q A 7 'V',, i f I' A V .qbbz . ' - ill. . It - . 'ssrf I 5551? ,, " 'Q GRACE JACK LAWRENCE BENNIE WILBUR RAMONA WILLIAMS WILSON WOHL WOLFE WOLLENBERG WRIGHT A Cappella Choir Vice-Pres. Football Sr, Glee Lib. Football Needlework Guild Music Club Student Body Apparatus Football Pres. Sr. B. Soc. Chr. Junto Ist. Vice Home Economics Sr. Class Play Sr. Class Play Tin Can Hi-Jinx Associator Varsity Debate WARREN RACHEL NICK YETTER ZICARELLI ZITKO B Track Sr. B Vice-Pres. Gym Team B Football Girls' Council A Cappella Choir Hi-Hatter Sr. Glee Club Sr. Yell Leader Press Staff A Cappella Choir C.R. Treas. C.R. Treas. CAMERA Sl-IY Winter '37 Summer '37 RALPH BAY BERNICE MORRIS MARGUERITE ATCHLEY CHARLES HUMPHREY RICHARD BROWN GORDON MURPHY RICHARD ATKINSON PRISCILLA MATHEWS RICHARD HOWELL CHARLES SCHAFFER ROBERT BRADY GEORGE NICKEL ADOLPH KLUKOVICH HERBERT SLAFTER HERMAN FRYBERG DALE OTT RUBY GEORGE CHARLES F, THOMPSON GLEN HAISLIP PETE VISBOROS ARLAN YOST CLASS ADVISERS MR. O'NEAL MISS CARLQUIST MR. GALBRAITH MISS LISHERNESS MISS GREEN MR. ADDISON 28 I I. I sr..! Y Si! t v . PL' V f 'vs l J P ,cb .li U i 0 ALMA MATER FRANKLIN HIGH I 4 Stand we here, dear Alma Mater, While we loyal voices raise Ever in thy honor sharing C-Iadly bringing thee our praise Laughter in thy halls we've harkened Chatter, sorrow, sometimes tears- Only gladness we'lI remember In the swiftly fleeting years, ll Friendships we have made at Franklin Here are bonds both true and strong, To these friendships now we proudly Lift our loyal hearts in song. Voice our praises fling them upward Lift our tribute up on high Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, Hail, hail to Franklin High- words by VIRGINIA CHURCH 29 P g RUTH ANDERSON Rifle Club Nature Club VIRGINIA BACON Athenian H. R. Treas. Counselor's Off. Debit 8 Credit Bethany Club LUCILLE BARNES Good Form Class Day Play A Cappella Choir VIRGINIA BELL Hook G Curve Debit G Credit LOUISE BLOK Rite Club Corp. G.A.A. Bethany Club PAUL BOWMAN Sr. B Soc. Chr. Sr. Glee Club B Football Varsity Track Mgr. ROBERT BROWN A Cappella Choir Pres. Sr. Glee Club Tennis Team Athenian Athledelphian LUVELLA BURNHAM Debit C1 Credit LEON ARONSON Athenian Masquers Club Shakespeare Club Hi Jinks RITA BAKER Nature Club BETTY BARSTOW Sr. Glee Pres. Etiquette Club Bethany Club Nature Club Pres Rifle Club JOHN BERRY Hi-Hatters A Baseball B Football Sr. A Vice-Pres. Debit G Credit Pres. JACK BLOOMQU IST Ass't. Sport Ed. Press ROBERT BRADY RUTH BROWN Athenian Bethany Club lnt'l. Forum CHARLES CACCIOPPO Sr. Glee Pres. Associators Hi-Hatters Shakespeare Club Pres. C1 Vice-Pres. Masquers Pres. 1 S U IVI lvl E R ' 3 7 LILLIAN NAN AVERY AVINGTON Sr. Glee Club Hook E1 Curve Treble Clef Club Etiquette Club ROBERT DONALD BALDWIN A BALIQARD Athledelphians 55003 OTS lnt'l. Forum A'B THICK Tennis Saber G Chevrons HELEN JACK BARTHOLOMEW BEAN Sr. Glee Club Self Gov't. Good Form Stage Crew Music Club Orpheus Vice'Pres. Bethany Club 'P -41 BOB LOIS BESS BESS Athenian Allied Youth MARION CHARLES BOCKENFELD BOGGS Associators Hi-Hatters Debit Cx Credit Press Staff GENEVA HENRY BRIGGS BROCKSCHMIDT Bethany Club Sec'y. Miss Lisherness FRANCES BRYDON Sr. Glee Club Bethany Club French Club GORDON CAIRNS lst Sgt. R.O.T.C. Saber C1 Chevrons 51 R.O.T.C. Major Associators Head Usher Saber 6 Chevrons Pres. C.S.F. Lite LINDA BUCKALEW G.A.A. Pres. Act. Girls' Council G. L. Head Yell Leader Rifle Club V.-Pres. Etiquette Club JOHN CAMIN ITI Sr. A Pres. Associators Sec'y. Hi-Hatters B.L. Welfare Comm, A Basketball 30 J TONY AYUSO B Basketball 5 Debit Cr Credit Pres. 6 Treas. Hi'Hatter Class Day Play RAY BALLISTER GERTRUDE BEDBURY lnt'l. Forum Nature Club Athenian BETTY BETTIS Art Club Sec'y. Stage Crew Nature Club Music Club Masquers Club BELVA BOOTH Music Club C.R. Treas. JOHN BROUGHTEN Associators Pres. Hi-Hatters A-B-C Basketba Student Council B Baseball THOMAS BUCKLEY Orpheus Club KATHERINE CANNON Band Soc. Chr. Orchestra Girl Reserves Music Club Hook C1 Curve MILDRED BABICH Debit Er Credit Ellen Richards Club Hook C1 Curve ANDREW BARBER Sr. Glee Club CLIFFORD BEIDELMAN B Track Orpheus Club BETTY BLACK Debit B' Credit C.R. Treas. EVELYN BORKMAN Hook C-r Curve Debit C1 Credit Ellen Richards Club JACQUELINE BROWN Etiquette Club Rifle Club Ellen Richards Club Nature Club Sec'y French Club MARY BUGARIN Nature Club Pres lnt'l. Forum Spanish Club Medics Club First Aid Office VIRGINIA CAREY UMIVIER '37 Aww- I . ., L. . L . 4 . ,.2 l , ,. 3 Q 4 fm ., 5 J '- - A ' .f ' x "' ,ff 1 2 'Xi ' X P32 4 .gif ,Q , to ,' 4 , W M -A- ff, - AK' ' 'ffyl x , 1, Y. s Q' X2 J ii , 171 i XM YQ 0 'O ia.. s ,7?1v?e, Q, A 57. nr 2 :, fx I afa?-25,2 A--,hw .4 ,gs f"1"'.!lf.+ s 'A P 4 FERN CHAMBERS C.S.F. Life Girls' Council Sr. Glee Treas. G.L. Treas. Athenian Treas. CATHERINE D'AMlCO G.A.A. Rifle Club Corp. Bethany Club Hook C1 Curve Debit C1 Credit THOMAS DRABEK Pub. Mgr. Student Council Art Club ELISE ELKINS CALVAN COSTA Associators Hi-Hatters Ass't. Mgr. Stage Crew Band MELVALYN DAVIS G.A.A. Debit C1 Credit Hook Cr Curve Bethany Club Athenian RAYMOND DUNCAN Art Club Photography Club LATHEL ELLIOTT Ellen Richards Club Junto Club Bethany Club BARBARA FITZELL Etiquette Club Home Economics Needlework Guild Hook C1 Curve ROBERT FULGHAM A-B Football A Track ROBERT G I LL I LAN B Football Chessmasters JOHN GRAY Latin Club Int'I. Forum Masquers Club BILL FOGARTY Stage Crew C Football C Track Apparatus INEZ GALBRAITH CHARLES GODDARD Ed. Press C.S.F. Life Sec'y. Int'l, Forum Student Council Ephebian VERA GREENE SUMMER '37 HOPE CRAIG DORIS DAWN Vice-Pres. lnt'l. Forum French Club JOYCE EARL DONALD EMBERLING JUNE FOGG JOHN GALT JAMES GODDARD C.R. Treas. Athledelphians B Baseball Spanish Club ROBERT GRIFF ITHS Nature Club Q BETTY CRANE Etiquette Club Ellen Richards Club Hist. OSCAR DIEZ Feat, Ed. Press Associator Track C.S.F. Life Athenian Vice-Pres. DIANA EDWARDS Debit 5 Credit Hook 6 Curve Tri-Y Bus. Off, DON ERNST Ass't. Ed. Press Ass't. Ed. Almanac Ed. Lit. Supp. Journalism Club Dramatics JEANNE FRANK Good Form Club Debit Cr Credit Home Economics Treas. Drama Nature Club CLARENCE GERWIEN B Football A Softball B Track RICHARD GOERZ LOIS GRUTZMACH ER 32 EDWARD CROWDER Radio Club RUTH DORDIGAN Debit C1 Credit ROBERT EGAN A Cappella Choir ARTHUR FAHNESTOCK GLYN FRANK- JONES R.O.T.C. Ed, Almanac Debate Capt. Junto Pres. C.S.F. Life MARJORY GILES G.L. Treas. Debit 6' Credit Vice-Pres. Sr. A Soc, Chr. Athenian MILDRED GOLDSTEIN Etiquette Club Ellen Richards Club Rifle Club MARGARET HAAKER Latin Club French Club Int'l. Forum Athenian NORMAN DAANE JUANITA DOTY VELMA EHLER Home Economics Treble Clef Debit 6' Credit SHIRLEY FISH Sr, Glee Club Boys' Sr. Glee Accfompanist Treble Clef Treas, French Club Music Club MAE FRASER P DICK GILL Spanish Club Pres. Medics Club lnt'l. Forum MAX GRAVES DONALD HALL Photography Club Spanish Club Informal Group Saber C1 Chevrons ' if ' 1 Y . 9 V A Qi fi 5 fi ' w . , K .4 , 51" vvwxw I' 1 12' at v 3 N. 6 1 4 1' ,N L . I I WS., 'f :rv N 7 K Q 'ia J I 3 wk:-' J ' , fffvgfz, x 1 ,asm xi SIVIR37 M. NED HALL Ass't. Mgr. Sound Crew Sr. Glee Club BILL HANSEN Hi-Hatters Gym Team C Football Stage Crew ATHELENE HARVEY SB. Sec'y. Good Form Pres. Sr. B. Soc. Chr. Girls' Council Student Council CLEO HELTON JAN ITH HOLBEN Nature Club Latin Club Athenian ELTRYM HUNTER Athenian Tri-Y ALBERT JONES A Football EVA KERR lnt'l. Forum. Nature Club Treble Clef Club DEE HAMILTON CLAIRE HANSEN Bethany Club Tri-Y FLOYD HATCHER Associators Hi-Hatters A Football B Football THOMAS HENDRIX R.O.T.C. Capt. Saber G Chevrons Vice-Pres. Ushers Cub Student Store Mgr. BETTY HOUGHTON Good Form Hist. Sr. Glee Club VIRGINIA HUNTER A Cappella Choir Sr. Glee Club Ellen Richards Club LORRAINE JONES G.L. Pres. S.B, Ist Vice C.S.F. Life Girls' Council CAROL KEYES Spanish Club Nature Club Athenian Drama Gym Office SUIVIIVI PEGGY HAMILTON Athenian Photography Club Tri-Y Treas. Music Club Treble Clet Club ROBERT HARBECK Varsity I ennis B-C Basketball Ath ledelphians Athenian Chessmaster DOROTHY HAWKES Ellen Richards Club Bethany Club FRANCES HILL G.A.A. Etiquette Club A Cappella Choir Class Day Play ROBERT HOUGH Class Day Play Photography Club JAMES IRWIN MARION JONES Athenian Bethany Club ER '37 RUBY HAMILTON Nature Club Business Office HARRY HARRIS R.O.T.C. Sgt. Ushers Club Sr. Glee Club EARLE HAYTON Student Store Mgr. C Track B Track Athledelphians Debit C-r Credit HAROLD E. HILL Associators Sr. Essay Athenian Photo Pres. Chem. Team LEETA HUBBARD Sr. Glee Club LEONARD JACOBSEN A-B Football A Track Associators BEATRICE KEENE Spanish Club Nature Club Debit G Credit Athenian Sec'y. Miss Gym Office Hodgkins Informal Group ROBERT MARY KILLEN KILPATRICK Gym Team G.A.A. 34 VERDA HAMM LAWRENCE HARSHBARGER A Cappella Choir Drama RALPH HAZEN LUELLA HILLESTAD FAYRENE HUBER G.A.A. Pres. Etiquette Pres. Rifle Club Sec'y, Girls' Council Sr. A Treas. HAROLD A. JOHNSON C.S.F. Lite Ass. Ed. Press B.L. Cabinet Associators A-B-C Basketball GEORGE KELSO Stage Crew GEORGE KIMURA EVANGELINE HANLON Drama Dancing Club ADELE HART Good Form Sec'y. Treas. Girls' Council Home Economics Sec'y. RUTH HEIFETZ Music Club Debit C1 Credit Drama EDWARD HODGDON Prop. Mgr. Stage Crew Hi-Hatters R.O.T.C. Saber Cr Chevrons GEORGE HUNTELMAN Sr. Glee Club HAROLD R. JOHNSON Photo Club Pres. Gym Team Spanish Club Informal Group Orchestra BONNIE KELTON NATHAN KINSER A Football Athenian R '37 vfaifez my I ff V? 7'-1E ' L Q blzzzu I . if ' . ., in "" -'-: Q . Q f ff S Sh at A Q -xr W Y 5 if f 'N E xiii If A M ff g A fa-::f'if" 5 - -ff? I 'u TP 3 - - f fx, f 5 X I' . I fa 1 Vvm "". .K , 1 , 91 fi' 3 s , 'mai' 'Qi X., ? " ur - ,. E' M 1. Q' ,lx ' if f ig is 11 A N IF -E. Q Lifgf., S 1 'Ea 4 Q 1 ,ibm- 5 L gf 6 3 . - r S i Nu S MZM LQ 3 'w S F Q? 3 K Tr H 55' ff ,Q . 153 A A Q sk s , ' ,kwa S 1 ,L L , ' 5 s C A nj .5 if X 1' v .A .. MH , ff , 1 3 K 'wi ,il 1 ' 5 5 A ef " ,m V' ' 'Q Qi? :L 1 ".'?S?zfL1T' ' izzsiggm V -12:51, ff2'5fLQZ4 Q M55 A K A A K 3: 6 -1 1 me W hw 5' 4 W 19" ' f,,' I ijk if 3' W A A " . if , ""' ,, V : qs K I - 6,3 I 353, jg., 35 3 I- 4 SARA KISSINGER THEODORE KOERNER KATHRYN LEMBKE Debit C-r Credit Chessmasters Art Club Bethany Club ROBERT MCCAMEY A Baseball ILEEN MARSHALL Bethany Hostess Tri-Y G.A.A. Treble Clef MARIE M I LLOGLAV G.A.A. French Club Int'I. Forum. Dramatics LEE MOORE R.O.T.C. Capt. Saber C1 Chevro Sec'y.-Treas. Int'l. Forum. VIRGINIA OLIVER Bethany Club G.A,A. Treble Clef FIS CURTIS KLUTTS Sr. Glee Club Drama ARTHUR KRUCKEBERG Athenian Orchestra ALFRED LEWIS BILL MCCARTHY Hi-Hatters A Football Athledelphians Debit Er Credit Sr. B Yell Leader ELMO MARVIN Art Club Photography Club MARVIN MILSTEIN B-C Football C Track Spanish Club Yell Leader Athledelphians BETTY MULHOLLAND Lit. Ed. Almanac News Ed. Press Int'I. Forum. Journalism Club Bethany Club RALPH OLSON A Basketball SUMMER '37 DOROTHY KNIGHT Good Form Vice- Pres. Girls' Council Ellen Richards Club G,L. Yell Leader Masquers Club JEANNE KUCERA Sr. Glee Club Hook C1 Curve Ellen Richards Club MYRTLE LIVERMONT Bethany Club Music Club Debit C1 Credit C.R. Treas. Informal Group ROSIE MCGRATH NORMA MATER Debit 6' Credit Sec'y. Mr. Atkinson Sec'y. Mrs. Stelter Bethany Club IRWIN M I N l UM Associators DOROTHY MUZINGO Nature Club MARCIA OTIS Debit C1 Credit Hook E1 Curve Sweater Committee Music Club Spanish Club DONNA KNIGHTON Int'l. Forum. Bethany Club Latin Club C.S.F. Life MARION LANE Junt-o Soc. Chr. G.A.A. Spanish Club lnt'I. Forum. C.R. Treas. LOREN LEPPER MARIAN MABEN Athenian Debit C1 Credit Spanish Club JESUS MAUNA B-C Football B Baseball Athledelphians 4 , DONALD MOLONY Orpheus Club B Track B Baseball A Football THELMA NICHOLAS Art Club Debit C7 Credit LUCY PAGLIASOTTI Int'l. Forum Att. Off. Treble Clef Lib. 36 LOIS KOCH Nature Club Girls' Rifle Club MILDRED LAYTON lnt'I. Forum Sr. Glee Club DAVID LUETHJ E Associators Vice-Pres. Hi-Hatters Sec'y. Press Staff A Baseball VINCENT MANGAN C.R. Treas. SPENCER MESSICK Athletic Mgr. Stage Crew Mgr. Head Yell Leader B Football Hi-Hatters I I NKMAONITZ Debit 6 Credit Latin Club lnt'I. Forum G.A.A. Rifle Club CLARENCE NIKAIDO Act. Associator A Football Athenians C.R. Treas. Ephebian WILLIAM PALMER Art Ed. Almanac Art Club Pres. Feature Ed. Press Journalism Club Press Cartoonist RITA KOCH Debit Cr Credit Good Form Music Club ED LAZARUS Hi-Hatters A Football A Baseball Athledelph ians BILL LUSK JACK MARKHAM Basketball CORA MIERA Bethany Club BARBARA MOORE Ellen Richards C THOMAS O'BR I EN Sr. Glee Club DORIS PALMER Spanish Club Int'l. Forum Athenian Nature Club lub CQ f' 1-W ff' ' i i' 1 53: l SUMMER '37 1' HI ,fig M at if I ,V.,: Qi k 1 5 37 Wi. Alf www V PEGGY PARKER Latin Club G.A.A, lnt'l. Forum JOE PEDROTTI A Football A Baseball Hi-Hatters Vice-Pres. Athledelphians CARROLL RAGSDALE DORIS RAYMOND Bethany Hostess Sr. Glee Club Debit C-r Credit Sec'y. Mr. Berger Att. Off. ELLA ROBINSON Etiquette Club , Sec'y. Nature Club Sr. Glee Club Ellen Richards Club Rifle Club EUGENE RUNYAN B.L. Pres. Act. Associator Hi-Hatters Student Council A-B-C Basketball MILDRED SCHRODER Hook 6' Curve Debit C1 Credit VIRGINIA SMITH Nature Club Vice- Pres. JOHN PARKINSON Associators Athenian A Football A Track Nature Club MARY PHELAN Ephebian G.L. Vice-Pres. Girls' Council Vice-Pres. Varsity Debate NORBERT RAMIREZ B Football A Softball B Track Sr. Yell Leader Informal Group Pres. ZENA REDDICK Spanish Club Art Club FRED ROBSON ELEANOR RUSSELL Girls' Council Sec'y, Etiquette Club Rifle Club Ellen Richards Music Club Sec'y. MADELAINE SCOTT C S.F. Life ROBERT SOROKER lnt'l. Forum Treas. French Club Spanish Club Sec'y. Athenian Debit 5 Credit Music Club Dancing Club SUMMER '37 AUDREY PARRISH Good Form Home Economics Vice-Pres. Sr. Glee Club ELLEN PIERCE Good Form Spanish Club Vice-Pres. Debit C1 Credit G.A.A. NICK RAMPONE Hunting Cr Fishing Club B Track ALAN RAVEN Asst. Sports Ecl. Press Tennis Team Capt. B-C-D Basketball Chessmasters Athledelphians DON ROSS Associators Pres. Hi-Hatters Pres, B.L. Cabinet A-B Basketball A Track BERNARD SCHEMMER Shakespeare Club Nature Club JEAN SECREST A Cappella Choir Treas. Int'l. Forum WILMA SPAETHE LEORA 'PATRICK KAY PLUMMER Hall Guard RUTH RANDALL Feat. Ed. Press Atheniar' MARY RICHARDSON C.S.F. Life Orchestra Sr. Glee Club Nature Club Sec'y. GEORGE ROSSKOPF A-B Track Athledelphian Latin Club ROSALIE SCHLOSSBERG lnt'l. Forum Pres. Athenian Pres. Girls' Council Treas. C.S.F. Life Ass, Ed. Almanac RUTH SEGAR G.L. Sec'y. Girls' Council C.S.F. Life Bethany Club Rifle Club HERVIE SPANGENBERG Camp Fire Girls Bethany Club 38 KATHRYN PAULUS VIOLET PUIG Rifle Club French Club Etiquette Club Counse!or's Off. Medics Club BETTE RASMUSSEN Sr. A Sec'y. Etiquette Club Sweater Committee Debit 5 Credit Sec'y. Rifle Club WENDELL R ITZIUS B Basketball Hi-Hatters Associators Athledelphians Chessmasters RUBY ROYSE Athenian Etiquette Club Debit C1 Credit Chessmasters Bethany Club RAYMOND SCHOLTZ Sr. Glee Club Press. Dramatic Prod. VIVIAN SHUFORD BETSY SPANGLER Dancing Club Etiquette Club Treble Clef Club A Cappella Choir Sr. Glee Club RAE PECK GLORIA QUAYLE Sr. Glee Club Rifle Club Treble Clef Club A Cappella Choir Orchestra ELIZABETH RAUSCH Spanish Club Vice-Pres. Bethany Club Dancing Club Art Club NELAH ROBERTS Latin Club Sec'y Treas. Bethany Hostess lnt'l. Forum Athenian VICTOR RUEDA A Basketball Athenian Athledelphians Baseball Mgr. Sr. Glee Club LUCILLE SCHRADER Girls' Council Hist., Vice-Pres. Good Form Debit 6 Credit Athenian EVA SIZEMORE BRUCE STEELE Athenian SUMMER '37 19' is '- . ' l Q AZ: 1 2 'iii 44 "i '4' 5 . if ' 4 ' .'.,.. f ' , . f V fag , i X L 'E f1 M K , 1: s : x , in kk KX V m J fi. 'lf ' ,V :fi ,Q ' L L vi l , -V , s N X? A J " N -x liffif K ff " i'Rk,i!fJ Q? 'i N vc., 6 ., 1 KN . U is Z, 1 + ii 2 1 ' l - ll , ., , Q , 11 f 3' f l E' .I 5 Jia." 39 ' BILLI E STEVENSON Good Form Nature Club PAUL THOMPSON Sound Crew Mgr. Sr. A Soc. Chr. CLARKE TURNEY Latin Club Art Club Photography Club Informal Group MARION WALLEN Girls' Council Pres. Student Council Bethany Sec'y. Athenian Good Form HARRY WHEAT Stage Crew Electrician WARREN STREBE LAVERNE TIEMAN Hi-Hatters Soc. Chr. Athledelphians A Football A Track Softball Capt. FRANCIS TURNEY Sr. Glee Club Latin Cub AUDREY WARREN Art Cub Deb't Er Cred't Home Economics C.R. Treas. PAUL WHITESTONE Orchestra Music Club String Ensemble SUMMER '37 MARIAN STULL Hook C-r Curve Debit C-r Credit Sec'y. J IM TILLERY S.B. Vice-Pres. Sport Ed. Press and Almanac Associators Hi-Hatters Sec'y. Ephebian GAYLA VEDDER Gfrls' Council Head Checker Good Form Bethany Club DAN I EL WATSON Or heus Vice-Pres. D Sr. Glee Club Class Day Play DOROTHY WILLIAMS Hook C1 Curve Pres. Debit C-r Credit Club Sec. to Mr. Teall FRED STUTSMAN JIMMIE TOCCI A Football Mgr. NATALINA VROOM Spanish Club Nature Club HENRY WECHSBERG lnt'l. Forum Pres. B.L. Vice-Pres. C.S.F. Lite Athenian Treas. Varsity Debate LOUISE WILLIAMS Treble Clef Club lnt'l. Forum C.R. Treas. NEAL TARRANT JEAN TRAUGHBER Ed. Almanac S.B. Sec'y. Ephebian C.S.F. Life Girls' Council EUGENE WALLACE Spanish Club Pres, Medics Vice-Pres. Photography Club Pres. lnt'l. Forum THEODORE WEST S.B. Pres. A Football Gym Team Capt. Hi-Hatters Associators BERNICE WILSON Spanish Club Music Club Athenian LUELLA BETTINA JOHN LAURENCE WILSON WINTERVELT WOO..LEY WRIGHT Debit C7 Credit Co.-Ass. Ed. Press B FOOTDBII- ASSOC'-3T0fS V Athenian Athlederhian Boys' Sen.or G ee Class Day Orpheus Club B Football Journalism Club A-B Track Sourcl Crew ADV I SORS MR. ATKINSON MR. BAIRD MR. DUKE MR. W. GILBERT MR. HORTON MISS PREEMAN MISS MACDONALD MRS, TRIEB 40 CHARLES THOMPSON Latin Cub Photography Club RICHARD TRIBLE NIEL WALLACE Photography Club Spanish Cub Treas. Int'l. Forum Medics Club Student Gov't. VIVIAN WEST S.B. Vice-Pres. Girls' Council Ellen Richards Pres Music Club Pres. Sr. B Sec. DORIS WILSON Associate Ed. Almanac Press Journalism Club SUMMER '37 :r'L rrrkl 1, ff l' - :" -1: m 'X fyl . K EM- f 'di wr sgqM:"WA . 3 Q s 6- PL I E an-1 , ' . f " ff - .f Q 1 ,E or Z il F , . .4,, 1 Y Q jx, L, U11 nmusam r num -e ' H , Q ' ' K X A .. J X IL.: A 2: I w. tw mi , A sf' 'f THE MOON The moon, an actor on the stage of night, His jovial countenance benign, Pulls back the heavy curtain of the dark, And beams upon his audience, the World. Yet, though he strives throughout the play The interest of his audience to keep, Alas! When it is finally done, l-le finds them fast asleep. IVIADELAINE SCOTT 42 1937 ALMANAC - " J '55 ."',- 1.-','.,, .. ',".",.. .Agr. --.,. , .-- -'. -Q . "- "' ' W -X .v4f': M - . .6 fqpgntffv-:.rQ.'8 .f-f'Q:11-4 -,-Q u v, 'ft .- A A ' . ' Q '- " 'A .. .. ' .P " ' ' .P . -- ' '- . "ns ' ,-' ff.-' -" 1 .53357fff vIf':Q14,-f5s4jff7K?f.'ff1:2 rf-f ?5fS1eN'5Fg.'. F1 ig BIZ CLASS 43 , ,, ,YW , 1937 ALMXXNAC ? "s'rPe4fs5g5yi Jr ez 'S 2 Q . ,. Q . ,, 30' - --'. ' 41 ' "WJ" y ' -,fa J e , -wig. "1 qi- " 'ga-'gy I-g4f"'?v1 Y.-J.f'ig1tZT?9Fl-QE,'Z?Af'?ET, 1 4 55: .MZ 51g:.E,, g'Ef:Q?A-Qff,Q-5Q71.3'fw,55jgQ :,qL.,i.fA.14ff3..ftQ 13. 1 52'.-9..1.-,gfv-.,r.'-,rgf,5gLji.,.'q"t-,5..gN fu. 1 . -. 1 l , BH CLASS All CLASS 44 1937 ALMANAC + "3'3Li- aamrwa zaw ffwfi ' a k " ' . 1,95 , - - .. ' -:Mr 2- ' '-f- - ' vv- V- .. , . .M . -1 s:. - -AK ' 'Q V .. ' ' . . - ' ' J .. -' . ' A- . 'LP ob .-'. NA!asA- 7-rf.-' 4' : g'ff.1-5' ..QE53.'5 S1-1 .ff+.'ZvA-.ffwf.Sf-"f1.rv:1Qx??:.w'1 ,,, . ,-.uf .- 4. -1 -.-.- : , . . 5- 1 . -- -- .- .N ..-. A R. ., - , .. L . 'fi -I A ' i-:eww-W I . , ,M X 5 BIO CLASS A10 CLASS 45 1937 AL-MANAC + 'S 2 - , ' . 1 , L .N '. "'-E QVZ , ' -qw" p ' -,am J 2 qi-v,:5v. "1 gi- " "sw: jg,,""57k'5'?ii5"'595'5-nut'-FT.-Q-Z' 1 -Q -:3-3 Q::f4E?i.'D-P4-fi '.2e :-'f, .1ij,.f'F?f1:-'TN ,L ,f5:'..e....,.,pf+.fJ-',3V?gggi1-.ffffl fdiizgx-+f.1i.41' - '-Ia. ,,., ..-- -' ' " . ' - ,,.- '.- , ..A... ...,, '--:seem B9 cpfxss A9 CLASS 46 ff, Yh 42, x hw' kb' XV ff df un YW! My MWfjgy'!f4 XM M W ff X W MMEQJ Wycylyjmff Kffmfw W J fglfhwf vff K WWW ff! QWZQWW My ffiffzc, ff Wka, M QZWQ 65? ,ff A 1937 ALMANAC I-,J ju.: av .vy,,lgJ ff, I..--,1-T, ,ry ' ,413-,L -: .5-lf --.-M3 gs. - -,Qflia .f '-r 73- '31 ' X Wa i ' N' ' '. kfifzffat kft , C31 'G' . mga -,f.w5 ' ' . .:." 5' .r -E , 4 .' te- .-K Ta. .. ' --. -, - 'gy-' . ' ' -, 'Q-'v , 5 -- '-NTU--r'?", 'Lf :Tjj-'QQAf YQ55:7?:vfEjI7-'f?l,'tZ .2 ? .-J.Q'71?,Vil' TL?"9''-'."tg'g'-,-ur-,ff-'ffzfi'-"'f'tf-h-Li'4'dq.2Q. 3 1 '- '-L. BOB HUBBS LIEUTENANT THOMPSON HENRY BROCKSCHMIDT Cadet Major Cadet Major CHARLES KEENE TOM HENDRIX LEE MOORE Captain I Captain Captain ' 2 I N, ' ' EY HP I qu i. X X 9 V . , d 5 u f f , W X , J ' , ,IVE Q " fqx. X X.: J ff x, ru f X ,JK j ., ' A,-' 1 -sa, g , :qv . X . Y . Rfk 4 r 2 f , It , , A , nl 4 ' ,Qin 'Sv-I .b gg RJ. 47 I937 ALMANAC - -s ..:. -f 1. Q xi , '1-.- -.-1-u., -,--,x-...f sr. - ia- .. '. -. ' .- . ..r. :lynx-...gggi 2.-QQEI1-G -gi 5 v ,l oi, fx I . ,"?i.'E -9' 'i- ' 1 .. . ' . ..z '- . . ' Hz .. ' '-'.,,--51-. " A - -f "1-W' , . I' -'.-'VE--'-'ri' .. Q Zllfi -if-?4f'f'zfFf?L'i: .2 7 g"f.-: 'faff'"':7fS'-AJ-"Ef5JL-"- .JE 7' T"'41"Net1Q.'1 - ' Cadet First Lieutenant Bob Hall commanded Company A during the past term. Cadet Second Lieutenant Ronald Hohnsbeen commanded the first platoon. Under capable leadership, it has become one of the crack units of the city. The drill has improved over the preceding semester. The company consisted of select new men combined with previously trained men. This incorporation makes for rapid training and greater per- sonal leadership. COMPANY B ' B Company was commanded during the past semester by Cadet Captain Thomas Hendrix. The first platoon was commanded by Cadet Second Lieu- tenant Irving Silberman. The second platoon was commanded by Cadet First Sergeant Cordon Cairns. Excellent leadership by the commissioned and non-commissioned officers caused B Company to display exceptional drill during the recent Federal In- spection. The Company demonstrated Formal Cuard Mount, lnterior Cuard Duty, and Extended Order Drill for this inspection. Company B acted as color company in all the parades and ceremonies for the past semester. The company consisted of new men trained by experienced non-commis- sioned officers. COMPANY C ' Company C was organized for the Federal Inspection because of tactical reasons. It was commanded by Cadet Captain Lee Moore. Cadet Lieutenant Harry Crisman commanded the first platoon and Cadet Sergeant Harry Lee commanded the second platoon. C Company has established an enviable record for itself in the training of new recruits. This has been due to the efficiency and hard work of the officers and non commissioned officers of the company. Great credit must be given to this company for the remarkable show which it put on during Federal Inspection. 48y . . - N- + 4-wa ' f ..g.g,,,'X'w-L,.fgr.:,'fx:"a,," -N -rf "' Hv f' 'V-W' ' ' ,ga , , - .nf - "Ji" - 754, -'- . H: .A Q :' - . A , '."" 'V .ff42': f.L' .'5'1V1?f if ijt'-5 Q W ,E -A "-17:54. ".,." F5--. '5ff. -Y' '-Y' . 41' ' ' ' .- ' " - '- , 4.-' '1 Z-"F: --"AL .-v' .H ,X . H M . .1 fa. A -' 1 ,, ft..-.-.1,1.-,:.,-,.Jv,T--..fs'f-.'-,-A ,- " . f.-. V ',Qg.:,,,..f.--Ai-. :Q '-" ' 'N " " . - -.. A 'I' s ' , Sv. . ?F"1'vx,J?"' T1 nfl. .. .X,- .fd .R'-- ...Fr . H, by J, 1 49 1937 ALMANAC + .D me-if-ggi .x3'!fj5L.eai??g,,3biR2 fi. ffjigijgzgiggg 1 . , I ' 1 . B if ' ylikviis-,. .. ' z ?+1.4g,fw,+,E".Z5s- "" 1- - '12-xv' gi '11,,"'j ,."1I'iv,w',g""5., I-rf?-Qilr, lb: I-1'S.:'11-.1---ans T-'::aaa--r.lE-at-"f::fr 2? .sr---P fa- L'-'-SUM.-4-'S V+ --YN'-f,-. 1 - '- we vw-. :.--"'-"- f. rg- - '- , ..' D '-' -" " " 'A ' R.O.T.C. STAFF ' The staff of the Reserve Officers Training Corps was reorganized this year to provide better administration with fewer members. ln the fall, the staff was composed of Cadet Major Robert Hubbs, Com- manding, Cadet First Lieutenant Henry Brockschmidt, Adjutant, Cadet First Lieutenant Lee Moore, Ordnance Officer, Cadet First Lieutenant Thomas Hendrix, Personnel Officer, and Cadet First Sergeant Glyn Frank-jones, Sup- ply Sergeant. The spring staff consisted of Cadet Major Henry Brocikschmidt, Command- ing, Cadet Captain Thomas Hendrix, Executive Officer, and Plans and Train- ing Officer, Cadet Second Lieutenant Harry Crisman, Adjutant, Cadet First Lieutenant Bob Hall, Ordnance Officer, Cadet Second Lieutenant lrving Sil- berman, Personnel Officer, and Cadet Sergeant-Major Glyn Frank-jones as Supply Sergeant, and Sergeant Major. SABER AND CHEVRONS CLUB ' The Saber and Chevrons Club was organized to better the R.O.T.C., pro- vide social functions for its members, and to coordinate the efforts of all leaders. Club officers for the fall term were Cadet Major Robert Hubbs, president, Cadet First Lieutenant Thomas Hendrix, vice-president, Cadet First Lieuten- ant Lee Moore, secretary-treasurer. The officers for the spring semester were Cadet Major Henry Brock- schmidt, president, Cadet Captain Thomas Hendrix, vice-president, and Cadet Captain Lee Moore, secretary-treasurer. First Lieutenant Henry R. Thompson, Staff Officer, is the faculty sponsor. DRUM AND BUC-LE CORPS ' The Drum and Bugle Corps of the R.O.T.C. is to be commended for the fact that it is an excellent drill unit as well as a musical organization. Cadet Sergeant Francis Bordeaux has trained itto such a degree that it fulfills both roles equally well. The corps furnishes the field music for the battalion parades and guards which is essential to the success of these ceremonies. The corps is composed of ten buglers, two drummers, and the corps leader. 50 M ' ""13'.+'i-'fa -Wyliu " T'-" . iff-. '-"L:Q'NL -if T""'4g P' X - V52 1 A 'f ' - , 'ru '31 " - H296-A'-'--n'f"M' '-+631-5' ' . " V f - -Q .-,.' -' 41" - 7791 ,,,-Isgvpqggji, -, ' wg 3.4: .t-.. -,' X qgqje '4.3X5f,:?-Tfri 1?m-- i4'F:!'.:x"'-997:--rf'f1-'., 1,-1 7-11 ,fA::,5.. gf. 2:-,1..,,,-.Q-151131.51-2'-51"mit E 1 j' .iq-r.', :L-' -'-" ::.:"P'-. u'-:i'A1Tg.-K-"E -'-,"."?5 fu. - - - '-Q. w. 5,-'Z' '- f'.' ' -- "' ' " ' 51 SLUIVIBER When in sweet slumber deep at night, My tired and weary soul takes flight, I soar to places tar away, To happy worlds of joy and play. It was in this dim realm I stood, A timid girl, in lost childhood. But when I tried to join the fun I woke to find that dawn had come And then I really understood, That I had reached full vvomanhood. ELTRYM HUNTER 52 V -'ff J 9 i i 4 5 2 4 ,J . 1? 1 i 3 4 if 1 3 A 3 3' 1 A ,yf,,W 9, "NX'j1f!jf'jpJf!AdfMV WM? M My fi ,f W WW WWQWC5 H 'QQQZWQWWMW ijfjasffjwggjfjfgi A WM MW 1937 ALMANAC ' 'N 'fi- . Q S f .wiv -,a,.' f "'-4 ' ,-F32 '- Z- if' ."-'QQ'-5' -"1-vf "MHZ "5 ' - 4 T 1""rf'f .. Q ' 'aftfxifot ., :LE , .4 Qi. ,-,,..' mg. .gg , --- -. -- , Q. ' ly . ' - MN vs .-H - .V ':.. G -. ., ,-l-,- .L-.y,g.., ur .J.-SWF..-ff:-f-P-.-.-'5f+.f,:.A.1.W--.-'sr+1-fmt..1 - -. --.c .. , , 4. .A,, I. .- . ,,,-L,-,V . . ., ,I l 1 . ' ' ' . - A V. ' ATHENIAN SOCIETY ' Scholarship combined with a wholesome participation in school activities, are the requirements for membership in Franklin's honor group, the Athen- ian Society. The members believe not only in being good, but in being good for something. The Athenian Society is Chapter ZOO of the California Scholarship Federa- tion. The motto is "Scholarship for Service". Among other services, the Athenian Society sponsored again last fall the Athenian Dansant to raise money for charity. lt was successfully carried out by the cabinet which included, Karl Kapin, president, lean Traughber, vice- president, Rita Breslin, secretary, Fern Chambers, treasurerg and Mrs. Pearl McFadden, sponsor. Upon the resignation of Mrs. McFadden after years of faithful service, she was made an honorary life sponsor. Miss Bessie Cill, former assistant sponsor, became the adviser and under her inspiring guidance, the Society continued to develop. The officers elected for the spring term were Rosalie Schlossberg, presi- dent, Oscar Diez, vice-president: Rebecca Williams, secretary, and Henry Wechsberg, treasurer. High objectives were set for the monthly meetings. A study of the re- quirements and activities of other Chapters was made. An orchestra was organized from members of the Atheniaris, and other forms of entertainment were contributed. 53 l937 ALMAhNAC . S97-:i4f82Z'1:"- If '-"5 'f'-?'29f'- f'f9?-?I:?'t-W'-1 'L' " 55l?"T'i1."s " - ' ' - .Sf - 41 . 1 'r 4, r "fi" -'5 -F . 1 Y-if .waz 2f ':ilf7gz:j-:Iv-.ff-"':i.'i'f'f? ..,,w:F.' -1- 1 F.-J'".":f7fY-'J-'4f-fY-"1-.-'fE"5'-f4"41QS"S1f.'1 - ". "-L. W. ,-,.,,'..,, uh... A . ,n E. .C... ' The object of the Art Club is to further interest, appreciation, and knowl- edge of art among Franklin students. ln keeping with this plan, a useful art object, such as a picture or an art book, is presented to the school semi-an- nually by the club. Mrs. Roberts is the sponsor. The club was not active during the fall semester. The officers for the spring semester were Bill Palmer, president, Crace Hornbeck, vice-president, and Shirley Davis, secretary-treasurer. BETHANY CLUB ' The purpose of the Bethany Club, sponsored by Miss Wolf, is to build character, through service to others, and to help girls grow into ideal, well- balanced, dependable women. The club too-k care of a family of ten at Christmas, gave a program at Utah Street School, and assisted in several other school and city welfare projects. Club officers for the year were Vera May Mooney, president, Patsy Fowler, vice-president, Phyllis Brecker, treasurer, Winona Walker, song leader, Pat- sy Palazzolo, pianist, Mary Evelyn Evans, poster chairman. The hostesses were Blanche Morrow, Rita Breslin, Lorraine jones, Beatrice Stanger, Nelah Roberts, Doris Raymond, Peggy Bay, Rebeccah Williams, Barbara Ketcham, and lean Traughber. ' CHESS CLUB ' The Chess Club sponsors all chess activities at Franklin. It holds many ex- citing events at school, and to further the interest of chess, takes part in tournaments with other schools. Mrs. Bates is the sponsor. For the fall semester Howard Clark was president. His assistants were Frank Higgins, vice-president, Betty Bersey, secretary-treasurer, and Mar- garet Minnice, social chairman. For the spring term the officers were Betty Bersey, president, Wilbur Symmes, vice-president, Margaret Minnice, sec- retary-treasurer, and Betty Holland, social chairman. DANCINC- CLUB ' The Dancing Club is a branch of the C-irls' Athletic Association and is or- ganized to encourage the participation of large numbers in dancing activities for recreation rather than exhibition. The club, however, cooperates with the school by furnishing dance numbers for various programs when request- ed. The officers for the fall term were Ellen Becking, president, Barbara Thorne, Secretary-treasurer, Beverly Piuma, social chairman. ln the spring Betricia Houghlan was presidentg Beverly Piuma, vice-president, Helen Par- que, treasurer, Edith Turner, secretary, and Evelyn Bryan, social chairman. Miss Emily R. Pipal is the sponsor. 54 1937 ALMANA ' 1.?'qfi'?'1 Sg,- '1 if,f2 Q5?24"W1:?Q'1' wg? ' "4"" ,, 'QQ' 'fs' -2- 'bs '24- A . z 'f-1,,Py'f "-24'- -.12-w , 1T'?Lx .-f f'-if--'Fir lm I-if..-vi?--'-5f:f' T-fffzhgi-fff?Z,1','fP'1.-it 1? ,L-1 f?f-X'--i:':?f44-fi-'T5I-'if'--.-v:'f'.T'-'F1?K'i1'.'1 - '-A. H., 1,..p . '. ,g . 4 . ' ...' '-- ' ' V -, in LA- 55 1,,......W i937 ALMAQNAC 4- I 'j jvgfzsk J r' P -. R , -if ' - '- 'sf -is 'SQ - ff 'VW A" . "aw . 1't'+'W ..-'HTA' ---A-:ff-sit'-. ..- .sf :"f.1--:ff -.1-'Stir-If-'.-sf-2.11-fff'f"+f+-Milt. 1 1 '- 'r-L ,h L,-Af.. ,- ., ,I ,.- . , . 1- 1 .., .- - .., . DEBlT AND CREDIT CLUB ' The Debit and Credit Club is organized to advance the interests of the upper grade commercial students, and to acquaint the students with one an- other. At least three social functions are held each semester. Club meetings are held on the second and fourth Thursday of every month, social and busi- ness meetings alternating. Mr. Ceorge M. DeVall is the present sponsor. The officers for the fall term were Tony Ayuso, president, Mary Bailey, vice-president, Bette Rasmussen, secretary, Lorraine Tracy, treasurer, and Marjorie Ciiles social chairman. The officers for the spring semester were john Berry, president, Marjorie C-iles, vice-president, Marian Stull, secretary, Tony Ayuso, treasurer, and Mildred Babich and Bill McCarthy, social chair- men. T ELLEN RICHARDS CLUB ' The Ellen Richards Club is designed especially for girls who are taking home economics courses. The object of the club is to further home econo- mics in work, in the school, and in the home. The officers for the winter semester were Pauline Mandala, president, Audrey Parrish, vice-president, Adele l-lart, secretary, jeanne Frank, treas- urer, and Dorothy Knight, social chairman. Vivian West was president for the spring semester, Virginia Reynolds, vice- president, Madora Kroese, secretary, Arline Mueller, treasurer, and Betty Crane, historian. Mrs. Mary M. Masteller who succeeded Miss Flora Camp- bell, is the sponsor of the organization. C-I RLS' ETIQUETTE CLUB ' The Cirls' Etiquette Club is organized to study proper etiquette and relat- ed subjects. The Club conducts social affairs with several other clubs to create opportunities to practice in real situations what was taught in theory. The officers for the fall semester were Emma jane Brown, president, Vir- ginia Reynolds, vice-presidentg Mary White, secretary, jill Caswell, treasurer, and Ann l-larmon, social chairman. The officers for the spring semester were Fayrene l-luber, president, Virginia Bishop, vice-president, Ella Robinson, sec- retary, lleen Blodgett, treasurer, and Betty Williams, social chairman. Mrs. Powers is the sponsor. FRENCH CLUB ' The French Club was organized to create an interest in French life, cus- toms, and the language, and to learn things of interest about France in gen- eral. To carry out this plan, the club invites guest speakers and plans French cultural programs. Once a semester the club holds a banquet at a local French restaurant. For the fall semester the officers were Ann Harmon, president, jill Caswell, vice-president, Bettyruth Cortelyou, secretary, and john Lansing, treasurer. The officers for the spring semester were Valerie l-lill, president, Ruth Nav- sky, vice-president, jill Caswell, secretary, and Philip Simons, treasurer. Mrs. McCollom was the sponsor in the winter semester, and Mr. Webecke during the spring semester. 56 f ',3::E,,.J- V "4B":,,g:,', -'MZQU -A . ,',-.J 1-"., . ,..,ag'.:L' p4kZ 13525-'3I?'5g'1-?'1J:3. .., - ,,, " 'Q'-Q'-. yiif-43:-x ' -'A' - Q' :"9r'z,:1wL .. - - - V ...vm .. , 213, ,xr . -fx -6- .-'NLF -- ., - ' ' "UH -:'1Lf:,44-.i- '37, 'f'5- ,' 5 " 'ff-'K-f'Q?b5':'-xr.,-x f v - - - Ji: ,q . , -. - j-'.-- -. " 'Y --f., k - ' . A533459 "- 02, 5295! as .-'Q-r-, ' -' ::,-1-f:1',.e, ,-g,gL.1.,. , -A 'S-1: W ' ' - - ..-' ' "-. 1: v. , . ' . ' ' ,M .fw I A , 'S nz,--.-Q .131-'33 ,'.gQg-g!Y,gQ,1'- f41.'z"1- ww-nc' gn... 'ii- 57 i937 ALMANAC - - '- -' . . 'f ,r -, ' f-.f , . .- , ' '- .,.'-:-'f t., - --- 1'G-..'G'- , LP: .2'd'f3H?f-ffv .- riff-----:ff4:.-1':.-'3:?Jv.-if.--w'fT'v'i1Q-553: 'fi lg ' The aim of the Girls' Athletic Association is to unite the girls of Franklin on a program of sports. The organization attends three playdays a year at various other schools, and has one of its own once a year. Each semester is divided into two sport sea- sons of ten weeks each, and the G.A.A. letters earned are awarded on a basis of points. Mrs. King is sponsor of the organization. Fayrene Huber was president for the fall semester. Other officers were Linda Buckalew, vice-president, Virginia Bishop, secretary, and Mary White treasurer. ln the spring semester, Linda Buckalew was elected president. Assisting her was Mary White, vice-president, Marjorie Williamson, secre- tary, and Dorothea Lea, treasurer. GOOD FORM CLUB ' The aim of the Good Form Club is to teach correct forms of behavior in both business and social life. To carry out this plan, social affairs are held which consist of teas, luncheons, dinners, and dances. A talk on etiquette, or related subjects, is the feature of every meeting. Miss Thorpe is the spon- sor. For the fall term Shirley Ryan was president. Her assistants were Estelle Meyrowitz, vice-president, jeanne Gray, secretary, Adele Hart, treasurer, and Mary Ellen Hall, historian. For the spring term the officers were Athelene Harvey, president, Dorothy Knight, vice-president, Adele Hart, secretary, Estelle Meyrowitz, treasurer, and Betty Houghton, historian. H I-HATTERS ' To gain a knowledge of correct social behavior, is the purpose of the Hi- Hatters Club, a boys' organization, sponsored by Mrs. Powers. The club has several social affairs each semester, and once or twice a month faculty mem- bers are invited to speak on topics related to etiquette. The other meetings are spent in discussing etiquette and rules of conduct. For the fall semester Fred Bluemel was president. His assistants were Dick Hanson, vice-president, Dave Luethje, secretary, Bill McCarthy, treasurer, and joe Pedrotti, social chairman. For the spring semester the officers were Don Ross, president, joe Pedrotti, vice-president, jim Tillery, secretary, john Broughton, treasurer, and LaVerne Tieman, social chairman. HOOK AND CURVE CLUB ' The Hook and Curve Club is a study group for the purpose of learning new trends in shorthand. The club also helps to stimulate friendship between members and provides social opportunities for them through social affairs held throughout the term. The officers for the fall term were Dorothy Williams, president, Betty Timpe, vice-president, Mari Takano, secretary, Lorraine Tracy, treasurer, and Francis Ashland, social chairman. The officers for the spring semester were Charlotte Damron, president, Harold Woods, vice-president, Virginia Paderewski, secretary and treasurer, and Eleanor Lifur, social chairman. Miss Grace De Velbiss and Miss Eva jessup are the sponsors. 58 I jx 1 137 AL N ' - ' " 1- Y "'. I -.-.' Jr -' "'- :- ..'. - ' --.- 1 - "1-' -. .1 -Af" ' " - wi-'figs' f:,f-'J.kA-:QM "WI - '-if ' W . A - -, '-a ny f Q "' 'T' ' 5- " -I "' '- ' "' -' ' - v 5'-N -Q - .- N P 'ir A "N .-1. . .a - W- . ' - -,f 'g-W , ,Y 155.4 -.-V'-.s--rv' . 1. f 3-JS.f-1:h.5'--4?f':v??5?Q1935TEf'a:':r.-2311?-'1?f,-rr 3 ? 1-F--"'-.1-':Sfi"ff-'-:S-xii?---'fE'f1.'-T'4'S'i11. 1 '1 '- '-L w-. ,.'.-:-. - f. w, - . - . , - ... . . . ,J Ay, 59 I937 ALMANAC ' 1 ' -- 41: -A ' X - '.'- . , .. ,hp-.,-5 ,'4,. -,5 ,:., - F1-il' ' .-,lrkrfqlza 3-'3...12-.Tr4FF. ' I- .wir-Iv - -5'j3vgs..i1Pkgtg,.,-f-..g"'1-.uf-Ga., lb: f.I'j.-lzziid -. kwifgpfj-g2f'.:'."f31,-at 3? ,V 51, : -7'---"r'.":,'.'v-b ,?.,,:..g7L,--.-'ff -'-.'-f'5'7.'.q. 1 - 1 ui. nv- 3-1. .. ,... , . V, .., . .. . INTERNATIONAL FORUM ' Under the leadership of Rosalie Schlossberg in the winter semester, and Henry Wechsberg in the spring, the International Forum enjoyed a most suc- cessful year. Officers in the winter were Mary Phelan, vice-president, Henry Wechs- berg, secretary, Mari Takano, treasurer, Ruth Navsky and Charles Goddard, social chairmen, and Doris Dawn, historian. Other members of the cabinet in the spring were Doris Dawn, vice-presi- dent, Charles Goddard, secretary, Bob Soroker, treasurer, Ruth Navsky and john Gray, social chairmen, and Paulette Dombrower, historian. Miss Elaine Anderson, the sponsor, explained the object of the Interna- tional Forum: "Through education about other countries, and other peoplesm, she said, "the organization hopes to help bring about world-wide peace". jOURNALlSM CLUB ' The journalism Club, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Kate Cranon, was or- ganized for social purposes. Its aim is to further the friendships made in the cooperative effort of putting out the Press by fostering these friendships through social events such as parties and banquets. In the fall, with Albert Navsky and George Schmidt, co-editors of the Press, as hosts, and jean Traughber, feature editor, as hostess, a party was given by Mrs. Cranon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. johnston. A luncheon was held in the spring semester with Charles Goddard, edi- tor-in-chief of the Press, as host, and jean Traughber, editor-in-chief of the Almanac, as hostess. 1uNTo cLuB ' Interest and experience in public speaking and debating are the require- ments for membership in'the junto Club. Many speech activities are spon- sored by this organization such as Community Chest, Press and Almanac campaigns, interclass debate and other forensic activities. Howard Clark was president during the fall semester, aided by jack Wil- son, vice-president, Glyn Frank-jones, second vice-president, Bruce Gorden, secretary, Fred Hill, treasurer, and Marion Lane, social chairman. Glyn Frank-jones was president in the spring. He was supported by Bruce Gorden, vice-president, Fred Hill, second vice-president, Mary Phelan, secre- tary, Henry Wechsberg, treasurer, and Marion Lane, social chairman. Mr. Frank Clemensen is the sponsor, LATIN CLUB ' The objective of the Latin Club is to bring together the people in Franklin who have had one or more semesters of Latin and who are interested in know- ing more about the language and old Roman customs. For the fall term the officers were Boleyn Bourquin, president, jean Traughber, vice-president, Nelah Roberts, secretary, Virginia Bishop, treas- urer, and Georgia Sanborn, social chairman. For the spring term the officers were Virginia Bishop, president, Georgia Sanborn, vice-president, Betty Phil- lips, secretary, jeanne Darby, treasurer, and jimmy Craddock, social chair- man. Mrs. E. Griffin is the sponsor. 60 1937 ALMANAC 1, "f:5A., Qi: IV .WN-Lg ' "--gf ' 'f :,":-1x , 5 ,.. I ",,"::Q-L -: 1.-5 gf .+ I-41-,uni A ' - A 'gil ' lf., ' H F' ' " ' : gA s'q?" iE' 1 :ax QI-w5'?mN3sv,,4f??1:l' A2-47 g:.."iEJ':'-ear-i4f:'.m.f554424-arf.:-: fa-,1-s.,-.SEAT-,rg.-nw.. f,f'!7'i"l1oKA4,7if '11 -- ,Q ----f ' -a, 1,-,-f-'.1.1wr.x .-.-3.g-- :A , V-:.U-I-J., 4.,,---'J - -4 ,,.. ' - , . .: V - - -1-.:.-V, - A -. y, , 61 i937 ALMANAC i f , r . '- , - . v ' U" -. - . . vw 4' -1. - 1-Nf. -:v'.-am , iiirzi .3f4ff4F??f.-'fs"E 2 ' -W. 1 1 -.-.-f.if4?1Tff-'.'3ff'f?fiT.'wr?T?5ff1A'4Er."ff is H-I L,-., .. 5,-, 1 . .., . . . MASQUERS cLuB ' The purpose of the Masquers Club is to honor students who have partici- pated with distinction in dramatic productions at Benjamin Franklin High School, and to further the appreciation of dramatic art by sponsoring theatre parties and social events with worth-while programs. The club is closely united by one common interest-the theatre. Charles Caccioppo was president during the fall semester. He was assist- ed by Florence Crate as vice-president: and Eugenia Lowe as secretary-treas- urer. For the spring semester the officers were Florence Grate, president, Wray Wolfe, vice-president, and Eugenia Lowe, secretary-treasurer. Mrs. Cochran is the sponsor. g iviusic cLuB ' The two main purposes for which the Music Club was organized are to provide an appreciative audience for students wishing experience in appear- ing before groups, and to provide diversified musical programs for those who enjoy listening to good music. Miss Philbrook is the sponsor. ln the winter semester Vivian West was president. Her assistants were Arline Mueller, vice-president, Eleanor Russell, secretaryg Betty Rasmussen, treasurer, and Fay Kailey, program chairman. For the spring semester War- ren Bryant was president. His assistants were Sally johnson, vice-president, jacqueline Murdock, secretary, Mae Kessler, treasurer, and Charles Nuckles and Eloise Griswold, program chairmen. NATURE CLUB ' The main objective of the Nature Club is to give the members a healthful avocation that will carry over into adult life. The Club encourages the for- mation of an appreciation and understanding of the things of nature and biology. The club took trips to the Huntington Library, Helms Bakery, Swit- zer's Camp, and to the desert to see the wild flowers. Mr. C. H. Oneal is the sponsor, and Mrs. Beryl Bates is assistant sponsor. The officers for the Club were elected for both the winter and spring se- mesters. Evans Slater became president, Virginia Smith, vice-president, and Mary Richardson, secretary-treasurer. , NEEDLEWORK CLUB ' The Needlework Ciuild of Franklin is a social service organization. The club sends a quota of garments every November to the National Guild. The members make and collect the garments themselves. Franklin's organization has been a junior Section of the national club for four years, but has con- tributed for six years. Mrs. Margaret Anderson is the sponsor. Officers for the fall semester were Ramona Wright, president, Lois Bre- dow, vice-president, and Virginia Wilkinson, secretary-treasurer. For the spring semester the officers were Mollie Pagliasotti, president, Virginia Wil- kinson, vice-president, and Dorothy O'l'lara, secretary-treasurer. 62 , q xp 2 4.45,--. --:-1.1 'W ,. ' 9'-Q - 'M K , 2 w 4 ,L ,M w-1 uf - .. -r .. Aa, . - . V.. . -r-my . 1'-P" . " 'H ' 'i-if - : '- '- 4.-1 - E?35L'1"" ' ' - . " - -VJ", .- X - , , .4 1--Y.-51' f -' -ay, '-- , '- . :.:,' - ' . , ' .- ' ' ..-,-Y, 4,--ff --ww '- ,.:'-A 4 -.., f- . ,, 4 ' ... ..1gc.f'15? - '-,U ,-,..'.-Q, 1. -.',1..f-:Li--.-05-1. -', 1, .- , ,- K .X-rg.i.:GT,, . , .K . .. . s , .. -1:,f--.iifggzg wz -'f -- ff P l-FM. " 'te I 1 Y' 63 X 1 - ,V ,4 ' 0 ,J 1 I937 ALMAjNAC ' "'f2- ': 5 " "iv 1-'.'..,',sv K.,-vf-:.:.'.. gr. --.. ., V, ,- . f ..v-af':TQ.2 -M g, .'.Le5A,Az,,-gjggz mxqgiig-4 FH 1.52 5 , AJ . ' . ' -" - N. f' .- 4 - . . ' ' ' -at i- i.. .. Thy- sq ..- s.. gs., f Y , P, Ze- 4 wg 1.9! ,'.ffF,. . . -'v--SL, ' kg Y . 'Ji g , .,w.1w5,.t-LAX '...n's-gg.,-53: H 4 jg'-I-Nj, -2ii'-i5f:t jFiaa:5r,-E-9'-"'?1g21 -2 ? :ff-'I :13 gf?"--5-.1-'zgfgl-fd-,fs fggff.ffyffjlif-1'415'iif.'1 f ua. STAMP CLUB ' The main purpose of the Stamp Club is to further and encourage the in- terests of stamp collectors. The club holds exhibits, auctions, contests, and other interesting stamp collecting affairs. Mr. Lee Duke and Mrs. Hahn are the sponsors. The officers for the winter semester were Betty Shults, president, james Kirk, vice-president, Don Cochran, secretary, and Bob Carlson, treasurer, The officers for the summer semester were Don Cochran, president, Lawrence Ferris, vice-president, Marvin Russell, secretary, and john Acland, treasurer. PHOTOCRAPHY CLUB ' The Photography Club is a study group, organized to learn all important phases of photography. How to print and develop good pictures, adaptation of the camera to the picture, and developing an interesting hobby, are some of the objectives. The officers for the fall 'semester were Harold Hill, president, William Bennett, vice-president, Bette Hooper, secretary, and Dorothy Ingham, treas- urer. The officers for the spring semester were Harold Hill, president, Bette Henderson, vice-president, Bette Hooper, secretary, and Dorothy lngham, treasurer. Mr. Kindy is the sponsor. ' RADIO CLUB ' The Radio Club encourages and furthers the interest in radio. During the past year the club has visited radio station KFI at Norwalk, California. It also had two field days carrying on communications between two five-meter portable radio transmitters, and it had several public demonstrations with radio equipment. Mr. Holdredge sponsors the club. Officers for the fall term were Earl Crant, president, Arthur Spuhler, vice- president, Ted Tausch, secretary, and Leroy Doran, sergeant-at-arms. For the spring semester james Irvin was president. His assistants were Edward Crowder, vice-president, Bernard Schmidt, secretary, and Earl Grant, ser- geant-at-arms. RIFLE CLUB ' The purpose of the Rifle Club, a girls' organization, is to learn marksman- ship, the care and handling of firearms, and sportsmanship. Besides these objectives, the club sponsors several social affairs each semester. For the winter semester the officers were Eleanor Reott, president, Linda Buckalew, vice-president, Fayrene Huber, secretary, Mary White, social chair- man, Delores Cantz, top sergeant, and Marjorie Williamson, drill captain. In the spring semester, the officers were Mary White, president, Fayrene Huber, vice-president, Virginia Bishop, secretary, Mary jane Pore, treasurer, Maxine Barasa, social chairman, Marjorie Williamson, top sergeant, and Eleanor Reott, drill captain. Miss Magie is the sponsor. 64 I ' ' i.- , Y, ,'-..-:,.'-gr" --" .- Qi ' Q- W:M'f75A'iQnfN ?'Ti':35k7"fif4' L' -41 45?:"3:"'Fi 2'5gif fg?5: X I' "f-,-5dW- -uw' - -'1 Gi? . 1 ' ' "- . . . . - ' - . " 1 if - - -7:-.w--" ' ' ,,, .-,.--5,-,.,. ,, -'..' Y--, .. , ,. v. . -- -J. .. - ,..' ,- X .,-. ' - ' -' . ,.. .. ., ...,-..x .1, - t- . -- ,,, .4 - -+ W-. 1' ' ' - 'A' ' lm-mmm mmm, 65 ,. .LULL7 ,W l937 ALMAQNAC " 'f!- ' : . " 's---r "'-4 --,- K".-. 'PY '."'.f'wl '4r. ' --.- : . -' - - 'fe-K -, "-F ' '." ' ar -.itz-+3'f-2309 '-' if ' . -' A ' 'f 'F -2, " ,.-z 1-,. .. ' wa -' -- , ' " . "vw V, '.-'NTS'-:'7", -1- f-Iff .r-11-5331 1 2 :"1-: 1-f?'1-9--',-'SW-fd-'as f-s-'1-.-vs'f-.I-'--skit.. 1 7 -. '-.S SHAKESPEARE CLUB ' The Shakespeare Club is organized to further the activities and apprecia- tion of the works of the Bard. The club sponsors a Shakespearean festival every spring semester. They also study and attend the Shakespeare plays. The requirement for admittance to the organization is thirty memorized lines of any Shakespearean play. Mrs. Cochran, drama teacher, is the spon- sor. The officers in the fall semester were Philomena Weidman, president, Charles Caccioppo, first vice-president, Wray Wolfe, second vice-president, Eugenia Lowe, secretary, and Leon Aronson, treasurer. For the spring semes- ter the officers were Eugenia Lowe, president, Leon Aronson, first vice-pres- ident, Marshall Finn, second vice-president, Florence Crate, secretary, and Charles Caccioppo, treasurer. SPANISH CLUB ' The chief purpose of the Spanish Club is to further good feeling between America and the Spanish-speaking countries. The Club also strives to inter- est the members in Spanish ways, customs, literature, art, and music. The requirement for membership is one year of Spanish. Miss Clark is the spon- sor. For the fall semester the officers were Dick C-ill, president, Ellen Pierce, vice-president, Virginia Reynolds, secretary, and Eugene Wallace, treasurer. Eugene Wallace held the office of president in the spring semseter with the help of Elizabeth Rausch, vice-president, Virginia Smith, secretary, and Neil Wallace, treasurer. TRI-Y CLUB ' The Tri-Y, a division of the Y.W.C.A., is also known as the C-irl Reserves. lt has two mottoes: "To Face Life Squarely", and "To Find and Give the Best". For the fall semester, the officers were Blanche Morrow, president, Do- lores Poulin, vice-president, Nellie Kohl, secretary, Barbara Marcinek, treas- urer, Dorothea Lawrason, ceremonial chairman, Eleanor Alexander, social chairman, Louise Kenkel, lnter-Club Council Ring chairman, and Marjorie Carmack, service chairman. ln the spring semester, Blanche Morrow was again president, Nellie Kohl, vice-president, Barbara Marcinek, secretary, Peggy Hamilton, treasurer, Pat- sy Stabler, ceremonial chairman, Marjorie Carmack, social chairman, Louise Kenkel, lnter-Club Council Ring chairman, and Marjorie Carmack, service chairman. Miss L. Derr is the sponsor. 66 I 7 . -.- .- ,. , r -,Q - 4... -. ., .NL -:I , - ,.'. U .V , . Af-xy ,R --fr -I-A ' f f -fa-1-gig'-X"!"117Lf:sfJZ83iM54gi'?: -1-Cigizjf-.1g:rQ,14E ,.,,3i-Eglin: , -.-at -'. J' ' A ' -fi 3' "5-" 'Hz . X.. ' ' f k- - 'V' 'Z- -.faliw VS8. -.'nf:tf.1'?'F'1-'YE'-:'r1'. 371: .Q'2!'?:3'iw1S2:.fa.,f,w3Q:.'K?f.-ef-21 fm-.1A5,-"fh..J.-ii,-, fsffnff--'wr 1 - '- '-L ,,, . 2-.37 "'.. ' f 3 -,-,.- : . ' r . ,H - ' --- - " - 67 I , . 1 1 ,ff VA' 17' ,--rf' f Ulf---', , fm, SONNET The story of the flowers I'd love to hear, Of roses climbing high upon the vine, Of lilacs welcoming the spring each year, Of mistletoe which hugs the trees to dine, Of buttercups which blanket fertile plains Of dandelions gleaming in the breeze, Of cowslips hiding in the country lanes, Of other flowers which lie across the seas Perhaps if we could get the honey bee To buzz in our ears the fragrant tales Of many different flowers that we see, Of bygone days of joy on flowered trails, Then we would know the story of the flowers And meditate on it in leisure hours. RUTH HILLHOUSE AND MARjORlE NELSEN 68 AIM ,- X '-..gT..,' ACTIVITIES xii We figgfgg X526 523 Qlvaiiiijxf pi? ilk 326169 if CN NY Qw5Z' ':23"XX jx Ex 6231211 fab? 5 gifwjfwipy T' X ' ix ax 2 Q E A Ekswbsx xiii ?iR??i?2 S2 5 XJR QE 2,i gN k 3 Q56 if gym? HEX l l l L.lL i937 ALMANAG , Lita-P,elf.ggg'xs':-51,-1-5.-gg1fg,,g,1f-,Z-5:51 fi,,,Qgt,:t3,,,ZL,'j 35"1P, " " i"'W . ' A- .- -N '-A . , ' -s - e -V. -.-N .-1-,. . ig, . ,-.-.wee-s . . . . .1 r 14. 'N ,.z . --L V. . ,-,- f-v , ,,.. -, . 7-l'f.:'11-in :L f:3f3f17.'5?1.'t1 3 ? f".:'-2? 2 ffm?"-. ,fr--:1ffii-"54'5j-,"f'-'5"'111- - 1 '- "-f 1 . , , X, u-wwa...Q:f4f ,,l'5J"' ll 'f' Z 'wil' GIRLS' LEAGUE ' Friendship, cooperation, and the promotion ot worthy ideals among the girls, have been the objectives of the Girls' League. The ever-popular Emma jane Brown as president, was ably assisted by Lorraine Tracy, first vice-presidentg Mary Phelan, second vice-president: Mariko Takano, secretaryg Marjorie Giles, treasurerg and Fayrene Huber, social chairman. The enthusiastic yell leaders were Linda Buckalew, head, with Eleanor Reott and Lois Roberts, assisting. Friendly Lorraine jones, as president in the spring, was capably supported by Muriel l-loney, tirst vice-president, Boleyn Bourquin, second vice-presi- dentg Ruth Segar, secretaryg and Fern Chambers, treasurer. The energetic yell leaders were Eleanor Reott, head, and her assistants were Marjorie Wil- liamson and Dessa Ives. Miss Edith M. l-lodgkins is the sponsor ot the or- ganization. 69 i N i A i i ig X Xl JG. I 9 3 7 A L NA A PJ A C + "'56:Faf'E-4:-'L J:-M32 1r"H A,,-. '-as-1 Qfi+ .4sp-1--it 11' we as -i J'-1 'fu '31 ,AX 'A F - :353gq " "t' 4'g' 3'z"4 'f'Yig'- X . .,5g4-14.146 A ' ' -1. -:." 15' . f . 4- A rf' . ,. V 4' - ' -- "1- , .is-. r ".1 If--:"::.i 1: 531 ..-".12fig'-'f f': T-I?1ea:i:r.iE33?-'fl:1: .3 ? g"f.1' fl- 1 F'--'A:L-25741-fs:QIJQJ--.-'fr 5-4+T'+1?NQ.Z1. 1 - '- --a. w., ,4.,.- . .. ., ,,. . , , I Iwi- i... .-- - -v . .. .- - BOYS'LEACUE ' The Boys' League of Franklin High has once again accomplished its objec- tive under the sponsorship of Mr. Fred Axe, boys' vice-principal. Every boy enrolled in Franklin is a member of the Boys' League, which was organized to promote the high ideals for which our school stands and to encourage and strengthen interest in the various activities of school life. Good fellowship and closer and warmer friendships among the boys were successfully fostered, as well as the spirit of altruism and philanthropy. Officers for the winter semester were Warren Hamilton, presidentg Ted West, vice-presidentg and Howard Clark, secretary. For the summer semester, the officers were Gene Runyon, presidentg Henry Wechsberg, vice-president, and Ray Bly, secretary. 70. i937 ALMANAC '-'fre-,wwf -s '---I-1-L V -f-+ -'pw-t, 1-w - '31 ' 1 MA - V s-,if33riy. . .' .4 2-.:,1Qi,.4 -.4521 1 E-,A QAQEQFAV , Ipzhgqx. 5 if-f .-11:'512'lE-g:lTfZ'5:i5?9.FT1aff.7f43'i?'KY'17-'-f': 2 -fl-: ':"1-9--.'-5574737-'f-f'JU5fTf7vEb59T'4"51"N"?"f."1"1 ,-.. .-.H ,.,.,.,,,.,.. .-fl. Y -- .- .. .,-. ..---U .N ..-. s STUDENT COUNCIL ' The Student Council under the sponsorship of Mr, Robert 1. Teall, principal, administer the affairs of the student body. Four are elected by the student body, six are ex-officio members, and two are elected by the Council. The student body members for the tall semester were Bob Smart, Lorraine lones, jack Wilson, and Athelene Harvey. Ex-officio members were Emma jane Brown, Warren Hamilton, Ruth Ewing, Don Ross, Albert Navsky, and Fred Bluemel. Elected by the Council were Milton Ballinger and Clarence Schwartz. Those who sat on the Council for the spring semester were Ted West, Vivian West, jim Tillery, and lean Traughber. They were elected by the student body. Lorraine jones, Eugene Runyan, Marion Wallen, john Broughten, Charles Goddard, and Spencer Messick were the ex-officio members. Dave Leuthje and Tom Drabeck were elected by the Council. 7l i937 ALMANAC ' 1 ' - f sf, A. ,,,,' , -ew .-it 5 161- ,. ' W- . . -,an , . . Ur "- -1- . -Q ga. ,,J,s.a.- ,. .,.i-.vzr.4-fy 5, -ff iq.:-. Q 5 - qi? fir 7-. 5-72'-T-T."f' :mais--az:.'1' - is GIRLS' COUNCIL ' Faithful and efficient has been the supervision of conduct in the school buildings during the past year by members of the Girls' Council. Ruth Ewing was president during the fall semester, assisted by Mary Phelan, vice-president, Dorothy Knight, head checker, Marion Wallen, secretary, Ar- lene McDonald, treasurer, and Lucille Shrader, historian. The Girls' Council also plays an active part in the Student Court, and the president is a member of the Student Council. ln cooperation with the Associators, the Girls' Council sponsor the annual student body dance, a function which has steadily grown in popularity. The financial returns are devoted to the Student Body fund. The guiding lights for the spring term were Marion Wallen, presidentg Lucille Shrader, vice-president, Gayla Vedder, head checker, Eleanor Russell, secretary, Rosalie Schlossberg, treasurer, and Estelle Meyerowitz, historian. The sponsor of this group is the girls' vice principal, Miss l'-lodgkins. ASSOC l ATORS ' The Associators is a service organization whose objectives are to develop school spirit, to promote the observance of the school traditions and customs, and to provide recognition for boys in the upper grades who have demon- strated themselves worthy of special honors. lt is the duty of the Associators to maintain the system of self-government about the campus, and to keep the grounds clean during the lunch period. They assist in the bleachers at all of the games played at Franklin. The organization is also responsible for school-wide activities such as the sponsorship of the student body dance held during the second semester, and the distribution of food contributions for the needy in Highland Park during the first semester. Officers for the fall semester were Don Ross, presidentg David Luethje, vice-president, Fred Bluemel, secretary, and jerry Morris, treasurer. During the summer term the officers were john Broughten, president, john Bear, vice-president, john Caminiti, secretary, and Ross Walker, treas- urer, Mr. Fred W. Axe is the sponsor of the Associators. 72 x A VX - 4-, xy y I Q ' A X ' f . A x . ,, , Q, J 1 X ' 1 9 3 ' 7 A L M A N QA C L- "QQ:?,Mg5Tgig .Q5?g,w,:kQg35.xj:.?': ,i,' 2 , . Lt -:Q 1 , ' ' ,, - " ' if ' . , ' E , . ..- 1 ' 'ph -aY,','-JN . - M. . Q.-,Ir "QF: ' '1"f.' J ' ' "3'--3" ' A " ' " ' 73 i937 ALMANAC . 4.-,L .. , - V fi, W all , H.-...Ks -:H -VI.,-'.. V 3, .,,-,I I- 5, - ..,. ., -5 I -. . ff-gm X, J 4-f 'gf' ' ' . f r-Q -Q dg ift iifiif-4 :ia ,W r- ,,s, .,, .- . ' '. '- ' ,. .xg '- - 1 ' Ag, ,X . -- , ' .f 7- - G-I, 1' -".,. 51 'Q s!"f,1-1 ,A --Q' ..-Vrf.2-:E-5'rP-QzSBa,f..E'fi'ff.Hff':- 2 1 14515-3' ":"""'-""f74'-h'- ff-wfif.f'r'f-V+'--'Xiii. - - - '-w .,,,,.. A . --,,.,'b.,.,s, -...- ,. ,.,.... . Y - '. "--.-"..." t"'--' -1 -v--. .. - ClTlZENSHlP CREDIT BOARD ' Under the supervision of Mr. Berger, the Citizenship Credit Board spent a successful year of work. The group was composed of Lorraine jones and jack Wilson in the fall semester, and Vivian West and jim Tillery in the spring semester. The recorders in the office were Doris Raymond, Adolph Kaufman, Helen Woods, Frances Foster, Tracy Robinson, and Estelle Meyrowitz. Numerous cases were brought up before court, pupils were interviewed, warned, and advised. The records were made for transmission to the teach- ers, and filed away in the pupils' citizenship records, CLASSROOM TREASURERS ' Under the direction of Mr. Atkinson, the classroom treasurers transacted the school business allotted to them, such as selling tickets for the athletic games, school plays, and collecting money for Press and Almanac subscrip- tions. All business is done during the first ten minutes of the second period. The classroom treasurer system has been highly successful at Franklin, where it is now concluding its eleventh year of operation. The treasurers are chosen by their teachers because of their efficiency and trustworthiness. By serving the school, they gain valuable training for themselves. USHERS CLUB ' The Ushers Club, sponsored by Lieutenant Thompson, is a service organ- ization which performs many duties for the school, chief among which are guarding at games, taking tickets at aud calls, and keeping order during per- formances in the auditorium. The club was also started to further social functions in the R.O.T.C. The members of the club are selected by the head usher, who is usually the Major of the unit, and his assistant. The officers for the fall term were Cadet Major Robert Hubbs, head usher, and Cadet Captain Lee Moore, assistant. ln the spring term Cadet Major Henry Brocikschmidt was head usher assisted by Cadet Captain Lee Moore. ORCHESTRA ' The chief objective of the orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Wing, is to give students training and experience in the higher forms of classical music. ln addition, the organization serves the school and the community in that they furnish music for assemblies, plays, and community affairs. Any person having the equivalent of one semester in instrumental training and who is able to conform to standards set by the instructors, is eligible to orchestra membership. In the winter semester the organization was headed by Cornell Olbright, president, Sammy Mahan, vice-president, Mary Daily, secretary, and Bruce Ingalls, manager. Cornell Olbright was president for the spring, Eloise Bair, secretary, and jack Simons, vice-president. 74 1937 ALMANAC .-':-g.+ 4f . .,.,. f L M wa- .A -:qv :'w'W.-fS4'+'S,. lm .:f'.:,.i-f'-"- 2:- T'J3in-ga-f:.Iff.,i1.'4:i.'i1 ? 511-: :L-' 'F'-"'-.'.":.:fT'. JA' '75:'f1fLti'-"E 5jf"fi?5"v.f.'1 ' '-4. :A.v,5- fg ,-. - . , , --- - 75 I937 ALMANAC + 2' - ' . . . FTW f - " Y 'X -- ' 'ice 02 - . .- ' 1 -. -' B . T' "1" "2-'Y . ' . l"f'5f-Fail' fl -1 5? V71' fail?-"5LfI-.75T'4:5"TYi-A1 - "- '-1 ' The Franklin Band, under the direction of Mr. Wing, plays for rallies, assemblies, athletic contests, and takes part in plays where music is required. Officers for the fall semester were Sam Mahan, president, Cornel AI- bright, vice-president, Bill l-ligley, secretary, Bruce Ingalls, manager, and Charles Keene, student director. For the summer semester the officers were Sam Poag, president, Stan Hall, vice-president, Frank Bowman, secretary, Bruce Ingalls, manager, and Bill Higley, student director. . GIRLS' SENIOR GLEE CLUB ' The Girls' Senior Glee Club has for its objective the study and perform- ance of fine music. They present this music to the students in assemblies and sing for various community organizations as well. Their sponsor is Mrs. jean S. Vincent. In the fall semester the Glee Club was under the leadership of Doris De Groff, president, Frances Craigmile, vice-president, Barbara Bates, secretary, Betty Barstow, treasurer, Lillian Lewis, historian, Alberta Wilimzig, head librarian, Dorothy Sims, assistant librarian, and Geraldine Scott, accompanist. The Club was headed in the spring semester by Betty Barstow, president, Alberta Wilimzig, vice-president, Lillian Lewis, secretary, Fern Chambers, treasurer, Frances Brydon, historian, Betty Bersey, head librarian, Valerie I-lill, assistant librarian, and Betty Ruth Cortelyou, accompanist. BOYS' SENIOR GLEE ' One of the major musical organizations is the Boys' Senior Glee Club under the direction of Miss Oliver. They sang not only at school and community affairs, but also took part in the Christmas program and in the operetta, "Trial by Iuryf' Officers for the fall semester were Frank Webb, president, Warren Ham- ilton, vice-president, Don Lawrason, secretary-treasurer, Bennie Wolfe, jerry Morris, librarians, and Shirley Vinson, accompanist. For the spring semester, Charles Caccioppo was president, Robert Brown, vice-president, Alfred Lewis, secretary, Cecil Nunn, treasurer, Lee Thomp- son, LeRoy Nelson, librarians, and Shirley Fish, accompanist. TREBLE CLEF CLUB ' The Treble Clef Club, under the sponsorship of Miss Philbrook, is com- posed entirely of girls who are given an opportunity to appear before the public. They sang at the Christmas program, the Spring festival, and on other occasions. Officers for the fall semester were Betty Williams, president, Arline Muel- ler, vice-president, Maxine Reynolds, secretary, Lillian Peterson, treasurer, Betty Wearing, hostess, Mary Wilson, Ruth Barr, librarians, Lois Powell, historian, Dorothy Andrews, pianist. For the spring semester the officers were Arline Mueller, president, Max- ine Reynolds, vice-president, Eileen Milstein, secretary, Donna Lawrence, treasurer, Betty Williams, hostess, Winnie Whitfield, historian, Mary Wil- son, Ruth Barr, librarians, Eileen Tousey, pianist. 76 1937 ALMANA , 3 w e ag . ,, . . i fs' -'Q 'w -2, .,.1: f..-es. A , 'rf 'va -1. ,,-'-an i"'4"'N1 ..'n.S,s""'5-.,1-1-2r?.1iZ.- 'ff T-TZ .f'11lf--1-'E:v 7J?rZf'a4-'EAZF-"'?I:it .1 ? g."f:: 1 533''.1":Ff42fr.7-''iifffc-"E 5'-.'-"--'NQ.1f.'1 - "- ug --. 1-,.g- -. :: r-ff . ' - ,- - ...- --A - " -- 77 i937 ALMANAC '1' ,. . 1 , - U -J' 1 f'f??""lt1-- ""f"" ' -a ?fa-,g:..- 'V' 'Z' -fa-xv 1 -551 ,.fi-91'92-'xii'-3iE'. ..- S-1'2 ..--'.: ,'q--.41 Q- 7J:?22-gi,-gli357-"?:i.'it 5? g"f::-:.f.- .Uv-:.', fl- 1'f?7-M'-'.":FfT'-..J-Q135125--"'E"5'-7"'T4:5"q-'-1. 1 - '- "-A. M., ,,.,,g- -, sg- . - -- ORPHEUS CLUB ' The Orpheus Club, under the direction of Miss Oliver, is a musical organ- ization which gives a few public performances during the term. They com- bined with other glee clubs to present musical selections at the Christmas program, and they sang Christmas carols in the halls with the Treble Clef Club. Officers for the fall semester were Kern Tice, president, Byron Shaw, sec- retary and treasurer, Robert Brady, librarian, Robert Ward, assistant librar- ian, and Shirley Fish, accompanist. During the spring semester the officers were Robert Brady, president, Eugene Wulchney, vice-president, Bud Booth, secretary-treasurer, joe La Ruma, librarian, Nile Carson, assistant librarian, and Betty-Ruth Cortelyou, accompanist. A CAPPELLA CHOIR ' The A Cappella Choir is a choral organization under the direction of Mrs. Vincent. The choir gives many musical programs and renders much assist- ance to the dramatic department. Officers for the fall term were Elliott johnson, president, Elva Duncan, vice-president, Fay Kailey, secretary, jean Secrest, treasurer, Doris Hamlin, librarian, Karl Kapin, Press representative, Dorothy Sims, and Florence Kailey, wardrobe mistresses. For the summer term the officers were Mickey Chance, president, Flor- ence Kailey, vice-president, Louise Kenkel, secretary, Elaine Allen, treasurer, Tino and Michele Pontrelli, librarians, Virginia Secrest and Virginia Hunter, wardrobe mistressesg and Fred Stutsman, historian. STAC-E CREW AND SOUND CREW ' The Stage and Sound crews work backstage preparing the stage for all pro- grams. Under the direction of Mr. Rex Miller, the stage crew repairs scen- ery and builds properties needed on the stage. The Sound crew, sponsored by Mr. H. M. Holdredge, operates the ampli- fying system in the auditorium and the public address system for, all field events. The position of stage manager was held by Dick Hanson, assisted by Spen- cer Messick in the fall semester. Spencer Messick was manager in the spring, assisted by Calvin Costa. Paul W. Thompson was sound crew manager for both semesters. 78 1937 ALMANA '11-,J L-4-H ww-u ,jf af "4 'T-'u'1':- -V 'AXE' "3 -f-v ifgf-xp 'V' , 'V ' + ' M 7 b y " il 1' +?i' 5 31 - xi," :sl fzz flff. Jg-M'qE':m3g.5:,Lf-.,i?.':1:i,-if'5 ? :'5.1'-:.f,- ..,,.y-:X :L- 1 F-'9 "" ':f7f?'-. arf,-I-5-52.5 -"5 !f'f""'l7'5'e"Q'- In ' "if . 9 1 , J , 1 1 . , ,. VJ. 4. , . A V 'A+ , 79 Y, w 4. l i i937 ALMANAC L- .v3.f1g,3fsQ,gj5,Y:y.,,g,.p': f.L.' Q sg - f r . , ig . ' -f-F ' 'f fffwkzg. 'H 1.1. 1 :-,. - ' vf. "" '42- - '12-xv, "h,"i13.'Ji',5SQkg,l'W.,g -'.-ggqr?-3:EL', .. -1 ,-JS .:'1r,.g...,:fg Mx?"-2j5i'PJ5if-:Zi-:,I4A.:?."":1.'1: .2 Q :."f.'f .QQ--:.' fl- 1 'F'----'-.1-':.:NA .L-Sf:-JY..-'-"ft -'-.t-PSN' fu. 1 ' '- '--L BlLL PALMER IEAN TRAUGHBER ROSALIE SCHLOSSBERG Art Editor Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor ' The i937 Almanac staff was the first in several years whose pleasant duty it was to enlarge the book, rather than to decrease the size, as was done for several years during the depression. This year's annual made a great forward stride toward K'normalcy" in Almanacs by the addition of new features, snapshots, cuts, and color plates. Pan-America was fittingly chosen as the theme of the Almanac, because it is a fine expression of the spirit of friendliness of the United States and also because Franklin, the "friendly school", feels a special kinship for Pan- Americanism, which heralds inter-American friendliness. The Almanac staff carried out both objectives-the completion of an enlarged yearbook, and the working out of the Pan-American theme4under the leadership of the editor-in-chief and the art editor. The editor-in-chief was jean Traughber, l-ler's was the responsibility of editing the book, planning the layout, and the supervision of her staff. jean and her staff worked under the supervision of Mrs. Kate Cranon, sponsor. lean Traughber had the background in school work which made her an efficient editor-in-chief of the annual. She was a feature editor of the Franklin Press and she was a frequent contributor to the columns of the paper which gave her the necessary writing experience. Her work in editing, writing, and make-up on the Press were invaluable assets on the Almanac. lt was lean's good fortune to edit an Almanac with a very capable literary staff and a gifted art editor. The theme "Pan-America" was carried out principally in the art work on the Almanac by Bill Palmer, art editor, and his two assistants, jesus Manua and Earl Lawrence, under the direction of Mrs. lessie Roberts, art sponsor. Bill Palmer has had a varied school experience in art projects. For a year he was cartoonist for the Press, enliving the feature page with timely humor- ous cartoons and other cuts. Bill has also done some outstanding work in sculpture in Mr. Bjurman's department. A plaque called Labor was submit- ted to the Allied Arts Festival which won honorable mention for Bill. For the Almanac, Bill designed and cut all the wood-blocks, made the de- sign for the end pages and other art pieces. 80 i937 ALMANAC .-"":3-.fgef-1'.w.2u - "fi J- '-'Lani -in -f -+ '.'f'Q"'x1 1 4' V- 'A V J" . 'fr - '31 4 - '5""f' -- ' f -495-ffl' '-?f'L"l x'?3:Q- 'i E " "-pkfff. R ' . Q" ' .Rv f ':- 'v -z.. ...3, .-x.- . - ' AZ- -5,11-xv' xi., "+.,..1..v-h-,,., f-.4-staffer, 370: :2f,,,'.. ,, ,'g 7.,4-g1.a,.f:s'g-.,iv.'1:i.-S: .32 yy- :Lg JI,-: fits- -'B fp- .-ggi-L.. 1 - '- we .,,,.,V . . v, jesus Manua did the lettering and Earl Lawrence assisted the editor. Rosalie Schlossberg was the assistant editor of the yearbook. Her versatile experiences as a member of the Press Staff enabled her to write much copy. She wrote the material for the first section of the Almanac, and she also wrote much of the copy for the activity section. ln addition she assisted the others wherever and whenever it was needed. The literary editor, Betty Mulholland, had several duties. She did the club section, corrected proof with the editor-in-chief, and lent assistance where- ever work was needed. Betty, like the other editors, had experience on the Press. Doris Wilson and Don Ernst, both with experience on the Press, were the associate editors. Doris took charge of the Senior sections, collecting and arranging the activities. Don wrote much of the copy in the activity section. The sports editor, jim Tillery, edited the sports section with the assist- ance of Albert Dickey. lim's work as sports editor of the Press, was of great value to him on the Almanac, as it was for Albert Dickey, assistant sports editor of the Press. The R.O.T.C. section was done efficiently by the sergeant corporal of Franklin's unit, Glyn Frank-jones. john Berry and Dave Leuthje secured advertisements for the yearbook, and their effective work helped financially. To Mrs. Cranon, journalism instructor, and to Mrs. Roberts, head of the art department, goes the sincere' appreciation of the editors. Their devotion to the work was an inspiration to the staff. ' Mr. Phoenix of the business office took charge of all the subscriptions and finances. The cooperation and interest of lvlr. Watson, the photographer, Mr. lack- son, the printer, and Mr. Edmunds, the engraver, were greatly valued. BETTY MULHOLLAND Dow ERNST DORIS wii.soN 11M TILLERY EARL i.AuRENcE MRS. CRANON GLYN FRANK-Jones MR. PHoENix Jesus MAUNA MRS. ROBERTS 8l PRESS ' At the close of the nineteenth year of service, the Franklin Press, in keep- ing with the spirit of the time, modernized its style and make-up by stream- lining the paper. The editorial and mechanical staffs responsible for the mod- ernization workedout their plans under the leadership of Charles Goddard, editor-in-chief of Summer '37. During the year i936-37, the Franklin Press won a much coveted award when the paper placed second in its class in the nation-wide contest conduct- ed annually by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association of Columbia Uni- versity. The year previous, the Franklin Press placed third. The Press also won a special award for editorial writing in a contest spon- sored by the Southern California Press Association last fall. The winning edi- torial, entitled "Harvest Time", was written by Don Ernst, assistant editor of the Press. Credit for the higher ratings in the year i937 goes to the combined efforts of some sixty students, who are the editors, reporters, printers, and sponsors. Albert Navsky and George Schmidt united their talents as co-editors-in- chief. Their work-all the issues of the Press during the first semester- was entered in the Columbia contest. It was also during Navsky's and Schmidt's regime that many improvements in style were adopted that lent simplicity and uniformity to the pages of the Press. john Kulli proved an asset in every department as managing editor. His willingness and efficiency were welcome contributions to the work. Howard Clark served as assistant editor. Bill Wheatley produced a live and vital sports page as well as a column, "The Spectator". His assistants were jim Tillery and jack Bloomquist. Charles Goddard, associate editor, displayed ability as back page editor. Bill Palmer and jean Traughber, feature editors, established the style for their page that rated "A" in the Columbia contest. Other members of the fall staff were Doris Wilson and Bettina Wintervelt, news editors, Bill Palmer, cartoonist, Franklin Santoni, advertising manager, and Bernard Schmidt, circulation manager. Without the cooperation of the print shop staff, the work of the journal- ism class would be in vain. Under the leadership of Mr. Ewart G. johnston, sponsor, the staffs included, Dave Luethje, Charles Boggs, john Galt, john Clark, Ben Garcia, Byron Shaw, joe Torres, Lyle Tice, and Norman Rabins. Under the leadership of Charles Goddard, editor-in-chief, the spring semes- ter saw advancement. Many improvements and changes were made when the spring staff received the "score sheet", from the Columbia University judges. Suggestions and comments were followed in streamlining the Press. Don Ernst served as assistant editor, and was a valuable asset in writing and editing. Harold johnson and Bettina Wintervelt, associate editors, planned and made up the back page. jim Tillery, veteran from the fall term, held the position of sports editor, and continued the column, "The Spectator". He was assisted by Alan Raven and Albert Dickey. Ruth Randall and Oscar Diez, feature editors, and Georgia Sanborn, assist- ant feature editor, carried on the style establishment in the fall semester, in making up the feature page. Others on the staff for the spring semester were Ruth Navsky and Betty Mulholland, news editors, Bob Prey, municipal editor, Bill Palmer, cartoonist, Franklin Santoni, advertising manager, and jack Blum, circulation manager. Mrs. Kate Cranon, journalism instructor, sponsors the Press staff. 82 .K ,gh . F Q L- AF, ,Y .,.., H, .A ,nw 3, ,,-.b-.', .xi Y gf, - ... ,, .,- ,. Af-.5 ,, V-r - , 7. f- Q -gfA: h fl.1? . -.Y Nigga?-jzpii I-fgibj F . ' N . I ' 'B 'fr . ' ' . .oz ' -L 1' -' 1.51 Q ' 'iv . fs 'z 7?4'P.'f5-. --.' Z-JZ.yu.lf-.'4ggr 51E7:hg.-:..'f-.17-""?l.-11 J? y'if-:..,,- :L-1 ff-J''P."rf?4".'L:-.Q-175-'-"!'7'A-'7-'5"i1- - ' '- '-w H- D Xing., :I fu., . . . . 1 . ,. , .. , W.. , ' f Q 0 L V - f . 'vi " ' , 'SILPEBIKTENDEN' if I! RLER I-LBS ' . , ' X , If 3 n light e S 5 " iff ' , , ' Q f " "Noth1ngButTheBe'stA ww. we mmm my sm www- wa 4505.154 XPQNTN nv md snufws mv us. 1- 1' Yvrftlh w pn-on s. R ms ma Q ww 1. Num ar um- wa nm an HW 50011117 il ' In M r uw ng u Q N1 mm.: A Xrs. rf: T, kthmz-m, fm ...1 u, bg saw. mag m mn me um nr 1 an mmm: on mm ma -a u 'rm ay Jn mm way M .A sf mv ...wmv-m4 4- - enta ..- ampun " fir u gs! , fn ,V For' ' '32 Cla , cm. c : Niknido amen Aollit ,fine Senior A gin 3'ff':'LC'i?Z.Tf'd ' Epmuffl A ,mu swam, Han -wind imma. ms c , 2 'hm menu nn 'li link undo? rw: jelvsuq. Nd' -rm.: . g-my sum.. my -1 Y ' Q ma as ,mmm f .rv-ur.. wf mm .n ma 1 H ma ,mmf mm 1 ,am sk. A N gf M 1-, 4 uf- nf u au :mm Q ,L ' , 1 al.-. 83 , .amid , dem. mu A, ru 1-rw N. 1:s,w.- , X1 un. :uw Eklbih, 1 WHA. Ph! .Q wa., f-:uf Q nw' ..,, ..,,-A a an mm '-1 wha vm .asm gm Hawk swan mb-as vim ew ,uf sum 1 A J it f fi 3. ix i 1937 ALMANAC i :T-1 2,-, Q E -,gr sx X, J . Y Ki 4' .-5 -' -1 .. ' f"- . , -.A A , ,, 4 : -' -1- . '-L A""L'IA'r, ,f-gd-MN. . .. -f.qw..'f- ., wifi...4-Q-l':'t-ti-'ie,g?5,.'S2..,r,.F5.Sg-Faris--''ge I M -4.-.-49i:,:1":.'f:':i',,:,-1? ?,T'?f-.1-'g1.Q-'55 -ff L'--'U I-bt: .,.--.-y -.,:--2. - .-F,-1-..5 - 1 -- '- ' .' U-:.:f. -4..,..-.LN -. .J-, .-A .-- .... - - . -s - s- v 5 FRED HILL coAcH CLEMENSEN GLYN FRANK-1oNEs FORENSIGS ' Into the annals of Franklin's forensic history go the records ot the l936-37 public speaking and debate squads, under the guidance ot their coach, Mr. Frank N. Glemensen. Glyn Frank-jones became varsity debate captain during the spring semes- ter, a post held by Howard Clark, captain of the fall squad. The major events of the season both for the squad and student body were the Southern California League debates. Exhibiting true Franklin spirit, the squad emerged victorious twice out of the three league tilts. Venice ................ Mary Phelan and Glyn Frank-jones Santa Monica .... .... F red Hill and Glyn Frank-jones Huntington Park ..... ' .... Henry Wechsberg and Fred Hill A new feature of the League this year is the addition of a tournament at the end of the season. This will be a fitting and exciting climax to deter- mine the champion of the year. 4 Representing Franklin are Fred Hill, Henry Wechsberg, Glyn Frank-jones, Eloise Bair, Don Hall, and Lloyd Richardson. jack Wilson and Bruce Gordon were the two debate managers for the tall and spring semester respectively. Many practice debates were carried out by Margaret Minnice and Betty Bersey, Muriel Hughes and Stella LaBianca, Lloyd Richardson and Rebecca Williams, jack Blum and Ted Delmar, Thomas Mahoney and Eugene Rodenbury, Henry Wechsberg and Glyn Frank-jones, Tessie Davis and Gertrude Sparks, at Huntington Park. Lloyd Richardson and Glyn Frank-jones, Eloise Bair and Fred Hill debated with Manual Arts. Henry Wechsberg and Glyn Frank-jones, Rebecca Williams and Lloyd Rich- ardson argued at Hollywood. 84 1937 ALMANAC f 1 , a f 'es - , ..'. V- . 1 1 '- ., . . . , 2 - A w - ' ff. , ,, -gy-.. 14. , iff: .-..-.1.Sf4??:?:.-.,?,?-1.':,.h?f2-ghgtqg--J-1-. ----- -'-,, '.-.-H'-1.,-. .V 1,3-Q , .-.. ..,,...-',. .,..1-,.- .. ..-.3 , A . , - w-.:.-.. - ,- .. v. . ln the Southern California Debate and Oratorical Contest held at the Uni- versity of Southern California, Rosalie Schlossberg with a dynamic oration entitled, "Are We Civilized?" captured third place for Franklin. Bruce Cordon, speaking under the general theme of "Safety" spoke for Franklin in the annual extemporaneous speaking contest sponsored by the Evening Herald and Express. ln the annual Los Angeles junior College Forensic Tournament, Coach Clemensen has entered three orators: Betty Cochran, Mary Phelan, and Rosalie Schlossberg. Henry Wechsberg represented Franklin in the Sixth District World Friend- ship Oratorical Contest. He was victor over Rosalie Schlossberg and Thomas Mahoney. Those who will continue in the activity of public speaking and debate are Fred Hill, Lloyd Richardson, Eloise Bair, Tessie Davis, Gertrude Sparks, Re- becca Williams, Thomas Mahoney, Eugene Rodenbury, Betty Bersey, Mari garet Minnice, Muriel Hughes, Stella LaBianca, Betty Cochran, lack Blum, Ted Delmar, Dalbert Boyer, and Arthur Brady. Although the graduation of Mary Phelan, Rosalie Schlossberg, C-lyn Frank- jones, Bruce C-ordon, and Henry Wechsberg will be heavily felt, Coach Clemensen is looking forward to the next year with his remaining squad for a successful season, and altogether it may be said, On for Franklin .... ' ............... and Forensics! I HOWARD CLARK MARY PHELAN ROSALIE SCHLOSSBERC- BRUCE ON .iii 85 l937 ALMANAC ' 'Nf':.:,' :'Q-li" -wfu Qian' ""' 'rl-.55 '-"':""l 4'-+".' "" 'Vit' ' ACES X' "7" "?"' 'gl' ' ' ""' i- 7f'2 " - Libefiff-1'?'5"'t' Aft?-4 'li' ' B -QW' . 4:" '- L- '51 'xv ' ' .nz 1.. . ' L -. U '-:,,5'-- . ' " -. "vw 1 -5 4. '-V173--:":"', ..-: :Q JJ.-:Er 11-1-f:"'--9-Q,-'rfffl-T61ff--211'--.-vr'f1.'-T's-QQQEQ. 1 'I 1 --4. ' When the curtain rises, it is just the beginning of the play for the audience, but for the dramatics department it is the beginning of the end. Many long and tedious hours of rehearsals day after day, far into the night, precede the curtain for the sound crew, the stage crew, and actors, and the directors. One of the most outstanding productions of the year was "The Stone Lady", a three-act comedy presented by the dramatics department under the direction of Mrs. Helen E. Cochran. This charming comedy hit was about the old legend of Niobe, a beautiful queen who lived many centuries ago, but because she wept so much, she was turned to stone by the angry gods. ln the modern comedy, Niobe returns to life, an event packed full of fun, Leon Aronson portrayed the part of Peter Amos Dunn who got into much trouble with his wife because he tried to pawn Niobe off as the new gov- erness. Florence C-rate took the part of Niobe, the stone statue who comes to life. But when a second stone statue of Niobe arrived, matters became more com- plicated. The Niobe who came to life, eventually proved to be a fraud who had come there posing as Niobe just to spy on Corney C-riffen, a young so- phisticated gentleman played by Wray Wolfe. Others in the cast were Eugenia Lowe, Marguerite Bangs, Howard Cobie, Douglas Brown, Bob Chadwick, Ray Millett, Filberta Montoya, Martha McClure, Dorothy Knight, joan C-aylor, and Boleyn Bourquin. "Why the Chimes Rang", was the beautiful Christmas play presented by the dramatics department. The action deals with a miraculous event in the lives of four characters, Holger, Steen, Beetel, and an Old Woman. For many years the bells in the church were silent. There was a legend that the bells would ring when a perfect gift, coming from the heart of the giver was laid on the altar. Rich men, wise men, and kings came on Christmas and offered elaborate gifts, but to no avail. When Holger, a young boy, offered his humble gift of a few pennies, the chimes pealed forth in a beautiful melody. Wray Wolfe portrayed the part of Holger, the older brother, Phil Weide- man portrayed the part of an Old Woman, lack Allen took the part of Bertel, the uncle, and Elihu Slack the part of the younger brother, Steen. Others in the play were john Cray, Leon Simmons, Lawrence Harshbarger, Marshall Finn, Cliffold Wynne, Evangeline Hanlon, Filberta Montoya, and loan Caylor. The Armistice Day program was a symbolic play entitled, "The Unknown", written by Mrs. Virginia Church of Franklin. The play was divided into three episodes. The first showed how the moth- ers, sisters and old folk felt about warg the second showed how the soldiers who had been killed in battle felt about itg and the third, how the ordinary American doughboy saw it. The actors were Florence Crate, Marian Stich, Peggy Parker, Mary Ellen Hall, Dorothy Knight, Don Ernst, Lawrence Harshbarger, Charles Caccioppo, Cliffold Wynne, Wray Wolfe, Leon Aronson, Douglas Brown, Paul Lane, and lack Allen. 86 1937 ALMANAC . 11-+fA:1:',"2":f'L.w'-qtxffr1+3.'?,g:,g.rg,1 Q-gksgwj-,-3,-55.442M:-Jgtf.,-'X-.-Q. Ai? -f. " . I s 1 . . ..N hip. Q C7-.yi , ' l . L Y E -vm, .5- 'V ,LAY is IFA, Q .4 .-,.,..:!7.r-Ev.. Q 1 1 1 "WHY THE CHIMES RANCH A mystery play written by Marshall Finn who directed and took a leading part in it, was called "The Lost Will". Yvonne McDonald and lack Allen had the leads. Charles Caccioppo had the role of the inspector who finally solved the case. Leon Aronson provided much humor in his presentation of the tough cop. Others in the play were Don Ernst, Marshall Finn, Phil Weideman, Cliffold Wynne, Lucile Barnes, john Cray, leanne Frank, Wray Wolfe, and Florence Crate. One of the most stirring plays of the year was a one-act play entitled "The Valiant". This play was the touching story of a condemned prisoner. Leon Aronson, who usually takes comedy roles, had a chance to portray a serious one in the character of the Warden. Father Daly was played by Ray Millette. Wray Wolfe portrayed james Dyke, "The Valiant". Don Ernst had the role of Dan, the old jailer who had seen many men die, but never one like this, Helen Parsons had the part of the Young Girl. Mrs. Helen E. Cochran was the director of all plays. As a crowning event for a successful dramatic season, Wray Wolfe won the much coveted award of first place at the annual Shakespeare Festival held at Occidental College. Eugenia Lowe also represented Franklin High at this event. 87 PAN-AMERICANA Our President said some months ago That we must show our love to neighbors on the South So on a ship of white he sailed and to each ruler said in friendly spirit true These few words, that echo down the years: "We must be friends, you and we. What will we gain by having ill-will and strife? What have we gained by tearing each other's throats?'l Some will say with gay braggadocio- "The right of democracy, peace and freedom?,' And others with conviction will murmur: "A war we must have to end all wars." But the rulers of Pan-America Will have other things to sayg They, like our President, feel That as the pen is mightier than the sword, So friendship is stronger than strife. Ahd to that end they all will strive To understand more clearly, what "Pan-America" really means. ALICE IUNE EDSON 88 ...Xxx 3 I Z S SPO r W My ff f MV? W x JM F COACHING STAFF COACH HEss COACH MCCOLLOM COACH DUKE COACH SPANCLER YELL LEADERS J., A f " ' MARVIN MILSTEIN SPENCER MESSICK , ART OQSAULINIERS MARVQN MILSTEIN SAMMY LEE DOUCIIS BROWN fffffw 1937 ALMANAC . : 7f3?'r -f 1 . . , 'A , +25 ...1 -:aa ' vera: H' s ' as ' --.' - ...,.Q y5,"w-,-?er?a5wsq,e.,A:-Er..-:fic .gs,. 41251.,L-E.-"?f!'iXiQ?S,2a.ff62'fQ,-xr,.11 ffr,-1.-.ffi-L:.',:.',-.?avff..jT-,fri-Q-'Qw+1'qfq.1"1 -,Q .,,. g. l va-. 1.-,-. ' ' -- v. - v- VARSITY FOOTBALL ' After defeating Eagle Rock in a practice game, the Franklin varsity foot- ball team, hampered by lack of experienced players, was defeated in three straight games. The high spot of the season was the Garfield game, in which the sickly Panther suddenly came to life, and led by Orv l-latcher's 98 and 65 yard touchdown dashes, clawed the Bulldogs for a l9-O victory, their only league win. ln the final game, the Panthers met their traditional rivals, Lincoln, and after sixty minutes of battling, found the count knotted, O to O. This game saw Ted West, joe Pedrotti, KiYi Dechon, Kern Tice, Fred Bluemel, George Wagner, Andy Chiappe, Bill McCarthy, Ray Stansauk, and LaVerne Tieman end their high school grid careers with merit. B FOOTBALL ' Climaxing the pigskin season with a l3 to 7 win over their traditional rivals from Lincoln, Coach Tony Spangler's class B football team, after five games, found itself in a third place tie with Lincoln and Belmont. Throughout the year, the work of Ryan, Berry, Ezmerlian, Cassidy, Chiappe, Mayfield, Mauna, and Milstein on the line, and Captain Bob Smart, Lee, Stewart, Rameriz, and Price in the backeld, was outstanding. At the end of the season these players received letters. Late in the year, the Bens tied a powerful Garfield squad and then downed a supposedly superior Lincoln eleven in the final game of the year. VARSITY BASKETBALL ' Headed by Coach Du-ke and Co-captains Don Ross and Earl Quibell, the Franklin varsity hoopsters turned in a fair season again. After winning more than half of their practice games, the locals managed to win two of their five league tussles, defeating Belmont and Marshall. These games were featured by the work of the local guards, Gene Runyan and johnny Broughten. The outstanding scorer of the year was Don Ross, who tallied 26 points in five games. l-le was closely followed by Tom Fuller, who scored 25 points in four games. Dick Bradford, performing at center, was the other starter for the locals and turned in several good games. B BASKETBALL ' After a season which saw them drop their first three starts and win the two last games, the Franklin lightweight basketball team, mentored by Coach Duke, ended the year in a tie for third place. The standouts of the team throughout the year, were Wendel Ritzius and Captain Chet Smith, who performed at forward and guard respectively. Chet landed a guard berth on the all-city team. The climax of the year was the Lincoln game when the locals ran over their traditional rivals for a 4l to 26 win. Letter winners included, beside Smith and Ritzius, Almada, Blatchley, l-larbeck, Leininger, Moser, Quibell, Raven, and Tompkins. 90 v I .mi .. ' 'Q , ., X . V V' ""' - . .,f - gklf'-4.-9,439.1 5.-.S-. f ' b 91 i937 ALIVIANAC , . ag 2' 4522, N " . 5. . ' - QI.. 1, f. ' ,- 4.1, - un -I - .5 I 1 uh .vi .x, ' -,z-,V N 5 , , ,,,7!7.p,,2. qi 4 ggi: f5.l3'g5FRy,..""f-Vg? :pq 1 5:14..-H.-,E44i,j,:.-,3:,g5.,.-gs.,pg-7.15-qqg1 . ...L ' After starting out with a spurt, Coach Spangler's Franklin varsity track squad slowed up on the backstretch, and finished in a tie for third place with 2 wins and Z defeats. The outstanding individual of the squad was Bob Prey, who scored 48 points in dual meets, and went on to enter the state meet., Ross Walker, Don Boyer, and Captain Le Roy Cruce were also strong contributors to the local point total. At the time of writing, Franklin was expected to enter at least eight men in the league meet, with a chance of figuring high in the final standings. Weisman, Boyer, Santoni, and Antista, who competed with the varsity in dual meets were dropped to the B team for the league meets. B TRACK ' This year's lightweight track and field team was very unsuccessful in its dual meets because several of its members vacated their positions in order to perform on the varsity. The B's won none of their dual meets, their closest rival being Belmont, who defeated them Sl to 44. High point winners were Morris Denton, 660, Sherwin Stewart, pole vault and hurdles, Norbert Rameriz, sprinterg and Kenny jacques, broad jumper. Other good men were johnson, l32Og Ryan, hurdlerg Bowman and Ward, sprinters. VARSITY BASEBALL ' The dark spot of the past sport year was the disastrous performance of the varsity hardball team. Playing in the specially formed Northern-Southern League, the Panthers, coached by Lee Duke, found themselves in the cellar at the end of the year with only one win to balance six defeats. The best individual work was turned in by johnny Berry, catcher, Stan Kading and Royal Lininger, infielders, and Pedrotti in the outfield. The pitch- ing was done by Phillips, lVlcCamey, and Broughten, winning the only game, a 4 to l triumph over Marshall. 9 51 SOFTBALL ' Something new and comparatively successful on the school sport calendar this year, was the introduction of softball. The teams were coached by Mr. l-less, and after copping four games from the Lincoln Tigers, two from Belmont, and one from C-arfield, the locals wound up in a tie for second place with seven wins against five defeats. Ray Roberts, fireball pitcher, was the strong man of the squads, winning four of the six games he pitched. Bob l-loyle, pitching for the number two team, also turned in some good performances. 92 X ,1 Nw X , 1937 ALIVIANAC :-f-w?g?5rs:m'fft 5t2a'rH-fi' x . , 'A . H+ ' H - 'Q-flasv . za-G 5,:w'?f'?s4wwz-w4-.--:1- sw: :2i'i.f-2,5-2931 1 5:3-9--'-'zffv-'J-' ,-,fJff3'1-.v'b'f-Ti'-1+N"ii.'1 '-1, 41- . 1.-.-. - 93 ' X X Yefxi. 'kk 1937 'ALMANAC Q- f- if-qg s. .- Q-f j i, " . . .,- .. .. . - - . .. .A .. ,leap-,u . h , .- P - Q- -2 'Nm , ,.z ' .L -. a - . ' - -. '-W , fmt' --"2-is--r'v:..', ., e gf: .Q ? F535f.5ff,fi:,,-'fgftt5.1.5-5211, 1 . -4 TENNIS ' With four wins and one loss as their record, Franklin's band of racketeers finished the season in second place. The Bens suffered their only loss when they dropped the opener to john Marshall. After this defeat, Coach Cilbert's lads swamped Lincoln, Belmont, Ciar- field, and finished the season with an easy win over the Roosevelt Rough Riders. Nolan McQuown, National Boys' Doubles Champion, led the locals by winning five straight matches. Captain Alan Raven, Elwin Craigmile, Oliver jones, and Bob Harbeck all turned in good singles performances, while the doubles teams of Frank l-lites-Sid Finegold and Douglas Hirst-jack Walker won the majority of their matches. APPARATUS ' With wins over Lincoln and Belmont and defeats at the hands of Roosevelt and C-arfield, the gymnastic team, under the capable guidance of Coach McCollom, had an average season. As was expected, they finished third in the Northern League finals with 3OV2 points. l-larold R. johnson was high point gainer of the season with the total of 61 digits in the four dual meets and the league finals. Ted West and Ray Burch followed johnson closely for this honor. William Bennett, who placed in the city finals, l-larold Woods, and Bob Prey also gained many points in various events for the Panthers. ATHLEDELPHIANS ' During the past year, the Athledelphian Society once again became known as the energetic organization it had been in former years. The function of the organization is to supervise the wearing of letters, and to authorize wearing of letterman sweaters. Coach Spangler, Coach Duke, and Mr. Downing acted as joint sponsors of the group, and C-eorge Wagner, and Bill McCarthy served as presidents in the fall and spring terms respectively. ln the fall, joe Pedrotti was vice-presi- dent, and john Freriks, secretary. LaVerne Tiemaxwas vice-president during the spring semester, and jordan Ryan, secretary. Bob Quibell acted as treas- urer. C-.A.A. LETTERMEN ' Seventeen girls received letters the past year in the C.A.A., ranging from the unusual six star letter to plain letters. Fayrene l-luber earned the six star, Virginia Bishop, a four star, and Boleyn Bourcjuin, Virginia McConnell, and Bernice Morris, three stars. Mary White received a two star letter, and Dorothea Lea, Valerie I-lill, and Mary Seifert, one star. Bonita Mann, Edna Disney, Marjorie Williamson, Maxine Barasa, Mary jane Pore, Mary Rampone, Margaret McKeehan, and Linda Buckalew, earned plain letters. 94 -fr 'gi' R .-.Q --., Jr' - V is ,115 . . ., 'N' H. - ' -.."5Y.1"I-N. '7-.4 gf-v. .'f'5-:Ht . " ' -- . -.3 'Z' rI-N'1'- '- '- , ,Q,gA?::+:e4vP w:K'f'v?:f- -H , -RC, '5,r??'1-"Q-New-v ' ,, up ,-.,1,:1-.F -'-' ' '5 ' J-1: .,'.e.v2,-'- - -- I-,-2.45-,V -,t -X Y. S:'fg15ff,:.fS7-'.-P.,--2,3ff'..L .N .- -'fw Lv- . iv ' "f ,,.1. -5,--, -' --"- fwfr' '.l" r -rw ,h.f.T'fe3:1-'5:'f-- 2' - - V"- ' 'f v'?.'!., -fx-.4 K 'l ' f Q .1:..'qj-ffl-.--, Q- . - 95 r 73,501 f'ifffff"'fMf,,i'fm My ?W fCf5ff,'jl,ff N55 if ff75ZfJ"'f fff,fwfffJf'M fPMW MM'fQfZjif'f'JffMW' W Jwgfffbjfff yywacffifyff ' - J JK J'ffWfffff1fff"745f6?5ff ff wfLfffQfff2NfZf-0j,ff' 'jjgfjf gwjifff VW WCWM 4,1flfMf:W4fzf25Q j,'3i'ffjif9f?7fj4? QffffiQ?Zi9577i ygywfkfaff Wf1.,ff"f"'jff"vWLf"j Wff,,fwf"5pf2,,1f'J,,,ffW1' f55,",ff20f'!3"E'L4ZQf'M W MCJWM izefffw' W . . . , Lum. , . , W, ,,, ,T-W, w,,. ,,,,,,.,f, ,, , W wb Dkgiifg F J YA. R FEATURES WMM a,040fUu! f, ,. J ,. ,,',M- !..9-J'f .1573 My -iffy 1937 ALIVIANAC ' 'N5f5'5Qf'5f1 x I'5'f?l'5't"i??ii, Q 1'i""f f"f', ",21'5?Z"51f"h-lt' -. a vg 6 1 ff KX Q ' 2 , H Pix Fiigf fy 4 gf' 1 m' M5xA ' N . U 9- ff' g2Xf 1 Nha Q' 3 qgvxxl C . 491- 7'f' -5 L- ix F K -' 5 - : ,a r X l I fx J! IEI: - N .. waffle .Ast its f -E52 if V an Y ,i Lij qu 1 , 3515. 1 Z is ' 'T F A P 4 ' " r- ? 5 E-I -"-"- "' 1. SCHOOL OPENS SEPT. IO Z TRUCKIN AT THE IYPRESSLTAKES SECOND PLACEIN THREE DAYS EARLY-.0 STUDENT BODY HoP. NATAUNAL PRESS C0N1'5sT- Q if , XC :L ,QQ V Inv. an . R? ' z Q35 4? ' , 4' "'23'?" " N si 5' X Taqf.-y? ' br ,' v M D X ,gg-s?'1. IU, Z! f., t ffl :S Q Q .- Nh :ff " A 8 " x-1391. W A . -4 3 1 ' U 1 L" 'X I 11 X.A-.wnhu-. , W ,W fx -' f' Q Wm1,,..01P. . x 2. MR. WING TAKES OVER LAVVHOOPS- " REC ENT COLDSNA 14-. CROWDS AMAIED BYSCIENC BAND AND ORCHESTRA. BRINGS our Sucks. DEPIT OPEN HOUSE NITE. Q AlMG'wAN! E E COMEONN ITS suownv ,I Egg! gf : qc gyglvrmn ixglhn,--. X363 I runs! "IF I H. 61939 u 1 Q., - 'L+ x - Q -v X N . 9 f '. ' A ' ""? Wgjiun I ,Z ,. , 1 45 ', . - X .r V 1 3 ' 3. FLASH!! FRANKLIN AND 9. WINTER CLASS 15. DAD AND ET LINCOLN PLAY SC0RELEss-Tae. GRADUATES. -rooerusk ron s-me mrs. Ev Sf 'Jfi"ff -H 2 9 ' WA ici L M 59 . " 'V ' Y , ' -. ,. Nm , - :I .SUE - 9 A-X4 J... lf? X I E- , if 5 .. LR qv ' X' 1 ,JI ' ' We M H- W1 W ww---' L f M MLLL .TH now s os 1. ' km QT AC ssnusonco ss 4ARMl5'Igg gm gR0oC-Ekklg RS'-luSfI3TA ED. 16 K Goss- M "nALLo, ,-,, SADIE 4: 5 ,9 Q U + 'TA Q Wwmv Q .4 4vx ' " ' ' --M Q QJX' "' 4 'VI' X 'S K5 X X9 u -if 2 "1 ,NkL,,.,X...nXLNL-M.. M-K Xu L2 f L 5 SAN FRANClSCOf PRESENTED11 BRSEBALL SEASON 7FRANKLlN REPRESENTED IN AT TIN CAN HI :mrs SLIPS BY FESTIVAL OF ALLIED Anrs. Y K:-Exf , , 5 6: Tow, QQ' J 8 1151 YAM AIMAN- 5' 19 +L? N L IQ ? ' .1"- 6 STUDENTS TURN ACTORS FOR UNOFFICIAL FMNKUN HI- MP 18 SUMMER CLASS SAYS. FRANKLIN COLGR FILM FEATURE ECORD SET AT OCCIDE TAL FAREWE LL TO ALMA MATER I Ax 1 2 0 gy KNO A N p f T .El 11 1' ' -ff -f A A L L , , ,1 ff. l xxx - I 1 f N l NX X -V xx :XS-Xl I km N fm, .mix U - H D 1 ' " Em L YI f mf wa g sf - ' A - '-' " ' K ' f-L gf VF Z1 ' IOC, g J, QQ. A' I 1 1:20 in 1 0 me 97 ,... . ,. 1- -5, K' 1 r ,..- 1-5: 3, w Q-V. ',L' :-', '4:. . - m... , 4 F - 'fwg -, .z"""" -1-A . f:,t,f.:2R,y .,:,?wJ.-is 1 ..L.L:5YgA,R,.,.5J,'g.zp'E3..5i-95,243 Mgt x- , .. yi. - . -. ,. - --, - . - - . Y- -.. -- 769' . I, ..,,-. .-. 9 - ' ax 'P w- 'N .nz - 'L PS' b 4' - '-1 '..:':1-vw. :G '89 f-V.'-12-'H-1'-f.'f-.. 2? If 2-rf?""Yf'5I'.-"7"5' N- ' ' ' "'-f H 4,.L:.f.-,- - rg ,'..--. ,' - , .1. - --1 - - 98 f5JgA5,gi1fag-,w zcsggar zfg 3 435' " " ., . + ' '- 1+ " Yr.. " ...z '- P . ' ' -"s,,x'- . " "1-W .' JF-E' . -f--v"-iff--'-r bf A22 ,-J.yfEr.,::i35'--1-,'.--561-.Td'.f:fini.-'s'fgjf'?415--121.1 ' - -A ' . - , 2 I ' . I 99 THE ARISTOCRAT OF ICE CREAM , WW , W' A f W Q ' A i W f D I nf f if ...E - if , I ' 4 Let l'Beve'rl 'I be our BU'YfWoI'd or Ice Cream 5' 3' BEVERLY DAIRIES, LTD. PRospec:t 206l 230 W. jefferson ST. RCA-VICTOR FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES Everybody in Highland Park ZENWH F 6 H Gll:-V5 roads the RADIO fr APPLIANCE RADIO SERVICE News-Herald ALbany 1871 5Ol3 York Blvd. AD A x 6 8 'AGI' f"I1lLr1usr' B ildP1's" . AW 14 HNi'l'S""?' Sufflfilfff' Rosabell Plumbing Co. LOUNSBERRY Ee? HARRIS Esrabmed 1905 LUMBER DEALERS Off' 2901 SO- SPN PEDRO SWEET CI-IAS. PEDRoTTI, Prop. 5026 YoI'l4eBlvd. L0Sl5:3f12fEfQ1HfiZLll"- Res, ALbany 2333 ALbanyOlll 66.51 Santa Mmzirrl Iglvd. ii709PEa5t 25th St. Los Angeles, Calif. 3132 San "cr'nan 0 ma LOTS OF LUCK To RoY W. KING Prop. cLeveIand 62238 FRANKLIN'S CLASS OF '37 HARDWARE A' W- KING 555231355 PBESQEXQEE Kmgs Food Market Tools, Dishes, Paints, Cutlery 3400 Eagle Rock Blvd, Hardware, Sporting Goods MARTIN L. O'REILLEY MEN'S CI-IILoREN's WOMEN'S Druggist KARL'S SHOES AL, 5067 Two Stores in Highland Park 3389 Eagle Rock LOS Angeles 5709 No, Figueroa 5Oll York Blvd. Chile-Ville 24 Hour Service Famous Chile-Real Italian Spaghetti-Home-made Tamalies- juicy Hamburger Sandwiches and Unique Steaks Only at CHILE-viLLE 6214 Pasadena Ave. ARROYO PHOTO SERVICE 5003 York Blvd. QUALITY PHOTO FINISHING Greeting Cards - Stationery Stamp Photographs , 1 1. . -I . q- Greetings From A Friend School Pins Graduation Announcements THE T. V. ALLEN CO. SI2 Maple Ave. Los Angeles Phone ALI:-any 563i F. H. SEYMOUR jeweler and Horologist 5537 N. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, Calif. BOTTLED L ICE COLD EVERYWHERE ANDERSON'S PHOTO SHOP KODAK FINISHING Greeting Cards-Picture Frames SSII N. Figueroa St. Los Angeles, Calif. 5637 North Figueroa Street ALbany Zl 49 CROTTHOUSE HARDWARE CO. Baseball, Camping, and Fishing Supplies TENNIS RACKETS ROLLER SKATES coiviPi.iiyiENTs or CAR BARN CAFE 6OO WEST AVE. 28 Family Trade Solicitecl for the Past I7 Years HARRY T. TUTTLE, Mgr. VERDUGO HARDWARE CO. PAINTS, HARDXVARL, SPORTING ooops ELECTRICAL AND P1.1imia1Nr: s1'PPL1Es 3400-06 VERDL'flO RoAiu CLLVLLANIJ 69324 Washers Ironers Radios Frigidaires Ranges We Repair All Makes , s if S f ao 30' . pf- 0 ' kfmff- -noun uninuul- I 5903-5 N. Figueroa ALI:any 5514 Phone Cleveland 69242 FRANKLIN FLOWER SHOP I. W. BLOI-IM PALMER TIRE SHOP Retreading 1: Tire Repairing C-OODYEAR TIRES 5533 N. Figueroa Los Angeles 6039 N. Figueroa St. ALbany 3682 T R A D I T I 0 IN THE ART FIELD-THE S T E N D A H L GALLERIES, OVER A LONG PERIOD OF YEARS. HAS ESTAB- LISHED A NAME HONORED THROUGHOUT THE ART WORLD. Specializing in Good Investments in Modern, Contemporary, and Old Master Paintings Visit our new department of color tac-similes-Abstractions, French Modems and Old Masters, at extremely modest prices. The largest collection west of New York. Of special interest to schools and colleges and those who would wish to modernize the art in their home. STENDAIIL ART GALLERY 3006 Wilshire Boulevard LOS ANGELES, CALIF. DRexeI 0223 , I CortIand's Men's Wear and Bo s' Wear MILK - Y ics cnnm - nuttin 4 EVUORMED Mn-K Qfo ow ln the Fashions of Today Corus: crises: s cum: vo BUTTERMILK X QUALITY 572i North Figueroa Street l',.- .ui " ' T HAS Superbo Water Heaters BEEN A PLEASURE ,A - Q , A I TO CREATE ff "lm 4 EQIJGEIIELGRAU I fa.. w if i an nllll Tie Coger for the Q' Ji I ' mm Mums PHONES MODERN I ' ,Cp ..f,:r...,.., .l!.l'2EAt2::612.' ,,,f,:5E, 1937 ALMANAC 4.5 g ,i r f-Q., MW' WEBER-MCCREA COMPANY E235 421 :asf sixth sneer APPLIANCES 'rmnaiy 5948 sAL:s - szlvlcl 1-'-Q a H I 4 sau un. ngum. sm H mc MALTS SHAKES L O Y S FINE icE CREAM Order Your lce Cream For Parties HOLLAND ELECTRIC SHOP JOHN c. HOLLAND Complete Electric Service 5501 North Figueroa Street 5634 N. Figueroa St. ALbany Ol49 Com limerits . D Tlfie Engravings Ol for the I. EDMUND WATSON Official Photographer i937 ALMANAC were produced bv our craftsmen. for the i937 ALMANAC MISSION ENGRAVINC CO. 421 East Sixth Street 405 So. Western Ave. DRexel 2412 Tkinity 3921 i228-i230 SOUTH FLOWER ST., LOS ANGELES xx x sk X x X X Qapgff .El-fm A62 . W X w ertainh f 3 ff!! 114, ,ffffl K , ' , 7 f . f . , ' If fff! Q if Kf 2 I ff!" ' Z f 1 ' 'ffjkf' 1 51 ZSt6i7 gggif , 0' ZYLQX' 4 , jc ' "lj 'N , I .Jij,L..Wit, AM-od? SQ. ,Q,f.7Q,L LUN-Q',C4"-x,x.2 W ww Igxf-0-VQ XAJ-,vgqki mkoblbs I nl VY' , 7 D Q , ff-' GUY f 5 - X923 'Z J g! M , Niy'fwwf?gQifif,iU y iw? Xffwv521Q Mfggfjfvgifigif My QM MyWNQwQV, Qg W N fy ww , V wig? mi A My f W OX W jgffiiugify NWK WX W QW! V M ffi?X'wL5'9'i J MV QW ' f mmf' Q . --M- - L .1 W fN zvxlffy i -M, ' M .nl

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