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:iw ll., A 11: -5 p - 3 'ln ' 4 L.. 9 0 o In ll , ' . I Lyric and Melody " by Earle Bixler A 5-'EHQJJ1 F' 1-'KJ J I 'J Nv DreamGirl fair. Uses her there - o MJ 3 HJ! 5 .tm ,,.f F - c in Ei 3 1 51 Jthex .JI J' I-HJ .a if? Mfr JDJ A th regre those te ch ers look :ng at Ml I wljiil ha an rn d y Are there nm Blix' ss X 30 A 1 5W gi I' X, , t , :ar , ir 4 dk Q. I nl ' ' 2 Y 4 Agn- Q- Ax 3 V fr i 2 V od J 1 ,J 1 J J 1 o '-" n E to - -' ou .Jn gl Rf 5 ii Q ' b S r 3 p FF 4 :H J13J JJgf3"Jl'5" : li-vo ' no . RJ l h tl s so g y F d H :I D J J . U I :c ' .f. Q it "'r , , : 1: - , ,4 to A ' 3 M' 3 t t ,init Al-r1u1Qm:pxc.a ,vi I 'ti' .i11 r"'Fg Q u , -mi., N I :IINNE I 1 I .4 I N t 'Ax 'W Q, ,xr J wshaa- X X wg X4 5- 'WP ' if A A .ni,T,fv'A.g, .- u.Y5',l , f - s. 4 ,345-i A Q. I if v' 1 Yang .gig T' A in Q . a 5 c :, Y X U W iK!'4 --:wi ,Y-wifi-' :av -f . ,. :JFS - all 'tiff K . 1. x ' vt.: G 'I v 5 . .ff wi Q 'S X ' H 25 fixi' x:'q.'1:'. ff' 6- t L "5 W, fix", xxg ,ft 6522 :gm '2-ufftyfri E E S P M fn mfs' -' '.' ' ' ty' till' Q :j.'g?i,u 7. 'lag --Those polo so true I .see th V I-I ' d IIA . A ar.nlL3E3ot?:5'isl:e.:' I J' I WL I B4-f' Al . EI. , J Q r , ' fd-,,....-1 5 aI J BI p p I E' 3 Zi ,IT -J .4 4 , in my m ncac hi GI' JIJJJIIJ5 A M I P F 'P fx 74 lll5RlS 5135 L GDQDON SXXUWI-0 11 E:-. I-..-IS' I I I l-- a--- - GIA . . Uh: JIIIPH S I: Jeff F I ji jj 5 I ' ' I 5 I 'I -I Q-I I J zamind you of things th t ou used to do Ancnxhjgc E Ii dd Ii I Iii A JI pw yn WF NI - f-"""-"-5 IQ- gli - T 'I' I 'I I J :Q If Ir - . NCC --ivelfv HOC lii H5 I I ' I nm!-'F... I ':4-rm.. :A m 5 : ii'-:1'?3f12:i?-ILUETIH-I iffax - 1 I tf' ,nu f-5' A '-far -r-rf is I I 1 "gr If,--1 -x -I M. ,AN 'V ' : . 5:3.1avff.i-f' I -I f 9.2: IIIMIIIE -In ,N-.fl - E ' ' lR.5ymond5ny ' " ir MALL THE ALMAHAC FOIQ 1930 AH ILLUITIQATED IQECOIQD HL ACTIVITIEI t FIDAHKI IN HIGH ICF GOL A C HIQOHIC LE lik CLAIIGS fW3O lf50 AND DOIQTIQAITS QF FALULIV J f STUDEHHS B I I f osp f q f fpoifdf Ll Xflffli 7, M FOIQEWOIQD i7 AL A UP swoPI CIS SGI e are Ivqunq Io c some 1 I FU ue I I our e s Ie us s so ee Inq nI us our unnuo we ave Io en I e sc oo m IIo I Dogs OI TIIL, u eme an we Cl Q en eovore o cuvvq ouI en eo 0 qouI vnIo :Ig n enI usncusm I Q U esI QCIPQQ 7 if 2 W aI I1 I1 fl: HBIiss was iI in II1oI LIuwn I0 L12 uIive, BuI Io Ime qounq wus vevq Ileuvenf, W ' uIcI1 :I IluI in- Ivow I1 Ilo IQIQP i . I If , I, I1 L I1 I1 I O ,HIn ITE Vo IIWH, US OUP I II1 , A I1 V CI Ji IIIA I Iw,'I',QfI I1' Io L I II II . in f T9 ' I Q7 - uAn1 MP CHA5 li M0,OIUf D I3 f ' ' ' I A 3 I v X I I To X. . '. ' X A f ' Qui' rimipoI and our inspiffjfionuin HIC A0115 of our qCufl1,, we Lleclicclfe fI1is Ulmnnuc P W lp ,- . 1 i7 MALI WILLIAM DONIVAN JACK BLU! EITHEIQ BUIQIQI DAIQKEIQ HELD HELEN SCI-IWEIQIN MAIQGU EIQITE EEATH EIQI NGI LL Q3 IQOBEIQT CGVL6 W Q4 SIMDSON SINGEIQ W,Q5 JEAN DUNN S352 ff' S G 5 1 I l6J frl A 1 1 fifwil -M-M ,Vow Q5 X ,, y Q rl W J W ' K ff 'sy f M y . ' IN THE DAYS OF TI-IY YOUTH SIX words of mag1cal meanmg look the Franklm I-hgh School student squarely 111 the face at 1ntervals throughout h1s four year course and through the years he looks at these words from every posslble angle from the farthest seat ID the balcony from the s1de wall down staxrs from 1n front of the plcture booth and at last happy day' from the Semor A seats near the orchestra p1t G1aduat1on n1ght comes and then It IS father and mother brother and s1ster sweetheart and fr1end whose eyes llfted above the proscen1um arch, read IN THE DAYS OF THY YOUTH W1th th1s background of assoc1at1on of 1dea lf 15 not su1pr1s1ng that th1s year s staff has chosen YOUTH as the m0flf of the 1930 Almanac And what a flood of sugvestnon the word carrles wlth lt' Strength, courage, enthuslasm, 1ngenuousness rad1ant joy opt1m1sm generos1ty hope buoyancy, lcleallsm romance, bound1ng Vlfallfy and ceaseless act1v1ty are happlly 1n the ascendency Petty meanness cruel thoughtlessness and moments of gloom somet1mes fllt l1ke passmg clouds across youth s azure sky but happ1ly they are rare and translent My annual foreword IS therefore a toast to YOUTH' May the 2000 and more of you who possess If fa1l not to pr1ze It and catch 1ts full Slghlf'-ICHHCE As you scan these pages 1n future years may there be no va1n regrets over wasted opportun1t1es but only a happy sat1sfact1on at havlng gleaned the greatest poss1ble good from vour stay here and long after your phys1cal bod1es have lost the1r res1l1ency mav the sp1r1t of youth 1llum1nate and gladden your souls CHARLES B Moon f13l 57 Ile' ' . . K sl ' ., ,J ,!' K L c 7 9 , ' 3 9 a 1 , C -D - l 1 9 , . sn f 79 , . O . s 1 u 9 7 9 9 . , . . , . 5 , a V . . . . 1 1 1 . FACULTY Fxrst row let to rxghl Mr Oneal Mr Mastelfer Mxrs frune Mzss Baltzley Miss McCully Miss Robison Mrss M kennedy Miss Rommger Mr Sbermyarz Mr McCollum Second row Mr Gardner Mr Meyer Illrs Mcfadden Mzss Maclxalzp Mxss Na zzger Miss English Mzss Rapp Mxss Edmands Ilflr Allen Mr Ixmdy Tluxrd ron'-Mnss Pxpaf Nlrs Preeman Mxss Lange Miss E Ixennedy lllus Campbell lllrs Watson Mrs Margaret Anderson Mzss Dfvflblff Mrs Warner Mxss Graham Fourth rowgMr ohnston Mr H Gxlbert Mrs Haglund lllr Galbrartlv Mr Addr son Mr Atkmson Mr W Gzlbert Mr Baker Last row Mr Parker Mr Holdredge Mr Shaw Mr Shaffer N11 Ixeyes Mr Frank Mr Dutclver Mr Haglund Miss I-IoDGK1Ns To the glrls Mlss Edmh M Hodgkms, the1r v1ce prm c1pal, IS an ldeal woman Clear th1nk1ng, competent POISCCI, and graclous, she meets every s1tuat1on wlth con Hclence Whatever the clrcumstance, she IS always charm mg and frlenclly to the glrls Mlss Hoclglclns IS eager to help and aCl.V1S6 all who need axcl, and mcleecl, her OPIHIOHS and judgments are respected and sought out for thelr falrness and soundness She IS well known outslcle of Franlclln for her actlvltles IU women s clubs and charltable organlzatlons All who have, IU any way, come ln Contact w1th Miss Hoclgklns and have come to know her lntlmately can reachly apprecxate her true values 514 gs to 'fs s I "ef as E i A , I . ' , I b K , . - , . . ' . ' 7 l r ' J ' ,' 4 4 1 ' J , . 4 , . . A , . . "' . , . , . , . , . 7 , , , . , . . - 9 . , . . . I MR SNIFFLN Mr oseph M Smffen, boys v1ce prmclpal, IS one of tue most beloved of the faculty He has been responslble for the self government of the student body and has proven hnnself capable of such a task I-le has d1st1ngu1shed l1lmS6lf as a real frxencl to the boys and they aclmlre and respect hxm for his lust methods and dec1s1ons Mr Snxffen lS a staunch supporter of goofl sportsman sh1p and clean sports He has earnecl and galnecl the respect and aclmlrauon not only of the boys but the Urrls also and can well be acclaunecl as the frlend and helper of the student body FACULTY Fxrrt row let to rzght Mr GIIXOYI M155 Boltun M155 Phzlbroo M155 Gxll N115 Cochran M75 MCCUIIIIIH IW1 Stevenr Second ron A11 Brach M15 I-Iughe5 N1r5 Rob 115 N1155 lllallory 15415 Bronfmng M155 Derr M155 M li And 15011 Thzrd 10111 M155 Dunbar M155 l1Vo1 N115 Hahn M15 Cuthbert M15 Ferguson Fourth row A11 Bjurmtm IVI155 Olwer M155 lxihley N115 G71 ra M155 Van Camp M155 Sewranct M15 Cranan N115 LaPu1rr 11 tb ron N11 Co1e5tock N11 Berger N1155 Clark lWr5 Church 1V11f ANU: N1155 Merrzrmm M155 lVha1ton Lax! ron Mr Ea'na1a'5 Mr 7V111lt1 N11 N1cN1a11115 N115 Steftn N11 Boyd M155 Stevem' J . , . . . . 2 . C7 75 . f . - nsv. P V . . kv , . ' n ' 1 , . , "" . ' , . , . C , V , . A , ' , ' . Y A V ' - ' , ' f, V- , - , - - rr - ' , ' ' , ' 'f , - 'HY , , , . I, . V , I - . I . 'TA . E 15 J 1 M A H Z ll MD OFFICE FORCE The Office Force composed of Mis Zinn Miss Fletcher Miss Moore Miss Devine Mrs Hansen and MISS Corbet 1S indispensable in carrying out for their eflicient work FACULTY CHANGES The beg1nn1ng of the fall term W1tl1CSSCCl the add1t1on of s1x new teachers to the roster of Franklin s faculty and the return of three former pedagogues while seven faculty members left for parts unknown MISS Severance English Depart ment Mr Addison commercial Mr Shafer metal shop Mrs Ferguson music Mr Mosteller science and Coach Ferrell were the new additions while the former teachers return1ng were Mrs Church Mrs Allen and Mr Bjurman Franklin was sorry to witness the departure of Miss Groococlc Mrs Kirk Miss Banning Mrs Wise Mrs Minkler Mrs Allen and Coach ell1son Two instructors were new at Franklin 1n the spring Mr Berger soc1al sciences and Mr Bryant landscape gardening Mrs Roberts Mr Baker Mrs Cochran and Mrs M1ller were the returmng Wanderers while Miss Lisher ness Miss Hayes MISS Moody and Mr Libby left to teach at other schools E61 Left o right: ix: Corbett, Nfixs Flrlrbrr, ln. amen, Mr,r. inn, lin Illoorc. rf. cvirzc. 1 I ' U 9 U .2 i 7 . . , Q . , . . . . . the daily business of the school, and a great deal of credit is due its members . , I . 7 7 . I , I ' ' 3 - ' 1 ' s - , 9 - , ' 5 l , . 3 . . , . : . , . . ' . . . . , Q .I 3 . . , D . , Q . , ' J . ' . . . I ' , . 7 - 9 v ' - 9 ' 1 7 D , A , . i . l if' A L. YOUTH In the days of thy youth In your high school days In the days when you learned And changed your ways- Never stopping to think Or see what you ve done Full of life full of joy Full of youth full of fun Bubbllng over Wlth laughter and rnlrth It s here then lt s gone Lrlce the wave of the firth Adventurous thrilled By all that they see Darmg buoyant As bold as can be It s tanglble V1SIblC Audible too And yet It s as far as The sky that s so blue It s rlght there before you But cannot be txed It s defiant and doubtful Ir s youth typified ,.ff ll7l W 30 TUDIQ T BUD GFIILLRS wmmt mvson Vltt mt suvfwou wuzuucm v vm: wnuowtu stcutmnv GERALD M'Cll2llAN DRESS S W 30 STUDENT BODY OFFICERS One of the finest and most capable groups of student body officers presided durmg the fall term of 1930 Gerald McClellan powerful blonde athlete proved to be as strong and dependable a presldent of the student body even as he d1d a center on the football team errv was l1lced by all for hrs frlendly personal1ty and hls career as a football star made hum a notable figure at Franlclln WIIIHIC Haysom havlng been prcsldent of the Glrls League and prominent lh almost every other lxne of hlgh school actnvltles made a capable flrst vrce were respected for thelr fairness Wlnnles personal charm made her many frlends at Franklm and her able leadershlp was admlred by all Salvador Nlachuca Frankhn star pitcher fllled the posltlon of second vlce presrdent adm1rably HIS work wxth the bovs self government showed thorough ness and abxllty Sals flashmg smlle and wmnxng personallty made l'l1IT! popular w1th everyone He well deserted the honor of Epheblan 1n the class of W30 The secretarlal work of the hlgh school student body was handled efhclentlv bv Edlth Owen who was also chosen Epheblan ID the W 30 class All corre spondence and boolckeepmg was promptlv and neatly attended Ill Q . .f 1 - '9 r g A 0, Q , l 7 7 7 nj as - - - - - ' 1 . . 7 . .... , . I 7 . , h president of the student body. Her judgments in the girls, self-government court 1 I l 9 I' ' ' . . . . , - - ' ' cc s as - - I - - - - , . A , , I A , ' - 7 IIID I D IIIULDS RUBEN BRINNAN WIS l0lIlSl BRDWN I V PRES l7lNI0N TOMllNSON 2 VPRIS CM20LlNl SMIIII SKIZUARY S 30 STUDENT BODY OFFICERS One of the best contested electlons ever held at Franklin presented us wlth our S30 student body officers Robert Brennan Bob was an CHTCICHE presldent Hrs expenence m the R O T C helped lnm 111 leadmg the student body through a successful term Louxse Brown Lou was qurck to adjust herself to her pos1t1on as first vrce presrdent and head of the grrls court Lou proved to be an excellent leader of glrls and she won the admlratlon of all those about her Fenton Toml1nson second vlce presldent worked wrth Lou on the c1t1zen shnp cases and also carrred on has work as boys self government head He was a most fa1r and just character and was hked by all The dlH:lCUlE posxtxon as secretary of the student body was fllled by Carolme Smith She was most efhclent m the keepmg of her books The mmutes on the student COLlI1Cll are an excellent PIECE of work wnth perfect order m everythmg she dld TMJ n .-. , X ' ' f 9 s a 'w:Z,. . , ,if11i-3,5712-if 'Y ' , , r- f' ' M ,. ' T T L . 9 - O , O 0 . Q ' , ' x , ' . ,. If 1 . L 7 7 cc an --'- - 7 5 ' - cc as - ' - ' 9 7 ' ' ' 7 Sl 77 - , n , . . . . . 4, ,, . . 9 ' 1 ' . . . , , . BOARD OF FINANCE All matters relatmg to the expenchture of student body funds are referred to the Board of Fmance composed of Mr Charles B Moore Mr Ray B Shaw Bob Brennan Ryan Brennan Lou Brown Carol1ne Smlth Gerald McClellan and Fenton Tomllnson CITIZENS-HIP CREDIT BOARD Rhea l-lardestv and Edward AUSIIH were chalrmen of the C C B durmg the WIIIICI' term Wl'l1lC the summer Cha1rmen were Francls Selecman and Leo Colcelex Deductlng CFCd1fS from members of the student body was thelr the VICE presldents of the student body l 1 A , a A , . Y s , 7 7 7 3 unpleasant although necessary duty. They were assisted by Mrs. Watson and 7 N f 3 rw 5 -as va A 23 GIRLS SELF GOVERNMENT One of the most dependable orgamzatlons ln the school IS the self govern ment organlzed and sponsored by Mr oseph M Smffen and under the leader shlp of the v1cepres1dents of the student body There are about twenty five students each perlod of the day who are responslble for the quxet and orderly halls These students have shown themselves eager to be of serv1ce and Wllllflg to help ln the management of the school Wlnnle Haysom and Sal Machuca led the ofhcers ln the fall whlle Lou Brown and Fenton Tomlinson were ln charge clunng the sprung semester BOYS SELF GOVERNMENT E41 7 . , - . . .J - ' 7 - . , . . . 7 .L V X It L, 1 G 1-. ' ' ,A I -. K f' ,K t NQ ' I if 'Aff M 1 l X f +L - ' I 1 , 7 3 L STUDENT COUNCIL Mexnbers of the student councll represent the classes from whrch and hy wh1ch they are chosen Durmg the past year many good rules were passed and the student body IS grateful to thls group of fellow students for the mtroductlon of many needed reforms UNIFORM BOARD The Unlform Board was organ1zed for the purpose of enforcmg tue unnform regulatlons of the school Mar1e ohnson v1cepres1dent of the G1rls League was chairman of the board durmg the wrnter semester Vlfiflnla Elmlger filled the same capac1ty m the sprlng 1 1 EDJ . - I, x , 1 A 1 gg Q jig T X . A ' J il 4' a .A W - . fl . A . . .I J . , . - l . . . . ., , r y , 3 I CLASS UIIICILIQS CLASS OF W 30 Selectlng ofhcers for a senxor class IS a very 1mportant duty and the class of W 30 showed that they fully reallzed the responslbxlnty by choosmg capable leaders to gulde them through their last term at Franklm Clyde Wllcox actlve lil sports and well llked by all for h1s pleasmg person allty was elected to the ofhce of class presldent He proved to be an able leader and execut1ve The ofhce of v1ce presmdent went to Phylhs Bathurst who was equal to every task and a useful ass1stant to Clyde Bemg very actlve ln C-urls Leaoue and other student body work she was well quahfied for th1s posltxon A hard workmg efhcxent keeper of the class books was found tn Nelma Crosler She was well l1ked for her fnendlmess and fulfilled her dunes secretary admxrably Catherme umt was chosen to fill the respons1ble office of class treasurer and carrxed out ln admirable manner her exactlng work of collectmg dues and sweater money and keepxng accurate account of the funds The soc1al charrmen Eva Anderson and Eddxe Brock prov1ded many good times and carrled out the soclal affaxrs bnllnantly E21 1 IL." A. Q I 7 7 , . . . . . , - , . ' 7 . . . . . , ' O , . ' 9 . , HS Q , , . 9 s lr QTY A ur A 5l90NSOI2S MR KLYIS MRS IIIIGIILS MRS CIITIIBUQT MISS Dllll.Bll00K MR SPANGLIR W 30 CLASS ADVISORS The class of W 30 was very fortunate in having such competent advisors as were chosen for them Mr William Keyes mathematics instructor and Mrs Frances B Hughes English teacher acted as chairman and assistant chairman of Others who assisted them were Miss Madge Philhrook director of music Mrs Margaret B Cuthbert history teacher and Coach ohn Spangler. The efficiency and dependableness of these teachers was greatly appreciated and their faithfulness in planning and executing the many successful and inter estmg events which has marked the winter class's reign was recognized by all. l30J BLANCHE ADAIVIS Self-Gov t EVA ANDERSON r Glee Club Sr Glee Club Pbxlanthroptc Club Gypsy Rover Murrtage of Nannette Senior A Socxal Ch11rm1n DORIS ANDLRSON Curl Reserves Secretary World Ertendslup Um form Rep C R President C R Treasurer Span rsh Club EDWARD AUSTIN C C B Cl1axrm1n Student Council Varstty Foot b 4 years President C S E Tetralpha 8 termsj I-Iead of Specials JESSICA BARRS Tetralpba 3 terms C S F SelfGovt unto Cub MUSIC Club InterclassDebat1ng B12Teaml ALICE BAXENDALE Self-Govt Secretary to Miss Carlquxst Hook and urve Club Spamsh Club Music Club WILLIAM BAILEY Auto Shop R O T C 4 terms PHYLLIS BATHURST G I.. Yell Leader Girls azz Orchestra French Club Senior B Social Cbatrman Senior A Vice President ARTHUR BENSON EMMA BENTLEY Senlor Baseball Team Hook and Curve Club Secretary G A A Secretary to Mnss Hayes I31I .90 A fr M36 wi ii" EVA BLACK Self Govt Hook and Curve Club Spanish Clul Muslc Club VIRGINIA BOCKIVION Swrmmmg Home Economics Club EUNICE BOYD Hook and Curve Club President Secretary to Mr Moore Secretary to Miss Lange HENRY BRIDENBECKER Semor A Treasurer Semor B Treasurer Spanish Club Art Club EDDIE BROCK French Club Entertainers Club Senior A Social Chairman PHILIP BROOKS Press Eclxtor m Chxef Editor W30 Issue Head or Trafic Squad C R Treasurer Self Govt Rep French Club VIRGINIA BRUCE Gxrl Reserves Latin Club Self-Govt Press Nature Club Music Club YVONNE BRUCE Spanlsh Club Self Govt Main Office Press Rep GENE CANNON Class C and B Basketball C R Treasurer Sensor B Social Chairman Student Council fAl2 Assls ant Manager Cafeteria JEAN CASWELL Spanish Club G I. R p Self-Govt Speczal Midsummer Nrghr s Dream Dream Gate Sen lor B Yell Leader f32 NIAUD COLLORAN Self Govt Special Latm Club Nature Club C S F WILBERT COINNELL Press Staff Feature Editor Orpheus Club Boys Sr Glee MldSUmmtF Nlgbts Drum Tennis Club C S F ENID CONWAY World Frlendshlp Club r L1tln Clul S Latin Cub CLARE COOPER Self-Govt Pres Rep G L Rep Nlusnc Club Nature Club C R Treasurer LENORE CRAWFORD Home Economxcs Club NELMA CROSIER Gnrls Sr Glee-Wpresnclent Marrxage of Nannette Senior B Vlce President Senxor A Secretary C S F Tetralpha l terml ALFRED CURRIE Track Basketball Band Press Staff Officers Club Music Club MILDRED CUSHMAN C1 A A Art Club Swlmmxng Club PAULINE DEVINE Hook and Curve Club Nature Club C R Treas urer Soc1alCha1rman G L Rep WELDA DOWER Self Govt Senior Latm Club President Old Lady Shows Her Medals Arla Da Capo C R Presudent Socxal Cbalrman E331 if J0 I GRACE FORTUNE Self Govt Nature Club Interclass Debatmg MAR-IORIE FILBY G L Rep C C B Secretary Umform Board Uniform Checker Girls Court Clubhouse Assocxatlon HARRIET FELTON ook and Curve Club Music Club Treasurer Umform Checker C R Soc1alCha1rm'm Secretary tu Mr ONeal MARJORIE FAWCETT Sr Latin Club Nature Club C R Treasurer G L Rep Spanish Club G A A ANNA EZMIRILIAN ommerclal Club Music Club Art Club Semor B Treasurer ALMA EZMIRILIAN ommerclal Club Home Economlcs Club Uniform Checker ARTHUR ERSCHOEN Ushers Club unto Club r Orchestra Self Govt Display Manager Post Busmess Manager Press RUTH ELDER Student Council C S F Life Member Terralpha 2 terms Interclass Debating Self-Govt unto Cub ROBERT DUFFY R O T C Lieutenant Self Govt Nature Club EVANGELINE DRESSER C R President G L Rep C R SocualCha1r man Hook and Curve Club Treasurer Self Govt Nature Club E341 , ' ' y ' I . V . ., . . I. v , 4 , , 5 H - , U ' U - , , . . . , 1 - - a 1 - ' . . ., , . . . C ' , ' y , A C , y . , , Q , ., y , Q if ,f it , 'J ' ' , ' , ,L K f I' ' ' I V. , v A 4 J, , , J gf l . Blix. - , . . . . , - , . . . ' , . . ., . . ' l- ! l 3 - I 3 ANITA FREEDMAN Spmxsb Club G A A SelfGowt Smmmmg HERNIAN FREESE Hlsttsry Club Com Clul Sump Clul World Frxenclsblp Clul lVlus1c Clul Art Clul SHIZUKO FUIII Green Scrub Mtlrralre Dance Spanish Club Home Economics Club Press Reporttr C R Treasurer SelfGovt ROBERT GALBRAITH VdFS1fy SVvllTH'!'lll'1g VBYSIIV Basnball RUBY GERRIE G A A Muslc Club SelfGovt Glrls Baseball Girls Basketball Unlform Cbeclctr MARION GILLEAN ADA GILLESPIE Treble Clef Girls S Glee G A A Head Tennis Gypsy Rover Nllclsummet Night s Dream MARGARET GOFF Arr Club JOSEPHINE GOLDEN Spanish Club Ramblers Club Dancmg Club Music Club WILLARD GOLDSTEIN Varsity Basketball Ltghtwelght Basketball Press Staff Assxstant Sport Eclxror Pnnters Gunld CRRep f35 .90 L- .K 25 Q 1 x -A - I 71 1 W- V .,, aI w, w, wa. 3 ' ', 'Laws ' Q-NX ' 4- . 3 V .I ig' 11 Q Ii . . L' , - '. " A. . "'j 4 I G N l 3 I I I I f Z5 I , X . - . , Q, ,. Q , , . WI I . R , F ', 2 f , t 'W - 'I , . Q I, .I . , . , r. , . . ., of - .. H .. - ,- , , , I U ' 'J r ' 1 , , . , , . . . , . I v v - ' Aamir .30 DOUGLAS GRAHAM Class C Basketball Nature Club AL GRIDLFY SelfGovr Special R O T C Bugler Usher Manager Cafeterxa GRACE GUY Hook and Curve Vice Presxdent Nature Club History Club RUTH HAIGHT r Glee Club Gypsy Rover lVl1rr1age of Nan nettf. Midsummer Nights Dream Stnlor G ee Secretary Senior A Yell Leader EDWIN HALL Self Govt Special Aero Club Senior A Yell Leader Cafeteria Cashier Semor A Self Govt PAUL HAMILTON Boy Sr Glee President Stage Crew Senior B ell Leadex Art Club Presldent Senior A Self Gov t Rep Marrlage of Nannette REAH HARDESTY G L Rep Self Govt G L Secretary Senior B reasurer Student Council C C B Chairman NINA HARKER reblt Clef Club Swimming Club Hook and Curve Clul Attendance Office JOSEPHINE I-IARTUNG ench Club Home Economics Club RICHARD HASSARD Senlor Band C R Treasurer B12 f36l MARTHA HENDERSON Home Economics Club Self Govt Rep Phdanthroprc Club MARIORIE HIGGINS Treble Clef Club Sr Latxn Club Salmagundl Club Nlusxc Club GEORGE HOFFMAN Athladelphlan Class B and C Football Class A B and C Baseball Sparlsh Club Press Staff C Treasurer ESTI-IFR HOWLETT Spanish Club G L Rep Sr Latm Club Attend ancc Office Good Form Club Press Rep PRESCOTT KEYES Self Gov t RUTH KEYLIN Sell' Govt Spanish Club Mndsummer Nights Dream The Youngest Shakespeare Study Club Sr Glen Club ERNA KRAE Hook and Curve Club Girl Reserves C R Treas urer Tetralpha Secretary to Mr Keyes C S F MYRA LATIMER Self Govt Spamsh Club Muslc Club G L Rep Uniform Board C R Treasurer RUTH LEFFINGWELL Self Govt C R Treasurer C R President Muslc Club Spanish Club Glrl Reserves DAVID LONGFELLOW Spanish Club Baseball Athladelphnan Hxstory Club l37I .70 D. News 3 .Qi '93--Z4 'N-til 3 X .30 QQ? 'Z' 9"'!f' CARROLL LOZIER Sr Orchestra R O T C Band DOROTHY LUHRS G A A Head of Tenms Press Staff-Girls Sport Editor Self Govt Basketball Team Baseball feam RUBY LYONS Hook and Curve Club C R Treasurer Press Rep SALVADOR MACHUCA Football Baseball 4 years C C B Second V1cePres1dent Student Body Tetralpha C S F Alpha DORTHA MANNING Hook and Curve Club C R Presxdtnt Cashier Nature Club DOROTHY MARTIN ook and Curve Club C R President Cashier Nature Club RICHARD MARTIN Stage Crew Stage Manager C STANLEY McCLARY Prmters Gulld Aero Club PHYLLIS lVIcCLELLAN MILLARD MCCUE Athladelphxans Letterman Class B Football Letter man Class A Track Self Govt l33l FLORENCE MCMEEKIN Hook and Curve Club Press Staff Press Rep World Friendship Ramblers G A A MURIEL MEACHAM JEAN MILLER SelfGovt Specxal G A A Prcss Staff Basket ballC1pt1m C S F Tetralpha ELEANOR MINETT French Club Art Club G A A Baslcttball Team Baseball Team G A A Sccretanry MARGARET MOORE French Club Dancing Clul Tttralpha Girl serves C S F G L R p WALTER MOULTON Sr Orchestra r Orchestra Apparatus Tennls Printers Guild Baseball MARGUERITE MUNGER Self-Govt Musxc Club Press Rep C S Spanish Club Secretary NAOMI NIELSON Music Club Dancxng Club Cafetern Home Economics Club Jr Orchestra THELMA ORSOLINE G L Rep French Club Music Club EDITH OWEN French Club V1cePres1dent Tetralpha 3 terms C S F Vxce President Board of Finance Stu dent Council Student Body Secretary E391 .70 X 35,2 .30 ANN 12 hz gem GENEVA PAYNE Spanxsb Club HELEN PEAK Self Govt Sr Latm Club Prcsnclenr Pommder Walk The Old Lady Sbows I-Ier Muhls C R Treasurer Elsteddfod Plano Contest DOROTHY PIERCE French Club Treble Clef Club Vice President G L Rep Music Club One Act Plays Smmmlng OLIVER PELTIER R O T C Major Olicers Club Class B Foot ball Atbladelphlan C R Treasurer SelfGovt LEONARD PETERSON Post Manager Post WALLACE PIERCE Nature Club Radio Club SelfGovt C R Treas urex I-Ixstory Club Latm Club SARAH PRENTER Spanish Club Music Club Art Club Cafeterxa MARCELLUS QUINN CATHERINE QUINT Semor A Treasurer SelfGovt r Glee Treas urer Sr Glee Phxlantbropxc Club Umform Rep I-LIZABETH RAW f 40 j I "fit , -f. ' I I , .Q :iz . 2' I '- ' . ' ' - J '- r , ,, , . . , . - riff' ' .. I ' ' fre , ff A fi'-uv j 6, , l - ' I Q ' - 's 1 s ' F. , -2' W PJNI .... , ' , , . , it il ' V :few 7' is I il . Y Q 4 1 I v ' v - - ' .I 7 ' , I' A a - v v I ' . 7 , - . J. I - - 7 ' 7 7 ' 1 . ' Ya .90 L, ALBERTA ROLLIN9 Spwnnsh Club Home Economlcs Club Self Gm t Music Clul IDA RUSSELL Art Clul Spanlsh Club Self Govt Rep Spec al A12 lnterclass Del-nrmg Nhrrmge of Ninnctte C S F JAMES SALY ER Gym flul Orpheus Clul Fwrlnll Track VICIOR SE-IN Sp'lnlSl'! Club Pras clLnt Secnmry Self Gov t Court Spunl A12 Inte.rcl1ss Dmlaung Nlxrrmge uf N'll"ll'lLEIQ C S F VERA SMITH Spimsb Club Music Club Cifeterla BETTY SPAFARD Studnnt Councxl SLlfGovr Uniform Bond Tre1surer Press SMH' C S I- JACK STRAUHAL Gym Club Glu Club Socnl Chalrmdn Avlatlon Club Secretary ind Socnl Clvurman Ushers Clul Plxotograpln Club MABEL STRAUBE Treble Clef Club Senlor Glen Club Treasurer Musxc Club GLORIA SYlVlONlDS U1m1ng, Clul bum l fRl'Ylll'II1'll1 C R Clnrrrrnn G L bntertilmr Hook 1nd funn Clul Enter minus Club Sw mmmg Club HELEN THORSON Spmxslu Club Press Rep Home Econonucs C S F C R Secretary l4ll .' W. an I ' 7. I- 1 y ' Y -. - . h. M . I .. . , . . . . L l .-e , l ' iw- hi N 1 ' -- , Y . .1 ,Q , , ', s-' ' - , "ll . X Q 'W . .4 I V I ' A ., 4 I , I , Q '. Q. - '. - - ', ' . ,C R. A ,C E- 'fil , . -' I f L ' . , V ' Q 1 A. . . 3 1' , ' Cv- 3 4 Q -K . "- 1, I' . 2' f ' J , E -x i , - w 4 1-Y 1. , Q l . . , , Q . , ev ' , ' ,. ' , ' . 3 1 . , K . . - . , 'T K I , ' U C .,,.. A w YV h l ,- .30 ELSIE MAY WAGNER Latm Club Music Club r Glee Club Girl Re serves President C S F Umform Checker ELSIE WARD etralpha C S F Spanish Club Vxce President and Social Chairman Home Economics Club EVELYN WATKINS r Glee Club Treble Clef French Club Dancing Club G A A CLYDE WILCOX Athladelphxan A B and C Baseball A B and C A President Student Council JOYCE WILLIAMS Art Club Home Economlcs Club FAY WINDSOR HELEN WOOD Spanish Club Home Economics Club Ramblers Girl Reserves BERNICE WOODWARD Student Councll Treble Clef Semor B Treasurer Nature Club SelfGovt Rep MARGARET LIMMERMAN Self-Gov t Rep Nature Club RUTH ZIMMl:RMAN Student Councxl Masquers President G L Rep SelfGovt Rep C S F Nuure Club -WJ 1 , . . ., . T Q, 1 bl A, . - . h . , . rf-'fr' 5- , , , ' , . . . +I' Basketball, Prmters Guild-Socxal Chairman, Senior , . , . Y , y , Y , , - . ' ' ,, . F , , A , , . . ., , ' ' - ., . . ., 1 . W 50 IQPLIIQBIANS EDITH DW F. N 'X' SALVADDD NIACIIUUIA EPI-IEBIANS The greatest honor that Franlcltn has to bestow 15 that of Epheblan It IS gnen for outstandmg scholarshlp and evlclence of f'-IDC character Although many quahfied for Ephebxan honors only three could be chosen from the fall class because of the ruhng that only one may be selected from every forty members After a close contest Edlth Owen Edward Austln and Salvador Machuca were elected They were parttcularly promment m scholarshlp and hlgh school leadershnp whlch are the requ1rements for Epheblan candlclates From a l1st of the thlrtv five havtng lnghest records of scholarship leadershlp and character Irene Rambo Carol Lea Mlldred Thatcher Cetlla Gardner Lloyd Pack and George Zentmyer were chosen by the faculty and class as the Epheblans for the summer class of 1930 Every one of the SIX has had a remarkable career whlle ln Franlclm ILDIIIB MILDDIDWATCIIIQIQ amount ztnmvuz ll0YD men IRIN! lzfmlso CAIIDI. l.llA f,l7.llA GARDNER 'E A l43J 9 'ix N: . V Q 'a - h 9 ' 1 sf' ' ' A N ' 'A XCEQA ' kb EDWARD AUSTIN 1 fm X 1' , , 9 5 0 l W 30 MEMBERS fron! row let to rzght Ldxth Owen Ruth Elder Helen Burge Mzldred Thatcher and Llsze lVard .Yecond row emca Barr: Nelma Cromer llflrf Mcfaddern Mm Clark Martha Pugh and oaral' Lspe Las! row Edward Austm Salvador Machuca Alice Ho man George Zenlrnyer and Lloyd' Pack Margaret Moore and Ida Russell were other members who were not xn the pzcture CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION The Callfornxa Scholarshlp Federatxon IS an orgamzatlon made up of more than two hundred of the honor socxetres of the largest h1gh schools 1n the State To gam membershlp 1n th1s, a student must ma1nta1n hlgh standards of scholar shlp and SCYVICC for at least two thlrds of hls h1gh school course -11 S 30 MEMBERS front row Mildred Crawford Helen Lee Carol Lea Irene Rambo Dorothy Bell Second row Fraham Edmondmn Dorothy Peter: France: Grotthoure Darrell Osborne Third row Carlton Scheetz Mr! McFadden Mfr: Clark Marvxn Bahlndge Roma Moore was not nn the picture l44l , A x --- X t ffl V , , :T K , . , i E. I . . , ' y 'I ,N 1. . Y l V I I v , " , - U , , f ,ity V K, its A O 'X 3 is-'1' . A .A vi V' VV? ff' I ' ' nr I , 4 ' S. .T .-g :U ,A , , . f 4 1 , , 1 , - -' 1 Y , U , - I , . 'I S' , - , , - - C ASS 0l7I ICERS G M fllllAN WIS M.l5 DlINlAl7 VJ? D IQIIADMAN IIZIQAS fTOMlINSON S C WIIAYSIIM S0l Cllll at CLASS OF S 30 The summer 30 class in keeping with their high ideals selected a most efficient staff of officers Gerald Nlcclellan erry with his experience on tie football team was able to meet all complications and his servlce as student body president prepared him for the class pres1dency httecl for the tasks her oflice afforded and executed them ln an excellent manner Doris Chapman secretary and treasurer was considered a very successful office holder She proved to be efficient in evervthm sie undertook as was true in all her other activities The girls and bovs social chairmen namely Wfmnie Hawsom and Fenton Tomlinson carried out the duties of their office not onlv satis acto ily bar with enthusiasm Their prevlous act1v1t1es in Franklin were also an asset to their positions K+: ,Sl 3 S . ' 9 . 0 Q I ' 9 U Q I. I 0 3 0 0 , f 7 7 3 H ,, . . . , , I , 1 . 3 Mary Bernice Dunlap, having been president of the Girls' League, was I 5 ' 9 A F' 1 Q , 4 . U , . J ' ' Y . , , . . . . , 1 7 cl . . , . . f V. l . , I L L ' l SDO ORS MIS S UJNWAY MR EDWARDS MISS DUZR MISS 0lWlll Ml1..l0llNSON MISS CAMPl3lllc MllS.Bl20WNlN0 MlSSNOIllfrlll S 30 CLASS ADVISORS The S 30 class was held mtact by the adv1sors chosen to lead If one of the finest classes 1n the h1story of the school Mr Russell W Edwa1ds was chosen as cha1rman wh1le MISS Emma Conway ably asslsted h1m Others who gave of the1r t1me thelr lnterest and then servlce were Mrs Ol1ve Brownmg Span1sh teacher MISS Flora L Campbell home econom1cs teacher Mlss Eugema Ol1ver teacher of mus1c MISS Evelyn Nofzxger phys1cal educatlon teacher MISS Luc1le Derr hlstory teacher Mr Ewart Johnson prmtmg teacher and Coach Cha1les Hess The charmmg and successful way the varlous affaus of the summer 30 class have been planned and carr1ed out by the careful sponsors IS verv much apprec1ated by the class E461 ' ' 1 ' 24? 1 9 ". ' Q 'if ,f 'A 1, , at 1 M A 1 M , - , 4 6 " A 9 - if T, A . pdl - .- "" . 9 7 , , . . 7 , . . . , . . , I . 7 5 ' 7 S a S v S a 'S ' a 5 l Q . . .A , ALMA ABBOTT Alpha Memlver of C S F G A A Sr Baske! ball and Volley Ball r Baseball G L Rep LEONARD ALLEN Scxence Club Biology Club Football Cross Country Post Stock Mgr Store Mgr GENEVIEVE ANDERSON r Latm Shakespeare Sr Larm JOHN ARTHUR Pl'1ys1csL1lJ Asst R O T C Officers Club JAMES BACON Orclmestm C C B R O T C ELSIE BADGLEY Self Cwos t Rep C R Treas Umform Checlwr C1 L Rep Sec to M155 Campbell Hook and Curve Vlce Pres DOROTHY BAILEY Sr Glu Club Sec Lllurarlan Nhrrlage of lNanmttL MldSUmmLf Night s Drum Nlumxc Fesuml SL1fG0w I Sololst for Vlspu' Seruc RUTH BARCLAY C R Socnl Chr FXIJFLSSIOH Clul Hcmcsk 'md Curu G T Rlp M1111 OHM Drummc Producraon TRAVIS BEAIN HAZEL BECRELHY NIER lN1us1c Clulw C R Treas Art Club C1 L Rgp Self Gow. t Rep E4 . . ., . . ., . - ,J. , . . . v . . - y -, - J. , , . . T , V l . , .... , . ' 1, . . ., . . . , - ' ., . . ., ". . . ., . , . , 4- . Q ll .. s 1 1 x in L. - I - y I U , ,- '. . ' - ' . - 1 ' e. , . . - ., . 1 , 1, '. - '- . .. 1 0. . K , , Y V f , l . . . .. . . . x ., , f J EDWARD BECKING Orpheus Club Sec Treas Pres Class B Football Class B Track Self Gov t Wrestling Music Club Sec JUANITA BEESON Uniform Checker DOROTHY BELL Llfe Nlember of C S F SelfGovt Shakespeare Club Pres Vice Pres Masqucrs Socnal Chr Lead ln Pomander Walk and ln Thr Swan Press Club Editor FRANCES BERG Hook and Curve Music Club Scc to Mr Oneal ELEANOR BIGGS G A A G L Orchestra Sec to Mrs Church and Miss Oliver Hook and Curvc Uniform Rep Swlmmmg ALEXANDERINE BIRCR Rep Ofhcer FSTHER BOOTH Hook and Curve Music Club Swlmmlng Clul G A A Sr Basketball Team Rldlhg Club MADELEINE BOYCE G A A French Club Art Club Vlce Pres ROBERT BREINNAN Pres Student Body Nlajor R O T C Varsxty Foot ball Board of Finance Self Govt Student Council RYAN BRFlNlNAlN Bus Mgr Student Body Board ofF1nance Pres Student Councll SelfGovtSpec1al R O T Capt Adjutant 48 ., ,., ., A . t ' I , , . 1, V ., A ., - rr H - rr U y C X l . L . , ' . . . . . ., . . , , . - , -, , C. R. Treas., French Club. Latin Club, SelfAGov't, I 1 3 I I W5 . . ., . , . . . ., , , . . v , . ., . ., H - I 7 - 3 ' E T ' T . . , V , . L 1 ALICE BROOKS Musxc Club Bus Office Post LOU BROWN Self Govt Student Council Board of Fmance Soclal Chr and Vxce Pres of G L Clubhouse Asso Vnce Pres Sec and Treas lst Vice Pres Student Body ORSON BROWN Ofhcers Club Pres Sec Aero Club Sec Foot ball Self Govt R O T C Ofhcer BARBARA BROWNING Spanish Club The Youngest Dancing Club Self Gov t Rep Beta Member of C S F PEARL BUCHOLTZ An Club Danctng Club Nlrdsummer Nrghts Dream Hook and Curve G A A JOSEPHINE BURCH C R Treas G L Rep Unlform Checker Spanrsh Club Swtmmxng Club HELEN BURGE Llfe Member of C S F Tetralpha 5 terms G A A Sr Glee C R Treas SelffG0vt BOB BUSCHMEYER Stage Crew HOW ARD CALLAND EVA CAMLEY Press Art Club Sec Dancing Club C R Pres Spanish Club i491 , . . . , , , . ' r s - ., . . ., .- ., ., ., . 1 7 ,. ., ., .. ' 1 , - , .... . - at ss - s x s 1 - , ., . . . - at - 4 v , . av , , . . . . . ., , . ., , , . . Y -, , 1 J, v . . ., . , . . ., . 1 -a a . . ., ,. f i ELIZABETH CANAVAN Post Umform Checker SelfGov t CALISTA CANNING C R Pres C R Uniform Checker G L Rep At tendance Office Self Govt Beta Member of C S F MARY CARTER G A A I-Iarmomca Club Sec Treas Press Rep C R Treas Alpha Member of C S F Letterman Tetralpha Iterm CHARLOTTE CHAP DE LAINE C R Treas G L Rep G A A Apparatus asketball Team SelfGovt Special Rep and Officer DORIS CHAPMAN Sec Treas of Sr A Class G A A Treas Vice Pres Self-Govt Ofhcer and Rep G L Clubhouse Asso Sec Sec of G L Beta Member of C S F ALLAN CLARK Agrxculture Club Class B Track MAR-IORIE CLARK Self-Govt C R Treas Tetralpha 1 termj Alpha Member of C S F Treble Clef BILL COFFEY Self Govt World Friendship Varslty Football and Track Manager Garden Club Vnce Presxdent VIOLET COGDILL Smmmmg Club Muslc Club ALICE COLLAMER Apparatus C R SocxalCha1rman Good Form Club C R Presxdent iso FLOREINCE COOPER C R Treas G L Rep SelfCmxt Dramatmc Productrtn Apparatus Comptomcter Bus Ofhce MARIOIN COSBY R O T C Sr Bancl r Band Sr Orchestra Music Club Almanac Orchestm GEORGE COWPER Orpheus Club Pres Sr Glee R O T C Student Council Officers Club C R Rep MARJORTE CROSSLEY C R Treas Self-Govt G L Rep Nature Club C R Social Chr Latm Club PHILIP P CROWELL R O T C Oflfncers Club Ushers Club AeroC ub JOHN CRUZAN Sr Glee Lnbrarnan LA1glon All Interclass De bate Champ1onsh1p Shakespeare Club Wlnner of W7 30 and S 30 Shakespeare Contest Football W ln ner of Senior Essay ARMANDO DE HERAS Self Gox t Track Garden Club r Latm Sc1ence Club MARY LOUISE DIETZ JOAN DICKSON Alpha Member of C S F Sr Glee Club Interscholasuc Musical Contests HELEN DILLMAN C S F Alpha C R Treas Sr Latin Club Spamsh Club G A A Self Govt lvll 'K HAZFL IJOWNING G A A felralpha Press Sraff Self Goxr World Friendship C R Treas RICHARD DUCLERQ MARY BERNICE DUNLAP Vzce Pres of Sr A Class Pres and Soc al Chr of G L Student Council Clubhouse Asso Sr Grrls Glee G A A VIRGINIA DUNN Girl Reserve Secretary Clubhouse Asso Hook md Curve G A A Apparatus Club G L Rep GRAHAM FDIVIONDSON Tetralpha Ushers Sr Latm Club VIRGINIA ELIVIIGER Girls League lst Vxce President and Yell Leader res and Trcas Clubhouse Assn Umform Board Head Girls Court C R Treas Senlor A Yell Leader FRANCIS ENGLER Traffic Squad Self Govt Spamsh Club cro Club Track SARA ESPE Life Member of C S F Tetralpha G A A GLRep SPQR SelfGovt RUTH EWING VIRGINIA FANCHER anlsh Club C R Treas Life Member of C. S. F, C. R. Treas.. Self-Gov't. P . . ' , ' 7 A , l . - l l Sp ' , . . . I 53 I lNlf4Rl.E FISHER G L Rcp SelfGoxt G A A Hama. lcon mc Clul C R Treas Uniform Bo1rCl CLAUDE FORTIbR f' unch Clul CARL FRASIER Cl1ss B Football Sr Glee Club R O T C Bias ball Nlgr Ushers Atl1l1clelpl'111ns Orplweus Cu CEILIA GARDNER Self Gow t unto Club Prus Sr Latin Club Pres ber ofC S F Tetralplda 2 terms DON GIRDLESTOINE WILLARD GLAESER R O T C C1pt Tmmmg Officer Ofhcers Club Nluslc Club CARYL GOQDRICH Hook 'md Curve SelfGovt Sec to Mrs Clwurcb HARRY GRABBERT Niturc Club Aero Club Svwlmmmg Footl all Arlwlaclclphlan NIARJORIE GREER World l'r1enclsl'x1p Pres Dancmg Club Rhvmt and Reason Sr Latm Club Self Govt C S F GEORGE I GRIESINGER R O T C Band C R Treas Self Govt Sr Orchestra Ticket Office Baseball . . 1 ., - " , . . ., - 5' 0 rs . L X t " , . ' , . . . .. L ' - ., , r . . ' l lv. Interclass and Interscholastic Debating. Alpha Niem- . . ., Q l . . . ., 1 . t A l . A 1 7 . . , - , . . . 4 N. v 1 'F V v wk H ., 1 ,' ' . . . . , . . ., - 'l , . , , . l 53 l LOIS GRISWOLD Gxrls Sr Glee Lxbrarlan Vice Pres Social Chr The Marrxage of Nannette Midsummer Night s Dream Sr Orchestra Alpha Mtmlcr ofC S F Natl Hugh School Orchestra I-RANCES GROTTHOUSE Student Councll C R Treas Tetralpha 1 term C S F G L Rep Self-Govt The Youngest ANNABFL GUY EDWARD HAFFNER pamsh Club Nature Club Messenger Class C Football Arhladelphxan Wrestling MARIAN HAISCH G A A Pres Vice Pres Treas Letterman SelfGovt JOE HAMMOND Asst Editor of Almanac R O T C OfHcers Club Self Gov t MARY HANDLEY Ramblers Sr Latm G A A ALFRED HARDING Class Day Play Track OPHIR HARING Class B Basketball Baseball Self-Govt Music Club Orpheus Club Sec Treas MARGARET HAYES r Latm Club Sr Latm Club Home Economics Self-Govt Spanlsh Club l5-FJ , , . . . . ' l 7 '7 'S N 4 7, .. - W y , U . , . . . - 1- . . ., , . ' , - e -, f D, 7 LL 77 . . ., . . ., , . Sec. to Miss Carlquist, Hook and Curve. S ' , , , 9 7 ' . . . .3 l ., ., , D 1 , . , .... , U , , . , . . . , . , . , y , , .- . .l - ' y - ' , ' , , . , . RUTH HAYES r Glee Dancing Club IVlldSUI'Ill'119l' Nrghzs Dream Hook and Curxe G A A Self Govt Sp clal WIINNIE HAYSOM G L Pres Yell Leader and Social Chr Vrce Pres of Student Body Socxal Chr of Sr A Class Svum mmg Club THELNIA HEBNER Good Form Club Rhyme 1nd Rmson DOROTHY HELM Tetralpha World Prnendshxp Alpha Nlember ofC S F C R Treas KENNETH HENRYSON Sclence Club Nature Club Prmters Guild Class B Football VELDA I-IESS G L Rep C R Tre1s Stlf Govt C R Chr Prtss Reporter Appamtus MARY HIGGINS MARION HODEI. Ofhars Club Commtrcxal Club R O Bus Ofhc C1fe Beta MLU1lLFLDfC S I ALICE HOFFIVIAN Luft Member of C S F Prtss Asst Editor Feature Edltor Literary Editor of Alman1c Tttmlpha Shalcespfnre Clul Girls Sr Glee BETTY HOEFNIAIN Stlf Gox t Hook and Curve Girl Reserxes N1turL Club Src for Mr Lxbby and Nlr Keyes G I. Rtp for Bl 4 -I r ' ' J . , . , ,I li . . -0 x - . A h., , x I ., i . , . H . . . ., . . . , , - , . ., . . 1 .. ' - l . . . -V V ' , t Z Entered from Butte, Ivlontana, last year. A - " , - ' , . . T. C., '. e. . ., 1 1 w- . . 7. . , . . . ., . . , . 4 . K V . , , A . 11 3, . '. ' 1 'I l 55 I ROSS HOLT r Glee Sr Larm Club Spanish Club Nature Club Tennls Club R O T C Band DON HOLTY Sr Glee Gym Club R O T C Photo Club HELFN I-IORNING Tetralpha K3 terms C R Treas C S F Latln Cum World Frlendshtp Self Govt ELVA HOWELLS SelfGov t Apparatus Club Hook and Curve EUGENE HUBBARD Science Club Nature Club Aero Club Traffic Squad R O T C Officers Club MARTHA VIRGINIA HUGHES Ass t Editor of Almanac Pres of World Friendship City Federation of W F Clubs Vice Pres Speclal Self Gov t Sr Larm Club FRED I-IUGHSTON R O T C Lteut Range Officer Bugler Acro Club Orpheus Club Officers Club JEROME HULL Press Ed1tormCh1ef Sport Edltor Sport Edxtor of Almanac Track Football Wnnner of Constltu tional Contest Dlst Finals Interclass Debating MARIAN HUTCHINSON DALL JACKSON Sr Glee Sec Treas Orpheus Club Pres Treas Letterman Class A B and C Baseball Class B Foot ball Captam Athladelphlan Self Gov t S . , . , , , , .... . . , , .... . . , J, . . ., . . ., 1 1 A - . 1 1 1 - 1 ' 1 . . 1 1 1 1 , .... , . , . . . 1 - 1 . . , ., , . - , . . . . . T . , , 1 1 1 ' T ' ' s 1 1 1 1 ' 1 . , . - ' -1 1 -1 -1 1 1 1 ' - 1 1 1 1 ' ' RATHRYN JACKSON G A A Post Wforlcl Frxtndslup BECRY JEFFRIES HOWARD ,IOBE Class A and B Track Class B and C Football Sr Orchestra C R Trmsurer Sr Glte Club Atbladelphnns NIARION JOHNSON Stlf Govt Home Economics G L Rep r Latm Club RICHARD KAHAN Tetralpha Beta Member of C S F A12 Interclass Debatmg Znd Place m World Frlendshxp Oratorlcal Contest MOLLY ROSE KALIS Te 1m Self Gov t EMMA KEENE r Latm Club C R Treats ALBERT KENDIG Orpheus Club Sr Glee Beta Member of C Salamagundl Art Club Art Scholarship LAWRENCE KILIUS Bus Mgr of Almanac Sr Rep Almanac Head Usher News Edltor of Press Interclass Debwtmg C R Treasurer C S F Beta BRUCE KING Self Gov t Stamp Club Traffic Club Nature Club Class B Track jr. Latin, C. R. Baseball Capt.. G. A. A., Baseball , . , . S. F., I 57 I EVANGELINE KIRBY Hook and Curve Club Self Govt Spanlsh Club Apparatus Press Rep Cafeterxa CHRYSTAL LADNER Self Govt Sllver Debate Golcl Debate unto ANDREW LANDEN R O T C Officers Club Self Govt CALISTE LANDRY Class C Football Class B Football Baseball Mgr Swimming Athladelpluans CHARLES LANGHAUSER R O T C Post Bus Office RUNO LARSON Track Class A B C Tennis Athlaclelpluxan ALICE LATIMER CAROL LEA Life Member of C S F Pres Honor Society G A A Pres Vice Pres Treas Head of Checkers Vice Pres Sr B Class 2nd Vice Pres of G L HELEN LEE G A A Sec Basketball Head Press Asst Edntor Sr Glee Llbrarnan Tetralpha 2 termsj Alpha Memlmer of C S F ROBERT LINDBERG Press ' ' , ' , - f .l - Self-Gov't, Jr. Glee Club, French Club, Music Club. l 53 J CLEO LLfCIx Stlf Gow t World Fmndshnp Clul Spannsh Club G A A Nltmber of C S F Hook and Cunt NIARTHA LUIxE Spanlsh Clul GERALD NICCLELLAN Student Body Pres C C B Chr Sr A Pres Student Councll Football Athladelphlan Prts NOBLE MCGAUGHEY Tennls Club Printers Guild Tennls Team L1ghtwe1ghtFootb1ll C R Treas RUTH MCKINNISS Sr Glee Pres Student Councxl Self Govt Sptcnl Mxdsummer Nights Dream Phxlanthroplc Club Pres Socxal Chr GORDON MACLFOD Stlf Govt Post Gym Club Set Gym Slum ANNA lVlAGDALFN Entered IH 10th yr Baseball Gym Office French Club C S F Beta Cafe PEGGY MALAMPHEY Hook and Curve Treas THOMAS NIANGAN Class B Track Traffic Squad Aero Club Self-Got t EDWARD MARCHANT Yell Leader Sr A Yell Leader Masquers Lucl tn The Youngest and L Alglon Press Staff Almanac Advertlslng Manager E39 v , . y w, , . . ., . . .. . . W. ., . . . ., . ., , , t '. . , , . .Q , v - ' L , 1. . . . , . . ., . ' - . t , .. - - Y yy - y ., . - , , 7 1, ' R . -1 , ' Q 1 3 3 I 3 7 ' 3 ' H 7 f L. rr tr 1 V vw Q l 3 ' 1 FDWIN MEFKER Class B Football Class A Football PHOEBE MEREDTTH Sr Glee Club Music Club Spanish Club C R Treas SelfGovt Rep G L Rep MARION MESSICK G L Yell Leader Clubhouse Asso az? Orchestra SelfGovt Rep Musxc Club LILA MAY MILLER G L Rep Terralpha C S I Sr Latin Club World Frxendshxp LESLIE MILLS LAUREN MITCHELL R O T C 2nd Lleut Bancl Football MELBOURNE MOORE Spanish Club Nature Club Beta Member of C S ROBERT MOORE R O T C Ofhcers Club Aero Club SelfGovt Orpheus Club ROMA MOORE Life Nlember of C S F Tetralpha 3 terms El Club Espanol World Frxendshlp Self Gov t Special Press Copy Editor MARIO MORA Class A Football Class C Football Class A Track Self Govt Speclal Class B Baseball R O T C T601 , . ' 7 . 5 - 3 , . . ., - . ., . . . . . , ., J . . ' ' ., . ' ' lv 4 x ' - rw - V : Track, R. O. T. C., Captain, Officers' Club Pres. . . . . , . ' , , - -F- , 7 . . . ., , , - , ' - - -, 7 l J, , . , . ' y a ' v x 7 5 7 , . , , ..., ALICE MORAN Tetralpha K4 terms Lxfe Member of C S F Sr Latln Club Soclal Chr World Friendship G L Rep Self Goxt CATI-IERIINE MORAN Latin Club World Frlendshlp Tetralpha Scholar shlp Commxttee Life Member of C S F SelfGox t ELIZABETH MORRELL Hook and Curxe Sec to Mxss Bolton RUTH MORRILL Gxrls League Pres Secy and Yell Leader Secy Treas of Semor Bs Clubhouse AssnH1stor1an Student Councll Gtrls Self Govt Court PATSY NIORTON Press Asst Editor G A A Sr Glee Club Treas Mldsummer Nrghr s Dream G L Rep Phxlanthropxc Club IXATHLEEIN MUIVIFORD Clubhouse Assn Umform Board G L Rep Hook and Curve EINID NAINYERVIS Self Gov t Svummtng G A A Rldmg Club NX orlcl Frtertclshxp Club Hook and Curxe Club JACI' INAPIER Puppeteer for Nlarnonette DELNIOINT INODINE Class B Basketball Class A Bsisketball Cafe Athladelphtan REINA OBERTO G A A Clubhouse Assn Hook and Curse r Basketball Team Nlusxc Club Swimming Clul . 5. - - -, , Y . . , ' , V V Y t ' Iv ' - - A -a , lv l l v , , X Y Y . ' , J. , , ' 1 VIOLET OKAJIMA Entered from Garfield Hrgh Smttlc Alpha Mt-ml cr ofC S F Tctmlpha 2 termsj French Club Vlce Prcs Soclal Chr LOUISE ORR Uniform Checker Post Business Office HAROLD ORSOLINE Musxc Club Orpheus Club Lnbrarran Vxce Prcs Sclf Govt Wrestling Ushers LLOYD PACK lfe Member of C S F Tetralpha 4 termsj res R O T C Self Govt unto Salmagundx Club UDE PALMER Reserve Club Phrlanthroplc Class Pres G PEARSON Club Umforrr Checker C R Soclal Chr Dancmg Club Spanrsh Club DOROTHY PETERS Sr Latm Club Tetralpha C S F Rhyme and Reason Sec Treas C R Treas Self Gov t Special MARION PFISTER Uniform Board G L Rep Umform Checker Press Rep of C R FRANCISKA PRESTEL Home Economics Club Volley Ball Team Sec to Mrs McFadden HOWARD PREWITT R O T C f7 terms Band Captam and Drum Major Sr Orchestra Semor A azz Orchestra Dxrcctor Almanac Orchestra R O T C azz Orchestra . . - K ? 4 , L' - - -, , f - P ., . T . ., - fl , x Uniform Checker, Dancing Club. 4 , . , J ' , , ---- l l 63 J NIARTHA PUGH Ltfe Member of C S F Sr Latm Club Xvorld Frxendshlp Tetralpha 13 termsl G A A Self Govt IRENE RAMBO Lxfv, Member of C S F and Sec 'I-F815 C S F Tetralpha 6 termsj C R Trus A17 Gold Dt lntlng Team Press Staff 13 terms! Asst Pdxtor Senlor Representative of Almanur ESTHER RATTEY MARY REA Spanlsh Club Musc Clul SelfGo Alpha Member of C S F VICTORIA REED Entered from Bre1 Olmcla last year WILBUR REYNOLDS Latm Club Class C Swlmmlng Nature Club C R Treas Athladelphnns DANNELIA RICE Hook and Curve Treas Unlform Checker C R Social Chr RAYMOND RIDENOUR Spanish Club Radlo Club Projection Operator Wrestllng RUBY RIGBY Self Gov t Nature Club Spanish Club Music Club Cafe JAMES ROBERTSON Aero Club Raclxo Club , ' 1 ' A A It W A- , . . x wlorld Friendship, G. A. A.. Self-Gov't. ' , Q , 5. - v't., l 63 1 WALTER ROSSKOFF Printers Gulld N1ture Clulv WINIFRED SAGE Alpha Member of C S F Tetralpha Z terms, C R Treas MARY SAUNDERS HOWARD SAYLES Varsity Football Varsity Track Athladelphlan R O T C Ofhcers Club RAYMOND SAYLES Track Football R O T C Box Office Bus Mgr Student Council Chr of Board of Finance HELEN SCIFERS World Friendship Home Economics Spamsh Club Self Govt C R Press Rep CARLTON SCHEETZ Life Member of C S F Tetralpha 5 terms Treas C R Treas Usher Aero Club ALBERT SCHULTE Spanish Club Treas Pres Latin Club JUNE SCHULTZ G L Rep Nature Club Hook and Curve JEAN SERVAIS C C B Alpha Member of C S F SelfGovt French Club Sec Treas Sr Latnn Club Shakespeare Club Treas i641 , , . , 1 . . . ., , 1 , . . . 1 1 v 1 , . . ., . , 1 . . . ., . , . . - y y , - , . . . - . -, ,Q D,- ., . . ., , . 1 .- ., . . . ., , . . . ., . . ., - , .- ., . , LOUIS SEXTON C R Treas SelfGovt Orpheus Club Sr C1lte Class B Traclc Alpha Member of C S I: WILLIAM SI-IIPLEY R O T C-Cuptaxn Ofhcers Club C S F r Latin Club Vxce Pres Stamp Club Cufe RUTH SI-IOUP Gxrls Sr Glee Lxbrarlan Swnmmmg Treblt Clef Clubhouse Asso Press RAYMOND SI'IY Art Editor of Almanac r Laun Club Pres Sr Latm Club Art Club Sr Orchestra C R Treis EDWARD SMILEY CAROLINE SMITH Sec of Student Body Pres Clubhouse Asso Student Council Board of Flnance Sec Girls Court C1 A A NEVA SMITH Tetralpha 1 term, World Frxendshlp Vxce Pres Nature Club WALTER SMITH R O T C Musnc Club CARL SOLWICK Sr Glee Club Orpheus Club IXVIILTSUHIIHEK Night s Dream Art Club Trtas FRANCES SPRAGUE C1 A A C R Treas Self Govt S'-urmmxng Treble Clef Dmcnng Club I 6 - - -s ' v - - T , . . . . . . . . 1 , , . . .. , , Q . . , , x . , . , ., . , J . ' .. . , , . , . . Aero Club, Agriculture Club. Nvrestling. . , . ' .. V 7 y , . , . . . , 4 , ' ' A- ., . . . . ., . l V ' .. - - , H I , " ' . , V. . . . ., . . ., - , . . , . . ELSIE STAFF Music Club Hook and Curve Sec Apparatus C R Treas NORA STEPHENS Self Govt Student Council French Club Art lub C R Socnl Chr WILMA STEPHENSON The Youngest L Alglon Shakespeare C ub Masquers Press Sr Class Day HOUSELEY STEVENSON R O T C Self Govt Tetralpha C S F Alpha Masquers Club Roles Whnt Men Live By The Youngest L Alglon Press Ushers Class B Football Class C Football Class C Track Athlaclelphlans BETTY STOUP Music Club Rhyme and Reason Press Beta Member of C S F WERNER STOY R O T C Nature Club Self-Govt German Club MILDRED THATCHER C S F Life Member Tetralpha 5 terms Pres Treas French Club Pres Social Chr World Frlendshlp SelfGov t Special A12 Gold Debating Team JAMES THOMPSON Class A B and C Baseball Class A B and C Basketball Sr Orchestra Sr Band R O T C Athladelphlans THOMPSON Self Govt Rep Spcclal Phllanthropxc Pres C R Treas V . i ., , . . 1 . , ' D . X . . v y a C , . . . . rr ,vu tt r - ,za I , a : - - . . . .. - , , , . . . , lu - sy x I 1 as u U 1 - n , . CHARLES STOCKSTILL s s s s , . y v r 1 . . . ,, , , . . - ' , , f J- 's -v T 'r W , . , . , . , 1 x , . , . , .... . , , . . ' -s r ., . . . I 66 l ALETHA THORNBURG SelfGov t Special l'-Tome Economics Clul Glrl Restrus Spanmh Clul C R Socml Chr Trtblt Cltf Prtss Rep EDWIN THORNTON Sr Band Officers Club R O T C Spanish Clul VERA THURMAN Masquers G A A French Club C R Pre: The Youngest The Torch FENTON TOMLINSON Sr B Pres Football-Class A B and C Tttralpha 1 termj Beta Nlembtr of C S F Znd Vlu. Prts of Student Body Social Chr mf Sr A Claia WALTER TRINKAUS R O T C Sr Band Press Ofhcers Club EARL VOORHIES Alpha Member of C S F Tetralpha 2 termsj Boys Sr Glee ACCOHHPKTIISI Salmagundx Pres Sec WALTER WARFI HN Boys Sr Glee StlfGovt Specxal R O T Omctrs Clul Socml Chr Rrfle Team Ushers Clul FRED WALLACE SelfGovt Sr Glee Club Band R O T C C R Trms Nlldsummer Night s Dream DOROTHY V XVATSON C R Treas Self Got t Rep Spamsh Club JACK WATSON Varsxty Basketball Axthladelphxan Post R O T C Swimming Busmess Office f6fl YA HARRY WHALEY Spanxsh Club SelfGov t Wrestling LYNN WHITE Basketball Cashxer Self Gov t Speclal Athlaclelphlans Clrculatxon Mgr of Press Ass t Edxtor of Cub Edition MARGARET WHITE Phllanthroplc Club Hook ancl Curve-Social Chr G A A Self-Govt Apparatus Club Mam Ofhce MARY WHITE G A A Tetralpha Swxmmmg Alpha Member of C S F Uniform Checker SelfGovt RUTH WEISEL Alpha Member of C S F Speclal C R Treas World Frxenclshlp Spanish Club French Club Music Club SelfGovt B10 Silver Debatmg Team GEORGE WOOLEY Class B Football Class A Football Athladelphlan R O T C Officers Club Manager Baseball JOHN WRIGHT elfGovt B10 Silver Debating Team r and Sr Orchestra lst prxze-Garvan Chemistry Essay Con test State Dxvlslon and Zncl prlze So Calif Chemlstry Contest Radio Club Pres and Vxce Pres OLIVIA WRIGHT nrls Umform Checker G I.. Rep Home Economxcs Club G A A JEANNE WYSONG Shakespeare Club French Club Dancing Club Art Club I6 BETTY LEE WOLLAM s r x ,' ' A ,J. G' ' ' , . . ., 8 J if ALA l l - GEORGE ZENTMYER Eclltor of Almanac Life Member of C S F Press- Tetralph 5 terms Sec Student Councxl RHEY HOBSON Gym Club Pres Apparatus Class JACK SEMERAD Prmters Guild Press Reporter ff E691 -.... i ..- Sport Editor, Ass't,Eclitor, Sport Writer, Treas., Z i . . , C 7 , I I f- I l Q15- S 'TS i R I -71197 fx 4 f l Q ffl! Z ,411- i.. 'I ,1 4' A v !'A '1, 'KLI!7W4V!,-. I -I , I ' V' P 4. . f , I X 5 5, ,, , , 4, , I , , , X f 'V I V ' ff , - 1 ' , 7, V' -T", A-b ,f V V I A ff X C- K ,i f, ff f - ' " If 'Y ' ' ' f , r K, - , x . X 1 ' . M X t , ' " f Af" ' - ' 1 1 X . I fr -Niv- fy 1 ly , ,W ,KN W , J X: ff PD ' 1 ' 1 -f' V, In ff I , 1' I , ' ' I ,-Y , 'H il 1 l LJ Y ,Q , SENIOR ORCHESTRA The Sen1or Orchestra under the dxrectxon of Mr Desxre Gllson has been heard at Franklln aud calls plays and Commencement durlng the past year Each appearance has added to thelr reputatlon as belng one of the most actlve and successful groups 1n the school IUNIOR ORCHESTRA The un1or Orchestra IS com osed malnl of Franlchn students who are P Y studylng and PI'3CflC1I1g ln order to obtam admlttance 1nto the Senlor Orchestra They are dlrected by Mr Gllson one of the best d1rectors ln the cxty l l7fl 1, ,,,, -Q ' ' 'i s ' L d Q'-, ., : 5- V fzlf' neun 5 K5 Q. , . ig , n ,H WF, 4' , 7 ' 7 s 9 ' . , . Wm Qalgfwfifs ta QAQLWQ W. rg. mike 6-any GS .. oiuvgilil gf, wa fi' GIRLS SENIOR GLEE CLUB The ofhcers of the Glrls Senlor Glee Club under M1ss Madge Ph1lbrook were Nelma CFOSICF and Ruth McK1nn1s pres1dents Eva Anderson and LOIS Grxswold vice presldents Ruth I-Ialght and Dorothy Balley secretarles Mable Straube and Patsy Morton treasurers and LOIS Grlswold Dorothy Balley Helen Lee and Ruth Shoup l1brar1ans TREBLE CLEF CLUB The OHLQICCYS of the Treble Clef for the past year were Ahce Pargellls and Vlrglma Stxnoer presxdents Dorothy Plerce and Margaret Morr1son VICC presldents VIFUIDIH Stmger and Edna Kech secretarles Garland Kelley and Nora Klotz treasurers and Mary Hodges and Norma Strmpson hbrarlans ee we 999 '2f"'w"QeN allasssnu Massa lffil 1 ,, . -'- ' V, ' 1 f I t I . . 4 , ,rw V M f-" 'J Q : . 'he ' f - taxi 9,-, yr A , . QL 4-1. .V , V. in .af L 3 Q ,M K ' kay 4 X M if 1' , 'ia W " "KJ ,gr E 4 vt... I , V . 1 V h, A, . Q rg E113 W . . ,,g1,. ,,, 9 1 - Q, ,, ij v. E' , Y Y U A it Q I K .- K - T , I ' n Q 5 Q If f 1 K L z - 9 ' I. ' i -1 - ' ' ' 1 V' f i' K f 1, Lf. ' f T- l fm 3 f x V 1. 7 'ff I ' .viii 5. 'C A ' . ? at U 7 , - Q - i f '- ' ' , , A ' , , e , , f , ml , ,. . - -I ., A - ,W .. Mi- 4 ,4 I , A r f .al vu-Jw X AL, gf ,Ag,w,k A-, ., e,,,.w ,vc - 11, .. 4 gf 2 ' ' - 35 1 L, Y,,,x ,V ff" e ' T V V lsla V, I i rkvy f X Q -si.:y,Ek,5L?u.s5n-:'w,A yi.,1,.,W V' ,.-r , ff ., tfWt.T,f, V f ffl ,L IKffgl23M,hf,?ijJ?, -4 f ., ,i 7 . , . . . 7 a ' 5 a S 7 ' Q 9 3 A 7 7 7 , . O 9 . 9 ' S C, a 3 I 7 9 'A 1, . I V . - A ,L -A A .. . I h " , , . I I V x ,, : . I . 1 H I xr ' f - . , 7 1 l "" V , X y W 2 xx' N K - A A ' Q V - 4' , g H-ff .A:":'. .-'fl V L' V ' fav M X' .,.- , - . " YJ " X J ' " y , ' J. Lfefx ,gtg I. ,. v , Q' ,J 4 in .gn ,gh , . u . as 1, ,' V ' 1 ., ' 4 " . , .. , v t ' ' v x ' Y , 3 rj 'rv " la -, y L 'T ' , y an , A 5 . -H NX-N V H,-rf-'-QQ. if- , , -. ,-. . - . . . . f-KY ggi: BUYS SENIOR GLEE CLU Under MISS Eugema Ohvers dxrecuon thxs Glee Club has added to xts success thlS year The officers were Paul Hamllton Wllbur McA1p1ne PYCSI dents LOUIS Bader Fenton Tomhnson v1ce pres1dents Fred Horner Dale ack son secretary treasurers Fenton Tomhnson George Cowper hbrarlans O R P H E U S C L U B The year s ofhcers for the Orpheus Club d1rected by MISS Eugema Ohver were George Cowper Edward Beckmg pres1dents Bertelle Knowles Harold Knowles Harold Orsolme sekcr tarles Harold Qrsolrne Hubert Rasbach llbrarlans E11 n X 4 e I r 2 K- x 4 1 , ' r ' N- , 'r i 3 I . L .X , 5 Q ' . V I Z- . .4 A rl A 1 4 Q : , 1: Y V , ' I L 5 Q . A mg Q e ' x r , W ea 7 B 7 . : , , - 3 a 1 ' 3 1 J ' a ' 5 9 1 ' , . . . . 7 7 1 7 , 3 7 Orsoline, vice-presidentsg Edward Becking, Ophir Haring, secretariesg Bertelle . X . . 7 w, L 3 7 7 . Hx , NHQ 'A ' . K J' X .5 ' f 'f ' ,- " U1 ' A .N ' ' , . af- A V ' fix Q 1 A , '. . ' Q3 h ' EF. -f P ' - " N 1 Ft y , , s A I, gg l c C3 -' . 71 z Er Cb 1" ALA. ALMANAC STAFF Well students of Franklm Hlgh School how do you llke your Almanac of 19309 Rather natty snazzy quite a honey a darb and all that? Don t try to find a flaw You know It s really one of the best year books you ve ever had Somethlng new and dlfferent Rather' But why marvel? Let us mtroduce the staff of thls treasure This tall dark fellow IS the CdltOl'lI1ChlCf George Zentmyer who rates all the congratula tlons and mcldentally all the blame lf there IS any George deserves much crednt and has shown hlmself capable and dependable That Jolly lxttle girl Martha Vlrgmla Hughes served dnllgently as first asslstant edltor In fact Martha was close to nervous prostratlon thlnkmg up synonyms for capable and eHlc1ent whlle descrxblng the oflicers of all the organizations 1n Franklm Thls IS oe Hammond who took George s place as second assistant edltor and showed what could be done ln a short time by handllng the R O T C m a bl way Now hold everythmg as I present the man who IS responslble for the super superfine Sport d1v1s1on of the 1930 Almanac Mr erome Hull nn person Of course you re anxious to meet the artlst who made thls book the beautiful volume xt IS but he seems to be rather bashful Dont be so shy about taklng compllments Raymond You know you re a good art edltor Much credlt IS also due to Audrey West and Tom Daley who assisted ln the art work ln mvaluable manner There s the girl who corrected and read copy copy copy until she was drlven to wear black glasses Belleve It or not the person behmd the mask 15 Allce Hoffman the llterary edltor There s the boy who put this Almanac over flnanclally Actually Lawrence Kxlxus the busmess manager had every member of the staff to the poxnt that rf anyone bent a thumb tack he was fined one cent to meet expenses on the annual Nevertheless If was due to h1s Scotch ancestry that thxs book has all the attractive features you see You ll never forget the wonderful aud call Lawrence produced to advertlse the Almanac because youll always remember the theme song of your 1930 annual My Almanac words and muslc composed especially for the book by ,.r E801 ALMANAC STAFF Earl Bnler and Bob Flsher It seems that Larrx had 1 flare for producmg smce he also staged a spectacular benefit show to make both ends meet Smce you re wonderm lust what IS back of thls peppx wlde awake staff If IS t1me to mtroduce those who are back of ewerx word of every page of ewery volume The three who tr1ed to keep m the background but who must now come forward and take the1r bows are the splend1d faculty adv1sors Mrs V1rg1n1a Church head of the English department Mrs essre Roberts head of the Art department and Mr Ray Shaw head of the COIl1IDCfClal department If It werent for the hne COOPCFQIIOII that the staff recelwed from the facultv members thls book would certamly nex er have been the success If 15 The staff also appreclates the advrce and ard g1ven If bv Mr Edmunds Mr Watson and Mr Steans ofthe engravers photographers and prmters respect we v Now that you are well acquamted wlth our staff there can be no trace of wonder left as to how th1s happened to be such a remarkable book However they of the staff w1sh the student bodv to know that s1nce they couldn t get any one else to do this for them they had to pat themselves on the back But of course they know you 11 understand SIAII MDS CIIUIICII MD SHAW MDS l20Bll2IS IQAYMIINID SUV MII AIICLIIUIIMAN llI Jll20Ml Illlll SWIZIS, MADIIIA HUGHES ASS I JOSlDll IIAMMIDND ASS I bfi A , ' 5 -J ' , , . , , a ' . , . S ' 5 5 - h a ' ' 1, 1 - 2 . . , , I . a Q . Y' ' Q e Z hw In I -. , . , Q . , . vig 7 1 ' 531 0 9 ' r'lr' ' . g S. I .Qian 9 9 9 'Q , 9 " 9 Q 9 9 . 9 O PRESS STAFF Under a new faculty advisor, Mrs. Kate Cranon, from Roosevelt, the Franklin Press en- joyed another successful year and a number of capable writers were developed. Philip Brooks did a good job of editing the paper in the fall, assisted by George Zentmyer. The other members of the fall news staff were: Jean Miller, municipal editor, Bob Casey, news editor, Irene Rambo, assistant news editor, Philip Brook, Burns Lee, copy editor, and Alice Hoffman, Edifvf feature editor. Jerome Hull was the capable sport editor, and he was assisted by a fine sport staff, jmmf 1-1,,11 consisting of Willard Goldstein, George Hoff- E 'r Sp gT Fall Term man and George Zefltfnyef The business division of the Press was handled by Arthur Erschoen Bill Edmunds business man agers Lynn White Lloyd ohnson circulation managers Kenneth White Madi son Goff ass1stant circulation managers In the spring an efficient staff under erome Hull editor put out an excep tionally good paper Irene Rambo assisted erome while Roma Moore acted as associate editor Burns Lee filled the position of news editor Charles Curtis was feature editor and Dorothy Bell was club editor The good work on the sport page was carried on by George Zentmyer assisted by Tony Redondo Dlck Key and Dale Jackson unmy Hauptman was the staff cartoonist both terms IS? dl or rin erm , 9 J ' -5 9 J 1 7 ' , . 9 J a 9 ' . J , ' a , . a Q a I A ,1-,tif-,,+,:.' inf-: ' ' ' JT" ,gfglfalagt sf FRESI-IMAN HANDBOOK Mr oseph M SUIECI1 boys v1cepr1nc1pal and Mr Russell W Edwards mstructor of soc1al studles have complled all the mformatron necessary to students of Franklm ln a small booklet to be called The Freshman Hand book The volume wh1ch has been needed for some t1me at thls school w1ll contaln the Con st1tut1on of Franklm Hlgh School detalls con cernmg student adm1n1strat1on sports orgamza M Ed txons school yells and songs One copy w1ll be furnxshecl to every student at the beglnnlng of next semester Addxtxonal ones w1ll be pur M S fi chasable at the book store RI-IYME AND REASON CLUB The Rhyme and Reason Club under the supervlslon of Mrs Vlfglnla Church was organlzed as an mcentlve to young wrlters The ofhcers thls year were Ellzabeth Nelpp presxdent Hubert Rasbach vlce presrdent and Dorothy Peters secretary treasurer T331 . , . . . 1 1 7 - Q . . , 7 C4 73 ' ' 7 , . , . , , - r. ward: , . . - 1. ni en , . , . I 9 3 7 ' 9 , ' u W DRAMATICS During the fall term Franklins drama classes produced Phillip Barrys popular three act play The Youngest under the direction of ohn S Mc Manus The casts for the afternoon and evening performances respectively were Houseley Stevenson and Edward Marchant Richard Winslow The Youngest Vera Thurman and Kathryn Dawes Nancy Blake Bill Georgeson and Ted Meyers Oliver Winslow Ruth Keylm and Wylma Stephenson Charlotte Wins low the mother Ben Augustine Alan Martin the lawyer Belden Wood and Louis Bader Mark Winslow Lovell Van Meter and Leonor Gordon Augustan Martin Winslow Ruth Morrill and Lucylle Goldsmith Martha Muff Wins LA1glon Rostands beautiful play of French court life produced by the clramatics classes under the direction of Mr John S McManus was from the point of vlew of actlng interpretation and pictorial beauty one of the most signallv successful presentations ever given at Franklin lhe roles in the order of their importance were cast as follows Charlotte Evans and Edward Marchant Duke of Reichstadt Ted Meyers Mettermch Herbert Lowry Flamheau Nita Lawrence and Betty Maddmg Maria Louisa Helen Warden and Esther Phillips Countess Camaratta Dorothy Bell and Dorothy ean Caldwell Theresa Emily Poor Arch Duchess Lovell Van Meter Fanny Elssler Madison Goff Bambelles Houseley Stevenson Ovenaus Belden Wood Marxnont Wilfred Jackson Dletrichstem and Sedlinsky E841 l ,, Y, L, . , , . . , 7 - 7 if ,7, ' ' J l - - - ac aa. , 7 5 9 A . , 9 ' 9 i i i i 9 ' , 5 ' , ' , 5 ' , ' 3 , . . t . . ,L ,, . r a 9 ' lowg and Barbara Browning and Frances Grotthouse, Katie, the maid. 9 - 9 - ' 7 9 . . , . . , . . , . . . . . . ,,. . 4 ' 7 : 9 5 , ' 9 , s ' . , . . 3 , 3 J , 5 a ' Q 1 I i i 9 s , a , s ' 9 l I ' I ' I Q xk ' , , 3" "" .: ""'1'T15??v' i , ,z SHAKESPEARE CLUB The ofllcers of the Shakespeare Club under Mrs Ellzabeth Cloud M1ller for the past year were B111 Georgeson and Dorothy Bell preslclents Vlfglnla Harris Dorothy Bell Evelyn Fagln and ohn Cruzan VICC preslclents Ruth Keylm Frances Selecman secretaries ohn Cruzan ean Servaxs treasurers M A S Q U E R S Mr ohn S McManus sponsors thls dramatlc organlzatlon Durmg the fall and spring the followlng ofhcers preslded Ruth Zunmerman Beldon Wood presldents Beldon Wood Frances Selecman vice presldents Frances Selecman Charlotte Evans secretarles B111 Georgeson Ted Meyers treasurers Welda Dower Dorothy Bell socxal chalrmen .l iss . A ' Q' f" I I . l T' C7 ,Q i ,si A W MDN . M35 1 9 ' I I 9 5 , S 7 9 J 1 ' 2 9 S ,ll a ,l 9 ' . . . Z . , , 3 7 s ' 5 J , 5 7 a S 9 a - I Y H L 1 ' B - ,,.,r,., m' 'N in , I f,0NSTlTll110NM. 0lAT0l1lAl GINTIST WINNUIS DAIIRILLDSBMNI FJ KATIIINN DAWLS Z MARVIN BABBIDGL5 ORATORICAL CONTEST Darrell Csborne prominent in interclass and interscholastic debating was chosen Franlclins representatlve to the National Oratorical Contest this spring with his oratlon The Expansion of Federal Powers Since the Civil War Kathryn Dawes speaking on Our Living Constitution was awarded second place and Marvin Babbidge third on his essay Daniel Webster the Consti tution the Union A feature of this contest was the extemporaneous speeches Kathryn Dawes also won first place in the California Shakespeare Contest over fifty eight contestants INTERCLASS DEBATING Under the guidance of Mr Hugh T Boyd teacher of forensics the vice presidents of the unto club for the fall and spring terms Ceilia Gardner and Darrell Osborne respectively directed interclass debating splendidly this year T81 A . L. D , . . , . . . , , , .... . . . . ,C . . , . ,, , - cc - - - - an 7 7 . . . . H . . .- I 9 ' N I a a , . which made a thorough knowledge of the Constitution absolutely necessary. 7 . i . , . , . 1 I , 5 Y ' ' '-we - , 'ft V I ., v A t fi l i D - .at ' 'f . 7 K f I 7 AR JQ'f6slg Mrs essle Roberts MISS Gayl Hayes and Mr Rex Mlller sponsored thls club of asplrlng artlsts The ofhcers were Paul I-Iam1lton Tom Daley presl dents Allce Strnctland Madellne Boyce vxce presldents Betty Blclcford Eva Camley secretarles Gordon Sherwood Carl Solwlck treasurers STAGE CREW Under the guldance of Mr Rex Mlller the stage crew has worked slclllfully at aud calls ancl school entertainments Rlcharcl Mart1n asslstecl by Wllbur Mc Alpme managed the crew In the wmter term and Wllbur McAlp1ne and Slgnorelll were ln control throughout the summer months ISSJ ,ull I r . J. Q fp' f f "' . , " Y V . X A. . l el , : - 1 -3:39 wa, V xv Q I 5 Ala' M A c.-ff " V ' ' 1 1, ' J 9 9 ' 9 . I , , ' 3 a 1 ' 5 9 1 S 9 a ' ' 9 I o , - , , Joe .,,...,,, N , as -L. .lt . it S . v J s g., 1 , Axj PRIZE SHORT STORY TI-IE OTHER MARY By CEILIA GARDNER Why don t you open your letter Mary? my brother Ronald called from the llvlng room where he was sortmg the mall whlch consisted malnly of the usual flrst ofthe month harvest of llght water and gas bllls Even a l1ttle nun l1ke you IS allowed some commumcatlon w1th the world beyond the kltchen garden A letter for me9 questloned Mary I cant lmagme who- Oh 1ts probably those reclpes I sent for from the Woman s Home Compamon magazme I thought father m1ght lxke them He sat up for a few minutes yesterday and lf I could just get hlm to eat and bulld up h1s strength' I ll bet lt s a love letter from the handsome menacer that was around sellmg patent can openers the other day suggested Max wlth all the soph1st1cat1on of a hrgh school jumor We all laughed Mary s mythical love aflalrs were a standmg joke among the famlly Imagme her havmg a boy frlendl Of course Mary was a darlmg and we couldnt possibly do wlthout her But people who could go about the house dustmg sweepmg darmng cookmg consolmg and generally takmg care of a famlly from one end of the year to the other and not even mind It just dldn t have love affalrs Besldes Mary was thlrty Now she set a plate of hot blscults on the table and came into the l1v1ng room Pushing a stray lock of haxr from her forehead she sat down to open the letter Her face took on flrst an expresslon of surprlse and then one of absorption as she read Gee It must tell all about how Hve can l1ve as cheap as one commented Max After a moment Mary looked up It s from Helen I'Iarvey she explained She s gomg to get marr1ed Easter mornmg and she wants me to come up and spend the week before w1th her Of course I cant go she added foldmg the letter and putting lt back 1n 1ts envelope Well Id llke to know why not I told her It s been long enough since you went any place Why Dorothy Wheeler don t be absurd Nobody else knows father s dlet I m golng to can tomatoes next week And besldes that my clothes She shook her head But I had my own plans for the Easter vacation and I declded that lf Mary wasnt around to ask too many questions why so much the better Of course the crowd was a hundred per cent and all that but you couldn t expect Mary to understand a bunch of college klds with plentv of hfe and spmts that were apt 1 ,,.-v E891 Y' 'W L 1 Q L A to bubble over and s1zzle once 1n a whlle So I finally persuaded her that we could manage father s dlet and sent her off to the c1ty wlth some of my least conspncuous clothes nncludmg a couple of l1ttle georgette dresses of whlte and pale pmk for evenmg I was pretty sure they d be adequate for all the nlght llfe Mary would take part m Our crowd s QCIIVIUCS were fully as strenuous as I had expected and by the end of the week I was perfectly wlllmg to take tlme out for a l1ttle whxle Conse quently on Saturday night wlule the others were stlll do1ng thelr best to wmd up the evemng wlth a bang at the Falrmont Country Club I sllpped out the door to a bench among the shadows of the shrubbery below the veranda Trymg to put one over on me are you Dot? called B111 Norman who had brought me 1n hls car Who are you gomg to meet out there? You ll never know' I answered back I had been there for about flve mmutes not thlnkmg about anythmg but just enjoymg the breeze when I heard footsteps above me Lookmg up I saw that a couple had just come onto the veranda from the dance floor I sank back farther lnto the shadows but they were so absorbed m each other that they would not have seen me anyway The man s head was bent over the shmmg dark waves of her hair You don t know how lt makes me feel to have you with me agam he sald ln an unusually deep low vonce Are you glad to see me? She lifted her head wlth a famlllar motnon I gasped as the llght fell on her features Glad? asked Mary Glad? She turned her head away I rubbed my eyes Blll had warned me agamst that punch But when I looked back I saw that I had not been mxstaken There was Mary slttmg ln the swmg but not the old Mary who canned tomatoes and looked after Father s d1et Her halr was brushed unt1l lt shone and waved back from her forehead Her hps were tmted deep red and ln the soft hght from the door her cheeks were flushed She wore a low cut dress of dark green and a pa1r of long jade earrmgs Mlml the man said takmg her hand haven t you changed your mind? Won t you have me now? Not Mary Mlml That sulted her now Change my mind? she asked You know that msn t falr Carl My mlnd lsn t free to be changed Father s no better than he was and Ronald 1sn t earmng much more We re sendxng Dorothy to college and when she gets through there wxll be Max They need me more than you can understand But your wrltmg Mum? Surely you could do somethmg w1th that? I have some of the thlngs you dnd ln college There was no one nearly so clever as you fContmued on page 152 sp E903 ..- , . . . 1 1 . . , . . . , . . . 1 1 sc - 11 - 1 1 ' 1 - - cc ' 77 ac 1 71 1 1 1 ' 1 . 1 , . . . cc 1 - - - 11 - 1 - - cc 33 sc 11 cc 11 . . , . . , . , . , . 1 . , . cc ' -11 - - gg 1 - 1 1 1 ' 1 77 . cc - 11 cc - 1 - - . . , . . , , . , . ' 1 , . ' 1 - 77 . . u . . . . . . , . . 11 j X 1 1 Tl fY PRIZE POEM THE STORM GOD RIDES TONIGHT By NELDA INs1.Ph The God of Storms w1ll rrde tomght On a stlff and mystlc breeze Though I see hun not I feel hmm mgh By the whxsper of the trees By the sxlent calm that precedes the blow Of the crouchmg fangs of the storm Restram thelr v1olence with a hum On the breeze that rs llght and warm Though I see hun not nor hear h1m yet And the sunset sky IS lxght I know by the forest s waltmg cry That the Storm God rldes tomght He comes on wmged feet that fly Over tall and mystic peaks Wlth a gust of xcy breath he blows Wlth an angry cry he shrxeks That man nor beast can tame Dnvmg wlrh shneks of passlon s own I-Ins steeds of death and flame I-Ie nses and falls and wlth anger cllmbs With the tall grey pmes to fight Wlth a black dlsdam on the nolsy world The Storm God rldes tomght The mght IS black and the pale stars gleam On then' mky spread of sky The trees bend low and sadly weep- The Storm God has passed by The dragon clouds of fxlmy mlst Stull hnger as 1f to play W1th the storm strnpped branches of the wood That quietly want the day The alr IS full of sllence awed In quletude there s mxght On the battle scene of nature s war The Storm God rode tomght 1 ff f9 N . . , 3 , , I , 7 7 7 7 7 , . . Y I , , 7 , Y Revenge and hate, malicious woe, n n l D l I , , 7 1 7 K u l 7 Q . . . , . , . 7 7 f 1 I ykkv AW? A'0lSVo W nu wN U wL3 GllllS Ll IIIQ 0fIlLll2S M B DIINLAD DIZISIDINT W 30 D M0l2RllL l?l3lS.S.50Tl2lASW50 L llA,VlCl IPDLSIDINT S 30 M J0llNSON VIII DDIS W 30 V ILMIGID VICE DIQIS S 30, D CIIADMAN SICIQIIADY W 30 l VAN MIJIR SELDIJAIQY SJO, I2 BINICIII. TDIASIIIIUZ S 30 MIASIBIIIQ S012 Cll'lYPfN.W'30 J WDI0lH,S0lf, CII l2'H'N S 30 GIRLS LEAGUE Durmg the past year the Glrls League has progressed raplclly A new sys tem for strengthenmg and slmplxfymg the work by orgamzmg a number of comnuttees was mtrocluced by the fall officers m conjunctlon wlth the adv1sory board of the League The officers for the year were Mary Bernxce Dunlap Ruth Morrlll presxdents Mane olmson Vlrglnxa Elmlger Carol Lea V1CCPI'CSlClCI1tS Dorls Chapman Lovell Van Meter secretaries Ruth Morrlll Rose B1l'1lCl1l treas urers Marjorle Casebeer anet Wr1gbt social chalrmen Ruth McM1llan Mar man Messlck Margaret and Gertrude Lyons yell leaders l9JJ 9 ' ' fy... Il XS . . K . ls ' ff 1 1 - v s 0 9 Y . Q A I Q , 9 . 9 , . , - . f , X -, f QQ ' s I ' X " X- . ' c 0 us 0- 9 0 Q o 0 1' "x U . . ' 9 9 U 1 . 1 , 9 5' Q 5 I 9 i , . V- , 9 'Y ' , . . ' 9 ' 9 - 1 , 'O 9 V K -"1 O OL 9 0 0 Q -'Ia A 1. fl gl 9 . . , . 3 s 9 3 J 9 9 7 ' 9 a S 9 7 ' s , I , s , - a 7 ' x ks N TETRALPHA SOCIETY The leaders of the Tetralpha Socrety under MISS E Alberta Clark rn the fall were Lloyd Pack presldent FIHUCIS Selecman v1ce presldent M1ldred Crawford secretary and Mlldred Thatcher treasurer The sprmg ofhcers were Mxldred Thatcher preslclent Catherlne Moran v1ce presldent George Zentmyer secretary and Carlton Scheetz treasurer C S F ALPI-I To gaxn Alpha membershxp ln the Scholarshlp SOCICIY a student must meet the requ1rements for three terms The officers of the C S F under Mrs Pearl McFadden for the year were Ed Austm Carol Lea presldents Edith Owen Frances Selecman v1ce pres1dents Irene Rambo secretary treasurer E961 A ,dlfflj 2 f will nfnlllff' ' 14' . fm JM ' . x.,-.X, X. -fl ,f - V . , . - , . 1 9 3 9 ' 3 s a a ' : a 1 ' 3 a a a - a ' : a 9 . S 9 1 ' S 9 ' ' I V l A The G A A was led through an actlve year by Carol Lea Marlon Harsch pres1dents Marlon Harsch DOFIS Chapman v1ce preslclents Doris Chapman Carol Lea treasurers Eleanor Mrnnett Helen Lee secretarles MISS Evelyn ATI-ILADEL I-IIANS The ofhcers of thxs group,unCl'er ML G Lopez for the year were Ecl AUSIIH erry erry McClellan torrans George resrclenrs Sal Machuca Bob Held vlce preslclents ue secretarles Clyde Wllcox Bud Helm hrs Doc Castle sergeants at arms S Q E971 N.-4 ' 1 l l I 1 Q l G. . A. . . . , , 5 5 7 9 ' 7 1 7 9 7 7 ' Nofziger sponsors the group. A - I 'I V u . 1' f . W, "' ' ' . .' . Q J J a a a ' 1 . . . I a 7 3 a 1 ' 3 9 ' ' ' I 3,1 , . I . I 5 -vit 'K , X WORLD FRIENDSHIP CLUB Under Mrs Margaret B Cuthbert the World Frlendshlp Club had an actlve year w1th the followmg officers Marjorxe Greer pres1dent both terms Neva Smlrh VICC pres1dent both terms Mary I-l1ll secretary both terms Vxctor Sem and Marvm Babbldge treasurers and Bob Casey and Romalne Merr1ll socxal cha1rmen CLASSROOM TREQASURERS Almanac Press towel tlclcets class tc nd the classroom treasurers under the leadershlp of Mr Earl Pfa lc have proved to be one of the most lmportant and effluent groups ln the c ol f9 l One of the most difficult jobs at Fralgniciinrflsg collection of money for the 1 U va . 1 Uk ' s 1 I E 3 J Y NJ JUNTO CLUB The unto Club sponsored by Mr Hugh T Boyd enjoyed another success ful year The officers were Bob Casey and Cellxa Gardner pres1dents Ce1l1a Gardner and Darrell Osborne v1ce pres1clents Marvxn Babbldge secretary Dar rell Osborne and Thomas RICE treasurers and Vlctor Sem and Lovell Van Meter soclal chalrmen ALMANAC JAZZ ORCHESTRA Earl Blxlers Almanac Orchestra and Trxo have provldecl two blg benefit shows for the Almanac durlng the summer term The theme song of th1s book My Almanac was wrxtten by the conductor and orchestrated by Bob Flsher Larry Kllxus cllrects the productxons of the group E991 it V ,V,?f,, a K ' V' gi t S' 9 Q A e . . . at 1- 1 l r .li --V . 7 , . - . , , AL' -f . 4-- J , . . , - - 3 , S 9 9 ' S 9 3 ' 1 S , . . , . . . ' 7 as va - - , . SENIOR LATIN CLUB Mr Rolland Stevens IS the club sponsor The years ofhcers were Helen Peak Cerlla Gardner presrdents Cellla Gardner Marv1n Babblclge v1ce presr dents Darrell Osborne Clarrce Flsher secretar1es Marvm Babbmlge Margaret Avmgton treasurers Allce Moran Darrell Osborne soclal chalrmen JUNIOR LATIN CLUB The unlor Lat1n Club wlth Mrs Eunlce GufIin as lts sponsor has had an enjoyable term The officers were Mary Loulse Behymer preslclent ack Caswell v1ce pres1dent Mar1an Elson secretary and Mane Meyer treasurer A1 T101 ' 9 9 9 5 9 7 ' ' S 9 7 5 7 3 3 7 7 ' . : , 5 J a ' 9 9 9 ' ff- 3 - I , it 2+ ' ' V L 5 ' '4 '11 A . gg ,fs M. 'J fl: 2: lg 5 A. I Y. O CLUBHOUSE ASSOCIATION The GIYIS League Clubhouse ASSOC1aClOH under Mlss Edlth M Hodgkms had the followmg ofhcers durlng the past year Carohne Smlth and V1fglHl3 Ehmger presldents Lou Brown and Marle ohnson v1ce pres1dents Ruth Mc KIDUIS and Dorls Chapman secretarxes Vlfglhla Ehmger and Mary Bernlce Dunlap treasurers and Ruth MOEYII1 hlstorlan PHILANTHROPIC CLUB B ThlS club under Mrs Frances Hughes had the followmg ofhcers Dorothy Balley Rurh MCKIHHIS ean Casewell Mary ean Thomp son VICC presldents Nelma CEOSIE Lo1s Gmswold secretary Patsy Morton treasurer Ruth rnet Exsle soclal chalrmen , f11 Q. - 5 r . A f 2 , "awk xl A .672 . 4 V, J F ' " - .Amit ' 1 . , . . . . . a - a ' , ' 5 ' J , ' - ' 9 - , S a 5 a - ' , . . , ' : 9 7 ' J 7 J ' 9 ' '. 3 1 1 , 3 Ga , . ' . """"'l'IlI .Q ix A Irv'-rvl'1 ' -'ine' 1' I 1 5 a I 4 I . -. YN - 0 J J SPANISH CLUB The Spamsh Club under Mlss Laura I Mernman had the following ofhcers thls year Vlctor Sem Albert Shulte presldents Barbara Browmng v1ce presxdent IH the sprung Margaret Munger Elena Torres secretarles Albert Shulte Gllbert Burgoyne treasurers Elsle Ward Helen Warden soclal chalr men FRENCH CLUB Under the supervlsxon of Mrs F B McCollom the French Club enjoyed a profitable year The ofhcers were oan Gotwalt Mlldred Thatcher presldents Edlth Owen V10l6t Olcapma v1ce presldents and ean Servals secretary treasurer l1071 . I M. . yn! v ' 9 : 1 a 5 9 ' 3 9 1 a 7 a 1 a a ' . . . , ' ' J a 9 1 9 a ' 9 J 9 ' - F- 1 f ...- VI ' , N L I -,w-.arc I , I ,, W. , , W1 ' .Q Q W, Y .ff CAFETERIA I-IELPERS The capable manner xn whlch hundreds of Franklrn students are served daily m the cafetena IS due to the efhclent work of Mlss Englnsh and her many helpers Al Grrdley was the manager durmg the fall semester and Hoyt Bowers ln the s rmg POST EMPLOYEES One of the most hard workmg groups of students ln the school are the post employees who are recexvmg valuable experlence by workmg ln the school store The managers were Leonard Peterson ln the fall and Leonard Allen m the sprmg semester IIOSJ E , ffl 1 a , nv 1 . 95' 1 ' 'il' E w A i , P ' - lfhffld.. f MUSIC CLUB The MUSIC Club under MISS Eugenla Ohver had the followmg ofhcers th1s year Al Starege Lo1s Grlswold presldents Ruth Halght Bob Ralston vxce presldents ean McCasl1n Edward Becklng secretarres Lonnle Hood Evelyn Baraw treasurers Ruth Keylm llhmle Esprnoza Ahce Pargellls pro gram charrmen GIRLS LEAGUE JAZZ ORCHESTRA Under the d1rect1on of anet Wrlght socral chalrman of the Glrls League a jazz orchestra was organlzed to play at the weekly dances The members are Eleanore BlggS Babby Watry Elza Warden Ruth MCKIHHIS Barbara Wav Ruth Morrlll Garnett Goldman Lydia Graves Helen Powers 51041 skit' X. t ,fa . ..... lo Y Y l , 9 a : 7 7 3 7 7 ' S ,ll 9 9 9 7 1 Q 7,1 7 a ' 7 7 9 a 9 7 9 ,a a a 9 - E, USHERS A group of Franklm students who are mdlspensable at all plays and other events 1n the auchtorlum are the ushers under Mr Charles Oneal Lawrence KlllUS was head usher durlng the fall and contlnued 1n thls posltxon 1n the sprlng PRINTERS GUILD Composed of students taking pr1nt1ng the Prlnters Gulld has been very actlve durlng the past term wlth the followlng ofhcers Mary Crockwell presl dent Stanley Sufhcool v1cepres1dent Kenneth Henryson secretary ll ones cl l1'vl l l , . . , . 7 . . . , . , . ' 1 : 9 ' s , - 5 , S11 , treasurer and social chairman. The sponsor is Mr. I-Iaglun . . fn- ! N L X W3 . in A W lp I U Q, 'I . K 1 , n ' , . NN 1L' K, Ll ---' I l. I . ,Sl CX it , HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The officers of the Home Economxcs Club sponsored by MISS Flora L Campbell and Mlss Margaret S Anderson were Norlne Gllmartm ean Good presldents Betty NOIFIS Norme Gllmaftln Wylma Bernard v1cepres1clents Frances Cattanach Betty Goodman secretarles Charlotte Lenhart Marguerite Irwm treasurers ean Good soc1alcha1rman HOOK AND CURVE CLUB Durlng the past year the Hook and Curve artists sponsored by MISS C Graham had the followmg Of'-FICCIS Eumce Boyd June Shultz presidents Harrlet Felton Elsle Badgley VICE presldents Emma Bently ElSlC Staff secre tarles Evangellne Dresser Peggy Malamphy treasurer Margaret Whlte soclal chalrman f106j , . 1 1 I 1 J 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 J 1 ' , J. . 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 . f if - ,, I 'Q "gf" f . .fa .b V-nt' ffvi- ,-- 2-'f13,f ,, 1:4 p.' .f - . . . , "'af..M1.,1, asa:-f:.::.' 1 A 5-Q FORM CLUB The Good Form organxzed by MISS Wllmah B Greene has done much to forward good manners among Frankhn glrls The ofhcers for both terms were Ruth McM1llan presxdent Vlrgmla Smlth secretary Lorralne Bernard treas urer and Olga Barron SOCIHI chalrman DANCING CLUB The Dancmg Club under the drrectlon of Mlss Emxly R Plpal experlenced a most dellghtful term The oH:1cers of the club ln the sprxng were Margaret Doney presldent ean Good secretary Marguerlte Ewmg treasurer and Marlorle Beretta soclal charrman fl071 .NVg,,,,, V I ' , ,f ' .1 ' I C 1 -.' . 4 ., g -1,- y, n ' v .. y . ' 5' 1 . at -tgirl: QQ' .Q M 3 N ,' ' B ' ,M V i xl ' 9 . , . 3 . . . . , 5 . , - 3 , - . , . . . . u . , . , ' 91 , Q ' ' , , , . , at get me TD ., .Q . C. W r W RADIO CLUB Newly organlzed under Mr Gerald Mosteller the Radio Club enjoyed an HCEIVC year wxth the followlng officers olan Wr1ght Brll Goddard presldents Clement Korb ohn Wrlght VICE presrdents Alfred Grldley secretary Thomas Keyes treasurer Charles Curtls secretary treasurer GARDEN CLUB A newly formed and act1ve organlzatlon durmg the past term was the Garden club Its officers were Don Callan preslclent Wllllaln Coffey v1ce presldent and Mary Crothers secretary treasurer Mr Mervel Bryant sponsors the roup f 102 1 1 V 970 , , . ' , . . 1 J , , 5 9 J Q ' Q 1 s ' 2 ,' ' ' Z 9 l S . l Q ' , , ' . . I g . . 4 M' ' ' W 2 Q ,Q A ' ' i' . "- 1 V . 1 4 ,XMI e ' l t if l I 1 fzfof-o NEEDLEWORK GUILD The Needlework Gulld under the gurdance of IIS sponsor MISS Ed1th M H0dgk1US had an enjoyable and dehghtful year The ofhcers were Hazlett M11ler presldent Mary Bacclgnona secretary and Dean Wood treasurer THE MESSENGERS The Messengers of Frankhn students who are actwe everv day durxng class room perlod are respons1ble for the dehvery of bulletms and Presses to the class rooms They are dlrected by Mr Hugh Boyd fn I . , . . 7 . . . , . : 1 5 a a 7 ' N 1 itil:-if Q A 191 SALMAGUNDI CLUB The Salmagundi Club sponsored by Miss May Bolton has fared very well during the past year The officers for the year were ohn Stevens president Darrell Osborne vice president Earl Voorhies secretary Marvin Babbiclge treasurer and social chairman GIRLS I-IARMONICA CLUB ear were ean Caldwell Catherine Weaver residents Vir ima Meek Doroth Y P g Y Clark vice presidents Mary Carter Virginia Meek secretaries Mary Carter ean Caldwell treasurers Catherine Weaver Mary Carter Press representatives f10 . , I 7 . : .I , 5 9 ' 9 i 9 7 The officers of Girls' Harmonica Club, under Miss Eugenia Cliver, for the : J 7 . , . 3 . . . , 9 ' s 9 9 J , s , , - 1 J ARCI-IERY CLUB The Archery Club under the d1rect1on of Mrs eannette Tueh shot through a very actwe year The ofhcers for both terms were Eleanor Perry presldent and or1e Casebeer v1ce presrdent GIRL RESERVES The officers of the G1rl Reserves Franklm s T N T sponsored by Mlss Luclle Derr thls year were ElS1C May Wagner Mary A Hodges presldents Mary A Hodges Dorothy Dawes VICC presldents Evelyn Baraw secretary and Betty Mannlng treasurer lu lllll l 3 'J 7 . I , Q J v ' ' . . , . , . . ., a 5 a - 1 Z ' a 1 ' 5 a Q , . . ,.ar.-,r, ! . 3 . 5' 1 V n ,' A 3 5, J i , M I ,A .. A Q . .V . 4 3 A 1 W.- , RDTC MAJOD BDENNAN S 30 WM M WELLS MAJOR PELTIER W 30 ROT Ar Franklm Hlgh one of the most xmportant organlzatlons IS the Reserve Officers Trarnlng Corps The tralnlng glven to the boys 1n the unlt IS hnghly beneficlal and those 1n lt are proud to be members There are now one hundred seventy five IH the orgamzatlon all puttmg ln one perlod of drlll every day durlng the week Mr Wllllam M Wells a Umted States warrant ofhcer has headed the umt for the past elght and one half years Every semester the unlt shows some lmprovement m drlll and mrlrtary movements Ar the helm of the R O T C durxng the W 30 term was Major Ollver Peltler an ef'hc1ent and outstandmg officer who would be a credrt to any unxt One of the most popular and competent majors Franlclln has ever had was Robert Brennan who added greatly to the sp1r1t and 1nterest of the group durlng the sprlng semester ROTCSTAFF in-1-1-h flln O O 0 O - .. . . ' s . , . ' 7 - - a 9 . , . . , . a 1 U i Ex. R N1 -A COMPANY A Rlfle clrlll and mllrtary movements were completed to perfectlon by Company A efliclently lecl by Captam Walter Wakelln and Second Lreutenants Robert Palmer and Phlllp Crowell Cooperatlon between the members of the company Mr Wllllam Wells and the officers was one of the best factors 1n thelr work The rookle company thls year earned many of the cleslred POIUIS by excellmg 1n cleanlmess and harcl work Thelr competent officers Captam Wllllam Slupley FIYSE Lleutenant Harry F1sl1er and Second Lleutenants ames Bacon anzl Wxlllam Parsons are greatly responsrble for the companys present condltlon l f 1 1 Q COMPANYB 1 '. ' ,J .. N 161 COMPANY C Captaln Leslre Mrlls 3.SSlSICd by F1rst Lleutenant George Cowper ancl Second Lleutenants Robert Moore ancl olm Taft commanded one of the finest com pames rn the unlt excellmg 1n all forms of mllrtary work especlally manual of arms ancl mllltary movements GFFICERS CLUB Thrs 15 a group of R O T C members who are officers or non commxs slonecl offncers Ir 15 orgamzed solely for socxal purposes The officers for the past year were Orson Brown and Leslre Mllls presrclents Ryan Brennan and Orson Brown treasurers Walter Wakelxn and Ryan Brennan soclal cha1rmen HN aim! 5 1 7 ' 1- .V . g y A.-fam, 1 .l v ' 9 a 9 7 7 a 7 a - 'gym t .x I , s, ' :J A ,M f - . Evxqiagw., ' 2, , 1, ' J l fs . ,A . v. 1 J IMTI' BIRIIWN WPI I2 BIIINNAN LADLGIALSLII MIDI MIIIS MDI WAIIHIN IADIIIIIIWIII IADISIIIIIIY IIIIDIIIIY I ULIIWIIIIE I LI IIIIIIBAIIIJ WLT BIXLU2 I ll FISIIU2 I5 LT CIPOIIIILIMIIIIIZIIIINIIIIZ! II BACON ZDLIMOODL ZDII IIUGIISION Z lI DMISWS 2 LI PALMER Z LT TAFI I ,I 5 , ' O :O V ,.q , a 1 , 3- I ' ,f ST sr I I 0 Io 4 0 U ,I , si T I . '5 'II 0 0 ' 0 0 9 ' I U ROTC BAND Thls small yet h1ghly organlzed group has brought honor to Franklln ln all contests wh1ch If has entered It IS dxrected by Mr Deslre G1lson recognlzed for h1s abllrtv as a leader and an artlst Its efhcxent play1ng and march1ng has been seen by the student body at all games durlng the past seasons The band marched ln the New Year s Day C parade and also played for the wounded soldxers at the XVorld Wfar Veterans Hosprtal Added to these yearly events members of the band enjoy many trlps to the beach and skatmg I'l11lCS These boys come to school early dally ln order to have more txme for pract1c1ng For the past two successful terms Captam How ard Prew1tt has capably handled the baton for the group Durlng the w1nter term he was alded by Second Lleutenant Lauren Mltchell and through the sum mer months by Flrst Lreutenant Earl Blxler and Second Lreutenant George Grleslnger Fred Wallace and Walter Trlnlcaus were appolnted offlcers for the flnal seven weeks of the last term These officers have contrrbuted greatly toward the success of the band Cooperation between cadet ofhcers Mr Gllson and the rest of the group has been a major factor 1n thelr cont1nued existence Besldes thexr muslcal work the boys take up mllltary dr1ll rlfle marlcsmanshlp and other subjects com1ng under the regular R 0 T C studles When all ns consrdered the Band IS to be congratulated for what they have accomplrshed muh.. .SQQMLU 140' Luaj 7 3 . , I ' Y Mr. Iilmn ' Director ' , . A 7 a 7 - . , . , 7 5 , , " .5 ' : sf ' Q, I .iq H - r if 44' A i Lf""" a-'L 3 Mmm V js I lg, .. in L, V ..,-,xg I l K X T W AW ,744 J-Awwgjf fill wif? i'XXX?Q5 Mu ff! 6QkVfX 0s N L, X y ,,,f S V f xx K, A ff 1 xy fm X ffg W! A P" 'Q "X Q W, K XL g fwgygfn ,fy-0.0! Y f7'f"'fQ, ' Ulf f 'B pw O Q ,,,, , COACHES COACH LOPIZ Mr Lopez rs the head of the physxcal educatlon depart ment and 15 the coach of baseball durlng the spr1ng months COACH HESS Mr Hess IS the vars1ty football coach H15 hard work and magnetrc personalxty were the mam causes for the fine showmg made by the Frankhn vars1ty last fall COACH SPANGLER Mr Spangler guldes the destlmes of the Panther track squad HIS hne showlng dur1ng the past season glves only a small 1ns1ght 1nto h1s capabllltles COACH FERRELL Mr Ferrell although new at Franklln has establlshed for h1mself a fine reputatlon as Basketball Swxmmmg and Wrestllng mentor COACH MCCOLLOM Mr McCollom has under hrs tutelage the strong men of the school He has brought apparatus work up to a hlgh standard at Franklln COACH MILLhR Mr Mrller has been one of Franklm s gentlemen coaches as he teaches art as a professxon H15 class C football squad upheld hrs fine reputatlon COACH GILBhRT Mr Gllbert IS another coach who donates hrs SCFVICCS only because he hkes the work He mstructs the tenms team lll i ' -un---11-up I 1 nf uni:-pq pls - -ul-an C V 5 ' 9 7 7 . Q - - 1 ca va - - cc ay 23 f rf! VARSITY FOOTBALL Rldlng on the crest of a magmhcent wave of flghtmg sp1r1t that sent all but one opponent tumhlmg to the depths of defeat and that kept the Franklm goal lme unsulllecl from the onslaughts of all hut the powerful Los Angeles H1gh squad the Franklm VHFSIIY won undlsputed second place ln the Clty League race Three men on the l1ne and two ln the baclcfield won the coveted all cxty recognltlon Such honors must rlghtfully he accredlted to the Hne coachmg ahlllty of Mr Frank Hess the head man of football and the wllllng and fighting Splflt of the members of the squad Y E L L L E A D E R S NORMAN BRooKs bead BooTH BLRTRAM Bos RALsToN asszsfanzs l14J u K W .- LL , , ln ' of if' A LINCOLN FOOTBALL GAME A flammg courage born of a team that had no thought of anything but to w1n went wlth the Franklm varsnty onto the Held of battle m the first league game of the season wxth Lmcoln and lt was thls same wonderful fightlng splrnt that broke the power ul Tiger squad and made the result a smashmg vxctory for the Pantner team 12 to 0 The game was a hard fought affalr throughout but ln the end lt was the super1or lme play of the Panthers that was the decldmg factor and the result was a vlctory over Lmcoln for the first t1me m the hlstory of Franklln It was a battle between two great teams and the way the underdog Panther came through to defeat the pre game favorxte was a trlbute to Coach Hess MANUAL GAME A team that won t be beat can t be beat IS an axiom of football that lS taught by all coaches and lt was proved concluslvely 1n the game w1th Manual Arts when a determined Franklln team outwexghed by a powerful Toxler squad came from behind 1n a flghtmg second half rally and routed Coach Blewetts boys 6 to 3 ln the second game of the season played on the Artisan field The feature of the battle and the turnlng pomt of the game was a pass from Held to Llvesay that was partlally lntercepted only to fall mto the waltlng arms of the Franklln fullback who sprmted forty yards to a touchdown Cashllls place kick ln the second quarter was also one of the finest ever seen ln the Cnty League Franklm s Hghtlng SPIIII was conspxcuously present ln th1s game I Q warms uvrsm rw BRENNAN ,..f E151 v' - ALA lj I CARR THOMPSON CASTLE AUSTIN L A FOOTBALL GAME In a dramatnc fiercely fought battle that found two of the Strongest teams ln the Czty League battlmg for the champlonshlp a surgmg fnghtmg Franklm squad went down ln defeat before the determmed onslaught of a marvelous Roman squad that try as they mlght could not show any marked superlorlty over the battlmg Panthers The flnal score on the Cohseum scoreboard was 11 to 0 a tragxc score for the Franklin team but nevertheless one that dld not show the wonderful game played by the Panther squad The Roman scores came on a long run by Almada a blocked krck recovered over the goal by Pants Llvesay and the other two pomts when the Panther punter stepped over the end zone attempting to klck The hopes of a champion ship were gone but the Franklin varslty found a loyal student body wm lose or draw IEFFERSON GAME Completely outclasslng their lighter inexperienced opponents the Franklm varsity football team entlrely routed Coach rm Purcell s fighting efferson varslty to the tune of 20 to 0 for the thxrd league wln of the season m a game played on the Democrat s grndlron The only questlon ln the mmds of the spectators was that of wondermg how large the score would be and xt was only the flghtmg determmatlon of the efferson squad that held the Panthers to three touchdowns The second strmg was glven a chance ln thxs game but showed woeful lack of experrence ,-1 f1zeJ i" AKA - - I-l HOLLYWOOD FOOTBALL GAME Superior hne play and a more powerful attack proved the margxn of victory for the fightmg Panthers as they subdued the Hollywood Shelks ln their fifth League encounter 7 to 0 Coach Hess eleven completely outplayed and out classed the flashy Red Shlrt squad and wrth Bob Held dorng the major part of the ground gaming the Panthers were on their way to a second score as the gun ended the game The lone touchdown of the closely contested game came 1n the second quarter as a result of a poor Hollywood punt whlch was taken by the Panthers on the Sherks 27 yard line From there after seven plays Pants Lxvesay plunged over the goal l1ne and 1m Thompson klcked the extra pomt POLYTECHNIC GAME Franklln completed 1ts most successful football season ln s1x years by defeatmg Coach Brennan s Poly eleven 13 to 0 ln a brrllrant hard fought battle at Wrlgley Fleld A llne that llterally swept 1ts opponents off therr feet by lts fierce chargmg and a champnonshlp backfleld proved to be too much for the fighting Parrot team Pants Llvesay Panther fullback furnlshecl the thrill of e afternoon when he cut between tackle and guard shook off the Poly second ary defense and galloped seventy yards to the Panthers 1n1t1al score Thompson Lrvesay Tomlnnson Brennan LaDue Austm McClellan and McChesney were playmg thenr last game for Franklm and ended therr hugh school football careers 1n a blaze of glory TOMUNSUN IA DUE AllAllZE MCCIIESNEY ff f 1 fl27J i .- 7 1 ' ' 9 9 7 ' s - cc as - ' - 9 a , J - . , . . . 9 9 7 ' a 9 ' cc 77 - - ' - 9 9 th , - , . . . , . 1 1 9 9 9 a a K I , . 128 I-'l3ll0 IIIIO lf. 0 -LA.ll CLASS B BALL The Panther llghtwelght football tearrk the 'C1ty Lgague football race wlth the dark horse monlker taclced to them but due to bad breaks and slckness falled to wln a game although the teams that played them always had a wholesome respect for the ablllty of the Franklm squad CLASS C FGOTBALL wrth only one defeat challcecl up agamst them wmnmg over Manual Arts 7 0 t1e1ng Polytechmc 0 0 and losmg to the champ1onsh1p Los Angeles team 19 0 Although the turnout was poor hard work and fight ln large quant1t1es helped the mldget squad V f 130 . . f . 1 'W - cc an - " J ' 9 7 7 Coach Rex Miller,s Class "C" football team came through a tough season . . , . . , - 9 J ' 7 7 ' ' 7 I 1 . l A J VARSITY BASKETBALL Greeted only by a few former lIgl'1tWClgl'1tS from whlch to bulld a team Coach Orv1lle Ferrell completed hns first year as vars1ty basketball coach havmg developed the sound fundamentals of the Casaba sport mto hxs team but never theless com1ng out on the bottom of the percentage column HIS first strmg composed of WIICOX Alexander Nodme Bowers and amentz was hard pushed to mamtam a pace fast enough to keep ahead of the all stars as the second strmg was aptly named consxstmg of Goldstem Agan Redondo Slmons and Gardner The openmg game w1th the champlonshlp Lmcoln qumtet played before a capaclty crowd m the Frankhn gym was a complete walk away for the classy Tlger team The efferson tussle was perhaps the hardest fought of all the games but the Panthers were finally nosed out largely through the supernor shootlng of Paul Schwemfurth all c1ty guard The Hollywood game caught the Panthers off form and was an easy vlctory for the Shelks Poly the next oppon ent although doped to lose to the Panthers overcame a hrst quarter lead and won The famous Roman jmx was gomg full force when the Klteflyers met L A and mablllty to smk the pellet cost them the game although cr1t1cs thought that the Panthers played the best game Manual the last squad faced completed the basketball season wxth another loss for the Franklm team Illl a 7 , - 7 ! 7 7 7 ' 9 x 9 9 v a ' 7 , - a , ' . . , ' 1 a - . ., 7 - a 1 4 J CLASS B BASKETBALL Performmg very capably IH several encounters only to show up less well others the Franklln llghtwelght basketball squad under the tutelage of Coach Orvxlle Ferrell copped last place IH the Cxty League pennant race Inabxllty to CLASS C BASKETBALL Coach Frank Hess proved concluslvely that he can coach basketball as well as football when he turned out a mxdget squad that rated among the best 1n the Clty League All round knowledge of the game and dr1ll1ng on fundamentals helped to keep the Panthers well up 1n the w1n column l13l . . in , find the basket rather than floor work was the main cause of the Franklin defeats. . 5 K 7 ,g III vw U W5 9 Q Q - H ig A A4 Q5 VARSITY TRACK A Panther track team that was undoubtedly the finest developed at Franklm for many years completed a splendld season by takmg 17 pomts 1n the Clty track meet 319 dlglts m the Southern Callfornla contest and 5 markers 1n the grand final at Berkeley the State meet Although Coach Spangler turned out a well balanced squad there were three outstandmg athletes on It Don Carter w1nner of Clty and State meets and new holder of c1ty shotput record Sam Gettys and HOWIC obe wmners of broad lump and 220 respectlvely m the Cxty meet Give credxt where lf IS due to Coach Tony Spangler RELAY TEAM AP Lmj In 7' I I va rx, ,., , . W I . . an V, T af 't Q A a A f 1- i : r. 5 . T , -t - s - 'T ',.. .,. . .. ' ..-1 - W I , , f 'S' l It ' wg Q "li L-i i-5 53 fo . v 7 A .tt - 14? r f? as at t v ., .- ' A W s , - Ai 1 g 1 , S ry ,- R t ,y f ff zfl ev A +:-aa." T' A Q 49, 'fi A ' ""'5: V' im '5 as s , ,Ek ' E"-Q ,. ' 33, . ' Q 3 'gf if ,.., +'. 5 'fmt ,M - ' as '. ... s- A , - . Y Q .1 Q I 1 tv. .i Q. fy - , A 6 . v . ,kv . 1 V' I, A hy! A 'hi v I N JL' w ,I ,-, 'mul Q, X.. f K N4 in R Y gf K an , , , AA .. f egg. 7 - - ' --., - 7 : , . . . S . -.I , . I 3 7 - 7 usual 1 9 iif ' X 1 'Rx 4 cl ata T 2 5 f , up 'Mm rf A r S,G"a 3 gr 'EW 4 aagdigvg? Q 9 ,F FJ.H.l'kiwi4iAiAE CLASS B TRACK Bullt around a few very capable performers the Frankhn hghtwelght track squad completed a med1ocre season hy wmmng 41f2 pomts rn the Clfy meet Bussy Snowden Cul Burgoyne and Art Gordon were the tr1o who garnered dxgxts for the Panther cause CLASS C TRACK Coach Hess turned out a class C track team at Franklm that came through a very ordlnary season by coppmg two POIIIIS 1n the Clfy meet Rosenaur and Slhlth accountlng for the places Rosenaur taklng a thlrd IH the broad lump and Sllilfh tymg for second 1n the hrgh jump Ill L 1341 P - ' J . K 1. WW :Fr :W Hr n, t , , 'It 'Y ' i . , A " ! NA, 1 I Y H, Q- , ' - 've ' y 's :MY ,M I ll V. A-1 I ,, . . j lg . A tv. 'iA h K , 1 so 5 is , .' E Q 'A Q r -me . at , + 4 1 ' ,. , 3, A- fr - - A - 5' M KJ .,, 1 MI-A P-I Y w r! 71 LQ- IQ viii- 43, C' ,-1 Y .Ak . 7 it 3 ' f -f f '-'f A . ' 'iw 5 2. V 4 A Q K L ypfe 1, Qigax jw Q wi L ,saga SW X C' H S 2 Q' jx C . xv' W 'W , X X 4 A Mfr A f , A V W J K 5 a ,,,,,: - s - ' ft 7 '?f1 s 7 , . . X . . . i 7 CC 7? ' Y S . . . . III "" E ! . I - I , J 1 1 A if 1 Q1 W' a M.. ' - 1 ,J 1- ' W' 1 . 'ii 'H Y 1Y'.rm sl vi :aa XA VARSITY BASEBALL The great Amer1can Game of baseball was much 1n evxdence at Frankhn dur1ng the sprmg months and although Coach Lopez was greeted at the Hrst of the season wlth a very lnexperlenced bunch of horsehlders he developed a very good team Captam Allalre shortstop and Wayne McCue catcher were the mamstays of the squad although the rest of the n1ne always put up a good show1ng Tony Redondo especlally turned 1n some good performances as the regular p1tcher Lefty Helm at Hrst Hanlon at second Gettys or Pack at th1rd Ralston left Held Bud Helm center and Harrls Schllz or Boyden r1ght com pleted the lmeup Gardner and Lmk were capable rellef hurlers The Kxteflyers completed a very successful pract1ce season chalkmg up wms over a I'1'131Oflfy of opponents but IH the pennant race a scarc1ty of h1ts kept the Panthers from a h1gh place IH the league and at the t1me th1s story was wr1tten Franlclln had lost to both efferson and Los Angeles by scores of 12 to 3 and 4 to 0 respectwely f13:j E fh., 7 K .ifiit ' - V . 'X 7 Q 'V , V to ' f 2 ' '- - ww, ff R 1 , gl ik viii" U rv - V T ' f 'L I f A 7 , ' ' ffm , - 1 ,X ' Q pf xi..j1, V Q' K W, yfx' , H 'Y 5 i Q1 'V 'Q ' ,f ,J ,4 1 J 'z e ' 1 i l Y lg- ,gi 1 ll 2. , . ,Eg N: f1 i,WffI24Q A, '1 EN 'fit at ff eg 99 ' 'T pl' " . ' L' 2 W' A ,K .'.w l I ,L L , , 'V LMA ti' f ' 7 A 1 ' - 1 Cl ' 77 ' ' ' 7 7 ' 7 7 7 7 , 7 ' 7 7 7 9 9 1 9 ' 7 7 7 , . CLASS B BASEBALL Although he had only green material from which to form 3 team Coach standards set by Franklin horsehide squads in the past CLASS C BASEBAL' Faced at the beginning of the season with the task of developing a baseball team from a turnout of Wlllllig boys with little knowledge of the fundamentals of the game Coach Ferrell assisted by Dale ackson put a squad on the field that was a crecllt to Franklin at all times l16l sf 65? ' ,id i L Ed Ransom built up a very formidable class B baseball team that upheld the high , . ., - 1 . J , 3 il A l riff-WY-Jtrf if KL J' D AUAIDE gl T., pfggypg GEITYS M MCCUE GARDNER 5 fi X + R annum , N ummm N ,bt llAlSION PACK MEDONAU HARRIS salma 'SA' ' lutm 4, 1, KNDAIZO 'W AKDZINSIU Boyne Lmj Q li TENNIS A large turnout of racquet w1elders greeted Coach Gxlbert when he lssued the call for tennls aspxrants and a very good team resulted Trouncmg f ferson 16 to l and losmv to L A m a hard fought match resulted ln the fine record that the team held when th1s story was wr1tten WRESTLING Coach Orvllle Ferrell organlzed a wrestlmg class at Franlclm for the first tlme ln the hlstory of the school Although no deflnlte meets were held the turnout was large and enthuslasuc The blg strong fellers were taught the fundamentals of defense and offense 51381 W .A.N. WW, W.. 5 , 'Q , I Q, ' l f fi . . . . Je I G 1 n ' ' 9 ' ' 66 ' H ' 9 ' u 1' -ai APPARATUS For the first time in many seasons Coach McCollom s Apparatus team had a chance to show its merit Winning over L A to start the season the Gym WOR SWIMMING Handicapped by the necessity of practicing away from Franklin the Panther swrmming team failed to accomplish much in the league this season Coach Ferrell the versatile K1teHyer mentor trained the team excellently Z I 1 ,M 6 ' M- -A---few KAW' V I . A me .. A ? . . , 7 . . s I I u 1 7 men continued throughout the schedule with a very high percentage of meets 7 7 9 ' 0 Hi, YY .Y- Y , , -W ' i, Lt 5 g' -::' '-4 Cn..-li 39 I ' G A A CABINET The G A A Cablnet consxsted of Carol Lea Marlon Halsch presidents Marlon Halsch Dons Chapman v1ce presldents Eleanor Mlnnett Helen Lee secretarles Dons Chapman Carol Lea treasurers and Helen Lee orle Case beer Ada Gxllesple Ednth Corns Jean Miller Dorothy Luhrs Cleo Luck Lovell Van Meter heads of the varxous act1v1t1es The members of thxs terms apparatus class were Alma Abbot Madellne Boyce Pearl Bucholtz Charlotte Chap cle Lame AIICC Collamer Vlrglnla Dunn Ruth Hayes Evangellne Kxrby Roslne Leldholt Ruth Morrlll Gertrude Palmer Els1e Paul Thelma Rowan Frances Selecman Elsle Staff Gladys Watklns Genevxeve Work1s Margaret Whxte 51403 . u . . . , . . , . 5 . . , . ,.- . S . , , .3 . , , 3 HI. - , . ., . , . , , , , . GIRLS' APPARATUS . , 1 , . , 7 ., . 7 , , . . 7 . . , .y , . , 7 , . 7 V., . .3 .- - .,,., .... . X. ,. A A LETTER GIR The G A A Letter Glrls for th1s term were Cleo Luck DOIIS Chapman Carol Lea Marian Halsch Margaret Doney Alma Abbot Mary Bernice and Cora Hleber CHAMPION BASKETBALL TEAM The champ1on basketball team was composed of Carol Lea Cleo Luck Marlon Halsch Dons Chapman Helen Lee Dorothy Luhrs Eleanor Mlnnett ean Mlller ancl Alma Abbott L 141 I, A if , , Q 3 X235 ,' ' ' xl - gif ' Q 5 l . ' I G . . . L S Dunlap, Jorie Casebeer, Margf Carter, Helen Lee, Ruth Morrill: Charlotte Kiele l ' - J' 44 ' W V , 1' I C X4-ul ln RW 'EEE ordm -:5,"9f"2Jl fuav utr l"' 1- - BY . f- gnc' 'zlkfx V, X 6 fl ,far -I, f :X N ul if' A -MA OFFICERS OF THE FRANKLIN ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Preszdent P szdent Preszdent LA VON PIERSON Pfendfnt Vice President 1918 1919 JESSIE WILSON Cox S 17 1919 1920 C BEVERLY HILL S 11 1920 1921 JACK LANDON W 19 1921 1922 ROLAND WINDMUELLER S 20 MARGARET WALLACE QUA S 21 1922 1923 President Presxdent Secretary HAROLD WM ROBERTS S 21 923 1924 VERNE FAGIN S 8 NELLIE POSSON MONTGOMERY S 8 1924 1925 Preszdent Fzrst Vzce Second Vzce Preszdent Secretary Treasurer President BRUCE LAWSON S 9 DOROTHY WILLETIS HASPER S 2 MARGARET WALLACE UA S 2 NELLIE POSSON MONTGOMERY S 18 ALBERT BARNES W 21 1925 - 1926 President ---- First Vice-President Second Vice-President Secretary ---- Treasurer ---- - - - - - DONALD F. TYLER S 24 - - HELEN JACOBSON WILSON S 1 - - - - - CUDDY MCKEOWN S 2 - - - - - - LOLA FLETCHER S 22 - - - - - - CLIFFORD HILL S 2 1926 - 1927 President - - - First Vice-President Second Vice-President Secretary ---- Treasurer ---- - - - - DR. RALF A. YOUNG W 20" - - - LUCILE STONE DUDLEY S 22 - FLORENCE WILLIAMS BRUCE S 2 - - - - - - LOLA FLETCHER S 22 - - - - - ROSWELL ALLISON S 22 'kpassed away while in office. Balance of year filled by Florence Wlilliams Second Vice-President f" 51451 Preszdent Frrst Vzce Presadent Second Vice Preszdent Secretary Asszstant Secretary Treasurer President Fzrst Vzce Preszdent Second Vzce Presrdent Asszstant Secretary Treasurer Presrdent Fzrst Vzce Prendent Second V:ce Preszdent Secretary Asszstant Secretary Treasurer Faculty Adwsor BOARD OF DIRECTORS Composed of all Past Presldents of the Assoclatlon JESSIE WILSON Cox S 17 BRUCE LAWSON S 19 C BEVERLY HILL S 17 DONALD F TYLER S 24 JACK LANDON W 19 FLORENCE WILLIAMS BRUCE S 21 ROLAND WINDMUELLER S 20 WILLIAM Y MASTER S 22 HAROLD ROBERTS S 21 D DEAN HOOK W 24 VERNE FAGIN S 18 LAVON PIERSON S 25 1" A A L 1927 1928 WILLIAM Y MASTER 22 LAVON PIERSON DONALD HODGES 8 LOLA FLETCHER MARION MOORE 2 ROSWELL ALLISON 22 1928 1929 D DEAN HOOK W 24 LAVON PIERSON S 25 ALBERT BARNES W 21 MARION MOORE S 25 CLIFFORD HILL S 21 1929 1930 LAVON PIERSON S 25 HERBERT SUTTON W 21 HELEN MACGLASHAN WALTON 2 LOLA FLETCHER 22 MARION MOORE 2 CLIFFORD HILL MISS LAURA MERRIMAN f-1 f146j 'Q " l ' -------- - - - . ,S' ' '- ' --------- ,S'25 '- ' -------- ,S'1 ,S'22 ' ---------- ,S'5 . . -, ......,,, ,Sf Secretary ------------- LOLA FLETCHER, S'22 X '- ' - - - ,S'1 - - - - - - - - - - - - - ,S' ' ---------- ,S'5 ,S'21 4 . .. D T rn FE UDB dst? ,IRD r w' .Ad nu'-M I SERWCES WA 'lrfll "'W9ff 4QONG E55 LARRY KILIU5 11 77- 35 'Q 5 45 7 9 9114011111122 H9 WWQEUHIBERU ATTN Fmsgnfp IEHCBHUH mu 44 5 n5cx!yAn:Z E CRESSF. W fs mg tr WINS '7 5' REX MILS BCA T ST 55 U fam, 'Tx ss QQ N asiggg bon ALso com I1 Ml!! 'll i O ' 'Mb V Illlllll PETED - -A llllllllhlu. O 'N H M -in-.4 iw 'TUPIDAD' J TX nm... ru. ed U .. 5 Q F . - X " 0 " i 4 .44 Ll gl X 5 U " agfemwo E gd P - T f X ff? N-Q 233 ' I J 2 af- E if ,gn cE:.AN Ig' 4 E-. Q N Q1 S f .il h ' A I.. 0 1 ,S I f Q ei if-' ,vii if fi 'vm .Aw O . be Lp? 4 I ERID Ab. x get f ' - x , f If Qt f LB X? 91.2 l , L 5 Q E Q' Y , K X W3 T' , px , 5: 1' 1 . ae Lf' in JE., I L 147 Y SEPT no 1353 m xii'-5 W QL! 1 A 1 Y A L OCT ll .,-Mp 0. -m B1 ,idffflmmmwml 29 4941 HON' 1' -ff mas if ll mi BNJKF. ,QM ary, W vwqg-A if 9 hx rv DA qs- xg Cf-JQKS 7-M46 V ACA 77 ON DEG ni: Q' JAM I8 t nl, 3' Nvyx won, mmm JAH 5l ,-f mb lr 7434 ff 4 6 I 1 Q ,ff xx Q M JANE! Q r1r1Lr- EHENT 'fi' HOV I9 fmj og' . 'ee , K . Q.: ' , 1 , I :Zi , U J f v ' .L .f , ,X S y .h .145-5 wg x XX Q. J f I iffifii, ll'v '2L'f.Q A l-shy." , ,. In I K U, . 1- xl' I ' K ' ' .mu i V ' ww f""H f mA . IW l "W L. Al I I '- 'r....,,,. .. .. .... . ' DUDILS JGFULLY QETURN WO BCNCIL QNTHEH5 HIE ni- LEAGUE GllfF'P1Lff40-.N N0 mn... ,,1' f, AN Ax S I - ' ' .' ' nu 5- . . , ii? ' , , . , ,, 'K A , A 1 ,nv 5.1. J 1' Z K X K fl ,- 1 Wt? gig. u K 5 9 ' Nuffgi' I x 'Q V 'w -'His 'x : 1 , 51 Wy 1 1, Q en., 1 I um L01-1 vo-'4 'To X- vQN"'u L X mm X -4:13. T L , U vi. 4 3.7 5 'PP Q: I W E- 4 i F , .- . f 1-V: J- A 8315? -Q 5 'V ' 1 , NJ' ' ,In ,,". vm ij , ag, . 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A 1 1 .kg J U 1569" Qs' Q3 i 5 X H 'iff 'ET 419.44 'B A . . " x L ff tj' A '- 5 Y I Q? M, H Xl wawwwgtbiu 0 I wb ' Xi , - J B . ' X. I Q' ll- A X Q' l. ,..A is ' K lm 9 Q ' Q QI ' L H 'f' wif' 1 '57 Wu ., 0 5 A Pi, fl rl, w . I., W T Jlfibff N , Lg lk'-T", vw ' " I qw wr-of 'Eg HELD 4--'E L mano on I yr L 3 A L A THE OTHER MARY Contmued rom page 901 Wr1te"' she laughed Wlth laundry to be done meals to be cooked father callmg for somethmg every l1ttle while and no tune even to comb my halt? Why I dldn t have anythlng to wear out here ton1ght I borrowed these thmgs from Helen But dear nf you cl let me help you She hfted her head proudly and he accepted h1s defeat Mum won t you at least let me see you sometrmes? It would only make thmgs harder for me she sald As lt IS I won t be able to settle back mto the old routxne for weeks I shouldn t have seen you I dldn t mtend to She stood up We must go Tomorrow rs Helen s weddmg He put h1s arm around her and bent h1s head Then please just once before we leave Mum From mslde came the sound of voxces and laughter When you were closer nt sounded a l1ttle harsh and bolsterous but out here It was pleasantly blended wlth the swmgmg rhythmnc compelhng strams of the dance muslc As my srster lifted her hps I sllpped sxlently from my place and tlptoed out to B111 s car whlch was parked ln the driveway Monday mormng as we all gathered at the breakfast table my brothers were ln hrgh spmts Why Mary old gxrl thats the fifth spoonful of sugar you ve put 1n your coffee' Ronald exclatmed She s th1nk1ng about the can-opener man sald Max They laughed I dldn t laugh Through a hghted doorway came the sounds of dance muslc I drdnt see Mary wxth pale cheeks and httle lmes around her eyes servmg sausage and scrambled eggs I saw M1m1 w1th softly flushed face beneath shm mg waves of dark haxr one jade earrmg upped to touch a gleammg shoulder red hps upturned to the handsome mouth so close above hers and a proud l1ttle hfr of the head that wouldn t let you do anythmg about It ,.f IISZJ ir - MAL4 H HUNGRY? m Szt and Szp Bute and Beat It TOM CANNING T M Wh Pt It ITZA 1-1 K pntsch lGlC R B CHAMBERLAIN 6214 Pasadena Ave 17 Boston Shoe Co and Boston Men s Toggery 5054 5056 Yomc BOULEVARD LADIES and GENTS SHOES FULL LINE of MENS WEAR S2 95 to S5 85 at reasonable pncex DresSwell CLEANERS and DYERS Fancy Garment: a Speczalty DELIVERY SERVICE Pb ALBANY 8862 5629 PASADENA AVENUE Ray Hudson Ill bite George Because they multlply so qulckly I-Iehheh Hansen s M11k and Cream From Healthy Cow: This Mdk Is Excepnonally Fresh and Pure RECEIVED TWICE DAILY From the Dany DELIVERED TWICE DAILY To Our C ustomerx DRINK MORE MILK It I: Your Best Fnend f.-f I:l54j i " I L 1 one ' ! George Couch: Why are fish like mathematicians? X 5 0 l If ,, rn 17 - ALA. PHONE ALBANY 9111 5567 69 PASADENA VE HALL In every detaxl the leadmg Dry Goods and Men s Furnlshmg Store of the VICIHICY For the Young Lady O Interest to Young Men Always a Complete Showing of the Interwoven Socks featured here exclu New and Wanted Shades In Snlk slvely Plam and Fancy Hosxery olleglate Trousers In both Corcluroys S1lk and Rayon Underthmgs and Worsteds Novelty Neckwear and Costume Necktnes In a Wxde Range of Desxgns ewelry In the Latest Deslgns and Values When a tbmg as New we arm to have zt Shorty What do they call the last three halts on a dog s tall? Don Tell me Thrs suspense IS terrlble Shorty Dog halr GARFIELD 6300 GEORGE W RETZER jr Ford Sales and Service 6000 PASADENA AVENUE HIGHLAND PARK G CRUICKSHANK Phone TRINITY 6668 Eastern Wholesale Grocery Co Wholesale Grocers 306-308 N Los ANGELES ST Los ANGELES CALIF fl5SJ ni i l l - A . I l I 9 I . . . : f : l ' - l Novelty Purses and Handbags. Stylish Shirts in.Arrow 66 Hendan. I l . . J . . 1A f' 'rn ir ALb y 2149 GIFTS H H Grotthouse FROM THE POST HARDWARE WATCH Foss RINGS W PINS BELT BUCKLES 5703 P SADEN AVENUE LOS ANGELES CPatron1ze Your Store Phone GARFIELD 3375 5801 PASADENA Avzs IVER S DEPARTMENT STORE MUNSING UNDERWEAR PHOENIX HOSIERY Shoeman Well here are your shoes all solecl Where S the money McAlp1ne Yes where IS 1t'? Your srgn says Shoes solecl whrle you walt or one dollar Im stxll waltlng for that dollar All 155111 In franklin High Svrhnnl CLASS OF 1930 EVEN AS YOUR GREAT INSTITUTION STANDS FOR ALL THAT IS SUPERFINE IN SCHOLASTICS SO STANDS HIGHLAND AND ALL THE OTHER FOX WEST COAST THE ATRES FOR ALL THAT IS SUPERFINE IN THE EXHIBITION OF SILENT AND TALKING PICTURES ,.f f1561 ... i an Sherwin- illiamx Paint: A A l v I 9 j Sells the New Gym Suit for Les: . , . . . I , . . i . , H . . f .aa 7 - ' ' . 1 A - Q Q Q - Q I f I N mx U69 Headquarters or Football and Other Atbletxc Equipment I-U0 CYORCC T0 ISP-VG OU Y W A Q s.A 1000 ' f N ffm Mmm? Garf 1671 We Call and Dellver SUIIS Made to Order Since 1913 ew York Taxlorxng, Cleaning fi Tye House SAM KALIS Prop 5805 YORK BOULEVARD Since 1913 Love IS the state ln whlch a grrl wearmg a long whlte dress wlll rude to formal m a fellow s rattle trap moth-eaten dust laden topless heap Mr Keyes What IS the shortest distance between two po1nts7 B111 C Lmdbergh' In the game rt s Grzt m spmach It s ternble Buy Los Angeles Made Candy CHRISTOPHERS CANDY Co CLOVER LEAF CANDY Co E A HOFFMAN CANDY Co GEO W LEIHY CANDY Co 7,-1 hy M Water Heaters Repalrmg E J GRAU PLUMBING GARFIELD 3163 Res GARFIELD 8411 5814 PAsADENA AVENUE L1s1J t ...- A A, ,- 'F' kc . X9 I JMR Amy., l l l' Y . XTC S L ' "-. .... Q , . xg e f . p ft C A 1 , - l , I . . . ., . . , . . a i A Y A Y A L New ana' Second Hand Tirer PALMER TIRE SHOP RETREADING - TIRE REPAIRING 6031-33 PASADENA AVE ALBANY 3682 HUNTER DAVIDSON PASADENA PUBLIC MARKET 5615 PASADENA AVENUE Con ectionery Light Lunches Highland Park Pamt and Wall Paper Co 5915 PASADENA AVE ALBANY 5481 W E L L S CLEANING and DYEING Mr Boyd rn publxc speakmg Charles you should place your hand over your mouth when you yawn Chuck Langhauser What' And get bitten' ,wx Wmme And at the end of h1s letter he put a couple of X s What does he mean? Dot C Snnple gnrll It means he s double crossmg you joHN W GRAY Pm' JAMES G MCEUEN Vice Pre: RAY T PRETTYMAN Secty H1gh1and Park Drug Co Comp! ments 0 YORK THEATER Where All the Blg Plctures Play C at All Times Yom: BLVD AT AVE ALBANY 5015 Los ANGELES CALIF Free delwery unhl 9 P M PASADENA AVENUE AT AVE 57 GAnE1ELn 0596 GARFIELD 3640 Paclfic Coast Umverslty College of Law Evemng Courses Leadmg to a Degree Send or Catalog 839 H W HELLMAN BLDG 354 S SPRING ST Los ANGELES CALIF rf., IISSI AGLUN OLLYWOO SPECIAL SUBJECTS Photography Copymg and Enlargxng 2659 BEECHWOOD DRIVE HOLLYWOOD 0240 WATCHES DIAMONDS SEYMOUR S NEW JEWELRY STORE Fme Repamng Agent for BULOVA WATCHES 5537 PASADENA AVENUE PHONE GARE 3301 The llfe of a Semor A IS a hfe of dues and don ts Irate Parent Ill teach you to make love to my daughter, slr Young Man I wlsh you woulcl olcl boy, Im not making much headway Not many fellows can do thus, salcl the maglclan as he turned his car into a lamp post F 85 H RADIO SHOP Knlson s Service Station S415 and Sgr-yu-g Texaco Gasolme and Golden Texaco RADIOLA ATWATER KENT Mm' of S l ZENITH Ch k PP ALBANY 1871 5011 YORK BLVD 5000 PASADENA AVE Los ANGELES CAL Teurman Seed 86 Plant Co OUR pgugy Fuel Feed Flowers Fertilizers Cleanlmers Courtesy Servxce Pets and Pet Stock Supphes ROYAL! QARBER SHOP GARFIELD 0826 ALBANY 2532 5554JpA5ADENA AVENUE Q7 A A " ' Sincere goo win es lo l e J-as 0 1930 an uwlm. .C any rl.. wo.-IJ nl-an Clollnes o ouni MULLEN so BLUETT o e r l.0s Angeles Hollywood Pasadena Bex erlv l-lxlls , N .M GARFIELD 0386 Res GARFIELD 2954 ,--f fl591 J L L H U I .I ml, I - 66 J C " 5 1: I i In i s j . . . . , Q , l .. u , l . , - H . ,, . . . . . . , . . - Auto Accessories an u ies l an cases Drained Free , . , . l 1 - ' 1 . I o n ucciaro, Prop. TD ir A A A an L A AGE S MARKE 5804 06 PASADENA Ava PHONE GARFIELD 6374 Open Day and N gh: Mr Edwards What made you leave my class this morn1ng'? erry I was moved by your lecture ompl ments o Irvmgton Pharmacy Opposxte Franlclln 6 Send You Away Wztb S m 1 l e CARL and RUTH KOBER George H Dld you know that Columbus was crooked? Mxss Elame Anderson Why Ive never heard of such a rhmg George H Well he sure was He double-crossed the ocean HOLLAND ELECTRIC SHOP JOHN C HOLLAND ELECTRICAL RADIO MUSIC 5632 PASADENA AVENUE GARRFIELD 3912 ,..v ,- 1 f1601 O O of l J : . C i f . i l j W A Le O -- O ,O I rn if' fx - ALA f Xl! NQX fflf,jl! N ffl xx' Vlrammes Why do athletic coaches recommend lce cream for trammg tables? Why IS ICC cream lnvarlably served 1n hospitals? Why do doctors speclfy 1ce cream for convalescents9 A good ICC cream IS an all round balanced food lt contams vltammes A B C and D so necessary 1n the regular duet GOOD TASTE TOO' Perhaps you are more interested ln the taste of 1ce cream than you are 1n IIS dlCtCClC propertles That IS why we want to suggest that you make a hablt of eatmg Globe Ice Cream through the vacation months Its creamy rlch flavor wlll dellght you It cools patched throats lllce nobody s business It refreshes and satlsfies Don t forget that Globe Ice Cream was served throughout the year at your school Gl BE ICE CRE ff E 161 i A X A l F 5 X! ,xx ' Xl' X4 i 've 'f if Z i V - P i S T l ffl' fu ffll' WIN l O O 3 f , as T a ,,vs X - . . . , , , l l ' f . y . L Eder Er as be as f' 1 TD J Y Y A A L... QUALITY BREAD and ROLLS WITH QUALITY SERVICE Give Us a Trial FOUR S BAKING CO , Inc She ' I wonder if you remember me? Years ago you asked me to marry you. Absentminded Professor: Ah yes' and did you? MONTE VISTA ARMS CLEANERS 86 DYERS McCo P 5208 MoN'rE VISTA ALBANY 4519 All buflo I 4 d m 0 Pd' I 'ff We call and deliver Then there was the Scotchman who ordered asparagus and actually left a txp HIGHLAND PARK BOWLING BOWL P A I-ln. 81 Clean and Healthy Recreation 5623 PASADENA Ave GARFIELD 9641 That s somethmg I never do exclaimed Carol as she blushed and looked down at her math assignment JOHNNIE S SHINE PARLOR F r Tho Who Ca N Lout d Secu ry Bank Bldg AT Ava 56 AND PASADENA Ava PLUMBING WM U Cox Speczalxz ng n Heal and R pan Wo k ALBANY 9566 5225 Yom: BLVD YORK PHARMACY MASTE B G PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS 5930 YORK BLVD GARFIELD 0278 SUPREME PHARMACY 840 ANNANDALE BLVD Ph ne ALBANY 1449 Only the Bert if' f162:I YY A 'gl JIMMY BLOHM ,Tlowen for Y0u,, VELMA GRAY BLOHM Zllranklin Elllnmer Shun CPbone GARFIELD 4943 5533 PASADENA AVENUE Mrs. Church fat port of entry, : What! Four hundred and fifty-seven dollars duty for some American gowns and a few other things I bought in Paris? Oh what an outrage' Customs Officer ust an old U S custom ool Clothes for A I A ALL THE WORLD S A STAGE and Man must dress the part he hopes to play' Desmondg Fwe Los 74n-geles Stoves Fenton Gunlty or no Bud Not what? PETTIS STUD10 Graduatlon Speclal 5138 Yom: BOULEVARD 12 fhg h I 21333 H'GHL""" P T All sma E 5 700 Pb t g ?? If 163 , . S c h I 8 C 5 Y y H I O ll L . 9 4 : ' t? ' otos, usual ...... . l arePoo,usual .... . ARK 0 en ..... . I "Maker: of Fine o o rapbf' Mounted in Folders 1 f' 1 W A AL... Sen1ors'What School Next Year l.+-1 Do you now thatfff you can lrve at home and attend college next year Southern Calrforma s oldest unlor College ns located wlthm two mules of Franlclln the only Protestant Boardmg School 1n Los Angeles wxth an ac credlted Hugh School and jumor College conducted on the coeduca tnonal plan ns sntuated at Hermon Los Angeles PHCIHC College IS a Selectrve Chr1st1an School for students who care? our graduates have made excellent records at the UDIVCFSIIY expenses are moderate placmg the first two years of college work w1th1n the reach of every aITlblt10LlS young person ambltxous non recommended students may redeem themselves thrs unnor College 15 the Educatxonal Second Chance lf xt IS not practlcal for you to take regular Umversxty work you may reglster m our Busmess College a Placement Bureau rs operated m connectlon wxth the Busmess College- a faculty advlsor 1S at the office to help you arrange your work dunng the summer months the fall term beg ns September 15 a catalogue w1ll be sent on request for further lI'lf0l'lTl3Il0h address The Presldent LOS ANGELES PACIFIC COLLEGE 5832 Ebey Avenue Los Angeles Callfornla Southern Cala ormds Pnoneer Iumor College n the accredited llst of the University of Callforma ,,..-4 51641 - ' Y , I l A A l r . 5 .4 ,, J. - i- - , r H ' If an S i - - Q O . . . . . . Ja T9 Y' Y A 'LA A Compliments of A nailing illileat n. WHOLESALE MEATS AND PROVISIONS ALL KINDS OF CURED MEATS SAUSAGES-OUR OWN MAKE 1615 WEST NINTH STREET Los ANGELES CALIFORNIA F- B111 Do you make hfe s1ze enlargements from snapshots? Mr Watson That s our speclalty Brll Fme here s a plcture I took of Grand Canyon ,gk Passing a store selhng second hand plumblng fixtures Don Carter hap pened to notlce a sngn over the door readmg Cast I ron Smks Scratchmg the back of hxs head he was heard to remark sagely Well what of lt? Any fool knows that Plz GARFIELD 6547 Colleglate Cleaners 6? Dyers A Cousr ND P p d 5834 YORK BOULEVARD H GHLAND PARK fi? f1651 v' Ani X LET YOUR NE OUR Bgfzigg Rb, xl? Sunshme Laundry Co Inc 3260 ARRoYo SECO AVE CAPITAL 3 1 Los ANGELES CALIF L B Sprout You know I actually belleve that thxs school IS haunted Another L B S Why? Flrst L B S They re always raving about the wonderful school spmt w Velda Hess Who IS that man over there? Howxe obe Why he s the head coach Velda Oh I see' He looks after thenr heads Franklm H :gb uses more Vege HIGHLAND tables per Cappa than any other LAUNDRY School m Los Angeles "WATCH Us GROW" THERE'S A REASON CAP1ToL 5584 GEORGE R. MARTINI ,ff I3 ,- l:l66j E ' I X I 'hx I- Q v wx - .Q N 5 v ,V .A I CC rs 9 CLOTI-IE? INl2t57ibl xx Akai I, cc K 5 'R I ' 73 - I J :. , r . I irr - MAL! 3 f!EiJmunI1 illflblatsun Officzal Photographer the Franklm Almanac LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA 207 FINE ARTS BUILDING 811 WEST SEVENTH STREET U C K E -D r ,B f167l V' " ' I A - ' i I fx 17 ALA i fvpfv JJ 07777VV!7f 'ffl Ysff 7 'Uflfff 'gf' 7f,f7,f7f,f74 ,'VJ,ff7 fly? wwf? 7777? 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