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L I K k X , lv R I V-I ipnill ln lu li 1 V , :Franklin Qlmanan 1931 4 1 N W 4. 1 1 1 1 n 1 P 1 W , N W N N f N N N X, N55 Q Svhipk 'lgaprrn Lyi Jf1,,,,e, .5ZZ!ff1feJJf Zlyuaazcfyafef E951 ., Qflfgfyqildflhig' J QQ4ne',MC6L0yo ,iq iiffr ii IWW? limb. if 111331.-.,M1 f3l -LIL find tlzezr- , we sur- if :Billing iihith HB. lgnhgkina To you of the anderstanding heart ana' broad vision, who have given as an appre- eiation of the finer things of life, we the Senior class of 1931, a'ea'ieate oar book as an expression of oar esteem ana' aainira- tion. 1 'Sami' 1 .r 1, - P sfggu :gg ,iw .a.ZL:,y , JM. , f"hi3 ' v Im N. ,ig - :V-,-, 4 , ..-I2 . V f ,mifg:1Q.zg? 1,-,ZZ E Y. A . 2 wp, .gywfff n,,,,. ,.,, .V 1 I Q1 'W ' . 'IWA0 1 f-Qmxf , 213, , f ' " fnxl:-R 1 f, 5 ' mf, 145: ' ' L- MSL! ' MEQT' ig, Prize W The U Priz The W eW If ' ' ,U C7ur coursczs chosen-spread the sad. ScoTT ""-5 ? V L L V i l MR. MOORFPS MESSAGE SHIPS! Out of the stream of trite and matter-of-fact words that constitute the ordinary How of our speech there Flashes from time to time a word of magic power. Such a one is ushipsnl Daring as is the aeronaut of today, he is not characterized by the sheer audacity that marked the early sailor. With no modern science to aid him, no electrical appliances, no compass, no weather forecasts, no accurate knowledge of the hounds of the earth, with only fickle winds as motive power,-the mariner of old fared forth, he knew not where. Ships bore Ulysses, Aeneas, and their companions on journeys fraught with peril and romance. Ships carried the civilization of Greece and Rome to the four corners of the earth. Ships made possible the discovery and settlement of America. Ships brought the argonauts of 1849 around the Horn to golden California. Ships, now become Hoat- ing palaces, convey adventurers and pleasure-seekers to modern Arcadias and Utopias. '4When my ship comes homef'---remains through the ages the fond day-dream of romantic youth. How appropriate as the theme of a book devoted to the doings of youth does the word hecomel -CHARLES B. Mooiuz, Prifzcipal. U31 ff 16: . F25 ' i.,5r,f l 1 , 5445 we '- ' ...M.-..-, -.-N..----.,-,..-...e,.,-e,.. S2 .5 it -.W .. . , wg 55,7 wh, v Q .r 't"r"' 'A """"r "'A'- "A ""t'g""W, 5 in ll.-f", i E lify:'2'3 5Ti'?.5Y'ff X it l 22 fs Sa l fm' li' -iffy-' A E SW' PQ' ,ve-'fx g Rv? QQ gg Ng? Ag1:1..r,5-k...,g,, ww 1 rug, 2 Aqngk l MJ fm, 3 Q ,eg 5 ?' l 'J ' '-H ' 5' tb 'f, 2 ...Wt 1 xi no 'twig A A . .,... ,,,. -em .., ,.... W., ,.,.,,,,. , ,. .,, .. ,Ir Mm., ,, l ,-,,-Mm-,WMM-WWMM, ,. , . V, vc..-1, if , '5- as HE 32 ' 3: I .t . z,g:pf j ky 35 "iff, EU: f In in if '39 JY 1 , J 2 ag za , I ,Q 2252 FH. wi 931:51 'isis ff 'A 'u if rl Q .. .55 Qi? rfzwrsfl .iq wg MISS HODGKINS' MESSAGE There is no frzigate like cz book To take us lands away, Nor any coarser like nz page Of pruncing poetry. Many of us are waiting for our ships to come in. Whether we wish ships to come in bringing us riches or whether we wish to embark upon them to see the world, we are all too apt to let it go at wishing. But with Emily Dickinson, I commend to you, Readers of this Almanac, those frigates near at hand, the books of the world. If you choose them wisely and use them properly, you will find that your ship will indeed come in. EDITH M. HoDoK1Ns, Girls' Vice-Principal. MR. MONTGOMERY'S MESSAGE Ships-Piers-Voyages-Ports. Did you ever experience that thrill of slowly pulling away from the dock on a great sea-going liner? What a moment when you suddenly realized that you were no longer a part of your old and familiar surroundings, but instead were afloat! Out from Franklin Pier No. 1931 sail many interesting vessels bound on voyages to ports unknown. For years the mariners in command have been charting their courses. According to the tradition of the sea, the most experienced and tried officers shall man the more powerful and important ships. Future years will assign the commands on this squadron. To the weather beaten, under the safe ballast of heavy burdens, on the high seas will go the honors, while beautiful yachts of pleasure Hit about on calm and peaceful waters with never a new port of entry. As each passenger vessel takes leave from a dock a note of sadness lingers in the hearts of those left behind. Ships from Franklin, as you lift anchor and tug at your engines, throw back to us on land your varied-colored ser- pentine from your well-ordered decks that we may be in a joyful spirit as you leave. In rounding the breakwater look astern for a time that you may see our handkerchiefs waving you bon voyage. Then face your charts, box your compasses and plow ahead. G. MILLAGE MONTGOMERY, Boys' Vice-Principal. H41 2- ff 5, .a fl' QQ . ..,. . .,, 3 5 Will 1' ' ' X..." .F sf" 1 I 5 ,153 M A i. l aw" a,.,,.-,a"W-v-1--.-'s.r1..-w,.,..,.,,..,.-,..,n.f,.aaa,, lr ll f 'tai 4 Qi . gr gg 524, .rfc Q nr 4- Eff! 5 'X ri fait 5552 Q55 at ., f I: f 1 l 5 A few me 5 s X. .1 ? 'H,f ,,, fb PS 'a Hawk Z: 3 -w I-I E.. 334 Eb. Y 'iii aa? lim S5252 3 ta? 'IL tiff cy.-fa ' ,.-1. ,J ' Birdie Adair Biological Science Barnett Atkinson Commercial Carey Berger Social Science Flora Campbell Home Economics Helen Cochran English Biological Science john Addison Commercial Leroy Baker zitlit-inzitics, Physics Andrew Bjurman .Xrt - Eva Carlquist Harry Colestock Social Science, head it , cfm- P V. Harriet Allen English Raean Baltzley Commercial May Bolton English Virginia Church English, head Irene Corbett Asst. Librarian im ev-,..,,-W.... 1 ,,.......,.,,.f-- - ---Q-'N Elaine Anderson Margaret Anderson Social Science Home Economics Bernice Banning George Beach English English, History Olive Browning Mervil Bryan Spanisll Agriculture Alberta Clark Frank Clemensen Spanish English Margaret Cuthbert Kate Cranon Social Science English i "i J., . e an... Jg,.,qfi'Q3,7'ig, , ,gv. U A 1 I, - ,...., r- , e i l I 4' l i - , . 2 fffii: xiii 1 'if-Q 2555 4 1 14 ff? "Ffa L 'Q 1: " i 41' F? 593 , i i - l ,Amelia Dalgleilsh Lucille Derr Grace De Velbiss Florence Dunbar Thomas Dutcher Home Economics Social Science Commercial Language, head Mathematics Eleanor Ferguson P1Qrf'11leEFfrr11l. Carl Frank Bessie Gill Desire Gilson Music Wiffah ablcfigou Mechanic .Xrts English Music . sf 3 . , , , JESSIB Graham phvsical Education B. Wilmah Greene Eunice Griflin George Galbraith Commercial Harry Gilbert Blathematics Latin Mechanic Arts, head Ray Gardner Physical Science, Ruby Haglund Wilhelm Haglund Mabel Hahn , Biological Science head Commercial Mechanic Arts English Gertrude Hansen Charles F. Hess Harry Holdredge Mark Horton Frances Hughes Rcgistraris Ofhce Physical Education Mechanic Arts Social Science English S U51 :tif e 2 ' E 5 ' 91 Eff - if? 5 , we WW: 102' Aa f 1 1 fl A .Mu if 2 ., " H,,,,,,, ,,,.,,,,, .S 33' Tiff 'x L HW, Wm , -. F. J A ,.. . ,. , , .W W .-s, J , SK . - .- fin . fx ,Y i :fe !,sN 5 V Kg X w Q gn: in ft,j5M .K 4,- 2-9 ' Q, f il-fl W , if S ii 4 :vii :fer 5255 Ewart Johnston Ella Kennedy Frank Kenyon William Keyes Merl Kindy llleclmnic Arts lliologiczil Science Hechanic .Xrts Xlatlienmtics, head Pliysiczil Science Marcia Lange Alice La Pierre Mary K. Lawson Elizabeth Lisherness William Lopez lliological Science Spanish English English Physical Ed., Head Francis McCollom Yvonne McCollom May McCully Pearl McFadden Lois MacKa1ip Physical lfdueatirin French Biological Science Coniniercial Illatliematics John McManus Gertrude Mallory Luella Mart Laura Merriman Herbert Meyer Rex Miller English Librarian Commercial Spanish Biological Science Art Francis Moore Andrew Morris Gerald Mos'teller Irene Newton Eugenia Oliver Main Office Comniercial Pliysiczxl Science Sccial Science Music, head l 17 l : '.,,-.-iialrmv r Y 4 ! ,.....'.s,.s,.-...f a...,.f.,..-.. ....,.,.,.,,.H,, X V""x "f---- -4, .-,...,,. A., .- ---r ' "m"""""'r'-J 1 i x X ,sl Ye. ? Ha Z :A c riiieff 551' 3 . Pl 1: ' i fibifiia fl ii v 0 1 2. E12- 5: ' ,f - f 5534 Charles Oneal Biological Science, head Blanche Preeman Commercial Susie Rominger Physical Education john Spangler Physical Education Minnie T. Watson Registrar Earl Parker COlTll'll6l'Cl?ll Lena Pence Commercial Clarabelle Severance English Rose Stelter Social Science William Wells R. O. T. C. f Madge Philbrook Music Beryl Rapp Biological Science Ray Shaffer Mechanic Arts Jeanette Trieb Physical Education, head Minnie Wharton Sc cial Science l18l .,,' AV, N, V , i Emily Pipal l"hysical Education Jessie D. Roberts Art, head William Sherinyan Mechanic Arts Louise Van Camp linglish Grace Wolf English , - - -.... M wr 1,-d,,A,u,.,,,.a.-.-as-..fQ,, E - 2 L . 5 .. .f - E it , 15 fi 2 f , .1 Nita Powers Home Economics Anna Robinson Home Economics Margaret Smith Counsellor Cora Warner Commercial, head Anna Zinn School Secretary fa Y V 1 1 -'ji 25 1 gi 3 1 IFQANKUN Mig, ALMANACI l. PORTRAIT B y ELIZABETH NEIPP Frozen in loveliness Are you, A hard, exquisite thing, Your hair is blackly delicate And blue, You bring No memories of haloed hours, Nor fading afternoons, Woven into the webbed years, That I have spentlwith you. You were not cold, exquisite Then, But wistful, innocent, and small. A little White-faced girl I see again. A laughing little girl, A gay surprise Looks now and then from Hard, exquisite eyes. ee' fun! 9 gg l- bldg.. -J Q Q1 The true ship is the ship builder." -EMERSON Q Q Rosine Leidholt Orval Fisher Garnelle Eisele Secretary President Vice-President C harlotle Kiele Booth Bertram Marie Iohnson Treasurer Social Chairman Social Chairman W'31 CLASS OFFICERS AND SPONSORS Although handicapped by the chill and icy Waters of the winter season, this group of ofhccrs and sponsors ably stccrcd the schooner W'3l through the stormy seas. Much battered and buffered by the four-year voyage, but with the Brown and Orange banner still fluttering at the rnainmast, the ship hovc to under the commands of this group. Mr. McCollum, Chr. Miss Delfclhiss, Asst. Chr. Mrs. McCollom Mrs. Cochran Mr. Sherinyan Mrs. Preernan l23l X., 41:15 27: ifff L 55: jf if a f 1 ,as 5, 1 Y ' eil' 3.4 2 n,,N H we :rf is if . , f 5,2532 .ts r l ,Ea 'fiifwnf' gl tra ' if Q 75555 fltif if .- 'JT ,:a'Zr5,. ' L A 1 gif? fy. fa cu. 1 M.-lg Q. r. K . 2-.L-jf? Yef 5, f , S In r! ,t ., V I Robert Allaire "A" baseball, 4 "A" football, 2 "B" track, 3 Boys' special, 2 Marjorie Alter Bernice Amell Armond Anderson Margaret Avington C. S. F., Beta Swimming "B" football, l C.F.S. life Hook 8: Curve, 2 "A" football, 1 C. S. F., Sec. Sec. to Mr. Moore Asst. "CH coach Tetralpha, 8 Nature club Iunto club News Ed., Press Marvin Babbidge Evelyn Baraw Wilmer Bennie Marjorie Beretta Wylma Bernard C.S.F-, life C.S.F. life Apparatus team, 4 Self-gov't. Home Economics Tetralpha, 7 Copy Editor, press "A" track, 2 Swimming club, 8 Fir. Ed., Press Tetralpha, 1 "BU football, 1 G. A. A. Philanthropic Debate champ Sr. B Secy. G. L. Rep. Nature club .W 1-r...zM Booth Bertram Mary Ellan Bisbey Herman Bishop Earley Bixler Ruth Bourget Head yell leader, 2 Nature club "B" football, 2 Band Capt. Student council, 1 V- P-, Sr. B's G. A. A. "A" tennis Student council C. R. treas., 3 Soc. Chr., Sr. A's Self-Gov't. Alm. Orch. leader Home Economics Student council, 2 C. S. F. "BH football, l Hook and Curve Kenneth Boyden Karheleen Brown Doris' Browne Rhoda Burgess Gilbert Burgoyne "AU baseball G. A. A. Sr. orchestra, 6 Hook K Curve, 2 "A" track, 2 "B" baseball Soph. basketball Entertainers club Apparatus, 2 "BU track, 2 Athladelphians Entertainers club World Friendship C. R. Treas, Spanish club, Plast. Art Club Self-g0v't. G. L. Rep. Self-gov't. Pres. l24l ZS iff 5,32 . ., Sf.-'t Q.. er 1.1. fi ,N . Zhi 'i .,.,.i, ix.. gr 7,1 1,15 5 5 E? 5 Re AS 5, - -I . 'A 4.7. A me mfg A ls. fl 1-TI' 3 1 if-fl gf? r'-A-r'-er A -'ww -.11 : . 'Q ' 112. 1 5, ' X , A-fvfa ' ' ix? K ' LE lk 2 . V., ,e mm.: in X35 '. , C ' e-S54-W e I 'lf I ' ' il i A ffi, E G 3 l A , r' 'N E g 1 Q-, ---l 1 Fly ' - -A Q L., , gm i William Buschmeyer Elina Carey Frances Cattanach Vera Chandler Dorothy Lois Clifton Stage mgr. Dancing club, 2 Home Economics C. S. F. C. R. Treas. Orpheus Club Hook and Curve Art club, Soc. Sr. Latin. 3 SE1f'g0Yyt- Printers' Guild Sec., Mrs. Trieb Chr. Girl Reserves Jr. Latin Club C. R. Rep. Sec., Mr. Gilbert G. L. Rep. G. A. A. Good Form club Mildred Cohn Eleanor Conn Ivandora Cook Ema Letha Cordell Curtis Cortelyou G. A. A., 8 Special, 3 Girl Reserves. 2 "Midsummer C. R. Treas. debating Dancing club, l Needlework Guild Nights Dream" Printers' guild Sr. yell leader Music club Sr. Latin, 2 Glee club Ir. Latin Spanish club, 1 Self-g0v't. Varsity tennis, l Vivian Corwin Sr. Latin, 4 Self gov't., 2 Special Girls' Reserves Dorothy Davis French club Tetralpha, 4 Sr. Glee Accomp., C. S. F. V l Mildred Crawford Sr. Latin club Tetralpha Life member, C. S. F. Dolores Dell Osso Rhyme X Reason Shakespeare, 5 Garden club Music club Agljsra. Warren Cullen Spanish Club "B" track "A" track mgr. Cross Country Hazel Dickinson Evelyn Cummings Life member, C. S. F. Junto club, 5 Sr. Orch. Clyde Dixon Special, 5 C. R'. Treas., 6 "B" football, 1 Usher, 3 Naomi Daggett C. R. Treas., 2 Hook and Curve Harmonica club Dancing club Marian Dodge Self-gov't. 2 G. A. A., 3 Uniform board Hook and Curve e , I 5254 A r2S1 l ,.., 5Qi--:L-Q,vx'k1Q."1 tbmilvdi 4 --M N-.e..e.,s....,,,,m ,, ,,.,.....a..-f... 1 L.-f-----......... 4. .f ,,. ,.r if 1 A . A L 3: will 2 . . 'A vi -aw ' Qi? 1 is E 5' if .e 4. E, .... A .V x... 2 f ia Florence Dundas james Feeney HBH football, 1 UB" track, 1 Self govlt., 1 Edwin Early Special, 2 HB" track "B" football Football, mgr., 1 Clarice Fisher Sr. Latin club French club Snanish club Rhyme X Reason Garnette Eisele Charlotte Evans Evelyn Fagin V. P. Sr. A's Shakespeare, 7 Shakespeare club Philanthropic, Masquers, Pres. Spanish club Pres. ,l unto club, Treas. A12 golrl debate 'AL'Aiglon" Orval Fisher Clubhouse Ass'n. Harry Fisher ..L,Aig1nn,, Robert Fisher R.O.'l'.C.. Capt. Sr. A Pres. 2iirl. Lt, Band Self-g0v't.. 2 Sr. B Pres. Sr. Orch. Aero club, 2 'TV' football, 2 Orch. .Xll Citv "The Swan" Baseball, 2 Almanac Orch. ' 1 Agljzv. Paul Fisk Robert Fitzpatrick Doris Frazier Edward Furer C. S. F.. Aloha "B"t1-ack, l Sr. Glee, 2 'KV' Basketball Tetralpha, 5 "Cn football, l Ass't. librarian "A" Swimming Tetralpha, Pres. Self-govyt., 1 Girls' reserves Gym Team Sr. Latin Club French club Gym Club, 8 Wayne Gardner Dorothy Gazin Hilmer Gilbert Jean Good Self-gov't., 1 Home Economics R.O.T.C., 7 Sec., Girls' "Bw baseball, 1 club Cant. Adjutant league "A" baseball, l Officers' club, 4 Clubhouse Ass'n. "A" basketball. 1 Sr. basketball Gene Galbraith Swimming, 1 Football, 1 George Goyer Art Club, 2 bpanish Club, 2 "IS" basketball UA" tennis l26l 'Ss3f'Ti..f 'f 5 if . L: fl i 521' , K -..,,.., .....-.-.---.... .. ,r ,. ,fax , Q 1 it Q 1 5 ...H 1 r - a l f 'L fi J.-' ., .,, ,f- janet Graham Marjorie Griffith Lawrence William Hannum Le Erma Hanson Hook N Curve, 2 Salmagumli, 2 Handverger Spanish Club C. R. Soc. Chr. Sec., Mrs. Church C. S. F., Beta Self-Gov't. Boys' Chorus G. L. Rep., 2 Nature club Gold debate Football Self-gov't., 2 champ. Printers' Guilil Sally Harris Roy Hayden Raymond Henry Cora Hieber William Helm Sr. glee club, 2 Self-govt, 2 R. O. 'l'. C., 6 G. A. A. Treas. Self-Gov't., 2 Self-gov't., 2 C. R. Treas.. l Football, Z Baseballletterman "A" baseball, 2 C. R. Soc. Chr. Varsity track, l Baseball, Z Hook anal Curve HC" basketball Club House Assln. "C" basketball, l Special Sec., Mrs. Church "C" football, 2 W pq. A23 Richard Herron Evelyn Hill Merlin Hill Mary A. Hodges Eva Holroyd Acro Club Spanish club Nature Club, 3 French club, 2 Latin club Glider Club C. S. F., Beta Girl reserves, 5 Art club Spanish Club Vilorld Friendship Vllrestling Sr. glee club, 2 Louis Hopkins Virginia Houchins Lloyd House Vivian Hunt Marguarite Irwin Gym Club, 4 Home Economics Jr. Latin, 1 Self-gov't. Home Economics Apparatus Club, 1 G. A. A., 6 Self4gov't., 2 Spanish club ClubHouse Ass'n, Atlllaflelphian, 2 C. R. Treas. Stage Crew Girl Reserves Girl Reserves, l Gym office C. R. Rep., 2 Sr. orchestra G. A. A., 3 , l27l 5. W.. M., -..,-, Nw! I ,V 4 ,,,..,...-ei... mmm Q .M 5 4 R Ei 'ffl 2.45 iii? L F1 23 ii E225 5 ir? 34. Q f. iff ' ,ws ,., 1 , e Wilford Jackson Helen Jenkins Kay Johnson Marie Johnson R Boys' gym club, Home Economics C. R. Soc. Chr. Soc. Chr., Sr. A's V. P. club, 2 G. L. Rep., 3 V. P., G. L. Cashier, cafe French club, 3 Uniform board, Sr. yell leader Main office, 2 chairman Paul Jones Edna Keech Walter Keeney Suzanne Kellog G Swimming Treble Clef club Self-gov't., 2 G. L. Rep., 2 Class C basket- Girl reserves, 2 Varsity tennis, 2 Dancing club ball, l Spanish club, 3 Athladelphian, 4 Garden club, Self-govit. G. A. A., 4 R.O.T.C., 2 president 3H5S...? Jarette Kendall Charlotte Kiele Audrey Kipp Bertelle Knowles C. R. Treas., 1 Treas. Sr. A's C. R. Pres.,2 Sr. glee club Press Rep., l C. R. Treas., 6 Soc. Chr., 2 "C" football Shakespeare club, G. A. A. Letter Spanish club Capt. "B" football 2 Sr. Orchestra, 2 G. L. Rep. Athladelphian Henry La France Lester Larson Roger Latimer Rosine Leidholt Sr. Orch. Bus. Office French club Sec., Sr. A's Band Track 2nd V. P., G. L. Music Club Club House Ass'n. Football Sr. orchestra obert Johnson Olicers' club, 3 R.O.T.C., 6 Attendance ollice, 1 ai-land Kelly Sr. glee club, 3 French club Philanthropi C. R. Treas. C Clement Korb Self-gov't., 5 C. S. F., Beta Radio club, V. P- Charlotte Lenhart Home Economics Uniform Checker G. L. Rep. Art club l23l 1 '-1, ,..,.. ...W--4 -1- 1. , T l l l l 4 i E .4 I , Y' ,V 1 QXQ ' 3. 1- f Q tl f 4 ,, ... .Mas ,,,,,,h V. ,Mw,,, ,Q A rg me V. A 4. ...M W.. I 4 1...fvg -.rf , ,wk -f-f f- 5 5 Nz ,fl 3. iw wi, 3 f 11, ,f .. f 2 fs. Ti L 3... ,2..'. ' g 341 . Eg 1 1. M3 say if 1, fi 51 , ,..,, zz U A 1 2 p 75 1, tx 5 2 L 1 1 f .5 j r '75, L, Q--R ,' N . N I L -get ..2xxw:. ' a-3,5 "' 1 .. ffl' 5 1.--. . v Mary Ester Loop Wilbur McAlpine Edna McClure Rhea McDonald Agnes McNulty Self-gov't., 1 Sr. Glee Pres. Good Form Self-gov't., 6 Girls' Reserves Uniform board Music Club Pres. G. L. Rep. G. A. A., 6 Hook and Curve Club House Ass'n. Stage mgr. Uniform checker Hook and Curve, Needlework Guild Sec., Girls' Court Football, 2 C. R, Soc. Chr. Pres. Olga Marquez Katherine Marshall Virginia Maxiield Virginia Melkesian William Metzler Tetralpha C. S. F., Alpha French club Good Form club Harold Mitchell "A" track mgr. Radio Club R. O. T. C., 2 Bugle Corps Virginia Newman French club, 7 Accomp., Boys' glee Sr. orchestra Treble clef Spanish club Girl Reserves Sr. Latin Salnjiagundi club C. R. Treas. Sr. Glee Home Economics Self'Gov't. Spanish club Main office C. R. Treas. 7 4 Aglrtv. Juanita Mont Woodrow Morrison Garden club R.O.T.C., 6 Art club lst Lt. training Spanish club oihcer "B" baseball Mary Etta Norman Mabel Norton Spanish club Attendance office G. L. Rep. G. L. Rep. C. R. Sec. Uniform Rep. Carl Nauman R. O. T. C. Capt. Officers' Club Everett Oates Sr. glee club Orpheus Teti-alpha R.O.T.C. Printers' Guild, 2 Football mgr. C. R. Treas. Charles Nelson Spanish club Ushers club "A" track mgr. "A" football, mgr. Evelyn Ochsner Hook and Curve Sec., Miss Campbell Sec., Mr. Sniffen i291 K A K:. A M.q A J' ' ""e' 'fugxvons . .s.w1..s-earfvf' ... .-...-,,a ,WW W... S... .,,- a,a-.,J 1 A 17 L55 QA . P. fp 523.2 V -as 33, gs 732. . Q 9 Darrell Osborne Bob Palmer Alice Pargellis Elsie Paul Flora Pell C.F.S. life R.O.T.C., Capt. Sr. Glee, Treas. Sec., C. C. B. Nature club Tetralpha, 8 Sr. glee club Art Club, Sec. Hook and Curve Music club Debate Champ Officers' club, Music club, V. P. C. R. Soc. Chr. Oratorical winner Pres. Girl Reserves Student council Lois Pence Orville Peterson Lawrence Pierson Wilfred Pyrtle Ruth Rapaport Special, 2 HC" Football C. R. Treas., 2 Sr. Orch., 7 C. S. F., 4 Self-gov't., 4 HB" Football R. O. T. C., Lt. Self-Gov't., 2 Tetralpha, 2 G. A. A. HA" Basketball Self-Gov't., l Printers' Guild Music club Spanish club Gym Club, 4 Ofhcers' Club. 3 Music Club Latin club , AE...-3 Anthony Redondo Esther Reese Jack Requarth Pauline Reynolds Florence Rickis "AU baseball, 2 C. R. Pres. R. O. T. C. Capt. C. R. Soc. Chr. 'X-X" basketball G. L. Rep. Special, l Press Rep. Athladelphians G. A. A. Sr. Glee Sec., to Miss Asst. Sport, Press Philanthropic Ushers' Club Merriman Teresa Roselli Elma Rosenberger Thelma Rowan Louise Russell Frances Selecman Spanish club Home Economics Attendance office Treble elei club C. C. B., Chr. Good Form club Swimming club Business office C. S. F. Student council 4 VVorld Friendship Press Rep. Apparatus club Sr. glee club, 2 Play leads Self-govit. Sr. Latin club Tetralpha, 3 l30l Marion Sens C. R. Soc. Chr., Self-gov't., 3 Hook K Curve Sec., Mr. Oneal Elsie Smetana Jr. Latin club Sr. Latin club Uniform checker Donald Stephens Sr. Latin club . ,W 1+ , . . Q f .. gala i ff Q K ,-1 he 1 F Margaret Sexton Dickson Sheppard Paul Shindoa "Midsummer Tetralpha UC" football Ni,-zht's Dream' Life member. "B" football Sec., Mr. Shaw C. S. F. MCU track C. S. F., life C. R. Treas. Norman Smith Virginia Smith Henry Snowdon C. R. Treas. Sr. Latin club C. S. F. Girls' L. Rep. Girl reserves C. R. Rep. "CU track "A" basketball UA" tennis team V 4 Dorothy Straser C. R. Treas. Inter-class debate Main ofhce Aviation club Usher Catherine Taylor Sec., Miss Carlqnist Harry Taylor Self-gov't. R.O.'l'.C. Treble clcf Sr. Glee Club Good Form clnl: Tetralnha C. S. F. Aiuljps Eleanor Strickler Vniform checker Hook and Curve Self-gov't. Typist, Bus. Ofc. Tom Thatcher l31l Lorne Swenson Ferne Throop French Club Basketball Swimming club Press Rep. joe Signorelli Glee, Pres. Stage, asst. mgr. Football, 2 R. O. T. C. Lillian Stead llniform checker Sec.. Mrs. Roberts Sec., Miss Hodgkins john Taft R.O.T.C., major Special, 1 Spanish club Officers' club Cliiftord Tolin Sr. Orchestra Officers' club Special Cashier, Cafe --"e.f"1,,.' ' lk. t e -'A- l in l rr ilifl 1 .ew . ..-A G, .. IL il. .r 4 v, if r -f--- Y --- , Q , ,- -, . .3 1 ir r A ' 1 " 5 " E .Nr I.. Glenola Tozier Art club Dancing club Treble clef Virginia West Hook and Curve G. L. Rep. Sec., Bliss Oliver 2 Mildred Holst Self-gov't., 3 Girl reserves, 2 Spanish club, 5 C. S. F., Alpha Mildred Strickland Cashier in cafe Laurel Van Wig Bulah Wagner G Basketball Sr. glee club Self-gov't. C. S. F. French club Shakespeare club Uniform checker Music club Jack Westlake John Wiest O Athladelphians, 4 Otlicers' club UAH swimming "C" basketball "ll" basketball 2 R.O.T.C., Lt. ladys Watkins Philanthropic Spanish club Latin club G. A. A. dessa Wikel Nature club C. S. F., Z Poste employee G. L. Rep. Agljsv. Laura Willmot Howard Winter Genevieve Wirkus Poste, 2 XVorlrl Friendship Swimming Spanish club Art Club Apparatus Self-gov't. Tetralpha G. A. A. C. S. F. Hook and Curve Eleanor Wood Charles Yates George Pack Hook S: Curve, 2 Varsity swimming "A" bageball, 1 C. R. Treas. Printers' guild "A" basketball, l Sec., Mr. Cir. Mgr., press Galbraith, 2 Football Nlgr. f -.s x. ---... l32l .N ,, -. an., ,:.a.........,, Elinore Webber Tetralpha, 6 C. S. F. life Sr. orchestra, 6 All city symphony Norman Williams Glider Club, V. P. Music Club, treas. Hoyt Bowers William Erbes Iva Hood Howard Mansur as X5 E212 . .73 ily' 2125 2:35 f . a ri rf? .5352 af- 3 EFT: si t 4 l , s 4 .... m... Q, . .. ,M , .Q ,. nd ,,,A. Y, , ,W nh.- A Durz ell Orlvorzzc Marvin Bahhidge E uc! yn Baraw W '3 I Margaret Avington W'3l Frances S clecmmz W '31 W'31 W '31 EPHEBIANS The highest honor a Franklin graduate may receive is that of membership in the Ephebian Society, a city-wide organization. In order to belong to this group, a student must have attained 21 very high scholarship and citizenship record, and give evidence of good character. The members are elected by a vote of the faculty. Eleanor Perry Charles C urtix lean M aria S milh S'3I S'31 S'31 lean Beck Kennelh White Dorothy lean Caldwell S'3I S'3l S'3I l i 5 i 1 E r I E331 l C. S. F. LIFE MEMBERS Mrzrgrzrel Auington Evelyn Bzzraw Marvin Bizfvlvidgz' Af1fI!Z7l'l'd Cruwforzl Ezfelyn Czrzmmingvc W'31 W'31 W'31 W31 W'3l Darrell Oxbornc Frances Selecmnn Dfckxon Sfzeppard W '3 1 W'31 W '31 Mm'gLzrcz S exlolz lean Beck C h ar! ex C 111715 Miriunz S tci mv' W'31 S31 S'31 S'31 Eleanor Perry less Oliver Elizubczh Neipp lean Caldwell Exlcfllu Smilfv S'31 S'3I S31 S'31 S'31 Eleanor Piercc also gained membership. I 34 I 1 3 . A 1 55-.,:f42L" T 2 f iii 'EY 2 ti Z lcmz Heck Max Fonda VlC'C-Plfillliflll Prc.f1'1le11Z Dorolhy Tlzompxou Iinzmy .lflnlllgzm lean Caldwell Clzrzrlc,-' C111'I1'x Social Clllllflllllll Social C hafrmrzvz S6L'l'Ff!Ii'y Tl'FLI.fIII'F1' S'31 CLASS OFFICERS AND SPONSORS Ending a delightful cruise through the calm blue waters of the summer seas, the graceful yacht S31 was wafted into harbor by the breath of a balmy breeze. Many new things were tried on this trip, and all proved successful, due to the wise counsel of the sponsors. Having selected the most capable of an unusual group, the crew was not hard to handle. In the Words of the yacht's captain, His everything clearP,' the ship made a safe arrival. Mr. Mclvlunzfx Mir: Horlglqim, Chr. Mr. Lopez, Asst. Cllr. Mrs. Clzzzrclz Mfr. Allen Mixs Ivlerriman Mr. Miller Mrs. W nzrner Mrs. Tricb t Qt ' 1i-:: 1 1- f x ii 'Q' fssi john Alabaster Victor Allen Gym Club Helen Appleford Malcolm Arian Sr. Orch. V.1'., Stud. Body City Orch. Sr. Glee, Pres. French Club Track, 4 Self-Government C.C.B. Chr, Jean Beck Rose Beniche Tetralpha, 3 Printers' Guild C.F.S. life V.P. Sr. A'S Sec. Sr. Bis Betty Bickford Rhyme S Reason, Pres. Art Club, Sec. C.R. Treas. Uniform Brd., 4 C.L. Treas. Clubhouse Assfn Claude Bidgood Officers' Club, V.P. R.O.T.C. Capt. Printers' Guild R.O.T.C., 7 Lillian Anderson . Pauline Anderson William Anderson Hook 8: Curve Sr. Orch., 7 C. R. Pres. Jr. Orch., 2 Uniform Check Music Club 1 Self-Government Almanac Orch Jack Atwood Lt., R.O.T.C. Olga Barron Clubhouse Ass'n. Gale Beatty Tennis, 2 Officers' Club Pres. V.P. Good Form, Pres. Offn Sr. Glee, V.P. Lola Bennett Robert Beretta Leo Berger VV'orld Friendship Salamagundi Carlos Birck Arthur Bishop Karl Bitterolf "A" Track, 2 Self-Gov't. Spec. Cafe, 2 HB" K UC"Ftball. Athledelphian Spanish Club, l Self-Government Swimming Team, 4 E351 .QI f 4 ,iz-,,,rkflq :,f'f,5.'l1 -' iv? gl 5 L. , K4 1 . ,, ., , C.R. Treas., 2 Hook K Curve, Soc. Chr. Dancing Club. 3 june Broughton Latin Club, S Self-C-ov't., 1 Special, 1 Home Economics Jean Caldwell Tetralpha, 8 G.L. Treas. V.P., VV.F. Club Sec., Sr. A's Barbara Cody G..-X.,-X., Sec., 1 French Club, 2 Self-Gov't., J Mary Boccignone Katherine Borgman Verna Boyd Dorothy Boyer Margaret Brackett Trausferrefl from G..X..X., Y.I'. Girls' Sr. Glee, .Xntelope High Heacl Checker Treasurer Spanish Club Student Council Trellle Clef. 1 G..X..X. Sec., Mrs. .Xllcn lvllffUl'ITl Brd., l Dorothy Brown Jack Browne Paul Burch Norman Burlingame Xlusic Club Sr. Glee Club, 3 Baseball Latin Club Football Nlizr., 2 Sr. Glce Club Dancing Club Sr. AX Yell I,E2lllCl' Sr. Orch. Self-govt Almanac Orch. P'- Randall Carey Robert Carr Jorie Casebeer Julian Clark R.U.'l'.C., 6 HA" Football G. L. Pres. Cyin 'l'eaui, 3 Officers' Club, 1 Head, Special G. A. A. Pres. -lr. Glee, .3 Sr. Glce, 2 Baseball. .Z Glee Club, Pres. ,Xthlaclelphian, 4 Orpheus Club, 2 Student Council,1 llllll3lltl1fOIJlCPl'CS Swimming, 3 Robert Cole Dudley Colloran Leona Collins Charlotte Condon lloys' Sr. Glen "C" Swimming C. RI Pres., 2 Vniform Checker Self'Gov't. "B" Football Mgr llock N Curve Good Form Club Football "B" Baseball lwl1lfOl'lTl Rep., 2 Salniaguncli Track Sec., Counselor Spanish Club f-"z.., l37l .4 Denver Cook Charles Curtis Editor, Press R.O.T.C., 6 C.S.F., life mem. Tetralplla, Pres. Harry Dean Traffic squad, 3 Stud. Couucil,3 Special, 4 Athlaclelphiau Margaret Doney Special, 2 Dancing Club, Pres. GAUX., S David Cooper Cai. Cashier, 4 Gym Club, 3 Self-Gov't., 1 Bernard Dale "B" Football, 2 Dramatics, 2 Barbara Corson George Couch Marjorie Cramer Music Club MCH Football letralplia, 4 Home Economics Football Mgr., 2 Pres., Needlework Hikinig Club, 1 C.R. Self-G0v't. I.C. Debate Girl Reserves Cgold teamj Roger Daley Anna Davis Kathryn Dawes Art Ed., Almanac Good Form Club Shakspre., Pres. Football, 3 Economics Club L'Youngest" lead Sr. I3 Pres. Shakspre. contest Special lst. pl. SO. Cal. Bennie Diego Robert Easton R.O.'l'.C., Major Football, 6 Self-Gov't., 5 Special Hugh Dillman R.U.T.C., 7 Officers' Club, 4 Self-Gov't., 5 Special Raymond Edwards. Senior Glee, 4 Self-Gov't., 3 lfshers' Club, 2 HA" Football, l Lister Dixon Swimming, 6 Atliladelpphian Gym Club Press Staff Leslie Edmunds Edna Donnell Swimming Club Self-Gov't. Uniform Checker Hook K Curve Stuart Emslie HB" Football, l R.O.T.C., 3 Printers' Guild, 3 liatiu Club, l R.O.l'.C, 3 belt-Gov t., 3 C.R. Treas., 2 l33l Arthur Enderle Gym team XVrestling UB" Football Atlxladelplmian Maxwell Fonda Pres., Sr. Class Soc. Chr., Sr. 13 Sr. Glee. Pres. UC" Football, 2 's l Hazelmary Eskridge Bob Evans Dorothy Fernette Alice Ferran jr. Latin, 2 UA" liascball, 4 llook and Curve Svc., Blr. Onval Sr. Latin, 6 .-Xthladclphian, 6 Sec., Hr. Horton Sec., Bliss llcCullV Neecllew. Guild, -1 Self-Cov't., l G.L. Rep., l Cvunselorls Off., l 13, C Football, 4 Archery Club Elmer Freeman Dorothy Garth Rowland Gautsclqe Norine Gilmartin Swinnning team, 3 Senior Cleo, 4 .Xtlilaclclpliiau Home lic. Press lym Club, 8 C.S.F., Beta "ll" Football,l "lin Football, l GUXHX. "C" Track, l Football, l Music Club William Gilmartin Russell Gleason Hortense Goldsmith C. S. F. Life Spanish Club Tetrallwha C.S. F. Estelle Gordon Spanish Club Rhyme X Reason llvilflll l:l'iCUfl9-lllll Self-G0v't. Sell'-Govt Debating, 2 Self-Govt Home Economics llomo EC. Club fl1'ZlIOl'lC2llCOlltS5l Sliakcslmeare Club Cafe ill.. Rep. Cleef Club. l C.R. Chix, l bniforui Chee.. l Bernice Goldman Acconilr. Girls' Sr. Cleo. 3 Acconip. lloys' Sr. Glue, Z Imogene Grey ll.L. Rep. Hook N Curve Art Club Coccl Form Club l 1 x Lucille Griggs Alice Hale Inza Haney Ruth Hansen French Club Hook K Curve, Archery Club, 7 Spanish Club G.A.A. Treas. Hook Sc Curve G.L. Rep. Self-Gov't. C.R. Treas., 2 Self-Govt., 2 Mary Harris Virginia Harris Harriet Hart Robert Held Sec., Spanish Club 'ihlidsummer Tetralpha Football, 6 C.S.F. Nights Dreamn Track, 8 Girl Reserves "P0n1andar Walk' Atllladelphians, Home Economics Shakespeare Club V.l'. PS Mary Hill Pearl Hill Edward Homer Lonnie Hood C. S. F. Alpha C. S. F. Beta Self-Gov't., l Pres. St. Body W. F. Club, V. P. Hook K Curve Boys' League Pres ,lunto Club Self-Gov't. Sport Ed., Al. Clubhouse Assn. Dancing Club Track X Football Dorothy Howe Margaret Howlett Lorna Hunter Florence Hook 8z.Curve Photo Editor Al. C. R. Treas. Hutchinson Sec., Miss Stevens Art Club Needlewrk. Guild C.R. Treas., 1 Salmagundi Home Economics Uniform Check., l Spanish Club Good Form, l Home Econom., l Beatrice. Haraden Garden Club, Pres Garden Club, V.P. C.S.F., Beta George Higgins Boys' League Chr Spanish Club, Sec VVorld Friendship Class A Track Harold Hord Gordon Imler f40 l l f Homer Kirsch Richard Key Dorothy Krage Joseph Kornowski Ruth Klotz Sr. Orch. Press Staff, 3 G.A.A., 7 Sr. Latin, 3 C.R. Treas. Sr. Band Atliladelphian Clubhouse Ass'n. Self-Gov't., Z Self-Gov't. Sr. Glee Club Baseball, 2 Hook X Curve, 2 C.S,F.,Beta Treble Cleft Club Music Club Basketball, 1 Girl Reserves, 1 Gym Clerk. Z Irene josefowski Richard Jones Lennart Johnson Fay Jennings Zaven Jamentz Sr. Orch., 6 Boys' League, Athlafdelphiau, 7 G. L. Rep. Basketball, 2 C.S.F., Beta V,P, "A" Football Salmagundi, l C. R. Treas. Sr. Latin Club Circ, Blgr., Press HB" Football Garden Club, l World Friendship TI-ack, UB," "C" "CH Football H- john Lackner Barbara Lawrence James Leathers Burns Lee Charlotte Luedtke B.L. Seo,-Treas. Clubhouse Ass'u. Asst. Ed. Press Editor, Almanac Archery Assist. Erl., Al. Garden Club Editor, Press Salmagundi Varsity track Sr. Latin Chr. Boys' VYeek Hook K Curve , C.S.F.,Alpha Trafxic Squad, 3 Needlewk. Guild Donald Link Earl Lynch Margaret Lyons Whipple McClay Baseball, 3 Football,2 Clubhouse Ass'11. Sr. Band K Orch. Audrey McClemans Football, 1 Self-Gov't. 3 Znd VP., G.L. Track Letter Self-Govit. C.R. Treas., 1 SelffGoV't. Klan Iunto Club, 3 R.O.T.C,, 1 G.A.A. Officers' Club l41l , fr as-l.., - 3? l 6 Jr if 9 Betty Madding juuto Club Nasquers, Sec. Elmer Maurman Lily Mokryzcka Spanish Club Dancing Club Self-Gc'v't. George Milloglov Edward Manthey Carolyn Messina C.R. Treas., l Hook K Curve, 2 Apparatus. l Dancing Club, 2 Dorothy Mollett "Mikado" leall Sr, Glec Spanish Club C,R. Treas. james Mulligan Soc. Chr., Sr. .Vs Yell Leader Nature Club, Y. l' Edward Marable Elan Martin Mildred-Massinter Spanish Club Salrnagundi Club 1721l1Cll1g Club, Tetralpha, 4 C.S.F., 5 '4L'Aiglon', Marion Meyer Ted Meyers 'gllikaflow Officers, Club Blasquers, Pres Boys' Clec, Sec. P'- Charles Morrey Douglas Morris MBU 'ACU Football Glider Club, Pres. Sr. Glee Music Club, 2 Spanish Club Ellsworth Ruth McMillan McClintock GL., Pres. li, C Football CHX.,-X., Pres. lioys' Sr. Glee Archery Club, Swimming team Pres. Student Council Pres. Hook X Curve, 2 HL'.Xiglon" Hazlett Miller G.A.A., 8 C.R. Treas., 2 Needle Vlfork, Pres. Everett Mulconery Swimming Otiicers' Club, 6 Sec., Soc., Chr. R.0.'ll.C., Capt. Anna Nash C..X..X. Hook N Curve Sec., Miss Holton Head, Baseball l42l 31,4 .ww . + , ,. "f y-A. .H , I 5, . , ruff-1 it Elizabeth Neipp Mabel Nielson Verla Nolan Charles Oehler l C, lx Sec '1il'2l1'lSfCI'I'E!d from C.S.F., Alplm Sun Bernardino 'lleti'alplx:x,l High School Sl',l4Zltll1,3 Frank Palmer Alberta Park l,1'i!1llH,C-I Self-Cov't., 5 XYreStling Class, 1 fniform Check. l l'rintei's' Guild, l C. L, Rep., l ' Dancing Clnlv 3 'QFEEII Helen Patterson Vniform Checker Ilziiicing Club Hook K Curve, 2 Spanish Club Eleanor Pierce Tetralplia C.S.F. Sr. Latin Self'Gov't. l43l Angeline O'Leary llook X Curve Sec., lNlr5.Zinn Sec., Miss Kennedy Don Parker Ir, Latin, 2 Sr. Latin, 4 IH'infei's' Guild, 1 Eleanor Perry V.l'. Stnrl.lT0qly Girls' C.C.B. Chi Clubliouse Ass'n. C.S.F., life Emily Poor Mnsquers Sr. Glee "Goose Hangs High" Florence Pratt Sec., Stud. Borlv Soc. Chr., Sr. B's Sec., Miss Hoclgkins Edward Reynolds Tennis Teh-alpha llasketball C.S. F. Richard Silberstein Football Baseball .Xthladelphians Printers' Guilrl Josephine Saxelby G. A. .X. llancing Club H ook X Curve Sec., Mr. .Xclrlisun l L Thelma Purvis Evelyn Prytle Betty Reiser Earl Rench VV.F. Club, Pres. Self-G0v't., Z Glee Club,Z l'0ste, Store Mgr. CR. Trcas., 3 Hook X Curve, 2 Sec. Home Self-Gov't., 5 Spanish Club Needlewk.Guil1l, 2 Economic Club C.S.F., 2 C.R. Treas. Leah Reynolds Magdalene Richards Fred Riecke Estella Smiley .Xrchery Club Hook X Curve Football, 2 VVUrlcl Friendship Glee Club Club Self-Govt, 2 Sr. Latin Club Home lic. Club Orfler of Gregg Post Employee, l Tetralplia Xcelllework Guild .Xrtists C.R. Treas., 2 CSF., life :Sia m P'- Carl Schellenberg John Shahian Helen Shaffer Patricia Sexton "ll" llaskctball Baseball, 4 Student Council, l Self-Cov't., l Orplieus Club, Sr. Orch. fllee Club,6 l'niform Checker Y.l'. Sr. Latin CR. Pres. .Xrt Club, 2 Sr. Glee, l Track, l G..X..X., 5 French Club, l Margaret Saunders Ray Rork Dorothy Ritter Jean Smith Sm-ll-Gnv't., 5 Track team Capt. llook K Curve Transferrerl from C. R. Treas.. l l3aseball.2 yrs. Sec. Miss Michigan High Swimming Club, l Tetralpha Anderson Dancing Club, 1 Chr. Ath. Comm. - ' w ,a 4 l'l4I 4 Jean Marie Smith City Syrup. Con- cert Mistress Sr. Orch., S C.S.F,, life Alvin Springer Latin Club, 2 VVorld Friend. ship, 2 Tetralplia, l John Stevens R.O.'l'.C.,lst Lt. Salmagundi, Pres. "lf:Xiglon" Special, l Donald Sullivan "C," "BU Ftball. Span. Club, Pres. C.S.F., Beta . P .Q 5, ,,-,TPH..4f5f- .1 ' Z v Leroy Smith Self-Govt, 3 Sr, Orch., 3 C.R. Treas. Track Mgr. Martin Skoll Self-Gov't. Spec. Hospitality Com. Usher. l C.R.T1-eas., l Louise Smith Allan C. Smithies 'llransferrerl from VVash. lligh Pearl Stadelman Carden Club Capt. R.O.T.C. Officers' Club Radio Club, Sec. Lillian Stein Checker Hook X Curve Club Good Form Club Virginia Stinger Treble Clef, Pres. Sr. Glee Self-Gov't. G.A.A, Marian Sutter Cafeteria Hook N Curve Sec., Mr. Holclreclge Eva Snow Sr. Latin, 6 Self-Gov't. C.S.F. Main Ollice. 3 Miriam Steiner C.S.F., life Tetralplia, 5 Copy Ed., Press C.S.F, Pub. Chr Charlene Stille Alice Strickland Marjorie Strickland XYorlCl Friendship C.R.Soc. Chix, 3 Good Form Cashier Uniform Checker llool-c K Curve Self-Gov't. Art Club,Soc. Chr. Main Office Art Club, V.l'. Cafeteria Betty Tassie Dorothy Thompson William Wall Good Form Club lst V.P., G.L. Student Council Treble Clef, Pres. Sr. .X Soc. Chr. ,Iuuto Club, Treas l'niform llrfl. Press, News lid. Interclass Debate C,, lleta C. R. Treas. 1 are l45l ' x fl Yale Thompson jr. Latin, 2 Sr. Latin. 2 Rolland Thompson La Verne Tillery Margaret Tipton Ralph Torroni R.O.'l'.C. Band, .lunto Club, Sec. l'llifO1'I1l llrml., l Baseball, l Capt. ILL. Rep. lI..X..X., 6 llasketball, l Self-G0v't., l Officers' Club lnterclziss Debate C.S.F.. .Xllwha Post CLR. Pres. Special Oneita Towns Ruth Turner Melbourne Tuttle ovell Van Meter Margaret Walsh Sec.. Mr. Moore Tetrzilplia. 2 Varsity track. Z Sec. Stullent llocly llook X Curve C.S.F., Beta C.S.l'., lleta Span. Club, Treas. See, Girls'l.eaguc Sec.. Klr. Mont- CHYA- Sr. l,zx1in 'SY' Football Student Council HUUTCTY Hook K Curve Neeillewk. Guilml .Xthlaclelwliiam 7 llrd. of l"iuauce Sec., Nlr. Oneal T ,. P'- QF Art Ward Charles Warren Harold Wasmuth Catherine Weaver Elizabeth Weeks Football Glee Club .Xrt Club. l Spzmisli Club, l Baseball, 2 lioys' YVeek Comm. Szllmagnnlli. l Music Club. Z Sec.. Boys' Court Xlforlxl F,, l Gulf Team tl..X..X. LeRoy Weeks Helen Wehlast Audrey West James Weston Irmabelle Whittaker C.S.F.. Alpha CR. Treas. Asst, .Xrt lid., Xl. Press Stall' Hook X Curve, C.R. Bless.. -l Self-llovit, ,Xrt Club. 6 Circ. Mgr. Nfl". Goonl Form Club .Xl. ,Xrt Staff, 3 French Club G..X..X..Leiterinan Spanish Club Spanisli, 4 Tennis Sec., Mrs. Zinn 1401 A zur! 3 i 3 . M. I ax.. if, fi Helen Whitaker Kenneth White Rachel Whitsell Patricia Wigley Mildred Williams Entered from Debate Champ. G.L. Rep., 2 Ir. Glee, Treas. lfniform Check, l Denver High C. S. F., Pres. SelffCov't., 1 Economics Club. C.R. Sec., Z 'Pliilantliropic Bus. lllgr., Alm. Uniform Check., 1 G..X.A. Spanish Club "Mikado" lead Jr. Latin, Treas. Ruth A1-mis Wilson Richard A. Winter Belden Wood Dean Wood Charles Woods Sr. Orches. C.S.F., Alpha Stage Mgr, Pliilantbi-opic Sport Ed., Press C. R, Treas. Masque!-S, P,-es, Club Ass't. Chr. Boys' Swimming Play leads CR., Treas. VVeek Neecllewk. Glfl. Adv. Mgr., Aim. G.L. Rep. Ushers' Club Latin Club ififf PQ Catherinewoodward Luefla Young Art Club, 2 Garden Club, l Good Form Club, 3 Self-C0v't., 3 Girl Reserves, 1 Sr. Latin Latin Club, 1 World F. Club Ruth Zimmerman Mary Bard Art Club Ray Hudson C.R. Pres. Biology Club Girl Reserves S. G. Special Latin Club Student Council i47l i L ' M i ,C , fp, , , 4 Q s . ,J Ya 3 Q li ii. J.,-I Nr' . . , AV ..V. rua I 1 i. e ' im' ,' Y W 'iewaims-v-.4s.'rwwr-zz-vwvbz , "L"'!""4Pm1.1 ,W .i,.,w.-.M.ia.,..,m...,-,....,,.... - M. .H . ,. W.. ...Af . ,H -,4 v v 7 -gf 'V QS +5 31 Q35 av ggi, ' 8 CLASS qmzp W'32 . I 1 S - : 5 5 5, ! 1 l x I E K ? fy' ' f. 2- If f 7 f Nag , 1 6 -,-1 31 gvu , xf.'..f 'fx 1 1 4 ', 31, 3- M 3 Q :ski ,ug : L-G :Kiwi 3 I ky. 1 524: LF A :ff 3 ,-EF 9, yi' I ,Y -.,., J I- .. rl ,. S82 mm BQYS 2- QHE-new S32 QAIID GIRLS I 49 J W Q m' M .V .b ,V x.1.' X f fa ,5 QM-MN.g1f:gZT4i1,L:Kg.M:4,L4:.g''zz Q ka fx Y A :, fp., ff ' 152 ,L . " iii ,514 sf? '-22 ,I -- in 51.4 1-Q, ' 1 42-.11 ifidtk 4,3 EJ-Qi' , :rx 1 3 54 , N, Xl? if ff H k if 5 11' 3, 54-., 1 'f Tiff? . 3 'gi 3 , W. if FE F231 Q. 5 ,,:g,,2 M252 Viv f f W 5 w f + z x'5"f 559.1 .-,.v'.yg:i .,L.,.Yi5 ,Aff 5, H V nw YN- nn ,, ' 4- I ,g. ,,,, my x .,f V. 1. Fr frf' 4 .5 V J ,f--' f X ' , , X if .- v X2 ' W'53 CISIU BOYS W35 gram GIRLS 1 So 1 2 -: . - . 1 ' ' 1 1 N -, M- I aw 4 , M ,,,..m,.mM....,v..,,R, L XX: Z 72 ep? wig X v a gm 2352 fl 3 vs v ff J 341 's - 0? A -23 vga 1915! X ,V ' il? L 1 ' ,1 ,L.. , 3 H 7 K v 4 4 1 f i, s,,,,,,.., -MM A .L fii-512 ifL"1?' i F- HM, v "Wg """""""A' A 1 'Is 'f : , I -------M - - gh - -- V--W.-, - V 3 1, . Q 5 Z Srgffifv M 1 ,, 2 . ,- 1, ,, , ., x , , " ,Vw g.,,:f- ' ' , 5-f--if . 4 ' f , 5 5 'I W. -. EK f ': 5, f A 5 ws .-1 .2 - 4' " ' ' 41 - x ' 1 af f - F112 ' Z' 55.1 'JAY 7 we fi' 1 iv 5 5 ,, 'iii 1552112 'f ,Ce : SW , ,535 1 1 1 rf fl' wwf E9-if Q., 5 . in 2 ,W V. 1 w .j --J, , 35: rf. wa 4 ELK, xi -P-f'+:arm1zv: A Z -: ..M......M.., S33 CAlOJ BOYS 9 S33 qfxlop GIRLS I 51 1 1 Q 1 M 1 , ,5 x y 1.1 aw W Lf Q ., f ,N f .any -., -v "J 53131 ' 1 f-w.. W., ' ' 1 ' ,.X..,,,gw., 5 ., A -J mug v ua W , -X fr 55: 'lu , N I X. ' 1 . fs L Y. 3 r 5, hw. 'TEH v yew 2 A X3 5113 . 2 '-v 13?-E HX' 2 A V1 ITE? ' ,-34 5521 73 Eli? flf, 295 ,V ii 4 f 1 f x x. X X . . V LL- wmv' . mtg H eb Y xi lg N if J M52 ,f .-1 MQ!! ,-:fy VJWJ " 9 5' Vx 3 K' 91: 1 1, ug, Q fi Y' .Q ,- 5 L 2' fw,,.a 1 .df .J X ' L ,ff pflix -1 . Wim .Q,, Ng an VV34 QBIOJ BOYS w's4 613103 GIRLS X521 5.1 ff' W7 56 .. NINTH GRADE ISOYS 3 if H ' 245555 Judi' NINTH GRADE GIRLS I 53 I What docs the good ship bear so well?" -WHITTIER Irwell Van Meier 1.o1mie Hood Frtzzzccx Sclcczmzlz Dtzrrffll OXb0l'l1l' Src1'ch11'y, W'31 I'1'z'side17!, W'31 Iiirxz iVfC'l'-P1'C'5flif'7If, W '31 Sl't'0l7lf Viva'-I'14ff1'12'e111, W'3I STUDENT BODY OFFICERS During the past year, Franklin's ship of state was commanded by this group of officers. 1 Under their able direction the passengers and crew were well satisfied. Perhaps one of the best reasons for the success of the 1930-31 voyage was the fine spirit of coopera- tion shown by those in command. I7f0re11cc Prtztf Guy ivllllll Ell'lI1lOI'Pl'I'l'jf .Vtzlmlnz Arimz Sccrenzl-y, S31 Iwavidenf, S31 I71'1'5t Vice-P1'exirlf'111, S '31 50001111 V ict'-I'1'exizfel1!, S '3 I W N X571 2 A ' J , H -. 5 , : .. J' ,V , i If 5 , " f-W1-1. .. r . f N"""+hfsa.a.-.nvm'1,.w.v'rwv '-. . 4. is v.. nm- t - ,---Ms--......,.,-,,,.,.,......,,.,,i 1 L4 'Am 4, I .ff ' 5 . STUDENT COUNCIL LEFT T0 RIGHT, FIRST Row: R. Iones, C. Sfzicrry, I. CLzfcfvc':f1', R. McMillan, E. Perry, L. Hood, M1 J Jloorc, Il'f77Cl'j7LIl,' G. Nunn, Prof.: JI. Fonda, M. Arizzlz, F. Fruit, G, Brick, Boyd. SECOND Row: D Czfllun, D. llfluno, JI, Jlzrzfvlzy, B. Glover, B. Way, W. I-II1.m11'fl, C. Smilh, JI. UIIIVC, I. l.I1BI1rrf, H Dam, IS. Lee, K, IVMIC. THIRD Row: C. Curtix, G. BI'tII'!nfL'!Z, W. Wilcox, 17. Beeson, W. Cmv, I. Mull! gan, W. I-Izzrlncft. BOARD OF FINANCE LEFT TO RIQIIT. l-'Ins'I' Row: L. V1111 Jlricr, F. Hcznvon, Jlrf. Wurlzrr, .f11fI'i.vor,' Jlr. lloorf, Prifzcipuf E. I'fr1'y. SLIEOND Row: ll. flrmlz, F. Pnztl, G. Nunn, I.. Hoorf. i531 f I - . fc I.,--v-f '...s,,-.nj-ks-KIAM'-h"A ,, ...M1 ,.-..x.I f 1 .f ,. fa 12 ii si If 1 4 0 ' ' tk C. C. B. LI-:I2'I' TO RIGIIT, FIRST Row: R. lanes, M. Arian, Mrs. Wnison, Azfzfisorg A. Trnzfix, E. Perry. SECOND Row: A. Szzzley, L. Hood. 0 UNIFORM BOARD LILIPI' 'ro RIGHT, FIRST Row: 0. Barron, I. Casebeer, R. McMillan, D. Thompson, M. Lyons. SECOND Row: M. Tipton, L. Rutledge, B. Tonpx. i591 e 5, V W I, 1 i V .La N ,Ho 1 LY. E 2, V' lzsf 4, : ' Q WH, ,,,.., .-,.......- f X ,'-"5Ef2gff:- ,JM , ,, , , W., ,wx e SQ , 2 - fu, 5 ' 1' ff .3 I f f A 1 A p. A. J, 1.05 6 W 3,3 YG QQ A i s fin? if GIRLS' SELF-GOVERNMENT W C1-IECKERS: Verna Boyd, heady Rnzh Zimmermfzn, lean Caldwell, lune Broughzon, Margaret Doney, 5 Lucille Tilm, Irmczlvelle Whitfa er, Margzlrel Brfzclelt, Margaret Tipton. Q 226: i BOYS' SELF-GOVERNMENT J SPECIALS: Bob Curr, lzeudj Loren Allen, Bob Hanks, Artlzm' Bishop, Hugh Dillmun, LuMrzr Dixon, WaIle1'Ha1'111elt, George Higgins, Riehmd M. lonex, George Limlufzl, Lowell Murfin, Ted Meyers, Kennezh Murphy, Phil Milchell, George Orxoline, Thonmx Riee, .Vurlin Slqoll, lofm Stezfem, Roy Wmxon. if Q If a A -yi Qs, gc? Sig, 53 4 5-ETX 1 ' A A 22:3 25 qi? . ' e is I 3 I , S N. ' f S Y, A- ' '-" eff N' K A " ' " 1' V ' '- W N. Q., V. M 3 5 X J Mggy . , .iv 5.L4:,?14. A QQ7 1 gx , -.L burh lb" f-wglmh ,Y e 'V ie W M e Q59 5 QW e M. L,..---5 , X Ll ,V af, ' 54. 1- :"f'.2t's 'S M, zyavy muh L.:-'4,:'qr',11 X :lx .Y 5 if - I . . ,, . . Q M' a QQ., Q X J 1 x A 3, ., , y 1 X : , MESSENGERS LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST Row: E. Brewer, R. HCl'l'l'7lg', E. Bcuchum, L. Bnxhfll, D. Adam, H. Sheppard, W McGee. SECOND Row: 1. Alchfey, W. Flanagan, E. Robertson, Mm' Greene, A!llfi5Ol',' I. Hwzzing, R Bates, W. Shizfely, W. Whiie. ! C. R. TREASURERS .VIZ I7tlI'lQFI', f1l1l'l.f0I' i611 Q, .,! .. x , 3 ' . . 'il-f l 'I N f f ' ' .3 ' 3 A 4 if E 2. 15'-23 I ttf.. 52" .'-, 2.1529 f 6 ..mf1.,....,, vmW,M,,..,.,.,,W.,,fi ,,--- ,-,,,,...-m....,,-L, .qu 'Sail on, O ship of State." -LoNGFELLoW N UTIQANKLIN ALMANACI ka," U 'kay THE UPPER DECK The engines in the dark hull of a ship push her through heavy seas, but it is the fittings and finish which make her a picture of impressive majesty. Iust as the human cargo, which we find on the upper deck, is the most important part of any ship, so in our school organization we feel that the fine arts furnish inspirational and human element. . The dramatic class, one of this group, gave an amusing Christmas play, "The Goose Hangs High." An English accent predominated the two plays which followed. 'LThe Importance of Being Ernesti' was a fast-moving play, portrayed deftly by our actors. "The Romantic Agei' proved suitable and enjoyable for the spring, "when a young man's fancy turns to lovef, .l+-LQ. This year proved outstanding in musical accomplishments. The most prominent was the opera, "The Mikadof' given in the spring. This whimsical and delightful presen- tation was made possible because of a field of unusually good material under capable direction. ...1..+.,.T The Girls, Senior Glee Club and the Treble Clef represented the school at many entertainments in the community. -,.,..- The Boys' Senior Glee was in constant demand, for its excellent reputation has spread. The Orpheus is also to be commended on its work this year. The combined Glee clubs gave a splendid program during the Christmas season. .-.-tf-1 Two orchestras, Senior and Iunior, appeared at most of the important school func- tions. A great deal of the credit for the smooth performances of the opera is due to their combined cooperation. i....+ - The Stage Crew is highly deserving of praise for the fine sets it built for the dramatic and musical performances and its prompt and efficient service throughout the year. .T+.-.- The Masquers, Club is composed of selected students who have appeared in Franklin stage productions. They attend outstanding productions on the Los Angeles legitimate stage and study the fine art of acting. Ti+,.,.T The Music Club is composed of students who love music and desire to further an appreciation of it. .17-+T..-. The Shakespeare Club is for the study of the classics of Shakespeare. Sponsors those who represent Franklin in the Southern California Shakespearean Contest. This year Franklin was represented by Edith Morrow and Gareth Goldberg. ,T-+-1i The Art Club is one of the most active and profitable organizations. lt has raised sufiicient funds to start a fine art collection for the benefit of the school. ....,+ This year interclass and interscholastic debating was stimulated to marked success by a new sponsor and a debating class. 65 'i 19 31 P"'m"" K af r H M M l F-.ra -.--M.- --.-...-a. ,... ..,,A.,,.,.N.... -Y. .Levi 51425 gf fix MM. r, ' MV' 1'-M--3 ., 2 - i -ff? f' H' -V -Q' 'nhAi"'v'Ai"d V YY'i,iUv" ga E f Fl.-"fi l,. -, 5 H 'f fa! ,fl l if fi Fx 2 ff "N 3 ' rf fi 1'4" i'f'M' , is l K. ' I 'H X Y ' ia l ' . 7' V' 2' ,-'93 5 Vt, 'f 2 X 6 41.3.5 3 i M fi s .4 -4 tr 2 1 Q, j , Xi.,.,,E ig! as wi mari my Burns Lee Editor-in-Chief ALMANAC STAFF With Burns Lee at the helm, the Almanac sailed safely through seas of printer's copy, Write-ups, proofs, copy reading and contests, until it reached port, with the Franklin student body on deck to greet the green book that contains so many records of happy days and hours. Burns Lee was the industrious fellow who had previously captained that other vessel, the Press. This experience, of course, helped him to Weather the storms that arose. His familiar command: '4Get your copy inf' hornpiped its Way through the ofhce many times daily. Mrs. Church added another year as the pilot of the year book. Mrs. Warner served in the capacity of purser, and Mrs. Roberts commanded the art Work. The hard job of chasing around the deck to hnd both ends, and the harder job of making them meet, fell to Kenneth White, business manager. Kenneth always managed to have a nice big business smile on when he made his semi-weekly appearance at Almanac meetings, and at times the ship of state fairly seethed with business, and budgets, and Kenny. Belden Wood manned the advertising end by going after ads like a regular tar. Mrs. C hzfrcfz Mrs. W lll'776l' Mrs. Roberts Roger Duffy Amfrey W cf! English AII'l'l'.V0I' Bzzxinefx flffzfixor Art Afizfisor Art EIZHOI' Asif. Ari Edifof l66f 1 , V ws, I Lrg, it . ---:raw-.J--2-:-' - 2-ff:af:,w::-:-- -LT' La w M., h MW V W 'mp WWW . ,. W w- f e' Q, si. . if M ta l ffiilr.. ,,e-.,,e,,-,,,,,,, , ' wuts--.!l5L g s ! ! . A L M!-XNARCI w Kenneth While Bmincr: Manager Mary Hill and Iohn Lackner served as assistant editors, Both became very adept at making starboard stabs at stories, racing around at all hours to get important write-ups. The literary editor was Elizabeth Neipp, who cheerfully read reams of copy, blythely p happy even when the copy was late. Elizabeth provided the literary atmosphere at meet- ings. Lonnie Hood, sport editor, was not an expert typist, but this slight deficiency didnlt prevent him from writing crack shot sport stories. At times Lonnie would face the forecastle with snatches of sailory song, just to keep the blues away. E.. Despite the fact that the diminutive Roger Daley took up a lot of space at Almanac meetings, it is due to him and his faculty advisor, Mrs. Roberts, that the art 'ft work of the book is so attractive. Assistant editor of the art staff was Audrey West, who helped Roger a great deal. Margaret Howlett did some excellent work as photo editor. To quote Mrs. Roberts: "Margaret is one of the few people I have found who does what she is told, and does it well, when it comes to working on photosf' Iohn Carey spent a , V,., lot of time drawing cartoons for the Calendar and other pages of the book. The positions of secretaries were filled by Angeline O'Leary and Anna Burstin, who Mmy Hz!! Belden Wood Elzz If fin Nezpp lonn I acknef Lonnie Hood First Arsivant Editor Adm-1'li'i11g Manager Lilcr zry Editar Second A.ffi:lanz Sport Edirol' ' Edimr typed the work and write-ups of the Almanac in a most orderly and efhcient fashion. E671 , 19 31 j i"'X"" V fe. -ii Q' M-- .... , s .,...t.-..-,,,,.,,,-,.-.., 1, ni ,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,.,,,,,A,,s,,i,,,,M,. ,,,- ffm' XM? A 3 3 " r lfieifif - 'H A t 4 A is i 35 fe . I iw- ' --1, fi' 'I 'f fiJf:i-2a.'4QQ Lli.f"m' :.-2 fix iii' if fmt? fri Ni 'X i 3, 'V . .N H -.-f.-V.-Y .A.- - .. ---, .Y .. .... . ..-. rl In 1:7 ti-2,1 A:V-k ...r..-.-,.,, . ...Y ......,.,...-.s.,..f. -V4 . .1--V ,m,-- . .,, .,.,,..,.,,...,,.,., ..,. - www ' I,-A gf- fi' fi-:z-riffs-s,,, P-ew-1zf'fei, mm ,-.,,., 5' 'QLM-rr ,-,...,,h-- 5 AL'L 5, A ft?-75, ..,i . ,,,,,,,,.,,a.. A . ,, y. ,f '-,,A..f'-N-f-. N.-mv, ,.,,,0,, ,,-mwah-,,,.,,,,,,, W., . N, fixes? Burns Lee W'31 Ediwl' PRESS STAFF The Press added another successful year to the log of Franklin, recording faithfully all of the activities and achievements for the year 1930-31. A high peak was reached in journalism. Hours of hard work to get out the paper each week were cheerfully given by the competent editors and their adviser to make it possible for Franklin students to read their Press each Tuesday morning. 3 Burns Lee, who held the position of Press editor in the fall term, aided by a line ffl, staff, put out some very good editions of the Press. Among the staff were: Charles Curtis, assistant editor, who took charge of the fourth page, Margaret Avington was news editor, Hubert Rasbach and Marvin Babbidge were the feature editors. Marvin was also munici al editor, su ul in the communit and downtown a ers with timel arti- P. ...ply g y .. pp y. cles of Franklin activities. Evelyn Baraw was the diligent news copy reader and Eliza- it beth Neipp read feature copy. The position of sports editor was filled by Bill Iones, who Jlizrgizrel flzfifzgloiz Marvin Btzbfwzkige Mrs. CIYZHOIZ, W nz. Ioncx H uber! Rilxfmcfz if ii: A flzfisor ? Floyd Rrzgmz Elizubclh Neipp Charles Woods Dorolfzy Thompson lizmes Lczzzfzers tel? ' ' -P 0 I l 63 l 3 L. tigad Ig.-gif-6-5 .L gxfQe,g:i4r,,-.AM Y, . 5,9v,?mv' I 2-.a....em-Mu:gf..a-4i.1fvv- A V Mu- --V---N 1. C. :Eff i r A-'f5N-X . . .. .. ,,...,..,.. ,-'f""" 1, Q,.g,ga,1,.swe .K--..1.:. -. ffVLAN-54g,.,g..-'V""'..e: ,f f 1 Q W uf wtf- it .,f M 5 tg. rl was pf IF 'I -,M-1, ..,-,.,.v,, --...mth-.,,,...., -.,.,,,,,,,,,, ff-f.: M., ,q:,,"5' 7' " gf'12a.Al-.A-' ',-1.'4:,.u:.f....,"- ' in .... ... , . ..,... 'eufff-. ""fJ'?'l71' - A-1"-r 1-in maiaazrtszf ,,,,., 'W-.:..s1,J...' "'-H-AMX ' 'i4s.,,1'S,- Charles Cnrfix S31 Edffw' was assisted by Charles VVoods. The business manager of the Press was WVilliam Ed- munds, and George Pack was circulation manager. Mrs. Cranon, advisor, has done much to help and better the Press with her hard work, and with the cooperation of the student staff, the Press reached a high plane. In the spring term, Charles Curtis headed the stall as editor-in-chief. He was as- sisted by Iames Leathers and Hubert Rasbach. The work in the feature department was in charge of Elizabeth Neipp and Floyd Ragan, feature editors. Dorothy Thompson efficiently held the position of news editor, assisted by Charles Glaubig, municipal editor, and Anna Burstin, organizations editor. Miriam Steiner was news copy editor and Nelda lnslee read feature copy. Charles VVoods was the sports editor and was assisted by lack Hutchinson. Martha Sanborn was girls' sports editor. Lloyd Iohnson was business manager during the spring term. Dick Iones was circulation manager, and Dallas Gladson was his assistant. Lfgf-'T TU RIGHT, Fmsi' Row: M. Sll'ilZCI', I. I.mlhe1',r, E, Neipp, B. Lcf, Mrs. Crimon, Azfzfi.wr,' C. Czrrfis, H. Rusbuch, C. Woods, D. Thonzpson, W. lanes, I. Hzzlcfzinson. SLCOND Row: N. Inslcr, C. Glzmbig, .f1. Bllllfffll, l. Shnhiull, L. Griggs, L. Hood, K. Burlqer, L. ,0h71S071, M. Srznborn, W. Ednzzzmfx, D. Shank. THIRD Row: R. .lI. lanes, F. Rfzglm. 1. Huzfpfrmllz, L. Dixon. l69l "THE GOOSE HANGS HIGH,' Rene Womlwurzl flfluirll, Emily Poor Ulm. Brmllryj, I-'n1m'e.f S!'1!'6'I?Z1Il1 flinnice Ingulsj, Wzzfzrla ,x'1tIZll7'- lqerich f1.ois Ingulxj, Don llorgmz fHugh Izzgulxj, Teri Mcycrx fBc'1'm1rd Ingulfl, Exfhw' Phillips fD11gmar Currollf, luck Hrownc lBn1dley Illglljff, Nm: l,f1uf1'mcr Klnlipi Mznvfockj, ,-Ilfwrl Trcwix lliomzld Murzlorkj, Bm! Iuclqmn KDayj, lohn Malcolm fKinzl1rrz'lyj. "IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST', LEF1' 'ro Rxcxxrrz Lucyllc Goldmiirh ffvlixx I'ri.vmj, Rwmlirlff Merrill fD1'. Chamblcj, Kulhryiv Iluwcx fvGlt'EllIlIllfl7 lizfrfurj, .NHIIZIIJOIY Goff fEdI'71C'51 Warlfliiigl. Cfmrfolff EL'LIl7,f flmfy Bh1clq11f'fll, Afffrrf T1'4ll'j5 ffllgfvwozz Jrlofmirjl, Helly Jluzlzffzzg lCedfly Curdcwj. KN:-.1-LLING: Bcrlmrd R0.f6'lI!7f'l'g f.NIm'1'z'n1m1A. WUI NW. f. Wm, M- 5 - 4 ,,,.- .....,.,....,...,,,. "THE ROMANTIC AGE" LEFT T0 RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Pauline Andemon, Marvel Del Oxso, Rene Woodward, Sylvia Andrews, Erlitn Morrow, Lovell Van Meter, Lily Molqrzychu, Glenflu Ti771.l7l'00k, lean Caldwell. SECOND ROW: lohn Mzzlcolm, Garcln Goldberg, Elwood Ginn, Ruy Hiirlxon, George Linrlulzl, Albert Truvif, HfII'0ld Kelxen, john Slefxcnx. "MIKADO,' LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST Row: Kallzryn Dawes fPitti Singj, Extllcr Phillip: fYL1m-Yzrmj, Kenneth While fNanlqi-Pool, Kalhryn Revo fPer3p-Boj. SECOND Row: Sam Gfllys fPi5h-Tnxhj, Emily Poor fKali:haQ, Hc'rl1cf't Lowry fKo-Koj, Ted Meyer: fPo0h-Buhyl. THIRD Row: Thomaf Moore fumlvrella carrierj, William Pains fMilqudoj, V711 4: V 5 iv .V . A ,, ..,.,.. W' if sf? , .- Qt .- .. kY,,, 9537 I 2254? 'fl ' Ez ' a3:G, li 2 QL! I " if-3 Y Yi lv- s i W 1.-I. yew gig ....,,..... i V V ' :R ,L L- l GIRLS' GLEE LEIQT TO RIGHT, FIRST Row: R. McMillan, G. Kelly, E. Phillips, D. Messick, Aeeomp.,' 0. Barron, V. P.: I. Cizsebeer, Pres.,' Miss Philliroolq, Advisor, L. Van Meter, See., K. Revo, D. Boyer, Treas., B. Modding, K. Dawes, V. Stinger. SECOND Row: D. Sounders, H. Davies, M. Menard, M. L. Belzymer, N. Gilmzzr- tin, P. Hfzrrison, K. Arirzn, B. Glover, E. Poor, H. Wilson, R. Willis, D. Garth. THIRD ROW: H. Healy, E. Trover, JI. Morrison, M. Ware, I. Anderson, K. Davidson, S. Arizm, C. Sllierry, H. Mrzrtinez, M. Symmes, B. Kirlgputrielq, D. Mollelt. TREBLE CLEF CLUB LEFT T0 RIGHT, FIRST Row: E. Turney, Treas.,' K. Adams, Pros.: I. Lawson, See.: M. Kinser, C. Woods, B. Nevins, E. Horaden, R. Willey. SECOND Row: M. Messick, W. Aslqew, M. Snrles, C. Biekforzl, Miss Plzilbroolq, Adz'iso1',' D. Harris, G. Andrews, N. Slzeelqles, L. Minton. THIRD Row: H. George, G. Helm, D. Code, L. Mvleomlv, 1. Greenfeld, 1. Martinson, F. Stadelmann, I. Spzirr, l. Gordon, G. Ferril. I72I BOYS' SENIOR GLEE LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST Row: S. Getlys, M. Gof, W. Paine, T. Meyers, B. Goldman, Armmpv' M. Ifomla, Pres.: C. Smith, H. Wusmzfih, V. P.,' T. Downs, H, Widney, H. Lowry, SECOND ROW: K. McCarty, I. Wheeler, R. Carey, K. White, Miss Olizfer, z4d1!l50l',' I. Espenozzz, D. Parkhurst, R. Ralston, W. Buhcoclq. THIRD Row: H. Tlzerlingu, C. Shellenhcrg, C. Money, H. Rasluzch, H. Kelsca, E. McClintock, N. Brooks. ORPHEUS LEFT T0 RIGHT, FIRST ROW: P. Seymour, C. Oehler, L. Palmer, E. Muffy, arcompv' Miss Olizfer, Advisory I. Kingry, C. King, R. Young. SECOND Row: N. Swisher, O. Cash, G. Esterlvroolq, H. Minimn, S, Smith, I. Hughes, E. Hcwlu. THIRD Row: P. Lee, R. Newlon, I. Phillips, A. Sfcarl, I. Corbin, I. Woods, B. Hunfzcx, D. Gladsofz. R T721 SENIOR ORCHESTRA LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST Row: R. Allan, A. Baranelq, L. Crouch, W. Anderson, K. Daggett, W. Carey, F. Yapelli, W. Goerz. SECOND Row: D. Kafka, E. Greisingcr, G. Goldman, A. Broclqxchmidt, E. Barron, I. M. Smith, Mr. Gilxon, If1,fll'1lClOI',' H. Appleford, C. ,0!HZ.Vf0I7, O. Spray, H. Hornberger, G. Barns, I. Gay. THIRD Row: W. Waddington, G. Trent, A. Kiala, M. Dell'Ox:o, F. Howard, M. Messick, I. Greenfeld, E. Taylor, I. Orfoliae, L. Ferrell, V. Brown, E, Haraden, M. Sherrielq, B. Way, E. Worden. FOURTH Row: I. Tyler, W. Morgan, I. Loomix, R. Sleixon, W. Weelgf, R. Young, D. Adam, H. Scher, F. Reid, M. Carone. JUNIOR ORCHESTRA LEF'1' TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: W. Waddington, W. Anderxon, E. Cima, M. Holt, E. Taylor, Mr. Gilxoa, Instrnelorq A. Whileomlv, H. Cooper, V. Aspland, L. Wellington. SECOND Row: K. loner, R. Bond, H. Iohnson, K. Robinson, E. Barton, I. Loomis, H. Freeman, L. Morgan, W. Ceremony, L. Stinelfoaglz, B, Goncz. E741 'ff'?'.?5T EJ W Jw ww. , -1 456 5225 12.15 wigs. " 33 .gfgi SEM. xiii: 5 .-'J Elgin: 5 F JK! fs .. A 2575! 5 if E555 i. Q ff if' M , 5 5 B? S-J if gang Q? if 3 Q' 3 3 Ba :ii fi-E Fifi 52:75 elif? iii? Wi E , 5 ' fy. , ,- V K , 4- , 4 fa'-' 251.2 1,Q".' '35 . , It .,. ., - 'B mn 'V W WM 1 W J' .N -- -- 'fs .T s 1? ' I." ' " 1 ,i 4 t ,.1 pNsQf"'g 54'-,S f 5 .' .."'X,1 'Ek 3 Ag xk .f 5 x xl 15 Xe '-1, x- N s ,' Ny, ' STAGE LIEF1' TO RIGHT, FIRST Row: R. Duffy, I. Hughes, W. Wzzers, Mr. Millcr, Advisor, B. Wood, Mgr.,' G. Ross, M, Fonda, N. Burlingame. Shcown Row: I. Hnfchinsolf, L. Stump, N. Brooks, W. Halliburton. MASQUERS LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: E. Poor, T. Meyers, Pres., I.. Van Meter, Mr, MrM1wus, Advisory K. Dawes, Soc, Chr., G. Nunn, B. Mazldfng. Suroxu ROW: K. Wfzifc, l. Browne, E. Phillips, G. Lindczlzl, A. Travis, Tre11s.,' B. Wood. i751 .:,: v : 4 lil ga .44 za s..-, Q Tw.: 2-M.: , Luft: ' 3-is 'Cas . . 1 l PJ? PV 2.1 e LFE. V251 'fl . 3.245 Q .. .A .xii Q A., r . 5- :- fi . 0:55 "Me 70 vm Kimi X 'xl Lf, ,. iffy Q. V3 if" Jn, Q I Ut arg Rf, .w w fx. s r x 4. J- iii E., S Ev, . Hi 4-:fr .9 .. 3.5 . A... w suv , 55537 " 4 7. x w ,Tl N. .X V1.1 L ' ' , , . ,-12" 'Av-Q . -f-,W-Aw., 1 , --Y Q '?.-".-Avvth-:'r -,,f -.. I 4. 4 -. , , - 1 ,,-g,f.s.4-.f- X ,..-- 77, ff , I - ' V .6 -.,,., ......-ge.:-s.1,.f,.s,-.. ...4-.. .,.,,..,..:,- pd 2,1 uit I jg ,J A . 'mm Aiwhm 1 .wma ML nv1.,AJml M . ...NWWNUM H i 's : 'Q'-' -' 1' rj: Ax ,qswjxv Eg? an V Ea Q 5, an vs-viii? "ali-' 'haf' 511915 A. f --A X....--m..Q..............,,1..F.:.,......' as 56 . ,f , -. E'I?.?? II' fi 9291 .Q Fw-.55 -N I ' I f 1? ,xi , . X--I. Avg: ' ,,Q+"7. 1962: ' I.: 2.1! r .-. fry. 1 ,I II ' B., ,g I I It?-2-1 .I II f ' 'MW' . 'I .II " rn-my I 3 II-' ,.-I . I 1 A V I 5 'I I:-' ,. I ... I . MUSIC IJEFT 'Io RIGHT, FIRST Row: K. Sadler, C. Sfzierzy, B. Carson, H. George, Scaj D. Gillffpic, Tl'eas.,' M. Kinfcr, V, I'.,' Mis: Olizfcr, Aduifofq' K. Revo, M. MacMillan, D. Caldwell, B. Goldnzfm, H. Fzzgin, K. Kennczfy. SECOND Row: V. Fifzputrick, V. Meek, B. Righlcr, L. Combf, B. Tzzrney, H. Mcrcfzant, G. Goldmmz. fl. Bzzrstin, C. Rcyzazafzlz, L. Young, E. Gilmore, M. f11Q771tIl1, M. Davis, E. Wcixx, I. Fraser. THIRD Row: D. Code, G. Timbroolq, 0. Cfzsfz, C. Scfzrllclzbcrg, H. Kirffz, W. Paine, N. Bzzrlingzzme, I. B1'UlUl7f', H. Thcn'i1IgI1, T. Jloorr, 13. Blzllfr, H. 1IcXI1f1ff. SHAKESPEARE I.I.r'I' 'Io RIuII'I', FIRST Row: Y. Gurzfncr, D. I. cdlfiwfll, F. B1'llI71f'l'1l'lI, N, Goorlufe, G. Linflnfzi, K. Dawn. Jlry. Cocfzrun, xlzlzflxolg' M. L. Bchymfr, G. Golrflrfrg, A. Smiley, W. Ifylqe. Sncuxn Row: M. Dcfl'O.f.vo, ll. lU!l715077, B. MI11z'di11g', L. VI111 Meter, R. H?lI1.f0l7, E. Phillipf, E. Morrow, E. CIOIYIOH, Z. lohnfon, S. Cobb. U61 an x Q. 1 -my Q5 .Peg .SJ I Ig I 'iz qv. 1 1,-L" 1'-'r .11,. f , INTER11ASSDEhNHNG LEFT TO Rllurr, FIRST Row: I. Gray, L. Dorzzberg, E. Ncipp, G. Bfznr, Mr. CZCIIIFYISOII, Aflzflforp I. Grififh, M. SHIZZJOIVZ, C. Jlzznn. S1-yczcwu Row: B, Way, M. L. Bclzynzfr, L. Tiffcry, L. 1:f'I'l'1vH, ll. Sfrifzrr, D. l. CcI1!17tL'c'N, W. HLI.f.f41l'll, Ii. Jlurf12'i1zg. ARTCLUB LEFT To R11:1l'r, FIRST ROW: W. I-lrlzf, W. Bmvzzll, D. Goiziou, R. Morrixoiz, G. LKIVJOII, R. I'll'I'l4il1g, li. Helm, I". W1'llm1m', W. WTzer5. Slaczoxu Row: B. Yurmfll, R. Dunn, H. Fox, Mrs. Rofrzvw, r1ZfZf'l'.f01',' L. licrfnzrrl, 'I'rmz.r.,' G. Chzrlq, Sec.: I. Curry, Prcf.: ll. Behynzcr, I". l'.,' Rex Miller, flzizfi.-'ow ll. Hozzflzfft, I. Snhrc, JI. Jlclhzlzicl, JI. Rippcy. Timm ROW: I. cfflffwif, L. Tuff, I. Slufter, D. Wood, G. Kilson, E. Ollefzc, JI. Cf11'1'.fIz'11ff11, H. IVcfver, JI. Hoylf, fl. West, P. 1-Uan11'.f. H. Anzmcrzmzn, Ii. Ijllix, lf. .xlflivlll-gflf, H. I.Flt'l-X. FoL'xx'1'H Row: H. JlLzCom!v, ll. Lcinzffwgcr, 1.. Iofzuxozz, B. BfCkfO1'lI7, C. Ii'nmf1zu1rrf, L. SILJLIIIXOII, ff. II"a11'c1', R. ZZIIPIIIJFWHIKIII, If. Volfry, L. Hrllllfffflll, ll. SXHINZIDZIVX, D. U'T1ffgz'1', C. Hy.1!!, E. Naylor, P. .XIZICOIJIIL L, BL1r1'o11, D, Iiimfl, If. Rfzlfzfvlofl. i771 mike Qi 55374 1315? rf 0453, 5-It , V1 E512 " I , at 1 'li'- 5 ,iggez S F K 'Y 'IQ . 5, , .1 if fl f ,ia 4 :NEFF v if I ZW im 4: Q . if uf 1, W Q j -H l .1 'A , ld if- 1 :te I :Q a:L,gf'i., tv 4 '15 ,.., gff 'F f 5 Qc,-I JJ? 13 f,,'M -,-.4 - 'E 5.16.13 --.....,.,,...,.,,i,...-, .. ,, , ,Z K5 A X 1 sg vying A y, in .Av Z5 ff., 1 -,K f,, milf- .,, f all . Y, ,C x, 1-My . 1- 1 ':,.-2.lf' ,S Nz Guy Nunn funn Lurlqnfz' Fififl 11111612 O7'l17073:l'!lI COINFSI Second place, OI'LIfOl'fl'lIf Conirrl FORENSIC ARTS Forensic Arts have always been encouraged at Franklin, this year was marked by exceptionally hne achievements. After an interesting and close contest, Guy Nunn, our student body president was selected to represent this district in the National Oratorical Contest. VVe are proud of Guy and of the fact that his oration on the subject 'LOf the Peopleu brought us third place in the city Finals. Second place in the school was won by Iohn Lackner. For the hrst time in two years Franklin had an inter-scholastic debating team. Debates were held with three schools. Victories were scored over Fairfax, and Pasa- dena Iunior College, while Belmont proved the only stumbling block. Dgrllils Gltnzlmn Mr. Clf'1z1f'11.fo11, Dtnfizl Gerecnt, Thomas IQIILY' 1lIfl'iJ'Ul' Jltzlztzgrr' Dorothy lean Guy Nunn Sopfzir' Cobb Brzzcc Rllfl1C'I'fUl'!I7 Mary l.0n1'.fc Cfzldwell B!'!lyll1l'I' l78l .A ff' A M- ,Ml ww. qw., 'Tum .. .- - , 'fb ,,,' , tm, ,,, , ,A ., -Y r. lui Tu- 3' . fit L El? - L rg. -Q "F P-at in if fu 5 s ' 5 4"-..',.,: fc ,H 1:3-' ' ,zffgzpk ' J ' z.,1.w-5. , ' Q ' if A w:pvnaf"-Y "' WM I 3 cf---.SN X 1 W Er it A 4 'ga P , 'Q si? 1 Q5 52 S' H 243, , 1 aff 5 if K 'S Ei' iw: in .fa ff :gas Q ii ,av as t 153 E 'S it x ,ia 1 -: M 5 E FQ .14 wi' V Eff yfilrf 1: 'f a I+' FRDANKLIN Al.rv1ANAc Ggaanv-' ,,,,,, ' BOULEVARDS AND EXCEPTIONS a - By IOHN LACKNER i lack Rollins, Centralls flashing comet of the 440, suddenly cut loose with a terrihc burst of speed. Iack was noted for his sprint in the stretch, a sprint that literally burnt the hearts out of all average competition. "What was the time on that, coach?n he gasped, as he crossed the finish line with the second man 15 yards behind. "You'll know your time in the Conference quarter," drawled Coach Smithson. "Let's see you get down to business, plenty of sleep, and dodge the women." The coach didnit see the smile on Iack's face as he dodged into the shower room. However, donit get the wrong idea. lack, in his experienced career of seventeen summers, had made it a rule never to have a member of the feminine majority get him beyond the bounds of sanity. . "Say, lack," began Len Fortness, as Iack was donning a pair of vermilion-hued shorts, 'Ayou sure clipped the quarter off in plenty fast time, tonight." "Thanks, Len. If I can cop the Conference, I,ll be sitting pretty." Iack was slowly proceeding down an eucalyptus-lined boulevard, his green and cream motor symphony harmonizing perfectly, but then, Iack's vehicles had always been noted for their sound effects. ' He was suddenly started to his consciousness when he noticed the comely bit of femininity smiling at him from the sidewalk, and the symphony slowed, hesitated, and then died with a discordant note. After he was again proceeding down the eucalyptus-lined boulevard with the fairest member of his Economics class by his side Iack was a different person. "Why were you going home so 1ate?,' he queried. "For various reasorisf' she supplied. "The main one being a Writeup for the Tattler, on a certain young man, Central's hope in the quarter mile, I believe." The Tattler was Centralls fountainhead of student information. "Well," he continued, his chest broadening pereeptibly, "and what did you say of the young man?,' "Ah-well-," she mused, as the symphony struck an off key, "I usually say what I think." For some reason or other, that expression generated an unusual desire in the mind of Mr. lack Rollins, and ex-women demolisher, to see the next edition of the Tattler. Dorothy, for this was the girl of the chestnut-brown hairls name, thanked Iack graciously as the symphony grated nervously to the curb in front of her home. She added to her thanks a truly feminine smile, one that completed the conquest of the unconquest- able Mr. Iack Rollins. 'Tll see you at schoolf, she laughed, and ran up the walk and into the house, and for some unknown reason Iack did not leave the curb for five minutes. Was it the influence of the symphony, orl? Several days later the following conversation could have been heard among the friends of one charming member of the feminine world, Dorothy Lawson by name. , "Say, Dot,', ,elicited lean Harsdale, "since when did Iack Rollins start giving you the rush?"i' I f . 1 . f .' fContz'nued on Page .750j l 79 l ' Wm' For rhyme the rudder is of verses, With which, like ships, they steer their courses." BUTLER I f X ff 3' FI-QANKLIN ALMANACI K., 3 .Pan-P ,,,,,,,,+ -4597 THE WATCHES I As on all ships we, too, have the watches into which the ship is organized. Here are the watches that are to be found on the Liner Franklin: IUNTO Those who aspire to make themselves heard in debate. ' C. S. F. The California Scholarship Federation is the organization sponsoring activity and scholarship. SALMAGUNDI CAFETERIA HELPERS For those who enjoy good books. The crew that mans the cafeteria. FRENCH Those who admire French ideals and customs enter this organization. G. A. A. GIRLS' RESERVES Girls' athletic association. A branch of the Y. W. C. A, ' GOOD FORM Club for girls teaching correct manners. PHILANTHROPIC Helps needy families of the district. USHERS Those who seat others in their right places. POSTE EMPLOYEES Our school store keepers. SPANISH Sponsors better knowledge of Spanish speaking countries and Spanish ideals. HOME ECONOMICS The modern woman at work. HOOK AND CURVE Those who would excel in shorthand. ARCHERY Even Robin Hood must look to his laurels. DANCING Terpsichore is rivaled here. GIRLS, HARMONICA Feminine music from feminine hearts. WORLD FRIENDSHIP Aims for better cooperation and understanding between nations. PRESS MECHANICS Producers of our school paper. , PRINTERS, GUILD For followers of Benjamin Franklin,s old trade. CLUBHOUSE ASSOCIATION Those who enjoy the advantages of the Girls' League Clubhouse. LATIN Revival of Cicero, Virgil, and Caesar. as Proud Romans again hold sway. GARDEN Those who see what nature has in store. TETRALPHA Franklin scholarship society for students who have received four A's. I 33 l 'www . ., . , , ze-- ..W, - x.1, L ..--i.--. .,..., W- .. 1. f 5. M,,,L,.,,,,-A-o,,, ,,--z-, is 5g"er'w nfs 'gs g W ,iff 2 -, f fe' Gif: gl "" ITT? "" H l ls xr ' 'I -Y -'-il SH' V. - fx , 51f.f"l ..-E ,f'1L.,.f.' f.. .F f' fr. .- i 'I fl- 1 Y ' !f,, 'f..,f..'T.if,.f I H- ls.. .-fIf..5 !.,1i':Qfj1e., .,,,,, ..., . e ,.-,,.m.- ,,,,. .f A K . ,, .,,, ,. f,kg ,W . .Q lree 'V Q if f M "' fb ,W l l Rorine Leidholt Iorie Caxeheer Ruth McMillan Dorothy Thompson Margaret Lyons Second V. P., W'3l Presidenl, W'31 President, W'31 First V. P., S'31 Second V. P., S'31 First V. P., W'3l Belty Toupx Sophie Cobb Dorothy lean lean Good Lenore Rutledge Social Chr., W'3I Social Chr., S'3I Caldwell Secretzzry, W'3I Secretary, S'3I Treaxurer, S '3 I GIRLS' LEAGUE An organization that does much to promote cooperation among girl students is the Girls' League. The membership of this organization includes all the girls in the school. This organization is founded upon the underlying principle: to place relationships between girls upon a friendlier basis, to Welcome incoming pupils, and to establish worthy ideals. WL-ai J LEFT 'ro RIGHT, FIRST Row: D. Thompson, R. McMillan, I. Caseheer, D. Coldwell. SECOSD Row: S. Cobb, R. Leidholl, M. L. Behymer, L. Hamilton, L, Rutledge, M. Lyons. i 3 N341 F' 1991 M,-V, f-H-r 1, ...Wu up 4s.,,, mum:-C1 wpwiv -MU:---u new N1 www.. 54. af at ..+-1 "' w., 5: 0 v a tf fi u , . . .- .,. V zxwmm A """""""'t" " vu' ,- ' FK -fwi I 5 I ' Y Y YFLZ--f--5--M-.....---...-. S if-I W ....--.--.,--.-...-LLL.-. ,.,, ,,,....,-- S?" Nici L EN eff' A L M VNJAC U my :V L... .,,.L,,-.-..-.-f.. .,..N Y ,... . 7 r "' .2-a .Jffftf ' 1 i 4 L S ' " ,5 Q -..Lila fMf4.12.2xfa: wages.. - ,sg ,gi-Q p l Richard M. lone: Lonnie H0011 101511 LllL'lQ776l' Vice-Prefirfent Pl'C'.x'i!iL'7Zl Seeremry BOYS' LEAGUE E35 3 T ig The newly organized Boys, League had to sail uncharted seas during this past A semester at Franklin. Leaving the drydock early in February, no difficulties were en- countered in the launching. After deciding upon a list of commanding olhcers the 1 Crew that manned the ship was picked in the form of various committee chairmen. This group composed the Boys, League Cabinet. The shipls Hrst papers were drawn up in the form of a Constitution, and by the beginning of March the vessel cleared the harbor, and ventured out upon the mysterious Waters of the deep. f 5 BOYS' LEAGUE CABINET 1 A l J LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: R. Rorlq, R. M. loner, V. P.,' L. Hood, Pres.,' Mr. Montgomery, Spo11so1',' I. Lzzclqner, Sec.,' G. Nunn, M. Ariun, SECOND Row: fi. Tmzfis, K. While, T. Meyers, G. Limlalzf, C. Curtis, A B. Lee, G. Higginf, W. loner. ' l35l ,Ex fa-Q-was if 4 .T --A -'5 . " ' ' A ' 'K ' ' ' . . ' "slew:-es .M . y . ..,. . , . y , 19315 I' ' 'M -...Inga-.--D154-'lb-hgh..-A-ik..-lbF-Avtx I5 2' fl X' .4 :V I I L-.-1-b-AT-4-.K-L.. F'-?'A----D-buf'-wr, M-l---DJ' f r vi V I A L NAC fi fat' 7.,....A, Li: A., .. -,..i'f...-.........ifq WEP . . . ,.. . ..-W , -, W., .1,f ,. ' if Fi fL1.1z.-.fZff A' ' v 4- 3 .- If I- ' .Q '5 ,f J , . , I si 5 . 14: V7 f 4 5 K -I I -f if '? .I F95 bf E' 2 X4 . C Z 422' ti. ' : Ax., 3321 3 Levi ga E N VI... . I 5" 4' L e s JUNTO CLUB I LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST Row: M. Sieiner, D. I. Caldwell, I. Casebeer, L. Tillery, T. Rice, V. P.,' L. Van Meter, Pre5.,' G. Lindzzlzl, B. Madrling, Mr. Clemenxon, Aflzfiforj K. Dawes, G. Green. SECOND Row: R. Ralffon, B. Way, G. N111111, B. Norris, T. Meyers, E. Perry, L. Hood, S. Cobb, K. White, THIRD ROW! M. Ar1'ul1, M. Hilf, R. lanes, D. Tlzompson, E. Neipp, W. HH556Il'!Z', E. Gl,ll'II'17F1', O. Burrofz, W. Paine, D. Gereelzt. ' .1 5 Mrx. McFadden, Azizfisorg Kefmeffz W hire, Pl'f'5f1fl'l2i,' Mary Louife Helzymer, Vice-PresirIer1t,' Albert Tflllflvi, Secretary-Treufurer. . 'Fe ISGI fr M, .1 73 dz, 57: f-' f 1 5 5 MjSS2nu gum fiisahlfv' eiflgfen 25 5 ' " '"bmw-+..1v-...Wmmm.....f-.o,.wi.,.-ml L,-..-.......-....,.M..-........q,,,,..W,,,....-,..,......... 5 'Ns gf 9 V .Y,, M-.-Vw--.-C ,nV. --..--..-,,,..--.. ' ,MM-,,CM.g ,,.w wmwv, W . Q 2' 5' ,fe gf. 5 fu' .. ft 1 a. 1 , 5-V. s g ,mfg , . i-Q.. f-X , 'K fi-1. 5 1 "5 1 aff . 'Q 5 :E ,L 5 A ' ,: I fx Q S E .5 xi 2 'N ai xx? I-.11 f - '. f Rf' ff Xi! Q3 E753 EZ 55? riff LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST Row: 1. Grimth, M. Howlett, O. Peterson, L. Young, Mis: Ballon, f1lZI!i.f0l',' E. Neipp, P1'c5.,' W. Colfcy, M. Tiplon, I. Sfczfcfis, D. Calriwcfl, L. Benflcfl, G. Irzcklin. SECOND Row: B, Way ' E. Martin, S. Martin, C. Wezwcr, F. Iennifzgx, H. Shaffer, G. I-Iigginx, D. Jlollcfl, C. Luezftke, C. Condon, L. Robertson. .l ' I Mrs. Dazlgleiflz, .fldzfiforf Smnlcy Bfifilemurz, Malmgzfr. .fi Q f 571 " fi, hw 'vb V2 wi LMA eff A Wf J: ---..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,.,.,.,..,-.Q , MS an-,...1.......... .a .fa -4.4 if 13493 535 A .- an , we 3 a 1. 5 . lf' X. f fag FSS? 55.1, '94 ' V 51 35 G1 , em x A' 1 vi' -4 A13 E ti' 11 A " 'iffy i 'G fi .1 -,gg 1 Egg. if J4' .W fi? E EJ 5 E' 2. J . 15.1 2 ETH. 1' ix we 4..,' ,- 5 5 K: FQMJKLQN ALMANAQ W 'M """'0' WW """"""""" " s---- -4-W "-- -' K fryiixq vlix --,.g.-..,.--m-W------........... 3 9 En I, Vik..-'rum-,kai-K H U V V FRENCH CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST Row: B. Way, L. lohnson, E. Baker, M. Miller, G. Iaelqlin, I. Anderson, V. P., Mrs. McCollom, Adaisorg E. Brauner, Pres., Y. Gardner, See., W. Bitlerolf, R. Goerz, K. Revo, B. Gold- man. SECOND ROW: E. Rotlzlnlalt, I. Orsoline, C. Woods, L. Tag, H. Marlinez, S. Andrews, H. Apple- ford, D. Gillespie, L. Biedermon, V. Wilson, P. Reid, M. Menard. THIRD Row: M. Bonino, Z. Campbell, R. McClellan, P. Robnzan, G. Goldman, H. lames. G. A. A. Mrs. Trieb, .4fll'l50I',' Rmb McMillan, Presidentj Verna Boyd, Vice-President: Olga Barron, Seerelaryf Dorolhy Messlclq, Tl'5'LlSl1I'C'7'. Q ISS1 Nw .' -r 9131 ,Q rtg Hi F. si dmwfg, A g ,, ,435 5 9 w-'-------A'-W--- ---' M-f-W-------fl--fm'--A "2 f1 LSL FF?" .53 --Af---- --" --- --A--f-A Abbr S- fm , f---f-A-Aw, L f fm' fu? iv FA 2 i .-'E 23 5 if EW if ' A I E fi 'K E : ' 5... - -. x fx -mf' 4 ia H 1 .rf 11 fvfy f- .A - 1 Ex r -. 1 1 : V Q 5 ' 1' 3 3 ' 3 E L... ii H5 + 'iff . 'tml 3 Xi YZ 'iff 'V-...J Y 1- 3.. H -' ','.1Ql ' NAIL 1.25. ' ',,...f,.L.'-A va .M V ,Q-.-. 5.4 . . ' 1. , ' . ,.. .fic 1 " S313 ' f fix .5 :V i 55+ Q3 35.3 ,ESA Z3 5 2.6 fiifff max Gif? 293 2-J-Lf 1 955 S :wa YHH 3233 E+! GIRL RESER V ES ,-.13 ,W 5 HE? LEFT TO RIGI'I'I', FIRST Row: L. Roclzoiz, R, Ioncx, M. Dzznam, V. P.,' S. Bcalfy, If. McAfIoo, M155 Dfrr, 1'1dl'iSUI" D. Mfxsir , Prnt: B. Allen, H. Bic ard, M. Watt, E. Smifh, P. MuC0mb. SECOND Row: 5335 E. .VL'N11Ily, B. Rzghtfr, R. Szznmzcrl, E. fildzs, C. Edflllllldf, C. Rrynzann, H. Merclmnl, D. Lewis, M. Harris, H. AItICUI71b, R. McClf'Uf111, V. Fox, M. Mcfxlrlq, G. LC'072lIl'!17. 51 1, :wiv QV? O L LL 'L -I 1 I -. iii' F337 GOOD FORM V, 5.55 - , V , :ig Mrs. I'owc'1'.f, .f1f1'Lf1for,' Gcor me Chu' , Pr'fs11fcn!,' Elmmor Mulrf, Sccrctmn' Lmurc IellfIC'1l'6', Tf'n1.v111'c1'. Ah V J 3 "gig M N553 1' 5 5? , ,f . f .rf Lf e s-YE T :ug Zi: 157' if ' Q. J 5. fiii ,. .ee 152 f i gs 5 533 . 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Harris, O. Hzinfinglon, D. Wood, E. Pfrrzfis, E. Fisher, K. Toppero, M. Fares, L. Broadfznrst, M. Wright, M. Me- Daniel, R. Morgan, M. Vick, H. Lyman, D. Cfziufozfieh, P. Hamiliolz. USHERS LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST Row: I. Shierry, I. lowes, A. Bislzop, I. Kornowslgi, T. Rice, Head, Mr. OIZEIII, Advisor, H. Willifzms, V. P.,' S. Allen, See., H. Deon, D. Bflbbidge, B. Stevens, I. Kingry. SECOND Row: 53. E. Hines, B. Rosenfierg, l. Davidson, C. Fromliold, C. Bell, G. Higgins, G. Holcomlfe, R. Brown, R. I Morrison, H. Pelerson, R. Miller, H. Townsend, I. Grijilh. THIRD Row: R. Iones, I. Woods, A. Barton, C. Woods, P. Hylion, I. Wesfon, W. Hanlon, B. Sfionfean, H. Browning, W. Billerolf, A. Stefzd, R. Huff- son, F. Beeson, F. Swisher, L. Sowers. Ffa? -I 1 - 'f' .352 555 5 QA tg if 'YS . ubiu , . 90 ir' . , ' I E FS f-If Q5 1 U - .,.,...E,..W..,............,.v,.,,...-.f,,,i..Qs.......,.,It I ,,.--.... -,,,...,f-ug..-..........r POSTE EMPLOYEES LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST Row: I. Olizfer, E. LaLe1nne, Mgr.,' F. Rieeke. SECOND ROW: R. Thompson, M. Standen, Asst. Mgr., Mr. Azkinson, Arluisorp R. Moser, A. Park, E. Canning. 4' SPANISH LEFT 'ro RIGHT, FIRST Row: H. Wirlney, R. Gleeson, E. Arnold, C. Parlq. SECOND Row: R. Lomonueo, W. Adams, G. Higgins, L. Mokryelqa, M. Harris, D. Sullivan, Pres.: Miss Merriam, Advisory C. Morrey, E. Oates, N. Smith, R. MeC0wn, D. I. Caldwell. THIRD ROW: M. lolznson, L. Allen, E. Gordon, R. Hansen, M. Tipton, R. Dunn, M. Kinser, E. Torres, M. Beelfe, A. Roselli, M. Howlett. FOURTH ROW: A. Bishrop, F. Swisher, F. Iehino, H. Shllgff, K. Bezrlqer, H. Wliilalqe, A. Bursion, N. Pill, W. Cogey, E. Weelqs, H. Goff, E. Mamlole, W. Bezbeoclq, G. laclqlin. I911 K-w. N., .-F55 h ixgwisfy' ,L l .. , . ,, . . M..- -.-. -. .1 5 A ,W Q.. ,,..,... .. .,.,,,. ,,., . ..., .. . . . . 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THIRD Row: H. Miller, 1. Saxellzy, M. Cone, A. Sonflzcr, E. Pyrllaf, M. Ma.fi11Iz'r, C. Lncrlfkr, G, Palma, L. Amlcrxon, L. W. , , . . . . "W Mem, M. Brac 611, A. Naxlz, . Bfxlvc , L. LcCor1111, H. 1'a11w'.fo11, T. I'1n'zf1.v, V. Slmgrr. Fouxwll Row: gg . . y . 1 Hx.. M. Frmlz-m, R. Hllfon, D. Rater, D. fffliflif, A. Fcrran, 1. Camlfy, 0. Towns, D. Kragr, R. Corrs, D. A . . , -gp Howr, B. Bolfer, M. Wazldcl, E. Sfcangf, I. Gzllzam. P. D.'clqfy, M. Lange, D. Eafllaclq, A. Cflazlfon. fgi E' o' gf' F719 ? aw' 1 lg 5. We ' - ' .2 f Y T . Lt A Bei Eff: 15? 1 L' f - I V21 " .2 Y , ,. b ji Y .- fr 1 "-Mia. -+-NCLH:-1 'ff' 'if-fi., Mvfl 4?-L'-W. Hwif .5 5 AEI., ,, x -, Tw wuiff M mm www mf Q 1 5 .fails J r LW' "rem" gd "Q mf Q .. 'Lifiki N 3.4 fn., '1 i W I E. .... .. .....---Mf-W-...W............-.-.....-...--- JQ 5.55 .Q 1,13 ..,.-.--..-,.-, . ,,. . Q. 5 "J'f""-. fa P. safe 95' S f.. fm ' 2. A f R. ' -fa F33 ,,Fj 5 Y - LIU! 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F . 3 31. F li wwf? . . gg : i -'iv ' 7 2- ,I S 9. E' L 2' . . ' 4 ' 5 , si? it? Z 3 A 5525? ' mx: iifsf . -.-.M r., I. HARMONICA LLIVI' TO RIGHT! D. Recd, L. Lomfco, M. Wfzifmkcr, Miss Price, A1fzfi.f01',' V. Meek, E. Alzlllf. l C WORLD FRIENDSHIP Lum' To Rlczlrr. FIRST Row: H. flpplcfarzi, JI. Sffinrr, W. H11.m1r1i, I. Smitfz, D. Clzlrizvfll, Jlrf. CHIHMVI ,'4!27l'f50I',' T. PIll'l'lvi, Prcuxg I.. Tflzzf, JI. Hflf, I. .Sprm'cr, Smiffy, I.. Young, ll. Tipfon. SLCOND Row: R. Lomomrm, L. Rriclqc, G. ffI'l'l'lIF, C. Stz'I1c', 1. S!'j'llI0!H', ll. AICCIIIIF, H. Clrwzlozz, E. Gordon, If. .Vor- rison, li. Torrcf, A. Szzflfy, ll. Luflzl, I. H4-iriffzgcr, fl. 1..11'xo11, A. Rafrlli, lf. Iizzguriu. THIRD Row: E Alzflx, Y. 1'Al'1'l't11'O, H. Sfzzlzfw, R. Hfllmi, C. WCtIl'l'I', C. SHIl'l'fl, G. Higgfnx, I.1lc'k11f1', Grijqlh, R. HOZlLIl7!fCI', I. Rwfzfy, I. I0zc1f0w.vk1', R. flllfxon, E. WiNIfl'l', D. Iizrulll. i941 1. 1" -- NW' M ,.-..... 5 ...A 11 .M I. L -..-...w------C.--.-.C..---....-.. A af. " ' ' . - . If . fx -T-T--H-A'-ef-'-Rf-ffee-To--1 1 F"1'Jf1 R. fi!! WJ . I 1 f I P-. f' If EI S Inii iff-fcfg I .mf A VVS . i wp .f I H." if . - NTP? W -..z.:':-Adv I" E? .fQ SH" 44 4 s ' if eil PRESS MECHANICS LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST Row: W. lonex, W. Edmunds. SECOND Row: I. BNI!-L'l.L'!1, Mr. Haglzznfl, Azluisorg A. Cnrlix, Mr. Iohnszon, Adoison' I. Handley. Q PRINTERS' GUILD LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST Row: B. McConnell, R. Runrlazzo, C. Moozly, W. Kelly, W. lones, See., M. Croelqwell, Pres.: Mr. Huglund, Adzfisorf I. Bl'LIl'CiCh, V. P.,' Arian, D. Diniux, I. NICQIIOZHZ, S. Carter. SECOND ROW: C. Burronglz.r, W. KllIg517lll'y, T. Keillewell, F. BI't'l7!7l-tl, R. Slmllush, V. Lowe, 1. Doyle, C. Gomez, T. Weldon, O. Devine, A. Lorenzo, I. Turner. THIRD Row: E. Hines, K. Murphy, S. Miller, C. Penny, C. Herman, G. Brandt, H. Hord, E. Gross, K. Hayne, M. lvlatlzewson, M. Beaumont, W. Paz- ierxon, D. Milano. V 'K ' K' Lfxzr-.yfiix ' . 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Arizm, M. L. Behymrr, D. Thompson. SECOND Row R. Ml1l'LCOfi, R. loncx, L. Rullczlge, G. Lyons, B. Lawrence, D. Kragf, E. Perry, R. Lcidholt, R. Beniclze Nl. Lyozzf, S. Cobb. of I 5 SENIOR LATIN CLUB LEFT 'ro RIGHT, FIRST Row: G. Goldbwg, G. Tlzozmzx, F. Wzzsxon, L. I-Iunfon, C. ,1'IfD0l16llI17, I. Alchley I. K0l'lIOM!.frlQl, V. Lowe, R. Sfz'z'rn.f, 1. G1'fl75Il1, I. Caswell. SI-.COND Row: G. Grrrfzc, Szrllimuz, I" Wood, Mr.-'. fgfllmil, A1lzfz'xo1',' D. Messick, C, Slater, Trans.: fl. Tnzzflf, I'rcs.,' A. Smiley, W. Hllxxarzl V. P.,' T. Riff, W. Paine, E. Kccne, D, I. Coldwell. TI-HRD Row: C. Orlzlcr, I. Nfuizzx, D. Pllflihllfil B. Rzlthcrjord, S. Colzlw, L. Thompson, C. Coldwell, H. Eslqrirlgc, R. Holllmrlcr, E. Gilmore, D. Buftliolo- mew, I. lfixlq, I. R. Spencer, E. Golzlslfin, K. Kcfnncrly, E. Smiley. FOURTH Row: M. L. Bchymer, Alqmzm, E. Rllfhlf, H. Nez'i1I,v, M. fkflrniclq, A. Rollrrlx, M. Al0I'l'lv.f, B. Boiler, I. Mariinfon, JI. Corel, E If Loc, E. Roland, M. Tipfon, F. I-Iowzzrfl, R. Doolitllf, E. llulry, I. lozefoufflqi, E. I'z'cl'cz'. 'Q 4, . iz if - i F53 f-Ja if 1961 .. . f"1 . . .... . . . "'4f9f' lgwili-112lii51flWLL,4i,Ll:.Q A 'T az' H . QQLLJL .gg I Ig... M, . -we-ma, . . .. I L Nagy ummm.-NCL, 171, .3 L. '-, - if if-5 5355 55 f if 5 51-lg dz .-. b fvfv --HW -..WN V, 1-A j .x . ,, ?"'4'f A 1, Q. 1 , x 1 .A If--. E gf 1 YQ 3,-LE 5 ,M 5 TETRALPHA C JI.'.f.c Clarke, z1Ifl'i!Ol',' Churlc-.f Curtis, IJ1'K.x'iliC'77l,' Thomas Riff, Vztc-IJ1'e.vif1'el2l,' William Goddurfl, Trczz.vm'er,' Elizabeth Bmzmrr, SC'L'f'FfllI'y. 9 GARDEN L+.:-'r T0 R1c:H'r. FIRST Row: Clarence Vernon. Sxcovn Row: D. IJz'll'O.ff0, Jylrf. Caffuzn, B. Hamziflf, Mr. Bryan, f!1fzfz'xo1',' K. Barlqcr. THIRD Row: E. POILIIJIII, M. Robb, F. Ifnningx, C. LV00l27I4J6l1'!17, E. I-Iurflzfwz, JI. Sfollrnberg. FOURTH Row: A. Kolh, P. IVoo1lzm1r1f, l'. Smzlrlnmn, C. Condon, H. fumes, E. Smiffy, I. O'H1'z'rn. i971 , a X, 11 . 'E A. .5 ,, -. ,, u . ., - . ., . V E . .. 5 , . . L Q-, ..: ,,. .. ' f. M.,...,..,.,,...,..,-...,...,f........ ..-J Q L,,fff'-'- .........,..x,7 'By science .fail d , 5, an ours, ships are rapidly moved." -OVID "-inf PQANKLIN ALMANTTACTI i' ,,,,.,..' 4 Q O R lobn Taft Wm. M. Wells Robert Easlon Major, W'31 I-Ima' of Unit Major, S'31 R. O. T. C. An organization that holds much influence and importance in school life is the Re- serve Ofhcers' Training Corps, which is of great value to Franklin. Its work as an aid to boys in acquiring leadership ability and manliness of character, has been recognized by all. There are many forms of competition in R. O. T. C., activities between the com- panies, and also between the individual members. In this organization boys may work their way to the top rank, for there is always promotion awaiting those who show that they can excel. The unit had two companies: Company A and Company B. Company A was com- posed of the old members of the unit, and was led by Captain Ted Myers. This semes, ter it had three platoons. This is quite a record, as it usually has but two. Company B, composed of the recruits, was a problem at the start of the term, but under the direction of Captain Everett Mulconery, it was developed into a well-organized group. At the annual honor school inspection, First Lieutenant Randall Careyis platoon carried away first place in the competition. Major Iohn Taft, who was in authority during the fall term, was relieved by Robert Easton during the spring. Major Wells has led the fellows for nine and one-half years, and by his fine quali- ties of leadership, has raised this group from a small organization to the inHuential posi- tion it now holds in school life. from 35:21 5- , S26 958 it gig v Qu A S W W May: 'X 5 iff: JSQZQ 659.24 'was nw BQ :P 512 5' gif 1 QT' CTX? 7 5 3 ...,. ,. ,-.-,,,M.,.,,.,,A -W-..-.,. Q gm few ga ., 2 TW zaf s ' fflf' fi! L. L 5 .1 A sa 5 is ,lf--4. 3 S' 1 H 1- ' 2 f . ! i 2.5 -h -f 1 'ff 2 : ax 5: 1".5'X!.l",f 3 . ' 3 f IT A mf ' N ' P f""? f1f'f '13 xfff-2 .Q v ,Q-w W 2523 ' 55433 COMPANY A 55? Meyers, Czzpiuinp Dillmufz, Ffrxl LiEZllF7lLll1f,' Stezfenf, Firxl Li6llfEI7tZlll,' Arwood, Second Lientcml1zl,' Rice, Second Licizlemznt. A'fZl1C'0IZl'I'j', Cfzplainf PtlI'r,fflIlI's'f, Pyifff Lic11frmz1zl,' Fylqc, First LZ-6l1fFl1ti1If,' JIcRury, Scrofzd Liczriclmlzt. !f'f4'3 iii? I 102 I M 1, 1, . J ,ff gl ,isa fl ,115 my es M,-1M.,f1.v Mg' 'Ml-vw' fgimli- Q I XNMMH-K-f-w..,.w..,.w...,-MW-w-fyl-mmf 4,41-'Q----H-f-.......-...,,.,, A,,,,..1 .dmv ..,....,,,, 6 A -1 YE? 575 ,-M WN ivjil UQ' p .W SE. we n F132 .vw .sf 5, 22.- QQ K, W, 4 x ,Y, A era.. 2 ul ---f I - 5-L.MANACl wa F . rz'u:'1,,K!?JiQ 1 lx """"" is ,457 2' .- '-1-iw' , 1 MW-BWMWW Maw? s Q Q 5' WHQW W Z ,N- ,kt , 7 A-.A ,N -0,4 t , fmt-S' . . , a 'q' YV' -Q A Q F. .. ., ,iii ' ' W vb., '-- -- 1, , , i ,,,.:Q, . 4 Q' . L! . k 1 7 -45' ,X ,WP L 'S' Q.. ,EJ 1-:fi 'S' Q f-as .t if Q J ' is if ' x W 4 5 -L5-'E ,W-,fl "Ev . EEZQ' ,tg-1 my 5.4: 5 -:I if ..,,,., .f1"?T if , fx ,. 5 31 T. , Eli, '23 f a 'I R. O. T. C. STAFF LEFT TO RIGI-IT, Fnzsr Row: Captain Smitlziex, Major Easton, Captain' C. Curtis, Captain Bitlgood. . SECOND Row: First Lt, A. Curtis, First Lt. Fyke, Second Lt. Ripley, Captain Carey. THIRD Row: Sergeant W asxotz, Sergeant Widney, Sergeant Salzwadel. 3 Q, OFFICERS' CLUB Captain Meyers, Prexitlentj Captain Bitfgoorl, Vive-President: Captain C. Curtis, SECl'l'flI1'jl-TI'f0fIlI'Fl',' gi Captain Mulconery, Sofia! Chairman. 1 N031 Q-9 , 5 223 n x ,fi 2.3.6 - : falj, ,,,- 2 YLTQ' ' ffvrfhg riffs. gg 3-' mi 'iii Fi? Gi? L Q 1113? If avg Q ,hp i Q uv-W A 4172 if' , if r -an :1 ' S5311 , f if ' TH 2 J 4 'Q ,iv R If J' " - 'xii Y , 5 if mi' f 1" . K Jw sl ft r W i 'hx . ,f if 1 1. Q , .M M..,, ,----.,-- 'L 41:11 Fir' 5 .. 1 1 f f 1' 2 if H, 6 :": - P V f ' ? ' "-Y 5, "Q s W ' 3 X- x R. O. T. C. OFFICERS Capt. I7i,f!zz'r, W'3I Cf1f7!. Gilfvcrf, W'?l Cfmi. Bzdgaml, SSI Cnpf. Mzflmizrry, S'3I f 7 J Cfzfnl. Czzrffx, S' ul Capl. Ialnzrr, W'3I Capt. SHZl'fhl'l'5, SUI Ivf IJ. Dflln1n11.N'YI Isl Lf. I'iw'so11, S'3I Cupf. Cfzrey, S'3I Zllli LI. Rice, W'32 27111 Lf. .VcRr11'y, W32 Isl Lt. Parkhirrsf, S'3I 27111 LI. flfwoori, S31 11041 as F gf -nr. 1, T, 5: '1 if ' . A x 1-sa Y' 3 1 W? 5f Q? iff? U 1' ,rf 1 1:1 N-Q E' E ik, 1 gm am -Z 1 L P3 1 12 r - 1' Y.: .-mmf.-5 I gi . . I Y .1 1 XXX g, .... M5 MTH' . X 3 L In J 5... ' -fiseil N, -..dh 'i .few A .-.,i,....... ff ff-N... ' R T"'x, Eye" i p-----4 5 "afar A "mg , ...-,.,a. , I 'Lp' I .f 3 .f ' , aa..- 1, SIT:-s Fix, X 1 1 ,Kwai 3 I 3 V I I I . E I I . I I i I 1 I.. .. A ff, 13 -. 'Q .Q .- - ' Errrfey Bixlel' Desire Gilsoll Rollrmzi Thompson Cclpftlfll, W '31 Difeeror Czlpmin, S'31 R. O. T. C. BAND Although small, the R. O. T. C. band is a highly organized group. It is directed by Mr. Desire Gilson, who is known for his ability as a leader and an artist. The band plays an important part in school activity, especially during the football season, when many a team almost submerged by the tide of defeat, has been inspired to make one last effort, to take a firmer grip on the wheel and steer to victory. Besides the musical Work, the band is trained in military drill, riHe marksmanship, and other regular subjects of the R. O. T. C. curriculum. This group enjoys many social activities during the year. The band also marched in the New Year's Day Parade at the Tournament of Roses, and it played at several assemblies. During the fall term, the course was set by Captain Earley Bixler, and while the organization cruised through the balmy spring waters, Captain Rolland Thompson was on the bridge. FRONT: R. Thompson, Cuplailz. FIRST Row: C. Eyeriek, K. Iones, W. Gorez, S. Melz. SECOND Row: I. lolznson, H. Splrrr, W. Grahm, S. Shock. THIRD Row: T. Prince, R. Spooner, Mr. Gilson, Direetorj D. Ielfry, W. Barone. FOURTI-I ROW: I. K1'6lllE7', A. Slqriplqns, S. lrlelqsofz, C. Sweet. FIFTH Row: R. Shafer, I. Loomis, H. Ferrell 11051 .,.,..- 4 .N.,..,..s... ..-.. "Here also grew th e rougher rinea' in Th ' ' P 6: e Argoarz .flap 5 brave ornament." -SPENSER Q S X XX with ' IFIQANKLIN ALMANACI 4 by . e . , X, , L Mr. Lopez Mr. Hes: Mr. Ferrell Mr. Miller Mr. MeColl0rn Mr. Spangler COACHES Six coaches led Franklin athletes through ups and downs to what was considered, on the whole, as a fair year. Several teams, however, made good records. p COACH LOPEZ "Smiling Bi11,' Lopez, as head of the boys' physical education department, led a fine set of young coaches this year. Coach Lopez also is head baseball coach. He is a man who is respected by everyone under him, coaches and students alike. , COACH HESS Frank Hess, former football star of Colgate, proved his coaching ability and his power to lead and develop boys, although his team made a poor showing. , COACH SPANGLER Iohn Spangler, a graduate of Occidental college, finds that class "B" football and varsity track take most of his time. While at Occidental, he was captain of the football team and a member of the American championship relay team. . COACH FERRELL Orville Ferrell, a versatile member of the staff, completed his second year as coach of the basketball, swimming, baseball and wrestling teams. Mr. Ferrell attended Oregon State. COACH McCOLLOM Francis McCollom, smallest of the coaches, has earned a big place in athletics for the fine showing made by his gym team. Coach McCollom is a graduate of Berkeley, where he excelled in his line. COACH MILLER Rex Miller has a habit of making his class HC" football team win championships. This year he won his third City championship in five years. At California, Coach Miller won fame as a broad jumper, a high jumper and a fullback on the football team. He was U.C.L.A.'s first track captain and president of the student body at the Berkeley insti- tution. H091 Y' -3- ' 1 . all . .,,,,,,-WW- lE.Pietts2gii.t.lNf MANAQ .f-- . . ' - V rf-t:""""""'i n . . ., EF 4-M -" fa - - -?:m1aef:s2s:iaff1-"ff :f"-3w"", -ff?:fi4'2Mf'Mm-Q...,"h'S-fi-It 'ws-i Q fiiffw' f 'if 2 N .. f ESE: " f' , , W- , ,gain , , ,. o i"" YELL LEADERS LEFT T0 RIGHT: D. Callan, B. Bertram, heady I. Mulligan. SPORT SUMMARY Sports at Franklin, during the past year, were at a comparatively low ebb. However, despite the scarcity of victories in most of the sports, enthusiasm of the students was good, probably due to the efforts of the cheer kings, Booth Bertram, head, and his two assistants, lim Mulligan and Don Callan. The football season although unsuccessful as far as winning games is concerned, proved successful to the yell leaders who led large crowds. Basketball, a little more lucky than football, gained much student support. The largest crowds ever, turned out to uphold the buff and blue. Brighter days are predicted for the casaba squad, as a great improvement has been shown for the past two seasons. Coach Spangler,s team of nineteen brawny and speedy track athletes ended a most successful year by taking all but one meet and making a respectable showing in the City, Southern California and State meets. Carter, in the shot, won the City, Southern California and State titles, while Tuttle, in the high hurdles, nabbed a first in the City. Although very successful in, dual meet competition, the Class B track squad did not show to a good advantage in the City meet. Charles Penny proved the only outstanding man from Franklin in this affair with a hrst and second respectively in the 100 and 220- yard dashes. Class C track did not have a Hourishing year, with losses in all the dual meets. How- ever, in the City meet, Peter Shinoda, bespectacled star, took first in the 50-yard dash. The baseball team was not as successful as was first predicted and failed to win a majority of its games. The squad had several outstanding players with nearly all return- ing next year. Fair turnouts watched each encounter. fConlinued on Page 1Z7j I 110 3 --vw A M,2:i"Ng.: -U' :Sf g W A5'.,x3.3j-,iw VIf-wzffgpxl-,,.,tm:....:,.,.iF: L .-mwq zzw...:mc.,, Es :th ,V 1 Q 5' 1- A Q -I V gg' ,, ff Q v .-5. t I FRDANKLIN ALMANAC ,, LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST Row: Ward, Dickson, Robison, Nunn, Held, Mirehell, Watf, Arian, Ralston, Thompson. SEC- oxo Row: Brennan, Carier, Daley, Woolridge, Iohnson, Ivy, Allaire, Kozinslqy, Hanlon, MeMieheal. THIRD Row: Mc- Klintock, Hampton, Hutchinson, Steaal, Shay, Norlhrnp, Braieich, La France, Loomis, Greisinger, Crumley, Coach Hess. FOURTH Row: Randazzo, Vanflegrift, Hard, Hieber, Pozzo, MeKaIip, Linlq, Iaeolvy, Chambers, Mathewson, Cooper, Hood. Coach Hess Capt. Held half Hanlon end VARSITY FOOTBALL SUMMARY It has been an old custom with Franklin foot- ball Writers to over-rate the Panther varsity. The season of 1930 was the exception. Franklin did not bring home the much-talked-of "bacon," nor did they win a single encounter, but the fellows gave their best, and We owe them a vote of thanks, and a pledge of our support when they dust off the pigskin next fall. BELMONT GAME In the First game in a newly organized league, Belmont took advantage of an early lead and em- erged victorious, with a 6-2 score. The Belmont -'-,-.Q,sl ,W E M 1 E T'T -V u ' EQANKLQN ALMANAQI nfl' , c 4 Allaue quarter Woolrzdge, guard McM1chael, end line proved to be more than a match for the Pan- thers, for they held like a brick wall whenever the Franklin squad threatened to score. A fumble on the kickoff and blocked punt of Bob Held's paved the way for the Sentinel's lone touchdown. In the last half, Belmont intentionally allowed the Panthers to score a safety, this getting Franklin out of a threatening position. FRANKLIN VS, ROOSEVELT Roosevelt played host to the Panthers in the sec- ond game of the season and won by a 13-7 score. Ramona was the power plant and race horse com- H121 mblfx J' HD IFPANKLIN ALMANAF bl., -4 Q Daley me lc' Can lac le Kozinslgy tackle bined for the Roosevelt squad, as it was he who was responsible for most of the Rough Rider yard- age. Allaire and Held worked together and an- nexed a touchdown and a conversion, but the Weak Panther line killed all hopes of turning several of their threatening runs with points. HOLLYWOOD FRACAS Franklin inaugurated its new turf Held by losing the third tilt of the season to Hollywood, to the tune of 13-0. The Panther line held in the First three quarters of the game, and the outcome looked I1131 IIPQANKLIN ALMANACH wp nf -+A-"' IQ'-1 Robison, full Ivy, guard Hulchimon, full as if it would end in Franklinis favor, but a fumble in the last quarter ended all such hopes. In a few short moments Hollywood scored her thirteen points and the gun sounded. another defeat for the Panthers. LINCOLN TILT A moral victory was accorded.Franklin over Lincoln, but a touchdown beats a moral victory any day. That is where Lincoln got the jump on the Panthers. Although Franklin did outplay, score more yardage, and so forth, still the score at the end of the game was Lincoln 7, Franklin 0. 11141 Im' framrgiziri ALMANTXQ and 'any t W4 4 V E Iohnsan and Hood end Carler full FRANKLIN-JEFFERSON GAME Iefferson 19, Franklin 0. That is how the score- board looks when the team has lost that necessary punch. This 19-0 score was the highest rung up against Franklin during the entire season. The old drive and punch seemed to have been left on the. Franklin turf as a result of the Lincoln-Frank- lin fracas, for certainly the squad brought none along for the game with the Democrats. Kozinsky and Allaire played Well, but not enough to change the score. Before the game, Iefferson and Franklin were rated even. POLY ENDS SEASON In the last game of the season the Fighting Pan- ther bowed for the sixth time during the season, f115j F . otty titt E ' w., 13 'j',.r...,.,,,m,,,e tr-Qanknn At Manaei x M ,.,, , . . . , , ., ,A .. Nunn center Dc son guard Brennan half this time to the squabbing, biting, scratching par- rot from Polytechnic. When the smoke of battle cleared, the score read, Poly 9, Franklin O. A fum- ble by the Panthers resulted in a safety during the first period, which was followed by a touchdown, and conversion, resulting in the 9 lone points of the game. A last minute rally by Bob Held, pro- vided many scares in the Poly rooting section, but did not change the score. Thus ended the unsuccessful l930 season for Coach Hess and his footballers, which found Man- ual, Fremont and Lincoln tied at the top of the heap. Nothing but a good response to Coach Hess' call for material and the cooperation of the entire student body in the 1931 season will make a different story for next year. f116j lfTl'2f'ls.,lEl.QlSl,,l.lEl.,, ALMANACI U , , 5 lj' 'm if A' 46,7 SPORT SUMMARY fContz'nuedf1'om Page 1102 Captain Ed Reynolds guided a varsity tennis team through a fairly good season which brought out several good players, many of whom will return next season. Aquatic aspirants were guided by the versatile Coach Ferrell. No outstanding marks were registered in record times, although a good group of fellows turned out for the sport. Captain Dick Iones had a good gym team behind him during the past year. Coach McCollom knows how to instruct and has had a great deal of experience as he has been a gym coach since his freshman year at college. Gym work is forcing its way into the limelight in the pantheris lair. h V Wrestling, although not an inter-scholastic sport, has grown popular quickly under the tutelage of Coach Ferrell. ' Chemist Kindy gave his spare time in the afternoons to coach a team of five members and followers of the business manls game of golf. The spirit of the team was ace high, which accounted for many of their wins. EDITOR'S NOTE Players made it easier for their teams to win with good support and the encourage- ment of their school mates and the backing of Mr. Montgomery, who was l00 per cent behind all athletic events. A game won is easy to write up. A game lost takes pains. This year we have tried to be truthful in our write ups. When a team deserved praise, they received it, but far be it from our policy to declare that "large turnouts cheered the team on to a moral victory," or "the men fought as madmen only to lose by one point," when we know that we are not being sincere. LONNIE Hoon, Sport Editor. I 117 3 'Tlj'fJl.V"Bm' i .-1' 1 I- ' !. tE.eatI.s.tiri.-- amfem-til f ts ,.m:-jg.-59, -- 1' 6 f' 5' Tc 1 " zwwga. N V , j ,.-:fm sa - uk-fl,.g:5tyggE21s 'a P' . .-Y .. . s, .Mt-M ' .,. s. .-- :- , ave' 'ir as m 4 ff 3 'bum LEFT TO RIGI-IT, FIRST Row: McCall, Randall, Bishop, Thir- lqettle, Tyler, Captain Knowles, Reiclqe, Whitsell, D'Amico, Edmanzls. SECOND Row: Trinlqy, Pauley, Hawks, Braicich, McQziown, Epifanos, Easton, Hartnett, Morrey, Beach, La France, Given. THIRD Row: French, Hennsley, Handley, Sullivan, Silherstein, Gerry, Gantsche, Halliburton, Barns, Collins, Nevins, Coach Spangler. FOURTH Row: Peterson, Lasater, McMillan, Landreth, Mnrdoclq, Roberts, Cooper, Benotte, Mclntyre, Powell, Yalla, Bishop. Coach Spangler Capt. Knowles CLASS B FOOTBALL With only one win to their credit, Coach Spang- leris class B footballers discarded their moleskins last fall, ending an unsuccessful season. Captain Knowles proved his ability and leader- ship by playing his center position well. Although lightweight teams have not won much recognition at Benjamin Franklin, they have proven the greatest benefit to the fellows in the "BH division. Formerly fellows who were not large enough to play on varsity teams, usually had an afternoon of leisure in which they had nothing to occupy their time. During their leisure hours many of the fellows found it hard to walk the Mstraight and narrowf' and often strayed. The teams for the smaller fellows have solved this problem, much to the satisfaction of pupils, teachers, parents, and the community as a whole. 118 I I i --,f1'a 1" li"11'l' L 'i"i C f" 3 w all,-1' fe IFIQANKLIN AL.MAN cl r- . ii -J s , 1 LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST Row: Plzillips, Cox, LaPzima, Mahan, Captain Lee, Shinoda, Deeelqen, Freeman, Shattuck. SECOND ROW: Wyeof, Quinn, Stevens, Pillsbury, Dazxis, Dominic, McCall, Ielzino, Enzerling, Izrstice, Cotrell. THIRD Row: Rosenazier, Paz, Dean, Laelqner, Rippy, Iaelqson, Keating, af, Moody, Haskins, Epzfanos, Coach Miller. FOURTH Row: sl - - 4 '11-.rfff xi Brazcteh, Wood, Cooper, Green, Mayan, Atchison, Russell, -gfi Feeny, Melntyre. V- C ouch Mzller ,,.. ,ss W5 iA55f1S3':lfQl1?5i'i5?l ififggi ,.,, , .I L.. Capt. Lee 1 qa.r:w..:.1,.f,1fsrt f.'f e wt. -'assssfsf of V I. -W , . 1 af CLASS C FOOTBALL Coached by Rex Miller and captained by Paul Lee, the Panther midgets won their third City League championship in Hve years. Champion- ships are getting to be a habit with Mr. Rex Miller, coach, teacher, artist, et cetera, and he combines each of these talents when he starts to Work on his class C youngsters. Although the midget squad lost one game, it Won the coveted championship, for a defeat, and a tie game marred its nearest rival's record. Captain Paul Lee did outstanding Work on the line at a wing position. He also carried the ball on end runs, and displayed a "wicked foot" when it came to punting. Peter Shinoda, halfback, and Lonnie Mahan, fullback, accounted for most of the team's yardage, and each piled up his share of points. Shinoda was not to be stopped when he got loose with the ball, while Mahan was the power house of the squad, and was deadly, especially with his tackles. Most of the boys move up to the lightweight and varsity squads for the 1931 season. Messrs. Spang- ler and Hess should not be sorry, even a little bit. N191 'ilftfsl rf' -'Emi .az V. ... it fm-'ms I-:if .211-sa :Q It-wwf: :ft- ffs.. .. ., -. .. -W V . ,.,.. Naezfew - 1. swgg, - Q ,fi S is I time gil My 'pvc .. W M 49' l I is 4, J ,. . 41 ISM' .Tili- it nf t li 'fi Fw V SX? 3 i I 'Q 'qs 1- U ,. fo , if vis M a , W., .W we ' 3, f ff: Nam. . ,,.. .-te r,.t', ' E 'sir T-gh T- W ,,O tttt -1 ew A LFQANKLQN t s M i A AL MANQQQ , gp , X . 1 2 , in ia ' .4 we i " - --.A ..,,,,-,.....m,......- .... --..,..-. ,.,.... Eg,2mL A Q If x,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,.,-,,,,,.,..,,,,,,.,,, ,ft M... 'Y' Q- M:-2-ff' .... ., H, , 'W 13 ..-1 . 752245-15" - 1" ' 58, T.f:2E""'..Ff , ":"-fififf.-:V--f' l- 'fffil -5:21 3f"5 ' ' ,i ld . , .'7'.f ' ' ' F V - .,..'1'ff',f',f'ffj-' ' T L-'gn " , Q. -,f '. -'t -I:---. ' . ' 4 3 . I, x. , ' , ,f'," 'l,,- . J C Q' . , ,I 4 l . , f--.--f - ff -E '-A, ffirl- . . -A-' 4 -- ' sw-1 LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST Row: Wasmutlz, Simons, Coach Ferrell, Captain Iamentz, Shiltz, Fitzpatrick, Again. SECOND Row: lanes, Thomas, Sclzer, Lindahl, Woods, Carler, Grijith. VARSITY BASKETBALL Coach Ferrell's varsity basketballers ended an unsuccessful season, by only taking the first encounter from Fremont by a narrow margin. Each game provided many a thrill for several were very closeg not close enough, however, to put a feather in the boys' bonnets. Captain Zaven Iamentz filled his guard position in a big way, and together with Snowden and Lindahl, gained many of the team's points. This was Coach Ferrellis second year at Benjamin Franklin, and during that short time he has produced some outstanding players. The school has been handicapped by the lack of suitable material, for "big strong fellasn fail to appear for their basketball unies. Several members of the squad will return for next season, and it remains to be seen what can be done when they meet their opponents on the hardwood courts. Following is the score of the games played this year: At Franklin: At Manual: Franklin Manual , . . . ,... 32 Y Fremont Franklin ...., .... 2 0 At Lincoln: At Los Angeles: A W N Lincoln . Los Angeles. . . . . . . 40 Franklin Franklin . . . . . . 17 ' At Franklin At Franklin: ' Fairfax . Garfield , . . , . . , 22 Franklin Franklin . . . .... 20 i I 120 1 ii 19 1515? V . ,QW A A ......-,,.,....W..-. ........i...,.............. f - , :Al UfEAiE5,!SLlN , W ,W 9 ,, , 1-r - ... ,.,, ff X . 1 -iii, , ysmw' M :fJS21if4'4531"" " ,ff-11: i ' 31' 'uf E '--iz" -4-. ' W-1 13266-11624-'z - mi ' "2f'ik "'. lT212'3' -f . be . M 1 M5 q.4,,g.Q:3L, B? F' Z! I VARSITY BASKETBALL Cupmin lumefztz, forzuard Coach Pawel! Shiltz, guard Simons, forwzzrzl Mcllickcal, gzzczrzl Limlahl, Cffllfl' Wzzmwlh, forward Coleman, gzzzzrzl Agzzn, forward 'i' Llfxm LEFT 'ro Rlcslrr, FIRST Row: I. Doyle, E. Reylioldx, I. Deal, W. Babcock, T. Ksllfrzoell. Siicoxn Row: I. loner, I. Sfmfzizzn, IV. Bzrslufy, R. Herring, W. Hiram, I. Mizlzer. CLASS B BASKETBALL Captain lerry Deal proved to be the outstanding player and point winner for the Lightweight basketball squad during the past season. Tommy Kettlewell was the only person who took the highpoint honors away from Deal in a single game, but the high- point winning and the outstanding work of these two players did not quite make up for the inability of the squad to win, which resulted in a cellar position for the Panthers. CLASS C BASKETBALL The Panther midget casabamen ended a most successful season in second place, missing the City championship by only one game. IQEFT 'ro R161-r'1', FIRST Row: Qufmz, Sf11'z':'Iy, Dinzielx. Si-.czoxo Row: ELxfQl'lIWf1l'I', IIf'erz1'w', Grijilh, Dc Nlof, Tilley. ll221 w , f if Ava!-KE, A 'gy 5 Q VARSITY TRACK L1-:FT 'ro RIGHT, FIRST Row: Birck, Carson, Curicr, Hood, Heiber, Rorlq, Tzzltle, Fisher, Gordon, Cooper, Arinn. SECOND Row: Pozo, loner, Hunter, Scher, Thompson, Lnclqner, Bowen, MrMiL'fzezzl, Imler, Czfzlabaclq, Browning, Morrey. RELAY TEAM CLIFIEF, Cooper, Rork, Carxon, I-Innler, Gordon, Tnllle, Fisher, Hood 11231 U 5' 1 V3 e ,..,, H ..,. .,.,, -,--.---.,-,- .,,, ...ew ..,. ,- QWJQIZIA ', ..,,.,-,,,-N,,,-,,,,.,M,,,,,,,m.,,,--. A ff 2 rem! W Q I 0 ZW! :X lk EV l l lx Q KN I I AF 'gy 1 ix fl x! X53 M :km 1 Nl 0' .W 5 v'.f"5H X'Mf"'lw.f ,ETD 5, " "" y"""' "" "" ""'x""" "" ' ' " 'A" 'f " .g1'gQf,'i' "" "'A"""""" """'A"'W""""""" "" """""w" A 'f7'1'5""3" . fe '3 "fi 1FS''I.J.T5Y7-.,-:f4iT1T"'Tf""fi '-" ' " "." .-'T''7'Tf237'7"'f4'f?i2"f""'fin-5' 5- ' M we-f VARSITY TRACK Carson, pole vault, 440 Arhm, shot put, low hurdles . I Carter, shot put clzampiou, Hfllffb 440 T I I U rellgzy I ' Capt. Rork, 880, relay Coach Spangler utt e, ug: mr E CZL1lIIf'10I1, G0'd0'l' hurdles' relay low hurdles, relay Cooper, 100, 220, relay Hood. broad junzp, Fisher, high jump, broad jump, relay 100, relay 1 124 1 'Q' B .mf I JM, Y af I isegii' J' 'Ei 'fi -..DM K I 1 f ,,.,, I 'Mm a :ggi I , T. Tk. fy I 731, Eff- I 33 Z ' siffk 'ii S .fm iff' fiifi. ' " Q95 511 if i 'Ayr Jak' sifix- Fifi? - ' Y, T4 i -. 51, CLASS B TRACK Zig Lu-'T TO RIGHT, FIRST Row: Betlerzflgc, Bench, Rzppy, Morgan, Hanlon, Wucrx. SECOND ROW: Collzns, oimv, I-lurlzz, Knzlin , Penn , Smilh, Sfzahian, McCall, Hood. TIIIRD Row: El7l7l1El'Il-111, Mor un, Alziix, H Tl. ,T g y I g M Luz Vogue, WCIIIZ, Hearn, Iiubcorlq, Sllllilfdfl. fur ' ' . ggfg CLASS C TRACK f 2 1 .L 5 ' LEFT TO RIGHT FIRST Row: Bzmzrzrcf, Estes, Woodward, Toarmino. SECOND Row: Ichino, MlIl0176f, X R I I .T Shinorlcz, Gzzesl, Wycoj. THIRD Row: Diego, Wood, Hughes, D. Goslinc, Rosenuzfr, Eyericlq. 'T 5 i w 5,313 wwf? "ESQ s 'if' 4" ' I 1 -4 ,Q I . I 125 1 5 'Q 3, I V 1 if igiify ,, ,. ,.f....... W f' 'mf.,,,,m.,V.,,,-,T:LmM.,,,,,..1,,,--..,f"5n, . W, I , . .. I ,I f' V V- I . nw. I H., I ter? fgjf'uQff,, sg3f1i'LW51'j'Z' xl M-fm34,,,.,f,,f'vf,m..,iM'w-Q-fIg.,.g4LI,'Ji"wa54ETJmz-M uwmgm., I Y K' Q' 'HI If , I3 Q if my ., -Q-....-.-.--.... LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST Row: Tullzill, Harris, Mgr., Caswell, Mgrxj Gould, Mgr., Cook, Mgr.: Gcrrie, Mor- lnfrg. SECOND Row: Hanlon, Ralston, Evans, LaPuma, Carler, Caplain McCue, I. Braicich, Murphy, G. Braificlz, Robison. THIRD Row: Couch Lopez, Davis, Mgr.: Ward, lanes, Schiltz, Link, Egan, Randuzzo, Hart, Ivy, Moore, Hampton, Mgr. VARSITY BASEBALL A baseball team, composed of numerous lettermen, captained by Wayne McCue and coached by Mr. Lopez, suffered several defeats during the past season at the hands of pill chasers in the newly-organized league. At the time this was written, Franklin had lost two games, one to Manual Arts, 12-3, and the other to Fairfax, 10-2. In the first game the team, as a whole, did not play very well, although some of the players did perform superbly. 'KDutch,' Moore hit a home run for the Pantherites on his first trip to the plate. He also got another blow in the Manual game and one in the Fairfax fracas, giving him an average of 370. The real hitting star, however, for the Franklin squad was Captain Wayne McCue, who has played four years in varsity competition. "Mac" got three safeties in the Manual encounter and two in the game with Fairfax, to lead the league in hitting, with an average of .7l4, and seemed headed for the batting championship and the coveted "Babe Ruth batf, given each year. The Franklin team had several pitchers this year, chief of these being: Morberg, lack Braicich, Robison, Link, Egan and Tuthill, all of whom gave service during the season. First base was taken care of by Shiltz and Iones, both verv adept in the field, and good at bat. Second was handled by Hanlon, a fair fielder and hitter. Gene Gerrie, at shortstop, showed promise at times, and did some fine playing. The mainstay of the in- field, however, was "Dutch', Moore, who was a tower of strength, both in fielding and batting. The outer gardens were taken care of by several Helders of good ability and fair hitting, chief of these being Ralston, Ierry Braicich, Hart, Carter, and LaPuma. VVhen Captain McCue was not in the game, Evans, utility man, took up the duties behind the plate. Although the team was not successful as far as wins go, it looked very good in the field n1OSt of the time. As a whole, it was a comparatively good hitting team, with weak pitching. With the exception of Wayne McCue, most of the squad will be back, and will make an experienced club for next year. N261 :iz gm. 55? was t 'Y m -W ' ,gi 1 1 r 'T e it ,,. K , ' .ii . . , ? -1" 'ez -,H ,,,,Y,Y, f 1 9 , 1,.,J . Q5 ..F f,,j , ,,s Y ' ,fl . ,, Ni 8 f Y I A , .- x , ,L "N V :V ,,.g ' ' I ' M, .f , VARSITY BASEBALL an Gcrric, xlmrtxfofv Ra11r1a::0, m1if?elzf Cauffz Lofvc: Hanlon, .VL'L'UlIJI' Link, pitcher Ralxfou, oalffivld Llrfvl. .1l1'Cuc 171171363 ll lzit Bloore, flzird Tutflzill, l'I.fCfIL'l' Robison, ozrtfulll 114L'C1lC', uzfrlzw' Brnicich, f7Z'f6'l!L'I' Egan, p1Ttclze1f Hart, o11tj?eId Shiltz, first H271 x MQ' ig V, it fx. 4 .. .. my A, .fm ,ul- R1 Yrw? mm fir f if , H 2 4 1 EJ 0 f'fEf'? if . 'ww yy ,. .. jp : ry 3 li "W' 5. 2.29: Q'-F ? TENNIS TEAM LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST Row: I. Votrzw, C. Moody, E. Reynolds, Capl.,' G. Killen, P. Dutclzfr, 1. Afchlry. SECOND Row: R. M. 107265, G. Bmffy, R. Holmes, L. Sowerx, R. Trzmmn, W. Becker. THIRD Row: If. I 5 Hall, W. Church. 12315 S W IMMING LEFT TO RTGHT, FIRST Row: W. Sormxozz, E. Simons, l'. Milclzell, 11. Bishop, I. Duuizlyozz, M, lzfy, Mr. Ferrell, Colzclzj C. Clllll-IIS, D. Adtnllllclll, l'. Hawley, B. Hozzglzton, E. McCli11lck, E. McCall. 815005111 ROW: A. Burlon, A. Steuzl, S. Bcirlclman, L. Burns, D. lejery, E. Arnold, W. Kelly, Z. Izmzclviz, H. Wtlfmlllfl, I. Hllf6!2l7750ll, E. Grcixifzgcr. THIRD Row: P. Lee, H. Colemzm, B. Buxlzey, W. Rogcrx, I. " Wcsiorl, I. Puwlcy, P. Hyllou, R. Rickxon, W, Cody, L. Dixon. . I 128 1 ,WA : ,45?JEQ?:'.z:'+15fs:"M.f'4"fv'T'f'f'T' N ,.-Mi"l"'f "'L " "M . '..Q,.R- ,... - Y W. K , L 1 L sfwrw Q15-"V J K nrW""'i'u.-.-.,.,-M-1'-1'-I-'UH-MR-1' w A 'L . T, It 1 Czifx 1-'Lsz + 2 li 5 1 L51 3 .M ...J J 4 'f ' A, .- . Lie ' ua- elif , IEEfawK.LxNL.- , ,,gizAL.Ml.M31ACl I., L91 A s- ..- ,v Ak . I GYM TEAM LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST Row: Cooper, McCo1lom, R. Ioncx, Coach ML'Collom, W. Iones, Micholson, Allen. SECOND Row: D'Amiro, 1. 101165, Dixon, Lyman, Handle , Broo 5, E. Emlfrle, QIlZY777l. THIRD Row: .. . I I y Artcmcnko, Rffhflflii, Cooper, Hopkms, Clark, Morgan, A. Eizzlerle. . 4 I.. if 44: 1- LE RESTLING LEIfT TO RIGHT, FIIIST Row: W. Sorenfen, D. Bernard, A. Baldwin, G. G0l!il7El'g, G. Mcllobcvt, N. D'AmiL'o, G. Orsoline, E. Simons, P. Milfhell, P. Hensley, L. Halrell, B. Rolfe, I. Thorn. SECOND ROW: B. Wall, L. f172!i6'7'!011, M. Lzzirzl, A. Nunn, K. Plllfblll' , P. Williams, . Hzfglzex, R. Cole, . Smith, P. fi , 3' , 2,5 Hylzoiz, R. Dzc 5012. THIRD ROW: P. Lee, B. Robcrf, C. Kzng, H. Sczmlcrr, W. Edmundf, P. Burch, C. .Mimi . Oclzlfr, H. Lusrztcr, I. Wcnrton, L. Dxxcn, I. Pzzwlcy, C. Smrle. 2.2 If ...., if : .la I1291 1 1 , V 1 Ama! ,W f ,WEQQQQ 'mmWW.......,,.,,,,...M-wwmmb ., ,,, , T . .,,. . ,. -. . Q 5.9 a. Emi? ' :J ,S x LEFT 'ro RIQQHT: I. Nezfinx, I. Iel!.7lIL'I'fO1'!I', A. Ward, Mr. Kimfy, Afluimr, W. Bllbtvfk, I. Deaf. ATHLADELPHIANS Mr. Laprz, fl1l1f1'mr,' Wayne McCue, 1'l'l'.ffI1'l'l?ff xlrt Gordon, Vfff-Pl'CSl.!fl'l7f,' SIIFVIFILI11 HLIIIZPIUII, Sz'w'rfm'y H301 SENIOR BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS LEFT TO RIGIIT, IJIRST Row: R. McMillan, M. Doncy, O. Barron. Ssaczoxu Row: D, Krugc. V. Boyd, M. Ti 171077. JUNIOR SPEEDBALL CHAMPIONS LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST Row: R. Lumanica, A. Sulllcy, M. Boyle, A. Robcrtx, R. lorzex. SECOND Row: M. Gmhrmz, W. Hufxard, H. Weber, A. HdglIBI'. THIRD Row: E. A'10I'l'l'.90l7, D. Lewis, 1. Fill-I'bl'0fh6'l', P. Cfmnzfverlczin, G. Banff. f1311 Iii .- ,,.. -.,-.. .,.. .-..,...,.,,.,.,,,L,,-.,.-,,. Q ,,-MM,-v,-v,,,w,-MMV? YMFVIN, A 44 .4 W, , I 4 ... D - Q Oz. ...Y Serv! 5151, IA XJ I fx R IGN xi gWi g,.f1,- 115 EI, jf..,x M XVI '!,...Q,S 45-QW, E5-3 JM.-. ...... -. . . W. . ...H L., .. , .. V1 VV Y 1 i jp - MM, WWW ,,.N, ,,,,,,,m.,,M-N-M--,,,,i,,W,,,IQ 11, -M 135' 5515, ,,,, M . A 5- f-1-I 'iriii .X iff'-,K fl':..I..J, 'l...f-5: in 3 "kd 0 Q' 4 4 I 42? 53521 VI J if u SENIOR VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS ' LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST Row: D. Krage, I. Casebeer, R. McMillan, O. Barron, V. Boyd. SECOND Row: O. Towns, M. Doney, I. Whilzalqer, A. Nash. GIRLS' INDIVIDUALS fOn Oppoxitc Pzzgej LEET TO RIGHT, FIRST Row: I. Whillalqer, H. Kingry, V. Boyd. SECOND Row: R. McMillan, M. Boyle. THIRD Row: E. Corm, Mrs. Trieb, D. Krage. FOURTH Row: M. Doney, I. Cufcffeer, A. Sntlley, M. Tiplon. TENNIS CHAMPIONS LEFT TO RIGHT: H. Kingry, M. Boyle, I. Fairbrollzsr. 5 I I 132 1 fs:r1'.,.,. ' , -fr' + 1, I --.1 N 1 ---- f-WW. .... --ww-wwf-f-.W ... . fi' -x., pf,-'-cizf' 1 2' " N'-' '-t',,fxJ1 . ' , IA., - , fw 1.-V . ' . ,I :gil Q' ,Q 5- If sag' us- tg 7:51 " . - Q fa, ' fr ,W- I 1 fy .K ,f 4, , my - , V. ., - iv Qs 2 4 ' N H P Y. ,Ama inf' gi f 4' R f ., , f Q . , H jim g K ' 9 ,df :',w .! , V 4' I ,4 wi 122, f f K4 .r. , N ' 1: 4 ,KL ,Q . , ef H ' Q, ,, 5 , A Wiz? f.f7,,, H331 ff g y , j I 'Look to the helm, good master." -ScoTT , .af 'iv 4 '-59 i ,ii 59' luck De 1.11111 Hizrolzf Rohan.: D011 Tyler U. S. C. Tennis Star' .1Iz1.f1'u1l Dircffor, Altorney-at-Lau! Burl Tl'IIC'!10Ilf U. S. C. I-161612 Bl'1'1f.fr1U Winner Chicago Cub, I'1'lche1' Brmzrfmster and Wrffcr National Orzitorfcul l71ifL'hEl'z1I1:l'1I7Z1Qfl'l1,l922 of Childzz-11's Stories CUl1l'l'.ff, 1924 OLD SALTS The old Alma Mater port, Benjamin Franklin, was in a gay mood February 23, for sons and daughters, whom she had launched the year 1917. They returned to renew their friendships with the teachers who had piloted them through the depths of education. Those pilots and friends were proud to realize that many of the graduates were sailing peacefully on the waves of prosperity. Although the day was warm and balmy, there were many "minute squalls" from the addition to the crew that the years had brought. The force of these usquallsw was abated in the nursery by Mrs. Griffin and pedagogical assistants. In the morning an assembly was conducted by the president of the Alumni Associa- tion, '6Chick,' Hill. At noon these "old saltsu sat down together once again to a luncheon in the cafeteria and later they danced. It was discovered that many of the Alumni were filling interesting and important po- sitions in the business world. Harold Roberts is Director of the Department of Musical Organizations at the Uni- versity of Southern California. His Golden State Band is famous throughout the state. Don Tyler, winner of the national constitutional oratorical contest in 1924 who, since his graduation from Franklin, has graduated from Occidental and has received his LL.B. from Harvard, is now connected with Farris and Williainson, attorneys-at-law. Bud Teachout is pitcher with the Chicago Cubs. Last year, his Hrst in the major leagues, he had a fine average, winning nine games and losing four. Helen Birdsall is attending U. S. C., and has been very successful in broadcasting childrenls stories. At present she is publishing a book of children's stories. Many other Franklinites, too numerous to mention, have done equally well. lncluded in these are lack De Lara. U.S.C. tennis star, Kenneth Belknap, Fphebian president, Mab'e Straub: L. A. Grand Opera singer, Harry Good. advertising and art work, Mary Katherine Moore. new Mrs. Lawson, teacher at Frankling and Harold Hansen, history teacher at Pasadena High. H371 L ....,.'l. ' -wk ilif ,Q .,,. 4 , :dx ,KJ ffgvx I 1381 L., DAY GROUP I IOM I-XX BMI NU ALUMNI ,,,,,.. m iie! 1-if IFIQANKUN Qe llliil. ALMANACI a. c -4 GALLEY SLAVES By HUBERT RASBACH Proud rides the galley o'er the blue, Cutting the liquid with its prow, As on its marked course it glides At solemn speed. Great is the sail above the crew, Before which canopy wind-gods bow In deep humility, and move the ship VVhere'er the need. Colour, the ship's maiectic theme Reveals itself in ev'ry line, Barbaric beauty commands the whole From stem to stern. Movementg synchronizing gleam Of oars in perfect time, Dipping in the blue green sea- Move the vessel as they churn. The galley slowly sea-ward glides, A floating hypocrite of wood Masked by luring loveliness It onward sails, Hiding 'neath its painted sides And gaudy, colored hood, A core of hate and passion 'Flamed by Hails. The rowers sit on crowded tiers Nude, but for loincloth at the hips, And push the mighty vessel on With human might. 'Neath tropic sung 'neath haunting fears Of cutting unrelentless whips They struggle on, a sweating mass In hopeless plight. N391 A cry goes up upon the deck- Theifoe is cruising into sight! Commands are sent to chain the slaves "Let no one free," ' The slaves are chained, each one in check The galley is prepared to fight, And but awaits the onslaught of the foe Upon the lee. The two ships meet in fearful charge Communing human Hesh with wood! Commands are lost beneath the ding The slaves drive on. A heavy smoke creeps o'er the barge As famished flames drive on for food, Leap up and burn the sail and mast 'Till they are gone. The slaves grow frantic in their chains As crackling flames the nearer draw And strike their chained comrades there In endless row. Each slave his shackle madly strains He pulls until the flesh is raw- To no avail-the flames prevail And hotter grow. The vessel sighs and slowly sinks, Dark waves begin to wash the sides That now encase a charnel pit of Human ash. The lash scream dies among the links And over all a lull abides, As with a heave the galley sinks Into the gash. "iQ,'f.Yl'x" 'Hearts of oalg are our ships, Gallant tar: are oar men." -GARRICK 29? Y im oo, 'Q ,A f f f Y v J JOHN CAREY saw QW 'Mi' I' sf M' ILC EEN' A'i0TasffEfrfIIff2i31 4:2 mei nlllllu .. ml - iii. -31 I' IEIIEIIIIIIII , Y -3 -2 .,- SEPT. 2'-TI-IOSE SEEKING EDUCATION RETURN. I Q 4 I' I ml ' v , 4 . M 'I X 49' 0 xx -S' -'I , Q' 'H 'I 'X' X fffji SEPT. me N-simon 'AYE." ELECTIONS PSST, HE.Y'SaN',4: , ,ig REMEVIBERL- A. , .gf I-ww: 519 I I 'Q I' Miigw- '.',I...,.Trf. I ' M Q' f W. N n lim SEPT 25-- DR. BRUCE GOQDON KING- SLEY DELIGI-ITS STUDENTS AT AUD CALL n X wugisfwyf Q - mg 1, W .- L,:g.fm3I OCT. IO-- FRAN- KLIN BELMONT V GRID STIZUGGLE OPENS SEASON. DECA--5-GOOSE I-IANGS I-IIGH FILL? ALL' WI-IO AT- TENDED WITH UNTOLD MIIITH. H441 HINT TVI7 4: X THEY SM Ewembn ff Jag. 4' r -A ' ? f ' my' . ..,, ,, W -' f I, ... T V 'T 5 I ' WW Q J I Zia. ' ,X f OC'lfl6--SENIOQ.'AYES' DAZZLE. STUDENT BODY WITH THEIR. SWEATERS. II I I xi sa N l U I 'T x eu--.Z yu-15x3"'l,49 1545 64 -"I: 2 eXXI"I,c Nun, vnx. NOV I7- -SENIOR 'BEE' ELECTIONS INSTII.I. NEW SPIRIT IN SCI-IOOI.. I wa - i YOIIQNK -mfg w ..-- ' I . ., W, 4-"alll, 3 . I i - , an . A I NOVJ9--SENIOR "PNB" CLASS DAY-TIINNS, AND NITIDITS. e , ,Q Q Q- + fag 3 Toi sis 5? N g If f' .," ff, L I EIQEQEIQ NSVISIO--CLASS "c"Foo1sau. CHAMPION- s I . JUST W Y032'sS'.S2?5 NL! up " 7 -4 xg , 1 fl N I 'I NIL? 'N I essex .QQ mf g L X A X XXL. oec.5--FAANKLIN WINS FIRST BASKET- BALL GAME IN THREE YEARS TROUNG ING FQENONT. r - F, I Sy S NI7gflW XYLNNXIIIHI ' FIIIE WNW I ll, LII' - x XT YXALL A2 Iam. N9 A ...LL4 l YQ I E15 A L -. X 1-Fig ' 7 ' - Ji-Qi fx. "fix , -.S DEC.I'2Q- NIIl.SNIFFE.N DEPPIIITS LEPNING ONLY PI FOND PIDMIQATION 'BEI-IIND. 2558315 311 I f III!! Q DE.C.I2-4 EPI-IEBIANS CI-IOSEN. - If 1' 'QI' I I T I1 A - f DEC..I6--GUY NUNN TAKES FOOIZTI-I IN IAXJIQLD FRIENDSHIP CONTEST CONPETING WITH REPRESENTATIVES OF TIIIENTY EIGHT SCI-IOO5 DON T OI-I BOY SEE I 51- PANTHER ANYONE J' STEAKS 9 Jw I 'f 5 Q- S2509-I ifmml , 3? 1 Pa- . DEC.'19-'MIl,MONT- GONEIIY RETURNS TO THE OLD Hw- ING GROUND NEW POSITION. EIGI-IT MEMBERS OF TI-IE FACUIN TRANSFERRED. 11451 TNAT3 Tw THIRD M 1. 4 TIME -mu STEPPED ON NY FOOT! Aus N-4 1 Q ' - "PN P -f u 1 ff C A ' 9' 4 ldv.. ' I H1 I I IIIIII. JPINJO:-TI-E UNPNOIDHBI-E SENDQ 'PNE'-'BEEN DANCE.. ERNEST A N012 'N T ' -rf X ,-'K A . ,H 1 I 11, I ff T 'L ,f I I .. wi! 141 mg '- ,g 1.5- , iaj 'WfT JAN.Ie-I1.-- IMPORTANCE OF BEING EAR- NEST evmENTw A success. xt' 'ff N. -. N- ,-- I" A- mvf' -' -1,1 'I" II I Q QQ ' fr ,I 7 35, P Aff 'ii-! WW QCD! cg!! JAN.I7-- BENJAMIN FRANKLINS BIIZTI-I DAY CELEBRATED A5 BEFITTING me occAs1oN I382 I NN sawn- ANNUAL MEAL ff' 211 'BALLQUZ 'N T f BOx1 .9 I T 1? , ---as i JAN.I9-- TI-IE NIUCII-LOCKED-FOR. STUD- ENT BODY ELECTIONS. e ff 1 -A 'Xin iraq ' wil I Y ,Q . JOI-IN Q "', fx- CAQENI I., i X A 4 1 P xt our . . 5 I 1, ia' Q 'IL-15 Haw : cf 'FTE 49 V' ALL X HE g t, 3 4 + I N An A 19 FEB.-- BOYS League oiemxzeo. sl W FE.B.5-'MIL KELLOG, THE 'BTRDWSN EN LJGHTENS CERTATN MEMBEV5 OF 'THE SCKENCE DEPT H5 WELL BS STUDENT BGDT. sassy- MQ. aLmce5LeE,AFQxf.No -ox: LTNCULNS GHVEUS P1 XJEP-Y ENTEQTHTN' ING mm AT Aw cm.. NON--NN CHNDXDPQTE , lS-- ETC. 135 ? A 1 rl 3 52954 I W I M 1 IJ Pam-- szimmoxznlwes' couscuammvs- LY CHOOSE. OFFICERS. ALL FOOTBALL PLAYERS YOU TOO CAN STEP R HT OP PDNV Q51 LEG T -'bf v. S," f n X 1, 3 , i sa 7 . ' ,Za J m- J? We 6 an A my wg 1 X lv. T ' Q. P' f L A ' it L Q-.7 1 .. ' , 771, 1' x I . 'fj,Q' 'fm n . V - ' 'v ' 35w?f'?'4': u' an P' 0 X g51,xs55 4 ' E , o' g, 1 :H FEB.74-- ALUMNK PUGNENTEO EH NUMEVJJUS ADDKTIONS RETURN TO TALK ovew. THE FRUTT5 OF THERE POSTGRBDUGTE LABOR- YSL W AxAS!Auasll , M pgg?S'g!cw6O1. F , 5 A-' 1 -Q in 1 FEEDS--MYSTERY HND NxU'S1C.-- SENOQ. 'QWEU CUBSS UPN. XX! ,A , . , J Q Q' N NU-XR.5-- VIR. PRNEBSEN, ONE OF THE XDOTILDS MANY GLOBETQOTTEQMGWES MPQNY DOTNTEQS ON TQOTTING. wa f 2' Y Q FRlDPH,NPR.l'5-- ALMRNRC SNAPSHOT DPP!--"THE SHOT HEARD ROUND THE woumi' Fee, Q. aovs Lame ememmco ' SW PUT N' wk PWM MR. DPM! SDN MOR.l'+--DONCAE' TEFL BREAKS sx-sow vxxonb, AT RELAY -Q G ,,. 'ae mnuna 5gSf'G"53m21'k"N 7 AT FIRST mn crm PT Q- 114 ' W ' I , 1 H , x I I Q T . L CAv.mum.. f 146 1 07-15- MIMI , ' V 0 O H , T CAREY mll tlllimfllllll wow J N if I YEAH wan pmm we TOWN ' neo W? , g ML - 5 ,, ' f W WW Wx ,A 5' A yd aff MAQCHH FRANKLIN BMD. APJKST5 PREPARE 'TO MAKE OPPOSING TERMS LOOK GREEN . Q. X y 91155 K 1 -.,5,, 7 . , X X - -. ' fy. f Ax X- , Z" ff br " .. M! X ", ,Z f fi H QW I K' If L 1 mAs1.1e..seNso1z"aEis" no AS num as THEY CAN XN PICKXNG CL!-X55 OFFKCERS. MPR. I9.-'DK DOESEY GMES NNTEQESTXNG ADVKCE AT C.S.F. PUD CALL. MW mmsme DOES ms sous HND DANCE Acvcxon Nw--ausw A -52 E 4 A m5.wqcu- 0 'Q . 3 1' Z r' 1 MPN '.2-- CRTY TESC! MEET. AHEM-aucvsn ff f ff, . ' DID YOU WANT -. 1 ' jg Aw 'mme --scum? - 7, ff ' 03, 9 I ,V Kip 4 ., 4 ,A ai' E271 'W mg 1' fs W " Wi ' If ' Wm- 4, f L' J J K " APRJ6 TO NSPNQN MASCULINE MEMBERS OF STUDENT BODY ENJOY BOYS WEEK. '1Ei!2EQSef.. JL N X I .. di ' im? .ETQ.-- 7- 1 I W , , .1 U , V f fibm 'X' s 'L -I , " S' 1 1 f 2 ' N X gHE,lllQU,,, " H X L" I . :Q : 3- ff' A ammo-. FRHNKLINS wouw mcumio avNE.ns--cszAnuAnoN AT um mawes. QEPGFULS OQATE ON THF. consum- ,igfx 37 APR.'50--HORSE , up ' Qcg xfjfm, 'A QIRPAQNTS 'EES 2 'ff' , ACTION +6 ug, Pm-Lel7 ' -Jigga Z JuNe.u9.--swam V gig' 9' ' 4 i 1QgDsMANRGES 7 dk A -.., ix., M,-ff Q Wg. 551' 5 i M541 " P5 QQQSSGQQN. 1 1 HN 4 MA , X . +L-.1 cms H471 'A iff' ' vi, if ' ' 7 JR if in 4 M' ,I f V QS 1-C ""'1lI 'Q' 'fA"ff"'Tl"'-'- L fi-' ! 'U' """A"" L' "W L ' " ' 'T L 3 ': .Q ga 1 1 5 gin S gi ,AT-rf, X' 1 a I gx A HKS FX? KA 3 ...W .....v . ml I lf' ,fx-V f , l nl ,Y .W 3 ,MJ , K f" we E r' 7 2 E Q- 5 if XV? 'S' 1'V"'w-Y 'N I sf Y gmn 3 if gif af Aw 1' a f" 3 kara wif S , , . .Ad 3 Q n 1 A , ,,g,.,,,,, ..,,,,, , ,.., W ,,. ,.....-u ,M -P, Q: sfrivf, .,g Q ,.-if N." ,-1 .A-'-m. , , . R ' ,, g 1? fwfr 'f'x:,v,p,,"- - H V 3. A '- - . 1 Awfrgzy-Q-M"-1.-1 pghmsu.-. .2-.,.,., - ' ' 1 cf' Ewa, fy" f-. . P -- is um-S ,pw , 'Q 27, 43 M 1. F P 355 X Ya 'H 'T a -f W 1 5 if , 22.11 ,' ' ii Q .. 5:2 sf 3' mf.. K ffw Bi I 148 1 Q Pi - f " ' "Www K R-1. 3 ' 53:25-fn X' '- " If 'Y ' KJV A 1 Lf, V fi. , A I fu QT. ' 9 4 lam, Fikqh kmif-" .f,,fA.LQpV Z m,A...,....,,,,u,u,-bW,,,,,.,,,..y,w..m "U-un-g,..,,,, 1 4 x iii? 1 . s 5 Q! 'C 1,3 2513 La , xv. - W2 311. X -fr, U5 iii . -ff 1 4 "1 .bf Q f My 3 , 3553 few E 1 ff ',v Vw .W .PP W fEQff3 NlSLlN ,, Al- MANAETI wp iA L Q! It I I Ki 515 fa. .... ..---....-.-W..-.W-.M-..,.,..,.-.m,.. 1 f -"" 5 W......,,..-,.. ,- . ... I 'jf H 5 Q iiiu ' 4-1 - ' ix- , X X S fi- .-lggff ,. , ' givin, , wh Xb' '1Lg,,,.. 1 X2 iw: '55 l ,.,, 5 X ,J ' WMM WW Vi -Y AC W7 my WM 'Ti i H74 fi:'l5ii..iii,ih,e1ff'w' ---an-C ---Denny Y CTHT-"1--Mmm ., .4 . ... .. - ff W. kkbafw 'N'- 1 M. W ..... .1-W...-Wa .. N it rip: I gjjgjijg. , BOULEVARDS AND EXCEPTIONS fC0ntz'nued from Page 791 "Yes," meowed Kay Withrow, a would-be blonde, "I see he's been quite regular the last two days." Dorothy's eyebrows raised slightly, and she looked condescendingly at the others. Who could tell the secrets that lay hidden in the depths of those light olive-brown eyes? "VVell, maybe hels a friend of mine. How did you come out in History yesterday?" "lust a minute before you change the subjectf' laughed Kay knowingly, "perhaps you donit know that no girl in Central or vicinity has ever been able to really rate with lack." "Maybe," began Dorothy understandingly, "it was because they were-a-blonde is it-P" she hesitated, "were blonde like some persons I know." But Kay wasn't there any more, or would it be kinder to say that the first period bell rang? Two weeks passed, maybe it was three. Iack was still clipping quarters in fast time, and still harmonizing on eucalyptus-lined boulevards. Only one thing had lack worried. He had been talking to Len in the locker room. "Too bad you fell for Dot Lawson," Len had said. "Don't you know that no fellow has ever been able to rate with her, really?,' Other things beside this statement, however, had given Iack cause for worry. Bud Farns, over at Marshall, had been running away from all opposition, and was now men- tioned in the papers as the outstanding prospect to capture the Conference quarter. Two nights before the Conference meet Iack was feeling nervous and irritable. A blaring radio, a crying baby brother, and the ever-present sound of dishes being washed, finally drove him from the house, and soon the soothing strains of the symphony could be heard as he proceeded down an eucalyptus-lined boulevard. It was not long before he edged the symphony to a nervous stop in front of Dorothy's home. Dorothy was more than surprised as she opened the door to Iack. And Iack was more than surprised when he was introduced to Mr. Bud Farns of Marshall, and at present the outstanding prospect in the Conference 440. After Iack had calmly excused himself and rattled home amid clashes of symphonic discord, he thought again of what Len had told him in the locker room. Evidently it was one of her rules never to let any boy really rate her. The day of the Conference meet gave promise of record-breaking times. A cloud-flecked sky greeted the B.V.D. artists. Iack nervously trotted up and down on the greensward that lined the track. He was clad in the dark blue sweat clothes that Central so graciously presented to her aspiring athletes. Iack glanced searchingly into the stands, his gaze roved over the expectant mass of track enthusiasts. The stands were a riotous mass of color, with banners that flapped in the breeze like shoots of flame. Wild-eyed groups of enthusiasts, prepdom f if :Wig fs 'sn 3 if sportsters, here and there a peanut vender being alternately cheered, jeered. But Iack,s gaze traveled on, and finally came to rest on an outstanding figure. Even in that mob, he saw Doroth wave to Bud Farns over in the rou of Marshall tracksters. Y g P After what seemed to him an interminably long time, the 440 was announced. He dolfed his sweat clothes and trotted as calml as he could to the startin marks. He t Y . . 3 . lanced at Bud F arns as he trotted to the start, his well-formed muscles ri lin rh thmic- i 8 , PP S Y M W I 1501 uf. .W 51 ,...m,i,,g,,57f-1iaZ::,,.,ww4', Y ?g,am,-If .-,,1e::-6.1-fn-.rcrneezfwixw1-rings,-altar-?,.,,L,nb,." J A- A MT NU' Y M f 1 MKTW ttxu an -,'.TwIyi, l,, QE? 4 ally. Bud was smiling into the stands. He called to Dorothy, pointed to lack, and they both laughed. lack turned desperately to his marks. A hush settled over the huge crowd as the starter called them to their marks- Setl l And the breath-taking start as the sound of the pistol cut the air. Iack held back from an insane impulse to speed up now, as they rounded the first turn he was running easily in third place, Farns was leading. Now for the long drive on the straightaway, where races are Won or lost. The man running beside lack dropped back slightly. Farns was running on the inside, apparently enjoying setting the pace. As they rounded the final turn, it was evident to the stands that the race was between Iack and Farns. A roar greeted them as they pounded into the stretch. Iack's legs felt like lead. The tape was now 15 yards away. Farns had a lead of three yards. Ten yards, Farns, lead was now cut in twog 5 yards, and they were even. The burning sprint had told, the tape fluttered to the ground as lack won by half a stride. Iack staggered off the track. '4Congratulations,', gasped Bud Farns as lack swayed dizzily near him. Wearily lack put out his hand. "You clipped it in 49.6, a new Conference recordf, Several hours had passed, the Conference meet was history. "You stupid old boyf, Dorothy was saying, as they proceeded down an eucalyptus- lined boulevard. 'KHOW did I know he was your cousin?" growled lack, selfrighteously. A'You went and ran off before I could eXplain,', she laughed, 'Land don't be so cold, itis getting chillyf, "But I thought--U he stammered. "What?" she demanded. "Well, some of the other fellows said you didn't-" 'KOh,,' murmured Dorothy, making herself more comfortable, as lack drew her closer. "There are exceptions to every rule." The symphony was harmonizing perfectly as the moonbeams silvered the eucalyptus- lined boulevard. THE END I!5ll 'Yet the heat pilots have neea' of mariners, he5z'a'e: sails, anchor and other tackle." IONSON .4- -..-? Y - W - -,Q ? Jamma-. - V . ,, Los Angeles Pacific College Nestled Among the Hills Tu'elz'c zzcrrf of belzzrtifzzl hilly . . . fllgfl nzozzzzmfzzx fo Ihr' nortfz . . . in front the llzlllllkll grown' of 1,16 .flrroyo Sem, at the f7I'L',f!'lIf time luring cozzzfrrfczl info L1 'frail diy pzfrfq . . . az l plan' of fmznly and fllfmzcfiz'e11ef,f. Why the BIG Swing to the LITTLE College with the LARGE Program? WHY? WHY? WHY? Send for Catalog and .fee for yourself Address PRESIDENT BYRON S. LAMSON 5832 EBEY AVENUE Los IANGELES, CALIIJOIQNIA HIGHLAND PARKS OYVN IUNIOR COLLEGE TVVO MILES TO FRANKLIN Summer Session, June 29-August 1 Fall Term, September 14 N551 , L. 44, Q, f ,Q "Let Your Phone Line Bc' Your Clothes Line" 'cCApitol 6161,' Sunshine Laundry Co., Inc. 3260 ARRoYo SEco AVE. Los ANGELES, CALIF. RIVERVIEW Buy "A Satisfactory Laundry" Los Angeles Made We Use IVORY SOAP Exclusively Candy CAPITOL 4231 -1 451 SAN FERNANDO ROAD CHRISTOPHER,S CANDY Co. Los ANGELES CLOVER LEAF CANDY Co. WE DO DRY CLEANING E. A. HOFFMAN CANDY Co. Mr. Carr: 'cln spite of your poor work at school I am going to give you a Ford coupe for graduation. However, I am still displeased with youf, Bob: "Will you shake with me fatherP,, Mr. Carr: UNO, I refuse to ever set foot in the contraption., I -+- 'LI hate that chap,', quoth the lovable girl, as she rubbed cold cream on her lips. "IEP illramklin 1Hnnte" Gifts for All Occasions PENS-RINGS-BELT BUCKLES-PINS 'I ' I Independent Towel and Linen Supply 1710 GRIFFITH AVENUE WESTMORE 0476 H561 9 lla? 9 C I y A -4517 . ff' A lF5QAiNKl.lN,,Q fvxmnmfzq I "GOLDEN REYN "SILVER REYN "The Brandt of Quality" WE SOLICIT YOUR PATRONAGE Pacific Wholesale Grocery Co. WHOLESALE GROCERS PHONE TRINITY 3626 761-763 TERMINAL STREET, LOS ANGELES Remember CLASS AND CLUB PINS P Designed and Manufactured is the only bread which carries the J. A. SC CO. Seal of Acceptance of the American 822 SOUTH FLOWER Medical Association L05 ANGELES Gwen Walther-Blue White Diamond: Baked by H. JEVNE CO. Gorham Silver Ted M. fat football gamej: 'There goes Hutchinson. I-Ielll be our best man some day." She: "Oh, this is so sudden." .-....+.T, "No, Arthur, llrn afraid I canit marry you." "Oh, Mary, just this Oncef, N AL. 9840 CL. 61630 Amencan Hardwood Co. . H18111a15dRPil1'k Shade an o Co. DOMESTIC 1INn FOIIEIGN WOODS SHADES MADE To ORDER Spfaahzed Nllllwofli Shades Replizigd and Rezvrxed - W nteed 1900 EAST 15TH ST' VVESTMORE 423D 5662 YORK BLVD.0r mwios ANGELES, CALIF. DIXIE DAWN 1 MALTED MILK, l0c MILK SHAKE, Sc Any Flazfor-With Copy of this Ad ' 5032 YORK BOULEVARD I 1571 ,J """""" H L 7759 A lFl?ANKl.lN ALMANACI A 'i 9 SIGNATURES 1 Cvmvlimfffff HAVE AN ICE CREAM Kozinsky Bros., Inc. THRILL Wholesale Ioblzers in Candy ANGELUS 2525 1950 BROOKLYN AVE. FIVE CENTS Teurman Seed 85 Plant Co. PLUMBING Fuel, Feed, Flowers, Fertilizers Wm.e U. Cox - Pet: and Pet Stork Supplies Specializing in Heater and Repair W 5823 PASADENA AVE. ALBANY 2532 ALBANY 9566 5225 YORK BLVD I "Watch Us Grow" 1 Established 1909 . BIGGER AND BETTER EVERY YEAR CAPITOL 11191 H581 "5,'i,"Q, A I I A Ill-7i?ANKl.lN ALMANAC W A, n -W "Think When You Drink" CALIFORNIA'S FINEST SPRING WATER MOUNTAIN SPRING WATER COMPANY GArfielcl 43 8 1 Miss Marguerite Mucciaro C-Ariield 0386 Res., GA1-Held 2954 O P ' Tearher of Piano-Modern Methoais CLEANLINESS-M6OllJliflyESY-SERVICE B ' A P ' For 'egmnere and lixianced 1.1131 ' Each Pupml Receives Ir1d1v1dual Instructlon John Mucciaro, Prop. 249 NEWLAND ST. GARFIELD 2954 5564 PASADENA AVENUE S ndwiches Extra Heavy Malted Milks Highland Park O , B b . SC2,I' S 31' CCUC Pamt and Wall Paper Co. . , --Drwe In - 5915 PASADENA AVE. ALBANY 5481 i Corner Fletcher Drive and San Fernand R d y I SIGNATURES 'Q SIGNATURES SUNFREZE Ice Cream Q o 0 and M ore Use than any other brand f. ,- -523.- so J'- V! r IQ ' If f Ss Team mates in quality and dependability-- brought to you by the West's largest distributor of fine dairy products CIZIEI? p Western Dairy Products Incorporated 237 WINSTON ST. TRINITY 9521 I 14,111 ag, IFIQANKLIN ALMANACI H9 ...A ' I Q QQ, I Compliments of A Irvington Pharmacy Opposite Franklin WE SEND YOU AWAY WITH A SMILE 'I I SIGNAITJRES ' 4' 19 31 f -"x'E Q, IFPANKLLN I Q -ALMANMAQU Euan l 'IQ A-.A A,,. , - S' '73 , A 1 SIGNATURES SMITHIE,S BARBER SHOP Superior Service WHERE HAIR CUTTING IS AN ART G. L. SMITH, Prop. 5710 PASADENA AVENUE GARVANZA PHARMACY 6401 PASADENA AVENUE GARFIELD 0522 F Garvanza Hardware Co. CHINA DIAMONDS A PAINTS HOUSE FURNISHINGS FISHING TACKLE RADIOS EDYVIN S. BUTTERFIELD 6324 PASADE GA FIELD 0176 AVE. SEYMOUR'S Jewelry Store Fine Repairing X BULOVA, ELGIN AND OTHER WATCHES ' TELECHRON CLOCKS 5537 PASADENA AVENUE G PHONE ALBANY 5631 L1621 Tm' ,A I IFQANKLIN ALMANACI H bd, --ilkfi JACK,S LUNCH GOOD THINGS TO EAT "A Small Place With Big Steaks" FEATURING REAL HAMBURGERS FOR 5 CENTS Buy 'Em by the Sack SHORT ORDERS 5312 YORK BLVD. ARROYO THEATRE DAYTON AVENUE AT CYPRESS Free Auto Park Better Pictures-Better Sound Better Projection Day Phone, GR. 4116 Evenings and Sundays, CA. 9032 Admission, 30433 Loges, 40cg Children, l0c "Where the Talkies Talk the Best" lust Honest Milk America? Finest Ice Cream HENRY CREAMERY INDEPENDENTLY OWNED CAPITOL 6175 PHONE ALBANY 8862 5629 PASADENA AVE. DresSWell Cleaners and Dyers "Fahey Garments a Specialty" DELIVERY SERVICE Authorized Agents for FOREMAN 8: CLARK CLOTHES SIGNATURES 56111 --me n I--YW ' ,J ig, PQANKLQN ,ALMANACI H9 SIGNATURES I A G I.. U N OF Best Wishes ' OLLYWOO to the Sifzjoglififf I Class of Summer 331 Copyzng and Enlargzng 2659 BEECHWOOD DRIVE HOLLYWOOD 0240 SQ PACIFIC COAST UNIVERSITY C"mPfff"f'1'-' of COLLEGE OF LAW A FRIEND ..- 354 SOUTH SPRING STREET Los ANGELES hw" i1931S 'STX FRANKLIN SERVICE STATION GAS-OIL-LUBRICATING TIRES-TUBES-ACCESSORIES AL MYSLIC, Prop. 5400 PASADENA AVE. R.. O, T. C. Army Oiiicers 'UNIUFORMS and Accessories The Largest and Finest Uniform Shop in the West fSpecializing in Army Uniformsj Caps, 154 and S5 Q - 1 g .... CCYS D1 OI'f1'1S ' SAM ROTC of-H ,U 'f N KALIS 530 and 3537.50 , , R. , 'hiv ,, Q ,HE 'X X I R.O.T.C. Breeches, Cavalry v L7 CLEANING Twlll, 11315 to 1522.50 V. T , ' AND DYE M X4 M.. HARRIS Sc FRANK Garf' 1671 HOUSE 637 SOUTHTIIQIITIZI ii44NEAR 7TH 5805 YORK BLVD. Since 1913 " SIGNATURES A r S 1 . A W Q2 Etenwrrttmtr ALMANAZTI rr, -23?-f 3Q9,, SIGNATURES HANSEN MJULK t From Healthy, Well-Fed Herds Processed and Bottled in a Sanitary Plant-Untouched by Human Hands--and Delivered during the cool morning hours HANSEN MILK is indeed MBOTTLED HEALTHY? e- PHONE WESTMORE 8231 a - ,gm Q, IFFQANKLINW ALMANACI 1 . '1 Qin'-..inV' f -in-1159: All Hail to Franklin High School l Class of 1931 -6 9- Even as your gr 'nstitution stands for all that is superfine scholastics, so stands FGX---HIGHLAND and all the other Fox West Coast Theaters for all that is 8 superfine in the exhibition of talking pictures I Y SIGNATURES A i die - nfs.. I oy' ' , I , L, L I ry!! L.,,W.,LM,L, Q, O LMANAQ R SIGNATURES HARDWARE DISHES PAINTS 5 0 - 5 0 HARDWARE ROY W. KING, Pro 5050 YORK BLVD. P. CLEVELAND 62238 SEWING MACHINES WASHING MACHINES VACUUM CLEANERS RADIOS Renting and Repairing WHEELER'S SHOP CHURCHILUS SUNDAE SHOP HIGHLAND THEATER BLDG. HOME-MADE CANDIES LIGHT LUNCHES AL 4431 AL 4431 . ' ' "O " M lr d M I 5707 PASADENA AVE. Wygmwn a E lk: NENV AND SECOND-HAND TIRES VVa1ter Master Ralph B. Greef Palmer Tire Shop Relreading-Tire Repairing York Pharmacy PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS 6031-33 PASADENA AVE. ALBANY 3682 , 5930 YORK BLVD. ALBANY 0646 f 1681 N -..4: . Q 5 5 - . , . . , . H- "5-.."'Qs.. E EEPE- E 19 41'r 'F-PU A E, , E Q' , .QQ-.,.,.1i , l ll7l?ANKl.lN ALMANAC L M , . 7 HOLLAND ELECTRIC SHOP IOHN C. HOLLAND ELECTRICAL-RADIO-MUSIC 5632 PASADENA AVENUE ALBANY 0149 EDDIE'S CAFE 5916 PASADENA AVE. Where Quality Ojsezs the Quantity 0 Special Evening Dinner, 40c, 50c, 60c Three Barbers Expert Hair Cutting AL KANOLD'S Highland Park's Most Beautiful and Comfortable BARBER SHOP 5509 PASADENA AVENUE Kelly Keele'.f Beauty Salon in Connect on Shoe Shining Busk Van 86 Storage Co. MOVING-PACKING-SHIPPING qsim 19105 GAREIELD 3790 5906 PASADENA AVE. Franklin High Uses More Vegetables Per Capita Than Any Other School in Los Angeles There? a Reason George R. Martini y Y SIGNATURES "t..1x.'k. A FPANKLIN ALMANAC LL. Dlrplm' A W9 T 4 5, 5 Lg ..,.' - 7 SIGNATURES BEE'S BEAUTY H. H. GROTTHOUSE SALON - HARDVVARE 304 NORTH AVENUE 55 SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS ALBANY 5563 T MARCELLING A SPECIALTY 5703-0:JgJE1LjQ4iVENUE Open Evening: by AppoTnlmenz LOS ANGELES ALEC'S . ON SANTA MONICA BOULEVARD, Two BLOCKS WEST OF VERMONT L GARFIELD 6300 GEO. W. RETZER, Ltd. FORD SALES-SERVICE 6000 PASADENA AVENUE HIGHLAND PARK IIMMY BLOHM X71-H:LfXI.K Glyn' BLUIIA1 Franklin 3'Hlnu1vr Shun "Flowers for You" PHONE CEARFIELD 4913 AND 6222 5533 PASADENA IXVENUE Where Highland Park Dine: WINDSOR COFFEE SHOP 5617 PASADENA AVENUE ,, E, W ,,7f,, 2,2 .T X A ,722 if A. Q 55 Ymrf EJl'f7l'I'jl'l1lfl' 111 TAI!-1Ol'Z-llg Bllfillfj. HIGHLAND PARK E E DRUG co. A E 1. 1, SELTZER N Ladies' and MEU'S Tailor F' DJ' 'U 'Z9P.M. ,. we C IWW ml Q 1 SLIIKS Made to Order I A ' Al.-'U Rcnzodrlizzg Cfmning ami RL'f7lIfI'l'71g PASADENA AVENUE AT .AVENUE 57 Q AI.n.-xxx' 0157 G.'XIil'I!.LIJ 3640 5 1 5102 YORK BLVD. Los ANGELES 2,2-,,.,,,,, ,,,,,U, .24 pf, A2 UEUEW.-,i, SIGNATURES I I7l I SIGNATURES vm' 5 F196 Wit? G. CIQUICKSIIXXL PHONE TIQINITH' 6668 Eastern Wholesale Grocery Co. f WHOLESALE GROCERS 306-308 N. Los fXNGELES ST. Los IXNCELES, CALIE. H721 5 I '-'i"-1"' -QQ! Chile fVilUle Hungry? Twenty-four Hours of Courteous Serzfi D ly 6214 PASADEN A NE GARFIE I 7 Y SIGNATURES Q, FRANKLIN ALMANACI 4 up w... ....-A 4 v-- - ' Y fail' A ,W 1 l ' ..."g..-1.469 SIGNATURES BOB SNYDER'S GARAGE Complete Automobile Service STORAGE--TOW CAR SERVICE X PHONE GAREIELD 0819 6027 PASADENA AVE. PHONE GAREIELD 3753 5801 PASADENA AVE. IVER'S DEPARTMENT STORE IANZEN BATHING SUITS HELEN OF HOLLYWOOD FROCKS ED V. PRICE SUITS FOR MEN PHOENIX HOSIERY WATER HEATERS REPAIRING Fruit and Vegetable Markets E. GRAU 5618 PASADENA AVE. PLUMBING GARFIELD 5041 S125 YORK BLVD, GA FIELD 3161 RES., GA 8411 GARFIEI-D 5781 E 5814 PASADENA AXVENUE 1 f174j PR .E IFQANKLIN ALMANAC1 W9 f .U z 7 Q, lFQANKn.uN ALMANWAOI C, s , -- ' :H . 1 THE NORMAN BAKER "Ye Franklin Postev CICJINIIPIKIFIFK FINE TAILURED COMMERCIAL SUPPLIES SKIRTS DRAWING SETS ART GOODS Los ANGELES, CALIF. U' S. A. IEWELRY X Where All the Big Pictures Play. 256 at All Times ALBANY 5015 YORK BLVD. AT AVENUE 50 Ph GARFIELD 9547 PROMPT SERVICE COLLEGIATE CLEANERS 86 DYERS t Free Call and Deli1fery Service 5834 YORK BOULEVARD HIGHLAND PARK 11 Y SIGNATURES I 175 1 i SSSSS 1 AQSSS A r Trrf r A1,,A iExciEiL1LiENcii is inevitable where pride in one's worlc talces precedence over speed. This is craftsmanship. But when the excellence oi the craftsman is combined with com.- X mon business necessity, real value results. The Mission Engraving Company, oifer- ing complete Facilities lor yearboolc publication, has earned, through its excellence oi vvorlcmanship, the' confidence of the most exacting clientele 'U' l i tml W Iil.lEmQQ1l?iiIWilmiQfCT CEL i .-.' 1' .Q sialic' G l i .E .f,,ia a t,i21 roms? Sf , .V PHONESITRINITY 3921-22-23 H761 W 39 Q, IFIQANKLIN ALMANACI K, , ,,,4 ,N IL Edmund Watson Official Photographer the FRANKLIN AJLMANAC I QS 7 rl Y I 'WV A SCHOOL ANNUALS 1 t CASLON PRINTING COMPANY oSS A VAdk Prin ed by W 51+ . an Pedro St. N Los nngeles 4 e W M 5 NV 1'!W!m11 v I I HIGHLAND PARK ' 4 EAGLE ROCK H791 7 v- .. , v - 41 Y" vf N- ' -:,f-...IW .V - - ,- -,ff fy- H, .441-ff?-. ' pf- - ,-1-q-..- - --.4 4 ,.' W.-, ry vb , . f I , , ,. 5-A f p., W2 ,Q Fiw s, pq . A . v. , ". ffill, ' , .. 4 , , . , . . , ,A , ,, Q .1..-'....... W- . -., ,M--in HAM. X . ,,,, ,- W. ,-

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Franklin High School - Almanac Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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